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Full text of "The Zenith Yearbook, 1987 High Point College"

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CLomu* it 

&rUM UO 

. t arts college 

High Point College * High Point, North Caro/ina * Vo/ume 63 


A Special Celebration 






• > 

*! r**^ 



P./ x ^V£ry,:i 




X* d 












' ^ ^ 


| Jl 




■ 1 


— i 





'J >a 



April 19, 1986 

^# V^ 


'•v *■* 


LIT < 

A statement from our president 
Dr. Martinson 

One of the things I like most about 
High Point College is its community 
spirit with its own life and ethos. A 
community implies that people are 
working together with common 
purposes and principles. Here at High 
Point College we are colleagues in a 
cooperative enterprise, a "collegium." 
This college is special because of so 
many people who have given it a 
sense of direction, coherence, 

optimism and collegiality. God has 
blessed us. 

Please allow me to extend to you, the 
students, in the 1986/87 academic 
year appreciation for your support, 
and invite your continued commitment 
to character education in an academic 

Jacob Martinson 


j c civth president 

Martinson ^ 3 y^^^-rggp 

0°°*°" "?TX* the hiS ' 0,V „„ So««*V 
wh o had plw«| * „ g ,he «T°™-. „oush." 
collet. u« * .„„,,«, ,sn . e" and the 

« ™" kn ° 'n*ded the «» ^sacV °" d 
required . h cer emonu me •> , Wes | ey 

, he sixth Pw*"^ " „ the low °f Robe 

W'" Ce " !m0 „he audience to 

Hall . , un that sent <" e " bo0 ,ds 

h Na ^on"jM»^^sC*d'W 

2SU •> O-* 1 R „, As — ^ able *»■ D ' SS ***■ 0«* *£ 
im ""l2 or student* to H* ,., congratulate Me , hodis , Chu oh, ^ 

3 Lli' 

eXa,T1 f to another," 

president to on , na the alumni, sa.d 

V° u " , A Stanley. repre S ^ 9 j hand s/'Dn 

Ja, T nlleae ^as nou> '" &* facU |ty, sa.d 
that the college ng for the J uS 

J° hn E W n°ftden 'that Martin*"^ Mayor 
he was confer Hign 

J"* Me "J ?« boh community *« = city . 

Robert B Jorda such schoo Js 

ScoS«^'^' mme ' S 

Pt»<" , sB Stockton. r-- h - R 
«» Dr mn»ed Methods C^,^ Kd 

Met on ^ the 

Market Street Brass 

Volume 6U 



A » 

***** *** 

*rt& c&P ~& 

l^. j Sjj3Sj| iab^j. i ' ■ k 4^." £1 

1 <&• ^ x rA e AX 

l ■ j r*^iik>- : jjfl 

G o^ ,****** 



w\^° A ° 






% - 

10 > 







* < IT COLL 

r r 


* - 











'■.■i '• ' ' 


.'-'-■ : > ". 


-O'. t. --¥2- ~ 

#- ; . 



S:;3*%€fir;:\;:J :; M : u'V 




:: M 



■' -/- :.''■ t- ;■. 



Tom Abbott 

Bhdgewater. NJ 

John Adkins 

Rehoboth Beach. DE 

Uenee Adkins 

Lexington, NC 

Edward Bamberg 

Ft. Pierce. FL 

Beatrice Bamswell 

Washington. DC 

Danny Bibb 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Mike Bridger 

Bowie. MD 

Andy Brown 

Wilmington, DE 

Sandra Brownell 

Falls Church. VA 

a is n 

Bradley Butler 

Ft Smith, AR 

Margaret Cann 

Dover. DE 

Jimmy Carr 

High Point. NC 

Cindy Casperson 

Ridgewood, NJ 

Special People 

Darren Clark 

Carolina Beach. NC 

Gary Clark 

Manassas. VA 

a 19 d 

Lee Cockerill 

Mississauga. Ontario, Canada 

Bill Craig 

Asheboro, NC 

Todd Creange 

Basking Ridge, W 

Kevin Connolly 

Reistertown, MD 

Stephanie Dan- 
High Point, NC 

Janie Davis 

Lexington, NC 

□ 20D 

Special Days . . . 

Jeanne Davis 

Merritt Island. FL 

Lucinda Deane 

Potomac. MD 

Craig Foster 

High Point. NC 

Debra Frazier 

Winston Salem. NC 

Joey Fugua 

Henderson. NC 

Jeff Grissett 

High Point. NC 

Mary Gunnels 

Whitehouse Station. NJ 

Alison Guy 

Reedville. VA 

Allen Haggai 

Jamestown. NC 

D 21 D 

Sherri Hall 

Seagrove, NC 

Sally Hamilton 

Star. NC 

Bonnie Hannah 

South Plainfield. NJ 

Connie Harkins 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Rob Headrick 

Columbia, MD 

Carol Hedrick 

Lexington, NC 

Scott Heinecke 

San Anselmo, CA 

Angela Hendrix 

Trinity, NC 

Patrice Higgins 

Bohemia, NY 


□ 22 □ 

Shcrri Hill 

Thomasville, NC 

Tammy Hill 

Raleigh. NC 

DeAnn Hobson 

High Point, NC 

Tracey Holden 

Easton. MD 

Moving, Changing 

Kristen Howard 

Towson. MD 

Susie Hudspeth 

High Point, NC 

□ 23 □ 

Anna Johnson 

High Point. NC 

Susan Key 

High Point. NC 

Brenda Kern 

Star. NC 

Deborah Kerr 

Greensboro. NC 

Maria Kiger 

Welcome. NC 

Beth Kirby 

Winston-Salem, NC 

D 24 D 

On The Top At Last 

Danny Leonard 

Lexington, NC 

Burke Long 

Candor, NC 

Priscilla Lowe 

Mount Airy. NC 

Mary MacCormack 

High Point. NC 

Kathy McCullough 

St. Petersburg. FL 

Paul McDonough 

Rockuille. MD 

Steve McPherson 

High Point. NC 

Stacey Maloney 

Merritt Island. FL 

Andy Maness 

High Point. NC 

□ 25 □ 

David Marotta 

Kendall Park, NJ 

Mike Miller 

Fort Union. VA 

Barry Martin 

Rocky Mount, VA 

Suzanne Miller 

Arlington. VA 

Melissa Mize 

Winston-Salem. NC 

Cynthia Moore 

High Point. NC 





IpK *»"11 

■ mil j^.^1 

^HP T r >^H 

Rrt ^^ 

^^ ^^w 

ill Iff / 
W^**imJI// *; II 1 f 

B9B i-*ul 

■ ■ 

:: :■:::■ : : 



r» i 

. -^ 1 


m ■ 31 



mL , 

^Sk^^Ra J 

Jane Morris 

Sa/isbury, MD 

Bob Parkinson 

Holmdel. NJ 

Jeffrey Pate 

High Point. NC 

□ 26D 

Paula Penisi 

High Point, NC 

Lynda Peterson 

Dover. DE 

Gregory Purvis 

Bennett. NC 

Terrie Rae 

Collinsuilk. VA 

James Reese 

Tupelo. MS 

Michael Reid 

Wilmington. DE 

□ 27 □ 

Donna Reynolds 

Malvern, AR 

Sara Rivas 

Pouce, Puetro Rico 

Margaret Rodgers 

Derwood. MD 

Randy Rover 

Jackson, NJ 

Amy Rowton 

Leuittown, PA 

Donna Scherp 

Basking Ridge. NJ 


Craig Sheppard 

Mount Airy. JVC 

Kathy Small 

Linwood, JVC 

Dennis Smith 

Kings Mountain, NC 

Terri Smith 

Asheville. NC 

Wendy Smith 

High Point, NC 

Angela Snider 

Jamestown, NC 

Lora Songster 

Syracuse, JVY 

Michael Stakes 

Damascus, MD 

Amy Stanley-Stroup 

High Point, NC 

□ 29D 

Deneen Sutphin 

Thomasville. NC 

Julie Sykes 

Thomasville, NC 

Ron Telleysli 

Great Falls. VA 

Teresa Timmons 

Strafford, VA 

Jon Travis 

Hickory. NC 

Gerald Van Splinter 

Setauket. NY 

Angela Vestal 

High Point. NC 

Bunny Wagner 

Baltimore. MD 

Alan Watts 

North Huntingdon. PA 

n 30 n 

Sarah Wenley 

Arlington, VA 

Chuck Williard 

Kernersville. NC 

Ken Zeller 

Ben Mead. NJ 

Lou Anne Zimmerman 

High Point, NC 

Claudia Zumont 

Anman. Jordan 

□ 31 n 

Senior Directory 

Thomas Anthony Abbott 

827 Summitt Ridge 
Bridgewater, NJ 08807 

Terrance Paul Best, Jr. 

1 765 Greensward Quay 
Virginia Beach, VA 23454 

Cindy P. Casperson 

6 Ethelbert Place 
Ridgewood, NJ 07450 

Lucinda Fay Deane 

11702 Enid Drive 
Potomac, MD 20854 

John Spencer Adkins 

Box 100 

Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 

Daniel Kevin Bibb 

1810 Academy Street 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Cathey Cassady 

512 Cliff Rd. 
Asheboro, NC 27203 

Martha Susan Delaney 

11904 Smoketree Rd. 
Potomac, MD 20854 

Renee Young Adkins 

Rt 12 Box 784 
Lexington, NC 27292 

Stacy Scott Boland 

9650 West Lake Ruby 
Winter Haven, FL 33880 

Darren Ray Clark 

Box 756 

Carolina Beach, NC 28428 

Cheryl Dougherty 

P Box 544 
Trinity, NC 27370 

Terrial Lamont Aiken 

461 A Mill St. 
Allendale, SC 29810 

JanieJo E. Borgman 

1515 Johnson Street 
High Point, NC 27262 

Gary Stephen Clark 

9201 Peabody Street 
Manassas, VA 22110 

Maria Antoinette Echard 

413 Wilson St. NW 
Lenoir, NC 28645 

Jamal S. Alhaddad 

PO Box 8361 

Michael Jon Bridger 

2602 Kennison Lane 
Bowie, MD 20715 

Lee Ann Cockerill 

Place IV Apt. 3103 
Mississauga Ontario, CD 

John Garland Fitz 

511 Goshen Street 
Oxford, NC 27565 

Timothy Sean Austin 

2396 Fairway Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Teresa Lynn Bridges 

1390 West Monroe S 
Wytheville, VA 24382 

Kevin Walter Connolly 

405 Sacred Heart Ln. 
Reistertown, MD 21136 

Craig Lamar Foster 

Route 2 Box 754 
High Point, NC 27260 

John M. Bailey 

620 Westwood Avenue 
High Point, NC 27262 

Andrew Isaac Brown 

2809 Bexley Court 
Wilmington, DE 19308 

Susan Gaile Cox 

Route 10 Box 286 
Asheboro, NC 27203 

Debra Ann Frazier 

2214 Westfield Place 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Edward Charles Bamberg 

2207 -B South 34th 
Ft Pierce, FL 33450 

Bradley Watkins Butler 

7813 Valley Forge 
Fort Smith, AR 72903 

William Carroll Craig 

103 South Main St. 
Asheboro, NC 27203 

Henry Jackson Freeman 

1514 Valley Ridge 
High Point, NC 27260 

David Wayne Barnes 

1007 Springwood 
Archdale, NC 27263 

John Thomas Butler 

4642 White Rock Rd 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 

Todd Richardson Creange 

40 Appletree Lane 
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 

Joey Fuqua 

121 Granite Street 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Beatrice C. Barnswell 

1242 Irving Street 
Washington, DC 20017 

Lynn Calloway 

4025 Katherine Court 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Rebecca Mears Daisey 

1621 Princeton Road 
Richmond, VA 23227 

Marianne Rene Gasque 

216 Woodhaven Drive 
Lexington, NC 27292 

James D. Beall 

210 Second Ave SW 
Glen Burnie, MD 21061 

Margaret Dimity Cann 

139 Cooper Road 
Dover, DE 19901 

Janie Susanne Davis 

Route 6 Box 342 
Lexington, NC 27292 

Evan S. Geller 

2 Nancy Road 
Brewster, NY 10509 

Frederick Ottle Berger 

Rd 1 Box 282 
Branchville, NJ 07826 

James Andrew Carr 

505 Dorado Drive 
High Point, NC 27260 

Jeanne Ellen Davis 

835 Manderine Street 
Merritt Island, FL 32953 

Christopher Gibson 

1413-B Chestnut Dr. 
High Point, NC 27260 

□ 33 □ 

Senior Directory 

Marie Rose Giofre 

5305 Linden Hill Rd. 
Wilmington, DE 19808 

Jane Frances Heim 

413 Cornestoga Road 
St Davids, PA 19087 

Deann Hobson 

3 1 01 Corina Circle 
High Point, NC 27263 

Deborah Sue Kerr 

2700 Fairfax Road 
Greensboro, NC 27407 

Angela Laverne Green 

1918 Rayston Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27405 

Scott Owen Heinecke 

97 Spring Grove Rd. 
San Anselmo, CA 94960 

David Lee Hooker 

Route 2 Box 1 73 
King, NC 27021 

William Vance Kester III 

808 Hillcrest Drive 
High Point, NC 27262 

Jeffrey Lane Grissett 

122 E State Avenue 
High Point, NC 27262 

Angela Marie Hendrix 

PO Box 165 
Trinity, NC 27370 

Kristin Pier Howard 

1604 Templeton Road 
Towson, MD 21204 

Julie Lynn Key 

7105 W merest Drive 
High Point, NC 27263 

Alison Dale Guy 

PO Box 164 
Reedville, VA 22539 

Steven Patrick Henry 

150 Cardamon Drive 
Edgewater, MD 21037 

Pat T. Howell 

1207 N Rotary Drive 
High Point, NC 27262 

Maria Michele Kiger 

PO Box 173 

Welcome, NC 27374 

James Allen Haggai 

2116 Guilford Col. 
Jamestown, NC 27282 

Patrice Higgins 

165 Nathan Drive 
Bohemia, NY 11716 

Pattie Susan Hudspeth 

3814 Briarwood Drive 
High Point, NC 27260 

Robin Stephanie Killian 

Rt #10 Box 33 
Lexington, NC 27292 

Sherri McNeill Hall 

Route 2 Box 1050 
Seagrove, NC 27341 

Geoffrey David Hill 

1544 Mountain Top Rd. 
Bridgewater, NJ 08807 

Bryan Ralph Humphreys 

109 Kathland Avenue 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Mary Beth Kirby 

460 Archer Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Sally E. Hamilton 

PO Box 624 
Star, NC 27356 

Sherri Lynn Hill 

202 Walnut Street 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Walter J. Hunter, Jr. 

200 Linden Lane 

Rio Grande, NJ 08242 

Nancy L. Knipp 

14 Purnell Avenue 
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 

Bonnie Ann Hannah 

1382 Schlinder Drive 
S Plainfield, NJ 07080 

Tamara Anne Hill 

4811 Edgerton Court 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Jeffrey Dean James 

215 Avondale Street 
High Point, NC 27260 

Joy Lee Lawson 

Route 1 Box 21 7 

Pilot Mountain, NC 27041 

Constance Mary Harkins 

5109 River Chase Rd 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Lee H. Hines 

370 B Cherry Street 
Kernersville, NC 27284 

Anna Marian Johnson 

513 Florham Drive 
High Point, NC 27260 

Heidi Ann Lehmkuhl 

10 Spring Hill 

Hilton Island, SC 29928 

Robert G. Headrick 

10928 Battersea Lane 
Columbia, MD 21044 

Jamie Hinson 

651 7 Chaparral Dr. 
Lewisville, NC 27023 

Susan Kimberly Jones 

795 Laverton Lane 
Rural Hall, NC 27045 

Danny Bryce Leonard 

Route 15 Box 398 
Lexington, NC 27292 

Carol Yvonne Hedrick 

Route 11 Box 164 
Lexington, NC 27292 

James Edgar Hires, Jr. 

