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Full text of "The Zenith Yearbook 1968, High Point College"

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HSjh Point, Nortl 


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Lynn W. Simone— Editor-in-chief 

Doris M. Whitt— Associate Editor 

Jonathan L. Faulkner— Business Manager 

Dr. Sam J. Underwood— Advisor 

A Student Publication 


High Point College 

High Point, North Carolina 

Volume XLII 

Steps . ♦ . 

Dotting the High Point College campus from the 
new Horace Haworth Hall of Science, the first tan- 
gible result of the Golden Decade Development Pro- 
gram, to Roberts Hall, one of the College's original 
buildings, are steps, steps, and more steps. Just as 
these steps are symbols of the College's physical 
progress from its beginnings in 1924 to its present 
efforts in 1068 so are they symbols of the individual 
student's inner academic, social, and spiritual prog- 

The physical plant of High Point College provides 
the atmosphere for growth in its students from 
orientation through graduation as they are molded 
by scholarship and fellowship. The process of matur- 
ing and learning is a never-ending one with new 
steps to be conquered throughout life, but those 
steps up to the platform to receive that college 
diploma will be remembered as some of the most 
significant steps ever taken. 

Table of Contents 

Introduction I 

Dedication 12 

Features 14 

Social Life 32 

Organizations 62 

Sports 98 

Classes 120 

Academics 190 

Advertisements 212 

New edifices embellished the old on the cam- 
pus this year as the College made strides to- 
ward improvements in facilities. The dedications 
of Horace Haworth Hall of Science and Dennis 
H. Cooke Hall, formerly used as the science 
building, on October 28, 1967, marked the ex- 
pansion of academic facilities at High Point 
College. Construction of a new dormitory and 
an infirmary for the 1968-1969 academic year 
was begun this year and illustrated the College's 
continuing interest in improving conditions for 
its students on campus. 

Other physical changes that gave the campus 
a new appearance during this year included an 
outdoor basketball court behind the Student 
Center, a brick wall around a portion of Harri- 
son Hall, and a new victory bell tower presented 
as a gift to the school by the 1967 graduating 
class. In the course of the year, the College pro- 
vided many new byways, hallways, and stair- 
ways for student travel, and the erection of a 
temporary barbed wire fence in place of an often 
"unnoticed" keep-off-the-grass sign suggested 
the administration's desire for these designated 
walkways to be used more consistently. 


Coeducational opened 
in 1924 by Methodist 
Church with aid from 
the City of High Point 

„«* »-" 1 

«. -. 


Buildings Are the Foundation 

t -•■ — _^" is ^: 

Education Makes New Strides 

Members erf the faculty of High Point College 
have previously taken the same steps that their 
students are taking now. They have taken it upon 
themselves to impart the knowledge they have 
acquired to their students. Development of all the 
capabilities of each student is a primary purpose of 
the liberal arts curriculum of the College, and the 
faculty accomplishes this purpose. 

Keeping up with new developments in each par- 
ticular area of study is a task that each professor 
must perform. Preparation for each class meeting on 
the part of the professors insures a better education 
for the student and shows a method for continued 
learning for the professor. 




Stepping through his academic ca- 
reer, the High Point College student 
attends classes in which he takes 
notes, studies for tests by trying to 
decipher those notes, crams for final 
exams, and is either exhilerated or 
disappointed when grades are posted. 
However, there always seems to be 
plenty of time left over for dates, 
mail, school spirit, and going away 
for those special weekends. The in- 
terests of college students take off in 
many directions. 


Attitudes Prompt 


As a student moves through the four years of 
his college life, some change almost inevitably 
occurs in his attitudes toward religion and life. 
His religious faith is usually either strengthened 
or weakened by virtue of his separation from 
home influence. Church attendance becomes a 
matter of personal choice, and decisions of right 
and wrong in outward conduct are made through 
inward searching. Old concepts are challenged 
by an association with new acquaintances with 
new ideas about life, requiring a re-examination 
of self and society on the part of each student. 

Affiliated with the Methodist Church, High 
Point College encourages student participation 
in religious activities through various religious 
and service organizations and the annual Reli- 
gion-In-Life Week. In addition to the sparsely 
attended nightly devotions in Lindley Chapel, 
students are provided with transportation to 
and from Sunday morning worship services by 
several local churches. Involvement in religious 
activities on campus range from a complete 
aloofness on the part of some to a complete 
seriousness on the part of others. 


1 1 

We Dedicate the 1 968 Zenith to . . 

As the student steps forward through his academic career, a few 
people make lasting impressions on him and his life. In 1961, High 
Point College added one such person to its faculty. Her continuing 
influence on a significant part of the student body has earned her 
the label "teacher" in the truest sense of the term. 

No student who has ever sat in one of her classes can doubt her 
thorough preparation and presentation of study materials in literature, 
and no one who has ever taken one of her tests can forget the pain 
of writer's cramp. In some unaccountable way. however, her courses 
always seem to be spiced with anecdotes about William Faulkner — 
even in a course about Chaucer: 

An influenzal professor's efforts for her students should not go 
unnoted. Therefore, because of the deep impressions made by her prolific 
knowledge of literature, her contagious enthusiasm in the classroom, and 
her sincere interest in the welfare of each student, it is with pleasure 
and gratitude that we dedicate this yearbook to Mrs. Emily B. Sullivan. 
Assistant Professor of English. 


Mrs. Emily B. Sullivan 

^^^r ^^p 



At any college, each year is highlighted by special 
events which are awaited with anxious anticipation and re- 
membered for many years to come. High Point College is no 
exception. These special moments comprise a minority of the 
days in the year but a majority of the memories in the future. 

Orientation presented the freshmen with their initial view 
of college life while the Homecoming festivities provided an- 
other look at High Point College for the alumni. Students' cul- 
tural interests were satisfied by concerts and assembly pro- 
grams. A new innovation this year was collaboration between 
the High Point Jaycees and the SGA in the production of the 
Miss High Point-Miss Folden Decade Pageant. 


Murray Schisgai's 

' B ^B ^m S 

*THE TIGER" and 


Memorial Auditorium 


NOV. 3-4, 1967 1 STUDENTS 
Curtain 8:15 P.M. | $1.00 ^ 

Platters Sing to a 

. . . "Smoke gets in your eyes" . . . 

. . . Testing, testing 

. . . and I'm not even a Platter! . . 


New Queen 

. . . Intermission ushers forth the home- 
coming contestants . . . 

a new queen is crowned . . . 

. . .Miss Susan Fowlkes smiles as Homecoming Queen, 
1968 . . . 

In spite of microphone difficulty, 
the Platters concert will be long re- 
membered as a highlight to Home- 
coming 1968. The performers' per- 
sonalities were transmitted even 
when sound was lacking. 

Intermission featured the new 
queen, Susan Fowlkes, with her fel- 
low contestants. The honor court con- 
sisted of Nancy Eaves, first runner- 
up. and Robin Woodhams, second 
place winner. 

"What are you applauding for? I can't hear anything 
either!" . . . 


Homecoming Displays Decorate 

. . . Mounties' slaughter house brings first prize 

Rest in peace all opposition . 

. . . Lambda Chi again draws first place in display 
competition . . . 


Front Lawn 

Victorious Homecoming for all 

Delta Sig's boast "Panther Power" . . . 

. . . We're in the out-house now . . . 

Each year during Homecoming, the front 
lawn of McCulloch Hall is dotted with at- 
tractive displays for the scrutiny of both stu- 
dents and alumni. This year the Lambda 
Chis took first place and the Alpha Gams 
captured second. 

A convincing victory for the Purple Pan- 
thers brought an end to the excitement of 
the Homecoming festivities. Alumni depart- 
ed and students returned to their academic 
activities, ending the meeting of the past 
and present. 

. . . "Panthers, please" . . . 


Miss High Point 

. . . Miss America displays her crown-win- 
ning talent . . . 

. . . Susan Hines, second runner-up, competes in swim 
suit competition . . . 


Miss Golden Decade Pageant 

... A full stage of contestants . 

. . . Miss Golden Decade 1967 

. . . Miss America joins the audience in ap- 
plause . . . 

A "Winter Wonderland" of beauty glam- 
orized the High Point College stage as starry- 
eyed contestants vied for the double title of 
Miss High Point and Miss Golden Decade. 
Twelve girls made the stage sparkle in eve- 
ning gown, swimsuit, and talent competition 
in the two-day event of December 15-16. 

Highlighting the pageant were appear- 
ances by Miss America and Miss North Caro- 
lina. Miss America's outstanding rendition as 
a pianist brought forth a standing ovation. 

Robin Woodhams per- 



Miss Dana Scotten Emerges 

. . . An "Impossible Dream" come true 

. . . Anticipation runs high for the four finalists: S. Hines, 
D. Scotten, C. Lawson, and N. Eaves . . . 

. . . Carol Poston, Miss Congenality, per- 
forms . . . 

Culminating the Miss High Point-Miss 
Golden Decade Pageant was the crowning 
of Miss Dana Scotten, a sophomore music 
major from High Point. This final event is 
always the most exciting of any pageant. In 
just a few glorious moments are combined a 
pleasant reflection of the past and anxious 
hopes for the future. 


with Double Crown 

. . . Miss High Point '66 relinquishes her 
crown . . . 

. . . Royalty surrounds royalty 

... a congratulatory hug and a winner's 
smile . . . 

. . . Dana Scotten, a new queen, perceives possible future crowns in Miss 
North Carolina and Miss America . . . 


Special Events 

. . . Dr. Richard Bardolph spoke to the Fresh- 
men concerning "Rise and Alarm" . . . 

. . . Parents' Day marked the unveiling of Hor- 
ace Haworth's portrait . . . 

Glenn Yarborough performed at Fall Weekend 

. . . Another night of Fall Weekend 
featured Clifford Currie . . . 


Capture the Spotlight 

The excitement Leonda generated quickly spread across campus . . . 

Occasionally during the year exceptional speakers 
and performers capture the attention of the cam- 
pus. This fall saw a captivating Leonda initiate a 
series of popular coffee houses and a Fall Weekend 
which was financially disappointing but critically 
acclaimed. Orientation programs, the Golden Decade 
Pageant, and faculty recitals provided other signifi- 
cant diversions during the year. 

. . . Sherry Shaffer provided special en- 
tertainment during the pageant . . . 

Students attended excellent faculty recitals . . . 


Weekly Assembly Programs 


H 1 ^1 mm\ V HI 
■it 1 1 AM. 

Helen and Ray Gordon, folk-duo . . . 


. . . communication without 
words . . . 

the speaker facing his audience 

a lecture (?) on electricity 


Greet Every Student 

Each Wednesday morning at 10:00, the High 
Point College students are required to assemble in 
the auditorium for hour-long programs which run 
the gamut from solid entertainment to unprece- 
dented boredom. This year's captive audiences heard 
assorted folk songs, speeches, and monologues and 
watched excellent exhibitions of mime and ballet. 
Traditional ceremonies, from the Merchant's Asso- 
ciation give-away to the Order of the Lighted Lamp 
induction, again found their places on the 1967-68 
assembly roster, helping to create a year of impres- 
sive programs. 

. . . American Choreographers Company . . . 

nil ' ■gglf * 

k^t qlBfe 

m ^JbI 

an honor for outstanding students 






. Harry Golden, the Finch lecturer 


Freshmen Step Into New Adventures 



At last the day had arrived and the campus of 
High Point College was filled with new freshmen. 
The first hectic day included a route from line to 
line. Presented name tag and room key, the new 
freshman was shipped through a registering line 
into the strangeness of a dormitory home. The 
initiatory lines were followed by a more pleasant 
one — a line for punch. Lines or no lines the fresh- 
men somehow survived for the most important 
aspect of all — meeting new people. 


Lagging Lines, Crowded Cookouts, 


Bondage In Beanies 

Days flew by at a fast pace during the orientation 
period. Freshmen will never forget the hours spent 
during this time in activities like: dancing, testing, 
picnicking, and meeting the faculty at a reception. 
Other vital events during the first few weeks were 
the beanie capping ceremony, the beanie tickets and 
fines, the tug-of-war, the beanie burning bonfire 
afterwards, and learning how to get to lunch on 
time. Freshman Orientation was made up of these 
events, and for the freshmen it was a period of 
adjustment to a new way of life. 


Not only are the four years of college a time for 
development of the mind, but they are also years 
for development of individual personality, maturity, 
and independence. Students learn a new respect for 
and understanding of others. Social and service fra- 
ternities and sororities provide an atmosphere con- 
ducive to the development of these qualities. 

Students entertain themselves with anything 
from Sunday night movies to concerts by popular 
recording artists. This year Glenn Yarborough, Le- 
onda, and the Platters electrified High Point Col- 
lege audiences with exceptional professional artistry. 
Rarely does the student neglect this important so- 
cial aspect of his college experience. 

- a^*w -£^><,< 


■ : .. 

Time LttVfas 

Expect to Return 

Hour of Return 

■ ■ 


A Oi2 7¥e<fyes 

M i y 

Front Row, L. lo R. : Pryor, McFarland, Moore, Bridwell, Looney, Hutchinson. 
Irwin, Gates, Grimes, Downey. Weatherman. 

Rack Row, L. to R.: Meadows, 

M/pna / ni ( J mega 

Biggest pledge class ever for APO. What is the 
first thing a pledge does when it starts to rain? 
Campus flicks . . . All those cokes . . . Brothers 
"lose" pins! Grossest I. D.'s ever . . . Ask Ric if he 
got any sun at Christmas. Talk to us "Liverpool", 
Jeff. "Remember the Sheraton." What is Bob's 
favorite song? How about a dozen doughnuts? Keep 
trying boys, we'll have a band yet. Going to L.R. 
again this weekend, Wayne? Slide 'dem chairs boys. 
Behind the scenes, APO does it again!! 

Fall Weekend 

APO's snapped pictures for ID cards this year. 

Ladders are dangerous unless you hold your mouth 
just right! 


David E. Benson 

Alpha J J ni (Jmeoa 

Alpha Phi Omega 

F. Wayne Holder 
Vice President 

John A. Farmer 

Dale D. Enzor 

Patrick H. Austin 

Arnold W. Brown 

E. Tim Calloway 

Richard M. Carr 

John W. Cooley 

Fred T. Gold 

H. Anthony Hill Frank H. LaGrange Richard A. Walden 


Delia aj/y/na J ni 

Whatta year for Delta Sig! Twenty-three brothers 
and two pledges came back last August . . . Two 
pledges added before rush ... Rush begins! ... 
Taro's does a booming business . . . "Sing Dixie 
Brubakei" . . . the Demolition Derby of Pilot Moun- 
tain . . . back to Taro's for the Stag ... the Drag 
was great, they tell me ... Eleven pledges, best men 
on campus . . . Rich, Lurch, and Bill star in cross- 
country . . . INITIATION for Collins and Badu . . . 
Carnation Ball in G-Boro . . . Steve's Thanksgiving 
party really wild . . . Wilkie leads the way in intra- 
murals . . . Second semester conies and so does 
another INITIATION . . . Ken and Tom stand out in 
tennis . . . Sigs providing leadership on campus — 
Bob and Steve hold top positions in Sophomore Class, 
Charlie and Brubaker handled the money for the 
Freshman and Junior Classes and Ace was the Vice- 
President of the SGA . . . April brings Sailor's Ball 
. . . Myrtle Beach will never be the same, and neither 
will we . . . Graduation's here, but only Curly leaves 
— Congratulations, S. B. ... That's about it I guess 
. . . the end of another year for Delta Sigma Phi. 
We won't forget it soon. See ya'll in August. 

Nancy shows them how 

Sailor's Ball '(17 




LSSnToiftHed^ck™^"' H °" Way ' SPeakS> Ki " K - K "™ w »"* "»• L - "» «•■ ™*»«- Allen. 


Delia jOeta 


Delta cj/y/na 



James B. Allison 

Steven J. Matthiesen 

Daniel J. Eiserl 

P. Kichnrd Badu 

Michael E. Current Robert V. Donovan Mark J. Doughton 

Carl L. Fa«k'<' 

Val E. Zumbro 
Vice President 

Stephen B. Benson 


Steven E. Breckheimer Stephen L. Burton Glenn E. Chorpenini; David R. Collins Thomas J. Crouch 

Johnny C. Lucas 

Kenneth I. Machlin 

David A. Phillips 

G. William Ramsey. Ill 

David F. Schultz 

Richard C. Smith 

Donald E. Staley 

Tommy Tompkins 

Geortte W. Vann 

James R. Scott, Jr. 

James H. Wilkerson 


Front Row, L. to R.: Williams, Trump, Holmes, Parker, Cuomo, Hornberger, Samuel. Second Row: Dry, Mc- 

Gavin, Froystad, Boleyn, Greenly, Disborough. Garner. 

L amScfa ( mi /t//)/ia 

The Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity continued this 
year with its dynamic program of Fraternalism. 
The brothers and pledges strived for the top in all 
areas: scholastic achievement, sports, and social 

The Fraternity started out its year on the right 
foot by pledging fourteen outstanding men. With 
this addition the Lambda Chi's built even stronger 
their brotherhood and fellowship. 

Keeping up the Lambda Chi tradition of public 
mindedness, the Fraternity held many projects in- 
cluding washing of school cars, helping with the 
United Appeal, Mills Home Orphanage. Christmas 
and Easter parties, just to name a few. 

Of course the year was enlightened by the Lambda 
Chi social events. Rememberable events such as the 
Drag Rush dance, stag party, H. A. Costume Ball, 
combo parties, the outstanding White Rose Formal 
and the annual Beach Party. 

All Lambda Chi's can look back on a year of hard 
work and hard play ; a year of reward, and a year of 
great Fraternalism. 

ax a works for faculty member 

A J 

*a annual open house 


David L. Mason 

Wilton A. Smith, Jr. 

Joia J J /ii 


L am baa C >ni 

> Can-blu t h. Alpha ^ 


on a 

John D. Cornet 
Vice President 

David L. Mowery 

Richard L. Braun, Jr. 

Clay T. Carpenter, Jr. 

David J. Cerchio 

Richard L. Chappell 

Sam A. Davis, II Fred N. Eshelman James P. Fetner Richard W. Folts H. Gary Holland 

Philip R. Keefer Kenneth E. Martin Richard G. Mock Barney P. Peeler Judson C. Richardson 

Robert G. St. John Edward S. Stratton, Jr. Ray T. Taylor RoKer A. Wittenberg John L. Woods 


J J - 





yj/ j a 

Pikas sing "Bless You" at 0. D. while we got 
"Higher and Higher" . . . Rush . . . Slickest pledges 
yet. Gangster's Ball . . . Reaves, are you the '<a 
Sweetheart again this year? Steve, is she going to 
N. C. State again, it's just Go, Go, Go, Go! Hell 
Man, been to the University of Venice lately? 
Chemical head, nothing but pay toilets at the Uni- 
versity of Maryland. Uh ! Sharpie and Fidlo got 
Honeys back home and i^'s at IIPO. Give me that 
"old Pika spirit" Brotherhood, friendship and intra- 

"Mr. Met" money, money, money, Shelvy, Shelvy, 
Shelvy, Ginger, Ginger, Lucy. Brow lost his pin, 
sweatshirt and etc. at I.. R. . . . Yirg, do you fine 
Sara Lee 10'; after the 10th. Poo Bear and Big 
Mike had a challenge last night, they both lost. Big 
Dick's dates always hang. Kinney, pick your nose 
any! Chuck, popped any corks lately? Coston, are 
you going Phi Mu or is she going Pika. Hondo is 
the Baby ! 

Sweater Girl and the big choice — projects — Dream 
Girl week end was out of sight! Then it is the 
Beach trio and Crash City at 0. D. 

Well just SOMF! 

I1KA 7 J /ecf 9 es 

Look at that 240 lb. line! 

The Pikas really back their fraternity! 

C% CS 

Front Row. L 

Patterson, Sai 

MfMia »"iTi 

iv^h^^SrTKmt? w^it™ 1 ? 88 ' Cooke ' Blanciak. Back Row, L. to R.: Amos, McDonald, 
bacnei , r uzgerald, Alantz, \\ alton. Jensen. 


Delia (J mega 



appa Jupna 

Steve M. Laney 

Charles F. Eakes 

Hugh G. Alger 

Forrest R. Dover 

Virgil C. Reed, Jr. 

James E. Cook, Jr. James C. Coston William A. Fidler 

McKinley V. Jurney 

James M. Kinney 

Bruce A. Parisi 

Richard C. Prince 

John R. Reaves 

Michael J. Sombar, Jr. 

Richard M. Spiker 

John R. Williams 


0X 7¥e<fyes 

Front Row, L. to R.: Kendall, von Dreele, Riveria, Lewis, Trepper, Crawford, Wilmer. Back Row, L. to R.: 

Kaiib, Yaunts, Leng, Shumate, Sossoman, Crater, Wall, Hickey. 

lAeia CA 


The year's hardly begun and already . . . Zippy 
is pickled . . . Bill and "Sugar" break the Alpha Gam 
rebellion . . . John jumps for joy . . . Hoke takes a 
vacation for late celebration of the 4th of July . . . 
Silver Tongued Huey explains dues! Stag and drag 
parties are great successes — fifteen great new 
pledges . . . then Fall Weekend Party . . . Glenn 
Who-Ogden? White has wild fall-weekend date ... 
Ted's smash with Alumni! Where's Dave's room? 
Frankie, lend me your car . . . Pledge-Brother foot- 
ball game rousing success . . . Applegate working 
on penalties . . . Ray questioned by Florida cops? 
Sapp repledges . . . Dudley, you ready to race . . . 
Kiley wants new tooth for X-mas . . . take break 
for exams, then New Year's party in D. C. ... 
Forest another Ali ... Syracuse comes to the Big 
House . . . Comer. AGD sweetheart . . . Pat— Who? 
— Gary? Jungle, what's on your washcloth? 

Sweetheart Dance in February . . . Lagos be- 
comes part of NIL . . . Papa Mann and Marshall 
seen on campus ... Is there enough Goode in the 
world? Seward wins Fred Astaire contest . . . Gouge 
is superman . . . Sharpe thinks Sociology is a better 
major anyway . . . Dreamgirl highlite of the year 
. . . Hit the books for final exams . . . Beach trip 
successfully rounds out a great year. 

ex Sponsor — Barbara Mize 


Another Theta Chi serenade 

Don't forget, My foot's down there! 

( psilon 



William R. White 

Thomas L. Kiley 

J fie t a (jAj 


5 il 

David G. Ackerman Jeffery S. Huliek 

Secretary Treasurer 

Robert E. Applegate 

John C. Bloom 

Raymond W. Blosse Allen C. Eastback 

Daniel J. Ennis Craig D. Furman 

Ralph G. Goode Alan C. Gouge Michael D. Hoke Charles E. Kurkjian William J. Lagos Jon H. Mann 

John E. Marshall Gary J. McMahon Evan D. Pearson James N. Pusey Ted Renfro Robert P. Robertson 

Gary V. Sappenfield John G. Seward Doug E. Smith William A. Stewart Frankie C. Thigpen John P. Winters 



Greeks participate in the many phases of Co-Rec 

The KD slave auction always attracts a host of pros- 
pective slave drivers. 

The Panhellenic Council presented a successful "Sadie 
Hawkins Dance." 

Phi Mu Robin Woodhams partici- 
pates in a beauty pageant. 

The Phi Mu sorority aims for victory in intramurals. 



Intramural volleyball action saw the Theta Chis competing against the 

Greeks are a part of the vigorous sport at Co-Rec 

Each year the Theta Chis sell corsages at Home- 

The beginning of a Greek intramural basketball game. 


71/pfia "Delta JAeia 

"Alpha Delta Theta . . . We will rejoice in Chris- 
tian fellowship." Now at the end of another year, 
our bond of fellowship, made up of sisterhood and 
Christian service, has been strengthened by nine 
months of fun, work, and worship together. From 
orientation until graduation we were busy taking 
advantage of the opportunities that our sorority 

Our pledges brought new life and new activities 
into the group. Getting to know each individually 
. . . secretly delivering "nappies" . . . the visit to 
the Thomasville orphanage ... the project and pro- 
gram for the sisters . . . initiation . . . until — sisters 
forever ! 

We strived to live up to our role as a service 
sorority by taking part in service activities on cam- 
pus. Returning trays from the infirmary to the 
cafeteria, straightening the clubrooms on Sunday, 
and helping serve refreshments at the faculty meet. 
ings were small, but helpful services for the college. 

In February we got into the spirit of Valentine- 
giving by having Heart Sisters. Surprises and little 
gifts say "I love you, Sister" in such a fun-filled, 
exciting way. Each Wednesday night we held de- 
votions in the dorm. This special time of meditation 
united us spiritually as truly "Sisters in the Service 
of God." 

The two big highlights of the year were our fall 
and spring retreats at Millbrook Farm. These were 
two memorable weekends of fellowship — everything 
from a spaghetti supper to a violent pillow fight. 
The buildings, the natural surroundings, and the joy 
of working and playing together created a truly 
wonderful experience. 

At the end of school separations must be made, 
but not without one last fling at our beach party. 
However, even during the separation of distance and 
time of the summer months, Alpha Delta Theta are 
Sisters forever. 

The sleeping (?) beauties (?) 

.J \ 

AA0 7%4 

Sing we together 

u-wu'r 1 !?. 1 '! r : ^ e js, pause Knitter scott, Bowers, George. Herman. Long, Hamlin, Combs, Crater. 
™ { U \ R r I j?. nd,u I 1 , <s ; Matheny, Hughes. Gibbs, Boswell, Sigman, Van Anda, Hinkleman, Haddock, 
Ogden, \\ oods, ^ ates, King, Petree, Holcomb, Brewer, Deck. Bova. 


Susan A. Griffin 

J/p/ia Delia 3/ieta 

Ann Luff 
Vice President 

N. Carol Huff 

Barbara J. Barnes 

Detra A. Blackburn 

Janet L. Mast«n 

Patricia J. Barbour Q. Dianne Davis Judith A. Davis 

Kobyn R. Decker Leslie J. Elmore Patricia S. Cash 


Sherry L. Franz 

Martha J. Hadley Judy E. Harvey 

M. Linda Huff 

Margaret A. Kirkman Fuchsia A. Lackey 

Betty J. Logan 

Barbara A. McDiarmiil Virginia E. McDonough 

Angela D. Miller 

Jane E. Phillips 

Janet A. Seigler 

Sherry L. Shaffer 

Joyce L. Shipley 

Sherilyn J. Sullivan 

Linda I. Sykes 

S. Alice Thompson Sue E. Van Gilder 

Dori> M. Whin 


ArA Tfedyes 

Front Row L. to R.: Stear, Verman. McCorkle, Dav. Humphries. Back Row 
L. to R.: Bell. Duda, Patterson, Pipes. Lupton, Parsons. Sherrill. Dixon. 
Pecht. Pickel, Brown. 






Rush . . . Best pledges ever . . . one even smaller 
than Scheut'fle . . . long straight hair . . . 

Memories — Mize and her unpredictable pin ... 
Lynnie-pooh and her candlelights . . . Williams' un- 
usual weekends — X. J. and Charlotte . . . Winches- 
ter here on week-ends ? ? ? 

Show us your feet Judy . . . Berryman and her 
non-study habits . . . Heather's job at Schrafts . . . 
Patti's constant diet . . . Sylvia's affair with the 
water cooler . . . Shelly's hearty laugh . . . Bobbi fi- 
nally breaks the Taylor tradition . . . Penny "climbs 
every mountain" . . . Pat's field hockey team . . . 
Sturm without a Payne . . . dorm council member 
lying in the hall — in a blanket . . . Carol Ann doing 
a modern dance . . . Suzanne and Zelda finally found 
out when initiation was ! ! ! Sandy leaving for 
Watts Hospital . . . Poole graduating early . . . our 
new Mrs. Bland and Mrs. Culler . . . 

Candy sales — Seranades — Intramurals — 
Homecoming — Initiation — Hen parties — Rose 
Ball — 0. D. and because of all these things — we 
love Alpha Gam. 

Catch that Alpha Gam smile 

Alpha Gam Beauties on Display 


Sjamma &/a of ^l/pla Gamma Delta 

Ann N. Scott 

Diane E. Abbott 

Catherine H. Cline 

Diane P. Niland 
Vice President 

Susan A. Applegate 

Patricia M. Coffey 

Allison M. Glew 

Barbara L. Taylor 

Nancy L. Bi 

y L.. Berryman 

Donna H. Goettsche 

Gail Hetherington 

Katherine G. Chappell 

Sharon L. Harshbarger 

Katherine L. Hayden Judy E. Kievning Susan E. Kiger Barbara A. Klize Patricia J. Nance Katharine L. Newman Joan M. Peterson 

Emilie L. Pickett Barbara W. Poole Carol A. Poston Sylvia D. Piatt Loiraine A. Reidda Suzanne G. Robinson Betty W. Rogers 

W. Carol Scheuffle Donna L. Shelly Patricia A. Smith P. Kay Stewart Joann P. Sturm Linda J. Sturm Lynne F. Swink 


Nancy E. Taylor Patricia A. Tyler Janice K. Watt. 

Penny Williamson Carol F. Winchester Kathleen Zellmer 


Wrer , 

"flgh Point College 
High Point, Nortl ' • 






Gamma Gamma chapter, ever stressing quality, 
not quantity, pledged the twelve best girls that High 
Point College had to offer. As always the year be- 
gan and ended as a Kappa Delta year. 

This is how it went. Grovey told Spas to "Just 
Walk On By," and by the way Seigle. "I Think 
You've Got Your Fools Mixed Up." Looks like Jack 
is waiting for that Italian flyer. Buffy, you are so 
shook up and bless you, Lee. Where is that crazy 
Mimi? We hear that K. K. left lipstick traces, and 
Hop-along Hairfield has acquired racing stripes. 
But, wait, tune in tomorrow for Part CXI of David 
and C. squared. Hey Bev. keep it down. Deanie is 
looking for a ride to . . . anywhere! Listen Fang, 
stop fiddling around or you might get horney. Doody 
went from XKE to SAE in three seconds flat. H. H. 
Esq. is now selling little pencils. How was that first 
meeting, Karen? and who is that old lady in the 
fuzzy sweater? Issacs still advocates blind dates, 
and gosh we miss Hunt. Beam's dates are really 
blind. Dorsay and KD sweetheart are. Sander's 
heart washed ashore on Tripoli. Que-pasa with 
Tricky Cruit? Pat, are you still gold digging? Bean- 
head got frost bitten. Date's date, date was blitzed 
by the claw. Suggestion for McEwan — pick up a 
T. V. Guide. Susie loves Sneek-a-Snack, and Joyce 
and C. M. at last alone? El's lamp is lit. and it 
caught all of Anne's skirts, but anyway the rotten 
banana peeled off to Nassau. 

And onward to the beach. If your heart can take 
it, come fly with us. 

KA Tier/yes 

The Pepsi Generation? 

H^5? W p L i !° £- : .. Jacks r 2 n -. L awson, Rehberg, Smith. Back Row L. to R. 

Hubbard. Rabb. Phillips. Twitty. Craig, Willis, Waters. 


Elinor K. Bradini: 

( M 

amnio, lamina 

Carol L. Isaacs 

O t 

Jlappa De/ii 



L. Caryl B.- 

Elaine M. Seiele 
Vice President 

Beverly A. Bliven 

Patricia F. Boyles 

Meredith G. Bratt 

A. Lelia Cheney 

Clayton W. Cleave- 

Catherine E. Cruit 

Karen R. Czamy 

Anne L. Greco 

Betsy M. Hairfield 

Dianne J Holt 

Nancy L. Hunter 

Kay A. Jackson 

M. Dorsay Jones 

Joyce S. Kait 

Kathie L. Keller 

Diana L. McEwan 

Helen E. Rounds 

Nadine M. Sadler 

Linda C. Sanders 

Sheryl L. Smith 

Jeanne C. Vanneman 

Helen H. Wilson 


OM T J /eJ 9 es 

Front Row L. to R.: Snead, Arnold, Mathenv, Williams, Blackshare, Siceloff, Denver, Letherman; Back Row 
L. to R.: Hardy, Willis, Shackelford, Haynes, Hill, Brooks, Stark, Duncan, Campbell, Catron, Hill. 


Amidst the happiness and sorrows which we all 
shared, Phi Mu completed another successful year. 
We returned from summer vacation with all the en- 
thusiasm which binds us together. We worked hard 
from the start and were rewarded with sixteen 
wonderful pledges. Leslie and Sharon finally rode 
the goat along with Cherie, Connie and Leslie Steele. 
Candlelights became quite popular and Les and Britt 
finally received the pin for which they've been pin- 
ing. Louise got a thirty diamond ring and a boy 
to parachute into the football field. Cherie's library 
studies paid off well. Teague is beginning to hear 
wedding bells along with school bells- Lynn and 
Claudia are still in hot pursuit — their goal — 
Duke ! Janet and CK always at the gym. Maggie and 
Dana add to the Phi Mu Five, while Robin with her 
guitar is really a star. Judy takes economics trying 
to improve the treasury. Linda without Tim and 
Dim without Pete you'll never see. Alice, you say 
you're going to join the Air Force? Cathy, Lynn, and 
Carol fighting for the phone booth make quite a 
crew. Pete and Bob, what needs to be said ! Marcy, 
how's your teddy bear? Cheryl's seat belts keep Phi 
Mu's close. Donna wants to pledge axa. Irene chases 
Charles on the Beltway. Ellen is our wise owl. Vic- 
key, Phyllis, and Sandy form the basement crew. 
Nancy, Ellen, and Connie, real peaches they are. Is 
Sherwood majoring in Art? Our one real talent, Ann. 
Dana's our beauty and will represent us well in the 
Miss Golden Decade Pageant. All this is just a part 
of life in Phi Mu. 

