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Full text of "The Zenith Yearbook, 1994 High Point University"

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New & 

High Point 
1994 Zenith 
Volume 70 



2 • Prologue 

*■ *tML ^iit mait • >wn 

■mi mi'HimiiriiwiPH'iiif 


For students, college is a time of change and growth. Each fall, when 
they return to the campus, change is evident in new hairstyles, 
clothes, cars, and friends. They don't notice changes around the 
campus unless they're drastic, like closing a street or erecting a new 
building. At High Point University, changes can be seen all over, 
inside and out. Some have happened over the summer and through- 
out the past fews months, while others have evolved more slowly. 
For whatever reasons, changes have occurred to create the new and 
improved High Point University. 

Prologue • 3 

Gart Evans 
Coach Tertzagian 

4* Prologue 

New & 

Student Life 












Dr. Vance Davis 

Prologue • 5 

6 • Student Life 

President's Statement 

On behalf of the entire University family, 
faculty, staff, and student body, I con- 
gratulate the graduating class of 1994. 

With a University degree goes a great 
deal of responsibility. All of us are re- 
sponsible to serve our neighbors by 
putting at their disposal the fruits of our 
knowledge and the results of our study- 
ing. Our University experience enables us 
to master ourselves for the sake of serv- 
ing better and being of more use to other 
human beings who might look to us for 


We can be of terrific help in this topsy- 
turvy world by setting an example of 
sound moral thinking and integrity. I 
have come to realize that any abilities I 
might have, physical, mental, or even 
artistic, unless based on a moral purpose, 
have no value and no plausible reason for 
existing. When based properly, however, 
I have learned that we must give more 
than we have received, and that a satis- 
factory life must be measured by its 
usefulness to others. 

To the Class of 1994, 1 say go forth to 

apply your wisdom in service, and may 

God bless you along the way. 




8 • President's Statement 

Opening Convocation 

August 26, 1993 

Dr. Charles Warde and Dr. Elizabeth Dull 
gladly wear their robes from their alma 
maters in the recession of the Opening 

Dean Davis welcomes new and returning 
students to another year of academic en- 


Wade Anderson, SGA President, delivers 
his inspiring proclamation for the forth- 
coming year. 

Dr. James Stitt, the new faculty marshal, 
presents the High Point University mace 
at the Opening Convocation. 

Opening Convocation • 9 

Kappa Deltas take one last time to 
Friends and family gather to watch publicly proclaim that sisterhood lasts 
loved ones receive their diplomas. ft irever. 

Bryan Brawley gladly receives his di- Brian Coe and Lisa Brown show off 
ploma from President Martinson. their University Honors. 

10 •Graduation 1993 


May 8, 1993 

On a beautiful Saturday morning, High 
Point University graduated 525 students. 
Nido Qubien, an alumni of the University 
and currently the chief executive of Creative 
Services, Inc., gave the commencement 
address, and the University conveyed an 
honorary degree upon Charles Shelton. 

President Martinson and formerChair- 
man of the Board of Trustees Roger 
Sales lead the procession for gradua- 

A happv graduate encourages a future 

Graduation 1993 • 11 

World-renowned soloist Yuko Nishimura performs 
as Dr. Vance Da vis, Hania Quhein, Dr. Ken Nishimu ra 
and the audience look on. 

Dr. Davis accepts the flags from Hania Qubein. 

Cynthia Romero, Clint Barkdoll, and Wade Ander- 
son were speakers. 

Dr. Ken Nishimura speaks while Dr. Vance Davis 
and Hania Qubein listen carefully. 

12 • International Student Day 

October 5, 1993 

International Student Day 



international Student Day was held to broaden the persepectives of students 
toward the international community. The enlightening experience was 
complete with international music and speeches concerning international 
issues. The festivities took place in the Memorial Auditorium. In all, there 
were thirty-four countries that participated, including the United States. The 
ceremony began with the Garth Brooks song We Shall Be Five and was 
followed by the theme from "Cheers," Wliere Everybody Knows Your Name. 
Next, the Presentation of Colors began as Marcli of tlie Priests by Mendelssohn 
played. Alpha Phi Omega began with the flag of the United Nations. Each flag 
from the countries represented followed. Cynthia Romero, president of the 
International Student Club, made a greeting, followed by an English folk tune 
performed by the High Point University Singers. Hania Qubien, secretary of 
the International Student Club, presented the flags to Dr. Vance Davis who 
accepted them on behalf of the University. Wade Anderson, president of the 
Student Government Association, introduced the soloist for the event, Yuko 
Nishimura, a native of Tokyo, Editor of the Hi-Po Clint Barkdoll introduced 
the speaker, Dr. Ken Nishimura. Dr. Nishimura is the president of the East- 
West Foundation, Inc. Dr. Nishimura's speech was entitled "Bringing Worlds 
Together Through Education." The recessional On Claud Nine by Rimi 
Bouchard followed. 

Flags from countries represented by students and 
faculty were presented to the University. 

Representatives from the international countries 
stand by their flags. 

International Student Day • 13 

A Spark of Excitement Ignites North Hall 



Let The Games Begin 

n November 15th, a fire broke out on the second floor of North Hall. A 
dryer caught on fire and damaged all the contents within it. The fire was 
controlled before it spread, causing no serious damage or injuries. The 
fire was the biggest excitement on campus until the Indigo Club was 
opened at the end of first semester. The Office of Student Life worked 
diligently to make this concept become reality. The force behind this, 
said Dr. Morris Wray, is that "students always say they have nothing to 
do, which boils down to having no place to be." The club includes four 
pool tables, two foosball tables, electric darts, and numerous video game 
systems, and possibilities of having air hockey and ping pong tables in 
the future. The club will have state of the art cable televisions and a sur- 
round-sound stereo system. The decor of the room was planned to be 
lively instead of being like the conservatively decorated rooms of the 
campus center. This club is a welcomed addition to the University cam- 
pus and is much more fun than watching the Fire Department. 

The long wait for the game room was worth the wait. A fluff cycle goes awry in North Hall 

14 • Game Room 

Students gather where the sounds of sirens are heard . 

The High Point Fire Department quickly responds to 
the distress signal from North Hall. 

The purple felt has to be installed before students can 
rack 'em up. 

Game Room • 15 

The Tower Players sing their hearts out with the 
famous song "Guys and Dolls" to give the musical a 
spectacular ending. 

Alisa Hamler is teaching Tim Austin how be to 
Charlie in "Where's Charlie?" 

Amy Hutchinson and Steve Willis prove their love to 
each other in the opera Rosabella . 

The Ashemolien Marching Society ends their ex- 
travaganza with a snapshot finish. 

16 • Perfectly Frank 

November 3-6, 1993 

Perfectly Frank 



he High Point University Tower Players performed the muscial "Perfectly 
Frank"on November 3-6, 1993. The players conveyed to the audience the 
talents of Frank Loesser through his works. The set and costumes added to 
each particular time period that was being performed. The members of the 
cast included Tim Austin, Chase Bowers, Denise Campbell, Kevin Cross, 
Byron Garrett, Alisa Hamler, Amy Hutchinson, Jenny Peterson, Steve Turner, 
and Steve Willis. 

Steve Willis, Chase Bowers, and Tun Austin listen 
to the music of Frank Loesser. 

Steve Willis, Denise Campbell, and Kevin Cross 
s^rasp the eves of the audience as they sing the 
famous song "Some Like It Hot." 

Perfectly Frank* 17 

Crop Walk/ Alcohol Awareness Week /Wellness Fair 

Taking Care of Others - and Ourselves 



hree major events that are held each year are the 
Crop Walk, Alcohol Awareness Week, and the 
Wellness Fair. The Crop Walk, which was held on 
October 10, 1993, turned out to be a booming 
success. More than 150 students and close to 1,000 
others participated and raised more than $700 for 
High Point University. Ted Sykes said, "It was 
fun, and the money went for a good cause." Much 
the same could be said for the Wellness Fair. No- 
vember 10th proved to be the day that hundreds 
of students flocked to the private dining room to 
witness first-hand exhibitions of health and well- 
being at the Wellness Fair. Most people thought 
that the activities were interesting to participate 
in. Alcohol Awareness Week took place October 11 
- 15. It was during this time that students learned 
exactly what causes the hangover you get after 
ten beers. 

Chas Singleton experiences high blood pressure from At the Wellness Fair, Elaine Potts and Mary Routh ^ 
senior deadlines. pick up information and freebies at one of'the dis- 

18 • Crop Walk /Alcohol Awareness /Wellness Fair 

Stephanie DiMarzio takes advantage of the free 
blood pressure check at the Wellness Fair. 

Crop Walk participants include panting poochies. 

Pikes pleasantly participate in the Crop Walk, prov- 
ing pride and public service are priorities with them. 

Crop Walk /Alcohol Awareness/ Wellness Fair • 19 

The group poses in front of Stonehenge and man 
ages to keep smiling in the cold. 

Emilv Lefler is side bv side with a Beefeater. 

Chris Fetner and Dan Hamilton re-enact the I ioi\ 
Grail: "Bring out your dead, bring out your dead!" 

Pam Wilcox is riding in style with the Queen. 

20 • Studies Abroad 

Studying Abroad 




everal of the students of High Point University enjoyed the opportunity to 
study in Europe. They were given the choices of going to England, Spain, and 
France. Most of the students spent the fall semster in England. Students who 
signed up for the program wanted to broaden their horizons of education in 
their field of studies. Some have already graduated and are pursuing graduate 

England: (Oxford at Westminster) 
Faculty Leader: Dr. Lee Baker, English Department 
Robert Bain, Jr. - History 
Thomas Brock - History 
Lori Canter - Media /Communications 
Chris Fetner - English /Communications 
Tracy Fitzpatrick - English 
Ashton Guffy - English/ Literature 
Dan Hamilton - English 
Shawn Hendrix - Physical Education 
Emily Lefler - English/Communications 
Elizabeth Palmer - Theatre 
Pam Wilcox - Political Science 

Lisa Farmer - English/Literature (University of Leeds) 
(AY P)QV<)4 Rotary Scholarship recipient) 

France: (in association with UNC-W in Paris) 
Susan Cupler - International Studies/French 
Karin Suess - International Business/Biologv/French 
Jeanna Thomas - International Business /French 

Spain: (Affliation with University of Wisconsin/Platteville in Seville) 

Emily Hanania - Psychology/Spanish 

Rob Bain is squeezing his way through Warwick 

"All hail Prince Charles - no, wait a minute, that's 
Dan Hamilton." 

Studies Abroad • 21 

Where Are We From? 