2622 Evergreen Ave 
Baltimore, MD 21214 

Brenda Kay Kern 

Route 1 Box 103- A 
Star, NC 27356 

Deborah Lynn Lett 

1102 Greenway Drive 
High Point, NC 27262 


Senior Director]; 

Kay Senter Link 

PO Box 149 
Welcome, NC 27374 

Rochelle Mcauley 

229 West Clairmont 
Troy, NC 27371 

Melissa Dawn Mize 

Route 10 Box 328 B 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Michael Duane Patterson 

3829 Langdale Drive 
High Point, NC 27260 

Larry Burkhead Long 

PO Box 250 
Candor, NC 27229 

Kathleen A. McCullough 

1280-61 Ave. North 

St Petersburg, FL 33703 

Cynthia Lynn Moore 

2007 W Lexington 
High Point, NC 27260 

Lynda Peterson 

113 Stuart Drive 
Dover, DE 19901 

Priscilla Lynn Lowe 

651 Old Highway 52 
Mt Airy, NC 27030 

Paul Gerard McDonough 

701 7 Wolftree Lane 
Rockville, MD 20852 

Kimberly Beth Moose 

227 Prestwick Drive 
High Point, NC 27260 

Teresa Lynn Phillips 

3312 Emory Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Mary France Maccormack 

3015 J Ingleside D 
High Point, NC 27260 

Stephen Lee McPherson 

3610 Fairlane Drive 
High Point, NC 27260 

George A. Moronese 

24 Abbot Road 
Smithtown, NY 11787 

Nicole Maria Pompei 

5904 Grosvenor Lane 
Bethesda, MD 20814 

Debbie Mackie 

184 Driftwood Lane 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Frank Foy Meadows, 

1 1 Grove Street 
Weaverville, NC 28787 

Jane Ellen Morris 

307 Middle Blvd 
Salisbury, MD 21801 

Sandra Jan Potterfield 

1022 Jamieson Road 
Lutherville, MD 21093 

Stacey Coleen Maloney 

1850 Monticello Ave. 
Merritt Island, FL 32952 

Steven Mickel 

Rt. 2 Pinecrest Tr. Dr. 
Ramseur, NC 27316 

Robert Jordan Morris 

2628 E Greenbriar 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Gregory Ross Pribble 

Route 1 Box 223 
Altavista, VA 2451 7 

Andy John Maness 

1103D Robinhood Rd. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Bradley Allen Miller 

1512 Pinnacle Road 
Towson, MD 21204 

Michael Carr Morton 

2313 E Terrace Stone 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Gregory W. Purvis 

Route 2 Box 34 
Bennett, NC 27208 

Catherine D. Manuel 

204 Ragsdale Road 
Jamestown, NC 27282 

Linda Sue Miller 

3559 N Glebe Road 
Arlington, VA 22207 

Chris Moschella 

44 Stockton Road 
Summitt, NJ 07901 

Terrie Linn Rea 

PO Box 24 
Collinsville, VA 24078 

John Kevin Markham 

Route 2 Box 188 
Gladys, VA 24554 

Michael Kindt Miller 

PO Box 85 

Fork Union, VA 23055 

Kevin Arthur Newman 

167 Nancy Lane 
Wyckoff, NJ 07481 

James B. Reese 

1017 Monroe 
Tupelo, MS 38801 

Francis Henry Martell 

205 Kennedy Road 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Jeroen Min 

4 Merryweather Drive 
Cambridge, MD 21613 

Kevin P. Noon 

8 Radial Lane 
Levittown, NY 11756 

Michael John Reid 

2414 East Parris Dr. 
Wilmington, DE 19808 

Barry Douglas Martin 

PO Box 324 

Rocky Mount, VA 24151 

Linda Kelly Mise 

4766 Winslow Lane 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Jeffrey Harlan Pate 

5719 Clermont Drive 
Alexandria, VA 22310 

Donna Lea Reynolds 

40 Pine Drive 
Malvern, AR 72104 

□ 35 □ 

Senior Directory 

Sarah Maria Rivas 

Jacaranda C-l 
Ponce, PR 00731 

Chris Shuping 

2785 Edwin Drive 
Kemersville, NC 27284 

Ronald Wayne Stroup, Jr. 

Rt. 8 Box 1336 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Donald Wilborne, Jr. 

Rt #8 Box 56 

High Point, NC 27260 

John Jay Robbins 

4300 Rosebriar Lane 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Elaine Ruth Simonson 

728 Town Line Road 
Hauppauge, NY 11788 

Deneen Kay Sutphin 

Route 6 Box 431 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Charles O. Williard 

1595 Union Cross Rd 
Kemersville, NC 27284 

Margaret Joan Rodgers 

5813 Rolling Drive 
Derwood, MD 20855 

Kathy Jean Small 

Route 1 Box 499-1 
Linwood, NC 27299 

Julie Elizabeth Sykes 

PO Box 984 
Thomasville, NC 27361 

Christopher Yarbrough 

PO Box 391 

Jamestown, NC 27282 

Randy John Rover 

18 Adelphi Drive 
Jackson, NJ 08527 

Fredrick L. Smiley 

7149 School St. Sw 
Fort Myers, FL 33908 

Teresa Marie Timmons 

1965 Brooke Rd. 
Stafford, VA 22554 

Arhtur Kyle Yates 

Rt. #12, Box 256 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Amy Rowton 

36 Violet Road 
Levittown, PA 19057 

Teresa Dawn Smith 

16 Oakbrook Road 
Fletcher, NC 28732 

Donn Jeffrey Ungemah 

995 Pines Terrace 
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417 

Andrew William Young 

737 Tiffany Drive 
Gaithersburg, MD 20878 

Sam L. Sanders, Jr. 

611 Hertford 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Wendy Rene Smith 

1019 Bridges Drive 
High Point, NC 27262 

Gerald Vansplinter 

234 East 5th Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11218 

Charlene Fiquets Zeiss 

14-B Chestnut Court 
Bridle, NJ 08730 

Donna Lynn Scherp 

29 Fairview Dr. South 
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 

Angela Marie Snider 

605 Thornwood Drive 
Jamestown, NC 27282 

Angela Tucker Vestal 

1011 A Kings Way 
New Bern, NC 28560 

Kenneth Von Zeller 

Box 334 Route 206 
Belle Meade, NJ 08502 

Salvatore Schiavone 

28 Huneville Avenue 
Medford, MA 02155 

Lora May Songster 

406 Cleveland Blvd. 
Fayetteville, NY 13066 

Edith Cushing Wagner 

2 W Oakdale Road 
Baltimore, MD 21210 

David Scott Ziviello 

5 West Gate Lane 
Setauket, NY 11733 

David H. Seawell 

424 F. Greenbriar 
Greensboro, NC 27405 

Michael Allen Stakes 

25305 Oak Drive 
Damascus, MD 20872 

Alan Dean Watts 

890 Whitehead Lane 

N Huntingdon, PA 15642 

Claude Khalil Zumot 

PO Box 695 

Craig Deron Sheppard 

Route 2 Box 366 
Mt Airy, NC 27030 

Jean S. Stockton 

1001 Country Club 
High Point, NC 27262 

Randolph Eugene Wehrman 

703 Labonne Parkway 
Manchester, MO 63011 

Martin Augustim Zuniga 

33282 Ocean Hill Dr. 
Dana Point, CA 92629 

Medford Brent Shoaf 

Route 2 Box 125 
Advance, NC 27006 

Amy Lynne Stroud 

911 East Dayton Ave. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Sarah Elise Wenley 

3819 N Dittmar Road 
Arlington, VA 22207 



These seniors either missed 
the color deadline or had their 
pictures retaken. We are sorry 
they could not be in color. 




Terry Aiken 
Ronald Baird 
Angie Browder 
Betty Price-Bums 
Pete Cockburn 





Maria Echard 
Marianne Gasque 
James Hires 
Joy Lawson 
Brian Leak 

Brad Miller 
Red Morrison 
Kevin Noon 
Teresa Gail Price 
Sal Schiavone 

□ 37 □ 

Souha Abboud 
Lisa Albrecht 
Paige Alvarez 
Jay Amernick 


Sandy Baker 
Tom Bales 
Robin Banks 
Stephen Bankston 
Robert Barley 

Jackie Barlowe 
Tjark Bateman 
Denise Bickley 
Denise Brown 
Stuart Boyles 

D38 □ 

Eugene Chaney 
Marylin Collins 
Yolanda Cooper 
Anthony Corbino 
Harold Darrien 

□ 39 □ 


■■■■^B , 

Debbie Davenport 
Dana Davis 

Ron Davis 
Chip Dayton 

Julie Dean 
Jennifer Deleonardis 

Virginia Dillion 
Greg Drabik 
Michelle Durfee 

Scott Dvorsky 
Beth Edwards 
Gidget Edwards 

□ 40D 

David Eisenhower 

Gretchen Foard 

Kim Foard 
Terry Fox 
Juva Frash 
Dexter Gilmore 
Cynthia Gladding 

Lynn Goens 
Ginger Grubb 
Jennifer Hambrick 
Pam Harrison 
Gregg Helmstetler 

D 41 D 

Greg Hooker 
Bill Hopkins 
Amanda Huff 
Susan Huff 
Angie Hughes 

Kristie Huneycutf 
Brian Jacobs 
Suzanne Jaenichen 
Sabina Jasinski 
Dana Johnson 

D 42 D 

Thomas Joseph 
Knsta Kehn 
Jennifer Kianka 
Kimberly Kress 
Renee Kimel 

Michael Lancaster 
Leslie Landrum 
Apnl Lang 
Jeff Lawrence 
Eric Lowry 

□ 43 D 

Annette Lawson 
Shannon LeCount 

Jim Long 
April Lowry 

Angie Luther 
Man Mancini 

Cindy Marzano 
Michael Matthews 
Bill McClure 

Kristen McDowell 
Tracy Mclver 
Kevin MeLchior 

□ 44 □ 

Kristin Merrifield 

Jenny Michaels 

Lisa Michalec 
Enc Molgaard 
Todd Moran 
Suzanne Morlang 
Anne Mosca 

i/ ( JeffNealey 

iff Laura O'Conner 
Beth O'Donnell 
Michelle Okerlin 
Staci Oliver 


Tammy Pound 
Andres Quesada 
Frand Rangoussis 
Julie Readling 
David Reed 

□ 46 □ 


m^ -^ \ 

f F 


Sharon Ringgold 
Mary Rogan 
Amell Rone 
Barbara Ross 
Suzanne Ross 

Patricia Salinas 
Sharyn Sazama 
Sheryl Scott 
Rhonda Searcy 
Stephanie Serafino 

D47 n 

Theresa Shea 
Kelly Shivers 

Teresa Sledge 
Rebecca Sloan 

Carlton Stallings 
Jill Sutton 

Tommy Thomas 
Buddy Thorburn 
Joanie Thul 

Jimena Vargas 
Kristin Wachs 
Jeanne Wanner 

□ 48D 

Thomas Watson 

Richard Warrington 

John Warzecha 

Jennifer Wieler 

Luke Williams 
Michael Williams 
Knsti Wilmoth 
Amie Wilson 
Kim Wilson 

Lesa Wyrick 
Insun Yuh 
Deborah Zeringue 
Alda Zumot 
Carla Zumot 

□ 49 □ 

Treka Brown 
Mary Bryon 
Jill Burton 
Laura Can- 
Kevin Clark 


. -.'.■■ 


- v 

Carol Collins 
Philip Cox 
Lyn Dull 
Troy Rowers 
Paige Freeman 

Wendy Glass 
Jeffrey Gore 
Tandy Grubbs 
Marc Haraway 
Cherie Hedgecock 

□ 51 □ 

Justin Helms 
Catherine Highbaugh 

Laurel Hill 
Stephanie Hines 

Shaun Hires 
Vance Holdsclaw 

Kate Holt 
Stephanie Hooker 
Bryan Isler 

Ron Jarvis 
Kelly Jenkins 
Melissa Jones 




. w ■■ mi 


\ \ 




i . 

Rich Kappus 

Sharon Kelley 

Karen Liese 
Linda Lovely 
Thomas Mabe 
Wendy Mendenhall 
Michelle Morlang 

Joel Morris 
Yvonne Mussenden 
Melissa Norton 
Judie Perry 
Krisrj Pierce 

□ 53 □ 

Freshmen Retakes 

James Fitzgerald 
Jennifer Grubb 
Jeff Grizzel 

Michelle Saunders 
Carlton Stallings 
John Warzechar 
Jill Whitley 
Linda Zayas 

D 54 D 

Sophomore Retakes 


Kristine Peterson 
Donna Robinson 
James Sharkey 
Janna Voss 
Lori Yun 

D55 □ 


Jeff Allen 
Anthony Bell 

Charles Birkner 
Amy Boswell 

Doug Brandon 
Scott Bryson 

Ten Burchette 
Linda Carroll 
John Catan 
Kim Coggins 
Julie Corderman 

Shannon Craft 
Marie Cross 
Kris Curry 
Julie Daniel 
Jeanne Dawson 


Diane Derouen 
Ernest Donaldson 
Carl Essa 
Randy Faust 
Jack Fetner 

Susan Finch 
Tracy Glazer 
Monica Gregor 
Keith Hambrick 
Jonathon Hess 

Danny Hogue 
Sherry Holland 
Anne Hopkins 
Brenda Hovis 
Mary Ann Hundley 

David Huskins 
Kim Idol 
Janice Julian 
Melanie Kelly 
William Kimmel 

Russell Lawter 
Blanca Lee 
Suzanne LeClear 
Kim Lewers 
Gina Lowe 


Todd Nichols 
Michael O'Connor 
Cathy Overman 
David Payne 
Gwenda Peddycord 

□ 58 □ 

Semma Qubein 
Mary Anne Rankin 
Paula Reising 
Gary Russell 
Nick Russo 

Sandra Shore 
Robin Sink 
Chris Smith 
Anita Staton 
Cynthia Stewart 

Beth Summerville 
Anthony Transou 
Ursula Urbielewics 
Melanie Weston 
Josephine Williamson 

Shelly Wills 
Bobby Witherspoon 
Lori Wood 


Class Officers 1986-1987 

Junior Class 

President: Brianne Brannigan 
Legislatures: Rachelle Peters 
Michelle Rawie 
Holly Felber 
Rich Miller 
Nick Russo 

Freshman Class 

President: Jill Whitley 

Vice-President: Carlton Stalings 

Legislatures: Mari Mancini 
Ellen Lachin 
Jennifer Michaels 
Tim Jannar 

Sophomore Class 
President: Breena Oliver 
Legislatures: Elaine Estelle 
Janie Peterson 
Vance Holdsclaw 
Tim Brown 
Valerie Whibey 

D 60 n 

Faculty & Staff 

□ 61 □ 

Dr. James M Adams 
Associate Professor (BA) 
Director, CAEP 

Tim Albert 
Admissions Counselor 

Dr William Troy Anders 
Jefferson-Pilot Professor and Chair (BA) 

Dr Hooshang Baghen 
Associate Professor (ED) 

Dr. LeeC.R. Baker 
Assistant Professor (ENG) 

Dr. W.H Bearce 
Dean of The College 
Professor (CHM/PHY) 

Donna Beck 
Admissions Counselor 

Mr William Beil 
Library Media Tech 

Dr. Richard R Bennington 

Professor (BA) 

Coordinator of HFM Program 

Mrs. Joan R. Betsill 

Office Manager Admissions Office 

Mrs. Martha Blake 
Secretary to Student Life 

Mrs. Karen H Bowles 
Acquisitions Assistant 

Mrs Anita Bowman 

Assistant Professor Department of Education 

Associate Professor & Chair (CHM/PHY) 

Mrs. Margie Boyles 
Resident Counselor 

Ms. E. Carol Branard 
Coordinator of Admissions, CAEP 

Mrs Eileen Brown 
Technical Services Libranan 



Dr. Lee Baker 

Mrs. Matha Blake 

Mrs Margie Boyles 

Ms. Carol Branard 

Dr. Mark Chilcoat 

□ 62 D 

Mr Bill Cope 

Rev. Ben Curry 

Ms Gail Curtis 

Mr. Shawn Dougherty 

Mrs. Johnnye Brown 
Director, Student Accounts 

Ms Drema Bryant 
Computer Services 

Mrs. Donna Burton 
Director ot Alumni Affairs 

Mrs. Jane Burton 

Associate Professor & Acting Chair 

(FA/ ART) 

Mrs. Mary Anne Busch 
Assistant Professor (BS/SW) 

Mrs. Barbara Cagle 
Secretary to Dean of College 

Mr. Ed Cannady 
Director of Public Safety 

Ms. Kimberly Cardwell 

Coordinator of W-S Operations, CAEP 

Mr. Ira Carter 
Horticuluralist (PT) 

Mrs. Ethylene Chamock 
Secretary to Business Manager 

Dr. Mark Chilcoat 
Assistant Professor (ENG) 

Dr David Cole 
Professor (HS17PS) 

Mr William F. Cope 
Associate Professor (AS/SOC) 

Dr. Earl P. Crow 
Professor (REL/PHL) 

Rev Ben W. Curry 

Chaplain of Hayworth Memonal Chapel 

Ms. Gail Curtis 

Coordinator of Student Services 

Mr. Paul H Dane 

Associate Professor & Chair (CS) 

Dr. Roy Epperson 


Mr Gart Evans 

Mr Mike Everett 


Dr Faiz Faii 

Mr Gary Foster 

"In all of my wildest dreams 1 never 
thought that 1 would have the opportunity 
of traveling to the Holy Land, much less 
studying and touring for three weeks." 
Those are the words that begin Rev. Ben 
Curry's article, A Dream Come True, after 
his experience in the Holy Land provided 
through a seminar for campus ministers. 

