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Full text of "The Zenith Yearbook, 1988 High Point College"

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- cW W V >< 

High Point College • High Point • North Carolina 

Volume Sixty- Four 

Hitting the 

Sunday night at the library 



Waiting for pizzas, sighing for 



Confronting computers 

2 Prologue 


Midnight arguments 

Touching friends 


Performing, adapting, 


Prologue 3 

President Jacob C. Martinson, Jr. 

4 Prologue 



lliat? Paint (lolkqc 

Hi ah pmnt 
iXnrth Carolina ^T2ti2 


Message for the ZENITH 

Jacob C. Martinson, Jr. 

September 25, 1987 

Alfred North Whitehead once said that, "moral education is impossible 
apart from the habitual vision of greatness." I believe that we at High 
Point College are commissioned to "create a vision of greatness." When we 
realize that most people live all of their lives having never realized their 
greatest potential, we are reminded that we cannot settle for less than our 
best. Sneering disbelief is our enemy. 

One of the things I enjoy most at High Point College is talking and 
working with students who always seem to impress me with their optim- 
ism, their maturity, their sense of responsibility and their achievement. 
It is a privilege to work with such people and I count myself blessed with 
more than my share of life's satisfactions. 

I commend the class of 1988 . You have made genuine contributions to 
the life of our lovely campus; we wish you well, and we will watch your 
future with great interest. The rising classes of 1989, 1990, and 1991 have 
been challenged by your inspiring example. Together, we will try to do 
justice to the marvelous pace which you have set for all of us. 




Prologue 5 

T*2i *■ 




Louise Mandrell visited the High Point 
College campus October 23-24 to promote 
her concert. She visited classrooms and 
held a press conference and luncheon in the f- 
banquet room of the Campus Center. Ms. 
Mandrell became an instant favorite of the 
students in the cafeteria where she made a 
surprise appearance! 


•■A3 sf».i 

**L ;: 

v 1 . • >-' 





; fc 



'# ■' . ; 


opens its 
doors in '87 

In 1924, R.K. Stewart & Son 
Construction Company was contracted to 
build a men's dormitory on the new campus 
of High Point College. Sixty-two years later 
the same company returned to High Point 
College for a repeat performance. 
McCulloch Dorm had housed its final 
freshman class and a new dormitory was 
planned for construction. One year and $3 
million later, the new dormitory opened its 
doors to a new generation of High Point 
College students. The air-conditioned facility 
includes 4 floors with 111 rooms and 222 
beds. The dorm also has handicap 
facilities, including 6 rooms for handicapped 
students. Each floor contains a carpeted 
lounge for student use. Elevators are 
available to transport students to each floor. 

The dormitory, which now houses 
freshmen as well as sophomore, junior and 
senior men, will be called New Dorm until it 
is officially named by the college. 

Top left: The cupola 
which stood on top of 
McCulloch Dorm for 63 
years now rests on the 
roof of New Dorm. 
Bottom left: The 
completed dormitory in 
September of '87. 
This page: Six decades of 
memories were destroyed 
as McCulloch Dorm was 
demolished last summer. 

Prologue 9 

10 Prologue 

Getting together with friends, 

Calling home, 

Celebrating birthdays 

the beautiful campus 

Of High Point College. 

Prologue 11 

12 Prologue 

The Career 



As the director of the Career Development Center, 
Mrs. Joyce Wainer assists students with job 
placement, interviewing skills, resume preparation 
and graduate school entrance exams. 

Through the Career Development Center, High 
Point College participates in an annual Job Fair held 
each November. This Job Fair, held along with seven 
other Liberal Arts schools, attracts companies of 
national prominence. Students are given the 
opportunity to talk with as well as interview with, the 
various recruiters. 

A highlight of the Career Development Center was 
the "Lifestyles Fashion Show" held October 7, 
1987. The fashion show, sponsored by the Career 
Development Center and the Fine Arts Department, 
was to benefit the High Point Drug Action Council. 
The fashions were contributed by Belk-Beck of High 
Point and Hanes of Winston Salem. HPC students 
modeled and provided entertainment for the evening. 

A Constitutional birthday 

College and community, we gather here 

to affirm two centuries' definitions; 

to celebrate truths 

which in our lives 

are continually emerging. 

. r 



»m ^mmmwMWm 










■ r; *il 


m \ i * 



!:^.'';:v^"t|w^ ■ 


Bp' ' H 

1 \ 

r^B ■' T 

BnlVJlH' 'Vn 
1 • 


1 ■Ut5%^BI 

1 pn^^ 




^"V Vi 

*^ h 


W ' ^M mt 

High Point's Mayor Judy Mendenhall 

5 -i 

,- ■ 


r % 








I ^H 

Prologue 15 



any, varied 

! I 












The American Humanics Student Association 
serves as the student voice to the 
Department of Behavioral Sciences and 
Human Services. The organization plans, 
organizes, and implements many of the 
co-curricular opportunities for the 
Department. Although membership in the 
organization is primarily composed of 
students who major in one of the academic 
disciplines of the Department, any student 
who wishes experience with their normal 
education is encouraged to join. AHSA 
provides its membership with experiential 
opportunities in dealing with people. It 
enriches the student's leadership ability and 
knowledge in practical aspects of dealing with 
people. AHSA creates opportunities for 
cultural and social interaction with fellow 
students and current successful career 

Row 1: David Wood Becky Wiley, JenAnn Bongiovanni, Mike Lopreste, Lon Burns, Jodi Crotts, Kevin llarraza 
Blanca Lee Stacie McElroy, Kelly Roscoe, Jerome Drew, Patrick Petnllo, Kate Holt, Steve Pless, Julie Wilson Lally 
Collins, Linda Lovely, Renee Kimel Row 2: Mr Patrick Haun, Robert Bowser, Dr. Allen Goedeke, Rob Calamari 
Brad Krantz Shane Guilford, Melissa Jones, Andrew Ritchie, Silas Steele, Brett Carter, Audrey Chaney, Noel Busch' 
Mr William Cope, James Ziglar, Anna Kintigh, Ailleen Radinsky, Gretchen Foard, Mary Jo Mackie, Stacie DePew 
Row 3: Mr. Jim Costen, Charlie Popper, Sean Magsamen, Dr. Marshall, Mrs. Busch, Luke Williams, Dr. Ronald 
Ramke, Ty Worsham. 

Dr. Goedeke performs skit at AHSA retreat at Camp 

Officers: Row 1: Ty Worsham, Melissa Jones. Row 2: 
Lally Collins, Bob Bowser, Noel Busch, Brett Carter. 
Row 3: Gretchen Foard. Row 4: Steve Pless, Julie Wil- 

18 The American Humanics Student Association 

The American 



The High Point College Chapter ot the 
Student Affiliates of the ACS offers 
students interested in chemistry a chance 
to meet and participate in activities out 
of the classroom. These activities include 
outside speakers, student socials, and 
field trips to various industrial and 
national laboratories. The Society strives 
to expose students to chemists in 
academic as well as industrial 

Tandy, Kevin, George and Whitney observe salt water ecology at the Natural Science Center in Greensboro 

Row 1: Dr Bowman. Ron Jarvis, W. Tandy Grubbs (President), Carl 'Chip' Shea, Dr. 
Rickard. Row 2: Mary Beth Downs, Whitney Rogers, Kevin Bowen, Mark Boles Not 
Pictured: Vance Holdsclaw, George Satt. 

The American Chemical Society 19 

North Carolina Association 

of Educators Student 


Student Program sponsors a reception for 
the college faculty prior to one faculty 
meeting. They also sponsor several 
speakers who talk about pertinent issues 
for future educators. 

Row 1: Mary Anne Rankin, Gina Earnhardt. Angie 
Browder, Bnanne Brannigan. Ursula Urbielewicz. Jan 
Julian, Janet Byrd, Paige Alvarez. Row 2: Claudia Her- 
nandez, Brenda Hovis, Lisa Shank, Kim Payne, Chen 
Hedgecock, Carol Collins, Kay Shaver, Kristi Wilmoth 
Row 3: Shern Hooker, Angie Dancy, Kelly Blake, 
Cheryl Rebert, Julie Weavil, Kim Massey Row 4: 
Michelle Hutchings, Tracy Stikeleather, Kris Curry, 

Shanda Gordon, Stephanie Serafino, Karen VanHoy, 
Lisa Michalec Row 5: Elizabeth Kepley, Amy Lock- 
hart, Donna Oman, Rozanne Lanmng, Sabrina Barts, 
Shelly Gordon Row 6: Hooshang Bagheri, Debra 
Wright, Dana Garner, Debra Montera, Amy Willert, 
Ellen Barr, Nancy Shelton, Wanda Powers, Linda Jar- 
rett, Allen Thacker. Row 7: Brett Taylor, Lisa Dean 

20 Student NC Association of Educators 

AndVfS S E< P jll?WL°l n Mark C ^" C ° a r !' Row 3: Joe McKechnie, Mark Strode, Ter^ Collins. 
PhMHn rnv 'i.vTh ™ me *7 ? Do , L ?, St l w ?£ Ja V Amernick. Robert Petty, Steve Prokop 
Phillip Cox, Jay Shurlmg, Jay Cohen, John Smith. y 


Radio station WWIH was stronger than 
ever this year. Under the capable 
direction of Dr. Mark Chilcoat, it has 
developed a professional and polished 

sound. The radio station practicum 
provides valuable hands-on experience 
for those students interested in entering 
the radio broadcasting field. 

WWIH 21 


The Hi-Po is the newspaper of the 
High Point College community. The 
newspaper, under the editorial direction 
of Margaret Phillips, informed students 
about future happenings, past events and 
current issues. The Hi-Po, which was 
issued monthly, took on a very 

professional look this year. The increase 
in the size of the staff was one reason 
for the more polished look. Under the 
knowledgeable guidance of Mr. Gary 
Foster, the Hi-Po had a very successful 

Row 1: Mr Foster, Noel Blank, Kristie Huneycutt, Jill Seller Back row: Jim Burke, Margaret Phillips, Editor, Doug 
Stewart. Kelly Shivers, Keith Johnson. 

22 Hi-Po 

The Hi-Po 

National commentator speaks on"^ 

b* Na-ltr Blink thi , „j uulUm wijj ^^ 

Hi.h PotoL N C 

b, Itoellf Blink 

On Satu/iliii nighl S«t>[*:i 

Manorial Audilortwn a 
Wayruck guM Ittturc 
Smith rooi«d hi» |«u 
Changing ChiilmffM to. . 
Thp lnn,,rv beRiui mul 

torching Up those 
al» vutl that bo: 

— -iviancmtT h, 

bpcHun* morality d--** 

■™™ ine graviunrj toward aB ^ 
Thi» .nl) and other rdaugua A. <, 
toSmilh. Pr™drat of th* Uaued & 

-inner* and tours' Thia ml) „. 

'J!. ( ,jll.. 

w sound sy rfb ,,„*^ 

that the Pnwidmlc lu: 

<*Di»my " Scnith baiVi-n, , 
munism p^ u ^ 

" ,chn, ^^^CoTar™ 

Snath', >,j, »ijrtt« 

1m loclun ■«. I™ to U» p 

*" TV P^*" 

>nd bctimn Cm 

Letters [o the Editor 

World Food Day, October 16, 1987 

Campus notes 

Student life ViW&Jt*"?* 
. Festival .SjgsSjsSS 

body im 

ut |u* Engfa 
u, (tin tad shi 


held on camp ^^jtfS-r g-\5 

w Kelly S^**" 1 trie" " m * "*Kc»^' ' ' ,">- 

Country star ri^>^ ' 

MoMlrelJiay.ihebeM 1W '0*»' _, prou 1 * "* ~o t*" 

£ " ■* - fa, ,„ k,,^^ "^tf" *** „ 

."**,'* "''lam) .Ml * e . .._ M* *"^ ', 

"""' '"da,. (Jet 

Mjjri.Jr, || 

1 ■"-''■ bv. Unse 
CK Go<t family . 

■SL 8 '.*.^.. „. 
Former hostage spends 
day on campus 


— Louise * 
Eaucation Department 

dcLTL0 Lhar student teaching this tall 

AbwTnndale Elfmentary: Row Swnndaxy Edncatioo. Csroline 

Adkini-Pilot Elementary. Hina HuctEr-Hunjjry Andjews High 
Echnrd-MoDtheu EtemenLflry. Paula Special Subjtcta John Fitz- 

•ii Kirirnar, Prt-lj ElarnenLar,- ■- r o I David Hooker Phy licil 

Panthers soccer team continues 
a winning season * 


by Richard Fffrril 
Thf VLgt Point Panthers «™ 
, Mm h»a bad an HXceUont ^a»n i 
laj My ,OinchOir»in.CujT«i'Jy.t 
PantbaTi 1^ ^** <n ^^ undniewted * 

ther3 „ tai W Pta- „ '«• •■ H,»7, p^" H« 

RojrjUy. vh« PMttan b.™ ""fi-injt,,^ ^ 0,J « Coy 

bnto saw Untv*™* by . «« «f «, j ,""'> '^ 
to, 1 The Panthers deloauid Ekm < -°*rt,6i Mn r' to ">ngra, 

wla «rf M - 

' ■ i y i — I i "N l i 

Student Life Committee: Joyce Warner, Ram Miller, 
Ann Pugh, Martha Blake, Gart Evans, Margie Boyles 


Row 1: Rusty Lawter, Gart Evans, Sharyn Sazama, 
Kristin Merrifield, Shelly Wills, Courtney Barry, Molly 
Bushong, Cindy Gladding, Row 2: Chaz Marr. Jeriann 
Bongiovanni, Martha Blake, Ram Miller, Susan Huff, 

Joyce Warner Row 3: Mike Lopreste, Marge Boyles, 
Kim Lewers, Jim Burke, Scott Lax, Scott Clark Row 4: 
Ty Worsham, Ann Pugh, Carlton Stallings, Mark Boyles, 
Chip Shea, Jim Sharkey, Dennis Smith. 


As paid, para-professional, student 
leaders and staff members of High Point 
College, Resident Assistants live among 
fellow students, and work to create and 
maintain an orderly and healthy 
living/learning environment in the 
residence hall communities. Resident 
Assistants plan programs and activities, 
enforce rules and regulations, conduct 
community meetings and act as 
community resource persons. 

Row 1: Souha Abboud, Whitney Rogers, 
Cindy Stewart, John Hess, Leigh Stewart, 
Tucker Claggett. Row 2: Chuck Gardner, 

Tom Bales, Lisa Dean, Morgan Cantarella, 
Luke Williams, Kevin Boween, Phil Blake, 
Blane Jiron, Rob Boucher. 


Project Escort is a group of students 
who volunteer their free time to protect 
students who are walking from one place 
to another on campus after dark. These 
students also help with events such as 
basketball games and concerts which are 
held on campus. 

RA's Project Escort 23 

Rosemary Leist — Treasurer, Monica Gregor — President, Dorinda Bennett — Secretary. 




AMS is the recognized national 
professional organization of managers in 
industry, commerce, government, 
education, and is the pioneer in 
management philosophy. AMS provides 
a bridge between the theoretical training 
of the university, the practical world of 
business and students preparing to go 
into business. It also serves as an 
effective medium for the exchange and 
distribution of information. 

Linda Carroll, Scott Barnhill, Paul Baity, Brett Blair, Tjark Bateman, Treka Brown, Paige Brooks, Trudi Boensch. 
Anthony Bell. Kimberly Foard. Molly Fox. Terry Fox, Jeffery Gore, Gregg Helmstetler, Bill Kimmel, Dawn Lemmo. 
Karen Liese. Thomas Mabe. ChazMarr, Gary Miller, Debbie Mecktessel, Lori Nappi, Scott Oliver, Knstme Peterson. 
Tim Sloan, Mike Strasberg, Bruce Terjanian, and Karen Schmitz. 

24 Administrative Management Society 

Officers: Shannon Craft, Frankie Chaplin, Stephani Hunt, Janet Byrd, Jennifer Jo 


Baptist Student 

Baptist Student Union at High Point 
College provides students with an 
opportunity for fellowship with students 
who not only care for each other, but 
reach out to the community in service to 
others. The programs, ministries, and 
activities in BSU are constructed to 
encourage, enhance, and challenge 
students as they seek to understand their 
faith in Christ. Involvement and 
participation in BSU will aid as a 
Christian, as well as growing as a 
person. All denominations are welcome. 

First Row: Shannon Craft, Frankie Chaplin, Stephanie 
Hunt, Janet Byrd, Jennifer Jones, Kristin Mernfield 
Second Row: Pam Dean, Sandra Shore, Ginger 
Smith, Amanda Craft, Scott Lax, Dennis Smith. Row 
Three: Rev Lamar King, Dana Batten, Kevin Ward, 
Mark Haas. 

Baptist Student Union 25 

Front row (L-R): Leena Qubein, Seema Qubein, Sabina Jasinsky, Cindy Overcash, Serry Ward, Rachel Radeline, 
Beth Summerville, Ron Jarvis Back row (L-R): Kelly Shivers, Lisa Dean, Debbie Montera, Cindy Marzano, Krista 
Kehn, Cindy Gladding, Susan Huff, Ben Curry, Debra Amnion, Charlie Birkner, Brian Jacobs 


Wesley Fellowship is an ecumenical Chris- 
tian fellowship that meets every week. It is 
open to all students as a Christian nurturing 
body. Since the school year began , Wesley 
Fellowship has had a variety of activities, 
including — a cookout, Vesper services, a 
Martin Luther King memorial service, a Fall 
retreat, ice skating and a workshop on in- 
clusive language. Several members of the 
organization attended "Jubilee '87". This 
was the National Student Conference in 
Saint Louis. Wesley Fellowship was excited 
to have Rachel Radline as the intern from 
Duke Divinity School to help coordinate ac- 

President, David Huskms (not pictured), Advisor, 
Ben Currv. Social Chairman, Cindy Overcash, 
Secretary Treasurer, Susan Huff, Publicity, Brian 

26 Wesley Fellowship 

International Club 

The International Club increases 
international awareness and 
understanding among the students. It 
helps students gain an appreciation tor 
cultures different from their own, and 
thus to lead them to a deeper 
appreciation and understanding of their 
own culture. The club has an annual 
international lunch that is prepared by 
the students. They also have several 
presentations or discussions on 
international topics led by faculty or 

Officers: Front; Carla Zumont — Vice President, Mary 
Ann Hundley — President Back; Cindy Marzano — 
Secretary, M'shell Wright — Treasurer. 

Row 1: M'shell Wright. Cindy Marzano, Mary Ann 
Hundley, Carla Zumot, Dr Carole Head. Row 2: Dr. 
Hooshang Bagheri, Chilon Siu, Souha Abboud Row 
3: Carole Donnelly, Katherme Cooper. Erica Fischer, 
Sharyn Sazama Row 4: Dana Batten, Pam Dean, 
Leena Qubem, Ma Ounphachanh, Karen Chapman, 
Mr. Kenneth Morse. 

International Club 27 




High ! 

6 pm 

High Point 

This spring the HPC Singers group 
was comprised of 70 students. In recent 
years the singers have toured the 
mid-Atlantic states including concerts in 
Washington, D.C. and New York City. 

Last year the HPC Singers were invited 
to perform at Walt Disney World as part 
of the 15th anniversary celebration. They 
have made numerous local television 
appearances and in October of 1987, 
they performed with Louise Mandrell 
before a sell-out crowd at High Point 

The singers are under the direction of 
Alexa Jackson Schlimmer and are 
accompanied by Marcia Dills. 

Beth O'Donnell, Kim Wyont, Pam Thomas, Cindy 
Marzano, Beth Summerville, Rebecca Sloan, Shawn 
Newsome, Cindy Overcash, Sherry Ward, Debra 
Ammon, Jenny Hudelson, Merry Eton, Anne 

Hopkins, Sara Caruthers, Shelly Wills, Krista Kehn, 
Susan Huff, Tammy Joyce, Sherry Holland, Seema 
Qubein, Holly McBurnie, Molly Fox, Kate Sheppard, 
Robin Boyd, Courtney Primm 

28 High Point College Singers 

Tim Austin and Rich Molinaro take a break during the 
dress rehearsal of their most recent play. 

Tower Players 

The Tower Players consist of a group 
of High Point College students with an 
avid interest in theatre. These students 
periodically produce, direct and act in 
school plays. In the Fall, High Point 
College Theatre and the Tower Players 

presented "George Washington Slept 
Here" and later in the spring they 
presented "The Rise and Rise of Daniel 
Rocket" and the musical "Leader of the 

Some of the cast of "George Washington Slept Here' 
pose at dress rehearsal. 

Judv Stovall President Gray Harvey Judi Perry, Cara Van Kooten, Paula Mellinger, Charles Birkner, Brenda Hovis, 
Andv Miller' Brian Jacobs Sara Caruthers, Amanda Huff, Kristin Mernfield, Cindy Overcash, Angelique Pernn, 
Kristine Peterson Rebecca Sloan, John Hess, Tim Sloan, Jon Travis, Chet Sheer, Kristi Pierce, Dana Conte, Treka 
Brown Andy Bre'hm Lynn Terry, Diane Hurley, Dennis Smith, John Epper, Lynn Heasley, Kathy Hughes 

Tower Players 29 

Dr. Ed Piacentino, Mr. Steve Jarrett. Anthony Billings, Mr. Gary Foster, Terry Collins, Kristie Huneycutt, Florida 
Cranford and Amy Slavin. 


Stephanie Hine, Secretary/Treasurer, Shannon Craft, 
President, Frankie Chaplin, Vice-President 

Writer's Club I 1 

The Writer's Club is an organization of 
students and faculty who enjoy writing 
and sharing what they write. The club 
meets periodically to read and discuss 
their writings. The Writer's Club helps 
sponsor the annual Phoenix Literary 
Festival where students from area 
colleges and high schools submit 
writings for critique. The club produces a 
literary magazine called "The 
Lamplighter" each fall. 

Alpha Delta 

Alpha Delta Theta was founded as a 
continuation of the religious education 
majors club in 1954. Today though, the 
organization consists of members in a 
variety of majors. ADT is a service 
sorority whose motto is "Sisters in the 
Service of God". The organization strives 
to promote Christian faith and fellowship. 
ADT provides a variety of services to 
High Point College and the surrounding 

mht f 




F ^ 



' JSi 


Row 1: Sandra Shore, Cindy Marzano, Tammy Joyce, 
Stephanie Hine, Frankie Chaplin, Shannon Craft. Row 
2: Michelle Griffin, Sherry Ward, Sabina Jasinski, 
Debbie Motera, Pam Dean, Amanda Craft, Shawn 

Newsome, Jennifer Hayworth. Row 3: Debra 
Ammons, Dana Batten, Seema Qubein, Kelly Shivers, 
Kristin Merrifield. 

30 Writer's Club/ ADT 

Front: Teri Burchette. Editor. Row 2: Tim Rice, Cindy Marzano, Seema Qubein. Cindy Overcash Row 3- Cherl 
Harrison, Advisor, Blanca Lee, Anne Kintigh. Jane Pesty, Donna Shybunko. Not Pictured: Christy Rockwell and Lynn 


The Zenith staff was a very small and 
inexperienced group this year. But no 
matter how small and inexperienced, the 
monthly deadlines still had to be met. As 
attendance and involvement dwindled 
with each meeting, the remaining few 
were more determined than ever to 
produce a yearbook. There were many 
difficult and frustrating days and nights 
involved in putting this yearbook 
together. Without the caring and 
guidance of advisor, Cherl Harrison, this 
book may have never reached the 

Ten, Blanca and Seema choose pictures and draw layouts to be submitted before the deadline 


Zenith 31 

APOGEE '8 7 


The Apogee consists of a small staff 
of people who compile poetry, fiction, 
photography and art work into a literary 
magazine. This magazine is produced by 

the staff each spring. The Apogee staff 
provides a creative outlet for many 
students who otherwise would not have 
an opportunity to be read or seen. 

