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Websters dictionary defines a contrast as the difference or degree of 

difference between things having similar or comparable natures; a 

comparison of similar objects to set off their dissimilar qualities; a person 

or thing that exhibits its differences when compared with another. Life is 

full of many of these contrasts. From good and bad, right and wrong, 

practically even thing has its contrast. 

The students at this university encompass this concept. We each have 

different backgrounds, values, opinions, religions, ways of looking at the 

world around us. Together we make this university what it is. We 

provide and compare our experiences with those around us. We help 

each other to understand that contrasts enrich our lives and provide us 

with different ways of approaching the same idea. 

^From night and dav, back and forth, up and down, near and far, old and 

lew we come together with a common purpose. We come to learn, grow. 

jjteach, and provide an atmostphere which enhances these activities. This is 

die one thread that ties each and ever)' one of us together. We may be 

similar to one another, but we embrace the contrasts. 

High Point 

833 Monilieu Avenue 
High Point. NC 27262 

Zenith Volume 80 

enrollment: 2. SIX) 

faculty: 212 

founded: 1024 


Presidents Letter 

A Note from the President 

Dr. Jacob Martinson 

Congratulations to the Class of 2004. What 
a wonderful class you have been. You have a 
juture ahead which we will watch with pride 
and interest. Some years ago, 
our daughter Beth, who was 
about nine or ten at the rime, 
asked why she could not remain 
a child all of her life. 

She loved Iter pets, Iter toys, 
her friends, and her games. She 
laughed and played and frolicked 
and enjoyed" all the excitement 
of Gods world Of course, we 
told her that she need not worry 

"May we 
never lose 

the child 
within us!' 

While we graduate and 6ecome more sophis- 
ticated, may we never lose the child within us. 
We luwe been 6(essed witit a 6eautifuf under- 
qraduate experience, wonderfuf 
frietuls, extraordinary professors, 
and" a super6 education. Now it is 
our turn to give to the wortd some- 
thing of what we have received. 
Now we must become role mod- 
els, mentors, givers and servers go- 
ing _forth and appfying fenowCeage 
in service, hut never, nevtrmustwe 
fose the [ittfc child within! 

Dear students and graduates, 6e 
sowers of hope and faith, huilders 

ahout growing up 6ecause with we openness and 

love and expectancy and faith of a child, she of peace and understanding, and servants of God. 

could remain a chihf all of her life and grow up 

Presidents Letter 

Student life 

At High Foini University 


.s.ii .ill I Iiiiiii serves 

II,.,. ,i i ava Scotl rhonias plays at open mil 

night al the I lump Da) ( .- ■ I < - 

I In Pikes Hip burgers For the 
Crop Walk 

Being a college student is busy and active - this 
is as clear as night and day. The students of 
I ligh Point University were no exception; with 
dances, athletic events, club meetings, parties, 
and of course, classes; life could get hectic. 
During the day students juggle course loads 
and tests, practices and meetings. By night it 
was time for relaxing or cramming, snacking 
or chatting with friends. These are the things 
that make up college life. These are the things 
we remember. 

Student Life 

Senioi Laura I fumphrevs. 
who was crowned Homecom- 
ing Queen, enji >\~ ihe 

1 1. In si dam e » ith 
Presidenl Martinson 

Ready. ..Catch! 

Junior Brittan; Cox throws .1 
watei ballon to .1 teammate 
during Derb) Day. Fratei ni- 
ties, soroi ities and freshmen 
halls competed in five diflereni 
events on August 30th. 

Let's go to the Judges 

\'l.mi ( ane\ .1//1. Presidenl 
ni I beta < Ihi, plays hosl 
during ili<- ( luck Idol show 
for the Lip Sym 1 ontest. 
Paired togethei . I heta 1 !hi 
and Alpha I lamma I lelta 
l>l.ii ed -nil overall in the 

( lict-L Week * ompel il i< ill 

What to Choose... 

Students enjoy the picnii sel 
u[i outside Slane during 

< )i weekend. 

A One Woman Show 

< In M\ l»i 1 1\\ n porti .i\ ed 
K.niih Dickenson in Thi Belli 
"/ Amherst ( In i-.i\ stai 1 ed in 
this one woman show. Inn she 
invented .mil ai nil around .1 
variety >il imaginary 
1 11.11 .11 in- I In- audiem e gol 
in in|'i\ the -.In." up 1 lose, 
ha\ ing < In ist\ talk in them, 
and pass "in 1 ake .mil lea. 


Student Lift 

■ Starting ai 8:00AM, a parade of vehicles 
swarmed the < ampus ready to tai kit- the day's 
.h iiviir-s. Canevazzi instructs ii driver 
what he i-. to do next. With help from 
upperclassmen, new students were directed 

where lo i«o and in do. |Mike Tarara 
donned an intersling hal and aided Adam in the 
na! lii prcx ess. |< nloading boxes from a trunk 
the days acuvites have ium begun. What a vvav ut 

build arm iihim Ii-.! I 

Moving In 

I )ne "1 the many lines to stand in, students wait 
to pick up their orientation packets. ^Wailing for 
the new students, the student orientation stafl have 
packets organized for easy access. HAduin Wright 

receives his instructions oil where In go next, 
^Rcidcni Assislanl Jen Messic k. Waits in give .1 

student a key to her new room, ■ 

li was .1 sea ol suit< ases, mil rowaves, 
refrigerators and the like on August 23, the 
official "move-in" ilt\ for High Point 
University's largest (hiss of freshmen and 
transfer students. 

Willi a freshmen class of 480 and 155 
transfer students, a plethora ot items covered 
the grounds at HPL". This was a moment that 
some looked forward to, yet a time that some 
dreaded; si an inn; college. 1 1 was a spark of 
independence for students, many were 
leaving home for the first time. 

Students, parents and siblings alike were 
working together tirelessly to move in theii 
belongings. The individuality of students 
was displayed by the wide array of items that 
were piled on the grounds. From George 
Foreman grills to a table made out ol 


time for 


Heartaches and Muscle Aches 

| Derek Weik overlooks what he has brought 
and wonders how he will lit ail of his sinll into his 
new room. | After a long day, a new student, in i pile i il belongings H Lidenl 
Government Association Vice President Nicole 
Armer is pleased that everyone has settled in. 
fl I iff'am Harris gives a lelehratorv loe touch! 
move in is complete until next year! | i 

Gatorade bottles, lava lamps and pink 
flamingos, the grounds were dressed with 
si vie. 

Of great help were the uppei ( lassmen 
from various organizations who formed the 
Oriental ion < 'omniittee. Thev donned the 
red shins and were in high demand all day. 
As the heat and humidity began to lake its toll 
on the davs arrivals, ice pops were distributed 
by Campus Crusaders and the red wagons 
offering cold beverages were greatly 
well omed. 

After trips to Wal-Mart, Target. 
Staples, and other local stores for those items 
forgotten, such as Ethernet cords, shelves 
and duct tape, the students settled into their 
new homes. Bv 7:00 that night, many 
students could be found at the exhibition 
soccer game where several new friendships 
were formed. Students now consider HPL 
their home and feel very comfortable in their 
new surroundings. 


and letting 

ao of old 



Moving In 



"We the students of" High 

Point University shall seek 
excellence in the classroom, on 
I he playing Held, and in 
positions ol leadership and 
service across our campus!' 

Orientation 2003 
revolved around meetings, tun 
filled activities, and special 
events. Alter students settled 
into dorm lile. the next step was 
to familiarize them with college 
life at HPU. 

The general sessions that 
took place in the Memorial 
Auditorium centered on the 
hopes and aspirations that the 
High Point University 
community has for 

tfiat wiii 

Prelude to College... 
6utfr£ our 




die class of 2007. Leonard Pitts, 
speaker at the third general 
session, spoke of "choosing sides 
to create a caring, open, and 
just community." He challenged 
us to leave our comfort zone, 
and join a "team" that allows for 
changes in your life. 

Aside from the general 
sessions and hall meetings. 
Orientation 2003, consisted of 
regular ice breakers. The luau, 
karaoke night, the picnic, the 
magic show, and comedy night 
allowed the students to adapt to 
the college campus, meet their 
new friends, and be able to call 
HP I.' their home away from 

| Getting his ;.; ve on. Belle RD, Gary 

Wingfield, starts the luau with a bang. 

| l.iniM in i iu up ,n ii I alieailv having I tin. 
Mmiik .i Washington ami Charles Cooper. 

■ lam i- until the rain comes down. (Literally) 
I Meeting new friends and joining up with 

nl. I hii-iids. \iiiik- Aiiih-i ami Alumna Joclk- 

Davis i ami- in the luau in enjoy the fun 
atmosj there. Hi 


■ i ■ Augusl 30.2003, lll'l held the annual 
pknk to welcome incoming students. 1 'he 
I >u i ii> featured Fung,- Benefits who provided 
mush al t-iii i-i i. iini i hi ii | I'ii nil s are delicious 
food served outdoors, so .is siiiiliiiis enjoyed 
[he open air, the) also nu-i new friends through 
simple conversation, such .is "Can you please 
l>.iss the ket< hup?"H Members "I /I A. 

Ant-fl.i Garvin and Jennifei Ridgewav pose 1*01 

a picture and look forward to anothei year of 

uonderlul Iriendsliip. | 

| Read) to Lain how to spin rope in half? Lets 
do it with a little shake |llow man) people do 
vou know 1 1 1 . 1 1 < an swallow fire? fhals going to In 1 
painful in the morning! H All togethei now! 1 In 

NIK hand. The Breakfast Chili, allows us iii i >i 1 1 
si line soul inlo out mi i\i s' I 

(Karaoke allows us to laugh and be open aboul 
ourselves Remembei Mike thej are 
laughing with vou. not al youl H Foi freshmen. 
Whitney, Heather, Renee, and Maggie, "Girls Jusi 
Wanna Have fun" will follow them through the 
years al HIT. I Freshman, Leslie Eason shares 
lui hidden laleni on stage and wows the audience 
with lui voii e. I 

( )rientation 



together for 

Derby Day is High 
Points tradition of celebrating 
community. Sponsored bv 
Greek Life, students form 
teams in their residence halls 
for friendly competition with 
the Greek societies. 

The day's events 
ii lude the mattress race, tug 
oi war, hippity-hop, dizzy 
bats, and the water balloon 

Manx of the teams 
that are formed for Derby 

fun and 

Let the Games Begin 

games and 

a little 



Day continue to compete as a 
team throughout the year in 

the intramural athletics 

Food and drinks are 
served at the annual picnic, 
so that no one will compete 
on an empty stomach. 

For freshmen. Derby 
Day is a chance to build a 
community on their halls. By 
competing and working 
together, any team can be 

| The /i i.i- gel pumped up For the mattress 
ran- bv |j ting oul the competition. 

i | MiKwen residents siavin' on the ball! 
J Kappa Deltas competing in the water 
balloon toss. H Supporters watch the water 
balloon loss. I 

_M Taking a break in the shade, two students 
«.ili Ii the Raines from the sidelines. | 

Gams resi before their next event. || Lamda 
(hi Alpha dis. n-s lac in - for the mattress race. 

I Orientation staff member and Derbv Day 
indue l.aShauii tlain uatihes the water 
balloon toss ( loselv to make sure everyone 
plavs fail | 


Derby Day 

| McEwen residents gel read} Ibi the mattress 
race, some with apprehension and some unh 
excitement | \ student competes in hippity-hop 
l»\ bouni ing around the < in If < >ne linic -mm I 
passing the lull t>> lii>> teammates. [Tie first team 
finished wins! || The Pikes run in the mattress 
race. || rhere is a setback in the race as Darrin 
sn.i lakes .1 spill. I 


Derbv Day 

1 1 

| Knowing lhai Ins big histon test is coming 
up. S<(.ii I u.mis in ;4ci an earl) start on 
si inl\ iny. ■ As a new week approaches, 
Elizabeth Imhofl knows having all hei clothes 
clean will start her week oul smooth!) I 
Comforlabl) conversing, k,niss,i Proctoi ;u»l 
Cory Weed i. Jk about iheir plans foi the 
weekend I 

% ^v 

^^L# ^^^^^^^^^^^H 


ok flB 

H 1 


, i 

l^a A|l k 


I Resting. Sk\r Hughes is getting ,i leu more 
hours nl sleep after .i long night i»l studying. 

| Putting Ins feel up after .i long prai tice, 
Luke Lenianski is finall) able in relax in il" 
1 1 mill ii is i il Ins 1 1 ii hi i. ^ Looking comfbrtabli 
Megan Pastoi studies for her Firsl Aid i lass 
Sin- is sun- iii gel .in A | 

■ Getting .i funny e-mail, Heidi musi share ii with 

hei friend. Angle. H Concentrating hard mi ■< 
uihi. Renee Rylas prepares foi an upcoming test, 
| Heading ofl to anothei daj nl class, ,ii least 

John Vbncannon kmm> that In- will be warm 

walking around campus. |_j 


Dorm Life 

| Strolling down the hall, Killi Sampson heads 

In lli\ Friends ri ii .111 to Study. Mlisli-iiiiij; In niusii . 
Liiulsiv Hiss is lusi In her own thoughts. 
| Chillin", Teddj Gamai he reads .1 magazine in 
calm his nerves before Ins midterm. I 




Pan of the college 
experience includes living in a 
dorm room. For some, it is the 
first time they have had to share 
a room, and it is both a learning 
and trying experience. 

One of the biggest fears 
new students have is the 
roommate! It is scary to move 
in with someone von don't 
know, and ii is difficult to share 
such a con lined space, (lone is 
the privacy you may have been 
used to. Clone is the ability to 
do whatever you want in your 

Living in 
a dorm 



It takes compromise and 
respect to successfully live with 
another. You learn about your 
roommates likes and dislikes. 
pet peeves and annoying habits. 
It is an intimate relationship, vet 
it does not necessarily mean that 
you (onsider each other close 

Living with a roommate, 
you may have arguments or 
disagree, but showing you are 
considerate and respectful will 
make the living arrangements 
easier. Tiffany Sine lair said. 
"Your roommate does not have 
to be your best friend, but you 
have to be able to live together." 




Dorm Life 


j ■ I heta Chis looking good in iheii i< igas. IK I *- 
shakin' it | Brendan Donahue shows he has 
"faith" as George Michael, ■ Amanda Frisbee 
doing her Zeta besi | 


I I 

Greek Week 

I Tin- Greek God and Goddess Bets) Edwards 

and Patrick Warren (accepting lor Jeremy 

LeMaslcr). | Mandv Kulm and Sham Sli.iiiin k 

gelling "diliM." | Pikes and ZTA dance "old 

si IumiI." | Lambda C'.his show their country side | 

"J Shannon Shatiuck, Mandv Knhn. Kristen 
Freiburger, and Nicole Aimer in their togas ready 
to bowl. B Aerial view of the pizza eating 
contest. Kenny was the winner! | Jemia Hill and 
Josh TennanI getting down and "dirrtyT ~| Sarah 

Czyz strikes a pose as Madonna. I 

Greek Week is 
dedicated to celebrating the 
benefits of fraternity and 
sorority life. The week is a 
time for the fraternities and 
sororities to team up and 
compete against one another. 

The events for the 
2003 Greek Week included 
the Crop Walk, a pizza eating 
contest, tug-o-war, kickball. 
toga bowling, volleyball, lip 
sync, and l he homecoming 

We may 




Battle of the Greeks 

but in the 

Planning and 
preparing for all these events 
took a lot of hard work but 
in the end it was a success. 

The pairings this year 
consisted of Theta Chi and 
Alpha Gamma Delta. Delta 
Sigma Phi and Kappa Delta. 
Lambda Chi Alpha and Phi 
Mu. and Pi Kappa Alpha 
and Zeta Tau Alpha. 

The best part about 
Greek Week is getting to 
hang out all week long with 
each other and showing the 
best of what we are to the 
rest of the student bod}'. 

It was a close race but 
in the end the KDs and SIGS 
beat the odds and walked 
away as champions! 

end, we're 



Greek Week 



Spirit floats 


The annual 
Homecoming Parade took 
place on October 4, 2003 
and proved not only to be 
a success, but fun lor 
everyone who participated. 

The themes of the 
floats ranged from the 
Zetas and Pikes Rockin it 
( )ld School! to the I beta 
Chi and Gams nautical 
theme. All the floats were 
intricately designed and 
built to impress. 