During this seminar, Ben was able to 
explore the land and the religious traditions 
of Jewish, Christian and Islamic people. He 
learned about Jewish people and their state 
and he set out to try and understand the 
conflict of Israel and the Middle East. He 
said that Jerusalem is the best place to see 
the religious influences. 

A visit with a Palestinian who taught in 
public schools was a special experience. 
During this visit, he and Ben talked about 
the lack of rights that he, as a Muslim, has. 
He also spoke about how the Palestinian 
people receive less funds than the Jewish 

Ben recalled seeing the barbed wire 
fences and the many soldiers, which were 
indications of the conflict between Israel and 
the Middle East. He also noticed that the 
Christians kept a low profile and this was 
shocking to him. 

Ben feels that with these new experiences 
he is more sensitive to the needs of the 
Palestinians and the Jews who are struggling 
to live together. In addition, he felt that his 
group built a special bond and have many 
fond memories. 

Mrs. Janice W. Daniels 
Housekeeping Supervisor 
Maintenance Department 

Mr Robert D Davidson 
Associate Professor (HPE&R) 

Dr. Vance Davis 

Associate Professor & Chair (REL/PHL) 

Mrs. Marcia Dills 

Adjunct Instructor (FA/MUS) (FT) 

Mr Shawn E. Dougherty 
Residence Hall Director 
Millis and McCulloch Halls 

Ms. Lori Dusenberry 
Secretary, CAEP 

Dr E. Roy Epperson 

Dean for Administrative Affairs 

Mr. W. Gart Evans 
Dean of Students 

Mr Mike Everett 
Assistant Basketball Coach 

Dr. Faiz Faizi 
Assistant Professor 


Dr. Austin P. Fortney 

Director of Student Health Services 

Mr. Gary B. Foster 
Visiting Lecturer (ENG) 

Dr. J. Rodney Fulcher 
Professor (REL/PHL) 

Dr. Charlie Q. Futrell 
Professor & Chair (HPE&R) 

Mr. Thomas M. Gaughan 
Assistant Professor 
Director of Library Services 

Mrs. Frances J Gaynor 
Accounting Assistant (FT) 

Dr. Philip George 

Associate Professor & Chair (ED) 

Dr. J Rodney Fulche 

□ 64D 


Mr. Woody Gibson 
Assistant Professor (HPE&R) 

Dr. Allen Goedeke 
Associate Professor (BS/HR) 
Director of Human Relations 

Mrs. Mary Goodson 
Secretary of Business Office 

Mrs. Deryle Ann Gray 
Director of Media Relations 

Mrs. Judy M. Green 
Secretary (PT) 

Dr. Vagn Hansen 

Jefferson-Pilot Professor & Chair (HST.'PS) 

Mr. Charles Hartsoe 
Business Manager 

Mr. W. Patrick Haun 

Executive Director. Amencan Humanics 

Mrs. Jeanie Hazzard 
Secretary, College Affairs 

Dr. Carole A. Head 

Associate Professor & Chair (MFL) 

Ms. Cathie Heck 
Adjunct Instructor (ENG) 

Mr. Aubrey L. Highfill 
Associate Professor (BA) 

Mrs. Gerry Hill 
Bookstore (PT) 

Mrs. Mary Jane Hill 
Circulation Assistant Library 

Ms. Judy Kay Hitchcock 
Public Services Librarian 

Ms. Fredda Hobbs 

Secretary to the Panther Club 

Dr. Marion C Hodge, Jr. 

Associate Professor & Acting Chair (ENG) 

Mr. Kenneth Morse joined the High Point 
College staff this year in the business 
department as Coordinator of International 
Programs. He joined the staff to take 
advantage of the chance to build this new 

Mr Morse is Idaho-born but claims 
Colorado as his home state. But he wanted 
a small-town environment for himself and 
his family and after searching, he finally 
decided on High Point. 

Mr. Morse's educational background 
includes a bachelors degree in economics 
and business and a masters degree in 
international economics from the University 
of Nebraska. He also received a masters 
degree in international administration from 
the University of Oklahoma and a Ph.D in 
international studies from the University of 

Mr. Morse has noticed that here at High 
Point College there are basically two types 
of students, "those that are here to get by 
and those that are here to learn." He says 
that he enjoys teaching both types but 
undoubtedly the ones that are here to learn 
are the most enjoyable students! 

Good luck here at HPC, Mr. Morse and 
all the other new faculty members! 

Dr. Philip George 

Mr Woody Gibson 

Dr. Vagn Hansen 


Mrs. Gerry Hill 

Dr. Marion Hodge 

□ 65 □ 

Ms. Nancy W. Kearney 

Manager of Student Accounts, CAEP 

Ms. Louise Lamb 

Secretary of Student Accounts, CAEP 

Miss Terri LaPradd 

Word Processor, Admissions 

Mr. Ronald M. Law 
Instructor (FATHE) 

Mr. John Lefler 

VP for Institutional Advancement 

Mrs Ginger Lewis 

Assistant Director of Financial Aid 

Mr. Vernon E. Liberty 
Associate Professor (MTH) 

Mrs. Joyce Loland 
Assistant Professor (MFL) 

Mr. David H. Holt 


Assistant Professor (HST/PS) 

Dr. David Hood 

Assistant Professor (HST/PS) 

Mrs. Carol C Hutchins 
Secretary to the Chaplain (PT) 

Mr. Manyon Idol 
Associate Professor (MTH) 

Mrs. Kathleen Ingram 
Nurse, R.N. Infirmary 

Mrs. Joyce Isenhour 
Head Nurse, R.N. Infirmary 

Mr. John J. Ivers 
Instructor (MFL) 

Mrs. Sherron James 
Accounting Assistant 

Mr. Stephen Jenks 
Assistant Director, CAEP 

Dr. David Hood 

Mrs. Ginger Lewis 

Dr. Michael Marshall 

Mrs Pam Mastin 

- t 

tt£~ - 

Mrs Iris Mauney 

□ 66 □ 

Mr Robert Miller 

Dr. John Moehlmann 

Mr Kenneth Morse 

Miss Pamela Newell 

Dr. Paul J. Lundrigan 
Assistant Professor (FA/THE) 

Dr Mark L. Lyndrup 

Assistant Professor of Computer Systems 

Ms. Hedy Manness 

Quality Control Supervisor, Maintenance 

Dr Michael Marshall 
Assistant Professor (PSY) 

Dr. Jacob C Martinson, Jr 

Mrs Pamela Mastin 
Secretary, Student Life (FT) 

Mrs Iris Mauney 
Assistant Professor (BA) 

Ms. Carol C. McClain 
Secretary, Alumni Affairs 

Mrs. Ann Miller 

Secretary. Registrar's Office 

Mr Robert A. Miller 

Director of Residence Life & Student 


Dr. John Moehlmann 
Associate Professor (ENG) 

Mr Kenneth O Morse 
Assistant Professor (BA) 

Mrs. Marilyn B. Myers 
Print Shop Operator 

Ms. Pamela A. Newell 
Admissions Counselor 

Mrs Kathleen Olson 
Assistant Professor (MFL) 

Mrs. Phyllis Osborne 

Dr. Nelson F. Page 
Chair (MTH) 

Mrs. Phyllis Osborne 



Mr. Raiford Porter 

Miss Tammy Pugh 

Ms. Dean Royall 

■'■'% 'vSa 


Dr. Edward J. Piacentino 
Professor (ENG) 

Dr. Louis B. Pope 
Professor (BS/PSY) 

Mr Raiford Porter 
Associate Professor (FA/ART) 

Ms. Tammy Pugh 
Residence Hall Director 

Dr. Ron Ramke 

Associate Professor & Chair (BS/SOC) 

Mr Paul Edward Ray 

Men's Varsity Tennis Coach (PT) 

Ms. Marie Rice 
Infirmary Assistant (PT) 

Dr. Lyman H. Rickard 
Assistant Professor (CHM/PHY) 

Mrs. Joyce Riffe 

Adjunct Instructor (REL/CE) (PT) 

Mr. Joseph W Robinson 
Assistant Professor (BA) 

Mr. John L. Roser 

Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds 

Ms. Lyna Dean Royall 
Secretary to the President 

Mrs Mona Saunders 

Secretary, Education Department 

Mrs. Alexa Jackson Schlimmer 
Instructor (FA/MUS) 

Mr. Jim L. Schlimmer 
Director of Admissions 

Ms. Georgeanne Sellers 
Adjunct Instructor (ENG) 

Mrs. Jean Shapiro 

Secretary to the Dean for Administrative 


Mr Jim Shlimmer 



Mrs. Nancy Shelton 
Mrs Alice Sink 
Mrs. Deryle Gray 


Mrs. Nancy W. Shelton 
Associate Professor (ED) 

Mrs. Alice Sink 
Assistant Professor (ENG) 

Dr. Everand H. Smith 
Assistant Professor (HST/PS) 

Ms. Christine Snider 

Mr. James C. Speight, Jr. 
Assistant Professor (HPE&R) 

Mr. Jim H. Spessard 

Dr. Richard Spong 
Assistant Professor (BS/PSY) 

Mrs. Catherine Steele 
Associate Professor (HPE&R) 

Mr. Jerry M. Steele 
Associate Professor (HPE&R) 

Dr. James W. Stitt 
Professor (HST/PS) 

Mrs. Kay N. Stroud 
Director of Financial Aid 

Ms. Debbie Trogden 
Instructor (HPE&R) 

Mrs. Jean Tucker 
Mail Room Clerk 

Mr. Michael Turtle 

Food Services Director. ARA 

Mrs. Joyce Wainer 

Director of Career Development 

Dr. John E. Ward, Jr. 
Professor (BIO) 

Mrs. Bemice Webb 
Bookstore Manager 

Dr. Leo Weeks 
Professor & Chair (BIO) 

Dr. Edward J. Wieder 
Assistant Professor (BA) 

Dr. Fred Yeats 
Professor (BIO) 

Mrs. Gerry York 
Switchboard Operator 

Mrs. Kay Stroud 

Miss Debbie Trogden 

Mrs. Joyce Wainer 

Dr. John Ward 

Mrs. Bemice Webb 
Dr. Leo Weeks 
Dr. Fred Yeats 

□ 69D 




Activities & 
Organizations J| 


Psychic Craig Karges performed in 
the memorial auditorium during 
Last Class Bash 1986. His 
unbelievable blend of illusion and 
psychic happenings astonished the 
audience. He revealed the audience 
thoughts and read the serial 
numbers on a dollar bill, not to 
mention levitating a table. 

D 72 D 


Settimi combined skating, singing, 
guitar, flute, ventriloquism, mime, and 
comedy to create one of the most 
exciting one-man shows High Point 
College has ever seen during Last 
Class Bash. 

D 73 D 

Tim Cavanaugh 

Tim Cavanaugh was an 

audience favorite. A good 

natured, inventive comedian, 

he kept the High Point 

College Students laughing. 




A returning favorite, Carl Rosen 
entertained the incoming freshmen 
and returning students with piano 
comedy during orientation, 1986. 



Naster a one-man show featured 
his animated sense of humor and 
innovative musical abilities. Naster 
entertained the High Point College 
students October 4, 1 986. 

□ 76 n 

1 .-*>»«#*^#***> 



An author, attorney, and speaker, 
Teplitz appeared on the High Point 
campus to show students how to 
manage exam time stress managing 
first year stress, how to relax and how 
to use effective leadership skills. 




"The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra 
enjoyed a wonderful evening!" said 
Susan Mangnuson, their assistant 
manager. Their performance in the 
High Point College auditorium 
consisted of pieces by Rossini, Mozart, 
and Beethoven. 



Bringing a mix of 
country, jazz, and 
bluegrass the Shady 
Grove Band 
entertained the 
students and faculty 
at a picnic on the 
lawn of the Herman 
and Louise Smith 

D 79 D 

Homecoming 1986 


Homecoming Queen 1986: Miss Brenda Hovis 

The 1986 Homecoming Court: Brianne Brannigan escorted by David Young, Jeanne Davis escorted by Ted Coryell. Tammy Hill escorted by John Basick, Jane 
Heim escorted by Barry Poronto, Brenda Hovis escorted by Rodney Anderson, Jenny Michaels escorted by Brendon McPherson, Janet Mallet escorted by Tjark 
Bateman, Tonya Matlins escorted by Joe Bagghette, Nicole Pompei escorted by Jeff Briggs, Amy Rovvton escorted by Tom Abbott, Bunny Wagoner escorted by 
Todd Creange, Kim Wyont escorted by Rich Kappus 

Front row: Sara Rivas, Patricia Salinas, Kathleen Hernandez, Anwar Atalla, and Dr. Head. Front: Mary Ann Hundley — Vice- 
Second row: Chiton Siu, Akram Abboud, Eileen Bethany, Carmen Zayas, Claudia President, Eileen Bethany — President. 
Zumont, Joseph Velado, Linda Zayas, Monica Ramirez, Mary Ann Hundley, Christine Ernst Obermaier — Secretary, Monica 
Posselt, and Ernst Obermaier. Ramirez — Treasurer. 

Ernst Obermaier — Germany and Akram 
Abboud — Damascus Syria. 


Patriaa Salinas — Bolivia 

Claudia Zumont — Jordan 


Eileen Bethany majoring in two foreign languages speaks fluently with many of the foreign 

□ 83 □ 




The International Club consists 
of students from sixteen foreign 
countries. They are a special 
addition to the college campus. 

Society for 



The Society for Collegiate 
Journalists is an honorary society for 
persons in mass communications. This 
organization is organized to teach the 
ethics of good communications. They 
attempt to encourage student 
participation in local campus 
communication media. The SCJ also 
attempts to reward student 
communications for their efforts, 
services, and accomplishments by 
admission to its membership. 
First row: Teri Burchette, Jon Travis, 
Rob Headrick, Pam Teague. Anthony 
Billings. Second row: Melissa Mize, 
Ken Zeller, George Moronese. 


□ 84 D 



■ a =- 



Left to right — Jennifer Grubb, Janet Byrd, Shannon Craft, Sandra 
Shore, Shawn Newsme, Stephanie Hine. Second Row — Frank 
Smith, Kevin Ward, Craig Foster, Jeff Lawrence. 

Not pictured — Mike Bridger, Frankie Chaplin, Kim Russell, Ron Jarvis, 
Dennis Smith. 


Craig Foster — President 
Stephanie Hine — Vice President 
Janet Byrd — Program Director 
Sandra Shore — Media Director 
Kevin Ward — Missions 

Student Union 

The Baptist Student Union is an 
organization of Christian Fellowship. 
The BSU has weekly meetings 
consisting of a variety of speakers 
leading discussions on a previously 
chosen topic by the group. The BSU 
has socials with BSU groups from 
other schools during the year. Also, 
the Baptist State convention has a 
weekend retreat in the fall and another 
in the spring of each year. The BSU 
welcomes people of all denominations 
for a great opportunity to grow in 
Christ and fellowship with students 
across the state. 


Writer's Club 

The Writer's Club is composed of students and faculty 
members who are dedicated to the promotion of creativity 
within the High Point College Community through writing, the 
visual arts, and photography. The club is open to all students 

who have an interest in any of the forms writing. Members 
attend writing workshops, talk with area writers and artists, and 
produce a small literary magazine, "The Lamplighter," during 
the fall semester. 

Left to right: Dr. Piacentino, Corky, Seema Quebain, Anthony Billings, Pam Teague, Bill Craig 

Scott Clark R.A., Belt dorm. 

First row left to right — Melissa Mize, Asst. Dean of Students R. A. Miller, Ty Worsham, Pnscilla Lowe Cathy Wlo- 
deck, Anne Hopkins. Second row left to right — Enc Weiner, Andy Brown, Danny Leonard, Scott Clark, Cathy 
Overman, Suzanne LeClear, Shawn Dougherty. Third row left to right — Dean Gart Evans, Rusty Lawter, Bob 
Schenigo, Ron Barrons, Lora Songster, Tammy Pugh, Mrs. Marge Boyles. 

□ 87 □ 


Resident assistants are a group of 
students who organize 
community activities and 
maintain community living. 


te) J' if->j; 

Student Union 

The Student Union is made up of any 
student who shows interest by 
attending three consecutive meetings. 
They are responsible for lectures, 
comedians, bands, and the planning of 
dances held on campus. 