Hey you, Rushees! 

'Fess Up 


Claudia L. Payne 

Sandra Kyles 


a mm a 

o t 


~ J/ 21 7Hu 

Carolyn P. Butt 
Vice President 

Sharon I*. Baker Irene F. Caputo Cherie Covington 

Donna S. Henderson Cheryl E. Johns Cheryl M. Kendle 

Margaret B. Leary Ellen P. Lohse Catherine A. Millet 

Lyn D. Nevitt Edith A. Outland Louise Pierce 

Judy L. Paike. 

Connie R. Oumpton Janet J. Daniel Lynn C. Edmonds 


Carol A. Lancashire Mary D. I.aSalla Ellen E. Law 

Leslie A. McCall Linda A. Meyer Nancy K. Nash 

Mairia D. Rainer Dana L. Scotlen Alice W. Sey 


Sharon D. Sherwood Leslie C. Sleek- Phyllis A. Sturdivani 

Sylvia H Teaicue Vicky I.. Wimbelly Roberta A Woodha 


/Leta Jau A fan 



Rush is over — Hallelujah — Zeta did it again 

— our fabulous fifteen pledges! Who can find time 
to study amidst bridge Karnes with Glo, the "great 
doubler" and Nancy's songfest — to the tune of 
"Roomie Love" — the discussion of which way 
Joannie will turn that picture today, Ellen and Marty 
returning from their mountain trips? 

Did I hear Marilyn say something finally — or 
was it only Rita's "honk"? Searching for letters 
in the Dempsy Dumpster, Tricia? Margie and her 
"by the 10th, girls". Greenwood, how many did yon 
finally grab for that party at 0. D.? Lynn is still 
looking for somone to pose! Some rock, Winstead!! 
Donna hands junior marshal honor to Sue. Pamn 

— is it the "Tombs" or Texas this weekend? P.C. 
loves P.C. and Betty's still looking for watermelons 
and talent, or is it her ka Brute? 

These memories are only small reminders of the 
great friendships and intangible ideals that can not 
fill any scrapbook — yet will fill our hearts and 
minds always when one Zeta meets another — 
anytime, anywhere. 

Remember . . . 

Happiness is — New Zeta Pledges 

Break time, again? 



Front Row, L to R.: Scronce, Cunningham, Smith. Second Row, L. to R.: Rushing, Palermo, Amberg, Currie, 
Laney, Shernll. Third Row. L. to R.: Marsh, Billhimer. Williamson, Williams, Johnson, Monday. 


Donna L. Ebert 

Patricia A. Cowden 

Delia z? a in in a 


Zjeia Uau Alpha 

~g~fl _j i_i p 

Martha J. Harrington 

Marjorie L. Howard 

Rita E. Bowden Elizabeth 0. Carter Lynn M. Donnington Patricia L. Elliott Susan M. Fischer 

Linda F. Greenwood 

Pamela L. Klinedinst 

Nancy B. Lefler 

Marilyn J. Stephenson Gloria F. Troutman Joan P. Warren Ellen L. White Carol L. Winstead 


Campus Pathways . . . 

. . . acquiring funds . . . 

views from the science building . . . 

• . . moments alone for creativity . . . 


. . . discoveries in the laboratory . . 

. . . going up and down stairs 

. . a warm bonfire on a cold night 

. . . utilizing the new pool table . 


. . . shocking the taste buds 

relaxation between classes 

feelings of exhaustion . . . 

evacuations from assembly 

. . . card games 


. standing in line . . . 

spring day study 

. . . ping pong . . . 

. . . victories 

. . . always climbing 


Dormitory Life Means . . . 

.a do-it-yourself beauty parlor... 

.demerits. . . 

. . . rainy days . . . 


.uncomfortable typing... 

that long distance call... 

. . .odd jobs. . . 

.shaving cream fights. . . 

psychedelic decor. . . 

.sessions with the guitar... 

...and a few hours of study 


Many students at High Point College find 
it profitable and enjoyable to participate in 
the various campus organizations. Whether 
the individual is interested in campus poli- 
tics, religious activity, publications, or fine 
arts, he can find his niche in some extracur- 
ricular organization on campus. Sometimes 
good rapport results in new friendships, 
sometimes bad communication results in 
friction, but always the experiences involved 
in these activities increase the student's un- 
derstanding of his peers. 

This year, bold steps were taken in the im- 
provement of several organizations. As it 
happens every year, each of this year's or- 
ganizations displayed its own personality. 
Some campus groups lost prestige while some 
newly formed organizations made significant 
contributions to the campus in their first 
year. Participation in these activities aided 
in the development of well-rounded individ- 




£J Alpha 

bandroon 6:30 
•8 100 

■7 Bash 

/ ball 


1 JMovlo 

:lon Crossbow 






1 QM&vU 




? f 



toalftg Bbalnt 



™" # roo» 
6 1 30.8100 















on Race 





Flatter* • 


Coffee Houet 
Center 7:30 





Lambda Chi 
Combo party 


I Home- 

1r7 Basket- 

Lenoir Rhyne 

lambda Chi 
Combo party 

f± a Bssket 
^- ■ Catavb 


Girl dence^ 


Student Government Association 

Organized for and by the students, the Student 
Government Association functions through three 
separate bodies — the Executive Council, the Legis- 
lature, and Judiciary Council. 

The elected officers are responsible for super- 
vision of assembly programs, the orientation com- 
mittee, and special events. This year all three bodies 
have worked toward greater unity. 

One of the biggest events this year was having 
Miss America at High Point College to crown our 
Miss Golden Decade. Her presence, along with the 
presence of Miss North Carolina, helped to make 
the pageant, sponsored by the Student Government 
Association in connection with the High Point Jay- 
cees, one of the most exciting ever held in this area. 

Barbara McDiarmid. Secretary 

Forrest Dover, President 

Jim Coston, Treasurer 

Jim Allison, Vice-President 


Robbie Myers, Speaker; Patty Finks. Secretary 
Brian Ditzler, Speaker Pro-tem. 

Student Legislature 

Composed of elected representatives' of the major 
organizations on campus, the Student Legislature 
acts on proposed measures which improve the aca- 
demic and social atmosphere of the college. 

Legislature and its committees were very busy 
this year with concerns such as arranging the big 
social weekends, revising the Penal Code and the 
Student Government Constitution, running week- 
long coffee houses featuring professional entertain- 
ment, creating the Student Public Affairs Com- 
mittee, reactivating the Student Congress, and con- 
sidering academic changes ranging from increasing 
the allotted number of class cuts for juniors and 
seniors and allowing credit to be given for publica- 
tions participation. 

First Row. L. to R.: Robertson, Stewart, Welch, Hardister, Chorpening. Second Row. L. to R.: Johnson. Gragg, 
Peterson, Carle, Taylor. Third Row. L. to R.: St. John, Kurkjian, Turner. Brown. 


Carrying the responsibility and duty of try- 
ing all cases concerning infractions of the rules 
of the Student Government Association and High 
Point College, the Judiciary Council has worked 
toward the goal of handling all cases involving 
any student, with the exception of cases involv- 
ing extreme moral charges- 

In carrying out their judicial duties, the Coun- 
cil follows the principles of the innocence of the 
accused until guilt is proven. 

This year the Judiciary Council, as the high- 
est Judicial body on campus, has achieved their 
Roal of insuring the rights of the student at High 
Point College through a combined effort with 
the Dean of Students, the Student Personnel 
Committee, and the administration. 


Rosetta Blackwelder, Secretary ; Carol Scheuf fie, 

Susan Applegate, Chief Justice 

Ket RO Crouch OR - : Ho,comb ' Joh "*- Shackelford. Back Row. L. to R.: Quinn, 


Mike Hoke, President, gets mail from the 
new day student mailbox. 

Disunity among day students due to the fact that 
most are married, hold jobs and are town-oriented 
is the major problem which the Day Student Council 
attempts to solve. 

Among their projects this year were the co-spon- 
soring with the S.G.A. of an orientation week dance 
and a "Day Students for Campus Office Campaign." 


OFFICERS: Corn, Holmes, and Owen 

Are you going in through the trunk? 


Scholastic Honor Society 

One of the greatest honors anyone can receive at High Point 
College is to be invited into the Scholastic Honor Society. 

In order to become a member, a senior must have a quality point 
ratio of 2.25. A junior may become a member upon completion of 
75 semester hours with a quality point ratio of 2.75. 

The Society has as its goals the stimulation of a desire for 
learning and recognition of outstanding scholarship. 

Faculty Members 

Dr. Lew Lewis, President 
Dr. H.E. Conrad, Vice-President 
Miss Marcella Carter, 
Secretary -Treasurer 

Mr. Hobart Allred 
Mr. Samuel Carter 
Dr. Dennis Cooke 
Dr. Stuart C. Deskins 
Dr. E. Roy Epperson 
Dr. George H. Hobart 
Dr. William Lazaruk 
Dr. William Locke 
Dr. Charles Mounts 
Dr. Wendell Patton, Jr. 
Dr. Christopher Wilson 
Mr. Nathaniel Yarborough 

Student Members 

Elinor K. Brading 
Charles L. Cox 
Charles D. Crews 
Elizabeth B. Daniels 
Lynn C. Edmonds 
Marion T. Edwards 
Barbara L. Everhart 
Tommy H. Holmes 
T. Steven McLain 
Suzanne Martin 
Leonard S. Palmer 
James G. Picka 
Lloyd K. Prevette 
Steve H. Riggs 
Donald R. Saunders 
Lynn Y. Tuggle 
Randolph P. Waugh 


Order Of The Lighted Lamp 

Each year in one of the college assemblies, a 
number of students are inducted into the Order 
of the Lighted Lamp. Organized in 1935, it is the 
oldest honor society on the High Point College 
campus. In order to be considered for membership, 
a student must have maintained a 1.75 average in 
his previous five semesters at High Point College 
and must have displayed outstanding character and 
leadership in his college career. Current members 
of the society make nominations and a majority of 
the faculty must approve each nomination. 

Student Members 

Elinor K. Brading 
James C. Coston 
Lynn C Edmonds 
Jonathan L Faulkner 
Susan A. Griffin 
Mary-Jo Hall 
Dianne J. Holt 
Cheryl M. Kendle 
Suzanne Martin 
Robert E- Myers 
Margaret A. Neese 
James G. Picka 
Robert P. Robertson 
Ann N. Scott 
Lynn W. Simone 
William A. Stewart 
Barbara L. Taylor 


Junior Marshals 

Being chosen a Junior Marshal is the highest 
honor that can be given to any junior by High Point 
College. The marshals are the twenty students with 
the highest over-all scholastic average for the first 
two years of college. 

The duties of the marshals range from putting 
out assembly bulletins to ushering at various college 
functions. One of the most important tasks of the 
marshals is helping at graduation time. 

At the end of the school year there is a banquet 
given in the marshals' honor. 

Tom Holmes and Jim Picka 

Co-Chief Marshals 

L. to R. First Row: Weiss, Auman, Griffin, Pratt, Fischer, Fielden, Chappell. Second Row: Saunders, Gaffnev, 
Holcomb. Idol, Sigmon, McDowell. Third Row: Holmes, Owen. Guyer, Picka. Tuxhorn, Calhoun. 


L. to R. First Row: Martin, Edmonds, Weiss, Holcombe, Pratt. 
Second Row: McDowell, Daniel, Faulkner, Hall, Wimberly. 

L. to R. First Row: Gilbert, Whitt, P. Smith, Horigan, M. Smith, 
McDiarmid. Simone, Eddinger. Second Row: Mr. Baker, Mc- 
Nulty, Baity, Vann, Bridwell, Shaffer, Barnes, Shaw, Dr. 

Kappa Delta Pi 

"Eager to promote a closer bond among 
students of Education and to enter into more 
intimate fellowship with those dedicated to 
the cause of teaching as a profession" is 
the description of the spirit of Kappa Delta 
Pi, an honor society in education, according 
to the preamble of the society's constitution 
and bylaws. Kappa Mu chapter was installed 
at High Point College on May 27, 1965, and 
was the first honorary fraternity on campus. 
Individuals are invited to join the society 
based on high scholarship and an exhibited 
good professional attitude. 

Alpha Phi Gamma 

Established at HPC in November of 1966, 
the Delta Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi Gamma, 
honorary journalistic fraternity, had nine- 
teen members this year. 

The purpose of Alpha Phi Gamma is to 
recognize and honor individual achievement 
in the field of journalism as demonstrated 
through student publications. 

This year Alpha Phi Gamma had many 
projects on the agenda. Among these were 
hopes to arouse interest in the fraternity 
among other colleges in the area and plans 
for a publications workshop. 


Student Christian Association 

It was the purpose of the Student Christian As- 
sociation of High Point College to help students, 
faculty, and administration to develop a deep aware- 
ness of the love of God and to help them grow into 
a meaningful relationship with God, Jesus Christ, 
and their fellowmen — fellow students, professors, 
and persons in general — through the encouragement 
of and participation in religious activities of the 
College and community. 

Summer Job Opportunities Committee includes Sherry Shaffer, 
Jane Phillips, Lynda Long. 

OFFICERS: Leslie Elmore. Secretary; Bob Dodd, Treasurer ; Charlie Teague, President; Nancv Nash, Vice- 



L. to R., First Row: Boswell, Shipley, Clause, Masten, Billhimer; Second Row: Deck, Gibbs. Ogden, Wolfe, Deck- 
er, Shaffer. Norwood, Logan; Standing: Harvey. Lackey, Huff, Bova, Hughes, Honeycutt. Luedeke, Boyd, 
Woods, Williams. 


OFFICERS: John Farmer, Jim Elkins, Barbara McDiarmid, Doris Whitt, Angela 
Miller, Paul Gabriel, Larry Adams, Donna Hutchison, Wanda Wise. 

Fellowship Teams is an organization of college 
students devoted to and interested in helping the 
youth groups of churches throughout the state. The 
students learn by helping others to find themselves. 

Team visits usually occur on weekends- The mem- 
bers live in the homes of the church families. They 
give instruction in recreation, worship, program 
planning, and the purposes of the fellowship. 

The retreat at Millbrook started the year off with 
a real "bang". Swimming, sports, recreation, and 
fellowship made the weekend a very special occasion. 

Fellowship Team members enjoy their Training Re- 


The Circle Revolves 

In fashionable Granny gown attire, J. Ship- 
ley and P. Billheimer do some choral read- 

Buddy Gabriel captures the audience in his 
fabulous story of Rinda Celler. 

Members excitedly decorate for 
a coffeehouse. 

M.S.F. OFFICERS & MEMBERS: Shiplev, Grimes, Tanner, 
Williams, Harvey, Adams, Davis. 


\ ) 

Pogo characters ask the question, "Whose God is dead?" 

The Methodist Student Fellowship and 
the Baptist Student Union with the guid- 
ance of the Student Christian Association, 
this year transcended denominational bar- 
riers to form an all-inclusive group, THE 
CIRCLE. In this fusion, they endeavored to 
discover themselves as individuals, to relate 
to each other, and to react to the changing 
world in totally different ways. 

Through programs designed as "encoun- 
ters" with humanity and God, they sought 
to view the realities of their lives and to re- 
spond. These "encounters" alternated in style 
from "coffee houses" in the Student Center 
to lectures in the bandroom. Included were 
such varied events as a Pogo Character's 
drama, "Whose God Is Dead?", psychedelic 
"happenings", and lectures on "The Christian 
Views Existentialism" and "The Human 
Side of Christ" and the film "Only a Man." 

Guest folksinger captivates the audience. 

B.S.U. OFFICERS & MEMBERS: Johnson, Barnes, VanAnda, Philips. 
Corn, Holcomb, LaGrange. 

Cheri Palermo dances 
for a coffeehouse. 


Women's Dormitory Council 

Standing: Yoe, Neese, Klay, Parker, Shelly, Sturm, Thompson, Peterson, Hall; 
Seated: Johns, Kait, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Turpin, Housemothers, Decker, Hay- 

With its many obligations, the Women's Dormi- 
tory Council at High Point College tries to develop 
in resident women individual honor and personal 
responsibility. This year governing decisions of the 
Council were made during the Monday night Coun- 
cil meetings- 
Members of the Council hear many complaints: 
no hot water, slamming doors, "no dating during 
the week for freshman women — really ! !" 

Health inspection was a great threat, but then 
so were the weekly room inspections made by Mrs. 
Bennett and Mrs. Turpin. the housemothers. 

Duties such as checking freshmen during closed 
study and remembering to lock up on the right night 
were part of being a member of the Women's Dormi- 
tory Council. 

Ann Neese, President, relaxes on new bed which 
will be in the new dormitory. 

Bobbie Taylor reclines as she enjoys a nightlv phone 

A dorm council member doing what? 


Bill Sevier, President 

Men's Dormitory 


The Men's Dormitory Council this year had as 
its major achievement the painting of the third 
floor lounge of McCulloch Hall and the installation 
of a new carpet. It might be said that these "stal- 
warts of justice" have worked hard to better the 
living conditions in the dormitories. With the initia- 
tion of the "Busy" signs and the co-operation of 
all residents of the dorms, a relatively ostentatious 
year has been achieved. 

Being the governing body of McCulloch and Millis 
dormitories, the Council governs and guides with 
the aid of Mrs. Long and Mrs. McKeekin-Kerr, resi- 
dent counselors, who serve in an advisory capacity. 


I am cleaning the floor! 

L. to R.; Seated: Sevier, Gragg, Tuxhorn. Standing: Prince, 
Ackerman. Smith. Faulkner- 


Tower Players 

On the Primrose Path in "Little Marv Sunshine" 

Stage make-up is an art. 

Bob Montgomery and Charlotte Bova receiv- 
ed good reviews for their performances in 
"The Typists." 

MEMBERS: Cornet. Boccucci, Danburg, Gilbert, Shaffer, 
Barnes. Ditzler. Billhimer. Phillips. Austin, Gabriel, Bouc- 
her, McKenney. Wilkes. 


H.P.C Thespians 

Toe-typing is a demanding part of a performance. 

Preparation before a Tower Players' production. 

"What a pity the Tower Players of High Point Col- 
lege are giving the Murray Shisgal one-act plays 'The 
Tiger' and 'The Typists' only two nights," wrote 
Greensboro Daily News entertainment editor Jim 
McAllister after the first Tower Players Production 
of this academic year on November 3 and 4. "The 
Tiger", a violent confrontation of a ferocious non- 
conformist and a respectable housewife, and "The 
Typist", the story of the struggle of two office work- 
ers to rid themselves of loneliness and frustrations, 
were both highly acclaimed. 

The success of this production followed the popular 
production of "Little Mary Sunshine", which filled 
the stage with light song and dance in the spring 
of 1967. Enthusiasm defined this musical from the 
enjoyment found in the behind-the-scenes prepara- 
tions to the magic that came across the footlights. 

Chief Brown Bear (Pat Austin) shows Corporal 
Jester (Rob Sale) how to be a "heap big injun." 


Long hours of practice and hard work aided the 
Iliyrh Point College Choir in producing many mem- 
orable programs during the past year. 

After a triumphant performance of Haydn's 
Lord Nelson Mass with the North Carolina Sympho- 
ny Orchestra in the spring of 1967, the Choir be- 
gan the new year with several appearances in col- 
lege assembly programs. Their annual Christmas 
concert was highlighted by an inspirational perform- 
ance of The Song of Christmas. 

The Choir, directed by Mrs. Frances Redding, be- 
Jieves in enriching the lives of people by way of 
song and spiritual joy and capped the year with a 
spring tour and participation in the dedication 
of Wesley Memorial Methodist Church, singing 
Brahm's Requiem. 

1 -.4 A m 



An outstanding performance in Assem- 

OFFICERS: Jane Wagner, Rik Danburg, Tommy 
Hall, Joe Patterson, Doug Rayle- 

Martha Hadley decorates the Choir bulletin board 
with Peanuts characters. 

Bass section practices their parts in a sectional re- 


High Point College 
Concert Choir 

Choir practices for one of their weekly ap- 
pearances in assembly. 

Mrs. Redding directs the Concert Choir. 

L. to R., First Row : Bond, Duda, Harris, Corn, Hadley, Scotten, Davis, Williams, Leary, White ; 
Second Row: Briegel, Seamon, King, Shipley, Huff. Taylor. Miller. Wagner, Woodhams, Clause; 
Third Row: Applegate, Nelson, Ravle, Calloway. Paterson, Sharp. Dodson; Fourth Row: Phil- 
lips, Driscoll, Clendaniel, Edwards, Jordan, King, Hall, Danburg, and Mrs. Redding, director. 


High Point College Band 

The High Point College Band worked 
hard this year in trying to get a well 
organized and well rounded sound. The 
Band is composed of students who are 
interested and appreciate music of all 
types. The director is Mr. C. Robert Clark. 
Each student found enjoyment in their 
participation in the Band. 

Mr. Clark directs the Band during an afternoon rehearsal. 

Musical Arts Club 

J. Theise, R. Woodhams, J. Wagner, J. Patterson, J. Jones, 
M. Hadley, Dr. Lewis. D. Rayle, L. King, T. Albertson, J. 
White, M. Leary, Mrs. Redding, J. Bond, Mrs. May. Not 
pictured: R. Sale. B. Bigham. D. Scotten. 

The Musical Arts Club is an organization of music 
majors and minors. Fine Arts faculty members 
are sponsors for the club. Members serve as ushers 
at concerts and recitals, give receptions at these 
events, and publicize department functions. The 
highlight of the year for the club this year was the 
annual Fine Arts Festival, held in the fall of the 
year for the purpose of promoting fine arts events 
on campus. 

Jenny Bond helps usher at the Fac- 
ulty Recital. 


Society for Advancement of Management 

Dedicated to the development of tomor- 
row's managers today is the Society for Ad- 
vancement of Management (S.A.M.). The 
High Point College Chapter is one of many 
University Chapters throughout the nation- 
They provide a bridge between the theoreti- 
cal training of the classroom and the practi- 
cal world of business and management. 

Objectives of the High Point College chap- 
ter are to bring together executives in busi- 
ness and students preparing to go into busi- 
ness and to serve as an effective medium for 
the exchange and distribution of information 
on the problems, policies and techniques of 
management in industry. This year these 
objectives were obtained through plant visi- 
tations, speakers, and dinners. 

OFFICERS: Mr. Robinson, advisor, J. Needham, W. 
Harding, J. Davis. 

First Row, L. to R.: White, Harrington. Howie. Andrews. Golden, Davis. Therrell ; 
Second Row: Holmes, P>oyles, Grimes. Traveria. Gragg. Weatherman. Nelson ; Third 
Row: Bishop, Irwin, Freeman, Brown, Waldon, Jones. Brown, Harriss, Needham: 
Fourth Row: Hardister, Stirewalt, Jones, Harding, Bryant, Robinson, Davis. 

Executive Committee meeting at the State Convention 
of the Society for the Advancement of Management. 


Inter -Fraternity Council 

Serious purpose, creative and constructive contri- 
butions to the college and the community, and fos- 
tering the development of good character and fel- 
lowship among the member fraternities character- 
ized the activities of this year's Inter-Fraternity 
Council, the governing body for the four Greek let- 
ter social fraternities at High Point College, Delta 
Sigma Phi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha, and 
Theta Chi. 

The Inter-Fraternity Council experienced a struc- 
tural improvement by promoting an advisory con- 
ference with national fraternity representatives and 
by participating in the National Inter-Fraternity 
Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. 

The strength of the Inter-Fraternity Council is 
derived from the co-operation of the fraternities. 
Through this co-operation, the I.F.C. co-ordinated 
fraternal functions and rush for the Greeks, award- 
ed the I.F.C. Scholarship Trophy, and with the help 
of the Panhellenic Council, planned co-rec night and 
Greek Week. 

President, Bob St. John 

Do\er R '' SeatCd: ZUmbl °* St ' J ° hn ' K ' ley; Standin S : Fa ^ e ' Braun - Renfro, 


Panhellenic Council 

Governing all four sororities on the High Point 
College campus is the Panhellenic Council, whose 
purpose it is to strengthen the bonds of friendship 
among sorority members, thus strengthening the 
entire Greek system. 

This year the Council carried out a most impres- 
sive and effective rush season consisting of a skit 
to introduce the rushees to the Greek system and 
several meetings with the rushees to answer their 
questions concerning rush. 

The Council held a very successful Sadie Hawkins 
Dance and, in conjunction with the Inter-Fraternity 
Council, planned and carried out the annual Greek 

Week. The Council also decorated the cafeteria for 
a unique and exciting Halloween Dinner and has 
been responsible for the advertisement of all athletic 
events on campus. 

Lastly, the Panhellenic Council, has worked in 
strengthening the Junior Panhellenic Council, which 
functions as the regular Council with the exception 
that its members consist of girls from the four 
pledge classes. The establishment of the Junior Pan- 
hellenic Council was just another way of preparing 
sorority girls to take their place in the ever improv- 
ing and active Greek system on the High Point Col- 
lege campus. 

OFFICERS: L- to R.: L. Cheney, Treasurer; S. Fischer. 
Vice-President ; S. Applegate, President ; M. LaSalla, Secre- 

An informal meeting of the Panhellenic Coun- 

MEMBERS: Berryman, Williams, Britt, LaSalla, Ebert, Scott, Cheney, Brading, 
Fischer, Donington. 


Student National Education Association 

Promoting enthusiasm for teaching as a means 
of personal fulfillment in life is the desire of the 
Student National Education Association. The Calvin 
Wiley Chapter of High Point College is a member 
of the SNEA, a professional organization for those 
desiring to teach. 

Workshops and conferences informed members 
of new methods and teaching improvements. Sub- 
scriptions to state and national magazines kept stu- 
dents up to date in education. Varied programs 
illustrated all aspects of the profession and intro- 
duced members to student-teacher situations. Proj- 
ects, such as tutoring, helped members to develop 
teaching skills and an understanding of pupils. 

OFFICERS: Linda Weiss, Sharon Sherwood, 
Susan Griffin, Fuchsia Lackey, Alice Thomp- 
son, Mary- jo Hall. 

L. to R. Sherwood, Hall. Dark. Lackey. Denver, Edmonds, Martin, Brown, 
Weiss, Williams, Bowman, Holcombe. Shelly. Thompson, Covington, Griffin, 
Willis, Poole, Scott, Faulkner, Newman, Taylor, Williams, Pickett, Beck. 

Annual Spring Convention was held in Ashe- 
ville in 1967. 


Regional meeting was sponsored by the HPC 
chapter in October, 1967. 


English Club 

Boh Donovan, v. president ; Richard (happell, presi- 

Advised by Dr. Sam Underwood, the English Club 
provided an opportunity for interested students to 
delve into problems of literary criticism and to ex- 
press their own ideas through creative works of 
their own. 

Club projects such as the Theatre Enrichment 
Series netted revenue which met club expenses and 
provided a fund from which money was drawn to 
finance club programs. Meeting twice monthly, the 
English Club had as its guests outstanding lecturers 
and professors from the southeast and members of 
the High Point College faculty who presented orig- 
inal compositions, essays, and poems in intellectually 
stimulating programs. 

Front Row, L. to R.: Phillips, Shaffer. Back Row: McDiarmid, Sturdivant, 
Burton, Kiger, Hoke, Bern-man, Chappell, Barnes, Donovan. 


OFFICERS: Lynda Lour, Sherry Shaffer, and Richard 

Forensic League 

To develop interest and skill in the fields of public speaking, debate, 
oral interpretation, and reader's theatre is the purpose of the Forensic 

Beginning in October, the debate team traveled to Auburn University, 
Lenoir Rhyne College, and Wake Forest University compiling an impressive 
record by defeating such schools as the University of Virginia, the Uni- 
versity of Maryland, Randolph-Macon College, Peabody College, Davidson 
College, and the University of Florida. 

The Forensic League sponsored a speech contest in December, a reader's 
theatre production, and a spring debate tournament for approximately 
eight area colleges. 

Readers Theatre 

Forsenic members are ready to leave for another 
successful match. 

Donna Williams kept the an- 
nual retreat alive with her 

Group discussions were many at the retreat 
at Camp Wenasa. 

Humanics Student 

Founded on the High Point College campus in 
1965, the American Humanics Foundation has con- 
tinued to grow to its present membership of twenty- 

The Student Association met weekly this year to 
hear speakers and to conduct necessary business. 
Field trips were held periodically to youth serving 
agencies for a first-hand look into future positions 
for students. The annual retreat, held at the begin- 
ning of the fall semester, was the highlight of the 
year's activity for the students in the Humanics 
Student Association at High Point College. 

OFFICERS: Seated. McDonough, Davis, 
Bowden. Standing, Disborough, Austin, 

eated- Matthews Mr Moodv, Allred. Monday. Williams, Billhimer, Bowden. McDonough. Standing: Disbor- 
Sgh Dav£ Altoon, Jones, Austin, McFarland, Downey. Bridwell. Capek, Moore. LaGrange, Gabriel. Cornet. 





Women's Athletic Association 

A wonderful and productive year was seen 
by the Women's Athletic Association in 1967- 
68. While promoting an interest in recrea- 
tion and athletic activities, the girls in the 
Association participated in such activities 
as field hockey and volleyball. Intramurals 
were an integral part of the year for the As- 
sociation along with such money-making 
projects as selling candy and a bake sale. As 
a result of the events of this year, the Wo- 
men's Athletic Association ended the year 
with an emphasis upon physical fitness and 
good sportsmanship. 

Cheryl Kendle supervised Co-Rec Night. 

L to R.. First Row: FeimsterHadock Coffey, Kendle, McCall, Hayden, Miss Clary; Sec- 
ond Row. L. to R.: \\ ill.ams Palermo. Hewlett Reidda, Daniel, Matheny, Cosman, Knight; 
Third Row, L. to R.: Outland, Swigart, Chisholm, Bracking, Cruit, Tuttle Svkes 


Physical Education Majors Club 

First Row, L. to R.: Palermo, Coffey. Hadock, Hayden, Howlett, Feimster, 
Cosman; Second Row, L. to R.: Robertson, Whitehead, Danburg, Briggs, 
Farkas, Perlozzo, Nanfelt; Third Row, L. to R.: Swigart, Chisholm, Reid- 
da, Brading, Kendle, Tuttle, Cruit, Sykes, Knight. 

The Physical Education Majors Club promotes a pro- 
fessional attitude in the field of Physical Education. 
Through various activities the members broaden their scope 
and understanding of their field. 

The majors are active in the basketball ad campaign and 
each year sponsor Co-Rec Night for the entire student body. 
As a closing for the year the annual Awards Banquet is 
held which honors the varsity teams of the college. 

The Concession Stand is kept busy during basketball games. 

Bobby Robertson, President, is an ef- 
ficient organizer. 


Circle K 

OFFICERS: Johnson, Boyd, Moore, Hardister 

Circle K is the largest college organization in existence 
— there are over 775 clubs throughout the United States 
and Canada. Proud of this heritage. Circle K intended to 
extend its service programs throughout High Point. 

First and last a service organization, Circle K has devel- 
oped and conducted successfully many activities through- 
out our country. The High Point Chapter inaugurated a 
calendar of social and other school activities as its primary 
service project this year. Other programs were in the plan- 
ning stages. 

As in Kiwanis, the Circle K motto is "We Build." Circle 
K has proved itself to be not merely an organization, but 
a driving force, developing leadership for tomorrow while 
creating a better college or university community today. 

Second Row, L. to R.: Gragg. Hudson, Quinn, Rother. Yaun, McLain, Jones, Ditzler Brown Hall 
First Row, L. to R.: Dr. Gratiot, advisor, Smith, Waldron, Millman, Muller, Boyles; Seated: 

Johnson, Moore, Hardister, Bovd. 


Apogee Staff 

Greg Jaeger, Business Manager, discusses the print- 
ing of the Apogee with Co-editors Mike Hoke and 
Richard Chappell. 

Faced with the same situations that had mani- 
fested themselves in previous years, this year's 
Apogee staff spent first semester begging for poe- 
try, prose, book reviews, and art work and was 
flooded with these materials second semester. 

The year was composed of late meetings, confer- 
ences with IMckel & Daniels, searching for the love 
theme, putting it in, and finally the publication of 
the finished product — Apogee, 1968, High Point 
College's artistic extravaganza! 

Reading Committee consistes of L. Crowder, B. Peterson, D. Gilbert, M. 
Matthews, and E. Brading. 



Staff members take time out for ping pong at 
the annual CSPA convention in N. Y. C. 