Panthers on Parade 

during the 



The designs and 
spirit present created a 
wonderful, exciting 
atmosphere (or spectators 
and participants alike. 

F.ach vear. the 
Homecoming Parade 
proves to be the perfect 
transition from Greek 
Week to the Homecoming 
Dam c. 


| Zetas and Pikes iruck down 6th Street, as thej 
rock ii Old School. ■ Blake DiCello is pulled 
along i"i i Ik- ride, bul is u safe to be attached to 
i Ik- ba< k < >f .1 boat? H Carrie slunk helps Kl) with 
iln-ir floats finishing touches, m 

1 lomecoming Parade 

■ Hex Pikes! Is ili.u legal:- S.un Closic. Mall 
Luongo andjai kson Newbauer cruise cm the 
from ol their red pick up truck. I Zetas flash 

back Id the 80s, bin slop in pose |,» ., | ne 

| Adam anil Lashawn sir in the back ol their 
while (iiini-nible wailing for all the ex< itement ti 
start. 1 1 

| I nil and Christie ride in style even 
though the parade has come i" an cud. 

| Kia Westbrook and Tayloi Humphreys 
lighi up the atmosphere during the parade 
| ; 1. 1 Barren exhibits an immense 
amount ol enthusiasm lor the Homecoming 
Parade. ■ 

^| Three Cheers For the /ela girls Kelly, 

( .11 k In e and Shannon They i an'i hold in their 

ex. itement any longer. || The Theta Chis and 

Gams cause jh uproar as ibex sail down the 

road | I lie Kappa Deltas shimmer and shine 
nl iii' end. I 

Homecoming Parade 


get decked 

out in 


As the sun sets on 
< )« tobei I, 2003, dresses and 
suits began to appear instead 
of the usual jeans and t-shirts. 
Students were ready for the 
Homecoming dance held at 
the Radisson Hotel. 

After last minute dress 
shopping, friends got together 
to ready themselves for the 
night. Jemissa Hess said, "The 
best part of Homecoming was 
doing hair and makeup with 
friends beforehand. At the 
dance it was fun to see what 
everyone was wearing." 

A Night to Remember 


wear to 

hit the 



Alumni, students, and 
faculty were able to enjoy 
great music and food from 
9p.m. till 1a.m. The Radisson 
catered the event providing 
hors d'oeuvres and drinks. 

The highlight of the 
night was crowning Laura 
Humphreys and PJ Daniel the 
Homecoming Queen and Big 
Man on Campus. 

Homecoming is one of 
the few dances that all 
students are invited to attend. 
It also gives alumni a chance 
to come back and catch up 
with old friends. 

\M Stephanie ( „iil >.n (its and Jeff Fairman can 
hardly contain llieii excitement as they dance 
the night away. ■ Melissa Caudill and 

hi i\li kikI. loninn Ivans hold ea( h oilier as 

they sway to a slow song, I Philip and 
Candice Slalei pose for a picture before 

heading over to the Radisson lor die dance. 
i~l Students show theii tickets al thedoor.l 

f| Yuki [fcezawa, Miki Ikeda. Shiina 
Yamamoto, and Yuichiro Ono lake a break to 
jret some Irish air. | Emily Dickens poses 
with her boyfriend. Mall, before entering the 
dance Hour. | Laura Humphreys and PJ 
Daniel receive applause for winning die lilies 
of Homecoming Queen and Big Man On 
Campus. | The 2003 Homecoming Court 
(left to right) LeShawn Elam, PJ Daniel, Kia 
Westbrook, Taylor Humphreys. Keoda 
Brown, Adam Cane\a//i, I. aura Humphreys. 
Tim Hubbard, Christie McGroarly, and Alex 
I toward. I 


Homecoming Dance 

avid Gouge and Rogei Clodfcliei model the 
tlazei and bow tie l<><>k H Kia Westbrook 
ululates i'( Daniel with a beai hug foi 
rig llio Man < '11 < .iin|His' 1 1 Adi ian 
>.r Mill and Mike Salamone show ilu-\ 
.ul\ to siiui their st nil with new suits Foi 
coming. || Megan Hutson and Briltanj 
share a friendh hugasthej wail foi ihc 
to arrive to take i hem back i< > ■ .mi| ms | 

* v " 

Meg Kennel h and Karen Grim displa) ho« 
ipy they are i" be ai Homecoming with .1 good 
nd! I I Ashie) Goodrich, Mary Julia Grogan, 
Megan Brown refresh in the bathroom while 
chatting about .ill the Inn the) are having! 
2002 Homecoming Queen Carolyn Hassetl 
Rans Tripletl give the camera .1 qui* k smile 
ire presenting the 2003 Homecoming winners. 

I Court member, Kia Westb I. receives hei 

uquet "I roses as the Homecoming winners are 
nounced I 


Homecoming Dance 

(Forming .1 welcome wall, Kim Soban, David 
' '4'. Rogei Clodf'elter, and Garj Winglleld 

patiently .m.iil llio iinimiiini; .imhu>li "I pannls 

I President Martinson kicks off the Saturday 
morning brunch with enthusiasm H I' 1 
Goedeke meets and greets the parents »>l Ins 
A I >\ students 1 1 

■ ( ontcmplating whai in gel ' ' ''"' buffet. 

Hi k.iilikin ( '..11 hi i'.iiisc- bt'lore making her 
iIiiimiiii. I siiicIciii- aren't the only ones 
running for a cause, this dog' can'i wail to 
begin. |Om mark, gel set, < ■< I FAR! 

I In- race has begun and everyone ■'i-ut* 

-. g, 1 •( 1 FAR (stands for girls and guys 001 

I1.1 ,1 nun is ,'ik race i<> promote health .mil 
wellness with elemental - ) age students. | 

I I In- Cunningham .mil Howell families join 
together for ,1 delicious and appetizing me;il.| 

I hese parents dci ide in give the -i In ml food a in. 

.Hsli.ii 1111; .1 mother daughter moment, 
Stephanie Sauder .mil mom smile grai iousb for .1 
pii inn' fl 


Famih Weekend 

I Coming together for a l.miih picture ai 
Family Weekend, Claire Davis and hei lamil) 
eagerl) anticipate the upcoming events for 
ilu d.n H \i 1 1 n-ii table during the 
International Food Fair, Mariko [to and Miki 
Ekeda awaii the groups < »f people thai will 
taste and enjoj then heritage, H (Tie baseball 
team shows their support ai the final girls 
sin in game in the Big South Conference 
tournament H 

A lull schedule of 
events awaited family and 
friends as they arrived for 
High Point University^ Family 

Weekend. November 7-9 
2003. Meals were planned to 
entire families to dine in the 
cafeteria such as eandlelighl 
dinners, special brunches, 
and breakfast with the 

The International 
Club hosted li lood lair on 
Saturday at which everyone 
could sample foods from 
mam different countries. 

Family Ties 

Families were 
entertained throughout the 
weekend by the Tower 
Plavers production of 
"Children of Eden".' the 
student art exhibit, and the 
womens soccer tournament 

Faculty members were 
on hand to meet and mingle 
with families ol their 

The weekend 
culminated on Sunday with a 
special service held at the 
Hayworth Chapel. 

Families of High Point 
students got a chance to see 
just how special life at the 
University can be. 





for a 


Family Weekend 


I I I'lic men ol Theia Chi walk in ihe name ol 
hungei | Even the Alpha Gamma Delta dog 
wants in lend a paw in stop hunger, | Dill. ml 
M null ii 1 1 takes time to chat with friends. I 
Conversing about theii walk. Laura Humphrey 
and llnlh Bail<-\ cnjuv a Ik.iiiiiIiiI day. I 



Crop Walk 

I Alpha Gumma Delta and Theta Chi gear up 
for Greek Week. H The Phi Mh sisters helped 

distribute drinks ui all the participants. | I'lii 

Mu sisters Elaine Monroy and Virginia 
Provencher share a friendly lint- at the end oi 

the walk | Volunteer Center Diicctoi. Cliff 
Smith, lake* time lo take a pieiure with his 
friends Kelly Rushin. Elaine Monroy, and Kiel on 
Guischard. I 

■J I he Zetas show their support For feeding the 
hungry by putting a strong fool forward. flAdam 
Canevazzi and Jay Bozman lake out the Hash 
Theta Chi Fraternity volunteered to clean up 

after the event. I Theta Chi brothers enjoy the 

beautiful fall day ■ Iwo "I the I'ikes lake lime 
from cooking to sword light with their spatulas. I 

Since 1983, High 
Point University has been a 
sponsor of the Crop Walk. 
The walk is a 3 mile journey 
that starts and finishes at 

Held to raise hinds 
and awareness, the Crop 
Walk fights hunger both 
locally and globally. This 
year the High Point Crop 
Walk had a record 600 




join the 

Walking the Distance 


Annually, the HPU 
Volunteer Center coordinates 
the efforts of the Greek 
community to facilitate the 
event, while local businesses 
donate food and beverages 
for the participants. 

Church groups, civic 
organizations, and High Point 
students alike unified to show 
the power of a caring 
community. This year 
participants enjoyed beautiful 
fall weather and left knowing 
that their efforts made a 

to fight 

Crop Walk 





For many HPU 
students. Hump Day Cafe is 
a preview of just how good 
the weekend will he. Free 
concerts and coffee brighten 
up Wednesday's and break up 
the monotony of the week. 

Whether students use 
the time to showcase their 
own talents on Open Mic 
Night or simply sit back and 
enjoy performances by 
amateur musicians. Hump 
Dav Cafe revitalizes the spirit 
and gives 

Feel The Music 

backdrop f( 


coffee and 


students just the inspiration 
they need to make it to the 

The almost weekly 
performances are one of 
many services provided by 
the Office of Student Life. 
Whether students spend this 
time studying, drinking 
coffee, or simply enjoying 
good music, Hump Day Cafe 
is the perfect midweek 


I Sh \c |.m kson smiles over his guitar as 
lit- launches into his lirsl swig. | Losi in 
the music, upcoming talent Dean Fields 
prepares to wow his audience. II Where 

would Hump l).i\ (.ih- he without Sara 
lliinll: U'hethei warming ihe i rowel with a 
heartfelt performance or a hoi cup of 

Lnllee. her presence is grealh appreciated. ■ 


I lump Dav Cafe 

■ Intent on his drumset, this HPD student 
enjoys the opportunity to showcase his talent 
as a member ol Distorted Views on Open \li. 
Night-B Students often list- theii time wisely 
while attending Hump l).i\ Call- I his trio 
struggles in focus cm homework .is Steve 
l.uksun provides i hem with background 
musk | Taking his inspiration hum tin- 
energy of the crowd in an open air and open 
mic performance, this HIT student, also ol 
Distorted Views, thinks onl) ol his musii | 

| Rii I ia i < I Matleson lingei pi< k* his guitar for the 
audieni e | Mil hael ( iulezian sits upon the stage 
as In- plays a song, < realing .1 more intimate 
atmosphere foi theaudience || Dean Fields 
Octobei performance was considered b^ mam to 
be the best of the semester Hisacoustii sound 

soothed the .mdienii H 

ff I Ins HIT student I Distorted Views band 

member plays his electric guitaT to the delight ol 
the 1 rowd on Open Mil Night. ■ Gracing the 

ears ol the crowd, Gilbert Neil perl is for the 

last Hump Daj Cafe ol Fall Semester ■ Scott 
I homas enjoys playing his acoustii guitar on 

Open \lu Night. S.ns Si oil ol this chance to 

perform: "I think its great that the faculty puis a 
night aside loi the students to show oil theii 

I.llrlll v'B, 

Hump Day Cafe 



students a 

The world is slightly bigger 
than High Point. North Carolina. 
Kvery year, main students art- 
reminded of this firsthand, 
whether they travel on their own 
or eleel to spend a semester 
studying abroad. 

Students return from 
another country with a completely 
different perspective on the world 
around them. By visiting another 
country, students are able to 
break preexisting notions of other 
cultures. Likewise, they can 
break the notions other cultures 
may have of Americans. 


Driven to Explore 

on tfie 

world and 



Experiencing ani tther 

culture firsthand allows students 
to gain important lessons that 
could not be taught so easily 
within the four walls of an 
American classroom. Senior 
Craig Grunwald. who studied at 
Oxford Brookes University said, 
"It is important for anyone who 
hasn't traveled to experience a 
foreign country. You learn to 
respect other cultures and it is 
such a life changing experience." 

Traveling provides a 
unique learning experience on 
the cultures and attitudes of other 
countries. The memories and life 
lessons taken from being in 
another country last a lifetime. 

| Nestled into the coutryside, lliis quaint 
Ashbourne cottage adorns the English landscape. 

J Connie Wii ks and Jen Messick sit in view of 

England's national treasure. Big Ben. H A gorgeous 

i ini out of a window in Seotland. courtesy of Drew 

Mclntyre. |^ Sand-colored huts sprinkle the 

shoreline of Cozumel, Mexico. 1~ 

I Roman columns si. aid tall .is a i in under ot 

ancient glory ai St. Peters Cathedral in Rome, 
Italj | Connie Wii ks visited Chris Archer in 

Kn^land last summer. Chris showed her manv 
sius. including Buckingham Palate in London. 

I Blue MiAiian waters serve as the perfect 

bai kdrop foi Neelie Robbins and her boyfriend, 
Cole Lambert. Hi lie group that studied abroad 
111 Filmland during the fall of 2002: Brad Komisar. 

Diane Piacentino, Suzanna shoal. Alana Holyfield, 

Maria Carroll, l.iKna I l.n 'ringlon. Dr. Ed 
l'i.ucntino. Jennifer Cox. MJ Gimbar. Bonnie 
Wilson, Lyndsa; Condray, Man Kinirev. and 
Steven Coard in froni ol Blenheim Palace. I 


Study and Travel Abroad 

J Face to face with a dolphin, Neelie Robbins 
smiles foi tlie i amera while on .1 ■ ruise to Mexico 
this past summei flMan Kimrey stands small in 
comparison to Paris Eiffel Ibwei Looking back 
• hi the irip she said. "When I firsl saw iln I ill, I 
Ibwei I realized how fai awa) from home I reall) 
u-asT I Resting by the rrevi Fountain, tomm) 
Evans and Melissa Caudill take .1 break from 
sightseeing. I The Lake District in England wasa 
sighi visited b) Craig Grunwald in the fall ol 
21)02. I le reminisi ed, "You 1 .111 stand alone there 
and heai absolute silence, You feel lice. Its 
indesi 1 il ublt H 

ifti. -1* ,.1 

H A sea turtle glides through .1 Mexican Reef. 

I Pinks and purples creep across the skv .1- the 
sun sink-, into 1 In- I mi 1 /1 hi 1 reating the perfect 
background fot iliis Sintnsli tombstone. J. 
Overlooking the Grande ( lanal in Venice, luinnn 
Evans and Melissa 1 audill take in the beautiful 
\ir\v |( Crowded with tourists, the Rialto Bridge 
in Venice remains the heart of the city. I 


Studv and Travel Abroad 


I Swinging around on a Frida) afternoon, 
Shannon McKenna tells |ennifei Sherman 
ili.n .ill hei ■ lasses went well H Group 

ilu ussions are always re Fun I Romani e i- in 

1 1 n- -111 foi Claire Davis and Josh Frost. He sure 
knows how to ireal .1 krii I' 1 1 

■ I \ Evans and Melissa Caudill enjo) 

the beautiful sea scenerj in Tramore, 
Ireland LI Needing 10 !><• in 1 lass, both 
girls still have lime to chai while walking. 

I rhe guys congregate outside ol Finch 
1 1. ill before the deciding what thej will do 
ilii-. weekend. B] 




* "E-* ' 


9 ^m 



MT* * 

r ** 



| Sweeping Katie Roberts ofl hei feet, \l.ui 
Cahonu proM- 1I1.11 In' i .111 earn the «ii;^lit in the 

i,'B [wins Laura and ravloi 
Humphreys show thai brothers and sisters can gel 
along || Matt Carver and Cricket tndra enjo\ .1 
Ih'.iiiiiIiiI il.n outdoors I I 



| Embracing in the blue waicr, Nicole Beaudwin 
and Wall Downs know dial there is no place the) 
would rather be. |Shawanna lYuelove and 
Daniel Duarte are getting read) to dance the nighi 
away al Homecoming. | Brandon Ingram, 
Jerome Bvniun. and Lisa tbom< r enjm .1 beautiful 
day sitting on the swings. | 

Siblings, couples, and 
friendships are all intangible 
things that we need. They are the 
reason we gel through the 
tedious aspects in life. 

