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Full text of "The Zenith Yearbook, 1997 High Point University"

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^«4fl^^^'o.^!itateuJfii ,. 

In Search of Community 
1997 Zenith 

Students gather at the 
steps of Ha worth Science 
Building to discuss a 
group project. 


I ■ of ■ ■ 


Community Review 4 
People 30 

Current Events 


A Profile 

High Point University 
is a four-year liberal 
arts university 
founded in 1924 and 
related to the United 
Methodist Church. 
Enrollment is 
approximately 2,000 
with 100 full-time 
faculty members. 
Degree programs 
include BA, BS, MS, 
and MBA. 




It is indeed an enormous privilege to 
congratulate those of you who make 
up the Class of 1997. While there are 
some older students, all of you are 
truly filled with youth and hope, 
energy and aspiration, and you can 
embark now on a new journey along 
life's way. Every parent, mentor, 
professor and friend watches you and 
wishes you the very best. You have 
worked relentlessly for your wonderful 
achievements. I congratulate you on an 
honor hard earned, thus well deserved. 

To the rising sophomores, juniors, and 
seniors. Let me say, I wish for you 
God's speed as you continue with your 
study and your work. Working with 
you is a great pleasure. One of the 
greatest blessings of life is for us to be 
involved in something that evokes all 
of our allegiance. My wish for you is 
that you will be as happy in your work 
as I am in mine. I know you to be 
mature persons - loving, responsible, 
and productive. 

I have learned through the years that 
besides my trust in God, I have derived 
the greatest strength from the 
kindness, love, and complete 
understanding of loved ones and 
friends. I know that nearly all of you 
who graduate as well as those students 
who remain have learned that. Others 

With warmest regard and appreciation, 

C 2>**C 

Jacob C. Martinson 

Dr. E. Roy Epperson and Mr. Tom 
Llefler participate in the Opening 
Convocation on August 19, 1996. 


Students share ideas about their last Utilizing the latest computer 
class as they stroll towards the Slane equipment, students can surf the Net 
Center. for needed resources. 

"We, the students of 
High Point University, 
shall seek excellence in 
the classroom, on the 
playing field, and in 
the positions of 
leadership and service 
across our campus." 

(excerpt from 
University Conduct 
Code preamble) 

The library serves as a quiet place to 
study and work as pairs on projects. 



First, a college is an educationally 
purposeful community - a place 
where faculty and students share 
academic goals and work together 
to strengthen teaching and 
learning on campus. 

(from Campus Life: In Search of 

Students enjoy the one-on-one 
attention they receive in classrooms 
and labs. 

Students and faculty celebrate Registering for classes can be a time 
commencement and say goodbye and consuming event, especially to new 
thank you. students. 


Dean Evans and the orientation 
leaders take a break and plan their 
strategy for the next day. 

Assistant Dean Amy Deuterman and 
RA Brian Bumgardner review 
programming ideas for the semester. 


Graduation is a 
special time for our 
community as we 
watch another chapter 
close and wait for a 
new one to begin. The 
campus filled with 
family, friends, 
faculty, and other 
well-wishers to send 
the graduates off to 
face the futures they 
prepares for at High 
Point University. 

RA Kevin Shute guides a new student 
through the residence hall room 
check-in process. 

Open & Just 

Second, a college or university is an open community 

- a place where freedom of expression is 

uncompromisingly protected and where civility is 

powerfully affirmed. Third, a college or university is 

a just community - a place where the sacredness 

[supreme worth] of the person is honored and where 

diversity is aggressively pursued. 

(from Campus Life: In Search of Community) 

Rosalind Brown and Marilyn Wolf 
discuss health and wellness during 
an activities fair. 

Spiritual well-being is also addressed Cory Fink discusses a concern 
during the activities fair, as students regarding his fraternity house with 
set up a table. landscaping manager Chad Thrulow. 


Brian Schmidt addresses the IFC 
delegates as they discuss important 
Rush guidelines. 

The Ctiiiipii^ Chronicle newspaper 
serves as a source of information and 
forum for student opinions. 


High Point University 
encourages students 
to accept personal 
responsibility and 
take pride in their 
actions. Pictured is 
Gwendolyn Ruffin 
addressing new 
students during 
Opening Convocation 
which focuses on 
being a part of our 

The Residence Hall Association 
solicited student comments, concerns, 
and suggestions regarding the 
residence halls by placing a mailbox 
in the Student Center. 

Study Abroad 

High Point University has a 

commitment to providing cultural 
enrichment through their study abroad 
opportunities. Students who qualify 
have the choice of study in England, 
France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, and 
Canada. Special trips to Ireland have 

also been popular and educational. 

Pub crawling was a great way to meet 
the locals and soak up the regional 

Dr. Goedeke and his students gather Pat Haun, Dr. Goedeke and crew stand 
for one last shot before leaving for before the castle they recently 
Ireland. vanquished. 


The semester abroad crew gets a tour 
of their new campus in Oxford, 

Finally on Irish soil, our travellers 
take on the rigors of the airport. 

In A Strange 

Britt Zimmerman 
studies the transit 
map intently 
wondering "Where 
the heck am I?". 
Studying abroad 
poses many 
challenges from 
navigating local 
tourist services to 
interpreting menus. 
Being in a group helps 
as students learn by 
trial and error. 

A relaxing stop at an outdoor cafe in 
England helps the road-weary 
travellers refresh. 


A Caring 


Fifth, a college or university is a caring 
community - one in which the well- 
being of each member is sensitively 
supported and where service to others 
is encouraged, 
(from Campus Life: In Search of 


feaufc 1 5 



#lllr v* 

Lifelong frienships form during these 
four years from classroom experiences 
and roommates. 

Greek organizations promote EdCannady, Directorof Safety, (along 

fellowship among students who with his officers) help maintain a safer 

choose to become a member of one of campus environment forstudentsand 

the four fraternities or sororities. visitors. 


RA Ben Rooke and Assistant Dean 
Amy Deuterman discuss how to assist 
students with special needs on the 
Wellness Hal 

Students learn to respect each other's 
ideas and views inside and outside 
the classroom. 


Another way High Point 
University demonstrates 
caring is through offering 
counseling services. 
Career Development 
assists students in 
deciding on a major 
course of study, resume 
writing and skills to help 
land a job. The 
Counseling Office 
(Director Marilyn Wolf is 
pictured) is available to 
assist students with 
mental health issues and 
personal concerns. 

Gus Vieria and Pat Heller are friends 
and brothers even when dehatingGus' 
latest article in The Campu Chromicle. 




Students at High Point University contributed 

over 15,000 volunteer service hours during the 

1996-1997 academic year. Service organizations 

like Circle K and Alpha Phi Omega donated 

their time and energies to the campus and local 

community. Greek organizations worked hard 

raising money and assisting their respective 


The greeks organized a walk to benefit 
the Red Cross Disaster Relief. 

\vN\\ v .v 

Organizers of the Halloween Trick - Volunteering brings friends closer 
or -Treat program which benefits together, 
underprivledged children. 

s" - y - 


FCA sponsored a booth during 
orientation with free yogurt. 

The Easter Bunny hopped by during 
the easter egg hunt. 

Students volunteer in 
many ways. The 
Campus Connection 
volunteer office helps 
pair students with 

opportunities on and 
off campus. 
Pictured is Gavin 
Magaha as he assists 
with orientation. 

Keuth Corbett has logged numerous 
volunteer service hours, including 
organizing local elementary children's 
on-campus parties. 




Making the transition from high school and living at home 

to college and on-eampus residence is a wonderful and 

stressful period of time. Events are strategically planned to 

help each student with that adjustment., .from the fun- 

led lawn party to one-on-one sessions with advisors. 

Each member of our campus is called upon to reach out 

and help make High Point University a welcoming place as 

we celebrate our community. 

Shalon Hickle welcomes new students 
to McEwen as they check in. 

A banner greets new students as thev Orientation is a time to share in 
arrive at the residence hall. fellowship - what better way than 

over a picnic on a perfect day. 


P0 r * mr » i .*C d** m ^m n tm m w Ham 

The orientation staff braved the heat 
with good humor 

The orientation lawn party 
highlighted student involvement, 
especially the Velcro Olympics. 

*"ENTAi-i 0l 

**4FF "N 




Hala Qubein and her 
mother stroll to the 
chapel as they join other 
new students during the 
Wednesday service. 
Attending college is a big 
step for student and 
parents alike, so parents 
are encouraged to 
participate in orientation. 
Special meetings are 
geared toward parents 
which answer questions 
and help them make the 
adjustment to college life 

Will Thompson and Seth Carter whiz 
by on an urgent orientation related 
matter - doughnuts? 



Orientation is a time to welcome new students intc 

our community. As well as being a joyous time, it's a 

hectic time with new students scrambling to register, 

move in, and attend required orientation meetings. 

Orientation consists of two weeks of events designed 

to help new students get adjusted to college life and 

give them the right send off for their academic 

RA Shalon Hickles' floor races ahead 
of the pack in the mattress race during 
Derby Day. 

Freshmen men flex their muscles at Students attended a chapel service 
the tug of war during Derby Day. during the first week of orientation. 


Students cheer on their favored team 
during orientation lawn party 

Some students were braver than 
others as they tried to attempt flight 
with the Velcro wall during the lawn 

Move-In Day 

Move-in Day is truly a 
marvel of extensive 
planning and 
preparation. Every 
office coordinates 
their services in order 
to help the confused 
new students take 
care of all the required 
Upperclass students, 
including SOS leaders 
assist with move-in. 

Stephenie Catts and Joe Cristy take 
control of Pat Haun's "Professor 
Know It All" golf cart. 



The Homecoming Dance was the largest alumni/ 

student envent held hy High Point University. This 

year's dance boasted a record attendance of over 850 

revelers. Market Square has been the site for the last 

three dances, and this year it was decorated in the 

Mardi Gras theme. Caterers served a mouthwatering 

array of hors d'oeuvres and the band kept the dance 

floor filled to capacity. 

StephenieCatts and Seth Carter make Some gentlemen have all the luck on 
a stunning couple as Homecoming the dance floor. 
Queen and Big Man on Campus. 


The dance floor was packed all night 
with enthusiastic revelers. 

Everyone dressed to impress and 
dazzle at the dance. Equally 
noteworthy were the decorations in 
the Mardi Gras theme with over 600 
balloons, carnival heads, and costume 


Homecoming attracts 
students and alumni, 
but is also serves as a 
wonderful time for 
staff and faculty to 
mix and mingle 
outside the classroom. 
Stephenie Catts and 
Dr. Martinson share 
the traditional dance 
after the crowning of 
the queen. 

Homecoming is a big draw for new 
and returning students. 




Homecoming Week celebrates our ties with our 
students and graduates. The Offices of Alumni 
Affairs and Student Life work closely to plan events 
which will reunite old classmates and include 
current students. This week boasts numerous class 
reunions, luncheons, banquets, and a parade, with 
the end result being a celebration of High Point 
University, past and present. 

V & 




Jennifer Romagna, Jamie Henton, 
Allison Brown, and Sue Gessner 
decorate the Student Activities Board 

Homecoming Court: Jason Horay, The ZTA sisters have their eye on the 
Heidi Coryell, Stephenie Catts and grand prize as they cruise hy in the 
Will Thompson. parade. 


The Kappa Deltas stand proudly next 
to their parade entry. 

Patrick Sullivan and Ben Rooke clown 
around for fhecamera while preparing 
their float. 


Homecoming Queen 
and Big Man on 
Campus are elected 
by student vote. This 
year's recipients were 
Stephenie Catts and 
Seth Carter. Winners 
were announced at 
the dance which was 
held October 5 at 
Market Square. 

iomecoming Court: Seth Carter 
leather Doerr, Bethann Zimmerman 
^hil Bickling. 


Tower Players 

■ ■ ■ present ■ ■ ■ ■ 


The High Point University players 
presented Oliver!, the hit musical 
based on Charles Dickens' Oliver 
Twis t. Like every year, the 
production went smoothly over 
Parents' Weekend, October 31 - 
November 2 and boasted record 

Widow Corney (Heidi Edsall) flirts 
with Mr. Bumble (Michael 
Bennington) before selling Oliver. 

*c^ *■*» .* t^cI^BH 

Hl^H ^fl* 



E WL ^ m '' 



Even the leads, Fagin (Brian Ersalesi) The Artful Dodger takes Oliver to 
and Nancy (Chase Bowers) have time Fagin's den. 
to smile after a performance. 


The Oliver! cast members gather 
during the last dress rehearsal. 

The bar hopping and singing lead by 
Nancy created a festive party. 

What's Going 

Tony Romani joins the 
cast as Bill Sykes. The 
premise of the play takes 
place in a boarding house 
run by Mr. Bumble and 
the Widow Corney. They 
procede to sell Oliver to 
undertakers played by 
David Miller and Lauren 
Petrosino. Oliver runs 
away and is taken by the 
Artful Dogder to Fagin's 
den, where his 
adventures begin. 

Milkmaid (Heather Doerr), Rose Seller 
(Nancy Mayfield), and Strawberry 
Girl (Carol Walker) along with the 
KnifeGrinder (Brian Witt), sing "Who 
Will Buy." 


Celebrating the 

During the holidays our campus displays acts of 

charity, generousity and fellowship. Halloween and 

Easter parties are organized by the University 

students for the local elementary children. Christmas 

(and other religious holidays) are recognized during 

the week before exams through the traditional 

chapel service and lessons and carols. By celebrating 

our traditions we grow closer as a community. 

ARAMARK outdoes itself during the 
Christmas holiday dinner with special 
entrees, roast beef carver and fresh 
made desserts. 

