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Full text of "The Zenith Yearbook 1966, High Point College"

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----- -• "... 


KJlJa (L>/ou/ Kilitor-in-Chief 

Jltr. C/ra &Q. -JjaAer Adviser 

JxamOllJa IDOmaX Business Manager 

JjiJJ JXimmer Advertising 

lg Manager 

/l cj/uae/?/ J ublicaizon 

Jlig/i Point ( '(Jleae 

J lh//i / oint) xort/i ( Carolina 



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A ' 

V ■' 


Table of Contents 

Introduction .... 4 

Academics 14 

Student Body . . . 40 
Organizations . . . 90 

Greeks 125 



Advertisements . .184 

...■■-. *t* it 

eat* a 

A necessary fragment of campus 
life ... a positive, progressive in- 
stance ... a concrete example of 
understanding aid ... a chronic 
sequence of interruptions ... an 
overwhelming accumulation of 
minor tasks involving efficiency, 
persistence, and interest ... a 
never-ending flow of "May I Help 
You's" . . . 

Those Whose Assistance Was Often 

• • 

Needed, Seldom Noticed . . . 

A concoction of varying personalities, unified 
through common experience ... a myriad 
maze of roomies, rushees, scholars, athletes, 
agnostics, precursors, peers ... a miniature 
hamlet whose inhabitants perceive, inquire, 
and — eventually — suffice themselves . . . 

Those Who Shared An Awareness 

Of The College Community . 

^yAe ^yA/fwts 

A chronological pattern infiltrated with daily 
duties, momentary involvements, and split- 
second attentions . . . discussion, depression, 
and demerits . . . theme and theocricy . . . 
ballgames and Busy Officials . . . laughter, 
laundry and endless lines . . . solitude, Sun- 
day steaks, and serenades . . . fraternity, fu- 
tility, and foreign policy . . . drag parties, 
daffodils, and NoDoz . . . antithesis, analy- 
sis, and assembly . . . seminar, socialization, 
and statistics . . . melodrama, mail, and mone- 
tary debt . . . "An unfound door" succumb- 
ing to incentive, motivation, and participa- 
tion . . . 



Those activities offering physical, mental, 
emotional, and spiritual development — arous- 
ing a sense of self and surroundings. . . 

"Who learns by Finding Out has seven- 
fold the skill of him who learned by Being 

— Arthur Guiterman 


**-— . 

In Memoriam 

Dr. Dan B. Cooke 

"Death Be Not Proud" 

And What Is To Cease Breathing, But 

To Free 
The Breath From Its Restless Tides, That It 

May Rise And Expand And Seek God 


For Life And Death Are One, Even As 

The River And The Seas Are One. 

President of High Point College 
Dr. Wendell M. Patton 


Dr. Patton Welcomes the Freshmen 
As Part of Orientation Week. 

As my parting message, may I share with you a favorite passage 
from Philippians 3:13: 

" one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, 

and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward 
the mark" 

For years you have been pressing toward a "mark", but these goals 
and objectives become pale and insignificant when compared to those 
you must now set for yourself as you truly face a complex and contradictory 
world. While past mistakes must be relegated to the past, the learning 
which should have accompanied those mistakes must be retained and 
remembered. The basic tools of learning are now yours and it is my 
hope and prayer that you never lose sight of the necessity of continuing 
an education just begun. Face every opportunity and circumstance 
with an open heart, open mind, and open spirit - and you will profit 
and grow from every life experience. 

God be with you and keep you. 


With Pride We Dedicate The 1966 Zenith 

Seldom does one find within the confines of a single personality the 
unbeatable combination of remarkable physical stamina, competent teach- 
ing ability, and genuine interest in the college student that characterize 
Dr. James T. Hamilton, also known as "Pappy." His boundless energy, 
pleasing sense of humor, and knowledge of athletics serve to enhance the 
connotation of "coach" at High Point College. One finds asserting the 
prevalence of instruction over performance difficult, but Dr. Hamilton 
himself is active in most sports activities here on campus and tends to 
excel in his participations. Before coming to High Point College in 1960 
as Director of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics, he became an 
outstanding basketball player and produced other cagers of notable 
ability; among other numerous accomplishments is his membership to the 
NAIA's Hall of Fame. We salute his contributions to the campus and com- 
munity, and for his excellence as a coach, as a contender, as an instructor, 
and as an individual, we dedicate the 1966 ZENITH to Dr. James T. 

One of the many telephone calls that 
Dr. Hamilton makes during the day . . 

A sense of humor is an asset in deal- 
ing with High Point College students. 

Dr. James T. Hamilton 

Professor of Physical Education, Health, and Athletics 


Mr. Holt McPherson, Chairman 
Mr. Horace S. Haworth, Vice-Chairman 
Dr. Wendell M. Patton, Secretary 
Mr. Elliott S. Wood, Treasurer 

Rev. J. Clyde Auman 
Mr. S. R. Brookshire 
Dr. Charles F. Carroll 
Mrs. D. S. Coltrane 
Mr. J. Harriss Covington 
Mr. Eugene Cross 
Mr. Harry B. Finch 
Bishop Paul N. Garber 
Dr. C. L. Gray 
Rev. M. E. Harbin 
Mr. C. Felix Harvey III 
Mr. Charles E. Hay worth 
Mr. Delos S. Hedgecock 

Mr. J. Vernon Hodgin 
Mr. Josh L. Home 
Bishop Earl G. Hunt 
Mr. Charles L. Kearns 
Mr. A. J. Koonce 
Mr. Charles W. McCrary 
Mr. Blaine M. Madison 
Dr. J. Clay Madison 
Mr. James H. Millis 
Dr. Wendell M. Patton 
Dr. W. Stanley Potter 
Mrs. Katie M. Rankin 
Mr. William F. Womble 


Bishop Nolan B. Harmon 

Mr. L. F. Ross 




The High Point College Board of Fellows, the direct responsibility of the endowment com- 
mittee of the Board of Trustees, is composed of individuals, corporations, and business 
concerns who are vitally interested in the future of High Point College. The deadline for 
participation in this vital phase of the Development Program is February 1 of each year. 
The Board of Fellows sharing their abilities and influences with the college this year 

Acme-McCrary Foundation 

Mr. Warren L. Anderson 


Mrs. Myrtle H. Barthmaier 

Mayor S. R. Brookshire 

Mr. Jack Burris 

Mr. Jack Campbell 

Mr. J. Harriss Covington 

Mr. Doak Finch 

Mr. Thomas A. Finch. Jr. 

Mr. John C. Foy 

Mr. Charles Hayworth 

Mr. David Hayworth 

Mr. Delos S. Hedgecock 

Heritage Furniture Company 

High Point Bank and Trust Company 

Dr. W. C. Houston 

Mr. I. Paul Ingle 

Mr. C. T. Ingram, Jr. 

Mr. Charles L. Kearns 

R. K. Stewart and Sons 

Mrs. Eleanor Powell Latimer 

The Lilly Company 

Mr. W. H. Linthicum, Jr. 

Mr. Holt McPherson 

Mrs. Holt McPherson 

Mrs. J. E. Millis 

Mr. James H. Millis 

Mrs. L. K. Mobley 

North Carolina National Bank 

P. A. Thomas Car Works 

Mr. Dwight Phillips 

Mr. Thomas R. Pitts 

Mrs. W. T. Powell 

Mr. Ross Puette 

Mr. Leon Schute 

Sears Roebuck Foundation 

Shuford Mills 

Mr. Edgar Snider 

Mr. Elliott S. Wood 

Mr. Frank Wood 

Dr. David W. Cole 
Dean of the College 


Dr. Harold Conrad 
Dean of Academic Planning 

Dr. Clifford Hinshaw 

Director of Evening School 


Mr. N. P. Yarborough 


Mr. Wesley Gaynor 


Mr. Earl Dalbey 
Business Manager 

Mr. Robert Phillips 
Director of Admissions 



Captain F. L. Edwards 

Director of Student 

Mr. James R. Calloway 
Director of Financial Aid 

Miss Anne B. Orren 

Assistant Director of 

Student Personnel 


Mr. Dale Brown 

Alumni Executive Secretary 

Mr. Lawson Allen 
Director of College Relations 

Mr. Carl C. Savage 
Director of News Bureau 


Mr. L. G. Wright 

Mrs. L. G. Wright 



Mrs. Frances McMeekin-Kerr Mrs. Mary Bennett 

Mrs. Hilda Owens 



Miss Marcella Carter 
Head Librarian 


Mrs. Adelines Hamilton 
Assistant Librarian 

Mrs. Ida Patrick 

A --istant 


r wS 

• ■- 

Mrs. Bobbie Everhart 


Mrs. Hazel Long 




Mrs. Arthur Williams 
Assistant Librarian 



And Staff 

Mrs. Louise H. Blake 

Secretary to the 

Miss Darla Dorsett 

Secretary to the 

Mrs. Lytle Davis 

Clerk in the 


Mrs. Frances Gaynor 

Mrs. Judy Green 

Secretary to the 

Dean of Student 


Mrs. Lillian Mays 

Secretary to Dr. 
Harold Conrad 

Mrs. Dorothy Price 

Secretary to the 
Dean of Admissions 

Mrs. Marinn Joyce 

Secretary to Dr. 
D. H. Cooke 

Mrs. Annie Parks 

Mimeograph Office 

Mrs. Mona Saunders 

Secretary in the 
Business Office 

Mrs D. B. Webb 

Manager of the 

Mrs. Mary Spurrier 

Secretary to Dr. 
Wendell Patton 

2 5 

Mrs. Sarah E. Wood 

Cashier to the 



•And gladly "-,,1,1, he lent, 
(iiid gladly teche. . " 

Prologue, Canterbury Tales 

Miss Louise Adams, A.M. 


Mr. Ira L. Baker, M.A. 


Mrs. Mary Ann Calloway, A.M. 

Mr. James R. Calloway, M.A. 
Fine Arts 

Miss Betty Jo Clary, M.Ed. 

Physical Education 


Mr. Herman Coble, A.M. 

Dr. David VV. Cole. Ph.D. 


Mrs. Elizabeth Connor, A.M. 

Col. Carlton J. Cook, M.S. 


Dr. Dennis H. Cooke, Ph.D. 


Mr. William F. Cope, M.S. 


Dr. Edmund O. Cummings, Ph.D. 

Mr. Robert Davidson. M.E. 
Physical Education and Health 

Dr. Earl P. Crow, Ph.D. 

Religion and Philosophy 

Dr. Stuart C. Deskins, Ph.D. 

Mr. Donald A. Drapeau, M.A. 

Fine Arts 


Miss Ernestine Fields, M.Mus. 

Mr. Joseph Godwin, B.S. 



Mrs. Lucille S. Godwin, A.M. 


Dr. A. Paul Gratiot. Ph.D. 

Mrs. J. H. Halford, M.A. 

Fine Arts 


Dr. James T. Hamilton. Ed.D. 
Physical Education and Health 

Mr. Charles Hartman, A.M. 

Physical Education and Health 

Mr. Manyon L. Idol. M.S. 


Dr. Leopold M. Hays, Ph.D. 

Mrs. Dorothy B. Hays. M.R.Ed. 

Religion and Philosophy 

Miss Berta Hirtzler, M.A. 

Modern Languages 

Mr. <). Arthur Kirkman, M.S. 

History and Political Science 


Dr. William Lazaruk. Ph.D. 


Mr. Kobert C. Leonard. M.S.E. 

Business Administration 

Dr. Arthur E. LeVey, Ph.D. 
Modern Languages 


Dr. Lew Lewis, Ed. I). 


[)r. Halsej \V. Miller. Ph.D. 

Juan Miranda. A.B. 
Visiting Lecturer in Spanish 

Dr. William R. Locke, Ph.D. 

Dr. William P. Matthews, Ph.D. 


Dr. Charles E. Mounts, Ph.D. 


Mr. Alvin C. Myrick, M.A. 


Mr. James L. Nelson, M.S. 

Business Administration 

Mr. George W. Netts, M.B.A. 
Business Administration 

Mr. William R. Phillips. A.M. 

Dr. Herbert H. Peterson. D.Ed. 



Dr. Louis B. Pope, Ph.D. 


Mr. Kaiford M. Porter, M.F.A. 

Fine Arts 

Mr. James R. Pritchett, M.A. 


Mr. Tom R. Quinn, M.P.H. 

Physical Education 

Mrs. Shirley Y. Rawley, M.A. 

Mr. J. Wilson Rogers. M.B.A. 
Business Administration 

.Mrs. Frances Redding, M.A. 

Mrs. Deanna F. Sink, M.Ed. 

Business Administration 

*- .,. 

Mrs. Kathryn (;. Ring, M.S. 

Fine Arts 


Mrs. Emily B. Sullivan. M.A. 


Miss Angela Terry, M.S. 

Dr. James A. Thacker, Ph.D. 


Dr. Owen Weatherly, Ph.D. 


Miss Ruth Worthington, Ed.S. 


Dr. Sam J. Underwood, Ph.D. 


Academic Life At High Point College Has Both 

Its Serious And Light Moments . . . 

Even the good Dean catches forty winks between classes. 

The conferring of an honorary degree is a highlight of any academic 

Imagine the size foot that goes with this "profossiliferousanoris" dino- 
saur's toe! 

The Finch Lecturer and Joe Luther discuss prob- 
lems of the college student of today. 

J 7 

A "square table" discussion is vital in twentieth century education. 

All I hear is complaints, complaints . . . 

". . . And just add this bone here and we will have a fully 
constructed elephant's knee cap." 

According to my observations, the bookstore is closed. 

The Golden Decade begins with a formal dinner and the introduction 
of Miss Golden Decade contestants. 

- i. "< 

. . . lowliness is young ambition's 

Whereto the climber-upward turns 
his face, 

But when he once attains the upmost round, 

He then unto the ladder turns his back . 

—Shakespeare, "Julius Caesar' 

Dr. Fatten, Dean Conrad, and other members of the administration lead the way for 
the graduating class. 




. • 

'■ ' .' 

• • 

»t 1 

»^ M." M. 2 

3! • , ' 





rjL. -V -j^b»w jp j fw 

^ Jl J*,-«i 

The long, black line that brings the class to the end of the college experience 


Steve Buff President 

Hill Kimnu-r Vice President 

Ruth Howey Secretary 


"For what are hopes but slender ropes 
fastened to our dreams" — Ruxbaum 

Omegia Waldrep Treasurer 


Patrick Burch Alford 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
B.S. Business 

Thomas Larry Amick 

Burlington, N. C. 

A.B. History 

B.S. General Science 

Mario Del Amico 
Miami, Fla. 
A.B. History 

Madeline White Anderson 

Charlotte, N. 0. 

A.B.T. Elementary 




Wayne Foster Anderson Elizabeth Wynne Austraw 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
A.B. History 

Judith K. Armington 

Newton Square, Pa. 

B.S.T. Physical 


Washington, D. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Mrs. I.oretta Bach 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Robert Cletus Beck 

Thomasville, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


Thomas Holmes Blake 

High Point, N. C. 
B.S. Business 

Harry Griffith Balthis, Jr. 

Arlington, Va. 

B.S. Physical Education 

Robert W. Batten. Jr. 

Thomasville, X. C. 
B.S. Business 

Patricia Anne Booth 
Now Hill, N. C. 

U.S. Miismi--- 

Mar\in Anthony Boyles 

Indian River City, Fla. 

A.B. Sociology 

Vicki Ray Boles 
Pinnacle, N. C. 
B.S. Chemistry 

Paul N. Boone 

High Point, N. C. 

B.S. Business 




Robert Milden Bradley, Jr. Karen Elizabeth Brower 
Ithaca, X. Y. Asheboro, N. C. 

A.B. Psychology A.B.T. Elementary 


Raymond Gilbert Brim 

Asheboro, N. C. 
B.S. Chemistry 

Henry Dale Brown 

Colfax, N. C. 
B.S. Business 

Leo Tony Brown 

Asheboro, N. C. 
A.B. Sociology 

Nan Lee Brown 

Statesville, N. C. 

A.B. Religion 

James Edward Brucki, Jr. 

High Point, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


Stephen P. Buff 
Rutherford ton, N. C. 

B.S. Mathematics 


Barbara M. Burton 

Greensboro, X. C. 

B.S. Business 


Harold Wayne Byerly 

Thomasville, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Carole Ann Calvert 
Arlington, Va. 
A.B. Religion and 

Jean Anne Campbell 

Arlington. Va. 

A.B.T. Elementary 



Vernon E. Cardwell 

Mayodan, N. C. 
A.B. Sociology 

Carol Pope Carter 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B. English 

William E. Carter. Jr. 

High Point, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


Ronald H. Cashatt 

High Point, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


I.eon I. Chidester. Jr. 

High Point, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


John R. Chilton 

Ramseur, N. C. 

A.B. Social Studies 

Perry Jones Cashion 

High Point, X. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Hugh M. Cates 
Hillsboro, X. C. 
B.S. Chemistry 


Karen E. Clodfelter 

Asheboro, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


Genevieve Marilyn Colvin 
Viewtown, Va. 

A.B. Sociology 

Leonard R. Chisholm 

High Point, N. C. 

B.S. Physical 


Billy W. (linard 

Advance, N, C. 

A.B. Religion 




DAY". . . 




Kenneth Ray Craven 

High Point, N. C. 
B.S. Business 

Clyde Keith Connor 

High Point, N. C. 

B.S. Physical 


Patricia Cook 

Lexington, X. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Judy Shoaf Copley 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Mary Ruth (order 

Kernersville, K'. C. 

A.B. Sociology 

Regina Davis 

Wadesboro, X. C. 

A.B. Sociology- 

James Allen Davis 

High Point, X. C. 
B.S. Business 

Jerry Ray Davis 

Charlotte, X. C. 
A.B. History and 
Political Science 


Mary Dover Davis 

High Point. N. C. 
B.S. Business 

Marriott Betts Davis 

Raleigh, N. C. 

A.B. Religion and 


Marcus Henry Deal 

Greensboro, N. C. 

A.B. History 

Mary Rachel Deviney 

Spindale, N. C. 

A.B.T: Elementary 



James Duggan 

Fernandina Beach. Fla 
A.B. History and 
Political Science 

Wayne E. Eaton 

Clinton. Md. 

B.S. Business 


Kary Lee Pagan 

High Point. N. C. 
B.S. Chemistry 

Nancy Lee Fallon 

Pittsford, Vermont 

A.B. English 

A.B.T. Physical 


Linwood B. Finch 

Dillon, S. C. 
A.B. Psychology 

Penelope T. Fitzgerald 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
B.S. Mathematics 

Pamela Sue Fletcher 

Kannapolis. X. C. 

A.B. English 

Mary Lawson Files 

Tobaccoville, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Phyllis Foy 

Granite Quarry, X. C. 

A.B. English 

.Mary Frances Freeman 

Asheboro, N. C. 

A.B. Sociology 

Peggy Joyce Fogleman 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Janus Paisley Foster 

Burlington, N. C. 

B.S. Business 





OCTOBER 16... 

Lewis Freeman 

Lexington, N. C. 

A.B. History 

James E. Gallimore 

Pulaski, \'a. 
A.B. Social Studies 

Sarah Louise Garnett 
Arlington, Va. 
A.B. Elementary 
Carolyn Garrett 
Henderson, N. C. 
A.B. English 

Kenneth A. Gilliam 

Newport News, Va. 
B.S. Mathematics 

Robert M. Gowen 

Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 
A.B. History and 
Political Science 

William J. Green 
High Point. X. C. 

U.S. Business 

Jennie Haines 
Groton, Conn. 
A.B. English 


Robert S. Harris, Jr. 

Oxon Hill, Md. 

B.S. Physical Education 

Darrell Hedrick 
Thomasville. N. C. 
A.B. Social Studies 

Robert M. Hepler 

High Point, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


William I). Herndon 
Reidsville, N. C. 
A.B. Psychology 


Norman R. Hester 

High Point. X. C. 

B.S. Business 


Dorothy Don Hevener 

Waynesboro, N. C. 
B.S. Biology 

Nancy June Hill 

East Meadow, N. Y. 

A.B. English 

Velva Roberta Hinkle 

Thomasville, N. C. 
A.B. English 

Nina Jo Honeycutt 

Troutman, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Ruth Elaine Howey 

Waxhaw, N. C. 

A.B. English 

Kathleen K. Ilorckcr 

College Park. Md. 

A.B. Elementary 


Frieda Jo Holt 
High Point, N. C. 
B.S. Mathematics 


Margaret Reid Hunter 

Turkey, N. C. 
A.B.T. Art 

Kitty Sue Hutchins 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B.T. Musk- 

Stuart M. Hoyt, Jr. 

Pennington, X. .1. 
A.B. History and 
Political Science 

Jerry Claude Hughes 

High Point, N. C. 
A.B. Sociology 


Sandra Lee Hutchins 

Pearl River, N. Y. 

A.B. Art 

Verlene Elizabeth 


Winston-Salem. N. C. 

A.B. English 

Carroll Fletcher Hutto 
Walterboro, S. C. 
A.B. History and 
Politican Science 

Gilbert Wayne Jacobs 

High Point, N. C. 
B.S. General Science 

Gloria Jeanne Jaich 

High Point, N. C 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Sally Lou Jepson 

Clewiston, Fla. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Sandra H. Johnson 

Siler City. N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


James Amos Jones 

Kernesville, N. C. 

A.B. History and 

Political Science 


William 1). Jones 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B. History and 

Political Science 

Charles Kerr 

High Point, N. C. 
B.S. Business 

Gene Clifton Kester 

Guilford College, N. C. 
A.B. History 

Arthur William King 

Jacksonville, N. C. 
A.B. Sociology 


Richard C. King 

Villanova, Pa. 
A.B. Psychology 

Jill Elaine Knuckey 

Wharton. N. J. 

B.S Biology 

William E. Lang 

Rochester, N. Y. 
A.B. Social Studies 

Shelia Dawn Lankford 

Walnut Cove, N. C. 

A.B. Sociology 

Trudy Livengood 

High Point. N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


John W. Locklair 

Moncks Corner, S. C. 
B.S. Chemistry 

Janice Lewis 

Thomasville. X. C. 

A.B. Sociology 

Tony Maxton Litten 

Gibsonville, X. C. 

B.S. Business 



I _ 


Marilyn A. Lund 

Winston-Salem, X. C. 

A.B. Psychology 

Ramonia J. Lomax 

Thomasville. \. (.'. 
B.S. Business 

Joseph P. Lorber 
Manahawkin, X. J. 

B.S. Chemistry 


Robert Gray Macy 

East Bend, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


Mary Ann Mandrich 
Washington, D. C. 
A.B. Social Studies 

Joseph A. McCallum 

Maxton, X. C. 

B.S. Physical 


Jf'79- "ST 


Edward R. McCormick 

Thomasville, X. C. 

A.B. History 

Mickey McDaniel 

Mebane. X. C. 
A.B. History and 
Political Science 

Charles R. McDowell 

High Point, X. C. 

B.S. Biology 

Raymond Main* 

Guilford College, X. C. 

A.B. Sociology 

Helen Louise Mann 

High Point, X. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Stanley Meadows 

High Point. X. C. 

B.S. Physical 



Doris Richardson Miller 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Judith F. Miller 

Hillsboro, N. C. 

A.B. History 

William ('. Miller 

Beverly Moody 

Spotsylvania, Va. 
B.S. Business 

Skyland, N. C. 

B.S. Physical 



Dorothy Kaye Moody 

Greensboro, N. C. 

B.S. Physical Education 

Larry Garland Morgan 
High Point, N. C. 
A.B. Social Studies 

Linda Jo Morgan 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
A.B. History 

Linda S. Morgan 

Greensboro, N. C. 

A.B.T. Music and French 

Frank D. Mudd 
La Plata, Md. 
B.S. Business 


Mary Elizabeth Neese 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Myra L. Morris 

Raleigh. N. C. 

B.S. Biology 

Detra C". Morrison 

Thomasville, N. C. 

A.B. History 


Richard W. Olson 

Delmar, N. Y. 

B.S. Business 


John Russell Osborne 

Bradford, Pa. 

A.B. History and 

Political Science 

Norman H. O'Bryant 

High Point, N. ('. 

B.S. Chemistry 

Jerry Wayne OKellv 

Thomasville, N. C. 

B.S. Business 





.Martha Elaine Paris 

High Point, N. C. 
A.B. English 

Betty Newby Parker 

High Point. N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Lucinda S. Parker 

Asheboro, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Barbara Ann Payne 

High Point, N. C. 
A.B. Sociology 

John Roger Payne 

Kernersville, N. C. 

B.S. Accounting 

Stephen Ray Pearson 

Hazardville, Conn. 

A.B. Religion 

Susan June Peoples 

Pittsboro, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Ruby Ann Phillips 
Lexington, N. C. 
A.B.T. Elementary 


Carol Joan Pino 

Oradell, N. J. 

A.B. Religion 

Sharon Pyrtle 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Vicky Katchford 

Asheboro, N*. C. 
A.B. English 

Charles Redden 

Clemmons, N. C. 
B.S. Business 


Kenneth R. Rich 

High Point, X. C. 

A.B. Psychology 

Charles G. Richards 

Charlotte, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


William D. Rimnier 

Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
A.B. Psychology 

Carlos A. Rios-Jordan 

Cochabamba, Bolivia 

B.S. Math 

Alice Anne Robertson 

High Point. N. f" 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Jane Logan Rogers 

High Point, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


C. Kent Ripley 

Washington. D. C. 
B.S. Biology 

Linda Roberts 

Baldwin. X. V. 

A.B.T. Elementary 



George B. Roycroft 

Durham, N. C. 
A.B. English 

James Robin Russell 

Thomasville, N. C. 
A.B. Religion 

Raymond W. Rogers 

High Point, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


Joan Root 

Arlington, Va. 

A.B. History 


Nancy Taylor Scales 

Leaksville. N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Chuck Schreiber 

Bradford. Pa. 

A.B. Political Science 

Jeffrey Beck Seaford 

Lexington, N. C. 

B.S.T. Physical 


Sarah Louise Shelton 

Mount Airy, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Lennon Shipp 

Clinton, N. C. 
B.S. Biology 

Jane Shouse 

Pfafftown, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Ellen M. Siess 

Irvington, X. J. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Richard Schroeder Simms 

Clinton, X. J. 

A.B. History and 

Political Science 


Susan Slack 

High Point, N. C. 
A.B. English 

Lionel Sledge 

High Point, N. C, 

B.S. Business 


Norma Kay Small 

Salisbury. N. C. 

A.B. Spanish 

Charles Wayne Smith 

High Point, N. C. 

