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Full text of "The Zenith Yearbook, 1998 High Point University"

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1998 Zenith 


"Table of contents 


Community Review 



* V 

A message from High Point University President Dr. Martinson 


ongratulations Class of 1998 

■ W**.*j 

We are proud of you. When I 
was a boy, I learned a verse by 
Longfellow which has haunted 
me in a good way: 

Lives of great men [women] all 

remind us 
We can make our lives sublime, 
And departing, leave behind us 
Footprints on the sands of time. 

What a splendid message that 
sent to me in my youth - it still 
does. Each of us is special, and 
we want to use our live for 
something that counts. We want 
purpose and direction. I prayed 
for that in my youth, and I still 
do. I think all of us want purpose 
to our existence, that which 
motivates us to do good and 
even great things. What is good? 
What is great? Goodness and 
even greatness to me is giving 
from the heart, anything else is 
a cheat on life. 

In spite of what we may read 
and hear about our society in 
need, I have great faith in 
students. You are the future, and 
I have faith in you. Our prayers 
go with you always. 

With highest regard, 




They don't make the residence halls, they just make the residence halls a 
better place to live. 

The RA staff, trained and ready to 
serve the Universtiy community. 

RA's participate in a ropes course 
"trust fall" during training. 

Residence Life Staff: (Front row) Ron 
Dalton,Kristv Morrison, Ted Sikes. 
Row 2: Rans Triplett, Heather Cutler, 
and Shannon Hodges. 

Kristy Morrison and Barbara 
McDowell navigate low ropes over 
the "tar pit" during a training exercise. 

The newest addition to Security, the 
bike patrol, is on the prowl. 

New student check-in is the first 
assignment the freshman class has 
to handle. 



At the Luau, students will don 
anything to show school spirit. 

Rob Ferguson and Andrea Waterman Big Man Joe Cristy assists the new 
show that orientation staffing can be Freshmen with the move in. 
a lot of fun. 

Now that I'm here with all of my stuff, what do I do next? 



High Point University's newest 
sport, sumo wrestling, turns out to 
be a big hit with students. Others 
bowl their way into a new year. 




High Point students expand their horizons by crossing the ocean and 
experiencing a different culture. 

Jessie Mcllrath, Jessica Frey, Jenn 
Andrews, Daniele Eller, Brandi 
Bowman, Lauren Ripley, Susan 
Douglas, Valerie Scott, and Karen 

Lauren Ripley and Brandi Bowmanare 
glad tobeon the outside of this castle's 


Karen Teague, Valerie Scott, Susan 
Douglas and Brandi Bowman hang 
out in a local pub. 

uauren Ripley rides the statue at 
Bleinheim Palace (Yee Haw!). 



Students discover the joys of helping others and the community 
while completing over 25,000 hours of service. 


olunteer Activities 

t : * 

*u- M 

Volunteers break out the big tools 
while handling the cleanup at 
Parkview Elementary during Make 
a Difference Day. 


Qtudent activities board 

This student group works hard all year to make sure you have fun on 

Paul Cottrell, Brent Warde, Chris 
Huff, Jamie Henton, and Chad Fritts 
hang loose at the NACA conference. 


The Cafe is packed during an SAB Jamie Henton and Shalon Hickle take 
event. a wild ride on the transcendar. 

Photo with the stars was a smashing 


The Tower Players entertain with their rendition of the Rodgers and 
Hammer stein musical. 

Laurey and the chorus primping and 
posing as Laurey daydreams about 

Judd Fry (Damien Young) wakes up 
Laurey (Heidi Edsall ) from her dream. 

Laurey's dream wedding as staged 
by the chorus. 




Students enjoy numerous activities during Homecoming week 

The Pikes and Kay-Dees make a great 
team during the Homecoming Parade. 

The Zetas take great pride in their 


The Homecoming Court being The Gams and Lambda Chi's get into 
announced during the half-time of the true greek spirit, 
the homecoming soccer game. 

The Homecoming Court pauses after 
:he thrilling parade tour through 


Students enter through the balloon 
archway to begin their night of 
revelry. The event's decor boasted 
over 1,000 balloons. 

A view from the Market Sqaure 
balcony confirms another attendance 
breaking Homecoming dance. 

Heidi Edsall and Stephanie Quimby 
shine in their evening wear. 

The 1997 Homecoming Court gathers What party attire would be complete 
above the dance floor after their withoutthemasqueradeball tophats 
introduction. and canes? 

A Masquerade Ball dazzled students and alumni at the October 4th 



Emmalyn Yamrick, Ben Rooke, and 
HeatherDoerrenjoy (heir new status 
as co-Queens and Big Man on 
Campus while party goers helped 
them celebrate. 





Students spend 30% of their day in class; for the remaining 70%, these 
activities reign supreme. 

A crowd pleasing leisure activity is 
the semesterly exam breaks during 
the last week of classes. 

Gavin Magaha, Intramural Director, 
and Mike Goldspeil discuss the 
intramural schedule. Over 40% of 
students particpate in intramural 


A favorite past-time is just hanging Daniel Vianna enjoys tooling around 
out in the residence halls with freinds. on the piano in the Slane Lobby. 

hris Huff, Chad Fritts and Jamie 
lenton hit the IMAX theatre during 
leir leisure time at a conference. 


The race is on as gung-ho participants 
hippity hop toward the finish line. 

Three spins down, two more to go 
before teammates can wobble on to 
round two. 


North Yadkin residents "gently 
place" their 7th member on the 
mattress and haul booty. 

The spirit of friendly competition continues as students kick off another 


ERBY DAY 1997 

y- • ■'•' ; :'* 

The Finch Wellness Hall guys pull 
against the redshirts on Derbv Day. 
(Inset) Gavin Magaha, IFC President, 
and Jessica Davvber, Panhellenic 
President, prepare to toss the derby 
on August 30, 1997, to kick off the 
day's activities. 


"Peligious activities 


Students round out their liberal arts experience by joining together in 

Students who attend Westover 
Church Sunday school class gather at 
a planning retreat. 

Dr. Warlick awards Heather Doerr 
with the Oustanding Board of Steward 

Students may attend chapel on 
Wenesdav nights on campus and 
receive IDS credit. 


vlembers of the Board of Stewards 
lost the reception after chapel service. 

'4 J 


Students enjoy the festival of lights 
during the holiday season. 

Ted Sikes and Michael Goldspeil 
delight the kids during the 
Halloween Festival. 

Ted Sikes, alias Spider Man, takes 
timeout with a Parkview Elementary 

Brent Ward, Matt McLendon and Children from Montlieu Elementary 
Andrea Waterman entertain children decorate the holiday tree in the Point, 
during the Halloween Carnival. 

Students help make each holiday a special celebration for 
our university community. 



Students help make the holidays 
special for local children and our 




We arrived on campus our freshmen year knowing no one. As we 
began to participate in activities, we recognized faces and remembered 
names. Acquaintances and friendships were formed as we served our 
campus and our community. As seniors, we realized the value of that 
community and the process which brought us to that point. 


m >&X 

41 w» 

a a 


i> ^<Kir 



^B ~* 

m i 




I -V 5 * 



Bethany ;Andeeson 

(ZUe.yy\ .Andrews 

.Laura jAraujo 



/ if 


"•"^ '** *fll 

/ ^ 

■ 1 



AJick Atkins 

Jennifer Baczewski 

Skane Barnes 

Josepk Barrett 

Jan Baumeis+tff 

Karen Bennett 

.MicKael Bennington 




Barbara Bickford 



Holly Blizzard 

Donna Blytk 

A^elissa Bogle 

Ke^ne+K B^ea+k 

*#% J 

1 .;-*Br"' „ 1 

1 ^ 


» r IB 



K/ »■»» 111 v » 

Jf ij 

1^ — ■■ 

E*: *»■ -a*, ■ • 

* 1 

^H** 1 ** fm 1 

^H V 


^■m ■ 41 

^■7 ^pP^ 

B% vi ^^^^^ 

^B^" 68 ** 





^ 1 

■ ■ 

1 r 

v : - 

Kati'ina Breitenbacn 

Marie. Brinks 

Veronata Bryk 

Brian Bumette 


Seniors 33 

fl Jf ylr w> 1 K 


*• - 

1 ^^k. ^^^^ 1 

Doniese Collins 

3emj-ek* (Sop peck 

-Heidi (Socyell 

"«** V- 

Leon JsAonroe. 


f ¥ 



i V 

Kimbeny ^V\ook*e 

Knsty A^o^^ison 

Susan /Wwellet* 



:4 ft 1 


U 1 1 

fi p> - M 

^B fr^jgfl 

1 ' <* <?> K 

' JK Ik 

■hk -^— t ^H 

• ., ■ 

^■1 ■ 1 Hi ' ^^ ■ 

^^ W^D ^^ 





Joy Ogbufn 

Karen Onsfott 

AAai*cus Owsley 

Jennifec Panned 

Jennifer 1 Pa net+i 

jAsKley Pe 


a^--;^, ■ jg 


Seniors 41 


s*B 9\ 

n y 



.Laura Ketrosino 

]\/\ar\< "Pfundstein 

Stephanie Quimby 

Keigk Ridgeway 

^odd Raleigh 

^BJEi; -f- : 




B.f^ st- 

WH *s& 



XKoinas Rode 

.Mary Reickart 

Jennifer Romaqna 

Antonio Vompa 

David Resek 

(Gwendolyn Ruff in 

42 Seniors 


T-'e+et - San+atzasa 


-J\/\o Seok 

S>e.av\ Sewell 

DebocaK Sile 

Matt Sims 

-Heatkef Sinclair 

£^yn+kia Smitk 

Ka^en Smith 







,"> •*!- 




~^S£i& n i .. ATHLETES_ 

Seniors 47 

Alisha Allen 
Jose Arriaga 
Brent Ayers 
Stacey Barnes 
Amanda Barrows 

Jennifer Beard 
Erin Bell 
Pamela Bennett 
Kalyn Bowers 
Brandi Lynn Bowman 

Marci Boyd 
Jacob Brayshaw 
Debbie Bridges 
Melissa Brown 
Jackie Broy 

Sarah Brunson 
Nathan Budd 
Brad Bumgardner 
Vikki Burton 
Amanda Campbell 

Sean Carroll 
Lia Carter 
Carrie Clark 
Christopher Craig 
Brandi Cranfill 

Amy Cotfman 
Dana Coogen 
Karina Corro- 

Christie Current 
Anthony Domico 

Juniors 49 

Matthew DeBenedette 
William Doerr 
Laurel Donley 
Casey Doran 
Andrea Dunn 

David Durham 

Benjamin Eckman 

Samantha Eddy 

Robin Edwards 

Andrew Elsdon 

Jeffrey Evans 

Kim Farrell 

John Folk 

Julie Foxwell 

Beth Francis 

Chris Freeman 

Shannon Gorrell 

Pam Garwacki 

Colette Gates 

Robert Gilmore 

Rachel Gips 

Allison Haberfield 

Jon Hancock 

Angela Harris 

Karah Hensley 

Debbie Herald 
Rebecca Hickey 

Shalon Hickle 

Summer Hoefert 

Andre Hogan 

50 Juniors 

Cynthia Hutchms 
April Johnson 
Rob Johnson 
Chris Jones 
Molly Kimrey 

Michelle Kirkman 
James Kite 
Amy Klein 
Meghan Kline 
Kristi Koonts 

Sherri Koontz 
Laura Lamb 
Tonya Lawson 
Hiroshi Matsukawa 
Jamie Macon 

Leigh Magraw 
Jennifer McDonald 
Dednca McRae 
Justin Minor 
Douglas Moore 

Thomas Moore 
Megan Moreland 
Megan Morgan 
Donna Moser 
Althea Motts 

William Myers 
Rachel Neal 
Hoang Nguyen 
Daniel Orlowsky 
Mike Osmond 

Juniors 51 

Sherry Overman 
Laura Palmer 
David Pardee 
Kim Penrose 
Jonas Peters 

Van Phanthalack 

Heather Phillips 

Justin Picolet 

Nicole Pizzo 

Adam Pranger 

Monica Presely 

Carisa Preston 

Nancy Quinton 

Christopher Rash 

Brandon Redmond 

Judy Richards 

Dallas Robertson 

Ben Rooke 

Pavla Salacova 

Bevin Salcedo 

Kevin Sellers 

Monique Shirley 

Maida Shore 

Brooke Shores 

Kevin Shute 

Susan Shute 

Wanda Simpson 

Carol Ann Sink 

Angela Smith 

Kathy Smith 

Jeffrey Smith 
Michael Smith 
Rebecca Smith 
Tim Smith 
Amy Spencer 

Anita Spivey 
Alex Starling 
Nathan Stephens 
Erin Stetler 
Myron Stewart 

John Stubblefield 
Janice Summers 
Karen Teague 
Rebecca Toney 
Alexander Tuckow 

David Tuxhorn 
Brandon VanHoose 
Kathenne Via 
Dan Viana 
John Whitehead 

Lee Whitehead 
Peter Williams 
Jeremiah Wills 
Daniel Wiggins 
Beth Ann Zimmerman 

