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Full text of "The Zenith Yearbook, 1975 High Point College"

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zenith '75 

high point college 

high point, n. c. 


• - 

come . . . 









\ ; 

seasons go . . . 



life is 

very short . . 




• » 

to waste. 

p - ^> 

■ — "a 



«ri?>i.- ^- '" 

many different 

people with 


needs and interests 


v I 

;■ jj 

* 1 


yet we 

find unity 

through cooperation 

1 1 

SA d 

a spirit of willingness, a sense 

of responsibility, 

and through 



We have made mistakes 

and we learn from them 


Zenith 75 





Year in Review 


Who's Who 





















Yeeg iii Re view 


As the carloads of incoming freshmen 
and transfers arrived, the orientation 
committee greeted them, ready to un- 
pack and help them get settled the 
talent show included a HPC version of 
the dating game registration ... a 
mind-probing evening with Dr Bntt 
class registration the first of many 
visits to the bookstore testing the 
Orientation Committee mentor- 
mentee groups made introductions and 
stimulated conversation . . lines, lines, 
and more lines 

mentor groups 



dorm registration 

i . 

* P'JK •" 

the audience watches as students 

perform at the Talent Show. 

Elections Committee holds 
Freshman Class Elections. 

Physical Education Majors 


Tamara Coffeehouse 





North Carolina Dance Theatre 



I I 


North Carolina Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages 


Halloween Carnival for United Appeal 

Winston-Salem Barbershop Quartet 

Kreskin at High Point College 

Kreskin found his check 

50th Anniversary Convocation/Celebration 


Phoenix Club sells 
books on campus 

Tug-of-war was one of many Birthday activities 

Parents' Weekend — visiting professors 

Mary Irwin Belk Dorm 

North Carolina Symphony Band 


"-" ,*li ■••-.■: a 

a meeting in Trustees' Dining-room 

and the Mary Irwin Belk Dorm dedication 


McCulloch Dorm 
fire over Interim 



- t - r 




Pistol Shooting at Skeet Lodge sponsored by the Student Union 

A. P.O. Sponsors bloodmobile 

Canadian speaker donates books on his 
country to the Wrenn Memorial Library 
and to the History Department 

:; r > 

Snow creates beautiful scenes on campus 
AX Serenade with Christmas carols & candles 

'.~j-v. :T5fc'- ••- r /tit «i # ■ . 

* "* .. . * -■" •• -la.. 

. - % l 


! %*&*i?^.v • 

-^Wf 11/ 

y\s**f -J'- -.V, Am 

> Jtkiri. '•* . Jt\ «f.*/ 

- r Sara" . .j^* • : ■ '■> '■■; 

f. "* > . 

JW^ ft- .^> '. 

r / 

• ^4» !iK'"'.v > «***! « 

4 4 3fR?" 


if/,.- *_*« 

:•:. \ *^f 



v. *%L 


Students at College Village 

Pool Shark exhibition in game room. 

A coffeehouse sponsored by Student Union. 


Congressman Preyer — Visiting Lecturer 
Campus repelling clinic 


Dr. Joyce Brothers on Love 

Homecoming Weekend began with a 
Friday night Moose Lodge Dance. 

The band "Armagedon' 


The Alpha Gams win 
1 st place for banner 

Ensemble sings the 
Star Spangled Banner 

game preparation 

organizations support Panthers 

« &t UFP»" 








The crowd cheers at the game 

and the cheerleaders were "psyched' 

The Homecoming Court 











sponsored by 


the Lambda 


Chi Alpha 





Donna Walls crowns 1 975 Homecoming Queen 

1st Runner-up 


sponsored by 

the Junior 



sponsored by 
the Sophomore 

2nd Runner-up 

Kathy Bosserman 

sponsored by the 

Delta Sigma Phi 


Donna Chadwick 

sponsored by the 
Junior Class 







*■ . — '~ 





Cindy Gates 

sponsored by the 
Freshman Class 

**< gap* 

m .' & 


W •«' .-v.-% 

•v-. '- .-, ' 

■«■*• - ■*■•■ 

qpfefe. ;**, 

.' - 



• - • 

, ■ ■ : 

,J. 'J' 'J* 

"' ' V '■' .id 


Karen Harris 

sponsored by 

the Alpha 

Phi Omega 


Kitty Hanrahan 

sponsored by 

the Pi Kappa 

Alpha Fraternity 


Joda Hayman 

sponsored by the 
Freshman Class 

... ■ ; 

. r - • , 

1 -. '■' 

Kathy Miller 

sponsored by the 
Theta Chi Fraternity 





: ft j| 


J|§ Hfc 



' </ n 










Brenda Minnick 

sponsored by 

the Tower Players 

Debi Royals 

sponsored by 

the Senior Class 

Pam Siler 

sponsored by 

the P.E. Majors Club 

Pam Slater 

sponsored by 

the Student Union 

Pam Wiese 

sponsored by 

the Sophomore Class 

Tryout for "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" 

repelling clinic 

Student-Faculty Basketball Game 



Jim Wheaton 
Westfield. N.J. 

Bonnie Beasley 

High Point, N.C 

AB — Elementary Ed 

Bob Aylmer 

Alexandria, Va 
BS — Biology 

Dale Adams 

Coatesville. Pa 
BS — Business Ed 

Matt Burns 

Alexandria, Va 
BS — Biology 


Richard I. Brooks. Ill 

High Point. N.C. 
AB — English 

Cindy Stocker 

Malvern, Pa 
AB — English 

• ■■■■Afii" *- 



it. ■■'■^,'£to\'-'ti* 

■e-.-s-H: ■■■. >. •.-• 

Jeff Thrall 
Rochester. N.Y. 
BS — Biology 

Letha Cook 

Denton. N.C. 

AB — Behavioral Sci 


•- > rl • • '4 SEX 

Kathy Miller 

Panama City, Fla 
AB — Music Ed 

Pat Miller 

High Point. N.C. 
AB — Sociology 

Paul Mattox 

Rocky Mount. N.C. 
BS — Physical Ed 

Wanda Cummings 

Greensboro, N C 
AB — Elementary Ed 

David Hughes 

Orange. Conn 

AB — Human Relations 

Clifton Justice 

Siler City. N.C. 

BS — Business Administration 

Becky Lambeth 

Morganton. N.C. 
AB — Art 

Bill Long 

Frankford, Del 

AB — History/Pol Sci 

Phoebe Dillard 

Arlington, Va 
AB — Sociology 

Allen Goldberg 

Wilmington. Del 

AB — History/Pol Sci 

Bob Hagelgans 

Whippany. N J 

BS — Mathematics 

' ■ 1 

Hal Roach 

Greensboro, N.C 
AB — Music Ed 

Gart Evans 

Wilmington. Del 
AB — Behavioral Sci 

Anne Stanfield 

Severna Park. Md 
AB — English 

Paul Cloud 

Winston-Salem. N.C. 
AB — History/Pol. Sci. 

Alex Vera 

Bethesda, Md 
BS — Biology 

Pat Jarrett 

Asheboro. N.C. 
AB — Sociology 

Paula Vavrinec 

Huntington. NY 

AB — History/Pol Sci 

Al Pickett 

Denton, N.C. 

BS — Business Administration 

Allen Hunt 

Matthews. N.C 

AB — Human Relations 

Bill Ashley 

Charlotte. N.C. 

AB — History/Pol Sci 

Jim Coble 

Climax. N.C. 

AB — Christian Ed 



Marsha Everhart Berrier 

Lexington. N.C. 

AB — Elementary Ed 

Mike Hasty 

Glenarm, Md 
BS — Phys Ed 

Paul Hufschmidt 

Smyrna. Del 

BS — Business Administration/Eco 

Nina Haggerty 
High Point, N.C 
AB — Elementary Ed 

Steve Lawson 

Riviera Bch . Ra 

AB - Human Relations 

- ■• 



Cindy Wood 

Nottingham. Pa 
BS — Phys Ed 


Sheri Haymore 

High Point. N C 
AB — English 

Ron Moore 

High Point. N C 

BS — Business Administration 

Dianne Hess 

Towson, Md 
AB — Art Ed 

Jane Coggin 

High Point. N C 
AB — Sociology 

'. r?£r ' 

Doug Watts 

Kernersville. N C 

AB — Human Relations 

Ray Smith 

Thomasville, N C 

BS — Business Administration 

■_t tex. » / 

Cathey Calloway 

Winston-Salem. N.C. 
AB — English 

Susan Weaver 

Jamestown, N C 
AB — Behavioral Sci 

Bruce Gray 

High Point. N.C. 

AB — Human Relations 

Steve Adams 
High Point. N.C. 
BS — Biology 

% ■» - ' "' 

- ■ — 

Pam McCulloh 

Advance. N C 

AB — Elementary Ed 

John Hamilton 

High Point. N C 

BS — Business Administration Ed 

Sheri McGowan 
Hamlet. N.C. 
AB — Music Ed 

Pete Taylor 
Asheboro. N.C. 
AB — Psychology 

^ _• 

Joyce Dillman 

Walnut Cove, N C 
AB — Elementary Ed 

Mike Bash 

Charlottesville. Va 
BS — Biology 

Gayle Guyton 

High Point. N.C 

BS — Business Administration 

Doug Potter 

Auburn. NY 

AB — Behavioral Science 


John Hill 

Winston-Salem, N.C. 

BS — Business Administration 

Jim Groome 

High Point. NC 

AB — History/Pol Sci 

Rene Stone 
Winston-Salem, N C 
AB — Elementary Ed 

Kim Fitzmartin 
Peper Pike. Ohio 
AB — Sociology 

$ ^ t 

Sally Baker 
Winston-Salem. N C 
AB — Elementary Ed 

Karl Cagle 

Wilmington. Del 

AB — History/Pol Sci 

Kathy Bosserman 

Alexandria. Va 

AB — Behavioral Sci 

Phil Layne 

Burke. Va 

BS — Business Administration 

Sally Detcham 

Coral Gables. Fla 

AB — History/Pol Sci. 

Sue Johnson 

Tampa. Fla 

AB — Elementary Ed 

Joe Meek 

Riverdale. Md 
BS — Physical Ed 

Carl Hicks 

Winston-Salem. N C 

BS — Business Administration 

Debi Royals 

Springfield. Va 
AB — Spanish Ed 


Kathy Smith 

Avondale. Md 

AB — Behavioral So 

Becky Page 

Gibsonville, N.C 

AB — Behavioral Sci 

Tim Branch 

Long Grove. Ill 

AB — Behavioral Sci 

Steve Johnson 

Pilot Mountain, N.C. 
BS — Mathematics 

Clark Cole 

High Point. N.C. 

AB — Elementary Ed 

Patti Drew 

Commack. N Y. 

AB — Elementary Ed 

Debbie Tyler 

Staunton, Va 

AB — Theatre Arts 


Greg Bennett 

Winston-Salem. N.C 
BS — Physical Ed 

Ken Avent 

Jacksonville, Fla 

AB — History/Pol Sci 

Teresa Moran 
Bayaman, P R 
AB — Spanish Ed 

Cheri Benjamin 

Frederick. Md 

BS — Business Administration 

Sue Kelly 

Troy. N.C 

AB — Sociology 

Bill Davidson 

Annandale. Va 

AB — Elementary Ed 

Doris Wagner 

AB — Elementary Ed. 

Bill Burchfield 

High Point. N.C. 

AB — Elementary Ed. 

Debbie Kidston 

Bethesda. Md. 

AB — Social Studies 

Stanley Webb 

Anawalt. W Va 
BS — Biology 

Kathy Brown 

Morganton. N C 

BS — Business Administration 

Donna Miller 

Beltsville, Md 

AB — Behavioral Sci 

Mike Gross 

High Point. N.C 

BS — Business Administration 

IV i\ \» \ * a 

Lisa Herdman 

Glenrock, N.J 

AB — Elementary Ed 

Sarah McDade 
Henderson, N C 
AB — Behavioral Sci 

Sharon Parker 
Denton, N.C 
AB — Sociology 

Rick Eldridge 
High Point, N.C. 
AB — Behavioral Sci 

Warren Obes 

E. Norwich, NY 
AB — Music Ed 

Kim Ellis 

High Point. N.C. 

AB — History/Pol Sci 

Sam Crowell 

Matthews. N.C 

BS — Business Administration/Eco 

Marcia Patterson 
Winston-Salem. N.C. 
AB — Elementary Ed 

'■■.' •■■■ 

Mary Weaver 
Greensboro. N C 
AB — Religion 

George Cochran 
High Point. N.C 
AB — Sociology 

1 Lisa Beshara 

HBG. Pa. 

AB — Behavioral Sci. 
2. Laurie Murphy 

Potomac. Md. 

AB — History 

3 Karen Auman 
Seagrove, N.C. 
AB — History 

4 Sharon O'Brien 
Balboa. C.Z. 

AB — Elementary Ed. 

5 Sonjia Kurosky 
Trenton. N.J. 

AB — Social Studies 
6. Linda Nicol 
Trenton. N.J. 
AB — Art Ed. 

7 Burney Bragg 
Marietta, Ga 
AB — Art Ed 

8 Eileen Rose 
Balboa. CZ 

AB — Sociology 
9. Ike Kershaw 
Yardley. Pa. 
BS — Biology 

10 Steve Rhodes 
Wilmington, Del 
BS — Biology 

1 1 Dean Styles 
Amityville. N.Y. 
AB — Art 

12. LeeTydings 

High Point. N.C. 

BS — Business Administration 

13 Barry Brennen 
Port St. Lucie. Fla. 

BS — Business Administration 

14 Dicky Pettit 
High Point. N.C. 

BS — Business Administration 

1 5 John Davis 
Olney, Md. 

BS — Phys. Ed. 

1 6 John Shallenberger 
Waverly. N.Y. 

AB — History/Pol. Sci. 

17 Mark Sollosi 
Annandale. Va. 
AB — Sociology 

18 Dicky Culp 
Bethesda. Md. 

AB — History/Pol. Sci. 

19 Dennis Skomorucha 
Claymont. Del 

AB — History 


Barb Abbotl. '76 

Salisbury. Md 
Joan Aburrow. '78 

Washington. DC 
Matty Adams. '77 

Boca Raton, Fla 
Margaret Adcock. '78 

Stokesdale. N.C. 

Carol Agnew, '77 

Boca Raton. Fla 
Becky Albright, '78 

Ramseur, N C 
Richard Allred. '78 

High Point. N C 
Antonette Alonso '78 

Santurce. Puerto Rico 

Kent Amick. '78 

Winston Salem. N C 
Susan Amis. '76 

Claymount. Del 
Johnny Amos. '76 

Sandy Ridge. N.C. 
Sarah Amos. 78 

Houston. Texas 

Bill Anderson. '76 

Commack. NY 
George Auman. '78 

Pineville, N.C. 
Kathy Avery. '78 

Marshalls Creek. Pa 
Deborah Baker. '76 

Concord. N C 

Sid Baker. '77 

Greensboro. NC 
Bomta Baldus. '76 

La Plata. Md 
Bill Bardin. '77 

Raleigh, N C 
Daryl 8arnes. '77 

High Point. N.C 

8renda Barton. '78 

Springfield. Va 
Sid Batts. '76 

Charlotte. N.C. 
George Baunchalk, '76 

Wilmington, Del 
Jim Baunchalk, '77 

Wilmington, Del 


Cynthia Belk. '76 

Winston Salem, N.C 
Eliza Bell, '76 

Chevy Chase. Md 
Bruce Berner. '78 

Charlotte. N C 
Debra Bissette. '78 

Cumberland. N C 

Kathy Black. '76 

Thomasville. N C 
Carol Blackwell, '76 

High Point. N C 
Randy Bledsoe. '78 

Dobson. N.C 
Arnold Bolen, '77 

Colfax, N.C 

Barbara Bolton. '78 

Wilmington. Del 
Donald Bowles. '78 

Macksville. N C 
Danny Bowman. '76 

Rural Hall. N.C. 
Jimmy Boyles. '76 

King. N C 

Lisa Boyles. '78 

High Point, N.C. 
Stan Bradley. '77 

Lindside. W Va. 
Colleen Brennan, '77 

Potomac. Md 
Patti Briggs, '78 

High Point, N C 

Deborah Brooks, '77 

Maplewood, N.J. 
Cathy Brown. '76 

Julian. IMC. 
Chris Brown, '77 

Jonesville, N.C. 
Darrel Brown, '76 

Lakewood, N J 

Teresa Burdette. '78 

High Point, N C 
Cynthia Burns, '78 

Robbins, N.C 
Donald Burns, '76 

Robbins, N.C. 
3ary Burns. '77 

Robbins, N.C 


Jerry Burns, '76 

Arlington. Va 
Nancy Burns, '77 

Baton Rouge. La 
Charles Burrell 

Gastoma, N C 
Elliot Burroughs, '77 

High Point. N C 

Debra Burrows, 78 

Asheboro. N C 
Rebecca Butler. '77 

Charlotte. N C 
Kendalle Bzdek. '78 

Hopewell. Va 
Robert Cagle. '78 

High Point. N C 

Stan Cagle, '76 

Carthage. N C 
David Caldwell. '76 

Arlington, Va 
Lynn Caldwell. '76 

Wyomissing. Pa 
Randy Callahan. '78 

Ellenboro. N C 

John Callaway. '76 

Winston Salem. N C 
Pam Callicut, '78 

High Point, NC 
Nina Cameron, '77 

Southern Pines, N C 
Christie Camfield. '78 

Crozet. Va 

Blake Canfield. '76 

Woodbury, Conn 
Martsa Carbone, '78 

Boca Raton. Fla 
Allen Carter, '78 

Mocksville. N C 
Donna Chadwick. '76 

Greensboro. N C 

Gerald Cheek. '76 

Robbins, N C 
Donna Ciuffreda. '77 

Forestville. Md 
Carol Cladney. '78 

Bethesda. Md 
Dee Ann Clapp. '78 

Julian. N.C 

i^lfc ^ 


Caroline Clements. '76 

Fori Lauderdale. Fla 
Beth Cochran. '78 

Asheboro. N C 
Peggv Collins. '76 

High Point. N C 
Jimmy Cook. '77 

Asheboro. N C 

Richard Cook. 78 

McLean. Va 
Robert E Cook. '76 

Magerstown. Md 
Robert S Cook, '78 

McLean. Va 
Gary Cooper. '77 

Shelby. N.C 

Tom Cope. '78 

Red Springs. N.C 
Shelia Coughlin. '76 

Cambridge. Md 
Robbie Crater. '77 

Winston Salem. N.C. 
Kathy Creed. '78 

Pilot Mountain. N C 

Dickie Crump, '77 

Pinnacle. N C 
Walter Culbreth, '78 

Coconut Creek. Fla 
Donna Curry. '78 

Lexington. N C 
Jane Curtis. '77 

Randleman. N.C. 

William Dabbs, '77 

High Point. N.C. 
Scott Daeschner. '78 

Towson. Md 
Phil D'Agostino. '77 

High Point. N.C. 
Ruth Day. '78 

Belleville. N J 

Robin Deal. '78 

Lambertville. N.J 
Jack Deandrade, '78 

Cheshire. Conn 
Ricky DeLappe. '78 

High Point, N.C 
Kevin DeNicola, '76 

Wantagh, N Y 


Doyle Dennis. '76 

Shelby, N.C 
MaryLou DiAngelis. '77 

Wilmington. Del 
Leon Dickens, '77 

Roxboro. N.C. 
Kim Dillard. '76 

Arlington. Va 

Jill Dorsett, '78 

High Point. N C 
Karen Dorsett, '77 

Thomasville, NC 
Patrick Dutfy. '77 

Charlotte. N.C 
Donita Dunbar. '77 

Greensboro. N C 

Gary Dupell. 78 

Riverdale. N J 
Murphy Dupree. '78 

New York. NY 
Sue Eastburn, '77 

Wilmington. Del 
Julie Ebsary. '78 

Miami. Fla. 

Chris Edwards. '77 

Charlotte. N.C 
Diane Edwards, '78 

High Point. N C 
Joseph Eisele. '76 

Northfield. N.J 
Robbie Ellis. '78 

Mocksville, N.C 

Amos Tere Emile. '78 

Monrovia, Livena 
Ronald Engelhaupt. '78 

Baltimore. Md 
Oenise Everhart. '78 

Thomasville. N.C 
Donnie Everhart. '78 

Lexington. N.C. 

Jim Everhart, '76 

Lexington, NC 
Kathy Everhart. '76 

Lexington, N.C. 
Dennis Failing, '78 

Wyoming, Del. 
Nanette Falls, '78 

Concord. N.C. 


Steven Feinberg. 77 

Huntington Sta . N Y 
Otis Foster. '76 

High Point. N C 
Kim Freeman. '78 

Greensboro. N C 
David Friday. '77 

Marlow Heights. Md 

Elizabeth Fulk. '78 

Kannapohs. N C 
David Fuller. '77 

Winston Salem. N C 
Robert Fuller. '76 

Greensboro. N C 
Patty Galup. '76 

Ft Lauderdale. Fla 

Susan Galup. '78 

Ft Lauderdale. Fla 
Clyde Gann. '78 

McLeansville. N C 
Cynthia Gates, '78 

Hurlock. Md 
Doug Geary. '77 

Wilmington. Del 

Mike Glover. '76 

Jamestown. N.C 
Sharon Glover. '77 

Rockville. Md 
Robert Goode. '76 

Chevy Chase. Md 
James Goodman. '76 

Elkin. N C 

Bruce Gouge. 78 

Raleigh. N C 
William Granberry. '78 

Raleigh, N C 
Edward Grandpre. '78 

Greenville. S C 
Amanda Green, '78 

High Point. N C 

Rich Groese, 76 

Mahwah. N.J 
Kevin Gudzak. 78 

Scotch Plains. N J 
Margaret Gueth. '76 

High Point. N C 
Mary Guffy. '77 

Georgetown. Del 


Lee Hackney, '78 

Jacksonville, Fla 
Stan Hackney. '78 

Springfield, Va 
Chuck Halipihas. '77 

High Point. N.C 
Bill Hall. 77 

Mocksville. N C 

Tim Hall, '78 

King, N.C 
Beth Hallberg, '78 

Jamestown, N C 
David Hancock. '76 

Richmond, Va 
Libby Hancock. '76 

Metaine, La 

Kathleen Hanrahan, '78 

Falls Church, Va 
Roy Hardee. '76 

High Point, N.C. 
Tim Harper. '78 

Deep Run, N C 
Donna Harrington, '76 

Thomasville, N C 

Jessie Harrington, '78 
Succasunna, NJ 

Karen Harris. '77 
Asheboro. N.C. 