■ ; 







The Student Government Association 
is open to all students and it's 
responsible for all of the campus 
activities. They oversee campus 
activities and organizations through 
funding of the Student Government 
budget and leaders. 



The Zenith staff went without 
credit this year due to the 
English Department dropping it 
from the list of practicums. Staff 
meetings started out strong with 
many eager to help and 
dwindeled to a dedicated few 
who worked quite steadily to 
produce this book. It was a 
learning experience for those 
who had never worked on a 
yearbook and old business to 
those who had. 

Editor — Melissa Mize shows Ma 
Ounphachanh how to copy a layout. 

Teri Burchette — assistant editor reacts to 
the camera flash. 

Jeff Nealey tries his hand at copying layouts. 


Catherine Highbaugh works diligently as 
she draws layouts. 

Sharon Sazama reproduces layouts 

Left to right: Michele Saunders. Yllanda 
Cooper. Cindy Marazano, Kelly Shivers. 
Blanca Lee. Melissa Mize — editor, Teri 
Burchette — assistant editor. Jon Travis — 
greeks editor, Ken Zeller — activities 
Second row — Sherre Scott. Sharon 
Sazama, Catherine Highbaugh, Third row 
— Jule Dean, Gina Hendrix, and Jeff 

Michele Saunders selects photos for the 
sports section while Yllanda Cooper copies 

D91 □ 


Every spring the Apogee 
staff compiles creative work of 
the High Point College 
community in the form of 
poetry, fiction, photography, 
and art work into a literary 
magazine of quality and 

The Apogee gives creative 
talents on campus the chance 

to be seen and heard in print, 
an outlet fo"r creative thought, 
regardless of form, that we all 
can be proud of. 

This year's Apogee was 
edited by A.B. Billings, 
advised by Dr. John 
Moelmann, with staff 
assistance by Melissa Mize and 
Lora Songster 


The campus newspaper, The Hi-Po, 
went to great lengths to inform the 
community of news, events, and 
editorial thought on issues of 
importance to the community. In order 
to better inform the campus, the Hi-Po 
went into a weekly format for the first 
time in ten years. 

Practicum Instructor Dr. Marion C. 
Hodge and Newspaper Advisor and 
Columnist Gary Foster helped students 
home their journalistic skills with 
ever-increasing efficiency at news 
gathering and reporting. 

The Hi-Po was edited this year by 
A.B. Billings, Editor-in-Chief, and 
Paula S. Reising, Assistant Editor. 
Bill Craig 
Dian Hurley 
Teresa Shea 
Teri Burchette 
Blanca Lee 



WW1H is an educational FM station 
that serves the student population as 
well as the local High Point 
community. It is student-run and 
students learn the aspects of radio 
programming, operations, and 
production. The station's sounds vary 
from soul to rock and even to 

classical. Students have the 

opportunity to air their own 

broadcasting shows which enables 

experience prior to job placement in 

this field of Communications. The 

station and its production studio are 

located on the second floor of Cook 



Andrew Brehm — Station Manager 

Irene Holland 

Richard Miller 

Stephanie Mujat 

Sandra Potterfield 

Michael Reid 

Gary Russell 

Doug Stewart 

Judy Stovall 

Pam Teague 

James (JT) Turner 

Mike Strasburg 

Judie Perry 

Anthony Transon 

Joel Morris 

Nick Russo 

Tom Hahn 

Yves Fisher 

Mike Oser 



Debbie Mechfessel 

Geoff Hill 

Luci Deane 

Cindy Casperson 

Susan Cox 

Robert Sherige 

Howard Stewart 

Dorinda Bennett 

Todd Nichols 

Rosemary Leist 

Michael Stakes 

Danny Bibb 

Trqcy Glazer 

Jane Morris 

John Kevin Markham 

Mara Schultz 

Clay Bedingfield 

Bill Kimmel 

Jodi Crotts 

Debra Davenport 


Mary Ann Hundley — Vice 

Monica Gregor — President 

President Membership 

Linda Carroll — Treasurer & 

Stephen McPherson — Vice 

President Activities 

Society for 

As one of the oldest professional 
management organizations, S.A.M. 
provides an opportunity for students to 
increase management skills and 
expertise through participation in 
programs and services designed to 
improve the professional quality of 
their knowledge, performance, and 
leadership ability. Places like 
Thomasville Furniture, Kimberly Clark, 
Hatters Yachts, RJ Reynolds, Stroh's 
and many other companies become 
easily accessible to High Point College 
students through SAM, With tours and 
seminars, classroom knowledge comes 
alive. By the end of the year, 
members can say SAM is more than 
"just something to put on a resume." 
It's a fun, enjoyable way to gain 
valuable knowledge and experience. 



Richard Hobson 

Dave Struve 

Scott Clark 

Joe Howard 

Mike Oser 

Robert S. Barley 

Keith Hambrick 

Mike O'Connor 

Jack Fetner 

Chet Slicer 

Dave Hood — Advisor 

Michael Beck 


Mike O'Connor — President 
Jack Fetner — Vice President 
Chet Slicer — Secretary 
Joe Howard — Treasurer 

The Society For Historical and Political 

The Society for Historical and Political Awareness is an 
organization dedicated to promoting interest in 
historical and political affairs. This interest includes 
current research, an awareness of professional 
opportunities, current social trends, and special 

programs. The Society holds events such as 
campus-wide debates on current political issues and a 
model United Nations for representatives from local 
high schools. 


Kappa Delta Pi 

Kappa Delta Pi is an Honor Society in Education. It is a 
National Organization whose purpose is to encourage 
excellence in scholarship, high personal standards, 
improvement in teacher preparation, distinction in achievement, 
and personal contributions to education. Our chapter is Kappa 
Mu and we were awarded this charter on May 27, 1985. To 
become a member of this honorary society, an individual must 
be invited by a local chapter and be approved for candidacy. 
This invitation is based on a student's high academic 
achievement, commitment to education, and a professional 
attitude. Members receive certain privileges which include being 
a member for life, active membership, and ability to attend 
Regional Conferences and Convocations. Members are 
expected to maintain the ideas of the Society, to strive to 
extend its influence, and to maintain regular attendance at 
meetings. The officers are Sherri Hall as President and Kay 
Link as Secretary. 

Renee Adkins 
Deborah Ken- 
Julie Sykes 
Janie Borgman 
Ursula Urbielewioz 
Brenda Kern 
Mary Ann Rankin 
David Hooker 
Brent Shoaf 
Janie Davis 



first row, left to right: Mary Anne Rankin 
Janie Borgman 
Jo Williamson 
Marie Cross 
Lynda Peterson 
Shem Hall 
second row, left to right: Ursula Urbielewioz 

Deneen Sutphin 
Gina Lowe 

Lou Anne Zimmerman 
Julie Sykes 
Renee Adkins 
Paula Pennisi 
Cindy Morre 
Brianne Brannigsan 
third row, left to right: Deborah Ken- 
Mrs. Nancy Shelton 
Dr. Hooshang Baghari 
Dr. Philip George 

left to right: Lou Anne Zimmerman 
Julie Sykes 
Renee Adkins 
Paula Pennisi 

□ 97 □ 

Matthew A/son 
Debra Ammon 
Rodney Anderson 
Tim Austin 
Charles Birkner 
Jeriann Bongiouanni 
Sara Caruthers 
Sid Collins 
Perry Conley 
Kevin Connolly 
Shannon Craft 
Jeanne Davis 
Ron Davis 
Bonnie Hannah 

Charles Helmstetler 
Stephanie Hine 
Sherry Holland 
Anne Hopkins 
Susan Huff 
Brian Jacobs 
Ron Jarvis 
Krista Kahn 
Scott Lax 
Dawn Lyon 
Janet Mallett 
Greta Martin 
Cindy Marzano 
Paula Mellinger 

Andy Miller 
Melissa Mize 
Jane Morris 
Joel Morris, Jr. 
Shawn Newsome 
Cynthia Overcash 
Margaret Phillips 
Dan Quinn 
James Reese 
Donna Robinson 
Randy Rover 
Karen Schmitz 
Kelly Shivers 
Robin Sink 

Rebecca Sloan 

Tim Sloan 

Dennis Smith 

Lora Songster 

Beth Summewille 

Teresa Timmons 

Jon Travis 

Cara Van-Cooten 

Sheny Ward 

James Wright 

Kim Wyont 

Jeff York 

Directed by Mrs. Alexa Schlimmer 



President — W. Tandy Grubbs 

Vice President — Steve Williams 

Mark Boles 

Vance Holdsclaw 

Carl Shea 

Ron Jarvis 

Scott Bryson 

Julie Danials 

Kim Coggins 



The ACS gives chemistry and other 
science oriented students professional 
and social contacts with chemists in 
industrial as well as academic 
environments. The chapter meets 
every month to discuss and plan fund 
raising schemes, field trips to various 
industrial labs and production facilities. 



\ v. 

' ' "l 

"Bye, Bye Birdie" 

The Tower Players in conjunction with the 
High Point College theatre department 
presented "Bye, Bye Birdie" is six successful 
shows during the fall semester 1986. 

D 101 □ 


High Point College is one of seventeen 
colleges and universities which is affiliated 
with American Humanics, Inc. AH provides 
a voluntary program of co-curricular 
activities designed to enrich the classroom 
instruction of students in, but not limited to, 
the department of Behavioral Sciences and 
Human Service. It helps students identify 
and meet current professionals in their 
career field, provides field trips, workshops, 
and annual retreat, seminars, and realistic 
"hands on" experiences associated with the 
career field. 


Front Row — Laurie Paquette, Melissa Jones, Diana Hester. Sherri Hill, 
Dawn Linky, Joanne Nichols, Blanca Lee, Catherine Highbaugh, Amy 
Stanley-Stroud, Tyron Worsham, Richard Michaels. Second Row — Patrick 
Haun — Executive Director, Carrie Hubbard, Scott Heinecke, Frank 
Meadows, Chris Grabowski, Brett Carter. Mike Beck, Darin Zackeru, Jim 

Burke, Danny Leonard, Gretchen Foard, Michelle Wright. Terry Aiken, Noel 
Busch, Dr. Ron Ramke — Dept. Chairman, Dr. Allan Goedeke, Dave Wood. 
Back Row — Rev. Ben Curry. Bob Bowser, Monica Ramirez, Roy Smith, 
Denise Brown, Lally Collins, Lynn Terry, Jr. 

□ 102 □ 

□ 103 D 

Alpha Delta Theta 

Shannon Craft — President 

Paula Pennisi — Vice President 

Frankie Chaplin — Secretary/Treasurer 

Stephanie Hine 

Sherry Ward 

Jennifer Hayworth 

Lou Anne Zimmerman 

Debra Ammon 

Cindy Marzano 

Mrs Alice Sink — faculty advisor 

Alpha Delta Theta was 
founded in 1954 as a 
continuation of the religious 
education majors club. Today. 
ADT is a service sorority 
whose motto is "Sisters in the 
Service of God." Its members 
now posses a variety of 
majors. We are a sisterhood 
that strives to promote 
Christian faith and fellowship. 
ADT serves the HPC campus 
as well as the High Point 
community. Our services 
include such projects as 
cleaning up the campus, 
painting decorations on the 
campus center window at 
holidays, walking the CROP 
walk for World Hunger, 
distributing favors to the 
Wesleyan Arms Retirement 
Center, and serving as 
hostesses at Market Square for 
the National Historic Society, 
among others. In addition to 
services, we also provide social 
activities for our members 
including a fall retreat, pledge 
dance, and a spring formal 
Through these projects we 
share our Christian fellowship 
with the campus and the 

Top Row — Sherry Ward, 
Debra Ammon, Frankie 
Chaplin, Lou Anne 
Zimmerman Bottom Row - 
Shannon Craft, Stephanie 
Hine, Jennifer Hayworth, 
Paula Pennisi 

□ 104 □ 




President — Scott Bryson 
Vice President — Julie Daniels 
Secretary — Kim Coggins 
Treasurer — Ron Jarvis 


Dr. Leo Weeks. Dr Fred Yeats. Dr. John Ward 

The purpose of the Biology 
Majors Club is to promote 
interest in biology, especially 
areas of current research; to 
provide an opportunity for 
students and biology faculty, as 
well as other biologists to share 
and interact in biological 
endeavors; and to create an 
awareness of opportunities, 
current trends, special 
programs, and developments 
in the area of biology. The 
activities of the club are 
designed to supplement and 
enhance the regular academic 

□ 105 □ 




The purpose of APO is to assemble college students in a 
national service fraternity who will contribute to the 
Fellowship of the principles which govern their organization 
and are embodied in the Boy Scout Oath and Law. These 
principles are to develop leadership, to promote friendship, 
and to provide service to humanity. 

□ 106 □ 


Jo Williamson — President 

Scott Heinecke — Vice President of 

Lori Wood, and Anne Hopkins — 

Co-Vice Presidents of Membership 
Anne Hopkins — Treasurer 
Sandra Brownell — Secretary 
Lon Wood — Alumni Secretary 
Frank Meadows — Facilities 

Lori Wood — Fellowship Chairperson 
Keith Plymale — St. at Arms 
Jo Williamson 
Scott Heinecke 
Lon Wood 
Anne Hopkins 
Sandra Brownell 
Frank Meadows 
Priscilla Lowe 
Keith Plymale 
Perry Conley 
Tyron Worsham 

Mrs. Martha Blake 
Mr. Ed Cannady 
Mr. Bill Cope 
Mr. Ron Barbour 

a 107 a 




Kathryn LLoyd 
Mehnda Sykes 
David Baity 
Mary Jane Browne 
Julie Danials 
Carolyn Galloway 
Angela Hendrix 
Sherry Holland 
Linda Huff 
Mary Anne Hundley 
Betty Babe 
Eve Perry 
Gary Phelps 
Seema Quabein 
Robin Sink 
Denna Whitener 


Delta Mu Delta 


Kathleen McCullock 
Michael Stakes 
John Robbins 
Mary Ann Hundley 
Mark Murphy 
Rachelle Peters 
Shannon Welch 
Pat Howell 
Angela Hendrix 
Craig Foster 
Jeanne Davis 

Sigma Delta Pi 

Sigma Delta Pi honors those students who attain 
excellence in the stud]; of the Spanish language, literature. 
and culture. It allows students with a common interest in 
the Hispanic language to meet and participate in various 
activities. It also offers a chance for Spanish speaking 
students to exchange their ideas, concerns, problems, and 
knowledge. To qualify for membership, students must 
have completed three years of college-level study in 
Spanish with at least three semester hours at the third 
year level. The minimal grade point average in Spanish 
coursework allowed is 3.0. The student must also rank in 
the upper 35% of his/her class. 

Dr. Kathleen Olson 
Cynthia Ismael 
Mary Ann Hundley 
Janet Brown 
Rachelle Peters 

Phi Sigma Iota 

Phi Sigma Iota honors junior and senior undergraduate students of 
foreign languages who have at least a B average in their entire college 
work and all foreign-language courses; have completed at least one 
course at the third year level; and rank in the highest 35% of their class 
in general scholarship. It also honors outstanding foreign-language 
faculty of colleges and universities. It is the highest academic honor in 
the field of foreign languages. It promotes international communication 
and understanding, and a sentiment of amity among nations. The High 
Point chapter promotes these ideals by sponsoring at least two cultural 
events per year, which are open to the entire student body. 
Members; Dr. Head. Dr. Olson. Mary Ann Hundley. Dawn Miller 

a 108 □ 

Presidential Scholars 

Paige Alvarez 
Eileen Batthany 
Dorinda Bennett 
Mark Boles 
Timothy Brown 
Jill Burton 
Janet Byrd 
Laura Carr 
Kimberly Coggins 
Jeanne Davis 
Roberta Edwards 
Elaine Estelle 
Amy Fifer 
Theodora Fox 
John Harrington 
Jennifer Hayworth 
Regina Hendrix 
Carrie Hobson 
Vance Holdsclaw 
Sherry Holland 
Mary Hundley 
Kristina Honeycutt 
Brian Jacobs 
Ronald Jarvis 
Michael Lancaster 
Jeffrey Lawrence 

Karen Liese 
Linda Lovely 
Dawn Lyon 
Cynthia Marzano 
Kathy McCullough 
Stephanie Mujat 
Mark Murphy 
Kevin Newman 
Breena Oliver 
Laura Peoples 
Rachelle Peters 
Richard Rathbun 
Paula Reising 
Sharyn Sazama 
Theresa Shea 
Robin Sink 
Sheila Smith 
Teresa Smith 
Michael Stakes 
Julie Taylor 
Louise Welch 
Jennifer Wieler 
Valerie Wihbey 
Kristi Wilmoth 
Lori Yun 

Craig Foster 

Julie Key 

Mark Murphy 

Michale Stakes 

Terri Smith 

Mary Anne Hundly 

Terrial Aiken 

Jane Morris 

Sherri Hall 

Ms. Janice Atkins Cash 

Ms. Patricia Tarltan Howell 

Ms. Kay Senter Link 

Mr. Earnest Grant Snead 

Mr. Gordon Davis MacBryde 

Mr. Bruce David Updyke 

Who's Who 






□ 109 D 



,£>..;--;? i*****; 

''.yjjHf 1 '* 1 ^ 





IFC Delegates — Left to Right. First Row: Tom Earnhardt, Eric 
Gatton. Dave Sands, Rich Mullins, Tom Abbott and Eddie 
Bamberg. Second Row: Chris Neidenthal, Andy Brehm. Bob 
Shinego, Mike O'Connor, Jack Fetner, Jeff Briggs, Jon Travis and 
Ed Cannady. Third Row: Lynn Terry, Rich Shovlin, Chaz Man, 
Rich Miller, Jay Van Splinter, Barry Martin, JeffNamath, Mike Piatt 
and Dave Murray. 

