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"^ ^^^^^^B 


Touch of 



IMike Powell jumps 29' 
4 1/2" to break the 23- 
yeat-tild world linii; 
|unip record at the Worl 
Track and Field 

2 Kevin Cn^^tncr and vvdc 
Cindy arrive lor llie 
premiere uf Costner's liii 
summer film. Rfthin Hi>i>ii. 
Prince of Thieves. 

^ Menihersnf the 
~v Minnesota Twins 
^y celebrate winning llic 
W iirbl Series against the 
\llanla Braves. Last year thi 
Twins (nnslied la^l in ihcir 

4 The Cahlomia (iray 
\\ hale becomes ihe first 
(if the six great whale 
species lo come off the 
endangered species list. 

5|)aviil Duke. lomuT Kii 
Mux klan JeadiT, loses 
eleetion for governor oi 
U)ui:Hiana in a hotly conte.sted 
campaif^n. then announces 
his candidacy for U.S. 

6Kred MaeMurray. 
longtime aclor. dies. He 
is shown here in an 
carl\ show with his TV 
latnilv. the nngitial casi oi ,1/ 
Three Son.-^. 

Gray Whale 

Taken Off 
Species List 



TIlcMidor Scuss (rclsel. 

belter known as Dr. 

Seuss. dies. He was 
celebrated for wntnig 
children's books such as 

Creen T^iif^s ttml Ihini <ind Thf 
('.ill in the Hill. 


2Mirha«.^l Jor.lari shows 
his(^(jnieren(t^ MVP 
trophy lu Chifago Fans. 
.Ionian Ifcl the Chicago Bulls 
|o an NBA Championshi[i 
was later named Sports 

lustratedV Sportsman of tlu- 
^ ear. 

^\ Secretary of Defense 
"C Diek Cheney. Chaimian 
fl r.f the Joint Chiefs of 
Staff General Colin Powell 
and General Norman 
Schwarzkopf are shown m 
\(-w \ ork during "Operation 
\\ elciime Home." 

4Arlette Schweitzer, 
center, is ilrst U.S. 
woman to give hirth lo 
her own twin grandchildren. 
She acted as surrogate for Ut- 
daughter Clirista. Christa's 
hushand Kevin Cchvtil is on 
the left. 

5 In Decemherlhe old 
Soviet flag was replaced 
by a white, blue and red 
llag representing the new 
Commonwealth of 
indcprnd.-nt Stalf- 

61 -S. President (^eitrgt- addresses the 
opening round of talks al 
Mideast Peace 
( !onlerence in Madnd. 

CLni-..- rli- It.-i 


Higilli IPciiirt iLiriiYein^iiity 

lUiigilli IP'Oiiints Ncirtiri Caiir€lliiirai 
Y'Dluiirne €8 


18 Students 

30 Sports 

70 Intermission 


1992 Zenith Staff 

Editor in Chief 
Staff Writers 


Brian Smith 

Gwen Martin 

Matthew Bishoff 

Wilson Bounds 

Clark Stevens 

Kevin Fielder 

Paul Cantoloupe 

Dave Edwards 

Dave Edwards 

Gart Evans 



Page 114 Organizations Page 134 Overview Page 176 CEP 

Page 208 

High Point University 

High Point College was founded in 1 924. Since it's creation it has con- 
tinued to grow. On October 9th, 1991 the High Point College Board Of 
Trustees voted to change the name. 

As we turn the page in High Point College history we enter a new era. 
The name was offically changed to High Point University. 

As we enter the new era we must look back to those who made it pos- 
sible. With this in mind the 1992 Zenith is dedicated to all High Point Col- 
lege graduates from 1924 to 1991 . Without them, we would not be here. 
They all have a Touch of Class. 


A Touch Of Class, the little part of everyone that makes us memorable. It might be 
holding a door open for someone, or offering assistance to a stranded motorist. The 
time spent at High Point University is a time that will always be remembered. It is those 
friends that remain with us forever, the memories of parties, Alex's House at 2 a.m. 
Saturday morning, and the late hours of studying. High Point University helps everyone 
find his/her own little "Touch Of Class". 

V:!> -Ji 

President's Statement 

statement for the Zenith 

October 17, 1991 
I have said many times that education is a marvelous 
enterprise. Education exposes us to various ways of 
thinking. We learn to discern between what is important 
and what is not important. We learn to accept new ideas 
only after subjecting them to proper analysis. We learn 
to perceive relationships, good and bad, and to rec- 
ognize the importance of newly acquired knowledge. 
There are numerous purposes given for seeking an 
education. No one list is going to be complete. Obvi- 
ously, the list must include greater self-awareness and 
continued growth, mentally and spiritually. 

My advice to you is simple: Work hard, listen to the 
needs of others, suspect all abstractions, love honor, 
beauty and truth, and put your faith in God. 
Best wishes. 

^.,r ^^^^ 


Dean Evans 

Originally from Delaware, Dean Evans came to High Point 
College to continue his education and he is still here. He 
graduated in 1975, and has seen the University as both a 
student and faculty member. This is his sixth year as Dean 
of Students and his eleventh year as a staff member. He 
started out as Director of Alumni Affairs. Dean Evans 
would like everyone to get involved in the University. He 
believes that "High Point is your University." 

Dean Davis 

The future is bright for High Point University, prep- 
arations have begun to become a university. We are com- 
mitted to providing the best possible context for student life 
and learning. I envision a student center that will house 
career and personal advising. An even more beautiful 
campus with the rerouting of Montlieu Ave. A completed 
Millis center and a renovated Fine Arts Center with more 
classrooms and faculty offices. We are well on the way to 
creating a better school with a Touch Of Class. 

Building A University 

High Point University is on its way to becoming a University. 
Renovations on Roberts Hal finished in January, and the con- 
struction on the Millis Center is well underway. The comple- 
tion of Roberts Hall increased the class space as well as the 
faculty offices. When the Millis Center is done it will house a 
pool, weight room, training facilities, as well as classrooms 
and new locker rooms. With the new name we are glad to see 
a new face for the University. 




919 722-2829 


^;^i* ,: 

>■<. - >• -■:* \ . . * ■ " - 

' ' - .-' ^■*^- •'■*"/ >'.^v"^ "^^ ^*;-r ,. / 

■r^/.-jM/-^^y£w^///»':.- 'Va 

Welcome to School 

On August 17th, 1991 another freshman class arnved on campus. High Point Uni- 
versity rolled out the red carpet. The S.O.S. (Student Orientation Staff) was ready to 
carry in all the crates, trunks and boxes. They spent the day setting up in our new 
homes, for the year. They were seen scurrying around campus with their "yellow en- 
velopes", running to meet with their orientation groups, their advisors and say goodbye 
to their parents. It was the start of a new time of their life. 


We Care About The Community 

High Point University students are not just in town to go to school. They can be seen 
around the community putting their skills to work. The two big times for the college are Day in 
The Park in the Fall and the Crop Walk for hunger. Both show High Point University putting 
their best foot fonward and how much they care for the surrounding community. 

Crop Walk 




What Is Rush . . . 

Rush - A set period of time for the Greek System to present itself to those who are 
interested in joining. 

Men's Rush involves 2 activities determined by I.F.C. They are Open House and 
Drags. Open House starts Rush and Drags ends it. The time in between is full of ac- 
tivities determined by the Fraternities. Activities include non-alcoholic mixers and other 
activities to show Rushees what fraternity life is like. 

Life in the Greek System is fulfilling as well as for life. Friends made here are friends 
for life. 

.|||iMPiniiiiiiiiiii«ii fmmmmmmmmmm 


And Why Is It Important? 

Women's rush is a more structured week. All four Sororities work together, and all 
the Women are required to visit all the Sororities. The Rushees are put into groups that 
visit the Sorority Lounges on the first night. There the Sororities use IceBreakers to 
show the Rushees what the sorority is about. After that the individual sororities have 
preference parties and invite the Rushees they are interested in. 

Greek Brothers and Sisters are friends who you can count on and will always be 


What Goes on . . . 

A University is more than just books, professors, and classes. It is said that over 50 
percent of learning goes on outside the classroom. When you first arrive as a Fresh- 
man, school can be frightening. However, making friends on campus is rather easy. 
Whether you need help vi/ith homework or you go toss a fnsbee on the intramural field, 
you can always find someone who would like to go with you. 


Outside The Classroom? 


Opening Convocation 

With classes already underway, the official school year started with Opening Convocation. 
With no knowledge of the future name change, President Martinson, S.G.A. President Amy 
Marshall, and Dean Of the School Vance Davis all wished the best to the new students as well 
as the returning students. With the name change complete the next step according to President 
Martinson is the instituting of a Honor Code for the overall good of the institution. 



And Staff 

18 Faculty 

Faculty & Staff 

Faculty 19 



Dr. Thomas Albritton 

Dr. Lee Baker 

Dr. Bill Anderson 

Dr. Richard Bennington 

Ji£: ''■ 

Mr. Don Baker 

Mrs. Joan Betsiil 

K A 


20 Faculty 







^^^^ " 







m^m^^^-- 1 

Mrs. Martha Blake 

Dr. Gray Bowman 

Mrs. Donna Burton 

Mrs. Mary Anne Busch 

Ms. Lisa Carnell 

Dr. Dennis Carroll 

Faculty 21 

Mr. Brett Carter 

Dr. David Sterling-Decker 

il I 

I '« ■ III 

\ I 

Dr. Kathleen Carter 

Ms. Connie Eastin 

Dr. Patricia Clemmer 

Dr. Joe Ellenburg 

■ ■ V 


22 Faculty 



Dr. Allen Goedeke 

Dr. Vagn Hansen 

Mrs. Donna Harper 


Mr. Bob L. Hayes 

Mr. Bobby Hayes 

Dr. Alberta Herron 

Faculty 23 

Ms. Katherine Hill 

Mr. Michael Ingram 











pp^ ^^i 

— ^ 


Mr. David Holt 

Mr. Ron Law 

Dr. Manyon Idol 

Mr. John Lefler 

24 Faculty 

Dr. Barbara Leonard 

Mr. Phil McBrayer 

Dr. Richard McCaslin 

^. ,^ ^ 


Mrs. Iris Mauney 

Dr. Wayne Messer 

Dr. J. Timothy Millmore 

Faculty 25 

Ms. Amy Morriss 

Dr. Bruce Moss 

Dr. Ed Piacentino 

Dr. Wanda Powers 

Dr. Wid Painter 

Mr, Rick Proctor 

26 Faculty 

Dr. Ron Ramke 



> '4 

Mrs. Shirley Robertson 

Mr. Roger Shore 

\. ^^l^" 

Mrs. Alice Sink 

Dr. Charles K. Smith 

Dr. Gerald Smith 

Faculty 27 

Dr. Richard Spong 

Dr. James Stitt 

;^4 Mr. Jerry Steele 

Ms. Dottie Souder 

Mrs. Kitty Steele 

Mrs. Kay Stroud 

28 Faculty 

Ms. Carolyn Stout 

Dr. Marianne Tillery 

Dr. Charles Warde 

Dr. John Ward 

'' '"f'tA '^^ 

\\ r 

Dr. Leo Weeks 

Mrs. Nita Willianns 

Faculty 29 

30 Students 


Students 31 


Jerome Adams 

Lynn Adams 

Daniel Alwine 

Albert Arrigoni 
Ralph Barber 
Chad Barker 

Connie Bates 

John Beale 

Hilda Beane 

32 Seniors 

Class Of 92 

Theresa Beavers 
Cheryl Barrier 
Emma Berrier 

Sarah Berrier 
Stephen Betz 
Barbara Blake 

Jason Bornette 
Wilson Bounds Jr. 
Tammy Brooks 

Seniors 33 


Michelle Brown 

Tabithia Brown 

Anita Bounassisi 

Erica Bounassisi 

Christy Burnette 

Leah Chappell 

Mary Clark 

Alise Clanton 

Richard CocacI 

34 Seniors 

Class of 92 

Robert Combs II 
Megan Condron 
Jerry Cooper 

Edwina Crady 
Joley Crowe 
Susan Dickinson 

Bonnie-Jean Dillon 
Sandra Dix 
Kimberly Dorsey 

Seniors 35 


David Doyle 

Adam Duff 

David Duncan 

Desmond Dutcher 

Samantha Dutton 

Andrea Elliot 

Retina Eshleman 

William Ferrall 

Andrew Flynt 

36 Seniors 

Class Of 92 

Kennith Gargiulo 
Heather Gleason 
Dan Goldstein 

Dana Greenfield 
Molly Haggertz 
Melanie Harrison 

Jerrie Hayes 
Christina Highfill 
Annber Holbrook 

Seniors 37 


Wendy Holmes 

Jody Horton 

Darren Huber 

Kevin Hudson 

Donald Huggins 

Stephen Hughes 

Tammy Hughes 

Shannon Jessup 

Jason Jodon 

38 Seniors 

Class Of 92 

Theodora Johnson 
Janet Kennedy 
Martin Kolczynski 

David Layton 
Jill Lewis 
Thomas McCaffery 

Kristen McCoy 
Cara Mcguire 
Jennifer Mallett 

Seniors 39 


Sarah Mallett 

Amy Marshall 

Kirsten Martinson 

Ashley Medford 

Danny Money 

Stephanie Morris 

Lament Morrow 
Katherine Musfin 
Christy Newberry 

40 Seniors 

Class Of 92 

Tamara Mifong 
Christian O'Briant 
Jennifer Paetzold 

Michael Parillo 
Edward Pattik 
Brian Pegram 

Anne Percival 
Drew Peterson 
Darlene Porter 

Seniors 41 


Roger Predmore Jr. 

