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Full text of "The Strange and Dangerous Voyage of Captaine Thomas James"

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- — .— . I 





Capcaine Th o m a^ Ia m e 5, m 

hisinrcricfedDircoiiery of" the Norrhwdt 
Pallagciato the Souch Sci. 

yf HE RE IN 


Going, Winrcriiig, Rccuraing; andtlieR^tiiics 
obfeiucd, both Phi(pfifhk*Si^ M^hf/rMlicaS, 
f ^Ff [cJucdinihiiloumj]! pf ir, 

PubliTlied by His Majesties 


To n'hidi Acc added , A Plat ot Card for ihe 
Sayling in thofc Seas. 

DiuersUtric Tablesof the Autiior's , of theV?.- 
riarion of the Coinpair(|a^^ 

WITH* mm 

An Appendix concerning Lattgit^^^y Ma/tcr 
HcNHr Gellibrakd AfiroaoH^Rcsdcr 

An Aduifo coQceriii^ die PhUofophf of di^c late 
I>itcoucry», B;f v. k; 


Printed by /*^w X^^, for if&) £mri^> 

_ I x_^^ 


\\ tAi \ A ACAD. 




excellent and Sacred 

Ma 1 e 5 r I e, 

tJifoJi dread SmerdgHe^ 

'U * r myvmkilftill fdfcwasniaclc 
choy-ce of for ihis imploymenr, 
2nd my vnderc^king in i: cncoura- 
gCii by Yourgracjoas cotninantJe- 
jiurii J 1 Li^Li(t cu'-r iccoimr of far 
,^t£y»«!?j^» fli^gie^TL'it honour , thaceuciya 
'^?^^^^ bi^fcll mijf. Many a ScormtjantJ 
Kockc^ and Mift^ '^"^^ Wind, an J Tydt, and Sea, and 
Mount of Ice, lujic I in rhis Diliioucty cncoiinticd 
withall j Mjny a Jt/paire and death ]iad,alinoft,outr- 
whelmiidintCf but i\\\{ die rcincinbrance of the Ac* 
Cfjmptrhar I vvasrogiiicof it cofograciou^aMaicfty, 
putmcin hc:£rr againCj m.ide nice not lo giuc xvay to 
mine ownc fcatcSjOr ihc inJicmitjcs of hurnaniiic- Your 
Mdjcftie in my cmployiutaii: ■. like a true Father of your 
Counircy ) intended rhe good of your .Subjcils : and 
^vho is not bound to bleilc God for your RoyaHcare 
iaic^ Had iE,now,bcunc niyfoctune,tohaue done my 
CoLintrcy this -Iciuicc ^ as to b^ni: brought home the 
ncwes of this fuppofcd and long lou^ht foiPaflagc; 

% 3 ihm 

■F ■ 

then ihouid the Mcrchanc haue enjoyed the iwcetnefle 

of tbe hoped proGr, and the Sivbjeft haue bwnc foriibJe 

of the benciu of your Majcfties royal 1 micKions in ir- 

I IwEjc^oneray good williii ir:and though not broLight 

Ijornc ihat ncwes, yet fljolll here divulge rhofcobier- 

nafKjns j Vfliich may (I hop?) become fomc way bene- 

fidallvfltomy CoDnn^cy. The Accoinpt of theui,! 

here, mall hmniiitJCj oHlrvnto youi iiioft Imlreiou? 

M.ijefly. Your gracious acecptanc;: of what I h^ii 

donf, chough I had not done \ wa^ c\pL\ttd, cni- 

boldaiCTh metodoc fo: and fiiice your M^iJLJtie was 

plcafcd CO iignific yom delires , of hjuing a Bricfe of 

my Voyage preleiucd vntoyoii : that word bee.imc a 

ConinuJjd vncomce, to diaw thfS mde Abftraitof it. 

Yo^r M^y^ikic will plea^' ro consider, That rhey were 

}Oiigh dcjiicnts, whrch 1 h^zdtoducwithjjl,' andMlf, 

ivith f;][jO[ir, vouchfalc io prdon , if 3 Sea-ni^ns flylc 

bt; iikc wh^t he inoft eoniierfeih with. In ihc plaine- 
ndTe therefore of well-meamug, finec your Majeitic 
itathbecncfogracious tijmce, as to appoint mccyour 
Scruant, lam now boundrovowyoumy feruict: and 
it (hall be my honour to he commanded ii : and I fliall 
account no dangers too great, jn the going chorowit. 
Tilde are the refolutions of 

Th O bf AC Ia UE 

To my worthy friend and fellow- 

Tcmpl^r C:3ptajne T ^ m e ^, 

ffaue tt^rufd your Jour^aU. 7ecom- 
rrj^ad It, tpere in dif^raije it-j Cff&d 
\^me needs ns En^gnt : Mo5 eft &- 
t!j toloribus abdcrc ; -jst thU i mufi 
^Fedi fiy, foiehiitie piei^^edyc^r fHfe 
la be J Mnihr of iouy '.^rt. The 
* vvf>ii!iot a WJrrier and PyToi is 'MiiRin «ii: 
ncucr difLOUcird butJn floimes and skirmifhcs , afid '^"^^"'^'^ 
liQw ai'jrt^ ikirm'ijhei <if jhrmn atid tfmpejls ^o^^daf icmpcffawd^g^ 
p.ifi,l/7!i loufiinf! of ynitrs d&ihfaffae/tilj mtoiifefl - Goe "''^i'^t. 
on I he/}, a)idaiy(iri hmtbegun wefi , fo when any good ec- 
cafo/v ii offered ,feco^dyBftr good ^egmmngi tviih pa<ii'[e 
proceedings .- amiet ran the cdd emsTtainment you haus 
Mm she frozen *icdi free z.e 'v^ your affeiiiem in vn- 
deriakmg other worthy em^hymenis. So may you dcferue. 
With ColuLiibus, DuUt^ , and ^ti^vx^MLv j to hauethc 
re"i<:/i}f/rance of yQufmttl fweetly i.s the nollnls of po- 
fterme, when you are m the duji. Taren^e/!, 

FTOmthe Inner Temple, 

TuOMAs Nash, 

r-1c Pritiicf defir^ri 11^ be^fu'cil lo die Ccu^rcoui R^ikdci, itinrrt 

witli tcnncfof N^^Lgithon^luithrumrEiiiici, whichliefurcctij jndinloitic 
word) mi Hat en tfic Autlion mindc^i^iii (l^n^ iov fi^ &^:^ prumiJlng 




T H P 



^^^AHinghm for m^ny yetres itnpoy- 
tuned t hy ^y Hsnor'dflt nnd wQr- 
jhipfnli friends j la ^ndsrt^iks the 

dijisuerj sflh^tpan sfthe wffri^ 
which li commmly caUcd The 
Nortli-wcfl PaJIhgC tma the 
South Sea \ andfi t^prsceedto 
J^Tpan, and iGrcund thc^orldlQ 
the }VfffiP4rd', Edn^ jfrejtfsrufardipuhjflt hfi^^'fj^ 
in^ti; fsiee the ejTT^eJi Hefire ihc iCi^gi moji e^^ceflent Mn- 
leliiehad^ tohe fit is ftd therein: I acquiuated my mmh 
Hmmnd frkndi the Merchant i of BrJftoU thsrstvitk: 
iphe at ener they h^ie hi^ Ecnefanors And Aduanctrs &f 
them that parftis she ^viyei ef Hou^Hr : tsgsiher With the 
tnlatgement imdhene^i ef hn MaitUies Kingdamei: did 
freeiyeff'eria bet at {lie chargeof furnijh'mg firth jhp. 
fm^f&rthnparf&fe. i^ndnotv hemglhrts cnahkd^ [ 
uddrsji myfetfe to the HencurabU Siy Thomas Roe, 
Knight (rti to 4 iearned , sndfanhelf tmpkytdtrmtlier 

The Preparations to the Voyj^c. 

fetkidihtiri tmdtmmotbne ijalttmxrj m{isf9grkj[i^$ dee 
hkMasifits S&mcc m ihii kinds : whd^fi grMfattjlj 
acctfttdsfth(offtr\ andtscourdgedmee ly m&nj fattG^rs 
iawytviakevmertakinp, Wf/trtf9reii>itha!ijl/eedicsrt- 
9TiUtdinmj mrndtXhtSsfiTasdeaicmtid'-phtrijlmigbt 
efftiimydtjigrtt. The Ad-vemtttersm&fiiei wsrc iu'lmt- 
iy Tt4dy,mdfnt into s THdftirtrs ktnd.- tha! thtn might 
hemipsntof prefitit pay, fer any thing I thoa^t maf- 
firyf}r ihe Voyage. 

I woi ener of the opirfien, thai shts partkuUr Aiiioii 
might he better efficlsdhj owjhipjhsit by i^o tenforted- 
heiraaje jji thsff leu: Se^ , fs ^juch fubiecl t9 fygi ^ they 
slight bt eafity fiparafi^d ., J fsrbe^re loj^cakeefftsrrmt 
tndothtr s^ctdtms : ^ tJ>4t 4 R^nde^vsus in difconerier^ 
cannot frtrcly , or wiibaut much hindira/ice be appointed -■ 
4nd ihut Ipesdy perpaerance isthe hfeof ftchithufiaeffe. 
Wherefore I rsfilued to f//me hut one Ship, the Ship-hate, 
ftnda Shdlop. 

^^ gre/a Ship (as by f&rmtr experience I hid found) 
ivas^rnft to be fsrc'dthoroiPihe Ice : vsherefffrt t msde 
choice of s we^Lt^nditioffed, flreng Shrp, of the burthen 
ff feuent^e Tunne J and j/i God and th4i only Ship, to put 
the ffope of my future fortunes . 

The Shtp refilled -Jpsn J and thjttia lejfe time then 
i8. msnethsour 'voyage could sot be effcHed: Inextcoa- 
fidtredhffo' our Ship of feuentie Tunr in hulkeanda>eight 
might rtGvg be prop&rtiamd'^inviBt^s, namely, and sther 
ntceffsries : thx a>iu all dene jti costra£led!y ttt we could: 
4ad the number of mm if wsuldferue, Aterdinarya^^w- 
*nce, for the forententkrned lime., w 4^ found to be twenty 
srpff, afmidi mtmber to perforce jitch a^ bufnejfe , yet 


The Prcparacions to tbe Voyage. 

The Baker, Bretvtr, Butcher,^ etkrs/viuiindetMir 
Offiai'fsnihfircr^diii--, kmvemgit iohe A^tiuridtbii- 
fiMffe^ndthdr -utur -undding iftht^ fayUdi^f^fv- 
'manct, hut truly thtyyrmitd thtimfthtes M^trs m tfftir 
Am I dfid hsm mjfraifefor homfi cure : m theat 
(QsfiHwg agrsAt par! of the fcrfort^mce pf tU -voyage. 

The Csrpenitri goe t^ hand TPith the Shi^ .■ ib make 
kraifiro^gandfruUeabU, at f>aftMy i/i iheir vndcr^ 

Euery thing hcmg duly tropott'iomd , md my fmaS 
mm^er of Mfw i/WiP-wf ^ I bsg^m to thmh of th^quaiuy 

4nd akilttktheypould bs of. 

FcliijifaryioyUiersIatJirftdifdaJfned> and^uhUfhed 
IwealdhaueMi'vtimaTrkd.ap^iftfucd, abk,mdhakh}y 

Ssa-mtn : i& afiof dsysi Oft dttsdm ntMer prrfem^d 
ihemfdnes'^ fhrmfhediPith gtnnall fMcknck iftma^ 
I'mttKij/iu/isi I firfl r/tade choice of a fcoatc-rwayiic ^ 
end feme toi^rktwithhim,fGrptmgtherig^ing&fihe 

Sitf : oftdoithings wtntfot^ard,!hipt the luboiJuatc 
Oue s and sit tbmgs king perj^aiy ready. I fhifC the 
Mafteismaies,^^ii/?^/Hi/i', sheUsSkci of tnj Ship, 
^^myUefeKnmt. Thtivhotecmp^iPerefirangers 
snwie, a^dieeadf ether {a^ by iP^y af famtiianm) but 
yet priuateh recommended by foerthyMerchams, for their 

dtlitie ^dfaithfulnelfe. T jvaa fought to by diners, that 
hadbmsnplmi ef the chitfeH command imkisaBion 
formerly s affdoihen alfi that hidvfedthe Notrhcrly 
JcicSeas: butlvrnth tefufedthtmali, andveouldby 
no mcmei haue any G>ith mce that had bin in the like t'oy^ 
^ge, Qr aduentureSi forfime private rcapns vsaecejfary 

A z frere 

The Preparations ro the Voyage. 

here t9 he nUted ^ keep/ag tftm the poiptr m my owrti 
hiotds I had a/l the rrstn ts ack/toivkd^e imTnsdiiae 
dtfendamsi^fcnvty felf'e aifff^e-y Seih for direclionoBd 
dtj^efingtf ali t a^isttl of the Nauigittiort , m ail other 

IH the meMS time > the better ts^rengthen ay fffrmtr 
Jfadies isihiibufineffe, ifeeke after lournals, Plois, 
Difcourfrs^ arvehat-eutr dpfnight helfe my -j/^er- 

Semicircles, ^<^. ^ r/HJt^h, nameiy, d/ concemethe Fa- 
hrickcofthem -■ net Irupiag to their Mechji^mcke hasJs, 
wdiuide them-j hus hadihem dinided i?y an rngtmoas 
praBili0^ermtheH:irhcinmc\cs, I hkmrfe had Com- 
pafle-neeJIes m^esficr the mof reitfenAhlefi andtruesi 
VP^es th^ could ill iheufhi on z afidhythe£rJiBf PiOti\. 

enery thmg TPds ready in he put tOgeihen ifJto oar hepefuE 

kfi&iphiiMaieflies further pteafrre I and to make kaovw 
tQhimmyre^inejjk: whocaHmg fsr the fsrement toned 
honourable Knight ^ Ijptidfly after receiitcdha Mdefiits 
^oyafi Lttten -y mihdirfdionsforprocerdingtamyvoj- 
it^et iindmy difcharge ■ whereupon I hddfoorth the Ship 
jHtP the Mtde^expecirng a-faire winde te begin fhe f #74^. 

■ ■-™^- 

A Voyage for the difcouering 

a Palfagc ro the Sourh Sea. 

H E Tccoiid oF cJTfrf; , itf ji. I TOokc ^^ a. 
mylcaucofthc WorfiiipfoU Mcichauc 
AdufnturtrsinihUAftion, inihcCitie 
of jy^/^fl^- and being actompanieii with 
aRcuermd Diuinc, on^MaftecT'iwwrff 
Palmfr, and diuers of the Merchants, 
whh orfiers of my kindred and nrauc 
Counfrey-nimjlre[airedabDord. Hctc 
Maftcr Prf/nfcT- made a Sermon : csborrfng vs to conTiime 
brmhcrfyJofTcamorgftTs, androbc bdd to profit tlie mie 
Ch-ifli^ Religion wherc-cua we fhonld happen, in this our 
pcii^rin?iion. After thq^ had recoiued iiich entrminnvnf, 
asm'y eftaretould aflboid chem ; they deprted far "Brijioa. 
This afcemoonc , T made rcuicw cf all fhuigi ; afwelJ of 
clothes, and other neceflarics, asofvi^hiil5 J and where there 

wa? fiiod any want, wo: were prcfently fumilhed- 

Ihcthird of UWrff f after Piayer for a protpeious fiio:cfle 3. 

CO our cndcauoura )aboijCxhree ^ clocke in the aft errjoone wc 
came ro Sayle ; and Srojc downc the Channel! of S^H/raff. 
wiihlirtlewindc, butflowly Borfo-rward cothcWeftward 
of Imj^ 1 and ihcn the winde oppoftd it fclft fo ibongty 
a^inftvs, that wccwcrcdriuento bore vpandcoinctoan 
Anker in Lmftdit-^oAz the fitih in the eucnii^ j where wc^ 
mained vntiU the ei^ch in the morning. Now hoping tfc 
Windewould&uourvs, wee came to ^lej buc wcc were 

foredro put into [JWfforJr where wc came co an Anker 

A J sbouc 

6 f^Vcja^sfer the difcamnng 

about mid'oight. Hcrewr rtmaincd till the rcucniwiidi in 

the Enurning ; wbcn wjth the firft fauouring wind^z. wc pro- 

Miij\i. cwded ar^ doubled about Cape C/*^jf of /re/d»J. The rwo 

atMJcureniierii wc ttvro In LsrttdJe f r : a(5, and rlic ^/nnf? .- 
did beaie of V5 North-oft, ahoLirtwdueWgu«ofF: whjth 
E/ioktihm Zjf,^2. -|. HereTordrfd the courfe [hal fliould 
bcc kcpc : whicli was generally Weft North-weft , as the 
winde would giucleaue : which in this Conrlcanddiftaiicc, 
June 4. is very variable und t^conftanc "ntefburtti of 7n;?f -\kc mad* 

die laid of t/rfl^^'T^ .' Handing Li with k ro haizc kaowJcdge 
of [In: trending of it ; Ic prooiicdvery thrtkufoufewraThcr; 
^- audthencKidaV, by tvjo a cloctc i:i [he morning , wc found 

our felucs mcoiupaflcd iboutwirhlcc : and endcaiiouring to 
tlccrcour iebcs of ii ( by rcalbn wc coutd not fee fatre about 
vsj wo were die mot": ingJged , and ftrookc many fijarefiili 
blowcsagabft it: Ac length we made la(t to a great piece, 
( itblowingiv'i^rvrtorme) andwkh pules wrought day and 
ni^hctokecDeoffiheJcc; ijiithichlabonrwc broke allour 

'^ pdcs. Thcfi:trli^ur TWO adotkciflthcmoming^wr were 
bd'erwiJimaL]ycxtjnuidiLHrygtcarpiecc:s<ot kc, thiccame 
vpoii v?,as it were witb wilful! viotcnte : and doubtlefle had 
t^ru^icd vs to pieces, if wchadnot ler fall fome Say 1^ which 
the Ship:pident]y fdt. In leaping tiiat daagcr, weranagablt 
another fjrcar piece , ihitwe dotdsted wheihct ourShiplud 
not bin ftav'd to pieces . But pDmping,wc found liieiuadeno 
ivater. The former pitccs of Ice, btd iiuftied our Shallop 
ail to pieces; wbcrcfcire I caufed our long Boate fpeedilyto 
Ew hadvpfiombttwixr the Becks, aiidpatcftjerBonrd: by 
Jidprwheceof we agaJiie recoucrcd out broken Shallop ; and 
faftd her vp on the Dccro^intendingfo new build her, AjJtbis 
day, wedidbcat.and were beaten fiare£uBy> amoi^ii ilic ke; 
iitlflwinj> a very &>t]Jie. intbe-eueiung, wcewcr^incloftd 
atnongil great pieces jashighasoutFoope laodfinneofdia 
fiiarpc Hue comci? of them , did reach qm'c vn^ler us. All 
theft great pieces (by rcalbiiitwa^ the out-Gdc of rfae Ice ) 
thtShipi:ouldindliK«iieyoWOf iti butitwa^Guds only 


4 Piffa^eto theSt9thSei. 7 

wefcnHrionofvf, rawhorabeallbonotttaidglfwj". Tochts 
Sitrcmitic , t tnack thi men Eolei fiill , aid make wh^ Sayfc 
they could i and the Sliip forced ho-fdil? ihorow it ; though 
fotofTedandbeacro, K!rhinkeT>siiCTSlBpWiis. Whai wc 
weri? q|fere,w«feyd ilff pump^.andlbund her ftamh ; vpon 
whkhwcwaitjnfenriy to payer, andropraifeGodforhu 

inerc:itiilldel""fT7*>f ^■ 

ThpfeucnEhanddgliihdayef, we indsEiourcd tothjuh^e jM^. 

j^oiit CapfF^r^fif; being JliKpefbrcd with muchl«. 

Theninth, wcwcrein£-E. 59. oi>- and wc made acccmnt q, 

ihcC^P^F^reve// baiso^vsdac^aiii, and feme tenlogups 
off. The SfoikfJinlrelar^ binZ^t, J2.4- vidCap^Fdre- 
welthLat. 59.0a. Tbecouife is Wdt Noirh-wcfti and 
rhcdifhnteabait^toJeigUK^f knowvoyWcU ibefeZ*- 
j/ffcjw, couiles and dilbnce , doe notcxaftly agree with Ma- 
theinacical] coTKlnfioni : ^'•tthtu tc fof*>d }i hy praHice, The 
variaiion oF iheOimpalTtrin I^t- 5*" ^f^- ^*^ 3'^" le^uPito 
the Wcftward nf IrelnrtJ, \s abonc 5. 00. roihcEaftward; in 
£rtf .57. 00, aboLit 5 1 o leagues. We ft NoCTh-weft, Trom riiG 

ff/J(«,[hcCompanf doth vary tothc Weft-ward- 
in £*u. 59,15. fome 40 leagues to the Ejft-wwd, of C^t 

bincHcnianC wbnhcr ihet e were any Oimnc ihat <^ fct Co 
rfieN.E.asfomchaye written there did, and that aswcilm 
Calmeweather, asothcf-wayc5: But I could not p«cfiue 
any, IW windes h:tc arc vai^Ie^ andrhe Sea of ansn- 
fcatchable depth. Wehaie nof Icenc from Ar/^wJ hitherto, 
any Whales or other FJftj ; The weathet , for the moft pin, 
wa? fo^ieand miftie^thar wets as bad aa raine. 

ThE teniKalJtiK momiro, was voiy foule weathci : and j -j, 
ahigh-growncSea: alrhou^ wchadlce not&rteoff ^ui 
¥s^andfQnMpieces,aahi|hasourTop-maft'head, Onrlong 
Boate, whieh we wetc feine to ToWE'at Sterne ( by realoq 
Tve were buLMii^ our Shallop on oat Decks) brokcaway, 
andpntvs to fonKtttniblc torecooethcr againe. This we - 
did^andraademcaaeitohaucbfritvtotlKShip, diou^very ' 
muchbruiftd: aqd tisW 1 bad two jncB loTc t«K, aiid like lo 
1 be 

WaWnefltJtvpashighsisCjy^Dff/tMU^jflH : for fifidine here 
lie land to trcKl away Nonh andby Eafl^wc certibly knew 
itWrbctirt C(^- itftimfain Lot. Co. oo-andThc lanHfrom 
C-^ ^dP-raetl Co tr , trclKb N, W , rhe diftance abouc 40. 
[raeucs. The diflance froTD C^ Defeluait, to the South 
ciidof the TIand of Ref§/tetioH . is aE>oat 140. ieaguts : the 
coarfc Wfft, balfi-a pointNortb* ThsLia. of iheSniKh 
cmIofclKllajid,bci[^6i, lo.fomf ii.IeagQt-storbc Weft- 
wardof C^ Defoi^igrj ^ the variaEioii is i5. 00. In ^his 
courft, wc wcremiichroimenced, pclLered aii J bc'acon ivich 
the Ice : many pieces being higher thai our Top-matb-head_ 
Inourwayi we^w raaiiy Grampufles amongft the Ict ^ and 
iifeemcrfj thcS«rsfii3lofrhem: The weather for the raoft 
parr, a ftfnking fb^f 1 and theSea, very blacks : whi*,!] 1 con- 
ceiuetobeoccalidtiedby reafonorihe f<>^'?' 
17, "The fiueocecnth at flight, we heard the nirt of thefhoare, 

as we thought 1 butitprocued to be the rutt 3gain{t a bankc 
of Ice, that lay on the ItfJarc. If madt a hylbwaixlahide- 
oinnoyfe, Tikcanouer-fallof water 1 which made vs to rea- 
Jbn amongft our fclue? concemiieir : for we were not able 
to fee about vs, iibeii^darkc nighty ancifc^i?. We flood 
off from \Xi tillbrcakc of day ; then in againc : and abmif -[^a 
clocke T(i the morning wcc faw the lirtd aboue th:^ ff>gS* t 
whichwckn?wtobethc//HWofA^jB«(«_ ThislaflimgJit 
WAS lb cold , ihac all our Hiijgif^g and Siiyic« were frozen. 
Wcf endi.'auoured to compare about die Southem pointof 
the Hand : for that we wer^ lb much p^ftered with the Ice, 
TJidbliudcd'AfiihaveTy thicke fc^c. Hcrerunne'i aquicke 
tvde info the Straisj^ht ; but iheebbeis a^ftrongas theflood; 
Theft^gewasof [uth3pii:n.ii^na[ure,tbatit ipotledallour 
CompSfts i and made them ila^c ; and fo hcauy withall, 
that ihey would not trauc^rl!.-, Wliercfiire I would aJailc 
any, ttiat lliall Sayle thi^ way hereafter, to p/oujdc Complfea 
of Aftii/ctHfsG]^<; J or Jbmc other matter, tlHt willcndare 
iliemoiftureof theweathcr. Asihi? fi^e dcered vp, we 
couldieethe entradCCoFtheStraighc, w bcaU fuUof Ice 


Wfre&ft btlofcd amor^^ft ir ; md fo (trcucco and^ine 
wirhir, finding no groiinJ ac ijo^ad. ^. lagufs tioni ihc 

ihoirc- , , , - 

The f wciiTictli in ih^ morning, we Ifid got about rh? Scjti- 

rhcmc pc^iiti of Che Hand i an^ tbe WmAf tame vp at Weft, 
andaroiicboihvsandthL'kp vpon i:k nioarc. When wc 
WHc driudi widim TWO !f agues of ihe llioarc , wc omc a. 
moneft :hf mofl fbangrEl whiMrngE^of theSw, dHtpothbljr 
can bcc conirciued ^ Tl>^re 'V^re diiers great pifces of r«a- 
crou,idi,M=.^3d.waE.r, Lommmgout of Ji= 
brok^ ernunds of ihe ■^and,amonpft thcfe lies of Re, made 
fuch a diftradtio tl«t uc were: ca'rj ed ro..iid:romf times clofc 
bytheRoclcE^ fomcfimc. .bf.bythafe highpi^c^: ibc 
wcwcrcafeaidthcywruld^lvp^ov^. W^wcre fo bea- 
ten likcwifcwirh the cntoiuiccring of ih^Itf, rhatwc were 

mamoftdefperacfcrbre: W^m^.^ft twogrmpecesof 
It. to our iidc^ , w;th ntJi Kd^cr ^nd G.apnc^ , ^^^drc V 

9, oria fad rfiatfothaymi3;htb.^-gmu]iab^otev^ if lo 

ibcB.ate Cfo^^o^vwe^ had h-in.eahcr) to fee it 
t;Duldfindetome^^ceof fecurltic: but n..c wasnofoon^r 

parted, butlh;.^.™ iidofed, andd^iueiKoMevpoj. he 
iTe oreircniv>L'ladbeen^cmrheiltopii:c<:5,Theyrannehcr 

ouiihe rcc from pi^^c to pi.ce: and mtbemcatic fpce, 
xvith tbe^vhiding arid JT^couiuring of the Ice, ihc rwo pccc. 

thelUefli^eco-jldtoys: wbkh fheep^c^,did: rh. 
men Uh^ with dlffic.kic ,.t<>r..d to h.k h^r oucr^ 
matiy piece, of Tee. In th. m^ne Ipaa', wc imd: ioi^c Sa>Ie; 
wl gor to that piece of Tee , dnt h^ our Grapn.ll on it : 
S we. ^. r....Li.r d^ Sy thi, ^^a. cur Boatc 
come; and w7 pnt ^f.^tli Oue mtohcf and h.r U> 
ferchourKcd^er. uhkhih^.e^ae^acjuvej wirh mu.hdmi- 
5crof BoaceSndMea. By ftu. rinie, the Sh^p wa^ driui^i To 


n necrc 

- K 

iKCTctheftioarCj tttif wecouldftcthe Rock^ ^ndcr rs and 
dxwcvs: andwe flroiridbs canned iWih rhewHflingsof 
thc^varers, dofeby th? points of Rock -^^ and rhcn round 3- 
bonttadtca^inc : and" all rhis, notwictiftand{ngthc!>ayfe 
wt ha J abroad J thac wee expend continually when (hre 
• wouldbcbcaiQJtopiece^. InrhEscxrremitic^ Imadethcm 
EoopenmorcSayle, andtoforcc her in amongft the Rocks 
and broken grcMnds : and wK-Kthertu as many fir^^at pieces 
of Iccagrcrtind* We wtnr oner Rocks ^ ibat Tiadburxi.or 
13- foot wiwr on them; andfo let fail nn At ker This An- 
ker hid sicuer bin ^Ee towjndc vpthcShfcp, hit that ^ (by 
goodfonunc) the Ship rannc ^^inlt a E^cat piece of Ice^ 
tliarwasa-grniind- ThLstufh, biaktihcM^ynckncccf htr 
Beake hca(% jmd a comer of it ; rare away 4. of otir miinc^ 
Sl]roud?jai]d sri Ank^r tliar wc liad at the Bowc:/aftened iunj 
it: and(o HoptherwaVnTh^t iliedid wind-^vpro her Anker. 
Wee law the iliarp<i Rfick^^ vndcrv^^andabontvsi andliad 
blic 1^. foot waters bciaig alfo in rh^^iTdcs way, wht^rcdJ 
the Ite would driuc vponvs : Oi^rEfjacewc couldnotfecj 
which made V5 doubt fl.cehadbincnjllied 10 pieces- In her, 
was the thiid part of nur company 1 but by and by we law 
hci come about a point aitiont^fV thcRc^ks- Shec had reco- 
iii:i\d cjur Kcdger ; whithmaoevsloTTiethiDgioylblJ; With 
iKfpccdwe laidoLiLHawfcn foibi; Rotk?i and cueryonc 
did wutketo thcbcJl: of hJsftrengrh, to Warp her out of 
ihi-^d.Lr.gercus place^ co lii^ Rocks fide5: whi^re wfchad 
j.ftd-wat^r, and were vndur the Ihelter of a grear pieceof 
Tte that u'fl^a-ETfoundj whkh iKouldkrcpeoff the jce, that 
oibL^ivil:^ woLildhaue diium vpon vs- Hcrcwce lay very 
wdl atl ih^ ijbbi: i but wh:n the flood came, we wereaflaul- 
red with pieces of kc ^ ihac cnery halfe houre pur vs into 
dofpayrabkdirkc-flc, W^didworkecontirTUany^andrtrr^ 
IVjtu kucpc uff ihi^ he, Ac Rail Sca j our great piece of Ice 
{ whkh wa^ourbuckler) wasaHoaiej and di>4; wharwce 
could , got away frnmv^ , a]Kl left vs in a moft emtn?nr dan- 
ger, by reafon of the Ice ihacdroueinvpoTivSp Bur thecbbe 
btiug tJiicemade,tbis gE tat piece of Ice came againca-grojind 



veiytaiiouriblctQ v?i andflidcfred rs all the rcJV of cfi^ ■^'-' '*- '' 
dib?- AH night wc wroiigbr hard , to Ihift our CaUewnJ '. 
Hawfofs; aDdtonuk^tticmM aloft ontheRocks.tlBt the 
Jce might ihc bcTKT paffc vid?r th?^. Al! day-.^itd idJ mgbc, 
K inovvcd haiJ \ and blew a vf ry fbrme at Wdl ; which 
drouc in all rheire out of rheSca^-pouvs. To wotkmga- 
gainrt iTie violcntcof the Tee, the flookcoF our Kedgcr wai 
brolcm; cwoarmfs of our Grapnels, and two Ha\Wias, our 
Slnflopbdi^ agaiiie very muthbiuifcdiwlwroiponro work 

wegdf on all hands to repaiji^it. 

Thi^tyde, ihtHatbour was thoaked fiiB of I« ; fothat i". 
icdidreemcfiimeandvnmooueablc: bur when the ebbe wa> 
in&de,itdidm(>o[ic. Some great^icccs came a-grotmd; which , 

did alrer ihc courfe of ihc urhcr Ice, and pur vs on rfie Rock?, 
Here, notwithfhndinBallourvtKmiDftendeauisirs, (he fet- 
tled vpnn a lliarpc Rockc -, about a yard about the Mayne 
Mafl i and a* ihe wattrcbbf d away,Ihc Wui^ after die Head, 
and hccld CO the Offing. Wc made CaHesandHawfmalofr 
to kr Marts, and (b ID ihe Rock?; ftwinint-thfl:] tough with 
our Tackles : but fhce a'^ ihe waier tbUd away , lunke Ml \ 
(hat at lengrh flice wai fo turned uucr , thac w^^e could not 
ftand in her. H^uing now done aU to die beft of otir vnder- 
ftandrngs(bu:tohEtlepurpofe) wc wentallvpunapieceof ^ 
Ik antffdLro prayer; bcfccching God to be merciMviito 
vs. Icwaiitedycr an hoiire to loW-v/accr : nndth.? tydedid 
wanr a foot anda halfe to ebbc , ro ^A^hac it had ebbed the Jaft 
ryde. We were orefiill obfeniersot tb? low-waicrj, and 
badmarbby^traiesajidorh^rihir^ which we hatifetvp, 
foditwecouldnotbcdccciued. The Ship wa^fotum'do- 
uer,thatrhcPoitfefleof[heFore-<ani:'!l, was in the water ; 
atidwedidlookeeuCT^'tnimre, whcnlheetvouldouuMLT. 
Indi*! at one liiuc, the Cables gaue way ; aud Dice funkc 
down? halfe a font ar that Qip : but vneupc^edly it began to 
flow, and feufibly wccpercciued die warei to rifcapacc ; and 
the Shippe wichalh Then was on r ^;-l^^ow mnied to 107, 
and we all f?]f on nur knees,prailins God foi hijincrcy, in ft> 

miraenloui a dcliULiancc- ^ _. 

5 2 Aflbonc 

AslBoneasfliewas frsed FromchjsRrJclct?, wc Wrought 
hard CO gee ber liirthcr ort\ All the flooJ , ^ve were pretty 
qomfiomtlie Tec : Ehjc when ih^ ebbe was imdt: > thclCe 
camt alldfwirg agaifievpo]i vs; \^J]lt.hpu[i's toigrcai iji- 
cremlry^ Wcgocas maiy piece's bccwixivs and the Rotlcc?, 
as wc Loukl; to fence vs frnm rhe Rnckc^- There cimca 
greatpiccc vpcm OUT qtfaffcrj^vhich u^j5abnLie^oo- of my pa- 
rts abour, but ir came a-ground^ Thtisdfddiucrs^rear pieces 
befides: which wtis rh^orrahnn, [har this ryde me Harbour 
was quite thoalcc vp : !o iharamatimfghrgoeany way o- 
utritj from fide to fid^. Vi h^n k wa^: ibfcequ^i-ttTscbbe, 
(hefe great pieces ibar catrkea-gmLtruij began robreakewiih 
- amoft terrible thucidcring nftyle: whkh put vs in agrmi 
feare, thatthnfeabcuit v^wculdhreatcvs^Uro pieces. But 
Godprcfcrucd vs- 
13- This mnmidg the water veeiM to a lower cbbe then the 

lafttideitbiddcnc^ by twi>rf otc; whereby wc (awGod? 
mc^icjes apparent in oat lace csrr^^mirv- ThatHood, w«c had 
fom^reipic from our laJx^nrs ; hut after fdl ira , our hopes 
cbdctoc* 1 he great p[^ce chat vvasby vs, 1bflf>pt[hcChan- 
iiellj that rhe Ice cams allclriuingvpon vs; ttithatnow, vt\^ 
doubredly -vvc rhcughc wee iLould haue loft our Ship. To 
worke thereupon wc goe, with axes, barrRof iron, and any 
ihinji proper fcr Inch a pur poie; tcj brealce the corners of die 
ISrejand ttmiake way foriiiodriueaway from v^?^ rrpleafcd 
God togiLij^ood (uccpflc roourEaiiourji; aid wemsde w^y 
for fome^ and fended off [bereft^ andgoffo much ot chelbf- 
tcrfortof Th-^Reb'^twixt Vi and tht Rotke&j that we were 
jn pretty J-jturkvr Kutarl<jw-wac"frj chofe peetesrliacwcrc 
aj;rout>d, breaking ; kept a nioft thunderirgnoyre abourvs. 
This day I vvcrnailiorc^fijidbuikagreat Beacon with Hones 
vpon [he bi^heit place otihellaikd; and put aCiofle vpon itj 
and nam 'd thi^Harbom-^ TkffHar&^ur of <y«/r T^rap/^if jk:^^ 
In theEnaiiajgj theHubour iA"as fuller of rhclcc^ tbcncuer 
ichad bccni: fino^ wccanic hiLhern and the greacer pt^eccr 
grounded, and Hopr the reft , that mnie went out th^cbbc, 
but the Ship lay^as if lEiec hadlaincma^b^dof Ice. 


a Pitfage t&the South Sea; ig 

Thettrrec and iwoicktbda^ ill the morningiWithfhe flood, 2j, 
the Ice droue vp atncfligft the broken gromda^ and with the 
cUje, diotieall our fir being then very calme} except one ex- 
traordinary gre^rpeeco; which coarniingaijEou-id not ftrrc 
from va , fcnied k ff Ife in fjch a manner , thar wi? much 
ferd him. But ih»re came no more great ke after hbi ; t>- 
thi?rwH*:. \vc muft bane cjpefted as great danger, ^sarany 
time heretofT>re. I rookethe boate, andwenc adioarevpon 
th:^ Eaflernc fid?; to fee if I cordd Hnde anyplace fretr From 
danger then ihis vnformnaie plate: where amiHT^ft the 
Riitk^? , I difcLii^d a likely place- Fi"oni th^ cop ot" the Hill 
fL'herel U'a^i Icouldfce rhi^Ship. It vvasnoivalrnplMowe 
warcc: ai "'hitli inHaMc rheioifnieniioned piece of Tee 
bTaks wich at'^iriulc noyfe iniufoure pieces; wTiichmJiJe 
njc dortbcfull if hid not fpiiylej3 the Ship ■ it beint^ liiU halfc 
mafi liigh. firiade whac hafte r<:o(ild to rhcbitire, and Co 
lotheShip, to be jarisfwd : where I found aiJ vvell, tioJbe 
thanked: forthatrhe In: had broken from rhc: Ship-^ard 
linrtaiKlyfditawaycheiioari:, lo found rhc way foj Coue 
^^al■^hadfouLld: which v.s'^ avery dangcroui pailasje for 
rheboate. At herrctume, wcun-inocHriUhcShip: aiidwiih . 
what fpeede polTible warptaway from atnongft ihisteiTibb 
Izi, We wtrennta mile from rheji], but ihcy brake all to 
ieces'i a™i would furelyltiue made vsbeaFeth^ni company, 
uirharGod waimorerncicifulC vnfovi. We gorabdJtche 
Ko:ks,aiidli)in:o chiili[r]eCouewhi<h 1 had fo newly dii- 
couercd. Here we made l^ft to xhc Roikes; and thought oui 
fclne? in iodiifcrcnt iafety : whrdi being done^ 1 went aiTioare 
a^ine, to wander vpaiid do wne, tofcc whal I could difco- 
uer. I found icall broken Kockie giouud?: and uocfo much 
asatreejhL^itie^urg'afrecponic: Some PoiKfe of waler there 
ivereirtic, which wc;c nor yet thawed, and therefore not 
icady ^mrthefowle; We found not in chef uoa' any fooling 
of l>eeie,orBHre5,bur Foxe^we law one oc two. 

We fouTfd'vhereth^ Saluag^had bei^ne^ buriti^-asrof^ 
fince. Th:?y had cnad^ fine hearth:; and we toujida fcu' fire- 
brands about them ; ajtd foinc head:^ o^ f oxe& } andbonc'^of 

B 3 foxes; 


z^ ' -A yoyiige fir the dtfcoucrin^ 

Foxes; with fomc Whale-bones. I could not conceiu? , to 
what pUTpofe tbey Ehculd come ihiiher ; fat wc couM fir)df 
noncor t«y litile wood on cHc flwiarci C'.tk, atid no ^Oi ai alJ; 
thotrghwf diJ ikyly incksuour ro cake fooK. Butiraiaybc, 
rlit fiafon t^-qg iioryettome- Iiiaincdthis Couc by the Ma- 
rtyr? name of my Ship a Pm« Conr. The latitude oF it Is 
di.24, [Ifc Variation. The firebrands and chip^ which I 
fpate of, had bccnc cur with Usmi: hiKhet or other good in- 
finment of iron : Irom iho Cop of the hiJf?, we could (ee 
tbelland? that are oiuhc South lliotei and commonly called 
Sir ThoTVii Etntafit lies : They did bcarc South and by Eaft, 
balfc 3 point EaOcrly itbnie i^-or i ? league* diftai^t vpon ihe 
change daj, iEt1owe5here*«ifnatloc!Kandahalfe;andihe 
ryd? hfjjhcfEac moll three fad. The flood tomes from the 
Ejft wards ^ andtbithei it i^tutnes- Ihauc beciie obfcusnt 
fromlhc top of the hills; whence 1 might dcfcry the great 
pietes of Jic, i,or j^leagiiesfrom thcflioare^ driue toand 
againc ividi rhe flood and dibe indilfeienify. Hence I toi- 
leted rhat alTuredly there Isno CfJiranf fets hi here, iMiflbc 
irisameere tyde. Necxc the Hioare, the cddic? whirJe into 
rwenrvfnanncrs; when the ebbc ii made: whithis^bctaufeit 
comes out of ihe broken orotmd amongll the Ice that i^a- 
gTOUfid neere the Hioarc : Befides whirh reafbn, there be dr- 
irers Rockes Tying vjidiT water; un wliich you Jhali bairc now 
;o. (hen i a. niid anon but S. and then 10. f^J, And thefe 
vnterrainties, occafiun futh diftraihoiis-. I would therefore 
aduitf nonerocometoonecTC thoftdangeronsfiiuares^ for 
fearehec fole hi^iJliip, and fo by conrrnnenceali: The laft 
nrglrr, iveroatfcb^tcwrellihcn wchaddoncin iiimtc nights 
^ And thi^ morning bc^in^ the 14. there fprnnj vp g fiirc 

*" gale of wind ar Eaft: and after pray<^r we vnft!lcned um Ship, 
andtamccofaile, fteering bi^wi^ir great pieces of Ice, thac 
were a-giound in ^o.fad. and twice a^hijjh a^ our top-maft 

\Vec went forth of this Couc , vpon the flood , and had 
none of rhofe whidings of the wateie^ we had ac our going 


4 Paffage to the South Sea, i y 

inroir. WcjndaiiotircdtogaineiheNon^nioar^kpptouf 
fellies within a lejgiie of the ffioare of chc liartd ofReJcintim, 
whurc we W fome ckeri; watei to tile thoitfw. In the 
0:£iT^» icwj^nlf ihicItsriirot^dr^c^hcr^STiiighrberiofli- 
ble. B/ ia.adoc]f-,we wer2faftirKlofed,andnolwiiiiftarh- 
difigir blew veryliard atEaft, yet wecyiildmakc noway 
through ir : buc the hard comera of the ke did grate vr 
xvithtrar violence, a^ T verily thouglit it would haue grated 
thiT planlf -<. from tb: Ship^lldc?. Thuj wc continued in twr- 
incnr, tilltliL' 16. day^ diiiii^Toandagibeinihckc^ nor 
b^zi[lgablc rof'^; an aire of f^'a flom lop-maft h'.'adr Thi? 
16. Wis caliriir ^uii-HiiLie wcaihcr, and we rooke the Latitude 2 1. 
& Variation, The Laiitudei?, , [hi? Variation we foundd, 
andhfld t^roiind aii40. fad Jhull tvhrtc iacid. Tcanfed the 
men Eohy OiJf liiiJic fifliing lines l but co nu pcr'^pofe : fori 
could not pcrcdnc thai baire had bcene Ibmin-ha^ tuQihed. 
The nights arT very cold: fo that our rigging friiez?-; ; and 
rlie frctlipoiid^ ofwater ftaiid vponthckc.abotiehjjfcjy 

inch shivke- 

The 37, there fpTungvpalirtlcgalcar Sniith-Eafi:and the ^7- 
Ice did fomejhins; open. Hereupon wc kt fall our forclayic^ 
and foiTod ihc Ship rhorow the thrtingof Tte. Inihe Even- 
ing, the wsnde came contrary, at W' N. V^and bicwbard: 
which raufed vsto &Itcn to a great pcce , to which we re- 
miined moordtillrhe;?- ^ 

lum telolu^, that here is nocurrant: andthaC by maiiy ^^' 
experiments which I haue made. Nimelyjbyfakingmarkes 
onthcEiUid; and noting our drift ro and j^ine, wichrhc 
efcteand flood, fot inajiy daye? tog.:ibi:r ; a^ wcllincalme 
weather, as oilieEwayci. By aU thefe eiperimenti I found 
exactly , that the tide was no Itrongct there , then tL?at b^ 

Tbi^moriiiiE^dier- r'sjrinigvpiHnegale acE.andthcke a?, 
did opQi Jbnicthing, lo that wc did lorcc the Ship thorow 
jtwirhherfore-faile. By s!.a<.ki£ke, wcwere gorten into 
fcnneop.n watcr^ withafine gale fjf windat Eift^and fo 
tlojcwcadier , that we could fee tbc //asJ of Rrfeiatica, 



J ^ ^ Voyage for the difcoutring 

Ibe Nonbmd did bc^rf of v^ E, N. E. fome 1 1. TragLie? ofF- 
lnlj$ From this 29' tiHth^f' of /*/r ^ wet layk d conifniially 

thoKjw ihc Ice, wirhvaiiablcmiidsandfoggcs, andfome- 
dmesciJinc. Thc^.at iioone. We hid a good ^^'"^^'^'■'^ff ,a:xJ 
were in Lanmde 6y i *. and rhLilwc? raw.fd/«W^ //^h/* 
[waijng W byN, foinf 7. Io£*uc5otfr with mnth Iccbc- 
rwktiT aridvs : to wtaihei whith,wc were drkicn to fland 
lothcNnrrh'VJTd. Snoiieafrer , WRfiw Pn^k Ckiriesha 
C^e,mAUiff/lI/imd, andtotheNiirdi-noiih-weft, (and 
indeed, rnand about v?) th= Sea moll infinicdy petered 
with Ice- Thit did gri^e mec very mitch 1 for whereas I 
had determined 10 pcofccute ihc dircou:r>' tj the North- 
wcftwsrd, 1 fawit^vasnoEpofribkihisyccce- Wee were 
mor^'ouTr diii] en bjcJcagaiJicwirh contrary wi!ide^;fliUclofcd 
ajidpi^ftered with Tee : and with all theprrii^ and dangers, 
iLitidenrcoinchadiienrtires; To [liar we ihous^tatliotirand 
tirnrs, that iW Ship had bill beaten to pieces. 

