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Full text of "Tischendorf.I.GreekNewTestament.NovumTestamentumGraece.various editions.9vols.1859-1896."

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i by Googh 





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Theological Library 



^nnorcjuOE, MASS. /O'/' rO fv ' K/~i— 



I. Codices unciales ad evangelia 
adhibiti sunt quinquaginta tree: 

k cod. Sinait. Petrop. saec, IV 

A cod. Alex. Lond. saec V. 

B cod. Vatic. Rom. saec. IV. 

P c©4. £phraemi r*sor. Ifcr. V, 

b cod. Bezae <5antabr. VI. 

E cod. Basil. VIII. 

F cod. Boreeli Rheno-Traject. IX. 

F a margo Octateuchi Coisl. VII. 

g cod. Seldom Lond. IX— X. 

H cod. Seidelii Hamb. IX — X. 

I cod. rescr. Petrop. V et VI. 

i b (antea N b ) rescr. Lond. V. 

k cod. CJprius:j*r< XX. 

L cod. Par. VIII. 

M cod. des Camps Par. IX. 

N cod. purp. Lond. (foil. 4) Vind. 
(2) Vat. (6) (Patm. 33) VI. 

o cod. Mosc. IX. 

o» cod. Guelferb. IX. 

o b cod. Bodl. IX. 

O c cod. Veron. VI. 

o* cod. Tunc. VII. 

0« cod. Sangall. IX. 

o f cod. Noroff. Mosc. IX. 

p cod. rescr. Guelferb. VI. 

Q cod. rescr. Guelferb. V. 

K cod. rescr. Nitr. Lond. VI. 

8 cod. Vat. Rom. a. 949. 

T* cod. Borg. Rom. V. 

T b cod. Petrop. VI. 

T° cod. Porfir. Petrop. VI. 

T* cod. Borg. Rom. VII. 

TJ cod. Nan. Venet. IX«— X. ■ 

v cod. Mosc. IX. 

w» cod. Par. VIII. 


Ck' iAc] 

w b cod. rescr. Neap. VIII. 

w° cod. Sangall. IX. 

W* cxld. Cantabr. IX. 

X cod. Landish. Monac. IX — X. 

Y cod. barb. Rom. VIII. 

z cod. rescr. Dubl. VI. 

T cod. Oxon. et Petrop. IX. 

a. 844 (?). 
A cod. Sangall. IX. 
8 m cod. Tisch. Lips. VII. 
6 b cod. Petrop. VI— VII. 
8° oocL Petrop. VI. 
6 d cod. Petrop. VIII. 
6« cod. Porfir. Petr. VI. 
6 f cod. Porfir. Petr. VI. 
fe cod. Pwir, Pptr. VI. 
e b cod. Porfir. Petr. IX— X. 
A cod. Oxon. JX. 
5 cod. Zacyn. rescr. Lond. VIII. 
II cod. Petrop. IX. 

Evangeliaria et. unc. litt. scripta. 
barb Barberin. rescr. VIII. 
carp Carpenter IX. 
crypt Cryptoferr. rescr. IX. 
ven Venet. rescr. VIII. 

II. Item ad actus apostolorum 
duodecim : 

N A b c D vide ad. evv. 
E cod. Laud. Oxon. VI. 
IT* vide ad evv. 
G cod. Petrop. VII. 
b; cod. Mutin, IX. 
I cod. rescr. Petrop. vide ad. ew. 
V et VII. 

J - ^ ., v. \ Di 

L cod. Angel. Bom. IX. 
P cod. rescr. Porfir. IX. , 

III. Item ad epistnlas eatholicas 

K A B c vide ad ew. 
K cod. Mosc IX. 
L cod. Angel. Kom. IX. 
P cod. rescr. Porfir. IX. 

IV. Item ad epistnlas Paulinas 

iabc vide ad en. 
D cod. Clarom. Par. VI. 
B cod. Sangerm. Petrop. IX. 
P eod. Aug. Cantabr. IX. 
P* vide ad evv. 

cod. Boem. Dresd. IX. 

H cod. Coisl. Par. (foil. 12) Ath. 
(9) Petrop. (5) Mose. (2) Taur. 
(2) Porfir. (1) VI. 

1 cod. rescr. Petrop. VI. 
K cod. Mosc. IX. 

L cod. Angel. Rom. IX. 

u cod. Hamb. et Lond. IX. 

K eod. Petrop. IX. 

o cod. Petrop. VI. 

O* cod. Mosc. VI. 

P cod. rescr. Porfir. IX. 

Q eod. papyraceus Porfir. V. 

B cod. Cryptoferraten.VII — VIII. 

V. Item ad apocalypsiui quinque. 
a A vide ad evv. 

B cod. Vat, 2066. VIII. 

c vide ad evv. 

P cod. rescr. Poitfr, IX. 

ITALAE (saec. II.) CODD. 

Italae codices ad evangelia ad- 

hibita sunt viginti: 
a VerceU. IV. b Veron V. c Colb. 

Par. XI. d Cantabr. VI. e Palat. 

Vind. V. f Brix. VI, ff* Corb. 

Petro> Vin. ff*- Corb. Par. 
VI— VII. gi- Sangerm. VIII. g»- 
Sangerm. X. h Clarom. Vat. V. 
i Vind. VI. k Bobb. Taur. V. 
1 Rehdig. Vratisl. VII. m cod. 
Speculi Rom.VIII. n Sangall. V, 
o Sangall. VII. p Sangall. VIII. 
q Monac. VI. 8 Ambros. VI. 

Item ad actus app. quattuor: • 
d Cantabr. VI. e Laud. VI. m 
cod. Speculi Rom. VIII. 8 
rescr. Bobb. Vindob. V. 

Item ad epp. cath. ires: 

ff Corb. Petrop. VIII. m vide 

ante. r° cod. Prising. Monao. 

VI. s vide ante. 

Item ad epp. Pauli septem: 
d Clarom. Par. VI. e Sangerm, 

Petrop. IX. f eod. Aug. Cantabr. 

IX. g Boem. Dresd. IX. gue 

Guelferb. IV . m vide ante, r cod. 

Frising. Monac. VI et VII. 

VULG. (saec. IV.) CODD. 


am VI. bodl demid em erl for 
VI. fos fti VI. gat harl ing 
mm mt pe prag VI. reg san 
VI. taur tol 

Item al jMlUB et omn taohni (alius vel 
alii 1 : omneft 1 ) codices a Lach- 
manno adhibiti. In apocalypsi 
tres eodd Iipaienses: lips**- 6 - 
Aliquoties etiam ratiohabita est 
codicis hal Halensis, flor Flo- 
riacensis, lux Luxoviensis, mar 
Marianae Sooti cod. Vindob., 
san Sangalleneis epp. Paul. 

flor gue lux mar raich: sunt 
lectionaria Latina. 



aeth: aethiopica saec. IV. (?) ex 

edd. Rom. et polygl. et P. Piatt, 
arm: armenica saec. V. 
arr: arabicae 

basm: basmurica saec. Ill — IV. 
cop: memphitica saec. II — III. 
fr. francica saec. IX (e Lat.) 
go: gothica saec. IV. 
persP: persic. e polygl. (e Syr.) 
pers whe : persic. Wheloci 
sah: sahidica saec. III. 
sax: anglosaxonica saec. VIII — IX 

(ex vulg. Lat.) 
si: slavonica saec. IX. 
syi° n : Byriaca Curetoni saec. II 

e cod. Nitr. saec. V. 
syr hr : syr. hierosolymitana saec. 

V (?) e cod. Vat. a. 1080. 
syrP: syriaca posterior (a. 508 et 

616) ex ed. Whit, 
syr"*: syriaca ex ed. Schaafii 

saec. II— IV (?). 

PATRUM nomina pleraque per 

se clara erant. 
Chr*™: Chrvs. e cod. Guelf. s. 

D am pmrood. : j on> Damasceni pa- 

rallela sacra ex cod. Rupefuc. 

saeculi fere 8. 
E U8 m»*je : Ens. quaest. ad Ma- 

rinum apud Mai. Nov. PP. 

Biblioth. vol. IV. 
Marc e P | P h : ap. Epiphan. 
Marc lm : Marcion ap. Tertull. 
Kaas ,oe : Naasseni in Philosoph. 

Hippol. ed. princ. Item alia 


al: alii 

aliq: "aliquot vel aliquoties 

c: cum sive auctoritate. Ita Gb°° 
c. A. i. e. Griesb. omitti vult 
auctoritate cod. a. 

cat: catena 

et. (cum puncto): etiam 

evgg vel evgll: evangeliaria 

mg: margo 

min: minusculi 

mu: multi 

pauciss: paucissimi 

pier: plerique 

pm: permulti 

rell: reliqui 

unc: unciales 

y Mr etc sunt codd. a F. H. Scri- 
vener conlati. 

2P* etc sunt codd. Petropolitani 
ab Ed. de Muralt conlati. 

49* T etc: evgliar. nr. 49 etc. 

Gb: Griesb. ed. (Ew. 1827) Gb° 
et Gb 00 significant omissionem 
Griesbachio minus probabilem 
et valde probabilem visam. 
Item Gb' et Gb" lectionem a 
Griesbachio oommendatam et 
valde commendatam; Gb 4- 
aliquid a Griesbachio cum 
maxima dubitatione in textum 
receptum. Schu: Dav. Schulz. 
in ed. Griesb. 1837. Gb et 
Sz consentiunt cum g, si non 
nominantur. g (==,GbSz) i. e. 
g exceptis Gb Sz. 

Ln: Lachmanni ed. mai. 1842. 
1860. Ln cum Tischendorfio 
consentit si non nominatur. 

g: ed. Elzev. 1624. unaque ed. 
Rob. Steph. 1 550. Quae ubi diffe- 
runt, g est Rob, Steph., f Elz. 

Sz: Schohdi ed. 1830. 1836. 

Ti: ed. Tisch. anni 1859. 


8 3*12, 14 


1 *- 8 Bifikxj yevfaemo 'lyoov Xowtov viov Javsid viov i,«i,M_ M 
*A$Qaap. 2 'Afioaafji fyspprpep top 'foaax, 7<ra«x di fywpqasp i cities 
top 'laxoifly 'Icatcbfi di eyspptjaev top 3 Iovdap xcu tova adshpova 
avtov, 3 'Iovdao di iyepptjaep top <DoqIg xai tbp Zoqcl ix ttja Ru l~£ u 
OapctQ, &aQsa di iyipprjaep top 'Etrpcop, 'Hfoowp di iye'ppyaep top 
Aoap, 4 IdQ&ft di iyipprjasp tbp 'Afuvadufl, 'AptpadaP di iyep-<** w.ies. 
vr/Gev top Naaaaow, Nccaoamv di iywprjaep top 2aXfu6p, 5 2aX- bu'ms 
par di iyirprpep thv Boiff ix tija ra%i$ , Boia di iyeppTjasp top 
y I<ofiyd ix trie 'Pov&, 'IapTjd di iyeppqaep top 'Isoaai, 6 "Ieaaou di 
tysprtjaep top Aaveid top fiaatXea. Javiid di iyivpr^ev top 2oXo- 

*ia. /ACL&&. e. kb (-^^-etiam d sah). Eandem formam simplicissimam 
atqae aotiquissimam confirmant edd^et^er nonnulli Etiam d (ut 
kb) ubique in summa pagina nil nisi xora pafr&atov babet, item a 
b e q al for al syr c & . . . Gb 8z Ln Ti ivayytXtov xa. par&aiov (Ln 
Ti /tafrfr.) cum cekmsuyta al pi ; item cdd tt et^g pi cop syr«dd 9mm€ 
to vara ftmx&. ayiov (g* om) ivayy. c. miiiusc pi 

1. davit.6 ubique: ita nbi plene scriptum habent HABCDHLTT d Ae b z sab, 
d«PP £"*... Gb Sb davtd, ut passim plene soribunt B 8 BXVTAF e PP 
o«PP alii nnc et min. ..oodd unc omn plerumqne Sad , ita semper pk 
nPQRUzn , p" 1 *PP a P, item al et min p! ... g (Gb") dajlud cum min pm 

4. afuvad- bis com kcbklmsuvii etc: Ti ajuetvad- cum ba sab. Item 
-£a/? c. h (pri tantum loc) bceklmsuvaii al plu . . . h (sec tautum loc) 
r al mu -<fcty» 

5. /£o«* cum kb k sab eop . . . Ln /Sooff c. C 83. . . . c Ti /?oo£ c. eklmsu 
yarn al pier itP ler vg etc | kW^S cum hbc*a al e (33. -fal) sah cop 
aeth arm iCho ... g wfirjS c. c^KLMSirvrn etc 

6. Sav. dt c. hot al 8 g 1, (om 6t) g* k for sab cop syr° u et 8ch arm persP 
Aug Op ... g add o ftaadivo c.obbxmsuvad: al pier it 6 vg al | <r©Ao- 

Tischsvdorf, N. T. Edit. 8. eritica minor. • 1 


2 1, 7. RATA MAB6AI0N 

lCorT^o.. /*«*<£ ex *rp wv Ohgiov, 7 J£ok>fMm di syervtpe* tbv 'Pofiodp, 
*Po/3o«f4 di iyepptpep tbp 'A(kd , Aftta di eyewtpev top Aodup, 
8 Aaay di iyewijoev top 'Iowcwpdr, 'Itoaayat di eyewijoep top 
ImQOf*, 'ImQOLf* di eyepprpev tbv 'Oteiav, 9 'O&iao di iyepptpep top 
'laa&ap, 'Imd&ap di eyevvrpev tbv "A%a^ "A%aJC di iymrqaev top 
y E£ex(ap, 10 'E&xUus di eyevptftev tbv Mavaaoij , Mavctaaija di 
iyevvtjaev top Apcoa, Apart di iyevptpev tbv 'foxjelav, 11 'Looeiaa 
di iyevptpep top y Ie%oviav xcu tova ddekpova avtov im tija /letowe- 
B* r a, » aicuj Bafivlaipoa. 12 petit di tip petoixeaiav Bafivkavoo • lexoviaa 
eyewipev tbp JSaXa&uljX, JSala&iq). di iyewijcep top Zogofidflek, 
13 ZooopipeX di iyewipev tbv A(kovd, Afiwvd di iyipvtpep top 
'Ektaxeip, 'Ehaxeip di eyeppijcep tbpA£<6o, 14ACd)Q di eyepptpep 
tbp JZadobx, 2ad<xtx di iyevvipev top 'Axeip, 'A%e\p di eyepprpep 
tbv 'Eltovd, 15 'Ehovd di eyevptjoev tbv '£foa£o£, 'Eked^ag di 
iytwrfizv tbv Maftftdv, Ma&&dp di iyewvipev tbv 'Icau&fl, 16 'Ia- 
xci>/3 di faivvrpev tbv 'Ifoai/w tbv avdoa Moqiclg, «{ rp eyevpjj&q 
'Itjgovo o XeyojjLBvoa Xotatoo. 17 % ' 10 Ilaacu ow al yeveal anb 
'Apoaap saxT Javeld ysveal dexatiaaoQea , xa\ dab Javeld eoxr 
trja fAStoweaicuT Baflvlmvoo yeveal dexateaaaoeG , xal anb tija 
ftetoixeaiaa BafivXaivoG eons tov Xouytov yeveal dexatmaaQea. 
18 Tov di 'Iipov Xoustov jJ yeveauT ovtcoa tjv. "* 5 pv^atevd-d" 

fnava cum BCEKXMSCvrn etc, m* 1. calo^r* , n b aaiv/imva (et. v. 7 

oaXvtftwr) ... g Ln -purree cum a al 
7 sq aaaip cum kbcdI™*« 1. 209. c g 1, * k q sah cop syrP m* arm aeth 

persP . . . g Ti offa c. bklmsuvtaii al pier it ma vg 8yr ca et utr etc 
8sq o£eKsr' o&«t<r (h -mw) c. h*b*d 1uc a sah ... f o£w*r' o£«a<r ctta'cBK 

Lusuvrn etc 
9sq tfytw f£fx»aff c. HBCBKLMSDVTAn etc ... » luc «£«*««* 

10. o/ioxr bis cum hbcd 1uc mtaii* al mu itpl sah cop arm . .. c apwr cum 
EKLMSuvn 8 al pi a f vg syr onm al 

lOsq <aKr«*ay * ho<j(w<j cum mbd!°°a sah . .. g -trw (ita et. k*>) -a*our o. 
CBKLifsuvrn etc 

11. tov itxoviav c. HBCEKLBvrAn al pi it vg sah cop syr«u syr >oh etc .. . 
mu al plus 30 syrhr syrP c* to* wcucet/t' nnaxeifi St tyippt\<st. to* *t%o- 
vhxv. Eadem confirmat Ir* nt8 » ai » 9 

15. paO-ftav cum b*d Iqc . . . q par 6hxr cum HCBKLMPBUVTan etc 
IS. w xv cum HCBKLMPStJVzrAn al fere omn sah cop syr atr arm aeth Or 
•»w Eus deln8ao etc; b Or 111 * 8 ! 986 w w ... Ti Gb' & cum (d periit 


KATA MA66AJ0N 2, 1. 

^sx^jfafg^ba avrov Maoicuj rep iWjJgp , nolv tj owaLfor? avrowr 

(rp&9 h yaatgl e%ovaa ix nvevparoe ctyiot). 19 4 ' 10 'IaxyjHp fie 6 

ififQ avjija, dixcuoa &v xal f«y Oekoov avzqv deiypariacu, ipovMfotj 

U&Qa asw)S)(sai avrtjv. 20 tavta da avzov ipOvftq&svzoG , idov 

s77cioa xv^ov xar wa^ f'qpaV^ ovz<$ Idywv* '/oOT/gp vSxr 4oveid 9 

H Vofa&VG noQakoL^eh Mootafi tip yvfdixd gov ' to yaQ iv avzjj 

imifthr ix nvevpatoa soziv ayiov. 21 zQezcu di vlov, xal xaki- Lc *» u 

wc to opofut avzov 'Iqoovv' avzbc yog orioei zbv Xabv avrov 

«o zm apagrccoV avzw. 22 zovzo de olov yiyovev tva nhjQw&q 

ro W&h vnb xvqIov did zov ngoq^zov Xiyovroe' 23 idov y aao&i- ■•>*» M 

w ft yaatgl !£et xal zi^szai viov, xal xcdJaovtriv to ovopa avrov 

EftjMpovyXy o iativ fM&eQfwvsvofievw f*e& ijfmv 6 Geoo. 24 iyBQ- 

§w de 7a*r^<p dnb tov vnvov inoir t c£v too nQoaita£ev avttp 6 

ajjsLoc xvoiov , xal nao&apev tip ywaixa avrov " 25 xal ovx 

*]twaxer avzifv itoa ov hexev vwv y xal ixaksaev to ovopa avzov Lei, t *ttt 



1 Tov de 'Iqaov ytwrfiivzoa iv Brfihiyi tija 'Iovdatao iv 
^aio NQcidw tov fiaoOJaxs, idov fidyoi dnb dvatoXoh aaaey*- 

wd videtur quia d) 71. it vg sax fr syr** pera w Ir l "t M§ al | ywaur 
(Ob) cam mbcpbza al ayrP Ens^em tl ... s(Gb') yeyvrjata cum bklmu 
Tm al pier syr etc | fivijaziv&. cum mbc*z 1. 209* it vg sah cop ayr 
0,nn arm al Ir int . . . s Ti add yao cum c a EKLMP8UVr ah al pier d Eus 
dan Ba8»» 5OT al 

19. Suyfjiar. (Gb') cum H^vclbaz 1. Eu8«toph Ml ... $ nagaitiy/iaz. c. 
H*et«cEKLMJPSirvrAn al fere omn itPl vg (tradueere) Eus* 1 *™ al 

20. fiagta/i cum MCDKKMPsnvzrAn etc . . . bl 1. Eus 68 sah cop pctQta* 

22. v7ro cum mbcdza 1. 38. 127*... g (6b°) add tov cum eklmbuvtii al 
pier Euadem a i 

23. o &too: Ln om o cum b ex errore birch 

24. tyiqfr. cum hbc*z 1. 209. . . . q Ti dtiy(Q&. cum c 8 DEKLM6UvrAn etc 
(it vg exturgent) \ mHXTjy c. »Kzr An al pm . . . ? Lb Ti o ewer. c. bcdb 
LM8UV al pi 

25. wo* c. kbz 1. 38. a^' 1 b c g 1, k sah cop syr ca Ambl> Ia al . . . s to* 
v*qv avztjff (d 8 l d q om) tov ijqmtotoxov (g s * unigenitum) cum cdekl 
MBUVran al pier f ff l ' g 8 * q syr utr arm aeth al :: eiLc2, 7. ubi nemo 
lectionem mutavit 


2, 2. RATA MA86AI0N 

towro eh JeooaoXvfia 2 Xeyovrea' nov earl* 6 rex&eta fiaoikevcr 
(Hmw, i7) twv 'lovbaiow; eflbftev yag airtov rbv aareoa iv rrj dvaroXfj, xou 
fjldofAev rtooaxwijacu airo). 3 dxovaaa de 6 pcunXevc 'Hodlhjff 
hctQax&tj, xou naaa 'ieooaoXvfia per airtov, 4 xai away ay w 
ndvraa rove doyteoeia xai yoaimareia rov Xaov eftw&drero nag 
io7,« atrrw »ot; o Xotcroa yevratcu. ww 0»my atmp ** Bq&- 
Xeep rija Tovdai'aa' ovr&a yag yeyoanrai did rov nooyrjzov' 6 xou 
av Btj&Xesfi, yfj 'Jovda, ovdapima ika%iarri el h> rota tjyefibatr 
lovda ' ix gov yog i^eXevaerou ^yovfteroa, oaroa noifjutvel rbv Xaor 
uov rbv 'Jagatjl. 7 • ,, ° rore 'Hgcidtja Xd&ga xaXeaaa rova pdyova 
i/xQifaae* nag avrcjf rbv xqoyov rov qxavofuwv dare'goa, Sxal 
TTBfiipouj avrova eia BiffrXeefi ehtev* rtogev&evrea i^erdaare dxgi- 
$ma negl rov naidiov' endv de evgtjre, dnayyeikare fwi 9 orraxj 
xdym iXOwv xgoaxwijam airo}. 9 oi de dxovaavrea rov f$amXt<o<T 
iftogev&ijaav' xcu idob b dotyo, ov eldov ev rtj dvaroXfj, noorjyev 
avrova iona iX&aw eard&tj endvta ov rp rb naMov* 10 idovrea de 
tbv darega e%agriaav %OQav fieydJjjv aojodga. 11 xou iX&ovrea eta 
rtjv olxiav eldov rb ficufiiov perd Magiaa rija pujtgba airtov, xcu 
neaovrea ftgoaexwrjaav avro), xou dvoi^avrea row {hpavoowr 
(Ei ao, e) avrav ftgoayveyxav avro} do3ga, xqvoo* xai Xtfiavov xou apbgvav. 
12 xou xQyuaxtaftwteG xar ovag fit/ dvaxcutxpcu ftgba HQadrjr, 
&' ctXhja odov dvexwoqaar eta rip foigav awzw. 

13 'AvaxcoQtjodrtw de cevrdw, tdov ayyeloa xvotov qpcuverou 

II, 1. HQoaokv/ia cum hbc s dm8zt etc ... c*KKLUVAn etc irtQOvcalijf* 

2. tidopiv cum H b BDLUTA al pi . . . H*etccKKMTzn al mu rton. 

3. o fia. n<>&. cum hbdz al* b c k cop Eus de,n8W ... c iff?*- ° P a - cum 
cxKLMSUYran al pier it m * vg sah al mu 

6. khitav cum hb ... g Ln t*nov cum CDEKLMSUYzran etc 

8. t£«r. axQifi. (Gb') cum »bc*d al 6 it vg sah cop al ... g anq. t^tt. c. 
c 8 BKLM8uvrAn al pier Or 8 * 661,788 

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cum hbcd al 8 Or 8 * 861 Eu»dem«8 . ,, ^ tfft ^ cnm kklmsuvtah etc 

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xar ovaq h. I. HDBLBSUvrA al pier it vg etc.Ln ante ycuv. (Hpavrj) 
pon c. BCKn al 10 


KATA MA66AI0N 2, 22 

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tk* tofttQa. avtov, xal yevye sia Atyvntov, xcu ta&t ixel ioaa ap 
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add tov) xvqiov ... f vno cam SKLMSUYran (n* add tov) al pier syr 

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^ ... g &f)qvoa xa* *Xav&ft. c. CDEKLMSEvrAn al pier syr cu etP arm | 
q&tl** cum HBCEKLMfiUVTAn al fere omn etc . . . Ln rj&drjaiv cum 
ds al pane 

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ante vaty. cum ciKUtsuvrAii al pier syrP 

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22. rqa (Gb') cum hb al 45 fere arm Eus^e^ 386 . .. g Ti. praem tm c. cd 
BKLMSxrvrAn al pi : : ftaa. tm in lxx frequentiasimum | tou na. av. 
W»6. cum hbc* ... g Ti hq. t. na. av. cum c'deklmsuvpah etc 


6 2, 23. KATA MA66AI0N 

23 xat iX&mv xatcpxrpev eh nohv leyofjtsvtp Na£agi&* onaxr 
<b«ii, i) nlrjgm&y to Qtj&ev dtd to3v Ttgoqrqtav ott Na&Qaloa xhj&tjaetcu. 


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v, 19 gai tixva topA^gadp. 10 {jdrj di ij d^ivy ngba tip gt£av tow div- 

28. vaKaqid- cum CEKMUvm al pins 80 (21, 11 et. hbd) itpl« r vg sah cop 

alj; a 1. vaX>aQa&- ... g vd£<XQ*r c. hbdls etc 
III, 1. 3* cum MBCur al pi itPl vg Bah cop syr^r etc ... dbklmsvah al 

plus 80 b ff *• g 1 ' q tol coped 1 etc om (Gb°) 

2. Xcyow c. hb sah cop g 8 ' q aeth Hil ... g Ti xa* ).ty. c. CDEXLMBUvrAn etc 

3. dt,a (Gb') cum hbcd al 10 fere it vg al . . . g vno cum BKLVSOvrAn etc 

4. tjv avtov cum hbcd 1. 209. ... g a\*rov tjv cum eklmbcvtah etc 

6. tpa7rti£ovto: c 8 S3. Hil add nanta, Ln [net.] :: cf ad Mc 1, 5. | no- 
tafio) c. hbc*ma al plus 80 sah cop syr ca et ukr ethr arm aeth Or*» »>«.m» 
al . . . g Ti om cum c B DEKLSUvrn al pi it vg Or*» 187l lhere a i 

7. paTrttOfia cum »*b sah Or*» l84# l86 ' W1 Hil ... g Ti add avtov cum Hb 
ODKKLMSuvrAn etc 

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syrP al mu Or 4 ' 188 al Ir 1 ^ 18 *.. . g xagnovff a£tova cum lu al mu a g 8 * 
m syr«a e t>«h pp»"a gr e tl»* :: cf Lc 3, 8 

10. ijo*ij dt (Gb') cum hbcd»°pp1ma al 8 d sab cop syTC™et«ch a l Or 4 » 184 


KATA MA68AJ0N 3, 16. 

H^mr x&tai' nk* civv detOQOv pq fiotovr xaonbv xaXbv ixxontstai 
mci ua nvQ ^aXXtrcu. 11 ni *ya> ubr ipoa $anti£co if vdati sia 
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oioavoi, xai eldtv nvevpa &eov xataflaivov ci<je* nsQurreodv , io- e tUt al . . . g rjS. Si xa* cum kklbuytii al pier syrP :: cf 
Lc 5, 9 

11. v/icur pant, cum »(h»» Or 4 » M11 « «* vA fia.)B 1. S3. 209. ff 1 ' g«* m 
am for lust** 49 Clem««»W8 ( Vf4m v j. p a j Or"" etc ... g fit*, v/i. cum 
CD*Bppl B KLM8irvrAn al pier itpl (et.d) vg*d Bah cop etc :: cf Lc etMo 

12. x. avt. avtov cum hbcd*upp)xmbyta al pi c d f m vg Bah cop al Hil 
... elu al plus 80 it* harl* syr«aetatr arm al lust* al It"*" 1 al om 
avxov (Gb°) | ano&iptti> cum MCD>npplxM8Yra al pi a c d f q vg sah 
cop al luat^etc ... Ln add avtov cum bblu al 80 it 4 harl* Byr« a etotr 
arm al Cyr Amb al 

14. o St com a*B sah Ea«P«**. . . g Ti add tmavrtic cum k&cdkpp^klmfs 

15. no. am. cum nCD>npplEBXMFBVYra etc ... Ln avt» c. b al* itpl«r 
▼g cop EueP* 

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e. c*D fla PPBXLiiP8Uyr al pier itpl (et.d) Byr«a e tPal Hipp*h««ph« etc j 
tv&. otrtfi. c. kbd»"PP al 4 itpl yg aah cop Byr«net»«h a eth Hipptheoph 
al . .. g avtfi. tv&. cum cxxucpsuTra al pier d h m syrP arm | ave- 
mzb- (b Hippth«oph fjp (t o X &. : it a Ln) c. h*b tol Bah Byren IrlntM*odd 
Hilhl» Vig . . . g Ti add aitw , Ln [at'.] c. KfccD">PPXKLKPBUvr& etc | 
ikStv cam hbxxut al pi . . . cd ,u PPklpva al mu tSt* | nvtvp. (et. cop) 
4r«ov c. mb ... ? Ln Ti to nr. tov &(. com CD^PPxxxMBuyra etc | 
*Qzop. cum m*b a b c g 1 * h am tol harl* cop Hil . . • g Ti xcu «o^. c 
N«CDKXumuYra al omn^W f ff la m rg ete 


8 3, 17. KATA MA69AI0N 

e?«, i ypimop in avtov. 17 xal idov (pcovtj ex tmv ovgavmv Xsyowra ' 
"• s ovtoG fotw 6 vIog fiov 6 £yam]t6o, w <p tjvdoxtfGa. 



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kcu im %Ei{>6iv aQOvaiv <re , pfjnote nooaxoxpriG now M&ov tov 

17. tivdontjaa cum K*etccLP al pm . . . ? Ln Ti tvd. cum H b BDBBMSUVT& 
al pi. Ev. Ebion. teste Epiph sic: x. tponrri iyiv. Ix rov ovq. Xiyovaa' 
av fiov t? o viba 6 Sty an., h vol qvd. xal naXw iyot aijfiiQov yty&v- 
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Xvtv a\n<p XlytaV aqua y or* o'urwa taxi nqinov nXfiqta&ijvai nana. 
Similiter Iustt rl08 et M 

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xtaa. vvxt.) . . . e Ln Ti k. vv. it. cum bceklmpsuvpa etc 

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Chrmos m . # g nffoa. avtta o nt*. ttn. cum CKKLMPauvr^ al pier f g 1 ' 
•ah syrP al . . . © al a b c g a " h syr*i» nqo*. (d itaUq 7tQoar\Xd-tv) avxoi 
q m*. (d it* u< l add aa») tin. avtm (Ln) 

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ink c. HBKKtMPBUrA. al pier ... Gb" Ln Ti «* c. qd al 6 ; it rg utroq 

6. fffxtfaev (Gb') c. kbcds al pauc sab . . . c Ti kaxipn c. BXLMPSUVr^ 

al pier 
6. Uyib c. H*et«BCDEKLBUvrA etc ... Ln um* c. h!>z 167. al itP 1 vg 


KATA MAB6AJ0N 4, 17. 

soda gov. 7 kpTj avnp 6 ItjGovc' nakv yiyqantaC ovx ixnuQa- Dene. ia 
ms xvqwp top &8itv aov» 8 TiaXif noQahtpfidpei avtov 6 did- 
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id, xai Neqp&aXeip, 14 ha fiXqQa&jj to Qrfih did Haouov tov 
npxftfzov Idyowoc' 15 pi ZajlovXcov xai yij Necp&aXetu, odov *■•.!■ 
ttaiir^a ntQav tov 'IoQddvov, rahXaia wv i&pw, 16 6 Xoog 
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jtanlua tow ovgapmp* 

l.nah* c. sqq conjg cdklmuz etc; c. an teed d h c e 33. al it^a 

9. urn* c. kbcdz al s it vg ... g Ti JU jw c EKLMPBCvrA etc | tov. ao* 
na. c. kbc*z al - 1 am for Ort« r Chr m0 * ..,; Ld tcmi. tto. croi c. c 8 db 
HJiPBtnrrA al pier wpi«* 

10. vnayi cum hbc*xpsva 1. al pi f k vg (harl**) fr aah cop ayr* c het P 
Or**" IgnPWHppi* Petr*J« (ap. Kou. 4, 24) al Ir^* 81 * Tert Hier^t 
. . . Gb (sed Gb°) Sz Ti add 07rwxw ^oi>, Ln [o. /*.] c. c 3 D£LMurz al 1 * 
fere itpl««" harl* syr c « et (vel cum* vel aine*) syrP arm aeth luat^ los 
Ath*««8-«»al :: e 16,23 

11 ox. dt c. hbc*dz al k am for cop aeth Or*er Eu8 w etdem Aug ... g 
Ln add (Gb 00 ) o ttjooiie c. c**EKLMP8DyrA al pier itPl©* etc 

13. «o£afo c »h B *z 33. k Or*» 179 *, cpa -Qa& (Ln) ... f -f*r c. B*Lsr al 
pi Or** 170 ... Ti -Qt& c. **dmmuv al pm itPler V g cop Or*« r Eua 
den » | xa^a^aovfi (Gb'') c. kbdz 33. it vg sax fr cop Or Epiph 
Nonn. Accedunt paasim oiXRTT b AZ ... g KaniQvaovfi c. ckklmpsuv 
ta g\omn f ere etc 

15. J>*l itPl« r (non k al) am for (non fuld al) yoJUAotoff 

16. more* c. M*CKKLMPSuvrA etc ... Ln Ti o-xorto c. h^bd Or 1 * 688 | 
?w h. 1. »BO al 6 itPle* am for Or*» 91 Eusdem«8 Chrmo* Cyr«« 149 ... 
t ante peya a. oBKLMPBUvra al pier k vg etc | tidtv c. m^bemua al 
pi: m*cklpy al mu *div 


10 4, 18. KATA MAeOAION 

m l« kji-u 1® nsQtnarw de naqa ftp &aXafftrav rrp raXiXaiaa side* 
ioi,ae-« $; adeXyova, 2iatava rbv XeySfjievov Ilirgov xal*Av$Qiav rbv 
adehpbv avrov, fidXXovraa df^pi^Xtjaroov eh rtjv &dXaGvav' t/aocv 
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Xav{hpuv avrqp. 21 *** 8 i£ai noo$aa ixef&ev elder aXXova dvo 
ddekpova, Taxw/fo* rbv rov Zeffedatov xai y Iaawip> rbv ddeXxppp 
avrov, iv tip nXot'q* fierce Zefledaiov rov naroba avrmv xaraori- 
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oupevtea rb rrXowv xai rbv nariqa avrAv yxoXovthpav avrqj. 

l,ZI',u 23 88,1 Kal negrijyev iv oXy t# raXtlcu'a, diddaxmv iv raid 
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avr<$ ndvraa rows xaxaxr eypvraa notxiXata vooota xai paadvota 
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[tow xai 'Iovdaiaa xai mgav rov *logddvov. 

18. ntqtn. c. KBCEKLMpsuyr&n etc ... t> itpl** Eusdem not^ayoiv (cum 
tranriret) :: cf He | <te (Gb Sz) sine addiUm c. wBCDKMPSTJVrn etc 
... g add o njooia c. ka al pm a c h m vg*d arm | «to\ c. mbdemuta 
n 9 al pi . . . cklpvii* al *Sev \ alitor c. h*b*c ... g Ln Ti alttiff c, »b 
B s DBKLM8uyr&n etc. Item v. 19. 

19. avtour: c 9 it™* Byro*et"«l» aeth Cyr® 8 " 8 add o itj<rov<r, Ln [o itj.] 
21. tidtv c. BDButrr^n 9 al pi: hcbxvb* al rt*v 

S3, (v (Ln om ex errore de b) oXij (w*om) t. ycd. c. h*bc 157. cop syr** 
et utr aeth ... «* Ti oXijv rtjv yaXiXcti,av c. H^DEKMBtrvrin al omn' w « 
it yg Eus dem al | ntq *tfy. et yaA*/l. absque o ♦i/o 1 . c. b 157. 20«* k 
syr 011 ... hc*d al 10 fere itP ler vg etc post ntQH>}y. add (Ln), e post yoti. 
c. o 8 EKM8UvrAn al pier 

24. anrjl&tv. hc al ma cop syrP m 8 al Or 9 *™ flij^^v | xa* o^ai/i. c. hc 9 
DEKSUvrn al pier it yg syr«netntr ^ij jtem omisso xow bc* 18. 235. 
cop Eusdem (Ln Ti) ... ma al 10 om 


RATA MAB6AI0N 5, 14. 11 


1 ,4 ' 10 Ida* dl tova o%kows art(ty eh to oqog* xcu xa&iaav Lee,ir 
ww awrov noooijl&a* avty oi ftcrthjtcu aitov. 2 98,B xcu cvpol^aa 
to mop* avtov idtiktoxe* avtova liyW 3 paxapoi oi mm%o\ Lo S e,io« 
r<g» ftwsvptati, on avtm* htiv rj fiaatlBia tw oiganay. 4 M ' 10 ua- 
xoquh oi ftQaetdy oti ccvtol xh/QOvopqaoww tip yip. 5 t7aS (ta- 
vLOQiot oi ner&ovmv, oti avzol naQaxbj&rjiiorrcu. 6 te * 5 paxaowi 
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gottcu. 7 Mlu poxopuH oi iXtrfttovea , oti avtol ikeri&Tpovrat. 

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fr eyr«* Clem 5798 Or»» T4 ° Amm et Ens*" (videtur ita, Bed ipsi nu- 
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d it« flor Or«» «« Lcif Hil*«' al 

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x«» xa<r. cam bekv scvrAn al pier (it vg etc) 


12 5, 15. KATA MA86AI0N 

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Basb»pW» 5 Ps-Ath (ep. 2. ad Castor.) Tust»P l » w Ptol*orsa,6 8C hol«- 
«w- al cdd«f ap Aag»*»«t at edd ap Hier (pel»«r in pleriaq edd anliqvis 
sine caussa add&un mm est; itemmt) T«rt^d(or»uo et spol«) ... ^ add 
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tra essa videtur quod* 7 ^ habel: pro eo quod e$t: Non occides, neque 
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f* ff 1 * h q al am fu al Tert Cyp al ... ? Ln Ti ^axa c. h^be one rell 
mia certe pier (al qaxxa) f** k vg«d etc 

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txti, c. DBKMUVAn al plus 80 Const 8 ' 88 Cyrhr Cbr«»«atf 


KATA MA66AI0N 5, 32. 18 

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sab go Carpocspipk* 7 * 5 Clem* 06 Chr" 8 * al I o *Qvrria c. kb al* k arm 
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add <rc na^ad* (d* -<fa<r«», item an tea) c. DSKLMSUvran al pier it 
pier V g syr c . u et of cop sab go Hier :: cf Lc 

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aetb OH* 830 Cyr al ... g add tour o^^cuoi^ c. lm a al certe pm it 6 vg 
•yr c " ayrP c* Euedemte'etP" Chr Irl nt248 

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m al certe pm Iwst^P 1 ^ Atbenl«««» Or»» * w j item it vg etc | avrou: 
b tamov (Ln) 

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propterea enim om veranm) al 5 itPl er Tg syr« a cop aeth (Or*» 88oU bere) 
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(sed tf eat)n al pier f go iyr utr arm Chr 

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dt e. KbBDEQLMBTJvrA al pier it rg etc .. . H»Kn a] plus 24 syT^et*®^ 
arr om | oa c. hbdl al* it vg Chr (et.™o*) . . . g (Gb°) praem or* c. bgk 
mbuvau etc 


14 5, 33. RATA MA88AI0N 

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avtijv fMHxev&ijvai, xal oa iar anoXzkvftmp yafitJGfj t noi%arai. 

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arm aeth edd ap Aug con J a &*dult t .. ? 'Ti off av anoXvatj (Or -an) cde 
gbuv al pi a b g 1 ' h k edd ap Aug syr ca cop Or 8 * 9 " : : poterat haec 
lectio ex31 ctl9, 9 oriri, ilia ex Lc | fxotxtv&rjvai c. hbd al 6 Thphil 
8,i8 Or*» 647 '«* 8 Chr txt et com (et.m° fl ) al ... * Ti fioyaoQai c. eklms 
uvah al pier (Baa 8 ' 897 * 11114 ) :: Thorn 619 //o*/ara* o dv^Q, /fOft/tt'era* 
dl r\ ywl\. At non est quod talem distinctionem potius evgUtam 
quam scriptores cod i cum putemus neglezisse, quibus juot/affd-at, 
quod haud dubie eodem sensu usurpabatur, accommodatius ad pot- 
Xarai, (et h. 1. et 19, 9) ponendum videri poterat | off tav anol. ya- 
ftijoij: b al 6 o an. yaptjaaa 

33. (Q(jt&Tj c. «B*LSUAn** al pi . . . Ln Ti tQQti&tj c. b 9 dekmvii* al mu 
36. |t*. vQtxa (h*el al -%av) Xn>. noi. q (l om) fit X. c. «bl al it 10 vg cop 

aeth arm Cyp 808 Aug»emel al ... g ftt. Tp». Xtv. tj fuX. no%. c. ekmsdv 
ah al pier syrP go ... D 1. k Clem 96 * Cyp 178 Aug 8einel notya. (d* 
norttv) Tp. (i>. (1. fi. t., Cleth om /a.) Xtv, ij fit A. 

87. fffrw: b 245. Euad®™ 98 fff-ra* 

88. tQQt&T] c. »B*E*LM8nAn** al pi ... Ln Ti tQW&V c - "'DB^vn* al mu 
39. qamttt, c. hb 33. al 9 . . . g Ti -<m c. DEGKLMeuvAn al oran fere Eub 

dem Chr | n<r c. «*b 435. al 18 fere Dial Eusdem cod Bas 1 *" 9 Chr (et. 
™<>«j ... g Ti «7r* c. hcdboklmbuvah al pier Eu» dom ed Baabapt 68 ? | 
otayova c. h 1. 33. 127. 157. 435. al plus 50 a f u em Dial Bas 1 . * 19 
Baebaptes? Q h r Dam Or 1 ^ 9 * 166 ... Ln any. aov c. bd (itnm V g) Eus 
*•">, f Ti ffoi' ff*ay. c. egklmsuvad al pi c g 1, k go al 


KATA MA88AI0S 5, 48. 15 

42 tup ahovpti at doa, xal top &t%orra aito gov dartoaa&ai py i* e, so 
cswrTQaq^c. 43 **'* 'Hxovaate oti ioQi&fj' ayanijpuo top nhf 
s»r <nw xcw fuoTjaeio top si&qop gov. 44 *ya> fle JUt«o vp**, aya- lc s, « • 
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wotovatr; 47 xal tap aonaatpfa rove ddekpoita ifM»p /mow, ti 
notccbv nomta; ovyl xal oi i&pixol to avto noiovaiv; 48 eaeo&e d«u is, » 
dp ifteuj tHeioi ma 6 natyg vjmmp 6 ovoapioa tdletoa datip. 

42. Wc mbd 13. 124. Clem 680 ... g cWot> c. kgklmsuvaii etc :: cf Lc | 
3<xruja.G&. c. hb*da etc (Lc 6, 34 -»- et. alpi) ... $* Ln Ti Savior, c. 
B*seKirun etc ; l. Scwjo. 

43. Htft&rj c. HB*LSDAn* al pi ... Ln Ti fooq^i? c. b 9 dbgkxvd:* al mn 

44. t. *z&Q- *'A* W * c. mb al* it* rg sax fr cop syr** Thphil 9 * 1 * Or<» M4 ' 
*»• •", item 1 *'** 4 »» 5t Dial* EusP«*» lr»t«« Cyp*»r al . . . (Gb«>) add 
f i/Ao/«*t< tov0 xaxaQVfiuvova vfiao c. dbklmsuah al pier c f h go 
syrschetP aim aeth Athen 1 *** 11 Clem 605 EusP™ 19 »* Const 1 ' 9 Chr :: 
cf Lc | xcu itoooev. c. kb al 9 k cop syr ea Tbphil Athen Clem 606 Or 
(ut ante) Dial EnsP™ &«*»• Cypter a l ... e (Gb 00 ) praem xaW 
no*t*tt xova ftiaovnaa (c. min; Gb Sz tokj utoovotv c. one omn) 
■ufjtcLG c. dbklmsuah al pier itpl* r vg go syr°tr arm aeth Const 1 * 9 Chr 
Aug al :: cf Lc | duaxov*. c. mb al 6 k m em syr c » cop aeth Athen 
Dial Or*»«*'»».«i Ir int2io Cyptw al ... g (Q D o) pr aem tnijotaZov- 
tar vfiata (d 157. Ens om) xcu. c. deklmbitau al pier a b c f h go syr 
** arm EuaP™ et«« Const Chr 

46. to avto c. mbbklmstjah al pier go syr Qtr arm etc (1. etc toito) .. 
Ln Ti ovrew c. dz al 5 h k syr cn cop aeth Cyp Lcif 

47. aStX<p. c. hbdz al mn itpl«f (k om versnm) vg fr sax syr 00 et » c h 
cop aeth arr perss Cyp al . . . Gb yiXovcr c. eklmsuao al pins 100 f h 
syrP arm go Bas 9 * 468 Lcif al I t&vixo* (Gb) c. mbdz al 90 itP*«r vg syr 
«a etP et&* cop aeth al Bas Cyp Lcif al . . . * (Gb') T*Ao>mt c. eklms 
ran al pi h k syr»«h 8 yrP ood g | to ai'To (Gb') c.hbdmdz al plus* 
Byr s °h go arm aeth al; item hoe itP ler vg, haec g 1 ' . .. % oitw (~ma) c. 
EKLBan al pi h cop syr cu etP 

48. ei<F c. hbp«i.z 1. 13. 33. 124. al Clembl« Orbi» Ensdem 104 A th>» «o- * w 
al ... q Ti »<rntQ c. DBXMSUAn al pier | o ovqclvwg (Gb") c. MBD b E 
»*iuz al*°fere it 5 vg syrP arm aeth al Clem 881 *^ Or 1 . 899 ' 9 . 96 Ath»>U 


16 6, 1. KATA MA86AI0N 


1 a ' 1Q IlooGe%et8 de trp dtxatoGvrrjt vpayv pq noieiv ipngoa- 
&er tm av&Qtomov nooG to ^ea&qvai avtofo' ei di prjye, pio&bv 
ohx e\ete naoa to) natal vpew rep & ovgavoio' 2 otav ovv notTJcr 
slerjfioavrTp , py oafatiGQG ipnooG&ev gov, coaaeg oi vnoxgireu 
noiovaiv iv tote GwayayyaiG xal iv tatG gvpaiG, onaxr fofecurfrwoiv 
vnb taw av&Qimmv' dpqv Xe'ya> iptv, dniypvciv tbv piG&ov av- 
tmv. 3 gov de nourbvtoG ileqpOGvvrp ptj yvebtm tj agiGtega gov ti 
notei tj de£id gov, 4 oittoG y gov eke^poGwq \ iv T<p xovmip, xat 6 
natrjQ gov 6 (tUrrcw iv *<p xovntq} dirotiwm goi. 5 xal otav ftQOG- 
evX^G&e, ovx eG€G&e wg oi vnoxovtai* on (pQuovGiv iv rata Gwayoa- 
yaXa xal iv roue yewioua taw alatetdiv eatcotea aooGev%eG&ai, onoaa 
(pavrnGw tola av&QcinoiG. dpqv te'yoa vfuv, dniywGw tor pur&dv 
airTGJv. 6 gv de otav agoGeixQ, e'oek&e eh to tapeTov gov xal xXei- 

Bas 1 * 888 * 88 * Chr Cyp al . . . g o tv tout (d* om) o vqmo kj c. d*e 8 kmsaii 
al pi b c d g 1 * h k syr©«»et»ch al CIera ,88 *llttd Lcif 
VI, 1. <fa c. hlz al 15 g *• cop syr utr aeth persP Op .. . g Ln om c. bdbk 
mbtuii al pi itP lor vg go tjr** al Chr Hil al | Stxcuaavit^v (Gb) c. m* 
et^BD 1. 209. al itP l «* vg Or te t*» M » etc . . . g (Xttipo<nn>»i* c. sklmsu 
zan al pier f k syrP (et.™***) go arm al Chr | ovqavour c. h*d 1. 33. 
Chr . . . g Ln Ti praem tout c. K c BEBXM8tun al pier 

4. 17 <foi» ti*. (d «. a., item it vg) q (a om n post -mj) c. h*da 83. . . . g 
Ln Ti 17 gov tj tit. c. KhfiEKLMSuan etc | anodwou cum hbkluz a I 
plus* itPl«' vg cop eyrcn arm aeth al Or**** Const 8 * "»«> Chr Cyp 
Aug al. . . g (Gb°) Ti praem avrotr c. DEM8X vld An al pi h q syr««h e t P. 
Item v. 6. al pauc h ; v. 18 al pauc syr 8ch | 00* c. kbdz al 9 cddff r ap 
Aug ff l * k vg (r sax cop syr cu Cyp Aug Hier Cbrom al ... g (Gb 00 ) 
add tv tat qtav^ta c. EKLM8UX vid AH al pier it 7 syr« ch etP go arm aeth 
al Const Chr Op al 

5. 7T(>oouixri<J&i o. tGiffO: (h*-/^^ omiaaifl ovx *o\, »*-^ 0. i<ri0&., « c 
-XloB-i o. HJHT&.) c. »*et c BZ 1. 22. 118. itpl«r vg go Bah cop syrP m flr 
aeth arm cdd Or x » W7 Chr Aug al .. . g nqoatvxti o. taij c. deklmbux 

▼ id A(non 6")n al pier q 8yrCttet«ch e tPtxt a i | ua c# hbdz 38 g Ti 

wanfQ c. eklmsuad al fere omn Or Chr | onwa c. kbdklzd* al 40 fere 
Or 1 * 8972 * 8 Chr ... g (Gb 00 ) add av c. BMBUAn** al pi | amx- c. hb 
dz al 15 it (exc f) vg arm aeth Or 1 '* 88 Bas 8 * 56 * •« Chr Aug al ... g 
(Gb 00 ) praem ort c. eklmsuah al pier f Or x » M7 Bas 8 ' 81 * 

6. raptiov (hd -^*ov) c. hbdel al ... g Ln Ti raun*ov c. kmuxzad al 


KATA MA86AI0N 6, 15. 17 

<&j xr t v &VQC& gov nooctv^m ?<p nwtqlaov rep iv rq> xovnrcp, xcu 
natj-Q gov 6 QXtncov h rep xqvnry anodcbaei <roi. 7 *•"* IIqog- 
rjifopot di at] parraXoyqayre cocnao oi iOvutoi' doxoiaiv ydq on 
r rj nolxkoyia avrtbv Biaaxova&yoopTeu. 8 ay ow ouotco&jjte av- 
*j* older yao 6 TtcctiiQ vumv dv XQ e ^ ap *%**& nob rov vuaa amj- 


Le 11, i-4 

■&x avrow. 9 wrote ovr nooasixwd't vusfo' nmzq ijum 6 h? tour 
$a*oiu y dpao&Tjico rb ovopa gov * 10 il&drm rj ftaatXsia gov' 
errj-Q-rjTa) to &&T]f4(i gov coa iv ovqclv<$ xcu im p/<7 ' 1 1 tbv iorov 
iwv row inwhato* dots quip oqfieQor* 12 xcu iq>ea tjfjuv rd bq&ikrj- 
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dkgbxmbuaii al pier Or 1 *" 6 Const 8 * W ' 7 » M Eusl™ 801 

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666 .. . del An** al ai?iofi?r ... t; ayttptv c. M^OKMsnn* al pier it vg 
(et. am) gyr«»et«<rt. go arm aeth Or 1 * 955 Const Mi Chr Cyp al :: 

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arP Ang al . . . s (Gb 00 ) Ln add ra 7iac*anr^f4ata avxwv c. bkgklm 
BTJVAn al pier it 8 sah cop syr cu etP go al Op 

TiscnavDosr, K. T. Edit. 8. critica minor. 2 


18 6,16. KATAMA88AI0N 

fiata vfuiw. 16 **' 10 ' v Chav di vr t Gteir(tB, pq ytveG&e ghj oi ifjro- 
xoixal Gxv&omnoi' aq)avi%ovGtv yog ta nooGmna avtwv qizght 
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tbtv c. b al pane | an%%. c. kbd al 10 abfhkm q arm aeth Aug al 
... 5 praem ox* c. EGKLM8uvrAn al pier c ff 1, g 1 '*' vg 

18. Ln 9ii<rr. tota av&q. c. b k | x£i/e>oua» bis (GV) c. mbd 1. 22. ... c 
xQV7tta) c. egklmsuvtaii al pier | ao* (Gb 8a) c. HBDQKLM8Uvrn al 
plus 180 f ff , * 1 m q vg ayr cu et* tr et h ' cop go etc ... «* add t p tu »o- 
vigat c. ka al certe pm it 6 aeth ann^dd aliq 

21. gov bis (Gb') c. hb 1. 28. sah cop syrP m ff cd aeth it (ezc f) vg sax 
fr Bas*' 860,64 Mac al ... ^ vpw c. BaKLMfiUTran al pier syrowetut' 
go al | tax a* xa»: Ln om x«* com B 

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etntr g0 arm Clem 8 " E»sP« M ai . . . Ln add *ow c. b itPler vg«* aeth 
Oria»» w- iS4 HW Al J <ctfr c> K a ie ft ff i- q Vff 8yr ou Hil Amb . . . g Ln 
Ti add ow c. bbgklmbuvtaii al pier f g 1 * h k (b mm) syr^tr Chr Aug | 
jl h. 1. c. mb b»w f ff 1 ' am fu for al .. . r Ln Ti post cutXova c. bgklm 
suvran al pier itPl (vg«* ante cwrA.) Chr Aug al 

24. pafiwva (Gb Ss) c. unc omn et min pier a b k am fu cop arm ... g 
fiapfiwva c. min pane it 6 vg sah go 


KATA MA6BAI0N 6, 34. 19 

mmk TJj tyvxij ipu»r ti ydpfze, fitjdi to) aoipati vpm ti 
afosrp&B. ov%i tj rpvyri nXeTop iatip tfja tooqrija xcu to capa 
rm ir&vfuiTOG ; 26 i(4$kttyat* etc ta nezeiva tov ovqclvov, on 
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tana nawta frooore&r^etai ifitp. 34 pi] ovp ftepuptjaifte eia 

25. faf^tt c m 1. 4. 22. edd qnos sequitur Hier a b ff *• k 1 vg sax fr 
syr«« aeth pers w ax r Clem w9 (sed non accurate inter Mt et Lc distin- 
xit) Ath».» (accurate affert 85—30) Baa 8 . 81 ' 888 (utroq loc vpuv bis, 
ted^add «u t. m.) Chr*« a i HU al ... ff (Gb 00 ) Ti add x<w c* 
-TtijTt e. £6Kx.M8uyrAn al pier syr^tr g al ; item Ln 17 (sah om) t* 
turpi e. b »1 M „cdd nonnull" ap Hier cfg^hmq gat lux (sah) cop 
ins (Or 1 * T "Hberrime) Hcmon Max 1 * 950 :: cf ▼. SI 

i?- OHO9O&0-** o. xontmow (b 33. -t>ovaw) o. vi\&ovotv c. hb al 6 Ath 1 * 
*»Chi-co«n ... g av£art* 0. *o^*a 0. nj&tt, e. BOKLMBUvrAn al pier 

*1 «t*£«7TotwT*v c. mb al« Max 1 * 88 * . .. ff -C^™* c. egkliisuvaq al pier 

U. T.paatL (b ti$*cMHnn*iir : ita Ln) sine ad di tarn en to c. hb g 1, k m 
attEttipri*,!* P 8 -Ath s > sra . . . ff Ti add tow &iov e. BOKLMSUYan al 
pier itptar ▼g B yrcaetotr al Clem 98811 ^ Mc^on Chr al Cyp al; et. tuv 
n^ow et avrov legitnr | x. t. J»xa*. (b peuideMr: ita Ln) avroc: 
Ml- 845. Imatap^" Clem 9 * 8 * "^ Cbrttt e tcom ©m. Hue cf Or 1 . 1OT 
fen 1 **!* a»aeo- 8,7a et alibi ourcrrc *a firydXa, xaw r<i ^jt^a nqoorf- 
^jfffTB* v^Iv* «a« air tin xa ^7TOT'oay»a, xa» -ca iniytut Tigoaxefrrj- 
mm. CfetClem« 8 et« 7 » 
H. !• 1624 fuqytrricFfTi ex errore 


20 7, 1. RATA MAeOAION 

tip avQiOp' if yoQ avoiov fUQifivf^ei savtiJG. dgxttov tfj tjpegcc \ 
xaxia avtiJG. 


Lcejm 1 5oa M*J xQivete, * va t*k *£'#?** • 2 iv <p yoQ xQipati **qi- 

vste xQi&yasG'&e , xal iv qp peT£(p fistgeite fietQTjOriGetai vf*iv 

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gov, tip 8e iv «p aq> oqt&aXfjtq) toxbv ov xatavoBlG; 4 ij ttcoG e^eib 
rq> adeXqxp gov ' acpea ixfidlm to xdgqiOG ix tov oqp&aXfwv <rov 3 
xa) idov tf doxba iv to} otpdalpco gov, 5 vnoxQitd, ixfiale ttqgo- 
tov ix tov oqt&aXfAOv gov tip doxov, xal tote diajftjyeia ixfiaXelv 
to xotQqtOG ix tov (KpfraXpov tov dde)jpov gov. 6 M,1 ° Mtj dcSrt 
to ayiov toiG xvgiv, fufii fidktpre tovG fAOQyaQitoG vfuov qmQOG&'er 
t&v xo{(mv, fiTjftore xatanatijGOVGtv avtovG iv tour noGtv axrzcov 
Leiir»-i3 xal atQcupsvreG QtfefOGtv v(julg. 7 M# B Aitstt* , xa) do&tjGereu 
vfuv' £ijt8M£, xou ev(jijGete' xoovete, xa) dvwymetai vfuv. 8 na.a 
yog 6 attatv XafApdvet, xai b £>/T»r evoiaxsi, xai t<p xgovovn dvoi- 
yijGezat. 9 tj tiG iativ «£ if*mv av&otonoG , ov amjGti 6 vtbcF 
avtov agtov, pi] Xi&ov intdoinet airzco; 10 i/j xal i%'dvv afotjo-et, 

34. laviijff (Gb") c. hbolbv (b*l ch't^)' al plus 80 , item it vg . . . g r« 

tai/xijo c. EKMUn al pi, a ta tziqi, avtrjG 
VII. 2. ftttQtj &ij<nrai (Gb 82) c. hbegklmsuvxaii al pi a b k am fu for 

tol cop syr cu et utr al Clem rom18 Or 8 » 989 almu ... c avttfier(>ij&. c. 

min itPi vg« d 

4. ex c. mb al 12 (it vg de) . . . g Ti euro c. egklmsuvxaii etc 

5. IX T. O. <7. T1jy d0K. C. MBC . . . ff Ti;* rfox. «X T. 0. 0*. C. EOKLV BVYX&Tl 

al omn^ 1 ^ it vg Cbr : : cf Lc 

6. Mcvtanaifjffovakv c. bcli 33. (et. qijSqvg.) s sor ... -aoiaw c. heokmsu ' 
TAn al pier 

8. avoiytjatrcu c. hcegklmsuvxao etc*: Ln avoiytrcu c. B cop fiyrcu i 
et »tr I 

9. q (u om) *bO (Ln 17 xtcr) « or-riv c. HB 8 CEOKMsnyxan al longe pi it 7 vg 
Cyp Aug al . . . b*l b c b emm ayr«o et ntr sah cop al om httiv (Gb° 
Ln) | ov c. k*bc al pauc a b c g 1 * h mm AugM* sah cop arm (et.vid 
8 y r ctt e t»tr ft eth). . . % Ti ov (m al o<r) tav (k*la av) c. Kb EG KLMsuvxAn 
al pier it 6 vg Cyp Aug 8 * 01 * 1 | aurjaa c. hbcla al 10 ... g curtjfffj c. eg , 
Kiisuvxn al pier 

10. 17 xat (sab non expri) c. hbc 1. 33. 435. al arm sab; item KMsn al | 
plus 80 17 xa* cay (Ti) ; it vg cop syr cu ant « ... $■ xa» tav (1 av) c. eg 


KATA MA66AI0N 7, 18. SI 

a* oqtr intik&eei atncp; 11 ei ovt vpefo novriQol ovjhc otdare 

bpnta aya&a dtdorai tour it'xvotff ifwp, noo<p fiaXkov 6 Ttatrjo 

tam b sv trio ovQc&duT dcocai dya&a rota akovcw avtov. 12 Me lc 6, 31 

lOTct ovt oca ear &e*kpe ha aotcoct* ifup oi ar&Qwnoi , ovraxj 

m vfttia ffourre avrolc' ovtoa yao sow 6 t6fnoc xal oi aQwpfpai. 

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ujyxa al pi syr*** ae th | avti\<sn c. mbcla 38. . . . ; a,uxr\or\ c. egkhs 
rvxn al pier 

12. 017 e. Mt»BCBQKM BWZAn etc : h*l al plus 5 syr« ch arm arP om | tav 
c, ac al Ghr ... f Ln Ti oy c. bbgklmsuvxaii al pier 

13. tujil&art c. hbcla al 6 . .. g -&tri c. egkmsuvxh al pier | ott,: 118* 

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nnfrCTXAii rell omnvid it 5 vg go 8yr cu et°* r sah cop arm aeth Chr Or 
fc* 888 al ... Ln om cum h* a b c h k m for Naaaa 118 Clem M *et 5TO 
Or^^et^wwet 8 ^ 970 EuaP* 888 Or 1 ** 8 * 887 Cyp Lcif al 

14. ot*(OV)c.h ,, b*x(oV*) l**al hand dubie mn m vg«dd ap Gb sahmttn 
eop arm'edd Naass 110 Or** 587 . . . Gb SzLn t* c. h*> ▼Id.'etcB^GKLMSUV 
*nal pluB^itP^Tg syr<»etotr go arm™* aeth Ephr al Cyp al. Legi- 
tor et not. Ceteram b add $*> item aah w <>l d | r\ nvXf\ (et. it 7 syr™ 
et»» sah cop arm aeth go O^^'etc): 113. 182* p«« a h k m Naass 
"* Clem ••* Clem hom 18 » T Or 1 * Ma et •» 718 et 8 » 188 ' aao et *Hb Eus P» "• 878 
Eaieelioe Pj-Ath^** 8 Cyp al om; hinc etiam Ln [17 nv.] 

15 n^octjf. absque o*< c. »b al xs itP lw vg 8yr*ttet« cl1 sah arm aeth lust 
« Ath»» 8 » Chr Ps-Athl*ta,«» Lcif H il al ... ? Ti add «>« c. ceqbxm 
srriAn al pier f cop syrP go 

16. fftetf vXaa (et. 8chn probat) 0. >vb (c* ffro^vAip'ao') al 8 it vg syr cu et 
w ?o Baa 1 ! "•■ 118 Chr . . . f Ti (rra^^^y c. c*bgkui suvxan al pier 
«noa«th :: cf Lc 

* <»#yxi»r pr c. H*^ d B Dial* («y* yntw) et* 1 (woo^vfyx.) Or (cum He- 


tt 7, 19. RATA MA86AI0N 

a, io xaXowr eveyxeiv. 19 aav divtyov (itj notovv xaonbv xalhv bcxoTZT*- 
tax xal eta kvq ftdXkerou. 20 aQaye aab rear xoo7Hop avrcor &*f - 
yvtnaea&e avtowr. 21 ^ Ov nous o Xeyav pot xvgie xvQie, eheXw- 
aarou but tip (kunXstap ttov avQava*, alX 6 koimv to &ib]f*a <wov 
Lesju-if nwiqoa pov tov & tola ovQOfoia. 22 "* noXlol igovciv pot *r 
exetvq TQ rjfiSQa' xvqu xvoie, ovTQOty ordfiati tfiQoqppevoafAev, xcu 
rq> o*<p OfOfMJi daifMona. QejiaXopet, xal tip dqp ovopati dvrdueesr 
nollaa eaoitpafAev; 23 xal tot* bpoloyrjav avtoia oti ovdinore 
eyvmv ipOo, afrox<oQette an ipoi ol ioya&pepot tip atofuotr. 
Le*i7«M 24 fll#8 Ilao ow wttkt axot/ei fWV tOVG loyova tovrovG xal TTOtei 
avtowr OfAQUo&Tpftrai arfipi (pgovifup, ootuj (pxadofttjoey avrov 
tip oixiav im tip nttoav. 25 xal xaie'fy ij $Qoy)j xal TjX&ot ol 
nozapol xal mpewav oi avepoi xal ngoameaav tjj oixia ixetrtj, 
xal ovx metre*' te&epekuoto yap im tip nhgav. 26 xal naa 6 
axowov fioo tova loyowr tovtova xal py noimv avtova Ofiotw&f}- 
atzai avdQt [imocp , batia (pxodopnosr avrov tip oixlav in) ttjv 
ififiov. 27 xal xattfa rj pQOXV * ai yMtov oi nozapol xal envevaar 

racl) 4 ** 11 , item tvtynwf see c « Dial 40 (evtyxa*) et* 1 (nqoatvtyxcu) Or 
*» * 67 . . . $* Ln Ti bis notttv c. (a*eorr priore tantum loco; b sec tan- 
tun loco) CBQKLusnyxs&n etc 

19. nav c. HBC*EOKM8UYXAn etc . . . c**lz al plus 80 b c g u h syren sah 
add ow, Ln [ow] 

20. otto c. xblxsaii one 7 etc (of): L» « c. c et (ex) itP'««* vg Lcif (cfe 

tl. rour c HBc(*et 8 )z 1. 83. al pauc Inst^P 1 . lfl Naass 1 " Cyr** 1 * 8 ' OT8 . . . 

* Ti om o. bchclkbuvxaii al pier Or** 8 *' Cyr*' 807 Bas*»« 9 Chr 
92. tnQQffp. e. hb*clz al* . . . ttqoiq. c. ^EOKMBUVXAn al pier 

24. Tovrovo*: B* al* a g 1 ' k m go syr 1 ^ Cyp al om, Lb [tout.] | opoiw- 
OyaiT. (et. Schu prob) c. kb« al* edd ap Euthy a b c ff 1, g 1 ' 1 vg 
sah arm aeth ByrP mg OrM M Bas^ 488 Cyr** 888 " 77 Chr Amb al ... ? 
Ti ofiowHfo* avtov c. cegkxmsuyxau. al pier f h k m q syr« a et«°bet P 
tat cop go Cyp Lcif Hil al | avr. t. om. c. hbcz 1. 38. Or 1 * 807 ' 8 » "« 
... f r. oix. at/r. c. EQKLMflUviMi al pier Bas al 

25. tjX&ov c. KCLiAn etc: b tjk&ap \ TTQoauztaaw (Ln -nausav de con- 
iectura) cum mboexca al mu syrP mg gr Cyr** 77 Chr Dam . . . % -troy c. 
KXM8UVU al pier 

26. avt. t. om. c. kbz 1. . . . $• t. o*x. avt. c. clxtao etc Or 1 * ni Bas al 

27. fjk&o* c. BCLZT&n etc: « rjk&ow 



m anpot xai nQoawoxpat ijj oixta wwwff, xcu ht*s& 9 xai yv q 
arsdier avtijO ptyalrj. 

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{^esdj^oeorTO at 6%hH kit f f ftdazg avrov ' 29 ^ ?«(> (frfloaxxow 
minj «wx ££ovatar Ireo*, xal ov% axj oi yQOfqiareui avrwv. 



Me 1, 40-44 

1 **"* Karafidrzi di avzqi anb rov ooova, qxoXov&tjaar avrep Lc8,'i*-n 
ijh* miXoi. 2 xai i(5ov Xmoba ttQoaekd'dw nooaexivu avno 
itytor' xvpu, ««*> 0&#<x, bvvaaai pz xa&aoiaai. 3 xcu ixrwais 
tip gajpa ^ipajo avrov Xtycov* -&tXa) t xa&aQtG&ijri. xal ev&eoHj 
ixa&tQtc&rj avrov */ tinga. 4t xal Uyu airy 6 'Itjaova* oga pqdevl *•* u. * 
iixijG, alia vnaye aeavrbp dei£ov rep legel xal iiQoaivByxov rb 
d&Qor nQoahaiev Moovarjc, ela fiagrvQtov avroic. 

5 w " s EiGtl&orrocT di avrov efo*Ka<paQvaovf*, TTQoaijX&sv lc 5 t7i 8 -io 

S8. trtUuiv (ti.%chn prob) c.HBOZ*Mr al M Or 9 * 085 Gfar ... c ouwttUct* 

c sxLMsuYXAn al pier 
29. avrtnr c KBcHtan^t* al 10 fere f sab cop syrb* armed* aetb Eusde» 

444 Aug ; item aura*? xa* o» yaourcuo* (Ln) c* 83. al pane a c ft 1 ' g 1 ' 8 * 

h 1 q (k) vg 8yT° a et^tr ^ Eu»dem>7 ( c i n ii a dd nisi xa* Oi e>a£*9.). . . 

5 om e. Bucauvxrn* al pier go : : cf He 1, 23 Lc 5, ftO 
VIIL 1. xaraftam, it avtut (v*A om av.) c. m'eklmsuvxtah etc ... 

k^bc al 10 fere xatafiarroa (1. al xaraficuvovr.) di ohtou , 2 x«m xa- 

lafiarcQG avrov (Ln). Item a b c (f) g 1 ' q Hil et descendente to 
%. Xf>Q<ji\&w (Gb') c. MBEMa al 80 sab go syrP arm aetb Cyr* * 40 (Cbr) 

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ca e t»€acop al (Didtriwi) 

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praem) syrP arm Hil | exa&iQKrfrri c. B*ELxn*al ...f Ln txa&aQi,<j&. 
e. KB s cxMBUvran a al pier 

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... g -yxt c. MKKLMSUVTAn etc | potvotja c. mbc*kzii etc ... «• ^weri/o" 
c c*BLiiuvirA etc 

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avian (port haec autem. ettm) introisset ... Gb Sz Ti nail&ort* it fvx 
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c*l al pm I xtt<f*xQvaovfi c. mb etc (cf ad 4, 18) ... ? xartffnaovfi c. 

d by Googk 

«4 8, 6. RATA MAB8AI0N 

auT(p ixatovtaQxyv nagaxahov avtov 6 xal Xiywv* xvgte, b n<z*ky 
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Lc 18,281 

cbklmsuvxtah etc | txarorcaQxtja c. k* al ... e Ln Ti -ap/o<r c. «b 
unc rell min pier (cf ad vv. 8 et 13, item ad 27, 54) 

7. Xiyei c. b 47<" b h k q am fu syr ca et»°h sah arm ... g xa* Xtyii c. 
HCLxrAn unc 6 etc | ant) c. hb k cop ... q add o Is c. c et rell qui xcu- 

8. ajroxp. de c. k*b 33. sah ... g Ti xa* olttoxq. c. K b c et rell qui modo 
xa* Xty. | tnaxovraqxria c. h* al . . . g Ln Ti-o/ocr. Cf ad v. 5 I Xoyt> 
c. hbclxaii unc 7 al pier Or 4 » 278 al mu, item die verbo itpl« r vg eah 
cop syrcu e t atr go al ... % (= Qb Sz) Ao^ov c. r al pm g 1, flF 1 ' aeth 
B ft8 s, im ed 

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aeth go (Valentt ap Ir M ) Chrbl» . .. hb al 4 itP»er V g«d Chr«e»»el Hil 
al add xaaao fuvoa (Ln) : : ut Lc 

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cu e tutr 8 ah cop aeth | ovfo usq tvgov (av al yvQ.) c. hceqklmsuvx 
tad al pier itPl vg syr'ohetP *** arm al (Or 4 » 814 ex Lc?) Chr Dam*» 
696 ... Ln naq ovdtv* too 1 , nia*. tv toi wt^. ci>^. c. b al 9 (item 8 omis- 
818 (v x. hjq.) a k q gat sah cop eyr c ^etP m 8 aeth Aug al 

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mel Aug afte P° al ... g Ln Ti txpXrj&Tjaorrcu c. h*bc unc rell et min 
omn f ff 1 * g 8 ' vg sah cop go al Cyp««m«l Chr 

13. <xaTovra^/i7 c. K*BCEGKLM8Vxrn al plus 100 ...«•(= Gb Sz) -$%» c. 
wbuA al certe pm | wa c. hb al pane a b g ia * h k q syr c o e t«ol» sab cop 


RATA MA98AI0N 8, 24. 25 

14 e, ' i Kal Sl&wp 6 'bjoova eh tip ootiav Tlhoov elder tip ul iT»-»» 
str&eQa* avtov feQfaifuvtp xal nvoiCGOvaav. 15 xal yyaro tyo Lo *• 88 "" 41 
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$& xai tac voawa epdataaev. 

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tip xmpatipt xktrq. 21 Steqoa de rw pa&Tjtmv+ehev airtcp' xvote, 
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de Myet avtq}' axdkov&ei por, xai wpeo rover rexoowx Gdipai tova 
iavrmr rexoovo. 

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w futfhput avtov. ^4 xai *aov aeusfwa ueyaa eytpeto ev vq &a- 
Idoay, mate to nXolov xaXwrtea&ai vnb twv xvpdtiDv' avtba de 

Chr*«n©l Ir*»*.. . f Ti xcu wr c. ciQKLMBUVxrAn al longe pier c f ff 1 ' 
vg gyrP arm go aeth OrW« BasM 87 Chr»«n«l | ncMt c . KB a i* \ t vg 
cop *jt** Bas*» x27 ... f Ti add avrov c. cegklxtah unc 7 al pier ayr 
« e tatr ia h go arm aeth Chr | er riy o»o. tx. c. KBEQKLMBUVxrn al 
pier f ff *' k vg ayr«oetatr cop g itq ft eth . . . Ln ano %r\<s ot^aa ««»- 
«j<r c ca al* it 8 sah Ba8M**al 

15. avT4t (Gb') c M*BCBFOKM*suvxpn al 150 k q syr cod etP go arm al Or 
l '* 7 * al ... f amour c. « b M*LA al ma itP 1 ®' vg 8yr««et» cl > cop aeth 

18. TtoXL o/A. (108. it 7 vg oxl. no,) c. M c CEGKLM8CVxrAn al pier itP J «r 
Tg etc . . . k* cop oxlova, b o^>lo>' (Ln) 

21. nafrrjT&v cum mb al 10 it* sah . . . f add aurot/ c. CEOKLMSUVXrAii al 
pier ff 1 " g 1- k m vg cop ayr cu et utr go al 

22. it c. h 33. b c k (nil nisi dicit tilt) q ... c Ln Ti add i>r f aova cum 
BCsaxxMBUVxran etc | foyn c. mbc 1. 33. al k (item ait a b c ff 1, q 
vg) ... g umv c. BGKLMSUVxrAn al pier g 1 * m 

23. to jrlo*. c. K^etcxexLMBuvxran al pier Chr . . . MbBC al ma (Or*» m 
libere) Q m to (Ln) :: at Lc 


fcfl 8, 25. RATA MAB8AI0X 

exd&evder. 25 xai ftQoaeX&ortea yyetqav avror X/yitrrea' xvpie 
a&aor, anoMvpd&a. 26 xai Xdyu avtota' xi SotXoi ears, oXtyo- 
nifftw ; tor* iyeQ&tia cnertfxjoev tola apefwta xect rjj &aXtxa<Tt], 
hcu iytveto yah'pti p&ydfo}. 27 ol de avOotaftot iO-ctvpctAjav X&yov- 
fW notanoa tart* ovroa, on xai ol avepoi xai ij &ccX&tT<Ta uvrop 
M84 vnaxovovait ; 
mc ft, i-i7 28 Kal il&onoa avtov sia to nioav eta tint yoSoar r&v ra- 

Lo 8, 48-87 t , >-%'»>.' » - ' 

daQTivwv, vTnjvrtjoar avtco ovo oatfwinQopevoi ix raw fAvrtfAGioyv 
QeQXOfievot, yaUnoi Xla*, mate pij iayiw tita naoeX&eh> Suz ti?<T 
odov ixewtja. 29 xai idov ixoa^av Xeyovtea' ti yuiv xai aoi 9 vie 
tov &80v ; tfX&ea mde nob xatoov fiaaariaai facia; 30 rp Si put- 
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iffAaa eta trjp ay£kp> rmr %ot{>an>. 32 xai elnev avtoia' virdyere. 

25. nnoatX&ortw cum xb BS^id *ab cop a c ff 1 k 1 am fu for liarl emxn 
bex Uier al . . . Gb Sz Ti add o* //atfi/rcu et Ln [ot, pad;] c c 9 £FKLM 
srvrAn al plus 100 h arm persP EubP ,818 j item q addito avrov c. c* 
v*d x 1. al mu it 8 vged gyr^etP g aeth | awaov c. mbc al* . . • c add 
fjfiour c. bklmbuvxtah al pier it vg etc EubP* 810 Chr 

27. xai pr c. mbekambuvxaii al pier dfkam for go ByrP arm al . . . Ln 
om c. c al pauc it 7 vg Bab cop flyr s 9 h aeth | ctvrw V7iax. c. kb 1. 3d. 
Eus dein " 6 Chr . . • f Ti wrax. air. c. ceklmsuvxah al pier it vg etc 

28. «A04M>«o©* ai*oi» c. k*>bc al 10 (it vg fere ut 8, 1 ; sed nee v. 23 ali- 
ter); h* iX&orcw a\*tt»v ... q Ti (X&orti *vt<a cum bklmsuvxaii a i 
pier | yabawvv (Ob' S») cum (h* r<^^V ¥0>r ) *C*ma (fa^ad'Tv**,) 
al 18 fere Byr»«hetP ut P«™ EpipK 880 haer.66, 88) cat©* (row «r y a - 
despot*) ,,0^/a* 1 ap Or*» 140 . Ceterum Or inter singg evgletae doq 
distinxit. Cf et. 4 » miTO ... Gb" Ln y^aarpoiv c. (edd ap Or) it (et. <i 
et d) vg eah syrP mg ( 8 ed etiam Qergusenorum et y*^y«<r*cw habet) 
Hil al . . . e ytQytaijvtov c. HCc 8 EKL8Uvxn al pier cop go arm aeth. It* 
Or, ut ex 4 » uo apparet, in evgliis legi voluit, Bed invitia ut videtur 
suis cdd. 

29. iuf c. «bc*l al plus* ff^klm am for tol harl* cop Or 508 Eus^n 
las- srw item® 8101 itemP» 188#848 t Cyp Victorin ... f (= Gb) praem «; c. 
c 8 EKMBUVX4n al pier it* d vg Bah syr*** go arm aeth Eusd*™ 488 "* 
Chr :: cf Mc et Lc 

31. airoartd. tjfi. (Gb) c. hb 1. al 8 a b c d ff"* g 1, k 1 vg eah cop syrP »ff co* 
arr aeth Cyr*«t« .. . g(QW prob Bchu) tntr^mv tjfiip antX&ttv c.cekl 
Msuvxan al pier (f h ittbe nos ire) q (permUte no$ ire) syr«tr g arm : : cf Lc 

32. cutout: c it 4 Byr»ch add o «5, Ln [o eg] | a7r*jX&ot> c. HCEKLMBLTZin 


KATA MA66A10N 9, 5. *7 

« di tZek&ovrea chtr^&ov eio tcwr xotgovc 9 xcu idov mQutpB* 
aoaat. *i ay&q xara tov xqtu&ov $fo rijv OaXuaacw, xcu clm&ci- 
ror 99 trie idaoip. 33 oi di pooxovtw e<pvyov, xcu outA&oma 
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idov naaa y noXus e&jX&t* eir vucwtipw tov 'Lpov, xcu foort&T 
avT09 fraQOuiXeaat ontoa pnafifj ano tw oqicov avtcbv. 


I* 5,1 Kcu tuSaa eur nXaiov &enkoao&, xcu iX&sv ^«x tip uei,*-u 
tlkaw xoaj*. & xcu ioov KQOoeyeQW uvrq> nctQctkuttxov vti xkm\(5 
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rqoa iw tcua xaQ&icua vuwr; 5 tiyao «rn* eixoncoteoow, ninth' 

etc ... Ln Ti -0ea> e.B | m tov* joi^. c. xbc* al 9 itP J « r (et. d) vg 
sail cop lyr* * aeth al ...4 Ti (Scfau prob) «. tip ayiXrjv r<av £O»0W 
(11. pp. non praecessit «. t. aytX. r. 70*.) c. c'eklmbuyxad: al pier f 
h rrrP go arm | iroura (c* post «y.) 17 ayf A17 c. mbc*ma al 10 it (et. d) 
Tg tab bjt*** arm go aeth al . . . ? (= Gb) Ti add T«r /Oftowr c. c 8 ek 
Lsrrxn al pier cop Chr 

34. v7tamj<nv c. kb 1. 33. ... ff Ti avvam^atv c. ceklmsuvxah al pier 
Cyr*»** I tov iv c hc 33. y* er Cyi*» 106 ... * Ln Ti tw *v c. b nnc rell 
mis pier | onwa : b e*a (Ln) 

DL 1. ailou* (Gb') c. MBC 8 LV m *x al 2 * sah go Or*» l7 » ... g Ti to nX. c. 
c*KFKM8UVAn al pi cop Cbr 

1 jioo<r«9«(K»i' cum mbefklmsuyxab: al omn^id it vg etc . . . Ln arooffyc- 
lown* c- c I o^*wt. c. kb Or*» tfl , d a^Aoyr., item renwWwntwr d f ff 1 * 
kTgByr^tf.go aeth Irin« iw ... g 11 of>co>yr. c. CBFKLKBUYXAn al omn 
*d it* Or«» ,, « EuBeol 18 * | oov cu apa^t. (Gb') c. mbca* al lfi Or 8 *" 6 
item addito ffov m al 10 . .. f co* a* uuaqrtyan gov cam BFXLBtJYxn al 
pier itPl« r (et. d) vg etc (d«»a 9 ete omiiso aov) 

S. t orov e. MODBFXLMSUrxan etc . . . Ln Ti una* c. b 

4. Am c. mcdeVexsuvxao* al pi it vg cop al . . . bme^o 1 al plus** fu 
•ah syr**r go arm al itoW (Gb' Ln) | war* (prob Sohu) c. hbcd 1. 
S8.33. 200. al it vg al . . . * Ti add vfitnr c. EFBXiisuvxan al pier 
go syrP arm 


28 9, 6. KATA MA86AI01V 

He 2, 14-17 
Left, 87-82 

wpievrai gov ai dfAOQtiai, i] elneXv' iyeige xal neomarei; 6 ivade 
eidijre ori QovGiav e%ei 6 vtoa rov dv&oobnov em riJG yiJG ayid- 
vai icfjutotiaa, rote Xeyet rq> naoaXvrixo} ' eyeg&elG aqov gov rtjv 
xXirqv xal vnaye etc rov olxov gov. 7 xal eyeg&efG dnfjX&ev ei<j 
rov olxov avrov. 8 idorrea de oi o%Xoi kpo^r^Gav xal ido^curar 
tov ftebv tov dovra eTfovGtav roiavrrp tola av&gconoiG. 

9 ""* Kul naqdyow 6 'Iijgovg ixei&ev elder av&ocwrov xa&jf- 
psfov em to teXmviov, Ma&&d£ov Xeyopevov, xai Xtyei avrqi' dxo- 
Xov&ei juoi. xal dvaazdo qxoXov&ei avrco. 10 w ' a xai eyevero avrov 
dvaxeipe'vov iv rjj olxia, idov noXXol reXmvai xal dpcqymloi eX- 
&6vreG Gwavexetvro r<p 'ItjGov xal rotG /Aa&tjrafo avrov. 1 1 xai 
ItiovreG oi fpaouram eXeyov rotG fAa&qraiG avrov' diarifAera rm> 
reXcov&v xal dfiagrfoXdov eG&iet 6 diSdffxaXoG ifioov; 12 78,s 6 de 
axovGOG elnev ' ov %oeiav eypvGiv oi tayvovreG laroov ctiX oi xa- 

5. atpiivr. cum h^b (et aquovx. h*d) d f ff 1 * k q vg syr^t* g ae th ... g Ti 
ouptotvr. c. ce unc rell min omn vid a b c g 1 ' h | aov at, apaQT. c. nbc 
defklmvx al 100 (peccata tuak) ... f (=Gb Sz; sed prob Schu) <ro* 
at aftaqr. c. buaii al mu b d for go; torn addito aov al 10 itP 1 vg al 
pi | tyttqc (Go" Sz) c. HBCDEFKLMByxn etc ... «• iynqa* c. u al pi 

6. iytQ&iKT c. hcefklmsuvxaii al omn^ d q (surgent tolle) go arm . . . b 
b c f ff 1# 1 vg sah cop Byr utr ffetoe (Ln :: ut Mc), item addito xou d 
it 5 aetb Hil 

8. upoptj&. (Gb") no* c. hbd al 5 it vg sah cop syrsch AQ th td ... g t&av 
fiuaav xcw c. cefklmbuvtaii al pier syrP arm 

9. o te t*n&. c. «CBCEFKLM8UvxrAn al omn fere syr**** sah g arm aeth ; 
item d 124. cop it vg Eus^em 120 et theoph is* ,„,#. o i* ... x*l om 
t*H&. | pa&&. c. hb*d sah go ... g paid-, c. b*c unc rell et min 
cop etc | ijxoXov&i* cum hd al 8 . . . g Ln Ti -&ij<rtv c. bc unc rell al 
pier it vg 

10. 40*0 v c. hd a b c f ff 1 * g 1, vg sah cop aeth Hier . . . ? Ln Ti xo* «J. 
c. bc unc rell al omn Tld hkqgo arm syrP Eusdcni 

11. tktyov cum mbcl al 5 Cyr«* 10fi , item dicebant itpl« V g syr 8ch ... % Ti 
two* c. DEKMSUvxrAn al pier, d k ayrP dixerunt 

12. o Si c. hbd (sic) 248. sah aeth ... s Ti o it i? c. ce unc rell et min 
omn fere it (sed non d) vg cop syrutr g al | t*ntv c. HBC*D*id x it 6 
vg sah aeth Hier ... q (Gb°) add aurotcr c. c s ESXMBUvan al omn^d 
a f h q cop syrutr arm g0 | akk c. kcd unc rell etc . . . Ln Ti aUa e. 
b (Eua d « ml68ia8 ) 


KATA MA60AI0N 9, 20. 29 

Me S, »-t« 
Lc6, 88-S8 


ma cxort&r. 13 noQev&enea di pa&ere %i iatw ' eleoa &&a xai 

at {hxjias. oi yaQ 7\li>ov xaXJaai dtxaiova aXla apaQTOiTuova. u _ 17 

14 Tote nQOGZQXortai avtcp oi pa&r^cu 'Iaawov Ityorrea ' 
faeri TjfUiG xai oi &aQtffd£oi ptjGtevopev , oi ds paftrpai aov ov 
f^oret'ownr; 15 xcci *ln$v avrour 6 'Iyaova* pi] duvavrai oi viol 
fov rvptywpoa mv&ur iy ocov per avian* sativ 6 rvfuptoa; 
ikEvaortou di Sjftdoai oxav dnao&jj an arrow o wpcpioa, xai 
tore nprtevoowiv. 16 ovdeia di imfictllti im'fihjfta gaxova dyvd- 
qxw ifii iftarup nalcuw' atgei yao to nXyow/M ainov am rov 
ifuctiovj xai %biqo9 ayiapa yivvtou. 17 ovoi fiodlovaiv ohov vsov 
&c &gwovg Txahuovo' ei di ftrjye, Qtjyvwtai oi daxoi, xai 6 olvoo 
ixjmxm xai oi aoxot dnoJlvrrat ' alia fiallovciv ohov viov eta 
daxova xaivova, xai aucporsgoi avvrqgovvzau 

18 u ' % Tavta avrov lalovnoa avroia, idov agroiv eiaeX&<av mc6.m- 
hqoogcwu amy, teywv i\ QvyawiQ pov aoti eteXeinqaev, alia 
&&wv ent&ea trp %&(>d gov in avrtp, xai ^aerai. 19 xai iynq- 
(tela o 'fyaova ijxolov&ei avrq5 xa\ oi (ta&tjtal avtov. 20 xai idov 

13. ilioa (Gb') c. mbc*d al 8 . . . * tXtov cum c'efoklhsuvxtah al pier 
Clem 590 "** 7 Bas 8 » 8T8 | alXa c. HBCDSunjxrAn etc ... * Ln aXX c. okv 
etc | apagwXova c. »bdv*t*a al 90 abfflf 1 'hklqvg syr utr pens 
arm go aeth al Bas 8 ' 878 Hier^t AagoonsenaMidte ... g (s=Gb) add ita 
fuxarotar c. CEOBXMSuvaigxr m ffn al pier c g 1 ' 8 * sah cop ayrP 10 * Chr 
diacrte Baa**** 

14. Mfffrevo/t. c. h*b al 8 . . . * Ti add TroUa c. HCcDBOKLMsmrxran al 
pier it vg sah cop syr*** etc; item H b vel* nvxva (:: ut Lc) 

17. ojtoX).vtt. c. mb al 16 f vg sah cop syrutr g (item d k Arp) ... g Ti 
oOTolovrrcu c. CBFGKXMSUVxrAAn al pier itpl«' arm aeth | all. fiaXX. 
(d k paXl. tit) a. fi. f*a aax. xcuv. (a al nova) c. BDBFOBXMUTxrAn 
al pier k q syrutr go ... *c al 1 itPlw vg ctXX (ita h, c aAAa) o*v. vt. 
tur ctan. paXX. %aw. (itPl>r vg xaw. fiaXX. y m xa*v. pXtjttov): Ln c. c | 
apvo**Qo* c. anc omn al plni 100 ... c (s=Gb 8a) -r«^a c. min 

18. € »<7« A^w (Gb') cum hccdbmi al pins 80 Baa** 888 Chr, item tla iX&uv 
(at Gb Ss) ksvah al 40 fere, similiter vv aliq ... » b B *«r TtooatX&w 
(Ln), item a b c ff ** vg . . . c^olu al mu t»o nqoatX&wp (similiter al) 
... f ti6>«*r c. min, H*ai (sah) nooatX&nv | A^ywr o. md al mu itPl tfm 
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-<r«r) c. BFGKLSUxran al pier f k sah cop al Bas 8 > 898 Chr 


80 9, 21. KATA MA80AION 

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ad al pier : : ut Mc | &vrattQ c. nbcsfkm Burin al omn^d (item Or 
bi«) . . . Ti &vyat7]^ c. DGL 

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amour c. cbpoklmbutaii al pier etc 

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(Gb') c. B«un al 80 fere Pe-Ata**™ Dam ...fwe. HC*DBFKLMsr al ' 
perma Chr 

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add vfuv f *et« on) tovt. nonfe. (it 7 vg arm add wfo) c. kc s dbfoxl 
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c. B^DBFKLMBuran al pier 

32. mt&Qwn. c. cDBFQKLMSUran al pier it vg go syrP arm al .. . Ln ora 
c. mb al 4 sah cop »VT»oh fte th :: cf 12, 22 


RATA MA66A10N 10, 3. 81 

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• xwyoo. xal i&avpaoa* oi 6%Xot Xtyovrw* ohdenore iydnj ovtom 
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... g (— Gb Sz) add ev tw iixw c. h^c'efoklmuxxu al pi c g 1 * tol gat 
arm(:: cf 4, 23) 

36. t**vlfi. (Gb 8b) c. MBCDBFOKHSUXTAn al 180 fere, item irceatf it vg 
etc (sed dfaUgati), Bas*» 2M Chr al . . . c «xJUAi7*<#'0« c. I. al certe ma | 
ytftfUYO* c. hbcd'l (efnjP** *) 126. y««r ... D*^»/i/a90»(Li>); g tq- 
Qtfipfvo* c. BFQK8CITA al pier 

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uvxr4B al omn^d it rg etc 
1^»^^. c nbo ... «-«tirre>. c. CBFOKLMecmrAn etc | x*t (123. om) 

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UfieS**, **?& & Aovk. l*v*k* kMwfiiv) Ori*t«,«odtoerte. Hue etiam 

trahendum videtnr Or contr. Cels. 1, 62 ... mb 17. 124. Bah cop c ff 1 ' 


88 10, 4. KATA MA66A10N 

'/ccxwffoo" 6 xov 'Ahpatov xal Aepftaloa, 4 JSipaw 6 Kavctvouoo 
xou 'lovdour o 'Iaxaouotip o xcu nagadoha aitov. 

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6. 8-11 
Lc 10, 4 -IS 
Mt 9, 8 u 

:: ut Mc ... ff x. Xtfifiaioa o «7T*- 
uXij&iht &a6Saioa c. c*BFGKLM8Uvxr&n al pler'syrutr arm ae th 

4. xatwetto? (Gb') c. bcdl al 6 it (et. d) vg cop (d it 4 vg Or'** /a*.) . . . 
g xaravvttja c. KEFQKMSDVXTAn al pier sah eyrP al Ch r | o ante ksx. 
(et. c° 6b Sz) c. n*bdkmsaii al pi Chr ... fomc. HbcsFOLuyzr al 
plus 40 :: ut Mc et Lc | KXxaQHutrja c. KBEFOKLMBDVxrAn etc, item i> 
f k 1 am fa for syr» ch arm cxa^mn^a ... c tana^m& (Ln), item itP 1 
$carioth vel cariotA 

5. <Tafta(>iT(»i> com HCD a QLn* al (m <ra/«a^*ra», <ra/caA»r»o', aafiuqta con- 
sUnter) . . . ff Ln Ti (Ta/*a^«»rwr cam bekmuxtaii* (fbv e ail) al pier 
. . . D* (it vg) aafiotQiTCivvv 

8. vikq. tytiQtrt (d -Qaxi) h. 1. (et. Qb) c. «*et c BC*D al 15 a b c ff *• g 1 ' 8, 
h k 1 q vg sax fr cop aeth pere^ae arr Cyr««a«l Cbrb«« Hil ; item g 
ante 9tup. e*p. c. min syr'cb ; item post datp. txfi. pa al pane syrP 
Cbr bI « . . . Sz Ti om c. K b (vel»)c 8 EFQBLM8urxrn al plas X80 f sah arm 
g y r cdd et« d P rinc perBP aethedda Easdemtss Bas*'* 78 Chr 

10. Qafidov c. mbd 1. S3. 118. al b c f ff *• g 1, h 1 q 6 vg sah syr** syr 
P edd arm aeth Eualttcw^etP* 841 * Chr Hil ... Gb" Sz Ti ^afidovff cum 
CBFGKUip8UYxraff r a al 1 * etc | aircou cam hbcl al° h sah cop Thph 
Ir int2S7 cdd . .. s (Gb°) add t<rw cum EFaKUPBUvxr^n al pier arm; 
item post y<*Q d al 8 , similiter UPlw vg 

13. tk&atoj c. hcl 13. 83. 346. al . . . ? Ln tifrtzw c. befqkmpcxtmi etc 
(av etc tunl&rtu, d tatai) 


RATA MA66AI0N 10, 23. S3 

ffT». 14 "■* xcu oc aw foj di^tftat vpia p^dl axovorj tova 

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a) tt it vg eop s«th (item l etc «*) . . . q Ti om c. cef unc rell min pier 
*rm | m c hc *1 10 it Tg arm ejrrP . . . q Ti om c. bd unc rell min pier 

15. /<MMM>e»r c. HBEroKSUvxr^n al pi a b c f g 1 * q vg Baa*** 8 * Chrco^d 
... Ob Ti yopowcuj c. CDLMP al plus* ff 1, h k Chrmontf e tmoe 

19. noQaSmavw c. kbe* al* item d f g»- k €yp«*«pe a l . . . dqlx al«> (it 9 
Tg tredent) &aQ*d<0<Tov<nv (Gb') ... ^ Ti TrcuHnddvutw c. ck*fkm8UV 
r*n al pi | ^o^(r«ra* - - oi^w* (c* cop Byr 6 ' iffitQa) t. Ao«jlffo , i|Tf 
(Hj^f? c HBCBFOTxrn**al pm, c Ln Ti -mi c. KJtsun* al pi): dl al 
plas M k floriac barl* arm Or 1 **** (sed habet*«**»*«*) al Cyp**** 1 (sed 
*» habet) Op om ; hine Gb° et Ln [do*. -XaL] 

!3. ^fvy. ««r t. Keoaf c. mb al* Or*»"«- *»*»*• (item*» T0 *«dd) p e tr Atb 1 - 
"et* 8 * CyT«l»P |l,, *; item ^ Ti *. t . t. aXXip> cum CBFOKMBUFxrikn al 
pier Clem* 01 ' etc, item alterutrum it 4 vg cop syritr g aeth .. . dl al 8 
it* gat mm arm Or 1 ** 80 *** 8 v%vy. wr c. «t^€w(dl 247. aAA^*)- *ow (d 
«xr d*) «f f»f c««^€» (d t* trj ally, L al* Or 1 *** 8 t* tcnttna: ita Gb) 
ItentMM' (d .«ontf«F, L 247. ixduotova**) vpcuj (Or 1 * 880 nalw omieso 
vfuuj) vrvfttt tut tip tcXXtpr: ita Gb, Ln q>. t . c. #t. [jtav - - aAX^v] | 
yo^: dm al 15 itplw vg cop arm aetb al om (Gb°) | tov mto. c. »clx 
Tucbxfdokt, N. T. Edit. 8. critic* minor. 8 


84 10, 24. KATA MA60A1ON 

ioi^S 'foouijl sow Ik&fj 6 vtoa tov av&Qomov. 24 w,s Ovx fort* (jtct&r r 
tijG vmo top didaaxaXor, ovde dovkoa ittip "tor HVQt&r avtov. 
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toxp&rjoetai, xal xQvntbv 8 ov ^axrthfo*erai. 27 W8 S Mjco vpi* 
if rjj oxotia, emate iv *<p qttoti' xal o eh to oho dxovere, xqQv- 
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de potto? tbv tivrapetov xal \pvxqv xal ompa Amttofocuiv ysivrq. 
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ran uiic 8 etc : Ln om tov c. bd | ttoa c. hbx al . . . s Ln Ti add av c 
cd unc rell min pier Or 1 * ** Chr; item h c al add ov 
25. tov otxoS. et xova out. cum kb*cd unc rell min omn*id . . . Ln to> o*- 
nodtanoxr} et to*o ouuanoHT c. B*| fitiJ£tpevA: mb fiuttfiovX \ tnexa- 
Xttrav c. H c BCBFeKMSVxrAH etc , item intnaltaamo k* al* cure xctilc- 
cray u al*° . . . ^ (= Gb Sz) zxaliacw c 1. al ut^d mu . j, tnodeeavtv, 
d xaAot/(rw | o»x»otx. c. HBEFOKLVxr^n al pi ... Gb" otxttax. c. cdmd 

28. /i^ vofonr&i c. HBCKFOLKUYZTAn al plus 100 Euapr ,8 » l0 Bae*» »*• ** 
CyrapoW^.al^ item k al mu -pfjtr&e ...?(= Gb Ss) voPfi&tpe c. ds 
al eat mu^ (Clem h om«i6 Or 1 '* 06 etc) ;: cf Lc | anoxrevtortw cum 
HCDunn* 1. al plus 80 , item Gb Sz <*7io*i(tortw cum BF^QKLicsvxn* 
al plus 100 . • . ? (Schu'fcrob) a^roxTCtyovr. o. b al pm | <popct<r&t c. mbc 
al . . . ^ Ln Ti voPrj&trrt c. d unc fell min pier Or al : : in Lc tpoprj- 
&7jxe quater nee fluctuat | SwU/i. xew (et. Iustap^ 19 Glembom Thdot 
iwi Q r ter ©tc): it 1 (non f ff 1# k vg) cop Byrutr arm aeth Or 1 * 988 Or 1 * 1 * 
8,876 Xert»emel a l om *cu, hinc Ln [xcm] | MCBP"«QKii8UrrA al plus 80 

Tl^y ^fV. X. TO fffclff. 

29. <7ri» Tijy yfjv (x etc T^c yijff) : Or*UQ etc «*o' T^y flrotrtda . . . L Or 9 » 
'» Novatian Op om, hinc Gb 00 

31. <f>opti(r&c (GbO c. kbdl al 8 Or 1 * 288 Cyr*dot*n ... ^ yo^^Te c. ce 
GKMBUVxrAn al pier Bas 8 ** 8 * Chr 


KATA MA00AION 11. 2. 8* 

arw tmooafaw tov natooa po* tov «r ovoavous' 33 "*•* oana 

r ir i^forft at fSB ifin$oa&e9 taw aW^OMrcor, aoripropai xayit 

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kofoxa fta&tjrauT ainov, fine 'fa ixti&ev rov diddaxetv xal xtjQvo- 
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J2. tf avqav. c. HDBPGLMSUxrAn al pier Clem Or , »* w ** fle " •" Chr ... Ln 
*. Tom ovp. c bckv al 8 Or«» 71 * Cyr*.* 85 

35. ^ <nr c. HDEFOKXBUVXTAn etc . . . bl 300. Si (Ln), item c <P | uayu 
aw. c. mbda al plna 16 Or 1 * 998 et 8 * 848 Cyr*» w 5 Chr al , item it vg arm 
P ... F Ti avrov xayw c cew&umbvyxtu al pier Or 1 ' 296 , item syr 
31r »eth | «r ovq. c. wcdegklmsutah al pier Or 1 * 886 " 897 Chr ... bvx 
d P«e Or 1 * 888 Cyr *. rote ovq. (Ln) 

^ «ttMitoi c. xB*CDEFQKLM8VXAn etc: B^r al plus* otxttaxoi. (Gb") 

*L i^^MT«» bia c. KBODLZ& Chrf 11 ^ . . . s lipp. c xrn unc 8 al omn 

tt - ««r c NCBPOKX.MPBinrzran al pier . . . bd 38. *<w (Ln) 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

86 11, 3. KATA MA60AION 

tov Xqigtov, m'fixpao did iah fsM&tpaip crinov 3 ehrev avrcp' <tv> 

Deu 8, is el o iQxopsroa, tj hsQOv KQOGdoxmfw ; 4 xcu dno^&Bic 6 'Itftrovcr 

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u ^ ami go Dial 37 . . . * dvo e. c*EFOXLK6uyxrn al pier ff 1# g x * vg cop 
aeth syrP °»g Or 8 * *•» Chr al :: e Lc 

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Or*, eat* 4,uo Chr** 6 om xa*> Ln [xcu] | xcu xaxpo*: it 8 vg cop aeth Or 
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vg Or 8 * 5861 ^, Ln [xa*] | xa* tttm/o*: c f ff 1, (non it 7 ) vg (sed non 
for) item Or 4 » uo om xa*, Ln [xa*] 

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f ^tXrjXv&art | ar&Q<on. *cW a h ... ff Ln Ti iStw; av&Qan. c. bc 
d rell test omn^ | w (d* it vg om) paAax. c. kbdz 47e* it 7 vg (exc 
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... efok8vxix* al fere 90 fiaadaSv vel (ita 6b' t Sz) -A«*W : : cf Lc. Prae- 
terea f Ln Ti add **<r*f c. h«cd nnc rell etc . . . om c. »*b 

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F tUXyXv&are \ 7tQo<p. *S. c. h*bz Or»» i7a (quamvia Mt et Lc miscere 
videatur) Chr con »n» catox««» (est cat™*'c, sed „exMt u ista verba affe- 
rnntur) (f k cop coniung videre prophetam) . . . «■ (Ln) »&ty; 7tQOff>rjxtjv, 
quem ordinem tuentur HCcDXFOKLMPSUYxrAn al omn^ d Or 4 * 117 Chr 
txt:: ita et. Lc 

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^ao, Ln [y.] c. cefoklxpsuyxpaii etc :: cf 8, 8 ubi yctQ non fluctuat | 


KATA MA86AI0N 11, 18. $7 

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c. p a b c k cop syrP Gbr 
II. atT. e<rr. c. KBDLizrAn unc 8 etc ... Ti tar. avt. c. c itPl« r vg 
IS. iTtqofijT. c. hb*cdz al 8 , a 7tQo<fijrtvaap ... g nQoiQifz. cum B 8 Lzrn 

unc 8 al pier 

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15. trru c. bd 32. k ... ff (Ln) add axowip c. HCKFOKLMBUvxrAn etc 
:: sine ax. semper Mt (13, 9 et 43 et. h); in He et Lc ax. nusquam 

16. xmd*our c. unc omn al plus 250 ... ff (= Qb Sz) /ra*<Ja^*o*<7 cum min 
pane | %a&np. ante tv (6b') c. kbcdlmza al 20 it vg al pi Chr ... ff 
pott ayoq. c. EFGKSurxrn al pier :: cf Lc | ex xcua ayoqaur cum kbz 
124. 157. cop syrP ... s Ti tv ayoqcuo c. CEFQKLMSUVXrAn al pi ... 
d ir riy ayoQUy Ln (ex errore) Gb' *r ayooot c. al pi , item in foro it 
vg etc :: cf Lc | « (Chr xcu) nqoGQwrovma et Xtyovaw (Gb') c. hbdz 
al 10 ff 1 " g** 1 vg cop syrP ^8 Chrc° m 8** j c a nqoaqiwtwaiv et xa* A*y. 
... f xa» 7i4>oG<pwov<ii et xom A*y. c. bfoklmbuvxa etc, item b c f h 
:*. cf Lc | ro*o- «Tf ooht (Gb') c. BCDEFKLMXzrAn* al plus 50 , item al- 
l^lote Chr co ™ 8**, invieem vel similiter it 5 cop, alii* d g Sa k go, ad 
alterutrwn f *, absque avxtor (Gb°) cum hbdz 1. al it vg cop go .. . ff 
(Ln) xout txcuQota c. osuvn 9 al pi syr cu et *** arm aeth ff 1 * 1 vg, ad- 
duntque avxwr c. unc iisdem et cefklmxtaii* al pi syr<> mn arm aeth 

VUyovoi* ... ff xcu liyovvw: vide ad v. 16. | t&Qijvrioaf**v (prob 
Schu) c. kbdz aH it 7 vg cop go al Clem 105 Aug . . . ff add vpw c. cef 
gklmsuvxtah al pier a b h q syromn »rm aeth : : ita Lc 


11, 19. KATA MA6OAI0N 

i%u. 19 rjk&ev 6 vwg rov dv&Qwnov ia&mv xai mvofv, xai JU- 
yovaiv' idov ar&QcoTZoo wdyoc xcu owonazTja, ttloovm* qpiXoo xai 
apaqtooXow. xai idixatwdy if aocpia am tow eoym airzija. 

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fMjf iooa ovoavov inpm&TJan ; boxt adov xaraptftcui&TJaq, 109 ' ,i> on ei 
iv Jtodouoia iyevndijaav at dvvausta at yevouevcu iv aoi, eustvev 

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t8QOV £0*701 iv TjfHiQK XQWmO $ OOt. 

19. tyyuiv c. hb* 124. codd ap Hier (in h. 1.) cop syr 8 ** et P cop arm cdd 
aeth peraP pers cod (scholl : Sto xcu iSix. fj ttotp. ano r. rtxp. nvrya 
rjtov em tour f^yowx etc; aliud: tikxatovra* Si xcu ano ((tyoyv aoq>ux 
xara Goytav fmxtXovfifvrj q ano koywv) ... g Ln Ti rtxviav c. b 8 cde 
pQKLMsuviTAn al pier itP ler vg syr ca etP m & arm«<* g al Chr Hil 

21. /o£»a£nv c. nbcefgkmvaii (r -£»fv) etc; item g Ln xooatip c. u al 
pi ... si etc xuQatftv vel -fir, d /o£o£a*>, similiter Latt | fiij&acu- 
6av: -&av c. k+befgkmsuxtaii etc ... Gb" Ln -da c. hc<"t(<* ut* Jd ) 
cblv al 90 (w pier vel omn) Or*» u »al | anoSw: kcu al Or a » 11B et^ti,87 
al add xa&tj/ttvo*, a etc -fitvau 

23. xaqxtQvaovfi (Gb") com nbd 33. it (d caparnamn) vg sax fr cop go 
Irlntws etc ... g nantqvaovfi c. cepgklmsuvxtmi etc. Cf ad 4, 13. | 
firj (d*l 17 , praecedit -ov/t) et vyw&ijini (l -at*) cum hbcdl al* it 6 
(item g 1 ' sed quae i. e. ^f pro ftij f item k nc quomodo in caelum, elata 
cs usq. ad inferott descender) vg syr« u cop arm aeth pers wh Irtottw 
Hier (ad h. 1. ez edd suis) ... e 17 et i/t^<u^-«Kra c. kmxah* al pi go 
Caes 8 *' 9 Chrto©, item Gb' Ti ij et vipa&rja c. BPOBUVrn 8 al pins 80 
Chr, item (gwoe - exaUata ««) f g l> h q cod ap Hier syr***" peraP et 
cod ( a p Whel.) I ovfiotvov 0. hbdba al Gaes Chrffu* . .. g tow ov^. c. c 
KFGKLMUVxrn al pier | xarapipaa&ijGij enm HCEFGKLMSUTxr&n al 
omn vld syr cn et n * r cop arm al . . . Ln Ti xarapiiarj c. bd Gaes, item 
(descendes) it vg Ir int aeth , item (vadis) go (: : in Lc bd syr ou aeth 
xatctft?j<Ji]) I tyiv7]&r]cr. c. wbcd 1. 157. al ... 9 tytvovfo c. bfoklms 
uvxrAn al pier Chr | ygv. tw aot: B tp aot ytv. (Ln) | tfiewtp c. mbc 
1. 33. al ... g Ti ffitwav enm DEVOKBUvrn al pier; lxa etc eptwov, 
u al tfitvov 


KATA MA66AI0N 12, 4. 80 

25 iu ^'Ep sxsivw «j> xutQ<p atroxQt&sla o^Itpoha bIbbp' i£o- lc^o"," . 
ssLoyovpai am aatSQ, xqpe tov ovoapov xai tip yija, on ixovxpua 
Tcvra am> aoqyop xal avpetav, xcu antxdXwpafl avta piptfaa* 

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ud&eze ad ifwv, on bqovg tipi xai tcutetpba nj xoooYp, xcu svq^- 
gct* araxmHJtv tcuc yv%cua vfiatv. 30 6 yao Zyyoc (tov XQV<**off 
xcu to yoQtior pov Acupqop hup. 

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ti&hp Gtdyvcuj xal ia&kip. 2 oi di ftaQiacubi idovt&j dnap avtcp' 
&ob oi na&ytcu gov nourvGiv o ovx S^eanp noulv ip aaflpatq). b» 20, 10 
3 H daep avtous' ovx dvtypcate ti efiottptp zJaveid, ore imipa- igt^ai, a 
at xai oi per avtov; 4 nwa eiotjhd'tp eia top olxop tov &eov xcu 

25. vtqvycHT c. hso 12. Clem hom8 > 6 (et 18 ' 16 et M ) . . . g anixqvy. c. cbf 
gklubuvtxu al pier Ir 88 Or 8 * 757 EusP a89 (sed possunt bi tres etiam 
* Lc pendere) al : : cf Lc ubi non variat 

26. ivSox. ty&. c. mb 1. 33. k (placitotm factum est) cop, item (nt ante) 
Marcos ap Ir . . . g Ti «/«»». ivdox. c. CDBFGKLMSUvrAn al pier (Or 8 * 
757 ut ante) Chr etc ' 

27. a tav c MBCEFasxMBUVTAn al omn fere Clem 806 ... p al Clem h <>m 
M&rcoa ap Ir Iiwttret*P Clem»*ep Or«»«P al o» (Clembom Jnat Ir'nuaa 
et 186 o*a) <*v, ita, Ln 

29. Tiqava c. kbc*x> Cleni 98 Or 8 * 199 ' n * ^th^^edd Bas 3 > tifi Cyroa*" ... 

g nq<xoo c. c'efq one rell al omn Or 8 * e P EusP 8 8ae P etc 
III, 1. aofifiaanr c. NCDLTAn nnc 7 rell omn ... Ln actfiParouT c. u 

2. f»/7ojr c. mbc 33. . . . c c»9ror c - DEGKLMSUVAff al pier 

3. feuf^A, ^ &afi$j, Qb Sz (Javwf : cf ad 1, 1* [ tntuvafltv c. kbcdkfgk 
MSirYran etc . . . g (= Gb Sz) add avro<r c. l al ma itPl« r arm ayrP 
mgCk x 

d by Googk 

40 12, 5. KATA MA88AION 

sz 99, 88 tova olqiovg tip nQO&tOB&G eyayov y o ov* i^b* tp avtco qpayeiv 
ovoe toia per avtov, ei pq iouj iSQevcw povous; O ovx 

Nm«8, 9. dreyvmts ev tm ?of«p on tola cdfiftaow ol ieqefa & rep iqxp to 

odpftatov (tefirilovGw xal dvainoi slew ; 6 Xeyoo tie ifuv ori rw 

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oh &wn'av, ovx civ xaiedutdaate rova dvcuriovtr. 8 xvqiog yaQ dartp 

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Xeyovtea' eie&etmv rota auffiaaiv ti-eoanevGcu; if a xarrffooT/GOMTiv 
lch, 6 avrow. 11 o de elnev ahtols' tig latoue^ifimv ap&Qcmoo oa e^et 
KQofiatov ev , xa* iav ififttcTQ tovto touj cup ft act* ela fiofrwor, 
ov%i xgctTijaei avrb xal eyelet; 12 noacp ovv dicupe\m av&DGmoa 
noopatov ' mate el^etmv tote aaffiaaiv xakoa novel*. 13 tots )Jyei 
r<p dv&QWKp ' hxwov gov xrp %*iqxl. xal i£eteivev, xal dnexare- 
ard&q vyiqa <na i\ uXbj. 14 U7 '* Qekd-ovrev de ol <1>uqkjcuoi avp- 
povktov tkafiov xwi axnov, oncoa ainbv dnoltawauf. 

4. ttpayov (praegresso fujyX&tv) c. mb o»<* (:: nil simile 11. pp.) ... g Ti 
tyaytv c. co uno et min rell it vg rell EusP* Cbr | o c. bd IB. 124. 
b k q harl*. .. g ova c. HCEOKMsnrAn al pier itPl vg etc 

6. f**£ov (Gb'Sz) cam HBDEOKMSuvrn al plus 100 ff 1 ' q cop Chr Cyr* c ** 7 
Ir in *, (c* fia^ooiv o eraso) . . . g -£«w c. (c vide ante) la al pi itPl««* 
(et. d) vg etc 

7. tktoa c. hbcd al 8 Or 2 * 568 . . . g ektov c. ltah nnc 7 a] pier 0^*» 88 • Chr 

8. *<rtw c. HBc(et*et 8 )DEGKLMBtJVrAfl etc . . . g (= Gb Sa) «ctt* xa* cum 
min f vg ByrP 

10. av&Q. xuq. c.mbc k 1 vg (sed non gat mm) cop eyr^u a eth . . . g av&q. 
fjv tt\v xuq. c. GKSVxrn al pi b c g s * ; item dlma etc av&(j. r\v cxc» 
rtjv zt*Q. t similiter eu etc | O-iqanivocu c. mdl al pauc ... g Ln Ti 
-ntvuy c. bceokm nnc rell min pier 

11. rtrff latat, c. KBC^EOKMBtrvr^n al pi c g 2, vg ByrP, item d al plus 80 
etc tta iqxw . . . Ti t«t c. c*lx 61. 124. ft** cop Vict«ddi ( e d Mosq); 
similiter it* | lytQta cdl (o tytt^ti) 124. k syr«»ettttr «y^« : ita 

12. aappcujhv: Ln aappatort cum b 

13. aov r. /<*£. c. H*et«bBL 1. 33. 124. 157. 346. al ... g v, %. cov cum 
tt<*acDEGKX8uvxTMi al ifler Chr | antncrrtaTa&tf (Gb') c. hbc^fqlm 
svxrA al 60 , un aTtemxttaxfi . . . g aaoxaTt9t<*&ij c. dk al pm 

14. «f«A^. if (d itpler a j K0W e ^,j UB q xaT ch^-^ (Gb' prob Schu) c. mb 


KATA MA66AION 12,25. 41 

a 48, 1-4 

15 lMao *0 de 'hpova yvova uvsxcoQrjcev exet&ev. xat yxoXov- 
&ipav <xvng> nokXoiy xai i&eQanevcev avtoia navtaa y 16 xat 
iatxtpojoer avtoia ha \ai (jpaveoov avtov noitjtyoxnv' 17 ha nlq- 
P*&tj to QTt&i* diet 'Jfoaiov tov KQOcpijiov Xtyovtoa* 18 idov 6 b.1 
aria f*ov ov jjQhtGOj 6 ajamjftoa fwv euj ov tjvdoxTjcev ij \pv%^ fum* 
tfjyaoj xb nvevpd pov in avtov, xai xgtaiv touj i&veaiv anayyeXet. 
19 ovx eQiaei ovtii xQavyaaei, ovde axovaet tia iv raid nXateiaic 
tip ffvwifv avtov. 20 xdXafiOv ovvtetQiUftevov ov xatea^et xa\ 
lirov twpofserov oi afttoet , ttoc ay ixpdh} eh vfttoa rip xqujiv. 
21 xai tip dvopatt avtov l&vt\ iXmownv. 

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xaxpOG' xai e&eoanevaev avtov, mate tovxaxpov XaXetv xai (IXenetv. 
23 latt * , xai i^htavto nan to oi oj)jo\ xtti eXeyov' uyti ovtoa iattv M „ 
6 vibe Javeid; 24 1%1 ' 2 oi di <I>aoiaaioi axovaavtea elnov' ovtoa "J^S"* 
ovx exfidXlei td datfiovta ei uij iv t(p BeeX&ftoiX ao%om twv 
catpovuav. 25 xt ** 8 eidaxj di taa ev&vuijaeto avt<Bv elnev avtoia* 

cd al* it vg cop syr cu et 8ch persP aeth Eas dwn4M ; item L al arm Chr 
Oi it fo^. t£iX&. <r. f. x. avtov ... g o* St (paq. avpfl. iX. xat avrov 
iW^. c. k^kmbcvxtii al pier syrP 
15. noUot c. kb a b c ff 1# g 1 ' k vg aetb Eua© ! 801 ... g Ti oxXoi no. c. 
cDKGKXJtsuyrAn al pier it* cop al Or 8 ** 80 Ea5 deaa4W , x al no. o/A. 

17. mi c. mbcd 1. 33. Or 4 ** 5 Eiu d em e tecl ... s on<*<r c. EOXLMSUVXrAii 
al pi Car 

18. or c h*b 115. 244. (ff 1 - quern stucejpit) Eased 201 etmaroWcod ... ff Ti 
*«f or cum M*> c *EGKLMBCVXTAn *^ P ier Eusdem«*»emel et m * rc « d Chr 
... c'^D 1. 33. Eusd ™* 628 * 11 **! «y at, item m juo bene placuit anima 
mea vel similiter itP ler vg Ir^* Hil | t/ccJox. c. n(*et*> etc)cD al Eud 
imw 87 . . . g Ln Ti tudo*. c. b unc rell min pier Eus d e m et ecl Chr 

81. t» ovofi. c. MBCEFGKXMBUVxnn al plus 100 Chr al . . . s (= Gb Sz) ev 
tm ov. c B al ma it vg arm Eus d em»7 (ex Eaa.) Irlntwa & 

•2. noo4?rjr*z&H <»• £cu/*o?*£o/i«*0(T tv. x. x». c. hcdeoklmsuvxtaii etc 
... B ayi* et a*r cop aeth nQoorjvtyxav a. 6cuftovt£ofi€irov rv<pXov x. 
xv^o^CLd) I xovxmyov c. kbd fif 1, k g x * cop ayr ca aeth ...^ T.Tir^Aoy 
im x«>9. c. CEGKMSUvm al pier arm syrP ood hodl a i • item lxa etc 
t. <ox?. xcu rwpXow ... itPl vg sax fr om plane | XaXw c. h*bd al 
plus 10 it vg cop arm ... g no* XaX. cum H c CEGKLM8UVXrAn al pier 

%. St c wjd k cop syr«* ... g add o is c. CEGBXiisuvxrAen et<s 


4St 12, 26. KATA MA86AI0K 

naca paodsia peQtG&HGa xa& iavzijc igijfiovrai, xm n&act troJUa 
tj oixia (jLSQUj&Giaa xa& iavtiJG ov ota&tiGstai* 26 xai e£ 6 aa- 
ravac top oatavap ixfidlXei, agp* iavtbp b/asqIo&i] ' awe ovv <jra- 
V-Tjcerai i\ (laatXsla avtov; 27 xai si eym w Beal&fiovX d^aXXoo 
ta datpowa, oi viol vpunp iv tipi ixftdXXovaiv ; dia tovTo airzoi 
xQital faoptat vfitov. 28 u bl iv rtpsvpau &sov iyco sxBaJJUo ra 
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al* it 8 vg«d etn»" an x^. vp. ta. ... f vfi. «cr. j^>. cum OBOKMBUYxrAn 
etc ; l etc vfi. xq. ta. 

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&t. c- min fmvg syr^tt al Chrffu* 

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ff«* c. HC**DEOKLMBUVrAn al pier EubP 8 mai l06 Chr : : cf Mc | 3taq 
nouTT} c. kdgkbh* al plua 80 ChrKtte ; item r -ae * c. BCELMUVxrn 9 al pi; 
D al pane -act* . . . Ln Ti aqnoutt* c. 1. al pauc (ex errore) 

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Bas** 881 ©©* Hil al ... al 10 etc add uitomt, item *(Gb°)Ti rota w&qo~ 
nour c. CDKGKLMBUVxrAn al pier it 4 8yr ut ^ etc 

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ovk (h* ov fin) aqn&. c. K*ett>etccDEQKLM8UVxrAn etc ... Ln ov f.f\ 
cupt&ti c. b J tovt. t. awv. c. mbcd al ma Or 4 * 888 ; item kxah al Or 
bis e to tw <ww. Toirrw . . . efqlmbuvt al plu Bas*» M1 Epiph 61 ' 85 alnu 

TAJ VVY CUOtVh (Sz Gb') 


KATA MA66AI0N 12, 43. 

r^ff xaQdtaa to ctofui Xalef. 35 U5 ' 5 6 aya&oo a*&Q*moe ex 
tov dya&ov {hjoavoov JxfidlXei t« ay eft a > xal 6 nortjooa dr&ocr- 
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ntmtaa i^k&Q dno tov drfrfH&nov , dteQ%et(ti tit drvtyow tontav 

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(aed l 1. etc r. ws. avroii) Clem 8 " Or*> 841 al | ta aya&. c. hclua al 
pm Or. 8 * 685 Chr ... Ob' Sa Ln Tiomra c< BOSOKMSVzrn al plus 70 
Dial 118 etc | novtfQa: lda al perm Cbr to jror. 

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Mscvzran etc, x. al Or 8 * 818 o av \ Xakucovaw c. mbc, d XaXovav . . . 
? (La) l«li7irMtf«v c. KOKLMSuyzran al omit* 1 * Or (Latt locuti fue- 


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eLMBCTzrail al pier it vg etc: Ln om *cu q>a$. c. b al 8 Cbrcom m 

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(uarroe c. (c pr loco) a al Or^^et* 11 " 


44 12, 44. KATA MA66AI0N 

tyrovv dvdxavGiv, xai ov% evoioxei. 44 tote Xtyei* etc tov oJxov 
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hGtyxaGiv tytovvtea goi XaXijacu.) 48 6 tie dnoxQt&eh ehtev no 
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hjfta tov natqoG pov tov ev oioavotG, avtOG pov ddeXyoa xai 
ddeXcpij xai fitjtrjQ eotiv. 

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t*<r t. o. p. c. CEQKLMSuvxrAn al omn fere it vg syr° m » arm Or**"** 
257 : : cf Lc | eX&ov (h* om) c. »»bcekxmbuvaii etc ... Ti tX&w c. df 
Gxr al plus" Chr* 118 | xa* aiaaqtop. c. nc*zri& al pins 10 a c (ff 1# ) h 
q 8yr° a ct ** Chr ... Ln [xdi], g Ti om xa* c. bc'defoklmsuvxtaii 
al pier b f g 1 * k cop arm aeth 

46. «r» avr. laXovrt. c. KB 33. al 4 e f vg cop , similiter it 6 . . . g Ti «r# 
tie avT. XaX. c. CEFGKMSUvxrAn al pier q syrP aeth ; item dlz etc Xa- 
Xowxoa dt avrov \ r\ fifjtr t g (al 4 it 8 vg cop Or 8 ** 80 add avtov) n. o* 
adcX<f>. ainov: x b (non*nec c )z al 8 itP«n Or om avtov y hinc Ln [avr.] | 
Itjrovm. avr. XaX. (a v. Xa. c. k*bcz nnc rell etc: DL etc Xa. ai>.): 
h* om 

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a post tortjn.) tax rixatfw (d* -xmrav) tyx. aot XaX. (d etc Xa).. <rot, 
al 5 a Or* 1118 ' 885 at *d€*», m* 1 vg cop nil nisi an ita 6b') c. k*cdefg 
KMSuvxzAn al pier itPl vg syr»tr cop arm aeth Or*** 8 * 886 . . . K*BLr 
al 4 flf x * k syr«» om 

48. t. Xtyovth avr. c. kbdzh*^ 4 al . . . ? Ti t. tmovty avr. c. cbfoklm su 
vran corr * al pier 

*49. z*m a (** -^«») c. h*d al 10 a b flf 1, g l * k q vg Or 8 * 480 Aug ... f Ln 
Ti add avrov c. Bczrn nnc rell et min pier c f h etc 

50. noii\OT\ (-at* Kxzr al) c. hbefom suvxn al pier, item KLzr al (fecerit 
it vg) ... Ti nonj c. ca 251 ; item D mmi (facit) 


BLATA MA66AI0N 13, 10. 45 


1 "^ *Ep t^ quiQa ixeirq i^eX-frof 6 'Jtpsovc ix tjJo omcuj MeiTi-o 
ha&rjro na$a rip •0-aXacaap. 2 xal awyx&tpav noixj c&rbv 
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o & i^rfxoprOy o de iQiaxorza. 9 6 Sjm &ta dxoverm. 10-17 

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Xm, 1. *v c. »bz al 8 a b c c ff *• *• g 1# k vg arm aeth OrMct 8 ... g Ti 
add St cum cdefgklm8Ttvxtaii al pier f h q syr utr cop | ex c. hz 83. 
(item de domo c f h q vg Or*"*) Or 8 ** Chr . . . ? Ti euro c osfoxlmbu 
▼xran al pier ... b etc Or*»* om, d it 7 om t* t*i<r ouuaa 

2. nk*m c. nbclz al 15 . . . ? Ti to nXo$. c. Dzrin unc 8 al pier cop arm 

3. ff3R*£<ir cum bcefgkuyztaii al pi Or 1 ' 808 et* 07, 8 » 780 . . . hdlksx al 
plus 88 Or 8 * 8 eneiqcu (Gb') : : ut Mc et Lc 

4. ^14-tr (dlz al -£or, servato -y«r sq : ita Ln) et *ai Kartfaytv c. mc 
BFGSMSinrzran al pier Or 8 * 780 Chr, item dlz al ... Ti tX&orra et 
xaxtvayf* c. B al 

5. iltxvixfktv c. MGBKFaaxMflUTZZTAn etc : b -ia* | ri* c. iisdem (sed 
z hiat) ... b %%c yti<T (Ln) 

7. */rr»^<»r e. md al 8 . . . s Ln Ti eurtmn^ap (: : ut Lc) c. bcz nnc et min 

8- tntatvt c 83. 243. uttaav (33. et v. 7.), 247. -<rov | D i^ow | *xa- 

cov etc: dz etc f' ^ i' (A' et. h). Item ▼. 34 

9. «co c. nbx a (e spatio) e flf *• k (Tert»*ro4» ie ^OZa guogiie |ironttntuittb 
enw [Eaaiae] adpopulum: Anre andietie et non andietie, dedd Ckritto 
frequenter medicare: Qui habet anres audiat." Haec pari iure ad 11, 15. 
13, 9 et 43 adhibentnr.) . . . t (Ln) add *xov€n> c. CDEPOKMSUVxrAn 
etc:: cf ad 11, 15 

10. o* fMx&rjr. c. MBDBvaKLHsurzran al pier e flf 1, g a * k vg arm Or * * 80 


4© 13, 11. KATA MA66AI0N 

fidkaia XaXefo avroicr; 11 6 di dnoxQifteio slmv' on vfuv didotou 
yr<o*ai ta pwrofcta rijo fiaGiXeiaa tmv ovoavmv, ixaivous de ov 

l7^is dedotou. 12 18i " 8 Harw ydo $%ei , do&tjaetou avrqa xal TieQieasv- 
&Tj<Jtrcu' ocrruj di ovx «£«, xal o i%Bi doftfoerat an avrov. 
13 ,88,1 dia rovto iv TTaoaBoXaia avtoTo /Ud.a>, on fiXdnoprso ov 

E.e,4« fikdnowsiv xal dxovortev ovx dxovovaw oidi owvovai*. 14 xal 
Act as, 26 8 dvanXqoovtai avroic ij nooqfqtBia'Haatov q Xiyovca' dxoy dxov- 
aere xal ov py ovvtjre, xal fiXtnoviea ftXixpere xal ov py fifyre* 
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tjxovaav, xal %ova 6y&aXfiovo avno* ixdfiftvoav , pq/zore idaoiv 
tola ocp&aXuoic xal tour eooiv dxovcrcocnv xal rg xaodia owm<nr 

IS ■ % » f . lit » 9 \(% 184.5 « *• * »* ' 

lcio,83b xm &TW?Qityco<nv , xai laoopai avtova. lb vpmv oe (*axa~ 
om olocp&alpol on (Mnovatp, xai to. mra vfiwv on axovownr. 
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ideiv a fiXsnete, xal ovx "dav, xal dxovaai a dxovers, xal ovx 

Orin* 3 ' 83 * . . . ex al plus 10 UP 1 8yrcu e t««h syrP c* cop aeth Eusdem ©• 
put. avrov (Ln) | t*nav c. kbl 33. ... g Ln tatov c. cdbpgkmsuv 
xzra etc 
liL c^rifo. HOZ ff 1 ' k cop aeth Ens^™*** chr»° 4 ... * Ln Ti add «v- 
xomj c. BDBF«KLMSUVxrAn etc 

14. ow'tomt o. hSc line rell (exc dm*) al plus 130 q am for harl* arm eyrP 
Bag 8 '" 8 Chr ... s (= Gb Sz) in avrow c dm* almak ($uper eos) 
cop syr*** aeth Eufl dem i r im (erga eo«); item mi et» (Hits) H 1 vg 

a c g 2, »yr c « plane om 

15. c vffiy c. bd tine rell (etc ho) al omn^ 1 * It* rg syrP . . . mc ft 5 cop 
syr cu et sch arm ae th Ir* nt add avTiw, hinc Ln [avr.] | ffvptaaw (ita 
et. ? 1560, item ^ 16S4. 16S3) ... c al oxmwf* (c -*«w<r*r): ita Gb' 
Sz | t7iHjT(}t\p<o<Tw c. KBCDLMUirA al longe pi . . . JBFGSSYn al pm 
-y/ovafv | Kxaopcu (Gb') cum HBCDE*et 8 PGtM8vrA**n al pine 60 . . . ff 
-ffU/CMM c. k**kuxa* al pl vid 

16. v^ow sec c. kcd unc rell (exc b) min pier it 8 vg §yr«»et «f al He- 
ges ap Phott"bl28« Or al Ir*nt*oe . . . Ln om c. B al pane it 6 | omcovov- 
akv c. nbcdmx al M fere Or EusP* "^ Chr^o* Cyr*e r al . . . f cmcov** c. 
EPaKLfluvrAn al pi Chr«<* 

17. afit\v c. hx al xo fere a b c f ff *• •• g>- »• h arm aeth Hil al . . . * Ln 
Ti add yap (: : cf Lc) c. bcd nnc rell et min pier k (q avtem) syr onm 
cop al | fr<W (h 38. *<?., b tiS. : ita Ln Ti) c. kb 83. ... g etdo? c. ckf 
oLMStTTd al pi ; xxvn al mn idov . . . d if$v*t]4hi<r(»¥ e»d«iv 


KATA MAB8A10N 13,27. 47 

qaowar. 18 im * ifituj b%v Axovaat* tip noQafioltp tov aitM~ t hiStX-jo 
oarroa. 19 nartba axoiovtoo tbv Xoyov trjo pcunXet'cur xat ^ Lc8 » u ~ 18 
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xk neTQeidtj trnaQeuT, ovtoa i&ttv 6 tbv loyov ctxowov xai tv&vo 
aeta XctQOG Xaftpdvcto avt6v' 21 ovx fya di gi^av iv iavt<$ olid 
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o(7 bq^xagrtixpogti xai ttwh o fiiv exatov, 8 di i&jxovta, 8 di 

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ti. t. auwvoa c h*bd al 8 a ff a# g 1 ' h k arm ... g x. o*. xovtqv c. m^cbf 

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Ln trvftn*. c. EFGKMSUvrn al certe pier 
23. Tijy xai. yfjv c. nbcla al 9 .Or 1 ' 808 ... g ny* ytjv ttfy teal. c. defokm 

auvxrn al pier : : cf v. 8. | cnwituj o. hbd 238. Or 1 ' 808 ... g awum c. 

CEFOBXM8UVXTAn al pier (:: Rom 3, 11 nemo lectionem awnnv mu- 

ii. OTZtuqarrt. cmbhszah al 26 fere item guHseminavti itPWg cop syr° mn 

al Amb ... g Ti anngorti c. cdbfokluyt al pier syrP ™« cod Eus C8 

«*»* «• Chr (et-^e), item semawaUi d h k S Aug 
!5. tntanttqtv cum N b (et**flr«o , ^apx«i')B al 8 Antitact (ap Clem 526 et ap 

Thdrt 1 * 18 ) (Ir 887 *"^^ Clem 774 Or 8 ' 13 *) item superaemmavit itpler (et. d 

d) vg Ir intS87 (sedgr ez catenia tcnttQt) Amb al . .. g toniye c. CDgr 

EFGKLMsuyzrAn al pier e q (lx& vide ante) Chr (et.& ue ; sed non 

27. tmtitQcur c. MBKLStTAn al pi Cbr(et.B^e). M -Qafttv ... Ti tanttQHr 


48 13,28. KATA MAeBAION 

81 B 

node? ovp i%^ JXifut; 28 6 di &pq avtola' ex&Qoa av&Q(ono<T 
tovto ixofyaep. ot ds dovkx Uyovaw avtfp' folsur ovp atreX&orr&j 
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tola &SQtataur' avXXi^aze ngmtop ta btdpux xcu dipate avtd 
eta dtapaa noba to xataxavaai avtd 9 top de altop avpay dyers eia tijp dao&jptqp fuyv. 31 lvt '* "AXhp naQafio&p fiaQ&hpter 
avtola Xe'yow ' opoia iatlp y ftaadeia tdp ovoap&p xoxxcp awd- 
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netwd tov ovgapov xcu xataaxr^olp if tola xlddota avtov. 

lo is, 8i 33 188,B "AXhp TtdQa^olyp ildbper avtola* opoia iativ r/ fiaai- 
Xeia toyp ovoapoyp £vpq, rjp Xafhvaa yvptj Mxovxpsp eta dXsvgov 
adta tout, tcaa ov i£vpoidy oXop. 

c. cdsfgvx al 18 | Ma*, c. M^CDEPOKMBUvrAn al plus 80 syrP arm« oft 
bjtP **t Chr (etc**) ...(ra C*?. c. m*lx al nm*** cop eyrP ™ff arm*** 
22. o» tit dovXoi c. MCSFOKLMBUYxrAn al omn fere it* vg etc; d it 1 syr 
acta » SovX. post Xty. avt. ... B 157. cop om dovXo* (Ti), item g 8 ' h | 
Xiyovaiv a\m» (bo avt. Xty. : ita Ln Ti) c. mbcd 157. « acr it 7 eyr®* et 
BCh ... c turop avrw c. efgklmbuvxtmi al pier f ff 1 * q vg cop syrp 
arm aeth Chr (et.8ii«) | avXXtlwptp : fklm an al 80 -£<y*«v 

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o de Xty a ott'TOfrff ... c o St tq>ij c EFaKUfsuvzran etc 

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oc£l* .. . Ln tour (:: quod *aepe pro n*XQ> snbstitutum) c. bd Chrmoi 
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ftaa c. MBCEFOKMsnvrn al pier ff 1, vg ed cop arm^d syrP aeth Chr 
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Chr (et.«o«) . . . Ln awwytrt c. Br 1. ... D ffVpXtytxat. Cf hue Ma- 
nich ap Epiph 88 ' 68 (ex ev*. Hebr?) 

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Chrgo® ... GL al plus 110 Cyr** 888 Chrmontf a i in qvxpt¥ (Gb') :: cf Lc 


KATA MA6BAI0N 13, 40. 