The simple joy of holding 
your loved ones hand, or crying 
on a friends shoulder, or joking 
around with a brother or sister 
can give your life a deeper 

We all want a story hook 
romance, to find that one person 
that knows every ounce of your 
being. Being in a loving and 
supportive relationship gives 




Through thick & thin 


each person a strength that they 
did not know they had before. 

Friendships form through 
common experiences or interests. 
Friends are your security blanket 
when times gel rough, and they 
are there to make vou laugh 
when you want to cry. A friend is 
the one person vou can always 
count on for support. 

A sibling relationship is 
like no other. The competition 
that existed as kids, disappears to 
the loving and supportive 
friendship that comes only with 
maturity. Vou know that you will 
always be there for one another. 

Relationships brighten our 
days, and allow us to enjoy every 
moment of our lives. 






J Adam and Eve rea< li foi a • loud thai is just 
.isMniiuiiK enough. II Noahs sons toil awa^ as 
the) finish building thi ark I A storytellei 
m.uhN .hkI .ultimo .ill ol what Falhei i reated, 

| At the end ol the first ai i. Idam ami Eve 
join Fathei and look upon all theii i hildren I 



The- Tower Players 

H Willi the creation of the world came morning, 
evening, speeding comets, apple trees with 

dappled lurks, •■■-.mile mountains. Iluoicsc enl 
fish. and... || Adam and lie share a iiioiik mi ol 
perfect love. 3 "And I will suike down upon 
thee with great vengeance and furious anger 
those who attempt to poison and destroy my 
brothers? Cain experienced the lull wrath ol 

Fathers vengeance. || hither lakes a lireak with 

some storytellers after recording the names ol 
the animals. ■ 

B I lie snake charms its way through Eden 
■ Storytellers sing about the generations li 

Adam all ihc way to Noah. | I lie animals 

scurried about on the stage as they are named. 

All but one makes il onto the ark with Noah. 
I "In die beginning, (loci created the heaven 

and earth, without form, void, darkness.' W~ 

There was no curtain 
movement to signify the 
beginning or end of the play, 
only the entirety of actors 
walking on and offstage. 
The audience was given a 
plethora <>l color and sound. 
Music was not presented 
simply to label the 
perfoi in, mi e .1 musii al. 
Rather it was because the 
emotions of a character 
could not be put simply into 
spoken word and required 
greater felt emotion in 





(aeCp its 

Children of Eden 


The connection was so 
pure among the actors that it 
produced a catharsis for the 
audience. The beginnings of 
both acts were filled with 
buoyant energy that burst 
from the actors and into the 
audience. The ends of the 
acts were filled with such 
emotion that permeated 
throughout the theatre, 
revealing, on both sides of 
the Proscenium, eyes welled 
and blurred. 

The Tower Players 
ended the evening as they 
often do... with a standing 


witft each 

The Tower Players 


High Point's 

^ SqiuYrels escort 
^You receiveXnail 

and lauyw 
The AC ;ezes your 

melts your choco 
^pdfctic ewn 
ie Lunatics.. .enoug 

Ways you 
know you art a 
student at Hujfi 




hen the rock changes 

gffior^; ^r $ 
. You get mad when i lomeone sits 
your table in the cai 
9. You see the sarrfl roup of people at 

the same taor^ rach ^v_" 
1 0. You see people parkin: 

:ause there is no ope 

^_ 10. You* see j 

Mm places bee 

*]m» jS If"* VlBB 

1 . You need to study 

2. It becomes a social event 

3. You got in a fight with your significant 

•^ other 

4. You need to gossip but you can't be 

obvious ; ^ 

^7JP *■* J 

8. Wait for 

9. To get away. 

10. WhjeifejSsi 

II § 

ye phone 
15h to walk by 

real lv going away 

?ou-&5t outside under 

__ _ 


lop Ten List 




1. Hoodie of any kind 
2. Slippers 


3. PJ pants 

4. Hi^ MTi 
5. Tote bag with* letters 

Top Ten I .ist 


Java City Jurors 

Rogei Clodfelter, Rans 
I i iplell, .mil David Gouge 
enjov the musii . coffee, and 
i ompany at the I lump l>.i\ 

Students gel togethei Im a 
volleyball toui nanient. I Ik- 
sand pit in From ol Finch 
i I. ill gives students .1 pla< e to 

Speaking to Students 

Dr. II. il Warlick, the 

1 niversity's Chaplain and 

Professoi "I Religion 

|H (sellts .1 piisjlni' message 

during one ol the Wednesday 
nighl services, 

Sittin on the Swings 

lilt- swings Hillside n| 

McEwen offer .1 comfortable 

place In sil and ( hat on .1 ni< c 

d.i\ . Si udcnis can be found 

talking, relaxing, reading, oi 

studying mi these swings. 

Walkin' and Talkin 

Katie Koeslin talk-, mi Ik 1 cell 
phone between ( lasses ( ,11 
phones an- prevalent around 
i ampus. 



I \ ( >]>!<- 


At High Point University 

Student's listen intently as Eleanor Aiana Esposito and [essica Megan Pastor walks through the Green- 

Clift and Tom Brazaitis speak during Wubbenhorsi share a hug in the caf- sward aftci < lass is lei out. 

the Woodrow Wilson Fellows Lee- eteria. rheCafhas always been a place 

ture. in eai anil so< ialize wiili friends. 

Students at High Point University come from 
both near and far. Of the 2.789 undergradu- 
ate students, 113 come from foreign coun- 
tries, 840 are from out of state, 1,836 are 
from North Carolina, and 347 are from High 
Point. High Point attracts many students 
because it is a small, private university, with a 
reasonable tuition. The diversity of the stu- 
dent body creates a unique environment on 
campus, and accentuates the contrasts one 
finds in the student body. 









Elizabeth Balwah 

Jian Beam hi-siu' 

Pamela Bennett 


Karen Caldwel 

Adam Canevazzi 

Maria Carroll 

Slifiissa Chapman 



What is one memory 
from Freshman Year? 

"I remember being crazy on the 
hall with our RA ( Bessie 
Fleming), trips to Super 
Walmart at 2:00 in the morn- 
ing, and my girls and me 
hittin' up EVERY' movie night 
from SAB because we didn't 
have cars!" 
- Laura Humphreys 

Friends, Lauren Gibson and Laura Humphreys, 
are .ill decked oul for ihe Zeta Harlej Davidson 
party. Time sure has passed since ilus spring 
iii^lii theii Freshman year. 


Tiffany Dowdy 

\edra Do/ier 



Stephen Garner 

Keith Gates 

Brandv Gibson 

Lauren Gibson 




£rfj^Li "^H 



JE? ( ' *^^| 



r f * 1 

Julio Goodin 

Nicole Grainger 

Brent Halsch 

Sarah Hanson 




What is one thing you 

will always remember 

about your cottege 


"I will always remember win- 
ning back to back Division 1 
Big South team conference 
championships; one being the 
first in the schools history. I 
will also remember all the hard 
work and sacrifices that had to 
be made in order to complete 
this task" 
- Mike Salamone 

Mike Salamone, second to left, makes sure he 
finds time i « • have Inn with Ins < ross countn 
teammates, Niran Pillay, Derek Nakluski, and 
I ommy Evans when nol competing. 


ToNita I loll. 

Alalia llolvficld 



Kendra Hoover 


Janiya Johnson 

Steven [olinson 

Ann [ones 

Man ( Hare |t>\< e 

Seniors 11 

What witt you always 

remember about High 

Point University? 

"I will always remember that 
my teachers went the extra mile 
to get to know me, as well as 
help me whenever I needed ex- 
tra help. I will also always re- 
member the people I've met 
that have made a difference in 
my life" 
-Sarah Czyz 

Sarah Czyz (fai left) and Friends show oil their 
great dresses before going oui on iIk- town with 
ilii-ii sisters during freshmen year! 


Emily Lanham 

Jeremy Le Mastei 

April Lctks 

II m .-*■ M 

■ R*" *m 


1 1 m 

1 ^L *E^^ 

Adriana Lima 



Robert L.indhc 

Jennifer Lyons 


Afton Mosley Lynn Nicolaisen Naomi Omorebokhae 

Chris Perea link 



What is one thing you 

wiii always remember 

about High Point 


"I will always remember my 

semester abroad in Oxford, 

England. It was an incredible 

learning experience for me. 

That semester allowed me to 

see a different ivorld from the 

one I was familiar with as an 


- Craw Grunwald 

Craig Grunwald stands on lop ol a famous 
l>i -!<!>»«.■ mi the goll i ourse in Si \ndrews, Scot- 
land, rhis was onlv one of the man^ places 
Craig u.i- able to experience while studying 


Natalie Rafcliffe 

I ! 


Iaii<fflia Reed 

Christy Rt-id 

April Shields 

What is something you 

(earned from your 

freshman year? 

"One thing I learned from my 
freshman year was that I had 
to get involved in various or- 
ganizations and campus life to 
keep my sanity. I couldn't just 
study study study. I needed to 
be a leader, to do something 
productive, and try to bring 
something to the campus" 
- Tiffany Cherry 

I ilt.un Chem shews <>fi her IkmumIuI 
dress before entering Ihe dance floor 
during ilu- 2003 I lomecoming l>.m< e! 


Tilwanza Taylor 



Ivra IcssuKcr 

Molly Tripp 


Laura Yeager 

Seniors 47 


Quentin Abernathj 

Krista Aglio 

Lamonii a Agnev 

Chris Archei 

( :.issic Bail) 

Cindy Bassey 

Carly Beveridge 

leather Beveridge 

Amee Blackburn 
Jay Bozman 

Adrian Biamliam 
Lauren Bridges 

Kelly Blow n 

Alalia Cardenas 

Melissa Caudill 

Rachel Coear 

Ricardo Cordew 

FJ. Daniel 

Satrina Daniel 

Jennifer De Trolio 



Shanna Dial 
Ken Diaz 
Jeremj Dicus 
Tammy Everhart 

Adrienne Furio 
Mal< olm Gethers 
Martha Gibson 
Michael Ginsburg 

Dawn Class 
Julie Gonzalez 
Dave < ireene 
Dupe ( Ibemi 

Dec Dee Griffin 
Andrea Griffith 
Keiron Guischard 

Neil I lammcll 

Yuko Hanawa 
Tiffany Harris 
Za< hary Hartley 
Shannon Hemric 





William 1 lollingsworth 

Kristi Ingram 

Ashley Isaacs 

James Jackson 

John Jones 

Matt Keever 

Chika Kishimoto 

Christina Konecke 

Mary Lew 

t-.i 1 1 il\ Markis 

Joshua Mc Afee 

Andrew M< Intvre 

Kathleen Mc Lean 
Rachel Meadows 
Johnnv Mitchell 
Patricia Milt hell 

Ashley Morgan 

[ennifer Morgan 

Kana Mukunoki 

Thuy-Viei Nguyen 



Maki Ozaki 
Emily Parker 

Justin Pinknev 
Elizabeth Rathvon 

Sherr) Ratlifl 
( lolleen Reed 
Heather Rogers 
Matthew Row 

Aaron Russell 
Derek Sheale\ 
Karen Small 
Ciena .Smith 

Emily Stilwell 

Maiissa Swaim 
Beverly Swing 

Detra Tate 
Tamekia Turnhtil 
Janette Waugh 
Alexis Winning 


Juniors 51 


Jenny-Lind Angel 

Marcus Anthonj 

Niki Atkins 

Joshua Barclaj 

Molly Brady Bayard 

Lindsay Bianco 

Allvson Bond 

Headier Brooks 

Brandon Burke 

[antes Bushong 

|ani( e Butler 

Brent Clodfelter 

Hillarv Cole 

Colin Cowne 
Sarah C'riscuolo 
Taylor ( lushman 

Mary Davis 

Bedlam Davoll 

Alex Denkoyich 

Diana l)e((\ 



La Shonda Dimsioii 
Joe D/K zek 
I. aurcn 
lei i i Eriksen 

( '.hi is Ferguson 
Andrew Fishburne 
Rebecca Fleming 
Savada ( Hlmore 

Joyce Haima 
Gloria 1 lairston 
Pre< ions I [all 
Mail I lammond 

Shanathan Hanson 
Sylvia Harwood 
David Hiatt 
l.rin I lipps 

iris Hunter 
Miki Ikeda 
Brandon Ingram 
Tania Im niiainvo 




Cory Johnson 

Donna Johnson 

Zach Jones 

Jason Straw 

Tiffany Junious 

Todd Kilpatrick 

Jenna Kinnear 

Ann Kiser 

Ryan Kokajko 

Kathryn Lawrence 

Anna Linhart 

Kate Litwin 

Brian Long 

Samantha Lord 

Kristin Mali 

Kaci Martin 

Mai Matsusliima 

Maggie Mc Nichols 

Bridget Mears 

Jessie a Metters 




Janice Miles 
Amanda Miller 
Jonathan Miller 
Wendv Moore 

Amber Moser 
Laura Mullcnhol/ 
Amber Murdock 
Andrea Nixon 

Kale OSullivan 
Zyrafeta Osmani 
Amish Patel 
Melissa Peacock 

Tiffany Penn 
Krin Peters 
Chad Phillips 
Mark Polanis 

Jennifer Rabanal 
Marie Ratchford 
Jonathan Renner 
Rebbecca Richardson 






Kristofor Robinson 

BiUie |n Rogei s 

Ashley Roth 

Anna Sawyer 

1 .11 1 1 1 1 1\ S< Inn. i 

Charey Scott 

De Kesha Sen 

Candv< e Sellars 

Carrie Shank 

Justin Shore 

Stephanie Shore 

Clarence Siler 

Candice Slater 

Allie Smith 

Madison Smith 

Anna Springs 

Heather Stewart 

Jenelle Stouffer 

I.iinmv Stoul 

D.niil Until 




Michael Touman 
Garden Walden 
Patrick Walsh 
Ashley Wells 

Allison Wharton 
)a\ Whisenant 
Tanya Whitaker 
Wenxh Williams 

Daniel Windoff 





Robbi Adams 
Sarah Adams 
Ashley Ahadi 

Linda Ahmcii 

Ali Akhyari 

Erin Alien 

Jeremy Allen 

Traci Andersen 

Christina Anderson 

Beth Anthony 

Mamora Arima 

Ikuko Asami 

Donald Bailey 
Esther Ball 

Kenyan a Banks 
Jesse Barco 

Marilyn Barkers 

Keri Barnes 

Elizabeth Barrett 

Nicole Beaudwin 



Donald Belton 
Cassidy Belvin 

Stephanie Beno 
Sheena Bharti 

Brittany Biler 
Jennifer Bing 

Lisa Blackburn 
Aslilev Bloom 

Kala Bostic 

Erica Brockmever 
Jessica Brown 
Kellv Brown 

Matthew Cahoon 

Matthew Calcagni 
Alessandra Calcara 
Autumn Calhson 

Nicholas Carpenter 
Aislia ( Ihainbers 
Melissa Chescldine 
Katharine ( llain-Stef'anelli 





Keagan Clark 

Steven Clark 

I-.mih Clodiclkr 

( c>il\ CofFman 

Kimberl) Cole 

Allison Coo|)it 

Chris Cottrell 

Shannon ( irater 

Jessica Culp 

[Catherine Culp 

Sara Cunningham 

Darin Curtis 

Carrington Dahmer 

Whitney Davis 

Timothy Deavors 

Katclvn Denison 

Brandy Depriest 

Maura Devaney 

Kmilv Dickens 

Angie Dieterich 



Karen Dingle 
Sarah Dixon 
(Celle) Donahue 
Michelle Dot) 

