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Full text of "The Zenith Yearbook, 2002 High Point University"

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' ■flfW 


High Point University 

833 Montlieu Avenue 
igh Point, North Carolina 
Volume 78 

From the President 

A Fond Farewell 

Congratulations to the Class of 2002. You have 

been a wonderful class, upbeat and enthusiastic. 

We, the faculty, staff and all of the students at 

High Point University, are proud of you. 

As a result of what has transpi red in our society and especially in our own country, this has 
been a difficult year. Still there have been grand moments. We have seen our country pulling 
together in ways that most of us have never seen. Someone once said that our civilization is 
a Judeo-Christian civilization; others call it democracy. When it succeeds, it is a little bit of 
both, and when it works, we need not fear about the future of freedom. We could not be more 
proud of students, faculty and staff for participating in all the many endeavors to enhance 
the grieving families and all the others caught in the catastrophes which faced us this past 
year. You , the students, worked overtime by giving blood, service, and even money to those 
in need. On behalt of the University, I thank vou. 

I hope particularly the Class of 2002 will look back over the past years and say this has been 
a wonderful experience. I feel certain that you will. I also know that many, many of you do 
not want to leave, and that is as it should be. It reminds me of a little girl in Japan who, at the 
end of a wonderful day of play with her American friends, asked permission to say her 
evening prayers in her own words. This is what she said: "Thank you, God, for a pleasant 
day." Then she paused, thinking what she would say next, and added, "I hope you've had 
a good time , too." 1 hope you've had a good time because we've certainly enjoyed having 
you, and hopefully what you have done here will bring God pleasure as well. 


Student Life 


Nicole Carter hands 
and room assignmen 

out keys 


A well-oiled ma- 
chine, the orienta- 
tion committee 
gets the year 
started smoothly 
for incoming 

MeMe and Cece wonder 
two things: does every- 
one live on the fourth 
floor, and do guvs help 

A typical day during orien- 
tation started around 9 am 
with breakfast in the ca fete- 
ria and ended after mid- 
night. Each aspect of the 
program had its own 
branch, like transportation, 
entertainment, and food. 
The entertainment commit- 
tee created excitement with 
something to do each night 
of the week while the food 
committee provided the 
Coke truck and food at ev- 
ery event. The testing com- 
mittee made sure freshmen 
and transfers knew where 

to go and what to do. The 
registration committee 
greeted incoming students 
with theirpacketsaboutev- 
er\ thing they needed to 
know to get through orien- 

The main focus of training 
the orientation committee 
as a whole involved team- 
work and lots of communi- 
cation. At the end of the 
week, all 30 members of 
the team felt that the week 
had been a success. 

On Nicole's luckv night at the 
Arie Savinsky samples a tropi- blackjack tables, she still has to 
cal punch at the luau. usea lifeline to phone a friend. 

Meredith and B| roll up their 
slee\ es for move-in day. 

osh and Darius on karaoke Alex Howard lends a helping 
night: "Like whoa!" hand and back - "Carpet, any- 


Montis Lash takes advantage 
of the study hall for athletes in 
Smith Library. 

April gets most of her study- 
ing done while working in the 
Indigo Club. 

When was the War of 1812? 


Familiar surroundings and 
items from home make study- 
ing much easier. 

Nicole works hard in the Aca- 
demic Services Center to com- 
plete her weekly library re- 
quirement for ADV 101. 

i <i s (i in i m 







Everyday Life 

How students make themselves at home on 

Besides going to class, High 
Point students find time to 
enjoy other aspects of life 
on campus. They sit out on 
the benches or relax in the 
new swings and chat with 
friends, or thev /one out in 
front of the tube for some of 
the many addictive shows 
television has to offer. 

Students also enjoy exercis- 
ing as a way to relax. The 
weight room, aerobic room 
and raquetball courts are al- 

ways busy and keep students 
occupied during the week as 
well as on weekends. 

It's not uncommon to walk 
through campus and see stu- 
dents hanging out of their 
windows or sitting on their 
balcony enjoying the beauti- 
ful North Carolina weather. 

But the main reason students 
are on campus is to study and 
learn, and we salute the ef- 
forts of each and e\erv one. 

Hittin' the books before mid- 
terms at Smith Library. 

Cricket and Matt surf the 
net for the joke of the daw 


Gams get a little help with the 

i.i mv 

Derby Day 

Tank Floyd, Assistant 
Dean of Students for 
Campus Life, gives a few 
details for organization. 

And they're off! These 
Gams shoulder the re- 
sponsibility of winning 
the ma ttress race for thei r 

Derby Day at High Point 
University was started by 
the Greek organizations and 
is now celebrated for fresh- 
men who come to the Uni- 
versity to start off their year 
with a bang. It also serves as 
a way for students to get to 
know others on their hall. 

Fraternities, sororities, and 
clubs come together for 
events such as the mattress 
race, hippity hop, three- 
legged race, dizzy bats, tug 
of war, and water balloon 
toss. Teams from organiza- 
tions and residence halls 
came out to participate for a 
day of food, fun, and excite- 

Theta Chis surge ahead 
to take the lead in the 
mattress race. 


Ready... set...hop! Competitors 
take off on the Hippity-hop 

The KDs are ready for war. race. 

Derby Day refs compare re- 


Flanked by Jessica Hunter and 
Joelle Davis, Andy Harney 
practices his rega 


Vaneisha Paynter and John 
Neidecker follow up in the cel- 

The American theme lends it 
self to this float as the Pike 
sing the praises of the firemer 


BJ waves the stars and stripes 
during the Homecoming Pa- 

T-n-T (Terri and Teddy) are 
dynamite on the Homecom- 
ing Court. 



Floats and cars roll through campus to create 
that festive spirit. 

The Homecoming Parade is 
an annual event when all 
organizations drive around 
Sixth Street showing Pan- 
ther pride. The events of 
September 11, 2001, in- 
spired a more patriotic 
theme for this year's parade. 
Students Amanda Alonzy, 
Natalie Corbin, Kellv Green 
and Lauren Stol/.er e\ en 
went so far as to paint the 
rock with stars and stripes. 

The parade marks the end 

of Greek Week, but the ex- 
citement grows as the Home- 
coming Court is announced 
later in the evening at the 
dance. Nominations by stu- 
dents were taken all week in 
the cafeteria, and candidates 
for the Homecoming Queen 
were Joelle Davis, Terri 
Moorehead,Candi Harbottle, 
Vaneisha Paynter, and Jes- 
sica Hunter. Big Man on Cam- 
pus nominations were Andy 
Hardney, David Gouge, John 
Neidecker, and Teddy Hart. 

Pikes borrow a trusty Johanna and friend take a 
Dalmation to add a spark to leisurely ride in the parade, 
their firemen float in the pa- 


The University 

celebrates its 77th 

Homecoming with 

the annual formal 

dance honoring 

students, faculty, 

and alumni. 

The Court gathers with 
the Queen and BMOC for 
apost-cro vv n i n g 
celebratory photo. 


He may have on a silly hat, bi 
he's a pretty good dancer! 

October 6, 2001 , was the date 
of Homecoming which was 
held at the Showplace 
Atrium in downtown High 
Point. Bringing together the 
alumni and undergradu- 
ates, it is one of the most 
exciting times of the year. 
It's filled with elegance, en- 
tertainment, school spirit, 
and the enthusiasm of be- 
ing or having been a stu- 
dent who attends High 
Point University. 

The theme of this year's 
event was "A Night on 

Bourbon Street" which was 
put together by SGA Vice 
President Joelle Davis. The 
dance was a huge success 
with partygoers gathering 
to do the electric slide and 
other fun moves as they 
put away work and school 
for one evening. 

The Homecoming Court 
was introduced and Terri 
Moorehead was crowned 
queen while Andy 
Hardney was chosen as Big 
Man on Campus. 



ID Dressed to impress, Haruka, 

JK Taylor and Amber Lewis Mieko, and Savoko show off 
enjoy a brief rest at the dance, their traditional finery. 

Bessie Fleming and Haley 
Dejarnette love being all 

dressed up and having some- 
where to go. 

Terri Moorehead is sur- Kelly Rodriguez and Claire 
rounded by her twin sister and Cooleigh are all that glitters at 
alum Amber Lew is (2000) at- the Homecoming Dance, 
ter being crowned Homecom- 
ing Queen. 

i 7 

Naturally Seven performs for 
the High Point students. 

Strike! High Point students are 
always up for a night of cos- 
mic bowling. 

Darius, Liz, and Deneta sha 
fun at the alley. 


Comedian Tim Young takes 
the mike for a few laughs. 

It's autograph time for the 
members of Naturally Seven. 

Where the Fun Is 

Student Activities Board plans fun and 
games for the campus 

Ask students about what 
thev do for excitement and 
the answer is usually some- 
thing to do with an SAB 
event. The Student Activi- 
ties Board supplies them 
with a wide variety of ac- 
tivities ranging from come- 
dians to bingo to movie 
night, and even an occa- 
sional caricature artist. 

Every year, students at the 
University can anticipate a 
growing number of old and 
new events. Students are 

provided with a calendar each 
semester to keep them in- 
formed of the events funded 
by the Student Activities fee 
that each student pays. 

Seniors have learned long ago 
not to show up fashionablv 
late for these events as being 
tard\ . an make the different e 
between having 1 bingo card 
or 2 to play. All in all, SAB 
provides students with safe 
and fun events that any other 
school would love to have. 

Everything and the Kitchen Nothing beats a great pair 
Sink! Where's Paul? of legs. 



In recognition of those who died 
on Sept. 11, 2001, a daffodil gar- 
den was planted on the ravine 
outside the Slane Center. Mrs. 
Martinson participates with stu- 
dents, parents, and faculty. 

The Food Fair was a de- 
light to the palates of stu- 
dents and parents. 

A full schedule of events 
awaited family and friends 
as they arrived on campus 
November 9-11 for Family 
Weekend. Special meals 
were planned toentice fami- 
lies to dine in the cafeteria, 
such as candlelight dinners, 
special brunches, and 
breakfast with the Presi- 
dent. The International Club 
hosted a Food Fair at which 
everyone could sample 
foods from many different 

Ongoing events all week- 
end were the performances 
by the Tower Players of 
"Into the Woods" and the 
student art exhibit in the 

auditorium lobby. Sporting 

events included a golf tour- Dr. Jean-Francois Llorens p 

nament, a women's volley- forms songs in French at ti 

ball game, and an exhibi- Food Fair. 


tion men's basketball game 
against an international 
team, which the Panthers 

The weekend culminated 
on Sunday with a perfor- 
mance by the University 
Woodwind Ensemble, a 
worship service in 
Ha) worth Chapel, and the 
daffodil planting ceremonv. 
Families of High Point stu- 
dents got a chance to see 
just how special time at the 
University can be. 


* r 


A merengue exhibition by Ada 
Hernandez and Bill Aird was pari 
of the menu at the Internationa: 
Food Fair. 

Art professor Cheryle Hairston 

proudly shows off some of her Student art was also d isplayed 

students' creations at the stu- on the sidewalk outside the 

dent art exhibit. 51 ane Center. 