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sgloMr, N4U ymo\a noQapolSja ovdn ikdXu othrour, 35 omaa nlq- p» w, t 
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... * out c K«DEFGKL8UVirn al pier itple* vg eyr oa et 8ch al Or 8 ' 448 
EaaP' 40 **! al ::ntMc 

35. ijeaiov c x* 1. 13. 33. 124. 258. aethcod m c dd ap EusP* 488 (et. oat 
P*) item cdd Porphyrii et cdd nonnull ap Hier (ad h. 1. : Legi m non- 
mdlis cdd. - per Iaaiam prophetam dicentem. Quod quia minime inve- 
niebatur m Isaia, arbHror pottea a prtnUntibus virxs esse tMatum etc. 
Cf et. Hier in breviar. in pa 77). Ceternm et Clem h «» 18 » 18 veterri- 
mam scriptnram ^caiov confirmat ... ? Ln Ti om c. h*>bcd nnc u et 
mm pier it vg syr®? et «tr cop arm rell EuaP* 488 ** (vide ante) Chr 
Hier (vide ante) | natafioXija c. x*b 1. 22. e k ayrcn OrM 88 (Clem 884 
EmP«) . . . ? add xoo>oi> c. H*etecDEFaKLMSUYxrAU al pier itpl«* V g 
sjT**r CO p a i Clem hom Chr (: : lzx an ag^ijff- Sed an. xatafi. xocji. 
iegitnr Mt 25, 34 Lc 11, 50 Io 17, 24 etc nee flnetnare eolet) 

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al 8 Or 8 * 8 * 4 * 448# 481 Chr . .. f add o 2g c osfgklmsuvxaii al pier £ h q 
syratr al (r arm poet ^1^.) | nQocifl&w c. kcdbfobxm suvxrAn etc . . . 
Ln Ti -l&av c. B 33. | y^acroy c. m^cd nnc rell et min omn^id Or 
qiuter etc . . . m*b Or** 884 (it T enarra 9 narra, sed it 4 vg edi$$ere vel di$- 
fere) SKura^rjffor (Ln) 

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add ovroMT c. CLxrAn unc 8 al omn*id it 4 vg« d gyrcnet^tr arm 

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wff c hbd 13. 33. 124. 346. Or 4 * 884 . . . c tov a*woa c. hcckfoklmb 
uvxran etc 

40. xoccMatcfOM (d -orrcu) c. hbd 1. al certe pm Cyriol 888 (it vg com- 
Tiacnanoar, N. T. Edit. 8. trltiea minor. 4 

50 18, 41. KATA MA66A10N 

wax. 41 daooieUi b vibe tov av&Q(anw%<x>9 dyytXova avrov, xcu 
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buruntur, exuruntur) ... Gb Sz Ti xautcu c. cefgklmsdvxtaii al 80 | 
tou auavoo (Gb') c. KBDr al 10 itP ler vg syr cu arm aeth Cyr iu1888 Ir J n* 
887 Or* * 3 ' 870 Hil al . . . g add tovxov c. cp unc 18 et min pier f h q cop 
flyrtttr Chr 

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****** Cyr**!* 88 Xapyovaw | aira c. r*b a b e k am for san Hil cdd . . . 
g add axovtw, Ln [ax.] c. h c cdefgklmp8UVXTaii al omn^d itpl y^ed 
8yr cu e tutr CO p a i o r 8, 444 

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(Chr) . .. g praem naJu*, Ln [/fa.] c. CBFGKLKPBUVxrAn al omn^d 
it 8 syr"** arm Or 8 ' 446 Hil | ami. navr. (a al 6 arm*** Or 8 » **• om) ©<xa 
«*. c h(b)d al 5 itPl« vg syr** et «ch cop (Or 8 » 446 ) Chr Orln* 8 - " ... 
g navr. 09. f£. ami, c. cbfgklmp nnc 7 min pier f q syrP arm aeth 
Or 1 ." 8 

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vg syr ca et 8ch arm aeth Cyr 061 * 88 et* d <>» 108 . . . g 00 tvqwv c. cefok 
MPSuvxr^n al pier f q cop eyrP Cyr« la P h 117 Chr 

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avtijv c. HBCKFGKLMUVxrn al pier c ff x * q vg arm aeth Cyr^^et 
•■ M1 . . . Ln Ti add avxt\v c. psa al 8 , item d itP ler | tm x. wy. xcu c. 
«*et c BDP one 18 min pier it 8 8yr« a et utr cop arm aeth; item Ln xot 
tn, t. a«y. c. h^c 1. it 3 vg Cyr^Wetes 8 * 1 Orints f M« _ Q b ' Ti |7r T 


RATA MA60AI0N 13, 57. 51 

kjjr h t« di aanoa I£g> ifialor. 49 ovtmo Satan iv tjj cwteXsia 
tov auoroG ' i%elev<TovTcu oi ayvehoi xal iyoQiovciv torn novrjQovc 
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bid 1 *** ... q (Ln) ayytwt c. DLPxran unc* etc 

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;praem Ziyt* cutout o is ccEFOKLMBtrvxra al omn vid it 8 (item a g 2 * 
syr«n libera) 8yr« mn arm Chr^d | ro* (Gb')c. hbd al 8 IF 1 * k vg syren 
syr^aethPP Or 8 * 467 Atb 1 * 880 Hil ... * add xvqu c. CEFGHLM8UvxrAn 
ai pi itPl syratr cop arm Chr Ortot*,M4 

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«7 PmltM (Gb) c. kbcks al 11 e k cop arm aetb Or 8 * 458 Ath 3 * 84 Cyr 
< F n*. 7*0- sen gj _ DM et0 <y T1 j ^p^. ((j^' L,,) ... g 9t a ri\v ftacrilrKtv 

c. XFGLsuvxren m K etc 
H. naT^o-tfva^-. c. MBGDEFOLUYxan etc ... ; txnXrjxx. c. KMsr etc 
55. ov* 17 c. kbcma al pane Or* 8 * EobP» 87S Baa 8 ' 881 Cyr** 828 . . . * Ti ov/t 

H c DKPeKLSTnrxrn al pier Eus 8te P h2M Chr | Hoarjip c. k*bc al 8 syr 

c« cop arm syrP ™K itPl«' vg OrM 6 * 4 » 1US Eue'^Ph 228 Hier... ? mai\<t 

c KLan al plu k q** arm*ob fte th syr 8Ch et P Bas 2 » 281 . . . k*dbfgms 

utxt al mn Or 4 » 28a /«av>'J70 
5«. Tatvr. newt, c HBCMSurn al pi EuaP 8878 ... Ti mxvx. r«vt. c. defgk 

ltxa al pi it vg Or 4 * 269 Bas 2 . 881 
57. nJ»a itaxQ. cum hz al 8 (ff 1 *) Or 8 * 188 , item c »oV ^raro. ot'Tou ... Ti 

natff. avtov c. £GBXM8Uyzran al pier itP 1 vg etc . ... bd 33. 346. a k 

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5t 13, 58. RATA MA86AI0N 

naZQtdi xoi h tfj oma avtov, 58 xal ovx enofyaev iwX dwdftsur 
noXXaa dw, ttp amotlav avtw. 


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XIV, 1. tiiQaaqxyG c. mcza cop (ita m nbiqne: Lc S, 19. 9, 7. Act 13, 1, 
. item Lc 3, 1 ter, acoedente [exc Act] o ubique) . . . g Ln Ti ttTQaqx- 
c. bd rell testibus 

3. eSiftftv c. m*b ff 1, h Or 8 ** 10 .. . g Ln Ti add avtov c. H*et«CD uncrell 
etc Or*.* 68 | new «* (b** al add ttj) q>vX. ant&tr. c H*B*et** al 8 ff 1 
h; item Or*'* 11 xo» ant&. tv rq vvl., h© 88. Or 8 ' 470 tv (k* add riy) 
yvX. xa* ani&vto .. . g Ti xa* c&cro «r (Ti tfj) ?vl. c. cbgklhsuvz 
ran al pier item itpl rg 8yr omn cop arm ... d etc nil nisi tv ttj qvX. 
: : cf Mc | yiUnnov c. HBCBOKLMflUVizrAn etc . . . Ti om c. D a c e 
ff 1, g 1, k vg Ang«oM s t w 

4. warp. c. H*et«D al 8 . . . * Ln Ti o «w. c. bce unc 18 min pier Or 8 * * 70 | 
avt» (h* al 8 om) b. 1. c. h°bz 251. .. . g Ti post ?a£ c. CD unc 18 min 
pier it vg al Or Cbr 

6. 7«*«r*o*0 ©\ yevofitpoia (al 8 otyo/**yo«j) c. hbdlz (al 8 ), item -iwr 6. 
-pew* ck al 8 Chr ; item v v pi . . . g ytviauav d. ayofuvtop c. egmbuv 
xrin al pier syrP °V 

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rover c. bd (l* <Ai/7nj^i7 et ^^ TOt/ ^) 1- 18- 124. 346. a (b ff 1 ' 8 ' g 1 ' 
h q**) ... g tXvrni&ff et <Jta <fc toi/cr c. OBFOKL 8 M8UYXTAn(a) al pier 
cfkq* cop syr°»n arm 


KATA MAOeAJON 14, 19. 58 

«u tovo ovpavaxetfM&ovo ixikevot* do&ipaiy 10 xal ffifixpao wre- 

tyako&'lmavrip h rjjf (pvXaxq. 11 xai jJ*«X^ *i **9«d* avtoi 

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qayar. 17 oi di liyovot* avt<p* ovx iypym mfo el ftfj nevte ao- 
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10. omrr. e. k*bz* 1. . . . g to* «». c. H«CDLxrAn one 8 al pier 

12. mmpa (Gb') c. wbcdl al 16 k cop §yr«« et» ch . . . f Ti oupa c. XFOK 

amxran al pier syrP (itP^r V g corpus) \ amoy c. h*bs ft ff 1 ' ... ? 

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IS. asotwaff de c. kbbxz ftl 18 f k Or 8 ' 4T8 . .. f Ti xa» axovaav c. oefok 

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Ln »«Cl e. BCDXFQXMBUTXFaen ftl pier a ff 1 * Or 8 » 4M 
U. clf^aMr (Gb") c hbd al* it 6 vg 8yr c « cop arm aeth ... g add o 7s c. 

cnr&n unc 8 etc | f^r avroMT cam HBexraen uno 8 (l tv avronx) al 

plus 100 Or** *•* . . . g (= Gb 8a) «*r aifroif<r c. min ; D my* ennwr 
15. np>ffi}X&o9 cum mcd one 18 min omn^d . . . Ln Ti -^ow cam b 88. | 

o» mo^ijtcu c. kbjb al* b k arm Or 8 * 481 ' w * . . . r add avrov c. cdlxta 

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! *. • #c c. h*d 61. k 8yr«» et««& persP cop arm aeth ... g Ln TI add *e 

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W.o&i avtova earn mbs SB. ... r Ti avt. v$t c. OBFOKLMPguyxraen al 

pier f ff * vg . . . d etc om »St 
W. wiitou /e^rov c. mbc*i (i. «r* tov ffoorowr) al 10 Or^'Wet^r, d al 8 

wr. ro^ ^ooroy, item tuper/cteman it vg etc .. . ? Ti ««» vovff x°(* rov(T 

c c s iFQSMFsuvxraen al pier eyrP tel Qir | Aa/?w*c. BC^BFeBXHFftmrra 


54 14, 20. RATA MA66AI0N 


nine agtowr xcu tova dvo l%&vaa dfaf&npaa eitr top ovQarb* 
evloytjae*, xcu xXaaaa edmxsv tokr fia&tftafo towr aQtovcr, ot de 
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aav, hyortBc on (pdrraaud iatir , xcu dnb tov qafiov exQagar. 

n al 180 itPlw vg al Or 8 »" 8 . . . % (= Gb Sz) xat kofim c. «c*i(x?) al 
mu vid ffi- h cop arm ... d tXaficv | tvXoy. c. KBLXTAen unc 8 al pier 
Or 8 * 481 ... Ln Ti ijvX^y. c. cdipt* al Or^^et 510 Chr 

21. yw. x. nouS. c. wBCKFOiKLMP8T c uvxrAen rell fere omn etc ... d1. 
itPler c0 p Or*> 4T8 et<" Amb aauS. x. yvv. (Ln) 

22. xat pr c. h*c* ff 1 - syr™ Chr«dd ... f Ln Ti add tv&tu* *(:: ut Mc 
ubi nemo om) c. Ml>BC*unc rell min omn^d itpler V g al pier Or 8 * * a °-* g « | 
qfoyx. c. hbc*dipa9 al 85 e f ff 1, am fu for aan tol em ayr 011 et*ch 8 y r 
P ayrbr cop arm aeth al Or 8 . <*>• «• Chr . . . * (=Gb Sb) add o « c. c 8 
Lxrn unc 8 etc | t. na&^r. c. mcdgilm suvrAe al 70 e f 1 vg arm Or 8 > 
480 et 481 ( et . diierte) chr . . . g (== Gb 8b) Ln add aitov c. befkpxii al 
pi itP ler ayroan cop aeth 

26. yMf* (Gb") cum hbc*t« al 10 it vg ayro»et"& etP m> eop arm aeth 
Or 8 ** 88 Enadwaw etP* 588 Chr ... g Ti air^A*. c. c*vid DL pxrAen unc 8 
al pier ayrP txt | *rp. at*r. (Gb 8s) c. MBC*(D)PBTCvrAO al 80 ff *■ g 1, 1 
q vg cop ayrP aeth Or 8 * 4 * 8 Chr al ... g add oSc. c'epoklmuxii al 
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KATA MAB6AI0N 14, 36. 96 

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npaq (gmetar) 


15, 1. KATA MA88AI0N 


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g 8 * q vg] ayr°"» Hil) 

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add avtmv c. CDLxrn one 8 al pier itP ler vg al ma 

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KATA MAOOAION 15, 20. 57 

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c. CKFexjf suvxTAen al pier f eyrP 

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3/r ea et scb arm . .. * etnar, f c. CLxra^n nnc 8 el pier it vg al Chr 

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enc 8 al pier it vg gyr«»a arm aeth Chr 

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pier f q eyrP 

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WGEXMBUVXTiH al pier q cop eyrP 


15, 21. KATA MAB6A10N 

Mo 7, M-80 

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avrova noQa tovcnodaa avtov' xai l&eoanevaev aitova, filiate 

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Hil; item(Ln) h°bd al exporter, c ff 1 ' q eZ*mabat, k excl<imab<U, syr** 
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Baa*** 98 ...(tMC. MCSOXLMBuyxzrAn al pier Or 8 ** 08 

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. . . n*csi<gklsutxa al plus 10 ° Chr (item <wforowfit a f 1 q vg eop al) 

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Ba«««l (ad h. 1.) Hil Amb Ambrst Hier, item «<rv» EosP* 88 Tartvtf^ 
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yg cop syr 01011 al* Or*»*** Chr :: nt Mo nee flnot 

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(Qb") e. hbdl al* itP 1 ** vg eyr* cop arm arr Cbr Aug ...fwi/itic 
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bcd one rail et min pi syr ntr at 

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*ou, it similiter) ... * (= Ob Se) ^/moo* t^. e. m al mu Or 8 **** 819 

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la?mv c. CLFirAn unc 9 al pier,- item it vg 

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o/2o«t (cu* etc roil* o^Aov<r) c. lfxtad: one* (cu* etc) al pier a d e 
fk q ayr«iet»«k cop al*H» 

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ffnyuowT c lfxtaii uuc 9 al pier e (** vel*) f ff** arm syrP aeth Chr ... 
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mop tehol ... f Ln Ti timutv enm cbf nnc 18 al pier it vg cop gyr*** 
arm | tomt fta&. c. hbd al 10 c ff u g 4 " emm cop arm Chr .. . $■ add at/- 
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ro^ o^rA. (prob Schn) c. MBKLMn al 90 e f ff I# cop ■yr*»et««h al ... f 
(Ln) «*> o/X« c CDEFGHPsuxrA al pier itpl vg syrP arm Chr 

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xJL c. *»CLPxrAQ nnc 9 al pier it 4 etc :: ut Mc et Mt 14, 20 

Med, 1-10 


60 15, 88. KATA MA86A10N 

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ncudioDV xcu ywatxow. 39 xcu dnolicac tova Sxlova ire^tj eta rb 
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Y w. x. /ra*<*. c. bc unc rell min f pier ayr u * r arm Chr 

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CLxran unc 8 al 100 | nayadav o. mbd ayr«* (-don) syrb* peraa, h° /*a- 
ytSaw, item magedan vel similiter UP 1 ** vg Aug (DaZwanirfAa non 
duett Jft ««d Magedan) . . . cm ete paydaXav ... q paydaXa c. LxrAfi^n 
one 8 al pier arm ayrP aeth Chr 

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inrwmxnaav o. (*«» i/oarr.) bcd unc rell et min pier tt pi 

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cum*) it vg ayr» c h ayrP cop aeth al Eua°*»<>» Chr cat° x *•<>» . . . hbv 
xr al" cddPl« ap Hier syr** arm (aed«»o ex Latino) Or 8 * 8 " om 

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*cu: ita Ln) ^<fv o. c*(et**)DLA al 11 a c g 8 ' ff* 1 q vg ayrP aeth Aug 
... t (Ob 00 ) praam vnwQna* c. EFGBMfiDn al pier it ayr«ob C op al :: 
e Lc I dwac&t c. cdxphxah etc: gmu etc tivv. Soxipatw, l Saxipa- 
fat, et alitor 

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(Ob°) add cov ffooyirrov c. cxtah unc 9 al pier itPl vg«* etc Or : ; 
of 12, 89 

5. 04 t*a&. o. mbcd al 8 (a om) a arm Hil 688 ... p add avrov c. Lxrn 
unc 9 ete 


KATA MA06AI0N 16, 15. U 

s» tija &P*iO **** GaQuycuoor xcu Haddovxaicor. 7 166 " e oi di 
kduojiCjorzo *V iavrdkf Myoma ott aqtova ovx Hafiopsv. 8 jfova 
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t. v». t. arfy. 

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118 ): Ln o« dc c. b Eus«t«P hW8 Cbr | i^lctay c. bd . .. cr f/l>af c. hc 
unc rell et min 

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U 16, 16. KATA MA66AJ0N 

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unc 9 al pier it 8 syrP | «. tout ovf. c. HCDLxran unc 9 al pier Clem 807 
Or a » 496 et 9 ' 88 * etc . . . Ln om rom c. B y» cr Or 8 ' 885 

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... f Ln Ti praem xcu c. B^^t^ unc rell et min pier itP ,w vg cop 
syrP al Eus*«*n phot Cyp al | t. xktriac c. w*B*LTd Or 8 * 88 *" W9, ^ 
(item 3 » 6M ) ... f Ti t. nXtur cum kob 8 cd unc rell min omn^* d 0r 8 » 813 
Eu8 dem al | o eav pr c. «CLT d xran unc 9 etc, o tav sec c. iiedem et b 
. . . bd pr loco o av (Ln); item d sec loco o av 

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aeth Or 8 ' 582, wt ' fi98 ' 71 ° Cbr ... b*d cdd»J ! q ap Or 3 * 688 ayr c « e arm^d 
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Hil . .. ff add avrov c. LxrAn unc 9 etc (et. Or 8 ' 588 *^ 587 ' 7, °) | o ^ c. 
K*BLXTAn al 70 it* syr cu et 8ch etc ...?£* o jp c. h c c unc 9 (DfiT r o ^ S) 
etc d f g 8, 1 vg etc 

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M°° Chr Ir*ntaw pi^e om | fltr ^ cwr# c# „ BD gr al 7 e Or»»«P catox 
I r int Hil ... ff an. ua uq. c. CLxran unc 9 etc 

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etc *a* Xtynv) c. NC(D)Lxran unc 8 etc : b 346. Xtyn avrw tmnpw 


KATA MA00AION 17, 4. 08 

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(ftot . . . q Ti f*ov i* c. LxrAn one 8 a] pier Or B * e P 

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295 etc ... f wq>tXtvrcu c. CDItah one 9 al pier itP 1 vg arm 

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xmw m&. tffromov (Qb) c. hbodlsu al 80 Or 8 * 580 et 4 ' 898 etc; item g xwv 
md. Hrtii*ox*>v c. KMn etc ; item alterntnun it vg etc ... Sz Ti aide 
«rre»r«r c. bfghyxta al plus 80 

XVII, 3. wp&rj c. mbd al 5 it 8 am etc ... g (KptHifcur c. CBFOHXLMBUVr 
in al pier f if 1 ' q vg (et. for) | /*wv<rt/(T e. mbdbxsd etc (vide ad 8, 4) 
... g /MMftpr c CBFOHM»uvrA etc | iyJU*a<r c. hb*d .. . g Ln Ti f}A«a<r 
cam rell | ovrXaX.. (c. hbda, g Ln Ti (n/AJUsil. c. c unc rell etc) fit. 
avt. e. MB 1. ff 1 ' ** q «yr c » et ««& flab cop aetb Cyr«« 188 Or*"^ na et 8 » 
>w .. . g Ti /**. owr. ffi/AioU. c CDLrAn unc 9 etc (et. Or 8 * 669 ) 


64 17, 5. RATA MAB6AI0N 

r<j> 'Ifjoov' xvqw, xalov iariv rjf*da mde drat* si &eteia } itotqaa* 

me *Q*fo gxtjvog, aoi fuav xcu MwwnX(uav xat € Hheia (da*. 5 ere 

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4. noitjoo) c. hbo* b ff *• ... f -<ro)fitr cam c*DLrAn aac 9 etc : : at Mc et 
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dead:* etc ... q -aij c. own 8 anc 8 etc | q\* (-Acta c. hb*d : ff Ln Ti -A*a 
cam rell) (i%av c. hcdklaii al 88 itP* 8 * rg etc . . . ff ju. 17A. cam Br 
aac 8 etc 

5. ewrtttt? et. Or 8 * 884 : Gb (improb Schu) qxatotr c. 13. 124. 209. al 
paac Ephr | tvSoxijaa c. NBLrAn one 8 etc ... Ln ijvdoxfjva cam cdo 
al 10 I axov. avr. com mbd 1. 33. ff 1 * Or 8 ' 886 etc ... c aw. axove. c. c 
aac 18 rell pier itplc* vg etc 

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7. xcu TtgoatjX&tP o «« xcu c. mbd itPJer V g ayr* 11 et 8Ch . . . c Ti xo* nqoa- 
cX&q>p oJsc.c aac 18 al pier q eyrP arm Ghr. Item a^iafiivotj avttov 
c. mb (al x. nqoaiXO: o *5 xa* ayctfi.) ... {• Ti fjrpctto avr. xw cam cd 
aac 18 al pier 

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He ctLc I lytQ&ij camBD . . . f arcwm/ c. mc aac 18 al omn Tdtt Or 1 * 885 
et 8 * 588 :: at ita Mc, at solet; nasqaam Mt 

10. o» f4a<hj*. c. mle al 8 itP ler vg sab cop arm Or 8 » 88T ... c add at'rov 
c. bcd one 18 al pier f q eyromn M tb Chr | rjXcw c. mb*da ... ff La 
Ti tiXta* c b^ uae rell etc 

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f q aeth | tint* c. bd 33. 124. a b c e ff 8 ' am sab cop . . . c add av- 
toht c. hcb aac 18 al pier it 6 eyr 08 ** arm aeth :r at Mc | tjltwur c mbd 
... ? La Ti ^JUacr | <o/«tcm (Gb # ) c. mbd al 8 itpl«* vg sab cop syr*** 
etc .. . ff add ^wror c. ostah aac 9 (l) al pier f q syr^tr .. e M c 


KATA MA88AI0N 17, 20. 06 

m Ijl&ep, xcu ovx sTteyvaaav avtov, aX)! inotrpav iv avt(x> oca 
ffr&qGccr. ovtansxcu 6 vioG tov dv&oamov fiellti ndoym im av- 
nJr. 13 Tore awrputv oi pa{hftai ott negl 'Imdwov tov fiantiGtov 

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' o, - » ^ 1R * , / A . / V '* f f Left, 87-42 

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rot viir, Sri GehpndZsicu xai xaxoScr naa%ei' noXkcaac yao ninttt 
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jum&sIg di 6 'Iijovwr ehtev " o3 /erea amatoo xai duGtQafutevtj, *W 
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to bupowtor, xcu d&eQanev&rj 6 nala anb trie mgaa ixeivyo. 
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ptraftrjGStai, xcu ovdev dovvat^Gst vulv. 

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14. tl&ortw cum kbz al 8 sab ... g Ti tk&orr. avtfar cum c unc 1 * al 
pier cop ayr» ch etP arm aeth Or 8 ' 678 ... d it (exc q) vg etc tk&wv 
[am veniatet) | avco* c. HBCLXzr&n unc 9 etc ... g (= Gb Sz) ai/tw 
cum e*?m*? al mu ... d etc ivnqoo&iv avtov 

15. sax. nwryu cum CDxr&n uuc 9 al omn it vg etc . .. Ln man. i/«t cum 

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fit. vp. cum lx unc 18 al pier UP 1 ** vg etc 

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... g add iff c. c unc 14 al pier it 6 vg syr'ch e tP | ktyt* cum hbd al 6 
it 7 am fu for al ... g tint* c. c unc 14 al pier it 4 vg*d arm | ofoyom- 
<trm c «b 1. 13. 23. 33. 124. 346. syr<" sah cop arm aeth Or 8 ' 406 
Dftmpartsscod Hil .. . f Ti cvtMiTtav c. CD unc 1 * al pier it vg syr^h 
etP arm codl ;: proclive est dicere substituto ohy. pro an. mitigatam 
esse vituperationem. At talem mitigationem potius a posterioribus 
exspectares testibus, qui magno consensu an. exhibeot. Poterat an. 
aubstitui propter sequentia, quibus omnis nurtrt excludi videbatur: 
quam mutationem suadebat etiam 13, 58. | ptrafla c. mb al 4 Or 8 - 804 
et M * Cyr&r" ... g pttapti&* cum cd unc" al pier Or^'et 4 * 6 Eus 
Tiscokhdobf, N. T. Edit. 8. critica minor. 5 


66 17, 22. RATA MA66AI0N 

Me 9, »ls9 22 1,e,a HvctQBqtOfiivcav di avrow ev tjj r<xXiXat<£ elaev avroia 
r. C 9,4s-45 Q ^/jjaofo- n&Xei 6 vibo tov dv&ownov naqadidoa&cu eta %uqcuj 
uv&qcmkov, 23 xaJ anowtevovciv avrov, xat tjj totTQ tifuqa iy€Q- 
&jpezat. xal iXvmj&fjGav a<pod(>a. 
mc9,88 24 m,1 ° 'Ek&ovroav di avtAv eta KawaqvaovfA ffQooijX&or oi 
ra titdyaxpa Xappdvortea j<p HetQcp xai ihav' o dtddaxaXoa 
vfjuiiv ov relet dtdQaxfta ; 25 "tiyet* vat. xcu eiaeX&opta eta trjv 
oixiav nooty&aaep avrbr o 'Iqoovo Xe'ycw' %t aot doxei,' Htpanr ; 
oi fiaaiXeia rye yna ano tivmv Xapfidvovaw r&q tj xtjvgov; inb 
iwv vitov avrmy ij dm tmv aXlorgiow ; 26 einovtoa de' dnb tarv 
aXkotQuov, *igwy awtp 6 'lyaovo' OQaye eXev&eQOt eiaiv oi viot. 
27 it a di fAtj GxardaltCwfisv avtova, nooev&eta eh &dXaoaav (idle 

psiM | n ,& fv cum KBD ! 435^ Or 8 * 902 et* 88 et 878 ... g evxev&tv cum c 
unc 1 * al pier EubP« Cyr*»* 

21. g Ln Ti rovro di to yfcoo- (aethPP 1 et talis) ovx IxnoQtvtrcu (m*> «c- 
/SctAJUr.) «J /iij £y nooatv^fl *«• iijartiq (aethPP 1 rrj. *. ttd.) c. « b CDL 
xrAn unc B al pier itple'vg s'yr»c*»et P cop^iet'obw arm a l Or 8 ' 579 Chr 
Hil Amb Aug . . . om cum «*b 33. e ff 1 ' syr c, » syr 01 " sab coped aeth 
rom etedd Euscmoa (He 9, 28 sq i. e. sect. 92. in canone 10. posuit 
ubi recensentur singulis propria; Mt yero 17, 19 — 21 canone 5. cum 
solo Lc 17, ft sq composuit) 

22. owcofoop. de av. c. hb 1., item it 8 vg Hil ... g Ti ayokrro. de avr. 
(d aiir. i. a*a.) cum CD unc" al pier, item ff 1- syr« c h e tP arm (csah 
cop syr cu ) 

28. ty*v&tio. c. kcdi unc 14 al longe pi Or 4 * 801 .. . Ln avaoxrjfftt. cum b 
al ao fereOr 8 .» 8 Chr 

24. xetpaov. c. hbd 33. Praeterea cf ad 4, 13. ... ? xantgvaovfi c. ci 
one 11 etc | una* c. m c bd ... g etnov cum »*ci unc rell etc | foty. sec 
abaq ta c. n*d ... g Ln Ti ra (pri loc nemo om) drfo. o. k c bci unc 
rell etc 

25. fiotX&orra (ita H*etcb, D -n*, h c »b 1. aeth «A0.) cum «(*et« b , item 
c*)bd 1. b n aeth Cyr*©* 48 et*«bi» item DamP*' «<>d . . . g Ti o« ««r- 
rjk&iv c. iLirAn unc 8 al pier item it 7 vg etc . . . var testes alii 

26. h.7tovto<x de (c Cyr add avrov) cum hbcl 1. sab cop arm aeth r °m 
* Or 8 * *** Chr Cyrioh«» DamP»r cod f 8 ed hcl aeth'o™ praem Xtyet avtu 

o ntxQoa (» o de tvy) owro twr cUXor^^iMr ... 5 Ti Afyi* ai»tw ne- 
tqog (eyr^etP Simon t d aethPPl syr hr pers w om: Ob 00 ) c. Dxr^n 
unc 8 al pier f q syr«*etP etbr A ] Bas'thieo. similiter Latt 

27. axavdaltfopev c. mle ... g Ln Ti -awpev c. bdi unc 18 al omn^d Or 


KATA MAeOAION 16, 8. 07 

ttpucxQor xal tw dvafidvxa nq&xov i%&vv agov, xal avoS^aa xb 
rtofia avrov evQtJGaa oxaxiJQa' ixtHvov Xafiwv tibo avxoitr dvxl 
*'mm xal aov. 


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vjovx&i' xia oqu [i£i£(xnr iaxlv iv xjj fiaoiXeia xdiv ovoavwr; 2 xal 
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tj ftaatteia rw ovquvwv. 5 xal oa iav di£qxai iv naidiov xoi- 

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oim xq> dr&ocMTCp dt ov xb axdvdaXov eqx&tui. 8 M0 ' 6 ei d* jj 

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98 18, 9. RATA MAeOAION 

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canone) Hil Hier Iuv : : fruatra negant huuc versum e Lc 19, 20 hue 
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cum minusc mu. Item v. sq , 

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c. mbd al 85 ff 1 ' *' sah syrutr ftrm ft i Or 3 ' 810 et int«, »•* etc . . . s (= Gb) 
add xou c. r unc 14 itP 1 " vg cop aeth 


KATA MA68AI0N 18, 24. 

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afehpov gov. 16 184 " 10 iav di ph dxowin, naodXaSe fist a aeavrov 

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one 9 al pier ... BDKLrn al mu oaa <*v pri loc (Ln); item »*D« tt PPLetc 
see loc | (v ovQavta pri c. B 124. Or, sec c. »B 124. Or ... g Ti bis 
fp ts> ovqavm c. xr^n nnc 8 (m pri loc) al pier Bas®** 884 . . . »d»»PPL 
etc pri loc tv tout ov^ewow, item sec loc dlm etc 

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Ti avrta o fit, tin. c. h c efghkl unc 8 al pier syrP arm Chr 

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24. noafjT^y w &7\ cum HLirAn unc 9 etc it vg Or 8 ' 827 ^ 6381 ^ ... Ln Ti 
XQo<fTiz&q c. bd Or 8 » 821 et 627b 


70 18, 25 KATA MA6BAI0N 

ho avtcp dy&Xfarp fWQiwv raXavrow. 25 (ty i%ovroa de avrov 
dnodovvai, ix&ewre* avrov b xvquht nQa&tpcu xai rip ywcuxa 
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Or 8 * 887 Chr 

25. o xu()i,o<j c. hbdl etc . . . g Ln add avxov c. £ unc 18 al pier it 8 vg al 
ma... 1. g 1 ' syr cu Chr om | ywcnxa c. hb 1. al h ... f Ln Ti add 
avxov c. d unc 14 etc | ity** c « HDLran unc 8 al pier it vg etc Or*» 633 
DamP* r ... Ln Ti #/«* c. b al* Or 8 * 888 

26. tnnvoa c. h^dla al 8 itPl«* vg syr^etutr CO p aeth Lcif ... g Ln om 
c. h*b unc 11 al pier q sab arm DamP* 1 ** 8 | Xtyv* absque xvqte c. bd 
al 8 it 8 vg syr« u Or 8 ' 888 Chr Lcif .. . g add kvqu c. m unc" al pier it 8 
(al transp) sah cop syr tttr arm aeth DamP** | an odour, aoi c. hbl al 5 
it 8 vg sah cop syr° mn arm aeth Or 8 ' 888 Lcif .. . g aot> ano6. cum e 
unc 11 al pier f q . . . Ti om aot c. d it* 

27. t*inrov c. mo unc 18 al pier it vg etc . . . Ln om c. B al 8 

28. exfMwr: Ln om c. b arm>oh | anodoa c. hbdlb* al 4 itP ler vg etc 
... g (Gb 00 ) add /*©* c. crn* unc 10 al pier e f syr°«»n A rm Chr | «* t« 
c. hbcd unc u al 180 q Or^^et 888 Chr DamP** 888 ... f (=Gb Sz) o,t* 
cum minusc mu (itPl° r vg quod y d quae) arm aeth 

29. ma. ow o av. avx. c. hbc*dgl al 9 itP ler vg 8yr° u sah aeth Or 8 » 633 
Lcif ... g Ti add t*o~ rova nodaa avtoi' c. &TML unc 8 al pier f q 
gyrachet P arm DamP* r | in */40* c. hb unc 11 al omn^d ... Ln «r rift 
c. cdl | xcw (d xayw) sine nana (Gb" 8a) cum h*bc*da unc 8 al lu0 
it 8 syr«» syr cod etP^xt arm DamP &r Lcif ... 9 add nana c- H«c 8 Lrn 
(k) al mu it 8 vg syr*ch e t P »ff sah cop aeth Chr; item Ln [*ra.] 

30. aMa c. h c (»* xa*)BCDEOHKLM8urn al pi ... g« (= Gb Sz) ail c. fa 
al pm I tax? c. hbcl arm . . . g Ti t«<r ok c. d unc 18 etc 

31. ow c. M*et ob BD 33. e .. . g Ti 61 c. h««c unc 18 al pier itP 1 ®' vg etc j 
o* awd. avrov c. mcd unc rell etc : Ln ai'roi' 0* avvd. c. b | r. yivo- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

KATA MA88AI0N 19, 5. 71 

fly xvoiqt icanwv nana ta f&opeva. 32 tots noooxaXBadftepoa 
nrwf b xvquxj avtov Ityei airy' dovXe Borage, naaav tip wpetXijv 
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avtov naQ&koxer avtov tout ftaaavtataio iaxj ov dnodcp nav to 
oqtdofiepor airy. 35 ovraxi xal 6 natijQ pov b ovqovum noifosi 
i«>, £av p*i cupifte ixaatoa rqp adeXqxp ainov anb tow xaoduop 


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taws, petiJQgr anb ttja rahXaiaa xal yX&tw tio ta ogia tya 'Iov 
daiaa nd^ar tov 'IoQdarov. 2 xal iptoXov&rjoar avtop btfuoi noXXoi, 
xcci t&eQanevaer avtova ixei. 

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te/ort&s' ei !£eott9 anoXvaou tip ywaixa avtov xata ndaav 
aniav; 4 b di anoxQi&eio sher* ovx aviyvaotB oti 6 noitjactG an v** 1 ** 1 
a»irj<T aQcev xal &f]Xv inofyaev avtows; 5 xal shtev' cvexa tov- ©•»»»«* 

Ittva c. w«*di. al 16 itP l6r vg ... q Ln x. ytvop. c. «*et ob BC unc 18 e 
DamP* r | iavrw c. mbc unc 11 al 80 ... g avrtov c. DHL al pi 

33. %aym c. rbdl al Or 1 * 184 ... q xcu *yu c. c unc u al pier 

34. («<r ov : Ln om ov c. b arm | avtu c. »*et cb c unc 18 al pier sah cop 
s]rr «eh e tp aeth DamP** 888 ... Ln om c. h<»bd 124* % \ib f ere (Or 1 ** 6 *) 

35. oiyanoa c mbc'dklii al 10 Or *» K * et 9 » w * DamP** ... r Ti tnovoa- 
rn*r c. c*KFOHM8UvrA al longe pi | xaqd. vuwr c. hbdl al* itP ler vg 
*vt c » sah cop aeth arr Or 1 » 88 * .. . q (= Gb) add xa natQoatxvfAaxa 
avxvr c. c nnc u al pier f h syr»«* etP sah™0nt arm Chr DamP" 

XIX, 1. tya pr: ?« male om 

3. <n fct^. c. nor unc 8 al pier sah Or 8 » 6Be Naz ' 87 ' 8 . . . Ln om o* c. bc 
uian al 15 cop | Ityorxta (Gb") c. mbcklmiii al 80 itP l8r yg 8yr° u et»«h 
sah cop arm aeth Or 8 * 838 Naz« r87 » 8 Hil . . . q Xtyovx. (d* d Xtyovow) 
airra* c. dm™* nnc 8 c h q sjrP DamP»r Op | thaxtv c. HBLr al Aug 

. . f Ti add av&own» cum h«cd unc 11 al pier it vg Byr omn sah cop 
al Or^^et 88 * 

4. fftTrey c mbdl al pane it 8 sah cop aeth Or 8 * 681 ... g add avro*<j c. c 
nnc 11 al pier It 5 vg syr 011 " 1 al DamP" Op | noiijaao c. kcdz unc 18 al 
pier it rg etc ... b al* arm Or 8 ' 83 ™* Meth re8Urrlt8 al nttaatt 

5. (ttxa c. xblz . . . f Ti tvtKtv c. CD unc 18 al certe pier 


72 19, 6. KATA MA66AI0N 

tov xataXeixpei av&QcnnoG tov nareqa xal ripr ftqreQa xal xokXr^ 
dyostai Tfjj ywaixl avtov, xal eoovtai oi dvo ei<j oagxa pictr. 
6 (&TTfi ovxhi etah bvo dUxt <sao% fua. o ovv 6 &ebo owe'Cev£ev, 
dcu i 1 , i av&Qvmoo fit] £*»(>i&ro). 7 Xe'yovmv avrqj' ti ovv MeavorjO sveret- 
Xato dovvai fiifiXlov anootaoiov xal dnoXvaai; 8 Xeyei avroia' 
6u Mmvoijo nobo thv oxhjQOxaodiav vficov initoerpBv ifuv ano- 
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lc le, la kyo> o« v/ujr or* oo av anokvar; tr f v yvvaixa avrov fiy em tzoq- 
veia xal yafflcy aXbjv, fwixatai. 10 m ' 10 ktyovoiv avrco oi /*«- 
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ex xoiklaa fjttjtgbo iyevvr^oav ovtcoa, xal elolv evvovypi omvec 
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mc io, la-is 13 192% Tore nqoor^vex^oav avr<p naidia, tva taa x^cca 
im&ri avtoto xal nooaEv&jtai' oide [Aa&ijtal met ifitjo av avrolc. 

Lc 18, 15-17 

5. JtatfQa c. kbdz unc 11 al pi it vg al Or 8 ** 88 etc ... ceia al plus 50 sah 
cop 8yr omn etc add avrov | xoXXri&qo. (Gb") c. bdefghibuy al w . . . 
g 7tqo<jxoXXt]&. (:: ut lxx) cum HCKLMzrAii al pi Ath 1 ' 89 al 

6. ffa^$ fiva c. BCiLZrAn unc 9 etc: hd it (exc m q) vg fit,, aaqt 

7. ft(uvar t a ... g pmar]G. Item v. sq: cf Proll | anoXvaa* c. mdlz al 2 ii 7 
vg etc ... g add avxr\v c. BcrarAn unc 9 al pier it 2 syr utr etc 

9. ot» c. wciLNPAn unc 9 al omn vid it 6 vg etc ... Ln Ti om c. bdz it 7 i 
pr} mi noqvtia c. hcinz unc 18 al 180 g 2 " vg syr utr etc; item g (= Gb 
Sz) praemisso ft cum minusc pauc . . . Ln naqixxoa Xoyov noQvuaa 
(:: ex 5, 82) c. bd al 8 itpler syr cu etc | xa* yafitjatj cdXtjv: bn al* ff 1 ' 
cop Or 8 ' 6478 ^ om | pot/ata* c. »c 8 diz unc 18 al pier itPler V g etc . . . 
bc*n al 2 it 2 cop now avTTjv ^04/fv^i/va* | ^Oi/ara* sine addita- 
mento c. »c 8 dls al ie it 9 gat mm syr^u sah etc ... g Ln Ti add xa* o 
a7ioUkvncvT]v yaftfiaaa (c*iNAn etc yapwv) poi/atai c. bc'inz unc 11 
al pier it 5 vg etc : : ex 11. pp. 

10. oft f*a&f]T. c. hb al 2 it 3 sah cod DamP ar cod ... g add avrov c. 
unc 18 al pier itP 1 vg al mu 

11. tovto* c. hcdinz unc 13 etc: b al 2 e aeth Or 8 * 6498 ^ Cyp Ws om; hinc 
Ln [tovt.] 

13. 7TQO<Tt]vtx&i]<rciv c. hbcdl al 15 ... g -x&tj c. i v idrAn unc 9 al pier 


RATA MASeAlON 19,21. 78 

14 6 di ^Irpows einev avroia' aqete ra n cud tec xai fAtj xcalvere 
«w« £X&e*r nobc ifii' rah yaq roiovrcw iarh ij paatXeia iw 
toQOMor. 15 xat im&eio raff xeigaa avtota enoQev&rj exsi&ev. 

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xfa&bp noujGio vra <rjpn fowyy aidvtor; 17 6 de elnev avrcp' t*/w« 
io&n«a mol rev Aya&ov; eh iariv 6 dya&oa. ei de &eXei<r eta 
ff/v Zmrip eiaeX&eit, rijgrfSov ras evroXds. 18 notour; cpqaiv. o de 
bpottc e/bter' ro ov qpovevseta, oh pofvewsKT, ov xXexpetc, ov xpevdo- 
wwrvQYjGUGy 19 riyut rbv nareqa xai rrj? [itpreoa, xai dyantjaeia 
tor nhpior gov axr ceavrov. 20 Xeyei avrqj 6 veaviaxoa' ndvra 
tavta HfvXa^a' ri hi varegm; 21 lwa eyy avrcp 6 'Irpova * si 

14. avxoto c. mcdlm al it* vg cop syrcuet ach syrP c* etc ,.. g Ln Ti 
om a bi une 20 al pier itP 1 sah arm | nq. (fit c. hla ... ? Ln Ti ttq.ui 
e. bgd unc 10 etc 

15. r. /«£. awroMF (h «7r avrour) c. (h)bdla* al 10 8yrCtt e t»cl» sah cop 
aeth Or , » 688 et 6as ... g avrota t. xuq. c. ca corT unc 9 al pier it vg etc 

16. rrpo*. ai'Tw f*7r. c. hb al 8 f e (item it 9 cop add avrw) sah etc . . . g 
,T(w><7. fur. (d Ai/u, vg ad) ai/Tai c. CDLrA unc 9 al pier vg syr onm Or 
*««* | Afoot, c. hbdl al* it 8 aeth Or 8 ****!. . . . g (Gb 00 ) add aya&t 
c. era unc 9 al pier it* vg syronm fla h cop | a/ot c. bd(c*?) Or^ 884 ** 1 
... ? *#•> c. c(c*?)EFQHKMBUvrA etc ... kl etc xXTjQovofitjov , idque 
kl etc post £«. aw. pon 

17. ri /<« «p«rrour *r*£* tov (d Or 3 ' 664 om) aya&. cum hbdl 1. 22. it 9 vg 
syT<m €t pn>g et** C op arm aeth Or 8 * 88 **^ EusP r *«P "»« Dionys» r «° 
, « 3,s Antiochhomi etc ... g (= Gb, sed mrsus Gb') f* //« Xtyua (a 
om) aya&or c. ca unc 9 al pier f q syr« ctt et P *»* sah etc | **o io*t. o 
(d 1. om) aya&ocr c. hbdl 1. 22. a syrhf arm Or 8 ' 884 et 688 ; item ad- 
dito o &W3 it* vg etc ... g (= Gb) ovdwr ayaS-oc a prj fwr o ^/oa 
c. era unc 9 al pier it 8 syr'^etP sah aeth EusP r * e Chr al | ita t. $«. 
t«rtX&. (d it 7 tX&uv) c. mbcdkl al 8 it (exc q) vg aeth Or 8 ' 887 * 1 ! Ir in t 
841 .. . c efrffead'. e. r. Cw. c. ra unc 8 al pier q syr omn sah cop al Chr | 
nf^o-o* c. net unc 11 al omnvid O r 8,867Bqter Chr ... Ln Ti rrj^tt. 
c. BD 

18. notour vrjffi* c. ml ... Ln Kffj avrv) noma c. b 13. c fu . . . g Ti It- 
yn aima tto*. c. cd unc 11 al omn fere itPl vg al mu | t*ntv (h etc 
add avrta) c. kcd unc 12 etc ... Ln tiprj c. b al 2 

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6b Ss) add gov c. c 8 al pi it 8 vg etc 

20. ,Tarr. rcevr. c. KCLra unc 8 al pi it vg etc. .. Ln tavr. navx. c. bdh 
w al 40 etc | upvkata (Gb') c. hbdl. 1. 22. Ath«od . . . 9 -fa/tiyv c. c 


74 19, 22. RATA MABBAION 

fttketa releaxj bJpou, vnayz noibjagv gov ta vnaQXOPta xcu dixr 
irrcoxoia, xcu t%€ta &i]GavQbv iv ovQavy, xcu SevQO axohti&ei pot. 
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Ixow xrtjpara nolXa. 
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avtofa' noQa ap&QtanoiG tovto ddvpcctip egtip, nctQa di &eq> dv~ 
rata nivra. 

unc 11 al pier Or 8 ' 600 Ath Chr. Item absque additam c hbl 1. 22. 
ffi. gi-«- 1 am for fu al Ir*** 9 * 1 Cyp al ... r (Gb°) add ex reortjxoa 
pov (d om /*.) c. H cb CD unc 11 al pier it 8 vg od syr omn al Or 8 * 670 

21. (tprj c. hcd unc rell al fere omn .. . Ln Xeyti cum B al 1 (ait, dicti it 
vg) | nti*xo«r c. kcz unc 19 al omn^ d Clem 887 OrM^Qet 67 * et 6W etc 
. . . Ln Ti tour mux- c. bo sah cop | tv ovqavai c. hlz a unc 9 al pier 
itpler ygr CO p arm Or 8 » 670 et 888 etc ... Ln Ti w ovqavonJ c. BCDr al 2 *' 
e g 1 ' sah Cyrhr Cyr»d© r488 

22. o vtav. sine additam c. hlz Chr item efh item aeth . . . f add tor 
Xoyor c. cd unc 19 al pier it 4 vg cop syrP arm Or 8 ' 678 ; item Ln t. 
Xoy. toxtov c. b 51 ev it 8 al 

23. nXova. oWxoJl. c. hbcdlz al 7 it 7 vg aeth ... g dvo*. nXovo. c. xr± 
unc 9 al pier it 5 syr°™ n arm 

24. or* c. hclmz al sah cop syr^ettttr aeth... g LnTi om c. bdx unc 9 al 
pier it vg arm | xotfiriXov c hbcdxz et unc 0|nn al pier ... al 10 al pier 
xautXov, item syrP (exc ood baria). Scholion: xci^Xov & idt ov to 
£wo* Xiytt^ dXXa ro naxv axoiviov t y dta/iova* xda dyxvqao oi vat- 
roc*. | rovrrtifiavoa c. H c DLzzra unc 8 al pier Clem 988 Or et Cels ap 
Or 1 ' 841 et 6 * 9 al ... h*b roipparoff, ckmu al 10 rovuaXtaa \ ttotX&ttv 
c HCLZ4 unc 8 al 100 etc ... g Ln duXfrn>v c. bdqsvxt al sat mu it vg 
etc | riav ovQaro* c. z 1. 33. 124. 157. 48«^ it vg gyrcu R l Clem 988 
Or 8 * 680 Eus«» 878 etc ... g tow &tov c. kbcd unc 18 al pier sah cop syr 
ach etP arm Or 1 ' 941 *! et 881 etc. Idque sine additam c. hlz 1. 33. al 
ff 1, syr«« Or 1 ' 641 *? et 8 » 881 £us 98 eto . . . g add trffX&tw c. ex unc 11 
al pier syrP, item Ln ante tut c. bd it (exc ff 1 ) vg etc 

25. o$ fta&ijt. c. hbc*dklza al 18 it (exc ff 1 ) vg etc ...*(= Gb S2) add 
at/row c. c 8 xr unc 8 al pier etc 

26. dvra*. Tzavt. c. hlz, item Ob Ss Ln Ti navt. divctr. c. bc*hksuv* 


KATA MA86AI0N 20, 4. 75 

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*ap£9 n&arza xai tpu&ov&tfCciptv am' ti oqu etsrcu rjfup; 28 1W1 ° ^J'fJ 8 * 30 
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watfa pot, h tjj nalxvyeveaify otav xa&ury 6 vtbc tov dr&Qaonov 
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ttojoia, 4 xai ixeivoia elite*' vndyete xai ipeia eia tov dpneX/ma^ 

xta al 80 Or etc . . . c nana dvvara «<rr* cum c^defomv 2 al ma it 

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ww avro4 c. mdjlz 1. 184. Or 1 ** 88 et a* 888 Amb b *« (et ipti) ... s Ln Ti 
xcu v/umt c. box unc 11 al pier it yg etc 

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...{Off ce 8 x unc 8 al pi it 7 1 pijxtQa absque ^ yvrcu. c. bd 1. it 7 ayr ftr 
Ori.MSfq lyint . . . $ add iy yvnuxa c. hckx unc 11 al pier it T ayr« u et 
ntr sah cop arm etc | 17 ouuws idque h. 1. cam m*(k* om)c*L 1. (for) 
ayrfcrcop aeth^om Or 1 t t88 et 8 > 889 Qyr*dor (I r lnt) ... g Ln otxtatr ^ 
poet a^ijx. c. bc 8 dx nnc 11 al pier itP ler yg syronet" 1 ' aah arm etc 
(Bed K al pi it 11 yg otxM»* 17) | ivexa c. hd Cyr*dor ... y Ln Ti t«xw 
earn bc unc rell al omn^d Or al | tov c^tov ovofi. c. hb 124. ... g Ln 
Ti cov oroa. pov c. CD nnc rell al pier Or 1 * 888 ** al | flroAAcwrAao\ c. 
bl sab Byr" Or 1 » 888 bl« et 88 * et* ub a i ... g txaxorraaXeuMva c. »c 
dx nnc 11 al omn*** it yg etc | Xti/uptta* c. hbcdl ... c Xrjyix. c. rell 

XX, 2. avf*p*>. dt c. mbcdls(a) al permu it yg etc . .. 6b' xai ev/up. c 
xn* unc 8 al 180 e syrcu al Chr 

3. xtQ* c. hbcdh unc 11 etc ... s (= Gb 8z) add xrp c. va al mu 

4. xcu mivout (Gb") 0. mixta unc 8 al pi ... g Ln Ti xowcm^oao- c. cdklii 
al mu I apnilwK* c. bd unc 18 etc . . . ncn al 80 etc add pov 


76 20, 5. RATA MA6BA10N 

xcu o iav % dtxcuop dwm vfuv. 5 ol di dTrijX&op. ndhv di i&X&cljv 
negi sxrijp xcu epdryp diQav inoirjpev owxavTaxr. 6 nso\ ds ryp ev- 
dexdtqp i&k&mr evQtv allow sartor aa, xcu Xeyet avrota ' ri code 
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ifua&ciaaro. Xdysi avrota' vn dyers xcu vpelo eh top dfmeXtora. 
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avrov' xdXeaop rova iqydrcus xal dno&oa top fua&op, do^dpevoa 
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ipouiaap on nleiova Xtjuxpoprat ' xcu eXafiov to dvd (hjpdotop xcu 
avroi. 11 Xafioprea 8e iyoyyv&v xatd tov olxodeanorov 12 Uyov- 
rea' ovroi oi ia%aroi utap coquv snoiqaap, xcu taova avrov a ijfjuv 
inoiqoaa rota ^aardaaat rb fidgoa rija ijpeoao xcu top xavG&va. 

5. naXtv St c. hcdl al it 4 vg etc ... g Ln nahv c. bx unc is al pier it s 
mm cop | evattjv (Gb") c. hbcii unc 11 al pm . . . «r twat. c. Der al pi 

6. (vdfuaryjv c. kbdl 11. it 8 vg sahmiint a eth Or^^et 100 Cyr**** 88 . . . 
g (Gb 00 ) add o>(>av c. c unc 18 al pier it 4 etc | taxwrws c. hbc*dl 33. 
it 10 vg syr cu sah cop aeth Or 3 * 698 et 700 . .. g (= Gb) add ayyova c. c* 
unc 18 al pier f h m q syr^tr arm 

7. apntkotva c. »BC*Nr unc 13 al pier it* am for syr cu et ut * etc . . . c a o 
zn al 80 itpl vg Bah etc add pov 7 nine Ln [ft.]. Item sine additam c. 
hbdlz 1. it 11 vg sah copd« perss Or s » 685 . . . (Gb 00 ) add xcu o tap 17 
dtxouov kTjyea&t (cnx irtfiy., tol syrc* etc oW*> i//*w) c. cHxrAn unc 9 
al pi er it 8 tol syr™ et hr et «' r al 

8. anoSoa c. hclz Or 8 » 888b «et 774 ... g Ln add ccvtoht c. bdn unc 13 al 
omnrtd it V g e t c 

9. xcu. fl&. c. KCLNXxrAn unc 8 al pier ayr^tr C op aeth ... Ln sX&. <f« c. 
b syr cu sah ... d etc tX&. ow 

10. tX&. di c. KLxzr&n unc 8 al pier q cop syrP et addito xcu n etc ... 
Ti xow tl&. c. bcd al 8 e syr« l i et g cn aeth | nktiova c. HcVel^rAn 
unc 9 al pier Chr, item d nktto) . .. Ln Ti nUwv c. pc*wz al 8 | Xfjurf: 
c. «b*cdlnxb ... g Xrjy. c. rell | to ava c. hclkz 38. . .. g Ln om ro 
c. bd unc 18 al pier Chr | xa» at/ro» post drjva^. c. hblz 38. syr sc h 
arm aeth ... g Ln Ti post sXafiov c. cdn unc 18 it (d om) vg syrc^et P 
sah cop 

12. Xtyovt. c. kbc 8 d 1. it (exc q) vg syromn aeth Or 8 * 884 Chr ... g add 
or* c. c**id MZ unc 14 al pier q arm Or 8 * 888 | avtovo tn*** c. hdlz al fl 
itpler V g syr cu et ■«*» sah cop aeth ... g Ti rjiiv avrovtr c. bcn unc 13 
al pier c arm Or 8 * 68fl Chr 


k ATA MA66AI0N 20, 21. 77 

Id 6 di cuToxQt&a)(j ir\ ainmv elner' itaXoe, ovx ddtxd) ae' ovjl 
byuQtov €fw&p<orrjcac pot ; 14 aoor to gov xat vnays. &tho di 
nutty rip iajattg dovrat toe xal cot' 15 i) ovx Qwtir uot o &Ajds 
iu& t ceu er xous ipoia; tj 6 dq&alpoa gov norr^oc iattr oti iyia 
i?a&6ff tifu ; 16 ovrwa taortat ol ia%atoi nomtoi xal ol no&toi 

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roi* doidtxa xat tdtar, xal ir tjj o&p efoer avtoia' 18 idov 
irapeurofuw eia ItQoaohjfia, xcu 6 viba tov ar&omnov naoabU)* 
&rp**at xous oqxi€(>€vch$> xal ygafuiatewur , xcu xataxcwovatr 
tutor wr &drator. 19 xcu noQadcicovotr avtbr tola S&r&nr 
tio to «jUfra*£<u xal uaanyaicai xal ctavomGai, xal ty toit^ 
^fitga ijeQ&tJGetai. 

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peta t€09 vtmr abtiJG 7 nooGxvrovaa xat aitovad tt nag airtov. 
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ovtot ol dvo vioi pov etc ix fc&wlxal eta e£ tvo&rvpwv gov b> 

13. cm atfrvr (b avr. in) un. c. h(b)d 124. itPl«* vg arm Or 8 *™ 6 Chr 
. . . g Ln Ti f**r. cm avr. c. ckz unc 18 al pier e q etc | Gvrtvwrrjaao 
/to* e. nbcdh nnc u etc ... lz 33. sah cop etc (jvyt+wrrjaa trot 

15. 17 ovx c. MCKirn unc 10 al omn^* it vg etc . . . Ln owe c. bdlz syr«a 
arm | o &tX. rtotrja. c. xbdlz al 6 it' vg svr ich aeth Chr . . . c wo». o 
0cZ. c. ckx unc 18 al pier it 8 syr« u et P sah cop arm | tj sec (et. c e Gb 
Sz) c. kb*cdbxzii unc 9 etc... cGb"Ti « c. B^sr al pi Did** 1 * 1 ' 18 Chr 
(itpler T g an ) 

16. eff/aro* sine additam c. mblz 36. sah cop aeth cod ... q Ln Ti add 
rtollo* yog e*ai xAqroi, ohyo* St cxAcxro* c. cdit unc 18 al fere omn 
it vg syr° mn arm aeth Or 8 ' 884 (in textu) et TOT :: cf 22, 14 

17. dvtina c. xdlz etc ... q (Gb°) Ln add pafrrjicui c. bcnxii unc 10 al 
pier itpl vg etc, item addito ctwov r al 10 it 8 syr 8Ch | xo* <r xt[ od<a 
c. mblz al 7 sah cop arm persP Or*> 800 et 8 '" 708 . . . g tr x. od. xat, c. CD 
Kxrn unc 10 al pier 6yr omn aeth it 4 (et 8 ) etc (it 8 vg etc om ev r. od.) 

18. txr & or at or c. » . .- b aeth om . . . f Ln Ti tfararw (:: at Mc, nee 
fluct) c. cdnz unc rell etc 

19. tyrq&na. c. wc*lnz 50. ... f Ln «va«JT^<T«Ta» c. bc'dxtau unc 8 etc 

20. nag c. hchxz unc 18 al omn^d etc . . . Ln Ti an c. bo 

21. oitu< c. mbdh unc 18 etc .. . c al* it 8 sah cop Bas«« 131 et l38 bi» i s idi. 
131 om; nine Ln [oit.| | dtbnr c. kb DamPw S78cod ... * Ti add aov 


78 20, 22. KATA MABOAIOiN 

Ttjf fiaaiXeia cov. 22 anoxQt&ela di 6 'IrpovG dhtev' ovx oi&are ri 
ai%Bia&B. bvvaa&s mm to TtotrjQiov o £ya> pelAoo niveiv; Uyovatv 
«vr<p' dvpdpe&a. 23 Xs'yei avtofo* to phv notyotor pav niea&e, 
to da xo&urcu ex de£tmv fwv xal e| evcowficov, ovx scrir ipbv 
tovto doivcu, d)X oh yroipaorcu vnb tov natooc pav. 24 908 " B 

c aafw* 87 axovaarrea di ol dtxa yyavdxttjaav neo\ tmv dvo adelxpmv. 25 6 
di 'It/cove nooaxaXeGapevoa (throve elnev' otdatt on ol oqx **** 
twv i&vmv xataxvoteiovaiv avtmv xal ol peyaXm xate£ovaid£ov- 
mv avttov. 26 ov% ovtght eatcu h vfup' cAX So ear &&% iv 

Mfe/w ifuv (iByaa yeve'&&ai 9 Satcu vpy didxovoo, 27 xal oo av &eXy iv 
ifuv shot, ngmroG, iarai ifmv dovkxr' 28 904 ** (Soneg 6 viba tov 
ar&Qwaov ovx ^l&ev diaxortj&fjvcu, aXXa diaxovrjaat xat dovvcu 
ti^v rpv%ijv aitov kvtoov avti noXkwv. 

c. cdn unc 18 (z hiat) al omn^d it vg etc | evo>. aov c. kbcnz unc 1 ' al 
pier it 8 etc . . . g {,= Gb Sz) om <roi» c. d al it 6 vg arm 
28. m*t*v (BGetc mav) absque additam c. hbdlz .1. 22. itP l6r vg syr ca 
sah cop al Or 8 * 7 " Epiph 781 et 749 etc ... g (= Gb) add xa* (Sz n cum 
unc omn exc 8 al 100 it 8 syr™ tr arm) to (I anna pa o tyw fia7tri,toftcu 
panvMF&ifv** c. cxr^n unc 9 al pier it 8 syr u ' r etc : : ex M c 

23. Xtyit c. HBDZ^d al 5 itPl« r vg syr cl » et»<*h gah arm ... g xa* Xtyt* c. 
ex unc 19 al pier h q cop syrP aeth (da etc post avxoto add o U) | nn- 
a&e c. hbdlz al it (exc 8 ) yg syr** sah cop etc ... g (= Gb) xa* (Sz 
inepte ij) to panxujp* o «y*> /fa7iT»£o/ta» ftanruT&rjota&t c. ex 
unc 19 al pier f h q syr tttr arm Chr Basse «4 a l Op | xa* «£ c. mbdz 
unc 18 etc ... bl etc tj t£ :: cf Mc | tvwvvfuav (Gb") c. hbcdklmzii* al 
permu it 9 vg Or 8 * 717 et inisa * al .. . g add j*ov c. eghuvxtah 9 al pier 
it* gyromn B ah cop al | toito c. cdait 1 (post dovv.) al 18 q sah cop 
syrP etc . . . g Ln om (:: ut Mc) c. kbzu 8 unc 10 al pier itP ler vg etc 

24. axowo*. fit c. h c LZ al 8 for sah cop syr* cb Or 8 » 7W .. . g Ln xa* axotxj. 
(:: ut He) c. »*bcd unc 19 al pier it vg syi-cu et P arm aeth 

26. ovtokt c. HBDzn unc 9 al pi itP Ier vg etc . . . g (= Gb Sz) add fo (:: 
ut Mc) c. CMxr al sat mu ff 9 * syr° mn cop aeth Or int8 » 878 | eo-Ta* c. h 
CLirAn unc 8 etc .. . Ln torn (:: e Mc) c. bdz m sah | tap c. hc unc 13 
al omnrtd . . . Ln a»» c. bd | tr vnw sec loc (b etc post fityatr, c etc 
post ytvea&.) c. hbcd unc 19 etc (: : sane cum Mc) : lz vfiiav \ tarat 
sec (Gb") c. HBODxran unc 6 al 90 it 9 sah cop ... g Ti urtu c. h«hlm8 
al pi it 6 arm aeth 

27. ay c. mbdz ... 9 Ti taw c. en 9 unc u etc | tat a* (Gb") c. hcdklmuz 
An* al 70 it vg Orint 8 * 878 . . . g Ti f <rro> c. BEOHsvxrn 9 al pi " 

28. avrt noXXw. d add vfifta fit £tjTtitt 1* (iuaqqv av£t]<jat xai rx fin- 


KATA MA68AI0N 21, 1. 79 

2y ***"* Km ixTroQevofuronr arrow anb '/estiva) qxoXov&ijotP M *o,2i- si 
.tino oj)jog nokba. 30 xal idov dvo tvapkol xa&tjftepoi naQa tip Lc 18 » 3 *~ 43 
d&f, axowrarzea oti 'Ir^ova nagdyei, exQal^ap Xeyortea' iktrfiov 
i,uaff t vte daveid. 31 6 de 6%Xoa inerl^aev avrota tpa auwitj- 
c«W oi di fui^op kxga^ap JJjoptsg' xvgie t iXtqaov tji*aa, vie 
Jcaxtb. 32 xal ataa 6 'Ljoovg iymvrfiev avrova xal elnev' ti 
filers itotrjaco v/up ; 33 Xeyovotp avrco' xvQte, ha dpoiywatp oi 
o<p&aXuoi Tjp&t. 34 onXa'ftyia'&etG di 6 'Itfffowj tjrpato wv 
ouuktodv avtWy xal ei&e'mo apepXetpap , xal yxoXoidijoap avrcp. 



1 **"* Kal ore fflyusap eta 'leQooofojua xal t]X&op eia Brft- £j iVsllsi 

___ _ ___ lo IS, 1-2-13 

Iqwhj fXartor t t*a*. f*<r«p/o/««yo» $ f * a * naQaxXri&tvTto dttrrvrjaai, 
ftrj a*<<r&a* *«r xova «|#/o*ra<r rorrova, jhjnor* tvdotottQoa 
9qv enfX&ij, xa* nqoaiX&w o dunPO*XtjrvQ mtij <fo«' try xot» j?w- 
^h, sou ncnaujzw&Tjotj. tav d« araniaqa tia xov tixxova tonov xa* 
uztKhj aov fjxrtav, tqti aot o dftnroxXtjrto^ - avrayt itt aw, xa* « <rra* 
<jo* Toirro /pijtf^ior. Item syr cu itPl 
39. •<£*■£« c bclz, item alibi (cf Lc) dpqa (He et. p) . . . g Ln **$>** o> 
e. nsxrn(DA) nnc 7 etc 

30. f JU^a. i\p. absque xvqtt c. kd al 6 it 6 syr* 5 * arm ... Ln Ti praem xv- 
pc c. blz 124. it* vg sab cop syr br aeth; item g add xvqm c. CNxran 
anc* al pier it s etc | vu c. hcdeflnii* al i0 Or 8 * 788 Eus«« 1880 al ... g 
Ti vtotr c. BxzrAn 8 al pi Or 8 » 7a7 et n9 | favttd: cf ad v. 1, 1. Item 

31. iiM7trp*av9 c. xBCDXzra unc 8 al omn*» d . . . Ti -oovaiv c. lna | 
?x?agay c. hbdlzii 1 al 8 ah cop syr«n et gch ... f Ti -for c. cnn 8 unc 11 
al pier it rg syrP | kvqh h. 1. c. mbdlz al 8 it 8 vg sah cop syr scb arm 
Aeth . . . q post ^aa c. cn unc xs al pier f ff 1, q syr«« et P | v*t c. kc 
dlb al ma ... g Ti vwr c. bz unc 18 al pier 

32. tto^v c. »*bcdn nnc 18 al pier etc ... lz al 8 (itP 1 vg wUi$ rU fa- 
dam) Or 8 * '"et 180 praem **a, hinc Ln [wa] 

33. avotywFtv c. hbdlz al 7 Orbi« Chr ... g Ti avotx&M* c. CN nnc 18 al 
pier Bas"* 88 | o* of £. ^aw c. hbdlz 33. (it vg) Or 8 » 781 . . • g Ti 
r«»r o* 09&. c. cn nnc 18 eto 

*4. o^^rrwy c. bdlz al* Or 8 » 788 ... f Ti ov^a^jwr c. kcn unc 18 al pier 
Bas«« im DamP** 868 | avtpXty. c. hbdlz al 10 itP*«* vg sah cop syr« tt 
5rr p mg e t^ arm aeth Bas»« DamP» r858cod . . . g Ti add awTWK ot oy- 
baipoi c. cn nnc 18 al pier q syr«« h syrP txt 

XXL 1. fa&vayrj c. hb*c 8 deghm*n 8 sva al pi it vg etc ... s Ti pi]&- 


80 21, 2. KATA MA6BAI0N 

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&tjiaa 2 Xtymv avtoia * nooevec&e eta rip xa>p#/r tijv xatevcwtt 
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to (: : ut Mc et I*,-) c. hdlb xrAn unc 8 al pier (ad montem) f g 1, ■• vg 
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xrAn unc* Or 8 » 788 

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in unc 8 al pier | xanvavrt (6b') c. hbcdlz al 7 etc . . . p Ti antvctm. 
c. Nxr^n unc 8 etc | tv&va c. mlz.. .fLnTiet'&eaiff c.bcdn uDC l8 etc. . . 
al 8 it 6 cop etc om | ayaytn c kclkz unc 18 etc ... Ln aytrt c bd al* 

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trrtilt* c. HBDgraK al itP 1 " yg sah cop etc ... Gb Sz anocrtkXti c. c 
LNXzrAn unc° al 150 d h syr onm al 

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Ti add oAov c. bc 3 n unc 18 al omn vld g 8, q vg« d Byr aoh etP sah al 

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... Ti om nai c. D 61. it 6 vg ed fu Ban gat aeth Cyp al | xa* tjr* 7tmX, 
c. hbln 1. 124. syr cu et gch syrP c* sah aeth . . g om tnt c. CDxr^n 
unc 9 al pier it vg etc :: ut lxx | v*o* I'TroCi'^oi' c. «*et c BCD»N unc 13 
al omnv* d f q vg syromn (et. P ™8 8ra«c) 8a h Or 4 . 187 et lftt Chr (d* 
t'toy v/roCvy*-o») ... H»vel b Lz e am* vno^vytov absque vtov 

6. 7iQO<ttra\. c. KLNXZFAn unc 8 al pier Orter Eushi* ... Ln Ti <rvvtT<x$. 
c. BCD al 8 

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oLvruiv. d it 8 oi'toi' I t. ^taxia c. h*bd b e ff 1, a * g 8 ' gat arm ... g Ti 
add avtuiv t Ln [ant.] c. h 8 ckz unc 14 al omn vid it 8 syr cu et utr et hr sah 
cop etc : : ut He (et Lc) | tmxa&iotv (et. g Gb Sz) c. BCFMBUvxr* 
(item h) al pi etc, item knh al ixa&«rtr y d nta&tiro t iedebat, ttiit itPl 
... c« (7Tt*a&Hjav c. w°l« al, h* ataO-icav, item g 1 ' *• vg cop sedere 


KATA MAftftAION 21, 16. 91 

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amw xXafiove anb tm dbtymv xm itnfxnaa* *V ry oAp. 
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fytamr o anh N<k£kqI& rija rahX aia a. M _ u 

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f^der nianoa tma nmhmxac xai a?OQa£ortao «V r<p upp, *•*»»*-« 
xoi to* TQan££aa %w wAJaQmwv xarsotQeyep xm riur xa&idoaa 
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ir rq m w w v or (ttemebamt) o. m*b€BS nnc* 8 al omn**d it vg sah syrr 

9. anrrof c. kbcdl al* ff 1 ' 8th cop syrr aeth Or 4 » SS1 E«^«» 4W ... q oat 
c HXT4n nnc 9 al pier itPl* r yg arm : : at Mc 

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• (a om) fTfoyq. o. clmxtah aoe 9 al plor it rg syrr aeih Or s > T4T et* 4 > 
M Cbr I ra£<»Q*& (ot ^«) c. kbobsbkcyxo al pi kP>« r vg safa cop, 
item a -f <*£ . . . ; Gb Ss vataqn c. folm N8r al corto mil d 

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urn al pi Or** 74 * | tow ^iov c cdhxtab mic* al plor itplor ygjyr** 
tV** etc . . . Ln om c. kbl al 8 b sah cop arm aoth etc 

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c CDBxran nnc 8 al pier Basothtss (.. „t l c ) 

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Ob" jssiU x. rvyX. e. cvran nnc 9 al 108 aah syrP M etli 814 Chr 

15.«ov# soo{. e. mbdlh ... q om •rovff c c nno 18 al oma^d Or 1 ** 8 * 

16. cuveKf c. mbdl - • . c s»iros* o. cv hbo 81 al omnrtd | or* c. bob one 1 * 

si pier it* rg syronacop arm Clem w *Or*»«*et «»***«• Bo*** 8 * ... 

«d ai« it* aotb Moth 88 * Chr Ir^* 840 om 
TncHKVPOBT, N. T. Edit. 8. crltioa minor. 6 


81 21, 17. KATA MA06AI0N 

patoo vtptimv xai JhjXatoptav xattfotiato ahop; 17 tw * tuu 
xatahnmv amove i&jl&ev Quo tijo boXmm bw By&aviap, xai 
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b avtjj tip*] oyvlXa popop, xai hfyei avtjj ' ov pqxhi «c gov xojQ- 
nba yitrjtax big top cumva. xai B£tjoap&t] naoaxQijpa if avxij. 
20 xai Mft&r oi lAa&tjtal d&avpaaap Idyovteo' nws naoa%Qfj^a 
B&K>dp&t] y avxij; 21 U5>< anoxoi&tio di 6 ^Itpova tbup avtotc ' 
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tijo ovxijo Kotjjaeti, aXka x&p *<p 6q» tovty etntpe ' aQ&tjtt xai 
ftkrj&rjti big trp &dXaoaap y yepyottai' 22 t,# " 4 xai ndrra oca 
ap airrjayte iv tjj noootvxi moteioptM XqpytG&s. 

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^ ,1 ~ 8 Ikdaaxopn ol oqxi*quo xai oi nQ«r(lvteQOi roi Xaov ItyoptW iv 
noia i£ovoia tavta notsur; xai xic oot idtaxw rrp i£ovc$ap tav- 
tijp; 24 anoxQi&tia di olrpovo dnep avtour' ioweqato vuaa xdytb 
X6yop era, op iav eimjti pot, xdy£> vulv io£ iv noia i£ovoia tain a 
now ' 25 to pdntwua to 'laappov no&9P Jjp ; «{ oioapov tj e£ aV 
Goamup; oi di dttkoyiCopto nag iavtoioXiyoptm?' 26 iavuntope* ' 
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nooqqttp eyovaw top 'Ighxppijp* 27 xai anoxot&iptBC Tqp 'Jfyaov 

f8. n$*» c. **bd x* cr ... y Ln Ti TtQ+nao c. ex nnc" *1 pier | tnwm- 
yaymp c. h*b*l ... (Ln fjrara/*? c. M«B 8 CHrAn nne 9 ftl onn^j item 
d noQayuv et iti>l »yr«i Hil traswt«fl# 

19. ov /upr. c.BL...f omou c. »cd one 14 el omn^ d Or 8 * WT et ti0 «« el 

23. or e. KBnue° el mo Or 8 > 767 . . . Ti #ow c clah ubo t el pi . . . d om | 
li\py. o. HB*DLe c . . . g Xtjyt. e. b*c nnc 31 rell 

28. *X&ortoa avtov c. hbodl el 5 Or 3 ' 764 et 810 ... g Ti <A^orri. aur<u c. 
Ane<> nnc 9 el pier | d*daa*ovtt (et. OrW«) : 44«* it (non item it 4 vg) 
gy r oa om 

24. o"e c. nbcd«* one 11 rell it 8 syrP Op ... Ti Ln om e. lb itPl vg eop 

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en one 8 el pier ...Lbmc. blm»Cz el 8 Cyrf^P^ 888 
26. ma »oee>t}T. h. 1. c.mbclb al 8 syr^et" 011 Cyr*l»P h ... f poet t. mww. 
e. Den one 8 el pier it vg eyrP arm 


KATA MA60A1ON 21, 31. 

«»' ovx ofdape*. Iqwy ovtomt mo* avtou' aidi tfv> teym Vfuv aV 
am* %ovai<f. %mna mri. 28 "* ,0 Ti di ifu* tow; &v&Q<onoo 
«jf*f t&twa Mo' nQOtnX&np T(p ogewp «&r«y' rexvow, maye cttfiE- 
q** tQya&v **» *<p ofut&UoVt. 29 o di inox^i&uc tliup ' ov #&», 
iv*9QOP t*atajA*tei&&o amjl&ar. 30 XQoati&<o$> di tcp mjpq> tlnev 
iaahoxs. i o* anox(x&iio shrev ' ayei xvqib , xal ovx afri}k&Bt>. 
31 ua ck reo* flwo enoujOB* tb &ehjfia tav natQoc; Xsyovoir* 6 
sperroa. Imj& avroStr o lr^aovc' aprp Xiy<a ipuv Sri oi rcXwvcu 

27. (Dtav c. ki> . . . 5 Ln Ti uflror c. bob nnc 1 * aJ omn^^ 

28. m9*i*n. e. mbduii nnc 8 al pi g 8 * am for hart* gat aeth Or 8 * 77 ° et 
7,4 Chr . . . Ln add tut c. cbmua al plus 70 itpl«* vg syrr arm Or 8 » wi 
etc 1 rm. ©Vo c. mcdlxbii unc 10 al pier Or** "° et "« et™ Eusl™ Cjrr 
0*P* ... Ln £ V o *«w. c. B al* (item it Tg Hil) | nooatMhMr absq xo* 
c. »*fcz e IT 1 * cop Or 8 *" Ps-Ath^P* ... f Ln praem ncu c h«bcdzjd 
Hue al onm'W itpler vg etc | a/*?r<Jl. sine /*oi' c. hc'dklmaii* al 80 
it 8 syr^ai"** et** arm aeth Or 8 *™* Chr Dam 8 * 808 . .. * (Gb 00 ) Ln 
add /»ov e. Bc'xxn 8 unc 7 al pi it 4 vg cop Or 8 ' 770 * al 

29. ov &tim, vcxto. (ita c. k*h b e g 8 * fa, item b v. 30; a ff 1 ' etposU*', 
aee Or 8 * ™ agnoseit J« : g Ti add <fc c m°cdlxz unc 11 al omn^ it»« 
vg ate) cmn modus unc 11 al pier it vg syr«» et** al Or 8 * 770 Ens*™ 
Cyrf'pb Cbr Ir*** 880 Hil ... b al 7 tol 8 cop syrh* arm aeth©** 8 arP 
ar* Pa-Atb*l«P«y»(al 8 tol 8 armwray») Jtvon, «a* ovx amjl&tv. Hone 
ordinem confirmant bid 4 ' 85 et Dam (bom. in flenm 808 ) 

30. *po*tA*. St c. kbdle al 4 itPls* vg cop syrbr arm Cyi*l*Pfa 10B . . . * 
so* n$Q9*l&. c. cxan one 8 al pier b q syr*? Easl nc188 Cbr | trtqta c. 
»*c*dxaii unc 8 al 180 (item ad altenan it vg , item syrr arm aeth) Or 8 ' 
no Eniluc Cyrf>*pfa Ps-Ath^Po . . . g (=GbSs, sed Gb') Ln oW«p» 
c n*bc*ui8VB al mn Chr ) tym (it vg to) uvou (d add vnovyv) , xa* 
omc aTtql&tv c. iiedem qui ▼. 29 01/ 0<JU», v^rfpov etc . . . b al 7 tol 8 
eop bjt^ arm aeth«d* 8 arr Ps-Ath<ii«po ov &tku, «/<rr«pov /MraptXt)- 

31. Zf^ev9»r c. mbdl ial 4 g 1 ' 1 am for emm ean tol fr sax cop arm k aeth 
Cbr . . . g add avrei c. cxad nnc 8 al pier itPlw vg syrr Eu»l* c | o 
xomtoa c MCLxan nnc 8 al pier c f g 8 * q vg (et. emm gat mm al) fr 
syr«« at «tr A «tb ar* Hipp( M8 e catena Nicepbori in pentat. etc) Ens 
laciat ( 6t rursus 1 * 7 ) Cbr Hier (in h. 1. Quo^ (fidhr: Quis ez dnobns 
fecit volnntatem patris, et Hit dicunt Novissimns : •cienehm, est in ve- 
nt ewempUtrio. non haberi Novissimnm ud Primnm - Si mUtm Novis- 
simnm voburimH$ Ugere, mtmifuta est vUerpretaHo etc) . . . Ln o vaxi- 
1*9 c. b; 4. o StvxtQoff, d al 8 Hipp( 188 e codice Mas. Brit. barn. 84. 
-ftftf?' • texoyroc. Vide snpra) Ps- Athdl*Po 9 taxato*. Item no- 


84 21, 32. KATA MA60A10N 

• i, i 

icoi ai ftOQvcu nooayovmp vpda eia tip (kxadeiav tot &*ov. 
32 tjl&sp yaQ ^Imdpprp nooc vpcur if o&p dixo/ooimpr, xal ovx 
imotevaart avrqi' oi di teXtorat xal at nograu murztwsav avvo} * 
m-46 vpeur di foorzea ov pBtepaX^Orpe vatnqop tov nmBvaa* tzvrqp. 
iSSii-S 33 %19% Z^}hpfiaip^}^dxowTat9. av&Qmmxj tp oixodsGnoripj, 
actus iapvtswyet dpnelmpa, xal qtoaypbp . <w*q> xeQu'thpur nou 
<5qv%9p er avtdp hpbv xal (pxodoutpm nvQjov y xal dh'tkro airwb* 
yewoyoio, xal aftsdr/fujaap. 34 ore di tjyyusip 6 xatQoa twp hoq- 
naif, aneotmlep tova dovXova avtoi nooo tovc yemgyova Xafieiv 
tova xaqnova airtov. 35 xcu Xaportaa oi yenoyol tow dovXova 
ahtov op pip edet^ar, op di dnextupap, op di iXi&ofioXqaa'r. 
36 ar«>Ur dfisctaiXsp aXkow dovXow nUiopaa tear nodtrnp , kou 
enoitjoav rtvrouj wtavtwf. 37 vattQOv di dftdateiXep nQoa avrava 
tov viop avtov f XtY<Bp' wtQantfiovtai tor viop pov. 38 oi di ytmQfci 
Iddrtea top vm ahrop ep iavtow' ovtoa iotw 6 xhjQOPopoa' dmrr* 
anoxtemaptp avtbp xal oxwpBP tip xbjQOPOpiar ainov. 39 xcu 
Xaftoptea avtbp e^ipalov t%m tov dfmekopoa xal dnixtuvot*. 
40 otap ovv Sl&n 6 xvquxs tov dpnelayroG, ti notyaet tola yeajp- 
yous ixtivoto ; 41 Idyov&p avzq ' xaxova xaxma dmoXhei avtova, 
xal top dpnelwra ixdwretat aXXota y&oQyoia, omrw anodwrova$r 

vMmm* (quod mult© rectius ad o <0£«sr. qaam ad o v&**qoc traiii 
in promptu est ; probat etiam d) it* am fa (al ma) , item exprimant 
idtumm cop syr*"" arm aethodd* arP. Cf praettrea Hil in h. 1. Or 
▼cro*» m verba Xtyovo** naqae Xtye* mvrour o is plane praeterit, ita 
nt in suo codice non invenisse credi possit (id quod credidit ac pro- 
bavit Ln in praef. ed. mai. torn. 8. pag. V.). Gonflrmat autem codi- 
oem qui videtur Origenis Cyr»l»pbio8 

83- tvapp. (b tmawtie) nq. vp. e. hbcl al 4 c aeth Or 3 *" 1 Chr . . . g nj>. 
Vfi. tmemr. c oxan nnc* al pier itl*« r vg syrr cop | ov c. molxau unc 9 
al pier Or*t «o«t tM Chr . . . Ln ovSe c. b al 10 itP 1 ** vg syrr cop aeth 
Hil Op . . . d c e om 

38. w&Qomoa c. »bc*dki,svaii al 40 itpl vg cop etc . .. g (= Ob 8a) add 
w c. c*?»Wx unc* al pi e f h m syrc»et*«b arm Eua*beophitiai | «£«- 
<lfra c. »*b*cl ... f Ln €^<doro c. M«B*DXAn unc* al omn'W 

38. <m**p** (Ob') c mbdle al* arm Or*> nf al , item habdnmus, habeawtui 
itpler V g Ir'nt Lcif . . . q *mrct*x*P** c - 0XAn vnc* al pier (ff *• m po§- 
ndom mu ; Op obtincbimms) Eub^oo Chr 

41. iuimattcu (et. Ob St) cum mbdlx4D unc re11 al plu; item o al pauc 


KATA NA66AI0N 22, 4. 86 

cvty tovo xaQftovo *9 tour xat^oio avtojp. 42 liym. avtoto o 
/fW' oid&tots wnypont iv tcuo ygaycuo' XiGop op amdoxipa- p. us, n* 
<r«F oi otxodofMOvwTM , ovtoo iyert}4hj tio xeyalifp ytaputo' naoa 
xqwv iydweto carry, mtu eottp Gavpaoty dp otp&aXpoio iffta*; 
43 Ik* tovto leym vpur it% ao&tjottai cup ipmp i/ fiaotXeia tov 
&tov xm do&jjaerat $&** nowvptt tovo xdonovo avtijo. 45 n0al 
sxowrorrecr di oi doriiosio xai oi <l>aQtoawi too notQaQokao 
*itov Sfpwoctp on ncQt avtoh Xtyu' 46 xcu fyjtovptBO avtop xoa- 
xrpm ipopfthjaar tovo o%lawj, iftit eta ngoqnqrrp avtop 9l%op. 


1 9U ' 5 Kcu euroxQt&eia o 'Jqoovo naXtp ebtep «r naoa^olmo 
kvtiho, TJymp' 2 tofwm&rj ij (ktadeta tmv oioetpoh av&omicp LoiaTie— m 
faunkdy Sorto inotqoev yapovo to} wqp avtov. 3 xcu inhtnikiv 
tovo doilovo avtov xaXtocu tovo xtxh\pipovo tio tovo yapovo, 
xai own Tj&dLor il&tfr. 4 nafop aniotmXtp aUuovo doilovo Xtywv' 
tinetn torn xsxXfjpspoio ' idov to aounop pov f/totpaxa, oi tavooi 
uov xcu tit ottiota ti&vpepa, xai navta hotpot' dtvtB 8io tovo 

Cjt— txoWf* . . . *(ita etc et f« 1624. al) fx6ootrcu(Qb")c. minuac 
ra nra 

44. s (Gib 9 ) et Ln [] ucu 6 ntovp inl top U&op xovxov cw&Xaa&rjotTai 
V or d* av niojj, Xntpqon avrov c. hbcxzaii one 10 al omn^ d it 6 vg 
gjromm ^p arm a€ tb Chr Op Aug coa8en8 *» 1M . .. om (prob Scbu) c. 
D33.tl6ff 1>s ' Or 8 . 7 " (i. e. comm ad h. 1.) Eus* 8 * m ifintsn 
Praeterit et. Lcif. Cf et. pyre* 880 (contra eatl* 8 * 01 ) (:: omnino ex 
Lc aesumpta videntur, apud quem istis oratio concluditor at -versa 
43. apud Mt) 

45. axotnr. St c. nLZ 33. »yr«» cop ... ghnTi xcu omovu. c. bcdxau unc* 
al pier it rg syr 8 «BetP aetb Or 8 *' 88 

4<S. tm* c. mbdl al 8 Or** 19 *^ 7 **** ... g Ln Ti initdtj c. cxan nnc 8 al 

pier | no (Gb') c. «bl al f Or 8 ' we et 7888 ^ ... f wo c. cdiah unc 8 al 

XVII, l. tr («* om; *sappl) naqafiol. avxotc c. mbdl al 6 g 8 * vg Or 8 > 

181 ... g avrour tr naqafioX. c. cxan unc 8 al pier ff 8 * q (et itpler) 

4. ifTQ*f»a*a (Qb') c. hbc*dl al 8 . . . «" tfto^aoa c. c^xan unc 8 al pier 



90 23, 5. KATA MA60AI0N 

to/moot. 5 oi di dpelqaarr&j df*ijl&or y do pip eta tor tdtor dyQor, 
off di im rt\v ifmogiap airov' 6 oi di lomol xoanjoavraa toxht 
dovlovo airov vftotoar xai dnixrewav. 7 6 di ftoatiuew nQyur&y, 
xcu mpKpaa ra oroareipara airov dncilsoer row tpoveiG exetrowr 
xcu JTjt noUt airojt erenowe*. 8 rote leyet rous doiXous avrov ' 
6 pit ydpoo hotpoo eattr, oi di xexhjpetot oix r\oav al£iot. 
9 nooeveo&e ovv em roc du^odow rcor oAow, xa) Soovo deer 
evoyre xaleoare eh row ydpow. 10 %a\ e^ei&oneo oi dovXat 
exefroi eh raa odow ovp^yayop nartao ooow bvqop, norqgows 
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KATA MA66AI0N 23, 3. 89 

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KATA MA68AI0N 28, 24 91 

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Mc 12, 40 et Lc 20, 47) 

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nsMcva* c. CBrAH unc 9 etc 


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c. b 1. 

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KATA MAftOAION 24, 2. 98 

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■ac* al 1 * f syr^tr | xavx. na»x. c. rCdstlm al pm itPle* vg cop . . 
Ln Ti nwtt. tavt. c. BzrAD unc 9 al 60 

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c. ml ff*' copds Or 9 * 16 ™ 4 eamel 

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■*» etbr etc ... y Ti t n. a. x. *#^. c. cxrn one* al p-fer 

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etc om (Ob 09 ) | xauxa narxa c. MBCHXMurxrn al*° itPlw vg etc .. . % 


94 24, 3. KATA MA66A10N 

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tofrprat ai. 3 ***** xaihjptvov de avtov ml tov oqovg tmr Aomov 
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al 110 . . . 9 (= Gb 8i) *dd /ttj c. okuu »1 ma 
3. o» /tariff, c. mbdl unc B etc . .. curin al 90 c h cop al add avrov, bine 
Ln [avr.] | no* <xurr*>l. e. mbol al* . . . ^ xot* Tij<r <rvrr. c. Dran 
one 9 al pier 

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^arf a c. oran nnc 9 al pier syr ntr Chr . . . var al 

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al 8 it* etc ... ^ Ti l»p. *«• Ao*^«o* c. OE*TAn unc* al pier h cop syrntr 
(et.P mg gnteee) Arm aetb etc; item l al 8 it* vg Xoip. s. X*p. 

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D* al pane) t&vw: c al 80 etc om 
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KATA MA66AI0N 24, 29. 06 

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16. fir* c. HLzrn unc* etc . . . Ln tur c. bda al a * etc 

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al pier | ra e. »«(*To)BB t LBrAn , anc* etc ... y (= Ob 8a) t* c. d al 
it ?g rtc 

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e. ra hoc 8 al pi f etc 

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ytyovtp c. ble unc rell al omn'id etc : : at Mc 

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27. #oto* sine aou cum MBDxrn une pier al'° it 4 harl etc ... c (= 82 ; 

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An unc 8 al pl«r it 8 syrP arm etc 

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aae rell al pier 



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ovqavma | xotf/orra* 0. r* al 8 e Cyp . . . g Ln Ti praem ror* c. k c bl 
unc 11 al pier itP*« r vg etc; postpon xort D etc 

81. fityalrjo c. hla al 8 e cop syr« ch arm EnsP* 601 etc . .. f Ln Ti praem 
?iari\a c. Bxrn unc 9 al pier gab mfint ; d etc variant | cexr c. HDLxraii 
nnc rell al pier etc ... Ln add rut* c. b al 8 

82. invvy: hoc accentu b 8 ux etc, item ff l - procremerit, 0^ | nt 8 » 8,, pro- 
duett e't 8 '* 1 miierit . . . Ob" Ln ^xe>i^: hoc ace KFOHKMTrn al pi ; 
item it* 1 " Yg fuuewiter et similiter 

88. coit. nan. (Gb') c. hdhxtjv* al t0 itP*« r vg etc . . . e Ln Ti na. rav. 
c. BLT*XTAn nnc 5 al pi e q syrP 

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al 8 H rg etc 

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esse, ntroqne vero loco parallelo eadem prorsus verba seripta eint, 
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(transiet) etc ... f (= Ob) naQtXtvaovtai c. h«xtad unc 8 al pi etc 

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mbcmt c. minusc syrP m Z 9* Chr al . . . l al 8 om | ot^# o wo<r c. x(*et 
oh) B D al* it 10 for (a!»») ayrhr aeth arm Ii*" 188 Orint 8 » 8T8 *»»c« , t« ayrhr 

aeth arm Hil Amb Op fTiomc »«Lran unc 8 al pier g 1,8 * rg 

ga hmont C op ayr utr al edd ap Hier (in h. 1.) Baa^P 888 Did*** 188 Dam 
P** 888 al I m*rfff sine pov c. hbrlaii* al 88 it (exc f ) vg etc . . . s (= 
Ob) TI add pot/ c. rn 8 unc 8 al plu f 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

KATA MA66A10N 24, 46. 97 

&meo di at ttf&gat tov JVfftty ovtaxr taicu v naoovata tov vioi i/li^a . 

rw dy&Damov. 38 oW yao tpa* «r tcuo fjfteoauy tcua noo tov 

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uot, on i otr Soxehe <Soa 6 viba tov dr&omnov egret at. 45 M&fl 

m* * » t c V * -- * 1 « / c 45—51 

7«r oott «rw o mmoG oovJjmj xcu qpQonfwa, ov xatetrttjoev o i« is, *i-*e 
xiowa em trfi owetuaa avtov tov dovpat avtoXa tip tooyip e* 
yuuQq ; 46 "" uaxoQiOG o dovkxr ex&voa dp iX&m* o xvquht 

37. 4c c. ni.ran unc 9 al omn fere itpl" vg al Clem 588 Or** 888 ... Ln fa{, 
c. bdi e m cop syrP m 8 Did* 1 * 186 etc | terra* c. HBLtir etc . . . g add xcu 
c dSTiah unc 9 al "fcler it 9 vg etc 

38. «*r c.kbl al^Or 8 * 489 ...? mantq c.Diran nnc* al pier Did tri196 | tcmi 
noo rov c. hit an unc 9 al pier Did tri . .. b c ser rxtwato xcucr no. t. 
(itaLn), d al 8 «x*»*cu<r /too rot', Letc nil nisi tov (itaTi) | yafn^ort. c. 
»d 33. . . . g Ti cxya^Corr. c. tltad. one 8 al pier, Ln yafi*T*ort. c. b 

39. «ora» xcu e. MiLran unc 9 al pier it 6 vg etc ... Ln Ti om xa* c. bd 
102. it 8 cop al 

40. urorr. dvo c. r*b al f h fu for . . . g Ti dv. taorc. c. DiLran unc 9 etc | 
tut bis c. wbdil al 80 .. . g o **o* c. rn nnc 8 al pier 

41. fivho (Ob') c MBiLran unc 1 al 80 Or 8 * 89 * .. . g pvXwn c. dhm al pi etc 

42. iffttqa e. kbdia al' it 8 syrP el** Cyrl^ 888 Irlnt 818 etc ... ^ w^a c.Lrn 
one 9 al pier Itpl vg cop ajH** etc 

43. Sioqvx&IV- •• MDIL al 5 . . . (Ln Ti otaotT^ra* c. Bran nnc 9 al 
pier Chr 

44. 17 ov 4bx. ei^a c. mboi 102. vg cop Ath 1 » i71 et 478 ... t q «?<* (l add 
17) ov £oxtvrt e. Lran nnc 9 al pier it 4 etc ; itpl etc ne$citu qua hira 

45. o xvoiocr sine avtov c. hbdil al 8 it 8 for Bas^th 801 Irlnt* 88 etc .. . g 
(Ob°) Ti add avtov c. ran nnc 8 al pier it 8 vg cop etc | oixtraac c. 
BiLan* al 8 . . . n etc o$*uxe . . . g &toant*a<r c. Dm 8 unc 8 al pier | 
Smvcu c. etc . . . (= Gb , sed rnrsns 6b') fodovat c. rn 
unc 8 al pi 

TncHKvnosr, N. T. Edit. 8. critlca minor. 7 


98 24, 47. KATA MA60AI0N 

avrov evQ^aei ovrwr Tiotovvra. 47 dfirp leya* v/uv on inl ndoiv 
role vnoQXovaiv avrov xarwjrtjoei avrov. 48 M7,5 ikv de tlwq 6 
xaxbc dovkoc iv ry xaodia, avrov' %QOvi£ei jtav 6 xvotoa, 49 xou 
S^tjtax rvnrew rove ovvdovXovo avrov, ia&iy de xal nivq fiera 
row fie&vovroov' 50 tj&i 6 xv(hoo rov dovkov ixeivov iv i/pega ij 
ov ngoGdom xou iv <ooa q ov yivcoGxsi, 51 xal dtxorofiqaei avrov, 
xgu rb jusqocf avrov per a rolv vnoxgiroSv fryaei' ixei ictai o 
xlav&fw<? wu 6 pQvyfMG rdv oduvxaiv, 


1 268,1 ° Tote ouow&qaerai q fiaaiXeia rav ovoavoiv ddxa 
nao&ivoiG, ainvea kaftovcai raa Xafmadaa avrccv i^r/X&op eio 
vadvtrjGtv rov vv/Mpiov. 2 nivre de «{ avriv l\cav fuogal xal 
nine aqovwoi. 3 ai yctq ponged Xafiovccu ran Xafinadao ovx Ska- 
$ov fie& eavrwv eXcuov' 4 ai de yoovipoi skafiov ekaiov iv 

46. out. Trotourr. c. hbcdil al 18 itP ler vg etc ... g tto*. ovx. c. ran unc 9 
al pier f q ayr utr arm etc 

48. ox. JouA.absq *x.c. H*ral 5 Ir int2e4 etc...ffLnTi addtxttroo- (::utLc) 
c. h c bcdilaii unc 9 al pier it 9 vg etc | fiov o xvq. c. hbcdil al 6 etc... g o 
xvq. pov c. ran unc 9 al pier Bas eth etc.. Praeterea absq tk&civ c 
sb 6. 33. Bah mflnt cop etc ... g Ti add tX&tuv c. cDiLrAn unc 9 al pier 
it vg etc (al 3 etc (QX*o&*) 

49. avrov (« eai/r.) c. hbcdil al 60 it vg etc . .. g (= 6b Sz, sed rursus 
Gb') Ti om c. taii unc 9 al pi | ta&iri St (c etc xt) x. nwq c. hbcdeil 
BUVAn a al 70 etc (item unc 5 etc ta&ut etmvu) ... g(=QbSz)ea&itirV S. 
x. mviw c. Gn 1 al mu a Ephr DamP ar517 

XXV, 1. avxuv (g avx.) c HCixrAn unc 9 al pier Or 5 * 824 Methyl's 705 al 
... Ln Ti iavxu)v c. bdl 124. | vnavxija** c. mbc 1. ... g Ti cutout. 
c. DLxrAn unc 9 al pier | tov vvfiykovi dx* ai 8 it vg etc add xcu xr\<j 
Wfupr t a 

2. f$ avx. 17c. c. hbcdlza* al 5 itP ler vg arm ... f Ti ij©\ tg ott/r. c. xrA a 
n unc 8 al pier q | poiocu - yooviftoi' c. hbcdlb al 6 itpl« r vg etc ... g 
Ti qqov. - pwQ, c. xrAn unc 8 al pier f syr^u* | K(M nevxe (et g 8 Gb') 
c. KBCDKLzn al w . . . g Gb Sz Ti xcu a* jrti>T. 0. xta unc 6 al pier 

3. en, yao c. kbcl 33. cop; item Ln at de cum z 157. it 9 vg ; D ff*' a» 
01* ... g Ti auTirea" c. xrAn unc 8 al pier | ila/^radao- c. ml 44. it 5 vg 
arm . . . Gb Sz Ln Ti add avtuw c. BCDxrAXi unc 8 al pier, g tavxwv 
c. z vid al, item it 5 al 


KATA MA66AI0X 25, 16. 99 

«w ayyeioHS fieri r«w fotfiita&ov eavrmv. 5 XQ^^ovroc tie 
tov rvpqiov evvara^ap naaai xal ixd&evdov. 6 fit'arp de w- 
xtocj xQavyr t yeyore*' idov 6 tvpfpioc > QtQXBG&t eta anavrrpiv. 
7 rore qyeQ&rpay rzdaai ai naQ&evoi exetvat xal exoapr t aav 
tats lapaddaa eavnur. 8 ai tie pooped talc cpQonpoia elnav % dote 
ijfih ex tov iXaiov vprnt, on at Xapnddea tjfuav aptvvwtai. 
9 aTtexQithjaap de ai qtQortfwt Xeyovaai' ftqnote oix doxe'ey rjiuv 
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100 25, 17. KATA MAOOAION 

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KATA MA66AI0N 25, 38. 101 

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108 25, 39 KATA MAOOAION 

epdkoftev ; 39 note 8e' ae elidoftep da&evovrta ij ev q/vXaxy xal yX- 
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inov (Gb') 

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e. minusc etc 
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KATA MA60AI0N 26,17. 10S 

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tov c. Aran unc 9 al pier c f q 9yr utr aeth 

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104 26, 18. RATA MA66AI0N 

'Itjcov leyovtsa' nov &&eta atotpdampe'v aoapaysif to n&aya; 
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cevrtov dm etc . . . g c xcurr. avrwv c. Ann unc 8 al pier ami syrP txt 

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t. /e». pt. tf*. *«r to rgvftX. (d xqvpaUov) ... c Ti /i*t e/t. cv T.tqvpL 
t. ^f<^. c. crAn unc 8 al pier 

25. qafipt* c. mabdbfka etc . . . «r Ln ^a/9/?» c. CGHLMD al pier 

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ci'/ao. c. KABDrn unc 8 al pier ... Ln om »«* c. clsa al 4 q arm etc 

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unc'al pier etc | ttjiT diafrrjx. c. mblb 33. 102. Cyr'** 90 . . . g Ln t. 


KATA MA66AI0N 26,38. lOf 

or kftaoxww! 29 Xeyrn tie vfiiv, ov prj nuo an aott ex tovtov tov 
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so* e. m«fkh al sat mu^d it 5 vg etc | *y» c.»ABC*DiL8VAn al pi itPl« r 

vg syrtttr etc ... Ob 4- add St c. c^ unc 7 al 70 h sah cop arm aeth 

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opofttf* xa* dtBCDz^^LB al mu^d it (exc q) rg eyr^tr arm .. . Gb(eed 
4-^«) Sz ofi. St ncu c. Ar^n unc 8 al 180 sab cop aeth 

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etc-^art .. . c-^wnj c. «*hm al sat ma | t. fHt4hft. c. Br^dLrAn unc 8 
»1 longs pi sah Chr ... Ln t. /4«£. atrrov (:: ut Mc) c hacd al M it 
▼g etc | few ov c. Bir unc 7 etc, a ttur ov av (ita Ln) ... DKLM 8 rA 
etc tma a* t hcm* ete twr (: : ut Mc) [ tttit nowrtv$. c. hbdl al 4 it 7 etc 
.. . s Tl »f . ix<» c. ACirAH unc 8 al pier syrP al 88 

38. avrour c. habc*dil al mu it 8 vg etc ... Gb 4- Sz Ti odd o « c. c*r 
ad nnc 8 al ,s * it 8 syrP 


100 26, 39. KATA MA06AI0N 

Vuvdtov ' fuifuta mde xai ygtjyoQeite fist iuov. 3Q * xcu nQOG- 
eXOwp fMHQor ineaw em ngoGwiov avtov nQoaevjofHvoG xal 
Xtymv' ndrsQ, ei dwctrov sow, nageX'd-drn da* iuov to noryQtov 
rovro' W51 nlqv ov% dxj eym &b7m diXmc av. 40 89et xal egx s ~ 
tea hqog zova uaOytdo xal evgtaxst avrovtr xa&evdovrav , xal 
Xt'yei Tq> rietQ<p' ovtmo ovx loxvaaie (uav wquv yoqyoQijoat pier 
ipov; 41 yQtfyoQelte xai itQoaevxeo&e, ha pij etosk&yte «* **'- 
Qcujfwv, M7# * to per trnvpa ngo&vuop 9 i\ de <wtoJ dafapija. 
Me uTw?-4* 42 888,e ndhv ex devtfQov anek&mv ngoar^ato leyan>' ndreg /wot/, 
lY ov dvvatcu tovro noQek&eiv idv prj avtb nwt y yevtj&fjrm rb 
&th]f*d oev. 43 xal ek&ow ndXiv evgev aitova xa&6vdorra<j' 
Ifiap yag ahtw oi oq&aXpoi ^aQtjfievot. 44 xal dqwa ainovc 
ndfay dneX&cw HQoatjv£ato ex rgkov , to? ovtop Xoyov einoor 
Ttdhr. 45 2M " 4 tot* eQxerai ttqog tova path/taut xai leyei aviate' 
xa&evfete to kotnbv xal draaaveo&e. idov yyytxep i] &ga xal 6 
vibo tov dv&Qmnov noQabStozai eta %*M><t6 afiagtmXow. 46 eyei- 
gea&e y aympet ' idov Tpyyixsv 6 nagadtdowr pe. 

89. 7iQO<FtX&. (6b' 8a) c. HACDiLrAH* unc 8 al 100 syrP (d aceedens) ... * 
Ln Ti 7TQOtX&. c. bmd* al sat mn (progrestut it Tg) | nartq c. la al 1 * 
a am lust* 88 Valentt ap Ir 88 Or l t 88l et 898 ct»lH> Eus d8 »et«etP» al 
permn Cyp o!a al ...f Ln add //ov c. habcditti unc 8 al pier itP ler vg 
(ere am) sah cop syr utr arm aeth | ft-afcA&vru c. kacdefgla al* . . . 
«• -£et« c. Birn unc 8 al pier 

42. tovto c. HABCiLan* al" b ff* q sab ayrP aeth Or^^et 410 et^* 8 ' 80 * 
EnsP* M0 et 662 . .. f (Q-b 00 ) add «ro notijQUiv c. rn* unc 8 al pier itpl 
vg cop 8yr sch arm, item d etc ante ronco | naqil&iyv cam hbdl al 8 
itpler vg etc . . . «• (Ob 00 ) et Ln [ ) add cwr epov c. acitad unc 8 al pier 
it 8 ayrP arm 

43. naXnf h. 1. (Gb") c. KBCDiLr al 8 itP 1 ^ vg etc ... ? ante xa^n'(J. c. 
Aan one 8 al pier a q ayrP txt \ tvQtv (Gb") c.HABCDniLn al 80 .. . f ev- 
l»<rxf* c. r unc 8 al pi 

44. naXw b. 1. c. kbodil etc ... AKAn etc poat 7tQo*r}i>£., item c post 
amk&. c. BFQHMfiU^^T etc | fx to«t. c mbcilfa unc 8 al pier itP^r 
vg etc ... ADKn etc om , hinc Gb° et Ln [] | *wr. n*X*r c mbl al 3 
a cop ... g- Ln Ti om BroiL c. acdi*** unc re 11 al pier itP le r vg sah 
8yir utr a i 

45. fia(hj*cto c. mabcklmad al 80 q sah ayrP arm . . . ? add avtov c. or 
unc 7 al pier itPl« r vg etc | to Xotnov c. had ran unc 8 etc: bol al 1 om 
to | Schu ava7tavKj&t; interpungi vult et in Mt et Mc 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

KATA MA66A10N 26. 55. 107 

Mc 14, 48- ISO 
Lc S3, 47-68 

lo Is, » 

47 * JO ' 1 Aai hi avtov lakoivtoa , idoir lovdaa tta taw dobdtxa Uc A u $ % 
■ifor, kcu pet avrov ojhoc notm petit fiu%w^n9 xa* &Xo*t 
no rmr &Qjitfpm xai noefffivtegetr tov law. 48 * ,1,t o Ai ^a- 
.'i&doixr avrot afaxflp ftinoh trrjfislov Itpw' or ikv (p/yb/aw, 
«wr Kfrtr" XQcetTjdtttt airot. 49 xa< ev&tooo ftgoaeX&mv Tcp 
^000 e&r«r ' zaiga Q*ffi*i, xa* nareapikr^ev avtot*. 506 di JrpovG 
*cK* ccvtco" «Ta<JM, «p o naQei; tote 7iQooeX&v*tea em'ftdkor too 
j&Qea int rov 'IijGOvr xcu exgatijoa* canov. 51 30f * 1 x«} ifov «o* ioi"io. 
raw ^wa *hpov tmtbaa tip %9q>*. unionounv tip paxcuoa* 
srrov, xaJ nations tow dovlov tov i^te^noa atpetkev uvrov to 
atm. 52 so3 ' 10 «5ra A/pei aw<p o 'Iijoovo' dniaroetyov ttp pa- 
laiQat aw etc tor tonov avtrpr nivtea jclq ot Xafiorteo pa%atQav 
if pu%cu(rQ dftokovrtai. 63 17 doxeur on ov dwapai naQaxaXtaai 
ft* natdga pov, xal naQa&tT)GU pot oqti nXztm dddexa faytm- 
fw utjAmp ; 54 nmff oh nhtfm&iom ai yoayai, ott ovtmo dei 
jm'e&at; 55 * 04 " 1 iv ixeivtj trj &Qa elnev 6 ItjGova tola o^Iokt* 
ws in) Xgoripr B^X&ate petit paxatomv xai %vhov ovXkafeiv pe' 
m&* TffAtQa* iv r<p ieQ(p ixa&eCoprp ditidaxcav, xai ovx expaty- 

4S. or fwr c. MATAn une* al 44 . . . c Ln o» at c. bcdlu etc 

49. ia/?j9«* c mabdbfhkma etc .. . Ld ?<*£/** c. coi,urn al pier 

K>. ff o (et. Gb Sz) c. nabcdlaii nnc" al 80 ... * (6b') «e> w c. ur al pi 

52. t. /uoc^. «toi/ c. HBDL al* etc (et. Or 1 * 896 ) « . . f Ti «ow t. ftaxcuq. c. 

acta line 7 al pier ... kur etc om 001' | ^a^a^f c. kab*cl 33. 124. 

. . . C -C a c - JB 8 orAn anc 9 al pier | anoXovrtcu e. habcdkolh etc : 

Gb" <*no&aiH)i>rTai c. ta ubc 7 al 180 »yr utr aeth etc 
:3. o^t* poat na^acx. not, c. »*et c BL 33. ff 1 ' g 1 ' vg eab cop »yr* ch arm 

...?L»nTiante naQ**aJ.toa> e.ACDrAn unc 9 aipler it 6 eyrP etc | nU*v 

t. h*bd ... f nitiovd c. weACUAn unc 9 al omn^d | d<ofoxa c. mbdl . . . 

s tf dtS. e. AcrAn one 9 al omu^^ Ln [ff] d»i. | Xtytutvon (-*- c. m* 

b*dl; f LnTi -*- c. hoab*c rell mnc etc) c. hCacklau* al 5 . . . r Ln Ti 

-rowy c. »*BDrn a one 8 etc | ayyilmp c. N*etcBDKrAa* unc 9 etc : h*acl 

n* al* ayytXovc 
55. c^jl^are e. habckvola al ma,D i;Ae>ari ... <; ttyX&itt c. rn one 9 

al pier J »a& ijptqav c. mbl 33. 102. sah cop etc ... f (Gb°) Ln add 
ffootf i»/<flwr c. CDran anc 9 al pier it yg etc, a aeth post txa#e£. | #v 

t. •#. t%a&. Mourn, c. kbl al 4 ayi* ch arm, item omiaso iidaau. (Gb°) 
1. 209. ... Ln *xa&. tv r. *«. fati. c. com al 15 it' annedd ... * tna&. 
Mao*, tv tm *#f w c. ArA unc 8 al pi it* vg syrP 


106 26, 56. KATA MA68AION 

oats pe. 56 so6 '° tovto di oXov yivovw ira nfofQ&&toGtv cri yQaqpa 

tm nQO<pr]Tmv. tote oi pa&ytcu navtao aqwneff avtop eqwyw 

Mcw,68t 57 80 •• , Oi di xQatTjcarrsa tor 'fyaovp dntffayop nowr Ka'i 

l«s2,mh ( ^ )ay t o V aQX te Q ia f 07KW ol ygafifiatekr xcu oi noeGfiitBOOi <tv* 

tfffhpait. 58 30 ™ 6 di Ilitooa yxoXovdw awop fiaxQO&ap com 

TTJa avftija tov aQx^vxff xcu sioeX&w Sam exa&tjto futa rcai 

vnriQettov ideif to tikoa. 

Me !£■£•« 5$ 808 ' a 0/ di doxtsowj xcu to owidowv olov itytovv tpevdo* 

lcm, ee-u poQWQfap xnta tov Irpov, on&o avtbv Qaratwrownv , 60 xai 

wj evoov noTJjnv nQoael&orrav yevdopaQtvocav. 809 ' e t«r«£©*' £i 

io 7 2,*i9 ftQOoeX^orrea dvo 61 e&rof " ov*<xx lg^' dwcuuu xataXvacu tot 

veto* tov #bov xcu dta toimt ^fisgm avtbp oixodopqacu. 62 xa\ 

avaataa o apjfaptfv* elnev at/rop* oWey anoxgbri ti ovtot cot 

xatcutcunvoowtr ; 63 o di 'Itpovo ivuxma. xcu anoxQt&sio c 

dqyvBQ%vo elnev avrqi' fi;0Qxi£m as xara rot; #eoti row £a>*TO<r, 

56. oi jta*. : Ln add [avtofl] c. b al 10 it 8 gat mm sah aeth Gfar 

58. t*a*$o&. c. kcflaii* aI*°...fLnTl praem owro c. ABDNn 8 unc*al pi 

59. ao/tto. c- *»dl al 8 itplw vg sah oop etc ... g (Gb 00 ) Ti add xou o* 
Trote^vrtoo* c. ACNrae f n al pier f q syr utr aeth | avx. fatvar. c. mb 
CD« r LNe* al mn it (non d) vg ... Gb" 8z Swat. avt. o. Aran unc 8 
al 88 d arm | Gcwatmoovqn c. ACDBFGBXKAefn* al 18 ... f -<r*>0t c. mb 
KMSUvrn 8 al pier 

60. xa* of/ e UOO* jroJU. nqoat. yivdop. (Gb ato. t^«t». nqoa*) e. (et. 
Gb) kbc*LN* al 7 it 6 vg etc, item no* ante aroAAwy addito syr«h e t hr 
. . . H 8 al* C *CU ffeAA. ^rcf£. ftOOtff. 0I'»(-/) i/i;ooir<ciio.) .. . * kou oi»/ 

e i/oo* • xa* (a om) /roAA. ^tv. nqoat. (k al «Ad".) o«># * "oovc. AC 8 rae f n unc 8 
al pier a f q syrP aeth Or*** 8 * 909 . . . d <ff** h) »d* oiw fwoof to «f jjo" 
xat nroJUofr Trpoo-iyAd'o* ^rcudo^aorv^co' no* o?»/ tt'ftor ro (£tfO . . . Ln 
<e eoniectara; tamen ita fere a) *a* oi^ «vo. flroAA. nqoot. ytvd. 
[ovx *vo.]. Praeterea noil. nq. y*vd. c. HABLe^ al* OrM^et*' 3 * 6 
CyT 4 * 888 ; item D; 1. etc 9*oe*e. »o. ^€u<J.) ... ^ no. yev#. npoat. c. 
cKran unc 8 al pier it vg sjrP arm ... eadem verba plane om 180. a) 7 
(Gb° prob Schn) | dvo c. hbl al 8 sah oop al Or 1 » 8t8 ... f Ln add 
ytvdojuccQivQHF c. A 8 CDrA*fn one 8 al pier it vg etc, item h al twtff 
\ptvdouaqt.,, A* vI d fia^xvQ«r 

61. aur. o^oJo^k. c. »CL©f 88. b h q Or** 880 etin* 8 » ^ ... f Ln otnoS. 
aveov c. adntah unc 8 al pier it 8 vg 8yrn» Orin*^ 881 .. . Gb° Ti om 
axnov c. b al* arm aeth Or , » 818 et*» 888 

62. q anoxQurij; f» 


KATA MA86AI0N 26, 75. 109 

07 S 
Lc tt, 63 m 

i* tjfuv eTfr%a ti av d o Xotarba 6 vlba rov &eov. 64 310 ' * A*/** 
:prp o ^hpsdwi' av elaaa' ntip Xeyw ifuv, an agri oxpea&e rov 

'if TOT CLV&QCOftOV XO&tj(MiVOV £X de^uOv tiJ6 dwOfteWT XCU io%6- 

awt int rmr vetpehov rov ovgavov. 65 * u ' 9 rore o aoxteoeva 
*Wr£er ra Ifutna avrov Uytov' ipXaayrjpqaev* 81 *** ri in XQeiav 
fjper futQTVQ<of ; "de vvv rpmaare rip (QLaaqmfuav. 66 ri ifuv 
ta*i? ai &e daox(M&evrea elnov' hoypa Qavarov iariv. 67 3I8,1 ^J 8 ^ 88 
Tire ivtmxwsav eh rb nooctonov avrov xal exoXdytaav avrop, 
.» tie iQ&maav 68 Xeyovrea* nQoytjrtvaov yfuv, Xotcriy rut iortv 

69 8M - * r O d« 77«r^HT exi^ro l£w ev if avAfl* xal *?«*- £#£# 
<Lfrer avrcp pta mud foxy Xeyovca' xal ov rja&a ftera > Iriaov rov l0 *****•• 
ndiJUubt;. 70 6 di tjovjjaaro epaQoa&ev narrow leycov' ovx olda 
iilijuff. 71 91A ' 1 i^eX&ovra di avrov eh row nvhnva, eldev avrov 
ithf xcu Xtyei role exeV ovroa rp para 'Iqaov rov Na£mQaiov. 
72 xal nakiv JjQrtjaaro perd oqxov ori ovx olda rov av&Qmnov. 
73p«ra fuxqbv di nooaeX&ovrea oi iarahea ebiov rep Ileroy' 
nh;&toa xcu av *£ avrmv el' xal yao tj XaXid gov dijXov ae noieT. 
74 rare ij^aro xara&euari£eiv xal bprvetv ort ovx olda rov av- 
$qomov' xal ev&e'ma dXexrcDQ iytovqaev. 75 81M xal ipvtja^ri 6 

•5. liymv (** etc kcu Xtyt* td«) Bine on. c. h«bc 2 dlz©' 33. 102. it vg etc 
. . g (Ob°) add ot* c ac^tao unc* al pier | rtjv plcuHptifitav sine 
out. c. hbdlz 102. H 6 vg etc . . . c add at/Tor, Ln [».] c. AcrA© f n unc B 
al pier it 6 gat mm em go etc 
67. fga?r*<rcMr c. MABCDLiraeif al mu... ? fppaTr. c. n nnc° al pi 
«9. f ita^-. f f oi c. HBDLze* al 8 it vg etc . . . g Ti *£w «k«^. c. ACxrA corr n 
aac rell etc 

70. narrmr c. wBC^BGLze' al it vg etc ... Ob 8a Ti avttav navxw c. 
Ac*piui8cvxr4 al 1 * go ... ku al mn aurw^ 

71. «{tA^ovra & avrov o. ACzran nnc B al pier etc ... mblz al 7 om av- 
rov, Mnc Ln [ai*.] | roiff tnt* c. hbdb*qk8II* etc ... Sz Gb' Ti av- 
ro»^ (8z Ob' *vrow) tun c. ACE^FBLKUyzzran 9 al 180 q | ot^o«r c. 
»bd aah ... ? Ln Ti xcu ovroff (:: cf Lc 22, 59) c. ACLnn unc 9 al 
omnTid it vg etc 

72. fttta c. mabcbxah^ al pane ... g [*(& c. Dxrn* unc 8 al pier 

74. nmtm&tftat, c. kabcdlxtazi unc 8 al 170 ... s(=Qh&2)x*Tava&(pat. 
c. min | ir&twG c. HAcnzran unc 8 etc: bl tv&va 

i by Googh 


IlfaQoo rov Qqfiaroo 'Itjaov eiqiptozoG on now dXixrooa qwvycri 
rota dnaQvyotj fie' xcu e&X&oiiv «|o) exXavaev mxQ&G. 


Mcis, i 1 817 " 2 llomaa de yevofievr^a cvpfioihov eXafiov ndvzecj o< 

OQXt*Qeio *«* ol TtQEGfivTEooi rov Xaov xard rov 'Iijaov, (Sara &u« 

ic.i6.28 var&aou avrov, & xcu oqaavr&s avzov anr\yayov xat ticlq- 
td(oxnv IleiXdrcp T<p ffYEfiovi. ffog fo£ y /ovft a< j naqabidovc avrov on xarsxgiO-q, 
fisruftkhj&Eja eargeipev ra rgtdxovra dgyvgia rote clqxizqsvgi* 
xai 7TQeaBvreQouj 4 Xe'yav * ypaQrov nagadovc alfia a&<$ov. ol di 
elnov' ri ngba TjfJiao; qv o^prj. 5 xcu Qixpaa ra agyvgia eia rbv 

Act 1,18 vaov dvexwotjoev, xa\ dneX&ow dnrjy1;aro. 6 ol di aQXtegeia Xa- 

i)ea 23, 19 povrea ra agyvgia ehtav ' ovx Qevriv fictkzlv air a eh rbv xop- 

ftavuv , inet ripr} afyutzoo iariv. 7 avfipovXiov de Xafiovrea qyo- 

gaaav «J avzav rbv dygbv rov xeoap&oa eh raytfv roia £e'roiG. 

Act i, i9 8 dib ixXtj&y 6 aygba ixeTvoa aygba aiparoa law rija orji*eQov. 

75. Jv (Gb") c »ABC*DErGHxrAn* al 60 ... g rov u> c. c^klmsuyii* al pi | 
ttpqxoroo' (Gib') c. hbdl al* it 7 vgsah arm Chr . . . g add ou/Ta>, Ln 
[a.) c. acxtaii unc 9 al pier b f q cop syr utr aeth'eto 

XXVII, 2. naqiSwxav sine avrov c. hbc*kl al 5 it (et. d) vg etc . . . g Ti 
add ax 'tov c. AC^xrAii unc 8 al pier aah cop syr» ch go | ni^lcLxut (-di- 
vide Proll) absq Ttovr. c. hci, 33. 102. sah cop ayr 8 ch Or 4 ** 85 Petr 4 * 33 
... g Ln Ti 7iovrm mXatw c. acxtaii unc 9 al pier it .(et. d) vg syrP 
arm aetb go al Or int8 » 9H 

3. o naQadidovo c. HAcxrin unc 9 al pier etc • . . Ln o naoadova c. bl 
al 8 | c<jx(j£rp. c. hbl al Or , » 896 et*> 485 ... ? Ln antar^typ. c. ACxrAH 
unc 9 al pier Eua dem | xa» nQiaft. c. kbcl etc ... g Ti x. tout nq. c. 
Axran unc 9 al pier 

4. ct&wov c. »AB»'cxrAn unc 9 al omn^ld syr utr («fir r ) go Or 1 ! 8960 ^^ 
et*» 485 Eua demi80 al . .. Gb" ditcaev c. b°»8l sah cop syr hr arm Or 1 * 
396ed et*» 488 et 445 , item iustum it (et. d) vg | ano*: Ti unav c. L 33. 
Easdem Chr8 ue | o^fffj (Gb" Sz) c. kabcucah uno 8 al 80 etc ... g oif ** 
c. ur al longe pi 

5. «ta Tor vaov c. kbl al 8 Or 1 * 888 Eu8 d «™ 480 et 481 ... g Ln Ti tr fw yaw 
c. AcxrAn unc 9 al pier it vg etc 

6. ftaar c. bl 33. Eu8 dem48 ° ... «• -oir c. kac unc 18 al pier | Mogfiavar 
c. mae^cltaq unc etc . . . ekm etc xoqfiovav ... b* it mu d xoypav 


KATA MABBAION 27, 18. Ill 

t tint &rXqQci&q to fa&w dia 'hoepiov tov nowpytov Xtyortoa' 

wi Uiapov to, TQutxona aQyvQia , rjyy Wfiijp tov tetytyfuvov ov JJJ jgi * 

kiujpeurro (ltto view iGoarjK 10 xai SbUmutv avta eio tov dygbv 

ri xtQapdtxHjj xcc&a ovptta^er poi xiotoQ. „__ 14 

11 * ao " 1 'O 3* T^owr itrtafhj Sfinooa&e* tov r/yeporoG' xai ^V 
EsiToairfprer eurrbv 6 ijysfmv Xeym ' av el 6 paaiXtvo tw 'Iov- Io 18 * M 
^aior; 6 8£ 'Itjoowj kpt]* av leyeur. 12 —1,i xa* tt> r<p xat^yoQSi- 
'ftcu abtow vnb r<or aQXUQeco* xai nQscfivtBOtov ovdiv anexQipato. 
IS tote Xeyei ccinep 6 TleiXatoa ' ovx axovaur nova gov xarapaQ- 
repawn*; 14 xa* ova afmtQ&h] avv<$ tzqog ovdl h Qtjfia, mart JB _ 9a 
JmyuiZetv xov ijyspara Xiav. 15 8W * 5 Kata de toQitp siw&ei o iZH'ff}^ 
7?imj? cbroXtW lira tap oxkp deafuov ov tj&skov. 1 6 8 * 8 * 4 £?^oy d« '• t«, » ■ 
are d&Tfuop &tunjftop 9 Xsyofi&op BaQafifidr. 17 Gvrrjyfievcov ovv 
b*twt eJttev avtola o TletkatoG ' wa &slet8 dnoXvao) vfuv, Ba- 
?i£3av Tf 'Irjaovv tor leyopapov Xourtov; 18 fjdei yag on dta 


9. uytuiov c. HABCLxrAH nnc 9 al pier itP J « r (et. d) vg sab cop ayrP *xt 
et^arm aeth *o Ens^** 81 Chr Ortot*»"*et»...83. 157. a b edd ap 
Aug cod ap Iiue*>rug gy r ach pereP om; item 82. 8yrP »* ar«°d ^a^a- 
p*oi>, 1 esatam. Tractat locum diserte Or*** 8 ' 916 , i tem Eus d «°nai Ang 
coasts* Hier ad h. 1. Cf et. Cyr^ia* et Epiph 888 

10. tJwxotr: » al 4 ayro*' et 8 * Eaed« m W8 ex odd ( <faxa 

U. tara&tj c. kbcl 1. S3. Or l » 8,5cod ... s Ti «o*T7 c. Axran nnc 9 al 
pier Or« d | f9*l c. ml al* a d (d periit) sab cop syrbr arm Chr . . . f 
Ln Ti add «itw c. ABXran nnc 9 aJ pier itPl er vg etc 

12. TTQtap. c HB*Lxr al 96 Or 1 * 815 et)*' 886 ... g Ln Ti t«* »(». c. AB 8 (et 
iam*?)An nnc 9 al pier 

U. Jctnafifiav c. MABDLran nnc 9 al longe pier it vg sah cop ayr tttr aeth 
^ Orin t8 ' 918 (ex»cribit vv. 16. 17. 18) ... 1* 118. 209* 241** 299** 
svr hx arm praam btjeovv. Cf ad v. sq 

17. ctTToX. vfjLtvi a al 6 a ayr 1 "" etc praem toip Svo vel ano r&v dvo, 1. 
118- 209* add •rail' $vo \ Paqaftpav (b Or 1 ' 818 iro* Paqafip., sed abs- 
que M70-01*): 1* 118. 209* 241** 299** syrbr (et. Salomo Bassoren- 
eia aaec. 13 tesUtur, vide Adler p. 173) arm Orta* 8 * 918 („in multis 
exx non continetnr quod Barabbas etiam leans dicebatur, et forsi- 
tan recte") schol codicis 8 aliornmque ^ctoit xo¥ 0aQ. Cf Hier ad 
h. 1. „iate in evglio quod acribitnr iuxta Hebraeos JMns magistrt 
eorum interpretatnr. 11 (Hinc praeceasisse vdtr nomen Jeau.) Facit 
autem ad reiiciendum alteram nomen quod vv. 20 et 26 nude scri- 
ptom est tor fi<*Q*Pflav t rov it HP 


11* 27, 19. RATA M ABB A ION 

q&bpop naQedoaxap avtop. 19 sa4,1 ° xa&tjfMPOv di avtov im rov 
ptjfiaroa dnht&Xep noba avtbp jj yvpti avtov Xtyovaa * t*tjdh> aoi 
xal rop dtxakp exeitop' noXka yaQ eaa&w oypSQOV xar opccq di 
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fykova ipa aftrjGoarrou top BaQofipdp, top di 'Itpoip dnoXdaoixjir . 
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Xiyovatp nartm ' (nctvQm&TfKn. 23 b di S<pi ' ti yog xaxbp inoi- 
tjGev; oi di neQUJGmo sxQa£ov Xs'yopt&a' atavow(hljt<D. 24 M7 * 10 
iddtp di 6 IJeiXdroa on ovdip oiyelet dXXa /ndXXor &6qvj$og yherat, 
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tfa avtov xal xakapop iv tjj de&iji avtov, xal yopvnetTjaaptea 

Iol9, «•» 

21. eiffav c. dl 33. ... <; Ln tmov c. HABrAn one 9 etc | tot c. hbb al 3 
. . . ? Ln Ti om c. ADr&n nnc s al pier 

22. Xtyovffty c. habdkaii* al M itpl« vg etc... f (6b 00 ) add avrw c. Lrn 8 
unc 8 al pier f aeth 

23. o de *vij c. »b al 8 sah syr hr arm Chr . . . * o di ijrt/iwp tq>n c. ir^n 
unc 9 al pier syrP .. . dl al it vg cop aeth Xeyti ax>touj o nygftwf 

24. antvavxi c. MALran unc° ate ... Ln xartvam c. bd | tovtov c. bd 
102. a b mm Or^M" et^Met** 845 etc ... c cop d>**>ov covrov c. 
HLrn unc° al pier it* rg syrP etc ; a& it s sab cop eyr B0l »etbr a i rovrov 
tov StHCuoi'y bine Ln tow. [tov dut.] 

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£u B demft04 Cbr txt e d et« om ™ O r int8,»i9comm Aug cona ... h°*bd 157. 
it 5 Or { Qt txt tvdvaarr. Ota Ln, sad ipse improbat). Praeterea d 157. 
it 6 gat mm (similiter q Or* 1 **) post aero? add t^ano* (*/*.) noqfv- 
Qovr mat \ yXafivSa xoxk. 7tCQM&. a\n. c. mbdl al* it vg etc ... ? fff- 
Qit$: ot«T. #Aa. xoax. c. avran nnc* al pier syr*** arm 

29. t. x%9 xttp. c. kbl al 8 Eus d «m. . . q Ln t. tijp KtqxuX^v c. ADOTAn unc 8 


KATA MA86AI0N 27, 38. 118 

nxooa&ev avrov ivmai^av avrco liyovreo' %cuqzo puaiXeva rmv 
ijvdauov, 30 880 ' 6 xal ifjtmvaartaa ela ovrbv elafiov rov xaka- 
s* xai ervntov eia rip xecpaXrp avrov. 31 xai ore ivina^av 
a no, ixbvGwri&s avrov rqv jXaftida ivibwsav avrov ra Ifiana 
urtov, aces* dnyyayov avrov bus rb aravo&oat. 

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luuova roirzov fjyyaQSveav iva aotj rov oravgov avrov. 66 iou^im 
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'xfousvoa, 34 ***'* edc&xav av?qp nuv olvov fiera %okija ftefuyfievov ' (*• ••» ») 
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al pier | iv r% Ht\ia (6b') c. mabd(l)n al 7 it 8 vg etc ... g tm rtj¥ 
6tl«xr c. ran nnc 9 al pier it 5 for syrP tot | tvtna^av c. MBBxr al 4 
... $ Ln Ti tvincu^ov c. anaii unc 9 al pier it vg etc | o fiaoiXtva c. 
valbt unc 8 al pier Eus dem Chr . . . Ln fiaatXiv c. bdaii al pins 10 
31. tudvaa/vrtc a. r. /A. (l add xow) tvtdva. c. ml S3. ... c Ln Ti <£c- 
ivactv et xa» fvi&va. (: : ut Mc) c bdrtaii nnc 9 al pier Euadem 

33. o c. »Bi>B # FOHKLMNxrr etc . . . c (= 6b Sz) off c. ae*svaii al sat 
ma | xoav. ton. Xtyoptvoa o. H*etcbsL etc, item g Xtyo/iipoa (m al 
nt&(Qt*7jvtvofirro<T y m 9 (Qf*.) xgav. ron. e. KFQHKUr et asvaii al pi 
syrP, K* al pin Xtyofttvov vel fif&tQuTjvfvoptPOv xo. tonoc .. . h°*d 
al 8 itP ler vg sah cop arm al om XfYOp. 

34. nthv bis (m ?r*r) c. h*d ... g Ln Ti 7r^*y c. h c abm nnc rell al omn 
vid ... l cop arm«dd m pri | okvov (Gb') c. kbdklii* al t8 it 7 vg sah 
cop ayrP m 8 »yr hr bit arm aeth ... g Ti o^oo* c. AHrAn 9 unc B al pier c 
fhq syT»«l» et P tact etl»r**«em Chr Orl»w» 919 | tjS-tX^tv c. H*etcb B DB 9 
l al 5 etc ... g ij&tXi c. nc*AB*rAn nnc 8 al pier 

35. paXovrtff c. madii* al 80 Ensdero 506 . . . g Ti fiaXXorzuj c. BLr^n 9 nnc 9 
al longe pi | xXrjoov sine additam c. KABDLrn nnc 9 al 900 f ff u 9 * g 1 * 
1 fti for emm iac ing san tol* sixt sah cop syr» ch etP m * aeth persP 
Chr al Or* n * Hil Ang«>n« . . . . g (= Gb Sz) add ha 7tXtjQo>&ri to fy&h 
vno (a etc dut) rov nqo^xov Sbtfiiqiawno ra Ifidrui pov kavrotff 
(a avroMr), xai ini rov tfiarrtftov fiov IffiaXov xXtjoov c. a 1. al viz 
ma it 8 vgedd am lux frsax syrodd aliq 3 f r p txt ann Eusdem 506 p 8 . A^th 

Ti8CHBin>OBr T N. T. Edit. 8. critica minor. 8 


114 27, 39. KATA MABOAION 

p« «, 7 sea* eicx c£ et/owt/jucw. 39 M7 ' 3 o« fli naQonoQevofUvot i^Xourq^fww 

avrov, xivovvtsg tug xeyaXaa avrobv 40 xa/ XeyorreG ' 6 xara- 

Xvow *bv fabv xai iv zotaiv rjfUQCUG oixodofiav , googop aeavrov, 

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(p B «2,») o 'Itjgovg qxavjj f*eyoiXy Xsycov' tjlel ijXel Xepa Ga$a%&avei; rovr 

40. <* f(»' #«ov c HADLrAfl unc 9 etc: Ln &tov a c. b (itP ler vg) | xao 
narafi. c. kad al 5 a b c h syr*ch et^r ChrR™ Cyrnestiis ... ^ Ti om 
xa* c. bltah unc 9 al pier it 7 vg sah cop syrP Eus d « m otP* 

41. otiouoa c. kalii* 71. 114. b for cop wi et d * . .. bk etc add xa», item 
g add dt xa*, Ln[£. x.]c.Dfr r rAn 2 unc 8 al pier ff 1, ByrP aetb Eus dem40B 

42. (}<xo*ktv<j c. mbdl 33. 102. Bah ... g (= Gb) Ln praem u c. Aran 
unc 9 al pier it vg etc | nurxtvawfitv c. xEFBXMrA al 36 ... g Ti tu- 
<rrevao/uer c. bdgksuvii al pi cop eyrP arm aetb etc ... Ln morcvo- 
fitr c. A al 8 itpl« r vg | tn axnov c. hbl al e ... g (= 6b 82) Ln ovro* 
c. ad al vix ma (it vg arm go Or int ) Eusdem e tP« ... Gb (Bed + in) 
Sz in avroi c. rAn unc 9 al 160 

43. im Toy &§ov : Ln im, tto &t<n c. B (itpi vg in dto vol Awwno) Eus 
P >M I ^vc. w>> sine avror c. hbl 38. vg« d (it 8 am etc om axnov post 
&el.) ... ? Ln Ti add amov c. adah unc 9 al pier itpl vg«dd pi B y r utr 
Bah cop arm EuB dem et P 8 

44. <jvvatav(>to&. cum habeoao' al ; g avaravq. c. rn unc 7 etc ... dl 
atavQ<t)&. I ow avr« c. hbdl, item e f fit* avrov ... g Ti ai^rtu c. Ar 
An unc 9 al omn vid | avrov c. unc omnib etc ... g (= Gb 82) ai'rw c. 
min vix mu 

45. *»aTi/<r (et. d) et v. sq ivatrj* c. HABLrAe f n unc 7 al pi) ... g tvr. c. (d)q etc 

46. t\Xt* ykt* (17- EFMr, A«2t it 7 am etc ; 17- ut g kuh, di it 4 vg* d ) c. dea 
e f 1. al Ens" 6 ", item ? Ln Ti *}U c. Am unc 7 al pier, l at}).* ayl* 
... b tkwt* iXwti, h 33. etc *X»* :: ut Mc | Xtfia c. hbl 38. al pauc 
it»Ufl am etc ... Ln Xijpa (c. b ex errore) . . . Ti Xtpa c. AKurAe'n etc, 
efohmbv etc Xn/ia . . . g Xapa c. d 1. al it* 11 ^ etc (et. Or*** 8 * 9 * 4 ) | 
6a{Jax&aint (b eafiaxtavn) c. ha(b)a etc, Lr« f n unc 9 etc aapax&ctv* 
(ita 5" Ti), item itP 1 vg «oiacMon», hinc Ln aafiax&av* . . . D Ca- 


KATA MAeeAION 27, 54. 115 

-Tia* &e& pov &bb (*0v> ivari fu ByxatehneG ; 47 ttveo de reof 
-LHtatmtoTGiv axoiaartea IXeyor otiHXstav qxoveToirioa. 48 M8 ** 
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,-owt xcu *rc£t#£W xaXaficp moxiQiv avxov. 4» o« oe Aoiflrot &*• 
i>r* aqpea identic? si eQxercu 'HXei'aa GoiGcov airov. 