Bvth^ fifteenr]] dav of /"/j. wc w^rc gotbciWjs;i'7>j;^fi 
IM and .Yomf^hrmi lUsd: noi being sMc Co gcr mere 
Noithivard. Time for anhoare 01 two, we had fome open 


BnrbeforeT proceed iiirth?r, it wcrcnora;ri[l"tinroine 
manner ro dcltTJbe rhc' Sinti^ht, ivhich b^ins at chi; lLi»d nf 
Eefv/mion, a!ideiid^-hereat7:>j^i'J //'"*'■ If ymi ^oe downc 
irrtiJthe^-T/, t!i^ Srr.xi^hr i^aboiit iio. lea^ncslanj; and 
trends W.N. \V.and'E.S-E, gmerally, Inrhec-ntcancejc 
isabour]5.[ea^n?:;hrnad; and then on the Southward fide, 
is ,1 qrear^-ri AUiEit thrmiddeft, iiis likcwile alsonti^. 
l^aqifes bruaJ : a;idrhen the LWnpejj^ foincchiLfg wfder: lb 
tTia^^ b^ '■/^'^" ^/'""^^ aii^ ^-^^ ^^'^^"' ^^ '^ ^'^"*"^ >o- 
i^aEn^.s broad- Betivi >:r "hith two llands Suhshio-j If.iM, 
^■n^Nomi7<'h.-i'a liAiid^ If ifbe cleerc wearier , you may fee 
Loth the South and the Nonh fhoares : 01 dinariJ;', the d.'pih 
in tiie mjddle of rhe *;craiE»hr, U i au. tbddnnics,whicerand. 
A ccrrairie E)de ninn^iiii ir, and no Current : The North 
fioarp, isihcJtiaighrdt^andthe deereftfnim Tee roo. A- 
ionsftthf; North (hoarc, you banc many low I mall Hands; 


* P^^gcu the South Sea. tf 

whitli cnnnot he fftne faiTi: nfF fjcjtn the land : and hi many 
place?, [hrland makes 3.1 if icTud fmall fciunds inioi^ The 
Mamc land on both fide* , is inrfjffrrmr hi^ hn6. And (b 
much foidircourTemayfuftii'c: refrrtirgj'onrothe/'/jtf for 
riie paTticnlarT- 

Being; iio'u refojgcdof theimpoflibilirif rodoeany fhing i5 
to rbe NoTih- weft ward , for the rcalcns aforef^id : I gauc 
order ro the Mifter of my Ship roStco-L' away, 
banc a fij-hr of m^^mfeilds litml ^ whkh die nextdayby 
du>gerous foule wcathct amongfl rbe Ice , ihic weftrooke 
more fcarefdl |ili>wes a^iiift ir, then wehadcinryer doiip. 
Thi^wa$ihe firftdayrhar wee wen: [q haJfc allowance of 
breid Flefli daycs : and I ordered ilii^g^ as fparingly a? I 
could. Two of our men comj^fiuie likewifeof [ickenr](&; 
feirtfijoncafrerwardrecouered- Tn :Tiecuenint* weeeameto 
an Anfcer : and I fent ihe Etare aHioarc lo try the lydes. 
They brought ineewordj'haru hilcit the Boat Wi:* aJlioare, 
irflowedioutfome three foote; anda* weefonnd bytfic 
Ship^ andbythc Ice^ the wacerat that time came from chc 
W-S. W. and that the h^hcftCydes (Ibfarre a^rhcy tould 
pereciuO'rliiidnot hiehcd aboue two faddoiue :They found 
that the Saluages Itid beenevpon it; by ceitaine frrei whi<h 
they found, and heapes of ftonea , Trlcksof oiherbeafN, 
bnc Foxeij rhey coLild norfinde- The winde wai fo contrary, 
find the weather lb foggiei that wee were faine to fpend 
fome powder to rctouT *nir Boareagaine. 

Nextmoming Jwingtheiy. the ivinde came fomethiog 17, 
finoiuabJe: andweewayed. Th: fhoarc being fometliing 
cleeico( let fth.sii^h ^^eiy ihicVe ail ti the O^lingJ ivee 
ftood alongftir % ai^d S. by W. fom- to. Lagues. In the 
afrer-nonnc, thfwind^ caiiie ccntia:y : and ivt; came; againc 
toan Anker,\i'iihina[nikofih^ llio3'"c 1 for tuSea-boord, 
wasall ihicke Tee, aiidvnpalTiblp. [ \'jentafi*oare myfclfc, 
tobcrcfofni.'diif j:hcr>d?, andfoLind whitdl [ wasallioare, 
iharitdidflowtnofootc : andat thatiini.che fioodtamc 
from the S. W- by W' i doubted IT was an halfc t)de; which 

C after- 

l5 A Vey^gt for the difcoKn-in^ 

aftefwat<L 1 ffflind to be mie. I found whae the Salui^e* 
had beaitf vpGJj rhe Hand j but coddi fi^e link or no di ifr 
wood on rfe iTiDiriT ; nobcaftioiitliclland, nor fiihcsinibc 
Sa. Tt flow« on the change dw, abour a cli^utii a dockt. 
Wciawfonie fnwkoniC: uf \vhkh wcki!]eilone, andrf- 
luincd aboord. This Ibnd is very losv laid \ Jiide higher rhen 
a dry Hmd-baiifce. hhaih Pond^vpon iiof frefiiwarer, bui 
rtDgfalTe: and i* vlTcrly barren of all gooducfTe, 
iS< TlffiiS^iEithemofTiing, [hewfndccamefrjmctbingfauou- 

r^le^ and wewcyedand came coSayle: forfhe ItcwaiaH 
comriL^abouE v?- We end«iuoured to proceed toihe Wc(l- 
ward; inttndiEig to fell wi:h the W dUrnc land, ab-mt the 
I^atitadf 6^. oo. By [wekie a tlocke^ ( having been^ mudl 
pcftfredj we were comiic to afirmeranj^i^of Ten but ir 
j?leaftd God that tli: wiiidc lai^<:d ^ arid w« itowed away 
S.S^ W, Atnooneiii Lar. 5i. oo. by tbceuc]]ing(lia- 
iiii^ (taped dai^erous blowesj 'ij^t: were come (a3 w^c 
tliojigbt^incoancipeii'^eai andio^'fuHy [lei?iedaway Weft, 
anA W. by N. jlihoiighihjt loy wag foon^ qnayl^d, Eytcn 
atiii^r, wehcitdihi; rutot the lucj andic gtewaihitkc 
tc^e> and vory darte wi[hir : neueirbeJelle wc proceeded, 
and the neerciwc emit to it.ihcmoic hideous noy If itmade^ 

JO. By tl>ri^ in Fhc moniTiig, the ijj, wc weri^ come to iij and 

as icdidclecreafiitle, wetonld fee the Ice: whithwcreaa 
iHcktiandMif lti;,a-i any w chad yet feene.Thcre being vu- 
panablejindmoreDucrrhewindearN.W, wc ftowedalongft 
ir^hupingto wcaiher it to die Southward ; butarklt^wcbe- 
caniefo Grinded with fcigge^ andfo ijicooipaifed with Ice, 
diat wc could goc no JuRlicr. 

ao. The lo. in the inomii^ f notwichftanding ch? fbggcj 

weendeauouredcoget to the Wtflwardi our Ship beating 
and ktKxkinHalJ this while moil fearcfiilJy. 

3j, In this wMilnede we tnndnued till then i whcnbcine 

faft aitwngft ihc ke, T obfemcd we were in irff . 5o jj-and 
ihcn looking whar thmagc odt Ship migbi: haiic recdiKdjWe 
cfjuf d pcrceiuc that bcktwihc ptateof Iron, which wisix- 
fore her Cuc-watCTj fhce was ali bmifed and broken: thccwo 


A FMf4^t to the S^itfh Sfd. -19 

kDKiOicliadlrtfbrcroflrcTi^knher, fp6yMaf>dforae: 
and many oiber defers , which wc coiild Doiby any mcan« 
come iomend- Notwiihftandineallrhi?, andtheeietTaordi- 
naty rhickc fi^c ( rhii wc coddnot frt i PiiloU ihotabouc 
vs) weprocwjfd wirhihchazzardoFalL 

Tillihc??: which wa? the firft time wc had ctccre wca- 17- 
therm lootcciKMirrh; The wind? wirhallcamcvpatScoth, 
and the Ic^ did open foracvhii^: (bilutwc made fomt way 
ihotowiciorheWcftward. In the euening, wcwcrctaft 
againe\ and t wild g«(? rofnrchen the winde vemngfrom 
the South rochc Eaft; andbbwingafretligalc. Thisona- 
fioncdourgrkfea ilie more- that wirhagood windf, wee 
couldnoceoefortt'aTd: putting therefore aHawfer v^oua 
pL«e of grcaf kp, to kepe the Ship dofe to it, we pxknzly 
cxp^acd for bccrer fotfnni?. Since wc fame from Mttntfeiid! 
Jlartd, oui depth Was commoiily ico. andioo-faJ. oozye 
cround- Nowthewatetbeginstofhowlde; fmthisprcfenf 
17- dfiuing fall CO andagaine in the Ice, wc haic biit 3o. ftd. 

mimda? before. ... ,e 

The 2S. and 29. wewctcftjfaft uicbreti intheke, that ^^■ 
nocwithfbnding.wc put abcoad all the fiyle that wbb aiyaidsi 
andilaritblew'avety hardgaleof wirMcj the Shipltiirfd 

iKjmorethcnifftieehadbceneiii a diy Doete. Hereupon 
we went allboldly out vpon the Ice, to fpmt and recreate our 
fehies.lettii^herfiandftiU^MidtTaU hfrSayles, Itwa'saat, 
ciEraoTdinary large Ife: the worft todcalcwuhall, that we 
had yet fbuiid- I meafured feme pieces : which I fimnd to 
be 1000. of ray paccslonR. This wa? the firft day rhscnur 
[ncnliegantonmnnntc: thinking it impofiibleroget cifhcc 
foiwaTds or hckc-wards. Some were of the opinion, that ir 
wasalirnthke, bftwistviandthcfhoare. Others, ihanhe 
Bay wasallfouejedoucr: andthar icwas adoubt \^heihcr 
ive couldger any way^or to any land, to winter in. The uighri 
were long ; and f ucry nighf it did fo freeze, that we f cukl 
notfayleamongftihelccby night, norinthc rhitkefb^ie 
wcaihf r. I toinfortedand inconraged ihcm, the beft I coidd: 
and 10 put awav theic toeitations, wee draiike a health to hfs 
^ ' C 1 Maieftie 

lo A Viysgefer the difeottertn^ 

Maiefticon thclte; not one nan infhc Ship^ andfiieeflfit 
viider allhcr iiylts, I moft iiigeniotifly conf^lVi?, that all [heir 
muTmuriing vt^ noc wiiliuuc reaTon ; wliorcfori.' Joubfiug 
thatwcllinaJd be frozen vp iii-?i.; Sta : I ordered rhsL lire 
fljoHldbc made but once sdai', an^l thii bur with a cmairur 
ijirmber of fliidcs , rhat ihc Sfc>viT'l ftiimld deliucr in [he 
Cooke by talc , the be rterio pio|o[^ our few; Jl wharibaicr 
lliould bappeo. 

JO. Ihe^o. wemadefomf waylhorow the Tec: wl' hcauing 

the Ship wicb our (hmildias , and with MjwI^i aiidCmwjs 
of iron, breaking the ci>rncr'< of [h;^ Fre, to make way As 
wcgot foiwafdiij the water l1,o^1di:d apue; Jj. thailbe- 
Ififucit tobefome tl^d. AtJionin? WL-flp/f-ftW rhorowthe 
ft\i;g^:,wi[:hrh;Qii3d'an:,vpairapie<:i: cjf Icit: and were in 
^^. Z^- 54'OurdcpTli ^o, lad, We pu[ouc hnoktn, rotry 
to car^h fomc fifli, bur ro no pcirpofc ; for there v, nor aiy in 
ihi'i Bay. 

31, The ^i. TrVclahouTtU^af )r<.'fiid:and^nt fomeihingFbr- 

"ard. AinooiK>vcvi'Lnciiii.-#/.^3.dO ourdrpth^i, !^d. 
Ii w a', very thkkehajyi; woiitbec^ia lU^ 1 rhiiihiA: wc ihouJd 
3^*5&^i. Thcfirltof-^s-^fly?, ihe wiiide tamevpat Wdl; vvhkli 
dj oue vs lo ihe Ea[lw3rd : where our depth incfeaftd to 55. 
pLid Afnoone ( by obiernarum with the Quadranr, oiirh^: 
Jce) ucwprein L^;. ^S,^^, At (iTcqcIocterbistiipning, 
wi^mighrpej-ceiue ibe 111- [u K-ane and ftia liuk-; which 
was OLtaficni^d by q fivdling Sta^rhar cajre one of ih- South- 
Weft. Thi? did coin fort vivciy mmh : hopu^fiiortlywe 
ilicuJdgctoulof [he ice, 
a, Thclecond, it did blow lard afSourh- Weft ^ andyerwc 

tcRildruir fccic th<:fu]"fnn?iT[iijii«ifwciJineSca : ivhitlidid 
iLgaJEiLqucnthibc huptswehad foimerly tonceiued. 
3. Th^ third, wee did fee a hcile open water lothcNojth- 

Wi:ftward;and did fcct^ $t fwelling Sea from th.^ Wed: whkh 
dolh afltire vs, that ih^rc is an open J^ia ru tht \\i:(Kva[d. 
J 1 he (ifr^, Wclaw the Sea dccri:: but cuJild by numeanes 

woiki^ OLU fduea Co ic \\ich uur [aylci : whertfore about liie 


4 P4f^e to the SmiffS€4. ai 

miheciiming, weetct &|[ an Antsrin^o. fad. water; and 
ftood all with polcaandfaTtt lofcnii off the Ice, and kC it 
wffe to Leewards. Wt conrinued ihis labour all nighc. 

inchfiinornii^. uhewbd; came vp atNoidi-Wdt, ai»d 
we waH wirh much io^, as hcjping now to ger into an open 
Sea to rlii^ Southward- Thi^ Uy noone wc hid don;;and *tfrc 

\nUr jS.iS.veryfice of Ice, Thi^wLide did laigcvpon 
vs' fo (hit we flood ^way Nortli-Wc[t,rogervpashigh 
toEhe Norrhwardog w.' could : an<l fo ro com? coaftirs to 
cbcSomhward. We^aitcoprayer.andtogiucGodiluiifcs 

for niir dcHuetv out of ih^ k^. 

Ice which !v?vn7ihkk? to ihsN^rrhi fincc wctameouf 

iain?: Soihar Ithblfi ^c^Ppn^l'^^o^^a^'^i^li^^J^^^^- 
ThctenthpTooitftl verv thkkcJc^]evvcather;rhi:v>mcU 
fonnar^.andihe warier Itovldingap^^^^w.-cainctoafiAn- 

ko in 33.frtJ' , I , - r 

Th^skuanh in the morning, wcwjycd, and mad^ .n f or 

thcfhoiie; aTidaboutnooiieliwthebnd: oiirdcph bein^ 
,6,rad. i]ii^r.59'-iO. Ih^land todie Nonhot v?, dnl 
rrciid North by E^ft,and To midc a pt>bt j:.^^. Sourh.vard, 

ki^K^tfor thaE place, whkhwi3 fotmerly calkd H"^-^" 
H^J^ And fo itproouL d indeed : but it i^ nnw bopckfle. 
Two or rhi^e word^ now, coiccmi^igth. Rayth^t wc 

hauc paft oucr. It i? Irom 0^« /'*^ ^ " ^t" ^^ "i'l,. -? 
(in latitude aforeiaid) about. 60, l^gj^^.thc courfc Wdt 

SoLithWdt,lheva[iafion , ^, _^ j..r ^ 


as we haue often trycd bv oar kdd^ agiouiiJ : bat neer^t the 
fhoarcs, at tky are forced bythehnd; iW dieommon 
EaiV and Well, and thafthi-^dnthguichnlc hope otapalUge. 

The sri melt deprhwi: liadiinheBsy, ^va:^iio hd aiidto 
il^oaGuig, asy^niapprothiahnd. wecoaaed mundabout 
ihis for.m.-ntiond lictkBay; whi.h isfome la.kjgpe^ 




d«pf inB.H*i:d6- fid* and in rhe bolt omc of ir, we werem 
iTVofiddomcand ahalfewatcr, and law rhefirme land, a!- 
mofl rcftQ>d aboiic =srs. Then wfipTftcctdixltoTlwSouthw^ 
fiseandftiim ^dome wafer- within f^h: of ihe breach of 
thclhoarc: kctpingchc lead concinmdiy goings and in the 
nJghr we LVould come to an Anker- This Ti^ncbdng little 
wuide, wecamctoan Anker with our Kcdgeit kilinway- 
ingof himjWe/ofthiiTi.hauingnomoreabcwrdv^. 

T>* The ii-iwwcTiein /^tf* 5Jt-45. {bmc two leagues fiom 

cheihoarc- Ihe variacionisaboui ly.dc^* 

1^ Th^T 1 . in thi! afcemooni; ( i: being fomethinghizyc) we 

fa w Tome breaches ahead vs: fujrdei^th wm 9. and 10, Jad. 
andlnfiisj^ toclecroourfelpesof rhfm, wc fiiddmlvi^rookc 
vpon ihe Korks : ibaSSaipthcn being vnderour two Top- 
fa vJeE^Forelaylc and Spreetfayle: wiihafrcfligali^ofwiaoc^ 
InthJafc^eh]Ela[:cidenr, wee (ti ookc aLl our layks amaint^^ 
audit did pkafc Cod co fend two or three gondfvtdluig 
SftLs, whkh did hrautfviotaei" the RockSj into ^^ fad. and pro 

finely into three laddiTna? and a halfe ; wlnfe we thof^r ro an 
Anker: andlayedthe pumps: bur we found fhecm^e no 
water* although nieehadthrecfuL-hTcniblebirtwcSjtliaf wo 
thought herMaftwcftildhauell^iuer^ to piecii3j and that fl^e 
had bin affiiredly bulged- Wcchoylt th^Doateouer-boord, 
and doi]bk tnan'd her : togoefLEkea]id found away^oucof 
this perilous place. Shcc was no (boner gone j bnf there refer 
^fbgge; foihatweWizrcl^inetQ Ipendfome powder, that 
fhecmight hcare uhereabnutB we were. Tlic wjnde djJd 
fomnhjngT otherwife-s ir hadbeetwdoubtfull whither Jhec 
could aicr haite fecduered to vsagaine- After ll^ce had beene 
andbTeache-?, r^nd about v,-.: and that u^thaU , fhce had 
fomida way J where thcrre was nor leffe then two tad- and 3 
halfe: and that RfcerwaTd:, the waferdiddi^qjsn. Wcdid 
prefendv way ^ and fijElow th-i Boatc^ acid pan-ouer two 
irt^es of Rocks ^ «i which there wa^ fcarce 1 4, fboc water- 
Then itdiddeepen to 3.4- ndfo Co t4Hfad^0rai jt fliouldtx! 
^gaincio?- IcbeingnownigbtjWecameEdauAiikeriwhcrc 


4 Paffage t9 the Spmf» Sed, aj 

wc fklc ii^ifftrenrwell al! the niRhc- In the morning, tbc 
wbdctame (jmrrajyi To rhar wee *™]d not goctbatway 
wekitoided lo cleerc our fducs : aix) therefore we waitto 

dv mo fho^and To ^cd ihem inthe Hold, that rhcy might 
TDon all octafinns nmnc clecrc ; the ends of them being fait- 
nediothemaineMaft. Weljlwwife toofct to onr AtJtm, 
and fitftdourlparc one?- We gorout ™r!ons Boatefrom 
bcTwiKCthcdHlcs; whkh was very much bpjkm and biui- 

(cA The CsTpeiif f r went to worke m rtr her, ( for I iiiren- 
dcd to lov/ the Shallop at SEernt ) and fo to hjue the Boats 
ready atan inftaot, either to lay out Ankfli, or to be feruicc- 
able to what God lliould be f^eafed torry mit faichand rati- 
encc*itl^l- for in him wasour only truft, aiidourhope 
vroiihisftno^ii"'"!''^^'^'"^'^^'^ aidea-Joiirs. Lot. 
V^ -5 weetouldreerheiandfrnmrteN.W. tothe S.E. 
bvE wJth Rocks and brea<he^:andiheRotifi that we came 
oL/dry aboue water : whereby I krtcw Lt flowf ^ heretwo 
JaddrniW^alkaft, AtnoWCj 'f^nf the Boate offt-.fow.fd 
to the Eaft'^vard : bccaufe the water ihouldetWher] wc came 
to ill Ank^n SbL'c brought vs word . thiz nioaldeft watcrflie 

hadUeiiein, wa. 7^ ^- f ''^^''^'^'^^'^^'^^1 
the windecame Eaiteily ^ io that we tould not budge . but 

The I r in the cuening, our Oa=ealdedoff : by ffafon of 

whidi perilous ind ludderjaKJdmt, in which weehadnoc 
time to>r a Buoy to it, we bftogr Ank«. a^id w^e drmen 
ir,io 4. fad, warer^faefore we could fet ™r fiyles. Thi^ when 
we haddone,wc ftowc:d Soijth Soath-Eaft, the wmde bemg 
.T^V biK riie ^v«er fh^y«lt« 5. fed "n^i, wee I WS 
North noftb-eaft, and itdiddeepenby dcgre^^ toten^adJ, 
mdbetaiiftitgre^daikc, we ciuk loan Anker, andnda 

goodftreflcaliiii^t. ki u r rt 

I,ithemomiE^thci6,che wind^camevpai Norths Jn-lii 

«lc- andwewayedaiidcimetorayk. By nin^aclocke, ir 

arcwrobeavery ftormc^ and we turned to a:id agaioc, m 

io.&d.witcr. !flthceiicQitig,diewmdeduld^ ^^'™ 

= 5' 

flood Sbmh-wcft, to tune afighrof Psrtl^ffjht- which 
c:o^^fe^vefloDda[Iniglrt,^YtheStalTes,bcingi^Z^, ^7. ay. 

the variation, flbotrr t 7. d<?gt(iC5. 

■17, The}t!i!?morHi!>g^ we ftood Scmih : andonrdeprfi 

dccrcafcdbyde^escoa. faddomos. Ac noonewehatlpoirjd 
obff niarion - being in I^ttttude 57, i ^ . and wcc make ac- 
count^ibar wearciome^.oryJeagiTesof thoSourheriie fidj 
of Verf Ntlfoit. Here the cdolir of the water chunked ; and 
wasof apuMeliJTiandfandrrcdcolour. Wc iloodinro6, 
fad, and cnnid not fc ihc larn from Top-maft-hcad : fo nighc 
tommm^on.and irbeginningioblow hard ai Eaft by Sourh, 
we firxidolf againcrinio 10- and ii. faddimifs : where the 
water was^aiEic of the colour c>f the Sea. 

iB. TheiS. as the vviodc and weather fiuoiired vs, and the 

ftorme was broken vp : w? ftoodmagaineSourTt, and came 
againr inio thicks puddlcUlh water : into '&. 7,aiidti. fad. 
and then off againc : foi chat it Rrcw thicke fi^ii? weather i 
keepng our lead continually gotng, night jnd day, 

J[^, The T 9- teing fine tleere Sun-fliiiie weather ; wcftcxidiu 

aggineintotbetiiitke pn^dleiili water, jnrn 8. lad- where wc 
came fo an try ihc tyd;s : For thac from Top-maft- 
h(7ad,wc<:ouldnotnow" feetheland. Wewcreatnotincfby 
gixid ublcmacion ) hLjuistvle ^7. ao- andihe tydcdidfec 
N, W.byW. andS. E-byE. It did niunctwo knolsanda 
halfcin iwo glaflcs- Irelolmd, that this \V2S nothing hu: 
flioi1d:> roth? land, [n rli? afrer-noonc it bcganto fiiuflleand 
blow 1 foriiatwchadm'jchadoe rogetvp our Anker. This 
beingdonc,wef!oodEail*>oL;thE3ll: hutlha water Ihoal- 
di:dapacp. Thai weftoodEjO^ and kdeq^ened alictJe: la 
thecuenLig^the wind^:calnevpatW>;ft ; and then we itood 
Eaftiomh-^alt. into 10. andS. andaftirr^vardsSouih-Eaft, 
asonrdeprh did guide vi by our lead, and the ci^ourof the 
water jmo 7 . and (5, laddiunes. 

ac The IS. at 6. in fhe morning, we fa w the land : it being a 

vcty low fiat land. Wcc Hood into j. faddomcs, t(rti^c 
itthebetcer: ainl fo ftocid abngft Ll Ac noone wecwerein 
[at. 57,00. We named it,7']6jBe»i'rW/f«/rtjfp/-Soiifr*Wrtitr; 


^F^m^^^^nr^m _ .. . . .__ 

and diank a health in the bei^ Ii<n[or \jt kyltoPritKC CharUs 

andcjine coa^yjInrwhtr^^icTTcndgtuEl^eSouiliwardiniicrc 
to u'liJch point, ihercaretwo flnali llanfff. In rhf fuenir,g 
it u'a^faI[iic,jjniwc£iLrpeto;i!i Aiikcr-Th^tydercra^afore' 
iaid. "n^erc wc rid all tliac nighr, and the nest day : by rea- 
fnn thtr winde was contrary. There wcm n thopping fhort 
Sea : 3nd rbc Ship drd liiour ac it , exceedingly leaping in 
Spref t-%lc yaid, Forcofteii, and all : tbi as ytX Wf md nor 
trimnKd her well ^ tondc. About 11 jne scnighr, it was very 
darkf : and Jt didEilowluTd. Weedid pcrcciue by thcicjd 
rhe SHpdid drin^z^ wherefore bringing the CabletoCip- 
ftang^rohtaueinourCfble ( for we did rhinkc w? had loft 
our Ankei ) the Anker hitchtst^arLif, ajid vpon chechoppiog 
ofa Sea, threw ihc men frcHn the Capftang^ Afmalirope in 
thedarkc, had grjtren fonic abcut the Cable » andabciutthc 
Mafters Icmc too : but with heipe of God hee did cleerc 
hjcnielfe, rm>i]gb not without ibrc bruiling. Tlie cwo Miles 
wcichiirr^ ihcoitfinihcheid^ the other in th^armtf- Q:ic 
ofourluftieft mi^TijU'a'ftrookaion th^brcfi withabar, ihac 
bclaylprawliiigftithte; anather had hii head berwiKtchc 
Cables and hardly efcaped. The reft were fltuK, wheteihey 
were fore bmiftd ; Burour Gunner (an horKftaiKladiligciit 
man) had his Ic^etalcen betwixt the Cable and rbeCap- 
ftang : which wmi^g off his fbore^d rare all the fieHj off h« 
\%p^, and crjifii^d the bon: ro pieces, and Ibrdy wichali bmi- 
Tea all hi.'; whole body : in which niilciable manner li^ere- 
ma]Bedcrvii}[;[i3l wehadrecoucrnl our ftluc5, ourmcmyry 
arrd Strengths to clcere hiii]. Whikft we weie putt iiig him 
sndih? idVdowncio the Chiriireunij the Sliipdrcuetnto 
ilimld? ua^eri which put: us all in tear? : we being fo for^ly 
we^keuedbyihisblow, which hadlmrtei^iof ournien, 
JrplcaledGodj thatthe Anicer hefd^aiiic: aiidHifierid it 
oucallnighr. Bymidnight^cheChiruicion had taken off the 
Gunner Itgge ar the parterir^ places and dr*.ft the others thar 
were hurt and bmifed : after which we comfoiCtd \;ich olher 
9i'i wcli as wc could. 

D The 

z6 V* F^Jigf fir t^e ^tfitjuerhi^ 

3 2, The 12. wcc wcyed; ^ndllood a Iitdt clFinro deeper 

watcTi cxpc^flitig a b«i?r wind^, Wbich in the afterrKJone 
fiuoared vs. Weefiood lo againc for ch^! JKoarL^^and aJongft 
it wee proceeded- -It isvevyihoald ahouz fcL^rsleiguciorfj 
and fdj of breaches. 

*h The » ^ . ar noone, wc wercinbricude^f?- 18- Inih^eae- 

nJngt the wuidc came contrary : and we were feine ro mrnc 
toandagaine* All ihi^ monCEhj ihewindcharh beettcveay 
variable, and continued not Iffiig^pon one point: yititliap- 
pjned (b^ rhat we can gi^rlinrJirdetorwaid- 
*^' The 2d- there fpnmg vp ^ fine gale at Weft, bur very 

ihickc weather : n.^ueithelertc wee flood into 7, srd 6, fad. 
ihexuarcf vcfythicke ajid puddlchfh* Arnoonej Etclceied; 
ajid we conJd lee rhat w^ were imbayed inalktleBay : the 
land bc:ciifj alnxjft round abouiv5. We ftoodoucof ic, ard 

'7- rofltongft itjinfight; iilkh":^?, in the morning : whcnwc 
came ro-bighcr land [hen any we had yet fecncjlince we came 
ff om jV*ff jflf ArfM 7/fWK/. We Jlood jtiro itj andtameto an 

Anker Til ^ftddo[ne. I tooffibe H^^ace, well msmd and 
arm^d; wich order iii wricitig what th^*y were to doo ; and 
a cliarge to returre agaicte^ before Siiniie-fet : The encning 
came, and no nc-TVes ot carBoare: we fliot aiid tnadcfelfe 
fired; bnthadnoanfwer: whit.bdidmuchperpiex vs^doub- 
tingrliflC there had Tome difbder be&lne her, through care- 
lefnefle,and in her wc ilionid lofe alln Wee aboord^at prefciic, 
were not able to wey our Anker, nor fa ylc the Ship- At iaft 
wefa'^afif'e vpon the iTioare^ which made vs the more 
doub rful1,be<au1c they tlfdtior anfwer our Hioijnorfalfc! fires 
with the like. Wee thought wiihall > that it had beene the 
Saluajje?, who didnow cnumph En their conque1>- Atieugth 
they tame, alliafc and well: andexoifcd themfelues, inthac 
vpon theircominingall-ioaae^ if did ebhe fo fuddenJy , ihaca 
bar>keof fandwailb prdcndy dry without ih;"m , asihcy 
couJd not ccimcaway^tJl that was coiicrcd agaiae : and with 
that they pacified mee: They reported^ that ihere was great 
Jlorcof^drifrwood J oq the fhcjare : and a goodquainitic 
growijigoiithefand. That they faw the tracks of Deere and 

Bcaiee. : 

4 P^Jgf t9 the Sptuh Sm. 2 7 

Bearer: fw«Tftofc of Fowle; (ofmhich they hadHlcd 
t'ome) biHno figne of people. Tbatthey pall ouertwoHt- 
trcimcrs^ andcametoarbifd; which riiey coiild notpaHc : 
Th?tit did flow reij'nture ihree faddomc!, fometimcs; as 
oppftsrcd by [h? iTinarc. Thar it U'k low wafer at fourc a 
dotlcci rhacthp flooilcame fromthc Nonb-wfft: andthat 
itflowcdhaJferydc; whi^ borbrheyandwchadpcrciriucd 
by the Ship. AtK»wwarer,wchaHbucihrepftddonie»wlKrc 
wcdjdride. The windebegancobbwharddf Eaft, where- 
upon we weycd and flood ro rho Nonhwardtill midnigbc: 
Thtii i[i agauie . jth) jnihe momir^ w« faw ihckntl: and 
thf n k b^jH ti> blow hard,andas we ftood off, ic inf rcafcd to 
avcryflormc; fofhatac length wee couM not maintained 
payre of couries ^ burtiycdwnderourMiinecoiirJe^ ?Uday 
and a!i night: fbrneiimecuniing heihead, lo the Landward : 
lomerimc to the Offing. 

The Iff. in the morning, we mad? afmunr we had droueii ly. 
fcatke sgaine, fome i^. oriS, J^guc^: and in the morning 
(asjtdecicd) wee faw a Ship to Leevtfard of vi fo|ticihr« 
or foure league? : fb wetr made Isyli; and bore vp with her. 
Shee was then 3^ an Anker in i j . fadd- It was his Majeftiea 
Ship, and CaptaincA-Tf commanded in her. 

I {aliried him aedordii^ to the- manner of ihe Sea, aiidre- 
teiued the likcof him- So t ftijod in to fee cbc land , and 
:hoi^h[ ro tackeabout^d teepe weather of hini,and ro fcjjd 
myBoaCaboordof him : buc die wJndc lliift<^d , forharfor 
that lime T could not. in theeuening, I came to weather of 
hJiUiandfentmyBoat i>oordnf hiiTi; who preftady wcigih- 
ed, and Hood cff wich mee tilim£d3iigh[ ; and ttien we (ioud 
in ^ine. 

TrthrmomiJigCapcaJnefpA-^ and his friend s.tauieabooTd 
of mee: whereTentertainedtben:iinthL'b^:ft manner I could: 
and with fiich Irelli meat as I had gocccii from the Jhoare ; I 
toldhim,!iowlhadnjnnediheland, ihf Seatb'T^mnpaiieif 
offViies- Tfhewed hlmhuw BrTt I Iradbeizneto rheEait- 
ward: whcrelhadlandi.'d; andintniefe^lmadeUnowneto 
him , flJI the daitgers of th;s Coail , as fore as I had beenc, 

D i He 

r ' L 

^g A-V^ya^e ftfF the ^fcoitcrhig ^ 

Hctoldmcc, howhimf^r^ bad bcenc {^TsYt N^ffofi : gnj 
hidin3doJ;»utaCLirfoi7difcoucry hirherro; aiidthar h^liaJ 
rfX beeni? aiaiid ; not nad nor many tinif s ieme the land. In 
ihcaiening, aferlhadgiuenhismcnlbmcnKcflarJe.'*, \vith 
Tobaccoaridothertbing^whkh ^cywan:-d: heedeprtfd 
aboord his Ship : and the next moming , Rood away SoHth 
Swiih-WQil; fincewhkhiiinc,rn?ucrfawhun. The windc 
fomeihjngfautfljringrnce, Iftoodm for rhi^llHqre; and lb 
piocecdedalon^ n.inlight. 

ThhmoiCThof ^»^wj?iiided v7^lh'^nowal]dHiiIe \ the 
W«tti« bekig as cold, 3S alaiiytiirel baiii;f*ltin£nj/*ft/. 
SepCfWT^"' I. WetcpaftcdiloiigltihcnioaTi^in lo.fiidckuni^sand luhcn 
itrlccR-d; in fighr of land. Ack^iignhihc wac?r (hnald<?dto 
6. and V ^^dd, ajid a'^ it ckercd^wcTaw it ail brcaih-s to Lee- 
u^rdi fo wchrtrd off, North North- eafi,luJ: i>iH raifaJ land. 
By nighr, wc liad much adoc ro ^n^t fafefy ouruf thi&dang^, 

rousEay^ Armidnigliri ihtiwindjome vparScn][h,aiid To 
we Cooke in OE^T IJt^'lcs, aiKlktthsShipdiin^codic jv'orrh- 
wardinto deeper warer. lliii dav , wastlj^ (iHt (im:^, the 
Chimrgion cold m?e,thit there wi^rcdiuecs of the mm tsin- 
rod with rickndle. At ncxmr, vjv Wf it: in latinid^ f ?- 1 1. 
1, The fiitoud, we Itood in agaiiie for dieilioare; butas wc 

cann^intonioaldwatiTjitbeganroblow: the weather b^^ir^ 
wuirL'rlyandfiiuk: thrcatninqa ftormc: wherein wc were 
not detei jcd, forthatin Handing off, wee hada violent on e^ 
Bvinidnighcicbrokf vp; aiiddisihird in the morning, wee 
Jiiood in againe : andbyaii.wee (awir. Here wee found 
ih'^ ia;id to iiciyJSoucli Soijth-calt and Souihi fo chatwc 
blew, we were atiCtf/'cipipi; and named icCj^i^e*rft?«* 
.■i^'riTM; byherMaielhcj name; Who had biHtirc named our 
5lhip Atnoon^^, wcworeiiibricude SS-os- anddiatisihc 
height of che Cape. 

Yt&u ferr Ne(fmxa this Cape,thc land trends (gcneralfy) 
Eai! South-caft^buc makes wkh points snd Eaves : which iii 
rhe partiai[ai5 dothakcr^ita point, iwoorthree, Thedi- 
Itanceisabout one hundred aiidrhirtiele^es: dieuariacion 
aithi^CapccaLoiby Amplitude, is !i>oui fixtceiK di^ees. 



4 Paff^^e 10 the SPtnh Sf4. 2f 

AmoftllioaldaiKlpcriloiiscoiift: in whikh rt«rc ianotonc 

Hjrboiif la be found. 

Tb? rfiiidday inthcafternoanCjWcbidatcarinElt'Jmicat 3- 

The fouTrh in rhc momirg (the ftorme being broke vp) 4- 
wc fiood in again^ , Soudi-Weit. Jh^ wcatlwr was very 
tbitke, and we Ibundfll conrimull/ : burby nooncirtlccrcd 
aud wc&w the land. Htre ir did trend South by Eaft, andihc 
tydcs did kt fllongfl ir,with a qiiicke motion. Jn the aienii^ 
tJierecami^igr^rarrowliisgSeaoLiEof ibe North Ni^rch-caftj 
a id by ci;j,htatU)rke» it blew very hard alS-Hilh-tail, aiidby 
rcafon of rh.: iiifOLiiilcT of the wmdeand this grj^at Sea ; the 
Sirawasalljnabreafh i aiidcomak? vpanerMt^lnpcrt, it 
did lb ligbc<zif^ fnow, raine, and UaWy all the nighc long, rhac 
I \VAS neiicr in the like : W c ll\ipc many S^^as ; but one moft 
daiigereus : wbith faclct \'s fore and aft: rbaC [ verily thyjE^ht 
Ship did labour utiift imibly in ilii^ diftra^ftion of winde ^rid 
waiics: afldn'i; Itadmuch adus to ki^cpc all iliing^ faft in the 

hold, and betwixt deck?. 

ThcfifMnihemomit^, ihcwindc thiFied Soudi-Wy?ft, 5^ 

bur chained not his condiiion ; but continui^d in his old anget 
and fary. In the artcrnoonp » ir (l.ificd agaiiie to ihc North' 
weft^aiidthci'ClhowudbisvEtsraioltmali^.ei andb tbc tea- 
ring violence , thatnorl, norany^tbat were then with mee, 
juer law the Sea in iuch abtcath. Our Ship wat, fo tormented, 
and did fu labour ; with takiiig it in on both fidcF,3ndai: bmh 
CLids: rhat wc were in a moft ini(erablcdi[lr4:rtc, inthiifo 
fhikiiowne a place. At ei£>bcadtxke in the euenin^, the 
ftornie brake up-: and w-had fomcquinnefte in the night 
foUowhig: notoTiL hauingfl^pt one wmke in 30, houre.j be- 
fore. If this itoraie had tosiriuurd F^ ir was ai firfl^, 
Wiihoiit God^ goodntrCTe wehad all periHicd. 

Thcfut, thewind^wa^atSondiT-wdl:, fothatwcct-^ild tf. 
donogMdtoihcWeftwgtd. Wc fpi^ntihetimethercf . - 
in trimming of our Ship : we brought all oirrcojl'^i (wbi 
fotdiemoltpaitwa^EtcscCoale) aft 1 a&Wff allodid (;■ ^ 

D 5 *K- ^ 

JO i_^ Voyage far the difct>uerirj^ 

oiher tbing? ', and all to ligbtf n her afotf . Others drd picke 
our bread J whereof there was mucb wet : for doc what wc 
could, we iTiipt abundant^ of water hciwinc decks : which 
ranne i]iTD [he hdd 1 and into our brcad-roomn fiir thcSca, 
Ti>d<^n3, To conrintully nuer-rackc rs , chat wc were like /ffB* 
ill the W bales belly : We oufr-looked our Tacks aiid Shoots^ 
with other Ri^in^ oF ftrcfTc ; becaufe that bentefonvard, 
wc were to look? for no othcrbur W inter waibcr ; This 
cuenirtg tmr Boatc-fwayne ( a pabefiiU Qiari,ai]d one that had 
laboured extremely thcfe two or three day c^J was very fitke: 
fwouning away tbree or Rxiro times ; iiuomuth thatwee 
thoLTght verily, he wtnild prefeiitly haue dyed. 

7. The feuenth in the moniinij, the wrnde tame vp at South- 
cad, an J we ftood away Soutls-weft , vnder all ihe {kyln wc 
could make, Intbh^oucre, we taw an Hand and caoieelofe 
aboord it: and had twent^e faddAV3ter,whieb was fomc com- 
fotrtovs: fQThi[heito,wcciiyldnotcome whhjn fourc or 
fiueleagLTfsof ihcflioare, at that depth. This IJand fhnds 
ill 54- 1 0. The afternoons, we ftoodiway Soiirfr-wcft, md 
in thy eucnii^, bad the dioaldiiig of [h^; We Jtmie Hioare, in 
JO- S. and 7. fedd.butic wislbthicke, rharwecould not fee 
theland. Uisabi;^!: 14. Icaguoj, hemrxt this Hand and the 

8, The eight wa? rhicke, Ebggie^ and calme : vvhitli Co conti- 
nued till the ninth ^iit fixe in the momii>g- The winde thai 
comminpvfi at South !i[juth-vveft : ( though very foggy)ivc 
iiood to the Eaftward : keeping our lead going CfMiCinually, 
In tIieeucnL)gj[ he water ilioaldedtoio-andp.Tjdd: whele- 
forc WQ ftcod off and on, all night. 

Ihecenrhwcnadeic : finding it an Hand, af abnnt B. or 
pjeagues Jong. Ic fonds inlacitude sj. S- and abrmt 15, 
leagues from the Weileme ilioare. The parr of it, tliatwe 
coafted. trend? Weft NijTih-wcft: I named itmy Lord H-^ 
JhiiTlLi«d-, Wcftood fli3[ aw-^ay rathe Eailward: ic bert^ 
brokenfc^gicwcather. hi the afiemooiie, wcdifcryediajid 
to the Eaftward of v?i : wbTch made like three hiJ^ or hum- 




J Pafyf to tffe Sow^ Sta. ^ i 

and very circumipei^. Ar Icngch wee alio law land to tht 
Southward of vs : whereupon weloofevp, andnowmakc 
fiarthac : bycQurleaswchadferitinlhecbiclKdjfkc&^gc- 
rock« ; thar wc knew not which way ro tume vs : but God 
b^ihaikedit waabiirlittk wrnde; and fowe came loan An- 
ku^r; Soone after it clft;rpd; at which time wtcould fte no- 
thing but £ind?, cocks i and brcachcis ^ round about vs : thit 
ivayondy-^o^ptcdj whkhwccamirin. 1 fenc prefcntly the 
BoarcT:<jfi3LLndjrno[^ft rhe iTualds androcts: tbarifwL^c 
tvhkti way togo?- This nighiprouued calm eaj^d (aire vvi;a- 
ihcr: and wt nd qtiietly. 

The ekucntb in ihe mornings iTvenrin tTicHoatcarhf^arc 
myfclfe : ^nd whilitlwasaland ^ I fenc rh^ Boat-^aSoH^a- 
moii^ft the brokc:ngrojnd?jro found. T found dii^ ilanJ^^r- 
terlybarrenof allgoodneffe : yeaof that ^vhich I thmighr 
calityio bane found : whkh was Sajruy-gr^aiTe/ SorrcJI^ or 
fomcherbeorothsrj ;o hau^refrcdicd \m Jick^i^ctnlt;- I 
couldnotpurceiucchatrh^cyde did flow here (niduvti by) a- 
boue TWO foor.Therf was much drift wood on ch-: ilmrv^^md 
fomcof ic drone vp very high, onlbe North fid ^^jf :hc:T- 
land; whcrdiy I iudgtd rhar die ftorm-x wcrev.^r/gr.atar 
Nonhjiurhe Winrer, Thus I rcturn^dahoordi and fen; ma- 
ny of our fick^ men i" a-ioihcr part of thilLuidj n> i^^^^ if 
they themfelues could fortunately findc any rcLcf^fbr ilijr 
grjcfcsn ArncKinfj by goodobfenarion, wewt;ri;inhcirLJde 
^a.45- In tlw^^uening^riuimen Tctumcd^.om^b^tldl^: : and 
rheu we wfjedandftoodtotheWi^ft^vardj commingtoan 

The iwdfth in the momii|g y l. bt^au to tlow hard at 
Soi][h-ei[t, whirh wa^ panly ofihe fhoarc ; and^heShipb:- 
gantodriue: itbtingfoftcxjziei^round. Wcheauediiit^u,^ 
Anker thereupon ^ and tauK^ to ikyl^ ^mdcr iw^'^ iourics. 
Whilellthc moft wcrcbufii^ in ht^juan^ out of T.^]avU"Li 
foinCjthat{h[?Lildba'iehad (piaifglUar^ or the Ship rann^hL:^ 
aihoaitivpoDtbcroLk^^outijf mc^ccatckJhcl^^ink^oiciLif 

i% A Fej^e for tfie difatusn^^ 

out aiidabouCorVica^'ingof rhe kadi', aPccr rTiey hadfcfiie 
ihelandall night km g» andmoughr eucnthcnhiLii^ffnicir, if 
rhcy hati iioi bccnc b! in Jed uith TtJfe coiiceif , and bumz enui- 
ouCy oppofiEeiiiopiniotvT, ThefirttbSow, f Irok? mi: oui of 
I dead {lecTTC ^ and T running out of mv Cabbiii; rhiitrghr na 
oclierar fiTft^bLLrIl]adb<^rii^^vakaied(whe[i \i\\\' uurdai]- 
gcrj ro prcuLde my fclff for another ^Vorldx 

After 1 had «)ntroEild a linkpafiinnininyfclfc, and had 
rbrcki fomebad coiinfdlrhic wasgium me» Co if ii^ngc my 
fdfe vptmthofi: thar had comTnicKd this mioc: ioidcrcd 
what Ihotfld be done w j^ec off rhcle Rockcs and (loncB. 
Firlkwehafde all our layle ^lackc-dayks ^ Uii that did no 
good, bur make hcrbeatcih.: harder. Wb-rfUpiHi we flnxikc 
afj our faj'l^ amdinc ; and fiirdcld chcm vp dofe, rtanug 
downcoTir rtcm-^ to bring ihe Cabl': ihorow thcCabbin to 
Capliang : andfolaid out an Ankcrtobcauchcr at>eme. I 
madcall ibc water isilLiildmb- FEan'd: and fcrroinc loihc 
pEnnpfs to puiiipr icoiit , and did intend to do<z die lite wich 
onrBcffc; Ofherij I pncto rbrovvoutall cur CoaTe^: whirh 
was foone and readily done- Wequoyldotftour Cables into 
on: long boaic; all this \vb ilt^ tlicShrjj bearing {t>fcaieftJ]y, 
tbatvut iaw fomeof rhelheathing fivimby vs. Then flood 
we,aBmanya?w?coufd, Ct> the Opfliang ; and heaiied with 
fnthasr^dwill , tbatchcCablcbTake^ and U'c [oft- iftir An- 
ker- Our, Willi all rpeede,thi:rH:f«re, wepuc another: Wee 
tould not now perceiue^vhethcr flicdidleakeorno^ and 
rhacby rc3lr>n we i^^'fre impinyed in pumping out ihewarer, 
wliith ^vi; hjd bulged inhi^ld: thn^gh we much doubted , 
that Hie had T«^.incd her deaths wound: uhefcforc wepic 
J;i[o the Boaie the Carpcniers tooles ^ a ban ell of breads i 
torrd] of po-A'di^t, Iinc iniis^kers, with (bnie match; and a tin- 
der-boxe^ fiflt, hookevaiidlines pitch and okum; aEidtobe 
breefe, whar-cLiiT could be -hoci^hcoij in fjcb an extremity. 
Alt ibi5 we lent adioare » to prolong amiferabk^ Ijfe for a 
Fliw daycs. Wc were fiuc hoar^i thu? beating; in which 
time Hie ftrooke ico. blnives: infomnch that we thought 
cueryftroke had bin ihc Jaft that itwa^polliblc IhL'coiJd 


r. P^age lt> iffs Scmh Sea. 

haje oidurfd. The water, we could nor percewjein aUdtii 
rimr, [o flow? any th-'ngaiall: aclengch, it picaled God, iTic 
bsconaglJ iheRotkcs: chou^b yet wcc tflcw not wbe- 
rber flit were fiaadi. WhcKupon , to pumpiVrgwcgocon 
allhandfftill weuiaiiletbe pumpcs lucke : and ^benweGw 
howmtodi water fiic did maki: inaglalTc, We fbuEid htr 
to be very K-aktc i bur wcc wtnc to prayer and gaue God 
thantea jr was no worft ; an d fii fiiccd all things agaitic, and 
gorfirrrher olf aid famf to an Anker. Iji the Huening^ it be- 
gan roblow very hard ir W- S. W. which if ft had done 
whifcft we were on ibeRoclcis,wchadHoJl our Ship wich- 
oiit any rcdi?mprion, Wit^ much adoc, wc waydc our Anker, 
andler hci cIiilk; to theEallward amongft the broken grounds 
andRocte^: rlie boitc going before, foundii^. Ackngrh, 
UT came amongft breaches: and iheboar^nraoefianestt} vs 
that ttiere was no goingfiinhcr. AmongrtihcRntke5thcr&- 
forc wc againe came to an Anker^ where we did ride aJl ;j^; 
and whert ounnen whith were tyred ohc with extreme Ja- 
bour , were indjff^re nr well reircliied. Here T firft noted , 
that when the wind wasac S. icflowed very linleorno wa- 
ter at all; ffjthar we could nor bring cKir Ship ground to 
lookctofier: for we did pumpeaTmoJl continually. 