Amy Deuterman, Heather Stephany, Parkview Elementary children search 
and Sam Beck show that staff can get for Easter eggs hidden in the park 
into trick or treating too. area behind the Slane University 



After the lighting of the Christmas 
tree, students sang holiday carols, then 
partook in the treats served by the 
Complex Community Council. 

Who is that masked man? Perhaps it's 
Dean Evans incognito during 

■ , II . 

■t,l v, 

J. ""I 



■ v , 


1 i v . 

» - 


^ Jkm 

''• ; '& 



B * 


I iifi&Zr 





~T§ ^i^ 



t H '^J 


■ * 

* • 

f ' / 




I * 





Celebrating holidays 
also means celebrating 
traditions. Some of our 
traditions have been 
adopted or developed 
just for our campus to 
help make our 
community unique. 
Students have also 
contributed to these 
traditions by organizing 
events which happen 
year after year. 
Tradition binds us 
together and helps us 
remember our history 
as a community. 

Dr. Martinson, Dr. Epperson and a 
helper light the giant Christmas tree 
in front of Smith Library after Lesson 
and Carols. 




There was never a dull moment 
for students as the Student 
Activities Boardfilled their 
calendars with weekly events. 
There was something for 
everyone, as gatherings involved 
everything from personal interests 
to high tech machinery. 

Brent Ward and Paul Cottrell adjust 
the sound for another rockin' SAB 

Fall Bash featured free horoscopes Acoustic Entertainer of the Year Mike 
which drew lines from 10 am to 6 pm. Rayburn wowed audience members 

with his unique blend of comedy and 



Virtual reality laser tag was a blast 
during Fall Bash. 

John Giandoni has a ball, literally, 
while participating in human bowling. 


The Student Activities 
Board (S.A.B.) is 
comprised of one elected 
officer (S.A.B. President) 
and five appointed 
chairs. The board is 
responsible for all 
activities programming, 
including planning, set- 
up and breakdown of 
events, artist hospitality, 
and technical duties. 

Stephenie Catts and Brent Ward 
discuss orientation event planning. 



High Point University is more 

than just students or faculty. It is a 

community involving many 

people and many roles, all of 

which blend together to form our 

university. We work, we play, we 

learn, and we grow together. 



