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Zenith 1989-90 


• « 



High Point College 
High Point, N.C. 
Volume 66 

■■- '■■ '■ 



* • 

Organizations 10 

Want to get involved? Then check out 
the many organizations that HPC has to 

Sports 38 

Run, kick, hit, shoot . . . See HPC action at 
its best! 

Greeks 60 

From Rush to pledging to initiation, it's all 
in a day's work for the HPC Greeks. 

Students 80 

The students make the college what it is. 
What would HPC he without us? 

Faculty 140 

Take a look at the people who are re- 
sponsible for our future, 

Overview 161 

HPC'sanswerto Time magazine. With all 
the news, information, and gossip, what 
more could you want? 

2 Opening 

Table of Contents 


Opening 3 



for the Zenith 

September 15, 


The purpose of education is to edu- 
cate for citizenship. At High Point Col- 
lege students are not merely enrollees, 
but members of the col lege community; 
and as we know, it is a special kind of 
community. Here we combine the spiri- 
tual with the intellectual. We do this in 
one continuous effort, and conducive to 
the total growth of the student. 

Education in our country was started 
by the church, so it does not seem 
strange to us to combine education and 
religion — lv the most enduring societies 
of human history." Throughout life, we 
will come to appreciate more and more 
the influences which have formed us 
here and elsewhere. 

To the class of 1990, may you go forth 
to put knowledge into service and may 
your lives be marked by long years of 
enlightened citizenship. We are proud 
of you, and wish for you God's blessings 
as you pursue your goals. 


:r <Cc-i> < .■ mr^-J \ » 

4 Opening 

Gart Evans 
Dean of Students 

Originally from Delaware, Dean Gart Evans chose 
High Point College to continue his education and has 
since not left. He graduated in 1975, so he knows the 
college both as a former student and as an em- 
ployee. This year marked his fourth year as Dean of 
Students and his ninth year as a staff member. Dean 
Evans spent the first five years as the Director of Alumni 
Affairs. Student involvement is top on Dean Evans' list 
of changes at HPC. He would like to see every one get 
involved during their years here because after all, 
"High Point is your college." 

Vance Davis 

Dean of the 


A college can count itself lucky when the 
Dean knows about the school as a former stu- 
dent and as an employee. Dean Davis gradu- 
ated from High Point College in 1961 and went 
on to further his education at Yale University Di- 
vinity School and at Drew University. In 1973, he 
joined the faculty at HPC as a professor of re- 
ligion and in the spring of 1988 he became the 
Dean of the College. 

Dean Davis is working closely with the Na- 
tional Commission, and according to their task, 
"We hope to make High Point the best school of 
its size and type in the Southeast." He also hopes 
that High Point can continue its history of being a 
friendly campus on the social side while ex- 
panding on the academic side. With all this 
change taking place, he stands strong in his be- 
lief that High Point College graduates should be 
"critical thinkers who are morally and profes- 
sionally responsible." 

I Opening 5 

High Point College: 

A Brief History 

High Point College . . . Have you ever 
stopped to think of what went into 
Puilding it? Where did it all begin? 

There were two colleges that were forerunners to High Point Col- 
lege. In 1856, Yadkin College opened its doors in Davidson County. 
A few years before, Jamestown Female College was established. 
Jamestown bumed and was never rebuilt; instead, the girls were 
moved to the all male Yadkin College to study. In 1895, Yadkin's 
charter was annulled, and it was not until 1914 that the idea of 
another college was brought up again. 

It was a rainy September 14, 1924 when High Point College 
opened after many years of debate on where the Methodist school 
should be built. Only three buildings stood on campus at that time, 
Robert's Hall, McEwen Hall, and McCulloch Hall. Robert's Hall was 
the centre of activity for the college, housing all classrooms, the 
chapel, the auditorium, and the cafeteria. McEwen 
Hall served the purpose of housing female students 
and single female professors. McCulloch Hall was not 
complete when the first student arrived; therefore, the 
men were housed with area families until the roof 
could be put into place. 

As the school began to grow, more buildings had 
to be added. In 1933, Harrison Hall was built. The 
Wrenn Building (1937) was the first library on campus; 
now the building has been renovated and houses the 
Admissions Office and the computer department. By 
1941. the Empty Space Theatre, as it is now known, 
was built. This building was the student centre for 31 
years until a bigger, more modem Campus Center 
was built in 1972. And where would visiting teams stay 
if the Field House hadn't been built in 1947? 

Once more students took an interest in HPC, more 
buildings had to be built for different purposes. 
Wesley Hall, a female residence hall, was built in 



6 Opening 

1953. In 1954, two new classroom buildings were constructed, 
Cooke Hall and the Fine Arts Building/ Memorial Auditorium. In 
1957, the school needed a new gymnasium, so the Alumni Gym- 
nasium was built. Still more students flowed into HPC, so in 1958 and 
1964, three new residence halls were built, North, Millis, and Yadkin 
Halls. (Yadkin Hall was so named to commemorate Yadkin Col- 
lege). In 1967, the sciences got their own home, Haworth Hall of 
Science. Mary Irwin Belk Hall, High Point's only co-ed residence hall, 
was built in 1968. In 1969, the college added an Infirmary to the long 
list of buildings on campus. The Charles Hayworth, Sr. Chapel was 
built in 1972, and in 1986, was remodeled due to a fire. In 1984, the 
Smith Library was built. New Hall was built in 1987, after McCulloch 
was torn down, to house underclass men. 

In 1927, HPC graduated its first class of 13 seniors with only three 
buildings. Now it's 1990, and HPC is graduating its 63rd class of 
nearly 300 seniors with 22 buildings and plans for two new ones. 

What's next? Well, by 1991, the college hopes to boast a new 
athletic complex for intercollegiate purposes, and before the 
twenty-first century, there are plans for a new fine arts center and 

i i 

What is in store for the future of High 
Point College? That is the question that 
the 142 members of the National Com- 
mission began trying to answer in May 
1989. The commission is now faced with 
the task of developing a blueprintfor the 
future of HPC in order to assist the col- 
lege in achieving its full potential. Dr. 
Jacob C. Martinson, president of the 
college, feels that the Commission is 
necessary because "The stronger the in- 
stitution, the more it wants to improve. 
Most institutions never reach their full 
potential." He doesn't want that to be 

the case here. Instead, he says "We 
want to move into the next decade in a 
strong position among academic insti- 
tutions in North Carolina and the South- 
east. We thought now would be the per- 
fect time to look at where we are and 
where we want to be 10 years from 

The Commission is divided into six 
committees; each one concentrating 
on a particular aspect of the college's 
future ranging from student life to phys- 
ical facilities. In January of 1990 each 
committee will submit a report to the ex- 

The National 

On the Future 


High Point 


ecutive committee and a final docu- 
ment will be drawn up. "As the college 
looks to the future, certain decisions 
need to be made concerning how the 
institution might best enhance its in- 
fluence on the lives of the students and 
convey its educational philosophy to a 
wider audience. The commission will 
provide energy and direction for this 
center of learning for many, many years 
to come," said President Martinson. The 
future of High Point College has never 
looked brighter. 

Opening 9 


10 Organizations 


Organizations 11 

Student Government 

The Student Government 
Association is the governing unit of the 
student body at High Point College. Its 
members allocate funds to each 
organization on campus. SGA is 
comprised primarily of executive and 
legislature councils, as well as a 

judiciary. Collectively, members 
discuss issues which are brought 
before them. The Student Government 
Association is open to all students and 
is responsible for overseeing campus 
activity through the funding of other 

Executive Council: Gart Evans (Advisor). Beth 
Edwards (President ). Carolyn Flowers (Treasurer], 
Kathy Hughes (Speaker). Pat Patrillo (Budget), 
Amanda Huff (Vice-President], Missing: Terry Fox 

.. .. .. 


1st row: Cyndi Herring, Beth Edwdrds. Van Mallett, Carrie-lyn Hobson, Mandy Huff, Carolyn Flowers. 
2nd Row: Lysa Krantz. Kathy Hughes. Jay Amernick, Tom Joesph. Al Arrigoni, Rich Davis. 3rd row: 
Stephanie Gray. Leend Quebein. John Tague, Amy Marshall. Jennifer Mallett. Wilson Bounds. Jeff 
Howe. 4th row: Kathy Cooper, Chris Cadley. Kevin llarraza. Sherry Scott, Todd Godbey, Michelle 
Saunders, Jeremy Dott, Patrick Petrillo. 5th row: Dean Evans, Stacy Depew, Ann Kintigh, Chriss 
Grippa. Sarah Turnburke. Leah Chappell, Jamie Lawson, Dana Batten. 6th row: John Harrison. Chris 
Premock, Brian Jacobs, Debbie Wellings, Greg Pinsky, Lee Hunter, Andy Brehm 

S.GA. helped to sponsor the first 
annual High Point College Crop 


Beth Edwards. 1989 S.GA. president, successfully 
led HPC throughout the year. 

12 Organizations 

A Member of the Dance Committee sets up for 
the Homecoming Dance. 

Student Union 

Under the direction of Ron Dalton, 
Student Union is an organization for 
the entire campus to be involved. The 
group provides the entertainment at 
High Point College. There are social, 
cultural, and recreational programs in 
which one can get involved. Student 

Union offers a chance to have fun 
while working on worthwhile projects. 
Student Unions plans concerts, 
dances, speakers, road trips, 
student/faculty mixers, Homecoming 
Weekend, and the week-long "Senior 

Row 1: Cindy Marzano, Julie Nace, Mary Beth Philips. Leah Chappell. Leena Quebein, Jamie 
Lawson, Pat Petrillo, Kevin llarraza, Michelle Saunders, Terry Fox, Rich Davis. Row 2: Robbie Combs, 
Nancy Fitzgerald, Carrah Hendersen, Cindy Gladding, Angela Dailey, Jennifer Mallet, Rhonda 
Brown, Chad Barker. Dana Lynn Goldinsky, Ron Dalton. Row 3: Serene Quebein. Amy Marshall, 
Sarah Turnburke, Pat Graver, Chris Wright, Alisha Atwell. 

Executive Council. Row 1: Pat Patrillo. Michelle 
Saunders. Mary Beth Phillips. Kevin llaraza. Row 
2. Rich Davis. Leena Quebein, Ron Dalton, Leah 
Chappell. Jamie Lawson 

Michelle Saunders. Co-Chairperson of the 
dance committee presents flowers to the 
homecoming court. 

Organizations 13 


The Hi-Po is a publication by the 
students and faculty, for the students 
and faculty. The goal of the staff is to 
provide the campus with the most 
accurate and objective account of 
the campus news. The Hi-Po provides 
its readers with the "real" story through 
students and faculty features, sports, 
organizational news, and editorials. 

Through hard work and dedication 
the four deadlines a semester are 
met. The staff responsibilities include 
reporting, writing and editing copy, 
photography, and layouts. Working on 
a college newspaper provides great 
experience for any student, especially 
those planning a career in journalism 
or communications. 

The Staff. Row 1 : Theresa Fowler, Pam Dean, Carrie-lyn Hobson, Karen 
Scoff. Row 2: Kelly Sober, Kelly Jenkins, Jamie Lawson. Row 3: Andrew 
Ritchie, Meg Waters, Steve Prokop. Row 4: Paul Simpson, Bobby Hayes 
(Advisor), Ann Mosca, Austin Aley. 


Steve and Carrie-lyn recruit new 
staff members at the fall Activities 

The Hi-Po Editors: Steve Prokop 
(Sports), Meg Waters (Assistant 
Editor). Carrie-lyn Hobson (Editor), 
and Mr. Bobby Hayes (Advisor). 

14 Organizations 

Angela and Brian are shown working hard (or 
hardly working) on copy. 

The 1989-90 Zenith Staff was the 
largest and hardest working one HPC 
has had in years. The staff grew from 
a few dedicated students to twenty. 
Mr. Ron Dalton took over the job as 
advisor to the yearbook this year. The 
staff worked hard throughout the fall 

First Row: Angela Dailey (copy Editor], Mellissa 
Switzer (advertising Editor). Second Row: Brian 
Smith (Computers), Christy Rockwell 
(editor-in-chief), Lynn Heasley (photography 
Editor), Ralph Barber (Layout Editor). 

semester and into the spring to meet 
the rigid deadlines. The Zenith is a 
great opportunity for those interested 
in journalism to show their creative 

Christy Rockwell worrying about dreadlines. 

First row: Allison Webb, Rhonda Brown, Christy 
Rockwell, Lynn Heasley. Second Row: Gwen 
Martin, Tina Eloian, Amy Aitken, Jeremy Dott, 
Caroline Mechler, Melisa Switzer, Lee Wilcox, 
JoAnna Kaney. Third Row: Al Arrigoni. Mellisa 
Gupson, Mitzi Fields, Julie Nace, Terrence 
Donovan. Angela Dailey, Brian Smith, Ron 
Dalton (advisor). Not Pictured: Paul Hanlin, Amy 
Marshall. Ma Oupachanh. 

Organizations 15 


Radio Station 

WWIH is High Point College's 
campus radio station. Students in the 
radio practium experience the 
process of managing, programming, 
and operating a broadcast facility. 
Students go on the air throughout the 
day, as well as producing 
pre-recorded promotional spots and 
public service announcement for use 
on the air. WWIH is more than just a 
classroom experience. It is an actual 
working radio station broadcasting on 
90.3 FM as licensed by the FCC. The 
overall format emphasizes new music 
— not TOP Forty, but rather the music 
that will be on the charts six months to 
a year from now. WWIH also features 
a number of shows focusing on more 
specialized areas of musical style. 

First Row: Desmond Dutcher, Merrideth Ziesse, Brian Boger, Austin Aley. Jaye Cohen, Greg Dudley. 
Jamie Lawson. Gerald Frasciella. John Reitz. Second Row: Dave Ratchford, Derek Weygandt. Noelle 
Blank. Brooks Lockey, Lez Deming, Greg Cioffi. Ron Dalton. Third Row: Dawn Hill. Will MacGill, Kirsten 
Martinson. Mark Woolsey. Bryan Baxter, Jusy Hicks, Blaine Ratfe, Christian Skidmore, Mr. Jarrett, Sam 

16 Organizations 

Jeremy Doff and Jaye Cohen are the Station Managers. 

Row 1: Jay Shurling, Jeremy Doff, Jay Cohen Row 2: Andy Cornell, Lauri Crowder 


This year High Point College 
students began a new program 
called High Point College T.V, The 
program is directed, edited, and 
executing completely by the students. 
The program is broadcast daily on 
Cablevision, Channel 32. The shows 
are made up of interviews, sports, 
events, campus events, and many 
other exciting features. This year the 
program was advised by Laurie 
Crowder. With the ground that the 
staff has broken this year, they hope 
to build and expand their 
communications department in the 
years to follow. 

Kirsten Martinson prepares her camera tor 

Steve Prokop interviews Woody Gibson. 

Organizations 17 

Baptist Student Union. 

Baptist Student Union is composed 
of students seeking fun and fellowship. 
You do not have to be Baptist or 
affiliated with any denomination to be 
an active participant. We are students 
like you who share concerns and 
problems on campus with the goal of 
applying biblical principals for today's 
problems. B.S.U.'s main purpose is to 
provide ways to show our concern by 

having Bible studies, visiting homes 
and shelters, missions, and having fun 
activities as well. We would like to 
extend a warm welcome to you at 
High Point College. We have weekly 
meetings in the Campus Center. 
Within these meetings we have guest 
speakers, discussions, and plan for 
future events. 

Pam Dean and Kathrine Cooper sport their new BSU t-shirts. 

Top Row: Crystal Swaim. Michelle 
Oakley. Dana Batten, Mitzi Fields, 
Amy Bell. Sallie Frame, Jeff 
Lawrence. Bottom: Kathrine 
Cooper. Ginger Grubb, Jennifer 
Grubb, Pam Dean. Amy 
Leatherman. Janet Byrd. Keena 
Williams, Allison Elledge, Frank 
Smith (advisor, not pictured]. Not 
Pictured: Cindy Smith. Ashlry Brim. 
Deborah England. Mike Bell. James 
Noel. Joel Piddle, Anne Evans. 
Robert Edwards. Sandra Shore, 
Tanya Apperson, Amanda Craft. 

18 Organizations 

Michelle Brown is on her way to pass out snacks 
in the Resident halls. 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Alpha Phi Omega is a National 
co-ed service Fraternity based on the 
ideals of leadership, friendship and 
service. It is the largest undergraduate 
fraternity in the nation. 

This year the brothers had their work 
cut out for them. With only six active 
brothers and a dedicated pledge 
class. They sponsored four 
bloodmobiles worked at the Open 

door Shelters once a month made ID's 
on campus, sponsored an escort 
service, and put out a student 
directory. APO did numerous projects 
around campus and worked with 
many organizations. APO also 
sponsored a food and clothes drive 
for the victims of Hurricane Hugo. 

With all these projects they also had 
time for fun, too. 

Back Row; (Brothers) Whitney Rodgers, Timothy James Noel, Mary Clark, Nancy Fitzgerald, Andy 

Rice, Jonathan West, Griffin Briggs. Kim Flynt, Cindy Harvey. 

Leonhardt, Michelle Brown. Front Row: (Pledges] 

Above Officers: Back Row: Kim Lanhardt 
(secretary), Jonathan West (treasurer), Michelle 
Brown (Vp-Service). Front Row: Tim Rice 
(President). Griffin Briggs (Vp-Membership). 

Left: Tim Rice was the President of APO this year. 

Organizations 19 


Clown Club 

The Clown Club is a small 
organization dedicated to providing 
laughter and good times. This group 
serves the community by visiting 
hospitals, nursing homes, school fairs, 
and entertaining at children's birthday 
parties. The Clown Club is always 
looking for another funny face to join 
their group. 

The Clowns: Row 1: Julie Nace, Ron Do/ton. 
Cindy Gladding. Row 2: Carlo Zumot, Leena 
Quebein. Alda Zumot. 

What a bunch of clowns!!! 

Leena helps Cindy get her make-up on before their next appearance. 

The clowns drop in on the children at High Point Regional Hospital and bring them balloons to 
brighten their day. 

20 Organizations 

The Minnewaunka crew before their return from Michigan. 




Row 1: Jamie Lawson, Cindy Herring, Carolyn Flowers. Row 2: Amy Marshall, Pat Patrillo. Laurie 
Crowder, Dottie Souder. 


The GET HIP (Get Everyone Together 
High Point College) was started in 
August 1989 by five High Point College 
students while attending the American 
Youth Foundations National 
Collegiate Leadership Conference in 
Michigan. The Purpose of this 
organization is to get students 
involved in the many campus 
organizations and also to facilitate 
better communications between the 
organizations. Each Spring a new 
group of students will be selected to 
attend this conference. 

These Four are ready to put the spark back into 

Jamie Lawson says, "Lets GET HIP!" 

Organizations 21 


The purpose of the American 
Chemical Society is to promote interest 
in chemistry. The activities of the club 
supplement and enhance the 
academic program in areas such 
current research, special programs, 
and field trips. The student members 
visited Oak Ridge National 
Laboratories for technical courses and 
took a field trip to Lithium Corporation 
for a tour of their manufacturing and 
research facilities. The society 
sponsored and co-sponsored many 
activities including providing jurors for 
the N.C. Student Academy of Science 
Research Sumposium, speakers on 
current scientific information, and a 
Freshmen Chemistry Award. ACS 
encouraged participation in local 
professional meetings, presented at 
assembly during a school visitation, 
and sold T-shirt and lab coats as a 
service project. We are proud of the 
variety of projects and academic 
achievements of the student affiliates 
of ACS during 1989-90. 

First row: Julie Readling (Vice-president], 
Sandra Shore (Secretary]. Second row: 
Monica Hedrick (Treasurer), Mary Beth 
Downs (President). Third row: Dr. G. Bowman 
and Dr. W. Painter (Advisors). 

22 Organizations 

Biology Majors Club 

The purpose of the Biology Majors 
Club is to promote interest in biology, 
especially in areas of current 
research. It provides an opportunity for 
students and biology faculty, as well 
as other biologists to share and 
interact. The club also creates an 

awareness of opportunities, current 
trends, special programs, and 
developments in the area of biology. 
The activities of the club are designed 
to supplement and enhance the 
regular academic program. 

Front Row: Gina Hendrix (treasurer), Robert Edwards (vice-president], Julie Readling (secretary), Jeff 
Lawrence (president). Back Row: Dr. Leo Weeks, Dr. John Ward. Dr. Fred Yeats, Dr. Gerald Smith 

First Row: Robert Edwards, Joley Crowe, Julie Readling, Sandra Shore, James Snyder. Second Row: 
Kim Long, Angela Dailey, Shannon Puffenbarger, Beth Edwards, Wendy Ruiter. Greg Campbell, 
Edwina Crady. Third Row: Gina Hendrix, Brian Whiteford, James Homiak, Carl Little, Samantha 
Baugass, Debbie Wellings. Fourth Row: Dr. Leo Weeks, Dr. John Ward, Dr. Fred Yeats, Dr. Gerald 
Smith, James Noel, Jeff Lawrence. 

Officers Vicky Andersen (President) and Ginger 
Grubb [Treasurer] 

Delta Mu 

Delta Mu Delta is a honorary 
business organization which was first 
developed in one of New York State's 
prestigious universities. We take pride, 
each semester, in inducting students 
with achieved grades and excellence 
in the business field. The chapter at 
High Point College began with just 10 
members and is happy to note to 
have grown tremedously over the 

Front Row Anita Andrews, Terri Fox, Vicky Andersen, Susan Huff. Ginger Grubb, Jennifer Grubb 
Kathenne Cooper, Jean Mercer. Back Row: Sherri Scott, Leena Quebein, Cynthia Marzano, Michelle 
Saunders, David Redd, Donna Sanders. 

Organizations 23 

Administrative Management 

The Administrative Management 
Society (AMS) was formally 
established at High Point College in 
1988. Over the last year, membership 
has risen from 14 to 45 members 
making it one of the largest 
organizations on campus. 

AMS is currently the largest 
management society in the United 
States and Canada. It consists 
primarily of executives already in the 
business world and only recently has it 
adopted college chapters. So far 
there are over 80 college chapters in 

existence and 250 senior chapters, 
This gives students a great advantage 
since they can interact with people in 
their own field. 

Last year AMS at High Point College 
was covered in a national 
management publication, 
members attended The International 
AMS Seminar in Los Angeles, 
California for a week long convention. 
Above all, AMS is a great way to 
meet new people and gain valuable 
knowledge of the business world. 

Tjark Bateman — Vice President. Marc Scholar — Treasurer, Sherry Scoff 
— Secretary. C Thomas Joseph — President. 

I | m h 

First row: Scott Reefe. Michelle Okerlin. Michelle Saunders. David Redd, Dave Bowers. Tim Matthews. Greg Pinsky. Second row Michelle Combs 
Leena Quebein. Sherry Scott. Candy Swing. Lynn Potts. Denise Bickley. Tom Joseph. Tjark Bateman. Third row: Cindy Marzano Ron Sotall Mark ' 
Scholar. Tim Rosebrock. Louis Federico. 

24 Organizations 

Angela Dailey reflects on the weekend retreat 
spent in the Mountains. 

' ''.■ . 

American Humanics 

The American Humanics Student 
Association at High Point College is 
one of 17 selected colleges and 
Universities which hosts this 
nation-wide organization. Operating 
through the Department of Behavioral 
Sciences and Human Services, AH 
provides experimental learning 
designed to enrich the classroom 
instruction. AHSA provides the 

opportunity for the students to create 
social and cultural interaction with 
fellow students and current successful 
career professionals through seminars, 
field trips, community programs, an 
annual retreat, and an annual 
Management Institute. Since 1965, the 
AHSA at High Point College has Peen 
open for membership to any student 
at the college. 

"Free Time" at the annual Fall Retreat to camp Cheerio. 

' : A" 

The American Humanics Members at the annual Fall Retreat. 
Ramke, and Pat Haun. 

the advisors are Dr. Goedeke. Dr. 

American Humanics attempts to teach 
practical problem solving that can be applied 
to any situation. 

Organizations 25 

Physical Education 
Majors Club 

The Physical Education Majors Club 
consists of students that are planning 
futures as educators, trainers, and 
therapists. With the wide variety of 
concentration, they benefit each other 
by communicating and exchanging 
ideas. All club members belong to the 
North Carolina Alliance for Health, 

Officers: (top to bottom) Dexter Gilmore (President). Jerri Edwards (Vice 
President), Susan Godoy (Program chairman). Tracy Mclver (Secretary! 