Christine Premock 

Angela Prescod 

Leigh Price 

Stephen Prokop 

Serene Qubein 

Jamie Raymond 
April Rightmire 
Albert Romano 

42 Seniors 

Class Of 92 

Wendy Ruiter 
Tamra Shostak 
Samantha Silva 

Tammy Siomon 
Brian Smith 
Jennifer Smith 

Soren Smith 
Stephanie Smith 
Jose Somoza 

Seniors 43 


Kimberly Spelker 

Marcella Squires 

Tracey Stanley 

Jenna Steele 

Donna Stutz 

Lillian Sullivan 

Adam Thompson 

Arron Tolley 

Sarah Turnburke 

44 Seniors 

Class Of 92 

Joseph Turner 
Calvary Tyson 
Reed Valentine 

Christina Vanderzee 
Charles Vanwickle 
Thomas Verdi 

Paul Vitella 
Jami Walsh 
David Warwick 

Seniors 45 


Heather Wetzel 

Mark Whittaker 

Lisa White 

Jennifer Williams 

Jay Whitmer 

Robert Wooten 

Merideth Zeisse 
Victor Zuczek 

46 Seniors 


Troy Alexander 
Rachel Allen 
Jennifer Arnold 
Shea Bowe 

Lisa Brown 
Tammy Branson 
Michael Brownies 
Natalie Capies 

Michael Cassidy 
Tracey Carr 
Brian Coe 
Lori Collins 

Christy Colston 
Gwen Dawson 
Kimberly Decelles 
Anne Devaro 

Juniors 47 


Molly Dickinson 

Pamela Dirks 

Sharoa Dooy 

Doug Edwards 

Lisa Farmer 

Mitzi Fields 

Anne-Mane Francis 

Kathleen Gambino 

Dana Golinsky 

Stephine Gray 

Carol Gwaltney 

Susan Henderson 

Ellanor Hill 

Ellen Hinshaw 

Monica Holt 

Jenifer Howard 

48 Juniors 

Class Of 93 

Jennifer Hughes 
Stephine Kallio 
Lynn Johnson 
Joann Kaney 

Lorice Kanakry 
Cara Mcmillian 
Deanna Mabe 
Karen Marks 

Gwen Martin 
April Haslacker 
Cynthia Mayo 
Tara Meade 



Sara Mock 
Caroline Nichols 
Christine Onutrelczuk 
Beth Palmer 

Juniors 49 


Mike Penry 

Erin Quinn 

Jennifer Raymond 

Matthew Reck 

Rick Reynolds 

Sheila Rohe 

Candace Romano 

Suzanne Sielaty 

Charles Smith 

Cynthia Smith 

Daniel Tapp 

Angela Terres 

Ginger Tritts 

Jeanna Thomas 

Charles White 

Jeffery Whittenhead 

■^ f i\ 


50 Juniors 


Kandace Allen 
Jett Anastas 
Jackie Andachter 
Stephanie Anderson 

Wade Anderson 
Chad Andrews 
Henry Barnes III 
Shelly Barnes 

Pannela Bradley 
William Beckmann 
Stephani Batten 
Heather Blackwell 

Gail Blair 
Paula Bowie 
Ben Bowman 
Bryan Bowles 

Sophomores 51 


Bryan Brawley 

Ashley Brim 

Eric Brewer 

Corinne Bounocore 

Kevin Burtoon 

Rudy Buynoch 

Christine Capovianco 

April Campbell 

■■■S BS am ■ 

John Carroll 

Chris Caruso 

Amy Cooke 

Kim Cox 

Marcus Cross 

Kristin Culliton 

Souphab Daoheang 

Bnan Degraw 



52 Sophomores 

Class Of 94 

Brad Dixon 
Judy Donnelly 
Richard Dornhart 
Chns Dudly 

Dillon Dwyer 
Leslie Fazio 
Tiffany Ferrera 
Tracy Fitzpatnck 

Chris Forst 
Sallie Frame 
Jennifer Gaffney 
Byron Garret 

Christine Gelardi 
Danny Goodwin 
Debra Goodwin 
Bill Grant 

Sophomores 53 


Jennifer Green 

Christine Hance 

Jean Haines 

Ctiip Harris 

Jacina Hayes 
Shannon Heath 

Chad Hedrick 
Shawn Hendrick 

Todd Hickman 

Kerri Holzer 

Rita Hunt 

Hugh Jernigan 

Brian Johnson 

Kimberly Jones 

Justin Jordan 

Dikran Kajaljian 

u TNr\\\'^. 


54 Sophomores 

Class Of 94 

Barry Kittley 
Stacey Koa 
Brooke Latferman 
Mike Lambert 

Nicole Langston 
Alex Mays 
Stacie Mallar 
Chaun Marsh 

Danny McCorquodale 
Auson McLean 
Stephanie Matthews 
Greg Mattle 

Lynn Mickles 
Jason Mills 
Kevin Mitchell 
Tyler Morkan 

Sophomores 55 


Thomas Monroe 
Sarah Moody 
Chris Morrow 
MImi Murphy 

Cathrine Murray 

Susan Mustin 

Leutica Nightingale 

James Noel 

Stephen O'Conner 

Pamela Parker 

Sherry Patterson 

Elizabeth Penny 

Jenifer Petrie 

Gale Phelps 

Becky Pierce 

Greg Prochnow 


56 Sophomores 

Class Of 94 

Lisa Pruitt 

Shannon Puffenbarger 
Sam Rakin 
Brian Ried 

Andy Reilz 
John Reltz 
Vesa Remppaiaew 
Michelle Reynolds 

Melissa Robbins 
Andrew Robinson 
Cynthia Romero 
Darren Russell 

Rosa Scarboro 
Patrick Schrann 
Lon Shockley 
Todd Shoemaker 


Sophomores 57 


Mark Sites 

Charles Singleton 

Monica Smith 

Delia Stanley 

Beth Steen 

Mia Sossei 

Crystal Swain 

Scott Sweenet 

Michelle Sweeney 

Denise Terrell 

Darlene Tiedeman 

Kyle Thompson 

" '^ ./ 




k» V 


W ^. '■ 



Julie Tranthax 

Greg Tretz 

Charolotte Totulis 

Linda Uancey 

58 Sophomores 

Class Of 94 

Richard Waddington 
Stacey Walker 
Susan Wall 
Jennifer Warhurst 

Diana Welch 
Shelly Whitaker 
Darren White 
Scott Williams 

Keena Williams 
Patrick Womack 
Steve Woo 
Ted Woodlock 

Mark Woodburn 
Gerry Wooten 
Lori Younts 
Rick Zeis 

Sophomores 59 


Mike Abreu 

Danny Anderson 

Joe Avent 

David Becker 

Matthew Bischoff 

Al Booker 

Drew Boling 

Angela Bracken 

Beth Bickford 

Andreww Brown 

Jody Brown 

Clinton Barkdoll 

Carlin Camp 

Sean Carter 

Lenore Carmel 

James Christe 

60 Freshman 

Class Of 95 

k: W 

^Aa ^- 1 


Melody Christmas 
David Cook 
Ryan Cooke 
Can Cozinsky 




Paul Chanthaphone 
Mary Corbet 
Carrie Coultea 
Christian Creech 

Perry Culpepper 
Susan Cupler 
Mary Cyle 
Jeanine Danzi 

Scott Dennis 
Josh Delmonico 
Melissa Dirks 
Kns Doney 

Freshman 61 


Michael Dyess 

Scott Entrikin 

Julia Farneman 

Kevin Fielder 

Tony Fleming 

Susan Forgrave 

Scott Gage 

Robert Gray 

Arcila Haggita 

Kevin Hampson 

Emily Hanania 

Melissa Hedgecock 

Tammy Hemril 

Mictiael Holland 

Jeanne Holly 

Matt Johnson 

62 Freshman 

Class Of 95 

Pauline Johnson 
Chris Jones 
Lawson Joyce 
Marnell Joyce 


Tina Justus 
Rivka Kaplan 
Mike Keiser 
Dayton Kiger 

Patrick King 
Christine Kintigh 
Monika Lagger 
Josephine Lamont 

Sandra Llerellyn 
Jenny MacKenzie 
Brendan McCaffery 
Craig Mclnnis 

Freshman 63 


David Marriott 

Charles Matino 

Todd Messnea 

Leann Myrick 

Amir Nasseredoin 

Tonya Neadows 

Dean Newton 

Mary Anne Olson 

Alisa Palmer 

Chuck Parks 

Gerry Peddycord 

April Powell 

Dean Preston 
Chris Ramm 

Laura Rahuba 
Katie Regan 

lite- \ 

64 Freshman 

Class Of 95 


Kirk Reed 
Evertte Ribelin 
Hugh Ryan 
Heather Sammons 

Kristy Scott 
James Schappelle 
Sean Schwarting 
Allen Seward 

Robert Snyder 
Keith Sibble 
David Sullenberger 
Melissa Smith 

Angle Springstead 
Tracy Spurgeon 
Christie Spurlocl< 
Clarl< Stevens 

I \ 

Freshman 65 


Karen Suess 

Cathy Sutphen 

Tina Tellone 

Matthew Thompson 

Steve Vlasis 


Kim Van Dyke 


Bryan Vaughn 


Cindy Walters 


Jason WItcher 

Ashley White 

Brian Yaeck 

Justin Yates 

Kang Yook 

Victoria Zuluaga 

Zandra Brown 

Hank Whitaker 

66 Freshman 

Jerome N. Adams 

Rt. #1, Box 98 

Roaring River, NC 28669 

Lynn M. Adams 
53 Hobby Drive 
Ridgefield, CT 06877 

Donald E. Adkins, Jr. 
3312 Lancaster Drive 
Statesville, NC 28677 

J.A. Aley 

P.O. Box 1143 

Carolina Beach, NC 28428 

Jamal S. Ai-Haddad 
PO Box 8361 

Daniel W. Alwine 
125 W. Forrest Ave. 
Shrewsbury, PA 17361 

t Alan S. Ambrose 
I 331 5 Tipton Court 
|l Wilmington, NC 28403 


! Thomas N. Andrew 
I 402 Marley Station 
' Glen Burnie, MD 21061 

Amy M. Andrews 
224 Riverwood Drive 
Lewisville, NC 27023 

Albert F. Arrigoni 

P.O. Box 1502 

Southern Pines, NC 28388 

Geoffrey A. Arwood 
141 West Centennial 
Medford, NJ 08055 

I Lisa D. Ashley 
' 1095 Bradley Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Karen S. Austin 
3326 Rockingham Rd. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Jane A. Badgett 
Rt. #1, Box 572 
Denton, NC 27239 

John M. Bailey 

620 Westwood Avenue 

High Point, NC 27262 

Paul H. Baity 

412 Hasty School Rd. 

Thomasville, NC 27360 

Robert T. Balerna, Jr. 

5 Windmere Path 
Trenton, NJ 08690 

Ralph D. Barber 
1910 Middlewood Ct. 
High Point, NC 27265 

Chad E. Barker 

P.O. Box 123 

Bessemer City, NC 28016 

Kevin S. Barnhill 
3121 Robinhood Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Michael J. Barringer 
200 Maplewood Avenue 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Orlando L. Barrios, Jr. 
708 Arden Road 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Constance T. Bates 
908 Peele Place 
Alexandria, VA 22304 

Bryan C. Baxter 
4613 Clay Court 
Fredericksburg, VA 22401 

John C. Beale 
9409 University Blvd. 
Richmond, VA 23229 

James D. Beale 
210 Second Ave. SW 
Glen Burnie, MD 21060 

Hilda P. Beane 
Rt. #1, Box 116 
Star, NC 27356 

Teresa L. Beavers 
423 St. Mary's Road 
Pylesville, MD 21132 

Anthony Q. Bell 
2610 Pine Lake Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

Katherine L. Beres 
7313 Pinecastle Road 
Falls Church, VA 22043 

Cheryl L. Berrier 
508 Hillcrest Drive 
High Point, NC 27262 

Emma L. Berrier 
702-T Westchester Dr. 
High Point, NC 27265 

Sarah D. Berrier 
82 Muddy Creek Rd. 
Clemmons, NC 27012 

Stephen E. Betz 
12700 Hunting Horn 
Potomac, MD 20854 

Arthur A. Blaicher, III 
19 Independence Way 
Titusville, NJ 08560 

Barbara A. Blake 
Rt. #4, Box 283 
Trinity, NC 27370 

Brian L. Blankenship 
506 E. Pennsylvania 
Crewe, VA 23930 

Trudence M. Boensch 
4103 Copeland Dr. 
Nashville, TN 37215 

Christine L. Bond 
226 Park Street 
Montclair, NJ 07042 

Wilson R. Bounds, Jr. 
3004 Uniontown Road 
Westminster, MD 21157 

John E. Boyd 
725 Austin Lane 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Bryan K. Brawley 
Rt. #4, Box 394 
Yadkinville, NC 27055 

Elizabeth S. Bray 
1 605 Stoneybrook Dr. 
High Point, NC 27265 

Dawn Brodhead 
243 Lincoln Avenue 
Ridgewood, NJ 07460 

Tammey R. Brooks 
208 Cadillac Court 
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 

LuAnn Browder 
P.O. Box 103 
Advance, NC 27006 

Christy M. Brown 
2407 Riverbend Road 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

Kendra D. Brown 
944 Anne Avenue 
Winston-Salem, NC 27127 

Michele L. Brown 
1 1 Merry Road 
Newark, DE 19713 

Anita G. Buonassisi 
10126 Tenbrook Drive 

Silver Spring, MD 20901 

Erica K. Buonassisi 
970 Diaz Lane 
Foster City, CA 94404 

Mary L. Burke 
1022 Jeffrey Road 
Wilmington, DE 19810 

Brian P. Burley 

110 Rain Ridge Ln. #5 

Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Jason A. Burnette 
3301 Excell Drive 
Chapel Hill, NC 27516 

Kathy N. Burton 
6450 US 29 North 
Brown Summit, NC 27214 

George F. Byers 
2909 Central Ave. 
High Point, NC 27261 

Richard A. Cacace 
20 Indian Hill Road 
New Fairtield, CT 06812 

Kristen E. Carper 
105 Club Circle 
Quantico, MD 21856 

Angela C. Carter 
Rt. #1, Box 20 
Sophia, NC 27350 

Michael R. Caruso 
1056 Montlieu Avenue 
High Point, NC 27262 

Michael S. Cassidy 
P.O. Box 1414 
Clemmons, NC 27012 

Dawn R. Caylor 

12 Oak Bucket Road 

Thomasville, NC 27360 

George W. Chaboudy 
1 844 Ralston Place 
Crofton, MD 21114 

Leah D. Chappell 
4025 Louisbury Road 
Wake Forest, NC 27587 

Christopher M. Chatterton 
1 526 Featherwood St. 
Silver Spring, MD 20904 

Jeffrey P. Chomyszak 
1 1 1 Camasawacta St. 
Norwich, NY 13815 

Directory 67 

Senior Directory 

Alise D. Clanton 
P.O. Box 126 
Denton, NC 27239 

Mary E. Clark 
3305 Chilham Place 
Charlotte, NC 28226 

Robert S. Clegg 
2006 Sharpe Road 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

Douglas K. Cloniger 
16 Oak Knoll Court 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Ryvonda D. Coe 
Rt. #4, Box 832 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Jaye L. Cohen 
2709 Hewitt Avenue 
Silver Spring, MD 20906 

Deana M. Collins 
7114 Blue Grass Road 
Durham, NC 27703 

Christy A. Colston 
139 Williams Street 
Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 

James S. Combs 
507 North Avenue 
High Point, NC 27262 

Jodi A. Combs 
385 James Road 
High Point, NC 27265 

Robert W. Combs, II 
6829 Dumbarton Drive 
Charlotte, NC 28210 

Megan E. Condron 
11812 Clara Way 
Fairfax Station, VA 22039 

Rebecca L. Conrad 
Route 3, Box 257 
Trinity, NC 27370 

Elizabeth E. Copes 
2616-G WaynickCt. 
High Point, NC 27265 

Ronald H. Corby 

2525 Queens Elm Place 

Virginia Beach, VA 23454 

Gregory R. Cornelius 
8614 Bunnell Drive 
Potomac, MD 20854 

Edwina L. Crady 

Route 5, Box 130- A 
Statesville, NC 28677 

Richard T. Cranford 

109 Marywood Drive 
High Point, NC 27260 

James V. Crissman 

110 Greenhaven Drive 
High Point, NC 27263 

Patricia A. Crouch 
9919 Old Spring Road 
Kensington, MD 20895 

Joley R. Crowe 
230-F Norfhpoint Ave. 
High Point, NC 27262 

Mindy H. Crowe 
230-F Northpoint Ave. 
High Point, NC 27262 

Kenneth E. Crutchfield, Jr. 
155 Lake Forest, SW 
Pinehurst, NC 28734 

Annette G. Curley 

13110 Rhame Drive 

Fort Washington, MD 20744 

Nils P. Dailey 

Qrts 1 /Marine Barrck 

Washington, DC 20390 

Deborah E. Dalon 
1114 Caorlina Avenue 
Salem, VA 24153 

Timothy D. Dancy 
400 Yow Drive 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Christopher V. Davis 
3120 Covewood Street 
High Point, NC 27260 

Mark L. Day 
208 North Ivey St. 
Siler City, NC 27344 

Lori A. Deaton 
Rt. #3, Box 417 
High Point, NC 27263 

Susan E. Dickinson 
16 Vinning Lane 
Wilmington, DE 19806 

Bonnie J. Dillon 
P.O. Box 126 
Aquebogue, NY 11931 

William R. DiPaolo 
404 Dorado Court 

High Point, NC 27260 

Sandra K. Dix 
Route 9, Box 66 
High Point, NC 27263 

Ilka A. Dixon 
1848 Blain Street 
High Point, NC 27262 

Kimberly A. Dorsey 
6391 Scarlet Petal 
Columbia, MD 21045 

Cheryl Dougherty 
P.O. Box 544 
Trinity, NC 27370 

David D. Doyle 
40 Allapartus Road 
Ossining, NY 10562 

Tabitha A. Doyle 
2304 C Shadow Valley 
High Point, NC 27265 

Adam C. Duff 
11804 Stallion Drive 
Pine, CO 80470 

David P. Duncan 
245 Emerald Blvd. 
Christiansburg, VA 24073 

Olga J. Dunn 

6 Hawthorne Lane 

Lexington, NC 27292 

Desmond G. Dutcher 
2841 Franklin Walk 
Falls Church, VA 22042 

Samantha K. Dutton 
103 Monnell Drive 
High Point, NC 27265 

Christian A. Ebert 
200 Central Avenue 
Grenloch, NJ 08032 

Darrin D. Edwards 
24 Hasty Hill Road 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Andrea L. Elliott 
1016 Spring Hollow 
High Point, NC 27260 

Renita K. Eshleman 
5488 Horst Road 
Chambersburg, PA 17201 

Jennifer A. Faircloth 
302 Jamestown Road 
High Point, NC 27260 

Tania Faizi 

1 729 Stoneybrook Dr. 

