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Full text of "The Zenith Yearbook, 1979 High Point College"

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.,'.-!; •)■■•■■■•.•''•, V;. i "• •■■'•■■■'■' . 

: > •■' ';•:■'■■■ (''.' '.■•,-■■"':''• .■''■'-.'•' ,.■•■. ■ ■ , 















. *-■ 





High Point College 

Editor— KathyHorvath 
Photographers — Steve Lewis 

Dave Schaller 
Advisor — Mrs. Shirley Rawley 

The opinions expressed within the 
ZENITH '79 are not necessarily those 
of the college or the student body but 
the opinions of the ZENITH 79 staff, 
High Point College, High Point, N.C. 









If the patterns of life 

Look obscure 

And the threads are 

Distorted and unclear, 

Remember there is One 

To whom the design 

Is simple and clear — 

Everything is a part of 

His loving plan 

And when God weaves the threads 

In His special way, 

It will be the beginning 

of a new day. 

Kathy Horvath '81 


THfc/'Rt/ I 










\ A 




M ^r ^^^^ I 


_->. , / \ 




Marcella Bullard — Homecoming Queen 1979 


Jill Beam, escorted by Mike Taylor sponsored by Theta Chi 


Homecoming 1979 included many activities, with 
the climax of these events being the crowning of 
Sophomore Marcella Bullard as queen during the 
halftime activities of the HPC — Lenoir-Rhyne Bas- 
ketball game. Approximately 3,500 people com- 
posed of parents, students, professors and alumni 
looked on as Jill Beam and Nancy Houlberg were 
named as first and second runners up respectively 
The Annual Alumni Dance, which featured Vision' 
Trac IV and Sound Tech Disco, was held at the Vil- 
lage Green in Greensboro Prior to Saturday's 
Game, the Homecoming Court was presented, and 
the winners of the banner and displays competition 
were announced. Alpha Gamma Delta won the ban- 
ner competition and Alpha Delta Theta won the dis- 
play competition. The Rowdy Crowdy award was 
presented to MUG at half-time. 

Nancy Houlberg, escorted by Tom Fitzmaurice Sponsored by Freshman Class 


Debbie Holcomb, escorted by Johnny Roberts Sponsored by Alpha Delta 

Kristi Mills escorted by David Waite Sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega 

Ann Wheeless, escorted by Kent Spenser Sponsored by American Human- 

Debra Bouldm, escorted by Eric Bohus Sponsored by Day Students 

Diane Bednarcik. escorted by Mark Joram Sponsored by Delta Sigma Phi Ellen Myers escorted by Ted Landis Sponsored by Kappa Delta 



Teresa Martin escorted by Kevin Alberlson Sponsored by Phoeniy Sylvia Chambers, escorted by James Purcell Sponsored by P E Majors 

■ M 


I irk 


H i 


Michelle Parsons, escorted by Jeff Apperson Sponsored by Pi Kappa 

Chris Larson, escorted by Dan Greif Sponsored by Radio Station 

Sherri Jones, escorted by French Bolen Sponsored by Senior Class 

Karen Caudle, escorted by Steve Asbury Sponsored by Sophomore 



Debi Darland, escorted by Jorge Lagueruela Sponsored by Student Legis 

Kim Coy, escorted by Bob Mclwer Sponsored by Student Union 

Myra Williams, escorted by Tom Valis Sponsored by Tower Players 

Regina Stanley, escorted by Scott Richardson Sponsored by Zeta Tau 


Alpha Delta Theta won first prize in the display competition 

Dennis West pulls down another rebound for the Panthers 


The Lambda Chi — Theta Chi Football Team 

The Sigs and Picas get ready to do battle with the Chi's. 


Students and faculty came out to cheer on the teams 

The Chi's gain yardage 

The teams battle for possession of the ball. 

The cheerleaders provided both fans and the teams with much enter- 
tainment as well as support 






** * 

*'.£* i 

E«- -•-' 


3 1 ™B 
Lf. • ^*mJV 

►*. - 

Jft fiHivekr *fil ■ 

^ inr i 

■v 1 

■v, 1 



111 ". , p 

H| • ^n '«"•■» 


. . , — 






, \ 




3 3 

Danny Auman — Sociology 

^^^vH ^^K^^m 

^Bl^r ^K! 

^ s 

L ^ 



J 1 


5A ^^. 

M - 

9 ■ 


Patricia Birmingham — Human Relations 

Steve Blatock — Business 


Wendy Bowman — Business Administration 

Ginger Brown — Elementary Education 

Rebecca Brown — Art 



Jennifer Bull 

David Byrd — Human Relations 

Ronald Byrne — Human Relations 

Wanda Cahall — Business Administration 


Jack DeAndrade — Physical Education 

Dorie DeAngelis — Special Education 

Vicki Dobson — Behavioral Science 

Debi Dortand — Business Administration Donna Eisnaugle — Human Relations 



Linda Ensey — Business Administration 

Tom Fitzmaurice — Business Administration 

Beth Fulton — Sociology 

Julie Gaines — Human Relations 

Robert Gillis — Human Relations 

Ann Glisson — Christian Education 

Thomas Gray — Business Administration 

Bobby Greene — Chemistry 


Karen Green — Communications 

Nancy Green — Behavioral Science 











^/^^^^^M^m MlOi&^fa&Mk 


r !* " " ^ 

Cathy Groom — Human Relations 

". jkH 

Hay Hall — History 

Jeff Hall — Mathematics 



Mark Hamlett — Political Science 

Keith Harden — Sociology 




4 ■ . . / 


■ >■ 


a ' ! 








*7 - <•* 


Jeffrey Harper — Biology 

Dawn Harrington — Political Science 

Judy Harris — Human Relations 

Sharon Hartman — Early Childhood Education 

Oebra Hepler — Elementary Education 


Robert Hoke — Communication 

David Horton 

Daniel Ingram — Human Relations 

Karon Hartman Johnson — Intermediate Education 

William Johnson — History 

Sherri Jones — Human Relations 

April Kear — Psychology 


Jane Kearns — Early Childhood 

Jorge Lagueruela — Business Administration 

Randy Laster — Intermediate Education 

Randy Larzelere — Mathematics 

Faye Lester — English 

Robyn Marley 

Deborah Martin — Intermediate Education 


Mark Mclntyre — Human Relations 

Edythe Mentesana — Communications 


9*.*sm* . 2 

• «H ZkMqS 


- v ■ .*% it- - 




wt2tx,:< >.-.'.■ . 

Elizabeth Nordon — Business Administration 

Jennifer Raper — Intermediate Education 

Robin Ray — Physical Education 

Caryn Marie Reinhart — English 


Cynthia Routh — Sociology 

Chris Seibert — Business Administration 

Pam Skelly — Christian Education 

Mary Lynne Smith — Human Relations 

Sandy Spaulding — Human Relations 


Gary Sturgill — Business Administration 

Charlie Stutts — Religion 

Sharon Sullivan — Intermediate Education 


Barbara Jo Waterman - — Physical Education 

Debra Weber — Physical Education 

Dennis West — Business Administration 

Ethel White — Physical Education 

GregWidner — English 

Cathi Wilson — Business Administration 

Donald Wright — Chemistry 


Elizabeth Yowell — Biology 

Bob Ziegler — Chemistry 

i ■ tm? 

Rick Brown — Sociology 
Bill Buczinsky — Business Administration 

Brian Anderson 
Mike Krescanko 

Greg Buker — Psychology 
Mark Joram — Business Administration 
Les Hall — Business Administration 
Paul Gochle— Behavioral Science 


Jim Cole ■ — Business Administration 
Greg Stone — Business Administration 

Cliff Goodman 
Danny Wilbur 



Kyle Holt — Business Administration 

Dave Olson — Accounting 

Jerry Arndt — Business Administration 

Marshall Morton — Mathematics 

Tim Combs — History 


Jeff Kennedy— Physical Education 
Gerald Culler — Physical Education 

Sherry Leonard — Elementary Education 
Karen Lambert — Elementary Education 

Tracie Lynn Maness — Intermediate Education 
Annamary Jonowski — Intermediate Education 

Wendy Monagas — Biology 
Debbie Williams — Biology 


PatJi Wootlen — Physical Education 
Sandy Rittenhouse — Math Education 

Kathy Wolfe 
Mark La Franco 

Joan Seria 


B«w*inq for Bear 





The beors get the porridge 

But.. D 







(Time is Eunniug 
Out Jor (fije 


1 r ^| 

^^ES^^L^M H^B^ ,-^M 







* *& 


hh> it" - r 


Donna Adarns 80 

Winnie Adkins '80 

Pamela Aiken '81 

Chip Aldridge '80 
Tamyra Allen '80 
Frederick Andersen '80 
Steven Asbury '80 
Isaac Asemoto 80 

