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Full text of "The Zenith Yearbook, 2000 High Point University"

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2000 Zenith 

High Point University 


3L' ' • .T-v . .■ i 

^^"■" >* 

This book is dedicated to the men and women, students, 
faculty, and staff who have shaped our community into 
the university it is presently. 

Volume 76 

833 Montileu Avenue 
High Point, North Carolina 27262 

High Point 
celebrated its 
75th anniversary 
in the year 2000. 

High Point University: A Profile 

High Point University is a four-year liberal arts university founded in 
1924. Enrollment has grown to approximately 3,000 daytime and 
evening degree students. There are 125 faculty members with a 
student-to-faculty ratio of 1 6 to 1 . Sixty-two percent of classes enroll 
fewer than 20 students. Seventy-five percent of the facutly hold 
doctorates while the remainder hold one or more master's degrees. 
Degree programs include Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, 
Master of Science, and Master of Business Education. America's 
Best Colleges (published by US News and World Reports ) ranked 
High Point University among the top ten of regional liberal arts 
colleges in the US in 1996, 1997, and 1998. The University has 
varsity teams in men's and women's soccer, basketball, tennis, 
track, cross country, men's baseball and golf, and women's volley- 
ball. There are four national fraternities and four national sororities 
along with over 40 clubs and organizations. 

I have great faith in the future of humankind 
because I believe in you, the young people 
whom we hold in our hearts. You, the class of 
2000, are special to us as are all graduating 
classes, and on behalf of the entire High Point 
University family, I congratulate you. 

In the challenging age we need guidance. Dol- 
lars, guns, and the marvelous technological 
products of science and industry are not 
enough. We need faith which gives hope - 
something far bigger than ourselves. From 
where does it come? Always, growing societies 
record their faith in God while decaying societ- 
ies lack faith in God. Regardless, America will 
be strong with renewed faith in the love of God 
and in God's intelligent mercy. 

I am optimistic because I know you. You repre- 
sent the best in America. You have learned 
what we all must learn: that there are well- 
springs of power outside ourselves that must 
be tapped, and with God's help, they will be. 

Best wishes for a wonderful future. 



.«,<- ^(Z^tZp-^J),^. 


Table of Contents 



Move-In Day 

New students and their families 
navigate orientation 

Some families travelled over 12 hours. ...some only 
a few minutes, all with the same goal in mind - to 
move in to High Point University. Parents and 
students navigated moving in, then on to the Slane 
Center for their matriculation packets and to check 
schedules. The Student Orientation Staff (S.O.S.) 
helped new students with that task and with their 
transition to college life. Kat Hoffman, who served 
as student core leader, along with her S.O.S. crew of 
60, helped make move-in day a smoothly-run suc- 

Student traffic coordination keeps move-in day 

Kat Hoffman checks on the information desk as parents and 
new students head for Slane Center. 

George Taylor rushes to the rescue to solve a 
move-in day dilemma. 



New students and parents received the 
infamous purple packet to help guide them 
through the registration and matriculation 

Betsy Orcutt, Dean Evans, Kat Hoffman, 
and Shalon Hickle coordinate move-in ac- 
tivities from the Student Life Office. 

Carpet and refrigerator sales benefit new 
students and all proceeds help fund SGA. 

Zack Kassenbaum assists a new student 
with moving her belongings into McEwen. 


Everyone races to get in on the action during the 
lawn party games. 

Brandon Keubler, Matt Norman, Chris Huff, 
and Tommy Rich enjoy the lawn party picnic 
and some good conversation. 



Dean Schlimmer fields some move-in day ques 
tions during the picnic. 

Ally King and BJ Coggins help set up decora 
tions for the Luau party on Slane Patio. 

The outdoor concert on the Greensward fea- 
tured Nth Degree. 

Orientation Activities 

Entertainment Committee kept the 
community busy with events 

There are many things to do during the first week 
of school besides getting moved in and starting 
classes. The Entertainment Crew, headed by Jenny 
May, planned and coordinated daytime and 
evening social events. These events were de- 
signed to assist new students in meeting others. 
Evening events included the luau, street dance, 
dessert social, movie night, hypnotist show, and 
an outdoor concert. Daytime events included an 
outdoor concert, picnic, and lawn party 

The Velcro fly wall helps students stick around 
for more fun and games. 

Meghan Kovalcik and Don Dunphey lend a hand with 
sumo wrestling. 



Study Abroad 

Learning how the world works 

The Study Abroad Program is an important part of 
High Point University's education program. Se- 
lected students have the opportunity to live and 
study in countries such as England, Ireland, France, 
Germany, Mexico, and Spain. This program gives a 
student first-hand knowledge of living in another 
culture plus valuable experience travelling. Pro- 
grams cater to students seeking foreign language 
studies and with those who are just adventurous at 
heart. There is plenty of time spent studying in the 
classroom, but many students also enjoy short 
sightseeing trips during the weekends. 

Gary McMullen and Tony Col trell hiked the 2, 1 00 foot Croagh 
Patrick Mountain in Ireland in October, 1999. They were 
joined by friends Sue from England and Steven from the 
Netherlands and paused at the top for a photo of their 

Beth Judy, Effie Nicholson, Lindsay Wolfram, 
Mary Anne Zamorski, Sandy de Kozlowski, and 
Gary McMullin was for the bus. 

Katheryn Banks, Sandy de Kozlowski, Oliver 
Schouten, Nicole Tarantino, Mary Anne 
Zamorski, Beth Judy, and Lindsay Wolfram tour 
Blenheim Palace in England. 



I Beth Judy, Oliver Schouten, Michelle Lewis, 
Nicole Davis, Gary McMullen, Michelle 
Copley, and Sandy de Kozlowski gather 
after seeing "Rent" in London's West End. 

Nicole Davis, Sarah Griffie, Tim Hasset, 
Nicole Tarantino, Tony Coltrell, Sandy de 
Kozlowski, and John Middleton celebrate 
Michelle Lewis's birthday at the Gloucester 
Arms in Oxford, England October f 3, 1999. 



TC t" 


J 7 1 HBtf 

1 <d4 

r^ D 



Touring Oxford in September 1999, the 
group listens to Dr. Brian Cudmore give a 
historv of All Souls College, which is a part 
of the Oxford University System. 

Sarah Griffie, Tim Hasset, Nicole Davis, 
Sandy de Kozlowski, and Michelle Lewis 
take a break in Avebury, England. 



Chris Huff, Jenn Roddy, Joella Davis, Don 
Dunphrey, Alyson Quigley, Haley Dejarnette, 
Jackie King, Amy Rogers, and Gene Liauw pose 
in front of their eye-catching display at NACA. 

Chris Huff discusses SAB activities during an 
interest meeting in the PDR. 


Gene Liauw stands next to the SAB parade float 
for 1999 homecoming. 

Chris Huff proudly displays his NACA student 
leadership award as he and advisor, Katherine 
Phipps leave the awards banquet. 

Student Activities 

Entertaining the campus 

The SAB is a division of SGA and is chaired hv Chris 
Huff. SAB produces about 35-40 events per semester 
ranging from comedians, coffeehouse singers, nov- 
elty acts to movie nights. All funding is from SGA 
and all SAB events are chosen by students. Every 
semester a delegation of SAB members attends a 
NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) 
conference. At the conference the delegation views 
talented acts from all over the US and world in order 
to decide which to bring to campus. Once acts are 
booked, a master calendar is made and the SAB board 
makes sure each event runs smoothly. 

Chris Huff and Gene Liauw prepare the display 
table at NACA. 

Front: Haley Dejarnette, Jenn Roddy. Middle: Jackie King, 
Don Dunphrev, Amy Rogers. Back: Chris Huff, Gene 
Liauw. Members take a break from the conference and 
head to the beach. 



Volunteer Activities 

Campus Connection brings together 
students with volunteer service 

High Point University is a community leader in many areas, 
especially volunteer service. The faculty /staff and students 
completed over 25,000 hours of community service on and 
off campus during 1 999. The Campus Connection Volunteer 
Center helps students coordinate their service and provides 
a valuable link to outside agencies. The Center is headed by 
Burton Martin, director, and Nick Williams, assistant direc- 
tor. Clubs and organizations regularly complete volunteer 
service projects including crop walk, fund raising, lunch 
buddies, clean ups, etc. The most successful programs in- 
clude the Halloween Carnival and Easter Egg Hunt for local 
children. Both are held on campus through student support. 

Ted Sikes, alias Scarecrow, poses with an el- 
ementary child for the Halloween Carnival. 

Students encourage the trick or treaters during the Carnival 

Burton Martin and Nick Williams coordinated 
Halloween activities and made it the most suc- 
cessful year to date. 



The Crop Walk kicked off at High Point 

University as students and community 
members brave rainy weather to partici- 

Members of Theta Chi fraternity assisted 
with Crop Walk set-up. 

Wendy Francis, Jeff Hann, and Nick Will- 
iams staff the Alpha Phi Omega Service 



College Drive underwent extensive work when 
the road was enlarged and repositioned. 

The parking lot behind the new chapel addition 
was rebuilt to accomodate more parking spaces 
(reserved for freshmen males). 

The LAC became Academic Services Center, 
headed by Director Tammy Ott and Assistant 
Director Craig Curty. 

The Hayworth Chapel received a facelift which 
included a frontal addition and a new steeple. 


Haworth Hall of Science prepares for construc- 
tion of a new addition. 

Campus Changes 

High Point University campus 
continues to grow 

As we approached the millenium, our campus 
made some significant improvements. Hayworth 
Chapel gained a larger vestibule and new out- 
ward appearance, including a beautiful steeple. 
Next door, Haworth Hall of Science made a 
similar transformation, adding more classroom 
and office space. Parking lots were enlarged, due 
to the influx of more commuters and a greater 
need for convenient parking. The LAC became 
the Academic Services Center which caters to all 
students and their academic needs. 

■ -.I <Mlm DRR Sir 

i, • 


Smith Library touts a new fountain and land- 

The Greensward lost ground as Haworth Hall gained new 
classroom space. 


Residence Life 

How we spend 70% of our time 

Only 30% of students' time is spend in the class- 
room, making residential life an important part of 
one's college career. There are over 800 students 
residing on campus, most in double occupancy 
rooms. Resident assistants, located on each floor, 
help plan activities, especially in the beginning of 
the year to help students get to know each other. 
Each hall is a bevy of activity - from study groups, 
impromptu get-togethers, and laundry visits,to just 
hanging out in the lounges. It may be hard to adjust 
to living among others, but in the end, it's a great 
way to be a part of the community. 

Hanging out on the bench next to the Complex i 
a great way to check out the local action. 

Corie Dixon and Molesha Smith enjoy a homemade meal 

while watching TV. 



Pizza delivery is a "must" for all college stul 

Communal living means guests drop by all 

Amber, Crissy, and Rebecca take a break 
from putting up Halloween decorations. 

LeRae Rice and Melissa Males catch up on 
studying - in between phone calls, of course. 



75 Years of Excellence 

High Point University celebrates its 
diamond anniversary in 1999 

In 1924 High Point College was founded. Seventy-five years later, the 
dreams of our founders are being realized: a beautiful campus environment 
filled with educational opportunities and a student population that mirrors 
the world. In the past 7 decades High Point University has earned numer- 
ous academic distinctions. Since 1995 it has been ranked among the top ten 
of regional liberal arts colleges in the US by America's Best Colleges (a 
publication of US News & World Report). It has also placed among the top 
20 most efficient regional institutions in the nation, in 1997 received the 
National Student Retention Award, and was bestowed grants from the 
Kellogg and Toelo Foundations. The Campus Chronicle newspaper has 
been listed as one of the top 20 campus newspapers by the American 
Scholastic Press. As we venture into the next 75 years, who knows what 
outstanding achievements await our community. 

Dr. Jacob Martinson leads High Point University into the 
new millenium. 

Among the 1 20 colleges and universities affil 
ated with the United Methodist Church, Hi$ 
Point University is one of the fastest-growing 
institutions. Campus enrollment in 1999 
more than 3,000 students. 

High Point University became a member 
Big South Conference and NCAA Division 1 » 
1 999. High Point University competes in 7 men' 
sports and 7 women's sports. 



High Point University has students attend 
from over 40 states and 34 countries - a 
truly diverse campus. 

The University celebrated its 75th diamond 
anniversary in 1999. Events included the 
Homecoming Gala, a 75th Anniversary lec- 
ture series, and campus-wide Thanksgiv- 
ing dinner celebration. 

Since 1985 the University has received more 
than $53 million in gifts and grants and has 
committed over $40 million to construc- 
tion and renovation of the campus build- 
ings. This investment will help the campus 
continue to grow and improve in the new 

The purple Panther serves as our official 
mascot and cheers on our athletes, 71 of 
whom have become All-Americans. 






Derby Day 

Fun in the Sun 

Derby Day was held on Saturday, August 28, 1999, 
on the Greensward. Teams from organizations and 
residence halls met up for an afternoon of friendly 
competition. Games included mattress race, hippity 
hop, three-legged race, dizzy bats, and water bal- 
loon toss. This event was sponsored by IFC and 
Panhellenic to help boost community spirit. The 
RA's served as team captains and the S.O.S. crew 
were the referees for each event. Game winners 
received a pizza party to celebrate. 

Team Theta Chi rushes for the finish line in the mattress race. 

John Dalv makes the catch during the watf 
balloon toss for team Pike. 

Chad Fritts offers water to Deidra Cottila durinj 
a break. 

Second McEwen hippitv hop team rounds 
for the finish. 

Finch goes head to head with McEwen in 
the dizzv bat race. 

Deneta Armstrong, Verron Shue, and Silvia 
Armstrong take a break after a successful 
Derby Day. 

Third floor McEwen puts forth a winning 
effort in the three-legged race. 


Prince Dauntless (Matthew Reedy) desperately 
seeks a princess to wed, cheered on by the cho- 

The cast was accompanied by the orchestra, led 
by Todd Carter. 



Harry (Doug Herring) and Larken (Wendy 
Fisher) sing of their marriage plans once the 
prince is finally wed and everyone in the king- 
dom can do so also. 

Winnifred (Hilde Christensen) confronts the 
Prince and Queen (Rasha Zamamiri) as the king 
(Ken Fisher) looks on. 

The wizard (Ed Hickey) tells the minstrel ( Audra 
Callahan) and Jester (Jackie Smith) of the Queen's 
plan to trick Winnifred and foil the marriage. 