Mike Hoke's word is heeded. 


Hi-Po Staff 

Now in its forty first year of existence. The Hi-Po 
has grown from a sporadic publication of little con- 
sequence to a weekly newspaper that gets things 

Rated one of collegiate Carolina's top newspapers 
by the Charlotte News and Observer's annual con- 
test. The Hi-Po continued to grow this year, and 
with its growth came better dissemination of news, 
thought provoking comment, and illuminating in- 
depth news and feature articles. 

In the future. The Hi-Po will continue its program 
of expansion to become a force not only on campus 
but also in the community. 

J. McNulty, Managing editor; S. Shaffer, Feature 
editor; B. Barnes, Copy editor. 

Mr. Ira Baker, advisor, talks with Dave Gilbert, Editor. 

Columnists: B. Ditzler, S. Stevens, L. Adams, B. 
Donovan, J. Phillips, M. Hoke. 

7 ' 
Ira A 

Joe McNulty relaxes after another successful issue is completed. 


J. Mailleue, rewrite; M. Deck and L. Chisman, copy; J. 
Scott, reporter; and L. Long, cartoonist. 


A weekly staff meeting. 

Sports staff: J. Keats, C. Hardy, 0. Hundley. 

T. Belch helps Joe and Dave lay-out the 
advertising section. 


Zenith Staff 

Dr. Sam J, Underwood, advisor, is 
lively at meetings. 

Publishing a yearbook is a long process requiring work on the part 
of many people. This year the Zenith has sought to become truly a stu- 
dent publication by including more students on the staff. 

This year's Zenith pages are marked by a new paper finish and a 
new style of print. An experimental modern layout, a different style 
on division pages, and a new emphasis on copy were aspects of the 
Zenith which gave the book a new flavor. 

■ ; l, 

Photographers: D. Bishop and S. Smith 

Lay-out Staff: B. Holcomb, J. Davis, M. Bridwell, editor, S. 
Melton, M. Cusano, R. Miller, R. Jones, S. Franz. 

Business Staff: R. Lort, T. Linton, R. 
Jones. J. Faulkner, Business Manager 
D. Marsh. R. Miller. ' 

Feature Staff: W. Wise, editor, and 
B. Herman. 

D. Whitt, Assistant editor and L. Simone, 

Greek Staff: P. Klinedinst, M. 
Cusano, L. Greenwood, editor, D. 

Typists: B. Holeomb, R. Miller, S. Martin, S. 

Copy Staff: B. Sigmon, editor, D. Williams, S. 

Class Staff: B. Holeomb, D. Marsh, J. Duncan, edi- 
tor, B. Herman, S. Franz. 

A hectic day in the Zenith office as the yearbook slowly takes 


Athletics is an important part in the life of each 
student at High Point College, whether through di- 
rect participation or observation from the sidelines. 
The beginning of basketball season brings an end 
to the athletic dormancy of the first few college 
months and evokes an excitement on the campus 
that is unparalleled during the rest of the year. 

In each sport the preparatory steps taken be- 
fore the actual contests include many hours spent on 
recruiting new players, forming and practicing 
plays, and analyzing team mistakes. These prepara- 
tions pay off when the final statistics are accumu- 
lated at the end of the season. 




Leading the cheers at the IIPC basket- 
ball games was this year's excellent squad 
of cheerleaders. Many hours of practice 
serve as preparation for their work dur- 
ing the exciting Panther contests. 

A new look was prominent in this 
year's cheerleaders. Many new girls re- 
ceived positions on the squad this year, 
being selected on the basis of try-outs 
held before the student body in assem- 
bly. Many compliments were given to the 
cheerleaders on their new uniforms this 

Kneeling, L. to R.: C. Phillips, S. Yoe, Captain; N. Stear; Back 
row, L. to R.: B. Taylor, C. Poston, W. Duda, D. Abbott, J. 
Keets, R. Woodhams, B. Harding. 

Cheerleaders promote spirit for the bas- 
ketball season. 

Sock it to 'em now! 

We have the pep that a great school needs. 

Every jump must be perfect. 


Pantherettes of HPC 

Kneeling L. to R.: M. Tuttle, B. Hodock ; Second row. I., to R.: M. 
Bogue, C. Palermo, D. Feimster. J. Knight, L. Svkes; Third row. I,, 
to R.: W. Howlett, S. Swigart, L. Reidda, C. Kendle. Miss Clary 

Representing the distaff side of 

High Point College basketball 
were the Pantherettes. Carrying 
a superior previous record into 
this year's contests, the girl's bas- 
ketball team performed well 
against their opponents. Their 
schedule included games with 
Western Carolina. UNC-G, and 
Mitchell College. 

Miss Clary, coach, gives the team a pep talk. 

Perfect pass for a successful shot. 

Jump, Pantherettes. jump! 


Where's that ball? 


Introducing . ♦ . 

The Coach . . . 

Robert Vaughn 

The Captain 

Gene Littles 

The Starting Five . . . 

Homey Colbert 

Picka Littles 


The Team 

First row, L. to R.: B. Thomas, J. Lambert, G. Littles, B. Webb, J. Bowman, J. Colbert; Second row, L. to R.: 
L. Wall, G. Holmes, S. Tatgenhorst, J. Picka, R. Horney, F. Piacente, C. Hoyle, D. Witt; T. Hall and W. Shaw, 


Their Season, '67-'68 

Opponents H.P.C. 

Campbell 59 82 

Pfeif f er 56 79 

Campbell 74 82 

Asheville Biltmore 82 94 

Atlantic Christian 86 82 

Elon 63 67 

North Carolina A&T 83 79 

Georgia Southern 82 85 

Stetson University 93 93 

Morris Harvey 80 80 

Western Carolina 74 

Appalachian 81 

Wilmington 68 


Elon 90 

Pfeiffer 70 

Guilford 92 

Lenoir Rhyne 71 

East Carolina 77 

Catawba 87 

Western Carolina 108 

Appalachian 88 

Atlantic Christian 86 

Lenoir Rhvne 72 

Guilford 74 

Catawba 69 











And "hat Panther Enthusiasm/ 


Panther Teamwork 

The Panthers plan their strategy during a time-out. 

Tatgenhorst works at defense. 

Gene Littles captured a berth on the All-Carolina's 
Conference Team for the third consecutive year. 

The High Point defense squelches Elon. 


Stifles Opponents 

jz < 


Colbert looks for an open teammate. 

Witt is a spark in the Panther line-up. 

Picka emerges at the top of a tower of players. 


Carolina's Conference Basketball 

Littles goes up for two against Pfeiffer. 

The ref gives Elon's Coach Miller some friendly ad- 

Ron Homey defends against Pfeiffer. 

Eyes in the Greensboro Coliseum focus on 
Jim Picka. 


Fascinates the Crowds 

Time-outs aren't as tense with a ten-point lead. 

Littles makes another fantastic effort. Witt conquers the foul line. 

A leaping Tatgenhorst tries for a 

The teams prepare to rebound. 


Panther Powerhouse— Great Year 

A jump ball always generates excitement. 

Littles receives crowd approval with a fabulous pass. 

Colbert goes up for a short jumper. 


Cross Country Team 

First Row, L. (o R.: G. Clemson, R. Woodruff, F. Hardenstein, Coach 
Davidson ; Second Row, L. to R.: R. Danburg, B. Carter, captain , W. Mantz, 
R. Smith, R. Ross. 

Once around the track in practice. 

Opponents HPC 

St. Andrews 44 17 

UNC at Charlotte 41 19 

Methodist College 42 19 

St. Andrews 44 17 

Pembroke 28 30 

Methodist College 39 21 

North Carolina State 15 40 

Pembroke 30 26 

Appalachian 31 25 

Davidson 25 31 

Appalachian 25 25 

Washington and Lee 36 21 

State Meet Eighth place 

District 26, NAIA Fifth place 

Low score wins 

Doug Fryer builds up his stamina for cross country. 



Opponents H.P.C. 

Campbell 3 

St. Andrews 9 

W. Virginia University 3 13 

American International College 6,4 11,13 

Long Island University 0,3 3,1 

Wilmington 5 6 

Wilmington 1 2 

St. Andrews 3 10 

Elon 2 3 

Atlantic Christian 1 6 

Newberry 2,6 4,1 

Catawba 7 

Pfeiffer 3 

Guilford 3 

Catawba 2 5 

Belmont Abbey 5 7 

Appalachian 1 7 

Lenoir Rhyne 5 7 

Atlantic Christian 6 

Pfeiffer 2 1 

Wilmington 9 

Elon 2 5 

Belmont Abbey 4 8 

Western Carolina 0,0 2,7 

Appalachian 2 6 

Campbell 6 

Pembroke 1 2 

Guilford 1 3 

Conference Tournament — First Place 
District 26— Second Place 

Coach Chuck Hartman 

First Row, L. to R.: D. Hickey, N. Perlozzo, D. Ackerman, R. Nanfelt, D. Miller, D Rich; Sec- 
ond Row. L. to R.: B. Boleyn, D. Cooke, P. Wilmer, B. Robertson, D. Mowery, J. Kaub, B. La- 
gos; Third Row, L. to R.: R. Blosse, M. Gebicke, J. Wood, D. Mitcham, S. Crater, K. Ruhl, D. 
Smith, manager. 



Excellent diamond performances were expected from Robertson, Cook, 
Mowery and Nanfelt. 

A race down the baseline. 

Fence-eye view of the diamond. 

irvy* £7 

Calisthenics limber up the team. 


Carolina's Conference Champions — 1 967 



Don Cook prepares to loft one over the left field fence. 

The batter keeps his eye on the ball. 

Ray Blosse works on the mound. 


Fencing Team Organizes 

L. to R.: J. Gates, Mr. White. D. Marsh, R. Badu, T. Webb, L. 
Meyer, R. Quinn. D. Steves, T. Linton. 

In their second year of organization, 
the High Point College Fencing Team 
was in the process of building, trying 
to create more student interest in the 
year-round sport in order to gain fi- 
nancial help. Bob White, a nationally 
known fencer, has helped the team this 
year in developing balance, speed, and 
coordination with foil, sabre, and epee. 
Fencing is unique in that the fencer 
must be on offense and defense at the 
same time. 

This year the team competed against 
such schools as Duke University, VMI, 
Wake Forest University, N. C. State, 
UNC-G, and UNC at Chapel Hill. The 
team also participated in the Novice 
Championships at Duke and placed well 
in invitational tournaments at High 
Point and Raleigh. The State Fencing 
Championship was held at High Point 
College on March 23, 1968. 

Badu vs. Steves in a practice match. 

On Guard! 


Tennis Team 


Purdue University 
Atlantic Christian 
Pfeiffer College 
Guilford College 
Wake Forest 
Elon College 
Western Carolina 
Western Carolina 
Elon College 
Pfeiffer College 
Atlantic Christian 
Guilford College 

L. to R.: T. Linton, H. Walker, F. Thigpen, K. Machlin, P. Hundley, G. 
Freeze, Coach Morris. 

Hundley demonstrates his backhand skill. 

Machlin, No. 1 man on the team, practices for com- 

Pre-season doubles practice is important. 


Golf Team 

Opponent HPC 

Pfeiffer 8V2 15'/2 

Elon 10 14 

Campbell 17 7 

St. Andrews 21 3 

A.C.C 14 10 

St. Andrews ....16 8 

Guilford 14 10 

Pfeiffer 5 19 

Elon 10 14 

Guilford 6 18 

Wofford 18 9 

Duke 19 2 

A.C.C 17 7 

Elon 10 14 

Conference Tournament — 

Third place 
District Tournament — 

Fifth place 


L. to R.: R. Bennett. K. Tingle, R. Taylor. G. Sappenfield, K. McCracken, 
R. Waugh. 

Several players prepare to step up to the tee. 

Randy Waugh attempts a 15 ft. putt. 


Kneeling L. to R.: M. Lewis, D. Bowley, R. Woodruff, R. Ross, Coach Davidson; Second row, L. to R.: D. 
Malpass, R. Danburg, G. Clemson, B. Carter, T. Grace, B. Farkas, F. Hardenstein, R. Steffen; Third row, 
L. to R.: R. Smith, W. Mantz, B. Fidler, T. Riley, G. Markland, H. Alger, B. Dry, R. Jones; Captains: Rich 
Smith, Charlie Rock. 

Track Team 

Opponents HPC 

Atlantic Christian 54 91 

Washington and Lee 74 73 

Wofford 70 75 

Davidson 60 58 

Wofford 53 58 

Appalachian 65 80 

Lynchburg 60 85 

Davidson Relays Seventh Place 

District 26 Second Place 

Conference Second Place 


Coach Bob Davidson 


sap*. -***, 

3i -*-'■ 

Hugh Alger perfects the broad jump. 

AU** - * -.-.",■. 

Rich Smith gathers speed as he goes down the final 
stretch of the pole vault. 


Hours of exercise prepare team for each meet. 

Rick Steffen greets the hurdles with confid- 


In no place is the advancement of the student in 
college life more clearly seen than in the steps from 
class to class. Excitement about his new endeavor 
permeates the freshman student, while the sopho- 
more is given self assurance by being an upper- 
classman. The junior is usually a forward-looking 
individual with more involvement in his major and 
its meaning in his future life. Realization of the 
proximity of graduation is the mood of the senior 

Although each class step has its own distinct 
traits, the classes at High Point College are not 
completely separate entities. A strong interrela- 
tionship among classes is created through fellow- 
ship in extra-curricular activities. 

v.- - '« 

Student's Name and Address 

Simone, Lynn Wood 
1031 Lowden A venue 
Onion, New Jersey 

vccount Number 

High Point, North Carolina 

















;T 23'6j 
;l 23*6 
;T 23'6 
51 23*6 
n 23*6 
IT 23*6t 
HI 15* I 


1,1 -f 

77,93 1,128 
87,7c 1,128 



1,12 s ! 

68,2 41,126 



12.0 H I 

7r 5.00 +lR 
327.' + RJ 

330.00 +U 
80.00 +Gf 
1 2.00 +st 

327.50 +R( 

3 30.00 -HU 
80.00 -+GF 
12.00+ ST 
25.00 ■» If 

3 27.50 -t RE 
18.00 4 0C 

2 5.00 
6 69.50 




7 49. 


Bobby Robertson, President 


Gary McMahon, Vice-President 



Realization of the proximity of graduation from 
college became clearer to the senior because of the 
many things in which only a senior could participate 
— measurement for cap and gown, selection of a gift 
to the school, the Graduate Record Exam. To the 
senior student, however, graduation not only mark- 
ed an ending but also represented a beginning, a 
threshold leading to the future . . . and the future is 
as close as tomorrow. 

The senior assumed a role of leadership as he re- 
collected his previous years at High Point College, 
feeling that his experience had qualified him as a 
satisfactory advisor for underclassmen. The senior 
continued on his path of seeking and achieving, cul- 
minating his college experience on that magic day 
of Commencement, May 19, when he took the giant 
step from student to alumnus. 

Ann Scott, Secretary 

Bobbi Taylor, Treasurer 


Every Senior's Dream 


The final step of the college career is the trek up West College Drive to receive the diploma at Commencement. 


Diane E. Abbott 

Arlington, Va. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Hugh G. Alger 

Eustis, Fla. 
A.B. History, Political 

Donald E. Andrews 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B. English 

Barry E. Bateman 

Spray, N. C. 

A.B. History, Political 


Nancy S. Andrews 

Siler City, N. C. 

B.S. Business 

Linda G. Beatty 

Greensboro, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Susan L. Applegate 

Alexandria, Va. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Jennie L. Auman 

Archdale, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 



William M. Bigham 

Charlotte, N. C. 

A.B.T. Music Education 


Robert J. Betterton 

Brigantine, N. J. 
B.S. Biology 

John C. Bloom 

Cranbury, N. J. 
B.S. Accounting 

Margaret M. Botsch 

Lexington, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Patricia F. Boyles 

Pinnacle, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 

Gloria S. Blackburn 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


James W. Brady 
High Point. N. C. 
A.B.T. Elementary 


Priscilla M. Brant 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B. Art 

Mansell R. Bridwell 

Honea Path, S. C. 

B.S. Human Relations 

Elinor K. Brading 

Alexandria, Va. 
A.B.T. Physical Education 


^ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Clifton E. Brown 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

A.B. History-Political 


Kenneth A. Bulla 

High Point, N. C. 
B.S. Business 

Stephen L. Burton 

Critz, Va. 

A.B. English 


John F. Carter, Jr. 

Thomasville, X. C. 
A.B.T. Physical Education 

Daniel F. Cagle, Jr. 

Durham, N. C. 

A.B. History-Political 


Judith C. Carlton 

Lexington, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Timothy E. Cassell 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
A.B. Social Studies 

Donald O. Clendaniel, II 

Milford, Delaware 
A.B. Sociology 

J. David Cerchio 

Wilmington, Del. 
B.S. Accounting 

Richard L. Chappell 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B. English 

Catherine H. Cline 

Paris. Illinois 

A.B.T. Elementary 




David W. Cole, Jr. 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B. History - 

Political Science 

James E. Cook, Jr. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

A.B. History - 

Political Science 

Donald E. Cooke 

Brown Summit, N. C. 
A.B.T. Physical Education 

Cherie Covington 

Wadesboro, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Patricia A. Cowden 

Greensboro, N. C. 

A.B. Sociology 

Charles L. Cox 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B History-Political 


David F. Crawford 

Granite Falls, N. C. 
A.B. English 

Jean Vanneman joins in the excitement at Co-Rec Night. 


Jimmy C. Cranford 

Denton, N. C. 
A.B. Psychology 

Gary B. Craver 

Lexington, N. C. 
B.S. Business 

Janet J. Daniel 

Roxboro, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Charles D. Crews 

Greensboro, N. C. 

A.B. Religion-Philosophy 

Catherine E. Cruit 

Aberdeen, Md. 
A.B.T. Physical Education 

Elizabeth B. Daniel 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Robert V. Dodd 

Shelby, N. C. 
A.B. Religion 

Virginia A. Dark 

Siler City, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Peggy C. Davis 

Adelphi, Md. 
B.S. Mathematics 

Peter R. Davis, Jr. 

Miami, Florida 
B.S. Human Relations 

Forrest R. Dover 

Bessemer City, N. C. 
A.B.T. Physical Education 


Orientation is a vital part of the first step that students take as they begin their life at college. 

Donna L. Ebert 

Greensboro, N. C. 
A.B. History 

Diane H. Eckman 

Cornwall, N. Y. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Lynn C. Edmonds 

Richmond, Va. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Rosemary L. Edwards 

Siler City, N. C. 
A.B. English 

Steve W. Elliott 

Greensboro, N. C. 
B.S. Business 


The Alpha Phi Gamma initiation ceremony recognized several seniors for their 
participation in publications. 

Paul D. Ensley 

High Point, N. C. 
B.S. Business 

Barbara L. Everhart 

Welcome, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Hazel Faulkner 

Liberty, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Craig A. Furman 
Rockville. Md. 
A.B. History- 
Political Science 

Jonathan L. Faulkner 

Ridgevvood, N. J. 

A.B. History 
Political Science 

Larry W. Garrison 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
A.B. History- 
Political Science 

Darrell L. Frye 
Trinity, N. C. 
B.S. Business 

Cornelia B. Gentry 

Roxboro, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 




David E. Gilbert 

Pfafftown, N. C. 
A.B. English 

Allison M. Glew 

Saugus, Mass. 
A.B. Sociology 

Susan A. Golden 

Mount Airy, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


Ralph G. Goode 

Connelly Springs, N. C. 

A.B. History-Political 


Donna H. Goettsche 

Arlington, Va. 

A.B. English 

Monica E. Goggin 

Willingboro, N. J. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Patricia G. Hall 

Greensboro, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Sam G. Hardister, III 

Clemmons, N. C. 

B.S. Accounting - 

Business Administration 

Anne L. Greco 

Alexandria, Va. 

A.B. French 

Laura J. Groce 

Asheville, N. C. 
A.B. Sociology 

Sharon L. Harshbarger 

McLean, Va. 

A.B. Art 

Martha J. Harrington 

Chapel Hill, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


Lana G. Harris 

High Point, N. C. 
B.S. Mathematics 


Michael D. Hoke 

High Point, N. C. 
A.B. English 

H. Garry Holland 

Hitch Point, N. C. 
A.B.T. Physical Education 

Harry A. Hill 

Greensboro, N. C. 
B.S. Business 

Roberta L. Howie 

Waxhaw, N. C. 

B.S. Business 



Wanda G. Howlett 

High Point, N. C. 
A.B.T. Physical Education 

Dianne J. Holt 

Charlotte, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 

Elizabeth A. Horigan 

Bethesda, Md. 
B.S. Biology 

David B. Hucks, Jr. 

High Point, N. C. 
B.S. Accounting 

Jesse W. Hulin 

Asheboro, N. C. 
A.B. Psychology 

Sherry V. Ingram 

High Point, N. C. 
A.B. History 

Jeffrey S. Hulick 
Cranbury, N. J. 
B.S. Accounting 

Kay A. Jackson 

Wilmington, Del. 

A.B.T. Elementary 




Donna R. Jones 

Pinnacle, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Kathryn L. Keller 

Hyattsville, Md. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Upperclassmen played a significant role in Orientation Week. 

Cheryl M. Kendle 

Williamsport, Md. 
A.B.T. Physical Education 

Kenneth L. Kendrick 

Spray, N. C. 
A.B. Social Studies 

Thomas L. Kiley 

Wilmington, Del. 

B.S. Business 



Carl L. King 

Asheboro, N. C. 
A.B. History 

A song by the choir is always a part of the High Point College Commencement Ex 

Frank H. LaGrange 

West Palm Beach, Fla. 
B.S. Human Relations 

Mary Klausman 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Charles E. Kurkjian 

Ex ton, Pa. 

A.B. Sociology. 


Sandra E. Kyles 

Statesville, N. C. 
A.B. English 

Mary D. LaSalla 

Raleigh, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Jerry L. Lambert 

Nappawee, Ind. 

A.B.T. Physical Education 

Stephen M. Laney 

Charlotte, N. C. 
A.B.T. Physical Education 



^ fj 

Sandra G. Lee 

Thomasville. N. C. 
B.S. Mathematics 

George T. Leverett, III 

High Point, N. C. 
B.S. Mathematics 

John W. Lockman 

Lincolnton. N. C. 

A.B. Sociology 

Barbara A. McDiarmid 

Raeford, N. C. 

A.B. English 

Delores A. McDonald 

High Point. N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


T. Steven McLain 

Hiddenite. N. C. 
A.B. History 

Gary J. McMahon 

Huntington, X. Y. 
A.B. Psychology 

Joseph F. McNulty 

Asheboro, N. C. 

A.B. History- 
Political Science 

Kenneth I. Machlin 

Silver Spring, Md. 
B.S. Mathematics 

John E. Marshall 

Statesville, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


Suzanne Martin 

Alexandria, Va. 

A.B.T. Elementary 



Who's Who in American 

Elinor Kathrina Brading 

Kappa Delta Sorority — President, Sophomore 
Class — Secretary, Junior Class — Treasurer, 
Kappa Delta Phi — Secretary, Order of the 
Lighted Lamp. 

Robert Patrick Robertson 

Junior Class — President, Senior Class — -Pres- 
ident, Order of the Lighted Lamp, Physical 
Education Major's Club — President, Baseball 
— Captain, All Conference. 

Lynn Wood Simone 

Zenith — Editor-in-Chief, Alpha Phi Gamma — President, 
Junior Marshal, Orientation Committee, Order of the 
Lighted Lamp. 

Colleges and Universities 

Margaret Ann Neese 

Women's Dormitory Council — President, Assem- 
bly Committee, President's Study Committee on 
Student Affairs, Zenith Staff — Class Editor, 
Junior Marshal. 

Claudia Lynn Payne 

Phi Mu — President, Student Christian Association — 
Vice President, Women's Dormitory Council — Corre- 
sponding Secretary, Fellowship Teams, English Club. 

David Everidge Gilbert 

Tower Players, Apogee Staff, Alpha Phi Gamma, 
Hi-Po— Editor-in-Chief, Alpha Phi Omega. 

Lynn Carol Edmonds 

Student National Education Association — 
Vice President, Kappa Delta Pi — President, 
Order of the Lighted Lamp, Phi Mu Sorority, 
Junior Marshal. 

1 4 Seniors 

Are Honored 

for Service and 

Leadership Abilities 

Ann North Scott 

Alpha Gamma Delta — President, Senior 
Class — Secretary, Junior Class — Secretary, 
Miss Student Teacher, National Panhellenic 

Forrest Reid Dover 

Student Government Association — President, 
Pi Kappa Alpha — Vice President, Pi Kappa 
Alpha — Secretary, Baseball Conference All 
Star, Physical Education Majors Club. 

Cassandra Isabelle Ritchie 

Student Government Association — Secre- 
tary, Alpha Gamma Delta — First Vice-Pres- 
ident, Student Legislature — Secretary, Pres- 
dent's Student Advisory Committee, Queens 
College Exchange Program. 



Susan Lee Applegate 

Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity, Panhel- 
lenic Council — President, Vice President, 
Judiciary Council — Secretary, Prosecu- 
tor, Chief Justice President's Special Ad- 
visory Committee, Student National Ed- 
ucation Association. 

Barbara Ann McDiarmid 

Zenith — Editor-in-Chief, Student Government Associa- 
tion — Secretary, Alpha Phi Gamma Fraternity, Alpha 
Delta Theta Sorority, President's Advisory Council. 

Dianne Julene Holt 

Kappa Delta Sorority— Editor, Home- 
coming Queen 1966, Panhellenic Council 
— President, Chief Cheerleader, Miss 
Golden Decade. 

Barbara Leigh Taylor 

Alpha Gamma Delta — Recording Secretary, Sophomore 
Class — Treasurer, Senior Class — Treasurer, Cheerleader, 
Student National Education Association. 


♦ • • 

David L. Mason 

Westfield, N. J. 
B.S. Business 

Stephen M. Miller 

Boonville, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


Richard G. Mock 

Lewisville. N. C. 
A.B. Psychology 

David L. Mowery 

High Point, N. C. 
B.S. Business 

Paula A. Muench 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Lynn Edmonds' family visited the High Point College plant on Parents' 
Day this fall. 



Sidney W. Nance 

Thomasville, N. C. 
B.S. Mathematics 

Larry T. Neal 

Belews Creek, N. C. 
A.B.T. Physical Education 

Margaret A. Neese 

Fayetteville, N. C. 
A.B. Religion 

Katherine L. Newman 

Allendale, N. J. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Susan M. Newbill 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Eric L. Okin 
Arlington, Va. 

B.S. Business 

Carl A. Orton, II 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


Leonard S. Palmer, Jr. 

Salem, Va. 

B.S. Biology 

Leo R. Palmer, III 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B. History- 
Political Science 

Claudia L. Payne 

Montgomery, Ala. 
A.B. English 

Linda W. Payne 

High Point. N. C. 

A.B. Religion 



Barbara W. Poole 

Orlando, Fla. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Emilie L. Pickett 

Denton, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Cynthia A. Pillsbury 

Charlotte, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


S. Dianne Phipps 

High Point, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


Carolyn P. Prillaman 

Collinsville, Va. 

A.B.T. Elementary 



Lloyd K. Prevette 

Hiph Point, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


Ronald E. Price 

Cambridge, Md. 
A.B. History 

Lorraine A. Reidda 

Succasunna, N. J. 

A.B.T. Physical 


Richard C. Prince 

Tampa, Fla. 

A.B.T. Physical Education 

Edward F. Pryor 

Hendersonville, N. C. 
A.B.T. Physical Education 

Judson C. Richardson 

Lynnfield, Mass. 

B.A. History- 
Political Science 



Steve H. Riggs 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B. History 

Arthur R. Robb, Jr. 

Winston-Salem, N. C 

B.S. Business 


Roy Schumacher asks for some information during one 
of Dr. Patton's question and answer assemblies. 

Robert P. Robertson 

Wantagh, N. Y. 

A.B.T. Physical 


Betty W. Rogers 

Alberta, Va. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Helen E. Rounds 
Westfield, N. J. 
A.B. Sociology 

Robert G. St. John 

Pensacola, Fla. 

B.S. Business 


Robert M. Sale 

Ronda, N. C. 

A.B.T. Music Education 

Betty G. Sanderford 

Whiteville, N. C. 
A.B. Sociology 


Gary V. Sappenfield 

Greensboro, N. C. 
B.S. Mathematics 

Anna M. Sawyer 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B. Psychology 

Ann N. Scott 

Fort Ord, Cal. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Roy D. Schumacher 

Haddonfield, N. J. 

A.B. History 

Janet A. Seigler 
Monroe, N. C. 
A.B. Fine Arts 

William E. Sevier 

Asheville, N. C. 
B.S. Mathematics 


Lynn W. Simone 

Union, N. J. 
A.B. Sociology 

Donna L. Shelly 

Camp Butler, Okinawa 

A.B.T. Elementary 

Patricia A. Smith 

Annapolis. Md. 
A.B. Art 

Rudy L. Smith 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B. Sociology 

Wilton A. Smith, Jr. 

Hillcrest Heights, Md. 
B.S. Business 



Dennis R. Snead, Jr. 

Greensboro, N. C. 
B.S. Accounting 

Michael J. Sombar, Jr. 
Milford. Del. 
A.B. History- 
Political Science 

Steven L. Spencer 
Marlison. N. C. 
A.B. History- 
Political Science 

Sammie L. Steele 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Martha L. Sterling 

Wyoming, Del. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Charles H. Stirewalt, Jr. 

Old Fort, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


Edward S. Stratton 
Afton, Va. 
A.B. History- 
Political Science 


Forrest Dover relaxes from his pitching duties on the baseball team. 



Nancy E. Taylor 
Eutaw, Ala. 
A.B. French 

Edward Stratton prepares to make posters 
to publicize a campus activity. 

Barbara L. Thayer 

High Point. N. C. 
A.B. Sociology 

Charles P. Teague 
Asheville. N. C. 
A.B. Religion- 

Sylvia H. Teague 

Charlotte, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Ray T. Taylor 

Durham, N. C. 
A.B. History- 
Political Science 

Frankie C. Thigpen 

Pikeville, N. C. 
A.B. History- 
Political Science 


Frank D. Thomas 

High Point, N. C. 

B.S. Biology 

Mary L. Thomas 

Greensboro, N'. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Ted L. Thomas 

Gastonia, N. C. 
A.B. History- 
Political Science 

Jorge I. Traveria 

Jacksonville, Fla. 
B.S. Finance 

Gloria F. Troutman 

Kannapolis, N. C. 
A.B. Sociology 

Marcia L. Tuggle 
High Point, N. C. 
B.S. Mathematics 

Martha J. Tuttle 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B.T. Physical 


Robert E. Tuttle 

Lewisville, N. C. 
B.S. Business 

Janice W. Tysinger 

Lexington, N T . C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Ronda J. Upton 

High Point. X. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Sue E. Van Gilder 

Millville, N. J. 

A.B.T. Elementary 



Seniors culminate four years of work at graduation, their common destination. 

Jeanne C. Vanneman 

Woodbury Heights, N. J. 
A.B. Sociology 

Brenda T. Varner 

Lexington, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Joan P. Warren 

Walkertown. N. C. 

A.B. English 

Steve A. Vestal 

Thomasville, N. C. 
A.B. History- 
Political Science 

Randolph P. Waugh 

Asheville, N. C. 
A.B. Religion 

Joseph V. Walker, Jr. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

A.B. Sociology 

Ellen L. White 

Saugus, Mass. 

B.S. Business 




William R. White 
Stony Point, N. C. 
A.B. History- 
Political Science 

James E. Whitehead 

Camp LeJeune, N. C. 
A.B.T. Physical Education 

Shelby J. Wilkes 

High Point, N. C. 
B.S. Biology 

Herman K. Williams 

Lexington, N. C. 
B.S. Business 

Vicky L. Wimberly 

Reidsville, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Carol F. Winchester 

Monroe, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 


Carol L. Winstead 

Roxboro, N. C. 
A.B. English 

Patsy S. Womack 

High Point, N. C. 

A.B.T. Elementary 

Anthony W. Workman 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

B.S. Business 


Clark S. Yokley 

High Point. N. C. 
A.B.T. Physical Education 

Val E. Zumbro 

University Park. Md. 

B.S. Business 




Stepping closer to the achievement of his im- 
mediate goals, the junior became absorbed in his 
courses more than in previous years. He did allot 
some time though for participation in class func- 

Money-making projects received the most em- 
phasis in the Junior Class during the 1967-68 school 
year. Funds from such events as a car wash and a 
student-faculty basketball game enabled the class 
to produce the long awaited Junior-Senior Prom on 
March 8, 1968. 

Besides the excitement of the Prom the junior 
also received special joy from receiving his class 
ring. Comparison of rings was a common custom 
among students in their junior year. This part of 
being a junior, as well as others, served as a prelude 
to the more important year to come. 

Bill Stewart, President 


Steve Breckheimer, Treasurer 
Judy Garner, Secretary 

Ted Renfro, Vice-President 


Juniors Admire Class Rings 


Junior transfers got their first taste of HPC during orientation picnic. 