K33P3i b* 

Juniors 53 

Joshua Adams 

Cassandra Arnold 

Andrea Avello 

Chad Bailey 

Tyler Baughman 

Bethany Benedict 

Matthew Benford 

Rachel Bennett 

Juan Bernedo, Jr. 

Ron Bevms 

Karen Blandford 

Erin Blosser 

Christie Brooks 

Gwen Brostrom 

Tony Brown 

Julie Bryant 

Heather Bowers 

Aaron Bowman 

Lawrence Bowman 

Justin Byrd 

Philip Carroll 

McCullough Caldwell 

Greg Carter 

Kateleen Castor 

Shana Chambers 

54 Sophomores 

Verron Chue 
Tyisha Clarke 
Mindy Cox 
Misty Crookshanks 
JoAnne D'Angelo 

Laura DeBettencourt 
Darren Decker 
Kenneth DePre 
Shaun Diehl 
Jason Dill 

Tahirah Dock 
Jessica Dollbaum 
Morgen Doty 
Monica Dowe 
Justin Duke 

Simone Duncan 
Jennifer Dunn 
Donald Dunphey 
Tara Ebner 
Rachel Eckert 

Elizabeth Eschedor 
Danette Farmer 
Katherine Favin 
Kerne Foss 
Kelly Gilfillan 

Sophomores 55 

Brad Goldvarg 
Charles Gregory 
Ryan Grimsland 
Ursula Gullien 
Jennifer Gunter 

Jacob Halsllp 
Melissa Hall 
Tasha Haskins 
Steven Haynes 
Margaret Hebenstreit 

Laura Henry 
Adrienne Hill 
Shana Hinkle 
Katherine Hoffman 
Holly Huismga 

Amanda Isaac 
Kelly Ivey 
Jennifer Kale 
Jackie King 
Jen Kleinrichert 

Adam Knight 
Meghan Kovalcik 
Beth Kreitl 
Brandon Kuebler 
Eugene Liauw 

5b Sophomores 

Lisa Light 
David Lmdsey 
Kelly Longenbaker 
Clayton Lyles 
Melissa MacDermid 

Burton Martin, Jr. 
Samantha Mabe 
Nancy Mayfield 
Ben Medlin 
Christina Mercurio 

Claudia Mitchell 
Jeff Mitchell 
Anthony McArthur 
Stacy McCall 
Barbara McDowell 