Professor Barbara Mascali has 

her face painted by Maggie 

SGA President David Gouge Friends gather for Fun Flicks 

explains the correct method for Make Your Own Video to cre- 

planting the first of 5,000 daf- atetheirovvn \ ersion ofa DMX 

fodil bulbs for the memorial rap video. 

Brittany Hogan (Lucinda), 
Jackie Smith (stepmother), 
Christy Brown (Florinda), and 
Audra Callahan (Cinderella). 

Ben Allen (Mysterious Man ). 

Mike Maykish (Baker). 
McKenzie Burkhardt (Baker's 
wife), Victoria Steele (Little 
Red Riding Hood). 


Jamie Stone (Witch). 

ason DiCaprio (Stage Man- 


Into the Woods 


Tlie Tower Players shine in four perfor- 
mances over Family Weekend. 

The Tower Players, in col- 
laboration with University 
programs in theater and 
music, presented "Into the 
Woods," a musical by 
Stephen Sondheim and 
James Lapine. Classic fairy 
tales (Cinderella, Jack and 
the Beanstalk, Little Red 
Riding Hood, and other) arc- 
woven with the tale of a 
baker and his wile. They 
seek tobreaka spell of child- 
lessness laid upon them by 
a crabby witch. 

In the hilarious first act, the 
characters plot to get their 
wishes by whatever means nec- 
essary. In Act Two, a furious 
giantess arrives by beanstalk to 
seek revenge for her murdered 
husband. Events turn serious 
as the characters learn about 
community responsibilities, the 
penalties of greed, and the con- 
sequences of their own actions. 

Rasha Zamamiri (Jack's 

Stephen A. Hale (Jack). 

2 3 

Crop Walkers refuel on pizza, 

burgers, hot dogs, and 
l'( )VVI R \DH! 

Steven Key goes over a few 
housekeeping i terns before the ' A '<!/ 
Walk begins." 

CAUTION: Crop Walker 


Participants come in all ages 
and sizes. 

Performers at the Crop Walk 

: I & jji -" • 1 • ."ft s 
it ?lj > Ju l\ iff I 

CROP Walk 2001 

Putting the best foot forward (again and 
again) to help the community 

The HighPoint CROP Walk 

is one of over 200(1 commu- 
nities who walk to raise 
money for world and local 
hunger needs. High Point 
has sponsored a CROP 
Walk each year since 1983, 
raising over 5315,000. The 
Walk is a 3-mile walk, and 
starts and ends at High 
Point University. Students 
from the University volun- 
teer to help with the prepa- 
ration, registration and 
other responsibilities dur- 
ing the walk. This war they 
also cooked hot dogs and 
hamburgers for all the walk- 
ers. There were approxi- 
mately 400 walkers from 27 
churches and organizations. 

The CROP Walk also sup- 
ports efforts to address local 
h li nger needs. Church World 
Service returns 2?".. of the 
money raised from each com- 
munity back to that commu- 
nity to help meet hunger 
needs. The High Point CROP 
Walk supports Open Door 
Ministries' Father's Table, a 
soup kitchen that every day 
serves hot and nutritious 
meals to the poor and home- 
less. The Father's Table 
served over 8b, 000 meals to 
people in our local commu- 
nity in 2000. This year, they 
project that thev will serve 
over 100,000 meals. 

One step at a time for every 


Sigs cook burgers and dogs 

on the grill to help feed the 


KD's get down at the Home- 
coming Lip Sync. 

Members of Phi Mu and Theta 
Chi take time out to strike a 
pose during the Greek Week 
Bowling Night. 

Members of Lambda Chi Al- 
pha and Alpha Gamma Delta 
gather around their winning 


Going all out for the Lip Sync 

Ginny backstrokes her way to 
victory during theGreek Week 
pool events. 

Greek Week 

Organizations come together for the sake of 
fun and games. 

Greek Week at High Point 
University is a time for all 
the Greek organizations to 
put aside their differences 
for fun field events and 
other activities. The events 
for the 2001-1)2 Greek Week 
were the volleyball game, 
painting of the rock. Derby 
Day events, bowling night 
and the infamous Lip Sync 
Contest. All theeventswere 
a smash. 

The teams this year were Zeta 
Tau Alpha and Delta Sigma 
Phi, Alpha Gamma Delta and 
Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Mu 
and Theta Chi, Kappa Delta 
and Pi Kappa Alpha. Each 
team made a good showing 
while displaying their collec- 
tive competitive spirits. First 
place winner was the the Zeta 
Tau Alpha and Delta Sigma 
Phi team. Congratulations! 

Zenith editor Steven Coard 
transforms into Michael lack- 
son for the Lip Sync contest. 

Don't ask. 


Venieca Anderson enjoys a 
game of pool in the Indigo 

Dedra Gibson invites a friend 
over tor a movie. 

Students fall into line at the 
new Pan Geos. 


Angela Swann is busy at her 
job in the Campus Bookstore. 

Students take a break between 
classes at Havvorth Hall. 

Life on Campus 

What goes on before and after classes.. .and 
sometimes during! 

High Point students and 
faculty spend most of their 
time on campus. With so 
many activities from which 
to choose, it's hard to be 
bored. Students enjoy ev- 
erything from working on- 
campus jobs to hanging out 
with their friends. 

Students can gather at The 
Point to eat and chat. The 
Indigo Club is another hot 
spot on campus. Students 
can enjoy a game of pool 
while catching up on last 

week's activities. It's a place to 
unwind after a long day of 

Students who don't participate 
in Division I sports get involved 
in intramural sports. They show 
their school spirit while play- 
ing basketball, soccer, and even 
flag football. Intramural sports 
offer students the opportunity 
to participate on a more casual 

Chef Jim always has a tasty 
meal ready lor his students. 

Mis. Juanita is a welcome 
face to everyone as the) 
enter the cafeteria. 




Andrew S. Adams 

Business Admisitralion* 

Amanda J. AlonZ) 
Elementary Education 

Catrina L. Banks 

Criminal Justice 

Sair Ali 

Business Administration 

Shadan A. Al-Kassim 

**\ -^1 




Maggie R. Alston 
Computer Information Systems 

Kalhrvn I. Asplund 

John P. Barhour 

Business Adniinslialion 

Meghan Bernardino 

Exercise Science 

Ashley V. Allen 

Erik O. Atkin 
Computer Information Systems' 

Sarah J. Bird 
Elementary Education 

'denotes double major 

Lori L. B levins 

Elementary Education 

Catherine A. Campbell 

Deborah M. Bridges 
Human Relations* 

Christal A. Brown 

Business Adminstraiion 

Lisa Campbell 
Home Furnishings Marketing 

Cluire M. Coolidge 
Business Administuiioii 

Sheryl-Lynn J. Burden 


Derico R. Cooper 

Physical Education Recreation 


Having a triple room 
wasn't easy, but 
freshmen Kelley 
Rodriguez, Nikkia 
McCalla, and 
Shemecka Ward took 
the time to make it 

Leah M. Cope 
Elementary Education 

Stephanie D. Craven 
Elemental Education 

Shana A. Dallara 
International Business 

Natalie V. Corbin 

Hum. in Relations 

Stephen M. Cowne 
Business Administration 

Heather S. Craw lord 
Special Education 

Jennifer J. Cross 

Elemenlarv Education 






• A 


Abby L. Davis 
Element jr\ Education 

Joelle M. Davis 

International Business 

J ana L. Craven 

Elementary Education 

Steven L. Cuneo 
Computer Information Systems* 

Shaun F. Davis 
Business Adminstration 

"denotes double maior 

Christy Day 
Interior Design* 

Jason J. DiCaprio 
Human Relations 

Haley C. DeJarnette 

Exercise Scien 

Erin L. Dempsey 
Interior Design 

Brianna Dewey 
[nterioi Design 

Kairina L. Dillard 

Business Ailniin , 'lr.ilh>n 

Rebekah J. Dion 
Elementun Education 

Charmeta Doakes-Guess 



Cece, John, and 
Michelle enjoyed 
themselves at the 
NATA Conference in 
Los Angeles for the 
Sports Medicine 

Michele L. Eckes 
Sports Medicine 

David R. Faby 
Spori Management 

Brenda S, Five I and 

Karl A. Ellison 
Business Adiniiislralion 

Shea Evans 
Exercise Science 

Brvnne S. Fisher 

Human Relalnms 

Bessie R. Fleming 
Computer Information Systems 

Vikki M. Fuller 
Criminal Justice 

Oluwalemi B. Ghenii 
Elemental-) Education 

Christy M. Everhart 
Business Admhisiralion 

Shelly A. Forrest 

I \ I dUl .11 

Oluwatomi B. Gbemi 

'denotes double major 

Kimberly L. Glover 


Donalee Goodrum-White 

I IIL'll-ll 

Charles G. Goldi/en 
Exercise Science 

Ramon E. Gonzalez 
Computer Information Systems 

Riley Gostisha 
Spon Managemem 

Corlnev M. Goude 
Business Administration 

Mar> Elizabeth Goodrich 
Interior Design 

David B. Gouge 


Tom Evans becomes a 
contender for a 
NCAA championship. 

Till any N. Grzan 
Exercise Science 

Candice N. Harbottle 

Business Administration 

Michael A. Hayden 

Business Adminstration 

Erica Gornik 
Elemenian Education 

Valerie A. Harris 
International Business 

Lisa A. Hayes 


Amanda Grnlka 
Criminal Justice 

Teddy B. Hail 
Spun Management 

Jessica A. Healan 
Elenicnlarv Education 

Amy Hanshau 
Exercise Science' 

Melinda E. Harvy 


Amanda M. Hedgecock 
Exercise Science 

"denotes double major 

Baron A. Heincniann 

Candi Hughes 
Business Administration 

Jennifer A. Helsle\ 
Political Science 

Melissa R. Henderson 
Exercise Science 

Christopher D. Hyatt 
Sport Management 

Erin A. Jackson 
Interior Design 

Terence F. Houston 

Elizabeth L. James 
Human Relations 

Ed Hickey played a 
wizard for the Tower 

Farrell R. Kersey 

Kristofer J. Kreissig 
Sports Medicine 

Robin L. Kester 

Computer Science 

Jennifer A. Kuhn 

Exercise Science' 

Anita C. King 

Human Reljlions 

Jaclyn Krcnek 

Computer Iniormation Systems* 

Kelly Larkin 

Business Administration ' 

Amanda D. Lasseter 
Sports Medicine 

"denotes double maior 

Jennifer A. Layton 

Sporls Medicine 

Yelena V. Markelova 

International Studies' 

Sandra H. Lehmann 
Business Administration 

Dana Marlello 

Human Relations 

Michael C. Luger 

Alison Mauldin 

PolilKal Science 

Sarina G. Lyall 


Nikkia L. McCalla 
Spi hi Management 


Kelley Rodriguez, Jen 
Weinstein, Shemecka 
Ward, and Melissa 
Henderson go on the 
white water rafting 
trip in 2000 with 

