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Full text of "The Zenith Yearbook, 2001 High Point University"

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Higjh Point University 

ia^SiilMiai^uO.!i;i;.uiK L.ii. ..:.. 












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1 .iiii.t.ii * a*** 



High Point University 

833 Montileu Avenue 
High Point, North Carolina 

volume 77 




HIGH POINT, NC 27262-3598 


Creating a 
community for 


What is it that binds High Point 
University as a community? 

"Our search for direction as we leave home, 
enter a new environment, and seek to find 

Tim HiKsctt, Big Man 
on Campus 2000 

"Our sense of pride for our school. We are 
such a small schocil that we know each 
other more personally and recognize the 
familiar faces." 

Mandy Hcdgccock 

"The Campus activities give pec^ple a 
chance to interact with others whom they 
don' t normallv see because of their major." 

Misti/ Dills 

You, the Class of 2001, are a very special class. You 
came to High Point eager, enthusiastic and willing to gain 
knowledge, which in turn you absorbed and used to nour- 
ish your minds. We, the faculty and staff, are so proud of 
you and all students High Point University. 

During your years as a student here, you have seen 
many changes - academic and curriculum changes (We have 
been consistently ranked among the top tier of regional 
liberal arts colleges.), athletic changes (a full-fledged Divi- 
sion I program), changes in our lovely chapel building, a 
completely updated and expanded science building, a new 
residence hall and the groundbreaking for a beautiful new 
fine arts building. You have been a part of all of this, and on 
behalf of the University family, I thank you for you gener- 
ous and cooperative spirit. 

You will soon face new challenges. It will not be 
easy to leave the University, but you will be prepared, and 
if we wanted life to be easy we should have been born in a 
different universe. We are optimistic about your future 
because we know you and believe in you. Please remember 
that with the help of the Almightly, all things are possible. 
We will continue to watch your future with the greatest of 

Best personal regards. 

^*.*c ^■ 

I thank yon 

for your 





:*m 0S / 

Table of Contents 

Student Life 6 

People 30 

Sports 86 

Greeks 114 

Organizations 136 


High Point Uni\'ersity, founded in 1924, currently 
enrolls nearly 3,000 students in day, evening, and 
graduate programs. For six consecutive years, US 
NEWS & WORLD REPORT has ranked High Point 
Uni\'ersity among the top tier of regional liberal 
arts colleges; and in 2000, High Point was ranked 
Number One among regional liberal arts colleges 
in North Carolina. In addition, on three occasions, 
High Point among the 20 most efficient senior 
colleges and uni\ersities in the nation because it 
has achie\'ed quality while keeping costs low. In 
1999, High Point Uni\'ersity was one of 100 senior 
colleges and uni\'ersities in the United States se- 
lected for listing on The Templeton Honor Roll of 
Colleges that encourage Character-De\-elopment; 
in 1997, the University received the National Stu- 
dent Retention Award; and in 1996, the Peterson's 
publication Smart Parents Guide to College lauded 
the Uni\'ersitv's efforts to inculcate values and to 
encourage graduation. 

Currently, two thirds of the entering freshmen 
come from states other than North Carolina; one- 
third, from more than 500 miles away, including 
nearly 1 50 students who come from countries other 
than the United States. Such diversity makes the 
campus a microcosm of the world— an ideal place 
for learning to live and work in the global society 
of the 21st century. 

The Uni\'ersity is clearly a university on the move. 
Since 1985, enrollment has more than doubled; the 
University has generated more than $41 million in 
gifts and grants; the endowment has grown from 
$8.7 million to $44.3 million; the number of faculty 
has more than doubled; the percentage of faculty 
with terminal degrees has grown from 56% to 78%; 
and enrollment in the honors program has grown 
from 32 students to 156 students. Also, the Univer- 
sity has committed $58 million to construction and 
renovation, including $28 million for projected 
construction— $15 million for the proposed Charles 
E. and Pauline Lewis Hayworth Eine Arts Center; 
$3 million for the proposed Norton Center for 
International Home Eurnishings, and $10 million 
for renovations to the University's outdoor ath- 
letic facilities. Also, during this period, the Uni\'er- 
sity has mo\'ed from N AIA, to NC A A-II, to NC AA- 
I. The Uni\'ersity sponsors numerous honor societ- 
ies and over 40 clubs and organizations, including 
four national fraternities and four national sorori- 
ties. More significantly. University students record 
more than 25,000 hours of community serxice an- 



A Week of Fun Among the Colors of Autumn 



SAB brought to campus the speed and crashes of racing through 
virtual NASCAR. This thrilUng, hold-on-to-your seat activity was the 
first of many during Fall Invasion. Fun Flicks combined students' best 
dance moves with their favorite songs to create an MTV-style music 
video. Sponsored by SAB, this was free to anyone outgoing enough to 
show off their skills. 

The miracles of modern tech- 
nology put students in the 

Kendria, Ebonv, and Brandy 
rock the house with their \ideo. 


Not all the \-idoes were MTV 
st\ie. Some students made 
mini-mo\'ies, complete with 

Students gather around the 
NASCAR simulator to take 
their turn at the wheel. 

Name 5c(/?)iJ^HtV7^i//|^J b 



Al Ducharme entertains stu- Subira and Gloria get together 
dents with his humor. for a Goot'v ID. 



Eating, studying, hanging out with friends, or just chilHn' are all a part 
of everyday college life. On this spread, the Zenith staff present a 
snapshot of "everyday people" at High Point University. When you 
look back at your college days "everyday life" is the thing you'll miss 
the most. 

Known for his outrageous hats, 
Big Daddv wear, and Ha waiin 
shirts, Tim Hubbarci is the 
imofficial Big Man on Cam- 

As the sun goes do\vn Gloria 
"Chi Chi" wilhams hits the 
hooks for another all-nighter. 


Friend mug for Zenith after 
another satisfying meal in the 

Ste\'en Coard gets a cup of the 
"The Real Thing" to go at the 

Be it ever so humble, there's 
no place like "the wall". Stu- 
dents contemplate the mean- 
ing of life while getting a little 


November 4-5, 2000 



The events of Fallapalooza entertained students and family alike as 
parents arrived on campus for the annual Family Weekend. Faculty 
members were on hand to meet and mingle, and everyone participated 
in a wide array of activities. The Tower Players produced "Nunsense" 
for the enjoyment of all while the Dance-A-Thon loosened things up a 

many new acts to HPU. This 
style of dancing is called clog- 
ging. April White is a proud 
member of the squad. 

The sisters of Hoboken trv to 
raise money to burv the last 
four nuns who died from botu- 
lism. Several nuns try to sell 
their baking tips in this skit. 


"Nunsense" satires life in a 
convent with hysterical, any- 
thing goes fun. The Tower 
Players put on the witty and 
outrageous musical for Par- 
ents' Weekend. 

Amora Williams and her 
mother groove to the music at 
A-Thon. Amora took home 
first prize. 

Tiffany Cherry and her family 
are on their way to breakfast in 
the cafeteria where they will 
be introduced to Tiffany's pro- 


SAB attends Southeast Regional NACA conference 



The Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem served as host to the 
National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) Southeast Re- 
gional Conference. Nine students chosen to represent High Point 
University had an opportunity to attend educational sessions and a 
live showcase of performers, allowing students an opportunity to 
negotiate deals for next semester's Student Activities Board events. 

Tiffany Hairston plavs the air 
(tilled) guitar while shopping 
for fun. 

Leslie Malbon, Kristv Lomax, 
and Amy Rogers enjoy dinner 
at the Conference. 


Quonsetta Salters considers 
possibility of a snakecharming 
event on campus. 

Comedian Elvira Kurt says, 
"Please bring me to HPU; I 
promise I'll be funnv!" 

People of Color Poetry Slam. 

Break! does a power tumble to 
impress delegates at the Con- 


Each year the University hosts the Crop Walk for the 
city of High Point. 



The Crop Walk is a national fundraiser to help eliminate hunger in the 
United States. The money raised from the 5K walk helps local agencies 
combat hunger in the High Point area. Many student organizations fjf 
helped with the event: Genesis, Delta Sigma Phi, the Volunteer Center, 
Alpha Phi Omega, and Kappa Chi. 

Bud Hill, Director of the Open 
Door Shelter in High Point 
welcomes and thanks walkers. 

Delta Sigs get up early to help 
check people in. 


Participants came from the 
community and Uni\'ersity. 

The Crop Walk is fun for man 
and dog alike. 


--4- . *•- 1'. " ■"■"^^ 





Acarbohydrateboost is given Genesis Gospel Choir per- 
at the finish line. forms with a solo by Lakisha 



The campus opens its gates to welcome back those 
who onced roamed the grounds. 



Friendly competition threaded Greek Week as fraternities and sorori- 
ties paired off to see who was tops on campus. The Theta Chi/Zeta Tau 
Alpha team met the challenge by setting a new record for points 
accumulated during Greek Week. All students enjoyed other festivities 
such as the ground-breaking ceremony and Homecoming parade. 
Alumni were made to feel back at home. 

Kathy Miller, Debi Royals, and 
Michael Turmala, Class of '75, 
enjov the parade. 

Honor Society Alpha Phi 
Omega participates in the pa- 


Dr. Wrav chats with rising star, 
Nick Woodward. 

Nominees for Homecoming 
Court pile in for a place in the 

Dr. Martinson breaks ground School spirit is contagious as 
for the new Fine Arts building, the evening draws near. 


''My Kind of Town" invites partygoers to enjoy an 
evening of celebration. 



Over 1,000 students, alumni, faculty, and staff participated in home- 
coming festivities at the Benton Convention Center. Indeed, it was a 
night to remember. A grand ballroom held a band and DJ, a free novelty 
room treated guests, and everyone partook of coffee and dessert in the 
atrium before boarding the buses back to campus. 

Jennv Mav and Larikus Scott 
enjoy being members of the 
Homecoming Court. 

The Homecoming Court gath- 
ers for a celebratory photo- 
graph with King and Queen 
before taking the dance floor. 


Students do the Electric Slicie 
at the Benton Con\'ention Cen- 

Dressing up is haU" the fun of 
the e\'ening. 

ig Man on Campus Tim President Martinson dances 
Hassett is happy after being with Homecoming Queen 
announced the winner. Nikita Tones. 


Playing and competing all in the name of fun. 



Saturday, August 28, 2000, was the day for students to meet on the 
Greensward for Derby Day. Events included the mattress race, hippity 
hop, three-legged race, dizzy bats, tug of war, and water balloon toss. 
Teams from organizations and residence halls came out to participate 
for a day of food, fun, and excitement. 

All that hard work gives stu- 
dents a healthy appetite. 

The man with the mike - Tank 
Flovd - keeps exerything in 
line on Derby Day. 

Hippity hoppers round the 
curve and head for the finish 

Becca Marcus and George Tay- 
or take a break in each other's 

Team North feels inspired to 
do their own thing on Derby 


And the fun goes on. 



Is it better to give than to re- 
ceive? Depends on which end 
of the balloon toss you find 

One way to win the hippit\- 
hop is to go airborne! 

Darius Mooring and Joe 
McGowen have fun while par- 
ticipating in the mattress race. 

\'adkin Hall residents struggle 
to win the tug of war. 

A calm, e\'en start is essential 
to a successful dizzv bat turn. 

Teams take a break to prepare Phi Mu sisters work together 
for the next competition. to take Derbv Dav honors. 


Pulling together, the Orientation Committee makes a 
hectic day run smoothly. 



Hours of practice and planning paid off as new students were quickly 
settled into their rooms by competent committee members. After 
attending general sessions, students were treated to several fun activi- 
ties to welcome them to the University and to help them make new 
friends. Another year is successfully underway. 


Team members don't waste a 
trip; it necessary to have botli 
hands full on Move-In Dav. 

Friendly faces welcome and 
direct new students to unload- 
ing areas. 


Lines were long but patient at 
the check-in tables. 

At the Luau, Mindv Wanzie 
wins the limbci contest tor the 
3rd vear in a row. 

Karaoke brings old and new Students take the Honor 
friends together. Pledge at a General Session. 




Tim Hassett uses the Gator and 
a walkie-talkie to troubleshoot 
during Move-In Day. 

A good workout is guaranteed 
on Move-In Day as Kenji 
Dorsey works to unload a 
year's worth of possessions 
one load at a time. 