IFC Officers — Left to Right. First Row: Mike O'Connor — 
Treasurer, Ed Cannady — Advisor and Jon Travis — President. 
Second Row: Rich Miller — Secretary and Bob Shinego — Vice- 

u * ■ .?/jj \ v t ' **r*.1j **-*£/ 



The Inter Fraternity Council, better known as IFC, is the 
governing body of the four national social fraternities. The 
Panhellenic Council is the governing body of the four 
national social sororities. Both are responsible for advancing 
the interest of High Point College, promoting the general 
interest and welfare of the fraternities/ sororities as a whole, to 
insure cooperation between them in their relations with the 
faculty, administration, student body, and the public in 
general, and serve as the judicial body over the 
fraternities/sororities. This year IFC and Panhellenic joined 
together for the first time ever to work on strengthening 
greek relations and their image. To do this committees for 
scholarship, social service and greek week were established. 

Council — Left to 
Right. First Row: 
Cara Van Kooten, 
Lynn Weigdance, 
Amy Letts and 
Cindy Casperson. 
Second Row: 
Margret Rodgers — 
President, Breena 
Oliver — Treasurer 
and Elaine Estelle 
— Vice-President. 
Not Pictured: 
Dawn Lemmo — 

a 112 □ 

□ 113 D 


Sheeka — I have stock in Fredricks of Hollywood 
Rob-Rob — 1 never . . . Jerry 1 never tell, really. 
Asid — ' 1 have but one excuse . . I'm a blond 1 
Adverb — I won't brag, although I should. 
Beannie — 1 am not responsible for the problems 

of the world 
Lov — This is another one of those nights 
E — Conserve water, shower together. 
Frigid — I'll be back by 11:45! 
Gunnels — No 1 will not leave my room and 1 

absolutely will not go in the cafetena 
Moondog — Don't be afraid to hurt them. 
Susie-Q — How 'bout them Pikes! 
Mary-Mac — I'm so glad we had this time 

Malley-Pie — IFC? Well, you know the story. 
T — 1 have just 1 more thing to do, be there in a 

L.K. — Don't step on my boots! 
Stucko — Long distance love affairs; Who says its 

not natural 9 
Wnnkles — Aren't we lucky' 
Bubbles — Real Men — Where are they' 
Miss Ellie — Do you want to see me down on my 

Little I love the game but I'm glad its over 

— now I can see my boyfnend 
Meat — Hanging Rock — What an experience! 

Moonpie — Only 44 more day, 6,430 hours and 

240,000 seconds until the dog gets home. 
TLG — You've got to rise above it all. 
Colgate Kid — If you've had one white guy, 

you've had them all . . . and they're not bad 
Foo Foo — 1 am not responsible for the problems 

of the world either. 
Rah — If you're so happy then why are you so 

— limpV 
Frosty — I think I've been conned 
Roach — Last time I counted was 3. 
Twiggy — Kid J, the facts start with an Alabama 

Scooby — The doctor is in. 

Three AGD Smiles — Mary, Sara, and Sarah 

Mom and Kid Share A Special Bond 

OFFICERS — L to R. Top 
Bunny Wagner — President, 
Michelle Rawie — House 
and Guard, Valerie Wihbey 
— Publicity, Robin Boyd — 
Recording Secretary, Holly 
Felber — Altruism, Janet 
Mallet — Vice President/ 
Fraternity Education, Tanya 
Matlins — Membership, 
Rachelle Peters — Ritual. 
Teme Smith — Vice Presi- 
dent/Scholarship. Top. Jane 
Morris — Rush Chairman. 
Amy Rowton — Treasurer 
and Mara Schultz — Stan- 

D 114 □ 

Windy — Noone thinks 1 have will power, but 1 


Poohbear — Jim, close your eyes! 
Little One — It's not a promise, it's a prediction! 
Hughey — Waka-Waka-Waka; Tootles toots. 
Biccardi — Week residency makes one appreciate 

High Point, 
Al — What a sweetie-pie! 
Lush — What did 1 do? 
Pinky — Have you seen my roses? 
Sleeping Disorder #1 — Tell me about it 
Frick — Please don't make me do shots' 
Jenn — What's happening dudes? 
Jules — Am 1 having fun yet? 

Frack — Jackie, why not'-' 
Boom-Boom — Don't say G D , I don't like it 1 
Lil' Kath — I'm going to Winston-Salem now. 
Silverado — Practice makes perfect — Wanna 

Sleeping Disorder #2 — Love a Chinaman 
Little Jenney — Hey babe take a walk on the wild 

Slack — More champagne please! chuckle-chuckle. 
Humpty-Dumpty — Chow for now! 
Nardo — Just get me to the Marriott on time. 

Relaxing after a long day working the carnival 


' jf* 




The Gamma Etas of Alpha Gamma 
Delta take pride in their spirit and 
involvement on High Point College 
campus. Several Gamma Eta's hold 
offices in SGA and Student Union. 
Many Alpha Gams are involved in 
sports such as field hockey and 
inrramurals. The Sisters and 
Pledges of Alpha Gamma Delta 
share a special bond that is rarely 
found and is strengthened through 
our sisterhood. Respect in each 
other's weaknesses, strengths, and 
achievements makes Alpha Gamma 
Delta the perfect rose we strive to 

Founded: May 30, 1904 
School: Syracuse University (N.Y. ) 
Colors: Red, Buff and Green 
Flower: Red and Buff roses 
Symbol: Rose (Mascot: Skiduros 

the Squirrel) 
Motto: Love, Fnendship and 

Charity: Juvenile Diabetes 

Tradition: The name of the 

mascot/squirrel, Skiduros, is a 

combination of the Greek words 

for shady and tail. 

First Row. L to R Robin Boyd, 
Mara Schultz, Janet Mallet, Holly 
Felber, Linda Kelly Mise. Jane 
Morris. Amy Rowton. Sarah 
Wenley, Bunny Wagner. Terrie 
Smith, Valerie Wihbey, Sara 
Caruthers and Rachelle Peters 
Second Row Suzanne Ross, 
Kathy Jameson, Jill Whitley. 
Suzanne Jaenichen, Wendy Glass, 
Shem Hooker, Ellen Reese, 
Jennifer Deleonardis, Mary 
Hubbard, Heather Hughes, 
Michelle Rawie, Linda Davis, 
Jeannie Davis, Elizabeth Lamb 
and Tanya Matlins Third Row 
Jackie Barlowe, Judy Stovall, 
Ellen Lachin, Jennifer Michaels, 
Mandy Huff, Julie Taylor. Man 
Mancini and Jennifer Weiler 

□ 115 □ 

Kappa Delta 

We strive for that which is honorable, 
beautiful, and highest and have much 
fun in the process! Gamma Gamma chapter 
of Kappa Delta had a roaring start with 22 
enthusiastic pledges at the conclusion of fall 
rush. With smiling faces and spinted 
outlooks, the Delts enjoyed three fantastic 
dances — Pledge Dance, Sisters Dance, and 
our annual White Rose Weekend — not to 
mention numerous fraternity mixers. Crush 
Party, and our Chnstmas celebration 
Philanthropy was at its peak as the Kappa 
Delts held their bi-annual Rock-A-Thon for 
the Christian Childrens Hospital and 
collected dollars for the National Committee 
for Prevention of Child Abuse on St 
Patrick's Day. The bonds of sisterhood 
strengthened with fundraiseres, pizza parties, 
and just "'hanging out" with each other on 
our rocking KD hall Yes, friendship is feeling 
natural with another sister, shedding all 
pretense and just being yourself. Friendship 
is always found in Kappa Delta' 

Founded October 23, 1897 
Colors: Olive green and pearl white 
Flowers White rose 
Motto: "Let us strive for that which is 
honorable, beautiful, and highest " 
Chanty Cnppled Children's Fund 
Tradition. KDs create and sell their own 
Chnstmas seals each year to raise money 
for their charity, the Crippled Children's 
Fund. KD is one of the Farmville Four, 
four sorontjes founded at Longwood 
College in Farmville, Va. 

L to R First row Jill Cardillo, 
Second Row: Kristine 
Peterson, Courtney Barry. 
Beth Kirby. Lynn Wiegand. 
Vicki Anderson, Stacey 
Mulligan, Lisa Welch, Joan 
Bryan, Michelle Faub, 
Courtnay Prim, Noel Busch 
Third Row Paula Reising, 
Paula Mellinger, Kelly Jenkins, 
Amy Boswell, Sieglinda Smith. 
Anna Johnson, Sana Johnson. 
Diane Derouen, Sharon Kelly, 
Candi Caprone, Ann McGrail, 
Deborah Kern Fourth Row 
Staci Oliver. April Lang, Kris 
Curry, Tracey Stikeleather. 
Brenda Hovis, Jeannie Wainer, 
Kim Wilson, Dawn Linky. Cara 
VanKooten, Laura O'Conor, 
Lisa Shank, Lynda Peterson, 
Jenny Weise, Fifth Row Alison 
Guy, Kim Kress, Came-lynn 
Hobson, Dorinda Bennet. 
Carrie Cafaro, Kristin 
McDowell, Lori Parrot, Dawn 
Lemmo, Cathy Rohm, Nicki 
Castrillon, Beth O'Donnell 


Banana: The bush is finally growing. 

Campbell Soup Kid They always told me I was 

Weigdance: Kelly, sorry we aren't going out to 

Space That's O.K. I don't know his name either. 
Boo Boo Kitty Wait I'm watching the carpet. 
Gaumette: I love Theta Chi showers' 
Astro: Jill, whats our phone number' 
Joanie Eat me 

Prez: Oh no! I'm spitting food again' 
Di Get him young and train him nght' 
Catch of the Day. 1 like my f\sh fresh 

Deb: No, that is not an alligator in my room. 
Tracy. I want to go home! 
Beth: Would 1 rather scrump or watch T V 
Court: So what if the elevator doors fly open and I 

go crashing in' 
Dorothy Oh no, I think I'm constipated. 
K.P.: Don't worry, Paula, I won't feed the fish! 
Mrs Weiner: No harassing the staff' 
Brick Babe Everybody run! The Homecoming 

Queens got a gun 1 
Boz: Barbazon Woman. 
L.S.: I'm wet" 

Dorito: Dominoes delivering! 
Linkage: I passed out in his bed and he wasn't 

even home. 

Dawn, Jill, Diane, and Brenda are al 
wrapped up in each other! 

□ 116 □ 

Kappa Delta 

M&M: You can look but don't touch the 

IRSO I: . . . and our bill to National is . 
Debbie: Taking baths can be dangerous! 
Carrie Caffaro: Kath, don't you wish you had blue 

Kathy Rohm: Cardi, whats your favorite breakfast 

drink' 3 
Vicky Anderson: Spill anything lately' 
Carrie-Lyn Hobson: We wanted some and we got 

Beth O'Donnel: Strung out! Get off Beth and S1G. 
Sieglinda Smith: Wasted again' 
Jeanne Wanner: Dana, want some clam chowder' 
Dana Johnson: Gone to any classes today' 

Kns Curry: Don't make fun of the way I talk. 
April: Hey man, anybody going to Florida? 
Ann: Shoes?! What shoes' 
Knstin "Scareface" McDowell: Gee, Jo's bathroom 

floors are slippery 1 
P J We're streamers 1 Don't say pu or Cu 1 Hey 

man 1 Momin 1 
Shell: I'm the only one here that's faithful to my 

Tarzan and Jane: Should we spin the can or chase 

a sperm? 
Lynda Sue: The Three B's, Beer Baseball and Belk 1 
Little Shit: The Three M's, Millis (218), Miller Lite, 

and McBoo 1 


The Mad Hatter and Alice are eager to rush 

Beth, Courtney, Jenny and Sharon are psyched for First Degree: 

Officers: Alison Guy — 
President: Diane Derouen 

— Vice-President, Jenny 
Weise — Secretary; Noel 
Busch — Treasurer, 
Kristine Peterson — 
Assistant Treasurer; Cara 
VanKooten — 
Membership, Paula Reising 

— Editor 

□ 117 □ 


Gamma Zeta had a great year with 
the help of our terrific Phi class, that 
continued to grow throughout the year! 
A year for positive growth, we held our 
traditional social services and were 
proud to add the Children's Miracle 
Network to our National Philanthropies. 
Since Phi Mus are famous for our 

social, as well as social service activities 
we continued to celebrate our 
sisterhood! We held a dance in honor 
of our new Phis, new Sisters and our 
traditional Phi Mu Weekend in April, as 
well as mixers and "Champagne 

Date founded: 1852 at Wesleyan College, Macon, 
Georgia, 1952 at High Point 
Coloros: Rose and White 
Philanthropy: Project HOPE and The Childrens 

Miracle Network 
Symbol: Lion ("Sir Fidel") 
Motto: Les Soeurs Fideles (The Faithful Sisters) 
Tradition: On Founder's Day, each member and 
alumna contributes Founder's Day pennies — a 
penny for each year of her life — toward the Phi 
Mu Memorial Fund. 

OFFICERS — L to R Sandi Rodgers — Assistant Phi Director, Rosemary Leist — Treasurer; Treka Brown — 
Public Relations; Diane Hurley — Vice-President, Amy Anderson — Social Director, Patrice Higgins — Record- 
ing Secretary; Lori Napi — Phi Director; Stacy Boland — President; Karen Hernandez — Corresponding 
Secretary; Cindy Casperson — Panhellenic Delegate. Not Pictured: Bonnie Hannah — Membership Director and 
Margaret Rodgers — Panhellenic President. 

Treka and Sandie waiting for the arrival of their dates 
for homecoming 

Jenifer and Sandy — Phi Mu 
legacies forget the paint goes 
on the wall and not on their 


□ 118 □ 


Sisters and Phi's prepare to leave for a night on the 



Rowers — Six roses just because 
Doc — Around here I have a very 

responsible job, whenever something goes 

wrong I'm responsible. 
Bambi — I want to disown her 
Grumpy — Listen my Phi's and you shall 

hear about a famous ride we take each 

year Baa! 
Sneezy — Thirty hours, what did 1 do that 

was so wrong. 
Mad Hatter — I'm the elder in a field of 

Toto — thank you very FKNG Much' 
Tin Man — Any place is better than here. 
Lucy — Heartbroken Heart munber 
Snow White — It's outside in our fridge 
Cinderella - I hate to say this, but we have 

to have an ORP 
Happy — Fake nails go on fingers not toes. 
Sleeping Beauty — I can't stand that?! 1 ?, 

Sleepy — Don't even THINK about waking 

me up' 
Thumper — How long can you be quite 9 
Lil Miss Muffet — How far did you get to 

Dopey — Oh My God 1 " 
Dorthy — I'm sleepy as a hog. 
Scarecorw — A heater works just as well as 

an oven. 
Oz — What else can I add to my list of 

Pipi — He called, he called . . . ! 
Cowardly Lion — Can you believe he was 

kicked off campus 
Odie — I'm going to tell him what I think. 
Snoopy — My love is at Pensacola 
Bashful — I'll never sleep on the floor again 
Woodstock — College Park Connection. 
Garfield — If at first you don't succeed try 

and try again 

L to R. First Row: Stefanie 
Serafino, Jenifer Higgins, Tracey 
Holden, Karen Hernandez and 
Jennifer McCabe. Second Row: 
Stacy Boland, Patrice Higgins, 
Amy Anderson, Karen Hall, Lori 
Napi, Teresa Denny, Cindy 
Casperson and Julie Readling 
Third Row: Sandi Rodgers, 
Rosemary Leist, Suzanne LeClear, 
Lis Van Fleet, Karen Schmidt, 
Treka Brown. Debbie Underwood, 
Sandy Casperson, Diane Hurley 
and Jennifer Kianka. 