Matt McLendon 
Jasheena Moore 
Kate Morosco 
Kendall Morris 
Courtney Newnam 

Matt Norman 
Jason Perdue 
Kevin Peterkm 
Missy Pond 
Katherine Powers 

Sophomores 57 

Hala Qubein 

Leon Reels 

Cassie Redden 

Ashley Reid 

Christine Riley 

Mary Beth Ritchie 

Jessica Rivera 

Nicole Saffer 

Gisela Salinas-Sosa 

Chris Sapikowski 

Larikus Scott 

Alison Searl 

Elizabeth Seufer 

Lisa Short 

April Sparks 

Ramona Staton 

Catherine Stephenson 

Nadine Stracuzzi 

Emily Smith 

Stacie Smith 

Courtney Taylor 

Jennifer Taylor 

Melanie Trader 

Jennifer Turner 

Larry Waldron 

58 Sophomores 

Lisa Waller 
Cornelius Watson 
Beth Watts 
Julie Weavil 
Lindsay Weldin 

Courtney Wharton 
Andrew White 
Lorienne White 
Jason Wilson 
Marie Wilson 

Sabrma Wingfield 
Marisa Wmsky 
Brian Witt 
Nat Woods 
Kristi Yates 

Sophomores 59 

Saad-Aldin Abd-Elfattah 

Seth Adams 

Christina Akhtar 

Shadan Al-Kassim 

Mmdy Allen 

Omar Anderson 

David Ange 

Jonathan Archer 

Allan Arguello 

Clarisa Arnott 

Stefan Astrom 

Ray Atkins 

Sarah Baker 
Garnet Balwah 
Catrina Banks 
Austin Barnard 

Andrea Barnette 

Zachary Barrier 

Lisa Barton 

Jonique Battle-Johnson 

60 Freshmen 

Shannon Baunchalk 
Nathan Bell 
Rebecca Bennett 
April Bertschi 

Jessica Biles 
Michael Blair 
Michelle Blanco 
Jason Bochohs 

David Boggs 
Kate Bond 
Adam Bowles 
Jason Braun 

Jackie Brethen 
Richard Brewer 
Daniel Brown 
Elizabeth Brown 

Jennifer Brown 
Keith Brown 
Kristie Brown 
Michael Brown 

Freshmen 61 

Susannah Brown 

Alissa Brownfield 

Amber Bruton 

Chris Buchal 

Shannon Buckalew 

Robert Burns 

Andrew Byerly 

David Bynum 

Loc Cao 

Luu Cao 

Joanna Carlton 

Daniel Carr 

Todd Carroll 

Melissa Carter 

Billie Case 

Jeff Cavm 

Amy Chance 

Courtney Chinn 

Daniel Christian 

Sherry Church 

62 Freshmen 

Donald Ciccolella 
Travis Clairmont 
Jared Clark 
Gregory Clifford 

Davma Coker 
Kate Cole 
Lisa Cole 
Sarah Coleman 

Candice Collins 
Charles Conley 
Ben Cooper 
Danielle Cooper 

Lindsay Cope 
Kristen Coppage 
George Coppedge 
Tony Cottrell 

Anne Mane Cortina 
Deidre Cotilla 
Heather Counts 
Lauren Coyne 

Freshmen h3 

Dolores Craddock 

Heather Crawford 

Sarah Crouch 

Steven Crowder 

Edward Cruz 

Steven Cuneo 

Heather Danforth 

John Danna 

Adam Davis 
Chevol Davis 
Francis Davis 

Nicole Davig 

Richard Dawson 

Sara Day 

Sandy deKozlowski 

Vanessa de Lara 

Erin Dever 

Jason DeCaprio 

Jessica Dice 

Misty Dills 

64 Freshmen 

Mary Ann DiMaio 
Heather Dodd 
Shelley Dodson 
Darian Dorsey 

Shaun Downey 
Lorpu Dunbar 
Brenl Dundon 
Tim Dye 

Dawn Eagan 
Knstopher Elliott 
Melody Ellis 
Donelle Fagg 

Stephen Felton 
Nikkoa Fields 
Kenneth Fisher 
Wendy Fisher 

Aby Fite 
Randi Fleeman 
David Fleming 
Essence Fleming 


Freshmen 65 

Rebekah Forbes 
Wendy Francis 
Steven Franklin 
Teena Franklin 

Jennifer Franks 

Shannon Freshwater 

Brian Fulton 

Jeff Gano 

John Gantt 

Kelly Gasko 

Felicia Generette 

Jennifer Gerhart 

Dakinette Gibson 

Len Gibson 

Rachel Gierke 

Clayton Gilcher 

Kristie Gishen 
Adam Gladieux 

Crystal Goins 
David Goldstein 

bh Freshmen 

Derek Graf 
Michael Graff 
Laura Graham 
Shadron Graham 

Nick Gricco 
Jonathan Griffith 
Sarah Griffig 
Brian Guertin 

Adam Gum 
Shane Gurley 
Grace Hagan 
Joseph Hall 

Jayme Hall 
Elliza Hammond 
Christina Haney 
Jennie Harding 

Eric Harman 
Chad Hartman 
Travis Harvey 
Jim Hassett 

Freshmen 67 

Amanda Hedgecock 

Sarah Heldreth 

Daniel Hemmerich 

Kaumeshua Hendricks 

Jonathan Hentz 

Douglas Herring 

Tana Hill 

Megan Hofmann 

Chris Honemond 
Scott Hornung 
Virginia Hough 
James Hudson 

Keri Hughes 

Tonya Hughes 

Stefanle lebba 

Joanna Ikerd 

Misty Iseley 

Porsche Jackson 

Melanie Jarvis 

Kelly Johnson 

68 Freshmen 

Russ Johnson 
Tamekah Johnson 
Edward Johnston 
Louis Jones 

Ashley Judd 
Beth Judy 
Krissy Juliano 
Karima Kantey 

Emily Kalata 
William Kassebaum 
Courtney Kelly 
Stephanie Kelly 

Katie Keyser 
Mmdy Kinley 
Michelle Knoeppel 
Jessica Kolodgy 

Randi Komisar 
Joshua Krikstan 
Shannon Larsen 
Leia Lavoie 

Freshmen 69 

Nhiep Le 

Chris Lee 

Bill L'Eplattenier 

Amber Lewis 

Ann Lewis 

Michelle Lewis 

William Lewis 

Clifton Lee 

Marisa Lipari 

Tracie Locklear 

Amy Loflin 

Kevin Logan 

Charles Lonly 

Crystal Ludwig 

Mariel Mackintosh 

Katie Maguire 

Rebecca Marcus 
Devin Marks 

Zachary Mariner 
Brian Martin 

70 Freshmen 

Kara Martin 
Devm Mathis 
Jeanette May 
Scott Mayberry 

Patrick Mayer 
Angela McClay 
Kristal McCray 
Jessi McCrary 

Heather McGee 
Shawn McGee 
Jonathan McMillen 
Tracy McVey 

Steven Meccia 
Peter Mellstrom 
Rebecca Mendenall 
Erica Merrill 

Amy Middleton 
Alicia Miles 
Whitney Millman 
Valerie Mills 

Freshmen 71 

Mike Mitchell 
James Mizenis 

Karen Moody 
Jessica Moore 

Bradi Morgan 

Tristen Morgan 

Ben Mark 

Scott Morris 

Angela Moscoso 

Dianna Mount 

Shannon Mosely 

Shomit Mukher|ee 

Jennifer Murdock 

Alex Myers 

Thoa Nguyen 

April Neighbors 

Effie Nicholson 

Nick Nowalk 

Nick Obntsch 

Pam Outerbridge 

72 Freshmen 

Michelle Padgett 
Lance Palmer 
Chanthou Pana 
Tiffany Parris 

Marty Parnsh 
Margaret Parsons 
Payal Patel 
Jessica Patterson 

Elizabeth Payne 
Robert Pearson 
Jason Peck 
Randy Pegg 

Jeremy Peloquin 
Melody Perkins 
Charles Pindell 
Meghan Pimer 

Francisco Pinho 
Katie Pipelira 
Eric Poe 
Chris Pompuso 

Freshmen 73 

J.D. Porter 

Alexia Poylos 

Meribeth Praml 

Crystal Pratt 

Brandilyn Price 

Jessica Proctor 

Jumanah Oubam 

Jeremy Rash 

Tracey Ray 
Ronald Reagan 
Amanda Reece 
Nanyamka Reid 

Sara Roach 

Michele Roakes 

James Rubbins 

Anderson Robinson 

74 Freshmen 

Stacey Rodgers 
Cesar Rodriguez 
Jimmy Routh 
Bryan Salmons 

Quonsetta Salters 
Michelle Santiago 
Eva Sbardella 
Jon Scaletta 

Oliver Schouten 
Jennifer Schubert 
Elizabeth Scott 
Jared Senters 

Mark Septer 
Lori Sessoms 
Rupal Shah 
Michael Shellenberger 

Tisha Sires 
John Sitandis 
Jacquelyn Smith 
Mandy Space 

Freshmen 75 

April Sparks 

Courtney Stanley 

Mary Stanley 

Sheri Stanley 

Eleanor Stennett 

Sarah Stick 

Mary Stett 

Tony Street 

Jennifer Stukey 
Keith Sutton 

Adam Sweeney 
Brian Sykes 

Yoshiko Takeda 

Nicole Tarantino 

Joseph Tate 

George Taylor 

Kristyn Taylor 

Billy Terry 

Jeremy Tesh 

Eugene Tettamanti 

7h Freshmen 

Noukanh Thephasouk 
Alexandra Thomas 
Lisa Thomas 
Amanda Thompson 

Chris Thornton 
Kathleen Thornton 
Leann Titus 
Jake Tjalma 

Amanda Tone 
Gary Todd 
Stephanie Tnggs 
Matt Tucker 

Brandon Turner 
Tia Turner 
Charles Tuscano 
David Tysinger 

Alexis Valliant 
Rob Varner 
Chris Vinar 
Christina Wagner 

Freshmen 77 

Nathan Walker 

Maurice Wallace 

Adam Walsh 

Mindy Wanzie 

Beth Ward 

Kristl Warner 

Dallas Washburn 

Kathy Watson 

Jen Weinstein 
Brooke Weitz 

Charlie Wentz 
Katy Wheeler 

Perry White 

Howard Williams 

Nicholas Williams 

Devon Wilson 

Leslie Wilson 

Marhsall Wilson 

Timmeca Wilson 

Pamela Wimbley 

78 Freshmen 

Angela Winmngham 
Justin Wishon 
Stephanie Wohltord 
Kevin Wolfe 

Lindsay Wolfram 
Justin Wood 
Sharon Woodcock 
Nicholas Woodward 

Knsten Woody 
Jason Wright 
Kristie Wright 
Evan Yakas 

Laura Vancelette 
Erin Yost 

Mari-Ann Zamorski 
Christopher Zeyer 

Freshmen 79 

Daphne Barrow 

Mekisah Bonner 

Mark Brandon 

Lisa Browder 

Travis Brown 

Carmen Craver 

Michele Dorer 

Christopher Good 

Maxine Hairston 

Jeremiah Handy 

Kelvin Jackson 

Robert James 

80 EDP 

Thomas Long 
Kara Loy 

Joel Mabe 

Craig Morrison 
Timothy Murrell 
Shagail Reed 

Charles Stewart 
Donese Stultz 
Amanda Tucker 

Trudy Walker 
Lisa Woods 

Estalita Gumbs. 

Graduate Student 

EDP 81 

John Altman 
Guy Arcuri 
Sam Beck 

Richard Bennington 

Amy Berrier 

Donna Blythe 

Betty Lou Blount 

Todd Carter 

Gray Bowman 

Becky Burroughs 
Scott Callahan 
Geri Chisholm 

Craig Curty 

Wendy Canaday 

Dennis Carroll 

82 Faculty/Staff 

William Cope 
Elizabeth Dull 
Vance Davis 

E. Roy Epperson 
Diana Estey 
Sarah Gomez 

Woody Gibson 
Rhonda Grimsley 
Bob Hayes 

Dwanna Hayworth 
Shannon Hodges 
Cathy Hunt 

Jeanie Hazzard 
Vagn Hansen 
Karen Hardie 

Faculty/Staff 83 

Sherron James 

Mary Jo Jenkins-Caris 

Steve Koppenhauer 

Amber Kelley 

Hardy Koenig 

Barbara Leonard 

Melitta McCroskey 

Michael McCully 

Jean McDowell 

Ann Miller 

Elizabeth Ann Murphy 

Roberta Powell 

Susan Reid 

Betty Royal 

Dean Royall 

84 Faculty/Staff 

Donna Scott 
George Simpson 
Jim Schlimmer 

Frederick Schneid 
Wendy Smith 
Jim Spessard 

James Stitt 
Kathy Tipton 
Donna Thornton 

Charlie Warde 
Lou Ann Williams 
Morris Wray 

Faculty/Staff 85 



Greeks play an important role within our campus community ranging 
from social activities to volunteer services. It's a lifestyle based on 
tradition with an emphasis on creating leaders. The Greek systems 
seeks to honor its past while building better organizations for the 



A new twist on the tug of war - marshmellows and chocolate anyone? 

88 Greeks 

Greek Week 

Outdoor volleyball in front of Finch 
Hall draws a rowdy crowd of Greek 
and non-Greeks. 

Slide on back to the slick 70's during the 
infamous Lip Sync contest. 

Zeta sisters display their hard Field Day proved to be a great 
work on their homecoming float exercise in teamwork and 
at the end of Greek Week. good, clean fun. 


IFC/Panhellenic Council 

Gavin Magaha (IFC President) 
and Jessica Da wber (Panhellenic 

IFC delegates from the tour President) kick off Derby Day in 

fraternities. August. 

Interfraternity Council Officers 

Alex Rabb, Pete Vossler, Gavin Magaha, Tim Wiles. 

90 Greeks 

Panhellenic sponsors rush sign ups in 
the cafe for all interested women. 

Panhellenic delegates from the four 

Panhellenic Officers 

Mae Harper, Allison Haberfield, Lindsay Weldin, Jessica Dawber. 

Greeks 91 

Gamma Gamma Chapter 

Front Row: Caroline Hedrick, Jessica Dawber, Rebecda Dolle, Heather Doerr, Koren Fox, Jennifer Parietti, Kara Messenger, Sara Mateer, Laura Harris, Becky 
Trout. Row 2: Chrissy Whittaker, Jill Avelone, Marie Wilson, Kelley Ivey , Jacky Broy, Rachael Neal, Katie Favin, Laura Lamb, Jamie Davis, Kiersten Barron. Row 
3: Amy Klein, Jennifer McDonald, Tanya Jones, Jennifer Killock, Sarah Brunson, Megan Bell, Becky MacVaugh, Danette Farmer. Row 4: Julie Samuels, Amy 
Coffman, Jennifer Ambrico, Shannon Morrow, Jennifer Boyer, Jennifer Jardine, Jennifer Marricle, Dennise Canter. Row 5: Julie Cline, Audra Holder, Erin Dolan, 
Dawn Parks, Angie Papavasiliou, Lesley Fulleylove, Laura Henry, Natalie Buono. 

Executive Council 

Front row: Jessica Dawber, Jenn Parietti, Heather Doerr, Jen Maricle, Megan Bell. Row 2: Denise Canter, Jennifer Jardine, Tanya Jones, Sara Mateer. 

92 Greeks 

Kappa Delta 

Fall 1997 Initiates: Kelly Ivey, Sarah 
Brunson, Natalie Buono, Jennifer 
Killoch, Kiersten Barron, Chrissy 
Whittaker, Katie Favin, Marie Wilson, 
Jill Avalone. 

Jenn Parietti, Jessica Dawber, Heather 
Doerr, and Sara Mateer enjoy a birthday 

Seniors: Becca Dolle, Jenn 
Parietti, Becky Trout, Sara 
Mateer, Laura Harris. Row 2: 
Heather Doerr, Caroline 
Hedrick, Koren Fox, Kara 
Messenger, Jessica Dawber. 

Greeks 93 

Gamma Eta Chapter 

Front Row: Megan Moreland, Kelly Prassas Cass Arnold, Andrea Avello. Row 2: Susan Prouty, Emmalynn Yamrick, Brittany Mullins, Erin Delaney, Shannon 
Martin, Bethany Benedict, Marisa Winsky, Sahrina Wingfield. Row 3: Jen Kleinrichert, JenGunter, Angela Elliott, Melody McBride, Erin Zivkovich, Erin Stetler, 
Mae Harper, Carol Walker, Mary Beth Ritchie. Row 4: Chloe Harding, Danielle Barbetti, Erin Blosser, Alison Searl, Dana Coogen, Gena Kafes, Katie DeSmit. Not 
Pictured: Alyson Mullins, Andrea Waterman, Leslie Shute, Hollv Huisinga.Stacie Smith, Susan Swallow, Julie Fowell, Erin Doorley, Karyn Poag, Jessie Mcllrath, 
Lauren Ripley, Erin Flannerv, Catherine Weber. 


s^r, ^:':;^/i 

Executive Council 

Mary Beth Ritchie, Megan Moreland, Brittany Mullins, Emmalyn Yamrick, Angela Elliott, Mae Harper, Marisa Winsky, Karyn P 


^4 Greeks 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

Susan, Megan and Mae surround our 
Homecoming Queen, Emmalyn. 

One of our favorite pasttimes is hanging 
out at the window. 

Seniors: Angela Elliott, 
Andrea Waterman, Carol 
Walker, Brittany Mullins, 
Emmalyn Yamrick, Alyson 
Mullins, Erin Zivkovich, 
Susan Prouty. Not Pictured: 
Mae Harper. 

Greeks 95 

Delta Gamma Chapter 

Front Row: Karen Onstott, Heather Renwick, Sherri Koontz, Kim Penrose, Melissa Goodman, McCullough Caldwell, Beth Krydell. Row 2: Cathy Bell, Sue Shute, j 
Karen Blandford, Jennifer Kale, Shannon West, Heidi Edsall, Becky Hicky, Beth Francis, Christy Johnson, Vicki Devin. Row 3: Melissa Hall, Raechel Bennett, : 
Melissa Ferguson, Kat Hoffman, Kerrie Foss, Laura Araujo, Caroline Bunting, Jill, Kelli Smith, Beth Ann Zimmerman. Row 4: Brooke Shores, Kristi Koonts, Carisan 
Preston, Courtney Wharton, Kelli Longenbaker, Rebecca Toney, Heidi Coryell, Jeanna Jensen, Stephanie Quimby. 

Executive Council 

Joanna Jensen, Melissa Ferguson, Rebecca Toney, Stephanie Quimby, Heidi Coryell, Beth Ann Zimmerman, Kristi Koonts, Carisa Preston. 

96 Greeks 

The spring pledge class of '97 celebrates 
Zeta's 40th anniversary. Front Row: 
Kerri Foss, Kelly Longenbaker. Row 2: 
Karen Blandford, Raechel Bennett, Kat 
Hoffman, Melissa Hall, Kellie Smith. 

The Fall '97 pledge class - Front Row: 
McCullough Caldwell, Beth Krietel, 
Courtney Wharton, Caroline Bunting. 
Row 2: Kim Penrose, Shannon West. 