Brian Adolph 

Brenna Baker 

Alyssa Ball 

Tyra Barnett 

lames Bartlett 

Brandy Baughman 

Susan Beane 

Yurly Beanos 


Charles Belk 

Steven Bennett 

Philip Sickling 

Elizabeth Bowers 

Krishna Bowles 

Denise Boyd 

Allison Brown 

Melissa Brown 

Jason Bryan 

Jove Bryant 

Joy Bryant 

Natasha Butler 

Sharon Butner 

Kelly Carrick 

Phillip Carter 

Stephenie Catts 


Tara Caulder 

Beom-Ki Cho 

Harriet Cofield 

Aileen Coogen 

Lisa Cook 

Gilbert Cooper 

Julie Craddock 

Shannon Crump 


Cathv Cruthers 

Malissa Dance 

Charles Davis 

Kristin Davis 

Jennifer Day 

Jason Decourcey 

Wellington Desouza 

Craig Donley 

Eric Drum 

Charlie Dulin 

Joseph Duller 

Tracy Ellsworth 

Brian Ersalesi 

Katherine Evans 

Dawn Farabee 

Rosalind Farley 


David Faulkner 

Ryan Fenton 

Cory Fink 

Joshua Fitzpatrick 

Brooke Florenz 

Robert Flynn, III 

Traci Gann 

Michael Gelardi 


Suzanne Gessner 

Janet Glazier 

Jeff Goddard 

Kerri Goins 

Juan Gonzalez 

Nancy Gordon 

Brian Grant 

Michelle Grant 

Oni Tanesha Green 

Karen Gunderman 

Michelle Hamilton 

Robin Hamilton 

Bradley Harper 

Shawna Hart 

Donna Harvell 

Karen Hauser 



Benjamin Hawkins 

Patrick Heller 

Cara Helsel 

Christina Henry 

^,_ "^ti 


SPv^' will 

* ^^m 

Mr IK <vH 

' M 

/ m 

" r * t » -** fe 3 

* ps 




ilm. ' J^H 

_^F j^H 


*^*— y ^^KmM 


Peter Hiatrides 

Theresa Hiatt 

Alma Hill 

Landie Hill 


Michael Hill 

Nicole Home 

Rob Humphreys 

Megan Hutchins 

Benedict Hutson 

Carrie Irvine 

Andrea Iton 

Jeremy Jack 

Phyllis Jackson 

Stephen Jamison 

Penelope Johnson 

Rita Johnson 

Amy Jones 

Diana Jones 

Tawana Jordan 

Kellie Judge 


April Kabbash 

Nasi Kajana 

Linda Kelly 

Danny Kilpatrick 

David King 

Donna Knight 

Maxim Krioukov 

Lori Kuykendall 


Melissa Lansberg 

Rose- Ann La Rosa 

Derek Ledbetter 

Dawn Leniner 

Carrie Liss 

Randall Little 

Sally Little 

Kristen Long 

Lori MacGregor 

Carey Maloney 

Angela Mangini 

Nami Matsumura 

William McDaniel 

Kristian Meyer 

Cristina Miller 

Jason Miller 


Jason Mink 

Leon Monroe 

Vonda Moon 

DaManda Morris 

Amy Motsinger 

Dana Myslivec 

Patrick O'Donnell 

Brandy Owen 


Brandon Parker 

Christine Angel Parks 

Jennifer Parnell 

Daniel Patton 

Jennifer Paulson 

Debbie Peel 

Johnna Pettit 

Andrea Poag 

Bryan Pollard 

Ryan Pugh 

Darrell Pulliman 

Donna Purcell 

Heath Raimond 

Stephen Reavis 

Patricia Repici 

Mercv Rice 


Frances Rich 

Danielle Ritchie 

Monica Robertson 

Anthony Romani 

Alicia Romand 

April Rose 

Danielle Rotella 

Brandunn Rush 


Brian Schmidt 

Athena Scott 

Michael Seiler 

Christian Shafer 

John Shaw 

David Shoe 

Ted Sikes 

Marshal] Sink 

Gregory Sisk 

Jennifer Sisson 

Rose Smalls 

Rosemary Smothers 

Tracy Snelbaker 

Alicia Sparrow 

Shanda Spears 

Chris Stewart 


Kimberly Stives 

Tracy Tarr 

Gail Taylor 

William Thompson 

Cindy Tilley 

Leslie Timmons 

Alison Townsend 

Tanya Trogdon 


Scott Warlick 

Wendy Watts 

Kristy Weeks 

Shannon Weinberg 

Scott Weisert 

Jewel Welborn 

Kevin Weyer 

Vearl Williams 

Tiffanie Wilson 

Sid Winslow 

Michele Winters 

Anita Woods 

Woodrow Wright 

Martha Young 

Curtis Hatton 

Tracy Marshall 



Timothy Maynard 

Nancy Pemberton 


Nick Atkins 
Bethany Anderson 
Laura Araujo 
Shane Barnes 

Joe Barrett 
Chris Berman 
Aaron Blagg 
Holly Blizzard 

Melissa Bogle 
Rosalind Brown 
Veronda Bryk 
Shana Cheek 

Charles Clayton 
Kimherly Cleary 
Carrie Coker 
Jennifer Coppedge 

Heidi Coryell 
Paul Cottrell 
Carolyn Cunningham 
Jessica Dawber 




Tim Deese 
Vicki Devins 
Heather Doerr 
Brandy Drake 

Robert Driggers 
Peggy Dowd 
David Durham 
Angela Elliott 

David Faulkner 
Robert Ferguson 
Koren Fox 
Donnie Franks 

Lisa Fuller 
Sharon Fulton 
Jennifer Gauntt 
Lindsay Gentz 

Eric Giemzo 
Tracy Gillette 
Jennifer Goins 
Melissa Goodman 



Sharon Green 
Estalita Gumbs 
Jon Hancock 
Valena Harper 

Benjamin Hartsell 
Charlie Henninger 
Jamie Henton 
Carol Hooker 

Christa Hrynyshen 
John Idol 
Holly Jergensen 
Bridget Lanigan 

Tracy Lovejoy 
Brent MacFarland 
Gavin Magaha 
Martin Majorel 

Shannon Martin 
Sara Mateer 
Jessica McGreen 
Todd Miller 




Lisa Mobley 
Brittany Mullins 
Nancy Mullins 
Jean Nail 

Jennifer Palmer 
Ashley Pendry 
Aimee Pennuto 
Von Phanthalack 

Steph Quimby 
Todd Rion 
Jennifer Romagna 
Peter Santacasa 

Kelly Schmidt 
Christina Scott 
Michelle Seamann 
Sean Sewell 

Heather Sinclair 
Mitchell Smith 
Jonathan Stone 
Christopher Tate 



Amanda Taylor 
Eric Taylor 
Kenda Thomas 
Jennifer Tomasello 

Michelle Wachter 
Carol-Ann Walker 
Andrea Waterman 
Grant Welch 

Karen Whitley 
Welsey Wilson 
Dave Witmer 

Branden Woosley 
Tamera Yenrick 
Peter Yunger 
Britt Zimmerman 




Scott Allen 

Jessica Altman 

Justin Asbell 

Brent Ayers 

Amanda Barrows 

Shannon Basham 

Jennifer Beard 

Erin Bell 

Kalyn Bowers 

Brandi Bowman 

Michael Boyce 

Marci Boyd 

Jacon Brayshaw 

Chris Brown 

Mindi Brown 

Jason Brownell 

Jackie Broy 

Steven Bryant 

Brad Bumgarner 

Dave Burdick 



Amy Burgess 
Denise Canter 
Sean Carroll 
Lia Carter 

Souphaphone Chanla 
Wendee Chiarelli 
Martin Cochran 
Chris Craig 

Branch Cranfill 
Willette Crosby 
Anthony Damico 
Laurel Donley 

Erin Doorley 
Andrea Dunn 
Ben Eckman 
Samantha Eddy 

Daniele Eller 
Kimberly Farrell 
Erin Flannery 
lulie Foxwell 



Beth Francis 

Chris Freeman 

Jessica Frey 

Horacio Gabalda 

Jill Gadow 

Jennifer Garner 

Pam Garwacki 

Greg Genovese 

John Giandoni 

Tara Gilkenson 

Rachel Gips 

Kelli Goins 

David Gysberts 

Allison Haberfield 

Jeff Hann 

Derek Harmon 

John Herring 
Shalon Hickle 
Joanna Jensen 
April Johnson 



Masumi Kakizaki 
Michelle Kirkman 
James Kite 
Amy Klein 

Meghan Kline 
Mariko Koike 
Kristi Koonts 
Laura Lamb 

Linda Lerch 
John Long 
Catharine Loughran 
Jamie Macon 

Leigh Magraw 
Jeremy Mais 
LaKiesha Matthews 
Mykia Matthews 

Michael McCormack 
Cindy McDonald 
Sean Mintz 
Keith Montecalvo 



Megan Morgan 
Lucy Morris 
Tom Moore 
Rachel Neal 

Choung Nguyen 

Leo Orlov 

Kevin Peterkin 

Jonas Peters 

Heather Phillips 

Nicole Pizzo 

Karyn Poag 

Adam Pranger 

Carisa Preston 

Christopher Rash 

Katie Red ling 

Brandon Redmond 

Lauren Riplev 

Dallas Robertson 

Joy Rogers 

Ben Rooke 



Mike Schwartz 
Monique Shirley 
Maida Shore 
Brooke Shores 

Mike Smith 
Rebecca Smith 
Jamie South 
Amy Spencer 

Anita Spivey 
Nate Stephens 
Myron Stewart 
John Stubblefield 

Patrick Sullivan 
Rebecca Toney 
Jason Tucker 
David Tuxhorn 

Robert Vazquez 
Dan Vianna 
Gustavo Vieira 
Lee Whitehead 



John Whitehead 

Wendy Whitenight 

Jeremiah Wills 

Suzanne Zar 

Beth Anne Zimmerman 



Loretta Alberti 
Andrew Allen 
Cassandra Arnold 
Andrea Avello 

David Bagshaw 
Chad Bailey 
Darren Ball 
Kelly Bane 

Kathryn Banks 
Danielle Barbetti 
Kenyon Barnett 
Susan Barnett 

Jackie Basconi 
Tyler Baughman 
Veronica Baynard 
Bethany Benedict 

Matthew Benford 
Jimmy Bennett 
Raechel Bennett 
Juan Bernedo 



Ronnie Bevins 

Nathan Biggs 

Mark Bishop 

Ryan Bishop 

Gerald Black 

Karen Bland ford 

Erin Blosser 

Karen Bouldin 

Heather Bowers 

L.B. Bowman 

Matthew Bowman 

Christian Brandyberry 

Jason Brennan 

Lisa Brogdon 

Gwen Brostrom 

Joseph Brown 

Michael Brown 

Thomas Brown, III 

Julie Bryant 

Julia Bulkeley 



Caroline Bunting 
Natalie Buono 
Amanda Burkhardt 
Ray Burney 

Chris Burns 
Joanna Byrd 
McCullough Caldwell 
Jeff Canady 

Anne Carlino 
Philip Carroll 
Kate Casares 
John Caste 

Kateleen Castor 
Shana Chambers 
Chris Chapman 
Tracy Chappell 

Verron Chue 
Carrie Clark 
Avery Coleman 
Marshall Coleman 




Corinna Corallo 

Eric Cornelison 

Miranda Cox 

Donna Coyle 

Ryan Cramasey 

Misty Crookshanks 

Carla Crotts 

Robert Cunningham 

John Cutler 

John Daly 

Jo Anne D'Angelo 

Tillman Darrell 

Cherstin Daugherty 

Amy Davis 

Ronald Davis 

Laura DeBettencourt 

Darren Decker 

Katie DeSmit 

Jason Dever 

Justin Dickerson 



Shawn Diehl 
Jason Dill 
Abe Dispennette 
Tim Dixon 

Tahirah Dock 
Cheryl Dorsey 
Kenji Dorsey 
Morgen Doty 

Monica Dowe 
Justin Duke 
Simone Duncan 
Jennifer Dunn 

Lauren Dupier 
Tara Ebner 
Rachel Eckert 
Eric Edwards 

Kristy Edwards 
Jessica Emley 
Jeane Evans 
Iris Eysteinsdottir 



Sheri Faircloth 

Danette Farner 

Katherine Favin 

Niki Ferguson 

Corinne Ferrante 

Shauna Fincher 

Rachelle Fisher 

Kevin Force 

Sean Forte 

Kerrie Foss 

Aaron Franklin 

Stephanie Franks 

Samuel Fritts 

Nicki Fusco 

Carol Gallagher 

Anthro Gamble 

Jessica Garner 

Christine Gibbons 

Heather Gibbons 

Carlos Giles 



Kelly Gilfillan 
Carrie Gilmore 
Leah Glover 
Virginia Goddard 

Jason Goldman 
Brad Goldvarg 
Nicki Green 
Ryan Grimsland 

Darren Grose 
Meredith Grubb 
Ursula Guillen 
Jennifer Gunter 

Yolanda Hagens 
Jacob Haislip 
Melissa Hall 
Rebecca Hall 

Jennifer Hallacker 
Heather Hanes 
John Halberg 
Brandt Hansen 




Jason Harbour 

r- 1 

Tasha Haskins 

r* - - « 

gie Hebenstreit 


Ross Hendrix 

Thomas Hennessey 

Jenny Henry 

Kelly Hill 

Shana Hinkle 

Tracy Hodges 

Doug Hoffman 

Eric Hoffman 

Kat Hoffman 

D.J. Ho-Le 

Michelle Holland 

Jennifer Holmes 

Neill Holmes 

Heather Howlette 

Holly Huisinga 

Steven Hyde 

Amanda Isaac 



Kelly Ivey 
Brandi Jackson 
Chris James 
Billy Jeffries 

Amanda Johnson 
Heather Johnson 
Kristie Johnson 
Adrienne Jones 

Michelle Joyner 
Armir Kabani 
Jennifer Kale 
R.J. Karkovice 

Erin Kelley 
Shannon Kendall 
Drew Kessler 
Ronnie Kidd 

Jason Kilgo 
Jennifer Killoch 
Tim Kimball 
April King 



Jackie King 

Gary Kirkman 

Todd Kisinger 

Mark Klamerus 

Jennifer Kleinrichert 

Adam Knight 

Skip Korotva 

Meghan Kovalcik 

Beth Kreitl 

Janelle Kuchler 

Brandon Kuebler 

Matthew Kyle 

Stacey Lank 

Chris Laycock 

Leana Layfield 

Kevin LeCompte 

Nicole Lee 

Tiffany Lee 

Kristen Lewis 

Eugene Liauw 



Corrin Lohrmann 
Concetta Long 
David Long 
Kelly Longenbaker 

Mike Loy 
Jennifer Lusk 
Clayton Lyles 
Samatha Mabe 

Melissa MacDermid 
Michael Masonis 
Jason Morrow 
Stephanie Matheny 

Hiroshi Matsukawa 

Nancy Mayfield 
Michaela Maynard 
Stephanie Mays 

Jeremiah McAtamney 
Melody McBride 
Stacy McCall 
Calvin McCaskill 



Alicia McCluney 

Chris McComb 

Barbara Mc Dowell 

Ashley McKelvy 

Matthew McLendon 

Ben Medlin 

Carrie Melander 

Christina Mercurio 

Andrea Miller 

Brandy Miller 

Jonathan Mills 

Daniel Mitchell 

Jeffery Mitchell 

Derek Montaner 

Jasheena Moore 

Kate Morosco 

Heidi Morris 

Jesse Morris 

Katie Morris 

Kendall Morris 



Courtney Mueller 
Sayaka Nakano 
Nicolas Nechay 
Matthew Nelson 

Chris Nifong 
Ari Niskanen 
Novena Noakes 
Devin Noone 

Matthew Norman 
Stephen Onofrietti 
Richard O'Rourke 
Stephanie Ott 

Jeremy Page 
April Palmer 
Jennifer Parlier 
Brandy Parsley 

Darrin Payne 
Robin Pedrick 
Andrew Peeples 
Jason Perdue 



Stacy Pitman 

Melissa Pond 

Ritchie Porac 

Richard Powell 

Katherine Powers 

Rose Pressey 

Marshall Puckett 

Hala Qubein 

Beth Queen 

Danille Rampino 

Tammi Ramsey 

Jamie Rauch 

Kevin Reavis 

Cassie Redden 

Ashley Reid 

Christine Riley 

Mary Beth Ritchie 

Jessica Rivera 

Tina Roberts 

Krister Romeyn 



David Ryan 
Michael Sabolewski 
Charles Sakowicz 
Brenden Salta 

Vilaykorn Sayaphet 
Matthew Scala 
Andrew Schaufele 
Dorothy Schonberg 

Larikus Scott 
Scott Seamone 
Alison Searl 
Elizabeth Seufer 

Chad Shaffner 
Jamyl Sharper 
John Shaw 
Kelly Shaw 

Paul Shearer 
Lisa Short 
Leslie Shute 
Heather Sitler 




Kevin Slattery 

Chacola Smith 

Emily Smith 

Marcus Smith 

April Sparks 

Karen Spohn 

Leslie Stang 

Nicolas Stephens 

Catherine Stephenson 

Tina Stines 

Nadine Stracuzzi 

Matthew Streett 

Tammy Stuckey 

Jennifer Suit 

Rian Sullivan 

Susan Swallow 

Yukiko Takakura 

Carl Taylor 

Courtney Taylor 

Jennifer Taylor 



Kelly Taylor 
Kelly Thomas 
Bunrith Thun 
Kristin Tonielli 

Melanie Trader 
Eric Trees 
Charles Tripician 
Shana Triplett 

Jamie Trout 
Elizabeth Tutterow 
James Venable 
Shaun Vincent 

Judy Walker 
Lisa Waller 
Emily Watford 
Beth Watts 

Jim Weaver 
Julie Weavil 
John Webb 
Danielle Welch 



Lindsay Weldin 

Shannon West 

Courtney Wharton 

Madeline Whitaker 

Andrew White 

Lorienne White 

Adam Wilkerson 

Jared Williams 

Lorrie Williams 

Jason Wilson 

Marie Wilson 

Maureen Wilson 

Michael Wilson 

Marisa Winsky 

Paul Wirth 

Brian Witt 

Michael Workman 

Paul Worth 

Amanda Yang 

Kristi Yates 



Damien Young 
Joshua Zakary 
Fadwa Zamamiri 
Jason Zeckman 




Cheryl Andrews 

Lawrence Coleman 

Sandra Hudson 

Renee Kimber 

^H ^B 

Ms. Diane Baxter 

Ms. Sam Beck 

: f ^ - ^?- 

Ms. Amy Berrier 

^f 5 " " :: 1 

Ms. Betty Lou Blount 

i:\ J 


Ms. Elaine Branson 
Mr. Scott Callahan 
Ms. Wendy Canaday 
Dr. Clinton Corcoran 

Dr. Berry Crawford 
Mr. Craig Curty 
Dr. Vance Davis 
Ms. Amy Deuterman 

Ms. Dana Dooley 
Ms. Diana Estey 
Mr. Gart Evans 
Ms. Sarah Gomez 

Ms. Rhonda Grimsley 
Ms. Carole Hampton 
Ms. Karen Hardie 
Ms. Donna Harper 



Mr. Bob Hayes 

Ms. jeanie Hazzard 

Ms. Katherine Hill 

Ms. Cathy Hunt 

Ms. Sherron James 

Ms. Jane Kimrey 

Ms. Alison Lawrence 

Mr. John Lefler 

Ms. Iris Mauney 

Ms. Jean McDowell 

Dr. Mark Meier 

Ms. Martha Moreland 

Ms. Elizabeth Ann Murphy 

Dr. Wid Painter 

Ms. Christine Rollins 

Ms. Debbie Scott 

Ms. Joyce Snead 

Mr Jim Spessard 

Dr. Carol Stoneking 

Ms. Carolyn Stout 



Ms. Kathy Tipton 
Dr. Bonnie Truax 
Dr. Hal Warlick 
Ms. Luann Williams 



MtHA I 91**1 

Greeks are an integral part of our 

campus community. Strangers 

come together and form lifetime 

friendships through the special 

bond of brotherhood and 





After Greek Week, all the Greeks gather to catch a memory. 
Phi Mu and Pikes join forces during the tug of war. 

The Gams and Sigs bring the Energizer Bunny out for Theta Chi Brothers gather after greek week events 
the lip sync contest. to celebrate. 


Zetas and Theta Chi form a great volleyball team. 

"It doesn't matter the letter - we're all Greek together." 

t\ 1 1 


• » 


Phi Mu's strut their stuff during lip sync. 

Kay Dee's and Lambda Chi's work together on a banner. 


PanhellenicExecutiveCouncil: Bethany Anderson, Jessica 
Dauber, Kristy Weeks, Amy Deuterman. 

IFC gathers for a weekly meeting. 


KM ^^i 


^P ^ *r^ 

» 1 





• » 




Panhellenic Delegates: Denise Canter, Melissa Ferguson, IFC Delegates: Dave Witmer, Pete Vosseler, Chris 
Erin Doorley. Vocke, Alex Rabb, Mike Hill, Chad Thompson, Cory 

Fink, Rob Flynn. 


IFC Executive Council: Brian Schmidt, Tim Wiles, Trip 
Hutson, William McDaniel, Todd Rion. 

Panhellenic and IFC sit together in the cafe for Rush sign- 

An inside view of a weekly Panhellenic meeting. 


Front Row: Mary Beth Reichart, Megan Brown-Mull, Casey 
Doran. Row 2: Anne Taylor, Nicole Home, Amanda Brown, 
Carey Maloney, Denise Boyd, Megan Keenan, Stephanie 
Ogilbee. Row 3: Melissa Wood, Bethany Anderson, Lisa 
Mitchell, Dedrica McRae, Andrea Whitworth, Stephanie 
DeLamater, Mandy Barrows, Nicole Pizzo. 

Carnation Sisters Stephanie and Andrea enjoy a night out. 

Executive Council 

Bethany Anderson, Melissa Wood, Nicole Pizzo, 
Stephanie Ogilbee, Denise Boyd, Megan Keenan, Mary 
Beth Reichart. 


Anne Taylor, Nicole Home, Amanda Brown, Carey 
Maloney, Denise Boyd, Megan Keenan, Stephanie 


Fall Phi Class of 1996. 

Three generations of Phi Mus! 

Sisters relax after a tough night at the rock. 


Front Row:Karen Onstott, Heather Renwick, Jil] Hudson, 
Melissa Graney, Kristi Koonts,Sherri Koorttz, Cathy Beall. 
Row 2: Melissa Goodman, Bethanne Zimmerman, Caroline 
Sexton, Joanna Jenson, Vicki Devins, Erin Screen, Melissa 
Gerguson, Heidi Coryell, Beth Francis, Heidi Edsall, Karen 
Gunderman. Row 3: Sue Shute, Chrissa Preston, Lori 
Kuykendall, Steph Quimby, Rebecca Toney, April Rose, 
Kristy Weeks, Allison Haberfield, Kelly Howard, Brooke 

Steph and Laura are best BS/LS team. 

f TJ 


Front Row: April Rose, Alicia Romano, Jennifer Sisson, 
Megan Hutchins. Back Row: Lori Kuykendall, Karen 
Gunderman, Kelly Howard, Kristy Weeks. 

Executive Council 

Front Row: Alicia Romano, Lisa Mobley, Christa 
Hrynyshen, Megan Hutchins. Row 2: Karen 
Gunderman, Kelly Howard, Kristy Weeks, Heidi 


Zeta's intramural soccer team gathers after a match. 
Some sisters are all decked out for Halloween. 

Cathy, Sherri, Kristi K. and Kristy W. enjoy Homecoming. 
The Zeta sisters spend time together rollerskating. 


Front RowL Angela Elliot, Mae Harper, Alyson Mullins, 
Brittany Mullins, Susan Prouty, Andrea Waterman, Carol 
Walker, Loyda Munoz. Row 2: Shannon Martin, Danielle 
Ritchie, Tricia Repici, Kat Martin, Lynn Miles, Tyler 
O'Conner, Julie Craddock, Shawna Hart, Stefenie Catts, 
Melissa Lansberg, Maria Little, Dara Hesel, Erin Conway. 
Row 3: Lisa Cook, Chloe Harding, Allison Schmidt, Kerrie 
Swederski, Erin Doorley, Jessie Mclllrath, Jamie Morris, 
Katy Whitton, EUie Fields, Erin Delaney, Erin Zivkovich, 
Bena Kafes, Erin Stetter, Julie Fox well, Megan Moreland, 
Erin Flannery. 

Tyler, Julie and Dana enjoy their friendships at an Alpha 
Gamma Delta date party. 

