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Full text of "The Zenith Yearbook, 1982 High Point College"

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f 6 






"C '&£**'' 



* 1 

■ 9w 


Slowly they walk down the desolate 
halls. Each one quiet for what seems 
an eternity. Two months since the 
gala of surprise parties, two months 
since the joyful sounds of new friends 
roamed these halls. Ever so gracefully 
they flip the switches that bring a 
flood of life to the halls, rooms, and 
lounges. Tedious and long will their 
job be, but time is fighting them with 
his deadlines. Faster and faster the 
days roll by leaving them even less 
time to complete their endless task. 
And yet, even though time seemed to 
have won their job is done> the walls 
are painted a grim but passable green, 
the dust is wiped from every corner, 
the walls are once and for a final time 
rechecked for those trademarks of 
interior designs. Just in time is their 
job finished for the first arrivals to 
explore their new home. 

V 1*, 




Whatever the season, the sur- 
roundings both in and out of class 
have allowed us to grow as a person, 
think as an individual, and strive for 
future goals . . . together. As one 
takes a look where we live, the soar- 
ing tower can be seen from almost 
anywhere on campus. The glistening 
sunshine glows upon the rainbow 
casted flowers and there is a close 
knit atmosphere in the air. And so, as 
we draw nearer to the end, we find 
ourselves fondly reflecting on the 
days of [liking across campus to the 
bookstore, visiting the snackbar, re- 
membering the traditional fountain, 
drop-ins to the post office, waking up 
late and running to . . . wherever??? 
For all, some part of us will remain 
long after we're gone> for here we 




The anticipation of freedom for the after- 
noon has finally arrived. There will be no 
more worries over classes for awhile. This 
time of day is a time we all look forward to 
with sheer excitement. 

Our forms of relaxation and fulfilment are 
as varied as our individual personalities. 
Some of us look forward to that game of 
ultimate frisbeet some look forward to a 
quiet afternoon with a friend) others' look 
forward to the peace and quiet to maybe 
catch up on at least a little of our homeworkj 
while there are those select few who just 
like to sleep the afternoon away. 

No matter what form of relaxation we 
choose, the three hours in the afternoon 
when all of us display our individuality are 
the most cherished of all. From 2 to 5 a time 
for everything and everyone. 





There are only 24 hours in a day. 
How can one possibly cram everyth- 
ing into such a short time? Where 
does the time go? Classes, recreation, 
quiet talks with a friend, rap sessions 
with the guys, and time for oneself — 
all are important in the lives of the 
students. For some, the day begins 
early and ends early. For others, the 
late nights are more appealing. All are 
constantly on the run, often trying to 
be in several places at once. Each day 
is a new beginning offering a chance 
to better the day before. Warm 
smiles and friendly "hello's" create a 
temporary "down home" feeling and 
makes it easier to cope with the fast 
pace of college. 




Classes completed, a tiring day fin- 
ished, High Point's neon lights illumi- 
nate the sky. Students can be found 
anywhere from Tom's Brass Rail to 
Krispy Kreme Donuts. Burger King 
draws the late night munchy crowd 
after long hours of studying. Eliza- 
beth's Pizza is the main retreat for 
dinner when the cafeteria menu 
doesn't appeal to one's taste. Katar- 
ina's and the Depot are also intriguing 
night spots. Seven-eleven and the 
Campus snack bar are quick stop-ins 
for munchies. The local movie the- 
aters break-up the monotony of T.V. 
reruns. All these and more supply a 
variety of activities after sundown. 



Yadkin, Hayworth, the Student Center, Belk, 
renovations on Cooke Hall, SGA advisor, APO 
advisor, and a friend to any person willing to 
talk, or eat a piece of candy. 

If it isn't apparent by now these are just a 
few characteristics of Earl G. Dalbey. 

After returning from Christmas break this 
year we found that a friend true and dear to 
us had left. After seventeen years of loyal 
and dedicated service Mr. Dalbey has retired. 
According to him his era has ended and the 
time has come for new ideas. 

Even though it is time, and he has retired 
Mr. Dalbey will never be far away. All we will 
have to do is just think of him. 

Probably more than any other person at 
HPC, Mr. Dalbey has in seventeen years 
touched the hearts of almost everyone he has 

Mr. Dalbey said it all in these few words, 
"If there is any reward in a job like this it is 
the memories of those with whom I have 
spent time with." 

He added, "Every minute I spend with a 
student I sincerely believe adds a minute to 
my life." 

Surely if this statement is true Mr. Dalby 
will more than likely live forever. He will be 
missed greatly by everyone. After all, there 
are few places to go to tell someone your 
problems, leave with a feeling of relief, and a 
piece of candy. It was determined that in 
seventeen years more than a ton of candy 
has passed through Mr. Dalbey's office. 

It is truly hard to express in words our 
feelings about this man. He has touched so 
many and hurt so few. Probably all who know 
him at all will agree that this passage fits Mr. 
Dalbey so well: 

Don't walk in front of me, 
I may not follow. 
Don't walk behind me, 
I may not lead. 
Just walk beside me. 
And be my friend. 



Decisons, decisions and more deci- 
sions are what most students have to 
make at least twice a day. One of 
those decisions hits us right off in the 
morning. What do I wear? The trend 
of clothes seems to be swaying more 
and more towards the "preppy look". 
Count the number of girls wearing a 
add-a-beads necklace and inter- 
changeable belts. Also, try counting 
the number of whales, hearts, or frogs 
on a button down or a turtle neck 
sweater. How many students wear La- 
Costa shirts, pants, and skirts. You 
can even buy alligator shoelaces, ear- 
rings, and charm holders. Mono- 
grammed sweaters are popular with 
both girls and guys. So, remember, 
while your pulling out a mono- 
grammed money clip, dressing to im- 
press can be chic but not cheap! 

» « • • • • 

<w • * • » • 

I • » - . - * 




Hey you! Take my picture. How many 
times have we heard or said that line? 
Dozens most likely. Everyone likes to 
get in on the action, but sometimes we 
get caught unaware. These times are the 
best. We see the "real" person. In one 
brief moment, your face can express a 
variety of emotions perhaps never to be 
repeated) yet the eye of the camera 
brings them into focus permanently. It is 
these fleeting expressions which cry 
out, "Shoot Me Please." 



"Your home away from home" — 
that describes a college dorm. Each 
room is influenced by those who in- 
habit it. The walls and every corner 
absorb the needs and wishes of its 
occupants whether it's to brighten 
drab walls, to create walking space, or 
to bring nature indoors in the form of 
plants to create a restful atmosphere. 

Individuality is the key to making a 
dorm room a comfortable place to 
study, work, and play in. Whether 
rooms are delightfully neat, depress- 
ingly dumpy, or just right, they are 
our "home away from home". 



D VJA: ' 






Boot that balll 

I've got it nowl 


Get out of my way! 

All by myself 


Front Row : (left to right) Ricky Klier, Pepe Perrone, Dwayne Hunt, Brian Sarnecki, Ian Lewis, Harry Stewart, 
Keith Pierre, Sami Narhi, George England, Backrow: (right to left) Assistant Coach — Neil Clay, Pat Bruen, 
Mike Branded, Angelo Stewart, Dean Jones, Scott Oliver, Bobby Rapp, Mark Chesnick, Glen Jones, Jeff Sloan, 
Jono Jackson, Richie Romanazyk, Trainer: Rory Walton. Coach: Woody Gibson 



Front row: Assistant Coach — Richard Hoffmann. Jeff Anderson. John Hamilton, Jackie McNeill. Danny Murphy. Don 
Brown. Anthony Parrish, Trainer James McComas. Back Row: Coach — Jerry Steele, Buddy Sass, Roosevelt Brunson, 
Robert Jones. Jimmy Robertson, Bruce Floyd, Robert Hutson. Butch Bowser. Mike Everett. 

On the ball 

Hands off! 





The High Point College cheerleaders bring the fans 
to their feet. Enthusiastically they lead chants and 
cheers with voices full of Panther Spirit. 

The 1981-1982 cheerleaders consists fo a squad of 
IOj including two male cheerleaders Jon Richardson 
and Robert Dennis. The cheerleaders are Sharon 
Litchford, Elisa Mclnnis, Lee Ann Carinci, Shelly 
Chovlin, Kim Thomas, Julie McLamb, Rhonda Swaim, 
and Betsy Smith. 

The squad has brought spirit and pride to the 
Panthers. From the Panter fans — Thanks for a job 
well done. 

»— — fpi— mm 

« .■» a 


** fll "1 


' *» vi ' 'J 



■ « 


mi(|| ga»«»aaiiB. 



""" - !* :: >i 


i ' 




'* m% m*+*' 

Front row — Lee Carinci, Julie McLamb 

Middle row — Greg Upchurch, Robert Dennis 

Back row — Shelley Shovlin, Rhonda Swaim 

Not pictured — Sharon Litchford. Elisha Mclnnis, Jon Richardson, Kim Thomas, Betsy Smith, Advisor — Richard Hoffmann, Larry 


Front row — Ursula Watt, Lynn Fortaliza, Kim Jones. Coach Nancy Little, Viveca Wingfield, Susan Ramirez, Karla Thornhill 
Back row — Lena Scriven, Melanie Hamilton, Leslie Tucker, Kelly Jones, Rebecca Cowles 



High Point College Women's Bas- 
ketball will take on a new look this 
year as for the first time since 1976, 
there is not a returning All-American 
to lead the team. Says third year head 
coach Nancy Little, "We have played 
very well in the preseason, practices 
and scrimmages. With the small num- 
ber of people we have, we'll need to 
stay away from injuries and foul trou- 
ble, but I think we'll be competitive." 

The competition for the Panthers 
will come from traditionally Elon Col- 
lege, Atlantic Christian and an up and 
coming Wingate team. 


Front row — Melanie Hamilton. Elaine Croker, Ursula Watt, Susan Ramirez 

Back row — Kelly Jones, Rebecca Cowles. Sandra Swoboda, Lena Scriven, Coach Nancy Little 

Not pictured — Lenora Compton, Marion Morris 


Front row — Dana Holmes, Sonya Leister. Michele Stewart, Helen O'Brien 
Middle row — Carrie Inglis. Cheryl Egner, Anneli Kiviniemi, Mary Wohllebam 
Back row — Anne Ludwigson, Jannell Welsh, Pattie Fortis. Coach Kitty Steele 
Not pictured — Kimberlee Carter. Karen Christofferson, Jackie Park, Marsha Woods 

The HPC gold team has the poten- 
tial to be one of the best. Coach 
Woody Gibson commented, "The 
year of experience will really help our 
young players. We had three fresh- 
men last year who have the potential 
to be outstanding college golfers." 
Forming the heart of the Panther 
Team are sophomores Buddy Sass, 
Ted Barhardt and Charlie Cowell. Sen- 
ior Larry Corson is back after being in 
the top six for three years. The Pan- 
thers expect to make a strong show- 
ing in the conference and district 
tournaments in the spring. 


Left to right: Buster Hall. Scott Ottman, Buddy Sass. Jeff Zivic, Teddy Barnhardt, 
Larry Corson, Woody Gibson (Coach). 

The HPC Track Team returns 15 let- 
ter winners from a year ago and 
Coach Davidson, entering his 20th 
season, expects to see some improve- 
ment. The team finished 3rd in con- 
ference meet and 6th in the district 
last year. Some returning members 
are Senior Ralph Barnes, Junior Jon 
Richardson, and Sophomores Jeff 
Doerr, Jack Songster, Mitch Simril 
and Wesley Totten. Davidson looks 
forward to a good season and hopes 
the team will perform up to its poten- 


Front row — Tom Leech. Ralph Barnes. Rafael Bandas, Greg Robinson. Phil Roberts. 

Tom Burgess, Coach Bob Davidson 

Middle row — Sallye Ledford, James Mitchell. Jeff Norris, Kent Sides. Jeff Koehler, 

Wesley Totten. Jeff Doerr. Brad Rogers, Jack Songster, Jon Richardson 

Back row — Mike Wiesehan, James Mitchell 

Not pictured — Brian Campbell, Phillip Dickerson, Stuart Kneedler. Mitch Simril, 

Don Welbornd 



2jL. _^i:lf ■-.- ■;.« 

• ■ •• - 

■ • ■ ■ ■ 


Front row — Dori Johnson, Teresa Brown, Helen O'Brien, Ana Maria Medina, 

Back row — Mary Gagner, Lynn Sharkey, Anneli Kiviniermi 

Not pictured — Ashleigh Cooke, Leslie Gianoplos. Theresa Regnante. Suzie Urmstron 


Front row — Griff Thompson. Greg Fox, Mark White, Vince Vrana, 

Back row - Coach Charles Futrell. Clint Osborne, Jay Van Splinter, Pekka Makela 

Not pictured — Matt Lange, Sami Narhi, Jim Holloran 



College students spend their leisure time in a vari- 
ety of ways. One popular way here at HPC is in 
intramural sports activities. In fact, approximately 
70% of our students contribute their time, talent, 
and determination in sports activities as varied as 
the students themselves. There are programs for all, 
the most popular being ultimate frisbee, basketball, 
bowling, soccer, Softball, and volleyball. The intramu- 
ral program helps to promote intercampus coopera- 
tion, friendship, and most of all — fun. 

Yes, that's the net> now, where's the ball? 

Top — Hands up! Bottom — Strike what? 

Slam. Set, and tips on end . 


Top — Just reach for itl Bottom — Ay, grace and poise. 

Where is my team? 



I j£^ 

.jmrn ^ 

Alphabetical order — Darrell Barber. Bob Berra. Ken Carter. John Carty, Ronnie Chapman, Pat Connelly, Stan Crews. Andy DuPree, 
Bob Evans. Mike Everette, Steve Firman. Jim Garlington, Joe Grabis. John Hamilton. Bob Hearon. Todd Hilliard, Craig Humbert, Ronnie 
Lucas, Jim Marceron. Scott McPhearson, Bernie Miller, Danny Mizell, Tony Moody, Mike Pisano, Barry Roberts, Mel Rose. Bob Skehan. 
Barry Tilley, Neil Van Asch. Charlie Waynick, Mike White 

The High Point College baseball team, 
22-15 a year ago, has hopes of recapturing 
the conference title which they failed to 
win last year after five successful cham- 
pionship seasons. Fourth year Coach Jim 
Speight thinks this edition of the Panther 
nine may be one of the best. "We'll have 
real good pitching, excellent defense and 
should have good hitting," says Speight. "I 
think if we play up to our capability, we'll 
be pleased with the season. We have a lot 
of potential in our freshmen and transfers, 
and a lot of proven ability in our veterans. 
If we can put it all together, we have a 
chance to having an outstanding season." 



Neil Van Asch 
Marcia Lynne Athay 
Keith Michael Baker 

Craig Baldwin 

Lisa Marie Baumann 

Deborah Baunchalk 

Anne M. Bostrom 
Debra Ann Bouldin 
Paul Boyles 

Elizabeth A. Brack 
April Jeanine Callahan 
Brian D. Campbell 




Betsy Jean Canupp 
Marcus Gerard Carter 
Pamela Cox Cecil 

William Bryan Christian III 
Lawrence A. Corson 
Karen Louise Craver 



Ray W. Daniel 
Kimberly Denise Darden 
Alan Ray Dorsett 

Gary Wayne Edwards 
Bernard Peter Encarnacion 
Bruce Floyd 

Patricia D. Fortus 
Kathy Elizabeth Fulp 
J. Renee Grobel 

Sheila Gail Gore 
Christopher Graney 
Timothy Louis Gray 



Ross Ann Haire 
Robert Wayne Hannum 
Robert Hearon 

Mike Hennis 

Cheryl Yvette Holmes 

Anne Marie Holt 

Susan Jane Kimball Hoover 
F. Scott Horton 
Nancy Jean Houlberg 


Lamar Cooper Howell 
Jay Timothy Juren 
Rosemary Ray Kennedy 

Jeffrey A. Koehler 
Patrice Diane Krivka 
Jonathon Mark Lackey 

Sallye DeAnne Ledford 
Sharon Kay Litchford 
Anne Marie Ludwigson 

Susan L. Luppino 
Karen Magill 
Teresa McAllister 



Connie Donise McDaniel 
Penny McDonald 
Elisa F. Mclnnis 


Brenda Kay Osborne 
Jerry Robert Pate 
Dilshad Peters 

Dawn Jeanette Poole 
Ruth Owens Ragsdale 
Patricia Ann Reavis 

Thomas Joseph Reddeck 
William Marion Robertson 
Kimberly Rickard Sanders 


r ,'i 

Kevin James Seidl 
Teresa G. Sellers 
Kathy Joan Shields 


Michael Wayne Showalter 
Marion Elizabeth Shriver 
Charles David Smith 


Richard J. Smith, Jr. 
H. Dean Steelman 
Mickey Stokes 

IF" ,IJi 

Laura Kimberly Wall 
Vanda G. Watkins 
Naomi Lee Watts 

Jannell Lynn Welsh 
Michael R. Wiesehan 
Catherine Camille Wilhoit 

Kenneth Oelee Williams. Jr. 
Katherine P. Wilson 
George Yates 

Allan Zaback 
Lauren Jackson 
Barbara Robards 



Short time, 
long remembered 


Karen Ashley 
Joyce Bacik 

Jack Bailey 
Vickie Barnes 

Beth Belk 
Kitty Bell 
Janice Bentley 
Donna Blackstone 

Foncia Bowman 
Gordon Bowen 
Jerri Brady 
Teresa Brown 

Charles Burton 
Louise Canrobert 
Laura Conrobert 
John Carl 



Claire Carruthers 
Vincent Charlow 
Sherry Cheek 
Kevin Cowen 

Terrie Cranford 

Jimmy Davis 

Sally Davis 

Sandra Vanden Driessche 

Rita Edwards 
Cheryl Egner 
Rachel Eldridge 
Carl Ernst 

Aquiles Farias 
Greg Fox 
Jimmy Fox 
Carmen Freeman 

Kathy Fulp 
Jim Garlington 
Suzanne Giddens 
Dana Gilbert 


Jimmy Gladden 
Janet Grocki 
Buster Hall 
Rhonda Hardin 

Sharon Harper 
Lillia Harris 
Gary Heaton 
Vernon Hedgecock, 

Suzi Helms 
Christopher Henson 
Page Hess 
Delbert Hickman 

Mary Hina 

Carolyn Housekeeper 
Gloria Howard 
Mary Hunter 

Yvonne Hurley 
Anthony Jenkins 
Lester J. Kennedy 
Vickie Kennedy 



Donald Kester 
Stewart Kneedler 
Mark Lambert 
Trey Little 

Miguel A. Lopez 
Jane MacCannell 
Becky McGown 
Cindy McGown 

Mandy McGuirt 
Art Michael 
Kerry Mills 
Terry Mills 

Craig Mock 
Jeffrey Monroe 
Lisa Morgan 
Beth Myers 

Tabbie Nance 
Jane Needham 
Robert Nelson 
Jeff Norris 

Helene O'Brian 
Lisa Osborne 
Tana Parker 
Darnita Peeler 



Shahzad Peters 
Sharon Petty 

Marshall Ponder 
Michael Porter 

Art Prillaman. Jr. 
Debra Quick 
John Richardson 
Laura Ridenour 

Janet Riley 
Jim Robertson 
Carol Rogers 
Fran Rooker 

Donna Rowe 
Karen Rudd 
Sean Russell 
Pamela Sanchez 


Annette Santamaria 
Sue Saxe 

Kathleen Schaefer 
Chan Shaver 

Deborah Shaver 
Nancy Siersted 
Gene Simpson 
Sharon Sink 

Amy Smith 
Ann Smith 
Sarah Sparks 
Terry Spittel 

Thomas Stackhouse 

Ed Stafford 

Melinda Stone 


Lou Taylor 
Linda Tyler 

Belvie Wagner 
Dee Dee Wardlaw 

Marilee Warren 
Mario Watson 
Chris Williams 
Vivica Wingfield 

Scott Wood 
Teresa Wright 
John Van Horn 
Mike Vogler 

Jill Yarboro 
Art Yates 
Pamela York 
Heidi Young 



Kirk Akasaki 
Lynn Andrews 
Jose Armenteros 
Maria Armenteros 

Darrell Barber 
Robert Barth. Jr. 
Sandy Basnight 
Jackie Beasley 

Diane Bell 
Claudia Bennet 
Teri Beuerlein 
Chip Boose 

Chris Booze 
Anna Brady 

Barry Brown 
John Brown 



Kristin Brown 
Joseph Budd 
Tom Burgess 
Regina Cain 

Phillip Campbell 
Jill Carter 
Renee Cartret 
Daryl Catz 

Rhonda Cecil 
Terriann Cleary 
Jeff Collins 
Pat Connelly. Ill 

Lee Ann Carinci 
Sandy Cornwell 
Lori Covington 
Kevin Curling 

Patricia Currin 
Francisco Diez 
Carlene Dix 
Michelle Downs 




Carolyn Driscoll 

Susan Durbano 

Susan Ellis 
Sharon Elrod 
David Evans 


William Evans, Jr. 