Zetas enjoy bowling in their Seniors: Front row: Melissa 
spare time. Ferguson, Melissa Goodman, 

Cathy Beall, Vicki Devins. 
Row 2: Karen Onstott, Laura 
Araujo, Kellie Smith, 
Stephanie Quimby, Heidi 

Greeks 97 

Gamma Zeta Chapter 

Front Row: Dorothy Schonberg, Morgen Doty, Nicole Pizzo, Fadwa Zamamiri. Row 2: Debbie Bridges, Dedrica McRae, Summer Hoefert, Jen Taylor, Loriennt 
White. Row 3: Stephanie Delameter, Mary Beth Reichart, Stacy Barnes, Bethany Anderson. Row 4: Beth Watts, Stacy McCall, Amanda Isaac, Leanna Layfield 
Casey Doran, Mandy Barrows, Karen Balden, Melissa Wood, Lindsay Weldin, Tara Ebner, Lisa Short, JoAnne D'Angelo, Michelle Holland, Rachel Eckerl 
Heather Gibbons, Andrea Whitworth, Jennie Holmes. 

Executive Council 

Lindsay Weldin, Andrea Whitworth, Mary Beth Reichart, Nicole Pizzo, Dedrica Mc Rae, Jennie Holmes, Michelle Holland. 

98 Greeks 


Sisters get ready to go to the frat houses 
| for another fun-filled weekend night. 

Mary Beth, Mandy, and Casey - sisters 
and friends until the end. 

L 111^ 


£W ■*? Sf *^* - 7 


m*M^M ^ b 

Spring Rock Fight 1997: Lisa Seniors: Stephanie Delameter, 
and Lindsay smile after a Mary Beth Reichart, Stacy 
rumble at the rock. Barnes, Bethany Anderson. 

Greeks 99 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Seniors: Mike Allen, Dan 

Blackburn. Row 2: Danny Brothers race to victory on Derby 

Santivasci, Matt Sides. Day. 

Delta Zeta Chapter 

Front Row: Kenny DePre, Ryan Cramsey, Krister Romeyn, Mike Allen, Dan Blackburn, Chuong Nguyen. Row 2: Jason Wilson, Justin Minor, Matthew Sides, 
Brian Staiger, Homer Thompson. Row 3:Some Guy, Dave Rawlings, Jason Goldman, Dan Roof, Danny Santivasci, Matt Nelson. Row 4: Chris McComb, Mike 
Sabolewski, Jeremy Mais, Vince Pulupa. Row 5: Jason Zeckman, Scott Seamone. 

100 Greeks 

Brothers hang out on the beach at Sailor's 

Jay and Danny enjoy the Lawn Party. 

Executive Council 

lason Goldman, Krister Romeyan, Brian Staiger, Ryan Cramsey, Mike Sabolewski, Danny Santivasci, Chris McComb, Jay Brown, Scott Seamone. 

Greeks 101 


Lambda Chi Alpha 

Seniors: Kyle Wade, John Buday, 

Tony Pompa, Mitchell Smith, 

Mike Goldspiel, Jay Horay, Matt Members get a little rowdy 

Simms, Ken Breath, Mike Perm, during "Magic Carpet Ride" at a 

Doug Heath, Chris Tate. Halloween Party. 

Iota Phi Zeta Chapter 

Front Row: Chris Tate, Matt Benford, Nick Masonis, John Buday, Tony Pompa, Ken Breath, Matt Simms, Mike Goldspiel, Brandon Vanhoose. Row 2: Ross 
Hendrix, Mitchell Smith, John Long, Kevin Sellers, Gerald Black, Kelly Harris, Dan Patton, Alex Rabb, Doug Heath, Mike Penn. Row 3: Sean Forte, Juan Vernado, 
Mike Wilson, David Tuxhorn, Brad Leahy, Nathan Biggs, Brenden Salta, Jay Horay, Hendrix Valenzuala, Chad Bailey. Top: Chris Vocke. 

102 Greeks 

Brothers take a break from the annual 
North American Food Drive. 5,900 
pounds were raised, reaching and 
exceeding the 5,000 pound goal. 

Nick Masonis gets a little messy at "Pie 
a Lambda Chi" fund raiser. 

Executive Council 

Nick Masonis, Matt Simms, Jay Horay, John Buday, Kelly Harris, Mike Goldspiel, Sean Forte, Brad Leahy, Nathan Biggs, Chris Vocke. 

Greeks 103 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Pikes and Kappa Deltas display 
Pikes ride their firetruck a good looking banner for Greek 
Homecoming float. Week. 


Delta Omega Chapter 

Front Row: Brian Hinaman, Rush Muzekari, Scott Carroll. Row 2: AJ Deluca, Adam Fannin, George Vakoutis, Dave Witmer, Tommy Rodgers. 

104 Greeks 

Brothers have a good time hanging out. 

Brothers participate in a pig pickin' 
during a retreat. 

Fall 1995 Pledge Class 

Greeks 105 

Theta Chi 

Rob, Todd, Joe, Chad, and 

Shannon enjoy the Kay-Dee Tim and Chad hang out before 

100th anniversary celebration. Homecoming. 

3rothers gather for some refreshment and some down-tir 

106 Greeks 

Max and Chad hang out at Drags. 

Shannon and Geoff get ready to eat at 
the Theta Chi barbecue. 

Theta Chi's are dressed to thrill. 

Greeks 107 

I KPI . IIIIII ll < W . 



Clubs and organizations are the cohesive elements that hold our 
community together. They compliment the academic experience and 
draw us together socially. Organizations help us grow individually 
while supporting and challenging us. 


Alpha Chi Honor 

Sealed: (Student delegates) 
Gary Loy, Jennifer Gaurttt, 
Kimberly Envall. Standing: 
(secretary), Jenifer 
Coppedge (president), Dr. 
James Stitt (advisor), Angie 
Hall (treasurer). 

Baptist Student 

Front: Phil Carroll, Andrea 
Barnette, Molly McBride, 
Daviana Greenwood, Mark 
Septer, Tonya Hughes. 
Back: Shadron Graham, 
Shelley Dodson, Johnathan 
Stone, Hala Qubein, Jenifer 

Alpha Delta Theta 

Seated: Beth Cody, Lia 
Carter, Daviana 

Greenwood. Middle Row: 
Heather Hanes, Andrea 
Barnette, Jen Schubert 
(kneeling), Amy Spencer, 
Tara Ebner, Kelly Shaw, 
Hala Qubein, Molly 
McBride. Top: Jenifer 
Coppedge, Jennifer 
Romagana, Melissa Church, 
Marci Boyd Brav, Stephanie 

110 Organizations 


Row 1: Paul Cottrell, Grant 
Welch, Sarah Bennington, 
Heidi Edsall, Jennifer 
Pahner.JennParietti, Koren 
Fox. Row 2: Gena Kates, 
enifer Coppedge, Deidre 
Cotilla, Michelle Wachter, 
Dr. Hargrove, Kaumeshua 
H e n d r 1 c k s , A n g e 1 a 

Biology Club 

Row 1 : Lisa Fuller, Lorienne 
White, Nicholas Williams, 
Matt Norman. Row 2: Misty 
Dills, Brandon Kuebler, 
Sarah Baker, left Mitchell. 

Odyssey Club 

Row: Barbara McDowell, 
Niki Ferguson, Jennifer 
Gauntt, Megan Bell, Philip 
Carroll. Row 2: Nancy 
Morrison, Veronda Bryk, 
Kevin Shute. Row3: Tom 
Albntton (advisor), Shalon 
Hickle, Shelley Dodson, 
Katie Powers. 

Organizations 111 

Kappa Chi 

Row 1: Gary Lov.Mark 
Sutton. Row2:Philip 
Carroll, Don Ciccolella, 
Jonathan Stone, Eugene 
Liauw, Nicholas Williams. 
Row 3: Matthew Boggs, 
Jonathan Archer, Ryan 
G r i m s 1 a n d , B i 1 1 
L ' E p 1 a 1 1 e n i e r , G a r n e t 

Circle K 

R o w 1 : S t e p h a n i e 
DeLamater, Leigh Magraw, 
Ursula Guillen, Barbara 
McDo well, Man dy 
Hedgecock, Laurel Donlev 
Row 2: Darren Ball, Beth 
Seufer, Amy Klein, Kalyn 
Bowers, Kristy Morrison. 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Row 1: Chris Freeman, 
Shadron Graham, Michelle 
Lewis, Wendy Francis, 
Burton Martin, Jr., Meg 
Kline, Lee Whitehead. Row 
2: Brian Davis, Chris Rash, 
Steven Bryant, Jennifer 
Palmer, Dawn Eagan, Mistv 
Dills. Row3:Nick 
Coppedge, Dionna Mount, 
Kathv Castor, Adam 
Knight, Gary Todd, Jill 
Bowman. Row 4: Katherine 
Hill, Don Dunphev, Charlie 
Warde, Amanda Taylor, 
Mindv Wanzie, Leigh Ann 
Workman, Melissa Bogle. 

112 Organizations 

Model UN 

Front Row: Larikas Scott, 
Juan C. Bernedo, Jr., Sara 
Roach, Kristy Morrison. 
Standing: Kathy Carter, 
Johathan Stone, Chris Rash, 
Rooney Belizaire, Jobe 

Tower Players 

Row 1: Cass Arnold, 
Jumana Qubain, Bridget 
Lanigan, Carol Walker, 
Ursula Guillen, Gwynn 
Hall.Row2: Megan Morgan, 
Mike Bennington, Heidi 
Edsall, Damien Young, 
Andrea Waterman, Dave 
Miller, Crystall Goins, Lori 
Sessoms, Nancy Mayfield. 
Row 3: Brian Witt, Jason 
DeCaprio, Jimmy Routh, 
Derrick Graf, Doug 
Herring, Ben Rooke, Ben 
Eckman, Justin Wood, 
Rebecca Mendenhall. 

Alpha Psi Omega 

FrontRow:Jenni Baczewski, 
Lauren Petrosino Bridget 
Lanigan, Carol Walker. 
B a c k R o w : S t e v e 
Koppenhauer, Megan 
Morgan, Mike Bennington, 
Heidi Edsall, Dave Miller, 
Nancv Mayfield. 

Organizations 113 

114 Organizations 

Organizations 115 

Fellowship of 
Christian Athletes 

Patrick Sullivan, Jimmy 
Burchette, Shon Hildreth, 
Chad Baucom, Matt 
Norman, Mindy Cox, 
JoAnne D'Angelo, Katie 
Powers, Jessica McGreen, 
Heather Bowers, Nikki 
Ferguson, Mark Klamerus. 

Freshman Class 

Front: Meghan Pimer, 
Becky Mendenhall, 

Amanda Reece. Back: Tim 
Hassett, Jenny May, Sarah 
Stick, Justin Wood. 

Community Council 

Front: Gwendolyn Ruffin, 
Angela Moscoso, Caroline 
Bunting, Shannon West, 
Michelle Wachter, Steven 
Meccia. Back: Ted Sikes, 
Rvan McNeirney, Heather 
Sinclair, Erich Hoffman, 
Margie Hebenstreit, Dan 

116 Organizations 

American Chemical 

Seated: Dr. Painter, Bntt 
Zimmerman. Row 1: 
Jennifer Gauntt, Dr. Scott, 
enniferBirchett. Row 2: Dr. 
Warde, Lisa Mobely, Willett 
Crosby, Janet Jones, Dr. 