Once Upon a Mattress 

A comedy musical draws appreciative 
crowds during Parents' Weekend 

The Tower Players presented "Once Upon a Mattress" on No- 
vember 5-9, 1 999, an offbeat comedy musical based on the tale of 
"The Princess and the Pea." In the plav, a talkative Queen and 
silent King rule a kingdom where no one is allowed to be 
married until their son the Prince has wed. The Queen wants her 
son to remain a bachelor and devises impossible tests for mar- 
riage "candidates." Her plan works until a loyal knight, Harrv, 
(driven by his desire to wed his beloved Larken) finds Winnifred, 
a charming (and not very shy) princess. With the help of the 
wizard, minstrel, and jester, Winnifred passes the sensitivity 
test (the pea in the mattress) and wins the heart and the hand of 
Prince Dauntless. 

'rince Dauntless and Winnifred study together 
a order for her to pass the Queen's test (in order 
3 be married). 

The Queen confronts Larken as she tries to run away 
(disguised as a boy) when she realizes she and Harry 
cannot marry. 




October 2, 1999 
75th Anniversary Diamond Gala 

The 75th gala was held in the Benton Convention Center with 
over 1,200 students, alumni, faculty, and staff in attendance. 
The dance was sponsored by the Student Government Asso- 
ciation in conjunction with the Offices of Student Life, Stu- 
dent Activities, and Alumni Affairs. Five different entertain- 
ment areas included a karaoke room, a grand ballroom (with 
a band and DJ), a free noveltv room, coffee/dessert bar 
atrium, and rovins artists in the main hall. President 
Martinson crowned McCullough Caldwell as Queen and 
Larikus Scott as King at 11:30 pm; then the court did the 
traditional coronation dance. The party lasted until 2 am and 
received rave reviews from thos e who attended. 

Jimmy Routh, Justin Wood, Larikus Scott, and 
Matt McLendon are announced onstage. 

The crowd of revelers gather in the main mall area. 

President Martinson awards Larikus Scott the 
Homecoming King medal. 




! 1 


1 1 II 

i i 

Kat Hoffman, Cass Arnold, McCullough 
Caldwell, and Nikita Jones await the queen 


The novelty room was a great place to sit, 
relax and enjoy the atmosphere. 

The atrium hosted a casual atmosphere 
with coffee, desserts, and light background 

President Martinson crowns McCullough 
Caldwell as our 1999 Homecoming Queen. 





Representatives of SAB, Gams, and Zetas show 

off their parade awards. Vftt V 

The distinguished panel of judges included Kat 
Hoffman, Ted Sikes (Parade Coordinator), Eliza- 
beth Brown, and Shalon Hickle. 



Theta Chi and Alpha Gamma Delta showed off 
their creative bull float (horns included). 



Kat Hoffman, Vice President of SG A and Home- 
coming Chair, and Matt McLendon, SGA Presi- 
dent were instrumental in making homecoming 
a huge success. 


Students enjoy the 4th annual 
Homecoing Parade 

On October 2, 1999, the parade officially kicked off 
the day's celebration and served as the final event for 
Greek Week. Over 15 organizations participated and 
7 awards were given to the top floats. Best theme was 
given to Theta Chi and Alpha Gamma Delta. Best 
overall was Zetas and Pikes. Most creative and most 
fun went to Delta Sig and Kappa Delta. Student 
Activities Board walked off with the coveted Panther 
Spirit Award. The SGA Vice President Award went 
to Alpha Delta Theta and the SGA President award 
was given to Pikes and Zetas. Award winners were 
given a framed certificate and a cash prize. 



Even the Panther turned out to cheer on the 


Kappa Delta and Delta Sigma Phi had one of the most 
unusual and fun floats - a boat. 




Residence Hall 

Living on campus is a valuable experience during 
one's college career. The residence life staff helps 
make that experience as positive as possible. The 
campus is divided into two sections: East and West 
Campus. West Campus is supervised by Rans 
Triplett (AD), Matt McLendon ( ARD) and Ted Sikes 
(RD). East Campus is supervised by Leslie Veach 
(AD), Mary Beth Ritchie (ARD) and Beverly Nunley 
(RD). There are 27 RAs (resident assistants) divided 
among East/West Campus. Each RA is trained at 
the beginning of the year and is responsible for 
every aspect of his or her individual hall. 


Amanda Isaac, Tasha Haskins, and Rans Triplett cheer on 
their residence hall teams during Derhv Day. 

AD Rans Triplett and RA Bessie Fleming are all 
smiles at Derby Day. 

Jackie King in action during orientation. 



Front row: LaTasha Haskins, Ted Sikes, Heather 
wers, Christian Brandvherrv, Rans Tnplett, Bran- 
don Kuebler, Marv Beth Ritchie, Matt Norman, Lind- 
say Aaronson, Beverly Nunlev. Row 2: Mind v Wanzie, 
Jai Moore, Eliza Hammond, Lorienne White, Bessie 
Fleming, Amanda Isaac, Nikita Jones, Halev 
Dejarnette, Caesar Rodriguez, Jackie King, Nancy 
Mavfield, Leslie Veach. Row 3: Josh McCoy, Josh 
Hykes, Bill L' Eplattenier, Jennifer La vton, Chris Huff, 
Tommy Rich, Chad Fritts, Matt McLendon, Elizabeth 

McE wen /Wesley RA staff successfully navigates the 
maze during RA training. 

10 H'f 

Leslie Veach, Jeannie Bejacmar, and Nikita 
Jones are readv for new student check in. 

Rans Triplett and Bill L'Epplattenier dis- 
cuss move-in day procedures. 










Dwayne Adams 

Rosemary Adkisson 

Cassandra Arnold 

Andrea Avello 

David Bagshaw 

Chad Bailey 

Darren Ball 

Kelly Bane 



Danielle Barbetti 

Lakeia Barnes 

Jennifer Beard 

Jeannie Bejacmar 


Bethany Benedict 

Matthew Benford 

Ronnie Bevins 

Nathan Biggs 

Gerald Black 

Karen Blandford 

Hrin Blosser 

Karen Bouldin 

Heather Bowers 

Gwendolen Brostrom 

Thomas Brown III 





Heather Scott Beam 

Jason Brownel 

Julie Bryant 

Julie Bulkeley 



Philip Carroll 

Vincent Chicone 

Verron Chue 

Tyisha Clarke 


i ' 

W f^f- 





Miranda Cox 

Misty Crookshanks 

Carla Crotts 

Joanne D'Anselo 

Amy Davis 

Laura DeBettencourt 

Darren Decker 

Vanessa DeLara 

Shaun Die 


Monica Dowe 

Simone Duncan 

Jennifer Dunn 

Donald Dunphey 

Tara Ebner 

Rachel Eckert 

Andrew Elsdon 

Jessica Emley 


Corinne Ferrante 

Becky Fisher 

Kevin Fori 

Kerrie Foss 

Vikki Fuller 

Gerrick Gann 

Terrie Gentry 

Tobias Gentry 

Kelly Gil lillan 

Brad Goldvars 

R\an Grimsland 



Ursula Guillen 

Jennifer Gunter 

Heather Hanes 

Jeffrey Hann 

LaTasha Haskins 

Ross Hendrix 

Laura Henry 

Shalon Hickle 



Adrienne Hil 

Shana Hinkle 

Erich Hoffman 


{Catherine Hoffman 

Michelle Holland 

Jennifer Holmes 

Hollv Huisinga 

Amanda Isaac 

Kelly Ivey 

Eric James 

Charles Jeffries 


Jennifer Killoch 

ackie Kins 

Jennifer Kleinrichert 

Christopher Kirk 

Adam Knight 

Meghan Kovalcik 

Bethanv Kreitl 

Brandon Kuebler 

Leana Layfield 

Kevin LeCompte 



Tiffany Lee 

Eugene Liui 

Corrin Lohrmann 

James Lope 

Clayton Lyles 

Samantha Mabe 

Melissa MacDermid 

Hiroshi Matshukaner 

Wk r ^v 


^H ^^i 




Nancy Mayfield 

Melody McBride 

Stacv MeCal 

Matthew McLendon 



Benjamin Medlin 

Christina Mercurio 

Jasheena Moore 

Kate Morosco 

Kendall Morris 

Courtney Mueller 

Matthew Nelson 

Courtney Newman 



Jo Nielsen 

Rachel Norford 

Matthew Norman 

William Pavne 


Kimberly Penrose 

Justin Picolel 

Megan Pinnix 

Melissa Pond 

<f / *r 


jHL X;^ „^m<^ . 

i l| Tj^"'^^ 

u • ^^tf 

Katherine Powers 

Ryan Puekett 

Hala Qubein 

Elizabeth Queen 


Nicole Sailer 

Brcnden Saltu 

Julie Samuels 

Kerstin Schreacke 




Alison Sear! 

Seung Mo Seok 

Kelly Shaw 

Lisa Short 


Heather Skier 

Pamela Smith 

Mary Stanley 

Nathan Stephens 

Nadine Stracuzzi 

Jennifer Suit 

Susan Swallow 

Courtney Taylor 

Jennifer Taylor 


Dan Viana 

Lisa Waller 

Beth Watts 

John Webb 

Robert Welborn 

Shannon West 

Julie Wezvil 

Courtney Wharton 

Chrissy Whitaker 

Lorienne White 

Andrea Whitworth 



Brian Wilson 

Marie Wilson 

Michael Wilson 

Sabrina Wingfield 

Marisa Winsky 

David Witt 

Brandon Woosley 

Beth Ann Zimmerman 

Stephanie Matheny 

L ^^J^^^^_ 

n3 ^L '*i ^fl 

fer r. -W 

H- n: 1^1 

' ' M 








^^- _^^bL * *"* k -~T j 






* * 

^ ^- 

w ' N» |j|. ' ' 'J*, «#'" 

f %kJMP ** * 

W 4 * " Hii i ij» ' ' "{| 


Mg pF 


^ fi^, 



•it:! 1 


f ' 