B.S. Math 


Jerry Smothers Hilda Jeanne Stanford 

Monticello, N. C. Efland, N. C. 

B.S. Physical Education A.B. Sociology 

Sammie Arthurine Spry 
Kannapolis, N. C. 
A.B. Social Studies 

Roger Stephens 
Meadville, Pa. 
A.B. Religion 

Richard Stinson 

Washington, D. C. 

A.B. History 

Helen Ann Talley 

Charlotte, X. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Charles Wendell Stiles 

Robhinsville. X. C. 

A.B. Sociology 

C. G. St ill well. Jr. 

High Point. X. C. 

B.S. Business 



Omegia Louise Waldrcp 
Shelby. N. C. 
A.B. Sociology 

Art Warren 

Stafford Springs, Conn. 
A.B. History and 
Political Science 

Earl Tysinger. Jr. 

Thomasville, X. C. 
B.S. Biology 

Roberto Vasquez 

Cochabamba. Bolivia 

B.S. Business 


CAN BE SAID? . . . 

Helen Ann Wasileski Charles W. Westmoreland 

Hightstown. X. J. 
A.B. History and 
Political Science 

Susan Elizabeth Wells 

Waterbury, Conn. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Winston-Salem, N. C. 
A.B. History and 
Political Science 
Charles Anthony White 

Pineville. X. C. 
A.B. Sociology 

Pat White 

Sophia, X. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Lynda Delores Williams 

Sparta, X. C. 
A.B. Sociology 

Kathleen I). Wilson 

Spruce Pine, X. C. 

A.B. Religion 

Linda Elaine Winters 

Berkeley Heights, X. J. 

A.B. Sociology 

■ • 

Leonard Witt 
Allentown, Pa. 

B.S. Business 

Mrs. Rebecca A. Woody 

.Aslicliorn. X. I". 

A.B.T. Elementary 


David Gerald Yarborough 

Fort Mill. S. C. 
B.S. Business 


Katherine Vow 

Seapiove. N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Barry I". Y(.rk 

Hich Point. X. C. 
B.S. Chemistry 



Emma Lou Landes Secretary 
Ralph Hoar President 

"An investment in knowledge pays 
the best interest" — Franklin 

Jim Sloan Vice-President 
Kaye Moody Treasurer 


Laurie Abbott 

Thomasville, N. C. 

Clyde Aiken 

Forest Park, Georgia 

Jean Allen 
Atlanta, Georgia 

Jean Anderson 

Sue Ashburn 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Marizell Austin 
Monroe, N. C. 

Dwight Avers 
High Point, N. C. 

Kaye Benfield 
High Point, N. C. 

Thomas Blanciak 
Vandergrift, Pa. 

Debra I- Bolton 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Jackie Krendle 

Morganton, N. C. 

Winifred Bristow 
Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 

I.arrv E. Brown 
Trinity, N. C. ' 

Ronald Cole Brown 
Asheville, N. C. 

Velma Browning 
High Point, N. C. 

John W. Buffum 
New York, N. Y. 

Carolyn Burns 
Maple Shade, X. J. 

Clinton Steve Burns 
High Point, N. C. 

Rhea Evalyn Carle 
Bristol, Mass. 

William C. Carter, Jr. 

Mt. Airy, N. C. 

Greg Chase 
Va. Beach, Va. 

Larry Cheatham 
Madison, Indiana 

Sue Cheek 

Kannapolis, N. ('. 

Gary Chesson 

Reidsville, N. C. 



Robert H. Clark. Jr. 
Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Tillie Clark 
Greenwood, S. C. 

LaRue Leonard ('line 
Lexington, N. C. 

Thomas L. Coleman 
Potomac, Md. 

Laura L. Coltrane 
Kernersville. N. C. 

Judv C. Cox 
Reidsville, N. C. 

Larry Craven 
High Point, N. C. 

Sarah Craven 
High Point, N. C. 

Sharon Creagmile 
Ridley Park, Pa. 

Donald Crossley 
Swansea, Mass. 

William Vernon Cude, Jr. 

Winston-Salem. X. C. 

Ernest C. Daniels 
High Point, N. C. 

Brenda A. Dayvault 

Kannapolis, N. C. 

Julie DeGooyer 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Tom Dignan 
Washington, D. C. 

David Dorsey 
Rutherfordton, N. C. 

Sue Drone 
Alexandria, Va. 

Sandra Dunlap 
Walnut Cove, N. C. 

Karen Edwards 
King, N. C. 

Steve Eller 
Thomasville, N. C. 


Leif Erickson 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Wayne Ervin 
Brunswick, Georgia 

Hetty Fearrinj;ton 
Pittsboro, N. C. 

Clinton Porbis 

High Point, N. C. 

Jerrv Freedle 
High Point, N. C. 

Eloise Freeman 
Leaksville, N. C. 

Mary K. Garland 

High Point, N. C. 

Cainor (ioodwin 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Sarah F. Green 
Hitch Point, N. C. 

Sarah Greene 
White Plains, N. Y. 

Jerry R. Groce 

High Point, N. C. 

David Hardee 
High Point, N. C. 

Cleah M. Harris 
High Point, N. C. 

William Harris 
Carthage, N. C. 

Ralph Hoar 
Toano, Va. 

Ron Holbert 

Cambridge City, Ind. 

Garrv Holland 
High Point, N. C. 

1$ ill Hollinusworth 
Lexington, N. C. 

Susan Hood 

Camp Lejeune, N. C. 

Ervin Hillard Houser 
Kings Mountain, N. C. 

Aileen Howe 
Mt. Holly, N. J. 

Vicki Hudson 

Asheboro, N. C. 

Wayne Hughes 

Trinity, N. C. 

Judv Hussey 
High Point, N. C. 



Kimbrough Jones 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Wanda Joyce 

Madison, N. C. 

Delaine Jurney 

Harmony, N. C. 

Margaret 1). Kaehler 
East Meadow, N. Y. 

Tamara Kearns 
Lexington, N. C. 

Rosemary Kennedy 

Lincolnton, N. C. 

Wavne Kennedy- 
High Point, N. C. 

Jeffery I). Kerr 
Emmaus, Pa. 

Mike Key 
Charleston, W. Va. 

Susan E. Knam 
Gwynedd, Pa. 

Jerry Lambert 
Nappanee. Ind. 

Emma Lou Landes 
Raleigh, N. C. 

George Lare 
Drexel Hill, Pa. 

Rickie Larrick 
High Point, N. C. 

Bill Lea 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Laura Lenz 
Bethesda, Md. 

Sharon Letherhury 
Wilmington, Delaware 

Gloria Lewallen 

High Point, N. C. 

Dick Lew in 

Camden, N. J. 

Jean Losten 
Chesapeake City, Md. 


N. Leslie Lowe 
High Point, N. C. 

Bill McDermatt 
Hyattsville, Md. 

Steve McGee 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

William H. Mslnnia 
Lakeview, N. C. 

Mary McLean 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Philip Mabe 
High Point, N. C. 

Ann Mackie 
Cecilton. Md. 

Lois Jean Mainwaring 
Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Larry Matthews 
Kernersville, X. C. 

Charles Merrill 

Mocksville, N. C. 

Jane Milner 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mike Milward 
Alexandria, Va. 

.lav Motsinger 
High Point, X. C. 

Anna M. Xance 
Mt. Pleasant, N. C. 

Ronald Xelson 
High Point, X. C. 

William Newley 
Thomasville, X. C. 

Rebecca Xixon 
High Point, X. C. 

Stanley Xorth 
Demarest, X. J. 

L. William Xovinger 
Dover, Delaware 

Barbara O'Connor 
Hanover, X'. J. 

Carl Orton 
Winston-Salem, X. 

Barry Osborne 
Asheboro, X. C. 

Robert Owens 
Lexington. X. C. 

Ann Parker 
Hobgood, X. C. 



Betty Parks 

Trinity, N. C. 

Eddy Patterson 
Ararat, N. C. 

Hattie Patterson 
High Point. X. C. 

Tom Patterson 
High Point, X. C. 

Diane Pigott 
Washington, D. C. 

Catherine Poin'lexter 
Charlotte, X. C. 

Xancy Poole 

New London, X. C. 

Richard Prince 
Tampa, Fla. 

David Puliiam 
Roanoke, Ya. 

Linda Puliiam 
Spray. X. C. 

Emery Raper 

Lexington. N. C. 

Darrell Ravle 
High Point. X. C. 

Sally Reed 
Leesburg, Ya. 

Xoel Rendell 

Simsburg, Conn. 

Mary Reneear 
Harmony. X. C. 

James Richardson 
Winston-Salem. X. C. 

Ronald Rogers 
Lexington, X. C. 

Carolyn Russell 
Granite Falls, X. C. 

Jeanne Ruth 
High Point, X. C. 

Jan Samet 

High Point, X. C. 



Candy Sarmuk 
Housatonic, Mass. 

Tom Sharpe 
Burlington, N. C. 

Ruth Ann Sides 
Greensboro, X. C. 

Bob Skwirut 

Vandergrift, Pa. 

Jim Sloan 
Alexandria, Va. 

Angie Smith 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Linwood Smith 
Washington, D. C. 

Shirlev Snvder 
High Point, N. C. 

James Spiridopoulos 
Washington, D. C. 

Jim Stanley 
Thomasville, N. C. 

Janet Stayer 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Dina Steed 
Greensboro, N. C. 

John Steimle 
Southern Pines, N. C. 

James Stitt 
Eastville, Va. 

Judy Stone 
Raleigh, K. C. 

Catherine Story 
Greensboro, X. C. 

Ella Stout 
Asheboro. X. C. 

Judv Stutts 
Liberty, X. C. 

Donna Suhadolc 
Bergen, X. J. 

John Swan 
Sylva, N. C. 

Xancy Tabor 
Greensboro, X. C. 

Ray Taylor 
Durham, N. C. 

Doug Thayer 
Baldwin, X. Y. 

Betty Pat Thomas 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 



David Thomas 

High Point, N. C. 

Allen Thorburn 

Harrington Park, N. J. 

Dare Tingen 
Woodsdale, N. C. 

Chuck Tomlinson 
Mocksville, N. C. 

Harriet Tysinger 
Thomasville, N. C. 

Joyce Van Hook 
Canton, N. C. 

Betty Jo Vaughn 
High Point, N. C. 

Virginia Venning 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Barbara Walker 
Reidsville, N. C. 

Jerry Ward 
Asheboro, N. C. 

Kathleen Ward 
Washington, D. C. 

Bob Weiss 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Wanda Welborn 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Robert Wells 
Burlington, N. C 

Suzanne Wells 
Jacksonville, Fla. 

Gail Whitlemore 
Graham, N. C. 

Shelby Wilkes 
High Point, N. C. 

Ellen Williams 
Olin, N. C. 

Rebecca Wilson 
Walkertown, N. C. 

Jovce Wright 

Earl, N. C. 



"The more we study the more we 
discover our ignorance." 
— Shelley 

Gary Sappenfield President 

Elinor Brading Secretary 

Bobbie Tavlor Treasurer 

Bill Beans Vice-President 


Diane Abbott 
Arlington, Va. 
Bev Albright 
Charlotte, N. C. 
Donna Allen 
Orlando, Fla. 
Charlotte Anderson 
Raleigh, N. C. 
Nancy Andrews 
Siler City, N. C. 

Susan Applegate 
Alexandria, Va. 
Emilie Auman 
Seagrove, N. C. 
Jennie Auman 
Archdale, N. C. 
Jennings Austin 
Monroe, N. C. 
Paul A. Ayers II 
Rutherford College, N. C. 

William F. Baldwin 
Wilmington, Del. 
Barry Bateman 
Spray, N. C. 
Linda Beatty 
Greensboro, N. C. 
Bob Betterten 
Brigantine, N. J. 
Hugh Bigham 
Morganton, N. C. 

Gloria S. Blackburn 
High Point, N. C. 
James S. Blackwell 

Asheboro, N. C. 

Pat Boyles 

Pinnacle, N. C. 

Elinor Brading 
Alexandria, Va. 
Charles Browne 
Asheboro, N. C. 

Mike Bryant 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Norma L. Byerly 
High Point, N. C. 
Dan Cagle 
High Point, N. C. 
Ann Callaway 
Arlington, Va. 
Judy Carlton 
Thomasville, N. C. 

Tim Cassell 
Winston-Salem, N. 
Catherine Cline 
Paris, 111. 
David Cole 
High Point, N. C. 
Vicki Cole 
Leaksville, N. C. 
Doug Combs 
Cheverly, Md. 


James Cook 
Greensboro, X. C. 
Donald Cook 
Brown Summit, N. C. 
Jeanine Cottrelle 
Beltsville, Md. 
Charles Cox 
Asheboro, N. C. 
Gary Craver 
Lexington, N. C. 

Rabecca Craver 

High Point, N. C. 
David F. Crawford 
Hiddenite, N C. 
Cathie Cruitt 
Aberdeen, Md. 
Elizabeth B. Daniel 
Greensboro, N. C. 
Janet Daniel 
Roxboro, N. C. 

Virginia Dark 
Siler City, N. C. 
Pete Davis 
Miami, Fla. 
Janice Doub 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Forrest Dover 
Bessemer City, X. C. 
John A. Duffy 
Washington, D. C. 

Carolyn Dziedzic 
East Hartford, Conn. 
Donna Ebert 
Greensboro, X. C. 
Lynn Edmonds 
Mobile, Ala. 
Rosemary Edwards 
Siler City, X. C. 
Jeanie Elms 
Greensboro, N. C. 

David Enslev 
High Point, X. C. 
Philip Faucette 
Brown Summit, X. C. 
Jonathan L. Faulkner 
Ridgewood, X. J. 
Diana Ferran 
Eustis. Fla. 
Craig Furman 
Roekville, Md. 

Larry W. Garrison 
Winston-Salem, N. 
David Gilbert 
Pfafftown, X. C. 
Allison Glew 
Saugus, Mass. 
Donna Goettsche 
Arlington, Va. 
Monica Goggin 
Willingboro, X. J. 



Susan Golden 
Mt. Airy, N. C. 
Ralph Goode 
Connelly Springs, N. C. 
Ann Greco 
Alexandria, Va. 
Mary Grissom 
Warren, N. C. 
Laura Groce 
Asheville, N. C. 

Betsy Hairfield 
Morganton, N. C. 
Judy Hamlet 
Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Sam G. Hardister III 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Martha Harrington 
Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Sharon Harshbarger 
McLean, Va. 

Martin R. Havens 
New London, N. C. 
Delores Havworth 
High Point," X. C. 
Betty Hege 
Gastonia, N. C. 
Sara Hester 
Roxboro, N. C. 
Steve L. Hicks 
Trinity, N. C. 

Tony Hill 
Greensboro, N. C. 
Kirt Hinshaw 
Thomasville, N. C. 
Sue Holscher 
Washington, D. C. 
Dianne Holt 
Charlotte, X. C, 
Linda Hopkins 
Washington. D. C. 

Beth Horigan 
Bethesda. Md. 
Neal Hornadav 
Milford, Del. 
Wanda G. Howlett 
High Point, X. C. 
David B. Hucks 
High Point, X. C. 
Helen Hughes 
High Point, N. C. 

Mary Humphrey 
Arlington, Va. 
George M. Hunsucker 
Asheboro, X. C. 
Kenneth Hunt 
Trinity, X. C. 
Bobby Hussey 
High Point. X. C. 
Kay Jackson 
Wilmington, Del. 


Van Jones 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

I.arrv Kendrick 
Spray, N. C. 
Kitty Kindred 
Stuart, Fla. 
Marc Kreider 
Lebanon, Pa. 
Charles Kurkjian 
Exton, Pa. 

Sandra Kvles 
Statesville, N. C. 
Steve Laney 
Charlotte, N. C. 
Marv Dim La Salla 
Raleigh, N. C. 
Raymond Leonard 
Ararat, Va. 
Anne Lewis 
Elkin, N. C. 

Wayne Link 

Connelly Springs, N. C. 
Phillip Lockman 
Iron Station, N. C. 
Anita Loomis 
Rushville, N. Y. 
Harry Love 
Stanfield, N. C. 
Delores McDonald 
High Point, N. C. 

Richard McGreevy 
Requannock, N. J. 
Steve McLain 
Hiddenite, N. C. 
Mees McLane 
Arlington, Va. 
Lewis McMillan 
Lexington, N. C. 
Joseph McNulty 
Asheboro, N. C. 

Kenneth Machlin 
Silver Spring, Md. 
John Marshall 
Statesville, N. C. 
Rick Marshall 
Silver Spring, Md. 
Suzanne Martin 
Alexandria, Va. 
David Mason 
Westfield, N. J. 

Nan Mason 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Martv Methenv 
High Point, N. C. 
Richard Mock 
Levvisville. X. C. 
Anne Montague 
Raleigh, X. C. 
James Moore 
Asheboro, N. C. 



Malcolm 0. Moore 
High Point, N. C. 
Jan Morris 
High Point, N. C. 
Christine Myers 
High Point. N. C. 
Sidney W. Nance 
Thomasville, N. C. 
Larry T. N'eal 
Belews Creek, N. C. 

Ann Nose 

Fayetteville, N. C. 
Katherine Newman 
Allendale, N. J. 
Deirdre Norman 
Pilot Mountain. N. C. 
Eric Okin 
Arlington, Va. 
Sharon G. Oliver 
Morganton, N. C. 

Leo R. Palmer 

High Point, N. C. 
Leonard S. Palmer, Jr. 
Salem, Va. 
Claudia L. Pavne 
Gunter A.F.B.i Ala. 
Frances Peace 
Winston Salem, N. C. 
Sharon S. Pearson 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Anita D. Phipps 
High Point, N. C. 
Emilie Pickett 
Denton, N. C. 
Charles Presley- 
Winston Salem. N. C. 
Peggy Purnell 
Guilford College, N. C. 
Carol Resch 
Mount Pleasant, S. C. 

Judson C. Richardson 
Lynnfield, Mass. 
Cassandra Ritchie 
Kingsport, Tenn. 
Arthur R. Robb, Jr. 
Winston Salem, N. C. 
David Robinson 
Selfridge A.F.B., Mich. 
Barbara Rogers 
High Point, N. C. 

Betty Rogers 
Alberta, Va. 
Mary Rushing 
Hoffman, N. C. 
Robert M. Sale 
High Point, N. C. 
Betty Sanderford 
Whiteville, N. C. 
Gary V. Sappenfield 
High Point, N. C. 

I 3 -\ fyj 

Ann Scott 
Hampton, Va. 
Claire Scott 
Birmingham, Ala. 
Karl P. Sender 
Waynesboro, Va. 
Stephen R. Seninger 
Newark, Del. 
William So ier 
Asheville, N. C. 

Rudy P. Shackleford 
Pinnacle, N. C. 
Peggy Sharp 
Raleigh, N. C. 
Donna Shelly 
Parris Island, S. C. 
Lynn Simone 
Union, N. J. 
Danny Smith 
Asheboro, N. C. 

Patricia A. Smith 

Annapolis, Md. 
Wilton Smith 
Hillcrest Heights, Md. 
Dennis Snead, Jr. 
Greensboro, N. C. 
Charlie So 
High Point, X. C. 
Regina Sofer 
Welcome, N. C. 

Michael Sombar 
Milford, Del. 
Richard Sparks 
High Point, N. C. 
Steve L. Spencer 
Madison, N. C. 
C. Millard Stallings 
Smithfield, N. C. 
Patsv Starling 
High" Point, N. C. 

Sammi Steele 
High Point, X. C. 
Steve Stolle 
East Hartford, Conn. 
Phyllis Sturdivant 
Lexington X. C. 
Laura Stutts 
Candor, N. C. 
Elizabeth Surratt 
High Point, X. C. 

Joan Taro 
High Point, X. C. 
Steve Tatgenhorst 
Ragland, Ohio 
Barbara L. Taylor 
Denton, N. C. 
Nancy Taylor 
Alexandria, Va. 
Sylvia Teague 
Charlotte, N. C. 



Frankie Thigpen 
Pikeville, N. C. 
H. B. Thomas, Jr. 

Galax, Va. 
Louise Thomas 
Jackson Springs, N. C. 
Ted Thomas 
Gastonia, N. C. 
Alan C. Timmons 
Milford, Del. 

Gene Treants 
Greensboro, N. C. 
Peggy R. Trogdon 
Asheboro, N. C. 
Lynn Tuggle 
High Point, N. C. 
Martha Tuttle 
High Point, N. C. 
Janice Tysinger 
Lexington, X. C. 

Brenda Varner 
Lexington, N. C. 
John Vaughn 
Greensboro. N. C. 
Mary Lynn Wagner 
High Point, N. C. 
Richard Wagoner 
Rochester, X. Y. 
Larry Wall 
Pilot Mountain, X. C. 

James F. Walters 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Allen C. Ward 
Metuchen, X. J. 
Joan Warren 
Kernersville, N. C. 
Ronny Waugh 
Jamestown, X. C. 
Robert Whitaker 
Oak Ridge, N. C. 

Ellen White 

Saugus, Mass. 
William White 
Stoney Point, N. C. 
James Whitehead 
Camp Lejeune, N. C. 
Gail Wilson 
Asheboro, N. C. 
Vicki Wimberly 
Reidsville, X. C. 

Tony Workman 

Winston Salem, N. 
Dalton Wood 
Durham, X. C. 
Clark Yokley 
High Point, N. C. 
Val E. Zumbro 
Hyattsville, Md. 


Robert Montgomery Vice-President Margaret Brookbank Secretary 

John Driscoll Treasurer 

Robert Myers President 


"Hitch your wagon to a star" — Emerson 

■ - ■ - *r 



David Ackerman 
Bethesda, Md. 
Lawrence Adams 
Manchester, Conn. 
Linda Adams 
Summit, X. J. 
Charles Allen 
Shelby, N. C. 
Nancy Allgood 
High Point, N. C. 

James Allison 
Waldorf, Md. 
Reginald A 11 red 
Durham, X. C. 
John Amnions 
Kings Mountain, X. C. 
David Anderson 
Hopkinsville, Ky. 
Brenda Auman 
Archdale, X. C. 

Claudia Babh 
West Suffield, Conn. 
Myra Bailey 
Gibsonville, X. C. 
Ray Baity 
Greensboro, X. C. 
Sharon Baker 
Charlotte, X. C. 
Debbv Barnes 
Orlando, Fla. 

Linda Beam 
Cherryville, X. C. 
Gary Beaver 
Summerfield, X. C. 
Lee Beaver 
Spindale, X. C. 
Lynda Beck 
Lewisville, X. C. 
David Benson 
High Point, N. C. 

Steve Benson 
Orlando, Fla. 
Pamela Berry 
Alexandria, Va. 
Carol Biddle 
Massapequa, N. Y. 
Phil Black 
High Point, X. C. 
Detra Blackburn 
Mt. Airy, X. C. 

Linda Blalock 
Washington, D. C. 
Patricia Blessington 
Ocean City, N. J. 
Christie Bolton 
Winston-Salem, X. C. 
Elizabeth Bosch 
High Point, X. C. 
Paula Bower 
Upper Marlboro, Md. 



a f^ 


Thomas Boyd 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Larrv Boyles 
Mt. Airy, N. C. 
Steve Breckheimer 
Fairfax, N. Y. 
Rodney Briggs 
High Point, N. C. 
Carolyn Britt 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Margaret Brookbank 
High Point, N. C. 
Jerrv Brooks 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Jeff Broos 
Lexington, N. C. 
Mary Brown 
Jonesville, N. C. 
Steve Brumfield 
High Point, N. C. 

Jimmy Byrd 

High Point, N. C. 
Daniel Calhoun 
Kernersville, N. C. 
Shelia Campbell 
Spindale, N. C. 
Irene Caputo 
Silver Spring, Md. 
Nancy Carnes 
Washington, D. C. 

Jim Carpenter 

Lexington, N. C. 
Tom Carpenter 
Norwood, N. C. 
Ken Carraway 
Swansboro, N. C. 
Linda Case 
McLeansville, N. C. 
Nancv Cashatt 
High Point, N. C. 

Dennis Champion 
High Point, N. C. 
Katherine Chappell 
Brown Summit, N. C. 
Allison Cheney 
Fayetteville.N. C. 
Glenn Chorpening 
Orlando, Fla. 
Emily Chriscoe 
Asheboro, N. C. 

Larry Clapp 

Liberty, N. C. 
Margaret Clapp 
High Point, N. C. 
Clayton Cleaves 
Charlotte, N. C. 
Lynn Cochrane 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Patricia Coffey- 
Devon, Pa. 

David Collins 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Don Collier 
Greensboro, N. C. 
John Cooley 
Prospectville, Pa. 
Lynda Corn 
High Point, N. C. 
John Cornet 
Orlando, Fla. 



Const ance Corum 
Kernersville, N. C. 
Susan C'osman 
South Bethlehem, N. Y 
Jimmy Coston 
Raleigh, N. C. 
Clifford Cox 
Falls Church, Va. 
Linda Cox 
Eugene, Ore. 

Steve Crater 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Lynn Crawford 
North Plainfield, N. J. 
Charles Crews 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Linda Crowder 
Bethesda, Md. 
Boyce Cruse 
High Point, N. C. 

Danny Culler 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Lvnn Cumby 
High Point, N. C. 
Jim Davis, Jr. 
Atlanta, Ga. 
John Davis 
Charlotte, N. C. 
Sandra Derles 
High Point, N. C. 

Hugh Dial 
Concord, N. C. 
Lynn Donington 
Chatham, N. J. 

John Driscall 
Somerset, Mass. 
Joy Duncan 
Concord, N. C. 
Beverly Echerd 
High Point, N. C. 

Wayne Eddinger 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Daniel Eisert 
Louisville, Ky. 
James Elkins 
Durham, N. C. 
Karl Elliott 
Denton, N. C. 
Martha Emrich 
McLean, Va. 

Sandra Eskridge 
Shelby, N. C. 
Margaret Fagan 
High Point, N. C. 
Roberta Farmer 
Oakland, N. J. 
Dorcas Feimster 
Hamptonville, N. C. 
Kay Feimster 
Mocksville, N. C. 


Kill Fidler 
Cleona, Pa. 
Martha Fielden 
Silver Spring, Md. 
Susan Fischer 
Kethesda, Md. 
Becky Floyd 
Durham, N. C. 
Richard Folts 
Wilmington, Del. 

Judy Foster 
High Point, N. C. 
Susan Fowlkes 
Pompano Beach, Fla. 
Kenneth Frazier 
High Point, N. C. 
William Fritz 
High Point, N. C. 
Pat Gaffney 
Randleman, N. C. 