Lori Sessoms, Chair of the En- 
tertainment Committee, brings 
out tiki torches to light up the 

The Luau helps Martina, 
Tawanna, Cyamon, and 
Sheena get loosened up and 
ready to get to work (and play) 
as the school year starts. 

General sessions were led by 

The Orientation Committee The Lawn Party giyes stu- 
hands out information pack- dents a chance to compete in 
ets to new students. fun and games before settling 

down to business. 






Gregory Carter 

Billie Case 

Jeffrey Ca\in 

Maria Coil-Perez 


Sarah Coleman 

George Coppedge 

Derico Cooper 

Rebecca Cornelius 

Deidre Cotilla 

Megan Cramer 

Sandra De Kozlovvski 

Mistv Dills 

MarvAnn Diniaio 

Shelle\ Dodson 

Melissa Douh 

Gabriela Downs-Rocha 


Lorpu Dunbar 

Dawn Eagiin 

kristopher Elliott 

Donnelle Fagt; 

Alan Fawcett 

Stephen Felton 

Nikkoa Fields 

Wendy Fisher 

David Fleming 

Janet Flvnn 

Rebekah Forbes 

Crystal Fox 


Wendv Francis 

Dawn Francisco 

Jennifer Franks 

Jetf Gano 

Kelly Gasko 

John Gantt 

Jennifer Gerhart 

Dankinette Gibson 

Derrick Gibson 

Harold Gibson 

Tammy Gigliotti 

Clayton Gilcher 


Derek Graf 

Micliael Graff 

lonalhan Griffith 

Nicholiis Grieco 

William Gurlev 

Magnus Giistafsim 

l;li/a Hammimd 

Christine Hanev 

Shelly Harringtc 

L'Nell Harrison 

Chad Hartman 

Timothv Hassett 


Ed Hickey 

Tana Hil 

Megan Hofmann 

Jessica Holyfield 

Scott Hornung 

Emilv Hunter 

Stefania lebba 

Mantas Ignatavicius 


Amanda Ingle 

Porsche Jackson 

Nikita Jones 

Ron Jordan 

Jessica Kolodgy 

Randi Komisar 

William L'Eplattenier 
Tracv Lester 


AmbtT Lewi 

Ann Leu IS 

Michelle Lewis 

Da\id Lindsev 


Anne McCullough 

Shawn McGee 

Heather McGee 

Michael McGown 

Gary McMulHn 

Tracv McVev 

Steven Meccia 

Wilham Medlin 


Whitney Millman 

Brandi Morgan 

Angela Moscoso 

Thomas Motsinger 

Timothy Murrel 

Russell Nelson 

Effie Nicholson 

Maria Niles 


s Melody Perkins 

Erik Pettersson 

Charles Pindell 

Meribeth Pr^iml 

Jessica Proctor 

Michael Rasmiissen 

Tracy Ray 

Ryan Rice 


Thi>mas Rich 

Reiiff Ridout 

Siira Roach 

Brvan Rohhins 

Tina Roberts 

Rebekah Robinette 

Stacey Rodgers 

Cesar Rodriguez 

hmm\ Routh 

Nicole Saffer 

Ruslan Salakhutdinov 

Beth Salers 


Rom Saren 

E\ci Marie Shiirdella 

Oli\ ler Schouten 

Lariku^ Scott 

Lori Sessoms 

Lev Shelienberger 

Marc Smith 

Mand\ Space- 

April Sparks 

Diane Sperber 

Ex'onne Stubbs 

Nicole Tarantino 


Amiindii Thom 


Cornelia Todd 

Gar\' Todd 

Brett Trielo 

Olesksiv Tumanov 

Mino Umehara 

John Vestal 

Nathan Walker 

Kendra Wallace 

Mindv VVanzie 

Charles Washingtc 

Katherine Watson 


3rooke Weitz 

Sahrina White 

KicquL'line VSillard 

Du-~tin Williams 

Nicholas Williams 

Shanee Williams-Rosebdro 

Marshall Wilson 

Kevin Wolfe 

Teresa Wishon 

Stephanie Wohlford 

Lindsay Wolfram 

Danielle Wood 


Justin Wood 

Nicholas Woodward 

Brandon Woosley 








ichelle Wrerm 

Mie Yamatani 

Amanda Zindorf 


"A _* V 

Edward Brower 

John Canty 

Randall Caudill 

Paula Collins 

Suzanne Davis 

Thorn Elmore 

Ethel Kouha 

Charles Patterson 

Thomas Rose 

Anita Thompson 

Jennifer Toups 




HIGH POINT, NC 27262-3598 




Todd Abbott 

Ashlev Abt 

Todd Accomando 

Dimple Aildasani 

Ashlev Allen 

Benjamin Allen 

Greg Alley 

Amanda Alonzv 

Michael Amaro 

Susan Ammeter 

Stephanie Amponsah 

Venieca Anderson 

Alex Andreasson 

Chris Archambeault 

Jennifer Archer 

Lashan Archie 

Sarah Arpin 

Josef Ashelev 

Michael Ashton 

Allison Augustine 

Aleksandrs Baikovs 

Kevin Bailev 

Jason Bailie 

Joseph Baird 


lonathan Bandv 
lohn Bcirbour 
Kellv Barker 
Michael Barker 

Charles Barron 
Christopher Bartlett 
Jim Bastien 
TJ Beattv 

Daneille Beazlev 
Megan Bee 
Melissa Becker 
Belinda Bcese 

Kellv Beeson 
>'ciussef Bekheit 
Tori Belbush 
Justin Bell 

Rasha Belman 
Jereme Bennett 
Daniel Berg 
Elizabeth Bernthal 

Todd Bernstein 
Mindv Berrier 
Rvan Bess 
Joshua Bigelovv 




Kara Bingham 

Sarah Bird 

Kelley Bizon 

Jesse Blalock 

Ben Blumel 

Catherine Boggs 

Kathrvn Boone 

Ashelv Bosche 

Kendra BowUng 

Amber Bovea 

David Brauzer 

Stacv Brelsford 

Michael Brewster 

Darlene Brito 

Robert Brittam 

PhiHp Brookshire 

Christy Brown 

Kendria Brown 

Keoda Brown 

Kevin Brown 

Alex Buc 

Mark Bulovas 

Ke\in Burch 

Jo Burcham 


Robert Burcham 
Shervl Burden 
McKenzie Burkhardt 
Caroline Burke 

Mindv Burnett 
Susan Burv 
Jadario Bush 
Blair Bvrd 

Audra Callahan 
Kathrvn Cameron 
Cathy Campbell 
Sonva Campbell 

Adam Canevazzi 
]ohn Capozzolo 
Aaron Caracci 
Casandra Carlson 

Christina Carmon 
Maria Carroll 
Scott Carpenter 
Nicole Carter 

Matthew Car\er 
Laura Casey 
Kurt Ca vanaugh 
Sherissa Chapman 








Mark Cheatham 

Tiffany Cherry 

Michael Christensen 

James Christian 

April Church 

Craig Clark 

Erynne Clark 

Henrv Clark 

Kelly Clontz 

Tiffany Clark 

Jason dinger 

Catherine Clough 

Steyen Coard 

Katherine Coates 

Doug Cobb 

Jaclvn Coleman 

Eugenia Coley 

Melissa Coloton 

Milena Conn 

Joshua Cook 

Leah Cope 

Natahe Corbin 

Rena Cornwell 

Jamaal Cottman 


Kiesha Covert 
Jennifer Cox 
Brandv Cox 
Stephen Cowne 

Sarah Craxen 
Heather Crawford 
Nicholas Creed 
Jennifer Cross 

Courtney Culbertson 
Sarah Czyz 
Emily Dabbs 
Shana Dallara 

Monica David 
Abbv Davis 
Johnathan Davis 
Gregory Da\is 

I^alph Da\is 
Blake Dean 
Casey Degnan 
Haley Dejarnette 

Megan Delgardio 
Robert Dellinger 
Michelle Dell'Osa 
Samuel Demiss 







Nicholas DeSando 

Alicia Devitis 

Rocierick Dickson 

Ben Diffenderfer 

Joseph Dimarco 

Rebekah Dion 

Corina Dixon 

Anush Djaniants 

Charmetra Doakes 

Julie Docimo 

Jose Dominguez 

Johan Dorfh 

Tim Doodv 

Kesha Douthit 

James Drane 

Ann Durham 

Kellev Dziczek 

Christy Ebert 

Michele Eckes 

Crystal Eddinger 

Cheryl Edd\' 
Otovwe Edu\'ie 
Betsy Edwards 

Lacey Eggert 


Markiesha Edgerton 
John Ehrhardt 
Lashawn Elam 
Am\- Elliott 

Wallace Epperson 
Barbara Jean Ercolino 
Elisahet Ericson 
Shea Evans 

Tommv E\ans 
Lamount Estes 
.Vlichael Falgren 
Xicki Fauntlerov 

Melissa Fecteau 
Michael Feelev 
Joel Ferguson 
Robert Ferguson 

Sean Fillingane 
Heidi Fischer 
Stephanie Fishel 
Cerra Fisher 

Colleen Fitzgerald 
Kieran Fitzgerald 
Kristy Flint 
Christina Flores 






Laura Foster 

Latosha Fountain 

Pamela Foxx 

Janet Francis 

Chara Freeman 

Laura French 

Michelle Fromal 

Heidi Fuchs 

Neal Gallagher 

Daniel Gariepy 

Nicole Garner 

Stephen Garner 

Stephanie Gaston 

Keith Gates 

Justine Gatsche 

Aaron Gav 

Hannah Gerres 

Deborah Gibson 

Lindsay Gibson 

Ginny Gielen 

MJ Gimbar 

Kimberly Glo\'er 

Esteban Gonzalez 

Clavton Gordner 


Jefferex' Gordon 
April Goode 
Mary Goodrich 
Donalee Goodrum-W'hite 

Erica Gornik 
Stacie Goss 
George Gouge 
Kenneth Graff 

Hedther Graham 
Kelly Green 
Summer Green 
Brad Greene 

Courtney Griffin 
Garrett Griffin 
Christin Gribble 
Erin Groves 

Kelli Grubb 
Tiffany Grzan 
Kirsten Gulbrandsen 
Amber Hall 

Bjorn Hagdahl 
Emilv Hames 
Tiffany Hairston 
Erin Hall 



Zach Hames 

Jennifer Hand 

Candi Harbottle 

Svd Harden 

Raymond Harp 

Lakira Harrington 

Natasha Harris 

Valerie Harris 

Kevin Harrison 

Paula Hartness 

Adrienne Harvey 

Melinda Harvey 

Teddy Hart 

Carolyn Hassett 

Joseph Haubenhofer 

Michael Hayden 

Lisa Hayes 

Jessica Healan 

Erin Heaton 

Jonathan Hedrick 

Jordan Hedrick 

Robbie Hedrick 

Baron Heinemann 

Jennifer Helsle\' 


Da\id Hendrick 
John Henkel 
Jill Hennie 
Andrea Henson 

Kara Herndon 
Cassie Herrm 
Michael Hershkovitz 
R\'an He\erle\' 

Kristin Hiatt 
Kristin Higgins 
Katie Hodges 
R\an Hodges 

Javson Hoffman 
Hrika Holder 
Tonita Holland 
Danika Hollev 

Jessica Holloway 
Chris Holmes 
Alana Holyfield 
Melissa Hooven 

Grant Honevcutt 
Jeremiah Hood 
Chris Hooks 
Victoria Hoots 






Abbey Horen 

Chandra Hopkins 

Alex Howard 

Matthew Howell 

Sarah Hubbard 
Timothy Hubbard 
Laura Humphreys 
Taylor Humphre\' 

