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I Like America

Jn "I Like America", Geoffrey Harmswortb, whose ctAbyssinian
-i Adventure" was a best-seller of a year or two ago., tells the story of a
remarkable six-weeks tour of the United States, covering 10,000 miles,
in which he interviewed such prominent personalities as Mr. John D.
Rockefeller, Mr. W. R. Hearst, Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney,
Thomas E. Demy and many others. Special privileges were extended
to him to visit the G.-men, attend the Hines Trial, visit Akatra^
'Prison, and the Mormon Temples of Salt "Lake City. His descriptions
of people and places have more than a touch of Northcliffe and this hook
gives the reader a star reporter's insist into sides of American life
unfamiliar to the English public.                           Demy %vo. ics. 6d.


Author of Abyssinian Adventure.

Fifty Years of Ocean Hazard

Foreword by SIR ALAN ANDERSON, G.B.E., M.P., Chairman of the Orient Line.
Cir Charles Matheson started his life at sea in a windjammer in
^1891, experiencing all the discipline and hardships of a "hungry
ship". Thirty-five years ago he joined the Orient Line and has since
proved himself master of the intricate problem of great passenger linersó
saferóbetter fedómore comfortable than sail but tempting their
Commander to say or do not just the right thing at almost every moment
of the twenty-four hours. These enthralling memories of the dangerous>
romantic sea-life of the past reflect a courage otts and impressive personality
who, whether in peace or war, was always the right man for the tight
place.                                        Demy 8vo. 20 Illustrations. Bs. 6d.

R.D., R.N.R. Commodore of the Orient Line

The Problem of Palestine

TITT^ all believe that Palestine is the Holy Land, yet between us we have
Vr   made it most unholy.   In the future let Palestine be governed by a

trust whose duty it shall be to keep it holy.

That is the passionate plea that Dr. Maude Rqyden makes in this
brilliant and human history of Jew and Arab in Palestine. Dr. Roy den
stands above the fierce battle between Jem and Arabs in the tragically
divided land. Her book is a history not a biased political pamphlet,

A Hutchinson"Pocket" Special.   6d.
* MAUDE ROYDEN, C.H,, D.D. (Honoris Causa}

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