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Full text of "The Zenith Yearbook, 1991 High Point College"

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High Point, NC 
Volume 67 



















— . i 



m n 






Opening 1 

An imagination is a powerful thing. 
To imagine is to create a 
representation of something. An image 
is a mental picture of or a concept of 
something. We all have an imagination, 

Beyond Imagination 

a mental picture of how things should 
be, and we can all create that "perfect" 
representation in our heads. Imagine for 
a minute what would happen if we 
could make those mental pictures and 

representations real. What if we could 
go beyond imagination, just think what 
we could do. In the pages that follow, 
you will see what happens BEYOND 


Opening 3 


Originally from Delaware, Dean 
Gart Evans chose High Point 
College to continue his education 
and has since not left. He graduated 
in 1975, so he knows the college 
both as a former student and as an 
employee. This year marked his fifth 
year as Dean of Students and his 
tenth year as a staff member. Dean 
Evans spent the first five years as 
the Director of Alumni Affairs. 
Student involvement is top on Dean 
Evans' list of changes at HPC. He 
would like to see every one get 
involved during their years here 
because after all, "High Point is your 

4 Opening 


The future for High Point College 
is very bright, so bright that very 
little is beyond imagination; the 
National Commission report of 1990 
is proof. We are committed to 
providing the best possible context 
for student life and learning. I see 
the emergence of a university, small 
but significant. I see many new 
things, a master's program, more 
endowed chairs, and scholarships for 
need and achievement. I envision a 
student services center that will 
house career and personal advising. 
I imagine an even more beautiful 
campus with a rerouted Montlieu 
Avenue, a completed Millis Center, a 
Fine Arts facility, added classrooms 
and faculty offices. I even see a new 
name for it all. It is exciting to 


We, the faculty and staff of High 
Point College are blessed by 
serving a marvelous college made up 
of a wonderful group of young men 
and women. 

You, the graduating class of 1991 
have been endowed with better than 
average opportunities. It is now up to 
you to give a return on the investments 
others have made in you. I have long 
believed, and have been governed 
by the conviction, that as I have 
received, so I must give. A satisfactory 
life is always measured by usefulness 
to others. 

If we are to be good citizens, we must 
measure what we do, what we say, 
and even what we think and 
conceptualize in relationship to others, 
because we affect others for good or 
for bad. Respect begets respect; 
suspicion begets suspicion; hate 
begets hate; love begets love. 
Beyond human service, I challenge 
you to consider one other thing. Some 
years ago, when I left college, I was 
influenced by Louis B, Seltzer. The 
balding Mr. Seltzer was affectionately 
called "Louie." He was the editor of 
the Scripps-Howard Cleveland Press. 
This is what he said: "Each day I have 
a special appointment." 

Unfailingly, I have kept it since a 

small boy. 

I intend to keep it every day for the 

rest of my life. 

I meet God, 
This is a good way to begin a new 
day; and it is a good way to begin a 
new journey. 
Best Wishes, 

Opening 5 

Jaye Cohen, Resident Assistant 

Jamie Lawson, SU President 


Leaders are those who direct the 
operations, activities, and 
performances of organizations, 
residence halls, and meetings. Leaders 
are found all over the High Point 
College campus. Whether she's a 
resident assistant in McEwen, or he's 
the president of the SGA, leaders make 
a difference. Everyone at some point in 
their college career is a leader. You 
don't have to be a president or an RA, 
you just have to be involved. 

Amie Gates, Panhell 



6 Opening 

Opening 7 


Awards are marks of achievement. In the past months, 
several High Point College students have received 
awards that symbolize scholastic achievement, community 
involvement, and athletic ability. In February 1990, 51 
athletes received the Millis Scholarship Athlete Award for 
maintaining a 3.0 or better in their overall standings at High 
Point College. Later in the Spring of '90, Christy Rockwell 
was awarded the Jefferson Award for work in arranging the 
HPC version of the CROP Walk. The Jefferson Award is the 
highest honor bestowed on a member of the community for 
outstanding public service and is given out each year in the 
Spring. Christy is the youngest person to receive the award. 
This past summer, Brian Payne went to the NAIA 
championships for track, and won in his individual event, the 
110 meter high hurdles. Winning this event placed Bryan in 
the top six atheles in this sport naming him an All-American 
in Track. These are only a few of the many awards won by 
students at High Point College. From these students' 
achievements, one can see that HPC students strive to be 
the best they can be. 

Christy Rockwell. Jefferson Award Winner 

Brian Payne, NAIA 110m hurdle winner 

8 Opening 

Substance Education Week 
Sept. 30-Oct.4, 1990 

Every year the Office of Student Life 
sponsors Substance Education 
Week. This year the Resident 
Assistants, campus Organizations, and 
faculty members collectively 
; co-sponsored 27 programs during the 
week of September 30-October 4. The 
list of programs included speakers, 
i videos and films covering a wide range 

of topics. According to Dottie Souder, 
Assistant Dean of Students, "The panel 
discussion, the Legal Ramifications of 
Drug Use, was the kick off lecture and 
highlight of the week." Ms. Souder also 
commented, "I feel that Substance 
Education is helping students make 
more educated decisions regarding 
substance use and abuse." 


Opening 9 


in the Community 

It's not unusual to find many of High 
Point College's students out working 
in the community. Whether the students 
are volunteers or actually out there to 
make a little extra money, you don't 
have to look far to find them. One place 
you can always find HPC students is at 
Day in the Park. Held every September, 
a number of campus organizations go 
out to City Lake to help out the 
sponsors. Again this year the Delta 
Sigma Phi fraternity helped direct traffic 

and park cars, while the Phi Mu sorority 
volunteered at the sound stage. Also, 
there are several organizations that 
help to keep High Point beautiful in the 
Adopt-a-Highway program. Finally, each 
semester, you can find those willing to 
give up a little of their Fall Break and a 
little of the spring sun to work the 
Furniture Market. So, it doesn't matter if 
it's to make money or to just lend a 
helping hand, you don't have to look far 
to find HPC students in the community. 

Parking cars filled the day for the Sigs at High 
Point City's Day in the Park, 

Stacey DePew volunteers at the YWCA with the 
teen mothers program. 

10 Opening 


The Pike's serve High Point by adopting a 

Phi Mu and Theta Chi started 
at 6:00am at Day in the Park. 

Terrence and Todd volunteer 
during the Jerry Lewis telethon. 

Opening 11 


The Pike Brothers take a break after a long 
days work at the house. 

•-£35 *t*^ r:>»* — - ..-•:■*•• s>#^ 

--■■■-« ■ ■■ 

Carl shapes up the exterior of the Lambda 
Chi house. 

Exciting plans to make High Point 
College more appealing to its 
students, prospective students, and the 
surrounding community are under way. 
Construction of the Millis Center is pro- 
jected to begin in April or May of 1991 
and should take twelve to fifteen months 
to complete. The project will involve a 
complete remodeling of the Alumni 
Gymnasium and the construction of an 
adjacent building containing an 
olympic-size pool, racquetball courts, a 
weight room, locker rooms, offices, 
classrooms, and meeting and reception 
areas. The approximate cost of the proj- 
ect is $5.5 million. Other plans for ren- 
ovations are aimed at Roberts Hall. 
There will be complete exterior ren- 
ovations, and interneal renovations will 
include an elevator, to make the building 
handicap accessible. The projected 
completion date for all of these ren- 
ovations involving Roberts Hall is Jan- 
uary 1992. HPC is under construction. 

Dr. Martinson speaks on the construction at 
HPC during the dedication of Finch Hall. 

12 Opening 

The Sigs spent the summer working on the house to have it ready for the 
first day of school. They plan to continue renovations on the interior of 
the. house. They enjoy the new arrangement and are pleased that the 
school has given them the chance to prove themselves with their 

The Lambda Chis partially relandscaped and purchased new furniture with the 
help of their alumni association. They added their colors to the interior paint and 
put up new letters. They beautified their surroundings by planting a flower bed. 
They like their living arrangement and will contiune up keep. 

The Theta Chis spent their Fall Saturdays cleaning and remodeling their 
house. With the help of their Alumni, they hope to construct a deck as well 
as other features inside. They are very grateful to High Point College for 
permitting the fraternities to live in houses. 

The Pikes repainted the interior and refinished the hard wood floors of their 
house. They also completely refurnished, and they plan to relandscape 
and repaint the exterior of the house. They, too, are enjoying the new 
atmosphere of a fraternity house. 

Opening 13 

Convocation-Finch Dedication 

August 28, 1990 marked the day 
New Hall was renamed and 
dedicated and the official opening of the 
College. Meredith Slane Finch Person 
honored her grandchildren by 
dedicating her contributions in their 
names, thus making New Hall Finch 
Hall. To most of us at High Point 
College, the all male residence hall is 
and may always be known as New Hall, 
but to furture High Point College 
students, Finch Hall will be a place to 
live and play on the way to the real live 
working world. Even though classes 
started the week before, the 1990-91 
academic year at High Point College 
began with Opening Convocation. Held 
in the Memorial Auditorium, students 
gathered to hear President Martinson 
address "The Fashioning Lives of 
Integrity." With the Largest student body 
ever at HPC, Dr, Martinson challenged 
us to do something to make our world a 
better place in which to live. Finally, he 
challenged the student body to format 
an honor code for the ultimate 
integrity-that is, integrity in the school 
and integrity in our education. 

Dr. Ward lead the procession at convocation. 

The English professors 
prepare to walk for 



* • r 

: - 

14 Opening 


In Memorium 

At this time, the Brotherhood of 
Lambda Chi Alpha would like to 
acknowledge the death of Adam 
Rosenberg. Adam was a brother 
of the lota Phi chapter of Lambda 
Chi Alpha and was a valued 
member of our fraternity. It is rare 
to come across one individual who 
was able to touch so many in so 
little time. Our prayers go forth 
unto the family of Adam 
Rosenberg and his presence will 
be greatly missed. 




During Adam's two years at High 
Point College, he was a member 
of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. 
Through the fraternity, he was very 
active in helping the Mills Home for 
Children. Back home in New Jersey, 
Adam did volunteer work for the 
Monmouth Hospital, earning the 
most volunteer hours ever. Also, 
Adam was nominated for the 
Governor's Award for his volunteer 
efforts. He will be missed by all who 
knew him. 




The High Point College Community is 
also mourning the loss of Daisuke 
Kamitani. Daisuke was born in Nara 
City, Japan, and during his high school 
years, he lived in Colorado as an 
exchange student. Although he was 
only at High Point College for a short 
time, he was still part of our family and 
will be missed by those who knew him. 
Our prayers go out to his family. 

Opening 15 


16 Students 


Students 17 

Senior Class 

Samantha L Bauguss 

18 Seniors 

Leslie D. Blakely 

Gwen E. Bogar 

Brian A. Boger 

Lisa M. Bonnett 

Anne M. Brown 

Rhonda K. Brown 

Joseph P. Burke 

Christine A. Cadley 

Robert B. Calamari 

Christian J. Camp 

Thomas V. Clagget, IV 

Carole V. Clement 

<iit f ffinWrifai I 

,\'y f '9L 

Jaye L Cohen 

Morn/ 6, Cohen 

P. Kewn Co/e 

Deana M. Collins 

Seniors 19 


Angela D. Dailey 

Timothy D. Dancy 

Michelle M. Dean 

Pamela L. Dennis 

20 Seniors 


Stacy L Depew 

Krista L Dixon 

James M. Douglas 

Jerome D. Drew 

Leeana D. Dulin 

David M. Farsaci 

Louis J. Federico 

Richard L Ferrell 

Jeffrey A. Firkin 

Erica J. Fischer 

Sara L Ford 



i — ii if> 

Hfcj an 



1 Mk. _^ 

ferry G. French 

Carol L Frick 

Richard L Funk 

Amie J. Gates 

Seniors 21 

L Paige Gwaltney 

Kimberly C. Hall 

Carrah A. Hanson 

Melanie L Harrison 

Katriona A Hay 

Teresa L Hayworth 

Lynn N. Heasley 

Monica P. Hedrick 

22 Seniors 


Judith L Hicks 

Robert ft Hoskins 

William ft Jiron 

John O. High 

Kothryn S. Hughes 

Kevin L llarraza 

Sharon D. Hill 

Denise A. 




Thomas Ingram 


Kristen E. Jones 

Leslie A. Joyner 

William J. Kienle 



Anna L Kintigh 

Jamie H. Lawson 

Kimberly A. Leonhordt 

Stephanie Uchtenstein 

Seniors 23 


Teresa D. Melton 

24 Seniors 


Susan V. Mosher 

Juliet R. Nace 

Karen A. Nasuta 

Janet M. Norman 

Michelle L Oakley 

Kelle L. Owens 

Karen S. Pendry 

James J. Perrone 

Patrick Petrillo 

Mary-Beth Phillips 

Karen L Pitts 

Dale W. Porter 

Andres A. Quesada 

Aileen B. Radinsky 

Kimberly A. Richards 

Seniors 25 



Suzanne M. Rocheleau Christy A Rockwell 

J. Garry Roy 

Veronica R. Royer 

Katherine H. Sheppard 

Jay O. Shurling Jr. 

26 Seniors 

Rondo L. Stewart 

Candy G. Swing 

Melissa L Switzer 

James R. Telleysh 



Aaron R. Tooley 

Carrie L Tucker 

Michael C. Urian 

Stephen D. Wall II 

Jett L Walters 

Allison L Webb 

Lisa C. White 

Kimberley Williamson 



Michele Williamson 

Amy A. Witty 

Rhonda N. Wright 

Anlssa L Yates 

Seniors 27 

Patrice C. Arsenault 

115 Dunford Court 
Waldersville MD 21793 
Elementary Education 

Nina J. Austin 

10005 Hackberry Lane 
Columbia MD 21046 
Elementary Education 

Kelly M. Baber 

12817 Longleaf Lane 
Herndon VA 22070 

Robert T. Balerna Jr. 

5 Windmere Path 
Trenton NJ 08690 
Business Admin. 

Orlando L. Barrios Jr. 

708 Arden Rd. 
Thomasville NC 27360 

Dana C. Batten 

3250 Fraternity Chr. 
Winston-Salem NC 27127 
Elementary Education 

Forrest W. Baugher 

4306 Morningside Dr. 
Winston-Salem NC 27106 
Business Admin. 

Samantha L. Bauguess 

Rt. 14 Box 1518 
Lexington NC 27292 

William M. Bell 

150 Harmony Street 
Winston-Salem NC 27105 
Business Admin. 

Marc R. Benou 

525 Hillside Ave. 
Westfield NJ 07090 
Business Admin. 

Scott B. Bishop 

170 Hearthside Drive 
Winston-Salem NC 27104 
Business Admin. 

Leslie D. Blakely 

8702 Greeley Court 
Springfield MD 22152 
Business Admin. 


Noelle G. Blank 

10152 Peanut Mill Dr. 
Gaithersburg MD 20879 

Laura E. Boatwright 

8910 Kitmore 
Houston TX 77099 
Intnat'l Business 

Gwen E. Bogar 

Oak Manor Lane 
Germantown TN 38138 

Brian A. Boger 

19855 Wheelwright Dr 
Gaithersbyrg MD 20879 

Lisa Bonnett 

6973 Millbridge Rd 
Clemmons NC 27012 

A. Martha Brown 

PO Box 297 
Summerfield NC 27358 

Rhonda K. Brown 

12 Springwood Dr 
Asheville NC 28805 
I/O Psychology 

Larry E. Brown, Jr 

PO Box 251 
Trinity NC 27017 

Joseph P. Burke 

684 Cloverleaf Pkwy 
Blaine MN 55434 

Christine A. Cadley 

10 Tammy Hill Tr 
Randolph NJ 07869 
History/Political Science 

Robert B. Calamari 

1031 Breckenridge Ln 
Winchester VA 22601 

Christian J. Camp 

1614 Jackson Lake Rd 
High Point NC 27263 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Leigh R. Capshaw, Jr 

7420 N Shore Rd 
Norfolk VA 23505 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Anne F. Cecil 

627 Westwood Ave 
High Point NC 27262 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Kelly L. Chapman 

6501 Straffordshire 
High Point NC 27262 
Business Admin. 

Phyllis S. Clabough 

900 Northshore Ct 
High Point NC 27260 

Thomas V. Clagett, IV 

PO Box 475 

Upper Marlboro MD 20772 

Political Science 

Carole V. Clement 

500 Florham Dr 
High Point NC 27262 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Jaye L. Cohen 

2709 Hewitt Ave 
Silver Spring MD 20906 

Marni B. Cohen 

250 E. 87th St, 288 
New York NY 10128 

P. Kevin Cole 

6114 Eagle Peak Drive 
Charlotte NC 28214 
Business Admin 

Deana M Collins 

7114 Blue Grass Rd 
Durham NC 27703 
Human Relations 

Eric N. Collins 

Rt 2 Box 516 
Pilot Mt. NC 27041 
Business Admin 

Michelle L. Combs 

4010 Easterbell Rd 
Port Republic MD 20676 
Business Admin 

Rebecca L. Conrad 

28 Seniors 

Rt 3 Box 257 
Trinity NC 27370 

Dana F. Conte 

40 Nicholas Dt 

Ormond Beach FL 32074 

Political Science 

Katherine L. Cooper 

37 Bridal Path Ct 
Waldorf MD 20601 
Internat'l Business 

Elizabeth E. Copes 

3306 Brush Dr 

Falls Church VA 22042 


Andrew L. Cornell 

10 Ridgewood Rd 

West Chelmsford MA 01863 


William J. Coyle 

Box 108 Oakhurst Dr 
Center Valley PA 18034 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Amanda C. Craft 

6850 Robin Hood Rd 
Pfafftown NC 27040 
Business Admin 

Caroline N. Cronin 

32 Edna Drive 
Syosset NY 11791 

Leigh Ann Cross 

Rt 4 Box 542 
Reidsville NC 27320 


400 Yow Dr 
Thomasville NC 27360 
Business Admin 

William H. Daniel 

3300 Mayfield Ct 
Winston-Salem NC 27104 
Business Admin 

Angela Davis-Woodcock 

3650 Southdale Ave 
Winston-Salem NC 27107 
Elementary Ed 

Michelle M Dean 

2304 N. Wolfsnare Dr 
Virginia Beach VA 23454 
Political Science 

Pamela Lynn Dennis 

Rt3 Box 547 

Trinity NC 27370 

Home Furnishings Marketing 

Stacy L. DePew 

6121 Harmon PI 

W Springfield VA 22152 


Krista L. Dixon 

Rt 7 Box 298 
Asheboro NC 27203 
Sports Medicine 

James M. Douglas 

Box 375 

APO New York 09098 


Jerome D. Drew 

6 Summer Ave 
Dover NJ 07801 
Business Admin 

1003 Hughes Dr 
Hamilton Square NJ 08690 

David M. Farsaci 

108 Lyndon Ln 
Baden PA 15005 
Business Admin 

Richard L Ferrell, III 

1833 Cherri Drive 
Falls Church VA 22043 
Political Science 

Jeffery A. Firkin 

40 Manitto PI 
Oceanport NJ 07757 
Computer Info. Systems 

Erica J. Fischer 

10 Spaulding PI 
Monmouth Beach NJ 07750 
Business Admin 

Yves Fischer 

3840 Brighton Ct 
Alexandria VA 22305 

Chrystal A. Foley 

Rt3 Box 598 
Thomasville NC 27360 

Sara L. Ford 

207 Guilford Rd 
Jamestown NC 27282 

Terry G. French 

Rt4 Box 79 

Randleman NC 27317 

Melissa J. Crowder 

1410 Greenmount Dr 
Asheboro NC 27203 
Elementary Ed 

A. Gregory Dudley 

8812 Woodstone Dr 
Raleigh NC 27615 
Political Science 

Carol L. Frick 

PO Box 675 

Bethany Beach DE 19930 

Business Admin 

Terry L. Cruthis 

6704 Arvin Ave 
Jamestown NC 27282 
Business Admin 

Leanna D. Dulin 

Rt 9 Box 538 
Asheboro NC 27203 

Richard E. Funk 

1237 Sunnyside Dr 
Lexington NC 27292 
Business Admin 

Angela D. Dailey 

5100 Warrington Dr 
Suffolk VA 23435 

Timothy D. Dancy 

Fonda S. Easterling 

1102 Camden Ave 
High Point NC 27260 
Human Relations 

Phillip J. Fagans 

Amie J. Gates 

57 Farley Ave 
Fanwood NJ 07023 
Computer Info. Systems 

Diane F. Gerrish 

Seniors 29 


1710 Lazy Ln 

High Point NC 27260 


Joshua L.W. Gibbs 

67 Maple Hill Dr 
Cahgrin Falls OH 44022 
Business Admin 

Christopher T. Gilbert 

2816 Southwick Dr 
Lancaster PA 17601 

Scott Gleiman 

12609 Worhtington Rd 
Registertown MD 21136 

Robert J. Gold, Jr 

PO Box 3803 
Greenville DE 19807 

Mario A. Gomez 

Box 380 

Cayey PR 00634 

Business Admin 

Victoria E. Goodman 

8722 Pine Barrens Dr 
Orlando Fl 32817 
Early Childhood Ed 

Terry C. Gray 

Rt5 Box 252 

High Point NC 27263 

Business Admin 

Tracey L. Greer 

12 Cushing Ct 
Randolph NJ 07869 
Business Admin 

Beth C. Gregory 

1909 Milan Rd 
Greensboro NC 27410 
Early Childhood Ed 

Christine A. Grippa 

14 Raynier PI 
Nesconset NY 11767 
Business Admin 

Sharon D. Grizzell 

Rt 1 Box 1 80 
Siloam NC 27047 
Business Admin 

Julie K. Gunther 

30 Seniors 

14840 Rockland Rd 
Libertyville IL 60048 
Business Admin 

Stacey C. Gustafson 

31 Ballard Cir 
Holbrook NY 11741 
Health/PE Certification 

L. Paige Gwaltney 

1235 Meadowbrook Rd 
Waynesboro VA 22980 
Political Science 

Polly Ann Hamrick 

145-E Hartley Dr 
High Point NC 27265 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Carrah A. Hanson 

506 Vinnege Ride 
Tallahassee Fl 32303 
Business Admin 

Melanie L. Harrison 

PO Box 936 
Denton NC 27239 

Katriona A. Hay 

11611 Stonewood Ln 
Rockville MD 20852 
Business Admin 

Teresa L. Hayworth 

Rt4 Box 355 Burton 
Thomasville NC 27360 
Business Admin 

Lynn N Heasley 

2981 New England Ct 
N Charleston SC 29418 

Monica P. Hedrick 

Rt 8 Box 4012 
Thomasville NC 27360 
Business Admin 

Cindy Herring 


Judith L Hicks 

3608 Sierra Dr 
Honolulu HI 96816 

Sharon D. Hill 

4704 Coltsfoot Rd 

Greensboro NC 27405 
Business Admin 

Denise A. Holman 

PO Box 47 

Readington NJ 08870 
Elementary Ed 

James F. Homiak 

PO Box 78 
Havensink NJ 07752 

Robert B. Hoskins III 

507 Otteray Dr 
High Point NC 27262 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Kathryn S. Hughes 

6205 Nethercombe CT 
McLean VA 22101 

Kevin L. Ilarraza 

63 Elm PI 

Red Bank NJ 07701 

Human Relations 

Thomas Ingram 

1 1 Ballysillan Park 
Belfast N. Ireland 
Physical Education 

Sarah W. Janaske 

11419 Jordan Ln 
Great Falls VA 22066 
Health/PE Certification 

W. Blaine Jiron 

602 Kearney Ct 
Vienna VA 22180 

Wayne E. Johannessen 

1711 Bearhollow Rd 
Greensboro NC 27410 
Business Admin 

Cheryl B Johnson 

Rt 5 Box 328-A 
Winston-Salem NC 27107 

Kristen E. Jones 

13527 Old Annapolis 
Mt. Airy MD 21771 
Elementary Ed 

D. May Jordan 

POBox 128 
Saxaphaw NC 27340 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Leslie A. Joyner 

618 Waterfall Ln 
Phoenixville PA 19460 

William J. Kienle 

1 695 Doone Rd 

Upper Arlington OH 43221 

Home Furnishings Marketing 

Anna L. Kintigh 

1 434 Boxwood Dr. 
Blackwood NJ 08012 
Human Relations 

Thomas E. Kleean 

1048 Gales Ave. 
Winston-Salem 27103 
PE Recreation 

Timothy S. Kohns 

Rt 1 1 Box 82-A 
Winston-Salem 27107 
Elementary Ed. 


