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Published By The Student Body Of 


High Point, North Carolina 

Carol Parrish 


Charles Hawks 

Business Manager 

Dr. Sam J. Underwood 


The Light of Life . . . 


Life is to be able to adapt portions of our 
environment and stimulation to ourselves in 
order to mold and enrich our own minds. It 
is learning, thinking, feeling. Life is motiva- 
tion and care — having a desire to help others 
in their search for truth, to search ourselves, 
and to know. 

To know means to be able to see and in or- 
der to see, one must have light. One can be- 
come utterly lost, can sink to the depths of 
chaos, unless he recognizes the utility of the 
guiding light of life, the beacon that gives 
him faith in the reality of today, in the hope 
of tomorrow. This flickering flame discloses 
the path to knowledge, to friendship, to an 
active meaningful fullness of being. 

Resting upon the pinnacle of the highest 
landmark on campus is the lamp of knowl- 
edge — the lamp whose ever glowing flame 
reveals the seemingly hidden path to wisdom 
and guides the searching student along the 
craggy, uneven path in the quest for the 
knowledge that the light is within all of us; 
for the realization that we must open our 
eyes to it and its responsibility, and love it. 

Table of Contents 

Academics 14 

Organizations 86 

Social 124 

Physical 166 

Advertisements 184 

Academic Light . 

All men are architects of fate, working in a 
complex network of hopes, dreams, and dis- 
illusionments. When one seeks truth, much of 
that which lies half asleep in the dawning of 
knowledge is awakened. So it can be with each 
student of High Point College. Let us not fear 
to dream, but may we never dream foolishly. 
May the emphasis of our worthiest goals be 
placed not on reaping the rewards of our fertile 
efforts, but in giving the best of our talents in 
service to the high ideals of knowledge and 

The light of knowledge is eternal if we will 
but keep the flame alive. It is our decision to 
make, for given to us is the now — to shape and 
develop as we will. 

A Guiding Beacon 


In The Quest For Truth 

Spiritual Light . 

Spiritual light penetrates deeply into the very 
depths of our souls and kindles a flame within, 
which grows with the knowledge and maturity 
we achieve as students. We are led to a deeper 
understanding and knowledge of God as we 
become more aware of the relationship between 
the creator and the created. With time, the in- 
tensity of this inward flame is reflected in ideas, 
actions, and relationships. High Point College, 
through its Methodist affiliation, strives to in- 
still this spiritual light into the life of every 
student. Nil Sine Numine — Nothing Without 
Divine Guidance. 



Nothing Without Divine Guidance 

Social Light . 

It is the belief of High Point College that 
the life of each student can be greatly en- 
riched through personal participation in the 
various social activities found on campus. 
The student's social life can be as full as 
he desires. The numerous dances and various 
clubs offer the student an opportunity to 
acquire poise and to widen his social life. 

Fraternities and sororities play an impor- 
tant role in the life of many young men and 
women. These organizations, through high 
ideals, uphold the policies and beliefs of the 

The social light on the High Point College 
campus is a leading force in the student's 
quest for love, fellowship, and laughter. It 
reaches out in abundance to all who are will- 
ing to be enriched by it. 

Radiated Through Fun, 


Activity, And Friendship 

Solitude affords us the chance to 
become intimately aware of the sim- 
plicity of the world when all too often 
we have become caught up in the 
complexities of life. Given to us is the 
opportunity for reflection and ob- 
jective thinking so necessary for per- 
sonal growth. Through participation 
in the college community, the individ- 
ual matures not only by himself but 
with others as they experience to- 
gether the warm relationships radi- 
ated in the light of friendship. 


Physical Light . . . 

Through emphasis on physical development, phy- 
sical education attempts to develop the whole person 
as a well-rounded individual. Physical abilities are 
developed, and along with these comes increased 
ability for good personal relationships as various 
physical goals are sought. 

The environment of an individual greatly influ- 
ences his character and the traits of his life. Physical 
development is an integral part of this environment. 
Not only is it concerned with the learning of skills, 
but also with developing sportsmanship, leadership, 
teamwork, and responsibility — lighting the way to- 
ward the development of a well-rounded individual. 


Coordinating Mind and Body 


This year, High Point College has taken a new 
and challenging step in its long path toward ma- 
turity as a distinguished institution of higher 
learning. Encircled in this step is a new "Three- 
Three Curriculum." With this program, High 
Point College hopes to become a leader in pro- 
viding a superior streamlined education in the 
liberal arts and professional fields. 

This was not a plan conceived and brought to 
reality within a short period of time. Over a num- 
ber of years, the curriculum committee composed 
of the department heads, the Academic Dean of 
the college, and Registrar made studies and 
worked toward the perfection of this idea. Upon 
completion, the finished product was presented to 
the faculty for its approval. Because a new degree, 
the Bachelor of Arts in Teaching, was established, 
the new "Three-Three Curriculum" was presented 
to the Board of Trustees for its sanction, which 
was enthusiastically received. 

The new "Three-Three Curriculum" offers the 
student three pathways to each of three different 
degrees: the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of 
Science, and the newly formed' Bachelor of Arts in 
Teaching. Each student meets the general educa- 
tion requirements and then enters the core area. 
A broader approach to each degree is provided by 
the core, which will allow the student a wider 
choice for study in his major field, the third path- 
way toward the degree. 

With the "Three-Three Curriculum" a reality, 
all students will be able to reap its benefits. 


With Pride We Dedicate 

As students, much of our time is given 
to learning, enabling us to broaden our 
perspectives through an ever increasing- 
awareness of the interrelatedness of all 
knowledge and life itself. It is the rare 
teacher who is able to make learning an 
event filled with joy and satisfaction for 
his students. It has been said that you 
can't teach a man anything; you can only 
help him to find it within himself. Because 
of his genuine concern for and belief in 
young people, Dr. Locke is just such a 

To a man who has through his service, 
instruction, and genuine friendly interest 
in every student, become a light to all 
members of the High Point College com- 
munity, we proudly dedicate the 1965 


The 1965 ZENITH To . . 

Dr. William R. Locke 

Tribute . . . 

Mrs. Bobbie Everhart 

One of the most horrifying experiences for a young 
person who has severed the home-ties for the first time 
in his life is to be laid ill in a land of strangers. However, 
should he be fortunate enough to be administered to by 
a good Samaritan, as was the forsaken Jew, his fears 
will be eased and he will soon return healthfully to cam- 
pus activity. 

To recognize Mrs. Bobbie Everhart as HPC's "good 
Samaritan" may not be the most original tribute that has 
ever been paid to her, but it does, in part, imply the great 
sacrifice she has made to her home, her health, and 
her family in spending so many extra hours caring for 
the sick, and doing everything in her power to see that 
they obtained prompt, adequate medical attention. Yet, 
she was not the usual robot in white that so many nurses 
appear to be. Rather, she was a friend to each and every 
student who migrated within the premises of her out- 
post, her personality being of such a genuiness that com- 
plete ease in her presence was inevitable. 

Perhaps the preceding few sentences may seem a bit 
flowery and flattery to you, Mrs. Everhart, but they are 
not meant to be so. They are our limited attempt to say 
"Thank you for enabling us to preserve our bodies in 
order that we might not be hampered from achieving 
our goal — our education." With this sincere and heart- 
felt gratitude, we dedicate this monument of the past 
year to you. 

Presidents Message to 
the Class of 1965 

"Behold, I make all things new" — Revelation 21:5 

A professor of mine once wrote an unknown quote on 
the blackboard, "A child went forth and everything he 
encountered, he became." He made no comment — it was 
never discussed — and the real meaning was not realized 
by any of us for many years. 

No truer words were ever spoken, particularly for a 
college student. Every experience of life is somehow re- 
ceived, recorded, and stored somewhere among our ten 
billion brain cells, which in turn, makes us the individ- 
ual we are. You are completing four years of a combina- 
tion of happy, sad, rewarding, challenging, and frustrat- 
ing experiences that have culminated in your degree. All 
of these have contributed to the person you are today 
and the person you are in the process of becoming. We 
hope that most of them have been profitable, and that 
you have a good start on the lifetime road to learning. 

It is not so much what happens to you but how you 
react to it that is important. There is a lesson to be 
learned, a profit to be had from every experience in life, 
no matter how unpleasant it may be — provided you have 
the emotional maturity to find it. This is the thought I 
would leave with you as you begin a new series of exper- 
iences as an adult and important member of society. 
Continue your learning and your development as an in- 
dividual — take advantage of all opportunities and all ex- 
periences in life to become a better, more mature, stable, 
and thoughtful person and a more powerful and forceful 

Indeed, all things are new . . . and important ! 

Wishing for you God's greatest blessings. 

Wendell M. Pat ton 

President of High Point College 

Wendell M. Pat ton 


High Point College 


Dr. David W. Cole 
Dean of the College 

Mr. Charles J. Farmer 

Director of Student Personnel 

Mr. N. P. Yarborough 

Mr. Earl G. Dalbey 

Business Manager 

Mr. Robert Phillips 

Director of Admissions 



Mrs. Dorothy Griffiths 

Assistant Director of 

Student Personnel 

Dr. Clifford Hinshaw 

Director of 

Evening: School 

Mr. Lawson Allen 


James K. Calloway 


Wesley \V. Gaynor 

Director of 
College Relations 

Director of 
Financial Aid 


Mr. Dale Brown 

Alumni Executive 


Mr. Carl E. Savage 

Director of 

News Bureau 



Mrs. Bobbie Evorhart 

College Nurse 

Mr. L. G. Wright Mrs. L. G. Wright 


Miss Marcella Carter 
Head Librarian 

Mrs. Adelines Hamilton 

Mrs. Ida Patrick 

Mrs. Arthur Williams 


Mrs. Mary Bennett 

Woman's and Wesley 


Mrs. Hilda Owens 

North and Yadkin 


Mrs. Frances McMeekin-Kerr 
J. Ed Mills Hall 

Mrs. Hazel Long 

McCulloch Hall 



Personnel and Staff 

Mrs. Dorothy Collins 
Switchboard Operator 

Mrs. Annis Parks 
Mimeograph Office 

Mrs. Dorothy Price 

Secretary to the 

Director of 


Mrs. Mona Saunders 
Secretary to the 
Business Office 

Miss Helen Brown 

Secretary to the 

Alumni Office 

Mrs. John Martin 

Assistant Secretary 
to the Alumni Office 

Miss Peggy Trogdon 
Bursar Office 

Mrs. Audrey Ingram 
Bursar Office 

Mrs. Prances Gay nor 

Mrs. Richard Goolsby 

Panhellenic House 

Mrs. Charlotte White 

Audio-Visual Director 

Mr. James Allen 

Campus Day 


Mrs. Lilliam Mays 

Secretary to 
Dr. Harold Conrad 

Mrs. Judy Green 

Secretary to the Dean 
of Student Personnel 

Mrs. Marinn Joyce 

Secretary to 
Dr. D. H. Cooke 

Mrs. Jeanette Wilson 

Secretary to the Dean 

of the College 

Biology Department 

The Department of Biology offers eighteen 
courses in the Life Sciences, Plant Science, and Ani- 
mal Science. Earth Science is also housed in this 
department. Two courses in Geology are offered 
now, with Paleontology being added in 1965. 

In spring of 1964, the Biology Department receiv- 
ed a National Science Undergraduate Equipment 
Grant in the sum of $16,230.00. The new equipment 
purchased with ths grant adds greatly to the teach- 
ing of our laboratory courses and furnishes students 
first hand experience in handling the latest scienti- 
fic equipment which better prepares them for their 
careers in teaching or graduate school. Efforts are 
made to give students every opportunity to pursue 
individual study and research beyond the regular 
lecture-laboratory type of course work. 

The faculty of the department is encouraged to do 
independent research. Dr. Miller has a number of 
publications dealing with research he conducted 
while in Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Lazaruk received two 
research grants from the Piedmont University Cen- 
ter for studies of Chlorophyta in North Carolina 
fresh waters, and the effects of minerals on algal 

Dr. Wm. I.azaruk 
Department Head 

Mrs. E. Conner 

Dr. H. W. Miller 


Business Department 

The Department of Business Administra- 
tion and Economics offers advanced work 
leading to the Bachelor of Arts Degree, 
Bachelor of Science Degree, and the Bachelor 
of Teacher Education Degree. Students may 
complete major or minor areas of concentra- 
tion in the Department. The Department 
places strong emphasis upon a thorough lib- 
eral arts background as well as the develop- 
ment of professional skills in the field. The 
Department takes its guidance responsibili- 
ties seriously so that its majors and minors 
receive the needed continuity within the De- 
partment with a minimum of confusion. 

Principles of accounting is a prerequisite to all accounting courses offered 
in the Business Department. 

Mr. Joe C. Allen 

Mr. |{. I'. Lynch 

Mr. George W. Netts 

Mr. Wilson Rogers 

Typewriting classes offer development of skill and their application to meet needs in 
business offices. 

Mr. James Nelson 
Department Head 

Chemistry Department 

Education cannot now be considered complete without an 
understanding of science and its role in modern society. The 
methods of science demand a logic and accuracy of reason- 
ing not found elsewhere. 

The Chemistry and Physics departments have coordi- 
nated their two curricula in order to make students more 
aware of the interplay of the sciences and to recognize the 
integral part they play in society. 

For students who wish to major in Chemistry, the curri- 
culum is comprehensive and thorough and conforms to the 
minimum standards of the American Chemical Society. The 
student majoring in chemistry may, upon graduation, be 
employed in one of the many phases of industry or may en- 
ter graduate school for further study. 

Since scientific information is about doubling every ten 
years it is becoming less and less possible for an individual 
to absorb a significant amount. The major in science is en- 
couraged to develop the ability to think and reason in care- 
fully chosen areas rather than attempt to assimilate gross 
amounts of material. He is encouraged to analyze, under- 
stand and adapt to change rather than be confined by his 

Dr. E. O. Cumminus 
Department Head 

Dr. Evan Morgan 


Education and Psychology Department 

Mr. Guy Biggs 

Mr. H. Coble 

Dr. Dennis H. Cooke 
Department Head 

Dr. Dan Cooke 

Mr. J. Godwin 

The Education and Psychology Department, headed by Dr. Dennis H. 
Cooke, is one of the most important departments of High Point College. 
It coordinates the education of all teachers, providing the necessary pro- 
fessional-education courses and experiences. Teacher education has been 
one of the important functions of the college since its founding. 

Besides providing majors in psychology and education, it is the aim of 
this department to contribute to the over-all general education objectives 
of the college through courses in education and psychology for students 
majoring in other fields. 

Since receiving full national accreditation from the National Council for 
the Accreditation of Teacher Education, the department has prepared for 
each willing student the proper facilities for a rigorous program in this 
important field. 

Dr. \V. I'atton 

Dr. H. Peterson 

Dr. L. B. Pope 

A survey of Western World Literature is an intensive study 
of outstanding works in the literature of Western civilization. 

English Department 

The goals of the English Department are to teach 
reading, writing, and interpretive skills for all stu- 
dents. The general education courses of the first two 
years are designed to build these competencies. Also, 
the department offers advanced courses leading to a 
major in English, and there are many possibilities for 
students who want a minor in this field, or who feel 
they want to broaden their knowledge through English 
elective courses. 

Majors either go directly to graduate school upon 
graduation or enter the teaching profession, according 
to their own interests. However the number of gradu- 
ate students is unusually high. 

The English Department staff is especially interest- 
ed in the creation of an atmosphere which emphasizes 
quality rather than quantity, in which atmosphere a 
student may pursue knowledge to his best advantage. 

Dr. Sam Underwood 
Department Head 

Freshman composition involves the principles and practice of correct and effective 

Mrs. J. Godwin 

Dr. Jean Halladay 

Dr. Charles Mounts 

Mrs. D. A. Rawley 

Mrs. E. Sullivan 


Fine Arts Department 

Dr. Lew Lewis 
Department Head 

The Fine Arts Department develops performers, artists, and teachers 
besides fostering an understanding and appreciation of the arts on the 
part of the liberal arts student. Both students and faculty are constantly 
involved in cultural activities which are the concern of the whole college: 
recitals, concerts, plays, art exhibits, operas, musicals, and lectures. The 
understandings which result from association wth such activities are basic 
to a liberal education and the encouragement of these appreciations is the 
chief responsibility of the Fine Arts Department. 

Student organizations within the scope of the department include the 
Concert Choir, the Concert Band, the Tower Players, the Student Art 
League, and the Musical Art Club. 

Mr. D. A. Drapeau 

Miss E. Fields 

Mr. C. E. Savage 

Theory of music puts the emphasis on original expression. 

Mr. R. Porter 

Mrs. W. Ring 

History Department 

History is a study of human behavior from the 
earliest surviving artifacts of ancient man to our con- 
temporary age. The History Department at High Point 
College traces man's cultural and scientific achieve- 
ments and the cross fertilization of civilizations which 
demonstrate the impact of Africa, Asia, Greece, and 
Rome upon modern western thought and culture. 

Emphasis is placed upon the industrial and scientific 
revolutions and the upheavals affecting man's political, 
social, economic, and cultural environment. New prob- 
lems arising out of the dawn of the atomic and space 
ages receive specific consideration. Students become 
familiar with the principal schools of history and the 
developments of historical thought associated with 
these schools. 

Since history is regarded as the parent of the social 
sciences, the relationship between history and the soc- 
ial sciences, natural sciences and the humanities is 
stressed by members of the department. 

Catching up on world news is important in all fields of study. 

Freshmen participate in a study of the development of western civilizations. 

Mr. James Pritchett 

Dr. A. P. Gratiot 

Department Head 

Dr. David W. Cole 

Dr. Harold Conrad 

Dr. S. C. Deskins 

Language Department 

Dr. A. LeVey 

Department Head 

Mr. J. H. Allred 

Miss B. Hirtzlei 

Mrs. E. Simpson 

In our modern world the command of a foreign language is of increasing importance 
in every phase of life. Realizing this, the Modern Language Department i s constantly 
striving to create the atmosphere for mastering three modern languages: French, Span- 
ish, and German. 

The primary purpose of the department is to teach the student to appreciate the origin 
of these languages and then to grasp the speech with proper accent and limited vocabu- 
lary as well as reading and writing it. The student is then exposed to the literature of 
the country whose language he is studying, thereby preparing him to meet the cultural 
advancement of his modern life. 

It is also the aim of the department to promote friendly relations between people of our 
own and other countries through increased understanding of languages, customs, and cul- 
tures. The ability to understand other peoples through the study of their languages and 
literatures is of increasing importance in a world which, through improved means of 
transportation and communication, is growing smaller. 

Mr. N. P. Yarborough 

» 1" 

Mathematics Department 

Col. C. J. Cook 

Department Head 

Miss L. Adams 

The most important purpose of the Mathematics Department is to fur- 
nish a well-rounded program of mathematics for students who have chosen 
this area as their field of major concentration. The department also pro- 
vides the necessary background in mathematics for students majoring in 
one of the sciences as well as required mathematics courses for students 
taking the Pre-Engineering, Pre-Forestry, or Pre-Medical Curriculum in 
preparation for their transfer to other institutions for completion of 
studies in these fields. 

The interest and encouragement of the mathematics department is not 
limited to majors in this field and background courses for the sciences, 
however. The mathematics department is an integral part of the total edu- 
cation program of the college and provides an adequate background in 
mathematics for all students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 
any of the various departments. 

Mr. M. Idol 

Dr. Jim Hamilton 
Department Head 

Mr. Davidson demonstrates the fundamentals of golf. 

Physical Education Department 

Miss Clary 

It is the purpose of the Department of Physical Education and Health to 
initiate an appreciation for the rules and laws of exercise and healthful liv- 
ing in society through physical education activities and academic courses 
in hygiene and health education. The principles of teaching and directing 
group activity and competitive sports are taught to those students with 
specific interests in the physical education field. A wide variety of courses 
is offered for the school requirements in physical education. These courses 
both increase the student's ability in the activities offered and provide him 
with healthful exercise. 

Mr. R. Davidson 

Mr. C. Hartman 

Dr. Wm. K. Locke 
Department Head 

Principles of religious education offers a study of methods of guiding children, youth, 
and adults in religious development. 

Dr. Karl Crow 

Religion Department 

In order to make all students aware of their spiritual heritage and to re- 
late this heritage to contemporary society's philosophy and ideals, the 
Religion Department offers general courses in religious interpretaton of 
the Bible. Other advanced courses study world religions, religion in Amer- 
ica today, and the literature of the Christian faith. Also, courses in Religi- 
ous Education are offered for those students planning to participate in the 
work of the church — either as layworkers or professionals. Many students 
graduating with a major from this department go directly into graduate 
study in seminary or in a university. 

The first course for freshmen is spent in the discovery of historical, literary, and 
religious values in the Old Testament. 

Mrs. L. M. Hays 

Dr. Owen Weatherlj 


Dr. L. M. Hays 

Department Head 

Mr. Wm. Cope 

Sociology Department 

It is the aim of the Sociology Department to pro- 
vide a curriculum which prepares the student to un- 
derstand the total society of which his is a part, and 
to learn how he can make his individual contribution 
to that society. 

A specific group of courses is required for one to 
major or minor in sociology. These courses have 
been selected to help the student understand the 
structure and interactional behavior of society. 
Special courses are also offered to prepare the stu- 
dent for a specific area of work, depending upon 
his or her selection of a profession. 

The thirty-three hours of courses in sociology re- 
quired for a major are only able to introduce a stu- 
dent to any particular field of concentration and to 
make him able to handle a specific position as a be- 
ginner. This will provide initial preparation for grad- 
uate study. A year or two of actual experience is 
suggested before doing graduate work to make the 
graduate work more beneficial. 

General sociology is an analysis of society through a study of 
social principals and concepts. 

A special report given in Crime and Delinquency class points out the causes, treatment, 
and prevention of crime. 


High Point College 
Board of Trustees 

Mr. Holt McPherson, Chairman 
Mr. Horace S. Haworth, Vice-Chairman 
Dr. Wendell M. Patton, Secretary 
Mr. Elliott S. Wood, Treasurer 

Rev. J. Clyde Auman 

Mr. S. R. Brookshire 

Dr. Charles F. Carroll 

Mrs. D. S. Coltrane 

Mr. J. Harriss Covington 

Mr. Eugene Cross 

Mr. Tom A. Finch, Jr. 

Bishop Paul N. Garner 

Dr. C. L. Grav 

Rev. M. E. Harbin 

Mr. C. Felix Harvey III 

Mr. Horace S. Haworth 

Mr. Charles E. Hay worth 

Mr. Delos S. Hedgecock 

Mr. J. Vernon Hodgin 

Mr. Josh L. Home 

Bishop Earl G. Hunt 

Mr. Charles L. Kearns 

Mr. A. J. Koonce 

Mr. Charles W. McCrarv 

Mr. Holt McPherson 

Mr. Blaine M. Madison 

Dr. J. Clay Madison 

Mr. James H. Millis 

Dr. Wendell M. Patton 

Dr. W. Stanley Potter 

Mrs. Katie M. Rankin 

Mr. William F. Womble 

Mr. Elliott S. Wood 

Emeriti Trustees 

Bishop Nolan B. Harmon 

Mr. L. F. Ross 


High Point College 
Board of Fellows 


The High Point College Board of Fellows, the direct responsibility of the 
endowment committee of the Board of Trustees, is composed of individuals, 
corporations, and business concerns who are vitally interested in the future 
of High Point College. The deadline for participation in this vital phase 
of the Development Program is February 1 of each year. The Board of 
Fellows sharing their abilities and influences with the college this year are: 

Mr. Fred Alexander, High Point Bank 
& Trust Company 

Mr. Warren L. Anderson 

Mrs. Myrtle H. Barthmaier 

Mr. S. R. Brookshire 

Mr. Jack Burris 

Mr. Jack Campbell 

Mr. W. R. Campbell, The Lilly Company 

Mr. J. Harriss Covington 

Mr. Doak Finch 

Mr. Tom A. Finch, Jr. 

Mr. John C. Foy 

Mr. Charles Hay worth 

Mr. David Hay worth 

Mr. & Mrs. Delos Hedgecock 

Dr. W. C. Houston 

Mr. I. Paul Ingle 

Mr. C. T. Ingram, Jr. 

Mr. Charles Kearns 

Mrs. Eleanor Powell Latimer 

Mr. \V. H. Linthicum, Jr. 

Mr. Charles McCrary 

Mr. & Mrs. Holt McPherson, 
High Point Enterprise 

Mr. James Millis 

Mrs. J. E. Millis 

Mr. Shuford Mills 

Mrs. D. K. Mobley 

North Carolina National Bank 

Mr. Dwight Phillips 

Mr. Tom R. Pitts 

Mrs. W. T. Powell 

Mr. Ross Puitt, Carolina Paperboard 

Mr. Leon Schute 

Sears, Roebuck Foundation 

Mr. Charles Shaughnessy, 
Heritage Furniture Company 

Mr. Edgar Snider 

Thomas Car Works 

Mr. Elliott S. Wood 

Mr. Frank Wood 


The Senior Class of 1965 

Mr. Michael Pierce 

Miss Susan LaSalle 

Miss Linda Cassimus 

Miss C. J. Neal 


Senior Class Ode 
by Bill Avner 

No birches to swing upon, 
Climbing vainly near the top, 
But not too near; 

No strong oak tree 

Planted in the soil of knowledge 

With deep and sturdy roots; 

No Grecian Urn or drop of rain 

To inspire our thoughts 

And move us nearer to reverence; 

And last, no love for existence 

And all the values men put 

Upon Nature and the Love of God. 

In days of darkness when dimly glows the evanescence 

of long-forgotten moments; 
In days of gloom when hope fails even to inspire a 

minute's peace; 
In days of despair when faith grows weak from 

offensive attacks of Life's reality; 

What then is left? 
What shall we do? 
Where shall we turn? 

In the death of life when weak men perish ; 
When strong men fail and power exists no more; 

In the ends of our beginnings when light grows dark ; 
When warmth grows cold and faith despairs ; 

In the moment of truth when knowledge exists no more ; 
When wisdom falters and Life cries out in pain; 

And death may come, 
And pain may cease, 
And life may end; 

What then is left? 
What shall we do? 
Where shall we turn? 

Some may say, "Who cares?' 
Some may not speak at all. 

A sort of quiet settles and a new light burns dimly in the 

corner of reality; 
A slight wind (in soft seclusion) disturbs nothing but the 

silent grass; 
Life yawns to begin a new day and opens sleepy eyes on a 

new tomorrow; 
As the muscles of the earth quake with restrained vigor, 
And as Need calls out for a new beginning, 
Who will say, "I care !" 
And who will answer the call of Life? 

Richard Charles Anderson 

Trinity, N. C. 

Ann Elizabeth Armentrout 

High Point, N. C. 

Rebecca Ellen Auman 

Seagrove, N. C. 

David Willard Bailey 

Hollywood, Fla. 

George Marlowe Beam, Jr. 

Roekville, Md. 

Steven Paul Beck 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Frederick A. Benoit, Jr. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Beverly Ann Berger 

Baltimore, Md. 

Floyd Lee Berrier 

Thomasville, N. C. 

Ronald Gray Berrier 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Linda Faye Black 

High Point, N. C. 

William Clayton Blizzard 
High Point, N. C. 

Elizabeth Brearly 

Somerset, Mass. 

Robert Timothy Brennan 
Hubbardville, N. Y. 

Linda Sue Brewer 

Seagrove, N. C. 

P. Gayle Brookbank 

High Point, N. C. 

James Edward Broos 

Lexington, N. C. 

Russell Grey Brown, Jr. 

Lexington, N. C. 

William Kenneth Brown 

High Point, N. C. 

David M. Bryant 

Marlboro, Mass. 

Don George Bryant 

High Point, N. C. 

Judith Ann Burrier 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Marlene Gail Byerly 
High Point, N. C. 