Alexandra Draughan 
\ikki Dubois 
Adam Duncan 
Shelb\ Duncan 

( laitlyn Dunlap 

John Duiiow 
Thach Bao Duy 
Leslie Kason 

Alexandra Eckhail 
Headier Ellis 
Kishaun English 
Richard English 

Alana Esposito 
Julie Ethier 
[onathan Fagadore 
Joshua Fau< ette 




Amy Feaver 

Donya Feeney 

Mallory Fclder 

Mark Fields 

Headier Fil'elski 

Kelly Fil/patiick 

Glenn Ford 

J en niter Ford 

Anna Fox 

Se< unda l'i am c 

Andrea Franklin 

David Galleniore 

Britton Garcia 

Adam Gardner 

Suzanne ( iaumnit/ 

Lisa Ge Bauer 

Anne Gess 

Terrain e ( ieler 

Casey Gillingham 

Amanda Gillis 




Carrie Gillispie 
Tara Glasspoole 
Kevin Goedeck 

Angelii .1 < .miikv 

Tara Gomez 
Hannah Gooden 
Sonya Green 
Bonnie Greene 

I leather Gregory 

Karen Grim 
Brindon Hall 
Belli Hamlell 

Robin Hanks 
Alex Hans 
Adam Harrell 
Rachel Harrison 

Vernesha Harvey 

Joe Hastings 
Bryan Hawk 
Brian Haves 



• ..; 


Megan Haywood 

Brooke I layworth 

Ta'Nia Hebb 

Aaron 1 ledgeeoek 

[ennifer I Idler 

Brittany Hellmuth 

Jemissa Hess 

Lindsev I less 

Lindsay I lobson 

Kia Hollis 

Brandon Howell 

Shan Howell 

Andrew Hughes 

Skve I lughes 

Morgan I lunl 

Megan 1 lulson 

Anthony [fedi 

Eric lie 

Elizabeth Imhofi 

Greg Inniiei nun i 



Alicia fa< ksi »n 
I )<>nva Jackson 
Lyssa Jacobs 

Ryan Jennings 

Donna Johnson 
Rachel Johnson 

Witney Johnson 

Michelle kampnei 
Tanya Keene 
Meg Keiinellv 

Benjamin Kilgore 
Mary Kochiss 

Kalie Koeslin 

Kofi Kpabitey 

Lisa Laikith 
Rancli Lanier 
Robert Lawrence 
Ho Lee 





Luke Lemanski 
Lenroy Lescotl 

Melissa Lewis 
Susan Lewis 

Tarin Ligens 
Sarah Libman 
Keller Lindler 

Amanda Lot( 

Alex Love 

I linton Lucas 

Sabahat Mahmood 

Vanessa Majma 

Sharifa Malone 

Douglas Manuel 

Heather Maitindalc 

Eric Martinez 

Brandon Mathews 

John Mattingly 

Ban Mayers 

Jessica McClure 



Alana M< ( !om ille 
Ryan McCrea 
Br, id \li Dormant 
Stephanie \I< ( »ee 

Shannon McKenna 
Luisa McKray 
Gabrielle McLaughlin 
Amy Mi Pherson 

( !olby Meadows 
Jon Mermei 
Brandon Merrill 
Alexandra Messerly 

I-.inih Middleton 
Eniilv Miles 
I leather Miles 
Lane Miller 

Bai bai .1 Montalvo 
Lyndsey Moses 
Alex Mostofian 

lenniler Mia/ 





Kyle Murray 

Manabu Nakamura 

Garret) Neisler 

Rebecca Newell 

Mini) Nguyen 

Jinn Omran 

Morgan < )stra 

Ashley Palermo 

Phi Ih Parkei 

Megan Pastor 

Anky Patel 

Jonathan Pavlack 

Britney Pendergrass 

Jacob Peters 

Kimberly Peynado 

Lindsev Pickens 

Ibni Pierce 

Lyndsay Pinnix 

Libby Poland 

Ashley Porter 



Natalie Ragan 
Rvan Rabn 
Dcna Rapapon 

I' i i( .1 Ri-t-d 

Jordan Reisman 
Sherry Rhew 
Erica Riggie 

\eclie Robbins 

Antoinette Robenson 
Scott Robertson 
. manda Roberts 
Katie Roberts 

Maria Rojas 
Dollie Rollins 
Ashley Russell 
Renee Rvals 

Meagan Savage 
Jessica Simon 
Carnai Simpson 
lay S'nipson 




Maria Singletan 

Christina Sinibaldi 

Melissa Smalls 

Antoinne Smith 

Courtne) Smith 

Nicole Smith 

Will Smith 

Mikia Sir-, id 

Stephanie Sowder 

Daniel Stabler 

Ashley Stanfield 

Danielle Sum 

( laitlin Stroczkowski 
Melanie Strok 

Mike- Sullivan 

Laura Swain 

Dennis Swaka 

Kris Swanson 

Emily Tallai iii) 




Will Taylor 
Meredith Terrell 
Andrew Thomas 
Taundra Thomas 

Shaw una Truelove 
Adam Utley 
Zana Vance 
Matt Vera 

Selena Vickers 
Ian Vic t < >i 
Barbra Waggoner 
Heidi Waibel 

Paige Wainright 
Phillip Wallace 

Rachel Walton 
Dana Warnick 

Michael Watkins 

Brian Watson 
Stephanie Watson 
Stephanie Webster 





Whitne) Whale) 

Steven White 

Odell Whitlock 

Derek Wiek 

Sarah Williams 

Chase Wilson 

Kiic a \Vin«o 

Laura Wolf 

David Wood 

Adam Wiiidit 

Jaovon Wright 

Jessica Wubbenhorst 

Laura Wyanl 
Roger Zalinger 

Joseph Xil< > 
Jennifer Znilek 

Samanilia /werski 


James Adams 
Business Administration 

Kevin Althoff 

Assistant ( loach 

Men's Soccer 

Brad Archer 

Assistant Professor 

fheatre Arts 

Leslie Ashton 
Admissions ( lounselor 

Sam Beck 

Career Development 

Richard Bennington 

Paul Broyhill Professor 

Home Furnishings 

Rac< hel Biggs 

Assistant Dean 


Peter Broad ley 
Head Coach 
Men's Soccer 

Lisa Bioc k 
Assistant Direc tor 
Student Accounts 

Wench Brodar 

Sec retary 
Internal Affairs 

Virginia Blaii 

Assiiani Coordinator 

Evening Degree Program 

Gregorj Brown 

InstriK i( ir 
Media ( ionimunic alions 





David Bryden 

Sharyn ( larpenter 

fessie Carter 

R,i\ in.! ( iaulfteld 


li( Services Librarian 

Admin. Coordinator 

Assistant Dean 

Office Manager 

Evening Degree Program 


Student Life 

Roberl Clark 

Publii Safen 

Crystal ( Iruthis 
Sec retary 

Roger ( llodfelter 

Assistant Dean 
Student Lift- 

Clinton ( lorcoran 

Religion & Philosophy 

f * <■ 

!"■*• ■». >■ 



|x \: 

^te^fl^BL * 


Linda Curtis 

Assoc iate l'i ofessor 


Deborah Dalton 
Coordinator of Marketing 
Evening Degree Program 

Dinene Crater 

Assistant Professor 

Vance Da\ is 

Vice President 

Academic A flairs 



Margret Dodson 

Assistant Professor 


Chris Dudley 

Dire< tor 

University Advancemenl 

Elizabeth Dull 

Associate Professoi 

Interior Design 

Diana Estet 

Gart Evans 
Dean of .Students 

Shelle) Ewing Christopher Franks 

Assistant Registrar Instructor 

Evening Device Program Religion & Philosophj 

Dan ( ..u ic|)\ 
Admissions Counselor 

Michael Gaspeny D. Allen Goedeke 

Assistant Professor Associate Dean 

Media Comm. & English Academic Development 

Nancy Gordon 
Accounting Assistant 

David ( »ouge 

Resident Director 
Residential Life 



i .< 

Rhonda Grimsley 

Administt ative Assistant 

Academic Affairs 

( larole I lampion 

Assitani ( loordinator 

1 DP Reaistration 

Chad I hn i iii.ui 

Diret tor 
Sports Marketing 

Bob I hues 
Vice President 

Business Affairs 

Sean I lay i its 


Information Te< hnolog\ 

Dwanna Hay won 1 1 
Administrative Assistant 

Business & Financial 

Jennifer I lelsly 

F.DP Admissions 

Bei! Holt 
Assistant Registrar 

Mi( hael Ingram 

I(<liini< al Services 

Librai ian 

( lorev (ames 

Assistant Professoi 

Political Sc ience 

SIki ron James 
Accounting Assistant 

"lei ri Kane 


Student Accounts 




John Lefler 
Vice President 
Institutional Advancement 

Bobb) Little 


Criminal [ustice 

Tracy Lovejoy 


EDP Registratic 

Melitta Mc Croskey 
Purchasing Agent 

Michael M< Cully 

Assistant I'rofessor 
Economii s 

Jean Mc Dowcll 

Kristi Nameth 

Program Director 


Pliil Norwood 

Assistant Professor 

Religion & Philosophy 

Nanc) Pennell 
I.k uliv Secretary 

Robert I .umpkins 

Ici linii al Director 

Theatre Arts 

Ann Millet 
Associate Registrar 

Kelli Sapp 

Assistant Professor 





Don Scarborough 
Vice President 

jim S< hlimmer 


Enrollment Management 

Kim Soban 


Counseling Services 

linn Slue kloii 
Bishop in Resident e 

Julie Sti eng 
Women's ( lolf Coach 

Sheri Teleha 



Gail "Kittle Gale Varner 

Dean Administrative Assist. mi 

Evening Degree Program Institutional Advancement 

Alison Wagnei 
Admissions Counselor 

Jim Spessard 

Accounting Services 

Associate Dean 
Residential lilc- 

Hal Warlick 
Dean of the Chapel 




|im Wehrley 

1 1( .hi 
Phillips School of Business 

La Nita Williams 

Circulation Supervisor 


Gary Wingfield 

Resident Dim loi 
R< si. Itnlial I. ili- 

Lisa Woods 


LDP Madison Park 

Morris Wray 
Vice President 
Internal Affairs 

James Zanick 

Associate Professor 
Sport Management 






In Memory 

In Memory of 
George M. Coggins 

Professor of Business (1989-2003) 

"On October 

10th, 2003, a former 
faculty member and 
dear friend to so many 
of us, students, fac- 
ulty, and staff mem- 
bers alike, died at his 
home in Lexington, 
North Carolina. 

Dr. Coggins was 
a loving husband, fa- 
ther, grandfather, and 
an outstanding teacher 
in the Business Depart- 
ment. He was a Viet- 
nam War veteran, hav- 
ing served in the Ma- 
rines as a chief Drill 

instructor. He taught 
here in our Business 
Department for 14 

George Coggins 
retired last year, and 
was honored at 
commencement in 

He was loved 
and respected. In 14 
years, I heard not one 
negative word about 
him; he was a faculty 
giant and a debonair 
Christian gentleman, 
one in whom the word 
of God sparkled 

with graciousness and 

He was a 
former Marine and 
sterling business 
professor, and head of 
Campus Crusade, a 
special human being. 
I dedicate this message 
to his memory' 

- The words of President 

Martinson at a memorial 

service held in October. 

"Everyone always seems 
to have that one profes- 
sor thev always look to 
as a parental figure. 
Someone that teaches 
them not only a class- 
room lesson, but a life 

lesson. Dr. Coggins 

played that role for me. 

Dr. Coggins truly cared 

not only for his students' 

success in the classroom. 

but for their success in 

life as well. 1 will always 

remember Dr. Coggins 

and the main lessons I 

have learned!' 
Meredith Mackoy 
HPU Graduate 2003 

"George Coggins' influ- 
ence on the School of 
Business was profound. 
He touched the lives of 
those around him with 
his generous spirit as he 

selflcsslv gave of his 
time and expertise. All 

were touched by his 
spirituality. George will 

be remembered as a 

remarkable person, 

educator, and scholar." 

Jim Wehrley 

Associate Professor of 
Business and W. Roger 
Soles Chair of Manage- 
ment and Leadership 


In Memory 


At Higft Point University 

|unior Jamie Vetten and Sophomore Freshman Brian Hayes competes in Adrian Hill, Jell Fairman, and Niran 
I Tin Kelly compete al Appalachian the Charleston Southern Fall Invita- Pillay receive their awards for placing 
Stale University's indooi track. tional. 1st through 3rd in the 10.000 run. 

Every athlete knows the taste of sweet success and the 
taste of bitter defeat. For, just like most things in life, 
there are ups and downs in competitive sport. This 
past year, our University has enjoyed immense successes. 
The mens tennis team, mens cross country team, and the 


womens soccer team each won the title of Big South 
Conference Champion in 2003. These successes merely 
created a thirst for more. How ever, without the downs 
in competition, one would not appreciate the ups as 
much. Kadi athlete and team has experienced a bad 
game, a bad season, or even a bad year. That is all part 
of life as a competitve athlete. But those experiences 
make the taste of victory oh so sweet. 



Eye on the ball 

Kiiili Wines, Alex I homp- 
son, Mat! Wood, and Kyle 
DeKlerk «.iit for ihi- l>.ill to 
[»- thrown into pla) . 

Hoop it Up! 

Freshman I imberle) Jones 
i.ikc- the ball i" the I »* »« »| >- 

Ready for action 

Junior Darin) Cachings bows 
(•in Brenl Petwaj oi 
I Iniversit) ol Mil higan on .1 
Novembei 26th game played 
in Ann Arboi . Mil higan. 

Huddle Up! 

The women's soi 1 er team 
( elebrate aftei winning the 
Big South ( lonfereni e 
Championship againsi I \< 





r Support 

When the womens soccer team won 
the conference game in .1 shool out, 
the fans stormed the field in 

Fanscheei al -i home basketball game. 
\l.iin could be seen wearing their 

I. Ull. III! s l-SluTtS. 

Baseball playei 



Athletic Support 

Clockwise from uppn left; 

the momeni the shool oui was won 
l>\ the womens soccer team, will be 
remembered by all the Fans who 
wati hed. 

I he tans watch anxiously as ilu- 
womens final soccer tournament goes 

into (loiilik overtime. 

Tin* sisters (.1 Alpha Gamma Delta 
< hi-t-i" wildly Ini ihc Ihuiic team. 


Athletic Support 


The Wind Up 

l-'.f fori shows nil Kevin Burchs Face as 

In- throws .1 pitch from ihe mound. 

Kevin was awarded the Big Souths 

Christenbem Vward foi excellence 

.i> .1 si niliiii athlete, 



L 5-16 L 6-10 

UNC Asheville 

L 4-13 L 5-7 

L 3-13 


W 7-5 L 6-7 
W 14-1 


L 1-4 L 5-7 
I. 3-8 

Coastal Carolina 

W 3-2 L 1-5 


L 2-4 W 3-2 

I. 1-7 


W 6-1 


First Row (left to right): I'.um Myers, Matt Christie, Matt Gorman, |< >1 1 n Antignano. 
Kevin Burch, Mike Bruschuk, Colin Cronin, Anthony Bell, Rev Rojas, fob) Hoskins, 
David Hilfstein Middle Row (left to right): Justin Flook, Chris Hyatt, Justin Pinyan, 
Dave Reynolds, Coach Lowman, Coach Bando, Coach Maier, Coach Eberle, Dan 
rarara. Josh Doane, Bretl Maloley, [ayson Hoffman Back Row (left to right): Brent 
S|i.iiiiii,iii, 1'liil I.e.ikc, Mark Shorey, Nick Zaio, Chris Draska. Mali Kniginyzky, Man 
Richardson, John Wagner, Clayton Gordner. Kemp Smith, Ken Keesee, fravis 
Motsinger, \i(k rhompson 




d Days 

This year began with the \ 

arrival of Coach Bando's first 

remitting class of 19 new 

players. Of those recruits two 

were former draft pics and 

four were junior college All 


Kevin Burch signed a free 

nt contract with the 

Baltimore Orioles and 

played his first professional 

season with the Sarasota 

Orioles in the (', id f Coast 

Along with Burch, seniors 

Cronin. Chris Hyatt, Kemp 

Smith, and David Hilfstein 

ended their college careers 

with stong finishes. 

Throwing an ""'•' Ready lo Steal... 

Colin Onnin makes the |>l.i\ Outfielder Matt Gorman leads "II 

throwing the ball i<> first to grab the tin- b;iM- hoping to steal. 





at a Time 




This season brought in a new 
head coach. Bart Lundy look a 
team that finished last in the 
Big South last year and tinned 
them into one of the nation's 
most improved squads. 

The High Point Panthers set 

school records for victories in 

a season and Big South reins 

since the Panthers joined 

NCAA Division I ranks in 


Juniors Danny Gathings and 
'/.lone White developed into tivo 
of the Big Souths best players. 