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C-l S44.S > >* * * ' ^ ~ - > / *v Mc S3, 45-47 

Tyfvfxa. Dl xa* mKov to xar otter aGpa rov vaov eGxtG&tj 

a&frtv icoa xdroj big dvo, M5 * 10 xai ^ 717 iaeia&tj, xai ai mroai 
^lysOr^aaLVj 52 xai ra propria avecpx&ijGav xai /roiUa Goipara 
m xexfHfdtjfJGrow ayuov tjytQ&tjGav ' 53 xai i&X&ovrsG ex Taw 
m^ueic9P fieta rip iyeQGiv airov eiGijX&ov big rtjv ayiav noXiv 
iei ivB^avic&rfCav noXXola. 54 848,a o fl« ixarovrdoxrjG xai ol 
«f avrov TtjQovrreG rbv 'Iqaov* tdovrsG rbv aetapov xai to. 
yvQueva iqpoPq&tjGap Gcpodga, XtyovrsG' aXtj&o3G &eov viog r\v 

i facvtt (d h al zaptTumi) | f/xaT«Ai/r«r c. HBDLBurn 2 etc . . . Aae* n* 
unc 8 al xnu -A««r«a 

47. HrtiptOTW c. kbcl 33 e Ln Ti * aToruy c. ADr*Ae f n unc 9 al pier | 

or* : mdi. al pauc itP ler vg syr 8ch arm aeth om | ykaav c. abdl a . . . c 
Ln Ti ijJUav c. Herein unc 9 al omn vld 

\'j. ijutyov c. HACLrAe f n unc 9 al pier it 4 vg etc ... Ln t*/rar c. b 124. 
et (tutor) d 69. , item it 6 | fjktuur c. bd ... g Ln Ti ijhaa c. hacl 
*f nnc rell etc | avxov sine additam c. adefghkmsvah al pier it vg 
sjT-titr (ethrsemel) cop arm go Or* 11 * 8 ' 928 (ubi nihil de additam ento 
commemorat; sed etiam Or 1 * 418 affirmat Iesu iam mortuo militem 
lance a latua pupugiaae) Eua^an Hil al . . . KBCLUr al 5 gat mm svrb r 
sem aeth add aXXoa de Xafiwv Xoyzyv evvUv avtov %i\v nitvQav x«* 
(u add tv&two) ttijl&tv vdwo xai, at p a (u aifi. x. vd.) :: cf Ioh 19, 
34. Eadem vero etiam teatantur Chr Cyr ap 8ev*at*o (vide post) 
achol ,2 nonnulli ap 8everum*nMo ( c f Aaaeman. bibl. orient II, 81) 

51. <ur dvo (d add fttotj) poet xaru c. bc*l 33. 102. cop aeth ... g Ln 
post faxKr&V ('•'- ut Mc) c. MAC s orAe f n unc 9 al pier it vg etc | a*w- 
&t* c. hi* Or 4 » S9B Cvr act48 ... g LnTi praem «wro (: : ut Mc) c. ADrAn 
unc 9 al pier etc, Bce f al an 

52. ijftQ-9-fjaav c. kbdgl al 15 . . . g ijytq&Tj c. ACTAe f n unc 8 al pier 

54. fxatovtagz^ c - »*J> Or 1 * 418 . . . g Ln Ti -qxoq c. abclo' unc rell al 
omn^id | ytyoptva c. bd al* Or 1 * 418 , item quatJUbant it vg . . . g y*- 
pofieva c. HACLTAe f n unc 9 al pier | &tov vioa c. M^ACLrAe'n unc 9 al 
pier d it 8 am al go Or 1 » 4,8 et*» 888 . . . Ln v#. #i. (:: ut Mc) c. B©« r 
102. b h 1 vged Ork"A,»» 8* vtoa ijv tou &t. (:: cf ad Mc) 



116 27, 55. KATA MA66AI0N 


M l«m,*4I ovroa. 55 *" 6 y Haar di ixel ywcuxev noilou anb fiaxg6&ev 

low, m ^ro^oiJtfaj ? acntsa ijxolov&tpav rip 'iir/ffot/ a/ro t^<f raklcuacr 

dtaxovovaau avicp ' 56 & af<x 17? Magia 17 MaydaXtpri, xcu Magta 

r\ rov 'Iaxcofiov xcu 'Ioxri^p f**ft?jQ, xcu r\ fajxtjo row vlmv Zefie- 

51-61 *«**- , , * , 

lc »,'»!» 57 * 481 'Otyiao di yevofMVTjG t]Xdsf av&oomoa tAjovgiog anb 
io », as-** 'j4Qtpa&uuxff, tovvofut 7a)cT^,0(T xai at/rotf ifia^tjrsv&ti rylrjaov ' 
58 ovtcht nQoasl&mt rep Fleilarcp yrrparo rb Gapa rov 'Iijgov. 
rore 6 FlstXaroa ixikswev aaodo&fjvou. 59 8491 xai la/fcof to 
o-ro/ua 6 7axT^(p *P6Tv>Ui'£f' avro atf&m xa&aga, 60 xai e&tjxev 
avrb sv rqi xcuvq* avrov fmjpsiop o elarofiycrev iv rjj nhoa, xcu 
TtooaxvHaaa Xi&ov piyav rij &vQd rov [Wijfisiov antjX&ev. 61 86 °* 6 
17* di ixsl MoQtap rj Maydcchjytj xcu rj aXkj MuQia, xa&t/fisvai 
dneravri rov racpov. 

no 861.10 m~ »* » ' ir > % \ \ / 

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ovryx&ijoav oi apgiepeur xcu oi tyaotacuoi 7zqo<j IletXarop 63 is- 

yortaa' xvgie, ifivrjo&rjfut on ixeivoa 6 nXavoa efaev Sri fa}?' fxera 

«•» is rgefa rjpsQCLG syeigofica. 64 x&svoor ovv daqpahc&rjpcu rbv rcupor 

fiOMT tija iQirtps r/fjisQ(xa 9 ptjnore ik&ovrsa oi fiwdyrcu xXeipowir 

56. cxe* xaxct) c. (x)ABCrAe f unc 1 al pier it vg etc . . . d etc xcu, fkl 
n etc mil xa» 

56. toxrqp c. H*etcD*L 157. al 8 it vg cop aeth syrP m « Ensmarln Or int3 > 
948 in*** et c o» ... c Ln Ti waffiy (d<* -aijxoa) c. ABcr&n unc 9 al pier 
sjnrsch etP *»* arm go Eu»«« Chr 

57. tua&rjrfv&vj c. hcj> al* . . . g Ti ifia&ffrtvcur c. ABLr&n nnc 9 al pier 

58. ntiXarw et ntiXaroo c. abd, sec et. a ... gr Ln Ti Ttdata et 7r»Aa- 
roc c. hcl unc rell al omn*** | anodo&rjva* c. mbl al 15 syr hr . .. g 
Ln Ti add to awfia c. Acr^n nnc 9 al pier it vg Byr utr arm aeth go 
Orintj C op aiTO 

59. oWor* c. KACLrAn nnc 9 al pier g 1 - HiiM» (in b. 1.) . . . Ti *v and. c. 
bd al 8 , item vnvolvit in itpl«r vg CO p Or int 

60. Tiy t^voa c. kbcdl nnc 1 * al pier . .. Ln «r* t. &. c. A al 9 (it vg) 

61. pooiop c. mbcla 1. . . . c Ln Ti ^a^wx c. ADrn nnc 9 al pier 

62. ar* datov c. abd . . . g Ln Ti ttaX. c. hcl unc rell al omn yJ<1 

64. oi fia&fjTcu c. mb . . . c Ln Ti add avrov c. acdl nnc rell al omn^d 
it vg etc | *k*y. avroy sine vvnx. c. KABC*DKHKVAn al 50 it vg etc . . . 
g (= G-b Sz) praem wxtoa c. c*FGLMur al pi arm (poatpon b etc) 


KATA MA88AI0N 28, 7. 117 

avrbv xa* eJaooGiv *<p htqi' qyeQ&t] dnb rSt psxqow, xai latui 
Jl iajaxri nlArq %ewow tip TtQcorrja. 65 apjy avroia 6 TletXatoo ' 
ijrre xownmdiap' wtdyets aaqpaXiaaa&e oht oidate. 66 ot tie 
TzoQCv&evxea rjocpaXiaarto tbv tatpov, oqtQayioarrM tor Xi&or 
utta trie xovctcodiaa. 


1 * 6 *' 1 9 0\pe 8i (Ta/S^aroy, rg ijrtqxooxowrQ eia fuav aappdtojv, MaWi- 
rjl&ev MaQidf* *l Maybahpri xai jy aXktj Magia faoogrjacu tbv ^^ x " 
taqpOT. 2 sea* itiov aeujfwc iytreto fufyaa' ayysXoc ydq xvqIov 
xarafiaa *£ ovqcctov xai 7tQoce\&G}v dmxvktaev tor Xi&or xai 
acathfto in dm avtov. 3 tjv ds rj iidia avtov ma dotQanrj, xcu 
to Srdvpa avtov Xevxbr too %icov. 4 anb di tov q>6f$ov avtov ioei- 
fiihpav ol t^QOvrtea xai iyerjjdyaar owx vexQoi. 5 ""** dnoxQ&eta 
&l 6 ayyeJuoo elnev tata yvrat^ir' fiij (popeia&e vpeio' olda yao 
ott 'Jjpovv tbv iotavoaptrov £rjteit8. 6 ovx eariv cods' ypQ&ij 
ydjo, xa&axj elrzsy' devte idate tbv tonov onov Ixeito. 7 xai ta%v 
xooev&eujai eurate tote ^a<hjtalc avtov oti fjytQ&il dnb tmv 
ftxqm y xai idoir ngodyei ifiaa €«r tijr rahXaiav, ixeT avtbr orpe- 

65. **rj e. BLM s r unc* al™ it vg etc ... g (= Gb Sz) add St c. macdm*s 

Utah al ma syrP c* 0r iilt8 » Wi 
XXVIII, 1. ftaquxp c. mcla ... g Ln Ti poota c. abd unc rell al omn 

*M | fiaqtct: La -a/* 

2. scu 7tQ. c. kbcl al 8 Or 1 * 440 . . . g Ln Ti om xcu c. adtah unc 9 al pier 
arm syrP Eus dem | Xi&or absque additam c kbd al* it 9 vg aeth or 1 ' 44 ° 
Dion (Gall*' 609 ) . . . g add ano x^a Ovqao c. ace*ghkm*svii al pi f 
h syr 8 ^ arm , item B*FLii*ur al 50 cop syrP etc ano %. &vq. tov ftrrj- 
/utov :: cf Mc 

3. ttdta c. h*abcdkhm al mu (m* om i\v dt ij ttd. a.) . . . g Ln tSia c. it 
*n one 6 al pier | wtr c. h*bdbji* al 10 ... g Ti oxth c. H°ACLrAn 4 nnc 8 
al pier 

4. tyttfi&ficar c. kbc*dl 33. . . . e tyivovxo c. ac^tah nnc 9 al pier | wcr 
yfxo. e. habdla al . . . g t*ot* vtng. c. crn nnc 9 al pier 

8. txnxo absque additam c. hb 33. 102. e cop arm aeth arP Or 10 *** 1 * 5 
Cjt** 910 cat<> x ... g Ti add o xi^»o«r c. ACDLran unc 9 al pier itpl« r 
vg »yr»«l» etP 

7. Jov httov (h* t*na) v/uv: 126. c»« f *a&uo emiv v^w, sieut dixit 


118 28, 8. KATA MA66AI0N 

a&s* idov ebrov vfuv. 8 8M * 2 xal dneX&ovGcu ta%v ano tov fivrj- 
fiswv petd qtopov xal %aQac (leydhja edoafwv dnayyeikai tola 
fxa&Tjraio avtov. 9 85610 xal idov 'Iqaovo vnrjvtrjGev aviate IJymv* 
Xatgere. at de nooGeX&ovaai ixodrijaav avrov tola nodaa xcu 
nooaewvijGav avrq). 10 rots Xeyei ait aid 6 'ItjGova' pLij (pofela&e' 
vndyere dnayveHars roia ddeXqokr pov iva dnik&mjiv eh tijv 
rahXaiaVy xai exei [*e otyovtat. 

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tea sic rrjy nohv dvJjyyetXav tola doiieoevoiv anavra ra yevofieva. 
12 xal awax&wrea perd raiv figeo^vrsQwy crvfiftovhov re \a$av- 
rea doyvoia ixavd ednxav tola aroaruoraiG, 13 Xe'yotrea' emare 
oti ol pa&qral avrov wxrba el&ovrea exXstyav avrov rjp^v xotr 
fjuBfAevcov. 14 xal idv dxova&jj tovto em rov yyepovoa, tjpsta 
Tieiaoftev xal vpaa dpeQipvovG notqaopev. 15 oi de Xapovrea toe 
doyvoia enoit]cav a>a ididdx&qouv ' xal iytjfiia&t] 6 loyoo ovtoa 
nagd 'Iovdatoio (m'xqi tya oyfteoov. 

16 Oi de ivdsxa fia&r/tal mooev&tjoav eia tr\v rahXaiav, 
eia to ogoa ov erd£aro avrola 6 'Iqaova, 17 xal idovrea avrov 

8. antl&ovacu c. mbcl al 8 e . . . ?Ln tttXd-. c. abtaii unc 9 al pier itP ler vg 

9. xa» mTov (Gb") c. mbd al 25 it 11 vg cop eyr sch et hr arm persa arP, 
item Or 1 * 440 Euademsos Cyr 1 "* 10 Cyr«« 880 ... g wa 6e fnoQtvovro 
anayytiXou rour fia&fjtata avrov ucu tfov c. ACLrAn unc 9 al loDge 
pi f 4 ayrP aeth | « (Gb') c. mabcaii unc 9 al 85 Chr&oe Cyr OB . . . 5 Ln o 
ts c. DLr al eat mu Or 1 * 440 Eus dem al | vTtijvtticev c. mbcii al 17 Or Cyr*s 
Chrf a « . . . g Ln Ti antivt^a. c. M^ADLrA unc 9 al pier Eus dem al 

10. *<■• tHit (Gb") c. MAC*?rAn unc 6 al 50 ... g Ln Ti xax<» c. bc 2 ?dolms 
al pm Eusdem al 

11. avtjyyHl. c. md Or 4 * 8 * 6 Chr ed etga« . . . g Ln Ti anfjyy. c. ABCLr&n 
unc rell etc 

14. en* c. HACLr^n unc 9 al pier syr u ' r al Or 1 * 867 et 4 » 8a6 etc . . . Ln v;ro c. 
bd 59. item itP ler vg | nturofitv (E*GHUr al mu -aoyi«r) absq avtov 
c. mb 83. 102. e Or^^et 4 ' 886003 ... g Ln Ti add avtov c. ACDLr^n 
unc 9 al pl,er itPl* 1 " vg etc Or 4 * 886 ® 4 al | novqaoptr c. abcde*kl81Tvta 
n etc : ke*fghm al pm -<ju>n*v 

15. t(pfjfjua&ij c. ma 33. 60. Or 1 » 249 et 4 » 486 ... g Ln Ti dutpti/*. c. abcdl 
unc u al pier Chr | f**XQ* c - m°abcl unc u al omn^d Or 1 * 849 : m*d Or 
4 » 48B «»ff I arjfMQOv sine additam c. MArAn unc 9 al pier e OrM^et 4 ** 45 
. . . Ln add i\ptQa<s c. bdl 7«v itpler V g (eed ita Latt etiam ubi nemo 


RATA MA66AI0N 28, 20. 119 

iwoG£xvvr{<jav y ol da idiaroaav. 18 x«J 7tQO<jeX\t<nv 6 'Iqaovo ika- 
Irpev cunoiG Uytov* i&o&t} fioi naaa i^ovaia ir ovgavcp xal em 
rip. 19 noQSV&evr&j fm&rjrevaate navxa za £&vq f Banti^ovtEa [mc 10, is] 
erirzova eia rb ovo\ia tov natoba xal tov viov xai tov aylov 
nrevfA&TCKJj 20 diddaxovrea avtova tqoeiv navta oaa ivereiXapyv 
vusw. xou idov £y<b pi-fr* ipmv etfu naaaa taa ij/jUQaa Zcoo rija 
ijvrreleiaa tov aioovoa. 

17. 7Zf>oa*nvrrioav c hbd 33. 102. itP'e"" etc . . . g Ti add avrw c. AAn unc 9 
al pier (r al mu outw) q syr utP cop al 

18. t7Ti yija c. HArAn unc 9 al pier Or*>ia al ma . . . Ln tm tijo* yrja c. bd 
90** EusP^et* 16 al 

19. TtoQtv&erxKT c. HAr unc* al" syr*""* al Or 1 ** 12 HippnoetM Eusdeme 
et 9 et«* e P al plu ... g (= Gb Sz) add ovp, Ln [oiw] c. bah al vix mu 
it 7 vg Syr*"'" al , item d it 4 add wr | /frxTrrttorrur c. HArAn unc 9 al 
omn^d HippAoetss Const*' M et 7 >** Ens"**"* al plu . . . bd panxiaavrid 
(d baptizaniei) 

20. f**& t'/». tip* c. ABrAn unc 9 al omn*id it vg Or ootie > al plu . . . hd Or 
a,m e t»M fl/4> fltm Vflm J atwoa sine additam'bd 1. 22. 83. 102. al 
it 8 vg cop arm fr Chr«d e tgu« • . • C (~ Gb) add apy* c A 9 rAn unc 9 al 
pier a "b c f am for emm gat san sax syr atr cop d * aeth 

Sabs crip ti ones: mfmaI a am ,nil eubscriptum habeot (cl etc biant) 
. .. B xctta fiaB'&atov (et. e om evangelittm) . . . aekkuvad: al pi tvay- 
ytltov xara ftat&aiov . . . d (LattP ,er ) tvayytfoo* Kara fia&&ai.ov 
itiIht&ij aox**ou evayythov uata wKtwr\v. Praeterea a 8U PP 1 HK8 al 
pi add verauum ((mjwr) numerum: hk al mu pip', o"PPls 126. al pi 
fix' etc, pauciorea etiam ^qpara, uttpakata (tf) f mXova (£*]'). Sen- 
tim vero variia additamentie snbscriptiones auctae sunt. Ita k habet: 
to xa. piatO-. tvayy. ittdo&n vn at/roc tv hqogoIvuouj ptta xqo- 
row if TTJ0 rov x^' apak^twr. Alibi additur et. rij ip$at$i 6iaXi*t» 
et alia. 

i by Googh 



m«i s, i 1 J * * ^QV\ r °v evayyeXiov 'Iqcov Xqujtov, 2 xa&obo ysyqa- 

'lc"; a? n™ 1 ** rip'HGata rq> 7tQoq}^jrj m idov eya anwn&lm top ayyeXor 

* *ar. (J.OQX. c. hbf . . . Gb Sz Ln Ti tvayytho* xara i*oqx. c. adehkl 
Mur^n al pi . . . g to xatu fiagx. (g add aytov c. min nm, sed g e on 
cum min pm) tvayytXiov c. min sat ma 

1. W %v sine additam c. h*28. 255. Ir 191 (Ir 4 ** om ipsum W %€, similiter 
Epiph" 7 ) Or'^etM 5 *** e tM*« j te m Or^M 8 * Baseuno*K> Tit 
xnanlch8 ( ap Gall 889 ) Serap™»»ich «6 Qy r hr <* Victorin M>o« (ap 
Gall 66 ) Hierbi* (in Malach 3,1 et de opt. gen. interpr. ad Pam- 
mach. ep. 101) : : pro tam luculento patrum testimonio - OrQ uin Q uieR 
- dubitari nequit quin codicis h scrip tura summae antiquitatis tex- 
tum referat, etsi iam Irenaei aetate nobili additamento auctum lege- 
rint. In ep turn certe totiqne textus sacri historiae repugnans foret, 
tale quid potius modica fide sub latum quam pietate male sedula in- 

latum dicere Ln Ti add viov &tov c. h*bdl 102. cat * catP 088 ; 

item g viov rov 0-tov c. ataii unc 9 al pier Cyr inH * n88 °. Item JUii dei it 
vg cop ayr^tr ftrm a eth Ir*** 187 et*» Amb Aug«>n« 89 al | g Wtst Mat- 
thaeius Ti &tov. * w<7 [na&tao] - an rov. 4 tytvtro, item Gb sed - av- 
rov *tytrtro, Sz &10V - avtov *tytveto, Ln &tov ( £ w<7 - avrot/) 
4 tyivtxo 

2. xa&wa c. kbklaii* al ma Or'» ,5 et 19S et 12e etc . . g Ln «<r c. ADPr 
n* anc 8 al pier Ir« r191 Or 1 * 889 etc | tv tw (tw c. hbla etc; d etc om: 
ita Gb Sz) i?<ra. t. TiQoy. c. hbdla S3. al 4ft it vg cop syr»ch € t hr et P 
mg arm c *d g0 al Ir 191 et** et*nt Or^o^er Porphyr (ap Hier ad Mt 3, 
3: nos autem notnen Isaiae putatnus addition scriptorum vitio, quod 6t 
in aliis loots probare possumus , out certe de diversis testimoniis scriptu- 
rarum unum corpus efectum. Cf et. in Malach 3, 1) al permu Victorin 

apocw et0 % (Gb') *r to*<t nqo^xavs c. APrn anc 9 al pier syr 

ptxt a rm«°* aeth al Photm»nieh *, e Thphyl (ad h. 1.) I r inti« 6 t** 


KATA MAPKON 1, 7. 121 

fwv nqb ngoacinov ffw, og xaraaxevdaei tip odov gov ' 3 ,#1 gjowg J2 J; * 
(kxprroa iv tjj SQrjfMp ' houidoare tip odbv xvgtov , exr&siaa not- Io If M 
or* rat; rgiSovG avtov. 4 8 * fl iyiveto 'ImdwTjG 6 fiamiCcov iv Mts, n« 
tj i(nj[Mp xcu xrjQvaGow $dntiG\WL futavoiaa eia dqpeotv auaQtunv. ioi,'sm 
5 xai jfeenoQeveTO tiqog avtov Ttdaa rj 'lovdaia %moa *<*' °* '/epo- 
GoivuBttai ndvrea, xcu iBanti^ovto vri avtov iv to} 'looddvy 
jwtafjup i^0(MoXoyovfi8poi rao d\kaqtiaG avian. 6 xcu rp 6 'Imdvv^G 
blkbvutvoG toixaG xaurjkov xcu £(ovrp deQfiarivip neol tip ocqwv 
avtov, xcu eo&ow axoidaG xcu uda dyQiov. 7 4<1 xul ixygvaaev 
Xiflov * tQjjBtcu 6 iaxvQotBQoa uov ottigco fiov , ov ovx stul ixavoG 

(Pessime Sb: „cum acriptoribue ecclesiasticis plurimia"; quod 8ta- 
tim add it: „v. g. Chrys. u id i pa urn error est) ... cod barD ap Caryoph 
iv tw nqo<pixz% tol* plane om j *y« c. HALPrAn unc 9 al pier omn vg« d 
ayrP arm aeth go Or 1 * 889 et*» *■ l98 ' ,M Euadem* 80 al . . . Ln Ti om c. 
bd 28. it am (al mo) Severian^S 688 Ir int 187 | t. otiov aov sine addi- 
tam c. KBDKLpn* al 8 it 6 am (al pm) cop ,chw syr« cn et& r a eth persP 
O r «,is et i26 al lrint 187 al . . . g (= Gb Sa) add tpnooa&tv aov c. Ar 
An* unc 8 al pier it 8 vg«d cop* 1 sy rP arm go Severian 8 ^ 668 al 

3. iv *ri toijfiw trotfiaaovre etc: hunc in modum (agnoacit Or*» 1M al) 
ipaoa lxx diatingni voluiase cum i is que evglatas, dudum observatum 
eat. Aliter fid apud prophetam, apud quern tr rrj tQrjfio) et tr a ft ana 
ante iv&ttaa no kit t aibi invicem respondent. | atnov c. HABLPr&n 
unc 9 al pier it 4 vg etc .. . d 34 m & tov &*ov v/mop, item dei nottri it 8 
mt go etc 

4. o pam&w c. kbit** al 8 cop ... ; LnTi omoe. ADPrn unc 9 al pier 
(it vg baptizans), aed d 28. itP ler vg etc post i. r. iQtjf*. pon | xcu nrj- 
ovaawv : B al 8 om xcu 

5. tltnootviTO c. HABDPT d &n unc 4 it 4 vg al Or 4 * 129 Eus dem4ai ... Qb" 
-Qtvorxo c. EFHLBvr al plus 60 it* harl* taur go cop wl et d * | ttooao- 
Ivfitvtcu c. hab*da al, r al -//^ra* ... ? Ln Ti -/tfta» c. B 8 LPn unc 9 
al pier | wayr«c b. 1. c. KBDLT d A al 3 it 4 vg cop arm al Or 4 » uo Eus 
dem«i . _ ff p 0B t t panx£. c. APrn unc 9 al pier ayrP go . . . 69. al* f 
alcdd i om | vn avrov ante »» t« *o^o*. wot. c. HBLT d al 8 itP ler vg 
arm Or 4 * **° En8 deBa . . . c Ln post »oo6*. ?rox. (: : ut Mt) c. ADPr*n unc 9 
al pier a ayrP go | notapw: d it* mt Eua de, u om 

6. %cu rp c. MBLT d 83. d it* vg cop wl et«od ... g ijr 6i c. ADPran unc 9 
al pier it 4 mt cop« c & et d » syr u * r arm aeth go | o *«. c. kblpt unc T 

al 85 ... c Ln om 6 c adhbau al sat mu | ea&w c. kbl*a 83 s*Ln 

to&ito* e. ADL 8 prn unc 9 al pier 


1S2 1, 8. KATA MAPKON 

Aot i«, 26 y^ a(5 Xvacu rbv ifidvta too* vnodTjpaTw avrov. 8 eya> ifiajmaoc 
Mt s, 18-17 vptiff vdati, air oa de fianriasi vuaa iv trvevfiatt ay top. 9 5>1 Kai 

io e i^wM iyiveto bp ixeivcua tola tjuegata rjk&ev 'Iqcova anb NaCoQer rrjiy 
raXikaiaa xal e^antls&q eia rw 'Iooddvip vnb 'Iwavvov. 10 xal 
ev&va avaflaivow ex tov vdatoa elder G%iZofjvevovo rows oigavovor 
xal to nvevua ma TZSQiateQav xatafialvov eh avrov. 11 xcu yowij 

a Pel, n ix raiv ovoavaiv' cv el 6 vtoa fiov 6 ayantjtOGi iv aol evdoxtjaa. 

Mt"i«. 12 e ' 2 Kal eo&va to nvevpa avrov ixftdXLei eia rrp {QtjfAOv. 

i* 4, i « j g xff j ^ v > v r ~ iQJmy reaaeoaxovra {judoac neiQaCouevoa vnb 
rov oarava, 7 * 8 xal tjv uera tmv {hjoiaw, xal oi ayyeXoi diqxovow 

14. «»»#• 

M lc4 12 u" 14 8 * 4 Met a 8e to naoado&ijvai rbv 'I&avvrp yl&ev 6 'Irjcovtr 

8. eyta sine ptv c. hblt<* al 4 it 5 vg cop etc (et.' Or 4 * 182 ) . . . g add /**r, 
Ln [u.] c. ADPrAn unc 9 al pier a f ff a * mt syrP aeth go : : ut Mc et 
Lc | vSau c. HBHA-al 8 vg Or 4 » 188 Aug con8 ... g Ln tv vdati c. adlp 
T d rn unc 8 al pier it vg cdd cop | tv nvtvp. c. HADHPT d rAn unc 8 al 
pier itpl««" gat mm mt cop Or 4 * 132 . . . Ln [tv] nv., Ti om tv c. bl b v$r. 

9. xcu tytv.i b om xa*, hinc Ln [xa»], a om x. tytv. | t£ c. hablpii unc 7 
etc : dm r* al 40 o Is j va£aQtx (ita etiam g Gb Sz) c. HBLrA al pi a b 
d f , ap -oar ... c e Ti pa^ctotd* c. D&rEFHKMUvn al pi c vg cop go | «*-cr 
tov tood. vn. aw., c. hbdl al 16 it 6 am (al) cop syr sch Or 4 » 18 ° ... g vno 
to), fur r. ioqS. c. APr^n unc 8 al pier c f vg od syrP arm aeth go 

10. tv&va c. kbla 33. ... g Ln tv&t<aa c. Aprn unc 8 al pier ... Dab 
om | tx (Gb") c. mbdl al 15 go arm (item it vg de aqua) . . . g ano c. 
apt An unc 8 al pier | o)e c. HABDLrAH unc 7 al pi ...*(= Gb Sz) watt 
c. mp al mu^ld (:: cf 11. pp.) | xatapawov: k (a spatium habet) 33. 
262. al 10 it 6 vg al add xa> fitvov | « ht avrov c. bd al 5 a, item g 1 ' . . . 
g in axnov (: : ut Mt Lc Io) c. HALPrAn unc 8 al pier ; f ff *' . . . it 8 vg 
et manentem in ipso (eo) 

11. qxovrj c. h*d ff 8 ' mt . . . g Ln Ti add tyireto c. h^ablp unc 11 al fere 
omn itPl vg cop eyr^tr »! . item a venit (a f venit , al 8 g 1, irxouo^) | 
tv <ro* (Gb') c. nbdBtlpa al 80 !* 8 vgcop 8 ^^ syr 8 «tt e tP *»* arm 8oh aeth 
go ... g tv m c. Arn unc 8 al pi b d g 1 * | D a BPHvrA al pm tjvdoxijffa 

12. tv&va c. »BE 8 LrAn a unc 8 al pi . . . Ln tv&t&a c. ADE*KM»«fn 8 al 80 

13. ip t. «£. sine exf* c. mabdl al 5 it vg cop aeth go Or 4 » 181 Eus d8m488 
. . . g (= Gb) cxca tv *. «oi/^. c. tad 8 unc* al pier syr*tr a rm . . . xn* 
etc txn omissis tv t. f^. | rtfffftQa*. (-*- c. Ab*lah s ; g Ln -a- c. b 8 
rn* unc 8 etc, hd p.) fjfuq. c. hbl al 8 it 8 vg cop aeth Or*» 181 Eua d8m 
488 . . . g Ln fjf*tQ. rtca. (: : ut Mt et Lo) c. ADrAn unc 8 al pier. Prae- 
terea lm etc add xa* ttoa. vvxtao (w*x. rtatr.) 


KATA MAPKON 1, 21. 128 

h5 rr t r I^aJuXcuav, 9,a xqoiaatov tb evayytXtov rov &eov t 15 on 
lEititQayrou 6 xcuqog xal tjypxep jj ftaaiXeia rov &eov* peravoeire 
%bjl mcrrevtTS iv rip evayyeXup. 

16 Kal noQaywv nagd ryv VaXaaaav riqa rakXaiaa elder 
IiucoTCi xai *Avbqiav tot ddelxpbv JZipowoa dpytfldlXovraG iv rjj 
fraxcujcfl' iqoav yog dXeeuj. 17 10 * xai elnev avroia 6 'Irjaova* 
tevz* oTTtaco f*ov, xal noir\ata ipda yevia&ai dXeela fWpooffaw. 
18 xal eir&va uxpivrea ra dixrva ijXoXov&tjaav avrcp. 19 ne xal 
zooScur oXiyov eltiev 'Idxtopov rov rov Zepedcuov xal 'Imavvip rov 
afekpov avrov, xal avrova iv r<p nXoi<p xaraori^ovraa rd dixrva. 
20 xai eir&va ixdXeaev avroia' xai dywrea rov narioa avrmv 
Zepedcuor iv rep nXoitp fierd row pt/j&ajrcov dnijX&ov oniaca avrov. 

21 **"* Kal eianooevovrai eh Kaxpaovaoifi' xal ei&va rota 

14. ptra «te c. HALrin unc 9 al omn^ d it 8 vg syr«tr etc . . . Ln Ti xeu 
^ra c. bd* 1 " a (c) | to* c. hbdgAelmaii al pi Or 4 » iel ... AG*r une 8 
al 50 om | o « c. hbdgla al sat mu Or 4 * 161 ... Ti w c. Av 8 rn unc 6 al 40 
Eua MBt . . . v* al pane om | ton &eov (Gb") c. mbl al 10 it 8 mt cop al 
Or 4 * 161 et 17 ° . . . g praem xij(T paaducur, Ln [t. pa.] c. ADrAn unc 9 al 
pier it 5 vg go al 

15. or» c. »* c mt Or 4 ' W1 ... Gb" Ti praem Xtyuv c. k»adt unc 7 al*° it 8 
go, item g Ln xai Xtyatv c. bklmah al pi it 4 vg al 

16. ecu na^aytav (Qb") c. hbdl al 8 it vg etc ... g mqmarwv o*« (: : ut 
Xt) c. ai*aii unc* al pier syr» ch etP txt | otpwvoa c hblm 102. al a 
cop arm; item ae 8 a etc rov tn^tavoa (ita 6b" Ln); item n unc 7 al 126 
etc avxov cov ahpwtxr (ita 8z) ... g octroi' c. Dor al vix mu itP ,er 
▼g syr 8 ^ aeth | au(p^aXXorra(T c. habdlad* unc 8 al 40 ...?(= Qb Sz, 
sed Qb") fialXorrae c. £ 8 Mrn 8 al pi arm | «r xrj &al. c. hbl 83. aeth 
▼id . . . g L n praem anqnfiir](jTQOv c. ArAn unc 8 etc, al 10 -crrpa, d etc 
ca farrva | a>U*4tf c. abV 50 "*, item v. 17. c. mab*cla (in Lc h*ac 
lq; in Mt h*b*c) ... Ln Ti aUtut c. HB 8 Drn unc 9 al omn ?w , item v. 
17. c. B 8 Drn unc 9 al omn^d 

18. tv&vtr c ml 33. ... $r Ln Ti iv&twa c. abcd unc 18 al pier | ra dixr. 
(Gb") c. mbcl al xo it 8 vg cop arm ... g Ti r. dt. avrtuv c at ah unc 9 
al pier it 8 al . . . d it 4 navra 

19. 7ZQO0a<r sine ixti&. (Gb") c. bdl al 7 it 4 cop syr" c ^ arr persP ... q 
add txn&t* f Ln [fx.] c «*(sed om ox*yov)AcrAn unc 9 al pier it 4 vg 
•te, item »° 83. post olty. \ xa dtxrva: c 9 KMrn* al 80 syr 8Cb e tP c* al 

20. (v&vg c. hbl al 4 ... f Ln .tv&twa c. ACDrAn unc 9 al pier 

21. wufoqv. c. hbda 38. 69. it vg cop go Or 4 ' 160 et no ... g nantQ*. c. 

16— to 
Mt4, 18— « 


Lc 4, 31 B 
Mt T, 98 ■ 


124 1, 22. KATA MAPKON 


adBpaaiv ididaaxev ek rr\v GvvayoQytjv. 22 ls ' 8 xai tfemXtiCGovro 
entry didaxj avrov' rjv yog diddaxcw avrwa dbo i^ovaiav ijoav y 
xal ov% oj<7 o/ yQctfifAaTeiC. 

23 14 ' 8 XaJ fivtfw tjv iv rrj avvayatyrj avrmv av&Qmnoff iv 
nvsvpart dxa&dorcp, xal dvixQa^ev 24 Xdyow' ri rjfuv xal aol y 
'ItiGOvNataQtjve; yk&ea dnokiaai fade' oidapdv ae rto el, 6 dyuxj 
iov &eov. 25 xal ineriftqaev avrcp 6 'ItjGOvo'' q\ifu&&t]ti xal 
8~eX&e «£ avrov. 26 xal Gnaod£av avrov ro nvevpa rb dxd&ag- 
rov xal qxorqaav q>cw\j [JBydXq i^X&sv «£ avrov. 27 xal id-ap- 
(tq&tjaav dfiavrea, mare owfyftBiv avrova Xe'yovraa' ri ioriv 
rovro; dtda%^ xaivii xar i^ovclav' xal rota nvevpaai rote axa- 

ACLrci anc 9 al pier syrr al | tv&vn c. ml 1. 26. 33. 131. ... g Ln Ti 
tvO-fwa c. ABCDr^n unc 9 al pier | (didaaxtv post aaftfi. c. ml al 8 Or*» iei 
ct 170 ; post tv&. c etc . . . q Ln post a way my. c. ABDrin unc 9 al pier 
it vg rell pier | «*o trjv (g* om c. nin pauc) avvaywy. sine uatk&wr 
c. hcla al 10 cop wi etdx syr» ch OrWa . . . q (Gb 00 ) Ln praem etad&wv 
c. ABDrn unc 9 al pier itPl er vg etc 

22. Oi yqapfi. c. HABDLrn unc 8 etc: Ln add [avtwv] c. cm a al lfi it 8 
gyrutr aeth 

23. tv&va c. hbl al 4 cop 0r*> 170 ... q Ln om c. ACDran unc 9 al pier it 
vg etc 

24. l(y<ov sine ta c. h*bd al 8 it vg cop Byr 8ch al ... q (Gb°) Ti add ca 
(::utLc) c.M ACLrAn unc 9 al pier syrP arm go Or 4 * 170 \qq^Lntjfi€ur; \ 
oidautr c. hla cop arm aeth Or*» 170 * Wet 10 "'" 8 Cyr ador188 al Irint 
884 al ... q Ln otia (:: ut Lc) c. ABCDrn unc 9 al omn v »<l it vg syr utr al 

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Xtywv (:: ut Lc. nee fluct) c. h*a 8 bcdl unc rell al omn Tid it vg syr^tr 
cop al Or*> 17 ° Dam cod 

26. qxorrjaav c. hbl 33. Or 4 . 170 DamP" 6 " «<><* . . . q Ln xpa£ar (:: ut 9, 
26) c. Ac(o)rAn unc 9 al pier | t£ c. MABLrn unc 8 al pier arm go Or 
. . . Gb" Ln an c. c(d)m a al 10 DamP*r 

27. anavrio c. kbl(u?) 167. 433. al Or ... q Ln nurtta c. ACDrAn 
unc 9 al pier | vwfofc c. habcdgla ... q avtijr. c. rn unc 8 etc | av- 
rova c. mb b e ff 8 * q ... Ln Ti 7tqog tavxovc c. ACDrAn unc 7 al 90 , q 
Try. avTova c. gls al mu***, item it 8 vg cop syr utr al | Xtyortac c 
mbdl etc: ace*ka 8 al 20 ItyortHX | foiaxrj xcuvtj (bceff 2 ' om) xar 
ttovaiav (hot tlovc. ita coniunxi c. l al, item bee ff** q; Ln xcurrj* 
x. tiovoHxv) xat c. mbl 33. 102. , item addito avtr\ post xai9ij 1. al 6 
... q xht fj Max*] *l xcurif avrtf (a t*it 17 xaivfj avrrj <Jm>.) ; oct xot 
«£ov<r«av xow c. (A)cran unc 9 al pier it 4 vg al (d etc variant) ... Gb' 


KATAMAPKON 1,36. 125 

ddgrota emrdunm, xal imaxovovcw avtm. 28 xal i^rjX&sv i\ 
ixoij avrov eir&va namajpv eh ohp rip neoij&QOv ttja TahXaiaa. 

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yvatw avrcp neol avrija. 31 xal tzqogsI&cjv fjyeiQev avrrp xoa- 
tipaa «J<x X^O™' xa * agtyxer airy* 6 nvoeroa, xal diyxovei 
svrous. 32 ' Oipiaa de y&o[*tvtiG y ore idv 6 tjkocr , fyegor nooa 
svfojr narrac rove xaxma eypvraG xal rove daifwvt^o/Aevove' 
33 iuu rp ohj ii nohff imowtfliAtvri aoba rip Ovoav. 34 xal 
i&egdnevcsp noXXovc xaxme ifpnae noixCkaie toooia, xal dot- 
porta, noXka *J$aJU*, X6 ' B xal oix fats? XaXeXv ra daifwvia, on 
Zdeura* avror. 

35 17 * 8 Km noaft inrvia liar avaaraa egijl&ev xal dnijl&ev 


Lc4, 8ft— 41 
Mc6, U-16 

Lc4, 49-44 

„fortasae u rur 17 M. r\ *ai>vr\ ; xat ttovaiav xou | Ln xa* vnattovov- 
9*9 airtta; 

28. xa* ttpjX&. c. kbcdlka etc ... g t£rjl&. dt c. Arn unc 8 al pier f 
gyrP arm go | narraxov (m c l ~xv) c. m^bcl 124. b e q oop . . . Ln 
om c. »*ADrAn unc 9 al pier it a vg 8yr utr arm go 

59. 9v&va cum hbla al 8 . . . g tv&toxj c. Acrn unc 9 al pier ... d it 4 
ajr Mh aeth om | t£tX&ovtta yX&or (1 ijA#av, fa etc (kttjX&ov) c. 
itACCTAn unc 9 al pier vg cop syr tcb etP *** go . . . b al M f g 1 ' gat mm 
gyrP eod mg arm aeth *t(X&wr r\X&iv: ita Gb' Ln ; item d it* (al si- 
militer) tttX&w 6t (b q add «i/£.) tx T^<r owaywrqc *\X&tv 

30. *v&v<r c. hbdl al 6 .. . ? tv&noa c. actau unc 9 al pier ... it 5 al om 

31. t. %ft(>Q<T absque avrija c. hbl item d b q ...?«. £. aimja c. AcrAn 
unc 9 al omn^rt itplw vg cop syr Qtr al | o 7ivo<TO0' c. hbcl al 7 e cop 
arm ... g Ln Ti add tv&twcr (: : videbatur aptiasimum) c. ArAn unc 9 
al pier eyrP aeth go, item b q praem ; item d etc ante otqujntv add 

32. tiv c. MACi<rAn unc 8 al fere omn .. . Ln tdvatv c. bd 28. 

33. xcu ip - imawtiyi*. c. hbcdl al 8 b e 1 q vg cop» chw " Aug ... g xa* 
- ifMfvrnffi. ijv (al* 17* awrjYfttv^) c. aah unc 7 al pier it 6 c*op wl ayr utr 
arm aetb go . .-. ur om i\v \ oXrj 17 noX. c. hbcdl al 6 it vg . . . g ij 
ffoA. 0A17 c. ArAn unc 8 al pier cop syr utr go al 

a4. fidueav aw or c. KA(D)EPK8UVTAe f n al pi it 8 vg syr ich go . . . kcbc 
glm al w it 9 mt sax cop aeth arm syrP c* rjSiKr. avrov (c it 8 post fp 
pon) %P (hccgm etc Toy jjjr) uvcu : : e Lc 

36. ivrvza (Gb') c. hbcdlo' al 90 ... g -%09 c. ArAn unc 8 al pier Or 1 * 916 ! 
xa* 07*17X0-**' c. HACDLrAe f n unc 8 etc . . . b al 6 it 9 cop w * et d * om 


1*6 1, 36. KATA MAPKON 


eur tQr^ov xonovj xaxsl ngofjijixeto. 36 xa* xarsdito^ev avrbv 
JSifioov xal oi fist avtov, 37 xal evgov avtov, xal hyovaiv avrco 
ozi ndriBO tyjzovoiv gb. 38 xal Ijiyei avtola ' ciycofxev aXka%ov 
eia taa iyppwaG xaponoXeta, iva xdxBi xijqv^ca* big tovto yuQ 
Qijk&ov. 39 xal Tjl&sv xtjqvggow big rao cvvaytayaa avtwv eia 
___ ohp tr\v rahXalav xal td datfwna exfidXAow. 
L M 5 te 12 r-4 40 18 * 2 Kal egxstai ttqog avtov lengoo, nagaxahav air by 
xal yownet&v Xiywv avtco on iav Othfra dvvaaai (as xa&OQi- 
aai. 41 xal anXayxviaOeia ixzeivao tifv X e 'Q a &v*ov tj\pavo xal 
Xsyei' #«la), xa&agia&rjti. 42 xal bv&vg dnijk&sv an avtov rj 

35. xaxfir c. HBCLrA6 f n uac 8 etc . . . Ln xa* cxt* c. ad al pauc 

36. xarttittdUv c. »bmu al 13 it 8 vg cop ... g Ln Ti xar ($*<*)£ av c. acdl 
rAe f n unc 6 al pier it 8 8yr utr al | aipwv c. kbl al 8 .. . g Ln Ti o atp. 
c. AcrAe f unc 8 al pier . . . Kn al 20 o re <r*/i. 

37. xa* (v(jov (invenerunt) aiT. xa* Xtyova. (dicunt) c. kbl e cop cod aeth 
... ;Ln xa* tvQovrta otvxov Xty. c. AcrAe f n unc 9 al pier (d xa* ore 
tvQov ai>r. Xty., similiter itPle* al) ... b c nil nisi diccnlts \ ^ijtova. 
at c. kbcdla 1. 33. al it 8 vg arm . . . Gb" Ln at Jj/t. c. Are f n unc 8 
al pier a f go 

38. aXXaxov c. kbc*l 33. cop arm aetb arr ... g Ln om c. AC s orae f n ' 
unc 8 al pier it vg syr a *r go | xaxe* c. HDLe f al mu vid . .. Gb Sz xa* 
ext * c. ABcrAH unc 7 al 100 | ttyX&ov (Gb' Schu „recte apud Mc") c. 
kbcl 33. ... g Ln t^eXtjXv&-a c. ADrn unc 8 al pi ... A» f al 00 iXijXv&ct 
(Gb'), item veni it vg al mu 

39. fiX&tv c. kbl cop aeth ... g Ln Ti r\v (: : ut Lc) c. ACDrAtj'n unc 8 
al omn vid it vg rell | tta taa awaywyaa c. KA£CDKLA6 f n al M ... g ev 
rata awaywyata c. r unc 7 al plu 

40. xa* yovvntx. c. kl al 12 arm (item e f ff l ' g 2 * q vg) ... g Ti x. yo*. 
ai/roy (al 10 avtia) c. ACAe f n unc 7 al pier cop al ... Ln om plane c. 
BDQr al 8 it 8 | Xtywv c. k*b 69* e cop wi et dz ... g Ln Ti xa* Xty. c. k c ac 
DLnef n unc 8 etc | ox* c. HArAe f n unc 8 etc ; b nvgu or* ... cl etc 
xvQie pro or*, d etc plane om | dvvaaa* c. kacdlfah unc 8 etc: b 

41. xa* c. mbd 102. a b e £f 2 * cop w, et dz ... g Ti o St is c. AcrAe f n unc 8 
al pier it 8 vg etc, item L q aeth onX, 6t ole \ avxov ijtfiaro c. kbl 
al, item avtov fj^at, avtov d 7P e , item itpl er vg . . . g fjyato avrov (: : 
ut Mc et Lc lectione non fluctuante) c. AcrAe'nunc 8 al pier | xa* 
Xiyt* sine axma cum » 1. 209. c ff 2 ' (b) syr 8Ch ... g Ln Ti add airrw 
c. ABCDLr*e f H unc rell al pier itP 1 vg ayrP cop al 

42. xa* c. hbdl al 4 it 6 cop syr» c b . . . g (Gb°) add tinortoe avxov c. ac 
rie f n unc 8 al pier it 4 vg syrP arm aeth go | tv&va (b c om) c. mbl 


KATA MAPKOiN 2, 3. 127 

iiZQtt, xcu exa&eQic&q. 43 xal B^tfiT/cdfieroc ivrqjJ ev&va i%&- 
fiev avtbv y 44 xal Xtyet avnp' oqol fajdevl fujdiv etn^a, alia 
naye aeavrb* dsi^or x<p ieQetxal nooaiveyxe neo\ tov xw&aQiapov i** u, * 
rot a aQooezaJzev MtavayG eh paotvotov ainolo. 45 19,1 ° 6 di 
Id&dyp fjo^aro xt]QVGG8ip noXka xal duupT]fu£eiv top layov, (Sore 
w;»w ainbv dvrac&ai eh nohv yaveoaxj eheX&eif, d)X Sfw in 
io^fwta ttmouj rp y xai riQjppto agio aitbp narto&ev. 


1 * 0,1 Kal eicel&dov naUv eh KacpaQvaovp di ijpeQolv, ^xov- lo^m-m 
<#$ ou £y oixcp iativ. 2 xal avvrix&ri<5av noXloi, mate (jujxiti 
Itooeiv fujde ra izqog trjv Qvqav, xal ikaXei airtour tov Xoyov. 
3 xal lojprtai ytooweo noba aitbv naqaXvtixvv aioopevov vnb 

33. 164. . .. <; Ln iv&ttaa c. ACDr&e f n unc 7 etc | txa&tQta&tf c. ab*c 
GL4© f n* 1. al .. . g Ln txok&OQia&ri c. KB 8 Drn* unc 6 al pier 

43. u'lhur c. hbdl al* . .. g tv&ttaa c. AcrAe f n unc 7 al pier 

U. xr t 6tv c. Bcre f n unc 7 al pier syrP arm go ... Ln om c. wad la al 20 
it vg etc | aXXa c. une pier etc ... g aXX c. mt 1. etc | fiwvoijO c. hb 
DK8VAe f n etc ... g /iwaije c. ACLr unc 4 etc 

*5. nc n 0% tpavto. HOtlfr. c. mcl al 8 cop ... g Ln Ti par. «kt ko. mo*- 
<A*. c. ABr^e^n unc 7 al pier it am fa etc; D etc 9a. t*jtX&. t. no. \ 
«U c. MBLre'n unc 6 etc ... Ln Ti aAAa c. acdma al mu | in c. hbla 
al pane . . . g Ln «* c. ACDre f n unc 7 al pier | b 102. om 17*, b e om 
1» koi, hinc Ln [tjr] | navto&tv (et Gb" Sz) c. «ABCDKLMBAe f n 
al* ... g nayta/o^tv (Schu: „nu8quam in N. T.") c. Bauvr al pi 

H> 1. ttaiX&arr nodtv c. mbd8Tl al 6 a (c) cop arm aeth . . . Gb" Sz Ln 
'mjijIOw naltv c. ACBKMUVA9 f n al 100 e syrP gB, item For al ia eyr 8ch 
**oilX&. o Ti naXw ...g naX. tnrijXO-0c. minuec aliq d it 7 vg xcupaqvaovfi 
c kbda al itPl« r vg go ... g xamqvaov/i c. ACLre f n unc 7 al pier q 
8 yr utr al I rjxovo&rj c. »bl al 4 a c cop arm aeth . . . g xat ijxove&ii, 
Ln [nan] qx. c. ACBTAe f n unc 7 al pier itpl vg syra* 1, go | ir otxot c. m 
bdl al a cop, item itpl«* vg ... g Ti tur otxov c. AcrAe f n unc 7 al pier g 1 * 
2. xai p r c mbl S3. 102. b g* 1 vg cop syr» c b arm aeth ... g Ti add 

«^i»<r t Ln [*v&.] c. ACDrae f n unc 7 al pier it 7 syrP go 
**9<90Tt. nq. am. Tza^aXvx. c. kbl 33. 346. g 1 ' 1 am fu ing mt tol (cop) 
■•• Ln bq. avr. vtQoma naqaXvx. c. c*Da al 16 it 6 vg«d gyr utr arm 
••• i no. cevx. naowi. tpi^ort. c. AC*rAe f n unc 6 al pier aeth go 


128 2, 4. RATA MAPKON 

tsaaaQw. 4 xal [iij dwdfievoi nooasviyxai avrcp dia rbv 6%Xov y 
aneariyaaav rip ariytp onov tjv, xal i^ogv^artsa xaJlakrt <zov 
xgaflarrov onov 6 naoaXvrixoa 5 xal idcov 6 'Ttjaovij 
Tqp niaxiv avion Xiysi rq) noQahmxo?' rixvov, aqpievrai gov al 
apaQTicu. 6 Tjaav di rwso roov ypappareW ixsi xa&tjfisvoi xal 
diaXoyi£6[4£voi iv rata xaodiauj avroSv ' 7 ri ovroa ovzght XaXei; 
filaoqirjuei' tia dvvarai aytevai afiaoriaa si py eta 6 Osoa; 8 xal 
sv&va imyvova o 'Iqaova rqp msifiart avrov on ovrwa diakoyi- 
torrcu iv iavroia, Xiysi avrola' ri ravra dialoyi£ea&e iv rata 
Tutodicua vfiav; 9 ri iarw eixoncarsoov t sinsiv rat naQahmxm ' 
acpisvrai aov aia^aqriai, fj sinew* sysios xal agov rbv xoafiarrov 

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etc ... f LnTi VQOutyyiacu c. ACDrAe f n unc 7 al pier itpl gyrach 
arm go | xDapaxrov c. AB*CDrAe f n unc 6 (ft certe vv. 9. 11. 12.) al 
pm, K al mu xQaftaxov, a e am ing al grabcUtum, it mu vg grabatttm, 
h xoapaxrov ... g xoapparov c. b*v (hoc certe versa) al pi b q (hoc 
versu, non item infra) | onov(Qb') c. mbdl a g 1 " . . . g Ti ftp <u c. ACAe f n 
unc 8 al pier, item itP 1 vg etc, item r al *g> o, up ov, up ov 

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pier itP ler vg syrutr arm go | a<purrai. c. b 28. 33. (item m v. 9) , a 
aeuorrat, item remittuntur vel dimittuntur it 8 vg syr tttr go ... c Ti 
atptwnau c.HACDLre f n unc 8 al pier, item remtssa vel dim. itmi b f q | 
aov cu apaor. c. HBDff r GLA al 18 ; item c*e f etc aoi cu afiaoxia* . . - 
g ooi ay cui. aov, Ln 0*0* cu <*/*. [aov] c. AC 8 EHKM*suvrn al pier a c 
d f q vged, item m* al 19 aov cu a t uaor. aov 

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plaa<prijit* c. hbdl it 8 vg cop cod . . . g XaXt* pkaavtifuaa ; c. Acr&n 
unc 8 al omn v,< l e cop edd syr arm aeth go 

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or» ovrwa c. HACDLrie f n unc 9 a4 pier etc . . . Ln om ovxwa c. b102., 
item a g 1, | SutloykU' c. kbdgAi it vg etc ... Gb Sz Ti praem av 
to* c. AcrAe f n unc 8 al 180 ayrP go sl | Uyt* c. hbl S3, e f g** vg ... 
g Ln ft/rey c. ACDrAe f n unc 9 etc 

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LrAe f n unc 9 al pier b | o*ou at afiaor. c. HBLn unc 8 al 180 ... g Ln oo* 
a* afiaor. c. ACD8TAe f al vix mu | tytio$ c. HACDrn unc 8 al 86 . . . g 
(= Ob Sz) iytiQcu c. uw«Ae f al pi ... bl 28. *yt*Qov \ xa* aqot c. 
KABw^rAe* n unc 9 al pier a d g 1 ' am mt emm cop cod syrP aeth go . .. 
Gb Sz Ti om xou c. cd^'l al 18 f 1 vg syr« ch cop« dd arm ... al 1 b c e 
om xott olq. r. xo. aov I xQapaxxor c. AB*CDF 8 LW c rAn unc 8 etc, h 


KATA MAPKON 2, 15. 120 

*w xcu vnajs ; 10 ha di eidjj8 on i%ovolav *£« b vlbc rov 
irfjH&Tiov im rtja ytj<y acpievou afAoariao, It'vei rg> rtaQaXvTixq*' 
11 cot Xtyco, eyetgs aoov rbv xoaflarzov gov xcu vxaye big rbv olxov 
m. 12 xcu ttfeQ&tj, xcu eifrvo aaaa rbv xgclSarrov i^XOev ip- 
ma&ev n array v> toare e^urraG&ou nivrcus xcu dogd&iv rbv O-ebv 
tijvrzao Sri ovtcog ovdtnore eidapsv. is -it 

13 tvJ Kal i&jX&sp nahv big rip &aXaGGav' xcu ucxg b Le5,'w- 
^ihxy TjQisro ftQca avrov, xcu ididaGxev airovG. 14 xai naqayaav 
utev Abwv rbv rov 'Akpaiov xa&tjfisvov im rb rskoviov, xai 
^7« a£r<p" axoXov&ei uoi. xai avaaraa ixoXov&naev avra. 
w xcu y<ye?af xaraxeio&ai avrov %v rq otxia avrov, xcu 

»?a£arr or, P* al ma xQaftaxov . . . g uqafiaxxov c. B 8 etc | xov xo. 
sov e. kabcdklmh* etc ... 9 Ti gov t. x^a. c. w c rAn* unc 7 etc | 
vxayt c. klw« A go Tid , item d S3, it 8 arm vnayt ua xov owrov aov . . . g 
Im Ti nontax** c. ABcrn unc 9 al pier it 4 vg etc : : ut Ht et Lc 
10. *m x. y. afuy. apaox. c. HCDBLMW c Ae' al 60 itP lcr vg cop syr* ch 
inn go . . . 5" (= Gb Sz) Ti apuir. tm r. y. auaox. c. Arn nnc 7 al 
pm syrP . . . b al* o^m?. apagx. im x, y. 
U- «r«0« c. MABCDre f n unc 7 al 40 ...*(= Gb Sz) *y«fla* c. luw c a etc, 
* *7«o©» | o^o* c. K£CDff r Lr al 19 it 9 cop syr tch arm . . . g (= Gb Sz) 
»«u uooy, Ln [x.J a^. c aw c aq* n nnc* al pier d etc | *Qapuxx. c. (» -xto*) 
AB*CDLW«rAe f n nnc 8 etc, al mu noa^atov .,. g uoafifiaxov c. b 8 al pi 
12. Wfo&jy jca* tvO-vc (c -*wa) c. kbc*l 33. cop cod arm ... ff Ln lyyffl^iy 
(v^ia»a xcu c. Ac 8 wcrA© f n nnc 9 al pier 8yr utr aeth go, item (ii»^. 
V- *cu) d al* it 4 vg cop* d< i (it 5 om «w^.) | noafiaxxov: ut v. 11 | 
tfinqoaB-. c.mbl 187 m K . .. g Ln Ti tvavxiov c. ACDw c rAn unc 9 al pier, 
* f etc tvmmov \ Xtyovxac c. HAcr/w^rAe'ii nnc 9 etc, d xac Xtynv . . . b 
^> om, hinc Ln [A#yorT.] | oi>TW<r ovStnox. c. mbdl 244. arm ... f Ln 
oi'ftjr. oifT. c. ACW c rA© f n unc 9 al pier etc | ttdapw c. cd ... f *«Jo- 
mw c. mCblwct nnc 6 al pi, AKMvn al ma tSo/itv ... h* f^avi; iv xw 

l *. «ur c. »*. . . cLnTi Kaoac. HCABCDLrAn nnc 9 etc (:: cf ad 7, 31. 8, 7) 
1*. ttdip c. RBDEFGH8U al pi ... ACKLMvwcrAii al mu idtr \ fovnv c. 

»*be*lii al, item g Ln Xivip c. ce 8 fghsuy etc . .. h* X*vti } abxaii etc 

Itvi ... d al Or^d(i,w«) u« iaxo>pov 
15. ywra* c. hbl al 9 ... ff Ln fyfvtto (:: ut Mt) c. ACDrA unc 9 etc | xa- 

iaxtKr&cu avxov c. hbl al 6 cop w, et da ... g Ln Ti w t« xarax. awr. 

c Acw e rn nnc 9 al pier, item it 5 vg etc, d etc xaraKHU(ro)v avxtav \ 

^olov&oinf c- hblw^a it 8 vg ... g Ln Ti -0-ijaa* c. ACDrn nnc 9 al 

Pier it* al 
TacnxxDOEF, N. T. Edit. 8. crittca minor. 9 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

180 2, 16. KATA MAfKON 

nolXol xeXcovcu xal afiaotrnhn owavexeirto too 'Ljgov xal ioTg 
pa&tjTala at tow* tfGav ydg tiqMjoi, xal ijxokov&ow avtcp 16 xai 
yQUfifxarsia tow (pctQicrcuow. xal idorrea on f^d-iBv pera too? 
teXcovoh xal apaQTwknv, eXsyo? tola path-pala avtov' on fist a 
to3v tekmvcov xal a/AOQtcuX^v ia&iet xal m'vsi; 17 M,E xal dxov- 
aaa 6 'IrpovG Idyai airtoio' ov %oeiav exovoir ol iayiyovtec iatoov 
dlX oi xaxmc i%om<s' ovx yk&ov xakiaai dixaiova djCka apag- 
Mt©, 14-it 18 Kal iaav oi ua&trtal 'Icodvvov xal oi ibaoiaam vnoisv- 
ovreo. xai egxovrai xai ksyovaiv avrq> oiati oi pa&tjtai Itaawov 
xal oi pa-dijtal to3v tyaoiaaioav vyatevovatv, oi 6e aol pa&tjtal ov 
vficxsvovatv ; 19 xal slnev avtola 6 'Iqaova' prj dvvavtai oi viol 
tov wpapmoa iv <$ 6 rvpyioa pst avtoh iatlv vrjcteveiv; oaov 
XQovov i%ovaiv tov wfupiov pet arrow, oi dvvavrai vrptBvuv- 

16. xa* (c. ml S3, b, bd cop om) ygaftpax. xa>v paoio*. (it a cop cod ; cop 
«dd ot yqafip. x. ot <pao.) xcu idovruj c. hBLa 33. b cop<> od , itemed w o 
... ? LnTi xon oiy oappaxtia xai o» paptcratot iSovxta (Ln[xou] idovx.} 
c. Acrn unc 9 al pier itPl vg eyr«tr arm go | or* fja&nv c. hdl it 8 vg 
copo°d syrP aeth , item (ita Ln) b al* oti ea&ia, item b d ff 9 * Byr» ch 
copedd e t dz . . . f Ti avtov HJ&torra c. (A)cw<>rAn unc 9 al pier a f q 
go | t«Aoi. xcu afiaqx. c. kaclcoit* w c ran unc 9 al pier it 9 vg syr ntr 
copedd arm go . . . Ln Ti afiaqx. xai (b 8 d 33. add twv) xr h*vwv c. bdl 
al 1 it 8 am cop ood aeth | on c. bl al* ... g Ln ri oxi c. AcrAn unc 9 
al pier . . . kx> &ar« | tcaoi. x. (b add xtuv) afiaox, c. MABCLrAn unc 8 ' 
etc . . . Ln Ti a/iagr. x. tow (Ti om) t«Aw. cum d a aeth | « 00*e» xai 
TTtvffr c. ACLrAn(o) unc 8 etc ... hbd al 8 it* om xa* ntvu, hinc Ln [x. 
nt..]. Praeterea hcla etc add o dtdaaxcdoa vpwv 

17. akla (k al aXX) afiaqr. c. kabdklah al 40 it 8 vg etc al pier ... c (= 
Gb Sz) add «<r fittavotav c. cr unc 8 al pi it* 

18. o» <paQHjaio> c. habcdkmh al 25 it 8 vg cop etc .. . f (= Gb Sz, sed rur- 
8 us Gb') ot to)v <paQi<rai,wv c. LrA unc 7 al pi if**al | xai o* fux&tiraiTW 
q>a(). c. «bc*l al 2 e syrP m » aeth ... 5* Ln x. 01 (a al om) xtav yog. c. 
c s DrAn unc 9 al pier it 4 vg al . . . al pauc it 4 etc xa* 0* (paqiGatoi . . . 
A plane om | o* dt co* pct&. c. ACDE 2 Lrn unc 8 al pier, he*a al c 01 dt 
pad-, aov (a gov /tad - .), item it vg cop syr utr etc ... B al 8 om fia&rjrai 

19. oaov XQovov - rtjGTtvtiv: du al 7 it 6 (syr 8ch ) al om, hinc Gb°. | 
*Xova. t. vvftQ. p. avr. (fttx avx. c. wbc 124., L al fit & tavx. ita Ln) 
c. hbcl al 8 c ... 5- nhS- tavtiav «^oi'C* xov vi»/ig). c. AJ'An unc 8 al pier 
it 8 (vg) syrP arm go 

d by Googk 

RATA MAPKON 2, 24. 181 

20 Ikevaovrai Si f/fugai orav dftaQfrjj an avr&v 6 wfj^puxr, xfti 
tire vqardvoowtp iv ixeivq tq rjf*£Qcc- 21 Ovfoto impXypa qclxovg 
uyrdqtov intQcanu em ipdrtor naXaiov' « de fitj, atQti rb nkt\- 
<mpa an avrov rb %aivbv rov ncdatov, xal xslgov oxujpa yiverat. 
22 kcu ovdeic (IdXlei ofoov viov sic dowova nahuova ' ei tie /xiy, 
i>Tj%6i 6 droa rente aoxova, xal 6 olvoa anoXkvrai xcu ot aaxoi. 

23 **"* Kal eyevsro avrov iv rout cdBBaaiv naQanooeiea&cu LceTi-s 
out rmv cnoQifMxoVy xat ot natiracu avrov rjo$avro ooov notttv m- 
iorrea towt tfrapacr. 24 xa* oi &aoiaaibi ileyov avrqp * ids ri e* », w. 

20. ** wuwuy riy iy/*«oa c. mabcdbxaii* al 80 it 4 syr utr etc . . . g (= Gb Sa) 
<y tmrnxKt rate ifptqaia c. rn f unc 8 al pi it 8 vg cop 

21. ovdtia c. habcklsa al 50 it vg etc; dgm etc add Se Tel yao ... g 
(= Gb Sa) xa* ovdfHT c. EFHovrn al pi aeth | oaxot'? c. hbcbkluya 
al pi ... Ln qaxxova c. ADFOHMrn al mu | imqamth c. nab*cefgb 
ltd etc . . . ? Ln tn^anx. c. B 8 KMUr al longe pi; D tnKTWQanret | 
1^* */taT«o* naiatrov c. kbcdl 38. ... s *7T* t/4ar*a> naXaun c. Aran 
one* al pier | to (h om) nlijQWft. an avrov (b a? eairr.) c. hbl 
al 10 go, item akaii* al 10 1 oar at', to tt^. ... d al 4 it 8 vg nil nisi to 
nkrjQGtfia sed pergunt to xa**oy a;ro toi/ nakawv ... f to 21X17- 
qtufia avrov (Gb 00 airrou ex d etc facta coniectura) c. era 9 nnc 9 al 
pi aeth 

22. ot£" c - wbcdl 33. it"° a vg . . . g Ti Qijoatt c. Aran unc 9 al pier it 4 fa 
(al) cop al J o 0**00- (Gb") c. mbc*dl al* it 8 vg cop al ... g add o 
«oo~ c. AC s ran unc 9 al pier e f gat syrP aeth go : : e Lc | anoXXvta* 
(l 102. tx%ftTai) xa* o* affxo* c. bl 102. cop; similiter D it 5 xa* o* 
aoTr. aTroAowrra* ... g Ln fX£f*Ta* xa* o» aerxo* a/roAovyra* c. HAcr 
ah nnc 9 al pier it vg go etc | xai o* avxot (vide ante) sine additam 
c. d a b ff *' i . . . k*b 102. nil add nisi alia oivov vh>v tie aoxovo 
xaivova, item c Ln aAXa (h*ma etc aAX) otyov vtov tia acnova xa*- 
rotio- fJlrjXfov (e f cop aeth go mittunt) c. h c ACLr^n unc 9 al pier it 7 

23. avrov b. I. c. mbdua 69. a ff 8, mt (itP Ier vg cum sabbatis ambvlaret) 
... ? Ti post naqanoq. (c diartoq.) ACLrn unc 7 al pier | TtaQanoqtv- 
ta&. c. KALran unc 9 al pier . . . Ln foanoQivtoO-. (: : ut Lc) c. bcd | 
*f (cla etc om, hinc Gb 00 ) (FafifiaT. h. 1. c. hbcdla a ff * mt . . . g Ti 
post nctyanoQ. aitov (a. n.) c. aeghusuvt etc; Kn 265. post Sia r. 
onoq. I xa* o* //a^-. avr. (D? r etc om) ij^JavT. c. hbcdl al 7 it vg cop 
arm aeth ... g Ti xa* iyo£. 0* //a^-. ai*r. c. ArAn unc 8 al pier eyrP go | 
oJoir 7rofr*<y c. HACLran unc 6 al omn v,<1 . . . Ln odonoinv c. bgh 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

182 2, 25. KATA MAPKON 

i sam si, e nowvaiv tola aa^^aaw o oix a^eativ; 25 xai Xtyet avtola* Mi- 
nors aveyvmte ti inoujaev davei'd, ote %Dtiav i<j%ev xai ineivaaev 
Lev 44,e aitoa xai oi ftst avtov; 26 nma eiaijk&ev ela tov olxov tov 
&eov im '4flia&aQ aQXiBQeaxj xai tova aotova ttja iroo&eae&a 
icpayw, ova oix i^eattv qtayelv ei j*iy rove iegela, xai ed&xev xai 
tola avv avrtp olaiv; 27 M,> xai llsysv aitola' to adfiflatov dta 
tov avd-Qcanov iyeveto, xai oix ° av&oamoa dta to aa^atov' 
28 &ate xvoioa iativ 6 vtba tov av&D&nov xai tov aafifiatov. 



*j*!'!-ii ^ "^ a * ^fa®** naUv ela avvavmytjv, xai tp Jxelav&gmnoa 
i^rjgafifisrTpf i%(ov tip X B *Q a ' 2 xai 7iaQer^QOw aitbv eiiv tol(T 
aaffiaaiv &6oanevei avtov, iva xatyyogqaaatv avtov. 3 xai 
Xtyei rq> av&Qobiicp rtp ttjv tyoav % e ^Q a *X ovti * h st Q B mo* p&aov. 
4 xai fo'ysi aitola' s^eartv- tola aaffiaaiv aya&bv noiijaai ?} 

24. tour aapp. c. habcdkmah al 80 it vg ... g (Gb 00 ) praem ** c. Lr 
nnc 6 al pi 

25. *ai pr sine additam c. hbcl al 7 it 7 vg cop . . . g add avro<r, Ln 
[aire.] c. Aran nnc 8 al c e syrP ; d a add a/roxot^cur \ Xtytt, c. ncl 
al 5 , item d it 6 vg cop«chw ... g Ti iXiyev c. ABrAn unc 8 al pier, DK* 
enter, item it 4 cop wi etd« Byr utr go 

26. TTWff C. HACLrAH UDC 8 etO . . . BD 102. OBfl | (7T$ CtfiHX&. C. HBW TIIIC 8 

etc ... g Gb° add rot/ c. acah al ma | tova (l tour) nana c. hbl . . . 
Ln Ti tomt uQfvaw c. acdfad: unc 8 al omn vld 

27. xcu oi'/ c. hbc*la 33. it 4 vg etc ... g Ln Ti om xcw. c. AC*rn unc 8 al 
pier it* etc (d it 6 Xtyai dt vtitw xvquhf etc) 

III, 1. i*0 c. kb 102. . . . g LnTi ««r Tiyy (:: ut 11. pp.) c. acdt, unc 11 rell 

2. Traotrifoot/* c. «BC 8 Lrn unc 8 al pier ... Ln ftaofrqoot'rro c. ac*da 
al 8 | *v toio* aapp. c. hcdhm y«cr CO p ... f Ln Ti om ^ c. ABLr&n 
unc 8 al pier go (it vg) | &tQ(t7T(vtt, (:: ex usu tfarci) c. ha 271. ... 
g Ln Ti -ntvott. c. abcdl unc rell al pier | xaxr\yoqyjafoatf c. habl 
tah unc 8 al pier ... Ln Ti xctt?jyoQT}aovaiv c. CD al lscr 

3. tw Ttfif £ijqclv (bl al a a cop al post f#oi»T*: ita Ln) x**Q a '/°wi c 
hbc*la al 8 a cop aetb syrP ... f Ti tw flijQafifUvijp (d postr. x (l 9 a ) 
txovxb up x (t Q<* c - (c 8 ?)(D)rn unc 8 al pier go | tytiQt c. habcdlah 
unc 8 al pm ... c (= Gb Sz) tyuqai c. ur al pi 

4. T0*ff aaftfi. c. HBCLrAn etc: adk al 10 cop go tv t. aapp. | ayafrov 
(d t» ayaO-.) nonjacH c. kd e (bonum aliquid facere) item b d g 1 * alt- 


KATA MAPKON 3,10. 188 

xaxortoifjsjvu, ipvxrp acooai iq anoxrttvai; oi di tatobncov. 5 xal 
mQigk&papspoo avrova fter ooyf/ff, cwXvTrovfievoa im rjj mnowaei 
ir t a yuLQdiaa airtajv, Xeyei rqp dv&Qewrq) ' Ixreipov ttjv %hqol. xal 
j^tretrev, xal dnexanard&y 17 x^Q olvtov. 6 *'* xal i^tX&orrea 
ct tPaQiacuoi tv&va para rtov 'Hocodiavoiv ovpfhvkov inovqGav 
%at avrov, oncaa ainbv anoXiawsiv. 

7 Kal 6 'Inaova uerd rmv ua&mmv avrov dveydomev eh rhv M t 1" is 

A M «T.l * n 1-A » » - rn * ' » ' i Lc IS, 17-19 

GaLaaaav, xcu noXv nXtj&oa ano rye rahXaiaa xai ano rtja 
Iov&cuao yxoXovtiyaav , 8 xai anb 'kgocoXvpow xal dnb rip 
Idovfjuuaa xal ntQav rov 'looddvov xal mol Tvqov xal 2ihnva, 
bXjj&og noXv, dxovovrea oca iaotei, yX&ov noba airtov. 9 xal 
thter rola (la&ipaZa avrov ha nXoidoiov nooonaorBQ^ airy did 
row oxXov, ha w QXifkoaw avrov' 10 noXXova y&Q e&SQijtevoev, Mtu, 15 
exrre inminrw ovtco, ha avrov axp&vrai , 0001 eljpv (idariyao. 

quid bene faeere ... g Ln Ti aya&onoiti<sai c. abcltah unc roll al 
omn Tid , item benefacere itP 1 vg 

5. ffwlvJTOVf*. C. HB*CDA etc (L (TvXvTtOVfl.) ... g Ln (TvXh>7tOVf*. c. AB 8 

ra unc 8 etc | n&QtnOHi 17. 20. ffJ^wTffr, item catdtatem. (-te) it 7 
Tg arm aetfa; it 8 Mxowre* | r. ***?« e. BBMsevr al* 6 ... ; Ln add 
<rov (:: nt 11. pp.) c. hacdghklpmi al pi it vg rell | amxaTeata&ij 
(Gb" Sz) c. nablpimii* unc 8 etc ... f anoxaTferad-ij c. Dn* al ma | 17 
2**Q avrov eine additam c. mabc*dkpaii al 40 it vg al pier ... * (= 
6b Sz) add v/iya wo- q cuUq c. c 8 Lr unc 8 al pier (it 4 syr hr ) 

6. tv&va c. mbca 33. et g Ln (v&tuo c. APrn unc 8 etc ... dl al 5 it 7 al 
om I tnoHjaav c. hcd al 8 etc; g Ln Ti ( no tow c. APrn unc 8 etc . .. 
bl al 5 cop gchw tfodow 

1. ptta t. (ia&. am. avt/wq. c. hbcdla al 10 it 8 vg eto ... g (=Gb) 
ar§x*f>. f*t*. t. /*a0\ awr. c. APrn unc 8 al pier it 5 al | tiff c. dhp 
al 86 . . . f (a^Qb) ^oo 1 c. MABCLrAn unc 8 al plur, al* nuqa \ yxolov- 
&H<h*p c. wcefohk*uva al pi ff 1 " cop««bw go ... Gb'' Ln -frqatir c. A 
BGK 8 LMPSrn al 40 etc ... d al 8 it 7 cop cod om. Praeterea g (Gb 00 ) add 
atn* f Ln [a.] c. APrn unc 8 (a) al pier it 4 vg etc: at non add c. hbcl 
al 6 cop (item d etc) | i\*okavd; post tovd. c. hca 238. it 6 vg . . . g Ln 
Ti post yahXataa c. ABLPrn unc 8 al pier cop eto 

8. xa* (h* om, ° sappl) ntQ # c. H*et e fiCLA itpl syr* ch al . . . g Ti nat o* 
jr#^f, Ln «ai [o*] ittQ* c. ADflrrprn unc 8 al omn vl< * itP*»« vg r1 | axov~ 
orrra c. hba al 8 d it 11 vg cop aetb go ... g axovaavtHt c. ACoS> r JLPrn 
unc 8 al pier (a) etc | atom c. HACDPran unc 8 etc: bl atom* 


184 3, 11. KATA MAPKON 

Lc 4, 41 

11 xal ta nvsifiara ra dxd&aora , orav avrbv i&emQOvr, 
nooamwrov avrq> M ' 2 xal ixoaCov Myovrea on cv el b vibcr 
Mt 12, is iov &60v. 12 xal noXka mvzipa avroia iva ya\ avrbv yavsobv 
L«6, 8 u-ie 13 M ' 9 Kal dvapaivei eh rb Sow, xal nooaxaXairat owj %&s~ 
Mcio,i-4 fay air 6a, xal dm^&ov ttqog avrov. 14 xal moirjaev dddexa 
Iva Aaiv per airov, xal Iva dnoariDjq avtova xt/Qvaasiv 15 xal 
ijBiv i^nvaiav ixfidlX&v ra daifibvia. 16 80,9 xal irtoirpw rover 
dcidexa, xal ifie&tjxev ovopa rySipom IHtqov' 17 xal Idx&pov 
rbv tov Ze^tdaiov xal 'J<advvfjv rbv ddshpbv rov 'laxaflov, xal 
ins'&yxev avroia bvouara Boavrjoyetr, o ianv viol pgovrija' 18 xal 
'Avboiav xal tythnnov xal Bao&oXopaiov xal Ma&&aidv xal 
Qmuav xal 'Idxmfiov rbv rov AXcpaiov xal Qaddawv xal 2i- 
/juova to? Kavavalov 19 xal 'Iovdav "laxaQna&, oa xal nagi- 
dojxev avrbv. 

11. t&twQoi>v o. mbcdqla al 15 . . . g efrtuiQt* e. APrn unc 8 al pier | 
nQO<Jtni7TTov (b -nxav) c. HA(B)cDPGKLiiprAn etc (6b") . . . g 
7tQoa*nMitv c. khsuv al pi | (xqa^ov (Gb'') c. MABCDFOKLprAn etc 
. . . g txQct£t c. ehmsuv al pi | hyovTHF c. »dk al 5 . . . g Ln Ti Uyovta 
c. ABCLPrAn unc 8 al pier 

12. avrov (pavtoor c. NBCDff r A al ma ... 6b 8z q>av*Q. avrov (: : ut Mt) 
c. AiiPrn unc* al pi | ?roM»ffty c. b*dklh* al fl . . . g Ln nonjaonri (: : ut 
Mt) c. HAB*cr&n* unc 8 al pier; praeterea c al* a add or* lydWar tor 
%P avrov (vel cut. %P) avat, item it &u 4 quomam aciebant etim, hinc 
Ln add [or* tjd. t. %& avt. tiv.] 

14. dWexot c AC s DLPrn unc 9 al pier it vg etc: w»c* v,d A al 8 cop eyrP m * 
al 8 add ova xou anoarolovc wrofiaotv (:: e Lc 6, 31) 

15. ttovGiav c. hbc*la 102. cop ... g Ln add O-tQunivtw roc voaova 
xa» c. Ac'oprn unc 9 al pier it vg syr utr al 

16. *cw t7toi7\o. tova oW. c. hbc*a aeth°°d m . . . g Ln Ti om c. ac 9 dlp 
rn unc 9 al pier it vg etc | ovofia tw oifuav* c. hbcla al 7 c e cop arm 
... g Ln tw (d om) <rt/*«vt ovo/ia c. a(d)ptii unc 9 al pier itP ler vg 
gy r utr g 

17. tov *ox. c. HBDLprn unc 8 etc ... 6b° row c. cksa al 80 ... o etc av- 
rov, af al avrov Ktxwfiov | ovofiara c. HACLraxi unc rell al pier it 
vg etc ... BDffr etc ovofia \ ^oavtj^yar c. kabcklma^d* etc, d al ftoa~ 
vtfjyfja . . . g fioavtQyta c. rn s unc 7 al pier 

18. fta&&euov c. b*d (et alibi plerumque *) . .. g fiat&. c. HAB s CLrAn 
unc 9 al omn^d | &ad$cuov: d a b ff *' i q ktfipaiov (cdd*Uq a p Or 1 * 


RATA MAPkON 3, 28. 185 

u. io ^ a j igptou bio olxov' 20 xal owegxetai **&•& oxXoo, 
dare pit dwaa&ai avtovo fit/re agzov yaytiv. 21 xal dxovaavteo 
<w ncLQ avrov QijX&ov xQarijccu avrov' tkeyov y*(> on i£i<jrij. 
22 ss " s xal oi YQUfifiareuT oi dnb 'ieooooXvfiow xataBdrteo Hbyov mcuTj* -w 
/m BitkL>&povl aj«i , * ai °« £y T< P agxovri reav oaipovuBv txfiaXXet 
ta datpovta. 23 **"* xa! ngoaxaleodfiepoo avtova iv noQafiokuo 
iley&r avTofo' nma owatat oatavda aaravdv ixfidllttv; 24 xcu 
iaw paaiXeia iq? iavrrp fisQio&fj, oi bvvatai ota&ipai tj j3<hh- 
iua ixetvtj. 25 xcu idv olxia iy iavrrjv peQia&Q , ov ovvtjoercu iy 
oixia ixxirrj ora&ijvai. 26 xcu « 6 oaravdo dvtarq iy iavrov, 
iptQfa&il, xcu ov bvvarai otijvai dXkd tAoo l^e<. 27 all' ov 
dvrarat ovdelo sia trjv oixiav tov tajvoov eiaeX&av ta oxevq 
avrov diaQndacu, idv py Tigorrovrbv iayyQov 8ycrj 9 xal rote zip 
oixia* avrov foaondoet. 28 M * dpif* Xtyco ifuv on ndvza dcpe- 
Viper at rota viola rdfo dv&Qomow ta dpaQrTjpara xal ai @Xug- 

**•) I xaravaftoy c. hbcdla 38. 2P e it vg cop al ... cxaravvnj* c. irn 
line 9 al syrP arm go 

19. ur*aQua& c. kbcla al 8 , d etc GxaQtad- ) .. y HjxaQt&Tirv e. Arn unc 9 
•1 pier vg«d cop eyrP go | tQx*xa* c. «*Br al it* cop 1 ** et dj| . . . ? 
Ln Ti *qzo**<*> c. m c claii unc 9 (d) etc 

20. qz^oc c. x*CL*ra unc 9 al pier . . . Ln Ti o o/A. c. h c abdl««"*a al 10 | 
pipr* c. HCDiFGHMSvrn* etc ... Ln Ti /iqdt c. abkluaii* al 90 

25. ivrrjatxa* c. hbcla it* rg«dd* ... ^ Ln d wax ou c. ADrn unc 9 al 
©mn^M it« yg (et. am) gyr tttr go al | r\ otx. tn. ara&iprcu' (sed bl al 8 
axtfrat : sic Ti , D cffTotya*) c. kca it 6 vg eyr Bch item bdl al 6 . . . * 
oxa&ipa* (sn etc ati\va*) rj on. mtwtj c. r(Kn) one 8 etc 

26. t/»fQur&fi xa* ovc. M*c* vld A f g a# vg item ff B * g 1. Similiter d ^<a*«-. 
(furtcu nf taiior' ot>, item it^a ... ^ Ln Ti xa» ptfiiourrcu, ov' 
c AC*rn nnc 9 al omn^W eyr"*' cop go al , item *«bl *cu tftieur&ij 
(sed « c retinet h. 1. xai), ov | orrjvcu c. mbcl .. . f Ln ora&tjvcu c. 
ADrsn nnc 9 al omnrtd 

27. aJU c. *BC* vId LA al 9 cop arm syrP m « item ad ff 1, ...f Lnomc. 
ADrn nnc 8 al pier itP 1 yg syr* ch etP txt go | ov dvrar. ovdt«r c. hbc* 
et**A etc . .. Ob 8* Ln ovdtta ivrareu c. adliu nnc 9 etc | no x. out. 
rov **z v Q* "&*)•&** (« tHFtX&. ante **<r) ra a*tv. avrov dta^n. c. 
mbcla 33. 102. cop syr' ob aeth ... f Ln Ti tk an. rov t<r/. fatk&wv, 
mr x. out. avxov c. Arn unc 8 (item do) al pier it vg al | 6taQ7t*<siy 
c.KBCBXMSA al sat mu, D» r -^a^f» ... Gb' dtaonaaij c.Arn nnc°al pin 

28. ro«r v*. ran' ow&q. xa apaot. (Gb") c. xABCDLM corr (A) al 15 it 6 vg 


186 3, 29. KATA MAPKON 

cptjfu'cu, oca av fikaGyTjftrpcoGiv' 29 og d* av pXaoqiqfiqGi ei<J 
to nvevfia to aytov, ovx ijpi aysaiv big top aioSva, aXka svojpar 
iatou aiwi'ov ifAaotyfiatoG. 30 on iteyov ' nvsvpa axa&aQtov 

xtiiV<* so 31 "^ Kai fyxercu tj ufao avtov xal ol atidxpoi avtov, xal 

lc «, 19-ai ^ ujrjxorrea ansataihtv nobo avtov xaXovvtea avtov. 32 xal 

ixa&ijto ntol avtov o%Xog, xai le'yovoiv avtcp* idov 17 fir/TijQ gov 

xal ol adeXqpoi gov xal ddelyai gov *£w tyrovat* gb. 33 xal 

. anoxoid-BiG avtoiG Mysi' tio iouv rj ptjtrjQ fiov xal oi adtlyoi fwv ; 

34 xal aeotpXexpa/ievoG tova neol avtov xvxXqt xa{hni£vovG Xeyet' 

al . . . g ta a/tctQr. tour v*. tow avfrg. c. m*i n unc 7 etc | xcu a* c. 
kabcepohla al* 8 cop ... g (=■ Gb Sz) om en c. DKMsuvrn etc | o<j« 
c. hbpb*ohah* al 10 . . . g ooaff c. ACK c ° rr KKLM8Uvm* al pier I av c. 
HADrn unc 8 al pier . . . Ti tav c. bcfla al * 

29. *kt t. attara c. HABCLran unc 9 al pier it* vg etc: d al 5 it 6 Ath 1 * 66 * 
Cypbls om, hinc Gb° | oAAot c. hadla . .. g aAA c. Bern one 9 etc | «rr<z» 
c.*dla al 5 it 9 vg etc ... g Ln Ti tattv c. ABcrn unc 9 al pier b cop 
8 y r utr go I apaQTrjuaroff (Go") c. hbla al 8 et a^apTta* c* vld D etc, 
item itP ler vg etc ... g X0«rfo»cr c. Ac*rn unc 9 al pier f tol syr tttr 

81. xcii «£?. c. HBCDQL4 al* it vg cop al . . . g Ti *f/. ow c. Arn unc 8 al 
pier syrP | *e#«Ta* c. hdg al 6 it 6 . . . Lu Ti to/ovrcu c. ABCLr^n unc 8 
al pier cf vg cop etc | 17 fifjt. avtov xou o* ad. cu/touc.kbcdgla al 19 it 
vg etc . .. g (— Gb Sz) Ti o* adcA?. (Ti add atroi' c. AKMn al 90 ) x<u 17 
^t. ccitou c. Ain unc 8 al pier syrP | aTtjnorrw c. bc*a 28. ... » 
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A fyrotiTfff cuto* ... a (relicto apatio) a om, hinc Gb° ' 

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axnov oyloc, D» r 77000 top o/Aoy ... $ ojA. 7r#o» avt. c. r unc 7 etc | 
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ai a^A^ow aov (et. Gb+ Sz) c. ADKFHiisuvr al 100 it 7 ayrPmg g al 
... forac. mbcoklah al mo it 4 vg cop syr» cft aeth arm :: desant in 
Mt et Lc, nee v. 81 nee 34 babentur 

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g Ln xcu afuxqifrt] avtota Xtywv c. ADrn unc 9 al pier f. Differunt 
al I xa* o* (et. Gb') c. kbcoluva al 50 it* cop ayr»ch ... g Ti ij 01 (d 
om ot) c. A(D)BFBKM8rn al pi it* arm go al | afokip. fiov c. haclpah 
unc 9 al pier it (et. d) vg cop ayr« lr go...Ti om fiov c. BDf 102. arm 

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tov) al 8 , similiter it vg . . . g Ti post nt^U^afiivoa c. Arn unc 9 al 




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too &eov, ovtvc a&thpoa pov xal dfokpTj xal pr/r^p inip. 


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nolXifr, xal ev&va i^avhetXev did to py tyw $d&oa y^a' 6 xal 

pier go arm eyrP | * di c. hbcl unc 8 etc ... Gb' Ln *oW (:: at Mt) 
e. ADOiMAlI al 40 

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e. macdlau unc 8 al omn'W itPl vg go nyr ulr al | adtXfij c. hab dla 
al«* itpl go arm ... g (sed Gb 00 ) Ti add pov c. en unc 8 al pi it* vg 
ep ■yr atr aeth 

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congregate est it vg etc | nlmrroo c. mbcla ... (Ln noXvc c. adu 
unc 8 ai omn'W | ^An*ove. hb*cklmh al 90 go . . . f Ln Ti to 11X0*. e. ab 8 
da unc 7 al pi cop | ipfiarra h. I. c. mbcdlua al 8 it vg arm . . . g Ti post 
wot. avtov c. An unc 8 al pier go gyrP aeth | rjaav c. mbcla 83. al 7 d 
{tvrba - era>nt) ... g Lu yv c. ADff'n unc 8 al pier 

3. ontiqa* c. »*b 102. (item seminare d it 8 Or 1018 * 838 ) . . . c Ti tov CftftQ. 
e. »«ACLAn one rell al pier (item ad seminandmm it 8 vg) . . . Dff r cop 
petr om 

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go ... g (■= Gb Sz) add tow ot'parot' c. dom al it 6 vg«<* gat 

5. xcm aAAo (-iAo ufT al) c. mbc(d)lm 8 a al 10 a d cop aeth . . . c axilo St 
c An one 8 al pier it 8 ▼* syr ulr arm go ... m* 2P« b akko \ *n* to ^*- 
Tomdur c. w e ABCLzn one 8 al pier etc: hd al 8 itPler fn > ta nHqudt] | 
oxov c. waclaH unc 8 al omn v,d it* vg etc ... b a vW xou 0^0 »', hiuc 
Lo [Mo*] o/roi', item d (it mu ) xo* ot» | tv&va c. mbcdla . .. ? tv&ttHF 
e. An unc 8 al omii Tld | pad no yijv c. maclau unc 8 al omn^d CO p go 
... Ln /9a^-. Tr/O y^o c. b; D* r (Jotfroa tip yn* 

6. xa» ot# ar*Tf*X. o tjA*. c. mbcdla it 4 rg cop . .. f ijXiov dt avatttXat- 
toa c. An anc 9 al omn TW it mu go etc 

jitized by 

188 4, 7. RATA MAPKON 

ore dvheilsv 6 rjhoa, ixavpariad-t] , *cu did zh prj &%m QiCav 
i&iQdv&Tj. 7 7HU aXko in&sev eia tao axdv&ao, xal av£$r f oav at 
axav&ai xal awinn^av avro, xal xaonov ovx edcoxev. 8 xou dlXcc 
msasv ela %i\v yijv xr\v xaltjv, xal ididov xaonov dvafiaivovza xal 
av£avouevov, xal ecp€Q8v • sic roiaxovra xal etc Qjjxovia xal eic 

10-10 c /ft **n . « » T » / s f lf\ zr x " 

mo i*. 10-83 exarov. v xai u#/bv oa *% H mta axovm, axoverco. li) Kai ore 
Lo 8 » 9 ~ 16 fyfreto xara [wvaa, tjocirow avrbv ol izeol avtov avv tola dcidexa 
tac noQafioXaa. 11 xal eleyev av&ia' ifuv to pvazyQiot dBJknai 
tijo fiaGiXetiiG rov &eov ' w#1 ixeivoia ds toia l£w ir naoapohxla 
E.6,9t nana yiverai., 12 tva fSksnovxeo fiXmcodiv xal fir/ tdaxsw, xal 
axovovieG axovmoiv xal [Lrj ovptaiaip, pqnore mtaToetymaiv xal 
aq^d^ avroia. 13 xal h'yei avtouf ovx oidajs ity naQa^oXrjv 
ravrrjv, xal /read naaaa taa naoafloXda yvcbasa&e; 14 M * a 6 
aneiQcov top loyov oneiQsi* 15 ovtoi de « fixer ol naod ttjp odor 

8. alia c. M*etc*>BOL al 8 e (e et. w. 5 et 7) cop ... * Ln Ti alio c. »<>* 
AD&n unc 9 al pier itP ler vg etc | av&arofitvav (6b') c. acdla 238, 
item hb -vofttva ... g avfavoma c. n tine 9 al pier | iiptQtv: kc <</)6- 
qov (e hiat) | uc ter (b tta et bis €V, item l *la et bis eV) c. hc*a(bl) 
al pauc (item cop syrP aeth go) ... n unc 8 al 100 (item vide ante Jt tnr 
vol fv") i* (Gb'), item spiritibus et aceentibus vacui Ac 2 tv . . . g Ln 
w c. d (ipse d «», sed d ter unum) al sat mu^d it vg 8yr 8 © h ▼** ^ 

9. *A*y*y c. HABCDLAn unc 9 al pier it vg etc . . . f (= Gb Sz) add at/- 
tout c. M 2 «g al vix mu | 00* «/«* c. »bc*da ...f o (/(»* c. ac 2 lh unc 
al omn vld 

10. xat or* c. hbcdla al it vg cop go ... ? ore dt c. An unc 8 al pier 
gy r atr Rrm ae th I f)Qo)TOvv c. hc, item -tow (ut Ln Ti) abla al et D 
al a mrjQ<artiiv, item inUrrogabant a b q Or in t 8 » 886 . .. ff fiQonrjua* c. 
n unc 9 al pier it 6 vg syr utr | xaa 7iaQapola<T c. hbcla g 2 " am (al) 
cop^et 80 ! 1 ^ ... d etc tw 17 naqafioXfj cst»r^ ... g Ln T171' nagafiolfjv 
c. An unc 9 al pier vged f u etc 

11. to fivfftrjQ, (cop to fivat.) dttiot. c. kbc*^ 1 ^ 102. cop©dd f item Ln 
dfdor. to fivaxrjQ. c. akh al plus 10 ff 1 " ... s foJor. yywrou (Gb 00 ) to 
fiver, (Ot etc ra fivGtrj^ta) cum c 2 da unc 8 al pier itP J er V g a i mu | 
navxa c. kdku al 25 . . . g Ln Ti t« 7rarra c. abcla unc 8 al pi 

12. avvwaw. d*l b\ b gvvwsi* \ aq>ffrt] c. hbcdla unc 8 al pier Or 1 * l2B ... 
Gb' a(pt&r]atxab c. aku al w Or 1 * 114 , D b a<pf/o*a> | ar?TOKT c. hbol al 8 
b cop arm Or bi « . . . q add Ta afiaqxtifiaxa (al 10 na^anxwfi. y a etc 
add amour) c. ADAn unc 9 al pier itP ,er vg cop syr utr al; Ln [Ta a/uao- 

1 tfift.] 


KATA MAPKON 4, 21. 1S9 

baov OTteiQercu 6 Xoyoa, xai otav axovoaxjit, ev&vc eQxerou 6 
GaxoLwda xai atQBi rbv Xoyov top ianaopirov iv avroia. 16 xai 
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$li\p&GHT tJ dwyyuov did tbv Xoyov ev&vo axavduluXovtai. 18 xcu 
illoi eiaiv oi im taa dxdv&ao afreiQOuBvoi' ovtoi eiaiv oi tbv 
loyov axovaavr&r, 19 xcu ai utQiuvai rov aimoa xai rj andttj 
roo nXovtov xcu ai neol ta hand em&vfucu eionooevouevat aw- 
sviyomjtv %bv Xoyov, xcu axaQnoa ytvetai, 20 xcu ixttvoi eiaiv oi 
im rijv ftp tqv xcdqr anaoivzea, oitivso dxovovoiv rbv Xoyov xai 
xagadexorrcu, xcu xaQmxpooovatv iv toidxovta xai iv i&jxovta 
xcu iv ixatov. Lc a, ie 

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15. w&va c. abcla al 6 . . . f Ln Ti tvO-tmo c. ADn unc 9 al pier | aiqft: 
d cuptQth h ca aqna^n (:: at Mt) | & at/toto (Qb') c. kcla c cop ftdd 
syrP m 8 arm, item Ti *«r amove c. B al 6 . . . g Ln tv rater xaydtaur 
atrrw c. Dn unc 9 al pjer itP>« r vg go al ma ; A 1 aeth ano rrjo xaq- 
duus axniav 

16. opoma inn* c. mcla al 4 cop^id aetb ... g Ln Ti tun,v opoHaa c. abu 
anc 9 al pier it 8 vg go syrP ... d al 10 it 7 al om o/iotuff | iv&va c. nbc 
la al 6 . . . g c. An unc 9 al pier Or ... d etc om 

17. iv&va c. hbcla al 10 . .. f Ln *v&twa c. ADn unc 9 al pier 

78. oiUot Hour c. hbc*dla it 6 vg cop ... g (= Qb) oi'to* €«<riv c. AC^n 
one 9 al pier f q syrutr ae th go | tnt c. »ca cop . . g Ln Ti «mt c. ab 
old nnc 9 al omn T,d etc | ovrn$ tiaiv c. hbc*dl& al pm itpier V g CO p 
al . . . AC 8 n unc 9 al pier f q go aeth om (om et. *« 1633) | axov- 
aarrte (Ob r ) c. H(sed ante t. loy. pon, item cop)BCDL& al 9 cop »yr 
•«*...« Ln axoi>ovr«r c. An nnc 9 al pier it vg go al 

19. aimvoc (Df r )9#ov) c. hbcdla al* it 9 vg arm ... g (= Ob) add roi'- 
cov c. An nnc 9 al pier f cop syrutr ae th go | avrnv. |c. hab*cdela 
...?Ln (Tvunv. e. B s FOHKM8Uvn etc 

20. tnthvoi c. hbcla ayi« ch ... 5" Ln ovto* c. ADn unc 9 a I omn^d | fa 
ter (Qb'): ita XFOHKicurn (l iv, turn bis er sed non 8r) al pi, item 
syr air ... g Ln eV: ita no litis edd ancialiam accentibus auctoram, 
Bed it vg cop arm go. Ceterum b al om tv sec et tert 

21. ortcBL ... 13. 28. 69. al 9 *dYr« ...fLnomc. HACD^n nnc 9 al pier | 
f^/#ra» (d a/rctta*, accenditur it 6 al) o At'/y. c. mbcdla al 10 it vg etc 
... g o kvx*- *QZ*t<x* c. An unc 9 al pier arm go 


140 4, 22. KATA MAPKON 

tbv podiov tB&i y vnb trjv xUvqv ; ov% iva ml xrp Xv%viav te&ij ; 

2|i " 22 w% ov yaQ iortv ti XQvnzov, idv fiy ha yav8Q(o&$' ovdi eye- 

Mt io, m vtt0 affox^vgpoy, aXX tva 3L## tia (paveQOv. 23 u tia fy 8 * &*<* 

axoveiv, dxovruo. 
*£% lB 24 41 '* Kal OXeyev avtotc' (tXenete ridxovete. iv <p prrp<pp£- 
Mt7,a iqhtb uetQtj&qaarai vulv, xal nQoote&rJGStai vulv. 25 **** 8<r 
i«. »e. yap ?x«» do&tJG8tai avrcp ' xai 5<r ovx #*«, xom o jga aQ&rfaetai 
m,» oV aurov. 

26 4S,, ° Xai eXtyev' ovtcoa iatlv % paatXtia tov &eov, <oa 
av&Qwnoo (tdXtj tbv otzoqov im ttjg yija, 27 xal xa&evdy xal 
iyeiQTjrai vvxta xal rjfiegav, xal 6 cttoqoc fiXacTa xal uijxvvtjtat, 
cmt ohx oldev ainoa. 28 avtoudtij % yij xaQnoqx>(>8i, ngmtov 
Xoqtov, efcev <stayyv y ehev nXr^a altoa iv rqp <ndyyi\ 29 orar 
di nagadoi 6 xaonoa, ev&va dnoctelXei to dQmavov , on nags- 


21. tt&rj sec (Ob') c. kbcdla al 80 ... f tmtt&ij c. An unc 9 al pi 

22. n c. haclad 9 unc 6 al pm it^g al . . . bdhkmch* al 80 it 6 aeth om; 
hinc 6b° Ln [ti] | tav (1. al ft) (J-r\ tra c. hba (1. al 8 ) item omisso *m 
(at Gb' Ti) acklo al 90 , item d etc all *ra,... g o *av pij c. efghm 
buy al pier; it 6 vg go quodnon \ tX&fj tta (paptgo* c. mcdla al 5 cop... ? 
Ln tur <pai>fQ. tX&rj c. an unc 9 al pier it vg al, B §yr» ch aeth tpar*<>*&ij 

24. xou n<Jo<JT*&r]<jftcu v/i*v c. HABCLAn unc 8 al pier it 6 vg cop syrutr 
aeth go ... Gb om c. do al 8 (sed a al retioent xoits axovoixriv) b e 
g 1 ' gat | vfitv c. kbcdla al it (exc*) vg cop arm aeth ...?(= Gb) add 
four axouot'tnv c. Ae b n nnc 9 al pier q (f go crtdentibu*) gyr utr 

25. */« pr c. hbcla al* (it vg), item av f£t* c. DE*PHKe b al . .. f ar (m 
etc for) **ij c. AE a GM6Uvn al pier 

26. ota (al 6 tfurntg) c. hbdS>*la al 19 tol cop etc .. . g Ln Ti u? <ay (c etc 
or, orav) c. Ace b n unc 9 al pier itpl«r vg al 

27. na&fvdrj c. HABCDOKLM8ve b n al pi ... efhu al mu *a&(vdti | fy#»- 
^i;ra» c. ABCK8UVe b n al pi ... hkfqhlm al pm tyHQtrcu . . . D 
irfQ&rj | fiXaara c. bc*dla al ... f fiXaarartf c. HAC 9 QKM8Uve b n etc, 
bfh etc -ffTavf* | ^i/xi-r^Ta* c. HACLAn unc 8 al pi .. . al 90 -»*ra» 

28. avtopazti c. habcl al 5 cop^iet"* 11 * ayrP aeth .. . y (Gb°) add ya^ 
c. An unc 9 al pier it vg al, d etc or* avrofi. \ tir*v bis c. H(sed om 
ot«/. #*T.)B*L(pri Iotf f>tf)t ... ( Ln Ti *«ra bis c. (h° ttta <rra%. «*- 
t*») ab 9 cdq unc rell etc | nX^jja (d add o) avtoc c. bd cop^ 1 ... ? 
nXrj{jtj <7*ror c. HAC 9 LAn unc 9 al pier 

29. ^a^aJot c. h*bda . .. ^ naqad*i c. H°ACLe b n unc 9 rell | tv&va c. hb 
cl . . . ff Ln tv&taxj c. ADAe b n unc 9 rell 


KATA MAPKON 4, 37. 141 

30 **'* Kai ikeysv* n<oa opotoMjcopey rip fiaciteiav rov &sov, 1**72. 
H iv Tin avrijv naQapoXrj &<»(ieir; 31 owx xoxx<p oivdneoxj, oa oxav Mt I8> M ~* 
cboqjj im rija yrja, fuxQOXSQor w ndvxfov twj» oneQfidrow wot 
is\ rip yip, 32 xal otav cnaotj, dvafiaivn xal yiverat [ui£ov 
idvrarr raw Xa%dva>p, xcu nom xXddova peyalova, taart bvvaa&ai 
vzb rijv cxtay avrov rd nttetpa rov ovqovov xaraoxTpovv. 

33 * a " 6 Kai rotavratff naoafiolaiG noilatG iXdtet avrota tov Mi 18 » M 
iojor, xa&axj ifiwarto dxovetv ' 34 jfcopiff fl* fraQafioXijo ovx Ha- 
iti avrouj, * d,1 ° xat idiav di toJj ibimo pa&Tfiaio intkvsv nana. 

35 n '* Kai Xtret avtoia iv ixetvw rw iui'ga oxpiaa yevousrm' l* *?«"*» 
MiO&fieT as to ntoav. do xat acptrtf.o rov oyhov naQakafApa- 
fovatp avrov cio" yv iv rrp nXoicp , x«i £Ula di *rAota ijaav per 
tanov. 37 xat yivetai hdXaxp fuydktj dvipov, xal ta xifiaxa in- 

30. ttoht (Gb') c. hbcla al 15 b e eyrP »>JP . . . ? Ln rm c. ADn unc 9 al 
pier itP 1 vg cop go etc | ofiomttrwfttv: c al*° 0r C0 <* ofinu»(jutfitv | t*w 
c. kbc*la al 80 (it vg al) Or 8 **** . . . % noux c. AC 8 oe b n unc 9 al pier go 
arm | avxtjv aaqafl. &otptv c. hbc*la al b e cop syrP nig Or 8 *" 8 . . . 
g naQapoXtj naqaflaXwitw a\nr\v c. AC 8 De b n unc 9 al pier itP ler vg al 

31. xottxm c. hbdaji* al . .. Gb Sz Ln Ti xoxxor c. ACLe b n* unc* al 100 | 
ftutforfQov c. *(et*etc)BD*Lvn al 10 ... j.Ti fu-xqoTfQoac. ACD*e h nunc 8 
al pier | or c. hbla e b . . . c Ti wrw post ara: r. antQfiax. c. cn*e b n 
unc s al pier go, item varie transponentes adm* etc | xw (d a turn) , 
«»• r. y^tf: c 271. b e om, hinc Ln [t. t. r. y.] 

32. utii- narr. r. Aa/. c. mbcdlm** al w it vg al ma . . . g Ti nam. t. Xa^oy. 
/■(«C- c AM*n unc* al pier go | /ift^or c. habcblv al 10 ... « Ln Ti /j«»- 
^mit c. Dan unc 7 al pi | xaTacxrjfovi' c. HAB s CDLe b n unc*alomn vid . . . 
Ti naraaxtjpotp c. B* (cf ad Mt) 

33. nolXaio c. HABC 8 e b n one 9 al pier syrP arm ; ante naQuft. j> it 8 vg 
go cop* chw . . . C* vld LAal M it 8 copwi B y r ich aeth om, hinc Gb° | ffdv- 
wopto c. kbcfua al mn . . . Gb" Ln Ti idivavro c. ADLe b n unc 7 al 60 

34. x. mJ*okt fiaO-. c. hbcla . . . g Ln r. fta&. outov (al it 8 om aw.) c. 
ADe b n unc 9 al omn vid 

36xa* oAila it c. ac 8 dd unc 9 al pier ayrP ...Lnomdf c. kbc*la al 8 (it 
vg etc) | nXoia c. kabcdrmah al 85 ... g (= Gb) Ti TrAoHx^ia c. L 
uoc 7 al pi | 70-ay c. hda, l om . . . j Ln Ti ijk c. ABCn unc rell al pier 

37. pi/aXy (ita K a ; h* 167. fityaa) artftov c. (»* et)K r BDLA al 10 it 8 vg 
al ... f artftov fttyaXtj c. An unc 9 al pier f syrP go; c al 8 e aviftov 
fttycdov | xa» ra nvpar. cmbcdla al 8 it vg al . . . f xa dt xvpax. c. 


142 4, 38. KATA MAPKON 

sflaXkev eta to 7thnov y owxt* tjdq yeiii£eG&ai to nXolov. 38 xai iyr 
avtoG iv tq TZQVfJtYQ ml to TTQOGxeydXatov xa&evdow' xai iyei- 
qovgiv avtbv xai XiyovGtv avrq>* diddaxale, ov peXet goi buanoX- 
Xvpe&a; 39 xai dieysQ&sta iirvriftqGev r<p awjucp xai elnev ry 
&aXdaorj' ctdna, nequ'fJuoGO. xai ixonaoev 6 avsfWG, xai iyiveto 
yakSivTi fisyaXrj. 40 xai tbisv arrow' ti deiXoi iate ovttaa; no3a 
ovx exete niativ; 41 xai icpo^^r^Gav q>6f$ov fiiyav, xai sXevov 
tiqog dXXfjhwG' tia aga ovroa iativ, oti xai 6 avefxoa xai t] 
&akaaaa avr<p vnaxovei ; 

Mt s* "s8-84 1 K&l qX&ov sig to mqav tyG &aXaGGt]G big tyv %&Qav tarr 

he a, 26-89 fgQfwrptoi,. 2 xai i&X&ovtoG avtov ix tov nXoiov , ev&vG vnipt- 

trjGev aizcp ix tm (wypsiooJ av&QomoG iv nveiftati axa&aorq*, 

An unc 9 al pier syrP arm | (nffiaXX*v: heflmii* al 50 tntfiahv, i> 
ifiaXfv | oxTTf ydt] (ita a, sed it re11 vg aeth om) yipifc. to nXotov 
(Gb") c. n*bcdla 2P« itP lor vg cop syrP ™g aeth . . . $ more avxo 
170*17 yt/*i£. (g etc pvd-fea&.) c. An unc 9 al pier go al . . . h* e om 
38. xocfr if* avtoa c. Ai>n unc 9 *al omn fere itP 1 vg syrP go . . . hbcla xou> 
avt. rjv (a ipse autem erat) \ tv trj c. mabcdla al 16 . . . g (=» 6b sed 
rursus Gb') tm xr\ c. n unc 9 al pier | tyttoovatv c. kb*c*ah al . . . g 
Ln Ti duyeiQovaiv c. AB 2 c a Ln a unc 9 al pier (d etc. duyiioavrta omisso 
xai sq) 

40. ovruic c. Acn unc 9 al omn fere syr utr (arm) go . . . Ln om c. hbdla 
2pe it vg al | ntaa ovx c. Acn unc 9 al pier syr utr f go ... Gb" Ln ov7T(>> 
c. hbdla al 10 itP ler vg cop al 

41. avroi vnaxovct, c. h*ca al 10 , h c bl vnaxovn avt to . . . g Ln wraxov- 
oi'trw atnw c. An unc 9 al pier d it 6 vg al (D& r nil nisi xmaxovovaw) 

V, 1. rjX&ov c. habdu unc 7 al pi itpler vg go al ... Gb' i\X&t¥ c. cglma 
al 30 cop«dd arm al (o etc add o Z5) | ycoaaijvonf (Gb') c. h*bd it vg 
. . . ? yaSaorjvwv c. Acn unc 8 al pi syr ach etP *** go . . . lua al 85 cop 
syrP m« arm aeth yioytaijiKtiv, item Epiph 660 et Thphyl ad h. 1. Cf 
Or*» l *° ad Mt 8, 28. 

2. e&X&ovToa avtov c. hbcla al 20 b f • > . ? Ti t£fX&o»T* avxto c. An 
unc 9 al pier g 1, q am etc... dc e ff a * *$iX&o9toiv avtwv \ tv&va c. 
kcla . . . * tv&wa c. Ann unc 9 etc . v . Ln om c. b it 6 syr 8Ch arm | 
vTttjvTTjaev c. hbcdgla al 96 ... «■ Ti antjvTtjafv c. An unc 8 al pier 


KATA MAPKON 5, 11. 148 

3 off xipf xctTOixTjGiv rfrer i? tola tivjjfiaatv, xal oidi alvaet ovx- 
m ovfeia edvvaro avrov dijaat, 4 dia rb avrov nolXaxia ne'dcuc ' 
*u aXvoeaiv dedsa&ai xal dt&jnda&cu in avrov raa aXvaeio xal 
tcuj nidaa awtetoUpO-ai, xal ovdeh ioyyw avtbv dapdaai, 5 xal 
bajzarrbc wxtba xal ijfUQaff iv tola \m\paaw xal iv tola oneatv 
f\r xQaCcor xal xataxontmv iavtbv Xi&ota. 6 xal idmv rbv'Iqaovv 
dnb fuxxQO&ev idoapev xal noooexvvtjoev avrop , 7 xal xgd£aa 
gr<Dr?f fieyaXQ Xsyei' ri ipol xal aoi, 'Itjaov vie rov &eov rov 
vypicrov ; boxi£& as rov &tov , py pe (taaaviatja. 8 Heysv yao 
cancp ' e^eX&e rb nvevpa rb dxd&aorov ix rov av&Qoinov. 9 xal 
imiQCDTCL avrov' ri bvofid aoi; xal Xe'yei avtq}' leyiwv ovopd pot, 
ini noVjoi iapiv. 10 xal naoexdlei avrov noXka ha ptj avta 
anoariikxi l£w tr s a x<&oatf. 11 yv di ixel noba tip ooei uyslt] %oi~ 

3. finificHjnrc. kabclab: unc 8 al pi . . . g (= Gb Sz) nvtinttour c. dh al mu | 
ovSi ckbcdla al* . . . govxt c. An unc 9 etc | alvati c. bc*l al* it* . . . 
g aXvaiaw c. mac 2 dad one 9 al pier it 8 vg etc | ovxtx* oroW c. hbc* 
dla al 6 itpl« r vg . . . ? om ovxtx* c. AC*n unc 9 al pier i q | id wax o 
e. hab*c*dlaii unc 7 etc . . . g rjdvvax. c. b 8 c*f al mu 

4. tax- <*vrov c. mabcklmuaii al*° itpl vg al . . . g avx. «r/. c. kpqhsv 
al plu 

5. iv x. ftvT]fta<!nr xcu iv r. OQiotr c. mabcklmuaii al^Wvg cop go etc 
.. . ^ (= Gb 8s) tv t. oqta* nay tv r. fivtjftaow (d finjfiiKHo) c. D unc 6 
al mu it 4 

6. xcu *oW c. kbcla al 8 cop ... g Ln *oW dt c. Aon unc 9 al pier itpl« r 
vg al mu | ano paxy. c. hbcda unc 7 al longe pi . . . Gb' paxo. sine 
<wro c. AKLMn al 80 | nqoatxw. avxto c. mdh unc 9 al pi . . . Ti nq. avtov 
c. abcla al 16 

7. X*yt* (Gb") c. habcklma (n Xtyov) al 80 etc ... g tint c. d unc 7 al pi 
it 6 vg al 

9. oroua om c. HABCKLMAn*** al* 6 syrP arm . . . g oo* ovofia Dn m ff unc 7 
al pi it vg Orint2,8H | Xtytt avxo) c HABCKLMAn^ 1 al* 8 it* vg cop al 
... g (= Gb Sz) antxQk&n ktywv c. EFGH8UVn m & al pi ; antxQt&ij sine 
Itywv d etc | Xtyimv c. k*b*cdla it vg syr°tr cop . . . g Xtytwv c. (h© 
2fya*«rt') AB 8 a unc 9 etc | Xty. ovofia no* c. haclao unc 9 etc . . . Ln 
add taxtv c. b al 4 itPler vg; d q ttrxw /to* ovopct kty. 

10. noLQtxakf* c. mbcdlh unc 9 etc: aa aP*it 4 etc naQtxaXovv \ avx* 
anoax. c bca . . . f Ln Ti ai/Tot/O' a^ocrr. c. defqhsuv al pi, am etc 
an oar. axnova ... ml 258. b e axtxov ajtoax., kh etc anocx. avrov 

11. 7i(>oa xw OQt* c. unc oxnn al 180 it vg etc (AKUntxt e tc post fio<rxofi. y 


144 5, 12. KATA MAPKON 

Qtav fieydfo] poaxofjuvt]' 12 xou noQexdXsoap avrbv Xiyovrta' 
m'pxpov facia eh rova xoiQovGy iva big avrova etot'XOcofiev. 13 xou 
inirotypsv avroia. xou i&Xdovra ra nvriftara ra axa&OQra 
staijX&ov eh rova xotQova, xa) oig^aev r\ dy&q xara rov xoriptvov 
eta ir\v ftdXaaaav, ma diaxiXioi, xou invlyovro h rjj ftcddacrtf. 
14 xa\ oi (loaxovrBa avrova eqjvyov xou anqyyBtXav big rrp noXiv 
xou big rova ayoova' xou JjX&ov ideiv riianv rb yeyovba., 15 xou 
eQXOvrou ngba rbv 'Iqaovv, xou &8odqovoiv rbv oaipov&ofABPOv 
xa&TjiABvov ip.ariapivov xou awcpQovovvra> rbv iaxyxora rot Xe- 
yioZva, xou ecpopT/ftTjoav. 16 xou dir^aavro avroia oi idovtaa 
nojG iywero Tq> duuiovi£otit+<p xou neol T©5f x * 00 **' ^ * a * 
jqofcuvro naoaxaXBw avrbv dneX&Biv dnb raw bouot avrdiv. 

M etc post fityalij pon) ... g (= Gb Sz) nqoft ra oQt] c. minusc 
pauc*** ... 1. om, hinc Gb° | fityaXtj c. kabcau unc 8 al pier it 4 vg 
etc ... dlu al it 4 go om, hinc Gb 00 

12. 7t<xQixahaav c. HBCLAn m ff unc 7 al pier c go etc: ADKMn*** al 16 it 9 
vg etc naffuaXniiv | ktyovrnr (d 2P« tutovru) absq additam (Gb") 
c. kbcla al 11 cop aeth . . . * Ti praem navtta o» datuovt<j y Ln [/rarr.] 
o» Scuti. c. An m ff unc 7 al pi a go syrP arm; item Gb Sz o* daipovta 
omisso aavrto c. inn 1 ** al 15 it 8 vg syr 8ch , d 2P« ra (2P 8 narra fa) 

13. xa* f7i(TQt\p. avrour sine additam c. hbcla al 8 b e cop syr sch arm 
... g (Ln) xa» tniTQty. avroia tv&tota (c. An unc 8 al pier f g** vg 
syrP, d it 5 post xai, var al: Gb° et Ln [m»0.]) o Is (c. An unc 8 al pier 
f g 1 " ▼£ syrP aeth, var d etc: Gb° et Ln [o «]) | «wff 6W/»A. c kbc* 
dla al 1 it vg etc . . . g praem rjaav 6**, Ln [17a. 6**] c. Ac*n one al 
pier it 6 go 

14. xai o* poffKOvt. (Gb") c. kabcdlma al 85 a e go cop syr ntr aeth ... { 
o» S( poa*. c. n unc 8 al plu u 10 vg arm | atTovc c. mbcdla al 6 it 
vg cop syr tch ath . . . g (= Gb Sz) xova /osfouff c. ah unc 9 al pier 
syrP arm go | arttjyyttL c. HABCDKLMn al 85 .. . «■ (= Gb Sz) arrjyyitX. 
c. a unc 7 al pi I rji&ov (Gb") c. «c arklmou* 33. al 80 cop syrP go ... 
g (fyX&ov c. H*CDEFOH8VAn 9 al plu itPl vg al 

15. tfiaxuffitvop c. hbdla al 18 itpl«' vg cop arm . . . g (sed Gb°) Ti 
praem xou c Acn unc 9 al pier q syrP go | tov fa/^x. t. Afytft^a (-tomx 
c. h*bla etc; ? -twva c. »°Acn unc 9 al pier): d 17* 27. it vg (eic rat) 
om, hinc Gb 00 

16. xat dkfiyfju. c. HABCQKLMAn^t al pm it 4 vg cop etc . . . Gb" dttjyije. 
di c. Dn m * unc 6 al 100 it* 


KATA MAFKON 6, 26. 145 

Id **** xai iftSaivovtoa avtov eur td nXowv, xoQexdXii avtbv 6 
dwfiOMO&euj iva pit avtov j. 19 xai ovx dcpijxev avtov, dlXa 
iUje* airztp' may* «<r tot olxov gov now? rove cows, xal dndy- 
ytdov avtous wsa o xvowa aoi aenofyxev not fjXerjaev ae. 20 xal 
vLftrjX&zv, xal tjo£ato xqovaoetv iv rrj dexanoiu 6a a inoiqoev 
avtw 6 'ItpjowT, xal navtms i&aipaCov. 

21 **°* Km duvuQwsartoc tov 'Itpov h ttp nXoly eia to lcs/^o 
ntQcof ndkv, ovvthfrq ojXog noXvo iti avtov, xal rp naoa tyv M _ 4 
Valaaaa*. 22 xai io%9tai eh t<ov aQXiovvay&ywv, ovopatt 'last- *£ ■» *J; 
oqg, xeu idmv avtov nimu nob<r tows no&aa avtov, 23 xal naga- 
xoXju avtov nolXa, Xiyatv oti to Ovydtowv pov ioydtws het, tva 
tk&mv im&iJG too iHQaa avtjj, tva ato&jj xal £1^7. 24 xai anyX* 
frtv yax avtov, xai rjxoXov&H aitcp oiXoa noXva, xal cvnO)j^ov 
avtov. 25 xal ywq ova a iv qvgbi atpatoa ticodexa etfj, 26 xai 
twXXo. na&ovaa vttb noXXaiv taxQwy xal danavqoaoa td naq 




18. tf*0cu¥orto<x (Gb") c. habcdkwwii al 86 . . . g tpfiavtoa c. efohbuv 
ai pi | Ufa fiit avx. if c. HABCUMUat** al 80 e go etc ... g wa tj pix 
avr. c. Dn m « unc 8 al pi itPl vg cop aeth 

19. xcu ova c. habcklmah al 80 f 1 vg cop eyr^ go, item al 5 g*tj^<** ° '*5 
era, Ln xa* [o «] ova ez errore de c ...?(= Gb Ss) o tit «»* ova c. 
d one'' al pi it 8 etc | anayy**Xov c. hbca al . . . d al 7 SuxyytUoy . . . f 
avayy**L c. alii one 9 al pier | o avo <ro* c.bca ff*' (aoi poat ntnouix. 
* cop eyrP) . . . s Ln 00* o at/o. (d o #*oo) c. adlii unc 9 al pier itP 1 
vg al I ntnotjj*. c. mabclo udc 8 al 100 ... g (= Gb Sz) tnoHjoi c bk al . 

21. jroiUr post f»<r to 9r«oaf c hd 2P« it 7 syr^ r . . . f Ln Ti ante <»<r 
to rtf?. c abcl unc rell al pier 1 vg (c ante letui) 

22. x*t tojfKCM (Gb') c. MBDLa 102. it 8 vg cop al ... ff aa»*6^ov «^/., Ln 
xcm [tdov] tqX' c - Acn unc * a ^ P^ er ^ 8 8 7 rP ' arm 8° 

23. aou 7Tc»v axa ^' 4 (6b') c. hacl al 10 . . . $ Ln km nayixaltt c. bdah 
one 8 al pier it 4 vg al . . . D it 8 n<n>axalvy | too* jt<*oao- (al 8 it 4 etc 
-rijr z f *V a t A etc a< ^^ <f01 ') a,/T, 7 c * hbcla al 10 a syr* c l> cop aeth . . . g 
avrrj (ak al 8 avroi) too /ttpaff c. An unc 8 al pier eyrP arm go | *m 
(Gb*> ow^-i/ aa* ^170-17 c. mbcdla al 4 ; item td talva sit et vivat it 8 vg 
cop go ... g onvxs aat9-rj nay ^atrat. c. a a unc 9 al pier arm syrP 

25. ywq c. mabcla al 5 itP 1 vg cop syrP aeth . . . g (Gb 00 ) Ti add Tiff 
c. DH unc 9 al pier a f syr 8Ch arm go | dwdtx. ixt\ c. kbcla al 7 cop ... 
g Ln Ti it. oW. c. Adu unc 9 al pier it vg al 

26. xa 7roo (o etc om) tavrrjo c. mcdkaU al mu . . . Gb Sz Ln Ti to 
nag avxija c. abl unc 9 al 10 ° 

TwcHKKDOBr, N. T. Edit. 8. critica minor. 10 


149 5,27. KATA MAPKON 

iavtiJG n&vra, xa\ ffldev coq&h&ziGOL aXXa pdXkov big to %biqov 
iL&ovGa, 27 oMOVGOGa ta mgi tov 'Iijgov , iX&ovaa b> rep &%kp 
ima&sv jjyparo tov tfiatiov aitov' 28 Sieyev voq on iav a\pcoficu 
%av t&v tpatuBv avrov, Goo&^GOfioi. 29 xai ev&vG i&jgdv&t] rj 
nrflti tov aqiatoG avriJG, xal lyvm T(p Go&fmti on tatai anb trfi 
p&Gtiyoa. 30 %a\ ei&vG b *IqG0VG mtyvovG &> eavrcp tip «J aitov 
dvrafuv i£eX&ovGav, imotQoqmo iv T<p ©#Up Skeyev' tia (tov 
yxpato tow tpattmv; 31 *a\ zksyov av?<p oi fAa&ipai aitov' filt- 
nws tov o%Xov Gw&Xi^ovtd as, xal JJyeuy' tic pov fjxputo; 32 xai 
nBQiB$ldnsto idelv tip tovto noirpaxsav. 33 i\ de ywij (po$rft&Ga 
xat tQtfWvaa, eidvla o yiyovev avtfj, tjl&sv xal ngoGindGav avr<p 
scat sbtsv avtcp ndoav tip dkjj&siav. 34 6 di tlsiev awj* &vya- 
teg, tj niojiG gov gbgg>x£v as' vnays sic sigtprp, xcu "a&i vyiqa 
anb tr\G ftdattyoa gov. 35 hi aitov XaXovvtoG lg%ovtai anb 
tov dgytavvayoiyov Myovzeo oti y Qvydttjg gov dns&avev , ti hi 
GxiXkeuy tov diddaxalov; 36 b de 'Itjgovg nagaxovGOG tov Hyov 
XaXovfjLEvov Xsyei rop agxujvvaycoytp' (xrj qtoffov, (wvov niGteve. 
37 xai oi* dcpijxev ovdeva per aitov awaxoXov&tjGai ei fiy tovlH- 

27. ra ntfp o. h*bc*a 83 6V . . . ; Ln Ti om f a c. h c ac 2 dlh unc 9 al pier 

28. tat ayupa* xav (b supra lineam add) twt tfiat. (hd etc tov ifia- 
t»ov) avx. c. hbcla 49 e * . . . g Ln xav xwf hfiaxmv (d etc tov i>/ia- 
tk>v) avrov (d cavrov) aipwpcu c. A(D)n one 9 al pier 

. 29. tv&va c. hbcla 83. 49 eT ... g ev&ewa e. adh unc 9 al pier 
80. ev&va c. hbcla al 9 . . . g Ln tv&ftur c. adh nnc 9 al pier 
88. avrtj c. kbcdl al 4 it* . . . q Ti in OVT17 (al avrrjv) c. An nnc 9 al pier 

it 8 vg go aeth 
84. o de c. HABLM*&n nnc* al pier e vg go cop al . .. Ln add is c. cdm^S 

al*°it 7 etc I ^vyaTeo c. «AC 9 (*latet)LAn nnc 9 al pier ... Ln Ti #vyo> 

T170 c. bd al 1 

36. o dtTs abeq iv&iwg c. hbdla al 8 it 10 rg cop syr^ch a i mu ( :: eorum 
qui naqaxovaaa nemo confirmat tv&., quod toties Mco inlatum) ... 
g (Bed Gb°) Ti add tv&twa, Ln [tv&.] c. Acn unc 9 al pier a go syrP [ 
Ttaqaxovo. c. «*et°l>BLA e (neglexit) . . . g Ln axovaaa (:: ut Lc) c, 
H ca Acon unc 9 al omn vid itP l6r vg etc 

37. fitx avrov vvvaxolovd-. c. hbcla . . . g avrai avvaxoXovB^aou c. n s 
nnc 8 al pier; Ln ai'rw axoXov&-r]Gcu c. aku* al 8 ; DS r etc nagaxokovB: 
avxta J Toy tzztq. c. hbca . . . g Ln om Toy (: : ut Lc) c. adlh unc 9 al 


RATA MAPKON 6,2. 147 

too* %aJ 'laxatpop xai 'Ieodtrrjv top ddeXcpbr 'Iaxoiftov. *38 xai «jp- 
X<w-ra« «mf Toy oixoy tov a^iffwayofyov, xal ftecnQsi dvQvfiov xal 
xlatorraa xal aXaXd^optac noXLd y 39 xat wreldw? ky«* avroicr' 
ri &OQV$GiG&& xal xkueze; to aoudiov ovx dni&avzv dXXd xa- 
tovAet. 40 xa* xarcy&tty avrot/. eevrocr 5* exfiaXmv ndvtaa 
noQaXafJk^avei top natiga tov ncudiov xal ttjp f/ajtiga xou tows 
per avtov, xai ebnogeietai onov rjy to naMop. 41 xal xgatipac 
tr t c Z&qog tov naidiov Xiyu airy' taJu&a xoifA, o iatw ue&eg~ 
foprevopevop' to xoQoawv, aol Xeyw, iywge. 42 xal bv&vg aviaty 
to xoQaawv xal negtenatu' t}p yaQ htov foidsxa' xal i&'ottpap 
ev#w exctaaei ptydlq. 43 xal dieateiXaro avtoio nolXa ha 
\xxfiiiG ypoX tovto, xal ehtev fatijvat avrij yayeiv. 


1 8 °' 1 Kal i&jX&er exsider, xal Sgxitai *«r ttjp natgida av~ Mt J 8 7J,_ M 
tov, xal axoXov&ovtnr avtco oi pa&tjtal avtov. 2 xal yevopwov 
oaffiarov iqg^ato diddawv iv tjj awayooy^' xal oi nolXol axov- 

omn Tid | taxupov (fh etc praem tov) : doa al 8 a ayrP (Bod add iox. 
c*) avxov (Gb') 
38. *qzovtcu (Gb") c. habcdfa al 8 it 7 vg cop Syr 80 * 1 ... g co^ctcm c. Ln 
unc 8 al pier it* go al | «<*• post ^oQvfiov c. mabclmuau al 40 it 8 vg go 
al . . . g (= Gb Sz) om c. d unc 7 al pi itpl cop 

40. avroG it (Gb') c. mbcdla al 9 itpler V g cop . . . g Ti o it c. An unc 8 
al pier e syrP tot arm, item m etc addito ie | nartcxa c. mabclau unc 
reU e tc... f (= Gb Sz) anarzaa c. minuac ... d etc tova o/Aouo- | 
ro noudnyv c. hbdla 102. it 6 cop aeth ... g (=Gb) add araxi^tvov 
c. Acn unc 9 al pier (var al) it 6 vg al 

41. takifra (b -<ȣa) c. unc pier etc (et. it* 1 *? vg) . . . d (UP 1 ") tap tret \ 
xovp c. mbclm al 86 etc ... ^ Ln xovjik c. Adah unc 8 al pier itP 1 vg 
Byr ach Byr p e tmg gr CO p arm aeth 

41. tyttgt c. unc pier al pi ... g (=Gb Sz) fyftoo* c. u al permu 

42. tv&vcr c. mbla 33. . . . g Ln tv&mo c. acdii unc 8 al pier | ttwv c. 
abdld unc 8 al pier it vg etc : hca etc add von vel taa | cgetfT. tv&va 
chbcla 33. cop aeth .. . g Ln om «ud-. c. ado unc 8 al pier it vg al mu 

43. y»o» c. abdl . . . g yvm c. mcaq unc 8 al omn^ 1 * 

VI. 1. f Qz*rcu c. mbcla syrP m * . . . ff Ln qX&tv c. An unc 9 al pier go al 

Or 8 ** 81 (D nnntiX&m) 
2. <?t<fa<rx. €» t. ffi'^a/. c. mbcla al 8 f flf 8 * cop 8yr atr arm . . . g Ln Ti tv 

t. av. dbdaox. c. An unc 9 al pier itpter vg go | o* n:oAXo« c. bl 13. 28. 

10 • 


148 6, 3. KATA MAPKON 

orzes i%8nX*i<TGorro y Xfyovteo* no&et tovrap tavta y xai tiff rj 
(Hxpia 7 do&tuja tovtcp; xai dvrdfieta rotavtcu &a tw ger^a!? 
avtov ywovtat; 3 w% ovtoc ifftw © textcov, o woo- ri^o" Moqivuf 
xai afckpoa '/axw/fov xai Toot/to* xcu 7ov£a xai JStpmvoo; xut 
ovx ehh at adehpai avtov code *(kxt tjfiaa; xai evxavdaXiXovro 
iJia & avrcp. 4 6lml kcu slayer cevioic 6 'ItfGovtj oti ovx htiv nQoyt'ntjcr 
artfioc ei pi] eV tjj natoidi iavtov xai er tomt avyyeveiffiv avtov 
xai w rg oix/a avtov. 5 xai ovx edvvato exei noiijaou ovbefuuv 
dvmpuv, ei faj otiyouj aQQcbcrtouj imO-suT tita jtiqaa i&eQanBvazv. 
6 xai e&avpaaev 6Va dp> a/rior/a? awoiy. 

69. 346. ... g Ln om o» cmacdaii unc 9 al pier | wtovoma c. habc unc* 
al pi (d it e vg audientes) . . . D* r VHLAn> al* 6 a autovaavrea ...bee 
om | #00*. toi/tw c. mbcla cop . . . g Ln Ti oW. ai'TW c. add unc 9 a| 
pier etc | xat dvvctfi. touxut. <J*a f . #«*£. awr. yworrou c. ac* uncg 
al 80 a e ... f (= Gb Sa) eadem praemisso of* c. (u omiaso xa»?) mi 
uusc vix ma f go, item C* al 80 praemisso **a sed non mutato ykporra*" 
item dkh etc wa sed sequente yuwrxa* ... n*et c BLA al* it 2 vg cop 
xat a* (l om) dwa/t. (h° add at) toiauta* (h c la add at, item c 1 vg) 
<h« f . #«•£. avtov ykropiVDU 

3. o Tfxrcuy (syr hr om) o two* c. HABCDL&n anc 9 al pier it* vg cop go 
Byrutr al. Cf hue lust*' 88 Cele ap Or 1 . 867 ... 33. 69. 2P« al 8 it' vg cdd 
arm al o rov xtntovoa vioo. Cf Or 1 ' 659 contra Cels ovdajtov xwr tv 
rata exxXrjaiaHj (peqoutvw tvayytktmv ****** avroa o £ avuyiyya- 
nta* | trj(T naquw c. mbcla al 8 . . . g Ln om vyo c. adu unc 9 al pier [ 
xat (hdl add o, non boa) aStktp, c. kbcdla al 4 e cop syr ... it 7 vg al 
/rater ... g adeky. dt An unc* al pier q go eyrP | xat *wo>/To<r c. bdla 
al 7 a cop . . . h 121. it 7 vg aeth x«» *«ffjyy ... g xou w<rrj c. a en unc 9 
al pier uyr utr go arm 

4. *a* tXtyiy c. hbodla al* it' vg cop 8yr 8Ch . . . f tktyt it c. An unc 9 
al pier c go syrP arm aeth | nary id i> tavrov c. h*l al 8 . . . q Ln Ti 
7ia. aurov c. hcabgdu unc 9 al pier ... k c al praem wJta | avyytvtv<nv 
c. b*d*la unc* al permu ... g Ln uvyyevtvw c. H*AB*CD*x*Msn al pi 
(»*it* om x. t. t. ffvyy. a.) | trvyy. avtov (a tavrov) c. bc*klm*(a> 
al* d it 7 vg cop syruw aeth ... g om airrou (et Ln [avtov]) c. h»ac 8 i> 
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5. edtrvaro c. AB*CKLMsn al mu ... f Ln fjiwaro c. hb 3 dbfghva etc | 
wo*, ovdtfi. 6w. c. hbcla al cop ... d etc ovdtfi. not. dvvapiv ... g 
ovd. Si/v. not. c. An unc* al pier f vg • 

6. xa* t&aupacrtT c. kbk* 714 al . .. g Ln Ti x. t&avfiaZtv c. ACDLn uncP 1 
al pier it 7 vg 


KATA MAPRON 6, 15. 140 

8M Kai nepfffev rite xwuaa xvxhp dtddoxmp. 7 BM xal iil/i-e 
xQooxakBrtcu rove dobdexa, xai ij<£aio avtova ano&r&Xetp 8vo Ucl0,l ~ ls 
&o, xcu ididov avrduj i&ovoiap imp ftptvudttop tm axa&o^rcw, 
8 xcu ncuytffyttla* avzou? ipa uydiP atgactp *io otiop li ay QaBdov 
HDfov, uq oqtop, pt] nr\QOJ y uh eh tip Z<xmp %akxov> 9 alia 
izodefoptpowj cafdaXiOy xal ut} ivdvayafts bvo yitvntaua. 10 54,i 
tax Sutler avrous* onov iav eiaeX&rjte eia oixiap, ixu uipm iaxr 
if &&{hjT9 ixei&ev. 11 **'* xal oc ap ronoa uij de&pai vpaa 
tn$ dxovaooGtv ifKDfy ixaoQSVOuevoi «W#w ixripd&at8 top %ovp 
to* vnoxdim raw nodcov vp&p eh uoqtvqvop avious. 12 M '* xcu 
Qd&ovrea *xjjfov£ar Iva unapomatp, 13 xal daiuovta noXka 
%i$a)lop 9 xal nltupop ikaicg tioMlovg aqownova xal i&eQanevop. 