211-B Northpoint Ave 
High Point NC 27260 
Elementary Ed. 

Kimberly R. Long 

23 Mountain View Dr. 
Arden NC 28704 

Samuel C. Lowery II 

7108 Mandy Lane 

New Port Richey FL 34652 

Business Admin. 

Mary P. Magrini 

119 Northwood Ave. 
Avon-by-the-Sea NJ 07717 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Pasi M. Makinen 

Kununkaankatu 20 A 9 


Business Admin. 

Terry D. McCaulley 

PO Box 438 
Mamers NC 27552 
Middle Grade Ed. 

12 Manchester Dr. 
Basking Ridge NJ 07920 

Kerry N. McKnight 

87 Neptune Dr. 
Neptune City NJ 07753 
English Comm. 

Teresa D. Melton 

PO Box 321 
Kernersville NC 27284 
English Comm. 

Rebecca U. Miller 

2121-C Crossing Way 
High Point NC 27260 
Elementary Ed. 

James G. Monroe 

PO Box 279 
Thomasville NC 27360 

Maxine Y. Monroe 

Rt. 1 Box 41 
Asheboro NC 27203 
Art Education 

Niyada Korpajarasoonto 

P.O. Box 5413 

High Point NC 27262 


Kimberly D. McClary 

10802 Glen Mist Lane 
Fairfax VA 22030 
Business Admin. 

Kimberly A. Morcom 

180 Summerlan Place 
Neptune City NJ 07753 

Gerald E. Leach 

1413-B Furlough St. 
High Point NC 27260 

Kimberly A. Leonhardt 

6707 Bill Poole Road 
Rougemont NC 27572 
Elementary Ed. 

Stephanie A. Lichtenstein 

155-C Hartley Ave. 
High Point NC 27265 
Sports Medicine 

Delores R. McCullough 

1116 Pepper Hill Rd. 
Greensboro NC 27407 

Stacie A. McElroy 

9223 Wendell St. 
Silver Spring MD 20901 
Human Relations 

Charles B. McGirt 

709 Hilltop Dr. 
Lexington NC 27292 
Business Admin. 

Tracey L. Morris 

101-D Northgate Ct. 
High Point NC 27260 
International Business 

Susan V. Mosher 

721 Lindell Ave. 
Cincinnati OH 45226 

Larry H. Musser 

2325-E Gordan Rd. 
High Point NC 27260 
History-Political Science 

Andrew M. Lisk 

Rt 1 Box 584-A71 
New London NC 28127 

Ann L. McGrail 

6101 Springhouse Lane 
Charlotte NC 28211 

Juliet R. Nace 

6392 Route 32 
Clarksville MD 21029 
Business Admin. 

Brooks F. Lockey 

PO Box 37 
Aberdeen NC 28315 

Jenny L. McGuire-Robb 

6027 Liberty Bell Ct. 
Burke VA 22015 

Karen A. Nasuta 

5 Hollins Court 
Timonium MD 21093 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Amy E. Lockhart 

Kenneth K. McKay IV 

Janet M. Norman 

Seniors 31 

3762 Gumtree Road 
Winston-Salem NC 27107 
Computer Info. System 


323 New Street 
High Point NC 27260 
Social Studies 

11820 Grey Birch PI. 
Reston VA 22091 
Sports Medicine 

Michelle L. Oakley 

PO Box 1222 
Kernersville NC 27284 

Kelle L. Owens 

171 Hartley Ave. D 
High Point NC 27265 
English Communications 

Wilbur E. Pace 

3708 33rd Place NW 
Washington DC 20008 

Angelia L. Palmer 

130 Meadow Wood Rd. 
Thomasville NC 27360 

Michael B. Parker 

8422 Dwayne Lane 
Richmond VA 23235 
Business Admin. 

Christine L. Premock 

RD 6 Box 406A 
Branchville NJ 07826 
Elementary Ed. 

Andres A. Quesada 

11804 Triple Crown 
Reston VA 22091 
Business Admin. 

Aileen B. Radinsky 

8520 Lucerne Road 
Randellstown MD 21133 
Human Relations 

Blaine J. Raffe 

PO Box 338 
Mattituck NY 11952 
English Communications 

Joseph A. Ranucci 

33 Combs Ave RD 3 
Mendham NJ 07945 
Business Admin. 

Suzanne M. Rocheleau 

201 Mt. Bradford Way 
Westchester PA 1 9382 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Christy A. Rockwell 

2770 Hamilton Dr. 
Endwell NY 13760 
English Communications 

Whitney M. Rogers 

3007-F Ingleside Dr. 
High Point NC 27260 

J. Garry Roy 

103 Fourth St. 
Middlesex NJ 08846 
Business Admin. 

J. Eric Royer 

14828 Sabillasville 
Thurmont MD 21788 
Business Admin. 

Karen S. Pendry 

4501 Kernersville Rd. 
Kernersville NC 27284 
Business Admin. 

James J. Perrone 

32 Midday Drive 
Centereach NY 11720 
Business Admin. 

Patrick Petrillo 

438 Prospect Street 
Midland Park NJ 07432 
Human Relations 

Mary-Beth Phillips 

313 Andover Road 
Durham NC 27712 
Elementary Ed. 

Joe L. Pinter 

10423 Artemel Lane 
Great Falls VA 22066 
Business Admin. 

Karen L. Pitts 

6278 Stanleyville Dr. 
Rural Hall NC 27045 
Business Admin. 

Dale W. Porter 

32 Seniors 

Christian T. Reed 

3915 Cash Dr. 
Winston-Salem NC 27107 
Physical Ed. 

Laura F. Reid 

1306 Foust Ave. 
High Point NC 27260 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Penny B. Rendle 

207 Spruce St. 
Lexington NC 27292 
English Writing 

Timothy R. Rice 

4039 King Charles Rd. 
Durham NC 27707 
Computer Info. Systems 

Kimberly A. Richards 

4028 Hanover Pike 
Manchester MD 21102 
English Communications 

Andrew C. Ritchie 

54 Marlton Rd. 
Woodstown NJ 08098 
English Communications 

Ann M. Roberts 

David K. Samuel 

PO Box 2740 C'Sted 
St. Croix US VI 00821 
Computer Info. Systems 

Stacey S. Scherer 

19704 Old York Rd. 
White Hall MD 21161 
English Communications 

Karen A. Scott 

448 Pointer Place 
Winter Park FL 32789 

David M. Shaffer 

2175 Devonshire Rd. 
Charlottesville Va 22901 

Myron C. Shea 

2639-D Suffolk Dr. 
High Point NC 27260 

Michelle H. Sheets 

4835 Warner Rd. 
Pfafftown NC 22032 
Elementary Education 

R. Andrew Sheldrick 


0421 Headly Ct. 
r airfax VA 22032 

lames 0. Shurling Jr. 

117 Rosewall Ln. 

:ary NC 2751 1 

English Communications 

3. Mitchell Simpson 

5009-D Ingleside Dr. 
High Point NC 27261 

3 aul Simpson 

=tt. 3 Box 7 
.aplata MD 20646 
English Communications 

\melia B. Slavin 

Rt. 2 Box 1 850 
Dolumbus NC 28722 

Daniel D. Smith 

1525 Furnace Ave. 
3len Burnte MD 21061 
Computer Info. Systems 

H. Britton Smith Jr. 

5707 Archdale Rd. 
Trinity NC 27370 
Business Admin. 

Rt 20 Box 655 
Lexington NC 27292 
Business Admin. 

Melissa L. Switzer 

15139 Arum Place 
Woodbridge VA 22191 
International Business 

Katrina A. Theis 

1335 NE 26th Street 
Fort Lauderdale FL 33305 

Mary E. Thompson 

6604 Holford Ln. 
Springfield VA 22152 
Business Admin. 

Carrie L. Tucker 

Rt 2 Box 470 

High Point NC 27260 

Elementary Education 

Shawn L. Tuttle 

Rt 1 Box 86 

King NC 27021 

Business Admin/Economics 

Stephanie L. Tuttle 

Red Gate Road 
Morristown NJ 07960 
English Communications 

4121 St. John's St. 
High Point NC 27260 

Jean M. Williamson 

836 Cloniger Dr. 
Thomasville NC 27360 

Sharon L. Wise 

163 Atsion Rd. 
Vincentown NJ 08088 

Amy A. Witty 

6729 Lake Brandt Rd. 
Summerfield NC 27358 
Computer Info. Systems 

Rhonda N. Wright 

143 Sixth Ave. 

Long Branch NJ 07740 

Physical Ed. /Recreation 

Annisa L. Yates 

Rt. 9 Box 324 
Winston-Salem NC 27107 

Rodney T. Young 

Rt. 1 Box 1538 
Lexington NC 27292 
Business Admin. 

Michael L. Sparrow 

2106 Woodland Dr. 
Durham NC 27704 
Business Admin. 

Joseph J. Spellman 

10310 Hickory Creek 
Great Falls VA 22066 
Business Admin. 

Roger C. Steinkamp 

116 Cedar Trail 
Thomasville NC 27360 
zlementary Education 

ftonda L. Stewart 

=lt9Box 114 

Mnston-Salem NC 27107 
D olitical Science 

Catherine W. Styers 

3746 Lake Brandt Rd. 
Summerfield NC 27358 
English Communications 

Candy G. Swing 

Michael C. Urian 

9629 Whiteacre Rd. 82 
Columbia MD 21045 
Business Admin. 

Sean A. Varner 

Rt 3 Box 489 
Thomasville NC 27360 
English Writing 

Stephen D. Wall 

5050 McConnell Road 
Whitsett NC 27377 

Jett L. Walters 

1210 Allenbrook Dr. 
Charlotte NC 28208 

Allison L. Webb 

8716 Catamaran Dr. 
Raleigh NC 27615 
Early Childhood Ed. 

Emily B. Whitley 

Seniors 33 



Teresa Beavers 
Cher/I Berrier 
Stephen Betz 
Robert Boucher 
Wilson Bounds 

Tammey Brooks 
LuAnn Browder 
Kendra Brown 
Tabitha Brown 
Sheila Carnahan 

Leah Chappell 
Mary Ellen Clark 
Alise Clanton 
John Cloud Jr 
Robert Combs III 

John Cox 
Edwina Crady 
Susan Dickinson 
Bonnie Jean Dillon 
Kimberly Dorsey 

34 Juniors 

David Dole 
Samantha Dutton 
Renita Eshleman 
Jennifer Faircloth 
Jason Ferrall 

Andrew Flynt 
Gerald Frasciello 
Kelli Graham 
Ubby Hayes 
Chris Highfill 

Dawn Hill 
Amber Holbrook 
Wendy Holmes 
Slade Harrell 
Donald Huggins 

Brent Joyce 
Michele Janoczkin 
Janet Kennedy 
Shannon Jessup 
Jason Jodon 

Dora Johnson 
Martin Kolczynski 
Sean Leary 
Kristen McCoy 
Cora McGuire 


Jennifer McLaughlin 
Jennifer Mallett 
Sarah Mallett 
Amy Marshall 
Kirsten Martinson 

Juniors 35 


36 Juniors 

Carl Matthews 
Todd Matthiesen 
Kathy Mustin 
Tamara NiFong 
Christian O'Briant 

Jennifer Paetzold 
Michael Parillo 
Thomas Parker 
Shane Pegram 
Drew Peterson 

Darlene Porter 
Roger Predmore 
Serene Qubein 
Jamie Raymond 
April Rightmire 

Albert Romano 
Wendy Ruiter 
Rhonda Simmons 
Katherine Smith 
Joe Smith 

Kimberly Spekler 
Marcella Squires 
Tim Starbuck 
Jennifer Steele 
Mark Shaneman 

Lillian Sullivan 
Adam Thomson 
Richard Turbe 
Sarah Turnburke 
Calvary Tyson 


Class Officers-Meg Condron-VP; David Duncan-Leg.; Amy Marshall-Leg.; Kristen Carper-Pres. 

Reed Valenfine 
Charles Van Wickle 
Krisfen Vassallo 
Thomas Verdi 
Paul Vitella 

Jami Walsh 
David Warwick 
Heather Wetzel 
Mark Whifaker 
Robbie Wooten 


Juniors 37 


Helen Berg 
Scott Bernard 
Shea Bowe 
Melinda Bowers 
Bryan Bowles 

Kathy Bradley 
Bayard Bray 
Eric Brewer 
Ashley Brim 
Lisa Brown 

Corinne Buonocore 
Julie Butner 
Teresa Byrne 
Horacio Canevari 
Lisa Carey 

Deborah Adcock 
Troy Alexander 
Jackie Andachter 

Jill Carpenter 
Mike Lambert 
Michael Cassidy 
Mhan Louise Cattell 
Dana Caudill 

38 Sophomores 

£\V f 

Christian Clymer 
Brian Coe 
Lori Collins 
Christy Colston 
Dale Cooper 

Kimberly DeCelles 
Ann Marie DeVaro 
Samantha Dillon 
Sharon Doby 
Judy Donnelly 

Terrence Donovan 
David Edwards 
Doug Edwards 
Debroah England 
Lisa Farmer 

Tiffany Ferrera 
Deborah Ferraro 
Mitzi Fields 
Christopher Forst 
Sallie Frame 

Richard Frampton 
Heather Gleason 
Charles Goard 
Dan Goldstein 
Danny Goodwin 

Bill Grant 
Stephanie Gray 
Hope Greene 
Christina Gregerson 
Jason Griffin 

Sophomores 3<i 

Jennifer Grubbs 
Carol Gwattney 
Charlie Harris 
Cindy Harvey 
Mike Hatfield 

Chad Hedrick 
Ingrid Hendrix 
Susan Henderson 
John Holloway 
David Honeycutt 

Curtis Hoover 
Wendy Horton 
Suzann Houser 
Jennifer Hughes 
Michael Jarman 

Lynn Johnson 
Darren Jones 
KImberly Jones 
Jennifer Kalil 
Ussy Kanzkry 

Arlene King 
Timothy King 
Barry Kitley 
Edwin Lograma 
Sara Lamb 

Travis Last 
Therese Leneski 
Cathlyn Lynch 
Greg Mahadeen 
Mitch Maraney 

40 Sophomores 

; il"»P%. 

Brian Marinoff 
Luis Marquez 
Gwen Martin 
Cynthia Mayo 
Alex Mays 

Drew McNoughton 
Jennifer Merritt 
Darren Miller 
Kimberly Mingus 
Sean Neary 

Caroline Nichols 
James Noel 
Elise Nowak 
Stephen O'Conner 
Tim O'Keefe 

Katherine Olsen 
Christine Onufreiczuk 
Garrett Parker 
Jeff Parker 
Sherry Patterson 

Jamie Payne 
Joel Peddle 
Michael Penry 
El Peters 
Jennifer Petri 

Gale Phelps 
Jennifer Poole 
Colleen Proulx 
Stephanie Proulx 
Erin Quinn 

Sophomores 41 

Sam Ranocchia 
Jennifer Raymond 
Matthew Reck 
John Reitz 
Andy Reitz 

Rick Reynolds 
Julie Roberson 
Andy Robinson 
Cathy Ross 
Susan Sayetta 

Rosa Scarboro 
Susan Schneider 
Jill Schroder 
Jason Seedorf 
Brian Shipwash 

Suzanne Sielaty 
Cynthia Smith 
Edward Smith 
Valorie Shifflett 
Ali Sprigg 

Crystal Swaim 
Sebaztian Taralle 
Kyle Thompson 
Charlotte Totulis 
Benjamin Vogel 

Stacey Walker 
Jennifer Warhurst 
Meg White 
Heather Williams 
Keena Williams 

42 Sophomores 




Ray Williams 
Kathy Woodward 
Steve Woodward 
Chris Wright 

b r 



Joe H/WgW 
Sue Yohrling 
Lori Younts 
Rick Zois 


Sophomores 43 


Sabrina Bailey 
Valerie Bait 
Shelly Barnes 
Kelley Bartenfelder 
Jennifer Bassett 

Stephani Batten 
James Battifarano 
Chad Duggins 
Patrick Beck 
Cecila Bell 

Shayne Bennington 
Will Berry 
Bobby Bowes 
Ben Bowman 
Patricia Bradley 

Ruth Bradley 
Tammy Branson 
Jeffery Britt 
Charles Brown 
Rob Brunner 

Heather Allred 
Jeffery Anastas 
Wade Anderson 

Nalan Aslanoba 
Emily Austin 
Tara Ayer 




4 *"* 

« .. 

\ 1 / 

44 Freshmen 

Kim Bryant 
Kevin Burton 
Rudy Buynoch 
April Campbell 
Cristi Campbell 

Kristine Cangelosi 
John Carroll 
Patricia Carroll 
Chris Caruso 
Dale Castle 

Alison Chase 
Ed Clower 
Traci Cox 
Alice Cohen 
Lauren Connor 

John Croghan 
Kristin Culliton 
Sandi Cummings 
Souphab Daoheang 
Brian DeGraw 

Kimberly Deninger 
Pat Diamond 
Pam Dirks 
Brad Dixon 
Nora Doody 

Richard Dornhart 
Chris Dudley 
David Duggan 
JJ Dwyer 
Shannon Eads 

Freshmen 45 

46 Freshmen 

Sean Egan 
Kevin Evancho 
Rebekah Evans 
Toni Ferrell 
Leslie Fazio 

Tracy Fitzpatrick 
Casey Foulks 
Jason Franz 
Michael Fusilero 
Jennifer Gaffney 

Ronald Garsik 
Byron Garrett 
Angela Godwin 
Debra Goodwin 
Scott Goodman 

Keith Graf 
Jennifer Green 
David Grove 
Jean Haines 
Julie Harter 

David Hatcher 
Jacina Hayes 
Elizabeth Hemphill 
Trace/ Henry 
Todd Hickman 

Catherine Hicks 
Eleanor Hill 
Joseph Hobbs 
Bryan Hodges 
Carl Hoeger 

Jennifer Howard 
Rita Hunt 
Kim Irvln 
Hugh Jernigan 
Chris Jiran 

Brian Johnson 
Danette Johnson 
Eric Johnson 
Tony Johnson 
Justin Jordan 

Tara Kane 
Greg Kayel 
Kerry Keating 
Mercedes Keene 
Veso Kemppainen 

Devyn Kern 
Chris Kilkez 
Andrew Klum 
Erin Kluttz 
Stacey Kopf 

Niyada Korpajarasoontorn 
Jeanine Lanzon 
Davis Lee 
Annette Leonard 
Brian Lescrinier 

Deanna Leviner 
Janene Luzetsky 
Whitney Marschalk 
Greg Mottle 
Colleen Marx 

Freshmen 47 


Catherine Maxwell 
Danny McCorquodale 
Chris McDaniel 
Sam McKay 
Alison McLean 

Brian McMulen 
Tonya Murrell 
Allen Michael 
Lynn Mickles 
Scott Miller 

Greta Miles 
Bill Miskovich 
Sarah Moody 
Dan Moore 
Andy Morgan 

Tyler Morgan 
Akiko Murai 
Susan Musitn 
Catherine Murray 
Lisa Nash 

Tom Nelson 
Cherilyn Nucci 
Michelle O'Brien 
Yoshie Oka 
Jenna Papp 

Trisha Payne 
Jennifer Petrie 
Becky Pierce 
Ben Pribula 
Greg Prochnow 

48 Freshmen 


4//i. I'M j Kimberly Seese 

Sam Rankin 
Hoyden Re/chert 
Sr/on /?e/d 
Michelle Reynolds 
Brian Ritchie 

Missy Robbins 
Paige Robbins 
Bobby Robinson 
Erin Robinson 
Candace Romano 

Cynthia Romero 
Victoria Scott 
lata Seamone 

Donna Shields 
Chas Singleton 
Raman Sinha 
Dearon Smith 
V Monica Smith 

Shane Smith 
Jennifer Soos 
Mia Sossei 
Delia Stanley 
Luannd Steuber 

Carotann Stewart 
Julie Street 
Jennifer Suppa 
Michelle Sweeney 
Richard Swift 

Freshmen 49 

Jeffery Sykes 
Chad Taylor 
Tracy Tertzagian 
Jeanna Thomas 
Phil Thopmson 

Julie Trantham 
Bridget Treadaway 
Greg Trefz 
Stephen Turner 
Bryan Verrone 

Rich Waddington 
Susan Wall 
Terry Wallace 
Abby Watson 
Diane Watson 

Jill Watson 
Frank! Warevrton 
Karen Webb 
Marinda Westmoreland 
Shelly Whitaker 

Christie Whitlock 
Jenny Whitney 
Scott Williams 
Anne Winsor 
James Wollard 

Lisa Wommack 
Edward Woodlock 
Darren Wright 
Jill Yaeger 
Jon Yanek 

50 Freshmen 

Hong Yong 
Angle Yerkes 
Eddie Zitvogel 
Kim Cox 


Freshmen 51 


52 CEP 

CEP 53 


CLASS OF 1991 

Amanda Black 

54 CEP 

Robin Covington 

Dovid Crose 

Carolyn Dahmer 

Lori Flinchum 

Amy Frazier 

Mike Friel 

Marcus Hamm 

Stephen Hawkins 

Andy Hill 

Jeff Horton 

Sherry Huffstetler 

Betty Hurston 

Lorraine Jahn 

Richard Johnson, Jr. 