Cynthia Adams 

Shadan Al-Kassim 

Jonathan Archer 

Leslie Ashton 

Stefan Astrom 

Catrina Banks 

Zachary Barrier 

Nathan Bell 

Elizabeth Brooks 

Elizabeth Brown 

Lynn Brown 

Susannah Brown 

Amanda Brundage 

Chris Buchal 

Elbin Bunial 

Rob Burns 

Ayanna Butler 

David Carpenter 

Todd Carroll 

Billie Case 

Kate Cole 
Natalie Cook 
Luis Corderio 
Deidre Cotilla 

Maria Coil-Perez 
Steve Cuneo 
John Danna 
Shaun Davis 

Misty Dills 
Lorpu Dunbar 
Dawn Eagan 
Stephen Felton 

Wendy Fisher 
David Fleming 
Wendy Francis 
Lauren Gamman 

Kellv Gasko 
Dankinette Gibson 
Derek Gibson 
Len Gibson 





Clayton Gilcher 

Derek Graf 

Jonathan Griffith 

Alkeshia Guthrie 

Eliza Hammond 

Christine Haney 

Amanda Hedgecoek 

Sarah Heldreth 

Douglas Herring 

' Ed Hickley 

Megan Hoffman 

Kimberly Hope 

Heather Hudson 

Emily Hunter 

Jessica Kolodgy 

Travis Lee 

Amber Lewis 

Jennifer Malolo 

Brandi Morgan 

Kara-Ann Martin 

Jeanette May 
Annie McCullough 
Shawn McGee 
Rebecca Mendenall 

Whitney Millman 
Russ Nelson 
Nick Novvalk 
Kelli Owen 

Robert Pearson 
Meribeth Praml 
Alexo Poulos 
Ryan Rice 

Thomas Rich 
Cesar Rodriguez 
Bryan Robbins 
Rebekah Robinette 

Jimmv Routh 
Lori Sessoms 
Cynthia Shippv 

April Sparks 






Calvin Staley 

Lisa Thomas 

Jake Tjalma 

Gary Todd 

Yosi Tsuchya 
Chuck Tuscano 
Nathan Walker 

Adam Walsh 

Mindv Wanzie 

Ashley Warren 

Brooke Weitz 

Timmeca Wilson 

Dustin Williams 

Nicholas Williams 

Justin Wood 







Lawrence Albright 

Ashley Allen 

Amanda Alonzy 

Marcus Anthony 

Sarah Bird 

Derek Buck 

Jo Burcham 

Sherry Burden 

Cathy Campbell 

Lisa Clemmer 

Kelly Clontz 

Leah Cope 

Natalie Corbin 

Stephen Cowne 

Jennifer Cross 

Shana Dallara 

Abby Davis 

Christy Day 

Halev Dejarnette 

Samuel Demiss 







Charmetra Doakes 
Michele Eckes 
Alexander Epoch 
Lament Estes 

Amanda Frana 
Heidi Fuchs 
Martha Fuller 
Steven Gaber 

Kimberlv Glover 
Esteban Gonzalez 
Mary Beth Goodrich 
Erica Gornik 

Kelly Green 
Summer Green 
Tiffany Grzan 
Michael Havden 

DeAnna Hamn 
Hiroko Hamaguchi 
Melinda Harvey 
Teddy Hart 






Lisa Hayes 

Holly Haynes 

Jessica Healon 

Baron Heinemann 

Jennifer Helsley 

Melissa Hooven 

Chris Hyatt 

Josh Hykes 

Erin Jackson 

Tiffany Jackson 

Alicia Jessup 

Nikita Jones 

Charity Kates 

Farrell Kersey 

Robin Kester 

Allison King 

Paul Korzhavin 

Phillip Kosov 

Jennifer Lavton 

Jaime Leathead 



Will Lewis 
Christopher Mayes 
Nikkia McCalla 
Josh McCoy 

Michelle McKnight 
Tiffaney McKee 
Julie Midkiff 

Willow Miller 

Tern Morehead 
Sharifa Moultrie 
Vanessa Mondragon 
Trey Muller-Thvm 

Alisa Myers 
[oakim Peterson 
Amie Phillips 
Tern Pistorio 

Kristen Remine 
Meghan Riesner 
Janet Robertson 
Jennifer Roddy 


Alia Rykova 

Haley Sawyer 

Dawn Scheier 

Rachel Smith 

Deneta Somerville 

Kelly Standridge 

Lauren Stolzer 

Stephen Sviatko 

Veronica Terradista 

Robert Tetterton 

Alicia Thomas 

DeAnne Thomas 

Jay Todd 

Cecelia Tolliver 

Meredith Valentine 

Laura Vanmeter 

Jonathan Vincent 

Dominic Watkins 

Brooke Wharton 

Alexis Whitfield 






Melissa Whitnev 
Allvson Wood 
Jakob Widange 
Michelle Wrenn 





Shawn Abrams 

Nathan Acuna 

Leslie Adams 

Jason Adekoya 

Dimple Aildasani 

Alexandra Andreasson 

Greg Alley 

Allison Augustine 

Jim Back 

Kevin Bailey 

Mareia Bailey 

Jason Baillie 

Jonathan Bandy 

Charles Barron 

T| Beatty 

Danielle Beazly 

Kelly Beeson 

Victoria Belbusti 

Gloria Bell 

Pavel Belman 



Jereme Bennett 
Todd Berstein 
Mindy Berrier 
Kelly Bizon 

Richard Black 
Rose Blackburn 
Jesse Blalock 
Ben Blumel 

Catherine Boggs 
Tracey Booth 
Lexi Boswell 
Kimberly Branham 

Rebecca Benadon 
Michael Brewster 
Michelle Brinton 
Robert Brittian 

Chris Brockman 
Christy Brown 
Kendra Brown 
Adam Browne 




Mark Bulovas 

Kevin Burch 

Helena Burkev 

McKenzie Burkhardt 

Mindv Burnette 

Brian Buscord 

Matt Bynum 

Blair Byrd 

Andrea Callahan 

Laren Callender 

Dawntey Campbell 

John Capozzolo 

Aaron Caracci 

Scott Carpenter 

Nicole Carter 

Laura Casey 

Amitv Chadwick 

Kelly Clark 

Tiffany Clarke 

Jason dinger 

Patricia Cole 
Jaclyn Coleman 
Melissa Coloton 
Bradlev Copps 

Rena Cornwell 
Jamaal Cottman 
Kiesha Covert 
Brandy Cox 

Megan Cress 
Jonathan Davis 
Becca Davis 
Monica David 

Brandy Dawson 
Dean Blake 
Casey Degnan 
Lauren Delanev 

Megan Delgardio 
Michelle Dellosa 
Sehrina DeMans 
Valerie Dietv 



Ben Diffenderfer 

Joseph DiMarco 

Anush Djaniants 

Corina Dixon 

Julie Docimo 

Jose Dominguez 

Tim Doody 

LeAnn Durham 

Crystal Eddinger 

Cheryl Eddy 

Amy Eliott 

Barbara Ergolino 

Elisabeth Ericson 

Tommy Evans 

Jeff Farra 

Joel Ferguson 

Robert Ferguson 

Stephanie Fishell 

Matt Foreman 

Amy Fosbemer 






Mindy Foster 
Latosha Fountain 
Neal Gallagher 
Daneil Gariepv 

Robert Gays 
Tara Gentile 
Elizabeth George 
Dedra Gibson 

Dequan Gillespie 
MJ Gimbar 
Rvan Gliha 
Kelli Grubb 

Jerrv Gooch 
April Goode 
George Gouge 
Grev Govoruhk 

Kiernan Gordon 
Jared Goulet 
Brad Greene 
Garrett Griffin 




Christin Cribble 

Erin Groves 

Stacie Goss 

Kirsten Gullrandsen 

Tiffany Hairston 

Erin Hall 

Nicole Hammond 

Raymond Harp 

Dori Harris 

Kevin Harrison 

Carolyn Hassett 

Joseph Haubenhofer 

Jordan Hedrick 

Henry Brandon 

Andrea Henson 

Katherine Hodges 

Jeremy Hood 

Chris Hooks 

Vicki Hoots 

Matthew Howell 




Sarah Hubbard 
Timothy Hubbard 
Courtney Hurley 
Ericka Inverso 

Paul Isbell 
Jade Jacobs 
Patricia Jamroz 

Ashley Johnson 

Misty Johnson 
Steven Johnson 
Dora Kanoy 
Laura Kassler 

Patrick Kempsmith 
Sarah Kerns 
Kelli Keslar 
Kelly Kiker 

David Kerr 
J unique Kinard 
Reagan Kindlev 
Herbie Kinney 



Stacey Kline 

Wendy Koontz 

Carolan Krajewski 

Lexi Kuhn 

Leslie Loveless 

John Leake 

Naomi Leavitt 

Cassandra Leonard 

Brandon Lewis 

Stephanie Lien 

Aaron Linker 

Kristine Lomax 

Rebecca Lowe 

Ryan Lurate 

Meredith Mackoy 

James Mahoney 

Leslie Malbon 
Melissa Males 
Lindv Maness 
Amber Martin 


Lucas Martin 
Justin Martin 
Shawna Martyak 
Jamie Mathews 

Kaitlin McDevitt 
Mary McDevitt 
Amanda McDonald 
Jeannelle McKenney 

Tzeala McLean 
Senica McDeil 
Alex Medina 
Shannon Meroney 

Ryan Merrill 
Kelly Messmore 
Lindsay Mierski 
Courtney Millman 

Amanda Miller 
Laura Miller 
Mack Miller 
Michelle Miller 




Troy Morgan 

Beth Mork 

Rich Mossman 

Inga Muller 

Matt Murphy 

Cyril Murray 

Kerry Muscolina 

Kara Myers 

Julia Nadal 

Chad Nalick 

Heather Nehrhas 

Lea Newport 

Sarah Nicely 

Mary Nicholls 

Mario Nocito 

Dani Norman 

Melissa O'Dell 

Hannah Oliver 

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Ethan Paschal 

Adrian Patten 
Jessica Paul 
Jocelyn Paza 
Kristen Pendrv 

Bill Perone 
Lisa Pettigrew 
Katv Pfeffer 
Rickinica Pickard 

David Pierre 
Nick Piersol 
Rebecca Plescia 
Nate Poland 

Amy Powers 
Zach Prisco 
Nicole Purdv 
Tracvann Pryce 

Melissa Quinn 
Catherine Raines 
Matt Reedy 
Megan Reeves 



Will Reifsteck 

Carly Riskus 

Cathleen Roberts 

Ava Roddy 

Stephanie Rodenkircher 

Rebecca Roehrich 

Amy Rogers 

Josh Rogers 

Jennifer Roscoe 

Allyson Ross 

Gina Rosser 

Seth Ruchter 

Rebecca Rush 

Crissy Samuel 

Elizabeth Sanders 

Melanie Scala 

Pam Schwartz 

Cebronica Scott 

Chris Scott 

Stephanie Scott 



Brian Serafin 
Kelly Shamberger 
Jacquelynn Sharpe 
Stephen Sheets 

Anna Sherrod 
Shawn Sherwood 
Kristen Segmon 
Jacol Skillin 

Courtney Smith 
Crawford Smith 
Gwendolyn Smith 
Janelle Smith 

Molisha Smith 
Richard Smith 
Ruth Smith 
Wavne Smith 

William Southern 
Liz Steckee 
Stacv Stewart 
Jack Streater 






Kenneth Taylor 

Jed Thomas 

Laura Beth Turner 

Kevin Vanhov 

Andrew Veach 

Garrick Velat 

Lauren Virgin 

Stephen Voges 

Kim Vanhuss 

Ariane Walker 

Verntisha Walker 

Melanie Wall 

3ianca Warmald 

Helen Waters 

Erica Watson 

Sean White 

Tanner Wightman 

Amora Williams 

Anita Williams 

Karie Williams 


Scott Williams 
Jenna Wilson 
Andrew Wright 
Amanda Yoder 



Ms. Virginia Blair 
Admin. Coordinator 

Ms. Lillian Creech 

Ms. Deborah Dalton 

Ms. Becki Davis 

Ms. Cathy Garwood 
Adjunct Professor 




Lisa Campbell 

a » i- % m 

Wes Patterson 



Anita Hairston 

Tifani Kellyman 

Kevin Towman 

Wendy Milloway 

Tracy Roberts 

Beth Salers 

Monica Shepherd 

Beverly Hayes-Thomas 


Dr. Guy Arcuri 
Asst. Professor 

Ms. Sam Beck 
Dir. of Career Development 

Dr. Richard Bennington 

Dr. Grav Bowman 

Ms. Wendy Brodar 
Interna] Affairs 

Dr. Dennis Carroll 

Mr. William Cope 
Assoc. Professor 

Dr. Clinton Corcoran 
Assoc. Professor 

Mr. Craig Curty 
Asst. Director, ASC 



Mr. Chris Dudley 
Dir. of Athletic Development 

Dr. Elizabeth Dull 
Assoc. Professor 

Dr. E. Rov Epperson 
Vice President 

Ms. Amy Berrier 
Asst. Dir. of Financial Aid 

Ms. Geraldine Chisholm 

Dr. E. Vance Davis 
Vice President 

Ms. Diana Estey 

Mr. Gart Evans 
Dean of Students 

Dr. Vagn Hansen 

Ms. Sherron James 

Dr. Barbara Leonard 
Assoc. Professor 


Ms. Karen Fincher 
Institutional Advancement 

Dr. Woody Gibson 
Assoc. Professor 

Ms. Rhonda Grimsley 
Registrar's Office 

Mr. Bob Hayes 
Vice President 

Mrs. Dvvanna Hayworth 
Financial Affairs 

Ms. Jeanie Hazzard 
Institutional Advancement 

Ms. Amber Kelley 
Director of Counseling 

Mr. Hardy Koenig 
Asst. Professor 

Mr. John Lefler 
Vice President 

ll^MJ 1 ' 1 ' i' 

Ms. Melitta McCroskey 

Ms. Jean McDowel 

Ms. Ann Miller 
Assoc. Registrar 




Ms. Elizabeth Ann Murphy 
Career Development 


Dr. Phil Norwood 

Ms. Betsy Orcutt 
Student Life Office 

Ms. Katherine Hill Phipps 
Asst. Dean of Students 


Dr. John Poetvinger 
Adjunct Professor 

Ms. Reberta Powell 
Asst. Dir. of Financial Aid 

Ms. Marissa Ray 
Development Officer 

Dr. Betty Royal 
Assoc. Professor 

Mr. Jim Schlimmer 
Dean of Enrollment Mgt 

Dr. Frederick Schneid 
Assoc. Professor 

Dr. Donna Scott 
Asst. Professor 

Ms. Wendy Smith 
Alumni Relations 



Mr. Jim Spessard 
Director of Accounting 

Dr. James Stitt 

Bishop Thomas Stockton 
Bishop in Residence 

Ms. Donna Thornton 
Behavorial Sciences 


Ms. Kathy Tipton 
Financial Aid 

Ms. Leslie Veach 
Student Life Office 

Mr. Michael Waggoner 
Asst. Professor 

Dr. Morris Wray 
Vice President 







Jade Jacobs sneaks by a wall of opponents to Kelley Ivey rushes past her opponent, 
approach the goal. 

Front: Jade Jacobs, Megan Moore, Bekki Dion, Marie Wilson, Cindy Watts, Jennifer Killoch, Kelly Ivey, Lindsay 
Kroeger, Jennifer Franks, Beth Mark. Back: Steph Rodenkrichen, Gwen Smith, Tiffany Impson, Tamara Impson, 
Emily Eshedor, Elizabeth Eschedor. Pictured with Coach Foels and Julie Scott. 



Steph Rodenkircher outruns an opponent to 
find an opening. 

Coach Foels plans out the Lady Panther's de- 
fense with Cindy Watts. 


The Panthers have a team huddle at halftime to 
plan the rest of the game. 

Marie Smith regains control of the ball for the 



Sean Forte #10 slices to a teamate. 

#12 Nate LeMaire moves into position to block. 

Shane Curran #9 passes to teammate as Nick 
Grieco (in background) waits for the play. 

Nate LeMaire #1 2 beats his opponent to the ball 
to gain control. 


n«. Damon Ming shows off some impressive foot- 

The team awaits half-time instructions from 
Coach Broad lev. 

Men's Soccer 

fancy footwork 

* ~y 

* , 


£ V 

..■M •«» 

f i 

s \ 

#17 Ryan Tremblay out maneuvers his opponent. 



Cross Country 

Men's Team 

Coach Burchette, Tom Evans, Derico Cooper, Clayton Lyles, Kenji Dorsey, Dan Gariepy, David uggan, Coach 




Scott Hornnug helps with student's lower back 

Shalon Hinckle and Gwen Brostrom have a 
friendly debate while studying their training 

Trainer Laura Henry preps a basketball player 
prior to a big game. 

Jeff Cavin and Wendy Francis tend to an on-site 
injury during a women's soccer match. 




Sports Medicine Seniors: (front) Laura 
deBettencourt, Shaun Diehl, Danette Farmer, 
Ben Medlin, Gwen Brostrom (back) Jen Suit, 
Christina Mercurio, Barbara McDowell, Lorrie 
Williams, Shalon Hickle, Laura Henry, Amy 

Lorrie Williams practices rehabilitation exer- 

Sports Medicine 



Sports Medicine Club Executive Council 

Co-President Ben Medlin, Co-President Shaun Diehl, Secretary Kelley Bizon and Treasurer Kelli Johnson 





The back line is ready to return a tough serve. Becca Rochrich prepares to dig a spike from the 

opposing team. 

r r. 

' -.32 j Jm 



Jessica Dolleabaum spikes past her opponent's 
blocks to take home the point. 

The team celebrates after winning a difficult 

Tahirah Dock dinks it over the surprised pair of 

The team rallies as another spike turns over 
possession to their side. 


The team players are introduced to a cheering 
crowd . 

Geordie Cullen jumps for possession 

Men's Basketball 

Taking on Division 1 

Guard Derek Van Weerdhuizen #15 scrambles for possession 




Guard Mantas Ignatavicius charges in for a 
layup for 2 points. 

Derek Van Weerdhuizen files past his defense 
to take the shot. 

1 M*Q 


Forward Myron Stewart #21 leaps for the rim 

Guard Brooks Lee sizes up the defense as he 
rushes the court. 




The team warms up before a big game at home. Center Kelly Goode #42 is open for the pass. 



Guard Keisha Boyd #14 shoots from the out- 
side for 2 points. 

Mary Brewer #33 takes a jump shot over her 

Guard Annie Miller #22 looks for an open 

Christin Dickenson #23 powers bv her defen- 
sive opponent. 



Elisabet Ericson pounds it back to her oppo- 

Mirva Maenpaa shows her purple Panther team 


Meg Hofmann slices back a return volley 
Igna Muller serves up another ace. 




Maya Latinovic and Andrea Avello in action 
during the singles match. 

Inga Muller Coach Tertazagian discuss strat- 
egy for the upcoming match. 





Women's Tennis 

Burning up the Court 

Elisabet Ericson, Meg Hofmann, Mirva Maenpaa, Igna Muller, Maya Latinovic, Andrea Avello. 