Physical Education, Recreation, 
and Dance. This statewide 
organization allows the members to 
meet, communicate, and exchange 
new and innovative ideas. Through 
this students are able to share 
fundraising and campus activity ideas 
with other colleges in the area. 


Row 1: Brad Teague. Annette Law- 
son, Buddy Thorburn. Kevin Hudson. 
Row 2 Rhonda Wright, Jimena 
Vargus. Buckley Garber, Chip Petri. 
Rick Cranford. Standing: Micheal 
Herdon, Tracy Mclver. Susan Godoy. 
Jerri Edwards. Dexter Gilmore. 

26 Organizations 

The Admissions Staff: Row 1: Jennifer Sahhar 
(Prowler Advisor], Joan Betsili, Donna Beck, Row 2: 
Michael Lamphier, Tim Albert. Jim Schlimmer. 

Panther Prowlers 

Sponsored by the Admissions Office, 
the Panther Prowlers are a select 
group. Prowlers host prospective 
students and their families on campus 
tours which provide valuable 
information about the High Point 
College experience from a student's 

Prowlers listen intently at their training session. 

point of view. Also, the Prowlers assist 
the Admissions Counselors with 
visitation days held three times a 
semester. Other highlights of the year 
are the appreciation dinners, t-shirts, 
and group trips. 

Row 1: Michele Brown. Jenny Reid. Patrick Graver. 
Cora McGuire. Sandy Sarnowski. Ellen Albright, 
Jennifer Sahhar. Row 2: Andy Ritchie, Lee Wilcox. 
Sobrina Bowen. Jenny Dudley. Julie Roberson. 
Beth Harrison. Maxine Monroe. All Sprigg. Gary 
Rekenberger. Elizabeth Walter. Row 3: Jamie Law- 
son. Kevin Hudson, Leoh Chdppell. Patrick Petrillo. 
Amy Marshall, C.L Proulx, Jenn Petri, Samantha 
Silva. BJ. Dillon, Greg Dudley. Rich Turbe. Row 4: 
Suzanne Sielaty. Anne DeVaro. Shannon Puffen- 
barger. Amanda Hermann. Row 5: Corrine Buono- 
core, Dan Vasti. Kevin llarraza. Sarah Turnburke. El 
Peters. Kim Jones. Terrence Donovan. Mitzi Fields. 
David Doyle. Missy Martin. Lisa Farmer. Robbie 
Combs. Row 6: Victor Venier, Andy Cornell. Helen 
Berg. Natalie Copies. John Holloway. Crystal 
Swain. Jon Simons. Michael Bernsten. 

Organizations 27 

Ron Law congratulates Jennifer McGuire-Robb on 
her initiation into Alpha Psi Omega. 

Alpha Psi Omega 

Alpha Psi Omega is an honorary 
fraternity for those who dedicate 
many hours into the Theater Arts. Their 
immeasurable contributions, whether 

on stage or behind the scenes, earn 
them a place in the national cast of 
Alpha Psi Omega, 

Row 1: Reed Valentine, Jenny McGuire-Robb, Ron 
Law (Advisor). Row 2: Amy Slavin, Jay Amernick 
Brian Jacobs. Row 3: Leena Quebein. Lynn Terry. Jr. 
(President], Andy Brehm 

28 Organizations 

The poker gang from The Odd Couple try to cheer 
up Felix, played by Brian Jacobs. 

Tower Players 

The Tower Players, led by Ron Law, 
is a group of students who share an 
interest in the theatre. Theatre majors 
and non-majors come together for 
their moment in the spotlight (or 
behind the scenes). They combine 
their interests in acting singing, 
dancing, and technical work to 
present 3 productions a year. 

Following the summer production of 
Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap, the 
89-90 season began with a successful 
production of Arthur Miller's The 
Crucible. The season continued with 
Neil Simon's The Odd Couple in 
December, and Girl Crazy, a musical, 
in the spring. 

Director Ron Law plays his part behind the scenes ot The Crucible. 



W> *^M 

■ /■j 


A scene from The Crucible. 

Row 1: Reed Valentine, Amy Slavin, 
Meredith Zeisse, Jamie Lawson, Will 
MacGill, Jenny McGuire-Robb, Ron 
Law (Advisor), Phil Fagans, Kathy 
Hughes, Terrance Donnavan. Row 2: 
Sara Lamb, Julie Nace, Ted Simon, 
Louis Federico, Rhonda Wright, Dee 
Dee Cover, Jay Amernick, Gus 
Teague. Row 3: Leena Quebein, De- 
smond Dutcher, Brian Jacobs (Pres- 
ident), Roger Predmore, Lynn Terry, 
Jr., Al Arrigoni, Andy Brehm. Not pic- 
tured: JeffQuintivell (VP), and Cindy 
Overcash (Secretary). 

Organizations 29 

Society for Political and 
Historical Awareness 

The Society for Political and 
Historical Awareness is dedicated to 
promoting interest in historical and 
political affairs. We are active 
members of the North Carolina 
Student Legislature and each year we 

attend the National Model United 
Nations in New York City, We plan 
special events year round and always 
welcome new members, regardless of 

Through the Society, Carolyn Flowers, President, 
spent two weeks with an internship in Washington 

Members of the society explain to 
the freshmen what they are all 

Row 1: Cindy Smith, Chad Barker. 
Christine Cadley. Carolynn Flowers. 
Michelle Saunders, Row 2: Franki 
Norris. Jeff Howie, Rich Turbe, John 
Simon, Derek Yates. Row 3: Tim 
Millmore. Thomas Claggett. David 
Duncan, Sam Spagnola. 

30 Organizations 

These College Republicans are behind Bush all 
the way. 

College Republicans 

After a brief absence from the High 
Point College campus, the "new and 
improved" College Republicans have 
returned. The club began the year 
with a few organizational meetings. 
The club got it's first advisor, Dr. Allen 
Goedeke. The club's constitution was 

Christine Cadley, David Duncan. Amanda Huff 
(President], Brian Soger, Andrew Brehm (Founder). 

approved and after the College 
officially recognized the Republicans, 
the officers were elected and 
installed. The club hopes to bring in 
Republican leaders to speak, as well 
as sponsoring occasional debates on 
the High Point campus. 

Officers Christine and Amanda say, "Vote Repub- 

" f 


\ r ./(•>"; 


College Republicans show off their spirit after a 

Organizations 31 

Puerto Rican students serve some of their native 
foods at an international open house. 

International Club 

The International Club aims to 
increase international awareness and 
understanding among its members. It 
helps students to gain an 
appreciation for cultural differences 
from their own. The club has an 

annual international lunch that is 
prepared by the students. They also 
have several presentations and 
discussions on international topics led 
by faculty or students. 

Cynthia Marzano. Serene Qubein, Mario Gomez. 
Barbara Blake, Dr. Carole Head (Advisor). Carlo 
Zumot (President), not pictured — George Soft 


Row 1: Serene Qubein, Alda Zumot. Row 2: Luis 
Marquez. Dee Dee Coover, Mario Gomez, Pepe 
Somoza. Kyle Thompson, Dexter Gillmore. Jimeno 
Vargas. Row 3: Dr. Susan Linker. Julie /Voce, Stacey 
Becker, Marcus Cross, Ma Ounphachanh, Thomas 
Ingram. Row 4: Paivi Tapaninen. Cynthia Marzano. 
Leena Qubein, Katherine Cooper, Dora Johnson. 
John Beale. Row 5: Niyada Korpaharasoontom, 
Barbara Blake. Sabina Jasinski, Kristie Huneycutt. 
Sharyn Sazama. Row 6: Carta Zumot. Ms, Tama 
Patton. Ms. Guillermina Elissando, Mr. Johnny 
McGee. Dr. Carole Head, Dr. Kathleen Olson, Drew 
Sheldrick, James Noel, Omar Shaban. 

32 Organizations 

Mr, J. McGee (advisor], Cindy Marzano (President!. 
Kim Wilson (Vice-President). 

Sigma Delta Pi honors those 
students who attain excellence in the 
study of the Spanish language, 
literature, and culture. It allows 
students with a common interest in the 
Hispanic language to meet and 
participate in various activities. It also 
offers a chance for Spanish speaking 

a Delta 

students to exchange their ideas, 
concerns, proPlems, and knowledge. 
To gualify, students must have 
completed three years of 
college-level Spanish, with at least 
one level three class. Students must 
have above a 3.0 and rank in the 
upper 35% of their class. 

Phi Sigma lota officers: Michelle Duffee (Secretary). Cindy Marzano 
(Vice Pres.). Alda Zumot (PresJ. Dr. Head (advisor). 

Sigma Delta Pi: Row 1: Noelle Blank, Cindy Mar- 
zano, Kim Wilson, Row 2: Mr. McGee, Diane Ger- 
rish, Carlos Prados. 

Phi Sigma lota i§j| 

Phi Sigma lota honors are for 
students who have achieved the junior 
level with at least a 3.0 average in 
their entire college work as well as all 
foreign-language courses. Also they 
must rank in the top 35 percent of 
their class in general scholarship. It 
promotes international awareness and 
understanding. It also attempts to 
accomplish peace among nations. 

Phi Sigma Iota: Row 1: Ronnie Jewell. Dr. Olson. 
Carlo Zumot. Michelle Saunders, Sharyn Sazama, 
Sabina Jasanski. Michelle Dufee, Dr. Carole Head. 

Row 2: Dr. Thompson. Mr, McGee. Diane Gerrish. 
Alda Zumot, Cindy Marzano. Noelle Blank, Melissa 

Organizations 33 

Kathy Cooper prays at the end of the meeting 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

The FCA purpose is "to present to 
athletes and coaches, and all whom 
they influence, the challenge and 
adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as 
Savior and Lord, serving him in their 
relationship and in the fellowship of 
the church." Jimmy Burchette, the club 
advisor, helps the students and 

FCA listens to their guest speaker 

athletes involved prepare programs 
for Thursday night meetings. Each 
Christmas, the group prepares fruit 
baskets to deliver to the sick in the 
hospital during the holidays. 
According to Mike Bell (President), "It 
doesn't matter if you are an athlete or 
a Christian, as long as you sweat." 

Steve Wall and other members pray 

The 1989 Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

34 Organizations 

Alpha Delta Theta 

The Sisters of Alpha Delta Theta 
strive for that which is honorable and 
beneficial to the college and 
surrounding community. We have a 
great deal of fun and fellowship as 
we work together to help others. 
Working under the motto of "Sisters in 
the service of God" their philanthropy 
projects were at their highest. They 
participated in the CROP Walk and 
provided Halloween treats for the 
children at the Mills Home. 

The bonds of sisterhood were not 

only strengthened through service 
projects but also through our annual 
fall retreat, parties, and going out to 
eat. There's nothing like a dance to 
get everyone's spirits soaring. The 
Yellow Rose Formal was a great 
evening as we celebrated our 35th 
Anniversary. This year we had much to 
celebrate such as new members, 
great fun, and wonderful fellowship. 
As a sister, you are encouraged to be 
yourself and challenged to be the 
best you can be. 

Row 1: Sandra Shore, Sallie Smith 
Keena Williams, Crystal Swain. Row 2 
Cindy Marzano, Sabina Jasinski. 
Dana Batten, Libby Hayes. 

Organizations 35 

The Women's Complex Staff: Row 1: Veronica 
Royer, Risa Poniros (Area Coordinator], Susan Huff 
(Assistant Area Coordinator), Dana Batten. Row 2: 
Dawn Linky, Kim Wilson, Stacey Becker, Christy 
Rockwell. Leah Chappell. Missing: Beth Edwards, 
Paige Alvarez, and Colleen Perry. 

Resident Assistants 

The Resident Assistants are carefully 
selected by the faculty of Student Life. 
The RAs are students assigned to 
each residence hall to serve as 
counselors, information resources, they 
administer hall operations, and 
enforce the college policies and 

regulations. They are trained 
personnel who encourage individual 
student development and 
responsibility within a group living 
environment. They are available to 
assist and serve students in any way 

The Belk Staff: Carrie-lyn Hobson, Todd McVey (Area Coordinator], John 
Harrington, Leena Quebein. 


ii.«flb* HmL' 

The New Hall and Millis Staff. Row 1: 
Steve Prokop (Assistant AC], Tom 
Joseph, Jay Cohen, Greg Dudley, 
Jamie Lawson. Row 2: Marc Scholar, 
Mike Sparrow, George Chabody, 
Brian Smith. Dave Powell (Area Coor- 
dinator], Kurt Guyer. 

36 Organizations 

New students had an opportunity to get 
acquainted with the upperclassmen at the 
orientation picnic. 


The 1989 Student Orientation Staff 
worked hard to get the freshman class 
ready for their first year of college. The 
Staff held meetings with the Class of 
1993 to give them a better 
understanding of student life. High 

Point College, the city, and the 
surrounding areas. Headed by 
Amanda Huff, the Orientation 
Committee, Staff, and Advisors (Gart 
Evans and Pat Haun) completed the 
most successful Orientation yet. 

Student Orientation Staff: Row 1: Pat Graver, Van 
Mollett, Angela Dailey. Cindy Mariano. Kim Leon- 
hardt, Michele Brown. Row 2: Robbie Combs, Jay 
Amernick, Amanda Huff, Serene Qubein, Anissa 
Yates. Paula Mellinger. Row 3: Cyndi Herring. 
Jennifer Wieler, Julie Taylor, Amy Marshall, Steph- 
anie Morris, Jason Ferrall, Ralph Barber, Jenny 
Reid. Row 4: Mike Parillo, Kendra Brown, Aileen 
Radinsky, Sfaae McElroy, Stacy DePew, Jerry Fox, 
Rich Davis. Jeff Howie. Sam Lowery. Row 5: Kevin 
llarraza. Steve Piazza, Kathy Hughes, Brian Jacobs, 
Colleen Perry. Not pictured: Paige Alvarez, Tjark 
Bateman. George Chaboudy. Dana Conte, Des- 
mond Dutcher, Beth Edwards, Keith Fielding, 
Cindy Gladding, Jim Homiak, Sabina Jasinski, Ann 
Kintigh. Mike Lisansky, JP Lunn, Cindy Overcash, 
Amy Parker, Jeff Quintavell. Sherry Scoft. Rich 
Turbe. Jami Walsh. Merrideth Ziesse, and Carlo 

Orientation Committee: left to right: Angela 
Dailey, Brian Jacobs, Amanda Huff 
(Chairperson), Pat Graver. Kendra Brown, 

Organizations 37 

Writing Fellows 

Though only in its first year on the 
High Point College campus, the 
Writing Fellows program has already 
made several positive impressions. It is 
a peer tutoring program that offers a 
collaborative approach to teaching 
writing skills. The Fellows focus on 
student writing and strive to create an 
atmosphere of collaborative learning. 
Their comments, both in writing and 
conference, are designed to guestion 
students rather than criticize them, to 
elicit thought rather than evoke fear. 

Other Opportunities for students to show their writ- 
ing abilities are through the Writers Club and 

Row 1 Dr. Moehlman, Simon Marks, Christy Hale. 
Michele Williams. Row 2: Rhonda Brown. Tracy 
Morris. Kerry McKnight. Andrew Ritchie. Kristen 
Martinson. Jackie Clark. Andy Flynt. 

Courses followed can cover all 
departments. By providing writing 
instruction in courses not designed 
specifically to teach writing, the 
Fellows help students learn to tailor 
their prose to fit different writing 
situations. This year's Fellows were 
excited to be a part of this needed 
program and hope the excitement 
will spread. 

Dr. Moehlmann is the advisor to the Writing Fel- 

38 Organizations 

North Carolina World 
Trade Association 

The North Carolina World Trade 
Association is comprised of volunteers 
from business and the private sector, 
supported by federal, state, and local 
government officials, educators, and 
others who are actively involved in 
reversing the United States trade 
deficit. The NCWTA is the largest state 
organization of its kind in the country. 

The NCWTA officers: Derek Weygandt (President), 
Barbara Blake, Cyndi Marzano, Melissa Switzer 
Not pictured: Kathy Cooper [Vice President) 

The student affiliate chapter of High 
Point College offers students a 
chance to be exposed on a more 
practical level to world trade and 
those involved with it. Students 
participate in monthly meetings held 
in various cities throughout North 

Odyssey Club 

The Odyssey Club is the official 
honors student organization of High 
Point College. The purpose of the club 
is to provide an extension for the 
promotional activities of the Honors 
Program and to create opportunities 
to enhance the cultural and 
intellectual interest on its members. 
Among the activities planned for the 
year are: to attend plays and other 
cultural events, a Christmas Party, and 
a College Bowl. 

Front: Tracy Stanley (Cultural Program Chairman], 
Debbie Wellings (President). Lisa Farmer (Sec- 
retary). Back: Advisors Dr. Piacentino and Dr. Baker. 

Row 1: Tracey Stanley. Brent Joyce, Kyle Thompson, 
Lisa Farmer, Curtis Hoover, Wilson Bounds, Wendy 
Ruiter. Row 2: Brian Coe. Christy Colston, Debbie 
Wellings, Janet Kennedy. Libby Hayes. Christy Hale. 
Row 3: Dr Piacentino. Dr. Baker, Mitzi Fields. Deborah 
Zarangue. Andy Flynt, Kim Mingers. 

Organizations 39 


At the beginning of the junior 
year, the 20 students with the 
highest cumulative GPA are 
designated as the Junior Marshals 
for the Academic Year. They are 
announced at the beginning of the 
Spring Term and presented at the 
Spring Honors Convocation 

Front Row: Cindy Mariano, Michelle Saunders, Back Row: Jeff Lawrence, Jennifer Grubb, Ellen 
Ban, Dr. Ward (Faculty Marshal). 


George A. Shouse (Co-Chief] 
Jennifer A. Grubb (Co-Chief) 
Ellen S. Barr 
Patricia A. Blackburn 
Pamela K. Harrison 
Regina L. Hendrix 

Kim Hiatt 

Cynthia H. Ingram 
Brian L. Jacobs 
Jeffrey H. Lawrence 
Cynthia Marzano 
Kimberly M. Payne 

Camille E. Pearce 
David J. Riedl 
Michelle R. Saunders 
Kay M. Shaver 
Kristi H. Wilmoth 
Deborah M. Zeringue 

1990 Junior Marshalls 

Deborah K. Ashley 
Noelle G. Blank 
Thomas V. Clagett IV 
Katherine L. Cooper 
Janet Driver 
Diane F. Gerrish 
Teresa L. Hayworth 

Lynn N. Heasley 
Bruce Huffman 
Ronnie Dale Jewell, Jr. 
Kevin Shane Neal 
Patrick Petrillo 
Leena Amal Qubein 
Christina Shoaf 

Lisa K. Smith 
Rhonda L. Stewart 
Emily B. Whitley 
Patsy M. Willard 
Jean M, Williamson 
Martha Ziglar 

40 Organizations 

Presidential Scholars 

1st Row: Sandy Lightfoot, Crystal Swaim, Kyle Thompson, Sherry Pat 
terson, Leigh Stewart, Edwina Crady, Chad Barker, Janet Byrd, Terry 
Fox, Monica Hedrick. 2nd Row: Theresa Shea, Cindy Marzano, Lisa 
Farmer, Kim Mingus, Rhonda Brown Martin Kolezynski, Tracey Stanley. 

Brent Joye, Lynn Heasley. 3rd Row: Kristie Huneycutt. Dana Batten, 
Alisha Atwell, Mitzi Fields, Leah Chappell, Allison Elledge, Terry 
Kearsey, Jeff Lawerence. 4th Row: Steve Hughes, Todd Mattheisen, 
Noelle Blank, Brian Jacobs, Merideth Zeisse. 

Presidential Scholars are chosen 
every year from high school seniors 
interested in attending college. 
They are chosen on their academic 
standing, personality, and potential 
to maintain high academics in 
college. Potential scholars are 
chosen by the admissions staff and 

Paige Alvarez, Senior 
Alisha Atwell, Freshman 
Chad Barker, Sophomore 
Dana Batten, Junior 
Noelle Blank, Junior 
Craig Brown, Freshman 
Rhonda Brown, Junior 
Janet Byrd, Senior 
Leah Chapell, Sophomore 
Thomas Clagetti, Junior 
Jacqueline Clark, Sophomore 
Chris Clymer, Freshman 
Katherine Cooper, Junior 
Edwina Crady, Sophomore 
Allison Elledge, Freshman 
Lisa Farmer, Freshman 
Mitzi Fields, Freshman 
Andy Flynt, Sophomore 
Terri Fox, Senior 
John Harrington, Senior 
Melanie Harrison, Junior 
Jerrie Hayes, Sophomore 
Lynn Heasley, Junior 
Monica Hendrix, Senior 

must complete a two part process: 
first, the application phase, and 
second the interview process on 
campus always conducted in 
February. Those scholars finally 
chosen receive a scholarship. To 
renew these scholarships every 
year, a 3.0 GPA or higher must be 

Regina Hendrix, Senior 
Maria Hill, Freshman 
Carrie-Lyn Hobson, Senior 
Robert Hoskins, III, Junior 
Jefferey Howie, Sophomore 
Stephen Hughes, Sophomore 
Kristie Huneycutt, Senior 
Brian Jacobs, Sen/or 
Dora Johnson, Sophomore 
Kristen Jones, Junior 
David Joye, Freshman 
Terry Kersey, Jr., Sophomore 
Martin Kolezynski, Freshman 
Michael Lancaster, Senior 
Jeffery Lawrence, Senior 
Sandy Lightfoot, Freshman 
Wendy Loflin, Freshman 
Cindy Marzano, Senior 
Todd Matthiesen, Sophomore 
Kristen McCoy, Sophomore 
Kim Mingus, Freshman 
Heather Moore, Freshman 
Kevin Neal, Junior 
Angelia Palmer, Junior 

maintained. Being a Presidential 
Scholar can be a rewarding 
experience. Not only is there an 
incentive to make the best grades 
possible, but also a chance to 
meet and become prospective 
students for the future of HPC. 

Sherry Patterson, Freshman 
Laura Peoples, Senior 
Krista Piercy, Junior 
Shannon Puffenbarger, Freshman 
Sharyn Sazama, Senior 
Theresa Shea, Senior 
Katherine Sheppard, Junior 
Melissa Shuskey, Junior 
Tammy Simon, Junior 
Tracey Stanley, Sophomore 
Ronda Stewart, Junior 
Donna Stutz, Sophomore 
Crystal Swaim, Freshman 
Julie Taylor, Senior 
Henery Thompson, Freshman 
Darlene Tiedeman, Freshman 
Victor Venier, Jr., Freshman 
Debbie Wellings, Sophomore 
Jennifer Wieler, Sen/or 
Jean Williamson, Junior 
Kristi Wilmoth, Senior 
Merrideth Ziesse, Sophomore 

Organizations 41 

mm- : 

42 Sports 


Sports 43 


With an overall record of 13-2 and an 
undefeated season in the conference, 
the Women's Tennis team had one of 
their best seasons in a few years. They 
finished second in the district, losing 
only to Guilford College. According to 
Coach Kitty Steele, "winning the 
conference championship was the 
highlight of our season. We did it 
through teamwork. With three seniors 
returning, the team was a strong one 
that had hopes of winning 
Conference, District and gualifying for 
Nationals as the number one team in 

v -'-V' ; ' ::; 'niir\vrn-T7 


Women's Tennis 


Score Score 



Campbell University/HPC 
Mt. Olive/HPC 







St. Andrews/HPC 











HPCIEast Carolina 













HPCIVirginia Wesleyan 
Pheitler College/HPC 
Guilford College 
HPCICatdwba College 
HPC/Athlatic Christian 





Wingate College/HPC 


" First Place Carolinas Conference Salisbury 
74 Points. 

" Second Place NAIA District 26 Tournament 

Elon College 20 Points. 
" SchererlTapaninen District Doubles Champions. 

Front Row: Stacey Scherer, Theresa Shea, Kandi 
O'Connor [mvp]. Back Row: Kristie Mackey, Erin 

Quinn. April Rightmire, Mami Harada. Paivi Tap- 

"We ended our season on a successful note by 
achieving our goal-winning the Carolinas Confer- 
ence." Kitty Steele 


L-R D. Ray, T. Stanley. J. High. T. Kersey, T. Hodgin. C. 
Haney. J. Seedor. 