Mary Gaither 
Harmony, N. C. 
Jane Gardner 
Cleveland, N. C. 
Judv Garner 
LaPlata, Md. 
Francis Garris 
Christiansburg, Va. 
Buss Gehweiler 
Glenroek, N. J. 

Curtis Gerringer 

McLeansville, N. C. 
Warren Godwin 
Southmont, N. C. 
Sharon Gordon 
Pfafftown, N. C. 
Gail Grabovetz 
Succasunna, N. J. 
Tom Grace 
Cheshire, Conn. 

Walter Gragg 
Connelly Springs, N. C. 
Joyce Gray 
High Point, N. C. 
Evalene Green 
Trinity, N. C. 
Linda Greenwood 
Kernersville, N. C. 
Susan Griffin 
New York, N. Y. 

Janet Guirkin 
Falls Church, Va. 
Alice Guiton 
Whiteville, N. C. 
Robert Guyer 
High Point, N. C. 
Martha Hadley 
Asheboro, N. C. 
Mary Jo Hall 
Bahama, N. C. 

Patricia Hall 
High Point, N. C. 
Tommy Hall 
Statesville, N. C. 
Pat Hardister 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Susan Harrison 
High Point, N. C. 
Katherine Havden 
Bethesda, Md. 


Barbara Havwood 
High Point, N. C. 
Wyatt Hearp 
Rcidsville, N. C. 
Clyde Hcaton 
High Point, \". C. 
Susan Hedrick 
High Point, N. C. 
Walt Hedrick 
Silver Spring, Aid. 

Shirley Hemphill 
Rome, Ga. 
Paul Henry 
North East, Aid. 

(Jail Hetherington 

Hampton, K. J. 

Vicky Hoffman 
Fayetteville, N. C. 

Nancy Holcombe 

Statesville, N. C. 

Tommy Holmes 
High Point, N. C. 
Robert Hooper 
Apopka, Fla. 
Carol Huff 
High Point, N. C. 
Linda Huff 
High Point, N. C. 
Glenda Huffman 
High Point, N. C. 

Lynda Huffman 
High Point, N. C. 
Freddie Hughes 
Thomasville. N. C. 
Patsy Humphries 
Monroe, N. C. 
Charles Hunevcutt 
High Point, N. C. 
Nancy Hunter, 
Fanwood, N. J. 

Richard Hutchins 
San Francisco, Calif. 
Betty Idol 
High Point, N. C. 
Carol Isaacs 
Alilford, Del. 
James Jenkins 
Barbousville, W. Va. 
Cheryl Johns 
Tampa, Fla. 

Joseph Johnston 
Lutherville, Md. 
Patricia Jolly 
Elkin, N. C. 
Norma Jones 
High Point, N. C. 
Charles Jones 
Asheboro, N. C. 
Karen Jordan 
High Point, N. C. 

Kenny Jurney 
Harmony, N. C. 
Phil Keefer 
Cheverly, Md. 
Judy Kievning 
Livingston, N'. J. 
Susan Kiger 
Rural Hall, N. C. 
Billie King 
Martinsville, Va. 

Donna Kirk 
Cheverly, Md. 
Margaret Kirkman 
Greensboro, N. C. 
Jeanne Klinefelter 
Sanford, Fla. 
Carolyn Kopp 
Charlotte, N. C. 
Fuschia Lackey 
Fallston, N. C. 

Bill Lagos 
Wheaton, Md. 
Bill Land 
High Point, N. C. 
Janet Land 
Thomasville. N. C. 
Jane Laughridge 
Shelby, N. C. 
Ellen Law 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Gay Lawrence 
Elkin, N. C. 
Linda Lawrence 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Sandy Lee 
Thomasville, N. C. 
Evelyn Leinback 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Chris Lindsay- 
Rochester, N. Y. 

Eugene Littles 
Washington, D. C. 
Janice Love 
High Point, N. C. 
Johnny Lucas 
Cocoa, Fla. 
Ann Luff 

Hackettstown, X. J- 
Larry Lupton 
Bayboro, N. C. 

Jon Lyons 

Wilmington, Del. 
Ann McAdams 

High Point, N. C. 

Leslie McCall 
Cheverly, Md. 
Sarah McCallum 
Candor, N. C. 
James McCarson 
Thomasville, N. C. 

Linda McCrary 
Fairfax, Va. 
Barbara McDiarmid 
Red Springs, N. C. 
Phvllis McDowell 
High Point, N. C. 
Judv McKenzie 
West End, N. C. 
William McMillan 
Cape Charles, Va. 


Thomas McPherson 

Durham, N. C. 

Ralph Malany 
Cincinnati, Ohio 
Jonathan Mann 
Hamlet, N. C. 
Kenneth Martin 
Arlington, Va. 
Janet Masten 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Linda Melette 

Cordova, Alaska 
Gail Merritt 
Shelby, N. C. 
Charles Mershon 
Trenton, N. J. 
Cathy Miller 
Tampa, Fla. 
Barbara Mize 
Silver Spring, Md. 

Robert Montgomery 
Stratford, N. J. 
Robert Mooney 
Lumberton, N. C. 
J. D. Moore 
Asheboro, N. C. 
Daphine Morgan 
Concord, N. C. 
Sylvia Mosteller 
Waughtown, N. C. 

Elaine Murphy 
Thomasville, N. C. 
Janna Murphy 
Woodbridge, Va. 
Robert Myers 
Thomasville, N. C. 
Robert T. Myers 
High Point, N. C. 
Patsy Nance 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Jerrv Needham 
Pinnacle, N. C. 
Joseph Needham 
Pilot Mountain, N. C. 
Danny Nelson 
Madison, N. C. 
Dianne Niland 
Arlington, Va. 
Dianna Olson 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Nancv Overbv 
Westfield, N. C. 
Cheryl Owen 
High Point, N. C. 
Margaret Owen 
Whittier, N. C. 
Paul Owen 
High Point, N. C. 
Bruce Parisi 
Glen Rock, N. J. 

Danny Parsons 
Winston-Salem, N. ('. 
Paul Payne 
Yorktown, Va. 
Harney Peeler 
Lawndale, N. C. 
Henrv Pelfrev 
Orlando, Fla. 
Andy Pell 
Pilot Mountain, N. C. 

Herbert Penry 

Lexington, N. C. 
Barbara I'eterson 
Fuquay-Varina, N. C. 
Joan Peterson 
Irvington, N. J. 
David Phillips 
Peabody, Mass. 
Jim Picka 
Baltimore, Md. 

Barbara Poole 
Maitland, Fla. 
Ida Pou 

High Point, N. C. 
Sylvia Pratt 
Charlotte, N. C. 
Kermit Prevette 
Roaring River, N. C. 
Sandra Pruitt 
Timberlake, N. C. 

Phyllis Pugh 
High Point, N. C. 
Marcia Kainer 
Silver Spring, Md. 
Doug Rayle 
Greensboro, N. C. 
Tommy Reddick 
Thomasville, N. C. 
Andy Reece 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

David Reed 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Brenda Reeves 

High Point, N. C. 
Virgil Reid 
Candor, N. C. 
Ted Renfro 
Rockville, Md. 
Darrell Rich 
Asheboro, N. C. 

Charles Rock 
Virginia Beach, Va. 
Jack Russell 
Thomasville, N. C. 
Mintie Saintsing 
Thomasville, N. C. 
Rebecca Samuels 
Jamestown, N. C. 
Donald Saunder 
High Point, N. C. 

Fran Schell 
Atlanta, Ga. 
Carol Scheuffle 
Arlington, Va. 
Lynn Sconk 
Greensboro, N. C. 

.lames Scott 

Leaksville, N. C. 
Brenda Settlemyre 

Ridgewood, N. C. 



Karen Shelton 
High Point, N. C. 
Sharon Sherwood 
Atlanta, Ga. 
Judy Sidden 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Dennis Sigmon 
Elkin, N. C. 
Martha Simmons 
Richmond, N. C. 

Barbara Smith 
Towson, Md. 
Jerry Smith 
High Point, N. C. 
Kenneth Smith 
High Point, N. C. 
Linda Smith 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Martha Smith 
Asheboio, N. C. 

Richard Smith 
Riverdale, Md. 
Ronald Smith 
Liberty, N. C. 
Jesse Spaugh 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Donald Stalev 
Garner, N. C. 
William Stalev 
High Point, N. C. 

Laur Stayer 
Charlotte, N. C. 
Diana Stein 
Alexandria, Va. 
William Stewart 
Wheaton, Md. 
Burton Steffen 
Wheaton, Md. 
John Stillwell 
LaPlata, Md. 

Donna Stines 
Marshall, N. C. 
Pat Stirling 
Charlotte, N. C. 
John Stoddard 
Mountain Lakes, N. .1 
Dorothy Styles 
Asheville, N. C. 
Carl Tagge 
Leaksville, N. C. 

Kay Terrell 

Mebane, N. C. 
Sally Teuteberg 
Charlotte, N. C. 
Larry Thetford 
Washington, D. C. 
Jessica Thomas 
Sylva, N. C. 
Sarah Thompson 
Graham, N. C. 

m*iM diM 


* «■! 

5 7 


A Ait* 

4 d£,± 

Linda Tucker 
Burlington, N. C. 
Charles Turner" 
Pairlawn, X. J. 
Julie Turner 
Silver Spring-, Md. 
David Tuxhorn 
Springfield, 111. 
George Vann 
Silver Spring, Md. 

Paul Venable 
Winston-Salem, X. C. 
Jane Wagar 
Hampton, Va. 
Jane Wagner 
Lexington, N. C. 
Jean Wakenight 
Washington, D. C. 
Richard Walden 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Thomas Waldron 
Allentown, N. J. 
Kathy Walker 
McLean, Va. 
Linda Wallace 
Troy, N. C. 
Sandy Walters 
Altavista, Va. 
Tim Webb 
High Point, X. C. 

Leslie Welch 
Long Branch, X. J. 
William Weleck 
Bergan, X. J. 
Pat Whitlow 
High Point, X. C. 
Doris Whitt 
Roxboro, X. C. 
Rita Whitt 
Milan, 111. 

James Wilkerson 
Milford, Del. 
Danny Williams 
High Point, X. C. 
Diane Williams 
Eagle Springs, X. C. 
John Williams 
Waretown, X. J. 
Linda Williamson 
Raeford, X. C. 

Helen Wilson 

Greensboro, X. C. 
Vicki Wilson 
Lexington, X. C. 
Patty Wimbish 
Clinton, X. C. 
John Winters 
Mountain Lakes, X. J. 
Wanda Wise 
Goldsboro, X. C. 

Benjamin Wood 

Fairfax, Va. 
Jeffrey Wood 
Baltimore, Md. 
Linda Wood 
High Point, N. C. 
Vicki Wood 
Siler City, X. C. 
John Woods 
Charlotte, X. C. 


Jane Woodridge 
Hampton, Va. 
Thomas Yaun 
Lin wood, N. J. 
Worth Younts 
Trinity, N. C. 



"Resolve to perform what you ought; 
perform without fail what you resolve.' 

— Franklin 

Art Warren, President 

Ken Gilliam, Treasurer 

A representative aggregate of organized policy-makers 
. . . an enduring visage of objectivity, purpose, and order 
. . . an infinite schedule of planning, preparing, and 
producing . . . norms, negations, and nightly vigils . . . 
agitation, administration, and acclamation . . . ordinance 
and orientation . . . motion, majority. Martha and the 
Vandellas . . . legality, legislature, and Lettermen . . . 
dances and delegation . . . petition and prosecution . . . 
election and enforcement ... A diligent mediator, facili- 
tating communication and accomplishment . . . 




Tom Difinan. Vice-President 
Tillie Clark, Secretary 



The Student Legislature . . . 
A branch of the S. G. A. . . . 
Elected delegates . . . Debates, 
Discussions, Decisions . . . an 
important resolution ... A 
beneficial bill ... A body vital to 
the students' well-being . . . . 

Front Row L. to K. Ait Warren. Susan Hood. Ann Talley, Steve Buff. Second Row 
L. to R. Kent Ripley, Madeline Anderson. Aileen Howe, Steve Pearson. 

Front Row L. To R. Sandy Ritchie. Diane Niland. Ralph Hoar. Sharon Baker. 
Charles Kerr. Second Row I., to R. Robert Myers. Sylvia Pratt, Donna Shelly, 
Ann Scott. 

Chuck Richards, Speaker 


Seated: Jerry Proffitt, Chief Justice; Jan Samet, Prosecutor; Susan Applegate, Secre- 
tary. Standing: Gray Macy, Bill Mclnnis, Judy Stone, Jean Anderson, Dick Stinson, 
Carol Scheuffle, Linda Roberts. 

The Judiciary Council . . . Responsible . . . Serious . . . Duty to try 
cases concerning infractions against the Student Government Association 
. . . Those who assure one's rights as an individual in a free society and 
as a student at High Point College .... 


Front Row L. to R. Betts Davis, Betty Jo Vautthan. Ruth Sides. 
Barbara Walker, Brenda Dayvault, Betty Sanderford. Second 
Row L. to R. Retina Davis, Secretary; Martha Hartley. Ann Tal- 

ley. President; Bill Beans, Hugh Dial, Dave Tuxhorn, Roper 
Stephens, Steve Mcl.ain, Treasurer. 

The Student Christian Association . . . En- 
deavoring to arouse awareness of the love of God 
and of Jesus Christ ... A meaningful relation- 
ship with their fellowmen . . . Meetings . . . 
Christmas Caroling . . . Religious in Life Week 
. . . Worth-while projects . . . Collecting paper- 
backs for our troops in Viet Nam . . . Spring . . . 
Picnics at City Lake . . . The advisors' help and 
understanding . . . Striving to help the college 
community realize their obligations to God, to 
their fellowmen, and to themselves . . . 

Advisors: Dr. Owen M. Weatherly, Dr. Earl P. Crow, Dr. William 
R. Locke, Mrs. I.. M. Hays. 


A group who devote themselves 
to helping the "younger set" at 
various churches . . . travel . . . 
preparing, performing, persu- 
ing . . . enlightenment, enter- 
tainment, enjoyment ... A 
deep satisfaction from helping 
and from seeing the results of 
helping . . . 

David I'ulliam. Treasurer; Wayne Ervin, Assistant Chm.; Roger Stephens. Chairman; 
Mary Grissom, Secretary; Linda I'ulliam, Curriculum Chm.; Kitty Kindred, Retreat 

Barbara McDiarmid, Susan Griffin. Fuschia Larky. Sharon Slier- Martha Hadley, Mary Jo Hall, Sue Cosman, Dave Tuxhorn, Hugh 
wood, Doris Whitt. Rita Whitt, Jane Milner, Margaret Nance, Dial, Charles Merrill". 



First Row L. to R. Walter Hedriek, Francis Garris, Betts Davis. Doris Witt, Judy Davis. Mrs. L. M. Hays, advisor; Kitty Kir 
Jim Sloan. Second Row L. to R. Hugh Dial, Sarah Thompson, died, Sharon Sherwood, Mary Grissom, David Tuxhorn. 

Mrs. Hays and Betts Davis, President discuss with Kitty Kindred 
an upcoming project. 

Varied programs increase interest in the M. S. F. 

The Methodist Student Fellowship . . . Formulating an intelligent faith 
Meetings on Sunday nights . . . Companionship with fellow students 
Informality . . . Retreats . . . Group singing . . . Service projects . . . 

The criterion for all these endeavors is the life and teachings of Jesus as 

found in the Bible . . . 



L. to R. Linda Williams, Carol Resch, Janna Murphy, Sue Cheek, Louis Freeman, Dr. 
Owen M. Wcatherly, Advisor. 

The Baptist Student Union . . . Composed of 
Baptist students on campus . . . Meetings in 
Lindley Chapel . . . Fall convention in Charlotte 
. . . Outings at City Lake . . . Looking at them- 
selves objectively in their service to God . . . 
Realizing that each individual has an obligation 
to himself and to a Superior Being ... A year 
of fellowship along with accomplishing definite 
goals . . . 


David Robinson 

Bob Hamilton Bill Harris 

John Marquis Jim Picklesimer 

Paul Ayers Robert Bradley 

David Dorsey Wayne Ervin David Gilbert 

Tony Hill 

Bill Hollintrsworth Raymond Leonard John Locklair 

Carlos Rios Doug Thayer 

Mu Xi of Alpha Phi Omega 



L. to R. David Benson, Charlie So, Rich Walden, Phillip Mabe, Joe McNuIty. 

Front row 1. to r.: Mary Brown, Ann Parker. Linda Huff, Doris Whitt, Janet Masten, 
C. Resch. Second row, 1. to r.: Susan Griffin, Joyce Van Hook, Fuchsia Lackey, Sharon 
Sherwood, Martha Hadley, Carol Huff, Laura Coltrane, Alice Thompson, Glenda Huff- 
man, Janna Murphy. 


Alpha Delta Theta ... A religious-service sorority . . . Syno- 
nomous with ADT — leadership, friendship, service . . . Bee- 
coming leaders . . . Developing friendships . . . Serving God by 
serving each other . . . Problem sharing, jam sessions in the 
dormitory, quiet moments of devotions . . . 

Retreat at Milbrook Farm . . . Homecooked spaghetti, the 
player piano, group singing . . . The lake . . . 

The year ends, but the friendships in Alpha Delta Theta re- 
main . . . 

Is this "our" Ann Talley? 

My trick knee is acting up again . . . Are we near 
water ? . . . 

Hadley and her "Resch" custom built elbow 
rest. . . . 

Barbara Walker 

Gina Venning 
Vice President 

Wynne Austraw 

Linda Pulliam 

Emilie Auman 

Winifred Bristow 

Betts Davis 

Eloise Freeman 

Alpha Delta Theta 

Sarah Green 

Kitty Kindred 

Hattie Patterson 

Betty Sanderford 

Ruth Ann Sides 

Judy Stutts 

Ann Talley 

Betty Jo Vaughn 

Joyce Wright 



L. to R. Tom Dignan, Buddy Smith, Eddy Patterson, Steve Buff, Richard Wagoner. 

Steve Pearson, President 

Housemothers: Mrs. Frances McMeekin-Kerr, J. Ed Millis Dorm: 
Mrs. Hazel Long, McCulloch Hall 

Men's Dormitory Council . . . Governing body of MeCullough Hall and J. 
Ed Mills dormitories . . . Freshman Orientation . . . Mrs. Long's room 
checks . . . Misunderstandings, rules, and demerits . . . Fraternity lounge 
check by Mrs. McMeekin-Kerr . . . Questions followed by answers ... A 
group whose task it is to govern and guide with aid from both the house- 
mothers and from the men students . . . 



Judy Stone, Jean Anderson, Judiciary Representatives; Tillie Clark, 
Ree. Secretary; Cathy Poindexter, Corr. Sec; OmeEia Waldrep, 
Treasurer; Linda Perry, Vice-President; Ellen Seiss, President. 

Dawn Lankford, Anne Neese, Bobbie Taylor, Kitty 
Kindred, Laura Lenz, Proctors. 


An authoritative clique, branded with the indelible 
ink of responsibility . . . orientation and open 
house . . . dilemma of dorming . . . room check 
and rambling in late . . . sign-out and Santa Claus 
. . . lock-up, lights-out, and late permission . . . 
An evident cause, a nebulous solution . . . 

Resident Counselor Mrs. Mary Bennett 
keeps talis on her girls. 



Betsy Neese 

Betty Jo Vaughn 
Vice President 

Susan Hood 

Pam Fletcher 

The SNEA . . . Aspiring young teach- 
ers . . . Learning about the demands 
upon the teaching profession . . . En- 
deavoring to link members with their 
future profession . . . Workshops and 
conferences . . . Subscribing to state and 
national publications for teachers . . . 
Varied programs acquaint members 
with many teachers-student situations 
... An organization whose purpose it 
is to encourage future teachers to be as 
capable and as devoted as they should 

Dr. Dennis Cooke talks to the SNEA concerning discipline in the public schools. 



The Musical Arts Club 
. . . Composed of music 
majors and music minors 
. . . Recitals . . . Usher- 
ing for Fine Arts Depart- 
ment presentation . . . 
Receptions ... An ap- 
preciation of and interest 
in music as a vital com- 
ponent in our lives . . . 

Front Row L. to R. Doug Rayle, Rob Sales, Winifred Bristow, Sharon Harshbarger, 
Linda Morgan, Jane Wagoner, Wayne Hinkle, Dr. Lew Lewis, Mr. Charles Lynam. 
Second Row L. to R. Bill Bigham, Hugh Dial, Miss Nancy Ferrell. 


Meetings on Monday 
. . . Pat Alvarez, Presi- 
dent, got married ... A 
newly-elected President, 
Charlie So — complete 
with camera . . . Fortu- 
nate to have Mr. Callo- 
way for an advisor . . . 
Arousing an interest in 
"far away places" . . . 
Roberto taking a poll . . . 
Picnicing with plenty of 
food, songs, and activi- 
ties at City Lake . . . We 
close the year with the 
hope of better inter- 
national understanding 
in the years to come . . . 

Front row L. to R. Beth Horigan, Sue Martin, Marilyn Colvin, Betty Hege. Second 
Row L. to R. Roberto Vasquez, Janice Bogue, Shelby Wilkes, Pat Smith, Lynn Simone, 
Charlie So. 


Linda Kolicrts. Delaine .luiney, Linda Perry, Jean Andarson, Aileen Howe, Gail Wilson. 

Judy Stone, President and Mrs. Goolesby. 

The Panhellenic Council . . . Representing 
four social sororities . . . Judy Stone, Presi- 
dent . . . Rules for rushing . . . Teas and dances 
. . . Planning and carrying out plans . . . Greek 
sing . . . Co-recreation . . . Civic projects . . . 
Mrs. Goolesby's advice . . . Co-ordinating 
inter-sorority relationships at High Point Col- 
lege . . . 



Reading Clockwise: Dick Lewin, Theta Chi; Mac Hoyt, Pi Kappa Chi; Bill Carter, Delta Sigma I»hi ; Jim Moore, Tau Kappa Epsi- 
Alpha; Earl Senger, Lambda Chi Alpha; John Steimle, Tau Kappa Ion; Daw Mason, Lambda Chi Alpha; Tom Coleman, Pi Kappa 
Epsilon; Tim Bellinger, Delta Sigma Phi; Lenny Witt, Theta Alpha; Jim Duggan, Theta Chi. 

Interfraternity Council . . . Governing body 
of the five Greek letter social fraternities . . . 
Trophy for the outstanding fraternity man of 
the year . . . I. F. C. Scholarship Award . . . Greek 
Week . . . Co-Recreation night . . . Rush . . . 
New pledges, new brothers ... A year of many 
activities with emphasis upon co-operation . . . 

Lenny Witt, President 

M<: "^ 

1 1 


■ I 



^K^^^^^ ■ 









* . »• . . 

Phyllis Foy, Secretary; Jan Samet, President; Jim Sloan, Pro- 
gram Chairman 

The English Club ... A club which meets in body, 
mind, and spirit . . . Probing into the vast literary 
world of the Twentieth century . . . Discussing the 
nebulous meanings in modern-day poetry . . . At- 
taining a sense of appreciation for literary genius 
. . . Evaluating prose and its worth to society . . . 
Listening to guest speakers expound upon the many 
facets of learned men in literature ... A club which 
meets the challenge for a better understanding of 
literary works . . . 



A captive audience aids Mitch in petting; his point of view across. 

Mrs. J. H. Halford, Advisor 

Public opinion — instrument of a democratic society 
... the gift of neutrality, channeled in either direction 
— pro or con . . . Resolved : that law enforcement agen- 
cies should be given greater freedom in investigation 
and persecution of crime . . . defeat of Duke ... At- 
lanta prison debaters . . . Second year on campus — 
limited experience, unlimited aspirations .... 

L. to R. Jan Samet, Bill Beans. Lee Cheney, Patty Wimbish, Mitch Russell, Wayne 


Front Row L. to K. Hoar, Proffitt, Turner. Second Row L. to R. Thorburn, Adams. 
Montague, Swallow, Scales, Gams, Abernathy. Third Row L. to R. Ayers, Dziedzic, 
BoKue, Davis. 

The Tower Players . . . Those people who 
excel in dramatic talent ... A year of planning 
and presenting . . . Spring 1965 saw a fantastic 
production of The Fantasticks ... A presenta- 
tion involving perfect timing and superlative 
acting ability . . . "Try To Remember" . . . 
"Plant a Radish" . . . "Never Say 'No' "... 
September arrives to begin another year . . . 
The Way of the World presented in November 
... A restoration Comedy typifying the 17th 
century . . . The thousands of "little things" 
to do . . . Lighting problems, costumes, props, 
scenery . . . Spring once again sees the Tower 
Players busy with another production . . ■ 
All My Sons . . . Another success to add to the 
collection . . . Year's end ... A busy and pro- 
fitable one filled with many new and exciting 
experiences . . . 

L. to R. Ralph Hoar, President; Sharon HarshbarRer, Secretary; Nancy 
Scales, Historian; Ann Montague, Publicity Chrm; Mr. Don Drapeau, 


'Fantastic" characters were seen in this Spring production . 

These "props" included outstanding members of the Tower Players. 

1 11 






i 12 


Reading Committee: Laura Abernathv, Gail Wilson, Avis Swallow, Bill Atwill, Phyllis 

Apogee . . . The High Point College literary maga- 
zine . . . Enriching the life and intellectual growth 
of the college ... A magazine composed of student 
contributions . . . Poems, short stories, book reviews, 
art work . . . The staff . . . Working in the afternoons 
. . . Reading compositions objectively . . . Reviewing 
and Evaluating . . . Seeing the need to encourage stu- 
dents to think and write creatively . . . Knowing 
that the college student of today often has latent 
talent in literary fields ... A staff who strives to 
to produce an award-winning magazine containing 
outstanding literary compositions . . . 

Dr. C. E. Mounts, Advisor; Nancy Fallon, Managing Editor; Jim 
Sloan, Editor; Bill Mclnnis, Business Manager. 



Art Staff: Diane Pigott, Francis Garris, Margaret Hunter, Avis Swallow, Sandra 

Dr. Mounts and Jim Sloan evaluate the 1965 Apogee to insure a better 1966 issue. 





The Official Newspaper of High Point College, High Point, N. C. 
Published Bi-Monthly Except During Holiday Periods 


Associate Editor 

Business Manager 

Advertising Manager 

Solicitors Dave Gilbert, Rick Calvert, Meggs McClaine 

Phyllis Foy 

Barbara O'Connor 
... Helen Wasileslu 
Joe McNulty 

News Editor 

Layout Editor .„ 


Social Editors .... 
Sports Editors ._ 
Feature Editor .. 


