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Full text of "The Zenith Yearbook, 1986 High Point College"

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Competition for all 


Part of the Crowd. 


Greeks do it with their 
brothers and sisters. 


In the between time. 




Where it's at. 

Volume 62 


Prologue / 1 

2 / Prologue 

v^j^ptajB**- • /i ^i»i ~ 

Prologue/ 3 

We came 
together from 
all corners of 
the country. 
changes and 
adaptation we 
disperse to 
jobs or 
graduate and 
schools. No 
matter where 
we go we'll all 
take pride in 
saying, "I 

High Point 
College . . 

4 / Prologue 

• . 

Prologue / 5 

6 / Prologue 

Prologue / 7 


JF * 





I came to High Point 
College last fall with a 
strong feeling that this 
was a very fine center of 
learning, and that the 
College's best days were 
still ahead of it, not 
behind it. I believe this 
today more than I did 
when l came. 

High Point College is 
strong today because of 
some special factors in its 
makeup. One is 
friendliness, another is 
dedication to teaching, 
another is fierce 
determination to 
underscore freedom of 
thought and expression. 
Still another is the 
emphasis on matters of a 
spiritual nature; the 
student minds of enquiry 
do not go unanswered. I 
respect this fine heritage 
and with you hope to 
build on it. 

High Point College is 
special. We have seen 
developed between 
students, faculty, and staff 
a renewed sense of 
optimism, coherence and 
collegiality. This, after all, is 
probably the most 
precious commodity an 
educational center has, 
because this is the only 
way we can ensure quality. 
Making a college a 
community "polls" ough 
to be the goal of every 

High Point College is a 
superb center of learning. 
You have helped make it 
so. As a freshman 
president, I thank you for a 
grand year. 

Jacob C. Martinson, 

8 / Prologue 

Dr. Jacob C. Martinson 

"High Point College is 
strong today because 
of some special factors 
in its makeup." 

Prologue / 9 



10 / Prologue 












Hidden under a 
blanket of snow. High 
Point College stands in 

Dorms, much 
more than a 
building . . . 
They act as an 
important part 
of the social 
organization at 
High Point College. 
Many strong and 
lasting relationships 
are formed 
through dorm life. 

12 / Prologue 

Opportunity is 
only one of the 
facets to be 

And if the group or 

activity doesn't 

exist one can 

count on 

dedicated High 

Point College 

students to create 



Prologue / 13 


14 / Prologue 

Prologue / 15 


16 / Prologue 




Tom Butler, Mike Bridger 

Sports Editors 

Prologue / 17 

Panthers Tip 
Off the 

November 14 

Piedmont College 
November 16 

Belmont-Abbey College 
November 20 

Warren Wilson College 
November 22 

Piedmont College 
November 27 

Pembroke State University 
November 30 

Winston-Salem State 

December 4 

Atlantic Christian College 
December 7 

Guilford College 
December 11 

Lenoir-Rhyne College 
December 14 

Wingate College 
January 3-4 

Lander Tournament 
January 9 

Belmont-Abbey College 
January 11 

Catawba College 
January 13 

Mount St. Mary's (NY) 
January 15 

Elon College 
January 18 

Pfeiffer College 
January 20 

Gardner-Webb College 
January 22 

Atlantic Christian College 
January 25 

Lenoir-Rhyne College 
January 29 

Pembroke State University 
February 1 

Catawba College 
February 5 

Wingate College 
February 8 

Guilford College 
February 12 

Elon College 
February 15 

Pfeiffer College 
February 19 

Gardner-Webb College 
February 22 

Warren Wilson College 
February 27 

Carolinas Conference 

March 1 

Hugh Gelston tips off against 
Lenoir-Rhyne College. 

Jim Hoffman and Hugh Gelston crash 
the boards as they watch the 
panthers shot fall through the hoop, 

18 / Panther's Basketball 

Hard work and patience is 
the key to Panthers' 

Coach Jerry Steele 
feels the key to 
success for this year's 
men's basketball team 
is how the 
inexperience in key 
positions effects the 

The backcourt was 
hurt the most by the 
graduation of starters 
John Hamilton and 
Danny Murphy. Mike 
Miller, a junior, will 
probably start at point 
guard. Coach Steele 
hopes Mike can make 
the adjustments and 
mature as a starter. 
Freshmen Tony Bolden, 
Willie Walker, and 
Chris Windlan will fight 
for the other guard 

The frontline will be 
headed by the only 
returning starter and 
senior Jim Hoffman. 
Jeff Allen, a 
sophomore, returns 
after sitting out a 
season, and will be a 
key to the frontline. 
Hugh Gelston, a junior, 
hurt in pre-season 
showed before being 
sidelined at the end of 
last season that he 
could be a vital part 
of the Panthers line-up. 

Coach Steele hopes 
that the talent will take 
over and out shine the 
inexperience and by 
the Conference 
Tournament the team 
will be hitting its peak, 

Tony Bolden takes a baseline jumper as Jeff Allen gains 
position under the boards. 




Name Class 

Jeff Allen Sophomore 

Tony Bolden Freshman 

Hugh Gelston Junior 

Jim Hoffman Senior 

Mike Miller Junior 

Lane Odom Freshman 

Terry Shackleford Sophomore 

Roy Smith Junior 

Ron Telleysh Junior 

Willie Walker Freshman 

Chris Windlan Freshman 

Andy Young Junior 

Panther's Basketball / 19 

Lady Panthers look forward to 
upcoming season. 

First year coach 
Debbie Trogden has a 
strong nucleus with 
four returning starters 
from last year's 15-14 
team. Lost to 
graduation was 
All-Conference and 
All-District 26 point 
guard Susie Ramirez. 

Leading scorer and 
rebounder Angie 
Green, a junior, will 
lead the Panthers this 
year. Sophomores 
Anne Meyers and 
Anita Staton along 
with senior Lisa Jones 


Cathey Cassady 
Angie Green 
Debbie Johnson 
Lisa Jones 
Gigi McPherson 
Anne Meyers 
Marie Omnond 
Susan Poole 
Penney Sellers 
Anita Staton 

are the other three 
returning starters. Two 
freshman will be 
counted on to fill in at 
the vacant point 
guard position. Penney 
Sellers and Susan 
Poole are the 
freshman that will 
compete for point 
guard spot. 

Coach Trogden 
hopes that with this 
strong nucleus and 
new talent that the 
Lady Panthers can be 
a conference 

Amy Boswell passes down low. 












20 / Lady Panthers 

Anne Meyers looks for an open 

Anita Staton goes in for a layup. 

Come Out 

November 25 

Eton College 
December 2 

Atlantic Christian College 
December 7 

Liberty University 
December 11 

Lenoir-Rhyne College 
December 13-14 

Johnson C Smith 


January 9 

Pembroke State University 
January II 

Catawba College 
January 16 

Wingate College 
January 18 

Pfeiffer College 
January 20 

Guilford College 
January 22 

Atlantic Christian College 
January 25 

Lenior-Rhyne College 
January 27 

Campbell University 
February I 

Catawba College 
February 3 

Wingate College 
February 5 

Mars Hill College 
February 8 

Guilford College 
February 10 

Elon College 
February 13 

Pembroke State University 
February 15 

Pfeiffer College 
February 18, 20-22 

Carolinas Conference 


Lady Panthers / 21 

Stu Shilling and Clive Skyers show their aggressive play. 

Goalkeeper, Sal Schiavone clears the ball 

Panthers Defense will 
make the difference. 

Coach Woody 
Gibson feels that if this 
year's soccer team 
can play good 
defense and fill the 
gaps of two 
defenders, Bobby 
Rapp and Angelo 
Stewart, they should 
have a successful 

The Panthers finished 

fourth in the nation in 
scoring last year. 
Gibson hopes this 
year's team can have 
the same offensive 
punch. Key players 
such as goal keeper 
Sal Schiavone, and 
defenders, Stu 
Shilling, and Phil 
Valente, should play a 
key role in leadership 
for the team. 

Steve Cookman dribbles the 
ball into the open field. 

22 / Soccer 

Phil Valente keeps opponent from 
passing the ball into open field. 

come out 

Team Members 

Sal Schiavone 

1 Mike Oser 

2 Stu Shilling 

3 Kevin Noon 

4 Kevin Clark 

5 Joe Crupi 

6 Michael Lo Preste 

7 Tony Nugent 

8 Danny Hogue 

9 Pete Cockburn 

10 Tony Luongo 

11 Steve Cookman 

12 Gary Hewett 

13 Steve Maurer 

14 Mark Hoder 

15 Doug Brandon 

18 Jon Stacks 

19 Phil Valente 

21 Clive Skyers 

22 Rusty Lawter 

23 Bill Brewer 

Phil Valente kicks the ball downfield. 

Tony Nugent fights defender for the ball. 

Panthers Play 

Coach Kitty Steele 
feels this year's field 
hockey team will be 
successful. Even 
though they are 
starting five young and 

Carol Ann Williams 
and Shari Campbell, 
both seniors who 
attended the national 
tournament last year, 
will lead the Panthers 
in their drive to a 
successful season. 
Other key players will 
be senior, Colleen 
Farrell and freshman 
goalie, Diana Del 
Rossi. Steele feels with 
a year of collegiate 
level experience Rossi 
will turn into a fine 

The Panthers will host 
the Southeast 
Tournament on 
November 15, 16, and 

Shari Campbell hits the ball upfield. 

Team Members: Shari Campbell, Diana 
Del Rossi, Elaine Estelle, Colleen Farrell, 
Patrice Higgins, Heather Hughes, Lisa 
Mckeown, Stacey Mulligan, Share 
Radwanski, Sara Rivas, Amy Rowton, 
Priscilla Trenthan, Carol Ann Williams. 

24 / Women's Field Hockey 

Panthers face tough 







Sat., Sept. 7 

Umpiring Clinic 

High Point 

Wed.. Sept. 11 


Chapel Hill 

Sat., Sept. 14 


High Point 

Wed., Sept. 18 


High Point 

Fit, Sept. 20 


High Point 

Wed., Sept. 25 



Fit, Sept. 27 

Wake Forest 


Mon., Sept. 30 


High Point 

Wed., Oct. 2 

Salem College 

High Point 

Sat, Oct. 5 


High Point 

Tues., Oct. 8 



Thurs., Oct. 10 



Sat., Oct. 12 

Sweet Briar, 

Va. Commonwealth 


Tues., Oct. 15 

Wake Forest 

High Point 

Fri.-Sun., Oct. 25-27 

Deep South Tournament 


Thur.. Oct. 31 



Fri.-Sun., Nov. 15-17 

Southeast Tournament 

High Point 

Patrice Higgins tries to pass the ball upfield. 

Priscilla Trenthan steals the 
ball from opponent. 

Women's Field Hockey/ 25 

Match ! 

Coach Kitty Steele 
hopes this year's 
womens team will 
improve rapidly as 
they compete in more 
match play. 

Kim Lewers and 
Donna Reynolds will 
be leading the young 
team as the spring 
season starts. 

Coach Steele hopes 
that the fall season will 
provide the lady 
Panthers time to 
improve and add a 
few players who were 

Team Members: Kim Bergen. Melanie Kelly, Dawn Lemmo, Kim Lewers, Linda Lovely Steph Mack Cathy 
O'Donnell, Susan Poole, Mary Anne Rankin, Donna Reynolds, Lisa Welsh. 

Team Members: John Aybar. Michael Blackburn. Mike Bridger. Kieth Brown, 
Gary Clark, Tom Conrod, Randy Foster, Joey Fuqua, Brian Humphreys, Todd 

Polin, Alan Watts. 

Todd Polin hits the ball right on target. 


Coach Ed Ray 
believes that hard 
work and 
determination will 
make the Panthers a 
conference contender. 
Joey Fuqua will lead 
the Panthers to their 
1985-86 season. 
Transfer Brian 
Humphreys will help fill 

Joey Fuqua shows his power 
and concentration as he 
crunches his backhand. 

the gap left by last 
year's seniors Pekka 
Makela and Sami 
Narhi. Todd Polin will 
also be a key player 
in the Panthers lineup. 
Atlantic Christian and 
Guilford College will 
be the Panthers main 
competitors for the 
conference crown. 

Men's Tennis / 27 

Panthers should contend 
for title. 

With this years very 
successful fall season 
Coach Jim Speight 
looks toward the 
spring with an eye of 
optimism. Speight feels 
the team should be in 
the running for the 
conference title right 
along with competitors 
Wingate and Elon. 

With the top four 
pitchers, Anthony 
Morrison, Tom 
Gamble, David 
Barnes, and Ernie 
Donaldson, back with 
a combined 24 
victories between 

them. Speight feels that 
without any injuries, this 
could be one of his 
best pitching staffs 

In the field, catchers 
Brian Kemp and David 
Hooker, shortstop Chip 
Stroup, firstbaseman 
Barry Kellam and new 
outfielder Frank 
Shumate should give 
the Panthers strong 
defense as well as 
strong hitting. Hitter 
Chuck Williard is back 
for his second full 
season as a panther. 

Panther players warm-up for intense action 
Andy Stewart lets one fly. 

28 / Baseball 

Barry Kellam, Brian Kemp, 
David Hooker and Chuck 
Williard stand ready to give it 
their all in the up-coming 

John Fitz warms up before a 




Al Augusta 
Tom Barra 
David Barnes 
David Carter 
Scottie Carter 
Dale Cox 
David Culhane 
Ernie Donaldson 
Kevin Evans 
John Fitz 
Tom Gamble 
David Hooker 
Sam Hooker 
Jeff Jones 
Barry Kellam 
Brian Kemp 
David Marotta 
Mark McVicker 
Anthony Morrison 
Hal Nitowitz 
Mike Parker 
Joe Santasiere 
Robert Shenigo 
Frank Shumate 
Billy Smith 
Doug Smith 
Todd Snell 
Paul Sterling 
Andy Stewart 
Chip Stroup 
Chuck Williard 

• . ... ■ 

Baseball / 29 


Roar For the 

The HPC 
cheerleaders are 
sponsored by the 
college and are 
coached by Richard 
Hoffmann, who helps 
with their budget, 
practice sites and 

transportation to away 
games, but this group 
of individuals work on 
their own schemes 
and practice on their 
own time. In the full 
heat of the basketball 
season they sacrifice 
almost every Saturday 
night to lead cheers 
for the Panthers. Dennis 
Smith, a junior, said, 
"We take a lot of 
pride in our school 
and don't mind taking 
the time to do 
something for it. 
Everyone at this school 
ought to be more 
involved in 
activities and get 
some school spirit." 
Darryl Cook, a junior, 
said, "It's just fun going 
out and doing 
something good for 
the school instead of 
always criticizing it." 

Cheerleaders show their spirit. 

Dennis Smith gets the crowd going. 

The Cheerleaders are in perfect form. 

Cheerleaders line up for the upcoming season. 


Coach Hoffmann looks into plans for the 
new year. 

HPC Cheerleaders for the '85-'86 


*m Rodney Anderson, Tina Lowe, Kristi Pierce, Donna 

Casey, Darryl Cook, Scherp, Chip Shea. Michael 

^ Christine Guy, Sherri Hooker. Siegfried, Dennis Smith and 

( Cara Van Kooten, Gina Michelle White, 

Cheerleaders try out a new formation. 

Cheerleaders / 31 

HPC Intra murals 

Jeff Insley watches shot put being thrown by Tom Earnhardt. 

Gary Clark leads the mile run as he wins it for Joe Theisman 
He is UP, UP, UP and over. 


32 / Intramurals 

On your mark, get set, go! 



Sigs take a shot in a shootout. 

Bob Boyd hits a backhand in his tennis 

Start off 

Once again the 
High Point Intramurals 
started out with a 
bang. The semester 
started off with the 
frisbee throwing greeks 
and Independents. 

The High Point 
College Intramurals 
consist of Guys 
Ultimate Frisbee and 
Guys and Girls Soccer, 
Track, Volleyball, 
Basketball, and 
Softball. All of the 
Fraternities and 
Sororities compete as 
well as independents. 

Intramurals / 33 

in full 

Coach Woddy 
Gibson feels with five 
of the top six players 
returning on the golf 
team, this year could 
be very promising. 

Key players this 
season will be John 
Harris, Scott Pollack, 
and transfer Ken 

Last year's team 
won the St. Andrews 
Invitational Tournament 
and played well in 
other tournaments. 
Gibson hopes they 
can improve on their 
conference play. 

"/■■, ■ ' : * ' " ; " . 

Scott Pollack concentrates as he 
practices his swing. 

,- -tf**nfc ~ 

Scott Pollack drives the ball down 
the fairway. 