"Great season for both the men and women. Ter- 
rific come back. " 


Cross Country Roster 

Name Class 

Beth Gregory Junior 

Cynthia Harvey Freshman 

Sue Mosher Junior 

Stacey Shober Junior 

Tracey Stanley Sophomore 

John High Junior 

Tom Hodgin Junior 

Terry Kersey Sophomore 

David Ray Freshman 

Jason Seedorf Freshman 

: f ; - * -A* tw*.3W 

■/"SB. > -*•***_„ .Stf ^^ " ' 
' >»■'■?"* S" 'I'" 1 .'' «V' 


This year High Point College 
reintroduced a sport known to the 
men and introduced a new sport to 
the women. Cross Country returned 
after fourteen years to the fall sports 
roster. Even though Coach Davidson 
did not have the number of runners he 
wished to have he felt the season 
went well. The Women's team finished 
as co-champion in the Carolina 
Conference and District 26, while the 
Men finished second in both. Cindy 
Harvey, Freshman was the state runner 
for the Women and set the record for 
the 3.1 mile race in the tournament 
with a time of 21 minutes and 54 
seconds. John High, Junior, was the 
Men's state runner and broke the 
standing record for the five mile race 
with a time of 25 minutes and 37 
seconds. Coach Davidson hopes to 
start next season by recruiting new 
runners for the team. 

Organizations 45 


High Point College soccer recorded 
its best season in many years. Coach 
Gibson noted that the team's biggest 
highlight this season was winning the 
Conference Tournament against 
Belmont Abbey. The Panthers had the 
home field advantage as the 
tournament was held at High Point 
College this past fall. 

The success of the season can be 
attributed to the many outstanding 

players. Senior Dexter Gillmore set a 
new school record with 18 goals this 
past season. Adam Duff contributed 
15 assists, while Yves Fischer, Junior 
Goal Keeper, had 12 shutouts. Junior 
Thomas Ingram played a good 
season which landed him a spot as 
an All-American player. The Panthers 
played well this season and their 
success is expected to carry over into 
the 1990 season as well. 

I fl 

Row 1: Tim Meyler, Yves Fischer. Wayne 
Johannessen. Row 2: Rick Cranford, Doug 
Deveney. Chris Davis, Jimmy Perrone. Thomas 
Ingram, Dexter Gillmore, Joe Ranucci. Mike 
Hatfield. Aaron Tooley. Row 3: Mark Hodor, Brett 
Taylor, Jerry Cutler, Adam Duff, Scott Kruger, Bill 
Hopkins. Bill Boyer. Darren Huber. Marcus Cross, 
Bill Brewer. 

"Best Season in the History of HPC." - 
Woody Gibson 

i I 

■Q£Y y ::.. 

Sit ^ E 

HPC soccer fans present a banner to the team 
to cheer them on at a home game. 

46 Sports 



BS18 8ft , •* 

.%*& ■ 




* * w 

Adam Duff, #17, eases the ball away from a 
Pembroke State opponent. 








Coastal Carolina 






NC Wesleyan 



St. Andrews 






Appalachian State 









Pembroke State 



Belmont Abbey 


of 1 




University of Rutgers-Camden 



Mt. Olive 



Atlantic Christian 









* Pfeiffer 



* St. Andrews 



* Belmont Abbey 



** Catawba 



* Carolina Conference Tournament 

** NAIA District 26 Playoffs 

Goal Keeper Yves Fischer received honorable mention for the NAIA Ail-American Team. 

Sports 47 

Field Hockey 

This year Coaches Kitty Steele and 
Leslie Clark led a young team through 
a season of heavy competition. Even 
though their record was not as good 
as the coaches had hoped, "this 
years team was undoubtedly the best 
team with which to work in many 
years." With the help of six seniors, the 
team made it to the Deep South 
Tournament. As a result of this 
tournament, seven players qualified 
for the Southeast Tournament held in 
Virginia Beach, VA, which is the next 
step towards the Nationals to be held 
at Catawba College. With the highest 
career scoring, Julie Taylor was voted 
team MVP. 


¥■ *v 

; ; i'i> v ' v '^ v * 
































HPC/Wake Forest 










3 a 






Deep South Tournament 








HPC/Wake Forest 



HPCIVanderbilt Club 


*- 2 "^B^^B 

Front Row: Terry Fox, Dorothy Spates. Kristen Jones. 
Tricia Crouch, Connie Bates, Michele Santos/ere. 
Jennifer Hambrick, Jill Simons, Libby Clarke. Bock 

Row: Muriel Brady, Kim Morcom. Marty Rogan. 
Becky Fox. Julie Taylor. Molly Hefferman. Sara 
Mock. Molly Haggarty. Jennifer Sullivan. 


"Strong team with great possibilities in the future." 

Kitty Steele 

48 Sports 

First Row: Jimena Vargas and Sonya Black. Second Row: Kristi Smith, Pam Oberchain, Denise Bickiey, "Having lost 4 key players to graduation, we 
Michelle Okerlin. and Kim Dow. Third Row: Stephanie Hopper, Arlene King, Sharon Hill, Michelle Combs. weren't sure of our standing. However, we had an 
Michele Korner, and Heather Moore. outstanding year with a young team. " 

Joe Ellenburg 
Head Coach 






HPC/New York Tech 












HPC/Pembroke State 



limestone! HPC 





HPC/St. Andrews 



Mars Hill/HPC 









McDonald's Classic at Catawba 









Atlantic Christ. /HPC 



Gettysburg Invitational 

Christ. Newport/HPC 


Gettysburg/ HPC 




Mary Washington /HPC 






HPC/M1. Olive 



HPC/St. Augustine 









HPC/ Belmont Abbey 






Carolina's Conference Tournament 

Atlantic Christ/HPC 


St. Andrews/HPC 


District 26 Tournament 








Under the coaching skills of Joe 
Ellenburg and Nancy Dorn, HPC 
Volleyball had an impressive season 
this fall. The biggest high of the 
season was winning the conference 
tournament. Jimena Vargas, senior 
and Carolina's Conference 
Player-of-the-Year, helped a relatively 
young squad to a 6-0 regular season 
record. Denise Bickiey and Michelle 
Okerlin, seniors, also made 
outstanding contributions to team 
play. The future only holds high hope 
for Ellenburg, Dorn, and company. 

Sports 49 

On the right George Byers moves in tor another 







Catawba Clvitan Indian Classic 




HPC v West Liberty State 
Catawba v. Erskine 



Consolation and Charr oionship Game 



Elon College 

High Point 



Southern Teen Tournament 

Marietta. GA 



HPC v Auburn-Montgomery 



Consolation Game 
Championship Game 



Catawba College- DH 

High Point 



HPC Hollday-DH 

High Point 



HPC v Barber- Scotia 

High Point 

Elon v. Lander 

High Point 



Eton v Barber- Scotia 

High Point 

HPC v. Lander 

High Point 



Freeport Sunshine Shootout 




HPC v St Mary's 



HPC v. Bluefleld 



HPC v Grand Bahama West 



Atlantic Chrlsttan-DH 




Pembroke Stote-DH 




Mt Olive 

High Point 



Belmont -Abbey-DH 




St Andrews-DH 

High Point 








Elon College 



Atlantic Christian-DH 

High Point 



Catawba College 




Pembroke State- DH 

High Point 



Mt Olive- DH 

Ml Olive 




High Point 



St Andrews 





High Poinl 



CaroJinas Conference 

High Point 






NAIA District 26 


Panther players wait eagerly in anticipation for the rebound. 

50 Sports 

Men's Basketball 

The Panthers, the first team in history 
to win the Carolina Conference 
Tournament three years in a row, were 
optimistic about the 1989-90 
basketball season. Winning the 
conference tournament for a fourth 
consecutive year was the Panther's 
goal this season. 

With the assistance of Mike Everett, 
Coach Steele, got the team off to a 
great start with 2 tournament victories. 
Their first major victory was the 
Catawba Civitan Thanksgiving 

Tournament and then at Christmas 
they won the Annual Freeport 
Shootout Tournament in the Bahamas. 
All-Conference in 1989-90, senior 
George Byers was voted MVP at the 
Freeport Shootout. 

The team as a whole has played 
hard this season. The Panthers 
averaged about 77.6 points per 
game and played well offensively. 
With a little more experience under 
their belts, the Panthers should have a 
successful future ahead of them. 


I i ? J 30 ' 

' ' 




The Panthers move in for the rebound. 

Row 1: Tony Bolden, Steve Wall. Jerome Adams, 
George Byers. Mike Bell, Bill Coyle. Row 2: Daryl 
Armstrong, Terrence Knuckles. Jay Whitmer, 
Doug Oakford. Jimmy Telleysh, Aaron Wood. 

"They never quit. They continue to 
play hard after winning big in the last 
four years. " Coach Steele 

Sports 51 

Women's Basketball 

The Lady Panthers brought a new 
enthusiasm to the court this year. With 
four returning players and six 
newcomers, the team battled hard to 
earn a great season record. Seniors 
Tracy Mclver and Annette Lawson 
built the team a strong foundation 
and helped the girls find that winning 

spark. The season highlight, according 
to Coach Ellenberg, was beating 
Lenoir Rhyne, the team's rival. This was 
the first time the Ladies beat Lenoir 
Rhyne in four years. The team used 
the working together system and 
winning intensity to make the '89- '90 
season the best. 

■ i 


f Ihk i6'* "" 

Row 1: Tracy Mclver. Maxine Monroe. Sharon 
Doby. Toni Rizzitelli, Rebecca Brown. Heather 
Moore. Row 2: Angie Fortner, Ingrid Hendrix. 
Charlotte Totulis. Sharon Hill. Jean Canady, 
Annette Lawson. Arlene King. Lenora Henry. 

"Our goal is to bring in three quality 
players which would allow us to 
contend for a conference 
championship next year. " — Dr. Joe 


Sophomore Ingrid Hendrix recovers the ball from 
Wingate opponents. 


52 Sports 

Junior Sharon Hill, center, concentrates on a shot 
from the foul line. 


Freshman Charlotte Totulis catches the rebound and heads for the other end of the court. 







Bluefield Slate 

Bluefield. WV 



Frances Marion 

(Elon Francis Marion, 
High Point. Lander) 

Florence, SC 

Virginia Tech 

High Point 



Catawba College 

High Point 



Francis Marion 

High Point 



Guilford College 

High Point 




High Point 




High Point 



Queens College 




Queens College 

High Point 



Atlantic Christian-DH 




Pembroke State-DH 








Mt. Olive 

High Point 








High Point 



St. Andrews- DH 

High Point 



Pfeiffer- DH 




Wingate College 

High Point 



Guilford College 




Atlantic Christian 

High Point 







Pembroke State-DH 

High Point 



Mt. Olive-DH 

Mt. Olive 








High Point 



St. Andrews- DH 



22-24 Carolinas Conference 

>, Pembroke 


Sports 53 


The 1989-90 Cheerleading Squad, 
led by Advisor Nancy Dorn, had a 
fun-filled year. The eight girls sported 
their panther spirit and pride at all the 
men's and women's basketball 
games. Before they could get out and 
cheer the team to a victory, there was 
much practicing to be done. The girls 
practiced four times a week and 
cheered twice a week. 

Anissa Yates, now in her second 
year as captain, plans to expand the 
size of the squad, and eventually add 
men to the squad. After a slow start 
and a few revisions, the cheerleaders 
made the squad the best yet and 
were behind the Panthers all the way. 

Left to Right: Paula Mellinger. Michele Coe. Joley Crow, Amy Parker, Mindy Crow, Tina Eloian. Anissa Votes Nancy Dorn Cheerleading Advisor 


54 Sports 

Left to right: Tony Bolden, Tim Hodfin, Blaine Jiron. David Ray, Jerome Adams. Terry Kersey, John High. "Successful season with O promising Out- 
Jason Seeder. ^ „ Co<jch B<)b DavJdson 

















Lynchburg Inv. 
VPI Open 
Lynchburg Relay 
Fr. Marion 
Tri Meet 
Pembrooke Inv. 
Home Meet 
Francis Marion 
Tri Meet 

Davidson Relays 


The Track team worked hard last 
season and was rewarded by winning 
the Conference and District, for the 
second consecutive year. The 400 
meter relay team went to nationals 
and long jumper Chip Shea finished 
eighth. John High was chosen MVP by 
the team. Coach Davidson hopes to 
strengthen the sprinters he has left and 
feels that the shot putters, discus, and 
javelin throwers will pull the team 

Sports 55 


The 1989 Baseball team made 
tremendous progress during the 
season. Coach Speight commented 
that the season high was the Atlantic 
Christian game which HPC won to 

advance to the NAIA District 26 
tournament. With the help of Chris 
Chatterton and Bill Wilson took a 
weak beginning and made a 
successful season of play. 


» =^ s e^sa zzrjj>& '"% ' ' * ^J^2 

Row one; /?. Greenfield, J. Peddle. E. Pattik, T, 
McCaffery. S. Piazza, J. Moebius, S. Reefe, C. 
Chatterton, D. Huggins, S. Gleiman, Row two: C, 
Brown, J. Haney, J. Harris, A. Russell, J. Smith. A. 
Lisk, E. Lagrama, J.-P. Wright, V. Zuczek, J. 
Shurling, Row three: O. Barrios, D. Farsaci, B. 
Wilson, S. Betz, G. Roy, S. Patton. E. Collins, P. 
Simpson, D. Smith, B. Coyle. 

"At the end ot the season, we were as 
good as any team in the field." — Jim 
Speight, coach. 

S«*Aii— •^pyjfr* 


Ed Pattik goes up to bat for the Panthers. 

56 Sports 

Jay Shurling prepares to catch the ball. 






March 3 

James Madison 

High Point 

March 6 


High Point 

March 8 

UNC Charlotte 

High Point 

March 9 


High Point 

March 11 



March 12 

USC Spartanburg 

High Point 

March 13 

USC Spartanburg 

Spartanburg. SC 

March 17 

Western Maryland 

High Point 

March 18 

Western Maryland (DH) 

High Point 

March 19 

Western Maryland 

High Point 

March 21 

Towson State 

High Point 

March 22 

Towson State 

High Point 

March 23 


High Point 

March 24 

Pembroke State (DH) 


March 25 

Pembroke State 

High Point 

March 28 

Pfeiffer (DH] 


March 2V 


High Point 

March 30 


High Point 

March 31 

Belmont Abbey (DH) 

High Point 

April 1 

Belmont Abbey 


April 4 

Mount Olive (DH) 

Mount Olive 

April 5 

Mount Olive 

High Point 

April 6 

Lenoir Rhyne 

High Point 

April 7 

St. Andrews (DH) 

High Point 

April 8 

St Andrews 


April 11 



April 12 



April 13 

Atlantic Christian 


April 14 

Atlantic Christian (DH) 

High Point 

April 17 



April 18 

Lenoir Rhyne 


April 20-22 

Conference Tournament 

April 25 

UNC Charlotte 


April 28 

Mars Hill (DH) 

Mars Hill 

April 29 


High Point 

Sports 57 

Men's Tennis 

In their second year with Coach 
Ray Alley, the Panthers have shown 
tremendous improvement over the 
past season. Last year they ended the 
season with a 13-5 record, a 
complete turn-around from the 1988 

This was primarily a Puilding season 
for the team. The team is young and 
with more experience, they should be 
able to hold their own. There is one 
Senior, Pasi Makinen, who was injured 
last season but returned to lend his 
strength and experience for another 
year. Three other key players were 
sophomores Adam Thomson, Kevin 
Hudson, and Patrick Shramm. 

Good health was the key to the 
Panthers' success this season. They 
played well and gained valuable 
experience. The highlight of the 
season was their Spring Break trip to 
Hilton Head, SC to compete in the 
Annual College Tournament where 
they had the opportunity to play 
against several Division I schools. 


::: :::: ---::; 


Spring '89 Scores 


Pembroke State University 

Mt. Olive College 

Guilford College 

Catawba College 

Christopher Newport College 

Fairmont State 

Appalachian State University 

Gardner Webb College 


St. Andrews College 


Elon College 



Greensboro College 








Left to Right: Robert Profita. Pat Schramm, Jason Mills, Chris Reed, Adam Thomson, Kevin Hudson, Chris 
Forest, Shawn Sokolow, Joe Burke. 

"It's a young team but they worked 
hard to get ready for the season. We 
should have a good future if everyone 
stays healthy." — Coach Ray Alley. 

58 Sports 

left to right Jeff Hamlett. Robbie Wooten. Chris Andrews, Gerard George, Eric Molgard, Chad Hedrick, "We had a very solid season." COQCh 

Jay Baity, Todd White. Paul Baity, Jeff Fulp, not pictured: Rob Calamari. 

Woody Gibson 




Spring 1989 Results 



NCAA District III Invitational 

9th place 

Max Ward Invitational 

12th place 

Camp Lejeune Invitational 

6th place 

Pembroke Invitational 

4th place 

Carolinas Conference 

3rd place 

NAIA District 26 

5th place 

The Panthers had a successful 
season on 1989. Despite a particularly 
rainy season, they took third place in 
the Carolinas Conference, and had a 
good chance at the top three spots 
again this year. Seven team members 
returned to the sauad. The only lost 
player was Drew Smith, team MVP for 

With the seven returnees and four 
newcomers, the Panthers were 
optimistic about the season. Last year, 
they had three freshmen and one 
sophomore in their top five seeds. The 
lack of experience was a problem, 
but with another year behind them, 
they showed improvement this year. 

Sports 59 


60 Greeks 


Greeks 61 


The Inter-Fraternity Council, better 
known as IFC, is the governing 
body of the four national social 
fraternities at High Point College. 
IFC takes responsibility for 
advancing the interest of High Point 
College, promoting the welfare of 
the Greek system, and insuring a 
stable cooperation and relations 
with the faculty, administration, 
student body, and the public. 

Row 1: Wilson Bounds, Al ArrigonL Scott Bishop, Jeff Quintavell. Row 2. John Corey, Don Muggins, 
Rob Baiad, Andre Queseda. Todd Mattheisen, Lee Hunter. Row 3: Mike Usansky, Paul OToo/e, Will 
MacGill, Mike Urian, Paul Hanlin, Tjark Batemon, Sam Lower/. 


Row 1: Jeff Quintavell (President!, Scott Bishop 
(Vice-President). Row 2: Al Arrigoni (SGA 
Delegate). Andre Quesada (Secretary) Not 
pictured: Brian Bogar [Treasurer). 

IFC, in conjunction with the Panhellenic 
Association, sponsored Al Calarco in his speech 
about hazing. 

62 Greeks 


Panhellenic Council 

The Panhellenic Council is the 
governing body of the four sororities at 
High Point College. This year the 
Panhellenic Council had to adjust to 
new rush period, the time for sororities 
to recruit future 'sisters.' Spring Rush 
gave the sororities a chance to 
become closer as well as giving the 
prospective rushees the opportunity to 

know how the Greek system works. 
Panhell sponsored many programs to 
keep the sororities active. Rush open 
house and the sorority movie night 
were both very successful. Panhell 
promotes favorable relations with the 
administration, faculty, and student 
body by sponsoring study breaks and 

Panhellenic sponsored an open house in the 
fall for prospective rushees. 

Row 1: Stacey DePew (AGO), Cara McGuire (KD). Cyndi Herring (President). Row 2. Marcella Squires 
(PM). LuAnne Browder (ZJA), Karen Scott (Secretary). Not pictured: Hieka McLaughlin (Vice-President). 
Donna Stuffs (Tredsurer). 

Greeks 63 

Did You Hear? 

Easy Bertha: Is that my Phone? No. she's on 

Sig Hall. 
Tweedle Dee: I KNOW NOTHING!!! 
Supreme C with a K: No hazing my phis. 
Vous: Gold is my idol. 
Jessica: That s all they're good for. 
Clueless: That ghost has returned and she's 

got an appetite. 
RAW: How many did you have over break? 
Boss: If we go down they all go down — 

How 'bout that Pike, 
Bud: I hate homework. Will you be my 

Petunia: Do it with a capital EN 
Pug-nose: I love my dinosaurs. 
Moi: I have to work, but nobody told us. 
Tweedle Dum: I've got my keys and I'm oft 

to get an R.C. cola. 
Wabbitts: Where's Bears? I'm a beautiful 

mofia Babe. 
Obnoxious: I'm engaged, but I can Look!!! 
Bear: I hate men. What did they say? 
The Lion: If you're not in bed by ten, go 



Row 1 Marcella Squires, Amie Gates. Cathy Fastenau. Row 2: Leigh Ann Price, Chris Highfill, Hieka 
McLaughlin Sara Messick. Jennifer Smith. Row 3: Sharron Crimmons. April Rightrnre. Jennifer 
Sullivan. Christina Williams. 




April Rightmire represents Phi Mu at the fall 
Panhellenic open house. 

Marcella Squires (Panhellenicl Membership), April Rightmire (Secretary), Hieka McLaughlin 
(President), Amie Gates (Treasurer). Cathy Fastenau (Phi Director). Not pictured: Donna Letters (Vice 

64 Greeks 

Micki and Christine are all set to wash some 

Phi Mu 

Phi Mu was out in full force this year 
showing their colors all over 
campus! With the help of the 
Alumni Advisory Council, working 
hard once again, we had more 
contact with our Alumni than ever 
before. The sisters worked hard to 
support their two national 
philanthropies — Project Hope and 
The Children's Miracle Network. 
They looked forward to certain 
annual events such as the Sisters' 
Weekend, Champagne Sundays, 
and Phi Mu Weekend. 

Phi Mu is looking their finest for their annual 
Sisters' Dance. 

Greeks 65 

Zeta Tau 

Zeta sisterhood is forever. Together, 
we share a special friendship. Each 
sister is an individual, but together 
we make up a unique group. This 
year we supported our 
philanthropy, the Association for 
Retarded Citizens, we sent relief 
water to Hurricane Hugo victims in 
Charleston, and participated in a 
field day with physically and 
mentally disabled children. We also 
took part in many HPC activities 
such as SGA, Student Union, the 
cheerleading squad, the volleyball 

and field hockey teams, the Hi-Po, 
Tower Players, the radio station, 
and the Homecoming Court. 
Together as sisters, we look forward 
to many dances including our 
special 100th Link Ball, weekend 
retreats, mixers, work projects, 
special birthday dinners, and ZTA 
State Day. 

Sisterhood in ZTA is a chance to 
share the unique closeness of Zeta 
Love . . . and best of all — ZTA is 

Council: Row One: Karen Scott (Panhellenicj. Coco Bonnett (Historian/Reporter]. Colette 
Arsenault (Membership], Dora Johnson (2nd Vice-President — pledge trainer). Row Two: Sherry 
Scott (1st Vice-President], Paige Alvarez (President], Anita Andrews (Secretary), Mary Rogan 
(Ritualist), Erica Fisher (Treasurer). 

Keep on rockin' me ZTA 1 .!! 

Kelly, Kathy. Laura, and Anne together 
before ZTA Sister's Dance. 

Get Off ZTA!! 

66 Greeks 

Did You Hear? 

Row One: Katie Eisenstein. G/no Hendrix, Meg Healy. Jami Walsh, Jennifer Williams Dawn Query 
Kathy Hughes. Kelly Baber. Whitney Helms. Colleen Perry. Row Two: Anita Andrews Anne Roberts 
Paige Alvarez. Kymbers Williamson. Terry Fox. Paige Gwaltney, Ellen Albright, Colette Arsenault Coco 
Bonnett. Dora Johnson. Lynn Adams. Shannon Pendegraph. Row Three: Christian O'Briant Karen 
Scott, LuAnne Browder. Chrissy Mackey, Kathy Schneider. Sue Rocheleau. Stephanie Spongier 
Candy Swing, Kim Morcum, Patrice Prakop. Ashley Williams. Kim Spefker. Mary f?ogan Sherry Scoff 
Tanya Horn, Erica Fisher. Not Pictured: Tara Barth, Noelle Blank. Michelle Combs. Laura Peoples 
Kirsten Wachs, Alicia Hares, Pam Christian. Dr. Marcia Thompson (Academic Advisor]. 