High Point, NC 27260 

Lisa R. Farmer 
916 Plantation Drive 
Lenoir, NC 28645 

William J. Ferrall 
Box 380, Marion Lane 
Waldorf, MD 20601 

Elisabeth A. Fink 

1 542 Heatherstone Dr. 

Fredericksburg, VA 22401 

Donald A. Fishel 
Rt. #10, Box 314 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Nancy J. Fitzgerald 
Rt. #1, Box 96 
Delmar, DE 19940 

Larry M. Fleming, Jr. 
PO Box 244 Camelot 
Morganton, NC 28655 

Samuel D. Flournoy 
9641 Park Street 
Manassas, VA 221 1 

Andrew J. Flynt 
P.O. Box 1936 
Kernersville, NC 27284 

Larry R. Frederick 
7009 Buckhead Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Gwendolyn A. Freeman 
1061 Miller Street 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Randall S. Frink 
1 1 Hessian Street 
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 

Terresi T. Fuller 
6021 Oak Acres Dr. 
Kernersville, NC 27284 

Judy B. Gallman 
3807 Oak Forrest 
High Point, NC 27260 

Eric L. Gardner 
1007-G Robin Hood Rd. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Kenneth T. Gargiulo 
53 Severna Avenue 
Springfield, NJ 07081 

Amie J. Gates 

68 Directory 

57 Farley Avenue 
Fanwood, NJ 07023 

Karen E. Ghant 
3221 -A Cypress Park 
Greensboro, NC 27407 

Janice W. Gill 

1313 Westminster Dr. 

High Point, NC 27260 

Andrew E. Gillis 

440 Sedge Garden Rd. 

Kernersville, NC 27284 

Heather L. Gleason 
140 Liberty Street 
Ridgewood, NJ 07450 

Todd H. Godbey 
110 Oak Lane 
King, NC 27021 

Daniel S. Goldstein 
7 Plantation Drive 
Fredericksburg, VA 22401 

Victoria E. Goodman 
8722 Pine Barrens Dr. 
Orlando, FL 32817 

Philip N. Gough 
6335 Holder Road 
Clemmons, NC 27012 

Patrick L. Graver 
101 Lakeview Road 
Oxford, PA 19363 

Dana M. Greenfield 
9300 St. Andrews Way 
Silver Spring, MD 20901 

Sharon D. Grizzell 
Rt. #1, Box 180 
Siloam, NC 27047 

Joseph S. Grose 
512 Cliff Road 
Asheboro, NC 27203 

Randy K. Gurley 

408 Wedgewood Street 

Archdale, NC 27263 

Molly H. Haggerty 
RD. #2, Box 307A 
Bridgeton, NJ 08302 

Richard J. Hall 
Rt. 5, Box 132 
Hickory, NC 28601 

Stacey R. Hamer 
361 Lynhaven Drive 

Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Ann S. Hammer 
High Point, NC 27265 

John K. Hamrick 
232 Heatherton Way 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Jonathan W. Haney 
300 Northridge Road 
Jamestown, NC 27282 

Paul A. Hanlin 
1818 Calash Way 
Virginia Beach, VA 23454 

Anna B. Harris 
261 Jones Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Patricia L. Harris 

1 322 Kentucky Street 

High Point, NC 27262 

Melanie L. Harrison 
P.O. Box 936 
Denton, NC 27239 

Steven J. Harrison 
6283 Chaucer View Cr. 
Alexandria, VA 22304 

Steven G. Harrop 
P.O. Box 1 073 
Morganton, NC 28655 

Jason D. Hartman 
Rt. #10, Box 379 
Winston-Salem, NC 27127 

Jerrie E. Hayes 
Route 6, Box 179 
Yadkinville, NC 27055 

Jennie M. Hearne 
823 Circle Drive 
High Point, NC 27262 

Larry C. Hedrick 
960 Abbott Street 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Whitney E. Helms 
3561 Londonderry Ln. 
Roanoke, VA 24018 

Ingrid J. Hendrix 
Rt. #3, Box 1 
Lenoir, NC 28645 

Judith L. Hicks 
3608 Sierra Drive 
Honolulu, HI 96816 

John O. High 

Rt. #4, Box 409-K 

Zebulon, NC 27597 

Thomas R. Highsmith 
220 Lake Drive East 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Elizabeth D. Hill 
Rt. #9, Box 228 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Kenneth Hill 

220 Booker Street 

Lexington, NC 27292 

Traci K. Hill 
112 Boone Drive 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Lee H. Hines 
5306 Delta Drive 
WInston-Salem, NC 27104 

Amber E. Holbrook 
3420 Corvair Drive 
High Point, NC 27265 

Wendy D. Holmes 
8340 Navahoe Drive 
Silver Spring, MD 20903 

Kristyn H. Holsworth 
1011 Enterprise Dr. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Blake J. Horsley 
6014 Cricket Creek 
Cherryvllle, NC 28021 

Jody R. Horton 
571 7 Old Rural Hall 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 

Harry S. Howell, III 
1207 North Rotary Dr. 
High Point, NC 27262 

Michael S. Hubbard 
1003 Greenhurst Rd. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Darren L. Huber 
6989 Jeremiah Court 
Manassas, VA 221 1 1 

Brian S. Hucks 
3732 Briarwood St. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Kevin G. Hudson 
P.O. Box 367 
Grottoes, VA 24441 

Carl E. Huffstetler 

701 Latimer Dr. 
Kernersville, NC 27284 

Donald K. Huggins 
4 Berrel Avenue 
Mercerville, NJ 08619 

Donald E. Hughes 
RD. #2, Box 2174 
Hadley, PA 16130 

Kathryn S. Hughes 
6205 Nethercombe Ct. 
McLean, VA 22101 

Stephen P. Hughes 
12716 Robindale Dr. 
Rockville, MD 20853 

Tammy K. Hughes 
1305 Sycamore Sq. Dr. 
Midlothian, VA 23113 

David L. Hunter 
Star Rt., Box 62 
South Pittsburg, TN 37380 

Jeffrey R. Insley 
107-C NorthgateCt. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Mary L. Iselin 

916 Hasty School Rd. 

Thomasville, NC 27360 

Geoffrey L. Jarrell 
505 Thrush Court 
Chesapeake, VA 23320 

Shannon E. Jessup 

P.O. Box 13 

Pilot Mountain, NC 27041 

Ronnie D. Jewell, Jr. 
634 Laverton Lane 
Rural Hall, NC 27045 

Jason A. Jodon 
8214 Greenvale Drive 
Frederick, MD 21701 

Ginger F. Johnson 
P.O. Box 38 
Denton, NC 27239 

Greg T. Johnson 
3905 Carroll Street 
Archdale, NC 27263 

Theodora M. Johnson 
8603 51st Avenue, W. 
Bradenton, FL 34210 

George N. Johnston 
119 Palmer Place 

Directory 69 

Senior Directory 

Washington, NC 27889 

Nancy A. Jones 
1 722-C Yellowstone 
Gastonia, NC 28054 

Natalie E. Jones 
1721 Stoneybrook Dr. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Barry K. Kellam 
1103 S. Aycock Street 
Greensboro, NC 27403 

Ernest A. Kennedy 
6763 Castleton Dr. 
Clemmons, NC 27012 

Janet R. Kennedy 
Rt. #3, Box 104 
Trinity, NC 27370 

Elizabeth H. Kepley 
309 Northside Drive 
Lexington, NC 27292 

Terry W. Kersey, Jr. 
403 Evergreen Avenue 
High Point, NC 27260 

Deborah L. Key 

Rt. #8, Box 72 

High Point, NC 27265 

William J. Kienle 

1 695 Doone Road 

Upper Arlington, OH 43221 

Timothy B. King 
Rt. #2, Box 321 
Mocksville, NC 27028 

Michael D. Kirk 
23 Swanee Lane 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

David G. Kitchen 
720 Morris Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27101 

Margaret L. Knopf 
10100 Ranger Road 
Fairfax, VA 22030 

Terrence A. Knuckles 
2142 S. Pollard St. 
Arlington, VA 22204 

Scott L. Kruger 
4520 Oak Hollow Dr. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Matthew C. Lange 
Route 7 Box 80 
Salisbury, MD 21801 

Clarke D. Langfitt 
906 Kenreed Drive 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Stanley D. Lanier 
Drawer L 
Lexington, NC 27293 

Rozanne C. Lanning 
3804 Fritz Avenue 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Ellen A. LaRoque 
3440 Londonderry Ct. 
Roanoke, VA 24018 

David P. Layton, Jr. 
506 Kallamdale 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

Gerald E. Leach 
1413-B Furlough St. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Alfred K. Leak 
7717 Ridge Rd. 
Tobaccoville, NC 27050 

Sean F. Leary 
28 East Church St. 
Bordentown, NJ 08505 

Jean C. Lewis 
333 Banbury Rd. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Jill S. Lewis 

28446 Canvasback Ln. 

Easton, MD 21601 

Jonathan E. Liberty 
2105 Briarcliff Dr. 
High Point, NC 27265 

Stuart S. Liberty 
2105 Briarcliff Dr. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Stephanie A. Lichtenstein 
1 55-C Hartley Ave. 
High Point, NC 27265 

Sheila L. Lindsay 
11802 Mentone Road 
Wheaton, MD 20906 

Michael E. Link 
8508 Greencastle Dr. 
Charlotte, NC 28210 

Robert M. Linker, III 
3230 Pensby Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Michael J. Lisansky 

505 Harvey Road 
Claymont, DE 19703 

Brooks F. LocTcey 
P.O. Box 37 
Aberdeen, NC 28315 

Wendy D. Loflin 
Rt. #5, Box 143 
King, NC 27021 

Dana L. Logan 
5233-F Fox Hunt Dr. 
Greensboro, NC 27407 

Barbara M. Lyies 
4109 Ashmore Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27405 

DeAnna L. Mabe 
275 Sattlewood Drive 
Kernersville, NC 27284 

Seth D. Mackin 
1959 Route #184 
Mystic, CT 06355 

Pasi M. Makinen 
Kuninkaankatu 20 A 9 

Jennifer A. Mallett 
6 Van Houton Avenue 
Chatham Township, NJ 

Sarah E. Mallett 
6 Van Houton Avenue 
Chatham Township, NJ 

Simon A. Marks 

36 West Maple Avenue 

Merchantville, NJ 08109 

Chaun A. Marsh 
1317 HempshireCt. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Amy L. Marshall 
1200Terrylynn Court 
Herndon, VA 22070 

Corey R. Martin 
Rt. #9, Box 295 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Kirsten K. Martinson 
1109 Rockford Road 
High Point, NC 27262 

Mark D. Mathers 

8707 Brown Summit Rd. 

Richmond, VA 23235 

Carl B. Matthews 
1053 Bobolink Drive 
Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Todd A. Matthiesen 
5526 Council Street 
Baltimore, MD 21227 

Cynthia A. Mayo 
3210 Buckingham Ct. 
Jamestown, NC 27282 

Rochelle McAuley 
229 West Clairmont 
Troy, NC 27371 

Holly R. McBurnie 
249-T Northpoint Ave. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Thomas J. McCaffery 
Village Lane 
Mattituck, NY 11952 

Terry D. McCauley 
P.O. Box 438 
Mamers, NC 27552 

Bradley C. McCollum 
521 5-E Fox Hunt Dr. 
Greensboro, MD 27407 

John W. McCoy 
41 5 Smith Street 
High Point, NC 27260 

Kristen M. McCoy 
1414 Trafalgar Drive 
High Point, NC 27262 

Timothy Patrick J. McCue 
1206 North Hamilton 
High Point, NC 27262 

Cara L. McGuire 
7 White Cliff Lane 
Nesconset, NY 11767 

Jennifer E. McLaughlin 
3906 Pine Ridge Road 
Shawnee, OK 74801 

Cindy V. McNichol 
5924 Woodfield Drive 
Kernersville, NC 27284 

John M. McWilliams 
4903 Plateau Court 
Greensboro, NC 27405 

Ashley H. Medford 
5699 Regents Park Rd 
Kernersville, NC 27284 

Patrick D. Medley 

70 Directory 

1854 Cedrow Drive 
, High Point, NC 27261 

James R. Medlin, Jr. 
Rt. #12, Box 247 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Marlene F. Meeker 
4000 Brass Cannon Ct 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

Thomas A. Mickens 
3647 Clinedale Road 
Pfafftown, NC 27040 

Linda S. Miller 
3859 N Glebe Road 
Arlington, VA 22207 

Rebecca U. Miller 
21 21 -B Crossing Way 
High Point, NC 27260 

Kathy C. Mills 

P.O. Box 191 

High Point, NC 27261 

Jeroen Min 

4 Merryweather Drive 

Cambridge, MD 21613 

Juan N. Miranda 
427 Wright Street 
High Point, NC 27260 

Linda K. Mise 
Route 3, Box 47-B 
Mocksville, NC 27028 

Wayne H. Mock 
8x37-5888 Shallowford 
Lewisville, NC 27023 

Peter E. Molloy 
521 5-E Fox Hunt Dr. 
Greensboro, NC 27407 

Danny B. Money 
Rt. #21 , Box 4286 
Lexington, NC 27292 

Cynthia B. Moore 
633 Westwood Avenue 
High Point, NC 27262 

Stephanie A. Morris 
Rt. #9 Box 1 86 
High Point, NC 27263 

LaMonte L. Morrow 
2049 McGraw Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10462 

Thomas H. Murn 
12251 Yearling Court 

Ellicott City, MD 21043 

Larry H. Musser 
2325-E Gordon Road 
High Point, NC 27260 

Katherine A. Mustin 
133 Sanchez Avenue 
Ormond Beach, FL 32174 

Dewanna J. Neighbours 
3756 Gumtree Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