Theresa Astorino '82 
Sandra Bacon '80 
Craig Baldwin '82 
Rhonda Banther 80 
Deborah Barnes '81 

Ralph Barnes '82 
Lisa Bauman '82 
Debbie Baunchalk '82 
Diane Bednarcik '80 
Deborah Beane '82 

Antonio Berio '82 
Sharon Billings '81 
Colleen Blackney '81 
Areshia Blankenship 82 
French Bolen '80 

Garry Bolin '82 
Perry Booe '80 
Elizabeth Boone 80 
William Booth 80 
Michelle Borland '80 


Anne Bostrom 82 

Debbie Bojidm 82 
Paul Boyles 82 
Elizabeth Brack 82 
Vera Branch "81 

Cindy Briggs 80 
Till Brauer 82 
George Brandt "82 
Thomas Brinkley '80 
Curtis Brower 82 

Ginger Brown '81 
Robert Brownlow '81 
Alisa Brunson 80 
Laura Burdette 80 
Claudia Bryan 82 

Susan Burditt '80 
Greg Burns '82 
Patricia Burns '80 
Steve Burton '81 
Linda Cain '80 

,* ^ ^"'.' ■ 



sept, a film SLEUTH 





Julie Campbell '81 

April Callahan '82 
Van Canipe '80 

Betsy Canupp 82 
Annette Carnell 82 

Denise Carter '81 
Mary Carter '80 


Terri Gartner '82 
Karen Caudle '81 
Larry Chilton "80 
Keith Chance '81 
Bryan Christian 82 

Nancy Chipman '82 
Jill Christianson '81 
Marguerite Cicale '82 
Cindi Clair '81 

Tom Cimmo '81 

Lynda Clevland '82 
Vickie Cockerham '81 
Michael Coylesh '82 
Lee Cloer '80 
Brad Clifton '82 

Joanne Cooley '82 
Kathy Connelly '80 
Larry Corson 62 
Rodnay Couick '80 

Kim Cox '80 
Katherine Crane '81 
Timothy Craven '82 
Karen Graver '82 
Roxanna Crouse '80 

Barry Curry '81 
Ray Daniel '82 
Dan Garden '81 
KimDarden '82 
Kathy Davis '80 

Karen Davis '82 
Leslie Davis '80 
Shawn Davis '81 
James Day '82 
Leslie Deiderfieid 


James DeRosa '80 
William Deyerle '80 
Henry Ducketl 80 
Marc DuPont 80 
David Easton 81 

w f> '% w 


Patricia Edmonds '81 
Krista Ellis '82 
Bernie Enciarnacion '82 
Fred Fallenstein '80 
James Farmer 82 

Donna Fiorvanti '80 
Glenn Fischer '81 
Tony Flippin "80 
David Flory '81 
Lori Forman '82 

Patty Fortus '82 
Ronald Franklin 82 
Gina Gaines '81 
Terry Gardella '80 
Steven Garner '80 

Tammy Garrison '81 
Robert Gates '82 
Irish Gaymon '81 
Janet Gibbons '82 
Kim Gillespie '80 



Renee Gobel 82 

Ana Maria Gonzalez '81 

James Gordon '82 

Sheila Gore 82 

Carol Grady 80 
Karen Graupensperger '8i 
Millie Greene '81 
Robin Grey '80 
Mike Griffin '80 

Don Groseclose '80 
John Hallis'80 
Scott Hance '81 
Thomas Harlan '82 
Bill Harris '80 

Natalie Harris '80 
Ronald Harris '82 
Janice Harrison '82 
Jocelyn Hart '80 
Pamela Henllne '80 

Michael Henns '82 
Robin Henson '81 
Danny Hewett 82 
Marianne Hickman '81 
Stephanie Higgins '81 


C. W. Hill '80 
Debbie Hill 8i 
Debbie Holcomb "80 
Laurie Hoover '81 
Katharine Horvath '81 

Nancy Houlberg 82 
Ava House '81 
Lamar Howell '82 
Donnie Hudspeth '81 
James Hunt '80 

Deborah Hurst 81 
Annette Huttar '82 
Matthew Ifediegwu 82 
Jane Irvin '82 
Lauren Jackson '82 

Charles Jarrell'82 
Stan Johnson '81 
Tim Johnson '82 
Penny Johnston '80 
Craig Jones '82 

Deborah Jones '82 
Glenn Jones '81 

Jay Juren '82 
Sharon Kaler "81 

Anne Keiser '81 
ReginaKelley '81 

Dana Ketcham '81 
Scott Killiam '82 

"Is ALL the mail up yet?" 


Elizabeth King '80 
Wendy Knight "82 
Kevin Kozerow '80 
Patrice Krivka '82 

Carol Labosky '80 
Lisa Lassiter '82 
Vickie Layton 82 
Sallye Ledford '82 
Cynthis Lewellyn '80 

Nancy Lewis '81 
Stephen Lewis '80 
Raymond Linder '82 
Sandy Love '81 
Anne Ludwigson '82 

Susan Luppino '82 
Bonny Lynch '82 
Tina Lynch '81 
Lisa Mack '82 
Karen Magill '82 

Renee Majka '81 
Sharon Manns '80 
Renita Manuel '81 
Gina Marlette '81 
Teresa Marshall '81 

Teresa Martin '80 
Richard Martmeau '82 
Carole Mathews '82 
Betty Maynor '81 
Connie McOaniel '62 

William McDonald '80 
Patsy McEnery '81 
Kolleen McGrath '81 
Wade Mclntyre '81 
Robert Mctver '80 

Ralph McMurray "81 
Barbara McQueen '81 
Mark Messick '82 
Craig Messner '82 
David Michel '82 


"Time to goto Class! 

Lisa Mickey '81 
Blaise Miller '80 
Tom Miller 81 
Tina Mizelle 80 
John Money '81 

Roxann Moody "82 
Betsy Moore 80 
Michael Moran '81 
Sabrina Morgan '82 
Karla Morrison '82 

Robert Moss 82 
Hilda Nance 82 
Kathy Neblett '81 
Tina Needham '80 
Jorge Nobre '81 

Greg Norris '80 
Kitty Nodhcutt '80 
Therese Nowak '80 
Boniface Obialor '81 
Kevin O'Connell '82 


Kinta Otterman '81 

Cecil Pate '82 

Fred Patterson 80 

Karen Patterson '82 
Peggy Pesce '81 
Donna Pfister '81 
Dawn Poole '82 
Sue Pooley '80 

Mark Poore 80 
Katharine Porter 82 
Jom Powell 81 
Joe Prestwood 80 
William Price 80 

Barbara Proffitt '80 
Marcella Randall '80 
Patricia Reavis '82 
Charles Record '82 
Tommy Reddeck '82 

Nancy Reichie '81 
William Reisenweaver '80 
Gene Richardson '81 
Scott Richardson '80 
Gail Riley '80 

Cynthia Roberts '81 
Johnny Roberts '80 
Ron Rogers '82 
Rebecca Royal 82 


Deborah Russell '80 
Sara St Thomas '80 
David Schaller '82 
Lena Scriven 82 
Teresa Sellers 82 

Kathy Shields 82 
Michael Showalter '81 
Rob bin Slate 80 
Jean Small '81 
Donna Smith '80 

Ellen Smith '81 
Richard Smith 82 
Steve Smith 82 
Mark Snyder '81 
Daniel Spainhour '82 

Janet Spaulding '80 
Susan Spaulding '80 
Regina Stanley '81 
Linda Steele '81 
Dean Steelman '82 

Wendy Stewart '80 

Lynn Summers '80 

Beth Surratt 82 

Betsy Swanson '82 

A hectic registration day 


Ken Swanson '81 
Michael Taylor 80 
Tracy Taylor '81 
David Teahan '82 
Linda Thompson '81 

Patricia Thompson '80 
Karen Thrailkill '80 
Francis Tobin 82 
Tom Trice '80 
Kathy Trotter '81 

MicheleTruax '82 
Linda Tyler '82 
Dennis Tuttle '82 
Linda Underwood '82 
Lynn Upchurch '81 

Char-Lee Venuto 80 
Martha Vink '82 
Alisa Walker 82 
Anthony Wall '80 
KimberlyWall 82 

Mark Walling 80 
Jane Walsh '81 
John Walters '81 
Rebecca Walters 82 
Terry Ward 81 

Naomi Watts '82 
Marybeth Weber '80 
Gail Webner '82 
Jannell Welsh 82 

Ann Wheeless '81 
Cathy Wilhoit '82 
Raymond Wilhoit '80 
Kenneth Williams "82 
Teresa Williams '81 

Vicki Williams '80 
Vicky Williams '81 
Ginny Williamson 80 
Donna Wilson '82 
Donna Wilson '82 


Katherine Wilson '82 
Mark Wmchell '81 
George Wolfe '80 
James Wolle '81 
Gary Woodie '82 