Karen P Harris. '77 
Monroe, La 

Mark Harris. '78 
Elkin. N C 

Ray Harris. '76 

Gastoma. N C 
Ann Hart. '76 

Williamsburg, Va 
Wanda Hartman. '78 

Mocksville. N C 
Joanne Harvey, '77 

Succasunna. N J 

Cindy Hauser. '77 

Pinnacle. N.C 
Bob Hawes, '76 

Catonsville. Md 
Joda Hayman, '78 

Georgetown, Del 
Celeste Hazell. '78 

Waynesville. N.C 

Louis Hearn. '77 

Laurinburg. N C 
Richard Hearn, '78 

Kinnelon. N J 
David Hearne. '76 

Charlotte. N.C 
Jack Heberer. '77 

Greensboro. N.C 

Jane Hedrick, '77 

Thomasville. N C 
Nancy Hemes. '78 

Rockaway. N J 
Becky Hems, '77 

Towson. Md 
Gary Hemby, '76 

Kmston, N C 

Susan Hess, '77 

Indianapolis. Ind 
Louise Hiatt, 77 

High Point. N C 
Susanne Hickerson. '76 

Franklmville, N C 
Paul Hildreth. '78 

Winston Salem, N C 

Sharon Hilgartner, '77 

Oakton, Va 
Janet Hinkle, '78 

High Point, N.C. 
Jean Hodgm. '78 

Greensboro, N C 
Fred Hoisington, '78 

Fayetteville. N.C. 

Janet Hollowell. '77 

Norfolk. Va. 
Beth Holt, '78 

Kernersville. N C 
Kathy Hooker. '77 

Rockingham, N C 
Paige Horrocks, '78 

Crozet, Va 

Gary Howell, '77 

Randolph Twp . N.J 
Herald Hughes. '77 

Maitland. Fla 
Vicki Huntley. '76 

California. Md 
Charles Idol. '77 

Greensboro. N C 


Crystal Isenhout. '78 

High Point. N C 
James Ittenbach, '78 

Crownsville. Md 
James Ivey. '77 

High Point. N.C. 
Lee Jackson. '77 

Decatur. Ala 

Leonard Jackson, '77 

High Point. N.C 
Sharon Janssen, '78 

Mackettstown, N J 
Meg Jarzynski, '78 

Bethesda. Md 
Liz Jaston. '78 

Laurel Bay. S C 

Phil Jenkins. '76 

Frankhnville. N C 
Susan Jeno, '78 

Huntington, N Y 
Annette Johnson. '78 

Pilot Mountain, N.C 
Deborah Johnson, '77 

High Point, N C 

Glenn Johnson, '78 

Arlington. Va 
Paul Joines. '77 

High Point. N C 
Tom Jones. '77 

Glendora. Calif 
Ken Keiser. '78 

Potomac. Md 

Leslie Kelly. '76 

Concord. N C 
Lori Kennedy. '78 

Kernersville. N C 
Jeanne Kidd. '78 

Robbins. N C 
Catherine Kinnally, '76 

Vienna. Va 

Liz Kirk. 78 
Troy, N.C. 

Kathy Kiser. '78 
Seagrove. NC 

Kevin Klase. '77 
Muchellville. Md 

Karen Koelsch, '77 
Leonardo. N.J. 


Chris Kosinki. 77 

High Point. N C 
Wayne Kreeger. '78 

Pfafftown. N.C. 
Karen Kruyer. 76 

Jamestown. N C 
Ellen Kunkel. '78 

Plantation. Fla 

Bill Lakin. 78 

Camp Lejeune. N C 
Pam Lambeth. 76 

Morganton. N C 
Ted Landis. '76 

Adeiphe. Md 
Monica Lawing, '77 

Gastonia. N C 

David Lawerence. '77 

Mt Airy. N C 
Bettie Ledwell. '77 

Turkey. N C 
Ralph Lewry. '76 

Pennington. N J 
Barbara Licht. 76 

High Point. N C 

Terry Limbo. '78 

Clyde. N C 
Alice Lindgren, '77 

Bethesda, Md 
Shelia Liverman, *77 

Humacao. Puerto Rico 
Steve Locke. '76 

Charlotte. N C 

Ann Lombard). '76 

Neptune. N J 
Richard Lott. '76 

Norfolk. Va 
Valerie Luedke. '78 

Camp Springs. Md 
Donna Luff, '78 

Milford. Del 

Michael Lyda. 78 

Charlotte. N.C 
Donna Lyman. '78 

Moorestown. N J 
Mary Lyons. '78 

Falls Church. Va 
Janey McFawn, '76 

Cheston. S C 


Perry Macheras. '78 

Winston Salem. N.C. 
Tom Mackintosh, '76 

Adamstown. Md 
Debbie Madden. '76 

High Point, N C 
Ricky Madden. 78 

High Point. N C 

Allen Maine. '76 

Allamuchy. N J 
Cindy Maley. '76 

Thomasville, N C 
Jackie Mangum, '76 

Bahama. NC 
Joe Mann. '77 

Charlotte, N C 

Janice Manuel. '78 

Thomasville. N C 
Angle Marlette. '78 

Graham. NC 
Denise Marshall. '77 

Asheboro. N.C. 
Paul Marshall. '77 

Greensboro, NC 

Linda Marvel. '77 

Georgetown. Del 
Lynn Massie. '78 

Stuart, Va 
Susan Matthews. '78 

Mt Airy. N.C. 
Judy Matton. '78 

High Point. N.C 

Germaine McAuley, '78 

Troy. N C 
Lori McDade. '78 

Claymont, Del 
Beth McKinney, '78 

Salisbury. N.C 
Pat McLaughlin, '76 

Norfolk. Va 

Terence McNab. '78 

Mary McNeely. '78 

McLeansville. NC 
Bill Middlebrook. '77 

Princeton. N J 
Susan Miles. '78 

Salisbury. Md 


Mike Miller, '76 

Kingsport. Tenn 
Phillip Miller, '78 

Baltimore. Md 
Stan Minka, '77 

Newark, Del 
Waller Mitchell, '78 

High Point, N C 

Brain Montlord. '77 

Deerfield Beach. Fla 
Gary Moore. '77 

Winston Salem. N.C. 
Ronald Moore, '77 

High Point, N C 
Wilma Moran. '78 

Bayamon, Puerto Rico 

Doug Morin, '76 

Silver Spring, Md 
James Mugele, '78 

Lutherville. Md 
Glenn Myers, Jr , '76 

High Point. N.C 
Margaret Myers. '77 

Virginia Beach. Va 

Sharon Myers, '78 

Sophia, N.C 
Robin Nance. '77 

Asheboro. N C 
Carol Neary.'78 

Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 
Deborah Nelson, '77 

Purley, England 

Jeff Nelson, '78 

High Point, N.C 
K.ii David Nelson, 78 

Washington. D C 
Ronald Nelson, '76 

Jamestown, N C 
Jeffrey Nesbitt. '78 

Bethesda, Md 

Cheryl Nowicki. '78 

High Point, N.C, 
John Nurney, '78 

High Point, N C 
Faith Osayame. '78 

Benin City, Nigeria 
Roger Osborne. '76 

Flemmgton. N J 


Daniel O'Toole, '77 

Winston Salem. N.C. 
Vickie Overman, '77 

Asheboto. N.C. 
Kathy Parce. '78 

Kensington. Md 
Tricia Parks. '78 

Chagrin Falls. Ohio 

Vicki Patise. '77 

District Hghts , Md 
Vickie Parks. 77 

Greensboro. N.C. 
Pam Pavco. '78 

Greensboro. N C 
Susan Payne. '77 

Thomasville. N C 

Bunnie Peddycord. '78 

Lewisville. N C 
Pam Pegram, '76 

Stokesdale. N.C 
Terry Pegram, '76 

Stokesdale, N.C. 
Betsy Pennington. '78 

Mocksville. N C 

Lucretia Penry, '78 

Greensboro, N C 
Tom Peterson, '76 

Archdale, N.C. 
Jim Petraglia, '77 

Atlantic Hghlds . N.J 
Sylvia Petrea, '78 

High Point. N C 

Peggy Petree, '76 

Greensboro, N C 
Ken Phaiah. '76 

Moosup. Conn 
Katrm Pharr, '76 

Shelby. N.C. 
Andy Pinchac. '76 

Haddenfield. N J 

Douglas Pitman. '76 

Sudbury, Md. 
Ronnie Plummer. '77 

Bowie. Md. 
Caryl Porte, '78 

Staunton. Va 
Gordon Potter. '77 

Virginia Beach, Va 

§*** ^H 

iSk ^- 1 

IV * 

^w • «■». — n 

- - ' ^1^^ jflp 

*v. -■ 


V ' 

J ' ' 

i // ^H 

m fpflff 



Larry Potter. '76 

Somerville. N J 
Pam Powell. 77 

Jamestown. N C 
Joy Powers. '78 

Winston Salem, N.C. 
Joyce Price. '76 

Htghtstown. N J 

Ricky Priddy. '76 

King. N C 
Francisco Raffocci. '78 

Santurce. Puerto Rico 
Joe Ramsbotham. '77 

Winston Salem. N C 
Daniel Ramseur, '78 

Greensboro. N C 

Barb Rankin. '77 

Coral Gables, Fla 
Doug Rauch. '76 

High Point. N.C, 
Deborah Ray. '78 

Greensboro, N C 
Hershel Reddeck, '76 

High Point. N C 

Pogue Reddish, '76 

Salisbury, Md 
Karen Redlern, '76 

Charlotte. N.C. 
Jack Rein. '77 

Williamstown, N J 
Diana Rhodes, '76 

Germanton. N C 

Susan Rice, '78 

Gaithersburg, Md 
Sybil Richardson, '78 

Madison. N C 
Lynn Richter. '78 

W Allenhurst. N.J. 
Debra Rigney. '78 

Hopewell. Va. 

Tom Robinson. 76 

Charlotte. N C 
Margie Rogers, '78 

Washington, D C 
Max Rollins. 78 

Thomasville, N C 
Kathy Rumley, '76 

Stokesville, N C 



Kim Rumley, '76 

Madison. N.C 
Pal Rusenko. '78 

Rockville. Md 
Brent Russell. '76 

Winston Salem. N.C. 
Fred Rutledge. '77 

Trinity, N.C 

Paul Rynshall. '76 

Wayne. N.J 
Margaret Sattetfield. '76 

Lexington, N C 
Carol Schimph. '76 

Wilmington. Del 
Steve Schirn. '77 

Savannah. Ga 

Jayne Schwarz, '77 

Coconut Creek. Fla 
Alexander Shaver. '77 

Newtown Sq.. Pa 
Cathy Shaw. '76 

Greensboro. N.C. 
Jon Shaw. '78 

Suffern. NY 

Don Shoaf. '78 

Winston Salem. N.C. 
Jim Shover, '76 

Medford. N.J 
Ruth Sikes. '78 

Seagrove. NC 
Pam Siler. '76 

Greensboro. N C 

Tom Simpson, '77 

High Point. N C 
Steve Skeen. '78 

High Point. N.C 
Mark Slater, '77 

Camp LeJeune. NC 
Anne Smith. '76 

Salisbury, Md 

Pam Smith. '76 

Lexington, N.C 
Rhonda Smith. '76 

Lexington, N.C 
Ronald Smith, '76 

High Point. N.C. 
Vernon Smith. '76 

Kernersville. NC 


Billy Sorrell. '77 

High Point. N.C. 
Carol Southern. '78 

Westfield. N.J. 
Carol Spaulding. '77 

Potomac. Md 
Keith Sprow, '77 

Succasunna. N J 

Chris Stack, '76 

High Point. N.C. 
Sharon Stanback, '78 

Matthews. N.C 
Martha Starling, '78 

High Point. N.C 
Sonja Stewart. '77 

Statesville. N.C 

Jennifer Stone. '77 

Bassett, Va 
Renee Stone, '76 

Winston Salem. N C 
Cathy Stroud, '77 

High Point. N.C. 
Brian Sullivan. 78 

Ridge. Md 

Pam Swan. '77 

Bethesda. Md 
Kipper Tabb. '78 

Plantation. Fla 
Beth Tatum, '78 

Walnut Cove, N.C. 
Lisa Taylor. '77 

Washington. DC 

Robyn Taylor, '78 

Brown Summit. N.C. 
Mary Thomas. '77 

Thomasville. N.C. 
Derba Troupe. '76 

Wilmington. Del 
Steve Tsikerdanos. '77 

Chevy Chase. Md 

Eddie Tucker, '76 

Winston Salem. N.C. 
Joanne Turner, '78 

High Point, N C 
Ken Tyler. '78 

High Point. N.C. 
Carol Tysinger. '77 

Worthville. N.C. 


Kim Vanacker, '78 

Susses. N.J. 
James VanHorn, '78 

Lulherville. Md 
Gary VanLandingham. '77 

Hendersonville, N.C. 
Paula Venuto. '78 

McLean. Va 

Anna Verkouteren. '78 

Bethesda. Md 
James Vinesetl. '78 

Charlotte, N.C. 
David Wane, '76 

Mt Airy. N.C. 
Dennis Wall. '76 

Jamestown. N.C 

Gale Wall, '78 

High Point. N.C. 
Donna Walls. '76 

Richmond, Va 
Paul Walters. '77 

Marlboro, Md 
Chris Ware. 78 

Moorestown. N.J. 

Linda Weatherly. '77 

Greensboro. N.C 
Lynda Wells. '76 

Elkton. Md 
Donna Welsh, '78 

Succasunna. N J 
Gary Whichello. '77 

Oceanport. N J 

Debbie White. '76 

Stony Point. N.C. 
Karen White. '78 

Winston Salem, N C 
Kathy Whiteley. '77 

Easton, Md 
Sarah Whitescaver, '78 

Greensboro. N C 

Pam Wiese. '77 

Essex Fells. N J 
Dale Williams. '78 

Mocksville. N.C. 
Dana Williams. '78 

Lavallette. N.J. 
Debbie Williams. '78 

Ft Bragg, N C 


Eric Herr. '76 
California. Md 

John C. Veltman. 76 
Va Beach. Va. 

Kim Long. '78 
Newark. Del 

Joy Williams. '76 

Eagle Springs. NC 
Chip Wilson. '77 

Winston-Salem. N.C 
Gayle Wilson. '77 

Woodstock. NY. 
Marilyn Wilson. '77 

Potomac, Md 

Mike Winchester. '76 

Greenville. Tenn 
Gary Winkler. '78 

Marietta. Ga. 
David Wooten. '76 

Millers Creek. N.C. 
Donald Wright, '78 

Asheboro. N C 

Patricia Wright. '76 

Pinnacle. NC 
Wayne Wright, '77 

Timonium, Md 
Tricia Wrigley, '76 

Falls Chruch, Va. 
Andy Wubbenhorst, '78 

Kinnelon. N.J 

Cindy Young, '76 

Bowie. Md 
Vickie Young, '77 

Greensboro, N.C. 
Diane Zapotosky. '77 

Mt Airy. N.C 
Kris Carlson, '76 

Winston-Salem, N.C. 


Dr. Wendell M. Patton 
President of 
the College 

Any College — old or young, large or small — must have a 

living personality separate and distinct from all others This is 

what makes it worthy of its name and existence High Point 

College stands for some very definite and unique ideas in 

education and strives to translate them into its way of life 

This individuality is deeply rooted in our philosophy and is 

revealed in our actions Our fundamental purpose and the very 

reason for our existence is to assist our students in developing 

themselves to become the strong leaders in their communities 

— whatever their vocational choice 


Dr. Wendell M. Patton 


Dr. David Cole 
Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Murphy Osborne 

Dean of the College Vice President for Student Development 

Mr. Earle Dalbey Mr. Cletus Kruyer 

Vice President for Financial Affairs Vice President for College Affairs 


Mr William E. Davis 
Assistant of Student Affairs Mr. Wesley W. Gaynor 
Assistant Basketball Coach Bursar 

Mr. William Guy Mr. David Holt 

Dean of Students Registrar 


Mrs. Judy Jacobs Mrs. N. Bennett Boyles 

Director of Financial Aid Assistant Dean of Students 

Dr. L. B. Pope Mr. Charlie Rabb 

Director of Guidance Director of Student Activities in 
Campus Center 


Rev Charles League Mr. Anvil Voncannon 

Chaplain Admissions Counselor 

Mr. Robert Wells 

Director of Admissions 


Mr. Ray S Alley 
Miss Jennifer E. Alley Director of Sports Information 
Physical Education Head Soccer and Tennis 
Volleyball and Basketball Coach Coach of the year 

Dr. R.R. Bennington 

Business Administration 

Mrs. Jane Burton 


Mrs. HA Cecil 

Aide. Early Education 

Dr. Harold Conrad Mr. William Cope 

History Sociology 


Mr Robert D. Davidson 

Physical Education 

Cross Country and Track Coach 

Dr. Earl P. Crow 

Religion and Philosophy 
Department Chairman 


Dr. Vance E. Davis 


Dr. E. Roy Epperson 

Physical Science 

Dr. Harold E Fuller 

Human Relations 

Dr. Charlie Futrell 

Physical Education 
Department Chairman 


Dr. Inslee Grainger 

Modern Foreign Language 
Department Chairman 

Mr. Charles F. Hartman 

Physical Education 

Head Baseball Coach 

Coach of the Year 

Dr. A. Paul Gratiot 

History and Political Science 
Department Chairman 

Dr. David B. Hawk 

Department Chairman 

Mrs. Dorothy E. Hays 

Religion and Philosophy 


Mr William F. Highbaugh 


1 I l 

Mrs. Pauline Kayser 

Mr. A. Lynn Lockrow 

Fine Arts 

Mr. James L. Nelson 

Business Administration 
Department Chairman 

Dr. Nelson Page 

Department Chairman 

Mr. Edward Plowman 



Mr. Raiford Porter Mr. James R. Prichett 

Art Political Science 

Mrs. Michael Quinto Mrs. Carolyn Rauch 

Physical Education Drama 
Tennis and Field Hockey Coach 


Mrs. D.A. Rawley. Jr. 


Mr. Thomas E. Scott 

French. Spanish. German 

Mr. Joseph Robinson 

Business Administration 


Mrs. John M. Shelton 


Dr. L. H. Simon 

Assistant Education 

Mrs R L Stanley 

English J^ 

Mr. Jerry Steele 

Physical Education 
Head Basketball Coach 


Mr. James Stitt 


Mrs. Emily Sullivan 

Mrs. C.L. Sumpter 

Dir of Early Experience Center 

Mr. Jaime Villegas 



Mrs. E.K.Washington 



Dr. John Ward 


Dr. Owen M. Weatherly 


Dr. Leo Weeks 


Department Chairman 


Dr. Carl M. Wheeles Mr. Jonathan Whitehurst 

Political Science Geography 


Mrs. EC Allgood 


Mrs. Neal Blake 

Secretary of Student Personnel 

Miss Louise Adams 

Secretary of College Relations 

Mrs. G.G. Burton 

Registrar's Office 


Miss Marcella Carter 


Mr. Frank K. Caulfield 

Mrs. TO. Charnock 

Secretary, Business Office 

Mrs. Thomas G. Conally 

Secretary, Admissions Office 

Miss Rebecca Daniels 



Mrs. Wesley Gaynor 


Ms. Jane Gibson 

Secretary, Bursar's Office 

Miss Martha Harris 

Admissions Counselor 

Mrs. David Horney 

Secretary. Admissions 


Mrs Bill D. Isenhour 


Mrs. H.C. Ingram 

Secretary of News Bureau 

Mrs. Frances Marsha 

Secretary, Education Department 

Mrs. Gary Kennedy 

Business Office 

Mrs. William Osborne 


Mr. Raymond A. Petrea 

Photographer. News Bureau 

Miss Kathy E. Parrish 

Secretary, College Relations 

p : 

Mrs. Emmett A. Parks 

Mineographing and Mailing 

Mrs. Kenneth Poindexter 

Assistant Bookkeeper 

Mrs. Gary B. Ragsdale 


Mrs. Mary C. Spurrier 

Secretary to President 


Mrs. MozelleTurpin 

Mr. Jack L. Thompson 

Superintendent. Building and Grounds 

Mrs. Elizabeth Warren 

Mrs. D.B.Webb 


Mrs. Arthur B. Williams 


Mr. Robert Williams 

Director, Alumni Affairs 




Left to right 

Joe Meek Coach Bob Davidson. Bob 



First row: Joe Mann. Joe Meek. Kerth Sulhvan. Dave Pamter. Danny P„ce. Keith Sprow Charles 
Halipilias. Chip W,lson Second row: Bob Hagelgans. M,ke Turmala. Bnan Sulhvan Ron Nelson 
Richard Hearn. Perry Macheras. Rhon Dixon Larry Polter. Doug Geary Mike Hasty 

Track 1975 

Four years in a row now the High Point Purple Panthers have won 
the honors in the Carolines Conference Track Championships and 
four times in the past five years they have swept honors in District 
26 A multitude of winners made this year's edition of thin-clads 
one of the best ever Mike Hasty was awarded the trophy for the 
Most Valuable Athlete at the conference meet as well as winning 
that award on the team level Hasty, a senior, leads a brigade of 
champions that will be sorely missed 

All-Conference performers included Pearlee Shaw in the 440 (new 
conference record set 48 6) and 440 Intermediate Hurdles. Mike 
Turmala in the Mile and 3 Mile Run (new conference record set 
1 4 40 9) . Ray Coble in the 1 20 High Hurdles (new conference record 
set 14 5): Kevin Sullivan in the 880. Mike Hasty in the 220. and the 
Mile Relay Team of Larry Potter, Mike Hasty, Chip Wilson and Pearlee 
Shaw (new conference record set 3 19 8) 

All- District performers included Bob Hagelgans in the Long Jump, 
Mike Hasty in the Triple Jump. Pearlee Shaw in the 440. and the 
Mile Relay Team of Potter, Hasty, Wilson and Shaw 

Other school records set this past season include those by 
Pearlee Shaw in the 440 (48 1) and the 440 Hurdles (54 0), Mike 
Turmala in the 2 Mile Run (9:27.4). the 3 Mile Run (14:32) and the 
6 Mile Run (29:51.2); Ray Coble in the 120 HH (14 5): Bob Hagel- 
gans in the Long Jump (23' 5 "): Mike Hasty in the Triple Jump 
(46' 2"): and the Mile Relay Team of Potter, Hasty, Wilson and 
Shaw (3:18.6). 