□ 119 □ 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

With the return of only 25 sisters, 
Zeta looked like a small family until 
after rush when 23 new pledges ran 
down the hall with beaming faces 
and high expectations as the sisters 
greeted them with tears and hugs. 
Our Kappa's were the best! 

It was only natural to make the 
Kappas feel apart of Zeta right 
away. Our pledge advisors planned 
a picnic and a sleep over and 
encouraged everyone to go to 
school functions together. This 
made it possible for all the sisters 
and pledges to form a personal 

The fraternity collected for 
UNICEF on Halloween and brought 
in a total of $273 in just one hour. 
Zeta's also visited Maryfield, which 
is a home for elderly citizens. Our 
annual walk-a-thon for ARC, the 
Association for Retarded Citizens, 
went well with full participation. 

It was a big year of celebration 
for the Delta Gamma Chapter. It 
was our 30th anniversary! Zeta's 
worked hard to plan a full weekend 
of activities with the alumnae who 
flew in from several different cities 
to participate in the events. 
Although we are a large 
organization, each girl is unique and 
special because each one has 
something special to offer. 

L to R, First Row: Breena 
Oliver, Knsti Pierce, Teme 
Rea, Kim Wyont, Colleen 
Perry, Lori Yun. Mary Quinn 
and Suette Obaugh Second 
Row Lisa Michalec, Amy 
Letts, Jani Peterson, Teresa 
Timmons. Jill Burton, Sherry 
Scott, Terri Fox, Pam 
Christian, Melissa Jones, 
Connie Harkins and Lee 
Cockenll Third Row: Molly 
Fox, Laura Peoples, Pam 
Thomas. Kelly Mullins, Karen 
Liese, Michelle Wnght, Tammy 
Hill, Bnanne Bramigan. Lisa 
Albrecht, Jane Heim and 
Robin Sink. Fourth Row: 
Caroline Burns, Linda Zayas, 
Laura Carr, Paige Alvare, 
Linda Lovely, Trudi Boensch, 
Abby Hughs, Kirsten Wachs. 
Julie Wilson and Kate Holt 


Lisa M.: Surfs Up 

Kate: Joey's coming to see me 1 

Knsti: No, he isn't my boyfriend: we're just fnends 

— I'm dating a Lambda Chi 1 
Terrie: I think I'm getting "cold feet!" 
Melissa: It doesn't get any better than this' 
Kirstin Wachs: I'm smiling OK jl 
Candice Langston ANARCHY 1 It can happen 
Linda Zayas: Oh' open your window so you 

can hear my beautiful voice 
Caroline Burns Where is my luggage-* 

Amy Letts. So ... I heard the barometric pressure 

is going to drop. 
Reese: The Forse (nice breasts) 
Breena: Will this day really matter in 10 years? 
Linda L : In this existential moment 
Pam T.: Hug-a-me! 
Jill B : Let's blow this taco joint! 
Mary Q : I saw your mommy and your mommy is 

dead. She had a vodka bottle by her head! 
Julie: 1 promise you Heaven; I put you through 

Pam C .: . . . Huh'- 1 

Zeta Love Keeps Us Close 

□ 120 □ 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

Trudi: Fuzy navel or nothing 1 

Lee C: Guess who called last night! 

Connie: You guys, I'm so worried . . . 

Robin: But 1 can't take a little sister. Honest Kelly 

Kelly Mann: Robin, how did we get here 7 

C: How graceful can one be falling down in the 

middle of Montilieu 9 
Kathy Mc: I'm engaged! 
Sherry: He's such a GOD! 
Karen: Does anybody want to go to Millis with me? 

Theres somebody I want to see 
Terry: I'm so embarrassed 1 

Kim Hold me tighter . don't touch me 1 

Laura C. OOO 1 Look at my tongne me 1 

Nikki. Heyyy Babyyy 1 

Janey: Let's make a BK run, I need a Whopper 1 

Jam 1 hate Men' — correction — I hate Boys! 

Molly If ya don't know where you are going — any 

road will take you there 
Brianne: Grand Big Sis Terrie and Big Sis Tammy, 

I'm going to miss you two 1 
Tammy: There is nothing Basic about it, he is just 

another John 11 
Kristin The single life's great. The party's just begun 

Carmen: Linda don't you understand 9 Sheila, let's 

go to Hardees 
Sheila. I'm in love No. I'm not well, maybi 

I am! 
Lon Our good friends, Ernest and Gallic Romeo 

and Juliet, Samson and Delilah 

Big Sis — Teresa and Little Sis — Jil 

ZETA, you bnng me up when I'm down 

Founded October 15, 

Colors Turquoise Blue and 
Steele Gray 

Philanthropy ARC 

Association for Retarded 

Motto. Seek the Noblest 

Traditions: ZETA was 
known as ??? — the 
Three Question Marks 
— for several months 
after it was founded, 
while members decided 
upon a Greek-letter 
name. It is a member of 
the Farmville Four, four 
soronties founded at 
Longwood College in 
Farmville. VA 

□ 121 D 


Coach My leg hurts 

Breena: Kirsten is Mine tonight hey where did 

she go v 
PKA: I wish ( were a Pika so I could drink and 
Ticket taker: I gave her an inch and she takes a 

foot 1 
Shroomer: If the melon only knew about the 

bridge of love 
Little Man: Things this small never last that long 
Mustache I had one that looked prehistonc then 

one that acted prehistonc 
Standards: I'm not bad looking, actually I'm the 

AGD: They are not Animals. Goats and Dogs 
Ucker: I guess the front row means the bench. 
Tinkerbell: [f she's good enough for my big 

brother, she's good enough for me 
Quaker State: Beall. I'll change your sheets 

Overbite Canadian bacon, we'll keep it in the 

Freende I can't handle another night of that 
God I'm the best fudge packer in the fraternity 
P K I just need a little space, about 2 inches wide. 

Unemployed: I'm going to beat Nick on the head 

with a big Mallet 
4-Skin: Fifteen will get you twenty. 
Suicide: Who says I'm obnoxious' 1 
Peanut Nose: I want an open bid! 
Gondo: Just give me a napkin gram. 
Rebel: Dode esta LindaV 
Mavenck Does this mean we can "do it" in the 

Bullfrog: It doesn't get any better than this — KD 

& Bullfrogs 
Joey Joe: Gahead 

OFFICERS — L to R. Vice-President — Sands, President — Abbott, Treasurer — McColskey, Sargent at Arms - 
Brown and Secretary — Mullins 

□ 122 □ 

Germain: I did not throw up last night! 
Truck me and Mandy are just friends. 
Heatmiser: I've got a need for speed 
Finney: you just bought yourself a big ol' can of 

whoop ---. 
Lanny: What's up cu v 
Smokin Rob: Wow Duke 
Heba Jeba: Major BK 
Jimbo: 1 finished first! 
Lung: My mom would love this — 
Shachman: Well I would, but Amy wants to go out 


Invisible Man: 

Murph the Surf IDs please 
Antoniao: No Sir Occifer 
Thimble What huh'' 
Mitch The second time around 
Spanky: I'll wear My socks any way I want 
Shloong: I'm the coolest, fer sure' 
Barmaid This fraternity's great, you can go from 
alcoholic to President in no time flat 

Open House 


Delta Sigma Phi. the fraternity of 
Engineered leadership. As 1986 
came to an end we looked back 
with a great deal of pride. Our fall 
rush was one of the most successful 
in our history by pledging 
twenty-one men. We also 
established ourselves in intramural 
competition by winning the 
intramural title with a brotherhood 
of only twenty-five. Now as our 
seniors leave us the future looks 
very strong and the Best is yet to 

Founded: December 10, 1899 
School: College of the City of New 

Colors: Green and White 
Charity: March of Dimes 
Traditions: The fraternity symbols are 
the pyramid and Sphinx; some 
chapters build small pyramids on 
their front lawns. Many chapters 
hold an annual White Carnation 

□ 123 □ 

Lambda Chi 

Iota-Phi has once again had a 
terrific year. We associated 16 
quality men in the fall, bringing our 
chapter to 47 strong. Along with 
the mixers, dances and White Rose 
Weekend, we sponsored seminars 
on alcohol awareness and women's 
rights. We also helped with the 
American Cancer Society's Annual 
Jail-A-Thon, the Salvation Army's 
Kettle Drive and entertaining the 
children at Mills Home Orphanage. 

Founded: November 2, 1909 

Colors: Purple, Green and Gold 

Flower: White Rose 

Motto: Every Man A Man and Naught 
Without Labor 

Tradition: The fraternity was an early pioneer 
in adopting an associate membership 
program for pledges Pledges are given 
equal status with members at meetings 
and are involved fully in chapter activities 
as a pledge. It is the third largest fraternity 
in both number of campus chapters and 
number of initates since its founding 

L to R. First Row: Chet Slicer, 
Tony Capra, Joe Crupi, Mike 
Oser, Jack Fetner, Tom Andrew, 
Jon Dodge and Jon Travis. 
Second Row: West Thrower, 
Kenny Witchard, Yues Fischer, 
Fran Caslin. Ernie Donaldson, 
Mike LaPreste, Dave Murray 
and Andy Brehm Third Row 
Chip Dayton, Barry Witten, 
Mike O'Connor, Doug Brandon, 
Mark Quinn, Mike Kreckel and 
Dave Ziviello. Fourth Row: 
Rusty Lawter, Kevin Melchior, 
Dana Conte, Alan Haggai. Eric 
Weiner, George Moronese, Jeff 
Briggs, Danny Hogue. Drew 
Smith and Chuck Williard 

Coop 1 think Mike is nght, lets do it that way 
Oega Man. Yea, I'm in charge, but does that mean 

I have to go over Punky's head on this- 1 
Tip: Time for another liver transplant 111 
Punky: All right now, I'm ill!!! 
Potsie: I want to, but 1 feel guilty 
J T Who cares if my parents moved and didn't tell 

Johnny Law: I know it all, but no one wants to 

Weegbo: She is still the tightest I've ever had, that 

is next to Bonna 

Man Beast: The party is over! 
Chief: Me and B M. share everyTHANG! 
Murbag: It died? That poor bunny rabbit 
Hoser: Sorry Chester, but the Johnson got hard. 
Chester: Who should my girlfriend be tonight' 
Convict: The Brothers want me to stop drinking? 

I'm acting too much like Rusty? 
Flounder Fat, Dumb and Stupid is no way to go 

through life, but hey, I'm making it. 
Bum: Hell yea, I'm married to my b— ! 
Otter: Exercise — with my physique? 
Weiner I'm obnoxious and annoying? Never 1 

Dave, Tom, Jack and Coop look over perspectives at 
Open House 

□ 124 □ 

Navel: The kid is doing fine. 

Shuping: Sorry guys, I'm really busy. 

Fim: One touch of the Johnson is all it took. 

Ernie: 1 didn't steal it, but I'm not giving it back 

Reverand Witten: Paint, What Paint? Week, What 

Week? But thats not what God told me to do. 
Doo Doo: Tom: you taste so fine! 
Rawhide: Alright, you got your talking done. What 

are you going to do 9 
Haggai: Sorry guys, but I transferred to the KD 

Robin: Newsletter is coming out . 
Hoguestine: Oh's Uh, our Anniversary — Yea 1 — 
Thats it! 

Maintnence 1: Hey Drew, What are the Lambda 

Chis doing tonight'' 1 
Smoke Stack: But 1 like to have my underwear stick 

to me for two days. 
Capra: Left hand on right chest . . or was that 

right hand on right on left chest 
West: What fraternity am 1 in? 
Sally Its too cold for me to play. 
Guido: Yea, I'm whipped, but Jerianne made me 

that way. 
Molgaard: So what if she is asleep 
Magoo: Maybe the fraternity will pay for my college 

F.O. If the shoes smells, wear it! 
Rangussio What's up freak 91 
Pinto: Break — On the road again 
Kreckel: Hey Mom, its me! 
Quinn: Hey J.T., Gotta beer? 
Who Dong: Ahhh, 1 wan fea hwitt wit bwoken leg. 
Otha: Hey guys, naw, but seriously man! I forgot 

what 1 was gonna say 

Mike and Jeff dressed indiscretly to arrest people for 
the ACS Jail-A-Thon. 

Party In The Pool 

OFFICERS: First Row: 
Mike O'Connor — Ritualist: 
Tom Andrew — President; 
Jack Fetner — Rush 
Chairman, Jon Travis — 
Vice-President. Second 
Row: George Moronese — 
Treasurer and Chuck 
Williard — Scholastic 
Chairman. Third Row: 
Dave Murray — Social 
Chairman and Barry Witten 
— Fraternity Educator 

□ 125 □ 

Pi Kappa Alpha 


Corbey — If it swells ride it. 

Quinn — Go for broke. 

Pribble — Virginia is for lovers. 

Martin — Crash! Green Hornet 


Bird Dog — Dec. 19th . . . Life began. 

Hick — Bemice Lives 

Seka — Myrtle Beach Jail Cell, 3/5. 1 call it home. 

Newell — I'll pay any price for a date . . . $90.00 

Cooker — Somebodies got to do it! 

Reese — HOOTERS "the bigger the better." 


Jay French — Slow living Fast surfing. 

Koot — M.MM.M.MMF. 

food K. — The SOB didn't see the left coming. 

Dumbo — How'd that hole get there? 

Webster — We didn't mean no harm. 

Gratz — Gimmie a long island tea. 

Baby Huey — I'm not fat; I'm fluffy 

C. Smith — I gotta do a case study. 

T. Bales — 1988 Olympic Biking team. 

Grabowski — H.P.C. Bon Fire, 1 was a star. 

Car Hon — Someone help me find my shoes. 

Joe B. — 78 got me 92. 

Hooker — Wrong time of the month. 

Tjark — Please find a cure for hangovers. 

Neal — Sig lover our watch out for snakes. 

Chandler — I found my thrill in Chapel Hill. 

Blair — Flowers anyone' 

Jim Long — I'm going home this weekend. 

Miller — Only you can determine how R.M. 

Rov Cat — Big and pallet parties. 
Cancello — Mets Mania. 
J. P. — I'll never tell what J. P. means 

will be 

Ultimate Fnsbee Champs — 1986-87 

Rob Headrick and Todd Kester watch as the Zetas 
compete in another event. 

Officers: Randy Rover — 
President, Doug Stewart - 
Vice-President, Barry 
Martin — Secretary; Andy 
Cancello — Treaurer and 
Todd Creange — Social 

□ 126 □ 

JVS — Great tennis season 

G. Hill — I spent 3 years of my life on that. 

Shenigo — I'm an R.A. 

Clark — Save a mouse. 

Sparks — Letterman and I without sneakers. You 

got a better chance of seeing god. 
Connolly — 1 don't care where 1 go as long as it 

pays good money. 
Fields — Futures so bright 1 gotta wear shades . . . 

NAVY bound 
Dougie — My eyes are open. 
Jumpin — Rob, will it be Natural or Natural Light? 
Head — You don't spit into the wind, you don't 

tug on superman's cape, and you don't walk into 

a game of the Natural' 
Hahn The Man — Swill" 
McDonough — Is there anything worse than a 

drunk Insh Marine. 
Mullaney — Yes, two drunk Irish Marines 
Mr 2 — Fosters Gets ya Bulletproff even/time' 
Capt — 1 have my favorite beer and my favonte 

woman, guess its Schaffer again 
T.B — Busch and Busch is all I need. 
Flames — Elaine, Roberto, Mancini #1 
Tjark — This spud is for you. 
C. Essa — Gangsters Myrtle Beach Bound. 
J.C. — Jeff 1 really am sorry 1 didn't pick you up. 

The dedicated Pike coaches for the 1st fall festival 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Pi Kappa Alpha once again had a 
successful rush getting 21 new and 
active pledges. 

We started off the year winning 
the Ultimate Frisbee Championship, 
on our way toward a hopeful 
intramural championship. 

The Pikes have been actively 
involved in school projects such as 
crimestoppers, phonathon. Also 
other community services such as 
Halloween at the Hospital. We also 
held a very successful first annual 
Fall Festival for the sororities on 
campus. Once again Pike is well 
represented at H.P.C. as can be 
seen in any organization and we 
are looking forward to our 35th 
anniversary next year. 

We in Pi Kappa Alpha always 
look to the good times and lasting 
memories here at H.P.C 

Founded: March 1, 1868 
Colors: Garnet and old gold 
Flower: Lily of the Valley 
Chanty: Big Brothers of America 
Traditions: Many chapters own mini-fire 
engines, a tradition started in the 1950s. 