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to ovopa avtov, xal Hiysp on 'Iooawrja b fyamlQwp iytjyeQtai ex 
fopew, xcu Hut tovto ipegyovaip at wvdp&ta iv ainy. 15 SXkoi di 

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eytpsto Mti4,u 

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e. wbcla 38. (cop) aetb ... g Ln «iy (d etc ftfjtt) tzijq. prj (d etc 
ptjri) oo*. e. add unc 9 al pier it vg al 

9- aila c. habcdlsu ... <; all e. An unc et | tr&vaija&t (et. ? Gb Sz) 
c HACDAn* unc 8 al pi a cop arm go, item b* al wivaao&t . . . g • «r- 
fostur&cu c. B a sn* al, L al 10 «v& 6W6ru. Item e iteove vestiri, itPl 
rf ne nuZnerefitMr 

U. oa ay ton on pr\ dt& c. hblaS* 13. 88. 69. 124. 346. cop syrP »g 
teth, 0*^*1 4 i« (T up prj 6t£. ... ^ Ln o<ro* <»r (or c. efokitv al inn, 
Ln fay c. ac'dhkh al pi) pq deforca* (hjui etc Si^opx.) c. ac'dh 
we 8 al pier it vg go al | «kt ^ctor. oevroia sine additam (et Ob) c. 
mbcdla al 1 it* Yg al . . . f (= Gb) add apqy A*y» v/n«r 9 an xtoti qop 
tntu aodofiouj *tropoQQouj §v i//«€0a xfuTwa ff ttj nolt* t*in>ri, item 
La [«/«ipr — ttttrrj] c. An unc 9 al pier it 4 cop« d * syr utr aeth go 

U. fxqov£ay c. hbcdla eyr«« n et P nw go . . . * Ln r*tjgva<rop c. An unc 9 
al omnvid, Item itP lor vg syrP *** | /urapowr** c. bdl cop . . . 9 ptra- 
**Wmto c. macah unc 9 etc • 

13 - tfrfiaiXov c. habl nnc 8 al pier it vg . . . cdma al 15 t^tfiaXop 

U. o ^oe. 17000*. c. HABC*L*n unc 8 etc : c*df etc qyvd. o /fc*. | tktyt* 
c MACLAn unc 9 al pier it 6 vg al pier . . . Ln (Xiyov (o -yoacbr) c bd 
•l , it*mt'Aug«« ,1 * 9 » 9x I tytjy^To* ex vexo. c, hbdla 3d. it vg etc ... 
c WifOif ex *fx0*y, f tx vex^. nytq&n c. n™g unc 8 al pier; item go 
'Ttf; Ti ex vexo. cw«rti/ c. A«n ttt al mu 

15. Ji p r i ( ot . Gb + 8a) c. habcdlah etc . .. c om c fmuv al mu syrP arm 


150 6, 16. KATA MAPKON 


ekeyov on 'HXeiaa taxi*' allot di eleyov Sri BQoqwiijO ma tfo 
rwv nQoqttfrap. 16 "^ dxovaaa di 6 *HoiAfato ilsyev' ov iym 
dnexsydliaa 'Imdvvtp, ovroa tjyio&q. 
MtM,s-ia 17 M ' 2 Avroa yog 6 'Homdtjo aTtoareikaa ixQaryaev rbv 
los, 9. 'j^^y^, xa j llhjaev avrov iv yvXaxjj did 'Hooodtdda rrjv ywaixa 
QhXinnov rov ddeXqov avrov, ori avrrjy iydfifjaev' 18 eXsyev yap 
6 'IoodvvTjG rep 'Hqco&q on ovx e&orh aoi S^w ri/v ywaixa rov 
aSslqw gov. 19 ^ di 'Hootdido sreixw avrip xai y&eXev avrov 
dnoxrEivai, xai ovx ijdvvaro' 20 6 yog 'Hotodqa iyofieiro rbv 
'I<x>dvvrjv, eidma avrov dvdga dtxaiov xai aytov, xai awErtjoet 
avrov y xai dxovaats avrov nolld ijtzoqbi, xai ijdeaxT avrov fjxovev. 
21 60,8 xai ywopivrp tjfju'oaG evxaigov, ore ^Hot&drp rota yeve- 
aioia avrov ieinvov inofyoev rota (Aeytardaiv avrov xai roia ftiur 
oqxokj xai rous nocoroia rip FaXiXataa , 22 xai sifftl&ovaria rrjc 

15. fflttaa c. b* (:: at alibi et. hadla) . . . % Ln Ti ijXtaa c. kab 8 cdlk 
unc rell etc | tkiyov sec : h al 4 it 1 syr*^ arm om | 7^0917*470 c. kbc* 
la al 5 Or 8 * 469 (sed Tar edd) ... s add iartv t Ln [tar.] c. ^c 8 n unc 9 al 
pier it 4 vg go al mu . . . d it 4 om n%otpi\x. oxr | our c. habclii unc 9 
al 180 it* vg etc . .. ? 17 oiff c. A al pauc syrP arm 

16. ante f]Q(nd.i cdk*uv al 46 cop om | titytv c. kbcla 33. f . . . g Ln 
tutiv c. ADn unc 9 al pier it 8 (it 5 vg ait) | or hbdl al 7 it vg syr utr arm 
aeth ... g (sed Gb°) praem or* cum acah unc 9 al pier cop go | •«- 
avvtjv h. 1. c. hGabclaii unc rell al pier it 5 vg go Or 4 » 118 (h* ovro<r 
uuavvya ijytQ&ri, k* ovroa i&avmjo, avxoa ijy.)) var test al ... d om : 
hincGb 00 J oirroa c. H*et c BDLA al 8 it*vg (cop); similiter 33. etc avroa 
(ipse) ... c ovtog tort*' avroa, Ln out. [torw\ avroa] c. Acn unc 9 
al pier it 4 go syrP arm | i}y(<?&ij c. mbla 33. 102. cop syr hr ... g Ln 
r\YtQ&. $n vtxquv c. An unc 9 al pi mu, DflP al 6 it 4 vg ex rexo. qytQ&ij, 
c etc f\yiqd-. ano ratv vtnq. 

17. avroa yaq: h «l cop go o yaq \ xtu tdijotv avror «r (? = Gb Sz add 
T17 cum min) vvXaxrj (a er yvX. x. td^a. aur.) : d al 8 it 6 al x. t dijo. 
avr. xa* no qvXoxijv 

19. q&iXtp c. HABc 8 OLAn unc 9 etc|.. . Ln «^t** c. c* d it 6 | ^vwro: 
AKan al 8 id wax. 

20. t^noQn e. mbl cop ... c Ln Ti *«ro«* c. a dun unc rell al omn^ld it 
vg rell 

21. ore: Ln o re | fnonjaiv c. hbcdla al 4 it vg .. . * *ttok# o. An unc 9 
al pier 


RATA MAPKON 6, 29. 151 

dvyargda avtrja tya ' HoafiuktioG xal bQ?(r { Gap&n\<s , jfoecer ftp 
Hq<d&xi * ai t0 * <T Gwapaxup&ouj. 6 de paaiievo ehrep t<p xogaaup 
drtjGOv fte o ia* 0&i?<r, xcu dcb<ja> aoi' 23 xal t&ftooev avrjj oti 
6 iav fis aittjoxp dciam aoi iaxr tjfjUsowf ir\<s pactXei'av pun. 24 xal 
i&l&ovaa ehtev tjj ptjtgl avtija' ti aittpcopcu; y de elnsv' tip 
%eyaXrp 'IghUppov tov ^antiConoa. 2b xal eheX&ovca ev&va 
IMtra anwdiJG noba tov fiacdJa ^trjaaro le'vovaa' &&m Iva *£- 
avTTpj dqp fioi inl mvaxt tip xetpalip 'Iaawov tov flanttotov, 
26 xcu neoikmoo yevouevoa 6 fiaatXeixj foa tows OQXova xcu tova 
owombuUpovc ohx rj&ehp&if a&erijacu aintp. 27 xal evdvo anor 
ctukaa ogaadevo antxovkatoQa inha^ev tveyxai tip xeyaXtp 
avtov. 28 xcu dm\&mv anexeyahaev avion tv ti wvXaxy, xcu 
ipeyxer tip xe<paXrp avtov im nivaxi xcu iSaxsv avtrp tdp xooa- 
<riip» xcu to xooaaw* edamev avtrp tfjutpol avtrja. 29 xcu axov- 
aavTKF oi (jut&rjtal avtov rjX&uv xal youy to atripa avtov, xal 
ifhjxav avtov iv pvTjueiqp. 

22. avrfpF xf[<a\ kbdla 2P« avtov | ijQtat* c. hbc*l(a) 33. e ff 9 * cop arm 
. . . g not aqujaaijo c. AC 8 orn unc 9 al pier it 4 vg go | o dt pao. u,ntv 
c. wbc*I.a 33. (g 9, q yg) ; Ln n,ntv it o fia<T. c. A cop (c) . . . g ttniv 
o paa. c. c*Dni unc 9 al pier it 4 go syrP arm 

23. or* o tap : ba al 6 o r» ay, n8* it, r» ar 

24. xai (M&ovaa e. hbl(&) 33. cop aeth (d it* yg) ... g Ln t] Si t£il&. 
c. ACD^rn unc 9 al pier a (b go syr*** | currjeojfiat (Qb) c. mabcd 
qx.a al 9 ... g avcrj<wpcu c. rn unc 8 al pi | tov panti^ovxoa c. mbla 
28. eyrP ... c Ln toxt panrujtov c. ACDrn unc 9 al pier 

25. tv&va c. hbca al*, g tv&itotr c. Am unc 9 al pier etc ... dl etc om | 
ttatrtrja dota pot c. »bc*la 2P e it 4 yg etc ... ? po* dwa ilavtija c. A 
c*nr unc 9 al pier arm . . . d doa pot omisso (item al* it 9 go) tfavrrja \ 
paninrcov: l panr£orTo<r 

26. cewtutttfuvova c. bc^^la 42. Byr 9 *** ... «r Ln (Tvvavaxcifi. c. hac*d 
rn unc 9 etc | a&tt. avxr\r e. hbola ... e mn, a&tt. c. ADrn unc 9 al 
pier itp!« r vg 

27. iv&vff c. hbcla ... s Ln tv&ima c. ADrn unc 9 al omn^d | antMov- 
iaro^a e. mablh unc 9 al 96 ... c amnovlaKvQa c. r al mu | vrtyxa* 
c. hbca ... g Ln Ti ivez&ipn** c. ADLrn unc 9 al omn 7 ** it vg ete | *%* 
ntip. avtov ... Ln add [tm n&vctnt] c. ca al it 9 yg 

28. xcu <*7ttX&. c. bcla al 4 it 7 (yg) etc . . . g o o*i amX&. c. ADrn unc 9 al 
pier go eyrP arm | avtrjv pr : la al 9 b c q syr» ch arm om, hinc Gb° 

29. rjl&ovp c. bl S3. . . . g Ln r\l&ov e. KACDrAn unc 9 al pier | avtov c. 


152 6, 30. KATA MAPKON 

he 9. io b • 30 6, ' R Kal ovvayovtai oi dnotrroXot kqog top 'hpovp, xa) 

106,1s antftyBiXap avry acuta oaa motqaav xai eoidagap. 61 xat 

)Jyu airrofa' devte vfituj avrol xat idiot* eh eQtjftop ronop xa) 

dvanavaaa&B oXiyop. rja&v yao oi eQ%6furm xa) oi vnayoptea 

nolXoi, xai ovdi yayeiv ehxaioovp. 32 M * A xai amjXO-op eta qnjuor 

ronop ro) nXoiop xar id/av. 33 xai ddop avrova vnayovraa xai 

intyvwaav avrova noXXot, xa) ne[jj dnb naaoyp rwp awt- 

doapop ex€t xai nQoijX&ov avrova. 

mu7u-t\ 34 Kai e&X&ow sldev noXvv e$rA«*, xai ianXayypia&ri in 

ioe ( 5-i8 avrova, on r t aap oxr ngopara py pyopt a noiptpa, xat tfQsaro 

"'i'm 8 d&doxeip avrova noXXd. 35 *** ' xa/ $(fy oSpart rtoHJja yepopt- 

vqa nQoaeX&oprea oi pa&qrai avrov tteyop on iQtjfwa ianp 6 

m 346. . . . g Ln Ti avr© c. abolish etc | tr finj/i, (et. y« Ob Si) e. ha. 
BCLrin unc 9 al pi . . . g (et. Wtit al) tv tm fty*. c. d al viz ma 
80. nana oaa c. hbcdelva al 86 it vg etc . . . ? narr. xa* ooa c. Am unc 7 
al pi go syrP | xa* c. h*c* al B itP 1 ®"" vg al .. . ? Ln Ti xa* o<roi c. h<>a 
bc^dlatb unc 9 al pier cop svr tttr al 

31. Xiyit c. kbcla 33. (ait d itplw vg) ... g Ln *»*€* c. ADrn anc 9 al 
pier a | avanavaaaOt (6b') c. abcha al*° . . . g Ln apanavio&t c. 
HDLrn unc* al pi | wxaioovr (6b') c. habefghlvfa al'pl ... g ijvxat- 
goi»r c. CKM8Un etc ... d ivxaiQu-a fi%ov 

32. tuj toy/*, ton. cw 7iXok. c. Arn unc 9 al pier syr utr aeth ... { Ln tv 
ton (h om) Ttkoio) tMT iq. to*, c. (h)bla al 5 cop arm 

33. avrova vnayovraa sine additam c. habdltab unc 9 etc . . . g (= Ob 
Ss) add o» o/Ao* c. 13. 69. al viz mu | mtywtaav c. mab^ltah udc 9 
al pier .. . Ln tyvvxsav c. b*d al 3 | avtova c HAKLMUAn al 10 f q cop 
g vr atr aetb . . . % (= Ob) avrov c. KFQHavr al mu . . . 6b Ln Ti om 
c. bd al 10 it 8 vg | xa* tzqot\\&ov (la TtQO<rr]X&.) ainova c. hbla al 8 
vg; D etc xa* awtiX&ov avrov y 1. xa» rjl&ov t*t* atqae sic Ob, a et 
venerwd ... g («— Ob) Ti xa* noofjXO: amove xa* (Ti'VJjA^oy (a cvr- 
tSf^afior) noo9 avrov c. A(rn) unc 9 al pi f q eyrP aeth 

34. ftdf* (KLMvrAn eto tStv): sine additam c. hbl al" g 1 * cop arm ... g 
add oifio.4 unc 8 etc; item praem o ti Aun al 90 it* 1 ^ ayr*** aeth, liinc 
Ln [om] f*dcy, item add o Ti post o//Ur d etc | «t a«rrov<r c. mbdf etc 
... g *n avroirff o. ALr&n unc 8 al pier 

35. ywofiiptjff c. kd (it vg) ... g Ln Ti ytrofurija c. ABLrAH unc 9 al 
omu vW | TtQootl&orr. c. h* al 5 it 8 vg arm aeth, item a et bbh al 1 ' b 
g** . .. g Ln Ti add avrt c. MCsra unc 8 al pier c q etc | o* pa&- av- 
rov: a al 8 c arm om avrov, bine Ln [avt.] | tltyor c. hbla 33. cop 



totnnt, 7uu rfiq &$a nolHj ' 36 anokvoo* (arrow;, ha anel&ot- 
1*5 eia two xvxleo dyQovo xat xayuta ayoQaomow iavto&o ti 
jxfovjttf. 37 & di unoxQi&Bta dam ovtwr' dote ovtoio 
rfttuj fpayelr. xal Xtfovow «vrqp' dml&on&j ayoQaomper 
tyngu»* diaxooicov aQtovo, xal dmomfop avtoio q>ayeiv; 38 6 
34 hh'/et airrcZa' nooovc aQtwo i%tte; vndyete idere. xal yfor- 
ins keyowrtr' atrte, xal dvo iffrvao. 39 xal inira%er avtoio 
a*axlZra$ ndvtao ovfvrooia ovpnooiainl tip %koQ<p jfopttp. 40 xal 
mn&sa* nQcunal bqoouu, xata ixatbt xal xata nerrijnovta. 
41 xcu JUc/ftor tovo mm oqtovo xal tows dvo fy&vao dpapXetyacr 
cio tow oioatov evXoyrpw, xal xatixXaoep two aotovo not ididov 
uka pa&tjTatG ha fiaoati&wjiv avtoio, xal tova dvo.l%(fvao 
tfuotoer ndon. 42 xal Jkfayov ndnto xal txoQtdo&yoaV 43 xa) 
\ao9 xXaapatm* dcofoxa xoyivwv nXtftxafjutTa, xal anb tan hftv- 
©*. 44 xal \oav oi tpayortBO towr aQtovo nertaxtaxSitot apdoeo* 

.. . g L»n 'y Xtyovatv c. ADrn unc rell al pier q. Praeterea dxii al 18 
it* add avtm, A praem 

36. r# (*■ /fy«/*ara t*, cf it) vaywH* (Gb") c. kbla (ntST ** e>oyf iy) d It 
▼g etc . . . s Ti a^row *» yap ipaymaiv ovx rxovotr, Ln [aprow] r» 
[y«vl v*Y*0*r (ovx «*.] c. Arn hoc* al pier b f syr ntr aeth arm 

37. Sijra^. dtaxoa. c. mablad: unc* al 76 it 6 etc ... f <J*ax. drpoQ. e. DMr 
etc | d*c*>(M* c mbd al 9 , Ln Ti cWo/iw c. ALA al; dabumu it vg . . . 
C dwfuv c. rn one 8 al pier | Ln a£TOt><r; x. «W. cut. pay***, at Ti 
a^roitf, x. dour. am. fay***. 

38. ofT«t*r f£fre e. wADrn unc 9 al omn it vg ete . . . Ti f/«x . a^r. c. bla 
aeth | »rf«T* (Ob") c. hbdl al 9 it* cop etc ... ? xa» *o*«t., Ln [x.] «5. 
c Aran nnc 9 al pier it 5 vg ayrP | ityovow : AX>M m V al 10 it 7 al add 
<xvre>, hine Ln [avx.] 

59. oMnlmw c. AB 4 DLran nnc 8 al pier Or 8 * 510 (f vg) ... Ln awaxJU&ij- 
rm c. HB*e al" 0r«»«» 

40. awtnttrmp c, mbkfghmt4 etc . . . g Ln avtmoov c. ADKLSUrn al pi | 
xorra bis c. hbd SP° cop . . . q ara c. Axran nnc 9 al pier Or a »* 79 

41. tomt fia&. c. MBLa al 7 d etc ... c Ln add ovrov c AD« r rn unc 9 al 
pier itPl 0r vg ete ( naQwt&mnw c H*BLM*An* al 9 . . . s Ln 7ia^a#w- 
«ry c. i^ABM^rn 1 one 8 al pier 

43. xlourpattHr (bla -/tara) d«d. noipwmr (la -iwiw) nlij^tftaxa c. hbl 
a al 8 ... ^ Ln xlctafiaxw da»d. xoe>irov<r nXitftur c ADrn unc rell al 
pier (it vg) 

44. nirtcuMFZ- c. abdltad: unc 9 al 150 etc ... f (= Gb Sz) praem o»<rii 
cum min viz mu (» ew) 


154 6, 45. KATA MAPKON 

Mti*,M-88 45 w Kat svOva tpayxcurer tova ua&ntaa avtov iv&ti- 
pcu eta to mUho? xa# fTQoay9{v bus to ntQav nooa Btj&aaioav, eaxr 
avtba anoXvu top o^lor. 46 M * 8 xcu dnota£dfAByoa avtoXa an- 
nk&er eia to Sooa *qogbv£cut&cu. 47 e7 ' * xal 6\piaa vepofASTf^r 
t]v to nhnov iv piaip tija GuXaaatja, xal avro<T /coyotr «n r^<r yrja. 
48 xcu /dew avrovo* ^aaanCofidvova iv *<p iXavveiv, rp> yaq 6 avs- 
fwa ivavtuxs avroia, neol tstagtip qvXaxtjv tip wxtba $Q%erai 
noba avtova nBQutatmv inl tija &aXaaat]a. xal tJ&bXbp naQeX&eiv 
avtova' 49 oi di idorrea avtbv inl tija VaXdaaija neoutatovvta 
ido£av ott ydvtaapd iativ, xal avdxQa^av' 50 ndvtea yaQ avtbv 
eldav xal haQdx&qaav. 6 di ev&va iXdXqasv fx&z avtAv, xal 
Xiyei avtofo* &aQ<jelte, iyto eifu, py (pofteta&e. 51 •"• 6 xal dvs'pq 
noba avtova sia to nXotbv, xal ixonaazv 6 avsfwa" xal Xtav ix 
negtaaov iv iavtous i^tatavto. 52 ov yaQ avvyxav im tola 
aotour, aXX rp aiftmv y xaqdia neTtoyQcofievTj. 

Mt3r«-88 53 **' * Kal biansQoujarzea im tijv yrp ty&ov sia rev9ip a ~ 
alt xal 7tQoaoi)QfUG&fjaav. 54 xa\ i^eX&ovtoov avtcw ik tov nXoi'ov 

45. ev&v<r c. mbla 88. ... ;Ln tv&toxr e. ADrn one 9 al pier | anoXvt% c. 
mbl(da) 1. ... «*Kr al 88 anoXvaH ... g curoXv<r*}'c. An unc 8 al pi 

48. tSwr c. mbdla al it 5 vg cop . . . g **$tv c. rn 8 unc 8 etc, Axn* unc 8 
*6er, etc | ntqi c. mbla al 8 (a) ... g xa* ntqi c. ABXrn unc 8 al pier 

\ it 8 vg etc 

49. tm x. &al. ntfpn. c. mbla al s . . . s Ln Ti m^vn. tm c. &al. c. ad 
zrn unc 8 al pier it vg etc | or* yam. tat. c. hbla 83. . . . c Ln Ti 
<f>arrcuTfia two* c. ADirn unc 8 al pier it vg 

50. etSar chb ... $- Ln #«for c. Ann* nnc 5 etc; KLMivn* al do* | o de 
c. mbla 33. c cop . . . g Ln Ti xa* c. adxth nnc 8 al pier itpl*r vg etc | 
tv&va c. mbla ... «: Ln wO-two c. Axrn nnc 8 al pier . . . d etc om 

51. Xkxv: D«r a l 8 b om, hinc Gb° | t* niQuraov c. A(D)zrn nnc 8 al pier 
etc ... mbla 102. syt*® 11 aeth om, hinc Gb° | t&tatarto c. mbla al 5 
it 6 vg cop ... g (Bed Ob 00 ) Ti add xcw t&avfia^oit, Ln [k. t&avp.] c. 
ADxrn unc 9 al pier (a) b f q syr»« B ByrP arm aeth 

52. euU tjv c. mblm 8 8A al 18 cop ByrP™* . . . f Ln Ti ty yaq c. ADM*xrn 
unc' al pier itPl« r vg etc | a>vxw> ij xa?£. (Qb # 8b) c. MABzrn unc 8 al 
plu . . . g fj nxtqd. at*, c. dla al mu 

53. «7r* xtp yffv tjX&ov t*t ye. c. mbl(a) al 8 ... g Ln Ti yX&or tm xip ytjv 
ye. c. ADWXrn unc 8 al pier it vg etc | yein^- c MABDLxrAn unc 7 al 
pi etc . . . g y**f\- c. if fh al viz mu etc | -oaQex c. mab 8 lmfa al pm 
a ... b*hxh unc 8 al pi etc -i>i& ... d etc -tro? 


RATA MAPKON 7, 3. 155 

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xcu riQ^cfHo im tote xQaflairotG tova xiocox; iyvrtao neQupfynv, 
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avrov arpcorrcu' xcu oam av ippavro avtov iato^ovto. 


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to. ««.] 

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a n^qudqafiOYXta tie (itP ler vg) | /ftjoosv c. mbla 83. cop etc ...; Ln 
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vrn al pi b am ing, m xoot/faxTOMr, f*xa etc x^a/toro** . . . «: xqaflpa- 
xo*4r c. b*eh al mu a i ©** *<rriy c. mbla etc ... r Ti or* ex** ear** c. 
AKxrn unc 9 etc 

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(d)fla al 10 itPl vg syrP arm . . . % Ln Ti om c. Asxrn one 8 al pier b 
q cop go; iht tert c mbdl*a al 6 it 5 etc . . . % Ln Ti om c. AKxrn nnc 9 
al pier it* etc | *T*&t<rar c mbla al 8 . . . c Ln Ti ixi&oitv c. adnxth 
nnc* al pier | ijyamt c. mbdS'la al 8 a fl** . . . «r Ti tptxamo c. Ajrxrn 
nnc* al pier d it 5 vg 

VII. 2. oxt, xowcua - ur&tov<rn' e. mbl(a) 83. (cop syr M h) ... f Ln Ti 
xo«*oc«r - t<r#4onao c. AJ>nzrn unc 9 al pier a go | xova (c. mbdlna 
etc, e om c. Axrn unc 9 al pier) apt over sine additam c MABBOBLvxr 
a al 25 b cop aeth go ... % (*= Ob Sz) add tfiif*^apxo c. wn unc 5 al pi 
(d xarfypuMrar) itple* vg syr uir arm 

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y/*i7C. ABLMxrn (d nvxfiij y d primo) unc 9 etc Or 8 * 494 , pugillo it 4 , a 
momento, b subindc ... a om 


156 7, 4. KATA MAPKON 

naodoootp tm notafivteiHop, 4 xcu into ctyopcta tap fiij 0affr/- 
Gtoptcu owe eo&iovaip, xcu aXka nolXd iattp a Bao&a(b*xQatEip 9 
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taotp avtop oi <I>aQiacuoi xcu oi yQappatiuj' dmti oi n*Qtna- 
tovair oi fia&tpai gov xata tip ttaoddoatP tmv no&jfivtdQmp, 

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idim. 11 vp£a di le'ytre' dap eury ap&owroff rep natQt y ry 

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amrzcH c. ADrn unc 7 etc Or 8 > 494 (knx -fforrat, e*fa -Cowtcu, l -foi»- 
rcu) ... mb etc QarruFuvtat' | jfaAxMw (c. HBDxrAn unc 9 ; al -xcte»v) 
sine additam c. hbla al* cop ... g Ln Ti add xcu throw c. ADxrn 
unc 9 al pier it vg gyr^tr g arm Or 

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c xxrn unc 9 etc | ov ntQtnax. o* pad-. <rov c. hbla al 5 cop aeth ... g 
Ln o*jta&. trov ov momar. c. ADxrn unc 9 al pier it vg etc | aXXa xot- 
vcua c h*bd al 9 it 6 vg etc . . . g (= Qb) aXXa avintotff c. H c ALxrAn 
unc 9 ai pier it 4 etc 

6. o d( c. hbla al 1 cop syr»cb aeth ... g Ln add aftoxffrfo** c ADxrn 
unc 9 al pier it vg etc | xaXwr c. hbla al s it 6 vg syr* 6 * aeth ... g Ln 
ot» xaA*0" c ADxrn unc 9 al pier b q syrP arm go | enoointtvatv c. 
mb*dla al 6 ... g nqot<ptit. c. AB 8 xrn unc 9 al pier | or* c. hbl eyr^b 
... g Ln Ti om c. ADxrAn unc 8 etc | ovr. o Xaoao. malxtaq unc 9 etc 
... Ln o la. ovx. c. bd it 1 vg 8yr» ch 

8. aq>fvxeo c. hbla* al* cop etc (d al 8 it 6 )... . g Ti add yaQ c. AXrn unc 9 
al 8 vg al | av&oouwv sine additam o. hbla al 4 cop arm od d omn . . . g 
Ln Ti add paJtturpoxKj ttotwr no* notijQHo* xo* aXXa (a om) naoo- 
po*a xovavxa nroJUa nouvz* c Axrn unc 9 al pier it 8 vg etc (d etc 

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10. fi*v0fj<r c hbdkmah etc ... f ii*><si\<s c. ALxr unc 7 al pi 


KATA MAPKON 7,22. 157 

&*<** xogftsv, o ksxw dtttoor, o ear c£ ejwv axpeXqfrjjtj, 12 ovxeri 
ta^itrt avtov ovdip mwpai T<p nary, jq t g f*f*Q*> 13 axvoovrrttf 
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mca Tocavra ttoaJUx Ttoteire. 14 xa* nooGxaXeaapsroa neck* tov, 
o%iov eXeyev avrota' dnoiaat* pov nartta xcu owm. 15 ov&V 
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xotrovVra tof ar&ponov. 17 w * 6 /Cai ore eiafjX&ev e«y to* owo? Mti5,~i*-ft> 
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derated avtov xotfwrat, 19 on ovx ewnooevetcu avrov bus tijv 
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{pvorrcUy nooveicu, xkonai, qporot, 22 potxeicu, nXeovB&ai, novr t - 

12. oiuut* c. mb(d)a al 8 it cop aeth . . . * Ti praem ko* c. Aim one 9 al 
pier it* vg etc, L or* | tk»t(>* c HBDLr al 7 it 5 etc ... g Ti add avrov 
c. Axn one 8 al pier it 4 vg etc | pyxy* c. mbdl al 9 it vg etc .. . q Ti add 
avtov c. Axrn ano 9 al pier syr akr aeth go 

14. /rax** (Crt)') c. mbdla it 9 vg etc . . . * Havrci c. Aim unc 9 al pier f 
go etc | axowrcrrc c. bdhl al ... e axovtxi c. NAXrAn unc 8 al pier j 
<rt>v<Te c. bbxa 238. (d ovot*) . . . $ ffwurc c. HAXrn unc 8 al pier 

15. now. cure. c. xla(b) ... f Ln Ti ai/T. xot. c. ADxrn unc 9 al pier it 
vg | to» <x rov clv&q. ittrtOQev. c. mbdla al* it vg etc ... c Ta txnoq. 
an avrov c. Axrn unc 9 al pier Byr*** arm | texw xa c. hbla etc . . . c 
Ln Ti praem «x«mi c. ADxrn unc 9 al pier it vg etc 

16. s Ln Ti tX xkt £/«* uxa axovav, axovirw c. ADxr& 60rr *n unc 9 al 
pier it vg etc ... om c. hbla* al 9 cop 

17. tov owe* e. ha al 6 (d etc rtpr owuav) . . . f Ln Ti om tov c. ABLXrn 
unc 9 al pier | xrp na^a^okrjv (6b') o. hbdla al it vg ... c n*q* xi\<s 
TtaQctfoXrja c. Axrn unc 9 al pier go 

18. ov voetxi c. ABDxrn unc 8 etc ... * mlua etc ovrtv vo. 

19. xa&ay£m* c. nabefoblsxa al 90 Or 8 ' 494 ... s xa&a^i^ov c. KMUvrn 

21. noqrtta* xXon. qiovot?* fto*%. c. hbla cop aeth (d it 8 ) . . . g Ln fio*- 
zwu noqr. e>ov. xXon. c. ANxrn unc 9 al pier it 8 vg syrP 


158 7, 23. KIT A MAPKON 

QUUy doXoay do&yeia, oy&alpbc bovijqog, (fkaacptjiua, VTtefpppa- 
via, acpQQGvvTi ' 23 noma tavta ta novtjQa eaw&ev ixnoQevetai 


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siael&oip eia aixiav ovdeva y&ilqow yvwvcu, xou ovx ijdwaa&q 
Xa&eiv' 25 dild sv&va dxovaaaa yvri] ftegl avzov, qa bIjsv to 
dvyaiQWP avrrja m&ua axd&OQtov, BtatX&ovaa aQOGmsaev izqog 
tova nodaa avrov' 26 t) ds ywrj tp 'ZftJUpwr, SvQoqwvixiaaa r<p 
ytvu' 78 * 6 xou tjQoka avrov tva to daifwviov ixftaXq ix rija Ovya- 
tQOij airiTJo. 27 xcu Heyew airy' aqxa nQ&rw %OQtou6&rp>cu 
%d texva' ov yaQ iatw xaXbv Xafielv tbv olqtov tow lixvaw xal 
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ypi%ia>v tow nafiim* 29 xal elnep ovtq' did vovzov tbv loyov 

24. txftd-ev (33. cop xax.) St avaar. c. hbla syrP m ff ... g Ln Ti *cu 
ixu&ev ayaax. c. a(d)nxfh unc° al pier vg go al | oomx c. hbdla al s 
O r 8,fios bis .. . q Ti pe&oqux c. ANzrn unc 9 al pier | ri<(>oi> (Gb') c. dl 
a al* it 8 Or 8 ) 50801 * ... f Ln add xo* <r»oWoo~ c. HABNzrn unc 9 al pier 
it 6 vg al mu | *kt otxtar (Gb" Sz) c. HABLNzrAH unc 9 al pi etc ... e 
c*<r irp out. c. d al mu Or 8 ' 504 | yfrf/Lfjatv c. ma al 10 (d it 9 vg) Or 8 ' 604 
... f Ln Ti rj&tliv c. ABDLKxrn unc 9 al pier (c q) \ ydwaothj c hb 
... g Ln Ti TiSvrrj&fj c. ADLKZr unc 8 al pier, Kin al tdvrn&ij 

25. aiUot (bla aAA) £u#. axoua. yt>v. c. hbla 33. f etc (d) ... ^ Ln axou- 
acura y*<> ywtj c. ANzrn unc 9 al pier it* etc | avrrja c. ABLNXrn etc : 
hda al 16 om | tKTtk&ovaa c. hla itP lor d vg cop ... g Ln Ti eAfoi'irct 
c. ABDffrHzrn unc 9 al pier a q ayr utr al 

26. 9j di yw. rp c. hbdla al 18 a cop 8yr >c & ... «■ tjv 6*t if yvv. c. ANirn 
unc 9 al pi itpl vg etc | avyoipotinxMjaa c. MAKLs^Sv^RAn etc; % (=Gb; 
Sz ?) GVQOfpotvMXGa c. rain pane d it 7 vg ; Dff r i yomoaa ... Gb Ti <ri>na- 
yoiVMoaa c. BDzr unc 7 al 100 ; u etc ovqolqowujoo. | tx^aXr; c. habdb 
GK 8 LHSuvzrAn al 100 ... «- (= Gb Sz) Ti t*pakXii (u al -a/UUi) c fh 
k*m al pm | tx (d»t 115. c flf 8 ' a^o): l al 10 q om (Gb°<>) 

27. xou «iiy. (d it 8 A«y«», d dixit) c. hbdla etc . . . g o d* U «*7W» c anx 
rn unc 9 al pier ayrP arm go | i<rt. uak. c. hbdla al 19 it vg ayrutr . . . 
g xal. tax. c. ANxrn uno 9 etc | r. xw. /?ajl. c hb al 6 q ... g Ln fiaL 
t. xw. c. ADLNxran unc 9 etc 

28. xa» c. hbha al 10 cop 8yr«^ h arm aeth ... g Ln Ti xcuyaQ c. ALVzrn 
uno 8 al pier it 7 vg etc | ta&iovGiP c. hbdla al 18 ... g ta&n* c AMirn 
unc 9 al pier 


RATA MAPKON 7,37. 159 

haye, i&lqlv&ep ix rijo dvyarooa gov to dcuuoviov. 30 xcu 
vzel&owjct eh tow olxor avri/G bvqcp to noudiov ^XTjfutof iiti 
ttjf xXary xou to deuuoviov i£ekqkv&6c. 

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iidorou ««r *iy* &dla6<jvp trja rdkiXaiaa clvd udodv tow oqicqv 
dtxcmokzwa. 32 xou qaQOvatp avnp xoxpbv xou uoyikdlov y xcu na- 
oaxaXovciv avxbv tva im&jj aincp tip %*TQa~ 33 xou anokafiouevoa 
(tvtbw oLTtb tov o%lov xat ibiav iftaXev rove daxrvXova elc ta ana 
avtov xcu miaous rppato tija yXeoaatja avzov, 34 xou avaQXiyaa 
car tov ovQOivbf ictsva^ef, xcu Xryai avrcp* iqxpa&d, o iativ diet- 
roti&Tjii. 35 xou rpofyyaav osutov cu dxoai, xcu ei&va ikb&ij 6 
kapha trja yXacorja avtov, xcu Hdlei oq&ghs. 36 xou duatsilato 
voxoXa ho. uqdsn JJyaotP' * 6 - 8 oaov di avtola dwat&Xero, avtoi 
\iaJlov TteQiacoTiQov ixijovaaop. 37 xou vneornQtaaoya i^mXrja- utu,9a* 
gotto Xsyoma* **" 8 xctXna ncivtot nBnoit[xw, xcu rove xmqma 
srouT axavup xou aXaXova XaXelv. 

29. *x xtja 4hrf. ffov to dcu/i. c. kbla cop^ ... g Ln ro Scup. tx (r etc 
ajro) TTjff &vy. oov c. adnxte unc 9 al pier it vg cop« chw go etc 

30. to n cud. (d etc xt\v GvyariQa et -/icnjy) fit pi. em t. nX. xai to (a 
om) Soup. tttX. c kb(d)la al 15 itP ler vg cop etc ... ? to dcupo. «£«- 
irjl. xcu tijv &vyatipa pipXufturijv «»» Tijff %Xtvf\a c. Anxrn unc al 
pier a n ByrP arm go 

31. tiX&. S*a <x»(JWo<x (Gb') c. hbdla al* itPlor vg cop syr hr aeth ... g 
mo* atdtoroa ijXd-. c. Asxrn unc 9 al pier q syr utr go arm | **o* c. hbdla 
al 11 ... y (= Gb) nqoa c. Aszrn unc 9 al pier 

32. xwp. xa* /io. c. kbda 2P« it vg etc . . . g Ti om xa* c. ALNxrn unc 9 
al pier cop syr utr go | fwydaX. c. HAB*DGKnauvn etc . . . Gb' po^yiX. 

C. B^FHLNXTA al plu | Xfjp X ll Q a: K * NA e ^C TOO 1 ^<*gCMT 

33. t. £axri/Jl. c. ml c i .. . ; Ln.Ti add otutroi/ c. ABDNxrAn unc rell etc 

35. xa* pri c. hbdla al 3 it 6 cop ... g Ti add tvO-tva, Ln [«vd-«w<r] c. AN 
xrn unc 9 al pier it 8 vgetc | ijvojyijo'ay chbda %. (l 17 vot,x$Hoav) ... g 
foiproix&iioar c. AKxrn unc 9 al pier | tv&va (l fv^oxr) c. mla (aeth) 
. . . g Ln Ti om c. ABDNxrn unc 9 al omn^ d it vg etc 

36. "UyvHjw c. mbla al 3 . . . g etnuMfw c. adnxth unc 9 al pier | clvtomj 
c mablxa al 11 it 5 vg cop ... g Ti praem avxoa c. urn unc 9 al pier 
itma 8 yrutr e te | avrot c. hb(d)lba al 8 f (it 7 ) cop go syr 8Ch arm ... g 
om c. Axrn unc 9 al pier a g vg al 

37. aXaXova c. hbla 33. ... g Ln Ti tova aX. c. ADMxrn unc 9 rell 


100 8, 1. KATA MAPKON 


*t !*."»-» 1 E* txetpcua fauj rjutQcao xdXiv noXkov ojkw optotf xou ^ 
mc e, a*-** jjfotw tiq)£ywHPj nooexaXeadf*epoff tova fta&ijtaa Xfyei avtola' 
2 cnXayxvi^ofAcu em top oyhn, 6u ijdt] ijpdpcu tqhg nooff/itpov- 
oi'p ptm. xou ovx iypvaw ti (pdycwnv. 3 xcu ikv andkima avtovc 
vqstta etc oJxop avreov, ixljv&tjGorrcu iv rq i)d(p' xaitip&r aura* 
anh fiaxQO&sv ijxactp. 4 xcu anexgiO'ipap aviqj oi ua&rjtal avzov 
tin no&er tovtovc bvvqcfstai tw wte %oqrijaou agtojv in* i^utouy; 
5 xou iiQwza airtova' noaova i%ete ifrtova; oi di shtap' enrd. 
(j xcu naoaiyiMjEt «p o%k$ dpantaair im ttjg yfjV xou kaJf&r 
tow? emit, -uQtova evx<xQUSTtjacuT exkaaev xcu ididov tola fia&tjTcua 
avzov ha itaoati&mmp' xcu fictQ8&r]xav *<p o%kcp, 7 xou d%ap 
tj&vb\a okiya* xcu tvkopjaaa airtd itaodQ'ijxep. 8 xcu kpayov xou 

VIII. 1. naXiv nollov (Qb') c. hbdqluna al u itpler V g cop go arm aeth 
. . . g Ti napnokkov c. Axrn unc 7 al pier q »yr utr | nqthoxaXeaafjitvofT 
c. xabdklmmau al 86 itPl« r vg etc . . . ? (= Gb Sz) add o H c. xr unc 7 
aJ plu f | tova fia&nTcut c- kdln al 10 itP 1 ** vg go cop syrP ... g Lu 
add avrov c. abxtii unc 9 al pier g a> gyr 8C h arm aeth 

2. tj t ut{tau xqiuj c. HALNXrn unc 9 al pier . . . b q/ttponr tqhti, g (= Gb 
8z> tifuqcur XQiMT c. a etc ... d (it mu ) iifxtqai t^mx how anonoxi tide 
cuitv | nyoaptv. /*o*: Ln om fioi o. b cop c ^da 

3. vf}trt*a c. ma al plus 96 ... g Ln Ti rqmmr c. ABDLNxrn unc 9 al pi | 
xm twit c. nbla al 5 q cop, D (it m «» / ) or* xcu tiffff ... f T»y«tr yay c. 
anxtu unc 9 al pier f 1 vg etc | ano c. kbdla al 10 . . . g Ln om c. anx 
rii unc 9 al pier | rjxaaiv (et. g) c. kadn al 48 , $• rjxovow c. xrn unc 
etc, venerunt it vg etc . . . Ti twtv c. bla cop 

4. oi* no&'tv c. bla ... m xot* <*ffay no&iv ... f Ln no&tv c. ad n xrn 
unc 9 al pier 

5. rnjbita c. kbla ... y Ln t7nj(j<ata c. ADNrn unc 8 al pier (mx; | anav 
c. kbna ...f Ln *47rov c. ACDLxrn unc 9 etc 

6. JtaitayytkkH, c. kbdl(a) 1 (cf Or 8 » 610 ) ... ^ naQtjyyttke c. ACNXm unc 
al omn Tid itP ler vk etc | fi'/a^effr. c. HABLNxran unc 7 al pi it 5 vg cop 
al .. . Ln [itflri] tvx> c. cdsv al 40 a d f go syr* c & aeth | na^att&matv 
c. kbclma al 10 . . . f Ln na^a&^ut- c. AONxru unc 8 al pier 

7. »»/«!» c. hbda ... e t*%ov c. ALNX^n unc 9 etc | avta post tvloy. c. 
hbcla al 4 cop aeth; mn etc ante *v/toy. ... Ln Ti ravia ante mAo/. 
c. afkh al*° ... c om c. ROHBCVXr al pi (d q) | naQt&rjxtv c. tt* ... g 
Ln Ti im** (o« r it vg exeAcvtrcyj 7ra^a^«»ya<, (ita f c qmnuvxu etc, 


KATA MAPKON 8, 17. 161 

joordG&tpav, xai r\oav fzentaaevfAara xXaaf*dr(av inrd OTrvoidaa. 
<' \golv di ma reroaxioxiXtoC xai dndjuaev avrova. 

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\l&ev eta rcc fugy JalpavovOa. 11 "** xai e%rjX&ov oi &oqi- M^iTit^ 
cam xai ftffcavro awtyreiy airy, fyrovvreG tzoq avrov cr^elov 
2to rov ovQavov, netQa^ovrea avrov. 12 y ra,e xai avaareva^ao 
rw rtveigxari avrov Xiyei' ri i\ yevea avrtj tyrei atifielov; dftrjv 
itya vplv ei 8o&foerai rij yevea ravrxj Grtpeiov. 13 xai dq>eia 
avTovG nahv ipflao dmjX&ev eh rb fiegav. 

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fyov pe& iavrmv iv rep xXoicp. 15 ™' 2 xai diear tiler o avrota ****>* 
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rova ovx iyppev. 17 xai yvovc Xiyei airola' ri fiia)A>yi£ea&e on 

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Tf&Tjvat, c. A al, c 33. naqa&ftt) %ou avta (x. avx. c. Axrn unc H etc, 
v etc avra, m*bcl& etc xa» tavra ante naga., d xcm avrov a ante «x«- 
itvaw, M m &N etc om, hinc Gb°) 
3. kou tfuy. c. hbcdla ai 6 it vg etc ... g Ti ((pay. Si c. ANxrn unc 9 al 
pier go syrP | ant'qidae c. A s BCLNxr&n unc 9 etc . . . Ln aq>vq. c. ha* 
d (:: ita 8, 20 et Mt 15, 37 solus d, Mt 16, 10 bd, Act 9, 25 »c) 

9. rcav St (Gb') c. hbla al 5 cop ... g Ln add o» (payovrta c. ACDNxrn 
unc 9 al pier it vg etc 

10. tv&va c. hbcla al a . . . g tv&fO)d c. axxto unc 9 al pier. Ponitur h. 
1. c. mbcepohlsyxfa etc: akmnuii al 15 post tuft., d it 4 om | tf*/Jota: 
b add (d it* praem) avtoa, hinc Ln [avr.] | SaXpavov&a (b -vow- 
&a) : »* fitXtyada, d 8 (layuSa, al 2 pay t da, a ff 3 ' (item al) mage dan 

11. <n*{«jT. c. HABCDE*OLNrA al ... * crr'^T. c. x*xn unc 7 etc 

:*. t?r<» o'i/zu. c. hbcdla al 6 it 6 am (al) etc ... 5 o^» «»*f^T«* c, Auxr 

n unc 9 al pier it* vg«d al Or 8 * 489 
13. naXw tfifiao c. kbcdla al 6 it 9 aeth ... g tf*p. noX. c. ANxrn unc 9 

etc. Sine additam c. hbcla ft 2 ' g 1 ' am tol ... g (Gb 00 ) add tKX to 

Tr^oior c. HKHUrn al ma, Ln **o" TrAotov c. ax unc 6 etc 
15. ooaTc: d al 5 it 6 etc om ... Ln add [xcu] c. c al 8 it 4 vg«d CO pschw 
IS. 7tQ. aXJLrjl. c. »bd al* it 8 ... g add A«yorr«o- c. ACLNxrin unc 9 al 

pier it 4 vg rell | rxofttv c. HACLKxrAn unc 9 al pier it 8 vg etc ... Ln 

Ti txovffcr c. b al* it 8 ; d it* «*/<** 
IT. x. yvovff c. h^ba* i cop ... g Ln add (a 8 om) *s c. H*ACD(L)NxrA* 

unc 9 etc I Sia\oy£>to&t c. HABCLHxrin unc 7 etc du etc add tv tch<t 
TiscnENDORF, N. T. Edit. 8. crltica minor. 11 


162 8, 18. KATA MAPKON 

CtQIOVG OVX £££«; OVflO) VO€lT8 Ovds GVVlBtB; STl 7lS7tO)QCOUhP7 ( P 

i%Ete rtjv xaodiav ifjuav; 18 ocp&aXfiova fyovreG ov fiXtaere, xui 
mra UxovreG ovx dmvere, xcu ov fivyfiovevsTe, 19 ore rovG nivre 
uqtovg foXaaa big rovG nevraxtGXtXiovG, xal noGOvG xoyivovG xXa- 
Gfidrcov nXrjQeiG rjoare; XsyovGiv avrcp ' dobdena. 20 ore xea rova 
inra big rovG rsrQaxiGX^ovG, noctnv G7rvQt'd<ov nXqocifAura xla- 
Gpidrojv ijoare; xal Xa'yovGtv* inrd. 21 xai sXsyev avrotG' ov7za> 

22 81 * 10 Kai sqxovtcu big Bq&Gaiddv. xa) qx'oovGiv avrcp 
rvyXov, xcu naoaxaXovGiv avrov tva avrov dyprjrau 23 xai em- 
Xafiopevoa tiJG x et Q° a r °v wjwtoii QqveyMv avrov *?ca rijG xcofiqGy 
xa/ nrwjaa big ra oppara avrov, imftsic rdo x^Q a(! «vrcp, in- 
r/Qobra avrov «? ri SXinei. 24 xa) dvupXs'xpaG eXeyev ' @>)*itig) rova 
dv&Q007zovG 9 on cog dhvdoa oqw mqmarovvraG, 25 elra ndXiv 

xagdiata v/iw/, m etc tv avtoio | 7n7r(ago)fitvtjv c. HBCD8 r LMA al 8 a 
cop arm aeth ... g Ti cti mnuiQwti. c. Axrn unc° al pier it 4 vg syr utr etc 

18. g Gb Sz Ti /ffAeaert; (Ti -rf,) -axovere, (Wtst -ere;) xa* - ftvrjfio- 
revere; ore .. Ln pXinitt, -axovere; -ftvtiftovtvtrt, ore 

19. xou nooova c. hcdma al 12 it 1 am fa etc ... g Ln Ti noaovtr c. abln 
xrn unc 8 etc | xo<p. xAao>. nXrjQeia c. KBCLA(D8 r ) al 10 it* vg etc . . . g 
xoq>. nX. xXcHjft. c.ANxrn unc 9 al pier syrP go ... al 5 d it 6 om nXtiq. 

20. or* xa* c ha it 3 vg (cop xou) ; ch f ore o> xa*, c syr*ch X ai> ore . . . g 
Ln Ti ore <Je c. ad xrn unc 9 etc ... bl ore | tomf e?rra c. abdlm*nx 
rn unc 8 etc ... Ln add [aqrova] c. hcm 3 al 15 it 5 vg al | xa* (a etc 
om) Xtyovatv c. nbcla 115. it* vg etc ... g Ln o* £« e*7ro? c. ADNxm 
unc 9 al pier it 6 syrP go arm. Add Ti avrw c. bcla 115. it 8 vg cop 
aeth; omisi c. » k syr*ch et c. omnib qui o* de ttnov 

21. xa* tXiytv: dfku al* 6 it 8 (8yr sch ) xa* Xtyci | ovnta c. mcklab al 15 k 
. . . Ln Tttaa ov/rw c. adSTmnux al 80 it 7 syr utr go; g nwa ov c. befg 
usvr al pi b d q cop aeth 

22. fo/orra* (Gb") c. m°bcdla al 8 ; veniunt vel venerunt it vg cop arm 
go aeth ... g e£/*r«* c. «*ANxrn unc 9 al pier syr utr | pij&aatdctv c. 
HABLXrn unc 9 etc, pij&aatda cna etc ... d 262* it 6 go fitj&avutv 

23. i^rjvtyxtv c. hbcl 83. ... g Ln ityyayiv c. ADNxrn unc 9 al pier | 
pi*mi> c. MAD 9 LNxrn unc 9 al pier it°nm ( e t. d) vg syr utr go arm . . . 
Ti (1X1711*0 c. BCD*fiTa 2P® cop aeth 

24. tfoytv: h*c al it 8 e*7rey, dn etc Xeye* | or* v>a Sevdg. opa> ntq^nar. 
(et. g et *• 1624; Gb') c. HABC*LMtet NxrAn unc s al pi go ... g* 1633. 
Gb Sz wo" Sivdq. ntqmax. (om or* et o^w) c. c 2 DM m ff etc 


KATA MAPKON 8, 31. 163 

7t&r t iCEv raa yeiQao em rova oy&aXfwva avrov, xal diefiltipev 
•j uTZ&twtiovri , xal ive^Xeney titjXavydia anavra. 26 xal an- 
wier avrbv eta olxov avrov Xt'ycw ' fjij eta r\v xwfirjv elaiX^a. 
27 8 *" 1 Kal e^X&ev 6 'I^aova xal oi fiw&r^al avrov eta raffMtSTu-so 
lwuuf Komcaqeiaa rija <l>tXinnov m xal iv rt] odtp en^owta rova IjC y ' 18 ~ 21 
i(.dr t xaa avrov Xeyaw avroia' riva pe Xeyovatv oi av&omnoi 
not ; 28 oi de elnav avr<$ Xeyovrea on 'laawqv rbv ^annar^v, 
* a a)Jjoc HXeiap, allot de on ela row nQO^^nav. 29 xal avrba 
i^ooira avrova' ifuia de riva pe Xeyere ehai; anoxQtOela 6 
Itiiooa Xeyei avrqj' ah el 6 Xotaroa. 30 83,a xal eneriftrjoev airtoia 
ta urfievl Xeyataiv neol avrov. 31 Kal rjo^aro dtdaaxetv avrova m m^i-m 
«ti dei row vibv rov dv&Q&nov nolXa na&eTv, xal anodoxtpaa&rj- ° 9 ' * 2 

25. xcu dtefiXiyf* (c 9 tvifiX.) c. hbc*la al 4 etc ; d it 8 vg xa* tjqscito ava- 
jiitipa* ... g Ln xai tnoii]<Jnr aviov (tvafiltxpat- c. ANxrn uoc 9 al pier 
a f q go syrP . . . syrscb m plane, bine Gb° | antxaxiatrj (b curox.) 
c. kbcla al ... Ln a7t(y.arftrra&rj c. ANxrn 2 unc 8 al pi, g anoxatc 
em&ri c Dun* al pm | xat tvtftXimir (a an/ft.) c. k c bla al 8yr*cb . . . 
f x. evtfiliytv (fm* etc aviflX.) c. Acaxrn unc° etc, h* x. ffihipev ... 
d it vg facte avaflXtycu \ tirjXavywa c. h*cla ... g Ln Ti rrjXavyoxr 
c. HCABDKxrn unc 9 etc | anavxa (Gb") c. hbc*(d)lm(?)a al 8 it 7 vg etc 
.. . g Ti anavtaa c. Ac*Nxrn unc 8 al pier go 

iS. o**ok c. **ABCDLNrn unc 6 etc ... g (= Gb Sz) Toy otx. c. n c gmuxa 
etc | fxti (ita «*, h^bl etc tiijdt) tta t. xw/t. uatX&rja c. k* et h c bl 1* 
209. cop. Similiter ck ... g Ln Ti nyde tt<J rtjv xoifiijv aatX&7}<7 
n^Se iinya t*w tv ttj hw^tj c. ACNxrAn unc° al pier syr 8Ch etP txt go 
e'.c ... d vnayt tuj xov o»xoy aov xa* ftrjdtvt tmt\a u,a xi]v xwfiqv. 
Similiter al« UP ler vg. 

2*. unav c. »BC*et 2 LA k cop syr 8Ch aeth . . . g Ln amxgi&Tjaav c ADNxrn 
anc* al omn itP ler vg etc | auro» Xtyovtta c. kbc*dla al 7 itPl vg etc ; 
at t« tantum c 2 al 5 , kyovrta tantum f q arm . . . g om c. ANxrn unc 9 
al pier »yr atr go | ot» pr c. «*b syr 8cl1 . . . c*et**A al 3 o* fitv . . . g Ln 
om c. H c AC 3 DLNXrn unc 9 al pier go syrP (it vg) | ijXtutv c. kab* 
. . g Ln Ti tJmxv c. B 8 CDLNxrn unc 9 etc | ot» ius c. hbc*l cop ... 5 
iva c. AC^xrAn unc 9 al pier; d etc 0)0 *va 

29. LTzv^ona avtova (Gb') c. kbc*dla etc ... g Xtyn avrow c. AC 3 Nxrn 
nnc rell etc | anox^&no c. bl al 1 vg cop syr^ r Eus^em 121 . . . ? 
a7ioxf>*&. 6s c. HCDxrAn unc 9 al pier f ff 8 ' go arm, item Ln xai. a^o- 
*ru&. c. an al* it 8 aeth 

j0. /.^tno-tv c. HABLsxrAn unc 8 etc ... Ln tunwaw c. cdg 



164 8, 32. RATA MAPKON 

VOX V710 t&V 7TQeafivTeQ0W XOl tOW aQVlSQiGW XCU t(OV YQaflfAaTiGJV 

xal dnoxtav&ijvai xal ftetd tqsuj rjptQaa avafftjjvat. 32 xal 
naQQrjoia tbv Xoyov tXdXet. 84,6 xai nooffXafiofievoff b Ilttooff 
avtov ffQ^ato imtipav avrcp. 33 6 de imfftgacpslff xal idmv tovff 
pcc&ttTaG avtov ineti^ffev nitQcp xcu Xs'yei' vnaye omoco pov, 
a ara$>a, oti ov wqovsig ta tov &eov alia ta tojv dv&Qconcov. 
¥***>£'£ 34 85,a Kat nooGxalEGauevoG tbv ovXov ffvv tow ua&r/taiar 
avtov simp avtoiff offtta Vilei omaco [tov axolov&siv, anaQvt r 

Mt 10, 89 
JLo 17, 38 

ffdff&co i avtov xal agatco tbv fftavgbv avtov, xal dxoXov&Eito) 
\wi. 35 off yaq iav &€k\i tr\v tyvxqv avtov ffajaai, dnoXiffei avtqv" 
io, » off $* dv anoXtffei tqv iavtov ipv%tjv evexev ipov xal tov evayye- 
Xtov, ffciffei avtijv. 36 ti yaq coyeXef av&QcoTtov xeodijffai tbv 
xofffwv oXov xal tyfUM&ijvai trjv ipvXV v f^vtov; 37 tl yog dot civ- 

31. vtzo (Gb f ) c. hbcdgklii al 10 ... g ano c. AxrA unc 7 al pier | xa* (d 
etc add a/ro) ttav a>Q-/ifQ. c. nbcdehmsuvx al plu go ... g (= Gb Sz) 
om tup c. AFGKLNrAn al sat ma. Item tap ygafifnartwv c. kbcdefh 
lmsuvt al plu ...?•(= Gb Sz) om tmv c. agknxad: al sat mu go 

32. avxov h. 1. c. bl a . .. g ante o ntxqoa c. nacxtad: udc 9 etc . . . D£ r om 

33. o Se: akh etc add « | ntxqo) c. hbdl ... g praem tw c. ACxrAHunc 9 
al omnT 1 * | xa* hyu, (a k add avrw) c. mbcla (ff 9 *) k cop syr 8Ch aeth 
. . . g Ln A«yow c. ADxrn unc 9 al omu^d itpl« r vg etc 

34. (xrrur c. AC 9 xrn unc 9 al pier cop syr atr etc ... Gb' Ln c* t*<f c. mb 
c*dla al 16 it rg etc | axolov&iiv c. c*dx (a vide post) unc 8 al 100 it 8 
vg go aeth ...?(= Gb Sz) Ln iX&tw c. «ABC 9 BXrn (a tX&. xa* axoA.) 
al mu it 4 etc 

35. yaq tov c. kbckmaii al 5 . .. g Ln yaq av c. adefghlsuxf al pier Or 
i,m» | anoletTft, c. «BCD a rA al 80 ... s Ln a7Tolt<jTj c. alxh unc 9 al pi 
Or 1 * 9 * | t. V?//. avrot; c. nabc*la al pm . . . Gb Sz Ti t. tavtov yv%. 
c. c 3 xn unc 9 al 60 . . . D*r i* avtijv, q Or 1 * 989 om, hinc Gb° | «rwa** c. 
kabc*dklm*xaii al 15 it vg rell Or 1 * 989 . . . g (= Gb Sz) praem ovtoa c. 
c 9 r unc 8 al pier 

36. ottptU* c. kbl a n q syr BCh arm ... g Ln vqxXrjaH c. ACDxr&n unc 9 
al pier it 7 vg syrP Or 1 * 989 | apfyano* c. mcbksuv etc; Ln Ti tov 
avS-Q. cum AC*Dn al 12 Or 1 * 989 . . . Gb' avQ-Qwnoa c. «*c s KPGHLMxrA 
al as | xtgdrjoai et Ztjfiuti&fjvcu cum «b(l) ... g Ln tav xegdrjarj et 
ttffuw&ii c. acdxpau unc 9 al omn* 14 Or 

37. ti yaq c. kbca al 9 q cop arm Or 1 * 289 , D8T* 17 r* yao ... g Ln ^ n c. 
ACD 9 xrn unc 9 al pier itpler vg etc | 601 c. »*b, h^l <^oj . . . g Ln <Wi* 


RATA MAPKON 9, 5. 165 

^tiog drtcc)J.ayfta ttjG rpvx^G avtov; 38 8e ' 2 og ydo iar inai- Lew',? 

'irr&y pe xat tovG ipovG loyovG iv tq yevea tavtjj t# fWtxaUdi 
v apaQTooXq), xat 6 vioG tov av&Qcbnov &naia'iw&r i Getai avtov, 
rut iX&v iv tn d6£n tov natooG avtov uetd ttav ayyihov 
»! ayuor. 1A. 1 xat tkeyev avtotG aftqv JLtym vptv oti lc », » 

tiV row co£« tow eGtijxotmv omvBG ov /*iy yevGoovtat &avdtov 

■■•x? (iv tdiactv tqv fiaGiXetav tov &eov ibjiv&vtav iv dwdfiet. 



2 Ka) uerd TjuioaG *£ 7iaoaXauBdv€i 6 *Jr,GovG tov Ilitoov T Mt "»J- 8 
ju« rof laxtopov xat tov Joaavvriv, xat avaqxozt avtovG big ooog 
\t\)hv %at idiav povova, xat f*etefnoQ<p<6&i] sfinooG&ev av- 
*ur, 3 xat r« ijidtia avtov iyiveto GtiXfiovta Xsvxa h'av, ota 
' ( K«jaW in) tfjG pic ov dvvatat ovtcdg Xevxavat. 4 xai <Sq>&i] 
•jrroT(ff 'HXeiaG gvv Mmvasi, xai JJGav GwlaXovvteG rep '/j/crotj. 

3 ml dno'AQi&eio 6 TletooG Xtyei tap 'Ir t G0v ' QOppti, xalov sGttv 
r ,«oG w& ehcu, xai 7T0itjG0J(Aev toetG GxqvaG, goI piav xai M&vgh 

c ACDxrn unc 9 al omn^ d Or 1 * 988 , <Za6tif it vg | av&Qwnoo : a om una 

<*m Joi, nine Ti n yog am allay pa (om. <to« av&Q.) e. a 
3*. <oy c. KBCEFLMVirA al pi . . . ? a? c. GHK8un(D) etc 
tt- 1. w£e tftiy *crr. c. bd* c d ff 2, k* (a q) . . . g Ln t«v o><fc tat. c. »a 

") 2 LNxrAn unc 9 al pier it* vg etc 

2 - P«a c. mbcdla ... g fii& c. ANxm unc 9 al pier | tov *otxcu. : xrA al mu 
om to* ) to* *<wa. c. mcdkluxh al mu ... 6b Sz Lu Ti om roy c. ab 
*rA unc 1 al pi 

3 - *r<«To c. HBCEFHMStA al pi ... Ln Ti fyevopto c. ADGKLNVxrn al 80 ) 
^«f (Gb") c. mbcla 1. dk sah cop cod arm aeth ... g Ln add urn (k 
n etc »ov*) yuav c. ADfi^Nxrn unc 9 al pier itpler vg etc | ovxua c. hb 
ci-h* al 15 ff ** k sah cop arm aetb Or . . . g Ln om cum ADxrn unc 9 al 
pier it« vg go 

4 li«*«<r c. b*dh (cf ad 8, 28) ... g Ln Ti ijA«a<r c. HALNxrAn unc 8 al 

Omu^i | ^ W V- C. HBDKN8AH etc, V. 5 et. M . . . g /*OI- C. ACEFQHLMUXr 

e ^c. Porro -an c. ab 8 dlnxaii unc 6 etc, v. 5 c kabcdlnxah unc 6 etc 
••• g Ti -0-17 c. HB*CHKUr etc, v. 5 c. huvt etc | avvXa. c. b*chla etc 
•••? Ln avXXa. c. AB 8 NXJ'n unc 8 etc (k etc Xalovrria, dRt etc an**- 

5 QaPflti c. KABCDEHNX^sah . . . g Ln (>cx^ 0. FOKLMBcrAn etc | xqug 
**?*. c. mbcla al 8 it 10 vg etc . . . g Ti axiyy. T(». c. adnxth unc 9 etc | 
pmv9ui g Ln faaati t Ti /juavarj, cf ad v. 4. 


166 9,6. tfATA MAPKON 

(u'av xai 'HXeia \xiav, 6 ov ydo qdei tt dnoxQf&fi' twpoftot yciQ 
iytvovto. 7 xa) iytveto vECpiXrj imaxid&vca airroia, xai iytvEto 

ape i, 7 ymvfj ix rip vaaptfajG' ovzog Igxw 6 vloc/wv 6 dyam-ioG, dxovere 
_ l8 avtov. 8 xai i^dmva negifiXexpafieroi ovxin ovdira etdov dXXa xbv 

LcV.'asu* 'JtjGoiv fiovov fietf eavtwv. 9 Keu xara§ait'6vt(ov avnov dnb tov 
oqovg, dtwietlaio avroia iva ftrjdevi a eldov dufftjumriai 9 ei fit] 

C * r\ "• » n ' * ~> ■" T A 88.10 % * 

otav o vwo tov av&oamov ex rexQcov avowry, lu xai xov 

Ijoyov ixQarrfiav ttqog iavtovG gvvIjtzovvtbg it iattv to ix vexqojv 

Mai. 4, 4 ■> ~ + -t en « \ j / > * a t , tt . / 

(s,22) avoGTijvat. 11 xou STrtiQoatow avtov XtyovtEG on Xtyovaiv 

ol (PoQiauioi xai oi yga^arsla on 'HXei'av del eX&bTv nowtov ; 
12 6 8s ?q)7j avrouj' 'HXei'og il&ow novkov anoxafacrtdni ndvra. 
xai thug yiyoamai im xov vibv xov avftoomov ; iva noXXd nd&fl 
xai i£ovdsv(o&jj. 13 dXXd Xiym ifiiv on xai 'UketaG iXtjXv&Er 9 

14-99 xa ' Motqaap «t/T<p baa tj&eXov, xa&wa yiyqanxai in avxov. 
Loijiit^ 1 14 90,l ° Kal iX&ovxEG ttqog xovg (Aa&qxaG sldov b%h)v noXvv 

6. aTZoxQt&rj (k Or^is antxqt&ri) c. (Gb") hrc*la al* k cop Or 3 « 6eo et 56 - 
... g Ln XaXtiafj c. c s c* al; Gb" Ti Xakt\<m c. ADNC 2 xrn unc 8 al 12y 
etc | txtpo. y. tytv. (Gb') c. kbcdla al 8 itP ,er etc ... g ijaav yaQ «xg>o- 
£o* (ku t/rnp.) c. ANxrn unc 9 etc 

7. tyivtxo qxx). (GV) c. kbcla cop syr sch al ... g Ln Ti ti).&iv qua. c. ad 
Nirn unc 9 etc | ff(f>fXrjo c. HBCNxrn unc 9 al 100 k cop etc ... g Ln add 
Xfyovaa c. adl (a Xfywv) al mu it 10 vg etc | axot>. aurov c kbcdl 
al 6 it 8 vg etc . . . g cut. ax. c. anxfii unc 9 etc 

9. xa* xata/?. c. hbcdlna itP ler vg etc . . . g Ti xata ( t?. d« c. Axrn unc 9 
al pier f etc | a^o c. naclnxfaii unc 9 etc ... Ln « c. bd al 3 | a eid. 
dnyy. c. hbcdla al 4 it 9 vg ... g dt,rjy. a »d. c. ANxrn unc 9 etc 

10. to *x vs. avaGTtjvcu: Gb' otav in v*. avaatti c. D al 7 itP 1 vg etc 

11. on pr: Ln"0 t« | oupa^). xa* c. ml it 4 vg; Ln [o* 9a. x.] ... ? Ti 
om c. abcdnxfau unc 9 etc | tjXimxv, g Ln ijluxv: cf ad v. 4 

12. *<pij (Gb') c. hbcla cop 8yr*c& . . . g Ln anoxQi&tio amv c. ADNxrn 
unc etc J 7j).naa (g Ln Ti tjliaa) sine /tttv c. dl al 4 it vg al mu 
... ? Ln add t*tv c. wABCNxr^n unc 9 etc | ano**&una,vti> (h*d «7ro- 
xaTaaravci, b* a^oxatKTT.) c. nC(et*)AB 8 (et*)(D)LA al 6 ... g aTroxa- 
&HTta c. Nxrn unc 9 etc ... c it vg etc a7ZOHaxa<Jtrj(Tn \ tlov&tvw&ri: 
-rw^jy c. KACxrAn unc 9 etc, *Eov&t- c. « 69. et (-vy&q) ln; g i$ovdt- 
c. abcdx unc 18 al pier ... Ln c. bo 2P° t$ovd%vti&?j (g av&fjuinov, iva) 

13. y&tkov c. kbc*dl . . . g Ln rftilnaair c. AC 2 rAn unc 9 etc 

14. exd-o^TCff et tttiov (b* fwJay, a *6*.) c. mbla k arm . . . g Ln Ti d&o)v 


RATA MAPKON 9,22. 167 

TFfti ainova xai yoappajila Gvv^rovvraG nobc avrovG. 15 xca 
t''W7 nda 6 o%\og idovrsG avrbv i^B&a^&r^Gav, xai nQoaroi- 
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im avrova; 17 91,a xcu dnBXQt&rj avrcp big s'x rov o^Xov* ditid- 
o«<Xe, fjvsyxa rbv viov fwv tiqog gb, i%ovra nvsvfia akalov, 18 xai 
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'j(iXt»Giv, xai ovx ta%vaav. 19 6 dl dnoxQi&e)G avrola ley si' 
<i yerea antaroa, &kt nore nobo vptda SGOfxai; laxr note dvQofiai 
vtav ; ysQEre avrbv tiqog fie. 20 xai rpsyxav avrbv nqbo avrov. 
m i$av avrov, rb nvsvpa bv&vg GWEGnaQa^Bv avrov, xai neaiiv 
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<iitov' noGoa xqqvog bgtiv <og rovro ysyovsv avxcp; 6 di elnsv ix 
zai&o&Ev ' 22 xai noXkdxiG xai big nvQ avrbv eftaXev xai big 
* r toa, ha dnoltGTj avrov' d)la Bin ovvy, ftorj&fjGOv ijutv Gnlay 

et infer c. ACDiNzrn unc 9 etc | nq. avrova (h*o tavr.) c. »*etcBCGiL 
a etc . . . g Ln Ti cutohj c. adnxfh one aJ pier 
W. tvO-va c. hbcla al 6 . . . 5" Ln tv&tva c. ADiNXrn rell | tdovria et 
th&aiApq&rjaav c. (Gb") nbc(d)ila al 12 it 5 cop» c *»w go etc ... e idmv 
« fttO-apftri&ii c. ANxrn unc 9 al pier it e vg 

16. aiTOL/<y c. mbdla al 4 it 10 vg etc ... g (= Gb eed Gb") rove yoap- 
uatna c. ACNxrn rell 

17. antxq. aitxo) c. kbdla al 9 it 6 cop • . • ff anoxpS-ao et ttntv post o%Xo\> 
c A(c)(i)sxrn unc 9 etc 

18. tav c. »°ABKAn al mu ... g av c. CDiLNxr rell . . . k* al om | QtjaaH 
absque avx. c. wd k . .. «■ Ln Ti add avrov c. abciln(a) etc | tov«t 
otiovT. (Gb") c. kbg*dla al 8 it 8 vg . . . g add avrov, Ln [aw.] c. ac 3 i 
sxrn rell | f tares c. hbfl al* . . . % Ln nnov c. ACDNxrA rell 

19. aircota c. nabdlah* etc ... ? (» Gb Sz) oitw c. c 8 Nxrn a unc 9 etc 
••• Gb°c. c*al 10 k 

20. fn^irir c . kbcla al' 2 ; s* tv&ttao c. AiNxrn rell . . . d it 6 om | ev&. 
post jryti.^. c. mbcla al 2 it 4 etc . . . g Ti ante to avivp. c. AiNxrn unc 9 
e *c | Gwtonao. c nbcla 83. ... f Ti tanaq. c. AiNxrn rell 

21. *x narfto&iv (-do&tv) c. hbcgla (in t. natdo&.) al 10 ... f omwe. 
f A ^rn unc 8 al pier 

^2 fft,p c# HBCDHiLNBUXAn* etc . . . Gb + Sz to ^uo c. Am 2 unc 8 al 60 | 
°"^oy h. 1. c. hbc*la (a) . . . g Ln post nokl, c. AC 8 DKxrn unc 8 etc | 
°^>.« c. md ... q Ln Ti all c. abc etc | dvvrj c. mbdila al* ... s Svva* 
50 * c. ACNxrn unc 9 etc 

i by Googh 

168 9, 23. KATA MAPKON 

Xvig&wt i<p tjuaa. 23 6 8i 'IqaovG elnsv aincp to si dwy; navra 
dvvctra tq nujtevovn. 24 ev&va xoa^aa 6 naryo rov naidiov 
HXeyev' marev(o' ^otj&ei pov rrj amaiia. 25 ib\xn> ds 6 'Iijgovc on 
inurvvTQh%Ei 6 oxXoa, merifirjcav rep nvsvfiati tcp axa&dotq> Xtyow 
avtqj * to aXaXov xal xwpbv nvevpa, iy<a mitdacta goi> i&X&e i§ 
avtov xal fir/xsti siffsX&jja big avtov, 26 xai xga^aa xat nottJt 
anagd^aa s&jX&ev' xal iysveto mael vsxqog, <Saze tovc ttoXXovg 
Xiystv on am&aver. 27 o di 'Itjaovo xgatijcaa tijo x«i£0(X <&v*ov 
yyeiQSv avtov y xal dveatq. 28 w * 10 xal eioeX&ovtoa avtov sic oh 
xov ol pa&tjTal avtov xat idi'av S7i7]Qo!>t<»v avtov * ott ijfiSta ovx 
jjdvvtj&ijuev ixpaXslv avto; 29 xal slnsv avtota' tovro to yivoa 
sv ovdevi dinar at i^sXdsTv si py sv nooGevxrj. 
Mu7, 8 l«i 30 w,a Kaxsi&ev s&X&ovtso naosnoosvovto dm tijo /«- 
lc 9,4s-45 jjfafaa^ xa ) o£ x rftskev iva tus yvoV 31 sdidaoxsv ydo torn fia- 

23. 8wtj c. n*bdna al* (g dvvaaai c. HCACLxrn rell); sine mat. (Gb") c. 
»bc*la k* cop arm aeth ...f Ln add nwttviFai c. AC 8 DNxrn rell 

24. tv&va c. kobla c cop ... k*c* etc xa» ... g xat tvO-twa, Ln [xat] 
tv&i. c. AC 8 DNxrn etc | fkiyiv (d etc A*y**) c. ka*bc*la 28. k cop 
arm aeth ... g praem fiera Saxgxmv c. A*c 8 DNxrn unc 9 etc | moriiw 
c. habc*dl etc . . . g (= Gb Sz) add xvqk c. c 8 NxrAn rell 

25. o O'/l. c. halmsxad: al 60 ... c Ln Ti oxXoo c. BCDNr unc 7 al pi | ro 
al. x. xwp. nv. c. hbc*dla etc ... g to 7r*. ro al. x. xwp. c. AC 8 sxrn 
unc 9 etc | *7tvt. <xo» c. hbcla etc ... g Ln ffo» «7r*r. c. admxto unc g 
etc | «S : Ln art c. c*a al 6 it vg 

26. xq(x£cut et anaqa^ac c. mbc*dl(a) ... g (= Gb) xoagay et o~7rafla£at/ 
c. AC 8 Mxrn rell | <snaq. sine auror c. h<»bc*dla it 8 ... g add ai'tov, 
Ln [ai'T.] c. H*et cb AC 8 NXrn unc 9 etc | rova noXX. c. kabla 33. ... g 
om Tour c. ODNxrn rell 

27. rri<F /«#. airroi; c. hbdla etc . . . g Ti ai/rov tj7<t #«*. c. A(c*)ctern 
unc 9 etc 

28. turtX&ovtoff avtov c. hbcdla al 8 . . . g Ti <KTf Jl«9-ovra ai»roy c. anx 
rn rell | xar *(J*. h. 1. c. hbc*dla etc ... ff poet inyo. avr. c. A^Nxrn 
unc 9 etc | or* : Ln "0 f * 

29. *v ^o(r. c. H*(etca)B k . . . g Ln add xom vrjarna c. BC b ACDLNxr(A) 
n etc 

30. xaxn&. c. hbdla ... g xcu txn&, c. Acsxrn rell | yvo* c. hbcdl ...' 
g yvw c. ANxrAn rell 

31. (jut. TQ. f\fjL. (Gb") c. wbc*dla etc . . . g xtj xqyrij rjfi. c. AC^xrn 
unc 9 etc 


KATA MAPKON 9, 41. 169 

ir^ratf ainov, xal ikeyev avroia on 6 vIog tov dv&Qwnov naqa- 
ti&orcu eh yeiQaa dvd-Qconwv, xal dnoxxevovGiv avrov, xal 
&xo3eta*&EiG futk rosier rjukoaa dvaGrtJGercu. 32 ot de ijyvoovv 
to Qr t f*ft, xal £q>o@ovvto avrov i7reo<oriJGai. 

33 M " 10 Kal ijk&ov etG Kacpaovaovf*. xcu ev r\j oixia yevo- Mtiii-s 
ueroa emjoona avrovG n ev vy oocp oiekoyi^eGire; o4 o* oe 
Hjicirrtov ' nooG ottlfjlovG yaQ dielt%&tjGav ev tjj odop riG [4e(£mv. 

35 kcu xa&iaaa icpdvyaev rove tioidexa, xcu Xtyei avroia' ei rut 10 »* 8 
&k)jEi tzqoyzog elvai, sgtcu navrcav eG%aroG xcu ndvrcav fodxovoG. 

36 xcu XcqSdw 7T cud tov iorrjrjsv avrb ev peGop avrcov, xcu ivayxah- 
fiduepoa avrb elnev avroia ' 37 oa civ ev rmv na&mv rovicov de- foS,*» 
Ir^zcu em top ovopart pov 9 i[*e de'xetai' M#1 xcu og civ sue deform, 

ovx if** de%etai dJXa tov dnoareHartd ue. 38 97 ' 8 'Eyy avnp \Ti, « * 
6 ^IcoawrjG' dt&daxaXe, eidopev riva iv rep ovoftari gov expdMjovra 
foupovia , og ovx dxoXovd-eX tyuv, xcu ixcokvopev avrov, on ovx 
rjxohov&ei tifuv. 39 o de 'Itjgovg elnev' py xoolvere ainov' ovdela 
ydo &GTiv og aottjaei dvvaucv em rqj dvopari [tov xcu dvvijGerou 
uijv xaxohoyijaai pe' 40 og yaQ ovx eGrtv xa&* tjumv, hnlo ijuwv 
sgtiv. 41 og yaQ av noriGfj vuaG nori\Qiov voaroa ev ovopan mho, 4a 

33. iil&or c. kb(d) al 13 it 8 vg al . . . f tjX&tv c. ACLNxrAn rell | xa^a^v. 
c. hbda etc . . . * xantqv. c. ACLMxrn rell | ^tAoytt. c. hbcdl itP ler 
rg cop .. . g (6b 00 ) Ti praem nqoa tavtova c. ANxr*n etc 

34. cr r. odw: Ada it 5 go om, hinc Ln [t. r. o.] 

37. av pr c. kabcdla al 6 . . . g Ti tctv c. Nxrn rell | x. 7ta*6. rovtwv c. 
mca al 5 ... f Ln Ti r. rotovrwv nat$. c. ABDLNxm*rell | av sec c.bdl 
& al ... g Ti fay c Acxxrn etc ... k etc om | dtx^tay (h -it at) c. hbl 
etc ... ; <JefijTa* c ACDMXrin rell 

38. **^ c MB& (c praem anoxQi&iKT d'*) cop gyr«ch . . . ff anixQv&t] it c. 
Axxrn one 9 etc; d etc om d"«, hinc Ln cmixq. [d«] | o (c. hbclmxa etc, 
6b Sz Ln om c. adbtii unc 8 al 60 ; ma. c. hba (c) k cop 8yr« ch ... s 
Ln Ti add Irytav c. alnxth unc 9 etc (d etc var) | iv rot (et. ?•) c. «b 
cdlna etc ... g 6b Sz tw c. Axrn unc 8 al plu | oa ovx axo/Lov&ti. 
r t ftyv e. A(D)nxrn unc 9 etc .. . hbcla al 4 f cop al om | ixwkvojutv c. hb 
dSTli a I' 2 ... g Ln cxvkvaafitv c. ACsxrn rell | ort ovx rjxoAov&et, (rjx. 
c. »ba; g Ln ox. c. rell) r\pw c. mbcia etc (hi om oa ovx etc) item am 
rn unc 9 al pi go syrP c* . .. Ti om (6b 00 ) c. dx al 9 itpl« r vg arm 

40. iff*, vn. ijfi. (et. g*) c. mbcd al 10 k cop al .. . g 6b Sz Ln vfi. vn. vfi. 
c. Aosrn rell itP* er vg etc 

41. kv c. HABCLNxrn etc ... g (=* 6b Sz) tv toi c. dhma al mu | txov c. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

170 9, 42. KATA MAPKON 

fiov, oti Xqigtov icrt, a^v )Jym hfjuv oti oh jujy ano)JG\} tov 
m\n, V-9 fMGd^bv avtov. 42 98,a A"« J og dv GxavdaXiG^ eva tdav fxiKQtov 

Lc "' 2 tovtcov tmv moTevwTwv, xaXov sGttv air dp fidVjov ei negixeitai 
fxvhxj ovixog neol tov tQ&xtjXov avtov xal $i§hjrui «/<x ti)v &oi- 

mi 5, 30 XaGGav. 43 100,a xal *ar GxavdaXiGrj gs tj %&iq gov, anoxoxpov 
avrfjir ' xaXov icth gs xvtXov etGeX&siv eiG tip £o>jJr, t/ tug dvo 
XsIqout fyovta dtiBX&eiv ato t\v ytevvav, eh to two to aGpeGtov. 
45 xal idv 6 novG gov GxavdaXiXrj gb, dnoxotyov avtov* xaXov 
kGtlv gs bIgbXO-bXv big tijv £<otjv x<*>Xov, t] rovG dvo nodaG ixovta 

mi 8, as fihj&ijvai big tqv ytsvvav. 47 xal idv 6 6cp&aXp6<j gov Gxavfta- 
h%q gb, Hxpa)* avtov ' xaXov gs BGth povocp&aXftov bIgbX&bTv big 
rtjv paGiXstav tov &bov, q dvo oy&aXfWVG ixovta pXrj&rjvai big 

e, a, a* tjjv ytevvav, 48 onov 6 GxcoXrfe avtcov oh teXsvta xal to 7tvg oh 

H*c 3 DXrAn 8 unc 8 al pier it vg etc . . . g Gb Sz Lb Ti om c. k c abc*kln 
n* al 8 syr* c)x al | or* sec c. nbc*dla etc, Ln [ott] ... ;omc. ac 8 kxtii 
unc 9 etc | anoltay: Lu Ti -ati, c. dk al 20 

42. av c. hbdlnv al mu . . . Ti tav c. ACXrAn unc 8 etc | zovxwv c. kabc* 
et s DLM 2 NA etc . . . g Ti om c. xrn unc 9 al pi f arm | niaxtvovxmv c. h 
a it* cop dz ; Ti maxw tyovxmv c. c*d a . . . g Ln maxtvovx. tia «/t#* c. 
ABC 2 LNxrn rell | /*vX. ovix. (Qb') c. nbcdla al 10 ... g Ti Xi&oo fivki- 
xoa c. ANxrn unc 9 al pier q syrP 

43. Gxavdahaq c. kbla al 8 it 1 v% .. . g Ln -XtLt; c. acdn unc 10 rell it 1 J 
tax. at c. mbcla etc, d etc tar. aoi, . . . g aoi tart c. AKXrn unc 9 al 
pier go | uatX&. 1. t. £w. c. mabcbla etc ... g Ti «. t. C<w. tia*X&. c. 
Nxrn unc 9 etc | #»<x to nvq to aafi. c. H*et c bABCNxrn unc 8 etc (d it 6 ), 
f xov nvqoa ... Gb° c. n c *la al 3 8yr 8ch 

44. g (Gb°) Ln onov o anwlr^ avrwv ov rtXtvra *al to nv(> ov aftiwv- 
tat c. ADNxrn unc 9 al pier itP ler vg etc ... om c. hbcla al 6 k cop 

45. xaAovr Ln add [yo(»] c. AKn al 10 c | tar. at c. kabclxah unc 6 etc 
...?(= Sz) taxi ao* c. NM'ur etc, dm 8 s etc ffot *o-t. | tia xv\? (m*kx 
etc om) yttwav c. hbcla al 9 b k cop syr« c k arm aoh ... g (Gb 00 ) add 
f kt to nvQ to acfJtGToVy Ln [tia t. n. t. aafl.] c. ADNxrn unc R al pier 
f go al, item f etc tow nvyoa tov aa/Jtaxov (f om t. a.) 

46. g (Gb°) Ln o^oi> 6 axujXrjS avxiov ov xtXtvxyxcd to nv(t ov a/Hvrv- 
tcu ut v. 44 . . . om ut v. 44 (v. 48 nemo om) 

47. at tar. c. hb («. at la) ... g Ln aoi tax. c. ACD& r M a Nxrn unc 8 etc 
tM* etc «. o-oi) | tia xr\v (Ti om c. bl 28.) yttw. c. hbdla al 7 it 8 cop 
arm . .. g (Gb°) add toi' nvooa c. ACKxrn unc 8 etc 


KATA MAPKON 10, 8. 171 

*icrrvreu. 49 naa yao nvgt aha&r.atm. oO xalov to oka Mts. is 
w 0€ ro aXa avakov ytnjTat, tv im avio atytvatte; i%B7B ev 
tmrzdus SXa xat etQ^vBvsre iv aD^hyta. 



1 103 * a Kai insider dvaavuG tQ^ttou big joc oQia trja 'Jovdai'aG Mt ,' 9 7 
tru ntQav tov y JoQddvov, xai ovvnoQevvrtat nuliv otfjoi ttqqg 
<!pto*-, xai oi<r Bicb&et ndhv tdfoaoxev avtova. 2 xcu ttqogbXOov- 
fw oi froQiaeuot inr^HMtov avxbv ei Qbgtiv drdol yvvaixa dno~ 
uvui, n&QaZovTsa airtdv. 3 6 8b dnoxQi&ew elnsv ainous' rivfilv 
trttBJXaio MmvgJjg; 4 oi Si elnav* intTQ8\pBv Moovg/jg fiifih'ov mVs.m 1 
(tnoaraatov yyaxpai xai inoXvacu. 5 6 de '/r ( GovG bJttbv airzoia' 
rroew Jfjv axhjQoxaQdiav vfjuov tyoaxpev vfiiv rqv bvtoXtjv tavrqv. 
ano 3i uqx^g xtIgboms oqgbv xai fiykv inotqGBv avrovG' 7 tve- °*j *» ** 
x*r jovtov xatalBttyei dp&Q<onoG tov naitQU avtov xai Ttjv f*q- 
t/o« avroij 8 xai mortal oi dvo big Gagxa fiiav, <5gtb ovxin 

49. 71 aa yog 7TVQ* aX«r&r\a. (var pauc): D al 2 it 5 tol otn | al«r&. sine 
additam c. hbla al 15 k cop cdd arm z <>h ... ? (Schu glosta) Ln Ti add 
sect itcusa (d it 4 tol naaa yog) &i><jhx ah (al 10 etc orn) akto&r^erah 
c. ACDHxrn unc al pier itP ler vg etc (:: ex Lev 2, 13?) 

50. to aka bis c. »* (pri loc -lac) la . . . ? Ln Ti to a).aa c. h° (pri Ioc 
*) ABCDNxrn rell | alct c. h*a*bdla al 5 . . . g akaa c. n c A 2 cxxrn rell 

X. 1. xcu *xti&. c. hbcdsa al 15 . .. q Ti xax»^. c. ALKxrn rell | xat m- 
gar c. hbc'l cop ... c'dqa etc nt^av ... g Su* tou ntQav c. AKXrn 
unc" al pi syrP | cwitoff. c. habca ... g Ln avpnoa. c. LKxrn rell 

2. o» ^ao. cum hcsvx etc : Gb Sz Ln Ti <fct(ji. c. ABLrAn unc 8 al pi ... 
d it 3 om | tTtr^urruv c. kbcdlma etc ... g tntiponyaav c. AKXrn unc H 
alpl q 

'i. 4. itoivtjG c. HBDKMNSAn etc . . . ?■ ft(i)G7j(T c. ACLxr unc e etc 

4. ruia* c. mbcd ... g imov c. AL^xrAn rell | miry. pta. c. wbcdli ... g 
hi*, tjttrg. c. ANxrn rell 

5 o <fc £ c. nbcla cop . . . ? Ln Ti xcu anoxQifttia oTi t. ADKXrn unc 9 etc 

«> «^o*. aiTot'cr c. hbcla c ff 8 ' cop . . . ? add o t^«o<t, Ln [o #*.] c. adnx 
rn rell 

7. aivov pri: dm*k om | oi-t. (d *ght.) sec c. mdm al 5 it 5 cop syr* ch go 
aeth ... g Ln Ti om c. ABCLNXr*n unc 8 etc. Nil add c. kb 48 ev go 
(k) .. . g Ln Ti add xa« Trpoo-xoAAij^fffTou ttooo' Tfjv yvv<xi,*a (Ln tij 
ycratxt c. aclha etc) avrov c. acdlnxtah rell 


172 10, 9. KATA MAPKON 

eta* 8vo fiia Gaol;. 9 8 ovv 6 &eba Gwe£evl;€v 9 avd-Qfonoa 

* y -in 104.1a * •> * 3 r r* « *» ^ * 

fit} x(OQ^tT<a, Ik) xat cig tr t v oixiav nafov oi pa&rpai negi 

Mt 5, 82 ' » ' > ' 11 105.4 * n ' » - • B * ' 

lc ii is tovtov mrjQooTGw avtov. 11 xa/ JUya avroio~ og av no- 

liar} ri-jV ywalxa avtov xa) yafifoij aVjjv, fwixatai in aiztjv' 
12 xat iav avtr] anoXvGOGa toy avdna aixijG ya/w/fftf aXXjov, poi- 

Mt""i3-« 13 106,2 Kal nQOGikpeoov amy natftt'a iva axpfjtat aitmv' 

lc is, is-17 o c ^ pa&fjtcu eTtetificov tola nooGytoovGiv. 14 idav 8s 6 'Iijgovg 
qyavaxttjGEv xai slnev avtoiG' acpete tit natdia eoxead-at nooG 
fte 9 fit] xcoXvere avta' z<nv yaQ totovtoav tGtiv y ftaatXeia tov 
&eov. 15 afir t v Xiyco hfuv, og av fit] di^fjtai tijv BaotXeiav tov 
titeov coo 1 naidtov t ov firj eigbX&xI eiG avt^v. 16 xai hayxaXiGa- 
{UvoG ait a xatevXoyei, ti&eiG taa xuqog in ait a. 

Mti9,~i6-2« 17 lw ' x Kal ixnoQSvopivov avtov etG odov, nooGdnapwv ela 
xcti yovvneztjGaG aitov imjooita avtov' didaaxaXe aya&e> ti 
noifjoco iva £<oijv aimnov xhjQovofMjGm ; 18 6 dt 'IqGovG elnev 
avtcp' ti fis XsyetG aya&ov; ovSeiG aya&bG fit ptj'eiG 6 &&6g. 

ex 2o,ie-ie 19 taG ivtoXaa oldaG* prj ftiMgevotfj, ptj yovevGQG, [itj xXixfytjG, ftq 

10. no xr\v otx*a» (Gb") c. hbdla al 10 b . . . g tv rrj o*x*a c. ACNXrn rell | 
o* fia&tfT. c. hbcla al 15 it 8 cop arm ... g add avrov, Ln [avr.] c. adn 
xrn rell | mq* tovtov c. (M)ABCLMNxrA al 80 it 4 etc ... g 7ttQi tov an- 

TOf C DEFGH6UVU CtC | t7TfJQ(UTUV C. HBCLA al D1U ... $ Ln ( TT^Q 0)T 7]- 

aav c. ADNxrn unc 9 etc 

11. av c. hbcdla al ia . .. g Ti tav c. AKxrn unc 9 al pier 

12. x. tav av. an. t. avfy. avtrja (c ai'Toi^, Gb°) c. (Gb') hbcla cop 
aeth ... g Ln Ti x. iav ywij anolvarj r. a. axttt\G xa* c. ANxrn unc 9 
al pier it 8 vg al etc ... d x. *. yvvfj t£cl&q anorov avtigoa xat | ya- 
fit](j7j aXXov c. hbc*(d)la al 9 , item it vg etc . . . g Ti yapij&t] aXXu) c. 
AC 2 NXrn unc 9 al pier arm 

14. firj c. BM*NXTAn unc 8 al 80 cop ... g Ln xa* fit] c. hacdlu 3 al mu it 
vg etc 

15. off av c. hbcdla al ... g Ti off tav c. ANXrn unc 9 al pier 

16. xar^uloyfi (l xatrjvk.) ri&tMT tour /<*. tn avxa c. kbcla al 12 etc 
. .. g Ln Ti tk&tiff raff x € ^* t7t a "*a ijvkoyn (c. r al, N xaxrjvX., Gb' 
Sz Ln et'lo'y** c. ADxn unc 7 etc, Ti xar«i'Aoyf*) aura c. Asxrn unc 9 
etc (D etc txb&ti r. /. e. ai»r. xa* tul.) 

19. firj q>ov(Vfffjff: D8 r r al 4 it 9 otn, Gb°; post fi. fioi>x> (»* om) posuimus 
c ANxn unc 9 itP^r V g etc; Ln ante p. fioix* c. h^bca etc | fi. a?ro- 


KATA MAPKON 10, 27. 173 

livHoiAaQTVQtiaria, [it] «7ro<7T£(>^<nj<x, ripa rbv naxioa gov xai rip 
%ttQa gov. 20 6 til kpq avTco * tiitiaGxaXe, tavra navta iqwhx.- 
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-4 oi tie fiaO-Tjrai i&afApovvro in) tola XoyoiG avrov. 6 tie 'IqGovG 
za).w d7ioxQi&eiG Xeyei avroiG' rixva, tight SvgxoXov BGtiv eia rrjv 
fasiXeiav rov &eov eiGeX&elv' 25 eixonooregov SGrtv xdprjXor tiia 
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top fteov eiaekd-elv. 26 oi tie neoiGGWG e^enXtJGGOpro hyovreG 
xqog iuvrova' xai via tivvarai Goo&rjvai; 27 ipfiXe'xpaG avroiG 6 
hfiovG Xeyei' nook dv&QWTTotG dtivrarov, dVS ov naod &ecp' 
nana yao ovvazd mxQa T(p &eri). 

VTtQiiarja : b*kaii etc om | gov sec c. h*cfn al 12 it* etc ... g Ti om c. 

« € ABDXTAn unc 8 etc 
'0. tf tj c. hb(c)a c op ... g Ln Ti anoHQ&tia tmtv c. ADKxr unc 9 etc | 

Ln navr. rnvr. c. D it 8 fu ing Clem 988 Or 3 ? 870 | Ln i<f>vXa{a c. ad 

Clem Or 
21. at c. KBCMAn* al 13 . . . f Ln aou c. ADNxrn 2 unc 8 rell | rota tttw/. 

c hcd al mu .. . Gb" Ln Ti tttw/. c. abnxfa unc 8 etc | Sivy. ax. pot, 

c. nbcda al it 8 vg etc ... g (Gb 00 ) Ti add ccoa? rov aravgov, Ln [a. 

x. aravQ.} c. ah xrn unc 8 etc 

24. nxva c. mbcdxfa unc 6 etc . • . Ln rixvux c. AN al 8 (itP ler vgjilioli) ... e 
GKnetc om | dvffx. tar. c. hba k cop cod ... f Lo Ti add rovo mnoi- 
^otomt tut (g add rotcr c. d, Gb 00 Ln Ti om c. ack unc 12 etc) xgyfta- 
viv c. acdn unc 12 etc (aliquot var) 

25. *ij<r pr et sec c. bx unc 6 ( 8 ) al plu Clem . . . Gb° Ln om utrumq c. ha 
cdsah etc | JuX#. (et. ?e etc) c. bckh etc (d) ... g Gb" c. KAMxrA 
nnc 8 etc 

^» n$. tavtovff: »bca etc 7XQ. avrov 

27. tftftl. c . kbc*a etc ... g Ln add dt c. ac 2 dn unc 12 etc | advvarov: 
c 8 dk etc praem rovro, Ln [tout.] | &t(a pr c. kbcn unc 11 etc: g Gb° 
Ln praem rat c. adkii al mu | dvrara c. hbc al 10 . .. g Ln Ti add 
*<f*iy c. ak unc 12 etc ... a al 12 1 arm zoh om na. ycty dv. na. r. 6*. (d 
etc var), nine Gb° 


174 10, 28. KATA MAPKON 

mm9? 87-80 28 "H$ato Xiveiv o Tlttgoa avtoy idov ijfiela dqrjxapev 
Lcis.M-su^y^ xa j tjxoXov&ijxapi'y COit 29 lloa fyrj 6 'Jtjaova' dfiijv Xt'ycj 
vfuvy ovdeta iativ oa Aqyjxev oixiav ?} ddeXqova y ddekqda q 
(itfttqa 7 natioa ij tsxva i] dygova wexsv ipov xal tvexev tov 
eiayyek'ov, 30 idv [xt/ Xdfiy ixatovtanXaaiova vvv iv tco xaigo? 
tovtcp oixi'aa xal ddetyova xal ddelrpda xal fxqtioaa xal tixva 
xal dyoova petd buayfimv, xal iv rep aiavi t<jj tQftppkvqi fca^r 
aicoviov. 31 m,a no)Jkol de taovtai tiqcotoi ia%atoi xa ' °* ^X at0i 
Mt «o, n- 19 32 m ' 2 ^Haav 6s iv rrj 6&p dpaSaivovtea eia ' IsQOGolvua, 

Lc 18, 31-33 \ "j , , x t ,' \ , - « t _x , . 

xai r { v nooaycov avtova o Jqaova, xai B&afipovvto, oi oe axohov- 
&0VVTS6 iyopovvto. xai naoaXafimv ndhv tova dddexa f^ato 
avtola Xiystv td [teTlovta aizcp avfifiaivw, 33 oti tdov dvafiai- 
vofxsv Eta IsQoaolvfia, xal 6 viba tov av&QWTiov naoado&tjGEtat 
tola OQXieQEvaiv xai tola yoctfifjutievaiv, xal xataxQivovatv avtbv 
ftavdtcp xal naoadwaovaiv avtbv tola e&veaiv f 34 xal ifixai'^ov- 
aiv avtcp xal ifimvaovatv avrtp xal [Aaatiycoaovaiv avtbv xal 
dnoxtevovaiv, xal fistd tnela qfiinaa dvaatrjaetai. 

28. iy£$aT. c. habc unc 11 etc . . . g (= Gb Sz) xa* ij()$. c. d etc (knii etc 
r t Ql. dtj et aliter) | ktytty o nt. avrw c. nbca etc ... g Ln o m. Xty. 
avr. c. a(d)n unc 12 etc | ijxoXov&ijxafitv cum BCD ... g -Qijaafitv c. 
nan unc 13 etc 

29. *<jp*7 (h add avna) o Z5 c nba cop ... 6b Ln anoKQi&ua o ZS «/rfv c. 
AMSUVxn 2 etc, 6z xcu anoxo&euj o « eiflr*!' c. ckfghn etc, g anox^t- 
t^*eer o It ti>nsv c. (D)K(r)n* etc | rj fif\xt. f\ naxt. c. bca etc ... s r\ 
7tax. rj ftrjr. c. »an unc 12 etc (d etc om r\ nar.) \ t\ tixv. i\ ay^. sine 
t; yri'. c. nbda al* it 7 vg al Clem Or 1 i 284 di«erte . . . g (Gb°) praem rj 
yvvawa c. acn unc 12 etc | ivtxe* see c. «b 2,s *c(d)n unc 13 etc ... g 
(= Gb Sz) om c. ab*8* etc 

30. x. pijTiQaa c. bna unc 7 (n praem x. natrgaa) etc . . . g Ln x. fcrirtga 
c. n*acd etc (scKMXn etc praem x. natt^a) . . . k* it 2 om otx. usq dbOiyp. 

31. o* c. BCNxr unc etc . . . Gb Ln om c. hadl unc 5 etc 

32. o» J* otxoA. «^o/9. c. »bc*la etc (c 2 xa* ot ax. *g>.) ... 5" Ln Ti xat 
axoA. *yo/9. e. an unc 11 etc ... dk etc om 

33. x. rota (Gb 00 Ln om c. cdn unc 11 etc) yp. c. s c abhla etc ... »* om 

34. x. ifi7rt. auT. h. 1. c. kbcla al 4 it 7 vg etc ... g Ti post x. fiaar. avt.' 
c. an unc 12 etc | x. arroxr. sine avt. c. hbla etc ... g add ai'Tov, Ln 
[«i'T.] c. a*cn unc 12 etc ... a*d etc om | /<€T. t^. rjfitQ. (Gb") c. hbcd 
la etc . . . g rrj tqitti tjusqv c. an unc 12 etc 

i by Googh 

RATA MAPKON 10,43. 175 

35 113 ** Kat nooGitoQevoptat avty 7ax«^o<r xai % I(odpvi;G m?»o,^o-s3 
* pick Zej&daioV) Xt'yoptSG ait eg ' didaGxate, Vtlopep iva o iav 
mi\Gtouiv ae notfjGfjG yfuv. 36 6 #« unev avtous' ti & tiers pe 
imrpoj vpuv; 37 ol de elnap avrcp' dbG r\ulv iva big gov ix ds^«av 

liU eij GOV i£ OQtGIBQWV Xa&lGODfAEP (v tfj foi^T} GOV. 38 6 di 

Irpovo elnev avtotd * ovx otSats ti aireiG&e. dvvaa&e nmv to 
z&itjihov o iyi) mvoo, ij to $dntiG\u*. 5 e'ym fiantiZopai (tamto&ij- 
iw; 39 ol 8a elnav aitqj' dwdfie&a. 6 de 'Iijgovg elnev avtoiG' 
to 7iQTT\oiOv o iya> nivto niso&e, xai to $dntiG\ia o iy<a $a7iti£o- 
jicu iktfirtG&TjGeG&s' 40 to de xa&icai ex tie&cov [wv rj £1; eiw 
TVU&9 oix tGttv e'fwv dovvat, alX oh tjtoipaGtcu. 

41 1M - * Kal dxovGavtSG ol dexa fioiavto dyavaxteiv Trent mi 2*0, >4-2« 
laxtopov xai laavvov. 42 xai nooGxalsGa/48voG avtovG J^govg 
uyei avtouj' oidate ott 01 doxovvteG oq%&v tdiv i&v<op xata- 
xvotevovaiT avtwv xai ol psydljoi avttav xate£ovGtd±ovGiv aito3v. 
43 oi% ovtcoa de BGtip ip vfiiv' d)X og dp fitly \iiyoG yeveG&ai 

35 0* c. hdl unc 9 etc (bc ot Svo) ... Tiom c. an unc 5 etc | ai'rw c. hbc 
dla etc . . . Ln [ai/T.J, f om c. ajj unc 19 etc | at c. habcla etc (et den 
n etc ante gut.) ... g om c. xr unc 8 etc 

36. fit 7rot"t]<j(0 c. m c b arm, 6b" Ln omisso fit CD al 10 (it vg etc) ... g 
n<nr t aat, pt c. an unc 12 etc (Ti c. H cb L fit not.) (h* om tva o tav usq 
doa t[atv) 

37. unav c. bc*dla ... g tvuov c. m c ac 3 n unc 19 etc | aov tx de£. c hbc* 
la . . . f Ln f x de£. aov c. ac 8 dn unc 12 etc | aov sec c. ml, item post 
aqurr. (tvw.) add acn unc 12 etc, ita ? et [aov] Ln . . . Ti om c. bda 
etc I a^uTT. c. bla . .. g Ln tvanrv/itt* c. hacdn one 12 etc 

38. d ntnr \ t\ xo (Gb") c. »bc*dlna al 8 it vg etc . . . g xa* to c. AC 3 
unc 13 etc 

39. unav c hbdla ... g ttnov c. acn unc 19 etc | to nox. c. hbc*la etc 
. . . g Ln xo fiiv no. c. ac 3 dn unc 12 etc 

40. rj *£ c. hbdla etc ... g mat, *$ c. acn unc 19 etc | tvutvvp. c. unc omnib 
etc . . . g (= Gb Sz) add fiov c. minusc etc 

42. x. Ttooax. avx, o (h* om) u c. «*et c BCDLA etc ... g 6s 12 nooax. avx. 
c. an unc 11 etc 

43. tativ c. hbc*dla it 9 vg ... g tcrrai c. ac 8 n unc 12 etc | oa av c. hbdl 
a etc ... g Ti oa «*k c. ac unc 12 etc | (i*y. ytv. iv i»/i. c. hbc*la etc 
... g Ln Ti yiv. f*ty. ev vp. c. ac 3 unc 12 etc | tat at, c. abdl unc 11 etc 
... hcxa al 10 laxto (:: at cf v. 44) 


176 10, 44. KATA MAPKON 

iv ifuv, sarai vpwv dtdxovoG, 44 xai og dv &&$ vfrnv yeve'a&cu 
ttq&tog, larai ndvttov SovXog. 45 lls * xai ydo 6 viog tov dv~ 
fiorinov ovx tjk&ev dtaxwq&ijt'cu, dXkd diaxovr ( Gai xai dovvcu ri/v 
xpvXTjv avtov Xvtoov dvti no)X6v. 

48 — S3 AC 116.8 is y * »'r ' A » ' » - 


Mt 20,49-84 
Lc 18, 36-48 ' 

ano Ieoeixm xai tav (A.a&rjtG)v avtov xai ox^ov Ixavov 6 viva 
Tifiaiov Bcu>TifAcuoa 9 Tvcp)jbG nooGaitijG, ixd&rfto, nagd Tqv odov. 
47 xai dxovouG oti 'ItjGova 6 A r a£(tQT]v6c iativ, f^ato xgd- 
&tv xai Xiysiv' vis davhid 'ItjGoi*, iiJtjGOv (M. 48 xai iaertpow 
avtqj 7toD»o\ iv a GuoTrijGfi' 6 de noV.^ {idkkov exQa&p' vie Javetd, 
iXirfiOv fie. 49 xai gtclg 6 'Ljgovg slner' cpcovrjaate avtov, xai 
qwvovaiv tov zvcplbv liyovtec airy * &aQoei t tytioe 9 qwvsl gs. 
50 6 da dnofialmv to Ifidtiov avtov dvanrfiqGOG JjX&sv noba tov 
'IrjGovv* 51 xai dnoxDi&eiG avt<p 6 'bjaova alnsv' ti aoi Oekeia 
noiTjGM; 6 ds tvqjloG einev avrqp* Qofiftowi, ha dvafite'\p<o. 52 6 
de hjGoxtG elnav avrcp* vnaye, y niGtiG gov Gtaaxiv gs. xai evd-va 
dvifitexpsv, xai TjXoXoi&ei avtqt iv ty odcp. 

43. vftwv diaxo. c. unc omnib etc ... ? (= 6b Sz) diax. vp, c. minusc 

44. oa a% c. hbda al mu ... Qb Ti oa tav c. acl unc 12 etc | v t u. yiv. 
nqtot. c. ac 8 (d) unc 18 etc ... Lu tv vfttv twou n^utr. c. hbc*la etc 

46. f£/o?rat c. habcl unc 18 etc ... Ln t^/trou c « D *1 2 *t 5 Or bi8 | e. *f- 
QttX u) c.b*cfl (b* om x. «. «. *?(>.) . . . $• Ln e. tfQt/w c. had unc 12 etc , 
an. uq. (-«*- c. »bcl; ? Ln -t- c. A unc 18 etc) c. habcl unc 18 etc . . . Gb' 
fxH&iv c. d 2P« it 6 go Or bia | o (Gb +) moa c. kbcdlsa etc ... g v*oa 
c: A unc 11 etc | xvtpl. c. mbdla etc . . . s o txupl. c. AC unc 18 etc | ^o<r- 
attrjo c. (h)bla etc ... 5" Ln nQO(jatro)v post oSov c. AC 3 unc 12 etc 
(d f7i<*iT.) | vaQaqtjVoa c. bla etc . . . g vatwgcuoo c. kac unc 14 etc j 
w< c. »bclm 2 a etc . . . g Ti o (dk etc om) vhhf c. a(d) unc 11 etc | davnd 
(item v. sq): g Sa^tS, Gb Sz £at'»£, cf ad Mt 1, 1. 

49. anev qxovtjG. a it. c. kbcla etc ... $ Ln ftray avtov <pwvfj&^vat c. 
ad unc' 8 etc | «yfi^« (Gb") c. habcdl unc 11 etc ... g -gat c. u etc 

50. avanTjdrjaaG c. hbdlm 8 a etc ... g avaoxav c. AC unc 11 etc 

51. ai'Tw o Ti nntv c. mbcdla . . . g Ln A«y« avrw o « c. Ax unc 10 etc (k 
n* etc o Ij Xty. av.) | crofr &tl. nonja. c. HBCKL&n* etc . . . g Ln Ti &tX. 
not. <rot c. ad unc 11 etc | (xx/?/?oi>yt c. nabcl unc 10 etc ... g (= GbSz) 
Qajlfiovt c. minusc etc 

52. fi^j-ff c. NBL& ... ff Ln f^i?f6xr c. acd unc 12 etc | avtu c. habcdl 
Mmg*A etc . .. g (= Gb) Ti tw «/ c. xrn unc 8 etc 


KATA MAPKON 11, 9. 177a 


1 ,17 * fi Kcu ore iyyiCownv eiG 'leyoGolvpa xal eiG Brftaviav Mtsi,i- n 
i**j<$ to oqog rwv ikcu&v, anocrikXei dvo rdov [ta&rjZMv avrotMoia,'is-i5 
1 xal Xeyei avrolc' vndyere eiG rrjv x(Q(Jvr ( v ir\v xazivavn vfunv, 
<iu ev&va eiGnooevofAevoi eta ahrrp evqi\Gere nwXov dtdefAt'vo*, i(f 
•»r ovdtia ar&Qcbnoov ovnto xexa&ixev' IvGaze avrov xal yigere. 
3 xal idv tic vpiv e*ntf u note ire rovro; e'nare' 6 xvqiog avrov 
IQitar fyei, xai M&vG ctvrbv dnoGrtUM ndhv mde. 4 118S xal 
itnfidav xai evgov rbv naXoy dedeftivov nooG rtjr &voav * £« in) 
wv dpqodov, xai Xvovgiv avrov. 5 xai uvea t<av ixei eGtyxorow 
huejov avrouj' ri nomrs huovreG rbv nailov; 6 ol 8i elnav airzoia 
xuOghj elnev 6 'Ijigovg' xal dqijxav avrovG. 7 xal cpioovGiv rbv 
xwlor nqoG rbv 'fyoovv, xal intfidXXovGtv avrcp rd ipdria avroov, 
xai ixd&icev in avrov. 8 xal nolXol rd ifidria uirdw iarQaxrav 
tie rip odov, aXXoi de onfiddaG, xoxpavreG ix rwv dygm\ 9 


XI. 1. uqoaokv/ta c. kbcdla etc ... g n^ovaaXrjjn c. A unc 12 etc f x. tio 
prfiaviav (Gb') c. D it 7 vg Or 8 * 787 ' 7 * 8 <H* ... g n(T prj&ipayii xa» (hc 
etc add ua) pti&avtav c. habcl unc 18 etc (siugg var) 

1. ih&va c. mbla Or . . . g Ln -#*w<r c. acd unc 12 etc | ovdha avdq. 
ovnw c. hc etc et (ovd. ovn. a.) (a)bla etc et {ovn. ovd. a.) kii etc ... 
g Ti ovSiuj av&q. c.Dxrunc 8 etc | Xvoaxi a. x. tp*£. (Gb") c. hbc(l)a 
it vg etc ... g Xvaartta a. ayayixe c. AD& r unc 12 etc 

3. H7tatt sine ox* c. ba al 3 it 6 aeth ... g add on, c. hacdl unc 13 etc ' 
iv&vo e. mbcdla ••• f (v&toxj c. A unc 12 etc I aTzoariXXe* c. wabcdK 1- 
l one 10 etc ... g (= Gb Sz) anoartXtt c. Gun etc | naXiv c. hbc*dla 
etc ... g Ln Ti om c. ac 2 unc 12 etc 

4- xov c. hca etc . . . Gb Sz Ln Ti om c. abdl unc 12 etc | rrjv c. kacd 
unc 22 etc ... Ti om c. bla etc 

6. (inav c. alah* al . . . ;Ln f/7rov c. hbcd rell | ant v (Gb") c. hbcla 
etc . . . g tvtxuXato c. ax unc 10 etc (dm etc add avroia) 

7. (?*(H>v(Trtr c. ««bla etc (»*c etc ayovawi Gb') ... g Ln fjyayoy c. ad 
anc 11 etc | tmfiaXXovaiv c. kbcdla etc ... ^ MffiaXov c. a unc 11 etc | 
«r afToi' c. hbcdla etc - . . g tn ai'Tw c. an unc 11 etc 

8. xgm noXX. c. hbcla etc ... ;Ln no. de c. adn unc 11 etc | ox^ad. c. 
HBDLAn anc 6 etc ... g <rro*/?. c. Acsvxr etc | xoipavr. <x t. ayq. c. hb 
(c)la etc ... g Ln txonxov ix twv dtvd^tav xai- fffTfwwvoi' «»o* ti^v 
oSor c. adn nnc 11 etc 

Teschendorf, N. T. Edit. 8. critica minor. 12a 


178a 11, 10. KATA MAPKON 

xai ol nqodyovzea xai di dxoXov&ovvrea *xqo£ov' da aw a, evXoyq- 
[uvoG 6 ioyoftevoa iv ovofiati xvqi'ov' 10 evXoytjfu'vq fj ioxopirT] 
fiaaiXBia tov naiQoa tjfxmv daveib, da and iv tola vrpiatota. 

cm si, i7) 11 190 * 8 Km eiarjX&ev eta ' legoaoXvpa eta to leqov' xai neot- 
pXetydfievoa nana, oxpe ydrj ovarja rtja woaa, i^Xxtev eta Bq&a- 
vlav per a r<ov doidexa. 

mi ti'u '■■ 12 Kai rti inavQWv i^eX&ovnav avrolv dnb Brj&aviaa inei- 
vaaev. 13 xai fodtv avxijv dm fiaxQO&ev iypvaav gwAAa, falter 
el doa n cvQt'jasi iv avrrj, xai iX&av in avtrjv ovdev evpev et fir. 
yvXka' 6 ydo xaiQoa ovx i]v avxcov. 14 xai dnoxQi&eia sine* 
avrrj ' ptjxhi ela tbv at&va ix aov pr/dela xoqtwv cpdyot. xai qxovov 
ol /Aa&tjtal avtov. 

Mtii" 1 "-" 15 ^ a ' egyovtat eia '/egoaoXvfia. 12l,t xai eiaeX&d>r eta rb 

'iVi'iV- S iegbv ijg^aro ixfidXXetv rova nwXovvraa xai rova dyogd^ovtaa *Y 
rep iegtp, xcu rda rgani^aa rmv xoXXvfitaroov xai tda xafte'dgaa tmv 
noaXoivrmv tda negusregda xariargexpev, 16 xai ovx qytev tva rta 
dteviyxrj axevoa did rov Ugov, 17 xai idtdaaxer xai eXeyev avroia' 
oh yiyoantm on 6 olxoa pov olxoa ngoaevyriG xXqO-qasrat ndatv 
itr*'n tola e&veatv; vfisla ol n*noir t xare avrbv anrjXatov Xrjanov. 18 , * r - 1 

9. txaot*. (Gb') c. hbcla etc . . . g add Xiyovna, Ln [).ty.] c. adn unc 11 etc 

10. AD*KMn etc xa» tvloy. | ftaoikfux c. nbcdlua etc . . . g (= Gb Sz) add 
tv ovofiatt xvqiov c. AN unc 10 etc 

11. na HQQffol. (Gb") c. nbcdli al e it 7 vg etc ... g add o 15 c. Asxn 
unc 8 etc | f«i to c. hbclm* etc . . . $ xai *mj to cum ADNxrn unc 7 
etc | oxpi c. hcla OrV M .. . ? Ln Ti oipiaa c. ABDNxrn unc 8 etc 

13. ano (Gb + Sz) c. kabcdlmna etc ... g (= Gb Sz) om c. x m sxrn 
unc 7 etc | rt (vq. c. HABCKLNUAn* etc ... g svq. tt c. x unc R etc | o 
yaq xott£. ovx t\v (tv*. c. »bc*la etc . .. g Ln ov ycty tjv v.ouq. (Ln o 
xcuo. c. d Or) avx. c. ac 2 dn unc 11 etc 

14. a7rox(>t>&iio c. kabcdklmnah* etc .. . g (= Gb Sz) add o /"5 c. x unc 8 
etc | ua r. a*, tx aov c. kbcdla etc . . . g tx aov tut r. a*, c. akx unc 10 
etc | firjdita (et. g Gb Sz) c. unc omnib etc ... ? e ovdua c. min vix mu 

15. x. nat).&. c. hbcdla etc ... g (= Gb) add owe. ANxunc lo etc | tova 
ayooaZ. c. habcln unc 4 etc ... g om toi'O" c. dx unc 7 etc 

17. xai, tltytv c. hbcla etc .. . g Ln Xiyvv c. adkx unc 10 etc | witokt 
c. hcla etc et omnib testib qui Itywv . . . Ln [avr.] Ti om c. b 28. it 3 
arm | on c. kablnxpah unc 8 etc ... Ln om c. cd al 6 it 6 al | ntnoir r 
xart c. bl\ Or ... g Ln tnoiriaavt c. «acd unc 13 etc 


RATA MAPKON 11 T 27. 179* 

xuJ rjxovffav oi iqjuQela xai oi yoafifAarsia , xai iZqtovt now 
avzbv anoXiCGHjiv' iqtoftovvro yap avrov, ndc yao 6 oyXoa *|e- 
n)JjG<jorro inl rrj dida%i avrov. 

19 M8 * 1 ° Kai orav oxfjs iysvsro, Qsnooevero efoj rfja nolecwj. (Mtw, 17) 

20 Kai aagaaoQevofiepot noofi eldor rr\v ovxijv s'^QafAfisvr^v M tn, w-w 
tx Qi£a>r. 21 xai avapvqo&eiG 6 nirooa Xe'yei avzq) ' Qaftfei, lids 

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nsQUTurovrroG avrov eoypvrai noba avrov oi aox&QSia xai oi Lc * ) ' *~* 

18. o* ao/i. x. ot, yoa. (6b') c. habcdklaii al ma it vg etc ... c ot y^a. 
jr. o» aqxi,. c. x hoc 8 etc | an oU a maw (6V) c. habcdln unc 9 etc ... g 
anoXtaovow c. km*a etc | avrov. akh al mn it 2 om, Ln [cut.] \ naa 
yaQ c- hbca etc .. . g Ln or* *ra<r c. adlnx unc 10 etc | i$in).i;ooovro 
c. mma etc ... g Ln Ti -troixo c. abc unc rell etc 

19. orav c. hbcklaii* al 15 ... g Ln ore c. adnx unc 9 etc | tttnoQtvtro 
c. hcdRThx unc 8 etc ... Ln -«i»oito c. abkm'aii etc 

20. naqan. nyta. c. hbcdla etc ... g nq. nagan. c. anx unc 10 etc 

21. yap ft u c. hbcdehx ... g Ln ^a/9/9* c. aln unc 9 rell 

22. ogc. unc omnib ...?(= Gb Sz) om 6 c. min pauc 

23. apfp c. hbdn etc ... g add ya(* c. aclx unc 11 etc | marti^ c. mbla 
al* . . . f Ln mtrttvari a acdn nnc 9 etc (xr al -<r*0 | o c. kblna etc ... 
5 Ln of c. ACX unc 10 etc | XaXti c. hblna etc ... g Xtyti c. acx unc 10 
etc | *atai> cunw (6b') c. hbcdla etc . . . g Ln add o cay «<7rij c. akx 
unc 10 etc 

24. oaa (6b") c. hbcdla al 8 ... ?.add av c. ax unc 8 etc (et KNn al tav) | 
7TQo0tvzte&. xai, (Gb') c. hbcdla etc ... g nQoatvxopivoi c anx unc 10 
etc | tlafliT* (Gb') c. kbcla cop ... g Xaftflavtxt c. anx unc 10 etc 

25. orrjxtTt c. acdh(l)m*vx al 2 " 1 ... g orijxriTe c. ba unc 8 etc ... h cr^re 

26. f Ln ii & i'fJttla ovx dqtUxt, old* 6 naryo v(.iwv o h tola (cdhmd* 
etc om) ovqaroZa aqn\on (d etc add vpw) rot naoanrfaftata iftutp c. 
acdnx unc 10 al pier it 8 vg etc . . . om c. hblsa al mu it 8 etc 

12a • 


180a 11, 28. RATA MAPKON 

Lc ao, 9 - w 

ygappaxBla xai ol nosafivtsgoi, 28 xai IXsyov avr(p* *V notct 
ii-ovcia rain a noma; i} xia coi xrjv t&ovaiav xavxqv edmxev iva 
tail a nwjjo; 29 6 de fyaovo elnev avxoic' insomx^coa vpaa eva 
Xoyov, xai dnoxoi&rfxi pot, xcu iodi i/uv sV noia it-ovoia xavxa 
noim. 30 xb fidnxiapa xb 'Icadwov *{■ ovqclvov tjv ij «J dv&ocb- 
ncov; dnoxoi&qxd poi. 31 xcu dwXoyi£ovxo noba iavxovo XfyovxeG* 
idv einmpev ' if ovoavov, ioei' diaxi ow ovx mujisvaare avxcp ; 
32 dlXa eincopev * «J dv&oconcov ; icpoflovvro xbv Xaov ' anavxta 
ydq sl%ov xbv 'I&dvvtp bvxws on ngoqiJjxqG rp\ 33 xcu dnoxQi- 
&ivxeo xqj 'ltjaov Xdyovotv' ovx oidapsv. xcu 6 'IrfiovG Xe'yei aixota' 
ovdi iya Xeyco i/uv iv noia i^ovaia xavxa notdi. 


mi 2i7 88-46 1 128,2 Kal rjgiaxo avxofo ev naoaSoXaiG XaXelv. duneXcora 
av&QCQTTOG syvxevGev, xai neotsxh/xev qioaypov xai wovgev vno- 
Xrjvtov xai (pxodopqGSv nvgyov, xai i^ideto avtbv ymoyoia, xai 
dnedt}(A.tjaev. 2 xai dneoretXev ngoG xovg yeoogyovG T(p xcu^cp 
dovXov, Iva naga xav yeoagy&v Xdpri dnb xmv xagnmv xov d/Jins- 

28. tXtyovc. hbcla etc ... g Ln Xtyovaw c. adnx unc 11 etc | tj tig c. hb 
la etc .. . g Ln xot* r«o~ c. anx unc 11 etc | t. «£. ravt. eti. c. anx unc 11 
etc ... Ln ed. t. «£. tout. c. hbclm 2 a etc (:: cf Mt) 

29. o <J* « c. hbcla etc ... g Ln add a7roxo*#<Mr c. adnx unc 11 etc | vjiaa 
c. bcla al 2 k* cop . . . g vfi. xayta c. HDGMNr etc, Ln xayiu vp. c. akii etc 

30. to toia. c. habcdla 33. ... g om to c. nx unc 11 etc 

31. oWoj?1£ovt. (Gb') c. k c *bcdgklmah al 50 ... g tloyi£. c. anx unc 7 etc, 
»*et° b nQoatk. | ovv c. KBc 8 D? r N unc 9 etc . . . Ln Ti om c. ac*lmsxa etc 

32. aXka c. habcla al ... g aXX c. x unc 11 etc. Sine additam c. kabc 
unc 15 etc (d tav pro aXX.) ... g post aXX add (Gb 00 ) eav c. min etc | 
anartio c. h^ablxa unc 11 al pier . . . Ln navx. c. k*cdn al | ovx. or* 
7iQo<p. tfv c. »cbcl(a) etc . . . g Ln on orr. 7iQoq>. ijv c. a(d)x unc 11 etc; 
h*n etc om orr. 

33. to) iT> Xey. c. wbclna etc . . . ff Ln Xty. toi tv c. adx unc 11 etc | oii c. 
khclnta etc ... g o I* anoxQb&HG c. x unc 7 etc; adkmd etc anoxq. o 
H, hinc Ln [a^ro.] o H 

XII. 1. XaXtiv c. hbgla etc ... g Xtyuv c. acdnx unc 9 etc | afin. ay&q. 

Hpv. c. hbcla etc . . . g Ln Ti a/*;r. f 91^. «v^. c. adx unc 11 etc | 1 J«- 

J*to c. hab*ckl ... g Ln t&Aoto c. b 8 dnx etc 
2. twv xa^ftojr c. kbclna etc . . . g Ln toi- xaqnov c. AD8 r x unc 9 etc 


RATA MAPKON 12. 13. 181a 

horoo* 3 xai laftivtea avtbv Idst^av xai dm'atedav xevbv. 4 xai 
Jtahw an&atetXev noba avtova aXkov dovXov' xdxeivov ixeqiaXim- 
5kp xai qtiftaaav. 5 xai aXXov anhteiUv ' xdxeivov dmxtewav, 
xau TtolXovc allow, ova ftev degovtea, ova Si dnoxttvvovtea* 6 I ti 
ha elyev vtbv ayantjtbv' dntatBikev avtbv ia%atov ngbc avtoia 
itytsrr oxi ertoaxTjaonai tbv viov pov. 7 ixelvoi Se oi yeoioyoi 
noba iavtovc elnav on ovtoa iativ 6 xltjoovofwa' devte dnoxtei- 
fafur avtov, xai tjimHv satai rj xXfjoovofiia. 8 xai Xapovt&j and- 
xturav avtov, xai i&'palov avtbv «|w tov dfmeXolvoa. 9 tiaoitjaet 
n xvoiocf tov dfine)jtt>voa ; ikevaetai xai dno)Jasi tova y&cooyova, 
xai doxxet rot dpnekma aUow. 10 ovde *rp yqayrp tavtr t v dvi- P , 
ywm' Xi&ov bv dnedoxtpaaav oi oixodopovvtea, ovtoa ivevy&t] 
tus x&palijv ycoviaa' 11 naga xvgiov iyiveto avtrj xai eativ 
^avfiaat^ iv oy&aXpoio ijficw; 12 ia0i xai i£rpow avtbv xga- 
tr f aai, xai iqtofly&tiaav tbv byXov' eyvoaaav yog on ngba aitova 
tip noQafiotyv elrtev. xai dqitvtea avtbv dmjl&ov. 

13 ***'* Kai dnoatAXovair noba avtbv nveca toh <Paoi-*t**,i*-*» 

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10 m 
118, S3 u 

3. mm lafi. c. hbdla etc . . . g Ln o* St Xafi. c. acmx unc 11 etc 

4. i*npaXnooav c. hbl ... f LnTi txupuXcuMOav c. acdn etc. Sine 1*- 
&ofio. c. kbdla etc ... g (Gb 00 ) Ti praem Xt&oftoXtjaarcto c. acmx 
woe 11 etc | ijTipaoav c. mbl(da) etc ... g Ti antatulav tjtiftotfitvov 
c. acmx nnc xl etc 

5. xau aXXor c. hbcdla etc ... g (= 6b) xcu naXnr aXXov c. amx unc 11 
etc | ova pev c. mbdla al 86 . . . g tova fit* c. acnx unc 11 etc | ova 6t 
c. kbla al 86 (d aXlova) ... g tova d* c. acnx unc 1 * etc | anoxrtvvov- 
tea c »*ACDBUvr etc (mx nnc* al mu -v-) ... 5 anoint won to c. min 
... B anoxttrrvrt., m c anoxtwinnrt. 

6. it* c. hbla etc ... s iti ovv, Ln ct» [ovv] c. acdnx unc 11 etc I ii% • Vi 
e. mbc'la etc ... <; vi. txoy c. mx unc 11 etc; Ln t/tov v*. c. ac*d it 8 
vg I aya7Tfjt. (Gb') c. kbcdla it 8 vg etc ... g add avtov c. anx unc 11 
etc I amor. am. c. mblx 8 a etc . .. g an. no* av., Ln owr. [x.] ai>. c. a 
csx* unc 11 etc | ta%. no. av. c. mbcla etc ... g no. av. say> c. amx 
unc 11 etc 

7. nq. tav. e»n. c. mbcla etc ... g Ln fwr. 7r^. cat;, c. admx unc 11 etc | 
unar c. kbcdla ... g imov c. amx one 11 etc 

8. ant. oit. c. mbcla etc . .. g Ln at/r. a^c. c. admx unc 11 etc | ittfia- 
Xov (Ti -low c. b) av*. c. mabcdm unc 8 etc . . . g om avr. c. lxa unc 8 etc 

9. n c. bl g 8 ' cop . . . g Ln t* ow c. macd unc u etc 


182* 12, 14. KATA MAPkON 

cairn? xai rav 'Hotodiavw, ha avtov dyoevGGxnv \6yq>. 14 xai 
&&ovT€G Xiyovaiv avzcp" ditidcxaXe, oiidapev on alr^yo d xai ov 
l*£Ui aoi neol ovderoa' ov yag fiXinuo eh nQocmnov av&QWiaw, 
d}X in ahj&eicuj rqv bbbv rov fcoii dtddaxaa' Qeortv xijvaov 
KaiaaQi tiovvai ij ov; dapev // [*q daiftfv; 15 6 tie &an» avtdov 
tt/v vnoxgujiv ehrev avtola* ti fte aetqaCete ; (psQere fwi dtpdoiov 
iva f&o. 16 oi di. rjyeyxav. xai Xt'yei avtoia' tivoa ij eixow avrq 
xai ij imygacp?/; oi di elnav ai/rcp* Kaiaagoa. 17 6 di *Irpova 
elmv avtotc' ra Kaiaagoa dnodote Kaiaagi xai ra rov &bov 
rep #«p. xai i^sO-avfia^ov in air (p. 
ni»r>3"» 18 Kal (gjpvrai Saddovxaioi ngbo avtov , ottivea Xiyovaiv 
Lr i?*°ut 2 iT? dvdaraciv (ty thou, xai imjQotrwv avtbv Xsyovrea' 19 diddcxale, 
Moaurija eygaxpev ijfuv on idv nvoa ddthfba dno^avq xai xara- 
tinq yvvatxa xai pi} dcpjj rixvov, ha lofty 6 ddehyba avtov rtjv 
ywaXxa xai i£avaarqaq anigpa rep ddekfdji avtov. 20 imk 
ddshpol tjaav* xai 6 ngooroa tXafiev ywaixa, xai ano&v^axcjv 
oix dyijxev amopa. 21 xai 6 devregoa skafcv avtyv, xai dni&a- 
vev fjttj xatahnmv anigua* xai 6 tgitoa cbaavtcoa' 22 xai oi 

14. xou pr c. hbcdla etc . . . g Ti o* Si c. anx anc 11 etc | Ti aJUa c. dl 
a al | titer, c. hablx unc 10 etc ... Ln praem nnt ovv tjfu* c. (c*)c a 
(d)(m)n etc | xy. xa*o\ &ov. c. anx anc 11 etc . . . Ln dov. xij. xcu. c. h 
bcla etc 

15- *d«v (Qb') c. h*d al 6 it 5 go . . . g Ln Ti f »du<r c. n°abc anc 15 etc 

16. o» di sec loc: ad it 5 vg om, hinc Ln [o. d.] | una* c. hbcdla al . . . g 
nnov c. nx unc" etc 

17. o it is c. hbcla etc ... g xou ano*Q*&tHT owe. A(D)Nxrn udc 9 etc | 
amoio: Ti om c. bd | ra xcm. ojio6\ no*, c. hbcla etc .. . g Ln <x?ro£. 
ra xcu. xai. c. a(dm)nx anc 10 etc | i^&avfia^. c. kb(o s la c^av/ia^.) 
etc ... g t&avpaoav c. achx anc 11 etc 

18. *it?Hi*nwv c hb(c)dla etc ... g -tijoav c. anx anc 11 etc 

19. fivvcriff c. nbdsa unc 4 etc . .. f hwji\<s c. AC unc 9 etc | ^ ayy ante 
Tixv. c. hbcla etc . .. g Ln post c. ad unc 12 etc | two* c. h c *bla etc 
... 9 Ln tfxva c. K*et«^ACD unc 12 etc | tfjv yvp. (Qb ) c. kbcla etc 
... g Ln add atvot> c. ad unc M etc 

20. i7rt. ad. rjff. (g Gb S«) c. kabc* unc 18 etc ... g* tnr. ovv ad. iyc. c. 
c 8 m etc 

21. hV xaraA. an. c. hbcl ete ... g Ln Ti xa* ov$i avxoc aqiijxtv an. c. 
ad(x)a anc 11 etc 


KATA MAPKON 12, 29. 188a 

Tia qvx dq^xav Grngptt. iGjwtov ndvrtav xal ij yvvq ani&av&. 
-'■>«> rjj uvaatucei, otav dmarwuv, rivoa avtcav (oraiywTJ; ol 
m imk l<s%09 ainyv yvtaixa. 24t tcpt] avrota 6 'Itjoova ' ov dta 
'•iro nlarda&e (*!j eidorea tac ygayaa (irfii z//y Swapi* rov 
*w*o; 25 Srav yaQ ix vsxqwp avaatmaiv, ovie yapovmv ovte 
,w«sOvrcM f aXk* e/ir/f ci<x ayyeloi iv tola ovQctroio. 26 negl 8i 
m wcgd>?, oti tyeiQortat, ovx dtryvotte iv rrj fiipfap MojvotW ex s, e 
J Tf rwJ (tdrov n<oa tlnev avtqj 6 &8og Xk'yan' iym 6 &eba ^Bgadfi 
«u o faba Jo cutx xa\ 6 &eba 7axo5^; 27 ovx tony 6 &wg ve- 
*?w u)la £<orrayr. nokv nXardo&i. 

28 m,e Kai TiQoaeX&av eie riot yQa^artcov, ixovaaa avrav uvts^ts-io 
^V^towoms /<&»* ort xaXwr dmxQi&t] avroia, iirrfocitrjaev «v- u-ue so, ss) 
*»' nolo, fori* inoXrj TtQant} ndvtoav; 29 dnexQi&q 6 'Itjaova De J{J Au 
'ti 7(H»?ij «mV axove 7<j£a$l, xvqioc 6 &eba ij^wv xvqiog tut 

:2. ». oi «rr. oi/x ay. <r;r*. c. hbcla* (ii* al) etc ... g xa» O.apov avrtjv 

totnr. *a* (a s oid)ovji ay. on. c. (A)M 8 XA*unc 10 etc: Ln x. [*Aa/9. ai/r.] 

*»»• x«» etc | tcxaxov (Gb") c. kbcghklaii etc ... 9 Ti laxatfj c. a 

anc' etc j x. *j yi/. a*. (Gb') c. hbcdla etc ... g <*7r. x. 17 y*'- c. ax 

jdc 11 etc 
-3. »r TijamcjT. (Gb") c. kbc'lxa unc 7 etc ...(Lnf.r. ow ay. c. AC*x 

*nete I or. araattunp c. ax unc 11 al pier it 6 vg etc ... hbcdla etc 

om: Gb« Ln [or. av.] 
•*- tf. «it. o 15 c. hbcla etc . .. g Ln xo* aTToxQt&tKf o « «7rir ai'T. c. 

a(d)x unc" etc 
25. /a^^orr. cum »bc(d)glu& al 20 ... g yafturxovt. c. x unc 7 al pi Or, 

A etc uyaftHT*. | <f c. kcdla unc 5 etc . .. f (= Gb Sz) Ti o» «v c. ab 

qqc 7 etc 
-^ ,««mt. c. kbd unc 4 etc ... ff |4W<r. c. AC unc 10 etc | roi' fiat. c. habc 

nuc^etc ... g (= Gb 8a) ri;<r ^ar. c. dm etc | nwa c. mbclua al 20 
f Ln nit c. ad unc 11 etc | o &t. ante «r«. et ante *ax. c. hacl unc 18 

*tc ... Ln Ti om 6 c. bd etc 
-7. & t . c. »ac unc etc ... Ln Ti om 6 c. bd unc 6 etc | alia J«. c. mab 

cd unc 7 etc ... g (= Gb Sz) a. 0f©<7 £•#. c. r unc 6 etc- | noX. nla. c. 

•BCU k cop ... g Ln i>//«mt ov» ^0. wAa. c. ad unc 18 etc 
W <Ji-»^ c nabcdgla etc ... 5 ai'S. c. x unc 10 etc | dot* c. m*cdl etc 

••• 5 Ti t«fo<r e. h c ab unc 1 * etc | awf. ai»r. c. hbclua etc ... f Ln 

a vr. ant. c. ad unc 11 etc | *vt. nq. navx. c. mbclua etc . . . Gb Sz Ln 

s f. na. «rt. c. ax unc 10 etc . . . g nq. naauw trtoXrj 0. 11* al mu 
' 9 «ffi. oig c. hbla 33. cop ... ? Ln o*« «5 a^«. c. AC unc 12 etc | kqw. 

'W. c. »bla (c) cop ... Gb nyta. Ttavtuv tvtolr\ c. AC unc 4 etc (c etc 


184a 12, 30. KATA MAPKON 

t* io, *7 iatlv, 30 xai dyanrpeia xvqiov rbv &eov gov *£ oXqa rift xaQdi'aa 
gov xai *$ oXtjG trjc tyvxrjts gov xa) *J oXqa ri\G Siavoi'aG gov xai 
r^v la, is i£ oXtjG xi]G iGfyoG gov, 31 devreoa airy' dyanqGeia rbv nXrjGior 
gov da aeavrov. fui£ow rovrmv aJltj ivroXi} ovx hnv, 32 1M * ln 
xai elnev airqp 6 yoafJifiarevG' xoXojg, dtddaxaXe, in dhj&etaa 
elneG on etG iariv xai ovx ianv dXXoa nXrjv avrov. 33 xai to 
dyandv avrbv «| cftr/cr riyo* xaodiaa xai $* oaj?o* rijo" avvtGemG xat 
e| SXtjG rrJG iGxvoa, xai to «y«way tw nhpior oio* eavrbv ne- 
QiGooteQor ianv narrow root oXoxavrowdrow xa) row &vguop. 

lc»;1o 34 xai 6 'JqoovG, tdmv avrbv on vovvey&G anexQi'&t], elnev avro}' 

ov fiaxodv el dnb ri\G fiaotXeiaa rov &eov. lg8 * 2 xa) oideia ovxt'ri 

iroXfia avrbv inegmrijGai. 

Mt M^4i-*5 35 ,34,2 Ku) anoxgi&eiG 6 %govg eXeyev dtddaxmv iv rq3 

ieg<p na)G Xeyovaiv ot yoafifiareur on o XgtoroG viog Aaveio eariv ; 

Act 1 "**! ^ airoG Javeid elnev iv ro) nvevpan rqp dyi'cp* elnev 6 xvgioa 
np xvgicp fituv' xd&ov ix faiicov pov ?oog av &ot row ix&gova 
gov vnonodiov rmv nodriiv gov. 37 airbG Aaveio Xeyei avrbv 

add tarv* 011-17, tart); Ln kqm. navr. [tvTokt} tat.] ... g (Gb') /r^oj. 
naaotv (Sz navriav c. r unc 6 al 60 ) rwr trro>la>* c. r unc 6 etc 

30. layvoa (roi' c. hbela sah cop . . . f Ln add at/Tf/ ttqwtij (kuh etc add 
navToiv) fvroXrj c. ad unc 11 etc 

31. JeiTtpce c. hbla etc . . . ? xa* iJ#i»., Ln [x.] dtv. c. ax unc 10 etc (d etc 
Sev. d(, xcu dtv. tfi) | ai-rij c. (k)bla etc ... g Ln Oftoia avttj (Ln 
aiV/J, D rai'Tiy) c. a(d)x unc 11 etc 

32. f*7T«r c. k*dla unc 8 etc ... g Ln Ti **naa c. h c ab unc 7 etc | i«r 
tor. c. »abl unc 9 etc . .. f (=GbSz) add £(00(00 o &e.) c. D unc 4 etc 

33. ovvMTtoHT c. mbla etc . . . ? Ti add xai (| oA»y0 Tiy0 V'*'/^ ^ n [*• *■ 
oA. t. t^i'.] c. ad unc 12 etc I rai'ror c. BXA*n unc 8 etc ... »ADL unc 8 
etc fftat'r. I TZiQioaoT. c. hbl& 83. ... f Ln Ti nluov c. ad unc 1 * etc | 
x. T(uv &vai. c. klma etc . . . Gb S« Ln Ti om raif c. abd unc 11 etc 

35. Sav. tar. c. HBDLTd unc 3 etc . . . s Ln Ti tart dav. c. ax unc 9 etc 

36. aiTO0 c. »BLT d A etc .. . g add yap, Ln [y.] c. ax unc 11 etc | tw n*. rot 
ay. c. xbdlua (T d ) ... Gb Sz nvtvfian ayw c, ax unc 10 etc | an. 
sec c. HBLT d unc 6 etc ... Gb Sz Ti leyti c. ADff r unc 8 etc | o xvq. c. ha 
LT d unc 12 etc ... Ln om 6 c. bd | xa&ov: Ti xa$-*aov c. fi | vnonod. 
c. hal Unc 18 etc ... Ti vnoxatot c. BD^Td etc 

37. atYOff c. HBDLT d 4 etc ... g add avr, Ln [o.] c. a unc 11 etc | air. 
tar. vt. c. BLT d etc .. . g Ln i»». air. *0T. c. ha unc M etc 


KATA MAPKON 13/2. 185a 

xioiov, xai no&er avtov istiv viog ; xa) b noXva o%Xoa r/xovev 

38 ,88a Kai iv tij &£«£# avtov IXeyev' ftXenete anb rdtv r,c*>,46« 
WqmaTtwv rmv ftiXovtrnv iv atoXaur niomateiv xai acnacfiova lc u, «s 
if To«j ayoQcua 39 xai TTQwroxa&edQicuj iv talc aw ay my cue xai 
xwnoxhoiaa iv tola detkroiu' 40 ,83 " 8 oi xateG&iovtea too oi- MtM - u 
wW vat %t](K»r xai nooyaoBi paxed nooaevxofMvot , ovtot Xt/fi- 

WHTtai ftBQUSOOtBQOV XQt'fta. 