Team Members: Jim Anderson, Ken Dennis, Stacey Dillon, Ron Hall, John Harris, Matt Kohn, Jon Morris. 
Jeff Nameth, Scott Pollack, Randy Rover, Drew Smith. 

Team Members: Rodney Anderson, John Avbar Frankie rhnniin iw,j rv. i 
Captain, William Grubbs. Claire Hall, Jusfflms Jeff InSe ^ WayneTonef " 
Captain Bill Kimmel Kevin Kuester,-M,ke Lemmo, Steve MaureV Chio Shea ~ 
gSo™ V ' Ta Vlor- Captain, Jim Mithchell, S,mon Za PP a Snd lyron 

Bill Kimmel jumps over a high hurdle. 

On your mark, set, go. 

Coach Bob 
Davidson feels that this 
year's track team 
should have a 
successful year and 
may even better last 
years second place 
finish in the 

Key returners Darryl 
Cook, Wayne Jones, 
and Bill Kimmel, should 

Freshman Rodney Anderson 
and Chip Shea show their 
smooth running styles. 

help lead the Panthers 
this spring. Also 
newcomers Chip Shea 
and Rodney Anderson 
should fill in well in the 
sprints and relays. 

In the field events 
Jeff Insley, Chuck 
Taylor and Steve 
Maurer should do a 
good job. 

Track / 35 

Panthers come out 

First year coach 
Debra Trogden really 
did not know what to 
expect from this year's 
volleyball team. She 
knew they had talent 
but was not sure of 
their experience. 

Key players have 
been hitters Cynthia 
Ismel, Ann Meyers, 

and setters Kim 
Manness, and Anna 

Trogden feels that 
freshmen Stephanie 
Mujat, and Penney 
Sellers should also 
receive playing time. 

Trogden says it is 
going to take a team 
effort to be successful 

Panthers huddle before a match. 
Penny Sellers spikes the ball. 

36 /Volleyball 





2 Sharon Kelley 

4 Rebecca Daisey 

5 Kim Moose 

7 Penney Sellars 

8 Kim Maness 

9 Donna Lilly 

10 Anna Lopez 

11 Cynthia Ismael 

13 Debbie Johnson 

14 Stephanie Mujat 

15 Anne Meyers 

Volleyball/ 37 

L. > l 



38 /Classes 


Jennifer Austin 
Jennifer Palmer 

Classes / 39 

c \ a 

s s 

O 1 

1 9 

8 9 

r-i,-.<« Of 1989 

Vice Pre 

sidentJanie Peterson- 


40 / Classes 

A Time to Adapt 

Mary Albright 

Debra Ammon 

Michael Beck 
Jeff Beutel 
John Blackburn 

Jeriann Bongiovanni 
Treka Brown 
Joan Bryan 

Candace Capron 
Catherine Cook 
Beverly Freeman 

Classes / 41 


Wendy Glass 
Jeffrey Gore 
Jonathan Hess 
Vance Holdsclaw 
Sherri Hooker 

Amy Howard 
Karen Humphreys 
Ronald Jarvis 
Kelly Jenkins 
Sharon Kelley 

42 / Classes 

Class Of 1989 

Jill Kreiss 
Allison LeClear 

Karen Liese 
Dawn Linky 

Matthew Long 
Ann McGrail 

Stephanie Mujat 
Melissa Norton 

Ernst Obermaier 
Kristine Peterson 

Classes / 43 

Kristi Pierce 
Susan Poole 

Stephanie Powell 
Donna Robinson 

Karen Schmitz 
Angela Schmucker 

Andrea Simpson 
Timothy Sloan 

Ellen Smith 
Linda Show 

44 / Classes 

Jeffrey Sparks 
Tracy Stikeleather 
Jeffrey Taylor 
Mary Thiede 
William Thomasson 

Charles Utley 
Janna Voss 
Jill Walker 
Sherry Ward 
Lori Yun 

Classes / 45 

C I ° 

s s 

O « 

n 9 » 8 


46 / Classes 

The In-between Time 

Matthew Alson 
Anthony Bell 

Kimberly Bergen 
Charles Binker 

Bryan Blank 
Karen Bowman 

Deborah Brobst 
Janet Brown 

Classes / 47 

Jonathan Bryson 
Terri Burchette 

Linda Carroll 
Esther Christian 

Kimberly Coggins 
Billy Coley 

Perry Conley 
Shannon Craft 

48 / Classes 

Class Of 1988 

Marie Cross 
Jeanne Dawson 
Catherine Demchak 
Emest Donaldson 
Melanie Epperson 

Jack Fetner 
Susan Finch 
Monica Gregor 
Kathleen Hernandez 
Anne Hopkins 

Classes / 49 

Class Of 1988 

Brenda Hovis 
Kimberly Idol 
William Kimmel 
Suzanne LeClear 
Kimberly Lewers 

Benjamin Love 
Stephanie Mack 
Kim Massey 
Deborah Meckfessel 
Anne Meyers 

50 / Classes 


Andrew Miller 
Ann Moler 

Lori Morton 
Mark Murphy 

Shawn Newsome 
David Payne 

Gwenda Peddycord 
Margaret Phillips 

Seema Qubein 
Mary Rankin 

Classes / 51 


Class Of 1988 

Mae Ravenel 
Sarah Rivas 

Patricia Sarlan 
David Seidel 

Owen Snyder 
Cynthia Stewart 
Beth Summerville 

Lynne Turtle 
Ursula Urbielewicz 
David Vest 

52 / Classes 

Kevin J. Ward 
Shannon Welch 
Jennifer Wiese 
Josephine Williamson 
James Wilson 

Timothy Winters 
Lori Wood 
Carmen Zayas 
Wanda Furrow 
Carole Marotta 

Classes / 53 

c \ a s s 

o f 

1 9 8 7 


Thomas puts the 

ashing touches on her 

54 / Classes 

Blood, sweat, and tears . . . 

Teresa Brewer 
Sandra Brownell 

Margaret Cann 
Lee Cockerill 

Kevin Connolly 
William Craig 

Michelle D'Andrea 
Lucinda Deane 

Classes / 55 


Evan Geller 
Bonnie Hannah 
Debra Hayward 

Angela Hendrix 
Patrice Higgins 
Sherry Hill 

Sharon Dillon III k 

Cheryl Dougherty 
Craig Foster 

56 / Classes 

Class Of 1987 



Kristin Howard 
Deborah Kerr 

Joy Lawson 
Danny Leonard 

Larry Long 
Priscilla Lowe 

Stacey Moloney 
Barry Martin 

Tammy Martin 
Lisa McKeown 

Classes / 57 

Class Of 1987 

Stephen McPherson 
Patricia Mills 
Melissa Mize 
Cynthia Moore 
Stephanie Newbem 

Linda Peterson 
Keith Plymale 
Terrie Rea 
Donna Reynolds 
Amy Rowton 

58 / Classes 


Craig Sheppard 
Douglas Smith 

Elizabeth Smith 
Teresa Smith 

Lora Songster 
Jonathon Travis 

Ken Zeller 
Claud Zumot 

Classes / 59 

60 / Classes 


Senior Directory 

Melinda Abee 

Route 4 Box 435 A 
Trinity, NC 27370 

Cynthia Carol Allen 

1810 Mt. Hope Church 
McLeansville, NC 27301 

David Elwood Ashe 

946 Hughes Shop Rd. 
Westminster. MD 21157 

Jennifer Ann Austin 

2621 Winding Oak Dr. 
Matthews, NC 28105 

Tony Benjamin Baity 

511 Duke Street 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Sandra Dawn Barnes 

Route 3 Box 41 7 
Trinity, NC 27370 

Vicky Faye Bennings 

5206 Fieldbrook Dr. 
Greensboro, NC 27405 

Barbara Jean Benson 

1243 Robinhood Circle 
Charlotte, NC 28212 

Carol Bidermann 

6 Kettle Knoll Path 
Miller Place, NY 11764 

Cynthia Denise Binns 

3416 10th PI SE 1B 
Washington, DC 20032 

Robin Luann Blair 

Route 3 Box 403 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Anderson Mills Bonar 

211 Warwick Street 
Kenilworth, IL 60043 

Esther D. Boyd 

4860 Dock Davis Rd. 
Clemmons, NC 27012 

Kimberly Rose Boykin 

4805 Tumbleweed Dr. 
Greensboro, NC 27407 

Carl Lee Bradsher 

Route 5 Box 44 
Roxboro, NC 27573 

Lisa Ann Brayton 

900 Country Club Dr. 
Lexington, NC 27292 

Anita Kelly Brisentine 

12801 Chesney Lane 
Bowie, MD 20715 

Nita Burchette 

PO Box 9 
Ronda, NC 28670 

Debora Ann Campbell 

928 Aldephi Road 
Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Sharon Lynn Campbell 

928 Adelphi Road 
Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Donna M. Capers 

147 Ruxton Street 
Uniondale, NY 11553 

Tina Marie Casey 

Route 7 Box 360 
Spotsylvania, VA 22553 

Laura Jean Cederle 

7609 Cypress Knee Dr. 
Hudson, FL 33567 

Gary Stephen Clark 

9201 Peabody Street 
Manassas, VA 22110 

Robert Samuel Clegg 

PO Box 12427 
Research Triangle Pk., NC 

Jamie J. Cornwell 

602 Longview Drive 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Donald E. Coryell III 

10503 Adel Road 
Oakton, VA 22124 

June Renee Craft 

6850 Robinhood Road 
Pfafftown, NC 27040 

Sheila Marie Craig 

1402 Nottingham Dr. 
Gastonia, NC 28052 

Lisa Gail Creed 

151 Jackson Street 
Mt. Airy, NC 27030 

Elizabeth Anne Daisey 

1621 Princeton Road 
Richmond, VA 23227 

Sharon Lynn Diffee 

113 Worthdale Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Margaret Franci Draper 

710 N. Shore Drive 
Milford, DE 19963 

Linda Elizabeth Driver 

Route 6 Box 269 A 
Mocksville, NC 27028 

Kim Eads 

264 Proctor Street 
High Point, NC 27260 

Melanie K. Epperson 

1115 Delk Drive 

High Point, NC 27262 

Marja Lynn Erickson 

1289 Bartonshire Way 
Rockville, MD 20854 

Gregory Euge Faircloth 

9240 Styers Ferry Rd. 
Clemmons, NC 27012 

Tania Faizi 

1729Stoneybrook Dr. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Colleen Farrell 

3891 Hudson Avenue 
Seaford, NY 11783 

Suzette Julia Ferrand 

109 Gannet Drive 
Commack, NY 11725 

Daniel E. Firebaugh 

806 Geoffrey Street 
Staunton, VA 24401 

Tammie Fish 

2166 Front #J2 
Durham, NC 27705 

Karen Elizabeth Ford 

5210 Burlington Rd. 
Greensboro, NC 27405 

William R. Foster 

Firefly Lane 
Saluda, NC 28773 

Lori A. Frazier 

1010 Alden Lane 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

William C. Gallaher 

301 Thomwood Drive 
Jamestown, NC 27282 

Cynthia Ann Gleiser 

2828 Brookhill Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Thomas Anthony Greco 

PO Box 186 

Port Jefferson, NY 11777 

Kelli Celeste Green 

11645 Armsdale Road 
Jacksonville, FL 32218 

Charles Mark Hall 

Classes / 61 

Route 3 Box 427 
High Point, NC 27263 

Claire B. Hall 

110 Gorsoch Road 
Timonium, MD 21093 

Quinzetta Annette Hayes 

108 Birch Road 
Jacksonville, NC 28540 

Selwyn Jo Heintz 

2687 Cold Springs Rd. 
Concord, NC 28025 

Terry Lee Henderson 

25 Cresthaven Drive 
New Windsor, NY 12550 

Veronica M. Hernandez 

1805 Briar Cliff Ct. 
High Point, NC 27260 

John Starr Higgins 

Route 1 Box 697 
Randleman, NC 27317 

James A Hoffman 

33 Spear Street 
Oakland, NJ 07436 

Amy Sharon Hora 

350 Townsend Road 
Hendersonville, NC 28739 

Raymond Eric Hotz 

104 Tandy Court 
Jamestown, NC 27282 

Stephanie Hrytzay 

11549 SW 90 Street 
Miami, FL 33176 

Jane Romaine Hudson 

615 Granville Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27101 

Kenneth Dave Huff 

62 / Classes 

Route 5 Box 374 
Bassett, VA 24055 

Jeffrey Robert Insley 

Box 92 Lakesville 
Church Creek, MD 21622 

Cinthia Ismael 

Casilla #105 
Bolivia, S. America 

Lance Allan Jarrett 

Route 5 Box 1096 
Thomasville. NC 27360 

Elizabeth Alen Johnson 

7302 Old Post Road 
Pleasant Garden, NC 27313 

Frances Elizabeth Jones 

2305 Caroline Drive 
Durham, NC 27705 

Lisa Jones 

171 Sequoia Road 
Coram, NY 11722 

Susan Kimberly Jones 

795 Laverton Lane 
Rural Hall, NC 27045 

Janine S. Joson 

Route 6 Box 195 
La Plata, MD 20646 

Philip E. Key 

2126 Chestnut Street 
High Point, NC 27260 

Mike Kirkman 

4035 Wallburg Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Matthew David Kohn 

Route 3 Box 15 
Easton, MD 21601 

Tammara Lamb 

3805 Beverly Hills 
High Point. NC 27260 

Simon E. Lappi 

203 Lynn Drive 
Carrboro, NC 27510 

Michael Alvin Lemmo 

12300 Fieldstone Ln. 
Bayonet Point, FL 35567 

Vanessa McGuire Lemmon 

84108 Charles Valley 
Towson, MD 21204 

Anne Maryse Lopez 

Box 10118 

Caparra Heights, PR 00922 

Melissa Lunn 

1201 Arrowhead Court 
High Point, NC 27260 

Diane Marie Lynk 

1230 Wales Drive 
High Point, NC 27262 

Kimberly Dawn Maness 

302 Ridge Avenue 
Asheboro, NC 27203 

Lisa Carol Mann 

203 7th Street 
Honolulu, HI 96818 

Marsha L. Manos 

3814 Severn Avenue 
Charlotte, NC 28210 

David H. Marinoff 

66 Mount Rainier Dr. 
San Rafael, CA 94903 

Trudy Lynn McDonald 

1315 Paddock Lane 
Bowie, MD 20716 

4820 Gladwyn Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Gigi Gray McPherson 

Route 1 Box 217 
Chadbourn, NC 28431 

Scott Mincey 

Route 8 Box 1612 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

James S. Mitchell 

119 Fawn Drive 
Clairton, PA 15025 

Joel Christian Moebius 

Route 9 Box 28 
Hickory, NC 28601 

Donald Lee Osborne 

112 Forestdale Drive 
Jamestown, NC 27282 

Ann Elizabeth Osterhout 

5133 N, Willohaven 
Durham, NC 27712 

Patrick O'Sullivan 

1432 Pine Acres Blvd. 
Bay Shore, NY 11706 

Jennifer Lee Palmer 

2236 Buckingham Ct, 
Burlington, NC 27215 

Sherry A. Paradise 

1104 Windover Rt. 2 
Randleman, NC 27317 

Mark Alan Pearn 

3748 Masters Drive 
Hope Mills, NC 28348 

Jon Barry Peronteau 

13 Flinshire Road 
Malvern, PA 19355 

Pamela Virginia McHone Mitchell A. Peyser 

Box 9803 

High Point, NC 27262 

Mark K. Phelps 

409 Chelsea Road 
New Bern, NC 28601 

Phillip C. Pilson 

600 E. Dayton Avenue 
High Point, NC 27262 

Vivian Annette Proctor 

Route 6 Box 186 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

William Lewis Puckett 

Route 2 Box 944 
Madison, NC 27025 

Kim Denise Reddeck 

PO Box 1175 

High Point, NC 27260 

Tammy Faye Riggs 

PO Box 5004 
Statesville, NC 28677 

Stacy Lyn Riley 

303 4th Street 

High Point, NC 27260 

Cathy Rae Robinson 

Route 2 Box 97 
Trinity, NC 27370 

Robert Anthony Rogers 

1115 Twin Oak Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 

Keith Alden Rowand 

1253 Cordova Road 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316 

Kelly Dale Sapp 

223 Beeson Road 
Kernersville, NC 27284 

Nick Sarrimanolis 

Greece 83200 

Karen Schneggenburger 

Route 13 Box 595 
Lexington, NC 27292 

Curtis F. Schneider 

3252 Longhorn Rd. SW 
Roanoke, VA 24018 

Gwendolyn Sue Shanks 

225 Nordwin Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Sandra Annette Shaw 

1601 Bolingbroke Rd. 
High Point. NC 27260 

Charles Loy Sherrill 

PO Box 686 
Conover, NC 28613 

Douglas B. Shields 

6730 Barrister Road 
Kernersville, NC 27284 

Stuart Shilling 

41 Broadway 
Freehold, NJ 07728 

Michael Siegfried 

5514 Lariat Court 
Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Arrow Smith 

413 Lynbrook Drive 
Archdale, NC 27263 

Jamie Smith 

200 Bogart Circle 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Jeffrey Alan Smith 

3700 Fraternity Church 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Sharon Denise Snow 

260 21st Ave. NW 
Hickory, NC 28601 

Andrew Thacher Stewart 

2338 Main Street 
Barnstable, MA 02630 

Kim Ellen Suda 

36 Woody Lane 
Northport, NY 11768 

Ashley Lane Teague 

313 Ralph Drive 
Archdale, NC 27263 

Janet Custer Temple 

469 Broadwater Road 
Arnold, MD 21012 

Philip L. Valente Jr. 