CD. Nesbitt 

7 Hamiltons Ferry Rd 

Lake Wylie, SC 29710 

Gregory P. Newell 
1812 Swannanoa Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

Tamara A. Nifong 
P.O. Box 277 
Walkertown, NC 27051 

Randy J. Norris 
310 West Perry St. 
Farmville, NC 27828 

Mark A. Nye 

391 1 Wendy Lane 

Raleigh, NC 27606 

Douglas H. Oakford 
8005 Plum Creek Dr. 
Gaithersburg, MD 20829 

Christian L. O'Briant 
1160 NC Hwy 62 West 
High Point, NC 27263 

Sharon P. O'Brimski 
4407 Cambria Avenue 
Garrett Park, MD 20896 

Paul K. OToole 
13069 St. Andrews Ct 
Woodbridge, VA 22192 

Susan D. Owens 
Rt. #2, Box 405 
Westfield, NC 27053 

Stephanie L. Oxford 
512 Harrogate Court 
High Point, NC 27262 

James B. Pace 
Rt. #2, Box 5 
Eden, NC 27288 

Wilbur E. Pace 
3708 33rd PI. N.W. 
Washington, DC 20008 

Jennifer M. Paetzold 
1250 Mount Airy Road 
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 

Michael A. Parillo 
305 Emmons Road 
Flanders, NJ 07836 

Thomas F. Parker 
120 Campbell Drive 
Pisgah Forest, NC 28768 

Edward M. Pattik 
3 Ray Dwier Drive 
Hamilton Square, NJ 08690 

Brian E. Payne 
312 Small Street 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Brian S. Pegram 
104 Trail Bend Court 
Cary, NC 27513 

Kristine T. Pelensky 
1306 Peartree Court 
Crofton, MD 21114 

Mary S. Pendegraph 
135 Greenhaven Drive 
Archdale, NC 27263 

Anne D. Percival 
295 Andros Avenue 
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 

Ferguson E. Peters, Jr. 
956 Riomar Drive 
Vero Beach, FL 32963 

Drew M. Peterson 
P.O. Box 223 
Whippany, NJ 07981 

Keith Plymale 
4234 Compton Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Norma D. Porter 
Rt. #3, Box 182 
Trinity, NC 27370 

Angela D. Powell 
1106 Delk Drive 
High Point, NC 27262 

Roger T. Predmore, Jr. 
71 Medaugh Road 
Wantage, NJ 07461 

Christine L. Premock 
R.D. #6, Box 406A 
Branchville, NJ 07826 

Angela M. Prescod 

145-61 222nd Street 
Rosedale, NY 11413 

Leigh A. Price 
2010 Spruce Street 
Martinsville, VA 24112 

William A. Price 
3207 Alamance 
Sedgefield, NC 27407 

Stephen P. Prokop 
15704 Jones Lane 
Gaithersburg, MD 20878 

Melanie L. Purvis 
Route 6, Box 278A 
Murray, KY 42071 

Serene G. Qubein 
P.O. Box 5019 

Deborah D. Query 
14122 Creekside Dr. 
Matthews, NC 28105 

Brian W. Ragsdell 
1408 Emerywood Drive 
High Point, NC 27262 

Mark C. Rainey 
1402 Merritt Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27407 

Eyal P. Rappoport 
13901 SW75th Street 
Miami, FL 33183 

David A. Ratchford 
8804 Fircrest Place 
Alexandria, VA 22308 

William M. Ray 
226 Edgedale Drive 
High Point, NC 27262 

Jamie L. Raymond 
10 Fieldcrest Drive 
Wheeling, WV 26003 

Scott A. Reefe 
13527 Georgia, #203 
Silver Spring, MD 20906 

Angela K. Reekes 
1826 Rominger Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Jennifer G. Reid 
8718 Delcris Drive 
Gaithersburg, MD 20879 

Kelly A. Renwick 

5602 Dodsons Cross Rd 

Directory 71 

Senior Directory 

Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Johnny E. Rhodes, Jr. 
6401 Littlewood Dr. 
Kernersviiie, NC 27284 

April L. Rightmire 
8510 Boundaries Road 
Thornville, OH 43076 

Karen A. Rivers 
4018 Greemount Road 
Wilmington, DE 19810 

Annette M. Rizzitelli 
215 Doreen Drive 
Bridgeport, CT 06604 

Albert J. Romano 

44 Water Lane 

Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922 

Barbara A. Ross 
Route 1 Box 182 
Lumber Bridge, NC 28357 

Veronica R. Royer 
P.O. Box 607 
Albemarle, NC 28001 

Wendy K. Ruiter 
2312-K Shadow Valley 
High Point, NC 27265 

John H. Russell 
2881 Deenwood Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

David K. Samuel 
P.O. Box 2740 C'sted 
St. Croix, US VI 00821 

Sandra M. Sarnowski 

10005 Moreland St. 

Fort Washington, MD 20744 

Jerry L. Schenck 
Box 20, Village CrSE 
Hickory, NC 28602 

Susan C. Schneider 
3015 Wellingford Dr. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Stacey A, Schober 
28 East Lacey Road 
Forked River, NJ 08731 

Brian L. Shackelford 
Rt. #6, Box 350 
Asheboro, NC 27203 

Ronald S. Shaw 
101 St. Andrews Dr. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Myron C. Shea 
3009-A Ingleside Dr. 
High Point, NC 27265 

Michelle H. Sheets 

709 McLean Ave. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27127 

Keith L. Shelly 
3620-1 Baden Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Harold W. Sherrill 
559 First Ave, NW 
Hickory, NC 28601 

Brian L. Shipwash 
Rt. #13, Box 3994 
Lexington, NC 27292 

James M. Sholar 
505 South Cox Street 
Asheboro, NC 27203 

Tammy A. Shostak 
9110 Brentmeade Blvd 
Brentwood, TN 37027 

Christine I. Shuford 
2085 2nd St. Dr., NW 
Hickory, NC 28601 

Melissa A. Shuskey 
224 Linda Drive 
Archdale, NC 27263 

Samantha C. Silva 

710 N. Armistead St. 
Alexandria, VA 22312 

Rhonda G. Simmons 
1 606 Lincoln Drive 
High Point, NC 27260 

Henry T. Simon, III 
10 Woodgate Drive 
Indian Mills, NJ 08088 

B. Mitchell Simpson 
1318 Columbia Avenue 
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 

Robert S. Simril 
1415 Chatham Drive 
High Point, NC 27260 

Brian M. Smith 
77 Bayport Avenue 
Bayport, NY 11705 

Charles M. Smith 
350 Myers Rd 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Cynthia R. Smith 

P.O. Box 71 
Welcome, NC 27374 

David K. Smith 
Rt 1 Box 414 A 
Jonesville, NC 28642 

Jennifer E. Smith 
5918 Kimble Court 
Falls Church, VA 22041 

Joseph W. Smith 
13330 Idlewild Drive 
Bowie, MD 20715 

Robert D. Smith 
1283 Westminster Dr. 
High Point, NC 27260 

Soren J. Smith 
P.O. Box 5 
Fairlee, VT 05045 

Stephanie A. Smith 
2517 AStockbridge 
Charlotte, NC 28210 

Todd S. Smith 
Route 1 Box 302-B 
Onancock, VA 23417 

Thomas L. Smith, Jr. 
5707 Archdale Road 
Trinity, NC 27370 

James G. Snyder 
205 Lakeview Court 
Stafford, VA 22554 

Jose M. Somoza 
Calle8#15 — SAIturasde 
Torrimar, Guaynabo, PR 

Mary Jo Speer 
3030 Northmont Dr. 
Asheboro, NC 27203 

Kimberly D. Spelker 
65-10 78th Street 
Middle Village, NY 11379 

Kristin L. Spencer 

12818 Asbury Drive 

Fort Washington, MD 20744 

Marcella A, Squires 
2324 Stallings Drive 
Kinston, NC 28501 

Debra H. Stanley 
2648 Phillips St. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Scott A. Stanley 

4207 Mashie Drive 
Pfafftown, NC 27040 

Tracey J. Stanley 
Rt. #4, Box 585-A 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Timothy W. Starbuck 
Rt. #16, Box 2407 
Lexington, NC 27292 

Jennifer R. Steele 
1218 Heatherbrook Dr. 
High Point, NC 27265 

Roger C. Steinkamp 
116 Cedar Trail 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Andrew T. Stewart 
2338 Main Street 
Barnstable, MA 02630 

James C. Stewart, Jr. 
904 Northshore Court 
High Point, NC 27265 

David T. Stubblefield, Jr. 
Route 1 1 , Box 534 
Reidsville, NC 27320 

Donna M. Stutz 
13938 Penn Shop Road 
Mount Airy, MD 21771 

Lillian B. Sullivan 
421 Christopher, #11 
Gaithersburg, MD 20879 

Aaron A. Sumner 
2220 Gordon Road 
High Point, NC 27260 

John J. Tague, III 
36 Long Hill Lane 
Chatham, NJ 07928 

Paivi M. Tapaninen 
Iso-Kaari 47 

Franklin D. Taylor 
Route 1 7, Box 2823 
Lexington, NC 27292 

Kimberly Teague 
Rt. 13 Box 2790 
Lexington, NC 27297 

Dawn W. Thomas 
430-L Park Ridge Ln 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Henry K. Thompson 
312Hibriten Dr., SE 

72 Directory 

Lenoir, NC 28645 

Kimberly L, Thompson 
Greensboro, NC 27403 

Mary E. Thompson 
6604 Holford Lane 
Springfield, VA 22152 

Mary M. Thompson 
6604 Holford Lane 
Springfield, VA 221 52 

Adam E. Thomson 
Route 1 , Box 403 
Stuart, VA 24171 

Keith A. Thorburn 
201 3 McCumber Lane 
Wilmington, NC 28403 

Jeffrey A. Thornton 
RD. #1, Box 121 A 
Sherburne, NY 13460 

Andrea M. Throne 
1106 Delk Drive 
High Point, NC 27262 

Aaron R. Tooley 
3001 Boyle Avenue 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

Glennie E. Tope 
5515 Wallace Road 
Greensboro, NC 27407 

Jane B. Trogdon 

Rt 7 Box 313 

High Point, NC 27263 

James L Trogdon, III 
1622 Camden Court 
Asheboro, NC 27203 

Douglas S. Tuggle 

P.O. Box 4482 

High Point, NC 27263 

Sarah E. Turnburke 
2802 John Yeamen Rd 
Wilmington, NC 28405 

Joseph G. Turner 
1 1 2 Byrnwood Drive 
Jamestown, NC 27282 

Calvary S. Tyson 

P.O. Box 1643 

High Point, NC 27261 

Donn J. Ungemah 
995 Pines Terrace 
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417 

Reed W. Valentine 
232 Hillside Avenue 
Livingston, NJ 07039 

Mark J. Van Blunk 
622 Gardner Avenue 
Glenolden, PA 19036 

Christina E. Vanderzee 
P.O. 80x2178 
Lexington, NC 27292 

Charles E. Van Wickle 
43 Village Road 
Sea Girt, NJ 08750 

Kristen A. Vassallo 
760 Mary Street 
Utica, NY 13501 

Thomas E. Verdi 
58 March Court 
Selden, NY 11784 

Patricia N. Victoria 
Calle#14 5Naco 
Santo Domingo 

Paul A. Vitella 

219 SE 16th Terrace 

Cape Coral, FL 33990 

Benjamin C. Vogel 
7477 North Shore Dr. 
Onalaska, Wl 54650 

Angela L. Wagoner 
3826-J Country Club 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Victoria W. Wall 
601 North 4th Ave 
Mayodan, NC 27027 

Jami L. Walsh 

413 South 5th Street 

Oxford, PA 19363 

Nathaniel Corcoran T. Walsh 
51 1 1 Cammack Drive 
Bethesda, MD 20816 

Barton T. Warren 
503 Parkview Drive 
Durham, NC 27712 

David M. Warwick 
2600 Apple Way 
Dunkirk, MD 20754 

Mario Watson 
Route 4 Box 170 
Trinity, NC 27370 

Judith M. Weber 

1554 Northwest Blvd 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Deborah L. Wellings 
Rt. #3, Box 305-7 
Buckhannon, WV 26201 

Heather J. Wetzel 
7615 Cabin Road 
Cabin John, MD 20818 

Mark A. Whitaker 
2124-F Crossing Way 
High Point, NC 27262 

Lisa C. White 

1810 Addison Road, S 

Forestville, MD20747 

Michael T. White 
207 Westover Dr. 
High Point, NC 27265 

Jennifer L. Wiese 
6615 Flowermound Dr. 
Sugarland, TX 77479 

Ashley L. Williams 
4748 Hickory Hill Dr. 
Roanoke, VA 24018 

Jennifer S. Williams 
12861 Whitefur Lane 
Herndon, VA 22070 

Tina R. Wilson 
P.O. Box 1203 
Welcome, NC 27374 

Bobby J. Witherspoon 
Rt. #9 Box 341 C 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

James V. Witmer, III 
211 Chimney Rise Dr. 
Gary, NC 2751 1 

Thomas D. Witt 
2980 Northbridge Rd 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Derek M. Woods 
3321 Bethel Church 
Kernersville, NC 27284 

Mark L. Woolsey 

1 0837 Bird Song Pass 

Columbia, MD 21044 

Robert A. Wooten, II 
Rt. #9, Box 231 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Gregory E. Workman 
Rt. #5, Box 481 

High Point, NC 27263 

Tyron W. Worsham 
6 Wicker Drive 
Richmond, VA 23231 

Debra S. Wright 
7753 SW 118th Place 
Miami, FL 33183 

Claude L. Young 
Route 2 Box 463 
Martinsville, VA 24112 

Merrideth A. Ziesse 
31 Muncey Road 
Bay Shore, NY 11706 

Konstantinos Zorbas 

811 Parliament 

High Point, NC 27260 

Victor M. Zuczek, Jr. 
5 Ashford Court 
Trenton, NJ 08691 

Directory 73 






74 Sports 

A T ft UCH of CLASS 

Sports 75 


The Panthers are looking to rebound 
from last years 8-10 conference mark. A 
task not made any easier when Chris 
Chatterton was drafted by the Baltimore 

The Pitching staff will be headed by 
Chris McCollum and Joe Hobbs. The in- 
field will be led by first baseman Kurt 
Gurley. Other players in the infield include 
Ritchie Greensfield, Chad Frye, and 
Bucky Nelson. The outfield sees Chad 
Duggins, Shane Simmons, and Mc- 
Collum when he is not pitching. The 
catching will be handled by Darren White, 
or Ed Patlick. 

Coach Speight comments, "We need to 
win some early games, gain some confi- 
dence, and get some experience to have 
a good year." 




Steve Betz 


Potomac, Md. 

John Bowden 


Salisbury, Md. 

Shawn Cavannaugh 


Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Chad Duggins 


Kernersville, N.C. 

Tony Flemming 


Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Chris Frazier 


Slier City, N.C. 

Chad Frye 


Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Rich Greensfield 


High Point, N.C. 

Bob Gray 


Manahawkin, N.J. 

Kurt Gurley 


Archdale, N.C. 

Joe Hobbs 


Greensboro, N.C. 

Don Hughes 


Hadley, Pa. 

Harlan Keirstead 


Bernardsville, N.J. 

Dayton Kiger 


Germantown, N.C. 

Edwin Lagrama 


Germantown, Md. 

Dan Lozinsky 


McLean, Va. 

Tom McCaftery 


Mattituck, N.Y. 

Chris McCollum 


Wadesboro, N.C. 

Todd Messner 


Ellicott City, N.C. 