Trade Jones 

Linda Kenner 

CEP 55 

Janice Perdue 

Carolyn Phillips 

56 CEP 

Sara Raynor 

George Rendle 

David Riedl 

Katherine Roels 

Micheal Rose 

John Salmons 

Jeanne Schbttman 

Caroline Shelton 




Debora Shelton 

Trad Shore 

Alice Snead 

Donna Sykes 

William Tesh, Jr 

Anita Van Lew 

Patsy Willard 

Toni Woid 

CEP 57 




Amy Bennett 
Dianne Benson 
Chadwick Belton 
Teresa Billings 
Ginger Bodenheimer 

Robert Bolinger 
Vickie Bowling 
Donna Bowman 
Elisabeth Brown 
Craig Br/ttain 

Ed Brooks 
Jody Brown 
Kirk Brown 
Jan Bullord 
Sharon Butner 

Judith Byrd 
Jane Calloway 
Lisa Calloway 
Nancy Campbell 
Tina Castevens 

Debbie Albert 
Michael Alexander 
Susan Andrews 

Ivy Banner 
Carol Ban 
Amber Bennett 









58 CEP 

Christine Chapman 
Jim Chasteen, Senior 
Victor Clark 
Jeanette Cochran 
Pam Collins, Senior 

Scott Combs 
Tim Cope 
Angela Cranford 
Chuck George 
Rick Cranford 

Barbara Crowell 
Sharon Crisp 
Kathy Curtis 
Alan Cushman. Senior 
Kaaren Cushwa 

Martin Dailey 
Deborah Do/ton 
Chad Do/ton 
Shirley Donhell 
Allen Duke 

Earl Elliott 
Martha Elliott 
Deb/ Epperson, Senior 
Greg Estermyer 
Tonya Fan 

Gina Fisher 
Sharon Flippin 
William Fulp.lll, Senior 
Kim Gates 
Pam George 

CEP 59 

Elizabeth Glaettli 
Barbara Graham 
Faye Green 
Thomas Haizlip 
Amy Hall 

Wesley Harper 
Donna Harris 
Michelle Harris 
Jeanette Hartley 
Linda Henderson 

Gail Hiatt 
Roy Hiatt 
Rebecca Hiatt 
Sally Hogan 
Chris Hudson 

Lori Hurley 
Janet Idol 
Tom Ingram 
Margaret Jackson 
Paul Jackson 

Tiny Geter 
Jeff Johnson 
Nancy Johnson 
Terry Jones 
Melissa Joyce 

Yon King 
Gregory Lackey 
Sandra Lackey 
Hayden LaFon 
Angela Long 

60 CEP 




Richard Michaels 
Claudette Mickel 
Christine Mills 
Herschel Minfz 
Pat Moore 

Joni Morehead 
Charlene Moser 
Scott Mullis 
Aileen Munanfe 
Cathy Newsome 

Sherry Norn's 
Curtis Parker 
Brenda Parks 
David Parks. Senior 
Cheryle Parrish 

Deborah Patrick 
Jane Pike 
Johnny Poplin 
Bill Porter 
Richard Pugh 


CEP 61 

Angela Rawles 
Richard Barefoot 
Andrea Riddle 
Joseph Riddle 
Steve Roberson 

Kirk Saunders 
Jill Schlinger 
Lisha Scott 
Nancy Shanas 
Shelby Church 

Vicki Shoaf 
Maggie Shushkowski 
Pam Sink 
Mary Sistrunk 
Charles Smith Jr 

Sabrino Smitherman 
Chris Speas 
Tammy Sprinkle 
Greg Stewart 
Anthony Stillinger 

Sharon Tesh 
William Tesh 
Gloria Thomas 
Bob Thome 
Cecelia Voss 

Lynn Waterhouse 
Gwyn Wimmer, Senior 
Teri Wood 
Doris Wynn 
Martha Ziglar 

62 CEP 



rough at night 

H ^Lf%* ^" 

CEP 63 


Ms. Carol Bennett 

Mr. Robert Burns 
MPC-Ubrary Asst. 


• ' 


- ?■■ 

Mr. Charles Cloninger 

Mrs. Lillian Creech 
MPC Secruity 

Mrs. Kay Cromwell 
Admissions Advisor 

Mrs. Maggie Crow 

CEP Student Academic Advisor 

*v •» ■ 

• ■■'.•«. 


s^ ... 


Ms. Gail Curtis 

Coordinator of Student Services 

Mr. Richard Dull 
Business-Visiting Lecturer 

Mr. E.J. Friedenberg 

Kathy Garwood 

64 CEP 


1 - 

Mr. Keith Harrell 

Charlene Hill 
MPC Security 

Mr. Robert Howard 

Ms Maria Johnson 

Dr. Ronald Mann 

Dr. Charles Mactutus 

Dr. Roger Pearman 
Psychology-visiting lecturer 

Mr. Mike Rosenthal 
Business-visiting lecturer 

Mr. Steve Villone 

Mr. Karl Zajicek 

CEP 65 


In 1978, sixty-three working adults 
entered the HPC Continuing Education 
Program. In 1990, over 1200 Evening 
Degree students attended classes at 
the High Point and Winston-Salem 
Campuses, with an attendance of 
around 850 a session. Over 800 
Evening Degree students have 
graduated from High Point College to 

This dynamic program's modest 
beginnings took a unique course in 
1979 and began serving employees of 
the R.J. Reynolds Company on-site in 
Winston-Salem. Other area companies 
recognized the benefits of the program; 
and, in 1980, the Piedmont Area 
Evening Degree Association was 
formed. Classes met at the Thomas H. 
Davis Center of Piedmont Airlines and 
the R.J. Reynolds World Headquarters. 
In 1987, students from both of the 
Winston-Salem divisions began 
attending classes in a building erected 
by High Point College at Madison Park. 
In the Fall of 1988, classes in 
Winston-Salem were opened to the 
entire community; and, in January 
1990, the second Madison Park 
classroom building was added. 

Evening Degree Students, ranging in 
age from 21 to over 60, travel to High 
Point and Winston-Salem from 54 
towns and cities, realizing long-standing 
educational dreams and goals which 
often culminate into Bachelor of Arts 
and Bachelor of Science degrees. 

Being an Evening Student 
Debra Dalton-'92 

Juggling careers, classes and 
commitments, students in the 
Evening Degree Program perform 
balancing acts that are second only 
to Barnum and Bailey's. There is 
little time for sleep in such hectic 
lives, but we dream. Whether it is 
career advancement of attainment, 
starting out or starting over, we are 
all pursuing our dreams. 

66 CEP 

Graduating from the CEP 
Cindy 0'Neil-'91 

It was a scary decision, back 
then-giving up the comforts of a stable 
and secure life, risking failure, to pursue 
what seemed an impossible dream. 
There were times when I knew my 
family could take no more neglect, and 
that I never finish, but they did and so 
did I. 

I had made for myself a comfortable 
secure niche at High Point College, but 
now I must go-to the future where I will 
make scary decisions, risk failure, and 
puruse impossible dreams. 

CEP 67 


68 Faculty 

Faculty 69 


Dr. Gray Bowman 

Physical Sciences 

Mrs. Gerrl Chlsholm 


Dr. Troy Anders 

Business Administration 

Dr. Richard Bennington 

Business Administration 




Mr. William Cope 

Behavorial Sciences 

Dr. Lee Baker 


Mrs. Martha Blake 

Student Ufe 

Mrs. Betsy Dalton 

Asst. Dean of Admissions 

70 Faculty 

Close Relations 

In the classroom they are teacher and pupil; but 
outside there exists a special bond between the 
faculty and students of High Point College. The 
small student to teacher ratio is conducive to a 
friendly learning atmosphere that is rather 
unique. A student quickly realizes that their 
instructor is not only there to teach but is also 
to support both in and out of the classroom. 
Although there may be times when relations 
between them are strained, respect remains the 

i Mr. Ronald Dalton 

Director of Student Activities 

Ms. Andrea Dunham 

Fine Arts 

Dr. E. Roy Epperson 

VP of Administrative Affairs 

Mr. Gart Evans 

Dean of Students 

>?z -r 


Mr. Mike Everett 

Physical Education 

Dr. Falz Falzl 


Mr. Gary Foster 


Mr. Woody Gibson 

Physical Education 

Faculty 71 


Dr. Marcia Thompson prepares her 
final exam. 

Ms. Wendl Giles 

Area Coordinator-Complex 

Dr. Martha Gleaton 


Dr. Allen Goedeke 

Behavorial Sciences 

Ms. Sarah Gomez 

Learning Asst Center 

Dr. Vagh Hansen 

History/Political Science 

Ms. Chert Harrison 

Fine Arts 

72 Faculty 

Mr. Pat Haun 

Behavioral Sciences 

Mr. Bobby Hayes 

Director of Media Relations 

Mrs. Gerry Hill 


Dr. Marlon Hodge 


Mr. David Holt 


Mr. Ed King 

Business Administration 

Faculty 73 

Unique Individuals 

Who are the faculty and staff? The faculty and 
staff are the unique individuals that form the 
backbone and order of High Point College. 
They are the roots of experience that provide 
guidance and support as the students bloom 
and grow. These individuals are the ones that 
provide knowledge designed to complete our 
college education. However, the faculty and 
staff can only offer the education; the students 
are the ones that apply the knowledge. 


Mr. Ron Law 

Fine Arts 

Mr. John Letter 

VP of Institutional Advancement 

Dr. Barbara Leonard 


Mr. Vemon Liberty 


Dr. Jacob Martinson 

President of the College 

Mrs. Ms Mauney 

Business Administration 

Mr. Phillip McBrayer 

Business Administration 

74 Faculty 


Ms. Tamara Patton 

Foreign Language 

Dr. Ed Piacentlno 


Mr. Rick Proctor 

Physical Education 

Ms. Helena Quiring 

Area Coordinator-Finch 

Faculty 75 

\ i 




Dr. Ron Ramke 

Behavioral Sciences 

Ms. Dean Royall 

President's Secretary 

Mr. Jim Schllmmer 

Dean of Admissions 

Ms. Georgeanna Sellers 


Mrs. Alice Sink 


Ms. Dottle Souder 

Asst. Dean of Students 

76 Faculty 

Mr. James Speight 

Physical Education 

Mr. Jim Spessard 

College Accountant 

Dr. Richard Spong 

Behavioral Sciences 


Mr. Jerry Steele 

Physical Education 

Mrs. Catherine Steele 

Physical Education 

Dr. James Stltt 

History I Political Science 


^B^Sp $>r 

f / 

Mrs. Kay Stroud 

Financial Aid 

Dr. Marcla Thompson 

Foreign Language 

Ms. Marilyn Williams 

College Counselor 

Faculty 77 


78 Greeks 



Greeks 79 


The Panhellenic Council is the 
governing body of the four 
sororities on campus. With weekly 
meetings to chart the progress of the 
sororities, Panhell directs the girls in 
the direction of operating and 
managing the group in the spirit of 
the greek system. Each year Panhell 
sponsors Spring Rush; this year rush 
was held Jan 21-25. This year's rush 
was a great success for all involved. 

Members of each sorority participated in the Samantha Dillon-VP. Luanne Browder-Treos.. 
Fall activities fair. Amy Gates-Pres., Allison Webb-Secretary 

Row 1: Wendy Giles-Advisor. Samantha Dillon. Stacey McElroy, Amy Aiken 
Row 2: Gwen Martin. Luanne Browder. Amy Gates. Allison Webb. 

The panhellenic officers at 
Activities Day 

80 Greeks 

Row 1: Vic Zuczek Don Huggins. Kevin Co/e, Kenny Gargiulo, Brian Cox, Todd Matthiesen, 
Steve Woodward. Row 2: Rob Baiad, John Beale, Paul OToo/e, Steve Hughes, Mike Claywell. 
Row 3: Ralph Barber, Al Arrigoni. Row 4: Lee Hunter. Mike Urian. Mike Usansky. Brian , 
Steven O'Connor. 


The IFC serves as the governing 
body of the four campus 
fraternities. The organization 
consisits of the Executive Council 
and four representatives from each 
fraternity. IFC has become much 
more active this year by sponsoring 
community service projects and 
social projects. The highlight for the 
year for IFC is Greek Week. The 
members plan and oversee the 
entire week. IFC also has a judical 
committee to solve any problems 
among the fraternities. 

Row 1 : Rob Baiad. Mike usansky, and Kenny 
Gargiulo-Social Chairmen. Row 2: Todd 
Matthiesen-Vice-President, Vic Zuczek-Treasurer, Al 
Arrigoni-President, Brian Boger-SGA Representative. 
Missing-Brian Baxter-Secretary. 

Greeks 81 

Kappa Delta Garnmo Gamma 

Gamma Gamma Chapter of 
Kappa Delta proves that they 
are "unique but united" by their 
involvement in campus activities. 
Their victory in intramural sports and 
other awards and recognitions make 
them shine above the rest. Their 
fundraisers supported their national 
philanthropy; the National Committee 
for the Prevention of Child Abuse. 
Kappa Delta also supports a local 
philanthropy; the YWCA. They were 
proud to have a KD on the 
Homecoming Court again this year. 
They looked forward to a successful 
RUSH in January amidst all of their 
studies and activities. Their 
awesome bond of sisterhood 
continued to grow through their 
involvement together and we are 
proud to be Kappa Deltas!! "Let Us 

EC: Krista Plenesky-Sec, Sandy 
Sarnowski-Mem. Jen Reid-Treas. Kim 
Long-Pres, Jen Walter-Asst. Treas missing: 
Anissa Yates-V-P, Katie Beres-Ed 

Row 1 A Chose A Carter. N Goody K Irvin C Nuca. £ Novak. L Drezm J Carpenter w Field C Onufneczek. C Mechler. K Seese. 
Row 2 S. Ucaussi S Schneider A Andrews. J Howard A Robinson. K Keating. K Denlnger S Boliey L Lynch J. Soos. J Reid, J Steele. 
W Cottell M White D Porter Row 3 L Walters. J Raymond. M Frasler. A Aitken. T Shostak S Sarnowski N Matheny. K. Brunner. L 
Moteer. J Walter. A Spngg. G Dawson T Crawford. J Hutchins. J Raymond. J Hughes. H Berg Row 4- L McGarrigan. K. Spenser. K. 
Plenesky K Painter. K Graham. C McGuire. L Heasley. S Selonder. C. Rockwell. C Herring K Long K McKnlght J Walters. M Swltzer 
K Hay A Webb. P Knopf 

82 Greeks 

IB/'g Sis Anissa and Little Sis Kelli before the T990 
: Sisters Dance. 

Kappa Delta Seniors gather for one more 

Kimmy. Allison, and Melissa before 

Did You Hear? 

Thrifty. SNAP! Leave me alone! 

M.C.: It's not quite finished yet. We got 

the evidence! 
Speedy: MAN, The FIRE CHIEF hasn't put 

out the fire yet!! 
Donald: I've been GOOSED by a HORSE!! 
ICKEY: Have you tasted the sap at the 

top of the tree? 
Cpt. Hook: Are you checked on your 

Bill's yet? 
The Great: Hey baby, catch that motion 

in the mirror 
Suspence. Hove you checked the mail 

Little Pig: When he huffs and puffs, does 

he blow your house down? 
Kraut How are the Heinies overseas? 
Shacker: I'm going to Sigs house-ca// my 

jeep escort later. 
Onefriedchick: He's so baiad-no I mean 

Frenchy / mode the the Dean's 

Jiz: / love him but I'm not IN love with 

Spandex: My car was worth so much 

more than I got! 
Friend: Don? be ridiculous, we're just 

OB-HELLO:: He's in my class-l can't be 

Chicken legs. Wanna Dance?!? 
Laurihead: Stop yeling butthead! 
Darlin' Nikki: I'm in love for the very 2ND 

K.D.: Because he loves me. 
The Cat: Oh my God. ..You're gonna 

die... GUESS what happened? 
Voss: Eww! I don't like him. 
Ravon Nice hangover! 
Hacopian: When's Missy coming 

back... Wednesday I? 
Shotgun: The POWER failure lead to a 

dead duck and a flaming Sungoddess. 
Chickenman: Help! I'm stuck in Finch 

and I can't get out! 
Carolina: Is that Chedder or Swiss?! 
Jane Fonda: / have to get in shape for 

my Pumpkin and his fuzzy legs. 
Barb: I've had some salad so now I can 

Have dessert. 
Toast: No stiff-legged orange flamingos! 
Tardy: Scrub it with Comet first. 
Crop toose lips sinks Sigs. 
Perky: Who? Who is it? Let me put my 

eyes in. 
Ware: Just how TALL is too tall? 
Roy: Does the court make your shoes 

squeak when you cheer? 
747 We knew you liked to draw but we 

didn't know you DREW that well. 
Mennis Which one is it this week? 
Sis: Sorry, I don't date anyone under 20. 
Choice. Don't you get tired of hearing 

yourself talk? 
Stacey Sober: Its just a promise ring!!!!! 
Parrot: VouVe got to tf $%/**&& recycle!!!! 
Perma Grin: / con? find my keys, but in 

the mean time hand me a TRAFT b r. 
Ditto: All of the above!! 

Greeks 83 

Did You Hear? 

Prez-Maby if I give her a banana she'll 

hook up with me 
Mongo-I'll beat your *!*>& if you give me 

a quote 
Freddie the Freeloader-Will work for 


Sid-Hey grimace, can you bring 

hamburgler back for Clymer? 
Mr. Goodwrench-Ripley doesn't even 

believe half the stuff I say 
Steroid Jr.-So what you out FOXXED me, 

I can still lift more than you 
Don wanna be-Hold on Mary-Margaret, 

I'll tell you if I like you. I have to ask 

Donnie first. 
Camera Geek I know you all are talking 

about my race car jacket behind my 

Spaz-Catherine-your on Tues. and Thurs., 

Christy-your on Mon. and Wed., and 

Mami-your on the weekends 
Leach got off of the Jett. to bum off of 

Pee Wee Herman-Charles Atlas started 

out at 97 lbs., there is still hope for me 
Kock-So what if no one likes me, I can 

still beat you at ping-pong 
Birdman-So what if she moved in, we 

are still just friends 
Max Hedroom-Yo Aniss, dude, we're 

lavalered now dude, you know what 

I'm sayin aude 
Flounder-Peace, Love, and my guitar 
Lugnut-This is the first time I've ever been 

around to read my quote 
Kadiver-You guys will see me at the 

Dead show in Charlotte 
Homecoming King-It took me 4 

headbands. 200 tins of dip, and a 

girlfriend, but I finally made it 
G-Rock-To all my fans and friends in 

High Point, I'll be back 
Cheezeball-I'm coaching soccer at the 

University of Wisconsin, High Point 

College campus 
Marmaduke-April Rightmirell! 
Eternal Pledge-Amy Marshall!!! 
Dad-With looks like mine, who needs rap 
Spot-So what if my feet are funky, no 

girls have seen them except the 2 

Baiad-Fat is in, don't you read GQ 
Hitler-I do to come out of my apartment 

on the week-ends 
Goya Bean- Michele, I swear all I want 

to see is your tatoo. 

F.C, P. Fagans-Chaplain. J.Firkin-Treas.(90). 
j.Parker-Treas.(91). C.CIymer-Rush. R.Barber 
Secretary. R.Baiad-Social. D.Huggins-Pres.. 
EPattik-VP. V.Zuczek-Pledge Marshall 

Don and Nicky enjoy a beautiful Saturday at 
the intramural field. 

Row IJeff Parker. Drew McNaughton. Mario Gomez. Ralph Barber. Rick Morgan, Rob Baiad. 
Garry Roy. Row 2: Jeff Firkin. Phil Fagans. Jenny McGuire-Robb, Joe Hobbs, Kyle Pike. Greg Trefz. 
Dan Moore. Jon Simons. Ed Patfik. Shane Simmons. Phil Thompson. Brian McMullen, Chris 
McCollum. Drew Sheldnck. Vic Zuczek. Terry Wallace. Don Huggins. Missing.Dan O'Brien. Chad 
Frye. Wmgnut Ted Blaicher. John Beale. Mike SparrowJohn Cloud Bob Staab 

84 Greeks 

7ihe Theta Chi Brothers take a break from their 
volunteer work at A Day in the Park. 