41 Kai xa&iaaa xativavtt tov yaC^vXaxiov e&eobget aaio L *ii~,?-A 
"nyhxt pa&ei %akxbv eh to ya&yvXaxiov* xa) noXXoi aXovom 
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yalaa oixodopda; oh fit/ agpctffl Xi&oo im Xt&ov, oa oi fit/ xata- 

38. xcu tr t. dtd. airr. tXty. c. hbli etc ... g Ln ncu tXty. avroKr tv t. 

fat. avxov c. A unc 1 * etc 
*0. Ti o* xa*to&ovTia c. b | ly/ty. kabdlxi . . . f lyy. c. rell 
*t. taB-ioaa c. hbla etc ... g add o «, Ln [o *5] c. A unc 18 etc 
**• «t»7^: d 2P e U 7 arm om, hinc Gb° 
**. tuttv c. habdl unc 4 etc . . . ? (= Gb) Ti Xtyti c. x unc 8 etc | 0(01]*. 

c x unc 11 al pier ... Ln tfiaXtv (:: ut Lc) o. hc(*-^it)abdla etc | 

0alWt. c. habd unc 12 etc ... ; palort. c. eh etc 
XHI. 1. na twi» c. hbl unc 10 etc ... Ti tur «x rw c. adfxa etc 
2. xcu o is H7i. avx. c. hbl etc ... g n. o *5 anon^&tia u. av. c. x unc 9 

etc, Ln x. ottox^*^. o «5 «. at*, c. akad etc | a^t&fj c. ax unc* etc ... 

Ln add qh$c (: : ex Mt) c. hbd unc 5 etc | f . A*^ov c. hbl unc 7 etc ... c 

Ln Ti « . jlft£a> c. ad unc 6 etc 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

18«a 13, 3. KATA MAPKON 

h)dj[. 3 138 * a xal xa&tjpivov aitov eia to oqog t&v iXauov xati- 
vavti tov Uqov, inrjocora aitov xat idtav b TlitQoa xalJ/axmpoG 
xai 'IcouvvrjG xal 'AvSqiaa' 4 einbv ijpuv, note tavta iatai; xai 
ti to ar^fietor otav juAaj; ravta crvvTeXeia&cu navta; 5 ' ds 'Iq- 
ooi'G f^ato Xiyeiv avtoia' (IXdnete {itj tur vpao nXavtjo\i. 6 noX- 
Xol iiewrovrai inl t<p ovofiati fiov> Xiyovtea ott iyoi ei'ut, xal 
noXXowr nXavtjGovmv. 7 otav di dxowrr^te noXipovc xai axoac 
noXifitov, fi// &Qoeto&8 m for yevio&at^ aXX* ovnca to tiXoa. 8 iysg- 
&tjcetai ydg z&voa in t&voa xal BaoiXtia inl BaotXefav. taovtat 
lc ai, ia^-19 aeiapoi xat a tonowr, taovtai hpoi. v agyrj moivojv ravta. xw * 1 
Mt 24, 9 BXintts 8i ifieia iavtowr ' nagadoiaovotv vpaa eta owitigia xal 
via avvaymyda dagtjaea&e xai im yyepovrnv xa\ fiaaXicov <rta&q- 

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aeave evexev epov, eta paQtvgtov amour* Iv xai etc navta 

ta e&vq ng&tov Set xrjgvx&rjvai to eiayyeXiov. 1 1 141 "* xal otav 
lc 12, ii • aycoctv ifida nagadi86vtea f f»; ngofiegtfivate ti XaX^atjtfy d}X o 
iav do&jj vfiiv iv ixeivq trj oogcc, tovto XaXeiis' oi ydg iate vfut<r 
ol XaXovvtsCy dXXa to nvsvgia to dywv. 12 xai nagadobaei adek- 

3. (7TTlQU)TCt C. HBL etc . . . ff Ln l7ir\Q(t>XMV C. ADX IU1C 13 etc I XtTQ. C. 

hd etc ... f Ln Ti om o c. abl unc 38 etc 

4. t*7zov c. hbdl al 6 ... g i*nt c. ax unc 12 etc I fully c. habl unc 8 al 
pi . . . Ti fttXXtt c. d unc 5 ai M | pf XX. rav. avvr. na. c. kbl .. . g fit XX. 
na. Ton. avvr. c. d unc e etc; Ln piXX. rav. na. avvr. c. A unc 6 etc 

5. o dt Ts c. hbl etc . . . g Ln add unoxQi&(*<r c. ax unc 11 etc (dg etc) | 
tlQ&. Xty. avt. c. hblu etc ... g avt. ijfl£. X*y. c. ax unc 9 etc 

6. noXXot c. hbl etc . . . f Ln add yop c. ad unc 18 etc 

7. axov<jr\xt c. hadl unc 18 etc (Ti axovftr, at B axovtjt*) I dtt, c. k*b 
Bah cop ... ? Ln add yap c. h^adl unc 18 etc 

8. in c. hbl unc 8 etc ... g Ln Ti tn* c. ad unc 11 etc | taovt. giht/i. c. 
hbdl etc ... g Ln xa* ta. an. c. ax unc 18 etc | taort. X^fi. c. h^bl eto 
(m* om xa. to. «o\ jl».) ... ; Ln xa* ta. Xi. c. ax unc 18 etc (d etc xa« 
Xt/4.) | Xtfioi c. hbdl etc ... g (Gb°) add xa» rapa/at c. ax unc 11 etc 

9. «W7 (Qb' Sz) c. hbdl unc 8 etc . . . g Ti ap/a» c. ax unc 9 etc | /raoad. 
\>l*. c. bl etc ... g Ln 9ia^. yao i»^. c. ha unc 18 etc 

10. 7iqo). dti c. hbd etc . . . g Ti o«* /rpw. c. al unc 18 etc 

11. xat otav c. hbdl etc ... g or. dt c. ax unc 18 etc | aywff*y c. habdl 
unc 1 etc ... * (= Gb Ss) ayayaxjiv c. e unc 8 etc | t» Aali^ff. c. hbdl 
etc ... g (Gb 00 ) Ti add ptjie ptXtrart, Ln [p. pd.] c. ax unc 38 etc | 
o tav c. hbl unc ;8 etc . . . Ln o av c. ad al 

12. x. ;rapao*. c. hbdl it 4 etc ... g nag. dt c. ax unc 18 etc 


KATA MAPKON 13,22. 187a 

v*a adeXcfbv eia Saratov xal natijQ tixvov 9 xal inavaat^aovtai 
vxraifil yovelo xal Oavatoiaovaiv avtova. 13 xal Saea&e fuaov- ut 24,9.19 
*tt<H vsro navtcov tiia to oropa (tov' 6 de vnoueivaa eia tikoa, ovtoa 
sofl-Bcrcirctt. 14 ut ' 9 "(hat de "fate to Bdikvyua tna ignuoiaeoKf Mt tZu-is 

', 9 >»- r » » ' T !4S^ /' »V ~» r Lc 81.10- 84 

*xr t xora ojrw ov oei, arayivmaxow voetra), tote 01 ev rq Iov- D »» 9, si 
T u'tt cp€vyit(oaav eia ta oqij, 15 6 di inl tov doipatoa pi] xata- i, c i7,si 
zdieo prfii eiaek&dto* aoai 11 ix tija oixiaa avtov, 16 xal 6 eia he 17, si 
to* ayQor uh imatoexjiata) eia ta inlaw aoai to Ipatiov avtov. 
1 *•••■ ewa* o> taia ev yaatgt ijovaaia xai tour &ijXa£ovaai6 
ht ixtivaia tata ^fieoata. 18 Ha * 6 nooaevxea&e de Ira fit] ye'vqtai 
(ttpoyroa. 1 9 "•** eaortai yao ai ijfj^Qai ixeivat &Xi\pia, oia ov 
j>yotBp routvrrj an? aQXija xtiaeoxs, tjv ixttaev 6 &eoa, eooa tov 
rvv xcu ov /My yettjtai. &\J xai ei fit] exolop<aaev xvoioa taa 

rutQaa, ovx av iaoi&t] naaa aaQ^ ' dXXa dia tova ixXextova ova 
i£eie£ato exokfpmaev taa 7]fiioaa. 21 ,w * 8 xal tote eav tta i/uv ^ "» 8S 
ft»g # tde ide 6 Xourzoa, ide ixei, fit] matevete. 22 H9,6 iyeofri]- 
Gortui di xpevdoxQWTOi xal xpevdonooa^jtai xal noiijaovaiv Gratia 
xal teQata noba to anonXavav, ei dvratoy, tova ixXextova. 

14. ro fiti*. rrjff t£. c. hbdl it 7 vg etc ... g (= Gb) add to qriQtv vno 
dctrtiji tow nqotprjTov,. Ln [to off. vn. 6a. x. no.] c. ax udc 13 etc | 
larrptxtta c. mbl, Ln -xo<r c. d 28. ... g tarou c. a unc 8 etc, s<* Gb 
S» «<rrw<r c. x unc 5 etc 

15. o df e. kalx unc 10 etc ... d etc kou . . . Ln c. bfh c sah cop | xa- 
rafiar. c. hbl etc . . . s Ln add «iff T17V otxtar, Ln [r. t. o*.] c. adx 
one 11 etc I (Krtl&atto c. hadj^a al ... 9 -«to> c. b unc 18 etc | o^. t» 
c. mad unc 19 etc . . . Ti r» ao. c. B unc 8 al 8 

16. o c»tf r. ay^. c. hbdla etc . . . g Ti add w» c. ax unc 11 etc 

18. »*« /iij ytiftjr. ztift. c. w*et c *B arm (d ». ^*. yf». y«re»rr.) etc: absq ^ 
<fv. vft. (Gb 00 ) c. «*et«*BDL etc . . . ? »»». y^ij y#. r\ tpvyfj v/ttav /««. c. 
k^ax unc 18 etc 

19. ijp c. hbc*l 28. . . . g Ti if* c. ac*x unc 18 etc 

SO. «oA. xt'f . c. hbl it* vg aeth . . . g Ln xvo. fx. 0. acd unc 18 etc 

21. i& pr c. hbl ... g Ln t&ov c. acd unc 18 etc; »di sec c. hbdl al 8 ... «• 
i^ov c. a nnc u etc | & (Gb') c. hlu al 50 etc ... g Ln add 17 c. ad 
one 18 etc (b etc add xcu) | ntaxt vtti c. habcd unc 6 etc ... g (= Gb 
Sz) -atjrt c. x nnc 8 etc 

22. 'ytod-. &€ c. hc ... g Ln Ti ly. yaq (ut Mt) c abdl etc | tyrvdoxQ. 
xm: Ti om c. D 1 24. ii 8 | noiijaovaw c. d al fl a ... g Ln dwaova* (at 


188a 13, 23. RATA MAPKON 

Mt-M, w-si 23 vueia de Skenete nooeioma viuv navta. 24 w '* Alia, ev 
exawaur raw? t] (Aetata fieta tip &ki\piv exeinjv o tjkuHj oxotiGiTtj- 
aetai, xai 17 oektjvtj ov doiasi to ye'yyoo avtija, 25 xa* <w dateQea 
eaovtai ex tov ovoavov nintovtec, xa) ai dwdpetG ai ev tola 
ovoavour oakev&TJaovtai. 26 m " 9 xou tots oxpovtai tov vibv tov 
dv&goinov ioxopevov iv veyekata fieta dwdueow noMSjo xai do&p. 
27 xai tote dnoatskei tova dyyelova xai eniawd^ei tows exie- 
ttM xtova ix row teaadugoav avifMov an olxqov yfja eW axQOv ovoavov. 

J^t *«, sj-» 28 'Anb de tr\a avxija pd&Ete trjv naQa^dkqv. orav avtrja rfir\ 
6 xkddoa dnakba yevr/tai xai ixcpvrj td <pikla 9 yivoiaxete oti 
iyyva to &egoa eativ . 29 ovttoa xa) vpsta otav idrjte tavta ytvo- 
p8vay yivoiaxete on iyyva iativ em dvgoua. 30 dptjv Xe'yoa ifuv 
oti ov pi] nagek&q ij yevea avttj pe'xgta ov tavta navta yevr^tai. 
31 6 oigavba xa) r\ yij nageXevaovtai, 01 de koyoi fwv ov firj nag- 
Mt **• • ekevaovtai. 32 1M ' fi Ileal de tija ijfjie'gaa exeivtja $ tfja oygaa ov- 
de)a oldev, ovde oi ayyekoi ev ovoavtp ovde 6 vtoa, ei firj 6 natjjg. 

Mt) c. habc etc I tova txk. c. hboS* ... g Ln ucu r. ink. (ut Mt) c. 
ac unc 15 etc 

23. nQoiiQ. c. bl etc .. . g praem tdov, Ln [id.] c. hacd unc" etc 

24. alia c. hbcda al . . . g all c. A unc 1 * etc 

25. caovT. ex r. ov(>. c. MABCun* etc ... g tov ovd. taovt. c. L unc 14 etc ' 
mmovx. c. hbcdlii* etc ... g txntnt. c. A unc 14 etc 

26. di/. no. x. <?o£. c. mbcd etc ... Ln dv. x. dof. no. c. a unc 8 etc 

27. tova ayy. (Gb') c. bdl it 6 al ... g add avxov, Ln [av.] c. kac unc 14 
etc I tova txk. c. dl al 6 it 6 Or^t ... g Ln add avrov (ex Mt) c. ha 
bc etc 

28. avtija r\d. xka. c. w b XA unc 7 etc ... Ln 17& xk. air. c kabcdlo 
etc (ut Mt) I ixq>\nj (et. g* Gb Ss): g Ln empvij | ywwaxftt cum kb*c 
unc 18 etc ... Ti -it at c. AB s D? r Li etc 

29. ovtuta: g ovtot c. mb etc | id. xav. yn. c. habc(o) unc* etc ... g Ti 
tav. «J. yw. c. i unc 12 etc 

30. t«v. na, c. hbcla etc . . . g Ln na. fau. c. ADflr^ unc 18 etc 

31. naQtkivaorta* pr c. »bd unc 4 etc ... Gb Sz -fftra* c. ac^^l unc M 
etc I bd* om pt[ I noQiktvaovt. sec c. »bl al 7 ... g Ln 7ra^<A^w<r»»' 
c. acd unc 14 etc 

32. txtw. tf c. abcl unc 18 etc ... g (= Gb Sa) ex. xa» c. «dfb* etc | trja 
vpaa c. hbcdl unc 6 etc : Gb 00 rya c. A unc B al 80 | o* oyy. c. hdl unc 3 
etc ... f Ln oi ayy. o» c. AC unc 18 etc ... Ti ayyiXoa c. b 


KATA MAPKON 14, 6. 189a 

33 ,49 "* Skinete, dygvfzveite' ovx oidate yog note 6 xawoa itmv. *t».i3 
tH aw ar&Qoonoa anootjfWG aq^to ir\v oixtav avzov xai oovn Le io, i* ■■) 
iowj doiXota avtoi trjv i^ovaiav, ixdatcp to igyov avtov, xal rep 
foooagq* ivsteOiato ha yQiffOQJj. 35 155,s ygtjyoQeite ovv' ovx otdate *c8i, Xm) 
?a# gore 6 xvQioa trja otxiaa ioyjetai, tj 6\ps ij fieaovvxtiov q dXs- 
TTQQoqwiaa rj ngcoi' 36 ptj iX&ow i^aiqnnjo tvoy vpao xa&ev- 
tovtao* 37 o di vftiv Xiyw, nd<nv Xiym, yQTjyoQ€tte. 




Mt S6, 8-5 

loll, 47 •• 

1160.1 7ir ft* * ' * * *>• * ft' ' ' 

if* oe to 7tou5%a xai ta aQvpa per a ovo qpegaa, 

mi i&ljtow oi aQi&QeiG xcu oi yqa^atBiG nata avtbv iv tiofap 

'AQoeiTpavtBG dnoxtBivoDCiv' 2 SUyov ydg' py iv ty sooty, {itjnore 

term &6qv$og tov Xaov. 3 _ 9 

3 158,1 Kal ovtoc aitov iv BrjOavlct iv ty oixia ^ifjuovoa tov ^S't^i 3 

Unoovy xataxsifiivov aitov rjX&ev ywij e%ovca dXdpaatQOv pvoov Lc 7 » * ■• 

ragdov motuajo noXvtelova' awtgixpaoa tov akafiaatoov xatiyziv 

uvtov tip x€q>cd?j<j. 4 Ipav di tivea dyavaxtovvtea noba iavtova' 

ug ti q dnciXeia avtt( tov pvoov yiyovev ; 5 rfiivato ydg tovto 

to ftvoov 7TQa^fjvai indvw dqvaoi<ov toiaxoouov xai~do&ijvai tola 

mtojous' xal svefaifiovvro avtij. 6 6 di 'Itjgovg elnsv' depste 

33. ayqvnv. c. bd 122. it 3 tol* . . . g add xa* 7ifJOGtvx*o&t c. mac one 15 
etc | txaar<a c. hbc*ol etc . . . % xcu excurr. c. ac 3 unc 14 etc 

35. ij oytt c. hbcla etc ... g Ln om 17 c. ad unc 18 etc | ptaovvxTwv c. kb 
cla . . . g Ln -xt*oi/ c ad unc 18 etc 

37. (6b") c. KBCKLXin* etc . .. g Ti a c. A unc 11 etc 

XIV. 2. yo#> c. mbc*dl etc ... g fit c. AC 2 unc 14 etc | ear. &oqvp. c. hbc 
d&l etc ... g Ln &oq. tar. c. a unc 12 etc 

3. axrzQtxp. c. kbl cop ... g Ln xou awrq. c. acd unc 1 * etc | rov aXafi. 
c. h*ad nnc 11 etc ... Ti rtjv aL c. k c bcla . . . g to aX. c. om al | r^a 
**(p. c. kbcla etc ... g xara r. xt<p. c. A nnc 18 etc 

4. nq. tavr. c. kbc*l etc ... 5 Ln add xa» Xtyovrta c. AC 2 unc 14 etc | rovr. 
(x om) rofiVQ. c. (h)abcl unc 4 etc . . . g (= Gb Sz) tovto c. x unc 8 etc 

5. rovro to ftvgop c. abckluao etc, d etc to pvoov rovro ... g (= 6b Sz) 
tovto sine to fAvqov (: : ut Mt) c. KFGHVSVxr etc ... « to pvq. tantum | 
6r\vui}t. T()Kt*o. cum mcdl etc ... g t(jhxx. dtjvaf). (:: ut lob) cum ab 
xrAn nnc 9 etc | tvt^/iovvro cum »c* c 8Cr (:: cf Ioh 11, 38) ... g 
Ln Ti tvtpQtywvro cum abc 2 dl etc 


190a 14, 7. KATA MAPKON 

avttjv' ti avzij xotiovg naQexete; xaXov tQyov ijoydaato iv spot. 
7 ndvtote ydo rows ntrnxovc ixete pe& iavtmv xat otav &tbjte 
dvvaa&e ev Ttotijaat, ipe de ov ndvtote ixete. 8 I5e * S eaxev enoi- 
Tjoev' nooekafiev [tvoiGai fiov to cm/mx, eia tbv evtaqnaafiov. 
9 dpi/v de keyto Vfitv, onov edv m]Qvx&ii to evayyehov eia Skor 
Tov xocfiov, xcu o inoiqaev avtt\ XaXrj&ijaerat eia [ivrjpoawov 
Mtse u-io 10 160 * a Kai 'Iovdaa 'Igxoqi(o&, 6 eta ttav dwdexa, dntjX&av 
tiqog tova aQXi&Qeia iva avtov naoaooi avtoia. II ot oe axov 
aavtea exaQyaav xdi imflyetkavto avz<$ doyvQiov dovvat' xat 
itytet Time avtov evxcuQcoa naQadoi. 
Lcss'JliS 12 Kai ti} nowtin tjfUQa ttav d^iftoov, ote to ndaxa t&vov, 
Mt m, i7-i9 xiyovaiv avt<$ oi pa&qtal avtov' nov &tleta dnek&ovtea itotfid- 
acofiev iva cpdyrja to ndaxa; 13 xal dnoot&kei dvotmv [ia&t]tcor 
avtov xal Xtyei avtoia' vndyete eta tqv aohv, xa) dnavtriaet 
vfuv dv&Qtonoa xeodptov vSatoa ^aatd^av' dxoljov&ijaate avrcp, 

6. ?]Qy curat o c. h*b*d al 2 ... g Ln **py. cum » c AB 8 CLwbxrAn unc 9 etc ) 
tv tftot c. habcdl unc 14 «tc ... g (= Gb Sz) f»<r f t ut cum mi n use 

7. difvacT&t c. h* ... h c bl etc add cu»tokx navtOTt, item Ln add avtot-a 
c. CDurA etc; item g add amove c. Axn unc 7 etc 

8. to%iv cum KABCDLWbxrAU unc 9 al 120 ... s (= Gb Sz) **/«* cum 
minusc non ita mu | fnotijatv cum hbl al 7 it 2 cop syrP . . . g praem 
ai'rij, Ln [avrij\ c. ACDW b xm unc 9 al pier it 8 vg etc | pov to awtta 
c. ac unc 18 etc ... Ln to owua jtou cum hbdlm* al 10 (itpl« r vg) 

9. aftqv de cum »BD& r EGKLSVwbrAn al 40 a ... Ln [St], g om St c. acfu 
mux al pi it 9 vg sab cop syrP al | tav (Gb") cum KABCLw^xrAn unc p 
etc . . . g Ln (ex errore) ctv cum d al ut v id pauc | to tvayytXtov cum 
»bdl etc ... g add toito, Ln [touto] c. acw^x unc 19 etc 

10. iouoW (Gb") cum HABCDBLMrAn al 40 Or 4 * 887 Ens** 811 ** 68 . .. g o wd. 
cum fghkscvx al pi | tffxotp. sine 6 cum k*bc*d al 8 Or . . . g Ti o 
tanaQ. cum H c AC 2 Lw b xrAn unc 9 al pier cop Eas dem | iffxa^ua& cum 
HBC* vi L (a ff 2 - i scarioth) . . . g Ln Ti MTxagiortTjo c. AC 2 wbxrAn unc 9 
al omn^ d Or Eua; item d axaQiajttj(T y etc | o tia cum kbc*v1lm cop 
. .. g Ln *»c cum c 2 w b xrAn unc 8 etc (d) | avro* naQad. c. hbcla etc 
. . . g Ln naqad. axnov c. Axrn unc 9 (d Tr^oo^ot ai't.) etc | -Jot cum b 
(TraoadoO d (nqobot) ... g -Jw cum nal unc rell al omn v,<1 

11. aqyvQtor c. hbcdlxah 2 unc 7 etc ... AKUrn* al 80 etc aqyvQia \ a it or 
tvxaiQoHJ c. habclma etc ... g ivxaio. aiT. c. Dxrn unc 8 etc | rra^aSoi 
cum bd (cf ad v. 10) ... g nagado) cum HALxrAn unc 9 al omn v » 


RATA MAPKOK 14. 22. 191a 

14 xai firtov ear thtJAhj einate rep oixodeonoTQ oti 6 didaaxaXoa 
Itytt' nov e\stiv to xatalvpd pov, onov to naaya pet a tmv pa- 
ftrp&v pov q>dya>; 15 xai avtha vpiv dei£ei avayaiov ptya hjt£<»- 
uttor etotpov, xaxei itoipaaate ijpiv. 16 xai i^rjX&ov ol pa&>fiat 
xai tjk&or eta tip nohv xa) bvqov xa&ixt elnev avtola, xai ijtoi- 
uaaav to nda%a. n_ 21 

17 161 '* Kai oxptac yevopevr^ io%etai pet a tmv doidexa. 18 xai 
uraxape'vco* avtmv xai ea&iovtow 6 'Jtjoovg elnev' dpijy tiyoa 
i'fur on etc a£ vpaw naQuddaet pe, 6 iadi'mr pet epov. 19 18 *' 1 
} t oiarto )jvnela&(u xai Xeyeiv avrdfi eia xata eta* pr\ti tyco; 20 163 ' 2 
n 8t elnev avtous ' eh tmv dwdexa, 6 ippantopevoa pet epov etc 
to tQvj&tov. 21 oti 6 p*v viog tov dv&oconov vTrdyet, xa&wa yt- 
yo<vmm neo) uvtov' ova) di top avftQconcp e'xeirq? &V ov 6 viba tov 
av&Qcbnov TioQadtdotai ' ,61 ' 6 xaXbv aiiop e! ovx eyevvtj&i] 6 dr- 

Ml 86.20 _ 
Lo *2, 14. 


&QG>noo ixelvoa. 22 lte#l Kai ic&iortcov aitmv \afav aotov i^S,**-^ 

14. iav cum HCLPxr unc 9 al pier ... Ln av cum ABDAn al pauc av \ pov 
pri cnra kbcdli etc ... Ln [uov], g om c. apx unc 12 etc 

15. avaycuov cum hab'cdefghklpvii etc ... g (= Gb Sz) avoiytov c. r 
1. al [ txoipov cum HBCDLM*PW b xrn unc 8 etc ... am*a al 20 a 1 vg arm 
on, hinc Gb° Ln [txot,p.] :: ut Lc I xaxn, cum md 2P e et (xa* emit) 
bcl etc ... sr Ln fxt* (:: ut Lc) cum APW^xr^n unc 9 

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| o ta&iuv cum hacdlp etc: b tow nj&imrtwv 

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£arr. cum ADPw b xrAJi unc 8 (deficit o) al pier it vg al | tto naxa tt,a 
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tyt* cum ADW^xm unc 8 al pier it 5 syrP ro S arm Or 4 * 486 : omisimus 
(Gb°j enm hbclpa al 20 it 8 vg sah cop al 

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anoxoiO-tut cum APW b xrAn unc 8 al omn vi k syrP arm aeth | «kt totv 
cum kbcl al 6 Bab cop ... ^ Ln Ti tur tx ttav cum ADPW b xrAn unc 8 
etc | ptt tpov: Ln add rrjv x?m a cum A it 6 vged 

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a arm | xaXov absque yv cum bl c ff 2 - i 1 q prag sah ... g add r t v, 
Ln [r t f] c. HACDPwbxrAn unc 8 al omn vid it 4 vg etc 

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cum w*et c ACLP unc 13 etc | Xafitrt c. »ABCDKLM*Pun etc . .. g (= Gb 
8z) add payers cum EFHM*svwbxr al pi ft*- (et editc) 


192a 14, 23. KATA MAPKON 

svforyjjaaa exXaaev xal edcoxev avtolc xal einev' Xdfiete* tovto 
ectiv to GcSfid fiov. 23 lfl6 ' 8 xal Xa($<av notr\qiov ev%aQ\GtYpaG 
edtaxev avtoiG, xal imov «£ avtov ndvteG* 24 xal einev avtolu' 
tovto eGtiv to aipd fiov tiJG dtu&ijxtjG to ixyyvvofASvov vneq nok- 
hiw. 25 apii? le'yoa ifuv oti ovxeti ov fiy m<a ex tov yevfifwxoG 
1*1$ dfi7T8%ov laxr tf/G qfieoaG exeivriG otav avtb mv<*> xatvbv h 
se -si *?7 ftaGtXeia tov &eov. 

MtJ6, 30-85 Od 167.6 «>-*<' >V~T /» s \ * *» 

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nujd'ijGovtta. 28 we * 6 dXkd perd to e'yeq&ijvai fie nqod^m vfida 

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add to, Ln [to] cum ad*p unc 9 d i | ttja dia&r\xri<j (Gb") cum hbcdl 
2P e k sah mln & cop ... g Ln ti;o* xaivtjo dtafrrjx. cum APw^xrAii unc 8 
etc | ixxiw. (g ixyvvo- contra habcdlp etc): g Ln post noil. c. adp 
unc 18 etc | vntq cum hbcdla al 6 . . . g n*Q* cum APw b xrn unc 8 al pier 

25. ouxcTt: hcdl al 1 ii* etc om | ov ft?j nun: d 2P e a f ov fir\ ngoa&ot 
nuv (2pe nnt,v), Gb' | ytvrjfiatoc (Gb") c. habclwdx unc 9 etc . . . g 
Ln ytwrjfiaroa c. DKNr etc 

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cdda ... g add tv t/uot tv ttj vv*tv tamy, Ln tv «/«o* [fv tij vv*r* 
tavrfj] c. AC a EFKMNun*et 3 al pi it 8 vg*d tol sah al; variant singg | tcc 
nQopaxa. ante dt>aaxo^n. cum hbcdl al° i k q sah arm ... g Ln post 
diaaxogn. cum ANW b xrAU unc 9 etc | SiixoxoQmo&riGovtai c. habcdf 
gklna al mu . . . g foaonoQnha&ijGitai c. w b x unc 8 etc 

29. u xai cum hbcol al B arm . . . g Ln Ti xat €* (D xou *ay) c. a(d)efh 
KMN8DVW D xrAn etc ; itPl er vg et si 

30. av cum ablmw^x unc 11 al plu it 2 vg etc . . . g (= Gb Sz) om (:: ut 
Mt) c. hcda al mu it 6 | tavtij ttj vi/xt* c. kbcdl a f flP* i k q . . . g tv 
ttj wxt* xavtn cum ANw^xrAn unc 8 etc | oW c. ABC*LNW b xrAH unc 8 
etc ... 8C*d al a a c ff* i k prag tol* arm aeth om /*t anagy^afj (h al 
-(«*) c. hbcda al it 10 vg ... g ana<p. fit (:: ut Mt) cum AHw*>xrn 
unc 9 al pier . . . l 69* k* om f*t 

31. txniQtoawa (Gb') c. kbcd al 3 , item l al 5 mqufomo ... g «x nigtcaov 
cum AW b xrn unc 9 etc | tlaltt cum mbdl it 7 vg . . . g tltyt cum acn 


KATA MAPKON 14, 40. 177b 

y& dt'tj avwano&aveiv oot y ov pq ae dnaorrjaapat. maavtaaa de 

a(u ndrtea (keyov. 3j_4, 

32 mi Kal tQiovxui eio xchqiov ov to ovopa re&fftjparei, i^ftSllJ 
1 $ * xal Xtyn iota pa&qtaia avzov' xa&i'aate aide *W now- IoW ' 1 
ev^cofua. 33 xal nagaXap^avst tbv ILtToov xal '/dxafiov xal 
'I<oarvTjV pet avzov, xal qo£aro ix&apfieia&ai xal dlhjpoveiv 9 
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tov' private oyde xai yqrjyoqeite. 35 1W1 xal nqoel&tov pixobv 
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&*7jo dXka ti av. 37 m,B xal tgxetai xal evolcxei avtova xaftev- 
do-rtaa, xai Xe'yei tm IJttqcp' Siptoy, xa&evdeta; ovx iGyyaaa 
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one etc . . . omisimus (Gb°) c. hbcdl etc | fit dttj c. h*cefohkmsuv 
xrAn al pier . . La chij fit c. K c ABD 9 LNwb al 18 | anaqvtiawpab c. hkf 
GKMsuvxrn* etc ... s Ln Ti -copai cum ABCDHLNW b an* etc 

32. ov to cum habd etc: c 282. w, item itP ler , hinc Ln a> nvofia, \ ye&- 
oq- c. hab*cln unc 8 etc (b* y«Tffif-) ... d ytfffa- (d gesa-), efghx al 
mu yt<r<rri- \ -ftavn c. habcdln udc 7 etc, x -f.ia.vtnj, Kur&n etc -pav$ 
. . . * -parti c. minus c non ita mu syrP | Dnxr al plus 60 /tooo* i'£o/tai> 

33. *axw/9of c. hcdkw^x unc" etc ... s (= Qb S*) rov tcex. c. ABKLn* 
al mu | ABKn* al mu tor tta. | ptx avxov c. hbcd al 4 . . . q fit & tavrov 
c. ALwwbxr^n unc 9 al pier 

35. TtQOtX&tov cum MBFKMRn*et 8 etc ... ACD« r Lw b x unc 9 al plu nqoatX- 
&uv (Gb'), item fl*- (aceedens) syr**' | tmnrtw c. »bl etc . . . «r Ln 
tjz«Jfr (:: ut Mt) cum ACDNW b xr*ii unc 9 etc 

36. 7raQ*9fYxt: HACKW b n* al mu -vita* | to norfj. tout, an tpov c. mabc 
qluxa etc . . . dk etc tout, to 7TOTTJ. an t/uovj KMn etc an epov to 
norrj. tovto . . . g Ti to norrj. an tpov rovro cum EFH8Vw b r al pi 

38. fAd-ijTt cum k*b 346. q . .. * Ln tHjtX&r\tt h«acdln unc 14 etc 
40. vnoatqiy. tro. aiT. naXtv (Qb 00 naXw, om 90. 6«^ sah ; wx etc 
transpon) cumACNW°xrAn unc 9 etc ... Ln naXw tk&onf ivotv avtova 
(: : of Mt) cum mbl | avrtav o» oy&aXfi. cum hbcli al 5 . . . ? Ln Ti o* 
Tischbwdorf, N. T. Ed. 8. crltica minor. tib 

Digitized by VjC 

178b 14,41. KVTA MAPKON 

cav ti dnoxQt&wmv aincp. 41 W) ' 4 xat igyztai to tyitov xat Xt'yei 
avtola' xaOtvdete to lomhv xa\ dranavsa&e' dntyti' fo&ev y 
<$Qa, idov nuQadidotai 6 vlba tov dv&Qtanov eia tda %eiQa<s tmv 
afiaQTcoXwr. 42 syeiQ€<j&€ t aympev* idov 6 naoa&idova put yyytGev. 
Mt*6,47-66 43 ,81,1 Kai ev&va in avtov kaXovvtoa rragayivetat fovSaa 
lo ia.i-1* o laxaQiMTrjG etc tcov bmoexa, xat pet avtov oykoa f*eta (iax<u- 
Qmv xat £vlm' nagd rwv aQX^Q^ov xat rebv yoatmate'cw xat 
nQeafivttowv. 44 182 ' 2 Seddxei de 6 naoadtdova avtov avvmjfwv 
avtoia Xty&V ov av qtthjaco, avtoa iattv' xQutqaate avtov xat 
dnayets daxpakoio. 45 xai ik&wv ev&va nooaeX&av avuo Xdyei' 
(tappet, xai xateyifopjev avtov' 46 ol di sm'fialuv too yelqae 
«vTqp xai ixQatTjaav avtov. 47 1R81 eta 8s tta rwv naoeotrjxototv 

oif&. ai'Twv cum ADNWbxrn unc 9 al pier | xatafia^vvofttvoi cum k c a 
bklnuaii* al 80 ... g (= Gb) flfflayTiftfvoi (:: e Mt) cum («* xata(i*ii.) 
. CEFQH6VWbxrn m (? al pi | ot7rox(>*£. avtv c. habcdlu 2 etc ... g avxta 
anoxyi&. cum NW b x unc 12 al pier it 2 

41. to /oiko? c. HBGHKMNUV*rAn al permu . . . Gb" L11 Ti /oittov c. AC 

DEFLSV 2 X al fl0 

42. nay ad id. f*t tjyyujtw (-atv cum kc; (Ln Ti -x*i/ cum abdlx unc 
rell etc): d al 2 fjyym. o na(j<xdid(»v (ita d, rell 2 -dtdnvo) /•« 

43. (v&va c. mbcla ... g (t'&foHj c. AKW b xrn unc 9 al pier ... d al 6 it 6 
vg al om J itQodaa c. ncdi.n unc 14 etc . . . Lu o xndaa c. ab | o (d al 10 
fere Or om) ujxaoi. (d oxa^nwT^o-) c. adkmuw n al plus i0 it vg syr utr 
arm aeth Or ... g om (: : ut Mt ct he) cum hbceghlnsvxta etc J t«r 
sine wv c. HABCDKLNSUW^n al 50 Or . . . $■ (eed Gb 00 ) Ti add wv c. efoh 
Mvxr a! plu syrP | o/Aoa c. hbl al s it 8 al mu ... 9 add nolva, Ln 
[nolvir] cum ACDNWbxrAn unc 9 etc | nyHjft. c. h*au al 10 ... g Ln Ti 
rwv nq. c. H A BCDL»w b xrn unc 8 al pier 

4 4. awarjfAov c. ka ... g Ln Ti avooquov cum ABCNW b xrn unc 8 al pier 
(fl al OfGTjfiov) ... d al 6 Gtjfttmv I anaytrt c. hbdl al 6 ... g anayu- 
yttf c. ACEGHKMNSUVwbxrAn al pier, f al 16 ayaytrt 

45. tv&va c. hbcla ... g tv&toxr c. ANW b XLn unc 9 al pier ... d etc om 
, Qapfi. eemel (Gb') c. »bc*dlma al it 7 am fu al mu etc . . . g ^a/?/?. 
bis c. AEFGHKN8UVW b xrn etc . . . c 2 al 15 a c vg*d SR h eyrP *RB /a^c 
oa/9/?. I -/?/9«t c. KABc 2 (*latet)DEnx . . . ? Ln -/?/?* c. FOKLMNSUWbrA 

4 6. tnt^aXav c. hb ... g Ln -lov c. ACDLN unc rell etc | ra<r /ci^aa 
ai'Tru e. hcbdl al 7 a k q ... h*ca rav /*^>. ai'rwv et (om arr.) d ff 2 - 
... q m (8z male *^i) oti'roy (Gb° *^ ai».) rao" x* l Q' «»"•** c. ef 2 gh 
M 2 uvw b xr al pi. Variant al . . . Ln cum go tour #*i^. **r avtov 

47. *«p ^e t«o- cum bcnx unc 11 etc . . . Ln f»<r Jf cum halm al 10 ii 5 al, d 


RATA MAPKON 14,58. 179b 

txtiffaperoa tijv fidyuwav iniua& tor ftovkov tov a^gtipt-W xa) 
wfHUr avrov to wzaQiov. 48 1M1 xa) anoxoideiG b fi t G(yvo tlnev 
itvtiHG' &g in) X^ffrtjv Qijl&are pera paxaiQwr xa) Svfoor avXka- 
piiv fit' 49 xa# ?][Aif>ctv ijfirjv rtooG vfida ir zq) Itoq) (WaTxaw, 
mi ova ixoarijaate pe' aTX ha nbjom^mcip al ynayai. f)0 I85 "* 
m) dqitrreo avrov etpvyov navtSG. 

51 18 * 10 Aai etG tig veavtaxoa Gin^xokovOei avto? ne{ii^e^kt r 
utroG atrdofa in) yvftpov, xa) xoatovGiv avzbv' 52 b tit xaraXi- 
Titop rhr Gtpdora yvupoG tqvysp. 

Oo Aa/ antjyuyov tov JtjGOvv nooG top «(>£/*(>*«, x«/ ut *». 7 , 

tivpfQxoPtai navtiG oi aQXifQBiG xa) oi noeGfivtzooi xa) oi yoap- I'gw.'wi 
luittlo. 54 188 * 4 x«/ o Ih'tooG dnb paxQo&ev t)xoXov{yi;Gip ai*r<p 
i(DG Igoj big tyv avXifv tov aQXteoiwG, xa) ?jp ovvxaih^roG fihta 
tv)v vnrjQ€T<uv xai -^eQ^airbfiepoG tzqog to qpo5<7. 

55 18 *'* Oi de uQ%ie(ttM xa* oW to Gvtidoiov i^rovp xara 2V*!*fie-<w 
tor 'IrjGOv paozvotav eig to &arat<nGai avrov, xa) ov% evqigxop' 
56 noXXoi yog ixvtvdofiaotvoovv xaz avzov, xa) iGai at paozvotai 
mx qGav. 57 180 ' 6 x«*' zwg dvaGZavztG iwevdofiOQZvoovv xat 
uvtov XtyovttG 58 oti ijfiSiG ijxovGafM avrov h'yorroG ozi iy<a io «, ie 

«a» tmj I Mra^tov cum nbd 1. syrP m « . . . g tmov cum AtLMW b xrAii 

anc* rell 
48 *tyX&ait c. habcd one 7 etc ... ? tfyXO-trt c. w b unc 8 al pier | Ln pe ; 
49. b oi'x fx^arn, nee correctnm, hinc Ti orx fxqctTfiT* 
5c». k<pvy. nartta c. mbcla al 3 cop go ... g Ln jraiT. #^i/. c. adpw^xi ii 

unc* etc (w al ia om Ttavr.) 
51. *a* #tff tmt riai'. c. ANPW b x unc 14 etc ... Ln xat way rta c. kbcl a 

cop syr« cb arm aeth, item d etc vtav. d( no \ o\n>r\xolov8ti c. hbcl; 

c tjxoXovOn c. D al mu, «f9««fta<w it vg aJ . . . Gb" Sz t]*nkov&r]<Tfv 

c ABFxrn (a ffi'»-iyx.) unc 9 al l2a etc J xa* x(>«t. «rrov c. kbc*dla it 5 

vg al . . . f (sed Gb 00 ) add 0* viavurxot, c. AC 2 NPW b irn un( 9 etc 
62 yr/«vo<7 *y»;y*»* (la etc #y. yi.) c. kbcl c k sah cop syr acb Aeih ... q 

(sed Gb°) Ti add nn avrtav, Ln [off oi»Twr] c. ADNPxrAii unc 9 etc 

53. avrfqy,omai e. hdla al 8 it vg aeth Or 4 * 381 . . . g Ln Ti add arrw c. 
AflNPiru (c 7i(>0(T artoy) uuc 9 etc j xa* o* nQtofivt. xa* o* yqafifiar. 
c. hbclnp unc 1 * etc ... Ln x. o< y(i. x. o* ff^. c. a(d)kh etc 

54. trtrvxa&ifp. c. kab*ckpa al, item s Ln Ti ffiyxa^. c. b 8 lx unc 11 etc 
... d xa&rffifvoc (d itP lor vg) | 7i(to<r to (? e om) ^wtr: 1. al om 

55. *f^*o*xor c. "HACHwbxrn unc 8 al pier ... Ln Ti f^vq. c. bdf w lp etc 

12b • 


180b 14, 59. KATA MAPKON 

xatdkvGw tbv vabv tovtov tov xetQOTTohjtov xa) dta totow ijfieixov 

alXov ayiiQonoirpov oixodopfow. 59 xa) ovds ovttoG igij tjv r t 

paotvoia avrolv. 60 xa) avdaraa 6 dgx^^vG c/er uiaov in^Qtiy- 

tr^Bif top ' Ftjoovv fe'votv' ovx dnoxoivy ovdh ti ovtoi gov xara- 

i.cM,67«« paotVQOVGtv ; 61 o di ioiwna xa) ovx dnsxaivato ovdtv. rzdhr 

6 aQXMQSVG intjQoita avtov xa) foyei avtq)' ah el 6 Xourtba 6 

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o\psa&e rbr vibv tov dv&ooinov ex deSunv xa&tjpBrov Ttja dvra- 

pecoG xa) eQxopevov pstd tmv veqjehav tov ovoavov. 63 ,M ' 8 6 de 

aQXt£Q8va diaQQTjl;aG tovG xit&vao avtov Xt'yei ' 193 * 2 ti hi %(>eiar 

fyopsv paQtvowv ; 64 yxovoate tyG pkaoqnjpiua ' ti vpXv qiaivt- 

tai; oi de TtdvtsG xatexgivav avtov ivo%ov el von ftavdtov. 

?!cm|£! 65 19 *' 1 Ka) fjQ^avto tivBG ipntveiv at'Tqj) xa) neQixakvntetr 

avtov rb tioogwtzov xa) xokayi&w avrbv xa) Xe'yeiv avtq}' nooxpfj- 

tsvGOv, xa) oi vnqofaai oaniGpaoiv avrbv skajiov. 

Mt 26.6^-75 66 1WI ^ a * vviog tov Tlttoov xdt(a iv tf t avltj eQzetai 

i^S'ii-S P* a t( ** v naidtGxoov tov aQXieoswa, 67 xat loovGa tov TlbtQvv 

etss-jT tfegpuivopevov ipfiUtyaoa avto) Xt'ysi* xa) gv pet a tov NaCa- 

oqvov t/G&a tov 'Iijgov. 68 b ds tjoviJGato Xeyoav' ovte olda ovts 

60. €*ff (iiaov c. hadcilnp uncP ,er etc ... g (= Gb Sz) *«r to peaor cum 
dm al mo cop | ovdtv in absque interpunctione et. Ln et h. 1. et 
Mt 26, 62; g Wtst etc ovdtv) t» et Gb Sz ovdtv, %y 

61. ovx antxotv. ovdtv c. hbol Or*> 200 etc ... g Ln ovdtv antxoivaro (x> 
anixQi&T]) c. ADiNPW b xrAn une° al pier Or 4 * 887 etc 

62. tx dig". Ma&t]p. c. MBCDLNwbxrAn unc 9 etc ... g (= Gb Sz) xct&qjt. 
ex dt£. cum Al al rau it 4 etc 

63. dioi()QT]£a<j c. KACDiLw b unc r *H . . . b*n duxgySaa 

64. tTja pkaapij/uaa c. hbciln unc 11 etc . . . hn tijv fiaa^ijftHxv c. adg al 9 
| tvoxov wai, c. hbcla etc . . . q Ln **ra» «yo/oy c. ANwbx unc 10 etc 

65. avrov to no. c. hdclua al 8 . . . g Ln to noooan. avtov c. ainw 1 >x 
rn unc 7 etc | tlaflov c. KABCiKLNSVrAn al 10 , dg eto eXctpftavov ... g 
tfiallov c. a al perrau, EMUw b x al 80 tpakor 

66. xara) ante tv r. avL c. mbclu 8 x al 10 syr flch arm aetb . . , g Ln post 
iv t. avX. c. ANW b rAn unc 8 etc . . . di etc om 

67. fitt. tov vaK. *lo&. tov TO c. bcl ; « eyr sch //it. tow tv f\aB-. tov vot£. 
(da etc t. va.ijff&.) ... g fttt.tovra£. Tv tjG&a cum ANxrn unc 6 al pier 

68. ovtt oida ovtt imatap. c. hbdl etc ... Ti ovx oitia ovtt in^anx^. 
c. ceohsva al 85 , item g ovx oida ovdt tmot. c. AKMNUxrn etc | &v 


KATA MAPKOiN 15, 2. lglb 

tmarufieu av ti keyeiG. 196,1 xai egijl&ev $%co eia to ngoavhov, 
xai ditxTcog eqwvtjoev. 69 xai rj fratdiGxt] idovGa avtbv %q£uto 
nitXiv llyeiv rota naQeGto^Giv on ovtog *f avrcov iativ. 70 6 8e 
TriiXiv ypvelro. xai petd fiixgov ndXiv oi nageat^teG eXsyov *(p 
HtTQCp' dbi&uo «£ avrcw el xai yag rahXaioG el 11 6 dt 
r t (f%aTO dta&epan%eii> xai oprvvat on ovx olda top di&gcanov 
rovrcnr ov Xeyete. 72 xai ev&va ix devtigov aXextoag i<pobrt t oev. 
xai avefAPTjG&rj o UetgoG to gijfia oj<x ilnev avian 6 'Irpova 
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1 ' Kai sv&vg ngm avfA^ovhov €TO(fidout>re<j oi dg%iegHa u% «, i • 
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rt c. kbclmua al 6 ... f ti av c. Aixrn unc 8 etc I x«* ah xt. tyii). c. 
acdisx unc 11 etc ... mbl c cop om, hinc Ln [x. ax. ttp.] 
-69. TTt*lnr post fiqtaro c. mcla al 9 .. . g Ln post idovoa. aurni- c. ainxiii 
unc 1 al pi syrP ... bm etc om | naQtartaaiv c. nbciklaii* al 18 £us dem 
. . . ? Ln naQtoiTjxootv c. adnxfh 2 unc 7 al pier 

70. xa» yag yak. (t (haec om minusc 8 a go, hinc Gb°) c. hbcdl al 4 it ma 
sab cop etc ... g (sed Gb 00 ) add xa» r\ kalux gov Ofioict&i c. anx unc 11 
al pier q go syr utr etc 

71. xa* ofivwa* c. BKHLBUvxr al 80 . . . 5 <= Gb, sed rursns Gb') xow 
oprvuv c. hacgkunad: etc | tout, ok ksytrt : h om, k om 09 ktyrri 

72. xcu n>&va {-frmio do etc, ita Gb+Sz) c. hbl 2P«, do etc, item it 
vg syr 8Cn arm aeth . .. g (= Gb Sz) om m»0-. c. ACNxran unc 7 etc ; 
tx Sunt gov: hl etc om | to (fijfia mo c. habcla al 8 sah cop ko . . . Gb" 
Sz to (>i7f<a c. DMxrn unc 7 aP 30 , item it ... g xov (jrjparoG ov c. 
M 69. al | fw*»7(rou rJ/o- c. AC 2 LsxrA unc 8 etc, Ln dto <jo>vrjocu c. b2P« 
k sah cop ... HC* vi a 251. c ff*« g 1, 1 q aeth om 6hf | tqw //* ana^v. 
c. MBC*at s r«a it 6 vg etc . .. ? Ti ATraor. /<* t^*o" c. ANxrn unc 8 etc 

XV. 1. tv&vo cum mbcla ... g Ln ivdaoa c. adnxto unc 8 etc | tt^w* c. 
mbcol etc . . . g Tj «^i to /r^eo* c. ANxr^n unc 8 etc | tto^aaavxta c. 
kcl ... g Ln Ti noii}oavito c. ABNxrdn unc 8 etc | Twy ante y^a^i*. 
e. hd 1. 2P e sah cop Or . . . $ Ln Ti om c. BLNTAn unc 8 al pier | nn- 
Xatm c. habd ... g Ln Ti nikaxiu c. CLNrAn rell. Item post, ldque 
absque to> c. hbcdla al* Or ... g praem tw c. anid unc 8 al pier 


182b 15, 3. KATA MAPIvON 

atXeva tc5» lovdamv ; o de dnoxgifreia avr<p Xeyet' av Xeyeia. 
3 201 '* xal xarr { y6govv avrov oi dgxisgeta 7ro)J.d. 4 o de IJeiXd- 
roa ndXiv e7TtjQcora avrov' ovx dnoxgivrj ovdtv; tde noaa gov 
xar^yogovatv. 5 6 de Iqoova ovxtri ovdev dnexot'&tj, diars &av- 
fjid&w rbv fleiX&Tor. . 

mi a?, is- so 6 808,8 Kara de eoorhv dntXvev avrola eva deautor of naQXl- 

ioh is, 30 *» zowzo. ( tp oe o Xeyoftsvoa Bagappaa fiera tmj> araautatoiv 

dedept'voa, oinvta iv ry ardaei yovov nenoitixeiaav. 8 xa) dvafida 
6 oxXoa yg^aro atreia&ai xa&wa mom avroia. 9 6 de HeiXdroa 
dntxoi&ii avrola Xeymv ' OeXere dnoXvaw vfilv to* tfaatXe'a tow 
'Jovdaionv; 10 iylvoaoxev ydg on did y&ovov nagadedaoxeiaav 
avrov oi agxiegeio. 11 ot oe agx^geia aveaetaav tov o%Xov 
iv a pdXXov tbf Bagafipdv dnoXvarj avroia. 12 8o51 6 de HeiXdroa 
ndXiv dnoxgi&eia eXeyev avrola ' ii ovv ftelere noirpto ov Xtyere. 
tov pactXe'a rmv 'lovdamv; 13 oi de ndXiv ixga^av' aravgcoaov 
avrov. 14 6 de IhtXdroa ekeyev avroia' ri ydg enoirjaev xaxht; 

2. ai'TW Xiyt* c hbcd etc ... g Ln tt,n*v airna c. an unc 14 etc 

3. noXXa ... nua al 45 it 2 al Or add avxoa d« ovdtr a/rexo*v<xro 

4. tmjQutTa c. bu al 15 a k syrP m ff ... g Ln tntjyonfiatv c. HACDNxrAii 
unc 7 etc | avtov absque Af/wv c. m* al 8 a sah ... ? Ln Ti add Xtyuv 
c. H°ABCDNxrAn unc 8 etc | xovr^ooocfftv c. hbcd etc ... 9 xaTa/<tt£Ti- 
pot'atv c. anx unc 11 etc 

6. ov 7raoijToi»vTo c. »*ab* (a ov* ntQijrovvxo kic) ... y Ln Ti ovntq 
ijtovvt. c KCB 8 cNxm unc 7 al pier, item dg etc ov av fjTovrt. 

7. GTaGiaG'titiv c. hbcdk al 1 * sah . . . ? avataataax. % Ti avvataatarrr. c. 
(o-ifro-T.) aohnya al itiu, item (<ri'<rraff.) K&isuxrn al pi 

8. ayafiofl c. hbd it* vg al ... g avaporjactv c. « cb ACKXrn unc 8 al omn 
vi 8 yr utr arm | kcl&mg sine an c. hba sah cop etc ... £ Ln Ti add an. 
c. ACDNxrn unc 8 al omn vi it 8 vg al 

11. avton.uav: r al 20 artixnaav, d f/rfKTotv, item it 5 sah arm 

12. ^aA/v ante anoxff^Sna c. hbc al 7 it 4 vg al mu . . . ? Ti post arroxQid-. 
c. anx unc 10 al pier a arm .. . nr etc om | tJlf/Hr a»*To*o* c. kbc syrP 
... ? Ln Ti tuttv avTtiio c. adnxao unc 8 al omn fere etc j &tXfrf 
nour]no) c. ADNxrn uncP ,u etc ... hSoa al 8 sah cop om d-tk^rt | ov It- 
Ycre c. HCNxrAn unc 8 etc: Ln om c. ad etc | tov /?owr*A. c. nabca al 14 
etc ... g om to? c. nxih unc" h1 pier go 

13. t*ya£av: I^n add Xtynvtta c. adkhu al 85 it 3 al 

14. *7rot. xaxQ "-. bca al 4 ... g Ln xcex. (no*, c »ADKpxrn unc 8 etc | ne- 


KATA MAPKON 15, 24. 188b 

Ioh 19, 8 ft 

oi & ftBQuraaa ixqa^av' otccvqwjop avrov. 15 aoea 6 de IhiXaroc 
favlofiwoa noirjaai ro ixavor r<p oy\($ dntlvaev avrola rov Ba- 
Qaffldv, xai nctQt'dooxev rov 'Iyaovv tpQayekkcoaaa ha Gravooj&rj. 

16 *"* 4 Oi 3i orgariolzai dnrjyayov avrov sacj tyo avXqc, o 
ww nQatttoQioVy xai cvvxaXowtv ohjv rqv aneiqav' 17 xai 
hdtbwjxovGtv avrov 7zo{xpvgar xa) neoiriOeaaiv airy nXQavrea 
axdv&ivov oreyavov' 18 xai rjQ^avro dond&oftat avrov' X u ^Q e 
ftujtlsv rolv fovdm'wv* 19 xa/ favnrov avrov rrjv xtcpulyv xahkfiop 
mi tvtnrvov aitrcp, xa) ri&evreo rd yovara nQoasxvvow avrq. 
20 ** 6 xai ore ivtna^av avrip, Qtdvaav avrov ri\v noQqvoav 
tai ivtdvaav avrov rd "diet tftdriu avrov. %l _n 

Kal e^dyovaiv avrov Iva aravQCMJovoiv. 21 2W -1 xai dyya- J^g'JzJJ 
Qtiovmv naqdyovrd nva Sifuova Kvgrivaiov, tQ%6fJievov an ay gov, Ioh l9 » l7 M 
tw nartga '/iXe^dvdgov xai 'Povcpov, iva ami rov azavoov avrov. 
£& xai tytgovaiv avrov em rov 1 okyoftav ronov, o eartv /u«- 

{}iQpt t vev6uBtov xQaviov ronoc. 23 * u< xai edidow airy iapvg- 
uvptvov olrov' Sa de ovx ela^ev. 24 * 1 ** 1 xai oravoovatv avrov, 
xa! diofugiCovrai rd iftdria avrov, ftd)J.otrea xlfjgov in air a r(a 

t>i<j<j*)C cum MABCDGHKMMi* al*° . . . g (= Gb 8z) Ti moujoox*Qtoo c. 
Kspsuvxrn™* al pi | «xoa£ar: Ln t*ftaQov c. adgkmpii* etc 

15. povlop. noi'tja. to utav. xia o/A« cam hc sah cop syr*ch ... g Ln Ti 
/foivL rw o#a. to war. notrjoat (b nornr) c. A(B>NPxrdn unc 8 etc 

16. GwxaXovot* c. nabcnpa: g Ln Ti avyn. c. x unc 11 etc 

17. wdtSvv*. c. (Gb') hbcdfa al* .. . 9 cy^i;oi/ff*v c. ANPxrn unc 8 al pier 

18. paffiltv c. hbdmpsvx etc . . . Gb Sz Ti o fiaaUeva c. ac*n unc 9 al 110 

20. ta tStct (bca om, ita Ln) tuar. avrov c. m c 8cr , bca (Ln) ... g Ti xa 
utar. xa i6*a c. ANPxrn unc 9 al pier . . . D* T nil nisi xa iftaxia (Gb') 

ira oxavqwFOvatv (-aovaw c. acdlmpa al 7 : g -owjiv c. HBXrn unc 9 
al pier) absque avrov c. hd al ff 8, k; g Ln Ti add avrov c. abclnp rell 

21. ayyaQtiwoMfi **(xxt et. Mt 5, 41)b* ry^a^»ioi'<riir | an c. HABCLPr 
An unc 9 al pier ... Ln Ti (ex errore de b) ano c. dnx 

2^. *7Ti (al tic) to* c. hbc'flna al 15 ... g Ln Ti *;r* sine to* c. ac*dpx 
rn anc 8 al pier | yokyo&av c. KBF6K(L)MN8UvrA al 50 ... g Ln yoA- 
ra#a c. ACDBHPxn al permu | to^ov: h* c om 

23. f^oi'r a»T» c. hbc*la n cop arm ... ff Ln add nmv (d 7r*iv) c. ac* 
npxrn unc 9 etc | oo* dt c. «Br* rl S3. . . . g Ln Ti o c)> c. aclp unc 18 etc 

24. xa* orai'ijownr at/rov xa* (l d om) c. bl c d ff 8, k sah cop arm aeth 
... g Ln xa* fftavotaaarxta avtov c. NACDff r PXrAn unc 9 etc | dKxftujt- 
torra* c. habcdlp unc 18 al 180 ... g (= Gb Sz) difftf^ov c. min 

* Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

184b 15, 25. RATA MAPKON 

; 214.1 

' * CML 218. 10 1 ** * > % > ' >' 0£» j 

** a^l/. 2o r/? o* ©pa t£<t// xa/ «(TTat^(»(T«f «vror. Jo 

iohi«, ie xal jjy ^ imyoacprj jtjg airiaa avrov imyeyQafAfjim}' 6 (taatXevG 
r<ov 'lovdaicov. 
mi«,88^44 27 815,1 Kai avv avtco aravQOwnr dio AifffTao", era tx te£ro3r 

Lc £8,32-43 \ <r >v > t > q<-\ 217.6 * « ' 

loh i9, ir xai *?a «5 «va>yvAUor avror. *v xai 01 naganoQevoftsvoi 

i$\aa<pnwvv avrov xivovvteo taa xeq>a).a<s avrav xai h'yovreo' 
ova 6 xaiaAvav rbv vabv xai o/xodofjuav tqiatv ijubQcuo, 30 omgov 
owvtov xaiafiaa dnb tov atavQOv. 31 * 18,8 Ofwicoa xa) ol «£X«c- 
oeTa e(vrai£ovreo ttqog alXt^Xova pet a to3v yoafipatsatv eteyov' 
aXkova eoojaev, tavtbv ov dvvatai aaioai ' 32 b Xgiarbo b ($aat- 
Xeva 'FoQafjk, xata($dr<a vvr anb tov ctavQov, tva idatfxev xai 

' 819.2 * « ' >>-»/*>. »/ 

motevGwuw. xat oi ovveatavoMpevoi avv avrqp (ovewi^ov avrov* 

88-89 OO 220.2 e w y ' a " ' ' ' > > eu 

mi 27,48- 54 oo Kai yevofuvxa oogaa txTijC cxotoa tytveto scp oktjv 

JL.e28.44- 41 \ - rt v y t o a £21.6 \ ~ * t ft * a i 

ttj* ytjv hog coQctc evatyo. o4 xai tq tvafQ coga tpoqoer 

(p>i2,2) o 'Ir/oovc gpawfl psydfoj* ekoat ekat Xepa oaQax&avBi, b iauv (A* 

25. wga tq^tij (d f ) c. NBC 8 i)LPxrAii 2 unc 8 al pier it vg sah cop etc, 
item ac*kh* al pauc rqiTtj w^ct : k* cr ** syrP m & aeth uga «ti/, item 
Hier in breviario in ps. 77 | tarav^uaav: d it 8 tq>vXa<joov 

27. otavQovoir: b d it* a] lOTaxywoav 

28. g Ln hunc versum sic habent: xal inkr\Qw&tj i\ y^aqirj i) liyovaa' 
Hal fitra dvofiuiv iXoyiaQtj (: : cf Lc 22, 37 Esai 53, 12) c. efg(h)klm 
(c. a8t?)P8u(v)i'An al pi it 5 vg (cop) svr utr go arm aeth ... omiaimue 
versum (Qb 00 ) c. KABC*et*DX al 45 k sah, itemed Eus c * non 

29. oixotio/iwv ante iqkf. ijfAtQ, c. bdl 2P e c k n sah cop 8yr» ch . . . ? 
post ij/Aiqauj c. HACPxr^n unc 9 al pier it 8 vg al mu | tqigiv c. adPpv 
al 10 c k (triduo) sah ... % tv tqhtiv c. HBCLXrAn unc 8 al pier d it 8 vg cop 

30. xataflaG c. »BD« r LA k 1 n vg cop . . . f Ti xat xarafta (p etc -fitj&t) 
c. ABxrn (p) unc 8 al pier it 8 al mu 

31. ofiotwc: g (=GbSz)add dt c. c 8 M s etc | Ln a taoai, 8S o %i o fia. iaQarjk. 

32. t,OQar}X c. KBDKL^n al 10 . . . g Ti tov ktq. c. ACPxr unc 8 al pier | nt- 
onvowfitv c. KABC*BKLM B 8uv*iAn* etc ... hn add avrw c. c 8 dp unc 7 
| avv ai'Toi c. hbl . . . g Ti avxia c. Acpxr^n unc 9 etc 

S3, xat ytvofji. cum nbdqlmsa etc . ..__g ytvofi. 6( c. ACKFHKUVXi-n al pi 
etc | tvat?]<j c. habl unc 11 etc, d & . . . g *vvatri<T c. r al sat mu . 

84. t*/ fvatrj u(>a c. hbd&'fl etc ... g Ti ttj too, ttj tvatfj (g tvratij c. 
xr al mu) c. acpxtaii unc 8 etc | vany piyalij c. hbdl al 5 IP-kn cop 
... g Ln add Xtywv c. ACPxrAn unc 9 etc | ikwi (g iX-) c. HARCLPxrAn 
etc . .. D al 8 it 4 arm rjlit vel tjki | Itpa c. ncla 72. it 8 san al 
etc Xctfia, item g Aa/t/ux cum m in use pauc vged .. . Ti fo/ici c. akmpu 


KATA MAPKON 15, 41 185b 

tHQurpsvofteror' 6 &ena (aov 6 Obog [aov, hg ti lyxtttthmG fie; 
35 xai uveg tav naQeartorcov dxovoavreo tXtyov'. iide 'JlXtiav 
(fwkl 36 ,4t ' f dQ(t(i<Qv de tig xai ytfiiGccG Gfioyyor 6£ovg mQi&e)a i* w, w « 
uaaptp inoifev aixov, Xtyo&v ' aqeie idcofiev ei fQXiicu HXetaa 
mtiiuiv avTW* 37 * as ' 1 6 de 'It/govg agwcr (pcwijr peydhjv f£e- 
nrevaev. 38 M4 '* xa) to xatnnhaa/ia rov raov tGytGifrj tio dvo 
inb artadev Awr x«tw. 39 m " 8 t'8(»v dt b x&vtvqiwv 6 mtQiGTtjxaxj 
it itam'aG avtov on ourotxr tTzenrevaev, sIttbv ' ak) ( ft<x>a ovroa 6 
atftponoG vibe r\v &eov. ^ R 

40 * i8 ' 8 ^Hcav dl xai yvvaixeG anb paxQo&ev flecoQovoca, iv JJJ Si K " 
w xuj MaQia ij MaydaXtjri] xai ftlaota i\ laxcofiov tov fiixgov 
tdi Ighstjtog fAtfiijo xat JSaXabptj, 41 at ore t\v iv trj PahXaia 
^wloi&ow avrq) xai dttfxwovv atmp, xai aXXai noXXa) ai gw~ 
ttrapaGcu avrcp eia ' Isqog6Xv(au. 

xrn, kfohsv Uipa | oaftax&avei c. h?cgh al, item x* oafictxTam, 
item -r«« abd .., g EFKLMPBUvrdn etc Gctpax <9an ... b £a/9oc? 0-ar*«, 
D £if #arr* | o &*. pov o Of. ftov c. HCDHLM8UV, B omisso altero &t. 
,uov . . . Ti o &toa o &foa t uov c. AEFGKPrAn al 60 i Eus dei « 492 | tyxartX. 
ftr cam HBJs etc . . . g fit tyxattX. c. acpximii unc 9 etc 

35. nay fcr on wr c. hdu al plus 10 ... g Ln Ti naff tat rjxoTotr c\ CLPrn 
one* al pier, b tOTtjxoTtov y A txi* tarrjxQrwr \ idt c. hbflua al 15 ... g 
itiov c. ap unc 7 etc | r\Xtt,av c. hab* . . . c Ln Ti ijktav c. unc rell 

•»5 rut c. hbla aeth ... $ Ln Ti #kt c. ACDprn unc 9 al ornn T| , unus it vg 
xcu ytfuaoKT c. HACDPrAn unc 9 al omn' 1 it 8 vg syr 8Ch go arm aeth 
... bl etc om xat | 7Z(Qi9no (d tniOtio) Bine x* c. HBDff r L al 8 cop go 
... g Ti add rt c. Acpxr.ui unc 8 al pier, v xat nryifr. re, al 5 vat m- 
'»^., item it»'><l vg | a^trt c. ABCLPxr^n unc 8 etc ... hdv al 80 it 4 go 
trm*oh aft* j ijhtao c. hb*p . . . g Ln Ti i/itaa c. ACDLxr An unc rell etc 

^?. ano c. MACr&n unc 8 al pier ...Ln«ffc. bdl 48 ev 

*S. OT'Tftiff (y oitai) c. kbl (cop) ... f Ln Ti oi»t. xQa£atr c. Acxtaii unc 8 
al omn fere it 4 vg syr ulr go aeth | oi»t. o av&Qtan. c. hbdla etc ... g 
o av&q. ov't. c. Acxrn unc 8 al pier etc j tu. rjv Btov c. a en unc 8 al 
pier e &*• etc ... MBLrA al 4 it* vg i»ioo* &*ov ijr, D etc &t. vt. fjv 

<''. *r aia sine sine tjv c. hbl p HCr am prag tol ... y Ln add r t v c. acd 
tab one 8 al pier it 6 vg al | /tafia pri: bc a] pane fiaqta/u \ fta^ta (al 
p»c -taft) 1/ iaxu. c. hbckuati* al 10 , df w *l al 16 //apt. wxw. ... g pay. 
*, rot' taxai. c. AX unc 9 al plu | toxrrjroa c. H c BDff r L(A) al 6 k n cop . .. 
5 murij c. h*ac unc 10 al pier syr utr al . . . it 6 vg aeth r0 ioseph 

*1. «u sine xow c. mb al 8 it 6 cop al . . . acla al 10 1 vg go xat tantum (Gb') 
.. c Ti a» xow c. DXrn unc 8 al pier n syrP 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

186l» 15,42. KATA MAPkON 

41 -«T 

tftW.37-61 ,Kj <47.1 i' * ** " > f >>J r * i 

..«w,*i-6ft 4 J Ar/f T/oi; oxjjiav yevofittvrfG, ensi tjv nagaaxevt], o eottr 

ngoad^atov, 43 ikdiav 7w<r^<p o dari l/tQipafraiaa, wtfv^ojr 
povh?wf t o, oo xai avTOG yi> ngoadexofievoa rr t v jiamXeiav tov 
fteov, toXprjaav eiufjX&sv ngha tov lleildrov xai tj^aato to 
awftu tov 'fr t oov. 44 6 de Iletlatoo iOav^a^sv el fj8r t ts&vtjxer, 
xai 7t()oaxuX8<jdfASPoa tov xevTvguova m^Qcotyaer avrhv ei 
amVavsv' 45 xai yvova a no tov xsvTvglawoG idwQt^ajo to 
nTWfAU T<p 7ft>(77/g). 46 W8,1 xcu ayogdaaa otvdova, xa&eh&v aivov 
ittifoiaev r i/ atvdovi xai xctTe'dtjxw avtbv iv prr/paTi o r\v XeXaro- 
fitffjtrov «c nxroac, xai ngoatxiXiaev Xt'&ov im -rr/y dvgav tov 
livtjpHov. 47 W9 ' 6 jy ds MaQt'a ij MaydahfVr t xai Magia tj Iwatj- 
tog iOfconovv nov rtO-ttTai. 



n* 3; i-io 1 * ° 8 Av*) dtayevopt'rov tov oapputov Magia jy Maydah t r^ 

xai Mania /} JaxcojJov xai SaXoifA/j rjyogaaav agobpaTa, ha iX- 
&ovaai aXeixlxaaiv avTor. 2 M1,1 x«/ Xiav ngm rjj pta twv aa$- 

42. n^naa^lar. c. mb*ckmaii* etc ... Ln nqba odpftaror c. al unc 9 al 60 

43. *).0(iir (Gb") c. HABCRLMUr&n al 80 etc ... s tjX&rv c. dkghsv al mu 
it 8 vg al | ror c. hbla 38. ... g Ln om c ACDrn unc 8 al pier I ntt- 
Xaror c. »ab*d ... g Ln Ti Tidav. c. B 8 CLrAii unc 8 etc. Item vv. sqij 

44. fSavna^kv c. hd c ff 9, k 1 q vg .. . g Ln Ti t&avftaatv c. abclxtaii 
unc 8 etc | #» ttcUcu c. hacl unc 10 al fere omn ... Ln «» 17^17 c. bd 

45. to nriana c. hbdl 2P« ... ? to ffw^a c. acx uuc 10 al pier 

46. xa&Uwv (D kapMv) c. hbdl cop n ... f pracm xaic. ACRGKMBUvrAn 
al omn vi 1 vg al | xaredrjxtv cum (A)c*EGKM8UVxrn al pier ... Ln 
i&rjxfv (:: ut Mt) c. kbc 8 dl al 10 | pvtjfiar* c. hb .. . g Ln Ti pvr]{<u.i„ 
c. acdlxtad unc 7 al omn vl 

47. f] iwa. c. hcabcga al 14 ... f om fj c. dl unc 8 al pier | wayroc c. hcb 
l± 1. k cop, item al c syr hr arm iaxajfiav xan^atjtoa fiifrrj^ ... c utaffj 
c. c unc 9 al pier go »yr lUr ... a 1 vg aeth unarjv, d it cdd laxwftov 
rfOnranmx) (Gb'> H c ABCDLAn al 10 ... g rt&trtu c. KQKMBivr al pier 

XVI. 1. if *axw/?ot' (Gb') c. K*CGM8Dvxr al to ... ^ Ln 17 toi» mxx. c. h«ab 
KAn 33. al> el al 80 lanwfio') (l ton tot.) 

2. T17 (b 1. om, ita Ln) /«« c. kbi.a al 5 cop etc . .. y Ti tiy<j (d om) A<*a<j 
c. ac(d)kgkm6UVXLii al pier | Tair aafipat. c. mbkla al 6 .. . d al it 4 
aaftparov ... g Ti aa^aroty c. ACEGM8Uvx v, rA*n al pier | jtv^au 
c. h*c* ... ? Ln Ti fivtjpttor c. KCABC 8 DLXrAn unc 7 al omn vi j avct- 
mlatioa: d avotrfklnrroa^ item it* l *n 


KATA MAPKON 16, 8 187b 

faxtoir ioyprtiu int to pvijfjta, dvateiXavtoa tov rjXtov. 3 x«i 
&£fw noba iavtda' tia dnoxvXfoei qpiv tbv Xi&o* ex r//o* ftvoaa 
w pvtipsiov ; 4 xa) avajiXetyaaai {tecooovmy oti dvaxexvXtatat 6 
ii&oo' ip yao utyaG aapodoa. 5 xal eiaeXOovcat eia to pvTjfiei&v 
flbov veaviaxnv xadyperov et tour fo&ouj neQtfoftXrjpevov dtoXyv 
tamp, xai Qe&tifjipii&rfiav. (i as *' 9 6 de Xeyet avtaia ' f*rj «ri>a/i 
jfefrtJt. 'hftsovv fyteite tbv Na^aQ^vbv top iatavoi&piiov' rjyt'o{rr {f 
wx forty code' tde 6 tonoa onov l&rjxav avtov. 7 dXXd vnayete 
mate tola pa&tjiaur avtov xa) tap Iletqcp oti nooayei vfJiao eta 
tip rahhuap' ixei avtbt oyeo&e, xa&ma elnev ifiiv. 8 * 8 *' 1 xai n,» 
i&X&ovocu eqwyov dnb tov fivtrfietov' elxw ydg avtaa toofwa xai 
f-xataato, xai ovftett ovbir elnov' iyofiovvto ydq. 

3 ix c. MAiiLXTAn anc 1 al pier ... Ln arto c. cd al* 

4. xtxt ataflkry. usq uty. aq>od(>a: D 2P« it* syr hr (Ea3 deni ) rjv yaq ftty. 
(Ktodf/a' aou ff/orr. xa» ev(Jujxov<Jt,r anoxixvkiGfi. rov Xt&ar. Longe 
alia k. | ctraxr xi'lttfrai c. kbl . . . ? Ln ec/roxexi>At<7r. c. ac(d) anc 11 etc 

5. natlfrovaat c. HACDLxra anc 7 al pier it vg etc ... Ti tX&oixjat c. b 
127. (go aeccdentet) \ ttdop c. hbd unc 5 ... Ti nJov c. aclx anc 8 

7. alia c. HAH*CDQKL&n . . . q ail c. x unc 7 | xa9~. untv (a ti>qr\ntv) vptv: 

d 40. 78. xa*. tiQtjxa (40. 72. tmov) iy**y, item a*** ff*- k q 
fc. «a* tttX&ovacu sine xayv c. kabcdlz anc 10 al 145 etc ..<;(— Gb Sz) 
add ra/v c E al non ita mu | yap c. hbd it 7 vg cop syr" ch arm aeth 
.. f Ti d* c. ACLr^n unc 7 al cmn vi go 
i— 20. Haee non a Marco script a esse arguments probatur idoneis. 

Primum omittunt kb k arm«dd antfq aetb"» et* ar v «*. Notant 
asterisco 137. 138. 

Secundum l ex antiquiuribus libris lunge alia aflfert. Eadem 
k aeth m et a habent; item 274 ra K adnotat, item syrP n, «- Sic enim 
L post *(pofi. y <*{)'. q>tytTt nav xai retina + IJavra d& rot naqtjy- 
T*l/*frct roiff yr*^i tok ^rfr^ov avrroftua ttrfyyiAuV pera dt rctvra 
*ow auroff o «5 unro oyaro/ija x«* a/(>« Jrff^o^a f$a/r*artl#v d* ai - 
1*9 to **^oy xa* aydaqTov xrjqvypta -f> Tiy<r attunov aturr^naff -f- 
Post ista, rursuB pergit: inrrjr 8* xai ravra, <pnjoiit>a inra to fr^>o- 
fi&vrro yay + Avwtaa d* etc. 

3) testantur scholia 30 tere codicum Marci evgiium in antiquio- 
ribua et accuratioribus exx. h. 1. fin em habuisse. ' 

4L) accedunt patrum testimonifl. in quibus gravissima Eusebii et 
Hier. Eueebius enim in quae* tioni bus ad Marioum (apud Maium 
pp. nov. coll. torn. IV. p. 265.) scribit: ra yovv atqifiri xwv arrt>- 

i by Googh 

188b 16, 9—20. RATA MAPKON 

yga<f)0)r to rtXo<r ntoiyitayki rtja xar. paqxov urrootaa tv tokt 
koyoio rov o<p&tvtoo vtavifjxov touo* ywattt, xat hqijxotqg amuuf 
fit} q>o(tfio&( • IP ZrjTutt rov vataor\Yov^ xa* rom *£»<r, o*c tmltytt' 
xcu axovaaffcu *<f>vyor xcu ovd*vt avdtv eiizov fqofiovvro yao. tv 
toi/tw yaq a/tdov tv a/raff* tout arrty^aqpour top xar. /*apx. *uayy. 
7T((*iyfyQanTai to TfAoff' ta d* ffijff anavwo tv tkt»v, aAi oi>x *v 
^acrt tpfQotttva Triotrra av tit], xa* ftaXitrra ttTtto tjfotti' ceiTt^o- 
y»a» tij twv Iowa)* tvayytliorwv ftaorvQia. Hieron vero in 
epist. ad Hedibiam (ep. CXX.) quaesr. 3 (ed. Vallara. 1, 825) scri- 
bit: Jut non recipimus Marei testimonium, quod in raris fertnr ew. t 
omnibus Qraeciae libris pene hoc capitulum in fine non Iwbentibus, 
praesertim cum diversa atque contraria evglUtis caeteris narrare vi- 
deatur : aut hoc respondendum quod uterque (Mt et Mc) verum dixerit. 
Rursus idem contr. Pelagian.: In quibusdam et maxime in Graccis 
cdd iuxta Marcum in fine eius evangelii scribitur: Postea quum ac- 
cubuissent undecira - - non crediderunt. (Est Vallara II, 759. 
Vide post ad v. 14.) 

5) nee Amnion ii sectionibus nee Eusebii canonibus agno- 
scuntur ultimi versus. Codices cnim plures gravissimi et Graeci et 
Latini ultra v. 8. vel 9. numeros Ammonii Eusebiique appositoa 
non habent. Ita au ultimos numeros habent 232, 2 ad vers urn 6 : 
HL8 (quibuscum vgcod amlat consent it) 233, 2 ad versum 8, quae 
notatio ipsis Ammonio et Eusebio deberi videtur, comprobata etiam 
Epipbanii et Caeaarii testimoniis. 

Quae teatimonia aliia corroborantur argumentis, ut quod conlatia 
8uperioribua versu 9. parum apte adduntur verba: a^ r\a txiJtfiknxti 
etc, item quod singula multifariam a Marci ratione abhorrent. 

Quod vero tarn cumulatis testimoniis pondus est, id miuime eo 
minuitur quod iam Irenaeus additamentum de quo quaeritnr novit. 
Nee enim, ut in Prolegg. satis probasse nobis vi demur, post Ire- 
naeum, quotum etiam Syrua Curetoni et LatinuB sigla n notatus 
bac in re faciunt, sed ante eius tempora verborumNi.Ti. mutationea 
atque interpolationes longe plurimae ac gravissimae factae aunt. 
Neque contra valet quod antiqui de dissensione notarunt, quae esse 
videatur horum versuum cum evv. reliquis ; talem enim disaen- 
sionem ad Marci librum tarn misere mutilandum adduxisse quem- 
piam et tanto cum successu prorsus incredibile est, nee ullo pro- 
bari potest exemplo. Quae quum ita sint, sanae erga sacrum textum 
pietati adversari videntur qui pro apostolicis venditare pergunt 
quae a Marco aliena esse tarn lucul enter docemur. 

Patrum qui agnoscunt antiquissimus est Irenaeus, qui 
adv. haer. Ill, 10, 6 affert 16, 19. Accedunt Hippol Const Caesar 
dlaN,l»8 (16> l6 ) i a6 nisibi,i8 a 


KATA MAPKON 16, 20. 188b 

? Ln textum sic exhibent: 
9 'AvaGtaG di noon noiotri Gapfidtov iydvtj ngcitop MaQia ° ' ' w~ 
rjj MaydaXtjrjjy dcp tja exftefiXrjxM intd daifAwta* 10 ixewi] no- ° ' 
Qev&etca dnrjyysiXsp tola pet avzov yBvOfiivotG, nev&ovGiv xa) 
xXatovGiv. 11 xdxwot dxovGavtsG on f# *«* i&sd&tj in av- lom, io« 
tfja qniartjaat. 12 Met a di tavta dvGtr e£ avtwv ntqmazovGiv 1*24,18*1 
eq,ave()ok}tj iv ingot poQyij, nogevoptvoiG etc dyoov. 13 xaxewot 
dttsX&dvTsa dmjyyeiXav tour XomoiG" ovdi ixeivoiG iniGtevGav. 
14 "Tghqov dvaxstpe'votG airoiG tola tvdexa iqiavtQw&T] , xcei 
Avsiduyev tip dmctiav avzow xa) Gxlr t QoxaQdiar> ozi tola {teaaa- 
fierotc avtov tytiytoptrov ovx emcievaav. 15 xa< */;w avtoiG J c J;i; 
noQev&tvTEG eta tov xog(Wv dnavta xr^Qv^ate to evayyiXiov ndcq 
Tg KTicsi. 16 6 movtvGaa xa) fianna&aio aorttjoeiaiy 6 di dm- 
aryoaa xataxoi&fjG8tai. 17 G^eTu di roia mateiaaaiv zavta 
nagaxolovVtjGsi' iv r<p ovbpazi pov daifwvta ixpaXovGiv, yXcoG- 
goig XoXtjgovgiv xaivaiG, 18 oqjeiG oqovgiv, xdv Oavdoifiov n 
mtoGtv ov pij aitovG pXdxpei, in) aQQcoGtovo xbiqug im&qoovoip 
xai xaXcoa Qovaiv. 19 b piv ovv xvotoo fist a to XaXijffcu avtota ictV;™ "" 
dvsXrjCp&ri etc tbv ovoavbv xa) ixd&iGSV ix ds&mv tov Osov' 
20 ixslvoi di ifesX&ovzBG fxrjQv£av navza%ov> tov xvqiov gw- 
tgyovvtoG xa* top Xoyov fiefiaiovvzoG dtd zmv inaxoXov&owtoav 
Gjjfie/tov. dfiTjv. 

9. ay c. ac 8 x unc 10 etc ... Ln naQ c. c*dl 33. 

10. txtwrj: Ln add $t c. (?*▼* al pauc it 5 (non u vg) 

14. vortpov: Ln add £« c. ad al 10 it 4 al | *YyY f QP- : Ln add ex vexow c. 
ac*xa etc. Post v. 14. „quaedam exx" ap HierP® 1 ^ 2 * 15 aliena add. 

17. tarn, naqax.: Ln jto^. (c*l axol.) rav. c. AC 8 33. (c*l) | o*la om 

18. filayn: Gb S* Ln -1^17 c. acd^oppIlx unc 1 * etc 

19. ttvgtoa: C*KLa etc add irjaova \ Ln avtXrj^&fi c. ACD^uppl 

20. a^r: ?« Gb Sz Ln om c. AC 9 etc. 

Subscriptions : b x<xt« ^o^xoy, hacl unc 6 <i/ayyfAtov xa. /xa. 
Etc. OB8 etc notant or*//, a/', k al ay . Nnmerantur xt<pal<uu and ', 
A mm et Ens tan turn crA/, item rtrAo* /*ij'. 



1 l ' 10 'EneidqTTSQ TtoXXo) inEiBigijcav avardl;a<rftai diqytjGtv 
negi tmv TzenltftjoqpoQqptvcQv iv r^fitv ngay(idi(ar y 2 xatfoid nag- 
idoGav tjfitv oi an dg%i]G avromat xai inygixai yevopevot tov 
loyov, 3 Ido^B xdftui nagqxoXov&tjxon dv<o&ev ndaiv dxgiSwG 
xa&e£qG goi ygd\pai, xgdnGie Oeoqjilf, 4 iv a imypya nsgt <ov 
xaTqxfoy ^yaw ™p dacpdXeiav. 

5 'Eyivtro iv rale ijfMQuw ifgobdov pamXtwa rtja 'ftwdaiao 
isgeva tig dvbpati ZajagiaG ii; icft/fxegiaG *A$td, xai yvvij avzm 
ix T(ov {hjyaregwv 'Aagow, xai to ovofw. uvtijg 'EXtGaftet. 6 tfGav 
de Sixatoi dfuporegoi ivavrt'ov tov &£ov, nogsvofievoi iv ndoaiG 

* x<tx. Xov*. c. »bf etc, item d it mu syr<> u al in sum ma pagina ... Gb 
Sz Ln Ti tvayyt Xhov xa. Xov*. c. acdlx uqcP 1 etc . . . g to mat a Xou- 
xav aytov ($ e om) tvayyiXhOv 

2. ytvopfvon ir 126. 435. 2P e om (al pane post r. Xoy. pon) 

3. ttio£t : aekba al -£tv \ nation it 8 bodl go add et tpiritui sancto 

4. tmyvoHJ: h* *Tt*yvoi,o 

5. fia<jtXtv)0 c. hblrx ... g Ln rot' /Sa. c. Acop unc 18 etc | ywtj ai'rw 
(Gb") c. hbc*d(l)xx etc ... g q yv. aivov c. apr une ia etc 

6. tvart. c. hbc*x etc . . . g Ln Ti *v<amov c. adi.prz unc 18 etc 


RATA AOlkAN 1,21 191b 

nws ivroXaiG xat dixaiobpaow tov xvqiov dfMuntoi. 7 xat ovx tjv 
".viola tiKvor, xa&oti tjv i\ 'EkiaaBet otnga, xai d^oteoot noo- 
ftprfXOTSG iv rato i}ptQcuG avratv tjaav. 8 iyireto de iv T(p lega- 
itvttv avrov iv tfj td^tt tija iytjpeQiaG avtov tvavrt tov iHoVj 
y xat a rb i&oa riJG iegatsiaG iXa^t rov {h)iuaGai tiatX&tbv eto 
iw vabv rov xvqiov, 10 xai nav rb nXijOoG qv tov Xuov nooG- 
tv%6fierw *£<» rrj (Sga tov &vujduatOG. 11 (Hcpttrj di uvtcp ayye- 

tJDG XVQIOV iaiOXJ ix dE&GW tOV &VOiaGtTfQ('oV tOV ftvuiduKtOG. 

12 xai ktOLoajfi^ Za%aQiao tdoiv, xat yofiuG imneoev in avrov. 

13 dnsv di nobo avtov 6 ayyeXoo' ui/ qpoftov, Zaxagia, dton 
ncijxovG&t] % diijGtG gov, xai ij yvvt] gov EXtGafiet yeivrjoet viov 
(tot, xai xaXioew to ovoua avrov Joodwijv' 14 xai htai X a Q<* 
so* xai ayalXiaGiG, xai noUjoi im ty yeitGet avtov xaQt'iGortw. 
15 tar at yttQ fiiyao ivcamov xvqiov, xai olvov xat Gixegu ov uif 
-7/5, xai nveiuatoo dyiov nXqG&qGerat hi ix xotXtaG ^tqog 
<a?ov, 16 xai notXovG wv vlcov '/GQarjX imGtQttyei im xvqiov 

tov &ebv avrav* 17 xai avtbo nootXevGerai ivoimov avrov «V:2m»i*,** 
rrevfturt xai tovduei 'HXeta, imoroiyat xagdiaG nartQwv im 
rixva xai dmt&tto iv qooviiGSt dixatcov, iroiudaat xvgi'cp Xubv 
xxTtGxevacpivov. 18 xai stnsv Za^aglaG ttqog toy dyyeXov ' xurd 
ri jfcoGonui tovto; iyco ydg ?i(u nQEG^vtr^G xai q yvvi] uov ttqo- 
ztfaxvioL iv ratG i^Qcua avzijo. 19 xai dnoxotfrtia 6 ayyeXoo 
rKXfp avtq) ' iym etui rapQtijX 6 nc<Q€Gttjx<ao ircomov tov tfeoit, 
**u dneGrakrp XaXijoai ngbo gs xai evayyeXiaaa&ai Got tavta' 
-•') xai idov Bay <n<nnwv xai ur\ dwduevoG XaXiJGai d^gi r t G r^AtQaG 
jfV^ra* ravraj dt&' oov ovx im'orevGaG roiG hiyoiG pov, oitivsg 
ztjfOc&O-fjGovrui eic rov xatgbv avrcov. 2 1 xul yv 6 XaoG ngoado- 

' rr ante ij *X*0. c. hbdlxaz. etc . . . c post c. acpr unc° etc | rj tXui. : 

lb om 17 c. b al 6 
* tfar?* c bdlprx unc 8 etc ... Gb' -ttov c. hac unc fi etc, K tvmniov 
^ ' irf x. lotov c. hblpr unc 11 etc ... ? (= Gb Sz) t. Xa. t}* c. acdkl etc 
4 ftwiir** c. habcdl unc 11 etc ... $ (3= Gb Sz) ytwtjan c. axr etc 
r ztfiov c. HACLr al eo ... <; (= Gb) Ln tov xv, c. bdx unc 11 etc 
• « i*clt al ngoatXtva. \ tjktia c mb* (l -ta) ... ? Ln Ti 17A101' c. acd 

■at u etc 
► jTir i Qta&. c. mabc etc ... Gb' nXijo&Tjo. c. dx Or 4 ' 11 " 


192b 1, 22. KATA AOrKAN 

xoS* tov ZaxaQiav, xal e&ctvpa&v iv rqp xqwiXmv avtbv iv rep 
vacg. 22 i^eXOav de ovx idvvajo XaXiJGai avtolG, xal iniyvtoGat- 
on bntaGiav icogaxev iv tcp vcup * xal avrba l\v diavsvojv avroiG, 
xal diipevev xocpoo. 23 xal iyivezo cog mtijO&tjaav ai rjfiegai t>/(x 
XeirovgyiaG avrov, am/X^ev hg rbv olxov aviov. 24 /*era de 
vavjao jcta ij^igaa GvveXafiev Ehad^et y ywij avvov, xal negii- 
xgvpev iavrqv pijvaG nitre, XiyovGa 25 on ovtoog fioi nenottjxev 
xvgioG iv foiigaiG aiG inetdsv dyeXelv ovetdoG pov iv dv&gobnoiG. 
26 *Ev de top pqvi roj) extcg dnsotaXri 6 ayyeXoG raflgrijX 
anb tov &eov eh nbhv tf/G rahXaiaa % ovofia Na£agi&, 
27 noba nag&ivov ifAvyGzevpivrfp dvdgl q> ovofia fcoG^<p, il; oixov 
/laveid, xai to urofia tr\G naQ&ivov Magtdf*. 28 x«/ eiGeX&ebv 
ngbc avrtjv 6 ayyeXoG elnev xaiQ8 xexugitoopivt], 6 xvgioG fistd gov . 
29 7/ de im top loyep dietagaxOy, xal dteXoy%ero notanoG «V/ 6 

21. TTQoadoxtov: d nqoaStxontvoa, 59. cxdrx. | «v: d irtt | avrov: Ti 
post iv t. va. c. blj. 2P° # 

22. id war. cum mab'kii al ... g tjdv. c. colz unc 18 etc | b*x unc 5 etc 
toQaxtVy w°a ogaxtv 

23. tnXrja O-rjoav : f w 1. al 5 (nXfjQtaO-rjffav 

25. HVQioa c. hcdl 33. ...go xv. c. ab unc 14 etc | t/titSty c. nABCLr.Mi 
etc ... Ti Hptid. c. dwca (x fy»tf.) al | ovad. c. hb*dl 1. ... g Ln to 

. oy. c. AC unc 15 etc 

26. ano c. hblw c etc ... g Ln j'tto c. aco unc 18 etc | va^aqtd- (et. g«) 
c. c mm 8 etc (aa -^o^-) ... $ (Wtst Ob Sz) -£*r c. HRKLxn'etc. Con- 
latis omnibus buius evglii locis (quibus accedit Act 10, 38 -tS- hbc: 
de) Lucam vaC,aqtB- y non -«r, scripsisse statuendum est, nisi quod 4- J 
16. vaCaoa optimi testes praebent. 

27. fftvtjottvp. c. w*et cb AB*L ... % fUftvfjat. c. k«c unc 16 etc, d /ifftvrj- 
fffAfvtjv | *£ owov c. ABnw c xrAAxn unc 8 etc ... hcf w l al 80 Eusdem 8*a 
al add xctt natQiaa | davnd: cf ad Mt 1, 1 

28. o ayytL b. J. c. hp w a 69. it 1 al ... g Ln post wj*X&. c. acd unc T ^ 
etc . .. Ti om (Gb°) c. blx al* cop | ftira aov (Gb') c. hblw© al 4 sa Ij 
man CO p syrhr arm Chron 878 Dam 1 ** 04 etc ... g Ln add ivXoytjf*+ v * 
ffv tv yvva*£tv c. acd unc 18 al pier it vg syr ulr aetb Eusdem etc 

29. tj & c. hbdlx etc . . . g (= Gb) Ln add ufoiwa c. AC unc 18 etc | c jrr 
r. Xoy. ante Ji«ra^. c. mbdlx al 6 arm Chron 878 Dam 1 ' 66 (sine avrov et 
w c sah * 011 cop) ... g (= Gb) f;r* t. Aoy. auroi/ post J»<rao. c. a unc 1 * « 


KATA AOrKAN 1 j 41. 198 

iffjiafffiOff ovtoa. 30 xai ebtsp 6 ayytkoa avt £ ' (Ay qtofiov, Ma- 

Qioft' evg&j yog %0Qi9 naoa Top #«p. 31 xai tdov (JvXktjpxpr) if g« \' l f lM 

/aor^i xai T«j^ wor, xai xatiaua to opofia avtov 'ItjGovr. 32 ottoa 

»T«f ftfyOO" Xai VMKT tftJJttTTOV xkTj&tjGetCtL, Xai dwJEl OVtCp XtiptOO* 

6 teiw tot &Qoro* Javeid tov natoba avtov, 33 xai paoiXevaei Mich 4, i 
mi tor o&w 'Iaxmfi ««r rawr aidwaa , xai r^r fiaafaiaa avtov 
owe irrai t«W. 34 «&wr fli Maoiap noba to* ayvelo*' n&a 
ktat tovto, tuel avdoa oi yivwsxto ; 35 xai anoxoi&BiG 6 ayytXoa 
ebztp avtjj ' ftvevfux avtov meXewjetai im ai, xai dvtafua vtyiatov 
inumaim aw' dtixaitb yepwbfi&or ayto* xXrj&TJaetai vUba &eov. 
36 xai Qov 'Ekurdpet h avyyspta gov xai avttj owetXtppvTa vtbv 
it yriQBt avtija, xai ovtoa pip ixtoa iatl* avtfj tjj xakyvfitvQ 
antQtz' 37 on oix atotatTJatt nook tov &eov ndv Qtjfta. 38 ehttv 
di Madcap' tdov rj doily xvotov* ymath fun xata to £tftta oov. . 
xai d&fjl&ep An avrrp 6 ayyehxr. 

39 'Avaataaa di MaQiap iv taur rjfUQaia tavtaus inoQev&tj 
m tip bQUvrp fitta anovtiia tis nohv 'lovda, 40 xai stoijX&sv 
m tor ohov Za%aoiov xai yanaaato trp 'Efoadfor. 41 xai 

pier efrg aah cop syr*** aeth Dam 1 * 104 (sed w« sah cop Dam om 
avtov) Aug con, *» M . . . pro tm tw Aoyw pon post fo*xaQax&, ab ff* g 1 * 1 
q go Amblac £» (^ de) introitu eius (1 om), e ad introitum eku . . . c*ea 
verba plane om (Ob 00 ) 

H. bwf urtou sine pot cam HB*c*DEGHKLflUvrAAn al Bat ma it (et m) 
rg go ayr* c}x Eusdemwe Chr 7 ' 8 * al .. . bVf^Hx al 60 fere Bah cop syrP 
arm aeth Thaum*et 10 Cyrb* 179 Cyrfid 88 al ma add pay 

15. ytrvm/ttvo* Bine additam cum *ABC 8 DLxr&Aii one 8 al pi b f flP' g s * 1 
q am em for ing iac harl (al ap Sanftl) go cop syrP et 1 " arm cdd Petr 
*tex EuB dem Cyr^ Cyr*d e tlol» Orl n * 8 » 9B1 etc .. . Ln add [ex aov] cum 
c* 1. 22- 33. 124. al 20 ace mM« vg«d perus gat (al) sax syr 8Ch arm ed 
aetb Ona ttr,0 °) Valentt^PP TJMtum 4 et 10 Dial 111 Kesp°rthodee a j mu i r 
tmne Cyp* 80 al permu. Etiam^rotev habet ez bef»i Postell, sed om 


SS. evryivur cum kab*c 8 dqhla al mu ayrP =« ^ . . . e Ti avyytnja c. b 8 c* 
«nsirv T * d xrAxn al pi | awurXnyma cum acdxtaah unc 8 al fere omn 
eyrotr Caesar ltf Cbron 878 . . . »blx 2P« ffwciJtqqpey, item concepit it vg 
cop | y»jp«* cum mabcdef w unc omn al plus 195 ... f (= Gb Sz) ytjQ* 
cam minosc mu 

Zl. isaga tov &iov cum k*bdli 2P« ... 5" Ln ffaoa rw ^*w cum M*AcrA 
ah unc* al pier 
TzsemfHDOXF, N. T. Edit. 8. critica minor. 13 


194 1, 42. RATA AOriAN 

46 m 

1 S*m '2, 1 *» 

iy&ero ola yxovGW tov danaGfmv tiJG Moqiug tj 'Eh era fat, «rx4>- 
Tf^rey ri §Qtyoa iv Tfl xoU±« ainijG. xai inXqa&q 7tvevpwtoa 
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fuydXa 6 dwatOG. xai ay tov to opopa avtov, 50 xai to eXeoo 

41. 17 fAwra^. hoc loco (Gb") c. kbC*dlx al" it vg arm Or 4 '" 8 etln*s> 93e 
Thaum**""™ 8 * Cyr** 88 Cyp 888 Ambl™ 8 * 88 ... q post ijxoi-tf** cum 
AC 8 rAAn unc 8 al pier cop syr Q t r aeth go Chroii 876 

42. avKpojvijaiv cum ABDLrAAxn unc 8 etc . . . mcf al 80 fere avffiorjcrfv \ 
xqavyrj cum bjuz 2P« Or 4 * 1 * 91 *' ... £ Ln 9«n*i7 cum MACDrAAn unc 8 etc, 
item voce it vg 

43. KQoa tfu cumM*B . . . q Ln Ti nq. fit cum h^acdltaazd unc 8 etc 

44. tv ayaXX*aan (Gb') ante to fyf(p. cum hbc*dflz al it 7 vg arm Or *» 
4te et « t 8t item>nts,sM et e<o ... qj, g z tj p08t T0 ^ <f> cum AC «rAAn 

unc 8 al plus 180 e go cop syrP Chron 8 * 8 Or*»* 8 » w * . . . 38. om 
46. fut^ta/t (c*d -f*a) : ita et. c e f ff 8 * gH 8 q vg Ter^* 88 Augc°»« 8 ' « 
Amblttca, "aq ... a b 1* elUabet (b -Id). Item Ir*** 85 ex codice Vossii 
edd ap Orlnta,w« 

49. fAtyctXa cum K*et cb BD*L (item magna it vg, contra Act 2, 11 fLtyn- 
Xtuk Latini magnolia) ... s Ti /uyakt** cum M c *ACD 8 BFGHKMO ab c d e f 
suvTAAxn al omn T,d (sed unc et altjau -ka) Thaum 88 Chron 876 | o 
Svvatoa. xa» o». awov, : ita et. Ln, Bed g (1624. 1633 etc, Wtst 
Gb Sz) o ditvatoa, *ou ay. x. o. avtov* : edd antiqui, ut QO*o d panllo 
magis favent huic distinctioni, comprobat et. Thaum 88 ; sed in multis, 
ut ajebx 1 eodem signo post ivvatoa et post avrov distinctis , utra 
ratio valeat non satis liquet. Grave est quod cop syrP al habent atpne 
e$t sanctum. 

50. (•« ytrtaa xo* ytvtaa cum bc*li am em fu for ing mt tol vat Aug 
cons *> 17 CO p 8 yr«eh . .. HFMO» bcdef 8 1. al 85 fere f ff 8, 1 q al fia ykvaxv 


RATA AOTKAN 1, B3. 1»5 

mui tfo ytvzaa xal y»eac tola (poffovfxwota avtop. 51 atoapr** 
xpaw h $Qa%iwt avtov y 8t&JxuQnKsev vnqnftdirovG barm a xoq- 
tow avrtof * 52 xa&eilev bvydataa anb &q6vwv xal v\p<xxfs* 
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^taim&Xn xtvovo. 54 dtteXdfitro 'laoayX rratdoG avtov 9 prtj- 
ofrijrtu itiovu, 55 xaOow eXahjGW ttqog tova natiqaa ifiur, 
rip JftQaap xal rqp ant'ofum avtov eio tbv aicova. 

56 "Efutrep de Muquifi avr avtjj ©Scr pqtaa toeito, xal in- 
vtQWer sia tbv ohov avtija. 

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vfimptv vior. 58 xat qxovaair oi friQuxxo* xai oi avyyereia avtijc 
m iutjfdJwev xvqwo to Skews avtov pet av\rj<s y xal awixaiQov 
«wj. 59 xou iytvzio w tij yptQa trj oydoq fji&ev ntQttBfmv to 
*a&br, xal txdlow avtb htl ?<p ovopati tov natobo avtov 
^lagiat. 60 xai dnoxqi&ewa tj ftqrtjQ avtov efa&' oixl, dXkd 
iuftjiGVKu 'fadrvrfi. 61 xai ehrav noba avttp Stt oifou? istw 
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k top natol avtov to tidv &eXoi xaXefo&ai ait 6. 63 xal aitf^ 
r w mmxib\ov sygaxfrer iJywv' I&dvrrjo ictiv to ovofia avtov. 

«** f*VH*p.. . q Ld *nr ynrtao ytvtwv cum AC 9 DEGHKUVTAn al permii b 

cgosyrp Chron 878 Or"" 8 * 8 ". Variant alii testes. 
il <Wo*a.(et. »* et*b): h^efho*© (nonbdef) a l pluB 10 Sutvotcta 
B - tie tov antra (6b') cum xABDEGHKLMuvrAAxn al pi Chron 876 ... 6b 

Si (our mum* ouro A^ynnP 8 * 1 ' crao»b cd « f s al ^ Tbaum ** tatf 

ft «<r cum hblx 1. . . . $ Ti oHTti cum ACrAAn unc 8 al pier Chroo STT . . . 

5 69. a b e ff»* g 1 ' 1 q sah cop** Or*nt8,ws Amblao 9 ' 88 om 
^. *tj ijftiQ. xf\ oyS. (6b" prob Sehn) cum hbcdlz al 8 (item itP ler vg 

cop go arm) Chron m ... g xr\ oyd. t]f*9Q. cam ArAAn anc 8 al pier 

'• uxor cum kdlax 1. Chron 811 ... ;Ln tmov cum ABCTAn unc 8 al 
pier | ex rijff evyyi. (6b') cum »ABC*LAAin al 1 * cop aetb Cbron 8 " . . . 
»* w T17 trvyywp*** cum c a Dr nnc 8 ai pier it vg go eyro* r arm 

■l atto cum »bj>pg al 8 . . . Ti avtov eum acltaaid use 7 al pier Chron 

* mw (et. Or 4 » x * Ortots,84«bl« Chron 817 ): cu 1. al 88 fere eyrPng Or 4 ' 
w «rrcu I to cum hab 8 cd etc : b*l 2P« Or 4 » 88 et 118 om, atque ex hie l 
Or*'* 6 ai»r*» pro atrrov 

. 13* 

d by Googk 

196 1, 64. KATA AOTKAN 

xcu i&avpaoav n art ay. 64 avecpx&y $1 to atoua aitov naQa- 
XQijfia xcu 7 ykoaaa aitov, xou iXalei eiloyto* tw &wv. 65 xou 
iyivsto ml navtaa qwfkxs tova neoiotxovvtaa avtows, xcu iv oX\j 
trj bouvq ir\<5 'Iovdaiac diekaXeho navta ta Qtjfiara tavta, 
, 66 xcu l&erro navt&j oi axovaartea iv tjj xagdia avttav, Uyov- 
tea' ti olqcl to noudiov tovto fotou; xcu yctQ x**Q xvoiov tp fist 

67 Kou Zaxaguxa 6 nartjQ aitov inhfafh] nvevuatoa ayiov 
xcu mooyrftevaev kWv* 68 eilovijtba xvquhj 6 &too tov Iaoaij)., 
oti ineffxixpato xcu inoixpzv Xvtoaxnv *q> Xacp t aitov, 69 xou 
rjyetQev xiqaa (Jkh^qiouj ijuh iv oixcp Javsld naitiba aitov, 

Act a, « 7Q xafroMs ildXtjad* dux atouutoa tmv ayitov an aiohoa noo- 
(prjtmv aitov, 71 aontjQiav e£ ix&omv ijuwv xcu ix %ei^6ff narrow 
tAv uusoivtcov ijuaa, 72 novqaai Heotr fteta row natsgcav rjuw 

o«n as, i6 xctt fivtiG&ijvai dux&rpcrjo aylaa aitov, 73 oqxov ov obuooev noba 
'ApQaau tov ncvtiqa quia*, tov dovvai tjfrfv 74 acpofcxj ix %Bt^6a 
iyfioow QveOivtau httosvew at/rcp 75 iv oaottfti xcu StxaioovrQ 

65. xcw tytvt*. cum k c bcd etc: hakii al 8 tytv. St \ nana (Or 4 * 114 '? 
Chron): L al 8 syr^ch ae th om. Pro oWaAf*ro nan* ta (ita m») h* 
nil nisi <fcc* *a, ad quam lectionem conferendum est quod bee xa*. 
tv usque toi'cTctoacr cum priori bus coniungunt, pergentes et ditnil- 
gabantur (c diffcanab.) omnia verba i$ta (c Aa«c ««ro. omn. , b haec omn. 

66. not yao cum »bc*dl 2P« it vg (et. d) go cop syrP ™* aeth ... e Ti 
om yot^ cum AC^nisi forte 8 )w°r aaq unc 8 al fere omn syr acn etptzt 

67. inqowt. cum x*ab*cl 1. 33. w**r y item An 124. fnooffrjT., wc 
noofffttvaiv ••' g noot^ijv. cum » c b 8 ta unc 8 al pier 

69. «* o«t« (Gb') c. hbcdlmo* 8 al mu cop go Eusdemsss e tp«570 Cyr** 858 
... f tvrw o«. cum AEFGHKO bdf B8UVwcrAAn al pier Chron 877 | nai- 
8oa cum hbdl ipeCyr®* 808 ... e praem tow cum ACo ftbd ef BW c rAAn 
unc 8 al pier Busdemsss et p»«o Chron 877 

70. aywv an cum hblw<»a 13. 33. 69. 346. Or 8 * 788 EuBdemsw et p $bto m 

? Ln Ti <»y. tow cur cum aco * D d e f ^rAn nnc 9 A \ p i er Cyyegsra Chron 
877 . d praeposito nQoy. aitov sic : npofrjTo** avtov xwv an cu»»oa, 
similiter ab e f ff 8 * g 1 * 1 q Ir»t J88 . Contra g 8 * vg Aug* 0M •» 17 tanctor. qui 
a saecido nmt prophetar. eiu$. 
74. ex&Qo* cum hbdl 1. 13. 33. 69. Or 8 " 8 * 8 ... e tvy tx&Q. cum acq 


KATA AOTKAN 2, 2. 197 

inontov avtov n&aaa too TjfviQaG rjp&v. 76 xai av di ncudtof 
tyxpfiW v^lctov xXtj&7j<rq ' nqonoQsixrq yaQ nob nooctanov xw- 
p«w Stotpaacu odovo avtov, 77 tov dovvcu ytwyir acot7]Qutc trip 
Aftji avrov & aqjtasi apaQtuop avtw 78 dta Gnhx.y%va ikiova 
fori ripm, h ola meoxeyato rjpdo avatolij «£ vxpovc 79 mi- 
qdtai tour fa axotsi xai <nua Gapatov xa&tjiupotff, tov xatev- 
faat tova nodaa tjpaw eia obvp BtQtptjo. 

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tf raid eQtjfwta imc ijfUQouj avadi&oM avtov nobc tov 'IaoaqX. 


1 "Eyheto Si i» taw r^iqavs txeivcua i&jXfrep boypa naqa Act s, n 
KaiaaQoa Avyovatov anoyodqwt&cu naoar tip oixovphrp. 
i (wnj anoyoaxpi iysvvto nqdnr\ yyefwvwonoa tija SvqUlg Kv- 

abdef Bw e rAAn un C s a l pier Cyr®* 889 Chron 878 , item K nanwr tow 
*X&(?- Praeterea g add f^w, Ln [rjfiunr] cum ACDO* bdef BTAAn unc 9 
al pier it 9 Tg cop gyr** arm™* aeth go Or 3 * 9 * 8 Cyr®* 888 Chron 878 ... 
omitimxu cum kblw« 1. 13. 69. 2P« e arm zoh Ir^tiea o r lnts,e«bi« 

'5. i}pur cum ha (et. in bymnis) BCDFKLO^etdRUVW^AH al plus 40 it vg 
go cop syr*** aeth Ir*** "• Ori** 8 * 9 * 8 ...£(== Gb 8z) praem «ja fr>i>ja 
aim ehmo d « f sta al pi arm Or 3 * 9 * 8 (ex schedis) Cyr** 889 Chron 878 

'6. tuuav 6t (Schu prob) K(A b ymn) BCI)LB 33. 72mg CO p (et. d *, sed «dd« 
aiJ oisi tu vero) ...f Ln ka» av c. ao* b d e 'w«rAAn unc 9 al pier it vg 
go syrutr arm aeth Or*» 117 Chron 878 Irintiae Or*** 8 ' 948 | nqo nqoffw- 
xov cum ACDLO* bdef Rw c rAA unc 9 al omn^d it vg Or 8 » 948 Chron 878 
] r intffls ... „ B Or*' 117 ettai 8 * 918 tvwmor 

"i. avrttv cum HBDLO^worAA unc 7 al longe pi it vg go cop 80hw syr utr 
irm«dd a eth Ir*** 188 Chron 878 ... ACMo* bd f BU al 14 perns (al) sah 
arm 1 "* ijftwv . . . al 8 tol cop* 1 plane om 

•*• utHrxtyravo cam h c acdbw°taax unc 9 al omnvid it vg (hi vMavit, sed 
et. viaitabit in antiquis cdd saepe -avit scribitur) syrP arm uac aeth 
(rlnt i«s et sis al ... m*bl tnnnceiffircu item cop Byr«ch arm* oh (go 

^1 01^17 (avxrj nt bokmba etc, r 01^17, quod idem valet; l arret} oraiaso 
iecentu, ut saepe; it vg etc haec, nusquam ipsa) absque ff cum m (av- 
*y anoyqoufrp sed* nisi est ipse* restituit avrtj anoyQ<x<pr\) bd 
aitij tytr. anoyQa. n^on.) 131. 2P« p«c r Eusdem 8 * 1 (sed Gaisf ex 


1»8 2, 3. KATA AOrRAN 


Qtptov. 3 xai inoQBvovxo ndvtexs dnoyQcupeG&at , txaaroa eta 
t\\v tavzov m>hv. 4 avify di xeu '/axxiyg) dab tya raXiXouaa «c 
noXecoa Na£aQi& sia tip* 'lovdaiav eta nohv dccvsid fjjus xaXsfoai 
Bq&kttfA, did to elvai avrbv *| oixov xou mvtQiaa daveid, 5 &no~ 
ygdxpaa&cu <rvr Magtdfi irj ifwtjtnevfuvi] avrcp, owtq iyxvep. 
*'2'* ^ * 5 'fyw&o &* & T <P ^w ftvrowT o«« inMja&tfGcoi cu iff&Qcu 
tov texw avrqv, 7 x«J Irace? tav vibv aitija xbv ngmtotoxov, 
xou ianagydinoaev avtbv xai dv&xhvw avrov bp ydrvrj, dtoti ovx 
\v avroia zoTtoa «V teg xataXvpart* 

8 8 * 10 Km noifisvfa rjaav iv irj %(£()<* Ttf avrfi dyQavXovrrm 
xai wvXdoaovrea yvXaxda rija vvxroa in) xrpf nolfiv^v avtmr. 
9 xai dyyeXoa xvqiov imarr t avrour xai do£a xvgt'ov ncQiiXapxper 
avwva, xai iqvptj&tjaav qiofiov [ityav. 10 xai elntr ainoicr 6 
dyyslua' fit/ cpopeiv&e' idov ydg evayyeXiXopat hfuv yagdv [ie- 

codice Parisiensi r\ edidit) ... g Ti add ij cum mcaclrtaa uric 9 al pier 
(8ah cop) EusP s542 et 6 ' 8 Chron 880 | eyivtro HQtarr} cum n* et (tyev. 
anofQ. rtQon.) D Or mt8 » 946 ... Ln Ti 7tQ0>xi\ tytvit. cum s°ABCLRrAA 
unc 9 al pier (it vg go cop syr u * r etc nqutrij reddunt prima, non 
alitor) | xvQTjirtov c. ncdlktaa unc 8 al pier Iuat tr78 et*P 1 » 8 *et* 6 Eus 
dem e t pa etc ... a al pauc xfjyvnov, v al pauc xrjQTinov ... B* xvqa,- 
voi» 7 B 8 xi'pfrroo, itP lor vg Bah (xvQtvoa) cyrino, hincLnXi'OiVoi/ edidit. 

3. tctvxov cum h c (* taurtav) bdlz 2P e Eu8 demS41 ... g Ti iduxv cum 
acrtaa unc 9 al omn fere syrP * r m « Chr 9 * 940 Chron 880 

4.ra£a£*£(ut et. s« 1624. 1683): g Wtst Gb Sz va^ft, Ln raSafad- 
(cum aca): vide ad 1, 26 

5 artoyQaiftaa&ai, cum H°BCLrAi (^-tpttr&at) unc e al pier (Iust*rT8; Eus 
dem »4i et •tephMB Cyr^ 179 Chron 880 .. . Ln anoYqarfBa&m cum h*ad 
33. al 10 fere Chr 2 » 42o | ifivtjartvfttyt] cum w*et cb AB*c*DLz . .. g fiifivij- 
trrtvfjevrf cum K«»aB 8 c 9 D rec * n8 rAA unc 9 al omn^ | aurw sine yifa*x* 
cum kbc* vW dL3C 1. 131. 2P tt e f q** perus sax sah cop syr*c h arm Eus 
dem edd* e t 8te Ph ... g Ti add yvvouxi cum AC 2vld rAA unc 9 al pier a b 
c ff 8 ' (sed abcfP' itxore sua omissis desponsata stb%) 1 q* vg go syrr 
aeth EuedemedChrMWet* 21 Chron 880 

7. qarrtj sine xt\ cum habdlz al 8 go arm Eus* 10111 ed ex cdd9 . . . g (scd 
Gb°) Ti t»/ ipatv. cum taa unc 9 .al pier Amphil e r 485 Chr 2 »«° et «* al 

9. Kafc pr aioe »dor cum kblx. e g 1, go sah syr hr arm aeth Euadem84« ^ ^ ^ 
g Ln Ti xa* tdov cum ADrAA unc 9 al omn vid a b c f ff 9 ' 1 q vg cop 
8vr utr Chron 880 | xvytov aec: h c i c e vg eyrP m e Eu8 do,n £#oi» . . . 
Gb° cum d al 2 b (P 1 


RATA AOTKAN 2, 19. 109 

jibp, ijxta iarai navri T<p laqj> 11 6t# hfyfaj Vfuv aijpieQO» 

flOTlfc, &T «TW XflKJTOff XVQKMJ , far TTOlei JoVtlo. 12 X(X/ 

wro vfut' to afjfieTov 9 evoqaere feeqjoa icnaQyavMpsvw fa 
%axr^. 13 xai e^aiq^a iyfaeto avv «p djykfop nlij&oa atoa- 
vac ovoaviov alvovtt&v tow &eor xcu Xeyon<op' 14 do£a fa 
matota #ap xai fat) yija SiQtjptj iv af&owmna evdoxtaa. 15 Ktu 
r-tmo ma 'mjX&ov an avrwv eta tov ovoavbv oi ayyehn , oi 
ropwor SloXow noba dXUjhwa' dul&wpev drj fiwr Bq&letfi xai 
ikoutf to Qtifui rovto to yeyovoa o 6 xvotoa iyvmousev ijfuv. 
16 xai yJL&ar amvaa*tea y xai dvevoav xrp te Magidfi xai tov 
Imtfli xai to fio&poa xetfisvov fa rjj qjatvjj ' 17 idorrea di iyvci- 
•*r«r 7ts(m tov nqparoa tov hthftfanoa avtoio neo) tov naibiov 
won, 18 xat ndvtea oi dxovaavtea i&aifiaaav mot tmv laXtj- 
■tmw vno tmv notfttrmv noba avtova' 19 r t di MaQia navta 
Trorifotf ta orjpaxa tavta avvfiaMLovaa fa nj xaodia avrija. 

II tp c. h*d 68. (Confirmat Thaum 6 ) . . . f Ti praem xetfiivov c. ArAA unc 8 
tl pier a copP etrS * . . . Ln (xeu] xnutrov cum h c blpsz al 6 it 8 vg cop 
syrwrgoarm aeth Ens deniMt Or>nt»,«fio :: e v\16 | tparvr] c. habdbf'gh 
lmpstjvtaax al plus 100 go Eusdem . . .<; (=Gb Sz) praem rij c. f*k al aliq*MMr cum h*ab*d it vg go Cyr*r im Irlntwa o r int8,9«ter ( et di- 
wrte, unde apparet Origenem revera rt'6*ox*a0- tueri, non ut terGraece 
none apud eum reperitur «i'<toxta)Ath ,at9 » MI Aug C0M2 » H Latinis rell 
omnih ... g tvdonua c. H^B^LPrAAx unc 8 al omn^d (item A h ynm et o d ) 
cop Kyr*T arm aeth (Or 1 * 91 * etM 14 et*» » sed vide ante) Thaum 8 Eue 
<iemitt et 84S Bas*.** Cyr** 888 al mu 

15 oi ffo»ju«y#<r cum hbli 1. al 6 itP l8r Tg eah cop syr^h arm Eus d « m Or 
m Aug** 17 ... g Ti praem xcu o* ow^wTrot, Ln [xai <h ay^p.] cum 
ai>ptaa unc 8 al pier q go syrP aeth | tXccXoi* ng. allqXovo cum hb 
!P« a b f ff** g 1, I Augco»« a » 17 vg {loquebantur ad inmcem), sed h add 
hynrtttf, g 1 * dicentts, a b ff 4, 1 «< dixerunt ... ?LnTi ft/ror (lx -ttctv) 
^. oti/.. cum ADLprAAX unc 8 al omn fere c e q Eus dem Or int 

$ * t l&av cum b*lx ... q Ln rjl&ov cum «AB 8 DPrAA unc 8 al | ayfi- 
?«ireum m»b* ... ? Ln avnyov cum M*AB 3 PRrAA uuc 8 nl pier ... m p lx 
^^«r, d al mu Eu8 d «n> ivqo* 

~ fyr»(jKrav cum mbdlx al 6 Eu8 dem3 * 2 ... f Ti difyvw^wav cum Apr 
ru one 8 al pier 

1J . .un^ia cum h*bdr ioaut scr cop^i et petr*- ... 5. xj uctqicift cum h c al 
PriAnx unc 8 al fere omn cop 8C hw ex dz 



20 xal indotoeyar oi noipiv&S) do^ortw xal aivovvtto tov 
Geo* im naaiv oh qxovoav xcu idov xa&ox? ikaX^&ri novo 
l«t is, 8 21 Kou oi8 mhf/iT&r^av tjfuoai oxta tov nsQuepeiv avtov y 
xal ixX^&tj to 6vopa avtov 'Itpow, to xhfih vnb tov ayyikov 
nob tov GvXbjfMp&fjvou avtbv iv tfj xotk'a. 

Ler 12, 4 22 KlU Ot€ mkfjG<h]<Tai> CU tJfUQCU tov xa&aQUTfAOV avtmv, 

xata tbv vo/wv MomWgxx, avtflayov avtbv eta 'laooablvfta naoa- 
ex is, 2 Gtijocu to) xvgiipy 23 xa&wa yeyoaniai w WfM$ xvoiov 011 nav 

aooBP diavotyov pqtoav ayiov r<p xvoup xhj&rjfferat, 24 xal tov 
Lev ia, s dovvat {hjciav xata to eiorjf*evov ip to} vopo? xvoiov, £svyoa tov- 

yovw i? dvo voaoovo aeoujteocw. 

25 Kal idov av&Q(ortoo tp A» 'ieoovffaXqp, <p <ho(ia 2vpB<av y 

xal 6 av&QCMtoa ovtoa dixatoa xal evXafitjc, nooodexoftevoa naga- 

xhjoiv tov IooatjX, xcu nrevfjut rp ayiov in avtbv' 26 xal r\v 

20. vnt&tQtyav (r vnttQty.) cum unc omn (et. f w ) al ,6 ° fere . . . % (= 
Gb Sx) MtoxQfy. cam minuflc non ita mu | idov cum kad*hklbbvx 
taii* al penna . . . Ln ctfov cam BD a E<niPUAn a aJ pi 

21. avrov cam mabf" BXRBUXAAnz al 100 fere it 8 am fu for al go cop 
syrP arm Eus«t«ph Or"^ 947 * .. . g (=GbSz) to ncudiov cam dsohmv 
al permu eg 1, vg ed et gat em al eyr 8ch aeth Amphil 488 Or*** 8 * 947 ** 
item r cuto to ncudwv 

22. avvwv (et. g Wtst Gb Ss) cum hablrxtaaxii one 8 al pier q go sah 
munt copschw B y r utr arm* * aetb Cyr^ r8M Cyr l » c188 (ap Mai PP. N. 
Bi. 2) al Or il »t8,»« . . . Gb' cwtoi/ cum d al a Chron 381 , item *• (1624. 
1633. al) awtjo com perpaucis at vdtr minasc (at 76.) cat°* onW Ps- 
Ath 2 . 858 , item euu itPlw vg (et. ISO* 8 ') Aug«° n «*» 17 ... 435. al*cr 
cop^i etd* Amphil 488 Ir*** 187 m plane 

23. vop» cum KABLBrAAn unc 8 al pier: Ln praem tw cum DF^Cyr 1 ** 8 * 4 

24. to> cam hbdl 2P e al pauc ... g Ti om c. abf*raab unc 8 al pier • 
roaaova (Gb') cum mbef*gb8VA al 10 fere ... g Ln vtoaaova cum adk 
LMRUXrAU al pi 

25. av&Q.ijv c. kb b f 1 vg . .. * Ln Ti ijv av&Q. cum adlrxtaaii unc 8 al 
certe pier a c e q perus go syrP cop Pa-Ath *■ . . . f w 243. om r\v | 
tvlaPua cum kCabdlrxaa unc 7 al longe pi it vg etc ... M*Kra al lu 
fere syrP m 8 arm cvotprja \ tpr ayiov cum HABLBxrAAn unc 8 al pier e 
(tpir. erat in eo sanct.) ... g (=Gb 8a) ay*o* iyy cam d al pauc (itPl«r 
vg etc)! Cyrbr** 


KATA AOrKAN 2, 36. (01 

aitif iux(pi(*a*i0(A&ov vnb tov wevpatoa tov ayiov, u}j idiiv 
ftitwtw f*Q(v if av Jty tbv Xotatbv xvoiov. 27 xai tjk&ev ev nj> 
xreiftari eh to ieoov' xai ev rep ehayayelv tova yoveh to naidtov 
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(ortovy 28 xai avtba e'8i£ato avtb eh taa ayxdXao xai eiXoyrpev 
ror &ebv xcu elnev* 29 vvv dnoXveia tbv dovlov gov, deanota, 
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oorJftHQv gov, 31 o tjtoiuaaaa xatd nooaconov navtcov row law, 

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mg ledjovptpota neat avtov. 34 xai evXoyrpev avtova 2vuecw xai 
?Ji» noba MaQiap tip prfteqa avtov' idov ovtoa xeXtat eh ntm- 
fflt xai avdataatv nolknv ev T(j> 'IgqutjX xai eh atipeiov dvti- 
hybpevo*. 35 xai aov Si avrija tr t v ipvxijv duXevaetai Qopcpaut, 
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aQofkptjxvla ev r^Uqaus nolXala, typaoa pet a dvdqba fori enta 

28. npir $i (bf w 36. om) av cum hcbf"lrx 83. 36. ... g Ln Ti nqw tj 

omisso or cum ADrAAn unc 8 al pier (sed ma om if) . . . h* al aliq e 

(quoadusquc) Did** 8 * 8 naa'av 
28. tut tcur ayxaXaa sloe avtov cum hblh 27. 229* 2P e *w«cr* a b 1 Ir 

P* etc . . . g add avrov, Ln [aw ov] cam ADxrAA anc 8 al pier c e f g 1 * 

q vg cop Byr»* r arm aeth go Cyr*" 86 * etc 
30. trior cam HBDBQHiiobsurAii* etc . . . AKLo d o e vxah* etc *oW 

32. t0rwr (et. Iptottft et ** E UB demei et 4a» et pg 49 etc ) : b e frUitiM <,«,. 
2orm . . . d om 

33. o (157. aeth praem mkti^) natriQ avtov xcu rj firjr. avr. (avt. cam 
i»*l 131. 157. sah cop arm aeth Cyr^r; Gb Ti om cum **bd 1. g 1, vg 
130 1 ** Or»"t Aug««n«) cum hbdl 1. 131. 167. g* vg 180 ,8t sah cop 
arm aeth evrP»*(apad Adleram) Ot^^oxU et ints, mo< 4 Q jr hr ne 

Hierhelrld a Augcone8,n f (=Gb, aedGb") Ln w><t»jv(a al 6 o two*) 

t<u r\ fitfc. aiTOif cam AEGHJtMBUYTAAn al pier a b c e f ff* g 1 * 1 q go 
cop** recent ( uaa.) syr« cll etPt** 

35. xcu aov St et. a e (c et tuam et ipeiue) ayr utr go Or 9 » 6W Bas 8 » ^•Ma 
*1 ma: Btx b f ff** g 1,8 ' 1 q vg cop arm aeth Or* 1118 ' 980 ^ Augcons 
^ 17 al om St, hinc Ln [St] 

36. fttta arty. «r. <»Ta cum hbglxax al 7 it' vg go cop syrP aeth Am- 

phil 188 al .. . adkh al 8 ff* 8yr« ch Irg' et ^t 40 *c. *^t. ^i«. arty q 

Ti #tij ^tf ro arty, tntn c. bbm suvrA 1 . al pi b c 1 arm 


tOt 2. 37. KATA YOrKAN 

ano trJG TroQ&evlaG avryG, o7 xa) awry jrtypa foxr «V<or oyborr 
xww r«T(T«o»»', 1/ ovx aq>iGTato rov leQov vrfGTtiaiG xa) deyaem 
XargevovGu vvxtu xat ij^Quv. 38 xa) airrf, iq <5ga eniGraaa 
atGcofiokyyeiro to) fteqi xat iXdlst neo) avrov naotv rota nooGde- 
ypiAtvoio XvTQwmv 'JeQovGatijp. 
Kt2, tt» 39 Kit) raff er&emw navra xara rw wpor xvQt'ov, tmGTge- 
h *> if;«y €ig t\v rahXatav bIg nvhr eaviw Na$OQ{&. 40 to di nat- 
dtov tjvtctvEr xat ixQaratovro irhjoovpet'ov GfKptaG, xa) %oQtG &bov 
t]v in aifTo. 

41 Ka) inonBvovTo ot yovBus avrov xat Itog big JBQOVGaki^u 

37. cu'Tif : ita vcl ut khka avrij ehkmuia tisch **** al pi, item e et ipsa 
... c Ln ai'vy '• >** on tisth* al , item et haec itP lor (et. m) vg Aug 
cons «,K | , M<J cnni h*abli 33. 120. f ff 2 ' g 1B " vg (et. d) sah cop Aug 
con8 ... c w«x cum K c xrAAn unc 8 al pier syr utr arm Ps-Ath Wi . . . d it 
n™ etc plane om | cor uqov cum N ca BD« r F*'Lx cop Const 3 ' 1 ' 9 ... g 
praem nno cum axpaaii al omn vid etc, item m* et cb praem tx 

:\6. xat avrri Tt; (a om xr\) cum habdlxaxii* al* cop aeth Thphyl . . . <r 
Ti xai avrrj ailtfj T*j cum eghkmsuvtaii 9 al pier it vg go (om xeu) 
8 y r utr Rrm Amphil 4 ™ Ps-Ath 864 | r. &nu cum kbdlx*x a (sed vdtr 
4eum dominion habere) cop syrP m 8 (Ir* nt187 ) ... ? Ti r. xvqw cum 

, axVaaii unc 8 al oum v * d Stpl«* vg go syr^ 1 " aeth arm Const 8 ' '♦ * al ! 
uQovtsctlfift (Gb' prob Schu) cum hbi 1. al 6 b c e f ff 2 * g 2 * 1 q am for 
fu em ing iac mt perus tol sax go sah cop syr* c h arm aeth Ir* * 187 
Aug con,i *' 1T al ... f *»• itQowraX. cum adlxaaii uuc 8 al pier gat syrP 
Amphil" Ps-Ath 864 

.'#3. navra cum hbf w lxi al ... * Ln Ti an ait a cum ADrAAn unc 8 a! 
pier | xarct cum h*dlaii* 1. 13. 69. 2P e w s cr al 7 (convenit it vg 
omnia secundum [a quemadmoduvi] legem. Similiter go.) arm . . . ? Ln 
Ti ra xctra c. H«ABxrAxn 2 unc 8 al pier (ntfti>fU>av (a* -t^w) cur 
h*b* ... s Ln Ti vntfftoityav c a«ADLxrAAiT unc 8 al certe pier | tin 
Ttokt* c. »*bd* 1. . . . $ na rtfY noL cum HCAD 2 LxrAAxn unc 8 al pier ! 
*avro)v cum habdegklmsuvxfazii al 70 fere ... ? aiVair cum d%a al 
mu | ya£aif& (et. ? e 1624. 1633.) cum B*DEGHM8nvrAX al pi; item 
Ae -(>a^- . . . g (et. Wtst Gb Sz) Ln vaCaQtr cum hb 8 klxit al mn, item 
A -par 

40. f^rigarfi 1 (d* -vtro) xai txqarcuovro: haec absq additam cum hbdl 
a b c e ff*' g 1 - *• 1 vg sah cop 8 yr h ' arm pers w Or'« , i« tt ^«to item 
964 etc ... g (Gb°°) add irvivftati (:: ex 1, 80) cum AxraAn unc 8 aJ 
omn T,d f q go syr tttr aeth (add ayua) Caesar 17 | tfotpints cum h*adx 
riAn unc 7 al pier Cyr«»' o* 46 ... h«bi. 33. al 8 <ro^»a 


RATA AOrKAN 2, 48. 208 

tj ioQtrj toi u&g%u. 42 xa) ore iy&tto itmv dcbdexa, avapatviv- 
tdw avrw xa*a to &oa tip eoorija, 43 xa/ teXfitxjdvrcw rcur 
r-ptiwBj «r *<p vnoctQHpetf avtova vadftenre* 7;/«row « /rafa *r 
hQovoetXtjfi , xai <wx Sypmaav oi yoveic avtov. 44 vopioavrea di 
imof that iv tij avrod/a tjk&ov ijfUQaa odor xa) aVfft/Twr 
f«*foy fy roTa avyywim xai rota yraxttotG, 46 xai fty evpor- 
hc v?rt<rr(>£t/ja»r c«y 'hoovoalr/fi ava±r t tovvtBG avrm. 46 xa! 
*;w«to /«ra iifwgaa toeta tvoov avtov iv rqp IsQtp xa&eZoptvov ir 
wq tav didaaxdXtav xa) dxovovtaavttav xa) ineQanmvta avtova* 
It *'* &(atavto di navtea oi dxovovrea 'avtov in) rjj trvvtaei 
**i tola anoxQiOSGiv avtov* 48 xa) idovrea avtov el;enXdytjaav, 
' ° xru elnsr noba avtov i] f*ijtt t Q avtov ' tixvor , ti inoi\aoG 
nuv ovjcjc; idoh 6 natfjo gov xdydt odwd/ievot i^rov/Atv ae. 

42. avaftat,rovTwr (»* praem xai) attwv c. habklxii 33. al 6 , item a*cen- 
ierdibus illis f q vg ... ? ara^nvjMv a\nwv cum EOHMSUVFAA nl pier, 
item b c ff*" g 1 " 1, ft tueenderuni a. Edidtmns ocm/A avrvtv sine ad- 
ditam cum mbdl al sah cop syr 8 '* persP ... g (Ob 00 prob Scliu) Ln 
add no itQonolvfm cum acxtaah unc 8 al pier it vg go syrP arm 

43. tyrmaap o* yor. atn. (Gb') cum mbdl 1. 13. 33. al a e vg ISO 1 *' Aug 
con»«, n gan CO p gyphr g vr p n»g arm ... ^ *yr ft > (a al pauc *y?wir«i', 
item itP*> uc go) toxnjf x«i 17 pyrfiQ ai* oi» cum ACXrAAn unc* al pier b 
c f ff* g 1 * 1 q go svr«cl» et P*** aeth 

44 alitor i»ra» *v ti; Ofvo&ta cum mbdl 1. 33. 124. 209, item it vg .. . 
; a 1 to* *r t^ <ri»»»orf. ***<u cum acxtaaii unc 8 al pier | avyytrnrtr 
cum MABCDrn unc 8 al pier . . . lxaa al mo Gvyytrtv<nr (:: cf Mc 6, 4) J 
«a tomt cum mCabc*kl*msii 33. 69. 124. al 86 fere itple* vg ... g (= 
6b) «a* #-r -nutf cum c 8 DEOHrvxrAA f go arm . . . m*l* om xa* roio* 

4v ivQovrto absque avr. cum mbc*dl al a c e fi* 8 * g l " *• 1 vg arm aeth 
... g add clvtov, Ln [wirof] cum AC 8 xrAAn unc 8 al pier a b f q sab 
cop 8vr ,,lr go I ava%r\ro\tvt*a (Ob") cum h c bcdl al 10 (itpl yg re- 
qmrentet) ... f typrnvrrHt 0. M*AxrAAn unc M a I pier (a b e quaerentes, 
at ita a e et. v. 44) 

1 a#To cum mbl 1. 33. 131. .. . s Ln pt& cum acdxtaaii unc 8 al pier 

^ nntw (a ait; it reU vg dixit) izq. avr. v\ fnf\x. avr. cum mbcdlx 1. 118. 
209. 254. a e f go svr BeB arm aeth Cyr** 116 ; item b <; 1 q vg Aug 
'•olisi, « copsyrP .. . ? Ti /r(>. aiT. 17 /*»^r. bit. «tt. cum ArAAn unc h 
d pier I ttiyrov/ttr cum M c ACDLxrAAn unc 8 al fere omn it 00 " vg syr 
" mn etc Or^tftiMiet 8 ' 954 etc: m*b 6Povi* ^ovfttv 

Digitized by VjOOQK 

204 2,49. RATA AOrKAN 

49 xai daer ngba avtova' ti ou i&jtefoa (M; ovx ydtm oti *V 
rota tov natQoa fwv dsi thai pe; 50 xai avtol ov ovrfjxav tb 
QrjfjM o ikdlrjaev avtdfa. 51 xai xatifa (tat ainwv xai ij|JUto «a 
N a^agiO y xai jyy vnotaaaofuvoa avtouj. xai ^ Ptytf?? avrov 
diettjoei navta ta QJjpata iv tq xaQdi'a avrijo. 52 xai 'Irpova 
TTQoexoTnev iv tq coyia xai tjXtxia xai %aQiTi naoa &e<p xai aV- 



1 6 * 8 *Ev itu de nevrtxaidexdtqp ttja Tjyefwviaa TifkQtov 
KaiooQoo, TjysfMvsvofToo Hovtlov rietldtov tyc 'Iovtiaiaa, xai 
reroaaoxowtoa tija rcthXaiao 'HQobdov, tyikhtnov di tov adekqxw 

49. tt,r}Tn,T( cum mcabcdlxtaii unc 8 al fere omn itpl« r vg syr ntr arm 
aeth go Or*»t s » •"*>!• etc . . . k* 346. b cop ay I*™ fyr* it» | ijdWf et. 
g 1 " vg go cop 8yr«tr arm aeth Or^^^et^Didtrf^ 90 Epiph^etc: 
D 225. 282. 49«v a b c e f ff*- 1 q syr™ Ir (vel potlus Marcoaii ap Ir) 
gr e t »atot cyr*dn« Thdrt 5 » 1M Tertpr** 98 o*dar< 

51. xcu fjX&ey cum NABC*LxrAAn unc 8 al omn fere it vg syr ca et utr arm 
go Orints.966^. c *D?w 28. cop om, hinc Gb° | vaX>*Qt& (et. r® 1624. 
1683) cum B*DEGHM8UvrA al pi, item c 8 a -q<x& ... e Wtat Ob SzLd 
va^aqtt cum hb*klxh al mu, item A -qat \ xcu rj ftrjiriQ cum habc* 
BxsuvxrAAii al pi itpl« r vg go ayrP arm . . . Gb' y tit fujr. cum c 8 d 
bghm al 48 fere e cop syr» cl *etcu Ori** 8 ! 958 Eus rt «Ph W8 | navr. ta^rj- 
par. cum HBCBQHLMUYxrAA al pier bcefff^g 1 * lqvg Or 10 * 8 * 866 
. . . adkii al ret Qijfiat. arrart. (d ttovt.) , a ver&a ettia omnia. Praete- 
reaque absque xavta c. k*bdm a e ayr <ch ea arm ... g Ti add TCM'Tct, 
Ln [raiTot] cum H°ACLxrAAii unc 7 al omn vid b c f ff 8 * g 1 * 1 vg syr 01 * 
8yr cod e t p aeth Or 111 * 8 - 868 EuB at «P hW8 

52. <v tij cum hl cop Or s ' au , item b omisso t», item omiaso ry Cyr* ** 96 
Epiph 1019 et lo94 . . . ? Ln Ti om cam a CD xr a An unc 8 al omn^ Ath 
458 et * 76 al | ffoptc* x. -tyJUxta cum MABCxrAAn unc 8 al omnvi* f ff 9 
gi- «• V g go ayrP Or 8 > 9M et 1M et int«,«5o Ath «6 et «s Cyr***** 8 . . . dl a 
b o e 1 q cop eyrca et « ch et h"" Or 10 * 2 * 878 et ^ etc 17/. x. <ro^. 