Amy Everett 
Craig Farkas 
Steve Firman 
Wendy Fishel 

Esther Flores 
Barr Gartley 
Karla Green 
Beth Grubbs 

7 r > 

Sherri Hart 
Connie Hadden 
Andrea Hadzimichalis 
Kathy Halligan 

Melanie Hamilton 
Sandi Hanner 
Carol Harris 
Jill Harris 

Sherri Hart 
Crystal Hedgecock 
Jeff Henry 
Kim Higgins 

Tonya Hogan 
Jennifer Holmes 
Bonnie Hopkins 
Wendi Hora 

Anne Howard 
Russell Hughes 
Steve Ingram 
Carrie Inglis 




Regina Jensen 
Kelly Jones 
Robert Kiser 
Robert Kluckhohn 

Victor Kosinski 
Tammy Lawson 
Tom Leech 
Ian Lewis 

Heather Linn 
Michael Louia 
Ronnie Lucas 
Sharon Lowe 

Sandra Mabe 

Martin Maldonado 

Ana Maria Diez de Medina 

Mark Mashburn 

Tony Matthews 
David Matzko 
Kimberly McAllister 
Mary McGavran 


LaRita Mitchell 
Cynthia Mize 
Scott Morgan 
Anne Murphy 

Karon Nelson 
Jeff Nichols 
Cynthia Nifong 
Alma Ortiz 

Cindy Palmer 
James Parker, Jr. 
Tony Peele 
Dilshad Peters 

Keith Pierre 

Ellen Quinn 



Scott Rathbon 
Karen Robarge 

Tony Roberson 
Bonita Robinson 

Waldo Rustrian 
Joseph Santoni 
Lane Sapp 
Brian Sarnecki 

Debbie Scanlon 
Kevin Scott 
Lynn Sharkey 
Terry Shively 

Shelly Shovlin 
Ann Sink 
Yonnie Smith 
Valdes Snipes 


Jack Songster 

Toyce Southern 

Rodney Speas 
Beth Spencer 
Don Stewart 
Harry Stewart 

Lisa Stowe 
Lisa Swing 
David Tibbels 
Barry Tilley 

Karla Thornhill 
Leslie Ann Tucker 
Elizabeth Tyrell 
Luis Rene' Carbia Vega 



Juan Velazquez 
Laurie Walker 
Robert Ward 
Robert Watkins 

Denise Watts 
Ursula Watt 
Luanne White 
Joseph Wiggins 


Tommy Alexander 
Dawn Anthony 
Kelly Atkins 
Sandy Austin 

Vivian Bailey 
Erin Baldt 
Rafael Bandas 
Jacqueline Barner 

Kathy Barnes 
Bob Barra 
Joseph Bell 
Jane Bowser 

Suzanne Boyles 
Gerri Bronstein 
Don Brown 
Ginger Budd 

Jennifer Burroughs 
Keith Byrd 
John Carty 
Alberto Castro 


Kent Cecil 
Ashleigh Cooke 
Nancy Corson 
Bill Cotham 

Carmen Cottle 
Bill Crabill, Jr. 
Liz Crawford 
Roger Crotts 

Mike Cusick 
Branson Davis 
Camille Davis 
Martha DeHart 

Robert Dennis, Jr 
David Dickson 
Melissa Duncan 
Tamara Douglass 

Cheryl Elliott 
Kathy Fauconnet 
Larry Fleming 
James Ford 




Lynn Fortaleza 
Bill Frampton 
Mary Gagner 
Kevin Gallimore 

Leslie Gianoplos 
Suzanne Gillespie 
Bobette Greene 
Joe Halligan 

Richard Hand 
Todd Harmon 
Annette Harris 
Tammie Harris 

Ann Harward 
Carl Hassell 
Rita Hedge 
Karen Hernandez 

Mary Jane Hill 
Sharon Holland 
Timothy Igwebuike 

8 r , 

Cindy Johansson 
Dori Johnson 
Alex Jones 
Fran Jones 

Glenn Jones 
Judy Jones 
Kim Jones 
Kirsten Kezar 

Robin Killian 
Anneli Kiviniemi 
Wyeleen Kwan 
Sonya Leister 

Lisa Leonard 
Joelle Lidji 

Erin Lorenz 
Stephen Mackintosh 



Lisa Mann 
Mark Mann 
James Marceron 
David Martin 

Charlene McDaniel 
Julie McLamb 
James Mitchell 
Shannon Moore 

Marion Morris 
Stephen Mullins 
Liz Nicodemus 
Brad O'Brien 

Scott Oliver 
Patricia Park 
Art Payne 
Elizabeth Peters 

Hope Phelps 
Brad Rhoades 
Phil Roberts 
Dawn Robertson 

Robin Rogers 
Donna Rudd 
Karen Ruff 


Kent Sides 
Marie Skidmore 
Betsy Smith 
Joseph Smith, Jr. 

Sheila Smith 
Lolita Spencer 
Stephanie Sprinkle 
David Stackhouse 

Sharon Starkey 
Angelo Stewart 
John Stout 
Robert Stuckey 

Rhonda Swaim 
Teresa Sweatman 
Sandra Swoboda 
Renae Talley 

Dan Teahan 
Don Teahan 
John Tisdale 
Irene Tivald 



Wesley Totten 
Greg Upchurch 

Jay VanSplitter 
Patricia Victoria 
Jeff Vogler 
Susan Walker 

Barbara Wells 
Lewis Wheeless 
Lorenza White 
Thomas Williams 

Jean Williamson 
Paula Winton 
Cindy Wold 
Chris Wood 

John York 
Joanie Young 
Ida Yuan 
Susanne Zuroff 



r y,ir\ 


Mr. Earle Dalby, Vice-President of F 
nancial Affairs 

Mr. Ai Hassell, Director of Admis- 
sions and Financial Affairs 


Mr. Bob Lowdermilk, Dean of Stu- Mr. Frank Caulf ield, Director of Food Mrs. Frances J. Gaynor. Bookkeeper 
dents and Services 

Ms. Diane Hanson, Associate Dean of Mr. Bruce Tingle. Associate Dean of Dr. Vance Davis. College Chaplin 
Students Students for Career Planning 


Mr. Ernest Price, Chairman of Human Ms. Susan Koonce. Assistant Direc- Ms. Pam Carter, Secretary to Vice 
Relations tor of Financial Aid President of Student Affairs 

Mrs. Ethylene Charnock. Secretary Mrs. Goodson, Secretary to Business Mrs. Peggy Ingram, Secretary to Di- 
to Vice President of Financial Affairs Manager rector of Information Services 


Mrs. Martha Blake, Secretary to Ms. Carol McClain, Secretary to D 
Dean of Students rector of Alumni Affairs 

Mrs. Jeanie Hazzard, Secretary to Mrs. Mary Minor. Keypunch Opera- Mrs. Johnye Brown, Business Office 
Director of Alumni Affairs tor 

Mrs. Margie Boyles, Resident Coun- Mrs. Mary B. Young, Resident Coun- 
selor in Women's and Wesley Halls selor in Belk Dormitory 

Mr. Fred Peele. Superintendent of 
Building and Grounds 


Dr. Richard Bennington, Professor of Mr. James Nelson, Associate Profes- Mr. Faiz Faizi, Assistant Professor of 
Business Administration and Eco- sor of Business Administration and Business Adminstration and Econom- 
nomics Department Head Economics ' cs 

Mr. Joseph Robinson, Assistant Pro- Dr. Leon Bolich, Professor of Busi- 
fessor of Business Administration ness Administration and Economics 
and Economics 

Mrs. Iris Mauney, Assistant Profes- 
sor of Business Administration and 


Mr. J. Nelson Rogers, Associate Pro Mrs. Alice Sink. Instructor of English Dr. Edward Piacentino. Associate 
fessor of Business Administration Professor of English 

and Economics 

V^ ■') 

Dr. William DeLeeuw, Associate Pro- Dr. Marion Hodge, Associate Profes- 
fessor of English sor of English 

Dr. John Moehlmann. Associate Pro- Mr. Raiford Porter, Associate Profes- Mrs. Jayne Burton, Associate Profes- 
fessor of English sor of Art sor of Art 



Mr. Paul Lundigran, Associate Pro- Dr. Jack H. Williams. Professor of Mr. David Wendel. Executive Direc- 
fessor of Theater Art Sociology tor of American Humanies 

Dr. Everend Smith, Instructor of His- Mr. John R. Pritchett, Associate Pro- 
tory fessor of History and Political Sci- 


Mr. David Holt, Associate Professor vi rs . Kitty Steele, Associate Profes- 
of History and Political Science sor f Physical Education and Health 


Dr. William Cope, Associate Profes- Dr. Lewis Pope, Professor of Psychol- 
sor of Sociology, Department Head ogy 

Dr. Carl Wheeless, Professor of His- Dr. Barbara Long, Instructor of Mod- Dr. Francis S. Hoch, Associate Pro 
tory and Political Science Depart- ern Language fessor of Modern Langauage Depart- 

ment Head ment Head 

Dr. John Gabriele, Instructor of Mod- Dr. Carol Head, Professor of Modern Dr. Renee Martinez, Visiting Lectur- 
ern Language Language er in Spanish 


Dr. John E. Ward. Jr., Professor of Dr. Lyman Rickard, Associate Pro- Dr. Roy Epperson. Professor of 
Biology fessor of Chemistry Chemistry, Department Head 

■ I 


Dr. Gray Bowman. Assistant Profes- Mr. Vernon Liberty. Assistant Pro- Mrs. Nancy Shelton, Associate Pro- 
sor of Chemistry fessor of Mathematics fessor of Education 



Mrs. Nancy Little. Assistant Profes- Mr. Richard Hoffman, Instructor of Mr. Charlie Futrell. Associate Profes- 
sor of Physical Education Physical Education sor of Physical Education and Health 

Mr. James Speight, Assistant Profes- Mr. Bob Davidson, Assistant Profes- 
sor of Physical Education sor of Physical Education 

Mr. Allan Patterson. Associate Pro- Mr. Jerry Steele, Assistant Professor 

fessor of Physical Education and of Physical Education 






The Student Government Associ- 
ation is the student governing body. 
It consists of the Executive Council, 
Legislature, and Judicial branches. All 
organizations are represented in the 
SGA. The SGA is the link between the 
students and faculty and administra- 
tion. The SGA is concerned with mak- 
ing the student life at HPC better. 
The SGA tries to answer the concerns 
of all students in the best manner pos- 
sible. It is an important organization 
on campus if students want to be 
heard, and everyone is encouraged to 
get involved with the SGA. 

Left to Right — John VanHorn, Speaker of Legislature. Debbie Hutter. Vice Presi- 
dent. Larry Corsen, Treasurer, Karen Magill. President. Pete Gibson, President of 
Student Union 


Left to Right, Row One= Karen Magill, Hope Phelps. Denise Metiver. Teresa Sweatman Martha Vink Debbie 


This year's Senior class officers 
were Nancy Houlberg — President, 
Debbie Bouldin — Vice President, 
Lisa Bauman, Kim Darden, Martha 
Vick — Legislators, We had several 
organizational and "graduation" 
meetings. A "Senior Blast" at a park 
in the area is planned for the 
Wednesday after exams. As the Sen- 
iors bid farewell, they wish fellow 
peers life's best. 

Left to Right — Kim Darden. Legislator; Lisa Bauman, Secretary/Treasurer, Martha Vink, 
Legislator; Nancy Houlberg. President! Debbie Bouldin, Vice President* Not Pictured — 
Marcus Carter, Judicial Representative 


The 1981-82 Junior class is repre- 
sented by the following officers: 
Chan Shaver, President; Chris Wil- 
liams; Vice President; Sean Russell, 
Secretary-Treasurers Carol Rogers, 
Legislator; Terry Spittel, Legislator; 
John Van Horn, Legislator; Mario 
Watson, Legislator; and Claire Car- 
ruthers, Judicial Representive. 

Highlights for the Junior class in- 
cluded the "Return of the Purple Pan- 
ther ... ", Homecoming Representa- 
tive Deborah Shaver, Homecoming 
Banner, a Junior Class picnic and sup- 
port of the Student Union activities 
throughout the year. 

Bottom step to top — Chan Shaver, President; Chris Williams, Secretary/Treasurer; 
Sean Russell, Vice President; Claire Curuthers, Judical Rep.; John Van Horn, Legisla- 
tor; Mario Watson, Legislator 



"Two down and two to gol" Yes we 
are unbelievably halfway through our 
college careers. Both the freshmen 
jitters and the sophomore sleep are 
behind us. With only the junior com- 
plex and senioritis before us. Only 
graduation can completely cure these 
common college maladies. So for a 
placibo, we begin to plan for our 
graduation. Thus, both our physical 
and mental conditions will continue to 
improve as we begin our final count 
down of 484 school days left in our 
college careers. 

Front to Back — President — Sharon Sweeney, Vice President, Tom Leech, Secre- 
tary/Treasurer — Lisa Swing, Representatives — Mark Mashburn, Kristen Brown, 
Connie Hadden, Denise Watts 


Front row — Sharon Starkey, Vice President Teresa Sweatman — Legislator; 
Middle row : Fran Jones, Judicial Representative) Hope Phelps, Legislator: 
Back row — Sandy Austin, Secretary/Treasurer, Senise Metiver, President) 
Susanne Zuroff, Legislator. 

We've made it I Our first year is 
over! Upon reflection, it is easy to see 
the metamorphasis that has oc- 
curred. From the quiet, shy neophyte 
to the noisy, outgoing pro. Orienta- 
tion played its part in tearing the ca- 
coon in which we were well protected 
from the environmental hazards of 
the daily college routine. However, it 
has been a invaluable learning exper- 
ience. Incorporated in this exper- 
ience is one which will continue to 
grow as we progress from Freshmen 
to Senior, matured by quality points 
and credits. But alas, our day will 
come when we'll spread our wings for 
distant horizons. 


Front row — Lisa Wiesman, Mrs. Nancy Shelton, Dr. John Ward, Dr. Allen Thacker, Back row — Joan 
Gilburth. Allen Dorsett, Dr. Jack Williams, Dr. Lewis Pope 


Jeffrey Koehler, Nancy Houlberg, Karen MagiH, Michael Showalter 

Alpha Chi, the Order of the Lighted Lamp, is an honor society which recog- 
nizes outstanding juniors and seniors. Students are judged on scholarship, char- 
acter, leadership, and service. Each of these areas must reflect dedication to the 
School. Their towering accomplishments can be seen as clearly as the lamp they 
represent on the tower of Robert's Hall. We salute the members of Alpha Chi, the 
Order of the Lighted Lamp. 


Debbie Bouldin, Senior, Business Ma- 

Brian Christian, Senior, History Ma- 

Jeff Koehler, Senior, P.E. Major 

Carol Rogers. Junior, Communica- 
tions Major 


April Callahan, Senior, Human Relations 


Larry Corson, Senior, Accounting Major 

Anne Ludwigson. Senior. Human Rela- 
tions Major 


Jenell Welsh, Senior, Biology Major 

Betsy Canupp, Senior, Business Major 

Kim Darden, Senior, Communications 

Art Prillaman, Junior, Communications 

Cathy Wilhoit. Senior, Early Childhood 
Education Major 


Left to right — Front row — Irene Tivald, Terry Spittai, Sandra Vandendriessche, Connie Hadden, Rita Hege, 
Gerri Bronstein. Ginger Budd, Marion Morris, Mary Hunter, Anne Harward, Carol Rogers, Camille Davis, Back 
row — Denise Watts, Nancy Sierstedd, Pete Gibson, Debbie Scanlon, Susan Niedzielak, Chip Booze, Steve 
Ingram, Valdes Snipes, Mike Showalter, Jimmy Davis, Kevin Siedel 


Whether you know it or not, you 
pay money into the Student Union 
fund. You pay for each movie, each 
coffeehouse, each ski trip, each con- 
cert, or even each dance. Approxi- 
mately thirty dollars of your tuition 
goes toward your entertainment on 
campus. If you take advantage of 
these activities, you know how hard 
the Student Union trys to please each 
student. If you do not, you are defi- 
nitely not getting your money's worth 
from your tuition. The student Union 
is an organization chartered only for 
your benefit. So, the next time you 
complain about nothing to do, look for 
a S.U. event. Then, experience Stu- 
dent Union, and get your money's 
worthl Just for the fun of itl 

Officers — left to right — Terry Spittai, Nancy Siersted, Denise Watts. Debbie 
Scanlon, Steve Ingram, Kevin Seidl, Pete Gibson 


Left to Right — Pat Connelly, Erika Allison, Tom Leech, David 
Young, Anne Ludwigson. LuAnn White, Denise Watts, Martha 
Vink. Crystal Hedgecock, Steve Firman, Sally Davis, Lane Sapp, 
Sharon Lowe, Mark Lambert, Lee Carinci, Don Stewart, Terri Ann 
Cleary, Bob Hanum, Gordon Bowen, Jennifer Holmes, Nancy 
Siersted, Delbert Hickman, Jimmy Davis, Greg Fox, Joe Budd. 
John VanHorn. Claire Carruthers, Carol Rogers, Larry Corsen, 
Jeff Koehler. Debbie Flutter, Cathy Wilhoit, Mark Mashburn. 
Marcus Carter, Terry Spittal, Mike Louia 

• — 

l 10 


Left to Right — Denise Watts. Lee Williams (Chief 
Justice), Fran Jones, Claire Carruthers, Marcus 
Carter, Mr. Vernon Liberty, Mr. David Appleton, 
Warren Owens (Attorney General), Brian Christian 
(Defense Attorney), Mr. Wilson Rogers. 


Left to Right — Front row — Sean 
Russell, April Callahan, Erika Allion, 
Second row — Tony Peele, Mike 
Louis, Betsy Canupp, Deb Bouldin, 
Lee Carinci, Mary Hunter, Kim Hig- 
gins, Carlene Dix, Denise Watts, 
Third row — Sue Saxe, Rachel El- 
dridge, Connie Hadden, Kim Jones, 
Sharon Starkey, Teresa Sweatman, 
Anne Murphy, Kathy Shields, Carl 
Hassell, Mike Cusick, Fourth row — 
Carol Rogers, Brian Sarnicki. Louise 
Canrobert, Laura Canrobert, Jennifer 
Boroughs, Terry Shively, Pat Park, 
Charlene McDaniel, Carmen Cottle, 
Renee Talley, Fifth row — Heidi 
Young, Susan Hedgecock, Denise 
Metiver, Fran Jones, Ginger Budd, 
Mickey Porter, Ruth Fiegi, Jennifer 
Holmes, Tom Leech, Sixth row — 
Melinda Stroud, Jane Bowser, Art 
Payne, Ann Sink, Sally Davis, Camille 
Davis, Connie McDaniel, Jeff Patyk, 
Ray Daniel, Seventh row — Sharon 
Williams, Bob Weckworth, David 
Matzko, Anne Jarrett, Mary Jane 
Hill. Tammy Smoot, Sandra Swoboda, 
Dana Holmes, Robert Rapp, Lewis 
Wheless, Eighth row — Joe Smith, 
Sharon Holland. Nancy Huner. 
Tammy Douglas, Glenn Jones, Joelle 
Lidji, Todd Harmon 111 

Left to Right — Jeff Collins, Jean Williamson — Layout Editor, Denise Watts — Editor-in-Chief, Susan 
Durbano — Business Manager, Betsy Smith, William McCorkle — Photography Editor, Art Prillaman, Jeff 
Henry, Joe Budd (not pictured — Shannon Moore, Bob Ktuckholn, Brian Campbell, Robert Barth, Renea Talley, 
Anne Murphy, Toby Tobin, Mike Pisano, Dr. Deleew — Advisor) 


1981 WWIH STAFF — 905 FM 

WWIH began broadcasting a few 
years ago as a rock music station with 
a power output of 10 watts and a small 
listening audience. Today, "High 
Point's Best Alternative" is a 100 watt 
educational facility serving the triad 
with a diverse blend of sounds. The 
music includes rock 'n roll, new wave, 
bluegrass, jazz, easy listening, rhythm 
and blues, classical cuts and nostalgia 
from the 1950s. 

With the variety of music coupled 
with national news, Public Service An- 
nouncements, and campus news and 
interviews, it's not hard to see why 
WWIH is "High Point's Best Alterna- 


Front to Back. Left to Right - Craig Farkas, Kris Southard, Pat Connelly, III. Elizabeth Brack, Donna Rudd. Janet Gibbons, Dana 
Gilbert. Melanie Suttle. Bob Duarte, Kelly Ahl, Carol Rogers. Mario Watson, Greg Fox, Vince Charlow, Glen Groseclose 


The Hi-Pots the campus newspaper 
which is published once every two 
weeks. The paper has won such high 
honors as 1st place certificates of 
achievement from the Columbia Press 

The Hi-Po is a student-operated 
newspaper which strives for excel- 
lence in informing the campus of 
news and events throughout the col- 
lege and its community. 