Spring i 


Big* 1 



Terry Collins, Anthony Billings, Dr. John Moehlmann, 

World Trade 

Carmen Zayas, Debbie Meckfessel, Tracy Glazer, 
Linda Davis, Sophonia Wood, Karen Chapman, Erica 
Fischer, Tena Holden, George Satt, Catherine Cooper, 
Paul Baity. 

32 Apogee NC World Trade Association 



Row 1: Gina Hendrix, Jim Fitzgerald, Beth Edwards 
Amy Fifer, Ron Jarvis, Dr. Leo Weeks. Row 2: Scott 
Williams, Robert Edwards, Sharon Ringgold April 
Lowery, Harold Darnen. Row 3: Sandra Shore Julie 
Readling, David Payne, Tom Conrod, Vance Hold- 
sclaw, Jeff Lawrence. Row4: Dr. John Ward, Dr. Fred 
Yeats, Blaine Jiron, Mark Boles. 

Officers: President, Scott Bryson; Vice President, 
Tom Conrod; Secretary, Kim Coggins; Treasurer 
Vance Holdsclaw. Advisors: Dr. John Ward, Dr. Leo 
Weeks, Dr. Fred Yeats. 

Biology Majors Club 

The purpose of the Biology Maiors 
Club is to promote interest in biology, 
especially areas of current research. It 
provides an opportunity for students and 
biology faculty, as well as other 
biologists to share and interact. The club 

also creates an awareness of 
opportunities, current trends, special 
programs, and developments in the area 
of biology. The activities of the club are 
designed to supplement and enhance the 
regular academic program. 

Biology Maiors Club 33 

Student Union 

Student Union is a campus-wide student 
organization charged with governing the 
use of the Holt McPherson Campus 
Center, and the promotion of social, 
cultural, and recreational programs and 
activities throughout the campus 
community. Student Union provides 

students the chance to be involved and 
have fun at the same time! Student 
Union plans for dances, comedians, 
magicians, speakers, road trips, 
student-faculty mixers and for large 
events such as homecoming, the Spring 
semi-formal and the "Last Class Bash." 

One among the many billboards painted by Dennis 
Smith which have greatly promoted Student Union. 

rwa ■ 

34 Student Union 

Mr. Ram Miller — Advisor, Suzanne LeClear — 
Chairperson, Monica Gregor — Business Manager, 
Linda Lovely — Secretary, Karen Liese — Student- 
Faculty Relations, Ron Jarvis — Concert Committee, 
Charlie Birkner — Stage Manager. Mary Quinn — 
Recreation Committee, Robin Sink — Recreation 
Committee, Dennis Smith — Publicity Committee, 
Becky Wiley — Dance Committee, Colleen Perry — 
Dance Committee. 

Members: Paige Alvares, Jackie Barlowe, Michelle 
Durfee. Kim Foard, Gretchen Foard, Ginger Grubb, 
Molly Fox, Susan Huff, Kate Holt, Sabina Jasinski, 
Brian Jacobs, Krista Kehn. Lisa Michalec, Cindy 
Marzano, Suzette O'baugh, Margaret Phillips, Kristi 
Pierce, Tammy Pound, Michelle Saunders. Kelly 
Shivers, Ursula Urbielewicz, Jennifer Wieler, Luke 
Williams, Kristi Wilmoth, Kristin Merrifield, Stacey 
Becker, Cynthia Overcash, David Carver, Jill 
Burton, Kim Massey, J. P. Lunn, Brianne 
Brannigan, Trudi Boensch, Angela Dailey, Stacy 
DePew, Cyndi Herring. Jenny Kudelson, Kevin 
llarraza, Pete Lissy, Kim Long, Andy Miller, Dawn 
Miller, Don Murphy, Judi Perry, Steve Peterson, 
Patrick Petrillo. Mary Beth Phillips, Charlie Popper, 
Seema Qubem, Jean Reilly, Christy Rockwell, 
Whitney Rogers, Donna Shybunko, Leigh Stewart, 
Kim Wyont. Carla Zumot. Michelle Seifert, Audrey 
Chaney, Brett Carter, Claudette Beerman, Erica 
Fischer, Jeff Firkin, Ferguson Peters, James 
Homiak, Kevin Bowen, John Campo, Arthur Roth 

SGA Executive Committee Row 1: Ty Worsham, 
Bnanne Brannigan. Keith Hambrick, Margaret 
Phillips, J. P. Lunn. Row 2: Tim Brown, Breena Oliver. 

Row 1: Bnanne Brannigan, Teri Burchette, David Sands, Jennifer Hudelson, Debbie Tommosky. J P. Lunn. Row 2: 
Tena Holden Wendy Glass, Beth Edwards, Mandy Huff. Row 3: Karen Leise, Angela Dailey, Carlton Stallings Keith 
Hambrick Margaret Phillips Row 4: Mary-Beth Phillips, Tim Brown, Suzanne LeClear, Judy Stovall, Jennifer Wieler, 
Carolynn Flowers Noel Busch. Row 5: Shane Pegram, Fergusen Peters, John Harrington, Ursula Urbielewicz, Joe 
McKechme, Brett Carter, Andre Capuano. Mike Beck, James Burke, Ty Worsham. 


The SGA is the governing unit of the 
student body of High Point College. Its 
members allocate funds to the various 
other organizations. Any type of 
revisions, ethics or problems brought 
before the SGA by the student body are 
discussed and voted upon. The members 
of SGA are elected and the main 
governing body within SGA is the 
executive council which is led by Keith 
Hambrick as student body president. 

Judiciary Committee. Noel Busch, Michael Beck, 
Karen Leise, Jim Burke, Brett Carter 

Student Government Association 35 

Homecoming Court 1987 

Gregory Newell, Janet Mallet 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

1st runner-up 

Tom Joseph, Carrie-Lyn Hobson 

Kappa Delta 

2nd runner-up 

Karen Liese, Chris Bockenhauer 
Student Union 

William Thomasson, Wendy Glass 
Delta Sigma Phi 

Mike Bell, Margaret Phillips 
Student Government/Hi-Po 

Carmen Zayas, Russell Lawler 
International Club 

Richard Davis. Terry Fox 
Sophomore Class 

Sheenan, Brianne Branmgan 
Senior Class 

Julie Wilson, Jeff Sparks 
Junior Class 

Not pictured: Lally Collins, Rich Miller — American Hu- 
manics, Dawn Miller, Rick Zeitzogel — Zeta Tau Alpha 

36 Homecoming '87 

Kreiss, Queen 1987; Rich Kappus representing Lambda Chi Alpha 

Jill Kreiss, Queen '87; Brenda Hovis, Queen '86 

Homecoming '87 37 

Moonlight, Masks and Mystery 

Homecoming '87 

October 31st is usually a night for decking 
out, but several hundred High Point College 
students were not decked out in the 
traditional Halloween attire. Ties, silks and 
taffetas were the norm at the Top of the 
Mart in downtown High Point where the 
HPC students danced the night away to the 
sounds of the New York City Swing Band. 
The dance was the culmination of a week of 
activities that formed Homecoming Week 
1987. Activities included Greek mixers, a 
victorious soccer game, and a benefit 
concert by country singer Louise Mandrell. 
The Student Union worked long and hard to 
make homecoming a fun experience for 
everybody and by all counts it seems to 
have been an enchanting success. 

Homecoming '87 




Paige Alvarez, Sophomore 
Dana Batten, Freshman 
Noelle Blank, Freshman 
Mark Boles, Junior 
Rhonda Brown, Freshman 
Timothy Brown, Junior 
Jill Burton, Junior 
Janet Byrd, Sophomore 
Laura Carr, Junior 
Thomas Clagettiv, Freshman 
Kenneth Clark, Junior 
Kimberly Goggins, Senior 
Katherine Cooper, Freshman 
Angelia Dancy, Freshman 
Ambrose Dudley, Freshman 
R. Edwards, Sophomore 
Theodora Fox, Sophomore 
Melanie Gallimore, Freshman 
Jonathan Gatewood, Freshman 
Teresa Griffin, Freshman 
John Harrington, Sophomore 
Jennifer Hayworth, Junior 
Lynn Heasley, Freshman 
Monica Hedrick, Freshman 
Regina Hedrix, Sophomore 
Carrie Hobson, Sophomore 
Vance Holdsclaw, Senior 
Sherry Holland, Senior 
Robert Hoskins III, Freshman 
Jennifer Hudelson, Freshman 
Mary Hundley, Senior 
Kristi Huneycutt, Sophomore 
Brian Jacobs, Sophomore 
Ronald Jarvis, Junior 
Kristen Jones, Freshman 
Michael Lancaster, Sophomore 
Jeffrey Lawrence, Sophomore 

Karen Liese, Junior 
Kimberly Long, Freshman 
Linda Lovely, Junior 
Cynthia Marzano, Sophomore 
Kathleen Mayer, Freshman 
Joseph McKechnie, Freshman 
Kerry McKnight, Freshman 
Tracey Morris, Freshman 
Stephanie Mujat, Junior 
Mark Murphy, Senior 
Kevin Neal, Freshman 
Breena Oliver, Junior 
Mary Pardee, Freshman 
Kathy Paris, Freshman 
Laura Peoples, Sophomore 
Rachelle Peters, Senior 
Mary Pierce, Junior 
Krista Piercy, Freshman 
Richard Rathbun, Senior 
Paula Reising, Senior 
Kimberly Richards, Freshman 
Monica Rusbacky, Freshman 
Sharyn Sazama, Sophomore 
Theresa Shea, Sophomore 
Katherine Sheppard, Freshman 
Melissa Shuskey, Freshman 
Tammy Simon, Freshman 
Robin Sink, Senior 
Amelia Slavin, Freshman 
Sheila Smith, Junior 
Ronda Stewart, Freshman 
Julie Taylor, Sophomore 
Jennifer Wieler, Sophomore 
Jean Williamson, Freshman 
David Wilmoth, Freshman 
Kristi Wilmoth, Sophomore 

Presidential Scholars 39 

Officers of 



Presidential Scholars 

Sigma Delta 
Pi (honorary 

Amy Whitescarver 

Phi Sigma 






Delta Mu 

Mark Murphy 
Rachelle Peters 
Shawn Newsome 
Mary Monahan 
Dorinda Bennett 
Molly Fox 
Jeff York 

1987/8 HPC 



Dawn Miller 
Eileen Brittany 


40 Honors 

Row 1: Claudelte Beerman, Pam Dean, Michelle 
Hutchings, Cindy Marzano, Linda Lovely, Anne Horsky. 

Row 2: Luke Williams, Greg Dudley, Audrey Chaney 
Dana Batten, Amy Slavin, Blanca Lee. 


Enthusiasm! Energy! Excitement! The 
Panther Prowlers. This select group, 
sponsored by the Admissions Office, 
provides honest information to campus 
visitors about what to expect from the 
High Point College experience. High 
lights of the year include the 5 foot 
subs, 1st Annual Official Panther Prowler 
t-shirts and appreciation banquets. 

Society for 



SCJ is a nationally recognized honor 
society. SCJ strives to give members a 
better understanding of the media in 
today's society. Area media personalities 
are often invited to the SCJ meetings to 
discuss media-related topics and issues. 
Forty accumulated practicum hours and a 
minimum GPA of 2.5 are required before 
pledges can be initiated into the 

Row 1: Jud,e Perry, Secretary/Treasurer, Ten Billings Dawn Miller and advisors. Mr. Gary Foster and 
Burchette. President, Austin Aley. Row 2: Doug Dr. Mark Lniicoai. 
Stewart, Julie Wilson, Pam Dean Not Pictured: Anthony 

Panthers Prowlers'SCJ 41 

Kappa Delta Pi 

The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to 
encourage high professional, intellectual 
and personal standards; to render service 
through achievement; and to recognize 
outstanding contributions to education. 
Kappa Delta Pi is a national honor society 
in education. The High Point College 

chapter is Kappa Mu. In order to be a 
member of Kappa Mu a student must be 
invited by a local chapter. Membership is 
based on a student's high academic 
achievement, commitment to education, 
and a professional attitude. 

Kneeling (L-R): Charlene Zeiss. Mary Anne Rankin, 
Angie Browder, Linda Jarrett, Cherie Hedgecock, Jan 
Julian. Standing (L-R): Gina Earnhardt, Karen Wray, 
Tammie Lambert, Tracy Stikeleather, Ellen Barr, Carol 
Collins, Kim Coggins, Mrs Shelton, Dr. Thacker. Dr. 
Powers, Ursula Urbielewiz, Dr. Bagheri. 

Officers: Jan Julian 

Gina Earnhardt 
Advisor: Mrs. Nancy Shelton 

42 Kappa Delta Pi 

Science Club 

This organization is dedicated to 
promoting interest in historical and 
political affairs. The club makes students 
aware of professional opportunities in the 
area of history and political science. The 

members of the organization participate in 
field trips, including a visit to a mock 
United Nations. They invited guest 
speakers, such as public officials, to come 
to High Point College. 

Front row (L-R): Joe Howard, Scott Clark, Michael 
Beck, Chet Slicer, Trudy Boensch, Sandi Rogers, 
Theresa Shea, Carolynn Flowers, Dr. David Hood. 
Back row (L-R): Robert Bailey, Rich Kappus, Jill 
Burton, David Struve. 

Princeton Model United Nations Delegation — Michael 
Oser Jack Fetner, Michael O'Connor, David Struve, 
Dr. David Hood, Keith Hambrick — representing Swe- 

Political Science Club 43 






Wendy Glass 

Heather Hughes 
Vice President 

Linda Lovely 

Tim Brown 

Tom Earnhardt 

44 Class Officers 

Sophomore Officers 


Carlton Stallings 

Mandy Huff 
Vice President 

Beth Edwards 

Julie Taylor 

Jennifer Wieler 

Andrew Capuano 

Freshmen Officers 

Carolynn Flowers 
Vice President 

Rick Ferrell 

Erica Fischer 

Joe McKechnie 

Class Officers 45 

tiff 9$ 

Political Science major, Mike O'Connor, interned for Con- 
gressman John Rowland of Connecticut in Washington. 
D.C. during the summer of 1987. 


Jill Burton injerviews voters in an exit poll 
conducted d part of the Political Science 
class projps in November '87. 

Student Roster 


John Eric Abernethy 
Walid Abudalbouh 
James Austin Aley 
Ahmad S. Alhaddad 
William Allen 
Gregory Robert Amori 
Ernest Antonelli III 
David Arnold 
Albert Arrigoni 
Patrice Arsenault 
Jeffrey Ashton 
Nina Jo Austin 
Kelly Marie Baber 
Paul Houston Baity 
Douglas Ballister 
Orlando Luis Barrios, Jr. 
Tara Lyn Barth 
Dana Carol Batten 
Ashley Michelle Bean 
Claudette Beerman 
Brian Keith Beeson 
William Michael Bell 
Scott Bishop 
Kelli Mechelle Blake 
Leslie Diane Blakely 
Noelle Blank 
Gwen Ellen Bogar 
Brian Andrew Boger 
Christine Lee Bond 
Robert Eric Boucher 
Ralph Howard Bowman 
Jill Celeste Boyer 
Jeffrey Thomas Brennan 
Kerma Gay Britt 
Daniel Lee Brown 
Kelly Raquel Brown 
Rhonda Kay Brown 
Larry Eugene Brown, Jr. 
Jennifer Brunetto 
Joseph Paul Burke 
Christine Anne Cadley 
Robert Calamari 
Michael Caldwell 
Dana Marie Campanale 
Gregory Campbell 
Morgan Cantarella 
Leigh Capshaw, Jr. 
Michael Jamison Casey 
Leslie Paige Cashatt 
Marion Chambers IV 
Audrey Deanne Chaney 
Karen Elaine Chapman 
Kelly Leigh Chapman 
Aldine Chapman III 
Leslie Anne Cipolla 
Thomas Clagett IV 
Sheila Anne Clark 
Donald Scott Clawson 
Stacey Lynn Clayton 
Jaye Louis Cohen 
Patrick Kevin Cole 
Deana Marie Collins 
Michelle Lee Combs 
Joseph Conforti 
Rebecca Lynn Conrad 
Angela Marie Cooper 

Katherine Cooper 
Kimberly Copeland 
Jason Copes 
Andrew Cornell 
Amanda Carol Craft 
Ronda Jane Cranford 
Whitney Cheri Crouch 
Angela Dyan Dailey 
Angelia Leigh Dancy 
Ali Hasan Daoud 
Sean Michael Darcy 
Kevin Lee Davis 
Michelle Marie Dean 
Pamela Joann Dean 
Pamela Lynn Dennis 
Stacy Leigh Depew 
Tina Denise Dilorenzo 
Carole Lee Donnelly 
James Douglas 
Jerome David Drew 
Kenneth Drummond 
Ambrose Dudley 
David Shawn Dudley 
Sally Dudley 

Thomas Francis Duez, Jr. 
Leeanna Dibrell Dulin 
Fonda Easterling 
Christian Amos Ebert 
Jonathan Edmiston 
Kimberly Elliott 
Sonya Chere Elyea 
Michael Paul Epstein 
Meredith Leigh Eton 
Kenneth Everhart 
Louis John Federico 
Marc E. Feldman 
Richard Ferrelli III 
Jeffrey Allan Firkin 
Erica Jeanne Fischer 
Curtis Lee Fitzgerald 
Samuel Drake Flournoy 
Carolynn Flowers 
Maverick Dale Flynn 
John William Fogarty 
Chrystal Ann Foley 
Melissa Anne Frasier 
Brett Lindsey Freeman 
Carol Lynn Frick 
Wendy Michelle Furr 
Melanie Lee Gallimore 
Susan Gallimore 
Alex Brice Gardner 
Charles Gardner 
Amie Jane Gates 
Jonathan Gatewood 
Joshua Gibbs 
Joshua Arthur Gibson 
Irv Scott Gleiman 
Robert James Gold, Jr. 
Mario Antonio Gomez 
Victoria Goodman 
Michelle Lee Goshen 
Rebecca Marie Gouge 
Charles Hamilton Gray 
Tracy Lynn Greer 
Beth Gregory 
Teresa Michell Griffin 
John McCune Griffith 


Student Roster 

Christine Ann Grippa 
Joseph Stanley Grose 
Michael Guilford 
Julie Kathryn Gunther 
Stacey Gustafson 
Mark Stephen Haas 
Darren Hagerty 
Lundy Hall 

Michelle Coates Hamby 
Jennifer Hamill 
John Knox Hamrick 
Julie Ann Hannigan 
Amy Heather Harris 
Melissa Ann Harris 
Edward John Hartney, Jr. 
John Timothy Hartsell 
Heather Alyce Hasso 
Katriona Agnes Hay 
Lynn Nicole Heasley 
Monica Pearce Hedrick 
Sophia Alene Hedrick 
Wendy Tamara Hedrick 
Kalandra Hendrix 
Louise Foster Hendrix 
Cynthia J. Herring 
John Olegther High 
Sharon Dennise Hill 
Denise Ann Holman 
James Francis Homiak 
Christopher Horrigan 
Ann Bridget Horsky 
Robert Hoskins III 
Kerryn Patrice Howley 
Jennifer Hudelson 
Kathryn Hughes 
David Lee Hunter 
Keith Gregory Huston 
Michelle Hutchings 
Kevin Luis llarraza 
Michael Jay Ingram 
Thomas Ingram 
Vodra Leroy Jackson 
Sara Ware Janaske 
Julie Anne Janssen 
Ronnie Dale Jewell, Jr. 
William Blaine Jiron 
Bryan Keith Johnson 
Cathleen Johnston 
Kristen Jones 
Dorothy May Jordan 
Leslie Ann Joyner 
Lesley Faye Kain 
Barry Winfred Keane 
Brian Kennedy 
Mary Belle Key 
Brian Todd Kindel 
Laura Marie King 
James Donald King, Jr. 
Anna Lee Kintigh 
David Kitchen 
John Emil Kohut 
Niya Korpajarasoontorn 
Anita Smith Kosinski 
Bradtyler Krantz 
Timothy Scott Kuhlman 
Jeffrey Jason Ladeau 
Craig David Lange 
Ellen Amelia Laroque 

Norman Biggs Latham 
Kathryn Anne Layson 
David Palmer Layton, Jr. 
Kimberly Ann Leonhardt 
Sheila Lindsay 
Leigh Ann Link 
Michael Lisansky 
Peter Lissy 
Carl P. Little 
Amy Lockhart 
Douglas Lockwood 
Sara Elizabeth Loftin 
Teresa Dixon Loman 
Jennifer Lombard 
Kimberly Renee Long 
Samuel Coy Lowrey II 
Jeanette Lugt 
Mary Jo Martin Mackie 
Mary Patrice Magrini 
Sean William Magsamen 
Pasi Matti Makinen 
Matthew Manningham 
Douglas Brian Marley 
Chaun Alexandre Marsh 
Cynthia Brown Marsh 
Douglas Marvin, Jr. 
Christopher Masterson 
Mark David Mathers 
William Matheson 
Holly Rae McBurnie 
Thomas McCaffery 
Meredith Lynne McCall 
Kimberly Dawn McClary 
Bradley McCollum 
Jeffrey McDaniel 
John Thomas McDaniel 
Stacie A. McElroy 
Erin Lynne McGinnis 
Kenneth Kirk McKay IV 
Joseph McKechnie 
Kerry Noele McKnight 
Christopher Meadows 
Teresa Dawn Melton 
Sara Messick 
Michael Messineo 
Alecia Metcalf 
David Said Mikhail 
Christopher Miles 
Andrea Maria Millonas 
James Michael Moebius 
James Gregory Monroe 
Maxine Yvonne Monroe 
Tracey lee Morris 
Susan Voss Mosher 
Kathleen Ralston Mudd 
Kevin Lee Mullins 
John William Nagel, Jr. 
Karen Anne Nasuta 
Kevin Shane Neal 
Charles David Nesbitt 
Roxanne Nifong 
Michelle Lynn Oakley 
Chad Michael Oconnor 
Pamela Francis Oshea 
Christie Danay Owens 
Kelle Lea Owens 
Wilbur Edwin Pace 
William Palmer 