»i *,.n '* e » • 

For all the students who come from out of state 
and other countries, having gone far away from 
home is like facing new frontiers. None of us 
knew what to expect when we got here, but we 
all come to appreciate the experience. Jeff Blosse 
from North Canton, Ohio, said, "The drive (10+ 
hours) is the only bad part about coming from 
out of state. Being away from home has been 
exciting because I have a lot more independence 
and that makes college more enjoyable because 
I have been experiencing a new area and lifestyle." 
Jeff Whitehead from Perth, Ontario, Canada, 
said that "being this far away from home is a 
wonderful experience. I really like it here and 
intend to pursue my career here in the States." 
Many of us feel the same way. High Point Uni- 
versity is indeed our home away from home. 

1 "- ■ ' -" 



22 • Out of Staters 

-. 19 I, c ln»Mi 9{XJ] 

JL/ llO v> U L. 


Where Are We From? 

2,429 Students 

2 - Texas 

1,693 - North Carolina 

1 - Utah 

1 - Alabama 

1 - Vermont 

1 - Arizona 

165 - Virginia 

2 - California 

1 - Washington 

1 - Colorado 

1 6 - West Virginia 

17 - Connecticut 

1 - Wisconsin 

44 - Delaware 

2 - Puerto Rico 


27 Foreign Students 

56 - Florida 

1 - Japan 

21 - Georgia 

1 - Scotland 

5 - Illinois 

1 - Bermuda 

1 - Indiana 

4 - England 

2 - Kentucky 

1 - Saudi Arabia 

2 - Maine 

1 - West India 

127 - Maryland 

6 - Canada 

2 - Massachusetts 

1 - Turkey 

1 - Mississippi 

2 - Russia 

2 - Nebraska 

1 - Australia 

1 - New Hampshire 

1 - Albania 

125 - New Jersey 

1 - Finland 

44 - New York 

2 - South Korea 

10 - Ohio 

1 - Kenya 

30 - Pennsylvania 

1 - Spain 

11 - Rhode Island 

2 - Jordan 

9 - South Carolina 

MM * 1 1 



« #• 

N6G p 497 



|z J 

Out of Stater 

5 »23 

The Best of British Like five from entertaining guest 
and students 

Dr. Lynne Cheney expresses her views with I ligh 
Point students. 

Kenny Baker introduces himself and "The Best of 

The Best of British jazz it up with a snappy tune 

24 • Best of British/Lynne Cheney 

Visiting Talent 

A Touch Of Culture 



n September 22, Dr. Lynne Cheney, former chair of the National Endowment 
for the Humanities and graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Madison, 
delivered this year's Capus Waynick address. Around 300 people attended 
this event. Dr. Cheney talked about the concern over the growing political 
correctness movement and how it is undermining society and our educational 
system. Dr. Cheney also had breakfast followed bv a question and answer 
session on September 23 with High Point University students. The blues, jazz, 
and Dixieland sounds of Best of the British could best be described as "pure 
nostalgia." The University was host to this sensational band December 3, 
1993. Members of this most talented band have worked with such greats as 
Frank Sinatra, Henry Mancini, Bennie Goodman, Louis Armstrong, Bing 
Crosby, Nelson Riddle, Ella Fitzgerald, Barbara Streisand, and The Beatles 
among others. "Individually, the members of the The Best of British were 
founders of the Big Band era, and each of them has spent a lifetime mastering 
the art of jazz. The High Point University community has been privileged to 
hear the septuagenarians who helped to create the world of jazz. They 
represent the end of an era," said Dr. Morris Wray. 

Brian Lemon smokes the ivory right off the grand. Lynne Cheney takes a special interest in answer- 
ing a student's question. 

Best of British/ Lynne Cheney • 25 

Bizzard of Bucks /Sumo Wrestling /Pre-registration 




he Blizzard of Bucks was brought to the University by Student Union 
Producations on October 27, 1993. The game consisted of 3 separate 
competition rounds with 4 people in each group. The contests were like 
"get the gum out of the pie" eating contest, a block tower building con- 
test, and an orange juice drinking (out of a baby bottle) contest. The 
single winner of each round was awarded $25. There were 3 recipients: 
Greg Thompson, Jacina Hayes, and Rosa Williams. Rosa was place insde 
a tall "telephone booth" type box where $500 in cash swirled around her. 
Of that $500, she was able to grab as much as she could. Rosa grabbed a 
total of $94. Combined with the $25 prize she already received, Rosa 
won a total of $119. On October 11, ARA services thought students 
would enjoy Sumo Wrestling. They hired East Coast Entertainment and 
set up in the middle of the cafeteria. "It was fun and a definite change of 
pace," said Steve Steffek. Activites like these made days such as Novem- 
ber 10th more tolerable. Students gathered en masse in the old gym to 
preregister for spring classes, but as usual, seniority ruled. Since seniors 
were given first choice, many freshmen only got 1 or 2 classes they'd 
hoped for. 

Students sign up for spring classes. 

Kevin Fielder is enjoying his new found sport. 

26» Blizzard of Bucks/Sumo Wrestling /Preregistration 

Jacme Hayes gets a face full of pie in a Blizzard of 
Bucks contest 

Blizzard of Bucks/Sumo Wrestling /Preregistration • 27 

Christmas time at High Point University is picture 

Who knows what surprises this Santa holds m his 




^1 IL ^^ 

liiiW l^^kfl r 

. . . ■ 

Colleen O'Brien and Michelle Laskv enjov the sights 
of Christmas. 

The carolers fill High Point University with musical 



BP" •- i 

■ ^^B ' 

IB" " a 

w* \ 


B — 



v. J 

28 • Holiday Spirit 

December 8, 1993 

Holiday Spirit 



was two weeks before Christmas and all over HPU 

The students were studying, that's all they could do. 

The classes were over as first semester ended 

Just one more semester 'til summertime splendid. 

With exams beginning, students never reached bed 

But they knew Christmas break was soon ahead. 

During the tree ceremony, the lights were bright 

While carolers gathered to sing "Silent Night." 

Everyone enjoyed watching different Christmas shows 

All one could hope for were some flurries of snow. 

As the time wound down, student kept one thing in sight 

To hear their family sav "Merry Christmas to all, and to all good night. 

Ben Evans does the honors of lighting the tree at 
the tree lighting ceremony. 

The annual tree lighting ceremony was attended 
by students and faculty. 

Holiday Spirit • 29 

30 "People 

Nedd Adams 

Brad Ad kins 

Jeffrey Anastas Barbara Anderson 

Amy Berrier 

32 • Seniors 

Teresa Billings 

Leslie Boone 

Paula Bornie 

Jenny Bonyer 

Cynthia Bowman 

Donna Bowman 

Ruth Bradley 

Richard Bryant 

Chris Dudley, aren 't you a Duke fan? 

John Call 

Seniors • 33 

April Cam bell 

Nancy Cambell 

Chad Carrick 

Mike Causey 

Jane Cheek 

34 • Seniors 

Kim Braden and Jeff Stouse discuss what they are going to have 

for dinner. 

Ann Colo una 

Vicki Cook 

Kimberly Cox 

Kristin Cnlliton 

Sue Dale 

Tamara Davis 

Shannon Denton 

Elisabeth Dobbins 

Nora Doody 

Chris Dudley 

Joseph Dwyer 

Scott Edwards 

Theresa Edwards 

Seniors • 35 

Leslie Everhart 

Anita Farrington 

Ron Fazenbaker 

Leslie Fazio 

Margret Foster 

Cher Frauenhoffer 

B.J. Fulcher 

Byron Garrett 

Charles Goard 

36 • Seniors 

Janice Gomez 

Randy Gooch 

Debra Goodwin 

Teresa Green 

Kathy Gregson 

A lis a Hamler 

Archie Hammond 

Jacina Hayes 

Kevin Mitchell can V wait 'til the weekend starts so 
he leaves class early. 

Shannon Heath 

Seniors • 37 






\ ~ 



Barbara Hedgecock 

Dara Hedgecock 

Sarah Hedgecock Stephanie Helsaback 

Keith Hilliard 

38 • Seniors 

Ed Lagrama demands, "Hey, check me out in the Maryland 
sweatshirt. " 

Sally Hogan 

Kerri Holzer 

Tad Huffstetler 

Rita Hunt 

Kim Irvin 

Paul Jackson 

Eric Johnson 

Janet Johnson 

Joe Johnson 

Sherry Jones 

Tim Jones 

Justin Jordan 

Tar a Kane 

Seniors • 39 

Robert Kauffelt 

Kerry Keating 

Christine Klouda 

Stacey Kopf 

Brooke Lafferman 

Mo nika L agge r 

Edwin Lagrama 

Joy Lance 

Davis Lee 

40 • Seniors 

Stephanie Long 

James Mancuso 

John Massey 

Morris McCain Danny McCorquodale Alison McLean 

Tar a Meade 

Bill Miskovich 

Delia Stanley says she bates this senior seminar: "I haven 't slept 

in weeks!" 

Sarah Moody 

Seniors • 41 

Catherine Murray 

Edwin Mutua 

Sean Neary 

Torn Nelson 

Timothy O'Keefe Students question Dr. Coggins: "Why did they put these printers 

up so high?" 

42 • Seniors 

Gina O'Mara 

Sakhan Onk 

Cynthia Parker 

Scarlet te Parr is h 

Joel Peddle 


""i*^* dfeV 


k^' « 

Jennifer Petrie 

Portia Pettus 

Tim Pickering 

Johnny Poplin 

April Powell 

Sandra Powers 

Sean Powers 

Cami Rabon 

Seniors • 43 

Samuel Rankin 

Rhonda Rat cliff e 

John Reitz 

Michelle Reynolds 

Mellissa Robbins 

Candace Romano 

Cynthia Romero 

Darren Russell 

Julie Russell 

44 • Seniors 

Scott Shin a 

Lori Shockley 

Beverly Shore 

Charles C. Singleton 

Gina Sink 

Pant Sink 

Camille Smith 

Robert Staab 

Tom Nelson gets ready for another grueling Accounting class. 

Bob Starr 

Seniors • 45 

Elizabeth Steen 


Katherine Stewart 

William Stigall 

David Stratige 

Michelle Sweeney 

46 • Seniors 

Jacina Hayes is caught with her pants down showing school spirit 
by playing in Blizzard of Bucks. 

Nathan Thomas 

Carrie Thornton 

Stephen Turner 

Carla Venable 

Wendy Vick 

Tracy Wagner 

Jill Walton 

Diane Watson 

Susan Watts 

Shelly Whitaker 

Darren White 

Jeffery White 

Scott Williams 

Seniors • 47 

Mark Wolfington 

Linda Yancey 

Angela Yerkes 

SGA President Wade Anderson 
steals some computer time to do 
a paper for class. 