Copy Editor 



Donna Peck 

Nancy Taylor 

... Sandra Richie, Jeanne Klinefelter 

Ann Greco, Jim Duggan 

Mac Hoyt, Judy Armington 

_... June Hill 


Circulation Manager . 
Faculty Adviser 

Faye Harmon 

Jane Wooldridge 

George Roycroft, Tillie Clark 

Charlie So 

Sandra Hutchins 

Jean Allen 


Phyllis Foy, editor 

Mr. Ira Baker 

Al Thorburn, Sharon Oliver, Bill Bingham, 

Carol Resch, Jud Richardson, Joan Parker Warren, 

Ann Montague, Ann Talley, Pat Hardister, 

and Cheryl Martin. 

The Hi-Po . . . The campus newspaper . . . Time-consuming work ... A 
finished paper — a source of pride . . . Competent staff . . . Working on lay- 
outs . . . "Are you sure that ten point type will fit here?" . . . Deadlines — 
who invented deadlines? . . . Phyllis, the editor — wondering, planning, 
hoping . . . "Gort" and his mundane comments . . . The voice of the stu- 
dents . . . Information about coming events . . . Social news, sports, edi- 
torials . . . Criticism ... A responsibility to the students which is met with 
confidence and ability . . . 

Layout staff: Sandy Ritchie, Jim Sloan, Nancy Taylor, Jane Wooldridge, Nancy Tabor. 

I lb 

Editorial staff: Bill Bigham, Dave Gilbert, Jim Sloan, George Roycroft, Tillie Clark, 
Sharon Oliver. 

Business Staff: Joe McNulty, Helen Wasileski, Jean Allen 

Mr. Ira Baker, Advisor 


Business Staff: Wayne Eddinger, Ramonia Lomax, Business Manaeer- Bill 
Rimmer, Advertising Manager. 

Mr. Ira L. Baker, Advisor 

The ZENITH Staff would like to express their appreciation 
to Mr. C. V. Gwyer and the personnel at Wachovia Bank and 
Trust Company for allowing the staff to use their facilities to 
make yearbook pictures. 

Ann Mackie, Art Editor 

ZENITH Staff . . . The task of assembling a year- 
book of which the students will be proud . . . Long hours 
of tedious work . . . Lay-outs to be drawn (even pages 
on the left, odd pages on the right) typing to be done 
. . . The cubby-hole under the cafeteria . . . Next year 
we are definitely going to put our pencil sharpener on 
the wall . . . Picture taking . . . Organizations, campus, 
individuals . . . That &* #"&& camera . . . What's wrong 
with the flash now, Bucky ? . . . A quick trip to Charlotte 

. . . Pictures are back . . . What do you mean, they are 
ALL out-of-focus?? . . . Proof sheet . . . Everything is 
okay except this color picture is on the wrong page . . . 
Identifying pictures . . . Who is that boy? ... I know- 
that I have seen him somewhere . . . Finally the task is 
over . . . How does it feel to actually have a FREE after- 
noon? . . . Now the grades will improve . . . We worked 
for a good book . . . We hope that you are pleased . . . 


Layout Staff: Pat Smith, Beth Horigan, Nancy Tabor, Editor 
Lynn Simone, Betty Hege. 

Greek Staff: Gail Whittemore, Editor; Sue Wells 

Helen Wasileski, Feature Editor 

Class Staff: Martha Smith, Barbara MeDiarmid, Hugh Dial 




7/ f 

' ' :-. 

ir I- 



* ^H 



' 1 


> ..-.. 

Typist: Sarah Greene, Suzanne Martin 

George Vann, Sports Editor; Bucky Stillwell, Photographer 


Physical Education Majors Club . . . Foster- 
ing activities in the field of Physical Education 
. . . Raising the professional standards for the 
future of the profession . . . Promoting a sound 
understanding of Physical Education . . . Spon- 
soring many activities in which the entire stu- 
dent body could participate . . . Awards banquet 
. . . Recognizing all members of athletic teams 
for their performances . . . Awarding a plaque 
to the outstanding senior Physical Education 
Major ... A year of varied programs with 
emphasis upon bettering the individual in his 
chosen field . . . 


• • 




Jerry Smothers, Vice-President; Leonard Chisholm, Treasurer; 
Beverly Moody, Secretary : Hob llaniss, {'resident 



Front Row L. to R. Dorcas Feimster, Leslie McCall, Micky Tuttle, Kaye Moody, Pat 
Coffey. Second Row [.. to R. Sharon Letherbury. Elinor Blading, Chervf Kendle. Cathv 
Cruitt, Dede Styles. 

The Women's Athletic As- 
sociation . . . Promoting interest 
in recreation and athletic activi- 
ties for women . . . Basketball, 
Softball . . . Intramurals . . . 
Selling candy . . . Inter-school 
programs for various activities 
... A year ended with emphasis 
upon physical fitness and good 
sportsmanship . . . 

L. to R. Wanda Howlett. Secretary; Lorraine Reidda, Treasurer; Tillie Clark, Vice- 
I'resident; Bev Moody. President. 



Front Row L. to R. Bill Mclnnis, David Dorsey, President;' Mr. Shannon, Bill Newby, Wayne Anderson, Chuck Westmoreland, 

Pritchett. Advisor; Ruth Ann Sides. Second Row L. to R. Don Jim Gallimore, Jim Stitt. 

The Y. D. C. takes a poll on U.S. policy in Viet Nam. 

Young Democrats and Young Republicans Clubs . . . Encourag- 
ing college students to take an interest in politics and public affairs 
. . . Fostering opportunities to participate in party functions . . . 
Meeting candidates seeking election in local, state, and national 
elections . . . Assuming leadership in various political activities . . . 
Taking polls to find the trends in thinking of college students on 
current events . . . Two organizations which pave the way for better 
qualified voters and office-holders of the future . . . 

John Chilton, President of Y. R. C. 



A performance requires searching, searching for the 
correct robe. 


Mr. Charles A. Lynani, Director 


The hard work and good times of the High Point College Concert Choir 
. . A choir composed of interested music and non-music majors . . . 
Assemblies . . . Christmas and Spring concerts . . . Golden Decade ban- 
quet . . . Mr. Lynam's ability and pleasing personality . . . Those hectic 
tours . . . We have to wear heels at all times ? ? . . . practice, practice, 
practice ... I know that my robe was here a minute ago . . . Those stu- 
dents who play an important part in making chapel services and concerts 
more meaningful for students, faculty, and for themselves as well .... 


"Service to a just cause rewards the worker 
with more real happiness and satisfaction than 
any other venture in life." 

— Carrie Chapman Catt 









Seated — L. to R. D. Collins, G. Vann, J. Coston, D. Fryer, G. Chorpeninsr, J. Scott, 
B. Weleck. Standing — I- to R. R. Smith, D. Eisert, J. Allison, D. Schultz, J. Driscoll, 
J. Lyons, S. Breckheimer, L. Fagge. 


As the summer ended and classes resumed, each 
fraternity looked to the freshman class . . . Delta 
Sig was no exception . . . Twenty-seven new pledges 
. . . Three upperclassmen — Ken Machlin, Dick 
Simms, and Gerald Yarborough . . . Ultimately the 
pledges became brothers . . . Campus leaders . . . 
Art Warren, President of the S. G. A. . . . Steve 
Buff, Vice-President of the Dorm Council . . . Chuck 
Richards as President of the Student Congress . . . 
Dean's List — Ray Davis, Steve Buff . . . Charles 
Kerr elected to the Order of The Lighted Lamp . . . 
Warren, Amick, Buff, Kerr, and Richards elected 
to Who's Who Among American Colleges and Uni- 
versities . . . Sports . . . Ken Machlin and Larry 
Amick were top men on the tennis team . . . Ron 
Loewenthal saw action on the basketball court . . . 
March . . . Initiation . . . Eleven became brothers . . . 
Memories . . . Carnation Ball in Raleigh . . . Dances 
. . . Homecoming and that special girl . . . Hours of 
study . . . Romance in Delta Sigma Phi . . . Bill and 
Christi . . . Bill and Barbara . . . Ray and Don Heve- 
ner . . . Steve and Myra . . . Hugh and Judy "tie the 
knot" . . . Serenades . . . Weddings . . . Study . . . 
"Clowning around" ... A year's end . . . Activities 
and brotherhood — vital to a Delta Sigma Phi . . . 

I still say that we ought to get a Honda 

"Oh, Yes, Make that one more bottle of . . . 

Delta Zeta of Delta Sigma Phi 

Charles Ken- 

Joseph Lorber 

Larry Amick 

Tim Bellinger 

Hugh Gates 

Robert Batten 

Steve Buff 

Bill Carter Gary Chesson David Evans James Foster Bill Herndon 

Kirk Jones 

Bill King 

Ron Loewenthal Kenneth Machlin 

Gary Pickett 

Charles Richards 

Robin Russell 

H. B. Thomas 

Robert Wells 

Charles White 

C. M. Worthy David Yarborough 

Val Zumbro 

Dr. Sam Underwood 


Year's end again and Lambda Chis look back . . . 
White Rose Ball of '65 found LC's shaking it out at the 
New South . . . Mother's Day Brothers and Pledges were 
to be found at Myrtle Beach for their pre-summer blow 
out . . . Cerchio, how's the leg? . . . Brothers Mason 
and pledge Noble were glad to hear that their dates fin- 
ally got back to H. P. C. . . . September '65 found the 
Lambda Chis at the lodge of Mr. and Mrs. McMeekin- 
Kerr . . . Brothers will remember the tips Brother Chris- 
told gave concerning mountain climbing, won't they ? 
. . . After a swinging rush party at I. T. Mann we got 
eighteen new pledges . . . Not bad, Brothers . . . Good 
work. Brother Shipp . . . Pledges, do you remember 
Thomasville? ... A Christmas party for the children 
of Mills Home found the brothers and pledges playing 
Santa ... As usual parties brightened the social calendar 
with a hayride at Brother Prestly's and a "woods" party 
at Brother Forbis' ... '66 offers a Theta Chi and Lamb- 

da Chi party, a campus caper with Steve Seninger, a 
White Rose, and a Beach Trip . . . Great times ahead . . . 
Anyone for a Saturday car wash? . . . Yes, strain on 
muscles, but money in the "kitty" . . . What KD goes 
to the "Y" to be close to her guy?? (HINT: Dates 
Brother Seaford), or is it something about a blonde, 
Jeff? . . . Shy Saint makes an aggressive move . . . Just 
keeps waiting, Pat . . . Brother Mason adds another 
redhead to the LC clan . . . Welcome, Lee . . . Brother 
Senger makes "Dean's List" . . . Could KD Fran be his 
guiding strength?? . . . Brother Prestly and steady 
"Kitty" seem to be awaiting wedding vows . . . Have 
Brother Smith and Jean got the same idea? . . . Macy, 
how does Monica like the pin ? . . . FLASH ! ! ! Brothers 
Christold and Shipp go on rampage . . . lose Thunder- 
chicken . . . Another year ends, but not the good time 
of Lambda Chi Alpha . . . 

Pledges paint the town . . . 

The Brothers play Santa to the kids at 
Mills Home. 

Through that window ? 

Front row, 1. to r.: Jeff Broos, Joe Needham, Rich Folts, Warren 
Godwin, John Woods, Ken Martin, Ernest Daniels, Emery Raper. 
Second row, 1. to r.: Bob Hooper, Tom Grace, Jay Cornet, Paul 

Payne, Danny Williams, Tim Taylor, Ed Fowler, Phil Keefer, 
Barney Peeler. 


Gray Macy 

Leonard Chisholm 

Jeff Seaford 

/ Camb6a vf ht Alpha \ 

Clinton Forbis 

Iota Phi of 
Lambda Chi A Ipha 

Wayne Eaton 

Tom Christold 

Joe Luther 

David Mason 

Richard Noble 

John Osborne 

Charles Presley 

Earl Senger 

Steve Seningen 

Lennon Shipp 

Wilton Smith 

Robert St. John 

Ray Tavlor 



Pi Kappa Alpha announces a new song, "Jerry Come 
Lately" ... It will be sung by Bob H. and his new house- 
keeper ... A new card game using rats has been inspired 
by the Brow . . . Along the line sports we can always find 
Nobbie at Broadway anytime . . . Super D. loves the 
sports photographers . . . Dove loves to go home to drive 
his girl's purple car . . . 

This summer Larry One Lung will be at driving school 
. . . Rooooody will be giving language lessons . . . Batman 
will be feeding the fish while Stevie and Mrs. Long will 
be hunting alligators . . . Also we'll find Jaw Reid pick- 
ing peaches and George B. making trips to W. C. with 
his pet skunk . . . Georgie Milward will be traveling on the 
M. 0. Railroad in search of a duckbill Platypus . . . 

Hootman and Butterball will be "all" round good guys 
as usual . . . Lud the D. J. will be clown at Arthur Mur- 
ray's teaching dancing . . . Phil will remain his usual 
trouble-free self while Blake will be getting a new car 
to carry him to the pastures . . . 

Sattelli man will try to be on time for dates while 
Chuck cleans the corner of the room . . . Hell man will 
take lessons in using extension cords and Lemuel was 
nominated the most industrious pledge ... By the way 
Prune finally bit the dust ! . . . 

And now while The Weasel and Stod are still asleep, 
we'll close for this year and head for the beach . . . 

"Will someone please explain this year to Little 
Mike" . . . 

... And then there's THE THINKER . . , 



Yes, We Pikas were voted Best-Dressed on campus 

Seated L. to R. P. Lackman. K. Jurney, Virgil Reid, 
R. Stephen, F. Dover, M. Key. Standing L. to R. M. 

Milward, S. Laney, J. Stoddard, L. Thetford, A. Lord, 
B. Novinger. 


Bob Harris 

George Bageant 

Melvin Byrd 

Jerry Smothers 
Vice President 

Bob Skwirut 

/ //// I W 

Delta Omega 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Stuart M. Hoyt 

Tom Blake 

Thomas Coleman 

William Conner 

Joe Guzinski 

Richard Marshall 

Bill McDermott 

Arthur McKay Rudy Shackleford Charles Westmoreland 


Front Row L. to R. Ray Blosse, John Winters, Dave Ackerman, 
Bill Stewart. Second Row L. to R. Bobby White, Jon Mann, Ted 

Renfro, Clifford Cox, Charlie Rock, Bill Lagos, Russ Gehweiler, 
Bucky Still well, Dave Anderson. 


Shortly before the Civil War, Theta Chi Fraternity was born 
on the Norwich University campus. Since then Theta Chi has be- 
come known for its vigorous pursuit of its ideals and policies. 

Theta Chi tradition has been upheld on this campus for more 
than a decade by the brotherhood of Epsilon Alpha Chapter. In 
search for a good daily life and strong brotherhood bonds, Theta 
Chis may often be found at the bookstore discussing the sobering 
affairs of the world. Pursuing athletic competition on the intra- 
mural field . . . Often found in the winner's circle ... A confident 
team . . . Always working ahead to get the job done quickly . . . 
Meetings and discussions lasting long into the night . . . Born in 
a war period, Theta Chi has become used to all forms of struggle. 
In the struggle for existence and growth, as well as prominence 
and glory, Epsilon Alpha is winning . . . 


Miss Jill Knuckey, Sponsor 

The "rush" to get finished before the rainy season 

The "rush" for intramural championship 

The "rush" for the best material 

Epsilon A Ipha of Theta Chi 

Hill Lea 

Dick Lew in 

Mickey Mi-Daniel 

Juan Muench 

Stanley .North 

George Royeroft 

Noel Rendell 

Gary Sappenfield 

Tom Sharpe 

Charles Smith 

Frankie Thigpin 

David Urian 

Richard Wagonei 


Leonard Whitt 

Barry York 

Four new AGD's pose before initia- 
tion . . . 

"Give me your tired, your poor, your 
huddled masses . . ." 

Jackson, since when did you become a book- 
worm . . 

Seated, L. to R.: Knam, Coffey, Simmons, Klinefelter, Hayden, 
Mize, Smith, Niland, Williams, Swink. Standing L. to R.: Hether- 

ington, Kiger, Pratt, Chappell, Wilson, Nance, Corn, Reidda, 
Poole, Kievning, Willianuon, Wagar, Peterson, Scheufele. 


Put twenty-six Alpha Gams together and what hap- 
pens? A lot of fun, plenty of songs, bull sessions — all 
resulting in close friendships that bring us through the 
good times as well as the bad ones. 1965-1966 was a 
year full of all these things. It started off with open 
arms and welcome smiles after summer vacations. Fall 
saw rush which ended with twenty-six wonderful 
pledges. Then came winter and spring with initiation, 
parties, the Rose Ball, and finally the beach. 

A look at the past year unfolds many memories . . . 
Roberts and the diamond . . . Clod and Judy beat June 
to the altar . . . Weasel's on-the-spot weather report 
. . . Just ask Granny about her back . . . Ellen in love? 

. . . Louise's foggy eyes and Abbott's foggy world . . . 
B. Moody always on the go . . . Fruitdoor and Ann dress- 
ed in the shower curtain . . . Our Petunia's nurds . . • 
Dawn and her echoing typewriter . . . Wanda and Tam- 
ara with the Nestle's spray can . . . Jackson's men . . . 
Kathy and Sharon get the Q. P.'s . . . Jean and Debbie 
vs. second Wesley . . . Cathy Cline's and Bev's roses . . . 
Domestic Gruder and her sewing machine . . . Bettv's 
"Jurry" . . . Emilie's reason for her demerits . . . Bobbi's 
between GC and HPC . . . Then there's the pledges . . . 
Their lost beds . . . Lipstick on the sister's mirrors . . - 
Happies ... All of these . . . Memories and friendship, 
the things that make us one . . . 


Linda Roberts 

Karen Clodfelter 


Tamara Kearns 

Dina Steed 
Cor. Secretary 

Debra Bolton 

Diane Abbott 

Bev Albright 

Jean Anderson 

Susan Applegate 

Marizell Austin 

Karen Brower 

Catherine Cline 

Louise Garnett 

Sharon Jackson 

Wanda Joyce 

Sharon Harshbarger 

Dawn Lankford Mary Jane Magruder 

Judith Miller 

Beverly Moody 

D. Kaye Moody Katherine Newman 

Gamma Eta of Alpha Gamma Delta 

June Peoples 

Emilie Pickett 

Cassandra Ritchie 

Betty Rogers 

Ann Scott 

Donna Shelly 

Louise Shelton 

Ellen Siess 

Patsy Starling 

Barbara Taylor 

These girls are always winners to our way of 

thinking . . . 

Even a member of the younger set 
wants to be a KD ! ! ! 

"I just love useful (??) gifts 


Kappa Delta Sorority — A group of college women 
bound in friendship throughout their lives. Working and 
playing together under the open motto "Let us strive for 
that which is Honorable, Beautiful, and Highest." A 
theme which was shared by our founders in 1897 at 
Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia . . . 

A Kappa Delta is active on campus; she is the com- 
posite of every college woman. Sherry Snow as "Miss 
Golden Decade" . . . Omegia Waldrep, first runner-up 
. . . Diane Holt, "Miss Congeniality" . . . Then it was 
February and Homecoming . . . Homecoming Court . . . 
Julie DeGooyer, Madeline Anderson, Delaine Jurney, 

Aileen Howe, Diane Holt, Anne Greco, Elaine Seigle . . . 

Spring . . . Officers' Workshop . . . East Carolina is 
a city in itself, isn't it?? . . . Working to improve every 
chapter of Kappa Delta . . . 

A full year . . . Pledge slave auction . . . Then there 
was the semi-formal dance for the pledges . . . White 
Rose Ball ... A great way to end the year . . . Formal 
gowns and tuxedos . . . Awards to the most outstanding 
sister and pledge . . . 

Kappa Delta . . . Traditions . . . Lasting friendship . . . 
Meeting the challenge and upholding our motto . . . 


Front Row L. to R.: Nancy Hunter. Jane Whitley, Jane Gardiner, 
Clayton Cleaves, Carol Isaacs, Helen Wilson, Cathy Cruit. Back 
Row L. to R.: Linda Hopkins, Betsy Hairfield, Janet Guirkin, 

Mary Lynne McDade. Klaine Seivle. Suzanne Wells. Pat Bovles, 
Lee Cheney. 


Delaine Jumey 

Jackie Brendle 

Fran Freeman 

Sherry Snow 

Madeline Anderson 

Vicki Boles 

Julie DeGooyer 

Elinor Blading 

Diana Ferran 

Leslie Van Fossen 

Gamma Gamma of Kappa Delta 

Monica Goggin 

Anne Greco 

Diane Holt 

Aileen Howe 

Kay Jackson 

Jane Rogers 

Buffy Rounds 

JoAnn Thorley Jeanne Vaneman 


Omegia Waldrep 

First Row — ! .. 1 ■. R. Hemphill, Brookbank, Bolton, HcAdams, 
Holcomb, Sturdivant, McCall, Nance. Second Row — L. to R. 
Baker, Daniel, Ranier, Lawrence, Schell, Wimberly, Johns, Parker. 

Third Row — L. to R. Turner, Britt, Law, Miller, Kindred, Babb, 
Carnes, Kyles. 


1965-66 — what a year for Gamma Zeta Chapter of 
Phi Mu ! . . . Sisters returned in the fall from the sum- 
mer of fun at the beach, summer school, camping, or 
working — all bubbling with enthusiasm for the com- 
ing year . . . Artie added her "sparkle" — what a diam- 
ond! Dimney, Peggy, Betty Pat, and Mary Rachel take 
the famous "ride" . . . RUSH-RUSH-RUSH — This was 
the slogan as we prepared for the parties . . . ANGIE! 
Not another workshop ! . . . Only 5,793 more dots to 
paint on the clowns . . . Well, Tillie, better start looking 
for a big tent and a big field! . . . How did your pony 
like the waxed floor, Betty Pat? . . . Lots of work — 
but what a reward— twenty-five WONDERFUL pledges 
. . . Say P. I)., what aie you going to do in your spare 
time? . . . 

The semester moves on — Gainor tries her talents in 

the chemistry lab . . . Did 
Susan, and Stoney attain 

anybody say brains? Jean, 
the rank of Marshal . . . 

Frankie pinned to a Phi Mu . . . Alpha?? Has anyone 
seen Arming-toes ? . . . Take it easy, Claudia ; the books 
HAVE to balance . . . Our Hawaiian Pledge Dance (i. e. 
"The Night the Hut Fell") was quite a success . . . Em- 
barrassed much, sisters ? . . . It's about the screw, Susan 
. . . Sylvia makes a funny . . . 

Christmas comes and with it a wonderful party for 
sisters and pledges . . . Jill leaves for her home with her 
"Noel" . . . Then exams — Cram Cram . . . Everyone 
struggles for that average . . . Gerry finally in the dorm 
.... Susan travels "cross country" by bus . . . Let's 
have an anatomy quiz, Sharon . . . Hey, Lynn, we can 
always visit the funeral home! .... Lou-Lou, where's 
your pin?. .. Not AGAIN ! ! ! 

Spring comes around — Homecoming and Greek Week 
. . . Myra hands over the gavel and a new council begins 
work . . . Spring banquet ... A year filled with enthu- 
siasm, tears, laughter . . . 

"Armingtoes" — 54'; fewer cavities? 

Phi Mu... Ladies? ? ? 

Actually, they're not . . . 


Myra Morris Sharon Letherbury Judy Armineton 

President Vice-President Secretary 

Mary Ruth Colder 

Ann Booth Tillie Clark 

Dottie Clifton Janet Daniel Mary R. Deviney Lynn Edmonds Gainor Goodwin 

Susan Hood Ruth Howey 

Gamma Zeta of 
Phi Mu 

Jill Knuckey Emma Lou Landes 

Mary Dim LaSalla 

Laura Lenz 

Martha Paris 

Claudia Payne 

Frances Peace 

Carolyn Price 

Peggy Sharpe 

Jeanne Ruth 

Angie Smith 

Arthurine Spry 

Judy Stone 

Betty Pat Thomas 


First row — I. to r. Hadley, Suhadole, Greenwood, Emrich Kopp, 
Sessums. Second row — L. to R. Wooldridge, Hall, Whitlow, 

Fischer, Teuteberg, Mainwaring, Stayer, Walker, Eekerd, Don- 
nington, Bailey, Cochran, Corum. 

"We'll sing in the sunshine of the grey 
and blue." 

The Zetas pause for time out from their 
bridge games. 

"Wanna know 

something? I can't 


After a summer of fun, sun, and work the Zeta's 
returned to campus ready to begin a big rush campaign 
. . . Three rush parties consisted of lots of time spent 
away from studying . . . The reward was a great and 
enthusiastic pledge class . . . Zeta Tau Alpha greeted 
their pledges with a Coke party in the Panhellenic House 
. . . Informal gatherings throughout the year . . . Valen- 
tine party in the Y. M. C. A. . . . Annual 100th Link Ball 
in the spring . . . Intramurals saw the ZTA's win the 
field hockey trophy . . . Participation in Homecoming 
and Greek Week . . . Contributing to CARE . . . Render- 

ing services to the community of High Point . . . State 
Day was an exciting day for Zeta Tau Alpha because 
it was held on the High Point College campus .■ . ■ Ex- 
change of ideas and experiences . . . Congregating of 
Zeta's from the United States and Canada for the 
National Convention . . . Wearing the Zeta badge will 
encourage the girl to strive for self-discipline and in- 
creased maturity . . . Another year passes and leaves 
behind many memories of good time and lasting friend- 
ships . . . 

I ■: 

Nan Brown 

Carolyn Dziedzic 

Jeanie Elms 

Martha Harrington 

Linda Perry 

Ann Mackie 

Jan Stayer 

Delta Gamma of 
Zeta Tau Alpha 

Sara Hester 

Jean Losten 

Pat Cowden 

Donna Ebert 

Judy Hamlet 

Candy Sarmuk 

Joan Warren 

Gan Wilson Carol Winstead 


Jan Young 


... ■■'•. » - 

"A fraternity man is industrious and resourceful in finding things to do. 

Lambda Chi vs. Theta Chi — A well-matched and well-played 
game . . . 

TKES say, "Beware of 'slippery characters' you meet 
on College campuses." 


"... And then there are always the lounges . . ." 

"Now how did that bench get up there?" (Just ask a Theta Chi 
pledge . . .) 

KD Sherry Snow walks on the ramp and off with the 
"Miss Golden Decade" title. 