9ft A 



Left to Right — Donnie Brower, Crystal Hedgecock, Carol Harris, Kim Hi-Po Officers, Ray Daniel, Advertising Manager, Alisa 
Darden, Joann Parks. Mary Hunter, Kathy Fulp, Pamela York, Mario Wat- Walker, Entertainment Editor, Kim Darden, Associate 
son, Ray Daniel. Karla Green, Alisa Walker, Lewis Wheless, Michael White Editor. Crystal Hendgecock, Editor-in-chief, Carol Har- 
ris, Business Manager 


Left to Right — Lisa Mann, Karon Nelson, Nonie Tucker, Wendy Fishel, Ida Wuan, Cindy Mize, Kim Darden. Paul Boyles, Lisa 
Stone, Scott Rathbone, Dana Gilbert, Anne Howard, Sandy Cornwell, Paula Winton, Bryan Christian, Craig Messner, Kathy 
Faucanett, Karen Rudd, Gene Simpson, Heidi Young, Regina Cain, Lane Sapp, Burt Evans, Jay Juren, Suzanne Gillespie, Laurie 
Walker, Mike Jones, Warren Owens, Sandra Swoboda, Tommy Stackhouse, Chan Shaver, Gary Heaton, Marcus Carter, JoeBe 
Lidji, Renae Talley, Sharon Starkey, Martha Vink, David Young, Janice Bentley, Wyteen Kwan, Susan Durbano, Regina Jenson, 
Bonita Reece, Barbara Wells, Kim Higgins, Mary Gaynor 







Left to Right — Anthony Jenkins. Lamar Howell — President, Beth Myers, Randy Aron, Aquiles Farias, Jeff Blanc, Jose 
Armenteros. Susan Durbano, Ann Murphy 

Left to Right — Mrs. Nancy Shelton, Advisor, Cathy Wilhoit Reid, Sherry Check, Terry Shively, Sally Davis, Sharon 
Sink, Sherri Hart, Sarah Sparks, Nonie Tucker, Mary Hunter, Lisa Osborne, Kim Sanders, Shelia Gore, Hilda Nance, Rick 
Smith, Rhonda Hardin, Lauren Jackson, Karla Liedtke, Lisa Wiseman, Tonya Barnes, Nancy Young 


Left to Right — Francis Leake, Victor Kosenski, Rhonda Harden, Sherry Sink, Jane Hooker. Art Payne, Brian 
Overton, Craig, Royals, Robert Tucker. Rob Nelson, Bill Brown, Scott Hinkle. Vicky Kennedy 

Left to right — Front row — Steve Mullins, Barbra Wells, Liz Nicodemus, John Liles, Paul Ludigran, Barb 
Yeager, Susanne Gillespie, Lisa Mann. Karen Ruff, Back row — Dave Dickson, Joe Halligan, Annette 
Santamaria. Scott Morgan, Cindy Mize, Irene Trivald, Ken Frush 



\ I i- S 1 t I 

Front to Back; Darnell Peeler, LaRita Mitchell, Keith Pierre, Ian Lewis, LaFontaine Washington, Art Lomax 



Front row — Suzi Umstron, Jill Harris, Nancy Chipman, Terriann Cleary, Claire Carruthers 
Back row — Jennifer Holms, Debbie Hutter, Carrie Ingles, Diane Sherry 


Front row, Ted Coyle, Mike Wiesehan, Middle row, Pete Gibson, Jeff Koehler, Toby Tobin, Ted Cleary, 
Back row, Mike Showalter, Pat Connelly, Brian Caskie, Pete Olson, John Brown, Griff Thompson, Tom Leech, 
Bob Kluckhohn v 


Left to Right — Jerry Paite, Lamar Howell. Danny Hewitt, Aquiles Farias, Chris Henson. Mitchell Sink, 
Chris Williams, Gary Edwards, Karen Rudd, Joe Budd, Jeff Nichols, Claire Currlhers, Terry Spittal, Ed 
Stafford, Teresa Brown, Dr. Robinson 

Left to Right — Coach Gibson, Coach Speight, Melanie Hamilton, Patty Fortis, Mike Bogler. Coach 
Davidson, Tony Peele, Bruce Gloyd, Jeff Anderson, Denise Ward. Debbie Hutter, Jono Jackson, Buck Hall, 
Bob Watkins, Coach Hoffman, Mike Cusick, Don Dewey, Randy Aaron, Jeff Blanc. 



Left to Right — Sharon Starkey, Dawn Poole, Gloria Howard, Lamar Howell, Jay Juren, Anthony Jenkins, 
Louise Canrobert, Laura Canrobert, Alan Zayback 


I |jl 

Women — Mrs. Boyles — R.C., Wendy Hora, Carlene Dix, Tabby Nance — R.A/s, McCulloch — Stuart 
Kneedler — R.C.. Mark Mashburn, David Matzko, Ronnie Chapman, Mike Lopez — R.A.*s, North and 
Yadkin — Mrs. Northcott — R.C., Kathy Schaefer, Jennell Welsh — R.A.'s, Millis — Mike Shoyalter — 
R.C., Jimmy Davis. Tom Leech — R.A.'s, Belk — Mrs. Young — R.C, Danny Hewett, Bonnie Hopkins — 
R.A.'s, Human Relations House — Bob Duarte — R.C, Gate House — John Hamilton — R.C, Panhettimc 
House — Jeff Nichols — R.C 



Si f 1 


Front row — Karen Hernandez, Lisa Mann, Liz Crawford Middle row — Bill Crabill, Bill Cothum, 
Dana Gilbert, Joeseph Smith, Pete Meeh, Dale Crotts Third row — Tim Jones, Barr James, Anthony 
Jenkins, Bill White, Karen Robarge, Kathy Mills, Melanie Southard, Ed Mabe 

Lower left — Karen waits for pens to 

Lower right — Liz and Dana show their 


1 i-~ Wylf .'v**y 



As another year draws to a 
close, the Alpha Gams look back 
at a fantastic Rush, an excellent 
pledge class and another all to- 
gether fun-filled year. In looking 
back over the past two semes- 
ters, we will all remember . . . 
Nancy, . . . our fearless leader — 
"to-by or not toby, that is the 
questionl" Joan . . . Mrs. Houdini 
with her disappearing acts. Su- 
san ... Is the cradle still rockin? 
Bonnie ... I go for long shooters 

— basketball that is! Terry . . . 
bed for rent — thats my favorite 
Riddle! Mandy . . . TNDC's late 
night casualty — "Bummal" 
Patti . . . Out of the rough and 
into the green — the big GW. 
Joanne . . . Does Mike dribble 
before he shoots? Lynn . . . How 
do you like your Brandy? Cheri 
. . . South Carolina or bust! Page 
. . . transferring to Middle Man 
U? Karen . . . and we thought 
you'd run into the Atlanta Killer! 
Marion . . . Who's your crush 
this week? Kathy . . . Passed out 
in the lobby lately? Ruth ... on 
shack nights is three company? 
Sharon . . . How's the room ser- 
vice at Trinity Inn? Beth... 
Turbo-Woman-gofor the big MO! 
Mary . . . Widelegs I get better 
looking every day! Chips Ahoy! 
Jannell . . . knowing all evil but 
not seeing it. Kelly . . . Parasiter 

— a lovely haven in you! Sharon 
. . . Have you had your Sprinkle 
today? Miriam . . . room check, 
closets and BC — they go to- 
gether? Angela . . . wasted away 
in Pepperoniville! Tami . . . our 
own Mork from Ork! 

1 jt -i 

As usual, Gams try to stay inconspic- 

Need We say more? 

T.A. and Joan keep up the ole Alpha 
Gam spiritl 

Altruistic Projets provide rewarding ex- 
periences for Cheryl and Caggy. 

Gams take a break during Ice-breakers 
for some fun in the sun. 

ggi a^ nm 

(front row)> Patti Krivka, Marion 
Shriver, Nancy Chipman, Joanne Coo- 
ley. Susan Wooten. Joan Madert, (2nd 
row), Bonnie Wilson, Jannell Welsh, 
Ame Stoke, Tami Summers, Terry Brow- 
nell, Kelly Anderson, (3rd row)i Hope 
Phelps, Mindy Venuto, Angela Franco, 
Mary Wohlleban, Miriam O'Malley, 
Kathy Halligan, Beth Spencer. Dana 
Holmes, (4th row)i Sharon Holland, Shar- 
on Sweeney. Robin Killian. Marilee War- 
ren, Sharon Harper, Cheryl Berry, (5th 
row), Lynn Sharkey, Renee Haeth, Liz 
Tyrell, Mandy McQuirt. Nancy Corson, 
Jennifer Holmes, Ruth Fiege, (back 
row)> Kelly Jones, Sonya Leister. Caro- 
lyn Caggiano. Page Hess. 

Marilee . . . how's the tennis 
stroke? Teriann . . . the big HB 

— I'm cold, I'm lonely, I got no 
friends. Jennifer . . . Hey Jake 

— found the bathroom yet? Liz 
... Yo Tex, private eyes are 
watching you. Kelly ... I need a 
lover that won't drive me crazyl 
Ame . . . You've got to be "coy" 
to be my boy — AG's biggest 
fan. Caggy . . . long distance is 
not the next best thing to being 
there. Renee . . . Pledge for life 

— alias WHS. Sonya . . . pledge' 
for life #2 — Save the Whales". 
Cheryl . . . did you get caught 
between the moon and NYC? 
Nancy . . . I've got the boggie 
feverl Mindy . . . chugging — 
the only way to drink. Sharon 
. . . S.B. specials on the housel 
Robin ... So many men, so little 
time. Hope . . . the Alpha Gams 
own Southern belle. Terri . . . 
fooled around and fell in love. 
Betsy . . . got a porch with that 
swing? Erin ... I don't like sleep- 
ing alone! Sabrina . . . Berning 
with desire. Nancy . . . Earth 
calling Huner! Dana . . . Larry 
Zonka legs — one's O.K.) but two 
a day doesn't keep the doctor 
away! Michele . . . the second 
time around — it's better than 
the first! To sum it all up . . . 
Laugh and I'll laugh with you. 
weep and I'll weep too. For these 
are the things worth doing and 
can be done by me and you. 


Ginger — Hey, you've got a hair out of placel . . . Kimmie and Barb — still sharing your men? 
(share and share alike) . . . Claire — Mystery woman, where you going? . . . Hutta — the GDI 
KD, your phone's ringing . . . Lisa — Got your garter on? . . . Terry — aren't you a little old for 
crushes? . . . Alma Nylda — (L.R.) meetings are in Panhel, not Dadiosl . . Connie — How's the 
big "O"? . . . Laura — EMT, you only go for the head to toe! . . . Saxy — you live in Yadkin. Drop 
by anytimel . . . GH in the afternoons . . Kim — How's your late night dates with JD? . . . Joyce 
— Chilla Chella much? . Denise — Yes, there is life beyond HPC Working with abused 

children and trick or treat for Unicef . Fran — What's a bagel? . Carol — come on Lady, 
what do you really do midnight to 8 am? Kathy — you know what they say about the quiet 
ones . . . Nancy — Had your fill of Belk parties yet? . . . paint the ROCKII 




Front left to right: Nancy Siersted, Kathy Fauconnet. Connie Hadden, Sharon 
Starkey, Alma Ortiz, Joyce Bacik, Fran Jones, Kim McAllister, Laura Ridenour, 
Claire Carruthers. Back: Terry Spittle. Carol Rogers, Barbara Wells, Kim 
Jones, Lisa Baumann, Ginger Budd, Debbie Hutter. 



The Phi Mu's always 
stress individuality and this 
year we are really practic- 
ing what we preach . . . 

Sherry, are you going North 
or South? . . . 

Can somebody put Han- 
son's socks on her? . . . 
Monique, Perrier, California 
or Ludes? . . . 
Kathy, hang up on Eric late- 
ly? .. . 

What does the "Winer and 
Diner" want in return, Eri- 
ka? ... 

Tuna, did you lock it in the closet? . . . 
Here comes the tow-trick Amy! 
Dawn — I'm screamingl . . . 
What-eez it, Mel? . . . 
Hey Brady, Pank-oot . . . 
No more Diet Pepsi's Diane? . . . 
Wake up Katla Suel . . . 

Susie is always pulling those late hours, are you really studying? 
When's Dan coming, Lori? . . . 
Been flying in your helicopter lately Jill? . . . 
Luanne has good "College Relations!" 
Eating again, Sharon? . . . 
Leslie, meantime while your up! 
Susan, is the lobby couch comfortable? . . . 
Heather is known for 1 S's — studying + 
Dk you like "Salt or Pepper", Shortcake? 
Vivian, where are your keys? . . . 
Come to Robin and Melissa's Night at The Rail . . . 
How ya doin. Julia? . . . 
Karen, tell us about Don Q from P.R. 

Come to my house, my house come on, right Connie? . . . 
"Tern, hut, this is your R.A. speaking" — Bonnie. 
Pat — The Beauty Pageant Queen. 
We know who's going to have the nexy candlelight right Teresa? 


Front row — Suzie Urmstron. Luanne White, Leslie Tucker 

Second row — Vivian Bailey, Erika Allion, Teresa Brown 

Third row — Susan Ellis, Karen Hernandez, Dawn Autman. Sharon Elrod, Melissa Duncan 

Fourth row — Melanie Hamilton, Diane Sherry, Tana Parker, Monique Puysier, Karla Thornhill, Robin Rogers, Lori Covington, Julia 

Briggs. Bonnie Hopkins 
Fifth row — Amy Everette, Jill Harris, Kathy Shields, Susan Ramirez, Pat Parks 




&& M 

1 V 

■ W \ 


Mi 1« 

r_/"' m. ■* fl 



First row — Patti Fortis, Gerri Bronstein, Jan Harrison Espada, Karen Magill, Kathy Wilson, 

Second row — Cindy Wold, Foncia Bowman, Sue Luppino, Pam Sanchez, Rhonda Cecil, 

Third row — Lisa Osborn, Lynn Fortileza, Kristan Brown, Shelley Shovlin, Yvonne Hurley, Kirsten Kezar, Lee Carinci, Nancy Houlberg. 

Forth row — Joan Gilbreth. Rita Hedge, Debbie Shaver, Becky McGowan, Ellen Smith, Debbie Bouldin, 

Fifth row — Nancy Young, Barbara Yeager, Kim Jones, Patricia Victoria, Sally Davis, Valedez Snipes, Karla Leidte, Sandie Mabe, 

Connie McDaniels, Kim Darden 

Kathy: What can you do with a sunkist can and a dinker? 

Jan Harrison. Oops Espadal Still spouting? 

Bostrum- Has the price of silver dollars gone up? 

Bouldin: Do they dribble before they shoot? 

Fortis: How was Married Coaches Id? 

Krista: Room 112 still lives! 

Sharon: Yo Adrienne: Where's your Hoover: 

Stick: Have you been B-Balled lately? 

Magill: Is your parrot trained? 

Sue: Have you sorted through the males lately? 

Nancy: Just one ring to say I love youl 

Joan: Mystery voice. 

Kim: Is it a one track shaver? 

Connie: Where does our doe really go: 

Nancy: We're having' a partyl 

Susie: Took a chance last April 3rd. 

Barb: Road trips with Eunice. 

Susan: What happened to your private room? 

Kath: Have you had your Phil? 

Lisa: Why is Lackey into Bubba and jello? 

Yuonne: X-Mark's the spot. 

Deb: Still searching for Hyman Katz? 

Karla: Get a Real Sig. 

Donna: Do you own stock in the phone company? 

Stef: Our own 25s queen. 

Michele: Have you been snapped by Rex? 

Kristin: Our lips are sealed! 

Rhonda: Has her own personal BJ. 

Shelley: Do you hear bells? 

Lee: Yo dudes Hut — Hut Hike! 

Sally: "5 dolla' for you? 

Sandi: So fine. I want a tall one. 

Rita: Do you wake to Warren? 

Lynn: Have you made up your mind? 

Pat: No! Come to bed! 

Milli: What's on your neck? 

Kirstin: You'll graduate someday. 

Gerri: I've got the "Peppa Fevera" 

Kim: Have you been to Denny's lately? 

Claudia: Where's your date? 

VaL What did the stork bring? 

Cindy: Her cups runneth over!! 


Cathy — Did the Exercises pay off? 

Nonie — Peter Pan lives — Laaawwwwddd! 

Sherri — "You know what I mean?" 

Ann M. — Stand upf 

Sandy — "Corn"/"lt'a Be o-tay" 

Denise — Can I borrow your hairspray? 

Vickie — So, what goes on in suite XQ? 

Sarah — "New Chief WA" 

Anne H. — "Pom-Pom, Which end is it now?" 

Martha — "Mop", "Some of my best friends are 

Beth M. — "I abstain'/Miss Piggy 

Laurie — "Pickle" 

Susan — "Don't Do Me Any Favorsl" 

Ursula — Little Bear/ 'Shu shu baby" 

— "Caaaaaaaa" 

Lenora — On the guard — shoot the hoopl 

Rachel — "Oh boy. another dancel" 

Susanne Z. — Sprechen sie Deutsch? 

Teresa S. — "I reckon'll" 

Charlene — "Whatever trips your trigger." 

Renae — Where's Carmen? 

Carmen — Where's Renae? 

Elizabeth — Speak upl 

Jane — "Where is home sweet home"? 

Karen — Diamonds are a girls best friend! 

Joelle — "I can't take it any morel" 

Sandra — Rocky / Swo-Bow 

Suzanne B. — Where are you? 

Paula — "Don't go to sleep tonightll" 

Mary — What is the real story? 

Liz — "The salt of the Earth." 

Cindy — When's the wedding? 

Suzanne G. — "Dizzy Gillespie" 

Sharon — "Hey, beautifull" 

Sheila — "Dad blame itl" 

1 !4 

"Sisters in the Service of God", our motto, truly describes the Alpha 
Delta Theta sorority. Listed as a service organization, the members are 
dedicated to the principals of leadership, friendship, and service. Our 
activities exhibit devotion toward the college and the community. 
These projects included creating student directories, adopting grand- 
parents in local resthomes, and Christmas caroling within the commu- 
nity. Thus, through diligent dedication toward the college and the 
community we will continue to be "Sisters in Service of God." 


Front row — Beth Grubbs, Joelle Lidgi. Ann Murphy, 

Middle row - Denise Watts. Rachel Edridge. Beth Myers, Karen Robarge, Sherr, Hart, Carlene D,x Charlene McDamel, Paula Wmton. 

Laurie Walker, Sandy Cornwell, Suzanne Gillespie. Carmen Cottle, Tonya Hogan. Susanne Zuroff 

Back row - Mary Gagnor. Renae Talley. Martha Vink. Sharon Starkey. Teresa Sweatman. Susan Durbano. Gndy Palmer Sarah Sparks 

Sisters not pictured - Cathy Wilhoit Reed, V.ckie Barns. Anne Howard. Ursula Watt. Lenora Compton, El.zabeth Peters. Jane 

Bowser. Sandra Swoboda. Suzanne Boyles, Liz Crawford. Sheila Smith. Nome Tucker 

l )5 

Delta Sigma Phi Quotable Quotes 

Bernie — "Believe you and me, I was not embarrassed. 

Bound is a concrete and indefinite term." 

Mike — "What a time we had with them three." 

Dave — "That music is trash." 

Toby — "Johnny Mac, get your friends out of here." 

Bobby B — "I don't want to have a mixer with them!" 

Coy — "Whyyyy? Why'd you throw up in my bed?" 

Scotty — "Big Al's Seafood. I ate it, and it was good." 

Bill — "You can bend your knees and ..." 

Salt — "This is the famous Budweiser beer ..." 

Johnny — "Wake up Pikas." 

Griff — "Leave me alone, I'm trying to be ticked off." 

Auburn — "I'm not responsible for my actions." 

Fox — "The point is you're a . 

Big Joe — "We never close." 

Bart — "Ain't gonna pitch a tent tonight." 

Tom — "Two double cheese burgers, one Big Mac, two 

large fries, one chicken sandwich, chocolate shake, two 

pies, and a sundae." 

Jeff — "The most pressing problem in America today is 

Glenn — "She's pretty nice, she just eats too much 


Joe J. Bellenbaum — "Gooo big brother!" 

Buzz — "Play some Styx, the girls love it." 

George — "If you don't want it now, tough." 

Bob C. — "I had the blinders on last night." 

Snowy — "I used to be on the Highway to Hell." 

Bob W. — "I don't need this." 

Jack — "Give me a draft, Now!" 

fr/WM/Wftt/rffiM'n* * fW* *1* 

1 36 

Left to right — John McDonald, Dave Morse, Coy NcNeil, Mike Pisano. Second row — Joe Grabis, Scott 
Killian, Auborn Bell, Griff Thompson, Toby Tobin, Third row — Joe Bell, Berny Miller, Tim Bartlet, Dave 
Strong, Glen Grosclose, Jack Songster, Back row — Buzz Mcintosh, Bob Bednarcik, Tom Grecco, Jeff Zivic, 
Greg Fox, George England. 



Row One: Peter Olsen. Row Two: Rafael Bandas, John Machesky, Delbert Hickman. Jon Richardson, Brian Caskie. Row Three: Robert 
Barth. Chris Graney, Ken Gray. John York. Row Four: Rick Klier, Don Dewey. Chip Fleming. Row Five: Greg Cotes, Ken Douglas, Clint 
Osborne, Row Six : Bill Crable, Mark Mann, Scott Oliver, Row Seven: Richard Hand. Missing: Ted Geary, Jim Riddle, Tom Cracroft, 
Brian Graham. 

"B": "I don't know what came over me. I just can't control 
my hands." 

Ranger Pete: "Holy road Hazard. I know we can save your 

Rick: "If I invented this game why am I doing all the 

Sponge: "Yo Egg. I'm ready to play too* OH Boy!" 
Tedly: "OOOH OOOH THAT smell, can't you smell that 

"Doby ": "Come on baby, it's my favorite thing." 
Jon: "Are we still allowed to stare at the ceiling even 
though we kept our clothes on?" 
Chesky: "I was just practicing for California." 
"Big Dew " : "Hey Cuby. how about a road trip: Oh. Just 
New Orleans." 

Barth: "Hey everybody, see if this beer feels as wet as it 

"Uncle ": "If I felt like it. I could have 3 girls in 10 min." 
"Chard": "Sorry about all the water. I just wanted to take a 

Cotton: "Don't hassle me, I can spill my moonshine on 
anyone I want." 

Clint: "Sorry Chip, between the wife and tennis." 
Rafey "Boy. what a handover." 