ZM^^-^i^mm^ »#/ 

1 I : uj 1 ■ 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

a 1 


*v Wr J>& 

Shannon and Mae take time to smile prettily at the 
Homecoming Dance. 

Alpha Gams always do it right on Halloween. Brittany, 
Alyson, Stefenie, and Shawna sport their best costumes 
at Triangle Billiards. 


Alpha Gamma Deltas relax after the Greek Walk. 

Erin and Susan prove that Alpha Gam friendship lasts 

Jessie, Brittany, and Stefenie celebrate Stef's Pika Dream 
Girl and Homecoming Crowns. 


Front Row: Jessica Dawber, Dawn Parks, Audra Holder, 
Heather Doerr, Laura Lame, Jenn Parietti, Jen Ambrico, 
Rachel Neal. Row 2: Amy Coffman, Laura Harris, Megan 
Bell, Ada Jenkins, Tracy Tarr, Annie Meckley, Jen Boyer, 
Julie Cline, Becky Trout, Kara Messenger, Jen Maricle, Jen 
Jardine. Row 3: Amy Herrow, Amy Jones, Lizzi Torrone, 
Denise Canter, Kat Krusas, Reagan Chapman, Shannon 
Spohn, Shanley Childress, Koren Fox, Sara Matear, 
Shannon Morrow, Tayna Jones, Julie Samuels. 

Sisters Megan Bell and Jen Maricle enjoy their time at the 
Sisters' Dance. 


Front Row : Shannon Spohn, Tracy Tarr, Annie Meckley, 
Ada Jenkins. Row 2: Amy Jones, Lizzi Torrone, Kat 
Krusas, Reagan Chapman, Shanley Childress. 

Executive Council 

Front Row: Jessica Dawber (Panhellenic), Tracy Tarr 
(President), Laura Harris (VP - Public Relations). Row 
2: Annie Meckley (Secretary), Sara Matear (Treasurer), 
Shanley Childress (VP - Membership) Heather Doerr 
(VP - Standards), Reagan Chapman (VP - Pledge 
Education), Jen Ambrico (Assistant Treasurer). 


Kappa Delta rode along with the Blue Knights to express 
their support of the Children's Hospital in Richmond, VA. 

Kay Dee's are all dressed up and ready for the Sister's 

Jfe j^^^ ,j4 


r» ■ r -3 i ■ m ■ / 

La ■ ■ V/ 

1 ^1 L *\1 

Big Sis Heather and Lil Sis Jen aren't afraid to get down 
and dirtv during Greek Week. 

Kay Dees gather during the Homecoming Parade to show 
their Kappa Delta spirit. 


Seniors Executive Council 

Front Row: Brian Schmidt, Phillip Bickling, Brad Harper, Rob Ferguson (Marshal), Britt Zimmerman (Treasurer), 

Jason DeCourcey . Row 2: Mike Walther, Juan Gonzalas, Mike Hill (President), Brad harper (Secretary), and Gavin 

Mike Hill, Patrick Heller. Row 3: Jeff Riley, Jason Bryan, Magaha (Vice President). 
Eric Giezmo. 

Brian Schmidt, Mike Hill, and Phil Bidding do a little 
socializing off campus. 

Front Row: Derek Harmon, Chris Craig, Jake Brawshaw, 
Sean Kirk. Row 2: Juan Gonzalas, Kevin Schute, Jonas 
Peters, Jason DeCourcey, Patrick Heller, Robert Ferguson, 
GregGennou vse, Gavin Magaha. Row 3: Britt Zimmerman, 
Phil Bickling, Geoff Ball, Matt Lee, John Herring. Row 4: 
Mike Walther, Chad Thompson, Eric Giezmo, Brad Harper. 
Row 5: Dave DeCourcey, Jeff Riley, Jeff Burnett, Jason 
Bryan, Mike Hill, Shannon Basham, Keith Montecalvo, 
Mike McCormack. 


Keith Montecalvoand Mike McCormack enjoy each other's 
company at the Halloween Party on October 26, 1996. 

Shannon Basham and Chad Thompson bond at the 
Halloween Party. 

The Theta Chi brothers prepare to celebrate Homecoming. 
Theta Chis pull their way to another Derby Day victory. 


Pi Kappa Alpha 

■ ; ' ■ 







„. -JM ^^ * 





Front Row: Jason Carlo, Tommy Rodgers, Zach Johnston. 
Row 2: Will Thompson, Chris Sleezak. 

Executive Council 

Front Row: A.J. Deluca (Treasurer), Scott Carroll (Vice 
President). Row 2: Will Thompson (Pledge Educator), 
Dave Witmer (President), Zach Johnston (Secretary). 






f™» & 



w m: 








I -2 





f i 



""■'.>,. -. 




t i 



Frisbee Team Front Row: Ryan Petrilli, Brian Flinamen, 
Chris Sleezak, Tommy Rodger. Row 2: Dave Waugh, Ryan 
Coughlin, Bill Woodson, Kevin Kotch, Thomas Feindt, 
Chris Giddis, Jason Morgan, Jason Carlo. 

Front Row: Jeff Zupan, Nate Stephens, Rush Muzkari, PJ 
Santicasa. 2nd Row: Chris Sleazak, Scott Herrelson, Justin 
Picklette, Dustin Reiny, Tommy Rodgers, George Vakou tis, 
AJ Deluca. 3rd Row: Brian Hinamin, Scott Carroll, Brendan 
McNearny, Jake Brown, Alex Jett, Jason Carlo, Derek 
Morgan, Pete Vossler, Nate Budd. Last Row: Matt 
Coustigan, Will Thompson, Dave Witmer. 


Ryan Coughlin displays his fraternity's banner for Parents' 

Jeff Overbaugh, Scott Ericson, and Jason Morgan 
contemplate trick or treating again. 

Jeff Overbaugh, George Vakoutis, Adam Fannon, Dave 
Witmer, and A.J. Deluca work on IFC business. 

Nate Budd, Jake Brown, Nate Stephens, and Justin Picolet 
chant "Toga, Toga!" 


Seniors Executive Council 

Jeff Goddard, Pete Hiatrides, Dan Patton, Kevin Weyer, Pete Hiatrides, Chris Tate, Ryan Pugh, Jason Horay, Joe 
Mike Gelardi, Phil Carter, Tony Pompa, Joe Burick. Burick, Blake Zach, George Ott. 

Kyle Wade sinks a putt as David "Ping" Tuxhorn holds the 
pin at the gold tournament sponsored by Miller. 

Front Row:Hendrix Valenzuela, Dan Patton, John Long, 
Brad Leahy, Kevin Sellers, Kelly Harris, Pete Hiatrides, 
Kevin Weyer, TJ Chmielewski, Joe Burick, Chris Berman, 
Mike Penn. Row 2: David Tuxhorn, Brandon VanHoose, 
Dan Miller, Jeff Goddard, Jeff Canady, Mike Osmond, 
Jason Horay, Chris Tate, Kayle Johnson, George Ott, Phillip 
Carter, Mike Gelardi, Daniel Ho-Le. Roof: Chan Sayaphet, 
Alex Rabb, Tony Pompa, Chris Vocke, Brian Nappi. 




m^V^^L&z. ac 1 ^- ^H '• 


wKiil St 

■_ji^^m.9^X — 

H^ S ■ 

^L A. 1 


■L^ Jm ^H W*JB 


Brothers enjoy performing during Greek Week. 

Matt Sims, George Ott, and Hendrix Valenzuela pre-party 
before Drags. 

The homestead of Lambda Chi Alpha sports a new coat of 

Several members gather before a community service 



Front Row: Eric Warnstedt, Brian McDonald, Trip 
Hutson. Row 2: Mike Allen, Roger Young, Wesley 
Wright, Landie Hill. Row 3: Craig Donnely, Dave King, 
Todd Rion, Ryan Fenton, Rob Flynn. Row 4: Cory Fink, 
Chad Witehard. 

Executive Council 

Front Row: Trip Hitson, Danny Santivasci, Matt Sider, 
Dave King, Jeremy Mais, Dan Blackburn, Rob Flynn. 
Row 2: Mitch Martin, Cory Fink, Chad Witehard. 

Brothers take over NC State at a Lawn Party. 

Front Row: Gus Viera, Mitch Martin, Wes Wright, Eric 
Warnstedt, Dog Frankenstein. Row 2: Brian McDonald, 
Landie Hill, Sha Nateghi, Ryan Fenton, Chuong Nguyen, 
Dan Blackburn. Row 3: Matt Sides, Justin Minor, Danny 
Santivasci, Brian Staiger, Mike Sourhada, Dave King, Vince 
Pulupa. Row 4: Dan Roof, Dave Rawlings, Jeremy Mais, 
Mike Allen. Row 5: Trip Hutson, Craig Donley, Todd 
Rion, Chad Whichard. 


Cory Fink receives his paddle from his little brother Dan 

The Spinx Ball - Fall 1996. 
rothers take a break from school in the Bahamas. 



Organizations are the life blood 

of our community. Students learn 

skills which last a lifetime. 

Faculty and staff serve as advisors 

and mentors. Organizations make 

our community a special and 

useful place, plus they're a lot of 



.A.' ^t£-*^. 

■ ■■II 

■^Hfri) "N** 


■ I 



Alpha Delta TJteta 

Front Row: Tanesha Green, Melissa Church, Marci Boyd, Davianna Greenwood, Cindy Shugar. Row 2: Hala Qubein, Tara Ebner, Jaime 
South, Michelle Holland, Johnna Pettit, Jenifer Coppedge, Jennifer Pahner. Row 3: Lia Carter, Amy Spencer, Molly McBride, Mickey Rich, 
Brenna Baker, April Johnson. 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Front Row: April Kahbash, Kim Stives, Amanda Taylor, Adam Knight. Row 2: Burton Martin, Melissa Bogle, Jennifer Pahner, Tracv Tarr 
Row 3: Jeff Hann, Brian Davis, Chris Freeman, Lee Whitehead. Row 4: Steve Bryant, John Whitehead, Chris Rash, Meghan Kline. 


Alpha Chi Honor Society 

Front Row: Alma Hill, Jenifer Coppedge, Alison Townsend, Brandy Owen. Row 2: Dr. James Stitt. 

Order of Omega 

Front row: Julie Craddock, Melissa Lansberg, Kristi Weeks, Tracy Tarr, Lizzi Torrone; Row 2; Cory Fink, Brian Schmidt 


Alpha Psi Omega (Theatre Honor Society) 

Front Row: Amy Stark, Bridget Lanigan, Carol Walker, David Miller, Chase Bowers, Michael Bennington. Row 2: Brian Ersalesi, Andy Miller, 
Ron Law, Lauren Petrosino, Heidi Edsall, Tony Romani. 

Delta Mu Delta 

Front row: Tina Machie, Estalita Gumbs, Jennifer Pahner. Row 2: Robyn Van Hoy, Jamie Walsh. Row 3: Cordell Parrish, Grant Welch, Mike 
Wolfe, Bryan Viggiano, Michael Gaster, Dr. Richard Bennington. 



Board of Stewards 

Front Row: Beth Anne Zimmerman, Marisa Winsky, Sally Little, David Resch, Eugene Liauw, Christian Brandyberry . Row 2:Jessie Mcllrath, 
Jason DeCourcey, Ben Rooke, Robert Ferguson, Heather Doerr, Lori Kuykendall, Knsti Koonts. 

University Singers 

Front Row: Marcia Dills, Robin Pedrick, Nicholle Johnson, Heather Sinclair,Heidi Edsall, Hala Qubein, Jennifer Parlier, Karen Onstott, Carrie 
Irvine, Johnna Pettit, Jamie Henton, Carol Burnett. Row 2: Rebecca Toney, Suzanne Gessner, Lornene White, Tara Ebner, Nancy Mayfield, 
Jennifer Andrews, Allison Brown. Row 3: Brandon Parker, Brian Grant, Pete Yunger, Damien Young, Andrew White, Matt Burnett, Sean 



Front Row: Jenifer Coppedge, Tracy Snelbaker.Hala Qubein, Nami Matsumura. Row 2: Jonathan Stone, Amy Spencer, Carol Hooker. 


Commuter Student Association 

Front Row: Heather Hanes, Brandon Woosley, Peggy Dowd. 

International Club 

Front Row: Andrea Dunn, secretary; Zaneta Drej, vice president; Laura Araujo, president; Dan Vianna, treasurer; Catherine Weber, SGA 
representative. Row 2: Fadwa Zamamiri, Hala Qubein, Andrea Kon, Ins Eysteinsdottir, Dann Panchit, Daniele Eller, Estalita Gumbs. Row 
3: Britt Zimmerman, Phong Nguyen, Kevin Peterkin. 


Front Row: Nichole Lee, Leigh Magraw, Amy Klein, Laurel Donley, Stephanie DeLamater. Row 2: Jennifer Kale, Shannon West, Melissa Hall, 
Barbara McDowell. Row 3: Brandi Bowman, Beth Seufer, David Tuxhorn, Kalyn Bowers, Kristy Morrison. 


LAC Tutors 

Front Row: Aaron Blagg, Zaneta Drej, Kristie Johnson, Laura Araujo, Kayln Bowers, Kristen Long, Jennifer Andrews. Row 2: Brandon 
Woosley, Jenifer Coppedge, Jamie Cable, Jennifer Tomasello, Andrew Awai, Martin Majorel, Pamela Garwacki, Abe Dispennette, Craig 
Curty, Danesha Raines, Brent Ayers, Jo Ann Solomon, Charles Clayton, Nami Matsumura. 

Writer's Club 

Front Row: Robert Gilmore, Nancy Mayfield KellyAnne Schmidt, Eugene Liauw. Row 2: Kim Envall, Veronda Bryk, Jennifer Gauntt. 