Outdoor Activity Club 

Row 1: Darren Decker, 
Melissa MacDermid, 
Brandon Kuebler, John 
Danna, Jennifer Killoch, 
Kelly Ivey. Row 2: Angela 
Wihmngham, Kelly 

'ohnson, Lisa Thomas, 
oanna Ikerd, Hiroshi 
Matsukawa, Anthony 
Damico, Lorienne White, 
Jill Avalone, Marie Wilson. 
Row 3: Dallas Robertson, 
Ryan Cramsey, Dan Roof, 
Drew Kessler,Matt Nelson, 
Tony Street, Brett Trielo, 
Heather Cutler (advisor), 
Darren Ball (president). 
Row 4: Jen Venetis, Corrine 
Swanson, Steve Felton, 
Corinna, Kate DeSchmidt, 
Kristen Romeyn, Dustin 

Complex Hall RA 

Front: Jeannie Bejacmar, 
Tasha Haskins Keith 
Ridgeway, Shalon Hickle, 
Heidi Edsall, Jasheena 
Moore. Back: Ted Sikes, 
Margie Hebenstreit,, Jackie 
King, Traci Caseillo, 
Heather Cutler, Karen 
Teague, Mary Beth Ritchie. 

Organizations 117 

Belk Community 

Front: Courtney Kelly, Erin 
Bell. Back: Beth Seufer, 
Shannon Hodges, Pam 

Board of Stewards 

Front: Susannah Brown, 
Kristi Koonts, Eugene 
Liauw, Wendy Fisher, Rob 
Ferguson, Zack 

Kassebaum. Back: Beth Ann 
Zimmerman, Jessie 

Mcllrath, John Danna, Seth 
Carter Christian 


Sophmore Class 

Front: Kenji Dorsey, 
Larikus Scott, Meghan 
Kovalcik, Laura 

DeBettencourt. Back: Tara 
Ebner, Kat Hoffman, 
Margie Hebenstreit. 

118 Organizations 

Dance Team 

Front: Holly Huisinga, 
Melody McBride, Rachel 
Bennett, Jesica Dawber. 
Row 2: Monique Shirley, 
Karvn Poag, April Bertsh, 
Rebecca Mendenhall, 
Melissa MacDermid, 
Angela Elliott. 

Student Activity 

Front: Randi Komisar, 
Jackie Brethen, Lauren 
Petrosino. Row 2: Chad 
Fritts, Brent Ward, Chris 
Huff, Don Dunphey. 

Commuter Student 

Front: Patricia Frazer, 
Stacey Lank, Renee Tripp. 
Back: Brandon Woosley, 
Heather Hanes, Janice 
Summers, Mindy Allen, 
Fadwa Zamamiri, Heather 
Crawford, Angela Burke. 

Organizations 119 

Learning Assistance 
Center Tutors 

Front: Beth Anne 

Zimmerman, Beth Kreitl, 
Kimberelv Envall, Heather 
Phillips, Brent Ayers. Back: 
Craig Curty (Asst. 
Director), Monique Shirley, 
Tara Ebner, Pam Garwacki, 
Becca Dolle, Jumandu 
Qubain, Brandon Woosley, 
Jon McMiller,SarahGomez 

Zenith Staff 

Front: Heather Sinclair, 
Michelle Wachter Back: 
Millie Price (Technical 
Advisor), Gary Loy. 

Campus Chronicle 

Front: Meg Morgan, Brent 
Ayers. Middle: Jackie Broy, 
Darian Dorsey. Back: Heidi 
Coryell, Dr. Gaspeny 

120 Organizations 

Order of the Omega 

Christa Hrynyshen, Koren 
Fox, Gavin Magaha, 
Emmalvn Yamrick. 

Belk RA Staff 

Front: Erin Bell. Back: Juan 
Berneda, Pam Garwacki, 
David Duggan. 

Students for 


Beth Seufer, Barbara 
McDowell, Lorienne White, 
Althea Mottas. 

Organizations 121 

Finch/Millis Staff 

Front: Amanda Issac, Sarah 
Bennington, Tanya Jones, 
Barbara McDowell. Back: 
RansTriplett, Kevin Shute, 
Matt McLendon, Jon Stone, 
Tony Brown, Brad 
Bumgardner, Mike 

Jamieson, Brandon 

Kuebler, Kristy Morrison. 

Our Community 

First, a college is an educationally purposeful community - a place where faculty and 
students share academic goals and work together to strengthen teaching and learning 
on campus. 

Second, a college or university is an open community - a place where freedom of 
expression is uncompromisingly protected and where civility is powerfully affirmed. 

Third, a college or university is a just community - a place where the sacredness 
[supreme worth] or the person is honored and where diversity is aggressively pursued. 

Fourth, a college or university is a disciplined community - a place where individuals 
accept their obligations to the group and where well-defined governance procedures 
guide behavior for the common good. 

Fifth, a college or university is a caring community - one in which the well-being of each 
member is sensitively supported and where service to others is encouraged. 

Sixth, a college or university is a celebrative community - one in which the heritage of 
the institution is remembered and where rituals affirming both tradition and change are 
widely shared. 

From Campus Life: In Search of Community 
a special report of The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. 

122 Organizations 

SGA Officers 

Front: Britt Zimmerman, 
Emmalyn Yamrick, Seth 
Carter. Back: Eugene Liauvv, 
Kristy Morrison, Matt 
McLendon, Brent Ward. 

Organizations 123 

Here's a sampling of the clubs and organizations that make up 

Our Community 

Panhellenic members help build the 
luminaries for Lessons and Carols. 

Gavin Magaha volunteers for traffic 
duty during Orientation. 



^^r^ / H 

^B .* 





Model UN discusses their upcoming Students gather for a break while 
trip to Boston. volunteering in a community 


124 Organizations 

Complex Community Council served 
refreshments after the tree lighting. 

1 Tt ^ 

Outdoor Activity Club heads for the 

Baptist Student Union appears in a 
lively rendition of "Peace Like a 

Gavin Magaha and Scott Seamone 
discuss 1FC business before a meeting. 

University Singers prepare for the 
winter concert. 

Organizations 125 

TJie most important part of our community 


Heather Cutler (AC) and Jon Stone 
navigate the low ropes course. 

RA's bond during training week in 

Twanna and LaWanna Jordan team 
up to help SAB with Homecoming. 

126 Organizations 

Melanie Kellam and sidekick groove 
during a fun flicks video. 

Pavla Salacova and Gwen Brostrom 
kill time after a cross country meet. 

Chad Fritts and Christian Student leaders enjoy holiday dinner 
Brandyberry hang out in Finch Hall. at Dean Evans' home. 

Organizations 127 



A 15-day school strike in Ontario 
Canada, affects 2.1 million 
students. Late in October, 
128,000 teachers walk out to 
protest a controversial bill that 
would alter educational funding 
and centralize government 
control of education. 

Jan L 2000 

| Governments and businesses 
worldwide race to remedy the 
"Year 2000" problem. Unless 
key computer systems are 
reprogrammed to recognize dates 
in the new century the world faces 
the threat of catastrophic failure 
in critical areas like banking, air 
safety, public utilities and defense. 

Ai>ence France-Presse 

Asian economic turmoil triggers 
global unrest. In October, Hong 
Kong's stock market crashes. Asian 
countries receive billions in bailout 
dollars from the International 
Monetary Fund. 

A Hong Kong reverts to China at 12:01 a.m., July 1, 
after 156 years of British colonial rule. China says 
Hong Kong will continue its Western way of life 
and free-market economy. 

Montserrat, once called 
"the Emerald Isle of the 
Caribbean," is devastated 
by ongoing eruptions 
from a volcano that had 
been dormant for <■ 
years. Two-thirds of the 
populace evacuates. 

Powerful earthquakes in central 
Italy kill 1 1 people and damage 
art treasures, including centuries-old 
frescoes by Italian Renaissance 
painters, in the Basilica of St. Francis 
of Assisi. 

i The remains of Ernesto "Che" 
Guevara, martyred Marxist 
revolutionary, are laid to rest in 
Cuba in October, 30 years after 
his execution in Bolivia, where his 
bones recently had been found. 

A After 32 years of autocratic rule, 
President Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire 
is deposed in May 1997 and later dies 
in exile. His successor, Laurent 
Kabila, changes Zaire's name to 
Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Change sweeps Great Britain as 
Labor Party leader Tony Blair's 
landslide election in May 1997 
ousts the Conservatives and makes 
Blair, at 44, Britain's youngest 
prime minister in 185 years. 

Hurricane Pauline slams into 
Mexico's Pacific coast in October, 
causing flash floods, landslides 
and at least 200 fatalities. 
The resort city of Acapulco is 
heavily damaged. 

Halloween fever seizes France. 
At the base of the Eiffel Tower 
in Paris 8,000 pumpkins are 
displayed, and French children 
participate in an American-style 
Halloween celebration. 

President Jiang Zemin of China meets for summit talks with 
President Bill Clinton in October, the first visit in 12 years of 
a Chinese leader to the U.S. During his stay, demonstrators 
protest China's treatment of Tibet. 

^ Diana, Princess of Wales, one of 
the world's most famous and 
admired women, dies at 36 in a 
violent car crash in Paris on 
August 31. 

One of the most poignant images of Diana's funeral: her young sons 
following her coffin into Westminster Abbey. 


s/Archive Photos 

Crisis flares again in Iraq in 
late 1997 as Saddam Hussein 
protests U.N. sanctions 
and blocks inspection of 
suspected Iraqi weapon sites. 

Floods, drought and 
mismanagement in North Korea 
create a severe famine. As many 
as a million North Koreans die 
of starvation. 

Pope John Paul II visits Communist 
Cuba in January 1998, the first 
time a pope has done so. During 
his five-day visit the pope 
celebrates public masses and 
meets privately with President 
Fidel Castro. 

In June, shortly before Diana's death, an auction 
of 79 of her evening gowns raises $3.26 million 
for AIDS and cancer charities. Top price paid for 
a single gown: $222,500. 



Brooks Kratt. .S\i}ma 

I On July 23 suspected murderer 
Andrew Cunanan, 27, commits suicide 
in Miami Beach. Cunanan was the 
prime suspect in a cross-country killing 
spree that left five dead, including 
fashion designer Gianni Versace. 

n April 1997, floods ravage the entire Red River 
Valley between Minnesota and the Dakotas. 
Ninety percent of downtown Grand Forks, North 
Dakota, is under water. 

Once-mighty Apple Computer is 
close to failure when arch-rival 
Bill Gates of Microsoft "rescues" 
it with a $150 million bail-out in 
August. The event opens a new 
era of cooperation between 
formerly fierce competitors. 

I Americans join 
"Stop the Violence" 
campaigns nationwide 
in an attempt to generate 
awareness of and solutions 
to the problem of violence 
in America. 

Jonath.iM 1 lOerfield Camma'Liaisori 

Joe Camel is snuffed out as the 
Federal Trade Commission bans 
tobacco advertising aimed at minors 
and institutes sweeping tobacco 
advertising restrictions. 

: ', ,: :. 

British nanny Louise Woodward, 19, 
is convicted in Massachusetts of 
murdering a child in her care. 
The judge later reduces the charge 
to involuntary manslaughter and 
releases her. 

Timothy McVeigh is convicted of 
murder and conspiracy in June for 
the April 1 995 bombing of the Alfred 
P Murrah Federal Building in 
Oklahoma City. McVeigh is later 
sentenced to death. 

Theodore Kaczynski admits he is 
the Unabomber responsible for 
killing 3 people and injuring 29 
others in an 18-year bombing 
campaign. His January 1998 guilty 
plea spares Kaczynski the death 
penalty but condemns him to 
life in prison with no possibility 
of release. 

UPS workers take to the picket 
lines in an August strike lasting 
IS days. The eventual settlement 
is seen as a major labor victory. 