Michelle M. McKnight 
Computer Information Systems 

Carly E. Moon 

Trey Muller-Thym 
Business Adminstratioti 

Ryan C. McMahon 

Sports Medicine 

Gail I. Meyer 
Elementan Education 

Michael S. Miller 
Spon Management 

Darius A. Mooring 
Computer Science 

Terri M. Morehead 

Exercise Science 

Kathleen A. Morgan 

AlisaC. Myers 
Elenientar\ Education 

John M Neidecker 

Spurts Medicine 

LeAnn M. O'Malley 

International Studies 

"denotes double ma|or 

Timothy M. Orcutt 

Francisco W. Pin ho 

Sport Management 

Jodi A. Palladino 
Spun Management 

Vaneisha C. Paynter 

Brandilyn C. Price 
Theatre Arts 

Nicole M. Quinn 
Hi'mc hurnishinys Marketing 

Amanda C. Perrel 

Rebecca Roehnch 
International Studies ' 

^k m^~ 1 

^ * 

i ' A 


I ^4 / ** " H 

■V ,1 

1 91 

Ivy S. Rayle 

Jennifer Roddy 
Human Relations 

Haley S. Sawyer 

Jamie L. Regulski 
Exercise Science 

Janet E. Robertson 
Interior Design 

Brianne L. Russell 

Special Education 

Quonsetta Salters 
Criminal Justice* 

Debbie L. Rochelle 

Dawn M. Scheier 
Computer Science 

Kenneth D. Shumate 

Carlton E. Sanders 
Studio Art 

Amanda M. Smiih 

"denotes double maior 

Andrew L. Smith 
Business Administration 

Karri A. S pence 
Elementary Education 

Brent Smith 

Jacqueline I. Smith 

I lieu re Ans 

Kelly R. Standridge 
Criminal Justice 

Sh.nia D. Stephens 

Hutnjii KeLilnm^ 

Deneta N. Somerville 

Hum. in Relations 

Lauren E. Stolzer 
Middle < irades Education 


Mantas Ignatavisius 
charges to the 

fenryC. Suhr. Ill 
Criminal Justice 

Gabriel la J. Surprenant 
Elementan Education 

Stephen A. Sviatko 
Sport Management 

Tara L. Theile 


Michelle M. Trotter 

KloitiL'iHar\ Education 

Alicia C. Thomas 

DeAnne R. Thomas 
Business Administration 

Meredith J. Valentine 
Elementary Education 

Derek J. VanWeerdhui/en 
Criminal Justice 

Dominic Taddeo 
Business Administration : 

Cecelia A. Tolliver 
Spurts Medicine 

S. Joseph Vincell 

'denotes double major 

Dominic Watkins 
Political Science* 

Jennifer L. Weinstein 

Brooke D. Wharton 
Home Furnishingi Marketing 

April D. White 
Business Administration 

Sharon N. While 

Alexis H. Whitfield 
Sport Management 

Krist) L. Whitaker 

Subira K. Williams 


Matt Nelson and Jon 
Hentz presided over 

Jessica A. Wolfe 

Computer Inform. ition Systems 

Brian H. Wilson 
Computer Information Systems 

Timmeca M. Wilson 
Human Relations' 

Allyson W. Wood 

Heather L. Woodson 

Kimberly Ann Cukal 
Business Administration 

Gary Wingfield 

Sport Management" 

Michelle R. Young 

Computer Information Systems* 

Vainelle Walker 


'denotes double major 

Mary Alexander 

Allison Augustine 
Kevin Bailey 
Jonathan Banch 
[oao Batista 

Ron Barrow 
Megan Bee 

Kellv Beeson 
Gloria Bell 

Pasha Belman 

Elizabeth Bernthal 
Kendria Broun 
I eslie Brown 
Kevin Bureh 
Robert Bureliam 

McKenzie Burkhardt 
Blair Bvrd 
I )awntej C ampbell 
Aaron Caracci 
Nicole t arter 

Matthew Carver 
Laura ( asej 
lames Christian Clarke 
Anna Clinard 

( .eoi ne l oggins 
Jaclyn Coleman 
Melissa Coloton 
Rena Cornwell 
lamaal Cottman 



Heather Daniel 
Patricia D'Art ) 
Mandy Day 
Casev Degnan 
Michelle Dell'Osa 

Samuel Di-miss 
Benjamin Diffenderfer 
Anush Djaniants 
Julianna Docimo 
)ose Domingue/ 

Laura Douglas 
Kesha Douthit 

Claudia Durham 
Danielle Eakes 
Markiesha Edgerlon 

Barbara-lean Ercolino 

Elisabel Ericson 
Shea Evans 
Thomas Evans 
Robert Ferguson 

Laura Ferrell 
I leiiii Fischer 
Stephanie I ishel 
Pamela Foxx 
Heidi Fuchs 

Christopher Gardner 
Daniel Gariepy 
Emily Gehm 
Dedra i libson 
Ginnv Gielen 



Michael Gimbar 
April Coode 
5ta< ie Goss 
George Gouge 
C hri-tin Gribble 

Garrett Griffin 
Kelli Crubb 
Paul Guaj 

Kirsten Gulbrandsen 
Bjorn Hagdahl 

I n n Hall 
Ke\ in Harrison 
Carolyn Hassetl 1 lerndon 
Katherine I lodges 

Christopher Hooks 
Victoria Hoots 
Matthew I lowell 
Sarah I [ubbard 
Timothy Huhh.ird 

Ericka Inverso 
Titianv fackson 
lon.ilhan Johnson 
Misty Johnson 
Laura Kassler 

lusrin Keegan 
Reagan Kindle) 
Stacej Kline 
Philip Kosov 
Jaime Leathead 



Melissa Males 
Justin Martin 
Adrian Martinez 
Jamie Matthews 
Timothy McDonald 

Nancy McGinnis 
Jeanelle McKenney 
Tzeala McLean 
Ryan Merrill 
Annika Meyerson 

Ross Miller 
Willow Miller 
Gloria Miranda 
Rayshaun Moore 
Beth Mork 

David Morris 
Kerry Muscolina 
I lannah Oliver 
Jocelyn Paza 
Chris Pereschuk 

Brian Poindexter 
Kristin Pendry 
Tracvann Pryce 
Heather Reid 

I.eRae Rice 

Cathleen Roberts 
Ava Roddy 
Gina Rosser 
Rebecca Rush 
Quonsetta Sailers 



Crissj Samuel 
Elizabeth Sanders 
Pamela Schwartz 
Mieko Sekine 

Brandi Smith 

Lindsev Steinhaus 
Stac) Stewart 
Anna Stridh 
David S) nan 

Kenneth Tavlor 

Rj an I hiede 
Keisha I hompson 
Anya Tillej 

Jay Todd 

Laura I inner 

Dustin Van 

Ke\ in Varihov 

Andrew Veach 

Lauren Virgin 

Stephen Voges 

Verntisha Walker 
Melanie Wall 
Rita Walton 
Helen Waters 

Erica Watson 

Leigh Weatherlv 
Amora Williams 
Scott Williams 
Amanda \oder 



I odd Abbotl 

•\shle\ Abt 

Oluropo Adej emi 

Bill And 
Benjamin Allen 

Susan Ammeter 
Stephanie Amponsah 

Venieca Anderson 
Patricia Armato 

Josef Ashley 
Angel Ashton 
Michael Ashton 
Aleksandrs Baikovs 

llollv Barker 

Michael Barker 
Charles Barron 
fames Bastien 
Sarah Beeding 

"1 oil— el I '.. -k I HI I 

Jereme Bennett 
Daniel Berg 
Todd Bernstein 
K\ an Bess 
Joshua Bigelow 

Kara Bingham 
Maeghan Birkett 
Ashley Bosche 
Amber Boyea 
Sarah Branyon 



Dj\ id Brauzer 
Si ;■ n Brelsford 
Michael Brewster 
Darlene Brito 
Philip Brookshire 

Keoda Brown 
Susan Bun 
Sonya Campbell 
Adam Cane\ azzi 
Maria Carroll 

Sherissa Chapman 
[acqueline Cheek 
Mark Choalham 
Titfanv C hem 
Michael Chris tensen 

April Church 

Erynne Clark 
st<-\ ni c oard 
Katherine Coates 
Douglas Cobb 

Jennifer Cox 

Sarah l ra\ en 
Matthew Cromer 
Courtney Culbertson 

Sarah ( /\ / 

Gregory Da\ is 
Meagan Delgardio 

Robert Dc-llingor 

Nicholas DeSando 
Roderic k Di< ks,m 


Jeremy Dicus 
Joseph DiMarco 
Timothy Doody 
Lars Dorfh 
Kelly Dzicizek 

Michael Easi 
Cheryl Eddy 
Otovwe Eduvie 

Betsy Edwards 
Lacey Eggert 

LaShawn Elam 
Amy Elliott 

Wallace Epperson 
Colleen Fitzgerald 
Simona Foltyn 

Laura Foster 

Janet Francis 
Chara Freeman 
Nicole Garner 
Stephen Garner 

Darian Gartrell 
Stephanie Gaston 
Keith Gates 
Lori Godwin 
CI.H ton Gordner 

W lntne\ Gordon 
Kenneth Graft 
Heather Graham 

Courtnev Griffin 
Craig Gruiw ,\ld 



Amber Hall 
Brent Halsch 
Ann-Sydney Harden 
Julie Harmon 
Raymond Harp 

L.ikira I larrington 
Paula Hartness 
[oseph Haubenhofer 
Erin Heaton 
Jonathan Hedrick 

Robbie I ledrick 
David Hendricks 
lolm 1 lenkel 

lill I lennie 

Michael Hershko\ il/ 

Ryan I lev erh 
Kristin Hiatt 
[ayson I loffman 
Erika I [older 
ToNita Holland 

Christopher Holmes 
Alana Holyfield 
Jeramiah Hood 
Abbey Horen 
Alex Howard 

Allen Humphreys 
Laura Humphreys 
Lane Hunt 
Kahlea Hunter 
Kristin Indra 



Ebony Jarrett 
Jessica Jenkins 
Katie Johnson 
Kelly Johnson 
Steven Johnson 

Amy [ones 

Maurice Jones 
John Inch 
Bethany Ka/aba 
Kenneth Keesee 

Jonathan King 
fared Kirby 
Bradley Komisar 
Wendy Koontz 
Sophia Kosh 

Jaime Kutz 
[ennifer Landers 

Harry Leach 
Kevin Leach 
Angela Lesnett 

Brian Loflin 
I 1 1 1 \ Lope/ 
(ennifer Lyons 
Lucas Martin 
Ai Matsumoto 

Brian McAbee 
lessica McAtee 
Sherry McGauvran 
Christina McGroartj 
Adam Mdlquham 



Brian Middleton 
Brandon Miller 
T.n lot Milne 
Elaine Monrov 
Denise Montgomerj 

Alton Mosley 
Richard Mossman 
Lynn Nicolaisen 

Shannon O'Brien 
S.n oko CKIa 

I iw ana I'annell 
Magdalena Petreska 
William riser 
April Powell 
Kelly Preddy 

Adam Pressley 
Mary Pucker! 
Sean Quintana 
Tashfeen Rabbani 
Courtney Kahl 

Natalie Ratcliffe 
Jennifer Reavis 
C Kristy Reid 
Williams Reifsteck 
Dwight Reynolds 