Fred Warren Byrd, Jr. 

High Point, N. C. 

Linda Donna Cabot 
High Point, N. C. 

Barbara Joan Cacy 

Woodbury, Conn. 

Judith Flo Calloway 

Mt. Airy, N. C. 

Barbara Frisbee Callicutt 

Thomasville, N. C. 

Robert Edward Carlough 

Ramsey, N. J. 

Roger Stanley Carmichael 

Lexington, N. C. 

John Benjamin Carr, Jr. 

Rockingham, N. C. 

Sue Rothrock Cashion 
High Point, N. C. 

Linda Lee Cassimus 
Dayton, Ohio 

Kirtikumar S. Christian 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Joseph Graham Clendenin, Jr. 

Statesville, N. C. 

Steve Bradley Clodfelter 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Alfred Thomas Collins 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Susan Lorene Cooke 

Huntsville, N. C. 

Judith Mae Cox 
Tabor City, N. C. 

Susan Wood Culbreth 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Frances Kay DeMik 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Gary Eupene Dennis 
High Point, N. C. 

Bitsy Andrew Dupree 

Thomasville, N. C. 

Janet Nevelle Doby 

High Point, N. C. 

James Howard Doolittle 

Rockingham, N. C. 

Miriam Jeanne Downs 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Martha Jean Dutton 

Monroe, N. C. 

Gloria Janet Early 
Marion, S. C. 

John Albert Eckel 
Gastonia, N. C. 

Wanda Hull Eller 
Thomasville, N. C. 

Kenneth Claude Elmore 

Trinity, N. C. 

Betty Ervin 
Brunswick, Ga. 

John Battle Farlou 
High Point, N. C. 

Gerald Francis Fennell 
Mineola, N. Y. 

Brenda Gayle Flinchum 
High Point, N. C. 

Joseph Patrick Forte 

Levittown, N. Y. 

Wayne Edgar Furman 

Rockville, Md. 

Myrtle Amelia Garmon 

Leaksville, N. C. 

Robert Rudolph Gibbs 

High Point, N. C. 

Virginia Sue Gibson 

Red Springs, N. C. 

William Joseph Gosnel 

Washington, N. C. 

Franklin Wilson Grice 

Stanley, N. C. 

Richard W. Grimsley 
Silver Spring, Md. 

Carol Sue Grubbs 
High Point, N. C. 

Pamela Ann Hancox 
Ocean Grove, N. J. 

David Diggs Harrington 
Cambridge, Md. 

William Patrick Harris 
Candor, N. C. 

Hal C. Harris 

Thomasville, N. C. 

Terry David Hart 

High Point, N. C. 

Charles Taylor Hawks 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Stanley Harris Hedrick 
Lexington, N. C. 

Charles John Hellstern 
Bergenfield, N. J. 

Mary Adella Hendricks 
High Point, N. C. 

Jackie Beamer Hendrix 

Thomasville, N. C. 

Dorothy Henline 
Clemmons, N. C. 

Janet Louise Heydenburg 
Tallahassee, Fla. 

William Irving Hobson 
Toano, Va. 

Tullie Ann Hoyle 

Cherryville, N. C. 

Fred \V. Hoyt 
High Point. N. C. 

Hoberla Hrown Hudson 
Granite Quarry, N. C. 

Sharon Mathis Irby 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Phyllis G. Jarvis 
High Point. N. C. 

Sally Lou Jepson 
Clewiston. Fla. 

Elmer Linwood Johnson 

Durham. N. C. 

Spencer K. Johnston. Jr. 

High Point, N. C. 

Andrew Douglas Jones 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Donald Albert Jones 
High Point, N. C. 

Flora Eve Jones 
Shannon, N. C. 

Neil L. Jones 
High Point, N. C. 

Reginald Thomas Joyner 

Mt. Airy, N. C. 

Joanne Naomi Kearney 
N. Arlington, N. J. 

John I). Kennedy 
Denville, N. J. 

Wills Christine Kennedy 

High Point, N. C. 

Shirley Ann Key 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Gary Wayne Kiger 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Joyce Nell Kirkman 
Pleasant Garden, N. C. 

Frank Simmons Lambeth 
Thomasville, N. C. 

Susan Alice LaSalla 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Robert Wayne Leonard 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Geraldyne Newton Lockman 

Iron Station, N. C. 

Eugene Richard Long 
Staten Island, N. Y. 

Elizabeth Austin Mann 
Ridley Park, Pa. 

Joan Cleo Maultsby 
Fayetteville, N. C. 

William Joseph McCarthy 
Washington, D. C. 

Jean Carol McCollum 

McLcansville, N. C. 

Richard Karl McDowell 
Bradford, Pa. 

Joyce Ellison Mcllvaine 
High Point, N. C. 

Luther Patterson McPherson 

High Point, N. C. 

Robert Lee Medlin 
Star, N. C. 

Wallace Anthony Midkiff 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Judith Diane Mills 
Hitrh Point, N. C. 

Rickie Wayne Mills 

Newton, N. C. 

Suzanne Rucker Mock 
Greensboro, N. C. 

John Thomas Moody 
Beaverdam, Va. 

Phillip Mourice Mosley 
Hitch Point, N. C. 

Lewis Barrow Mullis 
Myrtle Beach, S. C. 

Charles Stuart Myers 
Lexington, N. C. 

Harold Graham Myers 
Lexington, N. C. 

Clara Jane Neal 
Salisbury, N. C. 

Dale S. Neel 

Rockville, Md. 

Jesse Radford Newton 
High Point, N. C. 

Gayle I.enore Nichols 
Arlington, Va. 

Nancy Anne Noblett 

Tenafly, N. J. 

Margaret Elizabeth Oldham 
High Point, N. C. 

Anne Elizabeth Organ 
Gladys, Va. 

Thomas Farrell Owens 
High Point, N. C. 

Thomas Arnold Page 
Cheverly, Md. 

Helen Ruth Paisley 

McLeansville, N. C. 

Billy Joe Parker 
Newton, N. C. 

Carol Sue Parrish 
Creedmoor, N. C. 

Tony Parsons 
Candor, N. C. 

William Samuel Potree, Jr. 
Hitrh Point, N. C. 

William Walton Phillips, Jr. 
High Point, N. C. 

Michael Gene Pierce 
High Point, N. C. 

Janice Evelyn Pope 
Rockingham, N. C. 

William E. Pritchard, Jr. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Leslie Neal Purifoy 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Richard Earl Rackley 

HiEh Point, N. C. 

James Franklin Ramsey 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Albert William Rauch 

Fleetwood, Pa. 

Ann Culclasure Rawley 

Hiph Point, N. C. 

Deanna Elizabeth Reed 

Chadbourn, N. C. 

Beth Ren fro 

Rockville, Md. 

Mary Phyllis Reynolds 
Hiddenite, N. C. 

Patty Ann Rodgers 
Rowland, N. C. 

Elisa M. Rodriguez 
Mt. Airy, N. C. 

Betty Sue Rogers 
Graham, N. C. 

Michael Nelson Rosenmarkle 
Alexandria, Va. 

James Whitfield Ruark 
High Point, N. C. 

Verna J. Russ 
Asheboro, N. C. 

Michael Odell Russell 

Thomasville, N. C. 

Carleen Elizabeth Samuels 
High Point, N. C. 

Austin Oliver Saunders 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Michelle Louise Schmidley 
Sylva, N. C. 

Fred William Schraplau 
White Plains, N. Y. 

Philip Anthony Sedberry 
High Point, N. C. 

Sylvia Joy Shapiro 
Leesville, S. C. 

Orrin Dale Shaw. Jr. 
Boonville, N. C. 

Wayne Douglas Shepherd 
Morgan ton, N. C. 

I.orton Edward Siirmon 
Roekv Mount, N. C. 

Joel Silver 

New York, N. Y. 

Jerry I'aul Sink 
Thomasville, N. 0. 

Barry Jerome Smith 
Washington, D. C. 

Clarence Bryce Smith 
Asheboro, N. C. 

Forrest Kirk Smith 
Trinity. N. C. 

Yvonne F. Smothers 

High Point, N. C. 

Silvia A. Soler 
High Point, N. C. 

Juanita Gail Speight 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Bobby Stafford 
Kernersville, N. C. 

Emma Frances Stephenson 
Aulander, N. C. 

Itrcnda Holmes Stevens 
High Point, N. C. 

Kirk K. Stewart 
Orlando, Fla. 

Kenneth Walter Stokes 
High Point, N. C. 

Martha Garris Stokes 
High Point. N. C. 

James Edward Surratt 
Thomasville, N. C. 

FJruce Frederick Swanson 
Middlesex, Mass. 

William Swigart 
Dublin, Indiana 

Sandra J. Switzer 
X therlands 

lirenda Symmes 
Melrose, Mass. 

Phillip Ray Tate 
High Point. N. C. 

Sandra Delores Tate 
Pfafftown. N. C. 

James Anthony Taylor 
Mebane, N. C. 

Joe Ann Taylor 

Denton, N. C. 

Iliana G. Teague 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Brenda Jo Thomas 
High Point, N. C. 

Henry Churchill Thompson 
Graham, N*. C. 

Albert Guy Trombetta 
McKees Rock, Pa. 

Antoinette Rochelle Vaughn 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Janice Lee Vuncannon 

High Point, N. C. 

Keanza Lynn Waldrep 
Cleveland, N. C. 

Pamela Jean Wallace 
Aiken, S. C. 

Arthur Staples Warren 

Stafford Springs, Conn. 

Anna Paulette Way 
Asheboro. N. C. 

Bruce Craven Weatherly 

High Point, N. C. 

Mania M. Wechter 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Edward Coles West 
High Point, N. C. 

Mary Elizabeth White 
Rockville, Md. 

Peggy Ann Wiley 
High Point, N. C. 

Alvin Allred Willette 

High Point, N. C. 

Benjamin Jerry Williams 
Glen Burnie, Md. 

Donald Roger Williams 
Star. N. C. 

I.orene Gayle Williams 
High Point, N. C. 

H. Ray York 

High Point, N. C. 

Sharlia Braington York 
High Point, N. C. 


The Junior Class 

The Junior year marks a bright new 
beginning for the student. He is un- 
doubtedly well adjusted to college life, 
but this year his courses have more 
meaning because they are those which 
he has chosen rather than those which 
he is required to take. The knowledge 
that he is in his major field of study 
helps the Junior toward bigger and 
more rewarding experiences. Thoughts 
of graduation, teaching, and graduate 
school begin to enter the Junior's mind 
more frequently with his final year just 
beyond the horizon. 

Steve Buff 

Ernestine Craig 


Ruth Howey 


Omegia Waldrep 



Don Albeit. Jr. 
Madeline Anderson 
Judy Arminpton 
Wynne Austraw 

Lacy Ballard, Jr. 
Grif Balthis, Jr. 
Bob Batten. Jr. 
Bob Beck 

Vicki Boles 
Anne Booth 
Tony Boyles 
Gilbert Brim 

Karen Brower 
Henry Brown 
Nan Brown 
Tony Brown 

James Brucki, Jr. 
Barbara Burton 
Harold Byerly 
Jean Campbell 


Carole Calvert 
Bill Carter 
Bill Carter 
Perry Cashion 

Hugh Gates 
John Chilton 
Leonard Chisholm, Jr. 
Karen Clodfelter 

Marilyn Colvin 
Keith Connor 
Judy Copley 
Hoyle Coppley 

Mary Ruth Corder 
Ernestine Craig 
Ken Craven 
Larrv Craver 

Betts Davis 
James Davis 
Ray Davis 
Repina Davis 


Henry Deal 
Mario Del Amico 
Mary Rachel Deviney 
Jim DugEan 

David Evans, Jr. 
Bill Everhart 
Pain Fletcher 
Peggy Fotdeman 

James Foster 
Phyllis Foy 
Linwood Finch 
Fran Freeman 

Lewis Freeman 
Joan Gale 
James Gallimore 
Louise Garnett 

Carolyn Garrett 
Ken Gilliam 
Jonell Goodson 
Bill Green 


Eddy Greeson, III 
Jenova Haines 
Richard Harbison 
Sandra Hargrove 

Robert Harris 
Darrell Hedrick 
Bill Herndon 
Robert Hepler 

Don Hevener 
Kathy Hoecker 
Bill Hollingsworth 
Nina Honeyeutt 

Peggy Hooper 
Ruth Howey 
Stuart Hoyt, Jr. 
Jerry Hughes 

Margaret Hunter 
Sandra Hutchins 
Verlene Hutchinson 
Carroll Hutts 


Gloria Jaich 
Curlene Jones 
James Jones 
Robert Jones 

William Jones 
Philip Joyce 
Thomas Keller 
Harold Kennedy 

Charles Kerr 
Gene Hester 
Bill King 
Dawn Lankford 

Janice Lewis 
Max Litten 
Trudy Livengood 
John Locklair 

Ramonia Lomax 
Joseph Lorber 
Marilyn Lund 
Raymond Mabe 

Prank Mabrey 

Robert Macy 

Mary Ann Mandrich 

Billy Mann 

John Marquis 
Joseph McCallum 
Eddie MeCormick 
Patricia MeCormick 

Webb McCulloch 
Mickey McDaniel 
Robert McDowell 
Stanley Meadows 

Judy Miller 
Merlyn Miller 
Bill Miller 

H.verly Moody 

Larry Morgan 
Linda Morgan 
Myra Morris 
Detra Morrison 


Frank Mudd 
Betsy Neesc 
Greg North 
Jerry O'Kelly 

Martha Paris 
Thomas Parker 
Betty Parks 
Barbara Payne 

John Payne 
June Peoples 
Ruby Phillips 
Carol Pino 

Carol Pope 
Jay Reed 
Daniel Reyes 
Kenneth Rich 

Chuck Richards 
William Rimmer 
Carlos Rios 
Kent Ripley 

John Roberts 
Linda Roberts 
Alice Robertson 
Joan Root 

Betty Roux 
George Roycroft 
Jeff Seaford 
Milton Say lor 

Louise Shelton 
Lennon Shipp 
Jane Shouse 
Ellen Siess 

Susan Slack 
Lionel Sledge 
Norma Small 
Charles Smith 

Jerry Smothers 
Arthurine Spry 
Hilda Stanford 
Charles Stiles 


Dick Stinson 
Julie Steinweg 
Roper Stephens 
Ann Tallev 

Judy Thomas 
Penny Thompson 
Earl Tysinger 
Frazier Vereen 

James Vickers 
Omeiga Waldrep 

Wayne Walker 
Helen Wasileski 

Dodd Webster 

Sue Wells 

Charles Westmoreland, Jr. 

Tony White 

Lynda Williams 
James Wilson 
Linda Winters 
Leonard Witt 


Gerald Yarboroujjh 
Marc Yeakley 
Janice Yount 
(Catherine Yow 

'Salle, why are people around you always laughing?' 

Wow! Three escorts from the Science Building! 


The Sophomore Class 

A new light seems to have fallen on the 
sophomore. The dim and uncertain views of 
college, as experienced in his freshman year, 
have now come into sharper focus and his views 
are clearer and more established. The sopho- 
more expresses a desire to show his new con- 
fidence through initiating freshmen and Beanie 
Court procedures. Another factor providing 
him with self assurance is the fact that he 
is now considered an upperclassman. Because 
he is no longer required to live in dormitory 
areas designated for freshmen, the sophomore 
finds his horizons broadened through inter- 
mingling among juniors and seniors, and he 
begins to feel closer to the center of life in 
the college community. 

Robert Wells 


Ralph Hoar 


Mayada Riser 


Robert Hamilton 


Laurie Abbott 
Clyde Aiken, III 
Partick Alford 
Billie Allen 

Vernon Cardwell 
Anna Lee Carter 
Gregory Chase 
Larry Cheatham 

Max R. Cheek 
Gary Chesson 
Robert Clark, Jr. 
Tillie Clark 


Tom Coleman, Jr. 
Laura L. Coltrane 
Patricia Cook 
Larry Craven 


Sarah Craven 
Donald Crossley 
William Cude. Jr. 
Steve M. Deal 

Julia DeGooyer 
Steve DeLappe 
Tom Dignan 
David Dorsey 

Sue Drone 
Larry Dunlap 
Karen Edwards 
Steve Eller 

Leif Eriksson 
Wayne Ervin 
Jill Everhart 
William Fanning 

- 5 

Michael Farabee 
Lewis Fallow 
Dennis Flynn 
Clinton S. Forbis 

Susan Hood 
Krvin Houser 
Aileen Howe 
Martha Hudson 


Kemp Huss 
Wayne Hughes 
Judy Hussey 
Steve Jarrett 

Wanda Joyce 
Delaine Jurney 
Tamara Kearns 
Rosemary Kennedy 

Wayne Kennedy 
Mayada Kisn 
Jerry Lambert 
Emma Lou Landes 

Valerie Lochte 
John Loflin 
Vicki Loflin 
Jean Losten 

N. Leslie Lowe 
Christine Loweth 
Ann Mackie 
Lany Matthews 


Nancy Pearson 
Linda Perry 
Jim Picklesimer 
Diane Pigott 


Catherine Poindextei 
Joe Poole 
Nancy Poole 
June Pope 

Ruth Ann Sides 
Johnsie Simmons 
Robert Skwirut 
Angela Smith 


Linwood Smith 
Margaret Snider 
Sherry Snow 
Jerry Spiridopoulos 

Dorothy Thomas 
Mary Lou Thomas 
Allen Thorburn 
Joann Thorley 


Ed Turner 
Harriet Tysinger 
Roberto Vasquez 
Betty Jo Vaughn 

Virginia Venning 
Barbara Walker 
Kathy Ward 
Rob Wells 

Frank Wheeler 
Sherry White 
Gail Whittemore 
Gayle Williamson 

Ed Wollen 
C. M. Worthy, Jr. 
Joyce Wright 
Jan Young 

" : 

The Freshman Class 

Tom Brazier 


The college freshman, a seeking young adult, left 
his home, his own world of family and friends, 
and came to college in quest of new enlighten- 
ing experiences. At first he wore not only the 
traditional beanie but also an air of bewilder- 
ment. His first few weeks seemed a mass of con- 
fusion, studying, and little sleep. Mail from home 
suddenly took on great importance and any com- 
munication from the "outside world" was greeted 
enthusiastically. But, gradually, his newness faded 
with each succeeding dawn and a more realistic light 
began to fall on his college activities. Now he too 
has become an active, vital part of the whole — our 
student body — as he has formed new friendships, 
participated in many activities, and has attempted 
to learn the true meaning of the pursuit of knowl- 

Sam Hardister 


Dawn Hamilton 


Rodney Kemp 



Diane Abbot 
Laura Abernathy 

Beverly Albright 
Hugh Alger 

Donna Allen 
Charlotte Anderson 

Nancy Andrews 
Susan Applegate 

Emilie Auman 
Jennie Auman 

Jennings Austin, Jr. 
Pat Austin 

Bob Baldwin 

William Baldwin 

Barry Bateman 

Cynthia Beall 
Linda Beatty 
Brenda Beck 

Tim Bellinger 

Robert Betterton 

Hugh Bigham, Jr. 

William Bigham 
Maxwell Boales 
Carolyn Boyles 

Patricia Boyles 

Elinor Blading 

Thomas Brazier 

Nancy Briggs 

Brenda Bruce 

Mike Bryant 

Norma Byerly 
Dan Cagle 
Ann Callaway 

Judy Carlton 
Sandy Carmichael 
Ellen Carruth 

Tim Cassell 
Carolyn Caveny 
David Cerchio 

Brenda Collins 

Sandy Collins 

Doujrlas Combs 
Elizabeth Condrey 

Donald Cooke 
Jeannie Cottrelle 

Patricia Cowden 
Charles L. Cox 

John Chapis 

Ed Clark 

Gary B. Craver 

Dottie Clifton 

David Crawford 

Catherine Cline 

Donna Coggins 

Linda Creasy 

Vicki Cole 

Catherine Cruit 


Lynn Edmonds 

Janet Daniels 
Ginna Dark 

Steve Daulton 
Peggy Davis 

Pete Davis 
Nancy DeLappe 

Janice Doub 
Forrest Dover 

John Duffy 
Carolyn Dziedzic 

Dianne Earnhardt 
Donna Ebert 

Rosemary Edwards 
Steve Elliott 
Jeanie Elms 

Philip Faucette 
Jon Faulkner 
Diana Ferran 

Craig Furman 

Larry Garrison 

Pat Gaynor 

David Gilbert 
Allison Glew 
Jane Goforth 

Monica Goggin 

Susan Golden 

Maynard Graham 

Ann Greco 

Mary Grissom 

Laura Groce 


Shirley Hamby 
Dawn Hamilton 
Judith Hamlet 

David Hardee 
Sam Hardister, II 
Martha Harrington 

Sharon Harshbarger 
Joy Hassell 
Delores Hay worth 

Carol Hedrick 
Betty Hege 
Sara Hester 

Velma H.olden 
Susan Holscher 
Dianne Holt 

Elizabeth Horigan 
Neal Hornaday 

Kenneth Hunt 
Bobby Hussey 

Kay Jackson 
Sharon Jackson 

Joyce Jennings 
Donna Jones 

Steven Hicks 

Johnnie Jones 

Tony Hill 

Sue Joyner 

Kirt Hinshaw 

Robert Keibler 
Rodney Kemp 


Barry Levy 

Cheryl Kendle 

Gloria Lewallen 

Larry Kenkrick 

Wayne Link 

John Logan 

Jennifer Kidd 

Anita Loomis 

Kitty Kendred 

Harry Love, Jr. 

Ray Lowe 

Charles Kurkjian 
Stephen Laney 

Raymond Leonard 
Anne Lewis 

Kenneth Machlin 

Scott MacDougal 

Vlary Jane Magruder 

Joan Laro 

Taylor Mangum 

Mary Dim LaSalla 

Stanley Mardeusz 

Richard Marshall 

Paul Latham 

Cheryl Martin 

Don Leonard 

Suzanne Martin 

David Mason 

Nan Mason 

Jane Matthews 

Delores McDonald 


Harriet McGinnis 

Steve McLain 

Katherine Newman 

Margaret McLane 

Daniel Norbut 

Gary McMahon 

Lewis McMillan 

Deirdre Norman 

Joseph McNulty, Jr. 

Sandy Palmer, Jr. 

Mary Metheny 

Arthur Milhous, Jr. 

Jim Patton 

Lisle Millard 

Claudia Payne 

Richard Mock 

Ann Montague 

Frances Peace 

David Mowery 

Stephen Peaytt 

Judy Muller 

Sidney Nance 

Donna Peck 

Larry Neal 

Stephen Peeler 


Ann Neese 

Lucy Neff 
William Nelson 
Jan Newman 

Peggy Pernell 
Michael Petree 


Cassandra Ritchie 

Emilie Pickett 
Connie Powell 

Donna Prevatte 
Lorraine Reidda 

Carol Resch 
James Richardson 

Judson Richardson 
Ann Ridge 

Arthur Robb 

Robert Robertson 

David Robinson 

Charles Presley 

Barbara Rogers 

Mike Prestini 

Betty Rogers 

Buffy Rounds 

Claudia Row 

Philip Royston 

Mary Sue Rushing 

Robert Sale 

Betty Sanderford 

Marsha Sanders 

Ann Scott 

Claire Scott 

Sharon Sechrest 

Lafura Ridge 

Earl Senger 

Beveny Ring 

Stephen Seningcr 

William Sevier 


Donna Shelly 
Lynn Simone 
Christopher Skarzynski 

Patricia Smith 
Wilton Smith 
Dennis Snead, Jr. 

John Starling, III 
Patsy Starling 
Sammie Steele 

Kay Stewart 
John Steiglitz 
Robert St. John 

Stephen Stolle 
Phyllis Sturdivant 

Laura Stutts 
Barbara Taylor 

Charlie So 

Nancy Taylor 

Michael Sonibra, Jr. 

Ray Taylor 

Barbara Sossaman 

Richard Sparks 

Sylvia Teague 

Steven Spencer 

Frankie Thigpen 

Millard Stallings 

H. B. Thomas, Jr. 
Louise Thomas 

Ted Thomas 
Robert Thurston 


«=.■ r 

Allen Ward 


Alan Timmons 

Janice Warfford 

Johnny Tribolet 

Joan Warren 

Brian Watts 

Mary Trotter 
Carol Upton 

Leslie Van Fossen 
Brenda Varner 

Randolph Wauph 

Robert Whitaker 

Ellen White 

Robert White 

Edward Whitmore 

Ellen Williams 

John Viccellio 

Gail Wilson 

Karen Wadleigh 

Vicky Wimberly 

Carol Winstead 

Richard Wagoner 

Dalton Wood 

Robert Walker 

Tony Workman 

Cornelius York 

Larry Wall 

Patricia Young 

Anne Wallace 

Lynne Youts 

Val Zumbro 


College life presents itself in many ways, both 
in and out of the classroom. The opportunity for 
active participation in outside activities is unlim- 
ited, as there is a place for each student. The in- 
tellectual as well as the athlete can each fulfill 
his interest. Among the campus organizations 
are those promoting governmental experience, 
service, religious emphasis, professional interest, 
and creative expression. While working toward a 
mutual goal, the member of an organization is 
provided with fellowship and team work. 

The Student Government Association offers the 
student who is interested in government on the 
local basis the opportunity to express himself in 
one or more of its three divisions. The Young 
Republicans Club and Young Democrats Club 
give the student a closer look at government on 
the national level. On the other hand, if the 
student desires to develop his ability for literary 
expression, he can find a challenging outlet for 
writing as a staff member of the ZENITH, HI PO, 

For the student interested in broadening his 
religious outlook, organizations such as the Stu- 
dent Christian Association and Fellowship Teams 
offer the benefits of fellowship, service, and wor- 
ship. The inspirational programs offered by num- 
erous religious groups leave the student with a 
better idea of what college and life are all about. 

The Order of the Lighted Lamp, High Point 
College's oldest honor society, stresses leadership 
and service to the college. Love of learning and 
scholarship are the by-words of the Scholastic 
Honor Society. One of the greatest honors a stu- 
dent can receive is to be selected as a member of 
one of these honor societies. 

Organizations teach their members the value 
of time, and are one of the best avenues to friend- 
ship outside of the dormitories. Extra-curricular 
activities play a vital role in college life and are 
one thing which no well-rounded student should 
be without. 








Religion and Service 

Student Christian Association 


Left to right: Betty Jo Vaughn, Vice-President; Rkkie Mills, Presi- 
dent; Judy Stone, Secretary; Steve Pearson, Treasurer; Rachel Little 

Riekie Mills, President; Mrs. L. M. Hays, Dr. William 
R. Locke, Advisors 

The Student Christian Association endeavors to help the students, faculty, and ad- 
ministration develop a deep awareness of the love of God and to help them grow into a 
meaningful relationship with God, Jesus Christ, and their fellowmen through the en- 
couragement of and participation in various religious activities. The Orientation Wor- 
ship attempted to point out the importance of religion in the college years to future life. 
Through the Finch Lectures, we studied the cultural situation with Bishop J. Owen 
Smith. This year the S.C.A.'s major program, Religion in Life, attempted to analyze 
"The New Morality" movement as presented in various modern publications and as evi- 
denced within our society. Other highlights of the year were a picnic at City Lake and 
a heated bus for the annual Christmas Caroling. 

Seated, left to right: Pam Flet- 
cher, Ruth Ann Sides, Betty 
Rogers. Standing, left to right: 
Ann Talley, Rachel Little, 
Betty Jo Vaughn, Judy Stone. 
Joe Parker, Henry Thompson, 
Neil Jones, Steve Pearson. 

; - 

Methodist Student Fellowship 

Judy Burrier — Secretary 

Cathy Poindexter — Programs 

Joe Parker — Vice President 

Frank Grice— State M.S.M. 
Vice President 

Bob Hamilton — Treasurer 

Rev. Kelly Jones 

Jeanne Downs — State M.S.M. 
Representative to 
Inter-conference Comm. 

