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Full text of "The Zenith Yearbook, 1983 High Point College"

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high point coiiege 83 



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ift to Right — Tabbie Nance, Shazad Peters, Erika Allien, Debra Quick, Sharon Lowe, Steve Macintosh, and Gordon Bov 

High Point College 

High Point, NC 27262 
Zenith Volume 59 

Table Of 



Faculty And 

Administrative Officials 


^ Organizations. 












Reaching For The Zenith 

Climbing, searching, struggling, 
learning, experiencing — reaching 
for your personal zenith. The ze- 
nith, the ultimate destiny in life, is 
solely a personal choice. Although 
our pathways to zenith are quite 
different, we all, in essence, exper- 
ience the same emotions while 
walking the rugged road. Fear of 
the unknown, unstable from the 
unexpected, and insecure about the 
future are all aspects of achieving 
our goals. While moving into the 
future one step at a time, we must 
not forget those, perhaps far away, 
who play an important part in 
reaching our zenith. We cannot of- 
ten take loved ones with us, yet we 
can always carry with us their mor- 
al support. 

The pathway will be rugged with 

many up and downhill slopes. De- 
spite the many obstacles, we must 
never lose sight of that special re- 
warding goal we hope to achieve. 
Through patience and determina- 
tion you can reach your zenith. As 
someone once said, "anything 
worth having is never easy to ob- 
tain." May we all work together 
with understanding and persis- 
tence as we struggle, reaching for 
the zenith. 


The scene of unfamiliar faces, out-of- 
state license plates, boxes and suitcases 
made for the usual mass confusion. The 
grounds were filled with anxious new- 

the official High Point College freshmen 
for the 1982-83 year. The first few days 
were filled with meeting new people, ad- 
justing to a new home, being Jkussled 
from one place to another, and trying to 
cope with the complexities of college 

The orientation beach party, water- 
melon cutting, freshmen dance and oth- 
er activities helped to break the ice. It 
was a perfect way to make friends and 
slowly plant both feet firmly on the 
ground for the new year ahead. 

As the days progressed, there was the 
registering for classes, running from ori- 
entation meeting to orientation meeting, 
and the many trifis to the mail box only 
to find "air mail". 

But, they made it. They are well on 
their way in their college careers. The 
Class of "86 has arrived! 

'op, right: Jeff and Zack make sure that 
hey don't forget one of the more impor- 
tant parts of residence hall decor. 

left: Beth, Ellen, Roy, Claire, and Kelly 
add some of their own fun to the beach 
party held by Orientation Big Brothers 
and Sisters. 

|lbove: With an exhausted look, Mark 
fetops to give some last minute input into a 
Conversation before he drives off. 

^>GH POINT p., , 


ft i' 

Building For The Future 

The roar of the bulldozers and sounds of 
machinery filled the air as construction began 
on the new library. Freshmen living in Wom- 
en's Residence Hall started each day with the 
construction sounds floating in their win- 
dows. Throughout the day, students and fac- 
ulty knew progress was being made as comple- 
tion of the Herman H. and Louise M. Smith 
Library drew near. 

The library being built in the style of Rob- 
erts Hall will increase the space of Wrenn 
Memorial Library and will increase the acces- 
sability of the volumes. Since students will 
have better access to the volumes, they will be 
able to increase their knowledge and build 
their futures. The completion date for the li- 
brary is expected for the spring of 1985, 


The Year The Bells Tolled 

The silence of the campus 
was broken by sounds of stu- 
dents returning for the fall 
semester and the chiming of 
the hour. Once again, after 
several years of silence, the 
chimes were operating. Some 
students found the chimes 
helpful in keeping track of 
time, while others found 
them annoying when trying 
to study or sleep. Twice a day 
the chimes entertained stu- 
dents and faculty with mini- 
concerts of easy-listening 
music. With the return of the 
chimes, the 1982-83 academic 
year was known as the year 
the bells tolled. 


Searching, Aiming, Reaching 

GOAL/'gol/l. aim, purpose 
2. an area or object toward 
which play is directed in order 
to score. 

Here at High Point College 
we are setting our goals; our 
goals for the future. In setting 
our goals we may strive to at- 
tain athletic excellence ... the 
thrill of victory, the anguish of 
defeat. We may reach out for a 
future in family life. To assume 
a role as parent; provider. We 
may set out goals to succeed 
while in school. To be a cam- 
pus leader so we may assume a 
leadership position. We may 
look to this as our opportunity 
for our future as a potential 
leader. High Point College 
stresses a "quality education 
with a personal touch." Part of 
that "personal touch" is influ- 
enced by the prescence of High 
Point's Christian foundation. 

We strive for a closer and more 
meaningful relationship with 
God through the church. 

Mostly, we here at High 
Point College share a central 
goal ... to strive for success in 
a career. To hold a job that pro- 
vides self satisfaction, econom- 
ic means and security in a ca- 
reer future. So, as we reach for 
the Zenith let us begin our 
climb with the many goals that 
we set along the years spent at 
High Point College. 

Dwayne Hunt 

Michael Pitlman with son Jeffrey 


Charles Hayworth Chapel 


Denise Watts, Freshmen Orien- 
tation Committee Chairman 

Bored With The Books? 

Study break — one of the most appealing 
phrases in a college student's vocabulary. HPC 
students seem to have little difficulty finding 
ways out of the sometimes grueling academic 
routine. Sleeping, sunbathing, and watching 
the soaps are great ways to occupy the after- 
noon hours. Frisbee is always a favorite past- 
time, along with playing Uno, playing back- 
gammon, or just playing hookey. Even the 
most serious scholars occasionally throw 
down their pens, close their books, and say to 
themselves, "What's one more all-nighter? I 
need a break!" 

Top: Kathy Schaefer takes some timeout from 
studying to call someone to let them know that 
she's thinking of them. 


r 1 

Left: Diane Lynk nonchalantly stands at the 
water fountain and patiently wails while her 
glass fills. 

Above: Something suspicious is going on as 
Judy's grin and Kevin's smirk reveals. 

Below: Anna, Leslie, LuAnn, Pat, Jill and Shar- 
on get together to talk over some daily gossip 
and much on popcorn. 


HPC Scholars Heighten Their Horizons 

"A Quality Education With A Personal Touch" 

A flash, a click, a precious 
moment in time has been cap- 
tured through the lens of a 
camera. Moments of intense 
studies have been trans- 
formed into a still life. As stu- 
dents work toward a Bachelor 
of Science or Bachelor of Arts 
degree to reach their destiny 
in life, the students at High 
Point College grow intellec- 

tually and emotionally. The 
responsibility of the academic 
life at HPC causes the student 
to become more self-reliant 
and responsible. As a result "» 
quality education with a per 
sonal touch," has enlightenec 
and taught the mind tQ.ques 
tion the ideas and ideals o 
life as one reaches for thi 
acme of life. 

Above: Students found comfort in struggling with the books by 
fe holding on to "teddy." 

Upper Right: Andy Bonar found the only way to study was by 
plugging in the tunes. 

Bottom right: An "A" paper always brings a bright smile. 


per left: ^nior Hill jloKnson studies in a fa- 
vorable atmosphere which puts the 
mind at ease. 

ove: With books, notes and dictionary in 
hand, Kelley Lambert tackles another 
french assignment. 

iddle left: Teddy takes over the heavy work 

Bottom Left: Dr. Holt and Art Prillaman discuss 
May graduation. 


High Point College 

High Point College, founded in 1924 by a 
predecessor of the Methodist Church has 
changed through the past 59 years, not only 
physically but academically as well. When the 
doors opened in 1924, only 122 students were 
enrolled. For the 1982-1983 academic year the 
enrollment exceeded 1,000. The first and sec- 
ond years of the college, college courses were 
offered as well as 10th and 11th grade high 
school courses. In the second year the junior 
class was added and the 10th grade discontin- 
ued. In the third year of existence High Point 
officially became a college. 

The physical aspect of High Point College 
has changed extensively since 1924. The origi- 
nal campus consisted of three buildings and 
has expanded to 17. In 1924, Roberts Hall, the 
main administration building was completed. 
It contained not only administrative offices 
but the cafeteria as well. The original campus 
consisted only of Roberts Hall, Women's dor- 
mitory and McCulloch dormitory. Harrison 
Hall was added in 1933, and M.J. Wrenn Me- 
morial Library in 1937. Wesley dormitory, an 
addition to Women's was added in 1953. The 
HOrate S. Haworth Hall of Science expanded 
the campus in 1962. Yadkin, North and Millis 
dormitories were added in 1964. Mary Irwin 
Belk dormitory was added in 1968. The newest 
addition to the HPC campus was the Holt 
McPherson Campus Center, completed in 

Plans for a new college in N.C. actually 
began in 1893. In 1920, three cities. High 
Point, Greensboro and Burlington submitted 
bids as to where the college would be built. 
High Point offered 60 acres and $1000,000. In 
1921 High Point's offer was accepted by the 
Board of Educations Conference Committee. 
A Board of Trestees was selected and in 1922 
plans for the college buildings were selected. 

Changes in administration and faculty have 
been numerous through the years. HPC start- 
ed with only a few faculty members and stu- 
dents and has grown into one of the finest 
church related liberal arts colleges in the 
South offering degrees in 32 major areas. 


Through The Years 

'^i'lT/it».^- "^^ 


/ * -< / 




Erika Allien 
Communications and Business 

Karen Ashley 

Joyce Bacik 

Jack Bailey 

Vickie Barnes 
Special Education 

Michael Bartholomew 

Janice Bentley 

Gordon Bowen 


Tanya Boylen 

Early Childhood Education 

Jerri Brady 
Behavioral Science 

Teresa Brown 

Joseph Budd 

Charles Burton 

April Callahan 

Aesthetic Values in Society 

Gina Cardone 

Lori Carlile 

Early Childhood Education 



Hr ^^^i^ 

W 3m^ 

'^B "^^1 


B^ mm 

^BkL ' ,^m^^ 

JP^^^.^1— »^. .-^mf^^Sl^ 




Elizabeth Carp 

Claire Carruthers 

Ron Chapman 

Sherry Cheek 
Elementary Education 

Ted Cleary 
Business and History 

Lenora Compton 
Physical Education 

William Costello 

Chemistry, Chemistry-Business 

Kevin Cowan 


Jimmy Davis 
Chemistry — Business 

Joe Davis 

Sally Davis 

Early Childhood Education 

Glenn Denny 

Susan Dockery 

Early Childhood Education 


Michelle Downs 

Home Furnishings Marketing 

Jacquehne Elliot 
Christian Education 

Aquillas Farias 
International Business 

Sharon Farlow 

Early Childhood Education 

Greg Fox 

Jimmy Fox 

Steven Frazier 

Pete Gibson 
Human Relations 

"^is S:-^-!*; 


Dana Gilbert 

Janet Grocki 

Debora Hagar 
Accounting and Business 

Buck Hall 
Physical Education 

Rhonda Hardin 

Early Childhood Education 

Sharon Harper 

Lillia Harris 
Human Relations 

Gary Heaton 


Vernon Hedgecock 

Michael Hennis 

Christopher Henson 
Business Administration 

Page Hess 

Early Childhood Education 

Gloria Howard 
Business Administration 

Steven Howell 

Sarah Huddleston 
Art/Art Education 

Mary Hunter 

Business Administration/Finance 


Yvonne Hurley 


Deborah Hutter 
Health/Physical Education 

William Johnson 

Vickie Kennedy 

Business Administration/Home 

Furnishings Marketing 

Mark Lambert 
Business Administration 

Francis Leak 

Business Administration 

Karla Liedtke 

Early Childhood Education 

Jane MacConnell 


Arthur Michael 

Kathryn Mills 

Kerry Mills 

Business Administration 

Terry Mills 

Business Administration 

Craig Mock 

Business Administration 

Jeff Monroe 

Business Administration 

Lisa Morgan 

Beth Myers 


Tabbie Nance 

Jane Needham 

Robert Nelson 
Business Administration 

Lisa Osborne 

Tana Parker 

Darnita Peeler 
Business Administration 

Marshall Ponder 
Human Relations 

Michael Porter 
Political Science/History 


Art Prillaman 

Debra Quick 
3 History/Political Science 

Jonathon Richardson 
Physical Education 

jim Robertson 
Business Administration 

Carol Rogers 

Donna Rowe 

Business Administration 



h-- y'j 



Karen Rudd 

Business Administration 

Sean Russell 
Chemistry/Business * 

Pamela Sanchez 

Annette Santamaria 

Chan Shaver 
Human Relations 

Nancy Siersted 
Elementary Education 

Gene Simpson 
Business Administration 

Sharon Sink 
Intermediate Education 

Amy Smith 

Terry Spittel 

Business Administration 

James Sprinkle 
Business Administration 

Tommy Stackhouse 
Business Administration 








^p-: 1 


k ^1 



Robert Stanley 
Business Administration 

Melinda Stone 
Business Administration 

Lou Taylor 
History/Political Science 

Sandra Vandendriessche 

John Van Horn 
History/Political Science 

Bclvie Wagner 

Human Relations/Recreation 




■^ Pl^ 






Elizabeth Wall 

Early Childhood Education 

Sarah Ward 
Physical Education 

Marilee Warren 

David Welborn 
Business Administration 


Sharon Williams 

Viveca Wingfield 

Robert Wood 

Business Administration 

Teresa Wright 

Tommy Yarboro 
Physical Education 

Barb Yeager 

Early Childhood Educatioi 

Pamela York 

Heidi Young 
Christian Education 


Senior Statistics 

Melissa Erin Adamson, Business 

Administration, ZTA 

Kelly Marie Afil, Sociology 

Erika Lee Allion, Communications 

Martin Bergan Armstrong, Furniture 


Karen Denise Ashley, Business 


Marcia Lynne Athay, Religion 

Samuel Roger Averett, Art 

Joyce Ann Bacik, Psychology 

Kappa Delta, Behavioral Science Club, 

Intervarsity, Orientation Committee 

Jack Markus Bailey, Business 


Rhonda Lynn Banther, Early Childhood 


Ralph Paul Barnes, Business 


Vickie Lynne Barnes, Secondary 


Alpha Delta Theta, SNEA 

Steve Drew Bamhill, Business 


Michael R. T. Bartholomew, Biology 

Baptist Student Union, Inter-varsity 

Barbara E. Belk, History 

Auburn Ray Bell, Jr. Furniture 


Janice Sue Bentley, Business 


Intervarsity, SAM 

Robert G. Bentley, Sociology 

Gordon Rex Bowen, Biology 

Lambda Chi Alpha, Orientation 


Tanya A. Barnes Boylen, Early 

Childhood Education 

Lisa Gaye Bradshaw, Physical 


Jerri L. Brady, Biology 

Teresa Arlene Brewer, Early Childhood 


Randal Lewis Briley, Business 

A dminis tra tion 

Charles Wayne Brown, Business 


Teresa Lynne Brown, Business 

A dminis tra tion 

SAM, Delta Mu Delta, Alpha Chi, Phi 


Thomas Milton Brown, Pre-Ministerial 

Conduce A. Buczinsky. Accounting 

Charles W. Burton, Jr., English 

American Humanics, The Apogee, 

HI-PO, Writer's Club. Who's Who 

Carolyn Caggiano, Education 

April J. Callahan, English 

APO, Alpha Chi, Tower Players, SU, 

American Humanics 

Gina Cardone, Communications 

Society of Collegiate Journalists 

Claire M. Carruthers, Business 


Kappa Delta, SAM, Student Union, 

Junior Class, Orientation Committee 

Suzanne Giddens Chance, Early 

Childhood Education 

Ronnie Chapman, Biology 

Basketball, Pi Kappa Alpha, Attorney 


Sherry Jean Cheek, Early Childhood 


SNEA, SNCAE Cluster Coordinator and 

Executive Committee 

Mark Robert Christian, Furniture 


Edmund Cleary, Business 
Dale Robin Cobb, Sociology 
Ethel Lenora Compton, Physical 

Robert B.F. Cook, Business 

William Daniel Costello, Chemistry 
IFC, Alpha Chi, American Chemical 
Society, Presidential Scholar 
Kevin Paul Cowan, Chemistry 
Terrie Hill Cranford, Furniture 

Jeffrey Anderson Craver, Accounting 
P. Stan Crews, Human Relations 
Lisa Annette Davido, Communications 
Jimmy Lee Davis, Jr., Chemistry- 

Orientation Committee, Lambda Chi 
Alpha, Presidential Scholar, Run for Fun 

Joseph Lee Davis, Jr., Accounting 
Lambda Chi Alpha 

Sally Elizabeth Davis, Early Childhood 

SNEA, ZTA, Kappa Delta Pi, HI-PO, 
Orientation Committee, Presidential 

Phillip Jay Dickerson, Business 
William Rey Dills, Religion 
Margaret Susan Dockery, Early 
Childhood Education 
Michelle Vonrie Downs, Furniture 

Donna Lynne Dumont, Physical 

Derrin B. Dunzweiler, Business 

Jacqueline E. Elliott, Christian 

Work Study-Data Processing 
Carl R. Ernst, Business Administration 
Silo S. Aquiles Farias, Business 

Sharon Petty Farlow, Early Childhood 
Marisa Firpi, Art 
Bruce Floyd, Human Relations 
Gregory Alan Fox, Communications 
Tennis, Alpha Chi, Society For 
Collegiate Journalists, WWIH, IFC, 
Delta Sigma Phi 

Steven Mathew Frazier, Accounting 
Steven Michael Furman, Sociology 
George Gazepis, Mathematics 
Dana B. Gilbert, Business 
Janet Lynne Grocki, Art 
Karen Leigh Gurney, Business 

Elmer Doyle Hall, Jr., Physical 

Carol J. Hanna, Sociology 
Rhonda Gayle Hardin, Early Childhood 

Connie W. Harris, Education 
Kevin W. Haynes, History 
Gary E. Heaton, Human Relations 
Homer Vernon Hedgecock, Accounting 
Tammi Lynn Hedrick, Business 

Michael Allan Hennis, Mathematics 
Christopher L. Henson, Business 

SAM. BSU, Intramurals. Who's Who. 
Delta Mu Delta, Alpha Chi, Junior 

Eric Allen Herrin, Furniture Marketing 

Page Doris Hess, Early Childhood 


Alpha Delta Theta, SNEA 

Emmett E. Haiti. Biology 

Delbert Francis Hickman, 


Delia Kimball Higgins, Philosophy 

Todd Adams Hilliard, Business 


Mary Elizabeth Hina, Christian 


Elizabeth Ann Hinkle, Furniture 


James Kevin Hotleran, Chemistry 

Tennis, American Chemical Society, 

Delta Sigma Phi 

F. Scott Horton, Furniture Marketing 

Lamar C. Howell, Business/Spanish 

Stephen Dwayne Howell, Furniture 


Sarah Sparks Huddleston, Education 

Mary Jonell Hunter. Business 

Adminis tration 

SGA. Presidential Scholars. Delta Mu 

Delta, Who's Who, HI-PO 

Yvonne Elizabeth Hurley, Psychology 

Student Union, ZTA. SGA, Presidential 

Scholars. Who's Who, BSU, Senior Class 

Robert Thomas Hutson II. Business 

Adminis tration 

William Edward Johnson. 


Craig Jones, Business Administration 

Vickie Diane Kennedy, Business 

Adminis tration 

Donald Warren Kester. Human 


Bowling Club. Pe Majors Club 

Richard A. Klier. Business 


Kazuhiko Tim Koshimizu. Mathematics 

Mark Kenneth Lambert. Business 


Francis Allen Leak. Business 


Karla M. Liedtke. Early Childhood 


Zeta Tau Alpha, SNEA 

Joy Susan Lyda, Education 

Jane Argyll Maccannell, 


Steve Manga, Business Administration 

Annette Martin Marley, Business 


Johnny C McDonald, Business 


Delta Sigma Phi, SGA. IFC. Delta Mu 

Delta, HPC Singers 

Cinda W. McGowan, Religion 

Amanda Lynn McGuirt. Sociology 

Elisa F. Mclnnis. Early Childhood 


Orlandos Mcintosh. Business 


Coy S. McNeill Business 


Delta Sigma Phi 

Jackie McNeill Physical Education 

Arthur Paul Micheel Chemistry 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

Kathryn E. Mills, Sociology 

Kerry T Mills, Business Administration 

Terry Kim Mills, Business 


Jeffrey Lee Mitchell Business 



Senior Statistics 

Cecil Craig Mock, Business 

Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Mu Delta, 
Alpha Chi 

Jeffrey Keith Monore, Business 
Lisa K. Morgan, Biology 
Nancy Sabrina Morris, Political Science 
Alpha Delta Theta 
William D. Morse, Sociology 
Soccer, Delta Mu Delta, Sigma Phi, IFC, 
Presidential Scholar 
Tabitha Ann Nance, Communications 
Who's Who, Student Union, Residence 
Assistant, HI-PO Reporter, Intramurals, 
Radio Station 

Jane Harris Needham, English 
WWIH, Tower Players 
Robert Watson Nelson, Business 
Ted James Nifong, Business 

Jeffrey D. Norris, Political Science and 

Helen Patricia Obrien, Education 
Lisa Kay Osborne, Intermediate Grades 

ZTA, Panhellanic, Officer, SNEA, 

Dilshad Peters, Biology 
Susan Gail Pierce, Business 

Presidential Scholar, ZTA, Cheerleader 
Michael W. Porter, Political Science 
Presidential Scholar 
Artis W. Prillaman, Communications 
Debra Lynn Quick, History 
Jonathan M. Richardson, Physical 

Cheerleader, Track, Theta Chi, PE 
Majors Club, ROTC, •'Crease" 831 
Laura Anne Ridenour, Biology 
Janet Riley, Political Science and 

Crispin T. Roberts, Business 
Joseph Roberts, Biology 
Carol Rogers, Communications 
Lionel Dennis Rogers, Communications 
Donna J. Roive, Business 

Karen J. Rudd, Business Administration 
Sean E. Lannon Russell, Chemistry 
Lambda Chi Alpha, Presidential 
Scholars, SGA, Senior Class President, 

Pamela Sanchez, Biology 
SGA, ZTA. SU, Zenith. Dorm Council, 
Presidential Scholar 
Annette Santamaria, Biology 
WWIH. Tower Players, APO. Behavioral 
Science Club, Orientation 
Kathleen Ann Schaefer, Chemistry 
Charles Lee Shaver. Jr.. Human 

BSU. SGA. Junior Class President. 
Who's Who, Dorm Council, Intramurals. 
Resident Assistant 

Nancy Siersted, Early Childhood 


SU, SNEA, SGA, Kappa Delta, Kappa 

Delta Pi, Orientation 

Bobby Gene Simpson, Business 


Sharon L. Sink, Education 

Jeffrey C. Sloan, Business 


Amy Lynn Smith, Biology 

Senior Class Officer, Judicial 

Representative, Traffic Court, Supreme 

Theresa Ann Spittel, Business 
SU, SGA, Kappa Delta, SAM, 
Orientation Committee 
Thomas M. Stackhouse, Business 

Robert Brent Stanley, Business 
Melinda Ann Stone, Business 
Student Union, Intramurals 
Tamera K. Summers, Secondary 

Lou Ellen Taylor, History/Political 

Field Hockey, Women's Intramurals, 
Theta Chi Little Sister 
Stanley Edward Taylor, Biology 
John Griffith Thompson, Biology 
Sandra Vandendriessche, Accounting 
Student Union, Dorm Council 

John Brink Vanhorn, Histpry/Political 

Stephanie L. Vukovic, Biology 
Belvie Wagner, Human Relations 
American Humanics 
Elizabeth L. Wall, Early Childhood 

Sarah Denise Ward, Physical Education 
PE Majors Club, Alpha Phi Omega, 
Women's Intramurals Director 
Marilee Kay Warren, Sociology 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
David Summers Welbom, Business 

Christopher Williams, Business 

SAM. BSU. Junior Class, PI Kappa 
Alpha, Delta Mu Delta, Alpha Chi 
Sharon J. Williams, History 
Viveca Dawn Wingfield. Sociology 
Volleyball, Basketball, Outstanding 
Names and Faces 
Robert Scott Wood, Business 
Alpha Phi Omega, SAM 
Teresa A. Wright, Biology 
Barbara Phyllis Yeager, Early Childhood 

Tower Players, Cheerleading. ZTA, 
SNEA, Nominated Who's Who 
Nancy Louise Young, Education 
Susan Heidi Young. Christian Education 
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, 


Debbie Alletzhauser 
Lynn Andrews 

Jose Armenteros 
Julie Beatty 

Cheryl Berry 
Elizabeth Bitcon 

Anna Brady 
Donald Brower, Jr. 