Mark: "Let's see how durable these light bulbs really are." 
Riddle: "I used to use a raincoat, but now I'm uninhabited." 
Bill: "What, mel With beer on campus! have an Idea." 
Chip : "Stay in bed. I'll be right back." 
Cubby; "She was only 16!" 

1 W 



_ — _ — — 

ftp JS&tjn 

Top to Bottom — Dave Koehler, Mike Showalter, Don Brown, Jim Gladden. Ted Coyle, Trey Little, Soctt McPhearson, Glenn 
Denny, Don Stuart. Niel Riske, Pat Brown, Bernie Encarnation, John Carl, Craig Mock, Jeff Monroe, Gorden Bowen. Russell 
Hughes, Craig Jones, Kerry Mills, Art Michael, Steve Firman, Gary Campbell, Stuart Kneedler, Jim Sprinkle, Jeff Koehler, Joff 
Doer, Mark Lambert, John Brown. Rory Walton, Left to Right — Dave Tibbals, Bob Hannum, Sean Russell, Bob Kluckhohn, Bill 
Robertson, Dave Eckart, Mike Wiesehan. Keith Baker, Mark Eutel, Larry Corson, Terry Mills, Mark Mashburn, Jimmy Davis, 
Doff Fleshman. Not pictured: Sam Averett. Joe Davis, Chris Heenan, Mike Lopez, Bob Stucky, George Yates. 


The Choppers once again had a fantastic year. We enjoyed volunteering at the Henredon Classic and 
roadtripping to UNC-C. We were honored to initiate a new chapter at UNC-G and we were all recovering on 
Sundays from the parties. Some of the people who made it possible include. Matt, our James Madison 
Weekend Student . . . Coop, "Okay, fellas it's time to buckle down" . . . Eric, on the five year plan . . . Larry, 
"I never knew she was awake" . . . Show, do we have to salute? . . . How to be the Perfect Son-in-Law, by Bob 
Hannum and George Yates . . . Keith, ever ride in a Scirrocco? . . . Chez, where are you? . . . Bernie, "I'm not 
getting sick" (Flush) . . . Rory, Does Bill let you use your Atari? . . . Chubby, should we give Melissa a bid? . . . 
Craig Jones, Mr. Thrillseeker, Joe Davis, Cave Dweller, and Jimmy Davis, Dr. Death . . . Stud, our new Super 
glaucoma intern . . . Gordon, is Edna's price really right? . . . Ted, hope your next one is paper trained . . . 
Sprink, the boy in the plastic bubble . . . Cecil, why'd you buy so many Drags glasses? . . . Kerry and Terry, 
one of us just washed our hair . . . Stuart, just where is Lambda Chi Alpha? . . . Clapp, "This time I'm going to 

study" . . . Artie, "I don't do I" . . . J.C., is the hall your favorite stall? . . . Neil, Orientation Closet King 

. . . Mike so maybe it was the president's sister . . . Trey, the Charlotte Connection . . . Jeff Doerr, what was 
it like living in a triple? . . . Victor's Date Kit, two cotton balls, one muzzle, and a dime to call someone who 
cares . . . Doff, have you learned the Seventh Commandment? . . . Don, was once color-blind . . . Dave, GDI 
Sweetheart . . . Russell, Pre-Med, Poly Sci, what's the difference? . . . J.B., Why do you only have to make 
your bed once a week? . . . Chris, third floor traitor . . . Oreo, great air-guitarist . Gary, doesn't North and 
Yadkin have stairs? . . . Sean, Ducks Unlimited . . . Craig McLean, once, twice, three times a Chopper 
Hutch, the next Cat . . . Mash, strong ankles . . Stucky, can you make change from a silver dollar? Jeff 
Monroe, Kerry and Terry's triplet . . . Scott, Newest High Wimpo . Pat, Baby Huey Don Brown, "I want 
a girlfriend" . . . Bob K., Foosball fanatic . . . Louie, still working on your paddle? Glen, who is Weese's 
third roommate? . . . Howler, Weese's better half . . . Gladden, Weese's red-shorted hero Who is 

Weese? ... and Bill, "Uh, no report." 




"For the establishment of friendship on a firmer 
and more lasting basis." These words were 
uttered 114 years ago by our founders in the 
formation of our charter. On that day March I, 
1868 the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity was born. Since 
then our fraternity has had its' share of problems. 
Even here at High Point we have had to fight to 
gain respect among the others. Nevertheless, our 
fraternity has survived, we're the survivors. 
Without this friendship we would not have come 
from a total membership of seven to thirty-six in 
a matter of six years; quite the contrary we 
would have failed. But, we didn't, and we will not, 
We are one with each other> we are a group of 
completely different individuals never pressing 
anyone to comply with the whole; we are a 
fraternity; we are UNITEDI 

Row one, Eddie Roberts, Jeff Collins, Tom Leech, John Van Horn, Till Brauer, Dave 
Tomlinson. Julian Rivera, Row Two: Chip Boose, Brad O'Brien, Bill "Tapshoes" Johnson, Carl 
Hassel, Steve Ingram. Pat Connelly. Row Three. Pete Meeh, Jeoffe Wolfe. Alberto Castro, 
Chris Williams, Achilles Farias, Row Four: Jay Van Splinter, Mel Rose, Jeff Henry, Don 
Delany, Row Five: James McComas, Steve "Haze" Hess, Brent Stanley, Pete Gibson. 





Top row: Allan Zaback, Heather 
Linn, Denise Ward, Mike Louia, 
Cindy Mize, Larita Mitchell, Mario 
Watson. Middle row: Luanne 
White, Valdes Snipes, Tim Gray, 
Dana Gilbert, Lillia Harris, Tom Bur- 
gess, Steve Lawson (advisor), Tim 
Craven, Scott Wood, Darnell Peel- 
er. Bottom row: Tom Williams, Da- 
vid Young, Anthony Jenkins, Benita 

I <* 

;i . . ■ 

Robinson. Not Pictured: 
Kathy Horvath, Bonnie 
Hopkins, Regina Jensen, 
April Callahan, Anne Lud- 
wigson, Kevin Cowan, 
Bonna Jaffe. 




*,« j .... SB » -r"* 




T" mm 

And the people rejoiced — YEA . . . Hey, Tim, DILLI- 
GAF?! . . . We're up to 15° guys; we're having a heatwave 
— a tropical heatwavel . . . Look, a short persons conven- 
tion — Nana, Luanne, & David . . . Take a Wendy to a 
Westover Terrace, you couldn't find the General, weren't 
you embarrassed? . . . TOGA, TOGA, TOGAI ... No April, 
you need a "P" before thatl . . Al, we really don't care 
about your exam schedule . . . How's your Disco finger, 
Kath?! . . . Ralph is a closet case . . . Bear! Where? No, it's 
Craven in the tub . . . Arm, Tom, ARM, not a punching bag! 
. . . GANG!!!!! 



Greek Week is a week long cele- 
bration denoting the presence of 
Greeks on campus. Fraternities and 
sororities both unite for one week 
in varied activities. Atheletic com- 
pel t ions, such as the Powder Puff 
football game, represent a large 
category. Another aspect is social. 
A campf ire and a Toga party repre- 
sent two social functions during 
this week. However, Greeks are 
more than social "clicks." They 
provide a wide range of services 
for the campus and the community. 
A representative project during 
Greek Week has always been the 
Food Drive. All fraternities and so- 
rorities contribute to this worth- 
while cause. Thus, Greek Week is a 
combination of fun, yet helpful ac- 
tivities for both the Greeks and the 

• _w »*Sfcf**I^V 

•- . ■ 




Under the direction of the English Department, High Point Community Television aired March 17, 1982, 
with six original half-hour programs produced by Communications Majors. Aired over Channel 16, Cablevi- 
sion, HPC Community TV was made possible by grants and donations from American TV and Communica- 
tions Corporation, WGHP-TV, and Mobil Oil. HPC Community TV is a non-profit educational station serving 
the needs of the College and the communities of High Point- Jamestown. 


Left: Carolyn Laws, Station Manager. Cablevision of High Point-Jamestown 
Middle: Jane MacCannell, Assistant Producer 
Right: Lionel Rogers. Staff Member 

I — 




First trial taping, Thursday, February II, 1982 
Station Staff Station Manager, Michael White 
Program Director. Kris Southard 
Producer, Delbert Hickman 






Keith Michael Baker 
Wilmington, DE 

Business Administration 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
Craig Baldwin 
Zanesvllle, OH 

Political Science 
High Point Golf Team 
Lisa Marie Baumann 
St. James. NY 

Business Administration 

Business Manager of Student Union, Senior Class 
Legislator. Public Relations Chairman In the Stu- 
dent Government Organization. Pi Kappa Alpha. 
Little Sisters 
Deborah Baunchalk 
Wilmington, DE 

Business Administration 
Zeta Tau Alpha 
Anne M. Bostrom 
Clinton. MD 

Zeta Tau Alpha, Membership Chairman 
Debra Ann Bouldln 
High Point, NC 

Business Administration 

Vice President of Senior Class, 1st Vice President 0/ 
Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretary of Delta Mu Delta. 
Member of Alpha Chi Honor Society. Presidential 
Scholar (On Executive Committee) 
Paul D. Boyles 
Winston-Salem. NC 

Student Union, ACS, Star Gazers 
Elizabeth A, Brack 
St. James. NY 

Business Administration 

Student Union. Pi Kappa, Alpha Little Sister, 
WWIH, (radio station) 
Carrie Susan Brown 
Greensboro, NC 

Horseback riding, camping, hiking 
April Jeanlne Calahan 
Kernersvllle. NC 

(Contact Program) Aesthetics in 


Alpha Phi Omega ■ Vice President of Service. 
Presidential Scholars - Chairman of Executive 
Council. Alpha Chi -Delegate to Convention. Tower 
Players - Secretary. American Humantcs 
-Workshop Chairman. Student Union 
Brian D. Campbell 
Rockvllle. MD 

Track Team. Intervarslty Christian Fellowship. 
Alpha Chi Honor Fraternity, Zenith 
Betsy Jean Canupp 
Hickory. NC 

Business Administration 

Presidential Scholar. Alpha Chi Honor Society. 
ITKA Little Sister. Delta Mu Delta. Junior Marshal 
Marcus Gerard Carter 
Marietta. GA 


Tennis Team, Intervarslty Christian Fellowship, 
Judicial Senior Representative, Dorm Council 
Pamela Cox Cecil 
Lexington, NC 


William Bryan Christian III 
Westfletd. NC 

History/Political Science 

Student Government Legislator. Speaker Pro-Tern. 
Chairman. SGA Security Committee. Treasurer. PI 

Kappa, Alpha Fraternity 
Lawrence A. Carson 
Avon, CT 


President Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer Student 
Government Association, Varsity Golf. Presidential 
Scholar, Semester Abroad (London). Orientation 
Core Community 
Karen Louise Craver 
Arcadia. NC 


WWIH (radio station). Toner Players. Hl-Po 
Ray W. Daniel 
Greensboro, NC 


Honor Scholarship. Alpha Cht Honor Society. Socie- 
ty for Collegiate Journalists, (full member). Tower 
Players, WWIH, Ht-Po. 
Ktmberly Denlse Darden 
Winston-Salem, NC 


Associate Editor, Hl-Po; Inter-Varstty Christian 
Fellowship, Small Group leader; Student Govern- 
ment Association, Senior Legislator; Zeta Tau 
Alpha; Society of Collegiate Journalists; Alpha Chi 
Honorary Fraternity, Treasurer; Junior Marshal, 
Alan Ray Dorsett 
Thomasvllle. NC 


Kappa Delta Pi (President), Honorary Education. 
Sigma Delta PI (Past - Vice President; Honorary 
Spanish. Spanish Club (Past President), Past Presi- 
dent of the Day Student Organisation 
Gary Wayne Edwards 
High Point. NC 

Business Administration and Economics 
Day Student Organization. Society for the Advance- 
ment of Management 
Bernard Peter Encarnaclon Jr. 
Wilmington. DE 

Business Administration 
Lambda Cht Alpha 
Bruce Mark Floyd 
Philadelphia. PA 
Patricia D. Fortus 
Forked River. NJ 

Health & Physical Education 

President of Physical Education. Majors Club. Zeta 
Tau Alpha. HPC Field Hockey Team. Big 
Brother/Big Sister 
Kathy Elizabeth Fulp 
Summerfleld. NC 

J. Renee Gobel 
Thomasvllle. NC 


Alpha Chi, Delta Mu Delta. Junior Marshall. Day 
Student Organization 
Sheila Gall Gore 
Naktna, NC 

Intermediate Education 
PI Kappa Alpha. Little Sister. SNEA 
Christopher Garney 

Human Relations 
Theta Cht 

Timothy Louis Gray 
Graham. NC 

Human Relations 

Alpha Phi Omega. American Humantcs Student 
Association, Alpha Chi. Tower Players. Student 


Ross Ann Halre 

Lexington. NC 


Managerial Psychology 

mter-Varslty, Student Union 

Robert Wayne Hannum 

Wilmington, DE 



Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. (Social Chairman) 

Robert Hearon 

Westfleld. NJ 


Business Administration 


Cheryl Yvette Holms 

Sumter. SC 


Behavioral Science 

Student Union, ROTC Color Guard 

Anne Marie Holt 

Kernersvllle. NC 


Christian Education 

Susan Jane Kimball Hoover 

Eden. NC 


Human Relations 

American Humanlc Association 

F. Scott Horton 

St. Petersburg. FL 


Furniture Marketing 

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. Society for the 

Advancement of Management, Resident Assistant 


Lamar Cooper Howell 

Stuart. VA 



Pep Band Member. HPC Association of Star Gazers. 

President of Spanish Club. Member of Society for 

the Advancement of Management. Past - Secretary 

of the Spanish Club 

Lauren Patrice Jackson 

Washington. DC 


Early Childhood Education 


Jay Timothy Juren 

Durham. NC 




Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Pep Band, HPC 

Association of Star Gazers, American Chemical 

Society, Officers Christian Fellowship, Presidential 

Scholarship Committee 

Rosemary Ray Kennedy 

Trinity. NC 



Alpha Chi National Honor Society 

Jeffrey A. Koehler 

Rockvllle Centre. NY 


Physical Education fTeacher Certificate) 

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. President Inter 

Fraternity Council. Intermural Director, Phys. Ed. 

Majors Club. Vice President, Run for Fun Club, 

Track Team. Soccer Manager/Athletic Trainer, 

Order of the Lighted Lamp. President Scholar, 

Orientation Member, Orientation Core Comm.. Co- 

Chalrman Greek Weekend. Belk Dorm Council 

President. SNEA. Lambda Cht Alpha Membership 

Recruitment Chairman 

Patrice Diane KrtvKa 

Rockvllle. MD 


Political Science 

Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority 

Jonathan Mark Lackey 

High Point. JVC 


Health/Recreatton/Phystcal Education & History 

PI Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Baseball team. Physical 

Education Majors Club 

Sallye DeAnne Ledford 

High Point, NC 



HPC Track Team, T1KA Little Sisters. P.E Majors 


Sharon Kay Lltchford 
Wilmington. DE 



Political Science/Business 

Cheerleadlng. (soph, juntor. senior Caption) Ht-Po. 
Political Sctence Club, Judicial Representative, 
Member of Zeta Tan Alpha Sorority, Theta Chi 
Homecoming Rep. 
Anne Marie Ludwlgson 
Sea/ord. NY 

Human Relations 

American Humantcs Student Assoc., Alpha Phi 
Omega Service Frat.. Field Hockey Team, Student 

Susan L. Lupplno 
Brevard, NC 

Hlstory-Poltttcal Science 

Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity, Fraternity Education 
Chairman. Historian Reporter. Dorm Council. 
Secretary. President 
Karen Magtll 
Crofton. MD 

Business Administration/Economics 
Zeta Tau Alpha Fraterntty. Freshman Class Presi- 
dent. Sophomore Class President. Vice-President 
Student Government Association. President Stu- 
dent Government Association, Student Union, 
Alpha Chi Honor Society. Order of the Lighted 
Lamp. Who's Who. Presidential Scholar Commit- 
tee, Delta Mu Delta Honor Society. Sigma Delta Phi 
Honor Society Junior Marshall 
Teresa McAllister 
Winston-Salem. NC 

Human Relations 
Connie Donlse McDantel 
High Potnt. NC 


Zeta Tau Alpha - Treasurer, Delta Mu Delta - Presi- 
dent, Honorary Business Soctety. Alpha Chi 
Honorary Society, Presidential Scholar. Junior Mar- 

Penny McDonald 

Thomasvtlle, NC 



Ellsa F Mclnnls 

High Point. NC 


Early Childhood Education 

Cheerleader. Black Unification Movement 

Orlandos Mcintosh 

High Point, NC 


Business Administration 

Johathan Mark MesslcJc 

Greensboro. NC 


Business Administration 

Student Union, Baptist Student Union, Freshman 

Class Secretary. SAM (Soctety Advancement 


Craig Davles Messner 

Ephrata, PA 


Political Sctence and History 

tower Players, HPC Stngers, Alpha PS! Omega 

Honorary, Inter-Varstty Christian Fellowship. 

History and Political Science Society 

Karla Ann Morrison 

Greensboro. NC 



Pt Kappa Alpha Ltttle Sister 

Marie Ann Mann 

Wheeling. IL 



Hilda Sallle Nance 

Asheboro. NC 

Intermediate Education 


Brenda Kay Osborne 

High Point. NC 

Jerry Robert Pate 
Wtnston-Salem. NC 


Dtlshad Peters 
Lahore, Pakistan 


Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. WWIH (radio station!. 
Indoor Hockey Team 
Dawn Jeanette Poole 
Wtnston-Salem, NC 

Human Relations 

Pep Band. Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship. 
American Humanlcs. attended AH Management In- 

Ruth Ownes Ragsdale 
Lexington, NC 

Ruth Owens Ragsdale 
Lexington, NC 

Business Administration/Marketing 
Reading. Needlework. My Son & Husband Active 
Member of First Lutheran Church, Lexington 
Patricia Ann Reavls 
Kernersvllle, NC 


Behavioral Science Club, Day Student Organization 
Thomas Joseph Reddeck IV 
Lawrenceville, GA 

Business Administration 

Yearbook Photographer. HlPo Photographer. Dorm 
Council, Student Union 
William Marlon Robertson 
Apex. NC 

Business Administration & Economics 
Lambda Chi Alpha (Ritualist). Cheerleadmg 
Kimberlu Rickard Sanders 
Thomasvtlle, NC 

Elementary Education 
Kevin James Seldl 
Wantagh. NY 

D.J. at Radio Station. Student Union, Intramurals 
Teresa G Sellers 
Asheboro, NC 


American Chemical Society. Alpha Chi Honor 
Soctety. Presidential Scholar. Junior Marshall 
Kathy Joan Shields 
Winston-Salem. NC 

Accounting and Business/Economics 
Student Union. Phi Mu Fraternity treasurer and cor- 
responding secretary Sister 
Michael Wayne Showalter 
Falls Church. VA 
BS and BA 

Business Administration/Sociology 
S.CA. Legislature, Student Union. President's Ad- 
vlsory Committee. Lambda Chi Alpha Fraterntty 
Marlon Elizabeth Shrtver 
LuthervtUe. MD 

Behavioral Sclt ice 
Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity 
Charles David Smith 
High Point. NC 

Physical Education 
Nancy Jean Houlberg 
Miami. FL 

Business Administration and Economics 
S.G.A. Sr Class President. Student Union. Orienta- 
tion. Zeta Tau Alpha, Dleta Mu Delta. Who's WHo. 
Order of the Lighted Lamp 
Richard J. Smith. Jr 
Loulsburg. N C. 

Early Childhood Education 
H Dean Steelman 
Winston-Salem. NC 

Mickey Stokes 
Physical Recreation 

Waynona Susan Tucker 
Lawsonvtlle. NC 

Early Childhood Education 

Dorm Council. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. 
Radio Station. BSU. SNEA. Alpha Delta Theta 
CHrlstlan Service Sorority 
Martha Ellen Vink 
North Valley Stream, /VY 
B A 

Christian Education 

Inter-Varstty Christian Fellowship. Alpha Delta 
Theta Christian Servtce Sorority. HPC Singers. 
Class Legislator, SGA Elections Chairperson. Orien- 
tation Committee. Belk Dorm Counctl. Pep Band. 
Religion Majors Club 
Allsa Ann Walker 
Winston-Salem. NC 


President/Society for Collegiate Journalists. HI-PO 
Staff Writer lEntertalnment Editor ), Publicity 
Manager - Theatre Dept . HPC Singers. News Editor 
- WWIH Radio Station 
Laura Kimberly Walt 
Madison. NC 


Tennis Team. Pika Little Sister 
Vanda G Watkins 
Thomasvllle. NC 
B A 

Naomi Lee Watts 
Kernersvllle. NC 

Business Administration 
High Point College Choir 
Jannell Lynn Welsh 
Randallstown, MD 


Field. Hockey. Alpha Chi Honor Society. PE Major's 
Club. Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority 
Michael R Wiesehan 
Peoria. IL 

Furniture Marketing 

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. IFC Sec , Track 

Catherine Camille Wllholt 
Greensboro. NC 
B A 

Early Childhood Education 

HPC Singers. Alpha Delta Theta - Pledge 
Trainer/Sec /President. Student National Educa- 
tion Association - President. Orientation Comm , 
Core Comm . Dorm Counctl Representative. North 
Carolina Delegate to National SNEA Convention 
Kenneth Delee Williams. Jr. 
Rockvllle, MD 
Political Science - History 

S G A.. Judiciary Chief Justice, Student Union. 
Publicity Chairman. Pxtbllc Relations. Run-For-Fun 

Katherlne P Wilson 
Wtnston-Salem. NC 

Business Administration 
George Yates 
Charlotte. NC 

Christian Education 

Lambda Chi Alpha. Orientations Committee 
Marcla Lynne Athay 
Lexington. NC 
B A 

Allan Zabark 
Dover. DE 
A B 

Human Relations 
Pep Band. Alpha Phi Omega. American Humnnu s 



"All mankind is of one author, and is one volume; when one man dies, one 
chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language; 
and every chapter must be so translated; God employs several translaters-, 
some pieces are translated by age, some by sickness, some by justice-, but 
God's hand shall bind up all scattered leaves again, for that library where 
every book shall lie open to one another." 