Susan Wooten '82 
OavidWorland 81 
Donna Wright '80 
Lillie Wright "81 
Tracy Wright '82 

George Yates B2 
Lisa York 80 
Jay Yow'81 
Allan Zaback '82 

Time for a chat in between classes 





President Wendell Patton 



Convocation 1978 

President Patton takes a few moments 
from his busy day to chat with a student 

Mr. Earle Dalbey — Vice-President of Financial Affairs 


&i. I'm®* * Mm 

Dr. David Cole — Vice-President of Academic Affairs 

Mr Cletus Kruyer — Vice-President of College Affairs 

Dr. Murphy Osborne — Vice-President of Student Affairs 


Mr. Kenny Butla — Asst. Business 

Mr. Bill Guy — Dean of Students 

Miss Diane Hanson 

Asst. Dean of 

Mr. Al Hassell — Director of Admis- 

Mr. David Holt — Registrar 

Dr. E. Roy Epperson 
of the College 

— Asst. Dean 


\ V, 

The Rev. Bob Lowdermilk 

Chap- Mrs. Louise Nowicki — Financial Aid Mr, Raymond Petrea — Director of 
Officer Information Services 

Mr. Robert Williams 
Alumni Affairs 

— Director of 


Dr. Richard Bennington 

Business Dr. B. Gray Bowman 

Chemistry Miss Wanda Briley — Physical Edu- 
cation Department 

Mrs. Jane Burton 

Fine Arts Depart- Mr. David Christovich 

Fine Arts Mr. Bill Cope — Sociology Depart- 

Dr. Earl Crow — Religion Department Dr. Robert Davidson 

cation Department 

Physical Edu- Dr. Vance Davis — Religion Depart- 


Dr. William DeLeeuw 

English Mr. Terry Dunn — American Humanics Dr, James Elson — Fine Arts Depart- 
Department ment 

Mr. Faiz Faizi — Business Adminis- Mr. James Forster — Fine Arts Depart- Dr. Charles Futrell — Physical Educa- 
tration ment tion Department 

Mrs. Alice Gentry — Mathematics Mr. Mike Glover — Physical Education Dr. Inslee Grainger — Modern Foreign 
Department Department Languages 


Dr. A. D.Gratior — History Department Dr. David Hawk — Sociology Depart- Dr Carole Head — Modern Foreign 



Dr. Fred Hill — Education Department Dr. Frances Hoch — Modern Foreign Mr. Maynard Idol — Mathematics 

Languages Department 

Dr. Stella Jones — Sociology Depart- Dr Marylin Karmel — Education Mrs. Polly Kayser — Modern For- 
ment Department eign Languages 


Dr. William Matthews — Psychology Mrs. Pat May — Fine Arts Department Dr John Moehlmann — English 
Department Department 

Mr. James Nelson 

Business Dr. Nelson Page 

Mathematics Dr. Alan Patterson — Physical Educa- 
tion Department 

Dr. Edward Piacentino 

English Dr. L B Pope 

Psychology Depart- Mr Raiford Porter — Fine Arts Depart- 

a j 

Mr. Ernest Price 
ics Department 

American Human- Mr Joseph Prichett — History Depart- Mrs. Shirley Rawley — English 
ment Department 

p $ 

■ vy 'W\ 




Mr. Lyman Rickard 

Chemistry Mr. Joseph Robinson 

Business Mr. J. W. Rogers — Business 

Mrs. Nancy Shelton 

Education Mr. Jerry Steele 

Physical Education Mrs. Kitty Steele 
tion Department 

1. V I 

Physical Educa- 


Mr. Richard Stimson — Business Dr. James Stih — History Department Mrs. Emily Sullivan — English Depart- 
Administration me nt 

Dr. Allen- Thacker — Education Dr. John Ward — Biology Department Dr. Owen Weatherly — Religion/Phi- 
Department losophy 

Dr. Leo Weeks 

Biology Depart- Dr. Carl Wheeless 

History Depart- Mr. N. P. Yarborough — Modern For- 
eign Languages 


Mr. Charles Teague — Religion Dr. Fred Yeats — Biology Department Miss Louise Adams — Post Office 

Mr. Tom Burke — Student Activities Mrs. Boyles — Resident Counselor — Mr Paul Lessard — Resident Coun- 
Office Women's. Wesley selor — McCulloch 

Mrs. Aita Northcott — Resident Coun- Mr. Mike Taylor — Resident Counselor Mrs. Mary Young — Resident Coun- 
selor — North Yadkin — Millis selor — Belk 



M^. ^^^^- / .^,4V > ■ ^i m s 

Mrs. Martha Blake — Secretary — Mrs. Johnnye Brown — Business Mrs. Barbara Cagle — Secretary — Dr. 
Student Personnel Office Cole 

Mrs. Ethelyne Charnock — Secre- Mrs Mary Goodson — Secretary — 
tary — Financial Affairs Business Office 

Mrs. Peggy Ingram — Secretary 
Information Services 

Mrs. Mona Saunders 
— President's Office 

Secretary Mrs. Gerry York — Switchboard Oper- 

Miss Elizabeth — Wilhoit Admissions 


Mrs.' Carol Brantley — Library Mrs. Sybil Burton — Keypunch/Data Mrs. Theda Cecil — Education 


Mr. Davis — Data Processing 

Mrs. Gaynor — Business Office 

Mr. Keesee — Library 

Mrs, Ann Parks — Mimeograph Room 

Bookstore Personnel: Mrs. Hill. Mrs. Webb, Mrs Osborne 



t i 



*v// > -Hi 


/ s J / / - 
r s / / -* * * 


'////r j> • -' /■t , j4 



- V 


i i»JP 




The HPC soccer team ended a rebuilding season with a 5-11 record. The panthers, fourth in the 
conference, lost their first game in the District 26 playoffs. 

Since only 8 lettermen returned, first year coaches Wood Gibson (head) and Mel Mahler (assist- 
ant) had a nucleus around which they could build. This nucleus included Co-captains Todd Miller 
and Walter Roe, John Dourdis, Jorge Nobre, and Tony Nielubowicz. Several transfers and fresh- 
men — including Larry Morris, Jeff Sloan, Ralph Barnes and Dave Michel added depth, but inexpe- 
rience prevailed. 

Junior Tony Nielubowicz led in scoring for the Panthers with 8 goals and 4 assists. 

With Miller as the only graduate, there will be a stable foundation for next year's squad. 


Team Members Include Row one — John Spencer, Kevin Scoville, Jorge Nobre. Mike Bradley, Todd Miller. Steve Asbury Mike Lertora Mike Showal- 
ter, Row two — Jeff Koehler. Kent Spencer. Ralph Barnes. Dave Michel, Walter Roe, John Dourdis, Tony Nielubowicz, Rory Walton. Row three — 
Assistant Coach Mel Mahler, Jeff Sloan. Mark Chesnick. Mike Moran, Ron Franklin. Daue Eckert, Toby Tobin. Scott Tomsi'c Chris Hohnhold. Paul Les- 
sard. Larry Morris. Coach Woody Gibson. 





Players Include: Todd Miller. Steve Asbury, Dave Michel, John Dourdis. Tony Nielubowicz, Walter Roe, Larry Morris, Mike 
Moran, Paul Lessard and Chris Hohnhold 

Goalie Todd Miller caretuiiy watcnes the oan to save anotner score 

-v f 


Walter Roe. two-time All-State performer, controls the ball against N C State. 

9 3 

Mens' Basketball Team Members Include Row one — Ricky Proctor, Warren Harding. Jay Yow, Scott Richardson, Danny Anderson, Joey Yow, 
Johnny McQueen. Anthony Parrish. Row two — John O'Brien, Charlie Floyd. Bob Hovey. Steve Wheless, Bruce Floyd, Steve Johnson. Bob Mclver, 
Coach Jerry Steele 

Danny Anderson scores another two points lor the Panthers 

Ail-American Charlie Floyd scores against Catawba. 


Mens' Basketball 

With all of last season's players returning, the Mens' Basketball Team anticipated, and had, a most 
successful season. The regular season ended with a 20-5 overall, and a 9-3 conference record. 

The defending Carolinas Conference champions entered this year's tournament seeded second, rid- 
ing an 1 1 game winning streak. This is the longest streak in 1 years. 

During the season, the Panthers suffered many internal problems — 5 players quit and Dennis West 
was suspended early in the season. West returned in mid January after solving both personal and aca- 
demic problems. At this time, the "streak" began, with Honorable Mention All American Charlie Floyd 
averaging over 25 points and 12 rebounds per game. Danny Anderson and Bob Hovey also contributed 
heavily during this period, 

Among the more exciting wins of the regular season were victories over once #1 rated Gardner 
Webb, a Homecoming Victory over archrival Guilford, and a season ending 70-62 win over Pfeiffer. 