John Brown 
Kristen Brown 

Tom Burgess 
Rennee Cartret 


Rhonda Cecil 
Teriann Cleary 

Beverly Clement 
Jeff Collins 

Pat Connelly, III 
I Sandy Cornwell 

Carlene Dix 
Jeff Doerr 

Susan Durbano 
Davy Duval 

Richard Edwards, Jr. 
Sharon Elrod 



Melanie Hamilton 
Adrian Hargrove 
Jill Harris 
Sherry Hart 

Crystal Hedgecock 
Kimberly Higgins 
Tonya Hogan 
Brent Holshouser 

Bonnie Hopkins 
Wendi Hora 
Anne Howard 
Timothy Igwebuike 


Jennifer Lindquist 
Michael Louia 
Sharon Lowe 
William Lucas, Jr. 


Charles McCarthy 
Mark Mashburn 
Tony Matthews 
David Matzko 


Cynthia Nifong 
Cindy Palmer 
James Parker, Jr. 

Shahzad Peters 
Keith Pierre 
Alan Priddy 

Tony Roberson 
Waldo Rustrian 
Lane Sapp 

Brian Sarnecki 
Lynn Sharky 
Diane Sherry 


Barry Tilly 
Leslie Tucker 
Patricia Victoria 


Laurie Walker 
Denise Watts 
Luanne White 
David Young 




Jacqueline Earner 
Kathy Barnes 

Jennifer Boroughs 
Jane Bowser 

Gerri Bronstein 
Virginia Budd 

William Cotham, Jr. 
Carmen Cottle 

Bill Crabill 
Elizabeth Crawford 


Branson Davis 
Camille Davis 

Robert Dennis, Jr. 
Melissa Duncan 

Lynn Fortaleza 
William Frampton 

I Mary Gagner 
Kevin Gallimore 

Suzanne Gillespie 
John Hamilton 


Fran Jones 
Judy Jones 
Kim Jones 
Kirsten Kezar 



Brad O'Brien 
Patricia Park 
Art Payne 
Millie Price 

Susan Ramirez 
Brad Rhoades 
Robin Rogers 
Bob Rossi 


Donna Rudd 
Greg Shuskey 
Joseph Smith 
Sheila Smith 


Tamara Swaim 
Teresa Sweatman 
Sandra Swoboda 


Cindy Wold 
Ida Yuan 
Susanne Zuroff 





James Beall 
Barbara Benson 
Carol Bidermann 
Lisa Blake 


Francisco Bloch 
Andy Bonar 
Kim Boykin 

Kelly Brisentine 
Nita Burchette 
Don Campbell 



June Craft 
Sheila Craig 
Lisa Creed 

Mark Cunningham 
Denis de St. Aubin 
Elizabeth Daisey 

Rebecca Daisey 
Christopher Dalton 
Linda Driver 

Ginny Dunn 
Bonnie Eakin 
Melanie Epperson 


Marja Erickson 
Tonia Faizi 
Michele Fanning 

Jeff Gunter 
Allan HagKai 
Claire Ha 


Thomas Harraghy 
Selvvyn Heintz 
Roy Heilbron 

Jeffry Insley 
Libby Johnson 
Melanie Jordan 


Karen Kasting 
Wendy Kauffman 

Jeffrey Keck 
Amal Khayyat 

Laura Knouse 
Alysia Krokosz 

Susan Kuchinskas 
Adolfo Laffite 

Kelley Lambert 
Simon Lappi 

Lewis Lawrence 
Ngoc Thu Le 


Vanessa Lemmon 
Meredith Lewis 

Larry McCullough 
Trudy McDonald 

Paul McDonough 
Pamela McHone 

Kim Maness 
Marsha Manos 

Linda Miller 
Jerry Min 

Joel Moebius 
" Donald Osborne 


Ann Osterhout 
Patrick O'Sullivan 
Jennifer Palmer 
Mark Pane 


Kara Tamaccio 
Charles Taylor, Jr. 
Janet Temple 
Anne Marie Thomson 


Mary Van Horn 
Craig Van Steenburgh 
Laura Vestal 
Susanna Warrick 

Derek Weygandt 
Cynthia Whitecotton 
Neal Wilborne 
Carol Williams 


/# . 

The 1982-1983 Zenith is dedicated to Ms. Shirley Rawley, Chairperson of the English 
Department and Director of CAEP, for her support and encouragement of the student 
publications and the Communications Program. 









Faculty • 


Biology Department 

Dr. Leo Weeks, 
Professor and Chairman 


Dr. Fred Yeats, 
Associate Professor 

Dr. John Ward, 

The Earl N. Phillips School Of Business 

Dr. Richard Bennington, 
Professor and Chairman 

Mr. Jams Nelson, 
Associate Professor 

Mr. Wilson Rogers, 
Associate Professor 

Mr. Joe Robinson, 
Assistant Professor 

Mr. Faiz Faizi, 
Assistant Professor 

Mrs. Iris Mauney, 
Assistant Professor 

Ms. Kristin Howell, 


Education Department 

Dr. Allen Thacker, 
Professor and Chairman 

Mrs. Nancy Shellon, 
Associate Professor 

Mrs. Mona Saunders, 
Secretary to Education 

English Department 

Ms. Shirley Ravvley, 
Associate Professor and 

Dr. William DeLeeuw, 
Associate Professor 

Dr. Edward Piacentino, 
Associate Professor 

Dr. John Moehlmann, 
Assistant Professor 

Dr. Marion Hodge, 
Assistant Professor 

^^^^^pE ^^^^^^^^^^^M 


^^^^^^H^^^*^ ^^^l^^^^^l 


W ' 

Mrs. Alice Sink, 

Fine Arts Department 

Dr. James Elson, 
Professor and Chairman 

Mr. Raiford Porter, 
Associate Professor and 
Faculty Marshal 


Mrs. Jane Burton, 
Assistant Professor 

Mr. David Appleton, 
Assistant Professor 

Mr. Paul Lundrigan, 
Assistant Professor 

Health, Physical Education, And Recreation Department 

Dr. Alan Patterson, 
Associate Professor and 

Dr. Charlie Futrell, 
Associate Professor 

Mr. Robert Davidson, 
Assistant Professor 

Mr. Jerry Steele, 
Assistant Professor 

Mrs. Catherine Steele, 
Assistant Professor 

Ms. Nancy Little, 
Assistant Professor 


Mr. James Speight, 
Assistant Professor 


Mr. Richard Hoffmann, 

Mr. Woody Gibson, 

Sports Information Director 


m^, /%-'^M 



L^'^ id 


ILi i^ 

Mrs. Peggy Ingram, 
Secretary of P.E. department 

History, Political Science And Geography Department 

Dr. Carl Wheeless, 
Professor and Chairman 

Dr. David Cole, 

Mr. James Pritchett, 
Assistant Professor 

Mr. David HoH, 
Assistant Professor 

Dr. James Stitt, 
Associate Professor 

Dr. Everard Smith, 


Human Resources Department 

Dr. Jack Williams, 
Professor and Chairman, 

Dr. Louis Pope, Professor, 
Psychology and Education 

Mr. Earnest Price, 
Distinguished Lecturer, Human 



Mr. William Cope, Sociology 
Associate Professor 

Mr. Hall Beck, 
Instructor, Psychology 

Mrs. Mary Anne Busch, 
Instructor, Psychology 

Dr. Richard Spong, 
Instructor, Psychology 

Mathematics Department 


Dr. Nelson Page, 
Professor and Chairman 

Mr. Manyon Idol, 
Assistant Professor 

Mr. Vernon Liberty, 
Assistant Professor 

Dr. Anita Bowman, 


Modern Foreign Languages Department 

Dr. Frances Hoch, 
Associate Professor and 

Dr. Carole Head, 
Assistant Professor 

Dr. Barbara Long, 

Dr. John Gabriele, 

Physical Science Department 

Dr. Roy Epperson, 
Professor and Chairman 

Dr. Gray Bowman, 
Assistant Professor 

Mr. Lyman Rickard, 
Assistant Professor 

Religion And Philosophy Department 

Dr. Earl Crow, 

Dr. Vance Davis, 
Associate Professor 

Dr. Charles Teague, 
Assistant Professor 


Administrative Officials 



^r '^H 


^^^^^^H^ '^^'^m' Ml^^^^RM 



ipj i 

Dr. Charles Lucht, 

Mrs. Dot Easter, 
Administrative Assistant to 

Ms. Becky Burford, 
Secretary to President 

Dr. E. Roy Epperson, 

Dean for Administrative 


Acting Dean of the College 


Mrs. Barbara Cagle, 
Secretary to acting Dean 

Mrs. Kay Stroud, 
Director of Financial Aid 

Mrs. Joan Betsill, 

Office Manager, Admissions 

June Forcum, 
Admissions Counselor 


Mrs. Pam Carter, 
Secretary to Director of 
Financial Aid 

Mr. Jim Schlimmer, 
Director of Admissions 


David Hope, 
Admissions Counselor 

Neil Teague, 
Admissions Counselor 

Mr. David Holt, 

Mrs. Mary Minor, 
Computer Services 

Mr. C.H. Kruyer, 

Vice President for College 


Carol McLain, 
Secretary, College Affairs 

Mr. Gart Evans, 
Alumni Affairs 

Mrs. Jeannie Hazzard, 
Secretary, College Affairs 

Mrs. Donna Burton, 
Informational Services 

Ms. Louise Adams, 
Post Office 

Mr. Ken Bulla, 
Business Manager 

Mr. Steve Fogarty, 
Assistant Business Manager 

76/ Administration 

Mr. Frank Caulfield, 
Cafeteria Services 

Mrs. Doreann Smith, 

Mrs. Efhelyne Charnock, 
Secretary, Business Manager 

Mr. Fred Peele, 
Maintenance Staff 

Mrs. Mary Goodson, 
Secretary, Business Office 

Mrs. Ann Parks, 
Mimeograph Room 

Mr. Ed Canady, 
Director of Public Safety 

Mrs. Johnnye Brown, 
Secretary, Business Office 

Sharon James, 

Secretary, Business Office 

Ginger Gibson, 
Secretary, Business Office 


Mr. Michael Pittman, 
Director of Student Life 

Mr. Bruce Tingle, 

Director of Student Activities 

Mrs. Martha Blake, 
Secretary, Student Life 

Library Staff 

Ms. Carol Aderholt 

Ms. Sheila Bailey 

Mrs. Jill Keiser 

Ms. Karen Bowles 

Ms. Karen Mohen 


78/ Administration 

Continuing Adult Education Program 

Ms. Shirley Rawley, 

Mrs. Libby Gurney, 
Administrative Assistant 

Bookstore Staff 

Phyllis Osborne, 

Gerry Hill, 

Susan Webb, 
Director of Bookstore 

Administration/ 79 


' ^. , "V M:*^i*«. •■^■^ ••'^, i..»'» 

Left to Right: First row: Coach 
Woody Gibson, Anthony Ricci, 
Stu Shilling, Pepe Perrone, 
Ricky Klier, George England, 

Mike Siegfried, Dwayne Hunt, 
Ian Lewis, Brian Sarnecki, 
Rory Walton, John Kennedy, 
Back row: Assistant Coach Neil 

Clay, Randy Hechler, Jono 
Jackson, Phil Valente, Angelo 
Stewart, Glenn Jones, Bobby 
Rapp, Scott Oliver, Peter Am- 

mann, Mark Pearn, Dave 
Morse, Jack Songster. 

The Net Is Our Goal 

Coach Gibson Felt Team "Most Talented" In Years. 

The High Point Col- 
lege soccer team worked 
hard this year to make 
their team the best and 
the chances were high 
for a good season. Al- 
though the Panthers lost 
their leading scorer Jeff 
Sloan, there was still a 
lot of good talent left. 
Team coach Woody Gib- 
son picked up eight well 
skilled freshmen this 
year. Senior Rick Klier, 
goal keeper for three 

years, was voted All- 
American his junior 
year. He was also the 
best goally in North 
Carolina and has had 
nineteen shut-outs in 
his three year career. 
Three year starter Pepe 
Perone placed twenty- 
sixth in the district last 
year. All in all coach 
Gibson felt his team was 
the best and most talent- 
ed in years. 





Above: Phil Valente takes out a 
moment for some deep concen- 
tration before he makes his next 

Far left: Ian Lewis makes his 
move on the opponent as Bobby 
Rapp comes from behind for sup- 

Middle Left: There is no way 
that Randy Hechler will let this 
guy have the ball. Stu Shilling 
and Pepe Perrone keep a close 
eye out on the action. 

Left below: The Panthers return 
to the sideline for a last minute 
pep talk before beginning the 


Panthers Shoot To The Hoop 

Injuries Played A Major Role This Season 

Men's basketball, at 
the beginning of the sea- 
son, was filled with 
many injuries. Some of 
the main players and 
seniors were not able to 
participate due to the in- 
juries. Coach Steele 
worked with the players 
and the season slowly 
got off to a good start. 

Two freshmen, Terry 
Samuels and Jim Hoff- 
man, were an addition to 
the team this year. Em- 
phasis was put on prac- 
tice and good team work. 
Coach Steele felt that the 
team had really come a 
long way from the be- 
ginning of the season. 

Terry Samuels and Roosevelt 
Brunson stay on guard to get 
ready to move out. 


Jim Robertson takes a shot as Jim 
Hoffman looks on. 

Below: Robert Hutson makes an 
attempt at the goal, while John 
Hamilton tries to block. 

left to right, front row: Tom 
Bishop, Robert Hutson, Jackie 
McNeill, Danny Murphy, John 
Hamilton, Mike Everett, back 
row: Coach Jerry Steele, Bruce 

Floyd, Terry Samuels, Jim Hoff- 
man, Jim Robertson, Butch 
Bowser, Roosevelt Brunson, As- 
sistant Coach Richard Hoffman. 


Lady Panthers On The Move 

Competition Tough But Coach Little Pleased With Team Effort. 

Above: Lisa Jones dares anyone 
to take that ball away from her. 

Top right: Lenora Compton tries 
to decide the best way to get 
around Leslie Tucker. 

Bottom right: Sandra Swoboda — 
battling for the ball. 


Left to right: Bottom row: Leslie 
Tucker, Susie Ramirez, Lenora 
Compton, Middle row: Jackie 
Candy, Nita Burchette, Ursula 

Watt, Back row: Melanie Ham- 
ilton, Laura Vestal, Sandra 
Swoboda, Lisa Jones. 

The women's basket- 
ball team has had its ups 
and downs for the past 
few years. But was defi- 
nitely on an upswing 
this year. The Lady Pan- 
thers lead by coach Nan- 
cy Little were in good 
shape this year. In her 
fourth year at High 
Point College, Nancy 
Little had shown great 
interest in her players. 
Coach Little analyzed 
ball handling and added 
to the back court. The 
bulk of the team re- 
turned. The competition 
this year was tough but 
the Panthers held out to 
provide everyone with a 
great season. 

Fourth year coach Nancy Little. 


Serving Up Wins 

The High Point Col- 
lege Volleyball team 
provided a good season 
this year, just as they did 
last year. The team was 
well organized with 
some experienced play- 
ers. The lady Panthers 
were coached by Nancy 
Little who expected the 
talent of her team to 
show this year. The team 
was very enthusiastic 
and performed well. 
Congratulations girls on 
a very outstanding sea- 

U=i 1 

^^^^^m^f" ^ ^^^^1 

^B ^ ^^^^^m 



=E3, ,=»*-") • 3E3», .piJ* 


Left to right, first row: Susie Ra- 
mirez, Lynn Forteleza, Karla 
Thornhill, Ursula Watt, VIveca 
Wingfeld, Ann Maryce Lopez, 
Jane Bowser. Second row: Jackie 

Gandy, Melanie Hamilton, Cyn- 
thia Ismanel, Lee Krokosz, Kim 
Jones, Leslie Pyper, Kim Maness, 
Coach Little 

f w 

top left: Ursula Watt defies gravity 
as she punches the ball over the net. 

top: Viveca Wingfeld gives Anne 
Maryce Lopez some support which 
shows the cooperation that helped 
to make the Lady Panthers' season 
the good one that it was. 

above: Viveca keeps the game going 
with another shot over the net. 

left: Kim Jones concentrates hard 
and keeps her eye on that ball to 
make sure she gels a perfect shot. 


Lady Panthers Stick Together 

Coach Steele Pleased With Team 

The lady Panthers 
played extremely well in 
field hockey. They ex- 
perienced a very fine 
year under head coach 
Kitty Steele. This year 
the Panther Hockey 
team gained more depth 
than last year with the 

addition of eleven new 
players, eight of which 
were freshmen. The 
team was headed up by 
Senior Helen O'Brien. 
Coach Steele was well 
pleased with her team 
and expects a successful 
season again next year. 

; ;^iariN^fejigr^»g*a«.^fc^-^^ A «' ^J»^ ?^ 

Carol Ann Williams and Shari 
Campbell move the ball down- 


top of page: Colleen Farrell faces 
off for the Lady Panthers. 

above: Helen O'Brien gets the 
Lady Panthers out of a tight spot. 

bottom: Kitty Steele and the as- 
sistant coach discuss their next 
plan of action. 

left to right, first row: Beth 
Christian, Dana Holmes, Helen 
O'Brien, Tiele Hadsock. Second 
row: Carol Beiderman, Lynn 

Whitaker, Sharon Packen, Lou 
Taylor, Dawn Ray, Carrie Ing- 
lis. Third Row: Janet Temple, 
Shari Campbell, Pam Harris, 

Colleen Farrell, Anneli Kivin- 
iemi, Carol Ann Williams. 

Dana Holmes eyes the field to 
plan her next move. 


What's Your Racket? 

The High Point Col- 
lege women's tennis 
team, coached by Mrs. 
Kitty Steele, had a most 
challenging year. They 
ended last year in forth 
place in the Nationals. 
Everyone returned ex- 
cept one player. The 

team will lose Helen 
O'Brien, the only senior. 
Mrs. Steele had high 
hopes to go to Nationals 
again. The lady Panther 
netters added several 
newcomers who added 
to the depth of the team. 

Womens Tennis 

Top right: Theresa Regnante 
puts forth an effort to keep the 
volley going. 

Top left: Lynn Sharky prepares 
to return her opponent's serve. 

Front row: Dori Johnson, Tere- 
sa Sweatman, Helen O'Brien. 

Back row: Lynn Sharky, There- 
sa Regnante, Beth Bitcon, Ana 

Maria Diez de Medira, Anneli 


Mens Tennis 

For nearly a decade, the 
men's tennis team has domi- 
nated small college play in 
the region. The High Point 
College men's tennis team 
coached by Dr. Charles Fu- 
trell was very stong again 
this year. With most of lasts 
years team returning and 
some highly skilled new- 
comers the High Point Col- 
lege team seemed to contin- 
ue its winning ways. The 
competition was stiff this 
year especially Alantic 
Christian Senior Jim Hol- 
leran led off the team in the 
number one spot. He was 
closely followed by Pekka 
Makela, Sami Narhi, Griff 
Thompson, Greg Fox, Client 
Osborne and Mark White. 
The team was looking for- 
ward to a challenging year. 

Front row: Mike Williams, Sami Narhi, 
Mike White, Roy Heilbron, Fransisco 
Bloch. Back Row: Coach Futrell, Greg Fox, 
Pekka Makela, Jim Holleran, Griff Thomp- 
son, Stuart Liberty. Not pictured: Matt 

Above; On the home court, Griff 
Thompson gets ready to return 
the ball with a strong backhand. 

Sami Narhi perfects his swing by 
going through the motions. 


Teeing Off To The Golf Season 

The High Point College Golf 
team returned with high expecta- 
tions for a good season. Coach 
Woody Gibson felt the Panthers 
had a good chance this season 
with returning player Buddy 
Sass, who was all conference last 
year and was looking forward to a 
great game this year. Also return- 
ing was Junior, Ted Earnhardt 
who had improved a great deal 
since last year; and Senior Jeff Zi- 
vic. Coach Gibson picked up 
freshman Matt Kohn who had 
the potential to be a real asset to 
the team. The team was looking 
forward to a great season. 



Above: Mall Kohn displaying his perfect l^g « 

-r •„!,. D jj c J . 1 u 1 Left to right: Matt Kohn, Greg Shuskey, Bud- tcr 

Top right: Buddy sass ready to make a hole in j„ c„, ou-ii- \^ • ■ i-jj- ^ 

^ ^ ^ ^ dy Sass, Philhp Krimminger, Eddie Carpen- 


On Your Mark, Get Set, Go 

The running panthers 
looked forward to a great 
season. The High Point 
College track team coached 
by Bob Davidson finished 
two in the last conference 
and second in the district. 
The looked to run by the 
top contender for the con- 
ference and district cham- 
pionships this year. Sen- 
iors included John Rich- 
ardson, Javlin; Ralph 
Barnes, triple jump and 
long jump; Jeff Norris, 
miler; and Mike Duffy, 
half-miler and mile relay. 
Last year the team honored 
Jeff Doerr, high hurdler 
with the most valuable 
player award. The compe- 
tition this year was tough 
but coach Davidson felt 
the team performed to its 
fullest potential. The run- 
ning events proved to be 
very strong this year and 
the runners were destined 
to beat lasts years records. 

Mike Duffy finishes with ease. 

Jeff Norris, man on the go! -^ 

Phil Dickerson warms up before at- 
tempting the vault. 

John Richardson throws the javelin 
with force. 

Jerr Doerr clears the hurdle. 

Jeff Songster eyes the bar with an- 


Left to Right: Front — Kim Woolsey, Fran 
Jones, Michelle Shovlin, Tammie Fish, 

LuAnn Blair, Elizabeth Daisey, Susan Pierce, 
Michelle Fanning. Back — Mike Siedfried, 

Waldo Rustrian, Gregory Upchurch, John 

It takes someone very special to 
be a cheerleader! They have that 
special spirit and enthusiasm that 
brings out the roar of the crowd. 
They enthusiastically lead chants 
and cheers with voices full of Pan- 
ther Spirit. It is our own High Point 
College cheerleaders that bring the 
crowd to their feet at every ball- 
game. This year, with the addition 
four male cheerleaders, the cheer- 
leaders have left the sidelines and 
taken to the midcourt to execute 
elaborate mounts and gymnastic 
pyramids. This year's squad has 
brought much spirit and pride to 
the Panthers. From us the Panther 
fans — We thank you for a job very 
well done. 

Left: The Panther gets some support from a loyal 

Right: Here We Go High Point — Here We GO! 


Here We Go High Point 


Almost every afternoon the athle- 
tic fields or the old gym or even the 
bowling alley is crowded with the 
spirit of competition. Intramurals 
provide the opportunity for althle- 
tic competition at its best. Although 
all the participants are not skilled 
each player has the desire to win, to 
strive for greatest participation and 
obtain team pride. Each team is 
unique in its mixture of talents and 
personalities. Teams vary in size 
and amount of determination. Ulti- 
mate frisbee, softball, volleyball, 
soccer, basketball and bowling pro- 
vide playoff competitions through- 
out the year. From the second week 
in September to the end of the year, 
interfraternity and independent 
teams rival for the title of each 
sport. The challenge exists for each 
player to reach his potential. The 
thrill of victory was experienced 
early in the year by the Theta Chi's 
who won the championships in Ul- 
timate frisbee and the Theta Chis 
who were the Softball champions in 
Fall intramural games, left: Chip 
Fleming comes to bat for the Theta 


Steve Firman comes off the field for a break. Tom Leech completes a pass for the Pikas. Team play gets tough in a Frisbee match 

between the Sigs and the Lambda Chis. 


Team players anticipate the next play. 

It's a home run for Pete Olsen! 


Student Union 

Front row: Melinda Stone, Tabbie Nance, Lisa Creed, Alicia Wright, Sharon Starkey, Kara Tamaccio, Barbara Benson, Meredith Lewis, 
Mary Hunter. Second row: Yvonne Hurley, Steve Ingram, Laura Knouse, Pam Sanchez, Sharon Lowe, Nancy Siersted, Mike Louia, 
Terri SpitteL Dana Gilbert. Back row: Diedre Fleenor, Art Prillaman, Stan Potter, Anthony Watson, Chip Booze, Robert Johnson, Keith 
Pierre, Bob Rossi, Greg Shuskey, John Higgins, Camille Davis. 