Lynn A.: Lynn and Tall Paul!?!?!?! 
Meg Healy: Partying on the Hall was a 

blast, but how was the dance? 
Dora: Can John be this year's ZETA 

sweetheart? ... PLEASE!!! 
Anne R.: Do you have to go through 

Charlotte to get to Greensboro? 
Christian: Grab your beers. Head to the 

party, OH! I'll drive. Yo Dudes!! 
Shannon: "I'll have another blue whale and 

a tissue, Please" 
Kim S.: OH NO!! Another dance - ? Do I have 

to take a date? 
Mary: I have finally put my 12 pairs of 

Chucks to rest!! 
Dawn: OF COURSE I'M A SISTER!! And I have 

a Query!!! 
Michelle C: "I can't, I have volleyball 

Patrice: "He's not a soccer player! I can't 

go out with him!" 
Gina: "My subscription to Cosmopolitan 

expired!! What do I do now?!?! 
Terry: Nike says, "Just do it!" Rich can! 
Erica: Zeta? Zeta who? Yes, I'm on duty 

Colette: YEAH BOOIEE!!!!!! 
Sherry: We're just friends ... all we did was 

order Dominoes!!! 
Kathy H.: Gimmie gimmie — I want, I want, 

and yea, I'm always right! 
Kelly: Does anyone want a ride to Cooke? 
Paige: We'll vote on it in new business!!!! 

Kathy S.: 2 years, and I still don't do BUFF. 

The cheese Always stands alone. 
LuAnne: Hey, take a picture of this! "I love it 

when HE calls me "SUGAR"!!!!!!! 
Tanya: "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to U of F I go!!" 

Betch can't bite a chip? 
Ellen: Onionhead Lives!! Has anyone seen 

my roommates? 
Ashley: "I've never roughed it before!" What 

do you mean I can't bring my curling iron 

Kirsten: Four Years At HPC And Not One 

Night Spent In Millisl! 

Colleen: We made it Terry, so now what?!? 
Anita: It's WAY outta hand . . . Stop the 

Jami: Really girls, he isn't that bad! ... BUT 

Keeeev . . . 
Jennifer: Is the Lambda Chis week almost 

over? I'm getting kind of lonely! 
Noelle: I'm sorry I have to work, but I live off 

campus now!! 
Katie: Ok, so now I'm engaged, what's next? 


Greeks 67 

Did you hear? 

Atrocious: Grrrr — don't rock the cradle!! 

How funny is that 9 
Sarcasm: That too funny!! Shore to ship — 

I'd like to leave a message for Fireman Smith ! 
Groupie: But his nose keeps getting in the way! 
Banann: My place or yours? 
Crouch: I was trying to learn my alphabet, 

but I kept getting stuck on "BB". 
Molly: Is it love or am I just playing the field? 
Kim: I'm always at the jim. 
Paige: Hell, no, I'm not whipped. 
Cabbage: I can't, I'm on medication. 
Black Widow: I think I'm in love, but I hate 

him. He just doesn't understand my outter 

body experience 
Flem: Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee! I don't think I 

like him!!! 
Broom: 25 can't get nobody so I had to go 

after a couple of new born cuties. 
Grandma: finally made it!! Love and miss 

you all. esp. Belk 202. 
Marshall: I'm going to New Hall, I'll be 

back in a minute. Ford Escort: Yeah guys, 

ever since I got wheels I'm at the FARM a 

lot these days, 
Kaz: I like him, no I hate him. Should I like him? 
Percy: Are you mad at me?? 
Standards: That towel isn't long enough!! 
Kerryed away: I could only take B.S. for so 

long, so to another Sig I moved on, 
R.A. RUDE: My name is Jennifer not Mallett 

or Hoover!!! 
Tense: It's hard to be a good Christian 

when you're all "Tighed" in knots. 
Terp: After 31 years in football I knew I'd 

had my phil. but I'm going back for #11 still. 
Lynner: Green eggs and ham just isn't my 

favorite meal. "He's a great guy , . . you 

just don't get on him " 
Kellie Bean: Is anyone going to USC this 

weekend? GO 'COCKS!! 
Zanner: THE COUNTDOWN: Joe comes in 

exactly 69 hours, 69 minutes, and 69 seconds, 
PRE: I just kissed him, it was only a kiss! 

Mouth of the North: Good morning every- 
one! RUSH! RUSH! RUSH! How ya doin' haun^ 
Boner: It's "hard" dancing on speakers. 
Condom: No, we broke up, oh, we're back 

together, well he dumped me last night. 

but then I dumped him right back. Well, 

we'll most likely get married. 
Donner: 85N to 95N-Maryland is my life! 

There's no place like home!! 
Premock: No you can't go to the Bon Fire, 

you have to drag my wheels out of a 

ditch 2 miles away!! 
McElroy: Now, who is my date again? 
We: Preppies really do have more fun! 
Denise: Tomorrow , . , I'll do it tomorrow!! 
May: Man . . it's ahhright!!! 
Invisible: This is stranger than I ever thought 
Al: When I fled the web I drew a picture of 

the hunter that shot Peter's rabbit. 
Flowers: I'm free falling and I can't get up!!! 
Pew: You're so hyper, will you ever calm 

down? I bet you do when the Pres, is 

around! Pumpkinhead. 
IFC: A continuing saga! 
Hose: I'm not that short, he's just really tall. 
Sister P.: Breakfast on Tuesdays and 

Thursdays? Since when? 
One stack: I don't care 'cuz I'm graduating 

and getting married too! 

68 Greeks 

AT4 Al 


First Row: Denise Holman, May Jordan, Anita Buonassisi, Nina Austin. Kym McClary, Molly Haggerty, 
Jennifer Mallett. Second Row: Leslie Blakey. Kendra Brown. Amy Marshall. Kellie Amtower, Michelle 
Kazawic. Chris Premock. Stacey McElroy. Stacey DePew, Michelle Samtasierie. Ann Kintigh, Christine 
Cadley. Third Row: Sheila Clark. Leslie Joyner. Kathy Hetherington. Anne Percival. Katherine Kern, 
Kristen Carper, Meg Condron, Aileen Radinsky. Fourth Row: Kim Richards. Allison Chapman. Beth 
Edwards. Suzanne Ross. Jackie Barlowe, Jen Weiler. Julie Tylor. Ellen Lachin, Carolynn Flowers. 

Jenn, Stacy, Kendra. and Christine are all smiles 
at the Halloween mixer. 

AGD barbeques with Delta Sigma Phi on Sig 

Alpha Gamma 

The Alpha Gam family is one that will 
last "Through the Years." Being as one 
creates the love that Alpha Gamma 
Delta shares. The Gams are involved 
in many organizations on campus 
such as, SGA, Student Union, 
American Humanics, and the Young 
Republicans. The sorority continuously 
rises money for its philanthropy, the 
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. 
Although the Gams concentrate on 
academics and campus activities, 
there is room for a social calendar. 
Alpha Gamma Delta celebrated its 
35th year at High Point College with 
an entire weekend set aside for their 
anniversary, The events that the 
sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta 

experience are what keeps them 
together "Through the years." 

Front Row: Amy Marshall (Rec. Secretary], Amanda Huff (Corr. Secretary], Jennifer Wieler 
[Vice-President — Frat. education). Julie Taylor (President], Jennifer Hambrick (Social], Aileen 
Radinsky (Treasurer], Anita Buonassisi (Activities] Back Row: Beth Edwards (Vice-President — 
Scholarship], Kendra Brown [Standards], Jennifer Mallett (House & Guard), Carolynn Flowers 
(Philanthrophy), Jackie Barlowe (Rush), Ann Kintigh (Ritual), Stacy DePew (Panhellenic), Christine 
Cadley (Membership]. 

Jenn, Aileen, Christine, and Kym in Disney World 

Greeks 69 

Kappa Delta 

The Kappa Deltas of Gamma 
Gamma Chapter prove that we 
are "unique but united" as our 
involvement in campus activities, 
victory in intramural sports, and 
other awards and recognition 
make us shine above the rest. Our 
many fundraisers supported our 
philanthropy for the National 
Committee on the Prevention of 
Child Abuse. On Halloween, we 
sponsored a party for the children 

at the YMCA, and the following 
weekend we were proud to have 
a Kappa Delta as HPC's 
Homecoming Queen. WE looked 
forward to a successful RUSH in 
January amidst all our studies 
and activities. Our awesome 
bond of sisterhood continued to 
thrive through our involvement 
together and we're proud to be 
Kappa Delta! "Let us strive!" 

KD's are all smiles after another intramural 

Big Sister Beth and Little Sister Katie are 
ready to donee toe night away at KD's 
annual Sisters' Dance. 

R.H.G.S. Kappa Delta is the best ...Go KDU 



Row 1: Tammy Shostak. Allison Webb, Sandra Selander, Lynn Heasley. Christy Rockwell. Sandy 
Sarnowski. Peggy Knopf. Row 2: Jenny Reid. Jamie Raymond. Missy Frazier, Carol Frick Stacey 
Shober, Katie Berres, Kelly Graham. Amy Andrews. Stdcie Steinbach. Anna Lefler Row 3' Melissa 
Switzer. Beth Gregory. Sue Mosher. Toff Hoff, Kitty Painter. Kimmy Long. Anissa Yates Kristen 
Spencer. Cyndi Herring. Krista Pelinsky. Cora McGuire. Row 4: Kathleen Mudd. Paula Mellinqer 
Carrie-Lynn Hobson. Vicky Andersen. April Lang. Dana Johnson. Kelly Jenkins Kim Wilson 

70 Greeks 

Allison Webb (Membership). Carrie-lyn Hobson 
(Vice President], Melissa Switzer (Assistant 
Treasurer), Kathleen Mudd (Editor), Vicky 
Andersen (Treasurer), Tammy Shostak (secretary), 
April Lang (President). 

Did You Hear? 

Yatesy: Yo, big dummy! Why can't you 

make up your mind? UPS . . . 
Tatter: GRIPPA RULES!!! 
Muddie: Loveshack! Bang, bang, bang on 

the door, baby!!! Theta Chi til I die? 

Jamie: No fat grams unless it comes with 

Delta Sigma Phi. 
Cyndi: Phil is fuzzy! Cuddle, cuddle!! 
P.J.: Monstas everywhere!! I wanna rock 

right now!! 
Beres: You soccer suite-y! "I want you to 

want me ... " YIKES! 
Kindel: Like my new dance? I haven't been 

this excited since the Bears won the 

Charlotte: Peace, pot, and microdot, 
Kell-Hell: No quote!! Please! 
T.E.: Please don't get sick again and 

whatever you do, don't forget the 

Zoo Keeper: I won't, but is it the lettuce that 

has the Vitamin C or do we have to take 

a TRIP to the store! 
Fred: "Let me just tell you — " I'm not a 

Nan: Fill me in on the weekend gossip! 
Boot G.: So, I hear god's a little annoyed 

with me!?! 
K.S.K.: What's better synthetic or the real 

G. String: How personal is your DJ. 
Prez: But, I don't know how to flirt!! 
C.L.: Tennessee Bound — Where's my 

Lynn W.: Okay, so I drove six hours in the 

middle of the night. 
Dallas: LoveShack . . . Baby 

Loopy: It's Coca-Cola, I swear!!!!! 
Toast: I want a divorce!!!!! 
I LOVE HIM: Well. B.B. I guess you were right 

about . . . 
Kamikaze Queen: It's six AM and 

Mommie's calling. 
Dancy in the Pantsy: How many calories 

does it bum? 
Peggy: Look Anissa, he's sitting right over 

there and looking hotter than hell. 
Fickle-One: You bounce around more than 

the dog. 
CSK: After four years, how many Sigs have 

there been? 
Kate: It's 2 AM, where's Michael — 


Greeks 71 

"Come on over here and give me a kiss 
Rick, Will's nof around!" 

Theta Chi 

The Epsilon Alpha Chapter of Theta 
Chi is in it's 35th year at High Point 
College. Throughout the year we 
enjoy numerous dances, mixers, 
intramural sports, and roadtrips. 
Members of the fraternity are 
actively involved in such 
organizations as the Tower Players, 
Inter-Fraternity Council, WWIH, and 
Student Government. With the true 
meaning of brotherhood, Theta Chi 
enjoys building strong friendships 
and lasting memories here at High 
Point College. Alma Mater first and 
Theta Chi for alma Mater. 

Little Sister Kathleen and Brother Don model 
the Theta Chi Style. 

Vic, Will. Ed dnd Rob just hangin' out 

t ^ mlimM&A 

72 Greeks 

Rob Balerna. Bill Kearns, Tom McQuade, Keith Thornbum. George Chaboudy. Dave Snellmn Darren 
Haggeny, Victor Zuczek. Row 2: Jeff Firkin, Tim Glime, Will MacGill. Rick Morgan Don Huqains 
James Douglas, John Beale, Rob Baid, Ralph Barber. Row 3: Lynn Terry Ed Pattick Gary Roy Mike 
Sparrow, Oh Leash — mascot "Ton!" 

Did You Hear? 

Sal: It's about time, we #(g ?!# won 

Frisbee . . 
Image: Fill it to the rim with Primm. 
Watergate: I broke up with DEEDLES so I 

could become APRIL'S fool. 
King of the Extras: She lives up to her last 

John Wayne: This TEQUILLA ate my worm. 
The Duke: Good thing he didn't break his 

hand or they would have to put a cast on 

his Jewels. 
Gllme-ster: We gotta stay loose . . . KEEP 

COOL ... let the coolness get into your 

vertebre . . . even/things so green . . . 
The Warrior: Nina . . Walla-walla . . . Sara 

. . . Walla-Walla . . . Kathy H. . . , Oh, my 

God . . . Walla . . . 
Striker: 21 years and 21 Q-P's, it finally 

Cover-Girl: Who needs Missy, when you 

have Mary Kay and Maybelline. 
Rowdy: Will, put on those eyelashes, my 

date broke in half. 
Zooch: Good Golly, Miss Molly, They are so 

big and jolly. 
Bird Man: I woke up with MUDD on my 

Stickey-Fingers: Alright, who the #?X(S # 

stole my quote . . 
Baiad: You think you've got it bad, nobody 

will believe my quote . . . 
Pop-pop: Jizz jizz ... oh, what a relief it 

is . . 
Nut: I thought it was THETA CHI, then I die. 
Hugs: Uhm . . . Yeah . . Well . . . Yeah, let's 

do that . . Uhm . . . OK . . . Yeah . . . 
Mo-Mo: Has anybody seen my 

disintegration tape. 
Big Jum: This summer HUMMED right by with 

only one STALL. 
Ralph: Guys I'm telling you, it EASELY can 

be done . . . 
Firkin: So how was everybodys, summer 

vacation . . . 
John-boy: Dora, do you really think I'm as 

cute as Milli Vanilli? 
Cubby: Trini, hold that pose, while I get my 

Facella: She jumped out of my wheelbarrel, 

so I came for another load of LITTLE 

Roy: See what happens, when you get fresh 

with R.J. 
Dumb "D": Unreal . . . she's hooking up with 

my black lab . . . 
Little George: Mock me if you will ... But I 

have a Fan Club. 

Front: Tom McQuade ('89 Vice President], Victor 
Zuczek ('90 Vice President). Middle: Bill Kearns 
('89 Sports Chairman), Ed Pattick ('90 Pledge 
Marshall), George Chabody ('89 Secretary). 
James Douglas ('90 Secretary), Don Muggins ('90 
President). Back: Will McGill ('90 Sports 
Chairman), Mike Sparrow ('89 Treasurer). Dave 
Spelling ('89 President) 

Greeks 73 

Row 1 ■ Dove Shrivel Tom Cox. Jason Ferrall. Leigh Capshaw, Mike Unan, Andy Brehm, Dana Conte 
Adam Duff Nils Dailey Frank Rangoussis, Gary Cooper, Row 2: Tucker Claggett, Jeff Howie, Sean 
Learv Carl Matthews Mike Zeig, Tom Joseph, Al Arrigoni, John Hammnck. Rich Davis, Kurt Guyer, 
Brian Jacobs Brian Blankenship, Row 3: Adam Rosenberg, Chris Davis, Mike Claywell, Louis Federico 
Row 4 Phil Spivey Austin Aley. John Burbage, Eric Boyer, Jason Jodon, Mike Parnllo, Eric Raney. 
Kenny Garqulio Paul Hanlin, Joe Spellman, Scott Bernard, Darren Huber. Dan Alwine, Wilson Bounds 
ToddGodbey Dan Kohler. Brian Boger, Adam Thompson, Rich Kappus, Dave Duncan. 

Did You Hear? 

Shaggy: I can't come outside, the winds are gusting. 
P.W.: They really should do something dbout the 

battirooms in Belk. 
ACE: Don't get me wrong, I can spell Wensday, 
Bam Bam: Gee I hope rango dies, I could use the 

Monroe: Natalie, Kathy, Natalie, Kathy, etc. 

Recon Rango: I had a MACK but it was soggy. 

Louis: Gee Rango, my MACK was soggy too. 

Poo Wee: You sure you're just friends with her BIFF? 
Tall Paul: Realy Christy, we weren't making out! Just 

ahh talking, ahh yeah just talking. 
Spell Hell: Hey guys, I don't really look like the poster 

child for freedom rock, do I? 
Fast: These are my softball jeans and these are my 

basketball jeans. 
Beeker: I came, I saw, I conquered the KD's. 
Flipper: Watch it Ashley, your mascara is dripping in 

my beer. 
Sluggo: Kymbers, Coors Light, Cablevision, and Pizza 

— now my life's complete. 
Spaz: Icky, thanks for the Matzo Ball juice. 
Icky: Yo dude, dude, my oxy ain't wort<in' dude. 
Rich Davis: No high Rho for yo! 
Pseudo Kappa Godbey: Hey fellows, I meant what I 

wrote on the stall, 
Wilson: Her big lips engulf my face when we kiss. 
Tucker: Tucker with your nose so bright won't you 

guide my fraternity tonight. 
Nils: Hey, it could really lounges instead of one. 
Jacobs: Your truckin' days are over. 
Sir Pinter: I'm tired of polyester Someone bring my 

wardrobe back to the future. 
Dr. Ramke: Frank, Kurt, & Rich stop saying beaver in 

my class. 
Coop: Dr. E. cancelled us — Psyche! 
Hambone: So that's what you call friendship — 

Lebo: No woman, no cry. 
A-dog: Hey, I really am remembered. 
Sidekick: Man, I didn't do nothin' with her. 
Bubbles: I'm not drunk, I need not go to hospital 
Pursey: Please help me, it or she or whatever, it's 

gonna break my legs. 
Claywell: Sorry Patrice, I have a girl friend 
E-Z: UUU. AAA, Yo you know me an' aaa steph we 

are aaa goin' out. 
Kapduke: Hitler's youth is here to stay — it's German. 
C. Davis: Help I'm caught between the grand tee 

Duff: Hey Helen, Let's do the cha-cha. 
G-Man: THANKS LIZ, I ah gotta go now, 
Huber: Sorry Peggy, I've never done that before 
Danimal: Hey look guys I glow in the dark, 
Leary: 841-2115, the only number you need to know. 
Jocko: I don't mind if she's tall as she is wide. 
Zelg: I can't decide Lambda Chi or ZTA — what the 

hell ZTA. 
Teen Wolf: Hey can I borrow your green jacket. 
Nell Boyles: OH am I in a fraternity? 
J, Conforti: Hey acid rain ain't that bed in Jersey. 
Kyle: Ha Ha you've got nothin' on me. 
Kiwi: Good'ay mate. 
Jodon: So what no protection, by the way, when is 

AIDS Awareness Week 
Raney: P.A. is like a mother to me (at least just as 

Wiener: Chubaka, My lounge key is your lounge key. 
Fez: You can reach me at 114 Women's Hall. 

74 Greeks 

Lambda Chi 

The lota Phi Zeta Chapter had its 
most successful year in the chapter's 
history. Through the dedication and 
hard work of every member, lota Phi 
remains a model chapter in the 
fraternal world. 

The Bruce Hunter Mcintosh Award 
for Chapter Excellence was presented 
to us at the National Leadership 
Seminar at Ohio State last summer. 
This was the first time Lambda Chi 
Alpha had ever received such an 
award. Last year, with the help of a 
strong athletics chairman and 

Just say the word & Frank, Louis, Kenny, & Pee 
Wee are ready to party. 

Row 1: Thomas Joseph (President), Andrew Brehm 
(Vice-President), Gary Cooper. Alumni Advisor. Row 2: 
Kurt Guyer [Treosurerj, Fronk Rangoussis (Scholastic 
Chairman). Row 3: Dana Conte (Alumni Coordinator), 
Leigh Capshaw (Secretary}. Row 4 Michael Urian 
(Fraternity Ed.). Louis Federico (Social Chairman), Jason 
Ferrall (Rush Chairman), not pictured: Joe Pinter 

devoted teams, the fraternity was 
named intramural champions for the 

The strongest part of our fraternity is 
its commitment to excellence and 
strong sense of brotherly love. We 
have a top notch faculty advisor, Dr. 
Ron Ramke, and a totally committed 
alumni advisor, Gary Cooper. Through 
determination and hard work over the 
years, Lambda Chi Alpha is a 
chapter every member can be proud 

;; T . |b> - - 

Iky & Jocko at the Mills Home. 

Greeks 75 

Brotherly Love!? 

Delta Sigma 

Delta Sigma Phi, the gentleman's 
fraternity, entered 1989 with a great 
deal of pride. With fifteen new 
brothers in February and three in 
November, we looked forward to 
1990 and Spring Rush. 
Delta Sigma Phi was founded on 
December 10, 1899 at the City 
College of New York, and our 
chapter, Delta Zeta, was founded 
on April 7, 1957. Our colors are 
green and white, and our charity is 
the March of Dimes. The fraternity 
symbols are the pyramid and the 

Row 1: James Burke (President], Todd Mattheisen (Secretary). Row 2: Odie Harris (Treasurer! Pnm 
Vitellia (Vice-President), Chris Gilbert (Pledge Master). ' lreasurer J- F °ul 

76 Greeks 

Chef Sam says, "Catch!" 

Front Row: Chuck Chambers, Jay Amernick. Van Mallett, Jim Burke, Paul Vitellia. Mike Lancaster 
Kevin Cole. Second Row; Todd Mattheisen. Keith Fielding. Brian Baxter. Tony Kim, Brian Smith Alan 
Ambrose, John Rhodes, Sam Lowery. Gus Teague. Third Row: Keith Scott, Chris Gilbert Scott Combs 
James Keith, Mark Woolsey, Jay Upthank, Odie Harris, John Carey 

' ' V 

- • 

Did You Hear? 

Dirty Dirty Bear: You're stinky, smelly, ugly, 

and fat. Let's do it. 
Field Mouse: He scurries for cheese in the 

land of Saskwatch. 
Amy Andrews: Under the bed is as close 

as I'll get. 
Freud: I'm going out for Salisbury steak, 

please worry about me. 
Mouth: See ya next "week". 
Richard Zeitvogel: Slick, Cuz, Cool, 

Wagonwheel, see ya. 
Torment: Never again! Rrrrring. rrrrring. OH hi 

Kathy, yes I'll be right over. 
Freshmaniser: I don't know Diddley about 

upperclassmen girls. 
Disser Kisser: If I lavalier Jamie thqt means 

no more trips to Gam Hall. 
Dent: Wheels, watch those two frint teeth, 

your scraping my vein. 
Alpha Gam: Do I want a condom to cover 

my boner? 
Manson: "Get back to your spot!" 
Coach: Does Nina Colada go well on top 

of chicken legs? 
Peep show: Once they graduate High 

School they don't like me anymore. 
Calamine: They were right, it did get 

bigger after I became a brother. 
Dexter: We had to break up, I'm her 

teacher now. 
Nixon: If I hooked up as much as I talked, 

Earnhardt would be mighty lonely, son. 
LL Cool Jay: Peppermint Patties taste better 

than Scooby Snacks. 
Nintendo: What do you mean Allison won't 

fit on a license plate? 
Tippy: The Prelude is great, but I can't fit my 

neck and McHooters in at the same time. 
Carolina Boy: Oh Odie, it's only you, I 

thought it was someone from second floor. 
Shoneys: Jimmy, the back seat of "The 

AMPH" isn't big enough you'll have to stay 

over night. 
Egghead: Better red than dead. 
Mr. Ed: You know what they say. big 

Parisienne, big . . . 
Little Boy Blue: Trump is a brilliant and 

generous man. 
Armarri: My buddy Brown and I shop the 

best stores, honey! 
Slim Fast: Now I give body boarding a 

whole new dimension. 
B. Kindel: We miss your morning towel rack. 
D. Ballister: The hall is too quiet without you. 
Shaved Clam: I lost my lunch after the 

Decon: I haven't been to a single dance all 


Scott Combs sports Delta Sigma Phi spirit!! 