Coach Jerry Steele was chosen District 26 Coach of the Year, while Anderson and Floyd were 
selected to the All NAIA District 26 Basketball Team, 

The Panthers are, at this deadline, playing in the Carolinas Conference Tournament. 

Alt-American Charlie Floyd tips in a basket in the conference 

Danny Anderson scores against Barber-Scotia 

9 5 

Field Hockey 

A new playing system, coupled with 12 
returning veterans, led the Panther Field 
Hockey Team to a third place in the 
Regional Tournament The Panthers 7-6-2 
during regular season play placed them 
second in the state. 

The panthers were led throughout the 
season by Seniors Debra Weber, Linda 
Ensey. and Patti Wooten, Juniors Alyson 
Wilk, Sophomore Goalkeeper Stephanie 
Higgins, and Freshmen Jannell Welsh and 
Patty Fortus. 

Coached by Kitty Steele, the Panthers 
played many strong teams including Duke, 
Carolina, Wake Forest, and arch-rival U.NC- 

Deora Weber skillfully maneuvers the ball down the field. 

field Hockey Team Members Include: First row — Alyson Wilk, Vickie Williams, Patti Wooten, Sharon Kaler. Second row — Linda 
Ensey, Anne Ludwigson. Gail Wehner, Donna Wilson, Robin Slate, Carol Grady, Patty Fortus. Vicky Dobson; Third row — Coach Kitty 
Steele. Jannell Welsh. Deborah Weber, Kim Hall, Laura Billings, Shawn Davis 



Alice Wainwright and Jannell Welsh team up to gain possession of the ball and take it down the field. 


Womens' Basketball 

The Lady Panthers ended their regular season with a 
perfect 6-0 league record and captured their fourth 
straight State Division II Championship Additionally, 
Coach Wanda Briley was named "Female Coach of the 
Year" and Marie Riley selected as 'Female Player of the 
year" in the conference 

The Panthers won 20 of their 22 regular season games 
but had to forfeit 4 due to ineligibility problems with 
Theresa Holt Their regular season ended with an 18-6 

Last year's AIAW Division II national champions were 
paced by Senior Ethel White, Junior Marie Riley, and 
Sophomore Andreia B/anchard Riley, M.V.P. in last 
year's national tournament had a 23.2 scoring average 
and 7,7 rebounds per game. White, a 2 time All-American 
averaged over 17 points per game, and Blanchard over 
1 8 points per game. All three were named to the All-Con- 
ference Team.' 

The Panthers have, as of this deadline, gained a berth 
in the District Division II championship to be played in 
Kentucky. The winners will then play in the National Tour- 
nament in Fargo, S.D. in early March 

^~ s>N 

Womens" Basketball Team Members Include Row one — Ethel White. Roxann Moody. Jody Westmoreland, Pam Henline, Deborah Jones, 
Elaine Crocker; Row two — Lena Scnven, Sylvia Chambers. Mane Riley, Bonny Lynch, Wendy Knight. Vickie McLean, Andreia Blanchard 




Having never lost a Carolinas Conference match, the 
High Point College Panthers are set to defend their 
three year rem as conference champions 

Two-time Player of the Year, Mane Riley, returns 
along with All-State performers Karen Christoffersen 
and Ethel White The three formed the nucleus last year 
for the Panthers' 42-10 record and the eventual 10th 
place finish in the national tournament 

Ana Man Gonzalez, Vickie McLean and Sylvia Cham- 
bers each played an important role in last season's 
championship march They also return to give the nec- 
essary experience for such a long year 

The top freshman is Bonny Lynch The 5-10 south- 
paw is an awesome hitter and will add power to the 
Panther attack. 

Other freshmen include Deborah Jones. Lena Scn- 
ven, Carole Matthews, and Martha Latchtord 

Coach Wanda Briley, in her second year at High 
Point, said "We don't have as much depth and experi- 
ence this year as last This might hurt us in tournament 
play where you have to play as many as four or five 
matches in one day During the regular season we 
should be alright with our top six or seven players 

"Our schedule is very good in that we play every Divi- 
sion 1 and II school in North Carolina We also play in 
the UNC-G Invitational, the James Madison Invitational 
and will host the Carolinas Conference tournament If 
we qualify and are able to stay away from injuries, we II 
have a good chance to return to the regional and 
national tournaments this year 

We'll have to go some to improve on last year s 
record but we have the players to do it." 


All-Stater Ethel White spikes the ball. 

Volleyball Team Members Are; Row 1 — Ethel White. Carole Matthews, Martha Letchford, Ana Gonzalez and Deborah Jones; 
Row 2 — Lena Scriven. Marie Riley. Sylvia Chambers, Karen Christoffersen, and Bonnie Lynch. 

1 00 

A jubilant team displays their individual and team plaques 

g g ^ 


Ana sets it up 

We really did it! 



The 1978-79 school year seems to be somewhat of an exception for 
the coach who has won 30 plus games for nine straight years 

The defending conference and district champions will have a good 
overall outlook 

Coach Hartman said "This will be the best depth we have had in a few 
years. We have more good players to help us at different positions 
We've had the best fall practice we have had in many years so that is an 
encouraging sign 

"Our pitching should be deep Jay Schwamberger (honorable men- 
tion All-American) returns as a sophomore to lead us ." Schwamberger 
pitched a no-hitter in his first college outing as a freshman 

"Two newcomers, Kelly Bailey and Terry Thompson, will help a lot on 
the pitching staff " Both are transfers. 

All-District catcher Danny Wilbur returns for his senior year Chip 
Baker and Randy Wilhoit will back up Wilbur 

The infield lost four lettermen and will have to be rebuilt. Gone are 
Tony Waite ( 348) and Jim Mugele (.400 — 14 HR — 46 RBI) Mugele 
was the conference Player of the Year and a first team All-American. 

Three freshmen will help the infield. Mike Pisano. Ken Carter, and 
Benny Nye all have shown some talent and a lot of enthusiasm Transfer 
Skip Dofflemeyer could see action at shortstop 

In the outfield All-Area performers Gerald Culler (368) and Joe Gar- 
barino (346) return. Lettermen Rich Foy and Vinnie Espada along with 
transfer Fred Poole help to make the outer garden one of the strongest 
positions for the Panthers. 

Hartman commented, "It may take us a while to get everyone 
together and see who should play where We have some of the best 
skilled people ever here, but we II have to coordinate those skills into a 
team " 

"I'm real enthused after fall practice We have a really tough schedule, 
especially early, but those games always help us later on if we can win 
a couple, we may get off on one of those 10-1 2 game winning streaks." 


■„ J 


*% '1 

I ' 




- ' 


„ ■ 




J"» 1 


- . " ■»■'*• 

Baseball Team Members Include First row — Kelly Bailey, Ken Carter. Richard Foy, Benny Nye, Vinnie Espada Mike Pisano Kevin Albert- 
son. Joe Garbanno, Jim Purcell, Chip Baker, Danny Wilbur; Second row — Don Groseclose, Randy Wilhoit SkipDofflemeyer Jeff Kennedy 
Jay Schwamberger, John Hallis, Jayson Crump, Fred Poole, Phil Cherry, Gerald Culler, Neil VanAsch Terry Thompson Tim Reid 



V ^«,i 

i ft** 4 * 



Mens' Tennis 

For the first time in seven years High Point College is not the defend- 
ing District 26 champion The Panthers, who have finished 14th or bet- 
ter for six consecutive years in the national tournament, failed to qualify 
as a team last season Atlantic Christian, the district champion, finished 
second in the nation overall. 

Jeff Apperson and Willem deGroot did qualify as a doubles team and 
advanced through one round as a team and to the quarter-finals as sin- 
gles players Both of them return this year to lead the Panthers to what 
they hope is another trip to the national tournament. 

Apperson, playing number one, will remain in that position DeGroot, 
who was the number four singles champ in the conference tournament, 
hopes to advance up the ladder. 

Two returning veterans have held down the numbers two and three 
positions Junior Phil Parrish, the district champion as a freshman 
returns along with junior Chris Hohnhold Hohnhond teamed with senior 
Jack DeAndradeto win the conference number three doubles flight 

Overall the Panthers will field an experienced team Last year's 11-10 
record tells of the extremely tough schedule the Panthers play outside 
the Carolinas Conference, High Point was 7-1 in conference matches, 
losing only to Atlantic Christian 

Second-year Coach Mike Glover said, "We will be very strong up and 
down the line-up because of our experience Senior Tom Fitzmaurice 
and junior David Burgess will probably round out our top six players 
They have all had at least two seasons of competitive tennis here and 
the experience will help " 

"Overall our schedule will be just as tough as it has ever been We 
play many NCAA schools, especially early in the year, and that helps us 
to get ready tor the conference and district tournaments. 