9400 SW 95th Court 
Miami, FL 33176 

Mary E. Vanhorn 

207 Melanchton Ave. 
Lutherville, MD 21093 

Craig Jo Vansteenburgh 

10 Durham Court 
Greenacres City, FL 33463 

Ruth Naomi Waddell 

PO Box 97 
Welcome, NC 27374 

Lorie Jane Wade 

1405 Delk Drive 
High Point, NC 27260 

Odell Walker 

2408 Barry Street 
Charlotte, NC 28205 

Susan Annette Warrick 

1128 Old Salem Road 
Kernersville, NC 27284 

Michelle Joanne White 

103 Beaufort Drive 
Havelock, NC 28532 

Cynthia Ann Whitecotton 

115 Tapestry Trace 
Peachtree City, GA 

Thomas P. Williams 

2906 Spring Rd. SW 
Roanoke, VA 24015 

Paul Wong 

1254 Dovershire Ct. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Mary Melissa Wood 

302 Hillcrest Drive 
High Point, NC 27262 

Laura Alicia Wright 

935 1st Street NE 
Hickory, NC 28601 

Mon Som Yom 

1906 Middlewood Ct. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Ronald Gene Bolt 

101 West 5th Ave. 
Lexington, NC 27292 

Deborah Lynn Branson 

501 Denny Street 
High Point, NC 27260 

Debra Elaine Cail 

Route 7 Box 139 A 
High Point, NC 27263 

Iris Clark 

305 Uwharrie Street 
Asheboro, NC 27203 

Sharisse Earlette Cole 

Route 1 Box 395 
High Point, NC 27260 

Rita Jeanette Edwards 

Classes / 63 

209 Lynelia Lane 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

John Timothy Emerson 

1101 Maplewood Ave. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Marilyn Forrest 

Box 55 

Lexington, NC 27292 

Dianne Horton 

Route 4 Box 710 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Kathryn F. Hughes 

Rt. 1 Box 117 
Trinity, NC 27370 

Terry Randa Hutchens Sr. 

PO Box 5114 

High Point, NC 27262 

Melanie J. Idol 

408 Fall Street 
Kernersville, NC 27284 

Sandra Dee Martin 

Route 1 

Sophia, NC 27350 

Ruth Marie Miller 

4743 Champion Court 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

David Alan Murphy 

307 Blair Drive 
Archdale, NC 27263 

Joyce A. Nelson 

2630 Shieldale Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Gerald R. Parnell 

3311 Rockingham Rd. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Michael Paul Sanders 

205 Cloniger Drive 

Thomasville, NC 27360 

John Hayden Savas 

409 Denny Street 
High Point, NC 27262 

Joanne Thomson 

1010 Shenandoah Dr. 
High Point, NC 27260 

C. Bryce Smith 

Route 5 Box 317 
Lexington, NC 27292 

Carolyn Elaine Boles 

5568 Shallowtord Rd. 
Lewisville, NC 27023 

Douglas Burrow 

Route 1 Box 270 
King, NC 27021 

Virginia Muirhe Cooper 

710 Hallmark Drive 
Rural Hall, NC 27045 

Vaden Eugene Cox 

5117 River Chase Rdg. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Arlene Beatrice Crump 

2404 Berkeley Road 
Burlington, NC 27215 

Linzie Farmer 

3923 Homestead Lane 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Kenneth Earl Foster 

Route 44 Box 114 
Advance, NC 27006 

Mittie Glymph 

2027 Lincoln Avenue 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 

Peter Gregory Hollett 

1915 Saffron Place 

Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Brenda Holloway 

5105 Cobblestone Rd. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Jayne James 

150 Edgewood Circle 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Emery Arliss Knouse 

260 Conrad Circle 
Lewisville, NC 27023 

Florence S. Layne 

605 Drumheller Road 
Clemmons, NC 27012 

Julia I. Pickens 

2367 Bethabara Rd. E6 
Winston-Salem, NC 27016 

Harry David Roberts 

Route 2 Friedburg 
Clemmons, NC 27012 

Bessie May Singletary 

1614 Lindypark Drive 
Clemmons, NC 27012 

Mary Smith 

3551 Manoa Road 
Pfafftown, NC 27040 

Dawn Lesley Spetz 

5145 Williamsburg Rd. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Sharon Elaine Stoltz 

1631 Old Hollow Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 

Steven L. Vanderlinden 

232 Cliffdale Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Mitzi G. Venable 

5301 -A 

Winston-Salem, NC 27105 

Paul C. Ziglari II 

2050 Craig Street 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Margaret Ziolkowski 

132 Breckindale Circle 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Randall Keith Clark 

3734 Heathrow Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Wanda Doss 

Route 5 Box 503 A 
Yadkinville, NC 27055 

Diane Frye 

PO Box 191 
King, NC 27021 

Catherine L Hollifield 

Route 8 Box 205 
Lexington, NC 27292 

Robert K. Hollyfield 

PO Box 452 
Booneville, NC 27011 

Carolyn R. Horton 

7512 Meadow Green Ct. 
Tobaccoville, NC 27050 

Stephen Ray Martin 

Route 9 Box 295 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Bonnie Lalonde Reese 

1940 Mallard Lakes D 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Russell Jeffrey Rule 

Rt. 3 Box 127 
Pilot Mountain, NC 

Donna Watson 

5065 Oak Garden Dr. 
Kernersville, NC 27284 

64 / Classes 

CLASS OF 1986 

Akram Abboud 

Damascus. Syria 

Dave Ashe 

Westminister, MD 

Jennifer Austin 

Matthews. NC 

Seniors/ 65 

Class of 1986 

Barbara Benson 

Charlotte. NC 

Robin L. Blair 

Thomasville, NC 

Francisco Bloch 

Cochabamba, FC 

66 / Seniors 



Janie Borgman 

High Point. NC 

Kimberly Boykin 

Greensboro. NC 


Carl Bradsher 

Roxboro. NC 

Kelly Brisentine 

Bowie, MD 

Dawn Brodhead 

Ridgewood, NJ 



Linda Bulla 

High Point, NC 

Class of 1986 

Nita Burchette 

Ronda, NC 

Renee Byers 

Walkertown. NC 

Debora Campbell 

Dolgeville, NY » 

Seniors / 67 

Sharon Campbell 

Virginia Beach, VA 

Tina Casey 

Spotsylvania. VA 

Laura Cederele 

Hudson, FL 

Gary Clark 

Manassas, VA 

Robert Clegg 

Durham, NC 

Ted Coryell 

Oakton, VA 

Class of 1986 

June Craft 

Pfafflown, NC 

Shelia Craig 

Gastonia, NC 

Lisa Creed 

Mt, Airy, NC 

68 /Seniors 

Elizabeth Daisey 

Richmond, VA 


Rebecca Daisey 

Richmond, VA 

Martha Delaney 

Rockville. MD 


Seniors / 69 


Sharon Diffee 

Winston-Salem, NC 



^ IS! 

Margaret Draper 

Milford. DE 

Dana Draughn 

Mocksville. NC 

Class of 1986 

70 / Seniors 

Linda Driver 

Mocksville, NC 

Kim Eads 

High Point, NC 

Marja Erickson 

Rockville. MD U^J? 


WftSSMl, Collen Farrell 

Seaford, NY 

Suzette Ferrand 

Connack, NY 

Bruce Finagin 

Annapolis, MD * 


stfo&A ft 

Daniel Firebaugh 

Staunton. VA 

Diedra Fleenor 

Hickory, NC 

Randy Foster 

Saluda, NC 

Seniors / 71 

Marie Giofre 

Wilmington. DE 

Cynthia Gleiser 

Winston-Salem. NC 

Kelli Green 

Jacksonville. FL 

Class of 1986 

Charles Hall 

High Point. NC 

Claire Hall 

Timonium, MD 

James Hall 

Richmond, VA 

Rachel Harward 

Rockville, MD 

Quinzetta Hayes 

Jacksonville, MD 

Selwyn Heintz 

Concord, NC 

72 / Seniors 

Terry Henderson 

New Windsor, NY 

John Higgins 

Randalmen, NC 

Leslie Hill 

Greensboro, NC 




James Hoffman 

Oakland, NJ 

Amy Hora 

Hendersonville, NC 

Walter Hunter 

Rio Grande, NJ 

Jeffery Insley 

Church Creek. MD 

Cinthia Isamel 

Cochabamba, FC 

Lance Jarret 

Thomasville, NC 

Seniors / 73 

Frances Jones 

Durham. NC 

Philip Key 

High Point, NC 

Matthew Kohn 

Easton, MD 

Class of 1986 

Vaness Lemmon 

Towson, MD 

Anne Lopez 

Caparra Heights. PR 

Kimberly Maness 

Asheboro. NC 

Lisa Mann 

Honolulu, HI 

Marsha Manos 

Charlotte, NC 

David Marinoff 

San Rafael, CA 

74 / Seniors 

Rochelle McCauley 

Troy. NC 

James McCollough 

Falls Church, VA 

Trudy McDonald 

Bowie, MD 


Seniors/ 75 

Pamela McHone 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Deena McMurtry 

Salisbury. NC 

Gigi McPherson 

Chadbourn. NC 

Class of 1986 

m jk^. *? ' lew 


76 /Seniors 

Scott Mincey 

Thomasville. NC 

■jJ.jH^i James Mitchell 

X'fd c| airton. PA 

Sami Narti 

Finland, FC ^5 


Donald Osborne 

Jamestown. NC 

Ann Osterhaut 

Durham, NC 

Patrick O'Sullivan 

Bay Shore, NY 

Jennifer Palmer 

Burlington, NC 

Mark Phelps 

Newbern, NC 

Vivian Proctor 

Thomasville, NC 

Seniors / 77 

William Puckett 

Madison, NC 

Tammy Riggs 

Statesville. NC 

Stacey Riley 

High Point, NC 

Class of 1986 

Robert Rogers 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Langley Romaine 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Joyce Royals 

Thomasville, NC 

Gwendolyne Shanks 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Sandra Shaw 

High Point, NC 

Stuart Shilling 

Freehold, NJ 

78 / Seniors 

Michael Siegfried 

Fayetteville, NC 
Jeffery Smith 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Andrew Stewart 

Barnstable, MA 


Susan Stunda 

Trinity, NC 

Kim Suda 

Northport, NY 

Charles Taylor 

Wilmington, DE 

Ashley Teague 

Archdale, NC 

Seniors/ 79 

f'J^'MK Janet Temple 
' 'i , 3-*$ ■- Arnold. MD 


Gregory Upchurch 

Raleigh, NC 

Mary Vanhorn 

Lutherville, MD 

Class of 1986 

Craig VanSteenburgh 

Huntington, NY 

Susan Warrick 

Kernersville. NC 

Michelle White 

Havelock, NC 

Cynthia Whitecotton 

High Point, NC 

Carol Williams 

Glouchester, VA 

Laura A. Wright 

Hickory, NC 

80 / Seniors 


tyk 1 

Elizabeth Smith 
Kelli Green 


Faculty / 81 


Dr. Martinson and 
Sarah Wenly enjoy a 
party for the President 
at North and Yadkin 


Faculty; Behind the scenes. 






Dr. Albert W Sistrunk 
Dean of Students 

: R? 




i ^ 

:. ; 

rles Hartsoe 
s Manager 

. A *fis°*^Sn 

J^E' ^H.^^^^^rik2 



■'* >»fl^^ 75 



Director ot Alur 

' .» 

Dr. Philip C. George 

W t y 

Dr James M Adams 
Director of Teacher Education Director of Continuing Adult Education 


82 / Faculty 

m >%\ 



Jim Schlimmer 
Director of Admissions 












ICj» J— 



K ' 

Dr Leo Weeks 
•ssor of Biology 

b*iiP& ; 



Assistant Professor of Science 

iane Brumback 

1 * T J 

Mr Paul Dane 
Chair Associate. Computer Science 



Rev. Ben W. Curry 
Chaplain. Human Resource 

Faculty 83 

Mr I 





Dr. Blumer enjoys faculty party 




Mr, James Nei 
Professor of Bir 

84 / Faculty 




u ti y 

|PI ft! ** 

ILJ -h tT^%. 


1 .f^A^- 

P , : a _^a^ 

^1 1 

l«i ^1 ^ 




3-' 11 







As )f Foreign 


^athleen Olson 
Assistant Professor of Foreign 

Faculty 85 

Ill II 

Dr. Davis and Mr. 
Schlimmer take time to 
enjoy refreshments after 
a faculty meeting. 






Mr William Cope 
Associate Professor of Sociology 

>ee Allen Goedeke 
Assistant Professor of Human 



Dr. LB Pope 
Professor of Psychology 

86 Faculty 




Asso > r >or of Art 

p— ^ *£! 

-v /I 

Mrs A 

Mr Stewart Byham 
Instn i 'dtre 

. \ 

Mr I 


*&' 2 

Mrs. Marsha Dills 
Instructor of Music 

Faculty / 87 



! - .i» ri i : . ■ ■■ ■■ 



Mr ' 

88 F acuity 





-—> £ 

Faculty and Staff 

High Point College 
Security Officers. 



92 / Greeks 


Jon Travis 
Sandy Potterfield 

•— — ■ 

Greeks / 93 


Each year the 
Inter-Fraternity Council and 
Panhellenic Council work 
together to organize a 
Greek Week. Its purpose is 
to unite all greek 
organizations on campus 
and to bring them closer 
together. This year the week 
consisted of an ultimate 

frisbee game between the 
fraternities, powder puff 
football between the 
sororities, and a chariot 
race. Along with the games 
the two councils also 
sponsored seminars on 
students' rights and one on 
what's going on at HPC 

" ' I' r SB! 

ft fr?r 


OFFICERS — Left to Right. Jon Travis 
— Secretary; Mike Siegfried — 
President; Mike Lemmo — SGA 
Delegate; and Tom Andrew — Vice 
President. Not Pictured: Kevin 
Newman — Treasurer. 

[Top to Bottom). First Row: Jon Travis, 
Rich Mullins, Jerry Minn, Greg 
Upchurch, John McColskey and 
Mike Siegfried. Second Row: Bob 
Shenigo, Barry Martin, Danny Beall, 
Mike O'Connor, Mike Reid and Tom 
Andrew. Third Row: Mike Lemmo 
and Jeff Briggs. 

94 / Panhellanic 

Officers — Seated: Pam McHone — President. Stand- 
ing — Left to Right. Michelle Rawie — Treasurer, 
Margaret Rodgers — Vice-President and Mary Quinn 
— Secretary. 


Delgates — Jennifer Austin. Tracy Glazer, Lisa Rozzo and Dorinda Bennett. 



nter-Fratemity Council is the governing body of 
the four social fraternities. Its purpose is to organize 
rush and to keep things running smoothly between 
the four groups throughout the year. This year IFC is 
responsible for the first ever dry rush at HPC. Sixty- 
three men pledged/associated during formal rush. 


l anhellenic Council is the governing body of the 
four sororities at HPC. It is responsible for organizing 
sorority rush. Sixty-nine girls pledged in formal rush 
this year. Panhellenic's members consist of a 
representative and a delegate from each sorority. 
Panhellenic's other functions are to promote good 
Panhellenic and greek relations. 

Inter-Fraternity Council / 95 




Llpha Gamma Delta started the 1985 year off 
with a bang by winning the PKA Spring Rally for the 
fourth consecutive year. The Alpha Gams won the 
spirit award by displaying enthusiasm with cheers, 
songs and red, yellow, and green balloons. We 
took great pride in celebrating our Thirtieth 
Anniversity with a weekend full of activities, the 
highlight being Roseball dance held at the 
Marriott. Alpha Gamma Delta had a canister drive 
and raised over $1000 for our National Philan- 
throphy, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. 