David L- Ackcrman 
Bethesda, Md. 

Larry Adams 

Manchester, Conn. 

Raymond Alderson 
High Point, N. C. 

Charles D. Allen 
Shelby. N. C. 

James Allison 

Waldorf. Md. 

John D. Ammons 
Arden. N. C. 

Brenda Sue Auman 
Archdale, N. C. 

Ray Baity 

Greensboro. N. C. 

Sharon Baker 

Charlotte. N. C. 

Gary B. Barker 

Greensboro. N. C. 

Patricia L. Beaver 
Spindale. N. C. 

Lynda Beck 

Winston-Salem, N. C 

Pamela Beck 

Lexington. N. C. 

Stephen Benson 
Orlando. Ha. 

Detra Blackburn 

Mount Airy. N. C. 

Rosetta Blackwelder 

Concord. N. C. 




David B. Bishop 
Oxford. Md. 

Ray Blosse 

Marlow Heights. Md. 

Ann Bollinger 
Annville, Ha. 

Betty K. Bowman 
Lumberton. N. C. 

Larry Boyles 

Mount Airy. N. C. 

Brenda Bradford 

Great Falls, Va. 

Steve Breckheimer 
Fairport. N. Y. 

Delores Brewer 

Eagle Springs, N. C. 

Rodney Briggs 

I ayetteville, N. C. 

Carolyn Britt 

Charlotte. N. C. 

Jasper Brown 
Troy. N. C. 

Jimmy Brown 
Westfield, N. C. 

Mary Brown 
Yadkin, N. C. 

Daniel Calhoun 

Kernersville. N. C. 

Sheila Campbell 
Spindale, N. C. 

Irene Caputo 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Clay Tom Carpenter 

Norwood, N. C. 

Linda Case 

McLeansville. N. C. 

(Catherine Chappell 
Greensboro. N. C. 

John Chernault 
High Point. N. C. 

Lee Cheney 

Hampton. Va. 

Glenn Chorpening 
Orlando. I la. 

Larry Clapp 
Liberty. N. C. 

Margaret Clapp 
High Point. N. C. 


Junior Bill Lagos took a precise foul shot in the student-faculty game 
sponsored by the Junior Class. 

Clayton Cleaves 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Pat Coffey 
Devon, Pa. 

David Collins 

Salisbury, N. C. 

Richard Collins 
High Point. N. C. 

Clarence Ray Conrad 
Thomasville, N. C. 

John Cooley 

Prospectville, Pa. 

Lynda Corn 

High Point, N. C. 

John Cornet 
Orlando. 11a. 

Ray Corriher 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Susan Cosman 
Albany, N. Y. 

Jim Coston 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Phyllis Crater 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Stephen Crater 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Thomas Crouch 
North East. Md. 

Linda Ciowdei 
Bethesda. Md. 

Rik Danburg 

Gainesville. Fla. 



Derrick Davis 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

James Davis. Jr. 
Chamblee, Ga. 

Jeanne Davis 

High Point. N. C. 

Judith Davis 

I ayetteville, N. C. 

Dave Disboiough 
Wilmington. Del. 

James Dodson 

Sandy Ridge. N.C. 

Lynn Donington 
Morris. N.J. 

Priscilla Donnell 
Sandord, Maine 

John l\ Driscoll 
Somerset. Mass. 

Joy Duncan 

Concord, N. C. 

Nancy G. Eaves 
High Point. N. C. 

Wayne Eddinger 
Thomasville, N. C. 

Gilbert Edwards 
Asheboro, N. C. 

Jeannette Edwards 
High Point, N. C. 

Daniel Eisert 
Louisville, Ky. 

Jim Elkins 

Durham, N. C. 

Ann Everhart 

Thomasville, N. C. 

Carl Fagge 

Leaksville. N. C. 

Bill Farkas 

Westfield, N. J. 

Joel Farlow 

High Point, N. C. 

Dorcas Feimster 

Hamptonville, N. C. 


Sunshine brought two students' studies outdoors by the flowing fountain. 

Martha Fielden 

Silver Spring. Mel. 

Susan Kischer 
Bethesda, Md. 

Richard Foils 
North Hill. Del. 

Susan Fowlkes 

Pompano Beach. Ila. 

Laird Mason Freeman 
High Point, N.C. 

Douglas Fryer 

Hagerstown, Md. 

Pat Gaffney 

Randleman. N. C. 

Jesse Garmon 
Col lax, N. C. 

Harold Garner 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Judith Garner 
Lal'lata. Md. 

Blair Garnett 

High Point, N. C. 

Walter Gragg 

Connolly Springs, N. C. 




Martha Fielden and Rik Danburg perform the proper ceremony of crown- 
ing Doug Fryer "Mr. Silver Century" at the faculty-student game. 

Virginia A. Gray 
High Point, N. C. 

Linda Greenwood 
Kernersville, N. C. 

Susan Griffin 

Guantanamo Bay. Cuba 

Robert Guyer 

High Point. N. C. 

Phyllis Haddock 
Stark. Fla. 

Martha Hadley 
Asheboro, N. C. 

Mary -jo Hall 
Durham. N. C. 

Wayne T. Hall 
Statesvflle, N. C. 

Elaine Hamrick 
Shelby, N. C. 

William Harding 
Wilmington. Del. 

Cynthia Hardy 
Southport. N. C. 

Stephen Harrison 
Thomasville, N. C. 

Katherine Hayden 
Bethesda, Md. 

Barbara Haywood 
High Point, N. C. 

Wyatt F. Hearp 

Rockingham, N. C. 

Gail Hetherington 
Hampton, N. J. 



Joan Hobson 

Martinsville, Va. 

Konald llorney 

Julian, N. C. 

Nancy Hunter 
lanwood, N. J. 

Betty Idol 

High Point, N. C. 

Jeffrey Irwin 

Wilmington, Del. 

Steve James 

High Point, N. C. 

Patricia Jolly 
tlkin. N. C. 

Larry Jones 
Salisbury, Md, 

M. Dorsay Jones 
Durham, N. C. 

Lawrence Jordan 
Trinity. N. C. 

Nancy llolcombe 
Statesville, N. C. 

Karen Hubbard 
Ashevillc, N. C. 

Karen Hollingsworth 
Lexington. N. C. 

Linda Huff 

High Point. N. C. 

Tommy Holmes 
High Point, N. C. 

Carol Huff 

High Point, N. C. 

Joseph Hoover 

Prospect Park, Pa. 

Lynda Huffman 
High Point, N. C. 

1 *4tf 4 

Ken Jurney 

Harmony, N. C. 

Laraine Kenerly 

Thomasville, N. C. 



Judy Kievning 

Livingston. N. J. 

Susan Kiger 

Rural HalJ. N. C. 

Donna Kirk 

Cheverly, Md. 

Margaret Kirkman 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Fuchsia Lackey 
I allston, N. C. 

William Lagos 
Wheaton, Md. 

William Land 

High Point. N. C. 

Stephen Lasine 
High Point, N. C. 

Ellen Law 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Margaret Leary 
High Point, N. C. 

Eugene Littles 

Washington. D. C. 

Cynthia Lockhart-Mummery 
McLean, Va. 

Louella Lotlin 
High Point, N. C. 

Johnny Lucas 
Cocoa, Fla. 

Ann Luff 

Hackettstown, N. J. 

Leslie McCall 

( heverl> . Md. 

Junior Rich Smith relaxed after lunch with members of the other three 
classes, exemplifying the strong inter-class communication at HPC. 

Virginia McDonough 
Matawan, N. J. 

Phyllis McDowell 
High Point, N. C. 

Diana McEwan 

Cynthia, Ky. 

Jonathan Mann 
High Point, N. C. 

Gary Maikland 

Advance, N. C. 

Beth Marshall 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Kenneth Martin 
Wayne, Pa. 

Janet Masten 

Winston-Salem. N.C. 

Gail Merritt 
Shelby, N. C. 

Catherine Miller 

Tampa, l-'la. 

Rachel Miller 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Barbara Mize 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Beverly Moliter 

Lexington Park, Md. 

Bob Montgomery 
Stratford, N. J. 

James D. Moore 

Asheboro, N. C. 

Hugh Alexander Moran 

High Point. N. C. 

Bill Lagos was one of many juniors who made time for gab sessions on 
the Student Center steps. 

A* A* 




Elaine Murphy 

Thomasville, N. C. 

Robert E. Myers 
High Point. N. C. 

Patricia Nance 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Russell Nanfelt 
Rockville, Md. 

Jerry Needham 
Pinnacle, N. C. 

Joseph Needham 
Pilot Mt„ N. C. 

Danny Nelson 

Madison, N. C. 

Diane Niland 
Arlington, Va. 

Deidre Norman 
Pilot Mt., N. C. 

Cheryl Owen 

High Point, N. C. 

Paul Scott Owen, Jr. 
High Point, N. C. 

Bruce Parisi 

Glen Rock, N. J. 

Judy Parker 
Aurora. Col. 

Danny Parsons 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Paul Payne 

Yorktown, Va. 

Barney Peeler 

Lawndale. N. C. 

Henry Penry, Jr. 

Clermont, Ha. 

Herbert Penry, III 
Lexington, N. C. 

Barbara Peterson 

Fuquay-Varina, N. C. 

Joan Peterson 
Irvington, N. J. 

David A. Phillips 
Peabody, Mass. 

Jane Phillips 
Vista, Va. 

James Picka 

Baltimore, Md. 

Sylvia Pratt 

Charlotte, N. C. 


Juniors Acquainted Themselves 

Ellen Ragland 

High Point, N. C. 

Gary Ragland 
Alexandria, Va. 

Marcia Rainer 

Silver Spring. Md. 

Douglas Rayle 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Virgil Reid 

Candor, N. C. 

Ted Ren fro 

Rockville, Md. 

Glenn D. Rich 

Asheboro, N. C. 

Lois Robinson 

Woodbury Heights, N. J. 

Charles Rock 

Virginia Beach, Va. 

Shirley Rockenbaugh 
Washington, D. C. 

Mintie Saintsing 

Thomasville. N. C. 

Danny Scales 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Carol Scheuffle 
Arlington. Va. 

James Scott 

Leaksville, N. C. 

Elaine Seigle 

Alexandria. Va. 

Sharon Sherwood 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Mary S. Siceloff 

Lexington, N. C. 

Loiselle Sigman 
Hickory, N. C. 

Dennis Sigmon 
I Ikin. N. C. 

Richard Sink 

Lexington. N. C. 


With Faculty 


Talmadge Sink 
High Point, N. C. 

Russell Wayne Sink 
Lexington, N. C. 

Beulah Joan Smith 

High Point, N. C. 



Kenneth Smith 

High Point. N. C. 

Martha Smith 

Asheboro, N. C. 

Riehard Smith 

College Park. Md. 

Katherine Spoon 
Apopka, I- la. 


Garner, N. C. 

Susan Steed 

Warrenton, N. C. 

Jerry Wayne Stevens 
Greensboro, N. C. 

William Stewart 
Wheaton, Md. 

Better relationships between faculty and students defined the junior year, 
as illustrated by Dr. Underwood and Jim Allison. 


Donna Stines 
Marshall. N. C. 

Henry T. Stutts 
High Point, N. C. 

Dorothy Styles 
Asheville, N. C. 

Alice Thompson 
Graham. N. C. 

Diana Tolson 
Centreville, Md. 

l-'red Tucker 

Asheboro, N. C. 

Linda Tucker 

Burlington. N. C. 

David Tuxhorn 
Springfield. 111. 

George Vann 
Wheaton. Md. 

Jane Wagner 

Lexington. N. C. 

Jean Wakeniglit 

Washington, D. C. 

Thomas Waldron 
Allentown, N. J. 

Edwin W. Walker 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Steve M. Wall 

High Point, N. C". 

Thomas Warth 

High Point, N. C. 

Janice Watts 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Kenneth Weatherman 
Lewisville, N. C. 

Tim Webb 

High Point, N. C. 

Linda Weiss 

High Point, N. C. 

Lesley Welch 

Long Branch, N. J. 

Gay L. Whitfield 

lvlkin. N. C. 

Doris Whitt 

Roxboro, N. C. 

James Wilkerson 
Mil ford. Del. 

Diane Williams 

Eagle Springs, N.C. 

t kAM* 


Student Center Provided Diversion 

l/jfr# * 


John Williams 

Ridgewood, N. J. 

Linda Williamson 
Jacksonville, Ha. 

Penny Williamson 
Raeford, N. C. 

Rebecca Willis 

I ayetteville. N. C. 

Helen WUson 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Vicky Wilson 

Lexington, N. C. 

Patricia Wimbish 
Clinton. N. C. 

Frances Winney 

Jacksonville, I la. 

John Winters 

Mountain Lakes, N. J. 

Wanda Wise 

Broadway, N. C. 

Jeffrey Wood 
Baltimore, Md. 

Sharon T. Wood 
High Point, N. C. 

John Woods 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Philip Xindaris 
Peabody, Mass. 

Thomas A. Yaun 

Atlantic City, N. J. 

John Younts 

Trinity, N. C. 

Common to the Student Center was a game 
Gary Markland. 

of cards, here enjoyed by 

Bob Donovan, President 


Completion of the basic college requirements be- 
fore actually entering a major field was the main 
concern of the sophomore at High Point College. 
The Survey of World Literature and other core 
courses were completed with enthusiasm by some, 
with reluctance by others. To the sophomore who 
had already decided upon his major, the termina- 
tion of core courses meant plunging into the more 
interesting higher courses ; to the sophomore who 
was still searching for an appropriate major, the 
end of the first two years in college meant an un- 
easy feeling, being forced to come to a decision. 

Once again, the sophomores began the school year 
with the traditional beanie program for the fresh- 
men, which ended with the expected sophomore de- 
feat at the tug-of-war. A dance featuring the music 
of the Paupers followed the tug-of-war. This dance 
was made possible by the success of this year's Bea- 
nie Court. 

Unprecedented enthusiasm was displayed by the 
sophomores in the production of a talent show open 
to all High Point College students. Broadening of 
activities, both academic and extra-curricular, was 
characteristic of the sophomore of 1967-68. 

Steve Matthiesen, Vice-President 


Carol Poston, Secretary 
Percy Hundley, Treasurer 


Sophomores Tackle World Literature 


Barry Allen 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Bob Applegate 

Alexandria. Va. 
Janet Auman 

Seagrove. N. C. 
Larry Austin 

Asheboro, N. C. 

Pal Austin 

Jersey City. N.J. 

Richard Badu 

Ridgcwood. N.J. 
I'at Barbour 

Oceanport, N.J. 

Barbara Barnes 

Rutherfordton. N. C. 
Caryl Beam 

ChenyviUe, N. C. 
David Benson 

High Point. N.C. 

Nancy Berrynian 

Arlington. Va. 
Phil Black 

High Point. N.C. 
Linda Blackshare 

Richmond. Va. 
Beverly Bliven 

Charlotte. N.C. 
Cheryl Bodenhamer 

High Point, N.C. 

Mary Sue Boque 
Fremont. N. C. 

Jenny Bund 
Arnold, Md. 

Bob Bonnaffon 
Falls Church, Va. 

Patty Borden 
Potomac. Md. 

Linda Boswell 

Greensboro. N. C. 

Terry Bolts 

Thomasville, N. C. 

Rita Bowden 

Gastonia. N. C. 
B. Gray Bowman 

High Point. N. C. 
Richard Boyd 

Vienna. Va. 
Mimi Bratt 

Olney. Md. 

Richard Braum 

Falls Church, Va. 

Kris Briegel 

Chamblee. Ga. 
Martha G. Brooks 

Edison, N.J. 
Martha Jane Brooks 

High Point. N.C. 
Arnold Brown 

I airfield. Conn. 

4s **Aa i to Ik 


Sophomores Marty Brooks and Lyn Nevitt leave the cafeteria with pro- 
visions for an afternoon snack. 

4 AH A 4*t 

*MA + 

Janice Brundigc 

High Point, N;C. 
Beverly Bullin 

High Point, N.C. 
Tim Callaway 

Mt. Airy. N.C. 
Bruce Campbell 

St. Thomas, V. I. 

Richard Capek 
Bethesda. Md. 

Richard Carr 

Beverly. Mass. 
Belly Carter 

Wilmington. Del. 
Bill Carter 

Rockville, Md. 
Pat Cash 

Roanoke. Va. 
Linda Cooper 

Colfax. N. C. 

Harold Creasman 

High Point. N. C. 
Tommy Crews 

Kernersville, N. C. 

Connie Crumpton 
Roxboro, N. C. 

Carol Crutchfield 
Greensboro. N. C. 

Michael Current 

Hamptonville. N. C. 

Karen Czarny 

Wcstfield. N. J. 
Ann Davis 

High Point. N. C. 
Carol Davis 

Carthage, N.C. 
Sam Davis 

High Point. N. C. 
Robyn Decker 

Summerfield, N. C. 


Sophomore Dale Sakers took advantage of the autumn colors on High 
Point College campus. 

Jo Deininger 

Miami. Ila. 
James DeViney 

High Point.N.C. 
Brian Ditzlei 

Chevy Chase. Md. 
Bob Donovan 

Rockville, Md 
Mark Dough ten 

Lincoln. Del. 

Sidney Downey 

Anderson. Ind. 
Barbara Dunn 

Wilmington. Del. 
Chuck takes 

Arlington, Va. 
Allen Kastlack 

Woodbury. N. J. 
Patricia Elliott 

Denton. N.C. 

Leslie Llmore 

Lincolnton, N. C". 
Dan Knnis 

New Brunswick. N. J 
Dale fcnsor 

Westminster, Md 

I' red lishelman 

High Point.N.C. 

John Farmer 

Lumberton, N. C. 

Ciloria I aucette 

Haw River. N.C. 
Jim I'ctner 

Asheboro, N. C. 
Patricia Kinks 

w oodstock, Va. 
Janice Portlier 

Raleigh. N.C. 
Judy Poster 

lltsth Point. N.C. 




4 114 ' * 

44 4 



Sherry Franz 

Frostproof. Fla. 
Kaye Fun 

Lexington, N. C. 
Paul Gabriel 

Bruce Garner 

High Point, N. C. 
John Gates 

Granby . Mass. 

Millie Gibson 

Kockiiiyli.ini, N. (". 
Ken Gillespie 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Fred Gold 

Alan Gouge 

Washington, D. C. 
Edward Grant 

Hyattsville, Md. 

Alex Gray 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Warren Grimes 

Smithfield, N.C. 
Sharon Mall 

Thomasville, N. C. 

Judith Harris 

Potomac. Md. 
Judy Harvey 

West Long Branch. N.J. 

Bill llatehl 

Arlington, Va. 
Marty lledrick 

High Point. N.C. 
Donna Henderson 

Rockville, Md. 
Pamela Hendricks 

Cumberland, Md. 
Anita Hill 

High Point, N. C. 

Gene Hill 

Lexington. N. C. 
Tommy Hill 

Asheboro. N. C. 
Wayne Holder 

Pinnacle. N.C. 
Robert Holliday 

Tliomasville. N.C. 
David I b iliuii 

Baltimore. Md. 

Tom Houck 

Winston-Salem, N.C. 
F.d Howard 

High Point. N.C. 
Marjorie Howard 

Chapel Hill. N.C. 
Percy Hundley 

Smithfield. Va. 

Donna Hutchison 
Asheville. N. C. 



Grog Jaeger 

Charlottesville, Va. 
Carl Johnson 

High Point. N. C. 
Kenneth Johnson 

Warwick, R. I. 
Mary Beth Kain 

Lake Worth. Ila. 
John Kcets 

Northfield, N. J. 

Deloris Keever 

High Point. N. C". 
Carol Kelly 

High Point. N. C. 
Robert Key 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Linda King 

Little Silver. N. J. 
James Kinney 

High Point. N. C. 

Laraine Klay 

Sanford, Ila. 
Pamela Klinedinst 

Chevy Chase. Md. 
Karen Knitter 

Waterport, N. Y. 
Kip Lanam 

1 alls Church. Va. 
Carol Lancashire 

Somerset. Mass. 

Robert Lathan 

ttutner, N. C. 
Nancy Lefler 

Aiken. S. C. 
Faye Lewallcn 

High Point, N. C. 
Ann Lewis 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Bruner Lipe 

High Point, N. C. 

Betty Logan 

Hickory, N. C. 
Lllen Lohse 

Fairfax, Va. 
Bonnie Lott 

Hammonton, N. J. 
Margaret Lytic 

High Point, N. C. 
Leon McCaskill 

Seagrove. N. C. 


Keith Mann 

High Point. N. C. 
Jovita Mask 

Connelly Springs, N. C. 
Frances Matthews 

Cherry Mill, N. J. 
Martha Mathews 

Cherrj Mill. N. J. 
Steven Matthiesen 

Catonsville. Md. 

John Meadows 

TobaccoviUe. N. C. 
Linda Meyer 

Annapolis. Md. 
Angela Miller 

Wilmington, N. C. 

Lincoln, Del. 
Johnny Mish 

High Point. N. C. 

Robert Mohlmann 

Port Jefferson. N. Y. 
Kay Mooney 

High Point, N. C. 
Diane Morrison 

Arlington, Va. 
Judy Musgrave 

Lexington, N. C. 
Michael Myers 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Nancy Nash 

HaUandalc, Fla. 
Linda Neighbors 

High Point, N. C. 
Judy Ness 

Cockeysvillc, Md. 
Lyn Nevitt 

Port Washington, N. Y. 
Robert Nickel! 

Allison Park, Penn. 

Talent at the piano was displayed by Mark Doujrhton at the "Get Acquainted Party." 


David Nifon« 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Haul Oberniueller 

Baltimore. Md. 
lidna Oliver 

High Point, N. C. 
Ann Outland 

Pikeville, N. C. 
Linda Paskal 

1 alls Church, Va. 

Joseph Patterson 

High Point. N. C. 
Martha Payne 

Thomasvillc, N. C. 
livan Pearson 

Pitman, N. J. 
Nick Perlozzo 

Cumberland, Md. 
Doug Perryman 

Lexington, N. C. 

David Phillips 

Pinetops, N. C. 
Vicki Phillips 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Louise Pierce 

Alexandria, Va. 
Toni Pope 

High Point. N. C. 
Carol Ann Poston 

Shelby, N. C. 

Rebecca Proehl 

Lynchburg, Va. 
James Pusey 

Avondale. Penn. 
Richard Quinn 

Kernersville, N. C. 
William Ramsey 

Mountainside, N. J. 
Ellen Reed 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 


Laraine Klay assisted in making assignments as the dormitories filled up. 

fctttiii' % 

Brenda Reeves 

High Point, N. C. 
Philip Rego 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Susan Rehberg 

Alexandria. Va. 
kathy Rice 

Falls Church. Va. 
Wanda Rich 

Trinity, N. C. 

Stephen Richardson 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Gerald Robbins 
Milford, Del. 

Suzanne Robinson 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Michael Rook 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Nadine Sadler 

Rockville. Md. 

Dale Sakers 

Glenriddle, Pa. 
Wallace Salmon 

Alexandria, Va. 
Linda Sanders 

Asheboro, N. C. 
Ray Scott 

Asheboro, N. C. 
Dana Scotten 

High Point, N. C. 

Lorraine Scronce 

Hickory, N. C. 
John Seward 

Silver Spring, Md. 
Alice Seymour 

Lanham, Md. 
Sharon Shackelford 

High Point. N. C. 
Fred Shaefl" 

Reading. Penn. 

Sherry Shaffer 

Lynchburg, Va. 
Larry Sharpe 

Stoneville, N. C. 
Willie Shaw 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Linda Sheets 

High Point, N. C. 
William Shields 

Pleasant Garden, N. C. 

Joyce Shipley 

BeltsvUle, Md. 
Anita Smith 

High Point, N. C. 
Doug Smith 

Roanoke. Va. 
Dent Smith 

High Point. N. C. 
John Smith 

New Carrollton, Md. 



Sheiyl Smith 
Springfield, Va. 

Martha Smilhey 

North Wilkesboro, N. C 
Patricia Southard 

High Point. N.C. 

Leslie Steele 

\\ ilmington, Del. 
Marilyn Stephenson 

Arlington, Va. 

Kay Stewart 

Apopka. Ma. 
.loann Sturm 

Mi.ll.nul Park. \ .1 

Linda Sturm 

Newport News. Va. 
Sherry Sullivan 

Lenoir. N. C. 
Gary Summers 

Hyattsville, Md. 

C. L. Sumpter 
Lenoir. N. C". 

Linda Sykes 

Burlington. N. C. 

Linda Tanner 

Hyattsville. Md. 
Genie Thomas 

lores! City. N. C. 
Marie Thompson 

Asheboro. N. C. 

Keith Tingle 

Wilmington. Del. 
Tommy Tompkins 

Pompton Plains. N.J. 
Ann Townsend 

Roanoke. Va. 
Tony Townsend 

Lexington. N. C. 
Robert Trepper 

Wilmington. Del. 

Patricia Tyler 

Arlington, Va. 
Jane VanAnda 

Fairfax, Va. 
Teddie Wagoner 

Lexington, N. C. 
Hal Walker 

Asheboro. N. C. 
Harold Walker 

Thomasville, N. C. 

John Wall 

Greensboro, N. C. 
C arol\ n Ward 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Wayne Whitehead 

Wilmington. Del. 
Bruce Wilbur 

Falls Church. Va. 
David Williams 

Lexington. N. C. 


Sophomore Caryl Beam and SGA President Forrest Dover garnered the 
weekly linens from the linen service. 

Donald Williams 
Moorestown, N. J. 

Nancy Williams 

Thomasvillc. N. C. 
Robert Williams 

Asheboro. N.C. 
Daniel Wilt 

Baltimore. Md. 


Annandale. N. J. 
Gerald Wood 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Wayne Woodell 

High Point. N.C. 
Robin Woodhams 

Bethesda. Md. 

Elizabeth Woods 

Durham, N. C. 
Shirley Yoe 

Granite Quarry. N. C. 
Barbara Zakos 

High Point. N.C. 
Kathleen Zellmer 

Bethesda. Md. 


Charles Golf f , Treasurer ; Larry Johnson, President ; Glennell Certain, Secretary ; Ron Woodruff, Vice-Presi- 



As 257 beanies seemingly popped up all at once 
on the campus September 4 the Freshman Class 
made its first impression as a separate entity apart 
from the other three classes. The freshman was re- 
quired to wear his purple and white beanie until his 
class's victory over the sophomores at the traditional 
tug-of-war October 4. 

Upon his initial step into college life, awe and con- 
fusion permeated the freshman's mind and body, 
from the slight repulsion resulting from the first 
view of his dormitory room conditions to the un- 
expected enjoyment of the first class conducted by 
what later became his favorite professor. Learning 
the give and take process required to share a room 
with a person from a different background and get- 
ting used to the idea of not having each class five 

days a week were small tasks which required adjust- 
ment on the part of the new college student. 

Perhaps the most confusing event in which the 
freshman was required to participate was registra- 
tion, the conglomeration of information cards, room 
numbers, and a seemingly unending list of profes- 
sors and course names and numbers. 

The freshman soon became settled, however, be- 
ginning participation in the various school activities, 
from sports to publications, and concentrating on the 

projects of his own class, the Freshman Talent Show 
and the Freshman Dance, both events during the 
second semester illustrating the freshman's grad- 
ual involvement in the main stream of High Point 
College life. 


Registration Frustrates Freshmen 


Wade Allen 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Barbara Allred 

Durham, N. C. 
Susan Allred 

Concord, N. C. 
Margaret Amberg 

Bethlehem, Pa, 
Fred Amos 

High Point, N.C. 

Bob Anderson 

Seymour, Conn. 
Suzanne Arnold 

Naples, 1- la. 

Sheri Auman 

Kensington, Md. 
Gary Austin 

Randleman, N. C. 
Roger Ayers 

Shelby, N.C. 

William Ayers 

Vero Beach, I la. 
John Banks 

Plymouth, Mass. 
David Barker 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Becky Barta 

Annandale, Va. 
Ted Belch 

High Point. N.C. 

Jane Bell 

Fulton. Mo. 
Richard Bennett 

Orlando. Fla. 
Peggy Billhimer 

Belhesda, Md. 
Susan HI. n k v. .11 

High Point. N.C. 
Nancy Bland 

Virginia Beach, Va 

Carolyn Boccucci 

Camp Springs. Md. 
William Boleyn 

Falls Church. Va. 
Kathy Boucher 

Hyattsville, Md. 
Charlie Bova 

Oceanport. N. J. 
Stephen Bowditch 

Melrose, Mass. 

Laura Bowers 

Newport News. Va. 
Tom Bowers 

Irvington, N. J. 
Dori Brewer 

Silver Spring. Md. 
Frank Brewer 

Thomasville. N. C. 
Alexander Brown 

E, Hartford. Conn. 



Jean Brown 

High Point. N.C 
Lee Brown 

RidgewooJ. N J 
Mike Brown 

Asheboro, N. C. 
Susan Brown 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Von Bullin 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Greg Burrow 

High Point. N. C. 
Thomas Butler 

Jamestown. N.C. 
David Byrd 

High Point. N.C. 
Lynn Campbell 

Garden City, N. V 
Michael Carle 

Wilmington. Del 

Pam Catron 

Springfield. Va. 

Glennell Certain 

Silver Spring. Md. 
Su/anne ( hisholm 

Rockingham. N. C 
Carol Clause 

(ireensburg, Ohio 
Judy Clement 

Stuart. Va. 

Sue Combs 

Levittown. N. Y. 
Dennis Conner 

Kings Mountain. N. C. 
Suzy Cowan 

Statesville, N. C. 
Nancy Craig 

Slier City. N.C. 
Carol Crater 


Freshmen got ready for the first weekend at home. 


Freshmen Took Tests Galore 

Jimmy Crawford 

Pikcsville, N. C. 
Rita Crow 

Morganton. N. C. 
Tim Culbreth 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Rosanne ( unninghani 

VVilmington. Del 
Gary Cuomo 

Princeton. N. J. 

Carol Currie 

Williamsburg, Va. 
Michael Cusano 

Hartford, Conn. 
Charles Dalton 

Madison, N. C. 
Diane Day 

Livingston, N. J. 
Mary Deck 

forest City. N. C. 

Kathryn Denver 
Wilmington. Del. 

Bonnie Dixon 

Crewe, Va. 
Marta Dockery 

Winston-Salem. N. C 
Linda Doss 

Stuart, Va. 
Benton Dry 

Albemarle. N. C. 

Wendy Duda 

Alexandria, Va. 
Nancy Duncan 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Nancy Fasterling 

Charlotte. N. C. 
Shirley J. Farlow 

High Point. N. C. 
Reynold Fisher 

Maple Shade, N. J. 

Jane Fitzgerald 

Concord. N. C. 
Carlton Fitzgerald 

Silver Spring, Md. 
Nancy Forshicr 

Springfield. Va. 
Rita Fowler 

Booneville, N. C. 
Linda Franklin 

Fairfax, Va. 

George Freeze 
Wenonah. N.J. 

Marty Froystad 
Westfield, N.J. 

Don Gaddy 

Ramseur. N. C. 
Anne Gatlin 

Asheboro. N.C. 

Lonnie Gatlin 

Randleman. N. C. 

fei 4*M± 


Concentration and knowledge played a major part in Orientation Week testing. 

Rebecca Gibbs 
Marion. N. C. 

Patrick Gibson 

High Point. N.C. 

Charles Golff 

McLean. Va. 
Ellen E. Grassi 

Little Neck. NY. 
Gary Greenly 

Denton. Md. 

Woody Griffin 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Susan Groome 

High Point, N.C. 
Karen Hamilton 

Mooresville, N. C. 
Carol Hamlin 

Washington, D. C. 

Frank Hardenstein 

Somerville, N.J. 

Susan Haynes 

Reidsville. N. C. 
Boyce Herlocker 

Asheboro, N. C. 
Barbara A. Herman 

Doylestown, Pa. 
Donald Hickey 

Arlington. Va. 
Harriet High! 

Iranklinton, N. C. 

Sally Hill 

Charlotte. N. C. 

Susan Hill 

Miami. Ha. 

Linda Hinkleman 

Gay Hinshaw 

Kandleman. N. C. 
James Hobson 

Booneville. N. C. 


Michael Hofmann 
ThomasviUe, N.C. 

Beth Hulcumb 

Virginia Beach, Va. 

Greg Holmes 

Bladensburg. MU. 
Stephen Hombeigei 

Rockville, Md. 

Judith Hortman 

Wilmington, Del. 

Charles lloyle 
Carbondale, Pa. 

David Hudson 

Rising Sun. Md. 
Marilyn Hughes 

Whispering Pines. N. C. 
Carolyn Humphries 

Alexandria, Va. 
Carlton Hunt 
Jamestown, N. C. 

Steven Hunter 

Winston-Salem, N.C. 
Daren Hutchison 

Asheville, N. C. 
Gil Hyatt 

LaPlata. Md. 
Dorothy Ingram 

High Point. N.C. 

Sue Jackson 

Wilmington, Del. 