"We II need to get some senior leadership from Fitzmaurice and 
Apperson, Also Willem deGroot has not played a full season in two 
years I expect him to have an exceptionally good year if he is healthy." 

•JXnJ!i?x* ' '. "Sife^ 

Tom Fitzmaurice executes a beautiful band 
hand stroke 

Mens' Tennis Team Members Include: Marcus Carter. Jack DeAndrade, Chris Rehart. David Burgess, 
Chris Hohnhold, Jeff Apperson, Coach Mike Glover (Not pictured) Willem DeGroot, Tom Fitzmaurice, 
Lane Evans, Phil Parrish ) 

Womens' Tennis Team Members Include: Row one — Kinta Otterman, Nancy Houlberg, Monique 
Peyser. Debbie Hill; Row two — Coach Kitty Steele, Betsy Swanson, Kathy Neblett, Mane Riley. 
Kim Wall, Jody Self. J Wilson Rogers, (Not pictured — Temma Allen, Donna Pfister. Vicky Wil- 


The Womens' Tennis Team is 
anticipating a very good season, 
since 4 of their top players from last 
year's 14-0 season returned. 

In their attempt to defend their 
conference and state titles, the Pan- 
thers will be led by Sophomore 
Vicky Williams. Williams, the 1978 
Conference Player of the Year will 
hold the number one position. Kathy 
Neblett returns at number two, but is 
being challenged by transfer Kinta 
Otterman. Marie Riley, Donna Pfis- 
ter, and Jody Self hold positions 
three, four, and five. Neblett and 
Riley were both selected to All-Con- 
ference last year. 

Coach Kitty Steele had been 
selected twice as Conference 
Coach of the Year and anticipated 
stronger competition than in the 

qgCBBWEMHiE WMmiat^'x&imw 

- I 


Above: Temma Allen awaits the serve 

Right: # 1 player Vicky Williams waits for her opponents to return the serve 


Track and Field 

In the midst of a rebuilding team, the High 
Point Track Team is looking forward to a win- 
ning season. Freshmen John Thcacz, Ralph 
Barnes, and Steve Smith will be contributing 
greatly to the team, while All-District performer 
Ron Byrne, Randy Larzelere, Perry Macheras, 
and Tracy Lyons also return. Coach Bob 
Davidson is also relying heavily on Bill 
McCown and Ricky Callicut. 

Numerically, the squad is a little larger than 
last year's, and will add depth in some events. 
This will add the strength which will be neces- 
sary against the Davidson College, Wake For- 
est, and Lynchburg track teams. 

Bill McCown is a top hurdler. 



Track Team Members Include: Row one — Sallye Ledford, Ralph Barnes. Joe Fischer Daberry Deb 
ham. Norns Woody. Mike Colflesh; Row two — Trni Koshimizu, Keith Chance Jeff' Koehler Ron 
Byrne. Tracey Lyons. Randy Larzelere. Coach Bob Davidson; Row three — Jorae Nobrp R,n 
McCown, Mike Griflin, Mark Hamlett, Rick Callicut ' 


Ron Byrne is an excellent javelin thrower 


Golf Team Members Include: Row one — Coach Woody Gibson, Ray Under, French Bolen, Larry Corson, Tony Flippm; Row two — Glenn 
Fischer, Bob Aydelette, John Caldwell. Oerrin Dunzweiler, Craig Baldwin, Mike Dombrowski 

All Conference performer French Bolen 
leads the Panther Golf Team by playing the 
number one position Tony Flippin will be at 
number two, with Bob Aydelette at number 
three. Freshman Ray Linder and Sophomore 
Glen Fisher will also see much action. 

Although the golf team had only four return- 
ing lettermen, Coach Woody Gibson feels the 
team has much potential and may possibly 
improve upon last year's second place in the 
Carolina's Conference. 

''■. ** 


Left Rav Linder demonstrates his powerful swing 




1 07 


Cheerleading Squad Members Include Tina Lynch. Betty Maynor. Marianne Phillips, Leslie Delderfield, Claudia Bryan 




i 10 




I 12 







Members include 1st row — Dr John Ward. Sherry Leonard, Lynn Smith, and Jeff Apperson; 2nd row — Bobby Green, 
Bandy Larzelere, Warren Sweeney. Ricky Proctor 


Alpha Delia Theta is a Christian service 
sorority that seeks to provide fellowship 
and the opportunity for helping others to 
all interested women students at High 
Point College. Alpha Delta Theta sisters 
help with various campus functions as 
well as doing service projects in the com- 
munity. Since its founding 25 years ago, 
the spirit of the sisterhood has continued 
to grow as the girls find self enrichment 
through serving others. 

Members include 1st row — Cheryl Vernon, and Linda. Steele; 2nd row — Ava House, Teresa Williams. 
Cathy Wilhoit, Cindy Lewellyn. Marilou Morrison. Wendy Stewart and Sharon Billings; 3rd row — Karen 
Caudle. Marianne Hickman. Beth King. Marybeth Weber. Kathy Sweet and Linda Cam. 

i \i 



Members include: 1st row — Tim Gray, Nancy Reichle. Danny Ingram, Donna Eisnaugle and Bob Ehason. 2nd 
row — Tommy Gray. Gail Hooper. Chris Harrington. Tommy Allen, Dave Bobbitt, Kathy Crane. Fred Patterson. 
Jill Christiansen, Kristi Mills, and Jim Terry 

Officers include: Trm Gray, Nancy Reichle, Jim Terry Donna 
Eisnaugle, Danny Ingram, Bob Eliason 

The Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, Mu Xi Chapter 
kicked off their service projects with the beautification of the creek 
Other highlights this year were two successful blood drives, the painting 
of the fountain, a Campus-Wide Cleanup, and the distribution of the Hi 
Po. Our service did not stop on campus. Alpha Phi Omega involvement in 
the Merchant's Appreciation Program for older persons, helping the 
Council on Aging proved to be successful in aiding senior citizens in the 
city of High Point. 

Pledges you have such golden voices, especially at 500 in the morn- 
ing. Jill . are you still in training 7 Shh Don't tell Nancy. Kathy . . . 
the profound rock. Toad . Our favorite running (standing) bare. . . . 
I'm gonna kiss ya, I love ya . . . Tommy, place your hand upon the Holy 

. . Danny, are we really in Walnut Cove? Snuggles, could you survive 
another road trip? Bob . . our conservative radical Allan .did the 
paddle break? . Our yarg in drag is cute . . . What are we gonna do 
with 3 halves of a Winston phone book? Mol, you're cute but not at 3:30 in 
the morning . . .Chris did you enjoy the pledges movie? Tim . . did 
she look so fair? Tammy, punch will be served Anne and Kathy . . how 
were the bats way up there? WHY IS MOL?. . . 

Pledges include: Tim Craven, Joey Davis, Allan Zaback, Kathy 
Horvath. Mary Carter. Anne Ludwrgson. Martin Blaha 





As another year comes to an end, the Alpha 
Gams look back at a successful Rush, a fan- 
tastic pledge class and an altogether fun-filled 
year. Apandra . . How is your secretary, 
Joan? Betsy . . . The way to the bathroom isn't 
that far! Puss . . . What's your guppy's name? 
Laura ... Is it 6AM or 6PM? Julie . . . Which 
angel are you? Cathy , , . Seems you've finally 
found your thrill ... at Chapel Hill. P.W. . . . 
Meet anybody at the basketball games lately? 
Dawn . . , Here come the bride Lynn ... Do 
you have a blue or green car? Cathi . . . Seen 
any blue pick-up trucks lately? Susan . . Roll 
down any hills lately? Diane . . . Why did you 
get a standing ovation? Gail . . . Our only can- 
dle light. Melissa . . Our own Stevie Nicks 
'rocks' along. Alyson . Did Mike say hi to 
you today? Sabrina . . . Show us your mus- 
cles! Char Lee . . . Bet you didn't know you 
were being followed! Janet . . . Made any 
prank calls lately? Therese . . What's your 
boyfriend's name again? Jill . . . Who is your 
crush this week? Penny . . . Ready to take a 
chance? Leslie . . , Tell us about your date 

with Kenny Rogers! Suzanne . . . She can fall asleep anywhere Colleen . . . Blow off your T's? Jane . . . Is your love-life getting a 
little rusty? Cone . . . Who is that cute little red head? Marcella . . . What was it that you left over the Brinson's? Cindy . . . Give us 
some instructions on how to effectively hide a street sign. Peggy . . . What goes on behind Laura's locked door? Denise . . Alpha 
Gam's own little Betty Crocker. Stuart . . . You best find a better late night hiding place in you room. Krivka . . . You wild and crazy 
gal! Sheme . . . We never knew Chapel Hill was so faraway. K. P. . . Since when does a bathroom window become a door? Kathy 
. . . Burn baby Burn! Tami , . . Sure you can! Nancy ... Do you remember the Appalacian soccer game? Susan . . Have you 
emerged out of Jane's recovery room yet? Jannell . . . Our new baby conehead. Marion . . . Do you ever run out of gas? Kelly . . . 
Where do you go back packing'' Sandy . . . Bambi, how's Thumper? Terry ... We hear you like to play in the mud. Sabrina . . . 
Are you on a diet again? Joanne . Aren't graveyards scarey? Areshia . . . What is so interesting outside Janet's window? 