The 1 7. It noone we wayco.and Itood to die Weftward : 
brrinibat rou^fc, itwa^ aD btoken eroimds, Aioaldes and 
iimkenKofkes : fc (hacwe wo'idcrc^ With nur d^kies, how 
wcfameinamoi^ft rheminanbickcfugge, Thcnwelbaptc 

ouTtouilc to the NoTth-wurd 1 and after fomc couCiiltacion 
with my artbciaccs, 1 vcibhc^to^et about this land, and fo 
togoedoivneiuto thebottomeof Hftf^fiJ S^f ; andTceff 
T«Mild difiouer a way into i"he Riner of Co^^a : and if 
I ftf led of that , [Tien ro winter on the maine Land; ivTicre 
therein mc\:t comfort tcbeexpefl^d, thdl arnong Rockes 
orllaid?^ We ftood ak)[^{^ chefhoare, in %ht i>f many 
breach??. When it was nigbl, we ftond vnder our fore-ftyle; 
rfielead'-' At lafl, the water flYoaL':d7^pon v^, to 
lo.&d.andicbegantoblow hard, Wl: tatkt^abour, andit 
did deepen [0 la.and i4.t3d, Liitby and by,ic fiioalded againe 

E to 

to3,lad. Then Wftacktaboucagainei and fiiddenly itfhoal- 
dcdlo 6. and 5, ftd- fowcf ftroolt<?oiir iayle ainaine^ ami 
i^iopr to a^a-^k3: : rTfo^dnen^rrdi^iCouttbr lifea^d d'-'aib. 
We ridJcaJEiTig^cagKaCftrcfii^ forfuc cxir bf tKs did tift, 
and Wf thought they would hauc bsene mmc to pieces, 

ArbreaWeof day the 14. wc ivereioyfohmeii: aid whm 
we could lool« abouc, wcdifcTii^daii llandrdm^i. leagues 
cff^ atW. by N. and rhts wai rhc fhoald char lay about it. 
Heredidrunneadiftrafted, butyeravcryquickeTydo s of 
which w*; caking the opportiinicy^got ppotu Anker, and 
ihsodN. W.tocWcoi3rfi:k]Cgnf thi:i(hoald. In thi: after- 
noouf , the wind <:ame vp atN-E.andweftoodalongJlihi? 
Eafteme Ihoarc iofighr ofaniLilticude of bteachizt. Tq the 
EuojingT it began to E>bw a ftonnc nor ftvk- worthy; and dii.' 
io. went very highland was atlin a. breach. 0;ir Ihallop, 
ivhich we did now row caE (Verne, being moord with nvo 
hawfcrs, wa-t funkcn ; aaddidfpincby hcrmootin^^, with 
hizrteclcvp, lo, tim^s in anJiourc. Tiiis irndL-oicrthipto 
hullvLTy bfoadj fo thatthpfeadiJi^Dnriniully^xiffr-rak^Ps: 
yi.twefiidur^ir,andthniiE*hi:ttjrccou2rhcr, All night, the 
itoime<:ontiniiedwhh violence, and with fomcrain? in the 
flioming: ic then bcin^ v^iy chiLkt wcachsr. The water 
fiioatd^d apace ; wiihiuchanouer-gnowncfs wichalf, that 
a %le^vagnotto be endured: and what waaa? ill, rhcre was 
notruliit^ to an Anker. Now thci'i^Foie began we topre- 
pre our fclues* how to maUe a good end, of amifcrable tor- 
mented [it>- Aboutnorine as it cka^d vp, wc faw two Hands 
vudi^r our lee; whereupon wc baTi^vptothcm : andfteii^an 
opening Ixt wilt rheni, wcimWauouredfcgciintoic b<rfore 
night: for that tbcie was no hope: of vs,iFwc continued out 
arfea, that night. ThereEoTC come life, come deaths wc- 
mtiQ ruLuic ihi' hazard- We found if to be a good (blmd ; 
whercwe rtddeailnightlafdy, aiid rcconered our ftrength? 
againe, whkh were mu*.h iJUjiared with continual] labour. 
But before we tunld get Lirorhii good place, ourlhallop 
brokta'vay (being mooidwlEh i, hawfers} and we loll: her 
^oonr gitatgriffe : Thusnowhid \vc but the Ship boace ^ 


J Paffage to the Snath Std, 

and flu? U7as aUtotneantl bruiled coo. This II&ihI was the 
iame iliac wc had fonntrly <cflftcd che Weftcr fide of i 
amjliadnamcdmy Locd Jf'^/*"/ /iW- ,Htfrc we tf Pained 
dflili.; 19 {nwhicli time [t did noiTsing butfoiVv't^ blow 
cstiemely, infomiithcha^ wedniftnoc put our boiCe oucr- 


Tbisip ThewiiidniiftedN.N.E.&ndwc waydcand 

flood te chf Southward : but by noone ik wind tame vp ac 
S. and fo wf came to an Anker vnder another Hand , ou 
VJhith rweiit alboare.aiid named it The E«-lc t>f Brijhit 
m^ Tht CarpcnctTwroiif^bctiardijirqnujieourboate: 
ivhiTcft I wandcicd vp and dowac on thia de&ir Ifand, I 
could rroc pCTceiirc, thatencrtberehadbctneanySakiageson 
i:: andinbreefe, we could fi™Jc neither Fifii, Fowie, noc 

The tydes doe high about Tome 6- Foot: now lliat th<! wmd 
isNodherly. The floodtomr^s fTomihcNi>tLh! anditdodi 
flow Halfetydej The fullicathifday, was acone acloctc. 
Here, feeing the windescontrntiefoNorEhcily. that wccoHid 
not get abcotfo goc into Hndfo'ij Bayf, Wf tonfidercda- 
gainewbal was bert to doe, to looke oui tor a wintering 
place. ^'HjrrieaduircdinetogoefoiJ'^^r/ iVf^,- beou^we 
w^^rt^cenainethat thcrewasaCou-c,whcrewe might biir^ 
inoiirShip, I lilcte not thac cwnrdl^ for chatitisamoft pe- 
rilous place, and diar ic raighc befc longere we couldgec 
thirher, :hac wc might be dtbard by the Ice. Moreouer, Tee- 
ing ir was fo cold here, aitbat euerymfthi: our rigeing did 
freeze : and ihai fomciimes in die Morning , we did fSKiuell 
away the fnow baJfe afooce chiclceoff our decker: andm 
that latitudctoo : I thought icfarre worfe b the otberplace. 
I rcfolued iberenpon, to fend ^neto the Southtvard, there 
to rookc for fome littleCtetkeor CoucforourSbp. 

The 2 1 . the windetainctrp ac N- atid we wayde: althodgh 
icwas averythicUrfoRge, and ftuod away S.W- todeerc 
nuT f-rlnc? of the ([\<a\As that were ou the point of this Hand. 
TliiUland is in tat- 5J. it>- When Ave were cleere,we ftecrd 
awav S- At noone the fogge turned into nine; bui very 
' E i chicke 



j5 AV&ytt^efor thf dspsiierit^ 

tbicfcc weaflin' ; and ir did thund-rall rheaftcmooiic ; wTiEcli 
imJe^adoubtaftorme: fnT all which, w^e adaciimrcdto 
puKccd, rn ihc meniitg^ chc v/in^le ijKfijafcd; and bkw hard"- 
wherdbre we Cooke in all our fayles, andi'irhcrdrineltjrbe 
Sonthward, hcaiiing th? lead puerv glitTi;, Ojrdc:prh,wh?n 
U'C rooke in oiir ftylcs^ wa5! ^o.Bdd. and itdidincrcafera 
-t^ which wa^agrearcnmriirf to vwnthcdjrke: Ar mid- 
n^hCj our dcpthbcgau fiidrScnly tt> d^treaft -, andas&ft as 
the lead coqUJ be hcaiied, ir ilnraldcdio lo, fjdd. whsrefore 
we f hopf to an Ank?r a:id trl inm d mit Ship a/f ,rci mounr on 
the Sea, and iitred all things co ride ic out. There was no need 
to hid [lur men warth ; not oiic uf thrm pur his eyes K^cther 
alUlieiiighf long. We rid it out wollalbhi? night; akhough 
thcSeaWfliCvtrylofti? : andtbacit didbJowvcry hard. 
The 1 a , in the momiiig, wh^n wc could lookc ahonc vs j 
13. wcfaw an Hand vnderour Lee fume kagucoff: all being 
Ihoaldsandbreachcs^becwixiv^andir. AtnrKjn^ (with the 
hdpcoF fhcwindwardtydL") weaiccmpcedto haucvptmr 
Ankr: alfhougTiihcSca ftill wmcvcry loftic. roy[iin- all 
our ftieiy^rhs thcrefrir<?,wirh ourbcft'^kils^Godbe flunked, 
Wfloditvp: but before we ctxiSd fccnurfaylcs, wcew^rre 
^iucn into nine ladd. Tndcauouring thereupon to double a 
point, to get vndprrhc Lceof rhi!>IljLid; t he waccr tl^oalded^.fadd. bur when we were about, icdidd^cjjcn 
agatiKandwecometoan Aiikcr in a very g(;>od place; And 
if was very good far vs,that we did : for the wirtijc ir^creifed 
to a very fttinnc- Here wcc rid wdlall the night, lookc good 
refi, ana rtcoLiered our ^snt ftrcngrfis againe. ThcMnight 
and diis oiomiiig, it did Inow and nayle, and wasveiy cold: 
ni;uerihclc{fe liooUe theBojte and went allioare colooke 
fcr fomc Crceke or Cotif to liaiie inoiirShip; forflietwa^ 
vi^ry leaky landihe company bstomnefitkly andweake,wkh 
much pumping and extreoi-.! lah*nir- This Jland when wee 
camerorhclhojre ; it wa^ nothing butlcdge^ of rocks, and 
baiikesof ftnd: and there went a very grearfurfeonchem- 
Ncuenhdcfle X made thcin lowe thorow ic ; and alhoarc I 
got with twooiore, and made them rowe off wkhonr the 


a PAffsge tothe S^th Sea, 57 

breaclies; ai^thcrotocomecoan Anfc?randtoftay fiM-mw: 
Inwde wbacfpeedlcouldto^ctopof shilJ » codifcouera- 
bout! burcouldnurfKwhac welookcdror: TTius bctaufc 
jcb^ijai: to bloiv hard, I made luft^ towiirdi th^Boatf agabc. 
I found that i:hadcU)edfoltnv^ ibat the Boacc could nor by 
anvmeaT>t<comei]eere tjie l^oaic for mc? : fotbacwewere 
fijiie to wade rhorew the fuif? aud bteadiffi ro her: in whidi, 
fomc f ooke fuch a cold, rhaT ihcy did complaine of jtrothcir 
dyi:!gday. Butnowubtiganroblowhard, fo rhac we-couJd 
noi ^ec but hCTleifi windward toward ourShip: for thcttbd 
uasfhiftedfincowi: w'CntafhfflTi?,&rctut^]torhenioart»ii/e 
could LKjt.byrirafijntifrhefutf^.WelfiWc tow for Jrfe;they in 
rh?Ship»kiou:aBuoybyalo[^ warpe;^by GodsaffilWie 
wcgi^rIoi^:andl^>luledvploIhcShip]Wherc we wcfCwelJ 
wekom'd,& wc all leioyc'd tugcthrr.Tlii^ wa? a prcmEinicica 
(o v^^;tobt:taTefli]lhuw werdtofflheBoateiforthalitwas 
winter wcath^ralready, 1 mmrd this tknd, Sir ThamtU Rues 
liofid : It is fill! of fmal] wood ; but in uth-i !ientfit5 not ve- 
ry rii-h : and Jt Jndi in lachude y 1, 10. At nooiic, wc WL'y^d : 
feciiie aJJ Ifajjd that tar<? Soiuh Souili-eaft of vs, Ibmc foiire 
leagues offj which was the bjglicft land wcliadyetfcencin 
ibi&Bay: butaswecamcnccrc it, it fu'Jdejily fiioalded ni 6, 
5 , and 4. fedd. Wherefuic wc fliooke c^ir layles aii]aii]e,3iid 
chopt ro an AnkcT ; butitwasvcry fbuk ground, and v^^n 
the Ship was vvindcd vp.wc had bncthrce ^ her Sterne. 
AsitfkcraJ^ wccculdfee the breathe!^ all aJongit vnder ooi 
Lee : holding it isSz therefore to fhy long here ; wc lettled 
ciierythinginorder, fortheShip ro fall the right way. We 
had vp our Anker, got into deeper warer ', and ftood ouer a- 
gaine fbr J*'"!?"?^™^^^'/''^™- wlilchbyn^hi w^Eiruc^ht 
in the windeof vs \ fotnttwokagnesoif : whith did well 
flieltervs. The tydcs mime very tjiiicke hereamongft tliefe 
fljoaldsi andtheirtJoiesoS'nirmingfbbc, ordood^ bcvcry 
vnccriaine: Their (unants,aKliki?wiicfbdifhaiSed,rhati]i 
rhe night there is no faylrig by the dimpaflc : wherefore we 
■were&netnfcckecui^ry n^ic ibuii; new pla« of ictuiitie 

E 3 The 

^ S A r&yage frr the Jrfceaerin^ 

44. The 14. in ihc moming,ir did lowered liircarcn 3 ^oimc: 

which made v^ with the uindmaid cvdc , wcy to gcC nezrc c 
vndcrdTclJanA Jtwasvery thkkc foggie wcachCT ; andas 
weltoodrothf Nofth-eaihvard^Wff C3jne to vcrj' vnccrraiue 
depths laroiTCcaft, 20. fadd the n^xt 7^ then to. 5,8, and j, 
ana tominitig to the other lacke, we were wocfe thmwc 
were before, the Currants making a fbolc of our beft iu^e- 
iiii3nrs,m ihe fhickc fc^gc when we coiild fee m> land-marks. 
JrpleafedGod^thatwegotdecicof them : and ejideauou- 
red CO gee vndcr the Lee of the Hand- Thii being not able to 
doc, wccwecc feinf locome loan Ankerinj^.fadd. fome 
twofcaga«offthelhoaTC: Allchis afcertMoiic (andjncleed 
allnigjir too J it did fiiowandhayie ; and \vas very coid. 

35- Thei^.wM wcycd, HQdrboughctoget rorheEaftward: 

biiCAiwec tackt to and againc, the winde Ihifted fo in our 
CCf rlis, that k put vs within a quarter oF a mile of the ver^ 
Ihoarc: where wc chopttoan Anker andriditoutfbrlifc 
anddearh. Snthmiferieaastheri!, we indined amongft ihcfc 

Ilioalds and broken ground'^ : orrarfifr more delpersrc then 
} I lauc related; ( very ^nplealaiitperdanee to be read) with 
fiiow, haifc, and fiormy wrathi.T,and ccilderthtn mer 1 feir it 
ill f n^^iwd in oiy Ufi;- t>i3r (lioorc- Ai>ker was downctwice 
or thrice a day: which CTftreme paines made 1 f^car prr of 
30, the company ficldy, AlltliislaiWwithvj, vntilhhejo^of 
thiiniO[\?zhof Sfpie/u&er: whiJi wc thoughr wouJdhfliie 
pucancndtoourmiferies i fornowwe weredriuenamoneft 
rock^, (hoald?, oucr-failc^jandbrcathcsroundabnnt vg ^ibac 
which way toiumciWckriLVv' nor; but there ride amonftll 
ihciTij in cstrcmitJc of diftreffe. All ihcji: pcrih,made a mnft 
hidooK^andtcrribknoyf^, Eiitheniahrfcafon : and 1 hope it 
will not be accounted tidiciiloU!, ifl refate with what medi- 
tations I wa5 affi:itcd , now and then, amorgft my ordinaiy 
praycn ; which 1 hcicalfoordcheRcad^r^iItherecontciucd 
theni ; in rivife few ra^c<J and cearedRimcs, 


J pjijpige to the South Sea, J^ 

OH, my pi>oreroLJl^^ why Jocft rhsu grJiaie to f« 
So manyDftichs muftf r to muithcr mee ? 
Lookf to thy fdfc^ r^rd not mcc ; for I 
Mud dos ( Ebr what I fame ) pctforme, or die- 
So thuu m^y ft free rhy fdf£ from bdng in 
A drag-hill duLTgeoiii A mecre finlce of fim^ rhoubdeeae, 
Tmly in God through CbriH^and tuer liuc, 
B>i thireforf glid yet : ere thou goc fiom hence, 
For our ioynf finncs, let's doc fomc paiicence, 
Vnfainsdiy fc^cther. When wc pr^ 
Ik wilh the Angf Is loy , wirh all my heait. 
Wehaue with confidence relyde vpon 
•A rufiie wyie, touchr with a little Srone^ 
Incompfi round with paper, andataffe 

And thought to tliuua rhotifand danger?^ by 

Thf blind dircaion uf this fcnfeleffc flyc. 

When the fierce winds Ihirter'dbUctenijjhtsafuiidcrf 

Whole pitchic douds, fpiicii^ forth fire and thunder > 
Hathfboo^eih^catth, andmadcihcOcoinroarej 

And ninne tohide it, in tht broken flioacc ; 
Now thou mnft Steerc *; f^ith j a bctrci guide, 
'Twill brir^ tlwe fafc ro heauen a^inft the lyde 
Of Sacans malice Now let quiet g^e^ 
Of filing grate, inipice thy zealous liylcs; 


40 A yoy<i^e f&r the difcuuerht^ 

OUoberi. Thefirft t>^ oBoher wa^ iiidiffcrenc feire wcarbcr; ard 

with a windward ryde^ out went cur Boare, to found a <W- 
l]auri?^fii« returned 1 ana roldu?, Iiowfhcc had beczne away 
whcn:thcrewa5iiotklfethfiiT3. fiidd. Wcprefen^lherc- 
ripon wc>'<zd i but found if orhciwifc : ai:J fsmc amongft 
manyliraiigeraces, and ouer-fallL-; , vpon which ihcrc woii: 
a\'crygreatandbrcal(ingSea: As we protocded^ themawr 
fiioaldedtm^. fadd WcJI ! ihcic waMioiemcdy, wc mufl: 
{■o? fiinvard : happybeliickisj f^c^rh^^rc nciihcr wa^ any 
riding J andaslJnlchopeto mme any waywirh alayle, but 
That rb^re appi-ared prefent death in it. If pleafedGndfoto 
dirci51vs»tharwcgoiihorowir: hauing iioEoflt then fine (e- 
uer3ll,and;i!lvcryuuccrtaini? dsptTi?. The water, fi jmeiimcs 
deepened to lo. (add- then vpon a liiddcLi^itlTiOiJldjd ta 7.6. 
and^, faddume?: fn wellrookc allour faylesaniaine^ and 
cbcipcioan Anker, where: wecrid till midntghi , forlif,:and 
dcaih : itbinwiiigamertlkfl'egaleof wind?, and fhc Sea go- 
ing very Uiffie, and all in a breaih- Th;^ gruimd was fouJe 
gioundtoi] i iiiromuchtliacwee duiibccd onr Cabit, aicry 

«' The fecond in the moriiing wa? liitfe windc : wherefor* 

taking the oi^oimnitie o F the tyJe, ilie Bnate went forth to 
fbunJ : which rccumbt? a^aine in two houres , roldvshow/ 
chcy had founded abuunfiatl^oiM, and hadfimndapLiceoF 
fninefafetietoridein; and bad btene in nofeffewatfrthai 
fine tiddom?. We weyed- and found our Cable gal|-d in two 
phccs: H'bichhad fooui^ failed v?^ if thcfijulewcaTherhad 
tonrinucd. Weftoodihsfanie way, tharthcBoardiddireft 
vs: ljuri[ procjutd fo calme ^ that wcc came to an Anker in 
lE. fatUonl::. Jtc;okedi:rBoato» and went afl,narc onanT- 
hndj (bjt wa.^ icf thj Sriuihu ^rd of u? : whith I nacned, The 
E^lr f/fDjtfbjfi JLiid : From rhe higheft pla-^ in ir.r couJd 
feciiaJIbroL^v-ni^nHinds^nd Hioald^ torhcSouib'^^ard ; and 
rathe'- wovf% fhen any tbiig better, chcii ihac which we had 
bcene in. T fcmd tha^ tb*: Saluagci. ha J be:ni^ vpon it: and 
f bit ic wai full of wood. 1 made baite Co the Boatc to found 


4 Pjjage fe tfje Seutff Sea, ai 

ibeBayeforfartofiTioaldsandtunkcnRockcs : but fijund 
irindiffbrenrgdod- Toward th^ Bumii^. it began to bb^ 
h^rd: wherefore wc maJc rowards [he Sfeip, Shepucforth 
J Buoy and a^arpc; ^ndwc rowiog fbrlifetorecouer h^r^ 
were put to Lcc-ward of her ; bur by ^^tting hold of the 
waj]>j:jwe liafde vp ro her,Thc boarc we left haife full of w a- 
rcf: ourfduesbcinpa3WctaJdjown*drarsi andjcniad^v^ 
the more rcioyccj thai we bad clcapr this great dinger. AH 
iiighij we had a very hardrode-ftccdc; it blowing a fljoft 
violenr gale of wind, with fnow andhailf^ 

Thctl]ird sboijt iiLn>nLs the windduld; aitd wehad i^n 5" 

our Anker, (Im^tling in further into rhe Bayc itiro fourc ftJ! 
and a h^Lfe wat(r. Here we ^;^me ^ine foanAnktr^ widi 
our fftond Anker : formany of ourmeuarcijowficke; and 
ihe reft fo weakened ^ that we tan liardJy way our (Iioocc^ 
Arichcir; I tooke the Btfltc,and ^wsitprefently aflioarc to fee 
whaEtuoiFbrcIcDuIdlind; Ttus was rhe firfttimej chat Tmit 
fooieon ihislbnd; which was the lame thirwedida^r 
wmrcrvpQh- 1 found che trades of Deere > and law fume 
Fowie; buc rhattliatfJidreioyce memni^, was, rhatZ dad 
fee an opening into tfce I-and> asifithadbceneatiaer. To it 
wen^^kcwtihallfpeedc, burfbundictobe barr'd; andnot 
st^foote water at HiJI fea on the Barre i and yet within » a 
meft excellent fine Harfsour^ hauir^ 4. fad. water- In the 
Filming 1 returned abootd, bringing Uide co^nfort fyr our 
/idccmcnjmcjjcihenhopcs- , ^ 

The^. ic did fnow aridhfow^feryhardi yet Igol aJhcsf^^ ^, 

flndappointedtheboate to goe to aiKjihiJ- plate, fwhich made 
Jikca Riucr)andconaindit- In the meanc time^ 1 went with 
(buremore^fome 4. or 5- miles vp iEHotbc-Ownff^; but 
could^indno rckcfe all that way forourlic^jbutafewlkr- 
rics orely- AFtsr we had weU worL^ oiriclucs in the trou- 
bleibme woods , wee returned to cbe place I bad appoiiiCLrd 

tfce hereto tarry fijrmc: whcrcatmy ccHntninglftillftmnd 
hcTjflicIuuingnotbfenewhere I had ordered her, far it had 
blowne fuLh aficrcegaleofwindj that Qie coold notrowto 
wind-Waid. Thu5 wercmni'dabtxffd.WLthnocoodQCWes- 

l^ It 

41 o^ Voyage f&r the difc&ttrw^^ 

It continued fbufc weather, vf ich fiiow and hailc, and ettrcm: 
cold; tin the ^- when wUhaftuounng vvitidi^, w^ flood in 
necrer to the flioarc, and here mtiord the ihip, 

1 he 7- it inow'd all day^ fo that we were hine to dcare ic 
'" ofiheDccita withjlioucl^; and ir bl^v a very llonne with- 
aU' It continued Ihowin^ and voy ccld wraihej ^ and it did 
lb ircezCjThatalt the bowes of rhc Ship» wirh her bcakc-hcad, 
wasaUlcei aixut rheCafaJealfo, was Ice ai bi^<? as a nans 
iniddie. Thebowcsoftheboare werclikcwife Iroimhalfca 
foDfcthickc, ib that we were &iiic to hew and beaie itolF. 
IhcSunnedidHLbe vepydeeie; and wc torcihe top^fiylLj 
out of the tops , whith. were hard faizen in rhem , inm a 
lumpc: Jbthatrfifre they hunga Sunningallday ^ inqvery 
Jumpe^ the Sunnc not haaing power tothawe one tfcopof 
tliem. After theBoate was fitted, we rowed toward? rhe 
Jhoarc : but codd not come neere the place where we were 
vfedto l^nd, for that it wasall thickned water with the 
fnou/, ihatTiad fallen vpon the fands, that arc diy at bw 
watiT. This midf ii fo difficult to row, that vuc cojM not 
fet throu^ it with ^^cjatcs: yet fbnieilHi^ higlier en the 
Wcfl-WBid , we got aHioare. Seeii^ now the winter to 
come ihus extremely on vpon vs, andfhar wehad veryJic- 
•lewood aboord; I made thcmffll the boate, and wenfj^ 

bourd and lent the Cffpenter and others to eur wood; others 
tocanj' itrorhewacer fide: whileft thcboate bnjughc ir 

abooia, fbrldoubtcd chat we were likely to be defaar'd the 
flioare, and that we {hould noreoc to and againewirh the 
boate. It wasmifcrable and ctJa already abooid the Ship ' 
cuery thing did freeze in the HoTd, andby the fire ilde; Sce- 
ir^ therefore chat we toiild nolon^ mrfee vfcof our&yj.?^ 
(which be the wings of a Ship) « la^edi many of doubts 
in our mindcs , that here we muft ftay and winter. After 
we had brought fo much wEiod aboord, av we could conuc- 
nicotly flowe, and enough as 1 thought would haue Jaftcd 
a. or J. Djcneth?: The. ficke men defired that fomc Ifttle 
houfeoi houcU might be built a fhoare, whereby they mjphc 
be the bctta iLelt«^ aiid fctouei iheir heaJth:.. I tooke 


d Ftff^ge 10 the Smth Sf4. 4 

[he Catpcntcr Caiid oihera whom T thought fir tor fiich a por- 

porc) ^^dc^oofi^g ciitipTace, ^bey went lEUmciJiardyro 

wcritc vpcja k. Jn the meanc (pace, T my fdfi^ accompmied 

\\-k\\ f^'iiic oiKt* , wandered s^r-and dowm in che VVoodsi, 

rEjfirt if wcc^Td diloMier any figiies of ^Ivsges , thar fo 

w-4.' might rbe bctccr pioitidc fcJr our faf cries , againflihCTn. 

We found no appearance Thac there was any on thi'j Hand; 

iioF necTc vnr<> ir : The (now by rhis rime wa?i balTe l^go 

high; and Ihlking through it, we tetumed f omfbTtlefTe to 

our CoiTA-'arifons i who had all thi^ rime Wfoughc wcUvp- 

QJi our houfe. Tliey shoordthe Ship^tookedowneourlop- 

fiiylesm chcmcane while, and made agteac ^re vpon the 

!ii:arth in the batch \\av; JbiliathiuJng wdltliaw'd them, 

ibey folded them vp , aaii put them betwrlit detkea, 

that if wc had my weather, they might bring ibcmagainc 

CO yard: This in the Eiicning we returned aboord. 

The n. we tookeour maine faylc from the yard which i' 
was hard frozen to it : andcarryedii allioare, tocouer our 
hoiife witha]! : W\\y% M ftinc toihswe itby agfe« fire; 
El? night ihey bad coanedit ; and had almost hedged it a- 
bout: and the fine builders did defire to [ye initaflioare rhar 
m'ghr, which f condifcmded vtito : hauing firll fitted them 
with Muskers and orber fumimre \ and a charge to keepe 
eood watch all night, Moretxier they Had a Ihoarea, Grey- 
rounds (adoj^i^ sndabiccbj which T bad bioughr out of 
En^l^ind, tokiUvsrome Deere, if happily we could fiiidc 

Uvtbc i^.at nighc, ourhoule wja ready; aad our fixe i^, 
builders defired they might tratidlvpiiirorhL'Coimrry to fee 
what thev conM ditourr. 

The J 4. betimes in rhe morning , being fined with inui^i^ ^j 
rioDj3rxi their order fa Icwpec<^ethcr(b«icd|^ tofcc-lic 
oucforntCi^cl^^or Co^cforour Ship) they dppfl:r^2d. Wc 
aboord. cook^ down-^ our two Cf jsvinalt-^ and meir rising: 
makii^gsacrtintif wedidrsuioQue, tt> make vfe of our fore- 

The I S- iw the Euening our hunii^rE r^mcd vfiy weary ^ 

Fz and 

T - 


■^' .- 


A Feya^fir the d^iQittring 

and brought with rlwin a fmaH, leant Deere ^ in 4 qoarc^rs : 
which reiyytcd vs a^, h-oping wc flnuld ban;] had more of 
than, CO rrffcfli our jickemfEiwitltaif. TheyrqwrteJ^ ihac 
they had wandaetl aboue lo. mtl&f^ and had brnught chi^ 
Dccreabojc 11. mile: ^ncj that Lh?y had letne ij.tkr i o. mocf: 
TJjeJaftnight, ihey hada VfrytoldJodging inihewcxxJs; 
and fo ir appcard, for rhey looUaJl almoft flamed, nor conid 
rhcyrccouei themftluesin^. or 4. dayei after. They law no 
(ignc of Sa]vaf»e^, nof o( any raufning wild beaftij noi yera- 
nybopeitf hai-hoLK. 

The 17. irjy LiajT^naurand y^rnorf, (Vfircd tbcy might 
try their fbrttujc^; in iraudling about the Iland, ButiUylid 
^jre worfc lucke thi^n the orhcr^, akJiotigbthcy aiduRtlout 
al^nrght, and had wandered very fairc inthc (now ('ivhidi 
wasnoivveiydccpe) andreoimed comfbrdcife and rifilera- 
bly difjbkd with the toldneHb. iJur what wa^ wof ft then all 
ihi'jiheyhadloiloneof rheircompj-iy, hhn Iff-p-row, name- 
ly ourGnnriers mate; who being very wi'aiy, me^rlv to (aie 
[hfgoljjg about, hada[cemptcdtogo:ou^rapondr!Mt\vaB 
a quarter of a mile ovtf -, where whizn he was iji tlievcry 
inidddt , the Ice brake anddofed upunhim^ andweiieucc 
fawhim more, Confidcringthefe difaiier^, Irefiilued to fi(L 
ni>more with Hgokii?n hiHjkc: for f^are, \ ivcakiii^d my 
leJfe more with one bnntirtg, then »o. fuch dcare Deere? 
coirlddoeme gutid. Being nowalliired, that tTieie wMno 
Salvages vpon ihelland, roryet^ouivionrheuch^rliand^i 
!Eomffor][hcniaine neicher^ ai fa:rc a^ we could difmuer , 
f which ivefuriiierprojicd by iiiakiL^ of fire*) and tkit the 
cold leaibn wai now in that esueniity , chat rhey could not 
come to Vf, if there Wfte any ; we comforted andrefrcfhed 
"flirielues, byQeepingrliemore fccurely, Wcdiangedotir 
iland ^ti^oj}^ cm^iy wccki-i and for other refrdliing we 
were like to liauf none fill the Spring. 

Fmm this 10. to the 29, it did (byisffl-fw/^ fnowand 
blow fo hard , that the boate could hardly atiienture aflioare^ 
a'tdbutfeldomeland, vnkni-'tbcmendid wadrinche thicke 
congealed water, tairyiaig one anocher. We did fenlibiy pcr- 


d Pifpi^e m the Simthsu. 45 

cpiuc wichall ^ bow wcc did daily fioke into more miieriM. 
The biid was all drtpe couemJ with (now ; the cold did 
mijiifjy J and Eh? (hicke friow waccrdidincrafc: and what 
wodd bccornc of vs, bur ^.oft mercifbU Codaodprdcnjcr 
knev^f ortely. 

Thi? J9;tobfmii^dan^(:/<iPAoftlicMoont:,wiihwhatcarc 1^. 
pfiflibly I could both in die tryall of the cxa^neiTc of our 
inRmnifnts, isalfointhecbfciuaiioi] : iTcfeire yourorhc 
ol/ftrHMK>j in f he liCf cr end of this Reiaittm'^ whtrcit isac 
Jarce dffctibed. Thi^moncch of 0£io^er ended wirlifnow 
and bi tcer t old weather- 

The firftof November I caftvpacctiunB wirh the Stew- A'*^■f;w£-^r i- 
ardtonccrningourvifluall: the rhinlprt of our time being 
ibisdayour. I found hinv anhoncfl man ; foi hcgnucme 
aiiKcounf eneiy vvccke wlialwas lp:n-; and ^«har wa^fliJl 
in [lie hold icmainiiig viiderhi^ haiid: \ wnuid cake nocs- 
tufeof leakage or other waitc^ vnleflehi: diddiily rhowit 
ujc. Eiiiry month, I made anew firmcy; and eiiery fine 
monetbs^ pur what webadfparcd,byirfc[fc : whichnow 


The;i,da^thL'boateindeaiioured roger alTioare^but codd j. 

notfcrdiorow the thitUc congealed watei- 

nhe 4. [hey fnundaplace togct all^ciarc; and lb once in - 

a.or^.dayc', till the 9, bringing Bcereto oiiimm afhoarc 
inabarrelt, whithwould freezefirmdy in ihehoufein one 
night, Ochcr proiiition fhey hid ftorc. The IceBcerebeing 
tbiw'din akerrdli wasnoigoodi andtheydidbreakeihe 
Ice of f he pondca of water » to torn: by wafer r j diinkc. 
This pond-warer had a meft Lorhfome faielLwiih ic : ibthac 
dinjliing Icil it mighcbe infcdious, J taiifed 1 Well to bt^ 
ftiiike ncere the houle, Ther^: wc had very good watei:; which 
did Cafte (as We Hatteied our f^luci wiih it) caca hkc 

TTte 10, (hauing (lore ofboordes for fuch a piirpofe) I fflic r 0. 
the Carpenter to workc , to make v& a little boaie which we 
might carry (if occalion were) ouci^ the ice and make v{e of 

F J bcr. 

her , where there was wirer. Ac noone I rootc chc Latimde 
of rhia lland, b^ i- Qji^atfts : which Hound ro be ^2. 
00. Ivi^^cdihcjneQ tomake rrap locarihTMjTfcs: Forwc 
did daily fee many. Some of rhcm were pied, blacke and 
white ! wheicby I giiheifd thar ihero was foitiP blackc 
FoKcs; whofe 5jannc5 , TtoUrhem, Hereof agreatvahii!; 
and T pro^ifed, that whur&euer could take one of ihctn, 
ilioiild haue the skidiKr for hia rewaid : Herecipon, they made 
diners traps; md wadfd in the ihow (which was very drepej 
lu phcc ihcm i[Uhe vvoods. 

Then, our houfctnokca-fire, bnrwe foono quenthed 
it! Wewere ftine 10 kcepc an extraordinary firL% nighrand 
day : and rhl^ accident , made me order a wacth to looke m 
it cominuairy : fitting, tbatif outhoufeandcforhing iTiouM 
heburnc, thatali we wt^re but tit a wocM condition. Tlay 
aJTioatf^ eiIIcItci?. all which time, our mifcric? did increafc. 
Itdidfnowaiid freeze moft cfircmeLy" Ar which trme, we 
looking from the flioare toward* the Ship , {Ik did]<ioke 
Jikcapicceof Ice, inchc ftfhioii of aShip ; oraShiprc- 
fombling a piece of Ite. Theliiow was all frozen about her^ 
and all her fore-part firm c Ice : and fo wai Ibe on both fides 
aifb. Our Ciblci! froze in ihehawfe, won Jerfiill Co behold, 
T got meaboofd : wherethe longnighrs llpent^ withtor- 
iTJcnting tneitations : and in th; daytime, I (ouldnotlee 
any hope of fJLiing the ^hip- Thi^I wasalTured of, tliatic 
wa^ moJt impollible ro endure thcle extremities fi nig. Eue- 
ry iijy rhe men inuA bcate the Jce off ihc Cabin : while 
fnme within bnord ; with the Carpenters Io^e* Calking 
j roJT, did dig^e the kecMicof che"hawfos: in which worke, 
the wLicer would frce74.- on their clothes and hand'» 
and \voiik\ ib beminiEfTe them, ih^t ihcy totijd hardly ger into 
theShip^ iviihi>uibeint;heaa'din witha rope. 

Thei^. oiir Guiini;i"( whuaii you may remLtrifei, had hii 
Je^e tut off) did langiiiih vnncoueiably : aid now grew 
very weake: dctiring, that forEhelitTlerimcheliad toliue, - 
hce mighc drinki: altc^cther, which 1 ordered hec 
Ihould doc^ 


The a t- in e1i« morning he d^cd Anbeneftmd aftror^- »i, 
hartcdman. Hce had a tloTf -boorded Catbin in riieGun- 
roomc; whjch was very cfol^ indeed i and as many cloches 
on hini» 35 was tonuoiTcni (for we wanted Roclothts:) and 
a panas with coales , a fire conrinually in his Cabbin. For aJ] 
which wamirb, hispliyfterwouid Freeze ar his wound, and 
hisbi^leof^lceaihishcad. We commictcdhnnatagood 
diftancc from rhc Ship vnm the Sea. 

Theihrce andtwoideth, ihalttdidiiicreafireicrraordira- aj,' 

rUy : and ibc fnow lay on the water in flakes, as icdid fell, 
much ke withall drone by va ^ y^ nothing hard all this 
while. In rhe euenir^ after the watch wasfci, agrcat piece 
came athwan our hawfe^ and G«f e more fcUo wed after bim; 
thcleaft ol ihem a qiarter of a mikbroadi which inlbc 
darkc did very much aftonilb VE, tbinking it would haue car- 
ried vs out of the Harbour , vpon the moalds Eafter point, 
whiihwasfiinof rwb. Tt was newly congealed, amaner 
of two cnches thidte : and wee broke thorow it , the Cable 
mdAokCTinAiringniincrdiblefh^ffe, fomcrjmci Hopping 
thewholelce. Weiboioff three Miisketsftgnifyingto our 
men afhoarc, that wc were indiflrcffc : who aifwi^rd va a- 
gahe,buftou3dnofhelpevs. By ten acbckejt wa^allpaftj 
neucrfhclcffe wee watt-TiL-d carcftJiy : and fbf weather was 
warmerrhen weehad felcic any time this moncth, Inthe 
momingatiiTeakeof ^y, Tfent fcrourmai aboord. who 
madcvpthehourcandarriuedby (o- being drncn by the 
way^to^raHcfhorowthecongealed-watfr; fo diacthcyie- 
couetedfotbe Boats, with difiiculTie- Thety diouebyibe 
Ship msnv pieces of Re , thoi^ not lb large as ih^ former, 
yetnmdi'thifkert Onepiecccamc foale rftbeC^ICfcand 

made the Ship driuc. > ji t 

As foone ai we were cleere of 1^ wc loynedour ItrengtlB 

tf«riKt,andhadsrp our Eaftermoft Anker: andnowlre- 

folUedtobringtbeShipaground; tor no Cables nor Ankera 

couM bold her : But I will here [how you thcreafons ^vby t 

brough bet no fonner aground. Tiift. it \sraaall ftony ground: 

foaK ftoiies lyii^dry, three or tburc foot ^JC wa^r -J^ 

^S A Voyage fir the difcoutri/sg 

^titwaBfobefufpijiSfd, thar icwa«ihe like all about v?, 
SsoHidly y IT did ordinarily flow but ittfo fool andahalfc 
hffc; afidiflli«ftiould bed dfi^iinhciar)ds,we could not 
oier come todi^cheroutagainc: futtlialfljK woujdnot 
bedry, byfourcor fit!? fbor. Thirdly, it wvaia loofciathl 
which CfligbtTifewiib the fuiff, or fo uiounr about her; d^t 
allourweakc powers could noi heauc ir away in ibr ncjit 
fpringiiint?. Fourfhly,we dotibtcd the tydcs would not bigh 
tomuthinrhc fuminer, g^ they did now. Fifthly, we could 
not bring hcroiit of iKctydes way; which dotli munelbmc- 
rhingfjjickc here: and iheUcjbcIideSjm^lndriuL- and moEiJic 
vpvpon her, and To ouerfci her, orrearch^r, a,id carry away 
hcrplankes, iron woTks and all r To that we fliould haui^no- 
tTiingkfiiofinilliourPinnaHewirh, Sixrly,if it did blowa 
ftormeat ftorlH-weftjOrlhcrcabouls; the wanir would flow 
icnfoot^andvpwards: and that windebeir^of iheihoire, 
ir would blow away all the Ice, and there would come in a[i 
eitrjordimryGi't'ai: llirf'c about :bi;nioaldEftcr- point; which 

wasoffationeJ by^i dcrpi: ou^rl^U. Morcouer, JhcowoJild 
beatc csrrf nii'ly j and if ih?^ were put vp by die: !iea or ihai 
iucfc, ic was vtfiy doubtfnll that we iliould neuer haue her off 
againe. Fortbefe rcafoimve cndircd a[] the entcirniitie ; ftill 
hoping vpoL] Ibtne good and fortunate accident. But now all 
cjur prouideiitd^fignrn wefaw to become foohllmclVe ; and 
that a great deale of inifcrable labour had bwne fpcnt in vaiiic 
byri. With the flood, wee weyedour Weflermoft Ajjkci, 
pi^fteiuingGods artiiVaiice manifestly i bccaufcit happi^ncd 
rob? fine warmewejttier, oiherwife we bad not beene^le 
to worke. I'be windcivasnow Snuth = which blew in vpun 
thefhnare ;aiidm^dcthf:loweftfydes. Wc brought the Ship 
into'i=.fiji>rM'arer ;GLkd lay Jour one Anker in rhtOlft^,and 
anDEherin llioald water, ti3 draw her alaitd at command- 
hopcalJbwa?, that foine ftones that were to thcWell 
i}i Ts,wnLildferidotf (bmcofihelce. W^thenbeing 
a mile from the fhoare , abouttenaclockeinthcdarkcmg 
the kc came driuiiig vpon vs^nd ouf Anfceii came home,Shtf 
droucfbmc two C^cs length; aitdthe wiiide blowing on 


£ fitff^e to the South Ss*, 43 

eic lKcare,b>r two i dock flic amc agrcwnd; and flow much 
Jcf ' vet rii« liy well 3^ night,»nd wc tookp fomc itft. 