Matthew Richardson 
Jennifer Ridgeway 
Emily Rintz 
Amanda Rogers 
A1K son Ross 


Samantha Routh 
Kirk Rudder 
Stace} Ruffner 
Laura Ryans 

Michael Salamone 

Tiffany Sands 
Melanie Scala 
Mary Schall 
Stephanie Sharp 

Shannon Shattuck 
Scott Shepparo 
April Shields 
Suzanne Shoaf 
Lindsey Slale 

Jamcl Smith 
Tanisha Smith 

Martina St John 
Victoria Steele 
John Stonehocker 

Angela Swann 

loseph Iaureck 
Melissa Taylor 
Allison Terrell 
Hari Thakur 

Chanel [Ttomas 
Kenzo Tochiki 
Meshone Todd 
Ryan Torguson 
Huv Tran 



Molly Tripp 
Trevor Trowel] 
Erin Turner 

Eslella Veach 
Garrick Velat 

Donna Venable 
Martha Walker 
onnie Wilson 
assica W inslon 
Dana Yates 



(Crista Ad kins 
Krista Aglio 
Andre Alfred 
Katie Alley 

Aaron Andree 

Kyle Andree 
Joseph Anthony 

Julie Antonelli 
Nicole Aimer 
Stephanie Arnette 

Ryan Atkin 
Holly Bailey 
Cosi Baker 
Nicole Baker 

Kellv Baldwin 

Devon Banning 
Joshua Barclay 

\k ole Barnes 
Sarah Baxendale 
Juliet Beaeh 

Tisean Bell 
Carly Beveridge 
I leather Beveridge 
Heidi Bitter 
Brian Blaine 

Mark Boue 
Alicia Bonacquisti 
Nicole Bond 
Edwin Boogaard 
Theresa Bousquet 



K.ithy Bout\ iseth 
Rakeiya Bowden 
[ames Bowie 
Jarrett Branch 

Adrian Brantham 

Tonia Brennen 
Megan Broe 
Matthew Brooks 
Gregory Brown 
Vernon Brvant 

Susana Brvdon 

Brian Burns 
William Bvnum 
Dakia Byrd 
Stephanie Cabarcas 

Nicole Callaham 
Rikki Callicutl 
Larin Canella 

Felicity Carmodv 
Michael Cashion 

Melissa Caudill 
Brandy Caudle 

Teresa Cessna 
John Chambliss 
Meghan Chase 

Starr Church 
Samuel Closic 
Justin Cobb 
Valerie Cole 
Pedro Colom- 



Christopher Conlan 
Maureen Connolly 
Anna Conrad 
Erin Corlej 

Steven Cornette 

Andrew Coulter 
Ashley Cox 
Brittany Cox 
Shondale Crews 
Sarah Criscuolo 

Carrie Cross 
Robert Culler 
Erica Cunningham 
Remarcus Curry 
Teresa Dabbs 

I lorace Daniel 
Amanda Davis 
Ashley Davis 

I r. in. H' I ).i\ i-., .11 

Michelle DeBois 

Maureen Delauter 

Desiree Delcoure 
|ohn Demsky 
Patrick Dennis 
Renee Deschenes 

lennitcr DeTrolio 
Kenneth Diaz 
Tamar Dickerson 

Michael Donate 

Bethany Dorsetl 



Tiffanj Dubu< 
Sondra Durham 
Tuyen Eban 
Kurtis Eckard 
William Edington 

Ashley Ellingsw orth 
Nicole England 
Brandon English 
Da\ id Ervin 
kaiir Estler 

April Eure 
Norma Everharl 
[effrej I airman 
I szter I arkasinski- 

Amelia Feen\ 

Igor Filipovic 
\ikki I ]o\d 

Kayla Folsom 
[uanita Ford 
Lauren I owler 

Ion I rank 
Robert Frev 
I leather I rost 
Masanao Fujimoto 
Adrienne Furio 

Peter Gaglioti 
Ann Galbraith 
Angela (:\r\ in 
Dupe Gbemi 
Robert George 



I [oily Cerdes 

Matthew Gillard 
Mario Gonzalez 
Haruka Goto 
I lunter Gray 

Jennifer Gray 
Pamela Grier 
Andrea Griffith 
Mary Grogan 
Keiron Guischard 

Mary Gulino 
Tabilh Guns 
Kristin Gustafsson 
Nicholas Gwynn 
i onstance Gyftakis 

Hi. i I ladjie\ 
Ariisia I lairston 
Megan I lammett 

Richard Hanson 
Mandy Harb 

Amber Harden 
Tiffany I larris 
Zachary I lartley 
Andrea Head 
Ryan I learn 

Jillian I [enderson 
Meredith I lendriv 
Karl Hengeveld 
Ada I lernandez 
Ashley I lemdon 


Heather Hill 
Jenna Hill 
Tyrone Hines 
William Hollingsworth 
fimoth) Hollowa) 

Stephanie I lood 
Alisha Hopkins 
Crishauna I lorsel) 
Shantell Howard 
Cortne) I lughes 

KeUy Hursl 
Erin I lyatt 
Justin Isabella 

lames Jackson 

[oshua |ackson 

Monica Jackson 
Kayliezra Jefferson 
Jennifer Jeudy 

Callista lohnson 
[effrey Jones 

Marshall Jones 

Lindsey Kaechele 

Julie Kassler 
Megan Kaylor 
Kristen Kelps 

Emma Kennaugh 
Austin Kincaid 
Alicia Kirby 
[oey knight 
Natalie Knoll 



Christina Konecke 

Steven Kramer 
Amanda Kuhn 
leffrej Landers 
Montis Lash 

Michael Lattimore 
Rachel Laughlin 
Mary Law 
Janelle Lem 
Bonnie Lewis 

Robert Lindhe 
I homas Lindsay 
Julett Livingston 
Raphael Llorens 
Matthew Long 

Samantha lord 
Ghislaine Louissaint 
|ason Mann 
Emily Markis 
I indsey Martell 

Glenda Martin 
Jonathan Martin 
Roberto Martins de Sa 
lohn Masearenlias 

Raquel Massey 

Monica Mato 
Daniel Matteson 
Michael Ma) kish 
Jennifer Ma\ o 

.Andrew Ma/anec 



[oshua McAfee 
[erem\ McC .ill 
Andrew Mclnryre 
David McKelvej 
Kathleen McLean 

Stacej Mel ean 
Gareth Mel elland 
Colleen McPeek 
[ustin Mellinger 
Maureen Mendez 

E\ an Menscher 
lennifer Messk k 
Christopher Michener 
ryler Miller 
Emily Mills 

Sarah Mills 
Patricia Mitchell 
Jennifer Mock 
Ashley Morgan 
Brian Morgan 

Denise Morgan 
[ennifer Morgan 
Patrick Morgan 
Sondra Morris 

Da mien Morrison 

Kana Mukunoki 
Kristie Mulligan 
Laradus Myers 
Stace) Nance 
Kellie Neighborgall 



Jackson Mewbauer 
Sasha \ewlon 
Molly O'Brien 
Amy Olasin 

Richard Oley 
Tetsutaro Otsu 
Basel ( hvies 
David Park 

Emily Parker 
Valerie Patterson 
Melissa Peacock 
[essica Pennell 

Silvana Perkins 

LaShana Perry 

Nicholas Peterson 

Justin Pinkney 
Laura Plantec 
Aaron Posey 

Rem i Powell 
I'hiler Powley 
Virginia Provencher 
laren Prunty 

leffrey Ragucci 

Elizabeth Rathvon 
Colleen Reed 
Stewarl Relyea 
Douglass Reynolds 

Cielea Richardson 

IkTMIMf \ 

Kathryn Rickard 
Allen Rider 
Conor Riley 
Stewart Rish 
1 leather Rogers 

LaTasha Rone 
Matthew Rowe 
Shannon Row kind 
Kelh Rushin 
Kristoffer Sampson 

Samantha S.mduskv 
Shannon Saviano 

lames Schrinel 
Melissa Schroeder 
\\ ilium Shan 

[ennifer Simon 
Robin Simpson 
Thomas Sjoberg 
Benjamin Skinner 
Stephen Skribner 

Michael Slate 
Morgan Slate 
Ash Smith 
Clifford Smith 

Cortnie Smith 

< .rn.i smith 
Kendra Smith 
Michelle Snedeker 



Chelsea Sparks 
rerrie Speede 
rristan Spencer 
Nicholas Stadlin 
Amanda Stallings 

Megan Stauffer 
Leah Steadman 
Nichole Sterling 
I \ Ron Stidam 
I miK Srilwell 

Kyle Storms 
|oel Stubblefield 
Erin Sullivan 
Marissa Swaim 
(. asej Swain 

Janai Taliaferro 
Michael Tarara 
|oshua rennanl 
Cristen Thomas 
Nicholas Thompson 

Amanda Troy 

feremy I minimi! 

Ronnie lilt 

Mh lii-lle Valese) 
[amie Vetten 

Kristen \ 1.1 
Laura Wachter 
Rosemarj Wagner 
Courtney Walker 
|ason Walters 

FRESI I \ 1 1 N 

Matthew Ward 
(Cell) Watt 
Mia Watts 
Chrissie l\ ea\ ei 

I vkn Wc-thrnok 

\h, ia Whedon 
Ann,] Whittington 
Connie \\ icks 
All) son H LUiams 
[ason Williams 

Lauren Williams 
C_ harles Wilson 
Ronnisha Wilson 
Alexis Winning 
1 .11 .1 Wittstadt 

Amanda Wodke 
Tanya Woll 
|fttri'\ Wolle 

Melissa Workman 
I laimanot Worku 

Sherry Wj che 
\k holas Zaio 
( .or Zakarian 
Christina Zeid 
\usiine Zimmerman 



Ms. J.mio Adams 
Coord. F DP Registration 

Dr. Guy Arcuri 
Assistant Professor 

Mr- Si m Beck Dr. Richard Bennington 

Dir. Career Development Dir Home Furn. Mgmt. 

Mrs. Virginia Blair 
EDP Adm. Coordinator 

Dr. Gray Bowman 

Mrs. Wendy Brodar 
Adm. Assistant 

Mrs Sharyn Carpenter 
EDP Adm. Coordinator 

Dr. Dennis ( a noil 
Prof/Chair Ed. Dept. 

