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Shadows on the Baltic

T ithuania, "Latvia, and Estonia, tiny agricultural republics of little

J-Jeconomic   importance*   are   nevertheless   the   new  powder-kegs   of

"Europe.    It is more than likely that these countries mil shortly

be in the news and in this story of a journey it is possible to get a very clear

picture of the 'Baltic countries and their people and customs.

Demy  %vo.    Illustrated.    i±j. 6d.

Author of Three Rounds Rapid, etc.


The Saga of a Rubber Planter in the Malay Jungle
ce l\/fad Yank" is what the Englishmen in Singapore called the young
J-V-L^American who landed there in search of adventure with $1.40 in
his pockets, and*  thanks to his good marksmanship and some
experience in handling men, within a week found a job as manager of a
rubber plantation in Pahang, on the Malay 'Peninsula.

His experiences on this plantation and, later, as manager of two others
in northern Jahore and on the Straits of Sumatra, make a powerful and
exciting story. He makes one feel the %est, the thrill—often the shiver—
of his hairbreadth escapes from tigers, elephants, pythons, cobras, and
other denizens of the jungle.                               "Demy 8vo. los* 6d.

t> W. C. BUSH

Germany Invites

/Christopher Sidgvick has been widely praised for his  two excel-

^ lent books on European travel.    He has an eye for the picturesque

and the unusual, and it is this quality which will raise this book

far above the common order of guide books.    It will be a source of

delict and invaluable help to the discerning traveller.  63 Illustrations.  5^.


Author of German Journey, Whirlpools on the Danube


The Russian Trials

TU^alter Duranty, famous correspondent of "The New York Times"

rv   and the most experienced of all Moscow correspondents,, is writing a

vivid, colourful., and personal account of the Moscow Trials from

1921 to 1938.    It would be impossible for the author of that entrancing

and widely read book., "I Write as I Please", to write a dullline^ and in this

important book past dramas of Soviet law live again.   Dewy Sw.   i or. 6d.


Author of I Write as I Phase
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