48 • Seniors 

Christine Anderson 
Joseph Avent 
Clinton Barkdoll 
V V\\\ Matthew Bischoff 

Angela Blake 
Angela Bracken 
Christopher Bradway 
,1 Zandra Brown 

Sean Carter 
Paul Chanthaphone 
Ryan Cook 
Carrie Coulter 

Heather Coyle 
Perry Culpepper 
Jeanine Danzi 
Ron Dawson, Jr. 

Juniors • 49 

Michael Dyess 

Kevin Fielder 

Tony Fleming 

Natalie Flowers 

Brian Furlano 

Anna Gainey 

Bob Gray 

Sheryl Green 

Kevin Hampson 
Chip Harris 
April Haslacker 
Melissa Hedgecock 

Tammy Hemric 

Henry Hogan 

Chris Jones 

Marnel Joyce 

50 • Juniors 

Sheila Justice 
Tina Justus 
Stephanie Kallio 
Josephine Lamont 

Emily Lefler 
Stacy Littleton 
Mary Lyle 
April Martindale 

Yoko Masui 
Stephanie Matthews 
Melissa Maudsley 
Tonya Meadows 

Maryanne Olson 
Armando Palomo 
Gerrv Peddycord 
Laura Rahuba 

Juniors • 51 

Jaqueline Reaves 

Kirk Reed 

Bruce Ricker 

Lynette Robbins 

Mary Routh 

Jason Scheider 

Kristy Scott 

Angie Springstead 

Tracy Spurgeon 

Krista Steiner 

Carolann Stewart 

Cathy Sutphen 

Matt Thompson 

Juddson True 

Donna Ward 

Scott Wever 

52 • Juniors 

Hank Whitaker 
Charles White 
Jeffrey Whitehead 
Chris Wilbur 

Micah Wolfington 

juniors • 53 

Fiona Aldorn 
Nancy Andrews 

Julie Angle i 
Amy Aultman 

Lorice Bell 
Carol Boggess 
Kristin Bourne 
Christa Brown 

Megan Bubble 

Katherine Bushko 

Victoria Cato 

Sebastian Chastian 

Stephan Coley 

Amy Comparato 

Gilbert Cooper 

Heather Dancis 

ill i "SiJfti 

54 • Sophomores 

Shawna Dillner 
Shannon Doorley 
Jill East 
Julie Fair 

Dawn Farabee 
Thomas Feindt 
Jennifer Fisher 
Jennifer Fox 

Lauren Funkhouser 
Jamie Goldenbaum 
Brian Grant 
Tanesha Green 

Heather Haberfield 
Pam Hall 
Rob Hawthorne 
Stephanie Hedrick 

Sophomores • 55 

Candance Hodgin 

Julie Holbrook 

Heather Huff 

Christina Hughes 

Amy Hutchinson 

Stephan Jamison 

Lisa Jones 

Reva fortes 

Tara Kaheny 

Diana Kennedy 

Dayton Kiger 

Susan Kling 

Dean Koonts 

Leigh Korba 

Heather Krimm 

Cullen Lambeth 

56 • Sophomores 

Kristal Lassiter 
Patricia Long 
Scott Lowe 
Tanya Lyons 

Jennifer Marshall 
Alisa McDonald 
Kris Meyer 
Ruth Milam 

Gerard Minor 
Missy Moody 
Brandy Moretz 
Kristal Nifong 

Brian O'Neill 
Joe Olinger 
Christa Peterson 
Ryan Petrilli 

Sophomores • 57 

Johnna Pettit 

Barbara Porrello 

Elaine Potts 

Hania Qubein 

Zak Qubein 
Kimberly Robinson 
Tommy Rodgers 
Shelli Roth 

Kathv Sanders 

Julie Sauerbry 

April Sides 

Rosie Silva 

Anna Sink 
Kenneth Smith 

Lee Smith 
Melinda Smith 

58 • Sophomores 

Steve Steffek 
Tonia Stephenson 
Jennifer Surra tt 
Anne Taylor 

Jennifer Taylor 
Penny Tertzagian 
Greg Thompson, Jr. 
Jason Ulsch 

Jeff Waldron 
Michelle Webb 
Ellen White 
Shelby White 

Katherine Williams 
Frances Wnentowski 
Elizabeth Young 
Kathie Zimmerman 

Sophomores • 59 

Jeff Waldron and pal enjoy a quick game 
of computer Monopoly. 

Steve Stef feck sports a souvenir hat from 
his summer job at Yellowstone. 

60 • Sophomores 

Doug Ames 
Viki Anselmo 
Gloria Arroyo 
Brenna Baker 

Shane Barger 

Christopher Batma 
Susan Beane 
Shayne Bennington 

Philip Bickling 
Jacalyn Boggs 
Chase Bowers 
Denise Boyd 

Jason Bryan 
Natasha Butler 
Stephen Calcavecchia 
Kathleen Callerv 

Freshmen • 61 

Amy Cavallo 

Andy Clemmer 

Julie Craddock 

Denis Crnojevic 

Andrea Crossley 

Karen Curtis 

Anndria Davis 

Jason DeCourcey 

T Wendy Delling 
Craig Donley 

Eric Drum 

David Estes 

Katherine Evans 

Paul Everton 

Matalya Faynboym 

Carl Fink 

62 • Freshmen 

Brooke Florenz 
Rob Flynn 
Jason Foote 
Robert Franklin 

Sue Gessner 
Krissy Harpole 
t Amber Harris 
Gillette Harris 

Chrissy Havens 
Benjamin Hawkins 
Christina Henry 
Peter Hitrides 


Matt Hicks 
Mike Hill 
Danielle Howell 
Danielle Hurst 

Freshmen • 63 

Carrie Irvine 

Pamela Jarrett 

Antwan E. Johnson 

David Johnson 

Amy Jones 

April Kabbash 

Nasi Kajana 

Dave King 

Andrea Kon 
Kat Krisas 
Lori Kuykendall 
Beeb Lanahan 

Matt Laslo 
Mary Margaret Legg 
Carrie Liss 
Sally Little k 

64 • Freshmen 

Ian Lohr 
Carery Maloney 
Angela Mangini 
Katherine Martin 

Lori McBrayer L 

Douglas McConn 
William McDanft 
Lori McGregor 

inell Ik 






Julie McMahan 
Brad Merfeld 
Lynne Miles 
Christina Mille" 

Melanie Minior 
Angela Moreland 
Dana Myslivec 
Derek Nelson 

Freshmen • 65 




Amy Neyer 

Brian Nickols 

Tyler O'Conner 

Kelly O'Donnell 


Amy Ortzman 

Marcus Ousley 

Victoria Pankey 

Brandon Parker 

Robin Parrish 

Jason Patrick 

Jennifer Paulson 

Jenny Peterson 

Gabriela Popescu 

Sandy Potalwait 

Ryan Pugh 

Joshua Raker 

66 • Freshmen 

Karolina Ringefelt 
Danielle Ritchie 
Alicia Romano 
Jennifer Rosene 

Danielle Rotell 
Tobi Rushing 
John Sampona 
Courtney Sheil 

Derek Seidel 
Michael Seiler 
Cynthia Shug 
^ Ted Sikes 

Jennifer Sisson 
Paige Stratton 
Karen Stubbs 
Gray Talley 

Freshmen • 67 

Tracy Tarr 

Leslie Timmons 

Ruth Toomey 

Lizzi Torrone 

aroline Ulman 

Candis Vaghn 

Amy Ventre 

anessa Voehl 

Kristy Weeks 

Kevin Weyer 
imberly White 

Lori Wilcox 

Kisha Williamson 

Tiffanie Wilson 

Jason Wise 

68 • Freshmen 


' NT 

Jonelle Corsey and Brandy Baughman 
spend some time and dollars in the Book 
Store getting proper Panther attire. 

Benjamin Hawkins concentrates on more 
allterative captions for the Zenith . 

' II s 

v U / 

t s 

Freshmen • 69 


Ellen Abercrombie 
Sean Alexander 
Cheryl Andrews 
Tami Barlow 


r x3 


Barbara Beane 

Cathy Birkholtz 

Sheila Boone 

Teal Boone 



t h 

Joan Bridges 

Susan Britt 

Jo Broadus 

Martha Brown 

Carol Bryan 

Tricia Butler 

John Burwell 

Dana Byrd 


70 • EDI 


Maelda Chalk 
Janel Clearly 
Michelle Cohn 
Brian Cook 



Lillian Creech 
David Culler 
Dwight Davis 
Kimberly Davis 

Michael Denter 
Donald DeWilde 
Joe Doub 
Keith Driscoll 

Denise Duncan 
Laura Eaton 
Terri Eaton 
• / Kristin Ellerbe 

EDP • 71 





Sara Ford 

Ivy Forrest 

Diane Foust 

Kyle Gordon 

Roy Green 

Debbie Gum 

Judy Harmon 

D'Lynn Harris 

Carol Haynes 

Debbie Hege 

Stacia Heifrin 

Judy Hilliard 

Wendy Hinson 
Jeen Hull 
lizabeth Hundley 
James Jackson 

72 • EDI 

Juanita Jeffries 
Elizabeth Johnson 
Tracy Johnson 
Gail Johnson-Montgomery 


Alisa Jones 
Yvonne Jones 
Linda Kelly 
Crista Kiger 

Roger King 
Shikki King 
Elizabeth Kinney 
Bob Legg 

Susan Leonard 
Megg Lomax 
Joyce Lowe 
Lisa Luzwick 

EDP • 73 

Tammy Marlowe 

Tonya McPhatter 

Victoria Michael 

Shagail Mitchell 

Lisa Moncus 

Donald Moore 

Sharon Moore 

Timothy Moore 

Jean Nail 
Brenda Nealy 
Larry Nifong 

Timothy Norris 

Pat O'Doherty 

LaSonya Payne 

Mary Peele 

Sherlie Prince 

Amy Renolds 

Linda Schatz 

Michelle Shaw 

Joyce Smitherman 

74 • EDP 

Cheryl Willis 
Pete Windless 
Jo Zaski 

Rosemary Smothers 
David Stanfield 
Angela Stanley 
S. Stinson 


Susan Teague 
Sandra Thompson 
Cindy Tilley 
Keith Tilley 

Terry Trotter 
Tim Wagoner 
Janet Wallace 
Maria Walker 


Jewel Welborn 
Michelle Westburg 
Monika White 
Wilhelmina Williams 


EDP • 75 

Pamela T. Hairston 

Craig Harris 

Gary M. Johnson 

Zen P. Kulpa 

Stephen H. Barron 

Ana Beamon 

David Blackman 

Dennis Bogue 

Joey V. Clewis 

Malinda Day 

Darrin Edwards 
Chauncey E. Ford 
Robert M. Francis 

76 • Graduate Students 

Angela Luck 
Rodney Lyles 
Christine Mills 

Gale Morton 
Sheila Reed 
Robynn Rutledge 

Guin Stirp 
Julie Theberge 
T. J. Todd 

Michael Veronis 
Michael D. Weaver 
Kathy Williamson 
Rick Yokeley 

Graduate Students • 77 

78 • Faculty & Staff 

Behavioral Sciences Department 

(front): Deborah Streeter, William Cope, Jana 
Spain, Dr. Allen Goedeke, (back) Dr. Richard 
Spong, Dr. Ron Ramke, Dr. Wayne Messer, 
Mary Ann Busch 


Dr. Fred Yeats, Dr. Leo Weeks, Dr. Gerald 
Smith, Eric Vanlare, Dr. Charles Smith 


Richard Bennington, Faiz Faizi, Deborah 
Weithofer, Dr. Marlon Winters, Iris Mauney, 
Dr. Troy Anders, James Adams, Dr. George 
Coggins, Dr. Michael McCully, Phillip 
McBayer, Dr. Geral Fox, Edward King. 