Betty Rogers— President 

Mrs. L. M. Hays — Advisor 

A year of becoming ■ . ■ 

The trip to Lincoln 

The Church in the World — Called to be Relevant 

Quadrennial 1964 

Beset with difficulty and hope 

Retreat at Millbrook 

Council meeting's at Mrs. Hays' home complete with spaghetti 

Meeting people as persons 

Christmas Caroling with S.C.A. 

Collegians Benefit Concert 

Collecting pennies for Quad 


M.S.M. Retreat at Chestnut Ridge — Holiness and Wholeness 

Gratitude to God 

Ann Xeese, Frank and Jeanne on State Council 

We the Church, working through . . . 

Town and Country Commission 

Morgan Memorial Fresh Air Camps 

Methodist European Caravan 

Inner City Church 

M.S.F., Reaching out. 

Baptist Student Union 

Neil Jones, President 
Billy Mann, Vice President 
Regina Davis, Secretary 
Linda Williams, Treasurer 

The B.S.U. had an active year of reorganizing. 
For Baptist students, it was a busy time of Fall 
Convention, Friday night vespers, Baptist slaves 
for LISTEN Missions — Love Impels Sacrifice 
Toward Every Need — Spring Leadership Con- 
ference, Social Actions Seminar in New York, 
volunteers for student Mission programs. Look- 
ing back, we remember stimulating programs — 
"Is The Bible Authoritative?", "LISTEN Mission 
To Korea," "Christian Doubt: A Sign of Failure 
or a Key to Faith" — A busy year of busy students 
planing for a better year — next year. 

Seated, left to right: Regina Davis, Marizell Austin, Linda Will iama 
Standing, left to right: Neil Jones, Billie Allen, Margarat Snider, Billy 

Mann, Marc Yeakley 


Alpha Phi Omega 

Alpha Phi Omega is a National Service Fraternity, 
the largest Greek letter organization in the world. The 
purpose of this fraternity is to assemble college men in 
the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law and to follow 
the three cardinal principles of Leadership, Friendship 
and Service. The Mu Xi chapter of HPC cooperates 
with the faculty, campus organizations, and community 
groups in various areas of service as well as carrying 
out activities of its own. Activities this year include de- 
corating for SGA dances, assisting two Boy Scout 
troops, sponsoring Peace Corps Day, helping on chari- 
table drives, the Thanksgiving fling and the Tangle- 
wood picnic dance. 

John Kennedy 

Henry Thompson 

David Bailey 


Wayne Krvin 

Jack Marquis 

Bob Batten 

Serjeant -at- Arms 

Bill Carter 

Bob Hamilton herald YarborouRh 

Chaplain Athletic Director 




David Bryant 

David Dorsey 

Larry ("raver 

Bill Hollingsworth 

Billy Nesbitt 

Jim Picklesimer 

Carlos Rios 

Bob Seaver 

Orrin Shaw- 

Kirk Smith 

David Gilbert Tony Hill 

1964-65 Pledge Clasa 

Ray Leonard 

Tom Mair 

Richard Noble 

Steve Peeler 

David Robinson 

Fellowship Teams 

Jean Dutton — Chairman 

Bob Hamilton — Packets Chairman 

Jean Dutton — Chairman 

Wayne Ervin — Treasurer 

Betsy Neese — Curriculum Secretary 

Elisa Rodripuez — Secretary 
Pam Fletcher — S.C.C. Representative 
Phyllis Reynolds— Retreat Chairman 
Winifred Bristow— S.C.C. Alternate 


Fellowship Teams 

"I've never seen God but I know how I feel ; it's people like you who make 
Him so real. . . ." 

Such is the reaction to Fellowship Teams by the groups which the teams 
have visited and worked with. In no other organization is found the op- 
portunity to serve and be served that is offered in Fellowship Teams. 
The teams visit and aid youth groups in local churches all over the state, 
helping in such areas as organization, program planning, and recreation. 

Team No. 1 

Phyllis Reynolds, Chairman 
Drew Ayers 
Barbara Burton 
Joe Parker 
Jennifer Kidd 

Team No. 2 

Doug Shepherd, Chairman 

Pam Fletcher 

Elisa Rodriguez 

Henry Thompson 

Sharon Oliver 

Team No. 3 

Betsy Neese, Chairman 

John Swan 
Betty Jo Vaughn 
Carolyn Dziedzic 
Ginna Dark 
Nina Honeycutt 

Team No. 4 

Bob Hamilton, 
Jane Milner 
Kitty Kindred 
Ann Talley 
Claudia Payne 
Frank Grice 


Team No. 5 

Cathy Poindexter, Chairman 

Dave Pulliam 

Emily Sherrill 

Betty Rogers 

Gina Venning 

Dotty Clifton 

Team No. 6 

Wayne Ervin, Chairman 
Winifred Bristow 
Mary Grissom 
Ann Neese 
Charlotte Anderson 
Sandra Tate 

Team No. 7 

Linda Pulliam 
John W. Locklair 
Nancy Fallon 
Ellie Freeman 
John Kennedy 
Susan Cooke 


Alpha Delta 

Linda Brewer 

Judy Burrier 

The purposes of Alpha Delta 
Theta, a religious-service sorority, are 
thought about learned by all the sis- 
ters with interest and a serious de- 
sire to see that they are achieved. 
These purposes are: to enrich the 
spiritual life of the young women of 
High Point College, to encourage and 
offer opportunities for Christian serv- 
ice, to provide Christian fellowship, 
to promote exchange of ideas and ex- 
periences among members of the or- 
ganization, and to correlate Christian 
living with vocational plans. The sis- 
terhood strives to live up to its pur- 
poses by following the motto "Sisters 
in the service of God." 

Leslie Purifoy 

Kat Ynw 

Cathy Poindexter 

Wynne Austraw 

Judy Bischoff 

Janice Bogue 

Winifred Bristow 

Anna Lee Carter 

Susan Cooke 

Betts Davis 

Jeanne Downs 

Pam Fletcher 

Ellie Freeman 


Mary Grissom 

Christine Kennedy 

Jennifer Kidd 

Ann Litten 

GeraMync Lockman 

Martha Paris 

Hattie Patterson 

Ruby Phillips 

Carol Pino 

Nancy Poole 

Linda Pulliam 

Betty Rogers 

Carleen Samuels 

Betty Sanderford 

Sylvia Shapiro 


Emily Sherrill 

Ruth Ann Sides 

Fran Stephenson 

Judy Stutts 

Ann Talley 

Sandra Tate 

Betty Jo Vauchn 

(;ina VenninK 

Barbara Walker 

Joyce Wright 


Student Government 

Student Government Association 

Art Warren, Treasurer 

Brenda Symmes, Secretary 

Don Bryant, Vice-President 

Tracy McCarthy, President 

As stated in the S.G.A. Constituion, the purpose of the 
Student Government Association on campus is "to de- 
velop student honor and self-control, to encourage right 
ideals and promote personal responsibility, and to foster 
the principles of self-government." The Student Gov- 
ernment Constitution calls for a three-department sys- 
tem. Provisions are made for executive, legislative, and 
judiciary branches, under the leadership of the presi- 
dent of the student body. 

The Executive Council, composed of four officers, is 
elected by the student body during the last of the spring 
semester. This council acts as a co-ordination unit for 
the other branches, reviews legislation and brings cases 
of violation of regulation to the Judicary Council. 

The S.G.A. is an organization of, for and by the stu- 
dents ; however, a sincerely interested and cooperative 
student body cannot operate effectively and harmoni- 
ously without the backing of a competent and dedi- 
cated executive council. It is through the compatibility 
of these two groups, the students and the student lead- 
ers, that the S.G.A. has worked with greatest efficiency. 


Judiciary Council 

The Judiciary Council has the re- 
sponsibility of trying all cases in- 
volving infractions of laws of the 
Student Government Association. 
The Chief Justice for 1964-1965 
is Wayne Furman. 

Wayne Furman, Chief Justice; Steve Pearson, Prosecutor. 

Seated left to rieht: Ernestine Craig, Linda Roberts Kay DeMik, Dawn Hevener. 
StandinK left to right: John Swan, Jan Samet, Steve Pearson, Wayne Furman, John 
Starling,' Jerry Proffitt. 

Student Legislature 

The Student Legislature, a branch of the S.G.A., is 
composed of a representative Unicameral system. The 
Legislature includes four members of each class (three 
elected delegates and each class president, the Presi- 
dents of the Panhellenic and Inter-Fraternity Coun- 
cils, the Dormitory President, the Day Students Presi- 
dent, and the four members of the Executive Council 
of the Student Government (as non-voting members). 
The Student Legislature plays a vital role in the func- 
tioning of the Student Government in that it acts on 
all bills, resolutions, and recommendations proposed 
by the delegates on matters pertaining to student and 
campus life. 

Steve Buff— Speaker 
I'am Hancox — Secretary 

Back row: Jim Dug-Ran, Bill Beans. Charles Kerr, Ray Alley. Rob 
Wells, David Harring-ton. Art Warren. Front row: Dorothy Clif- 

ton, Pani Fletcher, Beth Brearley, Jean McCollum, Nancy Tabor, 
Linda Greason. 


Student National Education Association 

Anne Booth 


Betsy N'eese 

Bitsy Dupree 


Janet Early 


The Calvin Wiley chapter of the Student National 
Education Association began the year with a tea for old 
and prospective members. Membership in S.N.E.A. this 
year consisted of eighty-two students planning to enter 
the teaching profession, all of whom contributed in mak- 
ing the 1964-65 school year a success for the Associa- 

S.N.E.A. endeavors to serve as a connecting link be- 

tween the students and their future profession. By pre- 
senting programs of interest to other education majors 
and by attending various workshops and conferences, 
members learn more about the preparation of, demands 
on, and ethics of the teacher today. Members also sub- 
scribe to state and national publications which bring ad- 
ditional insight and help to these future educators. 

• • 

Women's Dormitory Council 

Housemothers: Mrs. Hilda Owens, North and Yadkin Halls; Mrs. 
Mary Bennett, Woman's and Wesley Halls. 

The Women's Dormitory Council exists for the purpose 
of making and enforcing laws as a means of developing 
individual honor, self-control, and personal responsibil- 

Officers: Eve Jones, President; Ann Talley, Vice President; 
Anne Booth, Recording Sec; Helen Paisley, Treasurer; Dawn 
Lankford, Corresponding Sec. 

Standing left to right: Ann Talley, Linda Perry, Eve Jones, Dawn Lankford, Helen 
Paisley, Amelia Garmon, Tillie Clark, Ernestine Craig. Wanda Joyce. Seated left to 
right: Emma Lou Landes. Anne Booth, Mayada Riser. 


Men's Dormitory Council 

Housemothers: Mrs. Frances McMeekin-Kerr. J. Ed Millis Hall; 
Mrs. Hazel Long, McCullock Hall 

Ray Alley, President 

The Men's Dormitory Council is the governing body of the resident 
students in McCullough Hall and J. Ed Millis dormitory. They assist in 
freshman orientation and handle any minor infractions of the dormitory 
rules. With the guidance of Mrs. Long and Mrs. McMeekin-Kerr, resident 
housemothers, the officers have made dormitory life a rich and rewarding 
experience for resident men students. 

Left to right: Hugh Cates; Bob Seaver, Vice-President; Joe Forte, Head Proctor; Ray 
Alley, President; Ken Gilliam, Secretary-Treasurer. 


Day Students 

The day students of High Point College play an im- 
portant part in the total life of the college, composing 
half of the student body. Day students may be found in 
a variety of places on campus, their second home. 

Whether in the classroom, the library, book store or 
student center, they are an active part of student life. 
Looking for parking places or getting a book from the 
"car library" the day students contribute the liveliness 
of the entire student body until the daily trek back home 
to the hills at the end of a long day of classes, studying, 
and socializing. 

Stephen Walker, President 

Officers Not Pictured: 

Vice-President Jean Ruth 

Treasurer Barry York 


English Club 


Jerry Proffitt 


Al Rauch 

Prog-ram Chairman 

Helen Paisley 


Shirley Key 


Dr. Jean Halladay 


The English Club is not a club in the ordinary 
sense of the word. It is a meeting of minds, emotions, 
humours, and. of course, bodies. But whereas in 
"'clubs" the body element prevails, in English Club 
the hilarity and intellectual stimulation of its crazy- 
mad sponsor evoke the spontaneity of students who 
have come together to learn, to teach and to reflect. 
Programs range from an intensive analysis of Chad 
Walsh's poetry to a lecture by an authority on 
Renaissance Music in Literature to a way-out inter- 
pretive pantomime of modern poetry. Discussions 
on graduate schools, excursions to the McMeekin- 
Kerr mountain domain, and exciting holiday travel- 
ogues provide entertaining variety in the life of our 
club. The English Club members dine sumptuous- 
ly .. . 


Physical Education Majors Club 

The Physical Education Majors Club of High Point 
College was organized to further the welfare and learn- 
ing of the members ; to foster activities in the field of 
Physical Education ; to facilitate interest through pro- 
grams, methods, techniques, and activities; to promote 
a sound campus and community understanding of Phy- 
sical Education ; and to raise the professional stand- 
ards for the future of the occupation. 

One of the most active clubs on campus, the P. E. 
Majors Club has sponsored many programs in which 
the entire student body has been invited to participate. 
Each year the club has an awards banquet at which 
time members of all athletic teams are recognized for 
their performances and a plaque is awarded to the out- 
standing senior Physical Education Major. 

Ki<'k Grimsley . 
Sue Culbreth . . 
Bob Harris .... 
lirenda Thomas 


.... Secretary 

. . . . Treasurer 


Women's Athletic Association 

* ■ ■ ■ » ■ 

The Woman's Athletic Association of High Point 
College was reorganized in the 1963-64 school year with 
the purpose of promoting interest in athletic and re- 
creational activities among the women of the college 
as a means of promoting sports, fellowship, and health. 
The W.A.A. plans to continue sponsoring an intramural 
program in basketball, softball, and individual sports. 
Besides intramurals. The Women's Athletic Association 
promotes an inter-school program in field hockey, bas- 
ketball, and volleyball. 

r fwn 

Susan Culhrcth. President 

Geraldine I.m-kman Treasurer 

Brenda J<> Thomas Secretary 

Juanita Speight Vice-President 

Susan ("ulbreth President 


Young Democrats and Republicans Clubs 

Mr. Pritchett, advisor for Young Democrats Club and Bill Phillips, President 

Dr. C. E. .Mounts, advisor for Young Republicans Club and Dick Martin. 

John Chilton Vice-President 

Rachel Little Secretary 

Kirt Christian Treasurer 

The purpose of the Young Democrats and 
Young Republicans Clubs are to encourage young 
people to take an active interest in politics and 
public affairs, and to affiliate with and become 
members of their respective parties ; to give them 
an opportunity to participate in party affairs 
thereby providing them the experience and train- 
ing necessary for leadership in political and gov- 
ernmental activity ; to provide the means for 
them to meet candidates seeking local, state, and 
national offices ; to promote social activities with 
other members of their respective clubs through- 
out the state and nation ; and to support the plat- 
form and policies of their respective parties. 


Fine Arts 

High Point College Band 

Mr. Robert (lark. Director 

The concert band helps to fulfill the aesthetic needs 
of the college and surrounding communities by perform- 
ing the best band literature available in the most musi- 
cally effective manner. Membership in this organization 
is open to the general college student as well as to the 
music major ; the emphasis is on increasing skills, knowl- 
edge, and appreciation of music through the performing 

During this school year the band under the direction 
of Mr. Robert Clark, played a concert for the Parents 
Day assembly as well as participating in an assembly 
program for the college. Among other activities were a 
weekend trip to Lynchburg, Virginia, where two con- 
certs were played; music for the ceremony at which 
Governor McKeithan of Louisiana was awarded an Hon- 
orary Doctorate, an extended tour in the spring; and 
an evening concert for the general public and the college. 

High Point 

During the 1964-65 school year the High Point Col- 
lege Concert Choir, under the direction of Mr. Charles 
Lynam, has performed many times for the benefit and 
enjoyment of the student body and for various organi- 
zations both on and off of the campus. The choir has 
been a familiar sight in the weekly assembly programs 
and has played an important part in making chapel 
services a more meaningful experience for students and 
faculty, as well as for those participating in the choir. 

Membership in the Concert Choir is taken from stu- 

dents throughout the college. Interested music majors 
and non-music majors are always welcome additions to 
the choir which deserves recognition for its fine work 
this year. 

Among the choir's activities this year were participa- 
tion in the Parent's Day assembly, Christmas and Spring 
concerts, and providing music for the Baccalaureate 
service and Commencement. Included in its off-campus 
activities were tours through North Carolina and Vir- 

Mr. Charles Lynam, the director of the choir, is a 
recent addition to the High Point College faculty. Before 
coming to High Point College, Mr. Lynam taught in the 
music department of Elon College from 1958 to 1963. 
He received the A.B. Degree from Elon College and the 
M.A. Degree from New York University. While teaching 
here, Mr. Lynam is working toward a Doctor of Music 
degree at Indiana University. We welcome him as a 
member of our faculty and express appreciation for the 
work he has done with the choir this year. 


College Concert Choir 

Roger Stephens 


Kitty Hutchins 


Ruth Ann Sides 

Tom Page 

Business Manager 

Betty Jo Vaughn 

Tower Players 

The highlight of the High Point College stage this 
year was Dr. Lew Lewis's opera. The Merchant of Ven- 
ice, which was directed by Mr. Don Drapeau. The cast 
consisted of professionals, professors, and student actors. 
Tower Players worked closely with Mr. Drapeau and Dr. 
Lewis in coordinating set construction, make up, and 
other technical crews. In addition to the opera, The 
Tower Players produced Seneca's Oedipus. The play was 
produced in the style of readers theater. 

Second semester The Tower Players were again quite 
active. Displaying their talents in an original one act 
play by Herman Coble, Jr., The Tower Players took to 
the boards again. The one act was filmed and televised. 

Ralph Hoar, President; Shirley Key, Secretary; Fred Schraplau, 
Treasurer; Bob Carlouj-'h, Vice-President. 

Dr. Lew Lewis, writer of the opera. 

Director, Mr. Don Drapeau 

Last minute finishing touches tfiven to costumes for 
The Merchant of Venice. 

Work back stage is as important as the performance before 
the audience. 

Dress rehearsal in preparation for opening night. 


Studying the script under the direction of Mr. Don Drapeau 

I | i 


Wot %i- 

The newspaper on a college 
campus has a special responsibi- 
lity to the students. Acting as a 
voice for the students it must 
seek to reflect student opinion 
honestly, it must serve as a fore- 
caster of coming events, and it 
must bring into review outstand- 
ing campus activities. The task is 
difficult, and often criticism is 
the only response; however, the 
Hi Po staff continues to do an ex- 
ceptionally good job in fulfilling 
its responsibility to the students. 

Al Rauch, Editor-in-Chief 

Phyllis Foy. News Editor; Dick Stinson, Managing Editor; Chuck Richards. Business 
.Manager; Al Ranch. Editor-in-Chief. 

I 12 

Dick Slinson, Managing Editor 

Standing: Verlene Hutchinson, Mac Hoyt. 

Seated: Gina Venning, Barbara O'Connor, C. M. Worthy. 

Phyllis Foy. News Editor 
VOIC1 (il rHE STUDENTS'' ^BflM, 


The Official Newspaper of High Point College, High Point, N. C. / 
Published Bi-Monthly Except During Holiday Periods 

Entered as third class matter on October 19, 1950, at the Post Office at 
High Point, North Carolina, under Act of Congress of March 3, 1879. 

Subscription and Advertising Rales upon Request 

Editor-in-Chief A] Rauch 

Managing Editor Dick Stinson 

Business Manager Chuck Richards 

News Editor Phyllis Foy 

Social Editors ... C. J. Neal, C. M. Worthy 

Photographer Lacy Ballard 

Sports Barbara O'Connor, Mac Hoyt 

Circulation Manager Ernestine Craig 

Cartoonist _ Michelle Schmidley 

Faculty Advisor Dr. Sam Underwood 

Reporters Doug Shepard, Jud Richardson. 

Bill Bigham, Gina Venning 
Typist _ Betty Thomas 

1 15 


The purpose of the Apogee is to enrich the life and in- 
tellectual growth of the High Point College campus. 
However, readability is one of the primary objectives of 
the staff with the hope that the contributions will reach 
the interests of the students. The magazine features 
creative work done and selected only by the students. 

In competions with other schools this size, High Point 
College's literary publication, Apogee, placed second in 
the nation in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association 
contest last year. It is the hope of the staff and of the 
school that this cultural venture will thrive and con- 
tinue in the tradition in which it has begun. 

Dr. Eunene Mounts, Advisor 
Helen I'aisley, Editor 

Kalph Hoar, Manajrinj.' Editor 

Elizabeth Oldham 
Associate Editor 

The Apogee Staff: Nancy Noblett, Floyd Green, Elizabeth Oldham. Dr. Eugene Mounts, 
Helen Paisley. Ralph Hoar, Joan Root. Jim Sloan. Gail Wilson. Margaret Hunter. 

Floyd (ireen. Book Review Editor 
Helen Paisley, Editor; Jim Sloan, Reading Chairman 

Nancy Noblett, Art Editor 

Margaret Hunter, Art Staff 

! '5 

1965 Zenith Staff 

The 1965 Zenith staff has worked fast and furiously 
to meet the February 15th deadline set for this year. 
Through a co-ordinated effort on the part of each of the 
individual staffs a unique annual has gone to press. We 
hope that you, the student body, will enjoy this the pro- 
duct of our sleepless nights, failed exams, and bad dis- 

We have taken great pleasure in producing this book 
which we hope will mark the beginning of a new era in 
the Zenith. The road has been rough at times but all of 
us on the staff feel that the product has been well worth 
the effort. 

try f 

Lacy Ballad. Photographer 
Copy Staff: Carol Pino. Editor; Phyllis Foy, Dick Simnis. 

Carol Parrish. Editor-in-Chief 

Charles Hawks, Business Manager 

Layout Staff: Virginia Venning, Nancy Tabor, Ella Stout, 

Class Staff: Johnsie Simmons, Gail Whittemore, Ann Neese, Editor. 
Helen Wasileski. Greek Editor 

Typists: Joyce Wright. Anne Booth 

Ann Litten. Feature Editor 
Jeanne Downs. Photographer Editor 


Art Staff: Michelle Schmidley, Editor; Linda Morgan 


1965 Who's Who in American 

Eleven seniors were elected to "Who's Who in American Colleges and 
Universities." The eleven seniors were selected on the basis of character, 
scholastic performance, leadership ability, and contributions to campus life. 
The seniors selected from High Point College possess these qualities and 
have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the welfare of 
the school and to the promotion of the school image to the general public. 

Don George Bryant 

Flora Eve Jones 

Don is President of his 
fraternity, Theta Chi. He 
served on the Student 
Legislature during his 
freshman, junior and sen- 
ior years. He was chair- 
man of the orientation 
committee last year hav- 
ing served as a member 
of the committee for three 
years previously. Don is 
also Vice-President of the 
Student Government As- 
sociation and has served 
as coordinator of enter- 
tainment for the S.G.A. 
He has served as chair- 
man of the City College 
Relations Committee. 

Eve has served as Presi- 
dent and Vice-President of 
the Women's Dormitory 
Council and is a member 
of the Student Christian 
Association Council. She 
is a member of the Order 
of the Lighted Lamp and 
the Student Legislature. 
Eve has received a $900 
scholarship to Garrett 
School of Theology at 
Northwestern University 
in Evanston, Illinois for 
the fall of 1965. 

John I). Kennedy 

William (Tracy) 

John is President of Alpha 
Phi Omega Fraternity and 
is a member of Kappa Chi, 
He has for two consecu- 
tive years served as Pres- 
ident of the Student Con- 
gress and serves on 
the President's Advisory 

Tracy is President of the 
Student Government As- 
sociation. He has been 
active in varsity basket- 
ball and varsity tennis. He 
is a member of the Phys- 
ical Education Majors 
Club and has been on the 
tennis team. Because of 
his academic achievement, 
Tracy's name has appear- 
ed on the Dean's List for 
four semesters. 

C. J. is the Homecoming 
Queen and is the Carolina's 
Conference Tournament 
Queen. She is also chief 
cheerleader having been a 
cheerleader for four years. 
Active in Fine Arts Pro- 
grams she has been a 
member of the Tower 
Players and the College 
Choir. C. J. is a member 
of the Order of the Light- 
ed Lamp and was a Junior 
Marshal. She has served 
the Hi Po as editor of 
Greek Activities and so- 
cial editor. 

Clara Jane Neal 

Colleges and Universities 

Liz is Vice-President of 
Phi Mu sorority. She is a 
member of the Order of 
the Lighted Lamp, the 
English Club, and serves 
as associate editor of 
Apogee. As a Junior Mar- 
shal Liz has served the 
college during graduation 
exercises, civic events, and 
dramatic performances. 

Helen is editor of Apogee 
having served on that 
staff in her junior year as 
business manager. She is 
treasurer of the Women's 
Dormitory Council and is 
a junior marshal!. Helen 
helped to organize and is 
secretary of the English 
Club. Her name has ap- 
pealed on the Dean's List 
and she holds a 2.5 aver- 
age in academic achieve- 

Elizabeth Oldham 

Helen Ruth Paislev 

Carol is editor of the col- 
lege annual, ZEN'ITH. 
having served as class edi- 
tor for that publication 
during her sophomore 
year and associate editor 
during her junior year. 
She has been chosen by 
her classmates as a Top 
Ten Senior and serves on 
the President's Advisory 

Al is editor of the High 
Point College newspaper, 
Hi Po, having worked on 
the staff for two years. 
Last year Al was a mem- 
ber of the Zenith Staff 
serving as the junior class 
editor. He is a member of 
the English Club and 
serves as Program Chair- 
man for this organization. 
He is a member of the 
President's Advisory Com- 

Carol Sue Parrish 

Albert Rauch 

Betty is President of the 
Methodist Student Fellow- 
ship. She was co-chairman 
of Fellowship Teams dur- 
ing her junior year and 
served as a team chair- 
man while a sophomore. 
Betty is a member of the 
Orde'r of the Lighted 
Lamp and has been on 
the Dean's List. She is a 
junior marshal and a 
member of the Student 
Christian Association. 
Betty has received a 
scholarship for Garrett 
School of Theology of 
Northwestern University 
in Evanston, Illinois for 
fall 1965. 

Kirk is a star basketball 
player for the High Point 
College Panthers. He has 
been one of the high 
scorers on the team be- 
ing instrumental in help- 
ing the team to achieve 
an outstanding basketball 
season as second among 
small colleges in the coun- 
try. Kirk also plays base- 
ball and is a member of 
the Physical Education 
Major's Club. 

Betty Sue Rogers 

Kirk K. Stewart 

Top Ten Seniors 

Art Warren 

Traev McCarthy 

Micheal Pierce 

K rend a Symmes 

Elizabeth Oldham 


Top Ten Seniors 

Don Brvanl 

Helen Paislev 

C. J. Neal 


Carol Parrish 

Eve Jones 


Order of the Lighted Lamp 

The Order of the Lighted Lamp is High Point College's oldest honor so- 
ciety, having been organized in 1935 under the guidance of Dr. Clifford 
Hinshaw. The present sponsor is Dr. Dan Cooke. A student selected for 
membership must have an average of 1.75 for five semesters, the last five 
semesters. To be eligible, a student must possess excellent, exemplary char- 
acter, have proved himself as a leader, and have delivered outstanding serv- 
ice to the college. Nominations are made by the current members and are 
approved by a faculty majority. 