Theta Chi 

Epsilon Alpha 

The Epsilon Alpha Chapter of 
Theta Chi fraternity has been 
found on the campus of High Point 
College since April 11, 1954. The 
1990-91 school year brought many 
changes for the chapter. The 
acquisition of fraternity houses has 
only enhanced the close brotherhood 
found in Theta Chi. With the help of 
the established Alumni program, 
Theta Chi was able to renovate the 
house. From remodeling the house 
to the dances and mixers, Theta Chi 
had a very successful year. Made up 
of student leaders from over 10 
different organizations, Theta Chi is 
second to none on the HPC campus. 
Alma mater first and Theta Chi for 
Alma mater. 

Rick and Binger hang out at the newest 
addition to the Theta Chi house-a pool. 

The new pledges show off their excitement at 
the 1991 Theta Chi Drags 

Greeks 85 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

Delta Gamma 

The Zetas of the Delta Gamma 
Chapter share a special 
friendship. Each sister is an 
individual, but together they make up 
a unique group. The letters ZTA can 
be seen all over campus through 
their involvement in many 
organizations such as volleyball 
team, field hockey team, SGA, 
Tower Players, International Club, 
and many more. They support a 
philanthropy, the Association for 
Retailed Citizens. The sisters of Zeta 
Tau Alpha share many things, they 
look forward to dances including the 
100th Link Ball and Masquerade 
Ball, also mixers, work projects, and 
special birthday dinners. Most of all, 
the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha know 
that ZTA is forever! 

ZTA Pledges on Bid Day 

■»;-fVv» i"; - -; 


- - -J ■ *» 

■.~a r ..T : 


. -.■ ■■■'■'.' 

.— '*-*.."-" 


■ ,- V 

• • - 


EC. Front Jennifer Williams-Jreas. Erica Fischer-Pres. Kim 
Spelker-lst VP Back Colette Arsenautt-Ritualist. LuAnn 
Browder- Panhell Rep . Jami Walsh-Secretory missing Dora 
Johnson-2nd VP, Lynn Adams-Membership. Karen 

Bottom Row S Puttenburger S Patterson. D Golinsky. D Query C Colston. L Mickles. K. Bryant S> Heath. J Bassetl. L Wommock. A 
McLean. E Fischer M Combs. K Sober, A. Atwell. J Williams. K Bradley. A Viener P Prokop Caude Middle Row S Poole. S. Bowe. J 
Walsh. L Bums M Burke. C Arsenault. K Olsen. T Undley. K Williamson. E Albright. P Robbins 8 Wynne C Lynch. K Jones. C Gwaltne/ 
k Spelker. P Braaiey. C Gigleman K Hughes. D Hill. Top Row C OBriant. L. Browder. S Roshleou G Martin P Gwoltney. L Kanakiy, H 
Williams. S Pendegraph. M Murphy. W Helms K Morcom. L. Fazzio. J Donnety. A Williams. J Kaney. S Gray. D Kern. C Swing. J 

86 Greeks 

The Sisters welcome new pledge Joanna Kaney. 

ZTA sisters gather for a picture 

Did You Hear? 

Michelle Combs: Quick, tell me some 

gossip, I don't hear anything. 
Jen: Does anyone have anything I can 

wear, my roommate and her wardrobe 

are in CT, I'm in mourning!! 
Ellen: GPA??? Social life-4.01! I love guys 

with tatoo's!! 
Lynn: All you girls with boyfriends, beware 

I'll be back. (We love you Lynnie.) 
Mlmi: AAh, if anything, I admire the way 

WH&KB: Everything changes when you kiss 

a boy!! 
Jami: Ok, I'll try to stick to just Kevin this 

LuAnn The road to is paved with I. drinks. 
Steph M.: I'm dyin' over here. 
Shan Pend: Everyone suffers form the pain 

of life. 
Paiger: Do I really have to, well I guess I'll 

grin and bear it! 
Spongier: Men Don't Think!! 
Dana: Quick, I'm stressing, give me a 

Carrah: Norm get off the babysitter! 
Sunny: NEVER get tired of lying out. Gee 

Trice-We have something in commonl! 
Doolittle But they both promised that they 

didn't have girlfriends at home! Where's 

Dawn? ABSOLUT Billy Joel Forever! 
Shrub: I didn't know! Nobody ever tell me 

Hughes: No Actually I'm not graduating 

Cheese: I think too much! I thought it was 

me. He keeps me soooooo curious! 
Booger: No I'm not ALWAYS with Danny! 
Sherry: I agree with Spangler, men don't 

Spelker: Kim and Tall Paul 
Wendy Horton Look, Look, another spot! 
Dawn Q: Are you sure you're just friends 

with her. Biff? 
Trice: No, I don't need a Pattik on my door. 

Gee Steph-you're right! We do Have 

something in common! 
Smash: No guys. Flipper and I aren't argu- 
ing, we're having a discussion, 
Alisha Keep your priorities straight, make 

lists and you'll be just fine. 
Tara: Eew, don't be soooo gay. 

Greeks 87 

Did You Hear? 

A-Dog-Don? look at my sister that way 

Daddy/m not realty that old 

PeeWee-/ finally got some 

Spaz-Vb man I'll be there In a second. I'm cutting a 

Bubbles-Mi ' Large and Doin Damage 
Elmoiouanne and l we're just friends 
Sluggo-Anyone have any noodles 
WHson-OG/ecf ion! Objection, I said!. Come on guys 

Spicole-Hey guys am I getting any bigger 
RatUauren. / really love you 
Norman Bates-/ am at Connies if you need me 
Tucker-Suspended. Suspended, Probation, Suspended. 

you're all out of here 
Clayplss-Does this look big to you? 
Strut-/ hove no money now but I'll see you later on the 

golf course 
Ace-College, the best six years of my life 
J.CAook at Oat 

Jerry Curie-/ thought I got a C in that class 
Nils-Dead cut's make me last 
Midaz Muffle-Any I'm taking you to Midas for a new 

Garrt ' want a re-count, Gant won I forgot to vote 
Duffer- Katherine's the one far meP.I mean Julie's the 

one for me!?... 
Percy-Vou sink or you swim in this world fellows 
Fez-M/hou ya! 
Splc-Come on guys / really live at the house, just ask 

O-McnMfl women-/ have them 
Gibber-' do everything for the fraternity 
Godbey A house, when did we get one of those 7 
Hambone-A// women at HPC love me 

Tall Paul-/ om fa love again 

Biff-Down scratch my back please I have an itch 

Chipper-Anyone hove a tissue 

Huber-M/ne's longer than yours 

Booberry-Don? worry Darren, it's only a sprain 

Sloeden-Z-tey mere 

D anani ma I Tiny, can I borrow it for the night 

Lundstrum Hey Nate, What are you doing 

Tumbleweed-No report, but ... 

Chickenhawk-AnyOody see my teeth 

Tiny-usfen here you little fat "&.«, clean up the yard 

and get me some doughnuts 
Drunk-Anyone got a non-alcoholic beverage 
Sir Plnter-Now what do you want Sluggo 
Clit-Hey remember, Nerds breed Nerds 
New Kid-Hey babe, come up and see my light show 
Spellwell Who soys you need a High School Diploma to 

graduate from HPC 
Chunky /m here on on Intramural Scholarship 
Jocko-Its college-you don't have to shower 
Kiwi-Stop calling me turtle, I'm the hooded soldier 
Fllpper-/'m a totally different person when I drink 
Nate-ttey Lundstrum. what are you doing 
Joe Bore-'m really not that bor ..z-z-z-z-z 
Brown Hornet-Bend over Daddy soys 
Fat Jom-Reaily, she never has before 
Vann- Sorry It just woun't work 
Brad-Cuc/es for girls, that's what I'm doing 
Beneou-tfow ooouf some BHY 
Pig-Don 't pick on me or I'll quit 
Nash-305 does not comply with my needs 
Kyle-Am / the onty one who tikes Wilson' 7 
Chad-Judy. Judy. Jydy 
Colonel Jom-Hey, look at me when I'm talking to you 

Rannucl Here / go again 

Row 1: A. Thomson and M. Urion. Row 2: T. Cloggetf, G. Motile, R. Woddington, C Davis, D. 
Huber, S. Leary, C Matthews. J. Hollawoy, A. ArrigonL A. Alley, L Fedehco, B. Biankenship, J. Cutler, 
A. Mays, T. Derosa, J. Wilson, Row 3: E. Royer, R. Davis. M. Benou, J. Lundstrum, K. Thompson, N. 
Walsh, L Capshaw, M. Riva, A. Tooley, M. Cross, A. Duff, M. Ctaywell, B. Bowles, C. Howell, I 
O'Keefe, I Shoemaker, B. Mundy. Row 4: D. Alwine, W. Bounds, J. Ferrell, S. Bernard, R. Wooten, K. 
Gargiuio. S. O'Connor, P. Hanlin, C. Andrews, J. Wright, B. Shipwash, J Bathefano, E. Brewer, R. 
Reynolds J. Gibbs, S. Kruger, B. Boger, D. Koehier, D. Duncan 


Lambda Chi's before Don Ho. 

Kenny G.. Louis. Paul, Flipper, and Nils dressed 
up for a night out with the Zeta's. 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

lota Phi Zeta 

The Iota Phi Zeta chapter of 
Lambda Chi Alpha is very proud 
to be the recipient of High Point 
College's first fraternity of the year 
award. This was given for the 
1989-90 school year. They make it a 
point to be very involved in school 
organizations as well. President of 
the SGA, Alpha Chi Honor Society, 
Tower Players, and IFC include 
members of Lambda Chi Alpha. As 
well as with the school, we feel that 
it is equally important to be active in 
the community. Their community 
service was highlighted by 
sponsoring a Rock-A-Thon for the 
United Way, serving lunch at the 
Father's Table, and continued 
support of Mills Home Orphanage in 
Thomasville. Through all of this, their 
members have grown stronger in 
friendship and the desire to help 

Fun in the Sun at Myrtle 

L-R: Paul Hanlin-Sec. Louis Federico-Frat. Ed. Mike Urain-Pres., Kenny 
Gariulo-Rush. Austin Alley-social. Brian Boger-Ritualist. Al Arrigoni-VP. Tucker 
Claggett-Scholarship, Eric Royer-Treas. 

Greeks 89 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

Epsilon Pi 

There was no better place to be in 
1990-91 than with Alpha Gamma 
Delta. The Gams excelled in every 
facet of High Point College life. This 
year brought a new beginning with 
the move to Millis. Their red and buff 
roses along with their mascot the 
squirrel could be seen in almost 
every room. After many hours of 
painting, the bare walls came alive 
with AGD. The sorority placed its 
mark all over campus as well. The 
Gams had 4 representatives on the 
homecoming court, and Stacey 
DePew was crowned queen. The 
men of PKA named Chris Premock 
their dreamgirl. Gams are involved in 
almost every organization on 
campus. Perhaps the best thing 
about the Alpha Gams was that no 
matter how many activities they 
participated in, they did it together. 

Row 1: L Connor, J Andochter, J. Brandt, T. 
Carroll, A Watson. W. Wilcox. H. Reichart. K. 
Webb. A. Dartez. D. Watson. N. Terry. Row 2: 
J. Warhurst. J Grubbs. R. Scarboro. C Foulks. 
A. Clinard. C. Smith, J. Tertzgian. J. Harter, C. 
Meredith. M. Sossei. A. Colonno. Row 3: J. 
Papp. D Ferrara. S. Dillon. S. Mock. K. Fagin. 
J. Poll. B. Fox. M. Coe. K. Pfeifer. J. Kalil. J 
Brams, H. Brady, M.M. Linker, L Sheets, J. 
Schroeder, J. Roberson, Row 4: A. Bounassisi, 
K Brown, M. Condron. A. Powell. M. 
Haggerty, S. Mallett, J. Mallett. A. Marshall. K. 
Carper. J Sanguliano. Row 5: B Copes, D. 
Stutz, C Cadley. A Radinsky. S DePew. S. 
McElroy. L. Joyner. L Blakely. C Premock. A. 
Kintigh. D. Holman. M. Jordan 

90 Greeks 







\ i 

y i 


The d/p/ia Gamma Delta Officers. 

Did You Hear? 

Soccer Queen. The Menace is at your door, and 

Woolsey's back for more. 
Speedy How many guys did you kiss on Halloween? 
Absent You went Combing through the woods and 

screamed Tim-ber. 
Belle Southern you may be but it's Northern nen you 

do send 
JAP You're always upset when that girl phones, but it's 

ok when you bring JJ home. 
Nlsey Wee Wee I love you K-Y-M-: When Bill isn't 

around Nitty can be found 
Topher When John leaves you cry. Todd & Van make 

the sparks fly. 
Bannana She likes her Campbell's Soup, but it's always 

Cap Duke. 
Mac Attack I've never been caught without my PJ's 
Cadley Since you feel Robbed. Tighe does the job. 
Kondomn. Matt L Brad. Matt V.. and Andrew, which 

one makes you feel beautiful? 
My Sweet: So uncommitted are you, only ofhers' 

boyfriends will do. 
Jen M. Is there anything you don't do? 
Finally Did Charlie Brown show you the Peanuts. 
Aerobics So little time to spend with Mike, butt when 

you get together it's all right 
Crybaby The tears you cry ar of Sig green, but it's 

Mike Penry in your dreams. 
Know-it-all You wanf to ride a Von and Soren like a 

Chickenhowk with Cox. 
Percy The sigs were done, and now Bill is 1 . 
Lambda Chi. Older men have it all. 
Baseball. No more ploying the fields, Paul always hits 

Pukely You're so tall with Bishop, Copt Dave and 

Kenny G, you thought youd hod it all. 
Dead: Is Todd realty a God, or does Walt make you 

Terrence So the sixty year old man was putty in your 

Tex So. how was you trip down to Ausitn? 
Attitude. Will you ever escape from the claws of Kretz 

or will you stay caught in his net? 
Whlner He Combs your hair out of your face, but 

things were accomplished at Mason's Place. 
Chunk; Dove may be your rove, but flirting keeps you 

Trainer Dan 
Minnie Whipped 

Foundation: Under the stars you thought you saw Mars 
M&M: After all the guys that had you fooled, is there 

anyone left at this school? 
Mustang: Who are you? 
Phllemlna What Rhode did you ride to find a certain 

Lit' Deb Did something in that Brooks make you 

Punk Have you been flying even HIGHER in space 

Moongtow Driving to ODU is a very nice view, but it's 

Vernon that keeps you burning 
Miss AGD Ernie, Jason, Greg, and Brad all men make 

you mod. 
Freckle-butt Rickey, John. Walt, & Flipper what a zoo 
Blacky, is it the sigs that you digor Pikes moke you 

Dues Diamonds are a girl's best friend especially when 

it's 88s money you spend. 
Petrl-dlsh What's it like to think pink? 
Gudio Yes, your Puff looks big but we heard Tucker 

makes you pucker. 
Crow Ricky was icky so you were UVA bound, but 

under the rug it was Doug we found. 
Axl Guns & Roses is your passion but Kenny G's love 

music keeps you thrashing 
Hair Sig. Pike. Lambda Chi.Who will be that Theta Chf. 

Greeks 91 

Did You Hear? 

Big Spender Guys, / have a 2.0 and I 

want to keep my office. 
AGAL Man, you can have her back! 
Toby: It's not Georgia that's on my mind 
Farkus: Vou and your girlfriend need to 

get a tan. 
E for Effort: / installed an early detection 

device. I tapped Carper's phone. 
Shocker: Thank God the shower washed 

it off. 
Blotch: She knows I like her, she saw the 

little red thing. 
Mr. Cash: It takes two to drive a sentra. 
Bob Villa: April's showers bring no 

Dong: / speak international language of 

Respect: Hole in the wall, put it on my 

bilL.broken glass, put it on my bill. 
Study Break: Tic foe foe, five Gams in a 

Kindergarden Cop: Dude, the shower 

works all night. 
Homer What do I need to stay in shape 

for, I'm lavaliered. 
Spielberg: And now when she walks 

backwards, I hear a beeping noise. 
Nautlius A couple of steroids and a 

bunch of oxy and I'm cured. 
Jungle Jim. Don? be mad, fAiey call me 

a giraffe. 
Sideburns: Good week-end.. pass. 
Flasher: The Nintendo's great, even 

Diane can operate it. 
Quasimodo: I'm depressed, I'm gonna 

go watch Mathers a while. 
Alex's House. Yes all the waitresses 

know my name. 
Exit: My one phone call goes to Kevin 

Booberry I just don't like him Conk-man. 
Stinky: A pinky ring make for a good 

Furniture. 7he cavity creeps attacked my 

Wookie Once a month keeps it special. 
Muhammid: /'// fix the hole in the wall 

after I fix the one in my head. 
Siblings. I'm good to go with a little 

funky cold Betina. 
Afro: While in England. I want to be the 

Rugby Queen. 
WOP: I'm getting a moon roof so my 

head will fit in the Pathfinder 
Homerun Krusty didn't like it so he used 

the Chin wiggle 
Ghost: Who is Dave Leffler? 
Hercules: Vitella. what's your secret? 
UNCW Meg. I never dated any of those 


Row 1: Todd Matthiesen. Dave Ratchford, Keith Scott. John Grogan. Mike Fuserella, Richard 
Dornhart, Chris Wright. Row 2: Dave Hall, Kevin Cole, Mark Woolsey, Sam Barteletta. Bill Miskivich, 
Pete Hutchinson, Ron Garick, Steve Woodward, Charlie Brown. Will Berry, Brian Smith, Paul Vitella, 
Row 3: Gary Parker, Pete Dierks. Sam Lowery. Jay Unthank, Jimmy Elmore. Andrew Johnson. Brian 
McCarty, Mike Flynn. Carter Massey, Row 4: Jimmy Kretz. Jimmy Keith. Todd Gillespie, Dave 
Leffler. Brian Cox, Row 5: Jimmy Raymond, Scott Combs, Yves Fischer Terrence Donovan, Brain 
Baxter. John Carey 

92 Greeks 

" Brian. Brian. Alan, Todd, and Walt take a break 
from parking cars at Day in the Park. 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Delta Zeta 

The Delta Zeta chapter had one of 
the most successful years ever in 
1990. With the highest rating among 
Fraternities, Delta Sigma Phi was 
awarded the first pick in fraternity 
houses and their new home became 
905 Montlieu. This year they 
received awards from the National 
office for the highest G.P.A. on 
campus and for the most improved 
Sig chapter in the nation. Delta 
Sigma Phi was founded on 
December 10, 1899 at the City 
College of New York, and their 
chapter, Delta Zeta, was founded on 
April 7, 1957. Their colors are green 
and white and their charity is the 
March of Dimes. The fraternity 
symbols are the pyramid and the 

Keith and Eyal at Sphinx Ball 1990, 

EC: front: Kevin Cole-Treasurer, Keith 
Scott-Secretary, Dave Ratchford-Vice-President, 
Scott Combs-Sergeant-at-Arms, back: Todd 
Matthiesen-President. John Carey-Pledge 

Greeks 93 

Gamma Zeta 

Phi Mu is a lifetime of friendship 
and memories. The Phi Mu's 
were involved in a variety of campus 
activities . Even with the many on 
campus activities, they also 
supported their two Philanthropies, 
Project Hope and the Children's 
Miracle Network. Along with these, 
they were active within the 
community. They helped the Boy 
Scouts of High Point with the Jerry 
Lewis Telethon. Although they were 
busy, they always found time for 
some fun. Their sorority functions 
included a Sisters' Dance, a Pledge 
party, Phi Mu Weekend and the 
Senior Picnic, as well as the normal 
mixers. Throughout the year, 
friendship and memories were 
created to last a lifetime. They are all 
unique individuals, but together they 
are the sisters of Phi Mu! 

EC: Amie Gates-Treasurer, April 
Rightmire-President, Marcella Squires-Rush 
Chairman. Jenifer Smith-Secretary, 
missing-Christina Highfill-Phi Director. 

Front: Marcella Squires, Dana Greenfield. Middle: Deana Collins. Cindy Harvey. Debbie Goodwin, 
Sharon O'Bnmski. Corinne Buonocore. Tracey Fitzpatrick Back: Amie Gates Wendy Ruiter, April 
Rightmire. Amanda Herrmann. Bonnie-Jean Dillon. Jen Smith 

94 Greeks 

Marcella, April, and Amie before Sisters Dance. 

Samantha, Leigh Ann, Jenifer, and fiondo 
pause for a picture. 

Phi Mu on Big Sister/Little Sister Night. 

Did you hear? 

Toilet 1; The mad dog queen! 

DO. Has your picture shown up in any 

magazines yet? 
Hopester It's a little hot to be wearing 

Honors: Did he take it off? 
Dean: Are you stealing dates again? You 

Bunny. Did the Theta Chi's get a good peep 

OO-: How 'bout them Pikes?! Even him! 
Dolphin: How was Andrew? 
Buo, How 'bout them Theta Chi's?! 
Bertha: Is your tongue bruised by Beastie, 

Toilet 2: When I get tipsy I get vocal about 

Sam-an-tha: Where were your shoulder 

pads sewn? 
RA from : How was the show 214? 
The S-2: I've worshipped at the Sig temple. 
Dino: Have you been under the table lately? 
Shab What's green and white and waves in 

the air? 
Sicko / guess they can afford rocks at WFU? 
Triangle: All it cost was $2 and a zipper! 
B King: B Matters!! 

Greeks 95 

Did You Hear? 