Lane Hunt 

Amanda Hunter 

Kahlea Hunter 

Chris Hyatt 

Cricket Indra 

Ericka Inyerso 

Paul Isbell 

Jim Isphordmg 

Erin Jackson 

Tiffany Jackson 

Patricia Jamroz 

Kristen James 

Ebony Jarrett 

Jessica Jenkins 

Kellie Jenkins 

Alicia Jessup 


Ashley Johnson 
Katie Johnson 
Jonathan Johnson 
Kelly Johnson 

Mistv Johnson 
Amv Jones 
Sheenamarie Jones 
John Judv 

Bradlev Kamisar 
Nick Karwaski 
Laura Kassler 
Krissv Kastendike 

Charitv Kates 
Bethanv Kazaba 
Alan Keatley 
Ken Keesee 

Kevin Keete 
Robin Kester 
Mike Kenask 
Gemma Keogh 

Farrell Kersev 
Kelli Keslar ' 
Kelly Kiker 
Junique Kinard 




Reagan Kindley 

Allison King 

Jared Kirby 

Jonathan Riser 

Stacev Kline 

Sophia Kosh 

Brian Kraft 

Wendy Koontz 

Philip Kosov 

Jaime Kutz 

Scott Laird 

Michael Lancaster 

Jennifer Landers 

Mandee Lasseter 

Jennifer Lavton 

Harrv Leach 

John Leal^e 

Jamie Leathead 

Naomi Leavitt 

Justin LeBlanc 

April Leeks 

James LesJev 

Cameron Leslie 

Angela Lesnett 


Cassandra Leonard 
Brandon Le\vis 
Will Leu-is 
Stephanie Lien 

Kristine Lomax 
Lilly Lopez 
Leslie Loveless 
Rebecca Lowe 

Michael Luger 
Rvan Lurate 
Jennifer Lyons 
Carlv MacAllister 

lames Mahonev 
Anthony Maiorano 
Katie Macken 
Meredith Mackoy 

Leslie Malbon 
MeHssa Males 
Helen Markelova 
Dara Marley 

Jordan Marshall 
William Marshall 
Heather Martens 
Amber Martin 





Benjamin Martin 
Justin Martin 
Kelly Martin 
Lucas Martin 

Ai Matsumoto 

Phillip Matthews 

Bran McAbee 

Jessica McAfee 

Nikkia McCalla 

Joshua McCov 

Todd McDaniel 

Amanda McDonald 

Marv McDevitt 

Sherry McGau\ran 

Joseph McGovven 

Jeanelle McKenne\' 

Michelle McKnight 

Tzeala McLean 

Alex Medina 

Rvan Merrill 

Annika Meverson 

Brian Middleton 

Brandon Miller 

Michelle Miller 


Tiwana Miller 
Willow Miller 
Kimberlv Millington 
Courtnev Millman 

Tavlor Milne 
Gloria Miranda 
Lauren Mirochna 
Stacv Monk 

Katie Monroe 
Islen Monroy 
Denise Montgomery 
Carlv Moon 

James Moore 
Ravshaun Moore 
Terri Morehead 
Beth Mork 

Samantha Morris 
Afton Mosley 
Rich Mossman 
Trev Muller-Thvm 

Brvan Vlurphv 
Kerry Muscolina 
Michael Muse 
Alisa Mvers 




Chad Nalick 

Heather Nehrbas 

Lea Newport 

Marv Nicholls 

Mario Nocito 

Susan Noll 

Dani Norman 

Jamison Nunn 

Marc O'Brien 

Shannon O'Brien 

Learvn O'Mallev 

Cathey O'Neal 

Savoko Oda 

Hannah 01i\er 

Justin Ollis 

Stephanie Vxk 

Greg Papanicolos 
Jodi Palladino 
Jennifer Parks 
Lauren Parnell 


Ethan Paschal 

Jessica Paul 

Vaneisha Pa\nter 

Jocehn Paza 


Anna Peckham 
Kristin Pendrv 
Magdalena Petreska 
Adam Petroski 

Lisa Pettigrew 
Amie Phillips 
Shannon Phillips 
Tiffany Pmto 

Bill Piser 
Nicholas Piersol 
Terri Pistorio 
Leah Pitt 

Rebecca Plescia 
Dominick Potente 
Kelly Preddy 
Paul Pree 

Adam Pressley 
Zacharv Prisco 
Tracvann Pryce 
Kristen Puckett 

Nicholas Pugliese 
Nicole Purdv 
Heather Purt2 
Susan Quade 






Sean Quintana 

Courtney Rahl 

Anna Marie Rasch 

Natalie Ratcliffe 

Sallv Reece 

Carrie Reed 

Riley Rees 

Megan Reeves 

Jamie Regulski 

Christy Reid 

Heather Reid 

Wilham Reif^teck 

Kristen Remine 

Etienne Reyes 

Dave Reynolds 

LaRae Rice 

Matthew Richardson 

Jennifer Ridgeway 

Justin Riley 

Emily Rintz 

Janet Robertson 

A\a Roddv 

Jennifer Roddv 

Rebecca Roehncli 


Amanda Rogers 
Josh Rogers 
Kimberlv Rogers 
Sarah Rose 

Allvson Ross 
Gina Rosser 
Samantha Routh 
Shannon Rowland 

Justin Rozdolski 
Stacev Ruffner 
Rebecca Rush 
Brianne Russell 

Kfltherine Saffer 
Michael Salamone 
Quonsetta Salters 
Crissy Samuel 

Elizabeth Sanders 
Jared Savage 
Haley Sawyer 
Melanie Scala 

Dawn Scheier 
De\on Schwartz 
Marissa Schwartz 
Pam Schwartz 







Chris Scott 

Stephanie Scott 

Jennifer Sebert 

Brian Serafin 

Matthew Settlage 

Kellv Shamberger 

Megan Shannon 

Stephanie Sharp 

Jacquelynn Sharpe 

Shannon Shattuck 

Robert Sherwood 

April Shields 

Anna Sherrod 

Felicia Sherrod 

Anna Shore 

Brad Shore 

Kenneth Shumate 

Lindsev Silva 

Narada Simon 

Stacv Sink 

Jacob Skillin 

Sarah Slatter\ 

Andrew Smith 

Crystal Smith 


Gvvendohn Smith 
Jackie Smith 
Janelle Smith 
Megan Smith 

Rachel Smith 
Rhianda Smith 
Ruth Smith 
Tanisha Smith 

\'ictoria Smith 
Walter Smith 
Carrie Smutek 
Robvn Snvder 

Deneta Somerville 
William Southern 
Laura Spencer 
Andrew Squire 

Jamie St. John 
Martina St. John 
Kate Stackhouse 
Claire Stamand 

Kellv Standridge 
Liz Steckel 
Victoria Steele 
Shana Stephen? 





Stacy Stewart 

Jack Streater 

Anna Stridh 

Lauren Stolzer 

Henry Suhr, III 

Stephen Sx'iatko 

Angela Svvann 

David Synan 

Josheph Taureck 

Kenneth Taylor 

Melissa Taylor 

Kirsten Temple 

Allison Terrell 

Alicia Thomas 

Chanel Thomas 

DeAnne Thomas 

Jed Thomas 

Keisha Thompson 

Shannon Thornton 

Nicole Timmons 

Kenzo Tochiki 

Jay Todd 

CeCe Tolliver 

Josh Toopes 


Ryan Torguson 
Jade Iran 
Mollv Tripp 
Jonathan Tri\ette 

Tre\or Trovvell 
Erin Turner 
Laura Beth Turner 
Robert Van Hoose 

Kim WmHuss 
Kevin Vanhoy 
Meredith Valentine 
Andrew \'each 

H^tella Veach 
Garrick Velat 
Colleen Vena 
Donna Venable 

Lauren Virgin 
'Stephen Voges 
Ariane Walker 
\ erntisha Walker 

Melanie Wall 
Misti Ward 
Patrick Warring 
Dominic Watkins 



Helen Waters 

Erica Watson 

Nicole Webster 

Jason Wenzel 

Claire Wessel 

Jennifer Weinstein 

Brooke Wharton 

Sean White 

Tanner Wightman 

Keith Whmes 

April White 

Alexis Whitfield 

Jakob Widange 

Amora Williams 

Anita Williams 

Blake Williams 

Scott Williams 
Subira Williams 

Bonnie Wilson 
D' Andre Wilson 

Jenna Wilson 

Katie Wilson 

Wendy Wilson 

Gary Wingfield 


Maria Winfrey 
Jassica Winston 
Aaron Winters 
Adam Witten 

Allvson Wood 
Angela Wood 
Matthew Wood 
Pavton Woodard 

Amy Woodruff 
Heather Woodson 
Amanda Worster 
Vlichelle Wrenn 

Andrea Wright 
Dana Yates 
Laura Yeager 
Amanda Yoder 

Meagan Yops 
Cho Youngwhan 
Stephen Zakrewski 
Ste\'en Zarick 










lame Adams 

Michael Atvvood 

Rachel Beauchamp 

Emih' Bennett 

Teresa Boiling 
Jeff Bowman 
Julie Branson 

Jessica BuUins 

Scott Gartner 

Abby Catoe 

Johnny Collins 

Rhea Conrad-Reed 

Tamike Crumplon 

Ximena Dcickery 

Heather Ellis 

Pamela Extrom 

Jeannie Fansler 

Anna Fulk 

Randv Galyean 

Samuel Games 

Julie Goodin 

Susan Harris 

Jeremiah Handv 

LeonarcH Hutchens 


H Sarah Ingle 
' - Ken Jackson 
' Cyntia Jones 
William Jones 

Matthew Kimel 
Marcella Marsh 
Robert Misior 
Jean Muhigira 

Robert Patterson 
lohn Richardson 
Jessica Rodriguez 
Regina Scott 

Donella Smith 
Jonathan Smith 
Steve Stone 
Michael Tilley 

Marv Todd 
Elizabeth Turner 
Tina Walker 
Sandra Williams 














Tracy Rich-Perez meets with 
her English class. 

In with the new - Year 2000 
brought the EDP staff to a new 

Students meet with advisors 
during registration at the MPC. 


btudents at Madison Park en- 
joy a holiday break. 

Good food and compan\' - no 
better \va\' to celebrate the holi- 

Registration at the EDP center Madison Park students wait 
brings out all ages. for class to begin. 


Dr- Guy Arcun 
As-it, Professor 

Dr. Gray Bowman 

Ms. Sam Beck 
Dir. Career Development 

Dr. Richard Bennington 

Mrs. VVendv Brodar 
Administrative Assistant 

Dr. Jeffrey Butera 
Asst. Professor 

Mrs. Virginia Blair 
EDP Asst. Coordinator 

Mrs. Sharyn Carpenter 
EDP Adm. Coordinator 


Dr. Dennis Carroll 
Professor & Chair 

Dr. Clinton Corcoran 
Associate Professor 

Mrs. Gcraldine Chisholm 
Switchboard / Receptionist 

Dr. Pamela Clift 
Assistant Professor 

Mr. Craig Curty 
Asst. Dir. Academic Services 

Mrs. Deborah Dalton 
EDP Coordinator 

Mr. William Cope 
Associate Professor 

Ms. Becki Davis 
EDP Security 

Dr. Vance Davis 
VP Academic Affairs 

Mr. Christopher Dudley 
Dir. Athletic Development 

Dr. Elizabeth Dull 
Associate Professor 

Dr. Randall Epperson 

Ms. Diana Estey 

Mr. Gart Evans 
Dean of Students 

Ms. Karen Fincher 
Admistrative Assistant 

■ Mrs. Amelia Fuller Dr. Woodv Gibson 

■OP Admissions Coordinator Associate Prof. /Athletic Dir. 

Ms. Toni Graves 
EDP Adjunct Professor 

Mr. Jeffrey (Tank) Floyd 
Asst. Dean Campus Life 

Ms. Nancv Gordon 
Accounting Assistant 

Mrs. Rhonda Grimsley 
Admistrative Assistant 

Mrs. Carole Hampton 
EDP Adminstration 

Mr. Bob Haves 
VP Financial Affairs 

Mrs. Dwanna Ha\'worth 



Mrs. Sherron James 
Accounting Assistant 

Mr. Jolin Lefler 
VP Inst. Ad\ ancement 

Mrs. Terri Kane 
Director of Student Accounts 

Mrs. Amber Kelley 
Director of Counseling 

Ms. Catherine King 
EDP Coordinator 

Dr. Barbara Leonard 
Associate Professor 

Mrs, Melitta McCroskev 
Purchasing Agent 

Mrs. Jean McDowell 


Mrs. Ann Miller 
Associate Registrar 

Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Murphv 

iJr. rhilhp Norwood 

Mrs. Roberta Powell 
Asst. Director Financial Aid 

Ms. Marisa Ray 
Development Officer 

Dr. Betty Royal 
Associate Professor 

Mrs. Betsy Orcutt 
Office Manager 

Mr. Jim Schlimmer 
Dean Enrollment Mgt. 