I >i Wendy Charkow 
Dir. of Counseling 

Mrs. Geri Chisholm 
Sv\ itchboard Receptionist 

Dr. Pamela Clift 
Adjunct Professor 

Dr William Conley 
Associate Professor 

I )r c_ linton Corcoran 
Associate Professor 

Mr. Craig Curty 

Asst Dir. Aca. Services 

Mrs. Deborah Dalton 
EDP Coordinator 

Mr. Calvin Da\ is 

EDPSateh Officer 

Dr. Vance Da\ is 

VP Academic Allans 

Mr. Christopher Dudle) 
Dir. Athletic Development 

Dr. Elizabeth Dull 
Associate Professor 



Dr. E. Roy Epperson 
Dir. of Special Projects 

Mr. Robert Foy 

Ms. Diana I st,.\ 

Mr. Gart Evans 

Dean of Students 

Ms. Karen I hither 
Adm. Assistant 

Mr lefferj "Tank" Floyd 
Asst. Dean (. ampus Lite 

Mrs. Amelia Fuller 
EDP Adm. Coordinator 

I >r Woody ( libson 
Dir. ol Athletics 

Dr Allen Goedeke 
^ssoc. I lean Aca I >e\ 

\K Nancj t lordon 
Act ounting Asst 

Ms. Toni Graves 
EDP Adjunct Protessor 

Mrs Rhonda Grimsley 
Adm Assistant 

Mrs Carole Hampton 
EDP Registration 

Mr. Dob Hayes 
VP I inancial Affairs 

Mrs Dwanna I l.n worth 

Ms. Margaret 1 loo\ er 


Mrs. Sherron lames 
Accounting Asst. 

Mrs I en i Kane 
Dir. of Student Accounts 

Mr. lohn Idler 
VP Inst Advancement 

Dr Barbara Leonard 
\--i iciate Professor 


Dr. Steven Lifland 
Assistant Professor 

Mrs. Melitra McCroskey 
Purchasing Agent 

Dr. IVIichael McCull) 
Assistanl Professor 

Mrs Fean McDoweU 

C ashler 

Mrs. Elizabeth Murphy 

Or. Phillip Norwood 
Assistanl Professor 

Mrs. Betsy Orcutl 
Office Manager 

Mi Samuel Petreski 
Telecommunii :ations 

Mrs. Ann Miller 
Associate Registrar 

Mrs. Roberta Powell 
Asst. Dir. Financial Aid 

Mi s M.ins.i K.i\ 
I )n -. ol Alumni Relations 

Dr. RickSchneid 
Associate Professor 

Mi |oseph Row bottom 
I DP Asst. Registrar 

Ur. Bett\ Royal 
Associate Professor 

n I 

Dr. Donna Scott 
Assistant Professor 



; • V. • • '. v" ' 

Mr Roger Shore 
Vssi k iate Professor 

Dr. Don Scarborough 
VI' External Affairs 

Mrs. Wend) Smith 
Database Adminstrator 

Mr. Jim Schhmmer 
Dean Enrollment Mgmt. 

Mi Wellington Sonza 
Information Technology 


Mr. [anies Spessard 
Dir. Accounting Services 

Dr. James Stitt 
Chair HST/PSC 

Dr. Thomas Stockton 
Bishop in Residence 

Mr-- Donna Thornton 

Mr Ran- Tripled 
Dir Residential Life 

Mrs. Gail Tullle 
EDP Associate Dean 

Mrs. Gale Varner 
Adm. Assistant 

Mr Michael Waggoner 
Assistant Professor 

Dr. Ann Watkins 
Vssoc iate Professor 

Dr. fames Wehrle) 
Chair Bus Adm 


I lu'iiu'i 1.1 Allen 

Harold Bodenhamet 

Kim Brown 

1 aw rence Brown 

J ^^B 

Judy Chapman 

1 —: e 

If '■■ ; ffl 

^& r ' 

^^, J 


Rhea Conrad-Keed 

David Cox 

Blair Crutchfield 

Freddie Dabney 
Felicia Davis 

Man Davis 
I imothy I )a\ is 

leffrev Dawson 

l'aulette Doroshenko 

Kathleen Edwards 

Amy Essick 

Gerald Fox 

Donna Fra/ier 

Donna Garcia 
John Golden 

Julia Goodin 

Deborah Heath 

I )aniel lames 

Vic |arman 

Lola Johnson 

Arleen Joseph 

rami Kanecki 

Deborah Long- 


DeAnn.i Marsh 

Maicella Marsh 


i \ i \i\x; ni i rRoc.R \\i 

Sarah Martin 
\ »il Martin 
I Lilian McClamroch 
Marie Milliner 
fonya Moore 

hm Motsinger 
[essica Nelson 
T.n Hu\ Phan 
Chris Radesi 
Michele Reapsmith 

Gail Render 
Michael Riazzi 
Angelita Robinson 
Chawnika Simon 
I \ nn Sloan 

\iiulv Smith 
Darricka Sorrolls 
Angela Southern 
Detra Tate 

foan Thompson 

Kip Thompson 
Lynn Thompson 
Donna Turner 
Bobby Wagoner 
Endia Warren 

Kimberlj Welbom 

Sarah West wood 

Williani Whitaker 
loan 1 oder 




1 *»-- 

High Poinl 
I ii i x iisilx 










Alpha Gamma Delta 

Executive Council 

fop Kelly Standridge (VP Operations), Laura Miller (VP Scholarship), Lauren Woodburn 
(Property i Middle Allison Augustine <\ T 1 inance), Michelle M- Knighl (President), loelle 
Davis (VP Member Development) Bottom Alisha Choquette (VP Recruitment), Johanna 
Reynolds (VP( ampus Relations) 

Gamma Eta Chapter 

1 up Erin Dempsey . \pnl White, Kelh I arkin, Kl-IK Standridge, I auren Woodburn, Mi< helle 
McKnight, foelle Da* is, lohanna Reynolds, Alisha Choquette, 1 nca Harper, k.ith\ Asplund 
Middle LeAnn Durham, Ashle) Goodrich, Laura Miller, April Goode, Allison Augustine. 
Michelle Dell'Osa, Lauren Pamell, Vicki Hoots, Michele Grove, Ginn Gielen, lil Ercolino, 
Meredith Mackay, I. one |ones, Lauren Virgin, Courtney Griffin Bottom Susan Vmmeter, 
I eRea Rice, Nicole Webster, I acey Eggert Payton Woodward, Misty lohnson, Betsey Edwards, 
Shannon ^h.iituck 

B U ■ ti 

V*5 i 


^ft ^r ' rV V 

7 t \ SB . fPg^ 

3« u t 

\ 4 


% K wt 


rop Erin Dempsey \pni \\ hite Kelly I arkm, I auren Woodburn, lohanna Reynolds, Kathy 
Asplund Bottom Kelly Standridge Michelle Mt Knight, loelle Davis, Alisha Choquette, Erica 
Harpei Not pictured Carly MacAlhster, |anel Robertson, Nicole Quinn. 

Shannon, Vicki, Allison, and Lauren 
gather for their BHFORE Bid Day pic- 


Cowboy Mixer: Natalie Raddiffe, Erin 
Jackson, Tiffany Clark, Brynrte Fisher. 

On the hall, Row l:Jana Craven, Holly 
Hudson (not ,i sister). Row 2: Sarah 
Branyon, Tiffany Clark, Courrnej 
Culbertson. Row 3: Krist.i Kendrick, 
Lauren Gammon. Christy Evrrhart, 
lenn Ridgewav. 

Zeta Tan Alyha 

Delta Gamma Chapter 

Row I Amora Williams, McKenzie Burkhardt, A Ik Ross, |anue I Jenardo l Alumni) Row 2 
Heather Daniels, StacieGoss, i ourtnej Culbertson, U-nn Ridgewa) Krista Kendrii k Kellej 
Bizon, Natalie Radcliffe, ntfany e l.itk Row ! Erin fackson, |ana Craven, Laura Johnston, 
Alison Mauldin, Kern Cameron, Cortne) Gaude Nikki Neese,( hrist) I verhart.Am) Kanshaw 
Ur\ iitii- Fisher, (ennifer Lavton 

Zeta Sisters 

Derby Day 2001 - Dizzy Bat Champs! 


Kappa Delta 

I L1 n 

■* ^W 

i*l 1 

f **w 


Seniors of the Gamma Gamma Chapter 

Pledge Class 

Row l Lisa Pettigrew, Megan Greene, Kelhe Neighborqall, Sarah Baxendale Row 2 Wile\ 
i os Michele VaJesey, |ulie Mar*, Robin Simpson. Steph Amette, h/ndsey Condray Kayla 
Folsom, Sondra Morris. Emma Kennaugh 


Carnation Ball, April 6, 2001 

B . ~V |v ' 

i ^h 

- ^"K l^^k 


4&*jMt tffl ' <■■# 

L - s- 

I . - ^9 

* 1 

■k ^^^^^i 

Phi Mu Dance 
Veronica, Amanda, Anita, mandee, 
Jeanelle, Shannon, Ruth, and Jamie, 

lamie and Ruth represent Phi Mu at 

the Fall 2001 Activities Fair 

Phi Mu 

- jl 1 

Gamma Zeta Chapter 

Ron I I eAnn, I aura, Maeghan, \manda Mandee \nn.i. Bnanne Row 2 Shannon, I Ian 
Veronica, [eanelle, \-hlr\ Kern Stephanie 

* , n 

M- -m 

£$$i l\ 

W<X *Jk 

PH.-- ■jh 


Derby Day 2001 - Tug-O-War Champs 


Delta Sigma Phi 

David Brauzer 

Keith Depre 

Sigs at the Crop Walk 


Theta Chi competes in the Derby Day 
2001 Tug-O-War. 

Theta Chi 

Derby Day 

Executive Council 

Theta Chi Seniors 


Lambda Chi Alpha 

Iota Phi Zeta Chapter 

Row 1 I '.in M.itttTsnn.t hns 1 inlnii's. Matthew McKtnne) . (ason Ward, Ed Boggard, Antoneio 
Donnell Row 2 (Connor Riley, Matthew Gillard, Andrew Coulter, Bill Aird, Ronnie I n 
I i.imu-n Morrison, Brandon English, Kramer, Hunter i Iray Row 3 Bradle) Komisar, Stephen 
Voges, Chris Young, Robert DHlenger, Steven I Coard, |ason Wenzel, | Bandy Row 
t i-stabon din/jUv su*phi*n BIjii Icrem) Hoi id fre) Muller-Thyme < hri: Scot! Frank 
Barret, Chns Corrigan, Bradle) Capps, Alex Walker. Not pictured: Ben Diffenderfer, Inik 
Moss, fravis Jturn.-JI, Ryan, Matthew Leslej 

Brothers plant daffodils in memory of those lost in the 
9/11 tragedy. 


Derb) Day 2001 tug-O-War Men's 

Brothers help out at the Open Door 

Ministries, a local non-profit 

organization that feeds the 

homeless in I [igh Point. 

Row 1: Matt, Ryan, Brad. Row 2: 

feremy, feson, Robert. Row 3: Chris, 

Steven, Stephen, Chris, Frank, 


Lambda Chi Alpha delivers food 
during their annual canned good-. 




Rich Mossman gives the Cafe a big 

thumbs up. 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Joe Haubenhofer asks, "Dude, where's my car?' 

Rich Mossman and Zach Prisco 





Beth Mork 


Kellv Muscalina 
Cindy Watts 

Celebration! Beth Mork and Tamara 


Tamara [mpson inbounds the ball. 

Head Coach Tracie Foels talks strat- 
egy during a timeout. 