That old stand-by — watching the "T. and V." 














I . 





Top Ten 

Thomas Larry Amick 





Myra Laura Morris 

Stephen Ra$ Pearson 

T» .... 
1 * 


George Belvin Roycroft 

William David Rimmer 

(ucno/as/ic Jlonor <uoc/e/> 

Jne Scho/astic Jionor Society was 
inaugurated lo stimulate /one o/ learning 
and to encourage and lo recognize 
scho/ars/iip. Jo become a member, a 
junior must nave completed 75 semester 
flours wit/l a guatily point ratio o/ 275 
white seniors must have a quality 
point ratio of 2.2.5. Jo be a member 
of i/ie Scho/astic J/onor Society is one 
of the greatest honors that a student 
can receive at Jlign Jxu'nl Q>of/ege. 

Student 'JTCemoers 
J atricia lAnne JjootA 
■Jlennem J\ay Craven 
Jerry J<ia.u Dauis 
J amefa Sue J/etcAer 
DorotAy Don J~feuener 
L-arry Jar/and JKoraan 
JKura L-aura JlCorris 
if/Lara cAzaoet/i Xeese 
JoAn JXoyer [Payne 
Sieorae Jje/oin JXoy croft 
Gnarles Jeorae Scfireioer 

Oroer or ine Joi anted Jo amp 

J lie (Jrder of t/ie Lighted Llamp 
is i/ie oJdes/ honor society at Jligh 
J J oint (^'o/teqe having been organized 
in 1935. J 7 ! student selected for 
membership must have a 1.75 
average for ilie last five semesters. 
Jo oe e/igi6/e a student must 
possess excellent character, nave 
proved Jiimse/f a leader, and have 
give// outstanding service to t/ie 
college. \omi nations are made 
6u current members with approval 
of a faculty majority. Dr. James Zn. 

ffiac&er is t/ie present sponsor. 


facufty JKemfers 

Dr. Dennis Jf GooAe, J resident 

Dr. Jfafseij 1$). JhT/ffer, Vice "President 

Dr. fliffiam AazaruA, Sec. -Ore as. 

JlCr. J. 7fo6art CQffred 

JIC/ss JlCarceffa Garter 

JlCr. Samuel Garter 

Dr. J faro fa 1 C Gonracf 

Dr. C dmund O. Gu/nminas 

Dr. Stuart G. Desfins 

Dr. GA/Jord \R. JfinsAaw 

Dr. L- eui ff. f ewis 

Dr. William J\. AocAe 

Dr. GAarfes &. jfCounls 

Dr. Wenc/e/7 Patton, Jr. 

Dr. GAristopAer JJifson 

JlCr. JialAanief yaroorouyA 

Zfllumni JlCemoer 
JlCr. J. JVC arse S/rant 
JtaAeiyA, Jxortn GaroAna 

Student JKemSers 
StepAen fffytAe J3uff 
JlCarriott JJetts 'Dauis 
J J amefa Sue JfetcAer 
JiennelA Jlffen ^Jiffiam 
DorotAy Don Jfeoener 
GAarfes Alan Dlerr 
JlCyra IJaura JlCorris 
JlCary OlizaoetA Jxeese 
Stephen J\au J earson 
Ljincfa Jifice Jxooerts 
JuditA Jinn Stone 
£ Ada JXaines Stout 
Jfefen Jinn ZJaffei/ 
Jjetiy Jo IJauaAn 


Barbara Walker and Billie Allen. Chief Marshals 

Standing: Tom Anderson, Tom Patterson. Judy Stone. Ruth Ann Sides, Ella Stout. Bill 

Milnnis, David I'ulliam, Steve Klhi. Seated: Cail Whittemore, (iloria Lewallell. Betty 
Jo Vaugh, Susan Hood. Kay Benfield. 

The best over-all averages 
in the Junior Class . . . Par- 
ticipation in school activities 
. . . Distributing assembly 
bulletins on Tuesday after- 
noons . . . Checking attend- 
ance in assembly . . . Usher- 
ing for Tower Player produc- 
tions, concerts, and gradua- 
tion . . . An honor which the 
faculty bestows upon deserv- 
ing Juniors .... 

When the Great Scorer comes to write against 
your name, 

He writes not that yon won or lost, but how well 
you played the game. 




»2»K - 

I., to R. Julie DcGoover, Chief; Diane Holt. Tamara Kearns. Gail Whittemore. 


L. to R. Bobbie Taylor, Barbara Peterson, Diane Abbott, Diana Ferrari, Susan Fowlks. 

The Cheerleaders . . . Hard-working . . . Dili- 
gent . . . Practice at 3:30 in the Student Center, 
girls . . . -High Point . . . G-G-G-Great ! !" . . . 
Smile . . . Julie, the Chief . . . Gail, your somer- 
saults are getting better . . . Pep and vitality . . . 
"I know that it is snowing, but we are still going 
to the Coliseum . . . Wheel That Western-High 
Point game was a thriller! ... A year of planning, 
practice, and patience ... A group of girls who 
cheer our team on to victory, and arouse the school 
spirit within the students . . . 

Julie DeGooyer, Chief 


L. to R. Coach Tom Quinn, Eugene Littles, Steve Tatgenhorst, 
Ron Lowenthal, Bill McDermott, Bill Green, Jim Picka, Chuck 

Tomlinson, Charles Mershon, John Davis, Jim Spiridopoulos, Chris 
Lindsay, Mario Dell Amico, Manager. 

Vigorous, weekly practice produces a winning team. 


Nov. 27 
Dec. 1 
Dec. 4 
Dec. 7 
Dec. 9 
Dec. 11 
Dec. 15 
Jan. 3 
Jan. 5 
Jan. 8 
Jan. 11 
Jan. 22 
Jan. 24 
Jan. 26 
Jan. 29 
Feb. 1 
Feb. 3 
Feb. 5 
Feb. 9 
Feb. 12 
Feb. 14 
Feb. 16 
Feb. 19 

1965-1966 SCHEDULE 

High Point Pfeiffer 

High Point East Carolina 

High Point Campbell 

High Point Newberry 

High Point Campbell 

High Point Elon 

High Point Guilford 

High Point Newberry 

High Point Appalachian 

High Point Catawba 

High Point Western Carolina 

High Point Elon 

High Point Phillips "66" Oilers 

High Point Guilford 

High Point Lenior Rhyne 

High Point Atlantic Christian 

High Point East Carolina 

High Point Catawba 

High Point Western Carolina 

High Point Appalachian 

High Point Atlantic Christian 

High Point Pfeiffer 

High Point Lenior Rhyne 

23-26 Conference Tournament 

John Davis 

Bill Green 

Chris Lindsay 

A time-out — words of advice, deterministic urging, the desire to win . . . 

High Point College Gymnasium — "Where The Action Is! !" 

Eugene Littles 

Ron Loewenthal 

Bill McDermott 

Co-Captains Rill MiDermott and Steve Tatgenhorst with Coach Quinn 

Jim Picka 

Jim Spiridopoulos 

Steve Tatgenhorst 


Chuck Tomlinson 

Managers Harry Love and Mario Dell Amico with "005" 


Lindsay shows the television audience how the Panthers score . . . 

"And furthermore . . . Keep those contacts in vour eyes, 



First Row L. to R. Cooke, Robertson, Burns, Harris, Younts, Lar- Holland, Dover, Blosse'. Marshall, Myers. Lagos, Ackerman, 

rick, Dignan, Lare, Connor, Brown. Second Row I,, to R. Mowery, Martin, Xindaris; Jerry Smothers, Manager. 

C '• 

Bob Harris, Co-Captain: Charles Hartman, Coach; Tom Dignan, Pitchers: Ray Blosse', Dave Mowery, Forrest Dover, Rich Mars- 
Co-Captain, hall, Gary Holland. 


The Baseball Team ... Re- 
turning lettermen improve 
the team's chances for pro- 
ducing a championship team 
... A conference composed 
of excellent teams . . . Com- 
petition runs high . . . De- 
feats and victories . . . Indi- 
vidual and team efforts . . . 
Coming from behind to win 
the game . . . Extra Innings 
... A full schedule . . . An- 
other year in the baseball tra- 
dition including good sports- 
manship, team effort, and 

All-Tournament George Lare, Catcher 

Another home run for the Panthers . . . 


r Ni 

The all-important pitch that could win the game 



--'■--•"• ••--. 

■ f 

- , '■■■ 

f ' .-'X ■ &£&: ■ 


Co-Captains Harris and Dignan discuss the upcoming game with 
Coach Hartman. 


,JLjA* ** 


*^j*' \ Sjci 

) •wS^vT ._ 2" 

"^ ,: \r 1 


*" ' 'A 

> • 

L. to R. Walter Gragg, Ed Clark, Griff Balthis, Larry Neal. 



© ® 

Front Row L. to R. Jack Stoddard, Ken Maehlin, Bob Whitaker. 
Back Row L. to R. Larry Amiek, Coach Tom Quinn, Leon Chidester. 

Ken Maehlin 

Larry Amick 

Jack Stoddard 

Leon Chidester 

Bob Whitaker 



. #' 

Roger Watson 

L. to R. Ray Taylor, Randy WauKh, John Marshall, Robert 
Gowen, Roper Watson, Dodd Webster. 


Randy Waugh 

Robert Gowen 

Bill Fanning 165 

Ray Taylor 

Dodd Webster 


Front row L. to R. Prince, Fryer, Rock, Alger, Smith, Blanciak, 
Laney, Gragg, Fiddler, Wagoner, Pearson. Second Row L. to R. 

Light, Parisi, Faucette, Neal, Briggs, Balthis, Grace, Boales, 
Atwill, Schultz, Allison, Smith, Coach Robert Davidson. 

L. to R. Steve Laney, Co-Captain; Richard Prince, Asst. Coach; Coach David- 
son; Griff Balthis, Co-Captain. 


The Track Team . . . Practice in the early spring . . . 
Work-outs . . . Track meets at H. P. C. and away . . . 
Competing for high honors . . . Breaking track records 
. . . That last surge of energy . . . Jumping the hurdles 
... A successful season ... A hard-working team . . . 

•'■ 7 


"Miss Golden Decade Pageant" ... A contest to com- 
mence the beginning of the Golden Decade at High 
Point College . . . Lovely contestants . . . Talent, poise, 
and beauty . . . Rehearsing for long hours . . . Ann 
Mackie and Donna Suhadolc co-ordinating and direct- 
ing . . . Jimmy Capps, Master of Ceremonies . . . The 
big night arrives . . . Tension . . . Evening dress com- 
petition . . . Times passes . . . Dr. Patton announces 
the winner . . . Miss Sherry Snow begins her reign. 

"If you can keep your head, when all about you are losing 
theirs . . ." 

Front row. 1. to r. : Jan Morris. Sherry Snow, Ann Greco, Ann 
Brookbank, Joan Warren. Second row, 1. to r.: Beverly Albright, 
Diane Holt, Claudia Babb, Oniegia Waldrep, Judy Stone, Emilie 

Emilie Pickett gives her beautiful rendition of "Love 
Is Where You Find It." 

Judy Stone, sponsored by Phi Mu Fraternity, played the 
piano and sang a medley of songs for her talent. 



"He's got the whole world in his hands," sings the second 
runner-up, Beverly Albright. 

First runner-up Omegia Waldrep presents her talent, 
"House of the Rising Sun." 

Miss Congeniality Diane Holt presents her talent with a South 
Seas flavor. 

Claudia Babb. Miss Congeniality, "swabbed the deck" 
as she sang "Honey Bun" as her talent competition. 

Dr. Patton, with Ann Mackie assisting, crowns "Miss Golden 

Miss Sherry Ddnese Snow, "Miss Golden Decade" 



The Freshmen Came 

(And So Did The Rain!!) 

Happiness is . . . carrying three coathang-ers, one stuffed animal, 
and a drying rack on a rainy and hot Sunday afternoon in Septem- 
ber . . . 

Let's see . . . multiply twenty-five steps by one hundred and 
fifty Freshman girls . . . 

"When does maid service start? ?" 

Cheer up . . . Just think, you can come back in the spring and 
help her move out . . . 


Presenting the "Larrick Amick Corale" . . . 

Just what the Orientation Committee wanted — A captive audi- 
ence . . . 

Orientation & t 

Brings ManyThings— New Faces, 

Dances, And . . 

Organized Chaos (Registration) Ends And 

Classes Begin . . . 

October Brings Martha And The Vandellas 
And . . .Liberation To The Freshmen . . . 


The Year Moves On . . . 

Cpnie AL1ME lU'tS 

"' IN? 

Basketball Season, Christmas, Exams . . . 



Brings . . . 

Snow . . . Snow . . . And Snow . . . 

Mock, where are your alpaca earmuffs? 

What blizzard? ... I don't see a blizzard ... Do you see a blizzard? . . . 




You say that you're upset because we didn't have 
classes today ? 


February. . .Homecoming 

First Row L. to R. Nancy Taylor, Sharon Jackson, Julie DeGooyer, Delaine Jurney. 
Second Row L. to R. Ellen Siess, Aileen Howe, Elaine Seifjle, Madeline Anderson. Third 
Row L. to R. Kathy Hayden, Diane Holt, Pat Coffey, Ann Greco. 


The Lettermen In Concert . . . 


Well, girls, HOW DID YOU RATE THIS? ? 

Miss Madeline Anderson awaits her presentation to the Homecoming 
crowd . . . 


Spring . . . Sun Baths . . . Daffodils 

A famous resort area of the South, perhaps? 

A boy? ... In the daffodil beds . . . Alone? . . . Never ! ! 

. . . And there are always the spring wrestling matches . . . 


Spring also brings the day students out of their cars to study . . . 

The Year Draws To A Close, But 
The Memories Of Dorm Life Remain 

Long live our motto ! ! Right, girls? ? ? 


A "Care Package" can definitely increase the number of friends 
that one has . . . 

Not even a mid-term can postpone the finals in a bridge tourna- 
ment . . . 

Modern laundry rooms of H. P. C. provide various exciting means 
of entertaining waiting patrons . . . 


Let's see . . . S2.00 for cigarettes, $2.00 for "Happy 
Hour," $4.00 for the movies, $10.00 for "The Cast- 
aways", and $10.00 for entertainment . . . 

Mow dare you sleep through "Batman' 


Where in the hell did all this water come from? . . . 

Do you think that my masterpiece will pass as a Picasso 
original ? 

Did Parnelli Jones start out this way? 




"Life has loveliness to sell — All beautiful and 
splendid things . . ." 

— Teasdale 

18 4 

^^*"■*flp■ ,, 




Specialize in Italian Food 
Pizza and Spaghetti 


House of Good Food 
1239 Montlieu 


1807 N. Main 

Tel. 883-9423 

House of Good Food 




Established 1905 

High Poixt, "North Carolina 

Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 

Compliments of 


902 N. Main Street 

High Point, North Carolina 
Coast to Coast 

the most fn DRY cleaning 

247 South Main Street 
1530 North Main Street 
1310 North Centennial 


CO., INC. 

Sales Service 




201 E. Washington St. 

Phone 882-6848 

High Point, N. C. 


"Your Chevy Service Center" 
1800 North Main Street 




Compliments of 


High Point 



Compliments of 



717 S. Main Street 
High Point, N. C. 



The Class of 1966' 



Oldsmobile and Cadillac 

805 N. Main Street 
High Point, N. C. 

Tel. 882-0116 

Since 1906 


A. W. Klemme, Jr., President 
High Point, N. C. 


Compliments of 


"Your reliable Buick Dealer" 

819 N. Main St. 
High Point, N. C. 

'Tiger Country" 


North Carolina 



College Village 
Shopping Center 


Thomasville, North Carolina 

Our newest presentation, 
COMPOSITION, offers a 
collection of various styles 
in European, Oriental and 
American tradition. 


Compliments of 



"We carry all styles in 

Men's and Ladies' Shoes 

for on and off 



a living tradition in furniture 

muiTAQi mummu co, »M» KMT. *o*ra citoutt 



At The New South Gate Shopping Center 
1628 South Main 




Milk Shakes - Sundaes - Hot Dogs - Sandwiches - Dairy Lunches 


Compliments of 

CO., INC. 

Thomasville, North Carolina 




College Village Shopping Center 
and Downtown 

Dear Gretel, 
You vas asking 
vat iss "Shed 
Fries?" They 
iss potatoes, 


der Shed 


N. Main at Rockspring 



BANK ^^ 


the drive-in with the arches 

tasty food... thrifty prices 

i -ii- H 

1901 North Main Street 


Get your 



1829 North Main Street 

High Point, N. C. 

Phone 883-0623 

Authorized Volkswagen 

Dealer in High Point 

Compliments of 


Main Street, High Point, N. C. 


Gift Shop Luggage 

134 & 136 South Main St. 


126 South Main Street 
Style Clothes for the College Man 


729 North Main Street 


"Seven Barbers to serve you." 

Specialize in Italian Food 
Pizza and Spaghetti 


129 N. Main St. 
House of Good Food 



on the way UP! 


' "■ '"' ■■■.. 


Today's textile industry plays a modern, dynamic role in our 

lives through its continuing scientific research and development. 

Cone Mills is an important part of this great industry. 

If you are interested in joining a progressive team of people 
engaged in production, administration, research and sales, 
come to see us or write our Industrial Relations Department. 

"■-■>: ■X-M'W.WW *."*'. v ■ ;. 


"Where fabrics of tomorrow are woven today." 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Carlisle 4 Greenville, S. C. 
Greensboro & Haw River, N. C. 

MANUFACTURING PLANTS-Avondale, Cliffside, Greensboro, Forest City, 
Salisbury, Pineville, Reidsville, Gibsonville, Haw River and Hillsboro in 
North Carolina. Greenville in South Carolina. 

SALES HEADQUARTERS - Cone Mills Inc , New York 


& SON, INC. 

Serving This Community Since 

Phone 882-2555 


Two Oxygen Equipped Ambulances 
Day and Night Service 

Now Two Locations To Serve You 



Central Savings Bank 

Compliments of 



■ ' 


501 National Highway 

Thomasville, N. C. 
"Where Friends Meet" 


415 National Highway 
Thomasville, N. C. 

"Home-Cooked Meals — Steaks" 


121 National Highway 
Thomasville, N. C. 


1 18 W. Main Street 
Thomasville, N. C. 


Thomasville's Oldest, Most Reliable Auto 


1006 National Highway 
Thomasville, N. C. 


P. O. Box 849 High Point Road 

Thomasville, North Carolina 
Thomasville Phone 476-6175 


406 National Highway 
Thomasville, N. C. 

Telephone: 475-2229 (Business) 
476-4031 (Home) 


P. O. Box 1704 
High Point, North Carolina 


— A— 

Academics 14 

Administrative Personnel 22 

Advertisements 184 

Alpha Delta Theta 100 

Alpha Gamma Delta 134 

Alpha Phi Omega 99 

Apogee Staff 113 

— B— 

Baptist Student Union 98 

Baseball Team 160 

Basketball Team 154 

Board of Fellows 21 

Board of Trustees 20 

— C— 

Cheerleaders 152 

Choir 122 

— D— 

Dedication 18 

Delta Sigma Phi 126 


Editor's Note 200 

English Club 108 

— F— 

Faculty 26 

Fellowship Teams 96 

Forensic League 109 

Freshman Class 78 

— G— 

Golf Team 165 

— H— 

Hi-Po Staff 115 

Homecoming 177 

Introduction 4 

Interfraternity Council 107 

International Relations Club 105 


Judiciary Council "4 

Junior Class 61 

Junior Marshals I 49 

— K— 

Kappa Delta 136 

Lambda Chi Alpha 128 

Legislature 93 

— M— 

Memoriam 16 

Men's Dormitory Council 102 

Methodist Student Fellowship 97 

Miss Golden Decade 168 

Musical Arts Club 105 

— O— 

Order of the Lighted Lamp 148 

— P— 

Panhellenic Council 106 

Phi Mu 138 

Physical Education Majors Club 119 

Pi Kappa Alpha 130 

President Wendell M. Patton 17 

Scholastic Honor Society 148 

Senior Class 42 

Sophomore Class 70 

Student Christian Association 95 

Student Directory 201 

Student Government Association 92 

Student Life 171 

SNEA 104 

— T— 

Tennis Team 164 

Theta Chi 132 

Top Ten Seniors 146 

Tower Players 110 

Track Team 166 

— W— 

Who's Who 144 

Women's Athletic Association 120 

Women's Dormitory Council 103 

— Y— 

Young Democrats and Republicans 121 

— Z— 

Zenith Staff 117 

Zeta Tau Alpha 140 

Many Editor's Notes begin with the goals that a yearbook staff tried to attain in their 
publication and end with the hope that the students appreciate their effort ; however, I 
feel that these goals and hopes are of secondary importance. Every staff sets goals and 
hopes for the best results. I am not saying that we did not have our share of goals, but 
I feel that the individuals who are a part of the college campus and whose co-operation 
helps make a yearbook are of more importance to be mentioned. 

I would like to thank the many people who helped in the preparation of this ZENITH. 
My first thank-you goes to the staff members who worked diligently on this edition. I 
am sure there were times when an afternoon nap or a trip downtown would have been 
more to their liking; however, most of them felt a great responsibility to the book and 
worked during what would have been a free afternoon. To Nancy Tabor I would like to 
give special thanks. Many people are unaware that there is always one person with 
whom the editor "cusses" and discusses the progress of the publication, and Nancy was 
that person for me. Her cheerful, and, more than once, consoling words helped me over 
the "rough times." In addition, I would like to thank the business staff for their ex- 
cellent work that they did with advertisements. To Bucky S til we 11, I appreciate your 
patience with the camera which always seemed to "go on the blink" when ten organiza- 
tion pictures were to be taken. 

Secondly, I am grateful for the co-operation that I received from the administration, 
faculty, students, organizations, fraternities and sororities. I do not make a yearbook; 
your co-operation makes a yearbook. 

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this edition of the ZENITH, and that years from 
now when you "reminisce," you will find that this book contains many memorable ex- 
periences of 1965-1966. 




Anderson, Madeline White 

237 Cherokee Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 

Armington, Judith K. 

602 Media Line Rd., Newton Square, Pa. 

Austraw, Elizabeth Wynne 

3125 Birch St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Bach, Loretta M. 

615 Player Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Barry, Mrs. Evelyn Loreen 

112 Lambeth Rd., Thomasville, N. C. 

Boles, Vicki Ray 

Box 36, Pinnacle, N. C. 

Booth, Patricia Anne 
Box 44, New Hill, N. C. 

Brower, Karen Elizabeth 
Rt. 5, Asheboro, N. C. 

Brown, Nan Lee 
656 E. Sharpe St., Statesville, N. C. 

Bryant, Margaret Ann 

506 Denny St., High Point, N. C. 

Burton, Barbara Marceline 
Rt. 2, Greensboro, N. C. 

Calvert, Carole Ann 
900 N. Larrimore St., Arlington, Va. 

Campbell, Jean Anne 
3805 N. Tazewell St., Arlington, Va. 

Carter, Mrs. Carol Pope 

16A William & Mary Apts., High Point, N. C. 

Cashion, Perry Jones 

1106 N. Rotary Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Clodfelter, Karen Elizabeth 
517 S. Cox St., Asheboro, N. C. 

Colvin, Genevieve Marilyn 
Viewtown, Va. 

Cook, Patricia Ann 
Rt. 2, Lexington, N. C. 

Copley, Judy Shoaf 
Emerywood Ct. Apt., High Point, N. C. 

Corder, Mary Ruth 

104 S. Main St., Kernersville, N. C. 

Davis, Frances Regina 

1702 Morven Rd., Wadesboro, N. C. 

Davis, Mary Dover 

1931 Eastchester, High Point, N. C. 

Deviney, Mary Rachel 
701 W. Main St., Spindale, N. C. 

Edwards, Mrs. Marion Tull 

909 W. College Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Fagan, Kary Lee 

1215 Kimery St., High Point, N. C. 

Fallon, Nancy Lee 
Box 14, Pittsford, Vt. 

Files, Mary Lawson 
Rt. 1, Tobaccoville, N. C. 

Fitzgerald, Penny T. 

4752 Cherry St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Fletcher, Pamela Sue 

Box 861, 308 Dakota St., Kannapolis, N. C. 

Fogleman, Peggy Joyce 
618 Hedrick Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Foy, Phyllis Ann 

Box 112, Granite Quarry, N. C. 

Freeman, Mary Frances 
Rt. 5, Box 508, Asheboro, N. C. 

Garnett, Sarah Louise 

5909 Fourth Rd. N., Arlington, Va. 

Garrett, Carolyn Frances 

121 Burwell Ave., Henderson, N. C. 

Haines, Jennie 

173 Shennecossett Pkwy., Groton, Conn. 

Haney, Mary Jane 

3204 Central Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Hardison, Linda Morris 

1641 Northwest Blvd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Harris, Lana Gail 

1101 Council St., High Point, N. C. 

Hevener, Dorothy Don 
324 York Dr., Waynesboro, Va. 

Hill, Nancy June 
764 Blackstone Ave., East Meadow, N. Y. 

Hinkle, Velva Roberta 
Welcome, N. C. 

Hoecker, Kathleen Elizabeth 

9100 Autoville Dr., College Park, Md. 

Holt, Frieda Jo 

P. O. Box 1131, High Point, N. C. 

Honeycutt, Nina Jo 
Rt. 1, Troutman, N. C. 

Hooper, Peggy Jo 

1208 N. Mebane St., Burlington, N. C. 

Howey, Ruth Elaine 
Rt. 1, Waxhaw, N. C. 

Hunter, Margaret Reid 
Rt. 1, Turkey, N. C. 

Hutchins, Sandra Lee 

Box 42, Oak Rd., New City, N. Y. 

Hutchinson, Verlene E. 

4771 Germantown Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 

Jaich, Gloria Jeanne 

1506 Overbrook Ct., High Point, N. C. 

Jepson, Sally Lou 

Box 1924, Clewiston, Fla. 

Johnson, Mrs. Sandra H. 
Rt. 1, Siler City, N. C. 

Knucky, Jill Elaine 

Rt. 1, Box 306, Wharton, N. J. 

Lankford, Shelia Dawn 

P. O. Box 263, Walkertown, N. C. 

Lewis, Janice R. 

Box 222, Spindale, N. C. 



Livengood, Beatrice Gertrude 

609 E. Lexington Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Lomax, Ramonia Jeanette 

702 Hardeman St., Thomasville, N. C. 

Lund, Marilyn Ann 

1457 Brookwood Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mandrich, Marv Ann 

146 Chesapeake St., S. W., Washington, D. C. 

Mann, Helen Louise 

607 Spruce St., High Point, N. C. 

Miller, Doris Richardson 

1441 Madison St., High Point, N. C. 

Miller, Judith Frances 
Rt. 1, Hillsboro, N. C. 