First Lt. Kelly Flinn accepts a general 
discharge from the Air Force, avoiding 
court-martial for lying about an affair 
and disobeying orders. Flinn had been 
the first and only female B-52 pilot in 
the service. 

Arthur llarvry. Thr Miami Herald 

, A rare urban tornado prowls 
through Miami on May 12, 
uprooting trees, shattering 
windows and snapping 
power lines. Fortunately, 
the storm inflicts only 
minor injuries. 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

Attorney General Janet Reno refuses to name an independent 
prosecutor to investigate Clinton administration fundraising, causing 
friction with FBI Director Louis Freeh. 

Terry Nichols is found guilty of 
conspiracy and manslaughter in 
the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. 
Nichols is spared a federal death 
sentence in January 1998, but still 
faces Oklahoma state charges. 

C'Richard Ellis, Sygma 

UFO enthusiasts 
gather in Roswell, 
New Mexico, to 
celebrate the 50th 
anniversary of the 
alleged UFO crash 
there in July 1947. 


Fast-food giant Burger King is forced to stop serving burgers 
when supplier Hudson Foods recalls 25 million pounds oi 
hamburger suspected of contamination with £ coli bacteria. 
It is the biggest beef recall in U.S. history. 

The all-male Promise Keepers 
movement inspires praise and 
controversy for its message of 
spiritual revival and personal 
responsibility for men. In October, 
the group holds a giant rally in 
Washington, D.C. 

Once-secret tape recordings of 
former presidents Kennedy and 
Nixon are released publicly. The 
tapes provide an unvarnished, and 
sometimes unflattering, glimpse 
into the two presidents' actions and 
conversations in the White House. 

Bobbi McCaughey, Carlisle, Iowa, 
gives birth November 19 to seven 
babies, the U.S.'s first living 
septuplets. McCaughey and 
her husband Kenny now have 
eight children. 

Reutefs/Ajcltive Phi 

At the Internet/Online Summit 
in December, Vice President 
Al Gore announces government 
initiatives to protect young Internet 
users from online pornography. 

I On October 25, at least 300,000 
African-American women gather in 
Philadelphia for the Million Woman 
March. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela 
is one of the speaker 

Viewers worldwide see the first-ever 
high-resolution color pictures of 
Mars when the Pathfinder spacecraft 
lands July 4. The lander and its rover, 
Sojourner, collect and transmit 
extraordinary data for three months. 

Russia's aging Mir space station 
collides with an unmanned supply 
vehicle in June and is seriously 
damaged. This is only one in a 
series of crises casting doubt on 
the viability of the station. 

For $8.36 million, Chicago's Field Museum of Natural 
History buys "Sue," the most complete Tymnnosaurus 
rex fossil yet discovered. The sale occurs October 4 
at Sotheby's in New York. 

| In September, CAT scans 
of petrified dinosaur eggs 
found in China reveal a 
dinosaur embryo. 

Scottish scientists in February 1997 
announce the world's first cloning of 
an adult mammal. The sheep, named 
Dolly, fuels controversy over possible 
misuse of the technology. 

ReuttWAjchiv? Pholos 


| Research produces medical break- 
throughs, including a genetically 
engineered "bullet" molecule being 
tested to fight cancer and new 
drugs to control or prevent 
Parkinson's disease, osteoporosis 
and congestive heart failure. 

The popular diet regimen fen-phen is 
pulled off the market in September. 
The combination of fenfluramine and 
phentermine is shown to cause heart 
valve disorders, as is the diet drug 
Redux, also recalled. 

Fuel cells that convert a fuel's 
energy directly into electricity are 
being developed for use in cars, 
making possible an efficient, 
tow-emission car of the future. 

The first prescription pill for 
male-pattern baldness is 
approved by the Food and Drag 
Administration in December. 
The drug Propecia is made by 
Merck and Company. 

Aided by the Hubble Space 
Telescope, astronomers discover the 
Pistol Star — the brightest star yet 
observed in the Milky Way. The Pistol 
Star is 25,000 light years from Earth. 

Comet Hale-Bopp 
captures imaginations 
worldwide as it streaks past 
Earth for the first time in 
4,200 years — or, since 2203 
B.C. Hale-Bopp next returns 
in 4397. 

Y> On October 13, the British jet car Thrust SSC becomes the first vehicle 
to break the sound barrier on land, traveling 766.6 miles per hour in the 
Nevada desert. 

El Nino stirs up global weather 
patterns. Caused by warmer-than- 
normal water temperatures in the 
equatorial Pacific, the '97 El Nino 
is blamed for storms and weather 
problems worldwide. 

In December, 159 nations 
gather in Kyoto, Japan, and 
negotiate a climate treaty 
to combat global warming by 
reducing greenhouse gases. 

The Food and Drug 
approves a dental laser 
for treating cavities. 
Unlike traditional 
dental drills, the laser 
in most cases causes 
virtually no discomfort. 

Premier User Systems, Inc. 




Protesters unsuccessfully attempt 

to prevent the October launch of 

NASA's Cassini spacecraft to 

Saturn, fearing an accident could 

shower the Earth with the rocket's 

radioactive plutonium. 

K Riven, the 
computer adventure 
game sequel to Myst, 
proves to be just as 
popular and even 
more sophisticated 
visually than its 

Hong Kong authorities in 
December order the slaughter of 
more than a million chickens in an 
effort to halt the spread of a bird 
flu virus that killed six people. 

The space shuttle Columbia 
releases the errant Spartan 
satellite in November. U.S. 
astronaut Winston Scott and 
Takao Doi, the first Japanese 
astronaut to do a space walk, 
retrieve the satellite for return 
to Earth. 

French oceanographer and 
award-winning filmmaker Jacques 
Cousteau dies in June at 87. His work 
gamed renown through the popular 
television series 
"The Undersea World 
of Jacques Cousteau.' 


Teen People, a savvy monthly magazine 
for and about teenagers, premieres in 
Februarv 1998. 

Fashion advertising and clothing trends inspire the 
popularity of the color orange, which replaces neon 
green as the fad color of the year. 

In October, a cyberfashion show at the M.I.T. Media Lab Wearable 
Symposium features fashions with built-in computer devices and 
electronic hardware. M.I.T. students designed the high-tech fashions. 


I Princess Diana tribute merchandise 
abounds, including a double CD 
set and a new Beanie Baby named 
Princess, a royal purple bear 
adorned with a rose. Profits 
benefit the Diana, Princess of Wales 
Memorial Fund. 

Fashion looks to the Far East. The 
stick-on bindi, a tiny decorative 
accent worn in the middle of the 
forehead, is popularized by Gwen 
Stefani, lead singer of the band 
No Doubt. 


This year's look in 
cosmetics is glimmering, 
sparkling and colorful. 
Riding this wave, 
cosmetics giant Christian 
Dior introduces Mascara 
Flash, temporary hair 
color in a variety of 
outrageous tints. 

Platform shoes, a fashion statement 
during the disco 70s, make a style 
comeback in a big way in 1997, 
inspiring even platform sneakers. 

Nike introduces a new "I Can" 
advertising campaign on New 
Year's Day. The company does not 
plan to abandon its "Just Do It" 
slogan, introduced in 1985, which 
will continue to appear on T-shirts 
and posters. 

Diet Scent Patches are introduced 
in June by Slimline, a British 
company. Designed to help people 
diet successfully, the small arm 
stickers produce an unpleasant 
odor to discourage the wearer 
from eating sweets. 

"Two Fat Ladies" becomes the Food 
Network's hottest new cooking show 
in the U.S., attracting fans with its 
unconventional British stars, two 
overweight, middle-aged women. 

The Chevrolet Corvette 
is named Motor Trend 
magazine's 1998 Car of 
the Year. 

Softer Hairstyle - 

if e 

Smaller Chest 

Larger Waist 
Smaller Hips — 

A new $50 bill featuring a larger, off-center portrait of President Ulysses S. Grant is 
unveiled in October. Design details make the bill more difficult to forge. 

Mattel introduces Share a Smile 
Becky in May 1997. Seated in a 
bright pink wheelchair, the doll is 
marketed as a friend to the 
traditional Barbie. 

After nearly 40 years, 
Mattel's Barbie doll 
takes on a more realistic 
face and body shape 
than the Barbie of the 
'60s. The new doll will 
begin to appear in 
stores in early 199 

M ft 

Mehndi, intricate 
designs painted on the 
body with henna dye, 
is a popular expression 
of the fashion trend 
toward Eastern themes 
and patterns. 

I Digital "pets" are a 1997 toy craze. These 
virtual critters keep their owners busy by 
beeping when they need care or feeding. 
If ignored, they "die." 


Popular board games 
appear on CD-ROM in 
ever-growing numbers, 
including interactive 
favorites Monopoly, 
Scrabble, Sorry, Risk 
and Boggle. 


As many as 700 school districts 
nationwide teach "emotional I 
intelligence," aiming to develop 
children's values and people skills 
as well as their minds. 

Beepers are a status symbol and a 
lifestyle must-have for many teens 
school, jobs and 
--school activities. More than 
40 million beepers are carried 
in the U.S., an estimated 25 
percent of them by people between 
the ages of 12 and 24. In some 
schools, beepers are forbidden 
as disruptive. 

Canada issues a Superhero postage 
stamp series that includes a 45-cent 
stamp featuring the colorful, 
comic-book image of Superman. 

> ABC's gritty police drama "NYPD Blue" remains one of the most 
popular one-hour dramas on television in 1997, capturing four 
Emmv Awards. 

v. The Lost World, Steven 

Spielberg's Jurassic Park sequel, 
breaks summer box-office 
records everywhere. It earns 
$229 million in the U.S. 

Comedian Chris Farley dies at 33 of a drug overdose 
on December 18. He starred in NBC's "Saturday 
Night Live" and movies including Tommy Boy and 
Beverly Hills Ninja. limn tin; KnUil Collt-Uiori 

nersal Studios. Inc., Irom Shooting St; 

Jerry Seinfeld, creator 
and star of the NBC hit 
"Seinfeld," announces 
in December that the 1997- 
1998 season is the show's 
last. The final episode airs 
in May, ending the popular 
show's nine-year run. 

Gino Mitstnl, Shooting Stat 

A, Fox network launches "King of 
the Hill," an animated show that 
focuses on the lives of a propane 
dealer from Texas and his family. 
The show goes on to become a 
smash hit. 

Scream 2, the chilling hit sequel to 
Scream, is a wildly successful mix 
of carnage and comedy starring 
Neve Campbell, Jerry O'Connell, 
Tori Spelling, Jada Pinkett and a host 
of other stars. 


Horror films draw teenagers to the 
box office. I Know What You Did Last 
Summer, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt 
and Sarah Michelle Cellar, is one of 
the year's biggest attractions. 

in its second season, the WB's 
campy sitcom "Buffy the Vampire 
Slayer" blossoms into a huge 
favorite with many viewers. 

Jenny McCarthy stars in a new 
fall NBC comedy "Jenny" that, 
in January 1998, goes into hiatus 
only a few months into its first 
season. McCarthy had been an 
MTV personality before moving to 
the network. 

Critically acclaimed Amistad, 
directed by Steven Spielberg, tells 
the story of an 1839 slave ship mutiny. 
The film culminates years ol effort by 
producer Debbie Allen to bring the 
story to life. 

, Religion is a common theme 
on eight fall-season network 
TV shows inspired by the 
success of CBS's "Touched 
by an Angel" starring Roma 
Downey, Delia Reese and 
John Dye. New programs 
include ABC's "Nothing 
Sacred" and "Teen Angel." 

