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BIOGRAPHY         &         MEMOIRS

A study in folly and caprice
fn Mr. Ftilk's new book readers who enjoyed "Old Qs Daughter" mil
-Lbe able to follow the equally fantastic adventures in Paris of another
branch of the same proud and romance- loving family, whose lot in the
eighteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries was, it will be shown, to add ever
more challenging chapters to a long and eventful history that began with
the "Lord Protector,, Jane Seymour's brother.
Large Demy Svo.    Frontispiece in colour and 32 pages of black-and-
white illustrations.    i&r.
Author of Turner the Painter, Five Years Dead, etc.
The Man of Room 40
The Life of Sir Alfred Ewing in Peace and War
^his book not only constitutes an important contribution to Great
JL War history ', but also vivid and readable reminiscences by a man who
has known all the famous men of his day and who is able to provide
remarkably interesting sidelights on the Naval Intelligence Department
and its work during the War. Demy %vo. Illustrated, icxr. 6d.
*  A. W. EWING
Johann Strauss
And the Nineteenth Century
^ he first part of this book is devoted to a history of the beginnings and
JL development of the walt^ which is of course bound up with the work
of the great composer of the most famous of all waltzes  "The 'Blue
Danube". The romantic Vienna of Johann Strauss' day is brilliantly
recreated with a wealth of intimate detail about the liv&s of a great family
of composers.                                   Demy %vo. Illustrated. Ss. 6d.
Inside  Soho
"Tn this book are combined a fascinating subject and an author who
l>has attracted widespread attention with his remarkable book of prison
life  'Walls Have Mouths". Mr. Macartney explains the origin
and formation of the Soho colony and goes on to describe the manifold
cosmopolitan communities living there and the circumstances of their
existence. Together with its artistic associations and the great men who
have lived there is a well-nigh incredible account of its underworld and its
network of criminals engaged in the drug and white slave traffics*
Demy %w.   izs. 6d.
Author of Walls Have Mouths.
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