Bucky Nelson 


Roanoke, Va. 

Ed Pattick 


Trenton, N.J. 

Steve Prokop 


Gaithersburg, Md. 

Scott Reefe 


Rockville, Md. 

Kevin Settle 


Annandale, Va. 

Keith Sibble 


Great Falls, Va. 

Shane Simmons 


Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Keith Spicer 


Roanoke, Va. 

Phil Thompson 


Houston, Tx. 

Hank Whitaker 


Dobson, N.C. 

Darren White 


Wallburg, N.C. 

"V-y, »,, 




76 Baseball 


» t 


Baseball 77 


The Panthers Track Team is shooting 
for its fourth title in five years this season. 
Seven All-District athletes return this year 
as well as an excellent recruiting class of 
incoming freshmen. Last year the team 
sent three members to the National Meet 
and finished 25th out of 131 competing 

Top returning team members include 
Bhan Payne, an All-American and Nation- 
al Champ in the 400 meter hurdles; Brian 
Corrigan, who placed fifth in the tnple 
jump. Top freshman Donovan Powell, a 
Jamaican National Sprint Champ, should 
have a shot at a national title this season. 

Coach Bob Davidson says, "We have 
the strongest and deepest teams we have 
had in years. If everyone performs up to 
their potential, we could have a great 


Jerome Adams 
Sean Carter 
Brian Corrigan 
Toby Dahm 
Mike Dyess 
Martian Fred 
Dave Gerulal 
Mike Gilchrest 
Kevin Hampson 
Mike Hatfield 
Tracey Henry 
Darren Jones 
Sean Jones 
Matt Johnson 
Terry Kersey 
Sean Kessler 
Ttiomas Monroe 
Bnan Payne 
Mike Penery 
Donovan Powell 
Clark Stevens 
Greg Vinciguena 
Ben Vogel 
Bobby Watts 

Class Hometown 

Sr Roaring River. NC 

Fr Randleman, NC 

So Pretoria, South Africa 

So Stuttgart, Germany 

Fr Wilkesboro, NC 

Jr Rockville, ti^D 

Fr Midlothian, VA 

Fr High Point, NC 

Fr Albany, GA 

Jr Arlington, TX 

So Burlington, NC 

Jr Roanoke, VA 

Fr Downsview. Ontano, Can 

Fr Port Verda, FL 

Sr High Point, NC 

Fr Mt Airy, NC 

So Asheboro, NC 

Jr Thomasville, NC 

Jr Kernersville, NC 

Fr Kingport, Jamaica 

Fr Wilkesboro, NC 

Fr White Horse Station, NJ 

Jr Analaska, Wl 

Fr Thomasville, NC 

^***'«^**fe. ■■ 


^^yy.: lyjY/iy- 

.-.t/^Kf^'^ T. 

78 Track 

Track 79 


With the seven top players returning 
from a squad that finished second in the 
conference and third in the district last 
year, there are high hopes for this year. 

Senior Adam Thompson leads the 
charge. He was 23-8 last year, and played 
No. 1 . Vesa Kemppainen was 28-5 last 
year and returns to the No. 2 position. 
Kevin Hudson returns to the No. 4 posi- 
tion. Two freshmen who should make an 
impact are Donald Jersey and Eric Jack- 

Coach Ray Alley, who enters his fourth 
year, says, "This is the best depth we 
have had in years with strength at the top 
to compete with the top teams. Barring in- 
juries, we look forward to a good season." 




Chris ForsI 


Pitman, NJ 

Kevin Hudson 


Graftoes, VA 

Eric Jackson 


Winston-Salem, NC 

Vesa Kemppainen 


Espoo, Finaind 

Donald Marnoti 


Sea Girl. NJ 

Greg Manle 


Chatham, NJ 

Jason Mills 


Annapolis, MD 

Adam Thomspon 


Wellington, New Zealand 

80 Tennis 

Tennis 81 


The Lady Panthers are looking to re- 
gain the dominance they had in the 
1980's. They won five conference titles 
and went to the national tournament 8 

This year's squad is led by Connie 
Bates and Paivi Tapaninen. Stephanie 
Batten and Kim Bryant are also returning. 
Other key players are transfer students 
Jennifer Terp, Sandy Bryant, Stephanie 
Anderson, and April Goeghegan. 

Second year coach Leigh Sink com- 
ments, "I expect Connie and Paivi to be 
the leaders. We have a young team and 
we will need the leadership of the up- 




Stephanie Anderson 


Martinsville. VA 

Connie Bates 


Alexandna, VA 

Stephanie Batten 


Winston-Salem, NO 

Kim Bryant 


Cocoa Beach, FL 

Sandy Bryant 


Singapore, Malaysia 

April Goeghegan 


Frederick, MD 

Paivi Tapninen 


Kuopio, Finland 

Jennifer Terp 


Southold, NY 

82 Tennis 

Tennis 83 


After last year's 1 1 -7-1 record and los- 
ing 4 key starters, Panthers were not sure 
how the season would turn out. The only 
returning seniors were Adann Dufi and 
Chris Davis. Juniors included Marcus 
Cross, Darren Huber, Miguel Rivera, and 
Mike Hatfield. 

Eleven freshmen make up one of 
Coach Woody Gibson's best recruiting 
classes. Coach Gibson also says, "We 
have a lot of talent this year. We have the 
ability to score a lot of goals and we will be 
better in midfield than last year." 




Drew Boling 


Fairfax, VA 

Todd Brandon 


Asheville, NC 

Brandon Christiansen 


Bedminister, NJ 

Rick Cranford 


High Point. NC 

Marcus Cross 


Scarborough, OT 

Jose Cuneo 


Miami, FL 

Jerry Cutler 


Wilmington, DE 

Chris Davis 


High Point, NC 

Adam Duff 


Pine, CO 

Rick Frampton 


Wilmington, NC 

Scott Gage 


Miami, FL 

Chris Glover 


High Point, NC 

Mike Hatfield 


Arlington, TX 

Chad Holdenbache 


Shepardstown, WV 

Darren Huber 


Randolph, NJ 

Alex Issacson 


Alexandria, VA 

Todd Johnson 


Chesterfield, VA 

Sean Jones 


Downsview, OT 

Tim Meyler 


Jacksonville, NC 

Brad Mundy 


Wilmington. DE 

Dean Preston 


West Palm Beach, 

Miguel Rivera 


Miami, FL 

Dave Sullenberger 


West Palm Beach, 

Ike Visaretis 


Scarborough, Ot 



84 Soccer 

•imiwiiirtwiwiiriirttiii^" j^ 



Soccer 85 


The Lady Panthers field an experi- 
enced team this season with returning 
players Connie Bates and Molly Hag- 
gerty. Other returning players include 
Becky Fox, Sara Mock, Colleen Marx, 
Lauren Conner, and Angle Yerkes. The 
team also had a good recruiting year and 
hopes that the incoming freshmen will 
make an impact as well. 

Coach Leslie Clark says, "With our 
young players we will need some time 
together as team. We will probably lose 
some of the early games, but I think that 
we will come on strong from the mid- 
season to the end." 


Irene Apgar 
Connie Bates 
Lauren Conner 
Becky Fox 
Molly Haggerty 
Colleen Marx 
Rachel McGee 
Maureen McGinley 
Sara Mock 
Sheha Rohe 
Kelly Scheuer 
Angie Yerkes 











Smyra, DE 
Alexandna, VA 
Norfolk, VA 
Salem, NJ 
Bndgeton, NJ 
Newark, NJ 
Elkton, MD 
Wilmington. DE 
Fredericksburg, VA 
Ormond Beach, FL 
Manalapan, NJ 
Bel Air, MD 

86 Field Hockey 



Field Hockey 87 


After 2 seventh place finishes, the Pan- 
thers look to this season as the turning 
point. Six letterman are returning, includ- 
ing 5 seniors. 

The front-court needs to make it 
happen this year. Senior center, Jay 
Witmer, and fonwards Terrance Knuckles 
and Patrick f^edley will lead, with junior 
Darryl Armstrong coming off the bench for 

As Coach Jerry Steele enters his 27th 
year, he comments, "Our fonwards and 
centers really hold the key this year. Jay 
was all-conference and he needs to play 
at that level again, while Doug (Oakford) 
needs to be consistent." 

Coach Steele is also hoping to coach 
the Panthers to their 1000th win this sea- 
son. Since 1927, the Panthers have been 
986-644, 1 4 more wins and the school will 
move into 9th place in history. 


Jerome Adams 
Darryl Armstrong 
Toby Brown 
Scott Hiatt 
Tony Johnson 
Terrence Knuckles 
Tooey Loy 
Gary Meante 
Patrick Medley 
Thomas Monroe 
Doug Oakford 
Jay Witmer 




Roaring River. NJ 
Arlington. VA 
Salisbury, NC 
High Point. NC 
Winston-Salem, NC 
Arlington, VA 
Burlington, NC 
High Point. NC 
High Point. NC 
Asheboro. NC 
Gathersburg, MD 
Cary, NC 

88 Basketball 


Last year's Lady Panthers forged their 
best record in a decade. They tinished 
with a 15-14 record, and another third 
place finish in the conference. However, 
they are returning 8 letter-winners with 4 
starters. This year's season looks good. 

Two key losses from last year's squad 
were center Sharon Hill and Maxine 
Monroe. Returning is senior Ingrid Hen- 
dhx who, working with Arlene King and 
Charlotte Totulis, should build strength on 
the inside. 

Fourth year coach, Joe Ellenburg says, 
"There is a general feeling among our re- 
turning players that we will contend for the 
conference championship. After two third 
place finishes, I am ready for that to 
happen. " 




Ingrid Hendnx 


Lenior, NC 

Arlene King 


Wendell. NC 

Mary Lyie 


Morgantown, NC 

Greta Miles 


Wilkesboro, NC 

Heather Moore 


Thomasville, NC 

Tonya Murrell 


Gibsonville, NC 

LeAnn Myrick 


Biscoe, NC 

Gina Sink 


Greensboro. NC 

Charlotte Totulis 


Raleigh, NC 

Shelley Whitaker 


Randleman. NC 

Basketball 89 

# ■ 


The 1 991 -92 Cheerleaders were led by 
Nancy Everett. This year, 8 talented girls 
helped to support the Panthers. Cheenng 
for the men's and women's basketball 
teams, these young ladies practiced hard 
and it showed. The team shows great 
promise for future years with 6 of the 8 re- 
turning next year. 


Amy Andrews 
Joley Crowe 
Mindy Crowe 
Tina Justus 
Emily Lefler 
Jennifer Fund 
Cammie Smith 
Jennifer Soos 











Lewisville, NC 
High Point, NC 
High Point, NC 
High Point, NC 
lylisenheimer, NC 
Mechanicsville, NC 
Martinsville, VA 
Skillman, NJ 

90 Cheerleaders 


The Lady Panthers return 4 starters 
from last year's team, which had a 19-8 
record. The major loss was AH-American 
Sharon Hill. 

The returning players form a solid 
group who will battle for the conference 
title once again this year. Arlene King, Re- 
nita Eshleman, and Shelly Whitaker will 
be the leaders of this year's team. 

Coach Joe Ellenburg says, 'We aren't 
as strong with overall talent as we were 
last year, but with the people that we have 
on the team, if we can play up to our po- 
tential every match, we should do quite 




Kim Dow 
Renita Eshleman 
TiHany Ferrara 
Shawn Hendnx 


Germantown, MD 
Chambersburg, PA 
West Palm Beach, FL 
Columbia. SC 

Arlene King 


Wendell. NO 

Mary LyIe 
LeAnn Myrick 
Gina Sink 


Morgantown, NO 
Biscoe, NO 
Greensboro, NO 

Frances Townsend 


Roanoke, VA 

Shelly Whitaker 
Christi Yaskiewicz 


Randleman, NO 
Greensboro, NO 

Volleyball 91 


Returning the nucleus of a team that 
won the Distnct 26 Tournament and fin- 
ished 16th in the National Tournament 
makes 1992 look like their year. 

Two All-Conference players return as 
well as three other players to make the top 
five players very strong. Steve Harrop and 
H.E. Barnes were All-Conference while 
senior Robbie Wooten and Chad Hen- 
drick return as well. Two highly recruited 
freshmen, Dan Tapp and Allen McGee 
are expected to break into the top five by 

Eighteenth year coach, Woody Gibson 
comments, "This is our deepest team in 
years. We have 8 or 9 people who could 
contribute this year. It is just a matter of 
who is playing best at any particular time." 




H.E Barnes 


Waynesboro. VA 

Kevin Burton 


Kernersville, NC 

Steve Harrop 


Lexington, NC 

Chad Hendrick 


Thomasville, NC 

Steve Hugties 


Rockville, IVID 

Allen McGee 


Kanata, OT 

Chad Morrow 


Zanesville, OH 

Andy Nelson 


Greensboro, NC 

Dan Tapp 


Ottawa, OT 

Jeff Whitehead 


Perth, OT 

Robbie Wooten 


Winston-Salem, NC 

92 Golf 


After an outstanding recruiting effort, 
Higfi Point will have a lot of depth this year 
and challenge for the conference and dis- 
trict titles. John High, last year's Runner of 
the Year, is returning for his senior sea- 
son. Also back are Darren Jones and 
Terry Keresey. Freshmen should help this 
year, and leading the way are two North 
Carolina products, Sean Carter and 
Bobby Watts. 

Coach Davidson says, "This is our 
strongest team since we began cross 
country. If everyone runs up to their po- 


Sean Carter 
Brian Corrigan 
Michael Dyess 
Kevin Hampson 
John High 
Kevin Hudson 
Matt Johnson 
Darren Jones 
Terry Kersey 
Brian Payne 
Clark Stevens 
Bobby Wans 
Cindy Harvey 
Jamie Raymond 
Cindy Romero 
Mary Routh 
Delia Stanley 

Class Hometown 

Fr Randleman, NC 

So Pretoria, South Africa 

Fr Wilkesboro, NC 

Fr St Albans, GA 

Sr Zebulon, NC 

Sr Granoes, VA 

Fr Port Verde, FL 

Jr Roanoke, VA 

Sr High Point, NC 

Jr Thomasville. NC 

Fr Wilkesboro, NC 

Fr Thomasville, NC 

Jr Newrark, DE 

Sr Wheeling, WV 

So Trenton, NJ 

Fr Belmont, NC 

So Stokesdale, NC 

tential we should have an outstanding 

The women's team is going through a 
year short on numbers but long on talent. 
Top runners returning include Delia 
Stanley, who set the school record as a 
freshman and hopes to improve with time. 
Two dependable runners are senior 
Jamie Raymond and sophomore Cindy 
Romero. The only true recruit is Mary 
Routh, who brings outstanding ability and 
work habits to the team and should be one 
of the leading runners in the district. 

tli < € 

3^ .#>». y^ ^^ 

Cross Country 93 

94 Intermission 


Intermission 95 

96 Graduation 

Graduation 1991 

By Angela Dailey, Class of '91 

Once again. Commencement exercises were moved from the front lawn to 
inside the Alumni Gym. Tfie 403 seniors were addressed by W Roger 
Soles, Cfiairman of tfie College Board of Trustees and President of tfie 
Jefferson Pilot Corporation. Mr Soles spoke about continuing to grow 
mentally and morally because learning does not stop witfi a college degree. 

During the ceremony, Michael Sparrow and Charles Hanks were 
connmissioned into the Air Force by Lt. Kurt Guyer. Also, Dr. Fred Yeats 
received the Sloan Teaching Service Award for his dedication to the Biology 
Department, as well as to the college. 