SGA Officers 

Front row: Mike Louia, Mary Hunter, Mark Mashburn, Denise WatU. Back row: Mr. Pittman, Wendi Hora, Tom Leech. 


Supreme Court 

Front row: Ronnie Chapmar,, Amy Smith Melanie Suttle, Paula Winton, Steve Ingram, Art PriUaman. Back row: Dr. Patterson, Dr. 
Busch, Mr. Idol, Mr. Robinson, Dr. Smith. 

SGA Legislators 

Front row: Ted Coyles, Pam Sanchez, Tom Leech, Rhonda Cecil, Peggy Draper. Second row: Miriam O'Malley, Barbara Hurley, Karen 
Hernandez, Lisa Blake, Teresa Sweatman, Judy Jones, Denise Metiever, Susanne Zuroff, Renae Talley, Pat Connely, Steve Furman, 
Mark Mashburn, Mr. Pittman. Back row: Terri Spittel, John MacDonald, Sean Russell, Yvonne Hurley, Wendy Hora, Stan Potter, 
Nancy Siersted, Ronnie Chapman. 


Presidential Scholars 

front, left to right: Jennifer Boroughs, Connie Hadden, Sean Russell, Yvonne Hurley, Mike Louia. second row: Fran Jones, Teresa 
Sweatman, Carlene Dix, Jane Bowser, Brad Rhoades, Carmen Cottle, Bill Costello, Trudy McDonald, third row: Elizabeth Daisy, Tom 
Leech, Alicia Kroksz, Sheila Craig, Ginny Dunn, Kelly Brisentine, Camille Davis, fourth row: Carol Rogers, Mary Hunter, Anne 
Murphy, Charlene McDaniel, Claire Hall, Marja Erikson, Sally Davis, Gary Heaton, Barbara Benson, Kim Jones, fifth row: Anne 
Jarrett, Mary Jane Hill, Anne Sink, Karen Ford, Charles Taylor, sixth row: Sandra Barnes, Ngoc Thu Le, Cindy Whitecotton, Anne 
Thompson, Jerry Min, Simon Lappi, Sandra Swoboda, Heidi Young, back row: Todd Harmon, Bill Gotham, Connie Wright, Louis 
Wheelis, Melinda Stroud. 


Melanie Suttle 

Elizabeth Crawford 


American Humanics 

M^ ^**- 

front row, left to right: Julie McLamb, Kim Suda, Quinzetta Hayes, Sharon Starky, Cindy Gleiser, Bonnie Hopkins, Tim Graven, David 
Wendell, back row: Lillia Harris, Regina Jensen, Colline Farrell, Marsha Manos, Mike Louia, Claire Hall, April Callahan, Charles 


front- Denise Walts second row, left to right: Mike Hennis, Terri Ann Cleary, Sharon Lowe, Crystal Hedgecock, Susanne 
Zuroff. third row: Waldo Rusrtian, Pat Connely, Mike Louia, Nancy Siersted, Steve Hess, Judy Jones, Rhonda Cecil, 
fourth row Bill Costello, Mary Hunter, April Callahan, Terri Spittel, Kim Jones, Joyce Bacik, Yvonne Hurley, Joe Budd. 


Senior Class Officers 

front row: Nancy Siersted, Terri Spittel, April Callahan, back row: Sean Russell, Yvonne Hurley, Ted Coyles. 

Junior Class Officers 

left to right: Steve Ingram, Sharon Lowe, Bonnie Hopkins, Steve Furman, Rhonda Cecil. 



omore Class Officers 


front row, left to right: Hope Phelps, Susanne Zuroff, Renae Tally, back row: Teresa Sweatman, Denise Metivier. 

Freshmen Class Officers 

■H jHiill ! 

top to bottom: Stan Potter, Lisa Blake, Tamie Riggs, Anne Thompson, not pictured: Peggy Draper. 



First row: Lisa Osborne, Judy Jones, Diane Sherry, Melissa Duncan. Second row: Pat 
Victoria, Denise Machamer, Miriam O'Malley, Carol Rogers 

Inter-Fraternity Council 

First row: Pat Connelly, Bill Johnson, Ted Cleary, Buzz Mcintosh. Second row: Jimmy Gladden, Bob Stuckey, Don Delaney, Bill 
Costello, Robert Ward, Brian Caskie, Pete Olson. 



Front row: Susan Durbano, Jean Williamson, Shannon Moore, William McCorkle. Second row: John Higgins, Pam Sanchez, Loy 
Sherrill, Susanne Zuroff, Claire Hall, Jackie Earner, Third row: Laura Idol, Anne Murphy, Charlene McDaniel, Darnita Peeler, Liz 



First row: Jill Yarboro, Lewis Wheless, Tabbie Nance, Karla Green, Crystal Hedgecock. Second row: Dr. Hodge, Charles Burton, Scott 
Morgan, Peggy Draper, Susan Warrick. 



Front row: Jeff Burkhart, Sue Kuchiaskas, Ben Baity, Craig Gallaher, Dana Gilbert. Second row: Ellen Bahn, Pat Connelly, Greg Fox, 
John Higgins, Melanie Buttle, Ted Coryell, Tom Leech, Anthony Jenkins. Third row: Tom Williams, Ron Barrans, Kevin Carr, Sid 
Fields, Carol Rogers, Terry Aiken, Mary Gagner, Liz Crawford, Brent Holshouser. Back row: Mike Garrett, Bob Rossi, Dave Ashe, Brent 
Stanley, Art Prillaman, Jane Needham, Alan Haggai, David Martin, Jeff Keck, Mike Reid, Jim Mitchell, (seated) - Bill Sledge. Not 
Pictured: Janet Gibbons, Kelly Ahl, Marty DeHart, Chris Heenan, Geoff Wolfe, Art Lomax, Glen Denny. 


High Point College Community Television 

After its initial beginning in spring 1982, 
High Point College Community Television 
aired its first one-hour credit course over 
Cablevision, Channel 19, for fall, 1983. 
Course instructor was Dr. Earl Crow. Each 
one-half program (total of twelve) aired four 
times each week. Taping was completed in 
August, 1982, and editing completed during 
the semester by Carol Rogers through courte- 
sy of WMFR-TV, Channel 2, Greensboro, 
and WXH-TV, Channel 12, Winston-Salem. 

In addition to this weekly programming, 
the TV Studio in Cooke Hall was used for the 
Practicum. Students taped for experience the 
High Point Community Theatre production 
of "Grease," the beginning College convoca- 
tion speaker. Dr. Nicholas Goncharoff, and 
various speakers on campus. 

The studio also taped the audiovisual re- 
ports for English 140, Introduction to Mass 
Media (28 reports), and some interview re- 
ports for Business Administration 351, Ad- 
ministrative Communications. 

Further expansion of the SCIP Internship 
program outside the High Point area at 
Channel 2, Channel 12, and Channel 48 TV 
will allow further access to editing equip- 
ment and personnel direction. 

High Point College Community TV was 
made possible by grant donations from Mobil 
Oil, Cablevision of High Point, WGHP-TV 
(Channel 8), and the High Point College 
Rawley Fund. 

The addition of a new Compugraphic pho- 
totypesetter now allows the station and other 
campus publications to prepare camera ready 
printed advertisements for any program- 

In the spring, 1983, students in English 
354, Broadcast Production, produced original 
programming for airing, a continuation of 
the Religion 83, 84, 85 course series. 

Students enrolled in the TV Practicum for 
fall, 1982, included: Gina Cardone, Renee 
Heath, Kim Higgins, Laura Knouse, Teri Liv- 
ingston, Jane MacCannell (Station Director), 
David Martin, Charles Messick, Jerry Min, 
Cindy Mize, Carol Rogers (film editor). Bill 
Sledge, and Tony Watson. 


Society For Collegiate Journalists 

Front row: William Johnson, Lewis Wheless, Karla Green, Crystal Hedgecock, Melanie Suttle, Art Prillaman. Back row: Glenn Denny, 
Renee Heath, Gina Cardone, Jane MacCanncll, Bob Rossi. 


First row: Sally Davis, Sherry Cheek, Karon Nelson, Barb Yeager, Second row: Vickie Barnes, Paige Hess, Karla Liedtke, Susan Dockcry, 
Nancy Siersled. Third row: Dr. Allen Thacker, Sandy Cornwell, Sharon Lowe, Mike Hennis, Mrs. Nancy Shelton, Lisa Osborne. Fourth 
row: Cindy Nifong, Allison Brown, Ann Sink. 

Organizations/ 1 13 

Tower Players 

Front row: Simon Lappi, David Martin, David Appleton, Annette Santamaria, Scott Morgan, Irene Tivald, Back row: Paul Lundrigan, 
Cat Burton, Pat Park, Susanne Gillespie, Cynthia Whitecotton, Donna Hoover, Sharon Starkey, Cindy Mize. 

Alpha Psi 

a. i 

David Appleton, Paul Lundrigan, Donna Hoover, Scott Morgan, Annette Santamar 


Baptist Student Union 

Front row: Sandy Cornwell, Karon Nelson, Frank Meadows, Chris Williams. Back row: Charlene McDaniel, Yvonne Hurley, Chan 
Shaver, Chris Henson. 

Society For The Advancement Of Management 

First row: Betty Mclnvale, Meredith Lewis, Lisa Staton, Anne Murphy, Darnita Peeler, Aquiles Farias. Second row: Fran Jones, Julie 
Beatty, Ida Yuan, Dora Morrison, Dale Crotts, Jackie Knotts, Deborah Robinson, Joe Budd. Third row: Joe Santoni, Joel Moebius, Stan 
Potter, Gene Simpson, Shahzad Peters, Dana Gilbert, Jeff Henry. Fourth row: Adolfo Laffite, Jose Armenteros, Kevin West. 


Sigma Delta Pi 

National Honor Society 







left to right; Ana Maria Diez de Medina; Aquilas Farias, and Beth Myers. Missing: Kelly Ahl. 

«--> * 


Left to right: Bill Cotham, Art Payne, Pat O'Sullivan, Roy Heilbron, Thomas Harraghy, Paul Childers, William Costello, Don Campbell, 
Lewis Lawrence, Cindy Sale, Karen Bischoff, Francisco Diez, Chuck Taylor 



Left to Right — 1st row: Melanie Suttle, Donn Kesler, David Tom- 
linson, Shazad Peters. 2nd row: Barr Gartley, Elizabeth Peters, Su- 
san Durbano. 

Dorm Staff 

4^1 , J, i . .i , , ' -^ ^- ;■ '.?^.S-^ -.-'Ski-- ''^ls*i - 




Left to right: 1st row: Mrs. Northcott, Chan Shaver, Mrs. Young, Matzko, Ron Chapman, James Parker, Mark Mashburn, Jimmy 
Bonnie Hopkins, Carlene Dix, Mrs. Boyles, Tabbie Nance, Wendi Davis. 
Hora, Keith Pierre. 2nd row: Mr. Pittman, Jeff Nichols, Dave 

Activities / 117 

Writers Club 

Left to Right: Dr. Piacentino, Kim Higgins, Charles Burton 

Alpha Chi 

Left to right: Kneeling: Christopher Henson, Greg Fox, David Matzko, William Costello, Christopher Williams, Standing: Theresa 
Brown, Judith Huntley, April Callahan, Carol Rogers 


Who's Who 

Charles Burton 

Mary Hunter 

Mike Louia 

Mark Mashburn 

Yvonne Hurley 





wmg.^ ■ ,i 

ht . JB^^BM 

Plpr'ifcii -^^ 1 

4^F ' ^l^^^^l 

^^KjS^/ ^XMB^^^^tuutsjUijiatjuuaMg^^^M 

WiL ::/Wt^^^^^M 


Tabbie Nance 






1 iS^ ■' "^ 


Wkmmmmi Sm X . 

i 1 

Chan Shaver 

Nancy Siersted 

Terri Spittel 


Continuing Adult Education Program 

The CAEP Program began five 
years ago to allow full-time working 
adults to complete a college educa- 
tion. Many adults return to college 
for job advancement, for career im- 
provement, for completion of a de- 
gree, or for personal development. 
The program has an enrollment of 
approximately 450. The night pro- 
gram offers all regular college 
courses on Monday, Tuesday and 
Thursday evenings on the HFC 
campus and at two locations in 
Winston-Salem: RJ Reynolds and 
PAEDA (Piedmont Area Evening 
Degree Association), an association 
of twenty four Winston-Salem area 

Because of the phenomenal 
growth of the program, the graduat- 
ing class this year at HPC will be 
the largest ever in the history of the 
college. Most CAEP students will 
graduate with a degree in Business 
Administration, but Communica- 
tions is the second largest major area 
of interest, followed by Sociology, 
Psychology, and Managerial Psy- 

Area businesses often cooperate 
with full-time employees by reim- 
bursing students for some of the 
costs of tuition. 

CAEP students are now becoming 
involved in activities of the college. 
They will be serving as Junior Mar- 
shals, have contributed to the HI- 
PO and offer invaluable assistance 
to undergraduates for job place- 

Upper right: Dr. Gray 
CAEP astronomy class. 

Bowman instructs a 

Lower right: Dr. Williams discusses a problem 
with Mrs. Libbey Gurney, administrative assis- 
tant for the CAEP. 


Top: Ms. Shirley Rawley, CAEP director, 
shares a laugh with Dr. Jack Williams, Hu- 
man Resources instructor. 

Lover left: Charles Jessup, a business major, 
consults Mr. Skip Beck during a general psy- 
chology class. 

Lower right: Financial Management doesn't 
seem to be causing Jeter Montgomery any 



front row, left to right: Jimmy Davis, Don Stewart, Dave Koehler. second row: Scott McPhearson, Jimmy Sprinkle, Danny 
Sparling, Craig Jones, Gary Campbell, Art Michaels, Steve Furman, Mark Lambert, David Zeph, Andy Stewart, Alan Priddy, Neil 
Riske, Sam Averett, Russell Hughes, Loy Sherrill, Todd Phillips, Jeff Doerr, Glenn Denny, Jim Pritchett. third row: Steve Piazza, 
Chris Heenan, Sean Russell, Mark Mashburn, Jeff Stevens, Brad Miller, Ted Coyles, Chris Moschella, Bruce Finnagin, Dennis St. 
de Aubin, Jeff Rosenberg, John Brown, Jimmy Gladden, Gordon Bowen, Steve Papastrouv. not pictured: Kerry Mills, Terry Mills, 
Jeff Monroe, Rory Walton, Bob Stuckey, Craig Mock, Don Brown, Doff Fleshman, Joe Davis, Pete Lawton, Gary Cooper, AP 


In 1928 Delta Alpha Epsilon 
was formed as a local fraternity 
at High Point College. In 1952, 
Delta Alpha Epsilon made its 
first contact with Lambda Chi 
Alpha national fraternity. May 
9, 1953, it was initiated as a 
colony of Lambda Chi Alpha 
by the ritual team from the 
University of Tennessee. Mr. 
Mitchum of High Point Col- 
lege English Department was 

instrumental and Dr. Perry's 
speech, "Past and Future", 
highlighted the ceremony at 
the Sheraton Hotel in High 
Point. Membership boomed to 

On May 15, 1954, the colony 
was formally installed as Iota 
Phi Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha 
by the Theta Tau chapter from 
Wake Forest College. The cere- 
mony took place in the Mason- 

ic Temple in High Point. Five 
undergraduates, two faculty 
members, alumni, and one 
pledge were initiated as the 
membership rested at 66. In 
1959, Iota Phi Zeta initiated 
Iota Upsilon (East Carolina). 
Iota Phi Zeta now has 492 

Every Man A Man 

Toga! Toga! 
"The Choppers" 

"Best car wash in town $2.00!" 
Brothers vs A.M.'s — football. 


How 'Bout 
Them Pikes 

We started the year off with 
volunteer work at the Henre- 
don Classic Golf Tournament 
... on to a fantastic rush, 
pledging 23 men . Cookout 
for the pledges and brothers at 
Hanging Rock state park . 
Spaghetti dinner in the lounge 

We presented a Thanksgiv- 
ing dinner for a needy family 
here in High Point Ringing 
bells for the Salvation Army at 
Christmas time Christmas 

Bash at Londonderry estates 

Donation of $500.00 to the 
Big Brothers and Big Sisters of 

High Point . . . Talent show at 
Weslyan Retirement Home . . . 
Pledge/brother football game 
. . . Mixers with the sororities 
. . . The retreat . . . Gangsters 
. . Spring Rally . . and the 
grand finale of the 30th anni- 
versary of our chapter!! 

First row: Jay VanSplinter, Second row: Bob Rossi, Ronnie Chapman, Dave Tomlinson, Barry Peronteau, Ted Coryell, Terry Aiken, Jeff 
Collins, Third row: Waldo Rustrian, Brad O'Brien, Greg Shuskey, Steve Hess, Tom Leech. Tom Scott, Fourth row: John Higgins, Pete 
Gibson, Bob Johnson, Graig Cornelius, Paul McDonough, Aquillas Farias, Jeff Henry, Fifth row: Mike Garret, Pat Connelly, Jeff Keck, 
Chip Booze, Kevin West, Steve Ingram, Pete Meeh, Brent Stanley, Sixth row: Art Priilaman, Mike Louia, Tom Burgess, John VanHorn, 
Matt, Don Delaney, Seventh row: Jeff Norris, Ron, Eighth row: Dave Ashe, Ship Messick, Stan Potter. 


Lisa Osborne, Lynn Fortaleza, Kristen Brown, Yvonne Hurley, Ashley Cooke, Wendv Hor 

Pika Pete Thanks for your interior design 

on the third stall. 

Chris Williams Proxies are legal! 

New Wave Speaking of easy classes! 
Trouser Snake Who was that masked wom- 
an at Halloween? 

Rock'n Ron Pete Jr., what station do you 

work for?! 

GQ Switch II, are you hurt; you don't paint 
the rock with that! 

Percy Ya got a paper I could borrow? 

Flounder Brad, let's get some Phat Babes!, I 

know they're serious now guys! 
Theodore Red, white, and spew it 

keeps coming up! 

Squiggy My whole body smells like "it"! 

Everclear luster lusting is not a sin! 

P.W. What is that stuck in your braces! 

Lenny Snake II, was that a human?! 

Loui Is it true that Steve has a private 


Paul Redneck — Pull up your pants! 

Slish lalcrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! 

Slosh follow the dotted body! 

Stan the man Suck an "A "! 

Biff Like Billy much? 

Snake No, I didn't do that, did I? 

Travis look out for those ball players! 

Matt Who did you bug with that $25! 

Tatter head Pikes own private idaho! 

John, Paul, Ringo & Chip! 

The philosopher now look guys! 

Square duty Ron let's see if we can bluff 

them into saying they did it! 

Knub did you get those fishey fingers at 


Gizmo learn to drink a man's drink! 

Raise hell Delaney! Bathe in the beer much! 

Killo Switch much???! 

ABE, we were just talking guys! 

Shnugams How's your dog?! 

Hessy Dubbs on you! 

Inggy Where's Alma; let's play quarters! 

Taps No way will I go on that hall. That's 

my last resort. 

L.P. Anyone want to rent a room? 

Un-Rican Bra on your head much?! 

Dateless Peobodv Mr. Maturity 

GAS-up Often?! 

Wally Clever Let's get your box & gel on 

the D train, Choo, Choo!! 

Party Wayne You say you learned to cook 

your meat in the boyscouts?! 

Waldo J, need the money for your shirts? 

Disco Brent We present you with the Belter 

Homes and Gardens seal of disaster! 

Daaaaaave How was that case? 

Holmes Whats the real excuse for your back 


Van Splinter You are the recipient of our 

second annual spinach toss award! 

Greeks/ 127 



Left to right: 1st row: Bill Costello, Tim L'pchurch, Donnie Osborne, Bob Ward. 4th Siegfrieb, Donnie Brower, George England. 

Bartlett, Glenn Groseclose, Dave Grose- row; Mark Pearn, John MacDonald, Dave Missing — Ian Lewis, Griff Thompson, Au- 

close. 2nd row: Joe Bell, Bob Cook, Joe Gra- Gensch, Greg Fox, Buzz Mackintosh, Dave burn Bell, Jack Songster, 

bis, Jeff Zivic, Jim Holleran. 3rd row: Greg Morse. 5th row: Larry McCulloch, Mike 

This year. The Delta Sigs have 
excelled in community affairs. 
Among the more notable activi- 
ties were the March of Dimes 
Telethon (our national philan- 
thropy) and the Thanksgiving 
Day food drive. The Sigs also 
sponsored a Christmas party for 
the underprivileged children 
from Parents Anonymous. It was 

our privilege to work and social- 
ize with the other Greek organi- 
zations at High Point college 
during Greek Week. Best of luck 
to our 1983 graduates. They will 
continue to be welcome at Sig 
hall and always be remembered 
as true brothers of Delta Signa 

128 Greeks 


Franchise — "Scratch Personal" 

Bullwinkle — "Throw it Joey, you 

Roscoe — Bird watching has its pleasures. 

Shagnasty — Mad at me? They can stand in the other line. 

Colonel — Boys, Pledge Class 102 is a lot harder harder than 


KD Flash — That's why I'm great. 

Lefty — 1 got bit by the Dog Zolzo 

Nero — Winged, but no down. 

LovMcGoo — "White Dog Tavern — 60<t a cup of pleasure" 

Bunky — This High School stuff's gotta go 

Lester — There is no Phi Mu around, is there? 

Strange — She was shaking 

America Pigilo — I did it all for the race 

Short Order — Beach is where it's at — motor skills or not. 

Crack — Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. 

Fred — Dwarfs are 5 foot; I'm 5'4". 

Ivan — I like that guy. 

Mr. Mertz — I have my needs and desires. 

Mad Hoser — I've been eyeing you for two weeks now. 

U-lation — How many bras does CB have on. 

Boat man — Hayyyy brothers! 

Horsetongue — A dissappointing 2.5 

Baby G — "I got the looks of the family" 

Dred Scott Jr. — I spent $100, even rent a car. 

Rah-Rah — I didn't mean to drop her. 

Embryo II — My Big Brother is Overseas News director. 


Left to Right: First row: Miriam O'Malley, Tana Parker, Second row: Pete Olsen, Clint Osborne, Brian Caskie, Third row: Robert Barth, 
John York, Deb Shaver, Ricky Kher, Mike Duffy, Sharon Harper, Michelle Pruitt, Chip Fleming, Fourth row: Ted Cleary, Bill Crabel, 
Lillia Hariss, Kenny Douglas, Mark Mann, Fifth row: Diane Sherry, Steve Hart, Mike Reid, Eddie Carpenter, Delbert Hickman, Ken 
Taylor, Scott Oliver 

Tedley: I've been up 3 days straight, 

WOW, NO-DOSE are great! 
Doby: I thought I brought a date to the 

Christmas Dance. 
B: C'mon guys, give me a break! 
Pete: And in this corner 'The 


Bad A 

Kenny D: 
Wild Bill: 

Yea, 1 knocked that frisbee 
down and threw it for a 

it! I'm a Senior!! 

Hey Scrat, let's flip a coin 
tonight! Huh! Huh! 

Duff: Where's the party! 213 again! 
Eggy-O- Give me that bottle, I'll make 

you drink! 
Chipper: Scott, Is she in there again? 
Ollie: I'm finally free but now I'm 

for 6. 
Clint: C'mon kiss me, I got the dip! 
Cotton: Lets go to Greensboro and get 

Robert: C'mon guys, I don't drink 

anymore, I just don't drink 

any less!! 

Opie: Don't worry Rick, I always 

shower in my clothes! 
Scrat: Wow! After that visit I 
should've joined a sorority in- 
stead of a fraternity! 
Mike R: Next time I'm not going to let 

my date get away! 
George: O.K. Diane, you can look 

Dean: What me, crunch somebody? 
Filo: Scrat, if you don't like my car 
you can walk back from ACC! 