John Donne 

s ' 4 

i *IL 

>* •%. 

->, ■* 

«" Mvnpnn i- »' l - 

it. The 1981-1982 Zenik 
ese mea 

' m ' ^9 

• I5T Tfflsi "yir . 

The Wo 

ings thrbdg 

■_ l- 

of High 
follow - 

grow an< 
tion. These 
be seen in th 
every page. The 
honor and a so 

■ I J _ M. 


ege Community. 

"thanks to my staff especially . 

... .. miarrfffOn, Shannon Moore, and Wil- 
liam McCorkle. Other thanks are extended 
to the S.G.A. for providing $720.00 to buy 
22 additional pages, Mrs. Ethylene Char- 
nock, and Mr. Kenny Bulla for both finan- 
cial and moral support. Finally, Dr. Deleew 
for aid in every department; without his 
help the yearbook would not have met its 
last deadline. 

a great 

'•8*» 1>< fe> V 

■ ■ ■■• m 






American Humanics is a not-for-profit voluntary cor- 
poration providing college level education to those 
seeking careers as youth agency administrators. On 
eleven campuses across the United States, American 
Humanics strives to prepare selected students through 
their college career, their career planning and place- 
ment upon graduation. 


When you bank 

you know who 

to call. 

Every Wachovia customer has his 
or her own Ffersonal Banker; 5 " 
one person to call on for any 
banking service, or to answer 

any questions. Would you know 

who to call at your bank? If not, 

stop by one of our convenient 

locations, and find out why 

having a ftrsonal Banker makes 

banking at Wachovia not only 

different, but better. 



see the great,great guvs 

vann york 

902 North Main High Point 

ph. 885-2183 


four Money. 

At First Union, People Come First. 


Member FOIC 





High Point Datsun Sales Inc. 

1601 South Main 

High Point NC 27262 

Compliments Of: 

High Point Enterprise 




239 S. Main Forestdale Plaza 
High Point Jamestown 



jimm rs PIZZA 


203 N. Main 

High Point NC 


Compliments Oft 

North State 

Compliments Of: 



Sechrest Funeral 

Service Inc 

High Point 


Celebrating Our 
50tb Anniversary 




No one else does it 
tender and juicy the Colonel's way. 

At Kentucky Fried Chicken we concentrate on just one 
thing-cooking up wholesome chicken fresh, tender and juicy 
the Colonel's special way. Great tasting chicken like no one else 
can do it! We Do Chicken Right. 

Kentucky Fried Chicken 

300 line Newspaper Ad — Male Employee 




*fr <£0> 





TELEPHONE 2991341 




For The #1 Car 


1800 N. Main St. 885-5171 

















"Italian foods at their best' 

Sadie May's 


115 E. Main St. Jamestown, N.C 













P.O. BOX 2836, HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA 27261 (919) 882-2574 



WtltZtiiZ YUU (jJti 



r l/V>~S^i 





PO BOX 5628 

Congra tula tions 

Compliments Of 





9 « » ■% ha] 



Salute You! 

TV 8 is proud to take its place among the adverti- 
sers in this year's Zenith. We're also proud to 
be of service to the people of High Point Col- 
w lege who have given so much to our commu- 

nity by being part of it. 

Throughout the year, TV 8 enjoys a most 
successful relationship with the students 
• and faculty of High Point College. Our 

' .' College Intern Program throughout the 

■ '- ,.» ' , school year and during the summer has 

■-JV. provided an opportunity for many of 

* ^1 you to experience first-hand what a 

career in the field of Communica- 
tions is really like. It also gives us 
as an employer an excellent view 
of the material our hometown 
college is producing tor today's 
work force. 

High Point College demonstrates day in 
and day out the sort of community spirit 
which we at TV 8 have known ourselves as 
public servants to our city and to the surrounding 
Triad area. We point with pride to the accomplishment academically your institution 
has made, and to the growth and the vigor with which it is tackled. Learning from the 
administrators and teachers of High Point College is something which you as students 
will continue to give back - just wait and see! 

Go forth with every best wish from all of us at TV 8, your local ABC Television Net- 
work affiliate and a company of the Gulf Broadcast Group. We salute you! 

■ • 
I I I 

home of 



Let us at Snider Printing Company help you with all 
your printing, engraving, or thermography needs. We specialize in 
giving our customers the personal touch. 


Edgar Snider Printing Company, Inc. 

508 North Wrenn Street 

High Point, North Carolina 27262 

(919) 883-1242 or (919) 883-4726 

fyateuer tije season, 




PHONE: 887-1990 

Ijaieiicr tlje occasion. 







For All Your Sporting Needs 
8 E. Main St P.O. Box 1061 
Thomasville, N.C. 27360 

Specializing in Italian 
and Greek Foods. 

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1319 BAKER RD 







the new DEPOT. 



The Depot 
100 High St. 

High Point 











Raymond Green Aaron 20H Jones Circle, Thomasvllle, NC 27360 

Melissa Erin Adamson 720 Brookside Drive, High Point, NC 27262 

Obebe A Adegboyega 24 Association Ave , llupeju Lagos 

Robert Ahearn 23 Standish Place, Nesconsei, NY 11767 

Kelley Mane Ahi 351 Woodland Rd , Madison, NJ 7040 

Richard A Albert 121b Oak Ridge Ave, McLean. VA 22101 

Paid Allen Albertson: Route 5. Bo* 735, ThoniasulUe, NC 27360 

Harry Albert Alexander: 909 W. Hay St., High Point. NC 27262 

Brlka Lee Allion: 4617 Carvtnglree Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28212 

Al-Ahmad Mubarak Am: 10 L. Hunt Club Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Richard Ray Amos: 801 HUcrest Drive. High Point. NC 27262 

Crtss Dion Anderson: 4998 Abbots Creek Chor. Kemersvllle. NC 27284 

Kelly S. Anderson: 732 Fattm Road. Newark. DE 1971 1 

Lynn Marie Andrews; 203 Linden Bind . Mlddletawn. MD 21769 

Dawn Marie Anthony: 104 Crestvlew Terrace. Thomasvllle, NC 27360 

Jose Miguel Armenieros: 822 Bolivar Ave.. Snntn Domingo 

Maria J. Armenieros: Box E 39, 3701 Chestnut, Philadelphia. PA 19104 

Karen Denlse Ashley: 308 Eugleman Ave.. Burlington. NC 27215 

Marcla l.ynne Athay: 301 Sweetbrlar Drive, Lexington. NC 27292 

Kelly Michelle Atkins. fit. I, Box 239H. Advance. NC 27006 

Sandra Leigh Austin: 2606 Woods End Lane. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Daum Autman: 1109 West view Tor.. Dover. DE 19901 

Samuel Roger Averett: Rt. 6, Hox 67, high Point. NC 27260 

Joyce Ann Baclk: 1334 R. Wlvklaw Cl.. Cary. NC 2751 1 

Jack Markus Bailey; 1233 Guilford College. Jamestown, NC 27282 

Vivian Ixe Bailey; 2565 Hrlar Lake Rd . Winston Salem, NC 27103 

Keith M. Baker: 115 Drumnwnd Drive, Wilmington. DE 19808 

Craig O. Baldwin. 960 Schlaegel Drloe. Zanesville. OH 43701 

Rafael Edwardo Bandas: Carmen Bu/.ello "l 109. Rio Pledras. PR 924 

Darrell Cotdslon Barber: t'O Box 536. Goldslnn. NC 27252 

Jacqueline Renee Burner; Ri. 1. Box 184-A. Ixutmdale. NC 28O90 

Kalhy Homes- Ri. 2. Box 453. Trinity. Nr 27370 

Ralph Paul Barnes: 35 O'Neill Ave.. Hayshnre. NY 1 1 706 

Vickie l.ynne Homes: Rt. 1 . Hox 557. High Point, NC 27260 

Teddy Mac Harnhardt: 801 Mitchell Ave., I^xington. NC 27292 

Robert Joseph Harra: 8408 Fenwaod Drive, Springfield, VA 22152 

Robert M. Barth. Jr.: 9 Park Ave . Thomusutlle. NC 27360 

Michael RT. Bartholomew: Rl 2. Hox 337. Canton NC 28716 

Timothy Lee Bart let t: 2306 Brettton Drive. District Heights. MD 20028 

Caroline Cory Haul able: 90 Durte Aue . Cluster. NJ 7624 

Lisa M Raumann: 139 Wttderness Road. Si. James. NY 11780 

Deborah M. Haunchalk: 5414 Crestline Road. Wilmington. DE 19808 

Timothy Aaron Bean. 908 Newell Street, High Point. NC 2726Q 

Jacqueline L. Beasiey: 1829 Bethel Dr.. High Point. Nc 27260 

Robert A. Hednarctk: 221 Greenvtew Dr., Dover. DE 19901 

Henry Clay Heeson. Jr.: 1223 South Main St.. High Point, NC 27260 

Barbara E. Helk: 3506 Old Onslow Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27407 

Auburn Ray Bell. Jr.: 4715 Aldgale Green. Baltimore. MD 2J227 

Joseph Michael Bell: 4715 Aldgate Green. Baltimore, MD 21227 

Patricia Diane Bell: 49O0 Quail Hollow Dr.. Raleigh. NC 27609 

Claudia Elaine Bennett 3803 Beverly HHIs Dr.. High Point. NC 27260 

Jennifer Eaton Bennett: 1 1 10 Merry Hills Drive, High Point. NC 27260 

Janice Sue lien I ley: 8O0 Eden Terr.. High Point. NC 27263 

Robert G. Bentley: 4265 Reed Road. Tobaccoullte. NC 2705O 

Cheryl Leigh Berry 36 Eton Overlook. Roikoltle. MD 20850 

Cynlhla D. Htnns: 3146 10th PI. SE "18. Washington. DC 20O32 

Ashley Thomas Bishop. Rt I. Box 542. Julian. NC 27203 

Cheena lA-lgh Blackburn: Center Church Rd.. Box 27. Welcome. NC 27374 

Jejfery Charles Blank 1700 East Indiana Ave . Southern Pines. NC £8387 

George N. Boose. Ill: 1109 I'etree D.. Winston-Salem. NC 27106 

Chris Clay Booze. 514 Lake Dr.. King. NC 2702) 

Jennifer Rene Boroughs: Rl. 1. Hox 673. Jackson Springs. NC 27281 

DeboraA. Bouldln 1635 W. Lexington Ave . High Point. NC 27260* 

Cordon Rex Bowei\: IO Box 402. King. NC 27021 

Charles R. Bowers 11: 94 Drummer Lane. Reading. CT 6896 

Vickie Carol Bowles: Rl. 3. Box 69. Trinity. NC 27370 

Fonica Bowman. 905 Country Terrace. Severna Park. MD 21 146 

Jane Croyle Bowser: 132 Maplewood Ave . Thomasvllte. NC 27360 

John Lee Bowser Jr.: 819 Hooker PL. Seat Pleasant. MD 20027 

Tanya A Barnes Boylen: Hi. 3. Box 417. Trinity. NC 27370 

Paul D. Boyles. Jr ■ 1210 Retreat Lane. Winston -Salem , NC 27106 

Su/.anne iMulse Huyles: 1295 Mont Heu Dr. Rural Halt. NC 27045 

Usa Gaye Bradshau- 527 N Carr St.. Mebane. NC 27302 

Anna Carol Brady: Rl I. Kobbtns. NC 27325 

Jerri L. Brady 904 Eden Terrace. Archdate. NC 27263 

George T. Brandt: 524'h N. Hamilion. High Point. NC 27262 

Tilt Carl Brauer: 518 Denny Street. High Point. NC 27262 

Teresa Arlene Brewer Kanoy Rd . Rf 1. Box 90O10. Thomasvllle. NC 27360 

Mary tea Bridges: 2602 Norwood Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27407 

Randal Leu'is Brtley: 302 t". Parkway St.. High Point. Nc 27262 

Gerri Bronstein; 1801 Klngswood Lane. Port Klchey. FL 33568 

Cunts W. Brower: 803 Shamrock Rd.. High Point. NC 27260 

Donald Lee Brower. Jr.: 312 Ralph Dr.. High Polnt.NC 27263 

Broadus Don Brown. PO Box 93. Lowell. NC 28098 

Charles Wayne Brown 3828 Beverly Hills Dr.. High Point. NC 27260 

James Carnte Brown. Jr.: 3020 H'airrur Ave.. Winston Salem. NC 27106 

John Lewis Brown- 537 N Fayettevtlle St.. Asheboro. NC 27203 

Kristin Anne Brown 2372 Birch Place. Allenwood. NJ 8720 

C. Susan Broicn 1903 Frlartuck Road. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Teresa Lynne Brown: PO Box 11. Dalton Rd.. King. NC 27021 

Thomas Milton Brown: Rt. 5. Box 512. High Point. NC 27263 

William Harris Brown: 1423 Belleauwood Street. Winston Salem. NC 27J07 

Terry C. Brownell: 1504 Baycltff Court. Va Beach. VA 23454 

Patrick Joseph Bruen: 6 Peterborough Dr . Northport. NY 1 1 768 

Roosevelt J. Brunson. Jr.: Rt. 3 Box 159. Cameron. NC 28326 

Candac-eA. Buczlnsky: Rt. 1. Box 388. Sophia. NC 27350 

Joseph Richard Budd Rt 1 . Riverside Farm. Advance. NC 27006 

Virginia Ellen Budd: 608 E. Main St. Mlddleiou'n. MD 21 769 

Thomas Anthony Burgess: 7 Chapel Lane. Riverside. CT 6848 

Veronica Ann B Burke: 4353 Vest Mill Rd C-5. Winston Salem. NC 27103 

Charles W Burton. Jr.: 1622 Lakeuiood Dr.. High Point. NC 27260 

Carolyn Caggtano: 1 1821 Hunting Ridge Ct.. Potomac. MD 20854 

Regina Marie Cain- PO Box 625. 1 1 1 Tree Hat. Brevard. NC 287)2 

April J. Callahan: 2040 Dean Road. Kemersvllle . NC 27284 

Kevin M Callahan 4 Arrowhead PL. Huntington. NV 1 1 743 

Tamra Gall Calloway Rt J. Box 2575. Winston Salem. NC 27106 

Cheryl Louise Cameron: Rt. 2. Box 1 035. Thomasvllle. NC 27360 

Brian D Campbell 1)05 Fallsmead Way. Rockville. MD 20854 

Gary Mapp Campbell: 50 Dickens Rd.. Claymom. DE 1 9703 

Laura Marian Canroben. PO Box 696. Conover. NC 28613 

Louise Marie Canrobert PO Box 696. Conover. NC 2761 3 

Betsy J. Canupp Rt. 8. Box 23. Hickory. NC 28601 

John KeiUn Capodanno 75 W Fairfield Dr.. Dover. DE 19901 

Luis Rene Carbia-Vega Calle Juan R. Ramos *V-J. Guaynabo. PR 657 

Glna Cardone: 138-03 78th Road. Flushing. AT 11367 

Lee Ann Cartnlc: 24412 Kakae Dr.. Damascus. MD 2075O 

John Clark Carl: 2321 Jamaica Dr . Wilmington. DE 19810 

Lorl Jane Cnrltle. Rt 5. Box 572. Lexington. NC 27292 

Cynlhla C Can. 1 8370 SW 212 Street. Miami. FL 33187 

Nancy Yvonne Carroll: 102 l#m\ard St . Thomasvllle. Nc 27360 

Claire M Carruthers: 3805 Manor Drive. Greensboro. NC 27403 

Marcus Carter: 487 Lemon St . NE. Martena. GA 30060 

Richard K Carter: P.O. Box 201, Trinity. NC 27370 

Ren tie Cheryl Carl ret. PO Hox 40. Naklna. NC 28455 

John Patrick Cnrtt/. 2907 Custer Drive. Greetisbom. NC 27407 

Brian Morris Cnskle 4223 Mtnlon Dr.. Fairfax. VA 22030 

Ian Andrew Cassldt,: 503 Tangle Dr.. Jamestown. NC 27282 

Luigi CastaUlo 44 North Street, Madison, NJ 7940 

Alberto Castro Espana 2053, Santurce. PR 911 

Larry Kent Cecil 608 Frontier Drive, Archdale, NC 27263 

Pamela Cox Cecil PO Box 18b, Southmoni, NC 27351 

Rhonda Lynn Cecil 204 Canterbury Rd . High Point. NC 272b0 

Robert A Challenger 95 E Cleveland Ave , Newark. DE 19711 

Suzanne Giddens Chance Rt b. Box 1075, Apt 102. Thomasvllle, NC 27360 

Ronnie Chapman Rt 3. Box 193, Griffon. NC 28530 

Sherry Jean Cheek. Route I. Box 236. Ramseur. NC 27316 

Elvis Onyemruhi Chiedu: Brt Anwr Ins CO Bx 22 1 7 '. Lagos 

Lisa Marie Childress. PO Box 1044. Sylva, NC 28779 

Dinah G Chiles 

Susan Elizabeth Chilton. 3820 Beverly Hilts Dr.. High Point. NC 27260 

Nancy A Chlpman 11 Old Stage Court. Rockvtite, MD 20852 

Charles KG Chlan IV. 540 Wyngafe Rd . Tlmontum. MD 21093 

Mark Robert Christian: 4609 Hoytake Dr.. Virginia Beach. VA 23462 

Wm Bryan Christian III. Route I, Box 70 Weslfleld. NC 27053 

Karen M. Christofjerson. 1211 S Elm Street. High Point. NC 27262 

Warren I. Ctapp. 2002 Graceuirtod Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Robert Edward Clark, Jr.. 1402 Lyndhurst Drive, High Point. NC 27260 

Edmund Cleary 13909 Congress Dr . Rockville. MD 20853 

Therese Anne Cleary: 259 Cedar Park Circle. Sarasota. Ft. 33581 

Perrl H. Sheltun Cltnard. 3290 Highcllff Road. Pfafftown. NC 27040 

James Timothy Clontz 1502 Cherokee Drive. High Point. NC 27260 

Gregory Ray Coats: 1323 Highland Circle. Klsslmmee. Fl. 32741 

Dale Robin Cobh Route 2. Box 33. Jamestown. NC 272S2 

Dautd Bradley Coe: Rt. 6. Box 284. Winston Salem. Nc 27107 

Allen Hodges Cote 1914 Wakefield Place. High Point. NC 27260 

Michael J. Colflesh 33 North wood Drive. W. Mllford. NJ 7480 

Holly Mackeltar Collins- RFD ixx-ust Hilt Way. East Canaan. CI 6024 

Jeffrey S Collins 1639 Harbor Dr.. Merrill Island. FL 32952 

Ethel l^enora Campion 1010 Bridges Street. High Point. NC 27262 

Dauld P Connelly III 229 N. Blake Rd . Norfolk. VA 23505 

Diane Winifred Cook: Box 32. Dayton. NJ 8810 

Jeffrey D Cook 12 Birmingham St.. Wrig/Hsullle Bkh . NC 

Jeffrey Dan tell Cook P O Box 704. Wrlghlsutlle Bch.. NC 29460 

Robert B.F Cook 1325 Beach Ave.. Atlantic Beach. FL 32233 

Ashleigh E Cooke 3425 W Forest Ixikes Cir.. Sarasota. FL 33582 

Emily Mtchale Cooke: 1 106 N. Elam Ave.. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Joanne E. Cootey 4503 Llbbey Drive. Fairfax. VA 22032 