This graduation was enhanced further by having five United Methodist 
Ministers, who were fathers of five students from the Class of 91 , assist in 
the Baccalaureate and Commencement ceremonies Seventy-five seniors 
ended their college careers with honors, and once the tassel moved from 
nght to left, High Point College graduated its largest class to date 

Graduation 97 

98 Homecoming 


Homecoming 99 

The 1991 



and her 


100 Homecoming 

Chris Davis 
Amy Andrews 

Sean Leary 
Kendra Brown 

Terrance Donovan 
Sam an til a Dillon 

Byron Garrett 
Jacina IHayes 

Amy Marshall 
Dan Tapp 

Brian Reid 
Monika Lagger 

Chris Premock 
Drew McNaughton 

Jen Reid 
Ralph Barber 

Homecoming 101 

102 Ice Cream Social 

Ice Cream Social 103 

104 Midnight Breakfast 

'v^ '* 

2^;$^ Midnight Breakfast 

Midnight Breakfast 105 

Wellness Fair 

■■-"■'■^■•~»!m'miimmm< ,. . 


9 i ■ 

# *■■ *^ 

106 Wellness Fair 

Wellness Fair 107 

108 Spring Fling 

Spring Fling 109 

110 A Day in the Park 

A Day in the Park 

A Day in the Park 1 1 1 

High Point Productions 

The Tower Players of High Point University produce the 

plays seen on campus. In the last year they have done such 

performances as "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to 

the Forum," "The Diary of Anne Frank," the annual "One-Act 

Festival," as well as plays over the summer such as "Nature 

and Purpose of the Universe," and 'Six Characters in 

Search of an Author." 

112 Productions 

Productions 113 

114 Senior Send-Off 


Senior Send-Off 

Senior Send-Off 115 

116 Greeks 


Greeks 117 

»aKM Mtaw WM* ^'9^ iMWif 


Gamma Zeta 

Tradition, pride and excellence! As the Gamma Zeta 
chapter, the first fraternity for women chartered on High 
Point's campus, prepares to embark on it's 40th year of 
service, the sisters reflect on the many memories and the 
rich history of this Phi Mu chapter. In the past year. Phi 
Mu has grown considerably, and is now stronger than 
ever. Phi Mu letters can be seen all over campus, from 
SGA to the Dance team. 

Phi Mu members took great pride in being able to help 
their adopted national philanthropies — Project Hope 
and The Children's Miracle Network. They also found 
time for their Sister's Dance, the Senior Picnic, and Phi 
Mu friendship. Although they all are unique individuals, 
they share a common bond as sisters of Phi Mu! 

Pictured above are officers Erin Mcintosh, Kirstin 
Culliton, Jeans Haines. Back row: Cindy Harvey, 
Debbie Goodwin, April Campbell, Keri Hollzer, and 
Michelle Sweeney. 

118 Greeks 

Bottom: Jean Haines, Monika Lagger, Emily Hanania. Cindy Harvey. Laura Rahuba, Amy Griffith, Jeanine Danzi. 
Jasmine Yu. Middle: Shannon Jessup, Valene Bau, Stacie Mailer, Connne Buonocore, Debbie Goodwin, Julie Street. 
Knsty Scott, Jen Sniith, Kns^ten Culliton. Top: Jennifer Green, Tammy Hughes, Georgia Vatakis, Tracy Fitzpatnck, 
Dana Greenfield, Marcella Squires, Enn Mcintosh, Kern Holtzer, Michelle Sweeney, Apnl Campbell. 


The Panhellenic Council is the govern- 
ing body of the four sororities on campus, 
meeting weekly to chart the progress of 
each, and as a whole. 

"Pan Hel" directs the sorority women 
in the direction of operating and managing 
the group in the spirit of the Greek system . 
Each year, the Panhellenic Council 
sponsors Rush. This year. Rush was a 
great success for each sorority ! 

Row 1: Jean Haines. Sharon O'Brimski, Samanthu 
Dillon, Wendy Wilcox. Amy Morriss — Advisor. 
Row 2: Shannon Heath, Gwen Martin, Kristy 
Brunner, Nikki Matheny, Julie Barter. 

Interfraternity Council 

The IFC serves as the governing body for the four fraternities on campus. The organiza- 
tion consists of an Executive Council, made up of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, 
Secretary and SGA Representative, and four Delegates sent from each fraternity. 

IFC has regained much of its power this year with the addition of a Greek Advisor. Dave 
Edwards is helping the IFC to become as influential as it used to be in the past. 

Pictured below are Interfraternity olTicers; Dan Vasti. SGA Representative; Ken Garguilo. President; Thorn 
Moore, Vice-President; Jon Simons, Secretary; and Garrett Parker Treasurer. 

Greeks 119 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Delta Zeta 

The Delta Zeta Chapter had one of 
the most successful years ever in 
1991 , celebrating its 35th year at High 
Point. The chapter was rated one of 
the most improved by their national 
office, as well as consistently having 
one of the highest GPA's on campus. 

Delta Sigma Phi was founded in 
1899 at the City College of New 
York. The Delta Zeta chapter was 
founded on April 7. 1957. 

120 Greeks 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Greeks 121 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Delta Omega 

The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha en- 
joyed a successful year. They had a 
strong showing in intramurals, as well 
as several campus and community 
projects. They adopted a highway and 
had two rushes. The brotherhood an- 
ticipates a strong year again next year. 


■\\\\^:y : V/'/ // 



Front row: P. O'Toole, M. Linker, G. Pmski, S. Reefe, B. Vogel. Row 2: D. VastI, P.J. Newman, J. Dwver. Row 
3; C. Dudley, J. Mancuso, R. Darden. J. Mulvaney. Row 4; M. Larkin, T. Hickman, A. Morgan. Row 5: M. 
Lambert, J. Coble, D. Kavdjan, T. Clark, B. Killbride, A. Kidwell, C. Kamm, T. Brainen, D.VanVeelen, T. 
Morrow, G. Cook, T. Adams. Back row: F. Sordan, M. Quigley, B. Dcmaso, K. Koick, C. Forrest, D. Sullen- 

122 Greeks 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Chris Dudley, Jason Dwyer, Matt Vernon, 
John Mulvaney . Back row: Tim Claris. Jamie 
Mancuso, Mii^e Lambert, Mil^e Quigley , P.J. 

Greeks 123 

124 Greeks 


Row I: John Hoiloway, Alex Mays, Kenny Gargiulo. 
Rick Zois. Row 2: Stephen O'Connor, Carl' Mutlhews. 
Adam Dufl, Al Arrigom. Darren Huher Row 3: Brvan 
Bowles, Brad Mundy, Jerry Cutler, Mike Claywell. 
Chns Davis. Chad Andrews, Adam Thompson. Rick 
Reynolds. Porch: Todd Messner. Brian Blakenship, Eric- 

Lambda Chi 

Iota Phi Zeta 

The Iota Phi Zeta Chapter of 
Lambda Chi Alpha makes it a point to 
be involved in the campus and com- 
munity. SGA, Alpha Chi. Tower 
Players, and IPC are just a few of the 
many organizations Lambda Chi 
members are involved in. Their com- 
munity service was highlighted with a 
Rock-a-thon to raise money for the 
United Way. Through all of this, their 
members have grown stronger in 
friendship and the desire to help 

Greeks 125 

Theta Chi 

Epsilon Alpha 

The Epsilon Alpha Chapter of 
Theta Chi Fraternity is proud of it's 
outstanding year. During the course 
of the past year, Theta Chi has been 
active on and off campus of High 
Point University. On campus, they 
have provided strong leadership in 
Student Government, WWIH Radio, 
Intramurals, Interfraternity Council, 
and the Student Life staff. Off 
campus, they are very proud of ex- 
tending the helping hand for several 
philanthropic events. Socially, they 
have enjoyed many dances, mixers 
and formal s. 

Row I: Drew McNaughlon, Ed Pattik, George Chahoudy. Don Muggins, Rick Morgan, John Bcale, Ralph Barber, 
Chris McCuilom, Victor Zuczek. Row 2: Dan Moore, Keith Spicer, Kevin Settle, Jon Simons, Brian McMullen. 
Oeoft Jarrell, Kyle Pike, Jeft Parker. Row 3: Shane Simmons. GregTrelz, Dan Whitehead, Kevin Fielder, Clark 
Stevens, Christian Clymer, Andrew Wade, Terry Wallace, Doug Irby, Chad Frye, Phil Thompson, Bob Staab. 
John Bowden. 

126 Greeks 

Greeks 127 

Alpha Gamma 

Epsilon Pi 

There was no better place to be in 
1991-92 than with Alpha Gamma 
Delta. The Gams excelled in every 
facet of High Point life. The sorority 
placed its mark on campus with repre- 
sentatives on the Homecoming Court. 
Gams are involved in almost every or- 
ganization on campus. Perhaps the 
best thing about the Gams is that no 
matter how many activities they par- 
ticipated in, they do it together. 

Row 1: Elizabeth Weiland, Edith Anne Pendergraft, April Haslacker. Vicky Zuluaga, Whitney CjalTey, Linda 
Plackett, Lori Bewley, Katie Peterman, Mehssa Tutko, Laura McBride, Amy Wiggtngton, Molly Dickinson, 
Colleen Marx, Erin Jarman. Row 2: Stephanie Carter, Cindy Meridelh, AnneClinard, AnneColonna, MiaSossei, 
Diane Watson, Tracy Tertzagian, Nicolle Terry, Allison Dartez, Abigail Watson, Wendy Wilcox, Camille Smith, 
Rosa Scarboro. Christina Gregerson, Jenni Neathery. Row 3: Laureen Connor, Jeanine Warhurst, Jill Schroeder, 
Kristan Pfeiffer, Deborah Ferraro, Samantha Dillon, Michelle Coe, Casey Foulks, Julie Harter, Sara Mock, Mary 
Margaret Linker. Jenn Brams, Helena Brady, Jennifer Sanguiliano, Beth Klimowitz. Row 4: Anita Buonassi, 
Kendra Brown, Trish Crouch, Kristen Carper, Kirsten Martinson, Megan Condron, Sarah Mallet, Jennifer Mallet. 
Missing: Molly Haggerty, Amy Marshall. 

128 Greeks 


Alpha Gamma Delta 

Bottom. Michelle Coe, Samantha Dillon, Anita Buonas- 
sissi. Kendra Brown. Tracy Tertzagian. Top; Allison 
Dartea, Nicolle Terry, Debbie Ferraro, Kirsten Mar- 
tinsen, Helene Brady, Mary Margaret Linker- 

Greeks 129 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

Zcta Tau Alpha Executive Council 
Front: Dana Caudill. Kimherly Spelker, Shannon PutT- 
enbarger. Back: Sherry Patterson, Jami Walsh. Gwen 
Martin . 

130 Greeks 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

Delta Gamma 

The Zetas of the Delta Gamma 
chapter share a special friendship. 
Each sister is an individual, but 
together they make up a unique group . 
The letters of ZTA can be seen all over 
campus, through their involvement in 
many organizations such as Volley- 
ball, Field Hockey, SGA, Tower 
Players, and many more. Their spe- 
cial philanthropy is The Association 
for Retarded Citizens. The sisters 
look forward to many social events 
such as the 10th Link Ball, and the 
Masquerade Ball, also mixers, work 
projects, and special birthday dinners. 
Most of all the sisters of Zeta Tau 
Alpha know that ZTA is forever. 




Row I: Kim Jones, Judy Donnelly. Eleanor Hill. Shelia Rohe. Shayland Poole. Sherry Patterson. Kim Bryant, 
April Powell. Gwen Martin, Shawn Hendrix, Patricia Bradley, Andrea Viener, Lynn Mickels, Lynn Adams, 
Kalhy Bradley. Christian O'Briant, Dawn Query. Amy Cooke. Laura Willard. Denise Campbell. Katherine 
Olsen. Row 2: Alisha Atwell. Tracy Carr. Jennifer Petrie, Shannon Puffenharjier. Kate Lynch. Candare Romano. 
Came Thornton. Mary Corbett. Carol Gwaltney. Shea Bowe. Leslie Fazio. Danalyn Goltnsky. Christy Colston, 
Wendy Horton. Dora Johnson, Kim Spelker, Alison McLean, Tara Lindley, Row 3: Kelly Scheuer. JoAnna 
Kaney. Cathy Sutphen, Lisa Butris. Tiffany Ferrcra. Patrice Prokop, Stephanie Gray, Heather Williams, Jami 
Walsh. Angle Yerks, Cindy Romero, Dana CaudiU, Kristi Pierce (Staff Advisor). 

Greeks 131 

Kappa Delta 

Gamma Gamma 

The Gamma Gamma chapter of 
Kappa Delta proves that they are 
unique but united by their involve- 
ment in campus activities. Their vic- 
tory in intramural sports and other 
awards and recognitions make them 
shine above the rest. Their fundraisers 
supported their national philanthropy. 
The National Committee for the Pre- 
vention of Child Abuse. Kappa Delta 
also supports a local philanthropy, the 
YWCA. They were proud to have a 
KD on the Homecoming Court this 
year. They looked forward to a Rush 
in January. Their awesome bond of 
sisterhood continued to grow through 
their involvement together and they 
are indeed proud to be members of 
Kappa Delta. 

Row 1: Stephanie Matthews, Carlin Camp. Sue Womboiigh. Hmily Leller, Carrie Coulter. Amanda MeCrosky, 
Kale 0"Gracly, Christine Anderson, Becky Pierce, Kara Via. Row 2: Nora Doody, Wendy Brown, Julie 
McNamara, April Geoghegan, Pam Wilcox, Addie Robinson, Jill Carpenter, Keiry Keatmg, Kim Irvin. Cindy 
Waters, Peg Knopt, Jenna Steele, Meg White. Row .V Kim Seese, Jen Reid, Weis|e Cattell, Sabrina Bailey, 
Allison Chase. Juli Hutchms. Elise Nowak. Lynne Drezm, Christine Onul'reic/uck, Jen Raymond, Jen Soos. Rovv 
4: Jen Howard. Tammy Shosiack, Knslen Spencer. Sandra Samowski. Michelle Kovner. Amy Andrews, Cara 
McGuire. Kelli Grahm. Krisa Pelensky, Aplene Porter, Jen Walters, Lisa Mateer, Nikki Matheny, Caroline 
Mecher, Jen Hughes, Susan Schnider. 

132 Greeks 


wmmmmxk -mam'. 

Kappa Delta 

Bottom: WeisjeCattell, KrIstaPelensky. Amy Andrews. 
Jen Reid. NIkki Madeny, Jill Carpenter Top, Knslen 
Spencer. Sandra Sarnowski. Michele Kovner. Jenn 

Greeks 133 

1 34 Organizations 


-m^ u 

Organizations 135 

136 Organizations 

Student Gov/ernment ^Association 

The Student Government Association is compnsed of repre- 
sentatives of all student organizations, residence hall com- 
nnunity councils, and special interest groups. There are Execu- 
tive, Legislative and Judicial branches within the SGA. The 
branches are nnade up of elected or appointed student repre- 

One of the main purposes of SGA is to channel problems of 
the student body to the proper authorities. This past year's 
main focus was the development of an Honor Code and ac- 
tivating the transition from college to university status. 