Student Roster 

Erik Niklas Pancoast 
Mary Dorothea Pardee 
Kathy Mills Paris 
Michael Brian Parker 
Thomas Parker 
Karen Lee Parsons 
Brian Shane Pegram 
James John Perrone 
Ferguson Peters, Jr. 
Carey Marie Peterson 
Laurel Beth Peterson 
Stephen Erik Peterson 
Patrick Petrillo 
Mary Beth Phillips 
Krista Louise Piercy 
Karen Lynn Pitts 
Charles C. Popper 
Amanda Briele Porter 
Christine Premock 
Leigh Ann Price 
Stephen Paul Prokop 
Richard Pruett, Jr. 
Leena Amal Qubein 
Kimberly Quinter 
Aileen Beth Radinsky 
Julie Ann Ramsey 
Joseph Ranucci 
Deborah Kaye Rawlins 
Christian Thomas Reed 
Angela Kay Reekes 
Michael Duke Reeves 
Laura Frances Reid 
Jean Theresa Reilly 
Johnny Earl Rhodes, Jr. 
Kimberly Ann Richards 
Laurie Richburg 
Andrew Charles Ritchie 
Anne Marie Roberts 
Suzanne Mari Rocheleau 
Christine Rockwell 
Sheila Rodman 
John Rogers, Jr. 
Kelly Frances Roscoe 
Jonathan Garry Roy 
John Eric Royer 
Veronica Ruthe Royer 
Monica Sue Rusbacky 
Michele Santasiere 
George Mohama Satt 
Stacey Ann Scherer 
Katherine Schneider 
Stacey Ann Schober 
Karen Ann Scott 
Alvin Searcy, Jr. 
Benjamin Stephen Seay 
Michelle Rened Seifert 
Jill Elizabeth Seiler 
Sandra Lynn Selander 
Edwin Burton Severs 
R. Andrew Sheldrick 
Katherine Sheppard 
Dana Joann Shouse 
James Owen Shurling, Jr. 
Melissa Anne Shuskey 
Tammy Michelle Simon 
Henry Simon III 
Amelia Beth Slavin 
Jennifer Ellen Smith 

John Edwin Smith 
Michelle Lynn Smith 
Sheldon Smith 
Sieglinda Lee Smith 
James Glenn Snyder 
John David Stamps II 
George Paul Stappas 
Beth Ann Stecher 
Silas Mitchell Steele 
Kenneth James Stevens 
Ronda Leona Stewart 
Sheila Anne Stirling 
Angela Faye Stokes 
Catherine Styers 
Michael Sullivan 
David Alan Sutherland 
Candy Gay Swing 
Melissa Lee Switzer 
Greg A. Tabak 
Sharon Proctor Tart 
James R. Telleysh 
Jonathan Eric Thomas 
Mary Thompson 
Mary Thompson 
Keith Allen Thorburn 
Carl Brian Tickle 
Debra Tominosky 
Juanita Ann Tucker 
Joseph Gregory Turner 
Stephanie Tuttle 
Nancy Ellen Udwin 
Michael Carl Urian 
Rebecca Lynn Urion 
Mark Joseph Vanblunk 
Sean Allen Varner 
Daniel Vasquez 
Stephen Douglas Wall 
Barton Thomas Warren 
Julie Kay Weavil 
Allison Leigh Webb 
Albert West V 
Derek Weygandt 
Lisa Charlene White 
Michael Todd White 
Emily Beth Whitley 
Kevin Charden Williams 
Scott Williams 
Jean Williamson 
Kimberley Williamson 
John Merrill Wilson 
Sharon Lynn Wise 
Amy Ann Witty 
Anissa Lynne Yates 
Bridget Selena Young 
Dwayne Ceola Young 
Richard Zeitvogel 


Souha A. Abboud 
Paige Alvarez 
Jay Ira Amernick 
Vicky Andersen 
Anita Leigh Andrews 
Robert Stewart Bailey 
Robert Balerna, Jr. 
Thomas Mark Bales 


Student Roster 

Stephen Bankston 
Jacqueline Barlowe 
Tjark Albert Bateman 
Stacey Lee Becker 
Denise Lynn Bickley 
Kevin William Bowen 
Stuart Micah Boyles 
James Boyles II 
Muriel Louise Brady 
Anne Martha Brown 
James Muldowney Burke 
Molly Anne Bushong 
George Byers 
Janet Renee Byrd 
John Edward Campo 
Robert F. Carr 
Samuel David Carver, Jr. 
Allison Chapman 
Pamela June Christian 
Sharon Kay Cihak 
Marni Beth Cohen 
Ralph Collins, Jr. 
Dana Frank Conte 
Yolanda Yvette Cooper 
Harold Darrien 
Logan M. Dayton III 
Lisa Marie Dean 
Danette Dehart 
Jennifer R. Deleonardis 
Thomas Stacy Dillon 
Mary Beth Downs 
Gregory Alan Drabik 
Christopher Dudwitt 
Michelle Durfee 
Catherine Jane Eaton 
Jerri Lynn Edwards 
R. Elizabeth Edwards 
Robert Lee Edwards 
John David Eisenhower 
David Anton Etting 
Brian Scott Evington 
Marc Kurpyl Facella 
Phillip John Fagans 
David Michael Farsaci 
Amy M. Fifer 
Huu Dung Fischer 
Gretchen Lynn Foard 
Gwendolyn Ann Freeman 
Terry Gene French 
John C. French III 
Julie Carleen Gadd 
Dexter Clive Gilmore 
Cynthia Ann Gladding 
Bryon Timothy Glime 
Susan Patricia Godoy 
Shanda Lynn Gordon 
Shelly Lynn Gordon 
Jeffrey Allen Grizzel 
Ginger Allison Grubb 
Jennifer Ashley Grubb 
Kurt Richard Guyer 
Jennifer Hambrick 
John Harrington 
Pamela Kay Harrison 
Regina Lynn Hendrix 
Michael Kellid Herndon 
Katherine Hetherington 
Jenifer Higgins 

Carrie Lyn Hobson 
Robert Hocutt, Jr. 
William Hopkins 
Corey Jason Howatt 
Joseph Wistar Huey IV 
Amanda Mae Huff 
Susan Carol Huff 
Abigail Coe Hughes 
Kristie Jane Huneycutt 
Brian Lloyd Jacobs 
Sabina K. Jasinski 
Dana Renee Johnson 
Charles Thomas Joseph 
Timothy Joseph Kannar 
William Joseph Kearns 
Krista Danielle Kehn 
Renee Diane Kimel 
Michael James Kreckel 
Ellen Marie Lachin 
Michael Lancaster 
April Daphne Lang 
Candace Sue Langston 
Jeffrey Hal Lawrence 
Laura Annette Lawson 
Brooks Lockey 
John Percy Lunn 
William Mallett 
Susan Kelly Mann 
Cynthia Marzano 
Gilbert M. Maxwell 
Ann Scott McClellan 
Jennifer McGuirerobb 
Lynda Wiley McHenry 
Tracy Lynette Mclver 
Thomas John McQuade 
Kevin Scott Melchior 
Paula Sue Mellinger 
Kristin Merrifield 
Lisa Jo Michalec 
Patricia Anne Mills 
Eric Dean Molgaard 
Debra Marie Montera 
Suzanne Rene Morlang 
Anne Marie Mosca 
Jeffrey Allen Nealey 
Pamella Kandre O'Connor 
Elizabeth Ann O'Donnell 
Ma Ounphachanh 
Cynthia Ann Overcash 
Stephen Papastavrou 
Stephen Emory Patton 
Kimberly Michell Payne 
Camille Pearce 
Angela Peddycord 
Laura Lea Peoples 
Angelique Perrin 
Colleen Marie Perry 
Robert Petty 
Andrew Pierson 
Sandra Kay Pilliod 
Joseph Laszlo Pinter 
Mark Brian Poteat 
Courtnay Leigh Primm 
Andres Arthond Quesada 
Jeff Quintavell 
Blaine Joseph Raffe 
Frank Grego Rangoussis 
Julie Deann Readling 


Student Roster 

David Lee Redd 
Timothy Russell Rice 
Sharon Ringgold 
James Michael Rober 
Lisa Frances Robertson 
Mary Bowen Rogan 
Whitney Rogers 
Juan Carlos Romero 
Barbara Ann Ross 
Suzanne Gail Ross 
Arthur T. Roth 
Michelle Rene Saunders 
Sharyn Teresa Sazama 
Sheryl Lin Scott 
Stefanie Serafino 
David Minear Shaffer 
Kaye McDonald Shaver 
Theresa Louise Shea 
Kelly Anne Shivers 
Sandra Lynne Shore 
Ellen Marie Siccardi 
Rebecca Lynn Sloan 
David Snelling 
David Dozier Snipes 
Katherine Jill Snyder 
Joseph James Spellman 
Jennifer Joyce Stack 
Carlton Stallings 
Thomas C. Stout 
David Stubblefield, Jr. 
Julie Lynn Taylor 
Joseph Bradley Teague 
William Thomasson 
Walter Thorburn III 
Jeffrey Alan Thornton 
Traci Throckmorton 
Aaraon Rayclark Tooley 
Lisa Kaye Totten 
Deborah Underwood 
Elizabeth Vanfleet 
Karen Lynn Vanhoy 
Jimenaana Vargas 
Kirstin Wachs 
Scott Pierce Webster 
Karen Ruth Welch 
Jennifer Marie Wieler 
Kevin Henry Wiley 
Luke Steven Williams 
Kristi Michell Wilmoth 
Kimberly Anne Wilson 
William Graham Wilson 
Lesa Marie Wyrick 
Donald Ray Yarbrough 
Insun Yuh 

Deborah Moss Zeringue 
Alda Khalil Zumot 
Carla Zumot 


Joseph Adams III 
Debra Elaine Ammon 
Aaron R. Anderson 
Timothy Arnold Atwood 
Joseph Kirk Baggette 
Jeane Mayberry Bare 
Ellen Sneed Barr 

Courtney Barry 
Sabrina Ann Barts 
Michael Neal Beck 
Anthony Quinn Bell 
Dorinda Bennett 
Robert Joseph Bistle 
John Michaek Blackburn 
David Blackman 
Edward Brent Blair 
Phillip Bruce Blake 
Christian Bockenhauer 
Trudence Mary Boensch 
Mark Nelson Bohn 
Michael Bolden 
Mark Leonard Boles 
Jeriann Bongiovanni 
Garren Mark Brannon 
Andrew Downum Brehm 
William Brewer 
Timothy Roy Brown 
Mary Joan Bryan 
Caroline Burns 
Jill Elizabeth Burton 
Laura Elizabeth Carr 
Brett Alen Carter 
Roxanne Carter 
Sara Glen Caruthers 
Francis Joseph Caslin 
Kenneth Scott Clark 
Kevin Walter Clark 
Sara Lally Collins 
Terry Lee Collins 
Jocelyn Erica Coover 
Ronald Hugh Corby 
Philip James Cox 
Linda Carol Davis 
Paul F. Deuschle 
Jonathan Dodge 
Thomas Earnhardt 
Amy Marie Englat 
Elaine Estelle 
Jonathan Eric Everett 
James Steven Fields 
Grayson Kirk Fitz 
Kimberly Louise Foard 
Theodora Lynn Fox 
Beverly Paige Freeman 
Philip Linville Fulp, Jr. 
Deborah Osbo Gallimore 
Buckley Garber 
Robert Gordy Garland II 
Dana Michelle Garner 
Eric David Gatton 
Hugh Hoack Gelston 
Diane Frances Gerrish 
Janice Wells Gill 
Wendy Leigh Glass 
Tracy Lynne Glazer 
Jeffrey Cooper Gore 
William Tandy Grubbs 
Julie L. Guy 

Jennifer Lynm Hayworth 
Cherie Lynn Hedgecock 
Jonathan Dietrich Hess 
Laurel Elizabeth Hill 
Rodney Eugene Hill 
Stephanie Hine 
Shaun Patrick Hires 


Student Roster 

Mark Paul Hodor 
Kate Bee Holt 
Samuel Greg Hooker 
Sherri Elaine Hooker 
Stephanie Hooker 
Michael Charles Hoover 
Joseph Warren Howard 
Carrie Hubard 
Mary Alisa Hubbard 
Heather Merlyn Hughes 
Vincent Voyle Hunter 
Kelly Leigh Jenkins 
Wesley Keith Johnson 
John Daniel Jolly 
Lonnie Wayne Jones 
Melissa Ann Jones 
Richard Kappus 
Melanie Lyn Kelly 
Elizabeth Hodge Kepley 
Todd Kester 
Lavelle Remon Kinney 
Mara Elissa Klein 
Jill Lynn Kreiss 
Kevin Larry Kuester 
Elizabeth Sawyers Lamb 
Russell Vaughn Lawter 
Scott Dwayne Lax 
Amy Stuart Letts 
Karen Christine Liese 
Dawn Leigh Link 
Michael Paul Lopreste 
Linda Sue Lovely 
Thomas Linwood Mabe 
Sherry Stiles Marceron 
Wallace McGlaughlin 
Ann Louise McGrail 
Joseph Neal Medlin 
Patricia Kay Medlin 
Charles McDaniel Meter 
Melodee Lynn Mickey 
Garry 0. Miller 
Stephanie Marie Mujat 
David Williams Murray 
Gregory Peter Newell 
Joann Nichols 
Randy Jerome Norris 
Suzette Lee Obaugh 
David Lane Odom 
Michelle Okerlin 
Donna Marion Oman 
Patricia Osborne 
Michael Paul Oser 
Judith Ellen Perry 
George Carter Petree 
Mary Kristina Pierce 
Stephen Scott Pless 
Todd Allen Polen 
Scott Norman Pollack 
Susan Milan Poole 
Carlos Prado III 
Ellen Miller Reese 
John Kim Richardson 
Sandra Marie Rodgers 
Timothy H. Rosebrock 
Rhonda Lou Salmons 
David Sands 
Jurgen Eduardo Satt 
Sharon Denise Scales 

Karen Ellen Schmitz 
Penney M. Sellars 
James Sharkey 
Myron Carl Shea 
Robert John Shenigo 
Deborah Shillinglaw 
Donna Jean Shybunko 
B. Mitchell Simpson 
John Lee Simril 
Chilon Siu 
Charles Slicer 
Timothy Andrew Sloan 
Stephanie Leigh Sloop 
Andrew Kelley Smith 
Sheila Ann Smith 
Jeffrey Carl Sparks 
Phillip Warren Spivey 
Paul Allen Sterling 
Douglas Stewart 
Tracy Stike leather 
Judy Stovall 
Michael Strasberg 
David Struve 
Brett Emerson Taylor 
Jeffrey Taylor 
Mary Lisa Taylor 
Pamela Sue Teague 
Bruce Henry Terjanian 
Lynn Frederick Terry 
Pamela Jo Thomas 
Frances Diane Todd 
Scott Russell Turner 
Richard John Udouj, Jr. 
Joseph Robert Velado 
Keith Van Walker 
Willie Edward Walker 
Kevin Jerome Ward 
Sherry Lynn Ward 
Lynn Frances Weigand 
Eric Weiner 
Lisa Ann Welsh 
Rebecca Louise Wiley 
Amy Lynn Willett 
Julie Lea Wilson 
Christopher Windlan 
Barry F. Witten, Jr. 
Gareth Boyd Worrell, Jr. 
Tyron Wayne Worsham 
Karen Christine Wray 
Barbara Wright 
Debra Sue Wright 
Konstantinos Zorbas 



Dr Davis was selected as interim Dean of Students 

Dr. James Adams 
Associate Professor 
Business Administration 
Director, CAEP 

Mr Tim Albert 
Admissions Counselor 

Or. Troy Anders 

Jefferson-Pilot Professor and Chair 

Business Administration 

Dr. Hooshang Bagheri 
Associate Professor 

Dr. Lee Baker 
Assistant Professor 

Ms. Donna Beck 
Admissions Counselor 

Mr. William Beil 
Technical Manager 
Computer Services 

Dr. Richard Bennington 


Business Administration 

Mrs. Joan Betsill 
Office Manager 

Dr. Hooshang Bagheri 
Dr. Lee Baker 

Dr. Richard Bennington 
Mrs. Martha Blake 

Mrs. Johnnye Brown 
Ms. Drema Bryant 

Mrs. Martha Blake 
Secretary to Student Life 

Mrs. Karen Bowles 
Acquisitions Coordinator 

Mrs. Anita Bowman 
Assistant Professor 

Dr. Gray Bowman 

Associate Professor and Chair 

Chemistry and Physics 

Mrs. Margie Boyles 
Resident Counselor 

Ms. Carol Branard 
Coordinator of Admissions 

Mrs. Johnnye Brown 
Director of Student Accounts 

Ms. Drema Bryant 
Computer Services 

Mrs. Reba Buckner 
Switchboard Operator 

54 Faculty 

Mr. Carr Bullock 

Assistant Director, Learning Assistance Center 

Smith Library 

Mrs. Donna Burton 
Director ot Alumni Affairs 

Mrs. Jane Burton 

Associate Professor and Acting Chair 

Fine Arts/Art 

Mrs. Mary Anne Busch 

Assistant Professor 

Behavioral Science/Social Work 

Mrs. Barbara Cagle 
Secretary to Dean of College 

Mr. Ed Cannady 
Director of Public Safety 

Ms. Kimberly Cardwell 

Coordinator of W-S Operations, CAEP 

Madison Park Campus 

Mr. Ira Carter 

Mrs. Ethylene Charnock 
Secretary to Business Manager 

Dr. Mark Chilcoat 
Assistant Professor 

Dr. David W. Cole 
History/Political Science 

Mr. William F. Cope 
Associate Professor 
Behavioral Science/Sociology 

Ms. Susan Cox 
Business Office 

Dr. Earl P. Crow 



Rev. Ben W. Curry 


Hayworth Memorial Chapel 

Ms. Gail Curtis 

Coordinator of Student Services 


Mr. Ron Dalton 
Area Coordinator 
Millis and New Halls 

Mr. Paul Dane 

Associate Professor and Chair 

Computer Systems 

Dr. Ramke is chairperson of the Behavioral Science-Sociology Department 

Mr. Carr Bullock 
Mrs. Donna Burton 
Mr. Ed Cannady 

Ms. Kimberly Cardwell 
Dr. Mark Chilcoat 
Dr. David Cole 

Mr. Bill Cope 
Rev. Ben Curry 
Ms. Gail Curtis 

Faculty 55 


Mr. Ron Dalton 
Dr. Roy Epperson 
Mr. Gart Evans 

Mr. Mike Everett 
Mr. Faiz Faizi 
Mr. Gary Foster 

Mr. Woody Gibson 
Dr. Allen Goedeke 
Dr. Vagn Hansen 

The Bow-Tied-Gentleman of the Biology Department. 

Mrs. Janice Daniels 

Housekeeping Supervisor 

Maintenance Department 

Mr. Robert Davidson 

Associate Prolessor 

Mr. Gart Evans 

Health/Physical Education/Recreation 

Dean of Students 

Dr. Vance Davis 

Mr. Mike Everett 

Professor and Chair 

Assistant Basketball Coach 


Interim Dean ol the College 

Mr. Faiz Faizi 

Assistant Prolessor 
Business Administration 

Mrs. Marcia Dills 

Visiting Lecturer 

Fine Arts/Music 

Dr. Austin Fortney 

Director of Student Health Services 

Ms. Kimberly Doorley 


Mr. Gary Foster 

PE Department 

Visiting Lecturer 


Ms. Andrea Dunham 

Adjunct Instructor 

Dr. Charlie Futrell 

Fine Arts 

Professor and Chair 

Heath/Physical Education/Recreation 

Mrs. Lori Dusenberry 


Mr. Tom Gaughan 
Assistant Professor 


Director of Library Services 

Mrs. Connie Eastin 


Financial Aid 

Mrs. Frances Gaynor 
Accounting Assistant 

Or. Roy Epperson 


Mr. Woody Gibson 


Assistant Professor 

Vice President for Administrative Affairs 

Health/Physical Education/Recreation 

56 Faculty 


Cherl Harrison 
Patrick Haun 


Mr. Bobby Hayes 
Mrs. Jeanie Hazzard 

Mrs. Gerry Hill 
Dr. Marion Hodge 

Dr. Allen Goedeke 

Assistant Prolessor 

Behavioral Science/Human Relations 

Director of Human Relations 

Mrs. Judy Green 



Dr. Vagn Hansen 

Jefferson-Pilot Professor and Chair 

History/Political Science 

Ms. Cherl Harrison 
Associate Professor 
Fine Arts 

Mr. Charles Hartsoe 
Business Manager 

Mr. Patrick Haun 
Executive Director 
American Humanics 

Mr. Bobby Hayes 

Director of Media Relations 

Mrs. Jeanie Hazzard 


Instifufional Advancement 

Dr. Carole Head 

Associate Professor and Chair 

Modern Foreign Language 

Mr. Aubrey Highfill 
Associate Professor 
Business Administration 

Mrs. Frances Hill 

Ms. Judy Hitchcock 
Public Services Librarian 

Ms. Fredda Hobbs 
Secretary to Panther Club 

Dr. Marion Hodge 

Associate Professor and Chair 


Mr. David Holt 

Assistant Professor 
History/Political Science 

Dr. David Hood 
Assistant Prolessor 
History/Political Science 

Ms. Penelope Hovis 
Assistant Director ARA 

Ms. Amy Huffman 
Library Technical Assistant 

Coach Steele was recently inducted into the NAIA Hall of Fame 

Faculty 57 


This delicate cross hangs in our newly restored chapel. 

Mrs. Carol Hutctiins 

Secretary to Chaplain 

Mr. Manyon Idol 

Associate Professor 


Mr. Ron Law 


Mrs. Kathleen Ingram 

Fine Arts/Theater 



Mr. John Lefler 

Vice President for Institutional Advancement 

Mr. Mike Ingram 

Technical Services Librarian 

Ms. Lynn Leonard 

Admissions Counselor 

Mrs Joyce Isenhour 

Head Nurse 

Mrs. Ginger Lewis 


Assistant Director 

Financial Aid 

Mrs. Sherron James 

Accounting Assistant 

Mr. Vemon Liberty 

Associate Professor 

Mr. Steve Jarrett 


Visiting Lecturer 


Dr. Mark Lyndrup 

Director of Computer Services 

Mr. Stephen Jenks 

Associate Professor 

Assistant Director 

Computer Systems 


Ms. Hedy Marines:; 

Ms. Terri LaPradd 

Quality Control Supervisor 

Word Processor 



Dr. Michael Marshall 

Dr. Jacob Martinson 

Assistant Professor 

President of College 

Behavioral Science/Psychology 

Mr. David Holt 


Or. David Hood 

Mrs. Carol Hutchins 
Mr. Manyon Idol 

Mr. Steve Jarrett 
Mr. Ron Law 

58 Faculty 

Mrs. Iris Mauney 

Associate Professor 

Business Administration 

Ms. Carol McClain 

Mrs. Marilyn Myers 

Alumni Affairs 

Print Shop Operator 

Dr. Kathleen Olson 

Mr. Johnny McGee 

Assistant Professor 


Modern Foreign Language 

Modem Foreign Language 

Mrs. Guillermina Orbe-Elissondo 

Mrs. Ann Miller 

Visiting Lecturer in Spanish 


Registrar's Office 

Mr. Walter Orechwa 

Head of Audio-Visual Services 

Mr. Robert Miller 

Assistant Dean of Students 

Mrs. Phyllis Osborne 

Bookstore Manager 

Dr. John Moehlmann 

Associate Professor 

Dr. Nelson Page 


Professor and Chair 


Ms. Camille Morgan 

Adjunct Instructor 

Dr. Ed Piacentino 




Mr. Ken Morse 

Assistant Professor 

Ms. Jo Jane Pitt 

Business Administration 

Adjunct Instructor 


Dr. Jean Myers 

Assistant Professor 

Dr. Wanda Powers 


Visiting Lecturer in Education 

Dr. Pope and Greg share refreshments at the faculty student Greek m 


Mr. John Lefler 
Mrs. Ginger Lewis 
Mr. Vernon Liberty 

Dr. Michael Marshall 
Mrs. Iris Mauney 
Ms. Carol McClain 

Mr. Robert Miller 
Dr. John Moehlmann 
Mr. Ken Morse 

Faculty 59 


Dr. Jean Myers 
Mr. Walter Orechwa 
Mrs. Phyllis Osborne 

Ms. Ann Pugh 
Dr. Ron Ramke 
Ms. Dean Royall 

Mr. Jim Schlimmer 
Mrs. Jean Shapiro 
Mrs. Nancy Shelton 

Mrs. Warner helps students with all aspects of job hunting 

Ms. Ann Pugh 
Area Coordinator 

Dr. Ron Ramke 

Associate Prolessor and Chair 

Behavioral Science/Sociology 

Mr. Ed Ray 

Men's Varsity Tennis Coach 

Ms. Marie Rice 
Infirmary Assistant 

Dr. Lyman Richard 
Associate Professor 

Mr. Joe Robinson 
Assistant Professor 
Business Administration 

Mr. Jack Roser 

Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds 


Ms. Dean Royall 
Secretary to President 

Mrs. Mona Saunders 


Education Department 

Mrs. Alexa Schlimmer 
Assistant Professor 
Fine Arts Music 

Mr. Jim Schlimmer 
Director of Admissions 

Ms. Georgeanne Sellers 
Adjunct Instructor 

Mrs. Jean Shapiro 

Secretary to Vice-President for Administrative 

Mrs. Nancy Shelton 
Associate Professor 

Mrs. Alice Sink 
Assistant Professor 

Ms. Elizabeth Smith 
Admissions Counselor 

Mr. Ev Smith 
Visiting Lecturer 
Computer Systems 

Dr. Everard Smith 
Assistant Professor 
History/Political Science 

60 Faculty 

Mrs. Alice Sink 
Mr. Jim Spessard 
Mr. Jerry Steele 




Mrs. Kay Stroud 
Dr. Allen Thacker 


Mrs. Busch adds innovation to the curriculum with her 
course dealing with women in society. 