Eileen Ma/eika battle lor possession 

Row 1 : Kristen Kelly, Kristen Timgley, Kerry Muscolina, Cindy Watts, Katie Smith, Eileen Mazeika, Carolyn Bader, 
Jamie Burnham. Row 2: Kelly Bizon, Beth Mork, Tamara Impson, Tiffany Impson, Stephanie Moenter, Sarah Hanson, 
Megan Moore, Gwen Smith, Sara Kenney. Row 3: Catey Conner (Assistant Coach), Justin Ollis. Kate McHugh, Ann- 
Sydney Harden, Tanya Wolf, Kristen Fustaffson, Alisse Robertson, Trade Foels (Head Coach). 


Coal!!! Gareth McLelland celebrates 

after scoring a goal. 


Matt Wood advances the ball. 
[Tie coach discusses strategy. 


Ken/o Tochiki looks to pass the ball 


Barry Mitchell make? a pass between 

Keith Wines dribbles down the Held, 

Dannj Kitching scans the field to make 
a pass. 

Row 1: Terek Moss, rick Hanson, Matt Wood, Kenzo Tochiki, Eric Lona, Nathan Backnik Danny Kitching. Luke 
Knor, Fareth McLelland. Row 2: Peter Broadley (Head Coach), Damon Ming Kirk Rudder, Keith Wines Chris 
Michener, Matt Long, John Sitaridis, Frank Pinho, Aaron Andree, Kevin Althoft (Assistant Coach) Row 3: Melissa 
Coloton, Barry Mitchell, Chris Young, Nate LeMaire, Kyle Andree, Bobby Marhns, Ben, William 


Cnket Indra 


Dan Gariepy 
Stephanie Cabarcas 



• • 


Denise Montgomery 

Men - Cross C(>nntr\ 

Row I : lared Prunlx , MikeSalamone, 
Tomim Evans, Dan Gariepy, Niran 
Pillay. Row 2: Al Barnes (Head Coach), 
Chris Pereschuk, Jefl I airman, Alex 
Baikorib, Mike Christianson, Tavlor 
Milne. Aaron Pose\ . 


7k. 'kl , 

Women's Cross Country 

Row 1: Melissa Caudill, Jamie Vetten, Lara Whitstadt, Stephanie Cabarcus. Row 2: Al Barnes (Head Coach), Denise 

Montgomery, Erika Holder, Kristy Whitaker, Jessica Healan, Criket Indra. 


Kris Kreissig 



Dr. Rick Proctor tapes while Ashley 
Porritt observes. 

I exi Boswell 

Alicia "A]" lessup tapes and Sarah 
Branson watches. 


John Cappazolo 




SSB 1 ; 

Lexi Boswell holds while lohn 
Cappazolo stretches. 

Steve Garner stretches. 

Row 1: Jennifer Layton, Michele Eckes, Mandee Lasseter. Row 2: Claire St. Amand, Emily Rintz, April Church.Chris 
Archambeault, Michael Ashton. Row 3: Jackie Coleman, Criket Indra, Laura Yeager, Jennifer Sebert, Alex Howard. 
Row 4: Justin Ollis, Kelly Bizon, Jamaal Cottman, Steve Garner. 


Kimberly Wright calls the next play. 

Krislv Flint gets re.idv to defend 
after the serve. 

•I"! VMM' in \ 

April Shields moves into position to 
return the ball. 


" • • 

s - ■)«* - - 

Tracvann Pryce makes an awesome 

Row 1: Annie McCullough, Amanda Frisbee, Ashley Hodges, Casi Baker. Row 2: Kamarsha Ryan, Kristy Flint, 
Chelsea Murray, Jamie Kutz, Tracyann Pryce. Row 3: Georgette Crawford (Coach), Lauren Parnell, Kimberly 
Wright, Tonia Brenne, Lindsey Steinhaus, Mike Miller, Tahirah Dock. 


First team All Big South forward 

Dustin Van VVeerdhuizen scans the 

court lor an open man. 


Doug Alves brings the ball up court. 

Ron Barrow goes up in the paint for 
a short jumper. 

Dustin Win Weerilhui/on and Brent 
Halsch battle tor a rebound against 


lay Wallace slams the ball with au- 
thoritv against Winthrop in the Big 
Smith Tournament Championship 

|oe Knight attempts .1 free throw vs. 
Delaware He wenl on to score l M 
points in a losing effort against I )ela- 

reanimates John Stonehocker, DuMin 
\ an Weerdhuizen, and lav Wallace 
pull together as HPU battles in the Big 
South Conference tourney 

Row 1: Joey Knight, Frank Johnson, Teddy Hart, Doug Alves, Rada Simon, Dan Kalbaugh, Steven Comette. Row 2: 
Head Coach Terry Steele, Assistant Coach Brett Reed, Brent Halsch, Craig Clark, John Stonehocker, Jay Wallace, 
Dustin Van Weerdhuizen, Ron Barrow, Stephen Barber. 


Narelle Henry takes the ball to the 
hole vs. tlon. 


Cebronica Scott doe-- some fancy 
footwork and dribbling to a\ oid a 


Toni Vick takes a three point shot 
over the outstretched hand of an 
Elon defender. 

Mistv Brockman walks the ball up 
court. i 

1 10 

Mist) BrockmandribblespastanElon 

defender the penetrate to the basket. 

loni Vick attempts a three-pointer 
over .m Lion defender. 

Shannon O'Brien tries to out-maneu- 
ver two Elon defenders. 

m&*waM*mmi2>mmmMMmxj<i muL&ismz&mz 

Row 1: Shannon O'Brien, Misty Brockman, Cebronica Scott, Debbie Ruiz, Toni Vick, Desiree Delcoure, Narelle 
Henry. Row 2: Head Coach Tooey Ley, Assistant Coach Dee Pennix, Chanel Thomas, Gina Rosser, Mary Brewer, 
Emily Mills, Stephanie Scott, Gary Wingfield, Assistant Coach Serena King. 

II 1 

fohan Dorfh 


Bjurn Erik Hagd.ihl 
Bob Ferguson 

Casey Degnan 


Row 1 : Bjorn Erik Hagdahl, Neil Hammell, Bob Ferguson, Joao Batista. Row 2: Casey Degnan, Johan Dorfh, Robert 
Lindhe, Adrian Martinez, Thomas Sjoberg, ferry Lertzagian (Head Coach). 

II i 

Simona I olivn 


Jennifer Messick 
Ann.i Stridh 

Connie Wicks 


atricia D'Arav 

Emma Kennaugh 
Annika Meverson 

Jw^SttwSs? '*&w£M&££&*¥l*8i 



*'*^J£<££J£&&S&i''*+' §&Ef%&e38S&&F&*^i 

Row 1 : Anna Stridh, Jennifer Messick, Patricia D' Aray, Connie Wicks. Row 2: Simona Foltyn, Elisabet Ericson, Coach 
Jerry Terlzagian, Annika Meyerson, Emma Kennaugh. 


Colin C renin displays great form in 
the box .1^ he ,u\ >nt-. the next pitch. 


§§S A ->**** 


- s 


Michael Lowman tags second base 
and throws to first for .1 double 

Claj ton Gordoner winds up to 
bring the heat. 


Mali O'Neill lays down .1 bunt. 


I oach Bando calls a conference on the 
mound with catcher Craig Demaree 
and lir-i baseman Ryan Thiede 



AT BAT in ISI 711101 H 

airs is ? * 

Row 1: Matt O'Neill, Ken Keesey, Matt Richardson, Craig Demaree, Chris Hyatt, Kevin Burch, Michael Lowman, 
Colin Cronin, Chris Vinar, Justin Keegan, fayson Hoffman. Row 2: Chris Chandler, Nick Thompson. DJ Hendricks, 
Ryan Lurate, Dave Reynolds, Coach Phil Maier, Coach Sal Bando, Jr., Coach John Eberle, Amiri Hutchison. Greg 
Davis, Pat Dennis, Dan Jones. Row 3: Riley Gostisha, Ryan Thiede, David White, Rusty Bodenheimer, Clayton 
Gordner, John Cavanaugh, Hank Suhr, Kemp Smith, Phil Leake, Nikk Zaio, Andy Harney. 


Andrew Smith watches .is Chad 
WestfalJ tees off on ,1 par 3. 


Andrew Smith lets the big dog eat! 
David chips 

Ross Cashion pitches the ball. 

1 18 

Andrew Smith, Ross Cashion, Chad 
Westfall, and Cordon Hughes u arm- 
ing up. 

Ross Cashion, Chad Westfall. Andrew Smith, David Syrian, Ross Miller, Gordon Hughes. Not pictured: Matt 
Cromer, Matt Brooks, Craig Grunwald, David Sheets. 


Melissa Henderson clears a high 

hurdle with .1 look ol determination 

.it Wake Forest 


Track & 


[ nuK Maness is ^ iear for .1 soft 
landing in the sand pit, 

Denise Montgomerj sompetes in .1 
middle distance race .it WFU 

lamie Vetten paces herself in .1 
distance race .11 \\ I I 


Ginnj Gielenstretchesforeven extra 

Shalonda Bowles makes .1 splash in 
the sand pit. 


^ I ll'l runners k-tl to right: Crickel 

Lndra, Erika Holder, and Denise Mont- 
gomer) compete at Wake I orest Uni- 

Men's & Women's Track and Field 

Row 1: Ashley Davis, Aaron Posey, Dan Gariepy, Nicole Callaham, Erika Holder, Denise Montgomery, Gina Rosser, 
Lindy Manness, Ginny Gielen, Cricket lndra. Row 2: Alisha Hopkins. Kirk Rudder, Tommy E\ .ins. Jared Prunty, 
MikeSalamone, Niran Pillay, Melissa Caudill, Stephanie Cabarcas, Sam Sandusky, Jamie Vetten, Alex Baikov. Row 
3: Bake Williams, Ryan Ellis, Stephanie Amponsah, Melissa Henderson. Derico Cooper. Denise Morgan. Shalonda 
Bowles, Mike Christensen, Jeff Fairman, Taylor Milne, Chris Pereschuk. Row 4: Head Coach Al Barnes Jenmter 
DeTrolio, Kenneth "JR" Taylor, Tv Hines, Eddie Filipovic, Kia Westbrook, Assistant Coach Tim I angford. Not 
Pictured: Josef Ashley, Amber Christian, Tiffany Cherry, Starr Chruch, Kenneth Diaz. Montis Lash, April Powell, 
Tyisha Ryans. 


Dan Gariepy hangs with the pack in 
a '1500-meter race at WFU. 


Track & 


Chris Pereschuk goes high over an 
obstacle in the 3000-meter steeple- 
, hase 

Niran Pillay (leader) and Mike 

Salamone compete in a distance ran' 
at WFU. 

Kenneth "JR" Taylor looks strong 
coming out of the blo( ks. 


[ared Prunt) (leader) and rommy 

F vans compete in a I 500-meter race. 

Aaron Pose) yets his feel wet in the 
3000-meter steeplechase. 

Jeff Fairman and Dan Gariepy get off 
to a good --tart m the 1500-meter race 
at WFU. 