Organizations 137 

:/'.-- --1 

138 Organizations 

student Union 

student Union is an organization 
devoted to bringing top notch 
nnovies, entertainers, comedians 
and lectures to the University for 
the benefit of the students, faculty 
and staff. It welcomes all students 
to actively participate. In addition 
to planning the Homecoming Dance 
with the Office of Alumni Affairs, 
Student Union programming offers 
concerts, road trips for skiing and 
rafting, the Midnight Breakfast, 
and student-faculty mixers. 

'91 Officers: Byron Garrett — Community 
Relations; A! Romano — Films; Sam Ran- 
kin — Publicity; Rich Turbe — Concert & 
Variety; Carrie Coulter — Business Man- 
ager; and Michele Brown — President. 

'92 Officers: Monika Lagger — Secretary; 
Frank Nissim — Promotions; Susan 
Cupler — Community Relations; Byron 
Garrett — Vice-President; Sam Rankin — 
President; Emily Hanaia — Dance Co- 
Chair; Michelle Reynolds — Dance Co- 
Chair; Carrie Coulter — Business Man- 
ager; Randy Gooch — Concert & Variety; 
and Clark Stevens — Films. 

Fellowship of Christian 

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a national organization. Its 
purpose is to spread the work of God through the use of athletics and 
the influence of athletes. You don't have to play a sport to be a 
member — all students are welcome to join. 



Executive Committee — Crystal Swaim, Robbie Wooten, Kevin Hudson, LeAnn 
Myrick, Kevin Fielder, Shelly Whitaker, Tracy Spurgeon, Marnel Joyce, Sallie 
Frame, Mike Holland, Joel Peddle, Coach Burchette — Adviser. 

Organizations 139 

140 Organizations 

Biology Majors 

The purpose of the Biology 
Majors Club is to promote interest 
in biology, especially in areas of 
current research. It provides an op- 
portunity for students and biology 
faculty, as well as other biologists 
to share and interact. The club also 
creates an awareness of opportu- 
nities, current trends, special pro- 
grams, and developments in the 
area of biology. The activities of 
the club are designed to supple- 
ment and enhance the regular ac- 
ademic program. 

Frank Taylor, Debbie Wellings, Edwina 
Crady, Danny Money, Dr. Chuck Smith. 

Row 1: Dr. Leo Weeks, Randy Gooch, 
Mary Routh, Carrie Coulter, Monica 
Smith, Jane Badgett. Row 2: Danny 
Money, Janet Kennedy, Edwina Crady, 
Darlene Tiederman, Melanie Harrison. 
Row 3: Dr. John Ward, Stephanie Kallio, 
James Noel, Brian Brawley, Mike Dyess, 
Debbie Wellings, Debbie Key, Libby 
Hayes, Susan Schneider. Row 4: John 
Boyd, David Kitchen, Dr. Gerald Smith, 
Tara Made, Dr. Chuck Smith, Tanya Pratt, 
Frank Taylor, Teresa Beavers, Dr. Fred 

Society for 

Political and 



The Society for Political and His- 
torical Awareness exists to help 
foster a better understanding and 
appreciation for historical and po- 
litical events of the past and pres- 
ent. Though a good part of the So- 
ciety's membership is comprised 
of history and political science 
majors, the organization is proud 
to have members from other majors 
as well. The Society participates in 
such activities as the Model United 
Nations, and the North Carolina 
Student Legislature. 

Panther Prowlers 

The Panther Prowlers, now University Ambassadors, are students 
who help the Admissions office host visiting students and families on 
campus tours. Selected by the Admissions office staff, each student 
must have excellent communication and presentation skills, as well as 
being outgoing and friendly. In addition to campus tours and visitation 
days, annual highlights include the Wake-Clemson football game, 
Broomball, Appreciation banquets, and monthly pizza lunches. 

Rachel Allen 
Joe Avent 
Caria Bisagni 
Lenore Carmel 
Susan Cupler 
B.J. Dillon 
Lisa Farmer 
Shannon Heath 
Stephanie Kallio 
Erin Mcintosh 
April Powell 
Kirk Reed 
Candace Romano 
Suzanne Sielaty 
Jennifer Thomas 

Christine Anderson 
Valerie Blair 
Tim Bledsoe 
Robbie Combs 
Jeanine Danzi 
Melissa Dirks 
Mitzi Fields 
Amber Holbrook 
Monika Lagger 
Tonya Meadows 
Laura Rahuba 
Bnan Reid 
Sean Schwarting 
Angle Springstead 
Carrie Thornton 

Wade Anderson 
Clint Barkdoll 
Corinne Buonocore 
Carrie Coulter 
Souphab Daoheaing 
Scott Entrikin 
Jamey Gore 
Curtis Hoover 
Stacy Littleton 
Alisa Palmer 
Sam Rankin 
Michelle Reynolds 
Kristy Scott 
Clark Stevens 
Kim Van Dyke 

Organizations 141 


142 Organizations 

Organizations 143 

144 Organizations 


Data Processing Management 
Association is a professional or- 
ganization for those in the Data 
Processing field. The members 
network with professionals to 
help understand what is going on 
in the field, as well as locating pro- 
spective jobs. The annual confer- 
ence is in the Spring and it allows 
for the members to get together 
for seminars and product demon- 


The High Point University 
STEP (Students Taking on En- 
vironmental Problems) program 
is an organization of students 
who have come together for one 
common goal — the preservation 
of the earth's environment. 

Formerly, this group was 
known as the High Point College 
Greens. But the College changed 
to University, so the Greens 
changed to STEP. Last year, the 
Greens started the first recycling 
program on the campus. This 
years plans included a thorough 
gathering of information on edu- 
cating the campus community of 
environmental issues and con- 
cerns of a local nature. 

STEP members at High Point 
would like all of the students of 
High Point University to re- 
member . . . "We did not inherit 
the Earth from our parents. 
We have only borrowed it from 
our children." 

Dance Team 

Writing Fellows 

The Whting Fellows program, in its third year, has made several 
positive impressions on the writing curriculum of the University. Effec- 
tive writing is a necessity in our society, and Writing Fellows is a tutor- 
ing program that offers a collaborative effort in learning how to write. 
The group of students work with all departments on campus. The fel- 
lows comment on students' whtten work, discuss these comments 
and present revising strategies in individual conferences. This year's 
fellows hope the much needed program will continue to grow in order 
to help students at High Point. 

Organizations 145 

146 Organizations 

Tower Players 

Tower Players is the student 
theatre organization responsible 
for producing plays for the campus 
community. Membership is not re- 
stricted. Theatre majors and non- 
theatre majors alike are encour- 
aged to join. 

The 1991-92 season saw the 
Tower Players producing: God- 
sped, Diary of Anne Frank, The 
American Clock, and Tartuffe. 

The HI-PO 

The HI-PO is the student oper- 
ated newspaperfor High Point Uni- 
versity. The new year brought on a 
new look for the HI-PO, and con- 
tinued excellence in covering 
events on campus. Last year the 
paper was recognized by the 
American Scholastic Press 
Association with a special merit 

Odyssey Club 

The Odyssey Club is an exten- 
sion of the Honors program at High 
Point University. It's purpose is to 
expand the horizons of the student 
beyond the classroom. This year 
the club will start a Trivial Pursuit 
night as a sidekick to the College 
Bowl contest. The club is also 
forming a permanent varsity Col- 
lege Bowl team to compete against 
other schools. 

Alpha Psi Omega 

Alpha Psi Omega is a national theatre honorary fraternity. Students 
earn membership based on the quality of their work done as actors, 
directors, stage managers, designers, crew members, and tech- 
nicians for the productions put on by the Tower Players. 


■ ^ 

f^ -^ 



Organizations 147 

International Studies 

It's one of the most fulfilling experiences that a student can 
have — to study abroad encountering different civilizations and 
cultures. Some fellow High Point students have seized that op- 
portunity and traveled to Europe with a mixture of academic 
ambitions and cultural curiosity. High Point University offers 
programs in England, France, and Spain which can be taken 
either directly through the University, or in conjunction with 
other college and universities. 

In order to be accepted for these cultural programs students 
must pass an application process and a review by the Inter- 
national Studies Committee, which takes into consideration the 
student's GPA, academic preparation, and ability to adapt and 
function in different cultures. 

Two High Point University students, Kirsten Martinson and 
Terry Kersey, spent the entire 1990-91 academic year in Eng- 
land. Other students have benefitted as well, Desmond 
Dutcher studied at the Universite de Paul Valery in Montpellier, 
France, Serene Quebin enjoyed the Spring semester at the In- 
stitut Catholique in Paris, while Paivi Tapaninen, Barbara 
Blake, Angela Presod, John Beale, Dora Johnson and Patrick 
Schramm studied in Seville, Spain. 







,^<» » 


Organizations 149 


150 Organizations 




Row 1: John Reitz, Monica Smith, 
Darlene Tiedeman, Donna Shields. Row 
2: Darren Jones, Rick Warren, Jennifer 
Farlow. Row 3; James Snyder, Eddie Lee, 
Dr. Charlie Warde. Row 4: Kirk Reed, Dr. 
Gray Bowman, Jim Sumner. 

Sigma Delta Pi 

Sigma Delta Pi Inonors those 
students who excel and have ob- 
tained excellence in the study of 
the Spanish language, literature 
and culture. To qualify for member- 
ship, the student must have com- 
pleted three years of college level 
Spanish, with at least one 300 level 
class. Students must have above a 
3.0 GPA or rank in the top 35% of 
their class. Inductions are held in 
the Spring term. 

Row 1: Cindy Smith, Amy Marshall, Barbara Blake. 
Row 2: Dr, Olson, Mrs. Elissondo-Orhe, Tracy Stanley. 
Row 3: Dr. Head, Dora Johnson. 

Baptist Student 

The Baptist Student Union of 
High Point University is a Christian 
organization that is prayerfully, 
and in some cases, financially sup- 
ported by the Southern Baptist 
Convention. Although the BSU is 
Baptist affiliated, its primary con- 
cern is to minister to students; 
therefore, many denominations 
are represented in BSU. Its mem- 
bers attend many statewide or- 
ganized events, such as the Fall 
and Spring Southern Baptist Con- 

Back: Shelly Barnes, Kim Cox, Chip 
Harris, Brad Jolicoeur. Middle: Christie 
Spurlock, Sheliie Frame, Cassie Murray, 
Keena Williams, James Noel, Clark 
Stevens. Front: Marnel Joyce, Crystal 

Student Orientation 

Orientation is an important process which introduces incoming 
freshmen to life at the University. The orientation staff is made up of 
students who give up part of their summer to help the new students 
adapt. The SOS staff does everything from unloading cars to helping 
students register for classes. Orientation prepares each new student 
to face the challenges of university living and learning. 

Organizations 151 

152 Organizations 


WWIH Radio 

WWIH is the student run radio station at 
High Point University. This past year the 
station changed its format to Modern 
Rock. It also increased it CD collection to 
help bhng the best possible sound to the 
campus and surrounding community. 
WWIH is dedicated to bringing its listen- 
ers what they want to hear. The station 
airs Monday thru Thursday from 12:00 
noon until 11:00pm. The DJ's at WWIH 
hope it will continue to grow this coming 
year to be even better. 

Front: Paul Vitella, Kyle Pike. Back: John 
Carey, Mike Savage, Mike Lambert. 

Alpha Delta 

Alpha Delta Theta is a Christian service 
organization. Its motto is "Sisters in the 
service of God." They have a great deal of 
fun and fellowship as they work together 
to help everyone on campus. They partici- 
pated in the 1991 Crop Walk, and the 
Jaycees Haunted House. As well, they 
also provided Millis Home for Children 
with treats during Halloween, and volun- 
teered at the Wesleyan Arms on Fridays. 

Through these and other projects, ADT 
has grown together and shared their 
Christian fellowship and service through- 
out the campus and surrounding com- 

Row 1: Keena Williams. Row 2: Christie 
Spurlock, Tracy Spurgeon, Cassie 
Murray, Libby Hayes, Shelly Barnes. Row 
3: Marnel Joyce, Ashley Medford, Kim 
Cox. Row 4: Sallie Frame, Crystal Swaim, 
Maryanne Blakemore. 

Phi Sigma lota 

Phi Sigma lota is a national foreign lan- 
guage honor society founded in 1912. 
Membership in the organization is open to 
undergraduate juniors and seniors who 
are at least minoring in a foreign language 
and have a 3.0 GPA or higher. Phi Sigma 
Iota works in conjunction with the Inter- 
national Club of High Point university. 

Row 1: Cindy Smith. Row 2: Serene 
Qubein, Lisa Farmer, Tracey Stanley, 
now 3: Amy Marshall, Mrs. Elissonbo- 
Orbe, Pavi Tapaninen, Barbara Blake. 
Row 4: Dr. Head, Desmond Dutcher, 
Dora Johnson, Dr. Olson. 

Black Cultural Awareness 

The Black Cultural Awareness organization was assembled during 
the Fall semester of 1990. The purpose of BCA is to bring together 
students of all races who have a common interest in the Afro- 
American race, and to educate students about the positive advance- 
ments as well as historical events among Afro-American people. 

L to R: Brian Payne, Tammy Brooks, Wendy Holmes, Nita Williams — Advisor, 
Patrick Medley. 

Top: Ingrid Hendrix, Paula Powie, Lisa White, Tammy Parker, Shelia Lindsay, 
Tracey Henery, Jacina Hayes, Lisa Hamler, Kevin Fielder. Bottom: Wendy Holmes, 
Patrick Medley, Nita Williams, Tammy Brooks, Brian Payne. 

Organizations 153 

Resident Assistant 


Complex Staff 

( • 


l 1 f 1 ■ BBi wmt ^^ ^" 

Finch Staff 

Presidential Scholars 

Presidential Scfiolars are chosen every year from those high school seniors who are interested in attending 
High Point University. They are chosen on the academic standing, potential to maintain high academic stand- 
ards, and personality. Potential scholars are chosen by the Admissions office staff and must compete in a two 
part selection process. Of the scholars chosen, the top two are awarded $6000.00 scholarships and the re- 
maining 23 are awarded $3000.00 scholarships. A GPA of 3.0 or higher must be maintained each year for the 
student to renew the scholarship. Being a Presidential Scholar is a rewarding experience. Not only is there an 
incentive to make good grades, but also there is the opportunity to meet and groom prospective students for 
future attendance at the University. 

Stephanie Anderson 
Chad Barker 
Ruth Bradley 
Chris Clymer 
Jennifer Culpepper 
Wendy Dills 
Chris Susley 
Mitzi Fields 
Angela Goodwin 
Jerrie Hayes 
Hugh Jernigan 
Stephanie Kallio 
Wendy Loflin 
Dan McCorquodale 
Heather Moore 
Tanya Pratt 
Kirk Reed 
Mary Routh 
Donna Shields 
Donna Stutz 
Henry Thompson 
Kim Van Dyke 
Laura Willard 

Sabrina Bailey 
Stephanie Batten 
Zandra Brown 
Carrie Coulter 
Susan Cupler 
Melissa Dirks 
Allison Eldridge 
Andrew Flynt 
Debra Goodwin 
Maria Hill 
Terry Johnson 
Terry Kersey, Jr, 
Deborah Matlock 
Kirsten McCoy 
Alisa Palmer 
Shannon Puffenburger 
Brian Reid 
Heather Sammons 
Tracy Spurgeon 
Karin Suess 
Carrie Thornton 
Victor Venier 
Sarah Wood 

Clinton Barkdoll 
Timothy Bledsoe 
Leah Chappell 
Edwina Crady 
Jeanine Danzi 
Pamela Dirks 
Lisa Farmer 
AnnMarie Francis 
April Haslacker 
Stephen Hughes 
David Joye 
Sandra Llewellyn 
Todd Mattieson 
Tara Meade 
Sherry Patterson 
Laura Rahuba 
Cynthia Romero 
Kristy Scott 
Tracy Stanley 
Crystal Swaim 
Darlene Tiedman 
Deborah Wellings 
Merideth Ziesse 

1 54 Organizations 

staff 1991-92 

Millis Staff 

Belk Staff 

1991-92 Patrons 



Mr. & Mrs. Edward Albright 

Mr, & Mrs. Donald C. Alwine 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Carson Avent, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs Robert Bates 

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Beale 

Mr. & Mrs, Thomas A. Betz, Sr. 