Kerry Jay Corbet t: 4405 NrMatn St. - SPC45. High Point. NC 27260 

Sandy Jean Corn welt- 3914 Wayne Ave.. Winston Salem. Nc 27104 

isawrence Alan Corson 39 Conifer Lane. Avon. CT 6085 

Nancy Eli/.abeth Corson 39 Conifer Lane. Avon. CT 6O0I 

William Daniel Costelto 107 3rd Avenue. Wayland. NY 14572 

William E Cot ham. Jr 2950 North bridge Rd. Winston Salem. NC 27103 

Carmen Yvonne Cottle: 509 Church St.. Mocksvtlle. NC 27028 

Ijort Ann Covington 406 Spring Street. King. NC 27021 

Kevin Paul Cowan. Rd 1. Box 50. Clayton. DE 19938 

Reftecca Cowles. 406 Boston Ave . North Wilkesboro. NC 28659 

Theodore ti Coyle. 2004 Far Hills Avenue. Dayton. OH 45419 

Charles W Crabill. Jr. 1021 1 lawyers Rd.. Vienna. VA 22160 

Kevin Ramone Craft 250 W. Terry Lane. Box III. Pomona. NJ 8240 

Terrie Hill Crattford Box J 54. Wallourg. NC 27373 

Doyle Wade Craven 508 Brookshire Road. Randleman. NC 2731 7 

Timothy Lee Craven 230S W. Lexington Ave . High Point. Nc 27260 

Jeffrey Anderson Craver Rt 8. Box II. Lexington. NC 27292 

Karen L. Craver Route 2. Box 205 Clemmons. NC 27012 

Elizabeth Crawford 70 Girard Ave . Somerset. NJ 8873 

Ttiomas Edward Craux-rofc 41 1 Burning Tree Circle. High Point. NC 27260 

PSiun Crews 53! Wolfherry Rd Richmond. NC 23235 

S t'laine Crofcer. Rl 4. Box 315. Trinity. NC 2737U 

Roger Dale Crotts. Rt 3. Box 478. High Point. NC 27263 Culler 

Claudia Lyme Cutp 4508 Doral Drive. Greensboro. NC 27406 

Kevin Allen Curling 1 724 Bluomfield Rd.. Richmond. VA 23325 

Charles Luther Currin- Route I. Box 56. Oxford. NC 27565 

Painna Ly.-in Currin. 8426 Stable Drive. Alexandria VA 22308 

Kim Curry J Dixon Circle. Thomasvllle. NC 27360 

M,chael Patrick Custick Ri I. Box 1303A. Port Tobacco. MD 20677 

Ra\, W Daniel 121 Dolly Madison Rd , Greensboro. NC 27410 

Kimberly D Darden 4 Keswick Court. Winston Salem. NC 27103 

Paul Emnck D*urelle 

Lisa Annette Davido 831 Graham Ave.. Winston Salem NC 27101 

Branson Lee Davis: PO Box 1 77. Slier City. NC 27344 

Camtlle Walton Davis J355 Old Woodbine Road. Atlanta. GA 30319 

Jimmy Lee Davis. Jr 835 Mandertne. Merrlti island. FL 32952 

Joseph Dedrnon Davis: 835 Manderine St.. Merrlti Island. FL 32952 

Norman Held Davis: 6036 Branch Drive. KernersiHlle, NC 27284 

Perry Stanton Davis 1638 Squire Davis Rd.. Kemersvllle. NC 27284 

Sally Elizabeth Davis. 7 Wexford Dr.. Hendersonvllle. NC 28739 

Khondo Kenee Daivktris J 1 08 Camden Ave. . High Point . Nc 27260 

Timothy Michael Debany Greenwich Road. Bedford. NY J0506 

Martha R Dehari 651 1 Tranford Drive. Bethesda. MD 20O34 

Donald W Delaney. Jr.- 11 904 Smofceiree Road. Rockville. MD 20854 

Rogen Eugene Dennis. Jr 401 1 Wexford Drive. Greensboro. NC 27406 

Glen Allen Denny Rt 1 Box 43. Landenburg PA 19350 

Donald Deu-ey 1603 Sycamore Street. Durham. NC 27707 

William L Deyerle 1403 Irving Street. Winston Salem. NC 27103 

Francisco Luis Diaz Ponce De Leon 857 8-N. San Juan. PR 907 

Phillip Jay Dickerson. 1612 Mernmon Place High Point NC 27260 

David C Dickson III 218 Surry Ave.. Elkin. NC 2862J 

Anne M Diez-De-Medi'ia Cas((| 1899. Cochabomba -Boll via 

WUtian. ftey Dills 1500 Cioverdaie Winston SaierT.. NC 27103 

Mary Carlene Dtx 1607 Bear hollou Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Phillip h Dixon. Jr. 1263 Westrmnester Ci. High Point. NC 27260 

Margare: Susan Dockery 130VN Cenimmai Higt. Polm. NC 27262 

Jeffrey Scot: Doerr 3580 ■ 41 si Laru "D. Si Petersburg FL 3371 1 

Johr. L Dohne- Jr. 529 Gleneapit Dnvt Vir_amirj Beach VA 23462 

Michael A Dombrowsk: 509 b Oakland Avi. High Point NC 27266 

Alar Ray Dorset: 242 Ceda- Lodgt Re. Thomasi'tllt NC 27360 

Kenneth. Douglas 2b Rldgt Drim Gler. Cove. NY 1 1542 

lammarc L Douglass Ri 5. Boa 495 Neck Road. Lexmgior, NC 2729" 



Michelle Vonrie Doirns 909 ffmifs/brri Terrace. ThomasvlUe NC 27360 

Robert Duarte 204 Buttercup Dr . Jariu'SfoLrn. NC 272*2 

Donna Lynne Punumi J 72(1 Candkirnnd Ct . High Point. NC 2 7260 

Melissa Ann Duncan PO Boa 816. Spring Si . King. NC 27021 

Derrtn B Dunzwelter 1001 Eastward Circle Zuncsvllle. Ofl 43701 

Philip Andrew Dupree Rt 4. Box 824 . Raleigh NC 2 7606 

Susan Lynn Durbano 2810 Chinchilla Dr . Wilmington DE I9HI0 

Sylvta Dye 1 120 Cedrow Drift'. High Point. NC 27260 

Da old J Eckart 7626 Luton Place. Alexandria. VA 22310 

Kenneth R Edgar PO Box 74. Wallburg. NC 27373 

Kevin Deane Edmonds 1052 Pine Knolls Road. Kernersvllle. NC 27284 

Edwin Verner Edwards. PO Box 5381. High Point. NC 27262 

Gary Wayne Edwards 243 P Northpotnt Ave . High Point. NC 27260 

Rtchard Blaine Edward* I 40 Smith Edwards Road. Kernersvllle. NC 27284 

Rachel Ellen Eldrtdge. 1637 W Lexington. High Point. NC 27260 

Cheryl Annette Elliott 9544 Jefferson Ch Road. Tobaccovitle. NC 27050 

Jacqueline E Elliot! 3102 N Cente nnial Si . Htgh Point. NC 27260 

Michael Kent Elliott 634 Naomi Ave . Kernersvllle. NC 27284 

Krista D Ellis 23 Dewalt Road. Newark. DE 1971 I 

Susan Rane Ellis 319 Frye Bridge Rd . Clemmons. NC 270/2 

Sharon Lynn Elrod Apt 23. Nixon Rd . Belmont. NC 28012 

Elizabeth Elson 1 102 Johnson St , High Point. Nc 27260 

Bernard P Encarnacion 200 Hackney Circle. Wilmington. DE 19803 

George W England. Jr . 29 South Street. Manasquan. NJ 8736 

Carl R Ernst: 2000 Corral Path. Seaford. NY I J 783 

Janice Harrison Espada 5845 Rlverdale Road. Jamestown. NC 27282 

Robert Allen Evans. 2113 Daiton St . McKeesport. PA 15132 

IVfltlam Burton Evans 5930 Alan I Court. Winston Salem. NC 27103 

Amy Roe Everett 838 Schoolhouse Lone. Dover. DE 19901 

Michael Spencer Everett Rt 2. Box 262 C. Sumrnerfield. NC 27358 

Melany Carol Everharl Rt. 12. Box 384. Lexington. NC 27292 

Silo S Aqulles Farias' Caile Orion "3 Naco. Santo Domingo 

Craig Alan Farkas Rd 3 Gleneagles Drive. Lebanon. NJ 8833 

Kathy Fauconnet. 16004 Phllmont Lane. Bowie. MD 20716 

Ruth Claire Flege 1952 Dundee Rd , Rockvttle. MD 20850 

Stecen Robert Firman- 424 Hawthorne Ave . Haddonfleld. NJ 8033 

Marlsa Ftrpi. 52 Kings Court Apt 3-B. San Juan. PR 91 I 

Wendy Call Flshel: Rt 1. Box 484-F. McLeansvtlle. NC 27301 

John B Flantgan 226 Chestnut St . Havelock. NC 28532 

Larry Mtlton Fleming. Jr. PO Box 244. Camelot Dr . Morganton. NC 28655 

Doff Thomas Fleshman. Jr 1351 7 Orion Dr . Dayton. MD 2/036 

Ealher Flares. Calle 23 A 1 * 1 1 Monteca. Rio Ptedras PR 924 

Bruce Floyd 1219 N Redfteld St . Philadelphia. PA 19151 

James Leonard Ford Rt 1. Box 57-4, Mt Holly. NC 28120 

Wltlard Davy Formyduval PO Box 194. Aberdeen. NC 28315 

Lynn Marie Fortaleza' 1319 South Andrews. Fl Lauderdale. FL 333)5 

Andrews Keith Fortune 51 1 Watson Ave . ThomasvlUe. NC 27360 

Patricia D Tortus 924 Chelsea Street. Forked River. NJ 8731 

Gregory Alan Fox 703 Elberon Ave . Absecon. NJ 8201 

Jimmy Franklin Fox Rt 3. Box 657. High Point. NC 27263 

Keith Alan Fraley 1946 Chestnut St . High Point. NC 27260 

Charles W Frampton III 705 Rodman Road. Wilmington. DE 19809 

Angela Franco 364 Springfield Ave . Westfleld. NJ 7090 

Curtis Eugene Frazier 1905 Franklin Ave , High Point. NC 27260 

Steven Mathew Frazier 1905 Franklin Ave . Htgh Point. NC 27260 

Jane! Faye Freeman 1203 Fifth Street. Htgh Point. NC 27262 

Anita D Frills 1506 W. Cooksey Drive, Thomasvtlle. NC 27360 

Kathy Elizabeth Fulp Rt 1. Box 104. Sumrnerfield. NC 27358 

Steven Michael Furman 610 Ix>ngleaf Dr . Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Constance Lynn Flitch 220 Wttliford Court. High Point. NC 27260 