Denise R. Janer 

llollis. N. Y. 
Rick Jensen 

Camp LeJeunc, N. C. 
Cheri Johnson 

Pompano Beach. Ma. 

Janice Johnson 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Larry Johnson 

Mt. Airy, N.C. 

Catherine Jones 

High Point, N.C 
Russell Jones 

Livingston. N. J. 
Joe Kaub 

Cheverly. Md. 
Gary Kendall 

Ax ton. Va. 
Thomas King 

Wilmington. Del. 

H Jbmbhb 

Freshman Neal Loman wrote a letter home. 

Debbie Kirchner 
Arnold. Md 

.Vine) Kirkman 

Greensboro. N. C. 

Jane Knighl 

Norlma. \. C 

Bill Komegay 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Phyllis Lancy 

Monroe. N. C. 

Virginia Lanier 

1 exington, N. C. 
Libby Lawson 

High Point. N.C. 
Carolyn Leatherman 

Roekville, Md. 
Jim Leng 

Vardley. Pa. 
Michael Lewis 

Brooklyn Park. Md. 

Thomas Linton 
Haddonfield, N.J. 

Ernes! Loman. Jr. 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Sally Lomax 

Asheboro. N. C. 
Lynda Long 

Forestville, Md. 
Robert Looney 

Elizabeth City, N. C. 

Ronald Lort 

James Luedeke 

Wilmington, Del. 
Lynne Lupton 

Arlington. Va. 
Robert McClellan 

I ast Hartford, Conn 
Caroline McCorkle 

Annandale, Va. 

Bob McDonald 

High Point. N.C. 
Bill McFarland 

Hartly, Del. 

Lee McGavin 
Arlington. Va. 

Doug McKenney 
Roekville. Md 

Gail Mabe 

Ridgeway, Va. 

Jane Mailleue 
Sunbury , Pa. 

Dianne Marsh 
Potomac. Md. 

Jennifer Marsh 

Mornsville. N.C. 

Trudy Mathcny 

Forest City. N. C. 
John Matthews 

Trinity. N.C. 



R<>> Mattocks 

High Point, N.C. 

Linda May 

Annandale, Va. 

Sheila Melton 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Dennis Miller 

Forest Heights, SKI. 
David Mitcham 

High I'oint, N.C. 

Jim Monaghan 

Manchester, Conn. 
Kvon Monday 

Ashevillc, N. C. 
Christy Moore 

Arlington. Va. 
Hugh Moore. Jr. 

Chamblcc, Ga. 
John Morris 

Kcrnersville, N. C. 

Richard Muller 

Miami. 11a 
Helen Myers 

Alexandria. Va. 
Charles Nelson 

High Point. N. C. 
Phillip Norwood 

Gainesville. I la. 
Wanda Ogden 

Roanoke Rapids. N. C. 

Barbara Overman 

Whitakers. N.C. 
J ana Owen 

High Point. N.C. 
Cheri Palermo 

Linden. N. J. 
Kristen Parker 

Pawtuckct, R I. 
Linda Parsons 

Jacksonville, I la. 

Nancy Patterson 
Alexandria. Va. 

Mclinda Peabody 
Princeton, N J. 

Allison Pecht 

Livingston, N. J 

Mary Petree 

Greensboro. N. C 
Frank Piacente 

Hartford. Conn. 

Phyllis Pickel 

Berkeley Heights. N.J. 

Paula Pipes 

Alexandria. Va. 
Nancy Powell 

High Point. N.C. 
Rodney Prevail 

High Point. N.C. 
Curtis Quakenbush 

Graham. N.C. 



Ross Strickland received a check from his parents as they departed. 


Jean Rabb 

Raleigh, N.C. 

Linda Rector 

Winter Park. I- la. 
Linda Reed 

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Robert Samuel 

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M. Virginia Sapp 

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Moving In Requires Patience 

Bryce Smith, Jr. 

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Dave Smith 

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Debbie Smith 

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Donald Smith 

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Linda V. Smith 

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Steve Trump 

Asheville, N. C. 

Lynda Long made a list of forgotten articles left at home for her mother. 


Sandy Turner 

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High Point. N. C. 


With the advent of the new Horace Haworth Hall 
of Science, the academic situation at High Point Col- 
lege was improved through expanded facilities that 
effected changes in many departments. The addi- 
tion of new courses and the improvement of equip- 
ment were helpful steps taken to aid the student in 
pursuit of one of three degrees offered by the Col- 
lege: the Bachelor of Science, the Bachelor of Arts, 
and the Bachelor of Arts in Teaching. 

A new five-day class schedule came into effect 
this year as students and faculty alike rejoiced over 
the system with no Saturday classes. Both building 
and planning innovations enhanced the student's 
scholastic advancement this year at High Point 

I'll *^" 

1 -^H 

e^ a ! 














I. , CUP 

l£ OH 










LJ/L.. \y&f2M..<7.&o'^L. 







D/„. l :J/J.4sy,-, ) 

/& ,?/<> *23JL&££. 

H2, A 















Board of Trustees 

Dr. Holt McPherson, 

Mr. Horace S. Haworth, 
Vice Chairman 

Mr. Charles E. Hayworth, 

Dr. Wendell M. Patron, 

Mr. Stanford R. Brookshire 

Dr. Charles R. Carroll 

Mrs. D. S. Coltrane 

Mr. J. Harriss Finch 

Dr. C. L. Gray 

Rev. M. E. Harbin 

Mr. C. Felix Harvey III 

Mr. William R. Henderson 

Mr. Delos S. Hedgecock 

Mr. Josh L. Home 

Bishop Earl G. Hunt 

Mr. Charles L. Kearns 

Mr. A. J. Konnce 

Mr. Charles W. McCrary 

Mr. Blaine Madison 

Mr. James H. Millis 

Governor Dan K. Moore 

Dr. W. Stanley Potter 

Mrs. Katie MacAulay 

Mr. W. Roger Soles 

Mr. William E. Stevens 

Rev. Thomas B. Stockton 

Mr. William F. Womble 

New members of the Board are fascinat- 
ed at a meeting. 

Deep concentration is very essential. 

Board members gather at the annual meeting in Raleigh. 


Dr. Patton and Governor Moore exchange ideas at 
the annual meeting in Raleigh. 

Dr. Wendell M. Patton 

Serving in his ninth year as President of 
High Point College. Dr. Wendell M. Patton ex- 
ecutes the administrative duties of the institu- 
tion. Under the direction of the Board of Trus- 
tees, Dr. Patton oversees the operations of the 
four administrative branches of High Point Col- 
lege: Academic Affairs, Student Affairs. Public 
Affairs, and Business Affairs. 

Dr. Patton's educational background includes 
courses of study at Wofford College, the Univer- 
sity of Georgia. Purdue University, and Colgate 
University and the B.S.. M.S., Ph.D., and LL.D. 
degrees. In addition to fulfilling his ever-increas- 
ing executive duties, Dr. Patton is also constant- 
ly aware that he is a representative of High 
Point College wherever he goes. He carries out 
his responsibilities with dignity and efficiency, 
making new friends for High Point College each 

Dr. Patton and Dr. Weeks discuss various prob- 
lems at High Point College. 

Dr. Patton shows Linda Greenwood some important 
materials about the college. 



Dr. Wendell M. Pattern 

President of High Point College 

Mr. N. P. Yarborough 


Dr- David W. Cole 

Dean of the College 

Mr. W. Lawson Allen 

Director of Development 

Mr. David H. Holt 

Director of the Evening School 

Mr. F. Lee Edwards 

Dean of Students 



• • •• 

• • •• 

i -till 

Mr. Robert E. Phillips 

Director of Admissions 

Mr. Joseph P. Forte 

Director of Financial Aid 

Mr. Earle G. Dalbey 

Business Manager 

Mr. Wesley W. Gaynor 


Mr. John W. Goins 

Director of Information Services 

Mrs. Nanci C. Motsinger 

Assistant to the Dean of Student 

Dr. Harold E. Conrad 

Dean of Academic Planning & 
Director of the Summer School 


Dr. Dennis H. Cooke 

Director of Teacher Education 

Dr. Louis B. Pope 

Director of Guidance 

Miss Beverly Deal 

Executive Secretary of Alumni Affairs 

Mr. Leslie E. Moody 

Resident Administrator, 
American Humanics Foundation 

Mrs. Dorothy Hays 

Director of Religious Activities 



fcbf* ygf'-Z*! 

Mrs. Schnell, Mrs. Williams. Miss Carter. Mrs. Hamil- 
ton, Librarians. 

Mr. Jack Thompson 

Supt. of Buildings and 

Mrs. Frances McMeekin-Kerr. Mrs. Mary 
Bennett. Mrs. Hazel Long, Mrs. Mo/.elle Tur- 
pin, Housemothers. 

Mrs. Spurrie. Secretary to President, Mrs. Blake, Secretary 
Registrar's Office. Mrs. Austin, Secretary Dean's Office, 
Mrs. Prince, Secretary to Dean of Admission, Mrs. Mays, 
Secretary of Dr. Conrad and Mr. Holt. 

Mrs. Webb, Manager of the Book 
Store, and Mrs. Davis, Clerk. 

Mrs. Bobbie Thompson, Nurse 


Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Furr, Mrs. Gaynor, Miss 
Wood, Business Office. 

Mrs. Green Mrs. Cagle Mrs. Cecil, 

Student Personnel Dr. Cook's Secretary 

Mrs. White Mrs. Collins Mrs. Parks 

Mr. Levy, Mr. Goins Mr. Brown Mr. Watson 


Mrs- Hazzart, Mrs. Ingram, Mrs. 
Simmons, College Relations. 

Mr. & Mrs. Tuttle, Mr. & Mrs. Wright 



Biology Department 

What was new in the Biology Department this 
year? — A whole new beginning course! After much 
consideration, Biology professors decided to replace 
Botany and Zoology courses with a beginning course 
of two semesters in General Biology. So that some 
students could complete their science credits, Botany 
and Zoology were offered for the last time in 1967- 

One could not overlook the great contribution the 
new Horace Ha worth Hall of Science made to the 
Biology students and professors this year. The large 
lecture halls and newly equipped laboratories served 
as big assets to the department. Senior Biology 
majors were able to do more research as they had 
a special area for such assignments. 

Dr. Dorothy Stewart. Ph.D. 
Department Head 

Mrs. William Locke, B.S. 

Dr. Leo Weeks. Ph.D. 

Dr. William Lazaruk, Ph.D. 


Business Department 

Moving to the first floor of the newly renovated 
Cooke Hall greatly improved the facilities of the 
Business Department. Special features were the fur- 
niture which is designed especially for business class- 
rooms and the seminar room which is air conditioned 
and has wall-to-wall carpeting. 

Besides having two new faculty members, Mr. 
Lowe and Mr. Robinson, the Business Department 
instituted a new system at H.P.C. whereby business- 
men from High Point teach from experience. This is 
thought to be more effective than textbook instruc- 

A high point for the Business Department was 
the Church Management Institute held in October 
which was underwritten by the Board of Higher 
Education of the Methodist Church. Thirty ministers 
were taught principles of management, insurance 
and investments. 

Mr. James L. Nelson, M.S. 
Department Head 


Mrs. Gwendalyn S. Watson, Md.Ed. 



Mr. J. Wilson Rogers, M.B.A. 

Mr. Joseph W. Robinson, M.S. 

Dr. Hobart, Ph.D. 

Mr. Clyde M. Lowe, M.B.A. 

Mr. Daniel R. Odom, M.B.A. 


Chemistry Department 

Dr. E. Roy Epperson, Ph.D. 

Department Head 

The Department of Physical Sci- 
ence stressed the ability to think and 
reason in scientific thought. The 
methods of science, particularly 
mathematics, physics and chemistry 
demanded on the part of the student 
a logic and accuracy of reasoning not 
found anywhere. 

With the new million-dollar science 
building, students with an interest 
in this field had access to better 
facilities than ever before. The stu- 
dent who is proceeding to profession- 
al specialization in engineering, med- 
icine, dentistry, teaching or other 
field of endeavor was offered ad- 
vanced courses which stressed basic 
principles and the importance and im- 
pact of fundamental science on pro- 
fessional and industrial activity. 

The courses for students who were 
majoring in chemistry were compre- 
hensive and thorough and conformed 
to the minimum standards of the 
American Chemical Society. 

Mr. Thomas G. Conally, B.S. 

Dr. Christopher L. Wilson, Ph.D. 


Dr. Dennis H. Cooke, Ph.D. 
Department Head 

Mrs. Nancy W. Shelton, M.Ed. 

Each year many students graduate from 
High Point College to become teachers 
throughout the country. In the Education 
Department, which is accredited by the Ac- 
creditation of Teacher Education. Prospec- 
tive teachers received a Secondary School 
Certificate for teaching a specific subject or 
an Elementary Certificate for teaching in the 
primary grades. 

In addition to offering the required 
courses, the Education Department tried to 
co-ordinate the over-all, general educational 
objectives of the College. A Student Teaching 
Program was offered whereby the student 
gained the experience of classroom work. 
The College also had chapters of Kappa Delta 
Pi, the National Honor Society of Education, 
and SNEA to create interest in teaching 
and education. 

Education Department 

Miss Ruth Worthington, Ed.S. 

Dr. H. H. Peterson, D.Ed. 

Dr. James A. Thacker, Ph.D. 


English Department 

There were many changes in the English Depart- 
ment in 1967-68. Edward Sigmon, a graduate of 
High Point College who obtained his Master of 
Arts at Appalachian University, returned to teach 
American Literature. For the first time in seven 
years, History of the English Language was offered, 
taught by Dr. Mounts. 

Freshmen used programmed materials to review- 
grammatical principles and were required to read 
five novels each semester. 

The English Department was very proud of two 
student lecturers, Michael Hoke and Richard Chap- 
pell, who lectured at the college and in the High 
Point community. This was the first series of public 
lectures ever given by High Point students in the 
field of English. 

Dr. Sam J. Underwood, Ph.D. 
Department Head 

Mr. William R. Phillips. A.M. 

Mr. Ira L. Raker. M.S. 

Mrs. Shirley Rawley, M.A. 

Mr. Edward Sigmon. M.A. 

Mrs. Emilv Sullivan, M.A. 

Dr. C. E. Mounts, Ph.D. 


Fine Arts Department 

This year the Fine Arts Department continued 
to develop performers, artists, and teachers and to 
foster an understanding and appreciation of the arts 
on the part of the general student body. 

An important addition to the Fine Arts Depart- 
ment was Mrs. Carolyn Broderson, teaching speech 
and drama. 

In addition to the Fine Arts Festival during the 
fall semester, several displays of talent were events 
of the spring semester. Mrs. May and Mrs. Redding 
gave recitals in piano and voice, respectively. Two 
joint-recitals were given by students during the 
second semester — one by Jenny Bond and Rob Sale, 
pianists, and one by Jane Wagner, pianist, and 
[lunulas Rayle, organist. Recitals in oral interpreta- 
tion by speech students and in original composition 
by music theory students were also on the agenda 
in the Fine Arts Department. 

Dr. Lew J. Lewis, Ed.D. 
Department Head 

Mrs. Frances Redding, M.A. 

Miss Elizabeth Cole, M.A. 

Mr. Raiford M. Porter, M.F.A. 




X" ■ . • 

m^ u 

Mrs. Patsy J. May. M.Mus. 

Mrs. Jane J. Burton, M.F.A. 

Mrs. Carolyn Broderson, M.A. 


History Department 

Mr. 0. Arthur Kirkman, M.S. 

Dr. A. Paul Graliot, Ph.D. 

Department Head 


Mr. David Holt, M.A. 

Dr. Harold E. Conrad, Ph.D. 

Mrs. E. K. Washington, M.A. 

Headed by Dr. Paul Gratiot, the History Depart- 
ment tried to offer as many courses as possible so 
that each student could study to reach his own goals 
in the realm of history. In addition to particular 
history courses, courses in Political Science and 

In the fall of 1967, High Point College added Mrs. 
Washington and Mrs. Motsinger to the History De- 
partment staff while Mr. Holt became a full-time 

Perhaps the biggest change in the department this 
year is the Western Civilization classes. For four 
years these classes met jointly twice a week for 
lecture and then broke down into small discussion 
groups for the third weekly class. This year Western 
Civilization classes returned to their former schedule 
of three classes a week consisting of small groups. 

Dr. S. C. Deskins, PhD. 



Mr. L. E. Moody, M. A. 

The purpose of the Humanics Department is to provide the best possi- 
ble undergraduate background for young men and women who are look- 
ing forward to professional leadership in youth-serving agencies. Some 
of the careers open in this field are: Y.W.C.A., W.M.C.A., Girl Scouts, 
Girls' Clubs, Boy Scouts of America, Boys' Clubs, juvenile courts, training 
schools. Junior Achievement, recreational therapy, and counseling related 

In addition to a specific curriculum of courses not ordinarily found at 
the undergraduate level, the program sought to enrich the experience and 
understanding of its students through work projects, field trips to agen- 
cies, and other extra-curricular features. 

With only four such departments on college campuses in America today, 
the department at High Point College is progressing. When the need for 
an associate administrator becomes necessary, there will be one on campus. 


Dr. Arthur E. Le Vey.Ph. D. 
Department Head 

Mr. Juan Miranda. A. B. 



Language Department 

The Modern Language Department has many objectives: 
to teach the student to understand the foreign language as 
spoken by an educated native, to teach the student to 
speak in order to express simple concepts with proper ac- 
cent and idiom, to teach the reading and writing of the 
foreign language, to give advanced students a background 
of the oral language and of the literature so that they may 
pursue them for their own cultural and professional re- 
quirements, and to induce majors to continue their educa- 
tion in graduate study. 

Foreign language students have access to the language 
laboratory in order to improve their speaking and listen- 
ing comprehension. Since linguistic ability is essential if 
we are to continue to hold our place in a world of shrinking 
distance, the Foreign Language Department performs an 
invaluable service. 

Miss Berta Hirtzler. M A. 

Mr. N.P. Yarborough.A.M. 

Mr. Thomas E.Scott. A.M. 


Mathematics Department 

Several new courses in the Mathe- 
matics Department were based on their 
new teletype machine. This machine 
punches cards, writes computer pro- 
grams and then transmits them to the 
computer at the Triangle Universities 
Computation Center. Located in the 
Research Triangle, the computer is the 
largest kind that is made. The basic 
computer course offered this year was 
Introduction to Computer Science, 
which was available to anyone with 
three years of high school math or one 
year of college math. A Spring semester 
course in Fortran, the computer pro- 
gramming language, was also offered. 
Although it had been offered before, 
Linear Programming utilized the com- 
puter for the first time. 

Other additions to the department 
were a course in Basic Statistics, which 
had not been offered in several years, 
and a new faculty member, Mrs. Shar- 
rock. The department was proud that 
they had twice as many seniors in 
seminar in 1967-68 as ever before. 

Mrs. Ruth V. Sharrock, M.Ed. 


Mr. Carlton J. Cook, M.S. 
Department Head 


Miss Louise Adams, A.M. 

Mr. Theo F. Hotz, M.S. 

Mr. Manyon L. Idol, M.S. 


Physical Education Department 

Striving to develop an appreciation for the rules 
and laws of exercises and healthful living in a com- 
plex society is the goal of the Physical Education 
Department. Through a four point program, the 
department prepared physical education majors for 
coaching in elementary and secondary schools and 
prepared men and women to consider work in related 
areas, such as the Y.M.C.A. 

The department had an Intramural Athletic Pro- 
gram, offered on a seasonal basis, which gave wide 
range for competition in both individual and team 
sports. Forty-eight percent of the total student 
body participated in this program at one time or 
another. The Intercollegiate Athletic Program was 
another such program offered. 

Progress was the key word in this department. 
This year the gymnasium had a new tartan floor. 
The tennis courts were resurfaced as well as installed 
with center straps. Also, Methods and Materials 
and Swimming were new courses offered. 

Dr. Charles M. Morris, Ed. I). 

Department Head 

Mr. Charles P. Hartman, A.M. 

Mr. Robert D. Davidson, M.E. 

Mr. Robert F. Vaughn, M.A. 

Miss Betty Clary, M.Ed. 


Psychology Department 

Several students in the Psychology De- 
partment made interesting experiments and 
surveys last year. Some of the topics were 
the following: "Library Usage — A Com- 
parison of Eight Piedmont Colleges" by 
John W. Buffum; "Attitude Change of Re- 
ligious Ideas After One Semester of College" 
by Tom Patterson; "Vietnam Survey" by 
John Roberts. 

An interesting course offered in the de- 
partment was Small Group Process, which 
was on a self-direction basis. The students 
studied themselves and their interaction 
with each other. Having obtained more space 
in Roberts Hall when the Business Depart- 
ment moved to Cooke Hall, the department 
hopes to ljmit the number of courses they 
teach and do them well, rather than add too 
many more. If they develop in a certain 
area, it will probably be in the area of Social 

Dr. William P. Matthews, Ph.D. 
Department Head 

Mr. Sherrell R. Wilkes, M.A. 

Mr. Herman E. Coble, A.M. 


Religion Department 

Having increased the number of courses offered in 
philosophy in the last few years, the Department of 
Religion and Philosophy hopes that they will soon 
be able to offer a major in that field. Most of the 
courses offered by the department have been religion 
courses. Besides Logic, now offered every year, and 
Plato, a new course this year, the department is 
planning to offer Philosophy of Science, Aesthetics, 
and Existentialism. 

The department was very proud of its publication, 
"The High Point College Review of Theology and 
Philosophy," edited by Dr. Crow, which contained 
articles written by members of the department and 
other members of the faculty. 

This year for the first time there were two stu- 
dents, Daniel Crews and Morris Calhoun, who did 
honors work through individual research under the 
direction of Dr. Crow. 

Mrs. Dorothy Hays, M.R.E. 

Dr. William R. Locke. Ph.D. 
Department Head 

Dr. Earl P. Crow. Ph.D. 

Reverend H. Samuel Carter. B.D. 

Dr. Owen M. Weatherly, Ph.D. 



This year for the first time, students taking Social 
Work and Social Case Work were able to work for 
ten weeks each semester with public agencies in the 
city of High Point. This involved working with juve- 
nile delinquents in the Domestic Relations Court 
and with the City Parks and Recreation Service. 
During the second semester, some of the students 
taking the Social Work course worked with the 
North Carolina Manpower Development Corporation 
under the local mobility project. 

Making up the Sociology Department were two 
part-time professors in the evening school and two 
full-time professors. The department hopes to have 
another full-time professor next year. 

Dr. L. M. Hays, Ph.D. 
Department Head 

Mr. William F. Cope, M.S. 



The business and professional community 
of High Point takes steps each year to sup- 
port the College, and the High Point College 
students utilize many of the facilities in the 
city. Each year the High Point Merchants' 
Association sponsors a High Point College 
Day in which various businesses give away 
prizes to acquaint the students with the 
city. High Point college is becoming more 
and more a relevant part of the community. 


150 S. Main Street - Telephone 883-22?2 
High Point, North Carolina 27260 

rder No. 


%/.J?> P^tfCyJ; 

■t. il/io/pr 






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We at Cone encourage young people to use 
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If your aim is high, we are interested in you! 


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High school graduates apply to nearest Cone plant office 

College graduates address inquiries to: 

Manpower Development Manager. Cone Mills Corporation, 

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Sears in downtown High Point has over 500 parking places for your 
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Route 3 
Shelby, N. C. 
Allen, Mr. W. Lawson - 1 92 
906 Circle Dr. 
High Point, N. C. 
Allison, James B. -37, 64sl 50,161 
Box 235 
Waldorf, Md. 
Allred. Barbara J. -89. 178 
1307 Leon St., Apt. F 
Durham, N. C. 
Allred, Susan A.- 178 
119 Cedar Dr. 
Concord, N. C. 
Alpha Delta Theta -46,47 
Alpha Gamma Delta 48,49 
Alpha Phi Gamma-7l 
Alpha Phi Omega 34.35 
Alsop, Dan R.- 

2013 Eastchester Dr. 
High Point. N.C. 
Amberg, Margaret E. 54,1 78 
825 Hawthorne Rd. 
Bethlehem, Pa. 
Ammons, John D.-150 
Rt. 2. Box 412 
Arden, N.C. 
Amos, Fred B. -40, 1 78 
1300 Ashley Ave. 
High Point, N. C. 
Anderson, David H. 
Rt. 7 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Anderson, Robert J.- 178 
83 Squantuck Rd. 
Seymour, Conn. 
Andrews, Donald E.-122 
435 E. Main St. 
Moorestown. N. J. 
Andrews. Nancy S. 83.122 
117 White Oak Dr. 
SilerCity, N. C. 
Apogee Staff- 93 
Applegate, Robert E. -43. 81 ,166 
3504 Halcyon Dr. 
Alexandria. Va. 
Applegate. Susan L. -49. 66, 85,1 22.1 37 
3504 Halcyon Dr. 
Alexandria. Va. 
Armfield, Jennie B. 
221 Hillcrest 
High Point. N. C. 
Arnold. Suzanne- 52, 1 78 
1825 Fourth St., S. 
Naples, Fla. 
Auman, Brenda Sue- 1 50 
118 Northeast Dr. 
Archdale, N. C. 
Auman, Janet A. -70,1 50 
P.O. Box 144 
Seagrove, N. C. 
Auman, Jennie L.-122 
1 18 Northeast Dr. 
Archdale, N. C. 
Auman, Sheri D.-178 
5106 Flanders Ave. 
Kensington, Md. 

Austin, Gary E.-178 

310 Sunset Dr. 

Randleman, N. C. 
Austin, Larry E. I 66 

401 Plurrimer St. 

Asheboro. N. C. 
Austin, Patrick H. -35,78, 79.89, 166 

2 Jones St. 

Jersey City, N. J. 
Ayers, Roger E.-178 

2910 Poplar Circle 

Shelby. N.C. 
Ayers. William R.-178 

736 Rio Mar Dr. 

Vero Beach. Fla. 


Babb, Claudia H. 

493 Babb's Rd. 

W. Suffield, Conn. 
Badu, P. Richard-37. 166.1 1 3 

429 AlbinCt. 

Ridgewood. N, J. 
Baity. Raymond A. -7 1,1 50 

Rt. 6, Box 335 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Baker. Mr. Ira L. -94. 201 

910 Johnson Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 
Baker, Sharon L. 53,150 

1513 Paddock Circle 

Charlotte. N.C. 
Banks, John F. 47,178 

8 Brewster St. 

Plymouth. Mass. 
Baptist Student Union 75 
Barbour, Patricia J. 47.166 

37 Werah PI. 

Oceanport, N.J. 
Baker, David E. -178 

Rt. 1, Box 384 

Thoniasville, N. C. 
Barker. Gary B.- 150 

2317 N. Elm St. 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Barnes, Barbara J. -47, 71 ,75.78,87.94.166 

111 Maple St. 

Rutherfordton. N. C. 
Barta, Becky Lu 178 

3912 Oak Hill Dr. 

Annandale, Va. 
Baseball- 110 
Basketball 102 
Bateman, Barry E.-122 

213 Park Ave. 

Spray, N. C. 
Beam, Lynn C. 51 .166.175 

408 Farris Dr. 

Cherryville, N. C. 
Beard. Alton R. 

Reynolda Rd.. Box 993 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Beasley, Jane P. 

823 Arbordale Dr. 

High Point. N.C. 
Beatty, Linda G. 122 

3309 High Point Rd. 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Beaver, Patricia L. 150 

612 Nebraska St. 

Spindale, N.C. 
Beck, Lynda C- 86, ISO 

Lewisville. N. C. 
Beck. Pamela C. ISO 

2 37 Fairview Dr. 

Lexington. N. C. 
Belch. Ted W. 95.178 

Rt. 5. Box 68 

High Point. N.C. 
Bell, Elizabeth Jane-48.178 

834 Court Street 

Fulton, Mo. 
Bennett. Judith H. 

2 330- A Kersey St. 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Bennett, Richard L. 178.115 

1225 Vassar St. 

Orlando. Fla. 
Bennett, Mrs. S. T. 195 

High Point College 

High Point, N. C. 
Benson, David E. 35,166 

161 1 Richland St. 

High Point. N. C. 
Benson, Stephen B. 37.150 

6021 Thames Way 

Orlando, Fla. 
Berryman, Nancy L. 49.85,87,166 

4701 N. Kittmar Rd. 

Arlington. Va. 
Betterton. Robert J. 123 

334 37th St. 

Brigatine, N. J. 227 

Biddle, Carol A. 

149 Exeter Rd. 

Massapequa, N. Y. 
Bigham, William M. 123 

2521 Hampton Ave. 

Charlotte, N. C 
Billhimer. Peggy S. 54.73.74,78,89,1 7S 

381 1 Bellwood Rd. 

Bethesda. Md. 
Billings, Johnnv 1. 40.41,123 

Kt. 9 

Lexington. N. C. " 
Bishop. David-83.95.1S1 

Tred Avon Ave. 

Oxford, Md. 
Black. Phillip L.-166 

1205 Fifth St. 

High Point. N. C. 
Blackburn, Detra A. -47,1 50 

1381 Gwynwood Dr. 

Mount Airy. N. C. 
Blackburn. Gloria S.- 123 

1222 GuyerSt 

High Point, N. C. 
Blackshare. Linda S.- 52.1 66 

6808 Kensington Ave. 

Richmond, Va. 
Blackwelder, Lucy R.-66.1 50 

912 Union St.S. 

Concord. N. C. 
Blackwell. Susan E. - 178 

507 Decatur St. 

High Point. N.C. 
Blair. Mrs. Nancy 

140 Frazier 

High Point, N. C. 
Blanciak. Thomas A. 40 

258 Sherman Ave. 

Vandergrift. Pa 
Bland. Nancy L.- 178 

6341 Knob Hill Dr. 

Virginia Beach. Va. 
Blandv. Mary E. 

P. O. Box 385 

Smithfield, N. C. 
Blaner, Sally L. 

Box 443 

Jamestown. N. C. 
Bliven. Beverley A. 51.166 

7321 Watercrest Rd. 

Charlotte. N.C. 
Bloom, John C. 43.123 

Half Acre Rd. 

Cranbury, N. J. 
Blosse, Ravmond W. -43, 151, 110 

2325 Kirby Dr. 

Marlow Height, Md. 
Board of Trustees- 190 
Boccucci, Carolyn 78.178 

73l6Taft Rd. 

Camp Springs. Md. 
Bodenhamer. Cheryl S.- 1 66 

409 Richardson St. 

High Point, N. C. 
Bogue, Mary S. -101. 166 

P. O. Box 2 

Fremont. N. C. 
Boleyn. William -38,1 78.1 10 

3122 Vinewood PI. 

Falls Church. Va. 
Bollinger. Ann B. 151 

726 E. Maple St. 

Annville. Pa. 
Bond. Jenny O. 81.82.166 

Rt. 2 

Arnold. Md. 
Bonnaffon, Robert A. 166 

3505 Duff Dr. 

Falls Church. Va. 
Borden, Mary P.- 166 

10501 S. Glen Rd. 

Potomac, Md. 
Boswell. Linda F 46,73.126 

2220 Oak Hill Dr. 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Botsch. Margaret M 123 

316 Rosemary Dr. 

Lexington. N. C. 
Bolts. Teresa G. 166 

P. O. 1416 

Deland. Fla. 
Boucher. Kathleen 1. 78.178 

4900 Donovan PI. 

Hyatt sville, Md. 
Bova. Charlotte S. 

349 Port au Peck Ave. 

Ocenaport. N. J. 
Bowden. Rita E. 55.89.166 

41 8 S. Marietta St. 

Gastonia. N. C. 
Bouditch, Stephen J. 178 

1029 Franklin St. 

Melrose. Mass. 
Bowers. Laura J. 46.178 

610 Randolph Rd. 

Newport News, Va. 

Bovvers, Thomas K.-178 
I 137 Grove St. 
Irvington, N. J. 
Bowman. Belly K. -86. 151 
1019 Riverside Blvd. 
Lumberton. N. C. 
Bowman, Bowman G. 166 
S14 Bridges Dr. 
High Point. N. C. 
Bowman. Jimmy W. 103 
405 Janice Ave. 
High Point, N. C. 
Boyd. Buford 
310 Clairview 
Kingstree, S. C. 
Boyd, Richard H. 92.166 
300 Broadleaf Dr. 
Vienna, Va. 
Boyles, Carolyn S. 
P.O. Box 655 
Pilot Mt., N. C. 
Boyles, Larry H. 83.92.15 1 
1 362 Gwynwood Dr. 
Mount Airy, N. C. 
Boyles, Patricia F. 51,123 
Rt. 1 

Pinnacle. N. C. 
Bradford. Brenda J. 151 
P. O. Box 65 
Great Falls. Va 
Brading. Elinor K. -5 1,,123.1 34 
S341 Thayer Ave 
Alexandria, Va. 
Brady, James W. -123 
702 O'Neill St. 
High Point, N. C. 
Brant, Priscilla M.-123 
91 1 Lewis Ave. 
Rockville, Md. 
Braica. Linda J. 