130/G reeks 


front row, left to right: Renae Talley, Sharon Starky, Teresa Sweatman, Anne Murphy, Vickie Barnes, Sherri Hart, second row: Beth 
Myers, Carmen Cottle, Sheila Smith, Charlene McDaniel, Selwyn Heintz, Sheila Craig, June Kraft, third row: Liz Crawford, Jennifer 
Boroughs, Anne Howard, Paula Crane, Marja Erikson, Ginny Dunn, Carlene Dix, Kelly Brisentine. fourth row: Laurie Walker, Denise 
Watts, Suzanne Gillespie, Sandy Cornwell, Lisa Swing, Kelly Lambert, not pictured: Susan Durbano, Susan Warrick, Karen Bishoff, 
Alicia Wright, Sarah Huddleston, Lenora Compton, Jane Bowser, Beth Grubbs, Tonya Hogan. 

Alpha Delta Theta began in 
1954, as a continuation of the 
religion majors, to promote ef- 
fective church fellowship, wor- 
ship and service. From this, our 
purpose now stands to include 
these and community service. 
During our early years, ADT 
met regularly in the former 
basement lounge of Woman's 
Dorm. Meetings are now held 

in our own meeting room in 
the basement of Harrison Hall. 

ADT sisters are more than 
just "Sisters in the Service of 
God", as our motto states. The 
sisters have adopted grandpar- 
ents, sing at rest homes in the 
area, and help out on the cam- 
pus and in the community. 

Some of the service projects 

we have done have been dona- 
tions to the Christian Chil- 
dren's Fund and Unicef, volun- 
teer work for Children's Day, 
helping at various receptions, 
the student directory, registra- 
tion for Parent's Weekend and 
collecting food for the needy. 


"Sisters In The Service Of God 


far left: Smile, Liz. You're on candid camera, 

left: Carlene and Laurie get to know some of 
their new pledges. 

Paula: I know that is going to 

Anne H: Who invited all these 
tacky people. 

Suzanne: This will only take a 
minute — Dive, Dive! 
Corn: That's attractive — you 

Jennifer: The BRUTE! 
Vickie: How many days 'til the 

Anne M.: Come on! Get the 
lead out! 

Sharon: Like . . come on ya'U. 
I'm serious! 

June: But, hey, that's life! 
Sheila C: You're crazy! 
Laurie: Muscles!! 
Charlene: Of course, I'm going. 
Liz: Hill Street Blues . . fol- 

Beth M.: "Remington Steele" 
Lisa S.: I've lost my contact. 

Carmen C: Renae — study! 
Kelly B.: This could be too fun- 

Carlene D.: Retard Head 
Ginny D.: Hi, woemun! Gosh 

. look at my hair, man! 
Alicia W.: Filet Mignon? 
Quiche, quiche, quiche! 
Marja E: Would you like some 

Renae T.: Caaaarm, but I don't 
want to study! 

Denise: Hola! Goobers and 
Sherri: I don't know. What do 
you think? 

Teresa: That blame computer! 
Sheila S.: Alright, ya'll! 
Susan: What am I doing to- 
night? I'm totally doing my ac- 
counting . . like grody to the 
Sarah: Okie-Dokie!! 



Left to right: First row: Mandy McGuirt, 
Sharon Harper, Marilee Warren, Carolyn 
Huzzen, Page Hess, Karen Ashley, Sabrina 
Morris, Lillia Harris. Second Row: Kelli 
Green, Hope Phelps, Teriann Cleary, Dana 
Holmes, Tammy Swaim, Shari Campbell, 

Janet Temple, Renee Heath. Third Row: 
Jennifer Austin, Beth Spencer, Karla 
Green, Denise Metivier, Teile Hadsock, 
Nancy Huner, Robin Phieffer, Lynn Shar- 
key, Ruth Fiege. Fourth Row: Laura Smal- 
ley, Kathy Williamson, Dori Johnson, 

Alpha Gamma Delta was char- 
tered at Syracuse University in 
1904 . . Our colors are red, buff 
and green with red and buff 
roses as our flowers. The Alpha 
Gamma Delta's national philan- 
thropy is the Juvenile Diabetes 
Foundations. The Alpha Gamma 
Deltas participate actively in 
many school functions and 

Cheryl Berry, Sonya Leister, Melissa 
McKenzie, Fifth Row: Robin Killian, Terri 
Livingston, Linda Miller. Sixth Row: Mir- 
iam O'Malley, Michele Pruitt, Carol Bider- 
man, Mindy Venuto. 

sponsor many fund raisers. 
Throughout the activities and 
functions, AGD strives to 
strengthen the bond of love and 
friendships. We, the members of 
Alpha Gamma Delta hold strong 
to our many friendships that 
help form our Circle of sister- 

134/ Creeks 

Right: Hope and Robin — Friends 

Left: We're the bad Alpha Gammas! 

Top: We are family. 

Bottom: No, Not another drink! 



Kappa Delta was founded in 1897 and has been a chapter at HPC since 1955. Our colors are green 
and white, and our symbol is the white rose. The KA national philanthropies are the Crippled 
Children's Hospital in Richmond, Virginia and abused children. Locally, the Gamma Gamma chapter 
works with UNICEF and the American Heart Association. 

First row: Lee Crocus, Wendy Hora, Kim Jones, Jennifer Lindquist, B.J. Mclnvale, Nancy Siersted, Ginger Budd, Carol Rogers, Second 
row: Terry Spiltel, Connie Hadden, Laura Ridenour, Camille Davis, Pam Welch, Alma Ortiz, Pam McHone, Jackie Earner, Third row: 
Claire Carruthers, Joyce Bacik, Judy Jones, Bonnie Aiken, Fran Jones. Not pictured: Denise Machamer, Debbie Hutter, Kim Mainess 

B.J.: Where's Denise? 

Jennifer: Fill up that glass! 

Bonnie: Be cool, sing along with Lotetta and 


Kim M: Who is It this week? 

Lee: Hey wench? 

Pam and Pam: the guys are coming clean 

your room! 

Camille: Why fall asleep in the wrong room? 

Wendy: Put down your books and close those 

RA ears! 

Jackie: Don't mess with me 'less you know 
what you're doing! 

Laura: What's that stuff in your hair? 
Judy: I'm looking elsewhere, and I'm not kid- 
ding this time. 

Kim J: Any foxes in the forest? 
Joyce: When does hunting season end? 
Nancy: Just how are the IIKA pledges? 
Claire: Drive much? 

Carol: How'd you get to be assistant producer so 

Fran: What does Ty think of those pom-poms? 

Ginger: O.K. VLB, who's the mystery man for 


Terry: "Hey Mickey you're so fine 

Connie: How far is it from the kitchen? 

Alma: Need a new turtleneck? 

Debbie: It's 11:00. Do you know where your RA 


Denise: "Doc Moc," how'd you really get those 




First row: Ursula Watt, Karia Thornhill, Susie Ramirez. Second row: Bonnie Hopkins, Terry Henderson, Karen Hernandez, Anna 
Maryse Lopez, Dana Arsenault, Anna Brady. Third row: Lisa Jones, Leslie Tucker, Grace Still, Beth Baker, Claire Hall, Pat Park. Fourth 
row: Lolita Spncer, Robin Rogers, Janet Freeman, Diane Sherry, Tana Parker, Ann Osterhaut, Melissa Duncan, Nancy Young. Fifth 
row: Jill Harris, Jennifer Palmer, Sharon EIrod, Julie Beatty. 

Phi Mu Fraternity was founded 
in 1852 in Macon, Georgia. Here 
at High Point, Gamma Zeta 
Chapter was established in 1952. 
Phi Mu is based on th? ideals of 

Love, Honor, and Truth. Our Na- 
tional philanthropy is Project 
H.O.P.E. H.O.P.E. stands for 
Health Opportunities for People 
Everywhere. We raise money for 

them to help train and educate 
people in the health field. Al- 
though we stress individuality, 
we enjoy being individuals . . . 


Les Soeurs Fideles 

It's hard to believe that another year is almost over. 
What a terrific year it's been. As we look back, 
some moments are well worth remembering 

For you, Lady Di & Elvira, a little dittv about 
Sharon and Diane, two young Phi MU's, looking 
for a man. 

Jill been Q or H lately? 

Tana, been to the Zoo lately? (Phi Mu's best 

Anna You baby' To know her is to love her. 

Sweet Melissa wants to hear John Cougar! 

Where's Rockin' Robin and her Magnum? 

Karen Turn Down the Music!!! 

Susie Q But, 1 don't wanna flv on an air- 







These grades, my father is gonna kill 

Is that meeting at 6:00 or 6:15? 
What would we do without you — and 

See R & M, my foot really did hurt. 
7 plus 1, makes life fun? 

Mel, where have you been all weekend? 

Erika wants to make a roadtrip to Austria. 

Julie Sorry, I don't have time for such trivia 
in my life. 

Beth We miss you!! 

Jennifer Millis and Canadians — Do they go 

Grace "But we are only going as friends" 

Dana doesn't want to play school anymore; 

Nancy has anyone seen the Sat. morning 

paper; Tacky, Tacky, Tacky!!! 

Lolita Urs. can I have some of your candy? 

Janet Seen the Goober lately? 

Anna Naryse How did you like the snow? 

Lisa Leslie, are you sure your mom will like 


Terry was a Phi Mu from the moment we met 

Claire Our Phi Mu photographer. 

Ursula wants some more candy There it is!! 

Ann wants to order more shirts. 

To our "honorary Phi Mu" Lou Thanks for 

Chicks, it's been a terrific year in Phi Mu. The 
best way to sum up our feelings for each other can't 
be said any better than our own songwriter says 
"And when you say out loud, "I Love You", it 
turns my heart around. You've taken my heart and 
I'm depending on you Depending on vou 

Phi Mu. 


MT^eT:clZ:^,ff::.?^^^^^^ ^y- FCaleza, Barb Yeaga. Rita Hege, Hei.ingdinge. 

VanHorn Sandv Austin Shl^W qh^i R K « f r^ u.^"^^' ^^'°"'^ '°^^ ^andi Mabe, Elizabeth Wall, Marte Delaney, Mary 
row Sa rev Davl Ka la L.ed k^ M.P ' IT ^'^^' ^'^^^^ ^and. Pa, Victoria, Susan Kernodle, Barbara Benson, Lisa Osborne. Back 
KaThysSf^K^^sfen Brown t^^^^^^^^ ''- Sanchez, Yvonne Hurley, Peggy Draper, Kara Ta.accio, 

Susan Peirce, Stef Vukovic, KirstenTzar MiZlle Down" '^ °' ""'""''= """"^^ """""^^ Ji" Yarborough, Deborah Shaver, 

The Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity 
was founded on October 15, 1898 
at Longwood College, Farmville 
Virginia. The Delta Gamma 
chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was 
founded at High Point College on 
March 15, 1957 and we recently 

celebrated our 25th anniversary. 
Our colors are turquoise blue and 
steel gray and our flower is the 
white violet. Our philanthropy is 
The Association for Retarded 


^0 '^w *., * _ 


Melissa: POPO head 

Sandy: FIRST you shut the bathroom 


Beth: How is Bumpkin? 

Barbara: RENT A ROOM 

Lisa B: Hide away ZETA 

Gerri: Got a problem? TRANSFER! 

Kristin: Eau de moth ball 

Rhonda: Got a tissue? 

Elizabeth D: Are you getting married? 

Rebecca D: Big Red 

Sally: Why? 

Marte: IIKA legacy 

Michelle: What happened to your 


Peggy: How many points do you have 

on your license? 

Tammie F: If I buy a pizza, will you 

help me eat it? 

Lynn: Zeta's athletic supporter 

Rita: Another night with JANE 

Kelly: Quarters Queen 

Yvonne: Can I have A peanut? 

Kim J: How is life in Belk? 

Wendy: How's your dog imitations? 

Susan K: Baked potatoes a la women's 

Kirsten: Keep your clothes on while 


Debbie: Do they have memberships at 

the Oak? 

Karla: Share 

Sandi: Life is just a series of chemical 


Lisa O: How's your hole? 

Susan P: I've got my finger on the 


Millie: Cross Country dating service 

Tanimy R: always marry an ugly girl 

Pam: Your bear necessity 

Kathy: You're over it 

Deb: How's Oscar? 

Shelley: I don't have enough time 

Kara: Count each day carefully 

Mary: Such A Freshman! 

Pat: I'm going on a diet tomorrow. 

Stef: It ain't easy being easy 

Elizabeth W: Are you John Jacobsen 

from Charlotte? 

Jean: Her room has a live-in security 




Barb Y: laminate it 

Nancy Y: I can't be there 

Jill Y: Forwarding address? 



Lou?a, Krvi^Cow!" E^die's'nid'l'' T"f°'^\^u'!"' '^""^' ^""^ Burchesse, Sandra Swaboda, Colleen Farrell, Victor Kosinsk 
Regina Jensen cTnd'yMzeLsa S.aton^R V ' '«'? p'°"^ ""'"''' ^•^"^' D-^^" f'""-' ^^^ •'"--' ^arv Hina, Lillia 
Heather Lynn, ^^^si:i:^.^:tS^T^^:Z^^,ST::^t^^^ ^--- B^nn.e Hopk.ns, Dr. Cope, Dav. 

i, Mike 

Alpha Phi Omega National 
Service Fraternity was chartered 
on the High Point Campus in 
1958. Throughout the years. 
Brothers have been committed to 
service: to the college, to fraterni- 
ty members, to the nation, and to 
the community. Service is not the 
only aspect of AFO. Friendship 
and leadership are also very real 
principles of the fraternity. 

In this, our 25th anniversary 
year, the fraternity has continued 
the pattern established before our 
brothers before us with over 500 
cumulative service hours earned. 
It is our hope that this will con- 
tinue to grow during the next 25 


Top left: Boxed egdelp. 

Top right: Pledge sing-a-long. 

Above left: Did you really chop all that 

Above: Who really is the blood drop? 

Left: Toga! Toga! Toga! 


Greek Week 

right: Lee Krokosz shows some of her 
football style. 


top: They may not be pretty, but they show 
enthusiasm for their team. 

above, left: Sean's attention is always caught 
by pretty girls, even though they may be 
roughing it up. 

above, right: What's wrong Chip? Don't 
want to use your pom-poms?! 

left: I wonder whose team won and whose 
team didn't?! 


■« '*K^^ 

^#^.* "Enthusiasm makes the difference between success and failure." Thank you atl for yoiir 
never-ending enthusiasm. I could not have done it without you! 


"There are few, if any, jobs in 
which ability alone is sufficient. 
Needed also arc loyalty, sincerity, 
enthusiasm and cooperation." 
Planning and producing a suc- 
cessful yearbook is one job where 
ability alone is not sufficient. 
Each staff member had the ability 
along with loyalty, sincerity, en- 
thusiasm and cooperation to 
achieve our goal. We hope this 
annual is an adequate recollection 
of memories for 1982-83 at HPC 

I would like to express my deep 
appreciation to the entire staff for 
their continuous moral support. 
Without their loyalty and 
strength, my job would have been 
an unbearable task. I commend 
you all for a job well done! Special 
thanks to Dr. Deleew, who with- 
out his direction, the annual 
would not have been a success. 
Also, thanks to the SGA for con- 
tributing $750 in order to pur- 
chase 20 additional pages. 

Jean's Paige/147 
















Teddy Roosevelt 

[jl .:''rX.'>'' ■ 1 


Coca dlla Bottling 


P.O. 2Q26» f reensBfto, NC 


Cola Bottling 

Our BesT To . . . 




C0U€6e v^ittACG wesrcwesrec MALL 6outm main smeer 


the new DEPOT. 



100 High St. 
High Point 



Compliments Of 










Sechrest Funeral 
Service Inc 

For All Your Sporting Needs 

8 E. Main St. P.O. Box 1061 

Thomasville, N.C. 27360 

High Point 




Compliments Of: 



Where You Get 

A Better 






PHONE: 887-1990 





P.O. Box 5628 

High Point NC 


Compliments Of: 
High Point Enterprise 


239 S. Main Forestdale Plaza 

High Point Jamestown 

At First Union, People Come Firsi^ 


Celebrating Our 
50th Anniversary 





American Humanics is a not-for-profit voluntary cor- 
poration providing college level education to those 
seeking careers as youth agency administrators. On 
eleven campuses across the United States, American 
Humanics strives to prepare selected students through 
their college career, their career planning and place- 
ment upon graduation. 






Only one bank in North Carolina assigns one 
banker the total responsibility for your account. 

Only one bank trains that banker to help you 
with all your needs, from loans to checking to 
certificates of deposit. 

Only one bank gives you the name and telephone 
number of your own Personal Banker, so you know 
whom to call anytime you have a question. 

Only one bank. Wachovia. ... . 


, MtmbcrFD IC 






vann york 

902 North Main High Point 







Raymond Glenn Aaron: 203 Jones Circle, ThomasviUe. NC 27360 

Al Sabiah Abdul-Naser: Kuwait P.O. Box 999. Safat, Kuwait 

Ghassan Y.M. Abdulfattah: 4623 Brampton Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27407 

Mohammed Abu-Asaba: 70S Cardinal Gibbons Dr.. Raleigh, NC 27606 

Melissa Erin Adamson: 720 Brookside Driue. High Point. NC 27262 

Obebe A. Adegboyega: 904 B. Richland St., High Point. NC 27260 

Kelley Marie Ahl: 307 C. Steel St., High Point, NC 27260 

Terrial LamonI Aiken: 446 Mill St., Allendale, SC 29810 

Abdul Jabar Al-Ahtani: 1814-D McKnight Mill Rd., Greensboro. NC 27405 

Abdula^iz Al-Asfdur: 108C Savannah Street, Greensboro, NC 27406 

Kmaled Ahmed Al-Derham: 371-C Montrose, Greensboro, NC 27407 

Mohd A. Nahed Al-Hamadi: P.O. Box 7147. Daha 

Husain Al-Hassar: 5515 West Market St.. Greensboro. NC 

Mansour A. Al-Khaneji: 2616 Randleman Road Greensboro. NC 27406 

Waleed Al-Khelaifi: 103-G Tall Oaks Dr., Greensboro. NC 27408 

Ahmed All S.S. Al-Kuwari: Rt. 3, Box 144, Trinity. NC 27370 

Imad A. Al-Rodmi 

Mohammed J. Al-Saigel: 5515 W. Market Apt. 1604, Greensboro, NC 27408 

Maker Faked Al-Sayer: 106 G. Tall Oaks Dr., Greensboro, NC 27408 

Khaled R. Al-Tarmoum: 2930B Cottage PI., Greensboro. NC 27405 

Susan Faith Albers: 119 N. Main Street, Lombard, IL 60148 

Wayne Richard Aibrecht: 1534 Bedlington. Barrington, IL 60010 

Cynthia Carol Allen: Rt. 2. Box 179, McLeansuille, NC 27301 

Debra Alletzhauser: 102 E. Darlington Rd.. Syracuse. NY 13208 

Ruby Anne Allgoad: 4215 Rosalie St., Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Erika Lee Allion: 4617 Caruingtree Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28212 

Lillie Jean Alston: 181 7 Blain St., High Point, NC 27262 

Shafio Salem Amawi: Al-Khaundak Store Sn09 Hawally Kuwait, NC 

Peter E. Ammann: 72 Cygnet Drive. Smithtown, NY, 11787 

Richard Ray Amos: 801 Hillcrest Drive, High Point, NC 27262 

Criss Dion Andenon: P.O. Box 6277, D/ia/iran Sau-Arabia 

Lynn Marie Andrews: 203 Linden Blvd., Middletown, MD 21769 

Stuart W. Apple: 3621 Westminister Ave.. Durham, NC 27704 

Jose Miguel Armenteros: Box 2424, Santo Domingo 

Martin Bergan Armstrong: 1312 D. Eaton St.. High Point. NC 27262 

Dana Leigh Arsenault: 68 Partridge Lane. Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 

David Blwood Ashe: 10802 Greenside Drive. Cockeysville. MD 21030 

Patricia L.C. Askefelter: 1907 Cedar Fork Dr. Apt. F. Greensboro. NC 27407 

Karen Denise Askley: 308 Engleman Ave.. Burlington. NC 27215 

Fahmi Abdullah Assegaf: 2616 F. Randleman Rd., Greensboro, NC 27406 

Anton Nabil Alalia: P.O. Box 5354. Amman 

Anwar Nabil Alalia: P.O. Box 5354, Amman 

Marcia Lynne Athay: 302 Sweetbriar Drive, Lexington, NC 27292 

Kelly Michelle Atkins: Rt. 1, Box 239-B, Advance, NC 27006 

Jennifer Ann Austin: 12008 Gregerscroft Rd.. Potomac. MD 20854 

Sandra Leigh Austin: 2606 Woods End Lane. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Samuel Roger Averett: Rt 6, Box 67, High Point, NC 27260 

Joyce Ann Bacik: 2000 Parliament Pi. Apex, NC 27502 

Ellen Marie Bahn: 835 Quinton Ave., Trenton, NJ 08629 

Jack Markus Bailey: 1233 Guilford Col Road Jamestown, NC 27282 

Tony Benjamin Baity: 102 Burnett Way, Alpharetta, GA ,30201 

Beth Amelia Baker: Rt, 3 Box 212, Mooresuille, NC 28115 

Rhonda Lynn Banther: 906 North Shore Court, High Point, NC 27260 

Darrell Coldston Barber: Rt 1, Box 436, Goldston, NC 27252 

Jacqueline Renee Burner: Rt 1, Box J84-A, Lawndale, NC 28090 

Kathy Barnes: Rt 2, Box 453, Trinity, NC 27370 

Ralph Paul Barnes: 35 Oneill Ave., Bayshore, NY 11706 

Sandra Dawn Barnes: Route 3, Box 417, Trinity, NC 27370 

Vickie Lynne Barnes: Rt. 1, Box 557, High Point. NC 27260 

Teddy Mac Barnhardt: 811 Mitchell A ve.. Lexington, NC 27292 

Steve Drew Barnhill: 3121 Robinhood Rd.. Winston-Salem. NC 27106 

Paul Barnes: 3906 Carroll Street. Archdale, NC 27263 

Robert Joseph Barra: 8408 Fenwood Drive, Springfield, VA 221.52 

Ronald Alan Barrans: 13523 Devonfield Dr., Baldwin, MD 21013 

Robert M. Bartk. Jr.: 9 Park Ave., ThomasviUe, NC 27360 

Michael R.T. Bartholomew: Rt 2. Box 337, Canton, NC 28716 

Timothy Lee Bartlett: 3104 63rd Place, Cheverly, MD 20785 

Caroline Cory Bastable: 90 Durie Ave.. Closter. NJ 07624 

Robert V. Bauldin: 428 Westover Ave., Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

James D. Beall: 210 Second Ave. SW, Glen Burnie, MD 21061 

Julie Ann Carp Beatty: 1 Phyllis Rd.. Foxboro, MA 02035 

Elizabeth Dee Beck: 1311 Ragan Ave.. High Point, NC 27260 

Sylvia Beck: 110 Dogwood Cir, High Point, NC 27260 

Barbara E. Belk: 3506 Old Onslow Rd., Greensboro, NC 27407 

Auburn Ray Bell, Jr, 4715 Aldgate Green, Baltimore, MD 21227 

Joseph Michael Bell: 4715 Aldgate Green, Baltimore, MD 21227 

Patricia D. Bell: 4900 Quail Hallow Dr., Raleigh, NC 27609 

Tina M. Bender: 21 Curry St.. Lexington, NC 27292 

Kimberly Bendert: 3025-H Ingleside Drive, High Point, NC 27260 

BarbarJean Benson: 1243 Robinhood Circle, Charlotte, NC 28212 

Janice Sue Bentley: 800 Eden Terr.. High Point. NC 27263 

Robert G. Bentley: 4265 Reed Road, Tobaccoville, NC 27050 

Cheryl Leigh Berry: 36 Eton Overlook, Rockville, MD 20850 

Carol Bidermann: 6 Kettle Knoll Path, Miller Place, NY 11764 

Karen Joan Bishoff Rt 2 Box 136, Mocksuille, NC 27028 

Ashley Thomas Bishop: Rt 1, Box 542, Julian, NC 27203 

Elizabeth D. Bitcon: 137 Autumn Dr. Hauppauge, NY 11788 

Cheena Leigh Blackburn: PO Box 21, Center Church, Welcome, NC 27374 

Robin L. Blair: 403 Fuller Mill Rd. ThomasviUe. NC 27360 

Bradley Keith Blake: 516 Valley Drive. ThomasviUe, NC 27360 

Lisa Marie Blake: PO Box 494, Myrtlewood D., Mt Gilead NC 27306 

Jeffrey Charles Blank: 1700 East Indiana Ave.. Southern Pines, NC 28387 

Francisco Block: 8004 Thormley Ct, Bethesda, MD 20817 

GlendaJ. Bodenheimer: Rt 4, Box 745, ThomasviUe, NC 27360 

Anderson Mills Bonar: 11287 IngUsh MiU Dr.. Great Falls, VA 22066 

George N. Boose, III 1109 Petree Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Chris Clay Booze: 514 Lake Dr., King, NC 27021 