. ■ 

Cross Country 1974 

Coach Bob Davidson's charges once again rose to the 
occasion in winning the District 26 Cross Country 
Championship for the sixth year in a row Led by 
Senior Mike Turmala. who won the individual cham- 
pionship for the third time in four years, and All - 
District performer Perry Macheras, the Panthers 
swept through the District finals without too much 
trouble Graduation will deplete the ranks of returnees 
as four of the lop six will not return 

Most Valuable Player — Mike Turmala 



Soccer's Super "D" - Fullbacks Tom Burgess. Tom Mackintosh 
and Wayne Wright with goalie Biyan Caulfield (dark shirtl 

Soccer 1974 

High Point College reached a number of soccer mile- 
stones in 1 974 as the Panthers captured the Carolina 
Conference championship with an 11-1-2 record The 
Panthers were the last undefeated intercollegiate 
soccer team in North Carolina when they lost the 
district championship game to Belmont Abbey 3-1. and 
lOined Slippery Rock College as one of only two NAIA 
schools in the nation to only lose one soccer match 
Highlights of the season included a sweep of Carolines 
Conference opponents, including a 2-1 decision over de- 
fending champion Guilford, a 3-3 tie with Davidson, 
a 2-1 win over UNC-Wilmington, and a 5-0 victory at 
Pfeiffer in the Falcons' Homecoming game, and a 2- 1 
regular season victory over Belmont Abbey 
A pair of freshmen. Jeff Potter and Hunter Brett, led the 
Panthers in scoring, while the defense was anchored by 
fullbacks Jerry Gostic and Tom Mackintosh Peter 
Ranney. the Panthers' ace tennis player, played in the 
goal despite having no soccer experience prior to his 

senior season 

Potter. Brett, Mackintosh, Gostic and Gary Downing 

shared individual honors by making the All-Conference 

and/or All-District squads Gostic was named the Player 

of the Year in the Carolinas Conference, while Coach 

Ray Alley was named Conference and District Coach 

of the Year 

The 1 974 season climaxed a three-year building period 

in which the Panthers rose from the depths of a 20- 

match losing streak to a contender for sectional honors 

The Panthers, who had never before won a district 

playoff game, earned top-seed in the district playoffs 

with the impressive 2- 1 victory over Belmont Abbey, 

six-times district champion They downed Elon in the 

playoff opener 5-0 and closed out the season with a 

narrow 3- 1 decision to Belmont Abbey in the finals 


• _ - 

■ - . . - 




First row: Tim Nichols. Orrin Magill Mike Ludwigson Gary Downing Paul Goehle Jell Potter Doug 
Challenger. Hunter Britt Second: Fuller Beasley. Tom Hartman Bill Redfern Jeorge de la Vega Wayne 
Wright. David Haussman. Joe Ramsbotham. Peter Ranney. Jay Gammon Third: Richard Kellerher Tom 
Mackintosh. Skip King. Eric Herr. Mel Mahler Jerry Gostic. Coach Ray Alley 


~*f> J*> 











N C Wesleyan 


















Pembroke State 






Belmont Abbey 















Belmont Abbey 






Most Valuable Player — Jerry Gostic 


Basketball 1974-75 

High Point College snapped a string of five straight 
losing seasons during 1974-75 as the Panthers put 
together a young basketball team that finished No 3 
in the Carolines Conference regular season and were 
runners-up for the league championship in the con- 
ference tournament 

Led by newcomers Leon Dickens. Tom Jones, and 
Sherman Johnson, the Panthers came on strong during 
the latter part of the season to put together a 16 15 
record Jones earned All-Conference honors, along with 

sophomore Pearlee Shaw, who led the team in scoring. 

The big victory of the season came in the semi- 
finals of the conference tournament as Johnson and 
Shaw teamed to lead the Panthers to a big win over 
Guilford College, the No 1 finisher in the regular 
season and nationally ranked going into the tournament. 
They had reached the semifinals with their third win 
of the season over Elon College, but faltered to an 
inspired Pfeiffer team in the finals 

Joining Dickens. Jones, Johnson and Shaw in the 
starting line-up at times during the season were 
seniors Paul Cloud and Paul Mattox, sophomore Ray 
Coble, and Junior Mike Glover Shaw, who also 
developed into an outstanding track performer in his 
sophomore year, had a season high of 28 points for 
the Panthers, while Jones, who was the No 3 rebounder 
in the league, had a game high of 2 1 rebounds 

Balance was the key to the Panther scoring as Shaw, 
Jones. Johnson and Dickens all averaged in double 
figures, with Shaw leading the way with a 1 3.9 mark 






Warren Wilson 
























Atlantic Christian 












Mars Hill 









83 (OT) 























St Mary's 




















Atlantic Christian 



7 8 





Warren Wilson 

7 6 











Mars Hill 














, .... , 

: . 

fr i/«S 

Ok' ' .* ^ 4 1 



Paul Cloud 

Mark Bishoft 

Ron Engelhaupt 


Billy Lee 
Paul Matiox 
Leon Dickens 



High Point College Baseball 1975 

1975 was a year that baseball people in this area will remem- 
ber for a long time It was the Year of the Panther and Otis 
Foster Winners of the Carohnas Conference Championship and 
the District 26 Championship the Purple Panthers fell short of 
returning to the national playoffs in St Joseph. Mo for a 
second straight year 

Foster, a |unior who has since been drafted No 1 by the 
Boston Red Sox and signed a lucrative contract with them, had 
a year only dreamed about by many people Leading the nation 
in home runs with 30. in the top five in the nation with 79 rbi 
and one of the leading batters with a 479 mark. Foster was 
voted to the All-Amencan team for the first time This huge 
first baseman was also voted the teams Most Valuable along 
with winning that same award in the Conference and District 

Dan England, a |unior transfer, led the pitching staff with a 
fine 1 2-2 mark while also being voted to the All-Conference 
and All- District teams 

The season for the Panthers was highlighted by a 1 3-game 
winning streak and an almost perfect mark in conference 
competition (13-1), the only loss coming to the Guilford 
Quakers The Panthers were on occasion ranked as high as 
second in the nation 

Numerous records were broken with Foster leading the way 
Home run. Runs Batted In and Batting Average records were 
among a few school records to fall Foster also had a 26 game 
hitting streak snapped after mid-season 

II : 

Front, left to right: Bruce Turner. Delvin Idol Brad Loucks Billv Sorrell 
Steve Bowen. Vic Pongonis Second row. lett to right: Steve Vetter Terry 
Terrell Dan England. Jim Meugle Otis Foster Dennis Harris Ron Schott 
Third row. left to right: Randy Burnell Jim Van Horn Paul Walter Henry 

Thomas. David Elliott. Ronnie Smith Danny Goins. Lew Lyons Fourth row. 
left to right: Tim Grollimund. Kevin Klase. Jimmy Boyles. Alan Brumfield. 
Charlie Burrell. Chuck Sharpe 



a q to % B § 


-* I 


HPC 10-1 Duke University 

HPC 11-4 Duke University 

HPC 11-2 Heidelberg College 

HPC 7-1 Heidelberg College 

HPC 2-1 Lynchburg College 

HPC 10-5 Lynchburg College 

HPC 12 North Carolina State University 

HPC 8-5 Otterbein College 

HPC 7-1 Otterbein College 

HPC 10-7 Atlantic Christian College 

HPC 11-0 Wake Forest University 

HPC 2-1 University of Massachusetts 

HPC 7 6 University of Massachusetts 

HPC 10-4 Albany State College 

HPC 18-7 Albany State College 

HPC 6-5 University of North Carolina 

HPC 8-1 Towson State College 

HPC 10-3 Towson State College 

HPC 11-7 Catawba College 

HPC 9-0 Lenoir Rhyne College 

HPC 2-3 Pembroke State University 

HPC 5-3 Pfeiffer College 

HPC 15-11 Lenoir Rhyne College 

HPC 6-4 Campbell College 

HPC 10-2 Elon College 

HPC 9-4 Pembroke State University 

HPC 5-4 (11 in) Pfeiffer College 

HPC 11-3 Guilford College 

HPC 1 1 -6 Atlantic Christian College 

HPC 4-3 Elon College 

HPC 14-9 Gardner Webb College 

HPC 2-3 Guilford College 

HPC 3-2 Lynchburg College 

HPC 8-4 Lynchburg College 

HPC 9-4 Mars Hill College 

HPC 6-2 Mars Hill College 

HPC 10-2 Catawba College 

HPC 5-2 Elon College 

HPC 111 Guilford College 

HPC 8-14 Pfeiffer College 

HPC 7-0 Pfeiffer College 

HPC 8-3 Pfeiffer College 

HPC 9-8 Gardner Webb College 
HPC 11-9 Pfeiffer College 

HPC 5-14 University of North Carolina-Wilmington 

HPC 5-1 Newberry College 

HPC 5- 1 West Liberty State College 
HPC 3-4 University of North Carolina-Wilmington 

Most Valuable Player — Otis Foster 
Carohnas Conference Champions 
District 26 Champions 





Duke University 




Pembroke State Univ 



Guillord College 



Elon College 




Duke University 




Catawba College 




St Andrews College 




Pembroke State Univ 



Western Carolina Univ 




Elon College 




Wake Forest Univ 




Elon College 




Wake Forest Univ 




UNC Greensboro 




Duke University 



East Carolina Univ 




Western Carolina Univ 



Appalachian State Univ 



Wake Forest Univ 


Most V 

aluable Player Caroline Clements 

Front row. left to right: Wilma Moran. Carolina Clements. Germarne McCauley. Julie Rochelle. Pam Siler. Wendy Saintsing. Wanda Walton Second row. 
left to right: Lori McDade Lee Hackney. Debbie Madden. Debbie Johnson. Karen Redfern. Dee Ann Clapp Karen Koelsch. Anna Verkouteren 



11974-751 (7 131 



Catawba College 




Mats Hill College 




Catawba College 




Guilford College 








Duke University 




Appalachian State Univ 




Guiltord College 




Western Carolina Univ 




Longwood College 




Univ of North Carolina 




Western Carolina Univ 



• U 

Mars Hill College 




Duke University 




Pfeiffer College 

6 .{ 



Peace College 

6 3 



Eton College 




Wake Forest Univ 




Elon College 




Elon College 

1 00 

Most Valuable Player — Gerrrtame McAuley 

High Point College Women's Basketball 

Starting much of the season with three freshmen in the 
frontcourt. the Lady Panthers showed flashes of brilliance 
in a somewhat up and down campaign MVP and leading 
scorer Germaine McAuley and second leading scorer 
Dee Ann Clapp. both freshmen, manned the forward 
positions in a very capable manner 6' 2" center Lynn 
Massie, a freshman who has never played before, split 
time in the middle with senior Janet Blaich. doing a 
credible job with highs of 16 points and 15 rebounds in 
separate contests 

As in volleyball, youth and inexperience came forward 
when it was least needed Valiant efforts at home versus 
Appalachian State and nationally ranked Elon College 
fell short as the Lady Panthers |ust didn't have quite 
enough fire power Lack of depth and a shuffling of guards 
to find the right combination also contributed to a lack- 

Coach Alley has a lot to look forward to with only 
Blaich graduating this season 


High Point College Womens Tennis 1 975 (6-8) 

The Lady Netters struggled through the season 
losing twice each to Wake Forest, Averitt and 
Guilford A note of optimism permeates the camp 
as all but one starter returns for the 1976 

MVP Libby Hancock, who played Nos 1 and 2 
most of the year, will return with doubles partner 
Caroline Clements Clements split time in the 
top two positions with Hancock 

Coach Sara Qunito feels that the future holds 
a great deal in store for the Lady Panthers if 
they continue to show the improvement they had 
this past season 



























HPC WOMAN'S TENNIS 1975 (6-8) 
Greensboro College 
Greensboro College 
Pfeiffer College 
Catawba College 
Guilford College 
Wake Forest Univ 
Lenoir Rhyne College 
Averitt College 
Catawba College 
Wake Forest Univ 
Guilford College 
Averitt College 
Pfeiffer College 
Lenoir Rhyne College 

Most Valuable Player — Libby Hancock 


Front row. left to right: Susan Ann Lombard,. Ann Sharon Glover. Diane Green Sandy Gran. K.m Van Acke. Second row. left to right: 
Sharon Bnen.Joda Hayman Barb Abbo.t Coach Sara Qumto Donna Johnson Joyce Diamond. Cndy Wood 

HPC FIELD HOCKEY 1974(6-5-5) 

Catawba College 1 

Wake Forest Univ 

UNC-Greensboro 2 

Guilford College 

Campbell College 1 

Appalachian State Univ 3 

Duke University 1 

Catawba College 2 

Appalachian State Univ 2 

East Carolina Univ 

Wake Forest Univ 1 

Univ of North Carolina 

Winthrop College 2 

Catawba College 1 

Converse College 

Coker College 1 

Most Valuable Player — Sharon Glover 

High Point College Field Hockey 1974 (6-5-5) 
The first winning season for the Lady Panthers since 
organizing this sport several years ago was dampened 
somewhat by the large amount of tie games they 
experienced Five losses by one goal and a 2-2 tie with 
powerful UNC-G told the story Sharon Glover, goalie, 
was MVP and will lead a host of returnees, including 9 
of 1 1 starters 





























HPC TENNIS 1975 (19 8) 



West Virginia 




Atlantic Christian 




















Wake Forest 






















Penn State 





























N C State 




George Washington 










West Chester State 




Western Michigan 
Most Valuable Player — Peter Ranney 


Tennis 1975 

High Point College closed out the 1 975 tennis season with a 

19-8 record, conference and district team championships, a 

fourth consecutive finish among the nation's top 14 NAIA 

teams, and All-American player and a National Coach-of-the- 


The Panthers swept their fourth NAIA District 26 title and 
third straight conference crown en route to a season that 
included big wins over Dartmouth, Virginia Tech, Ohio 
University, West Virginia, and Presbyterian, and impressive 
losses to Penn State and Carolina They maintained their 
record of having not lost a District 26 match during the past 
five years, and ran their conference win streak to 24 

The Panthers finished No 9 nationally and senior Peter 
Ranney became High Point's first NAIA All-American as 
he reached the round of 16 before losing to the No 1 seed 
and eventual champion in the national tournament Coach 
Ray Alley also became the first coach in the history of High 
Point College athletics to be named National Coach of the 
Year, when he received the tennis honor during the 1975 
NAIA tournament in Kansas City 

Conference championships were won by Ranney. Mike 
Casey, Hector Villarroel, and Skip King in singles, while 
Ranney. Villarroel, King. Bill Busick, Bill Ashley and Kim 
Dillard teamed to sweep the conference doubles Ranney won 
his second district singles title and then teamed with Vil- 
larroel for their third district doubles championship The 
district championship was another AII-HPC final as Ranney 
downed Dillard in singles, and then teamed with Villarroel to 
top Dillard and Ashley 

Freshmen and transfers: Front: Jon Shaw Reid 
Hoismgton Jack DeAndre Back: Randy Weise and 
Skip King 

High Point College Golf 1975(15-12) 

The charges of Coach Woody Gibson experienced an up and 
down season, never really able to string together some vie 
tones that would get the momentum going A bad beginning 
at the Elon College Tournament improved slightly towards 
the middle of the season which was highlighted by a narrow 
victory over highly touted Greensboro College A midseason 
decline and a strange inability to beat Catawba College (six 
losses) tells the remainder of the story 

Depth was the strength of the linksters who had eight 
people share virtually all the playing time A school record was 
set by the number of victories but it was all in vain as the 
Panthers fell short in the Conference and District Tournaments, 
finishing 4th in each 

MVP Jim Ivey will lead the group of returnees for 1976. 
looking for a brighter tomorrow 





Greensboro College 

1 2 ' . - 1 1 ' :• 



Towson State College 

22 2 



Aventt College 



lost lo 

Elon College 



losi 10 

Catawba College 

8'; 15'2 



Guilford College 

1 6 ' . - 7 ' 2 


losi 10 

Costal Carolina College 

338 324 



UNC Greensboro 



' !• f ' '. If •'■ ! 

Costal Carolina College 




Guilford College 



lost to 

Atlantic Christian Col 



lost to 

Catawba College 

11 12 


lost to 

Elon College 

7 18 



Lenoir Rhyne College 



lost to 

Catawba College 




Pfeiffer College 



lost to 

Lenoir Rhyne College 




Pfeiffer College 

17 7 


lost to 

Catawba College 



lost to 

Elon College 




Guilford College 




Lenoir Rhyne College 




Pfeiffer College 

322 354 


lost to 

Catawba College 




Lenoir Rhyne College 

326 342 



Guilford College 

326 346 


lost to 

Catawba College 

318 326 


College Invitational Tournament 1 1 8 holesl 

finished 20th 

N C 

Collegiate Invitational T 

ournament 136 holesl 

finished 14th 


mas Conference and Dn 

strict 26 Tournament (36 holesl 

finished 4th 

LR: Tom Crane. Tom Hartman 
Jim Ivy 

" -. . 








Upperc.assmen: Pete, Ranney. Ha. Hughes. Chns Brown. B.n Hall. K,m B.ll and Robert Goode 



■-- ~- . *r> ^.. v v 


First Row: Sieve Locke Jim Goodman Robert Goode Second Row: 8ob Datz Marty Jones. Clyde Perryman 



President Bob Datz 

Vice-President Robert Goode 

Secretary Jim Goodman 

Treasurer Keith Matthews 

Advisor Dean Guy 


First Row: Debbie Troupe Barbara Hare. Lonnda Huff Second Row: Pal Jarrett. Ann Harrington. Nisa Brewer. Peggy Petree Third Roy 
Cheryl Benjamin. Mary Dwyer. Cathi Kinnally. Oianne Hess 



r> j „, Peqqy L Petree 

President MM * 

Vice-President N,sa Brewer 

Secretary Anne Harrington 

Pat Jarrett 


... Mrs Betty Corns 



.vu?"i* unM 




Alpha Gams blasted off to another great year with a successful rush 
Again we got a fantastic pledge class bringing our total to 31 

Phoebe, does Richard Really still like pumpkin pie' Dianne needs 
some glue to keep that pin on Sally keeps things moving with her 
R.P.M.'s Path's been busy with blocks and wops Sues is the sorority 
man-handler Doobie. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who should I take to 
the ball?'' Good-bye fairy godmother Lillian, we'll keep in touch — 
"earth to space"' Mar-grit, how hot are your hotty-toddys' Seymour — 
someday your bumble bees will turn into queen bees Cathi. how do 
Mummy and Diddy play house' Heather, how QUIET are you behind 
closed doors' We heard Bonnie took out some insurance in case she 
got picked up by a pig in a pizza parlor or a married man in Tennessee 
Patty, did you collect the insurance on your underwear' Bardo. when 
are you going to file down those horns and get yourself a real cat? Don- 
na, does the "Hostess with the Mostest" really haunt the upstairs? Toot- 
er. you're a D F W with no eyes Nisa, put on your gloves and when the 
bell rings, come out swinging Susan does Barry like your dress-up 
games' Linda, how does Louie like what Mark's doing for you? Colleen, 
does Cowboy really know how to ride' Lisa, are you sure it's not more 
than twelve and a half Marilyn, which one is coming out tonight? Rank 
keeps the balls bouncing Carol finally got it and dangles it off a ledge 
Denise, we don't see as much of Joe when he's here, do you study hard' 
Meg. what do you do when Jeff's motor goes vroom-vroom' Susie, 
our understanding pledge, where are you going to hang your plaque — 
here or Lindsey Street? Donna, was that rash caused by over-exposure 
to rays? Sue plays the field while Janice puts in mileage at Milhs Picie. 
our president of the D D As and in charge of latenight activities, does 
your voice really smell sweet over the phone? 

The year closes but we will always remember the loving, laughing, 
sharing times together and a bond of true friendship because this is 
Alpha Gam 


- • 



- ' 

■ ■ ■ i 


• - 

*. - - 


• - 

■ » • 

>. *» . 

. •- • 

• « 




The Delta Sigs sailed through the '74'75 school year 
with thirty-six members. This year also found us with eight 
new brothers 

Fartley started the year by proclaiming our hall a quiet 
zone, and he kept slim and trim by rolling up the stairs to 
enforce this against Zeb the instigator (Ced did it!!). Sal 
receives the Flamming Dago award from his roomie Pic 
and Huff leave High Point led by the nose R.J. is still trying 
to solve the natural gas crisis. Ziggy gets pimped again, 
and Karl turns into a pyromaniac T.C. goes organic and 
has to find a new Johnson The halls bassoon is burning up 
from freak-quent use James-ass says. Can I have my room 
back now, NY.??? Chick gets the light bulb award for fund 
raising ideas Ultra turns magician. Ed T.. can we please 
have our lounge back?? Willie holds a demolition derby 
extravaganza. T.H., the sky is blue!!!! (The F— it ain't). 
What's a cheesequake?? Phaiah buys a share of Bell-Tel 
Say Doc, did you ever pay that twenty-five dollars???? 

The Third Millis Athletic League offered roller skating, 
hockey, bowling, and tennis this year And as ever Pooh- 
Pooh Dik comes again 

Everyone is looking forward to Sailors Ball at Cherry 
Grove, S.C., to rejoin new and old brothers of Delta Sigma 

A great way to end the year!!!!!! 


The Delta Gamma chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha keeps 
bumping along as Phyllis reads the minutes every Monday 
night and finds that . . . 

Nan is giving serenades in the shower, while Skeeter. in 
the next stall is continuously being bombarded with strange 
foreign obiects Between Lee's worrying about the pledges, 
she spends a lot of time drifting "Up on the Roof", while 
Lynn and Slater (alias Ugly and Ugliest) stick around to play 
backgammon and spread some "Themie Dust" If you're sick 
or break your laviliar go see Koelsch, on the way you might 
find some candles for Lydia Trish still proclaims her love for 
everyone, but this time form Co-Ed, as Letlee is leading the 
pack in suite 303 After a long day of teaching Pamelou 
and Joyce might drop in on one of Heavy's "|uice" sessions, 
but Diane won't be found cause she's looking for a party 
Harrington has gone incognito and now is Shelly, but Lickit 
keeps her identity as "Big Momma" of the freshman Smith 
and Parise have started a new "Lioness" club on campus 
and made Su|u Infirmary Queen before she left for the wild 
blue yonder Chris is "Waite-ing" around for the APO's while 
Swan and Marvey take off for the North! 