Bishop. Cleaned Barlowe's yard with 

Homiak Sound the siren, Homiak's 

heading for bed. 
'Dres: Two arms, two legs, one hood. 
Mathers: If the bagel fits, wear it. 
Ferg Leave me alone about 

Sambo. Who, Sarah? Oh, we're just 

Parker: Bishop really deserved the 

Mikey Nuh, Tanya. Pull that plug. 
PJ Have you had another can of Fancy 

Albacore lately. 
Hughes: Well-Nationals says... 
O'Cool. It'll grow back. 
Tucker: / can dunk, I swear. 
Larkin: Stappas for President. 
Kilbride. Next time, wait 'til you leave the 

Hibb: Oh Yeah, I'd like to see you make 

me shut up! 
Dancy: No dirt on me. 
Simon: Laminated 
Mason. If anyone else hooks with my 

sister. I'll kill you. 
Pinsky Sport in' the pepperoni yamiko. 
Lee: Jack Tripper. But Mr. Kidwell... 
Wave, I'd glady pay you Tuesday- 
Gary: Judicial 4:00 Thursday. 
Clark: Whip me-Whip me-finally hurts so 

Mulvaney. Got six packed lately? 
Storm: Me Forest. Jenna 
Tim: Enough said... 

FKelley Ssssss....pass the cheese, please. 
Mills: No, someone left it in my room. 
Chip: Honey, we should both lose a few 

Vemon: When I grow up, I wanna be 

Scott Bishop. 
Glenn: Mr. Mircophone. 
Green: Honest Officer, it's really salt. 
Van Veelen. Don and Jill went up the 

hill with a $1.50 each, Dan came 

down broke. 
Reefe. / liked Sesame Street so much, I'm 

dating Big Bird. 
Pat P.: Hey Rob-Can you pass me my 

Strawser Mote o run for the border. 
Kidwell. Gotta pay the rent man. 
Cary: When I was 3. ..Then when I was 

Vogel Pardon me are fhose Bugel Boy 

jeans you're wearing? 
Gus: Favorite Sport: Hog Wrestling in 

Quigley Hold me back man, I wanna kill 

Camp: / went out hunting Beaver and 

came back with a Baber!! 
Lambert. Acted out any movies lately? 
Haun. Next thing I knew, I was in a 

strange hotel room in Chapel Hill. 

Pat Haun breaks with the Pikes. 

Pi Kappa Alpha Brothers at the annual 
Christmas Dance. 

96 Greeks 

ft few Pikes busy at work on the interior of the 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Delta Omega 

The Brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha 
have thus far enjoyed a very 
successful year. With the addition of 
their new chapter house, and the 
initiation of all of their pledges last 
year, they have set out to improve 
themselves in ever aspect. So far 
this year, they have had strong 
showings in all intramural sprots, 
several campus and community 
projects, such as adopting a stretch 
of highway, two very successful 
rushes, and their first black tie social 
event in many years. The 
Brotherhood looks forward to a 
successful end to the year especially 
hosting their first regional leadership 
conference in February. 

/lembers: On Porch: Jamie Mancuso, Miek Lambert, Chris Dudley, Kevin Burton. Chip Crutchfield, 
tucker Mum, Mark Mathers, PJ Newman, Matt Larkin. Shawn Powers, Blake Dianco. John. Brad 
libbard, Blen Mum, Forrest Scruggs, David Nesbitt, Gary Cook. On Steps: Tim Clark. Greg Pinsky. 
iteve Hughes, Todd, Todd Dwyer. Todd Brannon, Paul OToo/e, Scott Reefe. Cany Stansil, Simon 
/larks, Mason Linker, Dan VanVeeler. Mike Usansky, Jim Homiak, Andres Quesada, Scott Bishop, 
'atrick Petrilio, John Mulvaney, Brian Parker, Ferguson Peters. 

EC Front: Simon Marks-Pledge Trainer, 
Mason Linker-Social, Ferguson Peters-Judicial. 
Scott Bishop-Regional VP, Back: Mike 
Lisansky-Rush Chairman, Scott 
Reefe-Treasurer. Steve Hughes-Vice-President, 
Andres Quesado-House Master. Paul 
OToole-President, missing: Dan 

Greeks 97 

I \» 


5W # 

V^'M' H«*v 


98 Intermission 

Intermission 99 

The Intermission 

Every year the students of High Point 
College claim that the thing that 
they would like to see most in the 
ZENITH are more candids. This year 
we were able to add more pages to the 
book and yes, more candids. We 
thought that we would take a break 
from the usual sections and add an 
intermission. This is a break from the 
headline stories just to see you, the 
students, at your finest. The 
intermission section is a section of what 
High Point College life is all about. 
Take a break to enjoy the students 
doing what they do best. 

100 Intermission 

Intermission 101 

Where were you on January 16, 1991 

The thought of war is something 
unimaginable to our generation 
probably because we have never 
experienced it. Although a few may 
remember the ending of Vietnam, no 
one was old enough to look at it in their 
own perspective. I never imagined that I 
would see a war in my life time. The 
very thought sends chills throughout my 
body. Knowing soldiers and Kuwaiti 
citizens makes me back the decision 
made by the USA and the UN. It upsets 
me to see the citizens of the United 
States, who believe so much in 
freedom, protest against the war. Some 
call it a war for oil. This can hardly be 
true considering our alternative sources 
for oil acquisition. The war is about 
freedom-freedom for the citizens of 
Kuwait from acts of terrorism like those 
performed by Saadam Hussien. God 
bless not only our troops but all of 
those serving in the Gulf and fighting 
for freedom! 
-Ralph Barber 

Students gathered in front of the campus center to show 
their support and sign a petition stating they support the 
troops in the Gulf. 

102 Intermission 

Coming from a generation that has 
lived through World War II, the 
Korean War (which my husband 
served in), and Vietnam, my feelings 
of having our son now with the 
military forces in Saudi Arabia are 
mixed-pro and con. Since his 
deployment in August, David has 
been in our hearts and prayers 
constantly. My emotions run the 
"roller coaster" from fear, 
apprehension, distrust to extreme 
love, pride and confidence in our 
position there. As a mother, i worry 
about his personal well being and 
safety. I know he is well educated, 
well trained, well equiped and totally 
committed to his profession as a 
career Army officer. This is his 
choosing and I am thankful for the 
quality of our military forces and their 
spirit of duty. I pray for an early and 
successful end this conflict. 

-Joan Betsill 


The anxiousness and anxiety I had 
felt for so long didn't prepare me for the 
rush of emotions I felt on the evening of 
January 16th. I knew in my mind a 
possible war was imminent, but it didn't 
seem real when it became a reality. I 
never imagined that I could experience 
the feelings of knowing that my country 
was at war and that my 19 year old 
brother was helping to defend it. 

It is impossible not to feel so many 
things at once. I am scared, anxious, 
nervous and full of hope. I want peace 
in the world. Who doesn't? I feel, 
however, that our country did what it 
had to do. I know that all of my fears 
and hopes are nothing compared to 
what our brave troops are feeling right 
now. They represent a country that 
stands up for what it believes in and will 
not allow others to threaten world 

In many ways I feel helpless, but I 
know that there is something I can do. 
I, we, all of us can pray for peace, that 
our leaders may have guidance, and 
that we may all unite in one spirit of 
support, pride and love of our troops. 
They all need our faith. What would our 
country be like now if we hadn't always 
had so many courageous men and 
-Kerry N. McKnight Class of '91 

Dawning the stars and stripes, two students Kerry McKnight speaks on the situation in the 

show their support for the American troops. Gulf and says to pray for our troops. 

Intermission 103 

HPC Displays Its Talent 

On February 2, 1991 the students of 
High Point College showed off their 
talent in the annual talent show. The 
B-52's, Vanilla Ice, and John Cougar 
highlighted some of the acts performed 
by the talented students. Many of the 
students were performing in a very 
serious manner while others were out 
just to have a good time. After 
everyone had their chance to perform, 
the $100.00 prize winners were Brian 
Shipwash and his dancing partner from 
UNC. High Point College is made up of 
many different people who have many 
different talents. This uniqueness adds 
even more to the variety of people 
found at HPC. 

104 Intermission 

Intermission 105 

More than just the books... 

High Point College is more than just 
studying. The students can 
participate in many different activities. 
From playing athletics to acting in a 
play or doing community services for 
the city of High Point, the students do 
much more than just attend classes. 
The numerous organizations on 
campus offer students a chance to 
grow through learning and participation. 
As you can tell from the pictures 
students do much more than just study. 
This only adds to the uniqueness found 
on the campus of HPC. 

106 Intermission 



« m - 

Intermission 107 


People from many different places 
make up the student body of High 
Point College. This mix of personalities 
brings people to adapt to a variety of 
lifestyles. Each person has their own 
unique personality which makes up the 
character of HPC. The students learn to 
live differently from their peers. This 
characteristic of High Point College 
helps students to grow outside of the 
classroom. The individualistic people 
found at High Point can definitely be 
considered Beyond Imagination. 

108 Intermission 

Intermission 109 

Stress Relief 

Exams, papers, and everything else 
involved in a college education can 
often cause an enormous amount of 
stress. Students handle stress in 
different ways. Some may take a break 
and sit in the beautiful sun while others 
may play a game or talk to a friend. 
What ever the choice, everyone deals 
with stress in their own way. The 
campus of High Point College offers 
many alternatives for stress relief. From 
the campus center to the intramural 
field, students can find somewhere to 
sit, relax, and escape the stress that is 
felt in college life. 



WEE* '■■ r^^Y 

• I 



t0& ■ 

i r 

110 Intermission 

^w * '-B 

■ J 

By " ' ^^K 


9k Jft 






A »ii' 

l** ^^ 

i ^"^^^^1 

Intermission 111 

The Fun and Parties 

Along with college life comes an 
overwhelming social atmosphere 
which can be fun as well as relieving. 
Most people around campus know each 
other and enjoy seeing each other at 
the many parties and dances. This 
portion of campus life brings people to 
know each other in a way outside the 
classroom. It is very beneficial to all 
who embark on this wild adventure 
because you get to know more about 
people every time you go out. The 
close nit campus adds much to the 
social atmosphere at High Point 
College. As you can probably see in the 
below pages, the social life at HPC 
builds special bonds and close 

112 Intermission 

Intermission 113 

Close Friendships 

High Point College offers something 
more than just an education. It 
offers students a chance to meet new 
people and form bonds that will be kept 
for the rest of their lives. The small 
campus gives people a chance to get to 
know different people and experience 
different things. Whether they meet in 
the classroom or at a social function, 
people mix and mingle to form close 
relationships. The bonds that these 
students build will be kept and 
cherished for the rest of their lives. 
Students at High Point College 
definitely find close friendships 
wherever they turn. 


114 Intermission 

Intermission 115 

116 Intermission 


Intermission 117 

118 Sports 


Sports 119 

HPC Soccer 
Kicks into action 

The Panthers faced a rebuilding year 
with the loss of seven players 
including two All-Americans. the 
returning players and newcomers were 
the true spirit of the team. With few 
disappointments, the team rallied 

together to pull off a top season. 
Notable players for the season were 
Adam Duff, Jimmy Perrone, Thomas 
Ingram, and Joey Ranucci. Even with 
the rebuilding season, the team proved 
itself well. 

HPC players use their heads to get the ball 
down the field. 



Adam Duff passes in the ball. 

BackL-R: J. Jordan, J. Carts, T. Johnson. A. Duff, J. 
Cutler, R. Cripps, J. Brannon, M. Cross. D. Huber, A. 
Tooley. W. Johannessen. FrontL-R: T. Meyler, M. Hat- 
filed, M. Riva, J. Perrone, T. Ingram. J. Ranucci. C. 
Davis. D. Deveney. B. Mundy, R. Frampton. 

120 Sports 

Miguel Rlva attempts to fake out 
his opponent. 

Sports spotlight: Adam Duff 
Hometown: Parker, Colorado 
Year: Junior 
Years in sport: 14 
Position on team: midfield 

Comments on game: "I have devoted my life to soccer and 
figure I will play until I can't play anymore. When you have 
done something for so long it's hard to give up; that's why I 
keep playing. I also have a competitive spirit in my body 
which is filled when I am on the soccer field, whether during 
practice or a game. I someday hope to play professional 
soccer for the Colorado Foxes, so that keeps my devotion 
level up and makes me play and work as hard as possible." 

Sports 121 

Connie Bates prepares for the approaching 

122 Sports 

Kim Bryant returns the ball. 

Women's Tennis 

Following an undefeated (18-0) 
season, including a 5-4 victory over 
rival Guilford College for the first time in 
6 years, the HPC Lady Panthers were 
ranked tenth nationally going into the 
NAIA National Tournament, where 
Kandi O'Connor was named MVP for 
the second year in a row. It was, 
according to Coach Kitty Steele, 
"perhaps the best year, overall, in 
Women's tennis at HPC." 

Front: Connie Bates, Mami Harada, Kim Bryant 
Teresa Seeley. Back: Dewanna Reid, Stephani 
Batten, Joanna Sture. 

Sports 123 


Vesa Kemppainen shows off his 

Finishing up fourth in the district 
tournament and as runner's up to 
Atlantic Christian College in the 
conference tournament, the High Point 
College men's tennis team could say its 
10-18 season was an overall success 
despite the numbers. The team, under 
the direction of Ray Alley, worked hard 
and played together. The season was 
highlighted by a trip to Hilton Head, SC 
where the men faced some tough 
competition against top division 1 

Sports Spotlight: Jason Mills 
Hometown: Cambridge, MD 
Year at HPC: Sophomore 
Number of years in sport: 5 

What about this sport keeps you coming back for more? 
"I like the idea of one-on-one competition. If you lose, you 
can blame no one else. If you win, you take all the credit." 

124 Sports 

Matt Bieberich returns the ball 
with style. 

Sports 125 

■a • 


.-.-■ *>■<.- 

"V* > ••-*•>* «■ '2- 

Sports Spotlight: Jo/?n tf/gft 
Hometown: Zebulon NC 
Year at HPC: Senior 
Number of years in sport: 6 

L-R: Connie Bates, Jamie Raymond, Missy Frazier 
Delia Stanley, Cindy Romero. 

126 Sports 

Men and Women's 
Cross Country 

HPC entered its second season of 
men and women's cross country 
with high hopes. With a first place finish 
for the Ladies and a second place finish 
for the Men, this year showed hopes for 
a repeat and a one step improvement. 
Seniors John High, for the Men, and 
Missy Frazier, for the Women, both 
proved very valuable for the teams' 
efforts in this year's competition. 

John High races through the country. 

L-R: Richard Ferret Steve Wall, John High, Mike Bell, 
Mike Hatfield. 

Sports 127 


The ladies of the field hockey team 
got off to a great start with two 
returning seniors who had both 
participated in the National Hockey 
festival. With these upperclassmen and 
the surprising freshmen, the girls felt as 
though the could have a very strong 
season. The beginning of the season 
was slightly rocky as the team players 
began to look at each others talent and 
learn to work together. As the end of 
the season rolled around, the lady 
panthers had come a long way winning 
a majority of their final games. 

Kristen Jones hits the ball in only to assist with a 
score on this drive. 



Front: Angie Yerkes Middle: Patrice Prokop, Kristen 
Jones, Connie Bates, Bobbie Price, Colleen Marks, 
Kim Morcom Back: Carolyn Maclean, Catherine 
Hicks, Vasti Leonard, Lauren Conner, Molly Hag- 
erfy, Becky Fox, Sara Mock. 

128 Sports 

Becky Fox challenges the 
opponant for the ball. 

Sports Spotlight: Kim Morcom 

Hometown: Neptune City, NJ 

Year: Senior 

Years in Sport: 8 

Position on team: Forward Line 

Comments on game: "I really enjoy it. It is very challenging 

and exciting. I like the coach and it keeps me in shape. I get 

to meet new people and travel to new places." 

Sports 129 

Sunshine goes up for the block 
during the gome against Eton. 

Sports Spotlight: Michelle Combs 

Hometown: Port Republic, MD 

Year: Senior 

Years in Sport: 4 

Position on team: Outside hitter, Co-captain 

Comments on game: "Volleyball is very much the 'team 

sport'. So for this sport to work and to be fun, you have to 

have good teammates. All of my teammates are wonderful 

and are 150% dedicated. They keep me coming back for 


130 Sports 

Block, Set, Spike 

The front line awaits the serve. 

According to coach Joe Ellenburg, "The volleyball team had 
its third straight 20 game winning season thanks to the 
coaching strategy of assistant coach Nancy Everett." Led by 
MVP Sharon Hill, the 1990 team won the Conference 
championship by defeating Barton College. Other outstanding 
players include All-Conference members Sharon Hill, Arlene 
King, Renita Eshleman, and Danette Johnson. Team awards 
were: MVP-Sharon Hill; Most Improved-Kim Dow; Spirit 
Award-Michele Kovner. 

Arlene King blocks to 
prevent a point 

L-R: Kim Dow, Erin Kluttz. Dannette Johnson, 
Arlene King, Sharon Hill, Michelle Combs, Shelly 
Whitaker, Renita Eshleman. Michelle Kovner, 
Tiffany Ferrara 

Sports 131 

Steve Wall hurries past defender Elon College. 


With many new players, the 
Panthers spent the year rebuilding 
and had a more successful season this 
year than last. Coach Steele 
commented that many of last year's 
weaker players definitely showed their 
potential and can only improve over the 
next few years at HPC. With the help of 
players like Patrick Medley, Toby 
Brown, and Daryl Armstrong, the 
Panthers will be a strong team over the 
next couple of seasons in the Carolinas 

Front: Lamont Morrow, Bill Coyle, Toby Brown, 
Jerome Adams, Tooey Loy, Steve Wall. Back: 
Terrence Knuckles, Aaron Wood, Jay Witmer. 
Doug Oakford, Jimmy Telly sh, Pat Medley, Daryl 

132 Sports 

HPC reaches for two points over Elon 



Mr;?yvnrT .. "~77Tv, . 

wmmmmmmm m^m 


— — 

Sports Spotlight: Bill Coyle 

Hometown: Center Valley PA 

Year at HPC: Senior 

Number of years in sport: 2 

Position on team: guard 

What about this sport keeps you coming back for more? 
"I like my coaches, teammates, and the excitment of 
playing in front of our great fans here at HPC." 

Sports 133 

Arlene King jumps through the Eton defenders for the 
two points. 

Heather Moore shoots for two against Eton 

Sharon "Sunshine" Hill fights for the ball. 

Sports Spotlight: Sharon "Sunshine" Hill 
Hometown: Greensboro NC 
Year at HPC: Senior 
Number of years in sport: 12 
Position on team: Guard 

What about this sport keeps you coming back for more? 

"I have a competitive nature that drive me. I love to 

compete and this is one attribute I feel will carry me along 

way through life. I love to win, it gives me a natrual high. You 

might say winning is an addition that keeps me coming back 

for more." 

134 Sports 

Sharon Hill fights to regain control of the 


Once again the Lady Panthers showed 
a combined spirit for the game by 
improving on their success from last 
season. Under the direction of Dr. Joe 
Ellenburg, in his third year as head coach, 
the women proved that they were not to 
be taken lightly in the game of basketball. 
Senior Sharon Hill headed up the team 
and led them to many victories again this 

Front: Lori Younts. Maxine Monroe, Greta Miles, Erin 
Klutiz, Heather Moore. Back: Dannette Johnson, In- 
grid Hendrix, Sharon Hill, Arlene King. Charlotte 
Totulis, Shelly Whitaker. 

Sports 135 



The 1990-91 cheerleading squad led by 
advisor Nancy Everett, had a fun-filled 
year. This year they had 8 talented girls, 
each special in their own way who 
supported panther spirit and pride at all 
the men's and women's basketball games. 
Before they get out and cheer the teams 
to victory, there is a lot of hard exercising 
and practices to be done. Anissa Yates, 
now in her third year as captain, sees 
great potential for the cheerleading squad 
for the future. 

The HPC mascot shows off his spirit. 

The cheerleading squad perform one of their 
many difficult stunts at half time. 

136 Sports 

The Cheerleading squad does a quick cheer during a 
time out 

Sports Spotlight: Anissa Yates 

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC 

Year: Senior 

Years in Sport: 10 years 

Comments on sport: "I really enjoy the sport but I take it 

very seriously. It seems so simple but it puts a real challenge 

on your body. We take a lot of time to condition our bodies 

throughout the season. I wish we had male cheerleaders at 

HPC because with the talent of the existing squad, they 

would only enhance our abilities. The thrill and enthuisiasm 

of the game and crowd really is what keeps me interested in 

the sport." 

Sports 137 

Mike Hatfield hurries to beat his opponent 

Darren Jones, Thomas Ingram and John High 
during practice. 

Blaine Jiron practices the discus. 


Sports Spotlight: Brian Payne 
Hometown, Thomasville, NC 
Year at HPC: Junior 
Number of years in sport: 6 

Position on team: 110m high hurdles and quarter mile 

138 Sports 

Tracey Henry practices the high 

and Field 

The 1990 track team had a successful 
season, winning second place at the 
Districts. The young team had many 
all-districts and all-conference players. 
Brian Payne, 1990 MVP, not only went to 
Conference and Districts but also went to 
and won NAIA National Championships. 

Back: Tracey Henry, Jerome Adams, Brian Payne, 
Blaine Jiron. Front: Thomas Moore, Steve Wall, John 
High, Mike Hatfield. 

Sports 139 

Catcher Ed Pattik shoots down the 
runner on his way to second bose. 


Swings into action 

The 1990 baseball team had its best 
season since 1979; winning 33 
games, the conference championship, 
and making it to the finals of the district 
championship. Under the leadership of 
Chris Chatterton, Orlando Barrios, and 
Steve Patton, the experienced team 
won 5 games in 3 days at the 
conference championships which coach 
Jim Speight called the highlight of the 
season. With most of the experienced 
players returning again, Coach Speight 
says the 1991 team could go even 

Front: Joe Hobbs, Shane Simmons, Tom 
Nelson, Chris McCollum, Joel Peddle, 
Charlie Brown, Richie Greenfield, 
Darren White, Chad Duggins Middle: 
Jonathan Haney, Don Hughs, Kurt 
Gurley, Chris Chatterton, Tom McCaf- 
fery, Steve Prokop, Ed Pattik, Scott Glei- 
man, Edwin Lagrama Back: Eric Collins, 
Jay Shurling, Dave Duggan, Phil Thomp- 
son, Bill Coyle, Dave Fasaci, Dan Smith, 
Steve Bets, Andy Usk, Don Huggins 

140 Sports 

Pitcher Scott Reefe winds up for 
the fast ball. 