Peter Mellstrom and doubles partner Bob 
Ferguson go to the net to shake hands with 
their opponents after their victory. Joakim Peterson backhands a return serve. 




Men's Tennis 

Serving up Aces 

Peter Greherg, Jakob Wodange, Joakim Peterson, Erik Petterson, Peter Mellstrom, Bob Ferguson, Casey Degnan, 
Janne Leino, Mike Easi. 



Erik Petterson sends back a forceful backhand 
shot for the win. 

Jakob Wopange makes a stunning save. 

Casey Degnan slams back a difficult serve. 

Peter Greberg gives it his all during a challeng- 
ing volley. 





Andrew Smith takes one down the fairway 
Tyler Baughman studies the course. 

Tyler Baughman sends sand flying to escape 
the pit. 

Michael Rasmussen putts for the win. 




*■ .*"*-4 ■* * -4 

Gordon Hughes chips his wa v out of a sand pit. 
Golf team members enjoy a break by the lake. 


Bryan Meadows and Jared Clark take a break to 

watch Buddy Webb at bat. A Panther team member sprints for 1st base. 


!_.. * «Mr.t.* * 








^|,^l 3<&t£l top "* 


Front: C. Hyatt, J. Thomas, R. Black, J. Leake, M. Lowman, M. Rupert, D. Grof, C. Cronin, B. Meadows, A. Beck. 
Row 2: C. Welch. M. Buckner, C. Vinar, K. Burch, B. Webb, J. Cavanaugh, C. Chandler, J. Brennen, T. Dixon, B. 
Hamrick. Row 3: J. Frazier, D. White, G. Griffin, A. Harney. A. Daniels, J. Clark, R. Zellers. D. Carpenter, K. Smith, 
B. Yohn. J. Skillin. 

The Panther pitching squad runs through pitch- 
ing practice. 

Coach Speight discusses strategy with the Pan- 
ther team. 



The team takes turns at bat during practice. 

Coach Kemp surperives pitcher warm-ups. 



The men's relay track team practices sprints 
under the supervision of Coach Davidson. 

Roxy Stennet flies over the long jump pit. 

\% it V/ r - 

Henry Clark practices the high jump. 
Girmy Gielen takes the hurdles in stride. 



Lindy Maness practices as the track team looks 

Team members hang out at the end of practice 
discussing the next day's meet. 

Front: Amy Fosbenner, Ginny Gielen, Melinda Henderson, Porsche Jackson, Victoria Belbusti, Melinda Foster, 
Derrico Cooper, Lindy Maness, Brandilyn Price, Roxie Stennett, Amanda Hanly. Row 2: Jonathan Griffith, Slade 
Gurley, Kenji Dorsey, Clayton Lyles, Henry Clark, Kenneth Schumate,, Kodi Cmoverson, Ed Bunnell, Larickus 
Scott, Chris Thorton, Carlton Sanders. 




EgyptAir Flight 990 crashes into the Atlantic 
Ocean on October 31, killing all 217 people 
on board. Although suspicious actions of a 
pilot are under scrutiny by American and 
Egyptian officials, the cause of the crash 
remains a mystery. 

^ On October 12, the world's official population 
~|~ hits 6 billion. The designated 6 billionth human 

is a baby boy born in Sarajevo. 

As part of Rome's continuing restoration, the 
city unveils a plan to create an 18,000-square-yard 
rambling space connecting the Imperial Forums 
with the Roman Forum. 

In September, 
more than 

) Japanese 
are checked 
for radiation 
exposure after 
an inadvertent 
nuclear reaction 
at a uranium 
processing plant. 

_^L_ In an October coup, the Pakistani army dismisses 
™ elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and 
his government after Sharif announces the 
removal of his powerful military chief, General 
Pervaiz Musharraf. 


Nearly a million ethnic Albanians flee Yugoslavia 
and thousands are killed after Serbs begin a 
violent ethnic cleansing campaign in 1998. 
Seventy-eight days of NATO bombing bring the 
war to an end in June. An international tribunal 
later charges Yugoslav President Slobodan 
Milosevic with crimes against humanity. 


In a violent October coup, gunmen storm 
the Armenian Parliament and assassinate 
Prime Minister Vazgen Sarkisian and six 
other top officials. 

Britain's Prince Edward marries 
longtime girlfriend Sophie Rhys- Jones 
on June 19. 

Cuban Elian Gonzalez, 6, becomes 
the center of a bitter citizenship 
debate after surviving a November 
boat wreck off the Florida coast in 
which his mother dies. 



In India, two trains collide head-on in August, 
killing 285 people and injuring more than 300. 
It is one of the worst train disasters in the 
country's history. 

d| Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" is 
t unveiled in June after 21 years of restoration. 
The centimeter-by-centimeter rehabilitation 
it $7.7 million and involved 
electronic microscopes. 

_^k In September, Russia begins a military campaign 
f against Chechen nationalists to regain control of 
the breakaway republic. More than 200,000 people 
fiee the region, but a fierce rebel resistance 
stays to fight for control of the capital, Grozny. 


In June, Thabo Mbeki succeeds President Nelson 
Mandela, South Africa's first democratically 
elected president. 

After almost nine years in power, Russian President 
Boris Yeltsin announces his resignation in January 
2000. Yeltsin names Prime Minister Vladimir Putin 
acting president pending elections in March. 

In September and October, powerful earthquakes 
strike around the globe, killing 15,000 people in 
Turkey, 1,450 in Taiwan and at least 122 in Greece. 


A tropical depression producing heavy 
rain hits Mexico in November. The 
resulting floods kill more than 350 
people and cause 100,000 to evacuate. 

In August, the U.S. pays $4.5 million to 
victims of NATO's accidental bombing 
of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. 
Three Chinese are killed and 27 are 
wounded in the May 1999 bombing. 

On December 31, the U.S. returns control of 
' the Panama Canal to Panama. Opened to the 
world in 1914, the canal is considered one of 
the greatest construction achievements in 
American history. 


excavate 105 
mummies in a 
Egyptian tomb 
believed to contain 
a total of 10,000 
mummies. The 
necropolis will shed 
new light on the 
Greco-Roman era 
and will allow 
scholars to chart 
demographic data 
and the incidence 
ol disease. 

Kennplh Garrell/NGS linage 


In December, torrential rains cause Venezuela's 
worst natural disaster of the century. Mudslides 
and flash floods kill up to 30.000 people, while 
damage estimates run into the billions of dollars. 





^^_ Cartoonist Charles M. Schulz retires in January 
J 2000, bringing an end to PEANUTS, America's 
most popular comic strip for almost 50 years. 
Schulz dies in February, the night before his last 
strip runs in the national newspapers. 

_^_ As a way to boost tourism, Chicago displays 
Y 301 life-size, fiberglass cows decorated by local 
artists. The public art exhibit lasts all summer 
until the cows are auctioned for charity. 


In July, John F. Kennedy Jr., 38, his wife, Carolyn 
Bessette Kennedy, 33, and her sister, Lauren 
Bessette, 34, die in an airplane crash in the 
Atlantic Ocean near Martha's Vineyard. Kennedy, 
a relatively inexperienced pilot, is believed to 
have become disoriented in heavy fog. 

Hurricane Floyd 
strikes the East 
Coast in September, 
ling 51 people and 
destroying over 
4,000 homes. North 
Carolina is hardest 
hit with total damages 
estimated at a record 
$6 billion. 

The drought of 1999 causes severe damage to 
• Northeastern and mid-Atlantic farms. Several 
states impose mandatory water use restrictions 
and emergency federal loans are made available 
in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia 
and West Virginia. 


Lewis and Clark's Native 
American guide Sacagawea 
is featured on a new 
gold-colored dollar coin 
released into circulation 
in early 2000. 

ginning in 1999, the U.S. Mint 
releases specially designed 
state quarters, the first 

five representing 
I Connecticut, 
| Georgia, Delaware, 
Pennsylvania and 
New Jersey. By 2008, 
each state will have 
its own quarter. 

A President Clinton announces the removal of 
~^h the American bald eagle from the endangered 
species list. In 1999, there are over 5,800 
breeding pairs, an increase from 417 in 1963. 

In August, a rare tornado strikes 
downtown Salt Lake City. Winds up 
to 112 miles per hour make it Utah's 
second-worst tornado in history. 

In July, Air Force Colonel Eileen 
Collins, 42, becomes the first 
woman to command a U.S. space 
shuttle mission. 


In November, a 60-foot log tower collapses at 
Texas A&M University, killing 12 students and 
injuring 27. The tower was to be burned at a 
traditional bonfire pep rally. 


■ i 7 


<m ri 

On April 20, 1999, the nation mourns after two 
students go on a shooting rampage at Columbine 
High School in Colorado, wounding 23 and killing 
15, including themselves. Schools across the 
country take extensive security measures to 
ensure the safety of students and staff. 

_^_ In an effort to ease the burden on the traditional 
y courts, most states now offer teen court for 
juvenile offenders. After determining guilt, a jury of 
teens along with a judge decides the sentence, 
typically community service and financial restitution. 

In November, protesters at the World Trade 
■ Organization (WTO) summit in Seattle provoke a 
show of force by local, state and federal officers. 
Protesters blame the WTO for eroding human 
rights and labor and environmental standards. 

In August, a female panda is born at the San 
Diego Zoo. Hua Mei, which can mean "China USA" 
or "Splendid Beauty," is the first panda born in 
the Western Hemisphere in nearly a decade. 


■s my dr i v ir? 


4W-TCC' 1 

A A bumper sticker invites drivers to call a 
~^P" toll-free number to report reckless driving. 
Officials hope the system will help parents stay 
informed about their teenagers' driving habits. 

x Despite 

Y - m vears 
of official denial, 

in December a 
jury finds the 
assassination of 
Reverend Martin 
Luther King Jr. 
was the result 
of a conspiracy, 
not the act of a 
lone gunman. 

_^_ An epidemic of rampage 
^r shootings intensifies America's growing concern 
over gun control. Many state legislatures pass new 
gun-control measures despite nationwide controversy 
over restrictions vs. Second Amendment rights. 


In the first such admission by a cigarette 
manufacturer, Philip Morris publicly 
concedes tobacco is addictive and can 
cause serious diseases. 

Hillary Clinton announces her candidacy 
for a U.S. Senate seat from New York. 
As law requires, Clinton establishes New 
York residency in suburban Chappaqua. 


In September, Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates 
and his wife Melinda announce the creation of the 
Gates Millennium Scholars Program. The Gateses 
will donate $1 billion over the next 20 years to 
finance scholarships for minority college students. 

^ FEELit technology allows users to experience 
^ computer technology through their mouse. Users 
can "feel" buttons, text, the weight of a stuffed 
desktop folder and the groove of a scroll bar. 

_^_ Fifteen-year-old Amber Ramirez undergoes surgery 
y tn which half of her brain is removed to stop the 
spread of a rare neurological disease. Doctors 
hope the remaining portion of Ramirez's brain will 
compensate for the removed tissue. 

In August, NASA releases photos from the Chandra 
' X-ray orbiting telescope of a hot cloud of gas from a 
star that exploded more than three centuries ago. 
The telescope took 23 years and $1 billion to develop, f 

A The Java Ring contains a computer chip providing 
-^~ electronic access into buildings for students. 

Eventually the ring could be used as a library card, 
digital wallet, electronic ID and authentication for 
students' online homework. 

A In August, U.S. surgeons begin using computer- 
~^~ enhanced robotic technology for heart bypass 
surgery. Because the chest cavity is never 
opened, this technique reduces pain and 
shortens recovery time. 

^_ in an epilepsy treatment 
™ breakthrough, surgeons 
mplant a "pacemaker" 
into the chest with a 
nerve stimulator 
connected to 
the brain. The 
unit can last up to 
five years. 

A The body of a 23,1 
~^^ discovered in October frozen in the Russian tundra. 
Study of the preserved fur, organs and soft tissue 
could unlock the mystery of why the species died out 


Researchers announce in July the 
creation of a cancerous human cell by 
genetically altering a normal one. This 
significant breakthrough is an important 
step toward developing drugs that could 
potentially wipe out cancer. 

In December, IBM announces a $100 
million research initiative to build a 
supercomputer 500 times more 
powerful than current models. 

Cyberonics, Inc. 

A On August 11, the last total solar eclipse of 
"^" the millennium crosses the globe. Thousands 
of people from Canada to India experience 
daytime darkness during which the moon 
completely covers the sun. 

Parents, with help from their doctor, select 
the gender of their baby using a technique 
called MicroSort, which separates X-bearing 
(female-determining) and Y-bearing 
(male-determining) sperm. The success 
rate is about 92 percent for females and 
69 percent for males. 

A Researchers report they have successfully 
■^P" altered the learning and memory behavior of 
mice by inserting a gene into their brains. 
This genetic-engineering breakthrough may be 
helpful in treating human learning disorders 
and Alzheimer's disease. 

_^_ The jawbones of two kangaroo-sized dinosaurs 
^f are discovered in Madagascar in October. Dated 
to the early Triassic period, 230 million years 
ago, the bones could be the oldest dinosaur 
fossils ever found. 

A new board game, 

Infection, hits stores in Ju 

Fun and educational, players race around the board 

catching diseases, described in detail, and trying to 

be cured. 

In October, Sea Launch Company, a multi-national 
" consortium, launches the first commercial satellite 
into space from a floating platform in the Pacific 
Ocean. Boeing is a major partner in the venture, 
along with companies in Russia, Ukraine and Norway 

n October, 
biologists isolate 
one of the 
enzymes that 
sets Alzheimer's 
disease in motion. 
This scientific 
discovery will 
lead to new 
treatments and, 
possibly, a cure. 
Over 4 million 
including former 
President Ronald 
Reagan, are living 
with the disease. 


In June, scientists announce the 
creation of two new elements. The 
nucleus of new, super-heavy element 
118 decays into element 116 within 
a millisecond. 

Scientists studying Albert Einstein's 
preserved brain report it has unique 
characteristics. The region governing 
mathematical ability and spatial 
reasoning is significantly larger 
than normal. 



To mark the 30th anniversary of the first moon 
landing, astronaut Neil Armstrong's lunar 
footprint is featured on a 1999 postage stamp. 

The fashion accessory of 1999 goes by many 
names-power beads, mood beads and praye 
beads. Many sellers claim the beads boost 
tranquility, energy, creativity and intelligence. 

Airlines begin installing elaborate in-flight 
entertainment systems that allow passengers 
to watch movies, play computer games, listen to 
music, read headlines or browse the Internet. 