ITiefiufandtwenCKrh. rb: windc fliifrcd Eafterly : and ^^ 
nit KUxTdt-KC of Tt; on vs. W hen ^he flood wa? imdf > wc 
incouiagcd one anotlwr, and CO workc we goe : dmvn^ 
home our Ankcc> by maineforcf , vndfT great piece? of r«, 
our cndeuouT being to put *c Sbki lo ihe flicarc. Buf ro ccr 
eratdifcomforts, when die faa^fc cyde was made ; ^whidi 
ivas mo bourcs brfotc hi^ water; the Ship drout amon^ 
the IQ! to the EaftwardCdoewbacw-: could) and fowoijd 
haueontbeflioaldRockcE^ As Ihaueformeriy feid, rbcft 
twodaycsandibi^day, v^asvcry warmc wodief: and it 
dLdmne.whitbitliadnotyccbarowedone. fiaccweei^e 
hither: olbeiwifc, khadUctje ImpalGblc we cgild haue 
MToueht. WithaH,tbcwindlbiftaa]fo to dicffiuth :and 
at the veiy inflatit, Wcw a had puffe = which fo contmucd 
for halfcanhoure. 1 caufedour two Top-failes to be had vp 
frombetwrat decke^ and W« hoyft them vp with rop?s in 
ali baftc . and wc foift the Shipaibt>arc, when ihe bad not 
halkaCablcslengthtodiiueontheKocky QioiklB- Inihc 
Euaiinewec broke way tborowd>eI«. aiid jioc an An- 
ter tofhoarcward in fiue foot water : to keepc her to the 
ihoare, if poffiblc it might be- Here Sir H"£^ H^yU^ghky 
camcinremvmind, who withom do jbt ™ diwen out ot 
his Hirboiir in this manner, andioftaiued at la. But t>od 
wasmorcmertifuUtovs. AboiitnineaclnckeatniBhr, the 
windc came vp at ^iorth-W=ft , and blew a very ftormc. 
Thiswimbwasof AcJhoarc: whichbicwawayal! thcke 
fromaboutv?, long before we were afloat. Therecamemj 
not lowling Sea withall, abwt the poui^j accomp^ioJ 
witbagreatEirfcondieihoflre. And nowhere we icft to 

thcaKTcyoftheSe?, on the grournU By temc Ihe bogw 
ro rowlc in hci docket and fooneaher^begantobcatc^inlt 

tl«syund. We ftoodatibe Capflarg. i^ many^' fouW = 

%ow would haue ftaiiL-d hcrtopdeccs. Weheaucdto the 
ntcrmoftof cxuitrc:^^ tokeepchecasiicercdicBr°"'>^ 


i»wecoid4 B/ f cafon of drij Wind, ic flowed very math 

wiTer:iindivcdrewhcTvplbhigh, iharitiiTaadnubrRill.Lf 

ttierwcfliodilgctbcrotfagamc. She eoatnii«l thus bei- 

tmg, caJtwoadockechcncurMoming, andLhaiOi-agaLne 

ftidcd. Whaflipoa wee woic fo npcps, to reftorc ra- 

torc i feeii^ ibc DC^t tyde wc ftcpeftcd Co be againc cor- 


1(5, Thel[KeandcwendeA> srithe momir^ cytic, ourShipdid 

not floacc; whereby wcbadiumeqiiictncfrc. Afterprayers, 

1 c^ 3 cDnrulc^rJon of the Maftcr, my Lieuiacuir, the 

Mates, Caipenter^ andBoate-fiviync; to whcim Ipropo- 

Jcd, ihatnowwcwcrcpuTtODarkftfliifts; Ind Therefore 

tb^fh'JLiIdr^mciAhUEhey thoi^toFic : Nmiely^wbe- 

rheriCwfiicnDcbcft, roearryallour prouifion a{h[>aje : and 

ihaiivhrnthewindefhoddconienorEbfrly, kwere utnla- 

feftrodiawbcrfiffiheioff, uxlfinkchcE. Afrermmyra- 

ibningsiheyaUDwedfif mypurpofc and fo I coinmuitica- 

red k ro chp Company, whoall wilMnglyMrccd loir. And 

ib wf fcfl to gtrtiiig vpof dUr pmtiifions : nrft our bread, oF 

which welandedEbiiidaytivoDry&Es wiiha HogJlii^ad of 

Beete : hauingmuch adoe to fcithe Bcsaw thomw me tbitkc 

congcakd water. In the Eucnir^ ■ the wiode came vp 

at >k>nh-Eifl, and Eall : and fild [he Bay choakcfiifp 


The rwfliry fcuGith , iheBayconrbuedfiinoFTcfr, which 

^' Ihopedwouidfuccintinucand frwzi:, rlmt wc HiouCd mn 

be pit to linke our ship. This day wecoutd iandnotbir^- 
jj^ 1 he rwrnty eighth, atbriakcoF dty, three oFour ojen 

went aHioire ouor the fee, mknowne to mee : and the , 
wiade mmmii^ vpat Wtft , dioiie the Ice ftom betwhtt 
vsandthclhtpafe, andmoilfCHtQiH oF thcBay a!fo: And 
yctnotFo^ EhaCth:Bo3te could goe alhoare foFVi^thing. 
J made ihc Orpcnrer fit a phce againft all Fuddcn extremi- 
ties : for that with the firft North-Weft, urnottherly wind, 
loieant to eff&ft oar l^proicd^, liitheiunneof her, ofi 
Ihe ftaiboord fide J heratawa^ihf&alingmdchephnte to 
thc/henthii^ femefburcotftueinchcs iquafc; iomefoare 


footc high from rfic Itcdcof Tier, tbKfo ir might U boarcd 
cur, at an infhnr. Wc broa^ our brfad wh^wa^rc- 
manning in rheBread-roomf, vpinrathegceat Cabbm; and 
Jikewiic ail our pow<fcr > fe^ ™^ »" °^ '"fi"^ *7 

Th-z nine and cwfnticth arfiue aClockem the Mormng, ii,. 
th=uindf cuncvparWcft North-Weft, and b^coblow 
vtry hard. It «a9 mdinary for fhc wind to Ihift rrom the 
Wdl by rfK North, aniod about. So firft I orderd che 
Cooper to goedownc in hold, andlookcto alfoiir Ca^: 
chofeihatwertfiilT, tomawlsin fhebungsof rhcin: rholc 
riat woe empty, rogetvp,orif they could not be gotKn 
vp,roftau:thcai. Then to quoilc aU our Giilcs vpon our 
loivcrtyrc; andiolnyon our fpare Ankers, and any ^mg 
chat wa^ weiGht^, to keepc it downe froia rifing. By fcuen 
aQocke, itblcwaftormeat NDrth-Wcft, our birrer njc- 
my- The Ship «a.4 already bfddcd fometwnfootem die 
fand. anduhilftrfHtwasaflowing, llicc m^jlbcarc TTfia 
I beforekd inmy confidmrion : for I choughf fhc was io 
iariedrinenvp, thar we iliouM ncoH g^t het off- Yet wc 
hadbin to faiitcdby h^ laft beating, that 1 refoluod to finke 

her riaht dome, nrbcr then nimc ihac hazzarf. By nine a 
cbke, ihebe^roniwleinherdockc, withamoftcxta- 
ordinarvHrearSeathatwascoircswhithl foundtobe™-- 
lionedbydiefomn.'ntioncdouerftU. Andth.^wastbc fetaB 
bourc, that put vs to our wits end. Wh«eForc I went 
downeinholdwithtlKCarpenttr, ajidtoolKhisiug^md 
b-atdaholcindicShip^andktbthcwaKr. Ihii^withaU 
fpeed, we bffian to aitout otberplice?, toboare ^n>*, 

(^niery idaS ^.a. fiiU o* ifliks. By renne, '?^^'^^<!T 
dina ilKlowcTtyrcwascog^red-vithwater,fbra;i which, 

fhcbewnlbtobeateinherdockc, motcandmore: ttotwc 

totifdtl^^vwke, nor ftandco d« any dibig m her. Nor 
would fhe(inkefofafta.wcwoddluueher:biitconmu.«l 

beaiine double blowes ^ firftabafr, and then befoif, that it 
waswonderfiiU, howi}.ccoiitdindurea<^Liarcerofanht^e 

widiiL Bytwelaeaclockc, herbwcr Tyieiole.' aiid ^ 

G fi *"" 

J J A V'oj^for the difceBcrirt^ 

did fo crainCCT-bHiftf on the infidc Ar it brat die bulkc Inzads 
of rhp BfcatS-roomc, pnwditr-rooin?» and fore pi«f, all nj 
pieces.' andwhftiit omt beiwiit dftJtc?, the cbdb fled 
wjFdiy^our: andtSe watEf did Hafliandflje wfv^t^.'rfdiy : 
fb that now wc i^rpcflcd ftii^ry TninuTc.when the Ship would ' 
open audbrrafccEQ pwtes, Aioncadockcfhi^c bcicofif her 
Rudder ; and thaf wa^ gone, we knew not which way. TTius 
(heecontimic J beating, liU thrceadotkc: and:h«nth? .^ea 
omevponthe vpperdeckc: and fooncafter, Ihefbeganco 
fetdc. In her, wee wcje faine rofinbethcmoft partof nut 
bcddmg and tlorhes: and the ChirorBJont Chert with the 
teft. oiirinenthacwefcaflioarc^ftoodJookii^vpiinus : al- 
moft dead with told^ndforrowea to fee uurmilery and thdc 
ownc We Icc^k'vpcinihf^mapJinc! and both vpon each o- 
therwirli woizfiiU hearts. Darke night drew on; and J bade 
thcBoatelobehaledvp; and commanded my Irniii^ com- 
panion^togoeaHiritnher : who f in foinercfiini^ comply. 
Picnic) 0]ipTeffcdrhdrraith(ttiIaff[.'i^ions romee; 3$Iixh to 
parr fi urn inc. Iiddi^cm, tharmy nieaoiiig was rognca- 
Cioare widi ihcm. A]]d diui^bfHy, I fofbokc die Ship. 
We were fciiciiteene poor? foulf, now in the Bchcc : and 

the^e: Thcebfaewag made- and the water eniraordinary 
rhicfcecoi^caJed^wirh Tnow ; fothat we chcxight aUbredly, 
itwouldcaTTyvs av^iay intothe Sea. Wc thereupon double* 
marid foarc oarc? : sppcintiiig foure more toficfc^y widi 
oares: andfo with the helpcof God we gotrothei^re; 
lialing Fpthc Boate after vs. Ojiethfr^ was moft QranEe,in 
rhisthicke warei : namely. That there wmta great fwcUing 
Sea- BeJF^aryiued vponthefandjWC greeted our frflov^^s the 
beftwecould: at whichtime tb?ytould ni>tknowvj, nor 
wcthembyour habits nor voyrts; fc frozen all ouer wee 
were, ficCB, haire, ani appirell. And here I m^anctotake 
bK-athawhie, aftcraJI rhJH loi^ and ^tplcalanc Reteionof 
oitr mircta&lc cndcafjours s Crauinglcaue firft of alJ tofpeake 
a wurd or two in g.^neialL 

Thcwindijfinccwccaaiehichcr.bauebecncvciy variable 


and^mfontVant ! andtillwithindiistwtnighf, ibeScnihcri^ 
winde wi'i ilie coldcfi. The reafim Iconwiuc to be , for chat 
ii did Wow fiom the Maine land; whkh WIS all OTUfTfd widi 
fnow: and foTthac the North wimfe camcoutof thegrcic 
Bay which hhhertowiB open. Addc lothai; we wmnow 
vtK3«aSouthBankcwhi<i ^fcllhdHTvs : fo that we Woe 

nocfbfenfiblcof if. 

A NorA-wcft, aNoith-weft by Nntih, and a North- 
Norch-weftwiiide(if itblewa ftorme) would raifc cSe 
Tydcs extraordinarilv : aiid in briefc^ fiom the Weft ^t:t^ 
weft, to the North Nfirth-cafti vrtMLldiaife the cydes in pro- 
portion, as they did blow from the middle point : The wind 
bdng on the oppofitc point!; ( if it blew) it would flow vo 
ryUcdeitall. Thehardcritble^v, the leife water icwould 
flow. If itweri!litilewindC|Orcalme; itwouldflowindif- 
ftremly, Thctyde^doehighntdinarily ( without beii^ for- 
ced) about diiee foot; butbcingfijrccd^'ichcbeforcnien- 
fioncd winds ;vpward of ten foot- Icouldpcrceui^nodaf- 
foence betwixt Neapcandfpriiffi tydcs sltflowesl^fe^: 
thati^! thcfloodtomesfromAeNortlm'ardi and rfel Aw 
Tctiimesagaine, two hoarcs before ii be high water: andit 
ia commody fo feme, in moft ^*F« oi '"^'J* 

■'■ 7' 

hr ■ r 



I I - 



The VVmtering, 

' FKr wc had haled vp the Boire, we 
went alonglt th^ fircarh fids in iha 
darte, Cowards our hciulc-, ivhcrc wc 
inadeagi:>od fire, aodwithir, atwt 
bread aiid wafer ^ ivee thawde and 
comforccd our likjcs, bcguinii'^aftei: 
thai to rcalbn one wi Jianoilier^ toj^. 
cct ning our Ship.I r cqu ii 'd rhac eucry 
one fhould fpak his ound fccdy- ThcCarpentcr^dpcdaJly J 
was of thf opin jo[i,That (lie wa^ fmuiderd ; and wouldncucr 
bt fciuircable againc. Hi:a]lfdKd, that i}ic had ib baroi, 
thatit wa5 nHcportlblc , burrWallherloiurswcreborc* 
aiidfpameGopcii ! and rhacbyreafonir flowed folkrfc wa- 
ter, andnoCrccktriiorCoHcbcingncere, whcrcLi ro bring 
ber aerouod, he ffjuldrmt daiifc how hi? might come co 
inenair. Moicouer, her Ruddo wns ^oft^and hL-Tad nolron- 
worketoliangoa another. SomeaUctfccd^char wchadbca- 
utdhcrvp Co high vpon the fands, ihar (Til^ [fiought we 
Ciould ncuer haue tier offagaine : andtharthey were aJfiircd 
file was already dotkithTefifooK- Others, that fiie by in 
tbeTydcs way -, and rhar the ke might rearc hei fo pieces off 
chegrolind: befidcs whidi, twoot our Ankers we could 
nor now get ftom vndcr the Ttc i which when the Tee brake 
("which woiiU be of a great thickm^^fle by the Sptins) 
would breakeuur Ankers CO pieces, and then we iifflild haue 

The iVhttfrv)^. jy 

no Alters tobringvs home wirhiHi&ppofM we got r^rfe 
fliipifr thatfhe proliHJ fou[>d alfo.1 comforted them rbe befl 
I codd widi iuch like words s- Mp Maftera and ftidiful 
Cumpanifww .■ be pot ditiffiic^ ftr any of tBcfe diftften^ 
botlCTvapinoarwhdenuftm God- It is he tbat gmctk 
andhetiaCDt«haway: Hcthrowes downc wiThonchantJ 
ancJiaifeihrpwiih iiKuhcr- Hiswil]bed<»K, Itk be our 
fojtunestocndQuriiay'?''here, wcar^asTiwrchcairai, as in 
Bngltrnd ; Kid wf arc much bound to God Almigbry for gi- 
uji^ PS fo higc iiimc of rcpmtanre, who as if were dayfy 
ealisvponv?* toprqiareourfobL-sforsbettcrJifijinhcauen- 
Imalcenodoubr, buchcwillbe mfrtifiill rovjs, borh here 
on eatth, aid in hl^ HclTed KiE^dome.- heduthnorin Ac 
meanc lime deny ^ burthatwemay vfcail honcft nwanw ro 
faic and ptdong our nacuial! Iiuk withall; and in my ludge- 
mcnr, weaicnotyHfofarrepafthopeof recumiTig iniooqc 
iHiiiie Countrift, buCtha:! fee a fiurc way by which wee 
ouy cffefl ic. Admit rhc Shipb* foundncd (which God fer- 
bid, 1 1k^3 the tsft) yet hiie ihofe our owne narion , and 
oAtrs, whcnibeyhfluebeoiepuiiothcfcfflrrcmicies, cum 
Dutof the wracltc of their loft Ship J builtihoia Piniafl"^ 
andreanKredtotheirfrimdsagwne. if icbeobiecfled, that 
they haue happened jnro better Climats^ both for temperatc- 
nefleof ihcayp?, andfor^ficfceatidopenSeaj.- and pro- 
vid(?dwkhall,of irandanceofficfh viflrall: y^t there is 
Doihing too hard for couragiou? mind^ : which bithciro 
you haae ihownc, and TckHibt iMi will fiiU doe> lothe Atiicr- 

Ihcy all proiefted lo wotIcc to the vtfermoft of ihrif 
ftrmgrh-aiidthKrheyworfd rcfiiffi iioihiiig thac I Itotdd 
order ibrm to doe,io die vtitrmofthaziardot their irues. I 

tlianke them all r and to the Carpenter for his chccrefiiB vn- 

fliDuldbeworthtEipouiidncrlmg: andiffobcT wmc to 

f^ilaiJinthePinnaffc, 1 would giue her him freely, and 
fihypoundsirimonyouef and aboiae^ and would mor«iu*r 

eratifieaUthcm, thacHhouJdfee painefuUmd indiiChioti?. 
^ Thus 

' ^S Tht Entering, 

Thoswctbeardbbed, tobuildrsancwPinnanc^ with the 
timber wc fliould gcF vpon the llanJ i thatio ni the fpring,if 
wefoundnorthc Ship feruiceablc ; wee might tcarehprvp^ 
nJpIankeher withihcShips plant?. Andfolbf thian'^hc 
wc fcTtJcdour fducsclofeat«utthe fire : and rooke fomcrelt 
tid ^^-i^hc, 
s(^ The thirtieib berimes in rhe morning, I caufed cheCTiinir- 

gioiito tut rhohairc of my h;:3J liiort, midtoEliauejivay 
m. ihc haire of mv 6ce ; For char ir was become intolerable i 
aiidrliatirwp[iMbcfi"o?-ei:ifoereai wkhrc^-Jwidea. 

Noftfn^er. The like did all the rt It : and wc fitred uur fe[ucs to worke. 
Thefiiftihingwewere te»doe^ was Co get our cloches and 
prouifions alhoare ; and therefore T d? iiided the company. 
The Ma/hrand aconucniciic company wich him, wcri: co goe 
aboord{ andcu gctching? our of Hold, Tbe Cock-fwainc 
wich his ging, were to gite in the Boace ^ to biii^ and carry 
ching^ alhoare. My felft with rhe reft, to carry ir fialfc a inile 
thorowcheliiow.^mtorbejilace where we intcndcil Co build 
aStore-hojifc ■ Ai for tht: hcflnict thing?, wcpurfofcdtolay 
themvpunchcBeathc. Incbfaftcinoone, chcwindewasK 
werhoughrwemighcget fomcihing ouf of our Hold : wc 
landied our Boare uierefore t and with oarc5, fet chorow dw 
thic te congealed wacer: Jcdid freeze cxcreoic hard : and I 
did Hand on rhc rtioare with a croubtedmindc, thinking vtri- 
ly rhat w irh chc djbc ihe Boaie wnnld be tarried into ibe Sca^ 
and that then wee were all bit men. But byGoil^aRiftance 
ibfy goT iafely to the Ship and made afire tbnr, tol^nifie 
thdra/riiiallaboord. They fell prcfendy Co worke i andgot 
ibmethTi^tiuCof the Hdd, vpon che decks ; bat nighc tom- 
mingon, cheyduHlnot-idu«icurciocomeanioare, butlay 
on the bed in the gtcar Cabbinjjcii^ akioft ftamed. 

Vectmtet '■ Thefirftof Offfl»*i?r waslbcold^ that 1 went ihc lame 
way Qucrtbe Tee cothe Ship, whcictbeBoate Wgoncye- 
ilerday- This day we carried vpon our backs in bundles 500^ 

of OUT iifh : andTnuch of our tedding and cloihes ; which 

wc were fabeto djgge out of the Ice. 


Tlic Iccoocl wa^ mildc weather ; andlbmcofilK menso- 
in^ruerrhelt^j Fellm, mdvcrv hardly rctctKreJ: foinar 
ihis day-^T: mold land pcpthi[i:g, ndthrt by Bc^H^nor backt: 
Ipurthfm cbcfcfijre n^makc vs i Scortshonfc alTioarc- In 
the cunning ^ the windccsmc vpat Wtft : and [he Ice did 
bffakeanddiiucouiof the Bay : It i^^as vcr>^ deepe and [^e 
Ice; [har we miith doubted icwoddhaiic ^jylcd die ffl^ip- 

The third day J ihf re wcri^ diners grear pieces of Ice that 
cjiHcadnvarr the Ship: arrdfiieeftoprrhem, yet iioi:fo, that 
wt cotild goe oiior dicm- Wcfoiindaway foTihcBoaribuc 
Avhenllitc was loadt^n^fiic^e drew fciire foot water^nd could 
iKJt cdnc within a IlIghc-{hof of thcflioare- Thamen t^cri:- 

ft^einu A wade thoroiA?th:ths(:[:e congealed warcr; and tarjy 
^^llthing^otJtnf ihcShip vpojiiheirback^H Eiiery rjmcrhey 

waded iniheIcCjirfopathcreti^"^outtK^thatthcyd[drcciTic 
fiice a walking piece of Ice, mod lam^ntabk to bc^hoJd. In 
jhisextrcmccddeuening, [hey tut aiv ay 35 muth Ice from 
abonrihcBoateasiheycouldi andpicttit wirhhanj-lpjlces 
ontof her J atTdendrauourin^ to hoyfc her into tl}t Ship. 
There being fmall hopc^ ihat flicc could goe to and againc any 
more. ButrfeVJhacmcanescheycouM, flice waslbhcany^ 
that chey ccnld not hoyie ^e^ in : but were fiiine iheroro 
leape her in rbtmUksby the Ships fide. 

Tliefourthbcir^Stmday J weicfied; and pi^rformed the 
SaU ajh d- tries of a Chriflian, 

Tlieiift andfi^tt weie extreme cold : and we^ made bags 
of onrftorel^irrs: ai:vlintTiei]^ carried our loofe brtad oner 
the. Jcc alhoai e Tpf jn f jttr badcSn Wcaffodiggtd ourclothdj 
andnew fay les with band-ibikca(jf irorijtJLciof thcico ;and 
carrirdth^afh^are, which \^edr^'cd by a great fire. 

The feticnth day \i^3 fo cxcitini-^Iy co'd^ thacctirngrbi 
cheek[?*r, and hands did freeze as whits as pgpcr* 

The eighth and ninfh^it was extreme cold; and It did ri]o\v 
inuchj yet we continued our labour; i:i carry ins and fowling 
rhingi aflioate. In theeueniiig rh;^u:itLr railed [he Ice very 
in the fide olh^r; but for thauiiiie.we could nuchelpe it, 

H Tlic 


j8 T^ WinieriiJ^. 

to. Th?tPiiA , ourCatpfncer found limbfrro make a KpcIc, 

aiid 2 Skok tor our Pinnace : th? rifii wraighf iboitr oui pro- 
vifioni, vmillthe ij-day: and thac wc fprnr in dis^ging our 
bcQie out of chc Ice -• w"hich wc were faineradtjero the ve- 
ry Keeic: anddigrhclccoutofhcr, andi!i?n wcgoth^rvp 
ouihcke: in\vhu:hdoing, uHJiyhaddicirnofcs, tln.'ekcii 
Hiridfinga"S3 &ozen as white as paper- Tl]?c«ldnji.viricTca' 
ftd moft istrremely. B7 the 1 9. we tculd gcluo more thing? 
out of our Hold : buciv'ttefiiinetolcaue^.barrch of B;efc 
andPoTke,aUoLir Becre ^ aiiddiucri other rhingy : which 

wcTc all fiiiiie frozen in htr. 
The one and nwenf idh wa^ io coUl, that we toiild not go:^ 

cut of ihc houfc. 

The ihrci: and twentieth wc ii'tnc to haiie oiir' l>oac<? a- 
ilioarc^ iiinLiiiig her cuiot otir iiares: but hy 10. a cloclcc 
there caitifi Tuch ithickc foi^c , that it %vas asda:kf isni^hf. 
1 mad? tTK:ni gmeoiier, andmabi^^vhiic hafie we could m 
the fhoarc : which wc liad mu^h adoc to fiiidt , for rh? 
rime-, loliLT^niieanothf-r At the hft wemi]ifllhti}ii?hor:l3'^ 
rhe mirerablcft fioz^^n, that cin beeconceiucd. Vporr di- 
vers, liadrhecoldraifed bliftos a^biggc as walUnurs. This 
we icnaginf^dfoiiornc, by rcalbn that they came too haftily 
to the lire. Our Well was now fro/cn vp = Ibihatdi^ as 
deepcas wi^could^wcfaiKonic by no Water. Melted llTo'^'- 
VrB^er i& very vriwholfomc: ehherlodrBikeortodrelTjoiir 
vit[^afs, Ir madevs io niort-hreathcd, [hat we were Itarce 
^ie to fpeake. AH our Sacke, Vin?ger,Oyle, and eir^ny r^ng 
dfe that was liquid, ws^TjOW fioyen a^ hard as a piece of 
wood, and we rnuft tut it with a hatchet, Oor honfc was 
^1 frozen (in rhe infid?^ and it frrizc hard within a yard of ihi! 
fires Jidcr Whcfjl JandfJ firiJ ^poii this lland, L fuund a> 
(bring vndcr a hils tide: whidi I ih^nd)femii]g,had£auftd 
frnnc trees [obecEtt fbi'imrkcs tn know the plate asainc by. 
It was nbontthree quarters of a mile from our houle. Iftnt 
^.nfnirmen which hadbeenc fonnerly with me, thither 
Tponihe24. Th;:lc wading ihorow the iiiow , atlafl found 
ihc placOj and Ihoueling art'aythcliioWj they niadc way to 


The Wmitring. ^ p 

the very head of It- They foundirfprrngveiy ftrongly : and 
brongiht me a Call of ir, for which I w?as rieht ioyfiiU. Thi? 
fpritigconriniiolaHihe yccrc; and-didnor frceic ; but tbjc 
^z coiidbtcalK ihe kc atid cnnsstoic. We lab.jf'd very 
hard^ rhd^crhrceorfburcdayc^, togeiwood cothf houTe, 
uhfth vvc found ro be vciy iroublefom?, ihrough the deepe 

VVcc [hen Cettkd our bidding and pcouifions ^ pit>- 
vidiiig to kwpe Chnjiirufi diy holy^ ; which wc foiCmniicd 
ill the ioyfErlleft manncfr we awliJ : So likewifc did wc JJifJ 
{^mdaji vpoii which we nain^d thewcxidwe did winter 
in, ill iDf inory of chat Honotrrable Kinght Str hha winter , 
[yinnrf Fsrrejt. Aild now ill ftcad "f a Ctri/?BJjj 7"^, Twifl 
here deftribc chc houfc that wc did Iiuc in , with chofc ad- 

^Whciir(tii)rero[uediokiildiihoLifi^,T£horetTi!! moll war- 
melt and coTUicnimteft place and the nccreft the Ship wiihall. 
Jtwaiamongftarufrufthifketrc<?s, vuderaSouth bajikc; 

abouraflight-fiiotfromihe5ca?l:d<:- Trucir:^, iharatthaf 
time wc could not di^ciTm> the ground, ru mike jsa Hole 
or Caue in cbcf'eaith,(vvhi(:h had bcni the beft way)hcca(i1c wt? 
found water within t. foote dicing; and thfreforc' ihac 
proicdtail'd. Iiwasa white lighcfind; tbthar wccoiildby 
no rneanes make vp a mud-wall. A3 for (tones, tHerowere 
noiie neere vs : which,raoteoLier,wcTcali now couered with 
thefnow- We hadnoboordsforlii-ch apurpufci andthere- 
fore^ we maft doe the belt we coald, with fiith materials as 
wp had about vs. 

Tile honfcwas fquarc; iinmao- footc ciicry ivay: as 
muchnamrly » a? oiir maja^C^pr/i toiild wrilcoucr: flrft 
we droiie ftrong (takes imo the c^di, roundabout; A'hkh 
we wattclcdwirh boiighc^, asthickea.; mighrbe, Iwating 
thrm do^vne rery clofc. This ixir fird worke wa? Use tbote 
hbh onhoih (tdcs, butaithc cnds^ almoilvp ro the Y«y rop. 
Triercwelefr ?. holes, for the lighr to come in a: : and the 
famcway the fmokedrd vent out al(o. Moreoaer, Tcanfcd 
atbothends, tlffeerow^ofihickcbuflicrcci: tobeflucke ■ 

H ; vp. 

6o Tf^e W^fftfrirj^;' 

^p^ dofe to^tber as mtiEighl be polTiblyn Ttioi; ai a difta kg 
fromrtichoulej we cut downetr^es : proportioning rbem 
mroEotgib^cf fixtfotjccj wicb which we made a p\l^ r^ji 
Ex?rb riQcdj iix^ibotc diirkejSnd fix= fcKste hi^ : bc]? a^ 
bn:h md?t inline foots h]gh,ardliicfiK]«thicke : Wclefc 
alictlf Eow doore to crecpe into; andaponail befnrethat^ 
rnad^: wiih piles of wcxw, ihac rhi^ wind mi^licEiof 6[o^^^ 
into ic* Wc next of all faflncd a rough ireealorc ouerull : 
vponwhiqhwtbid our rafters; and our MayncCourfc o- 
ucr iboft againe : which l^'iiig ihwarr-waycs otter alj, did 
jeach downe lo ihc vc ry ground j on either fide. And ihis 
\va5 theFabritkeof the out fide of it. On the inlTde , we 
made ftft our bojijrct layj«, round abffl3£. Thoi we drotu 
infEabesandmade ^^s b-eit-dead fcanurs; abour thr^e fides of 
thif houte^ whkh bfd-!l^ads wtjrc double^ one vndcr an- 
Qtber ; the Icwer-moflij being i ftinic; from the grr^tnd: 
Thefc^ we (ErilfiJdwi^hbjncneSj checi we fiyd fome fparc 
ftylesontfiarjand tbcn t^urbtjddingand clothes. Wecnadej 
Ht^jThor Canlie in ih^middlc tjf chc houf^^ aiid on it, 
made cur fire^ Ibme bourdi wfc UyA round aboiic ixir 
Hearfhj to (land vpoii: ihat the Lold dampe fhould nal 
ftnkevp-inEovs- Withonr Walt-doihe?, we made vs Ca- 
nopies and CuTtaine^ : others did ihe like with Otir TmaJl 
fayk.^H Our f4:cond hoLtfc was not pft io-, foof^^diftalHf^on> 

thigj and made for ^hswairelingmLichafiicrth^jfaEn^ manner, 
b[Et it uaslelTc, andc^^ncd wiihour foie-Comfc; It had 
no pyl^rs on the Sondi fide: but in Jiew of tbst, wc pilde 
vpa3I ^ur Chills, onth^ infide: and indited d^ reflexe of 
rht:heareof thofircajjaanJi them , -tlid makeir warmer theji 
theManfi(3nhc5u(eH Inthishotife, Wt^dreft^Jtir vi^ihU; aj]d 
ihE^fubordii^aretruc did^fccflk themfdutaali d^y in it. A 
Third houfe ^ ( which Has c^tir ftore-houfc ) wt Ukeivife 
made, fomctwenty paceioff frtfm this ; for feare of firing, 
Jhi^ lioufcwa* (jn^ly^foLKlh tree failened aloft : with raP- 
Ecrs layd fiQsn it to the grtjund J andconcredoucr withotir 
jjew fuiie of feiles. On theinfide, wehadkid fmaU iri^-e.-^^ 
andconcrtdth52mom:r-vvich boughes : andfo Iloi'd vp our 


TheWmttrifigi ^X- 

BrfatU and Fifhinii; about two foote fnMnttc ground : 
thebtttertoprefauethfm. Otbec things lay more care- 

Long before Chr'JInna, i-iiir mairfion hoirfe W53 couerftl 
tlikkcoticrwhhSnowialmofliio the very roofc of ic And 
folfkfwifewaiOuricctHidlioufe: but oucSime^ioufc, all 
ouer! byriafoL] w^madeno fire inir. Thus wc fceraed la 
liueinaheapc^aiad WildemefleofStBWi furrh adorts ue 
couUi iiof gnJiLiE upon the rnoW:in which wc imdt V5 pachi' 
middle dc^pe in Tome places : and in one fpeciall place, ihe 
[engdi oF tennc fteps. Todo^thi^ wc iniift Ihoudl away 
die Snow l^tft ; andtheu by trcadding, make tc romL:fhing 
hiidvnd^ifboC^: The Snow in this pib, wa^atullyard 
Ehiikf vnder vs. Andchiiwasourbcft galkiy f°-^f^'^ ^^^^' 
mull : and fiirmineo^vne ordinisy waSkiiig- Andlxithhoufes 
audi-valkeEi, i,ve did daily atcomtnwijtc more and muic, and 

make fitter for inif vies. 

The rwency ftfuaiuh, wc got our BoifCalJiort : and telcht 17 
vp fome of otir prouifions from ihe bcadi fide mco the 
5coie-houre; degrees didwc with thereft of nur 
proui£loni : wirh i?ictr^mjry of coU and labour, makm^ way 
with {lioiii^lsthorow the decpt Snow ^ eueriiiow the Sea- 
fidevntooiirStoie-houfe. And thus concluded wciihc old 

yecrc. ifiji- ,,.--■ .- '■' 

intiufirj. 1 6 i I. ' ' ' - 

1 he firil of Jmanrj{as\A. fbtrft molt pan aJIeh^; oionedi) 
was exErtme nJd, -..■'; .- - -. 

Th^ fixEh. I obferad Oie latttui:, with wfct ejaanelln g_ 

Jcoi^d fit being very deere Sim-iKme wcaiher) whiih 1 
foiindiobe^i.5i-'rhi^^^i'TCTe!Ke,iibyr«afonEhat liercis 

aeitatflrt^j^*''". ._ ... 

Thc^^eandfWtntieTh. iohfa^fd ihc Sunneiu nlc liLc 21. 

an 0:^tf, ^longft the H.n^n : I qald three ^ foiirt to fee 
ir ihe better ioconfirmemyludg^nient: and weallagieed, 

thacltwa^iwicea^bngaiif w^ bitjad. We ^bdy pcr- 

H J ceiucu 

62 TheWintcring, 

cciiKdwiiball, that by Argrecsas itgarcvphighcr, it alio 
Tocouerfd hisroundnffle, 
= fi' Tl-n^iixc and rwfiiiitili ^ I tf-ffrmnl, when the Eaflfrne 

fdgaof^tfC^rffwfdidcOuthth:: Planet 'J^^rj , {hcLfon; 
heart WW then in the Eaft quarter it. 45. abouc the? Hsr/- 
Ms : but all thi? was not done v^Eh that cxa^nelTc, that 1 
hauc done other ehprJi^tiom. 
;o. & 31. The ihirtKih and tine nnd rfiirticrh, there appeared in 
the bcgbning of the Jiight, more Starres in the fitmu- 
mcnt, then euer I had before feme by two third?. T ceiild 
fecttK Cle/t^'mCflncrr full of fitiallSrarre? ; and all the Vh$ 
j^j^^rf^noihifigbiTtfrnallSrants : aiidamongn:th:jP/rA^J, a 
ryeat many fmaTI Starred, AUmttaincaCkxIte, iheMoone 
diVf rifer and then a quarrerof them nai not t« be iecnc. 
The wind for the moli part of this month, hath bccrac Nor- 
therly, and very cold : ihc: warmcft of whiih lime ivi^e 
imploj'edcjiirfi^Uie&irifel^hin^WoDd, workiiig vpou our 
Finrwlie and other things that hap^iened. Tn the beginning of 
rhis rnoncrh, iJicSi^s was all hrnii^ly frozen outii^ fb that wc 
Lould fee no wafer ai^y way- I hoprit will not leeme icd<- 
oiisto the Re&defs, if 1 here ddiiicrmins owiii; upiijiorfj 
how rhi^ atfliptfaiicp of TcethMnestobeirigaidcrcd. 

The Landthat encircles dii? ^^i Sxy, (which lyes !n a 
brulcj-n Irregular forme, making many little (Koald Baye?, 
a[>d Giiti, being, moreoHer, full of Hands anddrv (and'J 
is Jbrrhcmofl: part low aiiJ flat, aiidhjchflat lluiaJtls adioy- 
iiing toit, halfeaniileoriin[Le, tharaie dry at low water. 
Now you mrift know, thacic flower halfetydc fas Thane 
often cxpeiienced,Uhatis,rroi:jwhi:EiLe i^Kfluodcomineih^ 
dtf water ibirher returocth, two houresbrfore ithch^h 
warm, or tiill iea. It fi.'ldome taines, after themiddle of 
Se^esthtr : but i'nowcA " aid that Snow will not mdt on the 
Ijind nor 5andi ; At low water when it ihowcs { which it 
doih vCTj often) the fand? aie all toocred ouer wkb IC; 
which the halfe lyde (arric'; oftrcioLiHy (twice in tiventie 
tbure houre^ ) into the great Bay, vthkh is the common Ren- 
dezvous of if. EEiciy low water >3rc the fandskfi e]ecre,n>ea- 


The Wimerij^g. 63 

ihcrmoreroibcintreafeof it- Thtisdo^ irdailygathertG" 
geiher in ilii* maniif r^rill rhekttcr a^d of OBuher, md by thai 
ririK harii 11 broagh: iheSsa ti>ifec tcJdnffE:, rbata^ k 
tjio^vs, cheirio\v vvililyc vponthe water in fialces wiihouc 
chafing bis colour; burwiih tlii: wmdcH wraigHt Coge- 
ihzri and a? ihe winter goes forward, iv begins to freeze on 
jhe furftceof it, two or ihr« inches or moreinoiicnisbti 
which bciE^ carried witbthehalfe cydc, meeti withfonic 
obftackj (ai it foone doth) and then it crumples and lb runnes 
vpon it ^^\% char iii a few hcinrci ir will be fine or Iitc foote 
rhitkt. Thi^halfeiydj ftill flowii^, tacHeMcfoMaway, 
that by Zif cp^n- ir iij grownc tr> an infinite multiplitation of 
Itc. And thus by this fioring of ir vp , the cdd gcia ibc pre- 
domination in the Scafwhith alfo fomiiLrth the Springa 
and H aKT^ i;] iTi^ low fiat land'; ) that it omjIcs it like it lilf*^, 
lytlibmitmy fclfevntoihe bcTEHleirncd, Our men found it 
moicinoitilyiLigcord towadetWow the water in the be- 
t-inning of l^ft \*i\\^t\ TheSM WK all lull of I«; then in 
^'Dfcimf'n: wlimitwasincrcalTng, Our VVflJ>niorcouer,out 
of^vhich wchad ^iteiin Dximher, we badrione mlifj. 

The ground ar ten fbote dccpe, wa? ffOKcn- The quantiiic 
of the rce,nuy very eafilybf madeto appears, by Maibertm- 
ii€iiSDem$njiratidn: jTidvel I am notof llie t^inion , that 
ihi^^-fl/dothfiCLzcaUoiicr. Tortile oneaiidtwentietb, the 
windc blowing a ftoime at Noitb^ we could perceiuethe Ice 

rcJrife fomcthinginthe^d^. 

The cold wa^ 11 extreme this moncth, asatanytimewe 

had teltit thii yecrc : and many of our in:n complaini-d •f 

infirmities. Some, of foic loouih-^s ; aH the teeth in th?ir 

heads being bofe , their pum^ fwolne , with bkdce rott cti 

flelh; whichmtjftcpery day U cutaway. TbeMmewasfo 

fore on them, that they conldnot eaie their ordinary meac 

Others comTdaiijed of painc in theii hadsjand theiibiefta t 

Somcof weakmeflc in their backs; Others of aches in their 


64 Thr wintering. 

tbighg and knees : aiulorhers, of fuelling' in rtieirlcggcs. 
Thus were cwo thirds of the compin^', vndcr (he Cbirurai- 

ons htdJ. And m^cncuirthddre, meyniHft workedaily ;9nd 
^oeabrngdnjfeKhwoodjiuKlEimber; nocwuhflanJing rhe 

inoftorihehadnofhooee topiif on-Thsir (hooeB^vpcnihcir 
i.-omminglu[hefirc* oucofthernoiv^werebjiTutaDdltorcht 
vpoEillieirfiJete: andciur (k>re-fliooc? were all funke jjidie 
Ship. In this neceOirierhe^ would malte [his Ihifc: To bind 
dotiw about thcitfccr^ and eniJcauoiircdbytharpoorcbelpc, 
[hcbeftrhey touJd to perfbrme ihcir dutji^. tXir Carpcnti^r 
likcvvireisbyihiscimi: falne ficke lo our gri-ar dircomforts. 
T pra^fcd fomc r/^firHaripni by theWling andierring of the 
SuiHn?,rj/fff/jfrt^rhefimcof hisrifing andfctrfog^ hyvery 
ciTtcmn!iingg[a[Io5. As for our CJocke and VVa[i:h,notwi[h- 
JbndiEig we flill kcprthtm by the fires fide, inaChefl ivrain 
iiitlothes, yttwereihey fofiozcn, tliai the)' eoiiid not qoc. 
My dbfcruarioiisby thtleGlafles, Icompare^lwith the Scars 
coniminf^ tothc tjyfrrUtsim. Bythi^ meamz? we?foi]ndthe 
Smuij to rife tw^entie minur« h^zfori? it fhoufd : and in the 
cueningtoreiiiaineabouelhe Horizon rvventiemiisirttrs (or 
thereabouts) hm^erthai it Ihoulddo?, And all thk by rea- 
I'on of f he R^Jt^tB/of. 

Since noWlb-iucrpokmfomLiLb of the cold» I hope ic 
ivili nor be too colclly takcn^ if Tina fciv words make ir 
(omewaytnappcareviicooui Readers. ^ 

Weciiijd^[iireedilf?ri:]icesnf thecold: all accnrdiiigto 
ihc placeji- In our ho;!!:, h^i the ivoodb ■ a!\<i in [he open 
Ayer^vpcin ihc It-e, i;i osjrgoin^ Co the Hiip, 

Forthelall, [t u Oi^ld be (omciimirs ioei^Eremr, thar ir 
ua^notindirable : no Cfoatheswereproofraj^inilit; no 
motion conldrelift ir. h would, morjoucr, (i) fre^^e the 
bairc on our ev^-lid.!, thacwe^ouldnotfee.- and f Vi-Tily he- 
ieeiie, that itwnuldhaileflinedainan.inavery fewhoures: 
wc did daily find by experience, tharth^toldincho WooJ^ 
wouldfteciciJiiElace^jCiraiiv part ofoiirdefh char was bare; 
biicJtwa'iyernotlomofriEj'ingasibLoiher. Our houfeon 
the ouC-Ado,H'iis coueied two thirdparcs vviih Snow f and on 

The W'itUtr'ti^g. rfj 

thcmfidcfnJzm^haigwirhTccfKldffl.TheCfoathmon one 
b^dswouldbccoucTcdwirhhoarcfrod: wbith irnliis Uirle 
habiiicfc , was iKrt fiuic from rbc fire. But let vs come ^ 
KtricnwTTTTO ir. ThcCookcs Tubs, v^hcrdn bedid waccr 
hismcarc, ftandineaboutayirdftomrbefirc, andwhidihe 
dTdandi^-plytwimmdcedSoow-watCT: yet b the n^hc 
fnfon, whilfi he Qcpt but one watch, wouldthey bcJimie 
frozen to the vciy !»ftome. Ahd thacfbrc was hee fiinc 
to water his meace Ini braflc Kettle cIoTc.adioyning to the 
fire ; and Thaue many times hoiii feene and felt by jxittuig nsj 
band into it ; that fide which v/as next the fire, wai very 
Wsrnie,andihe other fide ill inch frozen i ll«iie the reft to 
OJiCooke; whowillalnioIUpealce mii^cs of the cold. 

The Siugenn, who had hung his botdcs of Eiiopa, and other 
h'quid things as coniieniently as he ccmld to prcfeme them, 
had ibcmaEl frozen: out Viiieger, Oyle, and Sacte, which 
KchadinimaliGiskcinthchaufe, wasali firmefioien. It 
mayfrmheringmeralibcconceided, ihaCin the beginning of 
luBC, thcSeawasnoct^-jJtmvp.' and the ground was yec 
frozen, and thus much wee found t^yeicpcricncc, intficbu- 
lyingof ourmen; in felting vptheKingsSLandardioAacds 
^Jatttrmdof Inner and ty gut WcEL atour coinming 
awayintheb^inningof /*^.' at wlachfime vpontnelani 


TTieliEflof thi^monethbeingSaincDifflftifday, weiiept j, 

Holydjy,3nd foleminzcd i: in the manner ef the AtKiera Bri- 
tdner: praying for hia Highncflc happindFc Chvla Prince 

of Wl/f J. 

Thefiftemth, one of out men thought he hadfcenca 15- 
Dttre-- whereupon he with two or three more delircd list 
tbcy might go co fee if they could lake it: I gaiic than Icaue •- 
but in tSe Euenii^ they returned to di&hkd with cold, 
which did rife vp in bliitcra vndcr die foales of theit fcccc 
aid ™q their leggo, to the bignefle of Walaws j that they 

I cDula 

6S Tfc Wtmeritig. 

couldnoc rccouer dicJrfbmKr cEbcc (n^hich wastrot very 
wdf ) in a fortnigtit after. . 
*<■■ 'fhe fixe md [wenrieib, tlucenoreijcfiie tbat tiicy alfo 

m^hr Boe ourioCry chdr forums : but they rsanrw! worfe 
di&H™, »}d aim almoft ftiflcd wirfithecdd 

This Eucning, die Mmtk roft io a reiy ioi^ Or^ al*>ngft 
ihc Hoiiioo, - 

EytheLaftoFthiR moncrii, rhcCirpaita Eud rctvp[7< 
gmund niirfvrs-; and ^4. SfidJIcs ; and (poor? man} hec 

Eroccedcththcbtfl he an, chough Ie beftioc CD bcbdvuto 

Tn biicfe, all ihiiinoncih harfibeenc very cold The wind 
iouEThe N,W, The fnow a* dccpc as jc harli bccoc all this 
w'ujccri BuCKianfweranobicflionrharms^bjiiadc, Vcxj 
were in a wood (may fome men fay vnto rs) md chercfoce 
^ouxnigbinnkc fifCCnmehTokecpeyou fromlSecdd, ft 
la tine, wcwercinawooa; iHjdvnd-iaSoLitli-baikc coo.- 
orothcrwifc, wehadaU ftaiued. BurlmufttcU yon with- 
al/ j how difficult if ita? TO haucwoodin 1 wood; And 
firft, Iwillmakcamuftcro( chctonlcswehad : The Cax- 
peiKerinhiaChefthadi, Aitfs indeed : bat ooe ofrhfin was 
fix^l*d incnrting douuncwood to pile ^ucourboDfcbc* 
nire Chriftmas ^ WhenweamegrllatBid, wehadtojttwo 
whdc hurthets, which inafew daycs broke iJoche? be- 
bw the Sockets. Icald for ?. of the Coopers harchcrs: TTk 
Carpciircrsaie aiidchc Coopers bdi harJiut I caufed 10 be 
io(kivp ! The other a, batthetscobe newhdu'd, and the 
b!adHofd)C3,brofcerih«chi:ts, to be put bitoa drfc piece 
uf wood, and then to belxmnd abouc with rope yame as 
feft as might b- 1 whidt muft be repaired enety day. And 
theiewercallrheajtiingtdoleswehad; toorcoucr die *. of 
Fis*riH77 die CMpenicr bad oar his bf ft »e ixMif foniHhing^ 
and one of che company n hisablence, hy his Tndi&re^e 
handling oFic, bnke that coo, two inches bcbw rh: Socket: 
we miut bcnreforth order dieie f«eccs of tooles d>c bcft we 
(ouldi whercbrelgaueorder, that the Caipmter Should 
bzie oiie of llic CcKipers hatchets ; ^cy that lookt fee tim- 

to t«mc , were ro h*Qc the i. piccts- And diis was bijfbre 


TlieihrtCETHlwffeTOpcMniTd to looke ciootwdturirr, 

miiftJlaltcaudwradf , (iomttums Oft allfixirO tWuwEhe 

fnow; and wbcre thi^ fiw aticclikdy TOfiftbcmodd: 

ihevniuftfirfihcaucaway ihcfiiow, aod then 1« if ic would 

iitthcmould: iSax, tbcv muft Gwke furrtwt ; if itdidfic 

tbcmould; thm fhcy muft paakcnlue Co it, Eothaweit: 

orbcrwifcir coiddnot be cue. Tlwn tur ir downe^ andfe it Cb 

the leiigdi of the mould; ^dthciiwith oihahdpc, getic 

bomf : a mile chorow *f fnow. 
Now for our firing. WecouJdnoTtiancgreenc wood, it 

would to fmoke, thatir wa^nocindurabk: yathcmenhad 

laihcr {btue wiihour in the cokl^bm fit by ir. As for the dry 

ivood» that aifo wa? bad enough in chat [cindc : for ir wis 

fiill orrurpcnd"f,and would fend forth futh a thicks imoke, 

tbac would make abundance of foote : whith made V5 all 

loolie, asifwehadbEtncftMofibecompanyof ChimiKy- 

Swectx-Ts- Ourcloithes werequitttuintin f^e«5 about vs: 

andfiHthcmflftpan* we WfreaU without fhooes ; Eucto 

OUT Fuellojrs againc. iTicy muft firft (as the former) goe vp ^ ^ 
and downe in ihe fliow: rill they £iw afbiiding dry tree : for 

^CThc fnow coucredany thit were &]len. ThoithCTmiift 
haclcc it dowiic wiih their pieces o( hatchets : and thm o- 
thersmuftony ithomeiborDwrhefnow. Thcboyeswith 
Cutdeafles , DJiift cur boughcs forthc Carponccr : foreucry 
pLcccoftioibcrthaThcdid worke, mullfiritbedaw'd m 
the fire: aa^dhe niufl: haue a fire by him, orhecoddnoc 
Worbe And ihis was our continuall liouTt rfirot^thouc the 
foremoiiioncdcold: belidcsouttoidingofrheficke, ando- 
cher necefisuy impteymcnra. 