Computer Systems 

Dr. Vicki Olson, Don Ashdown, Dr. Patricia 


Dr. Gray Bowman, Dr. Wid Painter, Dr. 
Charles Warde 

Faculty & Staff • 79 


Dr. Mariann Tillery, Dr. Wanda Powers,Dr. 

Thomas Albritton (back) Dr. Dennis Carroll, 

Dr. Barbara Leonard, Dr. Bill Anderson 


Dr. Katherine Fowkes, Dr. Martha Gleaton, 

Alice Sink, (back) Georgeanna Sellers, Dr. 

Thomas Albritton, Dr. Edward Piacentiano, 

Michael Gaspeny 

Fine Arts 

Alexa Schlimmer, Dr. Cherl Harrison, Lea 
Lackey-Zachmann, Steve Sheftz, Ronald Law, 

Andrea Dunham 

Physical Education Department 

Bob Davidson, Nancy Semeliss, Rick Proctor, 

Jerry Steele, James Speight, Dr. Joe 

Ellenburg, Dr. Charlie Futrell 

80 • Faculty & Staff 

Physical Education Department (continued) 
Woody Gibson, Catherine Steele, Gerald 

History, Political Science and Geography 

Dr. Peng Deng, Dr. James Stitt, Dr. Kathleen 
Carter, Larry Simpson, Dr. Vagn Hansen, Dr. 
Richard McCaslin 


(front) Adam Greer, Shirley Robertson, Dr. 
Nelson Page, (back) Dr. Dean Oppegaard, 
Manyon Idol, Vernon Liberty, Lisa Carnell 

Modern Foreign Languag es 

(seated) Dr. Carole Head, Dr. Susan Linker, 
(standing) Patricia McEachern, Jane Girardi, 
Yoxin Landa-Lieberman, Marielle Belhassen, 
Dr. Xiaojuan Wang 

Faculty & Staff • 81 

Religion and Philosophy 

(front) Jo Ann Hupperich, Carole Stoneking, 

Dr. William Johnson, Dr. Earl Crow, (back) 

Dr. Clint Corcoran, Dr. Hal Warlick, Dr. 

Vance Davis 

Academic Affairs 

Barbara Cagle, Dr. Vance Davis 

Administrative Affairs 

Dr. Roy Epperson, Carolyn Stout 

Alumni Affairs t 

Carole Hampton, Debbie Gallimore 

Business and Financial Affairs 

Bob Hayes, Dwanna Hayworth 


Sandra Shaffer, Gerry Hill, Phyllis Osborne, 

Kathy Hill-Thomas 

82 • Faculty & Staff 

Business Offifice 

(seated) Ann Register, Jim Spessard, (stand- 
ing) Jean McDowell, Joy Batista, Samantha 
Dutton, Sharon James, Melitta McCroskey 

EDP Staff 

(kneeling) Dr. Earl Crow, Joe Morriss, (stand- 
ing) Teresa Byrne, Maureene Mosteller, Gail 
Curtis, Carol Branard , Kay Cromwell, 
Catherine King 

Financial Aid 

(seated) Kay Stroud, Caroline Stout, Susan 
Ingram, (standing) Kathy Tipton, Danette 
Mills, Jan Clodfelter 

Computer Center 

William Beil, Ginger Lewis, Jeff Jacobs 

Graduate Studies 

Nancy Kile, Dr. Alberta Herron 

Faculty & Staff • 83 

Health Services 

Judy Green, Kathleen Ingram, Dr. Austin 
Fortney, Joyce Isenhour 

Institutional Advancement 

Jeannie Hazzared, John Lefler, Robbie 
Baugh, Mary Lisabeth Strowd 

Internal Affairs 

Dr. Morris Wray 

Learning Assistance Center 

David Bergen, Sarah Gomez 


(seated) Lauren Ingold, Nita Williams 

(standing) Carol King, Judy Hitchcock, Karen 

Hardy, Mike Ingram, David Bryden 

84 • Faculty & Staff 

Millis Center 

Mike Tuttle 

Post Office 

Jean Tucker 

President's Office 

Dean Royall, Dr. Jacob Martinson 


Rhonda Grimsley, David Holt, Ann Miller 

Switchboard and Receptionist 

Doris Ellis, Geraldine Chisholm 


Ed Cannady, Susan Hodge, Willard Kiser 


(seated) Dawn Douglas, Jim Schlimmer, 
Barbara Masi (standing) Kathy Busch, Allen 
Jones, Arthur Fadde, Amy Andrews 

Faculty & Staff • 85 

Student Life 

(front) Risa Poniros, Marilyn Williams, Brett 

Carter, Joyce Weiner, Amy Morriss, Gart 

Evans, (back) Bonnie Truax, Donna Harper, 

Katherine Hill, David Bergen, Jane Kimrey, 

David Edwards 

Belk Staff 

Randy Gooch, Chris Glover, Lorice Bell, 
Michelle Webb, Brett Carter, 

Complex Staff 

(front) Susan Suladi , Julie Savechy, Kim 

Robinson, Kristy Scott, Melinda Smith, Ruth 

Ann Milam, Monika Lagger, (back) Stacy 

Littleton, Chip Harris, Katherine Hill, Lori 


Finch and Millis Staff 

Risa Poniros, Michelle Brown, Cathy 

Sutphen, Carrie Coulter, Kirk Reed, Wade 

Anderson, Gerard Minor, Byron Garrett, 

Clint Barkdoll, Keith Anderson, April 

Kilduff, April Powell, Chris Dudley 

86 • Faculty & Staff 


| *\0**$fy 

*^fcj^ ■■" *^^**f "7 

In Memory 
Dr. JohnE. Ward, Jr. 

Dr. Ward was an example to all of us of what a person can be if 
he will dedicate himself to those values that sustain and will give 
himself to the service of others. He valued his religious heritage 
and practiced his faith by living as an example to others. He was 
a devoted husband and father. He was supportive of the institu- 
tions in his life: his church, his country, his schools, and his 
profession. He loved his friends and made life better for them in 
many small and large ways. 

Dr. Ward was a teacher. He felt that students came first. He was 
an example to anyone who would be a teacher. He prepared. He 
maintained standards. He insisted on effort and good perfor- 
mance and made students measure up to their potentials. He 
made students feel good about themselves and feel a sense of 
worth. He cared deeply about students and hurt when they did 
not do their best or develop their potentials fully. He also felt 
great joy and immense pride in the accomplishments of his 
students who went on to become physicians, lawyers, teachers, 
or other professionals. No less did he glory in the accomplish- 
ment of the mediocre student who against great odds had 
graduated from college. Perhaps it was the average student who 
fired him with the challenge of being a teacher and made his life 
what it was. 

He was accessible to all students and could be found in all parts 
of High Point University's life. He was an integral part of the 
University and was certainly one of its most indentifiable assets. 
"Can you tell me who Dr. Ward is and where can I find him?" 
"Sure, he teaches biology and his office is in Haworth Hall. He is 
there most of the time and, no, you don't need an appointment 
to see him. He always has time to help out students. Oh yeah, he 
will be the short one with the bow tie on." 

To his colleagues, John Ward was a source of inspiration, an 
example of industry and loyalty, and a supporter. He was a 
professional and was so recognized by his peers. He was a 
scientist and a leader. In all he did and in all he was, he was 
loyal: loyal to his ideals, to his family and friends, to his institu- 
tions and to students of all ages. 

Faculty & Staff • 87 

c?M?- : '" 4fc5?k ' j» 

88 • Organizations 

Alpha Chi Honor Society 

Row 1 : Debbie Goodwin, Lisa Fuller, Rita Hunt, Kim Irvin. Row 2: Debbie Gum,Theresa Edwards, Donna 
Shields. Row 3: Barbara Anderson, Scarlett Parrish, Tamara Davis, Paul Jackson, Matt Thompson. 

90 • Organizations 

Alpha Delta Theta 

Row 1; Shelby White, Ruth Ann Milam, Marnel Joyce. Row 2: Kim Cox, Melinda Smith, Hania Qubein, 
Tracy Spurgeon, Sally Little. Row 3: Tanesha Green, Kristal Nifong, Tonia Stephenson, Kathy Sanders, 
Christina Hughes, Carol- Ann Stewart, Candis Vaughn. Row 4: Johnna Petit, Stacey Littleton, Jen Terp. 

Sisters enjoy spending time to- While enjoying their dinner 
gether during their retreat. ADT sisters smile pretty for 

a picture. 

Organizations • 91 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Row 1: Charlie Harris, Tracy Tarr, Lori MacGregor, Lizzy Torrone, Dave Gears, Drew Notley. Row 2: 
April Kabbush, Marcus Ousley, Charlie Ward, Joe dinger, Jennifer Paulson. Row 3: Chris Harwell, 
Jimmy Dorf, Jeff Mutchler, Rick McCaslin, Mark Sutton, Eddie Lee, Todd Shipley. 

Although thev are dressed to 
impress, there's always one 
wise guy (or gal) in every 

92 • Organizations 

APO members get up early 
to enjoy every minute off 

Alpha Psi Omega 

Row 1: Amy Slavin, Lynn Terry Jr., Alisa Hamler, Steve Turner, Denise Campbell. 

Amy Slavin and Alisa Hamler 
fulfill their parts in The Prime 
of Miss lean Brodie. 

Steve Turner and Amy Slavin 
participate in the winter pro- 

Organizations • 93 

American Chemical Society 

Row 1: Jimmy Dorff, Missy Moody, Dr. Ward, Jim Sumner. Row 2: Reva Jones, Candis Hodgin, Ernie 
Loohabill, Dr. Painter. Row 3: Heather Oliva, Roger Royal, Kirk Reed, Gerard Minor, Dr. Bowman, Jeu 
Conway, William Tan, Jason Wise. Row 4: Dean Koontz, Brian McDonald, Ron Pellitiee, Shelly Whitaker, 
Grey Talley. 