Moody, Beverlv Frances 
Box 293, Skyland, N. C. 

Moody, Kaye Dorothy 
4216 Princeton St., Greensboro, N. C. 

Morgan, Linda Jo 

4025 Avera Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Morgan, Mrs. Linda S. 
Rt. 9, Box 265, Greensboro, N. C. 

Morris, Myra Laura 

5608 Winthrop Dr., Raleigh, N. C. 

Morrison, Detra Carter 

602 Memorial Pk., Thomasville, N. C. 

Neese, Mary Elizabeth 

1450 Pine Valley Lp., Fayetteville, N. C. 

Paris, Martha Elaine 

429 W. Lexington Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Parker, Betty Newby 

217 Chestnut St., High Point, N. C. 

Parker, Mrs. Lucinda S. 

255 W. Liberty St., Asheboro, N. C. 

Payne, Barbara Ann 

313 Willow Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Peoples, Susan Jane 
Pittsboro, N. C. 

Phillips, Ruby Ann 

313 Willow Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Pino, Carol Joan 

117 Country Club Dr., Oradell, N. J. 

Pope, Janice Evelyn 
317 Richmond Rd., Rockingham, N. C. 

Prillaman, Ruth Audrey 
Box 805, Asheboro, N. C. 

Pyrtle, Mrs. Sharon B. 
410 Greenwood Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Ratchford, Vicky Feimster 

224 Carolina Ave., Asheboro, N. C. 

Roberts, Linda Alice 
2520 Central Ave., Baldwin, N. Y. 

Robertson, Alice Ann 

801 Fifth St., High Point, N. C. 

Rogers, Mrs. Jane Logan 

Oxford Place, Apt. H., High Point, N. C. 

Root, Joan Marie 
3537 N. Delaware St., Arlington, Va. 

Scales, Nancy Taylor 
Thornfield Farm, Leaksville, N. C. 

Shelton, Sarah Louise 
726 S. Franklin Rd., Mount Airy, N. C. 

Shouse, Wilma Jane 

Rt. 1, Pfafftown, N. C. 

Siess, Ellen M. 

99 Hillside Terrace, Irvington 11, N. J. 

Sisk, Peggy Jeanette 
Rt. 5, Lexington, N. C. 

Slack, Susan Harriet 
Rt. 5, Lexington, N. C. 

Small, Norma Kay 
Rt. 8, Box 549, Salisbury, N. C. 

Smith, Norma Sue 
Rt. 1, Casar, N. C. 

Spivey, Rachel Ann 

1718-D Bethel Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Spry, Sammie Arthurine 

301 E. Third Ave., Kannapolis, N. C. 

Stanford, Hilda Jeanne 
Oak St., Efland, N. C. 

Stevens, Brenda Holmes 

2020 Eastchester Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Talley, Helen Ann 

2105 Kenilworth Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 

Waldrep, Omegia Louise 
1013 Toma St., Shelby, N. C. 

Wasileski, Helen Ann 
Westlea Arms, Hightstown, N. J. 

Wells, Susan Elizabeth 

100 E. Ridge Dr., Waterbury, Conn. 

White, Patricia Hill 
Rt. 1, Sophia, N. C. 

Willen, Bernice Godel 
506 Mendenhall Rd., Jamestown, N. C. 

Williams, Lynda Delores 
S. Main St., Sparta, N. C. 

Wilson, Mrs. Kathleen Duncan 

1009 Greensboro Rd., High Point, N. C. 

Winters, Linda Elaine 

176 Lawrence Dr., Berkeley Heights, N. J. 

Woody, Mrs. Rebecca A. 

1900 N. Fayetteville St., Asheboro, N. C. 

Yow, Lillie Katherline 
Rt. 2, Seagrove, N. C. 




Alford, Patrick Burch 

2050 Craig St., Apt. 18, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Alexander, Alexis Duff 

P. 0. Box 788, Thomasville, N. C. 

Amick, Thomas Larry 

1975 W. Front St., Burlington, N. C. 

Anderson, Wayne Foster 
Rt. 5, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Balthis, Harry Griffith, Jr. 

4532 N. 39th St., Arlington, Va. 

Batten, Robert W., Jr. 

904 Blackstone Circle, Thomasville, N. C. 

Beck, Marion Lanoise 

1311 Ragan St., High Point, N. C. 

Beck, Robert Cletus 

Rt. 1, Thomasville, N. C. 

Beck, Robert Wavne 

124 Manor Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Biggerstaff, William G. 
Rt. 3, Denton, N. C. 

Blackburn, Jerry R. 

1129 Crestwood Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Blake, Thomas Holmes 

3402 Crestview Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Boone, Paul Norman 

1507-B Woodside Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Boyles, Marvin Anthony 

625 Byron Ave., Indian River City, Fla. 

Bradley, Robert Milden 

118 Randolph Rd., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Brim, Raymond Gilbert 

327 E. Dorsett St., Asheboro, N. C. 

Brown, Henry Dale 

Rt. 1, Box 852, Colfax, N. C. 

Brown, Tony Leo 
833 Dixon Ave., Asheboro, N. C. 

Brucki, James Edward, Jr. 

627 Colonial Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Buff, Stephen F. 
615 S. Ridgecrest Ave., Rutherfordton, N. C. 

Butler, Douglas Leon 

1130 Bridges Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Byerly, Harold Wayne 
Rt. 2, Box 182, Thomasville, N. C. 

Cardwell, Vernon Elliott 
Rt. 1, Mayodan, N. C. 

Carter, William Earl 

911 Carter St., High Point, N. C. 

Chasatt, Ronald Harrison 
224 Moffitt Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Cates, Hugh Marion 

Box 109, Hillsboro, N. C. 

Chidester, Leon Irvin 

615 N. Rotary Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Chilton, John Robert 

Rt. 1, Box 181, Ramseur, N. C. 

Chisholm, Leonard R., Jr. 

2103 N. Scott St., Arlington, Va. 

Clinard, Billv Weldon 
Rt. 2, Advance, N. C. 

Cook, Kenneth Rav 

1809 Brentwood Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Conner, William Rex 

12-C Forrest Pk. Apts., High Point, N. C. 

Conner, Clvde Keith 

1451 Elgin Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Craven, Kenneth Rav 
1204 Terrell Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Davis, James Allen 

1002 Barbee Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Davis, Jerrv Ray 
3809 Park Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 

Deal, Kenneth Ray 

Rt. 2, Box 172, Stony Point, N. C. 

Deal, Marcus Henry 

6 Devonshire Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 

Dell Amico, Mario M. 
607 SW 9th Ave., Miami, Fla. 

Duggan, James Wyman 

Rt. 1, Box 382, Fernandina Beach, Fla. 

Eaton, Wavne Edward 

7903 Wide Yard Rd., Clinton, Md. 

Everhart, Bill W. 

203 Jones Circle, Thomasville, N. C 

Finch, Lin wood George 
Roosevelt St., Dillon, S. C. 

Forte, Joseph Patrick 

11 Vista Lane, Levittown, N. Y. 

Foster, James Paisley 
417 Alamance Rd., Burlington, N. C. 

Frazier, Donald Ray 

Rt. 3, Thomasville, N. C. 

Freeman, Wilburn Lewis, Jr. 
Rt. 10, Lexington, N. C. 

Fulbright, William H. 

104 Willowbrook Cir., Lexington, N. C. 

Gallimore, James Emerson 

1208 Allison Lane, Pulaski, Va. 

Gilliam, Kenneth Allen 

102 Wellington Circle, Newport News, Va. 

Gowen, Robert Mullen 
429 Hamilton St., Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 

Green, William J. 

505 Oakland St., High Point, N. C. 

Greenwood, Roy Carlyle 
Stanton's Lane, W. Mystic, Conn. 

Harris, Robert Shelton 
5624 Alice Ave., Oxen Hill, Md. 

Hart, Terry David 

Apt. A-8, Ecker Apts., High Point, N. C. 

Hatley, Worth James 

516 E. Lexington Ave., High Point, N. C. 



Hedrick, Lindsay Darrell 
Rt. 5, Thomasville, N. C. 

Helsabeck, Robert Ray 
Furniture City Motel, High Point, N. C. 

Hendrix, George Leondas 

121 Old Mill Rd., High Point, N. C. 

Herndon, William David 
Woodland Dr., Box 932, Reidsville, N. C. 

Hester, Norman Ray 

1016 E. Fairfield Rd., High Point, N. C. 

Hoyt, Stuart M., Jr. 

1620 Pennington Rd., Pennington, N. J. 

Howard, Charles Thomas 

Rt. 5, Box 468, High Point, N. C. 

Hughes, Jerry Claude 

1513 Beaucrest Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Hutto, Carroll Fletcher 

115 Price St., Walterboro, S. C. 

Jacobs, Gilbert Wavne 

1377 Ring St., High Point, N. C. 

Jones, James Amos 

Rt. 3, Kernersville, N. C. 

Jones, William David 

4329 Archdale Rd., High Point, N. C. 

Kemp, David Lee 

600 Melrose St., High Point, N. C. 

Kennedy, Harold Aaron 
Rt. 2, Thomasville, N. C. 

Kennedy, William Gary 

2102 Merritt Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 

Kerns, Richard Henry 
Rt. 9, Box 331, Charlotte, N. C. 

Kerr, Charles Alan 

1411 Guyer St., High Point, N. C. 

Kester, Gene Clifton 
815 Fifth St., High Point, N. C. 

King, Arthur William 

307 Warn St., Jacksonville, N. C. 

King, Richard C. 

137 Wooded Lane, Villanova, Pa. 

Kyle, Jerry L. 

1028 Barbee St., High Point, N. C. 

Lang, William Evan 

1029 Long Pond Rd., Rochester, N. Y. 

Lester, Harry Thomas 

1113 Rotary Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Litten, Tony Max 
Gen. Del., Gibsonville, N. C. 

Locklair, John Welborn 
203 Camelia Dr., Moncks Corner, S. C. 

Lorber, Joseph F. 

585 W. Bay St., Manahawkin, N. J. 

Luther, Joe 
Rt. 3, Asheboro, N. C. 

McCallum, Joseph A. 

260 N. Elm St., Maxton, N. C. 

McCormick, Eddie Ray 

704 S. Guilford St., Thomasville, N. C. 

McDaniel, Mickey Joe 
Rt. 1, Mebane, N. C. 

McDowell, Charles R. 

Box 217, Rt. 5, High Point, N. C. 

McDuffie, James Edward 

Rt. 5, Shoaf Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mabe, Raymond Scott 

705-A Francis King St., Guilford College, N. C. 

Macy, Robert Gray 

R.F.D. 1, East Bend, N. C. 

Marquis, John H. W. 

83 Ellis St., Seekonk, Mass. 

Martin, Jim Harold 

308 Green Oak St., High Point, N. C. 

Meadows, Stanley E., Jr. 

2006 Dexter Dr., Falls Church, Va. 

Miller, William Collins 

Rt. 3, Box 64, Spotsylvania, Va. 

Morgan, Larry Garland 

106 S. Joiner St., High Point, N. C. 

Mudd, Frank Desales 

Idaho Farm, LaPlata, Md. 

Nabors, Julius W. 

1809 Davie Ave., Statesville, N. C 

Newby, William Andrew 
Rt. 4, Thomasville, N. C. 

O'Bryant, Norman H. 

1211 McCain PL, High Point, N. C. 

O'Kelley, Jerry Wayne 

810 Bryan St., Thomasville, N. C. 

Olson, Richard Weeber 

6 Burhans PI., Delmar, N. Y. 

Osborne, John Russell 

723 E. Main St., Bradford, Pa. 

Owens, Ned Bunyan 

1625 Eastchester Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Payne, John Roger 
Kernersville, N. C. 

Pearson, Stephen Ray 

248 Elm St., Hazardville, Conn. 

Phillips, William W. 

1303 Forrest St., High Point, N. C. 

Proffitt, Donald Jerry 
202 Welch Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Pulley, Charles, Jr. 
206 Hampton Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Redden, Charles Robert 
Rt. 2, Clemmons, N. C. 

Rich, Kenneth Ray 

1427 N. Hamilton St., High Point, N. C. 

Richards, Charles G. 
3483 Selwyn Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 

Rimmer, William David 
Rt. 2, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 



Rios- Jordan, Carlos Alberto 
4927 Cochabamba, Bolivia 

Ripley, Claborne Kent 

5427 Carolina PI., N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Rogers, Raymond Wilson 

507 Sherbrook Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Roycroft, George Belvin 
300 W. Murray Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Russell, James Robin 

Rt. 3, Thomasville, N. C. 

Schreiber, Charles George 

1251 E. Main St., Bradford, Pa. 

Seaford, Jeffrey Beck 
Rt. 6, Lexington, N. C. 

Shipp, Haynes Lennon, Jr. 
408 Parker Dr., Clinton, N. C. 

Simms, Richard S. 

18 Hancock St., Clinton, N. J. 

Smith, Charles Wayne 

324 Old Mill Rd., High Point, N. C. 

Smothers, Jerry Wayne 
Rt. 1, Brown Summit, N. C. 

Stephens, Roger Kerr 
Rt. 1, Meadville, Pa. 

Stiles, Charles Wendell 

Box 284, Robbinsville, N. C. 

Stinson, Richard Wright 

3621 Newark St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Stowe, Curtis Wilford 

509 N. Hamilton St., Leaksville, N. C. 

Tysinger, Earl, Jr. 

9 Maple Ave.. Thomasville, N. C. 

Updyke, Richard Lawrence 
710 Hoover St., Asheboro, N. C. 

Urian, David Robert 

127 Frazier St., Smyrna, Del. 

Vasquez, Roberto 

1000 Charlotte Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Warren, Arthur Staples 

R.F.D. 2, Colburn Rd., Stafford Springs, Conn. 

Westmoreland, Charles W., Jr. 

1042 Ebert St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Witt, Leonard 

2246 Greenleaf St., Allentown, Pa. 

York, Barry Franklin 

721 Gate wood Ave., High Point, N. C. 


Abbott, Laurie Dee 

218 Spring St., Thomasville, N. C. 

Allen, Billie Lawson 

111 Edgeview Rd., High Point, N. C. 

Anderson, Jean 

507 Redfern Ave., Wilmington Del. 

Ashburn, Sue Carol 

Children's Home, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Austin, Marizell Elaine 
310 E. Houston St., Monroe, N. C. 

Banks, Patricia Ann 

Carolina Apts., Thomasville, N. C. 

Benfield, Sharon Kaye 

1420 Courtesy Rd., High Point, N. C. 

Bolton, Debra Layne 

Rt. 4, Williams Dairy Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 

Brendle, Jackie Sherron 
215 Enola Rd., Morganton, N. C. 

Bristow, Winifred Maria 
714 Vance St., Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 

Browning, Mrs. Velma F. 

Apt. F3A, Emerywood Ct., High Point, N. C. 

Burns, Carolyn Elizabeth 
77 Woodcrest Ave., Maple Shade, N. J. 

Burton, P. Jane 

526 Meaver St., High Point, N. C. 

Carle, Rhea Evalyn 

12 Christian St., Bristol, Mass 

Cheek, Emma Sue 

1303 Central Dr., Kannapolis, N. C. 

Clark, Tillie Lynn 
Box 1178, Greenwood, S. C. 

Coltrane, Laura Lane 

Rt. 1, Box 205, Kernersville, N. C. 

Cox, Judy Carol 

Rt. 1, Reidsville, N. C. 

Craven, Sarah Jane 

Rt. 2, Box 404, High Point, N. C. 

Creagmile, Sharon Gayle 
401 Lindsay St., Ridley Park, Pa. 

Dayvault, Brenda Ann 

1003 Centergrove Rd., Kannapolis, N .C. 

DeGooyer, Julie 

1112 Meurille Lane, Silver Spring, Md. 

Drone, Sue Elizabeth 

14 Leadbeater, Alexandria, Va. 

Dunlap, Sandra Jane 

Rt. 2, Walnut Cove, N. C. 

Edwards, Frankve Karen 
Rt. 2, King, N. C. 

Fearrington, Betty Ann 
Rt. 1, Pittsboro, N. C. 

Freeman, Eloise L. 

315 Mois St., Leaksville, N. C. 

Garland, Mary Klausman 

806 Ferndale, High Point, N. C. 



Goodwin, Gainor Elizabeth 

1501 Coventry Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 

Green, Sarah Frances 
Rt. 2, High Point, N. C. 

Greene, Sarah Elizabeth 

24 Midchester Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 

Harman, Faye 

Box 9-A, Ridge Rd., Hanover, Md. 

Harris, Cleah Mellen 
3306 Hillside Dr.. High Point, N. C. 

Hood, Susan Marie 
M.O.Q. 2220, Camp Lejeune, N. C. 

Howe, Aileen N. 

441 Merritt Dr., Mt. Holly, N. J. 

Hudson, Vicki Ann 

Contral Falls Rd., Asheboro, N. C. 

Hussey, Judy Gail 
Rt. 2, Box 209, High Point, N. C. 

Hutto, Helen Irene 

402 Otteray Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Joyce, Wanda Lou 
R.F.D. 1, Madison, N. C. 

Jurney, Cheryl Delaine 
Rt. 1, Harmony, N. C. 

Kaehler, Margaret D. 

537 Maitland St., East Meadow, N. Y. 

Kearns, Tamara R. 

Rt. 9, Box 46, Lexington, N. C. 

Kellam, Betty Jo 
909 Creekside Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Kennedy, Rosemary Modlin 

212 Salem Rd., Lincolnton, N. C. 

Knam, Susan Elizabeth 
Box 71, Gwynedd, Pa. 

Lamb, Laurie 
519 N. Mendenhall St., Greensboro, N. C. 

Landes, Emma Lou 
3213 Queens Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 

Lenz, Laura Ellen 

5414 Huntington Pkwy., Bethesda, Md. 

Letherbury, Sharon 
503 W. 32nd St., Wilmington, Del. 

Lewallen, Gloria Jean 
405 Friddle St., High Point, N. C. 

Losten, Carol Jean 
Rt. 1, Chesapeake City, Md. 

McDiarmid, Barbara A. 
Rt. 1, Red Springs, N. C. 

McLean, Mrs. Mary F. 
230 Lorraine Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mackie, Edna Ann 
Cecilton, Md. 

Mainwaring, Lois Jean 

318 Estes Dr., Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Mann, Helen Louise 

607 Spruce St., High Point, N .C. 

Marsh, Linda Weston 
Rt. 2, Trinity, N. C. 

Milner, Jane M. 
4508 Oak Ridge Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mitchell, Ruth Truslow 
315 Boone Rd., Leaksville, N. C. 

Parks, Betty Ann 

Rt. 2, Box 394, Trinity, N. C. 

Patterson, Hattie Anne 

307 Avery Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Perry, Linda Gale 
27 W. Woodrow Ave., Belmont, N. C. 

Pigott, Diane Patricia 

6901 Western Ave., N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Poindexter, Catherine Sue 
8517 Lawyers Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 

Poole, Nancy Irene 

Rt. 2, New London, N. C. 

Price, Carolyn Joyce 

807 Quaker Lane, High Point, N. C. 

Pulliam, Linda Faye 

105 N. Gordon St., Spray, N. C. 

Reed, Sally Charles 

159 Edwards Ferry Rd., Leesburg, Va. 

Renegar, Mary Esther 
Rt. 2, Harmony, N. C. 

Rogers, Kathleen L. 

1929 N. VanBuren St., Arlington, Va. 

Russell, Carolyn Adele 

Russ-Knoll, Granite Falls, N. C. 

Ruth, Jean Carol 
1109 Campbell St., High Point, N. C. 

Sarmuk, Candace 

Rt. 1, Box 113, Housatonic, Mass. 

Sides. Ruth Ann 
3013 E. Bessemer Ave., Greensboro, N. C. 

Smith, Angela Dee 

807 S. Chapman St., Greensboro, N. C. 

Smith, Marilyn Lorraine 

126 S. Rd., High Point, N. C. 

Snow, Sherry Donese 
3735 Crosland Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Snyder, Shirley L. 
722 Chestnut St., High Point, N. C. 

Stayer, Janet Lee 

3645 Henshaw Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 

Steed, Dina Clay 
4413 Harvard St., Greensboro, N. C. 

Stone, Judith Ann 

3609 Garner Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 

Story, Catherine Donna 

1208 W. Florida St., Greensboro, N. C. 

Stout, Ella Raines 

1530 Fairway Rd., Asheboro, N. C. 



Stutts, Judy Irene 
319 S. Fayetteville St., Liberty, N. C. 

Suhadolc, Donna Lynn 
84 Lake St., Bergen, N. J. 

Tabor, Nancy Ruth 

Rt. 4, Lynwood Lake Estates, Greensboro, N. C. 

Thomas, Betty Patterson 

299 Westview Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Thomas, Dorothy Elaine 

708 Florham Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Thorley, Joann Alice 

1612 Sylvester St., Lakeland, Fla. 

Tingen, Virginia Dare 
Rt. 2, Woodsdale, N. C. 

Tysinger, Harriet Ann 
Rt. 2, Thomasville, N. C. 

VanHook, Sarah Joyce 

529 Dutch Cove Rd., Canton, N. C. 

Vaughn, Bettv Jo 
309 Colonial Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Venning, Virginia Ross 

1620 Queens Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 

Walker, Barbara Dare 

1303 Walnut St. Ext., Reidsville, N. C. 

Ward, Kathleen Mary 
5529 Potomac Ave., N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Welborn, Wanda Lee 
311 Solon St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Wells, Suzanne 
3415 Emerald Isle Circle, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Whittemore, Anita Gail 

400 W. Pine St., Burlington, N. C. 

Williams, Ellen Frances 
Rt. 1, Olin, N. C. 

Williamson, Saundra Gayle 

1502 Brentwood St., High Point, N. C. 

Wilson, Kathleen Duncan 

1009 Greensboro Rd., High Point, N. C. 

Wilson, Rebecca Morris 
Rt. 1, Walkertown, N. C. 

Wright, Joyce Gale 
Box 49, Earl, N. C. 

Wright, Linda Hollar 

614 W. Farris Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Yokeley, Vicki Joyce 

1220 Ashburton Lane, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Young, Janet Page 

3201 Raven Rd., Orlando, Fla. 


Anderson, Thomas Stuart 

Rt. 1, Box 106, Trinity, N. C. 

Bageant, George G. 

1310 Arrowwood Rd., Asheboro, N. C. 

Braswell, Edward Lawrence 

Box 267, Winston-Salem ASF, N. C. 

Brown, Larry Eugene 
Rt. 2, Trinity, N. C. 

Brown, Ronald Cole 

61 Herron Ave., Asheville, N. C. 

Brown, Spencer Wayne 
8396 Bucknell Dr., Vienna, Va. 

Buffum, John Wells 

141 E. 56th St., New York, N. Y. 

Bulla, Kenneth Allen 
600 Greenwood Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Burns, Clinton Steve 

635 W. Lexington Ave. High Point, N. C. 

Cardwell, Vernon Elliott 
Rt. 1, Mayodan, N. C. 

Carter, William C, Jr. 

150 Barber St., Mount Airy, N. C. 

Chasatt, Ronald Harrison 
224 Moffitt Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Chase, Gregory Dickinson 

1041 Miles Standish Rd., Va. Beach, Va. 

Chesson, Gary Lyndon 

1006 Highland Dr., Reidsville, N. C. 

Clark, Robert Harrison 

1157 E. Polord St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Clinard, Billy Weldon 
Rt. 2, Advance, N. C. 

Coleman, Thomas L., Jr. 

10612 Burbank Dr., Potomac, Md. 

Craver, Larry Wavne 
Rt. 2, Clemmons, N. C. 

Craver, Robert Franklin 

728 Summit St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Crossley, Donald Raymon 

148 Puffer Ave., Swansea, Mass. 

Cade, William V., Jr. 
Waterbury St. Ext., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Daniels, Ernest Clyde, Jr. 

1002 Sherod St., High Point, N. C 

Davis, James Allen 
1002 Barbee Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Dignan, Thomas Francis 
3903 "W" St., Washington 7, D. C. 

Dorsey, David Barnett 
103 Church St., Rutherford ton, N. C. 

Eller, Robert Stephen 
513 White St., Thomasville, N. C. 

Ervin, Wavne Dillard 
509 Sawtell PI., Brunswick, Ga. 

Faucette, Philip Whitfield 
Rt. 1, Brown Summit, N. C. 



Forbis, Clinton S., Jr. 

1310 Eastchester Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Fowler, Edwin B., Ill 

308 Lee St., Wadesboro, N. C. 

Garner, David Wayne 
Rt. 1, Asheboro, N. C. 

Gowen, Robert Mullen 

429 Hamilton St., Box 246, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 

Greene, Richard Arthur 

Rt. 2, Box 347, Randleman, N. C. 

Guzinski, Joseph Vernon 
R.F.D. 2, Tunkhannock, Pa. 

Haithcock, Randv Grayson 

200 Model Farm Rd., High Point, N. C. 

Hardee, David Ray 

1410 Chestnut St., High Point, N. C. 

Harris, Willie Gray, Jr. 
Rt. 1, Carthage, N. C. 

Havens, Martin Richard 
Rt. 2, Box 3, New London, N. C. 

Hoar, Ralph W., Jr. 
Toano, Va. 

Holland, Herman Garry 

216 Druid St., High Point, N. C. 

Houser, Ervin Hillard 

215 Maple St., Kings Mountain, N. C. 

Hughes, Charlie Wayne 
Rt. 1, Trinity, N. C. 

Jones, Kimbrough 

3121 Hillmer Dr., Raleigh, N. C. 

Jones, Levin Kirkman, Jr. 

1302 Rhem St., Kinston, N. C. 

Jones, Tiffany Van 

142 Hartley St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Kennedy, Cletus Wayne 

2728A English Rd., High Point, N. C. 

Kerr, Jeffrey Douglas 

710 Evergreen St., Emmaus, Pa. 

Key, Michael Dean 
4208 Lancaster Ave., Charleston, W. Va. 

Kreider, Marc Robert 

2035 Grace Ave., Lebanon, Pa. 

Lamb, Walter Merritt 

519 N. Mendenhall St., Greensboro, N. C. 

Lambert, Jerry Lee 
803 N. Jackson St., Nappanee, Ind. 

Lare, George Adam 

1228 Corwell Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. 

Lea, William Thomas 

13401 Sherwood Forest Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 

Lemons, James Paul 
448 Oakgrove Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Lewin, Richard Dennis 

3056 Kearsarge Rd., Camden, N. J. 
Link, Donald Ray 

Rt. 1, Iron Station, N. C. 