The firft of rhis monech being Eafter^laj' , we folHn- 
dzcdu rdigioufly *s God did gLiw vs Eiatc. Both thij 

I z ™y 


Ay and mc 2. foITowing Holy-diycs were eittreaie coTd : 
And now fif ting aU ^ut the fir?, we reasoned and conflde- 
redto^rhervponourclbrc; Wf bad 5. mm ^whtreofihe 
CaTpenTfrwasoneTj not abietodotianvthii^. TheBoarc- 
fWayrfcandtmnj' moro, weioveiy infirmc: and oF all the 
reft, we had hut f.that couM catc of their ordinary aJJow- 
ance, TTic time and ffafon of rbc ycere came forwards" apacsr 
and ih: cold did vety Ictfle mitigaie, Qir Pinnace wa? inan 
tDdift/ent fofwaniieffe : butihf Carpcmergrpwvrorfeand 
worTc: The Ship fa^wf then thought; (ayallftrU offolid 
Ice: which waa wci^hcoiou^hro open the feamcs of any 
new and fnuird vffTel] : cfpecially of one that had Jjyne fo 
liHi^vponihcgrcxindas fiiclad dnnf. Inbnefr, alter ma, 
nydifpuratiom, ond Ja> ing op;n of onr mifcrable and hope- 
MecflatcF, In^foluiil ^^[wnihi^ courie : that not wichftan, 
dmg it ivy^ more labour, and tbou^ wcd.'dined, wraker 
flill and wi'afcer : yet thar with ihc fit fl: warme wca:hcr, we 
would b^n rnclecftthe ^hip; That fo wcm^hrhatiethe 
timj^befofev5, tothinlccoffomeorherconrfr:. Thibbcing 
ordtred, we lookrtothoff codos webad , todiggcrhelte 
oat of her: we had but :. Iron barrei afhoarc; the rdt 
werefunke intheShip : gjid one of dicm was brnken too, 
Wdl! weffllrofrtringoFchofcbarres, and of 4. broken 
fhouclgtbatwehad; with which wc incended (as afterwe 
dkJ; to di^e the Ice our cif hot : asid to lay chat fee on a 
i^SA^j vponthe Lar-boord b^iwc, andtofinkedownc tbat 
Icetoche ground fo aft, ihar itlhouldbeaBarnodoc to 
V5, when lie Jtc brake tfp t, which wc feared would ccare 
vs all to pieces, 

J^ ^- was the dccpcll fi]o a' U'e hsd all this yeere : which 
hid vp al\ our pathei and waye^i , by which we were vfed 
10 Roe mto the wood : This fnow wai fomethiue aioylter 
andgreatCTjihen any we had had all this yeere; for fonnerfy it 
■wa^asdiyasdufti andasfmallasfand, and woulddriue like 
duftwith thewinde. 
JS, ThewMther cnnrbaed with thi? exrreniicic , unrilJ the 

ijHaiwbidiunieoutfpringwa^hardcf froien, ihorithad 




beme an thepctfp before T had ofloi obTcnied rfic diffijence 
Imwixt cleere wfathcr and miftic 'fig^J^'p*" weatbcr; in 
rfiismannCT. Froma[inlthiU which was necrc adioyning to 
ourhoufri iiittieclco-eftwraiho- , when tlit Sunnc {liom: 
Wh hh all thcpariri^ of n^c, rhar 1 could conceiue : wc could 
not r«a link llandiwhith baro off" "^ South SonTh-ean.fcme 
fixireftaguKoff; butifihe wcarficr wcr^miflic (asatorc- 
faid;rhen wc fliould often fee it, from the loweft place. This 
little lland lhadfeeneihclaft-yeerc, when! wasonDj**^ 
liattd .- The 1 3 . 1 tookc the height of kt^Jh-«wsnf^ 1 <km- i i- 
ding nf ere the Seas fide t whkh I fontidiobe54. minuses; 
theSumsbeingiS. degree; hijjh. This (Tiowct, howgrcat 
a Refi^aaim here is^ YcC may thf? benoted by ihc w^; That 
I hauc feene the land dcuated » by realbn of the rcfraiSious 
ayrc j and neuerthcltfle, th? Sunne hath rifcn pcrfcd round. 

The fixteoith was ihemolt cocntormbk ain-JTiine day, itf. 
tTiaccameihrsyeerf:: andlputfome to clcereoffcHe fijow 
fi-omrhevpprrdeclcof the Ship; and to decn^ aiiddiydic 

ETeatCahbin, by making fire in ic. Others I pur to di^ 

downc chorow ths Ice, rocomcbyt^ur Anker, ihai'A'as m 

fiioaltl water, which the i ?. in the afternoons we gor vp^d , ^_ 

Harried abofird. 

The eighteenth, Iputtbcmto djggc downe thorcAv the ,g 

Ice,neere the place wher? we bought our Rudd?r might be, 
1 hey d^eddownf,andcan]Cto water: but no hope ct fin- 
duatof it: we hadmimv doubt?, that it moiighr be fandid : 
CxWt the kc might hauc orricd it away already , the laft 
yea« : or if We could not reconer it by di^ng before Jk Ice 
brake vp, anddroue, there waB iiCtl- hupc of it,^ 

The nineteenth wee (ontimicd «ht m)THng-woikfi a- i^ 
b<x>rd the Shippc; and rciriraed in the Bienir^ to Sup- 
pi^r aJlioare : This Day, The Maflcr and two others, 
dehtcd that rhcy might lye abooird : which 1 condifcm- 
ded to : for indi-Td they had bine very difcoawnodraiw 
all [he winter, and v-ith fitke bed-fellowes i aa I my fdfc 
had done^ euery one in that kind.: i^r^ their fortunes. 
Bylyuig aboord, chey auoydcdihe hearing of the mifen- 

J 3 *^ 

Uc gromij^ : acdTament^ig of th? ficin men ill n^hc long: 
CTiiijrii^ ( poore Ibuifs ) miderabk toimoits, 

Byrbeoneandfwcnrietii, wc tod labotiredlbhard, that 
wc dnie to f?= a Caske ; arad codd likcurjlt perviria? thsc 
dicrcLvaEfome wicerinihcHold. Thisweknewrould not 
be thawed warer ; beoufe ir did IhD fVi?eze night and d^ 
very htrd abcpordtbcShJpp andoncEherandalib^ 

ByihcihrecandtiAcnrierhindie Eucning, weccamcro 
pieF<:e the fbrenKoiionrd Gclic: and found jt v^av 1it]1 of ve- 
ly good Bcercjwhith clid mui:h re ioyce vs aU : cfpeciaily the 
fickemm, notwithftanding -rtBticdidtaflealinlcof bu^e- 
\Tater- By tewf at that time choughiihat the holes wctad 
Oit tofinJccthc Ship, wfTcfiuzoi, aid [hat this water had 
flood in die Ship aJl ihe Winter. 

The fburcand twentieth, we wentbctimea Jii the mor- 
ningtoworki:: butfotmd that the water was tifenaboue 
the \cc where wi: had left woik^aboiit two foot: for that the 
wind hid bb IV nc very hard at North, therught before, fn 
the inoming,the wind came abont kmibj and blew hard, and 
although wj bad littJc realbn fbi it ; wc yet exported a low- 
er vecro of the water. T tbrre vpon piir tb^oi to lAorkc on the 
ontlideof the Ship ■ thacwe mighrconietothe low^Thole, 
whichwehadti3ciitheStemc-Shciot«. Wiihmuch labour 
by n^hr, we digged dnwne tborow Jk Tee to it ; md found 
itvn5oien{'asiciadbin all the "WinterJ and to our great 
comforts, we found that on the infide, the water was etid 
eucn with the hole : and thar on the oorfidej it wa^ Ad a 
foot lower- Hereupon I madtra Jhot-boord ro be naild oo it : 
and to be inade as right a^ might be, lo try if the watfr came 
in atjyodicrway. TbriKoraertwohole^jwehHdd^edoii 
the infidc ■ and found them frozen ? Now f did this berimes, 
thacif we found the Ship foinidered, wc mieht idbhic of 
fome courfe to lauc, or probngoor liues, ty g^^Hig to 
the maine before the Ice were broken vp.' for, A'i for onr 
Boate, itwastoolitcfe, and bulged, bdidci that. Our Or- 
prnterwasbyihiGtimepafthopej andrheiefore iittJehope 

badwcof our Pinna{fe. But which was wwJt of all, we 


The Wimtrmg. 71 

hadooc fbuffm^ able EotraueQilifoui^h The Snriw ou?]' rhc 
Iccj andbtfaismilmbtccltaccwercweacthisprefcnc. 

Thf ly.wclririsficdourlongingifoFtbewindenowcoai- 15, 
miT^^jaic Nonhtrly^thp wKfrroleby rficSbfpsfidrfwhffc 
wc bad digged do ime) 1 foofind more abow the Hoid : and 
yet didjiot nfc wirhin boord, Thi ? did lb irvouiage 1^, [haf 
wefel|v;rybftily todifiging^audtcihcgiiJouc die Ice, out 
uftbcShip, Ipucdi£Cooki:andfomc<ffh:r^, todiawtbe 
pumpi: whobycoflannaDpowrnffiofhorwatcyiirtOtheDij 
byrhe 17, inchc moTJimg diey had dcered wie oFthcm ; 
which we fiy-ii^, fcundihiE icdidddiuer u-ater very fiilfi- 
cknrly. Thus we fdl m pumping i and ^a^]ing elected cwo 
foocwaCff, wctbeulcfttobaiieiibcondcryall. ContJiiuing 
out workerhus, in digging [he Jcc; by the iS. v?e had dee- ^%, 
red our other pumpf^ : which we alio found to dchucrwa- 
rervcry well: Wc found like wi&j iJittthe wwer didnot 
die any thing, in Holft. 

The 39. it ninedaU daylong, ifIm:%[Klovs, th^cwin- ^9. 
tcr was broken Tp. 

The^o. weewereberimes abooid at onrworkc: which 30- 
day, and the one and thirtieth, were vciy cold , wirh fnow 31- 
aiid hailc; whith did pbtb our fickemen more then iay 
tioKihii yecrc. This cucfiHtg being ^.4^ Euen ; we returocd 
late fiom uuc worke to shit boufc - and mad^ a good fire, and 
chofe I^ej, and did corefnoniouny weart! thcii nimes in 
i^Caps: a>de;iuourii)g toTcuotecur fdnet by ^y manes- 
Andbecaufeyouborevsinthi&DKTTyhmnour; Iwilltnakc 
knowncteyotiwhacgood cbcewwe kepr at Cbriftmas and 
Eafter: aojhow wc haddiercdotiriehie&aQthewinterH 

At our conunn^ fixHth o( Er^liuid^wi were ftoreJ with 
allionof Sea prouifions : as Bccfc, Porke, Fifli, &c. but 
DUW thatwehadLitde bt^ of rcfreHui^ , our Cooke did 
order ir in rhit raiumci. 

The Bcefe which was to firacon Sunday-n^tCo Supper; 
h? did boyle 00 Saceiday-nighi, in a Ketde (ijII of water^with 
a qEurtoF Oiffeineale^^ut an houtc : Thennking the Beefc 
□uE,beboyJedtfacrdltillitanKtcjhdfcihet|umtiuei And 


ihis wc caM pomdgf : vi^\ch wiih bread we did cate , 9$ 
hot as we f otiTd : aDdaRmliiswci hadcur ordinary of fiLli. 
Sunday dinner, wcehaJPorkf andPeale: andatnightihe 
fbmicr boykd Becfc madf tuore porridge. Tn ibis oTantier 
ourTnelilaycsBecfewas boyled on ibe Munday nigbts : and 
theThurfdayes , vpon the W^dnefdaycs, And tCiis all the 
wc«ke ( except Friday nighi } we had iome warme thing m 
our bzHicseufiJ fiippcr- And ((urdy) this did y^ agreac 
dcalcof good. Butfoonp after Chrilbjias , nanyof vs fdl 
licke, and had fore modthes : ahd could [wither catcBecfcj 
Potkc, Fj (h, nar Porri<%c. Tbcirliyecwa^onelyihis: They 
wouki pound Gf ead, oiOitmcalc in a moTtcTfro mealei then 
fry it in a filing panne, wH a Hirle oylc^and lo cate it. Soatt 
WfflJdboyfe Peaferogjofc paftc, aodf^ed.a? wellaiihey 
rouJd, vpon rhac. For the niotl pare of the w Jnrer , water 
was our drinkc. In the uhok winter, we tooke^ocabcuea 
daozcjjFoKcs : many of which would betfc:adin tbetnps, 
two or three diyes, t>ftcnrimf s ^ and (ben when the Hood 
was rettlfd, rhey would be viiwholcfome. But if wetookc 
oucaliue.tharhadnotbin lon^ in ihe crap 1 him we boylcd, 
andmadebrothforthcweakcEt nekemcnof him : cbcfldh 
of it beingCorrboyledtlicy dideatca[(b. k.^ 

Some wbice partridges wc kild : but nm worth the mai- 
tioning lowaids any rcfVclhing. 

Wchad three ioiti of H^kemeu. Ihofc chat could not 
mouenornimethtnifclursin [heir Bed?, who muft be ten- 
ded like an In*an^ Orfieis that were as it were creeided 
with Icuray Aches. Andoihtralaftly, that were fbmcihing 
better, Mollof allhadlore oMuthesp You may now aske 
mc> bowtheTcuifmncmcn could woikef Iwill idJyou: 
QirSui^con f which ivas diligent, and a fwed rondicioned 
man, aseucrTfiwJ would be vp betimes in the momij^si 
andwhilcJlhedidpi^ke their Teech, andciitawaythe dead 
flefli from their Gummcs , they wouM bathe their ownc 
thighe5,knees,andleggiH. Themaiuicrwhcreof way this: 
There was no tree, bud, nor hertae ; but we pude tryall of it : 
andLhi^bunglultboykdinaKctde, andihoi puc inalmin 


The Wintmng. , 7J 

Tubs , and Bsfons ; they put it vndcr ihem , and conf rii^ 
rliemrducs with Cloaihcs vpon ir ; [hi? wodd fo mdlifii; 
tlif grieufd parts, ibataltbougii, whmrhey did rift out of 
their Beds, they wnuldbcfo crippled, ihinhtycoiild ftarc? 
nand: veraftirdiisdonc halfeaiiljouTc, ihey would be able 
tn "oe fand iiiuft goc^ to wood» tlioTow the Snow, to the 
Sbip, and ibout incir orbei boIinetEf . Bynighr, they would 
tc-i^badagaine: and ihoi they mull bee bathed, mayntfd, 
andc^icifoiourhHagsincdrcfi.beforeihey wentroBcd, And 
with this dj'cr, and in ihi^ toanner, didwcgoc thoiuw our 

T cLier dnubrcd, that wc flkOuld be weafcefl in the Spring ; 
and therefore had I lefeiucd a Tun of Alegant Wine vnio 
thi&time. Of ihis, by putting fcuen parts of VL.ater, toonc 
ofwine^ Wf made feme wcake B^ruerage: vihich f by rea- 
fonihanhewiijc by being frozen, had loll his VermeJ was 
linle better then water* The fitker fort had a Pint of Ale- 
gancadjy, byitfclfc; and of futhpoDreAqjavirsloo, as 
we had, ihey haJ a liftle dramme allowed theirtncxf ihfir 
beans euerv morning ; and thus ivcc made the bcft vfe of 
ivhacwehad, accurdif^tothefeafons, 

r , 

TTicfrfl, we\:i'mraboordb?time?, to hcaue out the Re. 

Tliefctoiid.iididfiiowandblow, andwas fb cold, that 
we were Bine to keepe houfe allday^- This tfue^pected told 
ac ihii time of (he yeerc did fo vesc oui ficke men \ that they 
grewwoTfe andworfe: we cannot now take them out of 
Sidrbcdi, but rhey would fwQund 1 andwchadmuthadoi:, 


Tliethird, ihofe that were able, u-entabontdbctimefiio 
liizaue tuiiihe Ice, The Snow wa? now melted in msny p''^' 
ces vpon the land, and flood in |ilafiiea i aa^d now there 
came fome Cranes^and Geefe to it. 

The foufih, while the reft wrought aboord, T and die 
Sureeon went widi a wupl: of pieces , to fee if we codd 


y, Tht Winisring. 

loll any oF ihefe fowlc for que fickc m^n , but neuf r did I 
fee filch wild-fow]e : TlKy wopld not injure ro fee an^ 
thing modie. W herefbre wc rcCEirncd within i . hourcs, noc 
being able to indure any lotigf r llalktng rhorow rhc Inow , 
and the wcr plalhes. 1 vetiiy thought thar my feet and legs 
would haue ™kn off , they did fn tciimcntmewichalting, 

^ The 5. Mm /T-P'ii'*. thfMaflLTof myShipschiefe Marc 

dvf di whom we buried in the Eucning f b the moft Chri- 
ftian-likc manner wc could ) «p<>n ihc Cop of a bare hiil of 
fand : which we cald Br*Htffen Hifl. 

Tlicwfather continiifd vtry told; freezing fo hard in a 
night, fhatitwould bcarcaman- 

„ By rhe p. w«Wcrecoine[o,andgotvpn«r Rue barrdsof 

E-efbandPotke, and had Hmnd +. BarsofBL'Jzre.aiirfiHieof 
Cydar * whiihGod badprrlimicdfojVi : Et hadlayncvn- 
der water all the winter; yet wecootd nrjtprrcsiue that ic 
wa'sanyihingthe woKc, Gcxirnakf vicuerthankcfiiJI for 
the comfort it gaue vs, 

— . Thi:]5.itdidfn"waidWowfo*:oid, rbic wc toiiJd not 

ftirre outofihcbjiufe ; ycf ncnerihcklK', by day thsfiiow 
vanill^cthawayapaceoj] the land. 

Tbi? II. wc were ^coid betimes, loh^acie out fte. By 
the II. at nighr, wcbadckec^doutalltlieTcc^ outofrEie 

Ho!d^ andftiundlikewilf ourfmre-fhooet whkhhadlaync 
fuakrin the wateralltSip winter : bhrwt^diicd thcmbyrhe 
fire y and fitted our fcliici with thL-m, We ficouke ^aine our 
Cablf^JniotheHoJdi there ilowd we a But of WiTKaifo, 
which had beeneall the Winter on the vpper d^cke, and con- 
limicdiisyetialt firmefroz^n. Wc fitted the *ihipgffb: ma^^ 
king hurready tofinkc heragaine, when the Tec brake vp, 
W^? todd hirhcrio find no defeat inhsr: and therefore ivdl 
hoped, that (lie was (lanche. The Carpenter, iiciierdlelellt , 
jJidcarnefllyaiguctorhecomTaiy: alleadgjng, thatnow iTie 
layun the ground, in herDocke; and tlac jhe Ttehad/Tld 
ht'r defies : and that ih:: ke was ibe thing that kept ouc 
?he water 1 bucwhcfiflie lliould tome to labour inibefcq ■ 
^n doLibttefiej fhe would opei], And indeed we coujd 


1 i . & 1 1, 

The Wlnterlyig. 75 

nowTef quit<^ rhrougli hpr frames , becwixt wind and warffr. 
Bur rhat which did rroubff wi- as nFasaJl this, was thclofTe 
oFher Ruddier : and that fiic now lay in rhe very ftre ngth of 
rheTytlc: whicli, when racr ?ln; Ice drtwi'^^ might tearc her 
fopictfs, But\v<! Rillhoprd Tbrbcft. 

The T ;. being the Sabbath Day > wefiAemniicd^ giuing j, 

God thankes for thole hope? and comforcswe daylyhad: 
The wcitherhv day-timc wa5 prcrry and warmc: birrir did 
frK^c by nighr : jcc now we could ftc fome Ijare patches 
Kyk [and. 

The 14, we beg^ a new fori of worke. Thf Brare- 14, 
fwameandaconuenientnumbci fought alhoare rhc reft of 
onr Rigging : wTiicb was much Tpoy/d by pectin^of itouc 
of the Ice : and this they now ftll to fining^andro ftiuing of 
it. IferthcCoopcrtofitoErrCaske, alcbough fpooremaii^ 
he was very infirmc i my intent being, to palTefome Cable? 
vndi^r the Ship , aitdfotoBuoy h^rvp withthtfcCai^kc; if 
otherwifcwccouldnot gfthernft. Som.? others , I ordered 
ro gof fee, if they could kill fomcwiM-fowleforourllcke 
men; who now grew worie and wcirfe- And thii is cobfl 
remembred, thar wchatlnoihor^hticwhacwe didimkeof 
the Araons of oif r Gutines and fom^ old pewtCTthai 1 had: 
for the Carpajwr?-nieer-lcad,w^ durft not vfc. 

Theis- ImtnuredaiirtlepaKhofgronnd, thatwa^barc ^j 
of fnowi and fowf d it with P^ afoii : hoping to haue fomc nf 
rhehcaibsnfthem fhnrily* to earc .- foiasyetwetaniinde 
no^ccnrrhing tocomforr V3^ 

The I S, OUT Carpenter wiUum CnU dyed , a m^n g^^Licral- \ %, 
iy+iemoanedorvsiill : afmiKh for liUionacegmMinelTi:, as 
foiihepreient netcffitywc hadof a man of his quality. He 
hadinditrcdjlonglitl^nefle, with nuich ptience, gEtdmade 
a very godly end. In the Eucuing , wc lutitdbimby Mafter 
fVArdon: qcrijmpanied With a^ manyaacouU goc: for ;. 
more tjf our printipall men^ lay then expeding a good hourc 
And now were we in the mod rniferat^eeftate, that we 
were in all the voyage, Beforehis «treme wcakncfle, he 
had Ivough: the Pinnace to that pa!Te y that ihe iVas ready 

K a to 

t^beboiitwd andtrenncid; ard robe joyLiM rogethrr tor^ 
cciue ihc plankc : (b That v/cwcre TiotrnJifcoungcdb^' bis 
death, butthat we did hopr of our fellies loiuiilh her: ifthc 
Shipprcsvcd vnrerLii;:Hbl(^. 

This our Pinnace was 17- foot by iheKccle, to. foor 
by rh^ Borne, and ^. foot in Hold: ili^rhad 17. giuundtim- 
ijerSj ^4- prindpai! StsdSt::? , andS- iliortStaddlcj* Hchad 
opntripL-d Her with around ftcniCj tofaut; labour; and ui- 
deedlhewasawdl propyrciuned VcnclL Her bur[hi?uwas 
1> oii4HTunnc- 

Jn dicEuL-iiing ^ ibc^Maftcrof our^h^p, after buri^ll re- 
turning aboord Ship, swid looking about her t di{coiii?rid 
fomepartof onrGunnrr; vndcrtbcGun-roonic pores. This 
man^ wc had commjictdtodic Scaaia^ooddiilance from 
theSbipj^nd indeep watcr^ neere 6. moneibs before. 

ip^ The 19. in the iTXjniing J ^fl;m men to dig bimour j he 

was fill: ill rhclct^ biib^addowjiewafd-^, andhi^ heck vp- 
ward, for he bad but one lirggcj and ibe ^Ur was yef at 
|]ii wtHJt^d: hi the afccrjio^>nLj cEi^y haddigdbiindeereour: 
after al! wbkh time, he wa^ia^ freehoninoy^inecicfic', a^ 
\^ hen we firl!tcominitte<ihimioibeSea. This alieratioii bad 
the keand water, andt-jmcoijdy wrought on hnj^; th^rhis 
ficlli would flipvp anddowne vpoubisbofles, likcaglcue 
ona many hand. In thcEueningwcburicdhinvby the others* 
Thi^ day^ oiie f^f^g^ Vg^^ixa (who could handle a toolc "bdl 
f^fvaaJl) had [ddillerentwdl repaired our boate : andfowe 
cndcdthis moiitneftjl] weeke, Thefnow\vas byihig time 
preniJy wdl wafieci in tb= woods: and we hauing ahigh 
rreCj onrhebigheftpJiteoftbelland, which we called our 
watrh-trec; ftutn tlie top of it we mj^tt fee into the fea^ but 
found nijappi?aranreijf breaking vp yet. 

lO. Thi530.bcjngWhi:-J>QrLday , we Ead[y folemEiized ^ 3i»d 

had fpuie cafte of the wildc-fowlc : tiic not tvoith die 

ai ^ The one and tv^'entieth^ was the ^^ ai meft Sunne-fliinc-day, 

that came this yeere. I fen: a. a-fowling: andiny ftlfe fa- 
fciug the Mittcr^ the Surgeon^ and one more, wichourpieces 


ff[»d our Dog«i , wc wcnr inro th^ woods to fee what cocn- 
forc wre couEd findt:. Wee wandrcd from die houfeeigtii 
milei; andfeardicwirTmlldilie^fice: but returned tomfort- 
kHe, not an bcrbe norleaf^^ar&lcj tlnruecouMfinde. Our 
Fowfers had qsbqd fucccfC:- J[i the woods , wee found the 
Snow part!/ waJkd iway^ fo chac ir was paltiic- The pondi 
were almoU vmhawd ; bortheSea trcuiany place wecould 
fee all firmc frozfli. 

The {now doth nor mclr awa^ here with the Sumie or 
latnc ; a^dfo make any Und-flood?^ i as in -f ff§"/j^fft? ? but it is 
exh^M vpby thcSanne^and fuckc fiillof hoks^ Iik^2 honey- 
tombs : fnrhattheland whereon it lye^, will not be at air 
wetted. Thclikeobferuation wecalfo had: flatlL^iCiaine 
enerfomuchT vouihallieeno Jatid-floodsaftcriC- 
Thcrwoand tweatieth ^ we went abonrd die Ship : and *i- 
fbund [hat iheeliad made fomuch water^ that icwasnowri^ 
icnabouc the ballalt, whith mad: vstJonbr againc of her 
found^ielTe^ Wct^;U copampingi audpumpt hcjr quite dry- 
And now by day fcsmctimes, we liaui: llifh hoc glocimc?, chat 
we cannot endure in iheSnmie = andyctin t]]c night iixvould 
frettevcryhatd. This vnnatuialneffe of inefiafon, did tor- 
ment oiinnen, that Uiey now grew worfe and worfc daily. 

The rhree and twentieth ^ our BMc*t\vayne ( a painsfuK 
man) hauingbeene loilg ii^ke, which he hadhearrify rcli- 
Jted , was raketi with inch r painefull ache in orK of his 
ihigbs;rhaf we verilythoughr he would haLieprefoity dyed* 
He kept his bzd ^i day in great eT:treiiiitic : and k was a 
maximeamongftvs; ihatif any one kept his bcdtwodaves, 
he cou^d rife no more. This made cucry cimi to flriuc to kfit'pe 


Thefourcandt ^cntierhw^asvcry ^varmeSun-fhinc- and ^4 
Bay, with a fcarcfiili noyfc- About three inthe aftemoont^ 
-ii^c conld pcrceiue the Ice wich [he tbbc to driue by die Ship, 
WhereupontfcLitrwowithallfpeed vnto ihe Mailer , \yith 
Older : robeatc out the hole ^ andro finke the Ship : ashke- 
Wiie CO looke for rhe Ruddef j beiwiit the let. This he pre. 

K 3 fcntly 


-J The Wiatmsg. 

pftkinR betwfsi the Tc?, ftrooltc vpon it,ajid it came vp with 

gotkwp onthelcf^and ib into the Ship. In the mcmcfpacf, 
with die little diift that tbeIcch3d.iibfgaii:o rift? and mount 

into hieh hi?ap3 againfl the (hoald flitrare? , and rtxks : and 
liki^wiicagaiiift ^hc Wpeuf liff* which we hd put for a 
Banifai> ro out Ship: biu wi^h Ticclc hanne to v^, Yctwc 
wertf fame to cut aA-ay ao, faddomc of Cable which was 
fiozeii in [he ice. After an htiure , the Ice Icidcd agaijie, as 
not hailing any vcnr oirtwatdg. Oh \ this was a ioyfiifl day to 
vsail : and wcg^uc God ihanki for rhe hop<:3 we liad of it- 
ly, Thi:J]iJeand r^venticdr was; a hne watme diy i andwith 

rhi?cbtK:^ the ice did driue agaiiiflths Ship, and (hake tvr 

atf. The [Ixc and twentieth, I tnokc the Chiruigion with mee, 

aiidweTLiagaiiieto wander rhc wood?: and Hjemcothar Hay, 
where lad yeers wee hadlullour fliJn hhn Bdrion. But we 

could ftide no figoc of him, nor of oikr f cliefi;- 
3 3. By rheeighr Slid twentieth ic was pretty and cleerc^betwi3fr 

ihcSbipandthefho^re^ and J hoped the Ice would no more 
dansproudy oppreffc V s- WhercforcTcaufed the lower hok 
robefiinieivrtopt: the water then ramininf^ three foor, a- 


Tli^ nine and twentieih,beii'g ^Prifce Chnrles hU binh tLy; 
sve kept Hnl^ -dajvrid dilpJav'Jhi'^ Maieftie^ Colours : both 
aland and abooid; andna[n.:d rn:r habitation CktrlffTovsei 
Ly ftmcraiftion Charlren: and rfiP Tland, Ci^r^fM //a W. 

Thi: thiicicth we LiinhrdourBoaK. and ha<l inrertourfe 
fomctim^sfc^twixvthelihipaLid thelhiarc by Boat : which 

Thelaftof ihij moiieih, we<^ found on the Beach fome 
Vetthe^, to appcjicout cif [hegroundi u'hichlmadi? the 
meo topitkvp,aiidni boyteforonrlickemen. 

'J"ti^day, we made an end of fitting all our Siting and 
Sayles : inditbcii^a vci^ hotday^wediddTvandne^vmalre 
our Fifli in the Suune : and ayred all our other prouiHons. 




The WitJterrjig^ 77. 

Th«rc wa5 no: 4 man of vs ai: pfdenr, abJc to catc oF our ftic 
protiirionsjbtitmyfelfciindrhc Mafterof my Ship. Iciraj' 
be here Tf membrM , rhatafitlii^ Wines- wr« h»d notbccnc 
uouhJed with any fh"^n«s» norp^maiitaUdHraftfi. AU ihis 
miMitth The wiurn hath b«ne varable, bat for the moft part 

Tune, r tf 3 3. 

The fbuii? Iirfiday« ^ irdiflftiow, haiic, and blow vfiy 
hard J an J flas fo cold, tliat the Pondii of water did Ireezeo- 
uer : andibewarcrinourCansdid ftceze in the ^'wy bojifcr 
cftirtlothc';a!fo that had beenewafhed ai]d hang one Co dry, 
did i^oi ihiwalL day. 

The fifr, ii coniLiuicd Mowirtg vrry ferd inihf broad fide 5. 
of [he Ship: whithdid make her fwag and v^'allow in hci" 
Dockefbrall Jheewa^fiinltni : whkhdid mufh IViAkehrr. 
The Ice withalL did driiie agaiT^fl her , and gaiie her many 
fbitefbjl blower. ] rcfifUied m ffldeGoiir 10 haiiB ih? Kiidder; 
andwhm God Imtvi ivaicr, ( notwldilbndinfi; clicabun- 
daiiteof kerhacwisy« ^joucva) CHhauehcihjFchccoET: 
IntbeaftenPkone, wc vnder-mnourfmall Cable ro out An- 
ker, whith lay a-Sietne in dcqw wareri and fo with fomedif- 
ficuiiiegacctfp our Anker: Thi? Cable had lainc flack:: vn- 
dcr-fbot, and vndef the Ice, allthc Winder: and wee could 
ncucT baue a cleiye flitch from lc=, ro hauc it vp^bci^orc now; 
we found it noca iot the worfe- I pur fbm; lomakeCoI- 
i2^z-.\ rhjtrhcym'ghtgo^inrorhc water, and rake a hole in 
the lands to let downe cur RiiddcT. 

Thciiidi, wewentaboutrohangit. And our young luf- 

Tied men tookc inm:?, cogue intodi: water, and tn rake 

away the (imdj but they were hot able to inJare ihe cald 

of ithalfeaquacterof an hoarcjii wa? fo monifyic^ .- yea, 

^;Ic what comtbrTS we toLild^ it wciild mate ihcm i\\ ound 

Enrfdyeawiiy. We brought it to the Stcmcpoft: but were 

rhm hiinf to giue it mie^ being ablcco work; at it no Iihi^ct, 

1 hen we pliigg'd vp the vppcr holes, within boord : aud fell 

mpumidug i\vi water againc out of Ikt- 



7, ' Tlicfciieinhwe wrought fomccliing akout ourRLiddcr, 
buiwertagamcfor^cdrogtueouer ; andioput OLit our Ca- 
bles oucr-bourd> vfith A/'pfl^^j vntothfm: the Ankers 
lyijig to rbat paflcj ihar we mi^lit Iceqse her righi in her 
dockL>,\srhcn we (lionld haue brought her li^hc. 

Si By ch^ci^hih^tnif^hrt wchadpnmprallrhc waceroutof 

her : and fl^^;c at a Iiigh ^varcr would flci^t in hs-T dockc^ 
though ihewere Rill aocktb ihelai^^, almoHfourefool. 
Thh made v? 10 ccmfider ^vbat luas to he done* I refaEued to 
heaueoQr^UrheBallail: for [hat the botrome of her being fo 
foaktalkbewinccrjhopi^d waslohtauVjihai ir would bare 
h^r, iFvvcctjuIdnor f^i:i: herofF thit way , Ithmthuiighf 
to cut her dowjic ro ifie lower dixffc, afid take o{it her 
MaEl^ 1 aiid fo wirh our Caske ro Buoy her off! 

^, Thi-^ niJithj belim^sin fhcmornbg wee fdl lo worke, 

wehoyllouiourBi:cre and Cydar. and made a raft of ir; 
filtningirionurnioare*Anker ; TheBeercandCydarflinke 
prefendy to the ground: which was nothing ftrangeto vs; 
ftirdiarany woodorpipe-dauesduchatl laync vnderihcTce 
^Uhe wintcri would alfotinke downc^ fo foonc a? cuer 
icwashcaued ouer btxird: This day wc hfaued oui teitnc 
mmnjof Ballafl^ Andhern^Iam to remember Gods good- 
neflc towards vb: in t^ndini^ thofc forcmcntioned grccnc . 
VcTcbes- Fc5i"nowourfceblc[ickemen, that could not For 
[hcirhtics ilirre thcfc twoor three myntlrsj canindurethe 
ayreand wafke about th.^oufe: our other licke men g?iihcr 
Itrcn^b alio : and it is wo]id:rfiilI to fee bow foone thc)^ 
were tecoBered, VVt!Vllii them in this Eianncf^-Twicca day 
we went to gather the berbcor kafe of theie Vctchea , as 
th^y JirEl appeared out of thegu>nnd : then did we walli and 
bovleihem- andrtjwithOyleaiidVinegerihat had beenfro- 
j.m^ wedtdcate them : If was an cTcteElcnt fultcmtice aiid 
refrcihbg: thfimoftpartof vs ate nothmg elfe : wc would 
Itkewifebruili: them, and lake the luyce or them, ind miKC 
ihai with our drioki? ; wc would cate them law slto^ widi 
our bread* 

II. Thcdcucnth wa^ very v^itne weather, aiid wc did hang 


ourRiiddcr^ Thetydcsdid nowvcrymuchdwfincvs : For ■' 
a Nfonhcrl)' wind wouJd very iirrfe raife the water- "Hii? 
made vs doubt of gptrine off onr Ship. 

The ihirtrcnih ] refchifdof the Larimdc of thi5plac^, i,, 
Ji» thachairii^ examined the Inflrummrs, and pra^iied about 
It ihis Fortnight, ! now ftflind it ro be in jj degrees, and; 

The ifoureteeith wee had heaued oiit aU the Bal^ft, 14. 
and carried, 'cur Yard?, and euery tbii^ elle ot wei^hta- 
flioare, fo . jc we now had chc Ship as lighr as poJiibIc it 
could be. ^ 

Tlie fifteenth wedid lint bur ftccrcife our fclucsz f«- 15. 
ing rhat by thi^time, our morthat were moftfedjle^ircnnw 
^rowne ftmng, and can mnne about. The flelTi of rheir 
gummes-becanic fettled againe, and their teeth ftfltlcd : fo 
that they can eace Beefe with their Vctchi??- 

Thjidayrwairtooarw^/ftJviTM: butthc Sea (for any 
thing T could pjrceuic to the conrrary) wa« JHII firm; frozen .■ 
and the Bay wcwsrem, all full of Ice , hauiiig no way to 
vent it. 

Thefisreenth was wondrous hot, with fome. thunder i5. 
and li^hniing, fo that uur men did goe into the ponds alhoare* 
to f^imineand cocilelhemfduee : yet wias the water very 
coJdftilE. Herehadlardyappcareddiucis fotts of flyes : as 
Butt erJ1ye=j, ButchcEs-flycs , Horfeflyes: and fmh an infinit 
abtmdance of bloud-ihirfly Muskitocs, ihatwe weremore 
cormentcd wirb them^ihen cuer wc were with the cdd wea- 
ther. Thcie(fthinkt)lyedcad]ntliedd rotten mood a/l 
die winter, and b fiimmer they leuiuc againe. Here be liJfc- 
wifc inRnireconjpanyof Ants, apd Frc^s in the ponds vjj- 
on ihc laud : but wc dirft not eate of chem -, diey Jonkt fo 
(petklcdJikeToads. Bychi^dmc were thprc neither Beares, 
Foxes, norFowlctobe feene : they are aEE gone, 

Theleucntemth, die wind came Northerly^ and wee ex- 17- 
pei^g a high Tyde , in the momii^ betimes, put out our 
fiu^ Cable afteme out at the Gun-roome-porr : but the 
momii^ Tyde wc had not water by a foot. latbe Euenin? 

tl The Wintinng. 

I fad laid marked^ by Rones ^ Arc, std nvzt [Jicu^t^ rlie 
uiCer did flow apace. MiEcii^ Ggncs ihjrefoTc for rh- Boacc 
fofOitii:a(}ioarc; Itookf aUthK wcKabletcidoeanythine 
uirhmcaboord: sidarh^hw^Kr (alrhough fhc wanced 
fbmcthir^ to rireclecrc our cjf her 3oc!H)yi:t wc hat£A with 
fathagoodwiii, thar wc heautd her tliOTow ihc faiid inro 
a foot aiid a halFc docp^r warcr. F;)rtVicr then fb, wc durft 
not y* I bring her , f..Trrhitthckewai aL rhkke about vs. 
Afrer we had moor'dher^wc wentalltopiayers: andgaiie 
Godihanke^, rtaihadgiuenvsourihipagainc- 

jj_ The iSth. we wfrevp betimes: chc Cooper, andfbms 

wkhbim^ tofilifreJhwiKf ; my fdft with fome orh<:rs, 
lo garber £lonc5 ar low-MfiKr ; which we i^Lii^ vp iu a 
hc:a(>i?, arhi^hwat^rdKCock-iWaiaeand his Grng, fctcht 
themabnord: i.\hercthcMa[terwith ihc Tdt flood chi:m. 
The Ship at low wacer liai! J grcit lud ro the offing : by 
which mtqnL?s w'c co^Jd ibc bercer come jnd flup the two 
\pper holes firmdv- after whi^b we Htted other tonucnient 
ptates, to make orjuys tn finte her, if owafion were, 

_- The niiit^enth, wc were all vp berimes ro wnrk<;, aia- 

forefpcdtred : thefe two dayes, our Ship did not fleet: and 
it WM a happy houre , wlicn wc gut ncr ort^ for that we 
ncuerlttdliKhahighTydLraUihctimewewtrchcic. In the 
Euening^ I went vp to onr ^/cdj rrtc . and this wa^ the 
fi[|> limel could ice any open water, anyway: cxKpttlQr 
JiCfIc by ihc Jliooreiide, where we were, Thiii put vs in 
Ibme conifiwr, thatthe Sea wouM llioniy brcalce vp . which 
wee knew muft bee to the Noitbivard; ledrK» that way 
we wffe ctrraine, there wa^abouc two imndlred leaaaes 
of Sea, 

^O. Theio.welabonredasaforeCdd. ThewindeacN.N,W. 

The rydc rofe ib high , rharotir!ihip neercd, andwcdrew 
her farther off, imoafbote and a haHe deepe water. Thus 
we did it by Ijctle and \kd^; foL thit the Ice was ftiLi won- 
dej^iiU thicke abuuc Ts> 

2j The ia. there drouc mudi Ice abcat vt^asuii within vs, and 

broi^ home oar SterrK-Anker. Ac bigh invacer (nofwitb- 



The mutermg. %^ 

fiandi[^illtbe!ce)weheau'doorSlHpfiirtbcroff: flfltfo 

Ihe Tni^r li*; aflote ar bw-wafer. 