125 Lindale Drive 
High Point, N. C. 
Bratt, Meredith G.-SI ,166 
3315 Emory Church Rd. 
Olney, Md. 
Braun, Richard L., Jr. 39.84.166 
3517 Pinetree Ter. 
Falls Church, Va. 
Breckheimer, Steven E. 37,48,166 
1 84 West Church St. 
Fairport, N. Y. 
Brewer, Dorothy W.- 46.178 
12 545 Two Farm Dr. 
Silver Spring, Md. 
Brewer, James F. 178 
P.O. Box 203 
Thomasville. N. C. 
Brewer. L. Delores 151 
Rt. 1, Box 154 
Eagle Springs, N. C. 
Bridwell. Mansell R. 34,71,89,96.123 

1 01 Virginia Ave. 
Honea Palh.S. C. 

Briegel, Kristina L. 81.166 

4243 Chamblee-Dunwoody Rd. 

Chamblee. Ga. 
Briggs. Rodney G. 91.151 

Paladin Dr. 

Fayetteville. N. C. 
Britt. Carolyn P. -53. 85. 151 

1033 Habersham Dr. 

Charlotte. N. C. 
Broderson, Mrs. Carolyn 202 

1027 Wellington Ave. 

High Point, N.C. 
Brooks, Martha G. 52,160,167 

73 Eden Ave. 

Edison. N. J. 
Brooks, Martha J.- 166 

Rt. 2, Box 159 

High Point. N. C. 
Broos. Jeffrey L.-92 

Rl. 2. Box 27 

Lexington. N. C. 
Brown. Alexander C. 83.178 

2 3 Beacon Hill Rd. 
E. Hartford. Conn. 

Brown. Arnold W. ■ 35.166 

305 North Cedar Rd. 

Fairfield. Conn. 
Brown. Clifton E.-124 

919 Arbor Rd. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Brown, Jasper M.- 83,1 51 

215 W Chestnut Si. 

Trov. N.C. 
Brown, Jean W. 86.179 

403 Aberdeen Rd. 

High Point. N. C. 
Brown. Jimmy R. 15 1 

Rt. 2, Box 199 

Brown, Lee C. Ill 179 

210 Katherine Rd. 

Ridgewood. N. J. 
Brown, Mary F. 151 

Rt. 1. Box 214 

Yadkin, N. C. 
Brown, Michael Bruce 179 

1125 Cliff Rd. 

Asheboro. N C. 

Brown, Susan Elizabeth-48.65.1 79 

1020 Wimbledon Dr. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Brundige. Janice 1. 167 

116 Penny Rd. 

High Point. N. C. 
Bryant, Michael I. -83 

27Culbreth Ave. 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Bulla. Kenneth A. 124 

1032 East College Dr. 

High Point, N. C. 
Bullin, Beverly F. 167 

1419 Chatham Dr. 

High Point, N. C. 
Bullin. Chester V. 179 

4201 Orvil Lane 

Winston Salem. N. C. 
Burrow, Gregory A. 179 

1620 W. Lexington Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 
Burton, Stephen L. 37,87.179 

Crilz, Va. 
Burton, Mrs. William Y. 202 

3256 Robinhood Rd. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Butler, Thomas D. 179 

Oakdale Rd. 

Jamestown, N. C. 
Byerly. Janie M. 

208 Spring St. 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Byrd, John D.. Jr. 179 

2 506 Lowe Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 

Cagle, Dan F.-124 

1 100 Leon St., Apt. 1 1 

Durham, N. C. 
Calhoun, Daniel M. -70,1 51 

290 Bodenhammer St. 

Kernersville, N. C. 
Callaway, E. Timothv 35,81,167 

Rt. 4 

Mount Airy, N. C. 
Calvert, Richard Geary 

900 N. Larrimore St. 

Arlington. Va. 

Campbell. Bruce G.- 67 

Box 806 

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 
Campbell, John N. 

404 Wall St. 

Lexington, N. C. 
Campbell, Lynn E. -52.179 

104 Meadow St. 
Garden City, N. Y. 

Campbell. Sally M. 

Rt. I 

Taylorsville, N. C. 
Campbell. Sheila E. 151 

Box 307 

Spindale, N. C. 
Capek. Richard L. 81.167 

9509 Lindale Dr. 

Bethesda, Md. 
Caputo. Irene F. -53, 151 

105 Claybrook Dr. 
Silver Spring. Md. 

Carle, Michael G. -65. 179 

2610 Bittersweet Dr. 

Wilmington, Del. 
Carlton. Judith C.-124 

2207 Marion Dr. 

Lexington, N. C. 
Carpenter. Clay T., Jr. -39, 151 

Route 2 

Norwood, N. C. 
Carpenter. James W. 

205 Copley St 

Lexington. N. C. 
Carr, Richard H. 35.167 

19 Cross St. 

Beverley, Mass. 
Carter. Elizabeth O.- 35.167 

18 Wayne Dr., Woodside Manor 

Wilmington, Del. 
Carter. Rev. H. Samuel 209 

Rt. 6, Box 252 

Asheboro, N. C. 
Carter, Johnny F.-124 

505 Randolph St. 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Carter, Miss Marcella-195 

1009 H. Hamilton St. 

High Point. N.C. 
Carter. William H. -36. 167, 109,1 1 6 

Day Road 

Rockville. Md. 
Case. Linda K.-l 51 

Rt. 1. Box 231 

McLeansville, Va. 
Cash, Patricia S. -47. 167 

1434 Wellsley St., N.W. 

Roanoke, Va. 
Cassell. Timothv E.-124 

Rt. 4. Box 69 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 


Catron, Pamela J. -52, 179 

8207 Langbrook Rd. 

Springfield, Va. 
Cherchio. J. David-39,124 

1109 Graylyn Rd. 

Wilmington, Del. 
Certain, Glennell- 176,179 

8405 16th St. 

Silver Springs, Md. 
Chappell, Katherine G. -49, 151 

Rt. 2 

Brown Summit, N. C. 
Chappell. Richard L.-39,70,93,124 

1010 Ferndale Dr. 

High Point, N. C. 
Chastain. George W. 

1319 Kimory Ave. 

High Point, N.C. 
Cheerleaders 1 00 
Cheney, Allison L. -51, 85, 151 

317 Elizabeth Lake Dr. 

Hampton, Va. 
Chernault, John P.-1S1 

512 Gatewood Ave. 

High Point, N.C. 
Chisholm. Katie S. -90,91 ,179 

1421 Cumberland Cr. 

Rockingham, N. C. 
Chisman, Leilani L.-9S 

9 Pine Lane 

Hampton. Va. 
Chorpening, Glenn E. -37,65,151 

Autumnvale Dr. 

Orlando, Fla. 
Circle K-92 
Clapp, Larry G.-151 

Rt. 3 

Liberty, N.C. 
Clapp, Margaret M-I51 

207 Pine St. 

High Point, N. C. 
Claxk, Mr. C. Robert -82 

Box 678 

Kernersville, N. C. 
Clary, Miss Betty Jo-90,10I ,207 

1 101 Council Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Clause, Carol Lynn-46.73,81,179 

4950 Massillon Rd. 

Greensburg, Ohio 
Cleaves, Clayton W. -51, 152 

610 Lansdowne Rd. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Clement, Judy 1.-179 

Ararat, Va. 

Clendaniel, Donald O. -81, 124 

206 S.E. Front St. 

Milford, Del. 
Cline. Catherine H. 49,124 

403 W. Court St. 

Paris, 111. 
Coble. Mr. H. E.-208 

830 Circle Dr. 

High Point. N.C. 
Coffey, Patricia M.- 49,90,91.152 

315 Forrest Hills Ct. 

Devon, Pa. 
Colbert. James C- 103 

2316 Ainger PI., S.E. 

Washington, DC. 
Cole. Dr. David W.- 192 

1006 Emery Rd. 

High Point, N. C. 
Cole, Miss Elizabeth J. -202 

William & Mary Apt. 

High Point, N. C. 
Cole, Ruffin Reid 

120 Kinview Dr. 

High Point, N. C. 
Collins. David R. -37, 152 

Box 37 

Cleveland, N. C. 
Collins. Richard A.- 152 

1208 Greensboro Rd. 

High Point. N. C. 
Combs, Alison S.- 46,179 

190 Elm Place 

Levittown, N. Y. 
Conally, Mr. Thomas G.~ 199 

307 Mendenhall Rd. 

Jamestown, N. C. 
Conner, Dennis E.-179 

703 W. King St. 

Kings Mtn., N. C. 
Connor, Irene T. 

417 Rockspring Rd. 

High Point, N. C. 
Conrad, Clarence R. 152 

Rt. 1, Box 162 

Thomasville. N. C. 
Conrad, Dr. Harold E. 193,195,203 

805 E. Farriss Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 
Cook, Col Carlton J.- -206 

701 Hillcrest Dr. 

High Point, N. C. 
Cook, James E. -41, 125 

4108 Dogwood Dr. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Cooke. Dr. Dennis H. 194,200 

924 Kingston Rd. 

High Point. N. C. 
Cooke. Donald K. 40.125.110 

Rt. 2. Box 152 

Drown Summit. N. C. 
Cooley. John W. 35.152 

Limekiln Pike 

Prospectville. Pa. 
Cooper. Linda G. 167 

Box 4 

Colfax. N.C. 
Cooper. Martha C. 

1218 Delk Dr. 

High Point. N.C. 
Cope. Mr. William F. 210 

Rt. 1, Box 2 36 

Kernersville. N. C. 
Corn, Lynda B. 67. 75. 81.152 

1519 Delk Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Cornet. John D. 

1 1 34 Guernsey Ave. 
Orlando. Fla. 

Corriher, A. Ray, Jr. 152 
Rt. 1, James St., Apt. 16 
Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Cosman. Susan J. 90.91,152 

2 2 Belvidere Ave. 
Albany, N. Y. 

Cost on. James C. 41,64,152 

2604 Bedford Ave. 

Raleigh. N. C. 
Covington, Cherie 53.86,125 

507 Morven Rd. 

Wadesboro. N. C. 
Cowan. Mary S. 179 

417 front St. 

Statesville. N. C. 
Cowden, Patricia A. 54,125 

708 Rollingwood Dr. 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Cox. Charles L. 125 

Rt. 5, Box 195 

Asheboro, N. C. 
Craig. Nancy F. 50.65,179 

Rt. 4 

Siler City. N. C. 
Cranford. Jimmy C. 126 

107 Welch Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Crater, Carol- 46.179 

Rt. 4. Fraternity Ch. Rd. 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Crater, Phvllis D.- 152 

264 N. Hawthorne Rd. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Crater. Stephen G. 152.1 10 

1 164 Lockland Ave. 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Crater, Stephen R. 

3505 Imperial Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Craver. Gary B. 42.126 

Rt. 1, Box 260 

Lexington. N. C. 
Craver. Rebecca J. 

804 Hillcrest Dr. 
High Point. N. C. 

Crawford, David F.-I25 

Rt. 1 

Granite Falls. N. C. 
Crawford. James L., 111-42,180 

P. O. Box 38 

Pikeville. N. C. 
Creagmile, Sharon G. 

805 Circle Dr. 
High Point, N. C. 

Creasman, Harold R.-167 

1924 A. Chestnut St. Ext. 

High Point, N. C. 
Crews. Daniel- 126 

21 I Cedar St.. Apt. 55 

Greensboro* N. C. 
Crews, 'I ommv G. 167 

Rt. 5, Box I 

Kernersville, N. C. 
Crockett. M. Tully 

627 W. Lexington Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Crosscountry 109 
Crouch. Thomas J. 37.1 52 

614 S. Main St. 

North East, Md. 
Crow, Dr. Farl B. 209 

821 Circle Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Crow, Rita B. 180 

61 5 Meeting St 

Morganton. N. C. 
Crowder, Linda M. 93,1 S2 

7836 Hampden Lane 

Bethesda, Md. 
Cruit, Catherine l 5i.90.9i.i26 

Box 457 

Aberdeen, Md. 
Crumpton, Connie R 53.167 

Rt. 3 

Roxboro. N. C. 
Crutchfield, Linda C. 167 

Rt. 9. Box 469 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Culbreth. I imoth> M. 180 

Rt. I. Box 183 

( Ireensboro, N. C. 
Cunningham. Rosanne- 54.180 

1625 N. Franklin St. 

Wilmington. Del. 
Cuomo. Gars P. 38.180 

64 Lillie St 

Princeton, N. J. 
Current, Michael E. 38.167 

Rt. 2 

Hamptonville, N. C. 
Currie, Carol 54.180 

Rt. 2. Box 17 

Williamsburg, Va. 
Cusano. Michael A. 96,97.180 

1 1 7 Harbison Ave. 

Hartford. Conn. 
C/arny. Karen K. 5 1.1 67 

904 Penn Ave. 

Westfield, N. J. 

Dalbev . Mr I arle (.. 1 '< 3 

300 Nutbush Circle 

Jamestown, N. C. 
Dalton. Charles W. ISO 

Rt. 3 

Madison, N. C. 
Dalton, David L. 

2826 Westridge Rd. 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Dan burg. Rik R. 78.80.81 .91 .1 52.109.1 5 5.1 16 

212 S.W. 4 3rd Terrace 

Gainesville, Ha. 
Daniel. Elizabeth B. -53, 71, 126 

790 Dogwood Circle 

High Point. N. C. 
Daniel. Janet J. 90,126 

Rt. 3 

Roxboro. N. C. 
Dark, Virginia A. -86. 126 

317 N. Garden Ave. 

Siler City, N. C. 


Day Students 67 
Davis. Carol I) 47.167 

Box 688 

Carthage. N. C. 
Davis, Derrick L 40 1 53 

1909 Butler St. 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Davis. Elizabeth A I 67 

500 Greenwood Dr. 
High Point, N. C. 

Davis, 1 veK ill. l 53 

Rt. 4. Box 19 1 A 

Galax, Va. 
Davis, Gail Paige- 89 

Valles brook Dr. 

Jamestown. N. C. 
Davis. James H. S3. 153 

37 19 Gladne) Dr. 

Chamblee, (>a 
Davis. Judith A 47, 

206 Pinecrest Dr. 

Fayetteville, N. c. 

Davis. Peggy C. 83.126 

10115 Phoebe Lane 

Adelphi. Md. 
Davis, Peter K., Jr. 1 26 

4250 S. W. 96 Ave. 

Miami, 1 la 
Davis. Samuel A. 39.167 

306 Kenned) Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Day, Diane F. 48.180 

20 laconic Rd. 

Livingston. N.J. 
Day, f lemine H. 

Rt. 4. Box 336A 

High Point, N. C. 
Davidson. Mr. Robert D. 2 07,109,1 16 

602 W. 1 arriss Ave. 
High Point. N. C. 

Deck. Marj D. 

R.I I). .1. Box 69 

Forest Citj . N. C. 
Decker. R,.h\ n R. 

Kt. 2 

Summerfield, N. C. 
Dedication 12.13 
Deininger. Retha J. 168 

2001 N.W. 26 St. 

Miami, I- la. 
Delta Sigma Phi 36.37 
Denver. Kathryn L. 52.86.180 

20S Florence Ave. 

Wilmington. Del. 
Deskins, Dr. S. C. 203 

Rt. 8. Box 601 

Greensboro, V C. 

Deviney . James J . I 68 

1701 McGuinn St. 
High Point. N. C. 
Disborough, David- 38,89,153 

603 Ashford Rd. 
Wilmington. Del. 

Ditzler, Brian 1 65,78,92.94.168 

8035 Glendale Rd. 
Chevj Chase, Md. 
Dixon, ll.ninie Dell 48,180 

501 Powell St 
Crewe. Va. 

Dockery, Marta M. 180 

1314 Peace Heaven Rd. 

W inston-Salem, N. C. 
Dodd. Robert V 72.126 

Route 2. Box 2 20 

ShelbN. N.C. 
Dodson, James C. 81,153 

Route I 

Sands Ridge, N I 
Donington, Lynn M. 55.85,153 

183 Watchuns Ave. 

Morns. N.J. 
Donovan. Robert V. 37, 

14122 Arctic Ave. 

Rockville. Md. 
Dorm Life-60.61 
Doss. Linda J. 180 

Glenwood rerrace 

Stuart. Va. 
Doughten, Mark J. 

Box 85 

Lincoln. Del 
Dover, I or rest. R.- 41 ,64.84 

Route 2 

Bessemer City, N. C. 
Downev . J. Sidncv 34.89.168 

4515 Mounds Rd. 

Anderson, Ind. 
Driscoll. John I . 81.153 

82 \damsSt. 

Somerset, Mass. 
Duda, Wend) B. 48,81 .100,180 

400 Sk\ hill Rd. 

Alexandria. Va. 
Duncan, Joy E . 97,1 53 

Route I. Box 157 

Concord, N. C. 
Duncan. Nanc) C 52.1 80 

505 Audubon Dr. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Dunn, llarbaru K. 168 
1803 Bryce Dr. 
Wilmington, Del. 

Eakes, Charles I 41.168 

5654 Eighth Rd. N. 

Arlington. Va. 
Easterling, Nancy A. iso 

2217 Eastway Dr. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
East lack, Allen C- 4 3.168 

73 N. Woodland Ave. 

Woodburv, N, J. 
l aves, Nancy G.- 21. 22. 153 

510 Sherbrook Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Ebert, Donna L. 55,85,127 

61 3 Catalina Dr. 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Eckman, Diane H.- 127 

16 Walnut St. 

Cornwall. N. Y. 
Eddinger, Harold W.-71.153 

814 Unity St. 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Edmonds, Lynn C- 5 3.70,86. 1 27.1 35.1 38 

3524 Margate Dr. 

lion Air. Va. 
Edwards, Mr. F. Lee- 192 

909 W. College Dr. 

High Point, N. C. 
Edwards. Gilbert 11.-81 .1 53 

1820 Raleigh Rd. 

Asheboro, N. C. 
Edwards. Jeanette C.- I 53 

1110 liarbee St. 
High Point, N. C. 

Edwards, Rosemary L- 127 

Box 374 

Siler City. N. C. 
Egan, Jay A. 

Woonsoeket. R.l. 
Eisert, Daniel J 37,153 

6802 I egenbush Lane 

Louisville, Ky. 

Elkins, James R.— 153 

2208 Pershing St. 

Durham, N. C. 
Elliott, Patricia L. -55, 168 

Route 3 

Denton, N. C, 
Elliott, Steve W, 127 

loos Grayland St. 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Elmore, Leslie J. 47.72.168 

Route 3 

Lincolnton. N. C. 
Embler, Betty S. -43. 168 

1402 Guver St. 

High Point. N. C. 
English Club- 87 
Knnis, Daniel J. 

College Farm Rd. 

Middlesex. N. J. 
Ensley, Paul I). 128 

1111 N. Hamilton St. 
High Point. N. C. 

Ensor, Dale 1).- 35.1 68 

267 W, Main St. 

Westminster, Md. 
Kpperson, Dr. E. Roy I 99 

1115 Delk Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Eshleman, Fred N.- 39 

7 14 Quaker Lane 

High Point. N. C. 
Ever hart, Ann I) 153 

Route I. Box 236 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Ever hart, Barbara L.-128 

Box 82 

Welcome. N. C. 

Faculty 197 

I agge.Carl L. 37,84,153 

103 Park Ave. 

Leaksville. N. C. 
I arkas. William O. 91.153,116 

2403 Whit tier Ave. 

Westfield. N. J. 
Farlow, Joel W. 153 

1 1 1 1 Carter St. 

High Point. N. C. 
1 arlou. Shirlev J. 97.180 

101 1 N. Rotary Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Farmer. John A. -35. 73. 168 

509 E. 18th St. 

Lumberton. N. C. 
I ■aucelte. Gloria M.-168 

Box 31 

Haw River. N. C. 

l aucette. Philip w 

Route 1 

Brov, n Summit. N. C. 

I aulkner, Jonathan L. 7 1 .77,86.96.1 2* 

375 Goffle Rd. 

Ridgewood, N.J. 
Features- 14,15 

Feimster, Dorcas E. 90,91.101.15 3 

Route I 

I lamptonvillc. N. C. 
Fellowship learns- 7 3 
Fencing- 1 1 3 

I -etner. James P. 39.168 

125 S. Randolph Ave. 

Asheboro, N. C. 
I idler. William A.- 41.1 16 

211 i: Walnut St. 

Cleona, Pa. 
Fielden, Martha C. 70.154,155 

1607 Tinberline Rd. 

Silver Spring. Md. 
links, Patricia A. 65,168 

428 W. High St. 

\\ < n »dsto» k, Va 

Fischer, Susan 55.70.85,154 

9205 Villa Drive 

Bethesda. Md 
l isher, Reynold A, iho 

28 N. Cedar Ave. 

Maple Shade. N. J. 
Fitzgerald, Claudia J . 1 80 

154 Spring St.. N.W. 

Concord. N. C. 
Fitzgerald, Leonard E.- 40.180 

1909 Flint Hill Rd. 

Silver Spring. Md. 
I ivecoat. Morris L. 

Route 5, Box 181 A 

High Point. N. C. 
Elvnt, Royce M. 

115 Morgan Rd. 

Winston Salem. N. C. 
I olts, Richard W.-39.154 

22 Windsor Rd. 

North Hill. Del. 
Forensic League 88 
Forshier, Nancy II.- 180 

671 I Ruskin St. 

Springfield, Va. 
Forte, Mr. Joseph P.- 193 

65-D William & Mary Apts. 

High Point. N. C. 
I or tner, Janice E.- 1 68 

4509 Baylor Court 

Raleigh, N. C. 
1 oster. Jud\ C I 68 

1607 N. Centennial St. 

High Point. N. C. 
Fowler. Rita 1 ..- 180 

Route 2 

Booneville, N. c. 

Fowlkes, Susan I). 17,154 

224 S.W. 1 Ith Ct. 

Pompano Beach, Fla. 
Franklin, Linda J. 180 

4115 Dorforth Dr. 

Fairfax, Va. 
Franz, Sherrj I 47,96.97.169 

355 "I ••'St. 

Frostproof, I la. 

1 ra/ler. Kenneth A. 

201 Crestwood Circle 

High Point. N. C. 
Freeman, Laird M. -83.154 

310 Louise Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
I ree/e. George T - 180,1 14 

6 W. Willow St. 

Wenonah, N. J. 

Freshman Class 176 
Froystad. Martin B. 38,180 

22 3 Massachusetts St. 

Westfield, N. J. 
I rye, Darrell L. I 28 

Route 3 

Trinity, N. C. 

Fryer. Douglas P.- 1 54.1 55.109 

28 Pin Oak Terrace 

llaeerstou n. Md. 
1 ■urman, Craig D. -43. 128 

4412 Norbeck Rd. 

Rockville. Md. 
I urr, Kaye ("..- 169 

Route 3 

Lexington. N. C. 


Gabriel. Ill, Paul L. 73,74.78,89,169 

31 3 W. Cornwall Rd. 

Cary, N. C. 
Caddy, Donald C. 180 

Kimrey St. 

Ramseur. N. C. 
Gaffney, Lantz, P., Jr. 70.155 

Route I 

Randleman, N. C. 
Garland, Mary K. 

806 Ferndale Blvd. 

High Point. N. C. 
Garmon, Jesse W.-l 54 

Route I, Box 699 

Colfax, N. C. 
Garner, Harold H., Jr. 154 

Route 7. 6021 Club Knoll Rd. 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Garner, Judith II- 148,154 

Box 102, Route 3 

Lal'lata, Md. 
Garner. William B.- 38,169 

3719 Bentbrook Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Garnett. Benjamin If. 154 

210 Fdgedale Dr. 

High Point, N. C. 
Garrison. Larry W.-l 28 

Route 6 

Winston Salem. N. C. 
Gates. John C. 34.169.113 

1 Sherwood Dr. 

Granby, Mass. 
Gatlin, Elizabeth A.- 180 

1747 Brook Dr. 

Asheboro. N. C. 
Gatlin. William L.-I80 

Route 2 

Randleman, N. C. 
Gaynor. Mr. Wesley W. 193 

2405 E. Lexington Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Gehicke. Mark I-:.- 1 10 

2831 Powder Hill Rd. 

Adelphi. Md. 
Gentry, Cornelia B.- 128 

21 1 Ridge Rd. 

Roxboro. N. C. 
George. Judith A.- 46 

96 Grand Blvd. Park. NY. 
c ierringer, Karen 1 . 

618 S. Ilolden Rd. 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Gibbs. Rebecca D. 46,72.181 

625 State St. 

Marion, N. C. 
Gibson, Mildred L. 169 

232 E. Franklin St. 

Rockingham, N. C. 
Gibson, Patrick I.- 181 

2100 Alpine Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Gilbert. David E. 7 1,78,93,94,95,129,135 

Route 1 

Pfafftown, N. C. 
Gillespie. Kenneth R. 36.169 

123 Carol Rd. 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Clew. Allison M.- 49,195 

6 Greenwood Ave. 

Saugus. Mass. 
Goettsche, Donna H 49,129 

6243 Williamsburg Blvd. 

Arlington. Va. 
Goggin. Monica E.- 129 

37 Middlebury Lane 

Levittown. N. J. 
Coins. Mr. John W. 193 

Route 2. Box 99 

Summerfield, N. C. 
Cold. I- red T.- 35.169 

430 E. Fifth Ave. 

Roselle. N. J. 
Golden. Susan A. -83. 129 

336 Pipers Gap Rd. 

Mt. Airy. N. C. 
Golf learn 115 
Golff. Charles A. 36.171,181 

1450 Waggaman Circle 

McLean, Va. 
Goode, Ralph C- 43,129 

Connelly Springs, N. C. 
Gouge, Alan C. 43,169 

2452 Tulaw Td., N.W. 

Washington, D. C. 


Gragg, Walter A.- 78, 83,92, 1S4 

Route 1, Box 5 

Connelly Springs, N. C. 
Grant, John E.- 169 

5703 83rd Place 

Hyattsville, Md. 
Gratiot, Dr. A. Haul- 92,203 

633 Colonial Drive 

High Point, N. C. 
Grassi, Ellen E.- 181 

250-38 Thnrnhill Ave. 

Little Neck.N. Y. 
Gray, Lee A.- 169 

Route 8, Box 209 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Gray, Phillip R. 

Route 3. Box 217 

Randleman. N. C. 
Gray, Virginia A. 1 55 

912 Rotary Dr. 

High Point, N. C. 
Greco. Anne L. 51,129 

2007 Valley Drive 

Alexandria. Va. 
Green, Lillian I . 

196 Westover Dr. 

Lexington. N. C. 
Greenly, Gary A. -38. 181 

301 Kerr Ave. 

Denton. Md. 
Greenwood, Linda l-.-SS. 97.1 55,1 97 

Route 3 

Kernersville, N. C. 
Griffin, Susan A. -47. 86. 155 

Box 37 I'WC, IPO 

New York 09593 
Griffin, Woodrow 11.-36,70,181 

4644 Brompton Dr. 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Grigg, Karen M. 

15 39 N.W. Blvd. 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Grimes. Warren L. 34.74,83,169 

1 12 Johnston St. 

Smithfield, N. C. 
Ciroce. Laura J-— 129 

24 Tampa Ave. 

Asheville, N. C. 
Groome. Susan <i. 181 

900 Arbordale Dr. 

High Point. N. C, 
Guyer. Robert W. 70,155 

1402 Eastchester Dr. 

High Point, N.C. 


Haddock. Phyllis D. -46. 1 55 

Route 2, Box 93A-2 

Stark. I la. 
Hadley, Martha J.- 47,80,81 ,82,1 55 

126 Ridgecrest Rd. 

Asheboro. N.C 
Hairfield, Betsy M.-SI 

410 N. Green St. 

Morganton, N. C. 
Haithcock, Randy G. 

1606 Valley Ridge Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Hall. Mary-jo 71,76.86,155 

Route I. Box 348 

Durham. N. C. 
Hall. Patricia G- 129 

Route 8, Box 320 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Hall. Sharon L.-169 

Route 5. Box 55 

Thomasville. N. C. 
Hall. Wayne T. -so, 81, 92. 155, 103 

Route 4. Box 370 

Statesville, N. C. 

Hamilton. Karen L. 181 

218 N. Academj St. 

Mooresville, N. C. 
Hamilton. Mrs. Lester E. 195 

1208 Guilford Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 
Hamlin. Carol J. -46. 181 

6406 Dahlonega Rd. 

Washington, D. C. 
Hamrick, Elaine N.-I55 

Route 8 

Shelby, N. C. 
Hanes. Sara K. 

Route 1 

Linwood, N. C. 
Harbin, Melton T. 

1003 Lakewood Dr. 

Monroe. N. C. 
Hardenstein. Prank H.- I 81 ,109,1 16 

3 Beechwood Rd. 

Somerville, N. J. 
Harding. William L.- 83.100.155 

208 Country Club Dr. 

Wilmington. Del. 
Hardister. Sam G., 111-65,83,92.129 

Route 1 

Clemmons, N. C. 

llard\, Cynthia L. 52, ''5. 1 55 

209 River Dr. 

Southport, N. C. 
Harrington, Martha J. -5 5. 8 3. 129 

419 Cameron Ave. 

Chapel Hill. N. C. 
Harris, Judith M.-8I .169 

1 1705 Devilwood Ct. 

Potomac. Md. 
Harris, Lana G. 129 

P. O. Box 646 

Shallotte, N. C. 
Harris, Ronald J.- 83 

P. CI. Box 646 

Shallotte, N. C. 
Harrison. Clierl T. 

2 10 Pine Vallc\ Rd. 

High Point, N. C. 
Harrison. L. L\ nne 

715 E. Guilford St. 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Harrison. Stephen R.— 155 

Route 4. Box 342 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Harshbarger, Sharon L. 49,129 

1703 Macon St. 

McLean. Va. 
Hartman. Mr. Charles E. -207.1 10 

708 Hedgecock Rd. 

High Point, N. C. 
Harvey, Judy E. 47.73.74,169 

31 Hilltop Rd. 

West Long Branch, N. J. 
I latchl, William A.- 169 

4417 First St., South 

Arlington, Va. 
Hayden. Katharine L. -49,90.91 ,1 55 

6004 Landon Lane 

Bethesda, Md. 

I la\ ties, l.arrv S. 

516 Flint St. 

High Point, N. C. 
Hu\ nes. Sharon B. 

1512 Delk Dr. 

High Point. N.C. 
Haj nes, Susan II. 52.181 

1837 Pennrose Dr. 

Reidsville. N. C. 
Hays. Dr. L. M. 210 

1300 Merrv Hills Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Havs, Mrs. L. M. 194,209 

1 300 Merrv Hills Dr. 

High Point, N. C. 
Ha J wood, Barbara L. 155 

71 3 Lindsay si 

High Point. N C. 
Hearp, Wsatt I . 155 

Route 7. Box 345 

Rockingham, N. C. 
Hedgecock, Jr., larh A. 

Route 6 

\\ inston-Salem. N. C. 
Hedrick, Marty L.- 169 

123 Scott Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 
Henderson, Donna S. 53.169 

14310 Yosemite Ct. 

Rockville. Md. 
Hendricks, Pamela M. 46,169 

394 McMullen Hw \ . 

Cumberland, Md. 

Herlocker, Ray B., Jr.— 181 

625 S. 1 •ayctteville St. 
Asheboro. N. C. 
Herman. Barbara A. 
Cold Spriiu: Creamery Rd. 

Doylestown, Pa. 

Hetherington. (Jail 49,155 

l< I D. I, Box 104 

Hampton, N. J. 
Hicks. Steven L 

5005 Hilltop Rd. 

( Ireensboro, N. C. 
I light, Harriet 11. I SI 

I 12 Cheatham St. 

I ranklinton, N. C. 
Hill, Anita V. 169 

1007 W, College Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Hill. Bobby E„ Jr.- 169 

Route 8. Box 2 38 

Lexington. N. C. 
Hill. Ilarrv A- 35.1 30 

1007 Westridge Rd. 

( Ireensboro, N. C. 

Hill. Renie R. 

708 Hardeman St. 

Thomasville. N. C. 
Hill, Sara R. 

102 Cottonwood Dr. 

Jamestown, N. C. 
Hill. Sara W. -52, 181 

1526 Lilac Rd. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Hill. Susan 11.-52,181 

13040 Old Cutler Rd. 

Miami. Fla. 

Hill, Tommy W. 169 

1318 Northside Terrace 

Asheboro. N. C. 
Ilinklenian. Linda F. 46,181 

309 Briarcliff Dr. 

Cary, N.C. 
Hinshaw, Gay L.-I81 

Route 3. Box 5 33 

Randleman. N. C. 
Hi Po 94. '15 

Hirtzler, Miss Berta-205 

202 Edgedale Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Hobson. James B. 156 

Route 1 

Boonville, N.C. 
Hobson. Joan M- 1 56 

81 1 Carter St. 