Men's & Women's Track and Field 

Row 1: Ashley Davis, Aaron Posey, Dan Gariepy, Nicole Call.iham, Frika I (older, Denise Montgomery, Gina K< >sser. 
1 Manness, Ginny Gielen, Cricket Indra. Row 2: Alisha Hopkins, Kirk Rudder, Tommy F\ ans, Jared Prunty, 
Mike Salamone, Niran Pillay, Melissa Caudill, Stephanie C.ibarcas, Sam Sandusky, Jamie Vetten, Alex Baikov . Row 
3: Bake Williams, Ryan Ellis, Stephanie Amponsah, Melissa I lenderson, Derico Cooper. Denise Morgan, Shalonda 
Bowles, Mike Christensen, Jeff Fairman, Taylor Milne, Chris Pereschuk. Row 4: I lead Coach Al Barnes, Jennifer 
DeTrolio, Kenneth "JR" Taylor, Tv Hines, F.I, lie I ihpo\ ic, Kia Westbrook, Assistant Coach Tim Langford- Not 
pictured: Joset Ashlex . Amber Christian, Tiffany Cherry, Starr Chruch, Kenneth Diaz, Montis Lash. April Pou ell, 
I j isha Ryans. 






Row 1: Michele Eckes, Allison Augustine, Kimberl) Glover. Row 2: Summer Creen, I lale\ Saura. Vaneisha Pavnter. Row 3: NlatalieCorbin, Jamie 
Regulski, Kelley Bizon, Lauren Woodburn. Row 4: Erin [ackson, Kelley Green. Not pictured: Nicole Carter. Haley Dejarnette. 


Row 1: Summer Green, Darlene Unto, Laura Foster, Venieca Anderson. Megan Broe,Cristen Thomas, Mandv Hedgecock, lennifer Landers. Row 
2: Alicia Whedon, Megan Kaylor, Maria Carroll, Kelly Predd) . Ann Galbraith, Beth Garst. Row J: Liz Krenek, Raquel Massev, Kristen ReVlinc, 
Meredith Valentine, I'.ini Schwartz. 



Row I: Amanda Stallings, Heather riehl. Row 2: Amber Boyea. Row 3: Amanda Hedgecock, Blar Bird, Jennifer Morgan. Row 4: Lexi Boswell, Cathy 
Roberts, Jennifer Roddy. 




Row I: Ed Hickey, Melanie Scala, Rasha Zamamiri, Christy Btown, Kyle Storms, 



Row 1: Kristie Miller, Heather Woodson, le.inello Mckenncy. Ron 2: Or Donna Scott, I mi Cao, Dr. Charles Wardo. Mike Lu^ar, 1 .11 roll Kn-.s 
Erick Mspaugh Dr Gray Bowman. Not pictured: Dr Wid Painter, Advisor 



Row 1: Lauren Stolzer, Rachel Smith, Kim Glover, Kelly Green, Natalie Corbin 



Row I: Haley Dejarnette, Darius Mooring, Markiesha Edgerton. Row 2: leannelle McKenney, [ocelyn Paza. 



Row 1: Sarah Mills, Christian. Row 2: Ondv. Iamm\ . Kelly Green, Sieve Blair. Kristen Sigmon, Rachel Smith, Todd Drake. 



Row 1: lennifer Parks (Treasurer), Ben Blume(SGA Rep), Kim Glover (VP), Leslie Loveless, Charity Kates (President), Linda Curtis (Advisor). Row 
2: G Smith, I Smith. Chris I looks, Brad Shore (Secretary), Fred Yeats, Kelli Sapp (Advisor). 

I W 


Row I: Derek Shealey, Declr.i Gibson, Icnnifcr Lyons, Ashley Davis, Keoda Brown. Row 2: Vassica Winston, Shea F\ .ins, \ikki.i McCalla.Charitv 
Kale-., ludy Waters, Kendria Brown. Row 3: Jullctt Livingston, Ki.i Westbrook, Sophia Kosh, I vish.i Kv.ins, \icole( all.ihain. t .arv Wingfield, Row 
4: Stephanie Amponsah, Terri Morehead, Tiffany Cherry, Alex 1 1 o ward, Trevor I rowel I, LaShawn LI am Row 5: Dominic Watkins, Apr i lie Powell, 
|R Taylor, Tim Hubbard, Nicole Garner. 


Row 1: lustin Pinkney, Ken Diaz, Jen Morgan, Joshua McAfee Row 2: Gena Smith, Bill Riser, Kevin Bailey, Scott Williams, Helen Markelov a 




Row I: Michelle Lewis, Vaneisha Paynter (Cap- 
tain), Eszti Farkansinski-Cifuentes, Jason Will- 
iams, Tiffany Clarke, JanelleLem, Andrea Laing, 
Cortnie Smith. Row 2: Sondra Morris, Jenni 
Lewis, Angela Swann, Clifford Smith, Ed 1 Dckey, 
Jeff Peterson, Janai Taliaferro, Rachel Laughlin, 
Ri mnisha \\ ilson 

Dance Team & Cheerleaders 
Row I: Colleen Fitzgerald, Cortnie Smith, Janelle 
I em, Ronnisha Wilson, Tiffany Clarke, Andrea 
Laing, Vaneisha Paynter (Captain), I leather 
Rogers. Row 2: Nicole Armer, Michelle Lewis, 
Sondra Morris, Panther Mascot, Eszti 
Farkasinski-Cifuentes, Jason Williams, Kelly 
Standridge. Row \. Allison Augustine (Cap- 
tain), Angela Swann, Jenni Lewis, CliffordSmith, 
Jeff Peterson, Janai Taliaferro, Rachel Laughlin. 
Dakia Bvrd. 

Dance Team 

Row I: Colleen Fitzgerald, Allison Augustin 
(Captain), Dakia Byrd, Nicole Armer, Kelly 
Standridge. Heather Rogers 



Rowl: Lauren Gibson, Ilia Hadjiek, Michael Fuller (Treasurer). Row 2: Dr. Gabrielli (Ad\ isor), Bonnie Wilson, Maria Carroll (Co President), |udy 
Waters (Co-President), Terence Houston, Kevin Railev (SC .A Kepi 


Rowl: Jennifer Helsey, Dominic Watkins, Dr. Petrou, lason Walters, full Doomo Row 2; foey Ashte) . B.l Coggins, Victoria Steele. I leather Daniels 
Not pictured: Alison Mauldin, David Gouge. 



Row 1: Magdalena Perreska,Cath) Roberts, Nicole Carter, Pam Foxx, Stephanie Scott. Row 2: Charity Kates, Stephanie Sharp, Ericka Inverso, Kelly 
Shamberger. Row 3: Elizabeth Brown (Resident Director). Laura Foster, Bessie Fleming (Asst. Resident Director), Jessica Healan. 


Row I Gar) WingfieLd, Daniel Gariepy. Chris Hooks Row 2: Kirk Rudder. Raymond Harp, David Duggan (Asst. Hall Director), Taylor 
Humphreys, Ion Neidecker. 





^^. B - fl 




■ ^^^ 

^t* ** "■ *H 

»^ v- 

'JH • ' ' l 

L il 

1 ^^." * ^^ 


Bv*' 4 

^H fl 1^^ ^*^w 


&^ f 


■■^T^mmim l^r 

S3fc A' 


jiL \ta v 1 

^^. "^"^^ _* 

K. "~ ■• ' 

^^SB Hkj^^ ~ ^ 

L * ^i 

,^»t 'j 


^h P'i 

^B ' " .J^l 

Row 1: BJ Coggins, Rena Comwell (Secretary), Candi Hughes, Erin Hall (Vice President), Ryan Cecil (President). Row 2: Wayne Rucker, lorn 

Broadwater (Advisor), Flovd T. Craven, Steven l.iflancl (Ad\ isor), Dominic laddeo 


Row 1: Julia Antonelli. Row 2: David Peeler, )enn Gray, Nicole Armer, Sam Closic, Alexis Winnie, larrett Branch. Not pictured |a) Ho/man. Jr. 



Row 1: James Brown (Director), Joshua McAfee, Mangie Alston (Secretary), Jennifer Lyons (Historian), Keoda Brown, Carol Adeyemi (Event 
Coord in.i tor I, Titl.inv I lairston (Promotions), Bessie Fleming (Vice President), Pamela Foxx (Worship Leader), Sherissa Chapman, Valenie Harris 
(President). Row 2: Ron Barrow, Tim Hubbard, Felicia Oven-., KelK Shamberger, Tamar Dickerson, Tariya Johnson, Charity Kates, Ghislaine 
Louissant, Oleewatomi Beeky Ahemi, Nannie Omorebokhae, Oluwa-A-Dupe Ghemi. Row 3: Carmen Haskins, Vernon Bryant, Darlene Brito, 
Mardochiee Alexis, Dominic Watkins, Justin Pinkey (Drummer). Terri Morehead, Venieca Anderson, Crishauna Horsley, Oluwatemi Cbemi. 




Row 1: Sh.m.i IXillara. Cortne) Hughes (Vice President). Dawn Scheier, Meghan Chase. Row 2: Timothy McDonald. Row 3: Raquel Massey, 
Charmetr.i Doakes (President). Hedi Bitler 



Row 1: Anna Shore, Amy Jones, Rebecca Roehrich, Anush Djaniants, Dr. Barbara Mascali, Magdalena Petroska, Becky Cbemi.Chislame I .ouis^anl. 
FemiGbemi. Row 2: Elisabet Ericson, Mandy Hedgecock, Shadan Alkassim, Sandra Lehmann, Raphael I lorens, Samuel Taiwoade Kunle, Naomi 
Omoebokhae. Row 3: Roderick Dickson, ). Paulo, Michael Luger, Adrian Martinez, Alexander Ivanov, Gor Zakarian, Row 4: Sail Hammami, 
Sammy Gbemi, Anna Stridh, Tashfeen Rabbani, Bill losue And. Philip Koso\ Row 5: Sair All. Valdas Kaukienas, Alex Baikovs, Pedro I Colom- 
Beauchamp, Emma Kennaugh. 


Row 1: Pamela Foxx, Nicole Carter, Dawn Scheier, Charity Kates. Row 2: Chris 1 luff,. Jose Dominguez, Tamar Dickerson, Tiffam Cherry, Sophia 
Kosh, LaShawn Elam 

I \7 


Row 1: Jenna Hill, Jennifer DeTrolio, Mary Kate Law, Maria Winfrey. Row 2: Carrie Ratliff (Historian), Kristen Kelp, Felicity Carmody, Raquel 

Vlassev . ( atln < ampbcll K o- President). Kathleen Mel can (Sei ivtai \ Publicist) Wot pictured fen Morgan 





Row 1: Markiesha Fd.uerton. Erin Jackson, Johanna Reynolds, [ocelyn Paza, Row 2: Maeghan Birkett, Stephanie Sharp, Cortney Goude, Tiffany 
Sands. Girtny Gielen, Rans rriplett 

I :s 


Row 1: Jackie Smith, Robin Godlev. Jessie.) Hunter, Limine Fisher, 


RdwI: Bradley Komisar, Amy Jones, Juliana Docimo. Row 2: Dr.KathleenCarter,JonathanBandy,NicoIe Bond. Notpictured:MagdalenaPetreska, 

Jason Walters, Judy Waters. 