The Alpha Gams returned in the fall with 21 
fantastic pledges. Everyone is anticipating a very 
busy and fun-filled year. Many members of AGD 
are actively involved in intramural sports, Student 
Government, Student Union, the Zenith, Field 
Hockey, and college plays. Congratulations are in 
order for Jeanne Davis, 1985-86 Homecoming 
Queen. Jeanne was also nominated to AA/ho's Who 
Among American College Students.' Con- 
gratulations to Kelli Green on her engagement! 

Pajama party 



Gams are always in the spotlight! 

Party at "The Oak" 

96 / Alpha Gamma Delta 


"Cool Seniors" 

OFFICERS — Left to Right. First Row: Vanessa Lemmon — Corresponding 
Secretary; Debbie Campbell — Treasurer; Shari Campbell — President; and 
Kelli Green — Vice President. Second Row: Mary Gunnels — Standards 
Chairman; Jennifer Austin — Panhellenic Delegate; Sandy Potterfield — 
Membership Chairman; Lainey Simonson — Social Chairman. Sarah Wenley 
— Altruism; Linda Miller — Ritual; Terri Smith — Publicity; and Mary MacCor- 
mack — Recording Secretary. Not Listed: Bunny Wagner — Rush Chairman; 
Jeanne Davis — Vice President of Fraternity Education; Amy Rowton — House 
and Guard Chairman; and Janine Joson — Activities. 

Left to Right. First Row: Debbie Campbell and Linda Miller. Second Row: Kelli 
Green, Denise Snow, Jennifer Austin, Vanessa Lemmon, Laura Cederle, Shari 
Campbell and Janet Temple. Third Row: Rachalle Peters, Amy Rowton, Kelly 
McKenna, Ellen Smith, Linda Davis and Carrie Hubard. Fourth Row: Mary 
Hubbard, Mary Gunnels, Jeanne Davis, Bunny Wagner, Sarah Wenley, Linda 
Kelly Mise, Jane Morris, Michelle Rowie. Lindsay Howard, Lisa Helmus, and 
Judy Stovall. Fifth Row: Terri Smith, Angie Schmucker, Janet Mallett, Mara 
Schultz, Amy Englat and Robin Boyd. 

Alpha Gamma Delta / 97 


Something of Value! The spirit of 
sisterhood flows with enthusiasm 
through our members, a close 
traditional sorority committed to 
maintaining our founding principles 
and ideals. 

Gamma Gamma Chapter of 
Kappa Delta was founded at HPC 
in 1955. Since that time we have 
had a lengthy history of 
outstanding sisters in our 
membership who continue 
involvement with campus 
leadership roles in areas of Student 
Government, Orientation, 
Publications Hi-Po, and Zenith, 
Tower Players, Admission 
associates and athletics. 
Membership and selection for 
honors and scholastic superiority 
are also an important part of our 
tradition — brains, beauty, service, 
spirit, fun — We have it all! 

Kappa Delta's legacy to the 
world is her permanent 
philanthropic work with children. 
Beginning with our first funding 
charity of the Children's Hospital in 
Richmond Va, the work has now 
spread to include the National 
Committee for prevention of Child 
Abuse, and our March 17, 
Nationwide Fundraisers. Our work 
isn't just dollars — it's people, true 
sisters sharing with those less 

Social events are an important 
part of our sisterhood, dances, 
Greek Week activities, fundraisers, 
picnics, parties, exchange mixers, 
homecoming and just having fun 
with each other. 

Friendship is feeling natural with 
another sister, shedding all 
pretense and just being yourself. 
Friendship is found in Kappa Delta. 

SENIORS — Left to Right. Kim Maness. 
Pam Welch, Pam McHone, Shannon 
Stockton, Fran Jones, and Dee Dee 

Left to Right. First Row: Sharon Dillion, 
No.el Busch, Kim Maness, Lisa 
McKeown, Cara Van Kooten, Jill 
Cardillo. Second Row; Stephanie 
Powell, Alison Guy, Lisa Shank, Dawn 
Linky, Sharon Stockton, Alicia Sacco, 
Courtney Barry, Pam Welch, Pam 
McHone, Brenda Hovis, Tracy Stick- 
leather. Third Row: Fran Jones, Joan 
Bryant, Sharon Kelly, Diane Derouen, 
Anna Johnson, Dawn Lemmo, Jud 
Mulligan, Kelly Jenkins, Amy Boswell, 
Andi Owen, Lynn Weigdance, Dee 
Dee Lett, Cathy Demchak. Fourth 
Row: Beth Kirby, Risa Blackman, 
Deborah Kerr. Lisa Welch, Dorinda 
Benette, Whitney Clark, Stephanie 
Hooker, Debbie Coley, Wendy 
Freeman, Donna Robinson, Kristine 
Peterson, Candi Capron, Linda 
Peterson, Jenny Weise, Paula Reis- 
ing, Mae Ravenell. 

98 / Kappa Delta 

OFFICERS — Top to Bottom. Kim 
Maness — President; Alison Guy 
—Vice President; Diane Derouen 
— Secretary; Noel Busch — Assis- 
tant Treasurer; Andi Owen — 
Editor; Pam Welch — Member- 
ship Chairman. Not Pictured: 
Paula Reising — Treasurer. 

Joan thinks a KD pledge pin is a 
girl's best friend! 

Dawn Lemmo — down for the count again! (Amy, Dawn and Alicia) 




'eth — Where's my Big Sis? 
B.S. — One day it will happen! 
Brat — I told you to tell 'em everything! 
Weezzie 1 — I'll kiss anyone wearing KD green and white 1 
Superman — Let's try surfing on my glasses! 
Dorito — Do you want me to hit you too" 7 ! 
Waldo — Honest, I was sick and he was just taking care of me 
Madonna — My social life revolves around my labs! 
Ecstacy — Baby, Why you gotta be sooo nasty 9 ! 
Rattail — Emergency Stop! Paybacks are heck!! 
Seamen — He went back to that?! What's wrong with him?? 
Grandma — Let's cruise Greensboro for pizza on Grandpa's 
three wheeler! 

KP — Why do Nautilis when you can have Mono? 
Welcher — Did I tell you what my mother told me to tell you 9 
Minnie — Here's a story of a man named Brandy 
Bubba 11 — Bugga Bugga Bugga — Ah Ah Ah! 
Sharon D — I never leave home without him! 
Sharon K — Tennis Anyone? 
Windy — Sometimes things go right over my head. 
Jud — I know now to play Bunny Ears! 
George — Thanksgiving dinner everyday with Kelly and her 

Miss-us No-oo — Am I gonna get sick? Am I gonna get sick? 
Steph P — I can't believe I'm dressed like a PREP!! 
Jetset — I was in the laundry room studying when they came in 
and KIDNAPPED me 1 ! 

Weigdance — Pledge Dance 9 What Pledge Dance?! 
Murl — Let's get drunk! 
Madam Prez — It's wine, not Dwine! 
Brooke — Pretty Baby! 

Deb — Dwayne and David + California Coolers = Fun and 

Legs — What be you talking about 9 
Gandhi — Where's the closet 9 But I have to talk to him! 
Pat Benatar — Sorry that I didn't help clean up, but I never 
made it to the dance! 
Lemmo — He's such a fisherman 
Wastecaste — W&L or Bust! 
Reese — MEN!! Don't trust 'em!! 
Lynda Sue — What I say 9 ! The Stud named Spud! 
Cathy — It's not shacking up — it's camping out! 
Cricket — Dav-id! 

Brick — Hey babe ! I'm a part time party time lover — just ask the 

Bubba 1 — I have an extra bed if anyone wants to borrow it! 
Spike — Hamburger woman! Hello! Whatta ya want? Whatta 
ya doing Scrump! Scrump! 
Beaver — Where's Gandhi? It's just not healthy! 
Weezzie 1 — I love the Silver Fox and crashing in the parking 

Doo Doo — Wasting away in Margantavil- 

Nose — Who's going to Chapel Hill 9 
Brick 11 — This school's a one-shot deal! 
Kibbles-n-Bits — How bout that closet? 
I know he thinks I'm a Prude!' 
Ghost Sister — You mean she's not one of 
our pledges 9 

Kappa Delta / 99 



■ wilight Zone — Catch Phrase is Cloud/Hal!'' 
Stretch — Have a nice 'trip', see ya next 'Fall'! 
D.R. — I came to college to find a man but all I found were little 

Susquash — I think I need another drink. 
PAP — Andre! Arriba! Arriba! 
Training Wheel — Hang onto that Presidential Pin! 
Reverse Order — You left out a step! 
Pink — Thanks, You can't borrow it! 
Closet — Phi Mu's Emily Post 

Rae — When I grow up, a rich man will fall in love with me 
and marry me and take care of me. 
Bodyguard A — Listen my Phis, and you shall hear, of a 
Famous ride we take each year. Baaa! 
Color Blind — Do pink shoes really go with purple sweats 
and a red sweatshirt? 

Shakespeare — Damned if you do and damned if you 

Bodyguard B — I don't know about you Southerners. 
Crush — I saw my crush today! (Which one?!^) 
Air — He's just a friend! 
13 — Billy Idol has AIDS! 

Dallas — Jogging, running, marathon, suicide, track meets! 
Felix — Hang onto your pin too!! 
Funk — Maybe I should start working in the cafeteria. 

11 — Gom to Appalachian? 

12 — That's Impressive. 

Independent — Leave me alone, I'm having a crisis! 

McCullough — Is it okay if I sit with you guys? 

D.D. — Where you going? Alex's House! 

Social — Listen honey, Men should come with directions. 

Gray — We miss you! 

New Phi's 'Celebrate' 

New Sisters — Lisa, Cathy and Amy 

100 / Phi Mu 


Phi Mu was founded in 
1852 at Wesleyan College, 
Macon, Georgia. The 
Gamma Zeta chapter was 
established at HPC in 1952. 
Our colors are rose and 
white, and our flower is a 
rose-colored carnation. 
Project HOPE, which stands 
for Health, Opportunity for 
People Everywhere is our 
national philanthropy. 
Although we stress 
individualilty, we enjoy 
being individuals . . . 

If You Treasure The Beauty 
That Shows All Around You 
And Try To Add Some Of Your 

Enjoy the Sisterhood 
Others Will Give You 
And Value Your Moments Alone. 
If You Honor Opinions 
That Differ From Yours, 
Yet Stand Up For What You Believe, 
Admire the Accomplishments 
Others Have Made, 
And Take Pride In What You Will 

If You Love Those Things Around 

And Love Yourself, Too, 
It Your Spirit Is Eager and Free 
Then You Know What It Means 
To Live Life To Its Fullest 
And Be The Best Phi Mu 
You Can Be 

OFFICERS — Left to Right. Cyndi 
Stewart — Corresponding Secretary; 
Lisa Mann — Recording Secretary; 
Terry Henderson — Rush Counselor; 
Jennifer Palmer — Membership 
Director; Stacy Boland — Phi 
Director; Lori Frye — Treasurer; 
Patrice Higgins — Vice President; 
Margaret Rodgers — Panhellenic; 
Ann OsterhouT — President. Not 
Pictured: Diane Hurley — Social 

Left to Right. First Row: Patrice 
Higgins, and Cindy Casperson. 
Second Row: Terry Henderson, Kathy 
Henderson, Margaret Rodgers, 
Diane DelRossi, Lori Nappi, Ann 
Osterhout. Claudia Hernandez, and 
Treka Brown. Third Row: Lisa Rozzo, 
Randi Wigonder, Dawn Broadhead, 
Lori Frye, tracey Holden, Liz Dirckson, 
Sandi Rodgers, and Bonnie Hannah. 
Fourth Row: Stacy Botand, Diane 
Hurley, Rosemary Liest, Bobbi Smith, 
Jennifer Palmer, Lisa Mann, and 
Cyndi Stewart, 

Phi Mu / 101 


The Zeta Tau Alpha 
Fraternity was founded on 
October 15, 1898 at 
Longwood College, 
Farmville, Virginia. The 
chapter at HPC was 
founded on March 15, 1957. 
We will soon be celebrating 
our 30th anniversary here. 
Our colors are turquoise, 
blue and steel gray. Our 
flower is the white violet. 
Throughout the year we do 
several service projects 
such as collecting for 
UNICEF on Halloween, 

visiting the Maryfield 
Nursing Home, and 
sponsoring a walk-a-thon 
for our national 
philanthropy, the 
Association for Retarded 
Citizens. This year we have 
had quite a few mixers off 
campus, see, there is a 
social side to us too! All in 
all, the year was a blast 
and we can only hope for 
many more good times to 
come. Myrtle Beach we're 
on our way!! 

You can tell these Zetas aren't 
camera shy! 

Zetas compete in Pika spring rally. 

102 / Zeta Tau Alpha 

Find your big sister. . .the start of a 
growing friendship. 


So! This is what the social life at 
HPC is really like?! 

Left to Right. First Row: Lynn Albert, Trudy McDonald. Sandra Shaw. Barbara Brannigan. Suzette 
Obaugh, Mary Quinn and Michelle White Second Row: Kelly Mullins. Tracy Orendorf, Jane Heim, Nikki 
Pompei, Erin Dlllion, Kerry Thomett and Cynthia Trone Third Row: Elizabeth Daisey. Kate Holt, Kathy 
Odinskl. Megdn Kauftman, Lori Yun, Terrie Rea. Lisa Fink. Brianne Brannigan and Tammy Hill Fourth 
Row: Stephanie Mack, Tracy Glazer. Mdrid Pavlos. Luann Blair, Stephanie Hyrtzoy, Carmen Zayas, 
Michelle Reeside. Robin Sink and Breena Oliver Filth Row: Peggy Cann, Dawn Miller, Connie Harkms. 
Chris Guy. Sheila Smith, Marty Delaney, Kristi Pierce and Janet Brown Sbrth Row. Teresa Timmons, 
Kathy McCullough, Amy Letts, Cheryl Petty, Mary Van Horn, Jani Peterson. Rebecca Daisey and 
Carolyn Schtemm. 



lary Q — I love ZTA, but get me the hell out of here! I hate 

Kathy M — Will you please listen for my phone 9 
Stephanie H — This is so retarded 
Nikki — Ohhh my God . Ha Ha Ha. 
Kathy O — Just a minute Mark. 
Kerry T — I can't go. I'm going to Elon. 
Tracy O — I can't wait to go home 
Megan K — Of course I'm studying Dad. 
Michelle R — I can't believe it, I am so excited! 
Jane H — I can't ... I have a test tomorrow. 
Tammy H — Oh, I can't like a freshman 
Sandra S — Oh, I can't wish for a BMW. 
Chris Guy — I hate this school!!! 
Terrie R — Everyone come see me at work. 
LuAnn B — I can't wait to get out of this place. 
Suzette O — No way, I love my B.S. 
Cheryl P — Kinda (with hand expression) special 
Amy L — Rut Ro, Hot tuna. 
Cynthia T — Yaza! 
Jani P — Did you get lip? 
Tammy P. — I had my Kenneth Coke shoes on. 
Lissa W — 3 schools and 5 years ago I began college. 
Graduate? Definitely! 
Kate H — I'm sooo hungry. 
Rebecca Daisey — Fnck it. 

Mary Van Horn — You better watch it . . . that's against the law 
Trudy M — Alright let's bolt! Old reliable lives. 
Teresa T — Hum-ma-na Hum-ma-na Agent 51 
Peggy C — You guys, I can't believe this, 
Peggy D — Does anyone want to go visit the Pi Kappa Phi's at 
UNC-G 9 

Barbara B — Yeah, I guess he's pretty cute, 
Elizabeth D — I can't wait to go to law school! 
Lori Y — Here it is. Here it is. 
Kristi P — The word "MAN" is a fallacy. 
Lici W — Michelle, did I really throw up? 
Robin S — Kev doesn't believe in lavaliers . . . O.K. everyone is 
entitled to change their mind 
Sheila S — Hey. let's go to Burger King! 
Erin D — Is anyone going to Maryland this weekend? 
Marte D — Parakeet Head, I'm having a crisis! Where's Sid? 
Dawn — Alright, I was wrong, 
Kristin H — Hey y'all. 

Janet B — Where can we go this weekend 9 
Brianne B — David is coming to visit me . , , Oh, it can't be a 

Barbara B — Sure I'll go . . . Nah! 
Connie H — I can't, I have to study. 

Michelle W — Randy you can't wear those pants, they don't 
match my dress! 
Heidi L — He loves me. 

Carmen — What 9 I don't know. You know like. How do you say 
that in English? 