Ill, 1. Tjytfiovevorroe et. Eu»dem8» : D Eu8 d « n » 86C ct 498 Chron 898 *?r*T^o- 
n tvovxoa. Item it vg procurante | rcrpaoi^^otMTO(r ter cum h*c cop. 
Hanc formam h ubique tuetur atque Lc 9, 7, ubi omiserat k* hunc 
titulum Herodia, h* reposuit. Accedit ubique (praeter Act 13, 1) 
c, Lc 9, 7 etiam x, Matthaei vero loco 14, 1 etiam za. Hinc vix 


KATA AOrKAN 3, 8. 305 

axrov *9t$aaQ%ovrtoo tijc 'IrovQaiaa xal ToaxwitUkxr xa\oa6,xa) 
Jwaviov Tiytf AfifaprfG ittQcuxQXovproa, 2 im oQjisQiwj'Avva lM 
ioi Kcucupa, iyiteto qtjjm &eov im 'Iwavttp rbv ZaxaQWV vibr 5^|J 
if rff 4pW*P> 3 1,x xcu yi&er «<j ndcar trp mQi%(ooov tov 'Ioq- l0l » fl »» 
kzrov xqQ&GGmf {LantiGfia uetavoiaa ««r acpeaif afMurrmv, 4 oxr E Ao?6-8 
jiygafjtcu tr jftjftUp Aoyew Hcatbv tov frgotpytov ' gjowy fkxnrtOG 
tr r^ Ap?W' trotpaoate tip btibv xvgtov, ei&euaj nweXts rac 
tQtfiowj avtov ' 5 niaa gpapa/f nh}Qi&&jj<3srai xcu nav 6ooa xcu 
$mba vamwarttpetai, xcu earcu ta oxofoa */<x ev&eiaa xa) at 
r{Hx%8uu ««t odovc Xeiao, 6 xcu 5\p9tcu naaa aao% to aavrygtw 
tov &sov. 7 s * 5 "EXsysv ov» tola ixnooevoudrour 67X0UT Bcuru- *-» 
6&7ircu vn avtov y&nipata sxtotwt , tut vnsoeigip vpi? (pvyetv 
ino tijc p&XovGfp ooyrp; 8 nonpar* ovr xa^frovo* a|«wcr r^<r 

dubium est banc insolitam formam a sacris scriptoribus positam , a 
scribia vero plerisqae eiectam esse ... f Ln Ti TfTpao/otrrroff ter 
com h«ab(d)l etc (et. syrP mg gr) | De initio evglii Marcionis Tert 
marc *, 1 : Anno qmntodedmo principatoa Tiberiani propomt eum (edd. 
Paris, et Franek. deum) detcendUse in civitatem Qatilaeac Oapharnaum. 
Item Epiph 811 (42, 11) tr rtj ao/tj na¥xa xa an 00/17* t» Aovxo 7re- 
nQOfftattvfitva -xcmxa nana ntqtxoyao ammjdii<Ft xo» aqxijv toi» 
*vayytXH>v rra£« xavrtp * tv xw ntm*cutitK. *xt* xtfitQtov xOMroooff, 
ntu xa t£ria. 

2. tx* cum kabcdbohklm suvxrAAn al pi etc . . . ? (= Ob 8s) tn cam 
minaBc vix mu | aqxHQiWfi com iisdem anc qui f *r» item f w si pi b 
e syrP aetb ... r (= Gb Sz) a^/^fftw cum minusc vix mn itP ler vg 
cop go 0^ ta t 1 »• 6, I xaMt^a cum HAfiLxrAAn unc 8 al omn^* q am fa 
cop etc . . . Ln xat<pa cum cd a b c al vg° A Or int (: : at ita d itpl^r vg 
ubiqne) | xwr fcxaQw cum »ABCDEFBKLMBurxrAAn al longe pi . . . 
z (=r Qb Ss) to* tov (a/, cum G 1. 69. 2P« al vix mu 

I. Ttaoonr tip cum HCDXrAAn unc 8 al pier cop Eus d6n|ii8 Chron 8 * 1 ... 
Ln Ti om %ip cttm abl al pauc Or 8 * 719 et *» M7 

4. Tiqo^tYtov sine Uyorx. cum mbdla 1. 118. 124. itpl« r vg cop svr c ° 
arm Or*» m Eusdew*» . . . «-(Gb°°) add Xtyortoa cum ACxrAn unc 8 al 
pier f q go 8yr"tr ae th Chron 889 | tv xtj n)i\fioi' (toificuratf : de 
hac verborum distinctione vide ad Mc 1, 3. Eandem sequitur Eus 

5. tvfrtiaa cum bd&il 73. 253* 32^ a b c ff 2 g 1 ' 1 vg arm Or 4 * 187 et 
fnts,ees e t *• ** Irb** 184 (<» dtre^to, sededds in directum) ...<; m&ttar c. 
MACtXTAAfl one 8 al pier d e f q cop syr oa et 8oh (syrP aeth) go % 


206 a Jl. RATA AOVKAX 

uetavoiaa, xal pi/ uQ^tjcfts )Jyw ev savtoiG' nattQa i%0fiBv tov 
ApQaoLp' Ity** yaQ vfuv ott divatat 6 &eba ix tmv Xi&ow tovrcov 
tyeiQeu tixva T(p "Aifeaap. 9 ijdq de xeu q <i£ipt] nooc rijv Qi£av 
taw dtvdgm xetou* nav wv bivfyov ptj notovv xtqmov xaXbv ix- 
xontetou xal eis ttvq fidXketai. 10 9 * 10 Ka\ enrjomrcov avtbv oi 
o$joi Xe'yovteo' tiovv noi^aoafAev ; 11 ttnoxQiOeas de ekeyev avtot&' 
6 ex<av dvo xitwvaa petadotGi np ptj ixovti, xcu 6 tyjm (tampata 
dfwiwo noitkca. 12 t/kfrop de xal teXmwai (lamia&ipcu xcu elnav 
nooc avtov' foddaxaXe, ti mnipmuev ; 13 6 de elrxev nqoa avtovtr" 
fUjder nXtop noQa to dtaietaypt'tov vptv jggaacete. 14 im^cifftH- 
be avtop xcu (Jtoatevofuvoi kfyorte*' ri trov^Gmpep xal Tjpekf; xcu 
sins* nooo avtove ' pqdera titcujitotjie, pydepa avxoxpatTT}<jif?e, xcu 
doxeio&e tour dtymviota vptop. 15 Hoocdoxmrtoa de tov Xaov xcu 
biaXoy£ope'p<xnr ndvtew iv talc xagdiauj avt&v neol tov 'Iotavvov, 
MtS'ia pi\note avtoa ettj 6 Xqictoa^ 16 10 * x anexqipato Xt'ywv naaw 6 
moi,th 'faxvvrp' eym pip vdati $antlC*o vpaa' toyttui de 6 toyvooteooG 


Io 1, 15 M 

10. no^tjuoifuv (6b') c. MABCDFBXUsrxrAAii al pi go aeth ... ; (~ Sz) 
7U»r\<soper cum gktj 1. al permu; item faciemu* it vg Or* nl8 » BW 

11. tXtytP cum hbc'lx 1. 13. 33. 69. 124. 131. c f 1 vg (et d\ item dot it 
a b d e g 1 ' q go syr ca et ** r .. . g Ti ktye* c. AO*DgrrAAn unc 8 al pier 

12. ttnav cum c*d . .. f <*»o» cum »ABC a LxrAAn one 8 al omn vid | *ro*- 
rjaoi/utv cum HABCDFHKLMSVxrAAxn al pi go aeth . . . g m>ttjoopiv cum 
eu 1. al permu, item rursus facietnus it vg 

13. twtv TTQQff avtovc: h* om ( c auppl): id quod lectione in aliis 
fluctuaute commendatux 

14. nobTiGMfMv cum »BC*et***D*'HLM8vxrAAxn al pi go aeth ... ?Ln not- 
rjaofitv cam agku 1. al permu, item ut vv. 10 et 12 it vg | net* 
rjtHia poet xi no*, cum mbc*lx 1. 69. 124. b c e f ff 8- g 1, 1 q vg »yr«u 
et « ch . . . ff ante o tto*. cum AC 8 xraAa unc 8 al pier a go tyrP cop arm 
aeth . . . d 7« v om | ^o<r ai'Torff cum HAC 8 ZTAAn unc 8 al fere omn 
go . . . Ln Ti atTo*(T cum bc*i>lz 1. 33. it vg | /frjdeva sec cum h*h 
rtyr°u e t 8ch cop (»« coftcatioto guem^Ham, ne/aciaiu cutqumm tnmrtam) 
. . . ff Ln Ti fitf* cum k^abcdlx unc rell al omn^ ld it vg ayrP al 

16. antufftp. Xty. nwtw (h c l ncur. kty.) o hjh*w. cum »(et*et c )BL e Or 
1 » ,w . . . ^ Ln Ti <ws»xo«f. o (b al pane om) maw, a/rcw* (i*i el ttc»- 
ff*y, r om) Ityuv cam ACBFQHM8UVAAin(Kr) etc (plures var) ... d 
nrtyvova ta fo/7|Uaf« avraw «*^r«* ... sjr c « nil nisi itew* ^2u | i/darc. 
Pqmx%. vftaa cum HABCxrAAn unc 9 al pier ff 9 * yg ayrP aeth Or 4 * ,8a ; 
it#m /?<wrr. w^4. i»oW. f cop eyr«i^t»ch g0 Or^' 8 * 861 ^* ... d al 5 o 


KATA A01TKAN 3,22. 307 

uov t ov trine eifu ixavoc Xvaut %ov iudvta tow vnodquatoyv avrov, 
avrba vpa<s (kvnioei iv nvevfiari ayuo xul ttvqI' 17 11& ov to nriov 
st> ijj x 8 *Q* ctvtov diaxa&aQui rqv ahava avrov xeu owayaysiv 
i&p drop eta rip ano&tpuj9 avrov, to di aypgov xaraxavoH nvQi 


18 Ilotixc uhv ovv xal ireoa nanaxalwv svtiyyektCero rbv 
uwv Iv o o* Hgtooip o. TeTQaaQMG, iXeyxofieroa vn avtov 
TKoi 'Hoia&aboo rrfi ywawbc rov ddekpov avrov xal tisqI ndvroiv 
utp iitoirjovr nmn^m* 6 'Hoaod^o, 20 nqooi&ijxev xa) rovro im Mt 4, 12 
rraetv, xarixletoev rov 'hnavtrp iv q-vXaxy. 

21 u " 1 'Eyivero de iv r<p pamta&tjvai dnavra rbv Xaqv xal 
Irpov {Uuma&iptoo xal noonEvypfUPOV dveqft&rjpai rov ovoavov, icis,"i8»« 
22 xal xarajiijpa* ro **»Wf«a to ay top ooyftartxcp etdtt dao neQi-'u 
nregier «r avrov , xai (peovifv i£ ovoavov yBric&ai ' ov el 6 vioo 9, ss 
pov 6 ayajTrjioo, iv aol evtioxtjoa. 

Amb lttc2 ' 77 vjaclg panti^. tv uJart, similiter al. Praeterea cd a b c 
e ff 4, g 1 ' 1 q gat mt Amb luc8 » 77 (non item f vg) syrP m& (in cod 
»««nH-) add ««r pvtarouxv: non item Or*» 139 et 188 Or^ 8 ' 961 Eu«dem«S8 
17. 8*a*a&aQa* cum h*b a (ad purgandam aream) e (ut emundet or earn) 
cop urm lr*«t 17 (emundare). Cf et. Heracl ap Clemecl * 25 ... f Ln 
Ti xcu (hoxada^m (::ut Mt) cum h*acdlxtaaii unc 9 al omn^d itpl 
vg etc Ir* r17 Or 1018 * 968 | cvrayaynv cum h*b e arm, item Ha ovv- 
a£cu ... c Ln Ti avvata (:: ut Mt) cam H c ACDLxrAAn unc 9 al omn^d 
itpler V g 

19. T*TQaa$x 1 l< f cum M * c C0 P : cf a^ 3, 1 . .. g Ln Tl ttToagx 1 !* cnm 
tie etc: cf ad 3, 1 | tov aStbf. aire, sine ytlmn. cum kbdlfaax 
one 8 al 190 fere it vg go arm«d ... g (— Gb Sz) praem (pdtnnov (:: 
e Mt ubi non fluct) cum ACKxn al mu cop syr utr arm^dd aeth 

2ft. xaT*Jti?KT#f sine xa* camH*BDib e (cop a&iciens - proiecit) (Eus 111 ** 
^m* 5 ) ... ff Ln Ti xa* xotrtxl. cum h°acl unc rell al omn itpl vg etc | 
VvluxTi sine r»y cum hbdkluazh al 15 arm go Eus bi8t ... 7 Ti rrj <pvX. 
cum ACEFOHSUVxra al pi 

32. »<r cum hbm, 33. Or *► 29 ° . . . ? Ti *>0t» (:: ut Mt) cum axtaah unc 8 
etc J yt««r^a* sme additam (Ob") cum mbdl a b c e g ,#vid 1 vg cop 
Amo 1 ™** 88 . . . s add Ityovoar cum axran unc 8 al pier f ff*' g 9 * q go 
syrutr arm fte th , item a al nqoc avrov Xtyovaav | #^Jo*ij<ra cum mb 
p w kmoaji al*° fere Eus"ep hS7 ° et a?1 .. . 9 tyvJex. cum ABGHLerora al 
pi. Pro €v ty - *vdo*r)a<% habent d a b c ff** 1 v*a<r juou ft au, #701 
aijr*9(pr yieytrwpta ov. fiandem lectionam testatur Aug coas 9 > 8X al. 


206 3, 23 KATA A Or KAN 

mi "i-it 23 "' * Kal avtba rp 'Ttpova agxo/MSvoo mail itmv tqux- 
xoncty (Of vioc, dxr tpofuteto, 'Icxrijq), tov 'Hist 24 tov 
Ma&&a& tov A % sve) tov MbX%bi tov 'Iarvcu tov 'Imoijq) 
25 tov Marta&iov tov 'Afumo tov Naovp tov 'EaXu tov Nayya) 

1 bJiVs 26 tov Maait tov Marta&iov tov 2epmf tov 7»<rifl[ tov '/aria 

i:3. xa* aiTOff ijr tg (Zs sine articulo cum hblux 33. al aliq; contra g Ln 
Ti o is cum AnAn unc 7 al pier Chron) cum HABEGHKLMBUYxrAAn al 
pier go Orlnt 8,986 Chron* 67 ; item_13. 124. 846. abcefgMqvg 
syrP arm Eu8 ,te P hW8 xcw cut. o Ti tjv ,.. d etc qv &i \ ao/op. •»*** 
tt. rotax. cum hblx al 8 b c g 1 * 1 q vg Or 8 ** 06 Or int ***** Eus^eph 88 * 
al (Ir iotl4A ) ... g Ln oiffft (d al aliq »ff, r om) trwv rptax. ot^/o^- 
f off (124. e f mt syr 800 aetb om ; syrP m 8 Chron * 67 oqx. twai) cum A 
Dr&An unc 8 al pi a go syrP Cyrluc »« Chron * 57 | a»y v*o<f (Or v». «*r) 
wff f yo/t*Cf to c. hbl al 4 aOr'* 985 (ex ached*'* et com ) Afric (ap Ens 
hliti»f v *) Eua«*«Pb 848 et 970 al ... g wf ma tvopiZ. vtoa c. axtaaii unc 8 
al pier f vg cop syrP arm aetb ... D wo* <vo/«<k>to »ycu v*>ff, item 
itPl | M»ffi79 Bine articulo cum habdlxaaii unc 7 al pier Or** 865 Epiph 
1088 .. . Ti tov way* cum ht 1. 118. 131. 209. c«« Afric (ap Eub*"* 
1. 1.) EuaBtephMBet 870 Epiph «"■ et *•• et 74a Cyr 1 " 0181 | tov ijln usq 
tov va/tar (v. 31) : d ratione Mattbaei a versu 16 usq ad v. 10 ad 
Lucam translata sic: tov uxxotfi c. fia&&av t. tliaCao x. tltovS r. 
ta^rtr t. ffaoW t. a£wo t. *A»ax«/* t. afiwvS t. ^ooofiafitl r. aaXa- 
&*rjX etc | qJU* c. HABEOHMSrA al pi Chron 467 . . . g Ln ijiU c. kluvxah 
al permu 

24. fAa&&a& cum h (d fia&&av, vide ante) ing em (uterque mottAotA) 
etc ... ? Ln pax&av cum abeghsvaii al pi cop vg go ... KXM txt uxAT 
al permu (et. tisch *■) syrP par&av. Ceterum Afric ap Eus hi8tl » 7 '* om 
t. fAa&&a& t. Xtvn, nee aliter ipse Eus" te P Mte et 8TO , nee magis Amb 
Inc8,i6 ( Accedere videtur et Ir* * 819 propter numerum generationum 
quern indicat. | kvt* cum hb (ita ipse * ez tjXti corrrexit) GrA 1. 69. 
al mu (go levveis) . . . g Ln Aev» cum alxaii unc 7 al longe pi I (**lz** 
cum KABBGHLifBrAA al mu . . . g Ln /***** cum Kuvxn al pi f tamcu 
cum hbla al pane item itP 1 vg syr 8ch cop aetb ... g *awa cum ae s g 
KMUvn al pi arm syrP Chron* 57 ; variant XE*Ar8H 

25. ftavta&iov c. MABKXM8urAAn al pi q cop go syrP aetb; item B*/ta&- 
&afrtov (b 8 fiax&.), x al pauc ftarat&^ov ... a al pane t*ur&akov } 
hv etc pcK&tov | taltk cum kabeghmbtaa al mu ... g taX$ cum xuv 
xn al permu 

26. atpttn c. hbl, item wmem b e go cop . . . abqhm bv*xta etc oifUH, 
item g Ln at/ti'i cum KUAn al perm , item Bemei itpl vg Byr^tr lr m 
aeth | MHtyjr cum HBLr al 18 fere b c (iotec) e ff 8 * (osthc) g 1 ' 8 * 1** 


KATA AOriAlX 3, 32. SW 

27 rw 'Imarav tov Ptpa tod Zooofldpek tov JZaXa&iijl tov 
XijQt* 28 rov JYtAjpi «w >4dde< rov Kwrap tov 'EXpatiafi 
rov *Hq 29 tov 7iyoov rov 'EXu£eQ tov 'ImQeif* tov Ma&&a& 
tov Jevsl 30 rov JSvpsmv tov 'Ioida tov 'Icoafo tov 'hovafi 
tov 'Ehaxsifi 31 tov Metea tov Mewa tov Matra&a tov 
yfa&ifM tov dotumd 32 tov 'leaaou tov 'Imfyd tov Boo6 tox 

(* oteac) am cop arm ... g Ln toxrqp cum axaah nnc 8 al pier a f q vg 
go copP etr ** syr ntr aeth | mu<Jo» cum xBLir al* g 1 ' am em for harl log 
mt (i vuda out ioda) go cop ds ... g Ln *oi/<fa oum aaah unc 8 al pi it 9 
Tg«* tol (iudae) cop syr utr arm aeth 

27. «tta*ttr cum h*abegaa al pi rgodd (ap Ln) 8yT utr , item lxbvt al cop 
MM»mx«r . . . h*tj etc war ... g Mtarra cum XMn al mu itP 1 go | vq- 
(>u cum HABEOHLMsraA al pi . . . g Ln rqct cum kuvxh al permu 

28. ftt^x tl cum HABEOHLMsrAA al pi . . . g Ln a***** cum kuvxh al pi 
aSdfi cum HABEGHMBrA al permu ... g Ln aSS* cum kxtvah al pi 
tiuadap cum kbl 33. al itpl vg cop ... g tXpmSap cum axaaii unc 8 
al pi f q go (ermodam) syrP aeth 

29. iqcov cum hbl 13. 33. 69. 346. al pane (similiter r 1. 131. njffw) a 
beef g 1 ' 8 ' 1 vg cop arm . . . tewy c. abghkm su vaah al pi q go (iotez) 
ayr sch- z MHttjz | nDQtifi c. ablxtaah unc al pi: »uv 33. al mu *wp*/( 
... r etc *Hjap \ pa&&a0- cum h* (pa&&aa&) et c ing (taatttieKA), 
item (ita Ti) b* 346. na&&ai, item AKn 33. al mu fiaxxad- ... f Ln 
u«*r£crr cum b 8 ghmsuvaa al pi cop, E etc pa&ar \ ktvt* cum haboh 
lta al mu (go ut supra) . . . g Ln >Uf* cum bkmsuvah al pi 

30. Mtra/t cum nar 1. al 15 fere c e g 1, copd* 8yr« ch etP m* arm ... g Ln 
Mm** c. AGHLMSUvx al permu cop« dd ayrP txt . .. ek.aah al mu twamv 
(k al pauc -way) etc 

31. p*rva cum hblx 33. (157. al pauc pivot) c g 1# g* 1** vg cop« chw 
arm}; item r 1. 131. q /tow, similiter UP 1 al ... ; ficuvav cum eghk 
mbuvaah al pi f (maman) go syrP aeth Chron ... A 49. 51. om , hinc 
Ln \j*m<*\ | *a&*p cum m*b c e (hi 1 natam-, q motta*) ... ? Ln Ti 
ra&a* cum K°Ax.xrAAH unc rell al fere omn etc | oW«»£ cum hab*dh 

■ la etc. Cf et ad Ht. 1, 1 . . . g dafitti cum minusc, Ob Sz $avi3 cum 
skmuxa al, am* al Sad 

32. hm/?*jJ (h*b -fifjl) oum HCAF^TLMUxrA 33. 69. 346. al plus 15 c d cop 
aeth ... g *>P*1& (*>*** uPl*-) onm DP reoent eghkbvah al pi etc | 
pooiT cum »«(H*^aJUa) ABDUftrtxn 33. 69. al a b e 1* arm cop (boat) 
aeth {boas) ... g 0oo£ cum eghkxhvbuvtaa al pi it vg go Chron | 
aaXct cum w*b aeth . . . y Ln Ti aakpmv cum h°adlxtaaii uncoil al 
omn^** 1 it vg etc 

T1SCKBVDOR7, N. T. Edit. 8. critica minor. 14 

Digitized by VjOOQK 

1 S*m 6, 14 

SI a Bath 4, 

18 -S 

210 3,33. KATA A01TKAN 

84s 1 

iJichi" SuiJa. rov Naaaawv 33 tov 'Afuvadafi tovAdfieir tovji(p*\ 
**•• ' tov 'EdQWft tov 0dgsg tov 'Iovda 34 tov 'Iaxmfi tov 'Iaaax 
tov 'Apoaaft tov Qaga tov Nax&Q 35 tov 2bqov% tov Pa- 
yav tov &alht tov Efeo tov 2aXa 36 tov Kcupap tov Aqr 
q>a1;ad tov JZrjfi tov Nme tot Aip»x 37 tov Ma&ovaala 
tov 'Hfo&x *ov Iaaet tot MeXBXetjX tov Kcuvap • 38 tov 'Ebrwr 
tov J5ij& tov 'Adafi tov &sov. 


lit «! 7-u l 18,4 'IfiGOvv di nXvoria nvevuatoa ay iov vmatoapsp a&b 
tov IoQoavov , xcu qyeto ev tcp nrevpan w ty sQypcp I tjfjUQOff 

38. x. a/itvaSap cam K c AEGHKLM m &cvxrAAn etc, item (ut Ti) o aptivcf 
o\*/?: h* aSct/i, m^b al plus 40 syrP a/umda// . . . Bom | x. ad fifty (k 
69. al -f*w, r al aXfitvr, 1. al aXpti, x al ai/itj; sed 1. al pane 
praem t. aqafi) x. aqvu (lx al -?*) c. kblxt al mu cop ayrP m K arm 
... fLnr. aqafi cum adeghttii al non ita mu it 7 vg go syr 8 ^ . . . km 
8Yaa al 70 fere b e syrP aeth Ghron r. aqafi x. uaqafi \ tffgwu (et. ? 
GbSz) cum i^Dff^affpu/OE («£?.) ghklmbtjvxtaaii al pier itpl am for 
fa em ing cop . . . g* Ln Ti tcrowy cam b al viz mu d vged tol 

34. Hraax cum »°ABD 8 LxrAAn etc ... n*d* a b c e wrax. Cf ad Mt 1, 2 

35. atqovx cam NABLxrAAn unc 9 (et. f w ) etc, item d b GtQovx ... g (= 
Gb Sz) uaqovx cum minasc ut vdtr pane vg ed (saru^) 8yr 8ch et P cd | 
<pak(x cum mbdlvxa al permu b c e ff 9 ' 1 q am for cop 8chw syrP . . . 
AEGHKMBUTAn al pi vg go syr* cb Chron q>aXey 

36. vtawafi cum hbl 1. S3, al pauc aetb (: : eadem forma A Gen 10, 24 
bis) ... g Ln xatvav cum AxrAAn unc 8 al pi etc . . . d om 

37. uhqcx cum kb* a 1 q Chron *** ... g taqtS cum b 8 lxtaa unc 7 al pi f 
vg cop . . . Ln t*tqt& cum ash al aliq beg 1 *! /uXtXtijX cum k*aa 69. 
(al 2 fitXtrjX) copped* ... ? Ln Ti fiaXtXfijX c. mCbdlxtaii unc 8 al pier 
copedd Chron; similiter it mu vg | xaivap cum hl fl** cop dz ... g La 
Ti xalvav cum abdxtaad unc 8 etc 

IV. 1. nXtjq. (F w add w) nvtvp. ay*. (8chu prob) cum hbdef w klui 1. 
11. 33. al 40 itPlw V g eyrntr B ah cop (aeth) Ba8«**<"nsie Orints,«6bia 
... g nvtvp. ay*. nXf\q. cum aghmbuvwVaa al pi e go arm Thdrt 5 > 
1068 | (9 Xi] tQtjfiM c. hbdl a b g 1# q em fu ing harl mt sah ... g mr 
xqv if»jfi09 (: : ut Mt et Mc) cum AEGHXM8UVW b rAAin al omn^^x; e f 
fl* g"* 1 vg cop etc 


KATA A01TKAN 4, 8. 211 

VMSQcotorra miQ<zC6ut*oo vnb rov dutfioXov. u ' 5 xcu oix ikpaytp 
*&r Sr tcua tjuBgcua sxeircua, xcu ovrttlAG&eia&v avtm inwatm. 
l&ter di aintp 6 dtdftoloa' si viixs el tov &80v f ems rep Xi&ip 
«wr<p ha yeriftcu oqtoo. 4 xcu axexoidy nooc avtbv 6 'Itxrova' D "*"» 8 
•fiQcutrat ott oix in Suny uorcp tfjastat 6 5.*&q(oizog. 5 xcu 
oajaymr avtbv Stoker avrtp ndaaa raa ficunletaa rfjc olxovuevrjc 
» ctyujj xqovov, 6 xcu ebrev avrqp 6 dtdfioXoa' col dcocm tip 
§owia* xaittiv anaaav xcu %rp do£ar ccircip, on iuol rtcu>a- 
frforai xcu dp iav &tkco dtikout avrtj*' 7 <jv oir id? nQocrxvrtjayo 
ntimm tuov, sctat gov ndaa. 8 xcu anoxQt&eur o 'Itjcow tins* Dw » e > 18 

l- xtoatqaxovr. cum (h/*')ab*la ... f Ln xfoactQa*. cum B*Dw b rAxn 
nnc* al omn^ d | avrttX. avxwf absq additam (Gb") cum hbdl a b c 
e g ,# *■ 1 vg sah cop arm aeth pers^h . . . c add vorf^ov (: : e Mt ubi 
non fluct) cum AEQHKM8UVW b rAAn al omn^d f ff 9 * q go 8yr utr copda 
recent (v r niai U1 

3. **. J* «vto» cum kbdl 1. 33. al itP ler vg cop Amb 1 " 1 " 9 ... g urn 
«». avr. cum AW*>raAn unc 8 al pier e q go syr*** arm aeth Thdrt 8 * *" 

4. Tt^off airr. (13. al aah cop avrot, ISO** om) o (a om) *s cum mbla al 1 
it Tg sah cop aetb . . . g H (u al 95 fere o is) nqoo am. cum aeghkhbu 
Tw b rAn al pier go syrP arm. Praeterea <; add Xtyuv cum aeghxms 
crwbr&Aii al pier it syrP arm aetb go ... omisimus com kbl 13. 83. 
UOKi* al pauc vg sah cop | o ar&gotn. c. kabdeqlvwD An 1 al permu 
■*n cop ... Gb 00 o cum F w HBji8urAn* al plus 70 gb. Praeterea haec 
edidimus absque additam cum hbl Bah cop«chw . . . ^ Ln add aXX im 
(i> t») navTb £i//tar* (al 90 etc add txnoQevofitYO) Sta arofiaroa) &iov 
dun ADwb taah unc 8 al omn^ d it vg syr** go arm etc : : e Mt 

5 - *a» avayayw avrov sine additam (Gb") cum mbdl 1. al* a e sah cop 
whw arm Cyr»dor » . .. ^ Ln add o diafioXoa cum aw^taa unc 8 al 
pier itPler V g go syr *' cop^etd* recent aeth Hil* 9 . Item omisimus 
«tf oooa vxpTjXov cum kbl b g 1 ' *' am em fa for ing iac barl mt tol 
(etc) sax sab cop»«hw Cyr*do' w ... f (8chu „rec. ap. Mt") add lur 
ofo* vyyXor, Ln [*. oq. vy.] cum awotaau unc 8 al pier c f ff a * q yg 
ed go syi-atr cop^i aeth arm Hil"; item addito Xutv d al 4 etc 

•• • «or cum MAXW b rAAn unc 8 etc . . . Ln » a» cum bd 

'• **Wltoy (h* pOI, tV*7t. tfl.) tflOV (prob Schu) CUm R*BDKF w HVW°rAXA 

^ al plus 40 ... c w«7r. mov cum MOAGKUiBUn al permu Cyr*dor is j 
*°f naaa cum HABDLwbrAAzn unc 9 al plus 140 e . .. f (= Gb 8z) <rov 
nana cum minusc viz mu, item tun omnia itP l8r vg 
8 affox^ft^. o i« (iTT. avroi cum HFLMmgx 1. 18. 33. 69. 124. al plus 19 

14 • 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

%lt 4, 9. KATA AOTKAN 


Mt 4,11.14 

aincp' y&yQcuirou' n^ooKVP^aeia kvqu» top &eov aw xou uvrtp 
pomp Xxtqeiatta. 9 tftmyev de avtbv eia 'IsQOKjaXijfx xm Sattgetp 
im to mqpyiov toi Isqov , xal elnev avrqp ' « viba el rov &eov, 

pi m, lit £*&* (Tcovror irzev&ev xora' 10 yeygantat yaQ ozitofo ayyekomj 
oukoi ertelahai tugl aov «w faxgwAalfat <re, 11 xai o« awi %«- 
£*» iQQveb ere, (opiate nQoaxoxfrqa u(joa ti&ov to* noda o&v. 
12 mo* djwxQi&wj ebtev araf 6 'Iriaovc on eipjtcu • owe ixaei- 
oaaem xvqiov %bv &*6v cw* 13 x«« owreaffjaa nana, neiqaafsbv 
o diafioloG anion} an avtoi a%qi kcuqov. 

14 "" * HCai i?re<rc$aipei' a 'Itpova ev t# dwafie* xov nv*v- 

Mcl ' 14 para? «o" rjy? rahkouav' xa\ (prj^rj i%ijX&ev xa&' otyo rijc 
7T8qix<oqov negl ccvtov. 15 xaJ avroo~ ididatjxev iv tola away<oydfa 
ainow, do^a^ofuvoa inb navim. 

(Mt 6 i*64M 16 18,w iJCai rjL&ev eta NegaQa, ev rp avaie&Qapp&oa, 

Mc 0, 1 M) 

(e omisso atrrw) f ffi'g 1 '** (sab) cop syr***... Ln <t7ionQ*&. «/r. avrw 
o «£ com AXif ts % al 16 fere a b c q . .. s" Ti a7TOxqi&. avtw tint* o (b 
om) tg cum BEGHSUVwbrA al pi ; item da etc anoxq. out. o is ti7t*v \ 
yifQOTtrcu noB praemiflsis vnayt etc (Gb probante Schu) cam kbdlx 
1. al 7 a c f ff *• g 1 *** vg go sah cop***** syr arm aeth (Or 8 ' 540 ) ... g 
praem vfto/c omav ftov aovzavtt, item Ln \yn. on. ftov ear.] cum 
. AW*>rAAn unc 9 al pier itallq cop wl syrP- aethcod a, item yty^anr. sine 
ya$ (Gb S» probante Schu) cum MABDLrxn unc 8 al longe pi itP ler vg 
sab cop 8yr otr go arm aeth Orbits, 968 . 1 1 g (_- q d g z ) a( j^ y^ cum v 
w b 4A 69. al mu b q :: utrumq e Mt | n^oaxwTjfffKT xvq.t. &e. gov 
cum ABGMUUfsnvrMi al longe pi a sah arm . . . Ln (et. Ti in Synops. 
• 1864) *vq. to* &c. 9. nfoax. cum hbdflw^az al*° fere it* vg go cop 

syrutr ae th Or to t8 f 968 .. at j ta j^ lectione non fiuctuante, nee magis 
ixx fluct 

9. lyyatT*. d« cum mblx sab cop syrP mg . . . $• Ln now i\ywf. cum ADwbrA 
ah unc 8 al omn^d itpl^r V g syr^etpt** arm aeth | conjafy sine 
out. (Schu prob vdtr) cum kblz e arm^ Or <ntM8 ... c Ln add avtor 
(:: at Mt lectione non fluct) cum ADrAAn unc 9 al omn^M itP ler vg etc | 
vioa cum HABDLrAAin unc 9 al plus 1BO ... 9 (= Gb Sz) vkht cum 
minusc vix mu 

11. ©f* cum MABKUiw b x 1. al perma it 7 vg go cop syrP Or 8 » M98 °hed ... 
Gb 00 cum DW«HBUTra* al pi a b sah syr aeth Or*»t : : nt Ht 

14. 6 eum MABDCHiirx al pi Or*» M1 - . . BFGHK8VW b AAH al 40 fere om 

16. t*r sine ti/» (GV) cum mbdlax al 16 fere Or*> 1M Cyrioh*" (item a 
om «*<r tv) ... c Ti «*<r tij* cum awhrAH unc 8 al pier Ens* 1 *™* 42 \ 


KATA AOfKAN 4,22. tlS 

ati licijl&e* xata to tw&bo ainy if ttf VfUQ* *w aaffi&im 
w tifp Gvpaycoyrp, xou avtanj dtayvwai. 17 xou msdAthj etvrcp 
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mw ov rjv yeyqaufigpov' 18 wwpt xvotov U ipe, ov eZrexep mi,n» 
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214 4,23. KATA AOrKAN 

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t<mv (a om, d e post *<u<r. pon) Kaar](p ovroa cum hbl 346. Cyr 10 *! 161 , 
item d & e . . . ( Ln ovroa tax. o vi. tann^ (: : cf 11. pp.) cum Axra 
An unc 9 al fere omn it 6 (item hie JUiut est ioseph 1 vg) cop syr ttta, ethT 
go arm aeth 

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sctvxta al pi; item axau a! plus 10 Epiph 51 » w tv \ xaqx*Qya.ovn cum 
hbdx etc . . . g xamfvaovn cum AxrAAn unc 9 al omn fere q 

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al 95 fere go syrP vfi. Xty. | cocirov cum kd . . . g Ln Ti avrov c. abl 
unc rell al omnrtd 

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ethr Or 1 ** 8 * Wl Ba»«* t4ft .. . g Ln Ti om cum ABnrAn unc 9 al pi it 
pm V g : : passim ot* eiusmodi (post A«yw vpn 13, 35. 22, 16 et 18 et 
alibi) a multis omittitur, sed fit etiam ut dubites utrum inlatum an 
omissum sit | rjXnov c. ab*, v. aq -Afta? cum kab*du 2 . .. g Ln -Xiov 
cum HB^LxrAAn unc rell etc, v. sq -Xuaa cum B 8 LxrAAn unc rell 
etc | «/r» itt\ cum kaclxtaaii unc 9 al longe pier a (per triennium) go 
syrP Bas eth94ft ... Ln om *** cum bd al 5 , nee exprim itP ler vg etc 

26. ijXftaa: vide ad 25 | oaqatxa (a etc -Qanta) c. HAB*CDXTAAn unc 8 
al pi it vg (am sareptha) go cop aeth Or 1 » 4M eti»t 8 » 971 ... b^bxmb al 
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cum (Gb') HABCDLV*xr ai 90 fere it vg (Latt pier eidoniae, e am ndo- 
nae) go cop aeth Or , »* 99 et c * t ethi< 8 > 971 ... g Ti woWotf (:: ut ubique 
in evv et act) cum sraBKHSUAAn al pi Bas**** 45 

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sehethr arm aeth Or 1 ** 8 * 971 ... g post wpHpijrov (:: ut v. 26) cum at 
aah unc 9 al pier go syrP | tUccuov (b -^mtouov) cum habdoluva 


RATA AOITKANi 4, 36. 215 

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rauuxFAn al pi f q | txa&OQHr&rj cam mbdfaah unc 9 al pier . . . 
11 txa&tqta&fi cum aclx y» or al pauc : : nullo Lucae loco forma - c - 
« ant b testem habet, in Mt 8, 3 et Mc 1, 42 certe B ace edit | vat/iav 
(d* d -ficur) cum mabcdkxii 1. 69. al mn; item x al aliq vtpav, item 
it 6 am for ing gat al cop go . . . g vttpav cum bfmsuva carp° y al pi, 
item Neaeman f q, a al pauc vati/iav, oht al pane wt^/to*, b c g 1 ' 
vged e tm»« *»q Orlnta, wi Naaman 

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errore) praem trjf cam d* al non ita mn arm; d* al 4 praem tov | 
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*w«« com hbdl al 9 cop Or***** ... g (= Gb) «mt *o cum acxtaah unc 9 
al pier 

31. xavaqvaovfi ut v. 23 , sed x h. 1. xcupfQvaovft ... g xantQvaovf* ut 
ibidem, accedente h. 1. c 

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31—35) ... g Ln add ktyav cum ACDV s xrAAn unc 8 al omn^ it vg 
go 8yrutr e tnr arm :: additur in Mc nee fluct | ta cum HABCLQZTAAn 
«ac* al pier g 1 * *• vg go bjt*** arm Or*» M1 ...Dal*abce fflf^lq 
*!** cop aeth Tert*»aro*,* m (:: cf Mc> 

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^ plus" it vg (Latt ew* o6) Or*» m . .. g t£ cum acqxtaaii unc 8 al pi 
" at Mc | cur to /ttffor cum habclmqxz al permu ... Gb Ti eta p«- 
<foi» earn DraAH unc 8 al 100 fere Or** m 


216 4, 37. KATA AOrKAN 

40 a 
Mt 8, 16 
Mel, 92 

fiavtaa, xai aweXdXow tiQoa dXXtjkova Xe'yonea' tiab Hyoa ovroa, 
on £v Qowsia xai dvtduei ipudooei tola axa&djQtot<s meipaatp 
xai QbQXortcu; 37 xai i^enogeveto, r(io<5 neql avtov «/<x ndsta, 
an timov tijo neoiimoov, 

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xiav JSifuwoo. aev&eoa de tov Jtiutovoo lr\v aweypaevri nvqercp 
payafop, xai ijooittjaav avtbv neol avtija. 39 xai enuataa indvoo 
avtija metiuqaev rep m>oet<j> 9 xai dyrjxev avtqv' naqa%oriaa de 
avaatdaa dtyxovei avtoia. 

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voaoia noix&aus yyayov airtova n^a avtov' 6 de evl exdety av- 
t<5v tats %eiQaa iam&eia i&egdnevev avtows. 41 * 7 * 8 h^rjQ%ovro 
de xai daifwvta anb nolXiav, xQavyd^ovta xai Xeyovta on ah el 
b vtba tov &8ov. xai emttuai* ovx eia avtd ktkeiv, oti jjdeusav 
tbv Xoiatbv avtbv ehai. 

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tonov, xai oi o%k)i inetypow avtov' xai yX&ov enoa avtov, xai 
xatelypv avtbv tov urj nooevea&at an avt&v. 43 b de ehtev noba 

38. ano (Gb" probante Schu) cum hbcdlqx al 10 Or*» 171 (do) ... g Ln 
ex (:': ut Mc lectione non flact) cam AxrAAn unc 9 al pier go, item 
de (quo saepe «£ exprimitur) it vg | nev&tQa de cum *ABDLQX*rAA*xn 
unc 9 al longe pi ... c al plus 5 tj de ntv&tqct, g (= 6b Sz) r\ mv&. de 
cum minusc vix mu (x*a* a o^o)voa priore ad aiiwvoa alteram trail - 

40. tout z§*q. (b q manum ; contra it 8 vg mamu) tnvn&t*a (iipl»* vg tn- 
ponens) cum bdqx al plus 10 itP ler vg ... g roc /e*#. tm&eur (a mani- 
bus inpoeitis) cum ALRxrAAH unc 9 al pier a, item mc cop aeth tn*&eMj 
t. X**Q. | t&iQanever (cterabat) cum bd 440** it vg syr«rtr Or *» 171 ... 
g Ln Ti e&e^anevatv (:: ut Mc) cum HACLQRxrAAxn unc 9 al omn fere 
O r cod par 

41. e^j^orro chcx 1. 33. al 10 fere Or 4 » m ... g Ln Ti et^/cro c. abd 
L^RraAn unc 9 al pier | KQavyaC>ovTa (q al pauc x^avaC.) cum adbgh 
quvri al plus 50 Or*» 17X ... g HQatopra (k* -rrcuy, »c -««) cum kb 
CFKLMH8XAXH al pi | o vt. t. &eov aine o #j cum mbgdflbxx 3ft. 130. 
220. itPle' vg cop arm arP<> Or Tertm*^*. 8 Victorin ... g (= Gb) 
praem o Jjp cum AqrAAn unc 8 al pier f q go avr atr aeth 

42. ejiebjxow c. habcdflxqbsuvxtaaz al plua 115 ... g (= Gb S*) ett^ 
tow cum eghxh al mu 


KATA AOrRAN 5, 3. M7 

wove on xcu tcu& kiqaw nokaaw evayysXujaa&ai us deitrj* 0a- 
nteiav jov &eov , Sti im tovto aneotafap* 44 xcu r\v xtjqvcgxd* 
ua taa aw ay cay aa tija rakiXoUaa. 

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ixoiuv toy Xoyop tov &sov, xcu avtbo fy setae naQa tip Xiuvip 
ftmpuQit, 2 xai idep bvo nlMOQta iot&ra naoa tip ilpvrp' oi 
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hatayayeiv okiyov' xu&taaa ds ev rep nXoiop sdidaaxev tows 

i^.fti dn c. HACLQRxrAAn one 9 al pier . .. Ln &* fit cum b, item (sed 
post or* pon , quod ipsum e om) d e, item ante tvayytXta. itpler V g 
syrP | tn* rovxo cum mbl it* a (6b hoe) , ideo b c ff 2, g 1 * *• 1 vg .. . g 
no xovro (:: Mc tut tovto yoto ttyk&.) cum ACDQRxrAAn uno 9 al pier, 
item in hoc d e , ad hoe t q | antataXipr cum nbcdlx al 9 . . . g ant- 
ndkfAay cum aqbtaaii unc 9 al pier 

44. ua rat ainr&ywyac com msdq al 12 ... g Ln iv toua awoyyvyam c. 
aclritaaii unc 9 al pier | t^c yaX*Xa*ae c. ADxrAAn unc 9 al pier it 
vg go etc . . . mbclqr 1. al 90 fere cop ayrP *** i%a tovdcucHt 

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Y*rrr}<raQ*T cum wabcgqbsttvtaaii al pi a b e 1 (genesBarct) syrP tet 
»rm; item PL al mu penis ytvrjaaQtr ... ehxii 69. al mu q for ing 
(Tged t m a i genesareth) go syrP m 8 ytvrrjaaot& ... jy nee aliter d *ytv- 

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»1 pi | nXo*ao*a cum ac*lqb al 8 , item naviculas a f ... g Ln nXota 
{'■ : haec forma vv. 3 et 7 tantum non fluct) cum »BC a DrAin unc 9 al 
pier, item naves itpl vg | aXttur cum m*aclq (:: in Mt h*b*c bis; in 
Mc AB*Lcorr A e t mab*cla) ... q Ln Ti o»/lw*a cum H c BDBxrAAn unc 
rell al omn Tid | an (h* om) awuv hoc loco (Gb") cum h c (m*)bcdl 
33. . . . q Ln post anopanta cum AC 8 QXTAAn unc 9 al pier c f Byr atr 
etnr arm aetb go ... R \t m * vg om | tnlwa* cum »c*lqx 239. 299., 
item Ln tnXirro* cum bd 91. ... g Ti a7re?rAwfry cum a^rtaah unc 9 
•ipler * 

3. ffi^Myoa cum kbdl ... g praem tov cum acqrxtaah unc 9 al omn^d | 
**&ur. it «. mblq a cop ... g Ln xo* xa&. c. ACDRxrAAn unc 9 al pier 
itpler V g etc | 41 , Tw flriloMB ?<JmJ. cum kd e (d in nav« terftoa tloceft.), 


218 5, 4. KATA AOTRAN 

oylavo. 4 80,1 ma di inavaato kxXmv, ebttv nqba tot Zlumva' 
mavdyayi eta to @d&oa, xat yaL&jaat* ta tiixtva vumv eia ayqav. 

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aavtea ovdh ikdjibusp' oil de r<p Qrjpatl aov %aXdam ta dixtva. 

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i© u, e asjo di ta dixtva avtmr. 7 xcu xatevevaav tour pervious «r 

r<p treQcp nloup tov ik&ovtaa ovXXaflscr&cu avtola' xcu fjX&av f 
xal mfcjoav ouupoteqa rd akna, mate pv&itea&cu avtd. 
8 81,, ° idmv di JOumw Ilhooa nooaeneae* tola ybvaaw 'fyaov 
Xeymv' Qel&e an iuov, oti dvriQ ductQtmloa eiut, xvqu. 9 &dp- 
fioa ycuy negteaxev avtbv xcu navtaa tova avr avtcp im ttj ayQa 
tmp ix&vow tf avr&aflop, 10 ouoiaxr di xcu *Idxm(foir xcu 'Imdvvrp 
vlova jZefkdaiov, o< tjaa* xoitmrol tip JZtuann. n ' s xcu ehte* 
noba tov JSiumva 6 'Itpova' uri cpofiov ' and tov tvv af&omnova say 

... b tu tov nXotov td*$. ... g Ln Ti cM. ex (al pane euro) tov nlo*ov 
cam aclqbxtaah ano 9 al omn** d itP ler vg etc 

5. xcu ano*()*&. oipwr o. h^bla (h* <n,fi. post unev, item c post dixit Hit) 
... g Ln x. an. o ctpw* c. acrtah unc 8 (deficit a) al omn^. ..Dodt anoHQ., var x etc | e*mw absque avrw cam hb e cop ... c Ln 
Ti add oww cum acdlxtaaii unc 8 al omn^d itpl« r V g etc | oXya 
cam habl 33. 131. Cyr lucie8 ... g add Tiyo- com cdxtaah one 8 al p}er 
Tit * 1 oxii | xa Scxxva c. kbdl 1. 209. al pane c e q go cop syr hr aeth 
(arm om) Amb lacUM . . . g Ln Ti to iattvow cam acxtaah one 8 al pier 
it 7 vg syr utr 

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syrP Eusta«opbiw . .. g Ln **£. nXtj&. nolv cam d al vix ma it vg 
syrsoh | du^aaito (hb 8 6. <fao£.) cum mbl, item c ^f^ijro ... g 
ditQQTiyvvro et Ln Ti o**tQrjywto : hoc cam A g 8Cr al pauc , illad cam 
xtaah one 8 al pier Eusthoophiw (.. c f Act 14, 14 Lc 8, 29) I ta oW- 
xva cum hbdl 1. al pauc a c f ff s * 1 q go cop arm aeth Eustheophus 
... c Ln Ti to oWt'ov cum ACxrAAn anc 8 al pier b e g 1, f ' vg syratr 

7. t. /uttoxoHT sine rout cam mbdl 259. a ... g t. fittox- *ow* Ln t. 
pfT0£. [tokt] cam acxtaah unc 8 al omn fere | ffl&av cum ml 435. . . . 
g Ln Ti r;X&or cum abcxtaas one 8 al pier 
1 8. w c. HBXHKSuvrAn al 70 fere ... g [6b 00 ] praem tov com acflmxa 
al mo 

9. r\ cum haclt aah unc 8 al omn^ d , it vg . . . bdx fro wv (d quo* eeperoMt) 

10. o 15 cum macxt&ab: one 8 al omn v ld . . . Ti om o cam bl 


KATA AOtttAN 5, 19. * 219 

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raff a tpoXov&rjaav avrtp. 

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xai foov arrjQ nfognp linoaa' itimv dt fir T^aow, away ori 
ft^iaomov idttt&Tj avtov Xtymv' kvqis, idv fcltfj, dvvaaai ps 
u&oLQiacu. 13 xai ixteivaa ttjv X € *Q a *ppn*o avtov bvhAp' &eia>, > 

ta^a^uy&rjTi. xai tvfcW jy Xcflr^a dfiijld'ev an avtov. 14 xai 
«ww naoyyy&lev aw<p p^feyi euro? , 'JUa dml&wv dei£ov ae- 
atro* T<p ieQ8i, xai nooaevsyxB negl tov xa&aQiapov gov xa&ma 
apofftfajw Mmvoijo, eia (uzQtvowv avtota. 15 Uml dirmeto di i**m,i 
paMor 6 Xorocr frepi avrov , xai awriQ^ovto 6%Uh noXLoi dxovwv 
wu QsQanevea&ai and tmv da&evwxw airunv " 16 M * avtba & 
p vnoxtootov ev tala ig^fWta xai 7tQoaev%6(ABvoa. lf 

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faaxow, xai iyffa* xaftftufipot <PaQusouoi xai vofiodiddaxaXoi 9 cS 
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xcqaXAviAeroa , xai SCfitow avtov efaeveyxetv xai &elvat evmmov 
uvrov. 19 xai (Ay BVQortea noiaa eiaevfyxtoatv avtov did tov o%h>v y 

11. nwna c. hbdl 131. ... g Ti a/rayra cam AcrAAn unc 8 al pier 

12- •&» fa cam hb e cop . . . g Ln Ti xai mW c. ACDLxrAAH one 8 al pier 
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13. tui«jr ca]n akhkmbuttaah al pier . . . Gb' Ln Xtywr (: : e Mt) c. hb 
cd li al« Cyr"** 8 :: at praeterqaam qaod Xty*tv adMt accommodatum 
es t, ttfronr hone in modum apud Lucam solum scribi solet, cf 9, 22. 
**, 30. Act 4, 26. 7, 26 et 27. 18, 21. l»,.2l. 24, 22 

15. £<?eurfvt<r#a* absq vn avr. (Gb') cam »bc*dl al 18 it Tg cop eyr 8 ** 
*ro aeth . . . g add wtt (a 2. g* cr our) oitow c. (A)c s BHKM8UYzr&An al 

Mh^^' cum MAOEHBXXUvxrAAzn al pier . . . Ln ©» qoq . cum B8 cop 
lckw arm | iXtjlv&oxio com ma^bclxtaaxh anc T al pier itpl«* vg eop 
iyr«r etarjd Ln <rv9i if i Xv^nt9 cam a*d al 10 Cyr*>**l«>ere a 
** | auror cam hblz aeth («t $anaret) Cyrl™" 5 . . . g Ln Ti avrowr 
c. acdztaah one 6 al pier it vg syrot'et(eo» o«n€#) hr cop arm go . .. 

- vomkj com KABCDEKLnaurxraAxa (i. e. one omn) al plos 80 (qui al- 


tM * 5. 20. RATA AOYTCAN 

dpafidnea im to dwpa did reap xegdfuap xa&ijxap avtbp avp tcjj 
xhvidiqp sic to fitaov IfWQoa&ev tov 'Irjffov. 20 xcu i8wp tip niativ 
olvzw ebier' av&Qotne, dqtimptai cot at k\iaqtim gov. 21 xal 
rjo^avro dialoyt^ea&ou ol yoafipatstG xal oi (fiagujcuoi Idyovtsc' 
tiff ifftip ovtoa off hxXei ffkaaqtyfuaa ; tiff dvvatcu dpaQtiaa 
aqpeipai si pi] [aopog 6 &s6ff; 22 intyvovG di 6 'fyffovff tovff tiuxXo- 
yifffwvff cwttov dnoxQi&tuff ebrev nqbo avtova' ti diaXoyiCsff&e iv 
tauff xaodiatG vfitov; 23 ti iotip evxonwzsoov, samp' iymrtai 
cot at afAaotica gov, i} sinslv ' iyei(>s xal nsQtTtdtsi ; 24 wa di si- 
tfjts oti 6 vioff tov ap&ocixov i^ovtriav i%si im tijff yips dqjispat 
apaotiaff, shtsp t<p naoaXskvpivtp ' goi Xe'yoo , iystQS xal oqog to 
xhndiov ffov noosvov sic top ohwp gov. 25 xal naQaxQijpa 
avofftaff ivwmov avrow, aoaff iqj o xatixetto, drrijX'&sp sic tov 
oJxov avtov 8o£dC<xnt top &sop. 26 xal exotoGiG Skafep anaptoGy 
xal ido^aCop top &eop, xal mXip&ijGav cpofkw XtyoptsG oti udo- 
pap naoddefea gijiasqop. 

lati sunt a conlatoribus) ... g (= Gb Sz) praem Sia cum minusc non 
ita mu Cyr'»*» 

20. t&nip (d Xtya ut Mc) absque avxut cum mbli 33. 130. ff* (g s< ?) vg 
... g(= Gb) add avrot cum AEKusuvxrAAn al longe pi syrP et nr arm, 
item CD etc add to* naQaXxmxfa 

21. a/iaQT. aqxtvcu cum bdx c e Amb*P ir6W , item l1. Cyr** 956 op. oqh- 
v<u ... g oupuvat a/4,aor. (: : ut Mc) cum HACEKMSUVxrAAn al fere omn 
itpm vg cop syr utr etnr arm aeth 

22. anoxQt&ua cum kablxfaaxb: unc 8 al pier e f g*vid q vg cop go syr 
«dd et P etbr arm Cyr*» *** . . . Gb° Ln om cum cd al* it« syi*ch «d ae th 

28. tyiiQt cum habcdef w klmsvtaxii al pi . . . g (= Gb Sz) tyttoeu cum 
uxa al mu 

24. ttova. *xii> hoc loco cum BKLxn al 7 b f ff*' g 1, 1 q vg Cyr*** 51 . . . g 
Ln post or* (•' : ut Mt et He lectione non fluct) cum hacdbmsuvxtaa 
al pier ace syr^tr et hr cop etc | aqutircu cum MABCD^L^rAAxn unc 
rell al omn^ . . . Ti opewx* cum d*l* (uterq aftvai) \ naqaXtXv- 
fttvu cum abbbsuvtaah al pi ... Gb" Ln na()aXvri,xoi (: : ut Mt et 
Mc) cum hcdf"Lmxx al permu Cyr^tsi | f y ft ^ ( cnm mabcdbf^kmsv 
XAAin al pi . . . g (= Gb Sz) fytycu com Lur al mu | aqaux cum abck 
KXMBDVxrAAin al fere omn arm Cyr*«* 51 ... »d 167. it vg syr^tT^r 
cop aeth *cu (157. c f 1 q vg om) afo*, posteaque nm noqtvov 

25. up o (Gb") cnm MABCEBXMSVxrAxn al plus 06 ... g Ln t? (o* «r) m c. 
bua 1. 69. al permu 


KATA AOTKAN 5, 33. Ml 

27 a*, a j^^j ^^ xavra i&jX&eVy xal e&eoffato tBhovtjv J££!-u 
wifum jltvwv xa&yparov ml to rekbnor, xal efaev airy' axo- Mc9 » 1 »- lt 
lov&et ftoL 28 xai xatahnmv nana araataa tjxoXov&ei avro5. 
29 "' * xal inobp** ^tV* f*^^ Aevua avty 99 tjj otxia av- 
rav * xal ip o%Xog nokua teXtovw xal aXXnv oi tpav pri avtm 
xatmxiifupoi. 30 xal ijoyyv&v oi (Poqujouh xal oi joawuxxtio 
axtww ttoba tow pa&Tftka avtov hiyowtw ' dtati petit, tdav tekto- 
?wr *m apa()*a>knr io&iats xal mvete; 31 * * 1 xal anoxQi&ala 
Iijoowj dkev nobo amove' oi XQ&av e%ovcit oi vyiaivortw iaroov 
ilia oi xaxmo fyovteo' 32 ovx ilqht&a xaXdaai dixaiovc alia 
ifiootalow eia perdvoiav. 

33 Oi di ehrav noba avtov' oi ua&tjtaVlmawov vvatevovow Mt9,u« 
rrvy.ra xat oerjeeta noiowtai, Ofwuoo xai ot tow <VaQiGcuow y 01 oe 

26. itSofuv cum hb'dsbutaazii* al plvid . .. Ti tSofuv (c *^a/*., b *$mp.) 
cum acklmrvxh* al ma 

27. irvffv cam habclbbtz al pane ... g Ln.Att/W cum bbttvxaaii al pi; 
k al pane Latt JUvt, » al pauc live* 

28. Trarra (Bed »*c* -tout) c. K*et c BC*ef*DLBX 33. al B ... sr Ti anarta 
(m otto*) com aek(m)buvxtaaii al pier | rjxoXov&e* cum bdlz 69. a 
. . . C qxoAoud^w (:: at Mc) cam kacbxtaaii anc 6 al pi itP ler vg etc 

29. iUvtKT cum kabclbxz pparh ... g- La Acuta- cum ekmsuvtaah al pier 
... b al pauc Latt JUvc* vel JLevt. Idque absque articulo com habcdb 
F^axMRSUYiTAAxn al longe pi . . . c (= Gb Sz) >Uf tier cum miuoac 
viz mu J noXva xeXwvwv cum mbcdlrz al 8 it vg 8yr ntr arm . . . g Ti 
Tf Aw. ttoa. com axtaaii unc 6 al pier go 

30. o* 90010*0*. xo* o» yoafifi. avrtor (cum abclrtaaxii al pier itP ler vg 
eyrP et" go Baa 6 *!** 6 ' .. . Gb° cum hdfx al 8 f e 1 vgc°d etc) hoc or- 
dine com (h)bc(d)lbz 1. 33. 131. 157. it vg cop syr br arm ... g o» 
YQ<*Hp. avtwr (vide ante) jcom o* 900*0-. hoc ordine (: : at Mc) cam ax 
FKMSUVXTAAn al pier go Byr atr aeth Ba8«*h26T | %w , g^ Te ^ w . com 
KABCDBFBXMBUzrAAz al pi arm ... g (= Gb Sz) om.cum svn al ma 
Basetaed | xai , a ftaQxo>X. com habc*lbxtaazii one 7 al pier it vg svr 
atr e thr C op rell Ba8e«J» ... Ti om cum c*d al 1 "' Cy^™" :: 11. pp. 
Don fluct 

31. aXXa o» com abz ... g all o* com hcdia etc 

33. tutor c. b*cdlbx 38. ... g tatof cum MAB*KFHKM8UVxrAAn al longe 
pier J o* fta&fj*. sine oWr* com »»blz 36. 157. cop ... g Ln proem 
Jmbt» (: : at 11. pp.) cam »*et«(«*?)cDBxrAAn unc 8 al pier it vg syrntr 


ttt 5, 34. ' KATA A01TKAN 

Mt9, 10 a 
Me 9, 21 • 

col ia&tovGiv xal mtovaiv. 346 de 'Imova ehnp n^ba avtova' /*j/ 
bvraa&e tova viowr tov wpqmvoa, iv q> 6 wfjupioa pet avrmv ioriv, 
noiyacu vrjctevcai; 35 iXevaovrai de ijfASQcu, %cu otav dstao&ij 
an ainoyv 6 wfuptoa, tots wjarsvaowriv iv exwaur tour tjfisQata. 
36*EXeyev 8i xcu naQafioUrp nooa avtoha oti ovdela imphjfia and 
ipariov xcuvov a%iaa<s iniftdllsi im ifiatutp naXouov ' « di pqye, 
xcu to xaivbv ajuset xal tcp nahwp oh ov(icpcovtjCH to intfDajiAa 
to ano tov xaivov. 37 xai ovdeia pallet ofoop viov sia aexow 
nahxwva* ei tie ptjye, Q*j&* o olvoa 6 vioo tova aaxova, xa* avtba 
exxv&jjaerat xal oi oumoi anoXovrtai ' 38 cdXa ohov veor sir 

34. o Site cum hbcdlrxx al ma f cop syrP mg aeth arr . . . g Ln Ti ora 
is cum ArAAnunc 8 al pier itpler vg gyr»ch e tptxt arm g | no*rjccu 
cum mc ABCLBXrAAzn unc rell al omn vW f 1 q vg syr utr go arm . . . h* 
d it 6 gat* aeth om : : e Mc | vrjartvaai cum h c bxi 28. ... g Ln Ti rrj- 
(Trtvitv (: : cf Mc) cum H*ACDLBrAAn unc rell al pier 

35. xa* oTar cum ABDEHKMmffBSuvxrAAzn al longe pi a em for ing go 
. . . HCPLMtz* al plus 88 it 8 vg (et. am) cop Byr tttr om xa», hinc Ln [*cu] 
:: e 11. pp. | tot* cum abcdlbxtaxb unc rell al longe pi a vg cop 
svr atr armed ... HFMA a l 20 b c e f ff*' g l ' 1 q go arm cdd aeth xcu tot* 
: : e 11. pp. 

36. cwro (Schu „bene") cum kbdlxi al 10 b c e ff* # g 1, 1 q vg syr ntr cop 
(arm) Amb lao 1M1 ...f om, Ln [an.] c. acbtaab unc 8 al pier a f go 
aeth. Item ffffttfeur (Schu „bene") cum hbdlz 1. 22. 33. 131. 157. 
251. cop (post ovfouj pon) syr sch persP ... g Ln om (:: ut 11. pp.) c. 
ACBxrAAn unc 8 al pier it vg go syrP arm aeth | 0£*ff«* (Schu „bene 
ap Lc") cum kbcdlx al 18 a e. Item avfHfarrrjatt. c. mabcdlz al 14 a e 
(et. Epiph 111 *™) ... g 0£*£f * «t avfupoyvti cum (a - £f * et -yj7<r*0 BFHK 
m(r <rx i i (ra *i ut nuper recognovi, et -vei)8Trvr*ATi al longe pi itPl° r 
vg cop syr tttr arm go aeth | to (g om, item Ln ex errore) tntpXrjua 
to ano c. mbclxa al mu (item d tmpXtjfia post xcuvov) it vg cop syr 
ntr arm . . . Gb" Ti to ano sine to imfiX. c. aefhkmbsuvtaii al longe 
pi go aeth si * 

37. o o«r. o rtoa (« 44. 71. om o rtov) cum bcdlmbdxa al plus 90 it vg 
etc ... g o woe owoa cum AEFHKsrAH al pi go 

38. aXXa cum madefhlrsuyxta al pi ... bckmah 1. 69. al aU. | fiXtf- 
nor cum m*abgbxt aaq unc 8 al omn^ d vg . . . m*d a b c e (post aXXa 
pon) f ff ** g ! * 1 q syrntr aeth (cop) pakXovaw :: a Mt 9, 17 videtur 
pendere nee satis hue quadrare. Praeterea fiXifnor absque additam 
cum mbl 1. al e cop ... g (sed Gb° et Schu omissionem vdtr prob) Ln 


KATA AOrKAN 6, 1. 2*8 

ountowy xcuvovo pkpiov. 39 xcu ovdsia mmv nalaibr Oslei 
vtof' Xtyu yoQ ' 6 ftaXcube xqtj&too iotw, 


1 "* * 'Eydreto ds iv actfiflary devtaQonQfxmp diaaoQGVBG&cu M«s7n-aB 
avtby dta GitoQifunp , xcu foQlov oi padipcu avrov rova azayyaa Mtl8, *"* 

add xcu anvoTfQOt awrijQovrtcu (Dae titfowzcu, scrvanbur; it reU 
vg consent.) c. ACDBxrAAn unc 8 al pier it vg go syr utr arm al :: e Mt 
ubi Demo om 
39. d a b c e ff 2 * 1 (non item it 4 vg) om hunc versum. Nee magis Ens 
habnisse vdtr; nee eoim ut debebat in canonem decimnm retulit, in 
quo quae singulis propria sunt posuit. | &tlt* cam kbc*l al 6 cop ' 
arm aeth ... g Ln praem tv&eua (z al pane evO-va) cum AC*RxrAAn 
nnc 8 al pier f g 1 ** ff 8 ' vg syr utt go | XQ 1 l aToff cnm HBL lfi 7. 225. 
eop syr 8C h ... g Ln x9V aTOXf 9 oa cum acrxtaah nnc 8 al pier it vg 
ByrP rell 

VI, 1. dtvr(Q07TQVTtt) (bt 13. al 8 devxtgw n^wtta) cum acdehkmbsuvx 
raAn al pier a f * ff 8 ' g 1, 8# (e sabbato mane) vg go syrP *** arm. Tra- 
ctant nberins Caesar 58 (Galland. 6) Epiph* 88 et 158 Chron 89fl (ed. 
Bonn., ed.Par. 811 ) Chr hom.40. inMt Is id epp 3, 110 Thphyl ad 
h. 1. Euthy ad h. I. Amb 1 ** 61888 : „secundopriraum, non primoeecun- 
dum dixit, ddrttgonQtorov enim scriptnm eBt. Praeferri enim debnit 
quod praecellit Secundum ideo quia primum ante ex lege praecessit, 
in quo etiam poena praeBcripta est si quis operetur ; primum autem 
ideo, quia sabbatum illud ex lege solutum est quod erat primum: et 
hoc primum factum est quod secundo eBt constitutum." Cf et. P s4T (p. 
936). (Conferri praeterea possunt Eustath. vit. Eutych. nr.95. dtvrt- 
QoSixaxri Hier. in Ezech. 45. et divrtqicxatoe Heliod. ap. Chirurg. 
vett. p. 94. Facit hue etiam Clem Strom. 6,5. ex Praedicat. Petri 
-- lav /iff aeJLyvtj (jpav/J, a aft fiar or ovx ayovtrt to Ityo/iivov nqwtov 

etc) mbl 1. 22. 33. 69* 118. 157.209. b c e !** 1 q cop syr«ch S yr 

P m 8 („non in omnib. exemplarib. eBt") syr hr aeth arP (ar er et ar«> 
dtvrtgot) perss om (Schu „recte"), hinc Ln IWnoP 8 [divttqonQ&c.] 
:: at ut ab additamenti ratione alienum est, ita cur omiserint in 
promptu est. Ceterum nee simile qnicquam Mt nee He adscripse- 
rout. | Sia sine t»* cum m*ablaa*ii 1. al pluB 10 ... g add xatv (:: nt 
Mt et Mc) cum HOcDEHXMHBtrvxrA 8 al longe pi Chron 8 * 8 cop arm J 
tow (h al 6 om) a**xvaa hoc loco cum HAC 8 (D)xrAAn unc 7 al omn^ 
it vg go cop 8yr atr ethr arm aeth ... bc*lr post ijo&hh> | c*m al 


6, 2. RATA A61TKAN 

xai fja&iop xpcbxorteo rata %*Qaiv. 2 uvea 8i tmp <l>aQiaaim elnof' 

71 7T(H£lt8 O OVX S-fitfW MK8M> TOW" GaffiaOtV ; 3 XOtt CMOMQl&8t0 
18am 21, 6 6 'ItjGOVG TtQOO OLVZOVG sItZGV' Ov3s tOVTO aVtyVMTB O mOUjGSV 

Javeld, bnotB meivaaev avtbc xal oi \ixi aviov orrea; 4 a>a 
ebijX&sv bio rbv olxov tov &eoi xal torn agtowr xiqa Trgo&edecua 
ekafiev xou ecpayev xcu Idautev xcu told fjat airtov, owf ovx e%e- 

pauc bee cop^et** syr 8ch aeth Amb luc ad x*Q<** v add current, hinc 
Ln [cwm *w] 

2. euro* (x *«rav) sine autour cum hbc*lx 1. 118. 181. 157. 209. ace 
cop ... ? add avTOHT item Ln [cn/t .] cum ac^taah unc 7 al pier (et. 
Ttgoa avtova) b f ff *" g 1# ** 1 q syi^^et^^ arm aeth go . . . d iXtytw 
axnia : : utMc | t* tto***t« etc: d *h$* t* notovaur o* fia&ijra* aov tort 
aafipan* o ovx tlurzur \ not*w (l syr 80 * post oaftpatfw) cum hacl 
xrAAH unc 7 q cop syr 8cn syrP et nr go aeth ... Ln Ti om c. b(d)b 69. 
274™* itP ler vg arm :: inprimis Marcum ad hunc locum mutandum 
valuisse lectio codicis D probat. | tour aafifiacw cum nb(d)lru al 10 
itpler arm _ g iV T0Kr ( AA * om ) oaPfiaoi c. acxtaah unc 1 al pier (13. 
al *f oaftftaTw) g 1 '*- vg go 

3. o is nqoa ait. tin. cum ml (al ?) vg cop syrP , item sed nqoo avr. 
post a,niv (B* r eA*y«y) posito (o is *«-7r. arp. «vr. ita Ln) ac 8 dkmbxii 
al permu syr 8C h aeth (e omisso o «) , similiter al it cdd al . . . c Ti 
itqog ctvxovc tt,ntv o (b om) te (:: conveniunt haec cum h etc, nisi 
quod o Ze post cure* ponitur) c. (b)c*ehbuvtaa al pi, item dixit tilts 
lesus a b g 1 ' 1 | Savtri: cf ad Mt 1, 1 | onori (:: hoc tantum loco 
legitur) cum ABHKHBSUvrAii al pier ... Ln ox* (:: ut Mc et Mt 
lectio ne non fluct) cum nbcdlxa al mu | onto cum ACRTAAn unc 7 al 
pier go syrP (it vg, at nee aliter 11. pp.) ... Ln om cum hbdlx al 10 
cop syr 8ch ethr : : Mt et Mc sine oma * 

4. our cum H*ACBHKK6UvrAAn al pier syrP eth*, item Ln nwa cum h°lbx 
al 10 (:: ut 11. pp.), item itP*« r vg cop arm al Ir**** 87 ... bd plane om 
( 8vr sch 0%h ) | ti a p m xai C um ac 8 bhmb8XJVtaa al pi it vg go syrP . . . 
Ln Xapwr cum bc*lx 33. (cop syr» c h ut vdtr) ... hdkh al 80 fere syrhr 
arm aeth Ir**** 37 om, hinc Gb° : : at ita 11. pp. | x<u *do>*. tcom c. hadbh 
B3fB8UvxrAAn al pier syrbr et P aeth . . . Ln om nay sec cum bl 1. 112. 
it vg cop syr«charm go Irint ( :: testes similiter etiam in Mc om; vide- 
batur abundare , hinc tot interpretes invitis Graecis edd consentiunt) 
Post v. 4. d addita habet haec: rrj avtif ijpJQc* Geaaa/itpoa xhh* to- 
ya&fAtvov tv aafifiarw tutiv av€» * av&Qwnt u fttv oiSaa r» ffoct »<r 
ftaxa()*o<r tf f» di fAtf Okdaa tnunaxaqatoa no* n*Qapa*f[9 c» tov 


KATA AOrKAN 6, 9. 225 

<my apayeh ei py fwvova tovc Uqws; 5 **'* xai eksyev avrola oti 
uQm iotiy o vlba tov av&Qwtw xai tov aafifidtov. 

6 'Eyheto di & mjptp oaMaty efoek&eit avtbv eia tw * ^ 
<mayamp not dtdaaxew. xai ^y av&Qtonoa exeX xai jy *€/# 
avroti ^ de£ia §r ^a ' T xaoetijoovrto de ol yQomiatela xai 
oi QaqtaaMH ei eV rap GaBfiaty Veganeiei, fra evo&aiv xati\- 
yofpw avzov. 8 au?6<x fo jjdai torn diaXoyujfWwr avrcw' elnev 
H icp ayfyi zqp &7?q? cxow a^ zajpa* «/«£« xai gttj&i eia 
to p&or. *ai avaatda Jatrj. 9 e&rar fl« 6 'Irjcova TtQoc avtows' 
iztfma ifida ei 8;e<mt ttp Gapfiatcp dya&onoiijaai ij xaxo- 

5. or* cum HCADEHKLMRSUTxriAn al pier itomn V g g (cop ut solet) . . . 
«*B 1. 131. arm aeth om (Ti 8 yn°P" :: cf 11. pp.) | o v*o<r t. av£t?. 
ante xa* r. aapp. posuimus cum adlbxtaaii unc 7 al omn^<l it vg syrP 
arm go . . . mb syr'obetbr cop aeth post rot' aapfiarov : : ut Mt 

6. 8t sine xa* cum kblx al 80 it* cop Syr 8011 arm aeth Cyr 4 * 988 ... §• Ti 
St xa* cum ABrAAn unc 7 al longe pi g*' q vg syrP | av&Qwri. t*u 
cum hblr al 8 cop Cyr 4 '* 88 ... * Ln txt> av&Qwn. (:: ut Mc) cum axt 
aad unc 1 al pier itpl« r (b »©th om **«*) vg go eyr^et^ arm 

7. itaqiTHQOvrro (Gb') c. abdlmbxab: 1. 13. 38. 69. al 80 fere Cyr*»*» ... 
* na^(tfj(Joi>y (: : ut He) c. MBKSUYrA al pi | St absque avtor edidi- 
mus cum AEr w HKMBBtJvrAAn al plus "• it vg go . . . * (=Gb 8z) add 
airror (:: ut Mt lectione non fluct) c. hbdlx 69. al mu Tid syr u *r cop 
arm aeth ambler Cyr 4 ** 88 | d-tqantvi* cum hadlii 2P« al pauc ... c 
diqaptvaet, (:: cf Mc) cum bxtaa unc* al pier cop Cyr** 988 | xarij- 
ropftv cum H*B8X (d -yoprjw) al 10 g 1 ' q am fu for gat (hi Latt accu- 
tare) syr u * r go ; Hem be a e ff*' vg . . . ;Ln (ignorans B) Ti xarip'o- 
pw cum H«ABFWHKLM(B^d) U vrAAn al pi f go cop arm syrP m * Cyr 4 * 
886 | a\ftov: p^KLBn al 60 fere cop syrP "^ arm xor avrov 

8. wttv $t cum hblx al* a ... e Ln xa* f troy cum ArAAn unc 7 al pier 
g o syr«ohetP aeth CyrM» item etaUS* g 1 -*- 1 q, et oti^ c e . . . » b f 
•A?y«*. | tw ay<Jp* (Gb") cum hbl al 8 aeth Cyr*'* 86 ... c Ln rw avfywrro) 
(:: ut 11. pp. lectione non fluct) cum AxraAn unc 7 al pier (it vg ho~ 
mini, item w al) . . . D om | tyttqt (Gb") cum habbf^klmscvxaah 
al pi . . . g tyttqcu cum r al . .. d tytbqov \ xcu avaax. cum mbdlx 1. 
33. e>«r it vg cop al Cyr*>*** . . . <; o fa avaa*. cum AEKMStnrrAAn al 
pier syrP arm 

9. tut. it com mbdi, 1%. 3$. 69. 124. 846. it vg go (aeth) Cyr*» **...<; 
tat. ovv cum AiKMSuvxrAAn al pier syrP | tntQwrw cum hbl 157. 
e f g*-vld i V g CO p g B y r hr ... ^ L n tntQ*nr\Gii> (:: cf 20, 3 cum 11. 
pp.) cum ADXTAAH unc 6 al fere omn a b c tP' g 1 ' q 8yr utr arm aeth | 
vhchj u (prob Schu) cum kbdl 157. acefff 9 ' g la l(b hi at) vg cop 

Tiscundokf, N. T. Edit. 8. critica minor. 15 



226 6, 10. KATA A01TKAN 

noitjGcu, \pv%ijv envoi tj daoXeocu. 10 xcu 7Z8Qi(ilexpdfi€voa ndv- 
taa avtowr ebtev avto)' exr&vov riff %*H>& gov. 6 de mofycev, 
xa\ dmxaxeoxd&ri rj yeiQ avtov. 11 avroi de inlipthpav 
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Act 1,18 adeXqiov avtov, xal'ldxta^ov xouludvnjv xal ftiUnnov xal Boq- 

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vpao ' t* cum AEKMsrAn al 10 ° fere, item alterutrum uvxa ( tw aap~ 
fiata) c. kbdl ceflf 8, g , 'q am fu for em tol cop»c& w syr* ch aeth Cyr 
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bante Scbn) cum kbdlx 1. 69. al itP ,er (a hiat) vg cop syr»ch etP mg 
et hr arm go Tert m * f c ... Gb Sz anoxtanu (:: e Mc) cum aef w kms 
uvrAAn al 180 e syr c °d syrP **t aeth 

10. avroi cum ABEF w KM8UvrAAn al pi syr 8cn etP *** arm« d go ... «■ (= 
Gb Sz, sed rursus Gb') tw av&ownw (: ; e 11. pp.) cum mdlx 1. 33. 
69. 124. al vix mu it (c homini illi, e Mi homini) vg cop syrP mget hr 
(add cut manus eku arida) arm m8S aeth | inonjotv (et. Gb) cum ab 
BF^LMSuvraA 33. al plus 80 (syrP add ovraa c. ob.) ; item ^ (= Gb, 
sed 8chu prob ?) Ln (ex errore de b) cnotrja. ovru (outokt) cum kd 
al mu syr hr ... hdx 1.43. 69. al mu it vg go cop syr 8C hetP m * arm 
aeth «£«TfMw (Gb' : : e 11. pp.) | ant%axt(pf<x&f\ (Gb") cum h°adek 
LMSVxrAA al pi, item h* 243. antnatioiij .. . f anoxaT«TTa&ij c bu 
al mu | v x*H> avtov sine v/nja c. kabdklquxaii al plus 90 it vg go cop 
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lat V g cop ... f Ti add u>a 17 aXXij, Ln [wo- 17 cwU.] cum aekmqbuvx 
taah al pier b c f g 1 ' q go syr°tr e thr arm aeth; item d 1. 181. our 

11. notrjaaw cum bla 1. 13. 33. 69. al 4 , item ha al 5 noiTjodf* ... g Ti 
nocrjatKtv cum KKMQBDVxrAH al pier 

12. (UX&w avtov (Schu „bene u ) cum mabdl(x omisso am.) 33. 119. 
157. i cfcnt al pane e go^d ... f Ti #|^^*v cum BKM^BDTTAAn al pier 
itpler V g : : utraque ratio frequens 

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M1 . . . s om xew cum ABMQSUTxrA al plu e (w. «bA. phU. hart, matth. 


KATA A01TKAN 6, 20. Wl 

doXopaiov 15 xal Ma&&aiov xal G&pdv, xal 'Idxmffov'dkpatov, 
xal Ilifjuava tbv xalovpsvov &ifootrp, 16 xal 'Iovdav 'Icuuoffov, xal „_ 19 
lovdaw y I<ntaQuA&, oa iyipeto rtQodvttja, 17 * 6 " 1 xal xaiafHur pet £;£ ^ 
avrdir «TTjy «Wl rwrw ntdwov, xal 6%Xoa nokva fxw&rjnav avtov 9 xal 
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Idto ndvtaa, 

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thorn, iae. sic e) f ff 2< g *' •• 1 (iohannem et iacobum) q vg cop syrP go 
aeth Eaftdemtto Baseth cdda | xa* yikinn. cum hbdl 3d. 157. 244. ab 
c 1 8yr 8ci arm aeth Eusdem . . . c om xa* cam AEXMQ8UVxr&AH al pier 
it 6 vg cop syrP go Baseth 

15. tuu prim cum hbdl 13. a b c 1 q cop syr 8ch arm aeth Eusdem iao 
Bas* * 91 t f. om cum AEKMQ8UVXTAII (a om pa. xa* &wp.) al pier 
efff 8 " g 1 ' ■* vg go syrP | pa&&cuov cum hb*d go (ita go etiam Mt 
9, 9, quod ibi supple; non item Mc 3, 18) . . . f fxax&ouov cum ab 8 qx 
taau unc rell al pmnvid | xai *axe>. cum hd*l 13. 33. 69. c 8 ** abed 
1 cop^ et sehir syr 8C h arm aeth ... f Ln om xa* cum ABD s QxrAAn 
unc 6 al pier it 6 coppet *• svr p g Bas eth | aX<pa*ov cum hbl al 6 arm .. . 
g Ln Toy rov akycuov cum adqxtaaii unc 6 al pier go Bas 6fcn 

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aeth Baseth sei ... g om cum axtaii unc 6 al pier e f g 1 ' q am em ing 
for peru tol sax go syrP | (0x00*016* (d e f g l * 1 q for fu ing <s*a- 
(>**&, am scariot, a b om) cum h*bdl 33. itPl«" vg«dd Mcion epiphsia 
... g ujxoqkott}* c. H^AQxrAAn unc 6 al pier ff *• vgde cop syrP arm 
go Mcionep*Phtt3 Baseth | <j sine xai c. hbl 53. 112. it vg cop syr 
»ch arm ae th Mcionep^h 618 et 8M . . . g add xa* cum adqxtaaii unc 6 al 
pier syrP go Baseth 

17. nokva cum hbl 1. 118. syr»ch ... ? Ln Ti om cum ADQxrAAH unc 6 
al pier it vg rell 

18. troxkovfuvo* cum habl 1. 157. ... g Ln oxkovptro* cum DQXrAA 
unc 6 al pier | ano cum habdef" LMQSvrAAn al plu ... g (= Gb Sz) 
vno cum Kuxn al pi | id-tqantvovxo cum habdlq al 6 it vg cop arm 
aeth ... g Ti x«* t&tqan. c. ekmbuvxtaaii al pier syr ut r g 

19. throw cum hbl b e f am syr" ch go ... ; Ln «tiyr«* cum ADQBxrAAn 
unc 6 al omn^d it« vg syrP Mcion epiphsis e t«« Cyr^eatw 



6, 21. RATA AOrKAN 

fia&qtkc avtoy eXsysv* (taxawoi oi m(o%oi 9 oti v^ettqa iotiv r\ 
(kujtXeia tov &eov. 21 47 ' fionaQUH oi rtmnvtsa vvv, oti 
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rip ovQavtp' xata ta avta yaQ inobw tour TtQoyrjtaiG oi natSQea 
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ttuvaoete. oval oi yshovtea tw, oti mv&ij08ts xal xhawete. 26 oval 
otav xaJUocr eiaoxHv vpao navtbs oi av&Qctmot ' xata ta avta 

20. o» 0rcw?ot cum M*etet>ABDBKLttB8TJVTAAn al plu b e ff 8 * g 1 ' 8 * 1 q vg 
cop syr*** al Or 8 * "^et* 11 * 8 * 885 Eua lttCld8 Cyrlno J* 8 Tertn»» Tc4 » M . . . »c* 
qx al 80 fere a c f gat sax copdz recena syr 1 "" add *« nvtvpat* : : e Mt 

23. JWW* oum »*ABDEF w HKwrp^R8DVxrAAzn al plus 150 Bas®^ 885 ... ff 
(= Gb 8a) /ou^ctc cum minusc viz mu | xor. ta avta (Schu com- 
mend) cum BD(d «o)<*xi 33. a («mtttkr) c («a«ki») e (.per eadem) cop 
vld sy r sch ( u t a) arm Mcioneplph^et 88 * ... g xat. zavxct (Gb"* avta, 
at eklmsutaii etc tavta) cum HAEHBXMPRSUvrAAn al pier b f ff 8 ' 1 q 
syrP go (tee. hoe) aeth (»c qwque) Or 8 ** 68 Tort™*™*. 10 

25- *vv cum kblqbxa*ax al 80 f go cop eyrP c* arm aeth Ors 47 ... ff Ln 
Ti om c. aobhkm psuvm al plu a b c e g 8 * (ff 8 - g 1 - ut vdtr) 1 q vg syr 
ach irintaoa Bas« th887 | ova* sec sine i/m* cum nbkl&xx al 10 fere Or 8 * 
a7o et 7M et 8W Or 1 ^ 9 ' 68 ^ 8 * 880 ... ff Ln add vpi* cum adehmporuvt 
aaii al pier it vg Basethwr Or*** 8 * 848 Ors" 

26. ova* sine iy*** c. habef w HKLitPQRSUTxrAxn al longe plu itP ler vg go 
syrP Tertm»fc «, » Or*** 8 * 888 Bas^ 8 " Chr 1 * loe catoxfio ff ( = qj, g z ) 
add Vf*i* cum da 13. 69. al mu b cop syr» ch arm aeth Ir^ 808 Mac 170 
Chr 8 » 686 et «*epe | xaAoxr im<sHJ. Vfiaa hoc ordine cum habx 33. al 
plus 5 syr«ch ff 8 - gi- 1 V ged e t>nw »»Q Irh"2o« Bas«th887 j| ft c 170 (Gall 7 ) 
Chr 1 » 10fl et'» W8 ...Beq tol Tert«n»™ *» w ^c«r xcd. «t7r. . . . ff Ln Ti 
xal. upcur (d 28. d iCr v/wr) u,nn)<nv cum DEKMPQRSUVxrAAxn al pier 
a c f am ing mt go Chr 8 » 58B et* 1, b cato* 80 | navxtts (sed h cop Ir 1 ^ 
post o» av&Q. pon) cum mabehkmpqruxxii al permu it vg cdd cop 
syrP go Bas eth «87 Chr 8ae P e et 7 » W0 diaerte ( ».x t*mv otav - o» av&QV- 
tto*, all ora* navtto) cat ox8 ° Ir^* 808 ... Gb Sz om cum df w lsvtaa 
al 100 fere vged ayr^ch a l Tertn»»w*' 15 Mac wo " | xax. ta ai»ra (Schu ut 
supra) cum h*bdkbxxii etc ... ff (Gb ut supra) xat. tavra cum k*ae 
hlmpsuvtaa al pier etc 


KATA AOTKAN 6, 34. t«9 

yoQ iftoiow tous xpevdonQoyTJraur oi noxious avtdw. 27 M ' 6 'A&a iffsT X-42 
vfuv Xeya tour axovowsvp' ay an ate tows ix&oova vpn* , xaXAs 
nomts tour fuaown* vudo, 28 evXoyme tows xutoQWfAtvows vuaa, 
fTQO(J€vX6(T&€ fnol tm 8mjQea£6rtcor vuda. 29 58 " 5 tqi tvntovti 
as etc tip aiayota noQty* xal rrjv aXhp* xal am tov cuQor- 
toa gov to ipa&op xal tbv %ttmva f»y xwXwrQG. 30 navtl 
altovrti <je didov, xal dab tov atoorroa tit aa ur/ anaitu, 
31 M,a xal xa&GHT &e)iete ha itowrnw vuiv oi av&Qoonot, xal Mt, » 12 
ifABus noiette avroia ououxhs. 32 55#a xal ei ay an die tows ay a- Mtlr**-** 
nvwtaa vpao~, noia ifuv %oqig iativ; xal yaQ oi afAaotojikol toya 
ayan&vtats avtovc ayancioip. 33 xal yao iat dya&oaoiTjis tows 
aya&onotovvtaa vuda, noia huh %o\qus iativ; xal oi auaotwlol 
to aitb nowvmv. 34 x«) iav davtar^ts nag' cw ihti^ste Xa(bfv, 

27. aXXa cum habdeklhprsuaxii al pi .. . g all cum hx etc 

28. xaraq. vpao cum HABDKMPRxrxn al 60 fere Or«»' °* w (ad 1 Co.) Eus 
prae654 ... f (_ GbSz) Ti xor, vpw c.ehxsuvaa al pi IustaP * 1 * 15 Or 
1,772 | jtQoaevxtGO'i cum habdlprxaaxh unc 7 al longe pi itP^r am 
fu al go syrP arm ...?(= Gb Sz) xa* KQoatvx. cum minusc viz mu 
ff*- vged eyr 8ch aeth Tert marc4 » lfl | mqi cum hblx ... g Ln virtoc. 
ADPRxrAAn unc 7 al certe pier Clem 807 Or 1 * 1 * 8 EusP« tl et a M w 

29. «*<r rrjr cum h*d Clem^et 807 (utroq loco accurate affertrw rvnTow* 
usq aUrjp) Or 1 » 7M bia e t 7 « ( u t Clem) ... g Ln Ti tm rtjv cum x«ab 
lrx unc rell al omn^W Bas©** 70 

SO. narty sine o*< cum kbrxbii 1. 131. 157. 300. al 10 fere b ff*' 1 syi*©h 
arm aeth (Barn 19 ex interpolation, h* enim om locum: Trorr* tw [ita 
hc, edd om] cut. <r« 6*i£ot', item Clem 588 ) ... e Ti add o*«, Ln [o*«] cum 
ADBHMPSUVxrAAi al pier a c e f g ** (q om totum versum) vg cop go 
syrP c* Baseth no | navtv 8 ; n6 ta) cum HB Barn 19 (ex edd ; w c qui 
verba /ravrt usq Mov supple t tw habet) . .. p ti add tw, Ln [tw] 
cum ADPBx unc rell al omn^ d Barn 19 (ex *c) Clem 588 et M4 Const 8 * *» 8 
Bas«*b87o Chr 11 * 882 

31. xa* vfiiHFi b a ff 3 ' 1 Irlntws om . \y CO p p 08 t ai'rowr pon. Hinc Ln 
[xa*. vpuo] 

33. xa* ya^ eav cum h*b ... 9 Ln Ti om yaQ cum N c AD(e* pro cav)LPxx 
unc rell al omn^d it vg etc | aya&onouyre cum HABKXXUVXxn al pi 
.. . Ti aya&onoKiTi cum DHMPsrAA 33. al mu | xa» sine yaq cum mba 
aeth ... f Ln Ti xa* yaQ c. adlprx unc rell al omn^ d (sed al pauc 
xa* ya$ xa*) itP 1 vg etc 

34. Savi~ c. hab*dlpra al aliq et hoc versu et seq, item primo et tertio 


280 6, 35. KATA AOHCAN 

nolo, ifuv x&QM ***** » *<*' apttQitohn aftaormlofo davfcovai* Zvol 
anokdfkwm ta "aa. 35 niqv ay an at 8 tows ix&QOva ipor xcu 
dya&oTtotehe xcu darters pqdtva dnekz%ovte<j ' xcu botcu 6 fu- 
o&bo vfuav nolvG, xcu ZasG&e viol inpurzov, on avtba ygrptoa 
Mt8,48 iativ «r* tows axaghtova xcu nowjQOWJ. 36 ybea&e oixtiQfMOv&f, 
Mt7, in xa&axj 6 nartjQ vumv oixtiofiow iativ. 37 M ' s xcu /joj xoivete, xcu 
ov fir; xoi&ijre' xcu fiq xatalkxaCetB , xou oi p^ xatadtxao&qte. 

loco e*z, item tertio tantum loco A .. . g Ln 6W««- c. b 8 e*hemsuvx 
to (bis et. A, 8emel et. e*x) al longe plu. Cf Steph. Thesaur. sub Sa- 
w£# | SavuTijt* cum hbx 157, item b f if 8 * g 1 **- 1 q vg Amb*° b w (pag. 
609) et e Tert°»* rc 4 » " ... g oW^iyre cum MUvrn al permu, item 
Gb" Ti davn&xi (Ti dav£.) cam adef w helpxaa al pi ; item a d | 
XafiHP cum hblx 237. Iust*P ol, ' w ... g Ln anokapur cum Adehkmps 
uvxtaa al longe pi | xcu sec sine yaQ c. hblx 157. cop (item nonne 
et b q) . . . g Ln add yo^ c. ADP(R yld )xrAAn unc 7 al omn fere itple* 
vg syr utr et tr etc | a/^a^oiAo* sine o* cum kabdelmprsuvtaaii(x?) 
al plu .. . «■ (Gb 00 ) praem o* cum hex al mu cop | dawtovow: vide 
ante ... g Ln davu^ovaiv 

35. dcty&tt .. . g Ln cWt&rt: vide ad v. 34 | nrjieva c. *xn* w c *n* 
(pleriq con la tores non attenderunt) item ( redden tes nemmU tpem 
prafcindentes) eyr utr et^r ar p persP (:: interpretes Syros fjrjdira le- 
gisse apparet; at quaeritur possitne fitjdfva plnraliter dictum esse, 
quod non inauditum est teste Steph. Thes.) . . . g Ln Ti ftijtiiv cum AB 
lbxfaad* unc 7 al pier. Latini : nihil detperantet vel similiter, item 
cop rell | an tin. c. hablbx unc 19 etc . . . Ti wpskn. c. dp al* | no- 
Iva : k*a al* c (item a 1 sax Amb tob in caelo) add w tout o v^nwomx, 
hinc Ln [tv rota ovq*.] \ vifnarov cum HABDLPxrAAxn unc 7 al plu . . . 
g (=Gb Ss) tou wp. c. m in use non ita mu Bas«*h *** 

36. yivec&i sine ovv cum hbdlx al 4 it 8 go cop arm aeth Clem M1 et 4W 
Ath^^Cyr 4 .** 7 ^* 81 al Tertian*, « Gyp 71 :: at in tali re patrum 
testimonia levi momento sunt; etsi passim etiam parti cul as eiua- 
modi fideliter servant, tamen saepius negligunt ... g (sed Gb 00 ) Ti 
add ovv cum APxrAAn unc 7 al pier f g 1 ** vg syr^etbr Orint f » *•* Bas 
eth«S8( :: C f Mt) | xct^wo^Clem* 88 Ath Chr «<r) sine xcu cum hblx 
1. 131. 268. c d cop aeth Clem ^et* 8 * Ath^^etM 18 Chr Tert»**c 
4 » " ... g Ti xa&toff (lust Or al ma) xou et Ln xa&. [xcu] cum ad(PP 
RXTAAn unc 7 al pier itP ler vg go syrutr e thr IusW^ett* 98 Or*t**et 
int i, i»* Qy r *,«17 et ssi Bas*th»w CypTl 

37. xcu ov ptj cum MBCEHKLMPSUVxrAxn al pier b ff *• g 1 * *' 1 q vg cop 
al Const*. M Bas ««» *ra Cyr *> *** . . . Ln tva ftrj (: : e Mt) cum ADA al 
pauc a c e f go aeth Tort 10 ** 6 *» 17 Cyp su Amb | xou fttj xarati. cum 


RATA AOTKAN 6, 42. 281 

anokwre, xat a7tohr&7J(j8a&s' 38 didore, xai do&tjaercu vfuv* ****** 
IiAtqov xaXbv nemea/itvov aeaalevfuvov vn8QBxjyvv6fM£vov doi- 
govgiv sia rov xohtov vfimv' (pvag uiroag /Mrgelrs avrtperoq- 
&qaercu ifuv. 39 57 * 5 ESnsv de xai xaQapoXtp avrota. ptjri Mt 15,14 
bvvatai rvqikba rvcpXbv bfojyeiv ; ov%l ajMporeooi eia fio&wov ip~ 
neaovvrat; 40 "* 8 owe iariv [ia&?jrijG wzeg rbv diddaxalov' YoiSii 
xartjQrtafuvoa di naa iarai <oa 6 d&daxaloa avrov. 41 M ' 5 ri ^/fif 
dh fiktiiaio rb xaqopoa rb iv rqp ogp#aAf«jE> rov adehpov aov f rip de 
doxvv Tip iv T(p «Ktp cxp&alficp ov xaravoela; 42 nma dvvaaat 
XtyBtv r<$ ddeXqxji aov' adekpe, ayea ixfidlco rb xa^cpoa rb iv rq> 
oq&alfuy gov, canoe rijv iv rqp oy&aXfuji aov doxov ov fiXenow; 
vnoxQira, exfiaXe no&rov rip doxbv ix rov oy&alftov aov, xai rote 
diafikityeia rb xdgcpoa rb iv ?cp oy&aXftf rov ddelqpov aov ixfta- 

Mt 7. 8- 

HBL8ZZ. tisch* al 18 fere ByrP BasW 804 ... f Lnom xou cum acdehkm 
puvaau al pier it vg cop syr" 8 * al Bas 8tn Cyr 4 * 481 Tertm*™ 

38. ntmiaptvov (h* ntmaaj*.) sine xou cum hb(d)l (1.) 69. (181.) a b c 
eff J ' g 1, lq cop arm aeth Cyr*d<> r188 Amb bis ; d etc <rtaaX. ante 
ntmtGft. pon, z etc om ato. ... g add xou cum acpxtaaii unc 7 al pier 
f gS-vid V g g 8vr p Clem 044 Cyr ^^"et**** 8 ! 788 | (Jtaaltvp. sine xou 
cum hbdlx 1. 60. 131. a b c e f ff* g 1 ' 1 q cop arm Clem 844 Or 1 * 2 * 

' Dial EusP 8 Cyr« dor ... g add xou cum acpxtaaii unc rell al pier vg 
go aeth 8yrP Tort™*™ Cyr» cn789 | v7i9Qtnxvv*optvov c. hAb*cde 2 lp 
suan 33. f*c* . # m f vrttQixywofntvov cum bH^wsmY^^htil al pier | w 
ycto (.uxqo) c. hbdlx 1." S3. 131. 209. c e cop item aetb Clem 478 Or 1 * 880 
0r lnt3,»4i EusP" 888 ... ; Ti f« ^ (13. al 8 it 4 arm Tert™*rc om) 
avrv (x al 5 om) /itrgw w cum ACPxrAAn unc 7 al pier itP^r V g g 
syrP arm Tertians 

39. St xou c. kbcdf^lbxx al 10 fere itP** r vg arm ... g om xcu c. APraAn 
unc 7 al pier cop go syrP | tfintaoxnrrou c. BDLFR^d 1. 13. 69. al 10 fere 
(13. 69. 346 ante ««r) a (incident, item d) .. . g ntoovrtou (cadent) 
cum HACxraAxn 33. al pier itpl« r vg : : ut Mt 

40. rov Matrx. sine chtov cum hbdlxz al plus 10 it vg Or 4 ' 484 Ir"* 881 
Tert" 1 " 04 ' 17 ... ff (Gb°) Ti add ax tov cum acptaah unc 7 al pier cop 
sy r utr arm go aeth Cyrl ac ^ 

42. 7ro»<r (Schu commendat propter loc. parall.) cum b e tfi- . . . h nma 
St j 251. g 1 * *• am em for ing perus tol sax xai- ttoio* ... fLmj *rwo- 
cum acdshkxmpsuvxtaa al omn fere itP 1 vged e tms8 aliq ( u t f u ) syr 
utr CO p g e tc | ixfiaXttv post r. a£. (rot/ cum b 13. 69. 124. 346. . . . 
L 1. post co xaqfoo ... g Ln post foafiityeuJ (:: at ita Mt lectione 
non fluct) cum HACDxraAn unc 7 al pier it vg cop go etc 


282 6, 43. KATA AW KAN 

M «ia, 6 w kfr. 43 fl05 Ov yaQ krziv oivfyov xaXbv novovv xaQnhv (Tcutqov, 
ovoi naXiv dwdoov aangbv noiovv xaonbv xalov. 44 exactor 
yog divdoov ix tov ibiov xaonov yivoioxetai' 61 * 5 ov ydg fif dxar&ayy 

Mti2,34 B avTHyovmv ovxa, aids ix fiatov orcupvtyir tovyoMw. 45 w ' 5 6 
dya&ba av&ownoa in tov dya&ov Vrpavoov tqo xaodiaa ttoo- 
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novtiQOv* ix yog neQic<jevfiaro<j xaodiao XaXet to atofia avtov- 

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efff J, g 8, q vg eyr«» go arm aeth Dial 881 :: ut Mt | «x t. novyoov 
(Gb") cum hbdlz 1. 69. 131. a ff 8 ' g 1, 1 am for tol copP« tr4 arm ... g 
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sine tov cum mabdehxsvxaazii al plus 80 ... g praem tov cum clm 
ur al plu Dial : : ut Mt | xaodtaa cum habdx al plus 10 . . . g praem 
rrja c. clxtaah unc 7 al pier Dial : : ut Mt | Xakt » (d«t xakt*) hoc 
loco c. ABDLxr AAzn unc 7 al pier syr atr go al ... Ln ad finem venue 
pon cum kc al pauc a b c f ff 8 ' g 1 ' 8 * 1 q vg cop Dial | avrov : cf w 
al 80 fere g 1 ' vg cop eyr"* aeth Dial om :: ut Mt; hinc Gb 00 

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al fere omn | n^oat^tv cum h*b*dl ... Ln nqoatoqij^tv cum h°ab 8 
cxrAAin unc 7 al certe pier | $hx to xaXoxr otxoon^<T^ai (b 8 83. 
-ptrt&at, item 1577*4) cum mblx 83. 167. cop syrpn* (aeth quia $u- 
pra petram aedificata /tot ac bene aedjficata fttit) ... g Ln tt&tfn- 
hatto yao tm tip nttoav cum ACDxr^An unc 7 al pier It vg go syr 


KATA AOrKAN 7, 6. 288 

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mveniase statuamus, quemadmodum idem d et d tuentur) aedificanti 
it Tg | 7tQoa*i>ri$iv (d oifVfQTjl.) cum b*dl ... g Ln TiQoafQQijZ. c. 
nab^citaaxii unc 7 al omn^ | iv&va cum kbcli 33. y 8cr al 10 fere 
... g Ln tv&foHt c. AEHSMBSUVxrAAn al pier ... Dacom : : ut Mt | 
avvtntavv (eoneidU bdelq tol) cum (Gb' et Schu commend) kbdlrx 
al 1B b e 1 q tol .. . g Ln tntotv (cecidit a c f ff ** g 1, •■ vg) cum Acxr 
AAn unc 7 al longe pi ItP" 8 vg : : ut Mt 

VII, 1. tntiSti (kx InclSfi) cam abc*xjt al 4 gat (cum) , item addito <?t k 
91. 239. (:: cf ad Mt 21, 46) ... g tnti Se cum hc 8 ehlmesuvtaax al 
pier e f g*' vg cop go (syr* ch et cum) syrP txt arm zoh ... d etc xtw 
tytvtro oxt \ xavctqvaov/n cum hbc*dxz etc ... g xamqvaovn cum 
AC^KHKLURBUvrAAn al pier q 

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ah unc 7 al pier; a copP etr4 naQixaliGav \ noQttf\ (Gb') cum habcd 
ehlbxaxh etc . . . g naqt$*b cum gkmsuvta al plu 

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r. out. cum ABOLBXPAAxn unc 8 al pier | tntpytv sine additam 
cum **B ... g Ln Ti add nooa axttov cum nacDLBxrAAn unc 8 al pier 
it vg ete, item A tn atnoy, 6P« avtt) | yiXova hoc loco cum hbcl 


234 7, 7. KATA A01 KAN 

ixatovtoQXtp keycw' xvqis, py oxv)Aov m oi yao ixavoa eifu ha 
inb tijv Gttytjv fwv euje%&u6 ' 7 did ovdi ifiavtov tj £iWa nooa ae 
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xal sQxerat, xal rep doiho fwv' noixjpov tovto, xal noiel. 9 axov- 
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jueiz/f NatVy xal awwoQSvovto avtco oi pa&rfVai aitov ixavol xal 

xx 38. 131. 157. c e cop aeth ... g Ln post o tuarort. cum adeohk 
MBSUVrAn al pier a b f 1 q vg syr utr arm go | matovro^x^ com bl 
1. (teste Wtst) 131. (: : cf ad Mt 8, 5. 8. 13. 27, 54. Lc 23, 47. In 
• actis vero tan turn non ubique -oc^/^ff scriptum , quamvis plerumque 
altera forma a multis invecta sit, cf 10, 1 et 22. 21, 32. 22, 26. 24, 
23. 27, 1. 6. 11. 31. 43.) ... g Ln Ti txatovtaQxotr c. macdrx one rell 
al pier ... v om o ixa*. \ Xtywv sine additam c. h* b q vg .. . g Ln Ti 
add avtoj cum kcabcdlb unc rell al pier itP ler etc; item 69. go nqoa 
avtov | hmw. tiin (Schu „rec. ap Mt 8, 8") cum kb b 1 q am for ing 
tol Syr 86 * ... g Ln **p. ixav. cum ACDEGBKLMRSUTxrAAxn etc | vno 
t. arty, pov c. abeghksuva An al plu (it vg etc) . . . 6b" pov vn. r. 
axiy. (: : ut Mt lectione tantum non fluct) cum NCDLMRxrx al 40 fere 
7. ici&tjro) cum bl . . . g Ln ta&i/orrat (: : ut Mt lectione non fluct) cum 
kacdb unc rell al omnvid 

9. ovSt cum HABCKLMBxrn al sat mu . . . d ovdtnott . . . efghsuvaa al 70 
fere ovte (Gb r et commend Schu) 

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fere a b c e cop syrbr aeth . . . g Ti o* ne/t9&. *kt t. o»xoy cum aceghm 
BsuvrAA al pier f ff Sa g a - I vg go syr utr arm | xov Sovkov cum kbl 1. 
157. 209. a b c e fP m g 1 * 1 q cop syrhr ... g Ti xov ao&tvowra dovA. 
c. ac(d omisso doi'A.)EFeHKMBSuvzrAAH al pier f g*-vid V g go syr utr 
arm aeth 

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arm aeth . . . H c ABEFGHLRUVirAA al 70 fere a b ff s * g la 1 q vg «■ toi 
*lf\<r (Gb" sed improb Schu) | tnoQiv&f\ cum hbr 13. 69. 346. . . . g 
Ln Ti tnoqivtro cum acdlxtaab unc 9 al pier; item ibat it vg. Prae- 
terea c-hJXA etc add o is | »xcm*o» cum AOBQHKMRSUVXTAAn al pier b 


KATA AOrKAN 7, 18. 285 

ovlocr nokva. 12 ws di ifflw& rjjj nvkq tip nolsaxTj xcu idov i£e- 
xofuCezo te&rtjTWHT fiovoyenja vibe vjj uipQi ctvtov, xcu curry np 
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veavhxe, aol leym, syeQ&yri. 15 xou dvexci&taev o vbxqog xcu 
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fuyaa ifr^ty «r rjutv, xcu ori m&xxnpato 6 &eba to? hx/bv ainov. 
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xcu flCUTQ r# ^«^x°W' 

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c q go syrP . . . hbdflx 130* r et l*t 157. aefff 4 " g 1, •■ 1 vg cop 8yr 8Ch 
et hr arm om ; hinc Gb° et Ln [utar.] 

12. Ti&njxaHj: a 54. c om, hinc Ln [tt&v.] \ povoyiv. vkht enm kblxx 
c Cyr 4 * 881 ... g Ln Ti v*. fiovoy. cum ACDEFGHKMBSUvrAAH al omn^ 
it (exc c) vg cop go svrr arm Baa 8 © 1 or 10 I xou avTf j ^ v (it a et. ff) 
cum hbc*L8vx 1. 33. al 18 fere it vg cop syr 8 <» etP m « et*»r arm ... g* 
(Wtst Gb Sz) Ti xcu oti>Ti? absque tjv cum AEFGHKMBUxrAAn al plu 
go syrP. Praeterea scripsimus avtrj (etiam g Ln) ut habent vn al, 
item et haec itP ler vg ctfp ; Ti avrq ut m al pin item , quod pro usu 
horum edd non differt, avxrj EFQHKSrA al mu | r\v avv avtrj (et f e Gb 
Sz) c. hblz 33. 69. 124. al viz mu (d cum ea erat) cop arm aeth syr nr 
... g Gb" Ti aw »vtij sine tjv cum acefghkmrsuvtaaii al plu UP!®* 
vg go syr 11 *' . . . D** <JvvtX7jXx>&i> avri], e consequebatur Mam ... x om 
ipr avv ainij 

13. in avrti* cum HKBUxrn 13. 69. 346. al 80 fere Bas«l o' 10 b (ubl accu- 
ratius ipsum textum affert), item tuper earn itP ler vg ... c Ln Ti in 
ainrj cum abcdlaa unc 7 al plu Bas 8eI (ibidem, sed liberius), item f 
am tol super ea (a d ei) 

16. anavTM cum HACFLBrx al mu .. . Gb Sz navxaa cum bdeghkmsuv 
xaah al plus 100 I riyi<)4hj cum habclx (d i^firtq&ij) 1. 13. 88. 118. 
131. ... g Ti lytjyiQTcu cum EFOHXHBSUYxrAAn al pier :: cf ad 9, 7 
Mc 6, 14; lytjyiqteu non fluct Mt 11, 11 

1 7. m$t avrov hoc loco cum h»abcdr etc : flz 83. b c g la aeth post 
7r«£trw0fti . . . M*fP* 1 om | xcu naffyj cum H*et*BFLx 1. 88. b c 1 am fu 
for ing . . . g Ti xcu ev xchttj, Ln x. [tv] ncus. cum ADKGHKMRStrvTAAn 
al pier a f q vg 

18. i*K*nm (b* -am) cum hab* ... g Ln nuavrrj (b 8 -ot^, B -«7*) cum 
B 8 LBXTAAn unc 8 al omnvtd : : cf v. 22, item Mt 11, 4 Act 8, 4 Apoc 1, 1 


236 7, 19. KATA AOlfKAN 

narrow tovtow. 19 xa* nQooxcdeGapwocr dvo rwous tw fjutihiT&v 

De« 18, 15 OVTOV 6 'IoidwtjG $9ltfA1p8P TZQCG fW XVQtOV XsyOiV' OV si 6 iq%6fM8" 

poff, 7 aXkov n(wodow»pev ; 20 natQaytviiuvoi tii ngba avtbr ol 
avdgecr ehrav' 'Iadwyo b paTZTurrrjo dmataXxev tjf*d<j nQoa as 
Xe'yaHf' ov d 6 igxipevoa, ij SXkov 7tQOcdoxo3fiep ; 21 «V ht*irq rjj 
toga i&SQanevGBv noXXoixj anb vdctav xal /uacrtiyow xal nvwpuk- 
taw novtjQcw, xal rwpkoia noTJuolo irfOQUswto (Hmetv, 22 xal dito* 
XQi&elo cfaev avroia' nogev&evrea dnayyeiXats 'Icadwa a eiders 

st 38, si xai tjxovGcne, on twpkoi dvafikmovaw, %w}jo\ neQuratovmr, Xengol 
xa&aQiXovrou, xoaqxn dxovovmv, vexQol eyeigovrcu, itmxcl evayye- 
XiCorrcu ' 23 xal fuaiaQioa iortv oa iav ^ Gxafdaha&ij h ifwi. 

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tovo oyhnm tebqI 'Imdvvov ' xi i^eltjXv&ate eta rqt> sqtjpov fadoa- 

19. nvotov cum blbx 13. 33. al pane a ff*- g 1 * am fu tol arm aeth cat<>* 
67 . . . f Ln irTjaovv cum maxtaaii unc 9 al pier b c f g 9>v,d I q vg cop 
syrutr (syr br domin. Iemtn) go Cyr luct08 | a>Uov cum ADrAAn unc 9 1. 
al plu Or 1 ** 96 ... kblbxx 33. al plus 15 catoxMCyrluc^et^et 910 t*t- 
qov :: at Mt lection e non fluct 

20. una* enm mbdlx ... g etnov cum axfaah unc 9 al omn^ | avUov 
cum eisdem quos v. 19 diximus et b, Cyr* bMtt56a ... hdlxx (sunt 
iidem atque v. 19 nisi quod d est proB; b v*ero a ngo(rSoxo)^v priore 
ad alterum transiluit) 1. 33. al 10 fere treoov :: vide ad v. 19 

21. tnnvi] cum hbl 1. 13. 69. 157. y« c * al 6 fere c e q cop Cyr**" Bas 
3 el ors4 . . . ? L n avrrj (ipsa : : quod significantius vdbtur) cum ADRxr 
AAxn unc 9 33. al pier a b f ff 9 * g 1, 9 * 1 vg syr^'eth' arm go | ti; sine 
8e cum kblx 1. 33. al 5 a b c ff 9 ' 1 cop Cyr act51 ... g tit xtj cum ADBrA 
Ain unc 9 al pier e f g 1 * 9 " q vg go syr utr arm | woa cum * c ABDRxr 
AAxn al fere omn ito°»n V g syrr cop go arm aeth Bas 8e orM . . . h*l 69. 
Cyr** 81 rj/iega \ pkimnr (GV) cum **ABDEGHKiiBSVxrAxn al 50 fere 
... g to fiXtmnv cum k»flua 1. 33. 124. al permu^W Bas" Cyr** 

22. ncu ano*ip&. sine additam (Gb") cum xbdx tisch 157. a b e ff 9 ' g 1 * 
g»Tid i V g cop arm Cyr*ctsi ... g add o IS, Ln [o is] cum albxtaad 
unc 9 al fere omn c f q go syr utr syr ttr (domin. Ietus) aeth : : ut Mt | 
naawa (b -av«) cum hab*l ... g Ln tvnvri] (d -any) cum b 8 dbxtaa 
xn unc 9 (s -mjp) al omn vid | or* cum adbtaad unc 9 al pier e f g 1 ' 
g2-vid Y g g 8 yrr ... Ln om (:: ut Mt) cum hblxx 1. al plus 1S a b c 
ff * 1 q Or*» 5 " Cyr»bacu5ss Bas««l Amblw igai»i ( Gall 7 y 

24. 7too ff tow (x* om) ojfXoiff cum mcabklmsuxih al pi it vg go etc . .. 
K*DBPflHVrAA al 80 fere cop tot* oxXoio (Gb' improbante Scbu ::est 


KATA AOTKAN 7, 32. 887 

<T&cu; xdhxftop wtb avipov aalsvopavov ; 25 ilka ti i^eXqXif&ate 
ifctv; av&Qmnov iv (udaxota ifAavtoia ijiMjwopevov ; idoit oi iv 
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enim e Mt) | g£tXrjXv&a*e cam efghmsuvxtaa 33. al plu ... Gb" Ln 
ttyX&att cum habdlz al pauc, item eh al 80 fere iSrjX&tTt :: dubium 
esse nequit quid aoristnm ex Mt invexerint et hoc versa et sqq. In 
Mt perfectum, quod adamat Lc, non intalit nisi v ter, a semel 

25. tEeXyXv&art cam bfhsuvxtaa al plu . . . Gb" Ln etyX&axt com ha 
bdlx al, item men al 80 fere ttyX&m : : vide ad v. 24 

26. tStXyXv&are cum AEF.GHKMStjvxrAAii 33. al plu . . . Gb" Ln ttyX- 
/hnt c. hbdlx al pauc, al mu tfyX&trt : : vide ad v. 24 

27. tfov sine tyu (prob Schu) cum hbdlx al 8 it vg cop arm Epiphnwc 

SIS et 825 X e rtm*W<, Wcdd ... f rf. (yd) cum AEGHKMBUVXrAAn 33. al 

pier go syrotr a eth Tert«narc<, i«ed : : cf ad Mc 1, 2 

28. Jl*yw c. bx 33. y BCr al 8 cop syr TC h . . . hlx etc a/*ijv Xtyo) : : ut Mt ; 
g Ln Ti Xiy. yaq cum aeghxmsuvtaaii etc; D etc Xty. St \ nqoipTj- 
tt[<r cum A(D)EGH8urrAA al plu f g 1,8, q vg go syr 8 ** et P *« arm 
Clem 1M Amblno 1886 . . . Gb* Ln om c. HBKLMXxn al* 6 fere a b c e fP" 
1 cop syrP»*et^ aeth Or (*» m et » tt et a » *») :: at omninb ex Mt 
fluxisse vdtr omissio , apud quern nemo n^otpfjxrja add | wavvov (bd 
-aroV) absque additam (Gb') cum hblx 1. 131. 157. al pauc cop syr 
«od et syrh' arm Or*. 1M (vdtr etiam Tertm*™*» w ) . .. f Ln add row 
(a om) PaurtKnov cum A(D)EGHKM8UvxrAAn al pier it vg go syr»ch 
etP aeth Or*» SM et*» 4flB :: at ita Mt lectione non fluctuante 

31. rtvt ovv (p w etc om ovr, h habet di) cam HABDBF w OHKLM8UVXrAAn 
al 160 fere a b c e flf*' g 9 ' 1 q am for fu em barl iac ing gat mm mt pe- 
rns tol sax go cop syr*** arm aeth ... g (= Gb Sz) praem ttm & o 
xvqiroa cam minasc iisque ut vdtr pauc f g 1 ' vg° le pers w 



xa&tfttiiKHO xal TiQOGqxDvovGiP aXkrjlouj Myorteo ' yvltjaapsp vpir 
xal ovx dQXfjGaa&e, i&Qtptjffctyiev xcu ovx exXavcrate. 33 iXq- 
Xv&ev yaQ 'Imdvwp 6 fyanxiortp juj. fo&uov oqjov (johM nivtav 
olvov, xal XiyetB • dauririov hu. 34 eXJjXv&ev 6 vibe tov av&gm- 
nov bgvuov xai mvmv, xcu Xeyete ioov av&Qomoa yayoa xcu owo- 
notrja 9 yiXoa tsXcwoh xal afJUunmXwif. 35 xai idixauo&tj ^ <roqw'a 
anb tmv tixpcav avtija Bartow. 

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avrov* xal si<jaX&a>v eia tov olxor tov tyaourawv xmexXt&rj. 
37 xal idov ywi] jftio tjv iv tjj noXei apaotcahoG, xal miyvovaa 

32. Xtyovrta (: : qua e scriptura explicandae sunt eeterae omnes) cum 
dl 13. 69. 124. 346. ff a * q 1 b e a copj similiter «°x 157. Xtyorta . . . 
k*b 1. a Ae/fft, a 262. oi Xtyovatv ... g Ln xcu, Xtyovatv cum apxtaii 
nnc 8 al pier item c d f g 1 * J * vg go syr^tr | tS-Qfjvrur. absque v/itv c. 
hbdlx 13. 346. y«cr* c e g 1 ' *' 1 vg cop arm Amb» no1385 ... s Ln Ti 
add vftw cum ABGHKMPSBVxrAAn al pier a b f ff *' q go syr utr aeth 
BasP"" 8 

33. fitj cum mbz 157. et fiffSe cum m 157, item f Oros XM (Gall 9) ... ? 
Ln Ti ftfjtt et pijTt cum adlpxtaaii unc 8 (t*ijtt secundum etiam bx) 
al fere omn itP ler vg etc (: : at prjte fiijtt Mt lectione non fluct) | f<r- 
&kuv et hoc versu et seq cum malpx unc rell (versu seq et. b) al 
omn vid ... Ln Ti ta&otv hoc versu cum bd , Ti etiam versu seq cam 
d (:: eadem forma He 1, 6 ex hbla 33; 12, 40 xarta&omo b solas 
tuetur) | aqxov post ic&. et oivov post mv. cum hblx 157. f g u •' 
vg syr 8cb cop ... g ayr. ante tad: et ow. ante n*v. -cum APxrAAn 
unc 8 al fere omn go syrP ... D al 6 it 7 arm aeth om (: : ut Mt) of- 
tov et oo»ov, item syr cu 

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g (s= Gb 8z) post xiXw. (:: ut Mt) cum hx al non ita mu 

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cum ABOHKPBDvrAAxn 33. al plu cop go syrP . . . Ln Ti 8Tn °P c ante 
twv cum bb 69. 124. 157. 346. it vg (at hoc est fere ex usu Lati- 
norum) syH ch . . . h«dp w lmx al 80 syr cu arm om plane (hinc Gb° : : ut 
Mt) | Ttxviov: h toywp (:: id quod in Mt recepimus). Quod idem de 
Graecis testatur Ambl« cW85 . 

36. tov outov cum hbdlx al 8 Epiphmwcaia et aw Amphil 477 . . . f tip o»- 
*ia* (: : quae forma versu seq non fluct) cum APxrAAn unc 8 al pier | 
xarri*Xi,&rj cum hobdlxx 1. 33. 131. Epiph»» rc blB , item h* xcntutiro 
... f avtnik&ij cum APraAn unc 8 al pier Amphil 477 

37. fjrta tp hoc loco cum kblx c f ff* g 1 - g«-vld i V g cat * 80 Amb 1118 1388 


KATA A01TKAN 7, 43. 889 

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fwgov 38 xal otaoa onusto naoa rove nodao avtov xXaiovoa 
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rani] if ywij tjtta antetai avtov, oti dfAaottoloc iow. 40 xal 
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ovv avtm nXttov ayanrjan avtov; 43 anoxQu&sus JZifioov 

et«PP W7 , similiter al 7 cop al ... g post tv xrj noXt$ cum apxtaah 
unc 8 al pier a b e q go syrP Amphil 478 cat° z61 . . . d aeth om | x<u 
ante tmyv. cum habpmpsvxaii al plus 60 cop go syr*** ... < f om cum 
deghklufa al plu it vg syr™ et hr arm aeth | uaxaxt »tcm c. habd 
lxax 33. ... g avaxtfrra* c. EGHRMpsuvrAn al pier 
38. onuTO) post axaaa cum mbdlx* 1. 33. al 1B fere itPl«>* (q Amphil om) 
▼g cop syren et ich et ** arm aeth Or***** *" Ambepp *>* ... ^ (= Gb 
Sz) post itao. r. nod. avt. cum abfghkmpsuvpaix al longe plu go 
syrP | tour daxqvatv ante 170& Pq*x- ( d */fy«W cum HBDL 33. it v$ 
syrcnethr arm Orta"» An ... ? Ti post tova no$. avtov cum APxraAn 
unc 9 al fere omn go cop syrP aeth Amphil 400 | tStftativ cum h*adlx 
33. 106. 157. cop ... ? Ln Ti c$tftao<riv (sed b*h*ah* al aiiq -paatv) 
cum KCflprAAn unc 9 al pier itPle* vg syrr°n»» Or**t 

40. e>J7<fir post <M. **7r« c. hbilx 1. 131. ... g Ln post o <fo pon cum px 
TAAn unc 9 al pier it vg go syrP; item ad al 9 cop aeth *<p*j 

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ZQH»9- cum L*u al plu vid | davusxrj cum mab*dilpaax al ... g Ln 
ddvnexrj cum B^FQHKMBUxn al plu 

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*»8« Amphil 484 al ... g add <fc cum NAixrdAn unc 9 al pier b f g 1 * q 
go cop syrP arm aeth Amb*o*> eie . n em c e 8vr cu et 8Ch et hr et cum 
non haberent \ nluov (d nktov, p z» cr nltiova, et d etc post avtov 
pon , habent enim avtov nXi. ay cut tj a.) non praegresso **nt cum mb 
dul 1. 116. 131. 167. it vg cop syrcaet««& aeth ... g (Gb°) Ti praem 
ant (sed a tn*, unde fit tm nltov) cum AEFORiKXPSUVxraAn al pier 
go syrP (addito c* /uo>) \ ayanfiaf avtov cum mbflxx 33. 157. ... 
g Ti avtov ay an. cum aeghikmpbtjvaii al pier f tol go . . . rA etc om 


240 7, 44 KATA A01KAN 

efoev ' vnokapfiavn Sri <p %b nXetov ixaQiaato. 6 de ehev avtqj ' 
oq&omj ixQwaa. 44 xou atQwpeianQob iqv ywaixa To)£q*ttm iqtrf 
fitinw iwjtrp tip ywcuvux,; eiaijX&w gov eta tip olxiar, vdotQ 
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id&xw ' mnti di wp i\g efoijl&ov ov di&ewKv xarcupiXovad fiov 
xova aodaa. 46 ikaup tip xeqxxXqv pov ovx yXsixpaa' avttj di 
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dyi&iat, olivov cqouta. 48 elnw di avtjj ' cupe'wtcu gov cu apaQ- 
ticu. 49 h#i quarto oi GvpavaxsipevQi Xeyew & savrola' t!a ovroa 

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ann etc ... s catomq. tit o *i/t. t Ln anong, [£{] o <r*fi, com kabfghkl* 
mpbuvxtaaii al pier if q go syrP et 1 * Ampbil 485 ... i etc o tit ai- 
ftmp | GtfioMr aine articulo cum HBLrx . .. 5 Ln Ti o a*fi. cum ADPXra 
ah unc rell al omn^ d 

44. pov f 7T* rove notion cum klx cop (meis pedSbus) ; item x 33. cat * 
69 po* «»* towf uotf., item Ti po* ijtt notion cum b, mtJii ad pedes e, 
d tm nod. |MO#, «n pedibus wuhi a ff a ' g 1, q , mihi in pedes meos go, syr 
at rotfti pedibus wets ... f Ln «»* rove (i* 131. om) notion pov cum ai 
pr^An unc 9 al pier b c f g a# vg aeth Amphil 485 | &(>iSw absque addi- 
tarn cum mabdiklpxzii al 35 fere it vg go cop syr* cll et Pet**' arm aeth 
...?(= G-b 8z) add %r\<s Kttpctitjo cum efghmsuvfaa al plu syr cu 

45. trtql&ov (et. b c f 1 q vg syr^etP »8 & go arm aeth Ambl* " 88 ) : 
l* al plus* a e ff*' g 1# 8 * vg cop Sjrr^'etP tart gyrhr Amphil* 85 Aug 
sermM (ingressa est) tuJtjX&ev (GV) | tiultmtv cum KABiQKLMB s XAAxn 
al mu Amphil 48S . . . g Ln Ti SuXin* cum BDFHP3*ur al plu | fiov 
tova notion cum habdilxtaaxii unc 9 al fere omn; d (ntihi pedes) Am- 
phil 48B . . . Ln t. noti. ftov cum p al pane, item (quod in hac re vix 
probat) it vg etc 

46. fiov rove noti. cum hkhsxaaii al sat mu . . . Ln Ti xova noti. fiov 
cum ABEFOHLPCvrz al plu ... di al pauc it mu al plane om 

47. Gb Sz ov x*o*# Xtyw <ro»' | ctvtfja a* afiaqtwu o* (k 69. om) noXXou 
cum hapkd 69. al aliq Clem 905 Amphil 480 ; item a b c e f g 1 ' vg Or 
int«,i9i Ambplerumq ; item P syrro""* arm ovtij a* a^a^r. avri/tr a* 

ttoaA.: hino Ln aunj cu afiaqr. ou nroXAa* y Ti at a/iaQt. avxr\(J 

vu noXX. c. BBQBZLMSUVxrAAX al longe plu q go cop Baa^W 471 . . . o 
ff s * 1 avrij noXXa 

49. ovTOtf ww cum hablxtaaq unc 9 al pier go etc ... Ln tet. ovx. (:: 
ut 5, 21 lectione non fluct) cum dp etc it vg cop 


RATA A01TKAN 8, 9. Ml 

km* , oa xal aucqkiaa dcpiijow ; 50 rf*rw &l noba tip yvratxa * 
ij niatto o*ov er«r«w«!r <re, 7tOQ&vov th eiorprp. 


1 7 ** 10 Aou tyerero fV «p xa&8£ij<s xal avtba duodever xata 
nil* xal xdfap xrtfiao&p xal evayvcXiCopepoc tip (taciXst'av tov 
faov, xal o* dddexa gvp amp, 2 xcu ywaZxio twto at ixsav te&e- 
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xoilai, oufcww dtqxipow avtoto at wv vnao%6yiow avtaia. ve i»', 41 

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noQevopercw nova avtov ehuv Ikd nagapolija' 5 i^X&av <snu- e4v l ~ 9 
par tov onuQw tov tmooov avtov. xal iv fcjj onetQSw ovtbv 
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ovgawov xatApayev avto ' 6 xal iteoov xaten&rev inl tip ntkoav, 
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avto ' 8 xal Szeoov ene<rev tic tip yip tip aya&rp, xal qwhv moi- 
r t aev xaQnbv ixatovtanhtaiova. tavra Isyoov iymvei' 6 e%w 
iota dxoveiv axovitw. 0r 

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VIII, 3. avroia (Gb'Sz) c. BDBPGHKStrrrAA al°°fere cefff^g 1, am for 
iac em gat san al (ap Lcam Brug.j sax go 8yr cu et 8ch etP m K Aug . . . 
<; Ln airro) cum HALMxn 1. 33. a) sat mu a b 1 q ygele e tm« »Uq C op 
eyrP *« arm aeth Tert™*"*' » | «x (Oh") cum habdkui 1. 69. 124. 
aI M Or (it vg de) ... g cum e 8 (* om ano x. vn* «.)FOflV8VvxrAA 
al longe plu 

5. avtov ig aiVov) cum hbdefgRKLCXah al plu .. . Ti tat tov c. AMBTrA 
al*° fere 

6. *ctTt7TfO*v cum blrz ... g Ln tntafv (:: ut 11. pp. lectione non duet) 
cum HADXTAAn unc 9 al omn'W 

7. ovpy. cum madl ... q Ln Ti avfup. cum BPrAA unc rell al certe 
pleriq ... xn al pane tpvttoat, 

S. *kt cum »«ABP w LBxrAAxn unc 8 al pier b e f ff** g 1, a * 1 q vg . . . 5- (= 

6b 6s) </r» (:: ef Ht) eum x> al non ita mu, item super a c d 
9. tmt (d praem ro) sine Aexovrtff cum hbolbx 1. 33. 157. 346. itPl« r 
TiscnsivnoKF, N. T. Edit. 8. crltica minor. 16 


*42 8, 10. KATA AOlTltAN 

Qa^oXtj. 10 6 di ebiev' vfuv dedotai yvowai ta fWGttjQta tya 

(laatXeiaa tov &cov, T7al tola di Xotnoio iv naoafohua, ha jfiii- 

B«a,» nortea prj fiX&nnaiv xal axovovteo (*n owimcriv. 11 78, * Iffttv 

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Mo4,w-» naga xrp odov efoiv oi axovaavt&j , eha e^%6tou 6 diafioXoa xal 

cupel tov loyov anb tija xaodiaa avrdov, ha py mctewravtea gcj- 

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nkoirtov xal ijdovolv tov fiiov TzoQevopsvoi awnvlyovtai xal oi 

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dia xaXtj xal ayad^ axovcavtw tov Xoyov xatiypwnv xal xaono- 

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avtov axevei ij vnoxatto xXivtja ti&fjtnv, akk mi wyvutxs ti&tpiv, 

Mt 5, 16 

mc4,m iva oi 8i(jfioQ8vouevoi BXmoooiv to <poxr. 17 ov yog tativ 
xottfrroy o ov (pavsoov yevyaerai, ovde anoxovyov o ov m yvmr&u 
mc4,'mm xal but yavsQOv &&rj. 18 81 * 5 fiXtnvzB ovv n&a dxoiete' off 


vg cop gyr^et'ch arm Oi* nt, » 885 . . . s (Gb°prob Schu) proem X*yov- 
xia cum axtaah unc 8 al pier f q go syrP et hr aeth | rur avTfj t*ij f[ 
(b om) naQaftoXTj cum hb 33., item c«r en; civvy ij nag. 1. 131. 209. 
a b if** g 1<a * I Tg Or* 1 **, item omisso twy lz; similiter f q . .. ? Ln 
Ti r*<r <mj tf nag. avty cum adxaah unc 8 al pier; item e c; var Rr 

12. o* axovactrtfo cum hblui al 6 ... ff Ln Ti o* axot'orrctr cum aeoek 
MBSTxrAAn al pier, item qui audumt it vg etc . .. d oi axoAov^oiry. 

13. *?r* tjt» Tztrqav c. k*df w x 48® t Or 1 * 108 («a«a it row jlovk.) . . . g Ln 
Ti t*r* T170 ntrqaa cum K°ABLRTAAn unc rell al pier Bas eth88S 

14. <Ti*r7tv*y. cum habdeba etc ... f Ln av^nv. cum ghklmbuxtau etc 

16. tm Xvxvhw cum abefobxsvtaai al plu Bas etM6 ° ... mdkmuxq al 80 
fere em rijv (u al om) Xvxvt&y :: ut 11, 33 et Mt et Mc | zt&ijOH' sec 
(d tp&t) cum »b(d)flaz al 18 Bas«tlxcod .. . g t7tt**&ijotv cum abfgh 
KMSuvxrdn al longe plu Bas 8 *** 260 * 1 * 

17. o ov (itf (l super lineam) yvtoath; c. kblx 33. Cyr** ' 1 *^ 4 ' 284 , item 
d 157. aXXa (157. «t m 1 ?) *»*« yvonr&ij ... ^ Ti o ov (p add ^) yrw- 
<r^<rcra« cum AxrAAn unc 8 al pier 

18. oy y«(> cum mblx 157. ... c Ln ya{> cur cum dksuxah al ma, Ti yaq 
tew cum aefohmvta etc | off 9v cum HABDKLxn al mu . . . Ln (ex er- 
rore) Ti 00 ear cum efgrmsuyxtaa al plu 


KATA A01TKAN 8, 25. 248 

op yao exV> to&faetai avtop, xai oa av fit) eyr}, xai o doxet i%ew 
oQ&rjaerou in avtov. 1B _ tl 

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yol avtov, xai ovx ijbvvavto awtv%elv ovrcp b\a tov o%k». 20 dn- 
ffl&q de avtop qgt tj pyrijQ gov xai oi adskpoi gov iatjjxaaiv «$» 
ifatr <re &ikorteo. 21 6 di anoxQt&ela eJnev noba avtova' prpw 
fiov xai adekf<oi pov ovtoi eiatv ol tot loyov tov &eov axovovtea 
*al naovrtea. 

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nijuibp xai oi fiadytal avtov, xai elnev noba avtova* dufldwpar 
tia to niqav xr\<s kiftvtja' xai dvyxdyaav. 23 nleovtwv di avtm 
iqvmnooev ' xai xatefty katXaty ave'pov eta tip Upnp, xai awe- 
nhjQOvrto xai ixtvbvvevov. 24 nooaeX&ovtea de dtjjyetoav avtov 
leyortee ' sntatdta intatata, anolXifte&a. 6 di dteyeo&ela inert- 
faper to} ave'fup xai top xXvdam tov vdatoa ' xai inavaavto , xai 
iyiveto yakrpri. 25 elnev de avtoSa* nov y niatta vfuov ; qtofa- 

M 1 8. 16 

19. naptytvito cum bdx 50. 71. cop ... q Ln Ti naotytvorro cam halt 
aaxh nnc 9 al pier it vg etc | i\ pip. avtov c. md al 11 c e (sed c« cr c 
e om avtov post adiXyot,) cop ayrou e tscliet ,ir aeth Epiph m * rc8M et 
m ...f LnTi om avrov cam ABLxrAAxn anc 9 al pier itPl* r vg syrP 
etc | sokutah al ma tdvvavt. 