CBS ErUertdhimenl Irpni Sriu,,li^ Ju 

Titanic is a huge critical and box-office success. The movie event of the 
year, this $200 million picture is the most costly in history. After 45 days 
in the theaters, Titanic had earned $308 million. 

Star Wars captures a new generation of fans when 
George Lucas re-releases the film trilogy 20 vears 
after the first film was shown. In Washington, D.C., 
the National Air and Space Museum mounts a huge 
exhibition of now-historic Sac Wars artifacts. 

Michael Flatley's pulsating 
show "Lord of the Dance" 
fuels the extraordinary 
popularity of Irish dance. 
The show tours 15 cities in 
the U.S. through October. 

In the fall, Fox debuts 
"Ally McBeal," a 
comedy/drama starring 
Calista Flockhart as a 
young Boston attorney. 
The show captures a 
Golden Globe Award 
in January 1998 for best 
series/musical or comedy. 

Matt Damon stars as an attorney 
in The Rainmaker, a movie based 
on the John Grisham novel. 
Damon's successes also include 
the film Good Will Hunting. 

©Fo* fnim Spooling Star 

Summer blockbuster 
Men in Black grosses 
more than $500 million 
worldwide to become 
1997's biggest hit. 
The sci-fi comedy stars 
Will Smith and Tommy 
Lee Junes 

The Wonderful World of Disney 
presents its adaptation of 
"Rodgers & Hammerstein's 
Cinderella" on ABC, starring 
Brandy as Cinderella and Whitney 
Houston as the Fairy Godmother. 

Tomorrow Never Dies , starring 
Pierce Brosnan as 007, is a 
holiday box-office hit and 
confirms the enduring popularity 
of James Bond movies. 

The 1997 season premiere 
episode of "ER" is broadcast 
live and draws 42.7 million 
viewers for NBC, including 
those who watch it on a 
giant screen in Times Square 



Chumbawamba's hit single 
"Tubthumping" brings long-awaited 
success to this British band. 
The song becomes popular at 
pro sports events, kicking off 
games for several teams. 

Rap artist the Notorious B.I.G. is killed in a 
March 1997 drive-by shooting in Los Angeles. 
He is posthumously awarded MTVs 1997 Best Rap 
Video Award for "Hypnotize" and is named Spin 
magazine's Artist of the Year. 

Fiona Apple, 20, one of rock's 
female superstars, is named 
MTYs Best New Artist in a Video. 
Her single "Criminal" soars to 
the top of the charts. 

With their hit single 
"MMMBop," three young 
brothers from Tulsa 
become one of the 
biggest breakthrough 
acts of 1997 as the 
band Hanson. 

Blakesberg, Retna 

Lilith Fair, an all-female summer rock 
concert, draws large crowds on its 
37-stop tour. Canadian singer-songwriter 
Sarah McLachlan masterminds the festival 
and releases a hit album, Surfacing. 


Drummer Bill Berry leaves R.E.M. 
after 17 years with the popular 
rock group. R.E.M. plans to 
continue as a trio. 


Kenny G. enters the Guinness Book 
of Wortd ffeconfe for holding the 
longest musical note— 45 minutes, 
47 seconds— on his saxophone. 

Country music superstar 
Garth Brooks releases Sevens, 
his first album in two years. 
The album sells 800,000 copies 
the first week. 

Walk This Wax The Autobiography 
ofAerosmith chronicles the long 
career of the band notorious for its 
excesses in the '70s and '80s. The 
group's new album Nine Lives is 
nominated lor a 1998 Grammy , 

X Smash Mouth popularizes a genre 
of alternative rock known as neo-ska 
with its hit single "Walkin' on the Sun" 
and debut album Push Yu Mang. 

Ron Davis, Shooting Sid 

British pop phenomenon, 
the Spice Girls, makes 
millions with mega-hits 
such as "Wannabe" and sells 
14 million albums and 
10 million singles. 



«j| Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys engineers the second Tibetan 
Freedom Concert, held in June in New York, offering 27 music acts 
\ and a free-Tibet political message. 

Third Eye Blind, after several 
years in San Francisco's 
underground music scene, 
goes big time in 1997. Their 
song "Semi-Charmed Life" is 
listed as the top-selling 
modern rock single for 1997 
in Billboard magazine. 

! The album No Way Out by Puff 
Daddy & the Family goes 
multiplatinum. Puffy's single 
"I'll Be Missing You," an elegy 
to his friend the Notorious B.I.G., 
also tops the charts. 

(DSteve Jennings, Corbie 

Sixteen-year-old R&B 
phenom JonnyLang 
opens for the Rolling 
Stones' fall tour and 
spends 16 weeks at 
No. 1 on Billboard's 
blues chart with his 
album Lie to Me. 

Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, superstar 
producer songwriter singer, receives more 1998 
Grammy nominations than any other artist, including 
one for Ins album The Daw Edmonds and wife 
Tracey also produce the film Soul Food in 1 997. 

Metallica releases a seventh album, 
Re-Load, that confirms its position 
as the premier heavy-metal band in 
the music world. 

Radiohead is Spin magazine's Band 
of the Year. Critics praise 
Radiohead's album OK Computer, 
variously described as haunting, 
revolting, inscrutable, stunning 
and gorgeous. Ibe album receives 
a 1998 Grammy nomination for 
Rock/Pop Album of the Year. 

At 15, country music sensation 
LeAnn Rimes sells more than 12.5 
million recordings in the U.S. in 
1997 and is named Billboard Music 
Awards Artist of the Year. Her single 
"How Do I Live" is one of the year's 

in July, 16-year-old Swiss tennis star 
Martina Hingis becomes the youngest 

mbledon champion since 1887. 
Hingis wins three of the four 1997 

Grand Slam events. 

Quarterback John Elway leads 
the Denver Broncos to a 31-24 
victory over the Green Bay 
Packers in Super Bowl XXXII in 
San Diego, January 25, 1998. It is 
Elway's first Super Bowl win in 
four appearances. 

The Florida Marlins are baseball's 1997 World Series 
champs and the first team ever to win the Series 
without winning its league pennant. The Marlins 
defeat the Cleveland Indians in seven games. 

k Tiger Woods, 21, becomes 
the youngest golfer ever to 
win the Masters Tournament. 
His 18-under-par score sets 
a Masters record. Woods 
wins 3 other tournaments 
and sets a PGA Tour earnings 
record of $2.1 million for 
the season. 

Mike Tyson bites off part of Evander 
Holyfield's ear and is disqualified in 
the WBA Heavyweight rematch in June 
1997. Tyson is fined nearly $3 million 
and his boxing license is revoked. 


Pittsburgh Penguins' Mario 
Lemieux retires in April 1997 after 
a spectacular comeback from 
Hodgkin's disease and injury. 
Lemieux is elected to the Hocke) 
Hall of Fame in September. 

In April 1997. the premier issue of 
Sports Illustrated Women hits 
the newsstands. The magazine 
reflects the explosive growth of 
female participation in sports. 

Swedish golfing phenomenon 
Annika Sorenstam, 26, tops the 
LPGA earnings list in 1997 with a 
record $1,236,789. 

Professional sports salaries keep 
skyrocketing. One of the most 
publicized of 1997 is Kevin 
Gamett's $126 million contract to 
play basketball for the Minnesota 

Charles Woodson, Michigan's versatile 
junior cornerback, becomes the first 
primarily defensive player to win the 
Heisman Trophy, awarded in December. 

| Jeff Gordon, at 26, wins the 
1997 NASCAR Winston Cup, his 
second Winston Cup point title 
in three years. Gordon's 1997 
points lota! 4,710. 

©Craig Jones. Allsport 

Scoll Cunningham. MBWAJhport 

The Chicago Bulls 
beat the Utah Jazz 
In June 1997 for 
their fifth NBA 
championship in 
seven years. Michael 
Jordan is chosen 
Finals MVP a record 
fifth time. 

Nagano, Japan, hosts the 1998 
Winter Olympic Games during 
February Three new medal 
sports make their Olympic debut: 
curling, snowboarding and 
women's ice hockey. 

When the college football 
season ends, two teams 
share the national 
championship. Michigan (12-0) 
is named No. 1 by the sports 
writers' poll, and Nebraska 
(13-0) by the coaches' poll. 

■ViDouii DFnsipger. Allsporl 

Detroit Red Wings captain 
Steve Yzerman powers his 
team to the 1997 Stanley 
Cup championship, its first 
in 42 years, by sweeping 
the Philadelphia Flyers in 
four games. 

Reulm'Arcliive Photos 

In its debut season, the 
WNBA exceeds all league 
expectations for success. 
The Houston Comets' 
championship win 
over the New 
York Liberty caps W^ 
the 1997 season. 

Women officiate in an all-male 
professional sports league for 
the first time. The pioneers, 
Dee Kanter and Violet Palmer, 
are referees in the NBA. 

Mark McGwire, of the St Louis 
Cardinals, slams 52 homers in 
1996 and 58 in 1997. McGwire 
becomes only the second player in 
baseball history with back-to-back, 
50-home-run seasons, the other 
being Babe Ruth. 

Dean Smith, winmngest coach in 
college basketball history, retires in 
October after 36 seasons at North 
Carolina. Sports Illustrated names 
him 1997 Sportsman of the Year. 


Shootins star 

Miss Illinois, Katherine Shindle, is 
crowned Miss America 1998. Por the 
first time in its 77-year history the 
pageant allows contestants to wear 
two-piece swimsuits in competition. 

Beloved actor Jimmy Stewart dies in July at 89. 
Stewart's enduring nice-guy popularity is 
exemplified by It's a Wonderful Life, his 1946 
movie that is now an American cultural icon. 

Chelsea Clinton begins her 
freshman year at Stanford 
University in Palo Alto, California. 
Despite security measures, she 
reportedly will lead as normal a 
college life as possible. 

For the first time, a computer 
beats a world chess champion 
when IBM's Deep Blue beats 
Russian Garry Kasparov in a 
six-game match in May 1997. 

J.T. MacMillan, San Ui^<.> L mmi Tribune 

i Roman Catholic nun Mother Teresa of Calcutta 
dies September 5 at the age of 87. Revered 
for a lifetime of helping the poorest of the 
poor, her many honors include the 1979 Nobel 
Peace Prize. 

Reuters/Archne Photos 


I Former I 
Mikhail I 

Former leader of the Soviet Union 
Mikhail Gorbachev films a TV 
commercial for Pizza Hut He 
reportedly earns $1 million for 
the appearance, money he plans 
to use to benefit his Gorbachev 

American Jody Williams and the 
International Campaign to Ban Land 
Mines are awarded the 1997 Nobel 
Peace Prize in October. The U.S. and 
China refuse to sign an international 
treatv that would ban land mines. 

Ted Turner, vice chairman of the 
Time Warner media empire, pledges 
SI billion to United Nations programs. 
It is the largest single gift in 
philanthropic history. 

Singer John Denver dies in October 

»at 53 when the experimental 
plane he is piloting crashes into 
California's Monterey Bay. 

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, 
appears in ads as a spokesperson 
for Weight Watchers International. 
She is the former wife of England's 
Prince Andrew. 



K-A # 


;* £*» 

** *J 




We can observe their prowess on the playing field but few people truly 
understand the dedication athletes exemplify. Ahtletes are masters of 
juggling full schedules, workout times, meets, academics, and a social 
life. They are selfless in their representation of this University. 


Women's Soccer 

% fc •* ♦.? fc £ 

The Panthers take the lead as they 
head for the goal. 

This fearless Lady Pather rushes into 
the other team's defense line. 

* ^ » 

A quick pass fakes out her opponent. 

132 Sports 

This Lady Panther gives her opponent 
a tough race for the ball. 