Striving ever to "Seek the Noblest" our individuality is 
strengthened in Zeta Tau Alpha 







Theta Chi has always played a vital role in this 
college Greek system with this year being no ex- 
ception This year we have seen a break from tra- 
dition which has been welcomed from all Our 
pledge class of four will amply fill the shoes of the 
four graduating brothers and supply us with new 
ideas of progress Clyde and the lounge: home 
away from home Ron. is once a week enough? 
Mike. "I think I'M going to puke. Nancy 1 '' Keith, 
remember bulls don't swim either Scott, bring 
beer to a keg party? Terry, maybe she will be up 
for Dream Girl Marty, find your key ? Lou, are you 
allowed to come out and play? Pit. worming his 
way through nature Oou pweew. Hal Bear-1, 


President Hal Roach 

Vice-President Clyde Perryman 

Secretary Ron Moore 

Treasurer Mike Hasty 


^ / 1' - 







The Gamma Gamma Chapter got off to a rousing start with the usual meetings, rush 
parties, and hard work However, as the saying goes, "All work and no play " Well, the 
KD's wouldn't want to contradict an old saying, so keeping this in mind, we enjoyed party- 
ing, dancing, playing twenty questions, or just piling in a room to watch a late night horror 

This year Barb's about decided that running a house will be easier than running a dorm; 
while everyone wonders if Rinda's had enough "National" visits Cindy, you'd better 

"Scuff" a little faster if you want to keep up with the budget! And by the way Peach, are 
you going "Home" again this weekend? Karen, how do the "Walls" look at two A.M.? 
And J.P.. which will go first — your Lettermen Tapes, or our patience? . . Ginny, are you 
sure it's not the clock that's running a little behind? and Kinkel. we're still wondering if 
it's true what they say about Tnxie? Brenda, we've missed you on the hall "Butt" they 
say absence makes the heart grow fonder! Becky, are you still "Boo-hooing" over those 
books? and Sue, how many steps is it to the laundry room? Troupe, are you going to 
wear the pants in the family or shall the "Meek" inherit the earth? and Vicki, Boo-Boo says 
Cheers! Sally, Touchdown won't get to the 50-yard line if you don't hurry up, and 

Brooks, whatever did happen to that roommate? Kara, those midnight rides can sure use 
up the McDonalds Gift Certificates! Carol sits dreaming of her Great Jelly Belly 

As summer vacation draws us apart we'll have memories of the good times, and though 
some of us won't return next year, the bond of White roses. Diamond pins, and AOT, will 
hold us close forever 





- : ■:- ■ 
■ ' ■- if- -." ...--■ 


President Richard Lott 

Vice-President William Messick 

Secretary Jim Groome 

Treasurer Dale Adams 


1974-75 was a banner year for Lambda Chi Alpha. The 
brotherhood became larger than ever before and the fellowship 
that has characterized Lambda Chi through the years shone 

Wedding bells are ringing for Tim and in the near future for 
the Pillsbury Dough Boy Doc's roaming hands were a highlight 
to the year while Kung Fool continued his antics Rick and 
Dave were Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Bob receives his masters 
in B S Dale and we thought Drake was tight 1 Killer and Boom- 
er, the fraternity will never be as "BIG'' again Carvin — good 
heavens MuMu, the Moose and McFeinberg led the Co-Ed 
block and their cohort managed to avoid gas pumps Augie 
Doggie was catching flys. King Sammy communing to UNC-G 
and Ted and George became honorary KD's Pete, what's a 
Royals? Ragtime Richards, is it constitutional? What's a Pogue? 
Locke was the "frat-freak" while Porty Morty carried on Porty 
Artie's traditions Coop, and we thought Dale was tight Bill, 
best of luck at UNC, we'll miss you Sully finds brotherhood as 
a senior while Fulk did his thing as the WW I flying ace Gary, 
seen Lee's TV lately? Petrag was the fraternity whino and 
Martin was "Walking Tall". Steve will the grease ever be hot? 
Dave L , Kitty. Nina and Laurie, what more could he ask for. 
John ran his bar and grill, Willy I finally settled down and Hal 
inherited the fraternity secrets Welcome back to Bob and 
Chuck And last, but certainly not least. Birdie, it has been a 

Yes, it was truly a year none of us will ever forget And what- 
ever the future shall bring to our departing seniors, one thing 
is certain — they will always be a Lambda Chi 






The Gamma Zeta chapter of Phi Mu will always hold the 
memories of the 1 974-75 academic year The year began with 
a new rush program which proved to be very successful After 
rush there was fund-raising, the Halloween Carnival for the 
United Way. tnck-or-treating for UNICEF. the annual Pledge 
Dance, our Christmas Party, intramurals, Mrs Rawley's Open 
House, the Sister's Dinner, initiation, serenades, "Hope Week", 
Phi Mu weekend. Parties on the hall, and all of our candlelights 

This year we have eight sisters leaving We wish them much 
happiness and success May they and the rest of us always 
maintain the LI OB. So. with the oncoming of graduation and 
the anticipation of the beach. Phi Mu salutes the past, and 
welcomes the future 



Danneal Burdette Lorie McDade 
Jim Goodman Stan Minka 


Donna Wall 
Jim Shover 

Jean Hodgin 
Michael Causey 


LEGISLATURE Row 1: Gael Evans. Jennifer Stone. Bill Ashley. Alan Hunt Row 2: Pam Pegram. Steve Lawson. Tnsh 
Wngley. Clark Cole. Dianne Hess. Nisa Brewer. Debi Royals. Lee Hackney Pam Siler Row 3: Kevin Godzak. Andy Wubben- 
hurst. Ben Probert. David Fuller. Pete Taylor Kim Dillard. Ray Harris. Gary Hemby. Bucky Hooker. Ced Gonter 

OFFICERS Gart Evans Jennifer Stone Bill Ashley Alan Hunt 


Steve Lawson 

Vice President 
Ced Gonter 


Row 1: Joe Mann Kara Summers. Karl Cagle. Tom Robinson Ed Grandpce Row 2: James Pritchett. William Cope Dr Vance Davis. Or 
Charles Futrell 

Joe Mann. Kara Summers. Karl Cagle. Tom Robinson. Ed Grandpre 



Row 1: Charles Rabb. Tnsh Wnglev. Ben Probert Kalhv Rumley. James Goodman Row 2: Sieve Locke Ted Landis Tom Sikes Pam Slater Mart 
Slater. Jim Everhart. David Wooten. Woody Olson Kevin OeNicola 

Repelling Clinic 


American Humanics Student 
Association ~y— 

The American Humanics Students Association 
at High Point is made up of all students in the 
Human Relations/Youth Agency Leadership pro- 
gram Through its elected officers and various 
committees it becomes a working laboratory 
experience in the methods used most commonly 
to administer the nations great volunteer youth 
agencies It also serves well in fostering a 
common spirit of service and departmental 
fellowship, and as a vehicle for presenting 
career directed workshops and seminars 

Student Association at Fall Retreat. September. 1974 


Wendy Burkes (center) During Field Experience at V M C A 


Internal Vice 

External Vice 

Bruce Gray 
Randy Green 

David Fuller 

David Hearne 
Sid Baker 


Alan Hunt 


Sid Baker 
Jerry Burns 

Departmental Student Assistants 

Donna Walls 

Alan Hunt 


W. Bruce Gray, President 
Fall, 1974 

J. Randall Green, President 

To offer college level preparation for students interested in careers with America's youth serving 
agencies is the prupose of the American Humanics Youth Agency Leadership Program Some of the 
agencies offering professional careers in this field are the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts. Y M C A . Y W C A , 
Campfire, Boy's Clubs and Girl's Clubs This year's theme was presented at the Fall Retreat held at 
Roaring Gap The theme "Make a Difference" served well through out the school year Other activities 
for the year included a series of thirteen workshops and career seminars, three social events and nine 
field trips to youth agencies or events 

Dr. Harold E. Fuller. Jr.. Associate 
Professor of Human Relations 

James L. Roberts 

American Humanics Administrator 



North Yadkin Dorm Council: C.ndy Wood. Kalhy Bosserman. Lisa Beshara. Vick. Huntley. Ann Harrington. Mrs Buffaloe. 
Debra Troupe. Susan Hess 

President — Gil Rockson , 
Vice-President — John Hamilton 
Secretary Treasurer - Carol Livengood 

Stephan Gorman. Ron Moore John Hamilton. Sam Crowell. Carolyn Carver. David 

Aigbogun. Lynn Caldwell 



&n9 £fl 


Co Chairmen — Mike Bash. Mike Cochran 
Secretary - Jayne Schwartz 
Treasurer — Pete Taylor 
Advisors — Mrs Buffaloe. Rev Teague 




Row 1 : Kaihy Martin Patricia Wright Randy Callahan Carol Cladney Danny Bowman. Kathy Creed. Pat McLaughlin. Rebecca 
Buller Susan Payne Row 2: Pam Pegram. Sonia Stewart Becky Peeler Karen Dorsett Denise Marshall Phil Jenkins Wayne 
Allen. Jim Coble Bob Cook Row 3: Blake Canfield. Nancy Burns. Terry Pegram. Kim Rumley. Sybil Richardson. Vicky Young. 
Ann Hart. Annette Johnson Jayne Schwartz Crystal Isenhour Row 4: Oonme Everhart. Chuck Hahpilis. Warren Obes. Reid 
Idol Mike Lyda. Steve Johnson. Dave Elkins. Dale Williams 

OFFICERS Row 1: Advisor Mrs L M Hayes. Pat McLaughlin Secretary Sonia Stewart Row 2: Program 
Coordinator Steve Johnson Phil Jenkins Program Co Ordinator Resource Person Randy Callahan. Program Co- 



Row 1: Teresa Moran Donnah Harrington. Debbie Tyler Pam Slaier. Dianne Hess Row 2: Steve Johnson. Jim Coble Paul Cloud. Sue 
Tsikerdanos. Cathey Calloway. Karen Kruyer. Terry Pegram. Gregg Bennett. Rick Brooks. Karl Cagle 




Row 1: Nancy Burns. Shel.a Liverman. Woody Olson. Pete Taylor Row 2: Sharon Russell Ced Corner Debbie 
While Sharon Parker. Sue Kelly Jennie Cook 



Eddie Tucker 
Polly Kayser 
Carolyn Wheeless 
Joan Aburrow 
Carol Neary 
Mana Mullis 
Tom Alonso 



i i ,» 


Jane Curtis, Rebecca Boiler Mary Guffey. Edward P.acentino. Ingram. Betsey Hallberg. V.cki Huntley W.lham DeLeeuw Mrs Cynthia Stanley. Cathey 
Calloway. Kendall Bezdak 





Row 1 : Keith Nowicki. Dick Culp. Debbie Tyler. Tom Cope Bucky Hooker Terry Buker Doug Rauch Sandy Shaver Bill Davidson. Ray Harris. Tom Vails. 
Vice-President Row 2: Nanette Falls Cathey Calloway. Diane Salyer Treasurer. Pete Harrison President. Karen Adams. Secretary. Joyce Dillman. Peg 
Moorer. Mike Pomer. Sylvia Petrea. Gayle Gulick. Rich Fulks Jim Shover 



President Kevin Gudzah 
Vice-President — Nancy Hemes 
Secretary — Toni Alonzo 
Treasurer - Germaine McAnley 

President — Pam Wiese 
Vice President — Donna Cuiffreda 
Secretary — Sue Wartheimer 
Treasurer — Sid Baker 

JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS John Veltman. Dave Caldwell. Terr. Crone. K,rr> D.llard. 


- -*• . 

™ ~i£ m 7 





Brian Moniford Don Wright David Waite Arnold Bolen Paul lusk David Woolen Ed Grandpre Sieve Bisbmg. Kipper Tabb. Tim Harper 






Row 1 : Gart Evans Rov Hardee Joe Mann Randy Greene Leonard Jackson. Jerry Burns. Ben Prober.. Peder Gisleson Earl Dalbey Adv.sor Row 2: 
Bruce Gray Dale Hurt. Davrd Fuller Torn S.kes. Davrd Frrday. Gary Hemby. Srd Baker. Howard Olson. Bobby Hellig. J,m Roberts Advisor Not 
Pictured: Dr Nano Motsinger Advisor Rev Charles Teague 





Richard Fulks. President. Peggv Moorer. Deborah Tyler Secretary. Richard Culp Phyllis Baker Alumni Relations Lynn Lockvow 
James Shover. Treasurer Not Pictured: Carolyn Rauch. Adyisor. Patton Jobe. Vice-President. Tom Vails. Karen Adams 

Alpha Psi Omega is a National Honorary Dramatic 
Fraternity with High Point College holding the 
Upsilon XI Chapter Members are selected from 
those students who have acquired at least 50 Alpha 
Psi points by working on any on-campus theatrical 
activity, and are chosen on the basis of outstanding 
ability and contribution to High Point College 





First Row: Jane Curtis. Becky Lambeth Dr Deleeuw. Caryl Porte. Dr Piacentino. Rebecca Butler Mrs Stanley Second Row: Mary Guffy. Gail 
Collins Richard Brooks Sheri Haymore Vickie Huntley Third Row: Tom Alonso. Carol Neary Cathey Calloway Eva Yoder Paul Lusk Fourth Row 
Betsy Hallbery. Hal Hughes. Mike Ingram 

Editor . . Debi Royals 

Class Editor Danny Bowman 

Staff Kathy Rumley 

Terry Pegram 

Business Editor . . Rob Cagle 

Staff Julia Baity 

Faculty, Administration, Staff Nancy Hems, Cindy Gates 

Index Carol Spaulding 

Advisor Rawley 

Our thanks to the Delmar people who helped us put this 
book together Also to the College News Bureau and the 
Administrators for their help 











STAFF: Pal Job*, Cindy Wood, Paul Hildreth, Tracy 
Wishon, Tom Vails, Donna Welsh, Susan Matthews, 
Randy Callahan, Mark Harris, Doug Potter, William 
O'Malley, Bill Davidson, Rick Garner, Jim Millis. 

The HI-PO is an Independent newspaper. Its policies and 
editorials, both signed and unsigned, reflect the opinions of 
the editors and not necessarily those of the college. 

Printed at Stone Printing Company, 1376 Ring Street. High 
Point, N.C. 27260. 



Row 1 : Susanne Hickerson Susan Payne Ann Hart. Cathy Brown Row 2: Pat McLaughlin Denise Marshall Karen Dorsett Advisor Mrs L M 
Hayes. Sara Whitescaver Patricia Wright 





Alpha Phi Gamma is an honorary journal- 
ism fraternity and a chapter of Delta Beta 
Students are chosen on the basic require- 
ments of working with a major college 
publication for a semester and holding a 
position (such as Editor. Associate Editor, 
etc) and having an above average 
scholastic average 

Mrs Emily Sullivan. Anne Stanfield. Jim Coble. Debie 
Royals Mrs Shirley Rawley Not Pictured: Kevin De- 

Row: Bucky Hooker. Editor in Chief. Rebecca Butler. 
Art Editor. Danny Bowman. Business Manager, Pat 
McLaughlin. Managing Editor Row 2: Advisor. Dr 
William DeLeeuw, Karen Adams. Jim Shover. David 
Turner. Cathey Calloway 


Karen Adams Ricky Priddy 

Danny Bowman Sandy Shaver 

Rebecca Butler Jim Shover 

Cathey Calloway David Turner 

Sylvia Petrea Debbie Tyler 



First Row: Dianne Hess Teresa Moran Rhonda Smith. Bonnie Beasley. Marsha Everhart Jim Coble Second Row: Mrs Nancv Shelton Advisor. Sieve Johnson. 
Renee Stone. Margaret Satterfield. Pam Smith. Becky Page Terry Pegram 


Officers: President. Sonia Kurosky. 1st Vice-President — Linda Nicol. 2nd Vice-President — Sharon O'Brien. Secretary — Margaret Satterfield. Treasurer - 
Kathy Brown. Advisors — Dr Thacker cV Mrs Shelton 


>-. I I ''I 

fi,4 Urn ■ 

1 i \ ' ,t[ < sis -.?? 

• .1;. Jl 







Karen Kruyer 

Glenn L Myers 

Stephen Lawson 

Gary L Robbins 


Ann HatI 

Teresa Moran 


Karen J Abbott 

27 Sherman Rd 

Wakefield. Mass 01880 

Barb E.Abbott 

P.O.Box 1307 

Salisbury. Md 21801 

Joan F. Aburrow 

551' Utah Ave NW. 

Washington. DC 2001 5 

Dale H. Adams 

126 Chester Ave 

Coatesville. Pa 19320 

John H. Adams 

254 Kenilworth Dr 

Ridgewood. N J 07450 

Karen M. Adams 

4804 Topping Rd 

Rockville. Md 20852 

Marty Adams 

2030 Bethel Blvd 

Boca Raton. Fla 33432 

Morris S. Adams 

1201 Rockford Rd 

High Point. N. C 27262 

Steve C Adams 

3214 Pine Needles Rd 

High Point. N C 27260 

Margaret E. Adcock 

Rt 2 Box 201 

Bowie. Md 20715 

David Aigbogun 

Box 3065 Campus 

High Point. N C. 27262 

Carol L. Agnew 

990 Northwest 5th St 

Boca Raton. Fla 33432 

Ray Allenbach 

12302 Chalford La 

Bowie. Md 20715 

Becky Albright 

Rt 1 Box 234 

Ramseur. N C. 27316 

Clyde W.Allen 

Rt 2 Box 216 

Pinnacle. N C. 27403 

Robert H. Allen 

Rt. 7 Box 972 

Greensboro. N C 27407 

Hallie Allgood 

P.O Box 162 

High Point. N C 27261 

Charles RAIIred 

809 Runyon Dr 

High Point. N. C 27260 

Antonette Alonso 

LagunaGdns. Ill #7-J 

Santurce. P R 009 1 3 

Kent Amich 

446 Lockland Ave 

Winston-Salem. N C 27103 

Martin Amos Jr. 

609 Delaware Ave 

Claymont. Del 19703 

Johnny D. Amos 

Route 1 

Sandy Ridge, N. C 27046 

Sarah O. Amos 

1t106Asheroft Dr 

Houston. Tex 77035 

Bill Anderson 

6 Putnam Ct. 

Commack. N Y 11725 

Steve Ankelein 

9 Beachwood Or 

Babylon. N Y 1 1 702 

Linwood Armstrong 

P O Box 9 1 

Trinity. N C 27370 

Bill Ashley 

2510 Inverness Rd 

Charlotte, N C 28209 

Gretta Ash worth 

1731 Stoneybrood Rd 

High Point. N C. 27260 

Henry L. Astrop Jr. 

941-D Highland Ave 

Winston Salem. N C. 27101 

George Auman 

805 Mam St Box 3 

Pineville. N C 28134 

Karen Auman 

Box 24 

Seagrove. N C. 27341 

Kathy E Avery 

P.O. Box 123 

Marshalls Creek. Pa 18335 

Ken L. Avent 

4824 Arapahoe Ave 

Jacksonville. Fla 32210 

Leland Averett 

Rt. 2 Box 211 B 

High Point, N. C 27262 

Bob R. Ayler 

7431 Northrop Rd. 

Alexandria. Va. 22306 

Ethleen V. Babb 

902 W. Ray Ave 

High Point. N C 27262 

Lenard O. Bailes 

Rt. 1 P.O Box 622 

Oak Ridge. N C 27310 

Julia Baity 

406 Pineywood Rd 

Thomasville. N.C 27360 

Sally S. Baker 

Box 6682 Reynolda Sta 

Winston-Salem. N. C. 27109 

Deborah D Baker 

157LeclineDr N E 

Concord. N C 28025 

Jane G. Baker 

3508 Langdale Dr 

High Point. N C. 27262 

Phyllis L. Baker 

801 E. Seventh 

Metropolis. Ill 62960 

Sid Baker 

Rt. 1 1 Box 379 

Greensboro, N C 27410 

Bonnie L. Baldus 

Old Stage Coach Rd 

La Plata. Md 20646 

Thomas Ball 

603 Maryland Ave 

North East, Md 21901 

Elaine Barbitta 

6204 Roanoke St 

Rverdale. Md 20840 

William Bardin 

400 May Ct 

Raleigh. N C 27609 

Daryl A. Barnes 

3906 Carroll St 

High Point. N C 27263 


John M. Barnes III 

1 805 New Bedford Dr. 

Greensboro. N C 27410 

Brenda J Barton 

6408 Inwood Dr 

Springfield, Va 22150 

MikeM Bash 

1 508 Jamestown Dr 

Charlottesville. Va 22901 

Sid F. Batts 

1203 Wembley Or 

Charlotte. N C 28205 

George Baunchalk 

6 Denckson Dr 

Wilmington. Del 19808 

Jim Baunchalk 

6 Denckson Dr 

Wilmington. Del 19808 

Bonnie M. Beasley 

823 Arberdale Dr 

High Point. N C 27260 

Robert F. Beasley 

406 Idlewood Dr 

Kannapol.s, N C 28081 

Bob W. Beaver Jr 

516 Hayworth Cr. 

High Point. N.C 27262 

Betty Jane G Beck 

700-E Westchester Dr 

High Point. N.C 27260 

Nicky C. Beck 

Rt 2 

Cltmmons. N C. 27012 

Cindy L. Belk 

Childrens Home 

Winston-Salem. N C. 27102 

Christine Bell 

6 Joan Dr 

Hampton. Va 23666 

Eliza M. Bell 

5304 Sunset Ln 

Chevy Chase. Md 20015 

Carlos M. Benitez 

MalvaSt. #62 Ext Sta 

Maria R.P . P.R 00927 

Cheri L Benjamin 

506 Thomas Ct 

Frederick. Md 21701 

Wayne E. Banjamin 

261 1 Drayton Dr 

Wilmington. Del 19808 

Gregg R Bennett 

52 W. Lawn Rd 

Livingston. N.J 07039 

S. Gregg Bennett 

106 Tabor St 

Winston-Salem. N C 27106 

Bruce K Berrier 

6708 Manderley Dr 

Charlotte. N.C 28214 

Pat B. Fominaya 


Jamestown, N.C 27282 

Lisa M Beshara 

1904 Lenox St 

Hbg. Pa. 17104 

Glenn Bethea 

2421 Sheridan St 

Hyattsville. Md 20782 

Hugh Billings 

Rt 1 Holmes Dr. 
Rural Hall. N.C 27045 

Carl L Bimbo 
923 Walton Ct. 
Asheboro. N C 27203 
Steva B. Bisbing 
1 368 Ft Taylor Ct. 
Key West, Fla. 33040 
Debra Ann Bissette 
P.O. Box 218 
Cumberland. N.C 28331 
Mark A. BischoH 
31 5 Model Farm Rd. 
High Point. N C. 27263 

Kathy M. Black 

1 1 7 Maplewood Ave. 

Thomasville, N. C. 27360 

Sam P. Blackwood 

505 Florham Dr 

High Point. N.C 27260 

Janet V. Blaich 

4870-0 ThalesRd. 