Ms. Jennie S. Bracken 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Bnm 

Mr. & Mrs. Atlas M Burnette 

Mr. & Mrs, John Capies 

Mr, & Mrs, Danny T Caudill 

Mr, & Mrs, David E, Clark 

Mr, James C, Clark 

Mr, & Mrs, William H, Claywell 

Reverend & Mrs, Robert W, Combs 

Mr & Mrs. Kenneth E, Crutchfield 

Wayne M, & Bettie A Dillon 

Mr, Sl Mrs, Neil E, Dorsey 

Mr, Norman A Drezin 

Mr, & Mrs. Arthur V. Farmer 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Ferrera 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Garsik 

Ms. Vickie Lynn Gelardi 

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Gleason 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Haggerty 

Mr. & Mrs. Isa Hanania 

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Heath 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Hodges 

Mrs. JoAnn W. Horton 

Mrs. Loretta W. Howard 

Dr. & Mrs. Slade Howell 

Mr. & Mrs. Olen G. Hudson 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jodon 

Mr. S Mrs. Roger Justus 

Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Kovner 

Mr. & Mrs. Silas F. Langfitt 


Mr. Peter M. Lindley 


Reverend & Mrs Donald Marks 

Eleanor Albright 


Mr. S Mrs. Robert E, Matthews 

Daniel Alwine 


Mr. & Mrs. David L. McCrosky 

Joe Avent 


Frank & Rene McDonald 

Constance Bates 


Mr. & Mrs. Richard A Mechler 

John Beale 


Mr, & Mrs Richard fwlorgan 

Steve Betz 


Mr. & Mrs Paul Neeb 

Angela Bracken 


Mr. & Mrs Billy Owens 

Ashley Bnm 


Mr & Mrs. Charles C. Parks, Jr 

Jason Burnette 


Mr. & Mrs. Franklyn C Percival 

Natalie Capies 


Mr. & Mrs. Drew Peterson 

Dana Dian Caudill 


Mr. & Mrs. Carl Pike 

Tim Clark 


Dr. & Mrs. Edward F Poole 

Mary Ellen Clark 


Mr. & Mrs. Michael R Prokop, Sr 

Michael Claywell 


Mr. & Mrs Robert M Quigley 

Robbie Combs 


Mr. & Mrs. Gary Ragsdell 

Chip Crutchfield 


Mrs. Jane E Rankin 

Samantha Dillon 


Mr. & Mrs. Jesse P. Rappoport 

Kimberly Dorsey 


Mr. & Mrs. James W. Raymond 

Lynne Drezin 


Mr. & Mrs. Terence P. Regan 

Lisa R Farmer 


Mr. & Mrs. Charles R Rightmire 

Tiffany Ferrera 


Mr. & Mrs. James A. Robinson 

Ronald Garsik 


Mr & Mrs. Alexander Silva 

Christine Gelardi 


Mr & Mrs. Jonathan F Simons. Sr 

Heather Gleason 


Mr & Mrs Gary Smith 

Molly Haggerty 


Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Spencer 

Emily Hanania 


Reverend & Mrs. Henry Thompson 

Shannon Heath 


Mr. Phillip G. True 

Chad & Bryan Hodges 

■92 & 94 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Turbe 

Jody Horton 


Mr. & Mrs 

Herschel B. Turner 

Jennifer Howard 


Mr. & Mrs 

William A. Vitella 

Chip Howell 
Kevin Hudson 


Mr & Mrs 

Robert L. Walsh 


Mr. & Mrs 

Roger F. Wanwick 

Jason Jodon 


Mr. & Mrs 

Richard Willard 

Tina Justus 


Mr. & Mrs 

William L Williams 

Michele Kovner 


Mr. & Mrs. Edward Zitvogel 

Dean Langfitt 


Tara Lindley 


Simon Marks 


Stephanie Matthews 


Amanda McCrosky 


Melinda Kelejian 


Caroline Mechler 


Rick Morgan 


Holli Neeb 


Susan Owens 


Charles Parks. Ill 


Anne Percival 


Drew Peterson 


Kyle Pike 


Michael Poole 


Stephen S Patrice Prokop 

92 & 93 

Michael Quigley 


Bnan Ragsdell 


Samuel Rankin 


Eyal Rappoport 


Jamie Lyn & Jennifer Lee Raymond 

92 & 93 

Katie Regan 


April Rightmire 


Addie Robinson 


Samantha Silva 


Jonthan Simons, Jr 


Bnan Smith 


Knstin Spencer 


Henry & Matthew Thompson 

93 & 95 

Juddson True 


Rich Turbe 


Greg Turner 


Paul Vitella 


Nathaniel Walsh 


David Warwick 


Laura Willard 


Heather Williams 


Edward Zitvogel II 


Organizations 1 55 

156 Overview 


Overview 1 57 


158 Overview 


Overview 159 

160 Overview 



Overview 161 


162 Overview 


Overview 163 

164 Overview 

Overview 165 


166 Overview 


Overview 167 

1 68 Overview 



^* -t* - 

Overview 169 


170 Overview 


Overview 171 

CEP Faculty & Staff 



I Faculty and Staff 

"History of Continuing Education Program" 

In 1978, sixty-three working adults entered the High Point College Continuing Education Program, in 1990, 
over 1200 Evening Degree students attended classes at the High Point and Winston-Salem (Madison Park) 
Campuses, with an attendance ot between 800 and 94 1 each session. At the 1 990 graduation, forty-four percent 
of the High Point College graduates were Evening Degree students. 

This dynamic program's modest beginnings took a unique course in 1 979 and began serving employees of the 
R.J. Reynolds Company on-site in Winston-Salem. Other area companies recognized the benefits of the pro- 
gram; and, in 1 980, the Piedmont Area Evening Degree Association was formed. Classes met at the Thomas H. 
Davis Center of Piedmont Airlines and the R.J. Reynolds World Headquarters. In 1 987, students from both of the 
Winston-Salem divisions began attending classes in a building erected by High Point College at f\/ladison Park. 
In the Fall of 1 988, classes in Winston-Salem were opened to the entire community; and, in January, 1 990, the 
second Madison Park classroom building was added. 

Evening Degree students, ranging in age from twenty-one to over sixty, travel to High Point and Winston- 
Salem from Burlington and Franklinville. . .from Ararat, Virginia and Pilot Mountain . . .from Yadkinville,Mocks- 
ville and Seagrove — from fifty-one towns and cities, — successfully realizing long-standing educational dreams 
and goals which often culminate in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. 

Evening Degree students perform balancing acts that are second only to Barnum and Bailey's. There is little 
time for sleep in such hectic lives, but we dream. Whether it is career advancement or attainment, starting out or 
starting over — we are all pursuing our dreams. 

174 CEP 

Kay Cromwell 
Class of 1 992 

Dr. Earl Crow 



To be a CEP student means devotion. Devotion to learning, to exceeding, to giving the 
most that you can and then reaching and finding more that you did not even know you had. 
It means sacnfice — not only on your part but on your family's part as well. It means long 
days and even longer nights. But it also means success. Success in subjects that terrify 
you, success when the light goes on and you finally grasp the knowledge the professor is 
offering. CEP students know the joy of a job well-done, to have succeeded under trying 
conditions and to have exceeded their own expectations. 

CEP 175 

CEP Faculty/Staff 

Teresa Byrne 

Carol Branard 

Rebecca Brown 

■* V 

4 ^ 

Robert Burns 

Dr. Clint Corcoran 

Lillian Creech 




Gail Curtis 

Bill Cloninger 

Mark Drusdow 

176 CEP 

CEP Faculty/Staff 

Rick Dull 

Dr. Edward Freidenburg 

Charlene Hill 

David Glass 
Shikki King 
Billy McClain 



Randall Maxey 
Maurine Mosteller 
Dale Troutman 

CEP 177 

CEP Seniors 

Michael Alexander 

Debbie Ayers 

Chadwick Belton 

Amanda Black 

Kay Boles 

Robin Bralley 

Craig Brittain 
Christy Burnette 
Martha Caldwell 

178 CEP 

CEP Seniors 

Lisa Calloway 
Paula Clark 
Laverne Collins 

Mary Cousineau 
Aileen Crane 
Rick Cranford 

Sharon Crisp 
Kay Cromwell 
Kathy Curtis 

CEP 179 

CEP Seniors 

Shirley Donnell 

Earl Elliott 

Gregory Estermyer 

Dorothy Francis 

Martin Fraizer 

Pam George 

Barbara Grahm 

Jeffery Greene 

Sandra Graves-Walker 

180 CEP 

CEP Seniors 

R. Derrek Hiatt 
Lorraine Hawryluk 
Terri Hayes 

Jeff Johnson 
Rebecca Hiatf 
Paulette Ingram 

Lisa Kelly 
Donald Kinney Jr. 
Diane Kolodzej 

CEP 181 

Gregory Lackey 

Gloria Lewis 

Barbara Marshall 

CEP Seniors 

Dana McGuirt 

Charles McMahan 

Pamela Marion 

Thomas Morris 

Curtis Parker 

Cheryle Parrish 

182 CEP 

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Ellen Price 
Sheri Reynolds 
Susan Rice 

Andrea Riddle 
Joseph Riddle 
Randy Ripple 

Hugh Sanderford 
Vicki Shoaf 
Shirley Simon 

CEP 183 

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Mary Sistrunk 

William Sizemore 

Tammy Sprinkle 

Toni Summerlin 
Jackie Swisher 
Gloria Thomas 

Chris Tibbs 

Sheila Turner 

Lisa Turtle 

184 CEP 

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Floyd Vaughn Jr. 
Cecelia Voss 
Wes Walker 

Sarah Watson-Lawrence 
T.F. Rick Wilson Jr. 
Doris Wynn 

Vickie Yokeley 

CEP 185 

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Tonay Alsbrooks 

Barbara Anderson 

Elizabeth Arnold 

Reggie Austin 

Darlene Ballance 

Theresa Billings 

Dennis Bogue 

Vickie Bowling 

Donna Bowman 

Adrian Bradley 

Debra Broughman 

Martha Brown 

Melissa Brown 

Susan Bunch 

Evelyn Burchman 

Angela Cranford 

186 CEP 

CEP Underclassmen 

Derek Cornwall 
Carmen Cotton 
Wray Crawford 
James Crump Jr. 

Kaaren Cushwa 
Nelson Daubenmeyer 
Derrick Davis 
Paul DeDea 

Shannon Dillon 
David Edwards 
Theresa Edwards 
Lisa Elliott 

Charlotte Estermyer 
Saundra Everhart 
Chuck George 
Shellie Gibson — Sr. Grad 

CEP 187 

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Michael Goode 

Ernest Green 

Kathy Gregson 

Cassie Hammond 

Kathy Hand 

Donna Harris 

Rodney Hill 

Sally Hogan 

Penny Holden 

Luke Horton 

Tom Ingram 

Margaret Jackson 

Paul Jackson 

Joseph Johnson 

Sherry Jones 

Tim Jones 

188 CEP 

CEP Underclassmen 

Kaye King 
Debbie Knapp 
Tammy Knott 
Pansy Koontz 

Lee Lennon 
Paul Leonard III 
Francis Lunsford 
Dawn Marion 

Robbie Massey 
Morris McCain 
Micky McGinn 
Nancy McMahan 

Bob Mitchell II 
Raynell Neal 
Rita Nash 
Sherry Norris 

CEP 189 

CEP Underclassmen 

Gina O'Mara 

Barry Pardue 

Dan Patterson 

Robyn Peterson 

Janet Plummer 

Pam Poland 

Johnsie Price 

Darrel Pulliam 

Joy Queensberry 

Rhonda Ratcliffe 

Catherine Ross 

Cindi Rowe-Falkner 

Mary Beth Saxon 

Gloria Scales 

Pam Sink 

Dianne Sloan 

190 CEP 

CEP Underclassmen 

Donna Smith 
Bill Snow 
Chris Stofko 
Kaye Tatum 

Melissa Throckmorten 
Sarah Turner 
Caria Venable 
Katrina Voyles 

Patrick Walker 
Lynn Waterhouse 
Terry Weaver 
Rick Weiss 

Theresa Werts 
Andrew Williams 
Lauren Williams 

CEP 191 

1\l ,ll^r:',«)J|„iniN 
< jniin)i>> >ur[pri>-f{] liil> 
1)1 people liy making it In 
lltf semi-finals al the LI.S. 
I )pen lieiore being fleleatt-d. 

2Frepf! U.S. hostage 
Tern' Anderson wave-- h. 
juumalists at the Syrian 
liiieign Ministry in 
I *amascus after almi>sl seven 
\ears' raptivity in l,el)annn. 

C% (llaicnce Thomas 
-T answers questmns 

" liefove ihe Senate 
Judiciary Coninnltee alter his 
ninninatinn lur the LI.S. 
Supreme Court. He replaeefl 
retiring Justiee Thiirgooil 

4Afler witHiing an Oscar 
in I'JHV. Jodie Foster 
s.-nredlHgin 1991 — 
starring in Stlerne of the 
binihs and then in Lilllt' Man 
Tutt'. her first picture as 

5 Soviet l'reM(|<-nt Mikhail 
* Jorhachev speaks with 
a Stjviel TV rrfiorteron 
his return In !V1()sco\\ in 
August altera right-wnig 
CI tup failed to overthrow hirn. 
However, by year's end he 
liad re->igiied. 

6l>ori-^ > eltsin spt'aks In a 
crowd in Moscow. The- 
popular elected 
President of tlu- new Russian 
republic assumed leaderslnp 
afier (kirbaehev stepped 

7 Michael l,and(U! dies. 
His TV credits include 
Hamuxza. Luiir Hnusp on 
ilir l'riiiru\ and Highmn lo 
^^'""'" ■: Joslens, Inc #6 

I The Hags oi Estonia. 
Latvia and Lithuania ll\ 
at the United Nations 
)Liilt!ing after these Baltic 
states declared their 

2 The Stars and Stripes 
duller (iver this Licker- 
lape paracle on 
Broadway during "Operation 
Welcome Home." honoring 
all Persian (nilf veterans. 

C^ American firefighters 

-t use sheets of metal as 
" shields to approach a 
liurnmgoil well in Kuwait. 
n\rr6(J(_l oil wells ignited l>\ 
1 1 if retreating Iraqi Army had 
I'l he capped. 

4 Philippine soldiers work 
on a collapsed building 
at Clark Air Base. The 
S. base was abandoned 
permanently after buildings 
wiTf damaged by the weighl 
nl (ailing ash from the Mount 
Piiiatubo vt)lcan(). 

5 The Washington 
liedhkins defeat the 
Kuflalo Rills in Super 


6 A Croatian National 
(iuard member guards ;i 
(Croatian armv car 
during the Serh-Croat ri\ii 
war in ^ ugoslavia. 

I'li.^in- Th.'H.'llmarin \r. t.... 

I' ■» <