Tiienccrlow-warci, wcfoundcdaUabourtlKSbip: and 
found irvcryfouk ground, wc dilcouercd fion« 3. foorc 
i]]gli,abMcibcatiund,andt. of d>smwirhina Ships breadth 

ofilieShip; whctcfay did more niiiiifffiJv apptarc Gods 
mcrcfestovs: forifwbenwc (breed bcralhoarc, fticlad 
ftraokenone blow againft tbofc ftonc? , iihad biilgedhcr. 
Many fuch dai^ers were dicrc in ihis Bay : whinh we now 
firft percciucd, by ihc I«& grounding aiidrirmg agaiiiEt rbcm. 
In the Euoiing, wc tow^'d off rbc Ship, ^ro tbe place {be nd 
tbclan:yeere,andth(!remoordber. Sheiing the Ship, iii^c 
andday, floodandcbbc, amo^ftcbedifperftlcc tbatcame 

The ij. ^vc laboured in fetching our prouifions abo<)rd: -3- 

whichfo doc, wc werefainc TO iffide to cany ir ro die boirc 
a fii]lflighc-(hot : and all by reafon che winds wis Sjuthcrly. 
liiismorniiiE, T tooke an O^/^nsi/^ of the tJ^fflp-fc j com- 
ming TO tbe Sourb, by a cJWWhw fint of i lo. yards lof^ : 
wbifh lludrc^iMraanyweefcabefore-band, 

The 14, 1 tooke another O^juwjflof the-1/mjtfJCom- *f 

miDgTOthccJWtfi-i*"- forwbichlrcferrcyou tothcob- 

ftnations in die latter end of this louraaU- 

Whcfeaslhadformatycuidowmeavaybightree, and 

madeaCrofleofit, to ill noAfaftcned (vppermofV; the 

Ki.^ and Queencs MaidHia Piftarcs 1 drawue Co the J^fc ? 

and doiitly wrapt in lead, and fofktfe. rfiat no WMthcr could 

hurt diem, BenviichodidicfcIiifiicdhisMaKilioB Roy^ 

Tide ; Viz, Cfcp/" tht fir/l Ki»s ef ETiglf^ , SifftUi*d, 

FrmnctaaA h-flurd: m idfo Bf T^ew-fomU-!A*U , ,vidofihffs 

TfrrrHtuvj. adrothe Weflwaid, 3S ferreas iV^^t^^-^ 

and toihe Northward to the Laticnde of 80. degrees, &c, 
Ontbcout-^idfot the lead, Iftfteioiafliiilingiindafiie- 

pence of h^MaidtkaCoyn:: vndettbat, weMcnedthc 

iTim ^r«iif J> £ure[y cut in lead : and Tndrrthaf,i!i« e^'*'^ 

of 3k City of 3r^. And this being LM^mmtT-l>d^ . 
wcraifeditoudMtopof the barcHiU, where wefaidUrKd 

L2 <m 


our <Jead ftif owes : fonnallybythiaccremon^faliLrgpoflcf^ 
iiQnoftheftTerriioTje^jtoliisMaieJties vie- 

Thf wirtdf coiirjnuing Souihirrly arid bkiwinj* hard, puf 
alhbercevpon W! IbthatthcShipnowTidainEingft ft, iit 
fiich apparent danger, that T tbougbt verily w: iTicuiidhaue 
Norths. Wc laboured, flood and ^e, both wkh poll's and 
oan??, lohcauc away niidprrdiercefrDiiiher. BiiEitwas 
Cod clue did proTcft and prcftnie vs : for it was pft any 
maiB vnderftanding , bowchi^ ShipccMild bdurcic, tir we 
by ixir labour lam: her. In chc iiighr, rh: windc Ihififd 
(o (he: Weft ward , and blewchc Icefromvs i whcicbywe 
had fom? reft. 
55^ Ttie25.mrhcmoi7iii^, rhf Boari^rxuaynexviihacDmic- 

mentcme wiih hiai, ttfgantori^c the Ship: the reft f«<:h- 
ing our plouifionEaboord. About 10, adoi-lcc, U'hcnitwa^ 
fomethin^ ^-►rki^, lrookeaLir»ceinmy hand; aidonewiih 
mewirhjMuik<?randfu£nclire.3id went toourwarch-rrfti 
IQ make afire on the emiiicntcft place uf the IJand : to fee if 
k \^ oiild be aiifwt'r^d: Such fires I had fijrrneiiy mad?, ro 
laue knowledge if rhcrcwen: any Salvages on rhemaiieor 
fhe Elands abour vi. Had there bccnc any, my purpoie was to 
haue g JDC to them, togerfome intelligence of HitnzChrifh^ 
aiu , or fbme Or can Sea [hereabouts. When I was ctine ro 
thctiTC, iJaiddowncmy Lance, andlb dJdmy ConUmhi? 
Muskec: and wbikitmy fclfe tlimed vp 10 iIil' top of rhc 
tree, J ordered him to pur fire vnro fomc low tree rherabonis. 
He, Cvnaduifedly ) put fire to fome tree? rhar were to vvTnd- 
ward : fo chat tlv^y (and all the reft too by rcaloji it badbeeac: 
very hoc wearheri being fcarc and diy, tooks fite Like flaxe 
or hcmpe : and the wind bliwing the fire cowards me , I 
made liaftc dinvn the tree. Butbetore Z was haife way down, 
the fire tooke in the buttome of it , and blazed fo fiercely 
7pwards> thaci W3sfiiinetoleape<iffthett«, anddowuea 
fteqie hin» andinbriefc, with mndi adoe , cfcaptfcuming, 
Ihemorteonihe [^oUEid was asjdiyasflaice: and if would 
' rannc oioHlirangcly , aiidliki:3traiLic along rheeaith. The 
Muskec and the Jjjkc were bodi bunic. My CouIbiC ac laft 

- S canic 

camctomcj andwa^ioyfiillEiirccmc; for!rtihou^iv(!ii, 
lylhadbin burned. And thus luewmrhomcwardto^eEher^ 
leauing ihefire Licreafijip ^ and ftiD buminemoft fiiiirjuHy, 
Wc cDiild fee no anfwer »f it, I flcpt but litucall night afra: 
andarSrcafccof Jav* J mack ali cm" Powder aiidSccfr, to be 
carried aboord' TTii^day^ T wenirothchila^tolooltcroEhc 
fire : wh<;re I faw how ii did rtill biimc muft Funou[ly ; 
faothro the Wi:ftward, andNonlm'ard : IcAiitig one upon 
ihe hilstowacchic, 1 came homeimmcdjarfly, andiradc 
tbcmcakf dnwneontnewfiiiteof lay]es, and carry thcin to 
fne Jcas-I7dtf J rcsdy tobr taflin, if octafioci were, and to 
makcFiaQc lo take downe our houffs. AUiut mxinf , the 
Winde (Tjiftcd Northerly j and our Sfntiiidl came ninnine 
hoQjc^ bringing vs word ihaiihe fire did fbll" whim a: bard 
heeles, ijkcatraine of powdcT. (c was no i!'?ed:robid vs 
(ate dowiie and cany all away cochcTea-ndt, Thcfiiccamc 
tovvard-s vs with a moftierrible rattling m>yr;:: bearing a full 
mile in breadth : and by that limr wre had vni:oucred our .- 
houfcs and laid fiand on, tocatry away our laTtihirg^ : the 
fire was trime to our Toivneand feaied on it , and (in a 
tiicc J burnr icdownero the ground. Wcfoil nothing of 
any value initr for we had bronght it allavvayintoa place 
of fetETTJ^y. Our Aiggp'i, in ihis combuftion, would Hc 
Aiwne oniheir taylcs , andbowle^ and iheijEUiincinio the 
Sea, on tlic flioald^j and diete ftay- The winds /hiftcd 
EaflerJy; and ihe fire ranged to the Wtftwa-d, feeking 
ivbatit might dcuoure. This night, wclayalirogerhera- 
boord the Ship ^ and gaue God thai kcs» that had Shipt vs in 

Tnctwenticfeum^ twcntiecight, andcwenticnioe- wcc 17, 
i^Touglit liard, in fetching oni chirks aboord, as likewife our 
wato", whL'h w'emofirowe off with ihcebbe, airdbiingic 
to the Ship with the flood. Moicouer, we muft goe about th<; 
EaftcT'poinc for drift-wood:fornurtoo]e3 were all fofpciic, 
that we could curnone. ^^ herefoie, abontrome thiee daycs 
^OQL', I bid taufed our Pinnact: (o be fawcd to pieces , and 
with that we flowed oui Ca$ke, inccnding co bujcekac 

L J tow 

The Wiftttring. 

low witt73 , and fucb ot^ier rittff?, as wc ceuidtiol Work* in 
<airying thmg? aboord- I employed the men in fbtchina 
ftsxies : and w/i^ did bujtJ rhrire Tombg ouer rmr three tlod 
fHbwcs; JiOir^tbemvpw^rh JandinadcctmrandhaiKiroLnc 
h(\i\a\- TbeLa[lTond>e»hidtwotunncsoffk>nR3bcAitit_ 

The ihinictb, wemoft tfamdHy continufd our l^xrar : and 
brRoghtonriayl«ri:iyard: and by clmcn a dockcat m'gfjt 
had madL^a^rsJr^ Ship: mcaT»inR Tfihanc fimJTied our bufi- 
ntife with thi; w«ke aid the mnncf b , rhac fo wc migbr ihc 
better firffniiiize the SabbarhaQioare to morrow, and fb take 
liriiuc ofour wintering [land^ 

The windt hath been varEd:Je i gn^ whilf : and the Bayea 
arenowfoflecreof ^ce.rhatwCtaTinot fwapi«cof it : for 
it wag all gone to the Nonhward. Hopit^ rhcretbre that it 
j»!uc conieri to Tome Readers : 1 will rdiie the manner of 
thebrcaltingofitvp, Ttisfirfttobc noted, that Lcdorh not 
Freeze ( nararally } aboue Hie foot t iberelf, isbyaceidenr. 
Sjthisthat Ice chat yoa may fee hero, fixefaddomcthiLks, 
Thiswehadmanifeft pfoi>feof J bvourdiggrnslhekeouc 

of the Ship: and by digging to uur Ankcii, beforetheico 
broke vp. 

In -W^/, when (he heart increaftih, ic ihawcs fiKlonthc 
fhoald by the iTioare fids : which when ic hath done nxind 
about , then the conifcs of tlie Tydes (as weflby rhe cbbeand 
fl*iod, as by their rifmg and Jailing) doefii lliakeche naine 
Itc.thacicciadriandbTcakcsir. TbiM, when ir harhgiitten 
roome for morion; then runner oncpeceof it ^pon ano- 
ther : andfobniifesandgriTMisitfelfeagainft rhefhoaild^and 
rocks, that it beiomcsatbieuiaredJnfoniLLch chat a Ship nay 
haae weH paf^e thDro\v it. Be(idesThis;niudhofitis£hmft 
vpon the Ihoalds, where it is much tonfumed by rhc heate of 
the Sonne- The fcaTbn here in this Chnute , isnioft vflnatu- 
ralh forinthedayri[ne,itwillbeextremc hoc; yeanoi in- 
durable in the Sunnc , whith is , by realbn that it i^ a CaoAf 
tountrey. In the night agabc, ilwillfreezeaninfbthiekeiii 
thcpoods.andinthe tiisaboutand in ouihoofe; And all 
th]^ cowards ^c la:cer end of Intn. 

rhe wiftiering. Sy 

tolerahle. Wee tore an nld Aurw i-aiC inpretcs, andortdtpa 
!wffe»of itropiiTO'ir heads in : tml it wk no fbitifkarion 
aeain£t them, Thev would linde wayc^ and meaner to ftff^ 
v5,rfiarQiirface^xi'ere ftudnehiid out inpiimpks, whicG 
wouidfoicJiand^imrr, diatwe muft needs njW>3 aid icare 
tbcin. Andfhcfcfly?%i!idccd, weremorecotmcacingioTa, 
then ^ the told we had hereiofore indurei 

The firft of ihi? mon Ji being Siuidiy,wc wercTpbermwa. 
AndlcanfdourShipio b^adomcdthebeft we could: our 
AncicmonrhePonpe, andfhc Kings Cdrjursin the maiiie 
top, T liad proufdfd a (hon brieFt of ail ch: paiTa^a of oiir 
voysgetD tfiii day : 1 likevvife wrote iii whar Itarc wc were 
atprefent, and hqwldidintcndioprofeciitc the dtfcouery, 
Ixjthlolhc Wdlwaid, andtr>t!ie Southivard, about thi? 
Hand. IhisBnefedifccKirfelhad axiclud^.-d, wiiharequeft 
to any Noble miiidcd Trai^aylor thar fhsiuld rake r dowiic, or 
cocneiorhc notice of Lt : ihii if we (lion Id peri Qi in the 
AAion, then ro make our indm-^ri knowne ro our iotJe- 
rjign? Lwd the King, And thus wiih our AtLftPi, Dmmnie 
andMours, Cooke and Kettle, wcwcntaQioare, andfirft 
\v<t marcht vp to our eminent Croffe, adioyring to whith we 
hadburicdoffdcadfeUowcs. There we rad moniing pray- 
er, and ihcn walked vp and djwnc till dinner time. Afrc:i 
dinnerivcwaltccCiitbchighcftHTle, To fee which way the 
lire ha<l wafted. We defcrt^ed that ir had conftmed ft] the 
Wdiwatd> finteenc miles at leal*, andthe whole bredthof 
[be Hand : necie sbout Oflf CtolTc ajid dead, it cculd not 
fome: by reaTon if wa^ a bsrelandy Hill, Aftfr EueninLj 
prayer, lhappcncdtowilkt alongfttheB^ath [idc: where 
Ifonndanheiberefnnbling Scumy-graffC' I made fome to 
begaihcred: which wc boyld with oar meate tcjfuppcr: 
IcwasmoftexcelhiEgood, and &rre b«tcr them oorVet- 
ches. AfrcriuppeTweWenCaUro fwkcand gatbermMC of 

E3 7heWfnur'wg. 

it I \vliichvjedui»™theq(tnitity of cwobiiflielsi^hichdld 

ahfrwards much rctk£h vs : Andnowthc Samn:: wasfrt, 

and (he Boat «)miac sflioaie For vs ; wbcrcapon wp aflcm- 

bl&iourfclu«togfther, andwmtvpro takf the lall vii^utf 

of ourdrad^ and to IooWl' viito their Tombcs, and other 

things: hpre Icanh^ vpci^i mhe arme,on nttc of tbi:ir Tombf s 

I vtteTedibticlinc^, vjhkh thoueli pcTthance they nuy pro- 

riiTc laugVitet in ih- wifer fort (which T (liaUhc glad of) rhjy 

-r yet mi ufdmy ycHmgandtcnder-heancd compajiiun? at that 

time with fometompaJlion. And thtfr they wcit 

IWVe vnkind, vnlclferhatTdidnieaJ, 
Beforelpan, fomemrizs vponairdead: 
And uhmniyeyei^bcdiy, T will noC ccafe 
Jn heart to pray, ihcirbtincsmay Tfftinp-acit: 
Their bcticc paits^ Cs^od fouics) T know were giueu, 
Wuhan intent [hey Ihouldretumcroheaum. 
Theii line? they fpcnr, ro the U(l drop of b'oud^ 
Seeking Cods gbcy, and thsir Couiiiricii good, 
Anda&avaiiani^ouTdicr ratherdyes, 
Then ycc|d:> his touiag<? to his Enemies i 
AimJ flop? their way. With hi^ hew'd ficrh, when dath 
Hath quite d^riu'd him of his ftrci^Th.and breath: 
So Ihuc chey fpoit thcmfdati -, andh?ic rficy lye, 
A famons inark^ of our DifsoHcrj. 
Wcthacfiiiuiur, perchanci^ may end onrdayei 

Jn fomc htiploymctit mecitbgno praife t 

Andinadiiiig-hillror: when no nan namcj 

The memory of ^5, but ro our Climes. 

They haiieouc-liu''^ this fiTJie^nd their bumccnd^, 


Why dropyefo^minceycs? Nay rather powic 

My fad departure in a foJemn? Ihnwre. 

The Winter? cdd, iha^ lardy frmc our bloud. 

Now wer? it fo extreme^ might doe thisgood, 

A3 make theic Cearcs, bright pnTles : which I wctildlay, 

Tomb'd lafcly with yotiitill Doomea fatall day. 


rhe Wintering. ^^ 

Thacw this Siklitary place, whercDonc 

W ill euCT come tobrcailica figh or grone , 

Soinc-rcmisaiir migbibcnCant, ofthenOC _ "_ 


Oil, reft in peace, dcarctricDds, andlecitbc 

No pride to fay rhf fomctime part of mc. 


The h^n and ftomakc, when the liners are dead^ 
Sogeieu'd. lkineyourgraues:aiSi^'owfoayc> 
A FoftcT-ra^er tci your lUf mory. 

So tanking my bricfo :o ibcCrofre.whicbuasfccurely 

mncr pur focte move L that lland. 11^^ Ibn^ and all the 
Teft^faTlikcwifctbe roainejis alight wbicc Imd; c^^ed 
^e Uawbitemof&,andtbl!of C.viib..ndlowb^^^^ 

™«minr^fomebire bils, iind other p^cks- In ihcfc b^^ 
da.«. tbef^d«mdri.c«irbrhtwk^bk.duft, ki.vcry 
y of Cree., as Spm^ and rnnipcr ; but tbe bifficft tr=c I 

Hriir,.wc ftw fome Dearc and kild on.: but nmer 3ny 
fincc FoKes> 3U tbt winter wc faw mmy, and kddfome 
dozen of them : but :hcy vvcnt all ai,vay m May- B«r^^c 
rawbutfew, buikildr™. : wcfa.vr.rrisotberl.ftlc b«^^ 

S^etildv«y&^'. WbitcPartrrdge.w.f.w: bn m 
wc^™Wneiicrf=eaiTitrrfKfea^ nor i« bona of filh od 

da^ginyKmfliiitha.'OdKi togs icoiirkc3blc J i34ucbchjre 
racntioocdi ' ■ ^:^J'.='r'r.: 




and commlngpJome, 

and firtini^ our Ship J aiid wayinj^of 
ciui" A]]k^^^3J which vvhcsi the laft 
^vasirrippCj W4X wear fopraycr, 
belecchifigtlod ro c^^jninue his mer- 

(iesmvs, and rendering htm ihanks 

f Dr hauing diHS rcftprcd vs-Oiir Ship 
wefoLindnodef^inj wchadnbun- 
dancc of filch proiiifions J a^ we brought oiii of .fi^iW: 

and We were bindiffi^rmt health, and did garhecftteiigthdai^ 
Ev/This being d-we^wr w^y^d,a5Ml came c.heerefiiiJ^-iolayJe, 

The wi?[d? [IE North- weft^ badtogetiway? Wherefore wc 
Roo^l fflier to Ds^^t^j r^oKcl, to lake in more wood ; and rhero 
robcfMdy totakcihewppormmt^ofaraircwiode* Iwccc 
afhoare my Tcife wiih t^Boatc.^ ic^tlizrlbfSEaf ttrdcDoib* 
jiariy hadrddmCjihey hadfeeiifomeftakesihcLiftyftjrdr*! 
Lii^n into cli.: ground- When wecameafiio^re, whileftfbmff 

Sirhcrd woodjwenrro [he place :u here I found rvvoflafcet 
ffnienintothc ground about a fboccand ahaJfe, and fire- 
brands;, iwheicafiieliadb^nc madebytliein- Ipuid vprhe 

Our difcoufry and C^maifig hme. *JI 

fiatej , .whitl] were aEjaii tlic bisncfl"c of my annc ; and tbc7 
hadbffne tutfharpeatrhe ends, wiihabaRher^ iirfomc 
oilier good lion took , and diiueu Hi M ic were with the 
bizadof it- They wcrcdilbit abou: a lEonei-ilTrow^ from 
iheu-arerfidc. ! tould not concdue , foAvbat purpoftibo' 
iliDuId be there fer ; w\Mk it Wf cc for fomc mac ke fbrboars* 
Tbis did sugment my defire. to fpealse widi *c Saluages: for 
i^irhourdoLibt ibe> tould haiie giuen noticcof fomcChri- 
ftian5, wkbwhnm tbcy had fomc commerce* About 4. in 
tbe Eiienr:; , I renirn^d aboord wicba boats ladii^ of wood; 
aiid thcivLiid- fomeihiiig fauourii^ ^ wewaydsi witbtmc 
lead feeking oiica Channfll amon^ft thcfe perilous l^oalds- 
Jn theEuening, rh^ winde oppofii^ k fclfc; wc came to 
Ankei bttwm Ch^rlerofi Jlifd, and rhat Z/-™' we named 
tbclaltyeere, (m raemory of that Honourable Gtnrlcman 
Mafl^r 7 biTtn^ C/trie, uijeof [bcB^zi-chamberiothc Kiiig) 

Cdt(« //^wj/ . wb?rc we rid all nigbc. 

The i.aTbreakpofday,wewaydewicbabarcwinde,aLld s- 

f(HJndJng vp md downc fm' a Channel], ws were many times 
iL]5iiJ4fAd,watcr. The windelai^ing vpLin i/s, wcfto->d 
away Wfft : by noone, ue faw all ki? kj tbe Noiih-y; aid 
ofvg. liideauouriiig.iberefoce^iocxtmpaffeaboiiitbeWcller- 

poirjr uF Ch^l""" i^^- and To to fceke to the Souih- 
waid- WcftninditalUhoildsRockcs^Tiidbreacbe?. By-4. 
intheafiAnoonc, wefawlb? Weftcm-tand; but all full oj 
Ilc: thereupon, aslhewindfiniourcd vs,weftooda!onglt 


TTiefourtbwascalme.bntfovcTytbickefo^ewicbaEI, ^. 

th^t we couM n.>t ffe ^ PlttolUfti^t about vs. Wberefofe 
we ome to an Anker , aijd diere rid all this d^ and the next 

" The flfr,itih:cc in ibc morning , we wddc : but Tte being 
allabourv^. -^^ kacw not which w^y to rnme vs now to 
a voide celling the facne thing lo.cimp; wewereeontinuaUy, 
till tbe 3=, fo p^ftered 3'^d tormented with ke ; that K 
would feane incredible to relate it : lometime^ we "'e« ^^ 
blinded with foggc, th^t wc could not fee about vs ; and bz- 

M a "^S 


jcg now become wilfoll in our indeanours , wc ftiould lb 
flrike agQtoft the Ice, that the fore-pan of rhe Ship would 
crackc 3gJn>c; and malw our Cooke and othf n to rtirme vp all 
am37td , £uk1 thiiikc the Ship hsd Uvnc beaten all to pis^ 
tK- Lideedwcdid hourely ftrilcctuch vnauoidabTe tJowWj 
tharwcdid leaae thchacches opeui and ^n. rimes in a day , 
the mai would luiine downc into the hold ^ co Ice if Qiee 
were bulged* 

Sometime^^ when wchad madehcrftftiuthen^hrj to 
a great piece of Ice; wcjhould hauefuch violcut ftormes, 
thatoLirfaftni[^ would brcakc : and then the ftormc! would 

Iwaicvsfroinpiece ro piece mofl feareKillv = Orher-wMlf , 
WelliOiT?dhcrart bclofcdamougft {^"^^t (c? , ashi^hasour 
poope. Thi5 was niade ^ as [ haue fbrcuerlv fatd ) by one 
pifcerunningvpon atx^ih^r : which maJ.- icdia^v K.or lo, 
fad.watct- Belidtsuhich, Ehclow/et-EnoEt tvouldrirefrom 
vnd::rnearlij ai^dltrike vsvndcr thebu!gc, with pieces of 
5. tf-yrtof ^.tiinnc, tliitinany timc^ wchaui; purnptcLcrc 
uatcr (or in hoLirc co^rcthcrj before ive tould make the 
pumpcfucJcc- Amongft [h?fc ft[:crail and houLcly dangers, 
J oiicr-hu^rd the men murmur i and fav rhat they were happy 
ihatlhad buried: and chat af they l^d athoujand pouEids, 
they would ghie tt J fothcy lavfeivetyby them : forwcfl^y 
they) aredcftincd roftfliue vponapicceof Ice. Jwasfaiuc 
roiirdiirc all ihiswith patkncc; and to comforr chcmvp 
again^j when T had them inabercerhumour- 
^1^ Tbel», hauingbecne v[:\r wirhafiormeall lafi uight^and 

this mcjruing u itn a [luckc fogge ; ivt^droucin Ij-faddonrc 
wattr- Abonl noojie, jrctecr'd;and wefawtheUrtd : and^f 
the inlianr, hadagoodobfciuati^m : whereby we knew it 
lo be C^t Ha^r^nt^ ^rirto, I made the Martcr ftand in with 

it- 3JidfnrhemeanetiiiicwefirttdaCr(>nejandfa{tcried the 
Kingj^ ^rjw/ , a*^ the Armtjofth^ Cilyof BrtJiffH tD i^ 

wcrametoan Anker wUhinamllcrofIhelhoa^^?, in fi^&dd, 
water : To wchoyfloutihebfiate, andtookcour Armcsand 
airDogbj and wcnl afhoare. VponthemolleminentpJa«j 
Weer^^ihe Colic- and then ftekiug about ^ We foone 


our difc!>itttj and c&mming h&mt. S3 

faifl Gima Decn: i and by and by more and more- We ftoie 
to themwith rhcbcft^liilln'chad, andthenpiit our ,Dagg 
an thcni : bnt the DccTe rarme deerc away from ihciti at jJea- 
fure. We tyred ihcDog^* and wearied ourfrte,butto 
nopiirpofe : neithfr cLJuld we comero flioofe k them- I 
faw in all, aboui i doz^n (f^ and youngj veiy goodly bote, 
W e rooke halt'e a doozf Ji young Gedi^ , nn ihc podia , by 
wadira lii to thesn ; and fo rcmmc<t to our Boaw vcxt, that 
now we hid founda place where there was rcfrefiiing , and 
wetould g?t none of )i. Whereas, rhn^^fbrc, we hidkepc 

oiirDoG'- ^^'it'' 1 S'^^ '^'^^'^ "^ inconu^niciK? aboord ch? 
5hip, all thcwintcTi and had paFdunedibctnnianymifile- 
mcanors/for they would flcalcoiir meate out of the fleeping 
mbs^ inhopL'rbeymightberejfti^r doe vsfome rpTEfrcc: and 
feein^ ihcy now did noi ; and ihat there wa^ r.o hope they 
(ouldhr.rcafscr: 1 <anf?dihem tob^kftafiioatc Ih^y wcrz 
aDogg^ andaRilch; BucktDogs, ofavery goud race. 
j]](. Dt^eifld atollai about hiii neckc, which it my be 
hereafter, may come to light. rdidf«iiolTgnejrari.Qf any 
Salnagf^: nor coiild we finde any htarbs, or oiherrefre^- 

ing here. 

hi theEneiiing, (beji^ rerumed aboord) andthewinde 
Howir^faiieacStnidi; I caiiredthcMalter to we^h , and 
comecofa^c, andto bfenotime. l^r wc did hope tor an 
open Sea to the North-weft. This C^ harh a vciy ihtiald 
point, dial licioffic: which we indcauourcd to compaflc 


Siyling diereforeamongfi fhatrered Jcc , wc came to vcrv 
flioald wafei/4. and 5. faddomc decpcjjjid cnuJJ not auoyde 
ic Arlengih, (landing No; th, ihc witi:t dccp^md ; but we 
came wiihall ainoiigft gtcat pieces of Kc ; ^^bichby reafon 
of fome open water , there w?nr. a pretty fca. Tliefe hard 
' pjecesofke. niad^aino{tfsarefdlnoy&. Ir prouedafaiic 
Moooe-lhlnenighr : ocherwite k fiid gone ilE with s^. Wc 
mmedamongft thislcc, [bying cIi? Ship rom?rimeg wirhin 
her length, of great pietc? , asbad asRocLfs: hut by reafon 
Wt were often fotft to beare vp , we did &ggc vpon the 

maine rand of I« , ^ud that we thou°;hr would it be worfc 
&rvE^ wcclctfidi an Anker, and ftood alloc the decks to 
watch iIhtTws flieering of thc"^hip, (toandagaine) toa- 
uoyd ir, Thu% baning pme^ and oats fo fend it, u c could nee 
keepeourfelticilbdeere, Uirmaiiy pieces fame fculcof vs. 
Wc Iwake tvvo of i»ur gtcar pcJes wirh it : which were made 
to be Irandled by foiirc men^befides fome other da:nm3gc4. At 
br«[to of day, we waycd ; and foughcj^! waye( ro cicere ouc 
Jl'Iucs of Ice : buric vva^ fuipofllble. I coiicciuc ic imperii- 
ntTit lo relate eii^ry particubr diy^^s plGgos ^ which waa 
niucb alike to vs. Our endcam^urs wi?re [bmerimcs with out 
fiyles; giuingaidrcceiuidg 500, Jeitctiill bknvc^ in a day. 
SomciimcSjweH'ouldftopatan Anker, when we conldgrt 
alinJL'dprn wateji ajidTofuffer theketod^iucto Ijcward; 
0[he'"-whiles, wedioukibcjiiclofodamoLigftiri aiid thtnit 
would To bivake^ajidnfi:, and lfJpevpvild^?tvs ^ that wecx- 
p^:£^cd ro be bcatm eueiy houre to piece?. 

Morcf.Eier, wi:e flioufd hatie fuch Jtormi-':< in thedarfcc 

[lif^ht^^ ihac«'nuldbrcaki?[li^TiiDoring:5 wc had made (aft fo 

foini^pieceof Ifi^ifoTfeairiCie inth^ iiiL^hcfeafbri: ai)dih?n 

wc ilioiiki beat mofl: daii^cToiil] v from pixc to piecetiCl <Uy- 

light, tharwecojildfci] romak= h^r falUeaicic. f forbcare 

Tolpeakeof rhfckc f ggf? which wc had daily ■■which did 

freczcoirc Rigging dav iind tii^ht: Belides all which, wtc 

iKoiild tome into moft viiceiraine depth?: foinctimcs 20. 

(addome ir'^xtiaft io.ii:;it 15. then 9. Rock>' foLilcgroiiiid. 

Th* ijrcat ds.*epe fee vtiihall, diiiring isn chefe vncerrainc 

di^pih';, didfodilt a^ih.: i><?ci» and d.'ceiue vslomuchin 

50, ouracconuti , ihacby ih.' rHrcicth iv:;H'ere driuenbackc fo 

Eim-, to till; E jHwaid , a;idto tb: Sonchvardcif the Cap=; 

thaiat (JiieacJOLki: i:uh,:ciimbs , IcbaieNortb-ueftrif vs 

fumi^ihreelcaguesc.jF^coinaryrooar espciftaiions. Wiib 

all thefemifchicfes, on: Ship is now becomne very laky : 

[harwL'muflipiimpPciioy halfi.- watch. Here JcalJcdacon^ 

fnltalion : ajjd jfrc^ confjdcfationof alloureKpenmcO, we 

wci,: ail of \[\: (intc upiiiion ; that it ^vais impolTiblt ro gf f to 

the Nordiwaid^ or co the Eaftwa"d ; by reafcn of the Ice, 


Our dtfcoutry ^^commirtgksrHe. 9 J 

Where fi>re I rctJned vpon tbis coorTc : When the winds 
bfcw South, fr would blow the Ice ofFdrc Sooth flioarc^theij 
wewouldlrtkctoget roihe Weftward, bctvviK: it and die 
iliuarc. I muft tonJ^tf^ iTurfhi? wasad-rprrarercioiucion- 
foiallrhscoaft wc knc* tohe Ihoaldandfbiikground, all 
rocks, and (tones : rorhatiFrhc: wbd^ftiourd fhitt ro the 
Northward, [Ifl-'Tc would be (without Gods mmres) JirrLc 
bopL'c^vs. Burherii we muft nnr ftay; The nights grew 
k)(^i the cold fo incnaled , that bet wifC the pieces of ke, 
the fcawoddbeffozcu. rcaii&d the Ship to be fitted, jnd 
p|3C« tonucnieiit againc prepaied to firike het the Tirconci 
time, ifrobewcweteputtoeKtremiriei. Wcpref^ntlvptit 
our priiiefl in execution { the winde being at South J and goc 

ward, t£f get tiet'*/int icacid the Ice : wc tame into foure fjid- 
dofncwarer C^^i^f""''^ ^^^^ groTind) thinking CocomL^ 
toiUiAakcTailnighcandkCtheltcdTiuecolec^v-nd, linu 
rtili there was Ibmuchke betwixc vy sndrfie Qioarc , that 

we WHi? feine m bearc vp amongft t^ inro dcf p:r watfr, arid 
tolctthcShipdviueamDDglUr The windcincreafing,wecn- 
durcda moll dangerous darkeii^hc of it. Inthcmuniing, 
wcfelltoworkc, toffct the Ship againeoutof rhcTccinto 
ioQic decre water, which we fav Weft by Suuth of y?. 
Some of our company outvponthe ice, toheaue hervviih 
ihcir IhiMitders : whileft others itood abiiord with poJcs- 
1 he r.-lt lloi?d lu fpii; and fill the layk- By nine in [he mor- 
ning, we Ind goitoi into fome ck-tfe water : and ftooj Weft 
m^d by Soiilh i aid into fonre ftddtune water, foLilegtOEfnd. 
Bill bciiig not able fo weather Ibme imdsof Tee, which did 
driat J wee wereteetoitwd offagaine, and (kvhenthc 
cu^ninggie«darke J tucometoanAJikei. r w u 

AboutDiidLiigbt,thcrecameagratpicceof Ice, C^I*^" 
we cotddnet auoyd) aihwairof ourOblc; andmadethc 
Shipdriucanddragge her Anker. Tbi^drOTehecintonioakl 
water, itbcirtgvety rackyaud fonl^ ground. Webroughr 
the Gable to Capttalig. and hcau'd with fnch a courage, that 
we heau^d bane our Aiiker frem vndcr it. Thu. we did 


p5 " oardifeftaerj 4W csmmmghsmf. 

endeauour (chefaci^wccouldj to Jwcp'our fclu^in eigbcand 
ten faddoms water- Ittheii pl«redGod. ch^r the wind t^fw 
alofgft iIk ihouc: DEhccwiif it bud gone far woric with ua. 


Tbtfirfl:ofthismon«barbrcakeof 1^7, Mln?n wecnuld 
i?e a little about vi , we fell to ftn^ic and Ilriui^ agaiiie with 
tile Tee - and to get in neffrcrto rbe fhoare^ Thcre^ by realbn 
tbc windrwas oppofife to totne co an Anker, welectbe Ice 
drine to Leewaia : hoping tTuc there wa^ a ckcre Sea to the 
Weflward. TbelcedroutTfry thickevponvs,andoiiepie<:c 
tanie Faile of V5; wbich did touch our Sprcct-fayle Yard^ 
arid madethe Ship diiue: Sntwcfcone clccrcdoLirfciuesoF 
ic. Then we wayed , and fttjod in neeict to ibi; fhoaic : biit 
the watf r flioaldedj and thf re were fo matiy grcit rands of Ice 
betwiKt vy and ihi; l^oarc J that theic i,vas no coouni ng to an 
Anker- So wee turiied bctwKt ibe Tec: many pieces iif ic 
bLingaguoHnd \\\ i^iOdld uarer - Snd fuw piece? dil^uiC onc 
tromdieo:h<:r aCables licigih. Thisday, we faw twoSei 
a, Thcfecondinrhcmoming, ivcwcre glad of the breafce 

of day : hailing moft dangcnjufly inni'd amoi^ft tht Jce alt 
ili[^btjand endured many a Ticauy bbw Wcftoodinagainc to 
iheflioarc-wjrd; tofee if wccuuldgct fbmc cli:ere water i 
for todieNoiihward if wa^ allimpalTahle Ice. We flood 
into ffueaadfnnrefaddojnc : but [till all incompall with Ice. 
So wclltjodojf Againe iciro deeper wacer^ ai^dinihe Eue- 
ning we wereinclofed amongll estraordinary greatpieccs. 
IciTasavnytliickcfoggcivifball: fot!rai wc made f^fl the 
Ship roagrcLiEjIat piece, and Wi^tio llcqjc and refrefii our 
fLkiies after our CKlreme painestakit^. 
3,4,£i5. Thctbird, fourtband (afr, wee were incbf d amongit 
very great Tee ,' and tcblc\i/fucbaftormcof winde, that we 
fcun^times indcuourjng ro get forward to thcWcftward, 
didftrikeliichhe^uybbwc?, that made all the Ibrepaic of 
the Ship cracki; agabc. Then we would giue ouer worfcins 


Oar dsfcoatry letdtatnming iuwf. S»7 

3tid \ttha alone anioDgft it ; butthen tlie Tec would brake 
and rife vn<i.T vs.that waild itiiai^cra^ bad vs as the former. 
Ouriliipdoth make aboueanin of water flieiyw-ardj,whitlj 

wernuftpumpcour,befide(HiTorhcrls>our. GodthuAe tm 
vs^ ht mcrcifulko ^s amongfi all rhcft: dangers. 

The fiftM noon?, we wcrPinLatiTude 55.^0. ThcC*^ ^^ 
[KarinEDffv5SouTh-Eaft>byEaft, fome cwelue leagues off, 
AnJAisisallwchaieeotrm, firtcc the twftond twentieth 
ofruly, Mlnighfitblewa violent gale of wind, ar Weft, 

North- Wcfl 1 ml i^Hit midnight, our hawfer (by which 
ivobad made &ft CO a pieceof fee ) btokc , and wc loft 14, 
faddonKoRr. WcbeatallnighcmoftfarcfiilEj', beuietoft 
from piece ro piece, bccaufe that in the darke we durit not 
venture our men to goe forth on th'^ Itc, for fore of loTtig 

them, ■ - T. 

AlIthcfixib.iheftormeindiircd^anddrouev&agaiiKWith £, 

tbelce, almoftioihcCj/w. 

Tbe fcucnih was the moft comfortableft day wee had, y. 

fincewecameourof oiir winKring place ; the wind came 
vpfiireatEaftj aiid we got fal^tough with oarformcr in- 
conucnioKes and danger^; neeief Co th= ilioarc, and mto 
fome open warer, makii^ good way to ihcWelt-w^. 
Moreoucr, ourleakf nowftopi of itsnwneaccord: fodiac 
now wepumpc but little. WefayldaUnighti keeoinggood 
wa&hontheforccaftell: bearing vp for one, and loolfing 

foranoch^r. .".-.,. 

Tiiusdiawcthceighrhalfo, but then the wmd fliiftmg 
ro the NottWcft, it drone iheTceonthe fooarc : and 
wctametoan Anker, in ei^t faddom water. The m^ 
Ice, wehadfomerw) mile to windward of vs: bur the 
fctof Aetydc kept it off from vs. At noone we were b 
Latitude ST-34- InihcEaening, a range of ice droucvp- 
on vs, whithmadcvsweidi, :ind ftand in neeter the 
fiioare, into fi^e ftddom, andtbcre to come to an Anker- 
The wind incrcafingaboui midnight, the Ship did dnuc, wd 
wasquickciy in fiueiaddnm water: whcicfore ffee ktiall 
oqrShooc-Ankcr j andbodxhekl htt. But thw chat cron- 

N bled 

b^ T5» was, tiiai wc c^tcflrd f ifcTy miniRe, when the DBne 
Itcw(nid(«ncvpQntf! = aiid ihmrhercwMddbeoohojw, 

^. Itttiifljdi, intbcmoTTur^ wewaideoutfeccodAater ; 

rhcEcubeingwnhn Iffff tboiimikEif T?. Ahcut dglavi 
rfaeiDonui^^paiacof itaniefrmlecif ija : which lutprc' 
u£rrtai,btf Mt^B^, andcamcM ai Auter ui thnis fjiUsfm 

\KticliwaF.boQtBcLlioarc, Tbi? momii^, I cauloJiU oar 
ooptyCiikccobcfililwLdiwKcT, and ihe SEiip cckiic left 
vufximpT mtLcbcpbiJsloDkrco, cb&n we lod pr^nrcd xo 
finlcther- T'OTwtnr[?ar:prd^:nr bi as ^prcm d^igei, 3? 
aajrrinrrTihisvTTvagc: arai (co nur ^ac griefea) i was aH 
taHb [ocky grnnd'. The liu^ of ihK w», i^^ w? otiilj 
fart to a [lii^tc of Tec iViat drew ^Kp^' wat^:T; ihm, asfbonc 
^itcmKi:ogD)uaioarlu:& Tocb^it wodd broke aU ro 
pktes^ atK^bdliay vsiofjtirdcfliiiilHQ^ AboinnucBiefEbfre 
cunieftjukof vstliiipomEof an*ng-nf [ff; rthtch wcrc- 
llJin-ilroindurtcH^raneiBhyaf, widi »i Anker : rhirrlciiig 
roride, andhralccthrcBghic, vuerHnvpen:diJm3fonii;o- 
patwatrcbeycHitJit- ThiijArijc[fiercfiirf^aiKiti."iHn^«irti 
ourpolcj- atJalVagratrpittciaiflfdiwircQur hawfec, asiJ 
rfan^FcwL-ncaprerrvStfadniDngft ii- 'Voi Ship did aom? 6ti 
vpookfijinciicnrfy, EVorlcqj-ifhJM^y Wow, dewouEd 
biaceoocbfibowe^. At tec^ilvdieifiddcincwiihiT^fothiir 
Irboi^htihcCabichaJbinUnken. WcJiroii^t itioCap- 

|^c£ra indK middle of the llunkc We pTcfmrly f^s tinf 
13}^H riKTOipoii : minwuring thic waj^ oi i^dgein anjongft 
raelcccffoif rfcisperilDDsfl-oare. kp1cib^0i]d[i> J^uojr 
oEti-bboucfej diatbyeiE^iniErcBieiMi^wtc}^ otTbiTo 
rmat&ildi>m.: 3QJa.cliiilB:ii[ghpazaHnhg(fa,MT;raadc&fl 

butix>utrfiii)[ti^ir,c^Hriadct[i^f vp3t Nofihvn'^ifbws? 
!□_ nunc oinrhc flmarp ih:^ bctuct Brbwaic of day^ d« ifie 

fBdi^d^kaddid£i[ g3 cbciodci ibteccc totrc fi^oEt, 

w^Jfftnw (fflles, andw&door vctcnaofi fndcunurs to t^gc 

withpolnmtbraft ty nigFit. Ai n^wcbaJgoma oft, 
iETtoeiphc Bddomr ai>d maHcfift tdtheUggcft pjctc We 
ccsdd find. Ifany mm ftwWaslrf why wcnowfcepcfo 
ijffirctothefhoarc.intl^^ciUKiDaal! danger: lanfwcr; Jk- 
cautcibatinrHcoftingvthcIcewas {o citraoydinary thidrc. 
rharwccDutd make no way, any wajr through ir, MorraiicT, 
when wc were in that i^rcar thkke Ice, aid lint the winde 
onKvpfiircirSoinhur'Soath-Eaftor Eift, vrc could not 
gctnutof it. WhercfbrcwctholcforuniKchiEadiieDnire; 
and fopitucnt and uincome i!l dangers with Gods afliftaiicc 
and mircscicine labour. 

ThedcucmhioEhcmoming was aihkkefi^: ycctherc w. 

fprungvpa^ of wind ii&ft : aodwe made in for the 


l^rointhcelcucnth till the fbureteenih, the winde conii- 

nnedlairc: and we made allthelailcwc could (nigbtanddayj 

SB the ke would fuffirr vs. Wc hid the ^hoarc in fighrby 

day, on one fiA^, and the Tec wirhin twO miles, on tbco- 
iher: and we faild ainangft difpafl pieces j luffing for one, 
and bcarinG ^ n>r another- 

Tho 1 4. at wK>nr,wt wcic in Ladmde jy, 55 . In the Eai- ^ 4' 
iTing.wevwreimbayedinlrci andftoodS. W.loclcfrcfur 
ftfciesof it, buccoiid not. But leeing from rop-malt hod, 
cirtrc ivaterouerit, wefutintpiti butthcrj; rofi:i vi^ry 
thickeft^f ,and ni^f came on whhalUhai wc were &me ta 
fiifttoapieceof TcL^cTtpcAingdiii'aiidheCKr weather. 

Th« 15, H] ihemomng, ( aldiough the fo^twa* very 
tbicke) weinisuDUTfldtogctouccf the Ice, and flood t- 
way Weft i but within t- houres the wsia flicfidded frtsu 

JG.faddometoi^.wheidty weloiew thar wchadthofhorf- \ 

ingof the Weften^l>«we. Th<n we JkmteDUicoaffem 
(hcNonhward; the fogge conckuiine fo chicke, diaE we 
couJd not fee a PTftoO-GiDi *out vt. We had noc flood 
this way ». hourts , but weheardtlieruc of dw Ice 3'htwi of 
va, Trfikh made the mofl hideoaT noyft, ofaiy wcfad 

hcafdihisvoyagc. We TialMoiiF tacko^j aboord, andfiood 
to the Weft-ward, in rhis day darkneffe : Iwariiig of ic fbmc- 
runejj and rnmcrimcs feeinG of ir : wliiiJiwas rer>'l"fT^, 
d«pe, and hJ^ Tec . abouc the wartr. We wcadirreditall, 
tifwpc Ibmc few pi«ps> and ^ot imo open water. Afaooc 
-Sufifie-fer, rhere came afudd^ guJV arN. N-W. arid before 
wccDixld handle our %les, it\vas wkh v?, aikd putvsto 
fome rroidik. !r dallied -wirh vs by gnfb, cill 9. a dotkc : and 
riien it fdl into a moft violmc ftomic. We oinfidprcil where 
we migl-.r hai]4^ ihc deerefl drifr : aiidron>i>kc in all, anillct 
heidriiie^ her head UJ the iTioarc-ward. Before mid-n^hr, 
the wafer flioaTdcd on \rs , to 1 5 . fid J. Then we tumcifher 
head tu the Ejftwurd : and fcr our mabe Ccur fe low iet, but 
a^muchas Jhe could indtire. The^vatcr dccpripd batJird?- 
and weknewihatwcivcrc on rhofcrockie IlioaEds^ whidi 
vwcrirtHikcon ihc laft yeere. CSodbcmercifiillto vs. Here 
via^thefiiftgrcarhreaking SeathM wcliad rhiayeere, 
I ft The 1 6- in ihe morning, wewcredriuen toaKreai Rand 

cflce; to auoydi? which , wcftcDurfort-cmjilf roo: and 
flood CO the llioarc-witd. ii] 1 j.fid. vvacei: and then about 
againe. We ftocd in. a mile into the Ic^? : but there went fuch 
agruat fwcl^in^ Sea in it , that Icwitin«undutable ; fo ive 
ftood our agarne. About % . a cbcke in the aftemoonc , the 
ftoime broke vp; and Hewfaireat N. W. whithprooned 
good for vs: for we had irot drift for 4. hourea: BciTde% 
it was but 3- li^aguei betwixt the ihoald^and the Ice. We fee 
all ouf (ayk^, arid indcaiionred fO weather the ke : but in the 
Euenit^ wcwcre ftill pelleied with it. Bymid^iight, wc 
kcewnoi which way Co rumci cor what to due: fowe 
rookeinallourlayics, and let her driitc amfingft it. Thelcc 
beat ffs on ciicry fide : fw there went amoGglt if a voy 

great full Sea. 

The i7.inthenwTmng,whcnw(coukl&eaboutvsj we 

were in the middefl of tlie Ece : but with the lafl ftonne it 

wasalltiokeninio manimocks^ isbigasabcatcof s-or^. 

Tinna, which did eiueifs many a heauy blow jn the darke 

BJEk-lf ihtiftoiinchadukenV5.amoiKftit, it had beaten 


oar dipaitery Mi c^matixg^omt, J^' 

vsalttopwcH.witboBfGodsmiracidpuiprefauatJon. We 
Tnadfifayle, aiidindcauoiwcd Todccicom-lclucsnf rcrofhe 
Norfh-waid, wrfiich by S- iuihe morning, ivchaddone. 

We Then wmr to prayer, andgauc God hearty itaike^ 
ihatbadddiuHcdvBoutofit. Forw/c WQehourdv^forihc 
fpacc of fixe v. eetes , m u were a\ die Tawss of daih : yea 
Tif uer any (that I haue heard ofj hauc b^enc fo k™ , u) fuch 
long nigliis, vpoii a fonle fhoald ihoaic, roimentcd wilh Ice, 
as we I^c now becnc. /'.t noonc wc were in Laomdc 

Now as touching the difibbtioii orniiniiie of mt Ice; we 
firtfndchai rhis ftorine had tome and ihaTtcred ihis Randc 
oflce, which was on iheoucfide: afthuughitmufk hauca 
longtime, fo woikc uitothenuine body of it- f riaoem 
/-^^andbthebcgiiiningof -^"^jy?. oken fomeof the Ice 
intothc Ship; and tulitfquare, i.foolc, and punc into 
thebonre, \vbcre the Suniie did fliiiie on ir with a very ftjong 
reflexe ahout it. Add notwiihftandu^ \\\^ watmih of the 
Ship: (forwcfcepragixidliri?) andalioitrbic-athuig?, aijd 
raotionsj it would mr meir, inS.or lodayea. 

JEwasoiirpiafticcwhcni-vcihoLildbcCwo dayci rc^e- 
iberfaflroapicceoflce, lofecmartesonir, toj^liow 
k did (fflifume ! but ir yeelded vs finaU hojx of diflolniJ^. 
We could not in that time , perceiuc any diminution by die 
finking of ir or udKrwife. Ncuecthdcne , T thinke ihac 
k i« ruined widiftormes. or conTum-d with fooie 
V«rM ■ oi clfe the Say would be fild choke-mn : But I 
tontefle, ^ ihcfc fccrcts of ratnrc ate pift ray apprc- 

hcnlion. ^ ' * j r 

6ei[^ our of it (but no otherwaics then that wc yet Jaw 
i: from off the deckes, all tothcEaftwardJI ord=icd rhc Nla- 
ftcffoftcreawayNorrhaDdbyEaft, keeping the ftoaldi^ 

c^ theWefter-flioare, 

The i8.atnoone,wcwere in Latitude 5^. jc. iS, 

The I p. wc contiiiuedour couife betwiat the N.N.E- wd 1 9* 
iheN- by E. and at noonc were in Lar- ti.7. fomcii. 
leawei off the flioaje. i ordered die Maftci, Co flapehis 

°^ ' N J tooric 

Our dffiPMnj trnd ccmmMg tmne. 
coorfe Nonki-Eaft, to loofcc tothac place bttwiTtr Cirief 

{otxiciewSaies^aa ibeStiip. 