The baseball players watch to see 
if the runner is out. 

Dan Smith throws one down the pipe. 

Sports Spotlight: Don Huggins 
Hometown: Mercerville, NJ 
Year: Junior 
Years in Sport: 12 
Position on team: Left field 

Comments on game: "The thing I like most about playing 
baseball is that it involves a great deal of team work and 
group participation. Playing for the HPC panthers has given 
me a first hand experience at the true definition of team 
work. Baseball is not a sport where one player can win the 
game. It takes all nine team members working together to 
achieve the same goal which is winning." 

Sports 141 

A golf team member hard at work 

Robbie Wooten practices his swing 

, _ 

:. *? * 


Sports Spotlight: Rob Calamari 
Hometown: Winchester, VA 
Year at HPC: Senior 
Number of years in sport: 1 3 

What about the sport keeps you coming back for more? 

"The challenge that the game offers, and the fellowship 
that comes about it." 

142 Sports 


The 1990 season for the HPC golf team 
was a successful one. Rob Calamari 
was MVP and individual champion at the 
Lacey Gain Invitational Tournment. He 
helped to lead the team to a first place 
finish in both the Lacey Gain and the 
Carolinas Conference Tournaments. The 
team placed fourth in the District 26 
Tournament. Coach Woody Gibson says 
the team's strength comes from their 
ability to work well together and from a 
willingness to practice hard. In 1991, the 
team hopes to win the Carolinas 
Conference and be competitive at Districts 
in order to qualify for Nationals. 

Rob Calamari practices his putting. 

L-R: Kevin Burton, Robbie Wooten. H.E. Barnes, 
Steve Harrop, Gerard George, Brian Lescrimier, 
Scott Miller, Chad Morrow, Chad Medrick. Rob 

Sports 143 


144 Organizations 

Sports 145 

Administrative Management Society 

The Administrative Management 
Society is in its third year at High 
Point College. Membership has 
continued to increase and now stands 
at 52 active members. Throughout the 
year AMS goes on tours to local 
companies and invites guest speakers. 
For the second year in a row, the 
officers were able to attend the 
international AMS Seminar. Which was 
haeld in Denver, CO. 

Row 1 : Louis Federico, Julie Nace. Mark Whitaker, Car rah Hansen. Dora Johnson, John Beale, Greg 
Pinsky. Row 2; Scott Reefe, Michelle Combs, Marc Sholar, Jami Walsh. Lynn Pitts, Candy Swing. 
Jennifer Hughes. 

Officers: Greg Pinsky, Mark Whitaker-Sec, 
Paul OToole-Pres.. Scoff Reefe-Treas., not 
picturedJ\Aike Usansky-VP. 

146 Organizations 




Alpha Delta Theta is a christian 
service organization. Our motto 
is "Sisters in the service of God." We 
have a great deal of fun and 
fellowship as we work together to 
help others. We participated in 
CROP Walk, the Jaycees Haunted 
House, provided Mills Home children 
with Halloween treats, volunteered at 
Wesleyan Arms on Fridays, plus 
many other service projects planned. 

Through these and other projects 
ADT has grown together and shared 
our Christian fellowship and service 
throughout the campus and 
community. The bonds of sisterhood 
are strenghtened through service, fall 
retreat, parties, and the Yellow Rose 
Formal in the spring. 

Row 1 Debbie Wellings. Cindy Smith, Shelly Barnes, Amy Bell, Row 2: Tanya Apperson. Amanda Craft, 
Libby Hayes, Crystal Swain, Sally Frame 

Officers: Debbie Wellings-SeclTreas, Libby 
Hayes-Pres, Crystal Swain-VP. 

Organizations 147 




Alpha Phi Omega, the largest 
undergraduate service fraternity in 
the nation, celebrated its 33rd year at 
Hig Point College, with a mixture of fun 
and service. 

Once again strong with its service, the 
brothers of APO sponsored four blood 
drives, worked two different Halloween 
Events, and helped out with freshman 
orientation. They also fed the hungry at 
the Open Door Shelter and delivered 
phone directories for the High Point 

Row 1 : Andy Flynt, Tabitha Brown, Nancy Fitzgerald, David Doyle. Row 2: Whitney Rogers. Michele 
Brown. Charlie Harris. Doug Edwards. Eddie Lee. 

148 Organizations 

-^. ^1 



ft *-2 

% ^ jss 

r» J 

Merrideth Ziesse dances in "Girl Crazy." 




Alpha Psi Omega is a national 
theatre honorary fraternity. Students 
earn membership based on the quality 
of their work as actor, directors, stage 
managers, designers, technicians, and 
crew member for the productions of the 
Tower Players. The 1990-91 officers 
are Amy Slavin, Roger Predmore, and 
Trini Thies. 

Row 1-Reed Valentine Trini Thies, Phil Pagans, Gus Tague. Row 2: Dave Nesbitt, Veronica Royer, 
Jenny McGuire-Robb, Ted Simon. Pow 3: Lynn Terry, Jr.. Roger Predmore, Merrideth Ziesse. Ron 


Jenny McGuire-Robb displays her creative 

Organizations 149 


The American Humanics 
Student Association at 
High Point College is one of 
17 selected colleges which 
hosts this nation-wide 
organization. Operating 
through the Department of 
Behavioral Sciences and 
Human Services, AH 
provides experimental 
learning designed to enrich 

the classroom instruction. 
The AHSA is a student 
managed organization 
dedicated to providing its 
membership with 
co-curricular social and 
cultural opportunities, 
directed toward enriching the 
student's leadership ability 
and knowledge of the 
helping professions. 

Retreaters bond on the initative course. 

American Humanics Student Association at the annual retreat at Camp Cherria 

150 Organization 

25th Anniversary 

Jamie Lawson watches his balance 
on the tire imitative. 

AH Srs.P PetrilloA, Kintigh.K. llarraza.R. BrownA. ComellA Radinsky.R 
CalamariA. Ritchie.S. DePewJ. Lawson.S. McElroy. \ 

Organizations 151 

American Chemical Society Student Affiliates 

The ACS Student Affiliates is an 
organization for those who are 
interested in chemistry and other 
sciences. This year the ACS programs 
included guest speakers and discussion 
of pertinent topics. Also, the ACS 
co-sponsored a "Discovery" Lecture 
Series entitled "Sail On, Voyager!", 
which is a live broadcast via satellite. 
Other ACS activities included MCAT 
review sessions, a brewery tour, and a 
star party. Most of the ACS program 
and activities are open to the campus. 

r. ,w_ w 

Members: Row 1: Susan Schnider, Emily Whitley, Whitney Rogers. Row 2: Dr. Warde, Kim Mingus, 
Whitney Helms. Row 3: Mitch Simpson, All Sprig. Row 4: Rick Warren, James Fitzgerald, Darren 
Jones. Row 5. Dr. Bowman, James Snyder, Cary Stancill. Mike Caruso, Dr. Painter 

Biology Majors Club 

The purpose of the Biology Majors 
Club is to promote interest in 
biology, especially in areas of current 
research. It provides an opportunity for 
students and biology faculty, as well as 
other biologists to share and interact. 
The club also emphasizes the 
awareness of opportunities, current 
trends, programs, and major 
developments in the area of biology. 
The activities of the club are designed 
to supplement and enhance the 
academic program. 

Officers: Edwina Crady-Treas. Debbie Wellings- 
Sec, Janet Kennedy-VP, Jamie Synder-Pres. 

EST d ,r d ' °L WeekS ' Ml,ch S ' mpsoa James s y nder - «*" Hoi™. Cary Stancill, 
^I^nnZfT , n 9 , M °? r ° e ' Meton,e Homson ' Debbie «*& ^dwina Crady KJm Seese 
SSS^W ^ Z Je T er Burger ' Wm Min ^ Suson Schnider. Row 3: Dr. Yeats, 
Hortmon Claybough, Samonfho Baugess. Blaine Jiron. James Fitzgerald, Jason 

152 Organizations 




The Baptist Student Union of High 
Point College is a Christian 
organization that is prayerfully, and in 
some instances, financially supported 
by the Souhtem Baptist Convention. 
Although the BSU is Baptist affiliated, 
its primary concern is to minister to 
students; therefore, many 
denominations are represented in BSU. 
BSU members attend many statewide 
organized events throughout the year. 
Students attend such events as Fall 
Conference (Ridgecrest), Its your serve 
(volleyball at Meredith College), and 
Spring Conference (Caraway). 

Members: Row 1: Sally Frame. Cindy Smith, Crystal Swain, Tara Seamone. Row 2- Shelly Barnes, 
Mary Anne Blakemore, Kim Cox, Stephani Batten. 

Several members prepare 
for a meeting. 

BSU members relax after the game 

BSU eating lunch at First 
Baptist Church 

Organizations 153 

Stewards gather at the home of 
Dr. Warlick. 

Board of 

The Board of Stewards was created 
in 1989 to help create a family 
atmosphere and student ownership for 
the worship activities associated with 
the college chapel. The Board is 
ecumenical in composition and open to 
any interested student. The Stewards 
greet worshippers, usher, secure guest 
choirs, and designate the chapel 
offerings. Their efforts help create a 
campus-wide participation in weekly 
worship services. During previous 
years, chapel offerings were destributed 
among Urban Ministry, African 
Univeristy, Toys for Tots, the Senior 
Adult Center, and Ronald McDonald 

Row 1: L. Farmer, S. Sielaty, S. Barnes, K. Williams. 
E. Crady. Row 2: Dr. Warlick. M. Hedrick, K. 
Thompson, B. Wynne. R. Combs. S Batten. 
Kitley. J. Holloway, A. Clanton. D. Warlick. C 

154 Organizations 

Organizations 155 

College Republicans 

This year the College Republicans 
had the largest turnout in 
attendance and participation in the 
clubs short existance. Last year the 

Members: Row 1: Christine Cadley, Kevin Cole. Mike Urian. Row 2:Dan Vasti, Ashley Williams. Row 3: Dove 
Ratchford, Terrence Donovan. Todd Matthiesen. Dan Alwine. Wade Anderson. Row 4: Gary Cook Scot Combs. 
Matt Reck Row 5. Lee Hunter. Chris Premock. David Duncan, Bill Kilbride. Steve O'Conner 

156 Organizations 

Seated on Floor K. Fierce-sponsor Seated in Chair: L White 
Standing from left: F Worburton, D. Jones. L Hamler. J. 
Hayes, J Howard, and S. Undsay 

Dance Team 



: : — f'y/'H 


f 1 

^ Wk 


1 . 



It has ben 2 years since High Point 
College has had a Dance Team to 
dance their way into the hearts of the 
students and fans of the HPC 
basketball teams. Led by sponsor Kristi 
Pierce and captain Lisa White, the 
Dance team performed in several of 
this seasons Men's and Women's 
Basketball game halftimes. The team 

uses the alias "Vogue" to describe their 
look and attitude. The dances are 
choreographed by Lisa White and 
co-captain Sheila Lindsay. Thanks to 
the help of manager Debbie Jones, the 
Dance Team is much more organized 
than in previous years. The team works 
together to provide an exciting and 
creative flair to the basketball games. 

Organizations 157 

Delta Mu Delta 

Delta Mu Delta is a honorary 
business organization, which was 
first developed in a New York State 
University. The High Point College 
chapter was installed in 1970 and since 
then 233 people have been inducted. 
We take pride, each semester, in 
inducting students with achieved trades 
and excellence in the business field. 

The freek letters, DMD, in the society's 
symbol stand for Dia Matessos 
Dynamics, signifying the society's 
motto: "Through Knowledge and Power" 
- the power to manage creatively for 
social and economic good. The colors 
of the national chapter are purple and 

Don Alwine participates in the CROP Walk. 

Serene Qubein, Carole Clement, Todd Mat- 
thiesen. Pam Dennis, Dan Alwine, Emma Ber- 
rier. Crystal Swain, Dr. Bennington. 


i 1 







**" i W^ 
















158 Organizations 


The Hi-Po, the student newspaper of 
High Point College, entered the 
1990's with a new look and a 
commitment to jounalistic excellence. 
Since its establishment in 1926, the 
Hi-Po has continued to carry all the 
news at HPC . This year the newspaper 
was recognized by the American 
Scholastic Press Association with its 
First Place with special merit award. 

Row 1: Andy Ritchie. Row 2: Rick Ferrell. Austin 
Aley.Row 3: Noelle Blank, Whitney Styers, Mr. 
Bobby Hayes. Kelle Owens. Row 4: Vic Venier. 
Rebecca Conrad. 

Andy Ritchie pauses during deadlines. 

April 1990 

High Point College, High Point, North Carolina 

Vol 66, No h 

Organizations 159 

160 Organizations 

Mike Penry takes a breather from singing 

HPC Singers/Choir 

Under the direction of Mrs. Alexa 
Schlimmer, the High Point College 
Singers and Choir represenred the High 
Point College community in concert on 
the campus as well as on their Spring 
Tour. Over the past few years, the choir 

has travelled to Walt Disney World, 
New York, Nashville, and this year the 
choir went to Charleston, SC. 
Admission into the Singers/Choir is 
decided by the director. 

fW5 £J 

Row 1: Merrideth Ziesse, Serene Qubein, Alexa Schlimmer. Row 2: Bruce Moss. Christy Colston Wendy Hortoa 
Nora Woody, Carolanne Stewart, Nalan, Shelly Barnes, Julie Nace, Julie Street Ted S/mon Shane Pegrarn 
Annette Curley. Row 3: Robbie Combs, Kate Shepard, Tim Rice, Stephanie Morris. James Douglas, Sarah Turmb- 
urke, Mike Penry, Sharon Hill, Rick Zois, Curtis Hoover. 

Organizations 161 

High Point Greens 

The High Point Greens are a group 
of students and adults who have 
come togetherfor one common goal - 
The preservation of the Enviroment. 
The Greens have recently started the 

first recycling program on the HPC 
campus, with plans to expand into the 
campus. Other plans for their future 
include educating the campus 
community on enviromental issues and 
concerns locally and globally. The 
Greens would like the students of High 
Point College to remember. .."We did 
not inferit the Earth from our parents, 
we have only borrowed it form our 

Officers: Mark Whitaker-Sec. Ted Simon- 
Treas, Mark Van Blunk-Pres, Blaine Raffe-VP. 

Members. Row 1: Dr. Adams-advisor, Tracy Fifzpafrick, Krisfen McCoy, Charlotte Totulis. Row 2: Angle 

*Tf I'll f ° rSey - D ° Ve Schaffer - Biaine R offe. Mark Van Blunk. Jeff Brennan. John Smith. Row 3: 
Mark Whitaker and Ted Simon. 

162 Organizations 

Officers: Wendy Holmes-Pres., Brian Payne- 
VP. Tammey Brooks-Sec, Anita Williams- 

Black Cultural Awareness 

The Black Cultural Awareness 
organization was assembled during 
the Fall Semester of 1990. The purpose 
of the organization is to promote 
awareness of Afro-American heritage at 
the college and throughout the college 
community, to bring together students 
of all races who have a common 
interest about the Afro-American race, 

and to educate students about the 
positive advancements as well as 
historical events among Afro-American 
people. Ever since the first meeting, the 
organization has grown in spirit and 
number. "The challenge that we face 
today is to make the world one in terms 
of brotherhood." (Dr. M.L. King, Jr). 



John High in the sculpting lab. 

Members: Row 1-Jacina Hayes, Wendy Holmes. Brian Payne, Tammey Brooks, Anita Williams Maxine Monroe. 
Ingrid Hendrix. Row 3: Debbie Jones. Valanche Chetham, Byron Garrett, Patrick Medley. Sheila bndsay 

Organizations 163 


The International Club is one in 
which the students from other 
countries have an chance to teach 
other students about their countries and 
cultures. The club offers its members a 
welcoming reception and a 
Thanksgiving dinner during the fall. In 
the spring, the club sponsors an 
International Festival, in which the 
members prepare typical types of food 
from their specific countries. The club 
took a trip with international students 
from Guilford College to the mountains 
for White Water Rafting. The club offers 
many things to those interested in the 
cultures of the world. 

HPC International students at Sliding Rock in 
the mountains of NC. 


"*» \ 


HPC and Guilford College students gather at 
the waterfall for a picture. 

Officers: Kathy Cooper(Treas], Mario 
Gomez(Pres]. Dora Johnson (VPi 'Sec) 

164 Organizations 


Organizations 165 

Row 1 Kyle Thompson Usa Brown. Wendy Ruiter. Wilson Bounds, Jen Walters. Row 2: Brain Coe, 
Deaai'e Matlock Pam Dirks. Gina Thomas. Ruth Bradley. Hugh Jerringan. Sabnna bailey. Row 3: Dr. 
Piacentano. Curtis Hoover. Jennifer Hughes. Tyler Morgan. Mitzi Fields. Byron Garrett. Bill Mitz- 
covich. Usa Farmer 


The Odyssey Club is an extension of 
the HPC Honors Program. Our 
purpose is to expand the horizions of 
the student beyond the classroom. The 
club trips to the plays, a Christmas 
Party, and an end of the year with a 
banquet. This year we will start a Trivial 
Pursuit night as a sidekick to the third 
annual College Bowl intramural contest, 
the Club is also forming a permanent 
varsity College Bowl team to compete 
against other schools. 



H f f f^f _^ilf| A .JJSi 


The officers gather in President Wilson 
Bounds' room to discuss plans for the year. 
Wendy Ruiter-Sec/Treas and Kyle Thomp- 
son-VP seated on the couch. 

166 Organizations 

Rich Tu 





lunch with 




The Panther Prowlers are student 
volunteers who help the Admissions 
Office host visiting students and their 
families on campus tours. Selected by 
the Admissions staff, a Prowler must 
have excellent communication skills as 
well as an outgoing and friendly 
personality. In addition to tours and 
Visitation Days, annual highlights 
include the Wake Forest-Clemson 
football game, Broomball, appreciation 
banquets, and monthly pizza lunches. 

Row 1: Mike Penry, Andy Ritchie. Jamie Lawson, 
Amy Marshall, Sue Yorhling. Mitzi Fields. Row 2: 
Suzann Houser. Susan Henderson. Stephani 
Batten, Kelly Bartent 'elder, Pom Dirks, Lisa 
Farmer. Row 3: Suzanne Sielaty, Robbie 
Combs, Lynn Mickles. Wade Anderson. Betina 
Wynne. Rich Turbe, Chris Jiran. Row 4: Kathy 
Mustin, Suzie Mustin, Ann Colonno, Sam Ran- 
kin, Eleanor Hill. Byron Garrett, Brian Reid. Row 
5: Anne Winsor, Melissa Switzer. Rhonda Brown, 
Michele Brown, Jen Reid. Valerie Bair, Jennifer 
Saahar (advisor]. 

Organizations 167 

Row r Thomas lngram(Program Director], Stacie Gustafson, Sara Janaske(President), Kendra 
BrownfSecretary] Sean LearyfVice-President). Row 2: Kevin Hudson, Kathy Mustin. Row 3: Bryan 
Bowles Mami Harada. Kris Dixon. Row 4: David Laytoa Jay Witmer, Bryan Payne. 

168 Organizations 

Phi Sigma lota 

Phi Sigma lota is a national foreign 
language honor society founded in 
1912. Membership in the organization is 
open to undergraduate juniors and 
seniors who are at least minoring in a 
foreign language and have a 3.0 GPA 
or higher. Phi Sigma lota works in 
conjunction with the International Club 
of High Point College. 

Front: Mr. McGee. Serene Qubein, Kathy Cooper Dora Johnson, Noelle Blank, Dr. Head. Back: Dr. 
Thompson, Carlos Prados, Amy Marshall. 

Mr. McGee, Carlos Prados, Dora Johnson, Amy Marshall, Noelle Blank, 
Dr. Head. 

Sigma Delta Pi 

Sigma Delta Pi honors those student 
who excel and have obtained 
excellence in the study of the Spanish 
language, literature, and culture. To 
qualify for membership, the student 
must have completed three years of 
college level Spanish, with at least one 
level three class. Students must have 
above a 3.0 of rank in the upper 35% of 
their class. Inductions are held in the 
Spring term. 