Dr. Ward prepares for an ACS 

94 • Organizations 

ACS Students ponder with 
Dr. Ward what to do. 

American Humanics 

Janet Glazier, Sheri Montgomery, Geisa O'Reilley, Amy Cavallo, Lisa Cook, Jen Szilvasi, Carol Boggiss, 
Shannon Touchton, Kristy Scott, Shawna Diller, Jill Lenney , Jeanine Danzi, Heather Henderson, Michelle 

American Humanics members 
practice new breathing tech- 

Students of American 
Humanics take time to enjoy 
the outdoors with their advi- 
sor Pat Haun. 

Organizations • 95 

Baptist Student Union 

Row 1 : Carol-Ann Stewart, Shelly Barnes. Row 2: Sally Little, Zandra Brown, Amy Hutchinson, Ruth Ann 
Milliam, Candis Vaughn, Hania Qubien, Carrie Irvine. Row 3: Melissa Maudsley, Frank Smith, Alisa 
McDonald, David Resch, Johnna Petit, Lee Ann Smith, Tracy Spurgeon, Kathy Sanders, Tracy Snelbaker, 
Shelby White. 

96 • Organizations 

Belk Hall Community Council 

Row 1: Brett Carter. Row 2: Bonny Hicks, Kathy Sanders, Natalie Walker, Gwendolyn Green, Lorice Bell, 
David Estes. 

Brett Carter takes charge at a Belk Community members 
Belk Community Council pay close attention, 

Organizations • 97 

Biology Majors Club 

Front row: Mary Ruth, Perry Culpepper, Karin Suess, Lorice Bell, Tracy Tarr, Melissa Balazik, Dr. Leo 
Weeks, Dr. Chuck Smith. Back row: Dr. Gerald Smith, Tonya Meadows, Randy Gooch, Tim O'Keefe, Kim 
Irvin, Jackie Reaves, Dr. Fred Yeats, Dr. Ian Vanlare. 

98 • Organizations 

Black Cultural Awareness 

Row 1 : Paula Bowie, Jacina Hayes, Annette Bubes, Andria Davis, Ross Hall, Lorice Bell, Katina West, Tiaa 
Perry. Row 2: Alisa Hamler, Bonny Hicks, Al Booker, Detra Lacy, Tracey Henry, Nita Williams. 

Organizations • 99 

Board of Stewards 

Row 1 : Sally Little, Melinda Smith, Candis Vaughn. Row 2: Jason Decorsey, Tobi Rushing, Suzanne 
Sielaty, Alisa McDonald. Row 3: Matt Thompson, Chuck Parks, Ruth Ann Milam, Dr. Warlick. 

Alisa McDonald and Tobi 
Rushing spend time on their 
annual retreat at Carraway 
Conference Center with Mike 

100 • Organizations 

Suzanne Sielaty proudly dis- 
plays her Board of Stewards 

Campus Chronicle 

Front row: Eleanor Hill, Portia Pettis, Clinton Barkdoll, Jason Ulsch, Jenn Green. Back row: Melissa 
Hedgecock, Jason Schneider, Steve Steffek, Chas Singleton, Dan Hamilton, Megan Keenan, Michael 
Gaspeny, Advisor. 

Megan Keenan is zoned out on 
the Mac as the staff rushes to 

I meet another deadline. 

Organizations • 101 

Chapel Choir 

Row 1 : Dirk Garner, Marcia Dill, Kristal Nifong, Nora Doody, Shelby White, Carol- Ann Stewart, Andrea 
Kon, Candis Vaughn, Alisa McDonald. Row 2: Amy Hutchinson, Ned Adams, Julie Street, Monika 
Lagger, Ryan Cooke, Jacina Hayes, Charlie White, Mitzi Grant, Kelly Johnson, Brandon Parker, Zandra 
Brown, Allison Brown, Hania Qubein, Shelly Barnes, Johnna Pettit. 

Seniors for the Chapel Choir 
and Board of Stewards enjoy 
their seniority at the Univer- 

102 • Organizations 

Dance Team 

Jacina Hayes, Alisa Hamler, Natalie Walker, Heather Monica, Gwendolyn Green. 

Jacina Hayes knows how to 
move with other team mem- 

The Dance Team performs 
during half-time of a basket- 
ball game. 

Organizations • 103 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

Mike White, Alisa McDonald, Kevin Fielder, Mary Lyle, Shelly Whitaker, Hank Whitaker, Sean Phifer, 
Jimmie Burchette, Rob Humphreys. 

Members of FCA relax after a FCA finds creative ways to 
hard day. entertain themselves. 

104 • Organizations 

Finch Community Council 

Row 1: Kevin Hampson, Clint Barkdoll, Joe Avent, Bill McDaniel. Row 2: Matt Thompson, Steve Steffek, 
Jason Wise, Craig Donley. 

Organizations «105 

Home Furnishings Marketing 


Front row: Darren Russell, Cindy Meredith, Dr. Dull. Back row: Tad Huffstetler, Robert Drew, Ryan 
Cooke, Slade Sackman. 

106 • Organizations 

Interior Design 

m+ mit£-'<m'Mm***** 

Row 1: Jenifer Soos, Gail Lofton, Edith Anne Pendergraft. Row 2: Kris Doney, Jennifer Brams, Stephanie 
Carter, Kim Robinson, Robert Drew. Row 3: Dr. Dull, BJ Fulcher, Laurel Waters. 

Organizations •107 

International Club 



kflEL ^fl^T - <fl fl *^B^ 
■Br » flB» 4 \ *"+'M 


I v fl 


wf - 




abb bb^^ Pal 
■ Is 



■i hi 

j.-sv 1 


^B£ -if*" 


■ 5 w* 

~ f^r * 




- * 




- ■ 

Row 1: Nassi Kaja, Hania Qubien, Wellington Souza, Ms. Yoxin Landa Lieberman, Kevin Fielder. 
Row 2: Paul Chanthanphone, Vicka Popova, Andrea Kon, Alisa McDonald, Kim Cox, Lilian Faleiro, 
Shelby White, Emily Hannania. 


.^fl 1 Mf 


■V Bflr* 


3^ ■ 



p»<t» »v 

Yoxin works with some club 
members before a meeting. 

108 • Organizations 

Club members enjoy a tradi- 
tional American Thanksgiving 

Kappa Delta Pi 


Row 1: Tammy Davis, Shannon Heath, Sally Hogan. Row 2: Kathy Gregson, Theresa Edward, Carrie 
Thornton, Kristen Culliton. Row 3: Kathy Hand, Rhonda Ratcliffe, Cindy Romero, Angie Yerkes. Row 4: 
Debbie Brewer, Wendy Vick, Joe Reynolds, Clay Marion. 

Organizations • 109 

Odyssey Club 

Row 1: Melinda Smith, Tonia Stephenson, Lorice Bell, Candis Vaughn, Kim Cox, Zandra Brown. Row 2: 
Heather Huff, Karin Suess, Natalya Fayboym, Christina Hughes, Sue Gessner. Row 3: Greg Thompson, 
Julie Sauerby, Kate Evans, Lizzie Torrone, Melissa Maudsley. 

110 • Organizations 

Phi Sigma Iota 

Front row: Maelda Chalk, Karin Suess, Jeanna Thomas, Angela Godwin, Angie Springstead. Back row: 
Ms. Patricia McEachern, Dr. Carole Head, Dr. Susan Linker, Ms. Yoxin Linda Lieberman. 

Organizations • 111 

Pi Delta Phi 

Front row: Jeanna Thomas, Karin Seuss, and Angela Godwin. 
Back row: Dr. Carole Head and Ms. Patricia McEachern 

112 • Organizations 

Senior Class 

President-Mia Sossei, Vice President- Carter Massey, Legislator- Pete Dierks, Legislator- Brian Reid. 

Organizations • 113 

Sigma Delta Pi 

Front row: Maelda Chalk, Ms. Yoxin Landa-Lieberman, Angie Springstead. Back row: Dr. Carole Head, 
Dr. Susan Linker. 

114 • Organizations 

Society for Historical & Political 


Front row: Michelle Webb, Julie Sauerbry, Kim Robinson. Back row: Dr. Carter, Lizzie Torrone, Melissa 
Maudsley, Eden Brown, Melinda Smith. 

Organizations • 115 

Sophomore Class 

Row 1 : President- Colleen O'Brien, Vice-President- Penny Tertzagian. Row 2: Legislator- Thomas Fiendt, 
Legislator- David Waugh. 

116 • Organizations 

Student Government 

^. (^ ^^m ^^P\ 3? 

V r^^ ~1?Cl 


^^^H ■ ^y^v^V^^k 9 

l^yi -^» ,^B I^^BM ^5* 

^k ^1 kfl ^^w r ^l ^ 

II I ifj 

W 1 ^H 



■ ^^- ^1 ^^ ^^ K_ 


■ . 




■ * s *tT^ 


B^^H 01 


H^^^m U 



Front row: Penny Terzagian, Ruth Bradley, Melinda Smith, Tanesha Green, Kim Robinson, Heather Henderson, 
Angela Yerkes, Cindy Romero. 2nd row: Heather Coyle, Michelle Webb, Michelle Reynolds, Hania Qubein, Amy 
Cavallo, Kristy Scott, Jeanine Danzi, Clint Barkdoll, Gart Evans. 3rd row: Wade Anderson, Zandra Brown, Jacina 
Hayes, Heather Sammons, Chris Dudley, Jen LaBrozzi, Todd Hickman, Bill Beckman, Mia Sossei. 4th row: Monika 
Lagger, Byron Garrett, Megan Keenan, Joe Avent, Amy Griffith, Matt Thompson, Steve Steffek, Sam Rankin, Will 
Thompson, Brian Reid, Chas Singleton, Chip Harris. 

Row 1: Avisor- Gart Evans, 
Secretary- Cindy Romero, At- 
torney General- Clint Bark- 
doll. Row 2: President- Wade 
Anderson, Speaker- Sam 
Rankin, Vice-President- Todd 
Hickman, Treasurer- Matt Th- 

Organizations • 117 

Student North Carolina 
Association of Educators 

Row 1 : Lauren Teague, Theresa Edwards, Angie Yerkes. Row 2: Lori McGregor, Shannon Heath, Cindy 
Romero, Carrie Thornton. Row 3: Kathy Hand, Rhonda Ratcliffe, Tammy Davis, Sally Hogan, Kathy 
Gregson, Debbie Brewer, Joe Reynolds. 