Dorothy Borgman: 1114 Denny Street, High Point, NC 27260 

Jennifer Rene Boroughs: Rt 1, Box 673. Jackson Springs. NC 27281 

Gordon Rex Bowen: PO Box 402, King, NC 27021 

Vickie Carol Bowles: Rt 3, Box 69, Trinity, NC 27370 

Jane Croyle Bowser: 132 Maplewood Ave.. ThomasviUe, NC 27360 

John Lee Bowser, Jr.: 819 Booker Pi, Seat Pleasant, MD 20027 

Beverly Erline Boyd: Rt 1, Box 372A, High Point NC 27260 

Kimberly Rose Boykin: 4805 Tumbleweed Drive, Greensboro, NC 27407 

Tanya A. Barnes Boylen: 1017 Callahan, Archdale, NC 27263 

Suzanne Louise Boyles: 1295 Montlieu Dr.. Rural Hali NC 27045 

Lisa Gaye Bradshaw: 527 N. Carr St.. Mebane, NC 27302 

Anna Carol Brady: Rt. 1, Box 452, Robbins, NC 27325 

Jerri L. Brady: 904 Eden Terrace, Archdale, NC 27263 

Jody Brady: 709 Arden Road, ThomasviUe, NC 27360 

Lisa Ann Bray ton: 978 Nottingham Rd, High Point, NC 27262 

Teresa Arlene Brewer: Rt 1, Box 90010, ThomasviUe, NC 27360 

Randal Lewis Briely: 3601 Westfield St., High Point, NC 27260 

Anita Kelly Brisentine: 12801 Chesney Lane, Bowie: MD 20715 

Barry Franklin Brockman: 32 Edith Road, Framingham, MA 01701 

Gerri Bronstein: 925 Sierra Vista 115, Las Vegas, NE 89109 

Curtis W. Brower: 803 Shamrock Rd., High Point, NC 27260 

Donld Lee Brower, Jr: 312 Ralph Dr., Archdale, NC 27263 

Allison Leigh Brown: 4004 Beverly Hills Dr., High Point, NC 27260 

Broadus Don Brown: PO Box 93, Lowell, NC 28098 

Charles Wayne Brown: 3828 Beverly Hills Dr., High Point, NC 27260 

Jason RusseU Brown: PO Box 221, Welcome, NC 27374 

John Lewis Brown: 537 N Fayetteville St., Asheboro, NC 27203 

Kristin Anne Brown: 2372 Birch Place, Allenwood, NJ 08720 

Robert Wade Brown: 1423 Belleauwood St., Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Teresa Lynne Brown: PO Box 11, Dalton Rd, King, NC 27021 

Thomas Milton Brown: Rt 5, Box 512, High Point, NC 27263 

William Harris Brown: 1423 Belleauwood Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Alice V. Browne: 2514 G. Suffolk Ave., High Point, NC 27260 

Roosevelt J. Branson, Jr: Rt 3, Box 159, Cameron, NC 28326 

Candace A. Buczinsky: Rt 1. Box 388, Sophia, NC 27350 

Joseph R. Budd: Rt 1, Riverside Farm, Advance, NC 27006 

Virginia Ellen Budd: 501 Main St, Myersville, MD 21773 

Linda Millicent Bulla: 117 Plummer Drive, High Point, NC 27263 

Nita Burchette: PO Box 9, Ronda, NC 28670 

Thomas Anthony Burgess: 7 Chapel Lane, Riverside, CT 06878 

Jeffrey B. Burkhardt: 6795 Vance Road, Kemersville, NC 27284 

Charles W. Burton, Jr.: 1622 Lakewood Dr.. High Point, NC 27260 

Kathy Newman Burton: PO Box 353, Brown Summit, NC 27214 

Drusilla Renee Byers: 3475 WiUiston Rd., Walkertown, NC 27051 

Carolyn Caggiano: 11821 Hunting Ridge Ct, Potomac. MD 20854 

Regina Marie Cain: 111 Tree Haven Dr. 0625, Brevard, NC 28712 

April J. Callahan: 2040 Dean Road. Kemersville, NC 27284 

Tamra Gail Callaway: 2175 Widgeon Ct, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Arthur Don Campbell: 1105A Robin Hood Apts., High Point, NC 27260 

Gary Mapp Campbell: 50 Dickens Rd, Claymont DE 19703 

Robert A. CampbeU: 917 Beaumont Ave., High Point NC 27260 

Sharon Lynn CampbeU: 921 Amherst Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Gina Cardone: 138-03 78th Road, Flushing, NY 11367 

Lori Jane Carlile: Rt S, Box 572, Lexington, NC 27292 

EUzabeth Carp: 1 Phyllis Road, Foxborough, MA 02035 

Edgar Guy Carpenter: 160 Georgia Road, Franklin, NC 287,34 

Cynthia C. Carr: 7450 SW 83 Ct. Miami. FL 33143 

James Kevin Carr: Rt 13, Box 466, Salisbury, NC 28144 

Claire M. Carruthers: 3805 Manor Drive. Greensboro. NC 27403 

Seattle Dean Carter: PO Box 201, Trinity, NC 27370 

Renee Cheryl Cartret: PO Box 40, Nakina, NC 2845S 

John Patrick Carty: 2907 Custer Drive, Greensboro, NC 27407 

John James Caruso: 224 Shadow Lawn Dr., Jamestown, NC 27282 

Brian Morris Caskie: 4223 Minton Dr., Fairfax. VA 22030 

Luigi Castaldo: 44 North Street Madison. NJ 07940 

Dean Read Castor Jr.: 2152 H. Fiddlers Court Winston-Salem. NC 27107 

Larry Kent Cecil: 608 Frontier Drive. Archdale. NC 27263 

Rhonda Lynn Cecil 204 Canterbury Rd, High Point, NC 27260 

Suzanne Giddens Chance: Rt 6. Box 1075, Apt 102. ThomasviUe. NC 27360 

Ronnie Chapman: Rt 3, Box 193. Grifton. NC 28530 

Sherry Jean Cheek: Route 1. Box 236, Ramseur, NC 27316 

Charles P. Childers: 902 Carpenter-Fletcher, Durham, NC 27713 

Lisa Marie Childress: PO Box 1044, Sylva, NC 28779 

Susan EUzabeth Chilton: 3820 Beverly Hills Dr., High Point, NC 27260 

Charles E.G. Chlan IV: 540 Wyngate Rd.. Timonium, MD 21093 

Mark Robert Christian: 4609 Hoytake Dr.. Virginia Beach. VA 2,3462 

Mary B. Christian: 4609 Hoylake Dr. Virginia Beach, VA 23462 

Robert Edward Clark, Jr: 1402 Lyndhurst Drive, High Point. NC 27260 

Edmund Cleary: 1.3090 Congress Dr. Rockville, MD 20853 

Therese Anne Cleary: 259 Cedar Park Circle. Sarasota, FL .3,3581 

Beverly Ann Clement: 111 Broadview Circle, Brevard NC 28712 

Dale Robin Cobb: 1409 Guilford College, Jamestown, NC 27282 

alien Hodges Cole: 1914 Wakefield Place, High Paint, NC 27260 

Holly Mackellar Collins: RFD Locust Hill Way, East Canaan, CT 06024 

Jeffrey Charles CoUins: Rt .3. 2D2 Cattail Court. Hudson. FL 33568 

Jeffrey S. Collins, 1639 Harbor Dr.. Merritt Island FL 32952 

Ethel Lenora Compton: 43 Roberview Ct. Martinsville. VA 24112 

David P. Connelly III: 9602 Hershour Ct, Fairfax, VA 22032 

Robert B.F. Cook: 1,325 Beach Ave.. Atlantic Beach, FL .32233 

Ashleigh E. Cooke: 3425 W. Forest Lakes Cir., Sarasota, FL 33582 

Emily Michale Cooke: 1106 N. Elam Ave., Greensboro, NC 27408 

Gregory R. Cornelius: 8614 BunneU Dr., Potomac, MD 20854 

Sandy Jean Cornwelk 3914 Wayne Ave., Wtnston-Salem, NC 27104 

Donald E. CoryeU III: 10503 Adel Rd.. Dakton, VA 22124 

William Dniel Costello: 107 3rd Ave., Wayland, NY 14S72 

William E. Gotham, Jr.: 2950 Northbridge Rd., Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Carmen Yvonne Cottle: 241 W. Church Street, Mocksville, NC 27028 

Kevin Yvonne Cowan: Rd. 1. Box 50. Clayton, DE 19938 

Susan Gaile Cox: Route 1, Box 345, Asheboro, NC 27203 

Theodore B. Coyle: 2004 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45419 

Charles W. CrabiUJr.: 10211 Lawyers Rd, Vienna, VA 22180 

June Renee Craft: 6850 Robinhood Rd. Pfafftown, NC 27040 

Shelia Marie Craig: 1402 Nottingham Drive, Gastonia, NC 28052 

Terrie Hill Cranford- PO Box 154, Apache Dr., Wallburg, NC 27373 

Timothy Lee Craven: 2308 W. Lexington Ave., High Point, NC 27260 

Jeffrey Anderson Craven Rt. 8, Box 11, Lexington, NC 27292 

Elizabeth Crawford- 70 Girard Ave., Somerset, NJ 08873 

Lisa Gad Creed- 151 Jackson St, Mt Airy, NC 27030 

P. Stan Crews: 531 Wolfberry Rd. Richmond VA 23236 

Dannie Gray Crotts: Route 2, Box 64, ThomasviUe, NC 27360 

Roger Dale Crotts: Rt. 3, Box 478, High Point, NC 27263 

Mark Arnold Cunningham: 8910 Coquina Lane, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920 

Kim Curry: 1 Dixon Circle: ThomasviUe, NC 27360 

Michael Patrick Cusick: Rt 1, Box 1303A, Port Tobacco, MD 20677 

Elizabeth Anne Daisey: 1621 Princeton Rd, Richmond, VA 23227 

Rebecca Meats Daisey: 1621 Princeton Road, Richmond, V A 23227 

Robert C. Daley: Box 16008. Winston-Salem. NC 27115 
Christopher P. Dalton: Rt. 2, Box 846, Ridgeway. VA 24148 
Lisa Annette Dauido: 831 Graham Ave.. Winston-Salem. NC 27101 
Branson Davis: PO Box 177. Siler City. NC 27344 
Camille Walton Davis: I3SS Old Woodbine Road, Atlanta, GA 30319 
Jimmy Lee Davis. Jr.: 835 Manderine. Merritt Island, FL 32952 
Joseph Dedmon Davis: 835 Manderine St. Merritt Island, FL 32952 
Perry Stanton Davis: 1638 Squire Davis Rd.. Kernersville. NC 27284 
Sally Elizabeth Davis: 7 Wexford Rd. Hendersonville. NC 28739 
Rhonda Renee Dawkins: 1108 Camden Ave.. High Point. NC 27260 
Denis R. De-St-Aubin: Rt 3. Box 187. Siler City. NC 27344 
Mary Kay Deasy: 4409 Green Cove Court. Winston-Salem. NC 27107 
Martha R. Dehart: 5611 Tranford Drive. Bethesda, MD 20817 
Donald W. Delaney Jr.: 11904 Smoketree Road Rockville. MC 208,54 
Martha Susan Delaney: 11904 Smoketree Rd.. Rockville. MD 20854 
Robert Eugene Dennis. Jr.: 4011 Wexford Drive. Greensboro. NC 27406 
Glen Allen Denny: 6598 Shylard Dr.. Pfafftown. NC 27040 
Gary J Diagostino: 390 Fleagle Rd.. Glen Burnie. MD 21061 
Francisco Luis Diaz: Ponce De Leon 857 8-N, San Juan. PR 00907 
Phillip Jay Dickerson: 1612 Merrimon Place. High Point NC 27260 
Joe Ann C. Dickson: 814 Scientific Street, High Point NC 27260 
Anna M. Diez-De-Medina Castillo 1S99. Cochabamba, Bolivia 
William Rey Dills: 1312-C Eaton Place. High Point, NC 27282 
Mary Carlene Dix: 1607 Bearhollow Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27410 
Bonnie Bradner Dixon: 1817 Lazy Lane Road High Point NC 27262 
Margaret Susan Dockery: 1300 N. Centennial. High Point. NC 27262 
Jeffrey Scott Doerr: 3520-41st Lane Dr.. St. Petersburg, FL 33711 
Kenneth Douglas: 3206 Rolling Rd. High Point NC 27260 
Michelle Vonrie Downs: 909 Hunt sford Terrace. Thomasville. NC 27360 
Margaret Frances Draper: 710 N. Shore Drive. Milford DE 19963 
Linda Elizabeth Driver: Rt 6. Box 269A. Mocksville. NC 27028 
Michael P. Duffy: 30 Mar-Kan Dr.. Northport NY 11768 
Donna Lynne Dumont: 1720 Candlewood Ct.. High Point NC 27260 
Melissa Ann Duncan- PO Box 816 Spring St. King. NC 27021 
Virginia Lynn Dunn: PO Box 531. Mocksville. NC 27028 
Derrin B. Dunzweiler: 2637 M. Suffolk Dr. High Point. NC 27260 
Philip Andrew Dupree: Rt 9. Box 166. Raleigh, NC 27606 
Susan Lynn Durband 2610 Chinchilla Dr., Wilmington, DE 19810 
Sylvia Dye: 1120 Cedrow Drive, High Point, NC 27260 
Bonnie Louise Bakin: 20 Morand Lake, Wilton, CT 06897 
Edwin Verner Edwards: PO Box 5381, High Point NC 27262 
Maynard Isaac Edwards: Route 1, Box 524. Lexington. NC 27292 
Richard Blaine Edwards: 140 Smith-Edwards Road Kernersville. NC 27284 
Rita J. Edwards: 209 Lynella Lane, Thomasville. NC 27360 
Jacqueline E. Elliott 3103 N. Centennial St. High Point NC 27260 
Michael Kent Elliott: 534 Naomi Ave.. Kernersville. NC 27284 
Sharon Lynn Elrod: 253 8th Ave., PO Box 174 Cramerton, NC 28032 
Elizabeth Elson: 1102 Johnson St, High Point, NC 27260 
George W. England Jr.: 29 South Street, Manasquan, NJ 08736 
Melanie K. Epperson: 1115 Delk Drive. High Point NC 27262 
George S. Erath II: 400 Porestdale Dr. Jamestown, NC 27282 
Marja Lynn Erickson: 1289 Bartonshire Way. Rockville. MD 20854 
CaH R. Ernst: 2000 Corral Path. Seaford NY 11 783 
Deidre Ettus: 3 Summer Street. Great Neck, NY 11021 
Amy Roe Everett: 2314-1 Shadow Valley Rd.. High Point. NC 27260 
Michael Spencer Everett: Rt 2. Summerfield NC 27358 
Melany Carol Everhart: Rt 12. Box 384. Lexington. NC 27292 
Jimmy Fairley: 527 Cable St. High Point NC 27280 
Tania Faizi: 1729 Stoneybrooh Dr. High Point. NC 27260 
Michele Helen Fanning: 2146 Pope Ave.. S. Daytona, FL .32019 
Silo S. Aquiles Farias: Calle Drion It3 Naco. Santo Domingo 
Colleen Farreli .3891 Hudson Ave.. Seaford NY 11783 
Suzette Julia Ferrand 109 Gannett Dr.. Commach. NY 11725 
Ruth Claire Fiege: 1952 Dundee Rd. Rockville. MD 20850 
Sidney Faeford Fields: Rt. 1. Box 401. Pleasant Garden. NC 27313 
Bruce David Finagin: 6 Romar Dr. Annapolis. MD 21403 
Daniel E. Firebaugh: 806 Geoffery St. Staunton, VA 24401 
Steven Robert Firman: 424 Hawthorne Ave.. Haddonfield NJ 08033 
Marisa Firpi: 52 Kings Court Apt .3-8. San Juan. PR 00911 
Tammie Marie Fish: 4100 Five Oaks Dr. 1146. Durham. NC 27707 
Wendy Gail Fishel: PO Box .34, McLeansuille. NC 27301 
John B. Flannigan: 228 Russell St. Havelock. NC 28532 
Deidre Owen Fleenor: 206-D Willowbrook Dr. Morganton. NC 28655 
Larry Milton Fleming Jr.: PO Box 244. Camelot Dr.. Morganton. NC 28655 
Doff Thomas Fleshman, Jr.: 1,3517 Drion Dr. Dayton. MD 210.36 
Bruce Floyd: 1219 N. Redfield St.. Philadelphia, PA 19151 
Karen Elizabeth Ford 909 Hillsdie Ave.. Charlotte. NC 28209 
William Davy Formyduval: PO Box 532, Aberdeen, NC 28315 
Lynn Marie Fortaleza: 1318 SW 1 Ave.. Ft Lauderdale, FL 33315 
Andrews Keith Fortune: 511 Watson Ave.. Thomasville. NC 27360 
Joseph Patrick Fotos: CID Aram CD Box 596. Ras Tanvra 
Gregory Alan Fox: 703 Elberon Ave.. Absecon. NJ 08201 
Jimmy Franklin Fox: Rt. 3, Box 657, High Point NC 27263 
Keith Alan Fraley: 1946 Chestnut St Ext. High Point. NC 27260 
Charles W. Frampton: 705 Rodman Road Wilmington. DE 19809 
Curtis Eugene Frazier: 1905 Franklin Ave.. High Point NC 27260 
Steven Mathew Frazier: 1905 Franklin Ave.. High Point NC 27260 
William Dean Frazier: 1728 Stoneybrooh Drive. High Point NC 27260 
Janet Fave Freeman: 1203 Fifth Street. High Point. NC 27262 
Steven AusHn Frye: Rt 4. Box 304. Trinity. NC 27370 
Steven Michael Furman: 610 Longleaf Dr.. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
Constance Lynn Futch: 220 Williford Court. High Point. NC 27260 
Mary Margaret Gagner: 5400-13 Lamoya Ave.. Jacksonville. FL .32210 
William C. Gallaher: 301 Thornwood Dr. Jamestown, NC 27282 
Kevin Lee Gallimore: Rt. 2. Box 211, Denton. NC 27239 
Jacqueline A. Gandy: PO Box 2216 Thomasville. NC 27360 
Michael A. Garrett: 4100 Taylor Drive. Fairfax, VA 22031 
Barr Gartley II: .58 Railroad St. Wilkes Barre. PA 18705 
George Gazepis: 69 Areas Kifisia, Athens 
David E. Gensch: 50 Roslyn St.. Islip Terrace. NY 27262 
Janet A. Gibbons: 3070 Steele St.. High Point NC 27262 
Peter Lee Gibson: 106 East Larmie Dr.. Mebane. NC 27302 
Dana B. Gilbert: 29 Parker St.. Suuyus, MA 01906 
Suzanne L. Gillespie: 2647 Majestic Drive. Wilmington. DE 19810 
Kakue Sam Gininwa: Box 3863. High Point. NC 27262 
Marie Rose Giofre: 5305 Linden Hill Road Wilmington, DE 19808 
James F. Gladden. Ill: 303 Quaker Ridge Rd. Timonium. MD 21093 
Cynthia Ann Gleiser: 2828 Brookhill Drive, Winston-Salem. NC 27107 

Daniel N. Gleiser: 2828 Brook Hill Dr. Winston-Salem. NC 27107 

Andrew J. Grabis Jr.: 216 Amherst St.. Bryans Road MD 20616 

Brenda Graham: 1218 Stevens Street Raeford NC 28376 

Brian Keith Graham: 518 Player Dr. High Point NC 27260 

Leslie Graham: Rt 4. Box 100. Murphy. NC 28906 

Thomas Michael Grana 246 Rivermeadow Dr. Rochester. NY 14623 

Ginger Dawn Green: Rt. 4. Box 1281. High Point NC 27263 

Karla Lou Green: 415 Forrest Lane 1123. Mocksville. NC 27028 

Kelli Celeste Green: 1 1645 Armsdale Road Jacksonville. Fl 32218 

Dianne Greene: 2208 Stonehaven Dr. Kernersville. NC 

Dennis Greenwood: .57.58 Davis Rd.. Walkertown. NC 27091 

Brian Scott Grieves: 420 Linkhom Dr. Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Janet Lynne Grocki: 850 Dogwood Circle. High Point. NC 27262 

David Horton Groseclose: 821S McDonogh Rd.. Pikesville. MD 21208 

Glenn M. Groseclose: 8215 McDonogh Road Pikesville. MC 21208 

Elizabeth Yvette Grubbs: 4434 Camp D. Hastings. Walkertown. Nc 27051 

Bobby Guarino: 431 W. Lexington Ave.. High Point NC 27262 

George C Guess: 120 Normandy Hill Drive. Alexandria, VA 22304 

Jeffrey Lynn Gunter: 217 Tarheel Drive. High Point NC 27263 

Karen Leigh Gurney: 2202 Bolingbrook Ct. High Point NC 27260 

Corninne Margaret Hadden: Rt. 1. Hidden Valley Rd. Gatlinburg. TN 37738 

Telle Marie Hadsock: Rt. 5. Box 468. Spotsylvania, VA 22563 

Debora A. Hagar: Rt. 4. Box 427. Trinity. NC 27370 

James Allen Haggai: 2116 Guilford College. Jamestown. NC 27282 

Charles Mark Hall: Rt 3 Box 4274. High Point NC 27263 

Claire S. HalL 110 Gorsuch Road Timonium. MD 21093 

Elmer Doyle Hall Jr.: Box 85. Stanley town, VA 24188 

Janice Hall 1400 Chatham Dr. High Point NC 27280 

Richard Jerone Hall: PO Box 742. Conover. NC 28613 

Benjamin R. Hallowelt 10 Cotton Valley Shores. Christiansted VI 00820 

Carolyn Jean Hamilton: 222-A North Point Ave.. High Point NC 27280 

John Whitfield Hamilton: PO Box 1.375. Cullowhee. NC 28723 

Melanie Lynn Hamilton: Route 4. Box 28. Four Oaks. NC 27524 

Warren Edward Hamilton: 351 7 Langdale Drive, High Point, NC 27260 

Mark Steven Hanes: 909 Oak View Rd.. High Point NC 27280 

Carol J. Hanna 512 Stanley Drive. Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 

Rhonda Gayle Hardin: Rt. 3. Box 616A. Trinity. NC 27370 

Adrian Hargrove: Rt 2. Box 3SOD. Oxford NC 27565 

Todd C. Harmon: 102 Fairbanks Ct. Mount Airy. NC 27030 

Sharon Lynn Harper PO Box 212-6009th St.. Spencer. NC 281.59 

Thomas A. Harraghy: 508 Carriage Lane. Cary. NC 27511 

Carol Marie Harris: 1608 Seven Oaks Place. High Point NC 27260 

Connie W. Harris: Rt. 9, Box 391A, Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Jill Harris: 4.301 Spenway PL. Winston-Saletn. NC 27106 