Greeks 77 

Did You Hear? 

TAB: LM 2 

Bish: I'm Fat so I cut out cupcakes. 

Cook: You going to eat? 

Dancy: What's her name this year? 

Sambo: Sara or is it Lynn or is it Sara? 

French: Still eating exotic tacos. 

Homo: Sure, I'd do it. 

Fluffy: M-l-C. caught you in your room, 

K-E-Y, why because she has a key. 
Hughes: Just call me coach. 
Howler: Wanna be a stud? 
Bill: Just never got on the PA. 
Koot: Kibbles and bits and up from Kitty was 

a little bite on your face. 
Lemon: Is a load of laughs 
JP: Who? 

Mark M: The 21 binger salute. 
CJ: I swear I stopped. 
PJ: She will stroke, but you'll never poke. 
Brian O'Connell: Do you go to school 

O'Cool: She's just another paige in your 

history book. 
Drew: The shinny potato. 
Brian P.: All and All its just another ball on 

the wall. 
Big Dave: Dorment! 
Ferg: The secret weapon 
Dave B: SNAKE. 
Simon: A slice is nice. 
Big Tim: Right, you got with her. 
Tucker: I'm all pro. 
The Wave: I'll pay you Tuesday. 
Mark N.: Salt-n-pepper, soul man. 
Greg P: Six hours and did not bust loose. 
Andre: The huded pig. 
Chip: Part of the Lu-Lu crew. 
Andy: Three strikes and you're out. 
Dave S.: Surf's up. 
Hib: So what if she was I 
Cox: She is in Millis again! 
Jamey: When is the wedding? 
Reefe: So you get two holes now and not 

George: The Diceman. 
PAT: This one is for you. 

First Row Andre Quesada, George Stapas, Mark Nye, Lee Hunter, Sam Flourenouy, Tjark Bateman 
Mike Usanski. Second Row: Greg Pinsky, John Cos, Mason Linker, Chip. Dave Nesbit, Brian Parker, 
Ferguson Peters Third Row: Tucker Mum, Greg Cook, Jay Huey, James Homiak, PJ Newman, Jamey 
Sharrep Fourth Row: Simon Marks. Paul OToo/e, Scoft Reefe, Tim Mathews, Pat Haun. Steve Hughes 
Kevin Keuster Drew Pierson, Tim Dancy. JP Lunn. Bill Kildride. Andy Usk. 

78 Greeks 

PI Kappa Alpha Little Sisters. 

Pi Kappa 

Pi Kappa Alpha entered its 37th year 
at High Point College by proving they 
are a growing, strong, and proud 
group of men. The members are 
involved in many campus 
organizations such as SGA, Student 
Union, IFC, Administrative 
Management Society, American 
Humanics, and the Hi-Po. The 
members have also been a part of 
the Student Orientation Staff, the Red 
Cross, tutoring, Presidential Scholars, 
and Young Republicans. The 
members are here to grow in 
academics, friendship, and as men. 

Officers; First Row: Tjark Bateman [President], Andre Quesada (Secretary). Lee Hunter 
[Vice-President], Second Row: Jay Huey [Social], Mike Lisansky (Pledge trainer), JP Lunn 
(Treasurer). Third Row: Pat Haun (Faculty Advisor), Kevin Keuster (Alumni Correspondent], 

Pi Kappa Alpha after another community 
service project. 

Pike brothers listen at the hazing program 

Greeks 79 





80 Students 


Mtfk^^— L — — ' 

Students 81 

Paige Alverez 

Jay Amernick 

Vicky Anderson 

Anita Andrews 

Tanya Apperson 

Jackie Barlowe 

Tjark Bateman 

Stacey Becker 

Denise Bickley 

Robert Bistle 

William Brewer 

Walter Bruce 

82 Students 

James Burke 

Janet Byrd 

Kevin Clement 

Cathy Cook 

Class of 

Yolanda Cooper 

Jocelyn Coover 

Students 83 




Melissa Crowder 

David Danley 

Lisa Dean 

Mary Beth Downs 

Beth Edwards 

Jerri Edwards 

Robert Edwards 

John Eisenhower 

84 Students 

Terry Fox 
Buckley Garver 
Dexter Gillmore 

Cynthia Gladding 
Susan Godoy 
Shanda Gordon 

Shelly Gordon 

Greg Drabik 

Jeff Grizzell 

Ginger Grubb 

Students 85 

Jennifer Grubb 

Kurt Guyer 

Jennifer Hambrick 

John Harrington 

Odie Harris 

Alicia Harriss 

Deana Hartman 

Teresa Hayworth 

Kathy Heatherington 

Linda Hendrick 

Gina Hendrix 

Carrie-lyn Hobson 

86 Students 

Mark Hodor 

Stephanie Hooker 

Micheal Hoover 

William Hopkins 


Joseph W. Huey IV 

Amanda Huff 

Students 87 




Susan Huff 

Krisfie Huneycutt 

Brian Jacobs 

Sabina Jasinski 

Kelly Jenkins 

Dana Johnson 

Tom Joseph 

Rich Kappus 

Bill Kearns 
Krsta Kehn 
Kevin Kuester 

Elen Marie Lachin 
Micheal Lancaster 
April Lang 

Jeff Lawrence 

Annefte Lowson 

Kathy Layson 

Amy Leatherman 

Students 89 

KJmberly Leonhardl 

Brooks Lockey 

J.P. Lunn 

Van Mallett 

Cynthia Marzano 

Ann Mcclelian 

Lynda McHenry 

Tracy Mclver 

Thomas J. McQuade 

Paula Mellinger 

Eric Molgaard 

Suzanne R Mortong 

90 Students 

Anne Mosca 

Pamela O'Connor 

Lane Odom 

Michele Okerlin 


Mo Ouphanchanh 

Cynthia Overcash 

Students 91 




Angelique Perrin 

Colleen Perry 

Stephen Piazza 

Jeff Quintavell 

92 Students 

Frank Rangoussis 
Julie Readling 
David Redd 

Sharon Ringgold 
Tim Rosebrock 
Suzanne Gail Ross 

George Sail 

Michele Saunders 

Sharyn Sazama 

Kotherine Schneider 

Students 93 

Sherry Scott 

Theresa Shea 

Sandra Shore 

David Snelling 

Jennifer Stack 

Brett Taylor 

Julie Taylor 

Brad Teague 

Lynn Terry 

William Thomasson 

Jimena Vargas 

Kirstin Wachs 

94 Students 

Barbara Walker 

Lynn Weigand 

Karen Welch 


Jonathan West 


Derek Weygandt 

Jennifer Wieler 

Students 95 

Bill Wilson 

Kim Wilson 

Good Luck 




H*! -.V---. ,' <;-.■•=•■•. 




■ ...... SB,;: J-* 



■■ - i#^ :>:&■;<•■. - at 

96 Students 


Nina Austin 
Kelly Baber 

Dana Batten 
Diana Benton 

Kelly Blake 
Leslie Blakely 

Noelle Blank 
Laura Boatwright 

Rhonda Brown 
Kelly Chapman 

Juniors 97 


Thomas Claggett 
Jaye Cohen 
Deana Collins 
Eric Collins 
Michelle Combs 

Rebecca Conrad 
Elizabeth Copes 
Amanda Craft 
LeighAnn Cross 
Angela Dailey 

Pam Dean 
Jerome Drew 
Greg Dudley 
Jeff Firkin 
Erica Fischer 


Carolyn Flowers 
Carol Frick 
Amie Gates 
Mario Gomez 
Tracy Greer 


98 Juniors 


Beth Gregory 
Stanley Grose 
Paige Gwaltney 
Julie Gunther 
Kim Hall 

Robert Haskins 
Monica Hedrick 
John High 
Kathy Hughes 
Lee Hunter 

Polly Ann Hamrick 
Carrah Hanson 
Melanie Harrison 
Katriona Hay 
Kevin llarraza 

Cheryl Johnson 
Deborah Jones 
Will Kienle 
Jim Kine 
Anne Kintgh 

Juniors 99 


Mike Lisansky 
Kim Long 

Melissa Lowery 
Thomas McCaffery 

Kym McClary 
Stacie McElroy 

Kerry Mcknight 
Teresa Melton 

Sara Messick 
Christopher Miles 

100 Juniors 


Maxine Monroe 
Kim Marcom 

Angie Palmer 
Kathleen Mudd 

Julie Nace 
Janet Norman 

Shane Pegram 
Karen Penoky 

James Perrona 
Michelle Oakley 

Juniors 101 


Christine Premock 
Leigh Ann Price 
Stephen Prokop 
Leena Quebein 
Aileen Radinsky 

Timothy Rice 
Suzette Richburg 
Kim Richards 
Andrew Ritchie 
Christy Rockwell 

Garry Roy 
Veronica Royer 
Michele Santasiere 
George Satt 
Karen Scott 

Patrick Petrillo 
Mary-Beth Phillips 
Lynn Pitts 

102 Juniors 


d 7 

Michelle Sheets 
Drew Sheldridc 
Paul Simpson 




Katherine Smith 
Michael Sparrow 
Roger Steinkamp 
Leigh Stewart 
Whitney Stuers 

Candy Swing 
Melissa Switzer 
Greg Turner 
Aaron Tooley 
Jeff Walters 

Allison Webb 
Angela Woodcock 
Lisa White 
Amy Witty 
Anissa Yates 

Juniors 103 


Jerome Adams 
Ellen Albright 
Dan Alwine 
Kellie Amtower 
John Bailer 

Chad Barker 
Connie Bates 
Bryan Baxter 
Forrest Baugher 
Denise Beale 

John Beale 
Teresa Beavers 
Scott Bernard 
Emma Berter 
Stephen Betz 

Annett Bizzitelli 
Barbara Blake 
Wilson Bound 
Griffin Briggs 
LuAnn Browder 

106 Sophomores 


Kendra Brown 
Michele Brown 
Rebecca Brown 
Tabitha Brown 
Anita Buenassisi 

Erica Buenassisi 
Kristen Carper 
Leah Chappell 
Christopher Chatterton 
Candace Childers 


Alise Clanton 
Jackie Clark 
Mary Ellen Clark 
Carole Clement 
John Cloud 

"* > 



Robert Combs 
Thomas Cox 
Edwina Crady 
Christina Craver 
Sharon Crimmins 

Sophomores 107 


Nils Dailey 
Leeana Dulin 

Anita Demosky 
Elizabeth Demis 

Susan Dickinson 
Bonnie-Jean Dillon 

Kimberly Dorsey 
David Doyle 

George Dyer 
Desmond Dutcher 

108 Sophomores 







Cathy Fastenau 
Jason Ferrall 

Nancy Fitzgerald 
Tricia Fleming 

Andrew Flynt 
Reese Gardiner 

Todd Godbey 
Patrick Graver 

Matthew Green 
Dana Greenfield 

Sophomores 109 

Sophomores 3P\/\ /? ^ 


Becky Hamer 
Mami Harada 
Steve Harrison 
Libby Hayes 
Pawette Haynes 

Ingrid Hendrix 
Lenora Henry 
Christina Highfill 
Michelle Hicks 
Dawn Hill 

Amber Holbrook 
Wendy Holmes 
Jeff Hawle 
Harry Slade Howie 
Clay Howard 

Kevin Hudson 
Tammy Hughes 
Stephen Hughes 
Shannon Jessup 
Jason Jodan 




110 Sophomores 


4 ¥ % 

Class of 92 

Theodora Johnson 
David Karimsamuel 

Kel Kelly 
Janet Kennedy 
Katherine Kem 

William Kilbride 
Peggy Knopf 
Terrence Knuckles 
Martin Kolozynski 
Christian Lambeth 

Jamie Lawson 
Sean Leary 
Megan Lee 
Anna Lefler 
Donna Letters 

Jill Lewis 
Jennifer Mallett 
Sarah Mallett 
Amy Marshall 
Melissa Martin 

Sophomores 111 


Kirsten Martinson 
Todd Matthieson 

Terry McCaulen 
Kristen McCoy 

Cara McGuire 
Hieka McLaughlin 

Jennifer McLaughlin 
Kelly McLean 

Rebecca Miller 
Stephanie Morris 

112 Sophomores 

Thomas Mum 
Kathy Muslin 
Danielle Norton 
Christian O'Briant 
Sharon O'Brinski 

Michael Parillo 
Jennifer Paetzold 
Drew Peterson 
Marcy Phillips 
Darlene Porter 

Angie Powell 
Roger Predmore 
Serene Quetein 
Eric Raney 
David Ratchford 

Jamie Raymond 
Scott Reefe 
Jenny Reid 
April Rightmire 
Adam Rosenburg 

Wendy Ruiter 
Marcella Squires 
Susan Scheider 
Tammy Shostak 
Samatha Silva 

Edward Smith 
Kim Spelker 
Jose Somoza 
Ron Sotak 
Stephanie Spangler 

Sophomores 113 


Kristin Spencer 
Donna Stutz 

Jennifer Sullivan 
Lillian Sullivan 

Paivi Tamainen 
Katrina Thies 

Richard Turbe 
Sarah Turnburke 

Reed Valentine 
Charles Van Wickle 

114 Sophomores 

Class of 92 

Paul Vitella 
Angela Wagoner 

Jamie Walsh 
David Warwick 

Debbie Wellings 
Heather Wetzel 

Christina Williams 
Jay Witmer 

Robbie Wooten 
Merrideth Ziesse 

Sophomores 115 


Juan Adams 
Amy Aitken 

Troy Alexander 
Chad Andrews 

Alisha Atwell 
Alan Barnhardt 

Robin Beck 
Brian Becmer 

Amy Bell 
Cecilia Bell 

116 Freshmen 

Helen Berg 
Michael Bemtsen 
Barrett Black 
Sonya Black 
Mary Anne Blackmore 

Derrin Borelly 
William Boyer 
Sabrina Brown 
Bryan Bowles 
August Bradley 

Bayard Bray 
Ashley Brim 
Lisa Brown 
Kristy Brunner 
Coriaie Buonocore 

Julie Butner 
Jason Cable 
Chris Caddell 
Amy Caldwell 
Kathleen Cambell 

Natalie Capies 
Lisa Carey 
Mhari Louise Cattell 
Dana Caudill 
Crystal Chambers 

Greg Ciotti 
Tim Clark 

Christien F, Clumer 
Brian Coe 
Christy Colston 

Freshmen 117 

Class of 93 

Gary Cook 
Brian Cox 
John Craver 
Kevin Cross 
Marcus Cross 

Mindy Crowe 
Wendy Cuccinello 
Craig Curtis 
Parker Davis 
Glynn Dawson 

Kimberly DeCelles 
Nancy DeGrande 
Ann Marie De Varo 
Douglas Devoneis 
Sharon Doby 

Judy Donnelly 
Terrence Donovan 
Lynne Drezin 
Jeremy Dott 
Kim Dow 


\ « 



I > 

'I I 



1 J -Q 




118 Freshmen 


Jenny Dudley 
Sean Egan 
Deus Edwards 
Allison Elledge 
Tina Eloian 

Deborah England 
Anna Evans 
Tiffany Ferrera 
Wendi Field 
Mitzi Fields 

Chris Forst 
Angie Fortner 
Sallie Frame 
Kathy Gambina 
Charles Gardner 

Todd Gillespie 
Melissa Gipson 
Wayne Goldt 
Danny Goodwin 
Dana Lynn Goldinsky 

Freshmen 119 

Class of 93 

Hope Greene 
Mike Greene 

Christina Gregerson 
David Grove 

Stephanie Gray 
Jason Griffith 

Christy Hale 
David Hall 

John Hall 
Cameron Hanes 

120 Freshmen 

Hellis Harper 
Charlie Harris 
Beth Harrison 
Cindy Harvey 
Michael Hatfield 

Susan Henderson 
Amanda Herrmann 
Susan Hetherman 
Molly Heffermen 
Ellen Hinshaw 

Sarah Hinshaw 
Lawrence Hofer 
David Honeycutt 
Curtis Hoover 
Wendy Horton 

Suzann Howser 
Jenifer Hughes 
Scott Hux 
Michael Jarman 
Ansus Johnston 

Darren Jones 
Kim Jones 
Jennifer Kalil 
Lorrice Karakry 
JoAnna Kaney 

Andy Kidwell 
Arlene Kins 
Barry Kitler 
Trevor Kokjohn 
Lisa Kravitz 

Freshmen 121 

Class of 93 

Michele Kuzmick 
Edwin Lagrama 
Sarah Lamb 
Mike Lambert 
Chris LaRocca 

Travis Last 
David Lefler 
Stephanie Li Causi 
Damon Light 
Tara Linelle 

Julie Liner 

Mary Margaret Linker 
Jason Lundstrum 
Garrett Lunn 
DeAnna Mabe 

Greg Mahadeen 
Karen Mahota 
Mitch Maraney 
Karen Marks 
Luis Marquez 

122 Freshmen 


Gwen Martin 
Lisa Mateer 
Nikki Matheny 
Alex Mavis 
Lauri McGarrigan 

Caroline Mechler 
Jennifer Merritt 
Kimberly Minsus 
Sarah Mock 
Glenn Muhr 

Mimi Murphy 
Caroline Nichols 
James Noel 
Franki Norris 
Elisa Nowak 

Travis Oakleh 
Timothy O'Keefe 
Chris Pansini 
Garrett Parlar 
Sherm Patterson 

Freshmen 123 

Class of 93 

Joel Peddle 
Michael Perry 

El Peters 

Jennifer Petri 

Julie Poll 
Brenda Posten 

Robert Protita 
Colleen Proulx 

Shannon Puffenhauger 
Erin Quinn 

124 Freshmen 

Matthew Reck 

Andy Reitz 

John Reitz 

Gary Renkenberger 

Ricky Rennolds 

Micheal Reeves 
Jay Rinehart 
Julie Roberson 
Michael Roccia 
Chnstensen Rodney 

Kim Ruth 
Jim Sammons 
Patrick Schramm 
Jill Schoeder 
Victoria Schultz 

Forrest Scruscs 
Jason Seedore 
Brian Shipwash 
Todd Shoemaker 
Suzanne Sielaty 

Jill Simmons 
Jonathan Simmons 
Tom Simpers 
Suzette Skidmore 
Cynthia Smith 

Kristi Smith 
Stacy Snyrlur 
Ali Sprigg 
Jeff Strauser 
Jennifer Swadley 

Freshmen 125 


Daniel Vasti 
Victor Venier 
Andrea Viener 
Andrew Wade 
Elizabeth Walter 

Jennifer Walters 
Jeanine Warhurst 
Meg White 
Lee Wilcox 
Heather Williams 

John Williams 
Keena Williams 
Ray Williams 
Ashley Wills 
Kathy Woodward 

Stephen Woodward 
James Wollard 
Chris Wright 
Joe Wright 
Susan Yohrling 

Crystal Swaim 
David Taylor 
Kyle Thompson 

Darlene Tiedman 
Charlotte Totulis 
Dan Vanveelen 

126 Freshmen 


** * ■»« 








Helena Brady 
Eric Brewer 

Christine Cadley 
Lynn Edwards 

Veronica Hatfield 
Alisha Hodges 

Cathlyn Lynch 
William Roberson 

Amelia Slavin 
Tyron Worsham 

Retakes 127 

Continuing Adult Education Program 

Ubby Acuff 
Jeffrey Allen 
Rita Atwood 
Harry Baldwin 
Kathy Ball 

128 CAEP 

Elizabeth Brown 
Cindy Buchanan 
Teresa Byrne 
Frances Campbell 

Barry Carlton 
Mike Carter 
Rod Carter 
Jennifer Cass 

Jack Cho 
Victor Clark 
Deborah Clodfelter 
Donna Conrad 

— __\ Sharon Crisp 
Z^\ Susan Crump 

Michael Culpepper 
Kaaren Cushwa 

Jeann Dabbs 
Debby Do/ton 
Vance Daws 
Deborah Dennis 

Rodney Dickey 
Jem Dorn 
Buddy Dorsett 
Janet Driver 

CAEP 129 


In 1979. High Point College 
initiated the an evening degree 
program on its main campus. One 
year later, the program began 
serving R.J. Reynolds employees on 
site in Winston-Salem. In January of 
1987, the Winston-Salem division 
moved into the Madison Park 
branch office which was erected by 
High Point College. 

The Continuing Adult Education 
Program, which currently enrolls over 
650 students, offers a choice of five 
majors. Those majors are Accounting, 
Business Administration and 
Economics, Computer Information 
Systems, Industrial and 
Organizational Psychology, and 
Psychology. The program offers 
students a chance to earn credit by 
attending classes three nights a 
week during an eight week session. 

Over the last decade, CAEP has 
grown tremendously. In the coming 
decade. High Point College hopes 
to see an even larger interest in the 
program. With its predicted 
popularity they hope to add more 
majors and possibly expand the 
Madison Park branch. 

r A .i 

Todd Dupree 
Steven Edwards 
Kathy Elliott 

Martha Elliott 
Robin Epps 
Greg Estermeyer 

Michael Euliss 
Susan Evans 
Robert Everhart 

•» "•* 

David Foster 
Chris Fowler 
Mary Frazier 


Vivian Fulk 
William Funkhoo 
Kim Gates 

Pamela E. George 
Tina Geter 
Gary Goodnoush 

^ 1 

130 CAEP 

\ *&*> 


wry ~ t\ 


Al Gilcrest 
Barbara Grahm 
Virginia Gunn 
Howard Hagler 
Cynthia Hammett 

Donna Hammond 
Susan Hayworth 
Michael Heer 
Regan Hensel 
Kim Watt 

Dannie Hicks 
Andrew Hill 
Vince Holbrook 
', Crystal Holl 

■I Luther Howser 

Susan Ho/comb 
Do/e Holder 
Jeff Horton 
John Hulia 
Rebecca Huney 

CAEP 131 

Betty Hurston 
Cynthia Ingram 
Robert James 
Laurie Johnson 
Doug Kale 

Frederick Kelly Jr 
David Kimball 
Hey den La Fon 
Sharon Lambeth 
Sarah Lawrence 

Glona Lewis 
Amy Lockhart 
Sonya Long 
Brenda Luther 
Mel Lybrand 

Dawn Marion 
Donna Marshall 
Karen Marshall 
Penny Martin 
Barbara Mascali 

132 CAEP 

# v J 

E f 

1 ^ 

Freddie McBride 
Martha McCall 




Sarah McCluney 
Hardison McConnell 
Scott McLaughlin 

'. Shawn Merrimar 
l Christine Mills 
Andy Mock 

Brenda Morris 
Gloria Ogelsby 
Ellen Parker 

Melinda Pearcy 
Janice Purdue 
Lynn Pellyjohn 

Gwen Philips 
Patricia Powell 
Gaye Radford 

CAEP 133 

Sheri Reynolds 
Nancy Richards 
Mike Riddle 
Michael Rose 
Genera Ruckere 

Rusty Shaw 
Debbie Shelton 
Shirley Sadler 
Forrest Shuford 
Mary Sistrink 

Derek Sizemore 

Virginia Slade 

Jimmy Smith 

John David Spaugh 

Rita Stratton 4 


134 CAEP 







,. . I 


Irma Taylor 
William Tesh, Jr. 
David Tobleman 
Carol Triplet! 
Vonda Tucker 

Carlo Venabli 
Tracy Volger 
Margaret Ward 
Jim Wheeler 
Wiibir Groome 

Ddrrell Williams 
Toni Wold 
Teresa wood 
James Wright 
Marlene young 

CAEP 135 




*» i 





136 Faculty 


Faculty 137 

Dr. James Adams 


Dr. Troy Anders 

Business Administration 

Dr. Bill Anderson 


Ms. Janice Anderson 


Dr. Lee Baker 


Dr. Richard Bennington 

Business Administration 

Ms. Joan Betsill 


Ms. Martha Blake 

Student Ufe 

Faculty & Staff 

There are certain people from college 
we, as students, will never forget. The 
list is long and usually includes friends, 
and enemies. Do faculty and staff 
members make this list? They sure 
hope to make it, and they hope it 
near the top. However, that's not 
always the case. 