Cosmetic companies increasingly use 
entertainment celebrities instead of models for 
their advertisements. Sarah Michelle Gellar, 
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Lopez and Shania 
Twain are among the celebs who appear in ads. 

With the huge 
increase in cell 
phones, many 
cities enact laws 
restricting their 
use while driving. 
Restaurants and 
theaters are also 
requiring patrons 
to turn phones 
off as a courtesy 

A Apple Computer introduces its new iBook laptop 
~4p~ in September. The super-slim, neon-colored 
units follow the highly successful launch of the 
translucent iMac desktop. 

A In August, a Levi Strauss & Co. megastore opens 
-^►" in San Francisco. The store features a hot tub 
where shoppers can soak in their jeans for the 
perfect fit and a computer-scanning system to 
help customers get the right size. 


In December, Honda introduces Insight, 
a car that combines a conventional 
gasoline engine with a small electric 
motor, decreases ozone and carbon 
dioxide emissions and gets 80 mpg. 

Several companies offer "digital wallets" 
for teens who want to shop online 
but don't have credit cards. Parents 
deposit money into an online account; 
then teens can spend the money at 
designated Web sites. 


A continuation of the 
cargo pants trend, 
messenger bags with 
pockets galore hang 
at the hips of teens 

A new line of scented candles called Aromapharmacy 
■ comes in amber glass containers and looks like 
prescription drug bottles with creative names such 
as Ritalert, Cramprin and Valiumello. 

Shawls and wraps 
show up everywhere 
in the fashion 
world. Hollywood 
celebrities like 
Salma Hayek sport 
the fashion trend 
in all colors 
and fabrics. 

Wireless Web access becomes a reality in 
' September when Sprint PCS announces the 
first nationwide wireless data service. Shortly 
thereafter, several other providers debut similar 
service for hand-held Web phones. 

_^_ Inline skaters can now power themselves along 
f with the new Roller Cycle Personal Power 
Accelerator featuring a 1.5-hp-driven wheel. An 
optional spiked rubber tire for traction makes it 
also possible to use while cross-country skiing. 

A Gap TV 


for vests starts a trend across 

America that has teenagers wearing 

the fashionable sleeveless jackets. 

Stretchy nylon 
jewelry that looks 
like skin tattoos 
is a big hit in 19 
The nylon bands 
are worn around 
necks, wrists, 
arms and ankles, 
and come in 
several colors. 


Several rappers start their own clothing lines, 
making hip-hop wear big business. Popular 
artist labels include FUBU, Roc-A-Wear, Phat 
Farm, Wu Wear, Sean John and X-Large. 


A Magellan, a satellite navigation system for 
"^P" motorists, offers complete U.S. mapping data, 
voice and visual instructions in seven languages, 
turn-by-turn directions and a library of points 
of interest. 

Teenagers need an average of nine 
hours and 15 minutes of sleep a night, 
according to research at Brown 
University's Bradley Hospital. The study 
also shows a direct correlation between 
school grades and duration of sleep. 

An influx of dot-com companies 
advertise on television. Ads during the 
Super Bowl sell for an average of $2.2 
million per 30-second commercial. 



A growing number of U.S. school cafeterias offer 
pruneburgers, a healthy low-fat combination 
of hamburger and prune puree Other prune 
items in the works include hot dogs, pizza sauce, 
barbecue sauce and gingerbread cookies. 



■ fans snap up a record 15,000 copies 
nticipated Dreamcast system in 
5 after its launch in September. 

^^_ ABC's summer fill-in quiz show "Who Wants 
™ to Be a Millionaire," with host Regis Philbin, 
returns in November and is a huge hit with 
viewers. By January 2000, several major networks 
launch quiz shows of their own. 

The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis and Haley 
' Joel Osment is the No. 1 box office hit for five 
consecutive weekends in the summer. 

After 19 
Susan Lucci finally 
wins an Emmy 
Award for best 
actress in a 
daytime drama 
series for her role 
as Erica Kane on 
the ABC soap opera 
"All My Children." 


Launched in January 1999, MTVs "The Tom Green 
Show" becomes one of the season's most popular 
shows. The Canadian host's bizarre man-on-the- 
street pranks are the show's main attraction. 


The Blair Witch Project, the year's surprise movie 
hit, is the documentary-style footage of three 
students lost in the Maryland woods and 
threatened by the presumed Blair Witch. The film 
costs $100,000 to make and grosses $140 million. 


Tom Hanks and Tim Allen return as the 
voices of Woody and Buzz Lightyear 
in the animated feature Toy Story 2. 
The sequel breaks box-office records 
during its Thanksgiving release and 
wins a Golden Globe award. 

In a botched stunt, WWF wrestler Owen 
Hart falls from the rafters at Kemper 
Arena and dies in front of 16,300 fans. 

A Jennifer Love Hewitt leaves "Party of Five" to star in 
~^~ her own Fox television drama, "Time of Your Life." 
The show focuses on Hewitt's character trying 
to make it in New York while searching for her 
biological father. 


In June, Mike Myers' sequel Austin Powers: The 
Spy Who Shagged Me proves to be a bigger hit 
than the 1997 original. Dr. Evil's alter ego Mini-Me 
is extremely popular even though he has no lines. 


In December, 
actor Jim Carrey 
portrays zany 
comedian Andy 
Kaufman in Man 
on the Moon. 
Carrey wins a 
Golden Globe 
award for his 

American Beaut\, starring Kevin Spacey, Annette 
Bening and Thora Birch, captures the Golden 
Globe Best Drama Award. The dark satire of 
suburbia and family dysfunction receives a total 
of six Golden Globe nominations. 

The new arcade game Guitar Freaks features 
two guitar controllers and a screen to help 
players follow along to popular songs. 



Set in 1980, the critically acclaimed NBC 
show "Freaks and Geeks" follows two groups 
of teens trying to make their way through 
high school. 

The long-awaited prequeli'tor Wars: Episode I The 
Phantom Menace hits theaters in May 1999, taking 
in a record-breaking $28.5 million on its opening 
day and going on to gross more than $420 million. 



Medusa, the 
world's first 
floorless roller 
coaster, opens 
in August at Six 
Flags Great 
Adventure in 
New Jersey. 
The 4,000-foot, 
ride has enough 
drops, loops, 
rolls and 
to thrill 
every rider. 

Michael J. Fox announces in January 
2000 he will leave the popular ABC 
sitcom "Spin City" at the end of the 
season to promote awareness of 
Parkinson's disease in hopes of 
finding a cure. 

After 10 seasons, Fox cancels the 
hit show "Beverly Hills, 90210." The 
show followed characters through 
high school, college and careers. 

A In September, the New Roc City entertainment 
~^P~ center opens in New York. The complex includes 
an amusement park ride on the roof, two skating 
rinks, 19 movie screens, restaurants, an arcade, a 
health club, a supermarket and a hotel. 


The Talented Mr Ripley, starring Matt Damon, 
Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law and Cate Blanchett, 
opens in December and earns popular and 
critical praise. 

U.S. sales of music by Latin artists shoot up 
i percent in the first quarter of 1999 thanks 
to artists such as Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, 
Enrique Iglesias and Marc Anthony. 

Superstar Mariah Carey releases Rainbow in 
November and begins a world tour in February 

. Carey is named Billboard Music Awards Artist 
of the Decade and is awarded the distinguished 
American Music Award of Achievement. 

Released in June, Santana's Supernatural shoots 
up the Billboard album chart, sells over 6 million 
copies, and earns 10 Grammy nominations. 

Britney Spears' 
album... Baft)' 
One More Time is 
the second-best- 
selling album 
of 1999, earning 
Spears the 
Billboard Music 
Awards Female 
and New Artist of 
the Year Awards. 

Saturday Night Line: The 
Musical Performances 
Volumes I and 2 are 
released in September. 
The CDs feature 30 of the 
musical acts that have 
appeared on SNL over the 
past 25 years. 

Limp Bizkit leads the way in the resurgence of 
rock music, along with Kid Rock and Korn. In 
September, MTV showcases the trend by airing 
"1999: Return of the Rock," which examines the 
history and future of rock music. 


A Computer games feature big music stars on 
-4^- their soundtracks. Sheryl Crow contributes her 
talent to the Tomorrow Never Dies soundtrack, 
Metallica to Hot Wheels Turbo Racing and 
Naughty by Nature to NBA Live 2000. 

Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton and the 
Dixie Chicks are a few musicians 
who rock Central Park in a first-ever 
trimulcast concert seen and heard 
on the radio, television and Internet. 

More than 1 million viewers tune 
in each weekday to vote on their 
favorite videos on MTV's "Total 
Request Live" with host Carson Daly 
and popular musical guests. 


A Backstreet Boys' Millennium wins the Billboard 
~^~ Music Awards Album of the Year and becomes 
the best-selling album of the year with over 10 
million copies sold. 

+ + 

Lou Bega's 
rhythmic "Mambo 
No. 5" hits the 
Top 40 in August 
after selling 2 
million copies 
overseas and 
topping the chart 
in 15 countries. 

"NetAid,"a concert dedicated to relieve hunger 
and poverty, airs live in October on MTV VH1, 
the BBC, as well as radio stations in 120 
nations, making it the widest-heard musical 
performance in history. 

In a strange twist, Garth Brooks releases the album 
The Life of Chris Gaines in which he pretends to 
be a fictional rock star. Gaines will be the main 
character in a movie called The Lamb, currently 
in development. 

Fiona Apple releases her long-awaited second 
' album to rave reviews in November and begins 
a tour in February 2000. The album features a 
90-word title, which is commonly shortened to 
When the Pawn. 

Shama Twain becomes 
the first woman since 
1986 to win the Country 
Music Association's 
Entertainer of the Year 
Award at the 33rd annual 
awards show. 

MP3, technology 

that compresses sound into a very small 
file, becomes a popular alternative to 
the CD. MP3 files are downloaded from 
the Internet onto computers or portable 
player units, making it possible to take 
a personal music selection anywhere. 

AP V.idt- World Ptiolos 


VHl's "Concert of the Century" spotlights the 
importance of music education in schools. The 
all-star show includes Lenny Kravitz, Sheryl Crow, Eric 
Clapton and B.B. King, as well as high-profile actors. 


After a successful New Year's Eve 
reunion performance, the Judds 
begin their first tour in almost 10 
years in February 2000. Since 
they disbanded in 1991, Naomi has 
recovered from Hepatitis C. 

Best New Artist Grammy nominee 
Christina Aguilera gives an exciting 
performance during the Super Bowl 
XXXIV halftime show. 

Ricki Martin takes the music industry by storm 
' after his show-stopping performance at the 1999 
Grammy Awards show. Martin's first chart-topping 
single, "Livin' la Vida Loca," helps him win the 
Billboard Music Award for Male Artist of the Year. 

_^_ Lance Armstrong wins the 1999 Tour de France 
y in July. Armstrong, who survived a three-year 
battle with testicular cancer, becomes the 
second American to win the event. 

^ The Dallas Stars beat the Buffalo Sabres 2-1 
f in triple overtime to win the 1999 Stanley Cup 
championship, four games to two. 

David Cone of the New York Yankees pitches 
a perfect game against the Montreal Expos in 
July. Cone's feat is the 14th perfect game in 
modern baseball history. 

A Golf 

W' champion 
Payne Stewart is 
killed in a bizarre 
airplane accident 
in October. After 
the airplane's 
takeoff from 
Florida, an 
apparent loss of 
cabin pressure 
everyone aboard. 
The aircraft flies 
on autopilot for 
four hours until it 
runs out of fuel 
and crashes in 
South Dakota. 

In September, 
tennis phenom 
Serena Williams, 
17, overpowers 
Martina Hingis 
to win the 1999 
U.S. Open title. 

A The St. Louis Rams stop the Tennessee Titans 
~^~ at the 1-yard line on a final play to save their 
23-16 Super Bowl XXXIV victory. 


Both Detroit Lions running back 
Barry Sanders and German tennis 
star Steffi Graf announce their 
retirement in 1999. 

On February 7, 2000, Tiger Woods 
wins his sixth consecutive PGA Tour 
event, tying Ben Hogan's 1948 
winning record. 


The Houston Comets earn their third straight 
WNBA championship in September, beating 
the New York Liberty 59-47 to win in three 
straight games. 



Dale Jarrett wins the 1999 NASCAR Winston Cup 
championship after a four-victory season. 

In the January 
200O Sugar Bowl, 

No. I Florida 
State beats No. 2 
Virginia Tech 
46-29 to capture 
the National 

_^_ Andre Agassi wins the French Open in June 
y and becomes the fifth man ever to complete a 
career Grand Slam. Agassi goes on to win the 
U.S. Open in September. 

i In July, the U.S. women's soccer team wins the 

■^P~ 1999 World Cup by beating China 5-4 in penalty 

kicks following a 0-0 tie. More than 90,000 fans 

attend at the Rose Bowl and another 40 million 

watch on television. 

Travis Pastrana, 15, wins the gold medal in the X 
Games' inaugural Moto X freestyle motocross event. 
The fifth year of this ESPN-sponsored competition 
is held in San Francisco in June and July. 

In June, 
the San 
Antonio Spurs win 
their first NBA 
championship by 
defeating the New 
York Knicks four 
games to one. 

The New York Yankees win the 1999 World 
Series in a four-game sweep against the 
Atlanta Braves. 


In July, many major league baseball 
umpires announce their resignation as 
a labor protest. The strategy backfires 
when owners accept the resignations 
and in September, 22 umpires lose 
their jobs. 

In January 2000, Michael Jordan returns 
to pro basketball as part owner and 
President for Basketball Operations of 
the NBA's Washington Wizards. 

A The U.S. team beats the European team to win 
~4p- golf's Ryder Cup at Brookline, Massachusetts, in 
September. The American's stirring comeback 
is marred by unruly galleries and a premature 
victory celebration. 

Twenty-year professional hockey veteran Wayne 
" Gretzky announces his retirement in April 1999 
after setting or lying 61 records. Two months 
later, "The Great One" is inducted into the 
Hockev Hall of Fame. 


A Fearing the collapse of the world's banks, utilities 
"^F~ and transportation systems, thousands of people 
stock up on food, water, money, ammunition and 
generators. After midnight, it soon becomes 
apparent that the preparations were unnecessary. 

The public and private sectors spend 
hundreds of millions of dollars to ward 
off the Y2K bug. The world lets out a 
sigh of relief after midnight strikes and 
no major computer malfunctions occur. 