118 • Organizations 

Student Union Productions 


Front: Michelle Reynolds, Vice President; Ellen White, Secretary. 
Back: Byron Garrett, Brian Aiken, Gerard Minor, Treasurer. 

Brian, Michelle and Byron mug 
for a shot during Homecoming. 

Organizations • 119 

The Art Club 

Jacina Hayes, Alisa Hamler, Paula Bowie, Hank Whitaker, Mary Lyle, Susie Mustin, Jill Walton, Wayne 

120 • Organizations 

Tower Players 

Row 1: Alisa Hamler, Lisa Jones, Denise Campbell, Jenny Peterson. Row 2: Lee Ann Smith, Ruth Bradley, 
Dawn Farbee, Dana Zureiqat. Row 3: Matt Hicks, Lynn Terry Jr., Amy Slavin, Steven Turner, Darren 

The Tower Players proudly 
present The Prime of Mrs. 1 ean 

Organizations • 121 

Young Democrats 

Steve Steffek, Julie Sauerby, Clint Barkdoll, Chris Dudley, Amy Morriss. 

Young Democrats host a 
Christmas party for a group of 
Santa Lovers. 

122 • Organizations 

Guess who drops by the 
Young Democrats' party to 
see his adoring young fans? 


Front row: Chas Singleton. Back row: Kris Myer, Mike Gelardi, Scott Weissert, Christy Weeks, Ben 
Hawkins, Ruthie Toomey, Jason Ulsch. 

Millie Price copies templates 
for staff members to use. 

Chas Singleton catches a nap 
during an all-nighter before 
a deadline. 

Organizations • 123 

124 • Current Events 

The AIDS virus continues to spread. The Center for 
Disease Control and Prevention estimated there will 
be 40,000 to 80,000 new HIV infections in the United 
States this year. 

Floods hit the Midwest in the late Spring and early 
Summer — thousands of farms and homes were lost, 
fields were swamped and towns were submerged. 




rsK BE£F 

4 W^ ! «1 



In September the Bosnia parliament rejected an in- 
ternational peace plan for the devastated republic. 
The move postponed a settlement that would have 
ended the 18 month-old war. 

President Clinton tried to bring two outside groups 
together to agree on both timber for the logging 
industry and homes to the threatened Spotted owl 
and other species. 


126 • Current Events 

'AK- LOG £# 


During the Midwest floods, the states hit the hardest 
were Iowa, Illinois and Missouri, causing billions of 
dollars worth of damage. 

Pope John Paul II visited the United States for the Johnson & Johnson, McDonald's Corp. and leading 
third time since becoming pope 15 years ago. usersof paper-based products tookan unprecedented 

environmental initiative and joined together to boost 
their use of recycled paper. 

Current Events «127 

Yasser Arafat shakes hands with Rabin showing that 
he was something more than just a guerrilla fighter. 

Ross Perot, the Texas computer tycoon and ex-presi- 
dential candidate, keeps his public image alive after 
he lost his presidential bid. 

Warren Christopher was picked bv President Clinton 

to be Secretary of State. / 

Prime Minister Kim Campbell is the first woman to 
lead Canada. 

128 •Current Events 

Hillary Clinton chaired the White House task force 
that worked on the Clinton Health Care Plan. 

Yasser Arafat made history in September when he Russian President Boris Yeltsin dissolved parlia- 
signed the Middle East Peace Accord with Israel. ment in an unprecedent move in late September and 

announced new free elections in a bold move to end 
his long-running feud with hardliners. 

Current Events »129 




130 • Greeks 

132 • Greek Week 

October 19-23, 1993 

Greek Week 

Greek Week • 133 

The Gamma Eta Chapter of 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

The Gamma Eta Chapter of 
Alpha Gamma Delta has been 
very busy this year. We have 
been active in the community, for 
example, participating in Ameri- 
can Family Day In the Park. This 
past year we were also very 
active on campus. We partici- 
pated in intramurals, Homecom- 
ing, Greek week, and designated 
driver's night. The members of 
Alpha Gamma Delta are a close 
family who will always love one 
another through the years. 

The sisters kick off the year with a Pre- 
Rush Open House. 

1 nrar n 


h> : L 


V &1^ 

BB j^Kf '^^^r^J t^^S ^Bfl 

VW \ ^ 

Jl 4 jk 


iff&^^^ ■ 



^H ^B| ' 

• V$ 

Sporting a sister's jacket, Denise Terrell 
celebrates getting an open bid in Sep- 

134 • Greeks 

Alpha Gamma Delta Seniors 
Row 1: Hayden Reichert, Jenn Brams, 
Nicolle Terry, Anne Clinard, Allison 
Dartez, Paula Shelton, Cammie Smith, 
Patricia Carroll, Lauren Connor. Row 2: 
Kristen Pfeifer, Edith Ann Pendegrath, 
Julie Harter, Tracy Tertzagian, Cindy 
Meredith, Beth Kliemkiewicz, Mia 
Sossei, Diane Watson, Ann Colonna, 
Wendy Wilcox. 

Alpha Gamma Delta Sisters 
Row 1: Anne Clinard, Sarah Viglione, Colleen O'Brien, Stephanie Jay, Maureen McGinley, Aanessa Salgado, Ellen White, 
Shannon Doorley, Heather Gott, Denise Terrell, Lori Bewley, Penny Tertzagian, Kristal Lassiter.Row2: Megan Bubble, 
Michelle Laskey, Jennifer Massey, Stephanie Carter, Nicolle Terry, Tracy Tertzagian, Allison Dartez, April Haslacker, Whitney 
Gaffey, Jenni Neathery, Laura McBride, Wendy Wilcox, Diane Watson. Row 3: Lauren Connor, Hayden Reichert, Jenn Brams, 
Julie Harter, Edith Ann Pendegrath, Cindy Meredith, Patricia Carroll, Paula Shelton, Beth Kliemkiewicz, Kristan Pfeifer, Ann 
Colonna, Cammie Smith, Mia Sossei. 

At the December Date Party, sisters 
gather for fun without their dates. 

Alpha Gamma Delta Officers 
Row 1: Stephanie Carter, Nicolle Terry, Anne Clinard, Allison Dartez, Wendy 
Wilcox, April Haslacker, Ann Colonna, Shannon Doorley. Row 2: Edith Ann 
Pendegrath, Julie Harter, Tracy Tertzagian, Cindy Meredith, Beth Kliemkiewicz, 
Mia Sossei, Diane Watson, Heather Gott. 

Greeks* 135 

Delta Sigma Phi Brothers and Pledges with "Big" Ed Cannady. 

Chris Creech and Pete Hutchinsen pose 
with a towny during their fall car wash . 

136 • Greeks 

Delta Sigma Phi Officers 
Row 1: John Croghan, Chris Creech, Pete Hutchensen. Row 2: Ryan Howell, Steve 
Yow, Kyle Waldbusser, Jim Cambell. 

The Delta Zeta Chapter of 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Delta Sigma Phi is dedicated to 
the continuation of a trend to- 
ward success. Our fraternity was 
founded December 10, 1899, at 
the City College of New York. 
We received our chapter at High 
Point University on April 7, 1957. 
We have had many successful 
years at High Point because we 
have set high standards of excel- 
lence in both academics and 
intramural sports. The March of 
Dimes is our major philanthropic 
agency. The brotherhood of Delta 
Sigma Phi will continue to grow 
and excel. 

Delta Sigma Phi brothers tackle each 
other during the dance. 

Sigs join the competition during Greek 

Delta Sigma Phi Seniors 
Row 1: Pete Mutchinsen, Parker Davis, Richard Dornhart, JohnCroghan. Row 2: 
Bob Robinson, Carter Massey, Stew Honeycutt. Row 3: Trip Speight, Pete 
Dierks, Brian McCarty, Walt Perez. Row 3: Brian Degraw, Matt Bieberich, Steve 
Yow, Andy Hodge. 

Greeks • 137 

The Delta Gamma Chapter of 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

The sisters of the Delta Gamma 
chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha share 
a bond of friendship that will last 
a lifetime. With our friendship 
comes understanding, love, and 
respect for who we are and what 
we believe in. Each ZTA sister 
brings a special part of her indi- 
viduality to make up a unique 
group of young women. ZTA has 
been a strong supporter of the 
Susan G. Komen Foundation for 
breast cancer. Zeta Tau Alpha is 
forever, so our involvement, 
support, and friendships will last 
even after we leave our college. 

Traci Lyons, Katherine Williams, Asa 
Johnsson, Becky White, and Jennifer 
Petrie are smiling pretty as always. 

The Zetas all gather together wearing the 
latest in bed sheet fashions. 

Zeta Tau Alpha Seniors 
Row 1: Shannon Heath, Devyn Kern, 
Lisa Burris, Leslie Fagio. Row 2: Candace 
Romano, Angie Yerkes, Alison McLean, 
Jennifer Petrie, Carrie Thornton. 

138 • Greeks 

Zeta Tau Alpha Sisters 
Row 1: Heather Haberheld, Devyn Kern, Traci Lyons, April Kilduff, Cindy Romero, Candace Romano, Heather Henderson, 
Alison McKlean, Anitra Dodson, Elizabeth Southerland, Becky White, Lisa Burris, Leslie Fagio. Row 2: Amy Cooke, Elizabeth 
Gilbert, Barbara Werkieser, Melissa Brown, Andrea McCoy, Jennifer Petrie, Shannon Heath, Carrie Thornton, Lauren 
Funkhouser, Kate Lynch, Kim Robinson. Row 3: Jeanie Holley, Kerri Holter, Mary Corbett, Jennifer Marshall, Kate Bushko, 
Angie Yerkes, Lisa Jones, Jennie Surratt, Cathy Sutphen, Katherine Williams, April Sides. 

Jennifer Marshall and Kate Bushko show 
off their new shirts with pride. 

Zeta Tau Alpha Officers 
Row 1: Candace Romano, Alison McKlean, Amy Cooke, Shannon Heath. Row 2: 
April Kilduff, Cindy Romero, Kate Lynch, Angie Yerkes. 

Greeks* 139 

Theta Chi Brothers 
Row 1: Mathew Bischoff. Row 2: Chile Gomez, Gregg Trefz, John Bowden, Phil Thompson, Tony Flemming, Gerry Peddycord, 
Daniel O'Brian, Kent Rosenberger, Bob Grey, Clark Stevens, Micah Wolfington. Row 3: Daniel Whitehead, Bob Staab, Shane 
Simmons, Kevin Settle, Chris McCollum, Kyle Pike, David Cook, Frank Donnoly, Daniel Moore, Brian Ferlano, Jim Brower. 

~^B . '. y 

i trm 

b. ufl 



p— 1 

Brothers Micah Wolfington, Frank 
Donnelly, Gerry Peddycord, and Matt 
Bischoff pose with Theta Chi National 
President Carlton Bennett. 