Winston-Salem. N C 27104 

Edward M. Blair 

308 E Holly Hill Rd 

Thomasville, N. C. 27360 

Randy M. Bledsoe 

Rt. 2 Box 257 

Dobson.NC. 27017 

Eric Bogaert 

28 1 7 Stoneybrook Dr 

Bowie. Md. 20715 

Robert C Bogan 

Rt 3 

Madison. N . C. 27025 

Dean M. Boger 

6621 Lawndale 

Falls Church. Va 22042 

Pam L. Boheler 

Rt. 3 Box 480 

Kings Mtn . N. C 28068 

Arnold Bolen 

Box 8 

Colfax. N C 27235 

Sandra G. Bollinger 

1 1 09 Brookwood 

High Point. N.C 27260 

Barbara J Bolton 

201 Hackney Cr 

Wilmington. Del. 19803 

Kent Borum 

2517 Eastchestet Or 

High Point, N.C. 27260 

Kathy Bosserman 

1607 Shenandoah 

Alexandria. Va 22308 

Pam V. Bowers 

Rt. 1 Box 835 

Thomasville. N C 27360 

Steve K. Bowen 

413 Evergreen St. 

Gastonia, N. C. 28052 

Danny Bowman 

Rt. 2 

Rural Hall, N C 27045 

Stanley W. Bowles 

Rt. 4 

Martinsville. Va 24112 

Stuart D. Bowman 


Greensboro, N. C. 27401 

Donald G. Bowles 

Rt. 6 Box 12-A 

Mocksville. N. C 27028 

Jeffrey L. Boyer 

3521 Langdale Or 
High Point. N C. 27261 
Jimmy D. Boyles 
Rt 2 

King, N.C. 27021 
Lisa Ann Boyles 
Rt. 4 Box 52-D 
High Point, N.C. 27263 
Richard S. Bradberry 
3213 Pine Needles Rd 
High Point. N.C. 27260 
Stanley L Bradley 
Box 120 Route 1 
Lindside.WVa. 24951 
Betsy B. Bragg 
3933 Sentry Crossing 
Marietta. Ga 30060 
Timothy D Branxh 
Andover Rd Rt. 7 
Long Grove. Ill 60047 
Eleanor C. Branard 
1 1 Mystic Ct 

Greensboro. N C. 27406 
David S. Brazelle 
2523-G Suffolk Dr 
High Point. N C 27260 
Colleen M. Brennan 
10809 Hob Nail Ct 
Potomac. Md 20854 
Barry S. Brennen 
416 Coconut Ave 
Port St. Lucie. Fla. 33450 
Scott H. Brett 
6 Hill Lane 

Smithtown. N Y. 11787 
Nisa L. Brewer 
215 S. Hanson St 
Easton.Md 21601 
Patti M. Briggs 
922 Rosewood PI 
High Point. N.C. 27262 
Ann W. Brinson 
1 105- A Robin Hood Ct. 
High Point. N C 27260 
Deborah Brooks 
54 Ounnell Rd 
Maplewood. N. J. 07040 
Regina P. Brooks 
Rt 2 Box 3 146 
Siler City. N C 27344 
Richard Brooks 
Rt 2 Box 125 #29 
High Point. N.C. 27263 
Cathy L. Brown 

Julian. N C. 27283 
Darrel L. Brown 

Lakewood. N.J. 08701 

Christopher Brown 

125 Main St. 

Jonesville. N.C 28642 

Darroll A. Brown 

P.O. Box 514 

Vass. N C 28394 

Kathy L. Brown 

P.O. Box 21 2 

Morganton. N. C. 28655 

Lydia L. Brown 

PO Box 25236 

Charlotte, N.C. 28212 

Charles J. Bryan 
PO Box 2161 
Salisbury. Md 21801 
Alan H. Brumfield 
105 Fairmont Cr 
Danville, Va. 24541 
Columbus B Bryant 
1900 Thomas Lee Rd. 
Bonham, Texas 75418 
Dennis K. Bryant 
520 Trents Ferry Rd 
Lynchburg. Va 24503 
Roger D. Bryant 
332 Walker St 
Thomasville. N. C 27360 
Deborah Buell 
Apartado Aereo 1 65 
Call. Columbia. S.A 
Terrance A, Buker 
12861 SW 68th Ave 
Miami, Fla 33156 
Randy B. Bunnell 
14 Parkview PI 
Baldwin. NY. 1 1510 
Bill R. Burchfield 
425 Janice Ave 
High Point, N.C 27263 
James E. Burckhalter 
High Point, N C 27263 
Teresa D. Burdette 
Rt 3 Box 80 -W 
High Point. N C. 
Cynthia L. Burns 
Rt. 2 Box 351 
Robbins. N C 27325 
Donald E. Burns 
Rt 2 Box 351 
Robbins, N C 27325 
Gary Burns 
Rt. 2 Box 351 
Robbins. N C. 27325 
Jerry C. Burns 
705 N. Frederick St 
Arlington. Va 22203 
Matthew L Burns 
67 16 Tower Dr 
Alexandria. Va 22306 
Nancy Burns 
Baton Rouge, La 70808 
Charles B. Burrell 
305 W. Dixon Ave 
Gastonia, N C. 20852 
Jeffrey G. Burrell 
301 Armstrong Rd 
Gastonia. N C. 20852 
Charles E. Burroughs 
1406 Coventry Rd 
High Point. N C 27260 
Debra L. Burrows 
1 2 14 Arrow Wood Rd 
Asheboro, N. C. 27203 
William T. Busick 
1102 Hamsbrooks Blvd 
Rebbecca Butler 
P.O. Box 2684 
Charlotte, N C 28201 
Kendalle Bzdek 
Rt. 1 Box 247A 
Hopewell. Va. 23860 


Vernon Cadwallader 

4406 Mahan Rd 

Wheaton. Md 20906 

Karl L, Cagle 

2631 E Riding 

Wilmington. Del 19808 

Stanley C. Cagle 

Rt. 1 

Carthage. N C. 28327 

Robert T. Cagle 

508 Davidson St 

Thomasville. N C 27360 

David C. Caldwell 

2313 N Edison St 

Arlington. Va 22207 

Lynn D. Caldwell 

1113ParksideDr N 

Wyomissmg. Pa. 19610 

William H. Callahan 

Rt. 3 Box 51 

Trinity. N C 27370 

Randy J. Callahan 

Rt 1 

Ellenboro. N C 28040 

John E. Callaway 

4435 Fernbrook Dr 
Winston Salem. N C 27107 

Pamela L. Callicut 

Ledford Oaks 

High Point. N C 27260 

Catherine E. Calloway 

5101 Queensway Rd 

Winston Salem, N C. 27107 

Mike O. Calloway 

2414 Eastover Dr 

High Point. N C. 27260 

Nina C. Cameron 

445 Crestview Rd 

Southen Pines. N C. 28387 

Christine M. Camfield 

Greenlea Farm 

Crozet, Va 

Katie S. Campen 

211 Mitchell PI. 

High Point. N. C 

Blake E.Canfield 

Goodhill Rd 

Woodbury. Conn 06798 

Brett P. Cannady 

12 Griffing Blvd. 

Asheville. N C 28804 

Marisa H Carbone 

100 Royal Palm Way 

Boca Raton. Fla 33432 

Ronald Cardwell 

UNC- Greensboro 

Greensboro. N.C 27412 

Keith S. Carlson 

2282 Glenmore Terr 

Rockville. Md. 20850 

Kristine N. Carlson 
202A Ware Forest Stud 
Winston Salem. N C 27106 
John D Carter 
Box 127 

Walkertown. N. C 
Allen Wade Carter 
PO Box 401 
Mocksville, N C 27028 
William B Carry 

7531 GlennonDr 
Bethesda. Md 20034 

Judy G. Carver 

1910 Fox Creek Ct 
High Point, N C 27260 
Michael E. Casey 
8721 Hickory Bend Trail 
Potomac. Md 20854 
Rebecca Caudle 
Randleman. N.C 27317 

Joey C. Caviness 

Rt. 1 Box77-E 

Pleasant Garden. N. C. 27313 

Donna Chadwick 

3206 Watauga Dr 

Greensboro. N C 27410 

Douglas F. Challenger 

1501 8inder Lane 

Wilmington. Delaware 19805 

James G. Chalmers 

3508 Ranlo Dr. 

Raleigh. N C 27611 

Ronnie D. Chavis 

Rt 8 8ox668 

Greensboro. N. C 27406 

Gerald L. Cheek 

Box 488 

Robbins. N C 27325 

Donna Ciuffreda 

2513 Ritchie Rd 

Forestville. Md 20028 

Carol E. Cladny 

6003 Winnebago Rd 

Bethesda. Md. 20016 

Kenneth R. Clair 

161 Chickahominy Trail 

Medford Lakes. N J 08055 

Gerald A Clark 

4090 Patsy Dr 

Winston Salem. N C. 27107 

Dee Ann Clapp 

P.O. Box 1 

Julian. N C 27283 

Linda D. Claypool 

4541 NW3rdPI. 

Plantation, Fla 33313 

Mary C. Clements 

801 Ponce de Leon Dr 

Ft Lauderdale. Fla 33316 

Frank E Cline 


Thomasville. N. C 27360 

James E. Cloer 

Rt 8 Box 245 

Lexington. N C 27292 

Paul Cloud 

8123 Cameron Ave 

Winston Salem. N C. 27101 

Louise R. Coble 

2101 Francis St 

High Point. N C 27263 

Ray H. Coble 


Greensboro. N C 27420 

James W. Coble 

P.O. Box 27 

Climax. N C. 27233 

George M Cochran 

2401 Francis St 

High Point. N C 27263 

Beth Cochran 

919 Parkview 

Asheboro. N C 27203 

Richard A. Cockrum 

617 Walson Cit 

Thomasville. N C 27360 

Jane C Coggin 

1829 Easlchester Dr 

High Poml, N C 27260 

Mary C. Cole 

1006 Emery Cr 

High Point. N C 27261 

Phyllis J. Coleman 

Rt 1 Box 202 

Glen Allen, Va 23060 

Peggy G. Collins 

828 Circle Dr 

High Point. N C. 27262 

Richard Colton 

3827 MartmCt 

Seaford. N Y. 11783 

Floyd L. Comer 

103 Mendota Ave 
Lexington. N C 27292 
Robert E Cook 
1408 Hamilton Blvd 

Hagerstown. Md 2 1 740 
William D. Cooke 
50 Faircrest Rd 
Asheville, N C 28804 
Jennie L. Cook 
Rt. 1 Box 223 
Denton. N C 27239 
Jimmy N. Cook 
743 Morgan Ave 
Asheboro.N C 27203 
Richard M. Cook 
1441 Layman St 
McLean. Va 22101 
Robert S. Cook 
1441 Layman St 
McLean. Va 22101 
Teresa A. Cook 
1031 Teddy Ave 
Slidell. La 70458 
Gary W Cooper 
851 W Warren St 
Shelby. N C 28150 
Kevin R. Copley 
5021 Queensway Rd 
Winston Salem. N C 27107 
Thomas B Cope 

104 Shamrock Cir 

Red Springs. N C 28377 

Donald G. Cornatzer 

Rt 3 

Advance. N C 27006 

Hilary J Cornatzer 

Rt 2 

Advance. N C 27006 

Shelia E. Coughlin 

907 La Grange Ave 

Cambridge. Md 21613 

Lydia C. Snyder 

PO Box' 126 

Jamestown. N. C 27282 

Thomas Crane 

2855 W Oakland Dr 

Wilmington. Del 19808 

Nancy W. Cranlord 

725 Lee St 

Asheboro. N. C. 27203 

Robbie S. Crater 

941 Anne Ave 

Winston Salem. N C. 27 1 07 

Kathy O. Creed 

Box 14 

Pilot Mountain. N C. 27041 

Jeanne A. Crissey 

1 323 Paradise 

APO San Francisco. Calif 

John C. Crittenden 

2221 Jameson St 

HillcrestHgts.Md 20031 

Teresa H. Crone 

62 S Locust St 

Marlton. N J. 08053 

Mark T. Croson 

1 1512 Gainsborough Rd 

Potomac. Md 20854 

Mary A Crowder 

1019 Emery Cir 

High Point. N. C 27262 

Samuel H. Crowell 

PO Box 506 

Matthews. NC 28105 

James R. Crump 

Rt 2 Box 183-A 

Pinnacle. N C 27043 

Walter E. Culbreth 

531 NW41 Ave 

Coconut Creek. Fla 33063 

Richard WCulp 

6200 Cromwell Dr 

Bethesda. Md 20016 

Wanda E Cummings 

Rt. 1 1 8ox 756 

Greensboro. NC 27410 

Donna K. Curry 

Rt 4 Box 286 

Lexington. N C 27292 

Jane E. Curtis 

1 1 1 Oak Lane 

Randleman. N C 27317 

Phil D Agostino 

Campus Mail 

William D. Dabbs 

Rt 3 

High Point. NC 27262 

Roberts. Daeschner 

1 106 Concordia Dr 

Towson. Md 21204 

Samuel Dalton 

PO Box 293 

Madison. N C 27025 

Graham T. Dalton 

370 Westoak Trail 

Winston Salem. N C 27104 

Patricia H. Daniel 

2121 Edge wood Dr 

High Point. N.C. 27260 

Robert A. Datz 

Box 182-PI RD 1 

Linewood. N J. 08221 

George H Davidson 

2768 Queen St 

Easton. Pa 18042 

Wm. D. Davidson 


Annandale. Va 22003 

Ann C. Davis 

911 W College Dr 

HighPoint.NC 27262 

JohnM Davis 

3612 Queen Mary Dr 

Olney. Md 20832 


Nan L. Davis 

Rt. 1 Box 376 

Thomasville. NC 27360 

Iven M. Davis 

2500 Delaware PI. 

High Point. N C 27262 

Robert Davis 

2880 Deerwood Dr 

Winston Salem. NC 27103 

Tony Dawsom 

2 1 Galewood Ave 

High Point. N. C. 27260 

Tommy L. Day 

Rt 5 

Winston Salem. N C 27107 

Ruth E. Day 

12 Elena PI 

Belleville. N J. 07 109 

Gary A Deal 

1209 Terrell Dr 

High Point. N.C. 27260 

Robin L Deal 

Rt 2 Box 180 

Lambertville. N J 18530 

Jack Deandrade 

740 Cook Hill Rd 

Cheshire. Conn 06410 

Lillian L. Debrwhl 

566 Foxcrolt Dr 

Winston Salem. N C 27103 

Ricky T DeLappe 

1111 Worth St. 

High Point. N C 27260 

Jorge DeLaVega 

267 E. 56 St 

Hialeah. Fla 33012 

Kevin DeNicola 

2192 FirSt. 

Wantagh, N Y 11179 

Doyle F. Dennis 

1 104S Lafayette St 

Shelby. N C 28150 

Norman Dennis 


Winston Salem. N C 27102 

Emery Dean Denny 

Rt 2 Box 207 

Pinnacle. N C 27043 

Joyce M Diamond 

220Buchanhan St 

Alexandria, Va. 22314 

Mary L. DiAngelis 

326 Cleveland Ave 

Wilmington. Del 19803 

Kenny L. Dickens 

1 1 5 Hillsborough St 

Arlington. Va 22207 

Kim Z. Dillard 

2268 N DickersonSt 

Arlington. Va 22207 

Phoebe R. Dillard 

2268 N DickersonSt 

Arlington. Va 22207 

Joyce Dillman 

Rt. U. Box 199-A 

Walnut Cove. N. C. 27052 

Gregory E. Dixon 

906 Moral' Dr 

Greensboro. N C 27410 

Ronald L. Dodson 

2406 E. So. Holden Rd 

Greensboro. N C 27407 

Rhon A. Dixon 

1050 0akview Rd 
High Point, N. C. 27260 
Jill W. Dorsett 
510 Clover Dr 
HighPoint.NC. 27262 
Karen Dorsett 
242 Cedar Lodge Rd. 
Thomasville. N C 27360 
Gary W. Downing 
56 Brooksith Dr. 
Smithtown. N Y 11787 
James Downign 
3310 Gateway E #4 
El Paso, Texas 79905 
Richard E Drake 
1 16 E PeachtreeSt 
High Point. N. C. 27260 
Patricia M. Drew 
83 Walter Ct 
Commack, N Y. 11725 
Patrick Duffy 
3500 Old Providence Rd. 
Charlotte. N C 28211 
Jane Duncan 
1 552 Ann Arbor Ct 
High Point. N. C. 27260 
Donita S. Dunbar 
5516-G Tomahawk Dr 
Greensboro. N.C 27410 
Thatcher B. Duni 
Suffield. Conn. 06078 
Gary N. Dupell 
22 Mead Ave. 
Riverdale. N.J. 07457 

Murphy J. Dupre 
1035 Boynton Ave 
New York. NY. 10471 
Mary C. Dwyer 
2706 Plyers Mill Rd 
Silver Spring, Md 20902 
Sue A. Eastburn 
2048 Floral Dr 

Wilmington. Delaware 19810 
James R. Eaton 
3991 Seaton Rd 
Winston Salem, N. C 27104 
Julie L. Ebsary 
15831 SW 100thCt 
Miami. Fla. 331 57 
Christine A. Edwards 
1450 Pine Tree Dr. 
Charlotte. N.C. 28211 
Diane F. Edwards 
Charlotte, NC 28211 
Jane H. Edwards 
406 Buchanan Blvd. 
Durham. NC. 27701 
Joseph T. Eisele 
2206 Cornwall Ave. 
Northfield. N. J 08225 
Richard E. Eldridge 
1637 W.Lexington Ave 
HighPoint.NC 27260 
David L. Elkins 
712 Clarke Rd 
Martinsville. Va. 241 12 
David G. Elliott 
Rt. Duffer Ct. 
Pffafftown, N. C. 27040 

Ken B. Ellis 

504 Birchwood Dr 
High Point. N.C. 27260 
Robbie Lee Ellis 

Mocksville. N. C. 27028 
Broadus Embler 
1217 Carolina St 
High Point. N.C 27260 
Amosl. Emile 
P.O. Box 1973 
Monrovia. Liberia 
William Engelberher 
Spring Valley Rd. 
Morristown, N. J 07960 
Ronald N. Engelhaupt 
9010 Wood Park Ct 
Baltimore. Md 21234 
Daniel R England 
Box 160 Rt 1 
Everett. Pa. 15537 
Lawson Erhumwunsee 
Box 3220 HPC 
High Point, N C 27262 
William F. Essick 
Rt. 10 

Lexington. N. C 27292 
Aydlett J. Eure 
P.O. Box 157 
Harrisburg, N C 28075 
Burwell R. Evans 
Msnteo. N.C 27292 
Johnny L. Everhardt 
Elsie Cir Apt 1-A 
Lexington. N C 27292 
Walter G. Evans 
6007 Madeline Dr 
Wilmington. Del 19808 
Marsha A. Everhardt 
Rt. 10 Tall Pines Rd 
Lexington. N.C. 27292 

Peggy C. Everhardt 

Lexington. N. C 27292 
Donald W. Everhardt 
Rt. 10 Box 454 
Lexington. N. C 27292 
James C. Everhardt 
506 Leonford St 
Lexington. N. C. 27292 
Denise A. Everhardt 
226 Fleer Dr 

Thomasville. N. C. 27360 
Kathy O. Everhardt 
620 Rosewood Dr 
Lexington. N.C. 27292 
Dennis P. Failing 
206 S. Layton Ave. 
Wyoming, Del 19934 
Fauzia. Faizi 
828 Montlier Ave 
High Point. N.C. 27262 
Nanette F. Falls 
251 Beverly Or. NE 
Concord. N.C. 28025 
Mark S. Fanelli 
38 Shannon Rd. 
N.Wales. Pa 19454 
Daniel T. Farr 
10210 Drumm Ave. 
Kensington. Md. 20795 

Susan A. Farnum 

52 Dewey St 

Richmond. Va. 05476 

Steven Feinberg 

14 Culver Ct 

Huntington Sta. N Y 11746 

George M Ferguson 

607 Vanderbaker Rd 

Temple Terr . Fla 33617 

Mary K. Ferguson 

1021 Ferndale Blvd 

High Point. N C 27260 

Kimberely Fitzmartin 

2867 Plymouth Rd. 

Pepper Pike. Ohio 

Terence Fominaya 

210 Lastner Lane 

Greenbelt. Md 20770 

Mary S. Foreman 

2408 Hobart Ct 

Charlotte. N C 28209 

Anna F. Fortney 

PO Box 329 

Jamestown. N C. 27282 

Otis Foster 

401 Skeet Club Rd 

High Point. N. C 27260 

James E. Fowler 

P.O. Box 5054 

High Point. N C 27262 

James Fraser 

Rt 2 

Middletown. Md 21769 

James Freeman 

1608 Valleymede Rd. 

Greensboro. N.C 27410 

David Friday 

4305 Riviera Ct 

Marlow Heights. Md 

Elizabeth A. Fulk 

Rt. 1 Box273-B 

Kannapolis. N.C 28081 

Richard O. Fulk 

5413 Edgemoor Lane 

Bethesda. Md 20014 

David A. Fuller 

Box 3250 HPC 

High Point. N. C 27262 

Robert A. Fuller 

33 1 2 Watauga Dr. 