American Humanics 

Front Row: Kalyn Bowers, Jen Romagna, Amanda Paugh, Heidi Morris, Nadine Stracuzzi, Leigh Magraw, Pete Yunger. Row 2: Michelle 
Clark, Leana Layfield, Hala Qubein. Row 3: Mike Wolfe, Allison Brown, Emmalyn Yamrick, Matt Nelson. 

Fr R.i Ac 

American Chemical Society 

Front Row: Rhonda Byrne, Dr. Wid Painter, Jennifer Birchett. Row 2: Dr. Charlie Warde, Laura Araujo, Chris Berman, Jennifer Gauntt, 
Veronda Bryk, Britt Zimmerman, Gray Bowman. 


Model United Nations 

Kateleen Castor, Zaneta Drej, Curtis Miller, Shannon Weinberg, Brandt Hansen, Vearl Williams, Jennifer Andrews. 

Campus Chronicle 

Gus Vieira, Megan Morgan, Rob Humphries, Mike Gaspeny, Kristen Long. 



Dance Team 

Front Row: Mandy Campbell, Susan Swallow, Holly Huisinga. Row 2: Anne Carlino, Carey Maloney, Angela Elliot (Captain), Raechel 
Bennett, Jessica Dawber (Captain). Row 3: Christie Brooks, Tina Weaver, Monique Shirley, Cherstin Daugherty, Carla Crotts. 

Front Row: Melanie Kellam, Jeanme Bejacmar, LaKiesha Matthews, Kathy Castor. Row 2: Rev. James Brown, Laura DeBettencourt, Jessica 
McGreen. Row 3: Doniese Collins, Deborah Brown, Jamy] Sharper, Jamille Johnson, Danesha Raines, Ben Rooke, Matthew Kyle, Joy Rogers, 
Tennile Leak, Shinita McMillian. 


Tower Players 

Front Row: Amy Stark, Lauren Petrosino, Astria Williams, David Gysherts, Chase Bowers, Gus Vieira, Ursula Guillen, Megan Morgan. Row 
2: Andrea Waterman, Bridget Lanigan, Heather Doerr, Catherine Weber, Carol Walker, David Resch, Jennifer Andrews, Nancy Mayfield, 
Sean Mintz. Row 3: Brian Ersalesi, Debbie Lumpkins, Ron Law, Darren Lael, Mary Beth Ritchie, Cassandra Arnold, Andy Miller, Heidi 
Edsall, Tony Romani, Leo Orlov, Michael Bennington, Ryan Fenton, David Miller Brian Witt, Don Bryan. 

Art Students League 

Jason Miller, Andrea Wheeless, Katnna Smith, Cheryl Harrison, Ursula Guillen, Aga Potrzebowski, Masunu Kakizaki, Nancy Mayfield. 


Home Furnishings and Interior Design Clubs 

Front Row: Christina Henry, Karyn Poag, Erin Stetler, jenny Parnell. Row 2: Dr. Richard Bennington, Shannon Martin, Dr. Elizabeth Dull, 
Mindi Brown, David Tuxhorn, Sarah Bennington, Rob Flynn, Drancy Parrish, Brandon Woosley. 

Biology Majors 

Front Row: Maida Shore, Lisa Fuller, Sally Little, Robert Ferguson. Row 2: Dr. Fred Yeates, Christina Brooks, Dr. Curtis, Tim Arnold, Todd 
Miller. Row 3: Joe Schwartz, Marshall Sink, Dr. Chuck Smith, Jonathan Stone, Dr. Gerald Smith, Tony Romani, Tiffame Wilson. 


Students of NC Association of Education 

Front Row: Lia Carter, Carrie Clark, Rachael Gips, Dr. Betty Royal, Karen Teague, Johnna Pettit. Row 2: Cynthia McDonald, Linda Kelly, 
Debbie Peel, Sue Crawford, Kristin Davis. 

Society for Historical & Political Awareness 

Kathy Castor, Jennifer Andrews, Don Dunphey, Dr. Kathy Carter.Kristv Morrison. 


Black Cultural Awareness 

Front Row: Karen Curtis, India Cole, Robin Pedrick, Kathy Castor, Jamille Johnson. Row 2: LaKiesha Matthews, Anita Spivey, Andrea Dunn, 
Astria Williams, Jasheena Moore, Joy Rogers, Tennille Leak, Verron Chue. Row 3: Larikus Scott, Rosalind Brown, Kelly Goode, Tahirah, 
Dock, Mikel Foster, Matthew Kyle, Willette Crosby, Jeannie Bejacmar, Fadwa Zamamiri. Row 4: Jobe Beckhom, Rooney Belizaire, Thomas 
Brown, Danita Harris, Leon Reels, Danesha Raines. 

Stndetits for Environmental Awareness 

Front Row: Althea Mottas, Pamela Garwacki, Kim Van Etten, Beth Seufer, Barbara McDowell, Rebecca Harsh. Row 2: Josh Fitzpatrick, Pete 
Yunger, Jim Adams, Anthony Damico, Veronda Bryk, Barbara Bickford. 




Student Government Association 

SGA delegates from campus organizations 


SGA Officers 

Front Row: Gus Vieira, Heather Doerr. Row 2: Tracy Tarr, Brent Ward, Andy Belk, Seth Carter, Will Thompson. 


Front Row: Nichole Lee, Meghan Kovalcik, Jennifer Taylor, Jennifer Shalon Hickle, Legislator; Ben Rooke, President; Beth Anne 
Holmes. Row 2: Matt McLendon, Larikus Scott. Zimmerman, Secretary; Joe Beckhom, Vice-President. 

Sophomore Class Officers 

Ljjri I A 

■ _L^H 

1MB *• si i 1 

tf^f*^^^V \- 



Senior Class Officers 

JeniferC ppedgeStephanieDeLa m,Brent W ard,CarolHooker. Lizzi Torrone, Vice-President; Amy Jones, Secretary; Cory Fink, 
rfbf President; Julie Craddock, Treasurer. 






Community is built not only in 

the residence halls and the 

classroom, but in our althletic 

pusuits as well. 
Pushing their abilities to the limit 

and serving as model citizens, our 
athletes strive to become well- 
rounded members of our campus 


Lisa Brogdon shoots and scores The Lady Panthers dominate the ba 
another goal for the Panthers. as they take the lead. 

Women's Soccer 

Coach Heather Puckett 
Asst. Coach Lisa O'Brien 

MVP: Brandy Baughman 
1st Team All Conference: 

Laura Lamb 
2nd Team All Conference: 

Marie Wilson 

10-9-0 Overall Record 
7-3-0 Conference Record 


A powerful offense drove the Lady 
Panthers to the lead early in the match. 


Marie Wilson powers by her opponent 
to approach the goal. 


Fanev footwork and power are what 
it takes on this field. 

The Lady Panthers scramble for 
control of the ball. 

%&%#'■'! Zxj 

Front Row: Jennifer Killoch 

Middle Row: Stephanie Mays, Sarah Hodges, Lisa Brogdon, Marie Wilson, Douangmaly Panchit, Kelly Ivey, Sam 

Laseter, Claire Murphy 

Back Row: Emily Eschedor, Iris Eysteinsdottir, Laura Lamb, Julie Cline, Carrie Marcey, Brandy Baughman, Caasey 

Must, Kat Krusas 


Chad Bailey maintains control as lie 
defends himself against a swarm of 
opposing players 

Men's Soccer 

Head Coach Woody Gibson 
Asst. Coach Jim Rinker 

MVP: Chan Sayaphet 

Key Player: Sean Forte 
player and former 
high school All- 

Finished 5 



Daniel Hole slides by his opponent to 
take a shot at the goal. 

Tied for 4th place in CVAC 


Caught in a pinch, Tillman Darrell 
gains control of the hall. 

Tillman Darrell takes control of the 
ball near the 10 yd. line. 

The team celebrates another stunning 


tS fa 


§ rtf^ p-.f .t t J 


Front Row Jeff Canady, Skip Korotva. 

Middle Row: Nick Masoms, Chan Sayaphet, Chad Bailey, John Long, Brandon Van Hoose, Tillman Darrell, Nate 

Srenhens Daniel Hole, Sean Carroll. 

Back Row: Hendrix Valenzuela, Kevin Sellers, John Giandoni, Brad Bumgarner, Mike Wilson, Chris Burns, Pete 

Hiatndes, Sean Forte, Kelley Harris, Brenden Slata. 


Melissa Lansberg plans her strategy Mark Klameru: 
on when to pass her opponents. line. 

heads for the finish 

Cross Country 

Head Coach: Bob Davidson 
Asst. Coach Jimmie Burchette 

Men's Team: David Duggan 
Women's Team: Heather 

Men's team won CVAC 
conference 5th year in a row. 
Women's team won CVAC 
conference 4th year in a row. 
All Conference Performers: 
Men/David Duggan, Sean 
Hildreth, Christian Kell, Mark 

Women/Heather Bowers, 
Melissa Lansberg, Mindy Cox, 
Katie Powers. 

David Duggan gains speed as they 
clear the wooded area of the course. 


The Lady Panthers give it all they 
have got as they hit the home stretch. 

The Men Panthers vie for an 
advantageous position in the pack. 

The Panthers get ready as they await 
the start of the next run. 

% \&- **-''* j\ ~ w * : '*-* k 

Front Row: David Duggan 
Back Row: Christa Hrynyshen, Shon 
Hildreth, Kenji Dorsey, Keith Corhett, 
Christian Kell, Mark Klamerus, Ron 
Davis, Kipp Garrett 

j; f r-« 

Front Row: Geisha O'Reilly, Melissa 


Back Row: Christa Hrynyshen, 

Heather Bowers, Mindy Cox, Katie 

Powers, Aga Potrezbowski, Holly 

Jurgenson, Kipp Garrett. 


Practice makes perfect. 

Holly Hend ley works on her powerful 
overhand serve. 

f \ 



Women's Volleyball 


Head Coach Teresa Faucette 

Captains Tiffanie Wilson 
Anitra Lambeth 
Lori Kuykendall 

MVP: Lori Kuykendall 

Freshman of the Year: 
Tahirah Dock 

Overall Record 26-6 

28 consecutive volleyball 

wins in the conference 

Won conference regular season 

title and the conference 

tournament for the 2nd year in a 


1st Team All-Conference: Holly 

Hendley, Tahirah Dock, Lori 


2nd Team All-Conference: 

Tiffanie Wilson 

The team works together to perfect 
their sets and bumps. 

Teammates give it all they have got 
during a practice match. 

A perfect set requires quick reflexes 
and impeccable timing. 

The team works hard preparing for 
their first home match. 

gS ag'a l | f ^ m 


Front Row: Holly Hendley, Lori Kuykendall, Tiffanie Wilson, Amtra Lambeth 

Back RowfTeresa Faucette, A 1S ha Boyd, Kristen Lewis, Tahirah Dock, Karah Hensley, Pam Plummer, Jamie Walsh 


The cheerleaders shout their support 

for the women's basketball team. The Panther struts his stuff 


Head Coach: Heather Puckett 

Assistant Coach: RuthToomey 

Captain: Tracy Lovejoy 

Macsots: Ben Rooke 
Ted Sykes 

The squad demonstates uniform 


The squad makes themselves heard 
over the roaring crowd. 

Tracy Lovejoy roots on our men's 
basketball team during a home game- 
Hours of practice pay off as the squad 
hits its mark. 

— — "■££»g^ a 

Ted Sykes, Althea Mottas, Jennifer Dunn, Jessica Rivera, Jennifer Kale, Shannon West, Jessica Emley, Bridgette Key, 
Tracy Lovejoy, Ben Rooke. 


Sports Medicine Trainers not only 
Rehabs of shoulder injuries are help treat injuries but can offer advice 
common. on avoiding further problems. 

Sports Medicine 

High Point University's Sports 
Medicine Program is 
accredited by the American 
Medical Association. 

Sports Medicine students 
complete at least 800 hours 
work experience under the 
supervision of a National 
Athletic Trainers Association 

Students work in the 
university sports medicine 
clinic and also serve as trainers 
tor college and high school 
althletic teams. 

The clinic utilizes the latest techniques 
for the treatment of sports related 


Ken Breath evaluates a possible knee 


Rick Proctor stays busy as 
^^^ Associate Professor of Sports 
' IT Medicine (Athletic Trainer). 

Dan Tarara demonstrates special 
techniques for rehab. 


Front Row: Chnsta Hrynyshen, Nikki Tomlinson, Heather Bowman, Kyle Wade, Jason Horay, Ken Breath, George 
Ott Mikel Foster, Lindsay Gentz, Stephen Goodrich, Kipp Garrett. 

Back Row: Brandy Owen, Kellie Judge, Brad Harper, Shannon Spohn, Mike Seller, Trey Scott, April Rose, Matt Laslo, 
Dustm Segers, Eric Drum, Ada Jenkins, Brenna Baker. 


The team takes a moment to psyche 

up before a game. Tracy Gross shoots and scores! 

inject f 

Men's Basketball 

Head Coach: Jerry Steele 

Asst. Coach: Dee Sasser 


Brett Speight 
Chad Reeves 
Dave Witmer 
Jim Barkalow 

1995-96 RVAC Male Athlete of 
the Year and CVAC Men's 
Basketball Player of the Year: 
Brett Speight. 

The Panthers aren't afraid to get int( 
the thick of it. 


Brett Speight sinks one in much to the 
dispmay of his apponents. 