Lowe, Nolan Leslie 
4107 S. Main St., High Point, N. C. 

McDermott, William G., Jr. 
3627 Manorwood Dr., Hyattsville, Md. 

McFetters, Richard Wayne 
P. O. Box 10063, Greensboro, N. C. 

Mclnnis, William Howard 
Box 10, Lakeview, N. C. 

McKay, Arthur I. 

129 Albemarle Rd., Norwood, Mass. 

Mabe, Philip Matthew 

928 Beaumont Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Martz, James Albert 

112 Columbus, High Point, N. C. 

Matthews, Larry Keith 

Rt. 1, Teague Lane, Kernersville, N. C. 

Merrell, Charles Van 
Rt. 1, Mocksville, N. C. 

Mills, Robert Truman 

1002 River St., Jacksonville, N. C. 

Patterson, Eddy 

Rt. 1, Ararat, N. C. 

Patterson, George Thomas 

1011 Tipton St., High Point, N. C. 

Payne, Lowell David 

1206 Brentwood St., High Point, N. C. 

Pickett, Gary Clark 

Stafford St., Arlington, Va. 

Prince, Richard Coleman 
3822 San Luis, Tampa, Fla. 

Pulliam, David Parker 

3336 Frontier Rd., Roanoke, Va. 

Raper, Emery Elisha, Jr. 

16 Vance Circle, Lexington, N. C. 

Rayle, Darrell Millis 
Rt. 1, High Point, N. C. 

Redden, Charles Robert 
Rt. 2, Clemmons, N. C. 

Rendell, Noel A. 

29 Riverside Rd., Simsbury, Conn. 

Rogers, Ronald Roy 

200 S. Cecil St., Lexington, N. C. 

Russell, James Robin 
Rt. 3, Thomasville, N. C. 

Samet, Jan Howard 

501 Blain Ct., High Point, N. C. 

Saunders, Barry Wayne 

4210 N. Main St., High Point, N. C. 

Sharpe, Thomas Patterson 

2737 Alamance Rd., Burlington, N. C. 

Sloan, James L. 
708 Enderby Dr., Alexandria, Va. 

Smith, Charles Wayne 

324 Old Mill Rd., High Point, N. C. 

Smith, Linwood Earl 

5704 2nd St., Washington, D. C. 



Spiridopoulos, James Stephen 
3245 38th St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Steimle, John Michael 

135 Skye Dr., Southern Pines, N. C. 

Stillwell, Clarence G., Jr. 
618 N. Hamilton St., High Point, N. C. 

Stitt, James Wilson 
Box 396, Eastville, Va. 

Swan, John David 
Box 367, Sylva, N. C. 

Thayer, Douglas Alen 

63 Parkview PL, Baldwin, N. Y. 

Thomas, Frank David 

540 Forrest Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Torres, Robert 

3910 N. Main St., High Point, N. C. 

Ward, Jerry Morris 

1106 Shamrock Rd., Asheboro, N. C. 

Watson, Roger Clinton 
76D Wm. & Mary Apts., High Point, N. C. 

Wells, Robert Arthur 

912 Tarleton Ave., Burlington, N. C. 


Abbott, Diane Elizabeth 
505 N. Garfield St., Arlington, Va. 

Abernathy, Laura Ruth 
Box 353, Connelly Springs, N. C. 

Albright, Beverly Glenn 
5223 Baker Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 

Alvarez, Patricia M. 
1408 Bridges Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Anderson, Charlotte A. 

121 Pasquotank Dr., Raleigh, N. C. 

Andrews, Nancy Stella 

117 White Oak Dr., Siler City, N. C. 

Applegate, Susan 
3594 Halcyon Dr., Alexandria, Va. 

Auman, Delia Emilie 
Seagrove, N. C. 

Auman, Jennie Louella 

118 Northeast Dr., Archdale, N. C. 

Beatt.v. Linda Gail 
3309 High Point Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 

Beauchamp, Connie Fay 
1109 Carter St., High Point, N. C. 

Blackburn, Gloria Staley 
1222 Guyer St., High Point, N. C. 

Blaner, Sally Louise 

Box 443, Jamestown, N. C. 

Bogue, Janice Ruth 
39 Bryan Dr., RFD 3, Manchester, Conn. 

Boyles, Patricia Faye 
Rt. 1, Pinnacle, N. C. 

Bylery, Norma Lee 
1705 Shaver St., High Point, N. C. 

Callaway, Elizabeth Ann 

1936 N. Upton St., Arlington, Va. 

Caveny, Carolyn Cecile 
597 Fourth St., N.W., Hickory, N. C. 

Clifton, Dorothy Maynard 
5416 Ferndale, N. Springfield, Va. 

Cline, Catherine Hill 
403 W. Court St., Paris, 111. 

Cole, Victoria Lee 
33 Bridge St., Leaksville, N. C. 

Cottrelle, Jeanine Lois 
11625 36th Ave., Beltsville, Md. 

Cowden, Patricia Anne 

708 Rollingwood Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 

Craver, Rebecca Franklin 
804 Hillcrest Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Cruit, Catherine E. 

Box 457, Aberdeen, Md. 

Daniel, Elizabeth Burch 

5626 Atwater Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 

Daniel, Janet Jones 
Rt. 2, Roxboro, N. C. 

Dark, Virginia Ann 

317 N. Garden St., Siler City, N. C. 

Davis, Peggy Carole 

10115 Phoebe Lane, Adelphi, Md. 

Doub, Janice Lynn 
Rt. 8, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Ebert, Donna Louise 

613 Catalina Dr., Greensboro, N, C. 

Edmonds, Lynn Carol 
3768 Pleasant Valley Rd., Mobile, Ala. 

Edwards, Rosemary Lee 
Homewood Acres, Box 374, Siler City, N. C. 

Elms, Jeanette Olive 
2003 Kylemore Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 

English, Linda T. 
711 Chandler St., High Point, N. C. 

Ferran, Diana Raye 
416 S. Center St., Eustis, Fla. 

Glew, Allison Mae 
6 Greenwood Ave., Saugus, Mass. 

Goettsche, Donna Harriott 

6243 Williamsburg Blvd., Arlington, Va. 

Goggin, Monica Elizabeth 

37 Middlebury Lane, Willinboro, N. J. 

Golden, Susan Adair 

336 Pipers Gap Rd., Mount Airy, N. C. 



Greco, Anne Louise 

2907 Valley Dr., Alexandria, Va. 

Grissom, Marv Elizabeth 
Box 64, Warren, N. C. 

Groce, Laura June 

24 Tampa Ave., Asheville, N. C. 

Hairfield, Betsy Martin 
410 N. Green St., Morganton, N. C. 

Hamlet, Judith Ann 

172 Madison Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Harrington, Martha Jane 

419 Cameron Ave., Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Harshbarger, Sharon Lee 

1703 Macon St., McLean, Va. 

Hay worth, Dolores Irene 

501 Pine St., High Point, N. C. 

Hege, Betty Carol 

3011 Whitson Rd., Gastonia, N. C. 

Hester, Sara Ann 
308 N. Main St., Roxboro, N. C. 

Holscher, Susan Jane 

6405 Dahlonega Rd., Washington, D. C. 

Holt, Dianne Julene 

2525 Vail Ave., Apt. 21A, Charlotte, N. C. 

Hopkins, Linda Christine 
4922 Erskridge Terrace, N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Horigan, Elizabeth Anne 

9212 Topeka St., Bethesda, Md. 

Howlett, Wanda Gayle 

804 Arthur Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Hughes, Helen Nelson 
505 Birchwood Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Humphrey, Mary M. 

6133 N. 12th St., Arlington, Va. 

Jackson, Kay Anne 

1019 Faun Rd., Wilmington, Del. 

Jackson, Sharon Diane 

P. O. Box 506, Lake Mary, Fla. 

Jenkins, Patricia Lynn 

334 Fourth St., N.W., Hickory, N. C. 

Johnson, Alison Blount 

3505 Craig St., Portsmouth, Va. 

Jones, Donna Ray 
Rt. 1, Pinnacle, N. C. 

Kendle, Cheryl Marie 

Rt. 1, Box 78, Williamsport, Md. 

Kindred, Kitty Lou 

Flamingo Ave., Box 392, Stuart, Fla. 

Kyles, Sandra Elizabeth 

123 Magnolia, Statesville, N. C. 

LaSalla, Mary Dimney 
2104 Dunnhill Dr., Raleigh, N. C. 

Lewis, Virginia Anne 
Gen. Del., Elkin, N. C. 

Loomis, Anita Mary 
Rushville, N. Y. 

Loweth, Christine Carol 

5016 25th Ave., Hillcrest Hgts., Md. 

McDonald, Delores Ann 

300 N. Scientific St., High Point, N. C. 

McLane, Margaret Irving 

3420 S. Wakefield St., Arlington, Va. 

Magruder, Mary Jane 
4 Sedgwick Lane, Rockville, Md. 

Martin, Cheryl Lynn 

702 Chandler St., High Point, N. C. 

Martin, Suzanne 

1317 Julianna PI., Alexandria, Va. 

Mason, Frances Nan 

2611 E. Bessemer Ave., Greensboro, N. C. 

Montague, Anne Elizabeth 

128 N. King Charles Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 

Payne, Claudia Lynn 
Medical Serv. School (ATC), Gunter AFB, Ala. 

Peace, Frankie 

416 Springdale Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Peck, Donna Elaine 

4507 N. 33rd St., Arlington, Va. 

Pernell, Margaret Alicia 

1601 Laurel Lane, High Point, N. C. 

Phipps, Anita Dale 

317 Player Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Pickett, Emilie Lou 
Box 8, Denton, N. C. 

Reidda, Lorraine Ann 

14 Highland Ave., Succasunna, N. J. 

Resch, Carol Ruth 
Rt. 1, Box 405, Mount Pleasant, S. C. 

Ritchie, Cassandra 

586 Bloomingdale, Kingsport, Tenn. 

Rogers, Barbara Anne 

507 Sherbrook Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Rounds, Helen Elizabeth 

603 Clark St., Westfield, N. J. 

Rushing, Mary Sue 
Box 65, Hoffman, N. C. 

Sanderford, Betty Gail 

104 E. Wyche St., Whiteville, N. C. 

Scott, Ann N. 
27 Breamar Dr., Hampton, Va. 

Scott, Claire Nelle 

1054 32nd St., So. Birmingham, Ala. 

Sharpe, Peggy M. 

2137 Cowper Dr., Raleigh, N. C. 

Shelley, Donna Lee 

2100 MOQ, Parris Island, S. C. 

Simone, Lynn Wood 

1031 Lowden Ave., Union, N. J. 

Sink, Etta Evelyn 
Lexington, N. C. 

Smith, Patricia Ann 
Box 25A, Amberly, Md. 



Sofer, Regina Schone 
Box 367, Welcome, N. C. 

Sowers, Donna Kay 
601 Willowbar Terrace, High Point, N. C. 

Starling, Patsy Florine 

826 Ferndale Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Steele, Sammie Lynn 

107 Kersey Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Sturdivant, Phyllis Adelia 
Rt. 6, Lexington, N. C. 

Taro, Joan Mildred 

326 Dogwood Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Taylor, Barbara Leigh 

P. O. Box 66, Denton, N. C. 

Taylor, Nancy E. 

813 Crescent Dr., Alexandria, Va. 

Teague, Sylvia Hicks 

1932 W. Boulevard, Charlotte, N. C. 

Thayer, Barbara Louise 
Rt. 5, High Point, N. C. 

Thomas, Dorothy Elaine 

708 Florham Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Thomas, Desma Louise 

Box 151, Rt. 1, Jackson Springs, N. C. 

Thomas, Luella Lamar 
711 N. Weldon St., Gastonia, N. C. 

Tuggle, Marcia Younts 

Rt. 5, Box 188, High Point, N. C. 

Tuttle, Martha Jane 
712 Glenmore Circle, High Point, N. C. 

Tysinger, Janice Warfford 

Rt. 7, Box 195, Lexington, N. C. 

VanFossen, Leslie Ann 

1703 Farragut Ave., Rockville, Md. 

Vanneman, Jeanne Claire 

309 Central Ave., Woodbury Hgts., N. J. 

Varner, Brenda Iris 

Rt. 2, Box 153, Lexington, N. C. 

Wagner, Mary Lynn 

Oxford House Apts., High Point, N. C. 

Warren, Joan Parker 

Friendly Rd., Kernersville, N. C. 

White, Ellen Louise 

7 Sterling Ave., Saugus, Mass. 

Wilkes, Shelby Jean 

27D Daniel Brooks Apts., High Point, N. C. 

Wilson, Nancy Gail 

301 Kennelwood Rd., Asheboro, N. C. 

Wimberlv, Vicky 

2012 Richardson Dr., Reidsville, N. C. 

Winstead, Carol Louise 

202 N. Main St., Roxboro, N. C. 


Aiken, Clyde Miller, III 

320 Dixie Rd., Forest Park, Ga. 

Alger, Hugh Giger 

Box 151, Star Rt., Eustis, Fla. 

Austin, Jennings L. 
Rt. 7, Monroe, N. C. 

Ayers, Paul Andrew, II 
Box 447, Rutherford, N. C. 

Baldwin, Robert F. 
34D Adams, Dr., Brenton Village, R. I. 

Baldwin, William Frazier 

117 Greenspring Rd., Wilmington, Del. 

Bateman, Barry Edward 
213 Park Ave., Spray, N. C. 

Beans, Frank W., Jr. 
RFD 2, Bayhead Rd., Annapolis, Md. 

Bellinger, Timothy G. 
9514 Hunt Ave., South Gate, Calif. 

Betterton, Robert James 

334-37th St., Bringantine, N. J. 

Bigham, Hugh Elliott, Jr. 

119 Pearson Dr., Morganton, N. C. 

Bigham, William Manning 

2521 Hampton Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 

Blackwell, James Stevens 
Rt. 1, Asheboro, N. C. 

Blanciak, Thomas Alan 
258 Sherman Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Bloom, John C. 

Half Acre Rd., Cranbury, N. J. 

Boales, Maxwell Carter 
511 S. Atlantic St., Daytona Beach, Fla. 

Brazier, Thomas W., Jr. 

208 Greenlawn Dr., Asheboro, N. C. 

Browne, Charles Talmadge 

115 E. Walker Ave., Asheboro, N. C. 

Bryant, Michael I. 

27 Culbreth Ave., Thomasville, N. C. 

Carter, John F., Jr. 
505 Randolph St., Thomasville, N. C. 

Cassell, Timothy Elmo 

Rt. 4, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Cheatham, Larry Wayne 

904 W. 2nd St., Madison, Ind. 

Christold, Tom 

511 Pennsylvania Ave., Norfolk 8, Va. 

Clark, Edward Albert, III 

1204 Sheldon St., W. Suffield, Conn. 

Cole, David William, Jr. 

1006 Emery Circle, High Point, N. C. 

Combs, Douglas Harvey 

3105 Tremont Ave., Cheverly, Md. 


Cook, James Edmund, Jr. 

4108 Dogwood Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 

Cooke, Donald Eugene 

Rt. 2, Box 152, Brown Summit, N. C. 

Coston, James Christopher 

2619 Avent Ferry Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 

Cox, Charles Lanson 
Rt. 5, Asheboro, N. C. 

Crater, Stephen Ross 
3505 Imperial Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Cravei - , Gary Burl 

Rt. 1, Box 260, Lexington, N. C. 

Crawford, David Fillmore 
Box 146, Hiddenite, N. C. 

Davis, Peter Radford, Jr. 
4200 S.W. 96th Ave., Miami, Fla. 

Dover, Forrest Reid 
Rt. 2, Bessemer City, N. C. 

Duffy, John Augustus 

4213 Ft. DuPont Terrace, S.E., Washington D. C. 

Elliott, Steve Warren 

1005 Grayland St., Greensboro, N. C. 

Fanning, William Ford 
234 Avalon Dr., Rochester, N. Y. 

Freedle, Jerry Michael 

618 English Rd., High Point, N. C. 

Furman, Craig Dudley 

4412 Norbeck Rd., Rockville, N. C. 

Garrison, Larry 
Rt. 6, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Gilbert, David Everidge 
Rt. 1, Pfafftown, N. C. 

Goode, Ralph Glass 

Connelley Springs, N. C. 

Groce, Jerry Ronald 

405 Oakview Rd., High Point, N. C. 

Hamrick, John David 

1302 Eaton PI., High Point, N. C. 

Hardister, Sam Gray, III 

2-30th St., N.E., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Havens, Martin Richard 

Rt. 2, Box 3, New London, N. C. 

Hicks, Steven Lynn 
Rt. 2, Trinity, N. C. 

Hill, Harry Anthony 

1007 Westridge Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 

Hinshaw, Kirt Alexander 

Rt. 5, Box 188, Thomasville, N. C. 

Hoke, Michael David 

227 Montlieu Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Holbert, Ronald Francis 
130 N. Gay St., Cambridge City, Ind. 

Hollingsworth, Billy John 
Rt. 7, Lexington, N. C. 

Hornaday, Neal Arington 

108 S. Church Ave., Milford, Del. 

Hucks, David B., Jr. 
208-S Chestnut Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Hulick, Jeffrey Scott 

Half Acre Rd., Cranbury, N. C. 

Hulin, Jesse Willis 
Rt. 1, Asheboro, N. C. 

Hunsucker, George Michael 

1110 Breeze Hill Rd., Asheboro, N. C. 

Kendrick, Kenneth Larry 

852 Meadow Summit Rd., Spray, N. C. 

Kiley, Thomas Lee 

118 Prospect Ave., Wilmington, Del. 

Kurkjian, Charles Edward 
504 E. Meadow Lane, Exton, Pa. 

Larrick, Rickie Leroy 
3839 Beverly Hills Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Leverett, George Talmadge 

607 North Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Link, Wayne Douglas 
Rt. 2, Box 36, Connelley Springs, N. C. 

Lockman, Phillip A. 

Rt. 1, Iron Station, N. C. 

Loflin, John D. 
508 Roseland Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Lowenthal, Ronald Evan 
2722 Blaine Dr., Chevy Chase, Md. 

McDaniel, Mickey Joe 
Rt. 1, Mebane, N. C. 

McGee, Stephen Ray 

3440 Luther St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

McGreevy, Richard F. 

13 Jacksonville Rd., Pequannock, N. J. 

McLain, Talmage Steven 
Box 14, Rt. 1, Hiddenite, N. C. 

McMahon, Gary John 
275 Bay Ave., Huntington, L. I., N. Y. 

McMillan, Lewis Eugene 

503 Weaver Dr., Lexington, N. C. 

McNulty, Joseph F., Jr. 

1007 Arrow Wood Rd., Asheboro, N. C. 

Machlin, Kenneth 
3615 Janet Rd., Silver Spring, Md. 

Marsh, Walter Currell 
615 Colonial Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Marshall, John Edward 
Box 546, Statesville, N. C. 

Marshall, Richard Allen 

10701 Hayes Ave., Silver Spring, Md. 

Mason, David Lee 

654 Glen Ave., Westfield, N. J. 

Milward, George Michael 

1505 Hancock Ave., Alexandria, Va. 

Mock, Richard Gray 
Rt. 1, Lewisville, N. C. 

Mowery, David Leon 

Rt. 5, High Point, N. C. 


Muench, Juan Francisco 

504 Avalon PI., High Point, N C. 

Nance, Sidney Wayne 

Rt. 3, Box 120, Thomasville, N. C. 

Neal, Larry Thomas 

Rt. 1, Box 91, Belews Creek, N. C. 

Noble, Richard Coleman 

2528 Blackwood Rd., Wilmington 3, Del. 

Novinger, L. William 

72 Sackarackin Ave., Dover, Del. 

Okin, Eric Leonard 

2415 N. Rockingham St., Arlington, Va. 

Owens, Robert Lee 

Rt. 5, Lexington, N. C. 

Palmer, Leonard S., Jr. 

804 Apperson Dr., Salem, Va. 

Presley, Charles Ray 

Rt. 9, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Richards, Neil Alan 

Box 164, 810th Radron, Winston-Salem AFS, N. C. 

Richardson, James Byrd 

5050 Whitwood Lane, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Richardson, Judson C. 

18 Grey Lane, Lynnfield, Mass. 

Riggs, Steve Hanes 

324 Phillips Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Robb, Arthur Raymond 

2029 West Polo Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Robertson, Robert Patrick 
40 Deer Lane, Wantagh, N. Y. 

Robinson, David Marshall 

769 G. Willow St., Selfridge AFB, Mich. 

Sale, Robert Michael 

1308 Prescott PL, High Point, N. C. 

Schumacher, Roy David 

858 Edge Park Dr., Haddonfield, N. J. 

Senger, Earl Paul 
206 Mercury Rd., Waynesboro, Va. 

Seningen, Stephen R. 

6947 Emerson St., Newark, Del. 

Sevier, William Eugene 
82 Weaverville Rd., Asheville, N. C. 

Shackleford, Rudy Phillip 
Rt. 1, Pinnacle, N. C. 

Shannon, Don Vincent, Jr. 
3315 Luray St., Hopewell, Va. 

Skaggs, William John 

113 Circle Dr., Thomasville, N. C. 

Skwirut, Robert Francis 
921 Cooper St., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Smith, George Danny 

Rt. 4, Box 607, Asheboro, N. C. 

Smith, Wilton Arthur, Jr. 

5308 Blacksnake Dr., Hillcrest Hgts., Md. 

Snead, Dennis Ruffin, Jr. 
4245 Ashland Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 

So, Charlie 
516 Birchwood Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Sparks, Harold Richard 

3811 Salisbury St., High Point. N. C. 

Spencer, Steven Luther 

538 Hunter St., Madison, N. C. 

Stanley, Jimmv E. 

Rt. 3, Box 344, Thomasville, N. C. 

St. John, Robert Gaston 

2321 Glamis Dr., Pensacola, Fla. 

Sto'l* S+enhen Craig: 

1308 Forbes St., E. Hartford, Conn. 

Tagenhorst, Steve Carroll 
RFD 1, Rayland, Ohio 

Taylor, Ray Thomas 

1009 Sycamore St., Durham, N. C. 

Thigpen, Frankie Carle 

P. O. Box 245, Pikeville, N. C. 

Thomas, Herrell B., Jr. 

125 Eastview St., Galax, Va. 

Thomas, Jerry 

905 Ferndale Blvd., High Point, N. C. 

Timmons, Alan Curtis 

RFD 4, Box 134, Milford, Del. 

Tomlinson, Charles G., Jr. 
Box 301, Mocksville, N. C. 

Treants, Gene Nick 

6262 Memphis St., Greensboro, N. C. 

Underwood, Ralph Lee 

Rt. 7, Box 231E, Greensboro, N. C. 

Wagoner, Richard George 

56 Lynnwood Dr., Rochester, N. Y. 

Wall, Larry Rex 

Box 218, Pilot Mountain, N. C. 

Walters, James F. 

106 Wilmar Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ward, Allen Crisp 
596 Main St., Metuchen N. J. 

Watts, Brian Carl 
Tobaccoville, N. C. 

Waugh, Randolph Phillip 
Box 391, Jamestown, N. C. 

Webster, Wesley Dodd 
Madison, N. C. 

Weiss, Robert P., Jr. 
405 Hammel Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 

Whitaker, Robert Saunders 
Box 425, Oak Ridge, N. C. 

White, William Robert 

Box 138, Stoney Point, N. C. 

Whitehead, James Edward 

5712 Delaware Ave., Camp Lejeune, N. C. 

Wood, Leonard Dalton 

300 Monmouth Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Workman, Anthony W. 

2327 Sink St.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Yoklev, Clark Snead 
313 Druid Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Zumbro. Val Elliott 

4116 E. West Highway, HyattsviUe. Md. 




Adams, Linda Louise 

2 Sheridan Rd., Summit, N. J. 

Allgood, Nancy Sharon 

1427 Cook St., High Point, N. C. 

Auman, Brenda Sue 

118 Northeast Dr., Archdale, N. C. 

Babb, Claudia Helen 

493 Babb's Rd., W. Suffield, Conn. 

Bailey, Myra Kay 
326 Alamance St., Gibsonville, N. C. 

Baker, Sharon Lynn 

1513 Paddock Circle, Charlotte, N. C. 

Barnes, Deborah Ann 

6027 Chenango Lane, Orlando, Fla. 

Beam, Linda Sue 

207 S. Elm St., Cherryville, N. C. 

Beaver, Patricia Lee 

612 Nebraska St., Spindale, N. C. 

Beck, Lynda Carol 
Rt. 1, Lewisville, N. C. 

Berry, Pamela Jane 

5367 Taney Ave., Alexandria, Va. 

Biddle, Carol Ann 

149 Exeter Rd., Massapequa, N. Y. 

Blackburn, Detra Ann 

1381 Gwynwood Dr., Mount Airy, N. C. 

Blalock, Linda Sue 

2810 Naylor Rd., S.E., Washington, D. C. 

Blessington, Patricia Jane 
.611 Ocean Ave., Ocean City, N. J. 

Bolton, Mary Christie 

3649 Yadkin ville Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Bosch, Elizabeth Anne 

1206 Dartmouth St., High Point, N. C. 

Bower, Paula Mae 

9517 Sherwood Dr., Upper Marlboro, Md. 

Braica, Linda Jean 

125 Lindale Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Britt, Carolvn Page 

1033 Habersham Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 

Brookbank, Margaret Taylor 

406 Ridgecrest Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Brown, Marv Frances 
Rt. 1, Box 214, Jonesville, N. C. 

Bylerly, Sharon Marie 

1512 Delk Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Campbell, Shelia Elizabeth 
412 Maryland Ave., Spindale, N. C. 

Caputa, Irene Frances 

105 Claybrook Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 

Carnes, Nancy Ellen 

5505 Namakagan Rd., Washington, D. C. 

Case, Linda Kay 
Rt. 1, Box 231. McLeansville, N. C. 

Cash, Linda Gail 
516 Denny St., High Point, N. C. 

Cashatt, Nancy Carol 

217 Welch Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Chappell, Katherine G. 

Rt. 2, Brown Summit, N. C. 

Cheney, Allison Lelia 

2624 Westchester Dr., Fayetteville, N. C. 

Chriscoe, Emily Chisholm 

201 Shamrock Rd., Asheboro, N. C. 

Clapp, Margaret Mary 

207 Pine St., High Point, N. C. 

Cochrane, Lynn Scott 
336 Sugaw Creek Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 

Coffey, Patricia Meredith 

315 Forrest Hills Circle, Devon, Pa. 

Corn, Lynda Bernice 

1519 Delk Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Corum, Constance Lee 

348 East Mountain, Kernersville, N. C. 

Cosman, Susan Jean 
22 Belvidere St., So. Bethlehem, N. Y. 