Mary Margaret Gagner 1861-3 Rivera Parkway. Jacksonville FL 32205 

Susan R Gaines Rt 2. Box 23. Frankllnvllte. NC 27248 

Kevin Lee Calllmore Route 2. Box 21 1. Denton. NC 27239 

James Eugene Carltngton 80 W Seer Pk Rd Apt T-l. Galthersburg. MD 


Barr Gartiey II: 88 Railroad SI , Wilkes Barre. PA 18705 

George Gazepts 69 Areas Klflsta. Athens 

Leslie Gianoplos Rl 1. Wernersvilie. PA J 9565 

Janet A Gtbbons 707 Old Wtnston Rd . Htgh Point. NC 27260 

Peter Lee Gibson 106 E Laramie Dr . Mebane. NC 27302 

Dana B Gilbert 29 Parker SI . Saugus. MA 1906 

Joan C Gtlbreth 1 320 Kentucky St . High Point. NC 27260 

Suzanne L. Clllespte 2647 Majestic Drive. Wilmington. DE 19810 

Kakue Sam Glnlnwa PO flo.v 3863. High Point. NC 27262 

James F Gladden. Ill 303 Quaker Ridge Rd . Ttmonlum. MD 21093 

Daniel N Glelser 2828 Brook Hill Dr , Winston Salem. NC 27J07 

Janet R Gobet Rt 6. Box 266. ThomasvlUe. NC 27360 

Sheila G Gore Rt 1 . Box 249-A. Naktna. NC 28455 

Andrew J Garbis. Jr 216 Amherst St . Bryans Road. MD 20616 

Brenda Graham PO Box 51 7. Raeford. NC 28376 

Brian Keith Graham 518 Player Dr . Htah Point. NC 27260 

Christopher Graney 201 Harrison Ave . Westfleld. NJ 7090 

Wesley Lynn Grant 303 Kennedy Ave . High Point. Nc 27260 

Kenneth A Gray. Jr 92 Adams Avenue. Saugus. MA 1906 

Timothy L Gray 921 Hanford Rd . Graham. NC 27253 

Thomas Anthony Grece 2 Stern Drive. Port Jefferson. NY I I 777 

Ginger Dawn Green Rt 4. Boa 128!. High Point, NC 27263 

Karla Lou Green 415 Forrest Lane Apt 23. Mocksvllle. Nc 27028 

Luanne Green 5008 Wely Darts Rd . Greensboro. NC 27407 

Bobette Dorthea Greene 2514 Denver Drive. Greensboro. NC 27406 

Julia Kent Grtggs 465 Brentwood Drive. Danville. VA 24541 

Janet Lynne Grockl 19 Oak Ridge Dr . Avon. CT 6001 

Christopher Graeme 1033 Wellington CT Htgh Point. NC 27262 

James Grose 304 S Main St . Kernersvllle. .NC 27284 

David Morton Groseclose 8215 McDonogh Rd . Ptkesvtlle. MD 21208 

Glenn M Groseclose 8215 McDonogh Rood. Pikesvllle. MD 21208 

Carl Webster Grubb. HI 405 Haven wood Drive. High Point. NC 27263 

Elizabeth Yvette Grubbs 4434 Camp B Hastings. W'alkertown. NC 2705 1 

Cheryl Lynn Gurncy 2202 Bollngbroke Ct . High Point. NC 27260 

Karen Lelph Gumey 2202 Bottngbrooke Ct . Htgh Potnt. NC 27260 

Cortnnc Margaret Madden Rt 3. Newman Road. Gatlinburg. TN 37738 

Andrea K Hadzimkhalls 77 Smith Road. Somerset. NJ 8873 

Debora A Hagar 231 1 Purdy Ave Htgh Point. Nc 27260 

Ross Ann Halre PO Box 307. Lexington . NC 27292 

Elmer Doyle Hall. Jr Box 85. Slanleylown. VA 24168 

Katherine M Hatllgan 202 U>gpond Lane. Newtown. PA 18940 

John Whitfield Hamilton PO Box 1375. Cullowhee. NC 28723 

Melante Lynn Hamilton Route 4. Box 26. Four Oaks. NC 27524 

Warren Edward Hamilton 351 7 Longdate Drive. Htgh Point. NC 27260 

Richard Chester Hand 3774 Via De La Relna. Jacksonville. FL 32217 

Co. rot Jean Hanna 512 Stanley Dr . Fernandlna Beach. FL 32034 

Robert W Hannum 3836 Nancy Avenue Wilmington. DE 1980S 

Rhonda Gayte Hardin Rl 3 Box 616A. Trinity. NC 27370 

Adrton Ivan Hargrove Ri 2. Box 350D. Oxford. NC 27565 

Todd C Harm..,n. 102 Fairbanks Ct . Mount Airy NC 27030 

Sharon Lynn Harper 600 Ninth Si. PO Box 212. Spencer. NC 28159 

Carol Marie Harris 1608 Seven Oaks Place. High Point. Nc 27260 

Connie W Harris. Rt 9. Box 391A. Winston Salem. NC 27107 

Jill Harris 4301 Spenway PI . Winston Salem. NC 27106 

Ltlltn Stctaire Harris 9203 Custer Terrace. Adelphl. MD 20783 

Tammie Lynn Harris 375 Janet St . Wtnston Salem. NC 27104 

Sherrt Jean Hart 1285 Charles Dr . Wlnslon-Salem. NC 27107 

Rachel Ann Harward 801 Woodburn Rd . Rockvllle. MD 20851 

Carl Bundy Hassell 822 South Blvd.. Tampa. FL 33606 

Douglas Jeffrey Hawkins Rl 2. Box 548-E. Mount Holly. NC 28120 

Kevin W Haynes Rt I. Box 787. Colfax. NC 27235 

Robert Hearon 44 Summit! Court. Westfleld. NJ 7090 

Donna Renee Heath 13705 Jamaica Drive. Seminole. FL 33542 

Gary E Beaton 44 12 Starr Jordan Dr . Annandale. V A 22003 

Crystal Lea Hedgecock 3614 Rockwood Dr . High Potnt. NC 27260 

Homer Vernon Hedgecock Rt 6. Box 263. Waiervlew. Htgh Point. NC 27260 

Susan Annt' Hedgecock- R( 6. Box 263. Waiervlew. High Point. NC 27260 

Tamml Lynn Hedrtck 1517 Delk Drive. High Point. NC 27260 

Christopher R Heenan 251 3 Raven Road. Wilmington. DE 19810 

Rita Lynn Hege Rt 8. Box 1 12. Lexington. NC 27292 

Suzanne Olmsted Helms 518 South Rd . High Point. NC 27260 

Michael Allan Hennis 928 Hitlvtew Drive. Cary. NC 2751 1 

Jeffrey Lee Henry 20 Ralnlree. Leesburg. GA 31 763 

Christopher Lee Henson Rt 6. Box 238. Boone. NC 28607 

Karen Danelte Hernandez I I 1 Alamo-Parkvllle Ter . Guaynabo. PR 657 

Erie Allen Herrln 1001 Shallmar Dr.. High Potnt. NC 27260 

John Stephen Hess 3895 Persimmon Circle. Fairfax. VA 22031 

Page Doris Hess: 936 Breezewlck Clr .. Towson. MD 21204 

Danny W Hewett. 226 Galther Road . Winston Salem. NC 27101 

Emmelt E. Hlatt Rt 3. Box 39. Sumrnerfield. NC 27358 

Detbert Francis Hickman- Rd 1. Yorktown Rd.. Woodstown. NJ 8098 

Delia Kimball Hlggtns 221 Htllcrest Dr., Htgh Point. NC 27262 

Ktmberly Sue Hlgglns. 87 Marlborough Rd.. Ashevllte, NC 28804 

Mary Jane Hill- J0J5 Tipton Si . High Point, NC 27260 

Todd Adams Milliard 3526 Imperial Dr . Htgh Point. NC 27260 

Mary Elizabeth Htna Rt 3. River Ridge. Brevard. NC 28712 

Elizabeth Ann Htnkle 604 Valley Road. ThomasvlUe. NC 27360 

Scott Lee Hlnkle. 1324 Florida St.. Htgh Potnt. NC 27260 

Tonya Dale Hogan PO Box 8. Norman. NC 28367 

Eva Renee Holder 7739 La Cabeza. Dallas. TX 57248 

Sharon E Holland 10419 Courthouse Drive. Fairfax. VA 22030 

James Kevin Holleran 188 Old Field Rd . Selauket. NY 1 1733 

Cheryl Y Holmes Rt 8, Box 208. Sumter, SC 29150 

Dana Lee Holmes 14607 Dunbarton Drive Upper Marlboro. MD 20870 

Jennifer Anne Holmes 3201 Schiller St . Tampa. FL 33609 

Anne Marie Holl 214 Clifton St . Kernersvllle. NC 27284 

Willie Craven Holt R-?\>te 1 . Box 299. Snow Camp. NC 27349 

Debra J Hondros. 2801 Brtchwood Drive. Wli.stcn Sc'em NC 27103 

Susan Jane Hoover. 1213 Forrest Rd . Eden. NC 27288 

Bonnie Jean Hopkins 1943 Norlhbrook Ave . Macon. GA 31201 

Wendi Marie Bora Rt 9. Box 395. Hendersonvtlle, NC 28739 

Katherine A Horvath. 1200 Chestnut S> . Htgh Potnt. NC 27260 

Nancy J Houlberg. 9600 SW 92ed Street. Miami. FL 331 76 

Ava Louise House 

Anne Register Howard 1512 Woodherry La . Fayettevtlle. NC 28303 

Gloria Arnnles Howard 1270 W Sedge field. Wtnston Salem. NC 27107 

Lamar C. Howell. Rt 2. Box 7-E. Stuart. VA 24171 

Cary Brewster Hughes Rt 6. Box 134. Goldsboro. NC 27530 

Russell Lee Hughes. Jr 9516 Neuse Way. Great Falls. VA 22066 

Graig Allen Humbert Rd 1. Somerset. PA 15Z01 

Nancy A Huner 18 Woodhoilow Rd . Great River. NY 11 739 

Dwayne R Hunl 314 Ave C . Lake Ronkonoma. NY I I 779 

Mary Jonell Hunter Route 3. Box 962. Thomasvtlle. NC 27360 

Judith Tabor Huntley PO Box 293. Ltnwood. NC 27299 

Yvonne Elizabeth Hurley Rt 6, Box 237. Asheboro. NC 27203 

Charles Ketth Hutchms 105S S Bradford St . Dover. DE 19901 

Robert Thomas Hutson II 3901 Walt Ann Drive. Elhcotl City. MD 21043 

Deborah A Hulter 18 Comet Rd . Selden. NY 11784 

Carolyn Louise Huzzen 8417 Georgian Way. Annandale. VA 22003 

Melame Jane Idol 1595 Highway 6b South. Kernersvllle. NC 27284 

Timothy C Igwebutke PO Box 3607. High Point. NC 27262 

Carrie Lee Inglts 25 Cameo Rood. Clayrront. DE 19703 

Steven Smith Ingram PO Box 128. Jamestown. NC 27282 

Patricia Marie Irwin- The Chtldrens Home "993. Winston Salem NC 27102 

Casandra D Jackson 249 Atsqullh St Apt 305. Baltimore. MD 21202 

Jonathan P. Jackson 121-1 Glenslde Ai-enue, Wilmington. DE 19802 

Lauren Patrice Jackson 4619G Street SE, Washington. DC 20019 

Bonna Lynn Jaffee Box 3413 HPC. Htgh Potnt, NC 27262 

Robert M Jarrell. Jr 905 E Alfred Street. Asheboro. NC 27203 

Anne Marie Jarrell 317 Taylor St . Thomasi'llte, NC 27360 

Anthony Ethan Jenkins Rt 2. Box 314A. Selma. NC 27576 

Reglna Ann Jensen. Northern Are Bid C 9110, Auburn. ME 4210 

Dori Lynn Johnson 191 75 SW 194th Ave . Miami: FL 33187 

Patsy Vaughn Johnson Rt 2, Box 2860. High Potnt. NC 27260 

Robert Gene Johnson. Jr 6136 Christian St.. Philadelphia. PA 19143 

William Edward Johnson: 19 Lincoln Ave . Lexington. NC 27292 

William H Johnson 1 113 N Gatllard Place. Alexandria. VA 22304 

Alex Dean Jones. 305 Turley Falls Rd.. Hendersonvllle. NC 28739 

Cindy Tystnger Jones Rt 3. Box J98-E. Asheboro. NC 27203 

Craig Jones 33 Hahtah Trial. Medford Lakes. NJ 8055 

Frances Elizabeth Jones 2305 Carottne Drive. Durham. NC 27705 

Glenn Ross Jones 2225 Henlopen Ave . Wilmington. DE 19804 

Helen Kelly Jones PO Box 46. Concord. VA 24538 

Judy Dlxanne Jones 802 Dogwood Road. Boone. NC 28607 

Kimberly Anne Jones. Rt 2. Box 2060 E . Laplala. MD 20646 

Ktmberly Dawn Jones 1227 East Rttters Lk Rd . Greensboro. NC 27406 

Michael Hudson Jones 501 Forestdaie. Jamestown. NC 27282 

Robert Dean Jones 259 East Church Street. Mt. Airy. NC 27030 

Kenneth Maxwell Jordan 2307 Dularle Rood. Greensboro, NC 27407 

Joseph Corwtn Joyncr 62 lO Surrey Sq La " 1 04. Forest utile. MD 20028 

Ros-t:aC Mock Jnyner 131 Robbtns Avenue. Jamestown. NC 27282 

JayT Juren. 112 Radcliff Ctr . Durham. NC 277 13 

Daryi Evan Kalz 4 Roberts Drive. Mountain Lakes. NJ 7046 

Michael Wayne Keaton 381 1 Simmons Court, Greensboro, NC 27407 

Lester Jay Kennedy 2370 Roseu-ood. Winston Salem. NC 27103 

Rosemary Ray Kennedy Rt 3. Box 171. Trinity. NC 27370 

Vickie Diane Kennedy 19 Hillside Park. ThomasvlUe. NC 27360 

Donald Warren Kesler Rt 10. Box 72. Goldsboro. NC 27530 

Krlsten Elizabeth Kezar 209 E Stadium Dr . Eden. NC 27288 

Robin S Kfillan Route 10. Bo* 33. Lexington. NC 27292 

H Scott Killlan Rt 10. Box 33 Lexington. NC 27292 

Annvli Klvlnieml Grasandsvagen 3 1 . 12349 Frasta 

Richard A K'ller j 1 Lisa Drive. Northport. NY 1 1 768 

Roberts Kluckhohn 51 1 2 Stone Haven Dr . Annandale. VA 22003 

Stuart C Knevdler 4 7 HUtrlse Dr . PenHeld. NY 14526 

Jacqueline Diane Knotts: PO Box 3287. High Point College. 27260 

David Alan Koehler: 308 Whitby Dr.. Sharpley. Wilmington. DE 19803 

Jeffrey A. Koehler: 151 N. Forest Ave.. Rockvtlle Clr.. NY 1 1570 

Kazuhtko Tim Koshlmlzu: #3495, High Point Col.. High Point. NC 

Victor Koslnski: 1629 Boltngbroke Rd.. High Point. NC 27260 

Phtlltp D. Krlmminger: 15 Grandview Street. Granite Falls. NC 28630 

Patrice D. Krlvka: 11514 Parkedge Drive. Rockvllle. MD 28052 

Wyeleen Kwan: 1 7100 King James Way. Galthersburg. MD 20877 

J. Mark Lackey: 3200 Flanders Ct.. High Point. NC 27260 

Mark Kenneth Lambert: Ft. 1. Box 595. Franklinullle, NC 27248 

Matthew Cole Lange: Creslwood Rt. 7. Box 80. Salisbury. MD 21801 

Richard Lee Lanier: 5615 Richland Dr.. Greensboro, NC 27409 

Jeffrey Martin Luster: 591 7 Hedgecock Road. Kemersvllle. NC 27284 

Tammy Kay Lawson: 1343 Bethanla Rd.. Winston Salem.NC 27106 

Francis Allen Leak: 301 Church Street. Thomasvtlle. NC 27360 

Carol Lawson Leake: 2323 K. Grandvllle St.. High Point. NC 27263 

Sallye D. Led/ord: 3832 North Main Street, High Point. NC 27260 

George W. Lee: Rt. 2. Box 187 A. Enfield. NC 27823 

Thomas Moore Leech. Jr.: 24204 Hilton Place. Galthersburg. MD 20760 

Sonya G. Leister: 71 1 Leisters Church Rd.. Westminster. MD 21157 

Lisa Leach Leonard: Route 8. Box 2A. Lexington. NC 27292 

Penny Rae Lewallen: 1616 York Ave.. High Point. NC 27260 

Ian Frederick Lewis: 31 7 North Fayette St.. Alexandria. VA 22314 

Laura Lewis: 1 106 Rockford. High Point. NC 27260 

Joelle Madeleine Lldjt: 4215 Isbell Street: Wheaton. MD 20906 

Karla M. Ltedtke: 34 Elaine Dr.. Sfmsbury. CT 6070 

Heather Grae Linn: 163 E. Mohawk Street. Oswego. NY 13126 

Lucille K. Lipscomb: 404 Spring Street. Thomasvllle. NC 27360 

Sharon Kay Lttchford: 4 Harvard Rd. Cooper Fms.. Wilmington. DE 1 9808 

Fred Oscar Little III: 412 2nd Ave. Place JVE. Conover. NC 28613 

Terrl Livingston: 632 Santa Maria Lane: Davldsonvllle. MD 21035 

Mtchaet James Lloyd: 289 Flintshire Rd.. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

Steve R. Lofttn: Route 4. Box 764. Thomasvllle. NC 27360 

Terrance Ortiz Lomax; 1 102 Stephens, Greensboro. NC 27406 

John Kelly Long: 2927 Old Stage Road. GastonJa. NC 28052 

Miguel A. Lopez: Box 10118. Caparra Hgt.. PR 922 

Erin Dawn Lorenz: 708 Taunton Road. Wilmington. DE 19803 

Michael Keith Loula: 401 Eastwood St.. Lexington. NC 27292 

Klmberly Dawn Lovelace: 1437 N. Hamilton Street. High Point. NC 27262 

Sharon Louise Lowe: 515 Avon Court. Rtver Vale. NJ 7675 

Kelly Page Lowrey: 1113 Mandy Lane. New Fori Rtchey. FL 33552 

William Ronald Lucas. Jr.: Route 7. Box 73. Asheboro, NC 27203 

Anne M. Ludwlgson: 3542 Waverly Avenue. Seaford. NY 1 1 783 

Susan L. Lupptno: Rt. 4. Box 309. Brevard. NC 28712 

Diane Marie Lynk: 1230 Wales Drive. High Point. NC 27260 

Thomas Lynth: 905 Arbor dale Dr.. High Point. NC 27260 

Sandra Lynn Mabe: 2547 Amesbury Rd.. Winston Salem, NC 27103 

Jane Argyll Maccanneli 39 Cherry Lane. Tollman. NY 10982 

Vivian Cole Mach: 124 Manor Dr.. High Point. NC 27260 

Denlse Y. Machamer: 4225-E Williamsburg Dr.. Harrisburg. PA 1 7109 

John Michael Machesky: Rd. 3 Leslie Rd-. Meadvllle. PA 16335 

Stephen C. Mackintosh: Parks Mill Rd.. Adamstown. MD 21710 

Joan E. Madert: 9004 Colesbury Place: Fairfax, VA 22031 

Karen F. Magtll: 965 Dew Ct.. Gambrills. MD 21054 

Pekka Topto Makela: Kaarttle Io. 42220 Katpola 

Martin A. Maldonado: Lope De Vega "8. Santo Domingo 

Mark Avery Mann: 13021 Amesbury Street. Woodbridge. VA 22192 

James Allen Marceron: 41 16 Heathfleld Road. Rockvtlle. MD 20853 

Matthew Bryan Marceron: 9903 Julltard Drive. Bethesda. MD 20034 

Selma Renee Henry Marsh: 6021 Green Valley Est.. Kernersvttte. NC 27284 

David Lee Martin: 3920-D Valley Ct.. Wins ton -Salem. NC27106 

Daniel Joseph Marttneau: 5316 Guida Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Mark Dwtght Mashburn: 7264 Ktlng Rd.. Tobaccovilte. NC 27050 

Tony Harold Matthews: Rt. 4. Box 143. Vale NC 28168 

David Matthew Matzko: 740 Flltcher St.. Cedartown. GA 30125 

B. Teresa McAllister: PO Box 282. Clemmons. NC 27012 

Charles Edward McCarthy Rt 1. Box 427, Freedom Ml . Gastonia. NC 28052 

James Patrick McComas PO Box 5-5634. San Juan. PR 905 

William McCorkle. Jr : Rt 1. Ellaville. GA 31806 

Martha Jean McCoss. 3429 Pine Valley Road. High Point. NC 27260 

Charlene Gail McDaniel 4046 Reidsville Road. Winston Salem. NC 27101 

Connie D. McDaniel Route 2. Box 25. High Point. NC 27260 

Johnny C McDonald PO Box 1434. Brevard. NC 28712 

Penelope Jane McDonald Rt 3. Box 637. Thomasville. NC 27360 

June Allgood McDowell 611 Duke Street. Thomasville, NC 27360 

Mary Sloan McGavran 617 Scalybark Trl . Concord. NC 28025 

John Joseph McGovern: 1104 Rockford Road. High Point. NC 27262 

Cinda W. McGowan 222 West End Blvd . Winston Salem. NC 27101 

Becky McGown- 4631 Bridle Path Dr . Winston Salem. NC 27103 

Amanda Lynn McGuirt 472 Virginia Ave.. Statesville. NC 28677 

Ehsa F. Mclnms 400 Anaheim St.. High Point. NC 27260 

Orlandos Mcintosh. 1123 Montlieu Ave . High Potnt. NC 27262 

Frances H. McKinze- Rt 11. Box 316, Winston Salem. NC 27107 

Julie Anne McLamb. Rt 9. Country Lane. Winston Salem. NC 27107 

Craig Thomas McLean: 24 N. Avon Drive. Claymont. DE 19703 

Margaret E McNees: 406 Arbour Drive. Newark. DE 19713 

Coy S. McNeill: 901 Old Liberty Road. Asheboro. NC 27203 

Jackie Elton McNeill Rt. 1. Box 88. Asheboro. NC 27203 

Scott William McPherson: 12 Linda Lane, Setauket. NY 11733 

Peter Erwin Meeh- 1584 Mountaintop Road. Bridgewater. N J 8807 

Gregory Glenn Meredith- Rt 2. Box 312. High Point. NC 27260 

J. Mark Messick: 4812 Fox Chase Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Denise Elaine Metivier: 615 W Lexington Ave., High Point. NC 27262 

Arthur Paul Micheel. 601 Carol Ave.. Blackwood. NJ 8012 

Carolyn R. Migliorin, PO Box 2104. Thomasville, NC 27360 

Bernard Miller. Jr.: 626 Emerson Dr, Asheboro. NC 27203 

Tom G. Miller 

Kathryn L. Mills: Rt 3. Box 485. Trinity. NC 27370 

Kerry T. Mills: 71 1 Hedgecock Road. High Point. NC 27260 

Terry Kim Mills: 71 1 Hedgecock Road. High Point. NC 27260 

Edgar Scott Mtncey: Rt. 5. Box 999C. Thomasvllle. NC 27360 

Jane Elizabeth Minor: 1210 Yorkshire Drive. High Point. NC 27260 

Paul Anthony Minor: 1 106 N. Cenlenlal St.. High Point. NC 27262 

James Stuart Mitchell: 1 19 Fawn Drive. Clalrton. PA 15025 

Jeffrey Lee Mitchell: 2222 Selwyn Ave "404. Charlotte. NC 27207 

Larfia D. Mitchell: 934 Glencoe SI.. Winston Salem. NC 27107 

Linda M. Mitchell: 603 Manor Dr.. High Point. NC 27260 

Cynthia Dawn Mize: Rt. 16. Box 450. Lexington. NC 27292 

James Daniel Mizell: Rl. 5. Box 333. Winston Salem. NC 27107 

Cecil Craig Mock: 1631 LeuHsvllle-Vtenna. Pfajftown. NC 27040 

Jeffrey Keilh Monroe: Rt. 3. Box 674. Trinity. NC 27370 

Scolt A. Moody: 61 1 E. Central Ave.. Apt D.. Asheboro. NC 27203 

David Odell Moore. Jr.. Rl. 12. Box 335. Lexington. NC 27292 

Shannon Andrea Moore: 73 Brushy HIU Road: Newtown. CT 64 70 

Lc.tefa Leigh Morgan: Rt. 2. Box 11 2. Trinity. NC 27370 

Lisa K Morgan 

Montgomery Scott Morgan: Rt. 2. Box 6. Trinity. NC 27370 

Marion Kay Morris. Rt. 2. Box 612. Walnut Cove. NC 27052 

Nancy Sabrlna Morris-. PO Box 138. Georgetown. DE 19947 

Dora Mae Morrison: 604 Klrkman Street. Greensboro. NC 27406 

Karla Morrison: 508 Creslwood Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Robert Sandy Morse Rt 3. Box 324. Stuart. VA 24171 

William D. Morse. 903 S Talbot St.. St. Michaels, MD 21633 

Morel A Moss: 506-C West Main St.. Jamestown. NC 27282 

Stephen A. Mulllns. 3203 Sllverstde Rd.. Wilmington. DE 19810 

Edward Wallace MutUs: 49 Fatrcrest Road. Asheville. NC 28804 

Annette Stutts Murphy: Rt. 4. Box 496. Thomasvtlle. NC 27360 

Daniel Harold T. Murphy: 10O7 Wynbrook lane. Mechanlcsvilte. VA 23111 

M. Elizabeth Myers: 128 W. Ridge St.. RocJcy Mount. NC 27801 

Hilda S. Nance: 100 Glenu^ood Road. Asheboro. NC 27203 

Ray Nance: 220 Rldgecrest. Asheboro. NC 27203 

Tabltha Ann Nance: Rt. 2. Box 1 1. Jamestown. NC 27282 

Jane Harris Needham: 255 Cedar Lodge Rd.. Thomasvllle. NC 27360 

Karon Sue Nelson: 4955 Cooper Rd.. Clemmons. NC 27012 

Robert Watson Nelson: 30 Lambeth Drive. Thomasvllle. NC 27360 

Kelly Lynn Newman: 5606 Fallingbrooks Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27407 

June B Newsome: Rt 2. Box 268. High Point. NC 27260 

Jefrey Scott Nichols: 425 N. Myrtle School Rd.. Gastonla. NC 28052 

Elizabeth Ann Nicodemus: Box 157. Watkersville. MD 21793 

Susan R. NtedvJelak: 6043 Forrest Hollow Ln.. Springfield. VA 22152 

Cynthia Lynette Nlfong: Rl. 2. Box 1214. Thomasvllle. NC 27360 

Ted James Nlfong-. Rt. 10. Box 64. Lexington. NC 27292 

Jeffrey D Norris: Rt. 5. Box 453. Mocksvtlle, NC 27028 

Miriam K O'Maltey. 297 Hlghfleld Lane. Nutley. NJ 7110 

Helen Patricia O'Brien: Glenwood Quarry Rd.. Greyslone-Co Wick. LO 87453 

Homer Bradley O'Brien: 1611 Guyer St.. High Point. NC 27260 

Kevin G. O'Connell: 8007 Bellefonte Lane. Clinton. MC 20735 

John Stephen O'Denkirk: 1518 Carltn Lane. McLean. VA 22101 

Scotl Roberl Olioer: 1206 Elderon Drive. Wilmington. DE 19808 

Peter James Olsen 10453 White Granite Ct.. Oakton. VA 22124 

Alma N Ortlz-Nazarlo: Plamonte "14 Villa Rosa. Rio Ptedras. PR 924 

Brenda Kay Osborne: 3308 N. Centennial. High Potnl. NC 27260 

Clinton Baader Osborne. 600 Cardinal Drfue. Lexington. NC 27292 

David Bryan Osborne 1210 McCain Place. High Potnt. NC 27262 

Lisa Kay Osborne: 629 Colonial Drtve. High Potnl. NC 27262 

Christopher S Otant: 47 Oriliia Dr . Bridgetown. NJ 8302 

Scott Douglas Otteltn. 7500 Bellatre Ave.. Dublin. OH 4301 7 

Bryan R. Overton. 504 Willow Drive. Thomasville. NC 27360 

Warren N. Owens: 5601 Liberty Road. Greensboro. NC 27406 

Ctndy Jean Palmer. Rt. I. Box 402. Old Lex. Rd.. Thomasville. NC 27360 

Margaret Susan Palmer- 128 Ramblewood Rd.. Morrestown. NJ 8057 

Patrlcta Ann Park. Rt. 3. Box 62. Asheboro. NC 27203 

James Ersklne Parker: Rl. 1. Box 125. Stanley. NC 28164 

Soultana Rose Parker. 10 Lllllnglon Drive. Howell. NJ 7731 

Joann Paige Parks: 203 Wedgewood Dr.. Jamestown. NC 27282 

J Anthony Parrtsh: Rl 2. Box 318. Danville. VA 24541 

Jerry Robert Pate: 2646 Weymoufh Road. Winston Salem. NC 27103 

Joseph Pitts Patlon 125 BflJIe Sue Drtue. Winston Salem. NC 27104. 

Jeffrey Matthew Palyk: 2227 Tulip St.. Philadelphia. PA 19125 

Thomas Arthur Payne: 2003 Chestnut St. Ext . High Potnt. NC 27260 

Tony Allen Peele: Rt. 2. High Point. NC 27260 

Darnell Peeler: 13 Wardola Drive. Jacksonville. NC 28540 

Darnila Peeler. 13 Wardola Dr.. Jacksonville. NC 28540 

Edward M. Perez. 543 Tinlltlo Road. Guaynabo. PR 657 

Gerard Perrone- 32 Midday Dr . Centereach. NY 1 1 720 

Dllshad Peters: 1 7 Warrls Rd. . Lahore 

Elizabeth F. Peters: 1818 SE 10th Street. Ft. Lauderdale. FL 33316 

Shahzad Peters: 1 7 Warrls Road. Lahore 

Michael Kent Petttcord: 180-8 Dalewood Drive. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

Sharon Leigh Petty: Rl. 3. Box 620. Randleman. NC 2731 7 

Monlque V Peyser: 273 Camden Woo.. Camden. DE 19937 

Hope L. Phelps. J 931 Winston Road. Lexington. NC 27292 

Robin Renee Phleffer: N. Country Road RR1. Wading River. NY 1 1792 

Susan Gall Pierce: 222 Crestuleu' Dr.. Thomasuille. NC 27360 

Keith W.A. Pierre. 419 Oronoco St . Alexandria. VA 22314 

Michael Pisano 803 N. William St . Baldwin. NY 11510 

Marshall Gordon Ponder. 2 Cresthaven. Clyde. NC 28721 

Dawn J Poole: 1531 Harding Street. Winston Salem. NC 27107 

Jeffrey Scott Porosky. 201 Royal Road. Jamestown. NC 27282 

Michael W Porter. 1308 Book Ave.. Beaver Falls. PA 15010 

Jerome Preston: 812 Richardson Ave.. High Potnt. NC 27260 

Mary A. Keever Prellow: 314 Hickory Lane. High Potnl. NC 27260 

Margaret Prevette: 308 Boxwood Drive. Greensboro, NC 27410 

Edna MUlay Price: 3236 Startand Driue. Gastonla. NC 28052 

Artis W. Prlllaman: Rl. 8. Box 42- A. Martinsville. VA 24112 

Jeanne Mtchele Prultt: 1 1200 Hunt Club Drive. Potomac. MD 20854 

Debra Lynn Quick. Rt. 4. Box 181. Trinity. NC 27370 

Ruth Owens Ragsdale: 101 Hamilton Road. Lexington. NC 27292 

Susan Elaine Ramirez: 9510 Chatham Si.. Manassas. VA 221 10 

Robert J. Rapp: 33 Wyoming Street. CommacAr, NY 1 1 725 

Patricia A. ReavlS: 2400 White Horn Dr.. Kemersvllle. NC 27284 

Thomas J Reddeck. IV: 556 Wagon Wheel Climb. Lawrencevllle. GA 30245 

Theresa Angela Regnante: 121 Cedar PI. Drive. West Islip. NY 11795 

Catherine C Retd. 117 Wilholl Ct.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Charles B. Rhoades. Jr.: 661 Naomi Ave.. Kernersville. NC 27284 

Jonathan M. Richardson. PO Box 86. Hertford. NC 27944 

Lyman Rickard: 321 Louise Ave.. High Point. NC 27262 

James M. Riddle: 325 White Plains Ct.. Severna Park. MD 21146 

Laura Anne Ridenour: 12915 Holdridge Rd.. .Wheaton. MD 20906 

Janet Riley: 101 1C Roberts Lane. High Potnt. NC 27260 

Neal J RlsJce- 15 Oakland Ave.. Miller Place. NY 1 1764 

Julian Rivera-Asptnall: 660 Mira mar Avenue. Santure. PR 907 

Karen Lynn Robarge. 1010 Pine Knolls Road. Kemersvllle. NC 27284 

Anthony Ray Roberson: PO Box 4284 N Sta.. Winston Salem. NC 27105 

Barry Stephen Roberts: Rt. 2. Box 118. Hillsborough. NC 27278 

Crispin T. Roberts: 3007 Manchester Ct.. Jamestown. NC 27282 

Philip Hall Roberts: 703 W. Catawba Ave. Exit. Ml. Holly. NC 28120 

Dawn Annette Robertson. 124 Hedgecock Ave.. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