Get your gam? face on! 

Freshman, guard, Landon Quick 

displays sudden emotion .<s In- finds 

himsell with an open drive down the 


All about the defense 
Junior Dann; Gathings, and senior 
Brent Halsch, do whatever n takes 

lo hlixk ilien opponents From 

getting io .1 loose ball 01 bei ing 

open For .1 pass. 


Focused on the (iai/u 

Jnnioi guard ('(ins Mats dribbles the 

lull through his Michigan opponents to 

open up the courl For his Panthei 



Mens Basketball 

A Team Sport 
The High Point panthers gather for a team cheer before taking the court and 

Sui ing thi Court... 
After taking control <>t the ball, 
1 1 ■ ■ ■ ■< >i guard Zione While- takes .1 
hmk around the court i<i liiul a 

1 lean pass to a teammate thai has 
the opportunity to so >re. 




Coastal Carolina 

Winthr< >] ) 





UNC Asheville 









Coastal Carolina 




UNC Ashville 







eanini", another team victory! 

Mens Basketball 

I iii Guard! 

Sophomore forward Katie O'Dell 

guards a Clemson playei in hopes 01 

preventing .1 Clemson basket. 




Gardner-Webl > 






UNC Asheville 



Coastal Carolina 


Women's Basketball 

life. MB La Hi 

m & V? a w 5 a ] 

* -J 1 5 


1 mw *r» 
."Si ?i 



First Row: Trainer. Sarah Haak, Amber Bryant, Emily Mills, Kate 

Jenner. Tonya Tripp. Timberley Jones, Trainer Second Row: 

Assistant Coach Heather Macy. Candyee Sellars, Erica Brockmyer, 

Charlena Martin. Katie O'Dell, Chan Ingram, Katie Ralls, Coach 

Tooev Lov 


YVomens Basketball 


Haak ('06) 

As a team, we've 
improved in 
many ways. We 
are almost a whole new team this 
yea r. \\ 'e ha d some ea rly inju ties 
during the beginning of the season. 
But as the season has progressed, we 
have really come together. 

Ml Eyt . on the Basket! 
Junior forward Katejenner 
concentrates as she attempts to make 
a loiil shol in bring her team one 
point c losei to the win 

.Ml About ike Gami Face: 
Forward Centei Freshman 
Timberlej |ones uses hei strength 
and skill i" score another basket. 

Patience is Key 

Charlena "Shorn' Martin, a junioi 

guard. k<r|is hei eyes on the hall as 

she waits lor the pass from her 



Womens Basketball 


Loud ani 


Bio Box 

Burrow ( l 06) 

Our fondest 

memory from 

this season has 

to be our cheerleading sleepover. Our 

night started by cheering on our men's 

basketball team to a victory over the 


Shaking //' 
[b help gel the crowd going, the 
cheei leaders perfoi m .1 well- 
choreographed dance in From "\ the 
tans during halflime "I •> basketball 




Always Smiling! 

I In- • heel leaders pel form .1 1 In n al 
a Chic-fil-a resiaurani foi Panthei 
fans from the 1 ommunitv. 

Top Row: Coach Ronnisha Wilson, Tara Gome/, Tameka Vance. 

Allison Burrow, Anna Fox, Steph McGee, Shameka Williams. 
Coach Jennifer Pfeiffer Bottom Row: Dakia Byrd. Angie Swann. 

Emily Farris, Nikki Dubois, Janai Taliaferro. Lindsay Calicutt 






diving ii all that she's got' 

Fresl in Jemissa I less pushes the 

pa< e ""Ii a runnei from I N( 
Asheville. [emissa was .il>l<- t«> 
maintain tlii~ lead as she headed to .1 
4ili place finish .11 conference. 

App. State 

:\vd/ 8 



Great American 

Fin man 

NC Collegiate 



App State 

Hagan Stone 
2nd/ 1 (> 



Great American 
1 3th/22 

4 th/ 1 5 

NC Collegiates 

C lonference 

3 rd/ 8 



Cross Country 

Men's XC 2003 Conference Champions!! 

First Row: Chris Konecke (trainer), Catherine Lewis. Matt Goodale, Shawnna Truelove, 
Btibba Hill. Jemissa Hess. Melissa Caudill, Jeff Fairman, Nicole Beaudwin, TracyWarring, 

Krin Kelly, Jamie Vetten, Stephanie Carbarcus, Cricket India Second Row: Asst. Coach 
Ricky Overstreet, Heather Rogers (trainer), Niran Pillay, Kevin Scola. Jared I'runtv. Jesse 

Slokowski, Taylor Milne. Jon Renner, Alex Baikovs, Matt Vera, Chris Pereschuk, Kyle 

Lounsbury, Derek Nakluski, Mike Szalach, Nick Adams, Mike Salamone, Eric Martinez 



• H 


77pc wcw\ team icon their 
second consecutive Big 
South Championship title 
as the women placed third 
on Xovember 1 , 2003 in 
Myrtle Beach, SC. 

Jeff Fairman (4th), Bubba 
Hill (6th), Derek Nakluski 
(9th), Jemissa Hess (4th), and 
Melissa Caudill (10th) 
earned All-Conference honors 
while Kyle Lounsbury 1 12th) 
received the Freshman of the 
Year award. 
Derek Nakluski, Jeff Fairman, 
and Jemissa Hess earned Big 
South Conference runner of the 
week awards for stellar first 
place performances. 

(hi yum mark... 

I he incus team concentrates i in 
theii race strategies al the Man line 
ill the Kis; South Conference meet 
mi November, I. 2003. 

Staying strong Push it all the way! 

Bubba I Mil stays (en used as he rounds a Junior Melissa Caudill keeps her head up 

i orrter during the sk conferem e race, .is she pushes eai li stride to a loth plai e 

He placed 6th in the race. finish during the ">k conference run. 


dross Country 


ie.. .Eagle! 


• H 

• H 

77^ 2003-2004 school 

year is the first year for 

Women's Coif 

The Men's golf team 

finished the 2002-200 3 

season 7th out of 8 teams 

in the Big South 


The Men's team posted a 

5th place finish out of 10 

teams at the Liberty/JAE 


tournament in 2003. 

Freshman 1 im Deavers drives .• ball 

off the tee and wati hes li soai 

through the ail Deavers joins the 

team with .tn impressive lii;-;li school 

bat kgri mnd 

Freshman Jenna Kinnear | >in t -> for 
pai and watches the lull roll to the 
up with high hopes of making n in. 

kiimcirs skill will lu-l|) 
the women standout in ihc 

c iiiilcnni e. 


Driving the ball down the fairway. 

freshman Kate < 'Sullivan is also an 

asset i<> this years team, O'Sullivan 

11 niics from .i vcrj stong goll 

background, and looks to lu-lii the 

women su< < eed. 








\±~ # i^^^A ,** W 

V^T ^T^EwSr-* a 


^m. — _— _ 


Chad Westfall on the pulling green watches his pun follow through. Westfall is a senioi who 
is a Millis-Scholar Athlete and has been a member ..I the goll team since his freshman yeai 


Men's andWomen's Golf 








Big South 



College of 
C Charleston 

El on /Sea Trail 

East Carolina 


*the 2003-2004 

school year is the 

first year for 

Woman's Oolf 

Kelly Brown, Jenna Kinnear, Anni Svensson, Lena Svensson, Jamie Km/. Kate 
OSullivan. Julie Ethier, Whitney Whaley, Head Coach: Julie Streng 



Trapping thi Ball! 

Receiving .1 pass, iliis intramural 

soccer playei concentrates on 

controlling ilic ball in order i" m«>i«" 


Co-Kd Beach 

Basketbal I 

Flag Football 

Indoor Soccer 






Water Polo 


Members of the Theta Chi team pose after an exhilarating win. 
Front Row: Josh Jackson Middle Row: Worth Carter, Topper Sine, 

Josh Tenant, Nick DeSando. Chris Conlan Back Row: Alex 
Mostofian. Graham Thompson. Matt Settlage. Daniel Wolff, Steve 

Zarick. Kennv Graf 



Love of 

She Game 

Theta Chi A won the mens 
Ultimate Frisbee contest and 
Zeta Tan Alpha won the 
womens championship. 

Tin- Internationals beat Team 

Tiger to win the mens soccer 

title, and Alpha Gamma Delta] 

defeated J Cm to capture the 

womens title. 


I he I lorsemen prevailed in tli 
the mens Flag Football 
( ompetition while the 
Superwomen earned the womens 

Laura Foster triumphed in 

Womens Rae(|uelball. ^J 

Ready Set Hike! 

I he Lamda Chi team gets read) i<> 
start the next pla) againsl the Kappa 
team during 1 1 ■ c - 2003 flag Football 

M'.IM HI, 

Ready /« Romp! 

Daniel Carter "I Lambdi Chi and 

Mike Reeves oi iln- A-Team gel 

psyched Foi .1 greal Fall game ol Flag 


Getting the Point! 
Bob Ferguson oi the I Iri.i Chi 
Zeta I. hi Alpha team jumps hi^h ii< 
go For a spike during the co- 
ed beai li volleyball intramui al 
toui nament. 




He shoots 

Coach's Corner 

Peter Broadley 
(6th season) 

According to Coach 
Broadley, the most 
memorable moment this season came 
when the Panthers scored the first 
goal against Wake Forest who was 
ranked 7th in the nation. That goal 
put High Point at 1-0 which then led 
to being down only 1-2 at half time. 

Their fnmi game 

Seniors Mall Wood, Kenzo Tbchiki, Kirk 

Rudder, Gareth NicLelland, and keiili Wines 

pose for a quick shot before theii final home 

game. I In- team suffered .1 0-4 loss againsl 

( .< lastal ( larohna. 


Reason /<- /" proud 
Kenzo Tochiki, Luke Lemanski, 

Kevin Balkanl uid Richard 

1 1, cum hi were recognized for iheii 
achievements, Kenzo and Richard 
attained 2nd [earn All-Big South 
Illinois anil Luke .mil Kevin urn- 
named i*> the Conferences All- 
Freshman ream. 

New additions 

Freshman Luke Lemanski, one ol 14 

lie" members in [his years team. 

surveys the field .1- Kenzo Ibchiki 

looks ahead to gel ready l"i the nexl 



Mens Soccer 

Run /"' it. 1 

Man Wood runs aftei the ball [o hopefully score a 
goal. Matts determination and dedii ation were a 
wonderful assel i<> this years team. His seniority 
anil leadership niil\ lnl| >c< I 1 1 u- hhiii^i-i players 
and new members. Man was someone the team 
i ould liink in l'ii guidani e. 









C Coastal 

( larolina 


UNC Asheville 





First Row: Chris Archer, Brindon Hall, Giovanni Bernal, Nan- Sink. Chris Maness, 

Lane Miller, Kevin Balkanloo. Mark Gilbert Second Row: Calvin Keller. Luke 

Lemanski, Richard Hanson. Gavin Moss. Gareth McLelland, Mall Wood, Ken/o 

Tochiki, Kirk Rudder. Keith Wines. Victor Harrison. David Price, Holly Bailey, 

Jeremy Dicus Third Row: Coach Althoff, Alex Thompson, Kurds Eckard, Justin 

Holland. Mall Long. kvle I)e Klerk. Zach Hush. Chris Michener, Michael Sullivan. 

Blake Roll). Coach Bioadlcv 


Mens Soccer 


Kickin It Up 

Senior Goalkeeper, Katie Smith, 

kic ks the ball !>.«< k up the field 

towards hei offense aftei ■< save 







UNC Asheville 



UNC Asheville 
Big South Final 

won in sIkx >t < nit 



Womms Soccer 

The 2003 Conference Champions!! 

First Row: Sarah Hanson, Jamie Burnham, Kate Myers. Courtney Noel. Katie Smith. 
Eileen Mazeika, Carolyn Bader. Second Row: Stacev Moenter. Lena Svensson, Gaby 

McLaughlin, Ryan Hays, Jen Evans, Emily Lanham, Chelsi Parrado, Tanya Wolf, 
Jinene Enders, Anni Svensson, Stephanie Moenter. Third Row: Coach Trade Foels, 

Coach Cms Conner. Lori DiSalvo- Walsh, Jennifer King, Wend) Williams, Traci 
Anderson. Jill MeKeever. Reine DeLaat, Jason Reed (trainer). Emily Markis (trainer) 


The Women's Soccer (earn 
finished their season as 
High Points first team of 
women to win the Big South 
Conference Championship. 

Big South All-Tournament 
recipients were Ryan Hays. 
Katie Smith, Emily Lanham, 
and Stephanie Moenter who 
was also honored as tourna- 
ment MVP. 

Annie S pence and Stephanie 
Moenter were named to the 
North Carolina Collegiate 
Sports Information Association 
I uiversity Division All-State 
women's soccer team. 

Long Time Cuming 
Seniors Sarah Hanson, Katie Smith, 
Stacey Moenter, Eileen Mazeika, 
IniiK Lanham, and Stephanie 
Moenter are honored during their 
senioi night againsl Wofford, which 
lhc\ won uith .1 1-0 slmi out. 


W omens Soccer 


Bio Box 

Howard ( l 04) 

Alexis this year's 
Sports Medicine 
Club President. 
Alex states, 
"Our mission at the start of the 
school year was to expand upon the 
club, and I feel that we have accom- 
plished our task through hard work 
and cooperation as a team. I am 
confident that our success will con- 
tinue in the future" 

Assistant Professoi "I Sports 

Medicine, Dan farara, assists soccer 

playei Lane Millei with stengthening 

his knee. I In- training mom is Riled 

with certified trainers as well .is 

juniors and seniors majoring in the 

|)l i >;^l ,im 

During freshman comps, students 

k-.ii ii the bask s ol taping .""I 

rapping. Mati Cahoon admires his 

tape job as Megan Pastoi finishes 

taping Ryan M< ( Ireas hand 


Illinois Holly Baile) and Jeremy 

l)i( us prepare to head oui to the 

field for iiriis soccer practice. In 

the athletii training progi am, 

juniors are assigned a learn where 

iln\ gain liisi hand expereini e to 

prepare them lor their senior year as 

\\cll as a future 111 athletii training 


Sports Medicine 


Senior, A|>nl Church, prepares i<> 
rip the tape .1- she wraps .in athletes 
ankle. April is verj dedicated i<> her 
majoi and is always willing to help 
those in need. 

This year's Spoils 
Medicine Club had a goal 
to become active on 
campus and in the 
community. They reached 
their goal with the 
following activities: 

The club collected over 
150 varieties of canned 
food and non-perishable 
items for the Father's 
Table during the 
Thanksgiving Holiday 

In partnership with Toys 
for Tots, Sports Med Club 
members held a toy drive 
during the Christmas 
Service in the Chapel and 
collected over five boxes 
iij toys. 

In March, the club will 

hold a symposium. It zed I 

include a membership 

panel, guest speakers and 

various hands-on 

activities. A large amount 

of planning has gone into 

the symposium to make it 

a huge success. 




Front Row: Alex Howard. Emily Deck. Jennifer Sebert, Laura 

Yeager, April Church. Sarah Branyon. Emily Rintz Second Row: 

Chris Archambeault, Heather Rogers, Jeremy Die us. Chris Konecke, 

Emily Markis , Steve Garner. Aaron Ilonevcutt Third Row: Megan 

Pastor. Matt Cahoon, Katie Roberts. Nicole Garner. Melissa 

Cheseldine. Mike Ashton. Dena Rapoport 


Spoils Medicine 


• a Swing 
Philip Whallej hits the tennis ball 
l).i< k [c. the competi at .1 match. 




L 3-4 


W 4-3 


W 7-0 

UNC Asheville 

W 6-1 


W 4-3 


W 6-1 


W 4-0 
Big South Finals 



Mens Tennis 

The 2003 Conference Champions! 
Front Row (LtoR): Mike Tolman, Chris Archer, Thomas 
Sjober"-, and J. P. Batista Second Row (LtoR): Robert 
Lindhe. Casey l)c»nan. Johan Dorfh. Philip Whalley, Neil 
Hammell, Coach Jerry Tertzagian, Assistant Coach Richard 

Game! S 

It! Match! 

The learn became only the N 

second in the history of our 
school to win a Conference 
Championship, and the 
first team to ever make it to 
the NCAA Tournament! 

They von all but one meet 
during the regular season. 