Lillia St. Claire Harris: 9729 Pisgah Road Hill. Silver Spring. MD 20903 

Pamela Michelle Harris: 4 Forest View Dr. Asheville. NC 28804 

SherriJean Hart: 1285 Charles Dr.. Winston-Salem. NC 27107 

Barbara Renee Hartsell: Rd. 11 Box 44. Pittstown. NJ 08867 

Rachel Ann Harward: 801 Woodburn Road, Rockville, MD 20851 

Steven Warren Hatt: Grant Road Kewmarket, NH 0.3857 

Duinzetta Annette Hayes: 108 Birch Road, Jacksonville, NC 28540 

Kevin W. Haynes: 708 Lakedale Rd. Colfax NC 27235 

James M. Hayworth Jr.: 1226 Covershire PL. High Point. NC 27260 

Donna Renee Heath: 13705 Jamaica Drive, Seminole, FL 33542 

Gary E. Heaton: 4412 Starr Jordan Dr. Annandale. VA 22003 

Randy Jay Heckler: 26 Merion Drive. Kanalapan, NJ 07726 

Crystal Lea Hedgecock: 3614 Rockwood Dr.. High Point. NC 27260 

Homer Vernon Hedgecock: Rt 6. Box 263 Waterview. High Point. NC 27280 

Tammi Lynn Hedrick: 1517 Delk Drive. High Point. NC 27260 

Christopher R. Heenan: 2513 Raven Road Wilmington. DE 19810 

Rita Lynn Hege: Rt. 8, Box 112. Lexington. NC 27292 

Roy Gilbert Heilbron: 482 Swan Ave.. Miami Springs. FL 33166 

Kelly Jo Heimendinger: 905 N. Patrick Henry Dr. Arlington. VA 22205 

Selwyn Jo Heintz: Rt 7. Box 478. Concord NC 28025 

Christina L. Heldrich: 8 Goodale Place. Baltimore. MD 21212 

Terry Lee Henderson: 25 Cresthaven Dr.. New Windsor NY 12550 

Debra Kathryn Hendrick: 218 Beard Ave.. High Point NC 27283 

Kenneth Lee Hendrix Jr: PO Box 165. Trinity. NC 27370 

Michael Allan Hennis: 928 Hitlview Drive. Cary. NC 27511 

Jeffrey Lee Henry: 20 Raintree. Leesburg. GA 31763 

Regina Ann Henry: 701 Shamrock Rd.. High Point. NC 27260 

Christopher Lee Hen.ion: Rt 6. Box 238. Boone. NC 28607 

Karen Danette Hernandez: 711 Alan Dr.. Parkville. Guynabo. PR 00657 

Eric Allen Herrin: 1001 Shatimar Dr.. High Point. NC 27260 

John Stephen Hess: 3895 Persimmon Circle. Fairfax. VA 22031 

Page Doris Hess: 938 Breezewick Or. Towson. MD 21204 

Emmett E. Hiatt: Rt. 14. Box 1.35. Statesville. NC 28677 

Delhert Francis Hickman: Rd. 1 Yorktown Rd, Woodstown, NJ 08098 

Delia Kimball Higgms: 221 Hilkrest Dr.. High Point. NC 27262 

John Starr Higgins: Rt 1. Box 315E. Randleman, NC 27317 

Kimberh Sue Higgins: 87 Marlborough Rd. Asheville. NC 28804 

Elizabeth Ann Highfill: Rt. 3. Box 454. High Point. NC 27263 

MarvJane HilL 1015 Tipton St.. High Point NC 27260 

Todd .Adams Hilliard: .3.526 Imperial Dr.. High Point NC 27260 

Mary Elizabeth Hina: Rt. 3 River Ridge. Brevard NC 28712 

Ehzabeth Ann Hinkle: 808 Valley Road Thomasville. NC 27360 

DJames A Hoffman: 33 Spear Street Oakland NJ 07436 

Tonva Dale Hogan: PO Box 6 Norman, NC 28367 

.fames Russell Holfield: 2630 Edgewood St.. SW. Roanoke. VA 24015 

James Kevin Holleran: 188 Old Field Rd. Setauket NY 11 733 

Dana Lee Holmes: 14607 Dunbarton Drive. Upper Marlboro. MD 20772 

Brent Paul Holshouser: 830 East Main St. Shetbv. NC 28150 

Jonathan Andrew Holt: 713 4th Ave NE. Conover NC 28613 

Ri.a Sue Summers Hood: Rt. 5. Box 2.53. Greensboro. NC 27405 

Donna Leigh Hoover 115 E. Oakdale St . Ml. Airy. NC 27030 

Bonnie Jean Hopkins: 1943 Northbrook Ave.. .Macon, GA 31201 

Wendi Marie Hora: .3.50 Townsend Rd. Hendersonville. NC 287.39 

William Michael Horniak- .3223 Cedarhurst Drive. Charlotte. NC 28213 

F. Scott Horton 4944 High Point Rd.. Kernersville. NC 27284 

Anne Register Howard: 1512 Woodberry Lane. Fayetteville. NC 28.?ft? 

Gloria .Arnnies Howard: 1270 W Sedgefield Winston-Salem. NC 27107 

Lamar C Howell: General Delivery. Floyd VA 24091 

Stephen Dwavne Howell. 804 N. Graves. McKinnev. T.X 75069 

Stephanie Hn.'tza\'. 12260 SW 92 St . Miami. FL .13186 

.Sarah Sparks Huddleston. 4.353 Vest Mill Rd 118-3. Winston-Salem. NC 27103 

Kenneth Dave Huff: Rt 5. Box 374. Bassett VA 24055 

Cary Brewster Hughes: Rt 6. Box 1.34. Goldsboro. NC 27530 

Russell Lee Hughes Jr 9516 Neuse Way. Great Falls. VA 22066 



Craig Allen Humbert: Rd. 1. Somerset. PA 15501 

Nancy .4. Huner: 18 Woodhollow Rd.. Great River. NY 11739 

Du-ayne R. Hunt: 1061 Cassell Dr.. Bay Shore. NY 11706 

Mary.Jonell Hunter: Rt. .3. Bo.x 962. Thomaspille. NC 27.160 

Barbara .Jane Hurley: 917 Robin Dr.. Seaford DE 19973 

Yvonne Eli!abeth Hurley: Rt. 4. Box 237. Asheboro. NC 27203 

Robert Thomas Hutson 11: 3901 Walt-Ann Drive, Bllieott City. MD 21043 

Deborah A. Hatter: 18 Comet Rd., Selden, NY 11784 

Carolyn Louise Huzzen: 8417 Georgian Way, Annandale, VA 22003 

Laura Evelyn Idol: 7239 Watkins Ford Rd. Kernersville. NC 27284 

Timothy C. Igwebuike: PO Box 3607. High Point. NC 27262 

Carrie Lee Inglis: 25 Cameo Road. Claymont, DE 19703 

.Judith I^ynn Ingraham: 3712 Acosta Rd., Fairfax, VA 22031 

Steven Smith Ingram: PO Box 128. Jamestown, NC 27282 

Jeffrey Robert Insley: Box 92. Lakesville-Crapo. Church Creek. MD 21622 

Patricia Marie Iriein: 308-D W. Lexington .\ve.. High Point. NC 27262 

Cinthya Ismaei: Casilla 1110.5. Cochabamba-Bolivia 

Jonathan P. Jackson: 1214 Glenside Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19803 

Sherron W. James: 215 Avondale St.. High Point. NC 27260 

Anne Marie Jarrett: 317 Taylor St.. Thomasville. NC 27.360 

Lance Allan .Jarrett: Rr 5, Box 1096, Thomasville, NC 27,360 

Anthony Ethan Jenkins: Rt 2, Box 314-A, Selma, NC 27576 

Sally Parrott Jennings: 998 Mill Hill Terrace, Southport. CT 06490 

Regina Ann Jensen: Androscoggin Village, Auburn. ME 04210 

Andrew George Johnson: 113 Kathland Ave.. Thomasville. NC 27.360 

Don Lynn Johnson: 19175 SW 194th Ave.. Homestead FL 33187 

Elizabeth Alene Johnson: Rt. .5. Box .5.3. High Point. NC 27263 

Marston Sidney .Johnson: Rt. 3 Box 293. Asheboro. NC 27203 

Patsv Vaughn Johnson: Rt. 2. Box 2860. High Point. NC 27260 

Robert Gene Johnson Jr: 61.36 Christian St.. Philadelphia. PA 19143 

William Edward Johnson: 19 Lincoln Ave.. Lexington, NC 27292 

William W. Johnson: 1113 N. Gaillard Place, Alexandria, VA 22,304 

Alex Dean Jones: 305 Turley Falls Rd., Hendersonuille, NC 28739 

Craig Jones: 33 Mahian Trail, Medford Lakes, NJ 08055 

Frances Elizabeth Jones: 2305 Caroline Drive, Durham, NC 27705 

Glenn Ross Jones: 2225 Henlopen Ave. Wilmington. DE 19804 

Judy Dixanne Jones: 802 Dogwood Road. Boone. NC 28607 

Kimberly Anne Jones: Rt. 2. Box 2060 E. Laplata. MD 20646 

Kimberlv Dawn Jones: 1227 East Ritters Lh. Rd, Greensboro. NC 27406 

Latefu Morgan Jones: Rt. 3. Box .567. High Point. NC 27263 

Lisa Jones: 741 Blue Ridge Dr. Medford NY 11763 

Michael Hudson Jones: 501 Forestdale. Jamestown. NC 27282 

Melanie Sue Jordan: 1712 Carolina Court. High Point. NC 27260 

Andrew Timothy Joyce: Rt. 16 Box .5.53L. Lexington. NC 27292 

Karen Maried Kasting: 14 Talcot Drive, E. Nonhport, NY 11731 

Daryl Euan Katz: 1 Deerchase Road, Morristown, NJ 07960 

Ray F. Kauffman II: 9500 Kilimanjaro Rd.. Columbia, MD 21046 

Wendy Lynn Kauffman: 5094 Meadowcreek Dr., Dunivoody, GA 30338 

Jeffrey Bradford Keck: 580 Jfiniper Drive, Blue Bell, PA 19422 

John Fitzgerald Kennedy: 102 H ydning St. Wei tpi Id, NJ 07090 

Vickie Diane Kennedy: 19 Hillside Park, Thomasville, NC 27360 

Susan Renee Kemdole: Rt. 2, Box 145J, Greenwood, DE 19950 

Donald Warren Kester: Rt 10, Box 72, Goldshoro, NC 27530 

Kirsten Elizabeth Kezar: 209 E. Stadium Dr. Eden, NC 27288 

Amal Muhib Khayyat: PO. Box 2005. Amman 

Robin S. Killian: Rt 10. Box 33. Lexington. NC 27292 

Dean A. Kiser: 219 Dorothy St High Point. NC 27260 

Anneli Kiviniemi: 1,507 Overbrook Ct, High Point, NC 27262 

Richard A. Klier: 11 Lisa Drive. Northport, NY 11768 

Jacqueline Diane Knotts: Rt. 10. Box 368. Lenoir, NC 28645 

Laura E. Knouse: 13004 Scarlet Oak Dr.. Gaithersburg. MD 20878 

David Alan Koehler: 308 Whitby Dr. Sharpley. Wilmington, DE 19803 

Matthew David Kohn: Rt. 3. Box 106. Eaiton. MD 21601 

Kevin Korpi: 86-47 79th St.. Woodhaven, NY 11421 

Kazuhiko Tim Koshimizu: 3545 Kiyosato, Tamanashi 40703 

Victor Kosinski: 1629 Bolingbroke Rd.. High Point. NC 27260 

Phillip D. Krimminger: 15 Grandview Street. Granite Falls, NC 28630 

Alysia Ellen Krokosz: 419 Chestnut St.. St. Cloud, FL 32769 

Susan Marie Kuchinskas: 468 Plainfield Rd. Edison. NJ 08820 

Deborah L. Kuckinskas: 468 Plainfield Rd.. Edison, NJ 08820 

Wyeleen Kwan: 1710D King James Way, Gaithersburg, MD 20877 

Addlfo Juan Laffite: Box 83, La Ceiba 

Kelley R. Lambert: 8108 Pleasant Grove Rd., Charlotte. NC 28216 

Marke Kenneth Lambert: Rt. 1. Box 595. Franklinville. NC 27248 

Deborah Carol Land: 9604 Greensboro Cr, Glen Allen, VA 23060 

Matthew Cole Lange: Rt. 7 Box 80. Salisbury. MD 21801 

Richard Lee Lanier: 5615 Richland Dr. Greensboro. NC 27409 

Simon E. Lappi: 203 Lynn Dr.. Carrboro. NC 27510 

Jeffrey Martin Laster: 5917 Hedgecock Road Kernersville, NC 27284 

Lewis C. Lawrence Jr.: B17 Southall Place, Sanford, NC 27330 

Tammy Kay Lawson: 1343 Bethania Rd.. Winston Salem. NC 27106 

Peter John Lawton: .5885 4Sth Ave. North. St. Petersburg. FL S3709 

Ngdc Thu Thi Le: 3510 East Lee St.. Greensboro. NC 27406 

Francis Allen Leak: .301 Church Street. Thomasville. NC 27360 

Thomas Moore Leech Jr.: 24204 Hilton Place. Gaithersburg. MD 20879 

Sonya G. Leister: 711 Leisters Church Rd.. Westminster. MD 21157 

Vanessa McQuire Lemmon: B410 B. Charles Valley. Towson. MD 2104 

Lisa Leach Leonard. Rt. 8. Box 3. Lexington, NC 27292 

Tamara Shoot Leonard: Rt. S. Box 148C. Thomasville. NC 27360 

Penny Roe Lewallen: 1616 York Ave. High Point. NC 27260 

Ian Fredrick Lewis: 3102 Bradford St. Dale City. VA 22193 

Meredith Ann Lewis: 7525 Old Dominion Drive. McLean. VA 22101 

Virginia G. Lewis: 202 Shadow Valley Rd High Point. NC 27260 

Stuart Spencer Liberty: 2105 Briarcliff Drive, High Point, NC 27260 

Karla M. Lidtke: .34 Elaine Or, Simsbury, CT 06070 

Jennifer JD Lindquist: ,548 Deerwood Dr , Gastonia, NC 28052 

Karen Lynn Linebarrier: PO Box 4,34, Pleasant Garden, NC 27313 

Heather Grae Linn: 163 R. Mohawk St., Dswego, NY 13126 

Diana Esau Little: 809 E. Cooksey Dr. Thomasville. NC 27360 

Terri Livingston: 632 Santa Maria Lane, Davidsonville. MD 21035 

Michael James Lloyd: 289 Flintshire Rd-. Winston Salem, NC 27104 

Terrance Ortiz Lomax: 1102 Stephens St.. Greensboro. NC 27406 

John Kelly Long: 2927 Old Stage Rd.. Gastonia. NC 28052 

.'\nne Maryse Lopez: Box 10118. Caparra Hghts. PR 00922 

Michael Keith Louia 401 Eastwood St.. Lexington, NC 27292 

Sharon Louise Lowe: 515 Avdn Court. River Vale. NJ 07675 

William Ronald Lucas. Jr.: Rt 7. Box 73. Asheboro. NC 27203 

.Joy Susan Lyda: Ht 6 box 149. High Point, NC 27260 
Diane Marie Lynk: 1230 Wales Drive, High Point, NC 27260 
Sandra Lynn Mabe: 2,547 Amesbury Rd., Winston Salem. NC 27103 
.Jane Argyll MacCannell: 39 Cherry Lane, Tallman, NY 10982 
Denise Y. Machamer: 4225-E Williamsburg Dr, Harrisburg, PA 17109 
Melissa Ann MacKenzie: 18 Roy Place, Ramsey, NJ 07446 
Stephen C. Mackintosh: Parks Mill Rd., Adamstown, MD 21710 
Joanna C. Maitlane: 143 Spring Garden Cir. High Point. NC 27260 
Pekka Topio Makela: Kaaritie ID. 42220 Kaipola 
Kimberly Damn Maness: 302 Ridge Ave. Asheboro, NC 27203 
Mary Jane Maness: PO Box 392, Biscoe. NC 27209 
Steve Manga: 1119 Biltmore Ave. High Point. NC 27260 
Mark Avery Mann: 13021 Amesbury St.. Woodbridge. VA 22192 
Marsha L. Mands: 3814 Severn Ave., Charlotte, NC 28210 
Matthew Marceron: 9903 Julliard Dr., Bethesda, MD 20817 
Annette Martin Marley, Rt 1 Box 372, Ramseur, NC 27316 
Selma Renee Henry Marsh: 6021 Green Valley Est., Kernersville. NC 27284 
David Lee Martin: 3920-D Valley Court, Winston Salem, NC 27106 
Daniel Jospeh Martineau: 5316 Guida Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 
Mark Dwight Mashbum: 7264 King Rd., Tobaccoville. NC 27050 
Tony Harold Matthews: Rt. 4, Box 143, Vale, NC 28163 
David Matthew Matzko: 899-8 Gatehouse Dr., Decatur. GA 30032 
Rochelle Meauley. 229 West Ctairmont. Troy. NC 27.371 
Charles Edward McCarthy: Rt 1. Box 427 Freedom Ml. Gastonia, NC 28052 
James Partrich McComas: PO Box S-5634, San Juan, PR 00905 
William McCorkle: Rt. 1. Ellaville. GA 31806 
James L. McCullough: Bob Fulton Ave.. Falls Church. VA 22046 
Brett Hall McCurry: 508 Shadybrook Dr., High Point, NC 27260 
Charlene Gail McDaniel: 4046 Reidsuille Rd.. Winston Salem. NC 27101 
Johnny C. McDonald: PO Box 14.34. Brevard NC 28712 
Penelope Jane McDonald: Rt 3. Box 637, Thomasville, NC 27360 
Trudy Lynn McDonald: 1315 Paddock Lane, Bowie, MD 20716 
Paul Gerald McDonough: 7017 Wolftree Lane, Rockville, MD 20852 
June Allgood McDowell, 611 Duke Street, Thomasville, NC 27360 
Mary Sloan McGaavran: 617 Scaly bark Tri Concord NC 28025 
John Joseph McGovern: 1104 Rockford Rd., High Point, NC 27262 
Cinda W. McGowan: 222 West End Blvd. Winston-Salem, NC 27101 
Amanda Lynn McGuirt: 472 Virginia Ave.. Statesville. NC 28677 
Pamela Virginia McHone: 4820 Gladwyn Drive. Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
Elisa F Mclnnis: 1908 Drew St, High Point. NC 27260 
Betty Jane Mclnvale: 2862 Euston Rd., Winter Park, FL 32789 
Chris McKenzie: 2707 Guyer St., High Point. NC 27260 
Julie Anne McLamb: Rt. 9 Country Lane, Winston Salem, NC 27107 
Coy S. McNeill: 901 Old Liberty Rd. Asheboro. NC 27203 
Jackie McNeill: Rt. 1. Box 38, Asheboro, NC 27203 
Scott William McPherson: 12 Linda Lane, Setauket. NY 11733 
Frank Foy Meadows: 11 Grove St PO Box 382, Weaverville, NC 2S787 
Peter Erwin Meeh: 1584 Mountaintop Rd., Bridgewater, NJ 08807 
Charles E. Messick II: 101 Oldbury Drive. Wilmington, DE 19808 
Denise Elaine Metivier: 615 W. Lexington Ave.. High Point. NC 27262 
Arthur Paul Micheel: 601 Carol Ave. Blackwood, NJ 08012 
Alisa Dawn Mickey: 604 Motor Rd. Winston Salem NC 27105 
James Jefferson Millard: 1502 Trafalager Ct. High Point, NC 27260 
Bradley A. Miller: 1512 Pinnacleroad, Towson, MD 21204 
Daniel Eugene Miller: 213 Cornell Ct. Port Rickey, FL 33568 
Linda Sue Miller: 3859 N. Glebe Rd. Arlington. VA 22207 
Kathryn E. Mills: Rt. 3. Box 485. Trinity. NC 27370 
Kerry T. Mills: 71 1 Hedgecock Rd. High Point. NC 27260 
Terry Kim Mills: 711 Hedgecock Rd. High Point, NC 27260 
Jeroen Hin: 4 Merryweather Dr.. Cakbridge, MD 21613 
Edgar Scott Mincey: Rt 5 Box 999C. Thomasville. NC 27360 
Mary Anna Minear: 1509 Whitehall St.. High Point. NC 27262 
James Stuart Mitchell: 119 Fawn Drive. Clairton. PA 15025 
Jeffrey Lee Mitchell 2222 Selwyn Ave. 0404. Charlotte. NC 28207 
Cynthia Dawn Mize: Rt IS. Box 450. Lexington. NC 27292 
James Daniel Mizell: Rt 5. Box 333. Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
CecU Craig Mock: 1631 Lewisville-Vienna, Pfafftown, NC 27040 
Joel Christian Moebius: Rt 9, Box 28, Hickory. NC 28601 
Jeffrey Keith Monroe: Rt 3. Box 674, High Point, NC 27260 
Shannon Andrea Moore: 73 Brushy Hill Rd. Newtown. CT 06470 
Kimberly Beth Moose: 227 Prestwick Dr, High Point, NC 27260 
Lisa K. Morgan: 6700 SW 15th St. Platation, FL 33317 
Montgomery Scott Morgan: Rt 2, Box 6, Trinity, NC 27370 
Marion Kay Morris: Rt 2, Box 612. Walnut Cove. NC 27052 
Nancy Sabrina Morris: PO Box 138. Georgetown. DE 19947 
Dora Mae Morrison: 804 Kirkman St.. Greensboro. NC 27406 
William D. Morse: 903 S. Talboy St. St Michaels. MD 21663 
Christopher C. Moschella, 44 Stockton Rd. Summit. N J 07901 
Esmail Yousef Muhammed- Rt 3. Box 22 Horsepen Rd, Greensboro. NC 27410 
Annette Stutts Murphy: Rt 4. Box 496. Thomasville. NC 27360 
Daniel Harold T. Murphy: 1007 Wynbrook Lane. Mechanicsville. VA 23111 
Terry Louis Mortaugh: 501 Twinbrook Pkwy, Rockville, MD 208S1 
M. Elizabeth Myers: 128 W. Ridge St.. Rocky Mount. NC 27801 
James Walton Nading Jr.: 834 Shoreland Rd. Winston-Sale, NC 27106 
Tabitha Ann Nance: 1721 Guilford College, Jamestown, NC 27262 
Sami Narhi: Mallituskatu 10 A6, 7010D Kupid Finland 
Jane Harris Needham: 255 Cebar Lodge Rd., Thomasville, NC 27360 
Karon Sue Nelson: 49SS Cooper Rd, Clemmons, NC 27012 
Robert Watson Nelson: 30 Lambeth Drive, Thomasville, NC 27360 
Jeffrey Scott Nicholds 425 N. Myrtle School Rd.. Gastonia, NC 28052 
Susan R. Niedzielak: 6043 Forrest Hollow LN, Springfield VA 22152 
Cynthia Lynette Nifong: Rt 2, Box 1214. Thomasville, NC 27360 
Ted James Nifond: Rt 10, Box 64, Lexington, NC 27292 
Jeffrey D. Norris, Rt 5,Box 463, Mocksville, NC 27028 
Remiquius Nwabieze: 904 Richland St.. High Point NC 27262 
Miriam K. O'Malley: 297 Highfield Lane. Nutley. N J 07110 
Patrick O'Sullivan: 1432 Pine Acres Blvd Bay Shore. NY 11706 
Helen Patricia OBrien: Glenwood Quarry Rd. Greystone-Co Wicklo 874S3 
Homer Bradley O'Brien: 1611 Guyer St. High Point. NC 27260 
Richardo L. Ojeda-Sueird: 136-7 Jardines De Capo, Bayamon, PR 00619 
Scott Robert Oliver: 1206 Elderon Drive, Wilmington, DE 1980S 
Peter James Olsen: 10453 White Granite Ct., Dakton, VA 22124 
Stephanie Green Orr: Rt 2, Box 107, Burrow Rd., Julian, NC 27283 
Alma N. OrHz-Nazario: Piamonte 814 Villa Rusa, Rid Piedras. PR 00924 
Clinton Baader Osborne: 60D Cardinal Drive. Lexington, NC 27292 
Donald Lee Osborne: 112 Forestdale Drive. Jamestown. NC 27282 
Lisa Kay Osborne: PO Box 993 Childrens HM. Winston-Salem. NC 27102 
Ann Elizabeth Osterhout: 5133 N. Willowhaven Cr. Durham. NC 27712 
Scott Douglas Ottelin: 7500 Bellaire Ave.. Dublin, OH 43017 
Sharon Anne Packen: 612 Neptune Ave.. Beachwood. NJ 08722 