The faculty and staff at High Point 
College are a unique group, and like 
the students, they have different 
opinions of HPC. Yet, this is the 
diversity that a college needs to be a 
special place. Think . . . what college 
would be like without these people, 
The faculty and staff are not just that, 
over a period of time, they become 
great friends and some even begin to 
feel like family. But, isn't that what 
college is — one big, new family?!? 
So when we look back on our years 
at HPC, let's remember the good with 
the bad because in many cases, a 
faculty or staff member was there to 
help us through all of those times. 



138 Faculty 

Then and Now 

Have you ever stopped to think 
about what High Point College was 
like in the 1940's, '50s, '60s, or 70s? 
Well, if you ever have any questions 
just ask one of the many faculty 
members who graduated from HPC. 
Believe it or not, there are 21 alumni 
who are now working for the college. 
Do you think their rules were as strict 
as ours seem? We complain about 
the visitation hours and the escort 

But . . . 

Dr. Gray Bowman 

Physical Sciences 

Ms. Carol Branard 


Mrs. Donna Burton 

Director of Alumni Affairs 

Mr. Ed Cannady 

Campus Safety 




Dr. Dennis Carrol 


Mr. Bill Cloninger 


Mr. William Cope 

Behavioral Science 

Ms. Kay Cromwell 


Faculty 139 

Could you Imagine . . . 

** Room inspection every morning at 9;30? 
** No cooking, ironing, bathing or doing 

laundry after 11pm? 
** Lights out at 11pm? (Seniors were 

** Mandatory study hours from 7:15 to 9pm, 

** Asking SGA for permission to spend the 

night out of your room? 
** No phone call longer than five minutes? 
** No phone calls after 10pm — except for 

long distance? 
** Attending chapel everyday for 30 

minutes and church every Sunday? 
** Wearing socks or hose at all times on 

campus or uptown? 
** No running water after 11pm? 

These rules were stated in the 1941-42 
S.G.A. "Girl's Guide". By the way, we 
couldn't find a "Boy's Guide"!!! 

Ms. Gail Curtis 


Mr. Ron Dalton 

Director of Student Activities 

Ms. Andrea Durham 

Fine Arts 

Dr. Roy Epperson 

Wee President for 
Administrative Affairs 

Mr. Rick Dull 

Business Office 

Mr. Gart Evans 

Dean of Students 


Mr. Mike Everett 

Physical Education 

Mr. James Farris 


Mr. Gary Foster 


140 Faculty 


Mr. William Cope 
Class of 1963 

Mr. Cope currently works in the 
Behavioral Science Department. He 
recalls many things about his years at 
HPC. During the early 1960s students 
were required to attend monthly 
cultural programs. It was also a time 
of much student activism. The students 
attempted to establish a student/ 
faculty/administrative congress which 
would serve as the governing body of 
the school. 





Mr. Marion Gibson 

Physical Education 
Dr. Allen Goedeke 

Behavioral Science 

Ms. Martha Gleaton 

Ms. Sarah Gomez 

Learning Assistance Center 

Ms. Kimberly Grissett 

Physical Education 
Dr. Vaughn Hansen 

Political Science 

Ms. Cherl Harrison 

Fine Arts 
Mr. Robert Harrison 

Fine Arts 

Faculty 141 

Mr. Patrick Haun 

Behavioral Sciences 

Mr. Bob Hayes 

Wee President of 
Financial Affairs 

Mr. Bobby Hayes 

Director of Media Relations 

Mrs. Dwanna Hayworth 

Business Office 

Mrs. Jeanie Hazzard 

Institutional Advancement 

Mrs. Gerry Hill 


Mr. David H. Holt 


Dr. Marion Hodge 


Dean Vance Davis 
Class of 1961 

Dean Davis served as the 1960-61 
S.G.A. President, and he recollects the 
freshmen beanie, or "skull cap," as it 
was affectionately known. The beanie 
had to be worn from the beginning of 
the semester until Thanksgiving break! 
Davis is now the Dean of the College. 

142 Faculty 


Dean Gart Evans 
Class of 1975 

Dean Evans was the 1974-75 S.G.A. 
President, and he remembers the 
"streakers" at HPC. Believe it or not! 
Cars were backed up all the way to 
College Village because they wanted 
to catch a glimpse of the streakers on 
the loose! Evans is presently the Dean 
of Students. 

Ms. Penny Hovis 


Mr. Manyon Idol 



Mr. Michael Ingram 


Mr. Steve Jarreft 


Mr. Edward King 

Business Administration 

Mr. Michael Lamphier 


Mr. Ron Law 

Theater Arts 

Mr. John Lefler 

Wee President for Institutional 

Faculty 143 

Dr. Gray Bowman 
Class of 1970 

Dr. Bowman remembers many things about 
his years as a student at HPC. He recalls 
that tuition was $350.00 a semester, the 
males worked hard to maintain good 
grades (They were drafted to VietNam if 
their GPA fell below a 2.0), but his most 
memorable experience was meeting his 
future wife, Anita. Dr. Bowman is a professor 
in the Physical Science Department. 

i ' 


Dr. Barbara Leonard 


Mr. Vernon Liberty 


Dr. Mike Marshall 

Behavioral Sciences 

Mr. Iris Mauney 

Business Administration 

Mr. Robert Lumpkins 

Theater Arts 

Dr. Jacob Martinson 

President of the College 


fc« • . * , , - ... " ■- •- 

Mr. Phillip McBrayer 

Business Administration 

Ms. Carol McClain 

Alumni Affairs 

Mrs. Melitta McCroskey 

Business Office 

144 Faculty 

Mrs. Jean McDowell 

Mr. Johnny McGee 


Memories of HPC: 
Dr. Dennis Carroll 
Class of 1974 

Dr. Carroll was the Editor-in-Chief of 
the 1973 Zenith. He is currently the 
department chair for the Education 

r ,. 





\ \ 


Mr. Todd McVey 

Area Coordinator — Belk 
Dr. John Moelmann 


Mr. Kenneth Morse 

Business Administration 
Mrs. Phyllis Osborne 


Dr. Vicki Olson 

Computer Information Services 
Dr. Wid Painter 

Physical Science 

Faculty 145 

Dr. Ed Piacentino 


Ms. Risa Poniros 

Area Coordinator — 
Women's Complex 

Dr. Wanda Powers 


Mr. Rick Proctor 

Physical Education 

Dr. Ronald Ramke 

Behavioral Sciences 

Mr. Kenneth Roseboro 


Ms. Dean Royall 

President's Secretary 

Mrs. Jennifer Sahhar 




Mr. David Holt 
Class of 1955 

Mr. Holt recalls the traditions of HPC. 
Many of them have disappeared over 
the years and have been replaced 
by new ones. During Homecoming 
weekend, there were parades with 
floats from the different organizations 
on campus. Also gone from the High 
Point College tradition is the May 
Court. This was something similar to 
the Homecoming court, only the big 
ceremony took place around 
something called a May pole. Mr. Holt 
is currently the Registrar at High Point 

146 Faculty 


Memories of HPC: 
Dr. James Stitt 
Class of 1967 

Dr. Stitt transferred to HPC as a junior. 
He remembers five of his closest 
buddies who also transferred to High 
Point from different junior colleges. 
Together they were active in Oifferent 
intramural sports, particularly football. 
He recalls that not many students had 
cars on campus which meant the 
campus activities were the social 
scene. Stitt was also active in the 
Young Democrats Club. He is currently 
a Political Science/History instructor at 

Ms. Donna B. Sanders 


Mrs. Mona Saunders 


Mr. Jim Schlimmer 

Admissions Director 

Ms. Georgeanna Sellars 



Ms. Jean Shappiro 

Administrative Affairs 


Mrs. Alice Sink 


Dr. Gerald Smith 


Ms. Dottie Souder 

Assistant Dean of Students 

\ J 

\\ ? 

Faculty 147 

Memories of HPC: 
Dr. John Ward 
Class of 1963 

Dr. Ward doesn't recall there being a 
parking problem because no one had a 
car. In four years of intramural football, he 
suffered only one broken bone. Probably 
his most memorable experience, outside of 
meeting his future wife, was the dreadful 
freshmen beanie because he got caught 
without his and was fined! Dr. Ward is now 
a biology professor here at High Point 


> . / 

Mr. James Speight 

Physical Education 

Mrs. Barbara Starnes 

Financial Aid 


Mr. Jim Spessard 


Dr. Richard Spong 

Behavioral Sciences 

Mr. Jerry Steele 

Physical Education 

Mrs. Catherine Steele 

Physical Education 

Dr. James Stitt 

History/Political Science 

Ms. Carolyn Stout 

Administrative Affairs 

Ms. Kay Stroud 

Financial Aid 

148 Faculty 

Then and Now . . . 
The other HPC 
Faculty Alumni 

Mrs. Mona Saunders (1954) 

Education Department 
Mr. Bob Davidson (1955) 

PE Department 
Mr. Ray Alley (1966) 

Men's Tennis Coach 
Mr. Woody Gibson (1975) 

PE Department 
Mr. Mike Ingram (1977) 

Ms. Anne Miller (1977) 

Registrar's office 
Mr. Tim Albert (1979) 

Ms. Carol Branard (1978) 

Mr. Rick Proctor (1979) 

PE Department 
Mr. Mike Everrett (1985) 

PE Department 
Ms. Susan Cox (1986) 

Business office 
Ms. Caroline Bums (1989) 

Ms. Kristi Pierce (1989) 

All 21 of the alumni were contacted about the 
"Memories of HPC" and we printed the only 
responses we received. 

Dr. Marcia Thompson 

MR — French 
Mrs. Joyce Wainer 

Career Development 

Dr. John Ward 

Ms. Lucile Weatherman 


Dr. Hall Warlick 

College Minister/Religion 
& Philosophy 
Ms. Jutte Whitworth 

! Y ■ > 

Ms. Marilyn Williams 

College Counselor 
Dr. Fred Yeats 


Faculty 149 


Sue S. Aaron 
Paige A. Atverez 
Jay Ira Amemick 
Vicky S. Anderson 
Anita Leigh Andrews 
Tanya Sue Apperson 
William F. Baker, Jr. 
Robert T. Balerna, Jr. 
Jacqueline Barlowe 
Tjark Albert Bateman 
Janice Curry Beck 
Stacey Lee Becker 
Shannon D. Bentley 
Denise Lynn Bickley 
Robert Joseph Bistle 
Noelle Genene Blank 
Michael A. Bolden 
Bradna Dell Bowers 
Ralph Howard Bowman 
James C. Boyles II 
Muriel Louise Brady 
Andrew Downum Brehm 
Steven W. Brenneis 
William F. Brewer 
James Muldowney Burke 
Molly Anne Bushong 
George F. Byers 
Janet Renee Byrd 
Allison C. Chapman 
Kevin Glenn Clement 
Marni Beth Cohen 
Susan Renee Collins 
Ralph W. Collins, Jr. 
Dana Frank Conte 
Catherine Carmen Cook 
Yolannda Yvette Cooper 
William Joseph Coyle 
Caroline Nora Cronin 
Melissa Jo Crowder 
Terry L. Cruthis 
Sandra Lynne Cush 
David Oliver Danley 
Lisa Marie Dean 
Andrew Casey Doil 
Mary Beth Downs 

Gregory Alan Drabik 
Tammy Kay Duggins 
Michelle S. Durtee 
Jerri Lynn Edwards 
Elizabeth R. Edwards 
Robert Lee Edwards 
John David Eisenhower 
Theodora Lynn Fox 
Gwendolyn Ann Freeman 
Lisa Lorraine Freese 
John C. French, III 
Judy B. Gallman 
Buckley C.Garber 
Dexter Clive Glllmore 
Cynthia Ann Gladding 
Bryon Timothy Glime 
Susan Patricia Godoy 
Shanda Lynn Gordon 
Shelly Lynn Gordon 
Jeffrey Allen Grizzel 
Ginger Allison Grubb 
Jennifer Ashley Grubb 
Kurt Richard Guyer 
Anita Hairston 
Jennifer A. Hambrick 
Maymie Melissa Hammond 
Charles Douglas Hanks 
John B. Harrington 
Amy Heather Harris 
Jeffrey Darrell Harris 
Otis Eugene Harris, Jr. 
Pamela Kay Harrison 
Alicia Jane Harriss 
Deana Sue Hartman 
Regina Lynn Hendrix 
Michael K. Herndon 
Katherine Hetherington 
Carrie Lyn Hobson 
Robert J. Hocutt, Jr. 
Samuel Greg Hooker 
Stephanie C. Hooker 
William E. Hopkins 
Corey Jason Howatt 
Joseph Wistar, Huey IV 
Amanda Mae Huff 

150 Student Roster 

Susan Carol Huff 

Kristie J. Huneycutt 

Brian Lloyd Jacobs 


Sabina K. Jasinski 

Dana Rene Johnson 

C. Thomas Joseph 


Richard M. Kappus 

■ 1 

William Joseph Reams 

Krista Danielle Kehn 

Timothy Scott Kohns 

Kevin Larry Kuester 

Ellen Marie Lachin 

Michael D. Lancaster 

April Daphne Lang 

Jeffrey Hal Lawrence 

Laura Annette Lawson 

Kathryn Anne Layson 

Amy L. Leatherman 

Kimberly A. Leonhardt 

Baird Manion Little 


Carl P. Little 

Brooks F. Lockey 

Sharon Denise Mabe 

William V. Mallett 

Cynthia E. Marzano 

Gilbert M. Maxwell 

Molly Jean McCain 

Ann Louise McGrail 

Lynda Wiley McHenry 

Tracy Lynette Mclver 

Thorns John McQuade 

Paula Sue Mellinger 

Jean Kay Mercer 

Lisarae S. Miller 


Eric Dean Molgaard 


Suzanne Rene Morlang 

Annemarie V. Mosca 

Randy Jerome Norris 

Pamella K. Oconnor 


Michelle R. Okerlin 

Ma Ounphachanh 

Cynthia Ann Overcash 

Melanie Ann Parkinson 

Stephen Emory Patton 

Kimberly M. Payne 


amille E. Pearce 
aura Lea Peoples 
ngelique Perrin 
Colleen Marie Perry 
George Carter Petree 
Lewis Eugene Petree 
Stephen C. Piazza 
Andrew M. Pierson 
Joseph Laszlo Pinter 
Carlos E. Prado III 
William Alan Price 
Courtnay Leigh Primm 
Leena Amal Qubein 
Jeff R. Quintavell 
Frank 6. Rangoussis 
Julie Deann Readling 
David Lee Redd 
William M. Roberson, Jr. 
Mary Bowen Rogan 
Suzanne Gail Ross 
David Sands 
Michelle R. Saunders 
Katherine J. Schneider 
Sheryi Lin Scott 
David Minear Shaffer 
Theresa Louise Shea 
Amy Shelton 
Sandra Lynne Shore 
Stephanie Leigh Sloop 
Daniel Dean Smith 
John Edwin Smith 
David E. Snelling 
Katherine Jill Snyder 
Phillip Warren Spivey 
Jennifer Joyce Stack 
Paul Allen Sterling 
David Stubblefield, Jr. 
Brett Emerson Taylor 
Julie Lynn Taylor 
Mary Lisa Taylor 
Joseph Bradley Teague 
Lynn Frederick Terry 
William S. Thomasson 
Walter B. Thorburn III 
Jeffrey Alan Thornton 

Aaron Rayclark Tooley 
Laura Kathryn Trexler 
Carrie Lynn Tucker 
Jlmena Ana Vargas 
Kirstin M. Wachs 
Karen Ruth Welch 
Jonathan Stewart West 
Derek Alexander Weygandt 
Jennifer Marie Wieler 
Kimberly Anne Wilson 
William Graham Wilson 
Rhonda N. Wright 
Wendy B. Younts 
Deborah Moss Zeringue 
Alda Khalil Zumot 
Carta Khalil Zumot 


J. Austin Aley 
Daniel Wade Alwine 
Patrice C. Arsenault 
Nina Jo Austin 
Kelly Marie Baber 
Paul Houston Baity 
Orlando Luis Barrios, Jr. 
Dana Carol Batten 
Forrest W. Baugher 
Samantha Lee Bauguss 
William Michael Bell 
Marc Robert Benou 
Stephen Edward Betz 
Scott B. Bishop 
Arthur A. Blaicher III 
Leslie Diane Blakely 
Julie Ann Blink 
Laura E. Boatwright 
Gwen Ellen Bogar 
Brian Andrew Boger 
Anne Martha Brown 
Rhonda Kay Brown 
Larry Eugene Brown 
Joseph Paul Burke 

Mary Louise Burke 
Christine Anne Cadley 
Robert B. Calamari 
Christian James Camp 
Gregory T. Campbell 
Leigh R. Capshaw, Jr. 
Michael Jamison Casey 
Anne Ferguson Cecil 
Marion H. Chambers IV 
Karen Elaine Chapman 
Kelly Leigh Chapman 
Phyllis S. Clabough 
Thomas V. Clagett IV 
Sheila Anne Clark 
Carole V. Clement 
Jaye Louis Cohen 
Patrick Kevin Cole 
Deana Marie Collins 
Eric Nolan Collins 
Michelle Lee Combs 
Joseph N. Conforti 
Rebecca Lynn Conrad 
Katherine L. Cooper 
Elizabeth E. Copes 
Andrew L. Cornell 
Harold L. Craddock III 
Amanda Carol Craft 
Leigh Ann Cross 
Angela Dyan Dailey 
Timothy Dale Dancy 
William H. Daniel 
Pearlanne Davis 
Angela Daviswoodcock 
Michelle Marie Dean 
Pamela Lynn Dennis 
Stacy Leigh Depew 
James M. Douglas 
Jerome David Drew 
Ambrose G. Dudley 
Leeanna Dibrell Dulin 
Olga Julia Dunn 
Fonda S. Easterling 
Christian Amos Ebert 
Philip John Fagans 
David Michael Farsaci 

Student Roster 151 


Louis John Federico 
Richard L. Ferrell III 
Jeffrey Allan Firkin 
Erica Jeanne Fischer 
Huu Dung Fischer 
Carolynn M. Flowers 
Chrystal Ann Foley 
Melissa Anne Frasier 
Terry Gene French 
Carol Lynn Frick 
Richard Ervin Funk 
Amie Jane Gates 
Diane Frances Gerrish 
Christopher T. Gilbert 
Scott Gleiman 
Robert Jamse Gold, Jr. 
Mario Antonio Gomez 
Victoria E. Goodman 
Kerry Gray 
Tracy Lynn Greer 
Beth C. Gregory 
Christine Ann Grippa 
Sharon D. Grizzell 
Joseph Stanley Grose 
Julie Kathryn Gunther 
Stacey Chriss Gustafson 
Linda Paige Gwattney 
Kimberly Carroll Hall 
John Knox Hamrick 
Polly Ann Hamrick 
Carrah Ann Hanson 
Patricia Harris 
Melanie Lee Harrison 
Katriona Agnes Hay 
Jenie E. Hayes 
Jennie M. Heame 
Lynn Nicole Heasiey 
Monica Pearce Hedrick 
Cynthia J. Herring 
Judith Laureen Hicks 
John Olegther High 
Sharon Dennise Hiii 
Jerry Michael Hollar 
Denise Ann Holman 
James Francis Homiak 
Robert B. Hoskins III 
Kathryn S. Hughes 
Kevin Luis llarraza 
Michael Jay Ingram 
Thomas Ingram 
Mary L. Iselin 
Sara Ware Janaske 
Ronnie Dale Jewell, Jr. 

William Blaine Jiron 
Wayne Eric Johannessen 
Cheryl B. Johnson 
Krlsten E. Jones 
Dorothy May Jordan 
Leslie Ann Joyner 
William Joseph Kienle 
Anna Lee Kintigh 
David G. Kitchen 
Thomas Edward Kleean 
Jarasoontom N. Korpa 
Jamie Hugh Lawson 
David Palmer Layton, Jr. 
Gerald E. Leach 
Jean Crouch Lewis 
Stephanie Lichtenstein 
Michael J. Usansky 
Andrew Maner Lisk 
Amy E. Lockhart 
Kimberly Renee Long 
Melissa Joann Lowery 
Samuel Coy Lowrey II 
Mary Patrice Magrini 
Pasi Matti Makinen 
Mark David Mathers 
Mark A. Matthews 
Michael D. Matthews 
Thomas J. McCaffery 
Terry Dwayne McCauley 
Kimberly Dawn McClary 
John Welbert McCoy 
Stacie A. McElroy 
Charles Broocks McGirt 
Jennifer McGuirerobb 
Kenneth Kirk McKay IV 
Kerry Noele Mcknight 
Teresa Dawn Melton 
Sara E. Messick 
Rebecca Lynn Miller 
James Michael Moebius 
Peter Edward Molloy 
James Gregory Monroe 
Maxine Yvone Monroe 
Charles Moorefield, Jr. 
Kimberly Ann Morcom 
Tracey Lee Morris 
Susan Voss Mosher 
Larry Harold Musser 
Juliet Rebecca Nace 
Karen Anne Nasuta 
Kevin Shane Neat 
William Scott Newton 
Janet Miller Norman 

Keith Hardin Nye 
Michelle Lynn Oakley 
Kelle Lea Owens 
Wilbur Edwin Pace 
Angelia Leigh Palmer 
Michael Brian Parker 
Karen Sue Pendry 
James John Perrone 
Ferguson Peters, Jr. 
Patrick Petrillo 
Marybefh Phillips 
Krista Louise Piercy 
Karen Lynn Pitts 
Charles C. Popper 
Dale Wayne Porter 
Christine L. Premock 
Leigh Ann Price 
Aileen Beth Radinsky 
Balien J. Raffe 
Joseph A. Ranucci 
Christian Thomas Reed 
Dewanna Jane Reid 
Laura Frances Reid 
Penny Brooker Rendle 
Johnny Earl Rhodes, Jr. 
Timothy Russell Rice 
Kimberly Ann Richards 
Laurie S. ftlchburg 
Andrew Charles Ritchie 
Anne Marie Roberts 
Suzanne Marie Rocheleau 
Christine Rockwell 
Whitney Rogers 
Jonathan Garry Roy 
John Eric Royer 
Veronica Rurhe Royer 
David Karim Samuel 
Michele Santasiere 
George Mohama Satt 
Sharyn Teresa Sazama 
Stacey Ann Scherer 
Stacey Ann Schober 
Karen Ann Scott 
Sandra Lynn Selander 
Michelle H. Sheets 
R. Andrew Sheldrick 
James Marcus Sholar 
James Owen Shuriing, Jr. 
Melissa Anne Shuskey 
Paul Allen Simpson 
Robert Stanley Simril 
Douglas Sklodowski 
Amelia Beth Slavin 

152 Student Roster 

emitter Ellen Smith 
chelle Lynn Smith 

homas Lee Smith, Jr. 
lames Glenn Snyder 
'Joseph James Spellman 
Roger Craig Steinkamp 
Ronda Leona Stewart 
Catherine Styers 
Candy Gay Swing 
Melissa Lee Switzer 
James R. Telieysh 
Julie L. Theberge 
Katrina Adele Thies 
Mary E. Thompson 

ary M. Thompson 

sseph Gregory Turner 
i Leigh Turtle 

Stephanie L. Turtle 

Michael Carl Urian 
Mark Joseph Vanblunk 
Sean Allen Varner 
Stephen Douglas Wall 
Jett Latonia Walters 
Barton Thomas Warren 
Laura Meg Waters 
Mlison Leigh Webb 

" i Charlene White 
lily Beth Whitley 

ean M. Williamson 

Gmberly Williamson 

haron Lynn Wise 
riy Ann Witty If j 6 
lissa Lynne Yates 


»rome N. Adams 
in Marie Adams 
sanor Cary Albright 
lad H. Alqahtani 
Alan Scott Ambrose 
Kellie K. Amtower 
Amy Marie Andrews 
Christopher M. Andrews 
Patrick Wayne Antrim 
Jbert F. Arrigoni 
Jeoffrey A. Arwood 
Bbert Anthony Baiad 
Kevin Scott Bailey 
>ouglas J. Ballister 
sslie Paige Banther 