140 • Greeks 

Theta Chi Officers 
Row 1: Shane Simmons. Row 2: Chris McCollum, Kevin Settle, Daniel Moore. Row 
3: Gregg Trefz, Phil Thompson. Row 4: Daniel O'Brian, John Bowden. 

The Epsilon Alpha Chapter of 

Theta Chi 

The brothers of the Epsilon Alpha 
Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity 
were proud to announce the 40th 
anniversary of our chapter on 
December 11, 1994. We look 
forward to many more successful 
years. As always, Theta Chi 
excelled in such campus involve- 
ments as IFC, Greek Week, Stu- 
dent Orientation Staff, Interna- 
tional Club, WWIH Radio and 
intramural sports. Our closely- 
knit brotherhood provides a 
strong basis for the success of our 
fraternity. Theta Chi 'til we die! 

Sam LeBron, Gerry Peddycord, Shane 
Simmons, and Dan Whitehead hang out 
in Myrtle Beach for Dream Girl '93. 

The painted rock is a small symbol of the 
large bond that Theta Chi brothers share 
with each other. 

Theta Chi Seniors 
Row 1: Daniel O'Brian, David Cook, Phil 
Settle, Kevin Settle. Row 2: Gregg Trefz, 
Gerry Peddycord. 

Greeks • 141 

The Gamma Gamma Chapter of 

Kappa Delta 

The Gamma Gamma Chapter of 
Kappa Delta is truly a group of 
unique, but united, girls. We 
work together throughout the 
year on our national philanthro- 
pies and support and help each 
other through thick and thin. 
Being a Kappa Delta sister means 
you have a group of sisters to live 
with, laugh with, and cry with. 
These friends will support you 
today, tomorrow, and through- 
out the years. 

Kappa Delta pledges got more paint on 
themselves than the rock. 

^B J 


r *5 

8* * . rfc 

S#*ft3*<' J 

F '■■ *."■ 



f irk 

Ready to party as always are sisters Katy 
Kirchofer, Kim Seese, Amy Comprato, 
and Jennifer Soos. 

Kappa Delta Seniors 
Row 1: Nora Doody, Kim Irvin, Julie 
McNamara, Kim Seese, Kerry Keating. 
Row 2: Stacey Kopf , Hollis Harper, Alison 
Chase, Kim Deninger. Row 3: Linda 
Mills, Susie Mustin, Jennifer Soos. 

142* Greeks 

r> i a iv* ^ Kappa Delta Sisters 

Row 1: Amanda McCrosky, Linda Mills, Kate O'Grady, Irene Apgur. Row 2: Stephanie Matthews, Alisa Palmer, Fran 
WentOWSki, Stephanie EhMarzio, Susie Mustin, Alison Chase, Leigh Ludwig. Row 3: Alice Cohcun, Jessica Pulgiese, Jenny 
WitlockHolhs Harper Julie McNamara, Lyne Prezin, Amy Comparato, Cindy Walters. Row 4: Katy Kirchofer, Meg Gather, 
Brenda hgedy, Jennifer Fisher, Sue Wombough, Christine Anderson. Row 5: Nora Doody, Stacy Kopf, Kim Irvin, Jennifer Soos, 
Kerry Keating, Kim Seese. ' J r ' 

Jennifer Fisher and Amy Comprato bond 
before the Kappa Delta Luau. 

Sisters enjoy a break and a treat at The Black-Eyed Pea. 

Greeks* 143 

Lambda Chi Alpha Brothers 
Row 1: Keith Sibille, Alex Mays, Todd Shoemaker. Row 2: Bill Miskovich, Greg Mattle, Dave Penna, Brett Havens, Dan 
Simmons, Tom Derosa, Brian Lescriner, John Reitz, Greg Prochnow, Tim O'Keefe, Will Nagy. Row 3: Rich LaMotte, Todd 
Messner, Dean Preston, Jason Stack, Billy Wilkinson, Brian Quinn, John Posey. Row 4: Greg Kayel, Dave Callaham, Chad 
Morrow, Scott Weyer. Row 5: Steve Woo, Chad Holden-Bache, Rich Waddington, Steven Turner, Chris Dodd, Dean Blankenship, 
Edward Penny. 

Duff Penny and Steve Turner pose in 
a serious photo suitable for framing 
and sending home to Mom. 

144 • Greeks 

Lambda Chi Alpha Officers 
Row 1: Steve Woo, Jason Strack, Dave Penna, Greg Mattle, Greg Prochnow, Chris 
Dodd, Bill Miskovich. Row 2: Brian Lescriner, Todd Shoemaker, Dave Callaham, 
Billy Wilkinson, Dean Blankenship. 

The Iota Phi Zeta Chapter of 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

The Iota Phi Zeta Chapter of 
Lambda Chi Alpha has always 
been a fraternity of leaders. 
Lambda Chi Alpha participates 
in such service projects as 
Father's Table and Big Brother 
programs. While excelling in both 
academics and leadership, 
Lambda Chi Alpha is a fraternity 
by which every other fraternity 
can be judge. Formed November 
2, 1909, Lambda Chi Alpha will 
be celebrating its 40th year at 
High Point University. Contin- 
ued excellence will be a definite 
factor in its future. 

Keith Sibille explains what it's like to be 
a Lamba Chi to rushees DanPatton, Kevin 
Weyer, and Jeff Goddard during spring 

Jay Strack calculates his score and plans 
to dust Randy Baker in the tenth frame. 

Lambda Chi Alpha Seniors 
Row 1: Tom Derosa, Alex Mays, Dan 
Simmons. Row 2: Tim O'Keefe, John 
Reitz, Greg, Prochnow, Chris Dodd, 
Bill Miskovich. Row 3: Chad Morrow, 
Steve Woo, Brian Lescrinier, Greg 
Kayel, Greg Mattle, Brett Havens, Dave 
Callaham, Todd Shoemaker. 

Greeks • 145 

The Delta Omega Chapter of 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity is 
committed to excellence. We 
were awarded the 92-93 "Greeks 
of the Year," award. The Delta 
Omega chapter continues to 
accumulate hours of community 
service. The Pikes are looking 
forward to their usual spectacular 
calendar of events like Founder's 
Day and the famous Gangster 
weekend. The Pikes look to be in 
the championship once again for 
intramurals. The strong brother- 
hood of the Pikes is dominant on 
this campus, and will continue to 

be the best. 

Pike brothers hang out with each other 
at the house. 

Pikes reign supreme at the frisbee com- 

Pi Kappa Alpha Seniors 
Row 1: Todd Brannon, Bryan Verrone, 
Chris Dudley, Jamie Mancuso, Sean 
Powers. Row 2: Blake Demaso, Todd 
Hickman, Jason Dwyer, Andrew Mor- 
gan, Tom Adams , Rodney Barden. 

146* Greeks 

Pi Kappa Alpha Brothers 
Row 1: Buddy Mancuso, Jason Coble, Chris Ramm. Row 2: Dave Sullenberger, Jeff Strawser, Brian O'Neill, Scott Lowe, Ted 
Ventre, Brian Verrone, Chris Dudley, Andy Morgan, Nate Davan, Kevin, Kotek, Keith Anderson, Ryan Petrilli. Row 3: Joe 
Dwyer, Bill Woodson, Andrew Macarthur, Dave Waugh, Thomas Feindt, Hunter Rothwell, Tommy Rodgers, Kevin Evancho, 
Rodney Barden, Todd Brannon, Jason Morgan, Ryan Coughlin, Todd Johnson. 

Pi Kappa Alpha Officers 
Row 1: Keith Anderson, David Suilenberger, Drew MacArthur, Matt Norris. Row 
2: Ryan Petrilli, Hunter Rothwell, Jamie Mancuso. 

Greeks* 147 

Phi Mu Sisters 
Row 1: Michelle Webb, Christa Peterson, Leigh Korba, Jeanine Danzi, Monika Lagger, Pam Hall. Row 2: Jennifer Daven- 
port, Julie Fair, Lillian Jonas, Tara Kaheny, Laura Rahuba, Rosie Silva, Rachel Allen, April Campbell, Angle Spnngstead, 
Jasmine Yu. Row 3: Ruthie Robertson, Kelly Johnson, Shelli Roth, Julie Street, Diana Kennedy, Cassi Murray, Angela 
Blake, Debbie Goodwin, Kerri Holzer, Stephanie Kallio. 

Julie Street poses in her bathing suit at 
the Greek Week swimming competition. 

148 • Greeks 

Phi Mu Officers 
Row 1: Kerri Holzer, Laura Rahuba. Row2: Angela Blake, Debbie Goodwin, 
Cassie Murray, Angie Springstead. Row 3: Jeanine Danzi, Monika Lagger. 

The Gamma Zeta Chapter of 


The first chapter of Phi Mu was 
chartered on January 4, 1852, at 
Wesleyan College in Macon, 
Georgia, making it the second 
oldest sorority in existence. 
Throughout its history , Phi Mu 
has been composed of a diverse 
group of women who combine 
their talents, working together for 
the good of the whole sorority, 
campus, and community. The 
Gamma Zeta chapter was the first 
National Sorority to be chartered 
at High Point University on 
October 3, 1953. 

Tara Kaheny and Jeanine Danzi are all 
dressed up and ready to party at the 

Phi Mu Seniors 

Monika Lagger, Kelly Johnson, Ruthie 

Robertson, Julie Street, April Cambell, 

Debbie Goodwin, Cassi Murray, Kerri 


Greeks • 149 

The Interfraternity Council - IFC 

The IFC is the governing body for the 
four local chapters of the national 
fraternities which operate here on the 
High Point campus. Four delegates 
from each fraternity are sent to the 
IFC for representation. Non-voting 
officers are elected annually by the 
delegates on the basis of merit. 


c § 

D 3 




IFC Delegates and Officers 

150 • Interfraternity Council 

The Panhellenic Council- PHC 

Pan-Hel is the governing body for 
the four local chapters of the 
national sororities which operate 
here on the High Point campus. 
Officers are selected on a rotating 
basis so that the PHC President 
represents a different sorority each 
year, and each sorority sends one 
delegate to PHC. 

PHC Officers & Delegates 
Row 1: Amy Morriss (advisor), Colleen O'Brien, Wendy Wilcox, Elizabeth Southerland. Row 2: 
Meg Gaither, Rachel Allen, Monika Lagger, Diana Kennedy, Heather Haberfield. 

Panhellenic Council • 151 

152 • Sports 

Andrea Crossley attempts to steal the ball 
from an opponent and pass it to a team- 
mate upheld for a score. 

Kristy Powell realizes that she can get a 
head shot in if she is not sandwiched 
between two players. 