Cindy Jean Palmer: Rt 1, Box 402. ThomasviUe, NC 27360 

Jennifer Lee Palmer 2236 Buckingham Court, Burlington, NC 27215 

Margaret Susan Palmer: 12B Ramblewood Rd., Morrestown. NJ 08057 

Mark Andrew Pane: 223 Scoville Rd, Avon, CT 06001 

Stephen Papastavrou: 4381 Continental Dr., Pfafftown, NC 27040 

Patricia Ann Park: Rt 3, Box 62. Asheboro. NC 27203 

James Erskine Parker: Rt 1. Box 125. Stanley, NC 28164 

Soultana Rose Parker: 10 Killington Drive, Howell, NJ 07731 

Marc Wesley Parsons: 5319 Brittanywood Dr., Kemersville. NC 27284 

Joseph Pitts Patton: 125 Billie Sue Drive, Winston-Salem. NC 27104 

Thomas Arthur Payne: 2003 Chestnut St. Ext. High Point. NC 27260 

Mark Allen Peam: 5635 Sheraton Dr. Fayetteville. NC 28303 

Tony Allen Peele: Rt 2, Box 695. High Point. NC 27260 

Damita Peeler: 13 Wardola Dr.. Jacksonville. NC 28540 

Eric Pegg: 690 Brentwood Ct. Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Jon Barry Peronteau: 13 Flinshire Rd.. Malvern. PA 19355 

Geraro Perrone: 32 Midday Dr., Centereach, NY 11720 

Arthur Blayne Perry: Long Bay Estates. Myrtle Beach. SC 29577 

Dilshad Peters: HPC Box 3047. High Point. NC 27262 

Shahzad Peters: HPC Box 3047. Lahore 

Sharon Leigh Petty: Rt 3. Box 620. Randleman. NC 2731 7 

Hope L. Phelps: 1931 Winston Rd. Lexington. NC 27292 

Mark K. Phelps: 1085 19th Ave.. Hickory. NC 28601 

Robin Renee Phteffer: N. Country Rd., RRL, Wading River, NY 11792 

Steven A. Piazza: 13160 110th Ave. North, Largo, FL 33540 

Susan Gail Pierce: 222 Crestview Dr.. Thomasville, NC 27360 

Keith W.A. Pierre: 419 Drdndco St.. Alexandria, VA 22314 

Phillip C Pilson: 600 E. Dayton A ve.. High Point. NC 27262 

Marshall Gordon Ponder: 2 Cresthaven, Clyde. NC 28721 

Bemie E. Pope Jr. 2148 G. Chester Ridge Dr.. High Point, NC 27260 

Michael W. Porter: 1308 Book Ave.. Beaver Falls. PA 15010 

William S. Potter lU: 6300 Norman Place, Raleigh, NC 27606 

Jerome Preston: 418E Tate St.. High Point. NC 27260 

Mary A. Keever Pretlow: 314 Hickory Lane. High Point. 27260 

Margaret Prevetter: 308 Boxwood Drive, Greensboro. NC 27410 

Edna Millay Price: 3236 Starland Drive, Gastonia, NC 28052 

Teresa Gail Price: 1454 Finsbury Lane. High Point. NC 27260 

Alan Priddy: 3690 Day Road, Waikertown. NC 27051 

Artis W. Prillaman: Rt 8. Box 42-A. Martinsville. VA 24112 

Vivian Annette Proctor: Rt 6. Box 186, Thomasville. NC 27360 

Jeanne Michele Pruitt: 1120D Hunt Club Drive. Potomac. MD 20854 

Leslie Ann Pyper: 306 Sycamore Ave.. Easton, MD 21601 

Debra Lynn Quick: Rt 4. Box 181. Trinity. NC 27370 

Susan Elaine Ramirez: 9510 Chatham St. Manassas. VA 22110 

Robert L. Rapp: 33 Wyoming Street. Commack. NY 11223 

Krich Ratanapbruks: 819 5th Street. High Point. NC 27262 

Dawn Ray: 172 A. Union St.. Littleton. NH 03561 

John Howard Reeves Jr: Rt 11. Box 350. Statesville, NC 28677 

Theresa Angela Regnante: 121 Cedar Pt. Drive. West Islip. NY 11795 

Michael John Reid- 2414 E. Parris Drive. Wilmington. DE 19808 

Charles B. Rmdades Jr: 661 Naomi Ave.. Kemersville. NC 27284 

Anthony Ricci: 12 Meeker Place: Millbum. NJ 07041 

Jonathan M. Richardson: 204-B Northpoint Ave.. High Point, NC 27260 

Laura Anne Ridenour: 12915 Holdridge Rd.. Wheaton, MD 20906 

Tammy Faye Riggs: PO Box 5004. Statesville. NC 28677 

Janet Riley: 101 IC Roberts Lane. High Point. NC 27260 

Stacy Lyn Riley: 3693 Mountain Road. Mercersburg. PA 17236 

NealJ. Riske: 14 Oakland Ave. Mi"" Place. NY 11764 

Karen Lynn Robarge: 1010 Pin Knolls Rd. Kemersville. NC 27284 

Angelia Page Rabbins: 3510 Truman Ave.. Archdale. NC 27263 

Anthony Ray Roberson: Rt 4. Box 43&B. King. NC 27021 

Crispin T. Roberts: 3007 Manchester Ct., Jamestown. NC 27282 

Joseph Roberts: 1601 Briarcliff Ct.. High Point. NC 27260 

James M. Robertson Jr: 212 Adams St.. Eden, NC 27288 

Cathy Rae Robinson: Rt 2. Box 97. Trinity. NC 27370 

Deborah D. Robinson: 19 Kingston Rd. New Castle. DE 19720 

Carol Rogers: 15601 Puritan PI. Bowie. MD 20716 

Lionel Dennis Rogers: 312 Price Ave.. Durham. NC 27707 

Matthew Ward Rogers: 207 Frederick Rod.. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Robin Annette Rogers: 1115 Twin Oak Drive. Winston Salem NC 27105 

Judith Stark Romanchuk: 708 West Ray Avenue. High Point. NC 27260 

Jeffrey M. Rosenberg: 5532 Mt. Vernon Way. Dunwoody, GA 30338 

Dennis Taylor Rossi Jr.: 5 High Green Lane. Stevenson. MD 21153 

Robert Thomas Rossi: 1705 Red Oak Circle. New Port Rickey. FL 33552 

Keith Alden Rowand 1253 Cordova Rd. Ft. Lauderdale. FL 33316 

Donna J. Rowe: Rt. 12. Box 101. Winston-Salem. NC 27107 

Donna Laura Rudd 3503 Westfield St.. High Point. NC 27260 

Karen J. Rudd: 504 Ralph Drive. High Point. NC 27263 

Michael William Russell: 408 NorthcUff Dr. Raleigh NC 27609 

Sean E. Lannon Russell: Rt 1. Box 141. Queenstown, MD 21653 

Waldo Herbert Rustrian: 610 Martha PI, High Point, NC 27263 

Karol Kimberly Ryals: 1808 Efland Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Cynthia Lee Sale: 1005 Pendleton St.. Radford VA 24141 

Charles B. Samuels Jr.: 17 Orange Ave.. Ambler, PA 19002 

Pamela Sanchez: 5 Darwin Rd.. Somerset. NJ 08873 

Michael Santaldci: Rt 17. Box 435A. Lexington. NC 27292 

Annette Santamaria: 10705 Carolinton Way. Cockeysville. MD 21030 

Jospeh Pascal Santoni: Socorrd Sanchez Ne 269. Gazgue 

Kelly Dale Sapp: 223 Beeson Rd. Kemersville, NC 27284 

Lane Allen Sapp: PO. Box 84. Clemmons. NC 27012 

Brian James Samecki: 4730 Parkvale Rd.. Elicott Oty. MD 21043 

Nick Sarrimanolis: 249-1086 Northpoint Ave.. High Point. NC 27260 

William Edward Sass IIP 1627 Arosley Place. Crofton. MD 21114 

Deborah Jeanne Slanlon: 965 Adams Place. Westwood NJ 07675 

Kathleen Ann Schaefer: 1744 Conway St.. Seaford NY 1176 

Susan Alicyn Schult: 155 Hamilton Rd.. Rockville Center. NY 11570 

James Shaw Scott: 73D Gormley Drive. Rockville. MD 20850 

Thomas Joseph Scott: 20 Ashlawn Orcle. Malvem, PA 19355 

Gwendolyn Sue Shanks: 225 Nordwin Drive. Winston-Salem. NC 27104 

Lynn Marie Sharkey: 475 Walton Rd. Maplewood NJ 07040 

James Thomas Sharp Jr.: 3716 Westfield St.. High Point. NC 27260 

Charles Lee Shaver Jr.: Rt 1 Box 722. Jackson Springs. NC 27281 

Deborah Shaver: 12443 5W 30th Street. Miami. FL 33175 

Sandra Annette Shaw: 1601 Bolinbroke. High Point. NC 27260 

Charles Loy SherrilL PO Box 686 Conover. NC 28613 

Harold W. Sherrill Jr.: 1455 Sixth St. Circle NW. Hickory. NC 28601 

Diane Sherry: 180 Satterthwaite Ave.. Nutley. NJ 07110 

Douglas B. Shields: 6730 Barrister Rd. Kemersville. NC 27284 

Margaret Louise Shiell: 204 River Dr. Tequesta. FL 33458 
Stuart Shilling: 41 Broadway. Freehold. NJ 07728 
Mary Teresa Shively: 2706 Mirian Ct, High Point. NC 27263 
Michele Ann Slovlin: 1724 Nevada Street: Westfield, NC 07090 
Calvin Gregory Shuskey: 124 Benjamin St.. Mt Airy. NC 27030 
Joe Kent Sides: 315 Plaza Drive. Harrisburg. NC 28075 
Michael Bryan Siegfried 5514 Lariat Court, Fayetteville. NC 28303 
Nancy Siested: 1329-lD Briar Creek Rd.. Charlotte. NC 28205 
Irwin Sigman: 1506 Garland Dr, Greensboro. NC 27408 
Bobby Gene Simpson: 102 Holder St.. Randleman. NC 27317 
Rebecca Ann Sink: SOD Randolph Street. Thomasville. NC 27360 
Sharon L. Sink: Rt 11. Box 351. Winston-Salem. NC 27107 
Bill Sledge: PO Box 610. Kill Devil Hill, NC 27948 
Jeffrey C Sloan: 12629 Hening Lane, Bowie, MD 20715 
Laura Ann Smalley: 9409 Silhouette Lane. Jacksonville. FL 32217 
Amy Lynn Smith: Rt 3. Box 263. Asheboro. NC 27203 
Jamie Brooke Smith: 20D Bpgart Circle. Winston-Salem. NC 27104 
John Randolph Smith: 1212 E. Ritter Lake Rd. Greensboro. NC 27406 
Joseph G. Smith, Jr.: 13 Debra Place. Sewaren, NJ 07077 
Sheila Marie Smith: Rt 3. Box 263. Greensboro. NC 27405 
John Edward Snider: 206-B West Center St.. Lexington. NC 27292 
Alan Raeford Snow: 3138 Ridgewood Rd.. Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
Jack Wilson Songster: 406 Cleveland Blvd. Fayetteville. NY 13066 
Michael S. Southard Rt 3. Box 711. Summerfield NC 27358 
Joyce Ellen Southern: 3599 High Point Rd. Winston-Salem. NC 27107 
James Gregory Spainhour: 5949 Timber Trails. Kemersville. NC 27284 
William David Spainhour: Rt 1. Box 279. King. Nc 27021 
Daniel Steven Sparling: 3 Vllswater Ave.. Edith Weston. Oakham 
Rodney Blair Speas: 12D Sunset Drive. Rural Hall NC 27045 
John Manuel Spell: Rt 1. Box 5. Trinity. NC 27370 

Beth Carriere Spencer: 1360 B. W. Shadey Side Rd. Shadey Side. MD 20764 
Lolita Yvette Spencer: PO Box 93. Eagle Springs. NC 27242 
Theresa Ann Spittei 7 Colonial Hgts. Ramsey. NJ 07446 
James G. Sprinkle: 70S Brandywine Blvd Wilmington. DE 19809 
David Lee Stackhouse: 1010 W. Driftwood Drive. Siler City. NC 27344 
Thomas M. Stackhouse: 1010 W. Driftwood Drive. Siler City. NC 27344 
Perry Edward Stafford 1150 11th St Circle NW. Hickory. NC 28601 
Robert Brent Stanley: 810 Woodrow Street. High Point. NC 27262 
Sharon Renee Starkey: 19005 Riverton Street. Duney. MD 20832 
Lisa Dawn Staton: 1007 E. Center St.. Lexington. NC 27262 
Wiliam James Stayon: 2500 Fontaine Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27407 
Jeffrey Scott Stevens: &31S Phyllis Lane. Alexandria, VA 22312 
Kenneth James Stevens: 1833-B Johnson St.. High Point. NC 27261 
Lester Alex Stevens: 3900 Briarwood Ave.. High Point. NC 27260 
Virginia P. Stevens: 720 Rockford Rd. High Point. NC 27262 
Andrew Thacher Stewart: 2338 Main Street, Bamstable, MA 02630 
Angela Mervyn Stewart: 516 N. Pelham St., Alexandria,VA 22304 
Donald Bums R. Stewart: 62 Fairfax Dr, Coram, NY 11727 
Harry Wayson Stewart: 6460 Elibank Drive. Elkridge. MD 21227 
Grace Elizabeth Still: 3111 Imperial Drive. Gastonia, NC 28062 
Maria Elizabeth Stone: 1348 Shell Rd. Thomasville. NC 27360 
Melinda Ann Stone: 3471 Olympia Rd.. Davidsonville. MD 21035 
John William Stout: 402 Montlue Dr.. High Point. NC 27262 
Lisa Karen Stone: 1316 Murphy Lane. Eden, NC 27288 
Inga Michelle Streetman: 3407 Imperial Drive. High Point. NC 27260 
Melinda Denise Stroud: Rt 3. Box 287 High Point. NC 27263 
Robert Allan Stucky: 411 Emerson Lane. Berkeley Heights. NJ 07922 
Marian Lisa Styers: 109 White Road King NC 27021 
Kim Ellen Suda: 36 Woody Lane. Northport. NY 11768 
Jamal Ahhad Suleiman: 102A Tall Oaks Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 
Tamcra K. Summers: Box 4305 Whiysett St.. Gibsanville. NC 27249 
James M. Suttenfield III: PO Box 205-1005 S. Main. Fueuay Varina. NC 27526 
Melanie Ann Suttle: Rt 2 Box 4340. Dobson, NC 27017 
Rhonda Gail Swaim: PO Box 67. Wallburg. NC 27373 
Rhonda Jane Swaim: 3875 Kemersville Rd.. Winston-Salem. NC 27017 
Tamara Lynn Swaim: PO Box 504. Clemmons, NC 27012 
Teresa Lynn Sweatman: 49765 Alois Lane. Winston-Salem. NC 27107S 
Sharon Lynne Sweeney: 9729 Mill Run Dr. Great Falls. VA 22066 
Lisa Carol Swing: Rt 2. Box 3. Lexington, NC 27292 

Sandra Marie Swoboda: 5176 Nevada Street. Berwyn Hghts. MD 20740 
Cynthia Renae Talley: Rt 1. Box 270. Woodleaf NC 27054 
Kara Lee Tamaccio: 7229 NW 6th Street. Plantationa, FL 3,3317 
Joshua Seth Tambor: 3811 Briarwood Ave.. High Point. NC 27260 
Charles Allen Taylor II: 2213 Lidd Lane. Wilmington, DE 19810 
Kenneth Dean Taylor: 51 Knight Lane. Kings Park. NY 11754 
Lou Ellen Taylor: 1600D Alderwood Lane. Bowie. MD 20716 
Stanley Edward Taylor: 914 B. Lakecrest Ave.. High Point. NC 27260 
Ashley Layne Teague: 313 Ralph Drive. Archdale. NC 27263 
Janet C. Uster Temple: 469 Broadwater Rd. Arnold, MD 21012 
Kara Beth Thomas: 815 East Fairfield Road High Point. NC 27263 
Paula Denise Thomas: 2922 H. Kivett Drive. High Point. NC 27260 
Rhonda Kim Thomas: 6112 Lea Ray Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 
John Griffith Thompson: 1905 Rampart Dr. Alexandria. VA 22308 
.Richard Dean Thompson, Rt 4. Box 197. Franklinton. NC 27525 
William Porter Thompson: 422 Edgeboro Dr. Newtown, PA 18940 
'nne Marie Thomson: 125-B Long Shoals Rd.. Arden. NC 28704 
Karla Sue Thornhill: 4439 Ridge Valley Dr. Charlotte. NC 28208 
Barry Lee Tilley: 1180 N. Main St.. Kemersville. NC 27284 
Benjamin R. Tillotson: 5220 Robinhood Rd. Charlotte. NC 28211 
John Kenneth Tisdale: 2171 Middle Road Fayetteville. NC 28301 
Irene Lisa Tivald: Kresson-Gibbsboro Road, Marlton, NJ 08053 
David Bruce Tomlinson: 9 Oak Lane. Brookfield CT 06804 
Virginia ^,ayle Trivette: Rt 9. Box 423A. Greensboro. NC 27409 
Leslie Ann Tucker: 2180 9th St.. Sarasota. FL 33580 
Gregory Sykes Upchurch: 808 Buckle Court. Raleigh. NC 27609 
Suzanne Marie [/rmston: 100 Ludlow Ave.. Spring Lake. NJ 07762 
Philip L. Valente Jr.: 9400 SW 95th Court. Miami, FL 33176 
Mary E. Van-Horn: 207 Relanchton Ave.. Lutherville. MD 21093 
Kristen Ann Vancamp: 10504 Hunting Crest Ln. Vienna, VA 22180 
Sandra Vandendriessche: 682 College Parkway. Rockville. MD 20850 
John Brink Vanhom: 207 Melanchton Ave.. Lutherville. MD 21093 
Gerald A. Vansplinter: 17 Intervale Rd. B 952. Setauket. NY 11733 
Craig Jon Vansteenburgh: 350 Bay Ave.. Huntington. NY 11743 
Melinda Louise Venuto: 1234 Potomac School Rd. McLean. VA 22101 
Laura Vestal Rt 4. Box 624. Yadkinville. NC 27055 
Patricia Victoria- Calte 14 No. 5. Naco Santo Domin 
Jeffery Keith Vogler: 264 Stewart Road. Winston-Salem. NC 27107 
Michael Lee Vogler: 264 Stewart Road Winston-Salem. NC 27107 


Stephanie L. Vukouic: 211 Longdate Ave.. Dayton. OH 4.5419 

Belvie Wagner: 506 Hoover Dr.. Lexington, NC 27292 

Laurie Wynn Walker: 4920 Davis Road.. Winston-Salem. NC 2710.5 

Lisa Lynn Walker: 2417 Williams Ave.. High Point. NC 27262 

Elizabeth L. Wall: 1241 Odvershire Place. High Point. NC 27260 

Rory Donnell Walton: 2505 Kennet Lane. Bowie. MD 20715 

Kober Arthur Ward: 211 Walnut St., Berryville, VA 22611 

Sarah Denise Ward: Rt 3. Box 360. Madison. NC 27026 

Rachel Lorraine Warlick: 1088 Peace Haven Rd.. Winston-Salem. NC 27104 

Marilee Kay Warren. Rt 2. Box 171. Summerfield. NC 27358 

Susan Annette Warrick. 1128 Old Salem Rd. Kemersville. NC 27284 

Robert Kitchens Watkins: 130 Bishop Street. Winston-Salem. NC 27104 

Anthony Watson: 7705 Canberra Place. Clinton. MD 20785 

Ursula Renee Watt: Rt 4. Box 434 •/, Sadler. Charlotte. MC 28208 

Denise Carta Watts. HO East Street. Kemersville. MC 27284 

Charles Stuart Waynick: 1208 New Garden Rd. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Robert W. Weckw'orth. Jr.: .30I5A Ingleside Dr.. High Point. NC 27260 