Ms. Chris Snider 


Mr. Jim Speight 
Assistant Professor 

Health/Physical Education/Recreation 

Ms. Debbie Trogdon 


Mr. Jim Spessard 

Health/Physical Education/Recreation 


Mrs. Jean Tucker 

Dr. Richard Spong 

Mail Room Clerk 

Associate Professor 

Behavioral Science/Psychology 

Mr. Michael Turtle 

Food Services Director. ARA 

Mrs. Barbara Starnes 

Admissions Records Cleric 

Mrs. Joyce Wainer 

Director of Career Development 

Mrs. Kitty Steele 

Associate Professor 

Dr. John Ward 

Health/Physical Education/Recreation 


Mr. Jerry Steele 

Associate Professor 

Ms. Lucille Weatherman 

Health/Physical Education/Recreation 
Athletic Director 


Dr. Leo Weeks 

Dr. James Stitt 

Professor and Chair 



History/Political Science 

Dr. Edward Wieder 

Mrs. Kay Stroud 

Associate Professor 

Director of Financial Aid 

Business Administration 

Dr. Allen Thacker 

Mrs. Nita Williams 

Interim Director of Teacher Education 

Circulation Supervisor 

Ms. Marcia Thompson 

Dr. Fred Yeats 

Assistant Professor 


Modern Foreign Language 



The drama and mystery of dark shades suits the personality of Mr, Ron Law, 
drama teacher. 

Faculty 61 

Mrs. Kay Stroud has helped many students afford a college education. 

Ms. Marcy "Thompson 
Ms. Debbie Trogdon 
Mrs. Joyce Wainer 

Dr. John Ward 

Ms. Lucille Weatherman 

Snowy weather puts a smile on everyone's face 

Mr. Cope began teaching at High Point College in 1964. 

Dr. Leo Weeks 
Dr. Fred Yeats 

62 Faculty 



■ ■■■■ 

■ lb 


Mrs. Alexa Schlimmer 

Dr. Richard Spong 

Mrs. Ginger Lewis 

Dr. Vagn Hansen was elected High Point Colleges 1 987 Teacher of the Year by the student 
body and staff. 

Faculty Staff Retakes 63 


Tanya Matlms 

Bnanne Brannigan 

Brenda Hovis 

Holly Felber 

Noel Busch 

Molly Fox 

64 Senior Officers 

Seniors — Class of '88 

Renee Adkins 
John Aybar 

Thomas Barra 

Charlie Birkner 
Anthony Billings 

Amy Boswell 

Brianne Brannigan 

Christy Brewer 

Angela Browder 

Seniors 65 

A Senior's 

Treka Brown 

Sandy Brownell 
Scott Bryson 

Teri Burchette 

Jill Burton 
Noel Busch 

Stephen Canning 

Jill Cardillo 
Linda Carroll 

66 Seniors 

A juggler's life 

Frankie Chaplin 

Gary Clark 
Ben Clinton 

Kim Coggins 
Perry Conley 

Seniors 67 

Classes, schedules, studying . 

Thomas Conrod 

Julie Corderman 
Shannon Craft 

Marie Cross 

Jodi Crotts 
Cynthia Davis 

68 Seniors 

Friends, relaxing, playing 

Janie Davis 
Jeanne Dawson 

Diane Derouen 

John Distasio 
Ernest Donaldson 

Gina Earnhardt 

Holly Felber 
Lawrence Fetner 

Susan Finch 

Seniors 69 

A Senior's life . . . 

John Fitz 

Molly Fox 
Marianne Gasque 

Monica Gregor 

Keith Hambrick 
Debra Harris 

Charles Helmstetler 

Jonathan Hess 
Vance Holdsclaw 

70 Seniors 

. . . A dreamer's 

Sherry Holland 
David Hooker 

Anne Hopkins 
Brenda Hovis 

Mary Ann Hundley 
Kimberly Idol 

Seniors 71 

Love, wealth, success 

Tammy Joyce 

Jeffrey Jones 

Chuck Kiethley 
William Kimmel 

Nancy Knipp 

Suzanne LeClear 
Blanca Lee 

72 Seniors 

■ ■ 

Fulfillment, knowledge, spirituality 

Dawn Lemmo 
Kimberly Lewers 

Stuart Liberty 

Benjamin Love 
Janet Mallett 

Carole Marotta 

David Marotta 
Kim Massey 

Blake Mauney 

Seniors 73 

A Senior's 

Debbie Meckfessel 

Anne Meyers 
Andrew Miller 

Robin Miller 

Lori Morton 
David Murray 

Shawn Newsome 

Todd Nichols 
Harold Nitowitz 

74 Seniors 

. . . A hurdler's life 

Michael O'Connor 
Breena Oliver 
Scott Oliver 

Cathy Overman 
Robert Parkinson 

David Payne 
Gwenda Peddycord 

Seniors 75 

Mid-terms, quizzes, finals . . 

Paula Pennisi 

Rachelle Peters 

Margaret Phillips 
Seema Qubein 

Mary Quinn 

Mary Rankin 
Richard Rathbun 

76 Seniors 

. . . OVERcoming insecurity, inmaturity, 

Michelle Rawie 
Paula Reising 

Mara Schultz 

Lisa Shank 
Robin Sink 

Christopher Smith 

Dennis Smith 
Paige Spell 

Anita Staton 

Seniors 77 

A Senior's life . . . 

Cyndi Stewart 

Beth Summerville 
Jennifer Thomas 

Jon Travis 

Ursula Urbielewicz 
Cara Van Kooten 

Shannon Welch 

Josephine Williamson 
Shelly Wills 

78 Seniors 

. . . A winner's life 

Bobby Witherspoon 
Lori Wood 

Tyron Worsham 
Kimberly Wyont 

Claude Young 
Carmen Zayas 

Seniors 79 


P -, d 

jp 7 — <^^^s 

f-<«.llii.4A- 4 .Jtai^ | 

V ^<^ ii 

r / - ^^^^y .;X7 


*!? -ilk -^^r^^ ! ' J — *~ 


V JZ~>^ ■■ -tV 


Si f" 1"** TTfr' 1 f 


~ ; r 

' r J { ! ? ■ 


■V _....>. 'jfc^J — w ■,_!>■— { r~vM~* :**~tM i . — , 



. _ 

Co/fe "f «%* P„ 

I ' 

/ I 


i ^BBfi 

80 Candids 


Senior Retakes 

Kris Curry 

Maria Echard 

Randy Faust 

David Huskins 

Joe Hutchins 

Linda Jarrett 

Janice Julian 

Brian Leak 

John McColskey 

Mark Murphy 

Gary Russell 

Jeff York 

Senior Retakes 81 

Melinda Abee 

Route 4 Box 435-A 

Trinity, NC 27370 

Early Childhood Education 

Robin Lynn Boyd 

Route 5 Box 520 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
Human Relations 

Jill Anne Cardillo 

2132 Glenalden Drive 
Germantown, TN 38138 

Marie Yvonne Cross 

3405 Sharpe Street 
Clemmons, NC 27012 
Early Childhood Education 

Renee Young Adkins 

Route 21 Box 2368 
Lexington, NC 27292 
Early Childhood Education 

Christy Brewer 

104-B Woodbend Court 
High Point, NC 27260 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Linda A. Carroll 

9 Deborah Court 
Potomac, MD 20854 
Business Administration 

Jodi Lynette Crotts 

3005 Leonard Street 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

Jamal S. Alhaddad 

P.O. Box 8361 
Computer Systems 

Brianne M. Brannigan 

14720 Braemar Crest 
Darnstown, MD 20878 
Early Childhood Education 

Frankie Irene Chaplin 

Route 3 Box 556 
Mocksville, NC 27028 
Business Administration 

Crystal Michele Curry 

2 Paddington Drive 
Lexington, NC 27292 
Early Childhood Education 

Catharine Joan Andresen 

3014-C Dillon Road 
Jamestown, NC 27282 

Angela Browder 

Route 12 Box 16 
Advance, NC 27006 

Jeffrey Paul Chomyszak 

111 Camasawacta Street 
Norwich, NY 13815 
Business Administration 

Cynthia Dawn Davis 

Route 7 Box 21 
High Point, NC 27263 
Business Administration 

Anwar Nabil Atalla 

P.O. Box 5354 
Amman, Jordan 
Business Administration 

Treka Susan Brown 

1026 Wellington St. 
High Point, NC 27260 
Business Administration 

Gary Stephen Clark 

9201 Peabody Street 
Manassas, VA 22110 
Business Administration 

Janie Susanne Davis 

Route 6 Box 342 
Lexington, NC 27292 
Middle Grade Education 

Timothy Sean Austin 

2396 Fairway Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

John B. Aybar 

26 Ashlawn Drive 
Malvern, PA 19355 
Political Science 

Kevin Scott Barnhill 

3121 Robinhood Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
Business Administration 

Thomas J. Barra 

2881 NE 22nd Court 
Pompano Beach, FL 33062 
Business Administration 

Donna Gail Beane 

Route 5 Box 383 
Asheboro, NC 27203 

Anthony Harold Billings 

503 Roseland Avenue 
High Point, NC 27260 

Charles Michael Birkner 

5116 Alaska Road 
Walkertown, NC 27051 

Amy Lynn Boswell 

23 Bellwood Court 
Ormond Beach, FL 32074 

82 Senior Directory 

Sandra Marie Browned 

1932 Relda Court 
Falls Church, VA 22043 
Early Childhood Education 

Jonathon Scott Bryson 

Route 3 Box 598 
High Point, NC 27263 

Teri Dawn Burchette 

Route 3 Box 631 
Trinity, NC 27370 
Media Communications 

Jill Elizabeth Burton 

88 South Howell Avenue 
Farmingville, NY 11738 
Political Science 

Noel Bridget Busch 

200 S. Tremont Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27403 

John Thomas Butler 

4642 White Rock Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 
Media Communications 

Stephen Francis Canning 

40 Gadoury Drive 
Cumberland, Rl 02864 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Anthony Michael Capra 

103 Tandy Court 
Jamestown, NC 27282 
Business Administration 

Benjamin Aaron Clinton 

11601 Pleasant Meadow 
Potomac, MD 20878 

Kimberly Cawn Coggins 

221 Westwood Avenue 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Perry Lynn Conley 

280 Robinson Road 
Andrews, NC 28901 
Media Communications 

Thomas Richard Conrod 

175 Marcia Drive 
Bristol, CT 06010 

Robert Craig Corbin 

P.O. Box 239 
Wallburg, NC 27373 

Julie Lynn Corderman 

5817 Devon Circle 
Raleigh, NC 27602 
Business Administration 

Susan Gaile Cox 

Route 10 Box 286 
Asheboro, NC 27203 
Business Administration 

Shannon Rae Craft 

6850 Robinhood Road 
Ptafftown, NC 27040 

Jeanne Louise Dawson 

21 Maple Terrace 
Somerville, NJ 08876 
Human Relations 

Diane Linette Derouen 

150 Tchefuncte Drive 
Covington, LA 70433 
Christian Education 

John Joseph Distasio 

23 Belle Drive 

West Long Branch, NJ 07764 

Business Administration 

Ernest Judson Donaldson 

P.O. Box 392 

W. Hyannisport, MA 06272 

Business Administration 

Eric M. Drye 

Route 1 Box 815 
Trinity, NC 27370 
Business Administration 

Gina Michelle Earnhardt 

Route 2 Box 253 
Asheboro, NC 27203 
Early Childhood Education 

Maria Antoinette Echard 

413 Wilson Street NW 

Lenoir, NC 28645 

Early Childhood Education 

Michael Patrick Farley 

1502 Bearss Avenue 
Tampa, FL 33612 
Business Administration 

Charles Randall Faust 

3780-C Moss Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
Business Administration 

James Keith Hambrick 

Route 1 Box 1161 
Nicholson, GA 30565 
Political Science 

Richard Hobson 

99 Quaker Lane 
Alexandria, VA 22304 
Political Science 

Jeffrey Lee Jones 

Route 1 Box 325 
Walnut Cove, NC 27052 
Business Administration 

Holly Ann Felber 

1 Cullinan Court 
Gaithersburg, MD 20878 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Patrick Hayden Harman 

1004 North Rotary Drive 
High Point, NC 27262 

Vance Alan Holdsclaw 

Route 4 Box 145 
Advance, NC 27006 

Janice Brown Julian 

Route 1, Box 535 
Franklinville, NC 27248 
Early Childhood Education 

Susan Lori Finch 

Route 3 Box 325 
Trinity, NC 27370 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Debra Lynn Harris 

38 Stillwell Road 
Kendall Park, NJ 08824 
History/Political Science 

Sherry Luanne Holland 

202 Brookdale Drive 
High Point, NC 27263 

Christopher Brian Kemp 

834 Olive Street 
Greensboro, NC 27401 
Physical Education 

Elisabeth Ann Fink 

819 College Avenue 
Fredericksburg, VA 22401 

John David Harris 

201 Petrie Road 
Cadillac, Ml 49601 
Business Administration 

Rita Summers Hood 

3111 Hines Chapel 
Greensboro, NC 27405 
Early Childhood Education 

Chuck Kiethley 

201 Melbourne Blvd. 
Elkton, MD 21921 
History/Political Science 

John Garland Fife 

511 Goshen Street 
Oxford, NC 27565 
Physical Education 

William Graham Harvey 

P.O. Box 722 

Pawleys Island, SC 29585 


David Lee Hooker 

Route 2 Box 173 
King, NC 27021 
Physical Education 

William Kimmel 

311 West Centre St. 
Woodbury, NJ 08096 
Business Administration 

James Everett Flaherty 

550 Warren Street #16 
Fayetteville, NY 13066 
Business Administration 

George Justin Heins 

117 Norris Court 
Newport, NC 28570 
Business Administration 

Anne Carol Hopkins 

2134-G Crossing Way 
High Point, NC 27260 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Nancy L. Knipp 

14 Purnell Avenue 
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 
Business Administration 

Molly Beth Fox 

21 Summit Drive 
Fredericktown, OH 43019 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Charles G. Helmstetler 

5225 Hilltop Drive 
Jamestown, NC 27282 
Business Administration 

Brenda Baker Hovis 

11800 Magruder Lane 
Rockville, MD 20852 
Early Childhood Education 

Tammy Miller Lambert 

207 School Street 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
Special Education 

Marianne Rene Gasque 

216 Woodhaven Drive 
Lexington, NC 27292 
Computer Information Systems 

Kathleen Hernandez 

111 Alamo Drive 
Guaynabo, PR 00657 
Early Childhood Education 

David Kevin Huff 

Route 5 Box 95 
Mocksville, NC 27028 

Stanley Dale Lanier 

Drawer L 

Lexington, NIC 27293 
Physical Education 

Evan S. Geller 

2 Nancy Road 
Brewster, NY 10509 
Business Administration 

Jonathon Dietrich Hess 

88 Westwood Road 
Cumberland, MD 21520 

Mary Ann Hundley 

Route 4 Box 260 
Newton, NC 28658 

Rozanne Crysta Lanning 

3804 Fritz Avenue 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
Special Education 

Steven Craig Geniec 

108 Ragsdale Court 
Jamestown, NC 27282 

Peter Lindsey Hickok 

185 Old Army Road 
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Diane Hurley 

11230 Game Preservation 
Gaithersburg, MD 20878 

Joey Wayne Lawson 

1343 Bethania Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Cynthia Ann Gleiser 

2828 Brookhill Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
Human Relations 

Andrea Lee Hine 

5550 Oscar Lane 
Kernersville, NC 27284 
Computer Information Systems 

David Raymond Huskins 

3235 Deerwood Drive 
Gastonia, NC 28054 

Brian Sean Leak 

760 Ferrell CT #19 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 
Physical Education 

Andre Gray 

P.O. Box 143 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 
Business Administration 

Jamie Hinson 

200 Bogart Circle 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Kimberly Jan Idol 

4313 New Walkertown 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 

Suzanne M. LeClear 

10603 Dunlap 
Houston, TX 77096 
Pre Med 

Monica Anne Gregor 

2110 Broken Arrow Road 
Lakeland, FL 33803 
Business Administration 

William A. Hinson 

200 Bogart Circle 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
Social Studies 

Deloris K. Jaeger 

415 Royal Oak Avenue 
High Point, NC 27260 

Blanca Rosa Lee 

1399 Harbor Lake Drive 

Largo, FL 34640 

Communications Senior Directory 83 

Rosemary Alice Leisl 

1614 Culebra Place 
Colorado Springs, CO 80907 
Business Administration 

Deborah Lynn Mecklessel 

1241 15th Court Southwest 
Largo, FL 33540 
International Business 

Shawn Geiselle Newsome 

4562 South Main Street 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Paula Ann Pennisi 

901 Viking Drive 
High Point, NC 27260 
Early Childhood Education 

Dawn Lemmo 

12300 Fieldstone L. 
Bayonet Point, FL 33567 
Business Administration 

Anne Marie Meyers 

19016 Queens Cross 
Germantown, MD 
Business Administration 

Todd Wayne Nichols 

381 1 Beeson Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 
Business Administration 

Rachelle C. Peters 

9973 NW 19th Street 
Coral Springs, FL 33065 

Kimberly Lewers 

Route 4 Box 511 
Easton, MD 21061 
Physical Education 

Andrew Max Miller 

5406 Maryland Drive 
Fayetteville, NC 28301 

Harold Alien Nitowitz 

3412 Duke Street 
College Park, MD 20740 

Margaret S. Phillips 

Route 3 Box 251 
Elizabeth Town, NC 28337 

Steuart Spencer Liberty 

2105 Briarcliff Drive 
High Point, NC 27260 
Business Administration 

Richard Barry Miller 

31 Knoschak Avenue 
Dover, DE 19901 

Michael Liam O'Connor 

307-C Steele Street 
High Point, NC 27262 
Political Science 

Seema Victoria Qubein 

Box 2902 
Amman, Jordan 

Benjamin Ray Love 

521 S. Peacehaven 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 
Business Administration 

Robin Keith Miller 

7181 Styers Ferry Road 
Clemmons, NC 27012 

Breena Nicole Oliver 

Route 7 Box 537 
Mocksville, NC 27028 

Mary Kathleen Quinn 

12901 Old Chapel C, 
Bowie, MD 20715 

Janet Elizabeth Mallett 

6 Van Houton Avenue 
Chatham Township, NJ 07928 

John F. Mitchell 

811 Clarke Road 
Martinsville, VA 24112 
Business Administration 

Scott Robert Oliver 

856 Stockbridge Avenue 
Hockessin, DE 19707 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Mary Anne Rankin 

1106 Huntsford Terrace 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
Early Childhood Education 

Carole Ann Marotta 

16 Kingsley Road 
Kendall Park, NJ 08824 
Business Administration 

Lori Lynn Morton 

300 Arbor Drive 
Lexington, NC 27292 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Cathy Lorraine Overman 

5004 Hardin Street 
Archdale, NC 27263 
Business Administration 

Richard Rathbun 

9110 Caribbean Blvd. 

Miami, FL 33157 

Computer Information Systems 

David Michael Marotta 

16 Kingsley Road 
Kendall Park, NJ 08824 
Human Relations 

Christopher Motsinger 

2407 Caudle Street 
Germanton, NC 27019 
Business Administration 

Robert Parkinson 

487-B Springbrook Drive 
Kernersville, NC 27284 

Michelle Ann Rawie 

412 Westminster Drive 
O'Fallon, IL 62269 
Business Administration 

Kim Renee Massey 

9514 Center Street North 
Vienna, VA 22180 

Kelly L. Mullins 

841 Constellation Road 
Great Falls, VA 22066 

Mary Wells Patterson 

201 0-H Stoneycreek Road 
High Point, NC 27260 
Political Science 

Paula Simone Reising 

402 Highland Avenue 
Lumberton, NC 28358 

Tanya M. Matlins 

15 Scenery Hill Drive 
Chatham Township, NJ 07928 

Mark Scott Murphy 

3403 Northshire Drive 
Mitchellville, MD 20716 

David Warren Payne 

6316 Fairview Drive 
Mechanicsville, VA 23111 

Amy Renee Rich 

2615 Briarcreek Road 
High Point, NC 27260 

Blake Harlen Mauney 

4256 Bramble Bush 
Clemmons, NC 27012 

Jeffrey Calvin Nameth 

10000 Ridgewood Drive 
Parma Heights, OH 44130 
Business Administration 

Barbara Jean Pearson 

1002 Fifth Street 
High Point, NC 27262 
Early Childhood Education 

Gary Russell 

4937 Snowy Reach 
Columbia, NC 21044 

John Gordon McColskey 

926 Ashington Place 
Orlando, FL 32804 
Business Administration 

Lori Ann Nappi 

700-R Westchester Drive 
High Point, NC 27260 
Business Administration 

Gwenda D. Peddycord 

5910Blewes Creek Road 
Walkertown, NC 27051 

Nicholas John Russo 

2505 Kittiwake Drive 
Wilmington, DE 19805 

84 Senior Directory 

William Scott Rutledge 

Route 3 Box 272 
Trinity, NC 27370 
Business Administration 

Roy N. Smith 

PO Box 951 

Kings Mountain, NC 28086 

Physical Education 

Jonathon Lee Travis 

Route 6 Box 522 
Hickory, NC 28601 

Lori Ann Wood 

219 Bremen Drive 
Lexington, NC 27292 
Human Relations 

Carolyn Schlemm 

428 Ingleside Drive 
Fredericksburg, VA 22405 

Susan Paige Spell 

214 Ashland Street 
High Point, NC 27263 
Business Administration 

James Edward Turner 

2813 SE Pine Valley Road 
Port St Lucie, FL 33452 

Tyron Wayne Worsham 

6 Wicker Drive 
Richmond, VA 23231 
Human Relations 

Mara Lang Schultz 

237 Old Mill Road 
Chester, NJ 07930 
Business Administration 

Sherrie B. Stapleton 

2227-J Shadow Valley 
High Point, NC 27260 
Business Administration 

Ursula D. Urbielewicz 

321 William Street 
Piscataway, NJ 08854 
Early Childhood Education 

Kimberly Michelle Wyont 

Route 1 Box 192 
Bessemer City, NC 28016 
Business Administration 

Timothy Howard Scott 

3525-C Castleford 
Winston-Salem 27106 

Anita Staton 

Box 6112 Highway 74 
Marshville, NC 28103 
Business Administration 

Cara Marie VanKooten 

29 South Harbor Drive 
Key Largo, FL 33037 
Physical Education 

Claude Leslie Young 

Route 2 Box 463 
Martinsville, VA 24112 
Business Administration 

Terry Lynn Shackleford 

P0 Box 860 
Denton, NC 27239 
Physical Education 

David William St Clair 

484 Carolina Circle 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
Business Administration 

David Russell Weigel 

5207 Pine Hill Circle 

Howell, Ml 48843 

Home Furnishings Marketing 

Carmen Socorro Zayas 

14 Street YY 4 
Bayamon, PR 00619 

Lisa Renee Shank 

416 Lakeview Drive 
Summerville, SC 29483 
Early Childhood Education 

Cynthia Marie Stewart 

Route #9 Box 114 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Shannon Lujuan Welch 