Donald Little 
Carolyn McAllister 
Elizabeth Oldham 
Clara Jane N'eal 
Betty Ropers 
Eve Jones 
Carolyn Frye 


Betts Davis 
Kay DeMik 
Ken Gilliam 
Charles Kerr 
Tracy McCarthy 
Myra Morris 
Helen Paisley 
Mike Pierce 
Ann Talley 
Betty White 

Scholastic Honor Society 

The Scholastic Honor Society was inaugurated in 1957 to stimulate the 
love of learning and to recognize and encourage scholarship. One of the 
greatest honors that a student can receive at High Point College is to be 
selected as a member of the Scholastic Honor Society. To become a member, 
a junior must have completed 75 semester hours of regular college work 
with a quality point ratio of 2.75. The minimum ratio for a senior is 2.25. 
Membership in this society consist of students, honorary and associate 


Edward 0. Cummings 
William R. Locke 
J. Hobart Allied 
Dennis H. Cooke 
Stuart C. Deskins 
Clifford R. Hinshaw 
Lew J. Lewis 
Nathaniel P. Yarborough 
George H. Hobart 

E. Vera Idol 
William Lazaruk 
Christopher Wilson 
Wendell Patton 
Charles E. Mounts 
Halsey W. Miller 
Evan Morgan 
Harold E. Conrad 


Linda Sue Brewer 
Michael Gene Pierce 


Junior Marshals 

Each year the Junior 
Marshals are selected by 
the faculty from the mem- 
bers of the Junior Class 
with the best over-all av- 
erages. The Marshals are 
selected on the basis of 
their scholastic attain- 
ments, leadership, and 
participation in college ac- 
tivities. While serving as 
a Junior Marshal, the du- 
ties to be performed in- 
clude checking assembly 
attendance, ushering for 
concerts. Tower Player 
productions, and gradua- 

George Roycroft 

Chief Marshal 

I'am Fletcher 
Chief Marshal 

Seated- Don Hevener, Romonia Lomax, Betsy Neese, Frieda Holt. 
Second row: Bob Gordon. Myra Morris. Ann Tally. Betts Davis, 
Pam Fletcher. Third Row. George Roycroft, Charles Kerr, Jerry 
O'Kelly. Steve Pearson, Ray Davis, Roger Payne. Kenneth Gil- 

College life consists of more than books and classes. 
The student's life on our campus can be as full and 
varied as the individual wishes — from formal dances to 
car washes, the student is given an opportunity for fun 
and friendship. 

The new students on our campus begin their college 
activities with orientation week. Teas, dances, and 
finally the annual tug of war are among- the first social 
activities of the fall semester. As the year progresses, 
the Student Government Association presents a number 
of well known groups at each of its fine dances. 

The book store acts as a terminal for much of the 
student's daily life on campus. As he pauses between 
classes, he can enjoy a coke and the friendship of his 
fellow classmates here. An exciting game of ping pong, 
an entertaining television show, or relaxing melodies 
from the stereo can all be enjoyed in the student center 
which is designed for the comfort and pleasure of all. 

The Greek world has become an ever more important 
part of the college campus as each year passes. Each 
of the Greek letter social fraternities and sororities 
makes a distinctive contribution to the social life of the 
college. High Point is fortunate in regard to its frater- 
nities and sororities. Through self discipline, each or- 
ganization upholds the ideals and policies of the college. 

Homecoming is an excellent time for alumni to renew 
friendships made during college years and to note the 
changes and improvements in their alma mater. The 
excitement and tears of happiness as the homecoming 
queen is crowned are added to the lasting book of mem- 
ories of the life of High Point College. 








* VJf 










- iVsc. 



* & J 

ii n| 


H J 





111 ! 

1 Bf 

_J !w! i.ii 

~" !."'' -~' 


EE '^lA. 

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F i . 




k m - 

\i - 

p 2^. !• 


1 Sm* 




Panhellenic Council 

The Panhellenic Council is the coordinating group 
of the four sororities on the High Point College cam- 
pus. The council is composed of each sorority repre- 
sented in one of the four main offices and by the presi- 
dents of each individual sorority. 

Greek Week is one way in which the sororities are 
drawn closer together. In the past, the week has in- 
cluded a Greek sing, sorority and fraternity debates, 
co-recreational events, and entertainment, and has 
been highlighted by a semi-formal dance held in con- 
junction with the I.F.C. 

Conducting the rush program for incoming fresh- 
men is one of the major activities of the Panhellenic 
Council. At this time the council plans a formal tea, 
"icebreakers," and rush parties in order to acquaint 
the freshmen with the Greek system at High Point 
College. Working together we create a week of fren- 
zied, but enjoyable, memories that will long live in the 
minds of the rushees. 

We encourage all Greek women to actively partici- 
pate in civic service projects as well as campus spon- 
sored social and educational activities. 

With the help of our housemother, Mrs. Goolesby, 
we have upheld the purpose of the Panhellenic Council. 

Jean M <•('<>! I urn, President 

Standing: Janet Young, Zeta Tau Alpha; Christie Jensen. Kappa Delta; Judy Stone, 
Phi Mu; Jean McCollum, Zeta Tau Alpha. Seated: Mrs. Goolesby, housemother; Linda 
Roberts, Alpha Gamma Delta; Betty White. Alpha Gamma Delta; Sandy Hargrove, 
Kappa Delta; Myra Morris, Phi Mu; Anne Organ. Zeta Tau Alpha. 


Interfraternity Council 

The Interfraternity Council is the governing body 
of the five Greek letter social fraternities. The Coun- 
cil serves as a media for discussion of fraternity af- 
fairs. The I.F.C. was established to promote inter- 
fraternity relations and to deal with interfraternity 
matters. The fraternities realize that a strongly con- 
stituted interfraternity organization is necessary in 
order to have a well oriented fraternal life. 

Each year the council awards a trophy to the out- 
standing fraternity man of the year who has con- 
tributed the most to the betterment of the Greek sys- 
tem. The I.F.C. also presents annually the I.F.C. Schol- 
arship Award to the fraternity which has the highest 
academic average of all the fraternities. 

This year under the guidance of Commander George 
Netts, our faculty advisor, the I.F.C. continues its 
functions and programs. In conjunction with the Pan- 
hellenic Council a greek week was held, featuring a 
co-recreation night and a dance. 

The Interfraternity Council has expanded its con- 
stitution this year and has further developed the rush- 
ing and pledging system of the fraternities on this 
campus. With the cooperation of all the fraternities 
on campus, the fraternity system at High Point Col- 
lege is rapidly becoming one of the strongest in the 

Roy Greenwood. President I.F.C. 

Back row C M. Worthy. Delta Sigma Phi; Jeff Seaford. Lambda Chi Alpha, front 
ro « John Steimle. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Donald Crossley, Tau Kappa Eps.lon; J,m 
Foster. Delta Sigma Phi; Bill Hams. P. Kappa Alpha. 


Betty White 


Gamma Eta of 

Kay Demik 

Su/anne Mock 

Gayle Nichols 

Karen Clodfelter 

Kllen Sie*s 

Jo Ann Taylor 

Beth Renfr 


Jean Anders 

M. hi/. II Austin 

Dehra Bolton 

Judy > .ill. i ■■ .1 ■ 

Judith Miller 

Beverly Moody 

Kaye Moody 

Nancy Pearson 

Linda Roberts 

Patti Ann Rogers 

Louise Midi- mi 

Ann Way 

Elizabeth Mann 

Pledge Class 

Diane Abbott 

Beu Albright 

Karen Brower 

Donna (ioettsche 

Dawn Hamilton 

Melba Hassell 

Sharon Jackson 

Delores McDonald 


Alpha Gamma Delta 

The vision of Alpha Gamma Delta became a reality 
on May 30, 1904. On this day, eleven girls met in the 
home of Dr. Wellesley P. Coddington, a professor of 
philosophy at Syracuse University and a firm believer 
in the Fraternity system. Together they discussed, 
planned, and organized the beginnings of Alpha Gam- 
ma Delta. 

Alpha Gamma Delta is an International Fraternity 
composed of ninety-three chapters throughout the 
United States and Canada. The total membership is 
42,000. The colors of Alpha Gamma Delta are red, buff, 
and green, and the flowers are the red and buff roses. 

Alpha Gamma Delta has as its International Altruis- 
tic Project a concentrated program of rehabilitation 
grants to benefit the work of the National Society 
for Crippled Childred and Adults. In 1962, a new serv- 
ice project was added concerning work in Cleft Palate. 
An endowment was given for the purchase and main- 
tenance of a library known as Alpha Gamma Delta 
Library for Research in Cleft Palate which is located 
at Syracuse University. 

Locally, Alpha Gamma Delta is active in campus or- 
ganizations including intramurals. We have a number 
of informal parties, a semi-formal Christmas dance, 
and a spring formal — the Rose Ball. 

Scholarship is also stressed. This chapter has been 
ranked in the top ten scholastically out of all chapters 
for the past five years. 

The written purpose of Alpha Gamma Delta clearly 
sets forth the high ideals and standards of our fra- 
ternity in regard to understanding, health, friendship, 
service, honor, sincerity — all of which are important 
for an enriched college life and perfect womanhood. 




m e 


/ Til 


1 f , l 

k \ ^_ 

Anyone can see that you're an Alpha Gam! 

This is the way to make (lean's list? 

Beth's "coming out" party! 

Kathy Newman 

June Peoples 

Kmilie Pickett 

Betty Rogers 

Ann Scott 

Donna Shelly 

Bohbi Taylor 


Gamma Gamma Chapter of Kappa Delta 

n- ± 

Sandra Hargrove 



Joan Gale Torres 

> - 

Beverly Berger 

Piggy Wiley 


Sherry Snow 
Assistant Treasurer 

Linda (treason 

Omeffia Waldrep 

Marianne Behrendt 

Jackie Brendle 

Julie De(iooyer 

Karen Kdward* 

Fran Freeman 

Aileen Howe 

Christie Jenson 

Delaine Jurne> 

Barbara Cacy 

Jane Rogers 

Kathy Rogers 

Joann Thorley 

Son^s, Night, Laughter, and KAPPA DELTA. 

Bride of Frankenstien ? 

The Open Motto of Kappa Delta, "Let us strive for 
that which is Honorable, Beautiful and Highest," was 
first shared by four college girls who founded Kappa 
Delta Sorority in 1897 at Longwood College, Farmville. 

Since 1955, when girls of Theta Phi became Gamma 
Gamma Chapter at High Point, we too have reached 
for these ideals. One hundred two chapters over the 
United States now place Kappa Delta among the six 
largest National Panhellenic Conference sororities. 

We believe friendship best expresses itself in serv- 
ice. Kappa Delta was the first sorority to select as its 
national philanthropy aid to the Crippled Children's 
Hospital of Virginia. We also strive to help the com- 
munity of High Point. 

This year girls from over the country meet in Chi- 
cago for a National Convention which brings our ties 
closer together and helps the different chapters to 

Each year outstanding sisters and pledges are rec- 
ognized at the White Rose Ball. Also the pledges are 
traditionally sold at the Kappa Delta slave auction 
where talents such as house cleaning, shirt ironing 
and car washing go to the highest bidder. 

Kappa Delta was founded on faith, hope and love. 
Our founders have challenged us to pursue the highest 
of ideals. Let US meet that challenge in our manner 
of living; they have given us Kappa Delta — let us be 
worthy of their gift. 

Let me entertain vou! 

Pledge Class 

Madeline Anderson 

Cynthia Beall 

Elinor Bradine 

Diana Ferran 

Monica Goggin 

Dianne Holt 

Carolyn Caveny 

Linda Creasy 

Nancy DeLappe 

Kay Jackson 

Mary Ann Mandrirh 

Judy Muller 

Laura Ridge 

Buffy Rounda 

Dorothy Thomas 

Jean Vanneman 

Leslie Von Fossen 

Pat Young 


Gamma Zeta Chapter of Phi Mu 

Liz Oldham 
Vice- President 

Sharon I.etherbury 

Myra Morris 

Mary Ruth Corder 

•■' . 

Brenda Symmea 
Pledge Director 


Judy Stone 

Ruth Howey 

Janet Heydenburg 

Deanna Read 





Sue I.ynne 


Fraternity Editor 

Judy Arrnington 

Linda Cassimus 

Tillie Clark 

Ernestine Craig 

(■ainor Goodwin 

Susan Hood 

Mayada Kiser 

Jill Knurkey 

Emma Lou Landea 

Susan LaSalla 


Laura Lenz 

Joyce Mcllvaine 

Carolyn Price 

Jeanne Ruth 

Angela Smith 

' 12 

Three young girls at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia founded 
Phi Mu over a hundred and ten years ago, as the Philomathean So- 
ciety. On March 4, 1852, the establishment of the Philomathean So- 
ciety was announced. This date has been celebrated by Phi Mu ever 
since as Founder's Day. 

The fraternity was incorporated under the laws of the state of 
Georgia in 1904, granting it the right to place chapters in other col- 
leges throughout the United States — thus becoming a national fra- 
ternity for women. 

Today, thousands of women and girls, belonging to one of the ninety 
or more collegiate chapters, wear the gold and black badge of Phi 
Mu — pledged to and living the high ideals of their founders. Those 
ideals — enduring friendship, loyalty to college and fraternity, high 
scholarship and service to others — form a heritage to which Phi Mu 
today owes its character and distinction. 

One phrase of our Creed, "to lend to those less fortunate a helping 
hand," is the motivating force of Phi Mu's social service program. 
Phi Mu stretches out her hand in many directions. Our most recently 
adopted national philanthropy is the Project Hope — support of the ship 
S.S. Hope, which goes to underdeveloped countries of the world train- 
ing doctors, nurses, and laboratory technicians. 

In 1953, Phi Mu came to High Point College to become the first 
national fraternity for women on campus. Since that date, members 
of the High Point College chapter have been striving to uphold the 
ideals of the fraternity. Realizing that change is an inevitable part 
of growth. Phi Mu re-evaluates her organization through a National 
Convention held biennially. The most recent National Convention was 
held in 1964. Representatives from collegiate and alumnae chapters 
and clubs throughout the United States met to determine the policies 
of the Fraternity. 

Phi Mu looks forward to a future that is based on its heritage and 
ideals, its strength in organization, numbers and resources, developed 
through over a century of continuous advancement. 


Toui'therness! ! 

Mv Phi Mu lady? 

Lynn Edmonds 

Jane (ioforth 

Velma Holdcn 

Anne Lew 

Martha Paris. 

FranUie Peace 

Connie Powell 

Pejcuy Sharp* 

Arthurine Spry 

Laura Stutts 

Nancy Taylor 

Sylvia TeaRiu- 

Betty Thomas 

(Jail Whittemore 


Delta Gamma of Zeta Tau Alpha 

Anne Organ 


Linda Perry 

Ann Armentrout 

Jan Stayer 


Nan Brown 

Erlene HaiEht 

Valerie Lochte 

Jean 1, oaten 

Ann Mackie 

Jean McCollum 

Carolyn Russell 

Jan Young 

Pledge Class 

Donna Allen 

Pat ("owden 

Carol Dziedzar 

Donna Ebert 

Jeannie Elms 

Judy Hamlet Marty Harrington Marty Hedrick 

Sara Hester 

Joan Warren 

Gayle Wilson 


The date was October 15, 1898. The setting was 
Longwood College at Farmville, Virginia. Little did the 
nine young girls, sparkling with excitement, realize that 
that night they would found a fraternity that was to 
grow to become the second largest fraternity for women 
in the nation. Now there are one hundred seventeen 
chapters, each with a personality of her own, but each 
proud of her heritage, her part in Zeta Tau Alpha 

The year 1964 was started off with a big rush cam- 
paign for Zeta Tau Alpha. After the thrill of pledging. 
an informal shindig was held at The Grange. Zetas 
proved their endurance by winning the speedball intra- 
mural trophy. Greek Week was participated in by Zeta 
Tau Alpha, during which time Zeta stressed her na- 
tional service project, that of the all-important cam- 
paign against Cerebral Palsy. National Convention was 
attended by the President, Ann Organ, at Miami P.each. 
State Day was at Duke and biennial workshop at the 
University of South Carolina. Linda Perry, pledge 
trainer, urged 100% initiation and advised pledges on 
a pledge project. The 100th Link Ball, bringing with it 
all fulfillments of anticipation and careful planning, was 
given for the sisters and pledges at Schrafft's. Here, 
the Most Outstanding Senior, Sister, and Pledge were 
announced, and a Scholarship award was given to the 
girl who had most improved in scholarship during this 

'We have our serious moments, too. 

"Hey little rushees just come down 

'We've Kot him surrounded!" 

Zeta Sweetheart anil President 

'Smile! You're on Candid Camera!' 



Bird, Plane . . . Superman?? 

In 1899, in New York, at the College of the City of 
New York. Delta Sigma Phi was founded. Since then 
Delta Sigs have become known on campuses all over 
the nation and Canada. 

A Delta Sig is many things. He is a person who loves 
his fraternity and what it stands for. He is willing to 
make personal sacrifices for his fraternity without 
expecting applause. He has learned to respect others and 
puts the interest of the group before his own. He is 
interested in improving his scholarship; in developing 
his personality ; and in making a leader of himself. He 
realizes the help his fratrenity will give him in later 
life and the advantages it offers him. Leadership, Schol- 
arship, Personality Development, Social Life, Lasting 
Friendships, Development of Talents — these things are 
characteristic of a Delta Sig. 

As the end of the semester nears, the memories of 
the year pass before us. Brothers leave for the summer 
months, but the spirit of Delta Sigma Phi remains. 

The spirit of Delta Sigma Phi! 

Pledge Class 

Bob Batten 

Edward Clark 

Larry Dunlap 

Bobby White 


Delta Zeta of Delta Sigma Phi 

Mac Lambeth 

Charles Kerr 

Hugh Cates 
Pledge Master 

C. M. Worthy 
Sec. & Chaplain 



Chuck Richards 


Art Warren 

Ray Davis 

Rob Wells 

James Foster 

Steve Buff 

Sareeant at Arms 

Hush Chairman 



I. F. C. 

Athletic Chrmn 

Clyde Aiken 

Ray Alley 

David Evans 

David Harrincton 

Rill Henderson 

(iene Kester 

Bill Kin E 

Joseph Lorber 

John Moody 

<Jary Pickett 

Mike Rosenmarkle 

Robin Russell 

Mickey Russell 


Kinjrer-paintinff by moonlijrht ?! 

The Rat Pack. 

"But I can't swim!" 

Lambda Chi Alpha was founded at Boston Univer- 
sity on November 2, 1909. It took a persevering group 
of law students who were members of the Cosmopoli- 
tan Law Club more than a half century ago to con- 
ceive the idea of plunging into the very heart of the 
fraternity controversy. This group of law students 
not only had the foundation of a new national frater- 
nity but they also increased the Chapter roll to a 
formidable size. 

The fraternity's greatest period of growth was dur- 
ing and immediately after World War I. This surging 
growth resulted in significant improvements and the 
establishment of a central office in Kingston, Pa. 

In 1939, the fraternity joined forces with Theta 
Kappa Nu. This merger increased the total chapters 
from seventy-eight to one hundred six. The union of 
the two fraternities was a natural culmination of a 
long time friendly relationship. 

After this merger. Lambda Chi Alpha continued to 
grow and to improve its organization. Today, Lambda 
Chi Alpha is one of the largest national fraternities 
with one hundred sixty chapters in the country. 

Delta Alpha Epsilon was founded at High Point 
College in 1928. In the years that followed, Delta Alpha 
Epsilon grew and prospered. In 1952 a need was felt 
for affiliation with a national fraternity and at this 
time the first contract with Lambda Chi Alpha was 
made. In 1953 forty-eight alumni and active brothers 
of Delta Alpha Epsilon were initiated. 


Iota Phi Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha 

Dick McDowell 

Jim Surratt 

Koj-er Carmichael 


Joe GoSnell 



I m. I Johnson Gray Mac) Stephen Walker Rrtgit Joyner John Osborne 

Social Chairman Pledge Trainer Ritualist Scholarship House Manaeei 



prazier Vereen 

Rush Chairman 

Leonard Chisholm 
Athletic Chairman 

Tom Christold 

Hoyle Coppley 

Steve DeLappe Wayne Katon (icrald Fennel! Kodolph Cibbs 

Kick Grimaley 

Spencer Johnston 

Douglas Jones 

Jeff Seaford 

l.ennon Shipp 

Bruce Swanson 

Kay York 

Pledge Class 

Jennings Austin Bob Baldwin 

Donald Cooke Michael Petree Michael Prestini 

Karl Sender 

Alan Timmons 


The Pikas in their lounge! 

The Dream Girl Ball 

Pi Kappa Alpha is a national fraternity which was 
founded on March 1, 1868 at the University of Vir- 
ginia. From this humble beginning, Pika has grown 
tremendously and now has one hundred forty-two 
chapters located throughout these United States, seven 
of which are located in North Carolina. Delta Omega 
was chartered on February 7. 1958 and takes pride in 
the fact that it was the first national fraternity to 
come to High Point College. Pi Kappa Alpha fosters 
academic excellence and brotherhood which is exem- 
plified by the fact that we seek quality in our pledges 
and brothers, not necessarily quantity. 

Pikas began the new school year by participating 
in many civic projects which were of benefit to the 
fraternity as well as to the community. The Lions Club 
Annual Broom Sale. High Point Civitan Clubs Fruit 
Cake Sale — these are only a few of the projects par- 
ticipated in this year. 

Of course Pikas will never forget the intramural 
activities at II. P. C. this year. Once again we captured 
the football and volleyball fraternity championships 
and we hope to capture the overall intramural cham- 
pionship which eluded us by only a few points last year. 

Off to the beach we go at semester's end. See you 
next year! 

Miss Diane Holt. Fraternity Sponsor 


Delta Omega of Pi Kappa Alpha 

Bill Harris 

John Eckel 

Robert Harris 

Richard Rackley 

Secretai y 

Tom Hlake 
Pledue Trainer 

Bucky Caldwell 

Tom Coleman 

William Connor 

James li. ... |, ii|. 

Stanley Hedrick 

Mac Hoyt 

Arthur McKay 

J. R. Newton 

Tony Parsons 

John Roberts 

Philip Sedberry 

Robert Skwirut 

Jerry Smothers 

Francis Stewart 

Charles Westmoreland 

Krnest William* 

TKE is for the "worker." 

TKE stands for "clean living.' 


Since its inception sixty-five years ago, Tau Kappa 
Epsilon has been the progressive leader of the major 
social fraternities. The following achievements of TKE 
exemplify this characteristic: Tau Kappa Epsilon was 
the first fraternity to prohibit the use of the "black- 
ball" system of selecting members, Tau Kappa Epsilon 
was also the first major fraternity to specifically pro- 
hibit the physical use of paddles in pledge training, and, 
most importantly, Tau Kappa was the first fraternity 
to install a scholarship program for its members. This 
program has made Tau Kappa Epsilon the fraternity 
leader in the number of chapters ranking first in schol- 
arship on their individual campuses. 

Here at High Point College, the Delta Kappa chapter 
of Tau Kappa Epsilon has upheld this tradition of aca- 
demic excellence by winning the Henshaw Award for 
superior scholarship, with a scholastic average above 
all fraternities. 

TKE stands for "good study habits." 

A Teke is known for his fine "character.' 


Delta Kappa of Tau Kappa Epsilon 


Don Crossley 


Dave Thomas 

John Sleimle 

Boh Thurston 


Georire Beam 

John Chapis 

Steve Deal 
Pledge Trainer 

Wayne Walker 

Pledge Class 

Ronnie Clark 

Joe McNulty 

Jim Richardson 

Gene Treanta 


On April 10, 1856. Theta Chi Fraternity was forged 
among the granite hills of Vermont at Norwich Uni- 
versity. The Fraternity was seriously threatened by a 
rapid decline of student enrollment at Norwich because 
of the Civil War. 

In its second century of existence, Theta Chi is com- 
posed of one hundred thirty-seven chapters and a total 
membership of 48,000. 

For over a decade, Theta Chi's tradition and brother- 
hood have been represented on the High Point College 
campus. Epsilon Alpha was established as a social 
fraternity with emphasis placed on the well rounded 
student. The Epsilon Alpha chapter of Theta Chi Fra- 
ternity is a closely knit brotherhood. This year Epsilon 
Alpha was fortunate in initiating eight new brothers. 
It is the purpose of this fraternity to instill in these 
new brothers a desire for academic excellence which 
will reflect on themselves and on Epsilon Alpha. 

When an individual receives an invitation of mem- 
bership in Epsilon Alpha it is because he possesses a 
foundation of integrity upon which his social abilities 
can be developed. 

Through the period of pledge training, the initiates 
learn that tolerance is a primary essential of personality 
and the binding force of Epsilon Alpha chapter of 
Theta Chi. 


Margaret Ann Bryant, Fraternity Sponsor 


Theta Chis learn tolerance. 

Jack Bloom 

Ralph tioode Jeff Hulick 


Taylor Mangum 

Epsilon Alpha Chapter of Theta Chi 


Way no Futman 

Kick Benoit 

Spence Brown 

Kent Ripley 

(ieorge Roycroft 

Allen Thorburn 

Jim Brucki 

Jim Duggan 

Bill Kverhart 

Ralph Hoar 

Dick Lewin 

Juan Muonrh 

Slan North 

Ed Siemon 

Joel Silver 

Charles Smith 

Mickey McDaniel 

Rick KinK 



Noel Randell 

Tony Taylor 

David I'rian 

Jerry Williams 

l.en Will 

Pledge Class 

Richard Wagoner 

Frank.e Thi E pen Mi'lard SIallin K s 

Gary Sappcnfield Richard Mock 

Waller Marsh 

J - 

Student Life 

Freshmen Arrive Looking To The 

"It's so dark in here I'll never find her brown shoes. 

"Yes, I promise to write." 

"Her house must be empty — I've 
carried it all!" 


Future With Excitement 

"You'd think the school could afford some 

The Rosenmarkle octet entertaining for free 

"Wish I could find some girl to help me carry 
my clothes." 

This group had 40' < fewer cavities. 

"Does anyone know what this line is for?' 


"Hm, wonder what he's doing tonight. 

Registration Means 

Standing In Long 

Lines And Waiting 

"Yes, as a matter of fact it has been a long day." 

"There must be a better way." 


Beanies . . . Bondage And Liberation 

"I now crown you a Freshman." 

'I'd rather ring his neck than shake his hand." 

These are beanies, color them purple and white. 
These are Freshmen, color them mad. 

'This rope will never break." 

"I know I saw 
a shark!" 

Parent-Freshman Day 

*I wonder if he has an older brother." 

*' Joining the Army was easier than this." 
"This isn't really my room — it isn't even my dorm." 

"And this is where the big: upperclassmen live, mom." 




Women Welcome New Yadkin Hall 

Yadkin Hall, the newest of our 
women's dormitories, is a welcome ad- 
dition to the High Point College cam- 
pus. The mad scramble for "a room in 
the new one" gives evidence of this 
fact. Several additions in this new 
dormitory, one of which is a kitchen, 
make life in the halls of HPC a little 
more like home. 

The residents of Yadkin are proud 
of their new home and usually include 
this site as part of any campus tour. 
We hope that you'll find time to visit 
us too ! 




The Wright's Bucks 

'Steak, and it's not even Sunday!" 

"Easy with those potatoes — we want them 
mashed, not flattened!" 

'Home was never like this." 'And we're out of Roast Beef again, too." 