Tracy G — Why are you doing this to me, we are just friends. 
Melissa Hayes — Who's next? 
Lisa F — Oh no, my hair is a mess! 
Julie W — Ouch, that hurt! 
Breena O — Anybody want to go to a 
soccer game 9 

Carolyn — Whip cream all the way. 
Leeker — No, I'm working. 
Stephanie M — Wednesday. Depot, Be 
there. And Thursday and Friday and 

Kelly M — Just don't worry about it. 
Maria P — Have you seen Brendon 9 
Lynn A — I'm not really as shy as you think I 

Zeta Tau Alpha / 103 

104 / Greeks Collage 






Form Name 

A a alpha 
B /3 beta 
T y gamma 
A 6 delta 


in Greek 






Used by 


51 to 
del' la 


€ epsilon 
£ zeta 
V eta 
# theta 







tha' ta 



i iota 
« kappa 
X lambda 
ft mu 







lam' da 



y nu 
f xi 

o omicron 
7T pi 







om' T-kron 




P rho 
cr 9 sigma 
t tau 
i> upsilon 




oo, u 






up' si-16n 


X chi 
i/< psi 
o> omega 





<5-me'gfl , 

Greeks Collage / 105 



art — They did it on their own accord. 
Jim P — Does anyone need any nickels? 
White Dog — Beer + Shot = $1.00 
Trlke — We're thinking about buying this place. 
Salamander — We Party Animals hate to party alone. 
Howdy — Where's my sister? 
Weasel — Skinny-Mac Attack. 
Flash — Nothing beats Doritos on your birthday. 
Nervous — Little here, little there. 
Toe — I'll bring my bucket up next time. 
Hoovee — Gam Poupon 
Rat — I haven't earned a quote. 
Sam — I'd really like to go. but I just can't. 
K-car — My women shop at Fredericks 
Father Mulcahey — I'm saving myself for marriage 
Kamikaze Kid — When do you eat fish? Ask Joe. 
Cornerklck — I'll have to learn to control it. 
Fish-eyes — It's looking a little Meager. 
Voice — Look Donna, no Incompletes. 
D.E.C. — Sorry, my REAL girlfriend is coming this weekend. 
Hydrant — We became so close, I thought she deserved it. 
Sleepy — Sony Roomy, I missed the bus. 
Hlgh-n-Dry — She just rolled over and passed out. 
Dr. E — I'm just takin it for a test-drive. 

Hair Check — I really think you should stay the night. There's 
nothing wrong with it. 

Punker — Are you still in love with the basketball team 9 
Motor Trend — I have a heavy date tonight. 
WANG — She took a bite out of my Apple. 
Basic Weekend — Shhhh, I think its Shaun again. 
Licorice Stick — Nice try, unlucky. 
Poore — He's just a piece of the Rock. 
Pascal — Oh my God! That's disgusting! 
Jeanne Dixon — Did your knees shake? 
Speed Racer — Can I come up this weekend? 
Bartender — I just clean the tank after Fish. 
Coach — Hockey's out, I'm in. 

OFFICERS — Left to Right. 
Gregory Upchurch — Secretary; 
Donnie Osborne — Sergeant at 
Arms; John McColskey — Vice 
President; Mark Pern — President; 
Tom Abbott — Treasurer. 

Chippendales prepare to take 
the stage. 

Happy, Horny and Hydrant 

106 / Delta Sigma Phi 


The Delta Zeta chapter 
was founded April 7, 1957. 
Since then, the chapter has 
kept up a long tradition of 
fine men and campus 
leaders with the addition of 
10 Prothers and 11 pledges 
in the past year. 

This has Peen a year of 
innovations. A campus wide 
Dry Rush proved to be a 
great success. Delta Sigma 
Phi sponsored cookouts, 
concerts, and sporting 

events highlighted an 
action packed two weeks. 
Hard work created a "new 
look" for our lounge. 
Special thanks to Alumni 
Brother, George England for 
his impressive mural. 
On the other hand, 
tradition holds strong. Once 
again there were 
serendades and intramural 
successes. This year will 
hopefully top last year's 
three championships. 

HPC Delta Sigs visit the new chapter 

Left to Right. First Row: Chris 
Gilbert. Rick Hickman, Jeff McCol- 
skey, Tom Earnhardt, and Rich 
Mullins. Second Row: Donnie 
Osborne, Danny Beall, Dave Sands, 
and Mike Siegfried. Third Row: 
Dave Weigel, Eric Gatton, Andy 
Bonar, Greg Upchurch, Mark Peam, 
Joe Bell, Dave Culhane, Walter 
Hunter, Stewart McGlaughlin. Brian 
Gilmore, and Tom Abbott. Fourth 
Row: John Zimmer, Eric Trumpower, 
Larry McCullough, Peter Candiles. 
Eddie Bamberg, Jim Sharkey, Jack 
Adkins, Jeff Smith, and Jerry Min. 


Delta Sigma Phi / 107 


The lofa Phi chapter of Lambda 
Chi Alpha was founded at HPC on 
May 15, 1954. This year marks our 
32nd anniversary here. We are 
presently ranked the third largest 
fraternity nationally in both the 
number of chapters and number of 
brothers since our founding in 1909. 

This year has been a very 
successful one for Lambda Chi 
Alpha. During rush we associated 
20 great men and are presently 50 

strong. We sponsored the first 
'Women of High Point College' 
calendar, a day at Country Roads 
each Friaay, along with numerous 
parties, entertaining the children at 
Mills Home Orphanage, the annual 
Brother-Associate Member football 
game and White Rose Weekend, 
each member grew closer in 
friendship and the desire to help 

' I'vY"* v 

108 / Lambda Chi Alpha 

OFFICERS — Left to Right, Andrew 
Stewart — President. Steve Chesser 
— Vice-President; Jon Travis — 
Secretary; Tom Andrew — Treasurer; 
Chris Moschella — Rush Chairman, 
Loy Sherrill — Alumni Chairman; Rich 
Cotton — Fraternity Educator; Kevin 
Markham — Social Chairman; and 
Joe Crupi — Education Chairman. 

Left to Right. First Row: Doug 
Brandon, and Loy Sherrill. Second 
Row: Chet Slicer. Andy Brehm. Rick 
Kappus, Jon Travis, Jon Dodge and 
Mike Oser. Third Row: Tucker 
O'Brien. Fourth Row: Eric Weiner, 
Rodney Anderson, Chris Moschella, 
Jim Turner, Dave Ziviello. Jeff Briggs, 
George Moronese, Rich Cotton, 
Curtis Schneider, Drew Smith, Mike 
LaPreste, Steve Chesser and Tony 
Luongo. Fifth Row: Jack Fetner, 
Emie Donaldson, Dave Murray, Mike 
O'Connor, Alan Haggai, Frank 
Shumate, Danny Hogue, Brad Miller, 
Kevin Markham, Gary Hewett, 
Chuck Willard, Charlie Hinman and 
Anarew Stewart. Sixth Row: Rusty 
Lawter, and Joe Crupi. Not 
Pictured: Tom Andrew, Greg 
Cassella, Chico Contogenas, Frank 
Costantino. Bruce Finagin, Steve 
Henry, Chris Kibbitt, Chris Lamb- 
rous, Robin Miller, Andy Parks, Chris 
Shuping, Dennis Smith, and Barry 

Jack likes to swim alone, 

A.M.S do it again! 



%^tewart — I needed a vacation anyway. 

Moca — I love those Artie B.J.s! 

Sherrill — Denise, I Missy. Missy, Missy you!!! 

Finagin — Thanks guys for cleaning up, 

Haggai — I talk so much stuff, but I can't get no muff 

Chan — I just got out of prison. 

J.T. — I am the Ultimate Freak!!! 

Rem — What's the style for 85 . , . Doggie! 

Cheese Man — I am the greatest . just ask me! 

Henry — I'm a great guy, I had lunch with myself. 

Clueless — Kevin, What happened to the money? 

Doo Doo — Money? What money? 

Muftis — I finally got a little trim, 

Zeller — O.K. guys, I'll be on the Hall tonight. 

Navel Numbnuts — I Don't Know!!! 

Larry — I like, I like, I like Nasty Women!!! 

Punky — You god darn burly ass! 

Weegee — She's the tightest I've ever had, 

Sarge — I've got her trained, 

Chlel — Don't worry about it! 

Smith — Tighten uo! My bust! 

Brlggs — I can't help it, the Dean said I was an alcoholic! 

Shpping — I love those foreign girls! 

G.M. — Tell her I'm in the library. 

Fletch — She did not spend the night! 

Hogue — Guess What! Danny White called! 

Doug — Danny, I've got the room tonight. 

Lambros — I smoke a lot of 

Rodney — I do not have AIDS! 

Monroe — I'd rather sleep alone. 

ChlCO — Got a Johnson Man? 

Parks — Get a 12 and I'll meet you in the room. 

Frank — Got any Domino's coupons? 

Chet — Don't worry Jeff, I'll drive, 

Kappus — Let me run the 100 yard dash in the track meet. I 'I 

smoke'm all. 

Rusty — Call me Johnny Law! 

Murray — I don't mind none, Walt's got it covered! 

Klbbitt — Where is Lambda Chi Hall'' 

Ernie — Yes I'm wipped, but I get it every night! 

Chuck Barry — The ears have it, 

Cassella — I think I will stay in and wait for her call 

Chuck — I didn't want to say anything, but last night after 

you left, I that girl you were with 

Guido 1 — Hey boy, you like my jail? 

Guido 2 — Police brutality! 

Oser — I can't tonight guys, I'm going over to my dad's 

Tucker — I'm in love again! 

Lambda Chi Alpha / 109 



I ripp — "Don't worry guys HI be the line." 

Miller — "I got further with her than anyone." 

Kooter — "The weather-map says rain." 

Mitchell — Stinky-fingers, stinky grades " 

Mark H. — "The name is Hall, no beer's too tall." 

Newell — "So what if I follow around my sister." 

Turner — "I love munchies." 

Hess — "I hang out with Keith." 

Stewart — "No muff to tough, we dive at five." 

Marry Z. — Did anyone get the number of that Kamakazee." 

Steve F. — "Ok Amy, I won't ride with you." 

Harris — "Where's my van when I need it?" 

Ron — "Who says asymetrical isn't beautiful?" 

Higgy — "Who needs a lavalier?" 

Slantz — (In a nervous panic) "Pete you're in the middle of the 


Hickok — "Ray, you obvious don't appreciate the size ofa the 


Prlb — "She doesn't have a garter but I like her." 

Ladeau — "How do you do" 

Dale — "I knew I had a gut feeling about this school." 

Pate — Is there 'Happy Motoring' in 304'' 

Eddie — Dry rush helps my golf game." 

Kenn — "Are you all you can be in Tern's life?" 

Fields — The way to become a Pika is to date the president's 


Danny Q. — "So I'm a beauty school dropout " 

Slug — "I learned to drive in the marines." 

Weinhold — "It's better when you're engaged." 

Taz — "I dream of Genie or is that Kristy?" 

Sparky — "The women sure are friendly in the South." 

Andy C. — "I got my driver's license when I was 16, I refuse to 


Aybar — "So what if I have legs like Tina Turner." 

Hill — Black is beautiful 

Ronnie — S-U-R-F spells trouble. 

Best — "Just because I really live on campus doesn't mean I have 

to go to meetings." 

Al — "There aren't any closets in Ferndale " 

Connolly — "So what if I'm whipped, she does me right." 

Freddie B. — "So what if I'm slack, I pay my dues " 

Brendon — "I love it at Levitz Anyone got a light." 

Hahn the Mahn — "Haay." 

Marinoff — "I don't have time to rehabilitate a northerner." 

Darren — "Beer? — we're there!" 

Bobby S. — It takes some longer than others." 

Ashe — "Lady Flash is a blur of the past " 

Hop — "Just like breakfast , . . a little on the side never hurt 


Barry P. — "Those who are whipped live in the same ship." 

B-Squared — But seriously Dr S., it looked like a urinal 

Chomyszak — "I promise I'll be at the next meeting." 

J. Hall — 4"McDonaldland Terrorist " 

Nick — Hey Darren, let's explore the Triad." 

Rover — "I paid my $90. I can be a jerk if I want," 

Creange — "The third floor is worth the hike if you've got a double bed." 

Mr. Do. — "Ever since I was little I always wanted to be a 

Domino's pizza boy." 

Phelps — "Did I really go to the University of 

South Carolina''" 

Secret — "Can I hear "Shout" one more 


Reese — "I'm not camera shy " 

Smith — "I didn't hit her back this time." 

Hedrick — "They pay me king of the 

airwaves but they took the castle." 

Flames — "Did you give the whopper to the 

Big Mac - '" 

Storms — "So soccer isn't my game." 

Coryell — "I heard of giving the cold 

shoulder, but don't you think this is a bit 

much " 

Is it Friday yet? 

Ron knows how to use those big 

Rover has a drinking problem, three cups; one mouth 

110 / Pi Kappa Alpha 


Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity was 
founded on March 1. 1968, at the 
University of Virginia "to establish 
friendship on a firmer and more 
lasting basis." 

This year the Pikes had 59 
members who were active in SGA, 
Student Union, IFC, sports and 
through out the college 

community. This year they received 
a chapter excellence award for 
the third year in a row as well as 
holding key positions within the 
student body. 

The Pikes have established 
themselves as campus leaders in 
social events and plan to carry on 
this tradition for years to come. 

First Row: Marty Zuniga, Doug 
Stewart, Kenn Huff, Ron Barrows, 
Mark Phelps, Joe Storms, Rob 
Headrick, Rawdy Rover, John Harris, 
Steve Freus, Andy Cowcello, Bruce 
Jurjanian, Dave Ashe, Barry Martin, 
Jow Hess, Ted Coryell, and Mike 
Lemmo. Second Row: Fred Berger, 
Tripp Kester, Kevin Connolly, Russell 
Turner, John Newell, Paul 
McDonough, Jeff Nameth, Darren 
Clark, Dan Quinn, John Higgers, 
Steve Fiels, Jeff Sparks, Greg Pribble, 
and Brewdon McPherson. Third 
Row: Todd Creunge, Pete Hickok. 
Tom Hahn, Jeff Cnomyszack, Jim 
Flagherty, Jim Reese, Nick Russo, 
Mark Hall. Brian Hopper, Bob 
Shinego, Jim Hall, Rich Miller, Keith 
Ladeau, Dale Cor, and Terry Best. 

Officers — Left to Right. Rawdy Rover 

— Treasurer; Mark Phelps — 
Secretary; Greg Pribble — Vice 
President; Michael Lemmo — 
President; Brian Hopper — Pledge 
Education; Jim Reese — Social 
Chairmen. Not pictured — Ray Hotz 

— Rush Chairmen. 

*nte I «vi ,.*, § ^ 

■ , 



«?is j ,--<*mz 

?K 4 »*A, 


Pi Kappa Alpha / 111 


On December 11, 1954. the 
Epsilon Alpha chapter of Theta Chi 
Fraternity was inducted at HPC. We 
are now celebrating our 31st 
anniversary here. 

The 1985-86 rush was very 
successful for Theta Chi. We 
inducted 11 pledges in October. 
Theta Chi is on the move and 
growing while keeping our strong 

The little sisters program is also 
growing. We have a variety of 
ladies in our organization, ranging 
from independents to just about 
every sorority on campus. 

Theta Chi is in Mourning! Our 
T.N. DC has been put to rest. 
Hopefully, the administration won't 
put ALL FUN to rest because we 
like to party!! 


T.N. DC. has been put to rest 

The hell with the dance, let's justtake 

112 / Theta Chi 

Theta Chi's Wacked-Out Again 

Left to Right. First Row: Rich Rathbun, Kevin Newman, and Rich Molinara 
Second Row: Anna Marile Lopez, Bunny Wagner. Ron Law and Lisa Mann. 
Third Row: Ben Clinton, Chris Neidenthal, Greg Thompson. Steve Lecka 
Mike Reid and Eric Van Vrankin. Fourth Row: Chaz Marr, Jim Anderson bid 
Collins. Gray Harvey. Fred Smiley. Rick Shovlin, Chris Bachenhaur, Chris 
Hearne and Lynn Terry. Top: Mike Patterson and Matt Kohn. 



I JR — Mr. Happy is not too Pappy! 
Opie — I don't give a — I I'm a senior. 
Pup — Which Floor'' 
Doobie — Want a Binger? 
D.J. — I'll take a Binger 1 
Spanky — Someone find me a skinny girl 
Lounge Potato — Let me tell you about this video. 
A-Zone — Next????? . . . 