Steely determination helps defend 
possession of the ball. 

Agility, patience and quick reflexes 
helps this Lady Panther out maneuver 
her opponent. 

The heat of the battle determines 
possession of the ball near the other 

Front: Marie Wilson, Kelly Ivey, Tracey McVey, Jennifer Killoch, Nicole Saffer Jennifer ^'^^^ 
Bond. Back: Laura Lamb Sharon Woodcock, Kiistal McCray, Emily Eschedor, Ins Eystemsdotur, Elizabeth 
Eschedor, Sarah Hodges, Carrie Marcey, Shannon Freshwater. 

Sports 133 

Fancy footwork helps this team 
The Panthers put on the speed to member get in close to his opponents 
outrace their opponents to the ball. 8 oa '- 

fc t? •* $ <fe 

Men's Soccer 

Fast thinking helps the panthers gain Tight control of the ball sets our 
control of the ball after the opposing players apart from the rest. 
team makes a goal attempt. 

134 Sports 

The Panthers sprint clear towards the 

Kelley Harris and Chan Sayaphet 
launch the ball down the field. 

The race is on for possession of the 
ball during the last quarter. 

Front: Doug Heath, Shomitt, Fran. Rizzo, J*^^^J^^^£ 
Bernedo, Chan Sayaphet, Clayton, Gilcher, Dwayne Adams. Row 3. Demse Cantor i erryvvi ■> 
Pomposo, Shane Curran, Chad Hartman, Chad Bailey, Nick Grieco, Kev.n Shute. Row 4. Steve Felton, 
Bumgarner, Ben Mock, Mike Wilson, Kelley Harris, Matt DeSmit, Sean Forte, Brian Uuertin. 



Sports 135 

Cross Country 
fc t? %? •£ ** 

IP- *■*. * i 



Shon Hildreth makes his break to the g 
front of the pack. 

David Duggan competes during the 

Pavla Salacova remains one step 
ahead of her opponent. 

■*"., : ^t% 

136 Sports 

The Cross Country women take a 

break to gather before a meet. Shon Hildreth is in the lead. 

Nicole Lee is a dedicated runner. 

The crowd cheers Lisa Mobley on as 
she heads for the finish line. 


Heather Phillips, 
Heather Bowers, 
Mindy Cox, Katie 
Powers, Sara Day, 
Pavla Salacova, G wen 
Brostom, Dave 




Kevin Log 

an, Shon 












Sports 137 

Lady Panthers s P !ke the ball over their Te ' lm members congratulate each 
opponents. other after a scored P omt 

7 1 


| s ("""" """ 

- A 

*<fe •* •* #5? <fc 

Women's Volleyball 

The team celebrates after a winning Good sportsmanship is shown by both 
volley. teams after a great game. 

138 Sports 

A firm serve is the start to a winning 

Ms. Boyd comes through for the 
Panthers with a swift return. 

Jamie Walsh waits for the hall so she 
can set up a teammate for a spike. 

Front: Parr, Plummer, Holly Hendley, Jamie Walsh. Row 2: Nik. Ferguson, Alissa Brownfield, Mistly Dills, Brooke 
Weitz, Tahirah Dock, Karah Hensely, Keisha Boyd, Rebecca Bennett, Chris Honemond. 

Sports 139 


The Panther joins the cheer! 

Tracy Lovejoy and Althea Mottas 
enjoy a break in the action. 

Kristle Brown and Christie Brooks 
show their support during an 
opponent's foul shot attempt. 

140 Sports 

The Panther charms another young 
Thesquad shows a little holiday spirit. fan - 

Time, practice and talent pay off as 
the cheerleaders hit the mark. 

Front Row: Jessica Rivera, Christie Brooks, Kristle Brown, Tracy Lovejoy, Althea Mottas, Jennifer Dunn, T.mmeca 

Sports 141 

Athletes appreciate the freindly and Icing down sore muscles is a common 
helpful staff at the Sports Med. facility. sight. 

* fc fc •* fc fc 

Sports Medicine 

Utlizing the latest treatment options Evaluating an injury and suggesting 
such as ultrasound helps give students treatm ent provides a wonderful 
valuable training. hand's on approach to learning. 

142 Sports 

Wrapping ankles takes skill to get it 
just right. 

The trainers stay on the sidelines 
during a soccer match. ..readv for 
anything that comes. 
Assessing injuries and getting imput 
from the athlete helps make the 
training room experience enjoyable. 

Front: Lindsay Gentz, Kyle Wade, Ken Breath, Jason Horay, Kipp Garrett, Stephen Goodrich, Christa Hrynyshen, 
Nikki Tomlinson. Row 2: Keith Montecalvo, Cinda Knight, Steven Bryant, Kevin Shute, Megan Kline, Darren Ruth, 
Dave Durham, Denise Cantor, Monica Presley, Heather Phillips, Becky Hickey. 

Sports 143 


Track and Field 



Pavla Salacova rockets over the high 


Coach Tertzagain reviews times with 
the team members. 

Kenji Dorsey sets the pace 

144 Sports 

Team members practice endurance Lady team members sprint for the 
exercises. finish line. 

Aaron Bowman paces himself as the 
team warms up during practice. 

Team members push themselves hard 
to better their split times. 

Front: Mindy Cox, 
Heather Bovvers, Michelle 
Dalton, Astria Williams, 
Becca Marcus. Back: Katie 
Powers, Sara Day, Pavla 
Salacova, Willete Crosby, 
Christina Scott, Porsche 
Jackson, Roxie Stennett. 

Front: Kevin Logan, 
Aaron Bowman, David 
Duggans, Shon Hildreth, 
Derico Cooper, Travis 
Harvey. Back: Jobe 
Beckman, Mark 

Klamems, Larikus Scott, 
Kenji Dorsey, Russ 
Johnson, Chad Baucom. 

Sports 145 

These team members consult with one A strong serve spells victory at the 
another after a tough match. end of the match. 

* <fe •£ •* $ fc 

Women's Tennis 

The Lady Panthers practice hard The Lad y Panthers accept 
during the fall semester. congratulations from their losing 


146 Sports 

A strong forehand return sets it right 
on the line. 

Practice makes perfect as the team 
members work on their serve returns. 

This doubles team stands ready for 
their opponents serve during one of 
the first matches of the season. 

Dawn Parks, Catherine Stephenson, Chloe Harding, Andrea Avello, Megan Hofmann. 

Sports 147 

Men's Tennis 

f$ •* •* •£ f* 

A quick switch lefty shot takes the 
game point. 

After a tough match victory is sweet 



This doubles team shows off their 
teamwork on the court. 

148 Sports 

Rushing the net shakes his opponent This team gets of to a great start early 
up and forces an error. in the match. 

Coach Tertzagian offers some 
direction and advice to his players 
during a practice. 

The team gets ready for another tough 

Peter Mellstrom, Pekka Pohjamo, Taavi Suorsa, Chris Chapman, Kalle Kuusisto, Vincent Pulupa, Shawn McGee, 
Chris McCandless. 

Sports 149 

The Lady Panthers storm the court 

6 *.*.*.* 

*<& fe «f & fc 

Women's Basketball 

The team warms up prior to the Elon Karen Curtis makes University history . 
match-up. by breaking the all-time scoring 


150 Sports 

A swift offense is the signature trait of 
this team. 

Karen Curtis gets hearty 
congratulations from teammates as 
she exits the game. 

Front row: Jessica Dice, Dee Pennix, Karen Curtis, Annie Miller, Keisha Boyd. Row 2: Jodi Jennison, Deidra Cotilla, 
Kelly Goode, Jan Foushee, Courtney Wharton, Kelly Thomas, Porsche Jackson. 

Sports 151 

Men's Basketball 


Scotty Hall and Brian Wise 
congratulate each other after a great 

Flying high for a two pointer for the 

Brian Wise sets up for a pass under 
the basket. 

152 Sports 

Coach Steele confers with his team 
during a timeout. 

Dave Witmer spots for a 2! 

Darien Horton gets nothing but net 
against Elon. 

Team members cool down on the 
sidelines after the first hal 

Front row: Jim Barkalow, Adam Gladieux, Darien Horton, Damond Van Weerdhuizen, Scotty Hall, Neil Holmes. 
Back Row: Jimmy Bennett, Carlos Giles, Brian Wise, Prentice Woods, Pino Pipes, Dave Witmer, Myron Stewart, 
Clayton Lyles, Derrek Van Weerdhuizen. 

Sports 153 

Baseball pitchers practice bv throwing Coach Speight gives a few words of 
a few warm-ups. encouragement after a tough practice. 

*fc •* * fe fc 


The dug out crew waits for their turn Panthers scrimmage each other 
on the field. during a practice. 

154 Sports 

Practice is the key to winning the 

Three plavers take a break. 

Patience is a virtue while waiting for 

the pitch. 

tit § 

*t'F0*4 aR >|fc£f 

Front: Brett Trantham, Jeremy Page, Tim Dixon, Jason Brennan, Andy Gragg, Jon Hancock, Brandon Marshall. Row 
2: Jeremy Dowd, Tony Giro, Paul Wirth, David Ange, Chuck Pindell, Jason Perdue, Chris Vinar, David Ryan. Row 
3: Justin Wishon, Joe Cristy, Matt Griffin, Jeremy Livengood, Buddy Webb, Brad Southern, Adam Gum, Pete Yoder, 
Jim Long. 



Sports 155 



Adam Parson pitches to the green. 
You're the man! 

Scott Newman readies to put it down 
the middle. 

156 Sports 

Tom Moore sizes up his shot. 

Tyler Baughman about to drain 
another birdie. 

The golf team starts out another great 
18 holes. 

Scott Newman looks for the right 
break in the green. 



Adam Parson, Justin Duke, Jason Brownell, Scott Newman, Scott Harvey, Jamie Rauch, Nicholas Obritsch, Tom 
Moore, Tyler Baughman. 

Sports 157 



In putting the 1998 Zenith together, it was our intention to create a 
memory book for students to thumb through in years to come. We 
wanted to preserve this precious time in the lives of our students in 
photos and words, because those remain when memory fails. 



Master of Business Administration 

Master of Science in Management 

Master of Science in International Management 

Attend evening classes in High (Point, M/inston-SaCem, and Cjreensboro. 
JLppCy for admission in faff, spring, or summer. EnroCCfuCC-time or part-time. 

Graduate Studies 
High Point North Carolina 

Telephone: 800-345-6993 or 336-841-9198 

160 Ads/Epilgue 

<HLgh 0>oint 

805 North Main Street 
High Point, NC 27262 

Supply, One. 

Fax: (910) 884-5655 

1304 Main Street 

Next to Triangle 


884 - 1021 

Great prices and delicious food, served 
quickly. A nice alternative to fast food. 
Visit us todav. 


Staff members: Heather Sinclair, Michelle Wachter, Gary 
Loy, Tim Hassett, Mae Harper, Emmalyn Yamrick, Rans 

Mugshots were taken by Ray Ware of Lifetouch Studios. 
Sport team photos were supplied by the Athletic Depart- 
ment and Mike Tuttle. Candids were taken by Rans 
Triplett, Sarah Baker, Jennifer McDonald, Jamie Henton, 
Michelle Sinclair, Katherine Hill, Daniel Vianna, Karen 
Teague, Dawn Eagan, and Pavla Salacova. 

Proofs and raw materials were transported to the plant by 
Gary Loy. 

Advisors: Katherine Hill and Millie Price. 

Plant Representative: Tom Adams 













885-4161 OR 885-4162 


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In Memory 

Ms. Carol Hooker 

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We turn the last page of the year that was 1997-98. May our 
memories of our time together remain as the years go by