"If they'd all go on diets we could quit right now!" 

and Bunnies 

Strange though it may seem to some, the cafe- 
teria is an integral part of the life of High Point 
College. Students must eat, and responsible for 
fulfilling this important need are Maw, Paw, and 
the Wright's bucks and bunnies. Behind the long 
lines which sometimes seem endless, there is con- 
stant activity to prepare the food which is served 
on the lines. Salad is being tossed, pies are being 
cut, and numerous meats are burning on the grill. 
The bucks and bunnies work together like clockwork 
in order to feed the "multitude" as fast as possible. 
The activity in the background is seldom noted 
until something goes wrong likes the times the 
dishwasher broke, the day the ice cream melted, and 
the ten hours some of the crew put in when regular 
staff didn't make it because of snow. 

'What did you say that is?' 

Feeding such a large number of students with 
sometimes limited facilities is not an easy task ; how- 
ever, the bucks and bunnies "put on a happy face" 
and attend regular meetings of the order of the 
droopy rabbit's ears which require attendance three 
days a week, three meals a day, and every other 
Sunday. To the student body we say, "we enjoy serv- 
ing you. Pick on the daffodils as your target next 
time instead of the food!" 

"That chicken must have been cooked in wine!' 
The patio club enjoys its modern open-air lounge. 


Life in the Women's Dorms 

■at ,. , r~ 


Phones are busy as usual. 

"Double, double, toil and trouble 
Arthur Murray Studio? 

•'What course did you say you were making' the 
sweater for?" 

The height of boredom: taking in mending! 
Studying can be fun — lesson one . . . 

• ; 

Life in the Men's Dorms 

'Yes, operator, I'm still waiting . . 

"Hey fellows, listen to this, 'Dear Ann Landers 

U.N.C.L.E. strikes agan— 

'Only 4,000 more Raleigh coupons and I get 
a new set of lungs." 

"Ain't no way for you guys with this 
hand I've got." 

Learning by osmosis 304. 


'« Id? 1 r* 


"My mother sent it!" 

'Final exams couldn't be any worse 
than trying to register!" 

'But I haven't (rot room to take anything else." 

"Has anyone seen my hamster?' 



Special Events 

At a special assembly program held December 10, 
1964. Governor John McKeithen of Louisiana returned 
to his Alma Mater at which time he received an Hon- 
onary Doctor of Laws Degree. Accompanying Governor 
McKeithen was the Governor of North Carolina, Terry 
Sanford. After the convocation a news conference was 
held with the two governors in the band room of the 
Fine Arts building. When asked about his memories 
of High Point College, the visiting governor made the 
statement that he feels the college has made improve- 
ments in all areas since the two years when he was 
a student here. 

Governor McKeithen was very hopeful that his state 
would soon be able to equal the educational status which 
North Carolina has attained. The governor was im- 
pressed by the number of small liberal arts colleges in 
North Carolina and expressed the hope that Louisiana 
would soon be able to supply the citizens of his state 
with more educational opportunities. 

After the news conference Governor McKeithen, 
Governor Sanford. and their wives attended a special 
luncheon in their honor at the Sheraton Hotel. Dr. and 
Mrs. Wendell Patton hosted the affair. Members of the 
Board of Trustees and their wives were guests of the 

Governor John McKeithen 

Governor Terry Sanford 


The American Choreographers Company performs before the 
weekly assembly of students, faculty and administration on Oc- 
tober, 7, 1964. Among the selections presented were "Five," 

"Tanka," "Bach," and "Charades." In addition to Classical Kabuki 
Theater Music, selections by Stravinsky. Bach, and Ibert were 
used, creating a most enjoyable program for all in attendance. 

The American Choreographers Company 

Governor John McKeithen 

Governor John McKeithen holds a news conference with local 
news men in the band room of the Fine Arts building. 

John Howard Griffin 

Mr. John Howard Griffin, author of Black Like Me, speaks before 
the student body in Memorial Auditorium — September 30, 1964. 

Clara Jane Neal Reigns Over 

Homecoming 1965. what was it — a maze of dances, 
parties, displays, ballgames, and swarms of alumni 
looking for parking places? We look back and remember 
how tired we were, but it didn't make any difference 
because of the good time we had. 

It all began with the dance, a treat for students from 
the alumni, held Friday night. The Fabulous Five 
furnished the music in an atmosphere of dimmed lights 
and red and white streamers holding red hearts. Who 
can forget that the girls had 1:15 permission? The 
following morning saw many sleepy-headed Greeks cart- 
ing their displays out to the lawn in front of McCul- 
lough Hall. It was the climax of many hours of hard 
work on projects that were more intricate than ever 
before. Alpha Gamma Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha 
were the two organizations that came out on top in 
the competition. 

Saturday afternoon the alumni began to return to be 
welcomed by a luncheon and a reception. Students en- 
joyed a concert by the Shirelles sponsored by the SGA. 
A spirited Greek pep rally added to the day's activities. 
Of the competing groups. Alpha Gamma Delta and 
Theta Chi placed first in their respective divisions. 
Following the rally, students and alumni had the best 
meal of the year at the Homecoming Banquet held in 
Harrison Hall. 

The big game was next on the agenda. A rousing 
alumni game preceded the contest between the Panthers 
and the Mountaineers of Appalachian State Teachers 
College, witnessed by a packed gymnasium. The 
Panthers, out for revenge, trounced the Mountaineers 
by twenty-one points. During half-time the Homecom- 
ing Queen. Miss C. J. Neal, and her court were pre- 
sented to the spectators. A dance for alumni and stu- 
dents followed the game. 

Yes, homecoming was a maze of frenzied activity; 
but, who can look back without remembering how much 
he enjoyed it? 

Homecoming Queen. ('. J. Neal. is crowned in Alumni 
Gymnasium February 13, 1965. 

The 1 {•(>:') Homecoming Court: Vicki Cole, Anne Greeco, Jean Mc- 
Collum. Dianne Holt. Sharon Lctherbury, Sandy Collins, Delaine 
Jurney, Julie DeGooyer. Nancy Briggs. 

I 60 

Homecoming Festivities 

Homecoming display by Alpha Gamma Delta — 
first prize winner for the sororities. 

1964 graduates register for homecoming activities. 

Fraternity winner for best display 
Lambda Chi Alpha. 

A reception for the alumni at the home of President and 
Mrs. Wendell Patton. 


The Shirelles entertain in Memorial Auditorium as part of home- 
coming festivities. 


Every seat in the house was quickly filled in preparation 
for the big game between the Panthers and the Moun- 
taineers held Saturday night of homecoming weekend. 

Concert, Basketball Game 


Miss Zenith 1965 . . . 

Brenda Flinchum 


Mayor Mehan of llijrh Point picked Miss 
Zenith from the five finalists. 


Miss Zenith Finalists 

Juanita Speight 




Brenda Svmmes 

Shirlev Kev 

Sharon Irbv 



Each fall as the cross country team takes to the 
field, another year of sports begins at High Point 
College. Topping this year's performance was the 
setting of a new school record for the four mile 
run. As the season closed, the Harriers finished 
with an almost even win-loss record. 

As winter approaches, sports move indoors and 
basketball becomes the high light of the season 
In Alumni Gymnasium, the cheers and yells for 
each point the Panthers score can be heard all 
over the campus. When the team travels away 
from its home court the fans remain glued to their 
radios, ready to ring the victory bell at the con- 
clusion of the game. 

Heading the Panthers team this year are four 
seniors who have had a great deal of experience 
and who possess outstanding ability. As the season 
draws to a close, the Panthers have an almost spot- 
less record. The outlook holds an excellent chance 
of becoming the District Champions for the second 
year in a row and of returning to Kansas City for 
another try at the number one position in the 

Spring is a welcome time of year and with it 
come track and baseball. It appears that the base- 
ball team will be exceptionally strong this year 
with twelve lettermen returning from last year's 
team and a number of promising newcomers. Al- 
though the team finished third in the conference 
last year, it should be a definite contender for the 
number one position. The track team, like the base- 
ball team, can look forward to a fine season with 
many outstanding lettermen returning. 


■■■ sss 



[■■ in ill 

Captains Dale Neel. Joe Forte and Coach Tom Quinn 

Coach Tom Quinn and Managers Mario DelAmico 
and Greg North 

High Point College Purple 

Back Row: Coach Tom 

Jay Reed 
Larry Cheatham 
Bob Bivens 
Dan Norburt 
Scot MacDougal 
Larry Wall 
Jerry Lambert 
Rodney Kemp 
Greg North 
Mario DelAmico 
Front Row : 
Joe Forte 
Kirk Stewart 
Steve Tatgenhorst 
Bill Green 
Dale Neel 
Barry Smith 
























































-65 Basketball Schedule 

Pfeiffer Home 

East Carolina Away 

Campbell Home 

Newberry Away 

Elon Home 

Belmont Abbey Away 

Guilford Home 

N. C. Col. . . Winston Salem 
Rockhurst . . Winston Salem 

Belmont Abbey Home 

Newberry Home 

Campbell Away 

Catawba Home 

Western Carolina .... Home 

Appalachian Away 

Elon Away 

Atlantic Christian . . . Home 

Lenoir Rhyne Away 

Guilford Away 

East Carolina Home 

Catawba Away 

Western Carolina . . Away 

Appalachian Home 

Atlantic Christian . . . Away 

Pfeiffer Away 

Lenoir Rhyne Home 

-27 Conference Tourney 

Lexington, N. C. 


High Point versus Western Carolina 
January 12, 1965 

High Point versus Lenoir Rhyne College January 30, 1965 


Kirk Stewart, G'5", 
Orlando. Florida 

Dale N'eel, 6'9'/2", 
Rockville. .Maryland 

HiKh Point versus Guilford College February 2, 1965 

Barry Smith, 6'2", 
Washington, D. C. 

Joe Forte, 5'9", 
Levittown, N. Y. 


Steve TatKenhorst. 6'5", 
Brilliant, Ohio 

Larry Cheatham, 6'1", 
Madison Indiana 

Bill Green, 6"9". 
Auburn, X. Y. 

High Point versus Guilford 

This season is the culmination of concerted effort on 
the part of a number of persons to give High Point Col- 
lege an outstanding basketball team. The current edition 
of the Panthers has received more national recognition 
and publicity than any other team in the history of the 
Carolinas Conference. The Panthers are the only team 
in the Conference ever to have been ranked as high as 
No. 2 nationally. 

High Point versus East Carolina College. Feb. -1th 

Larry Wall, 6'5", 

Pilot Mountain. N. C. 

Scot MaiDougal, ii'5' 
Silver Springs, Md. 

Bob Bivens, 6'6", 
High Point. N. C. 

High Point versus Guilford College February 2. l!M> r > 

Jerry Lambert. 6' 
N'appanee, Indiana 


High Point versus East Carolina College February 4, 1965 

Rodnev Kemp, 6", 
Morehead City, N. C. 

Dan Norburt, (>''.)". 
North Babylon, N. Y. 

High Point versus Guilford College. February 2 

High Point versus F.ast Carolina 



Leading the Panthers on to victory! 

Nancy DeLappe, Bobbi Taylor, Diane Abbott, Joe Ann Taylor, 
Gail Whittemore. 

Fronl lo back: Joe Ann Taylor, Gail Whittemore, Bobbi Tay- 
lor. Diane Abbott, Nancy DeLappe. 

Left lo right: Gayle Nichols, Julie DeGooyer, Karen Clodfelter C. J. Neal 


C. J. Neal, Head Cheer Leader 

Left to rijrht: Jerry Lambert, Richard Marshall. Forrest Dover, 
Coach Hartman. 

Baseball Team 

Left to ri«ht : Garry Holland, Dave Mowery, Jerry Lambert, Rich- 
ard Marshall. 

Ready for the bis game! 


Charles Craver 

Robert Robertson 
Harold Moose 
Spence Brown 
Bob Harris 
Roy Greenwood 
Rick Larrick 
Hon ("'nuke 
Pave Kemp 

Tom Pi en a n 
George Lare 

Keith Connor 
Art Hardee 
Garry Holland 
Richard Marshall 
Dave Mowery 
Forrest Dover 
Jerry Lambert 


Dave Kemp and Tom Difrnan 


, I ■-■■■ 

r 'li 'W&hlki 



Cross Country 

Runners: Tom Blanciak— Sprints; Steve Pearson— 140 and Relav 
Tony Boyles— 220, -140 and Relav. 

Ralph Goode, Tony Boyles, Lewis Fallow, Steve Pearson 

Grif Balthis— Mile and 880; Lewis Fallow— Mile and 880. 



Mike Cantrell— Shot Put and Discus 

Steve Lanev— High Hurdles, Low Hurdles. Relay 


First row: 
Hugh Alger 
Ralph Goode 
Roy Schumacher 
Steve Laney 
Tom Kiley 
Xeal Hornaday 
Larry Neal 

Second row : 
Tom Blanc iak 
Tony Boyles 
Lewis Fallow 
Steve Pearson 
Mike Cantrell 
John Roberts 
Bob Medlin 
Ron Reigleman 
Bob Seaver 




4 *■ 

Robert Medlin — Discus 

Rov Schumacher — 220 and Broad Jump 

Tom Kiley — High Jump 

Bob Seaver — Javelin 


Dick Olson 

Golf Team 

Dobb Webster 

'«-:_-!? I *-. ■ 


? v *-.?■■-* 

Ranny Waugh 


Tennis Team 



» * 

(ailus Rios, Larry Amick, Mike Rosenmarkle, Wavne Furman 

Robert Whitaker 



f> i ■ ,i 

Dave Harrington 

Ken Machlin 

; ; 

r ^ sg- w * 


1 i >H^kT ? Jl 


§- iiji o < • 




rrC9 — 



Mk •» 






Compliments of 


Compliments of 


Main St., High Point, N. C. 


805 N. Main St. 
High Point, N. C. 


A good company to be insured in, 
and a good company to work for! 


8$%/ ^£y& ^fitewtmce QBtwAtmy 

., WjfrinT M^^T*,» MMfH tAHftyKi jl ~^ 

Between High Point and Greensboro 




At The New South Gate Shopping Center 
1628 South Main 


This is my blood of the 
covenant, which is shed 
for many. 


Since 1906 


A. W. Klemme, Jr., President 
High Point, N. C. 

Specialize in Italian Food 
Pizza and Spaghetti 


129 N. Main St. 
House of Good Food 

Compliments of 


Compliments of 


788 N. Main St. 


■ ■ 

YOUTH . . . our future! 

Cone Mills, a major producer of high quality and modern fabrics, is staffed 

to meet the needs of today. Yet we are already looking at the 70's and 
beyond to determine our needs as industry becomes increasingly complex. 

To maintain our standards, we are seeking young people with imagination and initiative. 

If you are interested in becoming a part of our future, write 

Industrial Relations Department, Cone Mills Corporation, Greensboro, N. C. 


"Where fabrics of tomorrow are woven today." 


Greensboro. N. C. 


Carlisle & Greenville, S. C. 
Greensboro & Haw River, N. C. 

MANUFACTURING PLANTS— Avondale, Cliftside. Greensboro, Forest City, 
Salisbury. Pmeville, Reidsville, Gibsonville, Haw River and Hillsboro in 
North Carolina. Greenville in South Carolina 

SALES HEADQUARTERS - Cone Mills Inc., New York 


Compliments of 



Dodge, Renault & Peugeot 

701-09 S. Main Street 

Hunter Coal and Oil Company 

Heating and Air Conditioning 

1219 Ward Street 
High Point, N. C. 

erwin-lambeth 9 inc. 

Manufacturers of furniture with the "Jeweled 
Look" . . . today's precious jewels . . . tomorrow's 


a living tradition in furniture 


Compliments of 


High Point 



'Your CHEVY Service Center" 
1800 North Main Street 





the drive-in with the arches 

tasty food... thrifty prices 




201 E. Washington Street 

Wholesale Distributors 

Since 1934 


Paint and Wallpaper Co. 

762 North Main Street 

High Point, North Carolina 

Telephone 882-8147 

Carolina Truck & Trailer 
Sales Inc. 

P. O. Box 1704 
High Point, North Carolina 



126 South Main Street 
Style Clothes for the College Man 

Compliments of 


902 N. Main Street 
High Point, North Carolina 

Compliments of 



Compliments of 



Compliments of 



Buick Special, Le Sabre, 

Invicta, Electro, Riviera 
819 N. Main St. High Point, N. C. 


Serving This Community Since 1897 

Phone 882-2555 

Two Oxygen Equipped Ambulances 
Day and Night 



North Main at Guilford 


North Main at Old Winston Rd. 

"Where good friends meet at a pleasant 
atmosphere and drink Pink Ladies!" 

Compliments of 






quality clothes for men and boys 

High Point, North Carolina 
Phone 882-8525 


P. O. Box 849 High Point Rood 

Thomasville, North Carolina 

Thomasville phone 

High Point phone 


' ; 








"We Carry oil styles in Men's and 

Ladies' Shoes for on and off 


Compliments to the Class of 1965 ! ! 

Rogers Insurance Agency 

1234 N. Main Street 
High Point, N. C. 

Established 1905 

High Point,1S[orth Carolina 

Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 

Compliments of 





Don Gilstrap, Inc. 

Specialize in Italian Food 
Pizza and Spaghetti 


House of Good Food 
1239 Montlieu 


Authorized Volkswagen 

Dealer in High Point 


805 N. Main St. 
High Point, N. C. 


— A— 

Academics 14 

Administration 20 

Advertisements 184 

Alpha Delta Theta 94 

Alpha Gamma Delta 128 

Alpha Phi Omega 91 

Apogee 114 

— B— 

Band 107 

Baptist Student Union 90 

Baseball Team 176 

Basketball Team 168 

Biology Department 24 

Board of Fellows 37 

Board of Trustees 36 

Business Department 25 

— C— 

Chemistry & Physics Department 26 

Cheerleaders 174 

Choir 108 

Crosscountry 179 

— D— 

Day Students 102 

Dedication 16 

Delta Sigma Phi 136 

— E— 

Editor's Note 212 

Education & Psychology Department 27 

English Department 28 

English Club 103 

— F— 

Fellowship Teams 92 

Fine Arts Department 29 

Freshman Class 78 

— G— 

Golf Team 182 

— H— 

Hi Po Staff 112 

History Department 30 

Homecoming lb0 

— I— 

Interfraternity Council 12 ' 

— J— 

Judiciary Council ^y 

Junior Class ™ 

Junior Marshals 

— K— 

Kappa Delta Sorority 130 

Lambda Chi Alpha 138 

Language Department 31 

Legislature 98 

— M— 

Mathematics Department 32 

Men's Dormitory Council 10i 

Methodist Student Fellowship 89 

Miss Zenith 164 

— O— 

Order of the Lighted Lamp 122 

— P— 

Panhellenic Council 126 

Phi Mu Sorority 132 

Physical Education Majors Club 104 

Physical Education Department 33 

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity 140 

President Wendell Patton 19 

— R— 

Religion Department 34 


Scholastic Honor Society 122 

Senior Class 38 

Sociology Department 35 

Sophomore 65 

Special Events 160 

Student Christian Association 88 

Student Directory 200 

Student Government Association 96 

Student Life 146 

— T— 

Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 142 

Tennis Team 183 

Theta Chi Fraternity 144 

Top Ten Seniors 120 

Tower Players 110 

Track Team 180 

Tribute 18 

— W— 

Who's Who 118 

Women's Athletic Association 105 

Women's Dormitory Council 100 

— Y— 

Young Democrats & Republicans Club 106 

— Z— 

Zenith Staff 116 

Zeta Tau Alpha 134 

! 99 




Abbott. Laurie Dee 
Abbott. Diane Elizabeth 
Abernatliy, Laura Ruth 
Aiken, Clyde Miller. Ill 
Albert, Don R. 
Albright. Beverly Glenn 
Alford, Patrick Burch 
Alger, Hugh Geiger 
Allen, Billie Lawson 
Allen, Donna Elaine 
Allen, Dorothy Jean 
Alley. Ray S.' 
Alligood, Charles Richard 
Alvarez. Patricia Mercedes 
Anderson, Charlotte A. 
Anderson. Jean 
Anderson. Madeline White 
Anderson, Richard Charles 
Anderson, Thomas Stuart 
Anderson, Wayne Foster 
Andrew, Jessie Leoma 
Andrews. Henrietta H. (Mrs.) 
Andrews, Nancy Stella 
Antonakos, Peter John 
Applegate, Susan Lee 
Armentrout, Ann Elizabeth 
Armington, Judith K. 
Ashe, Dan Monroe 
Auman, Delia Emilie 
Auman, Jennie Lovella 
Auman. Rebecca Ellen 
Austin, Alice Patricia 
Austin, Jennings Lemuel 
Austin. Marizell Elaine 
Austraw. Elizabeth Wynne 
Ayers, Charles Dwight 
Avers, Paul Andrew, II 
Amos, Betty 

Bageant, George Granville 
Bailey. David Willard 
Bailey, Julia Rowe 
Baldwin, Robert Fuller 
Baldwin. William Frazier 
Ballard, Lacy Henry, Jr. 
Balthis, Harry Griffith. Jr. 
Barneycastle. James A. 
Barnhardt, D'etta Brown 
Barry, Evelyn Loreen (Mrs.) 
Bateman, Barry Edward 
Batista, Aimee R. 
Batten, Bob Walser, Jr. 
Beall. Cynthia Holland 
Beam, George Marlowe, Jr. 
Beane, Linda Kaye 
Beans, Frank William 
Beatty, Linda Gail 
Beauchamp, Connie Fay 
Beck, Brenda Gale 
Beck, Nicky Charles 
Beck, Robert Cletus 
Beck, Steven Paul 
Behrendt, Marianne 
Bellinger, Tim G. 
Benbovv, Lawrence Leon 
Beck, Marion L. 
Benfield, Sharon Kaye 
Benoit, Frederick A., Jr. 
Berger, Beverly Ann 
Berrier. Floyd Lee 
Berrier, Ronald Gray 
Betterton. Robert James 
Biggerstaff, William Gettys 
Bigham. Hugh Elliott, Jr. 
Bigham, William Manning 
Bivens. Robert W. 
Black. Linda Faye 
Blackburn, Jerry R. 
Blackwell. James Stevens 
Blackwell, Virginia Carolyn 
Blake, Thomas Holmes 
Blaner. Sally Louise 
Blizzard. William Clayton 
Bloom. John C. 
Boales. Maxwell Carter 
Boggs. Elizabeth Anne 
Bogue. Janice Ruth 
Bohannon. James Madison 
Boles. Vicki Ray 
Bolton. Debra Layne 
Boone, Paul Norman 
Booth. Patricia Anne 

218 Spring St.. Thomasville. N. C. 
505 N. Garfield St.. Arlington, Va. 
Box 353. Connelly Springs. N. (.'. 
.'51-12 I'inehurst PI.. Charlotte, N. C. 
114 Mofl'itt Dr.. High Point, N. C. 
5223 Baker Dr. Charlotte, N. C. 
2H50 Craig St.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Box 151 Star Route, Eustis. Fla. 

111 Edgeview Road. High Point. N. C 
1745 Flamingo Dr., Orlando, Fla. 

373 Lakemoore Dr.. Atlanta, Ga. 

102:! Woodcrest Ave., Charlotte. N. C. 

415 Vista Dr., Favetteville. N. C. 

1408 Bridges Dr.. High Point, N. C. 

121 Pasquotank Dr., Raleigh, N. C. 

507 Redfern Ave.. Wilmington 7, Delaware 

237 Cherokee Road, Charlotte, N. C. 

Box 132, Trinity, N. C. 

Route 1. Box 106. Trinity, N. C. 

Route 5. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Box 86. Faith, N. C. 

812 Carrick St.. High Point. N. C. 

117 White Oak Dr.. Siler City, N. C. 
612 N. Tremont Dr.. Greensboro, N. C. 
3504 Halcyon Dr., Alexandria. Virginia 
900 W. Ray St., High Point. N. C. 

602 Media Line Rd., Newtown Square, Pa. 
2801 Waughtown St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Seagrove, N. C. 

118 Northeast Drive, Archdale, N. C. 
Seagrove. N. C. 

2246 Westfield Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Route 7. Monroe, N. C. 

310 Houston, Monroe, N. C. 

3125 Birch St. N.W., Washington, D. C. 

141 Renola Dr., High Point. N. C. 

Box 447. Rutherford College, N. C. 

1034 Rockford Rd., High Point, N. C, 

1310 Arrowwood Rd.. Asheboro. N. C. 
3926 Tal't St.. Hollywood, Florida 
1031 Wellington St., High Point, N. C. 
34D Adams Dr., Brenton Village, R. I. 
117 Greenspring Road, Wilmington, Dela. 
401 Spring St., Thomasville, N. C. 
4532 N. 39th St., Arlington, Va. 
711 Carr St. High Point, N. C. 
Apt. G., Oxford House. High Point. N. C. 

112 Lambeth Rd., Thomasville, N. C. 
213 Park Ave., Spray. N. C. 

325 Quaker Lane. High Point, N. C. 

904 Blackstone Cr., Thomasville. N. C. 

P.O. Box 387. Canton, N. C. 

14101 Canterbury Lane, Rockville, Md. 

917 Brookline St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

R.F.D. 2. Bayhead Rd.. Annapolis, Md. 

3309 High Point Rd.. Greensboro, N. C. 

1109 Carter St., High Point, N. C. 

205 Hinkle St., Thomasville, N. C. 

Route 2. Clemmons, N. C. 

Route 1. Thomasville. N. C. 

Route 9, Lookout Hills, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

7005 Vale St., Alexandria. Va. 

9514 Hunt Ave., South Gate, Calif. 

2354 Kaywood Lane, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

112 East Springarden Cir., High Point, N. C. 

1420 Courtesy Road. High Point, N. C. 

227 North Walnut St.. Wilmington, Dela. 

600 Yarmouth Rd., Baltimore. Md. 

109 Hiatt Rd.. Thomasville, N. C. 

313 Clayton St.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

334-37th St.. Brigantine, New Jersev 

Rt. 1. Linwood, N. C. 

119 Pearson Dr., Morganton, N. C. 
1408 E. Fourth St., Charlotte, N. C. 
2349 English St.. High Point, N. C. 
1112 Wayside Dr., High Point, N.C. 

1129 Crestwood Dr., Winston-Salem, N, C. 

Route 1. Asheboro, N. C. 

300 Moore St., Thomasville, N. C 

3204 Crestview Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Box 443, Jamestown, N. C. 

3011 English Road, High Point, N. C. 

Halt Acre Rd.. Cranbury, New Jersey 

511 S. Atlantic St., Daytona Beach, Fla. 

Box 517, Valdese. N. C. 

39 Bryan Dr.. Manchester, Conn. 

4A Forrest Park Apts.. High Point, N. C. 

Box 36, Pinnacle, N. C. 

Route 4. Box 522, Greensboro, N. C. 

610-D Hawthorne St.. High Point. N C. 

Box 44. New Hill N, C. 