Route 4 Box 810 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Charlene Fiquett Zeiss 

5412 Tower Road 
Greensboro, NC 27410 
Middle-School Education 

William B. Sheehan 

8213 Jeb Stuart Road 
Potomac, MD 20854 
Physical Education 

Howard Clifton Stewart 

PO Box 5523 

High Point, NC 27260 

Business Administration 

Amy Anne Whitescarver 

6 Pall Mall Place 

Greensboro, NC 27405 

Industrial Organization Psychology 

James Newton Ziglar III 
1016 Ziglar Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 

Richard B. Shovlin 

1724 Nevada Street 
Westfield, NJ 07090 
Business Administration 

Ronald Wayne Stroup 

Route 8 Box 1336 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
Business Administration 

Stephen Williams 

Route 12 Box 354 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Louisa Anne Zimmerman 

1724 West Lexington Avenue 
High Point, NC 27260 
Early Childhood Education 

Elaine Ruth Simonson 

728 Town Road 
Hauppauge, NY 11788 
Early Childhood Education 

Emily Beth Summerville 

3709 Huntington Drive 
Mathews, NC 28105 
Human Relations 

Josephine A. Williamson 

4035 River Ridge Road 
Brown Summit, NC 27214 
Early Childhood Education 

Martin Augustin Zuniga 

332B2 Ocean Hill Drive 
Dana Point, CA 92629 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Robin Marie Sink 

7400 Meadowdale Lane 
Charlotte, NC 28212 

Julie Elizabeth Sykes 

PO Box 984 
Thomasville, NC 27361 
Early Childhood Education 

Charles O. Williard 

1595 Union Cross Road 
Kernersville, NC 27284 
Business Administration 

Christopher Shane Smith 

506 Dillon Street 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Ronald C. Telleysh 

1020 Cup Leaf Hollow 
Great Falls, VA 2206 
Business Administration 

Shelly Nicole Wills 

16107 Alderwood Lane 
Bowie, MD 20716 

Dennis Smith 

P0 Box 951 

Kings Mountain, NC 28086 


Jennifer Lee Thomas 

2908 Old Dominion Road 
Alexandria, VA 22305 

Bobby Joe Witherspoon 

Route 9 Box 3410 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
Business Administration 

Senior Directory 85 

Underclassmen Retakes 

Jeff Ashton 

Nina Austin 4 ♦ ♦ ♦■ 

Freshman * ■ 1 ■ 

Tim Brown 

Chuck Chambers 
Kevin Cole 
Deana Collins 
Philip Cox 

Whitney Crouch 

Carole Donnelly 

Thomas Earnhardt 

John Harrington 

Heather Hughes 


Bryan Johnson 



86 Underclassmen Retakes 

Brian Kmdel 
Brad Krantz 

Thomas Mabe 


Chaun Marsh 


Meredith McCall 


Joseph Medlin 


Christopher Miles 

Brian Moorefield 


Kristine Peterson 


Patrick Petnllo 

Andrew Ritchie 


Suzanne Rocheleur 


Tara Saccone 

Keith Thorburn 

Kevin Williams 


Richard Zeitvogel 


Underclassmen Retakes 87 


Debra Ammon 
Joe Baggette 
Sabrina Barts 
Michael Beck 

Above: Eric Weiner chilling out a little 
Above right: Marie Cross looks as if 
she just lost her last dollar. 

Anthony Bell 
Rhonda Benton 
Michael Blackburn 
Trudi Boensch 
Mark Boles 

Doug Brandon 
Joan Bryan 
Caroline Burns 
Laura Carr 
Brett Carter 

88 Juniors 

Top left: Karen Leise mingles with the crowd during Opening 


Bottom left: Sheryl Scott takes a cold walk across the campus 


Roxanne Carter 

Kevin Clark 

Rebecca Coe 
Carol Collins 
Philip Cox 
Paige Freeman 
Wendy Glass 

Jeffrey Gore 
William Grubbs 
Cherie Hedgecock 
Laurel Hill 
Andrea Hme 

Juniors 89 

Top right: Kristine Peterson presents a video of her 
sorority during Greek Week 

Bottom right: Eating lunch is a matter of great importance 
to Cubby. 


Stephanie Hine 

Shaun Hires 

Danny Hogue 
Kate Holt 
Ron Jarvis 
Melissa Jones 
Melanie Kelly 

Mara Klein 
Russell Lawter 
Scott Lax 
Karen Liese 
Linda Lovely 

90 Juniors 

Thomas Mabe 
Stewart McGlaughlm 
Joseph Medlin 
Garry Miller 


Above left: Baseball practice makes April 
Lang just one of the guys. 
Above: Going to class appears to be a 
happy event to Knsti Pierce 

Stephanie Muiat 
Rich Mullins 
Camille Pearce 
Judith Perry 
Kristi Pierce 

Steve Pless 
Susan Poole 
Carlos Prado 
Timothy Rosebrock 
Nick Russo 

Juniors 91 


Rhonda Salmons 
Sharon Scales 
Karen Schmitz 
Penney Sellars 

Above: Modeling comes easy to Trudi 
Boensch from Nashville, TN. 
Above right: Stewart McGlaughlin finds 
computers fascinating. 

James Sharkey 
Chip Shea 
Deborah Shillmglaw 
Donna Shybunko 
Timothy Sloan 

Drew Smith 
Sheila Smith 
Tracy Stikeleather 
Pam Teague 
Pam Thomas 

92 Juniors 


Top left: Andy, Sherri and Jim share a tender moment 

Bottom left: Tim Brown "BFOC" — Big Flirt On Campus. 

Bottom: Pika brothers through and through — Tom Bales and Steve 


lift Lift!- M 

Diane Todd 
Anthony Transou 
Willie Walker 
Sherry Ward 

Rebecca Wiley 
Knsti Wilmoth 
Julie Wilson 
Michelle Wright 

Juniors 93 


Paige Alvarez 
Jay Amernick 
Anita Andrews 
Robert Bailey 
Jackie Barlowe 

Tjark Bateman 
Denise Bickley 
Phil Blake 
Tony Bolden 
Kevin Bowen 

Andrew Brehm 
Lon Burns 
Janet Byrd 
Pam Christian 
Yolanda Cooper 

Dee Dee Coover 
Harold Darnen 
Ron Davis 
Chip Dayton 
Lisa Dean 

Jennifer Deleonardis 
Michelle Durfee 
Beth Edwards 
Gidget Edwards 
David Eisenhower 

Amy Fifer 
Gretchen Foard 
Kimberly Foard 
Terry Fox 
Dexter Gilmore 

94 Sophomores 


Top left: "Zeta Power" is exemplified by Colleen, Pam, and Terry, 
Bottom left: Lynn, Beth and Carrie-Lynn say, "WE BAD!" 

Cynthia Gladding 

Susan Godoy 

Jeff Grizzel 

Ginger Grubb 
Jennifer Grubb 
Jennifer Hambnck 
Pam Harrison 
Gina Hendrix 

Rob Hocutt 
Gregory Hooker 
Stephanie Hooker 
Bill Hopkins 
Amanda Huff 

Sophomores 95 


Top right: Van Mallett |ammin' out. 

Bottom right: Mark Murphy is keepin' his eye on the ball. 

Susan Huff 

Knstie Huneycutt 

Brian Jacobs 

Sabma Jasmski 
Kelly Jenkins 
Bryan Johnson 
Dana Johnson 
Thomas Joseph 



Richard Kappus 
Krista Kehn 
Renee Kimel 
Elizabeth Lamb 
Michael Lancaster 

96 Sophomores 


April Lang 
Jeff Lawrence 
Annette Lawson 
Dawn Linky 
Brooks Lockey 

Jim Long 
April Cowry 
Van Mallett 
Cindy Marzano 
Tracy Mclver 

Kevin Melchior 
Paula Mellinger 
Kristin Merrmeld 
Lisa Michalec 
Eric Molgaard 

Debbie Montera 
Rene Morlang 
Michelle Okerlin 
Ma Ounphachanh 
Cindy Overcash 

Angie Peddycord 
Laura Peoples 
Angelique Perrin 
Colleen Perry 
Kristine Peterson 

Tammy Pound 
Julie Readling 
David Redd 
Sharon Ringgold 
James Rober 

Sophomores 97 


Mary Rogan 
Whitney Rogers 
Barbara Ross 
Suzanne Ross 
Michelle Saunders 

Rich Kappus — formal study 

Sharyn Sazama 
Stacey Scherer 
Sherry Scott 
Stefanie Serafmo 
David Shaffer 

Theresa Shea 
Kelly Shivers 
Sandra Shore 
Rebecca Sloan 
Carlton Stallings 

98 Sophomores 

111 II 


Top left: Paula and Carrie-Lynn seemed to have racked-up some mail 
at the post office. 

Bottom left: Who is that lucky devil surrounded by three beautiful 
college women' It's J. P. Lunn! 

William Thomasson 

Walter Thorburn 

.* \ 

Jimena Vargas 

ivW * ! 

Kirstin Wachs 
Jeanne Wanner 
Jennifer Wieler 
Kevin Wiley 
Luke Williams 

Kim Wilson 
Insun Yuh 
Deborah Zenngue 
Alda Zumot 
Carla Zumot 

Sophomores 99 


Souha Abboud 
Walid Abudalbouh i 
David Arnold 
Tom Bales 
Robin Banks 

fiiirfih'i* l ** Sl 

*■ ra* 









Above: Freshmen find out very quickly 
that friendships are easy to make 

Stephen Bankston 
Dana Batten 
Stacey Becker 
Claudette Beerman 
Brian Beeson 

Noelle Blank 
Jill Boyer 
Stuart Boyles 
Kelly Brown 
Rhonda Brown 

100 Freshmen 


Near left: Kim and Melissa look more than 
a little distressed about the prices in the 

Far left: Time out for a bit of freshmen re- 

Christine Cadley 
Robert Calaman 
Michael Caldwell 
Greg Campbell 
Morgan Cantarella 

Andrew Capuano 
David Carver 
Leslie Cashatt 
Audrey Chaney 
Karen Chapman 

Leslie Cipolla 
Thomas Clagert 
Dave Clark 
Stacey Clayton 
Jaye Cohen 

Marni Cohen 
Michelle Combs 
Kathenne Cooper 
Kim Copeland 
Anthony Corbino 

Freshmen 101 


Far right: Lounging around in 
Wesley Lounge. 

Right: Nina and Carrie help Kim 
celebrate her birthday the home- 
style way. 

Amanda Craft 
Ronda Cranford 
Angela Dailey 
Angie Dancy 
Sean Darcy 

Pamela Dean 
Stacy Depew 
Tina DiLorenzo 
Greg Drabik 
Greg Dudley 

Gma Duhr 
Catherine Eaton 
Jon Edmiston 
Sonya Elyea 
Merry Eton 

Marc Feldman 
Richard Ferrell 
Jeff Firkin 
Erica Fischer 
James Fitzgerald 

102 Freshmen 


Carolynn Flowers 
Brett Freeman 
Carol Frick 
Melanie Gallimore 
Amie Gates 


Far left: The soccer game doesn't seem to 
be holding the attention of this group of 
HPC women 

Above: Less than a year on campus and 
Brad has already earned the reputation of 
being a flirt. 

Scott Gleiman 
Mario Gomez 
Victoria Goodman 
Rebecca Gouge 
Tracy Greer 

Beth Gregory 
Michelle Griffin 
Julie Gunther 
Michelle Hamby 
Jennifer Hamill 

Freshmen 103 


Melissa Harris 
Tim Hartsell 
Katrina Hay 
Lynn Heasley 
Monica Hednck 


Sophia Hednck 
Kalandra Hendrix 
Cyndi Herring 
Denise Holman 
James Homiak 

Ann Horsky 
Jennifer Hudelson 
Kathryn Hughes 
Michelle Hutchings 
Bryan Isler 

104 Freshmen 


Far left: Chris nervously watches his 
teammates from the sideline 
Left: Denise studies quietly on the cement 
bench in front of the Smith Library. 

May Jordan 
Lesley Kain 
Anna Kintigh 
John Kohut 
Jeff Ladeau 

David Laylon 
Sheila Lindsay 
Leigh Link 
Amy Lockhart 
Doug Lockwood 

Kimberly Long 
Janet Lugt 
Doug Marley 
Chaun Marsh 
Doug Marvin 

Thomas McCaffery 
Kym McClary 
Kristen McDowell 
Stacie McElroy 
Lynda McHenry 

Freshmen 105 


Right: Intramurals are great way to get 

to know each other 

Far right: The sun and shadows 

transform the pathway from Cooke Hall 

into a mystical forest 

Joseph McKechnie 
Teresa Melton 
Michael Missineo 
David Mikhail 
Andrea Millonas 

Tracey Morris 
Sue Mosher 
Kathleen Mudd 
Kevin Mullins 
Karen Nasuta 

Michelle Oakley 
Chad O'Connor 
Beth O'Donnell 
Kelle Owens 
Erik Pancoast 

Mary Pardee 
Kathy Paris 
Karen Parsons 
Shane Pegram 
Stephen Peterson 

106 Freshmen 


Marybeth Phillips 
Krista Piercy 
Lynn Pitts 
Christine Premock 
Leigh Price 

The freshmen participate in the old 
tradition of painting "The Rock". 

Leena Qubein 
Andres Quesada 
Aileen Radinsky 
Frank Rangoussis 
Julie Ramsey 

Jean Reilly 
Tim Rice 
Kim Richards 
Suzette Richburg 
Christine Rockwell 

Freshmen 107 


John Rogers 
Kelly Roscoe 
Veronica Royer 
Monica Rusbacky 
Michelle Santasiere 


Soccer games at High Point College 
draw an intense crowd 

George Satt 
Sandra Selander 
Kate Sheppard 
Tammy Simon 
Amelia Slavin 

Michelle Smith 
David Stamps 
Silas Steele 
Ronda Stewart 
Catherine Styers 

108 Freshmen 


Freshmen are gathering 
strength through 
nourishment in order to 
battle another day of classes 


Candy Swing 

Debra Tominosky 

Greg Turner 
Stephanie Turtle 
Becky Unon 
Mark VanBlunk 
Karen Vanhoy 

Danny Vasquez 
Julie Weavil 
Allison Webb 
Lisa White 
Andy Wilhide 

Scott Williams 
Kimberley Williamson 
David Wilmoth 
Amy Witty 
Dwayne Young 

Freshmen 109 


mmmwuim mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmimimmm mmiMmnu mmm—i» 

— ■ 

.j. — ii - -^- ' -'•■ — - ■ 

*mmifM Mmmfitttotoftmi#* ^ m i% wt0wm*mHMim* nm \9»^ m ^ ^*z w >* m* *i*m» ■#" * ■ " " 

j*WMWiwtiiwi»wiM»i**M^^ maw - 

«■ ■ 

. — i, l i iM M i iinmimMiiM i rmiwMT i liniiiani i mr a» „ 


The Lady Panthers began a solid 
season with practices beginning in 
early October. Coach Debbie Trogdon 
had her team running drills, 
improving their ball handling skills 
and jumping rope in order to increase 
their coordination. The addition of the 
three-point shot to the women's 
basketball league was an asset to the 
Lady Panther squad who have several 
excellent three-point shooters. The 
women's basketball season began 
November 28, in the Alumni 
Gymnasium against Belmont-Abbey. 

Coach Debbie Trogdon 

112 Women's Basketball 



Nov. 28 


Nov 30 

Blue Field State 

Dec. 2 

'Atlantic Christian 

Dec. 7 

Pembroke State 

Dec. 9 


Dec. 12 


Dec. 19 

'Francis Marion 

Jan 5 

Avon Great Britain 


Jan. 7 

Mars Hills 

Jan. 9 


Jan 11 

Mt Olive 

Jan. 13 


Jan 16 


Jan 18 


Jan. 20 

'Atlantic Christian 

Jan. 23 


Jan. 25 


Jan. 27 


Jan. 30 


Feb. 4 


Feb. 6 


Feb. 8 


Feb. 10 


Feb. 13 

Pembroke State 

Feb. 15 

Barber Scotia 

Feb. 17 

Barber Scotia 

Coach: Ms. Debbie Trogdon 


Kneeling (L-R): Tracy Mclver, Amy Boswell. Penney 
Sellers, Susan Poole, Anita Staton, Angie Browder, Anita 
Andrews. Standing (L-R): Coach Debbie Trogdon, 
Barbara Ross, Michele Combs, Jeri Edwards. Audrey 
Chaney, Annette Lawson, Dana Campanale, Gigi McPher- 

Women's Basketball 113 






Gardner-Webb, Belmont-Abbey 



Pembroke State, Lenoir-Rhyne 


. 18-19 

USC-Spartanburg, Tournament 



Elon College 



Mt. Olive College 



Pfeiffer College 



Western Carolina Univ. 



Wingate College 



Atlantic Christian College 



NX. A&T, Guilford College 



Catawba College, W-S State 



St. Augustine's 



Lenoir-Rhyne College 



Mars Hills, King College 



VPI Tournament 



North Carolina A&T 














CH: Debbie 


(L-R) Coach Debbie Trogdon, Michele Griffin, Rhonda 
Salmons Denise Bickley, Susan Godoy, Michele Combs, 
Anne Myers, Stephanie Mujat, Penney Sellars, Michele 
Okerlin, Ximena Vargas, Gigi Mcpherson. 

114 Volleyball 


The High Point College women's 
volleyball team completed another 
successful season. The team ended 
their season in the finals of the 
Conference Tournament after losing to 
Lenior-Rhyne. Coach Debbie 
Trogdon's team played eleven games 
within five-and-a-half hours at the 
tournament. They were physically and 
mentally worn out. Coach Trogdon 
believes that the tournament should 
be a two day event in order for the 
women to rest between matches. 
Regardless of the loss in the 
tournament, many High Point College 
women received awards. Carolina 
Conference Player of the Year went to 
senior Anne Meyers. Junior Penny 
Sellars and sophomore Jimena Vargas 
received All-Tournament Awards. 

Volleyball 115 


1 1 

Women's Tennis Schedule 



February 15 

St. Mary's (scrimmage) 

February 23 

NC State University 

March 6-13 

Spring Break 

March 15 

Davidson College 

March 17 

Heidelberg College 

March 18 

Lenoir-Rhyne College 

March 19 

Western Carolina Univ. 

March 22 

Mt. Olive College 

March 24 

Elon College 

March 25 

Hope College 

March 27 


March 28 

Pembroke State Univ. 

March 29 

Peace College (scrimmage) 

March 31 

Guilford College 

April 1 

Catawba College 

April 4 

Atlantic Christian 

April 6 

Pfeiffer College 

April 7 

Wingate College 

April 9 

Carson-Newman College 

April 11 

NC A & T University 

April 12 

Western Carolina Univ. 

April 13 


April 15-16 


(Sun, April 17) 

— Raindate — Conference 


April 19 

Appalachian State Univ. 

April 21-23 

NAIA District 26 Tournament 

(Sun, April 24 

— Rain date for District 

COACH: Kitty Steele 



Left to Right: Lisa Robertson, Kim Lewers, Janet Lugt, 
Theresa Shea, Stacey Scherer, Kandi O'Connor. 

116 Women's Tennis 

Golf: Drew Smith, Chip Dayton, Eric Molgaard, Mark Poteat. Stacey Dillion. 

Men's Tennis: Biran Kennedy, Michael Blackburn, Tom Conrod, Bret Freeman, Todd Polen, Pasi Makinen, Danny 


Golf Schedule 



March 7. 8 

Division III Invitational 

Quail Ridge Goll Course 

Sanlord. NC 

March 21, 22 

Max Ward Invitational 

Alamance Country Club 

Elon College. NC 

March 25. 26. 27 

Camp Leiune Invitational 

Camp Leiune Base Course 

Camp Leiune, NC 

April 7, 8 

Winthrop Invitational 

Chester Golf Club 

Chester, NC 

April 14, 15. 16 

Carolinas Conference- 1 

NAIA District 26 Tournament 

Keith Hills Country Club 

Buies Creek. NC 

COACH Woody Gibsor 


Men's Tennis Schedule 


February 21 
February 24 
February 27 
March 1 
March 3 
March 16 
March 17 
March 18 
March 21 
March 24 
March 25 
March 27 
March 28 
March 30 
March 31 
April 2 
April 5 
April 8-9 

April 13 
April 16 
April 18 
April 22-25 

COACH: Ed Ray 


NC Central University 


Western Carolina Univ. 

Wingate College 

Pembroke State University 

Guilford College 

East Carolina University 

Campbell University 

Atlantic Christian College 

Elon College 

Catawba College 


Harvard University — B Team 

Pfeiffer College 

Franklin Pierce College 

Western Carolina University 

Lenoir-Rhyne College 


Gardner-Webb College 
Greensboro College 


Men's Tennis/Golf 117 

Drill Team 

Several High Point College women 
came together for a second time this 
year in order to form the drill team. 
Weekly practice sessions prepared the 
squad for dance routines performed 
during half-time of home basketball 
games. The drill team's 
professionalism, spirit, enthusiasm 
and team support are an asset to 
High Point College. 


Top row (L-R): Lisa White, Stacy Becker, Sheila Smith, Paula Reising, Kirstin Wachs. Bottom row (L-R): Trudy Boensch, 
Christy Pierce, Julie Wilson, Becky Unon, Advisor — Ann Pugh (not pictured). 






118 Drill Team 


The zeal of the High Point College 
cheerleaders enhanced every men's 
and women's basketball game. The 
ladies worked continuously during 
each ball game in order to keep the 
crowd pumped-up and to keep the 
team excited. The cheerleaders are an 
enthusiastic group of women who do 
a great job at maintaining school 
spirit and continuing support of the 
men's and women's basketball teams. 

Sheila Lindsay, Anissa Yates, Christy Pierce, 
Kristin Memfield. Suzzette Richburg, Kara Van 
Kooten, M'Shell Wright, Paula Mellinger, Panther. 
Brenda Hovis 

Cheerleaders 119 


High Point's field hockey team 
finished a successful season with 
practices that began as early as 
August with 3-4 mile runs at 6 a.m. 
Two players, Heather Hughes and 
Muriel Brady, were chosen to attend 
the National Tournament held in 
California over Thanksgiving break. 
According to their assistant coach, 
Leslie Clark, "Both players could have 
played anywhere on the field and been 

Unfortunately, the team's record of 
9-9-2 doesn't show the many close 
games they played. Four games went 
into double overtime, and that's 
where all the pre-season conditioning 
paid off. 