Martinsville. Va. 
Hodock, Bett\ S. 90.91. 101 

505 Valley Rd.. Ext. 

Charlottesville, Va. 
Hofmann, Michael U.-I82 

316 I leer Rd. 

Thomasville. N. C. 
Hoke. Michael D. 43.67,87,93,94.130 

227 Montlieu Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Holcomb, Beth L. -46. 66. 75, 96.97, 182 

4428 Paul Jones Lane 

Virginia Beach, Va. 
Holcombe. Nancy L- 70,71 .86.15 6 

Route 4. Box 408 

Statesville. N. C. 
Holder. Ired W. 35.169 

RID. 1 

Pinnacle, N. C. 
Holland, Herman G. 39,130 

216 Druid Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 

Holland. James E. 

Route 2 

Walnut Cove. N. C. 
Holliday, Jr.. Robert H.- 36,169 

II 1 School St. 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Hollingsworth. Karen N.-156 

306 A West Center St. 

Lexington, N. C. 
Holmes, John G.- 182.103 

5206 Upshur St. , 

Bladensburg, Md. 
Holmes. Tomnn II. 

1403 E. Chester Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Holt. Mr. David H.- 192.195.203 

128 Clifton Street 

Kernersville. N. C. 
Holt. Dianne J. -27,5 1 .1 30,1 37 

2920 Crosby Rd. 

Charlotte. N. C. 
Holton. David I ..-169 

54 3 Woodlynn Terrace 

Baltimore, Md. 
Homecoming- 16-19 

Honeycutt, Linda A. — 73 
P.O. Box 25 
Fuquaj Varina, N. C. 


Hoover. Joseph M. 

837 Tenth Ave. 

Prospect Park, Pa. 
Horigan. Elizabeth A. -71. 130 

9212 Topcka St. 

Bethesda Md. 
Hornberger. Stephen C- 38, 1 82 

403 Twinbrook 

Kockville. Md. 
Homey, Konald E. -156. 103 

Box 27 

Julian. N. C. 
Hortman, Judith A. -182 

1904 Kynwyd Rd. 

Wilmington, Del. 
Hotz, Mr. Theo F.-206 

688 Chestnut St., Apt. "F" 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Houck, Thomas B.-169 

240 B New Drive 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Howard. Kdward E.-169 

2S46 Amesbury Kd. 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Howard, (ieraldine 

600 E. Lexington Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Howard. John 1 . 

Route 3 

Kernersville. N. C. 
Howard, Marjorie L. -55, 169 

Box 985 

Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Howe, Aileen N. 

441 Merritt Dr. 

Mt. Hollv. N. J. 
Howell. David L. 

719 Walnut St. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Howie. Roberta L. 83.130 

Box 188 

Waxhaw. N. C. 
Howlett, Wanda G. -90.91. 101,1 30 

804 Arthur Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Hoyle. Charles R. -182, 103 

246 Canaan St. 

Carbondale, Pa. 
Hubbard, Karen A. 50.156 

1 17 Frances Dr. 

Asheboro, N. C. 
Hucks. David B.- 130 

1006 Sherrod Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Hudson, David R. -92, 182 

R.F.D. 1 

Rising Sun. Md. 
Huff. Mary L.-47.1S6 

127 Eastchester Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Huff. Nancy C.-47,73,81,l 56 

1816 Eastchester Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Huffman. Lynda A.- 156 

818 Quaker Lane 

High Point. N. C. 
Hughes, Marilyn-46.73.182 

Whispering Pines, N. C. 
Hughes. Roy S. 

1030 Randolph St. 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Hulick. Jeffrev S. -43. 130 

Half Acre Rd. 
Cranbury. N. C. 

Hulin. Jesse W.-130 

Route 1 

Asheboro. N. C. 
Humanics Student Association-89 
Humphries, Carolvn L. -48. 182 

27 10 Hemlock Ave. 

Alexandria, Va. 
Hundley, Percy L. -95, 164, 169,1 14 

I 102 S. Church St. 
Smithfield, Va. 

Hunt, Carlton M. 182 

Route 2, Box 71 

Jamestown, N. C. 
Hunter. Nancy L. -51. 156 

105 Chetwood Terrace 

lanwood, N. J. 
Hunter. Paul S.-182 

Route 9 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Hutchens. James I . 

1 169 Johnsontoun Kd. 

Thomasville. N. C. 
Hutchison, Donna J. -73. 169 

I I 6 Longview Rd. 
Asheville. N. C. 

Hutchison, Glen D. -34.89, 182 

1 16 Longview Rd. 

Asheville. N. C. 
Hvatt. Gilbert E.- 36.1 82 

LaPlata. Md. 

Idol. Betty J.- 70.156 

3700 N. Main St.. Ext. 

High Point. N. C. 
Idol, Mr. Manyon L.-206 

Route 3 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Ijames. Steve M.- 1 56 

2817 Westchester Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Ingram. Dorothy C- 182 

Route 5. Box 383 A 

High Point. N. C. 
Ingram. Sherrv V.- 1 30 

Route 4, Box 62 

High Point. N. C. 
Inter-Fraternity Councii-84 
Irwin. Jeffrey W.-34.83.156 

1 1 Maryland Ave. 

Wilmington, Del. 
Isaacs, Carol L.- 5 1 

R.F.D. 1, Box 319 

Lincoln. Del. 

Jackson. Kay A. -5 1,1 30 

1019 Faun Rd., Graylyn Crest 

Wilmington. Del. 
Jackson. Susan C. -50, 182 

1019 Faun Rd.. Graylyn Crest 

Wilmington. Del. 
Jaeger. Gregory L. -93, 170 

101 Chaucer Rd. 

Charlottesville. Va. 
Janer, Denise R.-182 

87-36 Marengo St. 

Hollis. N. Y 
Jensen, Ralph F.-40 

MOQ 2119 

Camp Lejeune, N. C. 
Jessup. Janie E. 

408 Crestline Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 


Johns, Cheryl E. -53, 66, 76 

121 Danube Ave. 

Tampa. Ma. 
Johnson, Carl W.-170 

2310 Lowe Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 
Johnson, Cheri L. -54, 182 

436 N.E. 2nd St. 

Pompano Beach, Fla. 
Johnson, Herbert R. 

Route 2 

Randleman, N. C. 
Johnson. Janice M.- 182 

Route 7, Box 194 G, 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Johnson. Kenneth P.-7S.92.170 

140 Leigh St. 

Warwick, R. I. 
Johnson, Larry D. -65, 176. 182 

2003 Rockford St. 

Mt. Airy, N. C. 
Johnson. Timisha H. 

623 N. Main St. 

Kannapolis, N. C. 
Johnson, Thomas II. 

I 24 May view Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Jolly, Patricia A.- I 56 

Route 2, Box 94-A 

Elkin. N. C. 
Jones. Donna R.— 1 31 

Box 27 

Pinnacle, N. C. 
Jones, III. E. Street 

1 109 Guyer St. 

High Point. N. C. 
Jones. Jerrv V. -82 

4032 Ryandale Rd. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Jones. Johnny E.-83 

1200 Wedgewood Dr. 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Jones. Lawrence C- 1 56 

206 W. Philadelphia Ave. 

Salisbury, N. C. 
Jones. Marjorie C- 182 

2203 E, Green Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Jones. Mary D. -5 1, 156 

502 More head Ave. 

Durham. N. C. 
Jones. Norma O. 

1 18 Ashland St. 

High Point, N. C. 
Jones Russell A. 

21 Carlisle Dr. 

Livingston, N. J. 
Jordan. Lawrence A. -81, 156 

Route 1 

Trinity. N. C. 
Judiciary Council- 66 
Junior Class- 148 
Junior Marshals- 70 
Jurney, McKinlev V. -41. 156 

Route 1 

Harmony, N. C. 


Kain, Mary E.-170 

1730 N. "D"St. 

Lake Worth, I la. 
Kait. Joyce S.-51.76 

S01 Enderby Dr. 

Alexandria, Va. 
Kappa Delta 50,51 
Kappa Delta Pi-71 
Kaub, Joseph G. -42, 182,1 10 

6341 Landover Rd. 

Cheverlv. Md. 
Keefer. Philip R.-39 

5830 Carlvle St. 

Cheverlv, Md. 
Keets. John D. -95. 100, 170 

254 Mill Rd. 

Northfield. N. J. 
Keever. Deloris A.- 1 70 

408 Carev Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 
Keller. Kathie L. -5 1.1 31 

3416 Tulane Dr.. Apt. 14 

W. Hyattsville. Md. 
Kelly. Carol A.- 170 

1418 Madison Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Kendall. Gary M. -42. 182 

Route 2, Box 129 

Axton, Va. 
Kendle, Cheryl M.- 5 3,90.9 1, 10 1,1 31 

Route I, Box 78 

Williamsport, Md. 
Kendrick. Kenneth L.-I31 

852 Aiken Rd. 

Spray, N. C. 
Kenerley. Laraine S.-156 

Box 271 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Kennington. James L. 

Box 494 

Gretna. Fla. 

Key, Robert F.- 170 

Route 10. Box 92 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Kievning, Judy E. -49, 157 

39 Burnet St. 

Livingston, N. J. 
Kiger, Susan E. -49,87,1 57 

Simmons Rd. 

Rural Hall. N.C. 
Kiley. Thomas L. -43,84, 1 31 

118 Prospect Ave. 

Talleyville, Del. 
King, Carl L.-132 

118 Hughes St. 

Asheboro. N. C. 
King. Linda C.-46. 80,81 . 1 70 

304 White Road 

Little Silver. N. J. 
King. Thomas II.- 36.182 

418 So. DuPont Rd. 

Wilmington, Del. 
Kinney. James M. -41, 170 

1824 Pershing St. 

High Point. N. C. 
Kirchner. Deborah 11. 183 

Route 1, Box 420 

Arnold, Md. 
Kirk. Donna L.-1S7 

5805 Carlyle St. 

Cheverly, Md. 
Kirkman. Margaret A. -47. 157 

1224 Highland Ave. 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Kirkman, Nancy E.— 183 

3805 Pleasant Garden Rd. 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Kirkman. Mr. O. Arthur 

501 W. High Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 
Kisiah. Martha A. 

1715 Oberlin Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Klay, Laraine E. -76, 170. 1 82 

2406 Adams Ct. 

Sanford. Fla. 
Klinedinst. Pamela L. -55, 97. 170 

5301 Oakland Rd. 

Chevy Chase, Md. 
Knight. Jane E.-90.9I .10 1 .1 83 

Box 252 

Norlina, N. C. 
Knitter. Karen C. -46.1 70 

1979 Main St. 

Waterport. N. Y. 
Kornegay. William R.- 36. 183 

1410 Seminole Dr. 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Kurkjian. Charles E. -43. 65.1 32 

504 E. Meadow Lane 

Chester, Pa. 
Kyles, Sandra E. -53, 172 

123 Magnolia St. 

Statesville, N. C. 

Lackey. Fuchsia A.- 

Fallston, N. C. 
Lagos, William J. -43. 152,1 57,1 58.1 10 

2606 Arvin St. 

LaGrange. Frank H. 35.75.89,132 

2579 Meadow Rd. 

West Palm Beach. Fla. 
Lambda Chi Alpha 38.39 
Lambert, Jerry L. 132.103 

703 N. Jackson St. 

Napanee, Ind. 

Lanam. Kip A.— 170 

3857 Pinewood Terrace 

Falls Church. Va. 
Lancashire. Carol A. -53, 170 

335 WahlSt. 
Somerset, Mass. 
Land, William W.-IS7 

1005 Barbee St. 

High Point, N.C. 
Lane. Curtis C. 

62 5 Carrington Lane 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Lancy, Phyllis L. -54. 1 83 

1 301 Virginia Ave. 

Monroe, N. C. 
Laney, Stephen M. -41. 1 32 

3209 Barnhill Dr. 

Charlotte, N. c. 
Lanier, Virginia C- 183 

Route 10. Box 124 

Lexington. N. C. 
LaSalla, Mary D.-132 

2104 Dunhill Dr. 

Raleigh. N. C. 
Lasine, Stephen B.-157 

1324 lleathcliff Rd. 

High Point. N. C. 
Latham. Audrey M. 

1021 Sherrod St. 

High Point. N. C. 
Lathan. Robert B.-170 

110 Westbrook Dr. 

Butner. N. C. 
Lauder. Margaret A. 

506 Steele St. 

High Point. N.C. 
Law. Ellen E. -53. 157 

2426 Westfield Rd. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Lawson, Elizabeth L. -50. 183 

341 1 Langdale Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Lawson. Stephen R. 

1216 12th St. PL. N.W. 

Hickory, N. C. 
Lazaruk. Dr. William 197 

219 Green way. Cedarwood 

Jamestown. N.C. 
Leary. Margaret B. -53. 81. 82, 1 57 

790 Dogwood Circle 

High Point. N. C. 
Leatherman. Carolyn B.-52.83 

13212 Valley Dr. 

Kockville. Md. 
Lee, Sandi G.- 1 33 

204 E. Guilford Dr. 

Thomasville. N. C. 
Lefler, Nancy B. -55, 170 

1403 Audubon Ave. 

Aiken. S. C. 

Leng. Horace G.-I83 

19 Hilltop Rd. 

Yardley. Pa. 
Lentz, Laura K. 

1006 Albert Ave. 

High Point. N.C. 
Leverett, George T. — 133 

607 North Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
LeVey, Dr. Arthur E.-205 

Rowella Apts. 19 

High Point. N. C. 
Lewallen, Faye-170 

122 Briggs Place 

High Point, N. C. 

Lewis, Elizabeth A.- 170 

3410 Country Club Rd. 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Lewis, Dr. Lew J. -82, 202 

202 Shadow Vallev Rd. 

High Point. N. C. 
Lewis. Michael C. -42.1 83.1 16 

306 Sixth Ave. 

Baltimore, Md. 
Lewis, Virginia 

309 Tate St. 

( V C . 
Linton. Thomas W. -36.96.1 83,1 13,1 14 

216A lladdon Hills Apts. 

Camden. N. J. 
Lipe. Ill, Bruner C.-170 

3210 Forestview Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Littles. Eugene S.- 103.1 57.102 

212 36th St. N.E. 

Washington, D. C. 
Locke, Dr. William R.-209 

1409 Wendover Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Locke, Mrs. William R.-I97 

1409 Wendover Dr. 

High Point, N.C. 
Lockhart. Mummery. C- I 57 

1728 Baldwin Dr. 

McLean. Va. 
Lockman, John W.- 1 33 

Route I 

Iron Station, N. C. 
Loflin. Mattie L.-157 

1018 Sherrod Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Logan. Betty J. -47. 73. 170 

597 12th Ave., N.E. 

Hickory, N. C. 
Lohse. Ellen P.- 5 3. 170 

10603 Orchard St. 

Fairfax, Va. 
Loman. Ernest N.- 182.183 

Route 5. Box 718 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Untax, Sara R.— 183 

71 1 Lee St. 

Asheboro. N. C. 
Long, Mrs. Lester J.- 195 

High Point. College 

High Point. N.C. 
Long. Lynda L. 46,72, 

8208 Beltz Dr. 

Forest ville, Md. 
Looney. George R. -34, 183 

3011 Trull Ave. 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Lort, Ronald J.- 96.183 

512 North St. 

Elkton. Md. 
Lott, Bonnie J.- 170 

McCormick Ave.. R.F.D. 

Hammonton, N. J. 
Lowe, Mr. C. Marshall- 198 

632 Rockspring Rd. 

High Point. N. C. 
Lucas, Johnny C-37,1 57 

961 Kaufman St. 

Cocoa. Fla. 
Lowe, Mary W. 

2301 Sharon Lane 

Charlotte. N. C. 
Luedeke. James E. -73, 183 
17 Boulder Brook Dr. 

Wilmington, Del. 
Luff. Ann-47.157 

421 Sharp St. 

Hackettstown, N. J. 
Lupton, Mary L. -48, 183 
3336 N. Kensington St. 

Arlington. Va. 
Lytle. Margaret I.- 170 
330 Montlieu Ave. 
High Point. N.C. 


MCLan, Leslie A. -53, 90,1 57 

2907 Tremont Ave. 

Cheverly, Md. 
McCallum. Joseph A. 

260 N. Elm St. 

Maxtor. N. C. 
McCarter, Dolores F. 

224 Crestwood Circle 

High Point. N. C. 
McCaskill. Clement L.-170 

Box 5 

Seagrove. N.C. 
McClellan. Robert L.-183 

805 Tolland St. 

East Hartford. Conn. 
McCorkle. Caroline W.-48.183 

4920 Kingston Dr. 

Annandale. Va. 
McCracken. Kevin B.-170, 115 

9211 Holly Oak Dr. 

Bethesda. Md. 
McCully. Dale J.- 170 

911 Tanley Rd. 

Silver Spring, Md. 


McDiarmid, Barbara A. 47,64.71, 
Route I 

Red Springs. N. C. 
McDonald, Delores A.- 133 

300 N. Scientific St. 
High Point. N. C. 
McDonald. Jr. John K. -40, 183 
2421 Woodruff St. 

High Point, N.C. 
McDonough, Virginia K. -47. 89, 1 58 
44 Ayrmont Lane 

Matawan. N. J. 
McDowell, PhvlliS K. -70. 71. 1 58 
5 10 Kennedy Ave 

High Point. N. C. 
McEwan, Diana 1 ..- 5 1 ,158 

803 Arhordale Dr. 

High Point. N.C. 
Mel arland. William W. -34. 89. 183 

Route 1. Box 133 

llartlv, Del. 
McGavin, Lee II. -38. 1 83 

302 7 N. Peary St. 

Arlington, Va. 
McGhee. Joseph T.. Jr.- 170 

3100 Centennial St. 

High Point. N. C. 
McKennev. Douglas M. -78. 183 

14223 Clayton St. 

Rockville. Md. 
McLain, Talmage S. 92.133 

Box 14, Route I 

Hiddenite, N. C. 
McMahon. Gary J. -43.1 20,1 33 

275 Bay Ave. 

Huntington. N. Y. 
McMeekin Kerr. Mrs. James- 195 

High Point College 

High Point. N.C. 
McMullan. Ellen P. 

706 Rockspring Rd. 

High Point. N. C. 
McNultv. Joseph E.. Jr. -7 1 .94.95.1 33 

905 Glenwood Rd. 

Asheboro, N. C, 
McPherson, Thomas L. 

3505 Guess Rd. 

Durham, N. C. 
Mahe. Betty ('..- 183 

Magnolia St.. Box 267 

Kidgewav, Va. 
Machlin, Kenneth 1.- 37,133,1 14 

3615 Janet Rd. 

Silver Spring. Md. 

Mailleue, Jane S. 95,183 

Route 1 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Malpass. Jr., H.- 116 

2434 E. Lexington Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 
Mann. Jonathan Herman -43 

410 Entvvistle St. 

Hamlet, N. C. 
Mann. Joel Keith- 171 

305 Green Oak Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Mann. Mary Ann 

Route i. Guilford Rd. 

Jamestown. N. C. 
Mantz, Walter A 40.109.1 16 

605 Cranbrook Rd. 

Cockevsville. Md. 
Markland. Gary E.- 1 58.163.1 16 

Route 1 

Advance, N. C. 

Marsh. Dianne Leigh- 96,97.1 83.1 1 3 

10125 C.jr> Rd, 

Potomac, Md. 
Marsh, Jennifer Dianne- 54, 1 83 

Route I, Box 161 

Morrisville, N. C. 
Marsh. Walter Currell 

615 Colonial Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Marshall. John Edward 43,133 

322 S. Race St., Box 546 

Statesville, N. C. 
Marshall. Lizbetfl Jeanne 158 

3324 Rockingham Rd. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Martin. Cheryl Lynn-86 

702 Chandler St, 

High Point. N. C. 
Martin. Kenneth-39.1 58 

705 Eagle Rd. 

Wavne, Penna. 
Martin. Suzanne 7 1,97,133 

1317 Juliana Place 

Alexandria. Va. 
Mask. Jovita Sue- 171 

Route 2, Box I 120 

Connelly Springs. N. C. 
Mason. David I ee 39,138 

654 Glen Ave. 

Westfield, N.J. 
Maslen. Janet I muse 47,73.158 

2109 Waughtown St. 

\\ inston-Salem, N. C. 
Mathenv. Irudv Diane 46,52.90,183 

Box 110 

forest City, N. C. 
Matthews, Frances Jean 39,m 

I 19 Mansfield Blvd. S. 

Cherr> Dill. N. J. 
Matthews, John Edward- 183 

l< 1 ,D.l, Box 26A 

Trinity, N.C. 
Matthews, Martha Kay -93.1 7 I 

I 19 Mansfield. Blvd. S. 
Cherrv Hill. N. J. 

Matthews, Dr. W. P. 208 

I I 14 N. Centennial 
High Point. N. C. 

Matthiesen, Steven J. -37, 164.171 

6124 Wheatland Rd. 

Baltimore. Md. 
Mattocks. Roy Wade 184 

2312 Purdv St. 

High Point. N. C. 
Mav. Mrs. George T. 82.202 

1921 Gaston St. 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Mav. Linda Marie— 184 

6901 Braddock Rd. 

Annandale, Va. 
Meadows. John Arils 34.171 

Route I 

Tobaccoville. N . C. 
Melton. Sheila Arlene-96.97,1 84 

41 1 Creekridge Rd. 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Men's Dormitory Council-77 

Merritt. Gail E.-158 
917 LaFayette st 
Shelbv. N.C. 

Methodist Student Fellowship 74 
Meyer. Linda A. 53.171.113 

Apt G2 Perry Circle 

USNA Annapolis, Md. 

Meyerhoelfer. 1 u ward H. 

2005 Apex Place 

High Point, N.C. 
Michael. Libby E. 

Box 215 

Welcome, N. C. 
Miller, Angela Dean -47,73,81 .1 7 I 

Route 3, Box 309 

Wilmington, N. C. 
Miller. Catherine A. -53. 1 58 

4517 Shamrock Rd. 

Tampa. Ela. 
Miller, Dennis L.- 184,1 10 

50 3 Oneida Way 

lores! Heights. Md. 
Miller. Rachel A. -96,97. 158 

Route 10. Jones K.I. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Miller, Stephen M.-138 

Route I 

Boonville, N.C. 
Millman. Kenneth M-92,171 

Lincoln, Delaware 
Miranda. Mr. Juan 205 

614 West hirst Street 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Mish, Johnny E.-171 

108 Columbus Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Miss Golden Decade-20-23 
Mitcham. David L. 184,1 10 

616 lledrick Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 
Mitchell. Jack T. 

104 Starling Ave. 

Martinsville. Va. 
Mi/e, Barbara A. -42,49,1 58 

10108 Kinross Ave. 

Silver Spring. Md. 
Mock. Richard G. -39, 138 

Route 1 

Lewisville, N. C. 
Mohlmann. Robert K. Jr.- 171 

1 17 Oakwood Rd. 

Port Jefferson, N, Y. 
Molitor. Beverly J.- 158 

1 50 Sunrise Drive 

Lexington Park. Md. 
Monaghan, James B.- 184 

21 Hepdee Rd. 

Manchester. Conn. 
Monday, Carole E. -54. 89, 184 

52 Albemarle Place 

Asheville. N. C. 
Montague, Anne E. 

128 N. King Charles Rd. 

Raleigh. N. C. 
Montgomery. Robert T. -78.1 58 

15 Oxford Ave. 

Stratford. N. J. 
Moody, Mr. L. E. -89, 194.204 

I 107 Guilford Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 
Mooney, Kay A.- 171 

3105 Kivett Dr. 

High Point, N.C. 
Moore. Christy A.- 184 

2891 Abingdon Ave. 

Arlington. Va. 
Moore. Jr.. Hugh McVav- 34.89.1 84 

362 5 Keswick Dr. 

Chamblee. Ga. 
Moore, James I).- 92,158 

Route 6, Box 281 

Asheboro, N. C. 
Moran, Hugh A.- 158 

3019 Kivette Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Morris, Dr. Charles M. -207.1 14 

91 1 W. College Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Morris. John D. 111-184 

298 Uodenhamer St. 

Kernersville, N. C. 
Morrison. Diane C- 171 

3935 N. Roberts Lane 

Arlington. Va 
Morrison, James C, Jr. 

Shattalon Apts. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Mosteller. Svlvia Mae 

3964 Glenn High Rd. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Motsinger. Mrs. Carl L.-193 

1 1 2 Delrav Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Mounts. Dr. C. E.-201 

7 1 5 Montlieu Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 
Mower) . David L.-39.1 38,1 10 

Route 5 

High Point, N. C. 
Muench, Paula A. -138 

S04 Avalon Place 

High Point, N. C. 
Muller, Richard Lee-92,184 

1645 S.W. 67th Court 

Dade. I la. 
Murphv, Elaine G.- 1 59 

Route 4, Box 326 

Thomasville, N. C. 

Murphy, Thomas A. J. 

152 Bellevue Place 

Yonkers. N. Y. 
Musgrave, Judy D.- 171 

Route 10. Box 685 

Lexington. N. C. 
Musical Arts Club-82 

Myers, Helen L.- 184 

3904 Melvern Place 

Alexandria, Va. 
Myers, Michael W.-17I 

115 Harper St. 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Myers, Robert E. -65. 159 

1013 Barbee St. 

High Point, N. C. 


Nabors, Johnny J. 

1809 Davie Ave. 

Statesville. N. C. 
Nance. Patricia J. -49.1 59 

3118 Pinehurst Place 

Charlotte. N. C. 
Nance. Sidney W.- 139 

Route 3. Box 140 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Nanfelt. Russell II. 91.159.1 10 

4703 Mercury Dr. 

Rockville, Md. 
Nash. Nancv R.- 53.72.1 71 

460 Paradise Isle Blvd. 

Hallandale, Fla. 
Neal. Larry I . I 39 

Route 1, Box 91 

Belew Creek, N. C. 
Needham. Jerry W. 83,159 

Route 1 

Pinnacle. N. C. 
Needham, Joseph 0.- 83.159 

301 Key St., Box 301 

Pilot Mt'n., N. C. 
Neese, Margaret A. 76.135.138 

1450 Pine Valley Loop 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

Neighbors. Linda L.- 171 

106 Eisher Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Nelson. Charles L. 184 

606 Forrest St. 
High Point, N. C. 

Nelson. Danny 2.-81,83.159 

Route 1 

Madison, N. C. 
Nelson, Mr. James L. 

607 Montlieu Ave. 
High Point, N. C. 

Ness, Judith A.- 171 

10402 Greentop Rd. 

Cockevsville, Md. 
Nevitt, Carolyn I). 53.167.171 

148 Luuuer Rd. 

Port Washington, N. Y. 
Newbill, Susan M.- 1 39 

1711 Cedrovv Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Newman. Katharine L. 49.86,1 39 

38 Talman Place 

Allendale, N. J. 
Nickell, Robert K.. Jr. -171 

4364 Winchester Dr. 

Allison Park. Pa. 
Nifong, David P. 172 

Route 5 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Niland Diane P. 49.1 59 

956 N. Lebanon St. 

Arlington. Va. 
Norman, Deirdre L.- 1 59 

Route 1 , Box 205 

Pilot Mountain. N. C. 
Norwood. Phillip W. 73,184 

3408 Astro Court 

Raleigh, N. C. 
Nuckolls. Joseph T. 

2881 North bridge Rd. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Obermueller. Paul I 172 

1004 Edmondson Ave. 

Baltimore. Md. 
Odom, Mr. Daniel R. 

1801 Arden Place 

High Point. N. C. 
Ogden. Wanda J.- 46.73.184 

438 Carolina St. 

Roanoke Rapids. N. C. 
Okin. Eric L.-I39 

241 5 N. Rockingham St. 

Arlington. Va. 
Oliver. Edna II. 172 

3514 lanyard Rd. 

High Point. N. C. 
Oman. James D. 

Route 10, Box 42 2 

Lexington. N. C. 
Order of the Lighted Lamp- 69 
Organizations- 62.63 
Orientation 28.29,30.31 
Orton. Carl A. 139 

601 Laurel St 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Outland. Edith A. -53.90, 172 

Box 172 

Pikeville. N. C. 
Overman, Barbara A.- 184 

Box 197 

Whitakers. N. C. 
Owen, Ann Cheryl- 67,1 59 

612 O'Neill St. 

High Point. N. C. 
Owen. Jana R.- 184 

612 O'Neill St. 

High Point, N. C. 
Owen. Paul S.. Jr.- 70.159 

31 2 Louise Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 

Pace. Dorothy H. 

Route I 

Pleasant Garden. N. C. 
Palermo. Cheri A. -54. 75. 90. 91 .101.184 

1 5 Yale Terrace 

Union, N. J. 
Palmer. Leo Roy, 111- 139 

1038 W. College Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Palmer. Leonard S.. Jr.- 139 

804 Apperson Dr. 

Salem. Va. 
Panhellenic- 85 
Pantherettes- 101 
Parisi. Bruce A. -41. 159 

62 Thurston Terrace 

Glen Rock. N. J. 
Parker. Carol E. 

2009 W. Rotary Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 235 

Parker. Darrell L.-38 

2009 W. Rotarv Dr. 

High Point, N.C. 
Parker. Ernstena P. 

Route 4 

Kernersville, N. C. 
Parker. Judv L. -53. 76. 1 59 

342 Neward St. 

Aurora. Colo. 
Parker. Kristen D- 184 

54 Spring St. 

Pawtucket, R. 1. 
I'jrks. Betty A. 

Route 2 

Trinity. N. C. 
Parsons, Danny R 159 

131 Louella Dr. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Parsons, Linda J. -48, 184 

4i 14 Churchwell Rd. 

Jacksonville. Fla 
Paskal, Linda J.- I 72 

3426 Stonevbrae Dr. 

Falls Church, Va. 
Patterson. Jr.. Joseph S. -40. 80. 81 ,82.1 72 

I 201 I orrest St. 

High Point, N. C. 
Patterson, Nancv D. 48,184 

1405 Juliana Place 

Alexandria. Va. 
Patton. Dr. W. M. 191.192 

821 W. College Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Patton, III. Wendell M. 

82 1 W. College Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Pavne. Claudia L. 53.135.139 

382 Holly Ridge Dr. 

Montgomery, Ala. 
Pa\ ne. Martha M I 72 

1702 W. Lexington Ave. 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Payne. Paul R.-159 

York House. Naval Weapons St. 

Yorktown. Va. 
Peabody, Melinda A.- 184 

389 Jefferson Rd. 

Princeton. N. J. 
Peace. Erankie 

416 Springdale Ave. 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Pearson. Evan D. -43, 172 

209 Lakeside Ave. 

Pitman. N. J. 
Pearson, Sharon S. 

225 Charles Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Pecht. Allison G- 48, 184 

42 Baker Rd. 

Livingston, N. J. 
Peeler. Barney Paris 39.159 

Bel wood St a. 

Lawndale. N. Y. 
Pee pies. Janet K. 

Route I 

Gibsonville. N. C. 
Pelfrev. Henry. Jr.- 159 

1904 S. Lake Shore Dr. 

Clermont, Ela. 
Penry. Herbert 1 ., 111-159 

Route 10. Box 322 

Lexington. N. C. 
Perlozzo, Nicholas A. -91, 172,1 10 

129 Race St. 

Cumberland. Md. 
Perov, Nancy L. 

1221 Carter St. 

High Point. N. C. 
Perryman. Kenneth D.-172 

Route 10 

Lexington. N. C. 
Peterson, Barbara E. -65. 93. 159 

Route 2 

luquay-Varina. N. C. 
Peterson. Dr. H. H.- 200 

1604 W. Lexington Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 
Peterson. Joan M.- 49,1 59 

125 Laurel Ave. 

Irvington. N. J. 
Petree. Marv E.- 46. 184 

2505 Camden Rd. 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Petty. Iredricka J. 

923 S. Cox St. 

Asheboro. N. C. 

Phillips, Cheryl A. 50.100 

118 I ox Hill Rd. 

Hampton. Va. 
Phillips. David A. 37.159 

5 Kenwood Rd. 

Peabodv. Mass. 
Phillips, David W - 81,172 

104 Edgewood Dr. 

Pinetops, N. C. 
Phillips. Jean G. 

1842 Elizabeth Ave. 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Phillips, Jane E. 47,72,75.78.87,94.159 

Stuart, Va. 

Phillips. Joan B. 

1420 Grantham l)r 

High Point, N. C. 
Phillips. Mr. Kobert E. 193 

1420 Grantham Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Phillips. Vicki J- 172 

1935 Butler St. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Phillips. Mr. William R. 201 

1200 Biltmore St. 
High Point. N. C. 
Phi Mu Sorority-52,53 
Phipps. S. Diannc- 140 
3415 Imperial Dr. 
High Point, N. C. 
Physical Education Majors Club- 90 
Piacente Frank A.. Jr.- 184.103 
55 Flatbush Ave. 
Hartford, Conn. 
Picka, James G. -70, 1 59.103 
8809 Victory Ave. 

Baltimore. Md. 
Pickel. Phyllis J- 48.184 

249 Chaucer Dr. 

Berkeley Hgts.. N.J. 
Pickett. Emilie L.- 49,86,140 

Box 8 

Denton. N. C. 
Pierce. Louise- 53.172 

1502 Middlebury Dr. 

Alexandria. Va. 
Pi Kappa Alpha 40,41 
Pillsbury, Cvnthia A. -140 

2425 Vail Ave. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Pipes. Paula M. -48. 184 

4010 Taney Ave. 

Alexandria, Va. 
Poole. Barbara W.-49.86.I40 

1 100 S. DeLaney St. 