Organizations 169 


Presidential Scholars are chosen 
every year from those high school 
seniors interested in attending High 
Point College. They are chosen on their 
academic standing, potential to 
maintain high academic standards, and 
personality. Potential scholars are 
chosen by the admissions staff and 
must complete a two part process. Of 
the scholars chosen, the top two are 
awarded $6000 scholarships and the 
other 23 are awarded $3500 
scholarships. A GPA of 3.0 or higher 
must be maintained each year for the 
scholar to renew the scholarship. Being 
a Presidential Scholar is a rewarding 
experience. ..not only is their an 
incentive to make the grades, but also 
there is the opportunity to meet 
prospective students for the future of 

Stephanie Anderson, Freshman 
Alisha Atwell, Sophomore 
Tara Ayer, Freshman 
Sabrina Bailey, Freshman 
Chad Barker, Junior 
Dana Batten, Senior 
Stephani Batten, Freshman 
Ruth Bradley, Freshman 
Noelle Blank, Senior 
Craig Brown, Sophomore 
Rhonda Brown .Senior 
Leah Chappell, Junior 
Thomas Clagette, Senior 
Christian Clymer, Sophomore 
Katherine Cooper, Senior 
Edwina Crady, Junior 
Pamela Dirks, Freshman 
Kris Dixon, Senior 
Christopher Dudley, Freshman 
Allison Elledge, Sophomore 
Lisa Farmer, Sophomore 
Mitzi Fields, Sophomore 
Andy Flynt, Junior 
Byron Garrett, Freshman 
Angela Godwin, Freshman 

Front: Mrs Stroud, Cindy Romero, Tara Seamone, Mitzi Fields, Edwina Crady, Chad Barker, Crystal 
Swain. Middle: Mrs Betsill, Sabrina Bailey, Kerry Keating, Chris Dudley, Kate Sheppard, Stephanie 
Batten, Tara Ayer, Rhonda Brown, Brian Reid, Lynn Heasley. Back: Mr. Schlirnmer, Ubby Hayes. 
Debbie Wellings. Andy Flynt, Kyle Thompson, Byron Garrett. Todd Matthiesen, Pam Dirks, Gerren T, 

Debra Goodwin, Freshman 
Melanie Harrison, Senior 
Jerrie Hayes, Junior 
Lynn Heasley, Senior 
Monica Hendrix, Senior 
Maria Hill, Sophomore 
Robert Hoskins, III, Senior 
Jeffery Howie, Junior 
Stephen Hughes, Junior 
Hugh Jernigan, Freshman 
Patricia D. Johnson, Freshman 
Dora Johnson, Junior 
Kristen Jones, Senior 
David Joye, Sophomore 
Kerry Keating, Freshman 
Terry Kersey, Jr., Junior 
Martin Kolczynski, Sophomore 
Sandy Lightfoot, Sophomore 
Wendy Loflin, Sophomore 
Robert Marshall, Freshman 
Deborah Matlock, Freshman 
Todd Matthiesen, Junior 
Daniel McCorquodale, Freshman 
Kristen McCoy, Junior 
Kim Mingus, Sophomore 

Heather Moore, Sophomore 
Gerren Morgan, Freshman 
Kevin Neal, Senior 
Angela Palmer, Senior 
Sherry Patterson, Sophomore 
Tanya Pratt, Freshman 
Shannon Puffenbarger, Sophmore 
Brian Reid, Freshman 
Cynthia Romero, Freshman 
Katherine Sheppard, Senior 
Tara Seamore, Freshman 
Donna Shields, Freshman 
Melissa Shuskey, Senior 
Tammy Simon, Senior 
Tracey Stanley, Junior 
Ronda Stewart, Senior 
Donna Stutz, Junior 
Crystal Swain, Junior 
Henery Thompson, Sophomore 
Carrie Thornton, Freshman 
Darlene Tiedeman, Sophomore 
Victor Venier, Jr, Sophomore 
Debbie Wellings, Junior 
Jean Williamson, Senior 
Merrideth Ziesse, Junior 

170 Organizations 


Front: A. Ritchie, C. Rockwell. M. Brown, L Heasley. Middle: G. Martin R Barber P Vitella Bark i 
Cohen, Dr. Foster. J. Lawson, W. Styers. ' ' OCK ' J ' 

Society for 

The Society for Collegiate Journalists 
was revived in the spring of 1990 by 
a few ambitious student interested in 
journalism. It is an honorary society for 
students journalists of students 
interested in writing, radio, television 
production, or literature. Members must 
has a 2.5 GPA and have served as an 
active member of the Zenith, the Hi-Po, 
the Apogee, WWIH, or HPTV for two 
semesters. The society inductions are 
held in the spring in conjunction with 
the annual banquet. 

Soc. for Political/ 



The Society for Political/Historical 
Awareness exists to foster better 
understanding and appreciation of 
historical and political events both past 
and present. Though a good part of the 
Society's membership is comprise of 
history and political majors, the 
organization is proud to have members 
who majors from other areas, too. The 
Society participates in such activities as 
the Model United Nations and the NC 
Student Legislature. 

Front: Mike Reck and Chad Barker. Back: Rich Davis, Dr. Millmore. Rich 
Turbe, Wade Anderson. 

Organizations 171 


The Resident Assistants are selected 
and trained to administer hall 
operations and serve as counselors, 
programmers, and disciplinarians. At High 
Point College, there are no "dorms." 
Dorms are a place to eat and sleep. Our 
residence halls provide experiences and 
activities which foster the growth of each 
person in the areas of forming a personal 
value system, mamaging emotions, 
establishing relationships, and achieving 
social and academic competency. Our 
dedicated RAs are carefully selected 
upperclass students there to assists 
students in any way possible. 

172 Organizations 

finch Hall: Marc Sholar, Ralph Barber, Patrick Petrillo. David 
Doyle, Wilson Bounds, Jamie Lawson. 


ACs: Brett Carter(AAC], Wendi Giles(McEwen). 
Dottie SouderfAsst. Dean of Students), Todd 
McVey(Belkj Missing is Helena Quiring(Finch). 

Belk Hall: Front: Jaye Cohen, Todd McVey, Marcus Cross. 
Back: Laura Boatwright. 

McEwen Hall: Suzanne Sielaty. Lisa Farmer. Brett Car 
ter Wendi Giles. Ali Sprigg. Jeff Walters. Leah Chap- 
pell, Mary-Beth Phillips, Stacey Scherer. Michele 
Brown, Hilda Beane, Bonnie Jean Dillon 

Organizations 173 

Sports Medicine 

The Sports Medicine program began 
at High Point College in the fall of 
1988. Under the direction of Rick 
Proctor, the program has grown to 
include 27 students. One of the main 
strengths is the practical experience 
gained by the student trainers. It takes 
a very strong and sizable commitment 
to get in the hours necessary for 

certification. Students work with each 
athletic team at the college, serve the 
intramural program, and expand their 
base of experience with the local high 
schools. The Sports Medicine program 
functions under the guidelines set forth 
by the NATA with the goal of each 
student to be certified by the NATA. 

Upperclassmen in the Sports 
Medicine Program 

nnVn rf^lTr And * rs ° n ' T Br °T Y ' Andre ° Bmnum ' Nicole r «W Stoc ^ K °P f *°»> 2: Tracy Henry, Patrick, 

SSn 2 t 9 ?; c °°" 9 , Deveney ' Corey M°»°efeea Shone Simmons, Chris McCollum. Row 3: 

PoTw^nnKf' w JmeS ' D0U9 DeVlnny - Brian Bl ^kston, Todd Shoemaker, Tim O'Keefe. Sean 
Leary, Kathy Mustin, Jill Schroeder. 

174 Organizations 

Officers: Row 1: Carrie Tucker-VP. Becky Mil- 
ler-Treas, Row 2: Amy LockhartSec, Robbie 

Student NC Association of Educators 

The Student North Carolina 
Association of Educators is for 
education majors or anyone who plans 
to teach. SNCAE sponors a number of 
benefits to its members, including 
liability insurance for those students 
doing their student teaching, as well as 

magazines from both the National and 
State Education Associations. The HPC 
Chapter of SNCAE held activities 
designed to prepare students for the 
experience of teaching. SNCAE offers 
future teachers a chance to prepare 
themselves for the teaching experience. 

Row 1: Becky Miller, Robbie Combs, Carrie Tucker. Amy Lockhart Shelly Barnes^ Row ZM^Wg 
Gwaltney Row 3: Sallle Frame, Mary Anne Blackmore, Deanna Mabe, Crystal Swam. Cheryl Berner. Row 4 Kelle 
Owens, Terry McCauley, Amy Bell. 

Organizations 175 

SGA Council: G. Chaboudy(Sec). K llarraza 
(Speaker), S. DePewfAftn. General], R. 
Davis(Pres), W. BoundsfTreas), S. Hughes(VP]. 




The Student Government Association 
is comprised of all students. There 
are executive, legislative and judical 
branches which are made up of elected 
or appointed students. One of the main 
purposes of the SGA is to channel 
students' and problems to the right 
authorities. This year's main forces was 
developing an honor code, revising the 
constitution, and working closely with 
the administration. 

Row 1: Sara Mock, Christy Rockwell, Kristen 
Carper, George Chaboudy, Blaine Raffe, Trini 
Thies, Rich Davis. Row 2: Stephen Hughes, Kevin 
llarraza, Kathy Hughes, Meg Condron, Stacy 
DePew. Sallie Frame, John Reitz, Mark Van 
Blunk, Wilson Bounds, Jamie Snyder, Kyle 
Thompson. Row 3: Todd Godbey, Amie Gates, 
Bonnie-Jean Dillon, Amy Bell. Row 4: Richard 
Domhart, Patrick Petrillo, Amy Marshall, Chris 
Grippa, Greg Dudley. Robbie Combs, Joe Pin- 
ter, James Fitzgerald, Row 5: Byron Garrett, 
Kevin Burton, Eric Collins, Wade Anderson, 
Jamie Lawson, Ralph Barber, Wendy Holmes, 
Dan Alwine. David Duncan. Lee Hunter. 

1 76 Organizations 

Kendra and Stephen take a break from the 
hectic day. 




Core: Kevin llarraza, Kendra Brown, 
Stephen Hughes(chair), Kathy Hughes, 
Todd Matthiesen. 

Orientation is an important process 
that introduces a new group of 
students to High Point College each 
year. The Student Orientation Staff is a 
special group of students who give up 
part of their summer vacation to help 
the new students. The Student 
Orientation Staff does everything from 
unloading cars to helping students 
register for classes. With the help of the 
Student Orientation Staff, Orientation 
prepares each new student for face the 
challenges of college life. 

Staff: Row 1: T. Matthiesen, K. Brown, S. Hughes, 
K, Hughes, K. llarraza. Row 2: R. Brown, A. Mar- 
shall, J. Ferrall. P. Vitella, M. Fields. Row 3: D. 
Caudill, A. Dailey, J. Walsh, S. Lamb, A. Right- 
mire, C. Onufreiczuk, C. Clement, N. Fitzpatrick, 
S. Sielaty, Row 4: G. Martin, T Donovan, K. 
Mmgus, T. Melton, R Barber, P. Graver, A. Kin- 
tigh. S. Qubein, K. Cooper, J. Reid, R. Combs, C 
Colston. W. Horion. 

Organizations 177 


Student Union is an organization 
devoted to bringing top notch 
movies, dances, and entertainers to 
High Point College. It welcomes all 
students and actively encourages their 
participation. In addition to planning the 
homecoming dance in conjunction with 
the Alumni Affairs Officers and the 
spring semi-formal. Student Union 
offers concerts, road trips, comedians 
and student/faculty mixers. 

9 Pnml» Q nC ' °" , C0Ofc Kne eling-Curtis Hoover.Travis Last. Alise Clanton, Becky Miller, 
^rnl/tVr? Hayes - Vatanche Clements, Sam Rakin. Wendy Holmes. Standing-Terry 
Jam£ rLtn d 22 : Ji 6 N ° Ce ' Leah Ch °PPe»- Serene Qubein, Ray Williams, Mary-Beth Phillips, 
sl7Z £» vn^n r C ? mb$ - Chas s '' n 9teton, Ron Do/ton. On Sign-Sharon Grizeli. Suzanne 
Sieltoy. Sue Yorhling. Lisa Farmer. Mitzi Fields Byron Garrett 

178 Organizati 


Writing Fellows 

The Writing Fellows program, in its 
second year, has made several 
positive impressions on the writing 
curriculum of HPC, Effecting writing is a 
necessity in our society, and writing 
fellows is a tutoring program that offers 
a collaborative approach to learning 
effective writing skill. The group of 
students work with all departments on 
the campus. The fellows comment on 
student's written work, discuss these 
comments and revising strategies in 
individual conferences. This year's 
fellows hope the much needed program 
will continue to grow and help students 
at HPC. 

Row 1: Dr. Moehlmann-advisor, Andy Flynt, Rhonda Brown, Chad Bdrker, Wendy Holmes. Row 2: 
Simon Marks, Noelle Blank, Michelle Williamson, Heather Wetzel, Kerry McKnight, Andy Ritchie. 



■ ', : ^4^H 

1§ ■ 



^m i kl+ 



mhV '* 

i 1 ^* * AM 

m —I 


The literary magazine of High Point College is a simulation 
of creative works submitted by faculty and student. The 
Apogee is organized and developed through submissions of 
poetry, short stories, and photography. The magazine was 
submitted to the campus in the spring. 

Teresa Melton is the editor of the 

Organizations 179 

Members Jenny McGuire-Robb and Tim Austin 
perform in the HPC hit GODSPELL 


Tower Players is the student theatre 
organization responsible for producing 
the plays at High Point College. 
Membership includes theatre majors and 
non-theatre majors alike. The 1990-91 
season began with the summer production 
of THE HOLLOW adapted by Ron Law 
from Agatha Christie, and continued with 
the popular musical GODSPELL, the 
One-Act Play Festival, FOOLS, a comic 
fable by Neil Simon, and concluding with 
the award-winning THE DIARY OF ANNE 
FRANK, directed by HPC alumnus Tim 

Front: V. Scott, N. Doody, C. O'Briant. K. Hughes. T. 
Donovan, S. Qubein, T. Thies. R. Law, J. McGuire- 
Robb. D. Nesbitt. Middle: J. Scott, V. Royer, T Greer. 
R. Valentine. A. Romano. P. Vitella, J. Douglas, M. 
Penry. S. Houser, G. Tague, P. Fagans. Back: K. Pike. 
R. Combs, S. Ranocchia, G. Arwood, R. Predmore, J. 
Nace, M. Ziesse, A. DeVaro. J. Lawson. T. Simon, M. 

180 Organizations 

Merrideth Ziesse and Desmond Dutcher end the 

** J*r 


■ / 





Terrence and Whitney enjoy the picnic. 

Officers: Joe Pinter-Pres, Ted Simon-VP, Jamie Lawson, Secretary: Phil 
Fagans, Treasurer: Trini Thies, Historian: Ron Law. Advisor 

Organizations 181 

Executive Staff: P. Vitella K. Pike, G. Bogor. B 
Raffe. J. Smith. N. Blank. 


WWIH, the student runATrustee 
owned radio station, began the 
1990-91 year with a totally new look. 
The station went to FM Stereo sound 
and increased its CD collection to help 
bring the best possible sound for its 
listeners on campus and the 
surrounding area. With a variety of 
formats ranging from rap to classic 
rock, WWIH is dedicated to bringing its 
listeners what they want. The station 
operstes on a Monday through 
Friday-noon to midnight schedule. The 
dj's at the station hope that the 
popularity of the station continues to 

WWIH general staff 

182 Organizations 


Every year a dedicated group of 
students gather to publish the year 
at High Point College. This year was no 
different. Under the direction of Ralph 
Barber, the dedicated students of the 
staff pulled together the 67th edition of 
the Zenith. Through the long hours 
spent at the computer to the last minute 
photographs, it all finally came together. 
The staff put in many hours of hard 
work to meet the deadlines to complete 
this edition. 

Staff: Front: Ralph Barber, Ter- 
rence Donovan, Angela Dailey, 
Rhonda Brown, Mitzi Fields, Sue 
Yorhling, Tara Seamone, Jett 
Walters, Jim Homiak. Back: Me- 
lissa Switzer, Chas Singleton, 
Robert Ruffino, Leigh Ann Cross, 
Sam Rakin, Heather Williams, 
Kathy Woodward, Lynn Heasley 

Organizations 183 


Intramural sports are a part of life to 
every HPC student. Whether playing or 
spectating, everyone enjoys the various 
seasons. Although Ultimate Frisbee is the 
highlight to every intramural year, soccer, 
basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, and 
bowling are also represented in the line-up 
of sports for students to get together and 
play. Under the direction of Advisor Dr. 
Charlie Futrell and Student Director Vic 
Zuczek, intramurals give everyone a 
chance to play, coach, officiate, or just 

Paul OToo/e extends that extra mile for a Pike 

Intramural Director Vic Zuczek takes a moment 
to rest with man's best friend-Cody. 

Rob Balerna goes head to head with the 
opponent. Rob survived last years ankle injury. 

Greg Trefz shows what he is made of 
during the shootout 

184 Organizations 

Front and centre: Drew Sheldrick. Row 1: Patrick Beck. 
Dan Moore. Mike Hatfield. Andrew Klum. Brian De- 
grow. Andrew Wade, Bryan Verrone. Danny Goodwin. 
Scott Williams. Row 2 Jamie Snyder. Jaamy Zarngar. 
Jamie Moncuso. Scott Combs. Dan Vasti. John Carroll. 
Sam McKoy. Ruben Jordan. Scott Goodman, Brian 
Baxter. Garrett Parker. Mark Sibes, Dean Langliff. Jim 
Homiak, Bart Willis 


The team struggles to break 
through the opponent. 

HP Rugby 

^*» « *rr).it,»W y 

Don and Jamie in pursuit of the 

At the beginning of the school year a 
transfer student came to High Point 
College with the hopes of starting an 
organization that would bring the whole 
school together on week-ends. High Point 
Rugby Club provided a new sport that 
brought together the student body on 
several week-ends last fall. The team 
consisted of only 3 men who had ever 
played before. Scott Goodman led the 
group with 5 years of experience followed 
by his co-capt, Drew Sceldrick, with 3 
years. Behind the two of them the team 
had 19 who wanted to give this foreign 
sport a chance. The team was lucky 
enough to get a very experienced coach, 
Jaamy Zarnegar. The team compiled a 
record of only 1-3. They lost to UNC-C, 
UNC-G alumni, and Guliford; their win was 
to St. Andrews College(10-3). All those 
involved with the team, and fans owe this 
transfer student, Scott Goodman, for a fun 
semester of rugby. It is sad to say though 
that due to insurance problems, the team 
will no longer be able to play on campus. 

Organizations 185 

Learning Assistance Center 
Students Teach 

The Learning Assistance Center, under 
the guidance of Alice Sink and Sara 
Gomez, offer students a chance to better 
their skills in all majors offered at High 
Point College. Founded a few years ago, 
the LAC gives students who otherwise 
would not a chance to attend college 
through a program called Achieving 
Intellectual Maturity. These students are 
accepted their freshmen year on probation 
and must attend the LAC a minimun of 
two hours per week. If the student makes 
satisfactory grades after the first semester, 
he will be placed in good standing with the 
college. Although this is the main purpose 
of the LAC, it is open to all students 
seeking tutorial help with their college 

The Learning Assistance Center Staff 

Rhonda Brown spends her extra time helping 
others to better their education. 

Sara Gomez discusses ways to tutor students 
without doing their work for them. 

186 Organizations 

Wilson Bounds talks to on alumni about her 
career after graduating from HPC. 

The Career Development Center 

For any student who wishes to take 
advantage of it, the Career Development 
Center acts as a tremendous resource 
center. Activities such as Career Alumni Day, 
Job Fairs, On-campus recruiting, and 
internship programs assist students in setting 
career goals and getting started along the 
right path to research those goals. On 
November 5 and 6, HPC combined efforts 
with 7 other Triad colleges for Job Fair '90 
which turned out to be a huge success. 

Organizations 187 





Mr. and Mrs. John M. Barbera 

Shannon Barbera 


Mr. and Mrs. John Capies 

Natalie Capies 


Mr. and Mrs. Danny T. Caudill 

Dana Caudill 


Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cohen 

Marni Cohen 


Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ferrera 

Tiffany Ferrera 


Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Flournoy 

Samuel Flournoy 


Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Garsik 

Ronald Garsik, Jr. 


Gary and Nancy Godbey 

Todd Godbey 


Mr. and Mrs. Otis R. McCollum 

Bradley McCollum 


Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Palmer 

Elizabeth Palmer 


Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Percival 

Anne Percival 


Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Scott 

Karen Scott 


Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Shelton 

Charles Shelton, Jr. 


Compliments of 

The High Point 

210 Church St. 

High Point NC 

Congratulations Class of 1991 

188 Ads 



Mr. and Mrs. Albright III 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Alwine 

Mr. and Mrs Clemont Arrington 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Atwetl 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Austin 

Mr and Mrs. Anthony Baiad 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Bates 

Beverly and Sam Beale 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Beckett 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Betz, Sr. 

Dr. and Mrs Lee A. Blakely, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Boger 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson R. Bounds 

Mr and Mrs. Patrick Brady 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas G. Bradley 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell P. Brannon 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Carol Brion 

Mr. and Mrs. James Caracappa 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carnahan 

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Chase 

Mr. and Mrs. David Clark 

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Claywell 

Mr. and Mrs Calvin J. Coe 

Rev. and Mrs. Robert W. Combs 

Judge and Mrs. William J. Cox 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cross 

Mr. Kenneth E. Crutchfield, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Altred E. Curty 

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Dailey 

Mr. and Mrs. M. A. DeVaro 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne M. Dillon 

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Dorsey 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen L. Douglas 

Norm Drezin and Anita Goldberg 

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Fillgrove 

Mrs. M. Foulks 

Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Franz 

Mrs. Nancy L. Fuller 

Mr. and Mrs. George D. Gates III 

Mr. am) Mrs. Frederick P. Gibbs 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gillespie 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Gleiman 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Goodwin 

Mrs. Willette Greer 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Haines 

Mrs. Loretta Howard 

Mr. and Mrs. Olen Guy Hudson 

Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie and Judy Jessup 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Jiran 

Mr. and Mrs. Rochard C. Jodon 

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Keene 

The Kilker Family 

Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Langfitt 

Mrs. Karen Hamilton Last 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Leneski 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Wayne Lewis 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lindsay 

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Linton 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Lynch 

Mrs. Francis McCorquodale 

Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. MeMahan 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Mancuso 

Mr. and Mrs. John Larry Matlock 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Mechter 

Mrs. Drema Michael 

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Moody 

Mrs. Sharon Moore 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morgan 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Morrison 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Nesbitt 

Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson E. Petres 

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Petrie 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Carol Petri 

Mr. and Mrs. Cart Pike 

Mr and Mrs. Michael R. Prokop, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Quttw 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Radinsky 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ragsdell 

Mrs. Jane E. Rankin 

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Raymond 

Mrs. Patricia Potndexter Read 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Reynolds 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Ritchie 

Mr, and Mrs. Edmund Sage 

Mr. and Mm. Eugene L. Schou 

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander A. Sitva 

Mr. and Mrs. Johnathan F. Simons 

Mr. and Mrs. P. Thomas Simpers. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Smith 

Mr, and Mrs. A. Fred Stuber 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Swarm 

Mr. and Mrs. E. W, Swltzer 

Rev, Henry C. and Mrs. Marizett Thompson 

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Trantham 

Mr, and Mrs. Louis Trefz 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Turbe 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. TuttJe, Jr. 

Mr, and Mrs, William A. VtteHa 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walsh 

Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Francis Webb 

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wright 

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Yerkes, ■!'■ 

Mr. and Mrs. George Yohrling 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. atvogel 


Ellen Albrighl 

Daniel Alwtne 

Chris Camp 

Alisha Atwell 

Nina Austin 

Robert Baiad 

Constance Bates 

John Beale 

Natanya Beckett 

Steve Betz 

Leslie Blakely 

Brian Boger 

Wilson Bounds, Jr. 