Because there were no seniors on 
Coach Kitty Steele's team, all players 
will return next year with hopes of an 
even stronger season. 



'' 7*-' " — -^^ 
--' : ;'"'': 

^M ■ " ■ 

j #&&£&$$$£ * 

120 Field Hockey 


Kneeling: Jennifer DeLeonardis, Julie Taylor, Heather thenngton Marj /Rogar i. Elaine Estelle Janet Lugt, Muriel 
Hughes Leslie Joyner, MicheleSantasiere, Jennifer Ham- Brady, Julie Hanningan. 
brick, Terry Fox. Standing: Kristen Jones, Kathy He- 




Dale Opponent Site 

Sept 17 Salem College Winston-Salem 

Sept 19 Longwood College Farmville, VA 

Sept 21 Davidson College High Point 

Sept 23 Pteitter College Misenheimer 

Sept 25 Mary Baldwin College High Point 

Sept 28 Catawba College Salisbury 

Oct 1 Wake Forest University High Point 

Oct 3 Round Robin Tournament High Point 

(HPC. Catawba, VPI) 

Oct 5 Hollms College High Point 

Oct 9-11 VPI Invitational Blacksburg. VA 

Oct 27 Duke University Durham 

Oct 28 Appalachian State Univ High Point 

Oct 31 Davidson College Davidson 

Nov 2 Pfeiffer College High Point 

Nov 4 Salem College High Point 

Nov 6-9 Deep South Tournament Salisbury 

COACH Kitty Steele 

Field Hockey 121 


Below: Chip Shea 

Center: Coach Bob Davidson 

Bill Kimmel 





February 6 

Lynchburg Invitational 

February 13 

Lynchburg Relays 

February 20 


VPI Open 

March 3 

Francis Marion 
Developmental Meet 

March 19 

Pembroke Invitational 

March 22 

Johnson C Smith Univ 
— Elon College 

March 26 

Francis Marion 

March 30 

Towson State College 
- Francis Marion College 

April 1-2 

Davidson Relays 

April 5 

Lynchburg College — 
Elon College 

April 9 

State Meet 

April 16 

Furman Invitational 

April 22-23 

Conference/District 26 


May 7 

Spec Townes 

COACH Bob Davidson 


Timy Burchetle 


Group Photo . . . identification 
Row V David Arnold, Wayne Jones, Ma Ounphachanh, 
Carlton Stallings, Bill Kimmel, Coach Davidson. Row 2: 
Frankie Chaplin, Andy Richie, Thomas Ingram, John High, 
Lavelle Kinney Tom Earnhardt and Andy the Manager 
Row 3: Coach Burchetle, Chip Shea, Tim Sloan, Blaine 
Jiron, John Aybar, Chris Masterson and Jay Cohen, Not 
pictured ... Lee Simnl. 

122 Track 


!M ^ 


1 y -fs'i !V~ ,*v" 

■ S & ■ I 

1% ..*$ 



Front: Carlton Stallings, David Arnold. Back: Lavelle Kinney, Wayne Jones. 

John Aybar 

Track 123 

■i-'.t^ :--vV''--.-'^.V|b 

Nat Norris attempts to hit a homerun. 

f^J#^ &' 

Baseball Schedule 



February 27 

Virginia Tech 

February 28 

Virginia Tech 

March 1 


Match 4 

Western Carolina 

March 5 

Western Carolina 

March 6 

Western Carolina 

March 7 

Appalachian State 

March 8 

William and Mary 

March 9 

Gardner-Webb College 

March 1 1 

Lenoir-Rhyne College 

March 12 

Carson Newman 

March 13 

Western Maryland (DH) 

March 14 

Western Maryland 

March 16 

Fairmont Stale (DH) 

March 19 

Towson State 

March 20 

Towson State (DH) 

March 21 

Towson State 

March 23 

Atlantic Christian 

March 25 

Mount Olive College 

March 27 

Elon College 

March 28 

Pfeiffer College 

March 30 

Catawba College 

March 31 

Lenoir-Rhyne College 

April 2 

Guiltord College 

April 4 

St Bonaventure (DH) 

April 6 

Gardner-Webb College 

April 7 

Louisburg (exhibition) 

April 9 

Elon Collegt 

April 10 

Pembroke State 

April 11 

Atlantic Christian 

April 14 

Catawba College 

April 16 

Wmgate College 

April 17 

Mars Hill College (DH) 

April 18 

Pfeiffer College 

April 20 

Mount Olive College 

April 21 

Pembroke State 

April 22 


April 23 

Wmgate College 

April 24 

Louisburg (exhibition) 

April 25 

Guilford College 

May 12-14 

NAIA District 26 Playoffs 

COACH Jim Speight 


% -> ^ •& c? "J* 




Row 1: Ernie Antonelli, Steve Prokop, Eric Royer, Tom Gary Roy, Danny Hogue, Brian Tickle Steve Patton, Jeff 

Barra, Jim Moebius, Nat Norris. Row 2: R.J. Bistle, Neil Jones, Ernie Donaldson, Orlando Barrios Billy Wilson, 

Boyles, Scott Gleiman, Brad Teague, Paul Sterling, Mike Jay Shurling. 
Herndon, Jeff Thorton, Will Collins. Row 3: David Farsaci, 

124 Baseball 

Ernie Donaldson is being observed by Coach Speight for correct form. Paul Sterling practices pitching the ball. 


.Jin, fy. 

'~'4*~, ' 


Z < fJtV, Si > * : '& i ■'*•"•• 


;i Usages 


Paul Sterling 

Baseball 125 


Even though Coach Jerry Steele lost 
two key players to graduation last 
year, his team has proven that they 
can produce wins anyway. The High 
Point College men's basketball team 
had a very solid and successful 
season. When practices began 
October first, Coach Steele felt that 
the team may have a chance of being 
competitive at the end of the season, 
but the team showed competitiveness 
from the very start. The team proved 
to be almost unstoppable on their 
home court. 

iff* r 

igjr 1 

f v :i 


Coach Jerry Steele 

126 Men's Basketball 




Nov 21 

Mars Hills 

Nov 25 

Pembroke State 

Nov 27 


Nov 28 

North Georgia 

Dec 2 

Atlantic Christian 

Dec. 5 


Dec 9 


Dec 12 


Dec 19 

Francis Marion 

Jan 9 


Jan 13 


Jan 16 


Jan 20 

Atlantic Christian 

Jan 23 


Jan 25 


Jan 27 

Pembroke State 

Jan 30 


Feb 4 


Feb 6 

Feb. 10 


Feb 13 


Feb 20 


Feb 23 

Mars Hill 

Feb 25 

Appalachian State 

Mar. 2-5 

Carolinas Conference 


Mar 8, 10 

NAIA District 26 


Head Coach' Jerry Steele 

Assistant Coach' Mike Everett 

Kneeling (L-R): Steve Wall, Brian Leak. George Byers. 
Mike Bell, Stan Lanier, Chris Wmdlan Standing (L-R): 
Willie Walker, Ron Telleysh, David Stubblefield, Terry 
Shackleford, Roy Smith, Hugh Gelston, Jimmy Telleysh 

Men's Basketball 127 


The High Point College soccer team 
had a record-breaking season. The 
team, after going into the season as 
the underdog, went undefeated in the 
Conference. They also enjoyed a nine 
game winning streak half-way through 
the season. The previous record was 
a six game winning streak that was 
set many years ago. Coach Woody 
Gibson believed that he had a winning 
soccer team from the very beginning 
because of the talent and the good 
attitudes. Mike Oser, Doug Brandon, 
Dexter Gilmore and Thomas Ingram 
were selected as All-Conference 
players. Brandon, Gilmore and Ingram 
were also chosen as All-District 

*■ ™v 

- «•- . ,.. - * j 

128 Soccer 



■ ■ 

v J I i V 




Sept. 5 

College of Charleston 









Lenoir-Rhyne College 


. 18 

University of Charleston 



Anderson-Broaddus College 


. 22 

Pembroke State University 


. 25 

Elon College 


. 30 

Catawba College 

Oct. 3 

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Pfeiffer College 



Mars Hill College 



Atlantic Christian College 



Mt Olive College 



Gardner-Webb College 



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•Wofford College 

Nov 4 & 7 



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Nov 24-28 



COACH: Woody 





Front row (L-R): Sheldon Smith. Mike Oser. Joe Ranucci. 
Thomas Ingram, Yves Fischer Dexter Gilmore. Eric Ross. 
Barry Witten, Jimmy Perrone. Back row (L-R): Debra 
Wright, Sara Janeske. Aaron Tooley, Bill Brewer, John 
Fogarty, Troy Gales, Doug Brandon, Danny Hogue, Bill 
Hopkins, Tom Joseph, Brett Taylor, Mark Hodor. 

Soccer 129 

SOCCER — 1987 

High Point College posted a 14-5-1 
record in 1987 which was the best 
record in school's history. The Panthers 
were undefeated in the tough Carolinas 
Conference, winning the Conference 
Championship for the sixth time in the 
past twelve years. They also recorded a 
10-1-1 mark in NAIA District 26 which 
included wins over two nationally- 
ranked teams. They won a school record 
nine consecutive matches during the 
season. High Point finished the season 
ranked 23rd in the nation and nineth in 
the South. 


Four members of the team received 
post-season honors. Senior defender 
Doug Brandon was named to the NAIA 
All-American Team. Brandon, sopho- 
more midfielder Dexter Gilmore and 
freshman sweeper Thomas Ingram were 
selected All-South, All-District 26 and 
All-Conference. Junior midfielder Mike 
Oser was also selected All-Conference. 
Freshman goalkeeper Yves Fischer 
recorded nine shutouts and had a 0.85 
goals against average. 


Woody Gibson has been head coach at 
High Point since 1978, compiling a 110- 
61-16 record. In 1987 he was selected 
District 26 Coach of the Year for the 
second time and was voted NAIA Area 8 
Coach of the Year. His name will be on 
the ballot for National Coach of the Year. 
Gibson is a nationally licensed USFF 
' 'A" Coach and is a member of the North 
Carolinas Coaching School Staff. He is 
also a coach for the Olympic Develop- 
ment Program. 


High Point lost in the Carolinas 
Conference Finals to Lenoir-Rhyne, 
breaking a reign of five consecutive 
years as Conference Champions. They 
finished with a 23-10 record. 

Senior Anne Meyers was named 
Carolinas Conference Player of the 
Year for the second consecutive year. 
She and Ximena Vargas were named 
to the All-Conference team as well as 
the NAIA All-District 26 team. 


High Point finished with a 9-9-3 
record and a fourth-place finish in the 
Deep South Tournament. 

Six members of the team were 
selected to the Deep South Team. 
They include junior Heather Hughes 
(first team); junior Elaine Estelle and 
sophs Muriel Brady and Julie Taylor 
(second team); and sophomore 
Jennifer DeLeonardis and freshman 
Michele Santasiere (third team). 
Taylor lead the team in scoring with 
20 goals and five assists while 
Hughes had 12 goals and six assists. 

MEN'S TENNIS — 1987 

The Panthers finished fifth in the 
Carolinas Conference and NAIA 
District 26 Tournaments. 

Juniors Todd Polen and Tom Conrod 
along with freshmen Justin Chapman 
and Pasi Makinen comprised the top 
four players for High Point. 


The Panthers ran off a ten-game unde- 
feated streak late in the season to win 
the Carolinas Conference Championship 
and advance to the NAIA District 26 
Finals. They compiled a final record of 

Junior forward Roy Smith was named to 
the All-Carolinas Conference and NAIA 
District 26 teams while being runner-up 
for Player of the Year honors. 

Jerry Steele became the youngest 
inductee in the NAIA Basketball Coaches 
Hall of Fame on March 17, 1987. 

130 Sports Review 


The Lady Panthers suffered through a 
13-14 record but finished the season 
on a high as they upset Atlantic 
Christian College in the first round of 
the Conference Tournament. 

Senior forward Angie Green was 
named to the All-Carolinas Conference 
and NAIA District 26 teams. She 
ended her four-year career as the 
all-time ladies rebounder and third 
all-time scorer in High Point College 

GOLF — 1987 

The Panthers finished fourth in the 
very competitive Carolinas Conference 
and NAIA District 26 Tournaments. 

Five members of the team finished in 
the top thirty spots in the 
Conference/District 26 Tournament. 
They include juniors Scott Pollack, 
John Harris and Jim Anderson as well 
as sophomores Drew Smith and Ron 


High Point posted an 18-9 record in 
matches while finishing third in the 
Carolinas Conference and NAIA 
District 26 tournaments. The Lady 
Panthers received an at-large 
invitation to the NAIA National 
Tournament where they placed 

Junior Kim Lewers competed as the 
number one player, a position she 
held each year. Lewers finished the 
year rated as one of the top fifty 
players in the nation. 

BASEBALL — 1987 

The Panthers finished the year with a 
27-12 record and tied for first-place in 
the Carolinas Conference with Elon 
and Atlantic Christian. High Point was 
seeded first in the NAIA District 26 

Four team members were selected to 
the All-Carolinas Conference and 
All-District team. They include seniors 
David Hooker, Brian Kemp, Chuck 
Williard and junior Anthony "Red" 
Morrison. As a left-handed pitcher, 
Morrison was a high draft choice in 
the June free-agent draft by the New 
York Yankees. He signed with the 
Yankees and pitched with their Class 
A team in the summer of 1987. 

TRACK — 1987 

The Panthers finished second in both 
the Carolina Conference and NAIA 
District 26 Track Meets. 

Junior Wayne Jones was selected to 
the All-Conference and All-District 26 
Teams. He competed in the triple 
jump in the NAIA National Meet for 
the second straight year. Junior Bill 
Kimmel, soph Lavelle Kinney and 
soph Chip Shea all made 
All-Conference and All-District. Kinney 
also competed in the NAIA National 

Sports Review 131 



James Spencer Anderson — I don't believe I 

can't get it on campus anymore. I thank I lost 

my rap. 

Mr. Ed — Hey Glimester, my mother's coming 

down this weekend. . 

Lover of Foreheads — Yo J.M., I'm no primo. 

I can hold it longer than he can. 

The Whining Image — You know, the man 

doesn't go out with just Anyone. 

BB Quintrell — Zeta Tau Almost. 

Sweat Pea — Cross my heart and hope to die, 

stick a curling iron in your eye. 

Sneakyhead — Eight months of snacks and I 

still haven't gotten dinner. 

Spud — Sorry honey, Darren must have left 

the dead Flowers on my bed. 

OJ — Yeah, I'm back. Phillips didn't need a 

6th dishwasher. 

Old Dumb Gray — You know, It's not easy 

being Mr. Laura Lottery. 

Doobie Jr. — Well, not everybody can put their 

meat in the freezer. 

Curiosity — Look at the neat shirt I got for 

being the oldest boy at the Bon Jovi concert. 

Bock — It sucks to be King. 

Stallion — Does anyone know what time the 

local high school lets out? I need a little action 


Striker — If we don't win frisbee I'm going to 

drop out of school. 

Bambi — I should have kept LB and lost LC. 

Glimball — Looks like I'll have to ask Diane to 

the Dance; Chaz' sister is sick. 

Actionster — Campo, help me with this sign. 

Ragster Cab — I nominate Ron Law for 


Rambis — Ain't that a switch; an American 

from Puerto Rico. 

Fellatio — Jim, DJ, sorority social chairman 

and President, mind if I stay in here and chat? 

Fun dance, wasn't it? 

Theta Chi 

Our rush for the 1987-88 academic year 
was very successful. We presented 12 bids 
and inducted 12 pledges in September. Our 
number has grown to thirty-three and with 
it grew our strong unity and brotherhood. 

We look forward to having a very 
successful 13th Annual Bond Show to go 
along with nights of T.ND.C. and day at 
Cheaters. As our Elder Brothers graduate 
and alumni relations improve we look ahead 
to the future. THETA CHI TILL WE DIE!!! 

All The Girls Are Impressed With Ollie's Big Stick 

The Dirty Dozen (Almost) 


Viscious — Oh, by the way Sid, don't forget 

you can't drink in the streets in Myrtle Beach. 

Steriod — I didn't get to baste it but at least I 

got to taste it! 

Knowledge — Sorry guys, I'm a vegetarian. I 

only eat Carrots. 

Bobby Binger — Any ZTA Bock can do, I can 

do better; even it it cost me a Bethany sweater. 

Sweathog — The scalier the hands, the more 

excited the glands. 

Big D — Now that we've driven all the way to 

Boone, all I need to put me in the mood is a 

little Patsy Cline. 

The Rugburn — Don't worry Erica, I 


Chico — What did that sign say? 

JD — You Know it's been a good night when 

you wake up to the crack of Dawn. 

Mr. Amori — Not many times has this Trek 

been made on Ollie's bed. 

Don Jaun — Really guys, 315 Yadkin is part of 

a hospital in Clemson. 

Wilhide — I was scared that if I stayed passed 

out on Sid's bed he would think I was Sara. 

T.J. Mac — I spend $70 on drags so that Don 

can hook up. Oh well, when is that Phi Mu 


MEMBERS - (L to TO Sitting. Steve Peterson and Chic 0. First Row: Darren Hagerty, Andy Wilhide, Don Clawson 
James Douglas, Jeff Firkin, John Campo, Rob Balerna, Tom McQuade and Greg Amori Second Row Jeff Quintavell' 
Linda Carrol, April Lange, Mike Strasberg, Dawn Linky, Chaz Marr, and Chris Bockenhauer Third Row Jenny McGuire 
— Robb, Ben Clinton, Debbie Meckfessel, Rich Rathbun, Jim Anderson, BrendaHovis EricVanVranken DaveSnellina 
Scott Oliver, Phil Fagans and Marc Facella. Not Pictured: Gray Harvey, Sid Collins, Mike Patterson Lvnn Terrv Mike 
Epstein, Kim Lewers, Vicky Anderson, Kate Holt, Amanda Huff, Beth O'Donnel and Sara Caruthers 

OFFICERS — (L to R) First Row. Bill Kearns — Social 
Maior and Sports Chairman Second Row: Chaz Marr — 
Vice-President, Dave Snelling — Social Maior, Chris 
Bockenhauer — President and Phil Fagans — Secretary 
and Chaplin. Third Row: Ben Clinton — Pledge Marshal, 
Eric VanVranken — Treasurer and Mike Strasberg — As- 
sistant Treasurer. 

Theta Chi Brotherhood Forever!!! 




Pi Kappa Alpha 

Pi Kappa Alpha once again had a 
successful rush, attaining 29 new and active 
pledges. The Pikes are proud of their 
1986-87 intramural championship and hope 
to build on that this year. 

Members of the fraternity are actively 
involved in such school organizations as the 
SGA, Hi Po, Student Union, IFC and WWIH. 

In our 35th anniversary year, Pi Kappa 
Alpha enjoys building strong friendships and 
lasting memories here at HPC. 


//// 'yi 

■ /f w 


New Pika Pledges Show The Colors 


Robert S — Yes it's true! 

Koot. AHH — ###it I'll paint it again. 

Greg Newen — Black lace and James Taylor 

does amazing things! 

S. Fields — No, my favorite breakfast cereal is 

not Coco Pebbles. Don't ever believe a Mormon 


Jim Flaherty — Vanna says buy the vowel "E". 

Jonathan Hess — Has anyone seen my wife? 

David Stamps — Let the good times role. 

Ferg Teters — Life's been good to me so far! 

Mik TranskyJah Mon 

George Stappas — ATBAR who split the lip! 

Todd Kester — Weight lifters pump harder. 

Ron D — She's stuck your mattress. 

Rich M — Let's have a keg. Maybe two. Praise 

the black oak! 

Bruce T — The T. Devil has returned with a 


Dougie — No bucks, no booze. 

Hahn — Guys. Ya know. 

Brent Blair — Flowers for everyone, they're 


John Aybar — Whats up man, what ya doing 

(one breath)? 

Hooker — Don't worry guys; I called two repair 


Andrea Q — No Respect!! 

Steve Pless — Pat Hahn, Professer of the Year. 




' II ^ 

ifrjsi, IBlf 

r jr..-, ; v 

Keith Ladeau — We're outa here. 

Hamlak — Don't let your meat loaf. 

Secret and Pete H. — No dues, no meetings, 

we are alumni. 

Cartons — Is it true that you were 2nd in line 

for the energizer man commercial. Nice haircut 

dude, Oay!! 

David Sutherland — I just want to get to know 

you better. Dave can we use that line, Secret 

and Koot? 

N j C l< r _ For the 1988 Cadillac, what is the 

name of your roommate? Think hard. 

Tjark — So far you've been going out with girls 

that start with the letter J, so are you going to 

work your way through the alphabet. 

Joe Baggett — Getting in trouble costs a lot 

... but it sure is fun! 

Jay Huey _ No, Scott, don't take that flag, we 

could get in trouble. One memorable night at 

the Silver Fox. 

Corby — We got to find a new place to get 


J. P. — I'm not gonna argue with you. It's the 

only way it can be done. 

Hok — Drink, Drink and . . . Drink. 

Bales — Go Fly A Kite. 

Stallings — Life in a motor home — Jen. 

Chris Smith — Why is everything thats fun, 

illegal or and immoral? 



Punky-Chief, Be Quiet Or Get Out, Remember 

I'm President!!! 
Otter — Let's go back to the apartment, double 

Dodge-Dance tomorrow night, I'll get Pappa 

Smurf right on it. 
Pee Wee — I'm not complaining but can I have 

three dollars for gas and maybe insurance 

for next year? 
Barry K — Wacker 101 
Johnny Law — If I become president, this 

fraternity will lose some people fast. 
Witchard — I'm not an A hole, I'm a big A 

Blackburn — Y'all be serious, should I write it 

word for word? 
Murbag — I can't decide, Mac, Big G, Diane or 

Sluggo — You pronounce it and I'll taste it. 
Thrasher — I'm never gonna get any at this 

school, but at least I got my skateboard. 
Magio — Another semester started, another 

semester wasted, 
fuzzy Freak — It takes more than one good 

looking putter to hole that ZTA 
Ace — Move over Tom, I'm falling out of bed! 
Dave C — I can't get drunk, my girlfriend 

won't let me. 
Clayton Lonetree — Who am I? It will be 

revealed to me at a latter date. 
Salasmie — Newsletter, oh yes, next week. 
Dapper D — I'm not gay, I just talk this way. 
Trusty — Sorry guys C.L. won't let me go out 

Lewish — Kenny where are we going out on 

our date tonight? I brought the vaseline! 
Oscar — Three hundred bucks for nothing! 
Scooter — The mood just has to be perfect 
Frazier — Phi Mu sweetheart 87, 88, 89 . . . 
Etting — In the back of my mind theres always 

that girl at back home. 

LXA Diversification — Drug Store Employees, Homosexuals, Murderers and Gynecologists 

But when I gave him this face he said, "O.K., just two 
weeks off campus ." Then it was PARTY TIME!!! Who 
wants another Brew? 