Tracy Gross prepares to pass the ball 
as the Panthers gain control of the 

Front Row: Angelo Pipes, Damond Van Weerhuizen, Tracy Gross, Jason Panourgias, Jim Barkalow, Myron Stewart 
Back Row: Jimmy Bennett, Chris Hairston, Brett Speight, Prentice Woods, Chad Reeves, Ray Burney, Dave Witmer, 
Maurice Madison. 


A quick handoff as the team sets up Karen Curtis stays in control as she 
the next assault under the net. prepares to shoot. 

Women's Basketball 

Head Coach: Joe Ellenburg 

Asst. Coach: Jimmie Burchette 

Additional photos provided 
by David Cox 

1995-96 All-Conference and 
MVP of the Conference (2nd 
time): Karen Curtis 

1 995-96 CV AC Freshman of the 
Year: Dee Pennix 

The Lady Panthers take the floor. 


Keisha Boyd shoots from the outside 
for 2 points. 

Panthers take advantage of foul shots 
to gain the lead. 

A quick pass will open up a shot on 
the inside. 

Front Row: Jan Foushee, Erin Weatherstone, Karen Curtis, Dee Pennix, Tiffanie Wilson, Kelly Goode 

Back Row: Kristi Fisher, Keisha Boyd, Annie Miller, Courtney Wharton, Julie Hunter, Kelly Thomas, Tami Ramsey. 


Perfecting the doubles formula 
for the nest home game. 

Head Coach: 
Gerry Tertzagian 

Pekka Pohjamo: 
returns as #1 spot 
Taavi Suorsa: 
returns as #2 spot 
Kalle Kuusisto: 
returns at #3 spot 

Team went 10-0 during 
1995-96 conference 

Team members congratulate each 
other after a good match. 


A powerful backhand results 
in another point scored. 

Making the save during a practice 

Striving for perfection before the next 

Chris Chapman, Ari Naskanen, Tom Hennessey, Krister Romeyn, Kalle Kuusisto, Vincent Pulpua, Taavi Sursa 


A team member gets a little extra help 

from the coach. Another ace flys by her opponent 

Women's Tennis 

Head Coach: 
Gerry Tertzagian 

Assistant Coach: 
Amy Dillingham 

The team finished 
15-4 overall and 7-3 
in the conference 
during the 1996 season 

A devastating forehand is hard to beat. 


A solid return during a practice game. 

i ^R* 

The Panthers double team serves up a 
winning combination. 

Dawn Parks, Natalie Buono, Mc Cullough Caldwell, Christina Miller, Beth Kreitl, Chloe Harding, Andrea Auello, 
Catherine Stephenson, Sylvia Paugh, Kristie Johnson. 


Fore! Heads up on the fairway. Going for the short putt 

Dee Sasser 

1996 Second Place 
Conference finish and 
trip to NCAA Division II 
South Regional Tournament 

Tony Romani - three 

time academic Ail-American 

Don Wilson tees off on the ninth. 


David Faulkner sinks one on the 18th 

Adam Pranger offers some 
encouragement from the sidelines. 

Front Row: Tom Moore, Jason Pranger, Don Wilson, Jason Bromwell, Tony Romam, Adam Parson, Eric Trees, Justin 
Duke, David Faulkner, Adam Pranger, Peter Santacasa. 


Covering third base with style 


Head Coach: 
Jim Speight 

Brian Kemp 
Al Woods 
Bugsy Brown 

Top Returners: 
Brandunn Rush 
Brad Albert 
Matt Griffin 

Waiting for that perfect pitch. 


A strong hit serves up bases loaded. 
Pitchers warming up before a game. 

? ?^. 'SWIM!" 

Front row: Tom Keating, John Hunt, Matt Griffin, Jeremy Livengood, Joe Cristy, Paul Wirth, Sam Dover, Jeremy 

Page, Kelly O'Donnell. 

Middle Row: Jason Brennon, Peter Yoder, Chad Schaffner, Brad Southern, Sean Gordon, Jeremy Dowd, Tony Giro, 

Buddy Webb, David Ryan, Tim Dixon, Jason Lowder. 

Back Row: Brandon Marshall, Jeff Sanders, Andy Gragg, Dan Roof, Jim Long, Todd Dorrell, Brandon Cathey, 

Brandunn Rush, Brad Albert, Danny Rodrigues, Jon Hancock. 


The javelin crew compares techniques Slum Heldreth leads the pack 
during practice. 

Track and Field 

Head Coach: 
Bob Davidson 

Assistant Coach: 
Jimmy Burchette 

Trainers: George Ott 
Brandy Owen 

1995-96 3rd place in NC/SC 
Championship Meet 

Heather Bowers tries to beat her 
previous time. 


Friendly competition during a 

Technique is everything with the 


!«■§§§ I 



} * t 


Front row: David Duggan, Larikus Scott, Kenji Dorsey, Shon Hildreth, Matt Norman, Ron Davis. 

Back row: Mike Souhrada, Mark Klamerus, Brad Goldvarg, Christian Kell, Jobe Beckhaom, Chad Baucom. 



As the year closes we can reflect 

on our community and the 

achievements of the 1996-97 

academic year. 

We sincerely thank those 

businesses listed in this section 

for their support of the Zenith 

in its continuing mission to 

chronicle our community. We also 

recognize the hard work of the 

residence hall staffs and councils. 



Complex Council 

Front Row: Raechel Bennett, treasurer; Christine Gibbons, vice-president; Gwendolyn Ruffin, president. Row 2: Caroline Bunting, Shalon 
Hickle, Kristy Morrison. 

Finch/Millis Staff 

Front Row: Heather Puckett, Karen Gunderman, Rans Triplett. Row 2: Tanya Jones, Brad Harper, Andrea Waterman, Brad Bumgarner, Erin 
Bell, Mike Jamieson. Row 3: Ben Rooke, Rob Ferguson, Mike Hill, Kevin Shute. 



Complex Staff 

Front Row: Keith Corbett, Jessica McGreen, Aimee Pennuto. Row 2: Kristy Morrison, Jon Stone, Shalon Hickle, Veronda Bryk, Heida Edsal 
Sarah Bennington, Karen Teague, Erin Flannery. 

Belk Council 

Front Row: Amy Klein, Heath Raimond, Ted Sikes. Row 2: Brandi Bowman, Leigh Magraw, Shannon Newman. 


Belk Staff 

Front Row: Patrick Sullivan, Shannon Newman. Row 2: Ted Sikes, Rosalind Brown, Traci Casceillo. 

Colophon for 1997 Zenith 

Staff members: Heather Sinclair, Kristy Weeks, Daniel Miller, Mary Beth Ritchie, Michelle Holland, Gary Loy, and 
Amanda Isaac. 

The custom-stamped cover base was #517 Basin Street with #381 silver foil stamp and a Mission grain texture. 

Mugshots were taken by Ray Ware of Lifetouch Studios. Sport team photos were supplie by the Athletic Department 
and Mike Tuttle. Candids were taken by Mary Beth Ritchie, Heather Sinclair, and Katherine Hill. Proofs and raw 
materials were transported to the plant by Gary Loy. 


Advisors: Katherine Hill and Millie Price 
Plant Representative: Tom Adams 



High Point University 



StlASSTEirSS IIe«iiee PlIOttllAMS 



• Evening claaaes 

• JPart-tijme and full-time enrollment 

• Degree poaeible witnin two years 

• Admission in January, June, and August 

• No work experience needed 

An earned bachelor's degree Cany discipline), GPA, six 

may qnalif y an applicant for admission 

For information, contact the Office of Graduate Studies. 

TELEPHONE: 010-841-ei98 or91O-841-0O23 

X^AJX: 01O-841-4599 





gjfc King Hussein of 
Jordan (right] 
visits the West Bank of 
the Jordan River in 
October to show 
support for the 
Palestinian-Israeli peace 
talks and the 
establishment of an 
independent Palestinian 
state It is Hussein's 
first visit since Jordan 
lost the territory to 
Israel in the 1 967 Arab- 
Israeli War. 

In November, a hijacked 
Ethiopian airliner crashes 
after running out of fuel. 
The crash occurs near a 
resort beach in the 
Comoros Islands in the 
Indian Ocean. At least 
1 23 of the 1 75 people 
on board die, including 
the hijackers. 

After 36 years, Central 
America's longest civil 
war ends when Indian 
rebels and military 
leftists sign a truce 
in Guatemala. 

British Telecommuni- 
cations agrees to 
purchase MCI 
Communications for up i 
to $21 billion in 
November. The deal is 
the biggest foreign 
purchase of a US 
company ever concluded. 

Alija Izetbegovic, leader of 
Bosnia's Muslim Party of 
Democratic Action, is elected 
chairman of the country's new 
three-person presidency in 
September. The election is held 
in accordance with provisions 
of the U.S.-brokered Dayton 
peace agreement. 

AP/Wide World 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

. Canada on 
r 25 to protest 
cutbacks in social 
services by the Ontario 
Thousands of people 
march through the city 
during "Metro Days 
of Action,'' organized 
by labor and social 

A UN. -negotiated treaty 
banning chemical 
weapons worldwide is set 
to take effect in the 
spring. The treaty 
prohibits the 
development, production, 
stockpiling or use of 
chemical weapons, and 
calls for the destruction 
of existing supplies. The 
treaty is signed by 160 
nations, including the U.S. 

^^ Russian 

r^ President Boris 
Yeltsin wins reelection in 
July, despite persistent 
health problems. After 
successful heart 
surgery in November he 
returns to work. 

^-L The Miss World beauty 

pageant, held in Bangalore. 
India in November, raises a storm of 
protests, some violent, including one 
by a group threatening to stage a 
mass suicide during the pageant's 
telecast A new Miss World is crowned 
without incident 

A pipe bomb explodes in 
Centennial Olympic Park after 
the first day of competition at the 
Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Flags fly 
at half-mast to mourn the 1 person 
killed and more than 100 injured 

^^ Pope John Paul II undergoes 
7^ surgery for an inflamed 
appendix in October His chief surgeon, 
Dr Francesco Crucitti. announces that 
the 78-year-old leader of the Roman 
Catholic Church is free from "previously 
undiscovered serious ailments." 

4 l 


~-^ In a group so 

large it could be 
tracked by satellite 
hundreds of thousands 
of refugees abandon 
camps in Zaire in 
November and begin a 
lourney home to 
Rwanda, which they had 
fled to escape a civil 
war Closing of the 
camps forces the 
refugees to flee 

r' m Mass graves containing the 
bodies of Muslims, allegedly 
murdered by Serbs in 1 992 during the 
Bosnian civil war, are excavated in 
Bosnia-Herzegovina throughout the 
year as a shaky peace negotiated in 
1 995 continues 

t*~J --■ =3- 

13,700 feet 
above the Atlantic 
Ocean, killing all 230 
passengers and crew 
members. The Boeing 
747-100 was en route 
to Paris from New 
York. The cause of 
the explosion remains 
a mystery. 

mm™ l»!**jj 

Anti-American Saudi 
terrorists are 
blamed for a truck bomb 
that kills 19 U.S. service 
people on June 25 in 
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. 
Mourners grieve at a 
memorial service held in 
Khobar, Saudi Arabia 

§£lSf^"' is 

^-L More than 300 Tutsi refugees 
in the African country of 
Burundi are slain by Hutus, a rival 
ethnic group The covered bodies, 
mostly women and children, illustrate 
the ferocity of the conflict 

Agence France-Presse 

Benjamin Netanyahu wins 
the May 1 996 election for 
Prime Minister, defeating Prime 
Minister Shimon Peres, whom 
many Israelis think is making too 
many concessions to Israels 
Arab neighbors 



The U.S. Army issues 

* .tilt I. now polioioi, lor rlnll 

instructors and female 

trainees. as hunrlretls nl 
complaints of sexual 
harassment are revealed 
in November Drill 

ire now 

required to leave theii 
doors oui'n il .1 
female ie ineide, 
.mil women must 
travel in pail ■ 

mi • iiK nl 

veterans i :omplain ol 
illnesses since the 1991 
i 'it', i. hi Gulf w. ii', the 
Pentagon warns they 
may have been exposed 
in chemical weapons, 
ihi' Pentagon reveals 
that n| i to two tons of 
'.,n in nerve gas in.iy heve 

In Til H'Iimm'iI 

Six year old beauty 

pageant qui Jonl lanel 

Ramsey is found 

i iii 'i "ii in the 

basement ol her parents' 

Colorado homo the day 

after Chi istmas i ler 
death raises a nationwide 
iwai i.'iioss of 
i onti oversiel youth 
beauty pageants 

S| leaker ol the I Ii luse 
Nnwt Gingrich (R Georgia] 
is fined $300,01 in m .1 
In partisan voir after the 
1 ii iuse Ethics 
Committee b year long 

investigetii ito allagi id 

fini al improprieties 

,-4. Bind Jua, a 

r" gorilla at 
Chicago's Brookfield 
Zoo, becomes a hero 
when she rescues a 
3-year-old boy knocked 
unconscious after falling 
1 8 feet into the ape 
enclosure. The boy 
suffers brain contusions 
but soon recovers. 

^.i^ Former UN ambassador 
T^ Madeleine Albright is 
nominated for Secretary of State by 
President Clinton on December 5. 
Confirmed in office in January 
1 997, Albright is the first woman 
to head the State Department 

Robert Allison Contact Piess Images 

^J^ Seven-year-old pilot Jessica 

^^ Dubroff is killed when her 
Cessna airplane crashes shortly 
after take-off in bad weather from 
the Cheyenne, Wyoming airport 
Her flying instructor and her father, 
the plane's two passengers, are 
also killed in the April 1 996 crash 

f-L Theodore Kaczynski, alleged 
T^ to be the "Unabomber, ' who 
killed 3 people and wounded 
more than 20 others with mail 
bombs since 1 978, is arrested in 
Montana in April 1996 Information 
provided by Kaczynski's brother 
leads to the arrest 


^ On August 1 1 , a 
w y boater rescues 
1 0-year-old Taylor 
Touchstone from the 
snake- and alligator- 
infested waters of a 
Florida swamp 14 miles 
away from where he 
disappeared August 7 
Although exhausted 
and badly scratched, 
the autistic boy 
recovers fully. 