'They defeated Winthrop 4 to 
nothing in the Big South 
Final Championship on 
April 19th, 2(ii)3. 

Chris Archer was the Big 
Souths Freshman of the Year. 
Doubles victories from 
johan Dorfh and Chris 
Archer, and Philip Wkalley 
and Mike Tolman helped 
secure an early lead in the 
Big South Championship. . 

\ Good Sport 

After In-- match, Roberl Lindhe 

prepares to meel his opponenl for .i 


■4 ♦J 



iniii^- ■. il&IHI 

1 ' '■ 



Focusing In 

As Ik- waits For the ball in In- played 

l>,u k lo him. Mike lolman stands 

ready l"i ai tion. 

Ready fur the Competition 
Johan Dorlh awaits his opponents 
answei to his last swing with a Ic.ok 
"I determination and patience. 


Mens "Iennis 





• H 

Dk ring tfte 2'W'j .wimjii, 
Simona Folyton was named 
to the Big Sou lli All- 
Academic team. 

The Lady Panthers finished 

the season with a winning 

record of 9-6. 

They wept all o/ /hen 

matches in their fust round 

win against UNC Asheville. 

Patricia D'Arcy finished her 

Big South season with an 
individual Singles win. 

Ready In Serve 

Annik.i Meyerson prepares to serve 

i he hcill across the courl during one 

nl her mati lies 

Time for Action 

High Point Panther Jenm Rabanal 

readies in starl the match with .1 

mi ve i<> hei opponent. 

lit hind the Baseline 

Reaching up with the ball, Simona 

Foltyn prepares to begin hei match 

with .1 si kpii-; serve. 



Womens Tennis 

Focusing on ike Hall 
\nn.i Stridh waits Foi the ball i<> 
entei hei side ol the i oui i to make 
her next move. 


W 5-2 


L :^-4 


W 7-0 

UNC Asheville 

W 6-1 


L 0-7 


W 7-0 

UNC Asheville 

W 4-1 



Yatchtng her Opponent 
I'.iiric i,i D'An \ foe uses on her 
opponent as she awaits the serve 
ilui ing one ol hei matches. 


Woniens Tennis 


Headiri over Ike steeple 

Chris lYrcv liuk jumps ihc l.isi u.ilii 

barriei in the 3000m steeple chase .« 

the I'.u-is Classic in Charlotte, N.C. 

on March 21,2003. 




• H 



The team finished second 

at the Big Smith 

Conference Indoor Track 

and Field 

Championships and 

third at the Outdoor 


Outdoor Conference 
champions included 
Adrian Hill in the 
10,000 meters and Malt 
Goodale in the 3000 
meters Steeplechase. 

Taylor Mil lie won MVP 
honors at the Big South 
Conference indoor meet 
with two first place wins 
in the SOO meters and 
the mile. 

Outdoor records broken 

were Alex Baikovs in the 

800m run (1:49.79), 

Matt Goodale in the 

3000m Steeple 

(9:23.10. and Ken Diaz 

in the Hammer Throw 


1 Id 

Pushing the Pact 
Dan Gariep) leads the waj foi his 

heat in the begii ig ol the 801 

meter run in the firsi indoor meel <>l 

iln year ,u Appalai hian State 

University on Januan IT. 2003. \lc\ !i,iik<>\- li.m^s i i-_>fit 
with Dan in llu- inside l.uir. 

Mens Track & Field 

In The 

Fast Lane 

Bio Box 

Rudder ( l Sr) 

Highlight of the 
season was 
"running my 
first sub seven seconds 60 meter dash 
at Indoor Conference". Kirk was an 
all-conference indoor performer with 
a third in the 200 meter dash 
(22.20) which was a school record. 
His 60m dash of 6.96 was also a 
school record. 

Ham Support. 1 

Iavlor Milne yells to teammate Alex 

BaikoVS Id pic k ll|> till" pace .Hid paSS 

the nexl runner at the end <»f the 
800 metei run ai the Appalachain 
State University inclocn meet. 

Showing his Strength 

Aftei Im impressive performance in 

the hammer throw at the Big South 

( miW telle i- Ouulooi ( :ll,mi|>ll>M-.|li|)N 

on April 19, 2003, Ken Diaz earned 
} i i-> way to the podium with a third 
plai e finish. 

Holding Pace 

Niran Pillay ami Mike Salamone 

keep with the pa< k (lining the 
1 0,000 meter run ,n the outdooi 
coiifeietue meet Both men urn keel 
togethei to Finish third and Fourth 


Mens Track & Field 



io Box 


Highlight of the 
season was 
'finishing third 
at outdoor conference because the 
team pulled together to get the 
points". Kia helped the team by 
placing first in the 400m dash, 
second in 200m dash, and running 
the last leg in the winning 4x400m 
relay team. 

Gettiri Readyi 

April Powell, Shana Miller, and 

Denise Morgan make sun- theii 

spikes are ready before thej run .11 

llit- incloni I4ii< Scuuli ( :<>nl< n -mi- 

meet al Virginia rech University 

Push to the Finish! 

Stephanie Carbarcas gives her besl 

kitk to tin- finish line during the 800 

meter run al the Big South 

( lonference outdoor meet held al 

R.idloid I unci sin 


Time tv Rest! 

Sprinters, Denise Morgan and 

Shalonda Bowles, take time between 

time trials and cheering for .i 

friendly picture while at the Big 

South Conference indoor meet. 


Womens Track & Field 

.1// Smite 

[amie V'etten and Melissa Caudill 
mihIc ilui ing ihe 10,000 metei i nn ai 
he Big Soulh < lonfereni e outdooi 
meet, [eammate Ei in K< ll\ i heers 
limn the side lines. Melissa and 
[amie finished -.ixih and seventh 
i espei tivel) 

The leant placed sixth at the 
Big South Conference 
Indoor Track and Field 
Championships on February 
22, 2003 and third at the 
outdoor meet on April 19, 

Conference champions 

include Denise Morgan in 

Ihe Triple Jump and Long 

Jump, Kia Westbrook in ihe 

400 meter dash, and the 

4x400 meter relax learn of 

Stephanie Ampon sak, 

Denise Morgan. April 

Powell, and Kia Westbrook. 

Outdoor records broken 
xvere Xicole Garner in the 
Discus (143'0 1"), Jennifer 
Detrolio in the Javelin 
(106'10"), and Kia 
Westbrook in the tOOmeter 
dash with a BSC meet 
record of 55.60. 

We Are Ihe Champions! 
I he 4x400 metei rela> team ol 
Stephanie Amponsah. Denise 
Moi gan, \|m il Powell, and Kia 
Westbrook. won ihe gold medal al 

iIk ciiuil nfereni e meet with .i 

timeol 3:52 8S 

\V< miens Track & Field 


1 13 

Ready to Dig! 
Ki;_; South Freshman »>l the Year, 
l.iiukex I'ii kins. u. iii lies the ball 
being played on the othei side <>l lin- 
net as she waits i<> gel another dig. 



Coastal Carolina 
0-3 1-3 

C Charleston 

1-3 1-3 

0-3 1-3 


0-3 0-3 

UNC- Asheville 
1-3 1-3 

1-3 1-3 

1-3 3-0 


First Row: Jenelle Stouffer. Kim Anderson. Headier Hull. Bethany Thomas. 

Terri Eriksen. Ashley Roth, Kamarsha Ryan, and April Shields. Second Row: 

Lara Wittstadt (trainer). Malt Mi Kinney (trainer). Coach Chad Esposito, Sabrina 

Wahid. Jaime Km/. Lindsey Pickens, Heather Brooks. Asm. Coach Tahirah 

Dock, Matl Schooler (trainer) 


Bumo! S 


Bio Box 


Shields ( l SR) 

"The season was 
difficult because we 
had a new coach 
and new players, but we pulled to- 
gether. It is a beginning to a new 
tradition and a strong foundation to 
upcoming seasons'.' April was named 
HPU's 2003 Sportswoman of the year 
for her commitment to /airplay and 

Serve it Up! 

Senior Kamarsha stays focused 
.in she gives the volleyball .1 strong 
Im over the mi for ,1 puinl during .1 

llolllr 111. Ill li 

(hi 1 Ihe Net! 

Hoping the volleyball won't be 

Mm knl. Sopl 11 I leather 

Brooks sin. 11 ks ii .is hard .is she 1 an 

In- nlllci siilr 

What a Hit! 

( loai li Esposito and the volleyball 
team Milliliter! 1 lnii linn- ,11 the 
local YMCA in tea< h future 
volleyball smis mi their skills 




The member's oi IFC play 

binijo monthly al Weslvan 

Ai ins Assisted Living 

Dan W'oll sinks Ins feel into 
lilt- yrniinil as In- and his 
Theta Chi brother's compete 
in the tug of war dm ing 
Greek Week. 

Meet and Greet 

Alton Moslev and Sarah 
Slattery greet students .it tin 
activities fail . They are 
eager to show new students I'ln \lu is all .il» iuI 

Service with a smile 

The KD's show their 
enthusiasm as the) hosi a 

l)i-i <-nihii ixani break. Corn 
(W>i;s and ij»g rolls were on 
i In- menu. 

Carry out or delivery? 

A ■ rowd gathers i<> wat< li 
the pizza eating i ontesl 
between fraternities. 


I K. 

Greek Life 

Greek Life 

At Higft Point University 


Cover \\\s-'^ 

•SKof ( ■■m».;:$:.k) 





<*£ - 




. "Wrfa 



Phi Mu and Lambda Chi Alpha 
Greek WVck banner 


KD and Sig Greek Week banner / I A and Pike Greek Week banner 

The Greek community shares one central 
philosophy: we are stronger as a group than 
we are as individuals. As students look to form 
bonds of friendship between old and new 
members, mam find a home in the greek 
community. Be it working with a local girl 
scout troop, raising money for the fight against 
juvenile diabetes or just having a great evening 
at a spring semi-formal, the greek community 
always makes an impressive show of strength 
and ultimately leaves the campus and the 
community a better place to be. 


Greek Life 

1 17 



e % 

Alpha Gamma 




In 1955, the Gamma Eta 
Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta was 
established at High Point University 
after being founded in 1904 
nationally. Alpha Gamma Delta is an 
International Woniens Fraternity that 
includes 179 chapters across the US 
and Canada. This year the Alpha 
Gamma Delta sisters will celebrate 
their 100 year anniversary. 

The women of the Alpha 
Gamma Delta fraternity established 
the first international philanthropic 
project. The foundation made 
contributions to a varietv of 
individuals and organizations 
including the American Diabetes 
Association and the Juvenile 
Diabetes Foundation. 

Campus F.vents: Jailhouse Rock. 
Walk for Diabetes, Fallapalooza 
Colors: Red. Bufl. and Green 

Mascot: Squirrel 
Motto: "Through the years" 


1 is 

An We There Yet* 

Ashle) Goodrich and Susan Ammetei 

. \. k ise' their values in the annual 

Crop W.Llk. 

Say t heest 
IVi-\ Edwards, Panhellenu President, 
(,ik<". ,i moment in wave .11 the camera 
during the Greeks' Toga Bowling. 

Alpha Gamma Delta 


Take Five... 

The sisiers of Alpha Gamma Dell; 
i.ikc a momeni to relax and muiid 
on) during Derby Day. 

fLj> *\ « ?fW 

_1 iu; _> i. 

And the Next Greek Idol /. . 
I In- Alpha ( ..uiiin.i Delia sisters 
proudh displai theii 2003 Greek 
week banner in collaboration with 
their pal tners, I heia Chi. 

/, 2. 3...GO! 

rhe Gams gear up to conquei 

Dei In D.i\ ,u tivities. 

We are Superstars! 
The Alpha Gamma Delta sisters 
along \*itl> some rheta < "lit brothers 
prepare I < »i theii "boat" ride in the 
homei oming parade 

\\ here is the Love? 

Hie Alpha Gamma Delta sisters 

know where the love i 1 - as the} | 

together foi a group shot. 


Alpha Gamma Delia 

Afpfia Gamma Delta 





k3 . 

> -U f Jl* 


**'' ', 


fwei* i 




i * SI 


Hi /■ ^W 

Kappa Delta 

20 Bi,| I).i\ 200 I 

Greek Bid Day 2004 

Pi Kappa Alpha 


Bid Dav 2004 

2 1 

Left, right, left, right... 

Kayla Folsom and Ashley Cox walk 

i.i;4<iIki iIiit iiii> i Ik -Crop Walk. Being in 

a sorority means you never have to be 


Sisterly Love... 

rhe Kappa Delta sisters join 

together to support High Poin 

.llllll'lli s. 

A liter iin\ fni u walk 

\lii helle Valesey and Connie Wicks 

enjoy the weather and company al the 

Crop Walk. 

Kappa Delia 


■ JL^^Hfli 


^ ^L-to ^M 


^^^ji ,^^H 


Kc.\i jjy 

^B£p^/t» i 1 

m^ ■ 

kV^H ^^^Ti^l 

Celebrate Good Times... 
I he Kappa Delta Sisters celebrate 
National Women's Day on 
September 21, 2003. 









Kappa Delta 

Kappa Delta Sorority' was 
founded in 1897 and established at 
High Point University in 1955. 
Nationally, Kappa Delta supports the 
Childrens Hospital in Richmond, 
Virginia, the American Academy of 
Orthopaedic Surgeons Research 
Awards, and the National Committee 
to Prevent Child Abuse. 

Kappa Delias support includes 
donating funds which have gone to 
build an operating room, develop a 
clinic, and buv a van to transport 
patients. Locally, the Gamma 

Gamma chapter supports the 
Hallelujah House, which is a home 
for abused and neglected children, 
and give much needed donations of 
time and money to a local Girl Scout 

Campus Events: White Rose 
Formal, Sisters Formal Dance 
Colors: Olive green and Pearl 
Jewels: Diamond, Emerald, Pearl 
Flower:White Rose 
Motto: "Eel us si i ive lot that 
which is honorable, beautiful, and 


And the check goes to... 
As the winners * »( the Mi Donalds 
halftime soccei challenge, the Kl)s 
proudh show tbeii prize! 


Kappa Delta 123 


"t J 1 






w— -if ^ 

^lU -Jki'JL 1 



Y~* - 

|JKif( V ' 'M 




"" ™ 










Lambda Chi sei up Ibi a touchdown Adam Utle ) talks ""'' a resident ..I 

, ii-ii Weslvan Arms during IFC bingo 

lllll mi t In- held. ° 


Lambda Chi awaii the arrival ol Andrew Coultei and Brad Komisar 

theii new associate members during read) themselves foi tug ol war. 
fall bid day. 

- I l.amlxia Chi Alpha 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

This year, the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha were involved in 
many different events, both on and off campus. One of the 
main things that they do is go to the Fathers Table, where 
they help provide food for need)- people in the High Point 
community. Lambda Chi also try to spend as much time 
there as possible. They hold annual food drives which 
raise money and food for the Open Door Ministries. The 
food is donated to the Lathers Table. Another bio; event is 
the annual Rock A Thon. During this event each brother 
takes turns rocking in a chair for four hours at a time for a 
total of fourty eight hours. The Rock A Thon is held to 
raise donations for the American Cancer Society. 

The brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha also do many things on 
campus. One of the brothers is the co-president of the Sports 
Medicine Club. Manx 7 of them are involved in the Interfraternitv 
Council (of which one is the secretary). The) are also involved in 
intramural sports. Even though they don't always win, they always have 

"The Ideal 
of Perfect 




I hr broi hi-t". i>l Lambda Chi Alpha 


Lambda Chi Alpha 12! 



The sisters of the Phi Mu 
sorority celebrated their 50th 
anniversary on Saturday, October 4, 
2003. Phi Mu sorority was the first 
sororiiv established at High Point 
University in 1953. Returning to 
High Point were 3 of the original 
charter women and approximately 
1 00 alumnae to attend the reunion 
of the Phi Mu sisters. The sisters 
hosted a luncheon, anniversary 
service, and a memorial service in 
rememberance of the deceased 

The sisters are annually 
involved with the Childrens Miracle- 
Network that colaborates with Duke 
Childrens I Iospital. 

Campus Events: Giant Twister, 
Crop Walk 
Colors: Rose and white- 
Mascot: .Sir Fidel (lion) 
Flower: Rose Carnation 
Motto: Les Soeures Fideles 
(The Faithful Sisters) 


Singing their hearts out 
1'ln Mil's participate in the annual lip 
mik contest held during greek week. 