20. <nvt\yy. St cam hbdlxz al 5 itpl cop . . . q Ti xa* an. cam ArAAn anc 9 
al pier e f g 8 * ▼** vg go syr«™ et tttr et *« arm aeth Bas«*h*M | avt w 
tine additam cam kbdlaz al 6 it vg go cop syr«*et BOh et br aeth ... q 
Ti add Xtyortuv cam AxrAn anc 9 al pier syrP arm Baa°thS66 | oxt , 
earn mdlx al 9 it cop (ex osa linguae) syrP ethr g Baa r *g*" 9 ... q Ln 
Ti om cam ABrAAxn anc 9 al pier vg (gat eeee) syr«™et iC h arm aeth 

21. nooa ovtovo*: Ln (ex errore) axnoia cam d 127. 7P« c e Bas ethM5 | 
nowwTia sine avtov cam kabdlaxd al plus 90 it vg go syrP arm aeth 
Ba8«th»«etf«M* 79 Tit ** ox«i %# . g (= Gb) add avtov c. efgh*kmsu 
V*xta al plu cop syr«u e t««hethr Cyrlic«o. q 

22. tytvtx. St cam habdklmttii al plus 10 it vg go cop syr« cJ >etP . .. e 
xa* tytv. cam EFOHSVxrAA al plu syr cu arm aeth 

24. 3#rtQ&t«r cum kbl 13. 33. 106. 124. Cyractci... f Ln tytofaia cum 
ADxrAAn one 9 al pier Epiph m * rc818 et aa6 | kcu inavaarto cum abd 
KLMSUYXTAAn etc (et. q) : mbfoh al 90 fere c f ff ** g 1, a ' 1 vg copP etr4 * 
srr p mg Cyr** 161 *a* tnavoato ... a b e syr** om 

25. nov sine f©~f «» (Gb') cum hAblx 1. al 18 fere aeth ... q Ln add tati>v 



244 8, 26. KATA AOITKAN 

^ww di B&avfAcujav , IsyovtEG TtQoo dXXtjkotxy' tie aoa <nnoc 
istw , oil xcu tola ave'fUHG imtaaaet xal tap vdatt, xal vnaxovov* 
aw avtqj; 
m<hs"£» 26 Kal xat&ilewrav eia trjv xmoar tmv reoyeffipow, ytia Scrip 
M,8,M " M avtimqa tya raXiXaiaa. 27 i^eX&oPti di airqp im rtjr yr ( v 
vTtrjmjaep olptjq tia ix ttja fr6Xe<xxj fyovp dcofjufna, xal %q6p<$ 
ixap<p ovx fredwrato ijuorcor, xal it otxt'a ovx iptevev cUX iv 
tola ywtftiaaw* 28 idmv di tov 'Jyaovr, avaxQO&aa rtowr- 
measp atmp xal gwrg fiiyalfl tint*' ti spot xal col, 'lyaov vie 
tov &8ov tov inpfotov ; deo/juu oov, pi] fie (iaeapiorjG. 29 naQtflyEk- 

cum DrAAn unc 9 al pier (item it vg etc) | xcu vnaxov. out*) (v ai» 
tov) cum MABLBxriAxn unc 9 al omn vM etc: b om (:: poterat in Lo 
abundans videri; alitor Mt et Mc) 

26. ytqywrpwf c. hlii (et o^p ex versa 87) 1. 83. 118. 181. 157. 251. 
cop syr 1 ** arm aeth arr Cyr*«* 61 . Cf Epiph 86 ! 88 ... Go' Ln Ti yf$<*~ 
arjvtov cum b (c**id ex v. 37) d it vg (eodem modo Latt ap Mt Mc Lc 
hoc nomen exhibeot) (sah^d ex v. 37) syrP m B . . . g yaSa^ivwr cum 
▲Br aajx unc 9 carp«^ al pier go syr CQ et 8ch et P **t | ctmatqa (Gb") 
cum HABDKPGHKRUVXTAAzn al plu ... g avxtmqav cum L al muvid; 
item us al plus 10 moav (:: cf U. pp.) 

27. vnr\vxi\<siv (r al pauc antjvr., d praem xcu) sine ai*u o. hbex al 10 
fere Ps-Ath'' •«.. . «■ Ln Ti add at** (:: cf Mt et Mc) c. ADLBXTdAH 
unc 8 al pier | €*•>* cum KB 157. cop (quorum gunt) ... g LnTi o<r «*- 
/<y ( : : quae lectio cum ea mutatione textus cohaerere vdtr ex qua ix 
XQov. kxavwv xcu scriptum est; Mc oa **%w nexu paullo diverso) cum 
ADLBxr4Axn unc al fere omn (itP ler vg qui habebat, e qui habuit, etc) 
Ps-Ath** 878 | xa* xyoins) txapto cum mbul al 4 cop syrP m *et hr arm 
aeth ... g Ln Ti tx x? 0VQ >* *>xcwtav xcu cum K<*(cb rursus ut*)ABxr 
AAn unc 9 al pier it vg go 8yr* a et ich et Ptxt . .. D a7l0 xqovo)* utavwv 
off | ovx eviSixraro ifianov cum n*et° D BLx 1. 33. 131. 157. cop syr 
pmg aeth go . .. g Ln Ti t-fiar^ov ovx rvtSdvaxtto cum H c *ADBXrAAn 
unc 9 al pier it vg syrr arm 

28. a*axpa£our sine *a* c. hblxx (item d) al 5 it vg cop syr^et 8 * 5 * et 
hr aeth; d awixqaltv (o missis nooat7nat¥ outw xa*, sed d&t 8 post 
e>ai. fity. pergit xcu t*ntv) . . . g Ti xcu owaic^a^cHr (r x^a^aer) cum art 
aaji unc 9 al pier go syrP arm | irjaov (: : item Mc pauc is omittentibus ; 
deest Mt, sed plu add) cum habclxtaaxii unc 9 al pier itP*« r vg go 
syr«* et «ch etPet^r arm aeth Cjt^^^ et •■* ox m . . . DR ^u e (ygeod 
teste Gb) cop om, hinc Gb° :: ut Mt | tov &iov: Dxl. al 8 g 1 ' 1 (vg«od 
teste Gb) om, hinc Gb° 


KATA AOTKAN 8, 33. «45 

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fioUoui yaQ xqopom <svnjQ7idx& avrov, xcu tdaapsvero ilvaeaiv xox 
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toia eia £x£u>ova eiael&w. xal mhfptyir avtoia. 33 QsX&ovta 

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itpter V g syrc^eta^ethrj item d e thytv (:: e Mco) ... g« Gb Sz 
xafffyfidi com bfhax *9. al pier | dkefuveco cum mblxx 33. ... g 
Ln Ti «dco>wo cum ACDBriAn nnc 9 al pier | dfro^ovw cum ab* 
cbua al mn item d c e o'taoif*"* • ■ • f Jwfftf we** cam *B 8 i.xrAxn 
unc 8 al pier | w*o cum kacblbxtaaii unc 9 al omn^: bx a^ro | tov 
daAftevuov cum nbc*db*xx, item itP ler (ff 9, om) vg ... f Ti toi/ <ta*po- 
ro<r cam AC*B e ° rr FaHBX»iB8tJvrAii al pier a 

30. JUyw* cam acdlbxtaaxii nnc 9 al pier f vg syr* tt etPet&r cop arm go 
... Ln om e. mb 1. 56. 58. a b c e ff 8, 1 q syr»«& persP (: : ut Me, cuius 
ratle qnum varie ad nunc Lncae locum mmtandum adbibita sit, ea- 
dem ad omittendum Ityav valuisae videtur) | aot ovop. tauv c. mbdlz 
al 5 it vg .. . g Ti <ro* «ow o*oi*a c. AO*BxrAAn nnc 9 al pier syrP arm 
(Dial* 15 ) ... c* aeth nil nisi •vo/ux o<h (:: ut Me) | Itywr (b* -cm*) 
cum m*b*d*l (lidem in Me nee accedunt nisi ca , hlnc nequit ap Mc 
Xtrmrr et ap Lc Xtytwv edi) item nt ublqne it vg, item cop syr« tt et 
•**etP firtetbf ...ff Ln Ti ^jch** (h«d 9 X*yanm>) cum » c AB*c» 9 RxrAA 
in nnc 9 al omn^ syrP ™3 ** | oc» * uriyAl-. do*, *ro. tta awe. cum mb 
q ▼£ eop (g*«a ternm* tn eum muUi daewumee) , item «■ Ti o^. Jo^o. 
ffoAi. wtfA&f* (cp al aliq - A#*?) **<r ai^r. cum ACLBxrAAxn unc 9 al 
omn^ld gyr ^ et tr g^o . . . d c ^rolAa ya^ «7<rciv deuftorta, similiter a 

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31. xa» ^a^txaxovir (d ff 9 * »a^. dt) cum (Gb') hbcdfls a! plus 90 it vg 
cop 6 ^* et d« arm syrr CyrRi»P h9M et nilchsas . . . ^ Ti x. naytxaXtt cum 
ABOHKMPBUrxraAzn al longe plu go copP etr4 

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1 q vg go cop syr° u et P . . . Ln poexopivTi (: : ut Mt et Mc) cum hbd 
sTKUn al 95 fere a syr tch et^ r arm aetb | ftctffxccAfo-a'r eum k c bc*lx al 4 
itpler . . . ff no^waXow cum H*AC 8 i>E<iBBMPB8nvxrAAO al pier g 1 ' 9 * 
vg cop syrr (;: cf 11. pp.) 


*4G 8, 34. RATA AOTKAN 

de ta dauiona dnb tov dv&Qcinov eioijX&ov eh tova nigowr, xcu 
taopijcev rj dyeXtj xata tov xoypvov eh rijv Xifivnv xat dnenvfyy. 
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tip nohv xcu eh torn clygova, 35 i&jX&or de ideiv to yeyovoa, xcu 

tjX&OV 7TQ06 tOV 'ItjGOVV, XCU SVQOT Xa&TjUEVOV tOV dt>&()OMTOt> y Wf 

oi ta daiftcma e&jX&ev, ipatioftetop xcu atwpoovovvta naoa tows 
nodao tov 'Jtpov, xcu eqtoPq&tpav. 36 aTZtjvyeiXav de avtouj 
oi idovtea nwa eocb&t] 6 daifiopw&eh. 37 xcu tjocbttpap avtbv 
an at to nXij&oa trja neQiyjcoQOv t<ov Feoyecyvrnv dxeX&eiv an 
avt&v, on q,6pq) fJteyaXq awehovto* ■*■ 8 avtba de ip^aa eh 
nXolov imiatoetyev. 38 idieto de aitov 6 clftjo dq? ov it-eXrjXv&ei 

33. tuHjX&o* (6b') cam mabclprxtaaxii anc 6 al longe plu . . . g CHTyX&ev 
cum bu al ma ... d MQftijtra* 

34. to ytyovoa c. habcdklpbum al 86 fere . . . c (= 6b Sz) co ytycriipi- 
vov c. EGHiisvxrAA al plu | t<pvj>ov cam MABCLPRXTAxn one" al omn 
▼Id . . . Ti f ipvyav cum da | axtiyyaXct* sine antX&ovxtG cam unc 
omnib al li0 fere it vg go cop 8yrr° mn arm . . . s (= 6b 8z) praem 
antl&ovrta cam minusc viz multis aeth :: e Mt 

35. tjX&ov cum HAB'GLPRxrAAxn one 8 alP J w . . . Ti yX&a* cum B* | tvyov 
at yX&ov . . . Ti ivqav cum b* | ityX&iv earn k*b f mm, item h« i$rjX- 
&ov . . . g Ln Ti tStAi/Avfc* ( : : quod v. 88 tantum non fluctnat) cum 
ACLPRXAAin unc rell al fere omn itpl*' vg 

36. oi fdorr. cum nbcdlpx 83. 39. al 6 itpl cop syr"oh e t hr arm aeth . . . 
g (sed 6b°) Ti praem xcu (:: quod nescio an ad v. 34. respiciat) cum 
AEGHXMRBUVTAAn al pier ff 1 ' g 1 ' vg go syrP | o dtufunrMT&tur: D* o 
Xfjyeumv, d legion (»*** o Aw*) ... f ff a * g 1 ' •' 1 q vg 180 1 ** a legione 
... 8yr«*» Aomo tfJe ... c plane om, hinc 6b 00 

37. vjQortijaa* c. d (perg a. nam a xcu 17 /o>oct) KOHLUvraA al pier it 8 vg 
sab cop go (pergit omnea incolac) fyr aob etb r (et ca , praem quividerunt) 
aeth Bai** 1 * 801 (: : haec lectio maxim am commendationem ab interpre- 
turn inprimis Latt^estimonio habet , hinc invitis antiquissimis cdd. 
Oraecis retinenda. Cf et. Mc 3, 7 Lc 19, 87 et 23, 1 ubi similiter 
lectio fluctuat) ... Ln t}Qont}<jtv (x t7tijQ.) cum mabckmfrbxii al 10 
fere a syrP | yfoytcrtpw* cum K*et c hc*LPX al 10 cop syr hr arm aeth 
(: : vide ad v. 26) ... c yaSaQijvvv cum H c *ABGHKMR8UVTAAn al plu 
go Syr® 1 * et ntr Bas 6tb ... Ln Ti yfQaarpvv cum bc*d it yg (Latt ita 
ubique) aah | tur nlot. cum hbclrx al 15 fere ... c Ti *xr to nlot. cum 
APrAAn unc 8 al longe plu Bas«*h . . . d 1 Amb ltt8,8B5 om 

38. t cT««to c. »*etcc*EOHKMR8UVTAAn al fere omn Baa^m . . . h*bg*lx 
33. Cyr Mtftl idtvto . . . Ln fdutro c. ap ... d ijQ»ra (pergens de av- 


KATA AOTKAN 8, 44. t47 

ta dcuftorut, thai cv* a\n<$* dn&vaer di avtby ley cor' 39 vnir 
atQHpe tic tbv ohov aov, xcu dttjyov oca a<n Moirjaer 6 &eoc. xal 
dnfji&ev, xa&* okrp tip nohv xtjqvccoov oca enoiqaef avrcp o 

/tjCOVCm 40—48 

40 **** 'Eyiwno di h *<p vnoctQHpetv top *Jrpovv ansdQato {Jt^S^ai 
avtbv 6 o%Xoc' r t ca9 yoQ navtec noocdoxiivttc avtor, 41 xal 
idov tjX&ev avtiQ <p ovopa 'Icbiqoo, xal avtba aQX<ov tija awayw 
yijc vnTKflGv' xal many nagd rove noiac 'ItjCoS aaQSxdlet avtbv 
ttadbd-ei* tic tor olxov avtov, 42 on GvydttjO fAOPOyevqa rp 
atrnp toe too? Stodixa xal avtrj aftefhrtjaxBv. ev di tip vnaynv 
avtbv oi o%hx awinviyov avtbv. 43 xal yvrq oica tv Qvcei 
cufuztoc anb hm doUkxa, r\iic iatoolc ngocavahicaca Sihov tot 
$iov ovx icyycev an ovdevbc &e()anev&ijpai, 44 nQoceltJovca 

to*) | ' l*y taw (Gb") c. hbdl 1. 131. 157. b c g 1 ' 1 sab cop syi*r arm 
aeth Cyr*«* ... g praem o ie, Ln [o U] cum ACPRxrAAn unc 8 al pier it 5 
TgsyT cn et ,l * r go 

39. cot (l aov) post oca cum »bc*dlpbx 1. 131. 251. 435. it vg Tit 
cat ox to vi ct catox70 Cyr*** 81 ... f Ti post tnon\at cum ac'eghkmbu 
vtaab: al pier go cop 8yr cn eyr^et^ arm Baa 6 ** 9 ' 5 | tnwi\vtv (a 
Cyr*** ntnoy^xtv) o &toa cum hblpx 1. 181. 251. 485. a c ff* g 1 * *■ 
1 q vg Tit et Vict c « (ut ante) Cyr» ct . . . d f o &to<r tnoHjatv, c* b o 
xvqh»g ntnottpitv ('• •' cf He) ... f Ti mo*. ao» o &to<? cum eiedem 
quoe iam notavimus ad cro* post tno*. 

40. tftvtxo £e tv to> cam K*et c *>ACDBGHKMP8trvxriAn al pier it vg go 
syrP ... » c *blr al 4 cop Byr cu et gcli aetb tv 8t rw | vnotrxQtfptw cam 
hbb 28. 157. al 9wt ** ... g Ln Ti vnocrtQtynu cum acdlpxtaaii one 8 
al pier 

41. xcu avroa cam HAC^dLPXTAAH al pier b ff 9, g 1, 9 ' 1 q eyrP et ft r arm 
. . . Ln xcu ovtoo earn bdr al 9 a f cop aetb go | Tv cum h*bps c* or 
... $• Ln tov W cam H«ACDLRXTAAn anc 7 al pier Dam *» 6M 

42. «><r earn KABOXQHMPRSirvrAA al pier Dam 9 » 6M : klxh al fere 10 o>«r«» 
... d 240. eah aetb om | tv d« t» cum MABc'LRXTAAn one 8 al fere 
omn f eyr Ctt et«chetP et hT eah cop aetb go Dam 9 * 564 ... Ln Ti xcu 
tyevtxo tv rei cum c*dp 251. itP ,er vg Epiph n, * rc519 et W7 (atroq loco 
tytvtro St f 897 om] tv t» vrtayt* airrov awtnwyov avtov o* o/Ao») | 
vnayttw cam MABC s LRXTAAn unc 8 al omn Epiph m * rc Dam 9 ' 814 . .. Ln 
Ti aoQtvto&at c. c*dp 

43. taiQo*e com racf^lprxtaaxii anc 8 al pla ... g (= Ob 8e) cmt *«- 
tBova cam minasc aliq, item in medicos vel in medicit it vg (mm me- 
dim) | §u>v cam » c ALpRrAAUi anc 8 al pier barl* . . . Ln add a\nr\<j 


246 8, 45. KATA AOlfKAN 

orna&a* Tjxpecro tov xoaamtov tov Ifiatiov avtov, xat noQWiQ^fia 
fort] i] qvguj tov cupatoG aitija. 45 xa* shrev o 'Irjaova' tia o 
aydpevoa (mw; dovovfieimv di narrow shuv 6 IlttQoc naj oi avv 
avrcp ' intardta , oi oxXoi avre%ovaiv as xa) dno&tipovaiv. 46 6 
de Tjycowx slaw' ijxftato pov tia' iyia yaQ Ipw* dwapi* i£ehj- 
Xv&viav dri ipov. 47 idovad di i\ ywv on ovx Hadey, x^A 
fwvaa tjk&Bv xa/ nooamaovaa avup di tp atria* jjxpato avtov 
dnitfY&Xw evt&mw navtba tov Xaov , xou da id&ti na^ax^jfMt. 
48 o di tthtep avtfj' GvyatBo, jJ niatus aov aiavmt as' noosvov 
Sfo'S^S **° ^h^p- 49 "En avtov Xakwvroa flexed tia nagd tov 
OQXiavvaytbyov Myow on ti&wp&v i\ dvydtyo aov f pqxeti axilXs 

cum (h* tavtfjff) ex 157. al pane it vg go cop syr cu et utr et hr arm 
use aeth. Ex his m* 157. pergunt xa* ovx iux- | an cum abbx* 254. 
... q vn cum m(c wjo)LPxrAAx 8 n one* al pier (69. naq) Or** 989 

45. xcu o» <fvv aura) c. hacdlpbux al plus 90 : q (= Gb) xa* a* ^fr airoi' 
cum BGHKMSYxrAA al longe plu . . . bii al 8 sah syr°aet hr on | cwro- 
&Xtfiovunf (o add at) sine additam cum kbl 1. 22. 131. 157. sah cop 
arm . . q (sed Gb°) Ln Ti add xcu Xtyna * *r (c* t») o ct^apcyo* fnov 
(d al aliq a*oi' if^aro, item itP ler vg me tetigit, a tett]?tt me) c. acdpbx 
raAxn unc rell al pier it vg syr cu etutr e thr g aeth :: ut Mc lectione 
dob fluct 

46. Je cum MABCLPRXrAAu unc 8 al omn fere itP^r V g syr 011 etP et br sah 
cop go etc: di 20« v a syx 8Ch sax om, bine 6b 00 | (UXr^iv&viap cum 
hbl 33. Or 8 ' 508 Cyr lac227 ... q Ln ttfkSovaav cum acdpbxtaajlii unc 7 
al plerOr^^Cyrlucus 

47. anijyyaXtv (m ditjyy.) sine avxot cum HABC 8 OLXxn al 18 fere it vg cop 
syrouetschetbr arm aeth . .. q (sed Gb 00 ) add oh'tw cum c* vld et 8 PRr 
aa unc 7 al pier sah go syrP 

48. &vyattQ cum MACDBHUPBauvxrAAxn al omn^ rid . . . Ti QvycnqQ cum 
bkl (:: item in Mt dol, in Mc bd. Longe maiors auctoritate loh 
12, 15 utitur, ubi recepimus). Praeterea sine &a^(fn dedimus (Gb') 
cum hbdlx al 1 itP ler vg sah cop syr CQ et hr . . . q praem &ayoti (: : ut 
Mt; invectum a nonnullis et. in Mc) cum ACEBMPBsnvxrAAn al pier 
q go syr*eh et P arm aeth 

49. noQa cum MBCPBxrAAxn unc 7 al pier . . . Ln euro (: : ut Mc) cum ad 
1. al* Cam 4 ' 184 | Xtytw (d c syr cu Xtyovrt* , antea tyxo*****) sine 
avtot cum hblxx al 4 e sah cop syr far ... q Ln Ti add aucw cum AC 
DPBTAAn unc 7 al pier itpl« vg go syrCttetttt*" arm aeth Dam 8 * 554 | 
^xcri cum mbd sah syrP (sed «c* c.*) . . . q Ti /*ti cum ACLPRxrAAxn 
unc 7 al omn"* item (it vg noli) go cop syrr (excP c.*) rell Dam 8 ' 55 * 


RATA AOVKAiN 8,56. 249 

%hv didcujxalor. 50 6 di 'Irmova dxovaao anexQi&tj avrco' urj 
(fO§ov' porov ntarevoovy xcu ooo&rjovrou. 51 ik&co* di tla tip 
obdav ovx cuyijxev etGsl&etr nva qpp at/rep ei py llitQot xcu 
'Icmlwijv xcu 'Idxfojfov xcu tbv ncixiqa xrp ncutibo xcu trp> pq- 
tdoa. 52 exXcuor di navtea xcu ixonrovto avrtjp. 6 di elnev' 
p/ xXouste' ovx ani&avw edict xa&tvdei. 53 xcu xaxeytkoav 
0LVTOv 9 sidarea ozi dne&ave*. 54 avzba di x^axtfiaus trp xetQoa 
avtf t a iqxov^aev Xe'ywv' i\ ncua, iyziQov. 55 xcu imaioetyev to 
fiftvua avrrja, xcu clvdotTj ncu}axQijf*ct 9 xcu dutra^ey avtjj do&?;- 
tou (payeiv. 56 xcu i\t<s%r\<5av oi yoveus axnijO ' d di noQrflyeilav 
airzoia pqd&i tinuv to yeyovia. 

50. airrw sine additam cum n(et* et c ) blxax 1. 33. 262. 299. it vg sah 
8 yrca e t»ch ae th m g ft ^d Xtyotr cum ACDPsrAn one 7 al pier cop (re- 
spondent dixit) go syrP ethr arm | nmxivaoy cam blx ... ( Ln m- 
artvt (:: nt Mc lectione non fluct) cum NACDBxrAAn uoc 7 al omn yld 

51. fl&wv (:: at Mt et Mc) cam HABCEP w HKLVRSuxr&An al 80 fere it vg 
go sab cop»«h^ct«dds 8 y r omn ... 5 (= Gb Sz) Ti nad&otv cum dv 
al non ita ma cop 1 ** arm aeth | twa (l ovdtva) <rw cutw (d <t. avr. 
r*ra, itP** r yg seam quemquam, 1 sec. intrar. queutq., e sec. aliquot) cum 
bc*dlx al pane sah cop aeth, item Byr^hetPeth* (w or^m ctfijx. 
<rvr*KTii&. out**) . . . $■ ot'dera c. Ac'eHKHBBUTTAAH al pier syr** go 
arm (: r Mc avdtva ptr axnov) | wwawij* (bd -awp>) xcu »axa>. cum bc 
DBTHKMBrjVTAn al -5 fere a b c e f 1 q for san tol syrP et«* . . . * (= Gb 
Ss) mxx«>. xcu mmm*. (::ut^fc lectione tantum non fluct) cum malbxa 
33. al ma vg (fF*» g 1, *• at vdtr) sah cop syr oa et •«)» go arm aeth 

52. tra (: : ut Mc nezu pautlo diverso) cam aehkhrsuttao al plu b e vg 
syrP mg Of 1 » 4M Amb lu c 189 *. . . Qb' Ln ov yaq (: : ut Mt) cum kbcdplxa 
al M fere a c f ff* - g 1 * *■ 1 q em perus sah cop syr** et^h (etP sed yaq 
t*) et hr *o arm Cyr«*« 

54. atftoa dt sine additamento (6b' prob Scha) cam hbdlx 1. 118. 
131. 209. it»lw vg syr«» aeth ... q add tx^aXott t£a (c* sah om; ak 
ESUn al plus 90 f q em syr utr et Ar go post m*n<%9 pon) nwtws xcm (:: 
e 11. pp.) cum ACETAAn tine rell al pier eto | tyt$c>ov cum abfbjembb 
uvtaah al pier (:: quae forma nusquam simili aaetorltate prae -oc 
et -feu ntitur; aolent forma© -o# et -pa» non comamtari cam tytt- 
ffov) ... Ln tyitqt c hbcdx 1. 83; item L 209. tyttcwu :: ef 11. pp. 

i by Googh 

250 9, 1. KATA AOrKAN 




mo e, 7-i3 1 M * ^wxaXeaauevaa 8t tovc dmdexa edmxev avtoia bwa- 
fuv xa* tlowjiav mi nam a xa oaipovia xai voaows &SQanevew. 
2 xal aneoxsiXev avtowr xtjqvgguv tijv fiaaiXeiav tov &eov xcti 
loic&cu, 3 OT "* xal eJnsv ngba avtowr' prfih aigete eh trjv odov, 
(itjts Qapdov pips nr\qav fAtjte aotov pipe aoyvgiof, pfjte ata bvo 
Xitmtaa &x m - ^ xal sla jjr av olxtav ehel&fjte, txsi fievete xal 
exei&ev i%EQX8o&e. 5 88,9 xal Scot dv fitj 8tfy<»nai vfiaa, ejep- 
%6fASvoi dnb tijo noXeoxj ixBmjo xa) tbv xoviootbv dnb tear noddy 
ifAtov anoTwawniB ««x (lOQtvotop in avtows. 6 8B ' 8 i^eQXOfAerot 
dt dtqoxorio xata tats xtopaa ziayythStofABvoi xal QeQanevovtec 

IX, 1. (Hunt. {awn. camwDB, cf et alibi; ?Ln Ti <n»yx. ut ABCLrAAxn unc 8 
etc) fit (c*RB m 8x* em *l al syr cn om <fc): c'FHft^fcT al aliq c vg*** syr ca 
et«^ add o « | toi/ct tiwdfta (d i/P) c. ABDKiiesvrAn al 100 fere syrca" 
et «ch Di R i ess # _ g (_ qj> g ? ) L n ( ex errore <j e B ) a dd t*a&ijtaa av- 
tov (: : at Jft) cum c*efhu alma b ff *■ g *• 1 q . . . kc*lxax al 10 it**» 
vg go cop syrP et h f arm aeth add anoaxoXova 

2. Mtafhxt, sine additam cum b syi* 11 Dial 8 * 8 (totus locus aiyxcdta. usq 
k*<t#cu exscriptus legitur) ... Gb"Ln add tow cuf&tvt*o cum hidlx 
al 6 , item g row a a0#£)'OM*a<r c. cxrAAn unc 8 al pier ; 407. 485. go 
praem navraa, 20* v habet xova rooovrtaa, f omnes injlrmitates ; itP ler 
vg babent in/irwww, a aegratos, nee aliter sah cop syr» tr et hr etc 

3. oopd'ov cum mbc*de*flmx (x Qaftdwv) al*° fere it vg (at. <J) sah cop 
™ Bjrr omn arm aeth Eusl ucieB Tort™*™ 4 * 2 * Cyrl uc£8 ° Aug conai » T1 ... 
g (=Gb Sz) Qapdova cum AC 8 E*HKBUVrAAn al plu go : : ut Mt | <m* 
cum ac 8 dehkmsuvtaaii al pier syrP ... kbc*flx 254. 48«* om, nee 
exprim it (contra d ana habet) vg (nee <J) syr cu Ich br sah cop arm go 

5. av cum kabdkluaji al permu ... g Ti tav c. CEFHMBVxrAX al 70 fere | 
dexetrtcu (Gb"; cum mabc*klmuxii al u fere go . . . e Stroma* cum c 9 
dbfsvxa al plu (it vg receperwt) : : cf 11. pp., item hta al 90 fere fo- 
(ona* | »<»» *. kovcoot. cum AC 8 EF&HJtMBtrvrAAH al longe pier b e 
ff 9 * g 1 ' g 9, vl d 1 q vg go syrcttet^trethr Amblnou* 8 ### k bc*dlxx 1. 33. 
124. a c f sah cop arm aeth om xcu, hinc Ln [xa*] :: at ita et Mt et 
Mc lectione non fluct | anorivaaatx* c. hb 1. 131. 157. ... g Ln Ti 
ajtoiiratazi (:: ut 11. pp.) cum ACLxrAAxn unc 8 al pier; d ixtftra- 


KATA AOTKAN 9, 11. 251 

^ 7 so * t 'HyunxsBv de'HQmdyp 6 tvtqaaqiV? 5 ra rvofura nana, mo*7i4-m 
mu dnptoQet dia to Xtym&at vno rtvof itt 'Iaarrrja ifliQ&ri ex Mtl4, 1- 
wexQWf, 8 vnortrwv Hi ori'HXeiaa icpanj, aXXmv de on nooyqttp 
rut war OQxamt areoiy. 9 ehter di 'Howdrpj ' 'Imarvtp eym one- 
x&pdXura' ria tie fori? ovtoa nsQt oi dxowo rotavra; xai (tyrei 
id&f air ov. 10 _ w 

10 91 ' * Kal vnootqeipargea oi anotnolm dujyjJGaPTO arap utu, SlJt 
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*mf nolxv xalovptrqv Biftaaldd. 11 oi de hyk>\ yvow&t rjxolov- 

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Led, 1 et 19 (.. . 5" Ln Ti ttrqnqx- cum abdlxtaah unc rell al omn 
▼id sab ete | to ytropura (ax ate t. fewo/i.) absque wr out. earn hbc* 
dxjl 69. 157. 6P e a b e ff 1 ' 1 sah cop syr*** arm ... <; (ecd Gb 00 ) add 
wr airrov , Ln [wr nvt.] cnm AC*xaHZMBUVzr aaii al pier c f g 1 ' 8 ' q 
vg go 8yr atr aeth | Wf£#if c. hbclx al 10 fere . . . g Ti ty^yi^rai. cnm 
AXTAAn unc 8 al pier :: ut lie ... d av«mj post I'fxganr, eodem or- 
dine c e 

8. ijltHHJ cnm kbd (: : cf et. alibi) ... ? Ln Ti 17**0* cum ACLxrAAzn 
one rell al omn Tid | titr (Schn commend vdtr) cnm hbclxax al 90 go 
arm (Tert m * rc *» ai umm aUquem ex veterib. prqpheti*) ... ? Ln f«r 
cnm ataaii unc" al pin b c f ff 8 * g 1 ' 1 q syr^u aeth : : Mt 16, 14 Mc 8, 
28 tro xwv 7100 (f. non flact, nee magis e«r He 6, 15 fluct ... d 69. 
346. a e gyr«©n om 

9. *««»» 8t cum mbcdlzz al 8 it sah eop . . . f xa» «mt. cnm apaait unc 8 
al pier vg (et aft) syrceetutr g aeth | rww$r\(r cum kacdbf w qhxm 
BUYTAAn al longe pin ... c (= Q-b Sz) • t^ud. cnm blxz al viz mu 
(:: ut He fluetaante quidem leotione; cf et. ad Ht) | curoiw cum xb 
c*lz al 8 Tel 1 e f ff ** 1 sah eop aeth ... g praem tym cum AC 8 Dzr&An 
unc 8 al pier b g 1 * q Tg go syrP arm; item post om. add a c am for tol 

10. nolvf naXovfienjv c. ***blxx 83. sah cop ar« ; similiter d xwfitjv xa- 
Xovpunjv ... f Ln rotfe* cp^/to* (a al 7 f?q/t. row., 1.131. 209. totto* 
sine tQt}pov: Gb° cow. i^ij/*.) noXtwv (K*et«& al 6 it vg 8yr»*et> ch om: 
Gb°°) *olovff«*ipr(K*et«h al 8 ayr<n»et«* om, item it 7 vg, non a e f : 
6b °°) cum AOrAAn unc 8 al pier syrP arm go aeth; »*etcb a i< syren 
et«cb sine nol. nabtvp. similiterque it vg | ptf&ffcufia cum h«*bcde 
okvxzji etc contra af^bxsuvtaa al plus 60 go -Saw . . . x*et*b al 4 
syr« a om. Tenemus igitur tia noX. naXovfi. prj&tr. c. » c *blxz 93. sah 
cop (d); «■ Ln na fo?r. tQijf*. noXtva xaXovntrrjo pij&a. cum actaah 
une 8 al pier go syrP arm aeth ; K*et«b al pa nc syr * nil nisi tur ton. 


352 9, 12. RATA AOrKAJ* 

dr^w (tiny, xcu anofa£ciu&oc avtovc eXciXu avtour m<n tip 
(laaiXeiao tov &eov, xcu tova %Q%iav fyovtaG &9Qa«eiaa taw. 
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ehtov avnp* dnokvcop tov o%Xov, ha noQw&srtw %la too xvxkp 
xoiuaa xcu ayoova xataXvaaHSiv xcu iVQWGiv imomopov , o« 
oo8e iv eotjucp tonop iauiv. 13 elnev di noba airtovo' dote avtour 
wayeiv vuzlc. oi da slaav' ovx siah i^m nluw tj igtot nine xcu 
iX&vea dvo, u (rift* Booev&ivteo tjuiuj ayoodomfm etc fwta top 
Xohv tovtov fynbpata. 14 yoat di <bou avowee nevtaauaxikuH. 
elnev de noba tova ua&tpaa avtov * xataxkivate avtova xhaicus 
ava nevryxovta* 15 xcu mofyoav ovtaxj xcu xatixlwav anavxaa. 
16 Xaptav de tova nine clqxovg xcu tows dvo ix&vaa, ava(BJ\pcuj 
etc tov oioavbv evXipjaev avtova xcu xatexXaoBv, xcu idtdov tour 

toqfto* (:: ut Mc); 6b° ton, <^7/*. et °° noX. nodov^vr\a y ut supers it 
tantiixn tur (Jtj&o. 

11. anodt$otf4fvo<T cum hbdlxx al mu ... g dt$aptvo<r cum aceohkmb 
uvraAn al pier | totro cum mabdxtaaii unc 8 etc ... clx al 90 fere sah 


12. ttnop cum mabdxfaaii unc rell (c hiat) al omn* 1 * 1 . . . lz e*nav \ no- 
gtv&irt. cum mabcdlbx al 10 fere (it vg etudes) ...?(= Gb, sedrur- 
sus Gb') antX&ortta cum BGHKMSUvrAAn al pier | xou ay q ova cum 
MB£z al e go . .. g Ln TI xcu rov<r ctyy. cum ACDOHXLMRSUYTAAxn al 
pier sah cop 

13. vfttta post (pay. cum b b 1* . . . ff*" g 1 ' *' (hi* omnino vdtr) vg syr 
™* ante tfore, a o plane om, 74. 948. 7P* post ©W« ... e ante toy. 
(: : at ita et Mi et He) cum NACDLRxrAAxn unc 8 al pier e f 1* q sah 
eop go ajratr | tmwt cum mbodlx 88. 114. . . . g tvtiov cum ARXtaah 
unc 8 al fere omn | ntvrt post a^c. cum h*b . . . g Ln Tl ante afro* 
(:: cf 11. pp.) cum x^ACDLRxrAAzn etc | dvo pott i/^w* cum habcp w 
xrAAn unc 8 al looge pin a sah cop go aeth ... g (= Gb S«) ante *#- 
&vta (: : ut 11. pp.) cum dlrx al mu itPl« r vg syr^etat* arm 

14. df cum w*etcb L a • g 1 - *• vg cop (:: vdbatux vitandum St toiies re- 
petitum, yaq vero aptissimum) ... g Ln Ti f<H» cum h c *abcdbxtaa 
xn unc rell al omu vid b o f ff a * 1 q eta | ccra c a*ghkmbuvxtaah al 
pier itP ler vg cop syr^etatr arm aeth ... mbcd&bk etc mm ova, 
hinc Ti«ynopa wt* owa, Ln [van] at* : : at vdtr propter He) 

15. Karixbv. cum xblx al 7 ... f Ln Ti owe«i«r«r cum acbtaah unc 8 al 

16. avToi/a cum abc&btaaxii unc 8 al pier c e f vg syrP: d etc in av- 
xova ... hd syr*°h arm aeth om (: : ut 11. pp.) 


KATA AOWAN 9, 23. 258 

puodyrafo naQa&wvat ?<p o%hx>. 11 xai Icpayor xai ixootaad^ffaav 
nJtruo y xai fjofrtj rb TttQuraevoav avroXa xhtafiatmv, xocptvoi 
Aotfaca. u-M 

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porcuj tnwJMtr avtqi oi pa&tirai, xou mtftHAnprer avrova Xtyaw • (I ° ^ fl8M) 
tint, pe oi fylot hlyovciv ehai; 19 oi di drtoxoi&wrea elnav' 
'Immrrtp rbv fyantustipy aXkot di 'HXatav, allot di oti ngo(pytrj<y 
tva twv oq%ouov aviary. 20 shtev di avraifo' ifjuiux di riva fie 
hytre shot; Hhooa di drroxot&eur elnev' rbv Xowrbv rov foot/. 

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doxtftafflHjvat dno rw rroeofivreotof xal aQittQSCor xai yQapftartatv 

xat anoxrav&ijvat xai rtj roh% tjftsoa iyeofrftvat. 

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o&at, aipipaa&Gi eavtov xat aQara> tov cravoov avrov xa& MOB * M > 

16. itaQct&tivcu cum kbci 1. al 16 fere ... g Ln naqaxh&tvai cum ad lb 
rAAxn unc 8 al longe pin 

17. xXaGfiarw coniunximus cam antecedd ut em al ... Ln Ti cam sqq, 

18. ffvnt<rap: b* 245. f avv^rti\aav (f oecurrerunt) | oi o%X. foyova. ttvai 
com m*blbx 1. 131. item sah cop ... f Ln Xiyova. o* oyl. (▲ al 6 e g 1 * 
o» av&Q<07zoi) <**<»» (:: cf 11. pp.) cum H c ACDXrAAn unc 8 al pier a c (it 
pier V g go d&cumt esse turbae) gyr°u et utr 

19. ttaw com kbd . . ? ttfiov cam aclrxtaaxii unc 8 al omn*™ | fjXnav 
cum bd (▼▼. 8 et SO et. m) : : cf inprimis ad 4, 25 sq ubi v. 26 - « - 
tuentar hab*du 8 contra - »- (sic) B 8 £fxrAAn etc . . . e Ln Ti i/Atar cum 
maclkxtaaxii unc rell al omn Tld 

20. nttgoo St (sah om) a7toxQt&tt*r c. mbclx 1. sab cop ... ? Ln cmto- 
*$*&. (J* o (o cum ADKirauxn etc ; bghbvtaa al 60 fere om , nine 6b°) 
mtQoa (:: at 11. pp.) cum ADBxrAAH unc 8 al pier a go syrP arm aeth 

21. Xtyt*r cum habcdklmxji al plus 80 Or 3 ' 588 . .. f (=Gb) Ti thnnv cum 
BXraA unc 7 al plu 

22. tytQ&nvct* (:: Ha et. Mt) cum »BB** 8 GHLMB8UYxrAAx al longe plu 
Epiphmarc bis ... Ob' Ln Ti avcmrctjvai (:: ita et. Mc) cum acdf^*kh 
al» fere Or 8 '* 88 Dial 888 

23. ff;r*<r0t** cum x*ABC*DKLxn al fere 85 Or 1 ! 881 ... z (= Gb) *>t#*w 
(: : e Mt) cum K*c*RxrAA unc 7 (v ante o^tktw) al pin | aQvijaaa&w 
c nAB 8 (et to,n8 ?)D»:Lxn al 10 fere Or 1 ** 81 ... ? (= Gb, sed rnrsus Gb') 
anaqvf\aac^ia (:: at 11. pp.) cam B*CBxrAA unc 7 al pier | xat agar. 


254 9, 24. KATA A01TKAN 

ijpsQaf, xal axolov&Mco poi. 24 oa yag iav Geky tip \pv%ift> av- 
tov oghjcu, dnoXiau avtip' oa $ av dnoXtav thv rirvyk* avtov 

« > - t / ' » # or ' « » i » * a 

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xeodtjaaa tov xoa/wv Slop, iavtbv de anoliaaa tj ^piarfta'*; 
26 97 * 2 oa yao av incuaxwfrjj fis xal tova e/wva l&yova, tovrov 
6 viba tov dv&Qwzov inaiGxyvfyqavtou, otav el&t] iv rj dolfy av- 
tov xal tov natoba xal tmv ayitov dyyelow. 27 98 '* klyw di 
vfuv ahj&wa, eiaiv uvea t&v avtov iattjxotm dloi ^ ysvaoyrtat 
Gavatov sow at tdwoiv tip (iaatXeiav tov &eov. 
J}tn,r-« 28 'Eyivvto di fista tova XJoyova tovtova, oiael ypeQcu bxno, 
xal naoahtfkov Tlhqov xal 'imdwip xal 7dxo)Bo* aptfhj da to 
Sooa rrQoaev};aa&ai. 29 xal iytpeto iv rq> 7TQoaev%s<j&ai avtov to 

tov <navQ. aircov (et. Or 1 * 881 ) 2 D *1 om > Mn© Gb° (Schu „hab. Mt et 
Mc") | *a& fifitqav cum K*et«bvel«*ABB;LMBxn al* f g 1,t# vg sah 
cop 8yrc»et Mh etP c* go arm cdd™' ap Hier et Hier 7 * 88 . . . Gb°°8z 
Ln om cum H^vel* cdefwghbuvxtaa al 180 fere a b c e ff*' 1 q (vg 
©od a p Gb) sax syrP m ^ (>, non in omnibus exx inventor") Or 1 * 181 
(anovt yaq lovxa Xtyovtoa) 
24. tar cum KCQH*BSUvxrAAZ al plu . . . % Ln av cum abdeh*klmh al 
mu av 

26. tova tfiova Xoyova (:: ut He) cum wABCLBxrAAxn al omn vW itP 1 vg 
sah cop syr ut »" arm aeth go Or 1 *** 8 . . . Ti tova i/*ova (sine Xoy.) c. d 
a e 1 syr«tt Or 1 '* 98 

27. aXfj&wo: kmrh al plus 10 add or*, item eg etc post aXtf&. interpg, 
eodemque modo conjungunt a b c e go sah cop syrc»et utr ... D oti 
akrj&wa, item aXij&. cum new conjjtunt adhlsuaa al f am, item Or 4 > 

j^ UYl see | avtov (Q b '} cum KBLZ lm Cyfcat ox it . . . g Ln <wd« (: : ut Mt et 

Mc) cum acdprxtaah unc 9 al pier Or 4 » 888 Eus* uc 174 Caes 185 | tary* 
xoToif cum MBLRUxrx al mu Cyr cal ox . . . Gb Sz Ln Ti idtnnwv cum 
ACDEFQHKMPBVAAn al plus 10 ° Or 4 * 888 Eus l &c"8 Caes 185 | yivawvtcu 
cum mabcdefklmpbuvxaxii al 100 fere Cyr cttox ... ? (= Gb Sz) y«i»- 
crovtair cum GHHrA al mu Or 4 » 868 

28. xo* naqaXafi. cum » c ACDEFGKLMPR8UVxrAAxn al omn fere cefff 1, 
g 8, q vg syr cu ... «*bh 28. a b g 1, 1 for go sah cop syr ufc r arm aeth 
om kcu, hinc Ln [xai] | nityop cum unc omn al plu ... g (= Gb Sz) 
toy tt«t£. cum minusc non ita mu :: e 11. pp. | naarv. (bd -avvjv) *. 
Mutw. cum MABC^EGHKPBBUvrAAn al longe plu a b c e f g 2 1 q fu for 
tol sah syrP ... c 8 dlmxx al mu ff a * g 1 * vg cop gyr ca et« ch go arm 
aeth mxw. x. war*. (: : ut 11. pp.) 


KATA AOrKAN 9,36. 155 

dSotr tov nQoaomov avtov SttQOv xal 6 iuaturfiba avtov Xbvxoc 
i^actoamow. 30 xal idov avdoea dvo aweXaXow avtc} 9 oltwea 
ipa* Mannijo xal 'Hleicuj, 31 ot oqy&srteo iv do£q ilsyor tip 
Qodor avtov, ijv rjpeXXer ahfoovp iv leQovaaJdjp. 32 b iinhooa 
xal oi avv avtq Jpa* (kpaiflpdvoi vnvy ' diayotiyootjaavtec di el- 
da* %tp do^av avtov xal tova bvo avdoac tova aweatcataa avtdp. 
33 xal iyiveto iv r<p dut%69(>%ea&ai avtova an avtov ehtew 6 
Ilstooa TtQOG tov 'Itjaovv' inujtdta, xaXov iotut ypaa cade elvai, xal 
nottjGCjfASv axrpaa toeta, fuav aol xal fuav Mcovau xal uiav 'HXeia, 
pil eidaxj o leyei. 34 tavta de avtov Xdyovtoa iydveto veqxfoj xa) 
tfMaxia&p avtova' iwo^dTjaav de b> t<p eiasl&M avtova eia tip 
vetpdhp. 35 xal (pcwrj iyiveto ix tija vstpdhja Xeyovaa* ovtoa iatw 
6 vioa ftov 6 exXeXeypevoa, avtov axovete. 36 xal h tcp yevia&ai i Fe i, v 
tip cpcovijv shoddy Iyaova fwvoa. xal avtol iavmsav xal ohdevl 
dmjyy&Xav ev exetvaia tout ijfiBQauj ovdev civ imoaxav. 

30. rjXiKta cum hbd ... g Ln Ti rjXxxa cum ACLPBxr aah uiic rell etc 

31. tXiyov cam habeghklbsuyxtaaii al pier a go cop syr 60 aeth Or 1 * 
•°et 8 » 988 et*»* 47 ... p sah praem o», item c*m etc praem ncu ... c*D 
al 10 c e syT» c *»etP tlty. <fc, hinc Ln tk. [St] \ ijfttXltv cum mac ... g 
Ln Ti tptXk. cum blpbxtaab: unc 8 al certe pier 

32. thiwr (lb td. ut edidi 1859) cum hlb ... g Ln trtov cum befghmps 
utaa al plu, item acdkyxh al mu *oW 

33. o nttq. cum hbcdklmbiaih al permu . . . Gb' Ti ntrq. sine o cum 
aeghpsuyfa al t0 fere | <s*tj. tquo cum MABCxoHMPBsuvxrAAn al plu 
a b q go syrP . . . df w kxx al mu c e f ff** 1 vg etc XQt«j <txij. ( : : cf 
II. pp.) | p«n/~ cum mbdkxrx etc ... g f*w- cum ACEF w GHMP8UvrAAn 
etc Item - ait c. habcdeglmvii al plu . . . P w BKPRSUxrAA al permu 
-4Tf\ I fitav sec ante f*<o. cum unc omn (exc m) al plu it vg sah cop 
syrP go arm aeth ... e (= Gb 8s) post put. (: : ut 11. pp.) cum h al 
mu syr^et*** Tert"** 1 '® | ijltux, cum abd ... ? Ln Ti iflnt cum molpb 
unc rell al omn 

34. *irean*ativ cum kbl al pane a .. . e Ln tn* axteuriv cum acdpritaah 
one 9 al pier ItPl^ vg sah cop syB 01011 (: : ut M t) | i«!*X&. oiftow (c 
157. 435. <*vz.t«TiX&.) cum kbcl al pane cop arm ; fl** g 1 ' vg wtfra*- 
ttbus Mis; b f 1 q et ittfran&bu$ iliis ... g Ln tutwova ttatiO-ttv (s 
tX&.) cum ADPBXTAAn unc al pier sah go etc 

35. o exUXtyp. (Gb') cum hblx 27 in* (1. o tuXturoc) sah cop aeth e <>da 9 
item (elect**) a ff 1 * 1 gat syrP m ff arm ... g Ln o aya7zijxo<j (: : ut 11. 
pp.) cum ACDPBXrtAn unc 8 al pier b c e f q vg go etc 

36. i£ (Gb") cum habc*dbghb8Uyw*taii al 40 fere ... g o is cum c*klm 


25t 9, 37. KATA AOTKAN 


Mt n, wias 37 "' * 'Eyevero de r\j e^ijo Tjf*eoa xareX&ovrcov avrtov and 
14 ~" rov Sqovg owyvrtjoer avrcp ox^og nolvo. 38 xal idov dvrjQ and 
rov oyjhw efloqGep Xeyoav' dtddoxale, deopai gov, entftXexpai 
enl rov vlov [mov, on fWvoyevtfG ftoi fariv, 39 xal idov nvevfia 
Xappdvei avrov xal e^akpvrp xod&i xal GnagaGGei avrov fiera 
d<pQov, xal ptoyar anox<oQel an avrov Gwrolpov avrov. 40 xal 
ibtti&ijv rmv pa&tjrwv gov ha exftdlcoGtv avro, xai ovx qbvvri&q- 
oav. 41 anoxQt&BUj de 6 'Itfoovo sine* ' d yevea anurtoa xal die- 
o^QOfifteirtj, saxr nine foopai ngoo vpao xal dve^Ofiai ifjuiov; ngoG- 
dyaye nde tov vtov gov. 42 In de ngoG8QXOfidvov avrov Soor^ev 
avrov rb daifwvtov xal Gweondoalsev' ineriptjoev dt 6 'Itjaova rq> 
nvsifiari rep axaQdorip, xa) idaaro rbv naida xal ane'dmxsv av- 

48—45 \ ~ \ » • >o loo. & »<• w »* * 9 \ ~ 

Hc9,w-siTOv rep narqi avrov. 4o e$enhjooovro de navtso em t$ 

Mtl7. 22 1 « r " a m 

peyalewrifzi rov <rwv. 

101,9 narrow de &avfta£6vr<nv em naoiv oh inoiei, eirev 
nobo rovG na&Tjrao avrov ' 44 &fo&e ifieio eio ra &ra v^uav 
tovG loyovG rovzovo ' 6 yao vIog rov avftownov peXkei naoadldo- 

xa al pin | (tayaxav: to>q- cum MABKL*MB8UrAAn al plu ... Ti *0(>- 
cura c(*et*)EaHL a vw a x 33. al mu. Item -Qctxav cum bc'lx al 5 ... 
g Ln -Qaxaoiv cum *AC*EHKMRSUVW a rAA al plu Or 8 ' 883 

37. xrj tltja (f *Ka, aah eodem die, syr 011 Ula die iterum) tjfUQ. cum kbls 
1. al pauc q . .. g Ln Ti tv t. e£. ty*. cum ACEGHKMBUVW*xrAAn al 
pier c f vg . . . d a b e ff 8 ' 1 $*a trjff r^t^aa , per diem 

38. tfinijff. c. hbcdl al 8 . . . g Ti avtfiorio. cum arw*xtaaii unc 8 al pier. 
Latini (et. d) ezelamavit) | tmfiXtxpa* cum abcqhklmbbuvtaii al pin 
(sed OHsn al mu -fiXiya*, quemadmodum go rcepicere) . .. g Ln tnir 
pktyo* c. KDEW a XA al permu. Latini: reupice, atpice, etc | /*ot tax%v 
(Qb") cum mabcdlx al 90 fere a e go sah cop ... g Ti «rr. /*©* c. uw* 
rdAn unc 8 al longe plu b c f ff 8 ' g 1 * 1 q vg arm 

40. fKpcU»on> cum MABCLRW a xrAAn unc 8 al longe plu . . . g (= Q-b Ss) 
w^aAAAxri^ cum miousc viz mu . v D a^oulJla^aiv 

41. w«J< (a e 1* Aoc) hoc loco cum hblxz 1. al ma it vg syr«ch «t hr arm 
aeth ... Ob Ss post to* w. croi; cam ACBW*r*An unc 6 al longe plu 
go cop syr° a etP (: : cf Mt) ... d am perns om (: : nt Mc) 

43. inoi>th cum habcdlw*x 1. al plus 10 it vg cop syr^etaf ... g (=Gb) 
tnovrjfftv cam EaHKirsuvxraAn al pier. Item absque <rtg cum mbdli 
al 5 itpl« r vg cop syr otI arm . . . g (Ob°) Ln (ex errore) add o «s cam 
ac w* xr a An unc 8 al pier f q go syr aob etP aeth 


RATA AOTKAN 9, 50. *57 

o&cu eta xtiQOG av&Q&nw. 45 oi di rjyvoovp to Qrjpa tovto, xoi 
ijv xaQax£*alvfJLiU909 an avtwp Iva py cua&cwtou avto, xai kpo- 
jiovpto qmrijocu avtbp ttsqi tov Qtjparoo tovtov. 

46 104 '* Ei<5T)\&Bv di dtaXoyiaubo ep avtqfd. to tio av «j»mc9,m-st 
/if/goo? avrow. 47 o o* Itpovo eioooa top outtoyuspap xr t a xugotac 
uutmv, imlcL^ofjupoa naidiov iaryaev avto naQ e'ovrcp, 48 xai 
threw avtout ' o<s ibcv delfytcu tovto to ftcudtov im ?cp opouatifwv, 
iiii di%ttai' xal oa dp ipi diktat, dfynai top dnoctsikand pa' 
6 yog (wtQoteQOO h naow v/mp vnaQ%mp 9 ovtoc ioxw uiyoa. 
49 108 * * 'AnoxQi&eic di 6 'Imdpptp elnw' imotdta, stdopep tiva Heir*-* 
im ?<p opoftati gov ixfidXXona daq*6na> xal ixoaXvaofiBP avtop, 
on ovx dxoXov&ef pe& rjfmp. 50 slnev di itobo avtbp 'Itjaova ' 
fiy xoolvers' oa ydo ovx iatip xatf v/uaw, vnig vum iatip. 

45. fQwctiacu cum *ABEFGHLSi;vw*xrAAX al pier ... Ln «Kf 00*1-17*0* (:: 
e Mc) com cdxmii al 18 fere 

47. ««W com hbpkah al plus 20 syrcu et utr arm aeth ... 1. 131. yvova 
... ? Ln Ti ufa*? cum ACDEQHLM8UVW*xrAX al plo it vg go eop Or 8 * 
697 : : cf 5, 22 et 6, 8 quorum locorum ratione hoc Lucae loco ctoW 
potiua confirmatur quam suspectum redditur. | ncuSiov c. mabforkl 
MSUYxraAzn al pier ... bcd al w Cyr Cftt0 * 79 noudtov 

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*a. «7/<o»r vn. fjftotv (:: ut in Mc recepimus) c.K Cft EFOH8UVTA al permu 

TiacHKWDORJr, N. T. Edit. 8. critics minor. 17 


258 9, 51. RATA AOrKAN 

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(OTtiQiU cum MADr<iAn unc 8 al pier 

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pier | watt cum ACDLxrAAxn unc al omn v *d c f g 1 ' 8 ' vId vg cop syrr 
rell Bas«ih Cyrioh . . . hb b e 1 q a «<r (Ti»yn<>P«) 

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etc | tmav cum hbclz ... g Ln tinov cum ADxrAAn unc* al omn vid | 
ana rov c. habxfaaii etc (lx al pauc Antioch an) ... Ln tx rov cum 
CD 1. 118. 131. go (it v,< de caelo) Bas«th Chr'^et 891 | x. avalwoai 
avx ova (baec ipsa om 1) sine additam cum hblx 71. 157. e 1 g 1 ' 8 * 
vid V g sax syr cu copd* arm pers w Cyr ioh1017 .. . g (sedGb ) Ln add oia 
xanjliao t7T0itjoiY [cf 2 Regg. 1, 10. 12J c. acdxfaad unc 8 al pier a 
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tioch. At haud tutum adhibere Tert m * rc *» 8a . 

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vva al mu itpl vg etc om vft.) cum DF w KMUi\\n al permu itP lu vg 
copwi e tP«tr* g y r cu e t»"r arm aeth* go Did«^ 8 » 7 (vdtr) Epiph*» c46 
(p. 31) Chr 7 ' 891 et 6W et»lH> Antioch«et 110 Pa-Dion*' ap Thdor"* d . 
Cf et. Clem fragment ap Mac Chrysoc or. 8 in Mt cap 8 etc (ed. 
Mign. 2, 765.) At mihi dubium vdtr, extrema ehls loci verba sintne 
et ipsa ex Clem excerpta. . 

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al 80 fere g 1 * g 8 * 1 fu gat cop'cheV 1 * aeth^et 18 Bae®^ 271 ... g (^=Gb 


KATA AONtAN 9, 62. 259 

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yvxae {r -£ijr) avQ^mnutv (c e vg go syr^et 8611 om) curoAeaou (ur 
al 10 cuioxxuvai,) aXXa ffuoai (:: cf similia 19, 10 Mt 18, 11) cum f w 
KMcrAn al permu a b c e f q cop wi etP etri gyr cu et utr arm go aeth* 
Cyp«P«« Ambl«ci42o Quaeat 
57. xa» (Gb") cum hbclxx 33. 69. 121. 124. cop syrc«et ach arm aeth, 
item d 346. ace syr hr xo» tywtxo ... g Ln (y*vtxo fo cum ArAAn 
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kdbghmyxtaa al permu ... Ln Ti ictv cum abcklsuxii al permu :: 
at ita Mt lectione non fluct | anty/. sine xvoir cum hbdlx 1. 28. 64. 
131. 157. a c e g 1 ' »• vid 1 vg cop arm Tertm»»'c 4 > 98 cf et. Ir 38 . . . g 
(sed Gb 00 ) add xvqh (b syr cu aeth tranap) cum ACxrAAn unc R al pier 
(b) f q go (ayr«») syr«» ethr (aeth) 

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... g Ln Ti xt'ott {/rtrot^ov (:: ut Mt lectione non fluct) c. hab 3 clx 
rAAxn unc 7 al omn fere it vg go cop ayr omn etc | nqon. aniX&orti 
(d -vtcc) cum kbd cop syr ca et 8 ch et hr (eodem ordine 1. it vg Or Bas 
b *P*) ... g Ti ctTTtX&ovTt 7T()U)T. cum CKGHLMSUvxrAAx al pier syrP 
aeth ... al 8 it 8 nqotx. antX&av (non addito xcu) item akii al 25 fere 
a b e f g 1 ' v,d q vg Or Bas^P* nqwt. amX&tw. xan hinc Ln nqvnov 
antX&av non addito xcu 

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[o U] cum ACxrAAn unc 8 al fere omn itP ler vg go 8yr cu et»tt' al 

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klxx al mu vid a b c f g l " 8 * 1 m vg cop syr» ch arm aeth go, item syr 
hr . . . Ln un. tit o Is nooa avrov cum AcrAn unc 8 al longe plu q 
»yr.P , Ti wz. 6t o Ii%um b, l a,n. dt 7H).aw. . . . d o Ji « nn. avrta | 
tmfiaXwv cum HBCxr^Axn unc 8 al pier Valentt ap lr 38 etc . .. Ln *7r*- 
paXlwv cum adl e«« Clem 5589 | B 1. 209. al 8 a b q Valentt ap lr 88 



tOO 10, 1. KATA AOrKAiN 

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arm go Eus marin Bas 8 * 1 * 891 Tertmarc4,a< ... BLI 33. cop 8vr sch aeth 
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go cop syrWhetPethraeth Ir^t i46 et soo Tcrt»n»™ Eus^mWet 110 al 
... bdmr (ex indice capitum) 42. a c e 1 g^vid V g 8yr c * arm Dial 806 
et 888 Epiph 50 etc I ava dvo cum HACDLXraAx unc 7 al longe p)a Eus 
d « m08 et 110 Bas eth881 ... bkh al M ava dvo dvo \ rjntXXrir cum mabceg 
BMrvxrAAx al plu . .. s f fie XX. cum dklbb: al permu Eus dem Bage tn 

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MACLxrAAxn unc 7 etc | fxftaltj cum habcdlaaxb unc 7 al plu Bas° ln 
. .. ? (= Gb Sz) Ti (ex errore de b) fxftaiky cum minusc mu 

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lectione non fluct) cum CDLxraAxn unc 7 al pier vv mu 

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AS* al permu | firj tert cum hbdlx 1. al mu c e syrP arm e d ... 5 Ln 
Ti fitidi cum acrxiaah unc 6 al pier Clem 876 ; M 69. al pane pi}**, 
item tuque vv mu | ptjdt vet cum »*a* 28. 33^ (Tert»arc4, Mj ... ff Ln 
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taah al pier syr cu et* tr eth* cop go arm aeth 

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rell OrM«*etint*»«» Const »>"»* B*sps«»... * (=Qb 8«) add fi f p c. 
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tanarjatrat, cum mb* ... g Ln Ti *7iaya7rawNTai. cam ab 8 cd nnc rell 
omn al omn vW 

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ri * I t. /<*<;£. ai;roi» sine i<rr. cum hbdlxz 248. 150^ STr^et^c* ... 
s add car* cum Acn(ut nnper recognovi)rAAn unc 7 al pier arm, item 
(sed transponunt) it vg etc 

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Ti x. aa tjv d av cum aklxah al sat mu | d*/en>Ta* cum »abcde 9 ql*s 
Vdxn al plu . . . e*kl*mruxta al 40 d«^oiTat 

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floet) c. ABXrAAn unc 7 al pier Eualucm Bas«^o4 

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(ita Ti) t. t. no. fj/nar ACGKLMUXxn al 50 fere f go cop syr»tr e ttar arm 
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enm hbdlx al 7 itPler vg cop^* et P<* r4 syr^ arm«d Tertm»" 4 » * 4 . . . g 
(=GFb)add tip vpaa (:: ex v. 9) c.ACRXriAn unc 7 al pier f 1 mm etc 

12. dt cum xdmbvi al permu a f q cop, Ln [dt] ... Gb Sz Ti om cam • 
ABCEQKLRUxrAAn al 90 fere be e i vg go syr onBn arm aeth 

13. /op cvfri? (Evrn al mu po.) cum HABCEOKLM8VW*xrAin al permu 


262 10,14. « KATAAOrKAN 

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Xotqatt-v cum 127. 157. al mu copwietpotr* ... d /o^otaLV, item a b 
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xaazh unc 6 al pier ... HEUr al mu go -dav | tytvuOijaav cum hbdlj. 
13. 33. 69. 346. ... g tyivovxo cum ACRW*xrAAn unc 7 al pier | xa- 
&qfi*vo* cum KABCFLRw*xrx al 10 fere ... g xa&ijfttrcu cum deqkmsu 
▼aaii al longe plu 

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g xantQvaovft cum ALxrAAH unc 7 al fere omn q | fit] (1. ij praegresso 
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aelb ... g Ti rj et v\f>o>&Haa cum ACRW a xrAAn unc 7 al fere omn c f 
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AB 8 LBW*xrAAxn unc 7 al pier | aSov (w a 88 ev cufy) sine toi» c.kacdrx 
r^Axn unc 7 al pier ... Ti praem rov cum blw* al 6 | xatafiifia- 
fr&riffij cum HACLBW a xrAAzn unc 7 al omn v,d it go cop syr utr arm . . . 
bd 8yr CQ aeth xara^atj (d descendes) : : cf ad Mt 

1 7. 0* ffiSofitjx. vide ad 10 , 1. Ad illos testes accedit h. 1. mw & i syr 
o° ... bd it mu vg syrP m 8 arm perss add duo, bine Ln [&vo] 

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aeth Or^^et^^itemint^wwe. «i et 4,56i. 6M a j mu , # . f Ln d»- 
dw/» cum AC*DW*rAAii unc 7 al pier c syrcuettur EusP* 88 Jrln* 8 * 8 | 
adiMr\ait (et. g*) cum HADEHLicrA al mu Or 1 ' 714 ... g Qb Sz adwrjatj 
cum BCFGK8uvw*xdn al plu 

20. /m^crc St sine /talk, cum HABCDEF w ouKLM8UYW a r&An al plu it vg 


KATA AOlKAiS 10, 26. 208 

21 1W - 6 'Ef avri rtj moa yycdkaaaTO iv rep nyhvpaii r<p Mt¥i72-» 
ay/qj xai tln&* tSopoXoyovpai ovi ndreg, xvote tov ovgavov xai 
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etc ... q (= Gb Sz) add fiaXXor cum x al ma Cyr»dorii« et 881 | tvyt- 
yyanxcu (tvy. c. KB, rell tyy.) cum hblx 1. 33. Eu8P« m Baa 1 * 685 Cyr 
»dor«8i Thdrt 1 * 1 ** 1 ... q Ln tyqcuprt cum ACDEOHKM8Uvw»rAAn al 
pier Ens*" 870 
11. iv Ttt) cum hdf w lw 8 xx 33. a b c e ff 8 ' i 1 q vg»i* cop Clem 1 " ... q 
Ln Ti om «r c. ABCrAAn unc 8 al pier f g«-*vld vg go etc | TTVfVfiart 
absque o w cum hbdi 167. a b i 1 vg (et. 130 lat ) cop ayr cu , item ad- t 
dito tw ayHa cum hbcdklxxii al 7 a b c e flf 8, i 1 vg cop syr cu et atr et 
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cum MABCDLwaxTAAX unc 7 al plu etc ... f (= Gb Sz) naotdo&. fioi c. 
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usrvxraAxn al pier EusP -T0 * ... Ln t» av c. bdw* al pauc 

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com ADxrAAn unc 8 al pier 

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anc* al omnvid itP ler vg syr utr arm aeth go 


M4 10, 27. KATA AOrKAN 

L?Ti9?'ie &*& nQoa avtov' iv np fOjtwp u yeyoanrat; ti&a dvayivdxsxEia ; 

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tijc xaodtaa aov xal iv oXq % jj xpvxij aov xal iv oXfj tjJ h%it aov 
xal iv oXq rq diavoia aov, xal ibv nkqaiov aov cog aeavtor. 

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xal tia iaiiv pov nXrjatov; 30 vnoXa(l<a* 6 'Iqaova elftev' av- 
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efiaivev iv tjj 6 dtp exetvu , xal id<ov airrbv dvTtnaQijX&ev. 
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idmv dvTtnaQrjX&Bv. 33 SapaotTrp di tta odevojv TjX&ev xat 

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%t\ (1. 131. 157. om) xo£<ha aov \ tv oXy trj (1. om) yi'XI <* ov *• * v 
0A17 ly &x w gov cam hbdlx 1. 131. 157. b i lq cop 8 *** ... g Ti *£ 
o).ti<r tij«t vt'^ijtf ffou ». *£ oXija %i\a »a/i'o<r aou cam acxtaaii unc 8 al 
pier e f vg gyromn* arm go Tert mar c 4 > M | x. tv o\i\ t. diavoia aov 
cum hbli al 4 cop ... ? Ti x. t £ oXtja ri\a dntvotaa aov cum acxaah 
unc 8 al pier e f vg Byr° mni arm go Or* 11 * 8 * 878 ... Dr etc om | atav- 
I tov cum HBCDLrAAin unc 7 al pluClem 841 Or 8 * 980 ... avx al plus 60 
Or 8 * 7 * 4 tavrov 

29. dmcuoHTat cum mbc*dlxx etc ... g dtxcuoiv c. ac^aad: unc 8 al pier 

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et'ch . . . q L n Ti vnoXafi. it cum H c AC*DLxrAAiii unc 8 al pier it vg 
cop syrP go arm | uo««^ti cum b*lx go : : alibi eandem formam tuen- 
tur hcdfpqxa ... g ha nQt/v cum HAB 8 ccxrAAn unc 8 al omn^d cop | 
rjfud-avrj sine tvy/. cum hbdlx al 4 Vict ** maiero c nr i, mi nec cx _ 
• prim *vy%. it vg syr 0010 4 arm aeth ... 9 Ti add xvyxavorta cum 

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etiam * et D clftr ; Act 4, 36 iidem bd) . . . g Ln A« hiti?* c. r c ac unc re 11 
al omn^id | ytvoptroa et tl&wv cum ACEGHKMSUVTAAn «1 pier q syr 
»ca e< P ... m^blxx 1. 83. 118. cop arm acth*'d m (ut Ti«yn<>P«) ytyo- 
pivoa) item d al ,0 fere it«n^vgayr«» Chr , » 84ir omfXd"«n',hincQb | xat. 
*W sine ad di tarn cum hbclxajlh unc 8 al pier arm aeth ... Ln add 
at'Toy cum ADrA al 18 fere itP ,8r vg cop syr onan4 

33. (rafia^txija cum mcdl 69. al (:: ut ubique edidimus) ... f Ln Ti -«- 
ti\o cum ABxrAAxn unc 8 al pier | «Jow sine aiTOv cum hblx al 8 it 5 


KATA A01TKAN 10,39. «65 

rito* xai font wnXay%viaOri , 34 xai nQo<}sX&mr xati^adv ta 
tgaiftara aitov eWi^W SXaiov xai ohov , int$i$aaaa de avtov 
ati to tfaov xtnvotr ffyayev avrbt eitr navdoxiov xai snefieXtj&tj 
aitov. 35 xai im tijv avQtov ex($aXmv bvo drpaQia Idooxer 
t(p nawdoxeixai slnev' hn^eXrj^jjtt aitov , xat o ti av noootia- 
aarqatp aya iv r<p inavsQXta&ai fu dnolkoaa <roi. 36 tut rotr 
fow toiv TQiwt nfofiiov doxeT oot yeyovivai tov epneauvtoa efo rows 
hpratr; 37 o de elnev' 6 noitjcac to eXeoa pet aitov. elnev de 
airro? 6 'Itpova' nooevov xai av Ttoiei ofwitaa. J8i 

38 'Ereveto de iv to) nooevea&ai avtova xai avtoa eiaijX&ev l0 ,IV.! 

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tip oixlav. 39 xai tfjde rp adehpij xaXovptvrj MaQia(i y % xai 

cop" chw ... g add avtov 9 Ln [aitov] cum ACDZrAAn unc 8 at pier a e f 
▼g cop* 1 ayrr°nm4 arm aeth ChHt 847 

34. €ir*p*fiaiT. St: d al 8 it vg 8 yr c «et« ch et hr aeth xai */rt/?i/9., ita Ln 
ex errore de C | navSon- cum h*x, item v. aq navtiox- cum h*d* (:: 
inde quod in h et d poatea correctum est -/-, apparet formam -x- 
ex ueu abiaae) ... g Ln Ti navSox- cum k<$abdl unc rell al omn^. 
Dedimus vero etiam -*ov cum n*et©CLAx al . . . f Ln Ti -uov cum ab 
DxrAn unc 8 al pier 

35. tm Tfjp avotov sine additam cum nbdlxx al 7 it (exc q) vg cop syr cu 
ettehet*"" aeth Victim** 878 Chr 1 . 847 ... g (nedQb 00 ) add fEfX»«y (c* 
239. t$iX&. xa») c. AcrAAn unc 8 al pier q ayrP arm | navSoxn et g 
Ln Ti navSox** vide ad v. 34 | xa» tt,7ttv sine ait« cum bdlx al 10 
b c e ff 1, g 1 ' *•▼** i J V g cop syr«* arm Chr 1 * 847 Amblac * 488 ... * add 
ovrw, Ln [cet/ftt] c. HACxrAAH unc 9 al pier a f q ayr ,cn etP et hr aeth 

36. r*«r sine ovv cum hblx 1. 118. 209. itP l8r vg syr c * copP«tr« o r lnts, 
91 * Baa 1 * 864 ... g add ov*, Ln [ovv] cum ACxriAn unc 9 al pier c e al 
mu | nXrja. Sox. <ro» ytyov. cum HABCLxrAAxn unc 9 al Ionge plu cat 
« x89 ... ? (= Gb 82) Ln (ex errore) dox«» o-o* ^A^<r. ytyov. cum mi- 
nuac non ita mu, item itP ler vg Or 111 * 8 * 978 etc 

37. un. tie cum hbc*dflxaz al mu a e cop ayrP»R ... g (sed Gb' «*- 
ntv eine copula ut syr cu et 8ch arm) tin. ovv c. AC 8 prAn unc 8 al plu q 
gyrptxt ... al varie | Ln sic interpg: noqtvov xa* av, nou* Oftouao 

38. tyevir. St tv tw nootviad'. am ova xou avroa cum ACDPrAAn unc 9 
ete ... kblx 33. ayr©u cop tv Se rw nootvtad-. avtova avtoa | ««r 
tijr oauav cum mclx 83. . . . g Ln Ti t. tov oixov cum ADPrAAn unc 9 
al pier . . . b om plane. Item sine avryja cum «*et c c 8 Lz 33. (b) . . . g 
Ln Ti add avtrja cum H*AC 9 rAAH unc 8 al pier it vg rell 

39. fiaotaf* com hb*C*lw 1. 38. cop 8 «hw( e xPetr4) ... ^ Ln Ti paqia 


206 10, 40. KATA AOrKAN 

naQCLxa&eo&siaa nobo tovc nodaa tovxvgiov tjxovev top "koyov 
avtov ' 40 ti di MaQ&a negtsffnaio ntqi noXtip duutoviav. im- 
ataaa di ehtev ' xvQie, ov (iAei ooi oti 17 ddeXcptj pov fiowjv f*e 
xatekinsv diuxoveiv ; elnov ow airtjj iva poi owarttXaffytai. 
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xcu d-OQvfiatri nsQt noXXd, 42 ipba dt iativ XQ € * a Maout yctQ Tqv 
dya&ifv p&QJidu e^sX^atOf ijtic ovx dqxa^&r^aetca aviija. 


Arti iyevsto w tap elvcu avtov tv romp ttvi noooev- 

ypfievov, Jhj inavcato, elntv tta ta>v fia^tmv avtov noba avtov ' 

Mt«,9-i8 xvqib, dida^ov ijitaG nQOGeviza&ai, xa&ac xat 'Icodyrtja idida&v 

tova pa&qtaa avtov. 2 elnev di avtoia' otav noo6svx7jG&e t )Jy£te' 

cam AB*c*DrAAn unc rell al omu v| ' 1 cop wJ et dz | n*b 8 lx om i\ \ na- 
Qaxa&ia&tura cum hABC*lx ... g Ln naqaxa&toaGa cum c s DPrAAn 
unc 9 al omn'W Baa«tt» | ngoa cum ab*c*lx 33. 44. Bas 03 © 1 " 1 " 685 ... 
g Ln na^a cum ab* (sed restitution nqoa) c 8 DPFAAn unc 9 al pier Bas 
e^ 1 | t. xvqiov cum hb*c*dlx 7P e it (exc b) vg cop ayr cu ot^hetP™* 
arm aeth ... gtov we. AB 8 (sed restitutumT.xi'<j.)c*prAAn uno 9 al fere 
omn b etc 

40. *axt\*n*v cum hb 8 dfbuvii 9 al plu ... Ti xartXuntv cum ab'clppaa 
in* unc 5 al permu | tin or cum dlx 1. 33. ... f Ln ivzi KABCPraAn 
unc rell al pier 

41. o xv(tn»j cum hb*l 157. a i 1 vg ayrP** Bas monMt588 Amb^cnw 
Aug . . . t Ln o ie c. AB 8 (sed ruraua o xi^.)cDPrAAS unc 9 al pier it 5 
etc, aed c 8 dkuii etc ante turfy avxtf pon ... syr cu om | &of>vpa£ti 
cum hbcdl 1. 33. Baa*** male™ ( non item monaatras^ Evagr 867 (Gall 7 ) 
... % Ti xvqpatq c. a(b 8 , aed ruraus £o£i»£.)prAAii unc 9 al pier Baa 
moDMt'W Chr 8 * 998 al 

42. tvoa d« *ot. xil' cum AC*et 8 PrAAn unc 9 al pier f g 1, q g 9 ? vg ayr cu 
et«<*etpt*t p p aliq ... hbc 9 l 1. 33. cop ayrP">* aeth Or*** cord loh«» 
Ba8 9 » 8M et eth988 oJUyw* tit tax. xv eia *l **oa ... d a b c e ff 8 ' i 1 Amb 
luci26s e t alibi plane om | yaq cum 8BLAX comm etc ... s LnTi Si cum 
acpah unc 9 al pier f g 1 ' q mm mt al Clem 781 al ... d 262. a b c e ff 4 ' 
i 1 vg etc om | avtrja cum m*bdl, item illi vel eiabe ff 9 ' i 1 q ... 
q (sed Qb°) Ti praem an, Ln [an] cum H c ACPraAn unc 9 al omn y ld c 
d f vg Clem 981 al 

XI, 2. nyoaivxqv&t cum HBDEFaKLSUVZxn 8 al plu Or , » 889 ...Ti -/«r^i 
cum ACuifpraAii* 1. 33. 69. 124. al 8 | naxtq aine additam (aed l 


KATA AOrRAiN 11, 6. Wl 

xtirtQ, ayiaa&t'fzco to ovopti aov' ikOarm if Baadsta gov' 
3 tov aQtot tjfjurv tov iniovoiov didcv itfuv to xa& ypeQa* * 4 xcu 
iqtv rjfur tita OftaQticuj iftuov, xal yaQ octroi dyiofti* narii ixpei- 
iwn tips*' xcu (At] surdvepnjG t\\im eta nei^acfwv. 

5 M *' 10 Ktu fine* agoa avtova' xia «£ vpo5r «£« yQuot, xcu 
noQtvattcu fZQOff axnbr fttoowxrtov xcu «Wtf cwtqi' wiXe, XQqoor 
ftof ryeta oqxovg, 6 «z«^ 91X00 (iov notQtyivvto «f oflov jrpc/o* fi« 

etc add «fe*«iM cum hbl 1. 22. 57. 180if et 1»* 346. a 8 ©' vg (exc perua 
harl*) g 8a *-?ann Or , » taa «qdii e t t * 8 dii Tertmaroi,90 ac hol M7 et »Uoram 
... s (= Gb) Ln add i\fiwt (pro 17^. icff 1, i sancU) o «* to*«t ot*- 
^aroMT c. ACDPXrAAn unc 8 al pier a b c e f ff 8, i 1 q perus harl* sax 
cop 8yr ctt et tttr aeth | tkfratv cum hcpa 18. 346. ... ;Ln *X&*to* c. 
ABDLxrAn unc 9 al pier | rj gaaL aov: Gb aov i\ fiaa. cum nK* 57. 
Praeterea cf Nyss *» 787 (de orat. dom. orat. 3) ubi orr* xou ' ei&frut 
r k ftaa. aov' tl&rto>, ?>}*» (Lucas), to cey*or nvtvfta aov (9 ijpcur xou 
xa£af»<ra-ro> 17/cao*. Ad Gregorii testimonium accedit Maxim I » M0 (ad 
Mt6, 10). Eiusdem lectionis vestigium quaesitum est Tert 01 *™ *• M , 
at vdtr Mcion pro ayiaa&fjrm etc simile quid habuisse atque illud 
spud Nyss pro rX&axw etc positum. | Post r\ pcurd. aov omisimus 
ytrr t &r,To> etc c. bl 1. 22. lSOSTetl** 346. ff 8 ' (g 1 ' *'?) Tg syr*" arm 
0r».«7 (praecedit toi» dt ?.ovxa owrwo-)et Modli Tert**™** 86 Aug 6 . 840 
d,, (ed. Ven. 1731. Est enchir. ad Laurent, cap. 116) ... s Ln add 
yiwy^jprei to &t\t\pa aov <aa (b e 1 om *ta) tv ovoarot xou *m iija 
(»*ctcb ACD ||p A a j om? non item HC*xrAn etc) yya (eedLn [o>a tv ovq. 
rat, in* yr t a\ , de qnibus vide post) cum KAcoPxr^An one 9 al pier b 
c e f i 1 q perus tol sax syr aoh etP cop aeth; item omissis wa t* ovq. 
x. 1 7T. yrja a harl vgcod mosq 

3. 7[uwv- Mcion teste Or in eaten a m **» rln mB aov 

4. a* tQ/tur com h c abcdeghkptaa al 10 fere ... f atfiitptv cum m*plms 
rvxin al plu Clem 881 Or 1 » 887 et 8W | na nttoaa/i. sine additam cum 
h'bl 1. 22. 67. 130*retl*t 131. 226* 237. 242. 426. vg (et. K 1 * 8 *?) 
arm Or *• 88T " ***' ™ Cyrl^ 887 Tertra*'* 4 * 86 Aug 6 . 8 * ... * (= Gb 8«) 
Ln add *)la ovaa* tfftua ano rov now\qov cum h« (sed rursus de- 
levit et ad v. 2 addidit *cu qvacu fi/toa ano iov noyrjoov) acdrxfaa 
ttnc 8 al pier b c f ff 8 ' i 1 q (biant a e) cop eyr c « et«« h «tP aeth 

5. nnti cum mboefghlbuvxtaa al plu Or 1 * 818 , item d f ff 8 ' g 1 * (hi*: et 
fait) sab cop ... Gb' Ln * pe* cum ADSTuMPun al 40 fere Bas 1000 *** 887 
Dam 8 * 877 , item a b c i 1 m q vg (dicet). 

6. fiov cum hablx al mu it (ezc c) vg etc, item fiot M al 10 c, item /to* 
B«d omisso nqoa fit d etc . . . CRraAn unc s al 100 fere sah syr Mh m t 
hinc Gb° 


M6 11, 7. KATA AOTKAN 

xai ovx e%co o nuQa&rfifa avrqp. 7 xdxthoc iaaodev anoxQi&eitr 
elnq' fiTj pot xonow naQeje' ydt] tj &vga xexkeiarat, xai ra nai- 
dta fiov per epov eh rip xoitijv ehiv* ov tivvapai dvctardo tovvat 
coi. 8 Xe'yoo v/uv, ei xai ov ikiaet avrcp avaarac dia rb thai y[- 
lov ainov , &d ye rip dvatdiav avrov iyeQ&ela Soiaei avtdp oa<ov 
Mt»7»-i* XQVZ 8i ' 9 la6 * 5 Kaya vptv Xeyoj, aireire 9 xai do&rjffercu ifuv" 
CrfrciTBj xai evoqaere* XQOvere, xai dvwx&riaexai vpit. 10 nda 
yoQ 6 air guv lapfidvei, xai 6 £tjt<6? evoiaxet, xai rq> xoovopn 
dvoix&rp&rai. 11 riva be *£ vpnv rbv narioa airtjaet 6 vioa ag- 
rov, pi] Xi&ov imbUnaei airccp; ij xai t%0vv> p$/ dvrl ly&voa oquv 
avrtp imlkiaei; 12 ij xat airrjcet cpw, ptj emdcbaei avrqj cxoq- 
ntov; 13 eiovv vpeTa nomjooi vnaQjovrea oidare 8opara dya&d 

8. <pdov avrov cum mbcli 83. 124. 157. al pauc it vg Or , » 9,8 et *>•*> 
Ba8m<> n «t687 et 688 Mac 110 "* 4 '* 6 Chr 8 » 4W ... g Ln Ti avtov fdov cum 
EFQHKM8UVi>An al pier Dam 9 * 677 | aratoW cum HCDEKLBU*xra al 
mu . . . f Ln Ti *vcndt tav cum abfghmu*aii al plu*** 1 | offotv cum h*a 
BCKMRn al sat mu it vg cop Or 1 * 818 Bas"gg e t monaat Chr ... Gb' 
o<tof cum H^DEFOHLsevxrAA al plu sah Or 8 * 650 (sed fluct lectio) etc 

9. avoiz&ij<r*Tcu cum DEFGHStlvrA al 80 fere (:: Vide ad v. sq) ... g Ln 
avotyfjatta^ (:: ut Mt) cum kabcklmrxmi al permu 

10. avoijr&t}Otta> (Gb') cum AEFGHESUvrAAn al 60 fere ... g avoLfijot- 
to* cum kclmbx al permu ... BDG r arotytta* , item 8yr cu et utr :: in 
Mt utroq loc aroty^fftro* firmum est nee quisquam avok./&y\c. 

11. Tiya cum abcrtaaii unc 9 al pier b f ff 8 ' i 1 q Epiph^wOWet 880 
et ipse EpiphiWd88i Dial 870 ... hdlx 83. 167. al* c vg syrPm* Or 8 ' 
880 cat * 91 xta | *l v/*wf cum nabcdkxmrxii etc . . . g (= Gb + Sz) om 
«£ cum EFGHSDvrAA al plu I 17 xai cum ACDBxrAAn unc 9 etc (item hl 
etc omisso xcu) ... g (= Gb Sz) u xai cum minusc non ita mu | avxot 
tnUiwath cum bdl c . . . g find, avrm (:: ut ante et post, item Mt) c. 
XACRxrAAn unc 9 al omn^ditpler V g rell Dial Or Epiphn» rc 

12. f\ xai cum mbl 1. 13. 88. al 5 fere Dial, item sah cop nil nisi out ... 
g Ln Ti 17 xa» tav (aa al pauc ay) cum AXTAAn unc 9 al pier, item R 
tj t* , it vg aut si ... D ta¥ di xo» , d et ri \ cut ij a ft (et. g*) cum habc 
DHKLR vid rAA al plu Dial ... g Gb Sz Ln ovxv\qt\ cum KFGMStivxn 
al plu 

13. vna^xovtta c. abcefghlrsuvfaa al plu Antioch 1198 ... mdkmxh al 
plus 86 Dial 870 Epipbn» aip c 8,8 et 880 etc orrta (::ut Mt) | So fiat. aya^. 
cum HABCDLRxrAAn unc 9 al longe plu Dial Epipb m * PC Cyfl nc Antioch 
... g (= Gb Sz) aya&a Sou at. cum minusc vix mu it vg 


KATA AOrKAN 11, 19. 309 

Mr at tola jsxvote vfmv, noaop fidXLor 6 mttTjQ 6 e£ ovQavoi 
tiwm npsvfux, aytov vote akbwnv avrov. Ul 

14 ,i6 * 6 Xa« ip i^alXcov daifwviov , xai avro i^ xooqpw* ^^JJ^* 4 
qwero 3* raw daifiopiov i&X&ovxoa Aafaptv 6 xaxpoc. xcu i&av- *«■>« 
paffa? o« ogAm' 15 M7,8 w«r fl* «J avtmv shrov' iv BsektefiovX Mtlf ^ 
r<p agvosTi tow daifnovinv ixfiaXket ia Satpana ' 16 li8 ' 5 *re(KH £*•* f| 
fie 7iHQd£pri8G aij/uiov i£ ovgavov ityiovv nuq avrov. 17 1S9#9 av- n-si 
too* dt fi«5oxT avzoSr ta dtavotjpara eliuv avtota' naau fiaciXeia hc8,'o-« 
dutfieQUT&elaa tcp iavtyv qflpovrm, xal ofooa im olxov nintu. 
18 u de xal 6 aatavao &p iavtov dupaQUflh] , now ata&t^etou 
i fiaatXeia avrov ; ott Xiym iv Beek&fiovX exfidXXeiv fis ra dcu- 
porta. 1 9 ei tie iyA iv BesXCefiovX exfidXXco ta doufwvta, oi view 
vpnv iv rm ixfiatijovoiv ; diet tovxo avtol xoitcu iaovtcu vudiv. 

13. o nat-rtfi cum habdlrxtaaii anc 8 al longe plu f cop syr* 5 * 1 etP ... Ln 
add vfuov (: : e Mt) cum en al*° fwe b c i 1 q vg sab syr 8ch arm aetk 
Epiphmarcssi Cyrl«* c8 '° | f t ovpaw: hlx 33. itPl« r vg sah cop syr 
cu et *ch om J 

14. kytvfx. St (l 69. etc xou tytv.)r. Satp. t£(X&ovroa (c£*a£. cum mbr 
taah unc 8 al pier syr©" et u * r cop ; contra Ln txpirj&tvioo cum aclx 
al 4 copdx y Latt vide post) tXal. o xo)q>. xcu t&avp. o* o#Ao»: D xo* 
tx/taxorroff avrov navrta t&avfta^ov, similiter b c ff** i 1 vg 

Ib.nnot cum HACDLR^dxrAAn unc rell al omn* id ... Ti ttnav cum b 
(item B ap Treg, at rope ti to nuper examine non possum quin itnov 
teneam) | re# (a tw) cam habcklmh al 80 arm ... q {= Qb+) om c. 
drxtaa unc 7 al plu (:: ut Mt) 

16. it oi'o. f{?r. 7tr axnov (x om na. am.) cam habcdl(x) 1. 18. 38. 
124. 131. 157. y«cr c f ff 8 ' g 1 * i 1 vg syr«« et ich arm ... q naQ avrov 
ttqTovjr tl ovqavov cum rtaaii unc 9 al pier b syrP 

17. avTfttr ra Stavoijfi. cum HBCDLRXrAA anc 6 al pier cop . . . Ln ra £ia- 
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xov cam kabeghlsuvtaa al plu . . . cdfkmxh al mu tn omot 

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taovt. vfiuv («f. i;^«. cum m b f I 1 q, rell vp. tn.) turn hacklmuo al 20 
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bd c ... f Ti xo»t. vftwv avxot wort, cum EFaHBsvxrAA al plu 


270 11. 20. KATA AOrKAN 

20 ei & h daxtvk<p &eov exfiaXkxn ta dcupovia, aoa sqfritatv 
&p vfiaG ri fiacrtXeia tov &eov. 21 "Otav 6 /cryvpoo* xa&amho- 
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avanavctiv , xai jwjy evQtaxov Xe'rei ' vTzoaiQexpo) tia toy ofoav [tov 
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fittov. 26 lots nooevetai xcu naQaXapfiam itega mBvpaza 
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ta ia%ata tov avftQwaov ixeivov %8iQOva twv aparcw. 

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demw <jyr luc272, » ... d al c c cop aeth Tert marc4 » M Ba8 eunom29e al 
add «y«, item m*bclr etc add *yw ante fxftaXXu 

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ta/vQ. cum acrxaah unc 9 al pier Eus lucm | vix^arj c. habcfgklsu 
vaii al plu . . . ehmbxfa al mu vixtjgh 

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al* b 1 cop syrP Or iata » 1M (certe vdtr ex Lc) add (: : ut Mt) tot*, hinc 
Ln [.tot*] 

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CDGHKB3*xrA al permu | vtaaqtoutvoy cum h*adxaad unc 8 al pier b 
e e g 1, 2 " i q vg syr° u et» ch arm ... H c BCLRr al 19 it 2 etc praem ff/oAa- 

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... q Ln wrra tttQ. nvtvu. (a* nv. trtQ.) novijQ. tavrov (eh 2 al a«>- 
xov) cum ACEHKMRSUVXTAAn al pier itPier V g cop arm ... do p» cr e 
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cum HABCDHKLMRXxn al permu Orlnt 2 » 159 it (sed ff 2 ' regrasi) vg etc 
... Gb' Ti x. ekd-orta (G' al 2 -/^wf) cum EG»uvrAA 2 (* tantum xaij 
al 80 fere % 

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BXrAAz unc 7 al pier cop arm. item tnaqaaa tmt ynv?j 9 sed q>uvyv 
post f. t. o/Aoi' posito, Kn 1. al pauc .. . b f ff 2 " i 1 q vg extolleru vo- 


KATA AOrKAN 11, 33. til 

vaaa ae xat paarot ova i&ylaaaa. 28 ainba dl elnev ' ftwovv 
uaxd(HOi oi dxovovtea rbv Xuyov tov &eov xat qwXdaaovrea. 

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33 2S *** Ovdeta liyyov axpaa eia xqvTtrip ri&r^aiv aide vnb rot *t ». i* 

Mc 4, SI 

ctm ( i add mam ) quaedam mulier ... D (e c) yvvr; tkj tnaqaoa 

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al pier | <pvXu<t<joyt. absq additam cum m*abcdlax al 1 * fere it am for 
San perus tol syrP arm aeth Tert«n»*c4,«c ff ( = q^ adli awror c. 
xtaii unc 8 al pier vg«d et™" *»q cop syr«« et»ch et*"" Lcif 182 

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pin syr» ch aeth | tyttt c. hablx al plus 18 ... f Ln fArcC^rc* (:: at Mt, 
cf et. Mt 16, 4 et 11. pp.) c. CDxrAAn unc 8 al pier | twra siue additam 
cum kbdli it 7 vg«dd pi C opP 8tr * Byr hr arm ... r (=s 6b) add toi/ (a 
om) nqotpfftov (:: ex Mt ubi lectio non fluct) c. acxtaaii unc 8 al omn 
^ef q vg«d Byr««*» et P copodd e t <** aeth 

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A&n unc 8 al pier it vg 8yrr omn cop al | vnnvivtaus cum hb (ut Mt 12, 
41 rbclxa) .. . i Ln Ti y(j>ii/*Tot»ff cum ACLxrAAH unc 8 al omn vid 

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(= 6b Sz) (ToAo/tct^rroff cum ckluto al permu 

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cum MABCE*GL]flUxrAn al 80 fere it vg syr* ch etP m 8et h r arm aeth^d 
... 5 Ti rtrtift (sed Ti c. k*H8Va al-fi'ij) cum e*hksva al permu »yr c «» 
etP txt CO p 

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syren e t6ch e thr arm ... g Ln Ti add df cum alxaaxh unc 7 1. al 
longe plu b f ff** q cop edd et d * syrP aeth | x^v7tTr t v (et. g* 1624. 
Ob Sz) cum unc omnib al plu . . . g (item g* 1633 al) xqvtttov 
cam 1. 28. al non ita mu cat ** 5 . Praeterea scripsimus x^v/rr^v 
cam 8a unc pier al plu, ui et. g* 6b Sz Ln. Alteram acripturam 


272 11, 34. KATA AOTKAN 

fiodtovy diX ml thp Xvxviav, ha oi efofiOQevofievoi to q*yyoa pXd- 
Mt8, Ms nwsiv. 34 184 ' 8 o Ivpoa tov (joi fiatoa %giw o oq&aXpoG gov. 
otav 6 6(fn>aXfi6(7 gov unlove tj , xai Slop to ffoSfta gov qwteivov 
iaxiv ' map di novrjQOG jj, xai to Gtopa gov gxoiwov. 35 Gxonet 
ovv fAti to qxaG to iv ao\ gxqiog (gtw, 36 ei ovv to Gmfid gov okor 
wcoteivov, fiij b%ov ti piopG Gxotewov, $gicu qwzwbv olov owr 
otav 6 IvyyoG rjjj aGiQaaij qxati^Q Ge. 

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oQiGtrjarj nag avT(p ' eiGsl&atv tie avineaev. 38 6 8i <I>aQtGcuoa 
tdmv e&avuaaev on ov nooHiov i$antbs&ti nop tov OQtatov. 

Mt9S,S5 39 e fa ey fa £ XVQIOG 7tQOG OVIOV' VVV VfASlG Oi ^OQIGOidl 10 ££«>- 

dsv tov noiyotov xai tov mvaxoG xa&aotCete, to 8* sgw&ev vpcor 
ys(*et aQizayijG xai novqoioG. 40 dcpQOveG, ov% 6 tiwjGog to 3?a>- 
&ev xai to eGoo&sv iftoujGev; 41 nX^v id ivovta dote iXetjftoGv- 

x^Mfijr, quam in ed. VII secuti suraus, praebet r | aXX (et. ? Ob 
Ss) cum nnc omnib (exc d) et minusc pier ...<;* (Wtst etc) aXXa 
cum d al non ita mu | to <p*yyoa cum ALrAAn unc 8 al longe plu . . . 
Ln to q>wr (:: ex 8, 16 ubi nemo r. (peyy. substituit) cum hbcdx al 


34. o oq>&. gov pri loc (et. Gb •+• gov) c. k*abcdm al pauc it vg cop syr 
•eb et P aeth ... ;om gov com mcbohklsoyxtaaii al plu syr ca arm | 
otav sine ovr (Gb') cum hbdla 485. it vg cop arm aeth . . . g add 
on* (:: ut Mt lectione non fluct) cum ACxrAn unc 8 al pier syr cu et utr | 
%cu olov (d nap) i Ln om xa* (:: ut Mt) cum CDr al 90 fere it (exc e) 
vg cop 8chw arm aeth 

35. Gxonn, ovv etc: pro his habent, omisso versu sq, d (a b e ff*' i) sic 
(:: « Mt): a ovr to qxoa to tv go* gxotog to <txoto<t noaor. Eadem 
agnoscit Aug. Eadem syr«n post versum 35. add ... 57. 239. 433. 
plane om versum, hinc Gb° 

36. Hunc versum (ut iam notatum est) d a b e ff** i item syr co om, 
hinc Gb° | t/ov cum habceklsuvo al plu: OHMXrA 33. al mu */wf | 
t* fJtQoff cum HEH8X7VAA al plu c vg . . . LnTi fiffjoo Ti cum abgkmxii 
al*° fere f . . . CLr om t« 

37. XaXijaat: Ln add avror c. a, item al 15 fere add aero* tavta. Latt: 
et cum loqueretwr haee vel similiter | tQona cum habm al 5 e (petit) . . . 
<; tjQwra cum CLxrAAn unc 8 al pier itpler V g e t c | (paQHSatoo cum hbl 
al 6 .. . g Ln qxxQHT. rut cum ACLrAAn unc 8 al pier b e q syrr arm; 
item (d)x 1308 r et l*t a c f ff»- i V g ae th t«t (f>ctq«r. 


KATA AOTKAN 11, 48. 278 

rrp , xai itiov ndvta xa&agd ifuv iariv. 42 M6,s d)Xd oval Mt 2*. js 

ifuv tola ftagiaaioia, oti dnodexatovte rb qSvoapov xai to nrjya- 

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vulv tola &agiaaiota 9 on ay an cere tip nqwtoxa&ehqiav ev tola 

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42. crf.Xa cum HBDEGHLUrAA' al permu ... s Ln alX cum ackmbxh al 
pin I TCHtta absq <J« cum H*ADEGH&uvrAA al longe plu a ff a * i cop 
»chw ex petr< arm ... «»BCKLMxedn al plus 20 c vg cop wi et** syr 8 « h et 
P c* aeth add di, hinc Gb ■+■ et Ln [tit] \ naqiwa* cum k°b*l 13. 

346 w* 57. y 8cr cuptiva* (: : ut Mt), A 7taQa<p*ra* ... s oup*vat cum 

B^xrAodAn unc 8 al pier 

43. xcu rovff (a om) aanaafi. t. r. ayoqcua: CD al 8 b q aeth ood18 add 
xai xae (d 64. 66 m * om) ^wtoxWhjkt <v to+<t fittftvoMT, item al 4 
proem xa» xt\p 7tQonoxXi(jtav tv t. Sh,7tvomj, hincLn[x. raanqwr. tv r. 
dtutrouj] :: e Mt 

44. ova* v/tnv sine additam cum mbcl al 9 a c e ff J# g 1, 2 * 1 vg cop syr ou 
arm ... ? (= Gb) add (:: e Mt) yqau^araa xcu tpaQMnuoi vnoxntrcu 
(d i Lucif om), item Ln [^. «. ya^). i/?tok£.] cum ADxrAAn unc 8 al 
pier b f i q em syr 8ch et P etc | o» nt^Trar. c. hbclm al perinu syrP 
... Gb" Lh Ti ntqtn. sine o» cam ADxrAAn unc 7 al plu item ambit- 
hades it vg etc 

47. xcu> 01 c. m*C Mcion^P'pb'Wet 888 ... a naro, syr cu et 8ch 2«o« . • . f Ln 
Ti o* ^* c. h^abdl unc rell ai omn^d itP J « r vg etc 

48. ftckQTVQto *OTt cum mbl aeth (sine sax*) Or 1 ** 43 ... g Ln juolqtv- 
Qiitt cam ACDxrAAn unc 8 al omn vId it vg rell Chr 7 » 805 | otxo douurt 
(e gloriamim) cum kbdl abeil ... f (sed G'u i>0 ) add avrwv rot pvr r 

/(ito, Ln [avr. xa prrif*.] cam ACxrAAn unc 8 ai pier c f qg 1 * 2 * vg cop 
syrutr arm aeth, item 1. al Lcif tovg xcnyova avrov 

Ttschbndorf, N. T. Edit. 8. crltica minor. 18 


274 11, 49. KATA AOTKAN 

Mt £~£-m 49 uu * did tovto xai *} atxpiu tov &eov sixer* anoatehi etcr 
avtovo 7tQ(xpqra<T xal anoatoXowr, xal e£ avtcov dnoxtevovaw xal 
ixduo^ovaiv, 50 tva ixCtjtrid^ to cupa nanmv t&v nQoyrpow to 
ixxwvoftevov anb xata^oXija xoa/wv and ttfl yevedo tamp, 
9cSuln 51 dnb aifiatoa'AfieX ma afyuttoa Zaxaoi'ov tov anoXopevov fM- 
ta£v tov &vatvurrtjQiov xai tov otxov ' vai Xeyoo ifiiv 9 ixfyty&fa 8 " 

j \ - - t CO 149.5 > * « ~ - « * 

Mt 23, 13 rou ano ttja ysveaa tavtrja. 04 ovat vpw to*o" vomxam, ott 
fjoate ti\v xXeitia ttja yvoicBoxs* avtol ovx 8ioijX&at8 xai tov<s but- 
eQXOfMvova ixcaXvaats. 

53 H8W Kaxei&ev ifeekd'ovtoG avtov t^avto oi yQafiftatsia 
xal ol (frctQtcaioi dsweotj £v£%bw xai dnoatofAati^Btp avtov neol 
nXeiovw , 54 ivBdoeiovtsa, JhiQevaai ti ex tov otoftatoa aitov * 

49. txdwtovaw cum abtaaii unc 8 al pier (:: hoc tantnm loco et 1 These 
2, 15 legitur) . . . hbclx al 12 dio^ovatv 

50. txzvwofitvov cum hacdegluaii al ... g exxwofitvov cum hkmbyx 
rA al plu . .. b 33. 69. ixxtxvfitvov | ano sec: D a b c i 1 q syr cu Lcif 


51. cwro sine tov (Gb') cum kbcdlx 1. 33. ... g add tov (: : ut Mt) cum 
ATA An unc 8 al pier | tioa sine tov cum wbdlx 1. 33. ... g add tov (:: 
utMt) cum AcrAAn unc 8 al pier | fr/apiov (et. Lcif): d etc add vtov 
f}aQax*ov (: : e Mt) 

52. narjk&oyte (Gb") cum mabc s de^hlmta (c* latet) al u fere .. . g (httjX- 
&tri (a tnrjX&.) cum E*GK8UVXAn al plu 

53. xaxib&tv tM&ovtoa avtov cum mbcl 33. cop syrP m 8 ... 69. nil 
nisi xcu (Gb") ... g Ln Xty ovtoa d« avtov (d al om) tavta nooa av- 
xova cum adxtaaji unc 8 al pier it (b i 1 q om it , b om tavta, a om 
7i(>. avt.) vg 8yr°u et BCft et P *** arm aeth. At dx etc add tvwt*ov 
navtoa tov kcutv , similiter test al | o* yoa/ifi. xcu (haec 243. om, 
Gb°) o*. po^iffcuo*: d it 6 vg o* <jDa^«ra*ot xcu o* yojtuxo*, al 8 i syrP mg 
ot vofiixoi xcu ot <pct()HJatot> 

54. cfcJ^cvovTco 1 absq additam cum »x 1306? am cop : s Ln Ti add av- 
tov cum abclaah unc 8 al pier vg (f interrogante$ eum) syr* 111 " aeth . . . 
d it 7 8yr ca arm plane om, item (qui ntq. nkttov. omiserant) al 4 ; hinc 
Gb 00 . Praeterea scripsimus sine xw £i?t. aut t^t. cum kbl al 6 cop 
. . . Gb (sed 00 ) Sz Ln add tytovnta cum ACDXrAAn unc 7 al plu it syr 
cu e t sch y item g xa* fyrowT. cum (s 811 ) al mu vg syrP arm | fhtftv 
acu rv (kh al aliq ante -fhjQ. pon) tx x. atop, avtov : d cupoQ/ttjv nva 
Xaptut amov , similiter a b c e i 1 q syr cu . . . haec omnia Gb°. Post 
atofi. avtov nil addidimus cum hbl cop aeth ... g (sed Gb 00 ) Ln add 
wcs xat<nyoQTia<aaw (axa 69. -ffovcw) avrov cum ACDxrAAH unc 8 al 


RATA AOlfKAN 12, 8. 275 

Mt 10, 98- 


1 Ep oh imowax&Bioav ttav pvQiddw tov o%Ijov, mate xara- utit, « 
xatew aXkqXovc, ijQ$aro Xtyut n^ba tovc (ux&tpaa avtov no&iov' 
iUm * nqooijpzB iavtour anb ifjo Cvfjop tAv <PctQU7cucw > fata 
am? vnoxQutta. 2 14S * 5 ovdev 8h avyxexalufipdvop iativ o ovx ano- u*"* 
xakxp&TjGercu, xcu xqvntbv o ov yvaxj&tjcetai. 3 ap& coy oaa Mtl0 '** 
iv Jtj axoria etnate, iv top qxorl axovc&tjoetai, xal o noba to ova 
ualqaara h tous to/woia, xqQvx&Tjoercu ml tow dcofuttay*. 
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tirtwp to c£fia xcu peta tavta py 8%6vtmv mousGoteQbv ti novq- 
aoi. 5 vnofei'ito de vjuv tiva <pojlt]&iji8' (po@Tj&?ji8 tbv per a to 
anoxtwai $%ovta tfcovciav ipfialur tie trp yittvav. vat Uytn 
i'fuf, tovtop qsofirj&Tjte. 6 ov%l nine atoov&ia nwXovrtai aacar 
giant dvo; xat sv «| avtmp ovx iativ imXeXtjopevor iveimov tov 
&eov. 7 dXka xa) al toi%BQ tija xeyalfjG vpmv ndoai rjQi&firfVTcu. 
fiij (pofteio&e' noV.oor gtqov&udv diacpEgete. 8 Xtym di v/ify, naa 
06 a* OfAoXoytjoq iv spot Ipnooa&ev tah ar&Qconow, xal 6 vuxs 
too arfrQnnov bpoXoy^tm & avtqi sftfiQotf&e* tw ayyeXcov tov 

omnrtd itpler V g syr««h et P arm , D f eyr c « **<» tvqoHHv xarrjyoQijeat, 
avrov : : of Mt 12, 10 Mc 8, 2 
XII, 1. 7Tf*>Tor com antecedentibas conjn'ngunt (ut et. f Gb Sz Ln) ma 
cdkhXaii al pin cop ayrP . . . % • (et. Wtst Mtthaei al) com eeqq conjg 
at ola ai ma c f i 1 q syr«™ et 9Ch aeth . . . b vg (et. 1801**) out, item 

4. anoxTivvovron' e. haekluvta al pins 88 , item Gb Sz anomtvonvn' c. 
dghsxad al plus 60 ... f (a Gb Sz) oTTOxTfwoTT. cum b al ma, M 
etnoxreuvovr. | ntpaffortoov cam kbeghlmbuvxtaa al pin Or 1 * SM et 
*» 3S1 . . . Gb' Ln ntQtaoov cam adkbh al 10 

5. i/orra tlovataw (Gb') com MABDBXRxn al*° fere it vg syrP arm Or 1 ' 
898 et 49 * ... g ctovff. txorr. cum KQHiisuvrAA al plu aeth Tert^"® 4 ' 98 

6. nulowrcu cam hb 13. 69. 346. Epiph 814 ... f Ln nvhnat cam adl 
BXTAAn one 8 al pier Or 1 ** 88 Epiph 888 CyrW"» :: at Mt 

7. firj sine ow cam blb 157. a b ff 8, i 1 sah cop Ambloe 1 * 88 ... f add 
ow, Ln [ow] com HADQXTAAn anc 8 al omn fere c e f q g 1 ' 8 " Tg syr 
en et ** et br ar m aeth Or *> *» (: : ut Mt) 

8. onoloyijaij cum nb^fohklm quyxaii etc . . . AB*DRsrA onoXoyrjet* 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

876 12, 9. KATA AOrKAN 

&eov ' 9 H6,2 6 tis dovrfGapsvoa ps ivcbmov tew dv&oamw dnaQ~ 

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KATA AO»AN 12. 25. 277 

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woi xraAn unc 9 al pier (sed pr etc tv tavtvi) 

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Variant al 

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tantum non fluct 

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D 64* 885. | 7TQO(J&twai, : Ti pon post tm r. fjl. avr. cum B (: : non 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC t 

278 12, 26. KATA A01KAN 

26 ei ow ovdi iXdyyotov dwaa&e, %i mgl tow kowtow (ASQipvdre ; 

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item Mt) | itijxv* sine tva cum h*bd i 1 Bah cop ... g Ln add tva (: : 
ut Mt) cum H^iXQT'^o^rAAn unc 8 al omn^d itpler T g etc 

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27. naff ovte nj&H ovre vipcuv. c. d a syr** Clem 831 Tert™*'© 4 * 88 ... g 
Ln jra><F au£wc * • ov noma ovdi rr\&n cum »ABLQT w °ixrAAn unc 9 al 
omu vid £ q gi* «• vid V g (item it 6 , Bed libere variant) sah cop syr ntr 
arm aeth : : at ita Mt | ovSb cum BEPaHXQ8T w °iuvrAAH al plu a (g 1 * 
*?) vg arm aeth ... hadlmx al 80 fere it 8 Byrc^etutr Clem 881 o*» ovde, 
hinc Ln [ott] ovSe : : ut Mt 

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tov ayQov \ orra <rrjfii<JO* c. hbla 262. e sah cop*.. . g Grip. out. c. d 
EQ»upplH8vxrA al plu ff 8, vg«d etc, item Ln interpositis ** (sn etc 
iv te>) ayqv cum akmqt w <»uii etc | awufa (b -«*£<», ita Ln) cum 
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. . . g Ln ff it (:: ut Mt) cum ADxrAAn unc 8 al pier itpler vg sah cop 
achw ex ds gyr p arm ae th Clem 881 Ath h 66a 

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pier Basott» 2T « Ath 1 * 868 ; item D Clem 888 ^** 

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&tov (:: ut Mt) cum AD 8 QT w o*xrAAn unc 8 al omn**d d itPl vg syr 
cuet»tr Clem 888 Mcion*«rt4,i9 et epiph8H.BW | rawa sine addiUm 
(Gb") cum k^behlqsvaa al plus 80 a e sah syr™ (etP t*t) arm^d Tert 
marc 4, te ... g a dd navta (:: ut Mt), Ln [»arr.] cum h*AX>©*«PP1kmt 
woI oxrn al plu it 8 vg cop syr« c h e tP c* arm^ 8 ' aeth Epiph^ux 814 
et 88 * 


RATA AOrKAN 12, 39. 279 

32 m * 10 JWSjf mflov, to (uxqbv noi^fiov' ott evdoxqaev 6 natrjQ 
vpuv dovvai vfuv tip (taodeiav. 33 JM ' 2 IIwXtpuTe tic vndqywxa M t If i9~si 
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adorio* Baa eth848 Dam *» TO . . . Ln a* oaq>v. vfiunr cum akqii al mu it 
vgOr a » 81fl Const 7 > 81 » 9 al 

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okxta alplu Bas^^et 9 * 185 Antioch Dam 

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lt^oIx 33. 131. Cyrlttcaoa ga h gyr ach ae th, similiter arm (et. Meth 889 ); 
item 1. 118. 209. praemissis his: xcu tav tX&tj ttj (ant^tvrj </>v).a*r\ 
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diaxornau avronr. Similiter ac 1. etc ff a * i 1 mm, item Ir^ta* gyrc^ 
paullo aliter d c e . . . g Ln Ti xcu tar tX&q iv ttj tiivxtqa (fvlaxij 
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G Ln add ot dovXoi, cx;*ro» cum APQT w o*xrAAn unc 8 al omn^ d c f q 
vg etc 

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dio<>. x. ovx. av. per injjuriam omissis) e i sah wo .i d syr«o arm zoh T^ert 
marc*, w ... g Ln Ti ^DrjYoprjO't v av xat ovx av (Ti om cum h & bklp 
sn etc) a^rix. (:: at itaTit lectione non flnct) cum H*etcABLPQT wol xr 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

280 12. 40. KATA AOTKAN 

olxov avrov. 40 xal vpeia yiveG&e eroifiot , on % <Sga ov doxetre 
6 viog rov dv&gconov egxerui.. 

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iv fjfiiga « ov nooadoxa xal iv ago. rj ov yivwGxet, xal dtxoroftyoei 
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aah unc 8 al pier itPla vg etc | dtoQvx&tjvcu cum hbl 83, 157. (:: 
cum iisdem fere, hdil, ap Mt recepimus) ... g Ln diogvyrjvcu cum 
AP Q T woi xrAAn unc 8 a j pi er Bas etl1 Dam 

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Ti x. vp. ovv cum apxtaaii unc 8 al pier d syr utr Ba8 et1 ^ 47 Dam 8 ' 788 
. . . d8 t x. Vft. di 

41. ot/rw cum MAPQT^o^rAAu unc 8 al pier f g 4 -vid q V g sah cop ayr cu et 
utr aeth . .. Ln om cum bdlrx al 8 b c e ff 2 ' g 1, i 1 sax arm 

42. xa* itmv cum mbdl al 8 1 cop aeth . .. i cop dB syr cu et 8 °h sine co- 
pula, sed i syr cu et « ch add UU ... g Ln Ti a,n. d« cum apqkt wo1 x 
TAAn unc 8 al pier itP 1 ®' vg sah syrP arm | o ygovipoo (Gb") cum bd 
eghkpqst wo1 Vaa al mu sah syrP m e aeth . . . s xa» fpqovvfioa cum ha 
LMUxr al plu it vg cop syr cu et 8 ch et P txt arm Or 8 ' 189 | toi/ cum ha 
BPRT woI rAAn unc s al pier Or 4 ' 809 . . . Ln om c. dlqx 60 8v 63 8 v Or 3 ' ,89 | 
ro aitofi. cum KALPQBT wol xrAAn etc ... bd 69. om to 

47. t. xw£. avrot; cum kbde*klt wo *xii al plus 60 Bas*» al9cdd Cyr*» 481 et 
788 Antioch 1011 ... g Ti t. xi'47. tavrov cum AE^^PP^MRsevrAA al 
permu Bas 8 » 819 «d e tw88 8sl | xcufirj cto»^. 17 (17 cum HBTWoi33. ; g Ln 
Ti firfde cum ABxr AAn unc rell al pier f vg etc) Ttotrjaaa : d 69. Or 8 ' 
«8siib Dial 8881111 etc xcu ^17 7Tovrj(ra<j, item Or 8 * 888 Cyr*** 81 xa* py notifO. 
(Or now*) auto ... L 13. 8P e b c e ff 8 * jA q etc xa* feij< fTOt^^ao" 
... g 8 ' ista omnia. om • V 


KATA AOTKAN 12, 55. 881 

mm H cj) ed6&?] nokv, ndkv typrftrfivtcu naq avtov, xal cp na- 

Q&mo noli, tkqujoojeqov ampovoiv avrov. 49 ,eo " 5 IIvq r{k- 

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pvetcu ovtcaa' 55 xal oiav vino? m>iowa 9 Myers on xaiaw 

49. tm (Gb") cum HABKLMT woi uxn al plus 40 Clemeclogwo Or 2 ' 117610 - 
«8 et wi- Ms ct 8,«74 Archel (Gall 8 ) 609 Meth 818 Eus dem m- soe et pB eiiwk 
^eteclogsa Ath 1 » 888 et 8 » 17 Bas •» 66 * etc . . . g Ti ««r cum DEG«*ppl H 
R««BUvrAA al plu Meth 70 « Bas**?* 848 chr 2 > 878 

50. orov (Gb' prob Schn) cum habdbxmbt"o*uii al plus 80 Or 1 * 29 ^ 4 * 148 
et JMcod Dion* 161 (ap Hai 8 » 188 ) . . . g ov cum eg'uppIhsvxtaa al plu 
Or*. *»ed 

52. cr m oixcr) cum kbd^l c e ff 2 * M*» syr ou Hil «• . . . g Ti tv otx. ivc 
c. AT w °lxrAAn unc 8 al omn*id etc 

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**... 5" (post t^ktm' pane to posito) oWptpta&qfffTou cum AxrAAn 
unc 7 al pier sahm«nt 8yr cu e tutr arm aeth Tertm 8 ™ 4 * 28 | em vm 
(6b") cum hbt wo| xtaa unc 7 al plu Eusdem . . . g Ln iq> i*w cum adk 
tn al permu | t m &vyaTt{>a cum kbd , item (ita Ti) «7r* tfjv &vy. l- 
twoI a j4 Eugdem ... g tm &nyaxQt cum AxrAAn unc 8 al pier I tm ptj- 
"po cum ht w °1, item (ita Ln Ti) tn. trjv firjr. bdl al 6 Eus dem ... c 
im fJijTQi, cum AxrAAn unc 8 al pier | tm tyv (x al om) vvptp. sine av~ 
tija cum h*a* 1 cop wl etP«* r4 Eusdem Tertmarc<,2» # e ff Ln Ti add av- 
tijo' cum x© ABD LxrA 8 An nnc rell al pier (T woi ' eavrijtr) itP ler vg etc | 
*y (x al om) mw&tQav sine avTiycr cum h*bdl 157. copP«tr4 Eus 
dem Tertmare ... g Ln Ti add awi\o cum »«AT woi XTAAn unc 8 al pier 
it vg etc 

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pier BasethSis | tm cum MBL al ##g ff LnTi a^ro c. ADT wo4 xrAAn unc 
rell al pier [ or* c. kabkluxh al 28 fere e sah cop syr cu et u tr arm Bas 
rth . . . Ln [or*] , g Ti om cum DEGHMSxvrAA al plu b c f ff 2 ' i 1 q vg 


12, 56. KATA AOVKAN 

iataty xai ytvercu. 56 inoxoirai, rb nooffomov rye yija xai rov 
ovoavov otdars doxipdCw , rbv ds xcuqov roxrov trma ov tioxi- 
pd£ere; 57 Ti de xcu dqf eavrmv ov XQ&ere rb dutcuov; 
Mt 5, a** oo (off yag vnayeia per a rov amowov gov en agxovra, 

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6 ngdxrtog ffe (take! eh (pvXaxtjv. 59 Xeym (TOi, ov firj tfeeX&qff 
ixei&ev low xai rb iffjarov Xenrbv dnofopff. 


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284 13, 10. KATA A01TKAN 

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KATA AOTKAN 13, 26. 285 

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ubi nemo alterum om) 

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v&t : : bine -r\a&e omnino plus quam -iff&e auctoritatis habet 


286 13, 27. RATA AOTKAN 

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cat oxio9 mt m g Ti praem riyer cum ALT^^xrAAn unc 8 al omn^d 

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RATA A01* KAN 14,4. 287 

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e f q mm sah miint cop syr cu et ttr syrP c* aeth cat * Cyr luc829 . .'. Ln 


288 14, 6. RATA AOTTKAN 

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KABLn 1. 13. 69. 118. 124. 131. 167. al 18 fere (it vg ceciderit) ... g Ti 
tpmotixtxt cum dxtaa unc 8 al longe plu (:: cf Mt) | tv cum hbegh 
MBUvrA al longe plu etc ... aoklxau al 20 b c 1 vg om, hinc Ln 
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unc reil al pier 

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al pier a f (item ad hate respond, illi b c ff B * g 1 ' *• i q vg) sah cop 
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vero ntaaffO-at sit adhibitum, avantaat scriptura tantum a avantai 
differre censendum est, quemadmodum innumeris locis a* et i pro- 
miscue in antiquissimis edd posita sunt. | tQt* cum hblx al 4 ... g Ln 
unr\ cum ADrAAii unc 8 al pier Antioch 1081 | navrw cum hablx al 14 


KAXA AOrKAK 14, 18. 

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ante arot. (ita Ti»y*°P 8 ) | ama^ora: ifa E 4 GHKMsrvxrAAn etc; kab 
de*£r al avc^nn.Qova ' (ui el Ji. 1. et v. 21 'Ln edidit, itenfi Trog). 
Cf Phrynich. Bekk. p. 9, 2 2: <xva7Zf;(jia o\{i to? rj rijv ^o>T^t', or 
Jus rrjff ft dty&oyyov, oht oi u/uad-ria. 

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Aug ... g Ln Ti yepo o. * c abplph unc rel} al pier a. b vg go cop syr 
ntr jjintass £ us I U ct*6 ^ 

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113 ... ff Ln Ti oa c, ad c a An unc 8 al pier (it vg qui) Clem 166 Ers'mc 
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et 190 a^P* ma J 74 ; Qr 1 " 13 '" 896 al ... . ^(ex.corOH^^euvrH. al, plus ,so 
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aad unc 8 al pier it vg 8yr utr Clem 166 Or 8 * I 74 al | pky<% cum hab*lpr 
tahI unc 8 . al plu Or^ 774 et^ a " al ... Ln (exerrore de b*) Ti litem) 
fityav cum B 8 DAn a al 88 fere schol 237 Clem 185 

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que sine ?rd*Ti» cum n*et°BLR b e ff** i 1 q (hi Latt omnes: tarn pa- 
Ti»chehdokf, N. T. Edit. 8. crltlca minor. 19 

i by Googh 

£90 14, 19. KATA AOTKAN 

if Quarto dnb fuaa navrsa noQaiteiG&ai. o nqwoa ehrev avrcp ' 
dyQor tjyoQaaa xal e^co avaywjv QeX&ow idetv avtov' iqanm ae> 
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avtov' 8;eX&e tayiws eta tac nXatsiaa xal gifiac rija xoXeauy, 
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tova ddehpoba xal too ddekpda, hi oe xal trjv iavtov t/wj|nj?, ov 

raium est) . . . g Ti add navra , Ln [nam a] cum H*APxrAAn unc 8 al 
pier f vg syrP arm aeth Ba8 ba P* ; item ante ttotji. d etc 
18. navtta naqcumaO; cum rbdlbx l. it vg syr« ch arm ... g Ti ara- 
Qwtctc&. Tuxvx. cum Apr a An unc 8 al pier go cop syrP | o nqwxoai p 
c e praem xat , hinc Lu [xat] | t/at avayxtjv cum HABLBXr AAn unc 8 
al omn^ ... Ln avayx. */« cum dp, item Latt | tttX&tov tdttv c. 
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&uv xou iduv cum APXrAAn unc* ai omn vld it vg etc 

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al M fere it vg go cop arm aeth Bas ba P t687 ... g add txtwoa cum 
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TZf^ova. Gf ad v. 13 | rvq>X. xat /oia. c. MBDFKLMPUn al 26 fere itP Ier 
vg go cop etc ... g /wA. xa» xvq>X. cum EGBBSVxrAA al plu e syr ca 
et *° h arm . . . A al 8 ayrhr om *wA. xat 

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au unc 8 al' pier itPl* r vg etc 

23. f*ov o o*x. cum NABDff r KLBxn etc ... g Ln o owe. fiov cum prAA unc 8 
al omn fere itPl er vg 

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et 8 * 808 ... g Ti naxtq. taxnov cum BLBr al mu cat© 1115 | *t* fo xa* 


KATA AOTKAN 14, 34. 291 

flwata* elval pov fiadyrtjo. 21 oaria ov paojdCu xov axavobv 
tavrov xat SQX etni omata [aov, ov dvvatai thai (aov fia&r^a. 
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*<n) syrP . . . Ln Ti tit St kou cum blba, item d ff 2 - Hil 880 ArnbP 8 U8 | 
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b* aeth) ... g Ln Ti xa* oattc cum mca(d)xiaji unc 9 al fere omu it 7 
vg syr c » et ntr . . . 157. arm oat. yay \ tavrov c. abl 2 m 2 a al 10 ... g av- 
iov c. hdl*ah unc 8 al pier BaB^Pt 628 : : ut Mt | *w. pov fta&. cum k 

B£F6BL8VXAA etc .. ? Ln pOV HV. /*<*&. CUEQ AKM 2 UII al plu C ff 2 ' Vg 

(et. am*) 

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«*«*. cum KAKGHKMSUrAA al plus 60 ; item a f . .. g (= Ob Sz) to 
*flo«r aw. cum fvxb al permu Basbapt««» et 8 » 125 

29. aiT«> tn7tai£>. c. habklbuxh al mu Eph 266 Bas bft P t628 . . . * *^7rai2;. 
<»»'T. cum BQHMSvrAA al plu f vg go ayr omn Bas 8 ' 128 

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one* al pier Baa ba P*, item it vg go cop arm etc j povUvotrcu cum 
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omn^d c vg go rell Baabaptew | v7Z artrjoai cum kabdbxa al 4 ... g 
"Kant/a. cum LrAn unc 8 al pier Baa 1 *** 1 

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*eth om) nottfw avion cum ARr^An unc 8 al plus 80 go Bas b »P* 8 » 

33 - «*y. /tioi« fta&tir. cum mblb al 8 a go cop syrutr Or^ 19 ! 488 . . . g Ti pov 
«w. ^o^t. c. AU 9 xrAAii uuc 7 al pier f vg arm Atb**l» ,8a etc . .. du* 
u " MOV pav. kivat. 


29* 14, 35. RATA AOlfKAN 

Me©; so Kdkov ovv to aXa' iav be xai to aXa pojpaWrp, ev tivi dorv- 

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dpaQTwldi axovetv avtov. 2 xai &ieyoyyv£ov o! ts <I>aQiaaioi xai 
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avvea&iei avtota. 3 187,6 elmv 6i noba avtova tijv 7ta$aBoX.qv 
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ifuv oti ovtoaa ^a^a sV zqp ovquvcp eat at em ivt dpaQZcoXcp (Aeta- 

84. ovv cam hblx 69. 124. 346. copw* etP° tr4 cat°* «•»»*... c Ln oni 
(:: at Mc) cum adbaah unc 8 al pier it vg cop sohw ex dx rell | to aktt 
bio cum h*d (:: eandein formara in Mc ex kla recepimus; debebat 
vero et. in Mt ex hd recipi) ... g Ln Ti to alaa bis cum m c blr rell 
unc et min omn vld | dt xcu cum mbdlx al" it 6 ygcdd pi u syr ou et** 011 
... g St cum ARrAAn unc 8 al pier e f ff*' i vg« d gah cop syrP arm aeth 
(::cf MtetMc) 

XV. 1. rci/To) tyyi^. noun, (lb na. tyy.) cum habkmuh al 18 fere (lm) go 
B a8 eth»is g t y Y avTia „ aVTt cnm DEGHSVxrAA al pier a o f ff*- f 
ayrP arm ... al* it 4 vg al om navx. 

2. o* xt cum hbdl ,..;omff cum AxrAAn unc 8 al omn vW cop 

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ai'T. tv c. hbdS* al° e ... g Ln iv ft out. (;: ut Mt lectione non fluct) 
cum ALxrAAH nnc 8 al pier itP^r d vg rell Meth 686 Baseth«a Bas*** 141 
| ivtvT]HOVTa cum unc omnib al pi . . . g iwivrjnovia cum min use non 
ita mu 

5. aeroi' cum MODFKLxrAn etc ... g Ln Ti lavrov cum aeghmsuva etc 

6. ovvKctkn (ffvpK. cum md, v. 9 et. aa; e Ln Ti avy*. cum ab rell) cum 
KABLxrAn unc 8 al plu ... dfa al 30 avvxalaxcu (<rvy*.) | ffv*z. cum h 
da, v. 9 et. A ... g Ln Ti ffvyx* cum ab rell 

7. xaqa tv t. ovq. tvtcu cum mbl 33. 157. . .. g Ln Ti x*(>- *<7T. <> *• 


RATA AOrKAN 15, 17. 2BS 

\oovm ?} : im evwyxorra hvia dtxaiouj ohtVBff ov XQeiar fyovatv 
fieiarouxj. 8 ia8 * 10 *H tiff yvvri doaxpaff qjow* fc'xa, iccp ano- 
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xorta: g *>t«?ijn. at v. 4 

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ill al plua* 5 ... * Ln -Ittrat. cam adxghm svrA al pin | xou ynro- 
rwj iine articulo cam kbl al pauc (accedente d tomt y#*r. areu f »A.) 

. . . 9 xai tour (m al s toiht) y«r. cam AxraAii one 7 al pier (item M^ 
al 5 ) | <rv*x». cum mad a . . . c Ln Ti <rv/%a, cam bl rell 

10. ^irfTcc* ante /«{>« cam hblx etc . .. ?Ln post /of a cam ArAAnanc 
al pier aah go syrP, item d al it vg arm x<*Q a *<«•«« 

12. xou sec c. »*DxraAJi unc 8 omn^ it vg go syr 0,ian arm aeth . . . Ln 
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13. anarra cum MALxrAAn unc 9 etc ... Ln rcarta cum bdp al 

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16. yfftKHJu r. xoU. airr. cum apwaaii unc 8 al pier itP ler vg cop syr 
»«J»etParm Ps-Chr 10 ' 1010 et 8 * 659 ... hbdlb al 8 e f go vId sah syr«a 
•yr hr aeth cat ox 118 schol 287 et aHor /o^Taa^^va* | azro cum iisdem 
qui ytjAujcu etc ... kbdlb al *x (it vg de) 

17. *fij.euni mbl al 4 ...(Ln tvrtv cum ADPQRxrAAn unc rell al pier | 


294 15,18. KATAA01TKAN 

toi natQOG pov nsQiGoevovoiir a&tcav' iya* de hfup mde dnoMcofiat. 
18 dvaoraa xooevGopcu nooG top natiqa fiov xal iota avtcp' nor 
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fiaxgav dneypptOG slow avtbp 6 natrjQ avtov xal ianXayxfiG&ti, 
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cum dbu al 10 itP ler vg cop syr cu et 8Ch et hr etc ... f om *>& cum ap 
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cop aeth syr hr ... c {— Gb Sz) nou ovxtr* cum gmpz al plu etc 

20. itattQ. avtov cum HDHKLMPQR aa PPz&n al plus* . . . c Ti nax. *av- 
toi/ cum ABsasurrA al pennu 

21. tit. St a\ma o v«xr cum hapqb 8 uppxta(a)ii unc 8 al pier itP le * vg 
etc . . . Ti tin. dt o vmmt avrw cum bl al 4 etc | ovx<r» cum habdk 
Ln al it yg sah cop syr hr arm cdd aeth ... c xcu ovxtx. cum eohmpq 
B"PPsuvxrAA al pier syr«u e t »* go arm«d Const MM | vnoc aov 
sine additam cum AiPQE^PPrAAn unc 7 etc Aug^aeitews, ssdlsorte 
. . . kbdux etc add no^aov fit &a tva xwv fiiad-uav gov 

22. itfvtyxar* sine xayv cum APQBrAAn unc 8 al pier sah syr 8ch et P *** 
DamP arM0 ... Ln praem rayv com hblx (item D al 8 To/tanr) it vg 
etc | (TroXrjv com HABD*K*LPQn al pauc ... q (Gb°) praem ttjp cum d* 


23. tfKQfce cum kblbx it vg etc .. . s Ln tvtyxavcto cum AEHXMPSUTAn 
al pier go Ps-Chr 8 * 868 , item qqva al tvtyxorcta 

24. <m £jjcrf ? cum hadlpqrx unc rell al omn vld it vg etc . . . b cop syr 
■ch arm f^oty :: cf ad v. 32. Praeterea pergimus sine xcu cum ha 
bolpqbx al 80 fere it vg cop etc ... g (sed Gb 00 ) add xcu cum taaix 


KATA AOTKAJH 16, 1. 295 

26 xal nooaxateaatavoo ha row naitiw inw&dvero ri eirj ravra. 

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gov rbv iaoc%ov rbv airevrov, on vytaivovra avrov dnikafev. 

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0a>7 naoexdXei avrov. 29 6 di dnoxQi&eia elnev rq> naroi itiov 
roaavra irrj dovfavco aoi xal oidmors ivroXrp gov naoijX&ov, xal 
ifid ovdenors etimxaa toupov iva fieza roiv qjiXcDv pov eixpQar&oi* 
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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

298 16, 20. KATA AOl'KAN 

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aeth Clem 888 Dial 687 ... «■ praem oa, Ln [off] c. AprAAii- unc 8 al pier 
it 9 vg ayru* r Chr 1 * 878 | nXxoyMvoff cum habdsfghlpxaa al mu . . . g 
rjXxup. cum KMSuvrn al plu 

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... g praem xm> t^uu*, Ln [r. y*/.] cum H A(D)pxrAAn unc 8 al omn 
-rid a f g 1 ' vg go syr utr etc | iniXuxov c. hablx 33. . . . g antXti/. c. 
prAAn unc 9 al pier 

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cum minusc vix mu 

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al omn^ld 

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■oh et hr ft rm aeth etc . . . g Ln add av cum (A)xrAAn 8 unc 7 al plu 
b syrP etc | wfo (Gb' Sz) cum unc omn al 190 etc ... ode cum 1. al 

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▼* d a e m Dial 887 Chr 1 ' 677 Ephr 818 | tv&tv cum HABLxrAA unc 8 al 195 etc 
... $ (= Gb Sz) frtiv&tv cum xn al non ita mu ... d c e m om I o* 


KATA AOTKAN 17, 2. 299 

ft, ndtap, ha niptyqp avtov sir tor olxov tov natooo pov' 
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ibd al* • 

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*srA al permu e ayr iCh Dial 887 . Praeterea edidimus sine chtm cam 
kbl d arm Ephr ... f Ln Ti add avxw cum ADfifxrAAn unc 9 al omn 
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BimjVTAAn al plu am fa 

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cam HABrAAn unc 8 al plu | ovdt tov cum HLxrAAH unc 9 al pier ... Ln 
•itf iav eum ajbd g 8er 

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•••fTiotn cum Ea*HX8vrAAn al plu e syrP *** DamP** 680 | tov (et. 
(Ob Sz) cum habdlxtaah unc 9 al longe plu Or 8 * 601 etc ... ? e om 
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••• ? Ln t*n tX&tw xa axa. eum ADrAAn unc 9 al omn vld itpl«* vg rell 
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800 17, 8. KATA A01TKAN 

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arm aeth (Clem 308 ) ... g add St c. ArAAn unc 9 al pier syrP :: cf Mt [ 
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cop syrschetP (excc°db*™)et h * arm* oh persP sax Clem 808 DamP Br 
888 ... g add tia at cum DxrAAn unc 9 al pier c e q vg«d syrP bars arm 
two Antioch ls88 

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cum nrAn unc 8 al plu Clem 808 Or 1 ' 884 | fia at xat: akh p« c r 7P e b 
add tav, hinc Ln [ectv] \ tnraxia sec sine additam cum hbdlx al pane 
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Or 1 ' 254 Damp** 82 " 

5. ttnav cum hbdlx 209. ... ? ttnov cum ArAAn unc 9 al pier 

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(ignorabat b) t* ft/trf cum degh al permu | raxyrtj cum ABrAAn 
unc 9 al omnvld itP Jci? vg etc . . . hdlx s cop om 

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longe plu go syrP *** Cyp 810 | tv&twa: eoniunximus c. seqq (et Sz) 
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avantaat cum alma al mu Antioch 1157 : : cf ad 14* 10 

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xrAAn unc 9 al pier itP lor vg syr«*«" arm Antioch 1168 | t« $ovXu (h* 
om) sine tx. cum m«abdlx a b c ff 8 * i ftlt 1 q s cop A'mb . .. g (Gb°) 
add txiutb) cum taa unc 8 al pier e f vg go syrP arm etc , Kn w 8cr 


KATA AOIKAN 17, 19. 801 

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Praeterea g Ti add ov Soxo), Ln [oi> (Joxw] cam ADrAAn unc 9 al pier 
itplw yg go syr u * Antfoch 1158 . . . omisiraus cam hblx al* a e cop syr 
h* arm aeth Cyp 

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ah anc 9 al pier etc ... Ln om cam ax al* itPl» r vg Baa r9 OT 4W | 
(Gb') cam habdl al 8 it vg cop syr** arm aeth Or et Or*** Epiph 
»»<* Bas*®** 467 Antioch ... g ati cum xtaaii anc 9 al pier gyr^tr | 
wpn).ofttv cam HAB*r>r*LUxrn al pltt it yg go etc . . . b 8 bqhkmsvaa al 
perma Or 8 * 686 Bas ^**"* Aritioeh oqpetAo/iw 

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one rell al omn^'d (it V g cum tret, etc) | dux fit gov cum kbl, item 
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(:: ut ubique edidimus) . . . g Ln TI -Qttaa cum B 8 DGHKMUTAn al plu 

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item Ln •!•/ o* dex. earn bl« ... D it 8 ovrei d«»ta | o» ima cum ad 


802 17, 20. KATA AOTKAN 

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al pier go syr hr etP Bas eth DamP* r 

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cum ADxrAAn unc 8 al pier a b o f q go syrP aeth Or 1 » S88 et*» 8M Or 
lnts, 0M ::cfv . 23c. 11. pp. 