Boyd, Bobby Kenneth 
Boyles, Carolyn Sue 
Boyles, Marvin Anthony 
Boyles, Patricia Faye 
Brading, Elinor Kathrina 
Braswell, Edward Lawrence 
Brazier, Thomas William. Jr. 
Brearley, Elizabeth 
Brendle, Jackie Sherron 
Brennan, Robert Timothy 
Brewer, Linda Sue 
Brewer, Miriam Eliza 
Briggs, Nancy Ellen 
Brim, Raymond Gilbert 
Bristow, Winifred Marie 
Brookbank, P. Gayle 
Broos, James Edward 
Brower. Karen Elizabeth 
Brown. Henry Dale 
Brown, Jack Houston 
Brown, Larry Eugene 
Brown, Leo Tony 
Brown, Nan Lee 
Brown, Russell Grey, Jr. 
Brown, Spencer Wayne 
Browning, Velma Faye 
Brown, William Kenneth 
Bruce, Brenda Jeanne 
Brucki, James Edward, Jr. 
Bryant, David M. 
Bryant, Don George 
Bryant, Michael Ira 
Buff, Stephen Flythe 
Bumgarner, Reba Sophia 
Burks, Frederick C. 
Burner, Judith Ann 
Burton, Barbara Marceline 
Byerly, Harold Wayne 
Byerly, Marlene Gail 
Byerly. Norma Lee 
Byrd, Fred Warren, Jr. 
Byrd, Melvin Lawrence 

Cabot, Linda Donna 
Cacy, Barbara Joan 
Cagle, Dan Franklin 
Callaway. Elizabeth Ann 
Callaway, Judith Flo 
Callicutt, Barbara Frisbee 
Calvert, Carole Ann 
Campbell, Jean Anne 
Cannon, Elizabeth Patterson 
Cantrell, Michael Leon 
Cappa, Bruce 
Cardwell, Vernon Elliott 
Carlough, Robert Edward 
Carlton, Judith Carolyn 
Carmichael, Roger Stanley 
Carmichael, Sandy Keith 
Carr, John Benjamin, Jr. 
Carr. Marilyn (Mrs.) 
Carruth. Ellen 
Carter, Anna Lee 
Carter, John F„ Jr. 
Carter, William Carl 
Carter, William Earl 
Cashatt, Ronald Harrison 
Cashion, Perry Jones 
Cashion, Sue Rothrock (Mrs.) 
Cassell, Timothy E. 
Cassimus, Linda Lee 
Casstevens, Barbara Anne 
Gates, Hugh Marion 
Caveny, Carolyn Cecile 
Cerchio, J. David 
Chapis, John George 
Chase, Gregory Dickinson 
Cheatham. Larry Wayne 
Cheek, Max Rayford 
Chesson, Gary Lyndon 
Chidester, Leon Irvin 
Chilton, John Robert 
Chisholm, Leonard Robert. Jr. 
Christian, Kirtikumas S. 
Christold, Thomas 
Clark. Edward Albert III 
Clark, Robert Harrison. Jr. 
Clark, Ronald McKee 
Clark. Tillie Lynn 
Clendenin, Joseph Graham, Jr. 
Clifton, Dorothy M. 
Clinard, Billy Weldon 
Cline, Catherine Hill 

168 Piedmont Ave.. Winston-Salem. X. (.'. 

P. 0. Box 163, Pilot Mountain. N. C. 

625 Bryon Ave., Indian River f'itv. Fla. 

Route I. Pinnacle. N. C. 

5341 Thayer Ave., Alexandria, Va. 

Box 267. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

208 Greenlawn Dr.. Asheboro, N. C. 

3123 Riverside Ave., Somerset, Mass. 

215 Enola Rd.. Morganton. N. C. 

216 Steele St., High Point, N. C. 
Route 2, Seagrove, N. C. 
Route 2, Clemmons, N. C. 

2933 Nob Hill Court, Alexandria. Va. 
327 E. Dorsett Ave.. Asheboro, N. C. 

714 Vance St., Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 
1533 Beaucrest St.. High Point. N. C. 
Route 2, Box 27, Lexington, N. C. 
Route 5, Asheboro, N. C. 

Route 1. Colfax, N. C. 

1516 Edgevale Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Route 2, Trinity, N. C. 

833 Dixon Ave., Asheboro, N. C. 

656 E. Sharpe St., Statesville, N. C. 

Box 81a Rt. 10, Lexington, N. C. 

2005 Buckness Dr., Vienna, Va. 

Apt. F3A Emerywood Ct. Apts, High Point N. C. 

2922 N. Main St., High Point, N. C. 

1308 Marvland Ave. Durham, N. C. 

627 Colonial Dr.. High Point, N. C. 

330 Sudburv St., Marlboro, Mass. 

506 Denny St., High Point, N. C. 

27 Culbreth Ave., Thomasville, N. C. 

6155 Ridgecrest Ave., Rutherfordton, N. C. 

1361 Bethel Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 

129 Lemly St., Winston-Salem. N. C. 

2733 Picardy PI., Charlotte, N. C. 

Route 2, Box 190, Greensboro, N. C. 

Route 2. Thomasville, N. C. 

Route 3. Box 405, High Point, N. C. 

1705 Shaver St., High Point, N.C. 

123 E. White Dr., High Point, N. C. 

P.O. Box 787, Lexington, N. C. 

508 Overbrook Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Boodhill Road, Woodbury, Conn. 

1022 Urban Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

1936 N. Upton St.. Arlington, Va. 

211 Grace St., Mt. Airy, N. C. 

Route 3. Thomasville. N. C. 

900 N. Larrimore St., Arlington, N. C. 

3805 N. Tazewell St., Arlington, Va. 

1213 Cedrow Ave., High Point, N. C. 

1300 Ritter's Lake Road, Greensboro, N. C. 

51 Englewood Dr., Manchester, Conn. 

1703A Eastchester Dr.. High Point, N. C. 

181 Arch St., Ramsey, N. J. 

Route 2, Thomasville, N. C. 

816 Fairview Dr., Lexington, N. C. 

Route 4, Box 127, High Point, N. C. 

622 W. Washington St., Rockingham, N. C. 

3790 High Point Rd., Winston-Salem, N". C. 

3212 Beaufort St., Raleigh, N. C. 

11 Wild Cherry Blvd., Asheville, N. C. 

505 Randolph St., Thomasville, N. C. 

150 Barber St., Mount Airy, N. C. 

911 Carter St.. High Point, N. C. 

1009 Greensboro Road, High Point, N. C. 

1109 N. Rotary Dr., High Point, N. C. 

715 B. Chandler St.. High Point, N. C. 
Route 4, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

824 Carousel Circle, Dayton 29, Ohio 

Cycle, N. C. 

Box 109, Hillsboro, N. C. 

597 Fourth St., N.W., Hickory, N. C. 

1109 Craylyn Road, Wilmington 3, Dela. 

11 South 3rd St., Denton, Md. 

1041 Miles Standish Rd.. Va. Beach, Va. 

904 W. 2nd St., Madison, Ind. 

337 E. Dorsett St., Asheboro, N. C. 

1006 Highland Dr., Reidsville, N. C. 

615 N. Rotary Dr. High Point, N. C. 

Route 1, Box 181, Ramseur, N. C. 

110 E. Oxford Ave.. Alexandria, Va. 

2227 Pinecroft Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 

511 Penn St., Norfolk, Va. 

1204 Sheldon St.. W. Suffield, Conn. 

1157 East Polo Road, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

11304 College View Dr.. Silver Spring. Md. 

Box 1178, Greenwood, S. C. 

Route 1, Statesville. N. C. 

5416 Ferndale St., N. Springfield. Va. 

Route 2, Advance. N. C. 

403 W. Court St.. Paris. 111. 


Name Address 

Cline, LaRue L. (Mrs.) 
Clodfelter. Karen Elizabeth 
Clodfelter, Steve Bradley 
Coggins, Donna Rae 
Cole, Victoria Lee 
Coleman, Thomas Ludlow, Jr. 
Collins, Alfred Thomas 
Collins, Brenda Gail 
Collins, Sandra Lee 
Coltrane, Laura Lane 
Colvin, Genevieve Marilyn 
Combs, Douglas Harvey 
Condrey, Elizabeth Jane 
Connor. Clyde Keith 
Connor, William Rex 
Conrad, John William 
Cooke, Donald Eugene 
Cook, Henry Calvin, Jr. 
Cook, Patricia Ann 
Cooke, Susan Lorene 
Copley, Judy Shoaf (Mrs.) 
Coopley, Hoyle Gwyn 
Corder, Mary Ruth 
Cottrelle, Jeanine Lois 
Cowden. Patricia 
Cox, Charles Lanson 
Cox, Judith Mae 
Cox, Vann Allan 
Craig. Ernestine 
Crater, Stephen Ross 
Craven, Kenneth Ray 
Craven, Larry Wayne 
Craven, Sarah Jane 
Craver, Charles William 
Craver. Gary Burl 
Craver. Larry Wayne 
Craver, Rebecca Jane 
Craver, Robert Franklin 
Crawford, David Fillmore 
Craycroft, Frances Elder 
Creasy, Linda Claire 
Crosselv, Donald Ravmon 
Crotts, " Bobby D. 
Cruit, Catherine Estelle 
Cude. William Vernon, Jr. 
Cuff, Duane Elizabeth 
Culbreth. Susan Wood 

Daniel, Janet Jones 
Dark, Virginia Ann 
Daulton, Steven Lee 
Davis, Frances Regina 
Davis, James Cranston 
Davis, James Allen 
Davis, Jerry Ray 
Davis, Joe Alan 
Davis, Marriott Betts 
Davis, Peggy Carole 
Davis, Peter Radford, Jr. 
Day, Fleming Howard 
Deal, Marcus Henry 
Deal, Kenneth Ray 
Deal, Stephen Marshall 
DeGooyer, Julia Anne 
DeLappe, Nancy Keever 
DeLappe. Roger Steve 
DellAmico, Mario M. 
DeMik, Frances Kay 
Dennis. Gary Eugene 
Deviney, Mary Rachel 
DeWolfe, Donald Robert 
Dignan, Thomas Francis 
Doby, Janet Nevelle 
Doolittle, James Howard 
Dorsey, David Barnett 
Doub, Janice Lynn 
Dover, Forrest Reid 
Downs, Miriam Jeanne 
Drone, Sue Elizabeth 
Duffy, John Augustus 
Duggan, James Wyman 
Duggins. Roger William 
Dunlap, Larry Alexander 
Dutton, Martha Jean 
Dziedzic, Carolyn Jean 

Early, Gloria Janet 
Earnhardt, Florence Dianne 
Eaton. Wayne Edward 
Ebert, Donna Louise 
Eckel. John Albert 
Edmonds, Lynn Carol 
Edwards. Frankye Karen 
Edwards, Rosemary Lee 

Route 1, Box 414, Lexington. N. C. 

517 S. Cox St.. Asheboro, N. C. 

4211 Old Greensboro Rd„ Winston-Salem. N, C. 

115 Scott Ave.. High Point. N. C. 

201 N. Hamilton St., Leaksville, N. C. 

10612 Burbank Dr., Potomac. Md. 

Mansfield St. Ext., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Route 1, Box 255, Mt. Airy. N. C. 

313 N. Boundary St.. Salisbury, N. C. 

Route 1. Box 105, Keinersville, N. C. 

Viewtown, Va. 

3105 Tremont Ave.. Cheverly, Md. 

Route 5, Box 295. Marion, N. ('. 

1451 Kljrm Ave, High Point, X. ('. 

303 Steele St., High Point. N. C. 

805 E. Farriss St.. High Point, N. C. 

Route 2, Box 152, Brown Summit, N. C. 

Route 1, Germanton, N. C. 

Route 2, Lexington. N.<\ 

R.F.D. 2. Box 235, Huntersville, N. C. 

210 Williams St.. Lexington, N. ('. 

Route 9. Lexington, N. C. 

104 S. Main St.. Kernersville, N. C 

11625 35th Ave., Beltsville, Md. 

708 Rollingwood Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 

Route 5, Box 195, Asheboro, N. C. 

Route 3. Box 82, Tabor City. N. C. 

614 Gatewood Ave.. High Point, N. C. 

1620 Statesville Blvd., Rowan, N. C. 

3505 Imperial Dr.. High Point. N. C. 

1204 Terrell Dr.. High Point, N. C. 

1107 Forrest St., High Point. N. C. 

Route 2, Box 404, High Point. N. C. 

225 Montlieu Ave. High Point, N. C. 

Route 1, Box 260, Lexington, N. C. 

Route 2. Clemmons, N. C. 

804 Hillcrest Dr., High Point, N. C. 

728 Summit St., Winston- Salem, N. C. 

Box 146, Hiddenite. N. C. 

150 Vallev Drive, High Point. N. C. 

2007 N. 15th St., ^Arlington. Va. 

148 Puffer Ave.. Swansea, Mass. 

717 Raleigh Rd., Lexington, N. C. 
Box 457. Aberdeen. Md. 

Waterbury St. Ext., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
130 Crestview Road, Southern Pines, N. C. 
Route 1, Box 183, Greensboro, N. C. 

Route 3, Roxboro. N. C. 
317 N. Garden Ave.. Siler Citv, N. C. 
128 Motor Road. Winston-Salem, N. C. 
1702 Morven Road, Wadesboro, N. C. 
3925 Chesterton St.. S.W.. Roanoke, Va. 
1002 Barbee Ave., High Point, N. C. 
3809 Park Road. Charlotte, N. C. 
705 Forrest St.. High Point, N. C. 
121 Lake Boone Trail. Raleigh. N. C. 
10115 Phoebe Lane, Adelphi. Md. 
4200 S.W. 96 Avenue, Miami, Fla. 
2314 Kivett Dr.. High Point. N. C, 
6 Devonshire Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 
508 Denny St., High Point. N. C. 

718 Shadybrook Dr.. High Point, N. C. 
1112 Meurilee Lane. Silver Spring, Md. 
222 Pine Ridge Dr., High Point. N. C. 
222 Pine Ridge Dr., High Point. N. C. 
515 Florham Dr., High Point, N. C. 
3825 Annlin Ave., Charlotte. N. C. 
606 Everette St., High Point, N. C. 
701 W. Main St.. Spindale. N. C. 
R.F.D. 1. Munnsville. New York 

3903 West St., N.W., Washington 7. D. C. 

412 Forest Ave., High Point. N. C. 

Box 685. Rockingham, North Carolina 

103 Church Street, Rutherfordton. N. C. 

Route 8, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Route 2, Bessemer City, N. C. 

2304 Springdale Ave.. Charlotte, N. C. 

14 Leadbeater St., Alexandria. Va. 

4213 Ft. DuPont Terrace. S. E.. Washington D. C. 

Rt. 1, Box 382, Femandina Beach, Fla. 

2302 Dallas Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Route 1. Madison, N. C. 

306 Wilson St., Monroe. N. C. 

89 Pratt St.. Glastonbury. Conn. 

136 Gladden St.. Marion, N. C 

303 Bay St.. Monroe, N, C. 

7903 We. YD.Rd.. Clinton. Md. 

613 Catalina Dr.. Greensboro, N. C 

612 S. York St.. Gastonia. N. C 

3758 Pleasant Valley Rd.. Mobile, Ala. 

Route 2. King, N. C. 

Homewood Acres, Siler City. N. C. 



— 1964-1965 


Elkins, George Leighton 
Eller, Robert Stephen 
Eller. Wanda Hull 
Elliott, Robert Tony 
Elmore, Kenneth Claude 
Elliott. Steve Warren 
Elms, Jeanette Olive 
Ensley, Paul David 
Eriksson, Leif Fernstrom 
Ervin, Betty 
Ervvin, Wayne Dillard 
Evans, Otis David, Jr. 
Everhart, Bill Woodrow 
Everhart, Margaret Jill 

Fagan. Kary Lee 
Fair-weather, David Bruce 
Fallon, Nancy Lee 
Fanning, William Ford 
Farabee. Michael Luther 
Favlow, John Battle 
Fallow, Lewis Ward 
Fsucette. Philip Whitfield, II 
Faulkner, Jonathan Lee 
Fennell, Gerald Frances 
Ferebee, Jacquelyn Peace 
Ferran, Diana Raye 
Finch, Linwood George 
Fletcher, Pamela Sue 
Flinchum, Brenda Gayle 
Flynn, Dennis Michael 
Fogleman, Jerry Grey 
Fogleman, Peggy Joyce 
Forbis, Clinton Sherman, Jr. 
Forte', Joseph Patrick 
Foster, James Paisley 
Foy, Phyllis Ann 
Freeman, Eloise L. 
Freeman, Mary Frances 
Freeman, Wilburn Lewis 
Furman, Craig Dudley 
Furman, Wayne Edgar 

Gale, Joan Beverly 
Gallimore, James Emerson 
Garmon, Myrtle Amelia 
Garnett, Sarah Louise 
Garrett, Carolyn Frances 
Garrett, Richard Gregory 
Garrison, Larry Wayne 
Gatewood, Zoe R. 
Gaynor, Patricia L. 
Gentry, Holton Hugh 
Gibbs* Robert Rodolph 
Gibson, Virginia Sue 
Gilbert, David Everidge 
Gilliam, Kenneth Allen 
Glew, Allison Mae 
Godwin, William Jackie 
Goettsche, Donna Harriott 
Goforth, Jane Marie 
Goggin, Monica Elizabeth 
Golden, Susan Adair 
Goode, Ralph Glass 
Goodson, Florence Jonell 
Goodwin, Gainor Elizabeth 
Gordon, Bobby Will 
Gosnell, William Joseph 
Gowen, Robert Mullen 
Graham, Maynard Harry 
Greason, Linda Gray 
Greco, Anne Louise 
Green, Sarah Frances 
Green, William J. 
Greene, Floyd Junior 
Greene, Sarah Elizabeth 
Greenwood, Ray Carlyle 
Greeson, Edgar Monroe. Ill 
Grice, Franklin Wilson 
Grimsley, Richard W. 
Grissom, Mary Elizabeth 
Groce, Laura June 
Grubbs. Carol Sue 

Hamby, Shirley Ann 
Hamilton. Dawn Elizabeth 
Hamilton. Robert Earl 
Hamlet, Judith Ann 
Hamrick, John David 
Hancox, Pamela Ann 
Haight. Erlene J. 
Haines, Jennie 

. C. 
, N. C. 
N. C. 

Route 7, Box 18"). Greensboro, X. 
513 White Street. Thomasville, N. 
Route 3. Box 126, Thomasville, X. 
818 Pineeroft St.. High Point. X 
Route 2. Box 8, Trinity, X. C. 
1005 Grayland St.. Greensboro. X. 
2003 Kylemore Dr.. Greensboro. N 
1111 N'. Hamilton St.. High Point 
521 W. First St.. Winston-Salem. 
509 Sawtell Place. Brunswick. Ga. 
509 Sawtell Place. Brunswick.Ga. 
202 Van Buren Rd.. Sprav, N. C. 
Route 2, Box 18C. Lexington. X. C. 
3 Forest Dr., Thomasville, X. C. 

700 Kimery St., High Point, X. C. 

8 Cockrell, Alexandria. Va. 

Box 14, Pittsford. Vt. 

234 Avalon Dr., Rochester 18. X. V. 

Route 2, High Point. X. C. 

2208 E. Green St.. High Point. X. C. 

Box 233, Route 1. Sophia. X. C. 

Route 1, Brown Summit, N. C. 

375 Goffle Rd., Ridgeuood, X. J. 

100 Bruce Terrace, Mineola, X. V. 

2009 Wright Ave., Greensboro, N. O. 

416 S. Center St., Eustis, Fla. 
Box 532, Dillon, S. C. 

Box 861, Kannapolis. X. C. 

Route 2, High Point. X. C. 

3920 West St., X.W., Washington 7. D. C. 

119 Beverly Place, Greensboro. N. C. 

619 Hedrick Ave.. High Point, N. C. 

1310 Eastchester Dr., High Point, N. C. 

11 Vista Lane, Levittown, N. Y. 

417 Alamance Rd., Burlington, N. ('. 
Box 112. Granite Quarry, N. C. 

315 Mois St., Leaksville. N. C. 
Route 5. Box 508, Asheboro. X. C. 
Route 10. Lexington, N. C. 
4412 Norbeck Rd-, Rockville, Md. 
1211 McCain PI., High Point. N. C. 

Route 2, Box 188, Harmony, N. C. 

Route 3, Box 219B, Pulaski, Va. 

321 X. Patrick St., Leaksville, N. C. 

5909 Fourth Rd. X.. Arlington. Va. 

121 Burwell Ave.. Henderson, N. C. 

5724 High Point Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 

Route 6, Winston-Salem. X. C. 

806 Woodrow Ave.. High Point. N. C. 

2405 E. Lexington Ave., High Point, X. C. 

902 Sixth St.. King. X. C. 

3832A N. Main St., High Point, N. C. 

R.F.D. 1, Red Springs, X. C. 

Route 1, Pfafftown, N. C. 

102 Wellington Circle. Xewport Xews, Va. 

6 Greenwood Ave., Saugus, Mass. 

1014 W. Burton St., High Point, N. C. 

6243 Williamsburg Blvd.. Arlington, Va. 

Route 1. Morris. New Jersey 

37 Middlebury Lane, Willingboro, N. J. 

336 Pipers Gap Road, Mt. Airy, X. C. 

Connellys Springs, N. C. 

319 X. Laurel St.. Lincoln, N. C. 

1501 Coventry Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 

P.O. Box 929, Thomasville, X. C. 

4550 MacArthur Blvd., Washington, D. C. 

429 Hamilton St., Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 

1019 Xancy Lane. Winston-Salem, X. C. 

619 Clark St., Westfield, Xew Jersey 

2907 Vallev Drive. Alexandria. Va. 

Route 2, High Point, X. C. 

505 Oakland St.. High Point, N. C. 

1109 Guilford Ave., High Point, X. C. 

24 Midchester Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 

Stanton's Lane, West Mystic, Conn. 

3000 Goneawav Rd.. Charlotte. N. C. 

Route 1, Staniey. X. C. 

1008 Tanley Rd., Silver Spring. Md. 

Box 64, Warren, X. C. 

24 Tampa Ave., Asheville, N. C. 

112 Jacklyn Court. High Point, X. C. 

Route 4. Box 522A. North Wilkesboro, X. C. 

Cnvensboro. Kentucky 

Box 97. Wareham, Massachusetts 

172 Madison Rd., Scarsdale, X. Y. 

1302 A Eaton Place, High Point, X. C. 

62' :, Cookman Ave.. Ocean Grove. N. J. 

850"Maury Rd.. Orlando, Fla. 

172 Shennecossett Pky.. Groton. Conn. 



Hairfield, Betsy Martin 
Haithcock, Randy Grayson 
Harbison, Richard Douglas 
Hardee. David Ray 
Hardister, Sam Gray, III 
Hargett, John Richard, Jr. 
Hargrove, Sandra Lewis 
Harrington, David Digges 
Harman, Faye Jennifer 
Harrington, Martha Jane 
Harris, James Carmon, Jr. 
Harris, Robert Shelton 
Harris, William Patrick 
Harris, Willie Grav, Jr. 
Harris, Hal C. 
Harshbarger, Sharon Lee 
Hart. Terry David 
Hartman, jimmy David 
Hassell, Melba Joy 
Hatley, Daisy Mae 
Hatlev, Worth James 
Hawks. Charles Taylor 
Hayworth, Dolores Irene 
Head, Charles LaMarr 
Hedrick, Carol Marteal 
Hedrick, Lindsay Darrell 
Hedrick. Stanley Harris 
Hege. Betty Carol 
Hellstern, Charles John 
Henderson, Clyde Edward 
Hendricks. Mary Adella 
Hendrix. Caroll Beamer 
Henline. Dorothy (Mrs.) 
Hepler, Robert Marshall 
Herndon, William David 
Hester. Norman Raj- 
Hester. Sara Anne 
Hevener. Dorothy Don 
Heydenburg, Janet Louise 
Hiatt, Carol Gray 
Hicks, Hannah Clary 
Hicks, Steven Lynn 
Hill, Harry Anthony 
Hill, Nancy June 
Hinkle, Velva Roberta 
Hinshaw, Kirt Alexander 
Hoar, Ralph Wellington, Jr. 
Hobson, William Irving 
Hodgin, James Gilbert 
Hodgin, Thomas Ellis 
Hoecker, Kathleen Elizabeth 
Hoke. Michael David 
Holbert. Ronald Francis 
Holden. Velma Ann 
Holland, Herman Garry 
Hollingsworth. Billy John 
Hollingsworth, William Clyde 
Holscher, Susan Jane 
Holt, Dianne Julene 
Holt, Frieda Jo 
Honeycutt, Nina Jo 
Hood, Susan Marie 
Hooper, Peggy Jo 
Hornaday, Neal Arington 
Horigan, Elizabeth Anne 
Houser, Ervin Hillard 
Howard, Geraldine 
Howe, Aileen N. 
Howey. Ruth Elaine 
Howlett, Wanda Gavle 
Hoyle, Tullie Ann 
Hoyt, Fred W. 
Hoyt, Stuart MacNee, Jr. 
Hucks, Jr. David Brantley 
Hudson, Martha Ellen 
Hudson, Roberta Brown 
Hughes. Charlie Wayne 
Hughes, Jerry Claude 
Hulick, Jeffrey Scott 
Hulin, Jesse Willis 
Hunt. Kenneth Darrel 
Hunter, Margaret Reid 
Huss, Kemp Donald 
Hussey. Bobby Lee 
Hussey. Judy Gail 
Hutchins. Dewey Melton, Jr. 
Hutchins, Kitty Sue 
Hutchins, Sandra Lee 
Hutchinson, Verlene Elizabeth 
Hutto, Carroll Fletcher 

Irby, Sharon Mathis 

Jacobs, Gilbert Wayne 

_ 1964-1965 


410 North Green, Morganton, N. C. 

20H Model Farm Road, High Point, N. C. 

209 Lenoir Rd., Morganton, N. C. 

1410 Chestnut Dr.. High Point, N. C. 

2-30th St., N.E., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

1312 Griffith Rd., Monroe, N. C. 

Route 1, Siler City, N. C. 

1111 Locust St., Cambridge, Md. 

9A Ridge Rd., Hanover, Md. 

419 Cameron Ave., Chapel Hill. N. C. 

Box 521, Thomasville, N. C. 

5634 Alice Ave., Oxen Hill, Md. 

Box 218, Candor, N. C. 

Route 1, Carthage, N. C. 

Box 821, Thomasville, N. C. 

4601 Macon St., McLean, Virginia 

Apt. 8A Ecker Apts., N. Main St., High Point 

Route 8, Lexington. N. C. 

Indian Lake Estates, Fla. 

Route 1, Stanfield, N. C. 

516 E. Lexington Ave., High Point, N. C. 

2708 Mavview Road, Raleigh, N. C. 

501 Pine St., High Point, N. C. 
Box 4262, Route 4, Trinity, N. C. 

1999 Georgia Ave., Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Route 5. Thomasville. N. C. 

Route 2, Box 405, Lexington, N. C. 

3011 Whitson Rd., Gastonia, N. C. 

156 Wilbur Rd., Bergenfield, N, J, 

Route 1, Thomasville. N. C. 

Route 3, Box 56, High Point, N. C. 

217'- Spring St., Thomasville, N. C. 

Route 1, Clemmons, N. C. 

Route 5. Box 111, High Point, N. C. 

Box 932, Reidsville, N. C. 

1016 E. Fairfield Rd., High Point. N. C. 

308 N. Main St., Roxboro, N. C. 

324 York Dr., Waynesboro, Va. 
1106 Waverly Rd.. Tallahassee, Fla. 

126 Lakeview Circle, Thomasville, N. C. 

1404 Clermont St., Greensboro, N. C. 

Route 2, Trinity, N. C. 

1007 Westrige Road, Greensboro, N. C. 

764 Blackstone Ave., East Meadow, N. Y. 

Lexington Rd., Thomasville, N. C. 

Route 5, Box 188, Thomasville, N. C. 

Toano, Va. 

Box 34. East Bend N. C. 

325 Phillips St., High Point, N. C, 
403 Burge St., High Point, N, C. 
9100 Autoville Dr., College Park, Md. 
227 Montlieu Ave., High Point, N. C. 
130 N. Gay St.. Cambridge City, Ind. 
18 Phinehurst Rd., Asheville, N. C. 
216 Druid Dr., High Point, N. C. 
Route 7, Lexington, N. C. 

115 Ridgecrest Road, Asheboro, N. C. 
6405 Dahlonega Rd., Washington 16, D. C. 
Route 1. Box 80, Matthews, N. C. 
P.O. Box 1131, High Point, N. C. 
Route 1. Troutman. N. C. 
M.O.Q. 2220, Camp Lejeune, N. C. 
1208 N. Mebane St., Burlington, N. C. 
108 S. Church Ave., Milford, Delaware 
9212 Topeka St., Bethesda 34, Md. 
Route 2, Box 333 A, High Point, N. C. 
600 E. Lexington Ave., High Point, N. C. 
414 Merritt Dr., Mt. Holly. N. J 
Route 1, Waxhaw, N. C. 
804 Arthur Ave., High Point. N. C. 
507 E. First St., Cherryville, N. C. 
3162 Louise Ave., High Point, N. C. 
Pennington Rd., Pennington, N. J. 

c2^ 4 ^ ontlieu Ave - H '8 h Point. N. C. 