Dr. Frederick Schneid 
Associate Professor 

Mr. James Speight 
Associate Professor 


<"«" ^x I 


Dr. Donna Scott 
Assistant Professor 


Mr. Roger Shore 
Associate Professor 

Vlrs. Wendv Smith 
Database Adminstrator 

Mr. James Spessard 
Dir. Accounting Services 

Dr. James Stitt 
Professor & Chair 

Dr. Thomas Stockton 
Bishop m Residence 

Mrs. Donna Thornton 

Mr. Rans Triplett 
Dir. Residential Life 

Mrs, Gail Tuttle 
EDP Associate Dean 

.Mrs, Gale Varner 
Administrati\'e Assistant 

Mr, Michael Waggoner 
Assistant Professor 

Dr. Ann Watkins 
Associate Professor 

Ms. Lou Ann Williams 

Dr. Morris VVrav 
VP Internal Affairs 








Cindy Watts 

Kerry Muscolina 

Women's Soccer 

The 2000 Women's Soccer Team finished with an o\'eraIl record 
of 4-11-2 (2-3-1 in the Big South) under second-year Head Coach 
Tracie Foels. The Panthers lost to host Radford University, 3-0, 
in the first round of the Bie; South Tournament to end their 
season. Emily Lanham, Beth Mork, and Tamara Impson all 
earned spots on the Big South All-Conference Second Team, 
while Gwen Smith Avas the team's selection to the league's All- 
Academic se]uad. 

Eileen Mazeika 


Senior Day: Bekki Dion, Kellv 
Gasko, Jen Franks. 


W Davidson 
I Wofford 

Tenn Tech 



St. Francis 

NC State 




Charleston Southern 

Radford 1 


Coastal Carolina 

P Mt. St. Mary's 

Radford 1 


















Team Photo 

Front Row: Jennifer Franks, Sara Hanson, Eileen Mazeika, Colleen Vena, Cindy Watts, Katie Smith, Cat Ruday, 
Lindsay Kroeger, Sarah Kenney. Row 2: Ryan McMahon (Athletic Trainer); Tamara Impson, Stephanie Moenter, Syd 
Harden, Jamie Theil, Alisse Robertson, Emily Lanham, Stacey Moenter, Tiffany Impson, Cici ToUiver (Athletic 
Trainer). Row 3: Assistant Coach Stephanie Bair, Kelly Gasko (Team Manager), Megan Moore, Andrea Henson, Beth 
Mork, Kerry Muscolina, Gwen Smith, Bekki Dion, Head Coach Tracie Foels. 


Chad Hartman 

Men's Soccer 

High Point University Men's Soccer had one of its most produc- 
tive seasons in recent years uncier the direction of third year 
Head Coach Peter Broadley. While finishing with an overall 
record of 9-10-1 (3-4 in the Big South) despite the loss of five 
starters due to injury, the Panthers fought their way to the semi- 
finals of the Big South Tournament, onlv to lose 2-1 in double- 
overtime to eventual conference champion Rad ford University. 
Earning honors for the 2000 men's team were Damon Ming, 
John Sitaridis and Ben Mork who were all selected to the All- 
Conference Second Team while Eric Lona was selected to the 
Big South Conference's All Academic Team. 

Damon Ming 



Eric Lona 

Matt Wood 




NC State 4 


Mercer 4 




Marshall 1 




Radford 2 




Campbell 2 



ECU 3 




Elon 2 

Coastal Carolina 



Stetson 2 




Charleston South 




ASU 2 


Wake Forest 


Liberty 2 


Radford 1 


Team Photo 

Front Row: Damon Ming, Tanner Wightman, Kenzo Tochiki, Chad Hartman, Matt Wood, Perry White, Kirk Rudder. 
Row 2: Head Coach Peter Broadlev, John Sitandis, Nick Grieco, Luke Knor, Frank Pinho, Eric Lona, Pat McGurk, 
Barry Mitchell, Dan Kitching, Terek Moss (Team Manager). Row 3: Assistant Coach Dan Dudley, Assistant Coach 
Jeff Gephart, Keith Wines, Ben Mork, Nate LeMaire, Ryan Tremhley, Chris Young, Calvin Keller (Athletic Trainer), 
Dan Tarara (Head Athletic Trainer), Jen Layton (Athletic Trainer). 


Aleksandrs Baikovs 

Michelle Fromal followed by 
Erika Holder. 

/ — 

, } 


Cross Country 

High Point University's Men's and Women's Cross Country 
teams showed much improvement in meet competition com- 
pared to just a year ago. The men finished as high as 3rd place 
in both the High Point/Elon Invitational and the Western 
Carolina Invitational. The women finished as high as 6th place 
in the Western Carolina ln\'itational. Niran Pillay garnered All- 
Conference honors and was named the Big South's Rookie of 
the Year for his 5th place indnidual finish in the Big South 
Cross-Countr\' Championship Meet. 

Sy St 

Michelle Fromal 

Tomm\' E\'ans and Tavlor 

Men's Results 

WCU Invitational 

3rd out of 6 

Winthrop Invitational 


Great American Classic 


GSO Invitational 


NCSU Meet 


Big South Conf. Meet 


NCAA Southeast Reg. 

Women's Results 

WCU Invitational 

6th out of 6 

Winthrop Invitational 


Great American Classic 


GSO Invitational 


NCSU Meet 


Big South Conf. Meet 


NCAA Southeast Reg. 

Team Photo 

Front Row Niran Pillav, Dan Gariepv, Tommy Evans. Row 2: Ginny Gielen, Cricket Indra, Michelle Fromal, Enka 
Holder Denise Montgomery, Mike Salamone, Michael Lancaster, Taylor Milne, Head Coach Boh Davidson. Row 3: 
Alex Baikovs, Kenji Dorsey^ Keith Gates, Michael Chnstensen, Assistant Coach Jimmie Burchette. 


Jen Lavton 

Sports Medicine 

The personnel in\ol\ed in the sports medicine program have 
worked hard all year to keep High Point's athletes healthy and 
in top physical shape. Like High Point's athletics, the sports 
medicine program continues to grow by introducing more and 
more students to the field of athletic training. The many hours 
that sports medicine majors spend in the classroom and on the 
field have enabled them to learn about the prevention, evalua- 
tion, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. The sports medicine 
staff will continue to ensure our athlete's safetv so they can 
compete to their maximum le\el. 

Michelle Eckes and Summer 

Green work on Kelly 



Seniors: Angela McClov, Da\'e 
Lindsey, Steve Meccia, Shawn 
McGee, Nicole Saffer. 

Row 1: Ryan McMahon, Steve Meccia, David Lindsey, Angela McCloy, Jeff "Duke" Calvin, Shawn McGee, Nicole 
Saffer. Row 2: AJ Jessup, Mandee Lasseter, Summer Green, Michelle Eckes, Jen Layton, Calvin Keller, John 
Neidecker. Row 3: Jaclyn Coleman, Ben Diffendefer, Melissa Coloton, BJ Ecolino, Lauren Pamell, John Capozzolo, 
Justin Ollis. Row 4: Cece ToUiver, Kris Kreissig, Kelly Shamberger, Lexi Boswell, Chris Bartlett, Jammaal Cottman, 
Josh Geruso. 


Kristy Flint 


Panther Volleyball finished with an overall record of 3-28 (242 
in the Big South) under second-year Head Coach Georgette 
Crawford. High Pomt lost to Coastal Carolina, 3-0, in the first 
round of the Radisson Hotel-High Pomt Volleyball Champion- 
ship to end their 2000 campaign. Former Big South Rookie of the 
Year, Tracyann Pryce, earned a spot on the All-Conference 
Second Team while also landing on both the Big South All- 
Academic and All-Tournament Teams. 

Rebecca Roehrici 


Tracyann Pryce 

GA State 


E. Illinois 


Villa nova 

Wake Forest 


Troy St. 










Coastal Carolina 

Charleston Southern 

Troy St. 




Coastal Carolina 

Charleston Southern 













Front Row Kristy Flint, Heather Purtz, Annie McCuUough, Kamarsha Ryan, April Shields. Row 2: Tern Morehead, 
Jessica Dollbaum, Kelly Dziczek, Rebecca Roehrich, Tracyann Pryce, Jaime Kutz, Adrienne Harvey. 


Valdas Kaukenas 

Men's Basketball 

Head Coach Jerry Steele's 2000-01 High Point University Men's 
Basketball squad returned seven letter-winners from the 1999- 
2000 campaign where the team finished in sixth place out of the 
eight team Big South Conference. A brand new assistant coach 
in Brett Reed joined the squad, as well as junior transfers Doug 
Alves, Jermaine Wallace, and Craig Clark. Freshmen Brent 
Halsch and Dan Kalbaugh gave the Panters depth on the bench. 
Coach Steele came into the season with 595 career wins and 
easily attained his 6ooth collegiate coaching victory early in the 

^^^^^L^ r« 




^^^^ mB^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

Mantas Ignatavicius 


Brent Halsch 

Ht '*^H 




i ^^ I 



W' '»DJV B^^ 

^«'.•>1 1 




Doug Alves 
Team Talk 

Men's Team 

Front Row: Mantas Ignativicius, Teddy Hart, Derek Van Weerdhuizen, Dustin Van Weerdhuizen, Brent 
Halsch, Doug Alves, Dan Kalbaugh. Row 2: Assistant Coach Brett Reed, Fletcher Farmer, Tim Wilson, John 
Stonehocker, Jimmy Bennett, Craig Clark, Valdas Kauknas, Head Coach Jerry Steele. 

Dustin Van Weerdhuizen 


Nicki Fauntleroy 

Women's Basketball 

With seven returnees and a stellar recruiting class. Head Coach 
Dr. Joe Ellenburg and his Panthers looked to avenge their injury 
plagued 1999-2000 season when they finished with a record of 
6-22 overall and a 3-11 in the Big South Conference. The addi- 
tion of redshirt guard Narelle Henry along with six other 
freshmen recruits including Debbie Ruiz, Nicki Fauntleroy, 
Gemma Keogh, Shannon O'Brien, Chanel Thomas, and Amber 
Chastain made HPU better. Guard Misty Brockman made her 
much anticipated return after sitting out all of last season with 
a knee injury. Coach Ellenburg reached his milestone 200th 
career coaching victory as he entered this season with an overall 
\'ictorv total of 194. 

Gina Rosser 


Team Photo 

Front Row: Misty Brockman, Narelle Henry, Gemma Keogh, Cebronica Scott, Debbie Ruiz, Shannon O'Brien, 
Nicki Fauntleroy, Gary Wingfield (Team Manager). Row 2: Head Coach Joe EUenhurg, Deidra Cotilla, Chanel 
Thomas, Gina Rosser, Mary Brewer, Amber Chastam, Stephanie Scott, Toni Vick, Assistant Coach Tooey Loy . 

Misty Brockman 


Larikus Scott 

Men's and Women's 

Track & Field 

Thirty-nine year Head Coach Boh Da\'idson has decided to 
retire after the 2001 spring season. He looks to lead his men's 
and women's track & field teams around that final turn one last 
time. Men's seniors Larikus Scott, Carlton Sanders, and Travis 
Harvey hope to make that dream a reality. Distance runners 
Tommy Evans, Dan Gariepy, and Taylor Milne should finish 
well for HPU as should field \'eteran Ed Bunnell. On the 
women's side seniors Roxie Stennett and Porsche Jackson look 
to sprint their way to the finish for Coach Davidson. Distance 
specialist Cricket Indra could solidify a top spot in the Big South 
as a freshman as could new thrower Nicole Garner. 

Porsche Jackson i 


Tommy Evans 

Row 1: Stephanie Amponsah, Erika Holder, Brandilynn Price, Melissa Henderson, Porsche Jackson, Denise 
Montgomery, Gniny Gielen, Cricket Indra. Row 2: Tommy Evans, Kirk Rudder, Niran Pillay , Nicole Garner, Tiffany 
Cherry April' Powell, Tyisha Ryans, Mike Lancaster, Mike Christensen. Row 3: Taylor Milne, Mike Salamone, Dan 
Gariepy, Blake Williams, Larikus Scott, Carlton Sanders, Roxie Stennett Kodi Coverson, Keith Gates, Anthony Cook. 
Row 4- Head Coach Bob Davidson, Matthew Boggs (manager). Amber Chastain, Gina Rosser, Ed Bunnell, Travis 
Bunnell Alex Baikous, David Lindsey (trainer). Assistant Coach Jimmie Burchette. 