The FBI warns of possible terrorist acts 
on New Year's Eve and stays on national 
alert throughout the celebration. After 
the arrest of one man with bomb-making 
materials, Seattle decides to cancel its 
Space Needle celebration. 


A surprising number of people, appalled by the 
" exorbitant costs of travel and events, decide to stay 
home on New Year's Eve. Many companies and 
performers drastically slash prices as a last-minute lure. 

Prated in USA. 8 2000 Joslens, Inc. 9S0381 0742) 



Laura henry leads the all-sorority meeting to 
discuss Panhellenic Rush. 

Matt Nelson and Jon Henty work on budget 
recommendations for IFC. 


Panhellenic Council 1999-2000 

IFC Council 1999-2000 


IFC and Panhellenic have a joint meeting be- 
fore Greek Week to finalize plans for games 
and T-shirts. 

The IFC executive council leads another meet- 

ing discussing housing policies. 

Panhellenic sponsored a social night for women 
interested in learning more about joining a 

Emily Hunter and Matt Nelson kick off the 
Derbv Day which is sponsored by IFC and 
\ *^1 Panhellenic. 



Everyone's a star at lip sync night. 

Rans Triplett and Emily Hunter coordinated Greek Week events. 

Greek Week was held from Sunday, September 26 until Saturday, October 2, 1999. The 
week-long activities were developed and sponsored by IFC and Panhellenic Councils. The 
purpose of Greek Week is to have fun and promote friendly rivalry within the Greek organi- 
zations. Events included banner contest, scavenger hunt, volleyball match, pool night, bowl- 
ing, etc. The week ended with the Homecoming parade where all four pairings sponsor a 
float. Winners were announced at the Homecoming Dance. 

The banner contest showed off each group's 
artistic side. 

The Zetas just wanna have fun. 



The lip sync contest was a huge hit featuring 
co-ed acts from each fraternity and sorority. 

During the lip sync contest everyone was Kung 
Fu fighting. 

Phi Mu and Lambda Chi Alpha took first place 
in the banner contest. 

The Chapter. 

Lorienne White, Michelle Young, Kathy 
Watson, and Tara Ebner. 

Executive Council 

Front row: Emily Hunter (Panhellenic); Tara Ebner 
(President); JoAnne D'Angelo (Treasurer); Lindsay 
Weldin (Social/Risk Mngt.). Row 2: Amanda Isaac (Phi 
Director); Michelle Holland (V. President); LoriSessoms 
(Membership); LeAnn O'Malley (Secretary). 


Front row: Jenn Taylor, Leana Layfield, Lorienne White, 
Michelle Holland, JoAnne D'Angelo, Rachel Eckert. 
Row 2: Jennie Holmes, Stacy McCall, Amanda Isaac, 
Meghan Kovalcik, Beth Watts, Tara Ebner, Lindsay 
Weldin, Karen Bouldin, Lisa Short. 


Spring Phis celebrate after being formally 

Sisters Stacy McCall, Jenn Taylor, Beth Watts, 
Rachel Eckert, and Jennie Holmes with Sweet- 
heart Rans Triplett before Homecoming. 

Sisters of Phi Mu stop for a picture before the 
V ^ Homecoming Gala. 

Meghan Kovalcik,TaraEbner,LeAnnO'Malley, 
and Deneta Somerville want to tell everyone 
about Phi Mu at the Student Activities Fair! 


Executive Council 

Front Row: Raechel Bennett. Row 2: Jen Kale, Shannon 
West, Janelle Kuchler, Karen Blandford. Back Row: 
Susannah Brown, Kelli Johnson, Joanna Ikerd, Kerrie 



Front Row: Courtney Wharton, Jen Kale, JanelleKuchler, 
Raechel Bennett. Row 2: Rachel Norford, Shannon West, 
Karen Blandford. Back Row: Caroline Bunting, Kerrie 
Foss, Beth Krietl, Sherri Koontz, Kim Penrose. 

Susannah Brown, Brvnne Fisher, Jana Craven, 
Amy Hanshaw, and Christy Everhart are just 
hanging out on the Zeta hall. 

The Delta Gamma chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha. 



Intramural Flag Football team - Top: Jana Cra- 
ven, Jenn Franks. Middle: Stephanie Wohlford, 
Renee Ridout, Laura Johnston. Bottom: Brvnne 
Fisher, Courtney Wharton, Karen Blandford, 
and Kim Penrose. 

Lisa Thomas and Susannah Brown enjoy the 
Crown party. 

Susannah Brown, Angela Wohlford, Nicole 
Davis and Susan Douglas help out at the first 
annual "Golf for the Cause." 




Johanna Reynolds, Alisha Choquette, Erica Harper, April 
White. Row 2: Mary Beth Ritchie, Michelle McKnight, Becky 
Mendenhall, Bethany Benedict, Jenny May, Becca Marcus, 
Jackie Basconi. Row 3: Tracy Ray, Marisa Winsky, Nicole 
Quinn, Sahrina Wingfield, Karen Butterworth, Katie Keyser, 
Hollv Huisinga, Melody McBnde, Tracv McVey, Jen Gunter, 
Susan Swallow, Jen Kleinrichert, Kristyn Taylor, Alison Searl, 
Leslie Ann Whitlock. Back row: Kathy Asplund, Kelly Larkin, 
Erin Dempsey, Amy Loflin, Erin Blosser, Andrea Avello, 
Cass Arnold, Dawn Thomas, Janet Robertson, Danielle 
Barbetti, Amanda Young. Not pictured: Heather Sitler, Keri 
Milliken, Eva Spardella, Danielle Cooper. 

Justin Wood, Jen Gunter, Jen Kleinrichert, Leslie Ann Whitlock, 
Heather Sitler hang out during the Greek Week scavenger 


Front row: Erin Blosser, Susan Swallow, Melody 
McBride, Mary Beth Ritchie, Karen Butterworth, Holly 
Huisinga, Danielle Barbetti, Alison Searl, Jackie Basconi, 
Amanda Young. Back row: Cass Arnold, Jen 
Kleinrichert, Marisa Winsky, Andrea Avello, Bethany 
Benedict, Leslie Ann Whitlock, Jen Gunter, Sabrina 

Executive Council 

Melody McBride, Erin Blosser, Cass Arnold, Andrea 
Avello, Bethany Benedict, Jenny May, Becca Marcus. 




Jenny May, Katie Keyser, and Joelle Davis have 
a blast at the Homecoming parade. 

Tracy Ray, Andrea Avello, and Sabrina 
Wingfield at the activities fair. 

Michelle McKnight, Janet Robertson, Lauren 
Woodburn, Marisa Winsky, and Karen 
Butterworth race to the finish line during Derby 

Melody McBride and Alisha Choquette at the 

Sister Mom/Sister Daughter ceremony. 



Executive Council 

Stefania lehba (VP-PR); Payal Patel (President); Chris 
Honemond (Asst. Treasurer); Ryan Amick (Panhellenic). 
Row 2: Danette Farmer (Treasurer); Megan Cramer (Mem- 
bership); Meg Parsons (VP Pledge Ed); Jen Killoch (Stan- 
dards); Robin Godley (Secretary). 


Natalie Buono, Tahira Dock, Kelly Hill, Jen Killoch, Kelly 
Ivey, Marie Wilson, Chrissy Whittaker, Jill Avalone. Not 
pictured: Laura Henrey. 

Hollis Mendenhall, Jessica Proctor, Nicole 
Zulauf, Candi Harbottle, and April Emmerson 
enjoy a night out. 

Front: TerriPistorio, Jackie Smith, Brenda Freeland, Candi 

Harbottle, Danielle Clarkin, Cammie Palms, Ryan Amick, 

Bekki Dion, Jessica Walters, Holly Haynes. Row 2: Ashleigh 

Bowling, Meg Parsons, Amanda Tone, Megan Hoffman, 

Nicole Saffer, Payal Patel, Megan Cramer, Jessica Proctor, 

Emily Kalata, Joanna Carlton, Laura Graham. Row 3: 

H Christianne Ellis, Chris Honemond, Stefanie Iebba, Marie 

2j Wilson, Kelly Ivey, Danette Farmer, Kelly Hill, Jen Killoch, 

N April Emmerson, Samantha Mabe, Robin Godley, Jessica 


cd Hunter 


Nicole Zulauf and Robin Godley help out at the 
Day in the Park for kids. 

Most of the Pledge Class gathers on Bid Day, 
1999: Holly Haynes, Jessica Walters, Laura 
Graham, Bekki Dion, Jessica Hunter, Terri 
Pistorio, Hollis Mendenhall. 


The Epsilon Alpha chapter of Theta Chi. 

The brothers help set up Crop Walk on October 
8, 1999. 

Seniors Executive Council 

BHly Jeffries, Christian Brandyberry, Chris Sapilzowski, Billy Jeffries, Christian Brandyberry, Justin Wood, 
Jake Brayshaw, Chris Jones, Tim Wiles, Jacob Haislip. Jimmy Routh, Jeff Cavin. 




Bid day for informal fall rush. 

The Theta Chi / Alpha Gamma Delta banner for 
Greek Week. 



*- aOKf. 

The brothers welcome new members at fall 

The brothers help out with Day in the Park on 
September 18, 1999. 




C I 

Executive Council Seniors 

Front: JT Morrison, Thomas Kovel, Scott Donely. Row 2: Front: Matt Nelson, Jason Zeckman, Mike Sabolewski, Jason 
MikeSabolewski, MattNelson, Krister Romeyn, BrentSmith. Wilson, Krister Romeyn. 

The guys head for the mountains on a hiking 

The Chapter. 




The fraternity mascot, the Sphinx, guards the 
front of the house. 

The chapter gets ready for a scavenger hunt 
during the fall. 

Dan Roof, Brian Staiger, Danny Santivasci, 
Choung Nyguen, and Jeremv Mais celebrate 


Front row: Preston Key, Erich Hoffman, Dave 
Bagshaw. Row 2: Bill Crook, Adam Davis, Todd 
Carrol. Row 3: Charlie Wentz, Sean Carrol, 
Mike Turner, Jeremy Rash. Row 4: Matt Waite, 
Dan Carr, Matt Cull, John Cutler, Derek 
Montaner, Mike Moore, Dave Dawson. Back 
row: John Daly, Bo Nielsen, Steve Hanlen, 
Dustin Varner, Chris Dyson, Edward Johnston, 
Mark Morgan. 

Nate Stephens, Charlie Wentz, Derk Montaner, 
and Bo Nielsen at fall Drags '99. 

Executive Council 

Front row: Derek Montaner- Sgt. at Arms, Preston Key 

- Pledge Educator. Row 2: Bill Crook - Treasurer, Todd 
Carrol - Secretary. Row 3: Erich Hoffman - Vice Presi- 
dent, Dave Bagshaw - Vice President. Row 4: John Daly 

- President, 


Front row: Erich Hoffman, Dave Bagshaw. Middle row: 
Sean Carrol, Derek Montaner, John Cutler, Bo Nielsen. 
Back row: John Daly. 




Front row: Adam Davis, Sean Carrol. Back row: 
Todd Carrol, Matt Waite, Preston Key, Dan Carr, 
Erich Hoffman, Dave Bagshaw, John Daly, Bill 

Eighties theme - front row: Mike Turner, Bill Crook, 
Adam Davis. Back row: Sean Carrol, Brendan 
McNeirnev, Erich Hoffman, Todd Carrol. 


"' i 


mwimFy ^M 



*■ 'Mm 


< - 

-- 55g 




The chapter is dressed to kill. 
Fall Bid Dav 1999. 




Seniors Executive Council 

Front row: Michael Wilson, Ross Hendrix, John Long, Front row: Gerald Black, L. Shellenberger, Michael 

NickMasonis, Alex Rabb. Row 2: Nathan Biggs, Kevin Wilson, Matthew Benford, Nate LeMaire, Nick Masonis, 

Lee, Gerald Black, Matthew Benford, Brad Goldvarg. George Taylor, Flounder. Row 2: Nathan Biggs, Brenden 

Row 3: Alex Sanford, Brenden Salta, Chad Bailey, Sean Salta, Sean Forte. 



Lambdas hang loose at the Halloween Carni- 

The Chapter. 





Lambdas and Phi Mu win the banner contest 
during Greek Week. 

Lambda Chis doing the yearly food drive with 
help from alumni. 








I - 


Front row: Jackie Basconi, Heather Dodd (Treasurer); Jennifer Cross, Jennifer Dunn (Historian);Alisa Myers (Secretary). Back row: 
Maria Broos, Danielle N. Cooper, Kim Penrose, Abby Davis, Tia Turner, Shana Hinkle (Co-President); Brianne Russell, Karen 
Hester. Not pictured: Nicole Tarantino (Co-President). 

International Club 


Ron- 1: Marcela Gonzalez, Alex Tumanov, Brian Wilson, Romane Outerbridge, Shadan Alkassim, Barbara Mascali, Kerstin 
Schreacke, Tracyann Pryce. Row 2: Kate Cole, Anush Djaniants, Rasha Zamamiri, Eloise Gilbert, Nicola Ithell, Heather Dodd, 
Mandy Hedgecock, Hala Qubein, Alyson Quigley, Bianca Wormald. Row 3: Susan Lenker, Simone Duncan, Vanessa de Lara, Luis 
Cordeiro, Sanara Lenmann, Elisabet Ericson, Erik Pettersson, Ross Miller, Hannah Aildasani, Kateleen Castor, Shirin Peters, Hiroko 
Hamaguchi. Row 4: Jane Girardi, Johan Ohlsson, Thomas E\'ans, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Andrew Smith, Gordon Hughes, Diaiw 
Matlililikstyte, Janue Leino, Amanda Zindorf. Row 5: David Darg, Alex A. Medina, Peter Mellstrom, Geordie Cullen, John Sitaridis, 
Graham Ewart, Luke Knor, Valdas Kavkvenas, Peter G., Joakim Peterson, Rita Klimaite, Jakob Wodange, Juga Milles,YojiTsiuchiya, 
Maya Latinovic, Mirva Maenpaa. 

Tower Players 

Row 1 : Jen Schubert. Row 2: Michael Rather, Andrew White, Daniel Christian. Row 3: Nancy Mayfield, Christy Brown, Josh Hykes, 
Ursula Guillen. Row 4: McKenzie Burkhardt, Brandi Morgan, Audra Callahan, Rasha Zamamiri. Row 5: VP Doug Herring, Pres. 
Kenneth Fisher. 

Alpha Psi Omega 

• « » ***. 