Thcoiw and rwcmictfi d^ uratcr {hoaklf^l ; (o that wc 
aiatkaxiHmc viz did approich rhtf Iin J : but abiiut noine, 
the iviiid came vp ac N.E-onrdircftoppofici;, Wt locfvAs 
nwreitaa wccrwld^ andasiclarg'd, wc came f o ftaod Ejft, 
and Eiltandby North. 

The iwo and iwcntieth f v/c fell wkH tlie land fo ih? 
Weft-ward of C^i/r Swdm-ruJI : Where we had fbriy 
&ddomc, rhtee league? off. Wcftswdia, wkhinaTfagiii? 
of theJhoMe , ima thirteciw ftddofTw : and Teeing the land 
rn rbe Soufh-ward oK vs » we compaft aboitr ir : it be- 
ing Carles Sw^ini^nfji : which JG in Laciciido^l' dcgr- 
00. Minntes. 

Allcheaj. wefaylcdNonh-Eaft; andforrhe moft prt 
in fighr of land- 

Thcfonrcand rwefiFieih at noone, fbv Ttfdgffmfr.t) V'e haQicis" Tayld n North-Eaft oHirfe, 
All thii day \*jas a very thick; fog 7 ivhicli abour ones 
eIofkp,(leerda]itdiz:fo[hatl exposed ro fee the land, Some 
of cHir mm being better fightcd, ipynl it out about fom? two 
laiguesoff fromvs^ Iknewiteouldbeno other then A>f- 
tin^h^ntlUnd : ihniigbit were fomeihir^ rnrTfrar\' to the 
ntpe^ation of oiii bell Marriners- We llood into it ru m ^ke 
it. ItwafitheNoTch ondof ir: and jtbaTeofFvs,die Raft. 
I wasfoffliealfuredof it; aiid T ordered the Mafter rn iVupe 
hLitciL[T(cNor[b-Wcn^, andbyN<jrth. Both lie- and others 
were unwilling r Hut ^vithout muchadoe^ fiibnrirted tticm- 
fdues: (how loth fo f uci^or that it wa; fo very foule thrdte 
weather- The reatbns of iny nHbteiion were theft: The 
timcof the yeere was f ar fpcnc ^ andrbedifcoinnioditieiof 
Winter came ^rponv^ : and therefore w™ld i make ibe Ihor- 
teftway, betwisf rhefandsaTrcadydifconcrrd. If iFbundan 
open Sea, I had my dcfire^id did then intend to pntceedro 
dicvttcrmoflofotn power : it wc inct wrdi tnc land, I 


litrti^himUmi, TO eiemrincot^the ^tofd> ftioBrc. We 
madc*lHtfavkwc could: irbtowirtgj very ftiff"i? g3l<; of 
wiod ^TffiU flgbr ^ri the Euffling : then it bram ro blow 
ficrcdy: andwc totJc* in our topTa^lw, andftood vmJo- 
<ior cwo conrTes and Boiinc". Ar r\s\c, ir W^iw J*k*nt 
fioriiK at South, ^^ouiTvFaft, fo rhaf we rooke m mif fbrr- 
iaae, and iCTbcrdriucNonb- Weft, Mth; nigU it con(i- 
iiu^daticvnaortlimryfiomjc: fo tbar ^' ehfaocd the Leadr, 
cueryhaitc watch: RaCrlwShipdiddtHcra fjfl, thw ^c 
iTOuUbffpaftthcIraii^, before i1r« \*fli nvency feddom 
of lineoHf, art the ni^hc being cxtwdirg catJwJEhJtf. 

The fine and fWfncicih^ f he ftc^m? conf inurd m hiT Vtter- a^. 
inoft malke. kmI Jid fo pcrriT.-xe ta, ihac chcri: were bur ft w 
tlatdtdflrtpeoreatc abit thdi^ twenty fonr? hoarw- A- 
hair liitf a cloikf in the afremoTHir, lbs Scome begin fo 
lhfcCT:yct Wcw tlwrea fercr gak trf" wild bemisc f he Somfe 
andSomh-Weft. WeftoodWcft, Nnrth^W.^ft, andnwde 
jNtorfj-Weft way, wticn fuddenfy the SrabKame rsry 
(mooth- Weralbncdrhfraipon amongfE <xir1i!lLt?s, wlffl 
i&fRhcbeTb=caofcofit. Wealithou-htir, cobeth; Ltt- 
wHdr>'dc; nothtTgdoohiii^xvhJtiTfteiwatA wcnjccon- 
%-icd. rbeShipba^TJiryquicke^vayhjrbiifmncithwncr 

ThffiiCHindrwmtkiK byiwoacJmfee in ^ ffloiT^g, 
weWfrefiiddfrfyeoiWTTTamongft t*wIiY; andir^a*^ ^^ 
£j«^h3f d:^ Mflowai the hrfbic^ifl vs fo rrai AJ^ht, OT* 

wctoiiJdfo;ilirtfeab»xHv5. WeworfdhMeflaidrfK^bip. 
b^tiCW»fi>Aickcc<^^V1W^^*wrf, andronefrrFv;. t^™*^ 
dufftnor Wcc ihsn borevpin this vnc^fwtfedacralfTO; 
and ( I vfl^y brfcene ) did nof fiape flritinp. thf fcngch 
<if a foOEt, a^& the "ceEhafd asrochc^ ftworihsei 
times; tlv: Shipp; sew Ifltmg wa? , afer EWftee kagWs 
awacdi. TSenw^ftowl^lofe bya wiodifftbc HaliVJ^d; 
^ripc^fng i^^ tbaf wef might fee abouc vs. Wtc cotM 
rpomTOp-nHft&ndfrcib? \<c to rfic E**xth Nfffftt-W^, 
the Norrfi-^i^a,andfopeiEnd aboOT b7 dK SorffK W'fW^ 

J O ^ our difcuHtrj andcomming home. 

and fome f here was ro ECewardofvi. Ttwfts all Pit found 
iCT^innmnc raids: aiidibcSaasrojoothaaweUanioiigft 
ir. Thi5 ftrooke vi aJi uiro a dumpe : whereupoii i zn\kd a 
conffiliarion of mu AflbtiaCK : wsatdy^i-yirrhtr Price, Ma- 
rtcr: irdlsAm Clftntrtij , Liculmanr- Johi ivhtrta-ttl^ Ma- 
ficrs Mate ; Nath^H 'BtlfoH, Chim^wn ; and /^fe* Fj/«n-. 
Roaccfwa^ne : requiring ihcm to a^ifc and tmirffdi mcc, 
howcoprnfccureoar buliin^ffe ro <zfFf <1-. Thefc alf wmcro- 
eether, and rpafcjnedam(W]£ft ihemfcbes ; and then brought 
mf their opinioiK in wriring^TTidEr rbeir hands : 

fhj^prpfcnttwnicictiJdh : and thar for thef<^rea[onT, Firil 
for that chenj^hrs arc long ^d fo extreme told wiihal! ; rhat 
wecanhafdly bndfe oiic Taylcs, andij^ipjgi. SccondJy,rhc 
tinifaareELowfiiniciricoJtonnyand gufly w^aJier: as wk- 
nc(]^ ihc prcTenr Oafoii : {r hauiiig coiiriuufd a (iorme cuer 
fimetherwenriff fourth, and doth yerrormiHii;, Jiowcarhcr 
todifcouCTin. ThiidIy,w^^doubcwhaber//e4UiJn'd??,&f, 
bf fo deerc of [te, thai ir may be partafjlc in coniiei'ifljf timf ■ 
f winter tumruing now oji apace) before we be ftriicnvp- 
feeing ihc Ice lyes here all ouer the Sea in rands a^uJ ranp?^! 
Fourdily, weeitiufthaiLeaferoriaireweaEhcr, topiWe[hc 
Stiai^Cjwhichwe nay nay along timejfor.ifweiiLT'lefl the 

firftopporninity.Fifdyjfbt ihai our Shipis very Ipaky.forbac 
in foulc weather weart:faijietopaQipeeii^Tvg!airf: I which 
is ereat Jaboiir. Morcouer, we know her ro be fo for\:ly bmi- 
fedwithrock?, andblnwcsof theke- ihacfheei^nomorc 
to be aducntur^d amongft it, but in fauing of our lines boiiic- 

ivard?. BefidHall[bis,ciarmcngrowvcry wcakcandficidi' 
Widi cxDcme labour, 

5i7fthIy,thciealonof rhcycere is fofarrc fpo»t,tharwc 
can cupe^Sno other weather, then wehaue had; borhJaiely 

andatprcfenc ! That is ro fiy,fnow and fiigge - frceEi]^ out 
rigging, andmakii^eueiy fhbglb fliraery, thatamancan 

lareeltand: Andallthis, withtfie wiiKlcSourfKrly; which 

if ir^houldcomeiDthcNonhward; dioi ivearc to expert 

firreworfe. SeucDchlyamdlaftly^chatthelcelyetaUindiitke 


raraJs and ranges , in rhc very wiy wc n>oul<l gt« - a^ y™ 
andallmo^Hfrennyrfcf. Andthcrcforc wcecontUidc. asa- 
for efaid ; TiHt ihcreis do pDlfibiliti^c of pfocwdiDg tuitliCT : 
uhtrcfori^weherefoiinfcll vntl ra retulK Homeward : bo- 
pine [bac God will giuc v^ a fauour^lc p%e , and rctome 
vshomeftfcinroQUf natinecounrreys; If wetakccimf.and 

nor f cmpt him too ft . ff , b^ our wilfuiiicllf:' 

Indeed moll of rhde rcafon? werein ^rieW? andlcould 
notwUwhaftoiaytoopiXJ&rbemi nonormy r«reii<:ou!d 
J giuc, !iow we migbt proceed fiinhcr i Ahercfbre ( with 4 
forrowfiiUbcarr^Gnd knowei) Icnnfcnicd, chacihc belm^r 
fLouIdbei: bcme vp, and a courfe (hiptc for Em^UtiJ ■ 
u^ hoping, cbatbis Maieflie would gracious/ cpnfiireof 
my mdcauom*!, and pardon my renime. Aiid although wee 
hauc iiotdiftou:rod populous kingdomcs . and rakoi f peciall 
notiunf ibeiFMagnificeDcc, power, andpolicics, brought 
ftmrieshonK of rticir Hchf&ajidcDaimodiiies; piydtiico 
rk my[Uri«orthfU-CTidcs,aEidtfifHquc: nor madeany 
gracfehtagainllcheenfraieaofGiidwdour Nation! yet 
Iniih our willJr^ticfle in ihelc dcfart pairs may be accqjr^a 
CO OUT Readers, Wbcnwebiffcvp Helme, wc vvere in latt- 
idde 65, 50, at Icaft? North-weft arrf^ by NonK bom JVsr. 

tinfhamlliad. Some Wtreof aiopiilion, thatWewerefur- 
tbcr CO rbc Nofihward : bin by reafon ic « aa by rudgcmcDf, 
I choC: to fcf dowac the leffetdilbuio:. 

Ihfrwentieftucnth, the \A.indecatiKvp atNolth-wpfl: 17. 
wirhwhkhwinde WFcoufd nochautgone onourdefignf. 
1 hatwinde made no reat fw^illing S.^. By noonc.we were 
arhwarrofC-i/tf CWfrrforhatwc ucnrin betwixt that 
CoBc^ MiS ilmds I he lall nighc itdid &oW very much; 
& lA'ai very toldifo that aU our rigging & fayle^ were frc:icn, 
mdall ihe land couered ouer w ich Ino^v. Andberc,(rit:hcn<:e I 
haue farmerly fpiikenibar it &owcb very much ) itwr^l nor 
be aoiifle to confider of thercafon^ of it. When I was vpon 
CW^f/w//*si, ( nut wjnt^i ing place ) and m Ii*m\ when 
thcfnow was cleercUeft gone olfthe ground \ Ibauciiuhe 

O nighra. 

1 Q 6 Ourdjfceftrrj stjdtsmm'm^ home. 

n^lics/a: fome of rhem folb'.^' ing tIt? honeft dAft^C) obf:r- 
u^ wherhf r thwc fell anv dew o: uo r but I could n^ucrp?r- 
cenic any^ (vndcr corr^flion of ch= le^rnf d)From iiiofll- anf 
fand^litrle ( m?f though rii ) WJ^ roE>£cxpeAeJ, Now, of 
what u'as i?xha1d from the Inow^ ice, andcoJdScA; could 
chcro prcbibly be retiimedbur rhs Jikc ^im?. Gcnorally^ we 
coniiLiufd on o«r courfti blinded with ftggie and durtic 
weather^ and cbar^ intanHKE wirh fnow, arid frofti a- 
moiTgft difpcrft pistes oFlc:c: nraiy of ihem higher then 
our Tcfp-maft head- 

Will] grear vflrif tie of winds, We Were alfii driiicnwiih- 
in three leagues of both /lioares : fo thac rfie lafl: of this 
moneth » wc w^jrf i.T the narrmu ol- rhc Straight : ivbrch 
i^ about fifreme leagues ou^i theSoutb fhoire waimuch 
peRred with Ice 

1 . & 2. The ffrft, ai^ Iccond^wcconcitiued our endcuour to gf c oii 

our way. The third in the euoiir^ , a^ the weather dccred 
pp; we did fee the Sen irh cndi^f th<^ ll^sdef KefulHtisn, 
3,' Theft three daye? attd nights had becnc exCreme cold, 

ivithfi'ggeafidfTof^: infomuth thatourminin thcemnif^, 
could hardly takei-i our Top-layle^ and Spteet-layLe, We 
haue fayled rhoro w muth mouiitainous Ice; &rre h^hcrthen 
o«rTop-ma1^ head Bnnhi? day we fayled by the h^hcft 
that Icuery?t faw : which was inerediile, rrrdeed, to be re- 
lated. Nowa^ th- winde comes Eafterly, wecfcelcanmher 
Sea, ourof th'- OceaLr, a-^d the Ship I^oiirs with another 
motion, rhenHieharh done wirh any tliM cucr wc obleaied, 
pi doinc out of the Weft vtard- 
S. Trom the third tn thceij^liih, wehadvarietie of winds; 

and were gotten cleere outof rhe Straights: Uitwcre now 
comne into fnch a tumbling Sea, frhe weather diirrieand 
guftie^andby/ptf^ft-wfjcalmeagaine) that rhcShipdid fola- 
boiu, and rowle , that iVte tlwughc vni^y fbee w*Hj3dhaue 


Fowled her Malb by The boord. This inadc her folcakjj-^ihtff 
we were Jame lappmpe cufry glalTc: yea^ bcT^camcs did 
fooponaloft, that we lay all wee in ]icr- 

Thfs u-as ihc Ijft day ilat wee (aw any Ice. Thcwitidc 
now fanociring tf s ; wc maJe all the haftc we could home- 
wardr Bydieway^ (lauing cndcauourod, obfoucd, andeic- 
pfiimaiKd fonie[!]iLigt in my vnforrunaie voy^c) I perff- 
dtd vp my fiid obfcnacions : which bcingaftcr commanded 
ropubiifh; I here mcift fubmiflely offer vnro the ludidous 
Readers : and raiiie our priuatc opinkin wi^flll, coiiccmjiig 
ihf: faire^emrJTc of the A^inn intended; which was to finde 
a pilat;? into the Scxich Sea. 

Whar haih bccne lon^ agoe lablcdby (otne PwirirgA/ef, 
thar JliaiJdhauc comnethis wayoarof rhe South Sea: rhe 
meerc IhadJows of whole miftakm Rctatioiis hauecomnc 
ro vs: I Jeauetobc confuted by their ownevanitie. Thcic 
hopes hane ftirrcd vp fTomiime ro cime^ the more ai^iue 
fpiriti of thii our Kingdome, torefcarch thacmeerely ima- 
ginary paAJge. Formii]coWnfr«rr,I^iJi<;rt^or«lrrrathem 
arill; anda^ liitleto the vidou?^ aadabEifiuewits of later 
T^rrfm^n/i and Spvinimii : who nmer fpeake of any difKcul- 
rtcs: M ihoaLd wati^r, Icc^ nor {tght of lami : fcutasif they 
had bfeiic brought home inadreameoreiigine- And indeed 
their difcouril's are foundabfurd: andrhep^w, fby which 
fbmeof ihemhaue pm^jfcd todeceiue the worid) meore 
unties ; making St-a where there is knovmc to be maine 
land: ^ndfand, wherei^JiDthir^burSea. 

Mofttcrcaineiii^ thai by rhjoncJy induthyofourowne 
NarioD , thofe Noithemcparts ^>f t^mencjt hauchccnedij- 
toiicred» to the laticude of 8o,4.:grees,aiid upwards. Arid 
it harh beene lb curioiilly done , ( (he iabours of fiuerall 
men being ioyncd rogeihsr) ihac the maine land hjith bccm: 
both IcLine and <ear:ht i and th^y l^ue brought this iuppoled 
paflagerorbi^palTe; tharicmulE be to the North, of fi«y 
lixedegreesnftdfHrfi^if. Arotdaymc, pcftered with ke, 
and other dillooimodiEiss, and wkre the Jp-w^Wfdjipo- 

toZ our difcBUfr J lirtd camming heme. 

ficion^i and thckwfatc? Spcf kc ^hips , ran hardly Iuns;in- 
dureit, Aodwuhall, itisthuslcnowcc , that the entrance 
of HuAfinti Smd^i! i* but 1 5 , kagUvi broad ; in cbo mi J- 
<fie not fo muth, Aud hcrwktS(jftk^«r^//HinJ,andtb?iiHinc; 
rhariti^^igues^ TbenprocwdingtoiheNoitbivards, 
tu" ardj thcfore-men^ion^d Latitude -. ir is bur 1 5. I<:^u«& 
fiom mavnc to mayn?. This in length * ia but ^nuc a him- 
dr-ii aiid forty TcaguK- « may more phbsly ap^^-are bythe 
UHApfic. Moft infinitely perteted wicmU tc is wkhtheJce, 
vntill t^"f ff/? , aiidfrtfney«resnotpaflablethcn: ycarbe- 
leeue the ftnueht is neuer ciccre of Tee thoroivly. 

No\v mollpriiiiible if is, tbit thore isnopftige: And 
dot forThcCc rafons loSluwing^ 

Firft^ thatdicreisatoniiant Tyde flood and cbbe,feiting 
inro HuJ/ms Srrmghti .- the Hocid flill comming from the 
Eaft-ward: which as iiproccedea, ( coTrefpoEideiir to the 
diftanre,) it alters his Time of fiiil fea. This alfo cnterirE 
into Bayea ^ and broken ground , it becomes diltraftedi and 
reuerfeswith halfetj'd~9. 

Secondly, here isrofiiuU fi(hi a^ Cod, &c. and very 
feiAT great ones, whith arciardyrotjrff^H^. Norarethere 
any bones yFwha|«, SL^horfcs, or otbci great fiDi, Cobe 
found on the Oioare: nurany dfifr-wood. 

Tliirdly, fbatwcfournlthc Tee in the latitude of 6%. 30. 
lobeiyinjiallQUCrthelcaiii raiidcs: and T am mod ceitiine, 
riiacthelljoalds and dioald-Biyes arc themotherof it- Had 
[here novv becnc any Ofe^m beyE>nd it , it WfiuJd bmc bcei»c 
broke aH to pieces; for fo we fomtd it cojnming thorow the 
Scra^hiintoibeSca, totheEaflward, 

Fourthly, rhc Tee feekcs his way to the Eaftward , and 
fo driues out at Httdfov -Vft-jgtc: which T haiie often obii:ruLiJ 
being aland, vponthL^/Amt^fl/fl^^j^^pHo, and drilling amongft 
the Ice in the Straight. 

Now admit there were a paflage , yet isiiknowne, that 
icispirtlynanow J foi ahundrcU and ftfrty leagues, andto 
be mfinitely peftord wiihlce widiallas euery ooe bane found, 


Our difeouery axicemmin^ home- 109 

Vfho hauc gone that way, Comparir^thcrcfofc JbOKcitfer- 
uatiiMi taltmar Bantam, Qnkh , and ar Fira/nL in lafmn: 
andrhedi(bn«bffwixi/j^ mdihe Wefter-parr oF Ch*/j- 
fm-MU: \sirbtbsobrmianons tjfcai ac (Ti^ff'^w* AWp (rc- 
fCTriiigalltothcUSfmflliflrt of Z-™^ii) aodthen ihc.*liflaice 
htivtixt ^'^JMrridtMtfQ^ Ca^f Chariet , and the Weftct- 
part of CdAf-n--rtfl , will bcfoundiobfaboor 50oJcagucs, 
in the Laiimdc of *(S, 00. where yecihe -MeriJ«^J incline 

very much rogi^rher. 

To chi^ may be addd , that n«re ibout C^ Ch^Ui, ihc 
vatkrioiiis ap degrtsi to theW-^fl: whithiiapfobablcar- 
^imcnc^ thatthnciaitiuchljiidtothe Wctlward; andtbai 
this ftrjight mult be very long, and char yoii hare no time to 
paflTeitbut in j4agHfia;^^tptemhtr: wwn the nighci arc 
fu long r and the wcachei fb cold , ihac it will iioc bcc 


Addero this, That neirhcTfan any gr«t Ships, whicharc 
ficRffcarrj'ingofMarciHnilizc, indurciliekCjandotlKEdiC' 
fommodtti.'s 1 wiihmTcKtraordiTiarydin^aer. 

Moreouer.a rhourandle^ea is fooaerlayled to ihe Soudi- 
VJaid,andabout the C«;tfiifSmd5^*ftt*,(whi;rc the winds 
areconftant) and list widiftfery, rhenahundrai inthcfc 
fta?, where yoa mtft dayiy mane ihc hazzard of lofing 
Ship and iiues. Put hcraioto , dut comfort for the (kfcc, 
or rcfteJliing for youi men , hcreisnonctobchadinthcfe 


Towardaih;lztcercndof t^^gj"^, md in .Tf/f fwt<T> the 
weather growci rcmpefluous, and the winds incline tobc 
Wefteiiy, that thercwillbctiit fimll hope of pertbnnmg 
y QUI YDy3gc this ivay. 

But Iff V5 C by way of itnaEiadon ondy ) inlatge ihi? 
Straight J in ^ i*Btf*Jtf i andfrcc ic uf kc : yet what ad- 
uantagc, in fpeedy performance , wiBbeRottai by this ^- 
fige f if the vviods be widoU conlidered ? To lA^xt, Cham, 
and ihn: Nonheme parr^ of ^fia, ic may be the nccres cut : 
but in Naaigation , the fartt^ft way about , iswdlknoWDe, 



Oitr difcttitry and comttiif^g hcmf. 

in ftwcr daycN CD be pcrfbrmd , yti with IclTcr paincs , and 
more fifecy of Ship and g<'ods 

A|:abs; TotheEift fndiea, and other parts , wberf Wff 
haue the graceft Commerce and imployment of Ihipph^ ; 
the other Way i^ *: neere. Wliat bencfic ot" Trade mfghi: 
hauc beenc obtaJFwd in diofc Norrhcmc pairs cf ^h-j , I 
wilinocprdDrnf to fpcakc of : Mdiig ilHcdnzreisa^LTai: 
diijcrcna' berwixr ihofc pattSj aiidihe Nonhemc ptt? of 
AmcFica ; whcrca? I am fun: that iheri: is none in any ^^ 
where T haucbeeric, all [Iiis vopg?. 

The TWO and twenciech ofO^tr^ff > ws irriiurd in rhe 
Rode of IBrijfe/J .- hauin^ beenc hindered and croft with much 
contrary tcmpefluous wLndcs and weather. The Ship being 
hrodghc into Harbour , a:td haldc diy agtound to jtioke to 
her: itwasrfiire found; tlut all herOit-wacer and Steine 
were rorne and bcatnra^^ay, logcrhcr with^rteunc foote 
ofherKec!i?i muchof hct llicichjngcuraway : hcrbuwes 
brotcn and bniilcd , and oiany rimbcrs crackt wirhin l^ioid ; 
and vnder tJic SHT-boord bulge, a iliarpc RficU(? had cut 
ihorow lite ihnathir^ ^ ibcplidte, andan inchand abalfc 
intoa timber that it merwiihali. Many other dcfcfti there 
were bcltdcfi, lb thac it wa^ mJTacnloufi how thi^ ircilell 
toDldbri<^v»homeagainp. BcingBilheTcarriuedi wc went 
allto Chuidi, and gaue God ttankcs for his preftiraoon 
Bf V5 amidft fo many dingers''^ I veiy welJknow* rfiacwhat 
I hauc hcrchaftily written, will ncucr difcourage any no- 
ble fpiTir J tlHC h minded Co biing tins fo lor^ rryed A- 
^ioiiED abfblutc ctK^A, And ir iilikely withall, ihaciherc 
beibme, whu liauc a becccr vnd^rftmdii^, andaJiircrttay 
of proftturingofiCi iheiimy (JTf^hauc. To whofc ddignes 
Iwilbahapnyfiitctne. Aifd if they doe t«ji make a reiriew 
of whaLhath bcoie dime, and ginemorc coiainc Cff/c^wJ 
i^fh-H^iipni ^Hj^Bgr^fl^^cali df/cripnom , orexa^trptaAice 
fniV.i«>-ywa,' it will bcamoft oomniflKkhk Ujoqt, Ftff 
alchoi^hlhauefpemfoineyeeres of my ripcftage, inpro- 

auii^ vaine irKelligence ffom fonaine Narions : asd JiaQe 


Oar difc&uery trnd corrj7ningh<fm(. Itl 

tfqu^iled vnto ditier? Honourable a£id Lamed pcribiuges of 

thjskir^dome, for their iiiftraffion;?! hausbcMgtif vpwbat- 

cu?r I could firifl in print, or DHiufcripr,and wfe plof or pa- 

pfrfoeuercondutiK rochisbufinijne, thai polTiW^I tould 

ftfocure ; and hiie ferued voliinsry btfiAs; and fpoir fome 

f Lme in fcndring a relation ( fincc my commin^ hooK) and 

wpsndcd withallofmyowni: monies, in my foicfjidintlea- 

UDurs, andinfmiiilingofcxinOTdiniiynstcflariei, abouc 

twohundEcd pounds in r«d/ monoy: yec Irepairnoc my 

fdfe, buriieagrcac<lealcof<:omfortaad ioy, inthftC 

! am ^k fo giuc an accouni (in Iodic reafonable 

way) ofuK^e jHits ot the woridi whith 

heretofore I ^va? not fo wdl 



H. * 



Letcer I left at Ch a rleton, 

BE itlmou^^r to anyrhat Ihall haply arriueberc, on 
Lord CW^/thefirftj Klt^ of fs^/^W, ScerJarKi^ 

a defire 10 be cerci ficd J whether Ib«■^? wctc any pgf[^e ^ or 
nut, by ihc NortFi-wdl or Nnirbwrjlward ^ rhorow ihcft 
Tcrrirorics, inro thr Sonrb Sea: Somcof thcbccKr-miiyJcd 
Mcicha;its , of the Wc^rniipfbn Company of M^chinr-aJ, 

ucnmrcr^oftbeCitieoF^ri/ft*, rofirisfiehLMaicftjct^^ 
m ; did vohintarily otfrr tofft forrh a conueni^E^cSbip for 
ihltplirpofe, wcElman'd, vidnalrd, and fumilTied ;vilhal] 

othcrncceflafies* This free LiflvroFiheirsuainoioiJy com- 
mended ; but gradoufly accepted of his Maiellie- Where- 
upon , thq^ firrird and furrijfhed fnorth a Ship ^ t^lrd the 
H^rm-f^rta ^^irjrf ^ of (he burlhen of ffii^nti^ Tunj^ vi^al^d 
for L-ighrccne mcsncth^, A number thought cnntjt^nient to 
mannagefiichahdlTni^nt^ J was ivvcntieiwo^ Vr^jrccf ninL-- 
reenewcte choice able tncn, two yonlccrs, and my vn>vor- 
thy fclfiT their Cc5mm3"ndfT. All ^hich, the Srrjf^n^ Mcr- 
chanr^ did trrfift iudififjulTy and hounriRilTy acrocnmodatL* 
-^ndhadma rcadinL-ffc^Ehcnrft of t^j/, 1(^51, 

The third of ^rfT-wcbegan ourVf]\^agpoucofr!>cltndi: 
oF flr/^flJ- inmninnly callccf ^/ifgj-fitf(^f/ PaHirw^abui* ch^ 
Capt C/^fff of /r^/i*rf^, vfKmmmy courfc^^butrcdijcedtoa 
Weft Nonh-wen,wefayJcda[ong*andvponthj?4. i>f /jrw^ 
wee made dii^^landof Gn^jTrUxJ rorh^ Nonhw^ard of Cap^ 
frffor^J; whcreforfh-? fpccof twodayesj w^evueredan- 
gfroully in^gdc: amongrt the T«, Being Lktrc of ir^wc don- 
bled Cj^ffrfTfiFifi'co the SouthwarJi andfo tancinu;dour 


ShipthoTovv much Ice. The i9,of;-w,wemadc till: /i^«f^ 
la^M it vz.v^^n the lh..arc. !n ihar dmrcifc/fteing't was 
broken nroULidsand maiiic inle:^ into it, ) f fcnc ib« Shallop lo 

ted (he waB in as gr™ danger as we : and could not rermnem 
vsipyreafonQfihnc^. Webcine nmvdr.iien vcryni^ercUie 
,ocks,wcre feii'r ro {tt out SaylcE^^iid force th: Ship into m o- 
paling aduer>m. iiig her among It vn^Glt^wn^^dangel3,to airoyd 
appareritjb^fbr^ we ^ oiild "W^h^r in a pla^^aiA^-e rhoiight) 
fifefrom danecr.The»3.of/^fl< ibis Inlet bfingfulIoficO 

potkrapniClThtfocbs: noivvithfcidingour vcmoft refi- 

bold ber vpright. Bur all in tfaiflciftiL-efunke ftilT, a? the warcr 

cbb^d away - fo tliai flif was ib rumed ouci.ilar we coEildnot 
ftand in her- Hcfeupon,we gor all vpoii a piece nf Icc,looking 

vpcn h<?i,& prayii^God tobe mf rcifoH ro v. Tlic rocke rliac 

her hanc afttT th<? head ; and IheC funt ^: oner fo mudi.that ilic 
Trff/ffTfofthe /ffTiv^ftf was in plea- 
fed God,Ehe flncxl came ; tcfo« it bid ebd fo low a. rbc tydc 
before andafKr^yafoot.: and the !^iproMid\^s^^^^^ 
found AndihuBWcrfwcmiratuIouflydeliLiered- With die 

bcforewecoildatraineto JP-Z)«^; iH^gu 11^. A''?^i^= 
Iwaspuiromy fonfideiaiion : for^vhcrea, by my ±xit\i- 
ona IwastofsuchefpecHllyrwovbcfs; onefrom Digg^t 
J.Wfoihc>3onhwad; a:)d ^Uri; th..e, to goc to rhe 
CJ«fjtjaDdHHit*rM^flftf> andio iofcJta:it toiheSouth- 

p v^rd; 




ward; Inow tiJiding thf Sl's much peftrcd withlte iiiihs 
iacitud?of *4.oo,andas faneaswc coulJ (i^no rhc North- 
ward; andchacrhcriniewas fofarre fpcnr, at rhaf before i 
could do any rhing that way^ir would b^; ■f*j.5: ih?ri as much 
rroiiilc ro icmmc again? ro Diggtt Ilaxd -. andrfiat by ihsr 
dm?, the ywic would be fr> Jarrt fpcnt^tlie nighrs folong and 
cold- thai I feardr ll^ould bcfortod wirfi fhameio reftime 

iniof^/jm^againpthjT V'^f^''^ Wherefore I rooko my way 
rothc Well^tard»bvcJHflflf^/Ji //-flf^: on wbicb ftiEidfd 
rwiccflillhiiidredjnd ijKuaibud wiih [cc. Thence I procee- 
ded lo the WefliWard ; liripint' Tut au open Sea in rhc ^y. 
Wc were fh^re more Trouhkdivirh Ice, tVieii ill any place bc- 
fori: : fothac iiwaahe dmi^tnh day of -^w^u/?, beforcivc 
hadfighrof rhe W efieru lacid ■ \thi<h ive made inlarimJe 
^]f- ^Or Something to ihe SoHthwarduf fhc Chrck^j, Wee 
wereiifjtabk to atwiiie ihithcr, by reafonuf the contrary 
wiifd? and Ite : bur weie cifeaiaiiC of rhe curranc of ihe 
lyde^: which-ifter, byeirperienre, wc found ro come from 
rhc N<^iih ward. WecoaftcdalonglhhcihoarC, irif^htof 
laud ; a^^A i!i lo. ladJomi; watijr , to the Soudiward ; and 
cntred that Inlerr, whith heretofore wa? failed Mah&crtr 
Hepe : which vvas:lie vcri'placc, whtrethe paf&gt' fhoiifd 
be, as it wa* ih<Hight by the under ftandis^^Jl indlcamedeft 
inrdligaiccr of this biifinelte in EnglAod. We ^ayld to the 
verybottomeof it, jnt-i> three fitddom water: and found ir 
to be a Bay of fome iH-or 19. leagues dccpe. From thcise 
wi- proceeded to the Souihward^ in fight of land for the moft 
part ■ and although I wa? ag carcfiill to keepe the lead alwaics 
goi;ig(itljlo'^ii^afrenigalcof wiiidi?, aiida pretty bi^e 
Scajourdspth 8.p. ic.faddome: yet before thclcaJwa? 
vp,[he,ShipftrookvponaQairocke; ( ^ethen bein^vnder 
forcfayle, fore cop-fay te, inaine ^^l-fayle, and Spreerftyle ) 
^nd gauc ihiee Ibie knncks , and gor ouer it. Befi^ pall this 
daj]^er,u,eprofeeded, andpaft [^/"tfrr^Vf^K. FrndhigAe 
bnd trend to the Eaftward y wee began onr dricouery of k 
mute carefiiUy : becaufe that [TO man friar euer I could hearc 


fixe an J fine fidtfume : for ic U vciy low land^nd oends tor 
thcmoil part EaftSc^irh-«n,andEaflhy Sou*. 

Thefeneniinacv^rcnri^hofE^.MS'i/i, lenCTddvpoTjic^antl 

inthcnamenfiheMetdiants Aducnturclsof 5'^*'. rookc 
porVcffionofir.tohi? Maieitks vfc; naminsir, Ttf ZV^» 
S/tHfh-JP^ji FtiicipaJtiu^ */ ^TiZ-^i. t brought fiom the land, 
ToineliniiH trees andheibs. ind kUlcd diners fortsof fowl^ i 
in nent of feyfLirf , which I btooght aboord. Noilongaf- 
tff, (beiiigputbackcto theWeftwaid with contrary windsj 

wcfpbi;wiThCapTaineffl:*, in^Shipof bis Maidtif^ f<x 
forth for cbe fiine putpoie tbarwe were: J umMhun i- 
boord, and tiirertained hini with luch fire, as we had taktnirt 
ihis new difcoucrcd land : aiidmadshimrthcionof aJl our 
fndeauours: The like did ht: ro vs, and withalL cold vs, that 
hfl had bcene in P^n Nelf^n : where ^e had put vp a Shalbp, 
andfound rfific manythings whith Su Tfcflw* ^M/Tonhad 
Icftthere. Thenextday, hcdepaitcdfromv^, aiidlloodro 
ibeWeftwaidj andweiieuei'iJW himlincc. HisShip,Hr, 
andaUhiB Company , v^'cre verywdL We conruiued our 
diricueiy lo ihe EalKuafd . and <aine to the Ealler point, 
which is in Taritudc 5 ^ .06 whith wc- [lamed ir Capf H^f^Ktr^ 
cafjrw. ThcreThelandttcodsEothcfiouchward^dwefi)!- 
kiwcd it in fight ; bqc were pat n(f wiih foule weather ; 
which bcii^ ouci-blowiic,we flood inagainc fbrthe W^-Hler-- 
iTioare fthar we might Icaue no put vnicene ) and fultowed 
jr^aii>e to latitude 54- 4^^ The fccond time wei: alfo put off; 
with like fbulewcaihcr: whkh midcvs ftaud tothi^Eaft- 
wud. In this way wcpftbyromc:Ilafidi, aiidhapt>^n^a- 
mongit broken grounds.and inck^ -. in latitudL ^ ; . ; 0. where 
wee came to an .^nko", and ihdlrrd our felae^ iuiiie few 
dayes fhiftitigRodeg. Nowdi^ Winter beeantocomeon, 
andrhcn^hcs'tobcbngandcofd; chatamongft thckdan- 
gcroo^ places, w« wcrefeinctu fpendthcday tolooketor 
fccuriiicfor the night. Hereby mi^fbimnc, our Ship cuna 
aeround: and ibatamongft great lt[joc3,asbiggeasafluni 

^ I' 2. bead; 



head ; where (hec did bcate for the fpcc of fiue houres^ 
nioJlfearcfully^ Inthi^timCj welightcnedher, arKJ^arricd 
fomeofourihine^ aChr^r?: fo tl^by the great fatiourof 
God, wc got her off ^itit^ whereupon i^e named ihis 
Kockcs, wc were putt a many i^sf^^i^iiLe::^- Ar length, fla- 
iling 3 genik Southerly ^vinde) wi: flood alongliihi Eafter- 
ftioarcj ro t:hc NortWaixh now I^okifigfor a cotiuenieiir 
place tow inter m. Andli^reagaine ^ werewealTaiiftrdwsth 
a violent l^omie > in ivhich wc loft otirShaliop, ajid vvcic 
drmeji amo]:ig[k diLie:"s <bngcrg : and ^^?c]ng an opL:]iing bc- 
iwut TWO ilands ^ ivi: VL-nrcred rti got in ^ in viry fi^ulc 
Wtather. Wefburtdittf> be avcry good Sncjnd, attd there 
wec:im^; toanAnker- Wc !ajidL^ont>neof tlK-j/] , nlakh 
wc named the Lord iVrJi^ftf //jj?i; ;^nd maiVd oin otcrold 
Ship-boate vpon ir- The mhcr iLind ^vc rum^d my Z^^ 
of 3rij?ff/j //rfif^* Parting ri"0[n henee ^ weu flood to the 
Somh-uardj taJ^ioItefoi a wirnferingplace: becaitrcnh^dinc 
of drfcoLtery it^a-? paft fttrthi^ y::^:^.^ Many were our trou-- 
bk^ amongft ih^fc JiaE>d? j Jhoalds ^^^ hroken gn imds ; 
\^hiLh made Vi flrainc oEn gr<AKid lackle for lifcj many a 

The6, off^^tf^^r- ^uc arnucd in this Bay ^ ic fceminga 
very liltely place to iinde- a Harbonr in ;buifearchingtheiikc- 
Jiclt places, wefonndirallloil-ioald Parsand Rock?, and fin- 
ny bv clie flirjaie lid:: ; that w^ could by ni> mcatic? bring onr 
Ship ncerelhcfl^oarc, but were forced co ride a!cagu;oft ^ 
in 5 . feddprac and a balftr ivaf er, 

I he ^^inrcccimecmipace, iht weather prducdtempcnii- 
cus; and the cold fom[jlHptied,ihatotirMeiifro?oiniiiiTips 
forhLMapd^, vDrnanuaUc. N:iihercou!doiironc]yboategjc 
fi"om thjShip J bvrcafon of the weather- About the middle 
ofofft^^, IraniedahcKiterobe made afUoarc xvhere our 
fh ke nicji iTii^hr thebcFter retouer : but alwayes with in in- 
icnt to taJceirdowne, if we Found otbcr-whcrcj aplacefor 
oiiiShjp. rfent likewifemen afooiefleeingrheboaiccookJ 

noieocj rodifconcrfTipIlan^, and to Tec if rhcy could find 
fo:ne Cr^^ets or Couo ; biic lU m vainc , wc fpoit the rime 
withhoue of &ucrwsThci, till now the CaMes began ro 
freeze ill Ehe boufe , and the Ship ro be nai^ ou« with the 
fprewcof ihi: Sci ; forhaC wc were faiiic to IboucU che fnow 
offcQT decks. Moreouer, thewitetbeeanlbrocongeflleby 
rbe rhoare [idc > tharrhcbtarccouUhardly getaflio^rc. Yet 
tbt^lrhat, ifihcwLidblewN. W^ibcrcwcncaverygrcat 
Jiiifeonrhe ilioare, andfiKli a grncSca in the Ba> , that 
iherevvasiiobrir^ingoFourSbipaRTound. Bcfidcsihi? ilie 
woulJbsu^rhfn l3uii:opC]]ro tbc H,and:S.E,and S- ind m- 
H^TcupiJCii we continued out the c^irrismityj at an Anker, 

The I'J. ot' NcHfmhrr , the let caniL- aboum on all fide? , 
and piiEvs from oiLi ground tatkic, and wnnldb^iudriLi.^nvs 

outofihc Bay vptMiRiJikesaiylllioald^f^^'b^rcvndojbrcd- 
ly we bad periJlicdJ buctbat by God*igrcat -oodsicfi"-, icpi^ 
ued fo warme a day (tbe wLndu at S, ; tliac {udd^nly wc 
broijGbrvpfomefavls, aiidbuyft itvpwidiropc^, aiid fo 
foifth^ralhoarc; wbL-teihi^^b^t lUrtiaTnighr v^ry foiely. 
7hs Sbipbcing now grounded ajld quLCt> w« confid^red 
wbaiwa^bc:ft to doc witbbcr, and rdolu?d to Imk^ her: 
ImC rhc next ivdc , b^fbic we bad any of out ptouifious a- 
(boare, diewindc camcN.W. foibardlc Sbip bcac molt 
ffaccEuUy- Wf got all our dry pmuifions vp to rhc vppcr 
d,cke. and made a hole lo iii^fcc htr. but b^ore fi^ was 
Iniik:: llie boat fo cxiT3ordinari!y , that Wf allthougJic Jhe 
hadbe'eiiefiwiiidered. Beir^ funkc d^wne lb low, that tbc 
warer came omhc vppc^ deckc, we cook e oui boate and 
w«nr all alhoare. m fucb pictifiiH cold vi-earber, that we wfere 
all To wbitf fpjzei], diat finne litkemm chat weieailioaie 
before, didnotkiiowvsoneftom another. 

The neii day we fell to laidoui prouifiona? fiTft ont.Bread^ 
Pi{b,aiiddTythi[^, tbemaidtweiirowadeincbe watervp 
to ihcmiddles.moft lamentable tolKbold. Witbbi.daye^ 
whit wichpteat I'^c pieces that flucke about vi, and that 

p 3 whkh 


118 ■ 

- i- 

whkb&ozc, if was bccomnf firmc I« , betwist The Ship and 
theiinare: To rhar ih<:n wc were feine co carry aU rhings on 
QUI toclc^amilc from rhs ^hipto thcbcwfe, Wkbinfew 

cWs, iheht^bwanKfoftozeTij ihii wt could nor gcr all 
ODT thii^i out of if, but were Jkin^ chcie to leaue it frozen, 
rill the neii yecrc. Thcnwc mad?v5i. mhcrhoure?: our 
Rrft houfe wa^out Manfioii hotir? . uhereiii wc dij a|] fyc 
ct^ether ; onr other was to dreiTe oui: viduall ; aiid the th ird 
foraftorf-boufc: wbichwcbuilt apreitydifencepfF, for 
ffare of firf , And now wc tonfid^Tcd of the cfktf wc were 
ill, wo all duubied chit the Ship was foundered : cfpetialiy 
our CarpenKr. Bur fuppof.; fiif were found : yet was it a 
queRiDiswhetherwecouSdg^lhcT off in the Summer, when 
the tyd??arelow. Motc-oucr, iliemighcbc fpoylcd, lyii^iii 
rhet^dcsway, whcnihc Ice brake vp: aiid rhenwe fliould 
bi^ dcititnte t>f any velTcH to bring V5 home- The Caiprnrer 
vndeitTOketobiiilda Pinnate, of [he burthen of iz.or 14. 
tfinncs rhaiOioiildbcrcadybyth^ Spiiug: rhat if we found 
ilwSbipvnfauiwabie, wc mitihcrcarekr ^p, andpfankc 
hcrwirhiheShips plaiilte. Vpoii this we refolued^ and by 
M^ brought it to that piTc, chatfhc was ready to be roy- 
n£^3 together, to lecevue ihcplankc. BuiGod meTcifiJIy pro- 
uidcdoihcnvifc fnrv?: We indureda bitter cddwintcTj 
in whiihitplcaiedGodtn vilit vvwidifickncfie: fotbatin 
the beginning of Af^ 1 6^^- there was bur m/felfeand the 
Mailer and Sui^eonpcrfc :[y found : and he begin ro Me 
fome defiii^ al/o. About ihebeginningofs^p-*^, webegaii 
todii^edw keout of our Ship, which by [he middle of 

M/sf, wehadtHl-^ed. 