Jayson Hoffman 

Rusty Bodenheimer 


The 2001 Panthers \v\\\ be led bv 23rd year Head Coach Jim 
Speight for the final time this spring, as he announced his 
retirement from the program earHer in the school year. Speight 
looks to climb the ladder a little further with this year's squad 
as a semifinal loss in last year's Big South Conference Tourna- 
ment showed the Panthers that they could compete in one of the 
top tier Di\'ision 1 baseball conferences in the country. Senior 
Jason Brennan alcmg with sc^phomore Ke\'in Burch will anchor 
the pitching staff for HPU. Senior transfer Kirk Harris, along 
with returnees John Cavanaugh, Chris Vinar and Michael 
Lowman will look to swing the bats and lead the Panther 

Michael Lowman 







•• • 




Colin Cronin 


Kevin Burcli 


J- ' 

., r 


Chris Vinar 

John Cavanaugh 

Kemp Smith 


Anna Stridh 

Women's Tennis 

Women's Tennis is again under the direction of 7th year Head 
Coach Jerry Tertzagian. The Panther ladies are looking to con- 
tinue the success of years past, in particular their first official 
season of Division I competition in the Big South Conference, 
where they finished as the #3 seed for the tournament, while 
making it all the way to the semifinal matches. Veteran senior 
Mirva Maenpaa and Megan Hofmann as well as sophomore 
Elisabet Ericson look to lead a core of young freshmen into the 
next era of High Point Uni\'ersity Women's Tennis. 

Annika Meyerson 


Hofmann and Gibson: doubles partners 

Anna Stridh 


Jakob Widange 

Men's Tennis 

Eighth-year Head Coach Jerry Tertzagian comes into the 2001 
men's tennis season with very high expectations. Due to the 
signing of two big recruits - Bjorn Hagdahl and Johan Dorfli - 
the men's team is looking to go nowhere but up. Six veterans 
return for the #5 seed in the Big South Conference tournament 
a year ago, inckiding seniors Peter Mellstrom and Erik Pettersson. 
Junior Jacob Widange, the team's #1 seeded player, will look to 
haye a huge season. 

Bob Fergusor 



Ross Miller 


Men's Golf begins a new era at High Point University as brand 
new Head Coach JB White steps in to take over the program. 
Coach White, a former golf pro at three different country clubs 
is hoping to make an impact with his recruiting class right away. 
Senior Mike Rasmussen will aid Coach White, providing lead- 
ership for the young squad. Veterans Andrew Smith, Ross 
Miller, and Gordon Hughes should also help the newcomers 
with their transition to the college game. 

Andrew Smith 


Many thanks to everyone who supported High Point University athletic teams by 
attending and working at games and events. The yearbook staff would also like to 
extend a heartfelt thank you to Joe Cristy for providing photographs and copy for the 
sports section. 







NEWS > > > 

• P^S 


NEWS >» 

8.1 IE 

super "B.|3i 

a The Millennium Bridge, a 
footbridge across the River Thames 
connecting London's St. Paul 
Cathedral with the Tate Modern Art 
Gallery, opens in June. It is the first 
bridge to be built over the Thames 
in 100 years 

D Gas prices soar across Europe. Heavy taxation policies in France and 
England cause massive protests and transportation blockades. Both 
governments eventually promise relief 

Q Former KGB agent Vladimir Putin 
is sworn into office as Russia's new 
president in May 2000, succeeding 
long-time leader Boris Yeltsin. 
Despite fears of an authoritarian 
style, Putin's public approval ratings 
remain high. 





A Floods In Southeast Asia are 
caused by days of pounding rain. 
Millions are forced to leave their 
homes and more than a thousand 
people die In the region's worst 
flooding in decades. 

A President Clinton travels to 
Southeast Asia In November to help 
mend relations behiveen the United 
States and Vietnam. He is the first 
U.S. president to visit Vietnam since 
the end of the war in 1975. 

A A cable car carrying skiers 
and snowboarders In Austria 
catches fire inside a tunnel, 
kiiiing more than 150 people 
on board. It is the worst Alpine 
disaster in the country's history. 

A Yugoslav President Slobodan 
Milosevic Is ousted from office in 
October, ending 13 years of violent 
rule. Vojislav Kostunica becomes 
Yugoslavia's first democratically 
elected president. 



B Australian 
street artists 
called "Strange 
Fruit" perform 
feats around 
the world. The 
performers float 
above the audience 
on 1 5-foot 
fiberglass poles. 

President Clinton makes a last- 
ditch effort to broker a IVIiddle East 
peace deal before his term ends 
in January 2001 by drafting a plan for 
leaders of both Israel and Palestine 
to review. Israeli Prime Minister 
Ehud Barak and Palestinian Yasser 
Arafat agree to review Clinton's 
proposal, but no deal is signed 
before month's end. 

A Singapore Airlines jumbo jet 
crashes during takeoff in Taiwan, 
killing 81 of the 179 people on board. 
In a blinding rainstorm the pilot uses 
the wrong runway and collides with 
construction equipment. 

□ Canada mourns the death of former 
Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who 
served the country for nearly 16 years. 
Trudeau, who was 80, is remembered 
for his flamboyant style and his 
commitment to Iceeping Canada a 
single nation. 


D In August, the Russian nuclear submarine 
Kursk s'mks to the bottom of the Barents Sea 
after an unexplained explosion. All 118 crew 
members are killed. 



□ Two hundred North and South 
Koreans separated from family 
members since the 1950-1953 
Korean war reunite in August. The 
four-day visits are a goodwill gesture 
by both countries' leaders, who met 
for the first time in June. 

AIDS reaches epidemic proportions 
in southern Africa. Leaders and 
citizens throughout the world 
conduct a massive educational 
campaign on World AIDS Day 
December 1 to teach people about 
the disease that is killing 6,000 
sub-Saharan Africans each day. 

Uganda is struck by an occurrence 
of the deadly Ebola virus that Is 
linked to more than 100 deaths. 
The outbreak is traced to a Gulu 
woman who died in September 
and whose body infected other 
people during the ritual cleansing 
of the dead. 


A In January 2001, a 7.9 magnitude 
earthquake devastates Gujarat in 
western India. The huge quake 
causes an estimated $5.5 billion 
in damages and kills more than 
20,000 people. 

A In August, Somalia elects its first 
president In nine years. President 
Abdiqasim Salad Hassan promises 
to bring peace and economic 
recovery to the African nation. 

A Former Coca-Cola executive 
Vicente Fox, of the National 
Action Party, Is elected president 
of Mexico in July, ending the 
Institutional Revolutionary Party's 
71 -year reign. 

A More than 150 world leaders meet 
at the U.N. Millennium Summit in 
September to discuss war, poverty, 
disease and other global problems. 
The meeting is the largest gathering 
of world leaders in history. 

D The worst wave of Middle Eastern violence in years erupts between 
Israelis and Palestinians, leaving mere than 350 dead. A visit by Israeli 
opposition leader Ariel Sharon to a Jerusalem holy site on September 28 
is claimed to have sparl<ed the fighting. 

Q In July, an Air France Concorde supersonic jet catches fire and crashes 
outside Paris, killing 113 people. The crash is blamed on metal debris which 
punctured the tires and damaged the fuel tanks. 



Missoulian, Michael Gallacher/APAWide World Pholui 

^ The US Senate passes the 
Permanent Normal Trade Relations 
I in September to open jp trade 
between the United States and China. 
The bill IS expected to increase U.S. 
exports by $13 billion annually. 

n Firestone initiates the largest tire 
recall in history after dozens of 

rollover accidents appear to be 
caused by faulty treads. At least 148 
deaths in the United States are linked 
to the defective tires, although other 
problems with sport utility vehicles 
also are under investigation. 



13 Convicted of 
monopoly practices 
in the software 
industry, IVIicrosoft 
Corporation is 
ordered by a federal 
, district judge in June 
to break into two 
separate companies. 
Company chairman 
Bill Gates files for 
an appeal. 

A wave of Internet startup 
companies, once the darlings 
of the online economy, file for 
bankruptcy after falling short 
of stockholders' earnings 
expectations. The NASDAQ stock 
exchange, where most dot-coms 
are traded, loses 39% of its value 
for the year 

Millions of Californlans go for hours 
without power In January 2001 as 
utility companies cut off electrical 
supply due to low reserves. The 
crisis, blamed on aging generating 
plants, deregulation, soaring 
wholesale prices and debt-ridden 
utilities, spurs other states to 
begin devising prevention plans. 

□ The Oklahoma City National 
Memorial is unveiled in April 2000. 
The memorial is built to honor the 168 
people who died in the 1995 bombing 
of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. 

> > 2000-2001 ^ 


Amy Sarcelta/APWide World Photos 


Q On December 4, 2000, the U.S. presidency remains in 
limbo as both Florida and New Mexico officials recount 
ballots to determine who will win their state's electoral 
votes. New Mexico goes to Gore. Ultimately, Bush wins 
Florida which gives him a narrow victory. 



□ In the ciosest presidential election 
in more than 100 years, Republican 
George W. Bush of Texas beats 
Democrat Al Gore from Tennessee, 
The race Isn't decided until 36 days 
after the popular election, when 
Florida's hotly contested \\ ^ 
25 electoral votes are awarded to Bush 

^= Recount 

On election night, several TV 
networks prematurely declare Al Gore 
the winner in Florida, only later to 
reverse themselves, twice. The 
fiasco confirms many Americans' 
distrust of polling and early "calling" 
of elections. 

in one of his first duties as President- 
elect, George W. Bush nominates 
Colin Powell to be Secretary of Stale. 
The four-star Army General becomes 
the first African-American in history 
to serve in this role. 


A Chads, dimpled chads and butterfly 
ballots become common terms 
during the election as Florida officials 
assess voter intent. The confusion 
generates national discussion for 
uniform methods of voting. 

A The U.S. Supreme Court casts 
the deciding vote In the nation's 
election. The court ends the Gore- 
Bush legal battles in Florida by 
stopping all recounting, an action 
that effectively gives Bush victory. 

A In a fiery and highly publicized 
political battle, Hillary Rodham 

A Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan 
is elected to the Senate days after he 

Clinton beats Republican Rick Lazio dies in a November plane crash. His 

decisively to become senator from 
New York. She is the first first lady 
to be elected to public office. 

widow, Jean Carnahan, agrees to 
serve as senator in his place. 

D In October, the USS Cole is bombed while refueling in Yemen. A number of 
terrorist groups are suspected of the blast that kills 17 sailors and injures 39. 

O The Federal Trade Commission charges the film, recording and 
video-game industries with marketing violent and adult-rated materials to 
teens. The entertainment giants are requested to stop the practice or face 
legal intervention. 




B Personal Digital 
Assistants (PDAs) 
capable of calendar 
scheduling, note taking, 
e-mailing, phoning and 
Web browsing go 
mainstream in 2000. 
Competition among 
manufacturers heats 
up with Microsoft, 
BlackBerry, Palm and 
other brands vying 
for shares of the teen 
and business markets. 

Paleontologists identify a new 
species of dinosaur from fossils 
found in northern Italy. The 
26-foot-long, meat-eating 
Sallriosauris one of tlie world's 
oldest dinosaurs, dating back 200 
million years. 

Scientists are forced to rethink the 
traditional definitions of a star and 
planet when 18 massive planet-like 
bodies that don't revolve around 
a sun are discovered in tlie Sigma 
Orionis cluster. 

Q Final touches are made to the 
International Space Station for its 
first residents. American astronaut 
Bill Shepherd and two Russian 
cosmonauts live on the space station 
for four months starting in November. 

» 2000-2001 



D Wireless devices tiiat send 
real-time personal messages 
between users become the latest 
communication craze. The "instant 
messages" can be typed, written or 
spoken, depending on the brand, 
and devices cost less than $100. 

Q In 2000, both Honda and Toyota launch gas-electnc 
hybrid cars. Operated by a battery-powered electnc motor 
and a gas-run engine, the hybrids get up to 70 miles per 
gallon on the highway and release minimal emissions. 