Alpha Gamma Delta members include: 1st row (left to right) Leslie Davis, Suzanne Karpinen, Tracy 
Wright, Denise Carter, Connie Davis, Sandy Spaulding, 2nd row (left to right) Lynn Richter, Kathy 
McCann, Nancy Chipman, Marion Shriver, Gail Riley, Kelly Anderson. Marcella Bullard. Cindy Miller; 
3rd row (left to right) Patli Krivka. Jill Beam, Janet Spaulding, Areshia Blankenship. Sandy Dunham, 
Susan Spaulding, Tami Summers; 4th row (left to right) Dana Ketcham, Cathy Groom, Julie Gaines, 
Diane Bednarcik, Sandy 'Puss' Rittenhouse, Beryl Swartztrauber, Diane Carr; Standing (top to bot- 
tom) Mary Stuart Beard. Heidi Swartztrauber, Peggy Pesce, Cathi Wilson. Penny Johnston, Joanne 
Copley. Chariee Venuto, Betsy Yowell, Therese Nowack. 

1 16 

Lambda Chi Alpha members include. 1st row (left to right) Rob Moss, Ron Byrne, Yassin Khayyat, 
Randy Laster, Steve Blalock, Jorge Lagueruela, Greg Stone. Lynn Summers. Van Canipe. Steve 
Lewis; 2nd row (left to right) Jeff Koehler, Ron Rogers. Steve Moss, Steve Berner. Mark Nissen. 
Barry Sullivan Mark Winchell. Dan Corder, Glenn Jones: 3rd row (left to right) Bernie Encarna- 
cion. George Brandt George Yates. Wayne Burney. Blaise Miller, Larry Corson; 4th row (left to 
right) Jack Hamilton Mike Moran. Steve Chandler, Andy Barnett. Norns Woody. Mike Showalter. 
Jim Vinesett, Mike Krescanko. Dave Horton; Last row (left to right) Bob Hannum, Keith Baker. 
George Davidson. Craig Jones, Jim Cole. Eric Bonus, Rodney Rogers, William Price Not Pictured 
French Bolen. Johnny Roberts, Brian Anderson. Mike Rogers, Bill Robertson. Bob Mclver. Dave 
Eckart. Rusty Pederson, J. C Powell. Gary W Cooper — Advisor 



The Lambda Chi's celebrated their chapter's 
25th anniversary this year, highlighted by a fes- 
tive homecoming reunion. Personalities that 
sparked the year included our fearless leader 
High Kojak, Frenchie' . . . Hortonio, our Jor- 
danian ambassador and his camel jockey, 
Ringo, Mario Burr and his flying opel show 

followed by our own 'Goon', Hoot . . .Coop — 
was it pepperoni or mushrooms . . Rusty, 
Lungs II, and George Brandt our Albert Ein- 
stein . . Dando the Clown . . . Turtle. Presi- 
dent of the Gazonga Club, speaking of which, 
Stanko, were Buffy's really that big . . . Boy 
Jeff, that's a howler . . . Rodnay (missing) . . . 
Randy (?) . . . Motor- Hi tier, dead? . . . Slo Mo, 
someone's knocking at the door, someone 
wants to ring your bell . . . William, Who's your 
roommate , . . Ooze, How long's the leash 
, . . J.C. — Sir! . . . Bob, the Geech and J.R. 
our piano mouth . . . Erik, Cole's clone . . . 
and Jeff, What's a b-a-d-u-b-a . . . Doc, Oh 
. . Butch, where have all 
Mark, a little dab will do ya 
. . . Frosty, when he talks, nobody listens . . . 
Larry — Frosty II . . . Winch and Boo — for- 
ever squammed . . Borner 'Sticks and 
Stones' . . . Zeke, April Showers last for days 
. . . George Yates, Marcelle Marceau . . . 
Barry, little Hooter 5 . . . Cat, sucking up grape 
juice . . . Jocko, snaking is not like you, bad 
boy Nahmu . . . Showalter's Wendell's Pro- 
tege . . . Hannum, Monroe shocks work won- 
ders . . . Lew, are you going up or is she going 
down . . Stoney is bullwhipped, and by the 
way Jorge, is that cigar Cuban . . . Eckart, 
What's on your mind . . . Bernie, does this 
place have a mirror . . . Bill our rendition of 
UNIVAC . . . Led, who's the pooch this week 
. . . Craig our new 'Lightweight' and his 
brother Glenn, our answer to the gas shortage 
. . . Ron, and his weebles wobble . Keith — 
Hi Kid . . . Hey Hammy, was she or wasn't she 
. . . Bloss-Wham, Bam, Thank you Mam . . . 
And. . .Oh yeah. . .Coal! 


my pubiesgone . . 

1 17 


The hall came alive as another 
unpredictable and exciting year 
for the KD's began We were busy 
with rush, retreats, songfests, car 
washes. Pledge Dance, co-rec, 
Big-Little Sister Week, White 
Rose Week, Initiation and White 
Rose Formal, We also kept the 
campus alive for twenty-four 
hours as we held our second 
Rock-a-thon! We rocked, sang, 
rocked, ate, rocked, partied, 
rocked, blew fuses, rocked, 
played backgammon and cards, 
and rocked some more It turned 
out to be a successful, awesome 
and memorable Rock-a-thon . . . 
right Row??? You're the only per- 
son we know that can rock from 
the inside. Feelus — we heard 
that 33 is the magic number. Oh, 
and Ellen "crash" — we ordered 
your muzzle and it will be in next 
week. In the meantime, could you 
practice your cheers after the 
pledge's meeting? Kathy and Mic- 
helle — who sleeps in the crack 
tonight??? Will the real Bonnie 
Carter please stand up . . . oh, 

you are??!? Sandy — until the night, it will be alright, but if it gets too late . . . there's always your 
roommate!!! Scarlet moved her end window to Winston. Thanks Linda for the "Pfautzing" les- 
sons. Wanda Woo Woo — are you sleeping with your Teddy bear tonight? Sheila — do you go to 
the barn just to hear the name??? Clair — you can bring your bed to sister's meeting . , Our 
resident F.C "uncle" Ellen has changed her major to Western Civilization Hilda — Have you 
found "20 cent" yet 7 Gail — is it true that love is better the second time around? Debbie gets her 
share of the juicy mail . . Linda T. — We bet you there's a chance that being a little sister has 
fringe benefits. Oh, the awesome life of a fisherman. Tell us Li. — what's your bait??? For the 
third time, Sullie has "mastered" the AWE button on the calculator. Lynne — will February 31st 
be added to the calendar next year? And, have you had the urge for a "Cig" yet, Buffy? By the 
way, who's turn is it to clean the composite'??? As we end another year, may the memories of 
Kappa Delta, our friendship and sisterhood in A.O.T., and the love we 
share remain in our hearts forever. 

Members Include: Ellen Myers, Lynne Smith. Linda Pfautz. Phyllis Griffin, Wanda Cahall and Buff Norden, 
Kathy Covert, Linda Thompson, and Gail Wehner, Sheha Gore, Sharon Sullivan, Ellen Carmine and Laurie 
Hoover. Michelle Boyce, Cindi Clair. Robin Henson. and Sandy Love. 



1978-79 has 

proven to be a great 
year for the Epsilon 
Chapter of Theta 
Chi! It has been a 
hard working year 
for the Brothers with 
rush, car washes, 
and our charity this 
year, Muscular Dys- 
trophy. Of course 
the boys have some 
great memories of 
Orags at the Down- 
towner and the 
Christmas party at 
Brother Doug Pit- 
ma n ' s house This 
spring looks very 
promising with the 
3rd annual Bong 
Show, Dream Girl 
and of course the 
beach . 

When looking 
back over the year 
we all remember. "In 
the Halls . . ." and 
some of those great 
words of wisdom 

and famous questions! Cheskey (Logic) . 'What's the difference between an orange?" Mikee (King of O-Zones) . . 