502 Mmt Ave., High Point, N. C. 
Box 57, Granite Quarry, N C 
Route 1, Trinity, N. C. 

1513 Beaucrest, High Point, N. C. 

Half Acre Rd., Cranbury, N. J 

Route 1, Asheboro, N. C 

Route 1, Trinity. N. C 

Turkey, N. C. " 

701 S. Poplar St.. Lincolnton, N C 

Route 2, High Point. N. C 

Route 2. High Point, N. C. 

107 Chestnut St., Lexington, N. C. 

117 Avondale Dr., High Point, N. C. 

B °* 4 ;r Oak Road, New Citv, N Y 

4771 Germaiiton Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

115 Prince St.. Walterboro. S. C. 

1812 Herrin Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 

1377 Ring St., High Point. N. C. 



Jackson, Kay Anne 
Jackson, Sharon Diane 
Jaich, Gloria Jeanne 
Jarnagin, Danny Earl 
Jarrett, Winfred Stephen 
Jarvis, Phyllis G. 
Jenkins, Patricia Lynn 
Jennings, Sallie Joyce 
Jensen, Christie 
Jepson, Sally-Lou 
Johnson, Elmer Linwood 
Johnson, James N., Jr. 
Johnston, Spencer R., Jr. 
Jones, Andrew Douglas 
Jones, Donald Albert 
Jones, Donna Rae 
Jones, Flora Eve 
Jones, James Amos 
Jones, Johnnie Wayne 
Jones. Neil L. 
Jones. Renee Curlene 
Jones, Robert Rives 
Jones, William David 
Jordan, Charles Denny 
Jordan, Charles Ronald 
Joyce, Phillip Hamilton 
Joyce, Maynard Ray 
Joyce. Wanda Lou 
Joyner, Carleen Sue 
Joyner, Reginald Thomas 
Jurney, Cheryl Delaine 

Kaehler, Margaret Dorothea 
Kaiser, Carol Ann 
Kearney, Joanne Naomi 
Keams, Tamara R. 
Keibler, A. Robert, Jr. 
Kellam, Betty Jo (Mrs.) 
Keller, Thomas Marion 
Kemp. Rodney, Bradford 
Kendle, Cheryl Marie 
Kendrick, Kenneth Larry 
Kennedy. Cletus Wayne 
Kennedy, Harold Aaron 
Kennedy, John D. 
Kennedy, Rosemary Modlin 
Kennedy, Willa Christine 
Kerns, Richard Henry 
Kerr, Charles Alan 
Kester, Gene Clifton 
Key, Shirley Ann 
Kidd, Jennifer Lynn 
Kiger. Gary Wayne 
Kiley. Thomas Lee 
Kindred, Kitty Lou 
King, Arthur William 
King, Richard Carlile 
Kirkman, Joyce Nell 
Kiser, Mayada Lela 
Knight, Leona 
Knuckey, Jill Elaine 
Kurkjian, Charles Edward 

Lambert, Jerry Lee 
Lambeth, Frank Simmons, Jr. 
Landes. Emma Lou 
Laney. Stephen Michael 
Lang, William Evan 
Lankford, Shelia Dawn 
Lare, George Adam 
Larrick, Rickie Leroy 
LaSalla, Mary Dimney 
LaSalla, Susan Alice 
Lashley, Alan Copeland 
Latham, Paul Buddy 
Lea, William Thomas 
Ledford, Robert Earl 
Lefteris, Anthony Peter 
Lemons, Paul Milton 
Lenz, Laura Ellen 
Leonard, Donald Lee 
Leonard, Edward Steele 
Leonard, Raymond Eugene 
Leonard, Robert Wayne 
Letherbury, Sharon 
Leverett, George Talmadge 
Levy, Barry Stuart 
Lewallen, Gloria Jean 
Lewellyn, Darius Ross 
Lewin, Richard Dennis 
Lewis, Janice Rose 
Lewis, Virginia Anne 
Link, Wayne Douglas 
Liner, Dale Samuel 


1019 Faun Road, Wilmington 3. Delaware 

P. 0. Box 506, Lake Mary. Fla. 

1506 Overbrook Court. High Point. N. C. 

109 Maple Ave., Thomasville, N. C. 
108 Morrison Ave.. Thomasville. N. C. 
Box 4054, High Point, N. C. 

334 Fourth St.. X.W.. Hickory. N. C. 

1324 Cedrow Ave.. High Point, N. C. 

Naval Station. San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Box 1294. Clewiston. Fla. 

2705 Duke Homestead St., Durham, N. C. 

649 W. Second St., Winston Salem. N. C. 

2728 English Road. High Point. N. C. 

843 Sixth St., E., Winston-Salem, N". C. 

903 Grant St., High Point. N. C. 

Box 27, Pinnacle, N. C. 

Route 1, Shannon, N. C. 

Route 6, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

1818 Academy St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

43C Wm & Mary Apts.. High Point. N. C. 

8 Kentucky Ave., Wilmington, N. C. 

Box 46. Walnut Cove. N. C. 

4329 Archdale Rd.. High Point, N. C. 

Route 3, Martinsville, Va. 

984 Breeze Hill Rd„ Asheboro. N. C. 

Box 92, Danburv, N. C. 

310 Hickory Lane. High Point. N. C. 

R.F.D. 1, Madison. N. C. 

Box 86, Cana, Va. 

Box 462. Mt. Airy, N. C. 

Route 1. Harmony. N. C. 

537 Maitland St.. East Meadow, N. Y. 
363 Beechwood Rd., Ridgewood, N. J. 
10 Fourth St., N. Arlington, N. J. 
Route 9, Box 46, Lexington. N. C. 

4 Jacqueline Dr., Hockessin, Dela. 
909 Creekside Dr.. High Point, N. C. 
30 Patton Ave., Concord, N. C. 

2912 Evans St., Morehead City, N. C. 

Route 1, Box 78, Williamsport. Md. 

852 Meadow Summit Rd., Spray. N. C. 

1810 W. Lexington Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Route 2, Thomasville, N. C. 

77 Highland Trail, Denville, N. J. 

212 Salem Road, Lincolnton, N. C. 

121 Lakeside Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Route 9. Box 331, Charlotte, N. C. 

705 W. Lexington Ave., High Point, N. C. 

815 Fifth St.. High Point, N. C. 

3332 Anderson Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Goldston Road, Pittsboro, N. C. 

Hiatt's Apts. 7, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

118 Prospect Ave., Wilmington, Del. 

Box 392, Stuart, Fla. 

307 Warn St., Jacksonville, N. C. 

137 Wooded Lane, Villanova, Pa. 

Route 1, Pleasant Garden, N. C. 

426 Cox Road, Gastonia, N. C. 

214 Gatewood Ave., High Point, N. C. 

5 James St., Wharton, N. J. 
504 E. Meadow Lane, Exton, Pa. 

703 N. Jackson St., Nappanne, Ind. 

206 E. Lake Dr., Thomasville, N. C. 

3212 Queens Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 

3209 Barnhill Dr., Charlotte. N. C. 

211A Maple Place, High Point, N. C. 

P. 0. Box 263, Walkertown, N. C. 

1228 Cornell Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. 

3839 Beverly Hills Dr.. High Point. N. C. 

2111 Dunnhill Dr.. Raleigh. N. C. 

2111 Dunnhill Dr., Raleigh, N. C. 

1316 Westridge Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 

Route 1. Pilot Mt.. N. C, 

13401 Sherwood Forest Dr., Silver Springs, Md. 

Route 3, Beeson Rd., Winston-Salem. N. C. 

1201 Blain St., High Point, N. C. 

235 Dumont Dr.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

5414 Huntington Pkwy., Bethesda, Md. 

Route 4, Box 64, Thomasville, N. C. 

110 Fisher Ferry St., Thomasville, N. C. 
Route 2. Ararat] Va. 

1111 Academy St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

503 W. 32 St., Wilmington, Del. 

607 North Ave., High Point, N. C. 

170 Kilgore Dr., Bristol. Va. 

405 Friddle St., High Point, N. C. 

1042 Montlieu Ave., High Point, N. C. 

3056 Kearsarge St., Camden, N. J. 

Box 222, Spindale, N. C. 

Gen. Del.. Elkin. N. C. 

Route 2. Box 34, Connelly Springs. N. C. 

Oak Ridge Rd., Kernersville, N. C. 



Lineback, Jerry Ellis 
Link, Donald Ray 
Litten, Roxie Ann 
Litten, Tony Max 
Little. Mildred Harris (Mrs.) 
Little. Rachel Emma 
Livelihood, Beatrice Gertrude 
Lochte, Valerie Ruth 
Lock lair, John Welborn 
Lockman, Geraldyne Newton 
Lockman, John Wesley 
Loflin, John Daniel 
Loflin, Vicki Anna 
Logan. Jane Driscoll 
Logan. John Wood 
Lomax, Ramon ia Jeanette 
Long, Eugene Richard 
Loomis, Anita Mary 
Lorber, Joseph Frederick 
Losten, Carol Jean 
Love, Harry Lee, Jr. 
Lovett, Billy Samuel, Jr. 
Lowe, Nolan Leslie 
Lowe. Reginald Ray 
Loweth. Christine C. 
Lund, Marilyn Ann 
Luther, Joe Edward. Jr. 

McCallum. Joseph A. 
McCarthy, William Joseph 
McCollum, Jean Carole 
McCormick. Eddie Ray 
McCormick Patricia Ann 
McCulloch, Doctor Webb 
McDowell, Charles Robert 
McBride, Saundra L. 
McDaniel, Mickey Joe 
McDermott, William George, Jr. 
McDonald, Delores Ann 
McDonald. Roy 
McDowell, Richard Earl 
MacDougal, Richard Scott 
McDuffie, James Edward 
McGinnis, Harriet Kay 
Mclnnis, William Howard 
Mcllvaine, Joyce Ellison 
McKay, Arthur Robinson 
MeLain, Talmage Steven 
McLane, Margaret Irving 
McLean, Mary F. (Mrs.) 
McLeod, Patrick Wayne 
McMahon, Gary John 
McMillan, Lewis Eugene 
McNulty. Joseph F., Jr. 
McPherson. Luther Patterson 
Machlin, Kenneth Ira 
Mabe, Raymond Scott 
Mabrey, Edward Frank 
MacKinnon, Michael Albert 
Mackie, Edna Ann 
Macy, Robert Gray 
Magruder, Mary Jane 
Mair, Thomas Lee 
Mandrich, Mary Ann 
Mangum, Samuel Taylor 
Mann, Elizabeth Austin 
Mann, William Fletcher 
Manning, C. Clay 
Mardeusz, Stanley Joseph 
Marquis, John W. 
Marsh, Linda Weston (Mrs.) 
Marsh, Walter Currell 
Marshall, Richard Allen 
Martin, Cheryl Lynn 
Martin, Jimmie Harold 
Martin, Jimmie Rayvon 
Martin, Richard Terry- 
Mart in, Suzanne 
Martz, Gene Austin 
Martz, James Albert 
Mason, David Lee 
Mason, Frances Nan 
Matthews, Jame T. 
Matthews, Larry Keith 
Maultsby. Joan Cleo 
Meadows, Stanley Edward. Jr. 
Medlin. Robert Lee 
Merchant. Dorcas Loretta 
Metheny, Mary Ann 
Midkiff. Wallace Anthony 
Milhous, Leon Arthur, Jr. 
Millard. Lisle Howey 
Miller. Judith Frances 

_ 1964-1965 


4:548 Robin Hood Road. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Route 1. Iron Station. N. C. 

Route 2, Box 202, Maiden. N. C. 

Box 414. Gibsonville, N. C. 

1421 Wendell St.. High Point, N. C. 

Route 3. Lincoln ton, N. C. 

609 E. Lexington Ave., High Point, N. C. 

6013 Benalder Dr.. Washington 16, D. C. 

203 Camellia Dr., Moncks Corner. S. C. 

Route 1, Iron Station. N. C. 

14a Wm. & Mary Apts., High Point, N. C. 

508 Roseland Ave., High Point, N. C. 

508 Roseland Ave., High Point. N. C. 

Box 85. Yadkin, N. C. 

Fifth Ave., Denton, Mel. 

702 Hardeman St., Thomasville, N. C. 

174 Maine Ave., Staten Island 14, N. Y. 

Rushville, New York 

585 W. Bay St., Manahawkin, N. J. 

Route 1. Chesapeake City, Md. 

Route 2, Stanfield. N. C. 

3504 Kivett Dr.. High Point, N. C. 

4107 S. Main St., High Point, N. C. 

113 Williford Court, High Point, N. C. 

5016-25th Ave., Hillcrest Heights, Md. 

1457 Brookwood Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Route 3, Asheboro. N. C. 

P. O. Box 663. Maxton, N. C. 

4412 Resevoir Rd.. N. W., Washington 7, D. C. 

Route 2. Box 322, McLeansville, N. C. 

704 E. Guilford, Thomasville, N. C. 

3275 Nottingham Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

605 Delmont St., High Point, N. C. 

Box 581, Route 1, Kernersville, N. C. 

109 Sheffield St., Asheboro, N. C. 

Route 1, Mebane, N. C. 

3527 Manor Dr.. Hvattsville, Md. 

300 N. Scientific St.. High Point, N. C. 

1817 N. Quinn St., Apt. 413. Arlington, Va. 

19 School St., Bradford, Pa. 

313 Hillmoor Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 

Route 5, Shoaf Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

1013 N. Main St., Salisbury. N. C. 

Box 10, Lakeview, N. C. 

218 Edgedale Dr., High Point, N. C. 

129 Albemarle Rd., Norwood, Mass. 

Route 1, Box 14, Hiddenite. N. C. 

3478 S. Utah St., Arlington, Va. 

230 Lorraine Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

200 S. Rose Ave.. Kannapolis, N. C. 

275 Bay Ave., Huntington, L.I., N. Y. 

503 Weaver Dr.. Lexington, N. C. 

1007 Arrowwood Rd., Asheboro, N. C. 

2403 E. Lexington Ave., High Point, N. C. 

3615 Janet Rd.. Wheaton, Md. 

928 Beaumont Ave.. High Point, N. C. 

802 Chestnut Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Route 3, Carthage, N. C. 

Cecil ton, Md. 

East Bend, N. C. 

4 Sedgwick Lane, Rockville. Md. 

'??. Chesapeake St., S.W., Washington, D. C. 

'?I5 Worley Dl - East Canton, Ohio 
105 Forestdale Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 
501 Tasker St.. Ridlev Park, Pa 
171 Hill Ave., Sanford, N. C. 
Route 2, Pinnacle, N. C. 

i? 9 ^, Ke o ndale Lane ' Bowie - Maryland 

83 Elhs St., Seekonk, Mass. 

Route 2, Trinity, N. C. 

615 Colonial Dr., High Point, N C 

7oo°^u Ha \'P S A . ve - Silver S P'" in ^ Md. 
702 Chandler Ave., High Point, N. C. 
308 Green Oak St., High Point, N. C. 
°£ k a,nes Ave - Hi « h Poin t. N- C. 
,0,-, , , mngton Ave - Thomasville, N. C. 
,,iVV liana Pl - Alexandria, Va. 

2 Coumbus Ave., High Point, N. C. 
112 Columbus Ave.. High Point. N. C. 
b54 Glen Ave., Westfield, N. J 
u\l Easl Bessemer Ave., Greensboro, N. C. 
1413 San Juan Ave., Fort Myers, Fla. 
o ,° n £ Tea K«e Lane, Kernersville, N. C. 
810 Faison Ave., Favetteville N C 
Forrest Park Apt. 8, High Point, N. C. 
Box 25, Star, N. C. 
^ A , l,b " rn Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 

ww v- u V St - High Point ' N - C. 
tr^ ™ , ga £ Ch ' Rd - Greensboro. N. C. 
QoVm oi ne -I ard Rd - Winston-Salem, N. C. 
90o Main St., Tarboro, N C 
Route 1, Hillsboro. N. C. ' 




Miller, Merlyn Lou 
Miller. William Collins 
Mills, Judith Diane 
Mills, Rickie Wayne 
Milner, Jane M. 
Minor. Jimmy Ray 
Mock, Richard Gray 
Mock, Suzanne Rucker 
Montague, Anne Elizabeth 
Montague, Stephen Can- 
Moody. Beverly Frances 
Moody, Dorothy Kaye 
Moody, John Thomas 
Morgan, Larry Garland 
Morgan, Linda Jo 
Morgan. Linda S. (Mrs.) 
Moore, Malcolm Grahan 
Morris, Myra Laura 
Morrison. Detra Carter 
Morrison, Robert Glenn 
Mosley, Phillip Maurice 
Motsinger, Jay Stephen 
Mowery. David Leon 
Mudd, Francis DeSales 
Muench, Juan Francisco 
Muller. Judy Ann 
Mullis, Lewis Barrow 
Myers. Charles Stuart 
Myers, Christine Hutchins 
Myers, Harold Graham 
Myers, Janice E. (Mrs.) 

Nabors, Julius William 
Nance. Sidney Wayne 
Neal, Clara jane 
Neal, Larry Thomas 
Neel, Dale S. 
Neese, Margaret Ann 
Neese, Mary Elizabeth 
Neff. Lucy Shaaron 
Nelson, Johnny Mack 
Nelson. Ronald Spencer 
Nelson. William Arthur 
Nesbitt, Billy Swain 
Newman, Janeth Ann 
Newman, Katharine Louise 
Newton. Jesse Radford 
Nichols, Gayle Lenore 
Noble, Richard Coleman 
Noblett. Nancy Anne 
Norbut, Daniel William 
Norman, Deirdre Lee 
North, Gregory James 
North, Stanley Roger 

O'Bryant, Norman Hassell 
O'Connor, Barbara Jean 
O'Kelley, Jerry Wayne 
Oliver, Sharon Gertrude 
Olson, Richard Weeber 
O'Neal, Richard B. 
Oldham, Margaret Elizabeth 
Organ, Anne Elizabeth 
Orton, Carl August 
Osborn, David Henry 
Osborne, Barry Phillip 
Osborne, John Russell 
Owens, Ned Bunyan 
Owens. Robert Lee 
Owens, Thomas Farrell 

Page, Thomas Arnold 
Paisley, Helen Ruth 
Palmer, Leo Roy, III 
Palmer, Leonard Sanders, Jr. 
Pappas, Chris Constantine 
Paris. Martha Elaine 
Parker, Billy Joe 
Parker, Thomas Lindsay 
Parks, Betty Ann 
Parquet, Eleanore Jeanne 
Parrish, Carol Sue 
Patton, James Richard 
Patterson, George Thomas 
Patterson, Glenn Edward 
Patterson, Hattie Anne 
Payne. Barbara Ann 
Payne, Claudia Lynn 
Pennington, Lena M. 
Payne, John Roger 
Payne, Lowell David 
Peace, Frances 
Pearson, Nancy Sherrill 
Pearson, Russell Glenn 
Pearson, Stephen Ray 


600 Mary Anne Dr.. Charlotte. X. ( '. 
Route 3, Box 64, Spotsvlvania, Va. 

900 Willoubar Terrace. High Point. X. C. 

Route 1, Newton, X. C. 

-1508 Oak Ridge Dr.. Winston-Salem. X. C. 

2608 ("arsten Ave., High Point. X. (". 

Uii;Ue :, isvillc. X. ('. 

521 Audubon Dr.. Greensboro, X C. 

128 N. King Charles Rd., Raleigh. X. C. 

128 N. King Charles Rd.. Raleigh, N. C. 

Box 293, Skyland, X. ('. 

-1216 Princeton Ave.. Greensboro. N. C. 

Route 4, Box 94, Beaverdam. Va. 

Route 9. Box 267, Greensboro, N. C. 

4025 Avera. Winston-Salem. X. C. 

Route 9, Box 265, Greensboro, N. ('. 

1113 Forrest Hill Dr.. High Point, N. C. 

5608 Winthrop Dr.. Raleigh, X. C. 

P. O. Box 275. Memorial Pk. Dr.. Thomasville, N. C. 

Eaton Place Apt. 1306 D, High Point. X. C. 

130 E. White Dr.. High Point. N. C. 

Route 1. Box 142. High Point, N. C. 

Route 5. Box 501, High Point. N. C. 

LaPlata. Md. 

504 Avalon PI.. High Point, N. C. 

23 Adams Dr.. Whippanv, N. J. 

Box 1115. Myrtle Beach. S. C. 

Route 3. Lexington. N. C. 

509 Montlieu Ave.. High Point, N. C. 

P. O. Box 302. Lexington. N. C. 

Box 105. Trinity, N. C. 

Davie Ave., Statesville, N. C. 

Route 3, Box 120, Thomasville, N. C. 

724 Fulton, Salisbury, N. C. 

Route 1, Box 91, Belews Creek, N. C. 

1935 Lewis Ave.. Rockville, Md. 

407 Roanoke Ave.. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 

407 Roanoke Ave., Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 

Purlear, N. C. 

Route 1, Trinity, N. C. 

4111 S. Main St.. High Point. N. C. 

Route 4, Box 236, High Point, N. C. 

211 Rose Ave., Kannapolis, N. C. 

6009 Southridge Dr., McLean, Va. 

38 Talman PL, Allendale, N. J. 

311 Oakwood St., High Point, N. C. 

3400 N. Potomac St., Arlington, Va. 

2528 Blackwood St., Wilmington 3, Dela. 

169 Tenaflv Rd., Tenafly, N. J. 

184 Sylvan Rd., Babylon, N. Y. 

R. F. D. 1. Pilot Mountain, N. C. 

36 Maple Ave., Demarest, N. J. 

36 Maple Ave., Demarest, N. J. 

1211 McCain PL, High Point, N. C, 
13 Forest Road, Hanover, N. J. 
810 Bryan St.. Thomasville, N. C. 
302 Holly Place, Morganton, N. C. 
6 Burhans Place, Delmar, N. Y. 
2070 Gordon Rd., High Point, N. C. 
1008 Johnson St.. High Point. N. C. 
Gladys, Va. 

601 Laurel St.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 
508 Carr St., High Point, N. C. 

844 Occoneechee Ave., Asheboro, N. C. 

723 E. Main St., Bradford, Pa. 

1625 E. Chester Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Route 5. Lexington, N. C. 

506 Forrest St., High Point, N. C. 

6417 Kilmer St., Cheverly, Md. 

Route 2, McLeansville, N. C. 

110 Buena Vista, High Point, N. C. 

804 Apperson Dr., Roanoke, Va. 

646 Brent St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

429 West Lexington Ave.. High Point, N. C. 

Route 1, Newton, N. C. 

332 Harson St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Route 2, Trinity. N. C. 

21-04 Fulton St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Box 243, Creedmoor, N. C. 

1615 Wenslev Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 

1009-B Tipton St., High Point, N. C. 

Ararat, N. C. 

307 Averv Ave.. High Point, N. C. 

813 Willow Dr., High Point, N. C. 

HDQ 30 Air Die, Surgeon's Office. Truax Field, Wis. 

HDQ 30 Air Div., Surgeon's Office, Truax Field, Wis. 

Route 1. Kernersville, N. C. 

1206 Brentwood St.. High Point, N. C. 

416 Springdale Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 

704 Arlington Ave.. High Point. X. C. 

.-•;S09 HeiHlei-Mii! Rd.. Ciwnshoro, X. (.". 

248 Elm St., Hazardville. Conn. 





Peaytt, Stephen Carroll 
Peck, Donna Elaine 
Peeler, Stephen Hull 
Peoples, Susan June 
Pernell. Margaret Alicia 
Perry. Linda Gale 
Petree. Michael Gordon 
Petree, William Samuel, Jr. 
Phillips, William Walton, Jr. 
Phillips, Ruby Ann 
Pickett, Emilie Lou 
Picklesimer, James Keaton 
Pickett, Gary Clark 
Pierce, Michael Gene 
Pigott, Diane Patricia 
Pino. Carol Joan 
Pirtle, Valerie Ann 
Poindexter, Catherine Sue 
Poole, Joseph Wray 
Poole, Nancy Irene 
Pope. Carol Anne 
Pope. Janice Evelyn 
Pope, June Carol 
Powell. Connie Catherine 
Poyner. Marilyn Guyer (Mrs.) 
Presley, Charles Ray 
Prestiiii, John Michael 
Prevatte. Donna Burr 
Price, Carolyn Joyce 
Pritchard. William E., Jr. 
Proffitt, Donald Jerry 
Pulliam, David Parker 
Pulliam, Linda Faye 
Purifoy, Leslie Neal 
Pyrtle, Sharron B. (Mrs.) 

Rackley, Richard Earl 

Ramsey, James Franklin 

Rauch, Albert Wm. 

Rawley, Ann Culclasure 

Rayle." Darrell Millis 

Read, Deanna Elizabeth 

Redden, Charles Robert 

Reed, Jay C. 

Reed, Sally Charles 

Reeder, Anita Mozelle 

Rendell, Noel A. 

Renegar, Mary Esther 

Resch, Carol Ruth 

Reyes, Daniel 

Renfro. Beth 

Reidda. Lorraine Ann 

Reynolds, Mary Phyllis 

Rich. Kenneth Ray 

Richards, Charles Gardiner 

Richardson, James Byrd 

Richardson, Judson Cromwell 

Ridge, Annice Lee 

Ridge, Laura Anne 

Riggs, Steve Hanes 

Rimmer, William David 

Ring, Beverly Jean 

Ripley, Claborne Kent 

Rios-Jordan, Carlos Alberto 

Ritchie, Cassandra I.E. 

Rivenbark. Mary Klausman (Mrs.) 

Robb. Arthur Raymond, Jr. 

Roberts, Frankie F. 

Roberts, John Wesley, Jr. 

Roberts, Linda Alice 

Robertson. Alice Anne 

Robertson, Robert Patrick 

Robinson, David Marshall 

Rodriguez, Elisa M. 

Rogers, Barbara Anne 

Rogers, Betty Sue 

Rogers, Betty Wilson 

Rogers, Cita Jeanne 

Rogers, Kathleen Lillian 

Rogers, Patty Anne 

Rogers. Raymond Wilson 

Root, Joan Marie 

Roper. Douglas Carlton 

Rosenmarkle, Michael Nelson 

Rounds. Helen Elizabeth 

Roux. Betty Elaine 

Row. Claudia Catherine 

Roycroft, George Belvin 

Royston, Philip 

Ruark. James Whitfield 

Rushing, Mary Sue 

Russ. Verna J. 

Russell, Carolyn Adele 

Kmite 1. Ravland. Ohio 

-1507 N. 33rd St.. Arlington. Va. 

Route 1. Lincolnton. N. C. 

Box 133, Pittsboro, N. C. 

700 Hillcrest Dr., High Point, N. C. 

37 W. Woodrow Ave., Belmont, N. C. 

331 Petree Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

406 Crestline Dr.. High Point, N. C. 

13113 Forrest Ave., High Point, X. C. 

Route 8. Box 81, Lexington. N. C. 

Box 8, Denton, N. C. 

69 Pease Ave., Verona, N. J. 

3755 Keller Ave., Alexandria. Va. 

500 Westwood Ave., High Point, N. C. 

6901 Western Ave., Washington, D. C. 

177 Country Club Dr.. Oradell, N. J. 

1006 Sherrod Ave.. High Point. N. C. 

8517 Lawyers Rd„ Charlotte 5, N. C. 

Route 1, Sophia, N. C. 

Route 2, New London, N. C. 