All 'lolled up 

The I'hi Mu sisters show their besi as 
the\ prepare to go out ic. the 

lionic* nmiii*' dance. 


Phi Mu 

If\ Lunch Tiitii ... 
Sisters Afton Mosley, Kristen 
Via. and Katie F.sik-i prepare 
Food during the Crop Walk. 

Phi Mu 

"Once a 

Always a 



Pi Kappa Alpha 

The Delta Omega Chapter is the oldest greek letter fraternity at 

High Point University as chartered on February 7th, 1953. Pi 

Kappa Alpha was Founded on March 1. 1868 at the University of 

Virginia. They are composed of more than 200 chapters across 

the United States and Canada and have over 200,000 initiated 

members. The Pikes are consistently the largest average 

chapter size of any international fraternity. 

Pi Kappa Alpha awards more than 100 annual 
scholarships. Prominant Pikes include: Dr. Stephan Convey - 
Chairman of Convey Leadership Institute, S. Truett Cathy - 
founder of Chick-fil-A. Jon Stuart - The Daily Show host/ 
comedian, Bobbv Bow den - Florida State head football coach, 
and Tim McGraw - married to Faith Hill. ..enough said. 

Pi Kappa Alpha is dedicated to enhancing the collegiate 

experience while providing lifelong opport unities and rewards. 

Pikes consist of scholars, athletes, and gentlemen: their legacy 

demands nothing less than excellence. 

The brothers ol Pi Kappa Alpha 

Tin- Pikes plani .i white oak in from 
ol Finch Hall to celebrate Arbor 


On I. ill bid <lax . Pi Kappa Alpha 

welcomes new members. 


Pi Kappa Alpha 

|.n kson Newbauei and Sam < llosii 

run the board al the monthh IFC Jackson Newbauei gives his brothers 

the game plan during Derb\ I>.i\ 

Zai Cuffe .mcl Pal Warren man the 
Pikes table during the Activities 
Fair. I hey enjoyed talking to new 
students aboul the benefits <>l 
brothel hood. 


Pi Kappa Alpha 


I Ihi.i ( :hi gladl; ,i( < epi the i hei k 

lin winning McDonald's halllime 

sex hi ( hallenge. 



Theta Chi 

Theta Chi National Fraternity was founded on April 10. 1856, and 
the Epsilon Alpha Chapter of High Point University was founded 
on Decemher 10, 1954. Their motto is to "Extend the Helping 
Hand!' Since founded, the brothers of Theta Chi have been 
very prevalent in campus activities including S.G.A. 
executive officers, class officers, RAs, club representatives. 
University Ambassadors, and of course intramurals sports. 

2004 marks the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the 
Epsilon Alpha Chapter at High Point University. 2003-04 
was a great year for Theta Chi. They placed second with 
Alpha Camma Delta Sorority in die Creek Week 
competition. In November. Jay Bo/man. Adam Caueva/zi, 
Taylor Humphries. Joshua Jackson, and Steve Zarrick 
teamed up to place third in this year's College Bowl 
competition. The annual See-Saw-Alhon was a great success and 
raised money for American Diabetes. 


a Hdiping 


I Ik- mattresss race during derby da) The brothers "I I heta Chi 
demands teamwork from Theta Chi. 


Theta Chi 131 

If' "S 

.W/ smiles 

I he Zeta Tau Alpha sisiers gel read) i<> 

appear in the Homecoming Parade. 

Sister, Sistt r 

I he Zeta I au Alpha sisters strike a 

pose i<n the < amera. 



Zeta Tau Alpha 

Lunch Time... 

The Zeta Tan Alpha sisters sii 
together during lunch after 
participating in the Crop Walk. 

Zeta Tau Alpha was founded 

in 1898, and established at High 
Point University in 1957. Every year 
on October 15th, the sisters hold a 
Founders' Day service in the 
remembrance of alumnae and their 
founding ideas. A turquoise and 
gray ribbon is worn beneath the 
badges of the sisters' to signify each 
members commitment. 

In 1992, the sisters adopted 
the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 
Foundation as their national 
philanthropy. l'he\ volunteei then 
services with the Rate for the Cure. 
In the month of October, the Zeta 
Tau Alpha sisters encourage students 
of High Point University to "Paint 
the Cafe Pink!" 

Campus Events: Paint the Cafe- 
Pink, Rate for the Cure 

Patron Goddess: Themis, 
Goddess of Justice 

Colors: Tun | noise Blue and 

Steel ( ira\ 
Flower: White Violet 

Motto: "Seek the Noblest'' 

On ypur murk.... 
I he Zeta sisters impair Foi the 
mattress race during Derbj Day, 

Walking to Ihi 

Vmanda I risbee proudly wears hei 
lettei s as she partii ipates in the < Top 



Zeta Tau Alpha 



At Hujft Point University 



Katie Clain-Stefanelli prepares to take I he I niversity Singers perform in a The Outdoor Activities Club sleep in 
a shot foi the yearbook. concert. ll "' ran "" •' whitewatei rafting trip. 

College life is enhanced by the participation in 
a club or organization. There are so many to 
choose from, for a variety of different inter- 
ests. Students go back and forth from classes 
to dorm rooms to practices, the cafeteria, and 
club meetings. These things define college 
life. Organizations give students who share 
similar interests a chance to meet and spend 
lime together doing what they enjoy. Whether 
it is art club, international club, yearbook or 
newspaper, student government, or a singing 
or theater group - the organizations enrich 

students' life on this campus. 


The Outdoor Ac tivities Club 
wcmi on man} trips, including 
Whitewater rafting, hiking, and 
ro< k < limbing. 

Forever Sisters 

AKA's April Powell. Jassica 
Winston. Tiffam Chen v. .mil 
Sophia Kosh relax al Java City. 

Food and Fun 

International students, Roberl 
Lindhe and I honias Sjoberg, 
both from Sweden, enjoy the 
International Day Fair. The 
fail was held Saturday . 
Novembei 8th, and featured 
c uisines from all over the 
world courtes) ol the Interna- 
tional ( Hub. 

Wo rldly Pe rspectives 

I hese international students 

from [apan enjoyed prepai ing 

some ol their native loofl for 

the l).i\ Fail and 

displaying then uadiiional 

gai ments. 

It's A Jungle In There 

The Towei Players performed 
Children ol Eden in the fall. The 
performance featured colorful 
costumes and h\«-l\ sound. 




\KA ladies I iffan) ( foerr) and 

Laura Ryans < hai as die) prepare a 

crash simulatoi i<> show students the 

dancers ol drunk driving. 

AK \ sisters April Powell. Janaiya 
Johnson. Stephanie Amponsan and 
Lashawn Elam volunteer their time 

and Mi\Ni ,il ,i shekel . 

I. .un. i Rvans, April Powell, Kim 

Smith, Ashley Herndon, Sophia Kosh, 

[assica Winston, [aniva |ohnson, 

riffany ( !hei i v. Stephanie 

Amponsah, Lashawn Clara 


1 i ■ 


1 if j f 


if if ■ 

Alpha Delta Theta 

Row It Ada Hernandez, Kellie While- Row 2: Ashley Zickefoose, Brooke 
Hayworth, Whitney Bridges Row 3: Katie Culp, DeniseSealy, Pain Holley, 
Emily Parker, Marissa Swaim, Maria Carroll. Jessica Culp. Dekesha Scav 
Row 4: Doreen Furman, Kellv Preddy, Mary-Kate Law 


Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Sophisticated Ladies 

Bringing a new sorority to life 

The Alpha Kappa Al- 
pha Sorority Incorporated 
is a new greek organiza- 
tion on the HPTJ campus. 

The organization was 
started in 200 I -2002 
school year by an ambi- 
tious group of ladies who 
wanted to enrich the cam- 
pus by adding another or- 
ganization that embodies 
sisterhood. The organi- 
zation has survived the 
main' pit (alls that surround 
a young organization to 
test their endurance on .1 
college campus. The la- 
dies of Alpha Kappa Al- 
pha have taken these ob- 
stacles in stride and are 
inc r e a s i n g I v b e c o m i n g 
known on the HPU 

campus for their ability 
to prevail and excel as an 
organization. The ladies 
of Alpha Kappa Alpha 
persistant I v move ahead 
with their quest through 
1 1 leir v< dunteer efforts ai ic I 
their goals to promote sis- 
terhood not only in the 
black community but for 
all women on the I IPU 
campus. This year the last 
of the founding ladies will 
be graduating, but they 
are proud of what the 
organization has become 
in such a short time and 
hope that the organiza- 
tion will continue to grow 
long after they have gone 
on to become profession- 
als, wives, and mothers. 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Jenn Morgan, Heather Hehl, Lexi Mcsscrly. Courtney Lambeth, 
Clen Fell. Garrett Neisler. Eric Staples. Donna Venable, Heather 
Sneathati, Adrianna Cowne. Will Tarrant. Dan Holland. Sherr) 

Row 1: Steve Blair. Emily Stilwell, Andrea Wheeless. Antoinette 
Robinson Row 2: Ashley Goodrich, Miguel Rodrugue/. Virginia Marvin. 
Ben Allen 


Alpha Kappa Alpha 




High Point 

University is fortunate to 
have a myriad of vocal 
groups that range in style 
from a capella to gospel, 
from choral to Broadway 
Students in search 
of variety tan choose 
from the Toccatotones, 
Cabaret, Genesis, the 
University Singers, and 
Chapel Choir. 

While it is 
common to find any ofthe 
groups performing in the 
Wednesday chapel 

service, il would not be 
uncommon to find them 
out in the community 
entertaining civic, church, 
and social groups. This 
year, the Toccatotones 
rocked orientation. 
Genesis and Cabaret 

ing for Joy 

ir voices on high 

wowed the Presidential 
Scholars, and the Chapel 
Choir and University 
Singers inspired us all 
the Holiday 


Magnifying Go Tell It On The 

Mountain, Michael Maykish 

successfully captures the meaning • >! 

the song. 

Shining like a star, Amanda Troy 
truly hits .ill the righl notes and 

leaves I he audience applauding for 

I he c iillalxiratiiin "I the 

Universit; Sinners .mil Chapel 

Choir makes the holidav concert .1 

sin < ess 




Genesis Gospel Choir 

The Toccatatones 

Joshua M< Alee, Adam Cane\a//i, 
Gabe Herlinger, Sarah Hunt, Nick 
Adams, I-.rin llipps, Mike Maykish. 
Stephanie Sharp, Amanda Inn. 
Karen Grim. Taylor Humphreys. 
Brillany Susko, Leah 1'clrini. 

Bethany Davoll, David Hilfstein, 
Man Hayneas, Alexa Schlimmer, 
Mania Dills. Wade Hughes, 
Darlene Brito 


Row 1: Kellor Lindler, Brad 
Archer. Brittany Susko. Faith 
Dobbs, Amanda Troy, Virginia 
Provencher. Becca Newell. Meg 
Kennelly. Jennifer King. Emily 
Dickens. Krislina Holleran, Pain 
Grier Row 2: Robert Lumpkins, 
Joe Zito, Chris Ferguson. Christina 
Anderson. Adam Troy. Chris 
Holmes, Katie Estler, Joel I lodge. 
David Hilfstein, Matt Havnes, 

Kenon Guischard, Wade Hughes 

The Tower Players 



I 39 

III. members pose nexi to the 

Christmas tree decorated to hold the 

names ol ihe children that 1 1 PI 

students and l.w ult) helped have a 

Merry Christmas. 

Ill I members host .1 monthl) 
bingo game at Ihe Wish. id Arms 
Retirement I. nun 

Brendan Donahue, 

Adam Canevazzi, 

Madison Smith. 

Matt Cillard: Secretary, 

Rvan Bess, 

Taylor 1 1 iiiii|>l 11 x\ -.: President. 

Pal Warren: Public Relations, 

R.i\ Harp: Vice President 

Jeremv I .eMasiei : AttornoyGcncral. 

Roger Clodfeker: Advisor 


Black Cultural Awareness 

Row 1: Jassiia Winston, Sophia Kosh, Joyce Haima. Stephanie Amponsah, 
Janiya Johnson, Tiffany Cherry Row 2: Mikia Snead, Ta'nia Hebb, Lisa 
Tbomer, Carnai Simpson, Sheena Wedge. Antoinette Robinson, Melissa 
Small, LaShawn Khun Row 3: Vernisha Harvey, Akin Durant, Randall 
Shields, Aislia Chambers, Tony, Laura Ryans, Toni Pierce. Justin Cooper. 
Marilyn Barkers. Aaron Honevcull 

Board of Stewards 

Row 1: Hal Warlick, Randi Lanier, Kristin Mali. Nicole Harper. Chara 
Freeman Row 2: Maggie Pelreska, Shannon Hunt, Katie Litvvin. Laura 
Wvant, Hannah Gooden, Susan Lewis, Kelly Preddy Row 3: Dan 
Carter. Clark Roberton, David Hiatt, Jell Landers. Chris Ferguson. 

I 10 

Interfraternitv Council 

Making a Difference 

Four Groups 
One Goal 

The Interfraternit) 
Council is the 

representative governing 
bod) thai oversees the 
University lour fraternities: 
Pi K,i|)|),i Alpha, Lambda 
(Hi i Alpha. Delta Sigma 
Phi, and Tin-la Chi. Their 
purpose is [o foster and 
promote positive relations 
with other greek 

organizations, the studenl 
body, faculty, and 

This year IFC hosted 
cookouts for freshmen, 
sponsored an alcohol 
education speaker, and 
decorated the Slane Center 
for the Christ mas season. 
In addition to their on- 
campus activities, the men 
of IFC began a new 
relationship with the 
i esidents ol the YVesle\ an 
Anns Retirement Center. 

Every month the 
men host bingo night at the 
Center and have sponsored 
both a Christmas Parts and 
Valentines Dance for the 
appreciative residents. This 
new friendship between 
town-and-gow n has proved 
rewarding for everyone 

In February, six 
members of IFC attended 
SEIFC, the Southeastern 
Interfraternit v Leadership 
Academy in Atlanta. 
Georgia. The conference 
emphasized greater campus 
involvement, civic 

responsibilit v, and long 
term growth. 

Not content to rest 
on their accomplishments, 
the men of IFC are already 
hard at work preparing for 
their role as co-sponsors of 
next fall's Derby Day and 
Greek Week. 

Society for Historical and Political Awareness 

Row 1: Heather Beveridge, Amanda Roberts. Afton Mosley 

Row 2: Andriy Shevtsov, Dr. Carter, Genevieve Dunaj. Ali Wassell 

College Bowl Team 

Emily Miles, Amanda Roberts, Elizabeth Imhoff 
Not Pictured: Josh McAfee and Bill Pizer 


Interfraternitv Council 


Going Global 

International Club enhances worldly perspectives 

Through the year, 
the club sponsors a 
number of events 
designed to bring a little 
bit of international Hair to 
the students of HPU. 
This year, the club hosted 
a well-attended 

international food fair 
during family weekend, 
held several dinners 

highlighting various appreciation of other 
indigenous cuisines, and cultures within the entire 
sponsored trips and High Point community. 
excursions throughout 
the South East. 

Ultimately, the 
International Club 

successfully encourages a 
close unity between 
students from around the J p Batisla : ' l """ ,s ***** 

and Ruhiil Limine enjin tin- ski 
globe and a better trip, sponsored In the Interna- 

tional < Hub. 


Ikuko As.mii wears her Yiikata 

tied with an <>bi al iltc International 

Club Breakfast during famih 

weekend. The dress is native to her 

country, Japan, but today is typical!) 

onlj woi u on spei ial oa asions and 


kale O'Sullivan hum Scotland, 

Anna Svensson and Lena Svensson 

from Sweden, .Ann - Chariot! Talus 

from Sweden, and Jenna ICinneai 

hum Ireland enjoy food and 

fellowship at the International Da\ 

Fail . 


International Club 

College Democrats 

' allege Rebublu 

College Republicans 

Dancers with Pazzazz 

Row 1: Chris Gardner, Afton 
Musli'V. Nicole Barnes. Teresa 
Dabbs, Nicole Waleski, Sophie 

Sosland Row 2: Clifford Smith. 