L to R. Top to Bottom. Jim 
Flaherty, Bruce Tarjanian, 
Andy Cancello, Jay Van 
Splinter, Todd Creange, Jeff 
Nameth, Jeff Hill, Rob 
Headrick, Eddie Mullaney, Carl 
Essa, Jim Reese, Pete Uriate, 
Tom Bales, John Hams, 
Randy Rover, Paul 
McDonough, Chris Smith, Jeff 
Pate, Doug Stewart, Todd 
Kester, Scott Webster, Steve 
Cockman. Tjark Bateman, 
Mike Stakes, Joe Baggot, Terry 
Best, J. P. Lynn, Marty Zuniga, 
Kevin Kuester, Chandler 
Echots, Steve Fields, Keith 
Ladeai, Greg Pribble, Greg 
Newell, Fred Berger, Darren 
Clark, John ayber, Tnp Kester, 
Barry Martin. John Hess, Jay 
Huey, Jim Long, Steve Gratz. 
Ron Davis, Kevin Connolly, 
Keith Dombkauski. Jeff Sparks. 
Brent Blair, Chris Grabowski, 
Cartten Stallings, John Cantan 
and Paul Dueschele 

□ 127 □ 


Our rush for the 1986-1987 
academic year was very successful. 
We presented 10 bids and inducted 
10 pledges in October. Theta Chi is 
growing in number every year and 
with that grows our strong unity 
and brotherhood. 

We have incorporated a spring 
rush for little sisters to enhance our 
already thnving little sister program. 

While Theta Chi mourns the loss 
of the famed Bong-Show, our 
TNDC was revived and given new 


Founded: April 10, 1856 
School: Norwich University 
Colors: Military red and white 
Flower: Red carnation 
Motto: Alma Mater First, and Theta 

Chi for Alma Mater; also Helping 

Traditions. Theta Chi's symbols are 

the snake and the crossed 

swords. The little sister groups are 

known as the Daughters of the 

Crossed Swords. 


Facella — Kim, I need to borrow some clothes for 

(he weekend 
Newmie — Peons are people, too 
Ogre — Graduate of Gray Harvey's School of 

Body Building 
Smiles — OK, assume the position, bawwwgh 
Mi Happy — Sorry guys. I have to work 
DJ — Dear Abby. I have a problem with this girl 
Zoner — Let's have an ADPi mixer 
Spanky — Sorry Charlie, we want tuna that tastes 


Bock — I must be awake. I'm up aren't 1? 

OJ — Check the map, I think I'm in the Holland 

Sweet Pea — I'll have a McBLT for here, and a 

piece of pie to go 
9- Volt - Hi. Mike Patterson. Theta Chi Pres 

uh. Treasurer 
Ragster Cab — Anybody got any food 

Spud — Hey Dudes, smell this 1 
Maricon — Hi Rose . . Trac Teresa 9 Phi Mu 

Rever, Catch it. 
Mr Ed - I wanna be a cowboy, and you can be 

L to R Lying Jeff Quintavell 
First Row Bill Kearns. Ted 
Blaicher, Phil Fagans, Tim 
Glime, Art Roth, Mark Facella, 
Gordon Fly' Albert. Chns 
Edgar, Dave Snelling and Mike 
Patterson Second Row Chns 
Bockenhauer. Lyn Terry. Mike 
Shrasberg. Sid Collins, Chaz 
Marr, Debi Meckfessel. Chns 
Niedenthal, Kevin Newman 
and Mike Reid. Third Row 
Rick Shovlin. Scott Oliver, 
Linda Carrol, Gray Hatwy. 
Jim Anderson, Brenda Hovis. 
Rich Rathoun, Ben Clinton 
and Enc Van Vranlzen. 

□ 128 D 


my cow . . . 
Squidley — Real Rebels don't drive Japanese 

Gastineau — Keeping AT & T in business. 
Fly — 1 wanna play spin the can. 
Stryker — I can't land this plane, we're too high 
Jack-Jaw — I'm so Wasted!! 
Art — Attack — You're not going Tim. I want you 

to watch 
Slime — Oh my GodH She's how old? 
Mr. Goodwrench — TNDC — Thursday Night 

DWlving Club 1 

Disciple of OJ — I don't care ... Go Ahead 

Do what you want 
Winer — More Whine. 
BB Quintrell — In my hand again" 

Officers — L to R. First Row: Chris Bockenhauer — 
Vice-President. Second Row Lynn Terry — 
Secretary, Eric Van Vranken — Social Chairman and 
Rick Shovlin — President Third Row: Chaz Marr — 
Sports Chairman and Rich Rathbun — Pledge 
Marshall. Not Pictured: Mike Reid — Rush Chairman 
and Mike Patterson — Treasurer 

Who Is This Rowdy Crew? 

□ 129 □ 




D 131 □ 


Troy Kranitz avoiding use of the hands, 
photo by Don Davis. 

Coach Woody Gibson gives instructions as 
the team rests after practice. 

t^ss, ; 

2S5»b-«s' ! 



The soccer team consists of twenty young 
men who tackle the, "blood, sweat, and 
tears" to gain one goal which may win 
the game. 

Doug Brandon anticipates the next move - 
a kick. 

Bill Brewer throws the ball to a teammate. 

Front row L to R: Yues Fisher, 
Greg Newell, Sal Schivone. 
Second row L to R: Kevin Noon, 
Mike Oser, Joe Crupi. Dexter 
Gilmore, Jurgen Scott, Kevin 
Clark, ToddMaran. Third row L to 
R: Rusty Lawter, Pete Cockburn, 
Mark Hodor. Danny Hogue, Mark 
Quinn, Troy Kranitz, and Tony 




if" .5 ^ O 


»«^ if; 




,#»*** • 



Front row left to right: John Fitz, Dave 
Marorta, Harold Nitowitz, Joe Stantasiere, 
Bill McClurs, David Hooker. Second row 
left to right: Brain Kemp, Paul Sterling, 
Gray Fitz, Brad Teague, Billy Chappell, 
Chip Petree, Neil Boyles, Bob Bistle. 
Third row left to right: Chip Stroup, 
Chuck Williard, Billy Wilson, Chuck 
Wood, Anthony Morrison, Ernie 
Donaldson, Tommy King, Jeff Jones, 
Frank Shumate. 

Dave Hooker and Chuck Williard spend 
a day taking extra batting practice. 

D 134 □ 


Anthony Morrison pitches in hope of a 



. . . 


>. .- ■•* • - tkatt: . -"->■-. -. - "^ . 

- . " .^ - ■ ■'- r 

- . . - ..-■■-•. ^ . 

... * * 

Field Hockey 

Elaine Estelle fights for the ball dunng 

Warming up and building muscle are all part 
of a good player. 


&4A- 'A 

The field hockey team enjoyed warm 
weather throughout most of their season. 
This was an asset to those girls who got 
out on the field and ran around in short 
skirts. The team had an enjoyable season 
with four returning players and seven 
new additions. 



Lfcv if 


j- \ 


The tension rises as a ball nears the goal. 

'■* *M 

HPC players await their turn to dive into the 

Front row L to R: Sara Rivas. Amy 
Rowton. Priscilla Trentham, Second 
row L to R: Karen Hall. Jennifer 
DeLeonardis. Terry Fox, Kristen 
McDowell. Third row L to R: Jennifer 
Hambrick, Julie Taylor. Patrice 
Higgins. Elaine Estelle. Heather 

\ 4 


Roy Smith makes a steal against 
Pembroke State. 

Tony Bolden takes a charge against 
Pembroke State. 

Roy Smith, Jeff Allen, and Tony Bolden 
attempt an offensive rebound. 

□ 138 □ 


Andy Young "Drouse" doin' it for HPC 

Stan Lanier up for two against Pembroke 



Angela Green drives toward the basket. 

Amy Boswell looks to pass off to another 

fed* 5taton COTV 


test break. 


Susan Poole gets ready to shoot a 

I - 

Annette Lawson gets ready for a 

Angie Green shoots for two. 

Front row left to right: Susan Poole, Tracy 
Mclver, Amy Boswell, Anita Stato, Angie 
Browder, Penny Sellers. Back row left to 
right: Sally Hamilton, Anne Meyers, Bar- 
bara Ross, Becky Cowels, Jill Sutton, Angie 
Green, Geri Edwards, Annette Lawson, 
Coach — Debbie Trogdon. 

a 141 a 


fy P ^ 



The girls volleyball team came off the 
bench full of spirit. Prior to the season 
they put up posters around campus 
saying, "Yes, We Can!" to boost team 
and school spirit. 

Jill Sutton slams past the ACC defender, 
photo by Don Davis. 

HPC attempts to block a 

spike, but must return 


Back row L to R: Sally Hamilton, Stephanie Mujat. 
Rebecca Daisey, Becky Coules. Jill Sutton, Anne 
Meyers, Kim Moose, Coach Debbie Trogden Front 
row L to R: Michele Okerlin, Denise Bickley, Penny 
Sellars, Ximena Marges. 

Penny Sellars dives for set-up on an The team makes a last decision before a 
ACC opponent, photo by Don Davis. final point. 

□ 143 D 


kneeling L-R Ron Hall, Scott Pollack, 
Eric Molgaard standing L-R Chip Dayton, 
Drew Smith, John Harris, John Lunn, 
Mark Poteat 


a 144 □ 

* ( '? t 1 m '* 


Front row left to right: Fred Smiley, Keith 
Hambrick, Wayne Jones, Lavelle 
Kenney, Tom Watson, Carlton Stalings, 
William Keithley. Second row left to right: 
Coach Devidson, Lee Simerall, Scott 
Davorski, Jeff Lawerance, Rodney 
Anderson, Chip Shea, Bill Kimmel, Mark 


Bill Kimmel throws the javelon. 



Wayne Jones does the long jump. 

a 145 □ 


fc* * 

Men's Tennis 

Left to Right: Tom Gtime, Mike Bridger, 
Justin Chapman, Tom Conrod, Mike 
Blackburn, Jim Burke. 

lilillili ■■'-■" ^ 

Justin Chapman slams a serve. 

Alan Watts returns a serve. 


Women's Tennis 

Left to Right: Donna Reynolds, Melanie 
Kelly, Teresa Shea, Patty Salinas, Kim 
Lewers, Lisa Robinson, Kandi O'Connor. 

Teresa Shea and Kandi O'Connor play 




Teresa Shea returns a low ball. 

D 147 □ 


The cheerleading squad started out 
non-existent in the 1986 athletic season. 
Then students decided a cheerleading 
squad was needed. Tryouts were 
scheduled and a squad was established. 
Cheerleaders now provide cheers for the 
men's and women's basketball teams. 

Kristy Coggins 
Jenny McGuire 
Paula Mellinger 
Kristin Memfield 
Kristi Pierce 
Cara VanKooten 
Cathy Wlodek 
M'Shell Wright 

Drill Team 

Lisa Albrecht, Trudi Boensch, Terry 
Fox, Leslie Landruv. Cindy Moore, 
Judie Perry, Kristi Pierce, Paula 
Reising, Sheila Smith, Jenny Wiese, 
Julie Wilson 

High Point College's first annual Drill 
Team began this year as twelve girls took 
it upon themselves to organize a squad, 
select an advisor, and — with the help of 
that advisor — develop a constitution of 
guidelines. Performing at half-time of all 
men's home basketball games, the HPC 
Drill Team was a terrific attribute to both 
Panther spirit and team support. 

The squad consists of ten members 
and two alternates that practice weekly to 
perform dance routines to such favorites 
as "Manhunt," "Shot Through the 
Heart," "The Men All Pause," and 
"Victory." With the help of the Student 
Government Association, the Office of 
Student Life, and the advisor. Tammy 
Pugh, the squad made a fantastic start, 
setting precedent for years to come. 


D 149 D 


High Point College basketball coach Jerry 
Steele has been selected for induction into the National 
Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NA1A) Coaches Hall of 
Fame. The induction took place in Kansas City, Missouri, on 
Tuesday, March 17, 1987, during the NA1A Hillyard Hall of 
Fame Luncheon. The Hall of Fame Award is the NAIA's 
highest recognition. 

The twenty-two year veteran has compiled an overall record 
of 360-259 with two NAIA schools. Form 1962 to 1970 Steele 
posted a 151-74 record at Guilford College, leading the 
Quakers four times to the NAIA National Tournament. 

Since 1972 Steele has led High Point College to an overall 
209-185 mark and has participated in the National Tournament 
once, in 1979. 

A native of Elkin, North Carolina, the 47-year old Steele has 
been named Carolinas Conference Coach of the year on five 
occasions, NAIA District 26 Coach of the Year three times and 
NAIA Area Seven Coach of the year once. 

A 1961 graduate of Wake Forest University, Steele has twice 
led his teams to long winning steaks. In 1970 at Guilford the 
Quakers won twenty-nine consecutive games, finishing with a 
32-5 record and a fourth-place finish in the national 

In 1979 at High Point the Panthers won eighteen straight 
enroute to a 27-6 mark and a trip to the nationals. 

Steele has coached five All-American players during his 
twenty-two years. Most notable among them were Bob 
Kauffman, an NBA number one draft choice at Guilford, in 
1968, M. L. Carr, recently retired from the Boston Celtics, a 
freshman on Steele's 1970 team at Guilford; and Charlie Floyd, 
an All-American and NBA number three draft choice of the 
Washington Bullets, in 1979 at High Point. 










Carolinas Conference Coach of the Year 

Won District 26 championship; lost in first round of 
NAIA National Tournament 





— ABA 




1972-73 11-15 
















District Coach of the 














Won District 26 championship; lost in second round 
of NAIA National Tournament 

Won Carolinas Conference championship, Won 
District 26 Championship; seeded number one in 
NAIA Nationals; lost in first round; Carolinas 
Conference and District 26 Coach of the Year; Bob 
Kauffman named first team All-American and 
drafted number one by Seattle in the NBA; seniors 
Pat Monarty and Ed Fellers drafted by the New 
York Knicks in later rounds. 

Undefeated in Carolinas Conference regular season; 
Won Conference and District 26 titles; finished 
fourth in NAIA National Tournament, won 29 
consecutive games, including a quarter-final win 
over Stephen F. Austin, in the nationals. SFA was 
undefeated and top-ranked in the nation; named 
Carolinas Conference and District 26 Coach of the 
Year; Steele was invited by the US State 
Department to take his Guilford team on a 42-day 
goodwill tour of West Africa; soph David Smith was 
named All-American and Freshman M. L. Carr was 
a member of this team 

Assistant coach to Bones McKinney until mid-year; 
took over team in January and led them to 17-24 

Director of Player Personnel, Carolina Cougars 

Named Athletic Director at High Point in August, 
1972. Became basketball coach in September when 
J. D. Barnett resigned 

All-Amencan Pete Collins was drafted by the 
Washington Bullets 

Won Carolinas Conference title; named Conference 
Coach of the Year. 

Won Carolinas Conference and District 26 
championships; lost in second round of NAIA 
Nationals; Senior Charlie Floyd was first team 
All-American and number three draft choice of the 
Washington Bullets. 

Carolinas Conference Coach of the Year 

D 150 □ 

Congratulations HPC 



The Lady Panthers 
volleyball team along with 
coach Debbie Trogdon 
finished their second 
consecutive season with an 
undefeated record. Because of 
their tremendous effort they 
earned a berth in the NA1A 
Nationals in Fort Worth, 
Texas on November, 20-22 
and Coach Trogdon earned 
Carolinas Conference Coach 
of the Year for a second year. 
Even though the team lost the 
tournament they gained much 
experience and brought great 
pride to High Point College 
Coach Trogdon said that next 
year the team will be "hungry 
to win the championship." 
With only 2 seniors on their 
current roster and their newly 
found experience it would not 
be surprising to see the Lady 
Panthers come home with the 
national title in the 1987 

□ 151 □ 




r oO°* 


1 CO^-iMO* »«:f.ViJ»"irM«* 




In Winston Salem visit SIR SPEEDY at 1011 Burke St . . . 722-4109 


High Point Mall 

Suite 17 

High Point, N.C. 27260 


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Wolff Tan! 



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1 1 :00 am — 12 mid Sun. Thru 


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S. Main 

Call us. 

Free 30 minute delivery 
and 10 minute pick-up 

Umited delivery area. 

C1983 Domiry>'» Piiii Inc 

"For All Your Soccer Needs" 


225 Eastchester Drive 

High Point Mall 
High Point, NIC 27260 

What do: Teri Burqkhte, Jon Travis, Blanca Lee, 
Catherine Highbaugil; Ken Zeller, Yllanda Cooper, 
Kelly Shivers, Cindy -fylarzano, Sharon Sazarna, Ma 
Ounphachanh, Elldri Lachin, Tammy Pound, Susan 
Huff, Lisa Mechaleg, "Michele Saunders, Gina Hendrix, 
Jule Dean, Sherry Scott, Rob Headrick, Jeff Nealey, _ 
Cardillo, Lisa Sham, fVoe/ Busch, Chris Machella, Pam 
Harrison, Nina Edrtfohds, Laura Peoples, Phil Blake, 
Mrs. Schamock, Wmotly Gibson, Dreema Bryant, Jo 
Walker, and many glcye have in common? They all 
helped put togethefelite 1987 Zenith. 