^L One of the 
^T^ longest armed 
stand-offs in U.S. 
history occurs outside 
Jordan, Montana 
between the FBI and 
members of an anti- 
government group 
calling itself the 
Freemen. The 81 -day 
siege ends peacefully 
in June 

AP.'Wide World 



of Oregon's Interstate 
5, creating a 40-foot- 
deep sinkhole, into 

ich two semitrailer 

cks tumble. 

■ AP/Wide World 

J Nationwide. 

~\ forest fires 
blacken more than 
twice the acreage lost 
to fires in an average 
year. California, 
Montana and Oregon 
are particularly hard hit 

M- .. . 

Kurt Miikr H.. Press-Enterprise 


Schwarz. Gamma/Liaison 

urity guard Richard Jewell 
vestigated as a suspect in 
July Olympic Park bombing. After 
three months of medio frenzy, during 
which Jewell is a virtual prisoner in 
his home, the U.S. Justice 
Department admits there is no 
evidence against him. 

Six-year-old first- 
grader Johnathan 
e is suspended from 

his Lexington, North V 

Carolina elementary 

for violating the city 

schools' sexual condu 

guidelines — he kissed a fei 

classmate. Prevette is quickly 

reinstated after a nationwide 

controversy over the suspei 

^i William 

I Jefferson Clinton 
defeats Republican Bob 
Dole and Independent 
H Ross Perot to 
become the 42nd 
president of the U.S 
and the last president of 
the 20th century 
Clinton is the first 
Democrat since 
Franklin Roosevelt to 
be reelected to a 
second term 


r ^ A civil |ury finds former football 
I star J Simpson liable for the 
June 12, 1994 wrongful deaths of his 
ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and 
her friend, Ronald Goldman In a 
unanimous verdict, the |ury awards 
$8.5 million in compensatory damages 
to Goldman's parents The Brown and 
Goldman families are each awarded 

]12 5 million in punitive damages 



The Citadel. South 

l Carolina's traditionally 
all-male military academy, 
admits four women, including 
Petra Loventinska (left) and 
Jeanie Montavlos. Montavlos 
and another female cadet later 
drop out. citing harassment 
and "sadistic" hazing. 

^ All 110 people aboard a 
T~^ ValuJet DC-9 are killed in 
May 1 996 when a fire breaks 
out in the cargo hold The plane, 
en route from Miami to Atlanta, 
crashes and disappears almost 
completely into the Florida 
Everglades, making it difficult for 
workers to retrieve wreckage 

( - L Topsail Beach, a town on an 
island off the coast of North 
Carolina, is one of many Eastern 
locations hit hard by Hurricane Bertha 
in July Six powerful hurricanes, all with 
winds over 110 miles per hour made 
1 996 a near-record year doing S3 5 
billion in damage in the U.S. 



- ; i*z*0;-Zjs-^-$ ,1 

Tj.* ■ -^1 

^V- , v -:- » ; — * - 






ajl American 
Shannon Lucid (right) 
spends 1 88 days in 
space, breaking 
American space 
endurance records 
after joining the crew of 
the Russian space 
station Mir. 


A 9,300-year-old 
skeleton discovered in 
July near Richland, 
Washington is the oldest 
and most intact set of 
human bones ever 
discovered in North 
America. Research is 
suspended, however, 
as the tribes from the 
Native American 
grounds where ft is 
found claim the 
skeleton as an 
ancestor and want the 
bones buried. 

Trauma Seal, a new 
medical adhesive that is 
applied like a lip-balm 
stick, is in clinical trials at 
10 hospitals and health 
care institutions 
nationwide. The 
biodegradable adhesive 
could eliminate stitches 
and return visits. 

New York Police 
Department canines 
begin wearing three- 
pound, infrared cameras, 
scouting out potentially 
dangerous areas before 
police officers enter the 
scene. Handlers are 
developing bullet-proof 
vests for the dogs 
to wear. 

A new category of animal 
is discovered in the form 
of bacteria that live on 
the lips of lobsters. 
Symbion pandora, which 
lives on food scraps 
from lobster lips, is called 
"the zoological highlight 
of the decade." 

~-L Videogame giant Nintendo 
^T^ releases its long-awaited 
Nintendo B4, a new hardware 
system that draws players into the 
game and moves three times 
faster than any existing system 

c -k An expedition to raise the 

Titanic, the legendary 
"unsinkable" ocean liner that sank 
on its maiden voyage in 1912, 
from its North Atlantic grave more 
than two miles deep, ends in failure 
in August due to rough seas 

, \^M^^. 


f~ L In August, scientists 
discover evidence of 
bacteria-like life on a meteorite 
found in 1 984 and believed to be 
part of the crust of Mars 4 5 billion 
years ago It is the first possible 
proof that life is not unique to Earth 

from the 
^js of wind, 
pollution and time, ft 
4,500-year-old statue 
is located in Giza near 
the giant pyramids. 

The Mars 
~^y "^ Surveyor Trolley, 
named Sojourner, is 
carried on-board 
Mars Pathfinder, an 
unmanned spacecraft 
launched in December. 
Soiourner, a free-roving 
probe the size of a 
child's wagon, will 
photograph the Martian 
surface and determine 
the composition of 
rocks on Mars. 

Satellite dishes 
become one of 
the year's hottest-selling 
electronic consumer 
products Owners find 
the savings of not 
paying for cable 
services cover the cost 
within a few months 

EchoStar Communications Corp 

-jg California's 

Monterey Bay 
Aquarium opens a new 
wing in March 1 996 
The million-gallon indoor 
ocean showcases the 
marine life of the 
outer reaches of 
Monterey Bay, 5 to 
BO miles offshore 

New research 

___ that horm 

n keep 

ged men 
ger and mor 
youthful. A 
releasing skin pat 
called Androderm is 
prescribed by m 
doctors to 
supplement the 
natural hormor 

Jl An "oxygen bar" in 
X Toronto. Canada allows 
patrons to pay $1 6 to spend 
20 minutes breathing pure 
oxygen The owners of the Oj 
Spa Bar claim the treatment is 
a healthy way to reinvigorate 
the body and offer fruit "flavors' 
to liven up the experience. 

Mary Leakey, shown with 
husband Louis Leakey in a 1 959 
photograph, dies in December 
Discoveries by the Leakeys 
throughout their careers are 

some of the most important 
gja^^^ in paleoanthropologies! 
history Her greatest 
discovery was a tra 
of 3 7-million-year- 
old footprints, which 
proved that 
hominids walked 
upright far earlier 
than previously 

r -^ The Hubble Space Telescope 

captures new images of 
quasars, the universe's most powerful 
and baffling phenomena Previously 
thought only to exist in colliding 
galaxies, new pictures indicate 
quasars can also exist in undisturbed 
galaxies — causing astronomers to 
revisit their theories 


Former NFL 

inillllll'-.'.iuntr F'nt.r 

Rozello dies on December 
6. Rozelle is credited 
with transforming 
professional football into 
America's top spectator 
Bport, and with inventing 
the Super Bowl. 

U.i'.krlli.ill nu:c|.isl.;ii' 
Michael Jordan 
launches his own 
cologne: Michaol 
Jordan Cologne. Demand 
I. ir Ihr 1 1 . 11 (I . li ii :i- r. -.I) 
high that manufacturer 
Bijan Fragrances limits 
sales to 1 2 bottles 
per customer. 

The ever-present Cindy 
Crawford releases a 
book on applying 
make-up. Basic Face 
enjoys a long run on the 
best-seller lists. 

The National Women's 
Hall of Fame opens in 
Seneca Falls, New York, 
inducting 1 1 women, 
including author Louisa 
May Alcott. and Oveta 
Culp Hobby, the nation's 
first female colonel. 

Archbishop of Chicago, 
Cardinal Joseph 
Bernardin dies of 
pancreatic cancer in 
November. Bernardin 
was known tor being a 
reconciler in churches 

Hill! Ill ■IMII 'I'll t.l'.lllll.Klll 

and modern culture, as 
well as for speaking out 
against physician 

,r.-.r.l.i-il miii lil. 

- j| "The Late Show" 
host David 
Letterman (right), who 
had been hinting at 
retirement, re-signs 

1*^57 v^-j',t>?v* 

J0&T' •*' 


***" ■^t ^" 

*. m t( " ■ • « 
' . Z. .' 

V ' 


• v »<i=, ^m. . ' *' 

his contract with 

^■Sfrk "" 

CBS, keeping him at 

"The Late Show" 
through 2002. 



, ^rm^ 



r^ - Mother Teresa, 1979 

i Nobel Peace Prize winner, 
suffers a heart attack in late 
December. It is the 86-year-old 
Roman Catholic nun's fourth 
serious illness in 1 996 

(-k In April 1996, singer 

I Michael Jackson is seen 
escorting a woman later identified 
as Debbie Rowe. an employee of 
Jackson's plastic surgeon In 
November, Jackson announces 
that he and Rowe are married and 
that she is carrying his child 

_^J* Music megastar Madonna 

T gives birth to Lourdes Maria 
Ciccone Leon, a 6-pound, 9-ounce girl, 
on October 1 4 Madonna's big year 
continues when she wins a Golden 
Globe for her rale in Andrew Lloyd 
Webber's on-screen rendition of the 
musical Evita. 

_*0 In October, TV talk-show host 

I Jenny Jones testifies during the 
Michigan murder trial of Jonathan 
Schmitz Schmitz was accused of killing 
Scott Amedure, who revealed romantic 
feelings for Schmitz during a March 
1995 taping of a "Jenny Jones Show" 

^a In a small. 

secret ceremony 
on an island off the 
coast of Georgia, John 
F Kennedy Jr marries 
Carolyn Bessette, a 
Calvin Klein publicist, in 
September Kennedy, 
who dated Bessette for 
two years, had long 
been considered one 
of the world's most 
eligible bachelors 

"uhammad Ali 
lal athlete to 
e Olympic 
h, lighting the 
lpic flame at the 
ning of the 
ntennial Summer 
impics in Atlanta 
July 19. 

More than 4.000 
items owned by former 
First Lady Jacquelyn Kennedy 
Onassis and President John F. 
Kennedy are auctioned off in 
April 1996, including a 
necklace of simulated pearls 
shown in this 1 962 
photograph. The fake pearls, 
valued at $5CO to $700. sell 
for $21 1 ,500, bringing the 
auction total to $34 5 million 

Universal City Irom Shooting Sta 

Holland, is 
crowned Miss 
America at the 
1 9S6 pageant on 
September 14. 

eta Lansbury 
appears in her final 
on as mystery writer Jessica ' 
Fletcher on CBS's "Murder, She 
Wrote." The hugely successful 
show ran for 12 seasons. 

ketball player 
e Bryant joins 
the Los Angeles Lakers 
straight out of high 
school, signing a multi- 
million dollar co 
during the team 

Lee /Archive Photos 

gj i New York Yankees fan Jeffrey 
I Maier interferes with a fly ball 
during game one of the American 
League Championship Series on 
October 9 The ht is ruled a 
home run, tying the game 4 to 4 in 
the eighth inning and making Maier 
New York's hero for a day. 

~fa Veteran comedian George Burns 
I dies in March 1996. |ust weeks 
after reaching the age of 100 The 
legendary Burns won an Oscar, an Emmy 
and a Grammy Award in an illustrious 
career dating back to vaudeville 

^^ As a stand against the invasion 
of his privacy, George Clooney, 
star of NBC's "ER," boycotts 
Paramount's "Entertainment Tonight" 
after its sister show "Hard Copy" runs 
unauthorized footage of the actor's 
private life 



Tom Cruise stars in 
Jerry Maguire, a 
romantic comedy about a 
sports agent who 
decides to change his 
shallow ways, and 
spends the rest of the 
movie trying to regain his 
success. It is a 
breakthrough role for 
Cruise, who is 
normally depicted as 
a cocky winner. 

To honor the 20th 
anniversary of its 
release, producer George 
Lucas issues a "remade" 
Star Wars, with new 
scenes, computerized 
special effects and 
souped-up animation. 
Lucas' grand plan calls 
for a nine-film cycle, 
including prequels. 

English actor/director 
Kenneth Branagh plays 
Hamlet in his star- 
studded remake of 
Shakespeare's classic. 
Despite running four 
hours, the movie is a 
critical and box-office 

NBC's Thursday night 
drama "ER" features 
television's first HIV- 
positive prominent 
character. Jeanie Boulet, 
a physician's assistant 
played by Gloria Reuben, 
is relatively open about 
her condition and helps 
confront the stigma 
of AIDS. 




Wl»"'» ilb ' 

Scott Adams' Dilbert. the 
comic strip about office 
politics, captures the nation's 
imagination In book form, The 
Dilbert Principle becomes a 
national best-seller 

-^ Patrick Stewart 
(left) and Brent 
Spiner [right] star in 
Star Trek: First Contact, 
a movie featuring 
characters from the TV 
show "Star Trek: The 
Next Generation." 