Cox, Linda Sue 
4078 Concord St., Eugene, Oregon 

Crowd er, Linda Margaret 
7836 Hampden Lane, Bethesda, Md. 

Cumby, Patricia Lynn 

1309 Guyer St., High Point, N. C. 

Davis, Judith Anne 

206 Pinecrest Dr., Fayetteville, N. C. 

Derles, Sandra Marie 

211 E. Lexington Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Donnington, Lynn Marie 

183 Watcheng Ave., Chatham, N. J. 

Donnell, Priscilla Moulton 
School St., Sanford, Maine 

Duncan, Joy Elaine 

Rt. 1, Box 157, Concord, N. C. 

Echerd, Beverly Jane 

507 Hines St., High Point, N. C. 

Emrich, Martha Louise 

6416 Noble Dr., McLean, Va. 

Eskridge, Sandra Mull 

111 Wells St., Shelby, N. C. 

Fagan, Margaret Shirley 

532 Forest St., High Point, N. C. 

Farmer, Roberta Millington 
127 McCoy Rd., Oakland, N. J. 

Feimster, Dorcas Elaine 
Rt. 1, Hamptonville, N. C. 

Fielden, Martha Cynthia 

11608 Lockwood Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 

Fischer, Susan Marie 

9205 Villa Dr., Bethesda, Md. 

Floyd, Becky 

2820 State St., Durham, N. C. 



Foster, Judy Carol 

1607 N. Centennial Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Fowlkes, Susan Duncan 

224 S.W. 11th Ct., Pompano Beach, Fla. 

Gaither, Mary Frances 

Rt. 1, Box 225, Harmony, N. C. 

Gardner, Emily Jane 

403 Forest Hill Dr., Cleveland, N. C. 

Garner, Judith Helen 
Star Rt. 3, LaPlata, Md. 

Garris, Frances Marie 

509 W. Main St., Christiansburg, Va. 

Gilliam, Janine Marv 

1418 Bragg St., High Point, N. C. 

Gordon, Sharon Key 
Rt. 1, Lakeside Dr., Pfafftown, N. C, 

Grabovetz, Gail Cathy 

40 Condit St., Succasunna, N. J. 

Gary, Joyce Carol 

115 Penny Rd., High Point, N. C. 

Green, Rhoda Evalene 

Rt. 2, Box 403, Trinity, N. C. 

Greenwood, Linda Faye 
Rt. 3, Kernersville, N. C. 

Griffin, Susan Ann 

Box 37, PWC F.P.O., New York 09593 

Guiton, Alice Presley 

Rt. 4, Box 38, Whiteville, N. C. 

Guirkin, Janet Elizabeth 
7116 Terry Lane, Falls Church, Va. 

Hadley, Martha Jane 

126 Ridgecrest Rd., Asheboro, N. C. 

Hall, Mary Jo 

348 S. Lowell Rd., Bahama, N. C. 

Hall, Patricia Gail 
308 N. Rotary Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Harrison, Mary Susan 

904 Willoubar Terr., High Point, N. C. 

Hayden, Katharine Leek 
6004 Landon Lane, Bethesda 14, Md. 

Haywood, Barbara Leigh 
713 Lindsay St., High Point, N. C. 

Hedrick, Susan Anne 

1409 E. Green Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Hemphill, Shirley Elizabeth 
21 Pine Valley Rd., Rome, Ga. 

Hetherington, Gail Louise 
Rt. 1, Box 104, Hampton, N. J. 

Hoffman, Vicky Leigh 
2114 Harlee St., Fayetteville, N. C. 

Holcombe, Nancy Louise 
Rt. 4, Box 408, Statesville, N. C. 

Huff, Mary Linda 

127 Eastchester Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Huff, Nancy Cai-ol 

1816 Eastchester Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Huffman, Glenda Faye 

1010 Montlieu Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Huffman, Lvnda Annette 
818 Quaker Lane, High Point, N. C. 

Humphries, Patricia Gail 

1209 Dove St., Monroe, N. C. 

Hunter, Nancy Lynn 

105 Chetwood Terr., Fanwood, N. J. 

Idol, Bettv Jean 

3700 N. Main St., High Point, N. C. 

Isaacs, Carol Louise 

Rt. 1, Box 319, Milford, Del. 

Johns, Cheryl Elyse 

12 Danube Ave., Tampa, Fla. 

Jolly, Patricia Ann 

Rt. 2, Box 94 A, Elkin, N. C. 

Jordan, Karen Louise 

Rt. 2, Box 96, High Point, N. C. 

Kopp, Carolyn Anne 
2518 Tower Ct., Charlotte, N. C. 

Kievning, Judith Ellen 
39 Burnet St., Livingston, N. J. 

Kiger, Susan Earle 

Simmons Rd., Rural Hall, N. C. 

King, Billie Lillian 

302 Oakdale St., Martinsville, Va. 

Kirk, Donna Lea 

5805 Carlyle St., Cheverly, Md. 

Kirkman, Margaret Anna 

1224 Highland Ave., Greensboro, N. C. 

Klinefelter, Jeanne Marie 
813 Escambia Dr., Sanford, Fla. 

Lackey, Fuchsia Anne 
Box 56, Fallston, N. C. 

Land, Janet Sue 

109 Ford St., Thomasville, N. C. 

Laughridge, Jane Elise 

813 Parkwood Rd., Shelby, N. C. 

Law, Ellen Elliott 
2426 Westfield Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 

Lawrence, Lettie Gay 
713 Elk Spur St., Elkin, N. C. 

Lawrence, Linda Lou 

189 Clayton St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Lee, Sandra Gale 
204 E. Guilford St., Thomasville, N. C. 

Leinbach, Evalvn Brewer 
Rt. 1, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Lobe, Janice Lorraine 
2003 Edgewood Dr., High Point, N. C. 

McAdams, Ann Manlev 

1430 Bragg Ct., High Point, N. C. 

McCall, Leslie Ann 

2907 Tremont Ave., Cheverly, Md. 

McCallum, Sarah Frances 

Rt. 1, Box 186, Candor, N. C. 

McCrory, Linda Ruth 
4036 Roberts Rd., Fairfax, Va. 

McDowell, Phyllis Kay 
510 Kennedy Ave., High Point, N. C. 



McKenzie, Judith Ann 
Rt. 1, West End, N. C. 

McLeod, Catherine Ann 

5 Bickfield Dr., Hampton, Va. 

Masten, Janet Louise 
2109 Waughtown St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mellette, Linda Marie 

Box 533, Cordova, Alaska 

Merritt, Gail Elizabeth 

917 N. Lafayette St., Shelby, N. C. 

Methany, Mary Ann 

3700 N. Main St., High Point, N. C. 

Miller, Catherine Ann 

4517 Shamrock Rd., Tampa, Fla. 

Mize, Barbara Ann 

10108 Kinross Ave., Silver Spring, Md. 

Morgan, Daphne Louise 

101 Cabarrus Cir., Concord, N. C. 

Hosteller, Sylvia Mae 
3964 Glen High Rd., Waughtown, N. C. 

Murphy, Elaine Grace 

Rt. 4, Box 326, Thomasville, N. C. 

Murphy, Janna Lee 

Rt. 1, Box 622, Woodbridge, Va. 

Nance, Patricia Jane 

3118 Pinehurst PL, Charlotte, N. C. 

Newman, Jan 

6929 Southridge Dr., McLean, Va. 

Niland, Diane Patricia 

956 N. Lebanon St., Arlington, Va. 

Overby, Nancy Carolyn 
Rt. 2, Westfield, N. C. 

Owen, Ann Cheryl 

612 O'Neill St., High Point, N. C. 

Owen, Margaret Ann 
Rt. 1, Whittier, N. C. 

Parker, Judy Lynn 

10123 Scout Dr., Fairfax, Va. 

Peterson, Barbara Estelle 
Rt. 2, Fuquay-Varina, N. C. 

Peterson, Joan Marie 

27 Headley Terr., Irvington, N. J. 

Poole, Barbara Wright 

330 Lake Ave., Maitland, Fla. 

Pou, Ida Lynn 

110 Williford Ct., High Point, N. C. 

Pratt, Sylvia Dean 

1636 Lombardy Cir., Charlotte, N. C. 

Pruitt, Sandra Lou 

Rt. 1, Timberlake, N. C. 

Pugh, Phyllis Ann 

1704 Centennial Ave. High Point, N. C. 

Rainer, Marcia Dawn 

13206 Bregman Rd., Silver Spring, Md. 

Saintsing, Mintie Sue 

Rt. 4, Box 333, Thomasville, N. C. 

Samuels, Rebecca Ann 
Rt. 1, Box 523, Jamestown, N. C. 

Schell, Fran Barge 
3233 Mathieson Dr., Atlanta, Ga. 

Scheuffle, Willa Carol 
3706 N. Upland St., Arlington, Va. 

Seigle, Elaine Moore 

407 Quaker Lane, Alexandria, Va. 

Sessums, Linda Ruth 

6947 Emerson St., Hyattsville, Md. 

Settlemyre, Brenda Carol 

Rt. 1, Box 140, Riegelwood, N. C. 

Shelton, Karen Cordia 
P. O. Box 4041, High Point, N. C. 

Sherwood, Sharon Darlene 
3300 W. Roxboro Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 

Sidden, Judy Ann 

Farmingdale Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Simmons, Martha Jane 

6624 Three Chopt Rd., Richmond, Va. 

Smith, Barbara Ann 

627 Hampton Lane, Towson, Md. 

Smith, Martha Susan 
346 Cliff Rd., Asheboro, N. C. 

Stayer, Lawrene Gail 

3645 Henshaw Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 

Stein, Diana Louise 
5820 Lowell Ave., Alexandria, Va. 

Stines, Mary Donna 

R.F.D. 4, Marshall, N. C. 

Stirling, Patricia Louise 
4809 Walden Ct., Charlotte, N. C. 

Styles, Dorothy 

Box 7232, Asheville, N. C. 

Surratt, Elizabeth Bernice 
Apt. 26B, Wm. & Mary Apt., High Point, N. C. 

Swallow, Avis Adele 
449 Gardner St., Manchester, Conn. 

Swink, Lynn Fulton 

Rt. 5, Greensboro, N. C. 

Terrell, Donna Kay 

308 W. Jackson St., Mebane, N. C. 

Teuteberg, Sarah Louise 

137 Manning Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 

Thomas, Jessica Enloe 
5 Harris St., Sylva, N. C. 

Thompson, Sarah Alice 

Rt. 1, Box 362, Graham, N. C. 

Tolson, Diana Dee 
Kidwell, Centreville, Md. 

Tucker, Linda Jean 

2112 S. Ashland Dr., Burlington, N. C. 

Turner, Julie Anne 

610 Cannon Rd., Silver Spring, Md. 

Wagner, Anita Jane 
Rt. 1, Box 422,. Lexington, N. C. 

: 1 6 


Wagar, Janie Marie 
20 Adriatic Ave., Hampton, Va. 

Wakenight, Jean Marshall 
2900 30th St., S.E., Washington, D. C. 

Walker, Kathryn Louise 

6518 Fairlawn Dr., McLean, Va. 

Wallace, Linda Jane 

Rt. 2, Box 12, Troy, N. C. 

Watkins, Lois J. 

314 Dogwood Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Welch, Lesley 

486 Hampton Ave., Long Branch, N. J. 

Whitley, Elizabeth Jane 
Hilton St.. Murphy, N. C. 

Whitlow, Patricia Ann 

3218 N. Centennial Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Whitt, Doris Marie 

415 N. Main St., Roxboro, N. C. 

Whitt, Rita Darlene 

128 W. Second Ave. Milan, 111. 

Williams, Diane Lewis 

Box 6, Eagle Springs, N. C. 

Williamson, Linda Carol 
R.F.D. 1, Raeford, N. C. 

Wilson, Helen Hamilton 

132 Northridge St., Greensboro, N. C. 

Wilson, Vicki Lea 

311 W. Fifth St., Lexington, N. C. 

Wimbish, Patricia Maude 

Coharie Acres, Box 947, Clinton, N. C. 

Wise, Wanda Lee 

1404 East Laurel St., Goldsboro, N. C. 

Wood, Linda Gayle 
627 Wesley Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Wood, Vicki Anne 

508 N. Garden Ave., Siler City, N. C. 

Wooldridge, Jane Brooks 
105 Marcella Rd., Hampton, Va. 


Ackerman, David Gerald 

6308 Blackwood Rd., Bethesda, Md. 

Adams, Donald Lawrence 
176 Broad St, Manchester, Conn. 

Allen, Charles Douglas 
Rt. 3, Shelby, N. C. 

Allison, James Bryan 
Box 235, Waldorf, Md. 

Allred, Reginald Scott 

1307 Lem St., Apt. F, High Point, N. C. 

Ammons, John Duncan 

203 N. Sims St., Kings Mountain, N. C. 

Anderson, William David 

3234 Circle Dr., Hopkinsville, Ky. 

Atwill, William Dorsey 

1200 Reading Dr., Orlando, Fla. 

Baity, Raymond Allen 
Rt. 6, Box 335, Greensboro, N. C. 

Bass, Jon Gregory 
235 E. Parkway, High Point, N. C. 

Benson, David Earl 

1611 Richland St., High Point, N. C. 

Benson, Stephen Bruce 
511 Faber Dr., Orlando, Fla. 

Black, Phillip Lindsey 
229 Fairfield Rd., High Point, N. C. 

Blosse, Raymond Wayne 
2325 Kirby Dr., Marlow Heights, Md. 

Boyd, Thomas Michael 
2253 Sherwood Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Boyles, Larry Hampton 

1362 Gwynwood Dr., Mount Airy, N. C. 

Beckheimer, Steven Edwin 

184 W. Church St., Fairport, N. Y. 

Briggs, Rodnev Gayle 

404 E. Fairfield Rd., High Point, N. C. 
Brooks, Jerry Albert 

2300 S. Pleasant St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Broos, Jeffrey Lynn 
Rt. 2, Box 27, Lexington, N. C. 

Brunfield, Stephen Lee 

1406 Wise Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Byrd, Jimmy Howard 

900 E. Farriss Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Cagle, Dan Franklin 
902 Sixth St., High Point, N. C. 

Calhoun, Daniel Morris 

290 Bodenhamer St., Kernersville, N. C. 

Calvert, Richard Geary 
900 N. Larrimore St., Arlington, Va. 

Carpenter, Clay Tom, Jr. 
Rt. 2, Norwood, N. C. 

Carpenter, James William 
205 Copley St., Lexington, N. C. 

Car ra way, Ken Howard 
30 Broad St., Swansboro, N. C. 

Cerchio, J. Dave 

1109 Graylyn Rd., Wilmington, Del. 

Champion, Dennis Chester 

503 Runyan Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Chorpening, Glenn Edward 
7314 Autumnvale, Orlando, Fla. 

Clapp, Larry Gilbert 
Rt. 3, Liberty, N. C. 

Cleaves, Clayton Woodman 

610 Lansdowne Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 

Collins, David Roger 
602 Burke Trail, Thomasville, N. C. 

2' ' 


Cooley, John Wm., Jr. 

Limeklin Pike, Prospectville, Pa. 

Cornet, John Dewey 

1134 Guernsey Ave., Orlando, Fla. 

Coston, James Christopher 

2619 Avent Ferry Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 

Cox, Clifford Neal 

6330 Waterway Dr., Falls Church, Va. 

Crater, Stephen Grey 

1164 Lockland Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Crews, Charles Daniel 

1309 Verdum St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Crouch, Thomas Jess 

614 S. Main St., North East, Md. 

Cruse, Norman Boyce 

1219 Ragan St., High Point, N. C. 

Culler, Danny Ray 

1472 Brookwood Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

DavTs, James Muston, Jr. 

1063 Tynmoor Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Davis, John Everett 

509 Nelson Ave., Greensboro, N. C. 

Dial, Hugh Dorsey, Jr. 

132 Palaside Dr., Concord, N. C. 

Driscoll, John Francis 

32 Adams St., Somerset, Mass. 

Eddinger, Harold Wayne 
814 Unity St., Thomasville, N. C. 

Eisert, Daniel Joseph 

6802 Fegenbush Lane, Louisville, Ky. 

Elkins, James Richard 
2208 Pershing St., Durham, N. C. 

Elliott, Karl Ballard 

Rt. 3, Box 52, Denton, N. C. 

Elliott, Robert Tony 

818 Pinecroft St., High Point, N. C. 

Ensley, Paul David 

111 N. Hamilton St., High Point, N. C. 

Fagg, Carl Larry 

103 Park Ave., Leaksville, N. C- 

Fidler, William Aurentz 
39 S. Mill St., Cleona, Pa. 

Folts, Richard Wayne 

22 Windsor Rd., Wilmington, Del. 

Frazier, Kenneth Anthon 

205 Crestwood Park, High Point, N. C. 

Freeman, Laird Mason 

310 Louise Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Fritz, WiJliam Thomas 
609 Stone PL, High Point, N. C. 

Fryer, Douglas Paul 
28 Pin Oak Terr., Hagerstown, Md. 

Gaffney, Lantz Patrick 
Rt. 1, Randleman, N. C. 

Gehweiler, Russell Hugh 

Midwood Rd., Glenrock, N. J. 

Gerringer, Curtis Richard 

Rt. 1, Box 455, McLeansville, N. C. 

Godwin, Warren Curtis 
Box 46, Southmont, N. C. 

Grace, Thomas Redding 
101 Fernwood Lane, Cheshire, Conn. 

Gragg, Walter A., Jr. 

Rt. 1, Box 5, Connelly Springs, N. C. 

Guyer, Robert Wade 

1402 Eastchester Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Hall, Wayne Thompson 
Rt. 4, Box 379, Statesville, N. C. 

Hardister, Patrick Reid 

1064 Getty Dr.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Hearp, Wvatt Franklin 
Rt. 7, Box 345, Reidsville, N. C. 

Heaton, Thomas Clyde 

114 Avondale Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Hendrick, Walter Joseph 
10904 Horde St., Silver Spring, Md. 

Henry, Paul Guerard 
Piney Creek Farm, North East, Md. 

Holmes, Tommv Harrell 

1403 Eastchester Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Huneycutt, Charles Warren 
613 W. Farriss Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Hooper, Robert Monroe 
61 E. First St., Apopka, Fla. 

Hughes, Freddie Lee 
9 Lakeview Park, Thomasville, N. C. 

Hunt, Kenneth Darrel 
Rt. 1, Trinity, N. C. 

Hussey, Bobby Lee 
Rt. 2, High Point, N. C. 

Hutchings, Richard Patterson 
2278 Pond Rd., FPO, San Francisco 96628 

Jenkins, James Allen 

7 Permele Circle, Barboursville, W. Va. 

Johnston, Joseph W., Jr. 

1023 Jamison Rd., Lutherville, Md. 

Jordan, Charles Ronald 

984 Breeze Mill Rd., Asheboro, N. C. 

Jurney, McKinley Van 
Rt. 1, Harmony, N. C. 

Keefer, Philip Ritchey 

5830 Carlyle St., Cheverly, Md. 

Lagos, William James 
2606 Arvin St., Wheaton, Md. 

Land, William W., Jr. 

1005 Barbee St., High Point, N. C. 

Laney, Stephen Michael 
3209 Barnhill Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 

Lea, Richard Johnston 
719 S. Scientific St., High Point, N. C. 

Ledford, Robert Earl 
Rt. 3, Kernersville, N. C. 

Leonard, Raymond Eugene 
Rt. 2, Ararat, Va. 

Lindsay, Chris Martin 

221 N. Abbington Rd., Rochester, N.Y. 
Littles, Eugene Scape 

212 36th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Lord, Alan James 

9304 Meriden Rd., Potomac, Md. 



Love, Harry Lee, Jr. 
Rt. 2, Stanfield, N. C. 

Lucas, Johnny Charles 

961 Kaufman St., Cocoa, Fla. 

Lunton, Larry E. 

Rt. 1, Box 3, Bayboro, N. C. 

Lyons, Jon Grantland 

103 Allmond Ave., Wilmington, Del. 

McCarson, James David 

508 Concord, Thomasville, N. C. 

McMillan, William Albert 

106 Randolph St., Cape Charles, Va. 

McPherson, Thomas Lee 
Rt. 2, Durham, N. C. 

Malany, Ralph Seagren 
726 Bradbury, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Mann, Jonathan Herman 

410 Entwistle St., Hamlet, N. C. 

Markland, Gary Franklin 
Rt. 1, Advance, N. C. 

Martin, Kenneth Earl 
3825 N. Dittmar Rd., Arlington, Va. 

Montgomery, Robert T., Jr. 

15 Oxford Ave., Stratford, N. J. 

Mooney, Robert Joel 

302 W. 32nd St., Lumberton, N. C. 

Moore, James Dossie 
Rt. 2, Box 5, Asheboro, N. C. 

Moore, James Edward 

1115 Cliff Rd., Asheboro, N. C. 

Moore, Malcolm C, Jr. 

113 Forrest Mill Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Moyer, Barry Wayne 

100 Park Circle, Apt. 6, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Musial, Robert John 
Chestnut Hill, Lebanon, Conn. 

Myers, Robert Stimpson 

15 E. Colonial Dr., Thomasville, N. C. 

Myers, Robert Templeton 

1018 Barbee St., High Point, N. C. 

Nabors, Johnny James 

107 Sunset Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Needham, Jerry Wayne 
Rt. 1, Pinnacle, N. C. 

Needham, Joseph Oscar 
Pilot Mountain, N. C. 

Nelson, Danny Zane 
Rt. 1, Madison, N. C. 

O'Hara, Robert Edward 
91 Central Ave., Glenrock, N. J. 

Owen, Paul Scott, Jr. 

312 Louise Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Palmer, Leo Roy, III 

Apt. 24B, Wm. & Mary, High Point, N. C. 

Parisi, Bruce Anthony 

62 Thurston Terr., Glen Rock, N. J. 

Parsons, Danny Raynard 

131 Louella Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Payne, Paul Reece 
York House-Naval Weapons Sta., Yorktown, Va. 

Peeler, Barney Paris, III 

Belwood Station, Lawndale, N. C. 

Pelfrey, Henry 

1223 Baldwin Dr., Orlando, Fla. 

Pell, Joseph Andrew 
Pilot Mountain, N. C. 

Penry, Herbert T., Ill 
Rt. 10, Box 322, Lexington, N. C. 

Petremont, Robert J., Jr. 

15 Cherry St., Milford, Conn. 

Phillips, David Allen 

5 Kenwood Rd., Pembody, Mass. 

Picka, James Gerald 

8809 Victory Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Prevette, Lloyd Kermit 
Rt. 1, Roaring River, N. C. 

Proctor, Troy Edward, Jr. 

137 Marywood Rd., High Point, N. C. 

Rayle, Martin Douglas 

1300 Elwell Ave., Greensboro, N. C. 

Reddick, Thomas Elwood 

1018 Blair St., Thomasville, N. C. 

Reece, Lewis Andrew 
Rt. 5, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Reed, James David 
Rt. 6, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Reid, Virgil Cayton, Jr. 
Box 111, Candor, N. C. 

Renfro, Harold Edward 

14519 Carrolton Rd., Rockville, Md. 

Rich, Glenn Darrell 
2211 Portage Prky., Asheboro, N. C. 

Rock, Charles Clyde 

2152 Winward Shore Dr., Virginia Beach, Va. 

Russell, Jack Mitchell; Jr. 

104 Leonard St., Thomasville, N. C. 

Saunders, Donald Ray 
4210 N. Main St., High Point, N. C. 

Schultz, David Francis 

25 Sipple Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Scott, James Richard, Jr. 

Rt. 2, Box 102, Leaksville, N. C. 

Sigmon, Dennis Hall, Jr. 

315 Hillcrest Dr., Elkin, N. C. 

Sink, Talmadge Slaydon 
813 Carter St., High Point, N. C. 

Smith, Eddie Jay 
Rt. 1, Sophia, N. C. 

Smith, Jerry Woodrow 
4001 S. Main St., High Point, N. C. 

Smith, Kenneth Donald 
1414 Cloverdale St., High Point, N. C. 

Smith, Richard Carlton 
5309 Riverdale Rd., Riverdale, Md. 

Smith, Ronald David.. 
Rt. 3, Liberty, N. C. 

Sombar, Michael James, Jr. 
504 New Street, Milford, Del. 

Spaugh, Jesse Hall 
545 Menton St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 



Staley, Donald Edward 

502 Northwood Cir., Garner, N. C. 

Stalling, Callin Millard 

412 N. 3rd St., Smithfield, N. C. 

Stanley, William Boyd 

Rt. 5, Box 332-D, High Point, N. C. 

Steffen, Burton F. 

4519 Rosedale Ave., Bethesda, Md. 

Stewart, William Albert 

3608 Isbell St.. Wheaton, Md. 

Stillwell, John J., Ill 
Box 674, LaPlata, Md. 

Stoddard, John M. 

41 Howell Rd., Mountain Lakes, N. J. 

Taylor, Timothy T. 

10518 DeNeane Rd., Silver Spring, Md. 

Turner, Charles Richard 

6-15 Burke PI., Fairlawn, N. J. 

Tuxhorn, David M. 
Rt. 7, Springfield, 111. 

Vann, George William 

11208 By bee St., Silver Spring, Md. 

Venable, Paul Willis, Jr. 

2005 Robin Hood Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Walden, Richard Allen 
3725 Wabash Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Webb, Michael Timothy 
3300 Centennial Ave., High Point, N. C. 

Weleck, William 

150 W. Ridgewood Ave., Bergan, N. J. 

Wilkerson, James Henry 
303 Truitt Ave., Milford, Del. 

Williams, Danny Lee 

1426 Bethel Dr., High Point, N. C. 

Williams, John Roberts 
Box 659, Waretown, N. J. 

Winters, John Peter 
31 Raynold Rd., Mountain Lakes, N. J. 

Wood, Benjamin D., Jr. 

10605 Cedar Ave., Fairfax, Va. 

Wood, Jeffrey Harris 

747 Charing Cross Rd., Baltimore, Md. 

Woods, John Leonard 

1532 Maryland Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 

Yaun, Thomas Alan 

1633 Woodlynne Blvd., Linwood, N. J. 

Younts, John Worth 
Rt. 1, Trinity, N. C. 

Zindaris, Philip Louis 
73 Prospect St., Peabody, Mass. 


* B' 1 

1 1 ll mm 

H - 1 wf ^tu 

i^HC ii 




•-• •:-- •