Kegman — "Hello can I speak to Paula 9 " . Ah! 
Buster — What do ya mean — What's her name 
Twinkle Toes — Chump Theta Chi's get Lavaleered 
Bach — I don't know what race I wanna run. 
O.J. — Sorority girls Thrash or go home 
Bambie — Miiiiiiiiiikel! 
Sweet Pea — It's too early to dance 
Cubby — Give me the Schroom Chair' 
Putt-Putt — Want a Free Pass to Putt-Putt? 
Mr. Ed — I didn't know the Hog was in my bed! 
Vicious — I will kill you! 

Rambo — MAD DOG always leads to Scrump. 
MAO DOG — What's the count now Eric? 

President — Mike Reid 
Vice President — Gregg Thompson 
Secretary — Rick Shoulin 
Treasurer — Gray Harvey 
Rush Chairman — Matt Kohn 
Pledge Marshall — Jim Anderson 
Social Chairman — Chris Hearne 

Theta Chi / 113 

114 /Organizations 


Ken Zeller 
Bonnie Hannah 

Organizations/ 115 


The purpose of ADT is to enrich the 
spiritual life of the young women at 
High Point College, to encourage 
and offer opportunities for Christian 
service, to promote an exchange 
of ideas and experiences among 
memPers of the organization, to 
correlate Christian living with 
vocational plans, and to provide 
Christian fellowship. 

"Should we or shouldn't we eat that 

Officers: Sheila Craig (Vice 
dentl, Marja Erickson (Secretary/ 
erl, Selwyn Heintz (Pledge Trainer/ 
lain), and June Craft (President), 

ADT's get together on Halloween. 

Trick or treat from ADT! 

Back Row (left to right): Stephanie Hine. Sherry Ward, Seema Qubein 
Karen Ford, Frankie Chaplin. Front Row: Jill Keiser (Advisor), Marja Erickson 
Jennifer Hayworth, Sheila Craig, Selwyn Heintz, Shannon Craft, June Craft. 
Not Pictured: Cora Beth Crowell, Paula Pennisi, LouAnne Zimmerman. 

116 / Alpha Delta Theta 

Sheila Craig thinks "That looks interesting.' 

Alpha Delta Theta is a Christian 
service sorority. We do several 
service projects throughout the 
year for the College campus as 
well as the community of High 
Point. We sponsor concerts from 
the Presbyterian Home Band, 
help deliver student bits of food 
at Christmas, and we also assist 
in registering alumni for different 
events at the college. We are 
also looking forward to 
sponsoring a food and clothes 
drive for some areas of the 
community. For the sorority, we 
have a fall retreat, and two 
dances throughout the year. 
We try to offer a Christian 
atmosphere for young women 
on the campus. This year we 
ushered for Lessons and Carols, 
sponsored a sale of 
ghost-a-grams for UNICEF, 
participated in the Crop Walk, 
and reversed trick or treating on 
Halloween by giving out candy. 
They also participated in the 
Leadership Retreat Weekend. 

June shows her leadership abil 
ties at the Leadership Retreat. 

Alpha Delta Theta / 117 


The purpose of APO is to assemble college 
students in a National Service Fraternity in 
the Fellowship of the principles of the Boy 
Scouts of America as embodied in it's Scout 
Oath and Law, to develop Leadership, to 

promote Friendship, and provide Service to 
humanity; and to further the freedom that is 
our national, educational, and intellectual 

APO opens its calendar the first 
week in September with an 
open house geared toward 
letting people on the campus 
know what APO has to offer 
them. In following with the APO 
motto, be a leader, be a 
friend, be of service, we 
schedule numerous social and 
service activities throughout the 
year. Service is our main 
purpose, and we have a 
variety of service projects 
scheduled both on and off 
campus. Some past projects 
include setting up blood drives 
on campus with the Red Cross, 
running a pet therapy group for 
nursing home patients, and 
taking kids from Big Brothers/Big 
Sisters to the zoo. 

blood mm 




118 / Alpha Phi Omega 

National Co-Ed Service Fraternity 

Is Claire trying to perform a maqic 

Alpha Phi Omega, as a National 
Fraternity, was founded in 1925. 
High Point received its Charter in 

The officers of APO are as follows: 
Colleen Farrell (President). Claire 
Hall (Vice President of Service), 
Priscilla Lowe (Vice President of 
MemPership), Kim Boykin 
(Treasurer), Ann Hopkins 
(Secretary), Sandy Brownell (Alumni 
Secretary), Perry Conley (Book 
Exchange Lounge Manager), and 
Craig Corbin (Social Director) 

' • ' _ ■ 'V .?•*■. 

Sean Moberley, Billy Coley, and 
Priscilla Lowe help clean up the 
banks of the Railroad. 

Back Row (left to rlghtl: Keith Plymale, Scott Bryson. 3rd Row: Mrs. Martha 

Blake (Advisor). Priscilla Lowe, Craig Corbin, Scott Heinecke. 2nd Row: Ann 
Hopkins, Billy Coley, Sandy Brownell, Colleen Farrell, Claire Hall, Kim Boykin, 
Perry Conley. Front Row: Jo Williamson, Mitch Simpson, Cindy Whitecotton. 
Not pictured: Larry Hedrick. Timothy Craven. 

Mr. Bill Cope (Advisor) welcomes the American Red Cross Bloodmobile to our 

Alpha Phi Omega / 119 




Members: Dr. McCrary. Kelly Brisentine. Mrs. Olson. 

Sigma Delta Pi allows students with 
a common interest in the Hispanic 
language to meet and participate 
in activities related to the various 
forms of the language. It also offers 
a chance for Spanish speaking 
students to exchange their ideas, 
concerns, problems, knowledge, to 
make the language alive and 

Cathy Hernandez and Arthur Rodrigus talk of Puerto Rico their 
Native country. 

Sam ALNaser And Dr. Baghari dis- 
cuss customs of Sam's home of 


120 / Delta Sigma Phi 


Phi Sigma lota 

Phi Sigma lota honors junior 
and senior undergraduate 
students of foreign languages 
who have at least a B average 
in their entire college work and 
all foreign-language courses; 
have completed at least one 
course at the third year level; 
and rank in the highest 35% of 
their class in general 
scholarship. It also honors 
outstanding foreign-language 

faculty of colleges and 
universities. It is the highest 
academic honor in the field of 
foreign languages. It promotes 
international communication 
and understanding, and a 
sentiment of amity among 
nations. The High Point chapter 
promotes these ideals by 
sponsoring at least two cultural 
events per year, which are 
open to the entire student body. 

Members: Kelly Brisentine — Pres., Veronica Hernandez — V Pres., 
Diane Lynk — Secretary, Alicia Wright — Treasurer, Mrs Olson, Dr. 
McCrary, Dr. Head 

Pi Sigma lota / 121 




Delta Mu Delta members: 
Kelly Brisentine — President 
Karen Schneggenberger — 

Dr. Troy Anders — Advisor 
Dr. Richard Bennington — Advisor 
Mr. James Nelson — Advisor 
Sandy Barnes 
Diane Boyd 
Jeanne Davis 
Suzette Ferrand 
Craig Foster 
Angela Hendrix 
Pat Howell 
Mike Kirkman 
Charles Long 
Melissa Lunn 
Diane Lynk 
David Marinoff 
Pam McHone 
Kim Moose 
Kathy Odinski 
Glennie Tope 
Paul Wong 

Delta Mu Delta is still going strong. 

A typical meeting. 

122 / Delta Mu Delta 

Student North CarolinoAssociation of Educators 

SNCAE is an organization open to 
all students of High Point College 
who are interested in a teaching 
career. They sponsor workshops, a 
senior banquet and a National 
Education Week. Members — : 
Janie Borgman. President, 
Margaret Rodgers, Vice-President. 
Marja Erickson. Secretary/Treasurer. 
Vicky Bennings, June Craft, 

Elizabeth Daisey. Janie Davis, Kim 
Eads, Marie Giofre, Sherri Hall, 
Romaine Hudson, Deborah Kerr, 
Kay Link. Kim Maness, Cynthia 
Moore, Ann Warrick, Joyce Royals, 
Sandra Shaw, Brent Shoaf, Julie 
Sykes, Paula Pennisi, Susan 
Warrick, Anna Young, and Louisa 
A. Zimmerman. 

Religion Students Club 

The Religion Students Club 
provides opportunities for program 
majors and others interested in 
events planned for students in the 
Department of Religion and 

Philosophy to participate in these 
programs during the academic 
year. Programs are speakers, and 
a retreat in the Spring semester. 

Student National Education Association / 123 

Who's Who • 1986 

Ms. Barbara Jean Benson 
Ms. Janie Elaine Borgman 

Mr. Donald E. Coryell, 

Ms. June Renee Craft 

Ms. Jeanne Ellen Davis 

Ms. Margaret M. Draper 

Ms. Marja Lynn Erickson 

Ms. Debra Kay Forrester 

Mr. John Starr Higgins 

Mr. Raymond E. Hotz 

Ms. Cheryl Denise Joyner 

Mr. Philip Edward Key 

Mr. Danny Bryce Leonard 

Ms. Kimberly Dawn 

Ms. Kathleen A. 

Ms. Irene Renee Egerton-Perry 
Mr. John Hayden Savas 

Ms. Susan Annette Warrick 


Who's Who 

124 / Who's Who 

From Left to Right: Marja Erickson, Dr. Ward (Advisor), Elizabeth Daisey, Mrs. Nancy Shelton (Advisor) 
Maness. Kim Eads, June Craft, Dr. Philip George (Advisor). 





Kappa Delta Pi is an Honor Society 
in Education. It is a National 
Organinzation whose purpose is to 
encourage excellence in 
scholarship, high personal 
standards, improvement in teacher 
preparation, distinction in 
achievement, and personal 
contributions to education. Our 
chapter is Kappa Mu and we were 
awarded this charter on May 27, 
1985. To become a member of this 
honorary society, an individual 
must be invited by a local chapter 
and be approved for candidacy. 
This invitation is based on a 
student's high academic 
achievement, commitment to 
education, and a professional 
attitude. Members receive certain 
privileges which include being a 
member for life, active 
membership, and ability to attend 
Regional Conferences and 
Convocations. Members are 
expected to maintain the ideals of 
the Society, to strive to extend its 
influence, and to maintain regular 
attendance at meetings, The 
officers are Elizabeth Daisey as 
President and June Craft as 

Kim Maness is showing her high 
personal standards and distinction in 
achievement by making it onto the 
Homecoming Court. 

June Craft exhibits her professional attitude required of a Kappa 
Delta Pi. 

Kappa Delta Phi / 125 

The Job Fair 

Randy Foster and Michelle White discuss the job market with an interviewer. 

Ray Hotz, Ted Coryell, and John 
Higgins talk over the day's events. 

126 / Career Development Center 

The Career Development Center will sponsor the Career Alumni Day in February. They have alumni 
come to speak from all different fields ranging from accounting to communications. The Job Fair in the 
fall was also partly sponsored by the center in association with seven other schools. High Point had the 
third highest student attendance and following interviews out of these eight schools involved. SIGI PLUS a 
new computerized career guidance system will be put into effect this spring as well. The system is for all 
students and administration use. 




The Career Development Center is 
directed by Joyce Wainer. The 
center helps students find the best 
major for each individual, 
identifying people's interests, skills 
and goals, and to help with 
information concerning the job 
market after graduation or 
information about graduate 
schools. The center can also assist 
you in finding a part-time job while 
in school. 

Jim Mitchell looks over his itinerary for 
the day. 

Jeff Smith talks with interviewer about future plans. 

Career Development Center / 127 

Society for 




Members; Cathy Robinson, Craig 
Sheppard. Dana Draughn, DePbie 
Hayward, Darren Clark, Greg Fair- 
cloth, Greg Keaton, Howard Stewart, 
Jim Wilson, Kelly Brisentine, Lance 
Jarrett, Lisa Creed, Melissa Lunn, 
Monica Gregor, Nita Burchette. Paul 
Wong, Phil Key, Robert Rogers, 
Sandy Barnes, Scott Mickey. 
Stephanie Hrytzay, Stephen 
McPherson. Teresa Bridges, Terry 
Henderson, Veronica Herandez. 

As one of the oldest professional management organizations, S.A.M. provides an 
opportunity for students to increase management skills and expertise through parti- 
cipation in programs and services designed to improve the professional quality of 
their knowledge, performance, and leadership ability. 

^ h rh^2? ert H° 9erS ' Qnd Cra ' 9 Sne PP ard 1ak e jt easy during Kelly Binsentine smiles as she is put i 
a Christmas party. the limelight. 


128 / Society for Advancement of Management 

The purpose of this club is to promote interest in biology, especially areas of 
current research; to provide an opportunity for students and biology 
faculty, as well as other biologists to share and interact in biological 
endeavors; and to create an awareness of opportunities, current trends, 
special programs, and developments in the area of biology. The activities 
of the club are designed to supplement and enhance the regular 
academic program. 

■W 1 <»■ 

Biology Majors 


President — Jeff Insley 

Vice President — Mitch 


Secretary — Kim Coggins 

Treasurer — Dawn Lemmo 


Dr. Leo Weeks, Dr. Fred Yeats. 

and Dr. John Ward 

Other Members: 

Rita Barnswell 

Kim Bergen 

Mark Boles 

Tim Brown 

Scott Bryson 

Marie Calloway 

Sara Caruthers 

Demetrio Contognonas 
Craig Corbin 
Deidre Fleenor 
Vance Holdsclaw 
Walt Hunter 
Kevin Huff 
Ron Jarvis 
Sharon King 
Priscilla Lowe 
Lisa McKeown 
Jim Mitchell 
Yvonne Mussenden 
Chuck Taylor 
Charles Utley 
James Wilson 

Above: President Jeff Insley demonstrates his knowledge of Parli- 
ametary Procedure. 

Left Mitch Simpson and Priscilla 
Lowe discuss the latest advances in 
the field of biology. 

Biology Majors' Club / 129 

Student Union. 

Kevin Connolly and Bunny Wagner 
call a meeting to order. 

The female members of S.U. seem overwhelmed by the suggestion that a rock 
band, The Hooters, may come to H.P.C.. 

Entertainment committee. 

The male members also seem overwhelmed by the suggestion. 

130 / Student Union 

Ram Miller, Kathy McCulluch, and Kevin Connolly appear pleased 
bffdmay'oS o H?^ t0 the SU " eSt ' 0n tha ' a po ^ rack 

Members: Kevin Connolly. 
Dawn Miller, Linda Lovely, 
Kathy McCullough. Robin Sink, 
Karen Leise, Terri Smith, Todd 
Creange, Valerie Wihbey, Trish 
Sarlin, Steve Freas, Kristine 
Peterson, Kim Masses, Suzetre 
Obaugh, Donna Robinson, 
Teresa Brewer, Steve Feilds, 
Linda Davis, Mike Lemmo, 
Lynne Tuttle, Kristi Pierce. Bunny 
Wagner, Suzanna LeClear, Rob 
Hedrick, Jane Morris, Kelly 
McKenna, Mark Phelps, Monica 
Gregor, Cynthia Trone, Randy 
Rover, Margaret Rodgers, 
Vance Holdsclean, Ron Jafvis, 
Cathy Demchak, Judie Perry, 
Lynn Albert, Ursula Urbielewiez, 
Carrie Hubard, Sheila Smith. 
Breena Oliver. Liz Allright. 
Margaret Phillips. Scott Clark, 
Angle Schmucker, Debbie 
Hayward, Cathy Wlodek, 

Student Union/ 131 


The Student Government 

The SGA meets Bi-weekly to 
govern the student activities by 
allocating funds, dealing with 
ethics, revisions, and the 
purchases of material goods. 
The students involved in the 
SGA all add to what they feel 
the college community needs. 

132 / Student Government Association 

SGA starts another year with newer and 

better ideas. 

Tom Abbott explains a new idea to Janet 



£3*&H% , ■ . , 

Student Government Association / 133 

Tower Players 

Tower Players is an 
organization that is open to 
all students who are 
interested in the theatrical 
arts. Members provide 
valuable contributions to 
various theatrical 

Tower Players took active roles in the production of "Old Man Joseph and his 

productions. During the 
1985-86 year members 
provided services for 
productions such as "Old 
Man Joseph and his 
Family" and "In White 









Ron Law directs HPC's theatrical 

134 / Tower Players 

"Old Man Joseph and His Family" 

On December 5-8, the 
Fine Arts department 
presented "Old Man 
Joseph and His Family", 
a play that takes place 
in the world of 
Apocyphal Gospels. Ron 
Law, director, held the 
production in a very 
intimate atmosphere in 
the Empty Space Theater. 
With limited funding, Ron 
scraped together a set 
that was composed of 
discarded materials such 
as boxes, chairs, drapery 
for walls, and anything 
else he could find 
appropriate for the 
stage. Students who 
participated in this 
production were: Seema 
Quabein, Pam Mchone, 
Mike Reid, Gregg 
Thompson, Betsey Driver, 
Sarah Wenley, Jill Walker, 
and Rich Molinaro and 
Tim Austin from UNC-G. 