> tamb6a Iht Alpha £ 

OFFICERS: — (L to R) First Row: Tom 
Joseph, Academic Chairman; Mike 
Oser, Fraternity Educator: Jon Travis, 
President; Chet Slicer, Secretary; and 
Jack Fetner, Vice-President. Second 
Row: Tony Capra, Alumni Director; 
Jon Dodge, Social Chairman; Mike 
Piatt, Ritualist; Eric Weiner, Rush 
Chairman; and Rusty Lawter, 

138 Lambda Chi Alpha 

Danger — Guys seriously I got a class in 

Roberts, Where's Roberts? 
Meathead — I'm great, i know it I got a High 

school diploma to show it. 
Kap Duke — Not even a fat chick will take my 

Mario — My car, my life! 
Kevin Mullins — Obnoxious, sarcastic, 

conceited, arrogant, repulsive, only a 

freshman, but I'm still great!! 
Pinter — She's ruining my life!!! 
Chip — What should I do Drew? 
Drew— Sit down Chip, cut the cards and drink 

or maybe 3 a.m. 

Homer — She ain't got no big t s! 

Chet — I dated her, but I only spent fifty bucks 

on her though. 
Stork — She's got a good right hook! 
Huff — I can't believe Curtis is Dead! 
J.T. — NOVA for Chief, off campus for me! 
Goober — I didn't even get to lick her laity 

Chief — Honestly Officer, a prowler hit me on 

the back of the head, pushed the bar over 

on me, and ran off!! 
Wing-ding — O.K. guys just remember, your 

men and their pledges. 
Flipper — What a stupid place to park a 

Spell-hell — Do what to who's mother for free? 
Flounder — I have my beer goggles on, I love 

you, I love you, your beautiful and I want 

you right now! 
Sidekick — My name is Britten, no really its 

Baity — I know that latin love doesn't love me, 

but give it time. 
Beaker — We should just blow those 

communist A-holes off the face of the earth! 
Smurf — You say A.M., I hear Brother. 


MEMBERS — First Row Dave Carver, Tucker Claggett, Yves Fischer, Brian Johnson, Al Arngoni, Jon Dodge Louis 
Federico, Steve Papastavau, Frank Rangoussis, Austin Aley, Jon Travis, Barry Keane and Joe Spe man. Second How. 
Kevin Mullins Brooks Lockey, Mike O'Connor, Jack Fetner, Tom Joseph, John Hammerick, Mike Kreckel, Mike Unan. 
Paul Baity, Brian Boger, Eric Weiner and Joe Pinter. Third Row: Steve Canning, Leigh Capshaw. Dave Etting Dan Brown 
Drew Smith, Kevin Murphy, Fran Caslin, Rusty Lawter, Mike Blackburn, Mike Piatt, Tony Capra, Rich Kappus, Josh 
Gibbs, Mike Oser, Chet Slicer and Eric Royer. 

Iota Phi's thirty-fourth year at HPC has 
been a terrific one. 

During formal rush we welcomed 
twenty-two new associate members, 
bringing us to a strong chapter of fifty-four. 

As the year progressed we enjoyed 
numerous dances, mixers, road trips, plus 
victory at the annual A.M. vs Pika pledge 
football game. Lambda Chi Alpha also took 
time to help the needy of High Point. 

We served dinners at the Father's Table 
soup kitchen, donated money to the United 
Way campaign and Boys Club, donated a 
Thanksgiving and Easter dinner to a needy 
family, helped the American Cancer Society 
and visited the children of Mills Home 
Orphanage. Through all of this the members 
of Lambda Chi Alpha grew stronger in 
friendship and the desire to help others. 

LXA A.M.S20, Pika Pledges 12 

Lambda Chi Alpha 139 

The Brotherhood 

Alan Ambrose, Tony Corbmo, Bryan Isler, William 
Thomasson, Tim Brown, Jim Burke, Kevin Clark, John 
Zimmer, Dave Marotta, Gray Fitz, Stewart McGlaughlin, 
Jim Fitzgerald, Jay Amernick, Jeff Grizzel, Tim Kannar, 
Van Mallett, Lanny Lancaster, John Mitchell, Mark 
Murphy, Joe Medlin, Rob Petty, John McColskey, Eric 
Gatton, David Sands, Tom Earnhardt, Jim Sharkey, Todd 
Moran, Scott Williams, Jay Sherling, Jeff Ashton, Chuck 
Chambers, Keith Thorburn, Kevin Cole, Chris Miles, Brad 
Krantz, Rick Zeitvogel, Tim Rosebrock. 

Delta Sigma Phi was first established at City 
College, NY. in 1899. The Delta Zeta chapter 
was initiated on High Point College campus on 
April 7, 1957 and is now celebrating its thirty 
first year. Through our fraternity the pledges 
and Brothers have gained so much. The frater- 

nity emphasizes academics first and foremost, 
it also enhances engineered leadership skills 
while it participates in the social scene at High 
Point. Today the fraternity consist of 28 
brothers, all being outstanding students on the 
campus, some in academics, some in the 


Donna — The dance is Saturday, see ya Sunday 

afternoon, Kris 
Diane — What does Mac have that I don't 

Van Mallett — 

Lucifer — Is pink friday just around the comer? 
Remnants — The darn thing just blew off! 

Alcoholic — My senior year has been just another 

Paige in history. 
Farmer — I don't know which I ride more, the 

horses or LSP. 
Stud — Smokin, Mae Ellen spend the night 
Casanova — I take penicillin daily, not vitamins. 
Sonya — Why couldn't I be a baseball player? 
Wimpy — Maybe someday I can be just like Aybar. 
Stymie — Did you ride in the Lemmo Halloween 

Stromboli — Are you the leading man IN STAR 

CB — I guess size means everything to Special K 
Hendrix — I make sweeter music with my guitar 

than with Wendy. 
Dana — I swear, Kim is just my friend! 
Cindy — Boy, you're better than Rosie. 
69 — Jesus, let me up for air! 

140 Greeks 


sports program and others are leaders in vari- 
ous organizations on campus. All in all Delta 
Sigma Phi is a fraternity of Brotherhood and 

OFFICERS — (L to R): Joe Medlin. Pledge- 
master; Eric Gatton, Vice-President; John 
McColskey, President; Stewart McGlaugh- 
lin, Sergeant at Arms; Mark Murphy — 
Treasurer; Tim Brown, Secretary. 


Khadafy — Terry just ain't Fancy enough 
Hogtied — Let's get undressed, so I can go to 

Eddie B. — I had to use my whole arm. 
Theta Chi — Hey Dad, this Bud's for you. 
RA — Gee Mac, your s..t smells awfully sweet! 
Booless — Forget the Lower Deck, Where's Bill K's 

Stockton -— l found a younger space, two inches 

VI — I'm saving it for death. 
Midol — Yes, sweetie, I'll rub your stomach. 
Dogaed — Did you wink (y) at Leslie today 
Frank — Really guys, my last isn't Purdue. 
Uecker 11 — Respect brothers, don't replace 

them , . 

B ar ry — Can my brother join too? 
Jeff Ashton — I love kissing A! 

Rick — Kiersten, what's this about the Milkman? 
Zeta — I did it in the dirt prematurely. 
Brownie — I'll be a s.t eater. 
Acid — Don't mess with the Boz 
Lonely Guy — Breaking up is hard to do. 
Einstein — You're MILES away from a 2.0 

Delta Sigma Phi 141 


Pam T. — Lead me not into temptation . . 
Laura C. — Lavaliere? What's a lavaliere? 
Kelly M. — I'm looking for an intellectually 

stimulating relationship! 
Kirs — Rick, boyfriend? No we're just friends' 
Julie — Dawn — Well, bacikly . . . 
Robin — Well, isn't that special?! I love Theta Chi! 
Stacey — Colleen! I'm so clueless! T.A F F 
Trudles — Ah-Chhet!! 
Jen — On the Bible?! 

Colleen — Check it out you guys! T.A.F.F. 
Michelle S. — You bet your sweet a-- I'm a turtle! 
Nice shelf?! 
Kymbers — Psyche!! It's TERRY ... and you bet I 

Sherry— I'm a HAPPY sunshine . . . especially 

when Dominos delivers! 
Erica — Ya know, ya know, ya know 
Sonya — Guys, I'm falling in deep, serious like 

Laura P. — Say F.I.S.H.I 
Jill B. — Let's hear it for the jumping hormones! 
Ann H — Is it Hawsky? Carrots? Jen's Shadow? or 

Jill's L.S.? 
Noelle — Man . . . does everybody know? 
Coletts — Hey guys, is it time for dinner? 
Vikki — You just don't understand! 
Dude — Ain't nothin but a thing! 
Janet — What does it mean? 
Gina — Let me spell it for you . . . 

Brianne — This running stuff is for the birds! 
Candice — That's Nikki Sixx to you, man! 
Leena — Robin? I could have sworn it was Laura P.! 
Anita — Stop the madness, Shelia we're good to go! 
Paige-lette — No! I don't have a date yet! 


The year started out with lots of 
excitement ... 32 pledges doubled the size 
of our chapter to 65 Zetas. Being a part of 
Zeta extends to all aspects of campus life. 
We support many activities on campus such 
as SGA, Student Union, the Dance Team, 
HPC Singers, Tower Players, the volleyball 
and basketball teams, the cheerleading 
squad and the Homecoming Court. 

Several times during the year, the Zetas 
visited the Kendall Center — a home for 
retarded citizens. We also had a special 
weekend honoring each Zeta's mother. This 
event occurs every four years and was a 
huge success. 

Sisterhood in Zeta Tau Alpha is not only 
a chance to enjoy wonderful times with 
other girls, but also a chance to share the 
unique closeness of Zeta love ... for Zeta 
is forever! 


OFFICERS — (L to R) First Row: Pam Thomas 
— Historian Reporter, Kelly Mullins — Mem- 
bership Chairman, Kate Bee Holt — President, 
Karen Liese — Treasurer, Robin Sink — 
Ritualist. Second Row: Sheila Smith — Secre- 
tary, Breena Oliver — First Vice-President, Jill 
Burton — Panhellenic Representative and 
Julie Wilson — Second Vice-President. 

Those Awesome Zeta's Really Know How To Rock! 

142 Greeks 

KjtOy L. — Carmen, do you wanna go to Robert's 

Sue — Yo dude what's up? Hey Mary is that what 

you're looking for hanging on the clock? 
,/JL h _ I'm a bubba and proud of it! 
Linda LL — I was lovin it! Such the killer group! 
Suzette— I'm in h--!! 
Kristi _ r m not asleep — I m thinking with my eyes 

closed! Yeah thats it! 
Theo - Wanna go walking? Do you? Do you? 

Cock-a-doodle-doo — T.A.F.F. 
p ee j _ it's 3 a.m. and I can't seem to find my 

roommate. No Ricky, no hicky! T.A.F.F. 

Molly — That's cuz I'm a Senior! 

Carmen — But you guys, I insist on taking Sarah to 

the dance! 
Lisa — Hey now! 

Karen C. — It's just too . . . too I Psyche 1 
Ellen — What do ya mean? 
Jill — Yeh . . . you wish! 
"K" — You guys! I'm not a graffitti board!! 
Amy — Two can play the game, but only one can 

Breena — Makin memories . . . yeh, that's what 

we're doing!. 
Sheila — Two Drags dates. It's hard to say no — 

Hate it when that happens! But tuck-ins are great!! 
Karen N — I get by with a little help from my friends 

. . . Fire — Becky and Pam, Mark and Brian. 
Pam — I've got to admit it's getting better, a little 

better all the time. 
Kimmie — No — I can't, not tonight . . . tomorrow 

night or next year. I'm just saying NO!!! 
Donna — But Laura, you brought the happies every 

Becky — I get by with a little help from my friends! 

MEMBERS — (L 10 R) First Row: Paige Alvarez, Jill Seller. Michelle Seifert. Slacey Becker Becky Gouge. Karen Nasuta, SonyaElyea, Ellen LaRoque Mary 
Rogan Vickki Goodman. Sue Rocheleau and Donna Shybunko Second Row: Mishell Wright. Erica Fischer, Karen Chaoman, Kathy Layson, Janet Lugt, Noelle 
Blank Ann Horskey, Jennifer Hamill, Gina Hendrix, Terry Fox, Karen Liese, Colette Aresenault, Kelly Baber. Karen Scott and Kymbers Williamson Third Row- 
Robin Sink Colleen Perry, Leena Qubein. Sherry Scon, Breena Oliver, Sheila Smith, Julie Wilson, Dawn Miller, Lisa Michalec, Pam Christian, Jill Burton, Kelly 
Mullins Kate Holt, Kathy Hughes, Laura Peoples, Linda Lovely, Bnanne Brannigan and Caroline Burns Fourth Row: Kim Wyont, Suzette Obaugh, Pam Thomas 
Amy Letts TrudiBoensch, Kristi Pierce, Molly Fox, Laura Carr, Abby Hughes, Kirstin Wachs, Anne Roberts, Pamela OShea, Michelle Combs and Anita Andrews 

t » 

Who Says We Can't Have Our Cake and Wear It Too! 

The Awesome Threesome (Kate, Kelly and Kathy) 

Zeta Tau Alpha 143 

OFFICERS — (L to R) Firsl Row: Kathy 
Hernandez — Rush Counselor, Suzanne 
LeClear — Social Director, Treka Brown 

— Scholarship, Karen Schmitz — Social 
Director, Debbie Underwood — Trea- 
surer. Second Row: Diane Hurley — 
President, Rosemary Leist — Panhellic, 
Stefanie Serafino — Vice-President, Liz 
Van Fleet — Membership, Sandy Rodgers 

— Phi Director, Claudia Hernandez — 
Recording Secretary, and Jennifer Higgins 

— Alumni Secretary 

Stacey, Mikki and Jennifer, Ready for Drags 

New Phi's, Steph, Stacey and Mikki, with "Mom" Diane 


Phi Mu was out in full force this year 
showing our colors all over campus! We 
started the year out with a bang more than 
doubling our membership during rush. With 
the help of our newly established Alumni 
advisory council Phi Mu has kept good 
relations with our alumni this year. We 
thanked them for all their help with our 
annual Alumni reception held at the Depot. 
The sisters and phis have worked hard this 


Ms. Clariol — I'll never commit ... oh well. 
Dublin — If you're lucky enough to be Irish, you're 

lucky enough. 
Shaker — Sept. 15 ... he said he loved me . . . 

Nov. 15 ... he said he loved me. 
Mel — Don't ask! I DON'T KNOW!! 
Mumbler — I just can't think of anything 

Hermie — I can't believe I have to study biology all 

the time. 

Smiles — Do we have a meeting today? 

Legacy — I'm older than you think. 

Curly — If you don't know it by now, you won't 

know it by cramming. 
Marinette — But I don't do those things, I just 

Single C — Did you hear, yew there's another one 
Busy Bee — I have SU at 5, Chapter Development at 

6. . . 
Miss Hernandez — I just don't care anymore — I'm 

sick of this s. t 
Mom — If you love something, set it free. It if 

doesn't come back, hunt it down and kill It! 
Scrumpie — It's like Lays potato chips — you just 

can't stop at one. 
Little Woman — I need to be satisfied! 
Puffer — I'm not giving our anymore. 
Boochie — Hey, don't I know you? 
Ms. Jam — Let me meditate. 
Dibdab — He's coming back, same s..t new 

Condo — Waterfront beach property for sale. 
Rocky — Well ... I'm a lover not a fighter — Do I 


144 Greeks 

year to support our two National 
Philanthropies, Project HOPE and The 
Childrens Miracle Network. Since Phi Mus 
are known for our socials, as well as social 
service activities we continued to celebrate 
our sisterhood! We held a dance in honor 
of our new phis, new sisters and our 
traditional Phi Mu Weekend in April, as well 
as mixers and Champagne Sundays! 


soeub 9 


it v. t s 

MEMBERS (L to R) First Row: Kelly Blake, Carole Donnelly, Laurie King and Rebecca Coe Second Row: Karen Vanhoy. 
Monica Rusbacky, Christine Bond, Amie Gates, Sara Messick, Jennifer Smith, Sharon Wise, Mikki Dean, Stephanie 
Denmark, Stacey Gustafson, Lesley Kain, Suzanne LeClear and Kathy Hernandez Third Row: Diane Hurley, Rosemary 
Leist, Stefanie Serafmo, Liz Van Fleet. Sandy Rodgers, Claudia Hernandez, Jenifer Higgins. Karen Schmitz Debbie 
Underwood and Treka Brown. 

Segrams — But I don't drink. 

Delta lota Kappa — Oh my god you'll never guess 

what happened. 
X-V— No I didn't, did I? 
Cricket — Ain't that special? 
Cool Aid — I can't talk to him ... I just can't! 
B.S. — I want my bill! 

Phi Mus Watch Their Favorite Fraternity KICK A-- at the 
A.M. vs. Pledges Football Game 

Phi Mu 145 


Behavior Problem: He did it again, so I 

guess He's sleeping alone. 
CKS: Another Year, another Sig. 
Silky: Finnicky, home alone again? 
Finniky: Silky, thanks for the private! 
Speed Bump Queen: This time my 

glasses fell off my face into the fish 

D.D.: Ya'll, I feel ill . . . he just walked 

into the cafeteria. 
Domino's: Are you delivering? 
Hellen Keller: I can't believe I did this! 

I'm such a diz! 
"Rock": We're getting married in 

August — No, it's September — No, 

it's December — Yea, that's it, 

December 30th! 
Teach: I smell popcorn — who's got it? 
C-L: Vic, you know Snuckums loves 

Vic: C-L, you know I spend every 

weekend at the potatoe farm. 
L.S.: Am I invited, Jon?! 
Courtley: Soccer players play longer and 

Gina: Carol, how did my stuff get in the 

Carol: Gina, I have no idea. 
Melbie: Well, Christy, it looks like we're 

sitting at home alone, again! 
Linkage: Love them freshmen pledges! 
Luka: How's the G.M.U. Sigma Chi? 
Mom: Does your cat have nine lives? 
Muddster: What's up? 

Squats: You're too awsume! 

Wake Woman: At least you will always 

have one big pink shoe! 
TC's Roommate: What a time to take a 

Wipeout: Don't go gettin all crazy! What 

do I owe you? 
Mrs. Flounder: Have you been at the 

pond again? 
Varoom. Who's number do you want? 

Wait a second, I've got it! 
Dorito: The weekend? Her door is 

Scam: No laughing or other 

unidentifiable noises! 
Molly: Don't forget all the nights with 

suite: Judy Blue eyes! 
Su-La: Raise it! 


Wish They Could All Be Kappa Delta Girls! 

OFFICERS (L to R) First Row: Knstine Peterson — 
Treasurer, Vicky Andersen — Secretary and Dormda 
Bennett — Assistant Treasurer Second Row: Lisa Welsh 
— Membership Chairman, Carrie-Lyn Hobson — Mem- 
bership Chairman and Kris Curry — Editor. Third Row: 
Dawn Lemmo — Panhellenic Delegate, Paula Reising — 
President and Brenda Hovis — Vice-President. 

Members — (L to R) First Row: Knstine Peterson, 
Veronica Royer, Dorinda Bennett, Carrie-Lyn Hobson, 
Julie Gunther, Jill Cardillo, Dawn Lemmo, Becky Unon, 
Brenda Hovis and Tracy Stikeleather. Second Row: 
Courtney Barry, Lisa Shank, Cyndi Herring, Diane 
Derouen, Dawn Linky, Vicky Anderson, Beth O'Donnell, 
Lynn Heasley, Ann McGrail, Suzette Richburg and Melissa 
Switzer. Third Row: Kim Long, Sheila Stirling, Debbie 
Harris, April Lang, Kathleen Mudd, Jeanne Wanner, 
Christy Rockwell, and Lynn Weigand. Fourth Row: Gina 
Duhr, Carol Fnck, Kris Curry, Katnona Hay, Kim Wilson, 
Allison Webb, Paula Mellinger, Paula Reising, Gwen 
Bogar, Beth Stecher, Sandra Selander, Joan Bryan, Sue 
Mosher, Meredith McCall and Amy Witty. Firth Row: Lisa 
Welsh, Dana Johnson, Meg Thompson, Amy Boswell, 
Kelly Jenkins, Leigh Ann Price, Kris Piercy, Kathy Pans, 
Dana Campanale, Anissa Yates and Beth Gregory. 

146 Greeks 


Nissers: you are bringing me dowwnn! 

Gwen: Oh! My doodness dacious. 

Pebbles: Oh! You silly goose! 

Cara: I am so funny! 

TC: Give me my keys dang it — It's my 

car. I paid for it with my money. 
Zam: How fast can I drive before I loose 

my license? 
Kimmy: Tell Jay I said, "Hey!" 
E. Head: what kind of trouble did we get 

in this weekend? 
Joan: I guess I ripped my skirt when I 

fell into the shower. 
Sheila: But I'm so shy and don't know 

anyone, until . . . 
KP' Do you want another chocoloate 

Millie: Darren, I don't feel so good! 

CH: Guys, I think I'm going to have a 

shack attack, see you tomorrow 
Annie: How is chuckles? Has he come 

to see you yet? 
Kimbo: I love to make waves with my 

"/sea man"! 
Melon Head: Did you think he would get 

a rash from that? 
GOD ROCKS: "Come on and 

PJ/Monsta: What does he charge for art 

Nellie: There's no place like Kansas Cityi 
Boz: All the art is original. 
Sumo: I'm the best pledge, even though 

I never attend my meeting 
Betty Crocker: Since I graduated from 

Jill and Cara's Cookout School, I can 

cook burgers for the good ole' Pikes! 
Ms. BonJovi: Just dial 884-8400 for 24 

hour service at High Point Regional. 
Jane: Swung on any vines lately? 
Small Wonder: Do big sisters lie on 

their happies? 
Wigdance: No more hair spray this year! 
Murph: How many guys did you kiss 

that night? 
Witt: Mary, wake up we have to go back 

to our room. 
Scotland: uhh??? My name is Elizabeth. 
Hosher: It's so nice of you to give Tina 

a single. 


Hello to you too, April! 

We strive for that which is honorable, 
beautiful, and highest and have much fun in 
the process! Gamma Gamma chapter of 
Kappa Delta had a roaring start with 32 
enthusiastic pledges at the conclusion of fall 
rush. With smiling faces and spirited 
outlooks, the Delts enjoyed three fantastic 
dances — Pledge Dance, Sisters Dance, 
and our annual white Rose Weekend — not 
to mention numerous fraternity mixers and 
Crush Party. Philanthropy was at its Peak 
as the Kappa Delts collected dollars for the 
National Committee for Prevention of Child 
Abuse on St. Patrick's Day. The bonds of 
sisterhood strengthened with fundraisers, 
pizza parties, and just hanging out with 
each other on our rocking KD hall. Yes, 
friendship is feeling natural with another 
sister, shedding all pretense and just being 
yourself. Friendship is always found in 
Kappa Delta. 

I'm gonna hold my breath until you tell me what ATO 
means. (Lynn Weigand) 


Kappa Delta 147 

MEMBERS — First Row (L to R): Rachelle Peters, Stevi Sloop, Mandy Huff, Amy Englat, Ellen Lachin, Chaun Marsh, 
Nina Austen, Julie Hannigan, Michele Santasiere, Jennifer De Leonardis, Carolynn Flowers, and Sara Caruthers. Second 
Row: Jennifer Hambrick, Aileen Radinsky, Linda Carter, Linda Davis, Carrie Hubard, May Jordan, Stacey DePew, and 
Angelique Perrin. Third Row: Jennifer Stack, Sherri Hooker, Debi Tominosky, Elaine Estelle, Stacey Clayton, Kim 
Quinter, Stacie McElroy, Kris Premock, Jean Reilly, Christine Cadley, Holly Felber, Judy Stovall, Michelle Rawie, Tanya 
Matlins, Ellen Reese, Kristen Jones, Janet Mailed, and Mara Schultz. Fourth Row: Ann Kintigh, Shelly Hamby, Denise 
Holman, Jennifer Brunetto, Jackie Barlowe, Leslie Cipolla, Allison Chapman, and Beth Edwards. Fifth Row: Kathy 
Hetherington, Kym McClary, Jennifer Wieler, Julie Taylor and Leslie Joyner. 