Struggling for position at the goal, Sheri 
Green makes a defensive stop taking some 
pressure off of the goalie. 

154» Sports 

Sheri Green advances the ball upheld be- After a penalty on the opposing team, 
tween two defenders as Anne-Marie Rossi Kristy Powell takes a shot on goal hoping 
watches. that it is successful to secure a victory. 


Front Row: Karen Gunderman, Deb Nichols. Second Row: Cara Helsel, Anne-Marie Rossi, Kristi Powell, 
Kate Wright, Jonelle Corsey. Third Row: Kara Murray (trainer), Kat Krusas, Paula Shelton, Stephanie Jay, 
Andrea Crossley, Sheri Green, Missy Balazik, Kelly Early, Amy Gonyeau, Julie Holbrooks (trainer). 

Sports «155 

Sean Jones steals the ball away from an Kevin Weyer displays some of his soccer 
opponent during one of the home games abilities against a conference opponent, 
against Barton. 



. ^fw -jb jr 



Front Row: Dwayne Adams, Denny Henderson. Second Row: Mike Garbarino, Jimmy Hines, Dave 
Sullenberger, Sean Jones, Jeremy Jack, Ryan Pugh, Dean Preston, Kevin Weyer, Armando Palomo. 
Back Row: Danny Anderson (Trainer), Matt DeSmit, Doug Ames, Steve McGee, Todd Johnson, Bill 
Wilkinson, Trey Scott, Whitaker Augier, Pete Hiatrides, Chad Holden-bache, Chris Glover 

156 # Sports 

Chad Holden-Bache looks upfield for a teammate. 

Todd Johnson puts the ball in play by The men's soccer team gets some valu- 
throwing it in to a teammate. able advise from Coach Gibson at half- 

time before returning to the field for the 
second half. 

Sports # 157 

Shelly Whitaker serves the ball for an ace 
to secure a victory for the Panthers. 

The women's volleyball team gets pumped 
up for a home game. 

Tiffanie Wilson spikes the ball down the 
middle for a point. 

158* Sports 

Amanda Wells sets a teammate up for the Anitra Dodson goes up for a block in a 
pu away. game against Belmont Abbey College. 


Front Row: Kim Dow (left) and Amanda Wells (right). Second Row: Amy Hennis, Anitra Dodson, Maria 
Giordano, Hutchins, Christine Anderson, Shelley Whitaker, Gina Sink, Tiffanie Wilson, Lori Kuykendall, 
Teresa Shaw (Assistant Coach), Jenny Osbourne. 

Sports *159 

Both men's and women's cross country Depleted of energy, Senior Delia Stanley 
teams pose for a picture at the National crosses the finish line and waits for her 
meet in Kenoshka, Wisconsin. teammates. 


Left to right: Jimmie Burchette (Assistant Coach), Stacy Littleton (Trainer), Roz Hall, Cindy Romero, Delia 
Stanley, Elizabeth Young, Lee Ann Smith, Alisa McDonald (Trainer), Bob Davidson (Head Coach) 

160* Sports 

James White finishes the grueling course at the National meet in 
Wisconsin. James finished 24th out of 300 competitors earning Ail- 
American honors. 


Left to right: Jimmie Burchette (Assistant Coach), Stacy Littleton (Trainer), Mikie 
White, Mike Jacobs, Ben Hawkins, Jeff Goddard, Sean Carter, James White, Mike 
Dyess, Randy Wiley, Alisa McDonald (Trainer), Bob Davidson (Head Coach) 

Mikie White takes time for a picture be- 
fore a meet. 

Sports •161 

Angie Fouts shoots over two Belmont 
Abbey defenders for two points. 

Tedra Lindsay brings the ball up the court 
against Mount Olive College. 

Shelly Whitaker drives the lane for a lay- 
up and draws the foul. 

162 • Sports 

Sophomore guard Tedra Lindsay throws Charita Burke battles for the opening tip 
the hall up the court to an open teammate as she jumps against an opponent, 
for a score. 


Kneeling: Lori Kuykendall, Tedra Lindsay. Standing: Stephanie Treadway, Jennifer Marshall, Amy 
Hennis, Charita Burke, Quesheba Carter, Tiffanie Wilson, Tonya Murrell, Mary Lyle, Angie Fouts, Shelly 

Sports »163 

Mike Alexander drives the lane for an 
easy two points. 

Rob Martin taps the opening tip to a team- 
mate for a quick fast break and two points. 


Kneeling: Danny Watson, Warren Ross. Middle: Mike Diokino (Trainer), Anthony Smith, Chad Motzinger, 
Tooey Loy, Thomas Monroe Back: Dee Sasser (Asst. Coach), Toby Brown, DemetriusAlexander, Robert 
Martin, Pete Wyatt, David Baldwin, Brett Speight, Michael Alexander, Michael Skinner, Jerry Steele (Coach). 

164« Sports 

Danny Watson waits for the offense to set up as he looks for an 
open teammate. 


4 VjL *■ ^^Ifcfci Rob Martin goes up over a Mount Olive Toby Brown taps in a missed shot in the 
^^B player for one of his many slam dunks this closing seconds of a conference game. 

— Wf\ season. 

Sports *165 

The Panther celebrates a High Point vic- 
tory in the closing seconds of a home 
basketball game. 

Ruthie Toomey watches as the opposing 
team attempts free throws at the opposite 
end of the court. 

166* Sports 

The cheerleaders try to get the fans 

pumped up for the Pfeiffer game which 

Amy Ventre gets ready for the next trip went down to the wire, but the Panthers 

down the court. 

were able to escape with a victory. 


Front Row: Heather Lansing, Jackie Reaves, Annie Meckley, Ruthie Toomey. Back Row: Maria Little, Kim 
Russell, Krissy Harpole, Amy Ventre. 

Sports •167 

Christina Miller drives a forehand down 
the line for a point as she returns an 
opponent's serve. 


Left to right: Christina Miller, Danielle Gibeck, Jennifer Terp, Heather Haberfield, Stephanie Anderson 

168* Sports 

Heather Haberfield and Asa Johansson 
give the balls to their opponents as they 
switch sides of the court. 


Asa Johansson practices putting top-spin Heather Haberfield prepares to lob the 
on her forehand during practice. ball over her opponent's head. 

Sports »169 

Donald Marriott practices his serve before 
beginning his match. 

Michael Allen gets caught off guard dur 
ing warm-ups at a home match. 

170 • Sports 

Michael Allen takes some time during Jason Harne goes for the putaway as he 
practice to refine his return. hits an overhead during a doubles match. 


Left to right: Chris Slezak, Donald Marriott, Keith Corbett, Vesa Kemppainen, Jason Harne, Michael 
Allen, Matt Laslo 

Sports M71 

Shane Barger and Chad Morrow com- 
plete the 18th hole and a long day of Donnie Franks drives the ball over the 
practice. lake at Oak Hollow Golf Course. 

•r» - - r 


Left to right: Dee Sasser (Head Coach), Chad Morrow, Jimmy Baine, Tony Romani, Adam Parson, Grant 
Thompson, Donnie Franks, Andy Nelson, David Hall 

172* Sports 

Members of the golf team take a breather 
while practicing at Colonial Country Club. 


Chad Morrow chips a shot from the sand Allen McGee walks onto the green to 
t ra p. hopefully make his putt. 

. ■ • 

Sports «173 

Whitaker Augier takes a few practice runs 
before the long jump competition begins 
to make sure he has marked off his steps 

Mike Jacobs makes his move, passing three 
competitors and making his way to the 
front for a good finish. 

Sophomore Jeff Goddard gets out in front 
of the pack and sets the pace in the 5,000 

174* Sports 

Tracy Henry clears one of the many Mikie White gets his turn as the leader on 
hurdles on his way to victory in the 400 his way to a 3rd place finish in the 10,000 
meter hurdles. meters. 


Front Row: Stacy Littleton (Trainer), Alisa McDonald (Trainer), Randy Wiley, Mikie White, James 
White, Mike Dyess, Mike Jacobs, Ben Hawkins, Bob Davidson (Head Coach). Back Row: Sean 
Phifer (Manager), Ted Sykes, Sean Jones, Wes Wright, Whitaker Augier, Gilbert Cooper, Jeff Goddard, 
Brandon Parker, Sean Carter, Jimmie Burchette (Assistant Coach) 

Sports »175 

Members of the baseball team take batting Dayton Kiger warms up with the team 
practice during the fall season. before a game. 


Front Row: Al Woods, Rob Humphreys, Todd Raleigh, Kent Rosenberger, David Cook, Rusty Coleman, 
Chris McCollum, Dave Johnson, Sonny Gann, Chad Duggins. Second Row: Hank Whitaker, Bucky Nelson, 
Darren White, Shane Simmons, George Awfard, Keith Spicer, Joe Hobbs, Allen Seward, Eric Davis, Ed 
Lagrama, Dayton Kiger, Ashley Arrowood. Back Row: Phil Bickling, Keith Sibille, Doug Irby, Todd Messner, 
Chris Frazier, Brian Bocholis, Tony Fleming, Brandunn Rush, Kelly O'Donnell, Brad Albert, Robbie Cox, 
Toby Christopherson 

176» Sports 

The top of the line-up waits for their turn 
to bat. 

Tony Fleming attempts to throw out the Hank Whitaker gets in position to coach 
runner on first as Ed Lagrama backs him third base when the game begins. 

Sports •Y77 

Michael Brownlee helps Greg Thompson 
stretch before a track meet. 

Studying together for an upcoming test 
helps calm test jitters. 



178* Sports 

Tara Kaheny stretches Allen Seward dur- 
Laura Willard gives advice to a team mem- ing rehabilitation of his elbow in the Sports 
ber while attending a tennis match. Medicine Department. 


Left to right: Danny Anderson, Laura Willard, Jody Brown, Sean Schwarting, Shelly Whitaker, Cher 
Frauenhoffer, Tracy Henry, Stacy Littleton, Ruth Bradley, Michael Brownlee, Anne-Marie Francis, Kara 
Murray, Pat Michael. 

Sports •179 

180 • Epilogue 


As the year ends and excitement mounts toward an idllyic or adventurous 
summer, students have become inured to the changes on the campus around 
them. They have entered a comfort zone on the assumption that everything 
at High Point University will basically stay the same, so that when they 
return next fall or in a few years, they will feel right at home. In many 
respects, they will: they will strengthen friendships and renew acquaintan- 
ces. On the other hand, the University will continue to grow and change as 
its alumni, faculty, staff, and administration work together for the common 
good of the institution. It has been the pleasure of the 1994 Zenith staff to 
document in photographs and copy the new and ever-improving High 
Point University. 

Epilogue •181 

182 • Epilogue 

Epilogue • 183 


m r 




« ; '