Continuing Education at 

Freshmen CAEP 
High Point College 

Susan G Adams 
Elizabeth H Aldndge 
David Anderson 
Randy J Barber 
William Len Beusse 
Teresa D. Billings 
Sharon Graves Bolton 
Douglas A Bhstow 
Carlo G Burkhart 
Rhonda N. Bynum 
Deborah Chapman 
Djuana Maria Collins 
Rhonda Craven 
Richard D. Crouse 
Rita C Davis 
Wanda N Dejoumette 
Almettia C Ellison 
Lawanna Lyn Fitzgerald 
Mary Sibert Fitzgerald 
Delia C. Foster 
Annette Fulmore 
Mark Aaron Gibson 
Trish Lynn Good 
Gary L. Goodnough 
Janet Grady 
John E Grant III 
Carlton Brent Guyer 
Anthony L Hairston 
Lundy Hall 
Patnaa L Hardy 
Louanne C Hedrick 
John L Herbin 
Michael Wayne Hubble 
Bruce C. Huffman 
Frednck M Hughes 
Cynthia H Ingram 
Nancy W Kearney 
Manann D. Kem 
Carolyn D Lederer 
Dwight W Leonard 
Walter H Leonard, Jr. 
Donna G Lewis 
Judy L Maxwell 
Terry D McClure 
Janie T. McDans 
Pasedia L Mills 
Sharon Lynm Montgomery 
Tom L Mullis 
Debra Shay Murphy 
Sherry Lynne Nelson 
Fonda D. Noms 
Dennis Bnan Ohara 
Anthony Todc Patterson 
Lynn F. Payne 
William Alan Price 
Ofelia Nmn Reddick 
Ann H Rheinlander 
Amell Jeannetto Rone 
Erin Marlene Ryce 
Wanda D. Sautter 
Manlyn S Schoeh 
Margie Seamon 
Martin A Senell. Jr 
Bnan M Shoaf 
Chnstma C Snoaf 
Lisa Dawn Smith 
Robert A. Spears 
C Edward Studebaker 
Jette D Swaim 
Jeffery A Sweeney 
Ethel M. Townsend 
Henry W. Usrey, Jr. 
Sue Vanzeeland 
Jess Watson, Vaught 
Deborah H. Wade 
James T. Wall 
Doris L Warren 

Susan Watts 
Linda Hotturn White 
Jerry D. Whitley 
Rita P Whitley 
Patsy Miller Willard 
Diane 0. Wilson 
Rickie A Wilson 
Ron A. Woodell 
Cheryl Renee Wooten 
John F Ziglar 

Sophomores CAEP 
High Point College 

Shelly Ann Acuff 
Kathleen M Bryant 
Meredith Ann Eanes 
Debbie H Fisher 
Curtis Wilkes Hatton 
Teresa L. Hayworth 
Robert Shapard Hupp 
Tonya H. Langley 
Faye Loflin 
Judith Shem Melton 
Billy Norris 
Beverly P Page 
Donna M. Pniett 
Gilda Dehavia Watts 
Silas Eddie Wood 

Juniors CAEP 
High Point College 

Cnss D. Anderson 
Beverly T. Boemer 
Christopher Lee Bowles 
Scott Thomas Bumette 
Andrew Onyemaec Chiedu 
Eddie R. Conrad 
Conis F. Cutler 
Rick J Espy 
David Wayne Fields 
Bradford Stanle Grubbs 
Kathleen M Haggerty 
Stephen Paul Lain 
Brett Hall McCurry 
Louis Joseph Messina 
Glenda S. Morgan 
Joe Radford Moms 
Deborah Kathleen Piner 
William Reid Rice 111 
Stephen Alan Rule 
Richard Lynel Scott 
Deborah H Shaw 
Hilda Sink 
Gary Dale Snipessr 
Randall Craig Wngbt 

Seniors CAEP 
High Point College 

Ronald Kirkwood Band 
Barry Duke Bunn 
Vicki F. Causey 
John Wesley Edwards, Jr. 
Michael Loyd Foster 
Debra Lynn Gambill 
John Robert Gavlik 
James M Hayworth 
Dianne Horton 
Martha E Hutchens 

Patricia Johnson 
Teresa C Kines 
Carlo Jean Newton 
Louise F Nichols 
Louise C Nowicki 
Catherine B Patton 
Teresa Gail Price 
Betty Wall Pncebums 
James Daniel Rangel 
Jackie Daniel Reeder 
David H. Seawell 
Randy L. Shields 
Dennis Edward Sink 
Susan S Smith 
Wanda Dianne Stone 
David Sykes 
Mehnda Sykes 
Alan Scott Walser 
Donna W Whittener 
Bonnie J Williams 
Aura Lee Wilson 
Roger A Zimmerman 

Freshmen CAEP 
Piedmont Air Lines 

Ludwig W Albl 
Ivy Banner 
Dan Hallam Bauer 
Albert Beamon 
Patricia D Bek 

Xavier Bethune 
Maria M. Bogarous 
Robert Lee Bowden 
Scarlet Boyle 
Frances D. Campbell 
Chnstine Joanm Carden 
Wanda S Carter 
Dennis Craig Gartner 
Barbara D Cockrum 
Marylin Faye Collins 
Ronald Dean Cook 
Diana M Cornatzer 
Sue Memory Cox 
Pansy Daniels 
Schuyler Day 
Beverly P. Dement 
Lynn M Dentiste 
Debra Lynn Dion 
Karen Jane Doub 
Janet L. Driver 
Tracy C. Duke 
Rita J. Forbes 
Rebecca J Fullen 
Pamela Grace Fulp 
Gail Smith Gregory 
Susan M Haake 
Charlie D. Hall, Jr. 
Robin Edwina Hall 
Janice Laronne Hamm 
Donna Frances Hammond 
Pamela Hartigan 
Lorraine Hele Hawryluk 
Carolyn Hedrick 
Jeanette Higgins 
Greg Horton 
Deloris R Huntley 
Mary Ann Johnson 
Rita Johnson 
David A. Kimball 
Leigh Temples Kiser 
Timothy Ray Knopf 
Kim D Lemonds 
Patnck James Man- 
Barbara B. Marsh 
Karen F Marshall 
Pamela D Matthews 
Gwen McCartney 
Paul T McCormick 11 
Janice D. Miller 
Rebeca Jane Momson 
John Moser 
Robin C Mouzon 
Nellie A. Nail 
Rebecca Lynn Norris 
Pamela A Pacula 
Kristina Barbara Papp 
Mitzie L. Reavis 
Sara Lynn Redmon 

□ 156 □ 

High Point College 

Kenneth Lee Rippy 
Terry Lynn Roberts 
Donna R. Robertson 
Katherine Ann Roels 
Stacey P. Rogatsios 
Deborah L. Sams 
Deborah Lee Scalise 
Amy Shelton 
Sherri B. Sheppard 
Brajinder Singh 
Kumiko K. Sloop 
Lynda B. Smith 
Vickie L Smith 
Patricia R. Stewart 
Kenneth Ray Stophel 
Denise Rhodes Sturkie 
Ntcolette Jacquel Tesh 
Pargie L. Turner 
Jocelvn Elizabe Walker 
Mary K Wall 
James S Weavil 
Robert D Weesner 
Jeffrey Alan Woosley 
Kim Marie Woosley 
Blair C Yokley 
Debbie H Yonakor 
Leita K. Zeugner 
Martha Ziglar 

Sophomores CAEP 
Piedmont Airlines 

Joyce Adams 
Kieran Brockman Brown 
Debra Lynn Caldwell 
Kimberly D Childress 
Kathy Dianne Comer 
Caroline E Connor 
Connie V. Cooper 
Patncia Davis 
Lynn Dee Dull 
Ryke Rylan Edwards 
Meredith Green 
Jeffrey Wayne Horton 
Judith Lytle 
Patricia Ann Marshall 
Vallie E. Martin 
Diane Mathews 
Jeloma Kay McDonald 
Gail Merritt 
Kathy W. Morgan 
Cynthia E. Moxiey 
Edward H. Musselwhite 
Charles Neenan 
Timothy Ray Nelson 
Gwendolyn M. Oakley 
Anna Maria Papp 
Linda Gibson Petree 
Charlene Porter 
Marilyn T. Reid 
Beth Anita Rush 
Jackie Lynn Sherrod 
Luanne W. Shumate 
Carolyn O. Simmons 
Diane B. Smith 
Georgie Ann Southern 
Richard Walter Speer 
Amy G Troxell 
Tammie J. Vestal 
Janice W. Vogler 
Lisa Renee Wagoner 
Kelly Renee Widener 

Juniors CAEP 
Piedmont Airlines 

David Herman Baity 
Deborah Thorpe Boose 
Teresa Borgardts 
Faith Whitaker Bowman 
Stephen C. Brown 
Mary Jane Browne 
Norman Wayne Byerly 
Cheryl Susan Caudill 
Edna M Chavis 
Mary L. Cromer 
Cathenne Cummings 
Thomas E. Disantis 
M Carolyn Fulp 
Jerome Alexan Gathings 
Andre Gray 
Sandra Kay Gray 
Kenneth hiollingsworth 
Chrsytal Lynn Jessup 
Shari Johnson 
Richard W. Jones, Jr. 
Michael Willia Kecseti 
Kathryn Lloyd 
Liston Laveme Martin 
Patncia R Nelson 
David L Page 
Ellen K. Parker 
Richard Keith Parsons 
Judith Ann Raglandtodd 
William hi- Reavis, Jr. 
Jacalyn D Riley 
David Lynn Sain 
Baud Brooks Sills, Jr 
Cathy Lynne Slate 
Jem Rudd Snider 
Michael H. Stephenson 
Judith Patricia Swaim 
Kim Teasley 
Ladonna Thomas 
Cathie Vestal 
Brenda Sue Walker 
Cindy Renee Weaver 
Patricia T. Wnght 

Seniors CAEP 
Piedmont Airlines 

Clemmie R Basmger 
William R Bernstein 
Melanie Black 
Carolyn Elaine Boles 
Gerald F. Bracey 
William C Brandon. Jr. 
Janice L. Cash 
Deborah Gail Chandler 
Kathy Elizabeth Clark 
Evelyn Jean Collins 
James Hoyle Conner 
Edwin L Ellis, Jr 
Annette H Everhart 
Roy Clinton Gough. Jr. 
Ronald Lynn Hartman 
Carol Ann Hawkins 
Julia E. Hicks 
Manlyn T. Humphrey 
L Carol Lawson 
Jean M. Lee 
Cheryl Little 
Linda Carolyn Mabe 
Gordon David Macbryde 
Michael Wayne Magee 
Marguerite C Messick 
Paul Ray Phillips 
Cecil Reid Smith 

Dennis K. Stanfield 
Donna H Stirewali 
Elwyn Bailey Thompson 
Bruce David Updyke 
Lynda Venable 
Martha Warner 
Melissa Willard 
Vkki Yokley 
PaulC Ziglar 111 

Freshmen CAEP 

Johnny Lee Addertion 
Richard Hams Allen 
Donna B Boger 
Greg C Cames 
Kenneth Wilifor Carter 
Beverly B Chop/in 
Sadie U Clement 
Billy Tyrone Conner 
Jeanne A Davis 
Darlene Eads 
Catherine Evans 
Mark Evans 
Kelly D. Everhart 
Dale A. Flynt 
James Michael Gowen 
Tina Sue Gulledge 
Dawn Kimberly Hams 
John Robert Haxton 
Kay Francis Hester 
John William lema 
Joanne Mane Jacovec 
Cleta L Jordan 
Karen S. Joyce 
Joel Randall Kiger 
Dianne J Leonard 
James E. Lippard, Jr 
Sonya V Long 
Jeffrey Deane Manuel 
Karen K Martin 
Betty M McNeil 
Nina L Meinng 
Norma Nifong 
Deborah Ann Pope 
Earlene Rhynehurdt 
George Arthur Shouse 
Myra Smith 

Kathenne M Stephenson 
Carol Jean Tnplett 
Pamela W Tnvette 
Gary B Walker 
Mark T. Wall 
Timothy C Wallace 
Louise Virgini Watkins 
Daniel Watts 
Tina White 

Denise Lavem Williams 
Jeffrey Allen Willis 
Sharon Beth Wonders 
Stanley I Wood 
Marlene Young 
Peggy Lee Zelensky 

Sophomores CAEP 

Shirley Athan 
Shannun Warren Clark 
Susan Frank 
Anne Mane Gadzicki 
James Elbert Hoots 
Denny Kallam 

Fredenck Paul Kelly 
Charles H. Kimel 
Gail Lynette Lindsay 
John Samuel Long 
Kay Long 

Hugh Alan Martin. Jr 
Janie O Petticord 
Regina W Southern 
Roy Rueben West 

Juniors CAEP 

Shirley L Allen 
Mary Ann Cline 
Carolyn Johnson Craver 
Karen A Faulkner 
Carolyn Galloway 
Larry Daniel Gossett 
Keith Douglas Graham 
Judy Deanell Gnmstead 
Kyle Harrison 
Penny Leigh Hauser 
Linda A. Huff 
Sheme H lvey 
Claybome Y Lewis 
Alisa Ann Lyon 
R Larry McCullough 
Judith Ann McKinney 
Juamlla Moore 
Linda Morrison 
Lynn Owens 
Gary L Phelps 
David Kim Reece 
Phillip Gray Smith 
Ernest G. Snead 
Kay W Wagner 
Jeffrey Van Williard 
Janice R. Wurgley 

Seniors CAEP 

Randall Keith Clark 
Wanda Doss 
Calvin Lawson 
Hilda H. Pate 
Beverly W. Smith 
Lynne Saintsing Smith 
Jeffrey M Vuksan 

□ 157 □ 







(.omplrte c X-Gb, 
' Outfitttrs J ' ' 

Slack' i ^uiniture ComfianLj, One. 

HIGH POINT. N C 27260 

Lavona Black, president 
Harold Moose, vice-president 

Phone 886-50 I 





PHONE: 887-1990 

From the desk of A B Billings: 

Thanks to: 

The English Dept. 

The Writer's Club 

Society for Collegiate 


"The Lamplighter" 

"The Zenith" 

"The Apogee" 

"The Hi-Po" 

Sechrest Funeral 
Service Inc. 

High Point 



*%r// .*>„<„/. . V'f. 27262 (a 19) 8S4-39-35 



■£**-m£\ ; 






A ^ 




s»- .«* 




V>* 8 <i> >:;> V 

a %e „<tf.^ ^ c " \ja^ 







J f 


of the 

High Point College 
students are 
preparing themselves 
for the challenges 
and changes of the 
future. Through 
academic and activity 

□ 165 □ 

I I 

A New Dorm 

The new men's dormitory was started in June of 1986 with a finished 
date set for the fall of 1987. The new dormitory will be the most 
sought after dorm on the campus. When finished it will house 
incoming freshmen men, be air conditioned, and accesssable to 
handicapped students. The McColluch Hall will be torn down. 

□ 167 D 

□ 168 □ 

D 169 □ 

VA0110823 iO 


. i i i i ■ « ' i m Smimm 


— — — " I . I . I ' ■ ' ■ ■■«■■—— ——■——■' — ^1 

VA 2391239 ^ 


D 172 □ 








' ""*" 

' wr ~^ 


^^B^-^ ****-' 



'• ' ; - 

A special effect added to many students cars 
have been the specialized license plates. It 
seems to be the new craze. Each 
personalized license plate purchased in 
North Carolina gives a percentage to the 
beautification of North Carolina highways. 

a 173 □ 

Career Alumni Day 

Each year alumni return to High 
Point College to speak with Juniors 
and Seniors who are interested in 
their field of work. 

Career Development Center 

□ 175 □ 

As editor of the Zenith for the past three 
years I would like to say it has taught me 
more than I could have learned in any 
classroom. It has been my pleasure to edit 
the Zenith. I have tried to capture once in a 
lifetime moments, moments which are 
stepping stones in life. A cliche which 

describes the situation is, "no pain, no 
gain." I feel that by producing three 
yearbooks I have accomplished something 
here at High Point. And last I would like to 
thank anyone who has helped me over the 
last three years. Deadlines got tough, but 
you all helped. Thanks, Melissa Mize 

□ 176 □