Greensboro. N.C. 27410 

Kenneth W.Gailey 

Rt. 1 Box 56 

Greensboro, N C. 27406 

Susan M. Galup 

4020 Gait Ocean Dr 

Ft Lauderdale. Fla. 33308 

Patricia A Galup 

4020 Gait Ocean Dr. 

Ft. Lauderdale. Fla 33308 

Jay Ml. Gammon 

711 Bradley St. 

Burlington. N.C. 27215 

Harold H. Garner 

Rt Box 223 

King, N C 27021 

Clyde D. Gann 

Rt. 1 Box 494 

McLeansville. N.C. 27301 

Susan E. Garner 

Flynt Rd 

King, N.C. 27021 

Anne S. Garrett 

606 Hillcrest Dr. 

High Point. N C 27262 

Zoe R. Gatewood 

1205 N Mam St. Apt. G-3A 

High Point. N. C 27260 

Cynthia M. Gates 

PO Box 352 

Hurlock. Md 21643 

Kathryn L. Gauldin 

1 14 Vincenes Rd 
Charlottesville. Va 22901 
Joseph A. Gay 

1 15 Vmcennes Rd 
Charlottesville. Va 22901 
Gail B Gear 

1606 Davidson Rd 
High Point. N.C 27262 
Douglas J Geary 
25 10 Teal Rd. 
Wilmington. Del 19805 
Don W. George 
682 Dogwood Cir 
High Point. N C 27260 
Marion H. Gibson 
338 B Burlington Dr 
Greensboro. N C 27407 
Peder J. Gisleson 
333 Branch Ave 
Little Silver. N J 
James M. Glover 
Rt 1 

Jamestown. N C 27282 
Sharon E Glover 
635 Lincoln St 
Rockville. Md 20850 
Tony L. Glover 
Rt 1 

Jamestown. N C 27282 
Gregory A. Goehle 
59 Stony Hill Path 
Smithtown. NY 1 1787 
Pamela G Lambeth 
2716 Midpine Dr 
Winston Salem. N C 
Allen J Goldberg 
609 W 38th St 
Wilmington, Del 19802 
Paul D. Goehle 
59 Stony Hill Path 
Smithtown. N. Y 1 1787 
Cedric Gonter 
1040 Surrey Trail #6 
Conyers. Ga 30207 
Carol B. Gooch 
105 Ford St 

Thomasville, N C. 27360 
Robert J Goode 
5504 Uppingham St 
Chevy Chase. Md. 200 15 
James L Goodman 
James St 
Elkin. N.C 28621 
Danny Gordon 
900 Old T-ville Rd 
High Point. N C 27260 
Stephen M. Gorman 
High Point. N C 27260 
Gerard F. Gostic 
9 Birchbrook Dr 
Smithtown. NY. 11787 


Bruce E. Gouge 

5501 Tarrywood Ct 

Raleigh. N C 27609 

William A. Granberry 

4509 Gates St 

Raleigh. N C 27609 

Edward A. Grandpre 

68 Bnarndge Ct 

Greenville. S C 29609 

William B. Gray 

612 Gatewood Ave 

High Point. N C 27260 

Amanda N. Green 

600 Sunset Dr 

High Point. N C 27260 

Gary D Green 

61 1 Oakview Rd 

High Point. N. C 27260 

Jon R. Green 

713 N Centennial Ave 

High Point. N. C 27260 

Katherine Grenn 

507 Laurel Ave. 

Lexington. N. C 27292 

Jack G. Griffith 

Church St 

Cornelius. N C 28031 

Sandra S. Grim 

Rt 1 

Glen Rock. Pa. 17327 

Richard P. Groese 

24 Bayberry Dr 

Mahwah. N.J. 07430 

Timothy C. Grollimund 

2614 Eston Dr 

Staunton. Va. 24401 

James Groome 

900 Arbordale Dr 

High Point. N. C. 27260 

George Gross 

Rt 3 Box 280 

High Point. N. C 27260 

Kevin G. Gudzal 

8 Mamtou Way 

Scotch Plains, N J 07076 

Margaret Gueth 

1 105 Bridges Dr 

High Point. N. C 27260 

Mary D. Guffey 

Rt 1 Box 84 

Georgetowne. Del 19947 

Howard G. Gulick 

504 Knowlton St 

Belvedre. N J. 07823 

Patsie A. Guyer 

Rt. 1 Box 512 

Walkertown. N.C. 27051 

Marcia G. Guyton 
3300 Winchester Dr 
Greensboro. N C 27406 
Haywood S. Hacknet 
Springfield. Va. 22150 
Robert Hagelgans 
16 Alanon St. 
Whippany. N J 07981 
Norma L. Hackney 
38 17 Meek Or 
Jacksonville. Fla 32211 
Nina J. Haggerty 
323 Boulevard 
High Point. N C 27260 

Jon Haislip 

6302 Stratford Rd 

Chevy Chase. Md 20015 

William F. Haley 

Rt 1 Sharps Pt. Rd 

Salisbury. Md 21801 

Charles Halipilias 

300 Hampton Or 

High Point, N C 27260 

Doris A. Hall 

Rt. 4 Box 320 

Chestertown. Md 2 1 620 

Tim L. Hall 

Rt 3 

King. NC 27021 

William A. Hall 

Southwood Acres 

Mocksville. N C 27028 

Elizabeth O Hallberg 

PO Box 31 7 

Jamestown. NC 27282 

Bruce E. Hallenbeck 

820 Circle Dr 

High Point. NC 27260 

John G. Hamilton 

91 1 Denny St 
High Point. N C 27260 
Rita G. Hamilton 
107-A NorthgateCt 
High Point. NC 27260 
Tula B. Hamilton 
91 1 Denny St 
High Point. N C 27260 
John D. Hancock 
1715 Broodmoor Or 
Richmond. Va 23229 
Mary E. Hancock 
3508 James Dr 
Metaire. La 70003 
Zeb M Hanner 
304 Center St. 
Thomasville. NC 27360 
Kathleen F. Hanrahan 
3288 Annandale Rd 
Falls Church. Va 22042 
Roy F. Hardee 
713 N Centennial St 
High Point. NC 27262 
Thomas Hardy 
6360 N Nottingham St 
McLean. Va 22101 
Barbara A. Hare 
Rt .2 

Mocksville. N.C 27028 
Joanne Harvey 
208 S Hillside Ave 
Succasunna. N J 07876 
Timothy D. Harper 
PO Box 104 
Cabin John. Md 
Anne C. Harrington 
PO Box 253 
Cambridge. Md 21613 
Mark H. Harris 
208 Dutchman Creek Rd 
Elkin. N.C 28621 
Jessie A. Harrington 
7 Valley Rd 

Succasanna. N J 07876 
Donnah Harrington 
224 Spring Ct 
Thomasville. N C 27360 
Cathi L. Harris 
402 Circle Dr 
Thomasville. N.C 27360 

Karen P. Harris 

2303 Whitney Dr 
Monroe. La 71201 
Delia L. Harris 
1521 Groves Ave 
High Point. N C 27260 
Dennis H. Harris 
1302 Worth Ave 
High Point. NC. 27260 
Karen L. Harris 
Rt 6 Box 269 
Asheboro NC 27203 
Ray C. Harris 
1607 Dixion Rd 
Gastoma. N C 28052 
Robert E. Harrison 
1071 1 Sandy Landing Rd 
Potomac. Md 20854 
Ann L. Hart 
105Ferncliff Dr 
Williamsburg. Va 23185 
Thomas Hartman 
105 Farmington Rd 
Chambersburg. Pa 17201 
Wanda J. Hartman 
Rt 2 

Mocksville. N.C 27028 
Michael M. Hasty 
11501 Harford Rd 
Glenarm. Md 21057 
DwightW. Hasty 
201 Cedarwood Dr 
Jamestown. N.C 27352 
Cynthia Hauser 
Rt 2 Box 76 
Pinnacle. N C. 27043 
David L. Hausmann 
46 Hunt St 

Rowayton. Conn 06853 
Robert N. Hawes 
1906 Altavue Rd 
Catonsville. Md 21228 
Joda E. Hayman 
216 West Market 
Georgetowne. Del 19947 
Joseph K. Hayman 
604 Fountain Rd 
Salisbury. Md 21801 
Brenda H. Kindley 
2206 Ridgecrest Dr. 
High Point. N.C. 27260 
Donna C. Hazzell 
302 Burk St 

Waynesville. N C 28786 
Louis C. Hearn 
1 302 Dogwood La 
Launnburg. N.C. 28352 
Richard M. Hearn 
22 Forestdale Rd 
Kinnelon. N.J 07045 
David C. Hearne 
401 Webster PI 
Charlotte. N C. 28209 
Jack Heberer 
514 Woodvale Dr 
Greensboro. N C 27410 
Sandra J Hedrick 
404 Morton St 
Thomasville. N.C 27360 
Bobby R. Heilig 
Rt 1 Box 361 
Sophia. N.C 27350 
Rebbecca J. Heins 
1611 Templeton Rd. 
Towson. Md 21204 

Terry M. Helms 

601 ■'! Broad St 

Clinton. SC 29325 

Nancy K. Heines 

38 Mountain Ave 

Rockaway. N.J 07866 

Gary Hemby 

713 Jones Ave 

Kinston. N C 28501 

Charles Hennighausen 

25 Colonial Bridge Dr 

Haddonfield. N J 08033 

Robert T. Herbst 

33 Tuxford Terr 

Basking Ridge, N J 

Lisa Herdman 

40 S Highwood 

Glen Rock. N.J 074S2 

Dean R. Herfindahl 

2006 Limestone Rd 

Wilmington. Del 19808 

Eric R. Herr 

442 Abell Dr 

California. Md 20619 

Dianne R. Hess 

936 Breezewick Or 

Towson. Md 2 1 204 

Susan M. Hess 

8227 Groton Lane 

Indianapolis. Ind. 

Dale A Hiatt 

Rt 5 Box 250 

Thomasville. N C 27360 

LouiseS. Hiatt 

1308 DanburyCt 

High Point. N.C. 27260 

David R. Hiatt 

PO Box 263 

Jamestown. NC 27282 

Gary L. Hester 

518 Timber St. 

High Point, N.C. 27260 

Belivia D Hickerson 

Rt 1 

Franklmville. N.C 27248 

Carl E. Hicks 

1 15 N Gordon Dr 

Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Robert Dean Hicks 

Rt. 1 Box 367 

Greensboro. NC 27406 

Paul P Hildreth 

621 Miller St 

Winston-Salem, N C 27103 

Sharron D. Hilgartner 

2621 Hunter Mill Rd 

Oakton. Va 22124 

Barney W. Hill 

218 Forest Dr 

Thomasville. N C 27360 

John E. Hill 

Rt 6 Box 324 

Winston-Salem. N C 27100 

Starr A. Hill 

3800 Old Lexington Rd 

Winston-Salem. N C 27107 

Donna Hilliard 

21 1 Rockspring Dr 

Thomasville. N C 27360 

Peggy G. Hindle 

P Box 5358 

High Point. N.C. 27262 

Janet S. Hinkle 

609 Overbrook Dr 

High Point. N.C. 27262 

Jean M Hodgin 

3226 PinecroftCt 

Greensboro. N C 27407 

F. R Hoisington 

407 McFayden Dr 

Fayetteville. N.C. 28304 

Carol D. Holdren 

503 Florham 

High Point, NC 27260 

John S. Holleman 

1601 Marble St 

Winston-Salem. N.C. 27107 

Janet Hollowell 

940 Westover Ave 

Norfolk, Va 23507 

Kyle M.Holt 

8812 Liberty La 

Potomac. Md 20854 

Martha B. Holt 

214 Clifton St 

Kernersville. N C 27284 

Katherine Hooker 


Rockingham, N.C 28379 

Norman L Hooker 


Rockingham. N.C 28379 

Richard C. Hoover 

101 Cedarbrook Rd 

Ardmore. Pa 19003 

Paige L. Horrocks 

Box 53 

Crozet. Va 22932 

Frankie L. Hough 

226 N Mam St 

Troy. N.C. 27371 

Jerry R. Howard 

P Box 869 

Clemmons. N.C. 27012 

Lisa Howard 

21 1 Pittman Dr 

Wilson. NC 27893 

Rosemary D. Howard 

3736 Rolling Rd 

High Point. N C 27260 

Lorinda M. Huff 

7 Largo Lane 

Livinston. N.J 07039 

Gary P. Howell 

138 Quaker Church Rd 

Randolph Twp . N J 07801 

Sharon Haymore 
504-A Barker Ave 
High Point. N.C. 27260 
Paul A. Hufschmidt 
Box 1 93 

Smyrna. Del 19977 
David M. Hughes 
7659 Brentwood Rd 
Orange. Conn 06477 
William Hundley 
Rt 1 

Summerfield. N.C. 27358 
Charles E. Hulsey 
4231 Windermere La. 
Charlotte, NC 28211 
Elizabeth M. Hunt 
1107 Country Club Rd 
High Point. N C. 27262 
Herbert A. Hunt 
2328 Margaret-Wallace Rd. 
Matthews. N.C 28105 
Vicki Huntley 
Star Rt. Box 146 
California. Md 20619 


Charles R. Idol 

Rt. 9Box296K 

Greensboro. N.C. 27409 

Delvin C. Idol 

1519 Rt 4 

Kernersville. N.C 27284 

William M. Ingram 

Rt. 1 1 Box 409-C 

Greensboro. N.C 27410 

James A. Ittenbach 

756 Poplar Dr. Rt. 2 

Crownsville. Md. 21032 

Crystal D. Isenhour 

724 Forrest St 

High Point. N.C. 27260 

Christopher Isiguzo 

NSU Postal Agency via 

Umuahia Ecs Nigeria 

James A. Ivey 

1610 Seven Oaks PI 

High Point. NC 27260 

Terry S. Iverson 

Box 304 

Trinity. N.C. 27370 

Leonard Jackson 

4111 S Main St 

High Point. NC 27260 

Margaret L. Jackson 

2002 Brookmeade Rd 

Decatur. Ala 35601 

Alexander James 

207 Salem St 

Thomasville. N.C. 27360 

Sharon L. Janssen 

Rt. 1 Box 191 

Hackettstown. N.J 07840 

Margaret E. Jarzynski 

5906 Wilmett Rd 

Bethesda. Md 20034 

Patricia A. Jarrett 

460 Windsor Dr 

Asheboro. N.C 27203 

Elizabeth A. Jaston 

1258 Dove Lane 

Laurel Bay. S C 29902 

Debbie G. Jenkins 

1128 Wayside Dr 

High Point, N C. 27260 

Philip Jenkins 

Rt. 1 Box 226 

Franklinville. N.C 27248 

Gary K. Jenkins 

8732 Anchorage 

Huntington Bch. Calif 92464 

Susan E. Jeno 


Huntington. NY 11743 

Arnetta Jessup 

1101 Cedrow Ave 

High Point. N.C. 27260 


7 Caroline Ave. 

Forest City. NC. 28043 

Annette L Johnson 

Rt 2 

Pilot Mt. N.C. 27041 

Deborah J Johnson 

361 1 Fairlane Rd 

High Point. N.C 27260 

Donna J. Johnson 

74 Torque Way 

Baltimore. Md. 21220 

Gerald E. Johnson 

3113 Covewood St. 

High Point, N.C. 27260 

Glenn O.Johnson 

3907 N Chesterbrook Rd 
Arlington. Va. 22207 
Ronald A Johnson 
219 N. 4th Ave 
Mayodan. N C 27027 
Sherman E, Johnson 
P.O Box583WaikmsSt 
Walkertown. N C 27051 
Stephen T. Johnson 
Rt 2 

Pilot Mt. N.C 27041 
Susan A. Johnson 
4514 Brickwood Dr 
Tampa. Fla 33609 
Paul H. Joines 
209 Model Farm Rd 
High Point, N C 27260 
Barry E. Jones 
Rt 5 Box 458 
Winston Salem. N C. 
Bruce M. Jones 
47-8 Grosvenor Sq 
Kernersville. N.C. 27284 
George M Jones 
446 Oak Grove Rd 
Norfolk. Va 23505 
Jerry L Jones 
High Point. NC 27262 
Thomas B Jones 
470 Columbia St 
Brooklyn. NY 11231 
Thomas D Jones 
2042 Pinehurst St 
Glendora. Calif 91740 
Clifton R. Justice 
213 S Sixth Ave 
Siler City. NC 2 7344 
Danial Kasuri 
603 Mint Ave 
High Point. N.C. 27262 
Gary M. Keaton 
Rt 2 Box 21 7 B 
High Point. N C. 27262 
Nancy M Keen 
618 Douglas Rd 
Salisbury. Md 21801 
David Keeton 
P.O Box 245 
Welcome. N.C. 27374 
Kenneth B. Keiser 
12018 Devilwood Dr 
Potomac. Md 20854 
Leslie E. Kelley 
332 Lancelot Cir NE 
Concord. NC 28025 
Sue A. Kelly 
Rt 1 

Troy. N.C. 27371 
Richard T. Kelloher 
Washington. DC 20008 
Jon E. Kemp 
809 Oakview Rd 
High Point. N.C 27262 
John W Kennedy 
1833-8 Johnson St 
High Point. N.C. 27262 
Lori J. Kennedy 
812 Branchwood Dr 
Kernersville. N.C. 
Isaac Kershaw 
1075 Princeton Dr 
Yardley. Pa 19067 

Sally L. Ketcham 

Rockville. Md 20852 
Susan P. Key 
1806 Briarcl.ff Ct 
High Point. NC 27262 
Mahmood Khoshkalam 
705 E Lexington Ave 
High Point. N C 27262 
Deborah Kidston 
5908 Aberdeen Rd 
Bethesda. Md 20034 
William B. Kidston 
5908 Aberdeen Rd 
Bethesda. Md 20034 
Jeanne E. Kidd 
Star Rt 

Robbins. NC 27325 
Dixie K. Blackwell 
1519-K Woodside Ave 
High Point. N C 27262 
Albert M. King 
1 16 '.1 a .. I na Ave 
N Syracuse. NY 13212 
Catherine A. Kinnally 
9401 Delancey Dr 
Vienna. Va 22180 
Hazel E. Kirk 
Rt. 1 Box 95 
Troy. NC 27371 
Ronald L. Kirkman 
2024 Lynwood Dr 
Greensboro. N C 27406 
Tom Kirwin 
526 W Division St 
Union City. Ind 47390 
Kathy L. Kiser 
Rt. 2 Box 384 
Seagrove. NC 27341 
Kevin Klase 
161 20 Oxford Ct 
Mitchellville. Md 
Karen L. Koelsch 
26 Oakwood Rd 
Leonardo. N.J. 07737 
Christina J. Kosinski 
1629 Bolingbroke Rd 
High Point. N C 27260 
Richard W. Kreeger 
Rt. 1 Box 226 
Pfafftown. N.C 27040 
Lynn B. Krause 
8600 Canterbury Dr 
Annandale. Va 22003 
Karen Kruyer 
210Shadowlawn Dr 
Jamestown. N.C 27282 
Ellen F. Kunkel 
880 Azalea Ct 
Plantation. Fla 33317 
Sonjia M. Kurosky 
Village Rd ERR1 
Trenton. N J 08648 
Joseph Kushner 
3113 Pine Needles Rd 
High Point, N.C 27260 
William P. Lakin 

Camp Lejeune. N.C. 28542 
Rhonda S. Lalk 
1900 Columbia Pike 
Arlington. Va 22204 
Ralph R. Lamb 
StarRt 2-NBox23 
Rock Springs. Wy 82901 

Rebecca L. Lambeth 

141 Pearson Dr 

Morganton. NC 28655 

Theodore E. Landis 

10104 Chicade Lane 

Adelhpi. Md 20783 

Beverly L. Laster 

5917 Hedgecock Rd 

Kernersville. N C 27284 

Bonnie Law 

Grosvenor Sq Apt 706 

Kernersville. N.C 27284 

Monica L. Lawing 

2535 Shaw Ave 

Gastonia, N C 28052 

David F. Lawrence 

404 Robin Lane 

Mt Airy, NC 27039 

Stephen Lawson 

320 W 18th St 

Riviera Bch . Fla 33404 

Phillip E. Layne 

6504 Lee Chapel Rd 

Burke, Va. 22015 

Randy T Leclbetter 


Greensboro. N C 27405 

Bettie W. Ledwell 

Rt 1 

Turkey. N C 28393 

Allen H. Lee 

411 Cherry St 

Selma. NC 27576 

Eugene N. Lee 

3800 Whitfield Dr 

Winston-Salem, N.C 27105 

JanG. Lee 

44 1 6 Westbourne Rd 

Greensboro. N C 27410 

William R Lee 

P.O. Box 1232 

Statesville. N.C 28677 

Timothy D. Lehman 

840 Shober St 

Winston-Salem. NC 27101 

Janice J. Leland 

8109 Whites Ford Way 

Rockville. M D 20854 

Marlene Levering 

1320 Kentucky Ave 

High Point. NC. 27260 

Teresa E. Lewis 

427 W Main St 

Troy, N.C 27371 

Ralph Lewry 

1 7 Morningside Dr 

Pennington. N.J 08534 

William N. Libertore 

2627-F Suffolk Ave 

High Point. NC 27260 

Barbara Licht 

High Point College Box 3389 

High Point. NC 27262 

Terry J. Limbo 

Rt 2 Box319-B 

Clyde. N.C 28721 

Beverly E. Lindsay 

635 Westwood Ave 

High Point, N.C 27262 

Alice Lindgren 

9909 Ashburton Lane 

Bethesda. Md 20034 

David Linn 

217 Lindsay St #6 

High Point. NC 27260 


Shelia Livetmann 

C3 B UURB San Antonio 
Humacao. P R 00661 
Steve F. Locke 
PO Box 4363 
Charlotte. N.C 28204 
Ann F. Lombardi 
602 Oxlotd Way 
Neptune. N J. 07753 
Kimberly K. Long 
Rt. 3 Deer Run 
Newark. Del. 19711 
Michael W. Long 
41 19 Sylvia La 
Winston-Salem. N C 27104 
William H. Long 
Thatcher St 
Frankford. Del 19945 
Richard S. Lott 
6049 Newport Ave 
Norfolk. Va 23505 
Bradford W Loucks 
222 Ridgely Rd 
Timomum. Md 21003 
Donna K. Luff 
1 1 7 School PI 
Milford. Del 19963 
MichaetJ. Ludwigson 
3542 Waverly Ave 
Seaford. NY 11783 
Valerie L. Luedke 
5227 Kenstan Dr 
Camp Springs. Md 20031 
Paul H. Lusk 
403 Trinity Dr 
Fayetteville. N C 28301 
George M. Lyda 
81 00 Wilson Woods Dr 
Charlotte. NC 28212 
Donna J. Lyman 
41 W Azalea La 
Moorestowne. N J 08057 
Deborah Lyon 
Box 1627 

Smithfield. N C 2 7577 
Lewis Lyon 
3404 Cornwall Rd 
Baltimore. Md 21222 
Mary L. Lyons 
6331 Crosswoods Rd 
Falls Church. Va 22044 
Heather D McAdoo 
10416 Farnham Dr 
Bethesda. Md 20014 
Germaine Y. McAuley 
229 W Clairmont St 
Troy. N.C. 27371 
Robbie D McClearen 
1420-B Brewer Rd 
Winston-Salem. N C 27107 
Louis B. McCraw 
304 James St 
Kernersville. N C 27284 
Pamela J, McCulloch 
Rt 1 

Advance. NC 27006 
Scott R. McCutcheon 
5 Wellington Rd 
Wilmington. Del 19803 
Lori M. McDade 
107 HilldaleCt 
Claymont. Del 19703 
Sarah McDade 
Henderson. N C 27536 