IS, a**'* 


Row 1: Nancy Mayfield, Jen Schubert. Row 2: Pres. Doug Herring, Ed Hickev, VP Daniel Christian. Not shown: Rasha Zamamiri, 
Cass Arnold, Brian Witt, Matt McLendon. 




Alpha Delta Theta 

Front row: Heather Woodson, Jennifer Rudisill, Wendy Francis, Jessica Rivera, Lisa Clemmer. Row 2: Sarina Lyall, Tiffany Grzan, 
Stacey Link, Dawn Eagan, Kelly Shaw, Hala Qubein. Row 3: Michael Fuller, Emily Hunter, Summer Green, Tara Ebner, Mandee 
Lasseter, Heather Hanes. 

Black Cultural Awareness 




Row 1 : Derek Gibson, Jashenna Moore, Nikita Jones, Len Gibson, Monia Dowe, Shemecka Ward, Melissa Henderson. Row 2: Charity 
Kates, Porshe Jackson, Eliza Hammond, Maggie Alston, Kelly Rodriguez. Row 3:Quomsetta Salters, Henry Clark, Jose Dominguez, 
Geoffrey Gilmore, Nita Williams, Advisor. Row 4:Kristie Brown, Dedra Gibson, Nicole Carter, Lorpu Dunbar, Monica David. Row 
5: Bessie Fleming, Shea Evans, Amber Lewis, Simone Duncan, Alexis Whitfield, Bernetta Tillman, Tern Morehead. Row 6: Will 
Vaughn, Dequan Gillespie, Steven Johnson, Tony Brown, Jamel Smith, Tim Hubbard, Leon Reels, Tana Hill, Francis Davis, Neil 

Genesis Gospel Choir 

Row 1 : Mandee Lasseter, Kelley Rodriguez, Charity Kates, Shemecka Ward, Leon Reels, Tana Hill, Derek Gibson. Row 2: Jasheena 
Moore, Leslie Malbon, Pamela Foxx, Gerie Dobson, Eliza Hammond, Amanda A. Row 3: Nikita Jones, Amora Williams, Kim Glover, 
Jessica Hill-Backes, Natalie Corbin. Row 4: Elisa Gnaleca, Alexis Whitfield, Mardochee Alexis, Bessie Fleming, Lorpu Dunbar. Row 
5: Shelley Dodson, Tim Hubbard, Derek Buck, Len Gibson. 

Campus Chronicle 

Michael Gaspeny, Jon Hentz, Mike Groff, Justin Wood, Robin Kester, Kelly Ivey. 



Biology Majors 

Front row: Brandon Kuebler, John Gantt, Chris Burns, Dr. Kelly Sapp, Wendy Sanders, Jennifer Klienriechert, Dr. Linda Curtis. Row 
2: Annaliza Ravelo, Nikita Jones, Kim Glover, Christin Gribhle, Brandy Cox, Bridgette Hawkins, Kevin Wolfe, Alicia Thomas, Becca 
Marcus, Ursula Guillen, Sharin Peters. Row 3: Ben Blumel, Markeisha Edgerton, Charity Kates, Stephanie Fishel, Blair Byrd, Cassie 
Redden, Heather Hanes, Oki Hammond, Chris Hooks, Mistv Dills, Dr. Chuck Smith, Dr. Gerard Smith. 

Panhellenic Council 

Row 1 : Emily Hunter, Ryan Amick, Joanna Ikerd, Andrea Avello, Leslie Ann Whitlock. Row 2: Jackie Bailey, Amie Phillips, Laura 
Henry, Michelle Young, McCullough Caldwell, Rans Triplett. 



Apartment Community Council 

Front: Kelly Shaw, Wendy Francis, Stacey Lank, Heather Hanes, Shana Hinkle. Row 2: Chris Burns Ted Sikes Shaun 

Phi Sigma Iota Honor Society 

Front row: Jen Schubert, McCullough Caldwell, Amanda Isaac, Katie Powers, Dawn Scheier. Row 2: Sarah Heldreth, 
Kerstin Schreacke, Crystal Fox, Hala Qubein. Row 3: Marielle Belhassen, Guy Arcuri, Adam Knight, Vanessa 
Mandragon. Row 4: Claudia Femenias, Barbara Mascali, Melinda Harvey, Carole Head. Row 5: jean Francis Llorens, 
Susan Linker. 




Sigma Delta Pi Spanish Honor Society 

Front: Katie Powers, Adam Knight. Back: Marielle Belhassen, Claudia Femenias, Guy Arcuri, Susan Linker. 

Pi Delta Phi French Honor Society 

Front: Sarah Heldreth, Jen Schubert, Dawn Scheier, Melinda Harvey. Row 2: Marielle Belhassen, McCullough Caldwell, 
Hala Qubein, Vanessa Mandragon, Amanada Isaac, Carole Head, Barbara Mascali, Jean-Francis Llorens. 





American Humanics 

Front: Amanda Hedgecock, Nick Williams, Mandy Paugh, Kelly Gillfillan, Dolores Craddock, Heather Dodd. Back: 
Kara Martin, Ava Roody, Heather McGee, Jonathan Bandy, Jason DiCaprio. 

Finch Community Council 

Front row: Ben Medlin (President), Matt Howell (Vice President), Mike Miller (Treasurer). Back: T.J. Beatty (Secretary), 
Sam Demiss (SGA), Stephen Voges (SGA). 



Finch/Millis RA Staff 

Front: Chad Fritts, Rans Triplett (AD) Amanda Isaac, Lorienne White. Row 2: Matt McLendon (ARD), Christian 
Brandyberry, Jennifer Layton, Bessie Fleming. Row 3: Bill L'Eplattenier, Tommy Rich, Matt Norman, Chris Huff, 
Brandon Kuebler. 

Apartment Staff 

Ted Sikes (RD) and Wendy Francis (RA). 


WWIH 90.3 FM 

Greg Brown and Dr. Kate Fowkes, advisors; Len Gibson (station manager 2000), and Darren Ball (station manager 1998- 


Eric Acspaugh, Justin Wood, Matt Benford, Adam Paris, Matt Nelson, Krister Romeyn, Jon Henty. 




Floyd T. Craven Investment Club 

Whitney Millman, Yianny Karapiagotic, Maya Latinovic, Jim Long, David Bagshaw, Floyd Craven, Ryan Cecil 
(President), Gene Liauw (Vice President), Dr. Steven LiFlandz, William Myers. 

American Marketing Association 

Jason Wilson, Adam Knight, Jason Goldman, Andy Rowe, Mindy Wanzie, William Myers, Christina Nelson, Charles 
Washington, Hala Qubein, Melanie Trader. 





Alpha Phi Omega 

Front: Jennifer Roddy, Amanda Hedgecock, Melissa Hooven, Michele Eckes. Row 2: LeRae Rice, Rebecca Rush, Stacie 
Goss, Megan Hann, Melissa Males, Wendy Francis. Row 3: Tiffanie Bishop, Adam Knight, Kevin Vanhoy, Don 
Dunphey, Nick Williams, Stephen Cowne, Nick Coppedge. 

Board of Stewards 

Seated: Misty Dills, Wendy Fisher, Kristen ReMine. Row 1: Jenny Parlier, Rebecca Plescia, Laura Zimmerman, Laura 
Kassler, McCullough Caldwell, Jen Kleinrichert. Row 2: Kurt Ellison, Phil Carroll, Eugene Liauw, John Danna, George 




Front: Ted Sikes, Christy Day, Darren Ball. Row 2: Tiffany Grzan, Steven Grzan, Andrew Day, John Gantt, Melissa 
Colaton, Catherine Bush, Laura Cossart. 

Front: Andrea Avello, Cass Arnold, Kat Hoffman, Tara Ebner. Back: Melody McBride, Mary Beth Ritchie, Jen 
Kleinrichert, Matthew Benford, Amanda Isaac, Lorienne White, Meghan Kovalcik, McCullough Caldwell. 



Legislative Delegates 

SGA Executives 

Front: Brandon Keubler, Kat Hoffman, Cece Toliver. Back: Matt McLendon, Chris Huff, Don Dunphey. 



Complex RA Staff 

Front: Tasha Haskins, Lindsay Aaronson, Heather Bowers, Nikita Jones. Back: Mary Beth Ritchie (AAD), Leslie Veach 
(AD), Haley Dejarnette, Jackie King, Jae Moore, Josh Hykes, Mindy Wanzie, Jeannie Bejacmar, Eliza Hammond. 

Academic Services Tutors 

Front: Lauren Stolzer, Jennifer Helsley, Kim Glover, Mindy Wanzie, Sherry Burden, Heather Woodson, April Sparks, 
Charity Kates, Eugene Liauw. Row 2: Kelly Shamberger, Abby Davis, Bessie Fleming. Back: Jared Goulet, Patrick 
Mayer, Nate Bell, Tara Ebner, Lindsay Weldin, Brianne Russell, Baron Heinemann, Josh Hykes, Simone Duncan, Kurt 



Lab Assistants 

Front: Brandon Woosley, Kelly Shamberger, Dawn Scheier, Lauren Stolzer, Meredith Valentine. Back: Amanda 
Alonzy, Kurt Ellison, Eugene Liauw, Abby Davis, Natalie Corbin. 

Odyssey Club 

Cathy Campbell, Tiffany Clarke, Vanessa Mondragon, Melinda Harvey, Sarah Hubbard, Tom Albritton. 



Front: Allison Augustine, Lauren Woodburn, Kelly Standridge. Row 2: Becca Marcus, Amber Martin, Cass Arnold, 
Meredith Mackoy. Row 3: Maryann Dhnaio, Michelle Mcknight, Michelle Dellosa, Tracy Gwyn, Amber Lewis, April 
White. Mascot: Josh Hykes. 


Front: Cindy Watts, Jimmie Burchette. Row 2: Julia Bulkeley, Laura DeBettencourt, Deidre Cotilla, Heather Bowers. 






UPI AM|.|iAM Pr UP> I V ft 




Front: Josh Hykes. Row 2: Misty Johnson, Sarah Hubbard, Melissa Quinn, Amv Powers, Vaneisha Paynter, Mandi 
Yoder, Tiffany Clarke. Row 3: Jon Griffith, Lisa Pettigrew, Neal Gallagher, Rebecca Rush, Nick Karwoski, Lea Newport, 
George Gouge, Heather Carnegie, Jimmy Routh. 

Freshman Class Officers 

Front: Carolyn Hassett, Kevin Harrison, David Carpenter, Rebecca Plescia. Row 2: Amy Powers, Cone Dixon, Leslie 




High Point University Singers 

Front: Marcia Dills, accompanist; Maeghan Birkett, Cathy Brown, Melissa Hooven, Cary Shelton, Vanessa Mondragon, 
Laura Cossaart, Erika Inverso, Cheryl Eddy, Melanie Scala, Sara Roach, Shannon Larsen. 

Pep Band 




Front: Phil Pierce, John Massey . Row 2: Bruce Carroll, Beth Judy, Erika Inverso. Row 3: Haley Dejarentte, Kim Vanhuss, 
Christy Brown, Erica Watson, Kelly Shamberger, Melanie Wall, Tom. Row 4: Paul Cottrell, Eugene Liauw, Lance 
Palmer, Cindy Watts, Kevin Harrison, Joelle Davis. Row 5: Bryan Robbins, Mike Luger, Vagn Hansen, Don Davis. Row 
6: Jim Groome, John Elder, Mike Miller. 

Complex Community Council 

Vanessa DeLara, Kelly Bizon, Laura Casey, Kelly Standridge. 





n memory 


friend, student, brother 





2000 Zenith 

High Point University 

The Smith Library courtyard is a peaceful place on cam- 
pus to which students can retreat while they contemplate 
their pasts, presents, and futures. 




■oute to the spice-rich 
East Indies, Christopher 
Columbus lands in the 
Bahamas. At the time of 
first European contact, 
about 90 million Native 
Americans live in North 
and South America. 

Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes 
introduces horses from Spain into the New 
World, changing transportation and culture 
for Native Americans. Cortes carries out a 
harsh conquest of Montezuma and the Aztecs. 

Stagecoaches offer public passenger service, 
and covering 15 miles a day is considered a 
good speed. The coaches travel in stages, 
changing horses at each stop. As a result, the 
stagecoach line is born. 

Pilgrimages to religious sites are seen as 
5^ acts of faith. Roads and towns develop along 
the pilgrim routes, expanding trade and 
communication in Europe. Beginning in 
1 096, Crusades to the distant Holy Land 
expose Europeans to Arab culture. 

© Lei1 Erlcson <2D Chinese Invent (ffl 

reaches North 

magnetic compass. 

Marco Polo 
travels to Chioa. 

^2) MBPcaior creates {j£) first Conestnga CJ> Vulcanized rubber <£> Transcontinental 

his world map. 

wagons are built. 

is invented 

railroad spans U.S. 


Gondnlas llrsl 
appear in Venice. 


London Bridge 
is built. 


explorers start 
slave trade. 


Mayflower lands 
at Plymnoth Rock. 


Lewis and Clark 
explore American West. 



inleroal r.nmbosiiun 
engine appears. 


Public rides 
tirsl escalator. 

jj». Pirates terrorize 
t*^ the seas between 
1690 and 1730. One of the 
most notorious pirates is 
Edward Teach, known as 
"Blackbeard." The fictional 
Captain Hook first appears 
in the 1904 play "Peter 
Pan" which inspires 
books, musicals and films 
throughout the century. 

A Birchbark canoes provide transportation for 
^|iy> many Native Americans. The canoes are made 
with a light wood frame covered with pieces 
of bark sewn together and made watertight 
with melted pitch. 

The first practical wheelchairs provide new 
mobility for those unable to walk. Early 
models of wheelchairs have three wheels 
and hand cranks to propel the chair forward. 


During the Revolutionary War, a submarine is 
used in battle for the first time. Built by American 
David Bushnell, the one-person vessel is powered by a 
hand-cranked propeller. Twentieth-century submarines 
are complex, nuclear-powered craft used for defense and 
scientific purposes. 

brothers launch the 
first hot-air balloon. 
Filled with smoke, 
the silk balloon rises 
to 6,000 feet. Later 
that year, the first 
passengers go 
aloft — a rooster, a 
duck and a sheep. 

^^ provide a new 
way to get around in 
cities. The world's 
first underground 
railway opens in 
London in 1863. By 
1904, New York City- 
inaugurates its first 
rapid-transit subways. 

Travel by rail revolutionizes land transportation. 
British engineer Richard Trevithick invents the 
first steam locomotive in 1804, but it is 1825 
before railroads haul passengers. 

powered flight. The 
first flight of Wilbur 
and Orville Wright's 
Flyer lasts 12 seconds 
and carries Orville 
to a height of 10 feet 
above the beach at 
Kitty Hawk, N.C. 