Tower Players / 135 

American Humanics Student 


American Humanics 

annual retreat, and sent 

Executive Director Patrick 

Student Association at High eleven members to Phoenix, Hawn and guidance of Dr, 

Point College had a very 
busy but fruitful year. The 
association held monthly 

Arizona to attend the 
national American 
Humanics Management 

Allen Goedeke AH at High 
Point College is the 
premiere unit in the nation. 

business meetings bi-weekly Institute. 

professional seminars, an Under the direction of 


3 ® A *♦ *? 

The association gathers at the annual retreat at Camp Cheerio YMCA camp. 

136 American Humanics 

v United in the challenge-Dedicated to the 


The association was directed 

by student leaders: Danny 

Leonard. President; Kim 

Reddeck, Vice-President; Ruth 

Waddell, Secretary; Ty 

Worsham, Treasurer. Members 


Terry Aiken 

Mike Beck 

Brett Carter 

Colleen Farrell 

Cindy Gleiser 

Claire Hall 

Larry Hedrick 

Scott Heinecke 

Sherri Hill 

Danny Leonard 

Marsha Manos 

Richard Michaels 

Scott Mickey 

Cathy Overman 

Kim Reddeck 

Amy Stanley-Stroud 

Lynn Terry 

Ruth Waddell 

Cindy Whitecotton 

Lori Wood 

Ty Worsham 

American Humanics/137 

Better Than Ever! 


New ideas, new goals, 
hard work, and much 
planning have made this 
year's Hi-Po better than 
ever. New sections focusing 
on people, functions, and 
HPC's historical issues add 
an individual touch to the 

Editor — Deena McMurtry; Assistant Editor — Tony Baity: Advertising Manager 
— Lisa Mann; Sports Editor — J.T.Turner; Photo Editor — Craig Van Steenburg; 
Staff Writers — Jon Travis, Lora Songster, Joe Hutchens, Tim Winters, Anthony 
Billings, and Charles Hinman. 

broad views expressed 
inside its pages. Special 
areas given to sports, the 
greeks, announcements, 
and, last but not least, the 
news, make this campus 
paper something special to 
be proua of. 

Jon Travis finds little time to smile 
during the few minutes before a 

Above Center: Tony Baity maintains quality by inspecting all layouts 
before production. 

Upper right: This year's Hi-Po staff discovers that late night layout sessions 
can be rather frustrating. 

138 / Hi-Po 

Splitting Headaches, Urgent 
Deadlines, and Final Layouts . . . 


Back Row: Elizabeth Smith, 
Bonnie Hannah, Jennifer 
Palmer, Sandi Potterfield, 
Jennifer Austin, Editor Melissa 
Mize, and Lori Morton. Front 
Row: Michael Bridger, Ken 
Zeller, and Jon Travis. 

This year's Zenith staff 
could be found at any 
time with camera in 
hand capturing life as it 
happened on High Point 
College Campus. Melissa 
Mize, Editor-in-Chief, set 
high goals for the staff 
early in the year. Before 
a deadline, late nights 
completing layouts and 
last minute photo sessions 
became ritual. Advisor, 
Dr. Chilcoat, could be 
found giving input ana 
inspiration, while Melissa 
handed out weekly 
assignments, during the 
Tuesday meetings. 
Faded Photographs Set 
Aside And Forgotten Pictures 
Of The Past Wrinkled Hands 
Find Them Pictures Become 
Memories Of Times That Will 

Poem by Gregg S. Thompson 

Zenith/ 139 

Writers' Club 

The Writers' Club is 
composed of students and 
faculty members who are 
dedicated to the promotion 
of creativity within the High 
Point College Community 
through writing, the visual 
arts, and photography. The 
club is open to all students 

who have an interest in any 
of the various forms of 
writing. Members attend 
writing workshops, talk with 
area writers and artists, and 
produce a small literary 
magazine, "The 
Lamplighter", during the fall 

Tony Baity, Seema Qubein, Margaret Phillips, John Savas, Anthony 
Billings, Ed Piacentino — Advisor, Bill Craige, Steve Chesser 

Upper right: Margaret reviews 

her latest work of fiction. 

Above: Steve Chesser finds the 

evening dusk an inspiration for his 
works of prose. 

140 /Writers Club 


toa Benson, AnltoBr , sentineDonaid 
E. Coryell. Sheila M. Craig, Elizabeth Daisey, Marja L. Erickson, Suzette J 
Ferrand, Karen E. Ford, Claire B Hall i 

HalUanCeAj -ett, Marsha LManos 
Patrick W. O'Sullivan, Kim E. Suda, Susan A. Warrick. • Class of 

1987 . Jeanne E. Davis, Lori Ann Frye, Kathleen A. McCullough, Kevin A. 

r. c 4h • Class of 1988 • Ester B. Christian, Kimberly D. 
Newman, Terri D. Smith. • Class 01 ivo 

Ccggms, Catherine E. Demchak, Beth Ann Domby, Sherry L. Holland, Mary 
Ann Hundley, Mark Murphy, Rachelle C Peters, Richard Rathbun, Michelle 

. ^ M 1989 • Eileen 
■ oobin M. Sink. • Class of W 
LR eeside.PouloS.Rei,ng.Rob. 

Batthany, Dorinda Bennett, Mark Boles, Timothy Brown, Jill Burton Edna 
Calloway, Laura Carr, Kenneth Clark, Linda Davis, Elaine Estelle, Eric 

^ttcn, Ronald Hal,, Jennifer Haworth, Vance Holdso, o 

vance Holdsclaw, Ronald Jarvis, 
Karen Liese, Matthew Long, Linda Lovely, Stephanie Mujat, Breena 

°"-r.Kri s tine Peterson, Mary 

Pi6rCe ' Ke ^ Quintan. Sheilc 

" a s m'th, Diane 
Tanata, Valerie Wihbey, Jayme Wilson, Donald Yarbrough, Lori Yun. 


Presidential Scholarships are 
awarded to selected 
incoming freshmen. The 
basis by which these 
students have been 
selected is dependant on 
their high school activities 
and personal interviews that 
are conducted by faculty 
and present scholars. The 
scholarships, valued from 
four thousand to six 
thousand dollars over a four 
year period are based on 
academics, leadership, 
and citizenship. The chosen 
scholars must maintain a 
3.0 grade point average 
and serve on selected 
committees. These 
committees run the annual 
Presidential Scholarships 
weekend to which certain 
high school students from 
around the country are 
invited to visit High Point 

Jeannie Davis tries out a little 
collegiate Level Coloring. 

Presidential Scholars/ 141 

Students Show Their 

The Apogee is the 

College's annual 
literary-visual arts magazine. 
The magazine is compiled 
of poetry, fiction, 
photography, and pen and 
ink sketches written and 

taken by students and 
faculty members. The 
Apogee awards cash 
prizes to the first and 
second place winners in 
each of the four categories. 

Co-Editors — Lisa Mann and Susan Warrick 

Advisor — Dr. John Moehlmann. 

142 / Apogee 

were asked to participate in WXII, Channel 12's Annual Christmas Special. 

Under the direction ot Alexa Jackson, the High Point College Singers have 
performed Poth on and off campus including the annual Christmas Concerts, the 
lessons and Carols Services and for various community and campus functions. They I— I j /-h K D(~\ j nf 


Front row: Cathy Demchak, Libby 
Johnson, Cindy Gleiser, Cyndi 
Stewart, Second row: Alexa 
Jackson — Director, Suzanne 
LeClear, Terrie Rae, Beth 
Summerville, Lisa Williams, Brenda 
Hovis, Shawn Newsome, June 
Craft, Blake Mooney, Claudia 
Zumont, Greg Helmstetler, Liz 
Dericksen, Rodney Anderson, 
Barbara Benson. Third row: Owen 
Synder, Debbie Coley, Dennis 
Smith, Jane Morris, Scott Lax, Tim 
Sloan, Perry Conley, Jon Travis, 
Perry Conley, Matt Alston. Charlie 

Above: Singers performing at spring graduation cere- 

Dennis Smith can often be found 
strutting and singing across campus. 

High Point College Singers/ 143 







The Physical Education and 

Recreation Majors Club is a 

group of students who are 

committed to the 

attainment of the highest 

ideals and the highest 

degrees of professionalism. 

The club, which is 

composed of all students 

who major in physical 

education or recreation, 

frequently holds meetings in 

which guest speakers 

address members on the 

latest developments within 

these two fields. 

First row: Scott Lax, Wayne Jones, Andy Young, "Red" Morrison, Angelo Stewart, Billy Puckett, Debbie 
Johnson, Kim Maness, Donna Reynolds, Gray Todman, Claire Hall, Dave Hooker, John Fitz. Second row: 
Geoff Hill, Curtis Schneider, Lisa Jones, Penney Sellars, Cathy Cassidy, Marie Ormond. Sharon Kelley, 
Sara Rivas. William Buckley, Anthony Transou, Third row: Winky Gelston, Lane Odom, Susan Poole, Kim 
Lewers, Anne Lopez, Sandra Shaw, Sally Hamilton, Pete Cockbum. Fourth row: Sam Hooker. Willie 
Walker, Jim Hoffman. Terri Shackelford, Mike Johnson, Jeff Johnson. 





1 1 


Rf . -^, 

. * 

Above: Woody and Red discuss international politics. 

Curtis Schneider demonstrates 

how to manipulate a flying disc. 

144 / PE/Recreation Majors 

* ■> 




During August of each 
year the Freshmen 
Orientation program 
helps new incoming 
students adjust to the 
rigors of college life. The 
program, which is 
composed of 
non-freshmen students 
and faculty members, 
organizes many various 
activities that help 
freshmen to become 
acguainted with faculty 

members as well as with 
other students. The 
program also provides 
numerous exercises and 
workshops to help 
prepare the new student 
for the demands of 
college academics. This 
previous fall's orientation 
program included 
activities such as picnics, 
dances, and a trip to the 
High Point Theater to 
witness a classical play. 

Cindy Stewart pilots her portion of the orientation program from a 

First row: Mike Lemmo, Bunny Wagner. Mary McCormack, Tina 
Casey, Kelli Green, Lici Wright, Randy Rover, Mr. Law, Dr Hodge, 
Cathy Demchak, Cindy Stewart, Schlyn Heintz. Second row: Cindy 
Casperson, Terri Smith, Lee Cockeriil, Mrs, Schlimmer, Cindy Gleiser, 
Diane Deuron, Shelia Craig. Third row: Jeannie Davis, Rich Mullins, 
Charles Birkner, Ms. Olsen, Dr. Head, Pat O'Sullivan. Steve Mickel. 
Fourth row: Rev. Curry, John Higgins, Mr. Davidson, Dr. Bennington, 
Kathy McCoullough, Robin Sink, Tammy Riggs, Randy Foster, Marja 
Erickson, June Craft. Fifth row: Ray Hotz, Dr. Martinson, Ted Coryell, Dr. 
George, Kevin Connolly, Rob Weinhold, Mr. Gaughn, Mrs. Shelton, 
Peggy Draper, Phil Key, Scott Mincey, Dr. Stitt, Dr. McCrary, Dr. Anders, 
Mr. Gibson. 

Freshmen Orientation Leaders/ 145 

Chemical Society 

The ACS gives chemistry 
and other science oriented 
students professional and 
social contacts with 
chemists in industrial as well 
as academic environments. 

The chapter meets every 
month to discuss and plan 
fund raising schemes, field 
trips to various industrial 
labs and production 

Karen Ford. Vice-President, Not Pictured: Lance Jarrett, President, Chuck 
Taylor, Steve Williams, Treasurer. 

146 / American Chemical Society 

Wesley Fellowship 

Fall of 1985 saw Wesley 
Fellowship rejuvenated with 
a doubling in membership 
over the previous year. 
Among the activities Wesley 
Fellowship has held was a 
trip to Carowinds, a retreat, 
a swim day at City Lake 
Park as well as a ski trip. 

As a volunteer outreach 
project, many members of 
Wesley Fellowship go 

Wesley fellowship Members 
Rich Mullins 

Beth Summerville 

Vice President 
Selwyn Heintz 

Secretary /Treasurer 
Seema Quebain 
Marja Erickson 
Margaret Phillips 
Pat O'Sullivan 
Jim Mitchell 
Donn Unghmah 
Diane Derovan 
Charlie Birkner 
Stacey Dillon 
Sherry Ward 
Steve Mickel 
Suzanne LeClear 
Tim Sloan 
Debra Ammon 
Keith Plymale 
Julie Key 

twice-a-month to the 
Father's Table, a soup 
kitchen for street people, 
and serve meals. 

Dave Matzko, our Divinity 
School student intern from 
Duke University, leads the 
group in Vesper Services on 
Monday nights and in 
discussions. Wesley 
Felowship seeks to provide 
spiritual enrichment and 

growth through social 
interaction in an 
ecumenical environment. 

Wesley is a chartered 
member of The Student 
Government Association 
and is a part of the religious 
life program of High Point 
College under the 
Chaplain's direction. 

Society for Collegiate 

The Society for Collegiate 
Journalists is an honorary 
society for persons in mass 
communications. This 
organization is organized to 
teach the ethics of good 
communications. They 
attempt to encourage 
student participation in 

local campus 

communication media. The 
SCJ also attempts to reward 
student communications for 
their efforts, services, and 
accomplishments by 
admission to its 








" Ce ^ e . 

Melissa Mize — Secretary/Treasurer 

s 'cfe , 

Susan Warrick 


CoW e ^ 




Pe ^VOran a , jane^ro^ 6 

' r °Per 

Ke '« Green 







Anth °ny Bil/ings 

Wesley Fellowship/Collegiate Journalists/ 147 




The Baptist Student Union is 
an organization for Christian 
fellowship. BSU has weekly 
meetings consisting of Bible 
study, prayer, and 
fellowship. The BSU is much 
larger than last year and is 
trying to get involved with 
more mission work and 
retreats. The BSU does have 
socials several times a year. 
BSU welcomes people of all 

President Bob Boyd enjoys playinc 
tennis in his free time. 

Members Mike Bridger, Dennis Smith, Scott Warton, Craig 
Foster, Tom Butler, Bob Boyd, Steve Williams, Scott Lax, Kevin 
Ward, Frank Smith, David Clevence, Ron Weidel, Frankie 

148 / BSU 


R , Betn^e\n 





Corv el1 


obeft . 




sul e«e 

feff 1 









c/,e ^ 0l 

yn er 

U\or^ a 


Alpha Chi Honor 

Juniors and seniors who posess the 
exceptional characteristics of scholarship, 
character, leadership, and service are 
selected annually to join the Alpha Chi 
Honor Society. A formal induction ceremony 
is held yearly followed by College Bowl 
sponsored by the organization. The purpose 
of Alpha Chi is to recognize outstanding 
scholarship and leadership at High Point 


'Sf Q 




\\e^ e 


J °hn s OVl 







C ^< 


Alpha Chi/ 149 

Order of the 

Lighted Lamp 

Scholarship — 

Leadership — 

Service — 


Members from left to right: Kim 

Maness, Pam McHone. Advisor Dr. 
Vance Davis, and Tammy Riggs. 

The order of the Lighted 
Lamp was organized in 
1935 to recognize junior 
and seniors who have 
distinguished records of 
scholarship, leadership, 
service and character. In 
addition to a 2.75 
quality-point average for 


five consecutive semesters, 
memPers must have 
rendered outstanding 
leadership and service in 
such collegiate activities as 
student government, 
religious life, departmental 
organizations, theater, 
social organizations, service 
organizations, and athletics. 

Back Row: Ted Coryell, Marja Erickson. Colleen Farrell, Kelly Brisentine, Ray 
Hotz. Front Row: Marsha Manos, Alicia Wright, and Melinda Stroud. 

Junior Marshals are a group of special students who have been chosen to 
represent High Point College in various formal activities. The top twenty 
students in the Junior class, based on GPA, are selected with the two students 
honored as Chief Marshals. 

The Junior Marshals represent 

the College at Spring graduation 
ceremonies and assist with formal 

150 /Order of the Lighted Lamp/Junior Marshals 

Left to right: Rob Hedrick, Mark Phelps, Paul McDonough. Ron Barrans 

WWIH ... A 



WWIH is an educational FM 
station that serves the student 
population as well as the High 
Point Community. Although the 
station was inoperable during 
the past fall semester, it has 
been re-opened in the spring 
semester with numerous 
improvements made under 
the direction of Dr. Chilcoat. 
The WWIH program is 
designed to give students 
on-the-job experience in the 
many various aspects of the 
highly competitive field of 
radio broadcasting. 