Pamela K. McDaniels 

4405 N Main Box 30 

High Point. NC 27260 

Cheri M. McGowan 

703 HylanAve 

Hamlet. N C 28345 

James L. Mclnnis 

1410 Coventry Rd 

High Point. NC 27260 

Jackson C McKay 

4917 Guerry Dr 

Macon, Ga 31204 

Beth D. McKinney 

Rt 2 Box 453 

Salisbury. NC 28144 

Patricia A. McLaughlin 

2808 Harrell Ave 

Norfolk. Va 23509 

Wesley R MoLeod 

1236 Pamlico Dr 

Greensboro. N C 27408 

Sarah P. McManus 

Rt 4 Box 1246 

High Point. NC 27260 

Paul D. McNeill 

1081 Whitaker Rd 

Winston Salem. N C 2 7 1 06 

Mary E. McNeely 

Rt 1 Box 488 

McLeansville. N C 27301 

Sherlock T. McNab 

PO Box 338 

Varnville. S C 29944 

Janey B. MacFawn 

160 York St 

Chester.SC 29706 

Perry J Macheras 

1017 Madison Ave 

Winston-Salem. N C 27103 

Thomas W. Mackintosh 

Parks Mill Rd 

Adamstown. Md 21710 

Deborah J Maddem 

903 Elder Rd 

High Point. NC 27260 

Donald R Madden 

3325 Longview Dr 

High Point. NC 27263 

Orin Magill 

1722 Westmoreland St 

McLean Va 22101 

Melville G.Mahler 

38 Hunter Dr 

Smithtown. NJ 11787 

Allen Maine 

Box 58 

Allamuchy. NJ 11787 

Cynthia D. Maley 

204 Pmeywood Rd 

Thomasville. N C 27360 

Richard S- Male 

11701 TiftonDr 

Potomac. Md 20854 

Linda J Mangum 

Rt. 1 Box 426 

Bahama. NC 27503 

Joseph D. Mann 

532 Manning Dr 

Charlotte. N C 28209 

Janiee L. Manuel 

Rt 2 Box 187 

Thomasville. N C 27360 

Angelyn Marlette 

Rt 1 

Graham. NC 27253 

Lawrence S. Marsden 

361 IB Rocklane Dr 

High Point. NC 27260 

John D. Marsden 

1 18 Prestwick Dr 

High Point. NC 27260 

Norman P. Marshall 

Rt 3 Box 832 

Greensboro. N C 27410 

Jan W. Marinus 

Box 457 

Fries. Va 24330 

Sylvia J. Marshall 

Rt 2 

Stokesdale. NC 27357 

Denise R. Marshall 

Rt 8 Box 70 

Asheboro. NC 27203 

Kathryn L. Martin 

441 Morningside Dr 

Fayetteville. N C 28301 

Melinda Marvel 

Rt. 1 Box 70 

Georgetowne. Del 19947 

Charlton O. Martin 

708 Gatewood 

High Point. NC 27260 

Vivian L. Massie 

PO Box 409 

Stuart. Va 24171 

Paul T. Mason 

218 Woodhaven Dr 

Lexington. N C 27292 

Stephen M. Martin 

PO Box 86 

Murphy. N.C 28906 

Keith A. Matthews 


Linwood. NJ 08221 

Susan M. Matthews 

Rt 1 Box 234 

Mt. Airy. NC 27030 

Judy C. Matton 

1319 Robin Hood Rd 

High Point. N.C 27260 

Paul W. Mattox 

Rt 2 

Rocky Mount. NC 24151 

John S. May 

1824 Georgia Ave 

Winston-Salem. N C 27104 

Robert May 

1824 Georgia Ave 

Winston Salem. N C 27104 

William 8. Mayberry 

3301 Oberlin Dr 

Greensboro. N C 27405 

Roger C. Mayfarth 

73 0ldertDr 

Pearl River. NY 10965 

Pamela M Hawley 

1 420 Vakkey Ridge Dr 

High Point. N.C 27260 

Joseph F Meek 

5900 Carterslane 

Riverdale. Md 20840 

Bonny L. Mendenhall 

1 725 Waverly Ct 

High Point. N.C. 27260 

Anna M. Libertore 

2627-F Suffolk Dr 

High Point. N.C 27260 

Ronnie W Mickey 

2923 Edwards St 

Winston-Salem. NC 27107 

Bill Middlebrook 
Cherry Hill Rd 
Princeton. N.J. 08540 
Mark D. Middleton 

200 Hill Dr 
Salisbury. Md 21801 
Angela P. Miles 

Rt. 3 Box 200-C 
High Point. NC 27260 
Clair Mont Miles III 
1 1 23 Meadowlawn Ave 
High Point. N C. 27260 
Susan M. Miles 
612 Hunting Park Dr 
Salisbury. Md 21801 
Raymond E. Miles 
1519 E WoodsideAve 
High Point. NC 27260 
Clarence A. Miller 
538 Linville Rd 
Kernersville. N C 27284 
Barry L. Miller 
6620 Dorset Dr 
Alexandria. Va. 22310 
Christopher B Miller 
5921 GlosterRd 
Bethesda. Md 20016 
Donna L. Miller 
13018 Bellevue St 
Beltsville. Md 20705 
Mary T. Miller 

201 Foxcroft Dr 
Winston-Salem. N C. 27103 
MarkS. Miller 

Rt. 1 Box 421 
Thomasville. N.C 27360 
Lillian K. Miller 
363 Bunkers Cove Rd 
Panama City. Fla 32401 
Michael L. Miller 
4530 Mitchell Rd 
Kingsport. Tenn 37664 
Patricia W. Miller 
1207 Westwood Ave. 
High Point. N.C. 27260 
Phillip A. Miller 
3125 Brighton St 
Baltimore. Md 21216 
James Henry Millis 
1 509 Overbrook Ct. 
High Point. N C 27262 
Stanley Minka 
201 Jupiter Rd 
Newark. Del 19711 
BrendaC. Minnick 
527 Catherine St 
Bloomsburg. Pa 17815 
Michael C. Mitchell 
Rt. 2 Box 119 
Pinnacle. N.C. 27043 
Walter Ray Mitchell 
708 E Fairfield 
High Point. N.C 27262 
William Mitchell 
5510 Dogwood Dr 
Winston-Salem, N.C. 27105 
Janice Lee Mize 
10108 Kinross Ave 
Silver Spring. Md. 20901 
Brian Montford 
106 SE. 14th Place 
Deerfield Bch. Fla. 33441 
Virginia R. Montford 
1 5207 Jarrettville Pike 
Monkton. Md. 21111 


Jeter Montgomery 

1 177 Sweetbnar Rd 

High Point. N.C. 27262 

Douglas A. Moore 

46 Manor Dr 

Dover. Del. 19901 

Gary Moore 

1749 N Pleasant St 

Winston-Salem. N.C 27107 

Ronald A. Moore 

416W Lexington Ave 

High Point. N C 27260 

Peggy L. Moorer 

139W Central Ave. 

Moorestown. N.J. 08057 

Wilma Moran 

D-66 Alcazar Villa Esp 

Bayamon. PR 00619 

Teresa A. Moran 

D-66 Alcazar Villa Esp 

Bayamon. PR. 00619 

Douglas R. Morin 

14708 Flintstone Ln 

Silver Spring. Md 20904 

Derrick L. Morgan 

6 1 1 W Reid St 

Thomasville, N C 27360 

David S. Morris 


Wheaton. Md 20906 

Larry Morris 

1 000 Greensboro Rd 

High Point. N.C. 27260 

Francis S. Motsinger 

Rt 9 Box 461 

Winston-Salem. N C 27107 

James L Mugele 

610 Spring Ave 

Lutherville. Md 21093 

Maria Mullis 

Rt. 4 Box 23 

Thomasville. N C 27360 

Laurie Murphy 

1 1 300 S Glen Rd 

Potomac. Md 20854 

Donald Myers 

1511 Homewood Ave 

High Point. NC 27260 

Glenn L. Myers 

301 Whittier Ave 

High Point, N.C 27260 

Lawrence G. Myers 


High Point, N.C 27260 

Margaret Myers 

1453 Carolyn Dr 

Virginia Bch.. Va. 23451 

Sally L. Myers 

Rt. 3 Box 181 

Lexington. N.C. 27292 

Sara A Myers 

926 E College Dr 

High Point. N.C. 27260 

Sharon K Myers 

Rt 1 Hillcrest Dr. 

Sophia. N.C. 27350 

Robin Nance 

tOOGIenwood Rd 

Asheboro. N.C. 27203 

CarolJ. Neary 

3012 Seville St. 

Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 33304 

Deborah Nelson 

6 Mores Close/Surrey 

Purley, England 

Jeffrey E. Nelson 

3001 English Rd 

High Point. N.C 27260 

Kai David Nelson 

Lusaka Dept of State 

Washington. D C 20521 

Paul Nelson Jr. 

5 130 Cascade Dr 

Corpus Chnsti. Tex 78413 

Ronald M. Nelson 

103 RagsdaleCi 

Jamestown. N C 27282 

John Nesbit 

Rt. 1 Box 20 

Pleasant Garden. N C 27313 

Jeffrey S. Nesbitt 

9131 Hollyoak Dr 

Bethesda. Md 20034 

Kay N. Nichols 

2710 Janice St 

High Point. N.C 27260 

James T. Nichols 

51 2 Wilton Rd 

Towsen. Md 21204 

Linda G. Nicol 

360 Marshall Ave 

Trenton. N J 08619 

Cheryl D. Nowicki 

1450 London Dr 

High Point, N.C. 27260 

Louise Nowicki 

1450 London Dr 

High Point. N.C 27260 

John M. Nurney Jr 

Rt 8 Box 175 

High Point. N.C 27260 

Warren W. Obes 

55 Gabnele Dr 

E Norwich. NY. 11732 

Sharon L. O'Brien 

Box 489 

Balboa Canal Zone 

John O'Doherty 

1 2 Old Tree La 

Great Neck. N.Y 11024 

Charles E. Oliver 

101 8 W College Dr 

High Point. N C 27260 

Howard Olson 

356 North Blvd. 

Petersburg. Va 23803 

William T. O'Malley 

49 Adams Dr 

Whippany. NJ 07981 

Lawrence O. Onyirimba 

2 1 3-A Cottage Grove 

Greensboro. N.C 27401 

Roger Osborne 

N. Mam St Apt 3-A 
Flemington. NJ 08822 
Faith U. Osayame 
41 Ekewan Rd 
Benin-City. Nigeria 
Daniel O'Toole 
307 Carolina Cr 
Winston-Salem. N.C 27104 
Vickie Overman 
1202 RookdaleDr. 
Asheboro. NC 27203 
Richard H. Owens 
1410 Sweetbnar Ct 
High Point. N.C. 27260 
Rebecca A. Page 
P.O. Box 636 
Gibsonville. N.C. 27249 

David Painter 

704 Timber Lane 

West Chester. Pa 19380 

Katherine L Parce 

3906 Washington Si 

Kensington. Md 20795 

Joel D Pardue 

Rt 1 Coble Church Rd 

Liberty. N C 27298 

Vicki J. Parise 

661 1 Merrnt St 

District Hgts Md 20028 

Sharon L. Parker 

Rt. 1 Box 100-A 

Denton. NC 27239 

Karen Parks 

1991 Clemmonsville Rd 

Winston-Salem. N C 27107 

Vickie L. Parks 

481 8 Vickery Chapel Rd 

Greensboro. N.C 27407 

Tricia Sue Parks 

78 E Washington St 

Chagrin Falls. Ohio 44022 

Julli D. Parish 

453 Lawndale Ave 

High Point. N.C 27260 

Steven E Parsley 

101 5 Unity St. 

Thomasville. N C 27360 

Barbara S. Paramore 

510 Shadybrook Dr 

High Point. N C 27260 

Marcia W. Patterson 

34 Oransom Rd 

Winston-Salem. N.C. 27106 

Samuel L. Patterson 

2324 Gordon Rd 

High Point. N C 27260 

Leland Patton 

2431 Gardon Rd 

High Point. N.C. 27260 

Susan C. Payne 

Rt 3 Box 655 

Thomasville. N C 27360 

Toye C. Payne 

918 Kingston St 

High Point. N C 27260 

Tommy W. Peacock 

3509 Kivett Dr 

High Point. N.C 27260 

Pamela A. Pavco 

3001 CharloaisDr 

Greensboro. NC 27406 

Bunnie S. Peddycord 

Rt. 1 

Lewisville. N.C 27023 

Rebecca A. Peeler 

60 Crestmont Ave 

Asheville. N C 28806 

Pamela R Pegram 

P.O. Box 53 

Stokedale. NC 27357 

Tarry L. Pegram 

P.O Box 2 

Stokedale. N C. 27357 

Frances E. Pennington 

Rt 2 Box 1 

Mocksville. N.C. 27028 

Lucretia J. Penry 

Rt 6Box469-C 

Greensboro. N C 27405 

Clyde N. Perryman 

71 1 Harrington St 

Thomasville. N C 27360 

Thomas Peterson 

121 W White Dr 

Archdale. NC 27263 

James Petraglia 

1 9 Wesley Ave 

Atlantic Hghlds . N J 077 It 

Sylvia Petrea 

310 E Farriss Ave 

High Point. N.C 27260 

Peggy L. Petree 

1605 Milan Rd 

Greensboro. N C 27410 

Richard B. Pettit 

313-B Chestnut Dr 

High Point. NC 27260 

Karen E. Peuritoy 

805 S King St 

Laurmburg. N C 28352 

Kenneth A. Phaiah 

425 N Mam St Rt 14 

Moosup. Conn 06354 

Katrin L. Pharr 

702 EarIRd Box 913 

Shelby. NC 28150 

Barry L. Phipps 

5502 Normandy PI 

Baltimore. Md 21210 

Ian M. Phillips 

9818 Commonwealth Blvd 

Fairfax, Va 22030 

Mack A Pickett 

Glenn St 

Denton. N C 27239 

Andrew J. Pinchac 

300 Windsor Ave 

Maddenfield. N J 08033 

Douglas H. Pitman 

1 Lyne Rd 

Sudsbury. Mass 01776 

George M. Plantz 

628-B E Russell 

High Point. N C. 27260 

Rhondra J. Plummer 

3401 Memphis La 

Bowie. Md 20715 

Reginald Poitier 

Box 2247 

Nassau. Bahamas 

Victor E. Pongonis 

Rt 1 Cain Rd 

Coaisville. Pa 19320 

Kathy L Pope 

1 524 Homeward Ave 

High Point. NC 27260 
Caryl R. Porter 

10 Prospect St Box 1407 

Stauton Va 24401 

Marcus S. Portis 

Rt 12 Box 345 

Lexington. NC 27292 

Donald J Potter 

1823 Deveron Rd 

Baltimore. Md 21234 

Patricia E. Poston 
2965 Rex Dr 
Jacksonville Fla 32216 

Douglas Potter 
Rt 6 Miller Rd 
Auburn. N Y 13021 
Gordon Potter Jr 
927 Winwood Dr 
Virginia Bch . Va. 23451 
Laurence A. Potter 
749 Wingate Dr 
Somerville. N J 08876 


Pamela A Powell 
PO Box 364 
Jameslown. N C 27282 

Joy L. Powers 

2326-B Cloverdale Ave 

Winston Salem. N C 27103 

Danny R. Price 

2704Wmburn Terr 

East Point. Ga 30344 

Joyce L. Price 

1 08 1 st Ave. 

Highstown. N J 08520 

Ricky O. Priddy 

Rt. 2 YMCA Camp Rd 

King. NC 27021 

Benjamin C. Probert 

903 Eisenhower Or 

Key West. Fla 33040 

William H. Quigley 

1047 Carper St 

McLean. Va 22101 

Nellie M Queen 

P.O. Box 354 

Cherokee. N.C 28719 

Gary B Ragsdell 

Box 3031 HPC 

High Point. N.C. 27262 

Francisco Raffucci 

656 Concordia St 

Santurce. P R 00907 

Joseph Ramsbotham 

810 W Ean Blvd 

Winston-Salem. N C 27104 

Barbara G. Rankin 

445 Aledo Ave 

Coral Gables. Fla 33134 

Peter C. Ranney 

1304 Namassm Rd 

Alexandria. Va 22308 

Daniel M. Ramseur 

Rt 12 Box 155 

Greensboro. N C 27406 

Douglas L. Rauch 

7007 Robin Hood Rd 

High Point. NC 27260 

Deborah L. Ray 

Rt 11 Box 184 

Greensboro. N C 27410 

Terry L. Ray burn 

305 Cedarwood Trail 

High Point NC 27260 

Hershel L. Reddeck 

Rt 5 Box 248 A 

High Point. NC 27260 

Scott W. Reddish 

722 S Park Dr 

Salisbury. Md 21801 

Karen E Redfern 

Rt. 12 Box 1343 
Charlotte. N.C 28212 
William Redfern 

3628 Everett St N W 
Washington. D C 20008 
Daniel E Reeder 
591 1 Green Haven Dr 
Winston-Salem. N C 27103 
Helen Reeves 
7-F Hiltin Place 
Greensboro. NC 2 7409 
Kathleen A. Reilly 
42 18 Fitch Ave 
Baltimore. Md 21236 
John Rein 
508 S. Mam St 
Williamstown. N J 08094 

Diana E. Rhodes 

Rt 2 Box 208 
Germantown. NC 27019 
Susan H. Rice 
16733 Shea Lane 
Gaithersburg. Md 20760 
Mark D. Richards 
Rt 1 Box 78-E 
Dagsboro. De 19939 
Sybil K. Richardson 
Rt t Box 346 
Madison. N C 2.7025 
Lynn E. Richter 
707 Palmer Ave 
W Allenhurst. N J 0771 1 
Linda F. Rico 
6912 Briarcliffe Dr 
Clinton. Md 20735 
Debra S. Rigney 
Hopewell. Va 23860 
Ronald Ripple 
Rt 10 Box 51 1 GT7 
Lexington. NC 27292 
George H. Roach 
101 S Tremont 
Greensboro. N C 2 7403 
Colbert Robbins 
Rt 3 8ox 3 

Randleman. N C 27317 
Gary L. Robbins 
807 W College Dr 
High Point. NC 27260 
Thomas C. Robinson 
181 Jackson Homes 
Charlotte. N C 28208 
Julia A. Rochelle 
1214 Woodland PI 
High Point. NC 27260 
Gilbert L. Rockson 
120 Bennett Ave 
New York. NY. 10033 
Margaret E. Rogers 
5340 Westpast Way 
Washington. D C 20016 
Max A. Rollins 
500 Smith St 
Thomasville. N C 27360 
Eileen Rose 
Box 12 

Balboa Canal Zone 
John T. Roth 
223 Mercury Rd 
Newark. Del 19711 
Barbara J. Roux 
4608 Brookhaven Dr 
Greensboro. N C 2 7406 
Debra S. Royals 
6903 Ashbury Dr 
Springfield. Va 22152 
Amanda Rowland 
1506Wicklilf Ave 
High Point. NC 27260 
David A Rudeah 
1604 Wendover Dr 
High Point. NC 27260 
Carolyn V Rucld 
7205 Judy Rd 
Glen Burnie. Md 2 1 06 1 
Kathy M Rumley 
PO Box 26 

Stokesdale. N C 27357 
Kim M. Rumley 
PO Box 294 
Madison. NC 27025 

Patricia A. Rusenko 

1 1 739 Devilwood Dr 
Rockville. Md 20854 
Brent E. Russell 
1639 W Clemmonsville 
Winston-Salem. N C 27107 
Leah B. Russell 
Rt. 1 Box 175 
Franklinville. N C 27248 
Sharon A. Russell 
409 Peachtree St 
Albemarle. N C. 28001 
Fred W Rutledge 
Rt. 1 Box 1539 
Trinity. NC 27370 
Sherryl R. Ryce 
5626 Groveland Ave 
Baltimore. Md 21207 
Paul E. Rynshall 
50 New St 
Wayne. N J 07470 
Stephen P. Sadoti 
7049 Warden St 
Annandale. Va 22003 
Wendee L. Saintsing 
2823 Roland Rd 
Greensboro. N C 27407 
Diane R Salyer 
Box 3525 HPC 
High Point. NC 27262 
Margaret L. Satterfield 
P Box 1 1 46 
Lexington. N.C 27292 
James P. Sawyer 
Lynchburg. Va 24503 
Wendell H. Sawyer 
41 1 S Elam Ave 
Greensboro. N C 27403 

William C.Schaal 

Indian Trail 

Medford Lakes. N J 08805 

Carol Schimpf 

2523 Deepwood Dr 

Wilmington. Del 19810 

Stephen B Schirm 

732 E 45 St 

Savannah. Ga 31405 

Christopher J. Schlaeppi 

Rt 1 Box 241 

High Point. NC 27260 

William L. Schmid 

55 Braham Ave 

Amityville. N Y 11701 

Wayne C. Schneider 

87 Saw Mill Dr 

Berkley Hgts. N J 07922 

Adelaide M Schnell 

Campus Mail HPC 

High Point. N C 27262 

Ronald D. Schott 

1850Larkm Rd 

Boothwyn. Pa 19061 

Charles T.Schubert 

1 020 Wellington Ct 

High Point. NC 27262 

Jayne Schwar/ 

4501 Cedarhill Rd 

Coconut Creek. Fla 33063 

Thomas W. Scott 

Box 8857 

Greensboro. N C 27410 

Scott L. Scribner 

8104 Horse Shoe Lane 

Potomac. Md 20854 

Michelle Sedore 

4141 NW 44 Ave. Apt. 117 

Ft Lauderdale. Fla 33313 

John K. Sexton 

2003 Apex PI 

High Point. N.C. 27260 

John Shallenberg 

Tracy Rd 

Waverly. N.Y 14982 

Steve Sharman 

1438 Deep River Rd. 

High Point. N.C 27260 

Chuck E. Sharp Jr. 


Greensboro, N C 27410 

Alexander Shaver 

79 Boot Rd 

Newtown Sq, Pa 19073 

Steve Shavitz 

Westchester Academy 

High Point. N.C 27260 

Catherine E. Shaw 

1309 Fleming Rd 

Greensboro. N C 27410 

Jon M. Shaw 

2 Robin Hood Rd 

Suffern. NY 10901 

Pearlee Shaw 

Rt 2 Box 104 

Gibsonville. N C 27249 

Mary B. Shay 

135 Edwards Rd 

Cheshire. Conn 06410 

Edgar L. Sheets 

1204 FairviewDr 

Lexington. N.C 27292 

Gary E. Shesko 

1 09 S 6th Ave 

Coatesville. Pa 19320 

Donald C. Shoaf 

Rt 6 Box 354 

Winston-Salem. NC. 27107 

Cherrie Shoemaker 

1825-D Johnson St 

High Point. N.C. 27260 

Rodney A. Shipwash 

407 Paul Dr 

High Point. NC 27260 

Richard L. Shook 

200 Cedarwood Trail 

High Point. NC 27260 

James R. Shover 

Mill Rd RD2 

Mefford. N J. 08055 

Thomas E. Shull 

249 Rhode Is Ave 

Wassapequw. N.Y 11750 

William L. Sibley 

1802 Braeburn Dr 

Salem. Va 24153 

Ruth I. Sikes 

Rt 1 Box 41 

Seagrove. NC 27341 

Thomas E. Sikes 

713 N Centennial St. 

High Point. N.C 27260 

Pamela Jo Siler 

7 Circle Dr 

Greensboro. N.C. 27410 

Thomas D. Simpson 

1 529 Beaucrest Ave. 

High Point. N.C. 27260 

George R. Sinclair 


Jamestown. N.C. 27292 


Jane E. Sinks 

6909 Blue Star Dr 

McLean. Va 22101 

Teri R. Sink 

46 Salem St 

Thomasville, N C 27360 

Steven T. Skeen 

1 13 Greenhaven Dr 

High Point. N C 27260 

Dennis E. Skomorucha 

914 Parkside Blvd 

Clavmont. Del 19703 

Martin Slater 

2110M OQ 

Camp Lejeune. N C. 28542 

Pamela S. Slater 


Camp Lejeune. N C 28542 

Alfred L. Smith 

610 Candlewood Dr 

Greensboro. N C 27403 

Anne H. Smith 

526 Alabama Ave 

Salisbury. Md 21801 

Anne H. Smith 

1 107-H Robin Hood Rd 

High Point. NC 27260 

Douglas Smith 

Rt. 1 Box 727-A 

Colfax. NC 27235 

Mary K. Smith 

4617 22nd Ave 

Avondale. Md 20018 

Gordon M. Smith 

1604-1 Long St 

High Point. NC 27260 

Pamela S. Smith 

Rt 1 Bowers Rd 

Lexington. N C 27292 

Roger K. Smith 

22 Flamingo Dr 

Smithtown. N Y 11787 

Ronald D. Smith 

510 Hickory Chapel Rd 

High Point. NC 27260 

Donald R Smith 

12 Hillcrest Rd 

Thomasville. NC. 27360 

Rhonda J Smith 

Rt. 1 Box 364 

Lexington. N C 27292 

Vernon D Smith 

Rt 1 6ox268A 

Kernersville, NC 27284 

William C. Smith 

Rt 2 Box 2A 

Rockingham. NC. 28379 

Mark S. Sollosi 

3802 Moss Dr 

Annandale. Va 22003 

Billy R.Sorrell 

3509 Tanya rd Rd 

High Point. NC. 27260 

Charles H. Southwell 

3915 Galway Dr 

High Point. N.C 27260 

Carol E. Southern 

708 Shackamaxon Dr 

Westfield. N J 07090 

Carol A. Spaulding 

10826 Hob Nail Ct 

Potomac, Md 20854 

Robert B. Spence 

Rt 1 

Patrick Springs. Va. 