Neuf Internet domain names are 
created to lessen the load on the 
old .com standard. The new names, 
slated for use in mid-2001, include 
.Info for general use, .biz for 
businesses, .name for Individuals 
and .pro tor professionals. 

Scientists complete a rough "map" 
of the genetic code that makes 
a person human. The map will aid 
in the detection and prevention of 
cancer and other illnesses. 

,- y 

D Amtrak introduces the nation's first high-speed train in 
November. The "Acela Express" travels up to 150 miles per 
hour and runs between Washington, D.C., New York and Boston 
with other routes planned for coming years. 




NEWS >» 


Q New prepaid credit cards and 
online credit lines are the latest 
high-tecl: means for parents to 
control their teens' spending. 
Depending on the account, parents 
determine the spending limit or 
the online stores where the money 
can be spent and receive monthly 
statements of purchases made. 

□ a new Web site,, lets users design their own 
sneakers. Starting from scratch or selecting a prefab model, users 
can pick everything from the colors and styling to the fabric and 
personalized logo at a cost of $80 to $95 a pair. 

n MH-18, billed as the first national 
lifestyle magazine for guys 13 to 
18, hits newsstands in August. The 
Men's Health offshoot covers sports, 
fitness, school, relationships and 
issues teenage boys face growing up. 


V Techno pants, as functional as last 
year's cargoes but with cleaner lines and 
nylon fabric, are popular with teens. They 
come in a variety of colors and feature 
'^ zippered legs and 

pockets, toggles and 
'' . nylon drawstrings. 


A American Heritage, among other 
publishers, releases new dictionaries, 
capturing the language of our 
computer-savvy culture. "Dot-com," 
"netiquette" and "cybersurfing" are 
among the new entries. 

A Pleather, a synthetic fabric 
that looks like leather, comes 
in an array of colors and prints 
and is popularized by celebrities 
like singer Christina Aguilera. 

A Laser eye surgery becomes an 
increasingly accepted alternative to 
eyeglasses and contact lenses as 
the technology continues to improve. 



Q The popularity of Apple 
J Computer's translucent 
\ berry-colored iMac sparks 
\ a wave of similarly colored 
cell phones, CD players, 
cameras, irons and other 
household appliances. 

For the first time, females 
outnumber males in Internet use 
in the United States, representing 
50.4% of the online population 
in 2000. Teenage girls are the 
fastest growing user segment. 

Designer faceplates become a 
popular way to personalize 
cell phones. The decorative 
attachments come in a variety of 
designs and colors to match the 
user's mood or outfit. 

□ Wordstretch bracelets become 
a trendy accessory in Hollywood 
and around the nation. The 
multi-colored elastic bands come 
inscribed with "Call me," "Money is 
overrated," "Snap out of it" and 
other simple messages designed 




David Yoting-WciltfyPholoEdit 

Q Message T-shirts become fashion statements 
among teen girls. "Foxy Lady," "Princess" and ■■Monl<ey 
Around" are just a few of the tongue-in-cheel< logos 
that appear on the popular shirts. 



Q High-tech, fold-up metal versions 
of the old scooter are one of the year's 
hottest modes of transportation but 
also a leading cause of Injury. 

By the end of 2000, an estimated 
75% of U.S. universities offer 
courses online and more than 5.8 
million students have lagged on. 

With the 2000 unemployment rate 
at a low of 4%, college students 
working as summer interns 
command wages up to $20 an 
hour, along with compensation 
packages, from high-tech and 
Internet companies. 


. ^ £..^J. -^ 


^^ffl»,' "^. 

A Companies like Estee Lauder, A Stick-on crystals and gems 

Origins, Hermes and Bllstex begin become popular fashion accessories 

to market products In portable for teen girls, accenting the face, 

single-use packets. Products include neck and shoulders. 
nail polish remover, scented wipes, 
hair conditioners and moisturizers. 

A Mail-order clothing pioneer 
Lands' End introduces "scan wear." 
The technology captures customers' 
body measurements, and allows 
users to virtually "try on " clothing 
when ordering via the Internet. 

A "Personal TVs " by TiVo and 
ReplayTV allow users to control 
live TV by pausing or rewinding 
and to record their favorite shows 
without having to set a VCR timer 
or purchase videotapes. 

n Chrysler rolls out its 1930s retro car, the PT Cruiser, in spring 2000. 
The five-door "personal transportation" wagon is a hot seller, beating the 
popular Volkswagen New Beetle by two to one in the first month. It also 
wins Motor Trend magazine's 2001 Car of the Year. 

Q Teens involved in anti-smoking organizations such as The Truth and 
Target Market strike back at Big Tobacco for marketing to youth, by 
launching their own in-your-face advertising campaigns targeting cigarette 
makers. The print and broadcast ads are sponsored by funds won from 
tobacco suit settlements. 





NEWS >» 

k3 A new computer video game called 
"The Sims," which simulates the life of 
a suburban family, develops a fanatical 
following with teens. Players create the 
characters and guide them through 
building a house, furnishing it, finding 
a career and running a family in their 
pursuit of happiness. 

□ The IVlillennium Force, the world's tallest and fastest roller 
coaster, opens in May 2000 at the Cedar Point amusement park 
in Sandusky, Ohio. The ride has a 300-foot drop and travels up 
to 92 miies per hour. 

Maxis/Electronic Arts 

D Jim Carrey stirs up trouble in the 
town of Whoville in an adaptation of 
the Dr Seuss classic, How the Grinch 
Stole Christmas. The Grinch, which 
opens in November, is the highest 
grossing film of 2000. 




A Meet the Parents, starring Robert 
De Niro and Ben Stiller, opens In 
October. The movie wins Favorite 
Comedy IVIotlon Picture at the 
People's Choice Awards, and De Niro 
earns a Golden Globe nomination. 

A In July. CBS launches'Big Brother," A UPN's weekly series "WWF 

a reality-based show In which 10 Smackdown! " Starr 

people share living quarters for three wrestler The Rock i 

months until all but one are voted most-watched show 

out. Viewers can monitor contestants 7.3 million viewers 
24/7 on the show's Web site. 

Smackdown!" starring professional 
wrestler The Rock is the network's 
most-watched show in 2000, with 

A in December, Cast Away is 
released, starring Tom Hanks as a 
crash victim stranded on a desert 
island for four years. For his nearly 
one-man performance Hanks wins 
Best Actor at the Golden Globes. 

Koji Sasahara/AP/Wide Wofid Photos 



Q Gamers camp outside 
electronics stores to 
secure the long-awaited 
Sony PlayStation 2, which 
goes on sale in October 
in limited quantities. The 
new version allows users 
to listen to CDs and watch 
DVD movies in addition to 
playing games. 

The first big hit In 2001 is Save 
the Last Dance, which opens in 
January. The teen romance, 
starring Julia Stiles and Sean 
Patrick Thomas, earns close to 
$50 million In Its first two weeks. 

Pay It Forward, a movie based on 
the Idea of performing random 
acts of kindness, opens in October 
starring Haley Joel Osment, 
Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt. 

□ Tom Cruise reprises his role as 
Ethan Hunt in the action sequel 
Mission: impossibie 2. The May 
release is summer's biggest box-office 
draw and 2000's second-highest 
grossing film, earning more than 
$215 million. 



a Popular television series prompt the introduction 
of board game versions. "Survivor" and "Who Wants 
To Be a Millionaire" lead the list of new releases. 



Q NBC's White House drama "The 
West Wing," starring Martin Sheen, 
Allison Janney and Richard Schiff, 
sets a record for receiving the most 
Emmys in a single season with nine 
wins, including Outstanding Drama Series, 

In November, illusionist David 
Blaine is encased in Ice for 62 
hours in New York's Times Square, 
assisted only with air and 
watertubes and a catheter. Blaine, 
who was seeking notoriety over 
national TV, survives the stunt but 
requires hospitalization. 

Russell Crowe becomes a 
household name with the release 
of Gladiator. The epic film wins 
a Golden Globe Award for Best 
Drama as well as an acting nod 
for Crowe. 



A NBC'S "Will & Grace" Is one of A Scary Movie, the Wayans brothers' 
television's 10 most watched shows spoof on horror movies, is among 

in 2000. Actors Sean Hayes and 

the year's 10 highest grossing films. 

Megan Mullally win Emmys for their The July release earns more than 

roles as Jack and Karen. 

$157 million and Is voted the Teen 
Choice Awards Movie of the Summer. 

A Fox's "Dark Angel " is voted 
Favorite New Television Dramatic 
Series at the 2001 People's Choice 
Awards. The series, set in the year 
2019, explores the life of a genetically 
enhanced heroine named Max. 

A in July, Wolverine, Cyclops, 
Storm and other super-powerful 
comic book characters are brought 
to life in X-Men. The movie grosses 
over $157 million, one of the year's 
10 biggest box-office draws. 

CBS Pfioto Archive 

n The year's hottest TV show is CBS's 
"Survivor," in which 16 contestants 
compete for a million dollars by surviving 
on a tropical island for 39 days. More than 
51 million viewers tune in for the final episode. 
Based on Its success, CBS launches a second 
"Survivor" series in January 2001 set in the 
Australian Outback. 

Charlie's Angels, based on the popular 70s TV series, is one of the top 
20 box-office draws in 2000. The movie, starring director Drew Barrymore, 
Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, earns $40 million its opening week in 
November and grosses more than $123 million during Its run. 




Q Creed, with lead singer Scott Stapp, 
proves to be one of 2000's hottest rock 
bands, with their singles "Higher" and 
"With Arms Wide Open" hitting the top 
5 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles list. 
The group wins American Music 
Association's Favorite Alternative Artist 
and Favorite Pop/Rock Album. 

» 2000-2001 


Q Opening week sales records are shattered in 2000 with 
benchmarks set for the number of albums sold. Britney 
Spears' Oops.../ Did it Again. Eminem's The Marshall Mathers' 
LP, Limp Bizkifs Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored 
Water ana Backstreet Boys' Blacl< & Blue a\\ break the 
million-unit mark. 



E3 Napster loses several court battles with the recording 
industry over copyright infringement. The popular online 
music sharing service, with over 60 million users, faces 
shut-down unless it can create a new business formula 
that satisfies the major recording labels. 

The Beatles begin 2001 atop the 
Billboard a\bum chart with the 
album 1. The CD sells more 
than S million copies over the 
holiday season. 

SIsqo, a member of the R&B 
band Dru Hill, goes solo In 2000. 
The singer tops the singles chart 
with "Incomplete" and "Thong 
Song" and takes home awards 
from Billboanl ami the American 
Music Association. 



Q American Marion Jones, 24, becomes the first woman to 
win five track and field medals m a single Olympic Games 
at the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney Jones wins ttie 100- 
and 200-meter sprints and tiie 4x400 relay, and finislies 
third in botii the 4x100 relay and long iump. 

!3 The New Yorl< Yankees defeat the New York 
Mets four games to one in the first "Subway 
Series" since 1956. It is the Yankees' third 
straight World Series win and their 26th overall. 

MAff -M^: 


L tkSf:f^^l^f9^ 




D Tiger Woods, 24, wins three of golf's 
tour major tournaments to become the 
youngest player to win a career grand 
slam. Woods also breaks the earnings 
record for a single year with winnings 
of more than $9 million 

(^^\ J^: 


A Bobby Labonte wins the 2000 
NASCAR Winston Cup, his first after 
eight years on the circuit. Labonte 
and his brother Terry, winner of two 
previous Winston Cups, are the first 
brothers to win titles. 

A The Houston Comets beat the 
New York Liberty to win the 2000 
WNBA championship. The win is 
Houston's fourth in a row, and 
star Cynthia Cooper is named the 
finals MVP. 

A In the 2001 Orange Bowl, the 
underdog Oklahoma Sooners defeat 
the Florida State Seminoles 13-2 to 
win the National Championship. It 
is Oklahoma's first title In 15 years. 

A Australian Karrie Webb is named 
the LPGA's Player of the Year for the 
second time in a row. Webb wins 
seven titles in 2000, including the 
U.S. Women's Open in July, and sets 
an earnings record of $1.8 million. 

D Venus Williams dominates women's 
tennis. The 20-year-old has a 35-match 
winning streak, which includes the titles 
at Wimbledon and the U.S. Open as we 
as an Olympic gold medal 

» 2000-2001 



Q The Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA 
championship, the franchise's first in 12 years. 
The Lakers beat the Indiana Pacers in game six of 
the finals. Center Shaquille O'Neal is named MVP. 