Paramount Piclures Irom Kobal 

J k Actors Winona Ryder and 
T^ Daniel Day-Lewis star in The 
Crucible, which opens in December 
The screen adaption of Arthur 
Miller's famous play about the 
Salem witch trials is written by 
Arthur Miller himself 

r-^ Academy Award- 

T^ winning actor 
Tom Hanks' first effort 
at directing receives 
critical praise when 
That Thing You Do!, a 
movie about the 
meteoric rise and fall of 
a 1960s rock band, 
opens in October. 

20th Century Fox Irom Shooting Star 

Jfc Model Brooke Shields (center) 
moves to television in NBC's 
"Suddenly Susan," a sit-com premienng 
in September Shields plays a columnist 
opposite magazine editor Judd Nelson 
(far right] 

g-j| Sherry Stnngfield, Dr Susan 
^T" Lewis on NBC's "ER," leaves 
the show at the peak of her 
character's popularity. In her final 
episode, when Dr Mark Greene, 
played by Anthony Edwards, declares 
his love for Susan, the show gamers 
its highest ratings ever 


\ Cnchton 
I publishes The 
\ Lost World, a 
| sequel to 
Jurassic Park, 
the colossal 
novel and 
movie The 
new book 
promises to 
generate just as 
much hype, with a movie 
already in the works. 


NBC from Shooting Stai 



QUJH -•* 

_^m Explosive special 

effects rivet 
audiences to their seats 
as they watch 
Independence Day, 
one of summers 
blockbuster movies 

r -A ) Bugs Bunny and Chicago Bulls 
basketball star Michael Jordan 
share top billing in Space Jam, a 
partially animated feature film that 
opens in late November 

20th Century Fox from Shooting Stat 

T— - 

r &* 





20th Century Fox Irorn Shooting Stat 

J Actors Brad Pitt [left) and 

Jason Patnc star in 
Sleepers, a film about four men and 
their extraordinary scheme to 
revenge the abuse they experienced 
as boys The controversial movie 
also stars Dustin Hoffman, Robert 
De Niro and Kevin Bacon 

.j and Claire 
star as the 
jvers in the film 
1 Juliet. 


Tom Cruise stars in | 

Mission: Impossible, based 1 
on the 1 960s and 70s television s 
series of the same name. Despite 
critical put-downs, the movie is a 
huge box-office hit. 



■ John Lithgow [front right] 
earns both an Emmy and a 
Golden Globe Award for Best Actor 
in a Comedy Series in NBC's "3rd 
Rock From the Sun," a sit-com 
about a family of aliens living in 
contemporary America 

_^^ America's favorite sit-com 

^ father. Bill Cosby, enpys the 
success of his new CBS show, "Cosby ." 
In January 1997, however, tragedy 
strikes as Cosby's son Ennis is killed in 
Los Angeles in an apparent 
random robbery. 


/arner 8ros. from Kobaf 


rns to tel 
1 as a depi 
in ABC's "Spin 

the inner worki 
n York's 

_^L Stars Bill Paxton and Helen 

Hunt flee a tornado of 
awesome proportions in Twister, 
another summer blockbuster, 
which tells the story of storm 
chasers highly devoted to studying 
the inner workings of tornadoes 

Dream WotksSKGttom 
Shooting Star 



Folk and blues artist 
Tracy Chapman returns 
to the scene in 1 996 
with the single "Give 
IVIe One Reason. ' 
Chapman receives five 
Grammy nominations in 
January 1997. 

The artist formerly 
known as Prince 
Emancipation, a three- 
hour, three-CD album, 
in honor of his release 
from his Warner Bros, 
recording contract. 

Guitarist Slash of Guns 
N' Roses forms his own 
band. His new group, 
Slash's Blues Ball, is a 
six-man blues band 
grounded in the blues- 
based hard rock of 
the 1970s. 

Rocker Sheryl Crow joins 
the ranks of musicians 
who have had their 
albums banned from 
Wal-Mart The retail 
giant objects to a lyric 
alleging that kids kill each 
other with guns they 
obtained from the store. 

r-X The Beatles' Anthology 3. 
I the third and final album 
from the reunited remaining 
members of the band, is released 
in November Following the example 
of their two previous anthologies, 
Anthology 3 sells in record 

y Malerba. LGI 

-j| British pop 
T superstars bam 
(left) and Noel Gallagher 
cancel the remainder of 
a U.S. concert tour in 
September amid rumors 
that their band, Oasis, is 
breaking up. Denying the 
reports, the brothers 
announce they will 
release a new album in 
the summer of 1997 

Kipa, LGI 


a new album, , 
Jucldy Bank* of the Wiuhkah, In 
' ir. Tha alburn contains 17 f 1 - 
tracks recorded between 1989 
tha 1 984 suicide of stager Kurt 
Cobain (right). 

Jane Huntington, LGI 

-J_« Bush, a British rock group with 
T an American "grunge" sound, 
tours the U.S. to promote their album 
Sixteen Stone. They release another 
chart-topping album, Razorblade 
Suitcase, in the winter. 

pose as the band kicks off a reunion 
tour with a June 28 concert in 
Detroit The tour marks the first 
time the original members of the 
band perform together since 1979 

(- + Canadian pop artist Celine 

I Dion tops the charts in 
1 996 with the album Falling Into 
You, which sells more than 1 6 
million copies worldwide 

^k After 10 years of separation, members 
I of the band Van Halen are reunited with 
their former lead singer, David Lee Roth [right], 
at the MTV Video Music Awards in September 
Roth later claims he thought he was repining 
the band, who chose a different lead singer. 

gj k Heavy metal band Metallica 
I is the headlining act for the 
summer concert Lollapalooza, 
traditionally an alternative-rock 
show. Metallica remains high- 
profile, winning an MTV award for 
the year's Best Hard Rock Video 
in September. 


-^ No Doubt, fronted by lead 

singer Gwen Stefani, releases 
Tragic Kingdom, which includes such 
chart-toppers as "Just a Girl," 
"Spiderwebs." and "Don't Speak " 

4k> ft 


Counting Crows' second alburn. 

Recovering the Satellites, is 
released in October The long awaited 
follow-up to 1 993's August and 
Everything After debuts at number one 
on the charts 

t -^ George Strait is honored by the 
^\ Country Music Association in 
October with three maior awards — 
Single of the Year for "Check Yes or 
No," Album of the Year for Clear Blue 
Sky, and Male Vocalist of the Year 

Slj'/h .Minings Lbl 

TimMosentelder. LGI 

Jfc Alanis Monssette's Jagged 
^\ Little Pill reigns the charts, 
becoming the all-time top-selling 
album by a female artist. 
Morissette also dominates the 
1996 Grammys by winning four 
awards, including Best Album 

James L. Lance. LG 

■-^ The hit 
"Where It's At" 
kicks off the new 
Beck album 
Odelay, which is 
released to popular and 
critical acclaim. Spin maga 
awards Beck Artist of the Year 



dubbed the "godfather of 'gangsta' 
rap," begins distancing himself from 
hard-core rap. "Been There, Done 
That," his break-away anthem, 
premieres on MTV in September. 

Fourteen-year-old singing 
sensation LeAnn Rimes is 
Inominated for the Country Music 
■Association's Horizon Award after 
Ithe breakthrough success of her 
[single "Blue " The popular new star 
is often compared to country 
(music legend Patsy Clme. 

*. R.E.M.'slSth 
album, New 
Adventures in H'hFi, the 
group's first recording j 
since 1994's Monster, 
is released by Warner 
Bros, in September. 

The Wallflowers, i_._ 
Jakob Dylan, son of 
legendary folk artist Bob 
Dylan, release Bringing Down 
the Horse, which features hit 
singles "One Headlight" and "I 
Avenue Heartache." 

IT* / j 

gj| Toni Braxton's second album, 
^r Secrets is released in summer 
1 996 Braxton wins RS.B Single of the 
Year for "Let It Flow" at the Billboard 
Music Awards in the fall 


(^^ The music world is stunned in 
September by the death of 
rapper Tupac Shakun killed in a drive-by 
shooting in Las Vegas. Speculations as 
to the killers motive abound, but the 
year ends with no answers and 
no arrests 




Tennis pro Pete Sampras 
wins the eighth grand- 
slam title of his career 
at the U.S. Open in 
September. Steffi Graf 
wins the U.S. Open 
Women's title, beating 
Man ca Se es 

Pro boxer Mike Tyson 
loses his Heavyweight 
Champion of the 
World title to Evander 
Hotyfteld in a November 
match. Hotyfield, a 
former two-Ome world 
champion, reclaims his 
title in the surprise win. 

Chicago Bulls star 
Dennis Rodman furthers 
his controversial 
reputation by kicking a 
photographer in the 
groin during a game 
against the Minnesota 
Timberwotves in January 
1997. Rodman is 
suspended for up to 1 1 
games without pay. 
costing him more than 
S1 million, in addition to 
a $25,000 fine to the 
NBA. as well as a 
reported S200.000 
settlement with the 

Baltimore Orioles second 
baseman Roberto 
Alomar is suspended for 
five games, deferred to 
the 1997 season, when 
he spits on an umpire 
dunng a heated 
argument over a 
questionable call in the 
National League play-offs. 
Controversy ensues over 
the leniency of the 

, The New York 
r"^ Yankees win the 
World Series, beating 
the Atlanta Braves in a 
four-game sweep, after 
losing the first two 
games. It is the first 
series title for the 
Yankees since 1978 


Team USA wins the World 
Cup of Hockey, beating 
Canada 5-2 in the final. Eight 
teams from Canada, Europe and 
the US participate in the 
World Cup, which replaced the 
Canada Cup 

Al Bello, Allsport 


beet the 
Panthers « 
ptayoffs. The fvtai ( 
n the series rem 
when tie 

goal in t 

Al Bello Allsport 


-4 Twenty-year-old golfing 
phenom Eldnck "Tiger" 

Woods turns pro in August, making 
the transition from exceptional 
amateur golfer to well-endorsed 
professional, including a deal 
with Nike worth an estimated 
$40 million 

^^ Paul Motor of the 
^T^ Minnesota Twins becomes 
the 21st player in major league 
history to reach 3,000 career 
hits. The milestone is reached in 
September, when Motor triples 
against Kansas City Royals rookie 
pitcher Jose Rosado 

_c^*^ Race car driver Terry Labonte 
wins NASCAR's Winston Cup 
championship with a total of 4,657 
points after finishing fifth in the 
final race, the Napa 500, at the 
Atlanta Motor Speedway 

. Led by quarterback Brett 
Favre, the Green Bay Packers 
beat the New England Patriots 35-21 
in Super Bowl XXXI at the Louisiana 
Superdome It is the Packers' first 
Super Bowl since 1968 

Ciaig Jones Ailsp' 

1 ■K^jrtf^iP 
1 *M 1/^WJt 


b* ;/.,'m 




©1996 USA Today, reprinted with permission 

^_^ The U S 
gymnastics team takes 
the gold at the Summer 
Olympics Kern Strug, 
second from right, is 
the heroine of the 
competition, landing her 
final vault despite a 
dislocated left ankle 

Am U S swimmer 
1 Amy Van Dyken 
wins the women's 
1 0O-meter butterfly 
event at the Olympic 
Games with a time of 
59.1 3 seconds Van 
Dyken wins a total of 
four golds 





% \4 

l ~ _. The Chicago Bulls win their 

fourth NBA championship in six 
years as they defeat the Seattle 
SuperSonics in game six of the NBA 
finals on June 1 6. 



AlBello. Allsport 


the gold medal 
decathlon, a 

jeling, 10-event 

j L April 1 996 marks the 
^1^ 1 0Oth running of the 
Boston Marathon. More than 
38,000 contenders participate. 

*— Olympic swimmer Tom 

Dolan captures another 
gold for the U.S. as he wins 
the 400-meter individual medley 
on July 21 Dolan wins with a 
time of 4:14.90. 


r m 


,-J | Minnesota Twins star 
^T"^ centerfielder Kirby Puckett 
announces his retirement from 
baseball in July. A serious eye 
ailment forces Puckett to give up 
the game, but he manages to 
maintain his upbeat attitude at 
press conferences and interviews 

U.S. Olympian 
Michael Johnson 

wins the 200-meter final 

in a world-record time of 

19.32 seconds. 

Johnson's triumph 

comes three days 

after he wins the 

400-meter race, 

making him the first 

man to win both 

events in one 


4 «#<»»»» 


,-X Jean Dnscoll [front right] of the 
~~ U.S. takes the silver in the 
women's 800-meter wheelchair race, a 
demonstration sport, at the Summer 
Olympics Dnscoll, seven-time winner 
of the Boston Marathon, retires at the 
end of 1996. after setting several 
world records during her career 

-j| Basketball star Shaquille O'Neal 
jumps from the Orlando 
Magic to the Los Angeles Lakers in 
July The deal is the richest in NBA 
history, paying O'Neal $120 million 
over 7 years 




Helping consumers 
maintain privacy, 
marketers promote 
home AIDS tests. 
Consumers draw their 
own blood and then send 
it away to be tested 

Advancing technology 
means more options 
on telephones, 
including Caller ID. 
which becomes more 
common than ever in 
1 996. The display unit 
allows people to see the 
name and number of 
their caller before even 
answering the phone. 

Authors Ellen Fein and 
Sherne Schneider 
release The Rules, a 
controversial manual 
teaching women 
strategies for getting a 
man to propose 
marriage. While the book 
draws criticism from 
both sexes, it is a 

The U.S. Postal Service 
issues stamps 
Hanukkah , the first non- 
Christian religious 
holiday ever featured 
on a stamp. 

Casual Fridays become 
more and more 
widespread in American 
work culture Businesses 
allow employees who 
normally dress in 
professional clothing at 
work to wear more 
comfortable, casual 
clothing on Fridays.