"Does she?" Randy (Without) . . . "How are you doing?" Ray-Ray (Mr T.B.R.) . . . "Did you sell the cattle?" Jimbo 

(Bong Show Worker). . . "Where's my C-Doll?" 
Then there were some famous situations! Boinker . Walk a mile for a date! Hooter (Loved by Everyone) . . . I'm a 

good driver! Uncle (Woman Beater) . . . Get out of my bed! Dog a ... Did you talk at UN.C.G. or did you? Stud (Pes- 

King) . . . Mr. Destruction Company! Ko-Jerk . . . Snake in the cemetery. And, of course. Jay . . . How to lose in pool 

and poker in 1 easy lesson. 
And a major question all the brothers have is, where do some of the boys go? Cubby (Cheskey logic) . . . shoe store 

blues? Mudd (Turtle) . . . Burning something in the barn! Captain (Troll hunter) . . Anything he can' Easy Money (Cattle 

Pledge) . . . Extreme whip live in. And Dave . . . where are you? The members of the Theta Chi Fraternity would like to 

thank everyone this year for their help and support. Also, good luck to the graduating Brothers and special good luck in 

the future to J-Hall and Beth 

Members Include: Mike Taylor. Toad Miller. Tony Nielubowicz, Ray hall. Curt Ewirtg. John Money, John Machesky, and 
Jeff Brown 

! I 9 



In 1852, Phi Mu was a dream, now it is a beauti- 
ful reality with many chapters reaching across the 
nation. 1978-1979 started oft with a successful 
rush bringing us new Phis. Pledge dance, mixers, 
parties, service programs and Phi Mu Weekend 
are just a part of the fun happenings this year. 
Along with the fun . . Annie does research for 
her seminar paper at T.8.R. . . . Lynn is our 
"eternal voice" , . , April, how's the goddess of 
head 7 . . Betsy how are things at West Point? 
When are you getting your private phone 
Sharlia? . . , Laura will let us know when the 
temperature drops . . , Debbie is our answer to 
Horshack . . . K,C. what's it like in the "final fron- 
tier"? . . . "Please remove your trash within 24 
hours," Love, Weenie . . . Hey Buzz — I touched 
you last!!! . , . Sid, your roomate says thanks for 
her private room . . LOST; Cindy — last seen at 
Dadios or the radio station . . Julie, have you 
"gone away for the weekend" again? . . . Sherry 
remind us not to let you borrow our yardstick! 
. . . Stoneville — the flight to Greensboro leaves 
at 7:01 every Friday night . . . Anne, are you 
practicing to be an air head? . . Ralph — get 
that "head music" off!! . . . Koleen — who are 
those long distance calls from ... I mean to? 
. . . Cyndi goes from Togas to Lockouts!! . . . 
Jean, have you gotten a room at the Student Cen- 
ter yet?? . . . Earth to Natalie come in please!! 
. . . Nancy, thought that you weren't attending 
HPC this semester?? . . . Kornhead's on her way 
to winning at Wimbledon . . . Sue, what would 
this world be like without charge cards?? 
Jocelyn, is red really your natural color?? . . . 
Marguerite is our quiet one , . . Kathy is our 
sweet 'III southern bell'?? . . , Jackie, it's imita- 
tion time! . . . Headly, how's the suite parties?? 
. . . Graduation brings the yeat to an end but the 
memories of fun, sad and happy times continue 
with us as does our bond of friendship in Phi Mu. 

Members include: 1st row — April Kear, Sharlia York. Sara Amos, and Kolleen McGrath; 2nd row 

— Cindy Bnggs, Nancy Lewis, Kathy Neblett, Cyndi Roberts. Betsy Betz. Kathy Connelly; 3rd row 

— Jean Small, Julie Campbell. Laurie McClean and Donna Fiarvant; 4th row — Lynn Maness. 
Annie Janowski, and Jocelyn Hart; Standing — Jackie Womack, Becky Brown, and Debbie Rus- 

Members include — Marguerite Cicale. Natalie Harris, Sandra Bacon, Anne Keiser, Debbie 
Barnes, Sue Hill, and Sherry Dircks 


Pi Kappa Alpha 

Members include: Jimmy Stewart, Steve Burton. Till Jarrell, Jorge Nobre, Tom Trice, Ross King. Greg Norris. Perry Macheras, George Wolfe, Mark 
Walling, Jerry Arndt, Keith Chance. Joe Prestwood, Bruce Pumphrey, Dave Olson. Robert Gates, Tom Miller, Tracy Lyons. Richard Arning. Ken Swan- 
son, and Lynn Preston 

Little Sisters include: Lisa Bauman, Elizabeth Brack. Debi Dorland, Julie Hancock. Anne Keiser, Sallye Ledford, Hilda Nance, 
Diana Scotton. and Linda Thompson 


..**^fc, -' J* -3 




Members include Pam Aiken, Ann Wheeless. Terry Gardella, Jenny Ball. Marianne Phillips, Kathy, Borstell, Mary 
McComber. Lynda Cleveland, Jan Harrison. Karen Monroe, Jenny Raper, Donna Adams, Tammy Garrison, Jenny Tucker, 
Kris Ellis, Betly Maynor, Kim Darden, Claudia Bryan. Page McNess. Millie Greene, Winnie Adkins, Tracy Taylor, Elaine John- 
son, Majd Khaggat, Jackie Swing, Ginger Brown, Gmny Williamson, Marcie Randall. Maggie Pajzwski, Leslie Delderfield. 
Lisa Bauman, Sue Luppino. Cindy Sink, Regina Stanley. Mylene Fisher 

Zeta Tau Alpha — Individuals, But Zetas Forever 

The 1978-1979 school year was another one filled with love and friendship for Zeta. As crazy as we all are, we man- 
aged to survive the year in one piece, out of jail, fairly sane, and relatively sober. President Donna Adams pulled us all 
through even when it looked like we would kill each other. Donna has now moved from Kimery Street to Virginia, and 
Winnie isn't hugging Pooh's anymore, she's hugging Tucker's instead. Pam's car's nickname is B.J , B is gonna be a 
locksmith (she and her hammer) and Wendy likes kissing Santa Claus. Ginger - do you still like hardware? Fish got 
"Burned ", and when Terry played co-pilot, she ended up with the car in a snow bank. Tammy is the newest "mother" 
with about 25 "kids", and to Paul, Nancy is "wife and mother." While Millie learned to drive in snow, Elaine prayed that 
they'd make it to the top of the mountain alive. Majd spends more time on 2nd floor Millis than she does on 1st floor 
North. Ann, why did you have curlers in your hair when Ward came to call? Tina has a "motor" that won't quit, and when 
Karan gets a compliment she doesn't say "thank you", she says "shut-up". Marianne, what's a Gweggie? Marcy loves 
hoddy-toddies with the MXA's at football games. Jenny R likes tinsel and Canadian mist, while Cindy likes "Bows". 
~'len, put that ring on before Keith gets here! Regina — do you and Scott really study in there? Jenny T hasn't paid her 
dues yet. Tracy can't seem to make up her mind, and Ginny has advanced to sleeping 304. Jenny B. is "Bullish" on 
stones, and Jackie has her own "My Favorite Martin." 

All in all, it's been a great year, wit it's ups and downs — but as it draws to a close, we're up on top again — friends 
and sisters forever. 


Delta Sigs. . . Sailor's Ball 

Members include Bottom ■ — Scott Hance — Treasurer, Kent Spencer, Rusty Hawes. Les Hall. Mark Poore. Dave Strong and Mark Joram Top Bill 
Booth — Sgt at Arms. Barry Curry. Dave Gladden, Mike Pisano, Kevin Jones. James Hunt — President. Rick Smith, Lee Williams. Rick Ward, Toby 
Tobm. Bob Bednareik, Drew Haynes. Allen Day. Rick Hughes, Brian Richards. Donnie Groseclose — Secretary, Willem de Groot, and Jimmy De Rosa 

The Sigs again enjoyed a good RUSH program and were proud of the new wearers of the green and white. The Sphinx 

had its problems this year but it remains in place as the symbol of the bond 

Frustrated Floyd Brain out on loan When will we see that chain on Joan? What kind of commercial were you 
watching? Donald J — the mouth that roared, spent his time burning Bud s door Brother Poore did spend a 
couple thousand on Rush, What do you expect from a Maryland lush Coach Booth spread himself awfully thin 
from Georgia to Carolina to Penn. Brother Curry ever since birth, why do you insist on being anti-earth Char- 
lie you are such a practical joker, who else would think of customizing Cheryl Ladd's poster Scott — money 
matters were not his forte, it showed in the budget every Monday. Cowboys Jim and Bud — wanted in Dallas 
for theft, came back to the Point with more than they left Gruesome really came out of his shell, but as Chap- 
lain your prayers may send us straight to hell Old Brother Shy by Freddy you were kissed and once in the 
men's room we heard you missed Garbage Cans Beware Joramski to find you we would scrounge, only to 
find you and Diane locked in the lounge. Brother James what a leader you were, but as for followers they 
never occurred. Brother Rick got into bird watching this year, especially Robin Red Breasts. Dave — Apus P. 
Blond us our own marathoner 
After another good year, the Brothers and Pledges will wrap it up in Myrtle Beach, S.C. with the annual Sailor's Ball 

before heading home for the Summer. 