Cynthia Spencer 

1 109 Brookwood Dr 
High Point. NC 27260 
Keith A Sprow 

2 Avon Terrace 
Succasunna. N J 07876 
Joyce C. Stack 
2000-A Stoney Brook 
High Point. NC 27260 
Michael J. Stalteri 
1350 School House La 
Matahan. N.J 07747 
Fred L Stafford 

605 Willoubar 

High Point. NC 27260 

Sharon E. Stanback 

8228 Alpine Circle 

Matthews. N C 28105 

Anne Stanfield 

853 Cottonwood Dr 

Sevema Park. Md 21146 

Martha L. Starling 

826 Ferndale Blvd 

High Point. N C 27260 

Douglas R. Stephens 

PO Box 1049 

Thomasville. N.C 27360 

Sue F. Stevens 


Durham. N C 27705 

Donna L. Stewart 

5 1 Tennyson Ave 

Winchester. Va 22601 

Jeff Stewart 

Rd 1 

Mechanicsburg. Pa 17055 

Howard C. Stewart 

Rt 1 

Kernersville. N C 27284 

Nancy J. Stewart 

4876 High Point Rd 

Kernersville. N C 27284 

Sonja S. Stewart 

Rt 5Box82-AA 

Statesville. N C 28677 

John J. Stilwell 

1810 Beaucrest Ave 

High Point. N.C 27260 

George A. Stillman 

1328 Ivanhoe St 

Alexandria. Va 22304 

Cynthia L. Stocker 

4 Manor View Cr 

Malvern. Pa 19355 

Felice R. Stone 

Rt 9 

Winston-Salem. N C 27107 

Jennifer S. Stone 

Rt 2 Box 318 

Bassett. Va 24055 

Randall G. Stoneman 

105 Millikm Ave 

Greensboro. N C 27405 

William C. Stout 

5209 Pine View Dr 

Winston-Salem. NC. 27105 

Cathy D. Stroud 

Rt 3 Box 157-A 

High Point. NC 27260 

Dean R. Styles 

19 NicollAve. 

Amityville. N Y 11701 

David IM. Sudderth 

3321 S Main St 

Winston-Salem. N C 27107 

Jan M. Sullivan 

1111 Blain St 

High Point. N C 27260 

Brian O. Sullivan 

Star Rt Air Dele Rd 

Ridge Md 20680 

Kevin M. Sullivan 

6144 Tompkins Dr 

McLean. Va 22101 

Kara M. Summers 

1 1909 View Crest Terr 

Silver Spring. Md 20902 

Pamela S. Swan 

5634 Old Chester Rd 

Belhesda. Md 20014 

Knox P. Tabb 

7161 S 11th St 

Plantation. Fla 33317 

Beth AnnTatum 

Rt 1 

Walnut Cove. N C 27052 

Lisa M. Taylor 

3756McKmleySt N.W 

Washington. D C 20015 

Peter J. Taylor 

140 S Randolf Ave 

Asheboro. N C 27203 

Robyn G.Taylor 

Rt 2 Box 474 

Brown Summit. N C 27214 

Timothy N Taylor 

Rt. 2 Box 465 

McLeansville. NC 27301 

Toni A. Taylor 

Rt 5 Box 762 

High Point. NC 2 7260 

Arthur G.Terrill 

2905 Topered Lane 

Bowie. Md 20715 

Gary Lee Thayer 

2604 Bedford St 

High Point. NC 27260 

Henry Thomas 

1618 Bolingbroke Rd 

High Point. N C 2 7260 

Mary B. Thomas 

9 Carmalt St 

Thomasville. N C 27360 

Helen N. Thomas 

PO Box 8081 

Greensboro. N.C 27410 

Nancy E. Thorne 

1 18 Meadowbrook Dr 

Chapel Hill. N C 27514 

Jeffrey W. Thrall 

2336 L Suffolk Ave 

High Point. NC 27260 

Marilyn A. Toresdahl 

109 82nd St 

Sea Isle. N J 08243 

Daniel R.Townsend 

700 E Lexington Ave 

High Point. NC 27260 

Randolph R. Townsend 

3365 Pasley Ave 

Roanoke. Va 24015 

Debra A Troupe 
1 55 Devonshire 
Wilmington. Del 19803 
Steven J. Tsikerdonas 
461 5 N Park Ave 
Chevy Chase. Md 20015 
Susan M. Tsikerdonas 
11800 Enid Dr 
Potomac. Md 20854 

Donna Tucker 

207 Cantebury Rd 

High Point. N C 27260 

Edward M. Tucker 

4022 Targo Dr 

Winston-Salem. N C 27106 

Mike Turmala 

5129 Westbard Ave 

Bethesda. Md 20016 

Bruce Turner 

1 1 1 Old Farmingdale Rd 

West Babylon. N Y 11704 

David Turner 

500 Forestdale Dr 

Jamestown. N C 27282 

Patricia A. Turner 

216 Guilford Rd 

Jamestown N C 27282 

Sherron M. Tucker 

5109 Hilltop Rd 

Greensboro. N C 27407 

Lelia J. Turner 

708 Ferndale Blvd 

High Point. N C 27260 

Lee J. Tydings 

510 Steele St 

High Point. NC 27260 

Deborah L. Tyler 

1102 Walnut St 

Stauton. Va 24401 

Richard M. Tysinger 

915 Liberty Dr 

Thomasville. N C 27360 

Carol L. Tysinger 

PO Box 183 

Worthville. N C 27378 

Beth Uinberger 

200 Kinview Dr 

High Point. NC 27260 

Carlos A. Urrutia 


Seaford NY 11783 

Thomas W. Vails 

Caixa Postal 2775 ZC 00 
Rio de Janiero. G B Brazil 
Kim VanAcker 

Rt. 1 Box 170 

Sussex. N J 07461 

James T. VanHJorn 
207 Melanchton Ave 
Lutherville. Md 21093 
Gary L. VanLandingham 
Rt 1 Box 192 

Hendersonville. N C 28739 
Paula Vavrinec 
99 Hoist Dr West 
Huntington. N Y 11743 

John C. Veltman 
3312 Doncaster Rd 
Va Beach. Va 23452 
Paula L. Venuto 
1234 Potomac School Rd 
McLean. Va 22101 
Anna L. Verkouteren 
7305 Honeywell La 
Bethesda. Md 20014 
Alejandro J. Vera 
8901 Charred Oak Dr 
Bethesda. Md. 20014 
Robert S. Vetter 
215 McArthur La 
Jacksonville. N.C 28540 
James M. Vinesett 
700 Bradford Dr 
Charlotte. N C. 28208 


Doris E. Wagoner 

533 Dogwood Of 

High Point. NC 27260 

John D. Wagoner 

208 Dogwood Dr 

High Point. NC 27260 

David R. Waite 

41 1 Robin Hood 

Mt. Airy. N C 27030 

Dennis A Wall 

21 1 Woodmont Rd 

Jamestown. N C 27282 

Gale E. Wall 

1210 Fifth St. 

High Point. NC 2 7260 

Donna P Walls 

2000 Chicago Ave 

Richmond. Va 23224 

Paul E Walter 

14112 Rectory La 

Upper Marlboro. Md 20870 

Wanda K Walton 

145 Parns Ave 

High Point. N C. 27260 

Leslie L. Ward 

Drawer J. 

Chatham. Va 24531 
Christopher A. Ware 

321 Springhouse La 

Moorestown. N J 00057 

Bronna Watkins 

509 Hayworth Circle 

High Point. N C 27260 

Richard L. Watkins 

Rt. 1 Box 199 

Oak Ridge. NC 27310 

Richard R. Watson 

Rt 1 Box 159 

Sophia. N C 27350 

Douglas L Watts 

1031 B Salisbury St 

Kernersville. N C 27284 

Linda V. Weatherly 

Rt 12 Box 401 

Greensboro. N C 27406 

Mary E. Weaver 

3306 Wilshire Dr 

Greensboro. N.C 27406 

Susan E. Weaver 

106 Rollingwood Rd 

Jamestown. NC 27282 

Stanley B.Webb 

Box 9 

Anawalt.W Va 24808 

Linda K Weeks 


High Point. NC 27260 

Marjorie L.Welch 

1829 Lawson Ave 

Lancaster. Pa 1 7603 

Jerry L.Wells 
902 B Lakecrest Ave 
High Point NC 27260 
Lynda A. Wells 
105 James St 
Elkion. Md 21921 
Donna M.Welsh 
7 Beechwood Dr 
Succasunna. N J 07876 
Susan M. Wertheimer 
4273 Colonial Park Dr 
Pittsburgh. Pa 15227 
John Wescott 
Manteo. NC 27954 
James K. Whalen 
12 Sunset Or 
Whippanny. N.J 07981 
James T. Wheaton 
82 Tamaques Way 
Westfield. NJ 07090 
Gary Lee Whichello 

I 5 Wyandotte Ave 
Oceanport. N.J 07757 
Deborah L. White 

Rt. 2 

Stony Point N.C 28678 

Karen A. White 

335 Fishel Rd 

Winston-Salem. N C 27107 

Kathleen D. Whiteley 

Box 795 

Easton. Md 21601 

Sarah E. Whitescarver 

5110 Lawndale Dr 

Greensboro. N.C 27408 

Randy J. Wiese 

4821 N 30th St 

Arlington. Va 22207 

Pamela J Wiese 

33 Maple La. 

Essex Fells. N.J 07021 

James B Wigleworth 

Rt 1 Box 661 C 

Colfax. NC 27235 

Dana D. Williams 

401 Bay Blvd 

Lavallette. N J 08735 

Deborah A. Williams 

I I Oupont Plaza 

Ft Bragg. N.C 28307 

Lynn Williams 

708 North Ave. 

High Point NC 27260 

Joy D. Williams 

Box 1 76 

Eagle Springs. N C 27242 

Lawrence D. Williams 

Rt 3 Box 40 

Mocksville. N C 27028 

Robert E.Williams 

Campus Mail H.PC 

High Point, N.C. 27260 

Donald Williamson 

129 N Sunset Dr 

Apt 12 

Winston- Salem. N.C 27104 

Stephen J. Wilmer 

1 508 Brookhaven Dr 

McLean. Va 22201 

Beverly J. Wilson 

Sunny Acres 

Lewisville. N C 27023 

Delle B Wilson 

Jamestown Vill 528 E 

Jamestown. NC 27282 

Gayle Wilson 

Box 355 

Woodstock. NY 12498 

Kevin S. Wilson 

1004 W. Florida St 

Greensboro. N.C 27403 

Walter H. Wilson 

337 Guthrie Rd 

Winston Salem. N.C 27101 

Marilyn Wilson 

10328 Gainsborough Rd 

Potomac. Md. 20854 

Elizabeth S. Winchester 


Greenville. Tenn 37743 

Michael Winchester 

229 Boyd Rd. 

Marietta. Ga 30060 

Gary N.Winkler 

P.O Box 231 

Yadkinville. N.C 27055 

Tracy C. Wishon 

5 Georgetowne Plaza 

Smithtown. NY 11787 

Bruce L. Wood 

Rt 2 Box 712 A 

Huntersville. NC. 28078 

Cindy L Wood 

Rd .2 

Nottingham. Pa 19362 

Susan A.Woods 

566 Brookshire Dr 

Columbia. S.C 29610 

David M Wooten 

Rt. 1 Box 665 A 

Millers Creek. N C 28651 

Rickey D. Wray 

Rt 5 Box 394 

Thomasville. N.C 27360 

Donald R Wright 

722 Holly St 

Asheboro. NC 27203 

Michael Wright 
527 Maple Ridge La. 
Odentown. Md. 21113 
Patricia L. Wright 
P.O Box 56 
Pinnacle. N.C. 27043 
Wayne Wright 

124Spnngside Dr 

Timonium. Md 21903 

Patricia A. Wrigley 

6124 Vista Dr 

Falls Church. Va 22041 

Andrew M. Wubbenhorst 

29 Dogwood Trail 

Kinnelon. NJ. 07405 

Barbara J. Yarborough 

3021 Dillon Rd 

Jamestown, N.C 27282 

Eva E. Yoder 

Rt 1 

Big Island. Va 24526 

Sharlia B. York 

201 Havenwood Cir 

High Point. N.C. 27260 

Cynthia S. Young 

2415 Belair Dr 

Bowie. Md 20715 

Victoria Young 

6111 Edgerton Dr 

Greensboro. N.C. 27409 

Diane M. Zapotsky 

Box 362-A Rt 3 

Mt Airy. N.C. 27030 

William M. Zidek 

Box 57 

Layton. NJ. 07851 

Molly A Zimmere 

126 Park Ave 

Glen Rock. Pa 17327 

Linda T. English 

1310 Ashley Ave 

High Point. N C. 27260 

Ernest P. Oldham 

5710Shattalon Dr #41 

Winston-Salem. N C. 27106 

Joan A. Schlaeppi 

Rt. 1 Box 241 

High Point. N.C 27260 

Frank E. Stearns 

651 Summit St Apt. R 

Winston-Salem. NC. 27101 


Faculty, Staff 

Louise Adams 

1318 Guyer St 

High Point. NC 27260 

Jennifer E. Alley 

205 Knollwood Ave 

Jamestown. NC. 27282 

Ray S. Alley 

508 Hayworth Circle 

High Point. N C 27260 

E. C. Allgood 

1 140 Montlieu Ave 

High Point. NC 27260 

Martha Blake 

303 Unity St 

Thomasville. N X 2 7360 

Ann Boyles 

101 Jefferson Park Dr 

Jamestown. N C 27282 

Morris F. Britt 

Rt. 2 Box 305 

Cedar Hollow Rd 

Greensboro. NX 

Dr. R R Bennington 

812 Sixth St 

High Point. N C 27260 

Mrs. James D. Brown 

1026 Wellington 

High Point. NC 27260 

Marcella Buffaloe 

High Point College 

High Point. N C 27260 

Mrs. G. G. Burton 

810 Bales Chapel Rd 

Jamestown. NX 27282 

Mrs. Wm. Y. Burton 

3256 Robmhood Rd 

Winston-Salem. N C 

Marcella Carter 

204-A Sunset Dr 

High Point. NC. 27260 

Frank Caulfield 

3505 Woodview Dr 

High Point. NC 27260 

Mrs. H. A. Cecil 

2146 Chestnut St 

High Point. NC. 27260 

Mrs. T. O. Charnock 

202 Perry Rd 

Jamestown. N C 27282 

Mr. HE. Coble Jr. 

830 Circle Dr 

High Point. N C 27260 

Dr. David Cole 

1006 Emery Rd 

High Point. NC. 27260 

Mr. Thomas G. Connally 

1 908 Wickham Ave. 

High Point, NC 27260 

Elaine F. Conklin 

46 Fairchild PI 

Whippany. N J. 

Dr. Harold Conrad 

805 E. Farriss Ave 

High Point. NX 27260 

Mr. Wm. F. Cope 

Rt. 1 Box 236 

Kernersville. NX. 27284 

Dr. Earl P. Crow 

321 Woodrow Ave 
High Point. N C 27260 
Mr. Earle G. Dalbey 
300 Nutwood Circle 
Jamestown. N C 27282 
Robert 0. Davidson 
602 W Farriss Ave 
High Point. N C 27260 
Dr. E. Vance Davis 
1600 G Long St 
High Point. NC 27260 
William E. Davis 
911 W. College Dr 
High Point. NX. 27260 
Dr. Wm. DeLeeuw 
821 Circle Dr 
High Point. NX. 27260 
Dr. E. Roy Epperson 
High Point. NX. 27260 
Mr. Faiz R. Faizi 
828 Montlieu Ave 
High Point. N C 27260 
Dr. Charlie Q. Futrell 
2026 Bnarcliff Dr 
High Point. NX 27260 
Mr Wesley W. Gaynor 
2405 E Lexington Ave 
High Point. NX 27260 
Mrs. Karl Gentry 
1709-A Fairfax Rd 
Greensboro. N C 
Jane Gibson 
1502 DelkDr 
High Point. NC 27260 
Dr. Inslee Grainger 
906 Circle Dr 
High Point. NC 27260 
Dr. A. Paul Gratiot 
633 Colonial Dr 
High Point. N C 27260 
Mr. William T. Guy 
821 W College Dr 
High Point. NC 27260 
Martha Harriss 
720-E Westchester Key 
High Point. NC 27260 
Mr Charles F. Hartman 
1726 Bolingbroke Rd 
HighPoiM.NC 27260 
Dr. David B Hawk 
307 E Farriss Ave. 
High Point. NX. 27260 
Mrs. I. M Hays 
1300 Merry Hills Dr. 
High Point. NC 27260 
Mr. Wm F Highbaugh 
11 14 DelkDr 
High Point. NX 27260 
Dr. Fred W. Hid 
123 Ryan St 
Lexington. N C 
Mr. David H. Holt 
214 Clifton St 
Kernersville N C. 27284 

Mr. Manyon L. Idol 
Rt 3 

Winston Salem. N C 
Mrs. H. C. Ingram 
Rt 1 1 Box 409C 
Greensboro N C 
Mrs. Louis J. Karmel 
3107 St Regis Rd 
Greensboro. N C 
Mrs. Pauline Kayser 
The Sheraton Hotel 
High Point. N C 27260 
Mr. C. H. Kruyer 
210 Shadowlawn Dr 
Jamestown N C 27282 
Dr. David K Linn 
217 Lindsay St #6 
High Point NC 27260 
Mr. A. L. Lockrow 
PO Box 87 
Brown Summit. N C 
Dr. W. P. Matthews 
303 Shadow Valley Rd 
High Point. NC 27260 
Mrs. George T. May 
1921 Gaston St 
Winston Salem. N C. 
Dr. Nancy Motsinger 
3422 Greenhill Dr 
High Point. NC 27260 
Mr. James L. Nelson 
955 Nottingham Rd 
High Point. NX 27260 
Dr. Murphy Osborne 
629 Colonial Dr 
High Point, N C 27260 
Dr. Nelson Page 
1 707 Stonybrook Dr 
High Pomi. N C 27260 
Dr Wendell M. Patton 
2431 Gordon Rd 
High Point. NX 27260 
Mr. Raymond A. Petrea 
310 E Farriss Ave 
High Point. NX. 27260 
Dr. E. J. Piacentino 
914-B Lakecrest Ave. 
High Point NC 27260 
Mr. Edwin L. Plowman 
1 107 Guilford Ave 
High Point. N C 27260 
Dr. L. B. Pope 
Sedge Garden Rd 
Kernersville. NX 27284 
Mr. Raiford M. Porter 
222 Hawthorne Rd 
Winston Salem. N C 
Mr. James R. Prichett 
C3A Emerywood Cl 
High Point. N C. 27260 
Mrs. Michael Qunito 
2206 Bolingbroke Ct. 
High Point. NC 27260 
Mr. Charles B. Rabb 
821 Circle Dr 
High Point. NC 27260 
Mrs. Carolyn Rauch 
1007-G Robmhood Manor 
High Point. NC 27260 
Mrs. D A. Rawley 
1200 Chestnut 
High Point. NX 27260 

Mr. James L. Roberts 

500 Hayworth Circle 
High Point. NX 27260 
Mr. H. Harris Ruwe 
904 Willowbrook 
Greensboro N C 
Mr. Thomas Scott 
Rt 6 Union D' 
Winston Salem. N C 
Mrs. John M. Shelton 
2901 St Claire Rd 
Winston-Salem N C 
Dr. L. H. Simon 
1015 Haylield Lane 
Greensboro. N C 
Mrs. R. L Stanley 
3312 Hillside Dr 
High Point NC 27260 
Jerry M Steele 
Box 8011 
Greensboro. NX 
Mr James W. Stitt 
2004 A N Centennial St 
High Point NC 27260 
Mrs. Emily Sullivan 
1202 Greenway Dr 
High Point. N C 27260 
Rev. Charles Teague 
908 N Rotary Dr 
High Point. NC 27260 
Dr. J. Allem Thacker 
8 14 E Farriss Ave. 
High Point. NC 27260 
High Point College 
High Point. NC 27262 
Mr. Jaime Villegas 
823 Fifth St 
High Point. NC 27260 
Mr. Arvil VonCannon 
214 Knollwood Dr 
Jamestown. N C 27282 
Dr. John E.Ward 
Rt 4Box311-D 
Kernersville. N C 27284 
Elizabeth Warren 
High Point College 
High Point. NC 27260 
Mrs. E. K. Washington 
Bundy Rd 

Jamestown. NX 27282 
Dr Owen Weatherly 
1605 Chatham Dr 
High Point. NC 27260 
Dr. Leo Weeks 
1413 DelkDr 
High Point. NC 27260 
Mr. Robert A. Wells 
545 E Farriss Ave 
High Point. N C. 27260 
Dr. Carl M. Wheeless 
1112 Ferndale 
High Point. NC 27260 
Mr. N. P. Yarborough 
1 507 Wiltshire 
High Point. NX. 27260 
Dr. Fred T. Yeats 
1515 Banbndge Rd 
Kernersville. N C 27284 



136 South Main Street 






145 S. MAIN ST. 





"Remember Nash saves you Cash" 

127 North Main 

High Point, North Carolina 

Musical Instruments, Supplies, Luggage, 

Jewelry. Trunks 


Established 1905 

High Point, N.C. 

Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 



Your Savings and Satisfaction Dealer 

1800 N. Main 

Phone 885-5171 




Established 1895 

1 1 1 North Main 
High Point, North Carolina 


Phillip Wood 

1 1 00 E Lexington Avenue 

High Point. N.C. 

Phone 885-2966 


Savings Bank 

High Point. N.C. 


^ '•■-••-•■■ ■ - 


, 4 ' 

fc*C- • . 




iPSfe:** :>■*-•-.' •"''■'.. "■■.-•■--■ -:.-■«■ ■ J.~ 
I - ' -/ •'■-- - --■■■.-;' • ■. - ■ •" •« *- .. ■■ t 



College Village Branch 

Also at: 

164 S Main St 

779 N Mam St 

1410 W Green St 

Jamestown Branch 
Forrestdale Shopping Center 



Savings and Loan 

620 North Main Street 
High Point. North Carolina 

108 East Main Street 
Jamestown, North Carolina 

521 National Highway 
Thomasville. North Carolina 



You have a Personal Banker at Wachovia 

1 700 N Mam 1 800 S Main 1604 English 

200 N Main Westchester Mall Jamestown 




seeing, hoping 



For where there is no hope 


i», .1 


'•';': r$r£~- 

'•» ' ^ 


2*" • V. 


men perish. 


iff V .r*>4^ • /. 

r / ' ' ' ■' A 1', 

» \ ■- ' •■•■ 

' :- » 

' i. ' ■ I 


And determination brings 

a beautiful end