Ralph David Barber 
Chad Edwin Barker 
Michael J. Barringer 
Jeffrey Dean Basset! 
Constance T. Bates 
Bryan Charles Baxter 
Amy Denise Beale 
John Christian Beale 
Teresa Lynn Beavers 
Katherine Lynn Beres 
Robert Scott Bernard 
Cheryl Lynn Berrier 
imma Louise Berrier 
Sarah Dawn Berrier 
Barbara Ann Blake 
Brian Lee Blankenship 
Christine Lee Bond 
Wilson R. Bounds, Jr. 
David Patrick Bowers 
Elizabeth Scott Bray 
Griffin Leland Briggs 
Tammey Renee Brooks 
Luann Browder 
Charles Andre Brown 
Craig Leonard Brown 
Kendra Denise Brown 
Micheie L. Brown 
Rebecca Ellen Brown 
Tabttha Ann Brown 
Susan Lynn Bryan 
Anita G. Buonassisi 
Erica K. Buonassisi 
Jason Atlan Burnette 
Richard A. Caeace 
Laura Lynette Cadle 
John Brian Carey 
Kristen E. Carper 
George W. Chaboudy 
Leah Dawn Chapped 
Jamey Allen Charapp 
Christopher Chatterton 
Rodney G. Christensen 
Alise Danette Clanton 
Jacqueline Sue Clark 
Mary Ellen Clark 
Michael Gabric Claywell 
John E. Cloud, Jr. 
Fredric C. Clymer 
Ryvonda, Delaine Coe 
James Scott Combs 
Jodi Allison Combs 
Robert Wesley Combs II 
Megan E. Condron 

James Gregory Cook 
Andrea P. Corbin 
Thomas Eric Cox 
John Vance Cox II 
Edwlna Lorene Crady 
Jennifer Audet Crane 
Richard T. Cranford 
Christina E. Craver 
Patricia Ann Crouch 
Joley Rene Crowe 
Kenneth Crutchfield, Jr. 
Annette G. Curley 
Nils Patrick Dailey 
Christopher V. Davis 
Eric Neil Davis 
Richard Francis Davis 
Richard Terrelk Davis, Jr. 
Mark Leonard Day 
Lori Angela Deaton 
Elizabeth C. Deming 
Anita Louise Demosky 
Susan E. Dickinson 
Bonnie Jean Dillon 
Kimberly Ann Dorsey 
David Donald Doyle 
Adam Charles Duff 
David Paul Duncan 
Shelby Phillips Duniap 
Desmond G. Dutcher 
Samantha Kaye Dutton 
George D. Dyer, Jr. 
Darrin Dwayne Edwards 
William Lewis Eill 
Allison V. Elledge 
Andrea Leigh Elliott 
Randy Scott Faircloth 
Lisa Rebecca Farmer 
William Jason Ferrall 
Esther Fesniak 
Nancy J. Fitzgerald 
Tricia Lyn Fleming 
Samuel Drake Floumoy 
Andrew James Flynt 
Sara Louise Ford 
Teresa Diane Fowler 
Gerald J. Frasciello 
Jonathan David Frazier 
Jack Edward Frazier, Jr. 
Wendy Michelle Furr 
Eric Lee Gardner 
Kenneth T. Gargiulo 
Gerard Patrick George 
Leslie Page Gill 

Student Roster 153 

Todd Hall Godbey 
Kelll Jean Graham 
Patrick Lee Graver 
Matthew Carmine Green 
Dana M. Greenfield 
Richard G. Greenfield 
Randy Kurt Gurley 
Molly Harper Haggerty 
Stacey Rebecca Hamer 
James Jeffrey Hamlett 
Julie E. Hancock 
Lydia C. Hancock 
Jonathan W. Haney 
Paul Anthony Hanlin 
Mami Harada 
Victoria Lynne Harden 
Anna Boaz Harris 
Steven James Harrison 
Virginia E. Hays 
Megan Jo Healy 
Whitney E. Helms 
Ingrid Joanna Hendrix 
Bradley J. Hibbard 
Michelle Elisa Hicks 
Christina L. Highflll 
Elizabeth Dawn Hill 
Chad Michael Hodges 
James Thomas Hodgin 
Taff Elizabeth Hoff 
Amber Elaine Holbrook 
Wendy Denell Holmes 
Kristyn H. Hoisworth 
Blake Justin Horsiey 
Jody Renee Horton 
Clay Morgan Howard 
Harry Slade Howell III 
Jeffrey Arden Howie 
Darren Lindsey Huber 
Brian Scott Hucks 
Kevin Guy Hudson 
Donald K. Huggins 
Donald Eric Hughes 
Jay Andrew Hughes 
Stephen Patrick Hughes 
Tammy Kay Hughes 
David Lee Hunter 
Michele Janoczkin 
Shannon E. Jessup 
Jason Aaron Jodon 
Greg Thomas Johnson 
Theodora M. Johnson 
Deborah Ann Jones 
Michelle Ann Kazawic 

James Alan Keith, Jr. 
Lee Edward Kelly III 
Janet Renee Kennedy 
Terry Wayne Kersey, Jr. 
Belinda Gayle Key 
Amy Elisabeth Kidd 
William H. Kilbride 
Sangbaeck Anthony Kim 
Timothy Blake King 
Michael Derek Kizk 
Margaret Lynn Knopf 
Terrence A. Knuckles 
Daniel F. Koehler 
Martin Kolczynski 
Scott Lee Kruger 
Christopher Lafortuna 
Clarke Dean Langfitt 
Sean Frederic Leary 
Jill Shannon Lewis 
Jonathan Earl Liberty 
Sheila L. Lindsay 
Michael Eugene Link 
Robert M. Linker ill 
Wendy Diane Loflin 
William Danic MacGill IV 
Douglas Carlton MacKey 
Kristen Lea MacKey 
Setti Daniel MacKin 
Jennifer Ann Mallett 
Sarah Ellen Mallett 
Brian Patrick Marinoff 
Simon Anthony Marks 
Amy Lesper Marshall 
Corey Ray Martin 
Melissa K. Martin 
Kirsten K. Martinson 
Anthony Rex Mason 
Carl Brinn Matthews 
Timothy B. Matthews 
Todd Andrew Matthiesen 
Holly Rae McBurnie 
Bradley C. McCollum 
Sydney McCombs 
Kristen Marie McCoy 
Phillip G. McGirt 
Cara Leigh McGuire 
Austin Deltk McGuire ill 
Hieka S. McLaughlin 
Jennifer McLaughlin 
Cindy Vera McNichol 
John M. McWilliams 
Christopher J. Meadows 
Ashley Hart Medford 

Samanatha Adair Meyers 
Pamela Ann Miller 
Kathy Carter Mills 
Juan Noel Miranda 
Danny Bruce Money 
Richard Francis Morg 
Stephanie Ann Morris 
Lamonte Lenny Morrow 
Michael Ray Mullis 
Thomas Harry Murn 
Katherine A. Mustin 
Samuel A. Nagel, Jr. 
Charles David Nesbitt 
Peter John Newman 
Schelle D. Nicholson 
Mark Andrew Nye 
Douglas H. Oakford 
Christian L. Obriant 
Sharon P. Obrimski 
Stephen M. O'Connor 
Kyle John Odea 
Paul Kearney O'Toole 
James Bransford Pace 
Jennifer M. Paetzold 
Tricia K. Painter 
Michael Anthontk Parillo 
Amy Leigh Parker 
Carl F. Parrish, Jr. 
John T. Patterson, Jr. 
Edward Michael Pattik 
Brian Eugene Payne 
Brian Shane Pegram 
Kristine T. Pelensky 
Mary S. Pendegraph 
Anne Dlvina Percival 
Drew Michael Peterson 
Marcy Gail Phillips 
James Eugen Polka 
Norma Darlene Porter 
Angela Denise Powell 
Brian William Powell 
Roger T. Predmore, Jr. 
Angela Marie Prescod 
Leigh Ann Proctor 
Patrice Ellen Prokop 
Serene Ghazf Qubein 
Deborah Dawn Query 
Kimberly M. Quinter 
Brian Wayne Ragsdell 
Mark Carter Rainey 
Samuel Ranocchia 
Eyal Porat Rappoport 
David Andrew Ratchford 



54 Student Roster 

Jamie Lyn Raymond 
Scott Anthony Reefe 
Jennifer Gail Reid 
Kelly Ann Renwick 

in Ingram Rice 
jril Leigh Rightmire 

lette M. Rizzitelli 
javid Strupe Roland 
Adam Scott Rosenberg 
Wendy Kaye Ruiter 
Andrew Thomas Russell 
Sandra M. Sarnowski 
i Schneider 
;ith Edward Scott 

»ert J. Sechrest, Jr. 

nald Shane Shaw 
i Lee Shelly 

rid Coe Sherrill 
Tammy Anne Shostak 
David S. Shriver 
Christine I. Shuford 
Samantha Cuza Silva 
Rhonda Gaye Simmons 
Henry T. Simon III 
Christian L Skidmore 
James Michael Slawter 
Brian Matthew Smith 
Edward Laird Smith 
Joseph William Smith 
Robert Dale Smith 
Soren James Smith 
Stephanie A. Smith 
Suzanne Lynn Smith 
Todd Stephen Smith 
David John Soens 

|| Manuel Somoza 
Ronald Paul Sotak II 
Stephanie A. Spongier 
fc Michael L. Sparrow 
PKimberiy D. Spefker 
Kristin Leigh Spencer 
Joate Lynn Spurgeon 
Marcella A. Squires 
John David Stamps II 
Scott Avery Stanley 
Tiacey Joartn Stanley 
Teresa D. Stansbury 
George Paul Stappas 
Robert Hardee Starling 
Stacy Jo Steinbach 
Brenda Michelk Straws 
Donna Marie Sfutz 





Lillian B. Sullivan 
Aaron Alan Sumner 
Jacqueline-Faios Swisher 
John Joseph Tague III 
Charlotte Tannehiil 
Paivi Marja Tapaninen 
Edward Sidney Tapper 
Franklin Dale Taylor 
Henry Kyle Thompson 
Kimberly Thompson 
Adam Edward Thomson 
Andrea M. Throne 
James L. Trogdon III 
Sarah E. Turnburke 
Glenn King Unthank, Jr. 
Reed W. Valentine 
Jon Jay VanEtten 
Charles E. VanWickle 
Kristen Ann Vassallo 
Paul Anthony Vitella 
Angela Lorene Wagoner 
Jami Lynn Walsh 
Nathaniel C. Walsh 
David Michael Warwick 
Deborah Lynn Wellings 
Heather Joy Wetzel 
Mark Andrew Whltaker 
Michael Todd White 
Kristi M. Wilklns 
Ashley Lynne Williams 
Christina M. Williams 
Jennifer S. Williams 
Raymond H. Williams, Jr. 
James V. Witmer III 
Aaron Munro Wood 
Mark Lawrence Woolsey 
Robert Alvin Wooten II 
Karen Michelle Worthy 
Jonpaul G. Wright 
Michael Anthony Zieg 
Merrideth Ann Ziesse 
Victor M. Zuczek, Jr. 


Jamie E. Adams 
Deborah L. Adcock 
Amy R. Aitken 
Christina A. Alaniz 
Horace B. Aldridge, Jr. 
David M. Alexander 

Troy Edward Alexander 
Charles Cliftolk Andrews 
Daryl Neill Armstrong 
Charish Gwendolws Arthur 
Horacio Canevarhws Asbun 
Michael Douglas Ashby 
Alisha V. Atwell 
Robert Varnon Bain, Jr. 
Tabitha Ann Ball 
Henry E. Barnes III 
Alan Ross Barnhardt 
Samuel Peteos Bartoletta 
Travis Dewayne Bates 
Hilda Paige Beane 
Brian Raymond Becmer 
Amy Beth Bell 
Cecelia Bliss Bell 
Helen Gonzalez Berg 
Michael Richaos Berntsen 
William David Berry 
Charles Barrett Black 
Brian Kelly Blacksten 
Heather Blackwell 
Mary Anne Blakemore 
Jennifer Shea Bowe 
Bryan Knight Bowles 
Fonda Y. Bowman 
William Sudler Boyer 
Kathleen Maridws Bradley 
Helena E. Brady 
Jennifer Adele Brams 
Corene J. Brandt 
Bayard B. Bray 
Eric Auth Brewer 
Ashley Carol Brim 
Kevin James Brock 
Lisa Ann Brown 
Kristin Brunner 
Gary Darrin Bullins 
Corinne Buonocore 
John Burbage Hi 
Usa Joy Burris 
Julie Elizabeth Burner 
Christopher Caddell 
Amy Sue Caldwell 
David Matthew Callaham 
Mark Garry Calvert 
Crist! Lynn Campbell 
Natalie Antoineos Copies 
Lisa Ann Carey 
Mharilouise Colk Cattell 
Dana Diane Caudili 
Crystal S. Chambers 




Student Roster 165 

Christopher J. Chaney 
Gregory Derek Cioffi 
Timothy David Clark 
Sharon E. Clarke 
Phillip Jason Coble 
Brian Keith Coe 
Michelle Leigh Coe 
Christy Ann Colston 
Vickie Ann Comer 
Gary Thomas Cook 
Brian Edward Cox, Jr. 
John Harrison Craver 
Kevin Douglas Cross 
Marcus Bryant Cross 
Mindy Hannah Crowe 
Wendy Ann Cuccinello 
Robert Douglas Curry 
Christopher Curtin 
Craig Cameron Curty 
Jeremy Lee Curler 
Susan Young Cybulski 
William Parker Davis 
Glynn Polly Dawson 
Kimberly Deceiies 
Anne Marie Devaro 
Douglas P. Deveney 
Samantha Sue Dillon 
Sharon Lynne Doby 
Christopher Donalson 
Judy C Donnelly 
Terrence Redmolk Donovan 
Jeremy Nethermark Dott 
Kimberly Mikell Dow 
Lynne Debra Drezin 
Stephanie Ruth Driver 
Catherine Edwards 
Douglas M. Edwards 
Sean Kirk Egan 
Tina Marie Eloian 
Deborah Ann England 
Lauren Katrin English 
Robert A. Erdin III 
Anne Louise Evans 
Kimberly Dara Fagin 
Melissa A. Ferguson 
Deborah Lynn Ferraro 
Tiffany Lynn Ferrera 
Wendi Elizabeth Field 
Donald Keith Fielding 
Mitzi Annette Fields 
Ana Marie Fiippin 
Christopher J. Forst 
Angela L. Fortner 

Julie Anne Fox 
Rebecca Ann Fox 
Sallie Frances Frame 
Lenore Franzese 
Jeffrey Alan Fulp 
Kimberly Gallagher 
Todd Stevens Gillespie 
Melissa Jean Gipson 
Charles Sanders Goard 
Wayne Robert Goldt 
Dana Lyn Golinsky 
Danny Gray Goodwin 
William Robert Grant 
Stephanie Lynne Gray 
Luann Green 
Hope Greene 
Michael Greene 
Mary W. Greer 
Christina Gregerson 
Jason Matthew Griffin 
Joanmansfield Gross 
David Milton Grove 
Jennifer Lynn Grubbs 
Bryan William Guffey 
Elizabeth C. Gwaltney 
Tara Ann Haithcock 
Christy Iva Haie 
Christopher J. Halgus 
David Allen Hall 
John William Hall 
Kenneth Ray Handy 
Cameron Hanes 
William Buckley Haney 
Catherine Harper 
Charlie Harris, Jr. 
Margaret Harrison 
Cynthia Ann Harvey 
Michael Cdie Hatfield 
Lori Anne Hedgecock 
Gary Chad Hedrick 
Molly Lynn Heffernan 
Lara Frances Heisler 
Susan Henderson 
Amanda C. Herrmann 
Susan C. Hetherman 
Maria Vaye Hill 
Ellen E. Hinshaw 
Sarah Hinshaw 
Alisha Donnell Hodges 
John F. Holloway 
Jennifer P. Holmes 
David Scott Honeycutt 
Curtis William Hoover 

Stephanie Dawn Hopper 
Wendy Kay Horton 
Suzann Lynne Houser 
Jennifer A. Hughes 
Lori Ellen Hurley 
Matthew Scott Hurley 
Kenneth Scott Hux 
Michael S. Jarman 
Edward Angus Johnston 
Brett Edward Jones 
Darren Steven Jones 
Kimberly Ann Jones 
Shannon Elian Jones 
David Brent Joye 
Jennifer Marie Kalil 
Lorrice Ann Kanakry 
Joanna Kathryn Kaney 
David Matthew Keller 
Owen David Kelly 
Gary Alan Kersey 
Andrew Kidwell III 
Ariene Michelle King 
Darren James Kfrby 
Walter Willard Kiser 
Barry Stephen Kitley 
Elizabeth Klimkiewicz 
Trevor Kokjohn 
Michele Beth Kovner 
Lysa Stephani Kravitz 
James Kretz 
Michele Lynn Kuzmick 
Edwin Lancion Lagrama 
Sara Catherine Lamb 
Micheal Lambert, Jr. 
Marie Kelley Lane 
Matthew John Larkin 
Christopher Larocca 
James Travis Last 
Joannemichelle Latta 
Robert Lee 

David Goodwin Leffler 
Stephanie Licausi 
Damon Scott Light 
Sandy Michelk Lightfoot 
Tara Phelps Lindiey 
Julie Christian Liner 
Mary Margaret Linker 
Jason Dale Lundstrum 
Cathlyn Frances Lynch 
Deanna Lavon Mabe 
Gregory Mahadeen 
Karen Anne Mahota 
Mitchell Todd Maraney 

156 Student Roster 

}lay Daniel Marion 

aren Ellen Marks 
i Felipe Marquez 
Gwendolyn Anne Martin 
Juan Mcrtaadams 
Lisa Marie Mateer 
Nataline Matheny 
Alexis Glynn Mays 
Susan E. McCracken 
i Lauri Anne McGarrlgan 
Julie E. McNamara 
Drew A. McNaughton 
Jonathan Todd McVey 
Tracy Lynn McWiliams 

grollne S. Mechler 
riarlene Freek Meeker 
Jennifer Ann Merritt 
Kelley Suzanne Metz 
Imothy James Meyler 

Isa A. Milhous 

arren Chadwick Miller 

oson Charles Mills 
(imberly Ann Mingus 
Sara Pucker Mock 
Heather M. Moore 
Derrin Morelly 
vlenn Carl Muhr 
John Robert Mulvaney 
Bessie Brown Murphy 
Tonya Lynn Murrell 
Timothy Ray Myers 
Sean Michael Neary 
Caroline Carr Nichols 
James Fitzgerald Noel 
Franki Renee Norris 
Ellse Ann Nowak 
Timothy Braun O'Keefe 
Katherine Page Olsen 
Darrell L. Olson 
Christine Onufreiczuk 
Elizabeth Ann Palmer 
Christina Pansini 
Garrett David Parker 
Sherry Patterson mik 
Jamie Thomas Payne 
Timothy Joel Peddle 
Michael Allen Penry 
Walter Lawrence Perez 
Gregory M. Pernell 
Elaine Suzanne Peters 
Jennifer Michel Petri 
Kristan Lynn Pfeifer 
Kyle Andrew Pike 

Gregg Steven Plnsky 
Julie Lee Poll 
Brenda Kaye Poston 
Robert Matthew Profita 
Colleen Mary Proulx 
Shannon Puffenbarger 
Richard Chad Purgeson 
Michael H. Qufgley 
Erin Marie Quinn 
Michael David Ray 
Jennifer Lee Raymond 
Matthew Scott Reck 
Andrew Brooks Reitz 
John Charles Reitz 
Gary Renkenberger 
Ricky Lee Reynolds 
Marion Rinehart III 
Julie Ann Roberson 
Andrew Fredric Robinson 
Michael H. Roccia II 
James Michael Sammons 
Jennifer Sanguiliano 
Rosa Lea Scarboro 
Donald Bently Schmeer 
Patrick Schramm 
Jill C. Schroeder 
Tobias S. Scibelli 
Hugh Forrest Scruggs 
Jason Shane Seedorf 
John Arthur Sellers, Jr. 
Omar Shaban 
Laurie Anne Sheets 
Charles Madios Shelton, Jr. 
Klmberly Shepherd 
Brian Lee Shipwash 
Todd Wesley Shoemaker 
Justine Jones Shuford 
Suzanne Beth Sielaty 
Jill Ann Simmons 
Jonathan Fox Simons, Jr. 
Paul Thomas Simpers III 
Suzette Lynn Skidmore 
Erika Dawn Skinner 
Cynthia Ree Smith 
Julie Michelle Smith 
Shawn Sokolow 
James Speight III 
Alexandra Ives Sprigg 
Robert Alfred Staab 
Cary Scott Stancil 
Jeffrey Craig Strawser 
Neil Stacy Street 
Judy Strickland 

Jonnamariela Sture 
Jason Douglas Sullivan 
Jennifer Ann Swadley 
Crystal Fay Swaim 
Donald Scott Sweeney 
Melissa Swindell 
Sebastian Tarallo 
Fred David Taylor 
Dianna Teasley 
Charlotte Totulis 
Saeideh Vafai 
Daniel Vanveelen 
Daniel Michael Vasti 
Victor Vido Venier, Jr. 
Matthew Jeremy Vernon 
Andrea Lynne Vlener 
Christine Virtue 
Andrew Dixon Wade 
Elizabeth Walter 
Jennifer Ann Walters 
Jennifer Warhurst 
Margaret Mary White 
Brian James Whiteford 
Robert Edward Wilcox 
Angelina Ann Williams 
Christopher Williams 
Heather Williams 
Keena Dayl Williams 
Lewis Erwin Williams 
John Myron Williams II 
Ashley Anne Wills 
Delia Nevada Wimmer 
Patricia Ann Winne 
Christine P. Winner 
James J. Wollard III 
Laura Benttey Wood 
Naomi Woods 
Kathy Lynn Woodward 
Stephen Woodward 
Gerald F. Wooten 
William L Worthy 
Christopher A. Wright 
Joseph Charles Wright 
Susan Frances Yohrling 
Rodney Todd Young 
Samer Adnan Yousef 
Taher Adnan Yousef 
Jennnifer Zeigier 
Richard Allen Zois 

Student Roster 157 

Zenith Star Patrons 

Patron's Name 
Beverly & Sam Beale 
Ronald L. Cioffi 
William Coyle 
Michael J. Ferrera 
J. Edward Flournoy 
Robert Moccia 
Richard A. Palmer 
Donald J. Scott 
Charles M. Shelton 
P. Thomas Simpers, Jr. 
Robert S. Veiner 

Student's Name 
John Beale 
Greg D. Cioffi 
Bill Coyle 
Tiffany Ferrera 
Samuel D. Flournoy 
Mharilouise Cattell 
Elizabeth A. Palmer 
Karen & Gail Scott 
Chip Shelton 
Tom Simpers 
Andrea Lynne Viener 

Year of Graduation 
1991, 1992 

158 Patrons 

Zenith Patrons 

Patron's Name 

Student's Name 

Class of; 

Patron's Name 

Students Name 

Class of: 

Donald C. Alwine 

Daniel Alwine 


Ron Messick 

Sara E. Messick 


Charles Clifton Andrews 

Chad Andrews 


William S. Mitchell 

Mike Greene 


Richard Atwell 

Alisha Atwell 


Richard Morgan 

Rick Morgan 


Robert W. Austin 

Nina J. Austin 


Bob & Rita Mosca 

Anne Marie Mosca 


Anthony Balad 

Robert Baiad 


Lester P. Needle 

David Snelling 


Rodger Barlowe 

Jacqueline Barlowe 


Charles E. Nesbift 

C. David Nesbitt 


Robert H. Bates 

Constance T, Bates 


Danny Nicholson, Sr. 

Schelle Dianna Nicholson 


Thomas A. Betz, Sr. 

Steve A. Betz, Jr. 


Roy C. Oakford 

Douglas H. Oakford 


William Bishop 

Scott Bishop 


Francis J. O'Brimski 

Shaorn O'Brimski 


Robert Bristle 

Robert J. Bristle 


Joe B. Owens 

Blaine Jiron Owens 


Bruce & Thelma Boger 

Brian Boger 


Frank Percival 

Anne Percival 


David L. Brams 

Jennifer Brams 


Ferguson E. Peters 

Ferguson E. Peters, Jr. 


Larry Brim 

Ashley Brim 


Norman J. Peters 

Elaine Peters 


Jack Caples 

Natalie Copies 


Robert & Carol Petri 

Jennifer Petri 


Calvin J. Coe 

Brian K. Coe 


Boyd Powell 

Karen Lynn Duschaneck 


Marion H. Chambers, III 

Chuck Chambers 


Michael R. Prokop 

Stephen & Patrice Prokop 

1991. 92 

Millard V. Crouch 

Patricia Ann Crouch 


F.R. Qubein 

Leena A. Qubein 


Kenneth E. Crutchfleld, Jr. 