Henry Ford's moving 
assembly line makes cars 
affordable to the masses. 
Ford produces the first 
Model Tin 1908. In 1964. 
the sporty Ford Mustang 
rolls out at $2,368 and 
sets an all-time record 
for first-year sales of a 
new model. 

American Stock/Archr*e Pholu- 

) First drive-in gas 
station opens. 

Lindbergh Hies 
solo, nonstop 
over A 

zeppelin crashes. 

Humans lirsi 
orbil Earth. 


spacecraft leaves 
solar system. 

and Soloorner 
explore Mars. 

trailic lights 

On her maiden 
voyage, the great 
steam passenger ship 
Titanic, thought to be 
unsinkable, goes down 
after hitting an iceberg in 
the North Atlantic. Of the 
more than 2,200 persons 
aboard the ship, about 
1,500 perish. 


meters appear. 

Jul airline 
) service begins. 

starts drive 
through service. 

NASA develops 
space shuttle. 

"Chuooel" links 
D.K. la France. 

Piloted balloon 

circles glnbe nonstop. 

Man walks on 
the moon. 
Apollo 11 astronauts 
Neil Armstrong and 
Buzz Atdrin plant the 
American flag 238,000 
miles from Earth as an 
estimated 600 million 
people on Earth watch 
on television. 

A First built in 1903, the Harley-Davidson 
-*Cpf- becomes America's best-known motorcycle in 
the 1950s. Raw power and a distinctive rumble 
appeal to rebels of the 1950s and 1960s and 
to business executives of the 1990s. 

Freeways change the nature and pace of 
travel in America. In 1956, President 
Eisenhower authorizes construction of the 
Interstate Highway System. By the 1990s, 
this nationwide network includes more than 
42,500 miles of highways. 


Orbital construction of the International 
Space Station (TSS) begins in 1998 when 
space shuttle Endeavor crew members 
connect the station's first two sections. 
ISS is to become the largest cooperative 
space mission in history. 

w 4r 

W i 

,/rijy Chocolate from the 
f^ New World takes 
Europe by storm. 
rought to Spain from 
Mexico, chocolate is 
so costly that 
Europeans water it 
down for use as a drink 
Natives of Mexico have 
prized chocolate since 
ancient times. 

jjfck John Montagu, 4"' Earl of Sandwich, instructs 
"tjT his servants to bring him his meat between 
two pieces of bread. This way he can eat with 
one hand while continuing to play cards with 
the other. The term "sandwich" is born. 

As the millennium begins, European peasant 
food is plain and often scarce. Feasting on 
meat is reserved for the wealthy. Table 
utensils include only a knife; most people 
just eat with their hands. Slabs of dense 
bread, called trenchers, serve as plates. 

,-f. Fiirnpp'v first 
opens in England. By 
1700, there are 2 
coffeehouses in London 
alone. Early coffeehouses 
are important places to 
transact business. Lloyd's 
Coffeehouse evolves into 
Lloyd's of London, the 
giant insurance brokerage 

(£) Spices are (Q Spice trade (ty Native Americans {J^ Potato famine (0 Jell is a ^Jj> Tnpperaare |J*) Packaged salads i& 

cosily luxuries 


4fl fo 

World's first 
restaurant opens 
in China. 

e popcoro 
to colonists. 

swells Irish 

Forks lirsl Boston Tea Parly 

appear nn tables. fuels rebellion. 

oew treat. 

Caooed loods 
appear in stores. 

s iolrnduced. 

4 Q 

First commercial 
pizzeria npens. 

become available. 


Pop lop cans 
are created. 


sales soar. 

Domestic ice chests provide early refrigeration. 
Blocks of ice are cut, delivered to homes and 
sold for use in kitchen ice chests. It is the 
early 1930s before reliable electric home 
refrigerators are in common use. 

j»*fc_ Swanson creates 
*^*T ,r the TV dinner, 
sold in boxes designed to 
look like television sets. 
Frozen dinners are 
possible because of 
Clarence Birdseye's 1929 
invention of early methods 
for freezing food. 

Brooklyn, is the 
first to deliver milk 
in glass bottles. 
For many years the 
milkman is the 
most common way 
to obtain fresh milk, 
before the age 
of supermarkets. 


America's first large self-service supermarket 
opens, followed by the invention of the grocerv 
shopping cart in 1937. During the Depression, 
supermarkets become a significant part of the 
food distribution network. 



Choices expand in school lunch programs. 
A growing number of public schools begin 
featuring national fast-food outlets and soft 
drink brands in the school lunchroom. 




«<& Europeini „ 

^r use eni -aved 
wooden blocks to print 
playing cards, one of the 
first uses of printing in 
Europe. Playing cards 
come to Europe from 
the Middle East during 
the Crusades. 

Soccer is first played in America, using a 
sheep's bladder as a ball. As the millennium 
closes, millions of American youth play in 
organized soccer leagues. In 1999, the U.S. 
women's soccer team wins the World Cup. 

E Archery competition is a common pastime in 
P- the Middle Ages. Archery skill is so important 
that English kings ban football because it 
takes men away from archery practice. 

«^ G ° lfi , Sa 
t^ popular 

sport in Scotland. In 

1552, Saint Andrews 

is a favorite place 

for golfing. Mary, 

Queen of Scots is 

reportedly the first 

woman golfer and 

helps spread golf's 

popularity in Europe. 

3 Europeans 
Invent checkers 
slid darts. 

t£J> German Howlers |£J> Norway inlrndnces (© Ice hockey {H) James Naismiih ^fo LEGO company A Football tans O 

IK'P UinnriPn niilC fllninp cLHnn nnininatDC inuontc hQCbolhall nnnne in rinnmanb nninu I 


use wooden pins, 
stone naif 

French enjoy 

early Inrnt 
ol tennis. 

alpine skiing 
as sport. 


Native Americans 
play lacrosse. 

in Canada. 

invents basketball. 

npens io Denmark 

U p 

Scottish hlacksimth 
ioveots pedal iilcycle. 

Coney Island 
Installs first 
roller coaster. 


yo is 


enjoy llrsl 
Soper Bowl. 

Barbie is born. 


Game consoles 
PC technology. 

Baseball is first 
played as afl 
organized sport at Hoboken, 
NJ„ when the New York Club 
defeats the Knickerbocker 
Baseball Club on June 19. 
More than 100 years later, 
Jackie Robinson breaks the 
color barrier in major league 
baseball in 1947. 

f' H 

Athens, Greece, hosts the first modern 
Olympics. Winter Games are not held until 
1924. At the 1998 Winter Olympics, American 
figure skaters Tara Lipinski and Michelle Kwan 
win the gold and silver medals respectively, 
and China's Lu Chen wins the bronze. 

Parker Brothers introduces Monopoly, which 
becomes one of the world's most successful 
board games. By the late 1990s, the popular 
game is available on interactive CD. 


Tony Esparca/CB&'Entertainment Comoiumcatjons 

Game shows become widely popular TV fare in 
the 1950s. One of the top 10 shows of 1959, NBC's 
"The Price Is Right," still draws large audiences 
in 1999 on CBS, where it is the longest-running 
game show in television history. 

considered by 
many to be 
greatest player, 
retires from 
the NBA His 
talents lead the 
Chicago Bulls 
to six NBA 
in the 1990s. 

Reuters/Cnrbi $- Bellman n 


^»fv Sign language is a means 
^^•r' of communication for some 
early cultures. It bridges 
language differences 
between societies and 
eventually evolves into 
a formal alphabet for 
communication by the 
hearing impaired. 

William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" 
is first performed. London's Globe Theater 
opens in 1599, where many of his plays are 
staged. By 1600, the great playwright pens 
at least 20 plays. 

Literacy is reserved for the clergy and a few 
students. Monks and scribes laboriously 
copy books by hand using goose-quill pens. 
Books are such rare treasures that in some 
libraries they are chained to the shelf. 

invents a way to mass- 
produce the written 
word. He devises the 
first Western movable- 
type system and a new 
kind of printing press. 
Gutenberg's inventions 
speed the spread of 
knowledge and literacy. 

tf p Most Europeans tf^ Chinese fj^ Europe expands 

are Illiterate. 

invent first 

movable type. 

ol Arabic numerals. 

(Jj*^ Printed 
music appears. 

leooardo da Vinci 
paints M»/m 

designs first 
minute hand. 

ol Independence 

Japanese woman 
writes the first novel. 

use smoke 

Chaucer peos 

Tleaii pencils make 
writiog easier. 



British Navy 
originates sigoal 
flag messages. 

Mozart composes 
symphooy at 

Braille develops 
reading system 
lor the blind. 

The first 
printed newspaper is 
a four-page weekly 
publication, the Relation, 
printed in Germany. It is 
1702 before the first daily 
newspaper appears, The 
Daily Courant of London. 


a One if by land, two if by sea. Lanterns signal 
-{&%}■ the advance of British troops, and Paul 
Revere rides to warn American colonists 
of the attack. His famous ride also signals 
the beginning of the American Revolution. 


Frenchman Micephore Niepce creates the 
first permanent photograph. His partner, 
Louis Daguerre, carries Niepce's work 
further by inventing a process of capturing 
images on metal plates. 

Instant long-distance communication is possible. 
Samuel Morse invents the telegraph and a 
dot-dash code to carry messages over a wire. 
In 1851, Hiram Sibley founds Western Union 
Telegraph Company. 

American Christopher 
Sholes invents the 
typewriter. To keep rapid 
typists from jamming the 
keys, Sholes designs the 
keyboard so that 
frequently combined 
letters are located far apart. 
This layout lasts into the 
computer age. 





Graham Bell 
patents the telephone. 
By the end of the 
millennium, missing 
a phone call is almost 
impossible as answering 
machines take instant 
messages. Cell phones, 
beepers and voice 
mail expand 
ommunication options. 

Guglielmo Marconi invents the radio, 
providing a way for sound to travel long 
distances without the use of wires. During 
the 1920s and 1930s, radio is the primary 
source of news and family entertainment 
for most Americans. 

Austria introduces the first postcards. For 
only pennies, postcards keep people in touch 
before telephones are common. Calling cards, 
commercial valentines and other printed 
personal greetings are popular customs. 

uto* lnventor 

t^ Thomas Edison 
patents a practical electric 
light bulb. Electric lights 
have a profound effect 
on society, increasing 
opportunities for reading, 
writing, socializing 
and working. 

Ak Pony Express ^jk Viewers marvel dfflli Mickey Mouse (Cfik Bell Labs invents 

^ pan nioc mail ^ at Mahi ^ annaanv nn film Mnwt Inanviclnn 

carries mall 


silent movies 

appears on film. 

lirsl transistor. 

(H) King delivers 
"I Have a Dream" 

l Vietnam War 
sparks protests. 

I Berlin Wall tails 


Edison invents 


U.S. women 
win right la vole. 

<T |k 

Drive in theaters 
attract crowds. 


launches Sputnik. 


TV carries 
President Kennedy's 

MTV goes nn air. 


tf p 

HDTV becomes 

■+, Moviemaking 
'ftjif*' experiences a 
"golden age" in the late 
1930s and early 1940s. In 1939, 
Gone With the Wind mi 
The Wizard ofOz premiere. 
Citizen Kane follows in 1941, 
and Casablanca in 1942. Studio 
giants are MGM, Paramount, 
RKO and Warner Brothers. 

^ Personal 

^^ computers 
become available to 
the mass market, thus 
paving the way for 
desktop publishing. 
By 1990, laptop notebook 
computers allow people 
to compute from 
almost anywhere. 

A Television is invented in 1926, and regular 
-(p*- network TV broadcasts begin after World War 
II. One of TV's most popular shows is CBS's 
"I Love Lucy," premiering in 1951. Television 
transforms almost every aspect of life in the 
twentieth century. 

Elvis Presley's unique blend of \ 
■ blues, country, rock and gospel draws adoring 
fans and makes him "the King" of rock and roll. 
In 1956, his debut album becomes the first in 
history to sell a million copies. 


Millions of people worldwide cruise the 
Information Highway via the internet, and 
instantaneous e-mail communication 
becomes common. As the millennium 
ends, computer, TV, video and telephone 
technologies begin to converge. 

Medieval knights wear a short wool tunic 
and a coat of chain mail. Gauntlets (heavy 
leather gloves) and sword complete the 
attire, which is so costly only wealthy men 
can afford to be knights. 

Medieval men's shoes have long, 

pointed toes. Individuals of higher 

social status are allowed to have longer 

points on their shoes, some as long as 18 inches. 

Moss stuffed into the toe maintains its shape. 


Europeans wear 
simple tunics 
and leggings. 

{£) Spectacles (& Toothbrush is invented. 
originate in Italy. 

(& High heels are 
popular lor men 
and women. 

Buttons appear 
as decoraiioo. 
if£v nnt fasteners. 

Men and women Cosmetics 

wear earrings. and periunte 

(fj) iS% come Inl(l Uion. ifflfc 


wear bobbed hair, 
shori dresses. 

<© WW. II prompts <33fr> Afro hairdo (£) 

ohno nalinninn ic nnnulan 

Corsets and 

hustles are 

, essential attire. 

shoe rationing 


Nylon stockings 
first appear. 

is popular. 

Hair gets long, 
shirts gel short. 

fashions mimic 
> earlier decades. 

Men and women 
wear elaborate 
powdered wigs made of 
human hair, horsehair and 
goat hair. Because the 
large wigs are heavy and 
hot, some people shave 
their heads and wear a 
cloth cap under the wig to 
absorb perspiration. 

A The Industrial Revolution brings mass-produced 
-<£>" textiles, standard clothing sizes and the first 
ready-to-wear garments. In 1851, Isaac Singer 
invents the home-use sewing machine. 

Levi Strauss & Company Archives 

Young Levi Strauss comes to America in 
the 1850s and makes riveted canvas work 
pants for California gold miners. When he 
switches from canvas to blue denim, Strauss 
unknowingly creates one of America's 
greatest contributions to fashion. 


With flowers in 
their hair and 
everywhere, hippies 
express their philosophy 
of world peace and love. 
Hippies favor bell-bottom 
jeans, granny dresses, 
bare feet, longhair, 
beads, headbands and 
bright colors. 


Indoor malls are popular with teens not only 
for shopping, but also for socializing. The 
first enclosed mall is built in 1956. In 1992, 
the Mall of America, the largest mall in the 
U.S., opens in Minnesota. 

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