I June, the New Jersey 
Devils win their second Stanley 
Cup in six seasons by defeating 
defending champion Dallas Stars 
four games to two in the finals. 
Scott Stevens wins the Conn 
Smythe Trophy for postseason MVP. 

The racing world Is stunned when 
NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr, 
a seven-time Winston Cup champion, 
Is killed on the last lap of the 
Daytona 500 In February 2001. 
NASCAR does not retire numbers, 
but car owner Richard Childress 
I said he wilt never again race 
Earnhardt's black No. 3 car. 

Xtreme Football debuts in February \ 
2001. The game combines 
conventional football rules with 
some of the mayhem of professional 
wrestling. Eight teams play in the 
league's first season. 

(evork Djansezian, AP'Wide World Photos 

A Laura Wilkinson overcomes 
three broken toes to win the 
women's 10-meter platform diving 
competition. Wilkinson Is the first 
American woman to earn the gold 
in this Olympic event since 1964. 


A In a huge upset, American 
Greco-Roman wrestler Rulon 
Gardner defeats Russian legend 
Alexander Karelin for the gold in 
the super heavyweight class. The 
loss is Karelin's first In 13 years. 

" k 

•f f 

• sBSt^^^^ bi jp'wpyn 

Q Cathy Freeman carries the Olympic torch at the opening ceremonies 
otthe 2000 Summer Games in Sydney. Freeman goes on to win the 400- 
meter dash, becoming the first Aboriginal Australian to earn an individual 
Olympic gold medal. 

A American swimmer Misty Hyman 
beats out heavily favored Susie 
O'Neill of Australia to win the 200- 
meter butterfly. Hyman's winning 
time of 2:05.88 is an Olympic record 



NEWS >» 

I Q Paula Prince of Port Richey, 
I Florida, wins the sixtti annual Ugly 
Couch Contest, sponsored by a 
slipcover manufacturer, with her 
vintage '70s entry. Prince and two 
other contest finalists appear on 
ABC's "Live! With Regis" in October 

n Comedian Dennis Miller debuts as co-announcer on ABC's 
"Monday Night Football." Miller's offbeat humor gets a mixed 
reaction from fans, and the series earns some of the lowest 
ratings in its 31-year history. 

www sufefrt com/1 -8aa-surelit 

n Fred Rogers, host of the children's 
PBS show "Mister Rogers' 
Neighborhood," announces he will tie 
his tennis shoes for the last time, 
when his final new episode airs in 
August 2001. Rogers will continue to 
work on Web sites, books and special 
museum projects. 


B In honor of the late 
cartoonist Charles M. 
Schulz.101 fiberglass 
Snoopy statues — each in 
a theme wardrobe — are 
displayed in Schulz's hometown 
of St. Paul. Several are 
auctioned off in October 
to raise money for 
aspiring cartoonists 

Video gamer Josh Griffith, 17, 
starts a business filling in for 
other gamers involved in an 
online roleplaying game called 
"Asheron's Call." Players are 
required to put in hours of 
game time to keep their online 
characters powerful. Busy 
executives pay Griffith up to 
$40 an hour to play for them. 

After a record 3,545 wins and 
$81 million In earnings during 
her 19-vear career, jockey Julie 
Krone becomes the first woman 
inducted into the National Racing 
Hall of Fame. 

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Q Controversial Indiana University 
basketball coach Bob Knight is fired in 
September after allegedly violating a 
University-imposed code of conduct. 
During his 29 years at Indiana, Knight 
was often criticized for temper 
outbursts. His dismissal provokes 
student protest demonstrations. 


PnnieJ in USA. © 2101 Joslens. Inc. OO^OJOI (HSO) 



— i£#sir;^. 

^■v '^^^^^K ^ 

i^^iHI^^^^ ^il 





Greek Week 

Seven Days of Fun and Games 

Gart says "Foxy Lady 

AGD's Michelle McKnight and 
Lauren Woodburn along with 
Scott Donley for Delta Sigma 
Phi show their "Thrilling" 
moves during the Greek 
Week's Lip Sync. 

Zetas anci Theta Chi win the Phi Mus show their disco 

banner ccintest during Greek mo\'es. 



Luke and Allison help Alpha ZTA's Amy and Erin and Theta 
Gamma Delta and Delta Sigma Chi's very own Jimmy Routh 
Phi win Lip Sync. rock the crowd. 

Phi Mu's and Pikes know how Sig's Adam Orlando shows his 
to jam in Lip Sync. suave moves with the lovely 

ladies of AGD. 


Greek Week 

The Fun Goes On 

All the Greeks come together 
for pool activities. 

John Neidecker from Theta Chi 
watches over the poolside. 

Areyou ready to toga for Greek Meredith MacKoy is Brittnev 
Week 2000? Spears in Saran Wrap for Lip 



These Gams do a fifty's tune in One fraternity brother does a 
their poodle skirts. bellvflop during pool games. 

Jon Hentz of Theta Chi puts This Lambda Chi Alpha gets 
on a great show. ready to swim in his leopard 

print swimwear. 


Sisters at the Carnation Ball. 

The Chapter. Not pictured: 
LeAnn O'Malley, Gloria Biles, 
Brianne Russell, Mindy 
Wanzie, Christine Orcutt, « 
Markiesha Edgerton. 

Sisters relaxing in the lounge 


Sisters take a quick break from volunteering at Duke 
Children's Hospital Annual Teddy Bear Ball to raise money 
for the hospital. 

Maeghan, Mandee, Amanda, Deneta, Jeanelle, Sylvia, and 

Veronica, Effie, and Lori get LeAnn spread the Lore of the 

ready for a night out at Hal- sisterhood, 



Zeta sisters march on the war 
path to Derby Day. 

The Chapter. Front: Susannah 
Brown, Heather Danie 
AUyson Ross, Christy 
Everhart, Brynne Fisher, Jana 
Cra\'en, Brooke Wharton. Row 
2: Kerri Cameron, Kelli 
Johnson, Kellev Bizon, Amora 
Williams, Tiffany Clark, Amy 
Powers, Mandy Space, 
Stephanie Wohlford. Row 3: 
Jennifer Franks, Stacie Goss, 
Jenna Todd, Rebecca Plescia, 
Erin Jackson, Amy Hanshaw, 
Jamie Denardo, Jennifer 
Layton, Angela McCloy. 

Zeta girls show their pride at 
the aquatic Greek Week e\'ent. 


Officers. Susannah Brown, President; Kelli Johnson, VP; 
Brynne Fisher, New Member Coordinator; Erin Jackson, 
Membership; Jenn Layton, Secretary; Christy Everhart, 
Treasurer; Jana Craven, Historian Reporter; Amy 
Hanshaw, Ritualist; Mandy Space, Panhellenic. 

ZTA sisters smile with pride at the "Pamt the Cafeteria 
Pink" ser\'ice project. 

Sisters Amy Hanshaw, Erin 
Jackson, Christy Everhart, 
Brynne Fisher, Susannah 
Brown, and Mandy Space ha\'e 
fun celebrating Halloween 
during a meeting. 

Erin Jackson, Tiffany Clarke, 
Jana Craven and Cortney 
Goude are dressed to impress 
for fraternity drags. 


Tracy Ray and April White 
share the spotlight. 

BJ Ercolino and Meredith 
MacKoy say cheese for the 

The Chapter. Front: Melanie 
Wall, Alisha Choquette, Joelle 
Davis, Becca Marcus, Lauren 
Parnell, Stacy Monk, April 
White. Row 2: Carly 
MacAllister, Michele Grove, 
Corie Dixon, Katie Keyser, 
Johanna Reynolds, Tracy Ray, 
Tracy McVey,BJ Ercolino. Row 
3: Meredith McKoy, Vicki 
Hoots, Lauren Woodburn, 
Lauren Virgin, Jennv May, 
Kelly Larkin, Michelle Dell 'Osa, 
Michelle McKnight,Janie Jones. 
Row 4: Tori Belbusti, Kristvn 
Taylor, Beck\' Mendenall, 
Allison Augustine, Erin 
Dempsev, Erica Harper, Janet 
Robertson, Kelly Standridge, 
Laura Miller, Amy Loflin, 
LeAnn Durham. 

Jenny May, Becky Mendenall 
Melanie Wall, and Lauren Vir 
gin at the Luau. 


Seniors. Front row. Katie Keyser, Tracy McVey, Becca 
Marcus, Tracy Ray. Row 2: Kristyn Taylor, Amy Loflin, 
Becky Mendenall, Jenny May. 

/^ MM. 

Executive Council: Lauren Woodburn, Joelle Da\'is, Kristvn 
Taylor, Amy Loflin, Johanna Reynolds, Alisha Choquette. 

Janie Jones, Corie Dixon, Laura 
Miller, and Kelly Standridge 
are dressed up for fraternity 


Kelly Keslar concentrates on 
her cannon ball. 

The Chapter. Front: Megan 
Cramer, KristenGulbrandsten, 
Nikki Purdy, Vaneisha Paynter, 
Sara Ruseicki, Rorn Saren, Lea 
Newport. Row 2: Stefania lebba, 
April Emmerson, Jessica 
Walters, Rena Corwell, Melissa 
Males, Mandi Yoder, Jocelyn 
Paza, Terri Pistorio, Jill 
Chicalace. Row 3: Payal Patel, 
Candi Harbottle, Sarah 
Hubbard, Cammie Palmes, 
Amber Martin. Row 4: Kim 
Speck, Carolyn Hassett, 
Christianne Ellis, Brooke Weitz, 
Ashleigh Bowling, Erin Hall, 
Candi Hughes, Brenda 
Freeland, Kelli Keslar, Laura 
Zimmerman. Row 5: Laura Gra- 
ham, Jackie Smith, Emily 
Kalata, Hollis Mendenhall, 
megan Hoffman, Christine 
Honemond, Bekki Dion, Jessica 
Hunter, Jessica Proctor. 


Executive Council: Bekki Dion, Panhellenic; Brooke Weitz, 
VP Standards; Jessica Proctor, VP Membership; Jessica 
Hunter, Secretary; Megan Cramer, President; Candi 
Harbottle, VP New Member Education; Christine 
Honemond, Treasurer; Rena Corn well, Asst. Treasurer; 
Jackie Smith, VP Public Relations. 


Will Medlin pulls David Fai 
in the Homecoming Parade 


Sean White and John 
Neidecker puts their two cents 
worth in the pot. 

The Chapter. Front: Alex 
Medina, Josh Geruso, Matt 
Boggs, Bob Fergason, Mario 
Noccito, Jason Bochalis. Row 
2: John Hentz, Nick Taddeo, 
Joe Vincell, David Faby, MJ 
Gimbar, Jeff Ca\in. Row 3: Will 
Medlin, Gary McMullin, Tim 
Hassett, Justin Gaynor, Shayne 
Sakson, Matt Fry. Row 4: Ke\'in 
Harrison, Matt Howell, John 
Griffith, Tom White, Chuck 
Pindell, John Neidecker, Sean 
White, TJ BeattN-, Mike Miller. 


Seniors. Front: Tim Hassett, "Bouty". Row 2: Jon Hentz, 
Jon Griffith, Jeff Cavin, Will Medlin, Jason Bochalis. 

Executive Council: Jon Hentz, John Neidecker, Joe Vincell, 
Kevin Harrison. 



The Brothers teamed up with 
the Alpha Gamma Delta so- 
rority to demonstrate their 
Greek pride in this banner 
hung in Slane Lobby 

Brett Wallin, Luke Martin, 
Scott Donely, and Eric 
Newman at Homecoming 

The Chapter. Front: Mark 
Bulovas, Paul Isbell, Luke 
Martin, John Daly, Adam Or- 
lando, Pat McDermott, Jod 
McComb, Joe Simpson. Row 
2: Thomas Korrell, Greg 
Govonik, Eric Newman, Chris 
McComb, Michael Brewster, 
Keith Depre. Row 3: Seth 
Mattson, Drew VVvatt, Chris 
Crecelius, Oliver Schouten, 
Brett Wallin, Scott Donelv. 


Delta Sigma Phi brothers provided the man power to set 
up and clean up at Crop Walk. 











