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------------------------------------------------------------------------ 42?
responsibility at this moment. Can the right hon. Gentleman
say whether in his view he would welcome that maximum
co-operation from all Powers, including the U.S.S.R. ? "
THE PRIME MINISTER : " Yes, we should welcome the
maximum amount of co-operation. On the question of a con-
ference, in our view it is simply a matter of practical expediency.
We have no theoretical views about a conference. If it
proved to be the best way we should not hesitate to use it.
If we find that there is a more effective way of achieving our
object, we might dispense with a conference."
MR. DENMAN ; ** With regard to the Prime Minister's
original statement, may I ask whether there has been time for
full consultation with the Dominions ? "
THE PRIME MINISTER : Cú The Dominions have been kept
fully informed."
MR. JOHN MORGAN : " Can the right hon. Gentleman
give us an assurance that there are no ideological impediments
between us and the U.S.S.R. ? "
THE PRIME MINISTER : " Yes, I have no hesitation in
giving that assurance.5'