Members include Terese Nowak, Jill Beam. Linda Pfantz, Julie Gaines, Bonny Carter, Ellen 
Carmine. Sandra Bacon, Marianne Phillips, Donna Fiorvanti, and Phyllis Griffin. 




Members include Sitting — Jorge Lagueruela. Richard Arnmg. Eric Bohus. Tom Miller, Keith 
Chance, Chris Graney, and Norris Woody Standing — Mark Poore, Les Hall, Jack Hamilton 
and Mike Taylor. 


t k V 1 4 k * 

' t l< K Li 

Members include: Cheryl Vernon. Bob Ziglar. Betsy Betz. Al Seymour. Mr 
Bowman. Scott Johnson. Paul Boyles, Susan Burdett, and Dave Schaller 

Richard. Kathy Connelly. Becky Brown. 






Members include Debra Weber. Paula Dnllman. Lisa Mickey. Linda Ensey. and Stephanie Higgms 



Members include: 1 st row — Martin Blaha. Chip Aldridge, Wendy Bowman. Eddie Mulls, 
Craig Messner. Karen Green, 2nd row — Judy Harris, Edythe Mentesana, Robin Hen- 
son. Myra Williams. Cindy Briggs. Kathy Wolfe, Dawn Harrington; 3rd row — Rhonda 
Carlman, 4(h row — Mark Norwme. Patty Birmingham. Laurie Hoover. Tara Wine. Nell 

Torain Peggy Pesr.e Melissa Patton. Heidi Swartzrauber. Paula Pnliman David Doug 

Alpha Psi Omega 

Members include 1st row — Chip Aldridge, Mark Norwme. David Douglas, Myra 
Williams, 2nd row — Edythe Mentesana, Karen Green; 3rd row — Melissa Patton. 
Robin Henson 

I 2d 





Members include: 1st row — Regina Black, Debbie Jenkins. Craig Messner. Cathy Wilhoit. Cheryl Vernon. Gary Stirewalt. Teresa Wil- 
liams, Susan Whitescan/er; 2nd row — David Schaller, Page McNeese, Scott Johnson, Beth King. Jay Gammon. Susan Jones. Don 
Darden, Donna Wilson, and James Elson 

The High Point College Singers put on many fine concerts throughout the year 

I 27 


The American Humanics Student Associa- 
tion at High Point is made up of all students in 
the Human Relations Youth Agency Leader- 
ship program 

Through its officers and committees it 
becomes a working laboratory experience in 
the methods used most commonly to adminis- 
ter the nation's great volunteer youth agen- 

Members include: 1st row — Martin Blaha, Danny Ingram. Mary Carter, and BobEliason; 2nd row — 
Debbie Russell. Tammy Allen, Lynne Smith. Anne Ludwigson, Jacelyn Hart, Judy Harris. Fred Patter- 
son, Ann Wheeless. Dave Worland. and Rhonda Carlman; 3rd row — Sandy Brooks, Till Jarrell. Tim 
Craven, Sue Pooley, Kathy Crane. Donna Eisnaugle. Mark Schneider, Gail Wenner and Terri Dunn; 
4th row — Mr W E Sewell, Sid Baker. Allen Zaback, Tim Gray, Robert Gates. Robert Gilhs, and Ken 
Swanson; 5th row — Mr Earnest Price, Brace Gray. David Fuller. Mrs. Fuller, Ed Grandpre, Rick 
Smith, Jerry Jones. Mrs Pat Jones, Dave Fnsbee. and Joey Hancock 

r"i- "■■■:■•/« ' 

Joey Hancock thanks President Patton at the Fall Retreat 
at Camp Cheerio 

Senior Members include 1st row — Lynne Smith, Danny Ingram, and Judy Harris: 2nd row — 
Dave Fnsbee, Donna Eisnaugle, and Robert Gillis 

I 28 

Student Union 

Members include: Patty Fortus, Kim Darden. Nancy Houlberg, Bryan Christian. Paul Boyles. Karen Magill. Cyndi Roberts. Kathy Connelly Debbie 
Jones, Rhonda Carlman, Irish Gayrnon. Ralph Barnes. Peggy Pesce. Nell Toram. Mary Stuart Beam. Steve Burton, Betty Maynor. Sara St Thomas, 
Mark Nissen. Jim Vinesett, Maguerite Cicale, William Price, Robin Henson. Eddie Mullis, Laurie Hoover, Dave Flory, Millie Green, Ron Byrne, Norns 
Woody, and Torn Burke. 

The Student Union Executive Council includes: Peggy Pesce. Ron Byrne, Millie Green, Laurie Hoover, Gmny Williamson. Mike 
Showalter, Tammy Garrison. Sharon Sullivan, Steve Burton. Irish Gaymon, and Tom Burke 







Caryn Reinhart — President 

Jorge Laqueruela — Vice-President 


Linda Ensey — Secretary 

Sherri Jones — Treasurer 

ig Semester- 1979 

Norris Woody — Speaker of Legislature 

Jacky Hendrix — Attorney General 


I ' J? ^K 


Members include: Eddie Mullis. William Price, Jeff Koehler, Lt Don Walten, Tom Miller, David Douglas, Jan Dunk- 
leburger, Chip Aldndge, and Rhonda Carlman 


Members include: Debi Dorland — Secretary, Norris Woody — Speaker, Mike Showalter — Speaker Pro-Tern , 
Debra Weber, Edythe Mentesana, Sherri Jones, Jorge Lagueruela. Sharon Billings, Millie Green, Bobby Brownlow. 
Joni Powell. Karen Magill. Nancy Houlberg, Chip Aldridge, French Bolen, Caryn Fteinhart, Jacky Hendrix, Mark 
Watling, April Kear. Donna Florvant, Bryan Christian. Dave Horton, Patti Wooten. Tom Burke and Nancy Reichle 


Society For The Advancement of 
If | I! W 

i ! 


The Society For The Advancement of Management (SAM) is designed to help students have insight into the day to day activities in the 
business world 

Day Student Organization 

The Day Students Organization, now in its third year on campus, extends membership to any college student who does not live on cam- 


i I 

Music to your ears" 

Radio Station Members include 1st row — Lynn Preston, Chris Larson. Fred Patterson, and Mike Pisano; 2nd row — Kathy Wolfe, 
Edythe Mentesana. Steve Stultz. and Bob Hoke 


Writer's Club 

Writer's Club Members include: Dr Piacentino. Cindi Clair, Greg Norns. Buffy Norden, and Kathy Horvath 


Phoenix Members include: 1st row — Layne Rickard, Teresa Martin, Teresa Williams, Mrs Emily Sullivan, Linda Cain, and Barbara 
Robards, 2nd row — Caryn Retnhart, Dr Piacentino, Jim Gross. Warren Sweeney. Doug Hall, Ginny Williamson, and Gina Marlette 


Physical Education Majors 

Members include Robin Slate. Roxanna Crouse, Barbara Jo Waterman. Sylvia Chambers, Ricky Proctor. Debra Weber. Gerald Culler. Tom 
Trice. Tracy Lyons. Betsy Moore. Patti Wooten. Jack De Andrade. and Mrs Kitty Steele 



Dave Schaller 

Kathy Horvath 

Steve Lewis 

HI — PO 

Members include Greg Norris, Debi Dorland, Kim Darden and Ray Daniel, Suzanne Karpinnen, Leslie Davis. Pat Lyons, Paula Prill- 
man, Cyndi Roberts, Kalhy Covert, and Linda Cain Dennis Tuttle, Irish Gaymon, Lisa Mickey. Scott Hance and Sharon Kaler 


Order of the Lighted Lamp 

Members include: Sitting — Ellen Carmine, Sherri Jones, Patti Wooten, and Debra Weber Standing — Sherry Leonard, Jorge Laquer- 
uela, Paul Lessard, Dave Olson, Ross King, Rick Brown, Jeff Apperson, and Randy Larzelere 

College Bowls 


President Patton congratulates Dave Flory on the establishment of the 'Run For Fun" Club. 

The Wesley Rabbits Include: Wendy Bowman, 
Patty Birmingham. Edythe Mentesana, Karen 
Green, Judy Harris and Dawn Harrington. 






4 ;l !. ■ . '. • 



^yy >j* ^ ■ujtt& iaSj^f ^V^^B 

***ar Tflfe^ *^^B 









As we arrive 
Clad in our armor 
Ready to slay the bad 
And ride with the good 
Things may dent 
Or even strip us 
Of our strength. 
But as time, rolls us along. 
We will rise strong 
To be hit again. 
Till the day we make 
The climb onto the horse 
And ride away into the 

Greg Norris