^^^ 1 




^f < 










Executive Council: John Dalv, Treasurer; Eric Nev^'man, 
Pledge Educator; 01i\'er Schouten, Sgt -at-Arms; Scott 
Donley, President; Brett Wallin, Risk Management; Luke 
Martin, VP; Chris McComb, Secretarv. 


Fall Rush 2000 - Brothers be- Sailors Ball - Celebration of 
fore meeting. pledges becoming new broth- 



Jeremy Rash and Todd Carroll 
go for the last cup. 

The Chapter. Front: Joe 
Haubenhofer, Rich Mossman, 
Todd Carroll, Mike Moore, 
Chris Dyson, Mark Morgan, 
Matt Waite. Row 2: Jeff 
Mulford, Bobby Pray, Bill 
Crook, Brian Taylor, Zach 
Frisco, Andrew Wright, Ed- 
ward Johnson, Adam Da\'is. 

Pikes at a Regional Conference 


Executive Council. Chris Dyson, Secretary; Brian Taylor, 
VP; Bobby Pray, VP; Matt Waite, Pledge Educator. Not 
shown: Dan Carr, President; Charlie Weitz, Sgt-at-Arms; 
Mike Turner, Treasurer. 

Homecoming 2000 

Dream Girl 2000 


Lev, Shaun, and Chris 
"Jumpin' Jumpin'" at the Lip 
Sync Contest. 

The Chapter. Front: Ste\-e Blair, 
Chris Corrigan, Ryan 
McMahon, Jason Wenzel, Tim 
Dooty. Row 2: Steven Voges, 
Esteban Gonzalez, Chris Scott, 
George Taylor, Greg Carter, 
Alex Walker, Joe Bekheit, Scott 
Carpenter. Row 3: Brad Capps, 
Jeremy Hood, Mitch Rabb, 
Trey Muller-Tyme, Shaun 
Johnson, Jon Bandy. Row 4: 
Jim Isphording, Lev 
Shellenberger, Jason 

Bland ford. 


Seniors: Greg Carter, Lev Shellenberger, Nate LeMaire, 
George Taylor. 


Executive Council. Front: Ste\'e Voges, Risk Manager; Jon 
Bandv, VP; George Taylor, President; Shaun Johnson, 
Rush Chairman. Row 2: jim Isphording, Alumni Chair- 
man; Trey MuUer-Tvme, Scholastic Chairman; Esteban 
Gonzalez, Fraternitv Educator; Le\' Shellenberger, Ritual- 
ist; Rvan McMahon, Treasurer; Josh McCov, Secretary. 

Ryan McMahon at the Food Hanging out after the annual 
Share. Alumni vs. Undergrad frisbee 









Y - 

Odyssey Club 

Row 1 : Cerra Fisher, Erynne Clark, Cathy Campbell. Row 2: Charity Kates, Sarah, Misty Dills. Not pictured: Stephanie Fishel, Blair, 
Byrd, Kevin Bailey, Laura Foster, Christine Hansen, Samantha Routh, Rilev Rees, Jennifer Sebert. Advisor - Fredrich Schneid. 

Freshman Class Officers 

Chara Freeman, Laura Foster, Samantha Routh, Rile\' Rees, Kristen Puckett. 


Panhellenic Council 

Front row: Rans Triplett, Mandy Space, Emily Hunter, Johanna Revnolds. Row 2: Erin Jackson, Leslie Ashton, lackie Bailey, 
Meredith MacCoy, ICelly Standridge, Jocelyn Paza. 

Interfraternity Council 

Front row: Chris Jones, John Neidecker, George Taylor, Dustin Varner, Brian Taylor. Row 2: Kevin Harrison, Jimmy Routh, Bret 
Wallin, Luke Martin, Greg Carter. Row 3: Justin Gaynor, Scott Donley, Chris Scott, Esteban Gonzalez, Dan Carr. 


Apartment Community Council 

Front row: Chrissy Haney, Sarah Heldreth, Misty Dills. Row 2: Matt Norman (Advisor), Baraon Heinemann (President), Wendy 
Fisher (Secretary). Not pictured: Wendy Francis (Treasurer), Dana Yates, Samantha Routh, Nicole Tarantino, Kurt Ellison (SGA 

Front: Dankinette Gibson (VP), Ayanna Butler (President). Row 2: Ronnie Bellizaire (Treasurer), Justin Byrd (Secretary). 


Biology Majors Club 

Row 1: Dr. Linda Curtis, April Sparks, Kim Glover, Charity Kates, Lorpu Dunbar, Megan McDade. Row 2: Meriboth Traml, Mistly 
Dills, Eliza Hammond, Stacey Kline, Tracie Locklear. Row 3: Dr. Chuck Smith, Dr. Gerald Smith, John Can tt, Dr. Fred Yeats, Shelley 

90.3 WWIM The Enigma 

Row 1: Janiya Shantae Johnson, Steven Johnson, Len Gibson, Doug Herring, Jamyl Sharper, Carly Moon, Kelly Burdoo, Tara 
Theile. Not pictured: Kristy Whitaker, Justin Wood, Aisha Campbell, Joe Vincell, Juli Docimo, Jim Barkalow. 


Vii ^ ^ 

Volunteer Services 

Nicholas Williams, Amanda Rogers. 

Student Activities Board 

Row 1 : Laura Case\-, Sarah Bran\on, Maggie Alston. Rov\' 2: Amanda Rogers, Joelle Da\'is, Haley Dejarnette, Jacquelynn Sharpe. 
Row 3: Ste\-en Coard, Jennifer Sebert, Mike Christensen, Monica Da\'id, Tana Hill, Kristy Lomax. 



Men's Cheerleading 

Row 1; Jimmy Routh, John Griffith Neal Gallagher. Row 2: George Gouge, Taylor Humphreys, Henry Clark, Adam Pressley, 
Nicholas Karwoski. 

Women s Cheerleading 

Row 1: Misty Johnson, Renee Ridout, Amanda Yoder, Vaneisha Paynter. Row 2? Ashley Goodrich, Kristin Hiatt, Shannon 
Shattuck. Row 3: Christy Brown, Lindv Maness, Kieran Fitzgerald, Heather Carnegie. 

Alpha Delta Theta 

Row 1: Maria Carroll, Kathy Watson, Anna Draughan, Kelly Shamberger. Row 2: Meredith Valentine, Kelli Owen, Heatheri; 
Woodson, Sherry Burden. Row 3: Pam Schwartz, Tiffany Grzan, Kristen ReMine, April Sparks, Jennifer Cross, Cheri Eddy, Ashleyii 
Warren. Row 4: Darlene Brito, Tiffany Pruett, Anna Stowe, Wendy Francis, Kelly Preddy, Mandy Hedgecock, Beth Judy. 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Row 1: Amanda Rogers, Jennifer Roddy, Allyson Wood, Mandy Hedgecock, Cathy Roberts. Row 2: Dawn Eagan, Amber Boyea, 
Laura Cossaart, Cat Bush, Donalee Goodrum-White, Heather Hehl. Row 3: BJ Coggins, Donna Venable, Jeffrey Harm, Jessica Seitz, 
Preston Barbour. 


Home Furnishings Club 

■low 1: Mary Ann DiMaio, Randi Komisar, Courtney Baker, Rvan Cecil, Bryan Robbins. Row 2: Mary Beth Goodrick, Chark^s 
iVashington, Kelly Green, Johanna Reynolds. 

Multi-Cultural Programming Board 

,^ow 1: Pam Fox, Chris Huff, Eliza Hammond, Rashavvn Moore. Row 2: Felicia Shepard, Maggie Alston, Lorpu Dunbar, Charity 
^.Cates, Nikita Jones, Jackie Sharpe, Monica David. 


Young Democrats 

Judy Waters, Sara Roach, Maria Carroll. 

College Republicans 

Row 1: Jonathan Bandy, Samantha Routh, Jimmy Routh, Jessica Hunter, Jennifer Helsey, Dominic Watkins. Row 2: Esteban 
Gonzalez, Trey Muller-Thym, Dr. Linda Petrou (Advisor), David Gouge, Juli Docimo, Adam Browne, Victoria Steele, George 


Outdoor Activities Club 

Row 1: Brent Smith, Darren Ball. Row 2: Rachel Smith, Christy Day, John Gantt, Tony Cottrell. 

Complex RA Staff 

Row 1 : Tommy Rich ( ARD). Row 2: Pam Foxx, Ericka Inverse, Haley Dejarnette, Nikita Jones, Eliza Hammond, Nicole Carter. Row 
3: Bessie Fleming, Stephanie Scott, Narelle Henry, Kristy Morrison (AD), Kelly Shamberger, Jessica Healan. 


Finch Hall Staff 

Front: Chris Hooks, John Neidecker, Raymond, Gary Wingfield. Row 2: Bill L'Eplattenier, Billy Blohm, David Duggan (AHD), ,]; 
Darius Mooring. a 


Delta Mu Delta 

Row 1: Sara Heldreth (President), Dr. Richard Bennington (Advisor), Dankinette Gibson. Row 2: Patrick Mayer (VP), Nick 
Woodward (Treasurer), Nate Bell (Secretary). 


Genesis Gospel Choir 

Row 1: Mardochee Alexis, Nikita Jones, Jennifer Lyons, Sophia Kosh, Tiffany Hairston. Row 2: Cvamon Coley, Carol Adeyemi, 
Valerie Harris, Dedra Gibson, Eliza Hammond, Bessie Fleming, Charity Kates. Row 3: Sammv Gbemi, Len Gibson, Femi Gbemi, 
Derek Gibson, Dominic Watkins, Tim Hubbard. 

Senior Class Officers 

Row 1: Stefania lebba (VP), Justin Wood (Legislator). Row 2: Amber Lewis (Treasurer), Payal Patel (President). 


SGA Executive Committee 

Front: Mindy Wanzie (Treasurer), Jenny May (President), Megan Cramer (Judicial VP), Haley Dejarnette (SAB President), Joelle 
Davis (Social VP). Row 2: David Gouge (Legislative VP), Nathan Bell (Attorney General) Jonathan Vandy (Secretary). 

Student Government Association 

Legislative Delegates 


American Humanics 

Row 1: Jonathan Bandy (President), Maria Cole-Perez (Secretary), Pamela Palmer (Advisor). Row 2: Mandy Hedgecock, Helen 
Waters, Nicholas Williams, Monica David, Natalie Corbin. 

Apartments Complex Staff 

Row 1: Jennifer Layton, Matt Norman (AHD), Mindy Wanzie, Markiesha Edgerton. Row 2: Jocelyn Paza, Jeanelle McKenney, 
Wendy Francis. 


Dance Team 

Front: Stacy Monk, Kelly Standridge. Row 2: Colleen Fitzgerald, Allison, Augustine, Lauren Woodburn. 

College Bowl Team 

Sarah Cra\'en, Jennifer Sebert, Laura French, Maggie Petreska. 


Black Cultural Awareness 

Row 1: Sophia Kosh, Robin Snyder, Tonita Holland, Subria Williams, Jassica Winston, Nikkia McCalla, Mellissa Henderson, 
Keoda Brown. Row 2: April Leeks, Gary Wingfield, Shea Evans, Jackie Sharpe, Jainiya Johnson, Scean Quintana, Maggie Alston. 
Row 3: Alex Howard, DeAndre Willison, Kelly Rodriguez, Amber Lewis, Jennifer Lyons, Shannon Moxley, Len Gibson, Stephanie 
Ampomsah, Kahlea Hunter. Row 4: LaShawn Elam, Kendria Brown, JA Taylor, Jamison Nunn, Derek Gibson, Monica David. 

In Memory 

Bryce Ward 
IVlay 3, 1980 - March 24, 2001 


Creating a commu- 
nity for 


What will you miss the most when 
you leave High Point University? 

"I will miss the close-knit dorm family that 
I have established over the last three years. 
I love you guys!" 

Nikita joiies 
MnrtimviUc, VA 

"I will miss the friendliness and personal 
approach of the Computer Science and 
Math faculty, their openmindedness to new 
research ideas, and willingness to vvork 
with students far beyond the call of duty." 

Alex A. Tumanov 
Odessa, Ukraine 

"1 am going to miss Betsv's delicious cup- 
cakes and cookies in the office of Student 




"Mostly I will miss the 
friendly community of 
High Point." 

Megan Cramer 
Washington, DC 





HIGH POINT, NC 2726;»i»a