Paul and Rob discuss the technicali- Mark contemplates the latest F.C.C. regulations, 
ties of their next broadcast. 

WWIH/ 151 

Continuing Education at 

High Point college also 
offers a program for those 
students who work during 
the day and can only 
attend classes at night. It is 
known as the Continuing 
Adult Education Program 
(CAEP). The R.J. Reynolds 
and Piedmont Area Evening 
Degree Association 
organizations work closely 
with CAEP to offer a variety 
of classes. These students 
may choose from five 
majors. They are Business 
Administration, and 
Economics, Psychology, 
Managerial Psychology, 
Media communications 
and are the same for day 
students; and (4) all courses 
are offered at convenient 
times and areas. CAEP 
students range in age from 
21-60 and come from all 
walks of life. We can 
certainly be proud of these 
students' efforts to continue 
their education and, in the 
process, for bettering High 
Point College. 

CAEP students at HPC 

Shelly Acuft 
Linda Anderson 
Ronald Baird 
Allen Beck, Jr. 
Christopher Bowles 
Winston Browne 
Sandra Browning 
Kathleen Bryant 
Betty Burris 
Debra Cail 
Vickie Causey 
Andrew Chiede 
Iris Clark 
Sharisse Cole 
Conis Cutler 
Patricia Daniel 
Toni Davis 
Jenny Dodson 
Kelly Donovan 
Meredith Eanes 
Almettia Ellison 

John Emerson 
David Fields 
Debbie Fisher 
Marilyn Forrest 
Debra Forrester 
Willie Garrison 
John Gavlik 
Phillip Geiss 
Lisa Goff 
Irish Good 
Bradford Grubbs 
Kathleen Haggerty 
Polly Hamrick 
Judy Hardy 
Susan Hooper 
Robert Hupp 
Martha Hutchens 
Terry Hutchens, Sr. 
Melanie Idol 
Patricia Johnson 
Teresa Kines 
Stephen Lain 
Bruce Lonas 
Sandra Martin 

Phyllis Melcher 
Janice Metcalf 
Ruth Miller 
John Moore 
Glenda Morgan 
Joe Morris 
David Murphy 
Debra Murphy 
Louise Nichols 
Mary Nichols 
Mary Patton 
Teresa Price 
Donna Pruett 
James Rangel 
Isaiah Reed 
Jackie Reeder 
William Rice III 
Linda Roberts 
Stephen Rule 
Michael Sanders 
Richard Scott 
Joanne Seedlock 
Cynthia Shelton 
Randy Shields 
Katie Shuler 
Dennis Sink 
Hilda Sink 
C. Smith 
Jack Smith, Sr. 
Susan Smith 
Ricky Smithers 
Gary Snipes 
Melinda Sykes 
Tracey Wade 
Randy Wall 
Martha Ward 
Gilda Watts 
Donna Whitener 
Rachel Wiles 
Aura Wilson 
Lisa Witcher 
Denah Yarborough 
CAEP students at RJR 
Mary Allen 
Shirley Allen 
Margaret Ansley 
Shirley Athan 
Constance Boles 
Gwendolyn Bradley 
Linda Burgess 
Lawrence Chance 
Shannun Clark 
James Conner 
David Cox 
Patricia Crews 
Wanda Doss 
James Edwards 
Donna Ferguson 
Brian Foster 
Deborah Franklin 
Anne Gadzicki 
Carolyn Galloway 
Larry Gossett 
Keith Graham 
Judy Grimstead 
Teresa Grubbs 
Jean Hanna 

Penny Hauser 
Christina Herko 
Daniel Herko 
Melvin Hollifield 
Robert Hollyfield 
James Hoots 
Carolyn Horton 
Linda Huff 
Sherry Huffstetler 
Sherrie Ivey 
Andrew Jones, Jr. 
Cleta Jordan 
Denny Kallam 
Janice Keller 
Frederick Kelly 
Kay Kiser 
Clayborne Lewis 
Gail Lindsay 
John Long 
Kenneth Long 
Cora Malloy 
Hugh Martin, Jr. 
R. McCullough 
John Millar 
Juanilla Moore 
Linda Morrison 
Lynn Owens 
Beverly Palmer 
Brenda Redd 
David Reece 
Bonnie Reese 
Lynda Reich 
Russell Rule 
Jimmie Saunders 
Marilyn Shore 
Nancy Sink 
Phillip Smith 
Voucile Smith 
Ernest Snead 
Jerry Sneed 
Ann Steele 
Kathy Stephenson 
William Teague 
Pamela Trivefte 

152 / CAEP 

High Point College 

Michael Utt 
Larry Vaden 
Janine Vagler 
Jeffrey Vuksan 
Kay Wagner 
Jeanne Willard 
Jeffrey Williard 

CAEP students at PAE 

Joyce Adams 
David Baity 
William Bernstein 
Xavier Bethune 
Rebecca Bingman 
Melanie Black 
Eileen Blancato 
Steven Block 
William Blythe 
Carolyn Boles 
Kathy Boles 
Teresa Borgarots 
Janie Boughman 
Kathy Bowling 
Faith Bowman 
Gerald Bracey 
William Brandon, Jr. 
Joan Bridges 
Kiernan Brown 
Robert Brown 
Stephen Brown 
Mary Browne 
Norman Byerly 
Debra Caldwell 
Paulette Campbell 
Dennis Carfner 
William Cartwright 
Janice Cash 
Cheryl Caudill 
Deborah Chandler 
Kimberly Childress 
Kathy Clart< 
Evelyn Collins 
James Conner 

Caroline Connor 
Ronald Cook 
Stephen Cooksey, Jr. 
Connie Cooper 
Shirley Coorsden 
Sue Cox 
Vaden Cox 
Mary Cromer 
John Crowder 
Arlene Crump 
Catherine Cummings 
Pansy Daniels 
Charles Davis 
Patricia Davis 
Louisa Dexter 
Brenda Diggs 
Debra Dion 
Vickey Dodson 
Carlin Donathan 
Eddie Drye 
Paul Dugan 
Lynn Dull 
Edwin Ellis, Jr. 
Annette Everhart 
Ginger Fagg 
Linzie Farmer 
Jeff Faw 
Troy Flowers. Jr. 
Donald Foster 
Kenneth Foster 
Sherry Foster 
M. Fulp 
Pamela Fulp 
Mary Garrett 
Gwenn Getty 
Mittie Glymph 
Roy Gough, Jr. 
Sandra Gray 
Meredith Green 
Walter Green 
Margaret Grote 
Deborah Hall 
Debbie Harris 
Pamela Hartigan 
Ronald Hartman 
Edward Hatfield 
Carol Hawkins 
Lorraine Hawryluk 
Pamelia Heath 
Gail Hiatt 
Julia Hicks 
Carolyn Highsmith 
Peter Hoi left 
Brenda Holloway 
Jeffrey Horton 
James Hudson 
Marilyn Humphrey 
Janet Hutchens 
Lisa Ignacia 
Chrystal Jessup 
Shari Johnson 
Carol Jones 
David Kimball 
Emery Knouse 
Cindy Kreeger 
L. Lawson 
Florence Layne 

Diana Leaman 
Cheryl Little 
Kathryn Lloyd 
Judith Lytle 
Jeloma McDonald 
Todd McDonald 
Betty Mabe 
Sharon Mahaffey 
Patricia Marshall 
Liston Martin 
Diane Mathews 
Janet Midgett 
Gina Mounce 
Sandra Muffley 
Patricia Murphy 
Edward Musselwhite 
Timothy Nelson 
David Page 
Ellen Parker 
Richard Parsons 
Anna Papp 
Kim Pegram 
Eve Perry 
Linda Petree 
Paul Phillips 
Charlene Porter 
Linda Quick 
Randall Reavis 
William Reavis, Jr. 
Marilyn Reid 
Vivian Reid 
Janice Ritchie 
Harry Roberts 
Charlene Rushdan 
David Sain 
Jacaueline Scott 
Lu-Anne Shumate 
Baird Sills, Jr. 
Carolyn Simmons 
Bessie Singletary 
Cathy Slate 

Diane Smith 
Sherri Smith 
Georgie Southern 
Dawn Spetz 
Michael Stephenson 
Donna Stirewalt 
Judith Swaim 
Doris Talbert 
Byah Tally 
Gary Teague 
Kim Teasley 
Ladonna Thomas 
Pamela Tillotson 
Amy Troxell 
Bruce Updyke 
Steven Vanderlinden 
William Vaughn, Jr. 
Lynda Venable 
Mitzi Venable 
Tammie Vestal 
Deborah Watts 
Cindy Weaver 
Kelly Widener 
Mary Williams 
Michael Wilson 
Vicky Wooldredge 
Jeffrey Woosley 
Lisa Wooten 
Vicki Yokley 
Paul Ziglar III 
Margaret Ziolkowski 

CAEP/ 153 

OUR BEST TO . . . 





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Service Inc 

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Marsh Kitchens, Inc. 

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Marty's Record Shops, Inc. 
"When you think of Music, think of Marty's" 

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From the desk of A B Billings: 

Thanks to 

The English Dept. 

The Writer's Club 

Society for Collegiate 


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"The Zenith" 

"The Apogee" 



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In Winston Salem visit SIR SPEEDY at 1011 Burke St 




Open for Lunch 

1 1 :00am- 12mid Sun. Thru Thurs 

1 1:00am-1:00am Fri. & Sat. 


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225 Eastchester Dr. 


S. Main 

Call us. 

Free 30 minute delivery 
and 10 minute pick-up 

Limited delivery area. 

Cl 983 Domirto'i Puza l^c 

the oldest sorority 
on H.P.C. Campus 

is #1 

Congratulations Seniors 
Jennifer, Lisa, Ann, Lisa, Terry, and Dawn 

Compliments of 

North State 

PS| Telephone 
^J Company 

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Worth J. York — General Manager 


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P.O. Box 667 

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Through the years, you never let us down; you 
turned our lives around. 

The sweetest days we've found, we found with you. 

Through the years. 

We've never been afraid, we've loved the life 
we've made 

And we're so glad we stayed — here with you 
through the years. 

Love, Janine, Linda Sue, Janet, Pam, Debbie, Laura, 
Kelli, Jennifer, Vanessa, and Shari 
We'll miss yal! 





PHONE: 887-1990 

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My sincere gratitude to all who 

assisted in making the 1986 

Zenith a success! 

Dr. Chilcoat * Ms. Olsen * Mr. Porter * Jo Walker * Jon Travis * Sandy Potterfield * Ken Zeller * Bonnie Hannah * Jennifer Austin * 
Jennifer Palmer * Terri Burchette * Lori Morton * Kelli Green * Mike Bridger * Tom Butler * Craig Vansteehburg * Bob Parkinson * Mrs. 
Charnock * Mr. Hartsoe * Mr. Nelson * Dreema Bryant * Snow Studios * and everyone else who printed and took pictures, proofed 
copy or helped in any way. Thanks! Melissa. 

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160 / CAEP 

Epilogue/ 161 


^ e °" * to 


r$ * ;*>$., 

I -; '-•> 

caP e 


162 / Epilogue 

Epilogue/ 163 

164 / Epilogue 

High Point College 
students were 
offered a variety of 
choices, all with 
advantages and 
disadvantages — 
many found the 
right choice. 

Epilogue/ 165 

Moments of joy 
were surpassed by 
the intense 
moments of 
concentration in 

166 / Epilogue 

These are the 10 acts 
appearing most often on 
college campuses this year, 
according to the National 
Association for Campus 

1. Yakov Smirnoff (right), a 
Russian-born standup 
comedian who has appear- 
ed in the movies "Mowcow on 
the Hudson" and "Buckaroo 
Banzai: Across the 8th Dimen- 

2. Andy Andrews, a 
standup comedian who was 
a writer for the original 
"Saturday Night Live" show. 

3. Tom Deluca (below), a 
humorist who combines 
comedy and hypnotism to 
create what he calls 

4. Voltage Brothers, an 11- 

§iece band featuring a full 
rass section, vocals, and 
precision choreography. 

5. David Naster, an actor 
and comedian whose 
one-man show features 
comedy and music. 

6. Barbara Bailey Hutchi- 
son, a guitarist and pianist 
whose repertoire includes folk 
and rock music. 

7. Jeff Cesarlo, a former 
musician and journalist who 
performs as a standup 

8. "England" Dan Seals, 
a solo singer and songwriter, 
formerly of England Dan & 
John Ford Coley. 

9. Edward Jackman, a 
juggler and standup 

10. Jane Lybrand, a 
lecturer who gives humorous 
talks about communications 
and "self-motivation." 

In a survey of more than 
180,000 college-bound 
high-school seniors, these 
were the top five factors cited 
as "very important" reasons 
for attending college: 

1. To be able to get a better 

2. To learn more about 
things that interest me. 

3. To be able to make more 

4. To gain a general edu- 
cation and appreciation of 

5. To meet new and in- 
teresting people. 

Source: Advertising Age 
October 17, 1985 

Bed Cross 

168 / Epilogue 

A Potpourri of Student Concerns 

What They're Reading, Wearing, Joining, Applauding, Protesting 

Currents complies the 
nation's current 
entertainment favorites 


1 , Commando — Pox 

2. Jagged Edge — 

3 Agnes of God — 

4. Invasion U.S. A 


5. Back to the Future — 

6 Pee-Wee's Adventure 

— Warner 

7. Teen Wolf — Atlantic 

8. Plenty — 20th 

9. Maxle — Universal 

10. Kiss of Spider Woman 

— Island 

Reprinted from Oct, 14 


1. Texas, James A, 
Michener, Random 

2. Elvis and Me, Priscilla 
Presley. Putnam 

3. Lake Wobegone 
Days, Garrison Keillor, 

4. Dancing In the Light, 
Shirley MacLaine, 

5. Fit for Life, Harvey and 
Marilyn Diamond, 

6. Yeager, Chuck Yeager, 

7. lacocca, Lee lacocca, 

8. Lucky, Jackie Collins, 
Simon & Schuster 

9. Contact, Carl Sagan, 
Simon & Schuster 

10 Skeleton Crew, 
Stephen King, Putnam 
Provided Oct. 14 by B. 


1. Fonda's Workout — 


2. Prince & Revolution — 


3. We are the World — 

4. Fonda's Prime Time — 

5 Wham! The Video — 

6. Seeking Susan — 


7 Wrestlemanla — 

8. Slngln' In the Rain — 


9. Plnocchlo — Disney 
10. Fonda's Challenge — 


Reprinted from Oct, 12 


Record albums Network tv 

Brothers in Arms, Dire 
Straits, Warner Bros. 

2 Dream of the Blue 
Turtles, Sting, A&M 

3 Songs from the Big 
Chair, Tears For Fears, 

4 Whitney Houston, 

5 Born In the U.S.A., 
Bruce Springsteen, 

6. Scarecrow, John 
Cougar Mellencamp, 

7. Reckless, Bryan 
Adams, A&M 

8. Heart, Capitol 

9 Greatest Hits Vol. 1 
and 2, Billy Joel, 
10 No Jacket Required, 
Phil Collins, Atlantic 
Reprinted from Oct. 12 

1 Cosby Show — NBC 

2 Family Ties — NBC 
3. Dallas — CBS 

4 Murder, She Write — 


5 Dynasty — ABC 

5 Cheers ftle) — NBC 

7 Movie: Hot Summer — 


8 Highway to Heaven — 

■•■ Kate & Allie (tie) — 

10 60 Minutes — CBS 

AC. Nielsen rankings 
Sept. 30 — Oct. 6 

Source: Chronicle of Higher 
Education September 4. 

This was the year 
of the "New 
Coke." The 

Coke-Cola was 
taken off the 
market but soon 
returned due to 
the large 
demand for 
"Classic Coke." 
Students now 
have another 
choice when it 
comes to their 

beverage. Pepsi 
took advantage 
of the Coke 
mistake and 
advertised their 
brand as the 
"Real Thing." 

Epilogue/ 169 

Students at High Point 
College carry out their 
extra-curriculars and 
academics well. 

170 / Epilogue 


Epilogue/ 171 

172 /Epilogue 

"The first to touch the 
rosy beams of morning 
... the last to bid the 
sun goodnight." 

— John Muir 

Epilogue/ 173 

174 /Epilogue 

Epilogue/ 175 

^eSw fhou 9h We hnn 

176 / Epilogue