James M. Robertson. Jr ■ 212 Adams St . Eden. NC 27288 

William M. Robertson: Rt. I. Box 361. Apex. NC 27502 

Benita Althea Robinson- 4107 Ashmore Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27405 

Deborah D. Robinson: 15 Kingston Rd.. New Castle. DE 19720 

Carol Rogers: 15601 Puritan Pi Bowie. MD 20716 

Lionel Dennis Rogers- 312 Price Avenue. Durham. NC 27707 

Matthew Ward Rogers: 207 Frederick Road. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Robin Annette Rogers: 1115 Twin Oak Drive. Wtnslon Salem. NC 27105 

Thomas Bradford Rogers: 207 Frederick Road. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Frank Melville Rose- 1 132 Shady Bluff Drive. Charlotte. NC 2821 1 

Dennis Taylor Rossi. Jr.: 5 High Green Lane. Stevenson. MD 21 153 

Donna J Rowe: Route 12. Box 101. Winston Salem. NC 27107 



Donna liinrn Kutlrl 3.503 Weslfleld Si , High Point. NC 272W) 

Knrt-n J Rndd: 504 Ralph Drive. High Point. NC 27263 

Karen Alfredo Rufl Rt. 3. Box 201. Niu'irdnlr. NC 28090 

Michael William Russell 408 NnrfJuli/f Or.. Raleigh. NC 27609 

Srnn E Lnnnuri Russell Hi I. Box 141 Queenslotvn. Ml) 2 1 658 

Waldo Herbert Retrain 610 Martha PI . Htgh Point. NC 27263 

Kami Kimbertg Rijals 1808 Efland Drive. Green sJinro. NC 2740H 

Jeffrey V Ryan 50 rYUrclilfd PI . WlUppanti. NJ 7981 

William Allen Salyer. 1825 Northampton Dr . Asheboro, NC 272t>3 

Lids Manuel Son. lie/. Cond /Virk.slfli- Apt 302. Cnpnrru Heights. PH 920 

Pamela Sanchez 5 Darwin Rd . Somerset, NJ 8873 

Kim Rlekard Sanders 7 Park At'cmir. Thumnsi'llle, NC 27360 

Michael Snnlnlocl. 20H Hillside Dr . Apt 5. Greensboro. NC 27401 

Annette Saiilrimrirki 10705 Cnrdinalon Way. CockeysvtUe. Mi) 21203 

Joseph Pascal Srtnloni. PO Boa -150, Santo Domingo 

iMne Allen Sapp. PO Hox 85. Clemmons. NC 27012 

Brian Joint's Sarneekl: 4730 Parkvule Rd . Ellcatt City. MD 21043 

Nick Sorrlmonolls 213 Wcstrltlyv Dr . Utah Point. NC 27260 

William Eritiwd Sn_ss III 1627 Ard.sleu Place. Crofton. MP 21 IN 

Sue L. Saxe 17 Gronl Or . Avon. CT 6001 

Deborah Jeanne Scan Ion 965 Adams Plaee. Weslimod. NJ 7675 

kalhleen Ann Schavfvr I 744 Coniroy Si . Seaprtl. NY 1 1 783 

Susan Atltyn Schult 155 Hamilton Ril . RtHkvitte Center. NY I I S70 

Kevin Charles Scoll Rt I. Ht>.\ 34E. Hnrtoek. Ml) 21643 

Lena Beatrice Serlven: 106 lUreh Ctrele. Raelord. NC 2H376 

Kevin J. Setdl 2198 Fir Street, Wuntagh. NY 11793 

Teresa C. Sellers: Rt 8. Box 95, A.shcboro. NC 27203 

Lynn Marie Sharkey. 4 75 Walton Ril , Mnptetrood, NJ 7040 

Charles Lee Shaver. Jr.. Kl. I , Boa 722. Jackson Springs. NC 272HI 

Deborah Shaver. 12443 SW 30th Street. Miami. Ft. 33175 

Ada Louise Sherrill Kl. 3, Box 506. Htyh Point, NC 27263 

Diane Sherry: ISO Satterttnvaite Ave.. Nutley. NJ 71 10 

Douglas B Shettds 6730 Barrister Rd.. Kernersville. NC 272H4 

Kathy J. Shields 4109 L'bert St. E\l . Winslou Salem. NC 27107 

Carolyn Jean Shippletl: 615 Whlltfcr Ave . Utah Point. NC 27260 

Mary Teresa Shlvely: 2706 Miriam Ct . Htyh Point. NC 27263 

Mlchele Ann Shovlin. 1724 Nevada Street. Wcstfictd. NJ 7090 

Michael W Shotvalter- 7126 Westmoreland. Falls Church. VA 22IM2 

Marlon E Shriver 1 127 Cm. Spg Valley Rd . l.utherettte. Ml) 21093 

Joe Kent Sides 315 Plaza Dure. Harrlsburg. NC 28075 

Nancy Siersted. 1329- 10 Briar Creek Rd . Charlotte. Nv 2H205 

Bobby Gfiit- Simpson: 102 Holder St , K«iidli-Mi(iri. NC 2731 7 

Jayne Rinhelle Sinipstiri 31 12 (Viueri'iHe Road. UKritiiityMn, DF. I9H07 

Mitchell S<.-ott Sink- Rt.4. Bt>.v 25-4. T/ioma.sfille. NC 27360 

Rebecca Ann Sink: BOO Randolph St.. Thomasvllle. NC 27360 

Sharon L Sink: Roule 11. Box 651. Winston Salem. NC 27 107 

Marie Y. Skldmore 918 Lake Drive West. Thomasvllle. NC 27360 

Jeffrey C. Sloan: 12629 Heating Lane. Bowie. Ml) 20715 

Amy Lynn Smith: Rt. 3. Bv.\ 263. AthebiTo. NC 27203 

Betsy Ann Siiiilh. Rt I. Box 480A. Creuv. VA 23930 

David Wesley Smith 2325 Sprlnylake Drive. Timonutm. Ml) 21093 

JanwsTB Smith: Rt 1. Box 166. Blenheim. SC 29516 

John Randolph Smith: 1212 E Riiter Lake Rd . Greenstx>ro. NC 27406 

Joseph C Smith, Jr.: 13 Debra Plaee. Sfirarfii. NJ 7077 

Richard J Smith. Jr . 302 Edvvard Lane. Louisbttrg. NC 27549 

Sheila Marie Smith: Rt 3. Box 263. Asheboro. NC 27203 

William Raymond Smith: 3434 C.reenhill Drive. High Point. NC 27260 

Vorinif Angela Smith: 1613 E. Cone Blvd . Greensboro. NC 27405 

Tamara Lynn Smool: 607 Johnson St.. Thomasi-i He. NC 27360 

Valdes Juan Snipes. Rt. 5, Box 400. Mebane. NC 27302 

Alan Raeford Snou-: 3138 Rtdgeivood Road. Winston Salem. NC 27107 

Jack Wllsan Songster- 406 Cleveland Blvd . Fayetteeille. NY 13066 

Paul Thomas Sorremino: 104 Arlhur Dr , Smithlou'tr. NY 1 17«7 

Krlstlan S. Soulhard: 3745 Healhrou- Drive. Winston Salem, NC" 27107 

Michael S. Southard: Rt 1. Box 71 1. Summerfield. NC 27358 

Toyce Ellen Southern. 3599 High Point Rd . Winston Salem, NC 27107 

K Daniel Spainhour: Route I. Box 279. King. NC 27021 

James Gregory Spoinhour- 5949 Tlniberu'ood Trails. Kernerscilfe. NC 27284 

William Dai'id Spainhour- Rt I. Box 279. King. NC 27021 

Sarah E Sparks: 312 Piccadilly DriL-e. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

Rodney Blair Spea$. I 20 Sunset Drive. Rural Hall. NC 27045 

Beth Carriere Spencer: 1360 E.W. Shadey Side Rd.. Shadey Side. MD 20867 

Loltta Yvette Spencer: PO Box 93. Eagle Springs. NC 27242 

Theresa Ann Spittel: 7 Colonial Hgls.. Ramsey. NJ 7446 

James C. Sprinkle: 705 Brandyu'ide Bled . Wilmington. DE 19809 

Stephanie C. Sprinkle: 316 Old Holiou'Rd.. Winston Salem. NC 27105 

David Lee Stackhouse: 1010 W. Driftwood Drive. Slier City. NC 27344 

Thomas M. Staclchouse: 1010 W. Dri/(u-ood Dr.. Stler City. NC 27344 

Perry Edward Stafford: 1150 11 th St. Circle NW. Hickory. NC 28601 

Robert Brent Stanley: 810 Woodrou.' Street. High Point. NC 27262 

Sharon Renee Starkey: 19005 Rtverton Street. Olney. MD 20832 

H. Dean Steelman. 5340 Balsom Rd., Pfafftown, NC 27040 

Angelo Mervyn Stewart: 516 N. Pelham St . Alexandria. V'A 22304 

Donald Burns R. Sleuwt. i 1 9 Wedgewood Drive. Coram. NY 1 I 727 

Harry Wayson Steiuart; 6460 Eltbank Drive. Elkndge. MD 21227 

Mlchele P. Steirart: 606 Douglas Road. Salisbury. MD 21801 

Amy Margaret Stocke: 250 Nicholson Drive. Mooresioirn. NJ 8057 

Mickey Armfietd Stokes: 155 Gravel Hill. Taylorsvdle. NC 28681 

Maria Elizabeth Stone- 1348 Shell Rd.. Thomasville. NC 27360 

Meltnda Ann Stone: 3471 Olympia Rd.. Dai'tdsoneille. MD 21035 

Frances R. Story: 3016 Karlington Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 

John William Stout: 185-K Alexis Ct. Rd. "3. Hockessln. DE 19707 

Lisa Karen Stowe: 1316 Murphy Lane. Eden. NC 27288 

David H. Strong. 26 Fairi'ieu- Ace., yew Providence. NJ 7974 

Mellnda Denise Stroud: Rt. 3. Box 287. High Point. NC 27263 

Robert Allan Stucky: 411 Emerson Lane. Berkeley Heights. NJ 7922 

Allen C. Suelro: McKinley M-46 Parkvllle. Guaynoba. PR 657 

Tamera K. Summers: Box 4305 Whitsett Sf.. Gtbsonville. NC 27249 

Melame Ann Suttle-. Rt. 2. Box 434. Dobson. ,VC 27017 

Rhonda Gail Strairn: PO Box 67. Wallburg. NC 27363 

Tamara Lynn Swaim: PO Box 504. Clemmons. NC 27012 

Betsy W Su-anson. 133 .Vorth Hall St.. Seajord. DE 19973 

Teresa Lynn Sweatman. 4975 Alvls Lane. Winston Salem. NC 27107 

Sharon Lynne Sweeney: 9729 Mill Run Dr . Great Falls. VA 22066 

Lisa Carol String: Rt. 2. Box 3. Lexington. NC 27292 

Sandra Marie Su/oboda: 5716 .Vei-ada Street. Beru'yn Hgts.. MD 20740 

Cynthia Renae Talley: Rt. I. Box 270. Woodleaf. NC 27054 

Lou Ellen Taylor 160O0 Aider wood Lane. Bnwle. MD 20716 

Daniel Bruce Teahan. 3501 Riverview Blvd. W . Bradenton. FL 33505 

Donald .McGregor Teahan: 3501 Ricervtew Blvd. W . Bradenton. FL 33505 

Rhonda Kim Thomas: 6122 I^a Ray Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 

■John Griffith Thompson. 1905 Rampan Dr . Alexandria. VA 22308 

Karla Sue ThornhtIL 4439 Ridge Valley Dr . Charlotte. NC 28208 

David Wimer Tlbbals: 565 Shaclcemaxon Drive. Wesifleld. NJ 7090 

Barry Lee Tiilei;: '.180 N. Main St.. Kernersvilte. NC 27284 

John Kenneth Ttsdale: 2171 Middle Hoad. Fayetteotlle. NC2H30I 
Irene l.tsn Ttvnld KressonGibbsboru Road. Marltnn, NJ 8053 
Frails I. Tuhln. 1 1406 Itnttims Way. Rwkvllh: MD 20H52 
David Hntrr Tondtnsou: 9 Oak iMnv. hrookfli'ld. CT 6804 
Virginia C.nytv Trlvvtte Rl 9, Box 423A. Greensboro. NC 27409 
Tushlo Tmiehldtr 1264 Kilayama. Inami-Cho Kakogn 
Ij-sIIv Ann Tucker 2140 Desoto Road. Snrastila. FL 33580 
Wnynona Susan Tucker. Ht I. Box 3S-A. l^wsonvflle. NC 27022 
Robert Dnvid Tummlre 51 1 N Centennial Street High Point. NC 27262 
Elizabeth Anne Tyrrell: 233 14th Street. Avalon. NJ 8202 
Gregory Sykes Upchunh H08 liiukle Court, Raleigh. NC 27609 
Su/anne marie Urmston: lOO Ludlow Ave.. Spring Lake. NJ 7762 
Moses Aputtngwo H/.uh. Box 803. Benin City. Bendel Nigria 
Cornelius J VantmeU. IV: Rt 2. Box 350-11. Slier City. NC 27344 
Sandra Vandvnilrivssilie: 682 College Parkway Ruckvtltc, MD 20850 
John Brink Vanhoru: 207 Mclanehtun Aw.. Lnthervttle. Ml) 21093 
Gerald A Vanspltnter II I 7 Intervale Road H 952. Setauket. NY 1 I 733 
Ju<\n O VeliUyuei-VaLlea Apalado 1222. Santo Domingo 
MchnJd Louise Venuto 1234 Potomdc School Rd . McLean. VA 22101 
Patricia Victoria Calle 14 US, Naco Santo Domin 
Martha E Vmk 2 Rottkamp Street. Valley Stream. NY 115X0 
Jcitcry Keith Vogler 2h4 Stewart Road. Winston Sa/em, NC 27107 
Michael Lee Vogler. 264 Stewart Rd . Win.sion Salem. NC 27107 
Vincent J 1'iuiin Kl 4. Boa 4 161 U>lly Ct . Ui Plata. MD 20646 
Stephanie I. Vukovlc 21 I Lonsdale Ave . Unyton. OH 454 19 
BWHe Wagner. 506 Hoover Dr.. Lexington. NC 27292 
Atlsa A Walker 4740 Chippendale Way. Winston Salem. NC 27103 
Laurie Wynn Walker 4920 Davis Road. U'lnslon Salem. NC 271U5 
Lisa Lynn Walker 2417 WlllKims Ave.. High Point. NC 27262 
Susan Denise Wutkcr 4740 Chippendale Way. Winston Salem. NC271D3 
Elt/abelli L Wall 1241 Dovvrshlre Place. High Paint. NC 27260 
L. Klmberii, Wall PO Box 309. Aindlson. NC 27025 
Ron, Dounvli Walton. 2505 Kvtmct Lane, cknt'ic. MO 207 15 
Richard E. Ward Rt. 2. Box 7-A. Slunrd VA 24171 
Robert Arthur Ward: 21 1 Walnut St . Berryvttle. VA 2261 1 
Sarah Denise Ward. Rl. 3. Box 360. Madison NC 27025 

Rachel Ukraine Warltck 1 088 Peace Haven Road. Winston Salem. NC 27 104 
Martlee Kay Warren Kl 2. Box I 71. Summerfleld. NC 27358 
UifiiiiKiliie Washington 546 East Avenue. Akron. OH 44320 
Robert Kitchens H'dlfcins: 130 Bishop Si reel. Winston Sfilcrn. NC 27104 
Vanda G W<t(Jc|iis.- I J(>6 lilUcreM Dr., Thomnsrllle. NC 27360 
ArUhony Wnl.sofi. 7705 Canberra plaee. Clinton. Ml) 20735 
Mario Evans Watson Rl 4. Boa 170. Trinity. NC 27370 
Urania Rt-nev Watt Rl 4. Box 434 '.v Sarder. Cheirlnlle. NC 28208 
Ih-nise Carlo Watts I 10 East Street. Kernersvilte. NC 27284 
Naomi L Watts l 10 East St.. Kemcrsrille. NC 27284 

Charles Stuart Wuynlck 1 208 New Garden Rd . Greensboro. NC 27410 
Mark Andrew Webb 1135 Tabor Street. High Point. JVC 27260 
Robert N. We t -ku-o rth. Jr 717 G Greenhaven Drive. Greensboro. NC 27406 
David Summers U'elborn 504 Wearer Rood. Lexington. NC 27292 
Pamela Marie Well h 2941 Si Claire Rd. Winston Salem. NC 27106 
Barbara Lynnv Welts: IW High Point Dr.. Cniirchrille. PA 18966 
Sylvia Jean Wells: 3601 Greenhlll Dr.. High Point. NC 27260 
Jannell L Welsh 3407 Chapman Rd . Randallstoun. MD 21 133 
Kerin Thomas Wesl 502 Smith Fvdvrtil Huy l.nlte Worih. FL 33460 
raid l.eteis Whclrss. Jr.. 1414 Afadlson Aw , High Point. NC 27262 
Steven C Wheless. 1213 Broofcdale Dr . Asheboro. NC 27203 
Kent Roland Whicker. 841 Stiver Dapple Lane. Kernersvilte. NC 27284 
Sandy Aljoir/.a Whitaker: Route 1. Boa 439. Rich Square. NC 27869 
Francis Keith White: Rf 2. Box 23. Trinity. NC 27370 
Lorenzo White. PO Boa 3364 HIW High Point. JVC 27262 
Laanne While. I 71 Rainboir Tr.. Oenrille. NJ 7834 
Mark Alan White 7104 Kingston Dr , Camp Springs. Ml) 20748 
Michael Steeen White. 402 S. 3rd Street. St Pauls. NC 28384 
Vivian L White Rt. 1. Box 23. High Point. NC 27260 
Michael Robert Wiesehan. 6701 N. Fax Point Ct.. Peoria 11. 61614 
Lisa Dawn Wiesmau 7*58 Clinnrd Farms Rd .. High Point. NC 27260 
Joseph John Wiggins.- 5470 Clifton Rd . Jacksimvllte. FL 3221 I 
Christopher Williams; PO Box 96. Trinity. NC 27370 
Kenneth D. Williams. Jr.. 7013 Wolftree Lane. Koekrllle. MD 20852 
Sharon J. Williams. 8061 Tuefcerman La.. Polomac. MD 20854 
Thomas P. Williams. 2906 Spring Road SW. Roanoke. VA 24015 
Jean Paige Williamson. 421 Mayflower. Portsmouth. VA 23701 
Mary K. Williamson 3504 Sumehnrst PI. High Point. Nc 27260 
Katherine P Wilson 337 Walkerloirri-Gufhrie K., Winston Salem. NC 27101 
Vera M. Wilson: Rt I. Bo.\ 156/7. Eaden. NC 27288 
Viveea Dawn Wtngfield: 921 Llano PI.. Greensboro. NC 27401 
Paula Louise Winion. 4314 Kentland Drive . Woodbrldpe. VA 22193 
Myron Melton Wise 121 Sunvew Ave , High Point. NC 27260 
Richard Lee Wlteofski: 729 Elderwood Ave.. Winston Salem. NC 27103 
Mary K. Wohlleban. 4719 Falstone Ave . Chevy Chase. MD 20815 
Cynthia L Wold- 5647 Bayvieiv Drive. Seminole. FL 33542 
Geoffrey Ernest Wolfe: 255 Boulevard. Mountain Lakes. NJ 7046 
Christoperh Hooper Wood: 179 Anderson Hill Road. Bemardseille. ,\J 7924 
Robert Scott Wood. 219 Bremen Drive. Lexington. NC 27292 
Susan A. Woof en. J08O6 Broofcu-oud Ace.. L'pper Marboro. MD 20772 
Connie Martin Wrighf- 3101 Flanders Ct.. High Point. NC 27260 
David Keith Wright. 1001 West 3rd Ave.. Lexington. NC 27292 
Teresa A. Wright. Rt 3. Box 630. Thomasville. NC 27360 
Jill Yarboro: 146 Westover Dr.. Elkin. NC 28621 
Denah Leigh Yarborough: Rt 4. Box 658. Htgh Point. NC 27263 
Arthur K Yates: Rt. 12. Box 256. Winston Salem. NC 27107 
W George Yates: 4622 Bell Oaks Dr , Charlotte. NC 28210 
Barbara Phyllis Wager- 21 70 Fawselt Rd.. Winter Park. FL 32789 
John Alexander York: PO Box 66. Morganton. NC 28655 
Pamela George York: Rf. 3. Box 501 -J. High Point. NC 27263 
Daeid Edu'in Voung. 38 Georgia Dr . Syossel. NT 1 1 791 
Joanie Diane Young. 1268 David Ave . Henderson. NC 27536 
Nancy Louise Voung I 1 10 Rockford Rd.. Htgh Point. NV 27262 
Susan Heidi Voung. 8406 Bear Creek Dr . Annandale. VA 22003 
Roger William V'ounis. 9 Country Home Road. Lexington. NC 27292 
Ida H C Yuan. Embajada De China 277-2 Santo Domingo 
Aflen R. Zaback 898 Wilson Dnce. Docer. DE 19901 
Jeffery Stuart Zinc. 4 Widou- Dnce. Aeon. CT 6001 
Susanne Linda Zurnff. 5643 Dodge Dr . Fayetteeille. NC 28303