The Alpha Gams here at High Point 
College share something special and unique 
that sets us apart from the rest. "We Are 
Family" exemplifies what Alpha Gamma 
Delta is all about. This year, Alpha Gams 
have become involved in various sports and 
activities on campus and many of our 
sisters hold offices in Student Government 
and have been nominated for honors such 
as Homecoming Court, "Who's Who", and 
Greek of the Year. This year, the Alpha 


D — "Ya know, I swear, We're just 

friends, Jenwee." 
Bubbles — If you can't be with the one 

you love, love the one you're with. 
Chinner— Hey, what's goin' on? 

Where's everyone goin' on? Is anyone 

goin' to get Beer? 
Maybelle — Yesterdays promises are 

tomorrows dreams — forever 
Aileen — The world is like a mirror: 

frown at it and it frowns at you. 

Smile, and it smiles too. 
Boobie — "Hey guys, two and one. 

Huey, Duey, Louie and Donald rule." 

"Belly Up Broom". 
Ann — If you can put one man on the 

moon, why can't you put them all? 
Debi — "Dallas" eat toast babe 
Siglet — Bacik-ly, I can't decide whether 

to play baseball or go to Millis. 
Jeannie Weannie — Come as you are or 

don't come at all. 
Mommaneen — Can I Tell You?? 
The Convict — Some of us just have 
better roommates than others. 

Shacker Senior — If you guys will me 

until graduation, I'll tell you everything 

about my sex life. 
Little QC — I want a Sig, too. 
Pres — Life would be xtc you and me 

endlessly groovin' . , , 
Malley-Pie — All it takes is a little black 

lace and James Taylor 
Shades — Does life really go on beyond 

Sig Hill? 
Prepmonster— "What's wrong with 

alligator socks??" 
Jenweesee — "Relax, Trust me" 
Zanner — Theta Chi BEST SET 

148 Greeks 


Gams had a fantastic Rush with two new 
themes tor our Rush Parties: "Camp AGD" 
and "Alpha Gamma Delta — Fun Ship". 
Both parties turned out to be a success and 
now we have 29 fantastic new pledges to 
show for it. We also participated in a 
"Roll-A-Thon" to help raise money for our 
philanthropy, The Juvenile Diabetes 
Foundation. But amidst all the activities and 
events we participate in, we always take 
time out to do things together as sisters. 

OFFICERS — ( L to R) First Row: Wendy 
Glass, Activities Chairman; Sherri Hooker. 
Membership Chairman; Janet Mallett, 
V.P. — Fraternity Education; Carrie Hub- 
ard, Corresponding Secretary; Jennifer 
Wieler, Standards Chairman; Ellen Reese. 
Philanthropy Chairman; Elaine Estelle. 
V.P. — Scholarship; Second Row: 
Rachelle Peters, Treasurer; Ellen Lachm, 
Publicity Chairman; Tanya Matlins, Social 
Chairman; Beth Edwards, House and 
Guard; Mara Schultz, President; Sara 
Caruthers, Ritual Chairman; and Jackie 
Barlowe, Recording Secretary. 

Judy, Mandy, and Sherri are ready to soar into Rush. 
There's always a party going on at Alpha Gam Hall. 

Two-tone mouth — No more Kai. 

Lola — Bless your heart. 

Smiles — I never should have fallen in 

love with you JAR. 
Preemie — We'd like to order a pie from 

Kimmee — No more SECRETS, okay?? 
"E" — The FLAME is sooo HOT, and 

how it BURNS. 
Lite — Hey lal, here's another one for 

Mrs. Busch. 
Jersey — Oh, why don't you just go to 

H— ? 
The Colgate Kid — Sex is so expensive 

and I don't have a Buck (But I know 

where I can get one) 
Orange — I wish I didn't know now what 

I didn't know then. 
Shelly — Going to Zimbabwe — The 

vapor rhinos. . 

Twiggy — Yes, it's Carolina Blue. 
ft _ Help me, I'm caught in a WEB 

Alpha Gamma Delta 149 

Inter-Fraternity Panhellenic Council 

The Inter-Fraternity Council, better 
known as IFC, is the governing body of 
the four national social fraternities. The 
Panhellenic Council is the governing body 
of the four national social sororities. Both 

are responsible for advancing the interest 
of High Point College, promoting the 
general interest and welfare of the 
fraternities/sororities as a whole, to insure 
cooperation between them in their 

relations with the faculty, administration, 
student body, and the public in general 
and serve as the judicial body over the 

Panhellenic Council — : Sandy Rodgers, Delegate; Paige 
Alvarez, Delegate; Linda Davis, President; Dawn Lemmo, 
Treasurer; Jill Burton, Vice-President and Ann Pugh, 

IFC Officers — (L to R); Rusty Lawter, President; Jim 
Sharkey, Vice-President; Jon Dodge, Secretary; Steve 
Fields, Treasurer and Dave Sands, SGA Delegate. 

IFC Delegates — (L to R): Rich Miller, Chris Smith, Bruce 
Tenanian, Greg Hooker, Chark Bateman, Tom Joseph, 
Jon Travis, Mike Kreckle, Jon Dodge, Rusty Lawter, Steve 
Fields, Jim Sharkey, Dave Sands, Will Thomasson, Jon 
Mitchell, Jeff Gnssell, Brian Kendall, Chaz Marr, Jeff 
Quintavell, Chris Bockenhouer and Phil Fagan. 

in ikb 
m hi,. 

150 IFC/Panhellenic 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Hoppy: I have a four letter word for you: 

Muxi: I need a drink! 
Jaws: I am not my brothers keeper. 
Hushpuppy: Slowdown, you move too fast. 

T-bird: Honey, let me tell you — 
Lady Hawke: You can't arrest me for 

indecent exposure, I have a 

valid I.D. 
Scrappy: If you've got it, flaunt it. 

Sci-fi: Has anybody seen my Big Brother? 
Benji: We have perfect chemistry. 
Beacon: I'm going out . . . this weekend. 
Bowty: I'm the president of the fraternity? 

Alpha Phi Omega, MUXI Chapter was 
established in April, 1958, at High Point 
College. This year they are celebrating their 
30th anniversary. MUXI Chapter participated 
in a variety of service projects this year. 
They delivered phone books with the High 
Point Jaycees, participated in the Alumni 
Phoneathon, collected canned food for the 
elderly at Christmas and sponsored the 
Bloodmobile four times. 

Alpha Phi Omega 151 




;■. ■■ 


k * 


f * *> 

f *j£r. 

I his is a place 
of beginnings, 
with her arms full of 
summer clothes, 
the girl on the stairs 

and turns to look back. 
"Dad? I've got the tele- 
vision . . . 

Can you bring the van 
around to the front now?" 
Ahead of her 
are three more flights 
of awkward steps. 

This is a place 
of beginnings . . . 
In a corner of the library 
he hunches, muttering 
at the Harbrace Handbook. 
Logic should lead, 
but what if there are four 

And what's the difference 
between footnotes 
and bibliographies anyway? 
So many different situations, 
lifestyles . . . 
no handbook 

seems to offer the answers. 
Seema Qubein 


-4 "fr 


~\ r 


8 fc u 






? 0^- 

In Winston Salem visit SIR SPEEDY at 1011 Burke St . . . 722 -4109 


Sechrest Funeral 
Service Inc. 

High Point 



Since 1897 



i7fif-.yf .A. .Alain .Theft 
.%%/, :-?<><„/. .'Y.W. 27262 

. 4(nn-affft 


■i . .i _ Complete t rTio 

r^ — Outfitters ' ' ' 

Lavona Black 

HIGH POINT, N C 27260 


inu, Line. 

(ONE 886-501 




On September 26, a crowd of over 700 
students, parents, and residents of High 
Point were present when Howard K. Smith, 
former ABC television news anchor, 
delivered the first annual Capus Waynick 
Lecture. Examining "The Changing 

Challenges to America," Smith looked 
toward the future as he emphasized the 
importance of education to all people as the 
economies of the world increasingly merge. 
Education will determine the "winners and 
losers" in the future, Smith concluded. 


Acknowledgement 1987-88 

Ms. Cherl Harrison, Advisor 
Jo Walker, Consultant 
Blanca Lee 
Seema Qubein 
Jon Travis 
Christy Rockwell 

Snow Studio 

James Rabon 

Woody Marshall, The High Point Enterprise 

Woody Gibson, HPC Athletic Department 
And thanks to all the unnamed others for 
their many and varied contributions. 

Acknowledgements 157 

When you asked me what my name was 
I didn't tell you 

that I have two German Shepherds, 
that I love Billy Joel, 
if that I oppose euthanasia, 
f that I play the guitar. 

Squirrels abound here, and maybe we arrive 
like them, scurrying to hide 
acorns, loves, lives 
s ~'^ trom the weather. 

^^Xjjjer It has rained since then, 
\T~~J „kr and snowed. 

"-£/» * I 'up IparnpH 

I've learned 

how to balance accounts, 
build flats, 
. ft \l .•.-- snare mv world ■ • ■ 

,s~y" How much 

\hd*» — '*• the seasons 

3ldL Imt nave unc ° vered! 

4»f \ How we have emerged! 


Seema Qubein 





!** vl 






i i i 




,. m •iimmiwsmt muwuji 

■**»* :«£ , JjWW ^ 

^* . ■' *.*? 

What edges things come to. 

Across the street to Hayworth. 

Over the bridge to Cooke, 

through the tiny, empty 


of post office boxes . . . 

These transitions have never 


so transparent . . . 

these gaps 

where campus seeps away 

and vistas of a void 

Suddenly, the world seems flat 
and only four years wide. 

Seema Qubein 

nd s ' " 


Rick Kelley 




Edward Jackman 


ntertainment '87 
Andy Andrews 
January 30 

Michael Bird 
April 1 

Alex Cole 
November 14 

Edward Jackman 
September 25 

Rick Kelley 
February 25 

Pinsky & Gray 
April 30 

Andy Andrews 

Edward Jackman 

Alex Cole 

Pinsky & Gray 

Epilogue 163 

Helps us grow individually and socially 

T T- T- T 1 

^ ^j 129 fe^ 




1 1 

■»|v* ^™T~ 

ifflfe vB 






Lx" %2*k% ~"j - -*, 


■ — 






* ^jwf^^SSs&K : 

«l tt 

: %-^-' 

Epilogue 165 

Continuing Adult Education Center 

elly A. Acuff 
usan G. Adams 
Elizabeth Aldridge 
Lynley F. Anders 
Criss D. Anderson 
David Anderson * 
Bobby G. Andrews 
Deborah K. Ashley I 
Tommie C. Atkins 
RandyJ. Barber 
Charles Bearden 
Sue S. Beaver ; 
Cynthia K. Beeson 
Doris R. Bennett 
Shannon Bentley 
William t. Beusse 
Teresa Billings 
Judy A. Black 
Beverly Boerner 
Sharon G. Bolton 
Christopher Bowles 
James F. Boyd 
Deborah Branson 
Christy L. Brewer 
Kathleen Bryant 
H. Dean Bull Jr. 
Barry D. Bunn 
Carta G. Burkhart 
Scott T. Bumette 
Rhonda N. Bynum 
Jean Calhoun 
Deborah Chapman 
Kimberly Chapman 
(Catherine Cheek 
Andrew 0. Chiedu 
Joey V. Clewis 
Timothy Coleman 
Djuana M. Collins 
Eddie R. Conrad 
Thomas D. Cook 
Carmen R. Cotton 
Richard Cranford 
Rhonda Craven 
Marie H. Cribb 
Brad F. Crotts 
Conis F. Cutler 
Ramona M. Delappe 
Joey M. Dillon 
Phillip Dixon Jr. 
William Dyson IV 
Meredith A. Eanes 
Steven L. Edwards 
Almettia Ellison 

Rick J. Espy 
Susan C. Evans 
David W. Fields 
Lawan Fitzgerald 
Mary Fitzgerald 
Cynthia L. Foster 
lary W. Frazier 
Henry J. Freeman 
Amy S. Gibson 
Donna L. Gilbert 
Gary L. Goodnough 
John E. Grant III 
Carlton B. Guyer 
Kathleen Haggerty 
Clyde H. Hal Jr. 
Kay Hamilton 
Alice J. Handy 
Mark Hanes 
Susan H. Hayworth 
Teresa Hayworth 
Robert J. Hedge 
Louanne Hedrick 
Kimberly C. Hobbs 
Jacquelm Hodges 
Lauren P. Horton 
Michael W. Hubble 
Bruce C. Huffman 
Fredrick Hughes 
David L. Hunt 
Robert S. Hupp 
Carolyn E. Idol 
Cynthia H. Ingram 
Karen S. Johnson 
Linda H. Kenner 
Rosemary Kinley 
Andi Kirkman 
Traci D. Knight 
Norman F. Lang Jr. 
Tonya H. Langley 
Anna P. Leak 
Ida L. Leonard 
Walter Leonard Jr. 
Marybeth Linton 
Bryan K. Linville 
Faye Loflin 
Bruce E. Lonas 
Michael Lovelace 
Hasije P. Marion 
Barbara Marshall 
Sheila R. Masten 
Jeffery G. Mastin 
Brenda D. McAdams 
Brett H. McCurry 
Janie P. McDaris 
Judith S. Melton 
Pasedia L. Mills 
Herschel F. Mintz 
Sharon Montgomery 
Glenda S. Morgan 
Joe R. Morris 

Billy Norris 
Fonda D. Norris 
Diane M. Nye 
Gloria F. Oglesby 
Dennis B. Ohara 
Cynthia S. Oneil 
David B. Osborne 
Beverly P. Page 
Ruth C. Parks 
Anthony Patterson 
Michael Patterson 
Wendi Patterson § 
George M. Pawl 
Lynn F. Payne 
Ina F. Pegram 
Deborah K. Piner 
Denica A. Ptimimer 
Sever Poindexter 
Donna M. Pruett 
JurJm G. Quinn 
Terri D. Rhodes 
Lawrence F. Rich 
Stephen A. Rule 
Erin M. Ryce 
Donna B. Sanders 
Wanda D. Sautter 
Richard L. Scott 
Wanda G. Sewell 
Deborah H. Shaw 
M. Jeanne Shirley 
Brian M. Shoaf 
Christina Shoaf 
Forrest Shuford 
Patricia Simmons 
Hilda Sink 

Mary L. Sistrunk 
Kelly A. Smith 
Lisa D. Smith 
John E. Snead 
Gary D. Snipes 
Robert A. Spears 
Jeffrie Stanoen 
Biilie E. Stanley 
Barbara Starnes 
Robert K. Steele 
R. Steve Stewart 
Wanda D. Stone 
Percy Strader Jr. 
CD. Streetman Jr. 
C. Edward Studebaker 
Howard D. Swaim^r. 
Carol A. Swansonff 
Jeffery Sweeney I 
Melinda Sykes 
Charles K. Tatum | 
Te Thai 

Ethef M. Townsenrf 
Getre A. Trippe 
Charles Trivette 
Maryjane Vernon 
Deborah H. Wade 
Renee F. Wardell 
Doris L. Warren 
Eunice L. Watson 
Gilda D. Watts 
Susan Wafts 
Martha D.'-Wessell 
Scott Whrtater 
Rita P. Whitley 
Patsy M. Willard 
Christine WHtiams 
Diane M. Williams 
Philip Williams 
Stephanie Wilson 
Lisa J. Witcher 

Toni l. mm 

Ralph E. Wolfe II 
Silas E. Wood 
Randall C. Wright 
Roger Zimmerman 
Fanda I. Abbas 
James S. Adams 
Joyce Adams v 
Ludwig W. Albl* 
Herman Anderson Jr. 
Kathy L. Ayers 
Andy Barber 
Lori A. Barnes 
Carolyn Barrios 
Clemmie Basinger 
Jason Beamon 
Nancy F. Bennett 
Susan A. Bennett 
Leigh Blackburn 
'""Patrick Blackburn 





166 Epilogue 




Donna L Blakley 
ichard D. Boese 
iria M, Bogarous 
larol A. Bolen 
Robert L. Bowden 
Faith W. Bowman 
Gary W. Bowman 
Scarlet Boyle 
Martene F. Brewer 
William Bridges 


Wilma F. Brown 

Mary J. Browne 

Mary Burchette 
: Debra L. Caldwelt 
ynda M. Canzona 
heryl S. Caudill 
; N. Caudle 
rionica B. Caudli 
dna S. Cnavis 

Helen W. Choplin 

Patsy H. Clay 

Barbara Cockrum 

G. Grayson Coleman 

Marylin Collins 

John Conklin 

James H. Con 

Caroline Con 

Sue M. Cox. 

Rhodena S. i 

I Ronald A. Crouch 
Charles M. Culler 
Steven K. Daniels 
Stacy L. Darnall 
Elaine B. Davis 
Patricia Davis 
' Debra L. Dion 
Thomas Oisantis 
Traci J. Disher 
Karen J. Doub 
■^ Valerie Douthit 
. Janet L, Driver 
Tracy C. Duke 
Lynn D. Dull 
Tim M. Dull 
Heidi K. Eddy 
j James W. Edmonds* 
' Ryke R. Edwards 
Vera V. England 
Vicki L. Epley 
Lori Etkin 
Rita W. Everhart 
Elizabeth Faulk 
Vendy F. Fields 

i S. Flynn 
Sondra S. Folsom 
Rita J. Forbes 
Brenda D. Fowler 
Christopher Fowler 
Dorothy Francis 
I Kathy C. Frazier 
j&Beverly N, Fudge 
yW. Carolyn Fulp 
KSamela G. Fulp 
James M. Gowen : 
. andra J. Graver 
Sandra K. Gray 
TJargaret C. Grote 
Susan M. Haake 
Howard W. Hagler 
Robin R. Hail 
i Sandra Hamilton 
William Hammett 
Carole M. Harper 
Debbie A. Harris 
James R. Harris 
Tammie L. Harris 
Pamela Hartigan 

Klartha H. Hauser 
3rrain Hawryluk 
amelia C. Heath 
Carolyn Hedrick 
Kim Hiatt 
cki A. Hiatt 


Melissa J. Hill 
Lucinda S. Holder 
Keith Hollingsworth 
Teresa L. Hoots 
Greg Horton 
Deloris Huntley 
Deborah Jackson 
Lynn B. Jennings 
Rodney M. Johnson 
Shari Johnson 
Catharine Jones 
James D. Jones 
Wayne D. Kale 
Michael Kecseti 
Glenda J. Keels 
Kenneth B. Keller 
Kelly K. King 
Tonya D. King 
Beverly Kirby 
Leigh T. Kiser 
Merlin C. Kreiser 
Shirley A. Lewis 
Kathryn Lloyd 
Susan L. Lowi 
Sheila E. Loyi 
Judith Lytle 
Betty C. Mabe 
Patnck J. Marr 
Karen F. Marshall 
Michael Marshall 
Patricia Marshall 
Liston L. Martin 
Vallie E. Martin 
Cathleen McCall 
Rhonda C. McCann 
Jeloma McDonald 
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Paula A. McWethy 
Gail Merritt 
Janice D. Miller 
Ricky E. Money 
Laura W. Monroe 
Kathy W. Morgan 
Melanie K. Morris 
Robin C. Mouzon 
Edward Musselwhite 
Jonathan K. Myers 
Thomas Neal 
Charles Neenan 
Patricia Nelson 
Tmothy R. Nelson 
Leanne 0„ Mewsom 
Rebecca L. Morris 
Jack T. Owen 
Pamela A. Pacula 
Darlene J. Palmer 
Anna M. Papp 
Krishna 8. Papp 
Ellen K. Parker 
Debra L. Penn 
Carol Pfaff 
Angela K. Phipps 
Angie Poindexter 
Charlene Porter 
Vicky P. Priddy 
Cathy A. Rachui 
Margaret Rafferty 
Judi Raglandtodd 
William Reavis Jr. 
Sara Lynn Redmon 
Marilyn T. Reid 
Herman M. Respess 
David J. Riedl 
Jacaryn D. Riley 
Kenneth L. Rippy 
Janice B. Ritchie 
Ruth D. Roberts 
Katherine Roels 
Stacey Rogatsios 
Brenda L. Russell 
David L. Sain 
John A. Salmons 
Deborah L. Sams 
Deborah Scalise 
Lynda L. Seit 
Julie W. Sellers 

James Shaw 
Princess Shaw 
Amy Shelton 
Jackie L. Sherrod 
Luanne W. Shumate 
Baird B. Sills Jr. 
Carolyn Simmons 
William Simmons 
Braiinder Singh 
Cathy L. Slate 
Donna M. Small 
Diane B. Smith 
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Kathryn A. Smith 
Robin B. Smith 
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Gloria Timlic 
Carol J. Tripled 
Pamela Trivette 
Wesley G. Walker 
Louise V. Watkins 
Tina White 
Darrel Williams 
George Williard 
Janice R. Wurgley 


Epilogue 167 





'''mi ' fi 

m a 


A traditional Rite of Spring at High 
Point College is Greek Week. The 
1987 version included a 
faculty/student softball game, the 
Michael Bird concert, a bong show, a 
banner contest, an awards ceremony 
and receptions for the entire college 

168 Epilogue 

Pan-Hell and IFC produce a successful 
Greek Week 


6W.lyi 4 A , 57 



h Mi 




*• r>*i 

a ^a . J* I 



x f 

b sSP^F x [1 



b II 


if*yn fflfe 

1 1 

ft V ^ i 



n . v 

m. a \I !! 

Hi* Jn 

H :' 

■r^ ' 

IH A. 

^ if 3sa 







1 '--- ^^Bfl i?PE 

l&S * 

'^■fa. ^1 


^H |^P 

•f°^ l 


^-JB^S~iiX ^¥^^Br 


^^"~ """^^i 


~~ g#**:\: 

Epilogue 169 

Forget books, forget tests, forget school . . . 

170 Epilogue 

. . . Let's 

^ % x » * f dm 

■ ' 'WmmmmWM 

4 m-> i SHl 

ft I P=wl 

1 -livv 

fif Hi 



jJF fciJP tA it-- 1 

r B ■**- ' '■■A IB- 

BIP^H a^ 




The Valentine's Dance '87 

Epilogue 171 

in the making . . 

Because of the great popularity of Carl 
Rosen with the High Point College 
students, the singer and musician made a 
return visit to the campus. But this second 
visit was no ordinary concert. The 

entertainer liked the students so much that 
he wanted to tape his promotional video at 
High Point College using HPC students as 
his audience! 

The New Dorm ... a 
proud addition to 
High Point 

Epilogue 173 

These four years, 
Only a pinpoint in time. 
Growing, learning, sharing, 
Finding out who you really are. 
Sometimes the days seemed endless, 
Sometimes they passed too quickly. 
All those tomorrows are now yesterdays, 
So it must be time to move on. 
We'll take with us the memories, 
Knowledge, tears, laughter, friends. 
It's time to move on 
We have finally emerged. 

Teri Burchette 


Class of '88 

176 Epilogue 

*>t&z &*&>*. »,yt^ <*>*>