David Summers Wetborn: 504 Weaver Rd.. Lexington. NC 27292 

Pamela Marie Welch: 2941 St. Claire Rd.. Winston-Salem. NC 27106 

Brian P. Wesley: 5020 Lackawanna St.. College Pk. MD 20740 

Kevin Thomas West: 567 Mourning Dove Dr. Sarasota, FL 33.577 

Derek Weygandt: 2700 Lullington Dr.. Winston-Salem. NC 27103 

Kathy Wheeley: 21 13 Queens Street. Winston-Salem. NC 27103 

Paul Lewis Wheless. 1414 Madison Ave.. High Point. NC 27262 

Lynn Ellen Whitaker: 17 N Maplewood Dr.. BHcktown. NJ 08723 

Lorenzo White: 316 Stokes Dr.. Hertford. NC 27914 

Luanne White: 171 Rainbow Tr.. Denville. NJ 07834 

Mark Alan White: 7104 Kingston Dr, Camp Springs. MD 20748 

Starla Banner White: 2128C Chester Ridge Dr.. High Point. NC 27260 

Cynthia Ann Whitecotton: 1188 Seminary Dr.. Marietta, GA 30060 

Lee Franklin Whitney: 1457 Ashbourne Dr. Lynchburg. VA 24501 

Neal Allen Wilboume: PO Box 144. Stovall, NC 27582 

Carol Ann Williams: PO Box 663, Gloucester Point. VA 23062 

Christopher Williams: PO Box 96. Trinity. NC 27370 

Michael K. Williams: 27541 SW 165 Ave.. Homestead. FL 33031 

Sharon J. Williams: 8061 Tuckerman La. Potomac. MD 20854 

Thomas P. Williams: 2906 Spring Road SW, Roanoke. VA 24015 

Jean Paige Williamson: 421 Mayflower. Portsmouth. VA 23701 

Mary K. Williamson. 3504 Stonehurst PL. High Point. NC 27260 

Vera M. Wilson: Rt 1. Box 156H. Eden. NC 27288 

James Edward Winfrey: 823 Ferndale Blvd. High Point. NC 27260 

Viveca Dawn Wingfield: 921 Ltand PL. Greensboro. NC 27401 

Paula Louise Winton: 4314 Kentland Drive.. Woodbridge. VA 22193 

Cynthia L. Wold: 5647 Bayview Drive. Seminole. FL 33542 

Geoffrey Ernest Wolfe: 255 Boulevard. Mountain Lakes. NJ 07046 

Chistopher Hooper: 4 Llarks Landing Rd.. Port Republic. NJ 08241 

Robert Scott Wood: 219 Bremen Drive. Lexington. NC 27292 

Terry Wood- 1700 Long St.. High Point. NC 27262 

Kimberly Anne Woolsey: 5171 Eliots Oak Rd. Columbia, MD 21044 

Conie Martin Wright: 3101 Flanders Ct. High Point NC 27260 

Laura Alicia Wright: 935 1st Street Ne. Hickory. NC 28601 

Teresa A. Wright: Rt 3. Box 630. Thomasvitle. NC 27360 

Jilt Yarboro: 146 Westover Dr.. Elkin, NC 28621 

Denah Leigh Yarborough: Rt 4, Box 658. High Point. NC 27263 

Barbara Phyllis Yeager: 2170 Fawsett Rd. Winter Park. FL 32789 

John Alexander York: PO Box 66. Morganton. NC 28655 

Pamela George York: Rt 3 Box 501 J. High Point. NC 27263 

David Edwin Young: 38 Georgia Dr. Sydsset. NY 11791 

Nancy Elizabeth Young: 323 Spencer Road.. Devon. PA 19333 

Nancy Louise Young: lllORockford Rd.. High Point. NC 27262 

Susan Heidi Young: 8406 Brair Creek Dr.. Annandale. VA 22003 

Roger William Younts: 9 Country Home Rd. Lexington. NC 27292 

Ida HE. Yuan: 67 Catle Proyecto Ens. Naco 

David Edmond Zeph: 3632 Gramerey Rd.. Greensboro, NC 27410 

Jeffery Stuart Zivic: 3 Willow Drive. Avon. CT 06001 

Susanne Linda Zuroff 5643 Ddoge Dr. Fayetteville, NC 28.103 


Melissa Eria Adamson - 140 

Terrial Lamong Aiken • 136, 126 

Ahmed Ali S.S. Al-Kuwart ■ 57 

Susan Faith Albers ■ 57 

Debra Alletzhauser - 38 

Erika Lee AlUoa - 11, 21 

Peter E. Ammann - 82 

Lynn Marie Andrews - 38 

Jose Miguel Armenteros - 38, 115 

Dans Leigh Arsenault - 138 

David Elwood Ashe - 57, 111, 126 

Karen Denise Ashley - 21 

Anton Nabil Atalla - 57 

Anwar Nabil Atalla - 57 

Jennifer Ann Austin - 7, 57 

Sandra Leigh Austin • 140 

Samuel Roger Averett - 124 

Joyce Ann Bacik - 21, 136 

Ellen Marie Bahm - 111 

Jack Markus Bailey - 21 

Tony Benjamin Baity - 110 

Jacqueline Renee Earner ■ 48, 109, 136 

Kathy Barnes ■ 48 

Ralph Paul Barnes - 95 

Vickie Lynne Barnes • 21, 132, 113 

Ronald Alan Barrens - 57, 111 

Michael R.T. Bartholomen - 21 

James D. Beall - 57 

Julie Ann Carp Beatty - 38, 115. 138 

Barbara E. Belk - 140 

Barbara Jean Benson - 57, 140, 102 

Janice Sue Bentley - 21 

Cheryl Leigh Berry ■ 38 

Carol Bidennann - 91, 57 

Ashley Tbomas Bishop - 85 

EUiabeth D. Bitcon 6, 92, 38, 142 

Robin L. Blair - 96 

Lisa Marie Blake - 57, 140. 107, 103 

Francisco Bloch ■ 93, 58 

Anderson Mills Bonar - 14. 58 

Chris Clay Booze - 102, 126 

Jennifer Rene Boroughs - 48, 132 

Gordon Rex Bowen - 1, 21, 124 

Jane Croyle Bowser - 88, 48 

John Lee Bowser Jr. - 85 

Kimberly Rose Boykio ■ 58 

Tanya A. Barnes Boylen ■ 22 

Suzanne Louise Boyles - 5 

Anna Carol Brady - 13, 38, 138 

Jerri L. Brady - 22 

Anita Kelly Brisentine - 12, 58. 132 

Gerri Broostein - 48 

Donald Lee Brower, Jr. - 38 

Allison Leigh Brown - 113 

John Lewis Brown - 38, 124 

Kristin Anne Brown ■ 38, 140, 127 

Teresa Lynne Brown - 22 

Roosevelt J. Brunson Jr. ■ 85, 84 

Joseph R. Budd - 22. 115 

Virginia Ellen Budd - 48. 136 

Nita Burchette ■ 87. 58 

Thomas Anthony Burgess - 38. 126 

Jeffrey B. Burkhardt - 111 

Charles W. Burton, Jr. - 22, 110 

Kathy Newman Burton - 114 

April J. Callahan - 22. 106 

Arthur Don Cambell - 58 

Gary Mapp Campbell ■ 124 

Sharon Lynn Campbell ■ 7. 91. 90. 58 

Gina Cardone - 22. 113 

Lori Jane Carlile - 22 

EUzabeth Carp - 5. 23 

Edgar Guy Carpenter - 94 

Cynthia C. Can ■ 58 

James Kevin Carr - 111 

Claire M. Camithers ■ 23. 136 

Renee Cheryl Cartret ■ 38 

Brian Morris Caskie - 108 

Rhonda Lynn Cecil - 39. 140. 106. 103 

Ronnie Chapman ■ 23. 103. 126 

Sherry Jean Cheek ■ 23, 113 

Charles P. CUIders - 58 

Ted Cleary - 23, 108 

Tberese Anne Clearly - 39 

Beverly Ann Clement - 39 

Jeffery Charles Collins ■ 58 

Jeffrey S. ColUns - 39. 126 

Ethel Unora Compton - 86, 87. 23 

David P. Connelly III ■ 11. 39. 103. 108. 111. 126 

Aahleigh E. Cooke - 127 

Gregory R. Cornelius ■ 126 

Sandy Jean ComweU - 39. 132, 115. 113 

Donald E. Coryell III - 58, 111, 126 

William Daniel Costello - 23, 108 

WilUam E. Cotham Jr. ■ 48 

Carmen Yvonne Cottle ■ 48. 132 

Kevin Paul Cowan - 23. 142 

Susan Gaile Cox - 58 

Theodore B. Coyle ■ 124, 106, 103 

Charles W. Crabill Jr. 48 

June Renee Craft - 59 

Sheila Marie Craig - 59. 132 

Terrie Hill Cranford - 24 

Elizabeth Crawford - 48. 132. 109. Ill 

Lisa Gail Creed ■ 59, 102 

Roger Dale Crotts - 142, 115 

Mark Arnold Cunningham - 59 

Elizabeth Anne Daisey - 59. 140. 96 

Rebecca Mears Daisey ■ 59, 140 

Christopher P. Dalton - 59 

Branson Davis - 49 

Camille Walton Davis - 49, 102, 136 

Jimmy Lee Davis. Jr. - 24. 124 

Joseph Dedmon Davis ■ 24 

Sally Elizabeth Davis 24. 140. 113 

Denis R. De-St-Aubin • 59. 124 

Donald W. Dclaney Jr. ■ 100. 126 

Martha Susan Delaney - 140 

Robert Eugene Dennis Jr. - 49 

Glen Allen Denny - 23. 124, 113 

Phillip Jay Dickerson - 95 

Anna M. Diez-De-Medina - 92 

Mary Carlene Dix ■ 12. 39. 132 

Margaret Susan Docker • 24. 113 

Jeffrey Scott Doerr - 99. 95. 39. 124 

Michelle Vonrie Downs - 25 

Margaret Frances Draper - 110 

Linda Elizabeth Driver ■ 59 

Michael P. Duffy - 95 

Melissa Ann Duncan - 49. 108. 138 

Virginia Lynn Dunn ■ 59. 132 

Susan Lynn Durban© - 39. 109 

David Duval - 39 

Bonnie Louise Eakin ■ 59 

Richard Blaine Edwards 39 

Jacqueline E. ElUott ■ 25 

Sharon Lynn Elrod - 13, 39, 138 

George W. England Jr. - 82 

Melanie K. Epperson - 59 

Marja Lynn Erickson - 60. 132 

Michael Spencer Everett - 85 

Tania Faizi ■ 60 

Michele Helen Fanning - 60. 96 

Silo S. Aquiles Farias ■ 25, 115, 126 

Sharon Farlow - 25 

Colleen Farrell - 91, 90, 142 

Sidney Raeford Fields - 111 

Bruce David Finagin - 124 

Daniel E. Firebaugh - 60 

Tammie Marie Fish - 140, 96 

Wendy Gall Fishel ■ 40 

Deidre Gwcn Fleenor - 60, 142, 102 

Larry Milton Fleming, Jr. • 98, 145 

Doff Thomas Fleshman Jr. - 40 

Bruce Floyd - 83 

Karen EUzabeeth Ford - 60 

Lynn Marie Fortaleza ■ 88, 49. 140. 127 

Gregory Alan Fox - 93. 25. Ill 

Jimmy Franklin Fox 

Charles W. Frampton III - 49 

Steven Mathew Frazier - 25 

Janet Faye Freeman - 138 

Steven Michael Furman ■ 98. 124. 106. 103 

Constance Lynn Futch ■ 40 

Mary Margaret Gagner ■ 49. HI 

William C. Gallaher ■ 111 

Kevin Lee Gallimore - 49 

Jacqueline A. Candy ■ 88, 87 

Michael A. Garrett - 111. 126 

Peter Lee Gibson - 25. 126 

Dana B. Gilbert ■ 26. 142. 115. 102. Ill 

Suzanne L. Gillespie ■ 49, 132, 114 

Kakue Sam Gininwa - 40 

Marie Rose Giofre - 60 

James F. Gladden, III - 124, 108 

Ginger Dawn Green • 40 

Karia Lou Green - 40, 113, 110 

Kelli Celeste Green - 60 

Brian Scott Grieves ■ 60 

Janet Lynne Grocki - 26 

Elizabeth Yvette Grubbs - 40 

Jeffrey Lynn Gunter ■ 60 

Corinne Margaret Hadden ■ 40, 136 

Telle Marie Hadscok - 91 

Debora A. Hagar 26 

James Allen Haggai ■ 60. Ill 

Claire B. Hall ■ 6. 60. 109. 138 

Elmer Doyle Hall Jr. - 26 

John Whitfield Hamilton - 85. 49 

Melanie Lynn Hamilton - 88. 87. 41 

Rhonda Gayle Hardin 26 

Adrion Hargrove - 41. 142 

Todd C. Harmon - 50 

Sharon Lynn Harper - 26 

Thomas A. Harraghy - 61 

Jill Harris - 13. 41, 138 

UlUa St. Claire Harris • 26, 142 

Pamela Michelle Harris ■ 91 

Sherri Jean Hart - 41, 132 

Rachel Ann Harward - 50 

Donna Renee Heath - 113 

Gary E. Heaton . 26 

Randy Jay Hechler - 82. 83 

Crystal Lea Hedgecock - 41. 113. 110 

Homer Vernon Hedgecock - 27 

Christoher R. Heenan - 124 

Rita Lynn Hege - 50. 140 

Roy Gilbert Heilbron ■ 6. 93. 61 

Kelly Jo Heimendinger - 140 

Sclwyn Jo Heintz • 61, 132 

Terry Lee Henderson - 138 

Michael Allan Hennis - 27. 113 

Jeffrey l*e Henry • 115. 126 

Christopher Lee Heoeon ■ 27 

Karen Danette Hernandez ■ 50. 103. 138 

John Stephen Hess - 113. 128. 145 

Page Doris Hess - 27 

John Starr Higgins - 8. 61. 102. 109, 111, 126, 96 

Kimberly Sue Higgins - 41 

Elizabeth Ann Highfill . 61 

Mary Jane H!U - 50 

Mary EUzabeth Hina - 142 

James A. Hoffman - 85. 84 

Tonya Dale Hogan - 41 

James Kevin Holleran ■ 93 

Dana Lee Holmes - 91 

Brent Paul Holshouser - 41. Ill 

Jonathan Andrew Holt • 61 

Donna Leigh Hoover ■ 114 

Bonnie Jean Hopkins - 41. 142. 106. 138 

Wendi Marie Hora ■ 41. 103. 102. 136. 127 

Anne Register Howard - 14, 132 

Gloria Amnies Howard - 27 

Stephen Dwayne Howell • 27 

Sarah Sparks Huddleston - 27 

Kenneth Dave Huff - 61 

Russell Lee Hughes Jr. . 124 

Dwayne R. Hunt ■ 10. 82 

Mary Jonell Hunter - 27. 102 

Barbara Jane Hurley ■ 61. 103 

Yvonne Elizabeth Huriey • 28. 140. 106. 103. 102. 127 

Robert Thomas Hutson II - 85 

Deborah A. Hotter - 28 

Laura Evelyn Idol - 61. 109 

Timothy C. Igwebuike - 41 

Carrie Lee Inglis ■ 91. 42 

Steven Smith Ingram ■ 42. 106. 103, 102, 126, 145 

Jeffrey Robert Inaley - 61 

Jonathan P. Jackson - 82 

Anthony Ethan Jenkins • HI 

Regina Ann Jensen - 42. 142 

Dori Lyon Johnson - 92 

Elizabeth Alene Johnson • 61 

Robert Gene Johnson. Jr. - 102. 126 

William Edward Johnson - 15. 28. 108 

William R. Johnson - 113 

Alex Dean Jones - 50 

Craig Jones - 124 

Frances Elizabeth Jones • 50. 115, 136. 96 

Glenn Ross Jones - 82 

Judy Diianne Jones 13. 50. 103. 108, 136 

Kimberly Anne Jones - 88, 89, 136 

Kimberly Dawn Jones ■ 50, 140 

Lisa Jones - 86, 87, 138 

Melanie Sue Jordan - 61 

Karen Maried Kastin - 62 

Wendy Lynn Kauffman - 62, 140 

Jeffrey Bradford Keck - 6, 62. 111. 126 

John Fitzgerald Kennedy - 82 

Vickie Diane Kennedy - 28 

Susan Renee Kemodle - 140 

Kirsten Elizabeth Kezar • 50 

Amal Muhib Khayyat - 5, 62 

Anneli Kiviniemi - 91. 51 

Richard A. KUer - 82 

Jacqueline Diane Knotts - 115 

Laura E. Knouse ■ 62. 105 

David Alana Koehler - 5. 42. 124 

Matthew David Kohn - 94 

Victor Kosinski - 42. 142 

Phillip D. Krimminger - 94. 51 

Alysia EUen Krokosz - 88. 62. 144 

Susan Marie Kucbinskas ■ 111. 62 



Deborah L. Kuckinakas - 42 

Wyeleen Kwan • 51. 142 

Adolfo Ju«n Laffite - 62, 115 

Kelley R. Lambert • 15, 9, 6, 62, 132 

Mark Kenneth Lambert • 28, 124 

Deborah Carol Land - 140 

Simon E. Lappi ■ 62, 114 

Lewie C. Lawrence Jr. - 62 

Ngoc Thu Thi Le ■ 62 

Francis Allen Leak ■ 28 

Thomas Moore Leech Jr. • 98, 42, 103, 102. Ill, 126 

Vanessa McQuire Lemmon - 63 

Lisa Leach Leonard ■ 51 

Ian Fredrick Lewis • 82. 83, 42 

Meredith Add Lewis - 63, 115, 102 

Karia M. Liedtke - 28, 140, 113 

JeDDifer Jo Libdquist - 42, 136 

Addc Maryse Lopez - 88, 89. 138 

Michael Keith Louia - 42, 142, 102, 126 

SharoD Louise Lowe - 142, 113. 106. 102 

William Roaald Lucas. Jr. - 42 

Diane Marie Lynk - 13 

Sandra Lynn Mabe - 140 

Jane Argyll MacCannell - 28. 113 

Denise Y. Machamer - 108 

Stephen C- Mackiotosh - 108 

Pekka Topio Makela - 93 

Kimberly Dawn ManesB - 88 

Mark Avery Mann - 51 

Marsha L. Manoe - 63. 142 

David Lee Martin - 51. 115, 111 

Mark Dwight Mashbum - 43, 24, 103, 102 

Tony Harold Matthews - 43 

David Matthew Matzko - 43 

Charles Edward McCarthy - 43 

WiUiam McCorkle Jr. ■ 109 

James L. McCullough III - 63 

Charlene Gail McDaniel - 51. 132. 109 

Johnny C. McDonald 103 

Triidy LyBD McDonald - 63 

Paul Gerald McDonough - 63, 126 

Pamela Virginia McHone - 63. 136 

Betty Jane Mclnvale - 51. 115, 136 

Julie Anne McLamb - 51 

Jackie McNeill - 85 

Scott William McPherson ■ 124 

Frank Poy Meadows ■ 43. 142. 115 

Peter Erwin Meeh - 126 

Charles K. Messick II - 126 

Denise Elaine Metivier - 51. 107. 103 

Arthur Paul Micheel ■ 29. 124 

Bradley A. Miller ■ 124 

Linda Sue Miller - 63 

Kathryn E. Mills - 29 

Kerry T. Mills - 29 

Terry Kim Mills ■ 29 

Jeroen Min ■ 63 

James Stuart Mitchell - 111 

Cynthia Dawn Mize • 43. 142. 114 

Cecil Craig Mock ■ 29 

Joel Christian Moebius - 63, 115 

Jeffrey Keith Monroe - 29 

Shannon Andrea Moore ■ 52, 109 

Lisa K. Morgan - 29 

Montgomery Scott Morgan ■ 43, 114, 110 

Marion Kay Morris - 52, 142 

Dora Mae Morrison - 115 

WilUam D. Morse • 82 

Christopher C. Moschella ■ 124 

Annette Stutts Murphy - 43. 132. 115. 109 

Daniel Harold T. Murphy ■ 85 

M. EUzabeth Myers ■ 29. 132 

Tabitha Ann Nance ■ 1. 30. 102. 110 

Sami Narhi ■ 93 

Jane Harris Needham - 30. Ill 

Karon Sue Nelson ■ 43, 115, 113 

Robert Watson Nelson - 30 

Jeffrey Scott Nichols ■ 43 

Cynthia Lynette Nifong ■ 44, 113 

Jeffrey D. Norris - 95, 126 

Miriam K. O'Mally ■ 103. 108 

Helen Patricia O'Brien ■ 91. 92. 90 

Homer Bradley O'Brien • 52, 126 

Scott Robert Oliver ■ 82, 145 

Peter James Olsen - 99, 108 

Alma N. Ortiz-Nazario - 136 

Donald Lee Osborne - 63 

Lisa Kay Osborne ■ 30, 140, U3, 108, 127 

Ann Elizabeth Osterhout - 64. 138 

Sharon Anne Packeo - 91 

Cindy Jean Palmer - 44 

Patrick O'Sullivan ■ 64 

Jennifer Lee Palmer - 64, 138 

Mark Andrew Pane - 64 

Stephen Papastavrou - 124 

Patricia Ann Park - 13, 52, 114, 138 

James Erskine Parker - 44 

Soultana Rose Parker • 30, 138 

Thomas Arthur Payne - 52, 142 

Mark Allan Peam ■ 82 

Damita Peeler ■ 30, 115. 109. 102 

Jon Barry Peronteau ■ 64. 126 

Gerard Perrone ■ 82. 83 

Shahzad Peters ■ 44. 115 

Hope L. Phelps 107 

Steven A. Piazza ■ 124 

Susan Gail Pierce - 96 

Keith W.A. Pierre ■ 44. 102 

Marshall Gordon Ponder - 30 

Michael W. Porter ■ 30 

WilUam S. Potter III - 115. 107. 103. 102. 126 

Edna Millay Price ■ 52. 140 

Alan Priddy - 44. 124 

Artis W. Prillaman 15, 31, 113, 103, 102, HI, 126 

LesUe Ann Pyper ■ 88, 64 

Debra Lynn Quick 1, 31 

Susan Elaine Ramirez - 88, 86, 52, 138 

Robert J. Rapp ■ 82, 83 

Dawn Ray • 91 

Theresa Angela Regnante - 92 

Michael John Reid - 111 

Charles B. Rhoades Jr. . 52 

Anthony Ricci ' 82 

Jonathan M. Richardson - 95. 31 

Laura Anne Ridenour - 136 

Tammy Faye Riggs - 64. 140, 107 

Neal J. Riske - 124 

Anthony Ray Roberson • 44 

James M. Robertson Jr. - 85. 84. 31 

Cathy Rae Robinson - 64 

Deborah D. Robinson - 115 

Carol Rogers • 31. 108. 111. 136 

Robin Annette Rogers - 52. 138 

Jeffrey M. Rosenberg ■ 64. 124 

Dennis Taylor Rossi Jr ■ 52 

Robert Thomas Rossi • 113. 102, 111, 126 

Keith Alden Rowaod ■ 64 

Donna J. Rowe • 31 

Dunna Laura Rudd • 53 

Karen J. Rudd ■ 32 

Sean E. Lannon Russell • 32, 124, 106, 103. 145 

Waldo Herbert RuBtrian - 7. 44. 126. 96 

Cynthia Lee Sale - 64 

Pamela Sanchez ■ 32. 140. 103. 102. 109 

Annette Santamaria - 32. 114 

Lane Allen Sapp - 44 

Brian James Sarnecki • 82, 44 

William Edward Sass III - 94 

Kathleen Ann Schaefer ■ 12, 140 

Thomas Joseph Scott • 126 

Gwendolyn Sue Shanks - 64 

Lynn Marie Sharkey - 42, 44 

Charles Lee Shaver Jr. ■ 32 

Charles Loy Sherrill 124. 109 

Harold W. Sherrill Jr. ■ 65 

Diane Sherry ■ 44. 108. 138 

Stuart ShilUng • 82, 83 

Mary Teresa Shively • 45 

Michele Ann Shovlin ■ 140. 96 

Calvin Gregory Shuskey ■ 94, 53, 102. 126 

Michael Bryan Siegfried ■ 82. 96 

Nancy Siersted • 32, 113. 106, 103, 102, 136 

Bobby Gene Simpson • 32. 115 

Rebecca Ann Sink - 45. 113 

Sharon L. Sink • 32 

Bill Sledge ■ 111 

Amy Lynn Smith ■ 32. 103 

Joseph G. Smith. Jr. ■ 53 

Sheila Marie Smith - 53. 132 

John Edward Snider - 142 

Jack Wilson Songster ■ 82. 95 

Toyce Ellen Southern • 45 

James Gregory Spainhour - 53 

Daniel Steven Sparling - 65. 124 

Rodney Blair Speas - 45 

Lolita Yvette Spencer - 53. 138 

Theresa Yvette Spencer - 32. 106. 103. 102. 136 

James G. Sprinkle - 32. 124 

David Lee Stackhouse ■ 53 

Thomas M. Stackhouse ■ 32 

Robert Brent Stanley • 33, III. 126 

Sharon Renee Starkey - 53. 114. 102 

Lisa Dawn Staton • 132. 115 

Jeffrey Scott Stevens • 65. 124 

Andrew Thacher Stewart - 85, 124 

Angela Mervyn Stewart • 99. 124 

Grace EUzabeth Still ■ 65, 138 

Melinda Ann Stone • 34, 102 

Lisa Karen Stowe ■ 45 

Melinda Denise Stroud - 53 

Kim Ellen Suda - 65 

Melanie Ann Suttle - 45, 113, 103, 111 

Rhonda Gail Swaim - 53 

Tamara Lynn Swaim • 54 

Teresa Lynn Sweatman - 92, 54, 132, 107, 103 

Sharon Lynne Sweeney - 45 

Lisa Carol Swing - 45, 132 

Sandra Marie Swododa • 86, 87, 54, 142 

Cynthia Renae Talley - 54, 132, 107, 103 

Kara Lee Tamaccio ■ 65, 140, 102 

Charles Allen Taylor II - 65 

Lou Ellen Taylor • 91, 34 

Janet C. Uster Temple ■ 91. 65 

John Griffith Thompson - 93 

Anne Amrie Thomson - 65, 107 

KarIa Sue Thornhill - 88, 45, 138 

Barry Lee Tillcy • 45 

Irene Lisa Tivald -54, 114 

David Bruce Tomlinson • 126 

Leslie Ann Tucker ■ 13, 86, 87, 45, 138 

Gregory Sykee Upchruch - 54, 96 

Philip L. Valente Jr. ■ 82, 83 

Mary E. Van-Horn ■ 66. 140 

Sandra Vandendriessche ■ 34 

John Brink Vanhorn - 34, 126 

Craig Jon Vansteenburgh - 66 

Laura Vestal - 87. 66 

Patricia Victoria - 45. 140. 108 

Belvie Wagner - 34 

Laurie Wynn Walker - 46. 132 

EUzabeth L. Wall ■ 34, 140 

Rory Donnell Walton - 82 

Robert Arthur Ward ■ 108 

Sarah Denise Ward - 34 

Marilee Kay Warren • 34 

Susan Annette Warrick - 66, 110 

Anthony Watson - 102 

Ursula Renee Watt • 5, 88, 87, 89, 138 

Denise Carla Watte - 11, 46, 142, 132, 102 

David Summers Welbom - 34 

Pamela Marie Welch ■ 54, 136 

Kevin Thomas West - 115, 126 

Derek Weygandt - 66 

Paul Lewis Whcleee Jr, - 54, 113, IIO 

Lynn Ellen Whitaker - 91 

Lorenzo White - 13. 46, 142 

Cynthia Ann Whitecotton - 66, 114 

Neal Allen Wilboune ■ 66 

Carol Ann WilUams ■ 91, 90, 66 

Christopher WilUams - 115 

Michael K. WilUas - 93, 55 

Sharon J. WilUams ■ 34 

Thomas P. Williams - 111 

Jean Paige WilUamson • 5. 55, 140, 109 

Vera M. Wilson - 55 

Viveca Dawn Wingfield • 88, 89, 34 

Paula Louise Winton - 55, 100, 103 

Cynthia L. Wold • 55, 140 

Robert Scott Wood ■ 34, 142 

Kimberly Anne Woolsey • 66, 96 

Connie Martin Wright ■ 66 

Laura Alicia Wright ■ 102 

Teresa A. Wright - 34 

Jin Yarboro- 110 

Tommy Yarborough - 34 

Barbara Phyllis Yeager ■ 34. 140. 113 

Pamela George York - 34 

David Edwin Young ■ 46. 142 

Nancy Louise Young ■ 46, 138 

Susan Heidi Young - 34 

Ida H.C. Yuan - 55. 142. 115 

David Edmond Zeph ■ 124 

Susanne Linda Zuroff • 55, 107, 103, 109 

Terry Samuels ■ 85, 84 

Beth Christian ■ 91 

Mike White - 93 


169/The End