Row 1: Raquel Massey (Excursions Coordinator), Sarah Branyon (Publiut\ Coordinator), Nicole Barnes (Business Manager), Jennifer Roddy 
(Membership Coordinator). Row 2: LaShawn Flam (Novelty Acts Co-Coordinator), Amy Rogers (Live Ads Coordinator), Haley Dejarnette 
(President), Tiffany Cherrj (MPC Coordinator), Meghan Chase (Novelty Acts Co-Coordinator). 


Row 1: Amanda Stallings, 1 iffanyC hern .LaShawn Elam, Sherry Wyche, Haley Dejarnette, Nicole Barnes. Row 2: Jennifer Roddy, Jennifer Morgan, 
Heather Frost, Elaine Monroy, Juanita Ford. Row 3: Charity Kates, Dawn Scheier, Jennifer Sebert, Amy Rogers, Alex Howard, Monica Jackson, 
feremv Dicus, Kelh Beeson. 



Row 1: Allison Mauldin, David Gouge, Steven L. Coard. Joelle Davis. Row 2: Christy Everhart, Carolyn Hassett, 1 laley I (ejarnette 




Row I : Christy Day, Gena Smith with Kelty, Beth Bradley with Chaco. Row 2: Scott Williams, Mike Christensen, Heather Frost, Emily Gehm, Ben 
Blumel, Darren Ball, Rockv. Not pictured: Frana Prochaska, Niikki Fodel, Billy Blohm, Kevin Bailey, Sara Mills. 



Row 1 Summer Green, Darlene Brito, Laura Foster, Venieca Anderson, Megan Broe, Cristen Thomas, Mandy Hedgecock, Jennifer Landers. Row 
2: Alicia Whedon, Megan Kaylor, Maria Carroll, Kelly Preddy, Amy Galbraith, Beth Garst. Row 3: Li? Krenek, Raquel Massey, Kristen ReMine, 

Meredith Valentine, Pam Schwartz 



Row 1; Gerritt Smith, Steven L. Coard, Jodi Palladino, Neese Smith, Alexis Whitfield (President). Not pictured: |on Archer, Charle) Conley, Gary 





Jennifer Roddy. Amy Rogers 


Row I: Gary \\ ingfield (151), Kristy VVhitaker (Program Director), Para Pheile (Station Manager), Jocelvn Pa/a, Donalee Goodrum-VVhite. Row ; 
Greg Broun (Advisor), Andrew I. White (DJ) Brian Burns (DJ), Derek Kocis (PR), Terence Houston (DJ). 



Row 1: I5| Coggins, Rena Cornwcll (Secretary), Candi I [ughes, Erin I l.ill (Vice President), Ryan ( ecil (President) Row 2 Wax ne Ru< ker, lorn 
Broadwater (Advisor), Floyd T. Craven, Steven I ifland (Advisor), Dominic Taddeo. 


Row 1: fulia Antonelli. Row 2: David Peeler, fenn Gra) . Nicole \nm-r, Sam Closic, Uexis Winnie, [arrett Branch. Nol pictured: lax Bozman, |r 

14 = 

On ,i day hike lo Stone Mountain, 
NC, the club members discover a 
mountain gnat. 

Alicia VVhedon loves the mud! 

Caving in Blacksburg, VA 

Row 1: Frana Prochaska, Christy Day. Row 2: Casey Swain, 
Maureen Connolly, Stephanie Hood, Alicia VVhedon. Row 
3: Heather Renwick, Darren Ball, Emily Markis, Ken Diaz, 
Josh Jackson, Kurtis Eckard. 

I 16 

Activities Club 

The Outdoor Activities Club provides oppor- 
tunities for students to participate in various 
outdoor activities throughout the year. These 
trips allow for travel to different states and 
geographic regions in the United States. Some 
of the activities may take place in our very own 
backyard and include the opportunity tocamp, 
raft, cave, backpack, and experience the many 
wonders of nature. The outings are rewarding 
and timeless, which in the end, create lifelong 
friendships and memories. The experience of 
hiking through wind-gusting rains, as a team 
paddling over monstrous waves, and sitting 
amongst a wood-burning campfire ring in an 
effort to dry out soaked clothes is a bonding 
experience and the best feeling in the world. 

On a day hike to Stone Moun- 
tain, NC. the club members 

discover a mountain goat. 

Heath Renwick, Christy Day, 
Scott Williams, and Gena 
Smith get rained on a little 
while backpacking at Mt 
Rodgers, VA. 


I In- C ambridge L nion 5oi iet) 
Man I ixenberg, K\ m l.n lor 
(seated inchair),Seb Isaac (seated 
in k\ m's lap), and I J.i\ id Peters. 

An unidentified mom expresses her 
opinion on the motion during the 
audience participation portion of 
the program. 

The High Point University Debate 
Team: David Gouge, Sarah Griffe, 
Shaun Davis, Roderick Dickson. 


"No, thank you Please mi down!" is 
the response thai Seb gets when he 
stands up to interrupt the speaker. 

Roderick Dickson argues against 
the question proposed by the house. 

k\m Tavlor, a Cambridge Union 
Society debater, makes the first 
argument lor the proposition. 

Moderlator Dr. [ames Core) 
introduces each of the debaters .1^ 
explains the rules of the British 
style of debate. 

2nd Annual 
British Debate 

The Student Activities Board and Cultural 
Affairs Committee teamed up to present the sec- 
ond annual British Debate featuring a team of four 
student members of the Cambridge Union Society 
and Four High Point University students in an 
international style debate. The Cambridge Union 
Society is one of the world 's most renowned deba I - 
ing organizations founded in 1815. 

This year's Cambridge team featured Seb 
Isaac, a 2nd year Social and Political Science major 
atTrinity college (England); Kym Taylor, a Master 
Degree of Law student at Sidney Sussex College 
(Kym is also a graduate of Adelaide University - 
Australia); David Peters, a freshman law student 
at Trinity Hall; and Mark Lixenberg, a freshman 
law student at Gonville and Caius. 

The High Point University team featured 
SC.A President David Gouge, a Political Science 
and Philosophy double major; Sarah Griffe, a 2(H)] 
graduate of HPU; Shaun Davis, SGA Appropria- 
tions Committee Chair and Business Marketing 
major; and Roderick Dickson, a Business and CIS 
double major with 350 college credits earned! 

The both' contested topic of the debate was 
"Children Should be Told Only Politically Correct 
Fairy Tales". Despite terrific arguments by the 
house, the opposition won the debate 32-8 with 
many abstentions. 

1 1" 



Cultural Enrichment 

Introducing students to different cultures 
and various ways of the world 

Chapel services, daffodil planting, peeking ac- 
robats - just a few of the activities brought to 
students via IDS. By going to the seven IDS 
sponsored events on and off campus, students 
may receive a credit towards graduation. Some 
of the events include lectures, plays and vid- 
eos. Students can take this class twice during 
their years at High Point University. 


The Judges: Ms. \it,i Williams, 
Kenny, Darius Mooring, Chris I In 

Savoko Od.i takes >rd pi, ico with .1 
performance of Beethoven's 
"Moonlight Sonata" on the piano. 

The TOCatta Tones featuring Chris 
Holmes, Baron Heinemann, Mike 
Maykish, Adam Canavassi, and 
losh McAffee take 1st place with 
their .1 capella rendition ot Billy 
looks "For the Longest Time." 


Emcee Neese Smith kept the show 
(lowing smooth]} with livelj 
comment.iiA and "Saj What 
Karaoke" between acts. 

Frank Johnson takes the cash for lip 
synching to 'What's Your Fantasy'' 
by Ludacris during a "Sax What 
Karaokez" break 

lay Wallace dances his way to 2nd 
plate with a Michael Jackson-like 

lason and Lilly win 1st place 
dancing to "More Than A Woman 
bv Aaliyah. 

13th Annual 
Student Talent 

The 13th Annual High Point University 
Student Talent Show featured seven acts that per- 
formed before a standing-room only crowd at the 
Empty Space Theater on Sa turd a v, March 23, 2002. 
The talent show proved to be the perfect ending of 
the SAB "Springadellic" spring week celebration. 
Because the vocal acts got shut out of any prize 
money last year, SAB decided the offer prizes in 
two categories: 1 ) vocalist and 2) other performing 

In the vocal competition, TOCatta Tones, 
and five-piece a capella group took first prize with 
their rendition of Billy Joel's "For the Longest 
Time", Ron Barrow earned second place with an 
uplifting gospel song. Vernon Bryant took third 
place with the soulful ballad "Where I Wanna Be" 
by Darrell Jones. 

In the other performing arts category, Ja- 
son Williams and Lilly Wilson earned first place 
with a dance routine to Aaliyah's "More Than A 
Woman". Jay Wallace earned second place with a 
Michael Jackson dance routine. Third place went 
to Sayoko Oda with a performance of Beethoven's 
"Moonlight Sonata" in the piano. 

One of the unexpected highlights of the 
talent show was the MTV style "Say What Karaoke" 
lip sync performances by members of the audi- 
ence. Students dance and lip-synched to songs 
with no rehearsal or knowledge of what song 
would be played by the DJ. Cash and prizes were 



Reggae Fest 



Step Show 


Goddaughter Zoe Parker (9 mos 
gels a swinging lesson. 

Todd and his cat, Marvin. 

Todd with his wife, Catherine 


Racing cars with his best friend in 
Beaufort, NC. 

Todd Carter 

In Loving Memory 

June 1967 - June 2001 

Only a month after High Point students 
and faculty bid farewell to each other for the sum- 
mer, a tragedy brought nearly 1,000 friends, family 
members, and students of Mr. Todd Owen Carter 
back to campus. Carter, instructor of music and 
director of choral and instrumental ensembles, 
died June 2 at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center 
after a long battle with Hodgkin's disease that 
caused pneumonia. He was 34. 

Born in Four Oaks, Carter earned degrees 
from the University of North Carolina at Chapel 
Hill and the University of North Carolina atGreens- 
boro. Enthusiasm for his calling and a special 
ability to relate to students distinguished Carter's 
time at HPU. 

Months after his death, students, fellow 
faculty members, and friends are still trying to 
cope with such a loss. "Todd Carter was brilliant. 
He had an aesthetic taste beyond music and was 
one of the most courageous men I've ever known," 
said Dr. Jacob Martinson, High Point University- 
President. "Todd's death has left our family more 
sorrowful than words can ever begin to express. 
However, in the wake of his passing, we already 
find comfort in Todd's legacy as it lives on in our 
community," said Cathy Weaver, Todd's sister. 

"He called me his honorary third sister," 
said Dr. Alexa Schlimmer, associate professor of 
music. "He was my best friend. 1 miss him a lot," 
Schlimmer concluded, "but I see Todd's influence 
in his students and my kids, and I also have a sister 
who is a female version of him." "His death and 
suffering werea real tragedy," said Dr. Hal Warlick, 
minister to the University. "He was well thought 
of by all who knew him." 

Students of High Point University all loved 
Todd Carter who was not only a professor, but a 
mentor and devoted friend. The last paragraph of 
the University Conduct Code states, in part, " When 
we leave High Point University, we shall leave it 
better than we found it..." Todd Carter will always 
have a special place in our hearts, because he left 
High Point University better than he found it. 

Todd Carter is survived by his wife, 
Catherine Tucker. 


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