1524 Homewood Ave., High Point, N. C. 

317 Richmond Rd.. Rockingham. N. C. 

4211 N. Main St.. High Point, N. C. 

Route 4, Box 157, Edgewater, Md. 

2422 Dallas St., High Point, N. C. 

Route 9, Winston-Salem. N. C. 

120 Hall Place, Grosse Pointe Farm, Mich. 

313 E. Bay St., Southport, N, C. 

807 Quaker Lane, High Point, N. C. 

408 S. Mendenhall Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 
202 Welch Drive, High Point, N. C. 
3336 Frontier Rd., Roanoke, Va. 
10 5 N. Gordon St., Spray, N. C. 
1020 Islesworth Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 
410 Greenwood Dr., High Point, N. C. 

508 Sherbrook Dr., High Point, N. C. 

1106 Charles St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

33 West Main St., Fleetwood, Pa. 

1215 Fifth St.. High Point, N. C. 

Route 1, High Point, N. C. 

Box 426, Chadbourn, N. C. 

Route 2, Clemmons, N. C. 

Route 4, Box 206 Vienna, Va. 

159 Edwards Ferry Rd., Leesburg, Va. 

Route 2, Box 340, Randleman, N. C. 

98 Overida St.. Bridgeport 4, Conn. 

Route 2, Box 231, Harmony, N. C. 

Route 1, Box 405, Mt. Pleasant, S. C. 

Cherokee Methodist Center, Cherokee, N. C. 

14519 Carrolton Rd., Rockville, Md. 

14 Highland Ave., Succasunna, N. J. 

Hiddenite, N. C. 

1427 N. Hamilton St., High Point, N. C. 

3483 Selwyn Ave.. Charlotte, N. C. 

5050 Whitewood Ln., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

3042 Laurence Kirk Rd., Memphis 28, Tenn. 

840 Oakmont Dr.. Asheboro, N. C. 

Rural Hall. N. C. 

324 Phillips Ave., High Point, N. C. 

R.F.D. 2, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

790 Motor Road, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

5427 Carolina PI., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Cochabamba. Bolivin 

586 Bloomingdale Rd., Kingsport, Tenn. 

P. O. Box 24. Wadesboro, N. C. 

2029 W. Polo Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

516 Gatewood Ave., High Point. N. C. 

30 McNeal Dr., S.E., Marietta, Ga. 

2520 Central Ave., Baldwin, N. Y. 

801 Fifth St., High Point, N. C. 

40 Deer Lane. Wantagh, N. Y. 

769 G Willow St., Selfridge AFB, Mich. 

944 E. Linville Rd., Mt. Airy, N. C. 

311 Montlieu Ave., High Point, N. C. 

512 E. Parker St., Graham, N. C. 

Alberta, Va. 

214 N. Hawthorne Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

1929 N. Van Buren St., Arlington, Va. 

Route 1. Rowland. N. C. 

311 Montlieu Ave., High Point, N. C. 

3537 N. Delaware St., Arlington, Va. 

808 Greensboro Rd., High Point, N. C. 
1018 Tenth St., Alexandria, Va. 

603 Clark St., Westfield, N. J. 
801 Arlington St., High Point, N. C. 
9807 Belhaven Rd., Bethesda, Md. 
300 W. Murray Ave., Durham, N. C. 
P. O. Box 369. Hamlet, N. C. 
628 Hamilton. St., High Point, N. C. 
P. O. Box 65. Hoffman, N. C. 
Route 2. Asheboro, N. C. 
Russ-Knoll. Granite Falls, N. C. 





Russell. Howard Martin. Jr. 
Russell, James Robin 
Russell, Linda Elizabeth 
Russell, Michael Odell 
Ruth, Jean Carol 

Saksa. Bonnie Jo 
Sale, Elaine McGuire (Mrs.) 
Sale, Lenville Max 
Sale. Robert Michael 
Samet, Jan Howard 
Samuels. Carleen Elizabeth 
Sanderford, Betty Gail 
Sanders. Hoyle Lane 
Sanders. Marsha Marie 
Sappenfiekl, Gary Vaughn 
Sarmuk, Candiice 
Saunders, Austin Oliver 
Saunders. Barry Wayne 
Saylor, Milton John 
Scales, Nancy Taylor 
Schraplau, Fred William 
Schmidley. Michelle Louise 
Schumacher. Roy David 
Scott. Ann Nichols 
Scott, Claire Nelle 
Seaford, Jeffrey Beck 
Seaver, Robert Avery 
Sechrest. Barbara Trafton 
Sechrest, James Ronald 
Sechrest, Rebecca Sharon 
Sedberry. Philip Anthony 
Senger, Earl Paul 
Seninger. Stephen Roy 
Shackleford, Rudy Phillip 
Sevier, William Eugene 
Shannon. Don Vincent 
Shapiro, Sylvia Joy 
Sharpe, Peggy Manson 
Sharpe. Thomas Patterson 
Shaw, Orrin D., Jr. 
Shelly, Donna Lee 
Shelton, Sarah Louise 
Shepherd, Wayne Douglas 
Sherrill, Emily 
Shipp, H. Lennon 
Shoaf. N. Mack 
Shouse, Wilma Jane 
Sides, Ruth Ann 
Siess. Ellen 

Sigmon. Lorton Edward 
Silver, Joel 
Simms, Rich S. 
Simmons, Johnsie Ann 
Simone, Lynn Wood 
Sink, Jerry Paul 
Skarzynski, Christopher E. 
Skwirut, Robert Francis 
Slack, Susan Harriet 
Sledge, Lionel David 
Sloan, James Laurence 
Small. Norma Kay 
Smith, Angela Dee 
Smith, Barry Jerome 
Smith, Charles Wayne 
Smith, Clarence Bryce 
Smith, Forrest Kirk 
Smith, Lowrance McClelland 
Smith, Limvood Earl 
Smith, Marilyn Lorraine 
Smith, Norma Sue 
Smith, Patricia Ann 
Smith, Richard Roland 
Smith, Wilton Arthur 
Smothers, Jerry Wayne 
Smothers, Yvonne F. (Mrs.) 
Snead, Dennis Ruffin. Jr. 
Snider, Margaret Catherine 
Snow, Sherry Donese 
Snyder, Shirley Lou 
So," Charlie 
Soler, Silvia A. 
Sombar, Michael James, Jr. 
Sossaman, Barbara Gayle 
Sparks. Harold Richard 
Speight, Juanita Gail 
Spencer, Steven Luther 
Spiridopoulos, James Stephen 
Sprv. Sammie Arthurine 
St. John, Robert Gastow 
Stafford, Bobby Lee 
Stallings, Callin Millard 
Stanford, Hilda Jeanne 

201 Perry Rd.. Jamestown, X. (' 
Route '■'•, Thomiisville, X (' 
2325 English Rd., High Point. X. C 
Route 3. Pox 12!). Thnmasville. X C 
1109 Campbell St.. High Point. X. C. 

15637 Ryhuul St., Detriot, Michigan 

Jo I Grandview Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C 

751 N. Stratford Rd.. Winston-Salem, X C 

809 Willow PI.. High Point. X. C. 

nOl Blain Court. High Point. X. C. 

1201 Filbert St.. High Point, N. C. 

P. 0. Box 174. Whiteville, N. C 

1706 Franklin Ave., High Point. X. ('. 

314 Newton St.. Spencer. N. C. 

953 Josephine Cres.. Virginia Beach, Va. 

Route 1. Box 113, Housatonic, Mass. 

1506 Woodmere Dr.. Greensboro. N. C. 

Route 1. Rougemont, N. C. 

Route 1, Kemersville. N. C. 

Thornfield Farm. Leaksville, X. C. 

41 Ogden Ave.. White Plains, X. Y. 

10 Hampton Place. Svlva. N. C. 

858 Edge Park Dr., Haddonfield. X. J. 

27 Braemar Dr., Hampton, Va. 

2121 Eighth Ave. No-Room 1725, Birmingham. Ala. 

Route 6, Lexington, X. C. 

92 Winthrop St., Taunton. Mass. 

503 Kemp Rd.. West, Greensboro, N. C. 

Route I. Jamestown, N. C. 

225 Charles Ave., High Point, X. C. 

607 Arlington St., High Point, N. C, 

1880 Talbott Place, Waynesboro, Va. 

109 Lyndhurst Ave.. Wilmington 3, Dela. 

902 Sixth St.. High Point. N. C. 

82 Weaverville Rd., Asheville, N. C. 

2401 Parkway Dr., Winston-Salem, X. C. 

Church St., Leesville. S. C. 

2137 Cowper Dr., Raleigh. N. C. 

2727 Alamance Rd., Alamance, N. C. 

Route 2, Boonville, N. C. 

210 MOQ Maine Corps Rec Dep, Parris Island, S. C. 

726 S. Franklin Rd., Mt. Airv. N. C. 

322 Rocky Ford St., Morganton, N. C. 

119 Pearl St.. Marietta. Ga. 

408 Parker Dr., Clinton, X. C. 

Route 5, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Route 1. Pfafftown, N. C. 

Route 2, Ellenboro, N. C. 

99 Hillside Terr., Irvington 11, N. J. 

Route 4, Rocky Mount, N. C. 

440 E. 57th Street. New York, N. Y. 

18 Hancock St., Clinton, N. J. 

Route 1, Bennett, X. C. 

1031 Lowden Ave., Union, N. J. 

Route 1, Box 467, Thomasville, N. C. 

1136 Ebert St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

921 Cooper St., Vandergrift, Pa. 

810 W. Ray Ave.. High Point, N. C. 

329 Stratford Rd., High Point, N. C. 

708 Enderbv Dr.. Alexandria. Va. 

Route 8, Box 549. Salisbury. N. C. 

807 S. Chapman St., Greensboro, N, C. 

7416 Merritt St., Washington 28. D. C. 

324 Old Mill Rd.. High Point, N. C. 

Farmer Rural Station. Asheboro, N. C. 

Box 35, Trinity. N. C. 

790 Dogwood Circle, High Point, N. C. 

5704 2nd St.. Temple Hills, Md. 

126 South Road, High Point, N. C. 

Route 1, Casar, North Carolina 

Box 25a, Rt. 2, Amberley, Md. 

1602 Richardson Dr., Reidsville, N. C. 

5514 19th Ave., Hillcrest Heights, Md. 

Box 790, Dogwood Circle. High Point, N. C. 

Box 790, Dogwood Circle, High Point, N .C. 

4245 Ashland Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 

Route I, Box 38, Denton, N. C. 

3735 Crosland Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

722 Chestnut St., High Point, N. C. 

Box 40, Medan, Indonesia 

608 Richardson Ave.. High Point. N. C. 

50-1 New Street. Milford. Delaware 

711 Locust Place, High Point, X. C. 

3811 Salisbury, High Point. N. C. 

645 W. First St.. Winston-Salem. X. C. 

538 W. Hunter St.. Madison, N. C. 

3245 38th St.. X. W.. Washington 16. D. C. 

301 East Third St., Kannapolis, X. C. 

2015 Baylou Blvd., Pensacola. Fla. 

Route 4, Box 155, Kemersville. X. C. 

412 X. Third St.. Smithfield. X. C. 

905 W. Front St.. Burlington. X. C. 





Stanley. Jimmy Edward 
Starling. John 
Starling, Patsy Flovine 
Stayer, Janet Lee 
Steed Dina Clay 
Steele, Sammie Lynn 
Steimle. John Michael 
Steinwey, Julie Amanda 
Stephens, Roger Kerr 
Stephenson. Emma Frances 
Stevens. Brenda Holmes (Mrs.) 
Stevens, Jerrv Wavne 
Stewart. Kirk K. 
Stewart, Francis 0.. Jr. 
Stewart, Margaret Kay 
Steiglitz, John 
Stiles, Charles Wendell 
Stillwell, Clarence G., Jr. 
Stinson, Richard Wright 
Stokes, Kenneth Walter 
Stokes, Martha Garris 
Stolle, Stephen Craig 
Stone, Carole Lynn 
Stone, Judith Ann 
Stout, Ella Raines 
Storv, Catherine Danna 
Stowe, Curtis Wilford 
Stowe, Jane Lee 
Sturdivant. Phyllis Adelia 
Stutts, Judy Irene 
Stutts, Laura Lou 
Sullivan, James Robert, Jr. 
Surratt, James Edward 
Swan, John David 
Swanson, Bruce Frederick 
Swigart, William 
Swing, Robert Henderson 
Switzer, Sandra J. 
Symmes. Brenda Lee 

Tabor, Nancy Ruth 
Talley. Helen Ann 
Taro, Joan Mildred 
Tate, Phillip Ray 
Tate, Sandra Delores 
Taylor, Barbara Leigh 
Taylor, James Anthony 
Taylor, Jane Leighton 
Taylor. Joe Ann 
Taylor. Nancy Ellsworth 
Taylor, Ray Thomas 
Teague, Diana G. 
Teague, Sylvia Hicks 
Thayer, Barbara Louise 
Thayer. Douglas Alan 
Thigpen, Frankie Carle 
Thomas, Betty Patterson 
Thomas, Brenda Jo 
Thomas, Destna Louise 
Thomas, Dorothy Elaine 
Thomas, Frank David 
Thomas, Herrell Bruce, Jr. 
Thomas, Jerry McLean 
Thomas. Judy Adale 
Thomas, Luell Lamar 
Thomas. Mary Lucille 
Thompson, Henry Churchill 
Thompson. Penelope 
Thornburg.L. Kristin 
Thorburii. Allen Clifford 
Thurston. Robert Holt, Jr. 
Timmons, Alan Curtis 
Torres, Robert, Jr. 
Treants, Gene Nick 
Tribolet, Johnnv Eugene 
Trogdon. Peggy Ruth 
Trombetta. Albert Guy 
Trotter, Mary Frances 
Turner. Edward Lawrence 
Tysinger, Earl Jr. 
Tysinger, Harriet Ann 

Underwood. Ralph 
Unger. Linda Holton 
Upclyke, Richard Lawrence 
Upton, Carol Lee 
Urain. David Robert 

Vanneman, Jean Claire 
YaiiFossen. Leslie Ann 
Van Horn. Cleve 
Vainer, Brenda Iris 
Yasquez, Roberto 
Vaughn, Antoinette Roehelle 
Vaughn. Betty Jo 

Route 3. Box 288. Thomasville, N. C. 
3606 Summit Ave., Greensboro. N. C. 
826 Ferndale Blvd., High Point, N. C. 
364!) Henshaw Rd.. Charlotte, N. C. 
4413 Harvard St., Greensboro, N. C. 
107 Kersey Dr.. High Point, N. C. 
135 Skve Dr.. Southern Pines, N. C. 

24 Und'erhill Rd., Ossining, N. Y. 
Route 1, Stanley, N. C. 

Box 373, Aulander, N. C. 

2020 Eastchester Dr., High Point. N. C. 

2020 Eastchester Dr.. High Point, N. C. 

2207 Mosher St., Orlando. Fla. 

1042 Barnabv Terr., S. E., Washington, D. C. 

Route 2, Stanfield, N. C. 

119 Longview Ave.. Leona, N. J. 

Box 284, Robbinsville, N. C. 

618 N. Hamilton St. Apt. 90E, High Point, N. C. 

3621 Newark St.. N. W.. Washington, D. C. 

1016 Grant St., High Point, N. C. 

1016 Grant St., High Point, N. C. 

1308 Forbes St., East Hartford, Conn. 

2306 Running Brook Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 

3609 Garner Rd., Raleigh. N. C. 

1530 Fairway Rd., Raleigh. N. C. 

1530 Fairway Rd., Asheboro, N. C. 

1208 W. Florida St., Greensboro, N. C. 

509 Hamilton St.. Leaksville, N. C. 

Box 415, Jamestown, N. C. 

Route 6, Lexington, N. C. 

319 S. Favetteville St., Liberty, N. C. 

Candor, N. C. 

504 White Oak St.. High Point, N. C. 

218 Gray St.. Thomasville, N.-O 

Box 325, Franklin, N. C. 

19 Prospect St., Middlesex, Mass. 

Box 143, Dublin, Indiana 

Route 6, Lexington, N. C. 

Box 337, Seroe Colorado, Aruba, Netherlands, Antille 

133 Sewall Woods Rd., Melrose 76, Mass. 

Route 4, Lynwood Lakes, Greensboro, N. C. 

2105 Kenilworth Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 

326 Dogwood Dr.. High Point, N. C. 

2308 Geddie Ave.. High Point, N. C. 

Route 1. Pfafftown, N. C. 

Box 66, Denton, N. C. 

R.F.D. 4, Box 13, Mebane, N. C. 

822 Quaker Lane, High Point, N. C. 

Box 66. Denton, N. C. 

813 Crescent Dr.. Alexandria. Va. 

1009 Sycamore St., Durham, N. C. 

1932 W. Boulevard. Charlotte. N. C. 

1932 W. Boulevard, Charlotte, N. C. 

Route 5, Box 326. High Point, N. C. 

63 Parkview Place, Baldwin, N. Y. 

P. O. Box 245. Pikeville. N. C. 

299 Westview Drive, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

905 Ferndale Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Route 1. Box 151, Jackson Springs, N. C. 

708 Florham Dr., High Point, N. C. 

540 Forrest Ave., High Point, N, C. 

125 Eastview St., Galax. Va. 

905 Ferndale Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Route 1, Green Mtn., North Carolina 

711 N. Weldon St., Gastonia, N. C. 

3810 Gilmore Dr., Greensboro. N. C. 

R.F.D. 1. Graham. N. C. 

4752 N. Cherry St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Box 4145, Archdale Br., High Point. N. C, 

33 Lincoln Terrace. Harrington Park, N. J. 

2417 Walker Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

R.F.D. 4, Box 134, Milford, Dela. 

1803 Guyer St., High Point, N. C. 

626 Memphis St., Greensboro, N. C. 

1460 h-ving St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

1849 Thomsdale Dr., Asheboro. N. C. 

25 Harlem Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. 
Route 1, Sophia, N. C. 

318 Grove Park Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
9 Maple Ave.. Thomasville, N. C. 

Route 2. Box 114, Thomasville, N. C. 
Route 7. Box 231-E, Greensboro, N. C. 
Route 1, Jamestown, N. C. 
710 Hoover St., Asheboro, N. C. 
2206 Plainview Dr., High Point, N. C. 
127 Frazier St., Smyrna. Dela. 

309 Central Ave., Woodbury Heights. N. J. 
1703 Farragut Ave.. Rockville. Md 
1000 W. 12th St., Panama. Fla. 
Route 2. Box 153, Lexington, N. C. 
557 Cochabamba, Bolivia 
6B Dolly Madison Apts., Greensboro, N. C. 
10 309 Colonial Dr., High Point, N. C. 


Venning, Virginia Ross 
Vereen, Kenneth Frazier 
Viccellio, John H. 
Vickers, James Edward 
Voncannon, Janice Lee 

Wadleigh, Karen Lillian 
Wagoner, Elizabeth (Mrs.) 
Wagoner, Richard George 
Waldrep, Omegia Louise 
Waldrep, Reanza Lynn 
Walker, Barbara Dareb 
Walker, Jane Adelaide 
Walker, Robert Burce 
Walker, Stephen Dilworth 
Walker, Wayne Michael 
Wall, Larry Rex 
Wall, Stephen Davis 
Wallace, Marie Anne 
Wallace, Pamela Jean 
Walton. Micki Jayne 
Ward. Allen Crisp 
Ward. Kathleen Mary 
Warfford. Janice Kaye 
Warner, Larry Vance 
Warren, Arthur Staples 
Warren, Joan Parker 
Washburn, Richard Swaim 
Wasileski, Helen Ann 
Watson. Roger Clinton 
Watts. Brian Carl 
Waugh. Randolph Phillip 
Way, Anna Paillette 
Weatherly, Bruce Craven 
Webster, Wesley Dodd 
Weehter, Marcia M. 
Weisbecker, Alan David 
Weiss, Robert Paul, Jr. 
Wells, Robert Arthur Jr. 
Wells, Susan Elizabeth 
West, Edward Coles 
Westmoreland, Charles Wade. Jr. 
Wheeler, Frank Truman 
Whitaker. Robert S. 
White, Brenda Ann 
White. Charles Anthony- 
White. Ellen Louise 
White. Mary Elizabeth 
White, Sherry Ilene 
White. William Robert 
Whitehead, James Edward 
Whitmore, Edward Lindsay 
Whittemore. Anita Gail 
Whittle, Robert Elmer 
Wiley, Peggy Ann 
Wilkes, Shelby Jean 
Willette. Alvin Alfred 
Williams, Benjamin Jerry 
Williams, David Wayne 
Williams, Donald Roger 
Williams. Ellen Frances 
Williams. Ernest Harry 
Williams, Lynda DeLores 
Williams, Rebecca Anne 
Williams, Lorene Gayle 
Williamson. Saundra Gayle 
Wilson, James Mitchell 
Wilson. Nancy Gail 
Wilson, Rebecca Morris 
Wimberly, Vicky LaFern 
Winstead, Carol Louise 
Winters, Linda Elaine 
Witt, Leonard 
Wood, Amanda Sue Aunian 
Wood. Leonard Dalton 
Woody. Rebecca A. (Mrs.) 
Workman, Anthony Willard 
Worthy. Carl McGhee 
Wright. Joyce Gale 

Yarborough, David Gerald 

Yeakley. Marc Lynn 

Yeatts. Rachel Kate 

Yokelev. Vicki Jovce 

York, H. Ray 

York. Sharlia Brasington (Mrs) 

York, Barry Franklin 

York. Cornelius 

Young. Baxter Craven 

Young. Janet Page 

Young. Patricia Ruth 

Yount, Janice Kay 

Younts, Marcia Lynne 

Yow. Lillie Katherine 

Zumbro, Val Elliott 

— 19H4-1965 


1620 Queens Road. Charlotte. X. C. 
1444 X. Hamilton St.. High Point. X. C. 
8915 Tidewater Dr.. Norfolk, Va. 
410 Barker St., High Point, N. C. 
Route 5. Box 341, High Point, X. C. 

28 Ballard St.. Saugus, Mass. 

Mills Home, Thomasville. X. C. 

56 Lynnwood Dr., Rochester. X. Y. 

1013 Toms St., Cleveland. X. C. 

1013 Toms St., Cleveland, N. C. 

1303 Walnut St. Ext., Reidsville, N. C. 

309 W. Lee St., Mebane. N. C. 
1681 Lake Drive, Cocoa. Fla. 

335 Petree Rd„ Winston-Salem, N. C. 

P. O. Box 805. Charlotte 1, X. C. 

Box 96, Pilot Mountain. N. C. 

20 Fenner Rd„ Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Box 599, Greenville, N. C. 

1577 Pine Log Road. Aiken, S. C. 

1402 Welborn St.. High Point. N. C. 

596 Main St., Metuchen, N. J. 

5529 Potomac Ave.. N. W., Washington. D. C. 

Route 7, Box 56, Lexington, X. C. 

311 Barnwell St.. Thomasville, N. C. 

Box 242, Stafford Springs. Conn. 

Walkertown. N. C. 

3053 W. Pine Valley. Atlanta, Ga. 

205 Franklin St.. Hightsown, N. J. 

76 D William & Marv Apts., High Point, N. C, 

Tobaccoville, N. C. 

Box 391, Jamestown, N. C. 

118 Elm St.. Asheboro, N. C. 

104 A. Lassiter Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Madison, N. C. 

3702 Normandv St., Greensboro, N. C. 

2108 B Centennial Ave.. High Point, N. C. 

405 Hammel Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 

912 Tarleton Ave.. Burlington. X. C. 

100 E. Ridge Dr., Waterbury, Conn. 

505 Montlieu Ave., High Point, N. C. 

1042 Ebert St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

817 Main St., Great Barrington, Mass. 

Box 425, Oak Ridge, X. C. 

P. 0. Box 176. Winfall, N. C. 

Route 1. Pineville. N. C. 

7 Sterling Ave., Saugus, Mass. 

131 S. Adams St., Rockville, Md. 

120 White St.. Randleman, N. C. 
Stoney Point, N. C. 

5721 Delaware Ave., Camp Lejeune, N. C. 
9500 MacArthur Blvd.. Bethesda 14. Md. 
Box 95, Graham, N. C. 
1030 Bank St., Winston-Salem, X. C. 
1005 Charlotte Ave.. High Point. N. C. 
27B Daniel Brooks Apts., High Point, N. C. 

310 Hickorv Lane, High Point. X. C. 
1034 Fitzallen Rd.. Glen Burnie, Md. 
405 Woodrow Ave.. High Point, N. C. 
Star, N. C. 

Route 1. Olin. N. C. 

l'.iin San: L:on's Trail. Martinsvilie. Va. 

Box 375, Sparta, X. C. 

1034 Fitzallen Rd., Glen Burnie, Md. 

404 Montlieu Ave.. High Point, X. C. 

1502 Brentwood St., High Point. N. C. 

P. 0. Box 225. Madison, X. C. 

301 Kennelwood Rd.. Asheboro. X. C. 

Route 1. Walkertown. N. C. 

2012 Richardson Dr.. Reidsville, N. C. 

202 X. Main St., Roxboro. X. C. 

176 Lawrence Dr.. Berkelev Hgts., N. J. 

2246 Greenleaf St.. Allentown. Pa. 

P. O. Box 4096. Archdale. X. C. 

300 Monmouth Ave., Durham, N. C. 

1900 Favetteville St., Asheboro. N. C. 

2327 Sink St.. Winston-Salem. X. C. 

6716 Ronda Ave.. Charlotte, X. C. 

Box 49. Earl, X. C. 

121 Hill St.. Fort Mill, S. C. 

323 Orenda Circle. Westfield. X. J. 

5515 W. Market St., Greensboro. X. C. 

1220 Ashburton Lane. Winston-Salem. X. (". 

603 Rockspring Rd.. High Point. X. C. 

Box 21, High Point. X. C. 

721 Gatewood Ave.. High Point. X. ('. 

Route 2. Kernersville. X. C. 

200 West 2nd Ave.. Lexington. N. (.' 

3201 Raven Road. Orlando. Fla. 

54 Edgewood Rd.. Chatham. X. J. 

609 McKnight St.. Belmont. X. ('- 

Route 5. Box 188. High Point. X. i". 

4416 E. West Hwy.. Hyattsville. Md. 

Route 2. Box 385. Seagmve. X. C. 


< I . 


t \ • 


» .4Mf' 

T.he "Light of Life" for the yejir 1964-65 diijjpaa^JS Tecor 
tory of High Point College. Even- though this year mrthe liffs'of tlfe college""* 
is ending, there are many memories that will live onVand M|lp Alje fifeft£/ 
High Point College to grow and expand even further* We hi" " 
advancements and improvements in .our college and "know* 
better, programs in academics and building. - 

is "«ur sincere wish that this tear^haSfcOpeneA* 

vAW£tvu,mtidi7^i![iK%'Aw?l\t\iti inTTj • i joEiiHatMEig 

and student life, which we hopli yo'uj our readers,, jkI. 
* you to reKjje this year. 

_ « i "I would like t& personally extend my thanks to my staff 
. Jy* ' • ed patiently and conscientiously with me to give you "a better yeafbdok. 
^s>-"A special "thank you" "goes to Carol Pino and her copy staff £or their dili- 
gent work lp improve 'the academic level of the ZEtflTH. jfney have put 
much time and effort into their work, and, as you look thrjjughr the year- 
book, I asK-'that you read all the copy because I feel a greaToVal may be 
. .^nelahpuj, the school. " 

A very special "thank you" goes to Dr. Sam J. Underwood, our advisor. 
;. Underwood has helped us in many yteys^especially in helping- us^ 

guided us when we needed help, biu , 

* placed . on us. Thank you, Dr. Under woo 
_'The-8taff has worked hard td give vqi 


.ave been left' to the 

able redor 

I3uT 7 *aAV Tr l "ijiV-i 


. -