Orlando. ITa. 
Pope, Dr. L. B.- 194 

Sedge Garden Rd. 

Kernersville, N. C. 
Pope. Toni M.-I72 

3-B Chestnut Ct. Apts. 

High Point. N. C. 
Porter, Mr. Raiford M.-202 

222 Hawthorne Rd.. N.W. 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Poston. Carol A. -22.49. 100. 164. 172 

103 Perry St 

Shelby, N. C. 
Powell. James B. 

213 High St. 

Granville. N. C. 
Powell. Nancy C.-184 

1518 Home wood Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Pratt, Sylvia D. 49,70,159 

1636 Lombard Circle 

Charlotte. N. C. 
Prevail, Rodney T.- 184 

507 E, Grimes Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Prevette. Lloyd K.-140 

Route 1. Lazy Acres Estates 

Lewisville, N. C. 
Price. Joseph B. 

Route 2 

Monroe. N. C. 
Price. Ronald I-..- 41.140 

1001 Willow mere Lane 

Cambridge, Md. 
Prillaman. Carolvn P.-140 

304 Nola Rd. 

Collinsville, Va. 
Prince. Richard C. 

3822 San Luis 

Tampa. Fla. 
Pritchard. Roger Q. 

5 94 Vance St 

Asheboro. N. C. 
Probert, Mrs. Charles A. 

1024 Wellington 

High Point. N. C. 
Proehl. Rebecca A.- 172 

1621 McKinney Ave. 

Lynchburg. Va. 
Pryor. Edward F. 34,140 

Route 6. Box 148 

Hendersonville. N. C. 
Pugh. Phyllis A. 

1704 Centennial Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Purdom, Dr. E. G. 

5109 Friendly Rd. 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Pusey. James N.— 42,1 72 

Avondale, Pa. 


Quakenbush. Curtis R.-184 

Route 2 

Graham. N. C. 
Ouinn. Richard A. -66,88, 92, 172.1 1 3 

106 Mountain View Dr 

Kernersville. N. C. 


Rabb. Jean M. -50. 185 
204 Furches St. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Ragland. Ellen L. 160 

87 Hillcrest Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Ragland, Gary W.-160 

102 Mt. Vernon Ave. 

Alexandria. Va. 
Rainer. Marcia D. -53. 160 

13206 Bregman Rd. 

Silver Spring, Md. 
Ramsey, George W.. 111-37,172 

1101 Sylvan Lane 

Mountainside, N. J. 
Raper. Cheryl C. 

Box 515, Peachtree St. 

Lexington. N. C. 
Rawley, Mrs. D. A., Jr.-201 

1027 Wellington 

High Point. N. C. 
Ravle. M. Douglas- 

1300 Elwell Ave. 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Reaves. John R.-41 

Route 1 , Mashie Dr. 

Pfafftown, N. C. 
Rector. Linda L.- 185 

167 1 Legion Dr 

Winter Park, I la. 
Redding. Mrs. Donald S. -81, 82. 202 

1 109 Country Club Rd. 

High Point, N. C. 
Reed. Linda Catherine- 185 

Route 5 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Reed, Virginia Ellen 

2 724 East Sprague St. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Reeves. Brenda R.-173 

1121 Montlieu Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 
Rego, Philip M. -40. 173 

1931 Optimist Lane 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Rehberg. Susan J. -50.1 73 

610 S. View Terrace 

Alexandria, Va. 
Reid. Jr.. Virgil C- 160 

Box 111 

Candor. N. C. 

Reidda, Larraine A.- 49. 90.91. 101.140 

14 Highland Ave. 

Succasunna. N. J. 
Renfro, Harold 1.. 43,84,148,160 

145 19 Carrolton Rd. 

Rockville. Md. 
Rice, Katherine K.-173 

Leesburg Pike 

Falls Church. Va. 
Rich. Glenn Darrell- 160.1 10 

22 11 Portage Parkway 

Asheboro, N. C. 
Rich. Wanda G.-173 

Route 5, Box 171 

Trinity. N. C. 
Richardson, Elizabeth A.- 185 

1918 N. Ouantico St. 

Arlington. Va. 
Richardson, Judson C- 39,140 

18 Grey Lane 

Lynnfield, Mass. 
Richardson. Patrick E. 

Box 125 

Winston-Salem A IS. N. C. 
Richardson. Stephen E.-173 

3308 Arlington Dr. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Riggs. Steve H.- 141 

324 Phillips St. 

High Point. N. C. 


Ritchie, Cassandra I. E.-136 

586 Blo.'mingdale Rd. 

Kingsport, Tenn. 
Rivera, Luis P. -42, 185 

2520 N. Stevens St. 

Alexandria Va. 
Roark. Wanda C.-18S 

58 Hillcrest Ave. 

Martinsville, Va. 
Robb. Arthur R.. Jr. -141 

2029 West Polo Rd. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Robbins, Gerald L.-173 

R.F.D. 2, Box 85 

Milford, Del. 
Robertson. Robert P. -43, 65, 83.91 ,120.1 34, 


40 Deer Lane 

Wantagh, N. Y. 
Robinson. Mr. Joseph W.- I 98 

1009 5th Court 

High Point. N.C. 
Robinson. Lois B.-160 

248 Holly Ave. 

Woodbury Heights. N. J. 
Robinson. Suzanne G. -49. 173 

1219 W. Northwood St. 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Rock, Charles C, Jr.-l 60,1 16 

2117 Windward Shore Dr. 

Virginia Beach. Va. 

Rockenbaugh. Shirley M.-160 

5009 Belt Rd.. N.W. 

Washington, D. C. 
Rogers, Betty W. -49, 141 

Alberta, Va. 
Rogers, Mr. J . Wilson - 1 98 

507 Sherbrook Dr. 

High Point. N.C. 
Rogers. Lois E.-46.185 

36 Doherty Dr. 

Clifton. N. J. 
Rook. MichaelS.- 173 

6104 Sunset Rd. 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Ross. Richard W.- 109,116 

1604 Woodmoor Lane 

McLean, Va. 
Rother, Mark D. -92, 185 

4859 Singleton Dr. 

Bethesda. Md. 
Rounds, Helen E. -51, 141 

603 Clark St. 

Westfield. N. J. 
Ruhl. Kenneth J. 185.1 10 

451 Sterling Place 

Ridgewood. N. J. 
Rushing, Catherine L. -54, 185 

42 35-C FalconCts. N. 

McGuire AFB, N. J. 
Russell. Lawrence J., Jr. -185 

9 Lambeth Dr. 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Russell. Rosemary 

Route 1 

Troy. N. C. 

Sadler. Nadine M. -51, 173 

4 Marcia Ct. 

Rockville. Md. 
Saintsing, Mintie S.-160 

Route 4 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Sakers. Dale J. -168. 173 

3 N. Constance Dr. 

Glenriddle, Pa. 
Sale. Jenniffer C. 

Route 2. Box 19 

Ronda. N. C. 


Sale, Robert M. -79, 141 

Route 1, Box 201 

Ronda, N. C. 
Salmon, William W.-173 

Route 2 

Carthage, N. C. 
Samuel. Robert A. -38, 185 

1 103 Croton Or. 

Alexandria, Va. 
Samuels, Randall A. 

5-B Chestnut Ct. Apts. 

High Point, N. C. 
Sanderford, Betty G.-141 

1102 Pinckney St. 

Whiteville, N. C. 
Sanders, Linda C. 51,173 

1814 Woodcrest Dr.. Box 756 

Asheboro, N. C. 
Sapp. Mary V.-185 

114 W. Pine St. 

Georgetown, Del. 
Sappenfield, Gary V. -43, 142,1 15 

62 2 Forest St'. 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Sapula. Raymond E. 185 

261 Godwin St. 

East Hartford. Conn. 
Sarbacher, George W. -40. 185 

32 1 1 Leland St 

Bethesda. Md. 
Saunders. Donald R.- 170 

4210 N. Main St. 

High Point. N. C. 
Sawyer. Anna M.-142 

114 N. Joiner St. 

High Point. N. C. 
Scales, Jr., Joseph D.-160 

161 Edgewood Circle 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Scearce, Terry W.-185 

Route 7. Box 421 

Reidsville. N. C. 
Scheuffle, W. Carol-49.66.1 60 

3906 N. Upland St. 

Arlington. Va. 
Schmidt. Barbara G.— 185 

1917 Charla Lee Lane 

Virginia Beach. Va. 
Schnell, Mrs. Adelaide- 195 

918 Ferndale Blvd. 

High Point. N. C. 
Schoenhut. Wayne L.-185 

7 Island Avenue 

Seaside Park, N. J. 
Scholastic Honor Society -68 
Schultz. David L.-37 

25 Sipple Ave. 

Baltimore, Md. 
Schumacher, Roy D.- 141.142 

858 Edge Park Dr. 

Haddonfield, N. J. 
Scott. Ann N. -49. 84, 86.1 36,142 

2 34 Ardennes Circle 

Eort Ord, Calif. 
Scott. Jr., Ellis R.-I73 

21 19 S. Eayetteville St. 

Asheboro. N. C. 
Scott, Jr., James-37,160 

Route 2. Box 102 

Leaksville, N. C. 
Scott, Judith A. -46, 95. 120. 185 

6533 Jay Miller Dr. 

I .ills Church. Va. 
Scott, Mr. Thomas E.-205 

Rt. 6. Union Dr. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Scotten, Dana L. -29. 23, 53, 81 ,173 

901 Circle Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Scronce. Lorraine D 54,173 

Route 5, Box 888 

Hickory, N. C. 
Seigle. Elaine M. -51, 81. 160 

507 N. Quaker Lane 

Alexandria, Va. 
Seigler. Janet A. -47, 142 

1629 Sells St. 

Monroe. N. C. 
Senior Class- 120,1 21 
Sevier, William E. -71, 142 

51 Hillcrest Rd. 

Asheville, N. C. 
Seward, John G. -43. 173 

1101 Tanley Rd. 

Silver Spring, Md. 
Seymour, Alice W. -53, 173 

9200Tuckerman St 

I .11! II. 1111 . Md. 

Shackelford. Sharon E. -52. 66, 173 

2001 Chestnut Dr. 

High Point, N. C. 
Shaeff. George F.-173 

208 W. 46th St. 

Reading, Pa. 
Shaffer, Sherry L. -47, 71. 72, 73.78.87. 8 

11037 Timberlake Rd. 

Lynchburg, Va. 
Sharp, James T. -81. 185 

930 E. Dayton St. 

High Point, N. C. 

Sharpe, Larry B.-173 

Route 2. Box 96 

Stoneville, N. C. 
Sharpe, Thomas P. 

2727 Alamance Rd. 

Burlington. N. C. 
Sharrock. Mrs. W. R. 

I lumlin Ct. 

Jamestown, N. C. 
Shaver, .Thomas L. 

2439 Sink St. 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Shaw, Bettie Jo 

408 Pine Vallev Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Shaw. Willie G„ Jr. -71. 173. 103 

2604 Marble St. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Sheets. Linda L.-173 

4501 Knollwood Dr. 

High Point, N. C. 
Shelly, Donna Lee-42,49, 76.86 

3005 Broad River Dr. 

Burton. S. C. 
Shelton. Mrs. John M.- 200 

2901 St. Claire Rd. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Sherrill, Joan C. 54.185 

325 Oakwood Dr. 

Statesville. N. C. 
Sherrill, Ruth L. -48, 185 

2412 Lanside Dr., Foulkside 

Wilmington. Del. 
Sherwood, Sharon D. -53. 86, 160 

3300 W. Roxboro Rd. 

Atlanta. Ga. 
Shields. William L.-173 

Box 66 

Pleasant Garden, N. C. 
Shiple V.Joyce L.- 47.7 3.74.81 ,1 73 

11303 Emack Rd. 

Beltsville. Md. 
Shumate, John D. -42, 185 

2001 Fairfax Rd. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Shumate. Rick) I . 

1706 Hemingway Dr. 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Siceloff. Marv Suzanne- 52.1 60 

601 Isabel Dr. 

Lexington, N. C. 
Sigmon, Dennis H.. Jr.- 70.97. 1 60 

315 Hillcrest Dr. 

Flkin. N. C. 
Sigmon, Mr. Edward- 201 

Arvin Trailer Park 

Jamestown. N. C. 
Sigman, Loiselle-46.160 

Route 1. Box 374 

Hickory. N. C. 
Simmons. Joan I-. 

1 105 Camden Rd. 

High Point, N. C. 
Simone. Lynn W. -71. 97,1 34,142 

1031 Lowden Ave. 

Union. N.J. 
Sink, Etta Evelyn 

Route 3 

Lexington. N. C. 
Sink, Richard L- 160 

320 West Fifth St. 

Lexington, N. C. 
Sink, Russell W.-161 

Route 3, Box 2 

Lexington, N. C. 

Sink. I almadge S.- 161 

512 Richardson St 

High Point. N. C. 
Sisk. Peggy J. 

Route 5 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Smith. Anita F.- 173 

70 3 Overbrook Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Smith, Barbara A. 185 

750 S.I . Fifth Court 

Pompano, Ma. 
Smith. Beulah J.- 161 

1507 N. Hamilton St. 

High Point. N. C. 
Smith, Clarence B.. Jr.- 186 

Route 2 

Advance, N. C. 
Smith. David B. -92. 186 

2313 Cool Spring Rd. 

Adelphi. Md. 
Smith. Deborah L.-186 

31 1 Kennedy Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Smith. Donald E. -186. 110 

606 Collett St 

Morganton, N. C. 
Smith. Douglas E. -43, 173 

629 Yorkshire St. 

Roanoke, Va. 
Smith. Fred D.-173 

816 Circle Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Smith. John S.- 173 

6008 86th Place 

Hyattsville. Md. 
Smith. Kenneth D.-161 

1414 Cloverdale 

High Point. N. C, 
Smith, Linda C- 54,186 

35 IS Washington Blvd. Apt. 304 

Arlington. Va. 
Smith, Linda V.-186 

Coddington Rd., Box 276B 

Hunterdon, N. J. 
Smith, Lindlev W. 

Route 4. liox 1861) 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Smith. Lucy S. -50, 186 

Faj etteville Rd. 

Rockingham. N. C. 
Smith. Martha S. -71. 161 

346 Cliff Rd. 
\sh.'l><iro. \ i 
Smith, Patricia A. -49,71, 142 

Box 2 5 A, Route 2 

Annapolis, Md. 
Smith, Richard C- 37,1 5 7,1 61 .109,1 1 6 

602 2 Westchester Park Dr. 

College Park, Md. 
Smith, Rudv L.-142 

KID. Box 164 

Onancock, Va. 
Smith. Sheryl L. -51. 174 

5314 Pillow Lane 

Springfield. Va. 
Smith. Stephen R. -96, 186 

139 Spring St. 

Woodbury, N. J. 
Smith. Wilton A., Jr. -39, 77, 142 

5 308 Blacksnake Dr. 

Hillcrest Heights. Md. 
Smithe\ . Martha Vv . I 7 -1 

Sunset Dr. 

North Wilkesboro, N. C. 


^F T" 






Snead. Jr., Dennis R.-143 

4245 Ashland Dr. 

Greensboro, N, C. 
Snead. Elizabeth A. -52, 186 

18 Farrer Rd. 

Tanglin, Singapore, Sig. 
Snider, Karen E. 

4626 Edgefield Rd 

Kelhesda, Md. 
Social Life 32.33 
Society for the Advancement 

of Management-83 
Sombar. Michael J.. Jr. -41 ,143 

504 New St. 

Milford, Del. 
Sophomore Class- 164.165 
Sossoman, John C, 111-42.186 

115 Laurel Hills Dr. 

Morganton. N. C. 
Southard. Patricia A, -174 

Koute 3. Box 77 

High Point, N. C. 
Sowers. Donna K. 

601 Wilioubar Terrace 

High Point. N. C. 
Spaugh, Arthur T. 

1 32 1 Trinity Ave 

High I'., nil. N i 
Speaks. Phillip L.-36 

441 Crews St. 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Spencer, Steven L.-I43 

438 Hunter St 

Madison, N. C. 
Spiker. Richard M.-41 

1125 1 anley Kd 

Silver Spring. Md. 
Spoon. Katherine E.— 161 

P. O. Box 1095 

Apopka. I la 
Staley. Donald E. -37, 161 

502 Northwood Circle 

Garner, N. C. 
Staley , Mary L. 

500 Birchwood Dr. 

High Point. N.C. 
Stallings. Callin M. 

412 N. Third St. 

Smithfield, N. C. 
Stanley. Randolph L 

512 Pine Vallev Dr. 

High Point. N.C. 
Stark, Selena S. -52. 186 
19th St. 

Chesapeake Beach, Md. 
Stear, Davene N. 48,100,186 

Qtrs. A. NAS. N. Y. 

Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Steed. S. Susan- 1 61 

Box S42 

Warrenton, N. C. 
Steele. Leslie C. -S3, 174 

120 Banbury Dr.. Windsor Hills 

Wilmington. Del. 
Steele. Sammie L.-I43 

107 Kersev Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Stephenson, Marilyn J. -55, 174 

4009 N. Stafford St. 

Arlington. Va. 

Sterling. Martha L. 143 

102 S. Lay ton Ave. 

V\ \ cniiing, Del. 
Stevens. Jerry W- 161 

601 Kirk man St 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Steves, David A.- 94,186.1 13 

l.O Ml :7th Ave 

Hillcresl Heights. Md. 
Stewart, Dr. Dorothy R.-I97 

317 Ardmore Circle 

High Point. N. C. 
Stewart. Phyllis K. 49.174 

1412 Lakecrest Dr. 

Apopka. Ma. 
Stewart, William A.- 43,65,148.1 61 

3608 Isbell St. 

Wheaton, Md. 
Stines. M. Donna- 162 

Route 4 

Marshall. N. C. 
Stirewalt, Charles H.. Jr. -83. 143 

P. O. Box 314 

Old Fort, N. C. 
St. John. Robert G. 39,65,84,141 

2321 Glamis Dr. 

Pensacola, Ma. 
Stratton. I dward S., Jr. 39.143,144 

At ton I louse 

Alton, Va. 
Strickland, Ross M. 185,186 

143 Maple Ave. 

Northport. N. Y. 
Stroud. Betty I . 

Ira/.ier Apt. 22 

Guilford College. N. C. 
Student Christian Association -72 

Student Government Association- 64 
Student National Education Association- 86 
Sturdivant, Phyllis A.- 53.87,144 

Route 6 

Lexington. N. C. 
Sturm. Joann P.-49.174 

P. O. Box 116 

Midland Park, N. J. 
Sturm. Linda J. -49.76.174 

49 Lakeshore Dr. 

Newport News, Va. 
Stutts. Henrv T.- 162 

3408 Grcenhill Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Styles. Dorothy B.-162 

Box 7232 

Asheville. N. C. 
Sullivan, Mrs. C. N.-201 

1202 Greemvay Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Sullivan, Sherilyn J. 47,174 

1062 llibriten Lane 

Lenoir, N. C. 
Summers. Gary L. 174 

7215 Glenridge Dr. 

Hyattsville, Md. 
Sumptei. Collis L. 174 

126 Regal Dr. 

Lenoir, N. C. 
Swigart, Nora Sue -90.91 ,101 

2 W. Church St 

Cambridge City , Ind. 
Swink, Lynne I-.-49 

Route 5 

( Greensboro, N. C. 
Suit/er, Dale E.- 186 

30 Eighth Ave 

lladdon Heights. N. J. 
Sykes, Linda I. 47.90,9 1.101.174 

2228 Lacy St. 

Burlington, N. C. 

Tanner, Linda K.-186 

5706 38th Ave. 

Hyattsville. Md. 
Tanner, Patricia A. 74,174 

547 Palls Rd. 

Rocky Mount. N. C. 
latgenhorst. Steve C 103 

3910 N. Main St. 

High Point. N.C. 
Taylor. Barbara I. 49,,137 

Box 66 

Denton. N. C. 
Taylor, Nancy E.-49.6S, 144,181 

Box 672 

Eutaw, Ala 
Taylor. Ray I .-39,144,1 15 

1009 Sycamore St. 

Durham. N. C. 
Teague, Charles P.-72.144 

35 Brevard Rd. 

Asheville, N. C. 
Teague, Inez 1 . 

6 Swaim Dr. 

Thomasville. N. C. 
Teague.. Sylvia H- 53,144 

1932 W. Blvd. 

Charlotte, N. C. 


Thacker, Dr. James A. 

814 E. I'arriss Ave. 

High Point. N. C. 
Thayer, Barbara L.-144 

Route 5, Box 326 

High Point, N. C. 
Theise. Valerie A.- 82,1 86 

74 Lauren Ave. 

Deer Park, N. Y. 
Therrell, Katherine E.-83 

790 Dogwood Circle 

High Point, N. C. 

rtliepen, lrankie C. 43.144,114 

P. O. Box 245. P 

Pikeville, N. C. 
Thomas, 1 rank 1).- 145 

540 Forrest Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 
I honias. John H. 

Route 9. Box 107 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Thomas, Luell L. 

71 1 N. Weldon St. 

Gastonia. N. C. 
Thomas, Martha E.-174 

206 Westhaven 

Forest City. N. C. 

Thomas, Mary L.-145 

3810 Gilmore Dr. 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Thomas, Richard L. 40,103.186 

3508 Spencerville Rd. 

Burtonsville, Md. 
Thompson, Mr. Jack L.-195 

900 Sixth St. 

High Point. N. C. 
Thompson, Mrs. Jack L.— 195 

900 Sixth St. 

High Point. N. C. 
Thompson. Marie I.- 174 

Route 3, Box 117 

Asheboro, N, C. 
Thompson, S. Alice-47,76,86,162 

Route 1, Box 253 

Graham. N. C. 
Tingle, Keith D. -174. 115 

608 Baldwin Lane 

Wilmington. Del. 
Tolson. Diana D.-162 

Kidwell Ave. 

Centreville, Md. 
Tompkins, Tommy- 37,174 

34 Sunset Rd. 

Pompton Plains, N. J. 
Torres. Robert, Jr. 

3910 N. Main St 

High Point. N. C. 
Townsend, Ann C.— 174 

3365 Paslev Ave. 

S.W, Roanoke. Va. 
Traveria, Jorge I- 83.145 

801 Acosta St. 

Jacksonville. Ha. 
Trepper, Robert K. -42. 174 

1 19 Rockingham l>r 

Wilmington. Del. 
Trogdon. Richard J. 

Route 1, Box 429 

I ranklinville. N. C. 
Troutman. Gloria F.— 55,145 

917 S Juniper St. 

Kannapolis, N. C. 
Trump, Stanley J- 38.185 

39 Beechyvood Rd. 

Asheville. N. C. 
Tucker, 1 red I-..- 162 

162 1 Third St. 

Ash-boro, N. C. 
Tuck.r. Linda J- 1 62 

II 12 S. Ashland Dr. 
Burlington. N. C. 

Tuggle. M. Lynn- 145 

Route 3, Box 2 67C 

High Point, N. C. 
Turner. Samuel !•'., Jr. -65. 187 

405 Colonial Dr. 

Madison, N. C. 

Turpin, Mrs. Mozelle B. -76. 195 

High Point, N. C. 
Tuttle. Martha J. -90.9 1 .101 ,1 45 

712 Glenmore Circle 

High Point. N. C. 

Tuttle. Robert K.-14S 

Route 1 

Lewisville. N. C. 
Tuxhorn. David M. -70. 71, 162 

Route 7 

Springfield. III. 
Twitty. Patricia G. -50, 187 

701 N.L. 7th St. 

Pompano Beach. Ha. 
Tyler. Merry Celeste- 187 

471 Sylvan Dr. 

Winter Park. Ma. 
I yler, Patricia A. -49, 174 

2901 N. Underwood St. 

Arlington. Va. 

Tysinger, Janice W.— 1 45 

Route 7 

Lexington. N. C. 
Tysor, Linda L.-187 

133 E. Dorsett Ave. 

Asheboro. N. C. 


Underwood, Dr. Sam J. -71,96, 161,201 

503 E. Farriss Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 
Upton, Ronda J. -145 

2206 Plainvievv Dr. 

High Point, N.C. 


VanAnda, Jane M. -46,75, 174 

10611 Howerton Ave. 

Fairfax. Va. 
Van Gilder, Sue Ellen-47,145 

Main Road 

Cumberland, N. J. 
Vann, George W. -37, 71, 162 

11208 Bybee St 

Silver Spring, Md. 
Vanneman, Jeanne C- 5 1,146 

309 Central Ave. 

Woodbury Heights, N. J. 
Varner, Brenda T.- 1 46 

Route 2, Box 153 

Lexington, N. C. 
Vaughn, Howard C, Jr. -187 

910 Brentwood St. 

High Point, N. C. 
Vaughn, Mr. Robert F.-207.I02 

1629 Lakewood Dr. 

High Point, N. C. 
Vestal. Steve A. -146 

Route 3, Box 107 

Thomasville. N. C. 
Von Dreele, Richard W. -42, 187 

3520 Coronado Dr. 

Louisville. Ky. 


Wagner, A. Jane-80,81.82.162 
Route 1, Box 422 
Lexington, N. C. 

Wagner, Harry R.-187 

1306 B Eaton Place 

High Point. N. C. 
Wagoner, Forrest S. 

Box 122 

Appomattox. Va. 
Wagoner, Teddie V.-174 

Route 10 

Lexington, N. C. 
Wakenight, Jean M.-I62 

2900 30th St.,S.E. 

Washington, D. C. 
Walden, Richard A. -35 

3725 Wabash Dr. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Waldron, Thomas J. -92, 1 62 

80 South Main St. 

Allentown, N. J. 
Walker, Edwin W.-162 

21 15 Link Rd. 

Winston-Salem, N, C. 
Walker. Hal H. -174. 114 

116S. Elm St. 

Asheboro, N. C. 
Walker, Joseph V.-146 

2909 Dellwood Dr. 

Greensboro. N. C. 
Walker, Ronald L. 

703 E. Kearns Ave. 

High Point, N. C. 
Walker, Stephen D. 

Route 4, Box 62 H 

Thomasville, N. C. 
Walker, William H.-174 

106 W. Green St. 

Thomasville, N.C. 
Wall, John W. -42. 174 

2804 Fairfield Ave. 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Wall, Larry R.-I03 

1014 Grant St. 

High Point, N. C. 
Wall, Steve M.-162 

209 Overbrook Dr. 

High Point. N. C. 
Walton, Bill R. -40, 187 

2215 Pembroke Ave. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Ward, Carolyn A.- 174 

Route 1, Box 382 

McLeansville, N. C. 
Warren, Joan P.-55.146 

Friendly Rd., Box 86 

Kernersville, N. C. 
Warth, Thomas M.-162 

3700 Greenhill Dr. 
High Point, N.C. 

Washburn. Ann- 187 

2551 32nd Rd.. N. 

Arlington, Va. 
Washington, Mrs. E. K.-203 

Bundy Rd. 

Jamestown, N. C. 
Waters, Melissa M. -50, 187 

4200 Hatton Court 

Alexandria, Va. 
Watson, Mrs. Edison E.- 198 

536 Overlook Street 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Watts. Janice K. -49, 162 

4126 Faulkner PI. 

Charlotte, Va. 
Waugh, Randolph P. -146.1 15 

4 Buena Vista Rd. 

Asheville. N. C. 
Wav. Jane E.- 187 

118 N. Elm St. 

Asheboro, N. C. 
Weatherly, Dr. Owen M.-209 

1605 Chatham Dr 

High Point, N. C. 
Weatherman, Kenneth W.- 34.83, 162 

Route 1 

Lewisville, N. C. 
Weaver, Maria K.-187 

Olin, N.C. 
Webb, Mrs. D. B.-195 

3300 N. Centennial 

High Point. N.C. 
Webb. Michael T- 162.1 13 

3300 N. Centennial 

High Point. N. C. 
Webb, Nancy J. -1 87 

616 E. Salisbury St. 

Asheboro, N. C. 
Webb. William R.- 187.103 

7 F Crescent St. 

Greenbelt, Md. 
Weeks. Dr. Leo-191,197 

701 Sunset Dr. 

High Point, N. C. 
Weiss, Linda M. -70. 71 ,86,162 

A3B Kmerywood Ct. Apts. 

High Point. N. C. 
Welborn. Rosiland A.- 187 

3921 S. Main St. 

High Point, N.C. 
Welch, Lesley-65.162 

486 Hampton Ave. 

Long Branch, N. J. 
Wharton. Charles R.-187 

Box 5 5 

Rockingham, N. C. 
White. Charles D.-187 

581 11th Ave. Circle. N.W. 

Hickory, N. C. 
White, Ellen L. -55. 83. 146 

7 Sterling Ave. 

Saugus. Mass. 
White. Judith L.-82 

1540 Westbrook Circle 

Gastonia. N. C. 
White. Linda L.-187 

Route 1, Box 77 

Harmony, N. C. 
White. William R. -43,147 

Box 1 38 

Stony Point, N. C. 
Whitehead. James E. -9 1.1 47 

572 1 Delaware Ave. 

Camp Lejeune, N. C. 
Whitehead, Wayne A. -174 

607 Ivy dale Ave. 

Wilmington. Del. 
Whitfield. Gay L.-162 

713 Elk Spur St. 

Klkin, N. C. 
Whitt, Doris M. -47,71.73, 97, 162 

51 3 N. Main St. 

Roxboro, N. C. 
Who's Who- 1 34,1 37 

Wilbur, Bruce A. -174 

64 38 Maplewood Dr 

Falls Church, Va. 
Wilkerson, James H. -37, 162 

Box 78 

Milford, Del. 
Wilkes, Shelby-78,147 

27B Daniel Brooks Apts. 

High Point, N. C. 
Wilkes, Mr. Sherrell R.-208 

404-A W. Lexington Ave. 

High Point. N.C. 
Williams. Mrs. Arthur B.-19S 

P.O. Box 437 

Jamestown, N. C. 
Williams. David H.-I74 

503 Westside Dr. 

Lexington, N. C. 
Williams, Diane L. - 62 

Box 6 

Eagle Springs, N. C. 
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20 Valley View Terrace 

Moorestown, N. J. 


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2 349 Belleview Ave. 

Cheverlv, Md. 
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Thomasville. N. C. 

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Asheboro. N. C. 
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Route 1 

Raeford, N. C. 
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1834 Talbot Apt. 2 

Jacksonville, I-Ta. 
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1 17 John St. 

Rayetteville. N. C. 
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High Point. N. C. 
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Lexington. N. C. 
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3271 Van Hazen St., N.W. 

Washington, D. C. 
Womack. Patsv S.- 147 

4SC William & Mary Apts 

High Point, N. C. 

Women's Athletic Association-91 
Women's Dormitory Council-76 

Wood, Gerald L.-175 

1920 Burgoyne Court 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Wood, Jeffrey H. -163. 110 

747 Charing Cross Rd. 

Baltimore. Md. 
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Durham, N. C. 
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High Point. N. C. 
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High Point, N. C. 

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High Point, N. C. 


Xindaris, Philip L. — 163 

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I'eabody, Mass. 

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High Point, N. C. 
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Atlantic City, N. J. 
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P. (). Box 27 

Granite Quarry, N. C. 
Yokley, Clark S.- 147 

K3B I nier\ wood Court 

High Point. N. C. 

Young, Angela J.- 187 

301 Rockspring Rd. 

High Point, N. C. 
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Route 1 

Trinity, N. C. 

Zakos, Barbara J.- 1 75 

1417 Welborn St. 

High Point, N. C. 
Zellmer, Kathieen-49,175 

5603 Ontario Circle 

Bethesda. Md. 
Zenith Staff 96,97 
Zeta Tau Alpha- 54,55 
Zumbro, Val 1.-37,84,147 

4116 East West Highway 

Hyattsville, Md. 


During his college experience the student is profoundly influenced by the 
steps he takes — physical, social, service, religious, and academic. How- 
ever, the steps of learning and experience do not end with graduation. 
Students will use their college background as a foundation on which to 
build, reaching higher echelons and becoming more useful citizens. 

Throughout the 1968 ZENITH we have attempted to share these dif- 
ferent facets of college life with you. There have been many long hours 
of work and frustration in putting the yearbook together. The results 
show many innovations that can be found throughout the book. We hope 
the students recognize and appreciate these different aspects and realize 
the work that has gone into this year's ZENITH. 

Each year there are outstanding members of the staff with whose help 
the yearbook could not have been published. Among them are Doris Whitt, 
associate editor, Jon Faulkner, business manager, Steve Smith and Dave 
Bishop, our tireless photographers. A special "thanks" goes to Bucky Sig- 
mon, the copy editor and Dr. Underwood, our advisor. They were always 
there when needed with that helping hand. 

The staff hopes you, the students, enjoy your 1968 ZENITH. I would 
like to take this opportunity to thank my entire staff for a job excellently 
done. Working together they have put out the best yearbook High Point 
College has ever seen. Thus, may the students of High Point College take 
pride in the 1968 ZENITH and continue their steps forward in the learn- 
ing process of life. 

Lynn Simone 




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