Ali Wassell, Man Fecteau, 

Monica Jackson. Bahvah 
Row 3: Kia YVestbrook. Janai 
Taliferro. Dr. Gabrielli, Scotl 

Mi »i .in \ 

Row 1: Rachel Johnson, 
Jonathan Miller, Gena Smith, 
Linda Pelrou Row 2: Amanda 
Roberts. Genevieve Dunaj Row 
3: Katie Gulp, Josh McAfee. 

Adam Harrell, Tracy Whitman 
Row 4: Bill Piser. Jeremy 
LeMaster, foel Stubblefield, Erk 

1 lehl 

Row 1: Taundra Thomas. Tarin 
Ligens Row 2: Katie Koeslin. 
Melissa Small-. Mclanie Sliok. 
Kristin Nicholas. Joyce Haima, 
ChuKeya McCall Row 3: Jewels 
Blount, Dakia Byrd. Jessica 
Simon. Alison Hal field, Erin 

Row 1: Rachel Cogar, Cindy 
Bassev. Andriv ShevtSOV, 
liffanv Dowdy Row 2: Todd 
Kilpatrick, Sherry Ratliff-Page. 
Karen Small. James Daugherty, 
Geneveive Dunaj 

Phi Theta Kappa 


International Club 


OAC participants sta) warm In 

the fire at one ol the mam caving 


Two diiill seekers hold lor a 
picture while rock climbing. 

Partii ipants "I the White Water 

Rafting trip pose foi .i picture 

before heading to the water. 


Odyssey Club 

[ared Pruntv, Jay Bo/man. Dr. Schneid, Joel Siubblefield. Brianna 
Warner, Kelly Fitzpatrick 

Panhellinic Council 

Row 1: Rans Triplett Row 2: Megan Moroney, Betsy Edwards. 
Amanda Frisbee. April Shields. Sarah Seil/-. Kristin Mali, Clark 


Outdoor Activities Club 

The Great Outdoors 

Provides adventures for 
willing students 

The Outdoor who participate on OAC 

Activities Club (OAC) is a adventures are thrust 

student run organization headlong into the 

that coordinates and plans wonders that nature has 

exciting outdoor to offer. They are 

adventures throughout reminded perhaps of the 
the school year. 

tin ill seekers and novices 

when he 

alike share in the 
adventurous world of 
rafting, rock climbing, 
and camping. The OAC 
also sponsors short hikes 
in the nearby mountains 
of North Carolina and 

Excitement and 
adventure, however, are 
only half of what OAC is 
all about. The OAC. also 
emphasizes the delicate 
ecology in which we all 
live. Students and faculty 

words of 



"Therefore I am still a 
lover of the meadows and 

the woods. And 
mountains; and of all the 

mighty world 

Of eye, and ear, both what 

they half create And what 

perceive; well pleased to 

recognize In nature and 

the language of the sense, 

The anchor of my purest 

thoughts, the nurse, The 

guide, the guardian of my 

heart and soul, 

All my moral being" 

Phi Theta Kappa 

Row 1: Jim Miller, Alum Mosley Row 2:Jaci Check. Shelby Duncan, 
Keoda Brown, Ronnie Ingle. Naomi Onioicbokliac Row 3: Jason 
Ward, Shireen Parsi, ki.i Westbrook, Chris Michener, Dr. Gabrielli 

Outdoor Activities Club 


Not Just An Ordinary Year r 

Recording the moments that make the year 

The preservation of these 
memories is the purpose of 
this book. 

The Zenith's style for 
this year's book was tradi- 
tional. The theme Con- 
trasts can be found sewn 

Melissa Candill, the edi- 
tor in chief, said. "I hope 
thai the students and stall 
can instantly see how much 
work went into this book. 

I feel that it is an 
immense improvement 
over past years, and I 
hope we <an continue to 
improve and grow as a 

With the help of 
Roger Clodfelter, the 
Zeniths advisor. Melissa 
built the staff from 
scratch by bringing in 
students with various 
talents, interests, and 

Already preparing For nex) years 

yearbook, Melissa Caudill, Megan 

Pastor, Sara Cunningham, and Jen 

Howell look For ways to improve 

.iiid formulate new ideas and 

com epts. 

1 he Zenith's own photo girl, 

K.iiii Clain-Stefanelli, takes anothei 

pi« i me for ilir yearbook. 

goals for iliis yearbook 
and the future ones to 

After weekly laughter 
filled Tuesday meetings, 
main laic nights, four 
completed deadlines, 
and some setbacks in 
between, the yearbook 
staff has accomplished 
its goal with pride. 

Nicole Beaudwin looks over the 

portraits pages i<> corre< i any 



i us 

Zenith Yearbook 

Zenith Yearbook Staff 

Zenith Editors 

Zenith Editorial Board 

Front Row: Jennifer Howell, 
Nicole Barnes, Katie Clain- 
Slefanclli, Melissa Caudill. Roger 
Clodfcller Second Row: Sara 
Cunningham, Megan Pastor, 
Nicole Beaudwin, Catherine 

Lewis not pictured: Emily Miles 

Front Row: Sara Cunningham: 
Studeni Lite Editor, Nicole 
Barnes: Organizations Editor, 
Melissa Caudill: Editor in Chief 
Second Row: Megan Pastor: Ath- 

letics Editor, Nicole Beaudwin: 
Athletics Editor. Catherine 

Lewis: People Editor 

Rogei Clodlcllei , Melissa Caudill 
and Rans Triplet! 


Zenith Yearbook 


Campus Chronicle Staff 

Row I: krisia Adkins, Mike 

< raspeny, Andrea Griffith 

Row 2: Jennifer Binjj. Katie 

Estler, Irish Mitchell 

Pn-paiiit^ loi .moilu-r deadline, 

Katie Estler (Layoui Editor) cud 

Lindse) Silva (Greek < Irganiza- 

lional Editor), focus "ii creating the 

best images t"i theii stories. 


Student Government Association 

Delta Sigma Phi 

'48 Campus Chronicle 

Extra Extra! 

The Chronicle records tfte 
news at High Point University 

The members of 
the Chronicle staff have 
one thing in common, the 
desire to produce a 
campus newspaper cadi 
month. Being a pari of 
this team is completely 
voluntary and takes a 
special person to give up 
the amount ol time- it 
takes to contribute to the 

The writers are 
the backbone of the 
paper because of their 
strong commitment to 
write a story is critical to 
publishing each issue. 

The quality of 
work from the stall is 
always unique and 
refreshing, with each 

issue providing an array 
of viewpoints on a variety 
of topics. 

The section editors, 
also known as layout 
artists, devote at least 8- 
1 hours an issue, granted 
everything Hows perfectly. 

Each mem bet of 
the Chronicle's staff has 
an opportunity to explore 
their interests in 
journalism and perfect 
their own voice. 

Delta Mu Delta 

Laura Ryans. Andriy Shevtsov, Bill Aird 

Junior Class Officers 

Clockwise from left: Courtney Cahill(Treasurer), 

James Jackson (Secretary), Samatha Lord 

(Legislature). Tiffany Harris( President) 

Not shown: Alexia Winning (Vice President) 


Campus Chronicle > 49 

Resident Advisors, 

commonly know as RAs 
are an integral part of 
everyone's college 

expei ien< e. Making the 
transition from home 
town to college campus 
can be difficult for some, 
yet exhilarating for 
others. Either way, the 
RA is often the first 
friend a new student 
makes. The RAs are 
chosen each spring 

House Rules 

RAs are always there to fteCp 

through an intense to step in when needed, 

selection process help with campus events, 

designed to find the sponsor hall, social 

students best suited for programs, and serve as 

this special responsibility, the link between students 

Once selected, and administration. While 

RAs arrive weeks early their work often goes 

each August to receive unnoticed, the RA staff 

training in Cl'R, first aid, typifies life as a student 

conflict resolution, crisis leader. 
management . and 

RA s [enn Messick and Adrianna 
community development. C owne arrived early to manage 

A.S the Year DrOffreSSeS freshmen check in at the women's 

_ ,, ' , . complex. can be counted on 

"Winn- did my RA s.i\ thai building 
was again?" "Lei me <.ill lu-i" 

Women's Complex RA's 

Firsl Row: .Anna Springs. J'auia 

Inurrigarro. Erin Peters, Sarah Czyz, 

Adriana Cowne, Resident Directoi 

Joanne l> 'An^elo Second Row: Sar.ili 

Haak, ,\n>\ Jones, Laura Foster, 

Jennifer Messick, Laura Humphreys, 

Pally Rothwell 

Noi Pictured: I risha Mitchell 



Resident Advisors 

Belk Hall 

Finch Hall 


" II* Sis 

" II 

r j' 

M illis Hall and University Apartments 

PJ Daniel, Gena Smith. 
Resident Director Gary 
Wingfield, Kia West brook, 
Chris Michener 

Row 1: Nick Adams, Matt 
Goodale, Golin Covvne, Area 
Director David Duggan Row 
2: Eddie Filipovic. Alex 
Howard, Ray Harp, Kirk 

Row 1: ARD Catey Gonner, 

Sam Routh, Ivana Mrvalj, 
Angela Garvin, Connie- 
Wicks Row 2: RD David 
( .i >uge. AMI ),i\ id I luggan. 
Tiffany Cherry not 
pictured: Ashley Goodrich 

Manager Chris Hooks 
RA Maggie Petreska 

University Village Apartments 


Resident Advisors 


I wo <>l the volunteers smile as 

the) prepare i<> take anoihei pi< lure 

with a child at the Halloween 

< .11 nival. 

Volunteer < ruin Dire( Lors 
Nicole Banns and Clifford Smith. 

1 1 1'l st ud( nis donate blood, .1 

material thai "can't In- made in a 

lab" which makes ii prii eless i<» the 

human 1 at e, (Quote Prom Dean ol 

Students, (■."! Evans) 


Volunteer Center 

Giving is the Gift 

The volunteer center brings 

The Volunteer 
Center al High Point 
University serves as a 
liason between the 
students of I IPC and the 
citizens of the entire High 
Point community. 

Specifically, the Center 
pairs the volunteer 
efforts of students with 
local civic and charitable 
organizations like- the Red 
dross. Big Brothers and 
Big Sisters. Open Door 
Ministries, and local 
elemental v schools. 

By coordinating 
student efforts with local 
needs the Univcrsitv 
makes positive and 
consistent contributions to 
our community. 
This year the Volunteer 

Center partnered with the 
greek < ommunitv t<> 
produce one of the most 
successful ( R( )P walks in 
re< eni history, and The 
Center continues to host 
four Red dross blood 
drives each year. Two ol 
the most anticipated 
events of the year are the 
Centers Holiday 

Carnivals. At Halloween 
and Paster. HIT students 
clou costumes, hand out 
candy, and play games 
with several hundred local 
school children. The 
simple lac I that the 
Volunteer Center is run 
entirely by students 
makes all their 

involvement all the more 

.1 r W 

\^.< ft?' 

f • § 


Volunteer Center 


Makin' It Happen 

The Student Activities Board provides students 

with fun and entertainment 

Each year the Student 
Activities Board is charged 
with the difficult task of 
creating a calendar of 
events designed to please 
our diverse student bodv. 
From Orientation to final 
exams, SAB provides a 
range of activities to alle- 
viate the stress of the daily 
grind. In addition to the 
traditional favorites like 
movie-night and cosmic 

bowling, this year SAB 
hosted a comedy series, 
laser tag, a Reggae 
Festival, and an MTV 
Basketball competition, 
among others. Each 
semester SAB focuses 
their energy on a week 
of concentrated activities. 
Fall Week featured 
comedians Chocolate and 
Coco Brown, as well as 
Wacky 3-D photos and 

wax candle-making. 

Spring Fling featured 

novelty signs, key chains 

and High Points favorite 

comedian Shang. 

The Student Activities 

Board is open to all 

students and welcomes 

new ideas and 


I IPU students suit up to play tagai one oi the man) events 

sponsored and planned by the 

Student Activities Board. 


SAB members (front row) Tiffanj 

Cherry and Lashawrj Flam and 

members ol I he' I cell Crew (2nd 

Row) keiioti Guischard, Kia 

Westbrook and Jay Whisenant take a 

picture with comedian Chocolate 

(Ironl row tenter) alter her show. 

Front Row: Samantha Lord. Elaine 

Monrov. Lashawn Elam, Jennifer Morgan 

Second Row: I Cherry, Heidi 

Bitlet, Nicole Barnes, Jennifer Sebert 

Third Row: Lisa I nit. Clifford 

Smith, Monica Jackson, Cielea 

Richardson, James Jackson, Jassica 

Winston. Sophia Kosh. 


Student Activities Board 

Students listen and pay close at- 
tention to their bingo boards for 
a chance to win some prizes. 

HPU students consult each other 
during the Think Fast game show 
hosted bv SAB. 

SAB members pose for the cam- 
era at a Conference in Baltimore 

A crowd enjoyed Coco Brown, a 
comedian provided by the SAB 
on October of 2003. 


Student Activities Board 




SnowBall Dance 

Rolling Out the Red Carpet 

Students go Hollywood at the third annual 
SnowBall Dance 

One of our newer traditions at High Point. SnowBall. continues to grow 
into a favorite student event. Designed t<> ease the winter doldrums, students 
dress up. brave the cold weather, and luai up the dance floor. 

This years SnowBall paid tribute to the glamour of old Hollywood. 
Students were given star treatment as thev walked down the red carpel and 
entered the ballroom to find all the glitz and drama of an old Hollywood film 
premier. Old images of 1 lollvwood stars were incorporated into the table settings, 
serving buffets, and even projected onto the large walls of the ballroom. 

The evening culminated with the introduction of the Winter Court. Making 
their way into the spotlight were Nicole Armer. Michael Ashton, Ryan Bess. 
Adam Canevazzi, Sam Closic, Sarah Czyz, Betsy Edwards, Angela Garvin, Chris 
Michener, and Shannon Shattuck. In the end. the students crowned Angela 


SnowBall Dance 



The 2003-2004 Zenith Yearbook Staff 

Editor in Chief ~ Mdissa Caudill 

Advisor ~ Roger Ciodj titer 

Taylor Bxpreseniadvc ~ Susan Saxon 

Student Life Editor -Sara Cunningham 

Peopfe Editor -Catherine Lewis 

Atretics Editors -Megan Pastor, Nicole Beaudwin 

Greek Life Editors -Sarah Williams, Shelby Duncan 

Organizations Editor -Nicole Barnes 

Pfiotograpfrers -Roger Clodfelter, Katie CCain-Stefanedi 


Jennifer Hou-eff and Emify Mites 

Mike Tarara and Shannon Shattuck 

Editorial Board: 
Roger Clodfelter 

Runs TripCett 
Melissa Caudill 

158 Closing 

Contrasts create a unique environment on this 
campus. They allow lis to better understand 
others, and ourselves. When we learn how 
great the contrasts can be in those around us, 
it gives us a more worldly perspective, and an 
accepting attitude for that which is different. 
Though each of us have our own experiences 
and history, there is one that we share. We 
embrace the contrasts, however, we exault this 

WE are High Point University. 

!«i i n,i iwi)mi»»»^? j iW*y>^^ 11 * 





This 80th volume of High Point 

University Zenith was printed by Taylor 

Publishing Co. The books representative 

was Susan Saxon. Most of the photos 

were taken digitally, and all the pages were 

submitted on disk. Pages were laid out 

using PageMaker 7.0, photos were 

enhanced using Adobe Photoshop 7.0. 

The theme and (over design were created 

by Melissa Caudill. Cover photographs 

were taken by Roger Clodfelter and Katie 

Clain-Stefanelli. The cover is glossy 

lithograph. The fonts used throughout 

the book were Seville - for the copy. 

Embassy for subheads, and Genesis for 

headlines. Portrait photos were taken by 

Life Touch. Most all other photos were 

taken by Roger Clodfelter and Katie 

Clain-Stefanelli. Many thanks go to all 

the individuals and groups who provided 


Note from the Editor 

Working as this years Editor-in-Chief has been 

both a challenge and a joy. First, I would like to 

thank the staff for all of their hard work, and 

for helping me to achieve what I envisioned. 

Without you this book would not have happened! 

And many thanks go to our Taylor 

Representative, Susan Saxon, for all of her help 

and quick solutions to problems. To the 

editorial board - Roger Clodfelter and Rans 

Triplett - thank you for your excellent grammar 

and eye for mistakes! And finally, to Roger 

Clodfelter, thank you for beginning a new era 

with me. I appreciate your support and honesty 

and look forward to working with you again.