Ihc:!^ of Maj , theTcebfganto breakevpbetwixUhc 
Sbipaiidrhefiioarc: and jbouirlicmiddJeof /k"^, wehad 
oifmirShJp, a:id found hertobeftmth and found, contrary 
to all our expeciatioiis. Before this time, about the mid- 
dle of O^d?, our CarpcTiterdyed: and with him, the hops 
of our Pinnace: Mafter ryardon dyed the 6. of ^j// oar 
Gunner flirt(<r(^ £ JiF-sr^r had hi^ Ic^e brokcnCwhich waj 


furofOatibrOpftMgn -^>g«,? itf^t and tan^irtirftiH 

mcnlyc buried hHCVudcTthcfcTorrijfi of fhmcs- Wctoft 

another ^2ni on^ /.^- 2'^;'^'^ "^^ ^^^''^^i? ^'^^ 
mir-tarri^>i3tbcliEdc Ba^ thaloduc Weft from this Crol^c 

3 mile- tbekcbnakingvndCThimJoiharhcruiilccdowiK, 
and wc naier faw bim moie. TTje fwo Piftnres which arc 
^v^.m b lead. 3=id firtcncd vpp^utoft co this Crolfe, arc 

th- fi-i\- ^iid Qjl'^^Hi: -U'dTj his wife; King arxl QM^^aiJ tit 
£^e/W, Jc«/^tW- /V^cfaiid fr^/W, Clrtf, Tht ii^tv-id^r 
rhar. i. bi.Miii:fties RovalUrmcs : ihc!owcnJHi1t i? the 

Arin^sofcbLCitjofff^^M , ,. , , , 

A-d now ^^"^ arc in a rcadineffe lo d-THrC rhis day , and } 
intciid ro profKut^ miF dircoiiery to the W eft- ward, m this 
Laiiiiide of 5 z. D ;. andtothc Scuih^wardalio^though wilh 
lidchopc., Imcancrohafte toD.^£. /W, 
and ind^auour lo difcoucrro tht Norrf^ward. Thjiihaume 
b^ fomc e^p^ricncc c,f rbc dangers «f rhc kc , ^oald^ and 
Rocke^ofynknawDcplacc.: I thcMighuMicc.'n;.^/ to W 
rhi. tcftimoi.y of vs and our md^uf.urs, if God Ihoufd 
take VE^ intohi^ heiL^nly Ktngdomn. .nd fiLil^o^our r.- 
riirnc Liro out natiac Counircy. Wherefore I any 
noblemindeaTiauailcr, thatM:akethi.downc.Ofco".= 

ro rh. ]alo^^dcds= of jt : ^hit heunll make relation ot .t 
:oour SouciaisS Lord th= Kings Nfaicily . andtoceit,fi= 
hi^Gracc, that w-r cannot a^ ycf findcanyhop.of apal- 
fagc thi. Way : a-^ =hat 1 doe faithfully p=rfcucr j|. my 
kfuico: acco.nt,.eit b.t ^y to fp«^ ^^y bf^ ^ 
eiue his Mai^fti^ conHn( ^ whoir, J. b.fcech God to 
EklVc with all t^ppinefTc- And that they would h^^wife 
adaertifc our wosaiipfuU Aduenter«. , of ali our fortune^; 
;^K^ that if as afore^faid wet^ pcrifli , u was not by any 
wantordefcainShipoivitoJl, oi other necefTaiics; aU 
which w^ hauein abundance for foure moLicrh. andaboue; 
wbidi if ocLafiou be, wee caa pr^J^S to fise mon^^^ 


-110 ^ 

Thir bcii^ irpcefenr vnabletocYprdfc a gratefiill mind o- 
thcnvi&but in my prayers CD Gcd; Ihartilybefch him 
topowrcouchis boundfeU bleflingvpon all tlicir hmf ft in- 
d^iuour^^ aid CO c<Hitiaietheirni:cl?di^>ofitiorT!m Actions 
ofthisldndf. AndT &iihli:[lypromife, thatiFlfhaUconn; 
where the like Letters ind Tdtci^ ihall be left , Co make a 
mic relaibn of k , as k IM be defircd. So defiring the 
bappineflt of aU milking , in our gencraU Saiiiour ChrijI 
lejiit: lend. 

Chttrittenjn^ chcfccond' 1632, 

ThffmM liones. 


feuerall Inftruments, I prouidetl 

and bongbt for this Vojag;. 


A^fj,^«;f of okl rcaronedPearerro^-wood, arrifiti- 
a|]y mattf : and wirli all care pofUblc diuidcd with 
J>\Aiij»s!i, cum ro miiujtcs, Inviuof foxn^tootc 

All EatiJMerMl Trid>!^e of like wood i whofe R^Mm 

A QhaJr'inr of two footc Sermd. of like wood : and wiih 

likt cut prinelied^ 

The Sighrt, Centert: and cuciy oitier part of ihan lookr 
to, aiiditryftl widi conuenicnr Comp^ff^s : to fee if rhi^ 
ludbcrue wroi^d oi altrcd. And ihis i:oiiti[]uaiIy^cfoie they 

weie inade vf* of- 

Si^tJ tor takinc Ahitud^J mdDiJl.tteiJ m 

A Siaff of feuen foote loi^ i whofc Tr^y^f wa5 fourc 
tiiote; diuidej into cquall parrs by Wiiy ot Di^^^taif, that 
alhhcjf?«-«iiia ffa^^oftcnnc ttiociJand, might beuken 

out.aftuiHy- .■ u 

Another of lixefooK, neCK as tonucmeiit: andm that 

tnannsr to Iw vfed. 

Makers gn^rrrs Cr^p-Si^ffi. 

Three /rif<?t j Jj^mpj , pr^Urd after a iiCW maimer : arhl 
tiuly dtQided out of the TablL> of T^^Mf. 

Two of Matter Djt^b Sack^-fi^rj : with like care made 

and detiid^d. 

Of HarkataAll InJirttnifHtt. 

Tu'o Sfmlci>^Us , two fonte S^id'^'«et€r : of fcafoncd 

Pean:tTee WtJod : anddiuiWwidlZ>*^a'w/j> foaUpulliWe 

S\-sG A^eritGAn Cet7'p->ft'JAug2'\iov.([y [Had?; bt(Td'^5 feme 
d6ozCn:iof oib.T?, ryinK con'mc i, 

Foure -'VenZ/cf in fquarchoxr'^, nf j]::s inches ??/rtnffffiT : 
and other five^of fhree iiiLhe^ Djj*^/-"-, 
Moi"coiier,foL]rerp5cia|l NerdUs^ (which myg'vod frir-ndg 
Mailer c^itif and Mailer M^tn-s gauemci:) [■riiseinrbsN 
S/imfTfr: and couchc curioufty j withchebcft LMde-J}ane vi 

A Leade-^onf tnrefre(h any of thcfc, ifocfafion were : 
whorc7V<?j were marked^ fdrft'arf of Diiflaltii^. 

A '*'dff^c/iw^ , office bchci TytAmstsr: and aiiocbcr 

A ?~^^/j^ f uc jy day C^knUa^d ; corretjiondi^nC toihr /-rf- 
^iWf; actOTdingtoM^ficf f7a»rf?f dircftionr; inhi.iboolcc; 

ih? bccrer ffl ki^epi: cur Tim>^\A oui Corst^age^ roiirdgcot 
Otrr Cauffc^ 

kChfp fiilloflheljcft a?idihoir(^ft ''^^ithi^Acic^!!f>06k£!, 
rhuuoiifd b- pot for [j!£>ney in Bn^l^-nd: as Irkewi''^ Mafter 
fj'V^^a,-?^, aud Mafi^^r r^p-i ij; .- and ochcibockgof hiymii 
3 1 id H'jhrifj. 

Siti^j /tJfrHpif»fi. (if aff foits- 

louft'dinaiiy fma]i G/jjJw ui bp made; whofe prrof 
rime^Ikiifw to a mail JnlenftHf rhbg : indfo diuid^darrd 
appropria(edthe£o^f-/r^, tothcm : making vie of ;?^/^ror- 

^uj. 5Hf//>«rhj^nunibersof fecccaiifwejii]^ toa/J^mf .-and 
approojicd of by Maftcr Cjnnttr, 

I made a Mendt.ia-liyie, of lio. yaids long : with liXC 
Pi'umi/.iiitr IiaiiyiLig in it : fornc of ihein b;i[^ abouc 30, 
fool higb^ and mi: wi:igh[s liiing in a lioie iiithf gtOLuid, to a- 
viiydi;windc- Andchisrnrak^ -h: Jsrfafi or yl/M.ify cnm- 
mi\^toi\\t'JMerid!ait. This line Wee verified, byftui^'^ic 
by the f'ttU'ii ftlfc^ end by many oihi:i" waycs, 

T^vopairc ofnurjous G/c^^i^made puTpofkl' : the woik^ 
ai3i^ bciiig tamcllly aff[:^cd eo tbii Vo^'agi?, 


This was diemanncrt:h3C we looketbevarutionof 
the CampilTe , and rhar as often as conueniently 

wccouIlI, E>ut(TmtiLS of rlic Tables by negligence 
of ?ny Boy aie \^(ii biic tlii^rt: (I hope) may fuiiicc 
mgiuc fjris^c^i^ion of our Csirc in Njuigation, 

My r;tii, i 6 ; r. 

Thefc ij. A^mathi \tii:h iVic Altiia.l^tc. wccCCaken 
vponagreacpiewotlcc, witlithrfc A' ^fj/w rogethi:r : ihm 
iheZ>f^/i»flfipn was not ctpiarcd , rhclifttlirecfkfooithby 
ihfinftlu^s, pn5uiicp< ih^ ii'fl: 'til. (he -^^jiw^Ft of Weft 
wiJilii3"JJJ'*.2'"'' ' [bi: yi^njuihst due Weft, And the r*- 
riarwf"* Ly the R^/fifflt/c and '/cffln'j^ at du'? Weft 

Thefe weic t^kcn rwencie leagues to ihi? Eiftward of J^ 
/H^/ii'^ //,j»^; and 3. f 'J- oR= of 4^. anotber of i- footc 









^3 ol 





77 ^" 


so N 


^7 19 

^5 Ql 





50 DO 

\6l li, 


27 4S 

^3 Ol 




24 1 

76 30 

M 6^ 07 
A 72 u, 


=7 13 

fi5 or 





80 I^ 


17 50 

ej OI 1 




57 7an 


71 1- 


1^7 4^^ 

6j Oi 1 




00) 74 50 


77 =» 


27 4^ 

fig OI |io 



iO i 71 00 


9if 4: 


27 42 

14 15 

52 6S i!f 


9^ 01 


'7 ?4 

6^ Ol 20 

14 2^ 

00 66 40 


94 I* 


17 j6 

6j Ol 


14 24 

00 64 70 

A'l^l 16 ^ 

17 16 

dj Ol 



^0 64 00 
50 17 ^? 
;o 6j 14 

JV pi 18 JV 17 4t 

6j OI lo 


J^' S? ^8 A' 27 55 

6j OI 20 

14 22 

.V S^J tS iV 

127 44 
'7' 5^' 


e mi 

:arK Var- 


ThcvjriaritHiofchf Alcir: iiiJ Azim: of Weft. 27. 5 j' 
Thevaiiariojiof rlieA^imllcb of Weft. 37. 4S- 
Theuariationby Aiim.atdacWi^il. 27, ^j. ^ 

Thcm.^'i.-'of ihefethreeis 17. ^R. 
0^2 2*<ly 

Inly It. \ 6 II. 

ThefeihrM Az.i/K^th aiid Ainrudu were uten vpon a 
picteof I« '^l\i M'^omficdll A^rtutrht^y the Sunned (hadp 


in thf water, The ayre\hicke of fbt^gc^Etarthi: Sunncgau. .._ 
pcrfciS (hade orherwaycs t id. [caguss Weil from <^ttaj. 
fieids lUtd. 

60 31 

t8 1« 

34 Off 1 90 00 J 
31 5+184 48 -V 

64 34 J 25 itf 
70 o3 J I 2T 04 

Themcanois a^. 17 

7*^ 14, 1 6 3 T' 

Th:fc [I t^tiBwf^/, were takm vpona piece of Fcea- 
i!t ihc mitldk of ihc jircai Bay: fomc of them by rhc flade. 


and fb[ncby ihc fight of ihcSuiine in the vvarer^the weatbei 
being thifke of fx^ge. 


44!^= ^o 


59 04 
^ 7? 40 


po 00 

Jf-f ^5 . . . , 

73 50|A'j75 10 

^v;g7 14 J 

A'iS4 ?«!j 

17 j 78 io 

itf;tfS 47 

40 4*7 30 
10 1 6 7 00 
34- 1 j^5 00 






Kg 5S{.y i2 

90 0(J I J2 

Sp 00 ' JV I 22 







Themcaneii ^I'l. 13.21, 


Thcfe foiiiaCI ^tr'nwu'j&JwereCakaivponapiKC 
of Ri?: jo,le3gucsoffEhc Weila-flioarc. 
















y6 aS 






F. ■ 



99 10 


21 54 


p8 5S 


^a jS 


97 iS 


21 i3 


1 ptf 04 


ai 14 


: 9? 3' 


tz 11 


90 14 


l» 19 


90 o» 


^z p 

S3 43 43 

"5 43 43 


cmeancis 11, ±^. ^4. 

TTiffi? fsLierjII tAjiim^h wcrctikm vpon apiece 
of fee - abouf 40- leagues o(F:hc Wefter-flioare. 







16 5<5 

Si oj 




li 31 


zj 1* 

81 ?5 


lOj od 


£1 41 


3f 2J^ 

7^ ?«. 

A' J 



11 04 . 

12 30 

75 r<5 i -Vjp7 za 


li 06 

11 Jl 

75 5° 


9S 4= 

A' ■ 

^\ 5} 


20 JO 

' 7' ^7 


P3 14 


n 57' 


i3 4: 

6S 4<' 


po 58 


1£ IS 

18 07 f!7 25 


J^S 5^ 


; 11 31 



e is ij. 00, 


Tfeefe K^^huithf were r^kfh vpon a piece ofltc , 
and c^oifatcd by alfthe figures of die Canon 
about 40. Leagues otf die Wellet-Dioarc 


14. ii> 






33 14 

79 "^ 




2£ 11 

75 40 


, 9fJ 11 ; 


ai 11 

7? n 


1 97 aS 1 


^e 00 

7j 02 1 JV j 95 48 [ JV i 

iB 59 

71 14 ' 



93 17 


17 15 

^S 55 


90 n 

N ■ 

i£ 42 

f^7 IS 


90 00 

15 ?9 

ics %t 


8S iS 



21 50 







emeanci? ?i, 2j, 30, 

itf^i. thi: Lar. p. 03. Tl]C<liff:ri:ncc may bi:cu!<:ciL]td, ro 
groivby reafoiiof thcSunntf^iuvv AlciiuJc and R?f/avl^ioi^ 
Tlii:o[htrsiboiir rhc Sumnii^r Solftit,?, where ditfL-rcnccof 
Meridians is auoided.aiid arc more exa^- 


^;^. tJTf. 

T. 9^Z. 

JV. if-:jfl. 

g. df. 

^■. UT/. 

0. Kjtf. 

G. OH. 

14 T* 1 

42 ly 

2d 1 1 1 

16 14 

J4 oy. 

4S =5 


27 50 1 

17 ss 

15 15 

47 ^y , 

=9 54 

17 51 

11 iS 

4K 10 

31 ;i 

'5 ?7 

11 0; 

4<> 20 

35 i^ 

"6 04 

1! 41 

51 *J7 

34 1? 

Iff 51 

I" 57 

5! zy 

36 04 

17 n 

9 4^ 

55 3^ 

5S sB 

Ifi 37 

9 ly 

57 4T 

40 00 

17 14 

8 so 

. S^ 37 , 

40 ja 

i ^7 45 


fcmeaiieis ir 

5. s 7^ Weft. 

I -m 


An Appendix touching 

Longi:udt- ■ . \ 

LAtitudean^ Lon^itudo arc two primary affoc^icjn? oFtfn; 
F^rth^by ilie hcipe of theft tivo^dtich rhc Gffl^Eaphcr 
lltine to lepidf nc the parca of iln: Eaitb thar they may 
keppc Symmcfry and Harmony with the whole. Laticudc 
ihcn is an sich of rhe Mefidiaii, comprehended berweeneihe 
j'EqEiacor and aFuraTell-bnt Longituis i^ an archof ihe j^qiii- 
ror, interc?piirdby fbcPrime Meridian and ihe Mfridianofa 
. Place , the difference of Longinidea being the diffecenc? of 
twoMeridiins. The mealtirc of ihc^ former is fheMcridim, 
the £quaioT of f his lartcr- For the cxaft fettling of l^f iiiides 
we hauc manv and abfokitc h?lp=s, fb thatrhe Errorifany 
happeii^ought'to be imputed to the impPcFeifl handling of rhi; 
Arrift. But ihc Tjmgitude of a Meridian is that whkh hath, 
andnillwratietKt:hegreaC(^ftMall<^r3ofOe(^raphy. Ncufr- 

ihdelTchath northi^wif^^ Creator l<:fc Kfan vnform^cd of 
many excellent helper ro ittaini^ hi? defire: ForbclidesEclip- 
fe^jefpccially of iheMoonc, (whofc Icafuie wcmuft ofren 
wake.andpciliapsgo^ without, iFthcHeaiietis be not propi- 
tious to vi) we hauc the CoiKurfeof quitkc pac'd infmour 
Planeis, with fupctioiir flow ones , oi their Appulfes with 
fome fixed Sraire of knowne place , or elfc fome other Arti- 
fice detiued from their Motions and P<>1ifions, A? for the 
Magneticall Needle to aifue a I/mgitude from its Variatitn, 
isal[<^ethtfr wiThoiLiffTinnd. And Lls^agh well fiirnifiii Sea- 
men are ablcbyrheirdeadRcclioning:^ (a theytcarmerhcm) 
toderermineihcdiff?renceaf Meridiamfomewha npere, yet 
byreafon of rh? vnknowncqiiantiryof aDegrw inaguien 
mrafore f which istheRuleof the Ships way ) Varieties of 
3diieTfL:Ttindi, Dift^rentfrisiifTvdfs , and oth?r inudued 
incomnraijcc&^th^v ttun? oft^n widcof ihi^ mai I: they aim^ at. 
The heft vray yer'knownc to the world , i^ that which i^ de- 
duced from theCalefiiall Apparences, whiLh being perfor- 
med by liidicioas Anifts , may in fliotl time tn-aifi^ our 

R. Get^rjpflicall 

An liffendixtomhing longitude, 

Ceographicall and HydrographicaJ! Chjos liiiherCo m mofl 

places fouly diftorccd- Tii^my incmt here, ro giue an izifti-ici: 
from two fciifiall obf^TtiaiioQ? drawm: frdm the Ctr It'll iaU 

Eodvcs^by the Author of kViji^if^otiTfe, i[]hiBdif<:cj:cTy for 
the N- W-ar the bottoineof rheBay , being hi? wintcrJng 
pUcc, and oiled by the name of Char htm, which for ludge- 
mcnr^CiTmmfpcftKir and Eiafhits may compare ivirhmoft: 
The firft from tht Edips of die Moonc -, The ibcond finm 
ihcMooiics Mediation of Hcau^n, orHi^r commingtti [he 
PJancof hi? Meridian of Chirlfton. 

The Capiainctbcnmindfiill of the Ltnar Kdip^ which 
W;« to loppen OfttJjirr 19. Anno 16; 1, wa^ wiyi^jgon 
the MooniiwiFhhisluttniinenK, buciiy Tt^afonof ihelntfr- 
poiliioiiof EhcdoudijtoiildTTiakenuObffruaiionoii rhe be- 
ginning of her OblaiTatio]i , but at hci Emejfionor Tura[[ 
Retoucry of Light, theh=aui^]ia being iiori: Serene, henx>[(C 
ihc Aliirjdeofihe Superior Limb of rhsMwn; ii.m. 
The T atirude of Charkoti being ^ ^-mhi- 

Arthatu^rytimi;, my Idfs^ wiEb Ibrn^fiLvi.l^j fiimdrhc 

esai^tiincof thcMoones EmcrWi at Loudnn in Ciefiiam 
CoJIei^efbya Qu^ranE of fis; fboEKgdiLJs,a^aflyiurro 
each minute of iheQuadrjiiEjci) be Ociob, 19, i j.b, 7. jn,28 

Jec. orOd' uiicof iheelixkc^fcucjiininute&jaod 

NoivbetauftdicTaHciof the CcrleftisIT Motion 5, lately 
publiilied by that moft Learned iuid TfiJuftrious Lansbcrg,doc 
much ^niiit',the woild with thar loftie title of Peip^tuify, ic 
fiialf nor be amiffc Co enquire afcer ihetinicof thcCaprainci 
Onfcniarionfrom ihem, that Toby tomparing the one with 
(he other wc may obwine the differHiceofMCTidiant, which 
is cSe matter now tbughrsfffr ■ 

The middle motions ot ihc Luminat ic? aufwerable to dif c- 
quaJI iLa^of the Emerllon of the Moope, ure th^fc whith 


An Afft'l^ tMihi^S l^lif^-^ . . 

ThcmMeirotIonoFrhc^Anon^y^tb=;> o 5 iijo 

■nieProfth>f*rtefisofihc^quio0i£^ o o lajo 

Beins thLis fijmini^ with thffc middle motions w« are 

ScAld™d=ofihe( cait=r,^d«^^^^ 
of (he Emcraon may be bad at Cfi-f^-^- 

For ibc Sunncs rrucplacc. ^ ^ ^ ^ 

Ih; Propotiiofiall Scruples. ' J- 


ThctrucmocionoftheApo^mlubtr.-- . 7. .^ M 
ThemtddlcraotionoFthe0.s _i;_^_.J^^ -^^ 

1- ;i-4I 

.,... *.-^*-~r"-- - , J . . O. 0. 0- 1^ 

The cKtcrtf to be added 

ThePioflhapbiTcfijofthcGOtfae o. i- ?»-4I 

Th«.roretticGta..plac=wa.un^— _o. 10 i 

Audhisri^Afc'^tition ^ 

For ihc Moons tnic place. 

Thp AoomaJy of the ( Center f- ^^- ' " l 

ThfproportionallScrapks— ^''^^ ^ ,, vw« 
TheAnoToalyoftheCorbe-— o""r'57T4 

The Pmfthaphirdi^ oF rTi«!>oibc {uhtr. o, o. 24, 4! 

Thcmi(imotofr}ie>Lor^iEirA fejin^hc 0,a, (9, jp, i 

TheCniCmoiioncFf ihe> Longit-ftom rhf G-i" ^.~~i^r~^^ 
Ihemkl ipor. of rhe GFrom thccmt jqutn- I- *?■ ^ir t ^ 
Thetiue mot, of the ) &qd] rfe ffUdqiiin- o, d7, 0. 53 

ThsTcforefhcJmwplacewa^inb' '0.17.6, o 

Forthc > Latitude. 
The midJTc motion of the 5 Tatrtudc. 4. ja-S. j j. 

The J^lbliiTcPnjItfta^.of hciOibiub[r. q - o. j ^, 4. 
The D trnc motion of latiiude- 4, 31^4.1 T- 

The ^ >3ortbeinc I^thudi: ^^-as. o. o, p j. 

And her Rediiiftiue Scrupled SubCr. q ^ n. o, i^: . 

But The JcmemotioninhcrpropcrOAe waso" 17.^:5?: 

Thcrforethcl true placcrcduccd to the Edrpt ^,17.6. 3-/. 
AndbccaufeiTii^NotrhLatorihc >W35 'o\ p; j. 

n^ertfbrewiilhcrR^hc afccns, be. ^4!J5: 'o 

Ami her Dtxluiatior} ' ■ . 17: y. .a 

Andbecaufeivebuerfiediftanceof rheMoonf. 
FfomdiecarthiiiSeniidiann^ieT^of thesarth 64 ^t 
Therefore IliaH [he J apprcur SLiaiidiami be — o. 15, 
AEidherparallaxof AliitiKlc. o. 47.0, 

Now bccaufc the Altitude of the liitihc of the ) was found 

hy ctferustion CO bK — — zp: ix: 

Jf weflialifiibflracl htrSemidiameter o; 15; 

And ihc rcfiajfliou- — — ■ — ^: ij 

Wehaue rheappirenr Alriiudc of the "> totter 28:54: 

Torhisif weaddethe pialjai of Attiwde — - — -oL^i?- 
WclhallhaLu: the true Altitude of the J CenEer: 19-^11 
Hatting rhos the laf uudc ofthc plate^hc "> true ATiimde 
with her (i?tiinariDii,by :hc rL-folutionof aSph^ritaf] triir> 
glc atcording to ibc j 1 Problcinc^ lib.2. Parr. 1. of OEir 
Brinfh Tiigonomcrry wc haii? the diHmf c of the > from 
thcMeridian — ■ — — ^^: 2g; 

And by coispcmg this Ardi with the difference of the 
^fcmrions of the hmjiiMTi:?, the Time of tb= > cotaiJ tcco- 



\_^ /J Appendix tmihing Lon^tttde. 

Whkhiubct.fmmtbetimeofchc EmfrJionaC XofriW. t% 
hull. 7. min. sB. iec^ 

ThedifFcTHKeof Meridians in refpftft uF rime wiU be ^.h. 
i^^m. o-SothacCfe^T/fmisTcmooucdfram Ltudtn Weft- 

W3rds» 79- ^. 30, m. 

This may litewifc ba conRrnicd by a fccocid diftercnc ob- 
fcruation made ^itrheiiiftantof die MoanesCulminarionor 
Mediation oFHcau^n, at which cime zhc Aldnide o^ the 
brightcftStarrf inchc Aft^rirme of the NorlhcrncCTownc, 
(iii?ijig<jf [hi: l?cond"Mi!gnrrudc } w3^ fiMJid ro bz jj. gr, 
27-111, Ejfterlv. Ann. ifi^i- Jjff 1^: 

It may be rn^ematically deliircTL'd after thi^ manner, 

Hauii^ihcLaritiidfof aPJacc, wirhihc Alririide 
of a kiiowiie fixed Srarre ac the moment of rhe 
3 culmination, 10 fiiido rh? Loijgimde. 

Thl^ (i^edSiavT^i^of kno^/ncIungimdcandJatinidLvher- 
fore wai hii Dcdinarion 27: (9:andrighrarcc[iiioD ;ip.d5. 
Now by The rclolution ofa Sphjricall TriaoglcoF^, Ucioiuiie 
fides wehaueihi^ diftarKCof this ^lar &om ih? M::TidLai], and 
by tonfequciiccthc- rigbi afcfnii^m of ih^ "}. ivhcnce we mn- 
MooiiK rme place was much leil';. Here note tbarrhcfcm- 
pJofiry of time ig vnkno Anc,an<l therefori^ wc oiinor ai^a 
rhci ")rruep[3ce&oai thence (rhough Igraix ic mightbce- 
ninced ) For that were ro bc^§e die QiaelUon , and ro know 

Jn the n;xc place weaie to inquire with what point of rhc 
Etliptiqijclhe) Jjd culminate with vshcre arZ^st^n, rhat 
lbfiomih?di+&ri'iiceot hat placed, of tlielikeaffei^Qn, wc 
fi]3ydiTdutciliedili^:rL3]C4:of Meiidiaiis. 

Obfcmation on the| Cijlniir,a:iun here ar L^vJoh uee 
madcoone, thefi^foie mult wc bans r^couifc to rhc afore faid 
Tables ufZ^w.'Sfrp^nd from rhcncc calctflare rhe fame. Now' 
hecaufelhe J wii not facKremocnedfromthe Ooppofire 
poiur It will not b^ ainilf; ro enquire Hrll rh? "> plac^ac 
midnigbr. ^^^- Gr. M. ''. 

"nieOop.ofiteplaceatrnidLiigli.Ein'W O II. 18-I5*- 

The !■ tnie place at midiiight leduecd to ihs 

Etlipuqiicwas in^j-—-— ^ ■ — o. 13, 53-'^' 

R i " The 

, Tlic South larinide of the Moonc was — -^o. 4- 5^. 5*. 
lhcrcfi>rcihedifFcrcncec)f Afcenfions will be — 14. tf. o 

IIk Diunall morion cf ihe MooQE — - — ' 14' '4 o 

TberefiHe ibc Mocae proper motion iirwerable to 

Thedif&rcnccof ATcciifionsis — '■' " — —■ — o. ^3. 511 

Whiib added fo theMooiic? tiuf place it midnight 1 7. 53 , 1 a 
Gines vs iheMoonCi mic jHatf reduced to 
theEtliptiquc athct Cirfmination at London ■ — 24. 7. K 
Nowbccaufe the £ SoudieETi Lariiude wa^ 4, T'S.jf^.rhc 
Arch therefofe of the Etlipfiqjf conipiehendcd bcrwc^nc 
the Moones mic phceand the tulminatiDe point nf ihc Edi^ 
lique wiilTrigononieticallv befound tuUr f^:^3. whkhad- 
dedtotho (^iiucplaccbcforcfourxlginf^vsrhf culminating 
poiiir of [he Eclipti. j^.gr.i.m. 4dX which i^lclVe thai that 
fhiiLidat CW/f^fli7.'tbi?tSffs.Tcnccboi[ig 3.8,i4.rherforc i^thi 

pkc^ of Obibniaiiiin Wdi crly uf Z.o^'^'^'^iiuii^ ihcrfore tEie 

(t^ DJumall moiioii & the diftcri^iKc of the feu^ral culminating 

puintii wc conclude the Meridian t}^ Churlnm pi bediftant 

fro rhJsofIffrifl''^.h.T4.m-ofcime 0:73.30. of the EqUifon 
ThediffeTenccbetu'eencchatof ihsEclipfe, and ihij latter 
obleiualion is onLv 4. minjtes of time or one dt^rce a dif- 
ference cafily pardoned, crpetially iFwcc lliall compare rhc 
fame with fomcorfierpUces, yea cuai fuch ai border nccrely 
on each othei-To giue antnlbnceon a enrnient places which 
lye jr! die hi:aTt of Europe, Komc £: Norenbo^ - Their diffe- 
rence of Longirjide Kegromomaiitla makes 16- Werner ^J, 
Appian 34. Msritlin and Origan 33. Stofler iS- M^inusid. 
ScTKiiieria MercatorandHondiusasinuch- St^bis i;^Ian- 
foniiu io. Ke^^erby 1 c^enjatiojis oji i Lunar Eclipfes, birt 
4 niijujtrs oflimc- 

Thi^varicULamortt; thdTc great Aaifts, will I hope par- 
don vschii,di£ferenceof4.jn. arid be a means ro incourage ouc 
EiigliJli Sea-men and other^^ to oiake Inch or the like obferua- 
tkms in foiraine pans a$ ihc heauens llialE beoffrird vnto them* 

H, Gellxehand, 

To the venerable f*yfrf/y?j and youn^ 

gCiScut^^nt^m O^H.TVfTi, in the fainou:> Vni- 
uerfity of Cam bri dg e, 

|0 V nobly-vvittcd, and inge- 
nuoufly-ftudicd Acatiefmnns .- 
whole excellency mall kinds of 
Ic.irning, i\\ fairaignc Faliter^i- 
nei doc admire, yncf none Jtcemc 
vnry. I h:rcprcfencyoi] j^ Vaj- 
L^^^K^- ^hi age to Chlces^ though nor rhe 

Imtr^rnej bur not chf jffld&fl^ i of thai fo miich ulfcr 
of, fo often fought to:, N&rih-Wefi Faffige^ and 
nccrer way inio the Seitrh-Sca, Thar, wherein To 
much r^pw and Tre^farc hauc beenc expended, fo 
many braue Spirits employed, and yet none difcouc- 
red. Peiehance^thereis no fuch /*d^^^ to be found : 
andrharthe^fd^/jU'drr, by the gallery of their falfe 
Se/i-C4rds , and the fable of jti old Grteke pilou ; 
haueboc diuetred our Englijh arid Bntch Sea-taen, 
from their golden Indjts. This plot of fhcir^ hath 
takcfl/orthefemany yeeres: and it appeared to bee 
bur a plot, for that themfdues neucr makevfe of 
this P^ipi^e. Vor mine ownc pare, 1 fnppofe that 
ihc P^i/ofiphrifioM is iu the NertB-Wefi FaffagcMy 
argument for it Is, For th^it thcits Ibmuth ph'tlofi' 
phy in ihc way toic. 

So mucli, and fucb vjttety : fuch vavicfy, and ihai 
fo various, (I ihinkc) from vjh^z isrccdued in the 
sd-c^^e^: r?iJti»werewi!!l\vorthThe diTquifihon of 
an rnitterfty^ { and I wift you rhc firft honour of it) 
cither to find out, how :hi:fe ohfcm^iie^s may b^c 

rc!ducedtk>-^ry?tff/w/'H6;/tf/fl/'^|.'or whcchcrrhtynced 
uny other enquiry, and oiighr ro be examined by 
Jomeothci ii^fi/c:', ihtn ^f.ry7(7^/^hjtliyct lii^fuvpon. 
This is my pufpofc of inlcnbing it vnto you. Of 
chisoncthin^aml confident; [h^r you arc all fo 
rauiii^ali^^adifi^^iiue:<s, asto ptctcrrc7>a;4, before 
Aushsrity-. Arnicas PUie^a^iicui Arifiatdes, butWd?^ 
iirmc^'v^rn^. Yout SiinKts^ rhi^n, being Libtrdt-^ 
your Jiflf^ffj, I know, h^uc fo fiirc parted lino yoLir 
miners, rhatyoui mmds ateJb too, and that fudi 
ciS hane ah-eady proh^rcd beyond ihe credujicy rctjuj- 
rcd ina yang Icirmer, and are f hemjirlues piomoicd 
tobi: Majifrs of ihc Ai!$ -, ihough they fliJJ rttie- 
itjnte thcii oldGre^h Tttivr^ yec rhty will not fuffer 
iharof i'j'f^j^o^-i)^ j>V^i»tf/f, rotodomincfrein ^rijii>. 
tks^ jsioiann/pfid/jcjty gocaway wiihit; much 
leiTe -iJJowir thfauchoriry of a Majon /jum^io-^wkh 

Vpon rhis confidence, I, wjch all due rcfpccis, 
here prefer ce two /"'■jijpti^rpwvnco your difeulTing, 
The firft tJii.^, Whether thfe Rules of .^npilss fhi- 
lofopffy btto y^ ^SUr^Ed fb Vmmrf^l, that they hold all 
thi n'Grlil eiter. The Itjcond rhis, ivhetherihtiy sught 
Uhefs ma^jhnail^ /a to prefcnht Again '-t Ml other ex/L- 
mifmiem. The firil of rhefc, J ihali [yiit pf-Mmatr- 
fj/^propoundvmoyou: bucin ihefecond, Jhope 
a man of my cloaching, may bee allowed the free- 
dome of being fomccbing more cainelt, 


Burtharltnay nor come with prejudice ro the 
making of rhefe morions, or bee thoughr, vpon 

^emi4ns ro allow me fo much difcretian, ^s to know, 
Thar hrihacfhallin your hearings, oppole your -tf- 
Tiftotle; docsliketheShip here fpokcn of, ninnc 
Jgainft aRocke, endanger his owne bulge, and:he 
ibuingof his vdilclL No, Ifofanehomjurthcold 
K^rtHoiU^ rhac I well allow him ro bee Hi^Ur and 
ModendQr&f the sch99U$ : and rhac thet'e is chefamc 
lejpciitdue rohim in cheyf^rfj/ci, which, hy Reafen 
^VidUngCuHeme^ isduerooneof ^tKing^Shi^s fn 
rJic AWrflip i'i'-tf i Th4tif9 si:kneivledgemefJt of a Sm€- 
raignty, fuet'j ether n^mt oagh io Hrih ftjie u him. 
ArifiotU{\tm^\yQ confcJt) haih made all learning 
beholding to him : nomanhath learned co confute 
bim, but by him J and vnldic hee hath plowed with 
his heyfer, Hehad the moft incomparable wir, and 
was the raoft Logicall and demonftraciuc deliuercr 
of himfclJe, of al[ chcSonncsot nature; One,who 
beft of all defeiued :o be cald Htr Prwcipali Secrete 
'7' one, who not ondy jdorrfer a Library^ buc 
a«jttf/iC: ^fti hdbei Arifisielem, hibet B:hliothec4m, 
is rracT of him, then of the (Jre^t Compter. This 
is my opinion of him i md 1 wiih him more fiu- 

Tis not, therefore, tfic name, or the authority of j. 
the great AriB&tk ^ that my Propofitions meddle 
widialh butwherherhisobfciLurions garhered out 
of [his pare of ihe vorld alone, could, like a 

S Ic 

Itmuftbc ccffiM, That in rcfpeit of tUc Equi. 
jMliiAilwdihsLMitudcihzx AtriiieUe liued in^ hee 
v;2shuiz Northern rma - a,ndxwa^ ijis owoc Rule, 
that Njiil itgit extra Sfhxr^fn sRivitMi^fi*^. So then, 
TCwoiJd l>ecpurTOvoyc«i:ocoQlidcr , whether he 
tliat kncwbiittlicicNorilietEK paris^ and [he Me- 
i^terra/jffa/iSei-y could polfibly make fuch collc<^- 
ons, by whafiy^heretobelearotdj 3s ftpglii bee 
Tflfaikabk in f he Soushera HiEmijphcr^ and the two 
Indyesi Phintlyj thole that :ire conucrfaric in the 
Ttdttigmims and heoka of uey^ges inco rhofe parts; 
^lauefou^id ii> many coniraticties to obferuCj tiac 
itweieracIicrW;n«j, theQ difficulc, to fill vp aN^t~ 
iteekewiKh them. 

The Ancients, wee know (as if chcy had rncafured 
theworldbythc Ycard-wand) rcii rained the /Wr* 
o£ ttm^rMnrc ^ aiid kthimm., by tlic fine z^p/zf/ : 
ivuhoutconrKicratJ<Mof atjyinierlopingorconcor- 
ringcaufo, which cxpericnceharh now found our, 
to haucquitealt^ted their ohleriiinion, (3dde,thar 
a good leifure and diUgcnce might ot^reruo, how in 
tile contrary part of the world, there be found clcaoe 
contrary C4*/?^ and £^^/j, vnio thofe in this part 
of theworld. Th/c^South-T^i&dih^e^ btingsfs/t^ani 
Winter ■andrheiV*jri^j]^[|KEainy wintl, How will 
thcThunder^.v^yh'nWitid^ be made agree with Ari-^ 
^iw/ff dcfinicionofajWfKort^? In foiiiepUces of the 
Mountaines Andes by Fem, it euei- "Che 
MuH-Fadjes ha^e. thdt UMonf^/js and their: ftefldy 
winds, conftant for ftxe ineae^hs^Pgetli^r .- a(id:wiM>' 
llidl ailigne their caules ^ Then the, i/f'^Trt*^ of 
the TJTdt/, noTh|*ig lb, vnccitaifi^; whicK*^ amfc 
jfc in ibjnc places, dV^^f^'^^ : and in others ^^w^fa^. 


forke MMUf and hcv mgtipm. This (as 1 renwinber) 

is AiiftotlciddJnirionofaJtfffffi^j Thacit is, l^'* ^i-^ret;, i. 
tm^rfeii mixt h'jdyjgencT^ed out ofajiiJffnB£iaidi/t-ivetv-i. 

i$ni^aai cot^crftistt of the Ulememi'^tphi^h T^gj-ff^rt dm- 

notkdurMe. Now the Jtf e^/w , is both conftant 

inhisconcinuanLethisyecre, and inliisrerurnc nofC 

yecTC; mofl: conftantly keeping his fcafoos hdJe ycoe 

one way, and halfc ycere another way, for all ages : 

norhJngjnoreconftantly or durably j and therefore 

nothing like AriS'ietUs M^e^rc. And fo for the Thtt^- 

dtr w^owxhc Andei : ir is iirftperperuall; Secondly, 

notcaiifrd by a dry exhdathTi^ (as Ariiiotte wUis) biic 

hanging oner fuch liilsasarectJiiercd with ihowand 

aperperuall winter. Wimeilc the Thunikr on ihe 

A^Ei alfo : yea and that in the middle of the Sea, 

500. leagues from fhoare, oranything that isdcy. 

Yca,ic frequently both^/JtTww and Thimda-r vpon the 
vf/w/iTj,3Eoneinftanr: and in 1/9 places that are hard 

But nottopaffethe Z/fl^for it^ You fee in this 
IittlcBooke, hovj Chatlto^ llartd i whichisttomore 
Northerly then your Camhr/dgi^ is yet fo vnfuffcra- 
blycold, that it is Ror habitable: and that there en- 
counter To many different, (ac leaft fo leaning) occut- 
rencesofnatute, as were well worth [he diiqtii^tion 
ofai*j&//(?/tf/^-r,[could,(mm/f[nj] readkig)ififtance 
in many many oihcr particul.-r^: which I had rather 
Ihouldbe found out by fomc induftrious fearchers 
after iVdiwf, in the M/ideme l^ciaiie;^ o{ oar Dtfco- 
iftren, chen in this my ^hort Frofffition. Tis not ro 
be doubted , but that die carehill reading of our 
B00ks efVQfSg^s^ would more elucidate the HiBitrj 
f/JV^tfrf.andmorcconduceto thcintproaemcntof 

S 2 FhUofiph, 

PhihfQphy , then any thing that hath bccnc lately 
thought -tiDon- Theft Navig^io^i hiiue in parr fuf- 
Daib iM- .filled thac of the Prophet , CMaay jhall^fdjfi lo And 
fre, aNd ki^QrvUdg^jhsiff hi ej^crtdffd. This, 1 fuppofc, 
jjjightbeobieruedfrom rhisftudy, Tharrhegreac 
and inJiniteC^^dftfr hath fo difpofcd and varied euery 
thing, thar it is impoiliblc for mansrc^ron ^id ohfcr- 
uationro conclude him: and therefore, riioughvui- 
gsir and rcceiued Ph/lofo^hie^ mJy giuc a man :r general 
iunr^aliilie world outrjy Of na fn/jaer/J// ^nd \\\\Ay- 
Img certainly. 
I; yhvi brings rnccio my SefetrdPrtt/mfiiJaaf That 

fcc-ing God w:ll not luue his works, (no more ihen ^jj Kingdoms) tOOJneby obferu.ition ^ Wfiether^ 

thm^mght any humane dtilutES to he fo MA^rjiertaUfOi t& 

preUribc iigamjl all ^ihcr examifMlittn ? 

No huimfic ftiidy tiioic conduces to the (caing 
fonJ] of Gods glory, thenthcconcemplitionor his 
great workes, jn PhiUfejtfjir .■ fbt ihon^ti a ftnaiiering 
kjjo^vlcdgcin^ft^jWCrLw/^i, warp^ the mind co^vards 
Atbeifm£\ ynx a highet Ipeculanon of theoi , brings 
about againe to Keii^ion, No man ^ I belecue ^ 
wjllihmkcit Hf tor vs \:oh^^<: ^ Pop^ m Phd&fcphie -^ 
one, thai nobody llialJ prtliimc fo cenfure of: biii alt 
be bound to aduance his DecreUffit aboue the Holy 
Scripturei. Tiiis is rhc rcand.fll that my feffc, and di- 
uers good men take, ^t ihcvndue authoriiy in ibmc 
heatOipinrj'd vpon ^\\^sugmte^ 
s>niUi.& i ^ni foiry that tJit//rdf//^^j dotage Vpon^JifemiTW 

i^abbai. Fh/iefiphie, ihould hauceaufcd diezealous Hez^ekialf 

^ lo call in and<o riipprdftthofcvnuaJuabierAj/jf^T ■ 
forfearc, Ifuppoie, Icftiheir crediclliouldhaueas 
much derogated fro tbc authority of the Htf/jriiw^- 

turei i. 

Tures^ss the irjwff Serpsm(whkh he deftroycd about 
ihc lame rime)hi4 doat from Jt<irf«H,None will be- 
kcLif, char Wtfjw^j Fhibfaphie was coarraiy to thg^ . 
Scriptares-y feeing the Jfr/f fur^ eommoads S'Oiit^^' 
ibr chcm. Twas not Hez^ekta^s frarc, ihcfeforCj (or 
nor oncly j left there might haue bcenc a competition 
becwccne chem, but a ni^lc^ of one of them: he was 
lealous left the ^frt^rwr^ might haucany writing fet 
vp^^ jr, though not againftk- 

Can Zf/rt/wf, then, bchlamed forfpeaking, when 
they heare i^rrfUthi Philefiphy to be folely magni- 
fied, and the ftudy of the Scripture Fhihfephy , dil're- 
fpeiftcd :' Or that when tisconitft,Thjcrjch a thing 
istmcin Bfttinm,ivA yet the Modtymngoi'^ poinc 
dsurmme fyr vhhfo^hu K Nay, to lieare it cald a^- 
/rff^^jjid'-Ji^sfiw^^, to haue Scripture vrg'datall, in 
poifitof W/tf/tf/^^ Z* No doubc there ii, Batiehaifc- 
merisf'dfcin Diui/iiiy, iialfifdfe ia N^nrc , how 
much Ihow of truth foeuer it palfes with, in Phriofi- 
phy. Finkfophy hath taken irs curnc in the ScbaeUs.-3nd 
thchly Texts by the Schop/ew^n^h^uG cucnbeenfub- 
mitted vniQ AnfeiUs i yea, to the great corruption 
of ThtohgU, as ilie complaint i^, hath this man been 
fo farre adu;mcedj TJiat Ctfa/rj f;^ Fhilefephi^,&GQn- 
iraeff ApBlielm., hjue familiarly pailed vpand down^ 
fbreqirallt>^^fl;?iiti«j: lb that it iiath been a JWd/if^/'^ 
^i/i^oftenfiincs, betwixt the Pr^pbef-^n^xhcFm^aie- 
iick.- and by fiiule p Say hath r]ic.meali]rebcenemade 
[O (tand tht: harder at the Fcrip^ttick , forthatthe 
Prophet hath beenc enforced to comply with him by 
3.^felfedifii^rpri!4tim,1hu?, had S./*W need giue his 
caveat vnto Theobpe, as \vt\\.^%\nioTheolffpi€r, S£- 
^arskita^ymm (^&yicyQKthrmgbFhil6J^phy^ 

S3 AU. 

Alhhis wcreto no ptirpofc, vnklTe the Text of 
Gadwcrc excelknc in this Uindc-, anilem[>eJIi(?icdj 
here and there, wiih moft admirable rhihfbphy, 
Whatincompariibiy iMrt fooi-l^cps uf it, hjiicwciii 
the Baokes of GetJefs, lirli, and the rfdm^s ? How 
nobfe a Study t]jcn wer? it, and how woi rhy tlic lei- 
iiirt of fbmc excellently Ic.irned ; to bi^fiiow fome 
tjmevpon ic^ FaUfimih^ Phyjiciaa^ haihin iu^ J^itffji 
Phittifephta done fonicthing in tliis kindc: who yet 
migh^huiiedoncbckicei', here and chtrf, for the ho- 
noLjr of the Scriptures. T jni not ib fbtrilli to btlcciie, 
Thaceijcry pjrriculai ii to be dfJ^vi? out o^Scnpiitre: 
th none of my Jorc^ijL', that. Or that Godin Seri^~ 
iHti did intend, cuevy u'htifj the accuiartnclTe of 
Thikpi^hy : or ftand to be lb curiou* in defniiions and 
dcafions. Nor fo foolilh would I be thought, as ro 
haiieall S'hilefo^fjj taken in pittfSj ^nd new moulded 
hy t\v: Scfipirffcs r Nor, [ norhing l7iouldbede- 
tcrniined on, till ^ Texi eonJirmed jc. But this, per- 
chafice , miijht proiitjbiy be thought vpon: That 
where the 5£^/pi«ffjhaue any thing in this kin de, it 
Hiould more reuffrrnily be elleemedi CoHet^ions 
out of fcattcrcd phees, (jx% is done out of L^r^^/Zi'^ 
miEdc: theie compared, ^ndxhtix Reptitafic€i ob^r- 
ucd. This, futely, wouldaf-nounrroinorej thcnls 
yctthoughrof : and ,a-<.Wj name jlet Seholiers bcfij 
bold wirh K^vij^oiki as to i^xamjnc him vpoii good 
allur:^nt:c; , by what is Trmbi TQuch-fi^nt : Rcceiued 
Fhikfo^hy is \ inoftncctJftiy haiid-maidtorhe,?fr/p- 
turei\ but let hernot bei«aboueherLady, not no 
competition be m^ntained betwixt them. 

Something el ie remainesto bethonghtof: That 
feeing rhcfame God, who g^e i^rifistle thcfc good