Chip Crutchfield 


Robert Qulgley 

Michael Quigley 


Alfred E. Curty 

Craig Curty 


Leonard A. Qulnn 

Erin M. Quinn 


James B. Dailey 

Angela D. Dailey 


Leonard Radinsky 

Aileen Beth Radinsky 


Hunt Davis, Jr. 

Richard F. Davis 


Gary Ragsdell 

Brian Ragsdell 


Marris A. DeVaro 

AnnMarie DeVaro 


James W. Raymond 

Jamie & Jennifer Raymond 

1992. 93 

Wayne M. Dillon 

Samantha Sue Dillon 


Robert Reck 

Matthew Reck 


Nell E. Dorsey 

Kimberly Dorsey 


Mrs. Patricia P. Reed 

Christian Thomas Reed 


J. Barry Elsenhower 

John Eisenhower 


Don Rlchburg 

Suzette Richburg 


Art Farmer 

Lisa Farmer 


Charles R. Ritchie 

Andrew C. Ritchie 


Marvin C. Frame, Jr. 

Sallie Framer 


David A. Rockwell 

Christy Rockwell 


James D. Frazier, Jr. 

Jonathan D. Frazier 


Dr. John G. Roland 

David S. Roland 


George D. Gates, III 

Amie Jane Gates 


R.G. Roy 

Garry Roy 


Norm Drezln Anita Goldberg 

Lynne Drezin 


Richard Schroder 

Jill C. Schroder 


Barbara Bidwell Gray 

Charles H. Gray 


Phil Scott 

Sherry Scott 


Russell Grove 

David M Grove 


Henery Seedorf 

Jason Seedorf 


S.L. Guyer 

Kurt R. Guyer 


H. Selander 

Sandra Lynn Selander 


Ralph & Linda Hambrick 

Jennifer Hambrick 


Robert G. Shore 

Sandra L. Shore 


Otis E. Harris 

Odie Harris 


Andrew A. Silva 

Samantha Silva 


William F. Harriss 

Alicia Jane Harriss 


Jonathan F. Simons 

Jonathan F. Simons, Jr. 


Zed C. Hayson 

Kathryn Anne Layson 


Robert L. Spencer 

Kristen L. Spencer 


Karl V. Hetherington 

Katherine Hetherington 


William Swadley 

Jennifer Swadley 


Michael D. Hodges 

Chad Hodges 


Gerald Swaim 

Crystal Swaim 


Royce D. Holloway 

John Frederick Holloway 


Denseis Swendell 

Melissa I. Swendell 

Dr. Slade Howell 

Chip Howell 


E.W. Switzer 

Melissa Switzer 


Ralph Jarman 

Michael Jarman 


Rene D. Teatmeyer 

Stephen W. Teatmeyer 


Richard C. Jodon 

Jason A. Jodon 


William Thels 

Katrina Thies 


Charles Joseph 

Tom Joseph 


Rev. Henery C. Thompson 

H. Kyle Thompson 


Sallm Kanakry 

Lorrice Kanakry 


Fred Turbe 

Richard Turbe 


Lee Edward Kelly, Jr. 

Kel Edward 


Donald R. Tuttle 

Stephanie Tuttle 


K.W. Kennedy 

Janet R. Kennedy 


William A. Vitella 

Paul A. Vitella 


Don & Dolly King 

Jim King 


Walter W. Vuncannon 

Jeffery A. Fulp 


Paul Kravitz 

Lysa S. Kravitz 


Thomap J. Warren, Jr. 

Bart Warren 


James Leatherman 

Amy Lynette Leatherman 


Robert F. Welner 

Jennifer M. Weiner 


Jim Linton 

Dan Smith 


Bob & Mary Anna Wilcox 

Lee Wilcox 


Cornelius J. Lynch 

Cathlyn Lynch 


John D. Williams 

John M. Williams 


Benjamin Marks, Jr. 

Karen Marks 


William L. Williams 

Heather Williams 


Helen G. Mattota 

Karen Anne Mahota 


George Yohrling 

Susan F. Yohrling 


Brian McCarron 

Forrest Scruggs 


Socrates J. Zols 

Richard A Zois 

Richard A. Mechler 

Caroline Mechler 


Patrons 159 

Wfe really know 
how to take care 
of business. 

I -ikn it; rare <>l business. Thai's what we do al 
Sir Speedy. |tisi give us a cull and we'll be i itr,lit 
over to lake care of any business printing you 
need. Like company letterhead, envelopes, and 
business forms. Or maybe- a color brochure. 

Sir Speedy can handle it all. We'll pick up your 
order, deal with all the pre-press headaches, print 
the job, and deliver it back to you on time. That's 
all part ol the service you can expect from 
Sir Speedy. 

Taking care of Business 

The business printers 


1701-DN. Main 
High Point, NC 27262 

In Winston-Salem visit SIR SPEEDY at 101 1 Burke Street . . . 722-4109 

Compliments Of 

Special Thanks to: 

Ron Dalton [Advisor], Jo Walker [Publisher's 
Consultant], Dr. Carole Head, Woody Gibson, Gail 
Curtis, Sandra Selander (Cover Design], Max Ward 
Delmar [Photography]. 

First United Methodist Church 

512 North Main Street 

High Point, North Carolina 27260 

(919) 889-4429 


G Howard Allred 
Earl Y. Freeman, III 
Earnest Price, Jr 

512 North Main Street 

High Point, N.C. 27260 

Sunday School 9:45 a.m. 

Special Singles Class for 

College Students 

Worship: 8:45 & 11:00 a.m. 



%& LOOK!! Now 

Delivers to 
High Point College 


We Serve 
Neopolitan Pizza Sicilian Pizza 

(Thin and Round) (Square & Thick) 

Cold and Hot Sandwiches 

Calzone — Stromboli — Lasagna 

Call Your Friendly Pizza Shop 


(908 E. Green) 


Delivery Hours: 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 

Ham 2 p.m and 5pm.- i2 Midnighl 

Friday. Salurday, Sunday, Monday 

11 .im 12 Midrnqlii 

M mill '),.!,., i,„ IVIiv.iv ifilW 




160 Advertisements 

... >!0B'9flflB 




CROP Walk 




Overview 161 



Orientation '89 

A day you will never forget — that 
dreaded first day of High Point 
College. At first, it seemed like no one 
was on your side, even Mom and 
Dad were leaving you. Many times 
you were lonely, and of course, you 
were the only one, but in reality, there 
were many more like you. The one 
thing that did help was orientation 
and the Student Staff that went along 
with it. Even though the meetings were 
boring, you must admit that every little 
bit helped in the adjustment of 
leaving home for an adventure into 
the unknown. 

Orientation at High Point College 
took on a different look this year, The 
Staff and Core both changed their 
names. Formerly the Orientation Crew, 
the name became Student 
Orientation Staff, SOS for short. The 
Core Leaders became the Orientation 
Committee. With Mandy Huff's 
guidance and spirit, the staff made it 
through that early morning mandatory 
breakfast and took the Class of '93 
under their wing to start them down a 
long road of great HPC memories. 

During Freshman Orientation, SOS 
sponsored several events between the 
mandatory meetings. The first 
afternoon there was a picnic in the 
Smith Library Courtyard. Entertainment 
was provided by a juggler. That same 
evening the Club Coca-Cola dance 
took place in the Harrison Gym. 
Sunday night SOS put on the annual 
beach party at the local YMCA. 

'•' - 

162 Overview 

■^i^^^f^^Sj ■ I P ™ 

Overview 163 


I' 4 ^?' 

b. 'v '1 

& / 1 

Play Review 


Harvey is a fictional play about a 
man who finds delight in his "pal", 
Harvey, an invisible 6 ft. white rabbit. 
His friends try to commit him to an 
asylum, with much distress. After a 
while, all go crazy with trying to 
commit him. 

TL.JT pun 

a.. ^_. 

The Crucible 

This play takes place in Salem, 
Massachusetts where a young girl is 
found to be possessed with the devil. 
Hidden secrets keep others from 
finding out the reason for the young 
girl's illness. As time goes on the 
secrets are revealed and the truth is 
made known. The town has been 
shaken up over the whole ordeal to 
the extent of tearing practically 
everyone's family apart. In the end not 
only is John Proctor accused of being 
the child of the devil and for 
committing adultery with Abigail 
Williams but is sentenced to a guilty 

164 Overview 



The story takes place in Oscar's 
I apartment where all the guys are 
joined at playing cards, Oscar is 
divorced and by the look of the 
messy apartment it's no wonder why 
his wife left him. Felix, the last to arrive, 
has just been separated from his wife 
also. The guy is so shaken up that his 

friends are reluctant to let him go to 
the bathroom by himself for fear he 
might commit suicide. The two 
traumatized friends end up bunking 
together. Their living arrangement 
proves their failures in their marriages. 
Even though the situation is quite sad, 
the comedy side keeps one laughing. 

Overview 165 


Dancing On The 

Many events take place 
during the year, but none as 
exciting as Homecoming. Every 
year the students of High Point 
College gather for one weekend 
of fun and dancing. 

On Friday, November 3, 1989, 
Student Union kicked off its 
Homecoming festivities with the 
annual Talent Show, held in the 
Memorial Auditorium. 
Co-ordinated by Leah 
Chappell, this years Talent Show 
was the best yet. First place went 
to Sea Offer's Cabbage, a four 
man acoustic band. The 
highlight of the show, was 6 year 
old Latoya Williams, who 
danced to "Fight the Power", by 
Public Enemy. The Masters of 
Ceremony, Al Arrigoni and 
Kathy Hughes got the crowd 
involved and showed definite 
enthusiasm towards the show. 
Everyone involved with the show 
had an extraordinary 

On Saturday, November 4, 
1989, the annual Homecoming 
Dance was held at Top of the 
Mart. Student Union sponsored 
the dance and live music was 
provided by Marble Faun. There 
was excitement in the air when 
Ron Dalton, Student Union 
advisor, announced the history 
making tie for First Runner-up. 
Kathleen Mudd, who 
represented Kappa Delta, and 
Stacy DePew, who represented 
Alpha Gamma Delta, shared this 
honor. The biggest excitement of 
the night was when Carrie-Lyn 
Hobson, who represented 
Lambda Chi Alpha, was 
crowned the 1989 Homecoming 
Queen. The dance was well 
attended by many alumni, 
faculty, and current students. 

166 Overview 

Overview 167 

168 Overview 

En«nn V jSJiS. f^SCf &K "^ toPPUS "*"* ^S? $ U ? bl ^, esCOrfed b ^ Morfc Hod °' «P» Stacie McElroy escorted by Scoff ftihop repre- 

senting Zef a Tau Alpha. seating Student Union. seating the Junior Class. 

Stacey DePew escorted by Tjark Bateman repre- Kathleen Mudd escorted by Don Muggins repre- 
senting Alpha Gamma Delta. senting Kappa Delta. 

Stacey Depew and Kathleen Mudd Tied for First runner up. 

Kathy Hughes escorted by Andy Brehm repre- 
senting Tower Players. 

Amanda Huff escorted by Jay Amernick repre- 
senting I.F.C. 

HPC has 
World Wide 
Appeal . . . 

Each year several students from 
High Point College have the 
opportunity to participate in study 
abroad programs in England and 
France. HPC offers two programs in 
England, one at Leeds and one in 
London. The Leeds program offers a 
junior year abroad to students with a 
3.0 or higher GPA. Theresa Shea and 
Kristi Hunneycutt represented HPC at 
Leeds University. The Spring Semester 
program in London reauires a 2.5 or 
higher GPA Anne Mosca, Marni 
Cohen, Charles Popper and John 
Smith participated in this program in 
conjunction with Elon College. 

Across the Chanel in France, 
Sharyn Sazama studied for a year at 
the University of Montpellier, Paul 
Valery was in the South of France. 
Sharyn 's program was available 
through Westchester University in 
Pennsylvania. There is also a Spring 
Semester in Paris offered through 
Guilford College. Last Spring Alda 
Zumot, Thomas Duez, and Michelle 
Durfee represented HPC. 

HPC promotes study abroad 
because it is a valuable learning 
experience which includes much 
more than just classroom academics. 
When asked about her year abroad, 
Kristi Hunneycutt responded 
enthusiastically, "I wouldn't trade the 
experience of sharing the British 
culture for anything, I learned so much 
about myself and my own country as 
well as Great Britian." Sharyn Sazama 
was equally as enthusiastic saying, 
"Being abroad really gave me 
self-reliance and a sense of 
independence, I hope to return in 
May to pursue graduate studies." 

170 Overview 

Overview 171 



High Point College not only sends 
students abroad but welcomes 
students from other countries as well. 
Visiting from other countries are . . . 

Al Qantani, Emad 
Berg, Helen 
Canevari, Horacio 
Cross, Marcus 
George, Gerard 
Gillmore, Dexter 
Gomez, Mario 
Harada, Mami 
Ingram, Thomas 
Kim, Sangbaeck (Tony) 
Kolczynski, Martin 
Kitchen, David 
Korpajarasoontory, Niyada 
Makinen, Pasi 
Marquez, Luis 
Marzano, Cynthia 

(US citizen] 
Mirada, Juan (U.S. Citizen) 
Noel, James 
Ounphachanh, Ma 
Prado, Carlos (U.S. Citizen) 
Qubein, Leena 
Qubein, Serene 
Satt, George 
Samuel, David Karim 
Schramm, Patrick 
Shaban, Omar 
Somoza, Jose (Pepe) 
Tapaninen, Paivi 
Thomson, Adam 
Vargas, Jimena 
Zumot, Alda 
Zumot, Carla 

172 Overview 





South Africa 


Puerto Rico 


N. Ireland 






Puerto Rico 








U.S. Virgin Islands 

W. Germany 


Puerto Rico 


New Zealand 




A clockwise summary of the 
pictures. Teresa Shea at a fruit stand 
in England. A busy street corner in 
Japan (taken by Lynn Heasley). Kristi 
Huneycutt touring the countryside of 
England by mo-ped. Jana Voss waits 
patiently in a crowded airport tor her 
return trip back to the states. Teresa 
Shea stands in front of the Eiffel Tower 
with a friend. 

Current Events 

A Fight for Freedom 

In May of 1989, thousands of 
students crowded the streets of Bejing, 
China to protest the communist ruling 
of their country. It first began as a 
harmless protest, but as the number of 
protesters grew, so did the hostilities 
from the government. Military troops 

were sent into the city to clear the 
people from the streets. The 3-week 
old protest ended in bloodshed. 
Thousands of protesters lost their lives 
in what was called the Tienpan 
Sguare Masacre. 

On August 22, 1984, Gregory Lee 
Johnson participated in the burning of 
an American flag during the 
Republican National Convention in 
Dallas as part of a political protest. He 
was later arrested, charged with the 
"desecration of a venerated object," 
and sentenced to one year in prison 
and a $2000 fine. Nearly five years 
later, through the system of appeals, 
the case of Texas vs. Johnson was 
being heard by the Justices of the US 
Supreme Court. Their later decision to 
protect flag-burning under the first 
ammendment has caused much 
controversial turmoil and debate. 

174 Oveiview 


In September, high winds and 
heavy rains abused the Southeast 
Coast of the Atlantic. This brutal storm 
was affectionally known as Hurricane 
Hugo. The most damage was done in 
Charleston, SC. Hugo flattened 
thousands of residential homes and 
destroyed most of the historical 
downtown district. Also hard hit by the 
storm was Puerto Rico, the Dominican 
Republic, and the Bahamas. Here in 
High Point, many trees were knocked 
down over power lines and telephone 

After two victories over the San 
Francisco Giants, the Oakland A's 
were well on their way to winning the 
1989 World Series when a devastating 
earthauake struck the San Francisco 
Bay Area on October 17, 1989, just 
minutes before Game Three of the 
Series was to begin. Despite the 
shocking reality of what was going on 
around them and a ten day delay 
before the series resumed play, the 
A's went on to sweep the series in four 


Abortion ... is there a modern 
solution for an ancient problem? Is it 
right or wrong? Who makes the 
decision? Earlier this year, the US 
Supreme Court was faced with the 
decision of either upholding Roe v. 
Wade or of outlawing abortion. The 
final decision was not national but 
was to allow each state to decide. 
Where the issue of abortion is headed 
to is undetermined. Only Time holds 
the answers. 

Overview 175 


On a sunny September afternoon 
over 100 High Point College students 
gathered together to participate in 
the college's first annual CROP Walk. 
The walk was sponsored by S.G.A. 
and the Office of Student Life in 
conjunction with the local Urban 

What exactly is CROP? It raises 
money to help stop world hunger. 
Seventy-five percent of the money 
goes overseas to the different third 
world nations and the other 25% stays 
in the community. In High Point, the 
money goes to aid the homeless 
shelter, the Father's Table. High Point 
College students together raised 
nearly a thousand dollars. 

There were several organizations 
represented in the CROP Walk, Those 
groups participating were Kappa 
Delta Sorority, Lambda Chi Alpha 
Fraternity, Alpha Gamma Delta 
Sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity, 
Theta Chi Fraternity, the International 
Club, Alpha Delta Theta, and GET HIP. 
Sunday September 29, the day of the 
walk, proved to be a beautiful day 
and a lot of fun for everyone who was 



1 76 Overview 

Overview 177 

Flies into 

On any given afternoon the first few 
weeks of school, the intramural field is 
the place to be. Whether you're out 
there to participate or watch Ultimate 
Frisbee — HPC's most popular 
intramural sport — you're bound to 
have a great time. This year, the sunny 
days helped make Ultimate even 
more exciting. The teams were all 
terrific sports — disregarding records!! 
Everyone was well represented from 
the fraternities to the independent 
team, The Oystermen. The most 
exciting games were the playoffs, This 
year the Sig-B team beat the Pika-A 
team. This was the first time a B team 
has done this, and the Championships 
matched the Sig-A team against the 
Theta Chi-A team. After a very 
exciting game, the Theta Chi team 
became the 1989 Frisbee Champs. 

^*— •' 

9&J* jar 

W^ — "^ 

rJ ,^** rr * 


178 Oveiview 


Overview 179 


Greek Week 

Last spring the Greeks battled it out 
amongst themselves in the 1989 Greek 
Week. Each fraternity was paired up 
wfth a sorority for the occasion. 
Together they participated in events 
such as tug-of-war, field games, 
jeopardy, letters switching, and a 
pie-eating contest. 

The objective of the week was to 
build stronger unity between the 
Greeks and to promote school spirit. 
The week ended with a big Greek 
bash at Country Roads. A good time 
was had by all and the week was a 

180 Overview 


.— _ 


* ***> ■*■■ 

7ftefa CM 

Kappa Delta 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

Alpha Gamma 


Pi Kappa Alpha 

Phi Mu 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Zeta Tau Alpha 


Overview 181 

Entertainment Review 

Alex Cole, Oct 28, 1989 

Entertainment at High Point College 
was easy to find this year. From 
Comedians to lectors, everyone could 
find his own point of interest. The year 
was kicked off with the traditional 
Orientation Party held in Harrison Hall. 
The Freshmen, and those select 
upperclassmen, were treated to CluP 
Coca-Cola, a video DJ type dance. 
The following weekend, once all the 
upperclassmen were back, Student 
Union sponsored the annual Welcome 
Back Dance. This year, "Innovations" 
provided a blend of dance favorites 
for the party. Throughout the rest of the 
year, Student Union sponsored many 
great musical acts (Earthwood, Ashley 
Clevelana, and Livingston Taylor), as 
well as, some terrific comedians (Don 
Reed, Alex Cole, and Emo Phillips). All 
in all, this year's entertainment turned 
out to be the best we've had in a 
long time!! 

Ashley Cleveland, Sept. 27. 

182 Overview 

Overview 183 

Review on 
the City of 

High Point, North Carolina is the sixth 
largest city in the state. The name, 
High Point, came from a surveyor of 
the North Carolina Railroad. The city 
was so named because in the 1800's 
it was the highest point on the 

By the turn of the century, the 
railroad was the lifeline of the city, 
and as a result, High Point became a 
major manufacturing center. The 
success and growth of High Point is 
due to young entrepreneurs, such as 
Tom Wrenn, J.H. Tate, and E.A. Snow. 
They joined forces to form the High 
Point Furniture Company in 1888. 
Furniture manufactures were attracted 
to the city because of the abundance 
of hard woods, the good 
transportation facilities, and the 
availability of labor. By 1900, there 
were 33 manufactures present in the 

High Point began to expand to 
other business in the early 1900's. The 
first hosiery mill began production in 
1904, which followed the opening of 
Wachovia Bank & Trust Company in 
1902. A commercial club formed in 
1915 to serve business and social 
purposes. In 1919, it became the 
Chamber of Commerce. In 1917, an 8 
man police force began patrol, and 
an 18 man fire department began 
protecting the city. 

In 1924, a dream held for years in 
the hearts and minds of High Point 
residents became a reality. High Point 
College was built and opened for 
both men and women. 

In 1963, High Point was named the 
"All American City." Since then, High 
Point has continued to grow and 
prosper. It still remains a major city 
within the U.S. and is considered the 
Furniture and Hosiery Capital of the 

184 Overview 

Overview 185 

Tornado Sends Class of '89 
Out in a Whirlwind 

Traditionally set for the front lawn of 
the Wrenn Building, Commencement 
exercises for the Class of 1989 had to 
be moved inside the Alumni Gym due 
to the tornado that struck the night 
before the event. High winds and 
heavy rains knocked down telephone 
lines and left most of the High Point 
area without power. Repair crews 
were up most of the night working to 
restore the power for Saturday's 

On May 6, 1989, High Point College 
graduated 319 students, the largest 
class ever. Of these 319 graduates, 211 
were awarded bachelor of science 
degrees, and 108 were awarded 
bachelor of art degrees. Forty-six 
students graduated with academic 
honors. Along with honoring the 
graduates on their achievements, 
High Point College recognized two of 
its well-known and much loved 
professors. Dr. Cole, a Professor of 
History, and Dr. Weeks, a Professor of 
Biology, both announced their 
retirements last year. During 
Commencement, both were honored 
for their services to HPC. Despite the 
weather, Commencement '89 turned 
out to be a success. 

186 Overview 



May 6, 1989 

Oveiview 187 


Sitting at my desk, 

I glance out the window. 

I see things . . . 

the trees, dogwoods and pines, 

the flowers, irises and daffodils, 

swaying back and forth 

in a gentle breeze. 

These things we take for granted. 

These things are a sign of Spring, 

yet it's cold. 

No one can explain the weather 

or why it changes. 

And, we still don 't know why humans 

go through change. 
The theory of change may never be 

but we must accept it. 
And, we must try to survive — 

What is tomorrow? Where is it? 

And when will it get here? 

This is a world of yesterdays and 

and each tomorrow becomes both. 
Yet within each tomorrow, there 
is a special detail, hope. 
This carries us through each today 
makes sure there was a yesterday 
and will be a tomorrow. 

188 Overview 

There comes a time 

When you must learn 

That the world is yours to have. 

Just go for what 

you want the most 

And believe it's all there is. 

If life blocks your dreams. 

Then there's only one thing to do. 

Take a while to figure out 

Just what you really want. 

Life is wonderful even with obstacles. 

Just go for what you want. 

With the changing of the leaves, 
came the changing of our lives. 
From the fall of the seasons, 
arrived the rising of our hopes. 
New doors were opened to 
brighter tomorrows 


and old doors were closed. 
Old friendships were rekindled, 
while new ones awaited. 
A year of new beginnings 
became realized and our goals 
were all as one. 

Take a look around the world, 
just see what God has made. 
Look at all the flowers and trees. 
Just look — God had no aid. 

The love of God is ever-present, 
you can see it in the swaying trees. 
Look at all the birds and insects. 
God even made the bees. 

We should take the time to notice our 

just to see what God has made. 
Take the time to smell the flowers. 
Just look — God had no aid. 

Overview 189 


190 Overview 

this is the life! 

Overview 191 

Stop! Take some time to look around you. Appreciate the friends and fortunes that surround you. Make a point to 
fill your days with Peautiful memories for the future. These are the days to remember and before you know it time 
will slip through your hands. So hang on tightly to the memories of today and leave no regrets for tomorrow. 

Christy Rockwell 
1989-90 ZENITH Editor 

192 Overview