Helena Brady 

Patricia Bradley 

Matthew Todd Brannon 

Ashley Brion 

Stefanie Caracappa 

Eric Carnahan 

Alison Chase 

Timothy Clark 

Michael Claywell 

Brian Coe 

Robert Combs II 

Kimberly Cox 

Kevin Cross 

Chip Crutchfield 

Craig Curty 

Angela D. Dailey 

Ann Marie DeVaro 

Samantha Dillon 

Kimberly Dorsey 

James Douglas 

Lynne Drezin 

Lester Fillgrove, III 

Casey Foulks 

Jake Franz 

Ralph Barber 

Amie Gates 

Joshua Gibbs 

Todd Gillespie 

Scott Gleiman 

Debra Jeanne Goodwill 

Tracy Greer 

Jean Mane Haines 

Jennifer Howard 

Kevin Hudson 

Shannon Jessup 

Chris Jiran 

Jason Jodon 

Todd Johnson 

Andrew Johnson 

Mercedes Keene 

Christopher Kilker 

Dean Langfitt 

Travis Last 

Therese Leneski 

Jill Lewis 

Sheila Lindsay 

Danny Smith 

Cathlyn Lynch 

Danny McCorquodale 

Lee Nash MeMahan 

Jamie Mancuso 

Deborah Matlock 

Caroline Mechler 

Steven Allen Michael 

Sarah Moody 

Phillip Thompson 

Gerren Tyler Morgan 

Rick Morgan 

Michael Kevilte 

David Nesbitt 

Ferguson Peters, Jr. 

Jennifer Pelrie 

Jennifer Petri 

Kyle Pike 

Stephen & Patrice Prokop 

Erin Qulnn 

Aileen Radinsky 

Brian Ragsdell 

Samual Rankin 

Jamie & Jennifer Raymond 

Christian Reed 

Michelle Reynolds 

Andrew S Brian Ritchie 

Johnathan Sage 

Andrew Schou 

Samantha Silva 

Johnathan Simons, Jr. 

Tom Simpers 

Brain Smith 

Cammle Smith 

Luanne Steuber 

Crystal Swaim 

Melissa Switzer 

Kyle Thompson 

Julie Trantham 

Greg Trefz 

Ricliard Turbe 

Stephanie Tuttle 

Paul Vftella 

Nathaniel Walsh 

Allison Webb 

Heather Williams 

Scott Williams 

Darren Wright 

Angela Yerkes 

Susan Yohrling 

Edward Zitvogel 






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Nautilus Family Fitness Center 

Student and Teacher Rates Available 

Open 7 days a week 

Nautilus and Freeweight Equipment 

Free Trial Workouts 

College Village Shopping Center 


Special Thanks: 

The Zenith would like to take a moment to thank 
all of our patrons who have enabled us to publish 
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192 Overview 



Greek Week 



CROP Walk 

Ultimate Frisbee 

Oveiview 193 

Save the World 

The year 1990 has been a year of 
enviromental awareness. It all 
began in April, when for the first time in 
twenty years, Earth Day was again 
nationally recoginized. Nearly 750,000 
came to Central Park in order to 
celebrate the earth and the enviroment. 
The overwhelming publicity resulted in 
a sort of trendiness because soon 
everyone was out to save the world. 
The challenge set for High Point 
College is to just save our enviroment 
for the sake of doing so, and so far, the 
college community has responded. 
There are campus organizations 
involved in the Adopt-a-Highway; they 
are the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, 
American Humanics, and soon to join 

these two groups will be the Kappa 
Deltas. SGA is involved too. A proposal 
given to SGA resulted in the snack bar 
phasing out the use of styrofoam cups 
and plates. The High Point Greens 
have implemented their recycling 
program by placing barrels near the 
residence halls and other buildings 
where aluminum cans are in excess. 
They are working to get bins for the 
paper we the students of HPC 
thoughtlessly throw on the mailroom 

The key is widespread student 
involvement and awareness. The 
smallest effort by 1 ,500 students can 
make the biggest difference. From the 
simple-turning off the lights, tv, etc. 

when leaving a room to asking for 
paper bags instead of plastic at the 
grocery store, will help to perserve 
the earth. 

Being heard is also important. We as 
students of High Point College have 
the right to be heard by the political 
candidates of North Carolina whether 
we are voting residents or not 
because what goes on here directly 
influences each of us. 
Awareness is the beginning of the 
end of any social problem. Stop, 
think, and act to change our 
self-destructive habits. Conservation. 
Moderation. Involvement. The keys 
to a cleaner, safer world. 

194 Oveiview 

Proud To 

Keep America 


Overview 195 

Orientation '90 

August 18, 1990-a day that to many of the members of the Class of 1994 will 
go down in history. That was the day these people became college students. 
This year, under the direction of Stephen Hughes, the Student Orientation Staff 
guided the freshmen through a rigorous schedule of events. Once the weekend 
was over, the new college students were able to find their place at High Point 
College and the Orientation Leaders were able to wind down with old friends and 

The Orientation picnic provides 
time to make new friends. 

196 Overview 

Overview 197 

198 Oveiview 

*"*• -^>. 



That's Entertainment 
HPC goes Hollywood 

Entertainment is "the act of holding the attention of or extending hospitality 
toward," according to Webster's II New Riverside University Dictionary. There's 
no doubt about it, entertainment was on the High Point College Campus. Last 
Spring, the Student Union brought a big name artist on the campus. On the 17th 
of April, Richard Lewis performed in the Alumni Gymnasium to a crowd of 600. As 
far as the Fall fo 1990, the Student Union brought many small acts to the campus 
to entertain its students. There were also numerous hit movies, lectors, concerts, 
and the Tower Players put on GODSPELL, this year's musical. With all of this, 
one could definitely say that HPC was entertaining. 

Overview 199 

Tammy Simon visited York Cathedral during her stay at 
the University of Leeds. England. 

Tom Parker and a French native enjoy french 

200 Oveiview 

1 Kate Sheppard toured Germany during 
her break from studying abroad. 

A Foreign Experience 
Students go abroad 

One of the advantages of a college education is the opportunity to study 
abroad. HPC offers programs in England, France, and Spain. These can 
be taken through HP C or through affiliations with other colleges. In order to be 
accepted for these programs, students must pass an application process and 
review by the International Studies Committee which takes into consideration 
their GPA, academic preparation, and the student's ability to adapt and 
perform in a different culture. In England, Tammy Simon and Kate Sheppard 
were fortunate to spend the entire 1989-90 academic year at the University of 
Leeds, while Ron Sotack enjoyed the spring semester in London. The Leeds 
program, started in 1987 directly through HPC concentrates on the student's 
major. In the fall of '91, HPC will institute a semester at Westminister College in 
Oxford, England which would require at least a 2.5 GPA for application. Through a 
Rosary College affiliation, Robert Boucher and Thomas Parker spent the 
1989-90 academic year in Strasbourg, France, while Bran Pace and Melissa 
Switzer spent the spring semester at the Institut Catolique in Paris, through an 
affiliation with Guilford College. Josh Gibbs enjoyed a year at the Spanish 
American Institute of International Education in Seville through an affiliation with 
the University of Wisconsin. The Spanish program is adaptable to the student's 
needs. Classes can be taken entirely in Spanish, or they can be mixed with 
English spoken classes. The school is proud of its study abroad programs. 


ISf 1 




* ■ 

Josh Gibbs sits with Spanish friends during Feria 
de Abril (April Fair) Sevilla. 

Rob Boucher chips away at the Berlin Wall. 

Overview 201 

Greek Week 1990 
A Battle of the Greeks 

Each year Panhellenic and IFC pull the Greeks together for a week of fun and 
challenge. The week of March 19-23 marked Greek Week '90. This year, as in 
years past, each sorority was paired with a fraternity to compete in many different 
activities. The teams were Phi Mu/Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Gamma Delta/Pi 
Kappa Alpha, Kappa Delta/Delta Sigma Phi, and Zeta Tau Alpha/Theta Chi. These 
four teams competed in Win, Lose or Draw, Volleyball, Pizza Eating, and Field 
Games. The Alpha Gamma Delta/Pi Kappa Alpha team reign victorious over the 
festivities for 1990. As always, Greek Week was f unfilled and exciting for the 
participants and observers. 

Dora and Michelle of Zeta Tau Alpha show off 
that sisterly love. 

202 Overview 

Pikes baffle at the tug of war. 

George and Anita are ready for 
the 3 legged race. 

The Sororities participated in a 
frisbee throwing contest. 

Overview 203 

Charlotte Tannehill parties with 
New Potato Caboose 

Senior Send-Off 

Student Union, WWIH, Panhellenic, 
and the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity 
sponsored the 1990 Senior Send-Off 
Concert. The event was held at the 
Jamestown Jaycee Fairgrounds on April 
7. The day consisted of a cartoonist, 
food, events, and music. The musical 
entertainment was provided by three 
exceptional bands, the Waxing Poetics, 
Billy McLaughlin, and New Potatoe 
Caboose. The mixture of fun, music, 
and beautiful weather made the day a 

Beth Edwards says qood-bye to 

Graduation 1990 

For the second year in a row, High 
Point College's Commencement 
Exercises were held in the Alumni 
Gymnasium. This year, however, it wasn't 
a tornado that forced graduation indoors, it 
was just a little rainstorm. Richard 
Spaulding, President of US Air Leasing 
and Services, spoke to the 332 seniors, 
the largest graduating class at HPC, about 
never feeling that someone else holds an 
edge on them. Ron Law, a professor in 
the theatre department, was honored with 
the National Teachers Award, and fifty-six 
seniors ended their college career with 

Overview 205 

Students from all Over 

High Point College has become a 
"melting pot" of sorts, as students 
come here from all over the country. 
Although New York, New Jersey, 
Maryland, Virginia, and Florida are the 

206 Overview 

Overview 207 

Ku Klux Klan Rally 

On Sunday March 18, 1990, over 600 
people gathered in downtown High 
Point to protest the march of the Ku 
Klux Klan. Sixty Klan members 
marched for several blocks before they 
stopped to rally in front of the High 

Point Court House. The police, in riot 
gear, also walked to keep peace. 
Protesters, confined to sidewalks, were 
of many races, ages, and 
socioeconomic backgrounds. Many of 
the protesters were students from High 

Point College. "We wanted to let the 
KKK know that they were not welcome 
in this community," stated one HPC 
protester. The KKK march ended with 
no violence or injuries, despite the large 
number of protesters. 

208 Overview 

: THE 





Involvement is said to be High Point 
College's middle name. Well, if that's 
true, then there is only one way to get 
involved. That way is to join one or 
many of the organizations on campus. 
Every year the Office of Student Life 
holds an activities fair. This year's event 
was held on August 30. As in year's 
past, the many campus organizations 
convened in the Campus Center Great 
Room to tell the new students about 
themselves. And, once again, there was 
a successful turnout and each 
organization found new members. 

Overwiew 209 

The Year 1990 

The dauntless Reds socked it to the vaunted A's in one of 
the most dazzling upsets in World Series history. The 
Cincinnatti Reds beat the Oakland Athletics 2-1 in the fourth 
and final game. It wasn't the team that most reasonable 
people expected to win, much less sweep the 87th World 
Series. The win gave Cincinnatti its first series trophy since 

The A's won 103 games in the regular season and 
breezed into their third straight Fall Classic by defeating the 
Boston Red Sox in the American League Championship 
Series. The Reds won only 91 regular season games and 
struggled to beat the Pittsburgh Pirates in the playoffs. No 
team with so few victories has ever swept a World Series. 
The 1990 World Series will long be remembered. 

The US budget deficit seems to be spiraling out of control. But how bad is it? While the 
Congressional Budget office is projecting a shortfall of about $164 billion for 1991, many 
economists believe the actual figure will be closer to $300 billion. Even if the President and 
Congress come up with a budget-reduction deal, the real deficit is likely to be stuck on a new 
plateau of about $250 billion indefinitely. 

Until this summer, the budget picture was not nearly so bleak. Since 1987, Congress and the 
President have managed to hold the deficit at around $1 50 billion per year. Then in August, 
America found itself faced with three unexpected crisis: the bailout of S&L Industry, which could 
cost an additional $10 billion to $15 billion; a threatened recession that could subtract $40 
billion from previously estimated tax revenues, and a military conflict in the Gulf that will add at 
least $15 billion to annual spending. This proposes an even deeper threat to our economy, and 
as its fathers, it is not clear whether financial markets will continue to buy the bonds that 
finance the deficit. If this occurs, the government will soon find itself paying higher interest rates 
than ever before during a recession. 

210 Overview 

World, National, and Local Review 

The world was moved to the brink of World War Three when the Middle East 
country of Iraq invaded and annexed neighboring Kuwait on August 2, 1990. 
The United Nations approved a world wide trade embargo in response to the 
seizure. The United States began to send troops to protect neighboring Saudi 
Arabia when Iraqi troops advanced to the Kuwait-Saudi border. Oil and gas 
prices jumped and are continuing to rise. In an effort to prevent an attack Iraqi 
leader Saddam Hussein took hostages from all countries and moved them to 
strategic military points. He also tried to force all foreign embassies to close. 
With his violent and much despised acts of terrorism, many other countries 
became involved in the defense of Saudi Arabia. These countries include 
France, Britian, the Soviet Union, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, 
Canada, Egypt, Morraco, Syria, and other minor Arabic countries. The crisis has 
come to neither violence nor settlement but has turned into a waiting game. As 
gas prices rise and protests about US involvement begin, everybody is 
wondering if WW III has really started. 

The Middle East crisis hit the campus with the realization that Mike 
Sparrow and Doug Hanks could go over after graduation it the 
problem is not solved. 

Overview 211 

Stocey DePew representing Alpha Gamma Whitney Helms representing Pi Kappa Alpha, Mary Margaret Unker representing Sophomore 
Delta, escorted by Rob Balema. escorted by Dave Nesbitt. Class, escorted by John Mulvaney. 

Stacie McElroy representing American 
Humanics, escorted by Patrick Petritlo. 

Christine Premock representing College Anne Roberts representing Lambda Chi Alpha, 

Republicans, escorted by Todd Mattheisen. escorted by Louis Federico. 

Christy Rockwell representing SGA. escorted by Tammy Shostak representing Kappa Delta, 
Ralph Barber. escorted by Brian Kindel. 

212 Overview 

^■^ ^^■-"'^vfa^SSCfe' ^?r**^*» 

Pv ^^Hl 

|^ lk 

^m ^^^H . ^^^H 

j..-* *■»• -i-. %■ 

'^^^Bk ■ M 

■ ■ ^ 

^^^^Bh^ * 

#1 ir ^ _1H 



^■o i 


^^. ^H 

%Jtf -. ^^ 

W ^fl ^L. 

~ 7 tS^=y= : H 

Stacey DePew 1990 Homecoming Queen 

Overview 213 

Homecoming Festivities 

They say the neon lights are bright on 
Broadway! There's always magic in 
the air! This was definitely the case 
during homecoming weekend which 
ended with a Student Union sponsored 
night "On Broadway." 

Homecoming weekend was a busy 
one this year for both students and 
parents. For a new twist, Parents' Day 
was combined with the Homecoming 
Festivities. Parents' Day, Saturday Nov 
3, was highlighted by a street fair held in 
front of the campus center. Here 

Freshmen enjoy lunch outside Finch Hall. 

students and alumni set up booths to sell 
their wares. The fair was a hit. 

That same night, the magic really was 
in the air, especially for Stacey DePew 
of Alpha Gamma Delta, who was 
crowned Homecoming Queen during the 
dance. The dance, held at Showplace on 
the Park, was a huge success as 
students, faculty, and alumni danced the 
night away to the sounds of The 
Fabulous Kays. High Point College's 
"On Broadway" was truly a night to be 

Leah Chappell and Rob Boucher brouse 
though the Street Fair. 

214 Overview 

Ms. Dunham and Pat Haun 
dance the night away. 

Kevin llarraza and Jacina 
Hayes pose for the camera 

The Three Musketeers. 

Overview 215 


On a cloudless October afternoon over 200 students 
gathered on the soccer field to participate in the 
1990 HPC Crop Walk. The 10K walk proceeded 
through the city and finished at the soccer field. 

Many students participated in conjunction with 
campus organizations. Over 17 organizations were 
represented. Some students walked to raise money 

In total, the HPC effort raised close to $1500 to help 
combat World Hunger. Seventy-five percent of the 
money raised went overseas to provide food for the 
Third World nations and the other 25 percent stayed in 
High Point to fund The Father's Table, a homeless 
shelter. Efforts for the second annual HPC Crop Walk 
were double the success from the 1 989 event. 

The 1990 walk was coordinated by Christy Rockwell 
and chaired by Ralph Barber(recuriting), Wilson 
Bounds(route and stations), and Sandy 
Sarnowski(publicity). Following the walk the cafeteria 
provided a picnic at the soccer field. This was to 
symbolize the walk that the people of the Third World 
make each day to get their meal. 

216 Overview 

Overview 217 

218 Overview 

Ultimate Frisbee 

The fall intramural season opened with ultimate frisbee 
bringing 10 teams ranging from the fraternities to the 
basketball team. The frisbee teams battled it out for over six 
weeks until playoff time rolled around. The teams learned to 
cope with problems through intramural sports director Vic 
Zuczek's inspiration quotes. When playoff time came we saw 
the four campus fraternities battling it out for the championship. 
Lambda Chi Alpha reigned victorious when the games were 
completed. Behind the winners were Pi Kappa Alpha second, 
Delta Sigma Phi third, and Theta Chi fourth. Ultimate frisbee is 
an exciting sport for everyone on campus. Whether out for a 
study break or just to relaxe in the sun, the H.P.C. students 
support ultimate frisbee. 

Paul O'toole gets by Joe Wright for 
a touchdown. 

The Sigs are proud of their finish after 
the playoffs. 

Kenny G. battles in the 
championship game. 

Overview 219 


Mike and Ted settle a minor 

Godspell was the exhilarating and 
moving rock musical version of the 
Gospel according to St. Matthew. It was 
successfully produced during 
Homecoming Weekend and Parents' 
Day. Godspell presented the story of 
Jesus through stories and songs from 
the Baptism by John to the Crucifixtion. 
It featured such songs as Prepare Ye, 
Day By Day, and We Beseech Thee. 

The cdst of Godspell opens the 

Joe performs a soft shoe routine 

Girl Crazv 

A musical comedy hit from the 1930s, 
Girl Crazy follows the adventures 
of ex-movie star Johnny Churchill as he 
tangles with the "bad guys" while 
starting a dude ranch and running for 
sheriff in Arizona. With music by 
George Gershwin and lyrics by Ira 
Gershwin, Girl Crazy features such 
standards as But Not For Me, 
Embraceable You, Strike Up The Band, 
and I've Got Rhythm. 

The cast roots for Johnny 

Johnny gets in a tiff. 

Overview 221 

Our Fearless 
ZENITH Leaders 

The people found on this page are 
those who have put in overtime, 
late hours, and ate a lot of pizza in 
order to complete the dreadlines. They 
have become close working together 
late at night and often found each other 
in different places participating in the 
same activities. Working together to 
produce one thing builds a special kind 
of bond as well as providing inside 
information on one another. We would 
like to take this opportunity to thank 
these members of the staff in our own 
special way-Christy and Ralph. 

Gwen-I feel like I am being slack. 
Angela-Yearbook brings me many PLEASURES. 

222 Overview 

Rhonda Blue-the staff flirt. 

Melbie-I swear Paris didn't change me. Mais J'ai mal a les 


Ron- We 7/ do lunch and talk yearbook. 

Ralph-Its my book and I don't care If my ideas ore 

high schoolish. 

Jerrance and Chris-Did you say there would be pizza 


Sandy-The Domino's and Captains 
are right this way. 
Brian-You would not have these 
problems if you would have gotten 
the IBM 

Cropwell-Billy Joel? I lost all of my power and have not 
been off the wagon yet. I'm really mad and I don't 
think I like you at all. 

Overview 223 


imagination formation of mental images of objects not 
present to the senses. (Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary) 

There are many people involved in the 
publication of a yearbook and I would 
like to thank everyone for their help and 
support. Several people went beyond the 
call of duty and helped me when I needed 
it the most. Special Thanks to: 
-Ron Dalton for your never ending sup- 
port and advice. 

-The entire ZENITH staff for all your hard 

-Christy Rockwell for showing me the 
ropes and not saying I told you so. 
-Angela Dailey who was my right arm, my 
left arm and my sanity. You would not be 
reading this if it were not for her. 
-Ray from Max Ward Studios 

-John Letter for his assistance with the 
Patrons Program. 

-Tom Adams from Hunter Publishing for 
having confidence that WE could do it our- 

-Gail Curtis for helping with the CEP sec- 

-Dr. Head for organizing the international 

-Jim Homiak for saving us with his photo- 

-Woody Gibson for helping with the 
Sports section. 

-Todd Matthieson for his computer 
-Melissa and Rhonda for keeping me 

somewhat out of debt. 

-Sandra "L" for her art work which is defi 

nitely Beyond Imagination. 

-Sandy S. for listening to me and cheerinc 

me up when deadline time came. 

-Lyn for all her photography work. 

-Keith Scott and Brian Smith to 

allowing Angela and I to use your room 

-The entire student body of H.P.C. be 

cause without you, there would be nc 

need for this book. 

Above all I would like to thank my mom 
who is always there when I need her and 
who will always find a solution to my nevei 
ending problems! 

Each of us are blessed with an 
imagination. Our im- 
aginations exist whether we 
realize it or not. Some may use 
their imagination to visualize or 
create while others may not 
utilize it at all. Behind every in- 
vention has been a creative im- 
agination. Everyone has the pot- 
ential to be a great inventor with 
their keen imagination but often it 
needs to be taken one step 
further — BEYOND IMAG- 

Ralph Barber 
1990-91 Editor