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add avrov cum ax al mu itP lu vg«d e t m »» mu syr utr cop aeth 

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copula (Qb') c. D« r KLin* al 60 fere e q am ing . .. kk etc xa» *^of ••• 
f Ln i/ tdov cum ABBGHRBUvrAAii* al plu a c d g 8 * J go cop etc 

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rov wov: g* 1624 et 1633. om tov per errorem 

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plu | anamaa c. KARrAAn unc 8 al onm^d . . . Ln nartaa c bdlx 

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pane Eu»»aci88 

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Eaa loclw a (similiter) cop syre^etutr aeth ... g xa%a taita (Gb' prob 
Seha raiTa : : invitis edd qui accentas babent) cum H*ALrAA unc 7 al 
pier, item secundum haec beef ff *• i 1 q vg go : : cf ad 6, 23 

31. §9 ayqa) com mbl 13. 69. 346. go ... j Ln « t« ayo. (:: at Mt) c. 
ADBxrAAn uuc 8 al pier 

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eornm pp. nullo legitur) ... ? Ln r. ^t>/. at', ffaxra* cum harxtaad: 
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Xtan sec cam MALRSrAAii* al ma . .. g Ln anoXtari cum bdeghkmuvii* 
at plu. Id que sine additam cam mbdr 1. 83. 181. a arm ... f Ti add 
avtrp, Ln [a it.] cam ALrAAn unc 8 al pier itpl* r vg etc 

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omn (praeter b) al plu arm Bas^** 8 Cyrl» c87f . . . q (= Gb 8a) o f«r 
cam B al vix ma cop Euslae 1M | 7ta^aXijftit$: cum hablrxa . . . g 
naqa,Xriv>&. cum KHMBUVrA al pier . . . Dff r GKn etc Ttagakafifiarircu 

35. »* etc om versum | wort. Svo boc ordine cum h*bdl a cop ayr e Q 
Max tear (faom. 8 p. 9) ... <; dvo e&ort. cum AQRxrAAR unc 8 al omn 
*!d f Y g 8 yra^ etc | fj /«*o (et. g« Gb Sa) cum k*bdr etc . . . f Gb" Ti 
//w» cam ALQxr AAn unc 8 al plu I nagaXtjfi^O-. cum m*arlqrx ... g 
7taQaXi]<p&. cum DKOuKMBuvrAAn al omn vld | 17 dt tt($. cum k»blr 
13. 69. 346. Eusluci85 ... f Ln xa* 17 erfo. c. ADQxrAAn unc 8 al pier 
it vg etc 

36. Hnnc versum 5° (et. Sa) sic: oVo taoyrai (d etc om) *y t« (d om) 


M4 18, 1. RATA AOrKAtf 

«f*ox(x#tWfrf ktyovort ovTcp'i no*, xigteifr di.efaer avroia' oxov 

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fwi xonov rip XVQ av **v*rjv, ixdtxtjGG) avzrjV, tva fiti eh vtkoa 

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cum du al permu itP 1 syr cu et u *r arm Amb ltt0 Aug luc (ii ex Mt). ... • 
non dedlmus (nee hab fr Gb) cum Haii W*xr AAtt unc* al longe plu g 1 " 
! go ktfp aeth Bas 8 * 8 * Op* 5 « '. »".•'" 

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Amb^ 1 ** ... L'u [xcu], c*oitf cum Ab^QR^rin une' al plu etc | *m- 

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unc 8 al pier (a om) Cyr luc OT8 . Posuimus autem post xai o» ttirai c. 
ftBi/al 5 afni persP ... g Ln ante p» offo* (xcu ot, atr.) cum At>QR*rA 
' ' An unc 8 al'pler it' vg etc (:: ut Mf lectione non fluctj 

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, Q^8,a5o Baa 8tbM8 ... y T\ U, j* xw cum adqbxfaaii unc 7 al pier e 
f #*. gi- 2. | vg g0 3yr ca €t otr arm chr*» ?*• AnUo 1185 | aiToiJ<r euro x* 
et c , b ABKLii^BaoYxrAn a^ 60 , feue cop arm Or 3 - 650 ... ? om cum,*< c *i>E 
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. , Jiino Gb°. i " . t , , , ¥ ; ' 

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1 vg Hippantichrw , it ? Ti xa* ar^. oi'x cum ADQRrAAn aac 8 al pier 

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KATA AOrKAN 18, 13. SOS 

iQZOperq vnwntaCv P 8 - 6 slner tie 6 xvqumj' axovaate ti 6 xQvtija 
tip d&xiaa kfyei ' 7 6 di &ebo oi py fTdtprq tip exdixnaw tm 
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en tijo yrf<s; 

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usur tioccuoi xai i^ov&erovrtouj tows Xoutova tip fiagaSoiip tai- 
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toot by&aXpova mdoai us tot ovQavot, aXk' fovnttp to otij- 

5. vnmmabi earn kabdg 8 lqa al perma Base* 11 '" Cbr 8 * 888 DamP** 677 
.. . EG*HXM28UYxrAn al pin vnonta&i (Ob') et al 85 fere vnonutft 

7. no¥f\Gt\ com hbdgmquvxtaii al plus 50 . . . f no^au cam abhkxbsa al 
pin | tw powrtm* en*** c. hblq (item e gut eum inclamant) ; it 8 cl*- 
vumHum sine avroi ... g Ln t»* flowr. nqoo ai/rov com arxtaaii 
one 8 al omnvW etc | xai fuxxoo&vfiei (Gb') cam habdlqxh al 8 Gbr 
Antiocb e f g 8 * vg go flyr°u et br . . . ^ X ct< fiaxgo&vfiw cam rAAB (ex 
napera recognitione) one 8 al pier syr BCil etP DamP* r ; item omisso xo* 
80. 88. a b c ff 8 ' i 1 q 

9. & xa* cam hbdlmqrxa al sat mu a f vg . . . at An one 7 al plos 80 it 5 fa 8 
sab cop syrP go om xcw, bine Gb° Ln [xai) 

10. o «** com KALQTAAn one 8 al pier sab cop arm Or'» 184 Bas eth8T7 ... 
Ln Ti f mt com bdrx g«cr 

11. tavta sine additam com »* b c f ff 2 " i 1 q sab , item aetb ... f Ln 
praem nqoo (d xa&) tavzov com adqxtaaii one 8 al pier a go syr«n 
et ntr . . . Ti poit xavxa add ttdoo' eovr. (l avror) cam k^bl 1. 131. 
e Tg syrbr arm Or *» 18 * Cyp 806 f «<T7rco c. xABxrAAn anc 8 al pier Baa 
8 * ... Ln mo com dlq al pane Or^^et 8 »>«et*» 1M al 

12. airodi*cvtexw com h*b ... g Ln Ti cntodenaru cam hcadlqx one 
rell al omn^d Or 8 * 14 * al 

13. o dt ttX. com kbgl al e e sab cop ayrc u et«°& aetb Antiocb 1108 Cyp 805 
al . . . g Ln Ti xo* o «A. c. aboxtaah one 7 al pier itpl« r Tg go syrP 
etlv arm Bas eth278 | ckt tot ovquvo* post <^ra^ou cum hblqx 83. b c 
ff 8 * q go sab cop aetb syr 1 " ... g Ln ante effa^o* cam ADrAAU anc 8 

TiscBxxnoKr, N. T. Edit. 8. critic* minor. % 20 


806 18, 14. KATA AOTKAN 

0txx avtov Xsycov' 6 &eoa, iXda&tjti pot top afjutotmlop. 14 Xtyea 
M u iffut, xatifa ovtoa dedwawfAevoa eh tov olxov avtov 17 yog exet- 
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eavtbv vxpoo&t/cetat. 

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rai toovtee de 01 pa&tjtcu metifuov avtoia. lb oe Itjaovc 
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wr naidtov, ov pi] eiaeX&rj eh avttjv. 

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dya&e, t( mnqaaa Jawy* cridmov yfajQOvofitpco ; 19 elnev de avtop 
6 'Iijffovo' ti UB Xeyeur aya&ov; ovdela aya&ba el prj eur &eoa. 

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al pier a f vg syr cu et *** arm | to <ttij&o<t cum hbdklqxii al IB fere 
it vg arm Or 4 * 87 * Cyra^'et^© 8 " al ... q Ti e«r to atfj&. cum ataa 
nnc 7 al plu sah cop syrr Bas**** 877 

14. xaxtflTi cum habdlpxfaa unc 6 al pier e vg aetfa Cyp 806 ... KQUn al 
ma it 8 sah cop eyr cu et utr et hr Antioch 1108 Hil 4ll praem ot*, hinc 
Ln [or*] I t} yao txtufoa (Gb Sz) cam apqxtaaii anc 8 al uo fere go 
(quam quidcm uXe) syrP (accurate reddit 17 yao *x«.) Ba8ott» OT8cdd 
Cyrluc 818 ... s (=Gb Sz) v txnvoo c. minusc vix mu Antioch 1108 arm 
... Ln nay txiwov c.hbl al 4 sah cop Or , » 480 , item d ^oUAoy 7rat£ a*- 
»c*voy tov 9ao»ffaioy | o*« cam HBDB r iLPQxraAn anc 8 etc . . . Ln xa* 
(:: ut 14, 11 et Mt 23, 12) cum A al 8 it (et d) vg S yr ca et«* etl» r 
aeth , 

15. tnextfrnr com mbdol al 8 itP 1 * 1 " vg cop syr« a et P ... q t7ttr^rj<rwf c 
AiPXTAAn unc 8 al pier e syr acl » (:: cf 11. pp.) 

16. 7TQO<JixaXtaaxo (dq al 4 -Xato) a via (b om) Itywr cum mbl a cop 
syrsch^ item do al 4 . . . q Ln Ti nQoaxaXtaafitvoa avra nmv cum Ai 
pxraAii unc 8 al pier itP ler vg syrP 

17. oa av cum kbdlx al ... ^ Ti oa tov* cum AiprAAn unc 9 al pier 

19. &toff cum »*b*( 8 praem 6, Bed punctis notatum) ... 9 Ln Ti o &eoff 

cum h^ab^ rell omnib 
SO. /«i}T(o. tfoi/ cum mbfohsuvtaa al longe plu a b c cop syrroet* cb et br 

aeth Dial 888 Or 8 » 8 ... Gb°°o-ov, Ln om eov cum abdixxmpxh al* 5 j 

it 8 vg go syrP arm : : at gov nee in Mt nee Mc est 


KATA AOTKAN 18, 27. 807 

6i ehu* ' jaxrta nirta- iqwlal-a. ex veortjtoa. 
5f 6 'hpovc ebter avrcp' hi ev trot telnet' navra oaa e%eia ntohf 
cpot nuu dubdoG fttwjptcf, xou Qete thjaavobv er ovoavofo, xou 
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ostl&el*. 26 efatar de oi axoioartea' xou tin dvvarai GG&rjvcu; 
27 6 de elite* ' ta abvvata naoa dv&Qoinouj dwata naoa i<p 

21. *?vla£a c. habl 1. 209. Dial 882 ... g i^vAafa^v c. DiPxrAAn unc 9 
ml pier | tx vi<ytr\x. absq pou cum bd I syr ca Dial 889 Melon*®!*** 88 
... g Ln add pov (:: ut Mc lectione non fluct, cf et. ad Mt) cum hail 
pitaaji unc 9 al omn^ itPle' vg syr^'eta*" rell 

22. axovatur it absq additam c.hbdl al 8 cop syr cu et acn et hr ... g add 
tavra cum aipxtaaii unc 9 al pier go syrP arm aeth (itpler V g) | (Tt 
cum M»?6tCABDiLFBXTAAii unc 8 etc ... h*phv al mu or* I duxdoa cum 
bpxtaii unc 8 al plu Bas®** 8 «et 8W . . . Gb' Ln <W (:: ut et Mt et Mc) 
cum kadilmba al 45 fere Dial 889 | <y (c. walk al mu Bas; Ln Ti add 
%o*c c. bd) ovqovokt cum habdlb al mu a e cop ... g ev ovqavot c. ip 
xtaab unc 9 al pier itPl vg go arm Dial 889 Baa ethM6 

23. *yfT7j&ij cum hbl ... g Ln tyivtto cum adifbxtaad: unc rell al 

ft nun VJd 

24. avxov o (b om) *e t*ntv c. hbl al 4 cop syr hr ... g Ln avt. o is nt- 
(plunov ytvofitvov tvrtp cum axpbxtaaii unc 9 al pier itma V g syr * 
et*** re ll j item d b cei avt. n*q*kvnov ytvofitvov itn. o tg | *nr- 
noQtvovrcu idque post x. &*. cum bl, item eodem loco hdb al 9 it 9 vg 
uatltvoovtcu ... g Ln tusiXtvaovxat idque ante tea rtjv 0a. r. &tov 
(emu al mu raw ovqavmv :: ut Mt) cum AiPxraAn unc 9 al pier f 1 syr 
eaetatr g ^f^ ae th 

25. naf$fflov (sic in Lc et. ayrP, a] iter 11. pp.): 8 al 6 xa/uAoy, 239. xa- 
fuXXov. Cyr Jac88 ° nafirjlov ox to ^wor, aXla to tr xoi.a nloioto no/v 
(Ttowmw. Contra Amb lac1489 | roijfiaroff c. hbd 49. ... lb al 6 t^w- 
nijftatoc (:: ut in Mt edidimua) ... g touftakuiG (:: ut in Mc edidi- 
mufl) cum apxtaah unc 9 al pier | fifXovijij (Qb") cum hbdl al 8 ... 
% Qfupioa (:: ut Mt et Mc) cum apbxtaaii unc 9 al pier | **atl&nr 
pri cum hblrxtaaii unc 8 al longe plu e cop 8yr*ch etP m « et hr ... ad 
bp al plus 20 itPl" yg etc Suk&w 

26. tixav cum hb . . . g Ln Ti tmov cum abdlx unc rell al omn^id 

27. r» cum KABLBxrAAn unc 9 al pier cop ... Ln om cum dp al 9 


i by Googh 

SOS 18, 28. RATA AOfKAN 

Mti», »- 90 fan wtw. 28 Elnsf de Ilatgoa idov tiasus aq>erie<j ta i&a nxo- 

MolO, 28-80 . T, , on «81.8 « ** 7 > - . > * i' ' ~ 

Xov&tpapev a0L "& o oc einev avtoto afiw Xeyco vfu*, 

ovtieia iatw og acpjjxsv oivlav i} ywalxa rj aMxpovo fj yoreur tj 
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aut Mc) . . . g Ln Ti hhxcv cum adlpb unc rell al omn (u al pauc 

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tjzcurur com hbdl Or 8 * 788 Dial 868 (d e Dial mat. ante t*a&ip. pon) 
— f XQoacwtw (: : cf ad He) earn apobxtaah unc 8 al omn*i d 

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[or] «*. towt. cum dklxqbxh al plus 95 Or 8 * 785 <* et« Dial 888 , item a 

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cum kaqbxaaii unc 8 al pier Or 8 * 788 »*mel 

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A 63. Dial 868 om 

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riAn unc 8 al pier itP ler vg go al, Or 8 * 788 tmwv 

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810 19, 5. RATA A01TKAN 

paw e«7 to ipnqoG&sv avifa im GvxofWQeav, tva *b\ avrop, ori 
ixeivTjG fjfAeXkev dieQ%B<s&ai. 5 xai owx iyltfw art ro» tonov, dra- 
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cum AD& r QKrAAn unc roll al pier | ouxo/tootay (et. f • Gb Sz) cum 
hbla al mu cop, item E 9 FHH8vrA al plu -fioQcuav . . • Ln et Ti ou- 
xofKtiQiav cum dq al 15 , item (ut f et g* 1633 sqq) auxo/iwQatar b*g 
Kun al permu, item a oi'xw/togoMay | cxfwqff cum hablqbtaii unc 9 al 
plu, item d txttv?] .. . g (= Gb Sz) o* ^xm^o* cum a 1. al mu 

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ttdtv xa* , similiter vv ... g Ln Ti avapX. o Je e*d*v (k^yab* al ȣ.) 
a\nov xcu cum AQBrAAn unc 9 al pier f vg go syrP etbr, V ar itP 1 

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mo 1. al mu 

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382 ; item A yfucrrja . . . aba 69. al t« fi/iiav, D* t« tjfiwroi> ... ? t« 
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(D* etc pot) cum ADBrAAn unc 9 al pier etc | xous (b 248. g 8Cr om) 
7tt»x 0$4r ante M*>P* cum mbdlq 1. 33. 209. Antioch 1044 ... ff Ln #•- 
6"oi/«. t. 9TT«»/. cum ABrAAn unc 9 al pier it vg etc 

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rell al omn^* 1 it vg etc 

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item Q tyy. ttvai avxov kqovo. (atque sic Ln) . . . g tyy. avx. uv. (u 
106. al mu add no-) hqovc. c. abtaab unc 9 al pier eto 


KATA AOTKAN 19, 21. Sll 

xaQecjpqpa pt)Xei q fktaileia %w &*ov avcupairea&at. 12 **'* Ui ^^J., 
*ore* ovp ' ar&QamoG «<f evyBvtjG sfiOQev&Tj etc %eoQap paxQav, la- MeU »* 
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xapdwtp iv aovdaQUp* 21 iyofiovfirp ydq oe, oti ap&Qmtioff 

13. w w (Gb") cum habdklbb al 80 fere Or 8 * 881 ... g io>a cum taa one 8 
al plu (al pauc add av) 

15. dttoxtt (Or tM.) cum hbdl 1. 25. 131. 157. a e arm Or 8 * 68 *. .. sT\ 
id<*x*v cum ABrAAH one 9 al pier (sed al 6 dtdo>xt) itpl* r vg (:: aor. 
simiii modo poni solet; nine f$u)x+ pro SiSwxti aeque ac dtdwx. pro 
tSttx. aliena manu substitui poterat) | yvot cum hbdl S3. ... g ypm 
cum Ataah unc 9 al pier Or | tkt t* 3nnQayfiattv<rato (b -(Torro) 
cum ABrAAn unc 9 al omn fere itPl«r vg syr " 1 g &rm ... hbdl 157. 
e cop eyr eu aeth Or 8 * 881 **! tt diMQayfuxTH'oarxo 

16. d*x. ^o<r. p?. hoc ordine cum hbl 1. 131. 209. a e . . . g nqoa. Sex. 
fiv. cum ABrAAn unc 9 al pier 1 go cop eyrP . . . d it 8 vg syr ca et 8CB 
arm Lcif 908 Stx. pv. nqoa. \ nQoaijoyaactro cum «*ab*de*lb al 8 ... g 
nqoaa^y. cum » c B 8 R 8 rAAn unc 8 al pier 

17. ivfi cum bd al 8 Or 8 ' 881 , item (sed nee aliter Mt 25, 21 et 23) itPler 
yg Lcif *°* ...g tv (: : ut Mt quern cf ) cum NALBrAAn unc 9 al pier (et. 
syrP m * graece) Eus^^oph 1 " 

18. xvqh hoc loco cum hbl ... g Ln ante tj t*v. gov cum ADrAAn une 9 al 
omn vi d itpler v g go cop syrr . . . ff* arm om 

19. ywov (l 433. ytrov) hoc loco cum hbl al 4 . . . d cop ante xat av pon 
. . .*g Ln ante tnavot cum abtaah unc 9 al pier Or 8 * 882 Eu8 the © 156 

20. o rrtQOff cum h<sbdlb al 4 arm (et eyrP 6 cam*), item h* oxigoa ... g 
tfiqoa cum Ar aaii unc 9 al pier 


Sit 19, 22. KATA AOTKAN 

8, IB 
Mt IS, 19 
Me 4, 91 


Mt al. 1—9 

Me II. 1-10 


avarTjQoa «7, cuqbuj o oix fchjxaG y xal &6qi&uj S oix anra^oor. 
22 tiyei avtq>' ix tov atopatoo gov xomw ae, nopyoi dovXe. 
yfaia on iym av&oomoo awmjoSa sifu, atoow o owe Uhpta 9 xcu 
&$diCojv b owe ianutqa; 23 xal 6taf/ owe idmxdo (iov to doyv- 
Qtov inl toantfcav; xdym th&m ovv toxq> av avtb htoajsa. 
24 xal tow naoBcrAmv dns*' aoat* an avtov tip pta* xal 
dote to} too dtxa fwaa %%ovti. 25 xal Una* avto}' won, %« flwea 
jwatr. 26 M0S iAw vuXv oti navtl to) q^om dofttpetat, ano de 
tov W iypmoG xcu o k%8i dofrljaefcu. 27 Mw nkip vows qftoova 
pov tovtovo tova prj &ukqaavtaa pe §cujiXsv<jcu in aitova aya- 
yete aide xal xataatpd^ate avtova Spnooa&ip pov. 

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««r 'IeQoaohjpa. 29 xal iyfreto axr fjyytaw big Btj&cpaytj xal By- 
&ann'a* nQ/ba to oqog to xaXovpspov ikaidw, dniotetXtv Mo tmv 
pa&tjtdiv 30 eindv * vndyere bIg trp xat&vavti xmptp, bp q but- 

22. Xtyt* (Gb") cum »be*gmbs*ua al plus 50 asvg cop Byr ** et u t«". • • 
g Ln hya Si cam ae 9 fbks*vtaii al pin q arm ... d o d« tint*, b c 
e f i 1 aeth Lcif «* et dixit 

23. pov to agyvg. cum mabl al 6 ... g to ctfy. pov cum dbtaaii unc 9 al 
pier, item it vg etc | tqani^av (Gb") cum KABDLBrAAn unc 8 al plu 
. . . «■ praem T«p cum k al mu | itayw el&. cum mbd (h* add ovr) . . . 
C *a* ty<o cl&. cum alrtaaii unc 9 al pier | <t. to. ay avro cn^a^a 
cum hbl f, item a ay at* o ayenoaSa . . . g Ti o\ to. a* «*£a£. avro 
cum DBrAAn unc* al omn fere itpl vg go Lcif 90 * 

25. unokv cum kbl g 8Cr . . . «■ »^oy cum abtaah unc 9 al pier 

26. ktyw sine coniunctione chbl al T a s^d cop .. . f Ti Uy.yaq, Ln Xty. 
[van] cum ADRr^An unc 9 al pier go syr ca et P . . . it vg dico autem | 
ao^ocTOi sine additam cum m*bl al 7 Lcif 906 ... c Ti add an av- 
tov r Ln [an avr.] cum n c adrtaaii unc 9 al pier it vg go etc (: : licet 
ap Mt tov <fc firi tfovtoa sit pro ano tie rov etc, tamen probabile eat 
inde an avtov hue in latum esse) 

27. rovtovff cum mbklmu al 10 cop Did* 1 ^ 8 * 20 ... g ihiwovg c. adrtaah 
unc* al pier it vg syr^uet 8011 etc | naxaatpalatt cum ABDLRTAAn 
unc 7 al pier etc . . . hms 69. 433. -tya&Te | avTOvff cum mbflb al 10 
cop syr c u et«cb etP c* aeth ... g Ln om cum ADraAn unc 9 al flier it 
▼g go arm Eus 1110 

29. fin&^ayij cum MAB*DLBAAn unc 8 al plu cop Or 8 » 748 et*» 189 ; item it vg 
. . . B 8 ur al permu go Pij&oq>ayii (r al -yfjv) \ twt pa&iirm* cum 



itOQOfifarot tiorjceta nmXop dedift&or, Ap or ovdeia ntamni at- 
fyammv txa&tasr, xal Xvaaruo avtop iyiym. 31 xal iap xus 
vftaa iqana' duxti Xvats; ovtwf ioute' in b xvowa avtov 
ipeuce* &i*. 32 •"** andL&orr&j di oi aBartc&peroi bvqop xa- 
6mo «2*«r cakoifi. 33 Xvorrw di avtoyp top nnkor tlnap oi xvquh 
ovcov *(>b<J avtovff' tiXiits top JiuSAor; 34 o< A* elnav' btt 6 xvowa 
ov-rov xqhoip ty*. 35 xoi fffavor auto* noba top 'fycovp, xal 
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otwapaw, 38 TJyoptw' aviopjperoa 6 (iacfavo i» bpopatt 
*9Qtov' w ovoapy siojjniy xa * °^ a ** vxpictoia, 39 ttft,A Kai 

kbl el 8 1 • Or** 189 Ambl ttCl495 . . . * Ln add aurov cam adbxaaii one 9 
al pier itPl vgrell Eulog 909 Or 1 "* 8 ' 976 

30. iutm* cum aktaah unc 9 al pier . . . Ln jUjw cam kbdl al 9 Or 4 * xn 
Ealog 909 (:: Talent hue eadem quae ad 5, 13 notavimue) | xcu cum 
bdl 157. copP etr4 ... f Ln om cum habtaah unc 9 al pier it vg go 
ayrr Or 4 > 189 Eulog 909 (:* ut 11. pp.) 

31. tffire sine awrw cum kbdflr al 9 it* cop aeth 0r 9 » 18T,M0 et 4 * 189 
Bulog 909 . . . e Ti add otvrei (fled Gb°) , Ln [avx*>] com ArAAn unc 8 al 
pier a f vg go a*fr«*et"* r arm Or 1 ** 9 * 9 * 6 

83. e^ra* cum kbl 88. Or 4 » ,8, et 199 . . . f etao? cum abtaaii unc 9 al pier 

34. una* cum kbl Or 4 - ,89 . . . ? c^roy cum abtaaii unc 9 al pier | or* 
cum MABDKLMn al 40 fere a f if 9 * 1 q vg cop ayr«*et»*' Or*- 189 ... 
S Ti om cum btaah unc 7 al plu c e i a go arm aeth 

35. mtQvyamKf cum *ab*sghlba oi» cr . . . f tntQQnparct<r cum b*fkm s 
urrAn al pier | avxttv cam mbdla al plus 10 Or *• Mt ... f Ti cavrenr 
cum art An unc 9 al pier 

S3. avtrtM- cum kdli-aa unc 7 al pier Or 4 ' 189 ... abkbuh 1. al tavxwv 
37. ijQlarxo c. MABBaHXMB^TAn al longe pin 8 (cocptrunt unwer$a mul- 
titudo) go Byr"* et u ^ r (et go et syrr eoeperunt - turbo) . . . DLB80orr*u 
ya al" fere Or 4 * 189 , item a e *rm ijqtaxo \ TrourowcMALBTAAnuncrell 
al omn^ 1 * 1 Or . . . Ln narttrr c. bd Meth 891 (aed D yetroptrtn pro *W.) 
33. (h 258. om) /taff*JU vff cum m*h 69. (o iq ficur. sic) e 1* Or 4 - wa . . . 
da* al 8 a c ff 9 ' i 8 aeth Meth 891 Tit 994 (Gall*) Eulog 909 o *wo{ti*o<J 
... f Ln Ti o eyxofttvoe pcurtXtva cum h^albpaa^ unc 9 al pier f g 1 ' 
*" l a vg go eop syrP arm, item b eyr " et " eh o tQXOf*. o /?«o\ | «* oi> 


814 19, 40. KATA AOTKAN 

w«r twv <Paoiacu<m> duo tov oxkov ebuw nooa avtop' dtdaoxaXs, 
imrift?]<Jov tola pa&tjioua aov. 40 xcu drioxQi&eio ehtsr' Xeyoo 
ifuv ott iav ovtoi oux>7ttjaovatv, oi Xt&ot xoa^ovaip. 

41 M8 * 10 Ka+CQO jqyyusev, tdwv ttjv nohv ixXavaep hi avttjv, 
Uyvw 42 on el iyvooo xal av xouye &v ty tjfUQa aov tavrq ta 
noba zlqrprp aov' wv di'exovfa ano oy&aXfmp aov. 43 on 
$ovaur tjf^Qou inl ai> xcu naoefiPaXovoiv oi i%&ooi aov %a$axd 
cot xal nsQixvxfaooovoiv ae xcu avv££ovaiv ae nawo&er, 44 xal 

)» - / \ \ f it 287.9 % > > f 

eocuptovotv ae xai ia xexva aov er aoi, xcu ovx aytjoovatv 

Xi&ov inl Xi&ov if ooi, dv& an> ovx eyvaxj xbv xcuobv trja miaxo- 
mja aov. 

qav. ttgifvi] cum kbl Or *» *** * . . g Ln ttQtjv. tv ovgavo) (a -f o«r) cnm 
ADHrAAn unc 8 al omn vld it vg etc 

39. itnav cum kabdl f«cr Or 4 » 189 . . . g ttrtof cum BrAAn unc 8 al pier 

40. a,ni¥ sine cutout cum hbl cop arm Or 4 » 18 * ... g Ln add avrour 
cum a DBr a An unc 8 al omn vid it vg syrr go aeth | auonijffovGir cum 
nablba al 5 , item d atvyf\aovai>v , item tacebunt e i fu ... g atco7rrjaa)~ 
aw cum tah unc 8 al pier Or 4 » 18a et ""et 8 * 748 Cyr luc894 , item tacucrint 
itP 1 vg | xoa^ovatr cum hbl Or*» w8e d ... ^ Ln xexoot{oyra» cum AB 
taaii unc 7 al pier Or 4 > ,8 * etc, m etc xfxoacWrcu, d b«c r xoa£orr<** 

41. tn avrrjv cum habdhlrtah al plus 80 Ir M ... g in avtrj cum egkxs 
uva al pin 

42. ** syvma xcu av (xcu av it 4 vg Or int977 go cop syrP Eus tbeom Bas 
ethS72. av tantum a e i 1 b arm; om xa* av 8yr ca et 8Ch ; xatye av 
omisso xcuys sq Eu8 hi «t«,7) xatyi (ita it™« vg syr cu et utr arm Eu8*h 8 ° 
Bas 8th ; contra odqd157. efqsgo cop aeth Or 4 "*** 97 ™ 8 : Ln [*cuyt]) 
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4 » 18 o om , hinc Ln [o-ov] 

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inieUnt . . . g Ln Ti ntq^ak. cum abc'btaaji unc 7 al pier Eu8 MBt . . . 
a al pane ttupaXovaw, d fiaXovatv (d mUtent) im ae 

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in* X&m cum acbqhkmuvaa* al pier | tr ao* sec hoc loco cum hbdl 


KATA AOrRAN 20, 2. S15 

_ _ __ _____ 

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nmAovrtaCy 4o A«ya>r avtouj ytyoanrat xcu xrtcu o otxoa uov s*m,t 
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tov hxjoVy 48 xcu ot!j woatko* to ti nwtja&otv' 6 Xaba yag incur 
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ai%if9 % iinbv rjfuv iv nolo, il-own'a ravra noma, ij rfo fotw 6 

al 8 it 8 cop arm aeth Or 4 * 181 . .. fTi post cupijoovaw cum acbtaaii unc 8 
a! pier f vg go syrc»et atr 

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*> wl et lw ... ? Ln add i* ai>r« cam ADBr_An unc 8 al pier itPl vg go 
syren et ***. Item absq xa* ayotiat. (Gb") cum hbl 1. 209. cop Or 
4, wi et ,w et 198 . .. «- Ln add xa* (c add tow) afooaCovroff (:: ex 11. 
pp.) cum ACDBrAAH unc 8 al pier it vg go syr** 1 " rell 

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itooatvx. cum M«(et h*)blb al ,0 c 1 cop arm Or** 181 '... * Ln ot* (ot* 
r* Ln cum acdkmh etc ; g Gb Sz om c. eqhsuvtaa etc) o o*x. /tov 
otx. nqoaivx. tartv (c a etc ttXrj&tjaira*) cum ACDrAAn unc 8 al pier it 
pier V g go syrr (aeth) Epiph 818 et *** 

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cdqb al | 7TOMi<j*ai* c. HABCDQBraAn unc 6 al plu . . . klb al 50 fere Or 
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ftajiOH a vulgar! usu baud aliena videtur fnisse) ... g Ln Ti tffxf e- 
fiato cam alqr one rell etc . . . o 47. txqtfiaro 

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syrtuet'ebet-r aeth Mcion«pip h841 . . . q a^d ?xc **w cum AcarAAn unc 8 
al pier go syrP arm | o* HQtMr (Gb') eum ABOHKSUvraAii al 100 fere go 
... ffLn o» of/**?*** cum hbcdlmqb al mu it vg cop syr omn arm aeth 
(:: at sic et Mt et Mc lectione non fluct) 

2. euiar cum hblb 69. . . . g Ln unov cum acd^taaii unc 8 al pier | It- 
yort. ante ttq. avx. cum hbl al 8 it 4 vg syr** et » ch , item g Ti post no. 
avr. cum AQBTAAn unc 8 al pier go syrP . . . CD etc om | «*ttov i\iu* c. 


S16 20,3. KATA AOTKAN 

dcva (Toi tyv i^awriav tavttjv; 3 anox^&Bur de ehtev nQOO avtova ' 
iQMTjaw ifidff xayoo Xoyop, xal etnati ftoi ' 4 to fidjtiuspa to '/<»- 
awov ef ovoavov nv fj «2? dv&Qomcw ; 5 oi de awshoyiaavto nQocr 
iavtows Xi'yomeff oti eav etnwpev' e£ ovqcivov, ioer diari ovx im- 
ateioate avtqt; 6 iav de einwpet' «£ av&ooMtcoVy 6 hxba anas 
xatafo&aaei Tjfiao' mneaapevoa yog iotiv 'Inawrp nqoyrprp thai. 
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tota* oide eyd> Xeyoo ifuv iv nolct e£ovaia tavta nouo. 
MetCss-M 9 Ulm * "Hciato de nooa tbv Xabv Xeyeiv tkv naoaBoXhv tav- 

Mill, 1—18 » A »' » -i- *>!•'» » * r ' 

ttjv. av&goMoa tcpvzevcsv afurelcova xcu e^eoeto avtov ystooyota, 
xal anedijfUjGev xqovowt txavows. 10 xal xaiQtj) aneateiXev ttqocf 
tovc yetoQyova dovXor, iva anb tov xaonov tov afATteXohoa ddxrov- 

h»blr 1. 83. et g Ln tint i\(iw c. ADQrAAit unc 8 al pier, item it vg 
etc . . . m*c om (: : ut Mt et Mc) 

3. Xoyop (Gb') cum hblb al 7 c q for tol »yr a <A (et syrP add tva c.*) . . . 
C eva Xoy. (: : ut Mc) c. CDEGHQC*vrAA al plu f g 1 * vg go syr ltf aeth; 
item AKM8U*n al aliq arm syrP c* Xoy. tva (:: ut Mt) ... a e ff** 
i syr CQ proraus om tva Xoy. 

4. to Huavpov cum xdlb ... f Ln Ti om to cum abcqtaah unc 8 al 


5. avrcXoyujavro cum ablobtaau unc 8 al pier e cop go . . . Ln <n>w 
Xoy&orto ( : : at -£orto et Mt et Mc) cum mcd al aliq itPler yg gyrou 
etutr e thr | f ^ c , habc*dxqb uoc rell al omn* 1 * etc : Ln add tip* (: : 
ut Mt) cum c* it 6 gat mm cop** et»« , »8yr cu etut*et*"' | dw*** absq ad- 
ditam (6b') c KBEGHLBSUvrAA tisch* al 80 c ff 8 ' i 1 harl+mm cop aeth 
Byr*r ... s add our, Ln [ow] cum acdkmqii al mu it 8 yg syrP arm 

6. o Xa. anwr cum «bdl al 8 it 6 vg cop 3yr«ch e t^r . .. Ln naff (b anotc) 
o Xa. c.ACQ(B)rAAn unc 8 al pier a go ayrouetP arm 

9. ftgoff tov Xctor (l o/Xov) hoc loco cum mabclrtaah unc 8 al pier etc 
. . . Ln post Xtytw cum Q al pauc o f ff s * i 1 q vg cop »yr a « B . . . a om | 
a*&qai7zo<T (et. Gb Sz) c. hbcdlqrtaaii unc 8 al pier itPler yg go cop 
aeth Or 8 ' "*...*(= Gb Sz) add r«r cum A al mu g 1 ' ayr<» et«<* et P 
c* arm | av&o. *?vx. apniX. hoc ordine cum M(A)BLQRraAn unc 8 al 
ornnvid f vg go etc Or 8 * 774 . . . c apmX. av&Q. *?vr, . . . Ln afirul. 
iipvt. ow&Qvn. cum Daefilq Amblocnw ( : . ^ n. pp.) | i^tStto 
cum m*ab*cl ... ? Ln tU&oto cum K c B 3 DQBTAAn unc 8 etc 

10. x»* (1. 131. 909. add r« :: ut Mc) xcuot* cum kbdl al it 8 , d xatout 
fo . . . f xou «v (c<i al pauc cop add t«) xcu^. oum A(cQ)BTAAn unc 8 al 
pier it 4 vg al | (J««ro^ffw cum hablmq al plus u . . . * oWw cum cdr 


KATA AOttLAN 20, 19. S17 

<ftr uwp * Of de ymoyoi i^aniatedav avtbr deiQarrw xetot. 11 xcu 
XQOG&&tto heoor m'urpcu tovkar' oi di xdxeipop detoama xcu 
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xvowa tov apndjtovoa; 16 Aevoatcu xcu anokfou tows yemayows 
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ila xafcdsp ytaviaa; 18 nSus 6 mod* in* ixtlror tor Xi&or ovr- [xtsi.44) 
&lao&Tpetcu' i^ or f ar m'oy, kxuTpei avtor. 19 Mi * 1 xcu ajf- 

taau one 7 al pier | Cantor, avx. 6i*q. cum hbl ... ?LnTi dtyartta 
«nrr. tlantaxitX. (sn onto*.) cum acqbtaaii use 8 al pier etc 
11. tttqor ntpipa* com kablu a c ff Sa i 1 q (item f vg) ... q nipy. ettq. 
e. CQBraAn nnc 7 al omn^* (cop ayrP) ayr*» et^tr g arm aeth 

15. nqwtt&tx. to»t. jrepv* cum mbl al 4 itplw (q add servum) vg arm . . . 
7 ftQO<ii&. ttepy. tqvt. cam acqbtaaii nnc 8 al pier go cop ayr*** . . . 
d e *?*r. Miptytp | xa» rovror com mbcdlqbtaa nnc 7 al pier . . . Ln 
aowaror ( : : ex v. 11 et Mt) enm An al aliq itPl« r vg ayrP »* 

13. «vrpaffnfff. c hbcdlq al 6 it 6 cop eyr«*et P mg arm .. . <r (sed Ob 00 ) 
TI praem lAortt* cum abtaaii nnc 8 al pier e f vg go syr* * et P *** 

14. dtcJUy*£brro enm mbcdlqbtaa nnc 7 al pier e cop •yr« u »et utr . . . Ln 
iuioyMTarzo cum ABU al* a c f ff* i 1 q | ngoa aAltjXova cum kbd 
lb al 8 cop ayrP m « arm** ... ^ Ln ?r^. tavrovtr cum ac^aah nnc 8 al 
pier, r <* famous, item tnter (infra, aptuf) <c it vg iyr 8Ch etP txt arm 
C0 <1 . . . eyrcn aeth om | anoxTurwfitv cum abkmqii al plus 10 itPler V g 
lS0l*t go arm . . . e (Gb°) praem dtvx* (: : ex 11. pp.) cum kcdlbtaa 
nnc* al pier e tol cop syr* et 8C & et P c* aeth Or 8 » e 

16. a*ova. Se cum hbclqbtaaii nnc 8 al omn^d e tc : Ln o» df axova. 
cum ad e, item a | itaiav c. mbdglqr 33. ... g itnov cum actaao unc 7 
al pier 

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Ln cS^rovr (:: ut Mo) cum CD al plus 15 itP ler vg cop eyrcaet^h 


S18 20, 20. KATA AO)TKAN 

ttjaav oi yoappatws xai oi oqxmqsig impal&v &* avtbv taa %€£- 
qog if avrq tjj (Soa, xcu i<poPq&iprav tov laov' fyvtoaav joq ori 
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McM,'i!li7 20 243 * a Kcu xaQ&rtjQtjaarrea dneareikav evxa&hova wro- 
XQtvousvova iavtovo dtxeuove elvai, Iva imlafi&vzou aiftov Xoyov, 
dots naqaSovvat avtbv tij oqxv * a * *ff Qovota tov iff*!**** 00 * 
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Xiyus xcu dtddaxwr xai oi Xapfidveu; nQoaamov, dlX m akj- 
O-eioG tijv odov tov &eov diddaxetff' 22 e^ecrtiv quaa KaJoaQi 
<pooov dovvai fjov; 23 xatavoijaaa di aincov tijv navovoyiav elnav 
nqbo avtova' 24 debate pun dqvaQtov. tivoo ijBi eix6va xai em- 
yDayijv; ol de ehtav' Kafoaooo. 25 b de elite* noba avtova ' 
toiwv dnodote ta Kougoqog Kaiaaqi xai ta tov &eov rep &etp . 

arm | o* yoafi/i. xcu o* oqx'*?- (c 9ot£«rccfrO») cum ab(c)klmuh al 15 
e go cop syrP arm aeth» a^/ito. xcu o» yqafifi. cum hdeghbsv 
taa al plu itPler vg syr«*et iCh (:: at hie ordo solet esse nee fere 
fluct, ut 9, 22. 19, 47. 20, 1. 22, 2 et 66. 23, 10.) | Toy Xaov cum Ma 
bcdehklmbumi al plu it vg etc .. . qsvta al 80 fere om | ttntv (d **- 
Qijxtv) hoc loco cum hb(d)ql al 6 it vg cop eyr 8C h (syr cu om t. na- 
Qap. tarn.) . . . $ post t. flroo. tojvt. pon (: : at He) cam acbtaab one 7 
al pier go syrP arm 
20. fvua&tr. (tvx. at kde; «: La Ti «yx. at abcl anc rell etc): e vman 
adque alterum, $va xa&ha a in margine j loyov cam kabaaii one 7 
al longe pla (f vg etan in aermane) . . . car al 86 fere loyov f L koyovo, D 
86. 7P» T«r Aoyev, itP ler aermone* eius, item go arm | «o*t« cam hb 
odl y* cr ...f wto earn ArAAiz anc 8 al pier 
22. ijficKj cam mabl al 6 . . . q Ln 17/ucy c. cdptaab unc 8 al pier BM fltJl8M 
28. «/r. Tr^ecr atrr. Bine additam (Gb") cam hbl al 6 e eop arm ... g 
Ln add (:: e 11. pp.) t* /»r n*toa£*Tt (c 59. 1 inaaper add vnoxpncuiz 
at Mt) c. acdptaaii unc 8 al pier itP ler vg etc 

24. dti-tax* cum mabdlmp al* . . . g cmdn£atc (: : at Mt) cam crAAa 
anc 7 al longe plu | tiijvao. (d vo^iuXft.)^\ne additam cum ABDpraAn 
nnc 8 al pin itPler V g go syrcn e t«ch ae th BasroM^ete^ ... kcl al 80 
etc add o* St tdn$av (h add ai^rcy). xcu tintv: hinc Ln [01 6*« to*, x. 
Mt.] j o» dt cum hbl 38. cop Byr* cb etP m » persP (oonfirmat et. syi^ 11 ) 
BaareggM8 . . . f Ln Ti eutoxo*&trtta d* cum agpaah unc 7 al pier f go 
syi-ptxt Bas eth , o f » or xcu anoxoifcrrtc, item »r etc anoxo^ivfta | 
««/rair cam kbcl 83. . .. c Ln c»^oy cam ADprAAfl anc 8 al pier 

25. nooa avxovo cum hbl al 8 e ... g Ln avtour (:: ut Mt et Mc) 0. ACD 


KATA AOTKAN 20, 82. S19 

26 7uu ovx tayvaoLv imkafifa&ai avrov Qt/paroa havrlov %ov n _ M 
laov, xcu Gavftdaavrw enl rjj dnoxQum avrov iclyrjcav. jjj "» Jj-J^ 

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ftaaii unc 8 al pier itPl«* etc | rowvr anoSott cum mbl 69. 346. cop 
go arm ... g Ln euro Jot. xohvvv cum acpaaii unc 8 al pier c f ff a * vg 
ayrwsh € t p, item r al 7 octtoo*. ow (:: at Mt) . .. d a e i 1 q §yr«» aeth 
nil nisi anoSort (: : ut He) | xouaop* cum HABC 8 pr&Aii unc 8 al pier 
Baa'W 448 ... Ti tw xatffotpt cum c*dl al 8 

27. o* avrtXtyort. cum APrAAn unc 8 al pier a item syrP arm; it 8 vg qui 
ncgant esse resurrectioncm (contra e go cop syr cu et» ch aeth qui dicunt 
resurr.non esse)... hbcdl al 26 (item e go cop 8yr ca et» oJ »aeth) o* A«yoy- 
tta : : ut 11. pp. 

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plu | cvtfxv. ij (m c ijv) cum M»et c BLP al 11 a ff s * g 1 ' 1 q vg cop arm 
aeth (accedunt syr° a et sch ) ... s Ti artx*. ano&avv cum ataah unc 8 
al pier o f i go eyrP | ttavcuTTijoij cum hbdgklmbuvaji al plu . . . 
axbfta al 95 -ctijati 

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xcu tlafitv o St in. xr\v yvvcuxa ncu ovtoa tatt&avtv arturoa cum ap 
taah unc 8 al pier (itP* vg arm varie mutant) »yr«« et*t* 

31. tlaptr avTfjv: abhvta al 70 fere go syr*cbetP add ao-at'TUff, hinc 
Ln [voav.] | ov (et. g Gb Sz) cum mabdehlsuvaa al plus 80 e ff *' i q 
eop (et p*vid) ... $e praem no* cum QKMP 4 rn al perm a a c f 1 vg go 
arm flyr« ch etP, item syr ca aeth tkapov avxrp xa* | am&avov: Ti 
-*a# cum b* 

32. vmsfjov abeq St c. x*bdehs&a al 85 fere n*** g 1, vg go etc ... $- (Gb°) 
add St (:: ut Mt lectione non fluct) c. « c AOKLiiFUvrn al plu f 1 q cop 
•yrP c* Item edidimua v<ttiq. absq narratr c. hbdl al 9 it"* 1 * cop syr 
euettth arms<> h persa . . . g (post vet. St) add (Gb°) nartwr (: : ut Mt 
et Mc) cum APrA&n unc 8 al pier f g 1 * q vg go syrP arm " 8 | xcu n 
rvrtf am&av. cum hbdl al 8 . . . g Ln <%n*&. xo* 17 yvrty cum APTAAn 
unc 8 ai pier it™ vg go cop syr«*et tt t* arm aeth 


SBO 20, 83. KATA AOlfKAN 

rw. 33 ij ywtj ovv ip tjj avoundaei tivoa avtmv yivetcu yvinj; oi 

yuQ into. iayov avrijv ywcuxa. 34 xcu elrrw ainola 6 7tjaowr' oi 

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p. iio t i *fr«* Javeid viov; 42 avr6<J 70^ Jcvmd leyei h (iifiXcp xpaXfunv ' 


33. 17 yvr. owv f y T17 arcurr. cum bl syrP m K (: : nil Bimile 11. pp.) ... g 
Ln * * Tfj ovv ctvaox. (: : at Mt et Mc) cum m c adptaaii unc 8 al pier (c) 
f q vg Byr 8C & et P tx * cop etc ; item Bed omiaso ovv k* 157. a e ff 1 ' i 1 
ay r cn J ywtxai, cum ABprAAn unc 7 al pier go syrP . . . kdol etc corou. 
(; : at Mt et Mc) 

34. *cu Bine additam (Gb' prob Soha) cam hbdl al 1 itP*« r vg cop syr 
cu e t»ch peras . . . c add ano%Q*&n<r (: : at Mt, cf et. ad Mc) cam ap 
BrAAn unc 8 al pier q (fled om xcu) go syrP arm aeth | yapuan. com 
hbl al 9 Clem 1 * Or 8 * 888 EuemeeUw item «• txyapuoxorc. cum eghqbb 
va al plu ... Ti txvafit£ovTcu cum AKMPurAn al 80 fere Bae«thise ( a j 
ya^torrcu.) . . . d ya/tovrrat 

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An unc 8 al W0 ... b al l0 fere yaptaxorrcu , item f txyafuexort. cum 
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al 8 I now (m etc om; m post S-tov pon) t9-foi> cum mabl . . . f Ln tur. 
rov &eav cum pqrtaael one 8 al omn^W Ba» eth28a 

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plu I &*ov sec et tert sine articulo c. xBDLR 48« v Or 4 » M1 Epiph 108 ^* 
. . . g tov &tov cum APQrAAn unc 8 al pier (et. ayrP m s ffr) 

39. tmwv cum hbdlq ... q t&tov cum apbpaaii unc 8 al omn^ 11 

40. oi'Kfr. yaq cum hbl 83. 86. 57. 108. cop. . . ?Ln ovxet. 6e cum adp 
QRTAAn unc 8 al pier go syrP arm ... it vg etc xot* ovxf-r* 

41. e*va* Jau. wov cum hbl, item a 157. i»r, v». cJav. ... e Ln vk o*av. 
€w. cum APQBTAAn unc 7 al pier itPler am (al) cop syrP arm 


KATA A01TKAN 21, 8. 8*1 

ebtew 6 xvQtoa tip xvoicp pov' xifrov ix debtor pov 43 eW av 
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RATA A01TKAN 21, 20. 8tS 

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eum ab al 10 it vg etc • ' ; . 

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aol. cum ALxrAAn unc 8 al omn'* 1 * Or x » *°° et ■»* ate 

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S84E 21, 21. KATA AOrKAN 


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RATA AOrKAN 21, 38. 8*5 

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tXeiaorrcu, oi di Xoyoi pov oi py naQetevoorrat. 34 ** 9 ' 10 IIqwj- 
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157. ... e ov ftTj nctQiX&axji cum ABxrAAn unc 9 al pier 

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Cjrrl™ 410 ... g (= Gb Sa) paQvv&uxjiv cum dh al mu Meth 70B Baa 
eth**e Cyradorira | v ^ W y cu xaqSuxi cum HCDLRrAAn unc 9 al pier etc 

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wr. c. ACBxraan unc 9 al pier f 1 q vg 8yr«» et*** et ta arm Ena*** 906 
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c. xOACLUXTAAn unc 9 al pier Eub1»« Baa** 1 *, item supervenict itP 1 * 1 * vg 
(et. Iria* 1 ") etc 

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c f ft* 9 * 1 1 m 96 q vg cop eto | xaxHFx v *y r * cnm MBLI !• W- 8 ^- 67 « 
131. 157. 209. cop ayrl" 990 et 940 aeth . . . g Ti xaraE»fl>0?rt cnm AC 
dbtaaii unc 9 al pier it vg ayr«uet»tr arm Tert ret cm m | ta vta 
Jiorr. c. m*bdlx al vix mn it 7 vg (et. for fu etc) cop etc ... Ti nam. 
tavt. cum ac*m al aliq a e i ayrP at table Tert~« •«•. . . Gb° Ti 
cynopt om ravxa cnm n*c 9 sraAn unc 8 al plua 100 am 

37. t¥ Ttf K^a* Mae*, cum MACOLBXTAAn unc T al omn Tid etc . . . bk 
itpler T g Byrcu^teoh fodaan. tt xm ko. 


826 22, 1. KATA AOITKAN 


mimVm 1 te °" 1 "HyyiCev di rj ioQTtj tew aCvucov jj l*you£rq nac%ct, 

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69. al 6 cop arm ... ;Ln imxaXovfitvov cum ACPsrAAn unc 8 al pier 
Or 4 ' 886 Eu8 dem468 

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etc (cop argerUum) . . . ackuxh al 70 8vrP Eua d « m4T8 aqyvQia (Gb') 

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omn etc ... Ln om (:: ut 11. pp.) cum **et«*c 81«^ 48«^m»«1 a b c 
ff 8 * i 1 q Eu8 d «na468 | avtOMF boo loco cum mabcl 157. b i 1 ... ? 
ante at. o/A. cum pxtaaji unc 8 al pier it 4 al pi Eu8 d *m . .. d 8l T a e 
▼g om (:: ut 11. pp.) 

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9. anav cum mbcdl . . . g tmo* cum apriaah unc 8 al omn^ d | <fot- 
fAoeofUw: dp al it 8 gat sab aeth co*, nine Ln [ooi] 


KATA A01TKAN 22, 18J 827 

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vdatoa float a£mp' axakov&foare airrcp eh ty* oixiap eh rp eh- 
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avty. 10 xai einev nooa avtova* em&vfua ene&vprjaa 

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arm; item x tv «j, 1 q am fa sen m qua (q quo), a qua ... g Ti ov 
(d ubi) cum DrAA unc 8 al looge plu ; item akmpbii al 15 ov tov 

12. araycuow (et. Ob Sz) c. HABDLPBS m SAn* unc 6 al pin, item c owa- 
yiw ... q (s= Qb Sz) avoyytov cam zr al ma, item buaix 9 al ma avw- 
ycuor, 69. 157. al army tut* 

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al pier, item <fca»Y itP ler vg ... x al plua 10 ei/re* (:: nt Mc) 

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^(xa (:: ut 11. pp.) ... q o* todtxa cuiocroXot cum K c t>ACPBrAAn 
unc* al pier f q vg cop syr ukr et nr cop arm aeth 

16. ovKtXh cum c 3 DPxr4An unc 7 al pier itPl« r vg syr cu eta tr et br arm 
aetb Or" 1118 ' 8 * 9 . . . habc* t| hl al 4 a sah cop om: hinc Ln [ovxf.] et 
8cbu ex Mc 14, 25 inlatum putat | avro cum mbc^^l 1. 118. 131. 
209. 239. itPl« vg sah cop syr«« et«en e tP ™* Ortot*. 809 Epiphn»»"> 
... ? Ti *$ avtov cum AC*PXrAAii unc 8 al pier f (ex hoc) arm aeth 
syrP *rt et h r t item d al 4 an airrov 

17. 18. Hos veraus om 82ev b e syr«a syr^ 1 * 8 * et»dd mu, 8e d de b e 
syr«« vide ad 19. 20. 

17. nvzriqwv cum HBCBOHLSvrAA al longe plu ... Ln to nortjOMur (:: 
ex v. 20) cum adkmuh al 96 fere | ««r eavrova (l ai^r.) cum h°bclm 
al u it vg 8yr cn et««hctnr cop arm ... f (avcouj enm adxtaah unc 7 
al pier aah syrP . .'. m* aXktfkonF 

18. ot» cum HAXTAAn unc 7 etc . . . Ti om cum bcdol 1. al 7 e mt aeth | 
a^ro tov vw cum MBKLicn al plus 10 e sah cop syrP ethr aeth, .item 



8S8 22, 19. KATA AOTKAN 

Me u; as u low orov v Boothia rov &eov ttoha. 19 * ai ' 1 Kai XaBoiv aotor 

svxa^ujrrjcaa mXaaev xai eoeoxw avrota ksycot rovro bow ra 

amfjui. fiov rb vtriQ vfsuov &&>/*e*or ' rovro notem eia ipqp dva- 

pftpw. 20 i67 '* xai rb frort/Qior maavraxr fiera rb demvyaai, 

n .. TJyoyv * rovro rb nortjotov if xamj dia&tjxij iv rtp atpari pov , rb 

£ % £?t£~ viiIq Vfjuw ixyyvvopwov. 21 a68 * IRrjv itiov 17 x**Q t0 ^ f*<H>adi- 

10 1*, ai h Qfctoa pg prf ipov ml rye roaaretyG. 22 on 6 vfoa per rov 
dv&Q<wrov xara rb wovapifov ftogevetaiy nXijv oval rq> df&Qaiup 
ixetvcp dt ov naQadi'dorcu. 23 * 69 ' 1 xai avrol fjQ^arro awf?- 
rew ttoba iavrovu rb rla aoa eiy «2- airow 6 rovro p&UUor 
a, * 24 * 70 ** 'Ey&aro di xai yiXovema if avrofo, rb riff avrwr 

xtso.ssM doxsi efoai u8i£<ar. 25 di ehtw avrofo' oi Baadsfo rw> khr&r 
WQtevownv avrtov, xai ot e$ov6iaQovreo avron eveayerai xaXow- 

(sed ante ot' prj pon) do 1. al aliq syr 6 * arm (:: euro r. vw Lncae 
tantnm non proprium est) ... ? Ti om cam ACxrAA unc 8 al pier itpl*r 
vg bjt*<& I riwtjpaxoa cam xABCDLxrAAn unc* al pla ... g ytrnjfta- 
to<t cam k al ma | otov cam ADxrAAH one 8 al pier ... mbc*fl al 10, 
fere 01/ 

19. 20. Inde a verbis to vntq v/iw Mofitvov usq ad to vntq vp,. tx- 
Xvpvofitvov (exeunte v. 20) Daff*'ilom, item b e sed eorum loco 
hue transposita habent xou dffc/tcvoo" notrj^tov usq ij 0a. t.&t.tX&ij y 
quae iidem vv. 17 et 18 omiserunt. Similiter syr™ versnm 20. om 
einsque loco vv. 17 et 18 ponit. 

20. xcu to noxf\q. waavtwff cam mbl cop (item sah atque caLicem quo- 
que) syr hr . . . g Ln eicaiT. xou to «ocif. (: : at 1 Co lectione non flact) 
cum axtaah one 8 al omn^ 14 c f g x * *• q vg syr utr reli Bas* 111864 1 «»jfw- 
vo/iivov cam hab*eltuah al aliq ... ? txxvvoptvot com b 8 xta uoc T 
al pier 

22. ovft com mbdbTlt al 8 sah cop ... q Ln uau cam AxrAAH one 8 al pier 
it 8 vg rell I vkht ptv com h c blt c e (hi duo etjUiu* quidem; a d 
tantam JtttMf qtridem) sah cop ... g Ln o /uv vtoa c. axtaaji unc 8 al 
omn vId ; j>f ptr o vioff, b f ff 8 * i 1 q vg et qtddem fiUu* . . . »* om pf*, 
nee ezprim syr«ttet««h et 1 "" | nogtvitcu hoc loco com hbdglt al 8 
itpler V g arm Byr hr Or ... g ante nata (:: cf II. pp.) c. Axtaah unc* 
al pier f sah cop syr« u et*tr aeth 

23. <nnf^fft. com mabdolta etc ... g cv^ijt. c. zrAn one 8 etc 


KATA AOrKAN 22, 34. 3*9 

tat' 26 vpno di ov% ovraxr, d2X 6 p&l&ov & vpw yitia&w oW 6 
fwnQoc 9 xal 6 tjyovperoa da 6 diaxovmv. 27 971,10 %ia jod pei- 
Z&v, b ivaxeipevoa tj 6 diaxovwv; oi%i 6 avaxetpevoa; eym di «V 
**r<p ifu&r etpi ma o diaxovcw. 28 ipela di ears oi diapBptrqxotBa 
per iftov if rdur miQaopoio pov. 29 xaym dtarfoepat vp*v xa&d>a 
fa'&gro fWi 6 ftatrjQ pov ftaadMa*, 30 ha ia&yre xal fttrtjre mi ut ie, » 
ttja TQaa&jjG pov & trj Baoil&ia pov, lft,B xal xa&jjoea&e inl 
&qoww9 xoirorzea tao dwdexa cpvXaa rov 'JagayX. 31 * 78 * 10 2i- 
ymn J£if*eof, idov 6 aatarda ilfyrtparo vpda rov amdoou coa rbv 
vhor' 32 *y« di ideij&ip neol aov ha paj ixXutfj % marie aw. w# 
tH - 9 7ta* ai noTB imaroityao ortjotoot rova ddehpovo aov. 33 1 '** , J* ujSlSi 
o oi Att9 avrop* xvQt*, peta aov hotpoa eipi xal bus qivXaxfjvxa) loU ' *-** 
lis &a*atov nooeveo&ai. 34 6 di tlnev' JJya era, IHrge, oi qw 
ttjgsi oJjptQOP dXixrcoo itoa tola daaQrijGV (*V *&**<** (**• 

26. y*vht&v> (hbd y«*r.) cum hbdlt 1. al aliq DamP** 610 *©* . . . f Ln Ti 
y*9i<j&» cum Air a ah hoc 9 al pier Bas«* b801 al 

27. ff»* post vpan> cam hblt c f ff 9 * i 1 vg Ens*** 180 ff Ln Ti ante tv 
ftt<i. vp. poD cum aqxtaaii unc 9 al omn^ a b e q Baseth 

30. ta&^rt cum bd*t ... { ie&njrt cum MAD 9 LQxrAAn unc 9 al pier (al 
pane -«f Eusl« c,8 ° | w tij paa*X. pov (d etc om pov) enm xab(d)kl 
vquxaji al plu it vg sah cop (syr««) syr^'eta"' rell EubI™ 180 . . . bfg 
hbtta al 80 fere Ps-Ath 9 ! 599 om, hinc Gb° | xa&rjata&t cum hab*Glq 
n* al un (al -*$■<**), item Gb" Ln Ti ua&urte&t cum efkm surxrA 
n* ai mu, item b dq $edeb&u . . . b*ta *a4hje&t (b"a -<r&cu) , Dgr 
«a^«(ij<r^«, ^ xo^-ur^a^c cum h al mu; item itPl vg stdeatu 

31. etpvr vtftotr (m om alteram) sine tint Si etc cum blt sah cop ... 
f Ln praem tint St o xvqiqg cum MADQxrAAH unc 9 al omn^i* b f q 

32. *%Xt,7it\ cum HBDBXMTUxn al 00 fere Bas*^ 977 et 989 Chr 1 » 907 et 9 * 4 * et 
5,670 et alibi Cjrr 4 * 966 . . . * taUmrj cum azqhqsvtaa al plu | 0^x170*- 
aov cum HABKLMQTn 1. al, item x t7iurxi\^aoif ... g axf\^ov c. DrAA 
unc 9 al pier Bas 9 » 190 

34. ov cum mblqtx al pane . . . * Ln ov ptj (:: ut Ioh lectione non fluct) 
cum ADrAAH unc 8 al pier | «»<r cum hblt 69. 124. 157. 846; item x 
Bin al 16 fere coo* ov (:: ut Ioh), d kog otov. Item itp!er V g 0ao C op 
tjr*ch e tp mff ethr ... ff W04y ^ (q a j p anc om ^) cnm ^ rA A unc 6 al 
longe pi (item Q al pane) (syr c ») syrP txt arm aeth | anaqv. prj ttr 
tit*, pi (d pt an. ptf «». fit , $ me negabis nesdte me) cum ADrAAn 
(*om ^*ij) unc 9 (h a». tov ^ny etc) al longe plu sah syr cn et ioh ethr 


StO 22, 35. KATA AOlfKAN 

35 2761 ° /Co* efew avzoia' or a aniatuka ipac at*Q fiaX- 
Xavtiov xai mjQaa xai vaofyparcw, pi\ twoo vatBoycate; ol di 
dnav' ov&evoo. 36 6 di ehev aitofo* aXkk vvv 6 fyw* ftaXLuv- 
tiov oQat(Oy Ofwuoa xai a^gav, xai 6 fit; ijjm ntahjaaxm to tfAOr 
uov avtov xai ayoqaaatto paxaiQav. 61 teyco yao vfuv on 

Et 88, u tovto to ysyQOfifAiPOv del lefaoOi/vou iv ipoi, to' xalfuta dvopuov 
Hoyuj&y' xai yao to atgl ipov tikoo «*«. 38 478 ' 10 ol ditlnow ' 

Mtso so wpw, f ^ pa%€UQai cade Mo. 6 di sbrev avtofo* ixavov i<rtw. 

*ti*? ^9 9T9 ' 1 Km i^ik&mv tnoosiihj xata to i&oa *«r to 5qog 
4ot*'» tAv Haunt' jxoiov&TjGaf di avtdp xai oi fia&rjtai. 40 >80 '* y«- 

Mtwi so Ui'Oftwoo' 3fi #n tov tonov ebte* avtofo' nooaevxea&t yii siaeX&sir 

J ' ii 981.1 \ J \ > 'a > > » f * 

£<d miQaofiav. 41 xat atr*o<j aneonao&Tf an avtmv vast 
Xi&ov fkiktjv, xai #«i<t ra /oyaTa Ttooatjixeto 42 teycw' xaveQ, si 

arm aeth . . . Ld p* anaqv. etdivcu cum hblt 13. 131. al (c 1), item 
q al f curacy, fit t$S. (abneges me noise) , item m al i q vg al curacy. 
(yd. fit 

35. fialXamov cum HABDLQ8 2 Ti a AA 8 n* unc 8 al plu . . . g PaXamov cum 
8*x*rA*n* al plu (et. Or 8 ** 63 editum) | it-nav cum bdlt ... g unov 
cum HQirAAn unc 9 al omn^d Or 8 * 858 Qhr 8 * 880 , A tuttv | ou#£*oo* c. 
abqtxtaii unc 8 al 60 fere ... g hn ovdivoa cum kdlua al plu Or Chr 

86. o & eur. cum k*d e syr* 1 " Chr 8 * 88 ° . . . m°blt al 4 aah cop f »w *r &, 
syr° a et*oh «^^, aeth *«» «>7r*v ... f Ln Ti etfrey ovf cum A^zr^An 
unc 8 al pier itPl* r vg syrP arm | fiaXXavrtrOV cum HABDLQTX 9 AA s n 
unc 8 al plu . . . g /Wavr. cum x*rA* al plu (8 ut ante?) | nvXtj- 
acn» cum HABFKLMQTnxn al sah mu Or 8 * 858 Baeregg*w Chr a » 82o et 
eat oxus ... D ffN ;^ at {vmdat\ bobbttaa etc 7t&ih\an | a/of curare* c. 
NABOKLMQTXAn al sat mu Or Bas Chr«*t. .. DBFHauvrA etc ayoqaati 

37. on sine *T4 (prob 8chu) c. habdhlqtx al 10 b f sad cop svr hr aeth 
(b 1 jimk2 «crtj>h<m e«t, non exprimentes tovto) . . . g Ti add «c* cum r 
aah unc 8 al pier itpl« r vg syr° a et^tr arm | X0M , y aD (itma V g «fen*m, 
q mine) to : T kom to yao ... D a e ff J * i 1 syr oa om yao , hinc Ln 
[/«?] I *• c «™ hbdlqt 1. b sah cop syr 8 * et P **t et hr . .. f Ln Ti 
to cum AxrAAn unc 9 al pier itpl«* vg syr 80 * 1 etP m 9 arm aeth 

88. anav cum hbdlqt . . . g euro* cum axtaah unc 9 al omn^d 

89. o» pa&ijr. sine airrou c. habdlm 8 ta 8 al 8 q (g 1 * a *?) vg cop syrP arm 
... g Lu add avroi; c. n*Qxra*An unc 8 al pier UP* 8 * sah 8yrc»et« 8h 
ethr aeth 


KATA A01TKAN 22, 45. 881 

fiovXa noQtvtyxou roino to nott^iov an ipav' * M * 1 nXtp fit] 
to &tb]pa (wv dXXct % 6 abv yma&w. 43 ***• 10 ogrfty de atwp 
uyysXoa an ovoavov inoxvw avtof, 44 xal ytvipwoa iv dymtia 
ixrsiiazeoov nooatfygsto. xal iydvvzo 6 idQwr ainov coael &qo/a§oi 
aifiatoc xarafiaivorroo ml lijv yijv. 45 M4 * 4 xal avaatac dnb 

42. naqvpty*** (-&yxa* kh etc) own kklmbii al mliq (quocum componi 
licet bdt etc qui 7raQtyeyxe, certe enim d si vis tram/erre)] item g Ti 
noLQ*vty*it,v cum AQxrAA unc 6 al plu Dion* 1 * 1 (in comm ap Mai 6 ' 16B ) 
Bas^thtas (f tranrire) . . . Ln n<*Q*vvyxi com bd8*t al 116 fere Or 1 ** 88 
Dion^lex ( ap Mai 6 » 168 ) DamPar4«, item franifer itPler vg syrP arm 
etc | toi'to to noxtiQyov (ita » a , «* toi/t. to ttot. covt.) cum mbdlqt 
157. 48 eT al pane f ff 8, ... g Ln to ttot^. tovto (:: cf 11. pp.) cum as 
xtaaii unc 8 al pier itPlor vg syr c * et *tr Or Dion»l« Bas** b Dam | 
rwta&a) (kaba y«w.) c. mabghklm QB8Ttrvrvi d Aii etc . . . r Ln ytvta&a 
com DBS a etc 

43. 44. <0<p4h] 6*« usq «r* Tiyv y^y enm H*etcDP©HBLMQUXA al pier; 
asteriscis notata habent esv&ii al 8 syrP m 8 cod (est Assem. 2 , cf Ad- 
ler p. 183), obelis notata al 4 ; item cum a b c e ff 8, g 1 * 8< i 1 q sah 
eod ( a p Zoeg 804 ) cop** 1 et 8Chw (ex petr*) 8Vr cu e t utr e t nr arm ed et °dd 
ma aeth. Praeterea confirmant lust**! 108 Ir 818 Hipp no8t18 Dion* 18 * 
(ap Gall 14 append 116 ) Caes 3 > 23 Arius ap Epjph 748 et 786 et Epiph»«">°* 81 
j>jdmanich ( ap Canisium 1 » 89 *) Chr 7 ' 888 etc. Accedere vdtr Ens * 11 . 
De Latinia vero accedunt Hil 1061 HierPeh* 8 Aug™** 8 * 18 con- 
tra, proptereaque Ln [a)<p&y St - in. x. y-rjv] , om hoe versus x»abbt 
al pane (esvah al 6 syrP Cod asteriscis, al 4 obelis notatos habent) f 
cop** sah woid armodd aliq syrP m S cdd« r et lfttt P la ap Hil 1062 cddP ler 
ap HierP*!** 8 schol 84 . E vglstria om in lectione quae est a 22, 39—23, 1. 
aed habent in lectione Mt 26, 2—27, 2. ubi post v. 20. Iohl3, 3—17. 
et post v.39. Lc 22, 43 — 45. leguntnr. Ath quum saepe posset adhi- 
bere non adhibuit, cf 1, 456 sq 709 sq. Cyr in comm ad h. 1. horn. 
146. (vide editionem Syriacam Oxoniensem) praeterit, item Amb ln8 
**", item DamP» r4a4 . Praeterea Anasthodeg testator: tntxt^aav 
TtaQtmxQOk* xova &QOfi^ova xov aifiaxoa xov idquitoa %v. Item Syri 
aPhotio (epist. 138. ad Thdorum) Armeni aNicone (ap Gall 8 ' 850 ) 
ista delevisse arguuntur. 

43. an ovoavov cum HLxrAAjz unc 7 al pier Cosm . . . Ln ano xov ovq. 
c. dqu al 6 cop . . . syr cu om , item Ari^'ph 742 

44. *a* ey&tx. cum kvx al e it vg cop syr™ et«©h e thr arm aeth Cosm 
n,5e4 (vide ante et. Caes 8 » 88 Ariepiph 786 Nicon 8 » 260 ) ...(Ln tytv. <fc 
cum DL^rAAH unc 7 (item c 8m 8) al pier syrP I xaxapatvovxoc cum 
»x al pauc a c ff 8, g 1 ' 8 * vg cop syrhr (syr^ et » on et cecidit) arm Cosm 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

38* 22, 46. KATA AOTKAN 

Tiytf ftQoaev%rio, iX&wv nobo torn pa&tjrcuj evgev xotfuauevowr av- 
tovc ano tr t o Xvtttjg, 46 xal elnev aitola' ti xa&evdere; avctr 
atavtea itQooev%ea<&e, Iva ay eiceldyte eh neiQaapov. 
Mtae,4T-M 47 886,1 "Em avtov XaXovvtoa, idov orkoo, xai 6 leyouavoa 
ioi8,i-u lovoao bus tcov owoexa ttQotjQxeto avtovo, xai rjyyi<jev t<p Itjaov 
ytXrjaou avtov. 48 tM * 9 'Itpova de elnev avt<p' lovda, qnX^fJUxrt 
tov vibv tov av&Qoiaov naoadidoya; 49 * 87,1 idotzea de oi tragi 
avtov to eoopevov ehrav* xvqu, ei nanQopsv fa pajaiQq; 50 xcxi 
endta^ev eh ria *| at/row tov a^upfW to? dovXov xai aqxiXer 
to over avrov to dsJtoV. 51 anoxQi&eia de 6 'Iipovo elnev' iaze 
lowx tovtov. M8 " 10 xai dxpdfisvoa tov oitiov iaaato avrov. 
52 - * 1 elnev ieltjcowr nobo tovo naoayevopevovo ngbc avrbv oq- 
XWQMT xal Gtoajtiyova tov ieQov xal nQeofivteoovo' oicr em XqGrijv 

11,664 FacuDd 11 ' 609 ... g Ln Ti xaxaficurorrta cum DLrAAH unc* al 
pier b e i for mm syrP aeth Nicon*> Mo 
45. t. pa&ntaa sine airrov (et. g Gb Sz) c. xABDLQRTxrAAU unc 8 etc 
... £• add avtov cam 1. 209. Hi vix ma itP ler vg sah cop eyr c u et 
•oh e t p c* aeth | xotfxwp. avtovo cam hbdlt 69. 346. al pane ... g 
Ln avx. noi/tup. (:: at 11. pp.) cam aqrxtaaii unc 8 al pleritP ler vg 
syrr etc 

47. «t*(Gb') cum habglmbtuxaii al plus 15 1 q (g 1, * T ** r ) vgetc ... c «t* 
St cum dbhsvta al plu bee ff 1 ' i eah fr »C m wol arm | avrouff (et. Gb 
Sz) cum mabdlbtzao unc 8 al longe plu . . . ta al 10 fere avtour . . . 
g (= Gb Sz) avtmv cum minus c pane 

48. is dt cum hbltx 157. ... g Ln o d« ic cum adbtaaii unc 8 al pier 

49. cutout cum hbdltx .. . g unov cum ARrAAn unc 8 al omn*id [ xvqh 
sine avr» cum hbltx al 6 ff2blan j \ q 8a h cop, item D tw xt'ota . .. g 
Ln avToi ' »t^»c cum ARrAAn unc 8 al pier a b c e f Tg eyr ou et utr 
rell | futxa^Qij cum hb*dlt ... g Ln fiaxcuqa cum AB^BxrAAn unc 8 
al omn7 id 

50. rov ck^/mo. xov tiovl. cum hblt 69. 346. ... 4; Ln Toy 3ovX. tov o^>- 
X*Q. cum ADRxrAAn unc 8 al pier it vg | to ova avtov cum hblt 69. 
346. f icr (item it vg , at eundem ordinem ap Mt et He tuentur apud 
qnos Graecorum nullos) ... g atTov to ova (:: ut Mt Mc, item lob) 
cum ADRxrAAn unc 8 al pier (eed dk etc vntov) 

51. aniov sine avxov c. hblrt 1. 131. arm . . . g Ln add avrov cum ax 
taah unc 8 al pier it vg etc 

52. iff cum habt ... f o*5 cam LRxrAAn unc 8 al pier Or 4 * 88 * ... Dl. 
181. e'er e zyr** arm om | ffoo? sec cam mohra al 50 fere svrPnig 


KATA A01TKAN 22, 60. SSS 

Kdqlxr&aie pita fMcgaipw xcu £vXe*r' 53 xa& tjfisQav ivtoa 
sov pe&* vpeov *V rqp isQy ovx i^mirats tac jjuqcus in ipd. aXJi 
dry ksrir ifnoif 7 wQa xai ij tfcowsia tov exit ova. si* 

54 « > - 1 ZvXkafiorzBG di avtov rjyayor xcu eiaqyayov ««y trp JJiitSl 
•*»<r* rov aqxuQiws' niml 6 di nhgoa qxolov&9i (taxQO&e*. Ioie » M « i 
55 jUQUtybarttav di ovq «r fuocp tija avXtja xcu ovfxa&tadnm 
ixdfrnto o IletQoa ueooo avtAf. 56 idovaa di avtov naidiaxti tto m^ £-76 
ia<hjf*&rov ngoa to (pnac xcu atmaaaa avttp etna* xcu ovtoa aw u is, »- sr 
mqp ^*. 57 8W - 1 6 di rjorrjaato aitbv Uyaof' ovx olda avtov, 
■fitai. 58 xoi per a fc>a%v hiQoa idmy avrbv Sgpjy' xai 01/ s£ av- 
w eZ. 6 fl* IIstqoc iqirj' ir&Qcon^ ovx liui. 59 xai dtcuna&p 
msu mgaff uiao aJloo tia dwsyyQi&tu JU'ycw ' 01 dhfteiao xcu 
mnoG pet avtov tjv, xai yaQ rahXatoa iettp. 60 eSfw 0« 6 JJi- 

eod bars (Latt a<Z) ... g Ln Ti «7r cam abdltxtau one 6 al plu sjr atr 
Or** 3 *' | (gcjlqAv^art cum ataa one 6 plu ... Ln t{t]l&axe cum mbdl 
bt si 10 , item Kicxn al 90 Or «fy>lto™ : : e Mt et Mc 

53. cdU cum HABHBMxrn al pi ... Ti aXXa cum deglsuaa al plu | 17*0** 
post ctrrtr cum M*BX>OBXMBTXn al plus 10 a (haec est vestra hora) arm 
... g Ti ante smw cum axsuvtaa al pi . . . itPl vg haee est hora vestra, 
b haec hora est vestra . . . m* 49* t om vpw, h om tat. 

54. xa» fun/ya^o? cum kablbtxaab unc 8 al pier c aah cop syrP Or 4 * 387 
... Dr 1. al 18 itp!« r vg syr° a et •©* aeth om. Praeterea non addidi- 
mus avroy cMABOKLMBTn al plus 80 it vg arm Or ... f (sed Gb 00 ) 
add cum xr&A unc 6 al plu sah cop syrP c. ob. | rrjv oixuxr cum kbk 
lmtd al 10 Or Eusdem ... f Ln tov outov cum adbxtaa unc* al pier 

55. mQtayamw cum bblt Eufldem»M <## g. L n aV/arrwy cum ADBxr 
AAn unc 9 al omn^d | oirvxa&*o. (avvx- c. kab*lbta al; f Ln cri/yx. 
c. B*xrAn unc 7 etc) cum HABLBxrAAn unc 7 al pier a . . . Ln ftcotxa- 
frur. cum do al 6 itpl« r vg arm. Praeterea non addidimos avrotv c. 
kbdbxta (item b Bed add post d<) a b c e ff a *i 1 q arm . . . g add av- 
xmv cum aztah unc 7 al pier f vg | ptaoa cum blt 1. 209. et g Ln 
19 f*uro> c. habxtaaji one 8 (ab tpfitaof) al pier (item in medio it vg) 

. . . D fltt 

57. avroy pri cum ad*kqhuvaa al plu d vg syrP. Item negavit si di- 
cens e ff 8 ' i q ... Gb 00 Ln om cum MBD*t r KLM8Txn al plus 40 a b c f 1 
sah cop sjrcn et" 1 * arm aeth (:: at ita et Mt et Mc) | yvpa* hoc loco 
cum mbltx sah cop arm ... g Ln ante ova o*d. pon cum at aah unc 8 
al omn^d it vg syr°o et a* . . . d om 

58. tfij cum hbklmth al plus 15 ... g Ln miw cum adxtaa unc 6 al plu 


884 22, 61. KATA AOTKAN 

toots* av&QOMre, owe olda o leyetc. xou 7T<tQaxQijfta hi Xalovrrocr 
avtov icpcovrfGW ake'xttoo, 61 * 98 "* xai atoaqma 6 xvqiog ivspke- 
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est *q(o. 62 xai Qel&ayr «£w exXawrev mxQma. 

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degovtea, 64 xat *re£ixajlinpavt8<j <zt??o? im^gmrmv XiyovtBG' nqo- 
qttjtevaov , r«r iWw 6 navaaa ae; 65 xai &e£a jroAAa ftkao<pT}- 
fwvrrsa ikeyor efo avtop. 

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idowv avtmv, XeyovtM' si ov el 6 Xourtoa, sinbv itfut. 67 Me - 10 . 

60. guUxtwd (et. Gb Sz) c. KABDLxrAAn one 8 al longe pin (et. cop arm) 
. . . c (= Gb Sz) o aAfxr. cam minusc non ita ma (et. sah) 

61. r. Ao/ov cam ad r a ah unc 8 al pier ... hbltz 124. al pane tov iq/ecc- 
to<t : : at ita et Mt et Mc | aijfitoov cam kbklmtxu al pi as M sah 
txt woi CO p 8 y r p c.* (item 69. 124. ante pwqao*, b ff 9 ' 1 fa sax aeth 
poet negabis) ... f Lnom(:: at 11. pp. lectione non flact) c. ADrAA 
unc 6 al longe pla ace f i q vg san' 1 "* woi Byr cu (add'<JW) et 8011 arm 

62. Versum om a b e ff 8, i 1* | *£« sine additam cam kbdklmtxii al 50 
fere vgcod ( a p Gb) sah cop syr«o arm ... c (= Gb) Ln Ti add o «*- 
tooa c. ArAA one 6 al pla c f g 1 ' 8 * q vg syr* cb etP aeth (:: deest etiam 
in Mt, at ibi contextns minus poscere videbatur) 

68. avxov (Gb") cum kbdlmtii 157. al pauc it (sed i om). vg sah cop 
gy r ood e t p mg arm ... $ T0V jp C um AzrAA unc 7 al pier sy^et^^d 
etP txt a eth 

64. 7ZtQixaXi>xi>avt. avtov com n(sed avx. post (7T7jq. pon)BBLMTn i cop, 
item al 8 fa sah eyr 011 ntoixaXvy;. axnov to nqoawnov ... d 131. a q 
arm aeth mouiiaXvy. avtov to nooOMTCov ttvntov avxov xat ... g 
ntoynaX. ai*tov txvnxov (A*-nxovv) avtov to nQoownov xot, item Ln 
ntq. avx. [tttvnx. xou] c. Axr*A unc* al pier f vg syr nt r (vdtr 
et. Meion e P*P h agnoscere txvntov) . . . b c e 1 om | inijoiox. Xfyovxea 
cum (m TttQm. tntjQ. avx. Xty.) bklmtxh pw««f al aliq . . . D (praece- 
dit ixvnxov avxov x©», vide ante) f Xfr or, b ff* q syrdet^ch^M^n^, 
(syr ou add «»'), c interrogantea eum ... g Ln #tti;owt. ouror XtyovxHT 
cum ArAA unc 6 al pier a e f i 1 vg sah cop syrP arm aeth 

66. ao/uo. te cam HABKLVTzn etc. . . v al pauc om ; eghsufaa al 60 fere a 
arm om xi ... v 116. no* oqxhq. | antjyayov cam hbdkt al^ fere a 
(deduxerunt) syrP m * Or ... g Ln Ti avijyoy. cum ALxrAAn anc 7 al 
longe pin ... itP In vg duxerunt, c d adduxerunt \ avrtov (Gb" Sz) 


KATA AOrKAN 23, 2. 885 

tent di ccvrouj* ear ifut etna, ov prj narteiotire' 68 ear di iga-uxw^Sn 
nj<ra>, oi pij afroxQi&rjze. 69 9W1 atrb tm vw di fotcu 6 vw<j KcW * Mm 
top dr&Qoinov xa&rjfAStoG «x de&mv rija tfwa/ieaxr tov toov. 
i0 "■"• elnav di ftavrea' ov ovv si 6 vibo tov &eov; 6 di agoa 
®xow kpt}' ifieJa Mym, oti fy<£ eifu. 71 i8M oi di ebta*' ti 
* ijp)**9 [UtQTVotaa %Q*iav; ctvtol yko tjxovoa(*eir anb tov oto- 
vnoa crirrov. 


1 900 * 1 Kal dvounav anav to nliq&oG avttov fjyayov avtov ntn!i 
m to* TlsiXarof. 2 801,w tj^arto di xat^yoQsh avtov Xiyovtto' mSi^im 
two* evQafASv dtaatQ&porta rb s&voo ijftriw xal xmXvovta qwoovo Io w ' * 

cum MBDLTXTAn unc 8 etc ... g Ln Ti cai'Tenr cum aa al mn | euro* 
cum WBI.T ... «• Ln f«r« c AxraAii unc* al pier . . . d 61. om **n. fiiu* 

& «<•* St (d etc om) sine additam com hblt al 6 arm (aeth) Cyr 
•**«item d it* Ambl™, Item 243. f»«' c 1 syr«<i ct««b xcu ear . . . g 
add xa» cum AxrAAn unc 8 al pier- f vg cop (sah tow *cu) syrP | ov 
fuj ano*$*&. sine additam cum mblt cop Cyr MtM , item addito tan- 
torn po» 22. 131. 157. 209. for sah Ambl° c etP" . . . g Ln add po« ij 
aaoAvpqr* cum adxtaad unc 8 al pier it vg syr 8 aef»tr re jj ( 8e< i 
243. a om ^i©», al pane 1 eyr 8 * et *** add fit) 

W. to cum mabdltx a b e f i 1 q vg cop*** et «chw e tP«tr4 8vr p c * ftrm 
aeth Cyr*** 58 AmbP" ... c syr c * Or 8 » m ya<>...g om ctaaii unc 8 al 
omn fere sah copda syr^etP txt 

70. iutav cum hbxt f* cr ... g Ln toro? cum ADxrAAn unc 8 al pier 

• 1. foray cum mbdlbtx ... g hbov cum ArAAn unc 8 al omnvtt | e/o- 
**r poOTVotour /o«*. cum blt ... g Ln £o«*. «/<y<. ftaqrvQhOff (d al 15 
*ah -ri^aw) cum hadrxtaaii unc 8 al pier 

XIIH, 1. rjyayov cum KABDLRTxrAAn unc 8 1. al looge plu it vg sah 
cop syr 8 * et *tr arm . . . g (= Gb Sz) iffartv cum minusc aliq (ut 
▼dtr) | ntiXaxov cum abdt (cf et. ad Mt 27, 2) ... g Ln Ti mkaxov 
com HUixrAAH unc rell al omnvld 

3. tvgaptir cum b*ltx 1. catox»« (ad 20, 20) ... g Ln ivfoptv enm »b 8 
DarAAn unc 8 al pier (Dt»* tvgov) EuaP* 80 Cyrl" 8 * 08 Thdrt 1 * 818 | to 
t&r. Tjftwv cum RBDHKLifRTn al 80 it vg sah cop syroo et» tr arm aeth 
... ? om fjftw cum aeosuvxtaa al plu Mcion 8 P*P h 816 et 848 EnsP> 
Cyrltto Thdrt 1 * 818 . Praeterea b c e ff* i I q gat mm Mcion 8 P J pt 
add xa* ncnaXvorta ror vofiov xa» tovo" nqotpTjxaa , rt solveniem It- 


336 23, 3. RATA AOrKAN 

KaujctQi didovaiy xcu Uyovia eoaoibv Xgurtbv BaaAJa elvai. 
3 8oa ' 1 6 de IleiXaioa tjooSirjoev avzbr Xey<ov % av el o fiaaiXsvcr ioZy 
'Iovdauov; 6 de anoxQiOsiG avnp eqtq' av le'yew. 4 808,9 ode Ilei- 
Xazoa ehev noba iovc aoxieoeio xcu iovc ox^ova' ovdev bvqigxco 
aiuov ev T(p av&(HQ7up tovrq>. 5 804 ' 10 oi de kniayyov Xeyonsa 
oil avaaeiei top kaop, d&aoxw xa&* ohja iffi Iovdaiaa xcu 
oQ^afAevoa anb lijo rahXaiaa ea>o code. 6 IleiXatoc de axov- 
aaa irniQtotriaev el 6 av&Qwnoa raXiXaloa earn, 7 xai imyvova 
oil ex ifo i^ovciaa 'Hooidov eaiiv y dte'rtepxpep avtbv noba 'HonS- 
drrv, ovia xcu airzbv eV leooaoXifJuna iv tavrcua rata rjfieocua. 8 6 
de'Hooidqa Idmv rbv'Iqaovv ix<*4M Mav % lp yc\o «£ ixavcip XQOvtov 
&slcov idelv ainbv diet ib ixoveiv aeol airzov, xai iqXm^ev u ay- 

gem nostram (c gat mm om) et prophetas \ <poQova xaurao* dttiovct* 
cum kblt syr cu at sch , item D it vg Cyr luo408 qoqovv S*do. ncuactQt 
. . . g xataao* tpooovo dtdo*. cam xrAA unc 6 al pier arm , item ak 
Man al syrP EusP" Thdrt xcugvld* (Eus praem tw) qoqov Stdo. Prae- 
terea Mcion e Piph ad haee add xa* anoatottpovta rota yvrouxac xcu 
xa ttxvet (contra scribit Epiph 846 "). Similia c e add ad v. 6 | xo* Xt- 
yovta cum hblt 106. b e f ff 8 ' i 1 q vg syr Ctt et«t' arm . . . D Ityovr. 
ds ... Ln [xa*] Ity., S om xa* cum abxtaaii unc 8 al pier a c sah cop 
Thdrt 1 * 618 

3. nnXatoa cum ab*d°o«t ... g Ln Ti ntlatoff cum hb 8 d*lrxtaaii 
unc rell al omn vW | ijQonTjat* [cum hbbt 48 ov . . . f Ln cflrqowr. cum 
ADLzrAAn unc 8 al pier 

4. nthXcvzoo cum ab*dt . . . g Ln Ti ml. cum kb 8 lb etc ut v. 3 

5. xa* aot. c. kblt am for fu em ing (al) cop w, etP etri * syr^uet ** . . . c 
Ln om xa* c. AD&xrAAn unc 8 al omn^it vg«d Ban cop 9Chw ex d * rell ( 
iohj u)dn c e add et filios nostros et uxores avertit a nobis; nan enim 
baptizemtur (c -atatur) sicut et (c om) no* nee ee mundant (c om nee *e 
mund.). Cf supra quae Mcion e P*P h add 

6. nedar. (cum »ab*dbt; g Ln Ti ml. eum b 8 lx rell omn^ d ) St axov- 
aaa: d c axova. dt o mil. Praeterea g Ln Ti add yaXdcuav cum 
adbxtaaii unc 8 al omn^d it vg sah syrr rell (sed x> sah ripr ya.X*- 
laiav, c arm a GalUaea, syr 8ch nomen Galilaeac, syr ca quod dicunt a 
Gcdilaea) . . . omisimus cum kblt cop 

7. /tgoff (Ln add tov cum bt) tiomSijv: d to> fioadrf 

8. f£ *xar*iy xqovm cum hbdlt 157. c sah arm ... g Ti «£ txawu c. ab 
taa unc 6 al plu, item addito £?opot' hmxh etc. | &tXwv (l om) hoc 
loco c. hbtx 13. 69. 124. al pauc c. .. d etc ante *d(*v avtor t$ »x.^. 
... g Ln post i/y ya^ cum ADRrAAn unc rell al pier vg al | axovtiv 


RATA A01TKAN 23, 16. 837 

fuibr idetr in avrov ytpofupop. 9 imjomra de avrov i* Xoyoia 
ixapota' uvrbo di ovtiiv dmxoiparo avro). 10 806,a aiarrjxetaap 
9i oi ooxibquo xal oi yoafiftareTo evropcjo xartfyoQOVprso avrov. 
11 80 *- 1 ° i^ov&epfjoao de avrov xal 6 ' HQoodrfi gvp rota aroarevpaoiv 
avrov xai ifinai^ao, TtBQtfiaXdiv ea&t/ra Xafmodp dvinepyBv av~ 
top rop HstXdrep. 12 iyivovro di (pilot o re'HQcbdtjG xal blhtXd- 
too iv ttvrjj rij i/fuga per dXXrjXmv' ttqovtttJqxov yao iv ix&Qa 
orrso 7wgoa avrovo. 

13 9 ° 1 ' 9 rietXdroa di ovpxaXeodpepoo rows doyjxQ*fa xal rovo 
ulqxoptcuj xal rbp Xabr 14 ehrev nobs avrovo' nooorjpiyxari poi 
top arO-Qtonov rovrop too dnooroeyopza rov Xaop, xcu idov tyto 
irtomnw vpuop dvaxQipao oi&sp evgov h ro) dv&QWTxep roirop amor 
tap xar^yogdre xar avrov. 15 808,10 d)X ovdi 'Hooidtjo' dv- 
txtpyep yaQ avrbv ngbo r^da, xai idoirovdep afyop ftccvdrov iorlp 
nBTtQaypdvov avrtp. 16 * 09 * * natdevoao ovp avrbv dnoXvom. *•»•* 

sine additam (Gb") cum nbdklmtii al 15 sah cop syr c » ... g Ln add 
noXXa cum arxtaa unc 8 at pier it vg Byr«»tr arm 

11. xat o rtf>wd. c. hltx al a a d cop w * etP otr4 ' ... y Ln Ti om xa* cum ab 
oS^KraAn nnc roll al pier UP 1 *? vg al mu | niQtfialwr sine additam 
cum kblt al n a vg . .. g add avror, Ln [avtov] cum ADXAAn unc 1 etc, 
isur al avrot | nnXaiM cum ab*d ... g Ln Ti mkar. cum HB 8 LxrAAn 
re 11 

12. ift»w<T x. o 7ittX. (ntik. cum ab*t; g Ln Ti ml. cum hb*dl etc) hoc 
ordine cum kblt al aliq itpler V g sah syr cu aeth ... g Ln Ti ntXar. 
*cu o (htj al 16 om) rpwJ. cum AfD)xrAAn unc rell al pier (c) cop 
8y r »ch e tp arm | a i to I'd cum nblt y 8cr al . . . g Ln Ti tavrova c. 
ax r a An unc rell al pier 

13. itihl. cum ab*dt . . . g Ln Ti n*).. cum hb*lx etc | cum hb* 
t>pti al ... g Ln Ti <ri'yxrtA. cum B 8 LxrAn unc 8 al pier 

14. ovfrtv cum hbt 1. .. . g Ln Ti ovdfF cum adxfaaii unc rell al pier | 
xar cum BTxrAn unc 9 al pier . . . hala al 8 om (nee exprim Latt) 

15. avurtfirpiv yag avrov ngotr i\tiaa (Gb') c. hbkt.mtit 157. al 40 f 130 Iftl 
bodl sah cop ... f Ln Ti av*7zt/tya (h 47« v -v*v) yag vpaa ttqog 
airrop cum AD(H)xrAA unc 8 al longe plu itpl« r vg ... var al 

17. Hunc versum 5- (Gb 00 ) sic habent: avayxrjv dt (arm yaQ) nytv 
(syr eQ et eonsueverat Pxlatus) anohmv clvtouj xena (a al xar) *0Qrrp> 
»« (singg passim variant) cum h(d)xtaa unc 8 al omn vj d bcefff 4 ' 
g 1 ' ** 1 q vg (exc fu) cop w * etpetr* ( 8yr cu) 8vr «ch e tP (aeth«»f)- Sed 
d syr c * aeth atr (non item aeth*) demum post v. 19 ponunt. Prae- 
Tiachexdobf, N. T. Edit. 8. critica minor. 2 * 


888 23, 18. RATA A01TKAN 

18—26 ~~ 

MciB!7-"i6 e 18 8101 av&tQayov di navnhf&ei tiyovreG' «7o* rovtov , dnoXv- 
io is, mm ff0ff ^ ^ v t ^ v BaQafificiv' 19 ogxw ijv 67a crdatv two. yBvofit- 
vvv iv tjj noXei xcu qtovov pktj&sio iv rij cpvXaxrj. 20 811,1 7td)uv 
ds 6 IJetXatoa ngoGBOioivrfGev, &Aoov andkvcai tbv'Jrpovv. 21 ol 
o* tfregxwow A*yo*T«x gtovqov axavQov avrov. A& o oe rgi- 
tov sbtev xqog avrovG' ti ydq xaxbv inoi'tjaer ovjog; ovdiv who* 
ftavwiov evQOv iv at/rqj>' ncudsvoaa ovv avtbv artolvaoo. '23 813,1 
ol di inixetvto ycovatG peydkaiG aiiovpevoi avtbv oravQW&ijrat, 
xcu xaxusyyov al cpoaval avrah. 24 8l4,1 xa) HeiXatoG inixQivev 
yevtG&ai to anrftia ainciv' 25 antkvGw ol rov dta gtclgiv xat 
cpovov (kpfojpevov big yvXaxTp, ov rjrovvto, xbv ds 'Iijgovv nagi- 
dooxBv rep O'ektjfjiaji avroSv. 

terea agnoscit etiam Eus c * n omisimus c. ABKLTn a fa sah cop d * 

(: : vdtr omnino ex 11. pp. fluxisse) 

18. avtxftayov cum hblt 124. 157. a (exclamabant) Cyr lac4M ... s Ln 
av*xQa£av cum adxpaaii unc 9 al pier itP ,er vg | navnXi}&. cum had 
ehma etc, t a7Tar7iXt]&ti ... q Ln 7zcL{*7zkt]&, c. BLxrAn unc 6 al pier | 
xov (3 aq a ft ft. cum hbdltx etc ... Ti om rov cum ataaii unc 8 al longe 

19. ftXy&no cum blt ... g Ln ftfftXrjfitrov cum H a ADxrAAn rell . . . h* 
om | iv xy\ q>vXant] cum HBLTX 243. (f in car cere missus, q missus in 
carcere) . .. g Ln **cr (al add rrjv) qvlaxrjv cum adfaad unc 9 al pier 

20. de cum habdlt 124. 157. it vg sah cop syr sch ... g Ti ovv cum 
xrAAn unc 9 al pier syrP | neuat. c. ab*dt ... ( Ln Ti mk. c. hb 8 lx 
rAAn rell | nqootvuv. sine additam cum APxrAAn unc 9 al pier syr« c h 
etP arm . . . hblt etc add ccvtokj fatque sic Ln), item d 13. add av- 
tovo (d advocavit eos) 

21. atavoov bis cum hbdf* Or 1 . 798 et 8 » «••«"■ »« etc EusPr^P 49 et B1 
Cyr sophonew y aravowaov bis cum alpxtaad unc 9 al omn vld 

23. avruv sine additam cum hbl 130S r et *»* a b e ff 2 ' g 1 ' a * 1 sab cop 
... s Ti add xa* rw aqxifQiitiv, Ln [x. t. a^.] cum ADPxrAAH unc 9 
al pier c f 8yr« n et^tr arm 

24. xat (157. add o) nt*L mixq. cum hbl 157. itP'er vg cop 8yr ca aeth 
. . . g o 6*1 ml. intxQ. cum APxrAAn unc 9 al pier sah eyr 011 " arm . . . 
d (c) enixo. 6** o nuX. | nthXax. cum ab*d ... f Ln Ti mlar. cum 
HB 8 LPxrAAn rell , 

25. antXva. 6t Bine additam (et. Gb Sz) cum habdpxpaa unc 7 al longe 
plu a sah cop ... g (= Gb Sz) add avroKT , Ln [civtouj] cum KMn 1. 
69. al mu vld itpl« r vg syr^a et 8Ch etc | *«cr q>vXaxrjv c. kbdpk al 7 arm 
Or , » 490 ... f Ti f. ttjv q>v. cum ACLPXrAAii unc 7 al pier sab cop 


KATA AOrKAN 23, 34. 889 

26 S15 " 1 Ka) cid" antjyayof avrov, iniXapoftevot JZipmva tiva xeis'u 
kvpprcuov ioyppevov an iyoov intOr^av avt(p tot atavobv <jp*'- 
mv oma&et tov 'Iijgov. 27 8,81 ° ijxoXov&ei di avtcp noXv nXtj- 
&og tov Xaov xcu ywauuov, cu exontotto xcu e'&Qtjvow avtbv. 
28 (TtQoup&a de ngoc avtao 'IqcovG elite*' ftvyateoea Jegowatiju, 
hj xXaUze iri if*e' nXijv xp eavtcus xkaiete, xa) em tit re'xva 
»fiioV, 29 oti idov eo%ovtai ^fjiegai it ala eoowtt' paxaQtcu at 
niiQou, xcu al xoiXicu cu ovx eye'ttrjcav, xal ucurtol di ovx foot- 
®av. oU tote ao$ovtou Xeyett tous oqeaiv meats sqt qpaa, xcu a P oo e, is 
tomt fyowola' xaXwpate rjfAoic' 31 oti ei it tip vyoy %iXop tavta 
awoww*, it tip fyoq* ti yettjtcu; 32 8n ' 1 ifyotto di xateteooi dvo ulVs\w 
taxovoyot gvv uvt(p atcuQe&rjtai. Io 19 ' 18 

33 aig " 1 Kai ote antiX&ov em tbv tonov tot xaXovuetot M - M 

t- r 3 - i ' » » 819.1 * \ > « Mt ^ M »■ 

KQatiov , exei eat avows at avtot xcu tova xaxovoyova, ov *«"• «■• 

tiv ex dt&cor, ov de aQiateotat. 34 M0,I ° 6 de 'Itjijovg iXeyet' 

26. <r*/<«w» x*va (l 13. on, item syr cu et *ch t CD ante aip. pon) xi-^ij- 
rruov tqxouivor cum hbcdlx al 6 . . . g aipowoo nvoa xvfjtjvaiov rov 
•6b Sz om c. unc omnib al pi) ffj/Ofitvov cum APr&An unc 9 al pier 

*7. ou Bine xcu- cum abc*dlx al 18 itP J « r vg sah cop syr cu et »ch arm 
teth; accedit h qui nee at habet (similiter L cuxonrovxo pro a* 
cxoTir.) . . . g (sed 6b° xcu) Ti a* xo*. c. c^rAAn unc 9 al pier syrP 

28. is cum »*et cl >BL . . . ? Ld o « cum h c »acdpxaaii unc 9 etc 

29. tQxovTcu hoc loco cum ABLPrAAn unc 9 etc , item eodem loco d al 4 
it vg ilivaorrcci ... kcx 157. g 8Cr wt^ou *^/. | xat a* cum kbcx al w 
... ? Ln Ti om cu cum ADLPr^An unc 9 al pier | t&(tt\pa.v cum hbc*l 
131., item c*d 1. 118. 209. t£(&Q*yav y item itpler 8 yrP ™8 sah cop 

• •• g t&rjXaoav cum APxrAAn unc 9 al pier, item (lactaverunt) fvg - 
syren c t» ch etP»t ae th 

30. ntoart cum mcclqxa al 8 ... ; Ln ntatrt cum H*ABDPrAn unc 9 al 

33. cuttjk&ov cum AxrAAn unc 9 al pier syrP txt DamP" 709 ... Ln rjl&ov 
(:: cf Mt) cum hbclq (et D rjX&av) al 5 it vj? al (vide et. Mcion e P j P h ) | 
xalovpt rov cum HABDLQrAn unc 8 al pier DamP» r709 . . . cgxa al mu 
Mcion e Pipb Atyo/ierov (:: at Mt 27, 33) | ttQHTTt qo>v cum «ABC 8 DxrAAn 
anc 9 al pier DamP" 709 . . . c*lq al ,0 *vt»vvfi<av (:: ut Mt et Mc) 

34. o tit le usq 7ro»oi>an' cum »*et c ACD? r2 LQxrAAn unc 9 (sed B asteris- 
cum pracpositum habet) al longe pier c e f ff 2, 1 vg cop w * syr c » et 
utr et hr arm a eth Ir*n* 2w Or^ta.ies Const 8 ' 16 ' 1 et 5 » u » 8 Eus«n Chr 2 » 
*« et «»«pe Thdrt 1 * 998 et «" DamPa^os Hil 782 etc. Confirmat et. 


S40 23, 35. KATA AOriiAN 

TtatBQj ayea avroia' ov yag oidaaiv ti nouovatv. nui dtufugiCo- 
pevot Si tit ifidria avtov efialor xltJQOvG. 35 not eiatipai 6 hxbtj 
&ea>Qcw' M *** i^efWHt^Q^ov 8h oi oQionea Xdyovt&j' alloucy 
ecaxsevy ataaatm iavtop, si ovtoa ictiv o Xourtoa tov &bov g 
ixXexzoa. 36 W3,a Mnwfcav $1 avty xal oi ctQatiwtai ttQoa- 
8Qx6f***w, o£o<j nooatpioovtsa avnp 37 xai Xdyovtsc' ei ov el o 
PaoiXevo rc5r TovSoucov, amaov aeavrov. 38 M4,1 tjv ds x«? 
imyocupt] in avreo ' 6 fiaotXevo ttop 'laudator ovtoa. 39 M5 * * 

Clemhomii,*) N»(uncis inclusit)BD* 38. 435. a b d Bah copd» om ; 

hinc Ln [o 6i - noiovaiv] : : nihil simile in 11. pp. | xAqoowr cum ax 
1. 33. 131. 209. 239. 248. c»« al 8 a e f ff*" vg 130 1»* arm syrP *xt 
ethr si Augdiaerte ... g Ln ulr^o* (:: at ita et Mt et Mc et Lll) 
cum HBCDLQrAAn unc 9 al pier b c gyr* oh etP ra S aeth 

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cum hd al 6 a c arm ed , item xa» tttpvxx. it 6 vg eto ... ? Ti t&ffi. <J* 
xot* c. ABCLQxrAAn unc 9 al pier cop syrP et hr arm»>« (aeth) | o* 
oo/orr. sine additam cum hbcdlqx al 6 b c e ff 2 ' 1 cop ayr« ch et hr 
aeth persP . . . s (eed Gb°) Ti add cvv avxoMj f Ln [ow avx.] cam 
ArAAn unc 9 al pier f vg (et a intra ae) Byr c «»etP arm pers w Eusdem | 
tov (h* o to?», k* del o) &iov o ixktxxoa cum mbl 1. 118. 209. .. 
t Ln o tov &cov sxXtxr. cum AC 8 QxrAAn unc 9 al pier ... itP l6r vg etc 
dei elector, c* ff 9 * o tuitxx. xov &cov y var al 

36. tvcna*£av cum hbl sah ... s Ln Ti tv*ncu£ov cum ACDQxrAAn unc 9 
al omn Tid it vg cop syrr etc | of oa 7tQoa<ptQ. cum habc*l a cop . . . 
g praem xou , Ln [xcw] cum c 8 QxrAAn unc 9 al omn^d c f vg syrtt* 1 " al 
... d etc .oSoff t« TTQoaapiQov 

37. ti (b f 1** q vg): A 1. al 7 a e ff 1 ' om, hinc Ln [«f] 

38. (7Ti>yQa(f>7] cum MABEHKLMQyxrAAn etc . . . CDG8U al M f[ intygaqtri 
: : ut Mc | in avzu cum hbl sah cop . . . q yiy^aft/iitfj en avx. cum 
c 8 rAAn unc 8 al pier itPle*" vg eyr 011 et * tr arm aeth ; item c*x etc *tt 
avx. yeyqafAfitrri 9 item (atque ita Ln) ADQ 47« v b q am for san *m- 
ytyQafifitvtj (inscripta) en avx. (:: cf 11. pp.). Praeterea non add id i- 
mua yQaufiaaip etc cum h°*bc*l a sah cop syr GU . . . g add roa/tftct- 
aip tkXrjvixoui xa* (n*et c t>DH f 8Cr b f om) ^wfiauxotc xa* (n*et c hi> 
f scr om) #/9(>atxo«T, item Ln [yqvtfifi. tM.*r\v. xa» Q(o/uctix. xa» efi(>.] 
cum K*etcbAc 8 DQRxrAAn unc 8 al omn Tld itP ler vg ayr tttr etc : : quae 
qaamvis nee in Mt aut Mc reperiantur, tamen potius ex Ioh assumpta 
quara a Lc scripta video tur. | o (tooil. xiav vovd. ovtoa (d 124. e ff 8 ' 
add uttiv) cum hbl a, item d 124. e ff* , item omisso ovto<t c c; 


RATA AOrKAN 23, 43. 841 

fir 6i x&v 7(Q9fioffO , ttt(X)v xaxovQymv ifikaayijfiei avrov' ov%t Mew t w 
** rf o Xqutjoc ; awaov ceavrbv xai tjpda. 40 W8,1 ° dnoxQi- 
foia di 6 tregoo imripah avrq> kpy' ovde yoffij ah to* &eov 9 
ou ip T<p aviq> xgifAau el; 41 xai rjfAe i<j piv dixaiaxr, a£ia yaq 
®r inQa^afiev dnqXapfidvofuv ' ovioc de ovdev aronov mqa^Bv. 
42 xai ileyev' 'Itjoov, fmja&tjti pov otav eLfrqa h trj fiaaiXsia 
*w. 43 xai elnev avrcp' dfiqv aot TJym, arjpeQov per ifwv soy 
ff ftp nccoadetoco. 

bine Ln o fiaa. tuv iovS. [ovtoa] . . . g oitoa wzw (x etc add is) o 
pcuril. raw tovti. cum AQR(x)rAAn nnc 8 al pier b f (1) q (sah) cop 
syr**et**r arm aeth Or 8 ' 4 

39. qvx*> cum bl , item sed praeposito Xtyory hc* a b ff 9 * sah cop syr cn 
et*»T arm ae th . . . g Ln foytov' <» cum AC 8 QRxrAAn unc 8 al omn^ c 
f q vg syr utr Or 111 * 8 * 982 ... oeoi quae post efiXa<f<p. avrov script* 
sunt usque finem versus 

40. tniTifiwv avr. *<pr] cum mbc*lx cop .. . c Ln tntr^a (e* -Ti/iijOtv) 
avx. Xtywv cum AC 8 DQRrAAn unc 8 al omn^d it vg syrP arm | ovfo 
(et. hc, itP 1 vg nee): k*o etc or, d ot* ov 

42. w cum h*bc*l (in his cddB? possit etiam pro dativo haberi , non 
item sah cop Or. Ceternm iidem cddff r non habent xvqu, quod mu- 
tato TO voc. in dat. inlatum vdtr.) sah cop, item Or 4 * 485 , item Or tot bis 
demine Jem ... g Lnru w cum M AC 9 QRxrAAn unc 8 al omn^d it vg 
(Latt ad lesum) syr™ et *tr et hr aetn Or^t*,***,.. D 
airtm I fivTjo&ri'Th fiov Bine xv^k c. hbc*dlm* al 6 a sah cop syr nr 
OrM« etints» wa Bas»«l or ** ... ff add xi>(jtf, Ln [xvqm] cum AcVRir 
aad unc 7 al pier b q syr^tr arm aet h Orint*,«w £ us pB»9 Hil 89 et 188 
(et. ActP 11 a888 ), item ante fivtia&. fiov q c e f ff 2 " 1 vg syr«u | tv 
tjj paadfta oov c. HACQRxrAAn unc 8 al omnvid a b q OrMs&et** 8 
EusP»* 8 Chr*» 4W ... bl c e f ff 8 * 1 vg Or int q«»ter Hil etc tux xr\v /3a- 
giIhclv aov . . . d tv tfj rjfifga rrjff tXtvamja aov 

43. xai itntv avrot cum hbl 26 ev e* sah cop ; item addito o«?Ln cum 
AXQaxrAAii unc 8 al pier itP Ior vg 8yr onan etc ... d anox^&fnr o*« o 
^ f t/r*y ai'Toi to> *7i>7t\r\aoim, | a/*i^y (To* A«y<» cum bc*l arm . . . ff Ln 
aujp Ityo) aot (:: ut solet dici) cum MAC 8 QRxrAAn unc 8 al omn^d \t 
vg etc ... d 6-o^aik | ar^tQov (l b c sah cop 8yr«* r ethr ae th praem 
ort, item ActP 11 * 888 ) Hesych h » er <l u48 t*W<t ptv ovroar arayivaoxov- 
aiv aftijv Xeyta ao» <rrjufQov y xai vnoat^ovaw **t« fTTi^^poi'ffir 
on fift fftov far] tv r<o na^ad. Atque ita revera distinguit syr cu 
(nrjfitQov or* <(*r tpov etc). 


842 23, 44 RATA AOrKAN 

**~ ** A A 827.S iv- *• 7 # * ' « * <* ft * f if t> 

Mt 87,4&-m 44 A«* ^y jjoay toGei oiptt «xriy xa« GxotoG syzreto «qp 

(Bby? r^f y^f &oa (oqccg evdrtjG, 45 tow ijXiov ixkinovroa* 
888,2 saxia&T} 8i to xazansjeujfAa rav vaov /mgov. 46 8t9 * * 

p« so (si), e xcu (powrjaao qxnvjj peydXy 6 '/ijgovg dnzv ' ndreQ, big xtiQ&G gov 
naQari&efACU rb nvevpd pov. tovto tie sinmv i^mvsvcev. 47 no '* 

44. xa* 17* cum hbc*dl 255. a b e ff J ' 1 q cop syr^r Or 1 "^ 928 . . . * tjv 
6t cum AC*QRxr&An unc 8 al omn *id c f vg syr** 1 * (syr c u sed et erat) 
arm | ijdrj cum bc*l cop syrP axP Or lnt8 » M . . . ? om cum hac 8 dqrx 
rAAn unc 8 al omn vld it vg syr^u e t 8ch et nr sah arm Or 1018 ' 9 * 8 | tvartja 
cum HABCDQBXAn unc 8 al plu . . . ? ewaT^tr cum LrA al mu 

45. tov qiUot' txXinovxoo (b al txXtm.) cum HBC* vi< -x evv 11 sah cop 
syrP m« Or 1 * 414 et* 16 Orint«,M j tem ^ cdd nonnull" ap Or* 11 * 8 - 888 („ad 
hunc textum, i. e. Mt 27,45, quidam caluraniantur - et dicunt quia 
sicut solet fieri in solis defectione, sic facta est tunc defectio aolis - 
- Dicimus ergo quod Mt et Mc non dixerunt defectionem solis tunc 
factam fuisse; sed neque Lucas sec. pleraq. exx. - In quibusdam 
autem exx. non habetur: Tenebrae factae sunt, et obscuratus est sol t 
Bed ita: Tenebrae factae sunt super omnem terram sole deficient t. Et 
forsitan ausus est aliquis quasi manifestius aliquid dicere volens 
pro: Etobscuratus est sol, ponere: Defieiente sole, existimans quod non 
aliter potuissent fieri tenebrae nisi sole defieiente. Puto autem mi* 
gis quod insidiatores ecclesiae Christi mutaverunt hoc verbum" etc) 
Cyr br198 et 146 et 67 ... ff LnTi xo* (a b c e arm om) taxoTMJ&tj (d tax. 
tit) rjXtoo c. AC 8 DQRxr&Aii unc 8 a) pier (a b c e) f ff Jl 1 q vg syr cu 
et" c & et hr (omissis xa* crxor. tytv. usq fvarna) (arm) aeth (Mcion e P*ph) 
OH°t8,998 ^secundum pleraq exx" vide ante) ... syrP tx * rov tjX^ov 
axotKT&tvTOff^ atque ita prorsus et. ActP 11 * 288 ... c^ut* 1 *) 83. plane 
om, hinc Gb :: at nil additum fuisse aLuca ut contra testium aucto- 
ritatem, ita absonum fidei est, quum nil eiusmodi 11. pp. legatur nee 
magis inlatum sit. roe tjXiov txXmovroo t ter ab Origene confirma- 
tum , aliena manu invectum esse- minime credo. Quum enim ab ad- 
versariis nominis Christian! defectio solis, quae pleramque dicitur, 
ad explicandam rem imminuendamque adhibita sit, multo fit proba- 
bility istam Lucae scripturam hominibus anxiae pietatis displicuisse 
proptereaque correctam esse. Quae sententia confirmatur Origenis 
qui fertur commentario, item Actis Pilati quae feruntur, ubi me turn 
Pilati de tenebris illis quaerentis Iudaei leniunt dicentes: txXtttffta 
ijA<oi^ yiyovtr xara to tiat&oa. | taxutfr. $t cum hbc*l etc ... f Ln Ti 
xa* taxus&. cum AC 8 QBxr*An unc 8 al pier it vg 8yr omn arm 

46. 7TaoaTi&tfK*i (Gb') cum habckmpquxii al 80 fere lust try 106 Or 8 *™ 
Eus deml08 et ,fl0 Cyr h -* 189 ; item dr etc na^art&fj^. Item eommendo 


KATA AOrKAN 23, 52. 848 

ida>p de 6 ixajortaQX'lo ™ yeropspov ido%a£w top &ebv Xiymv' 

&PTG)G 6 UV&QOMZOG OVtOG dlXOUOG 1JP. 48 88X * 10 XOU 7KX.WEG 01 

cwnagayevofjiavoi ovfoe in\ rip &EcoQiav ravrtjv, ^eoDQtjcaptea %a 
yevopsvay rvnrovrea ta Girfthj inter Qe<pov. 49 eiGTrjxuGav di ioi9,» 
Tzdrrecr oi p>wsrol avwp anb fiaxgo&ev, xcu ywcuy.BG at Gvvaxo- 
Xov&ovoai avrcp anb %r\G rahhriaG, oqwgou tavra. 

50 m,x Kai idov dvtjQ ovopcm Tawn/gp ^ovXsvtt/g vnagxaw, J£ J*. J 7 ~JJ 
xcu drljQ aya&OG xou dixatoG, 51 ovtog ovx yv Gwxwratt- i° w/as-tt 
fa'psvoG r fl fiovtfl *ou *ij ngd&i avion, anb 'AQtpa&aiaG noXeow 
rmv 'Iovdauop, og nQOGede'xezo rrjv flaGiXeiap rov &eov, 52 ov- 

it vg Or"**! 9 * 6 8yr Ctt et«»tr e thr re ]] . . . ^ naga& rjcoftai c. bghlstaa 
al plu Dial 857 (et. ActpHb) :: u t L xx | rovto <J« cum HBC*DflT 71. 
248. g 861 " e cop schw ex P«"" 4 . . . Ln xcu rovro c. KMPn al 10 b d e 1 q 
cop™* et da etc; l etc roi'To ... g xa* ravta cum ac 3 qri?aa unc 6 al 
pier f ff 2 * vg syrP arm 

47. t*arorta(Jxr}(T cum h*bh* 1. 131. 209. ... g Ln Ti txanovcaQ/oa 
cum HC A cDPQBxrAAn 8 unc 8 al pier J tdo£a£iv cum hbdlb c q cop wl 
et scbw 8yr p Qy r iue487 tdotaat cum acpqxtaaii unc 8 al omn vld a 
f vg sah copdz syr CI * et 8Ch et *»r () r inta, we e t W9 

48. ownaQwyiv. cum kab*cdelpqra al aliq ... g Ln avfinaQ. cum b 8 g 
HKMSUVxrAn al pier | &io)^f]aavrf<T cum HBCDg'LRX 33. 124. c syr Ctt 
et utr ... » &t*a(>ovrttff cum pqtaaii unc 8 al pier itP ler vg | tafftq&ti 
(6b") cum habc*dl 1. 131. 209. al 4 for (al ap Ln) arm . . . g LH 
praem tuvtwv cum c*qbaah unc 7 al pier et (ra tarn, ari/d-.) p 124. 
et uxr al mu avxwv, item vv pier 

49. y*. avxta cum ablp 33. 64.' ... g yv. avrov cum wcDBXrAAn unc 8 
al pier it vg etc | ano paxQ. c. hbdl al plus 20 ... g Ti uax()o&. cum 
ACPBXTAAn unc 8 al pier | axtraxoXov&ovoai cum mbclbx al pauc ... 
g Ln ovvaxoXovthjaaacu cum ADPrAn etc, item it vg etc quae secutae 
erant (fuerant) 

50. xa* (c add o) avtjq cum hclx 33. 150 ev z 8Cr ... c Ln Ti avtjo cum 
ABAAn unc 8 al pier f vg sah cop etc . . . Dr it 6 om plane 

51. criprxaT. cum habcdhlpa al ... g Ln ffvyxar. cum EQKM6Uv flil xrAn 
al pier | -tt&tfiivoa cum hcdlxa al 15 ... g Ln Ti -rfO-etiivotr cum 
ABprAn* unc 8 al pier | off nqooidtzeco (Gb") c. kbcdl 69. a b e 1 sah 
cop ... r etc 0(7 xcu nqoaedtz, . . . kmpuxh al 15 fere arm off xa* ai/rotr 
7t^oat6(/. (: : ut 11. pp.) ... g Ti off xa* rtQofftdfx- xa * a»'To<y cum 
AEFQH8VAA al plu syrP (aeth) , item al 80 f ff a * vg off nqoffidex- * ay 


844 23, 53. RATA AOTKAN 

tog TtQoaeXftdw rep IleiXdtcp rjtyoaro to <ray*a tov 7iy<rot/, 
53 S83 ' 1 xaJ xatffiXoiy fiWvAi|fiy avro aivoovt , xai s&rjxw ainbv 
iv livtjftaii Xa^evTip, ov ovx rjv oiftetc ovftinto xeipwOG. 54 ss# * 10 
xa* jy^oa ^y iraoaGxevija, xai adpfiatov mtqxoGxsv. 

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tftuai ex rfjarahXaiaa avtq>, i&Eacavio to nvqpstov xai o5<x ite&q 

Ex so, io ro (jcopa avtov, 56 SM ' 8 vnoatoixpaGui di rjtoipaaav aQoipata. 
na) fivoa' xou to fiiv a abator ^avxaaav xatd ttjv ivtokyv. 


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mc?6,i " fwi//*« ^Avfrw ytoovam a rjzoifxaoav dodfAata. 2 ev(x/j> & to* 

Io2v, ] 

52. 7t(d. cum abd . . . g Ln Ti thx. cum kclp rell 

53. xa&tXwv sine ad di tarn cam hbcdl al 8 it 6 vg . . . g Ti add ocwo cum 
APxriAn unc 7 al pier b sah cop 8yr omn arm, item u 157. r1 aliq q au- 
tov. c aeth corpus | avrnv cum hbcd f * cr a b f ff** 1 q vg . . . g ai'to 
cum ALPxrAAn unc 8 al pier c... 1. al 10 e arm om | ovdtbG ovStnto 
cum MCKMPtra al plus 10 ; item g ovdtnu (a ovdtnort) ovSbkt cum eg 
hsvxtaa al plu ... Ln Ti nvdfuj ovnw cum abl 1. 118. 209., item 
D Or 1 * 439 ov7M> ovdftff (d adhuc nemo) 

54. naQa<Txtv*](J cum hbo*l 13. 346. »bc«l qvg ... f Ti nagaffxu't] 
* cum Ac'pxrAAn unc 8 al pier f flf*- etc | xou cum »bc*l 1. 13. 33. 209. 

346. al pauc abefff s 'g 8 lq vg cop ayrcoet* 00 etc ... g om c. Ac* 
PxrAAn unc 8 al pier sah 

55. de yvyatxur (QV) cum HAcrAAii unc 9 al 100 fere Eus e8 * 492 ; autem mu- 
lieres c f 1 vg . . . Ln 6i on yvvatx. cum blpx al mu aah cop Byr cu et 
utr . . . g $i xcu yvvau*. cum minusc vix mu ... D etc tfe <Tiw yintat,x. I 
airro) post tx t. yahL cum hbl Eu8 eB *< 64 .. . f Ln Ti ante fx t. ya. 
cum AC 2 PxrAAO unc 9 al omn^ etc . . . c* vId D c aeth om 

XXIV, 1. paO-tva cum HABCDGHLiixrA/vn* al plu Eus d em . . . g pa&toc 
c. EKP8UVD 9 al pin | pvtjpa cum abc'dlpah unc rell al longe plu etc 
. . . »c*FXA al mu Eus d em4M uvrjfuiov (: : cf 11. pp.) | rjX&or (b\ -*«r) 
hoc loco cum hbl Dion* 1 *** 509 EusP 879 ... g Ln Ti ante *m to pv. cum 
acxtaad unc rell al omn^ f-flf 9, g 1 * vg sah cop Byr on >n | a(iwftara 
(d a b c e ff 9, 1 sah syr cu om) absque additam cum »bc*l 33. 124* 
abceff*' g 1 - 1 vg cop aeth rom Dion»iex6<» EusP* . . . g (Gb°°) add 
xon- twfc aw avrcua cum Ac 3 DxrAAii unc 9 al pier f q sah syr°«nn 
arm aethPP Eus dem 


KATA AOttvAN 24, 10. 845 

h&ow afroxexvhafu'ro* dnb tov fwt^uov, 3 etaeX&ovoai de ov% 
ttQor to (jcofia tov xvqiov 'Itjaov. 4 xai eyereto iv to) aitOQeio&m 
iwtaa ntQt toiiov, xai idov avdoto bvo ineatyaav avtaia «V 
k&ifti aatoamovov,' 5 *"'* e'ftqwpojv de yevofAewtov avtolv xai xiU- 
wvamv ra agoaoma eh t\v yijv, elnav nqba abtda' ti ^tjtelte tov 
>«*t« peril tw vexQmv; 6 ovx iativ olde, alXa ijye'o&tj. f«rij- Jg's*. 
g&ijts €oa ilakpjep vfuv hi ow iv tij ralilaia, 7 Xtycw tbv 
iwf tov at&Qwnov oti del fiaoado&ijrat eh %eloaa av&Qamow 
(tfAoottohor xai oravQa&rjvcu xat trj tQirtf tjpe'oa avaatr^vai. 
$ xai ipyTJa&ijGav to5v QTjpdjow avtov, 9 ( 888a ) xai vnoatot- 
\patjcu anb tov (avikuIov antflyeiXav navta tavta tola evdexa 
xai ndatr rota Xomoia. 10 ( 889l °) ^cav *de y Maydahy^ Ma- 
{Ha xai 'loaarra xai Magi'a rj 'laxcbftov, xa) at Xoma) avv obtain 

3. t«jik&. di cum hbc*dl 1. 33. 118. 209. a b c e ff* 1 sah cop Eus d * m 
498 etP* 79 . . . q xa* tnr§X&. (: : ut Mc) cum Ac^xrAAn unc 9 al pier f q 
v g 8yr cu et utr arm aeth | tov xvqiov TO cum HABCLXraAn unc 9 al omn 
(cxc 1 ) c q vg cop syrP et*"" arm aeth EusP» l9 . . . 42. f Bah syr™ et«« h 
tov w ... T\ plaue om cum d a b e ff** 1 Eus dem * 98 

4. anoQiMt&at cum hbcdl ... q dianoquoO-. cum axtaaii unc 8 al pier 
EusP 8 *• | avdp. dvo (et. Gb Sz) cnm habclxtaaii unc 8 al longe plu a 
f sab cop syrP arm EusP* ... q (= Ob Sz) dvo avdo. cum d al non ita 
mu bee ff a * I q vg syr oa et 8Ch et kr Eus niftrc * 848< l < l | tr ta&tjti aarpa- 
ntovai cum hbd it vg EusP* etm*™ 286 et* 88 *^ ... q Ti iv Ky&rjata^ 
cujTqantovaaH? (l Xtvtcua) cum ACLXrAAii unc 8 al omn v,d sah cop 
syrP et hr arm (aeth) 

5. to nQoowna c. KBC*DGLxn 1. 33. 42. 157. al aliq syrutr arm ... q Ln 
to (a om) 7ZQO(Ttonov c. ac^taa unc 8 al pier it vg | ft/rav cum hbcdl 
Mcion«piP h . . . q ttnov cum Azran unc 7 al pier (sua al aliq tintv). 

6. ovx igxw - tiytQ&t\ . . . d a b e ff ■• 1 om | aJda cum mblx 33. ... y Ln 
ctAA cum AC 8 rAAn unc 9 al pier | ma: D c syr«« et 8ch Mcionepiph 817 et 
** etl«rt4,4s oaa 

7. top u*. tov av&q. at* Sty hoc ordine c. n*bc*l, item a qwmiam Jilium 
horn, oportet ... q Ln ott di* top vt. tov av&q. cum HCAC*uxrAAn unc 9 
al omn vid itpl* r vg 

9. 7i art. tavt. cum HDzrAAn unc 6 al 85 fere c . . . q Ln tout. Trowr. cum 
abglms al pi itP 1 " vg EuBmarsappl Cyrl« c 

10. ifaop dt cum mblxaa unc 1 al plu c syr« ch etP c* arm Eusn»ar«6i e t 
suppl a«i... Gb (et. Sz ex incuria, ut ex comm apparet) Ti r\v rfe cum 
nun al 86 fere Cyr 1 "* 489 , item erat aulem a b f ff a - 1 q sah cop« c ^w ex dz 
... adf (sic) al*° etc om, hinc Gb u | rj sec cum HABDH*KMBUyxrAn 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

340 24, 11. RATA A01TUN 

eleyor ngoa rova dnoarofowG tavta. 11 xai itpavrpav bnornov 
avrmv most JSjqog ra dtj^nra ravra, xai i\ni<5xovv avraia. 
iMcie. isn] 13 Kai Idov dvo el; avrcov iv avrrj ry rjfuga r^cav ftoQevope- 
voi eh xcifj^v aniypvaav atadiova i^tjxovra dnb JeQovGalTJp, £ 
ovofia 'Efi/xaovG, 14 xai ainoi (afukovv tiixhj dXkyXovtj mgi 
navi&v wv GvpfiefirjxoTWf tovtcov. 15 xai iyivzro h> rq> ifu- 
leiv airtovu xai owC^tsip, xai at too* 'Itjaova iyylaaa awmooev- 
ero avToio' 16 oi bi dcpfralpoi avtcov ixQatovrto rav fit] mi- 
yv<nvai avriv. 17 sine* di noba avtowr' rtvea oi loyoi ovtoi? 
ova dvnpaAXert nooa aXXtjiovo neoiTtarovvTec ; xai iaidfhfiar 

al 60 fere eah Eu8 mftr ... g om cum kfoh*la al plu cop Cyr ,uc | ike- 
yov (d -yav) cum K*ABDEFGHLMrAii al 46 fere b e ff 8, q sah aeth, item 
syr* 511 ... g (sed Gb°) Ti praem at (quae) cum hcksdvxa al pi a c f vg 
cop arm syr 8cn etP c* Cyr lnc4S9 

11. t. 017/4. xavra c. hbdl a b c e 1 q vg sah cop syr cn et 8Ch a] Eu8 m »«" 
supplies . .. g Ti t. Qfjfi. avttav cum AixrAAn unc 9 al omn'W f syrP 
txt arm 

12. Hunc versum omisimus cum d a b e 1 fu syr hr * fl g (sed Ob° ad- 

stipulante Schulzio) o St ttctqcht avcuxraa tdyam* tm ro /tvq/mor, 
xou naQaxvyao ftltnti to. o&ovta. Htiptva fiova, xcu ctnt\i&t nQoo 
tat'Tov, &avftat,<or to y*yot>oo", ** em l jF1 [° ^ l n( TO - ~ y*yovoff], cum 
HABiLxrAAn unc 9 al omn*ld c f ff** vg syr«" et*oh etP syr hr4,a (et*»g) 
sab cop aeth Eus™" •«PP> M7 et 5 * 3 Cyr>»c. i n B ingulis haec fluctu- 
ant: kb etc om xa/utva, L c f ff a< etc post ft or a pon. Item «*(contra 
ob add)AKn etc om fiova. Item al :: patet hunc vcrsum iam aacc 
secundo a plerisq tcstibus lectum esse. Quorum aurtoritatem quo- 
minus deseramus, minime impedit quod additamentum non accurate 
reajpondet ei Iohannis loco, ad quern conformatum est. Talis enim 
licentia in additamentis eiusmodi plane usu venit. 

18. (9 avri\ rtj (k *v rtj avtij) r\fitqa (ag z 8cr o»oa): a om | tjaap noytvo- 
pevo* h. 1. cum kb syr*«h e t hr aeth Eus™**" suppl 298 ... $ Ln Ti post 
it avzo)v cum AiLrAAn unc 9 al omn v 'd jt c vg syrP sah | f ^ mo rnc 
cum ABDK 8 LH 9 xraA unc 8 al pier itP ler vg («xc fu) sah cop syr cu etP 
armcdd ae th ... HiK*H*n al g 1 * fu syrPvelPm« syrbr (arm fluct lect) 
scbol M et 19 * txatov fSifxoira (ita Ti 8 y no P«). Eandem scripturam con- 
firmant Eus onomft8t Hier Sozomenus eo quod Emmaum eandem atqne 
Nicopolin esse dixerunt. 

15. oiryfyr. cum h\bdglnpa ... t ovtyt. cum xrAn unc 8 al certe pier ' 
is cum habl . . . g Ln o ig cum DNPxrAAn unc 9 al omn vId 

17. xai KStaSrjaav (l tatfjffuv) G*v9(>um. cum MA* v dtr B ( L ) e ( c / $teu- 


KATA AOrRAN 24, 22. 847 

axv&Qomoi. 18 dnoxot&tifj di ela, a> oyopia KXetmao, ehrev 
bqoij avtov' av fwroa nctgotxeia 'hoovaaXtj^i xai ovx eyvcoo to. 
ytroptra iv avrfl ir taia tjfiigcua rnvrcuo; 19 xa! elm* avrouf 
nola; oi di elnav avrqi* ta neol 'Jijgov tov NaZaotpov, oa iyi- 
teto avtjQ nQoyrptia dvyarba iv ioyy xai Aoyqa ivarziov rov* 0wt 
xai nariixs xov Xaov, 20 ottoocf ib nctQtdcoxav ainbv oi aq^i^ma 
xai oi aQiovreG ijfmv tia xoipa ftararov xai ictavQweav avrov. 
21 rjimc di ffkni^ofisv &ii avtoo iortv 6 fuXkw XvtQOvaOat xbv 
'fooaijV aXXd ye xai <tvv naaiv rovroto xohrp ravtr/v tjfieoav 
ayei dtp ov tavra eye'vero. 22 alia xai ywaixia nvea *j t^m* 

rtmt tritttt) san cop aeth'om (item vdtr Or J » 4M ) ... f Ln Ti aa* t$te 
oxv&qmnoi cum A 2 i Tid nPxrAAn unc 9 al omn vld sbcf ff 8, g 1 ' I vg syr 
co (dun estis) 8yr«*etP aethPPl arm... d Ctfrluc* 89 nil nisi o%v&Q<ano* 
. . . syr hr8 plane om 

18. tuj cum kbde*lhpa(i hiat) al 12 arm Cyrluc* 89 ... z tkf ... % o *«r 
cum AE*rAn unc 8 al pier. Praeterea ip al 7 it 8 etc add e£ ai'twv, hinc 
Ln [«£ avt.) | oi ovoua cum adpfaaii unc 9 al oinu vld a c e f ff*i vg 
Cyr lac ... kblkx b oro/iav* | xktonaoi cf hucOrM*** 488 et a » 274 et 4 » 8 ' 11 , 
cai alter Gipwv, alter nXionaa dicitur. Ap. Ambr ,uc7 ' 182 et alibi Amaon 
(alibi Ammaon) et Cleophas dicuntur. Eadem nomtna it«dd ad v. 13 
testamur. | iiyovaaltjn cum MABDiLNPxrAn unc 9 al 120 fere Cyr luc . . . 
s (=Gb Sz) Ln tv *#o. cum a 69. al vix mu . . . 28. al 5 *wr uyot'. (GV) 

19. ima* cum nbi 33. . .. g Ln *«»©•» cum alnp unc rell al pier | raCa- 
(jtjTou cum kbil Or 4 * 8 (ed Delar.), item a c e 1* vg nagareno, f nazo- 
rcno ... s Ln Ti raCw^ouot' cum ADMP.xr aah unc 8 al omn vW Or (ed. 
Huet.), item d 1* nazoreo, b nazareo, ff 2, nazaraeo, sah nazoraeo \ ** 
*(&<* xcu Xoyu (a c ir Aoyw, hinc Ln [*v] Xoy.) cum ABiLNxr^An etc 
. . . hd syr» c h aeth tv Xoyot xai tqyta 

20. 7zat>*$<ax. avt. hoc ordine cum kblnxpaa unc 7 al pier for tol l 8 (1* 
om aiir.) Or 4 * 8 ... Ln ai'-ro* (d it 4 toitof) tto^tdw*. cum adkpo al 
aliq a b c e f ff 8 * vg 

31. ifA?r*£0/«#v (b* r/Xm^afify) cum AB 8 (et*)DLNxr unc 8 al pier a b c f 1 
vg ayr°n»n rell OrV» al Tert»»arc 4,48 m hpaah 69. al pauc e ff 2 »ab 
sah tlm^outv (ita Ti»y»<>P») | a).Xa yt xa» cum kbdl 1. 33. 229** syr 
P m B arm . . . g om xcu cum anpxfaau unc 8 al pier | ayn («* om, 
suppl h«) absq <rtifi*qov cum kbl 1. syr^u et R ch e tbr C op arm ... d 
ffrffttqav (sic) ante aye* add (d tertium diem hodie agit) ... g Ln Ti add 
arjfifQov cum APxrAAii unc 8 al pier it vg Aug con * et iob (hi Latt tow- 
Tfjv om) ayrP Bah aeth 

22. ytvoptrcu cum KADLxrAAn unc 8 al fere omn ... Ti ytvaufvat, cum b 


848 24, 23. KATA A01KAN 

i^iatricav {/paa, yevofievai oQ&gtval im to fivrffisiov, 23 xai fit] 
evQOvacu to acofta avtov rjk&ov Xdyovaai xai ontaaiav dyy&atv 
ioogaxevai, oi hsyovciv avtov &jv, 24 xai dnijh&ov wee tdOr 
auv i/fuv im to pvrjfieiov, xai svqov ovtaxs xa&axj xai at ywautaa 
ehroi, avtov di ovx elbov. 25 xai avtba elnev ngba avtovo' co 
avotjtoi xai figadelc ty xagdia tov matevstv ml rrdaiv ola ikalrf- 
aav oi ngoqjijtai. 26 ov%l tavta idei na&eiv tov Xgtatbv xou 
eiael&eiv eia tipf do^av avtov; 27 xai dg^ifjievoa dnb M<uvat<oa 
xai dnb navtoav tov ngoyqtviv disgfj^vsvaev avtous iv no/sous 
tola ygaqtala td negl iavtov. 28 xai t^yyiaav eia tijv xtoptj* 
ov iaogevovto, xai avtba ngoaenorifiato noggwtegw nogEvea&ai' 
29 xai nagefiidaavto avtov Xeyovtea' fieivov ju*#' ijfimv, on 
7Tq6g iantgav iatlv xai xexhxev rfir( r t tjptga. xai etarjl&ev 
tov pel vcu cvv avroiG. 30 xai iytveto iv t<$ xataxh&tjvat avtov 
fjLet avroay, Xafimv tov agtov evloytjGtv xai xkdaaa medidov 
avtous' 31 av76)v ds birpoiy&rfpav oi o\p&aXfAoi, xai ine'yvoMsav 
avtov' xai avtba dqjavtoa iysveto an avttav. 32 xai ?2nav 

f*cr | oyS-ytPcti cum habdk'laii al viz mu ... z o^&£ta* cum k*pxta 
unc 7 al pier 

23. fjk&ov cum HAB 3 DLPxr^An unc 8 al omn^d ... Ti tjX&av cum b* 

24. xai ou cum halpxfaah unc 8 al omn vl(1 cop syrP . . . Ln om xou cum 
bd it vg sah syr cu et» cl » et hr arm aeth 

25. tov maxtvuv: d om (Schu: „haud inepte"). 

27. fiiavautia cum bklbxii al . . . g /uwoiwc cum hadeghmpuvfaa al pi 
etc | dmjfirjvivatv c. h c blu al, item m SnjQpi]vtva*v ... Ln Ti difQptj- 
vtvtv cum AGPxrAA 1. 33. al mu (et. u ap Treg), item g dirjQfiijvtutv 
cum ehkbvii al plu; item f vg syr cu et ttlr | iv: hl 1. 33. r« rjv *v, 
item cop | ra: l y" cr om, item ace arm | (avtov (et. g) cum habgh 
KPSurAAn al plu . . . g* Gb Sz Ln Ti avtov cum delmvx al plu 

28. ijyyMTav cum hadlpxfaaii etc ... b ijyyixav \ nqoffCTtonjaaro cum 
habdl 1. al pane itP ler vg item syr cu et hr . . . g Ti nQoatnotttro c. 
pxpaait unc 8 al pier a (adfectabat), item syr 8cb etP | noqqurtqot cum 
HDLPxrAAii unc 8 al pier . . . Ln Ti no^quittqov cum ab 382. 

29. t]Srj post xixXixev cum hbl al 7 it 5 vg cop, item transponentes syr 
»ch e t 8 yrP c. ob. . . . Ln [r t 6f(\ t g Ti om cum ADPxrAAn unc 8 al pier c 
i gat* sah syr«a arm aeth 

30. tuXoyriatv cum BLPxrAAn unc 8 al pier . . . Ln ijvkoy. cum had al a 
32. tmav cum hbl al pane ... g Ln *mov cum ADPXiAAn unc 8 al pier | 


RATA AOfKAN 24, 39. 849 

xqog aJJjjXovG' oiji jj xaqdta tjfimv xcuofupy tjv «r ijfuv, ma ik&- 
la ijfu* h Tfl 6&p, ma diTpotyer itfuv taa yQaqjda ; 33 /ICai aya- 
crarrar avrjf rj/ topa vaeoTQeya* sia 'JeQovaalrjfA, xal svqov 
y&QotafiuwovG tova trdexa xal tova avv avtola y 34 Xiyoptaa ott 
orrma 7}y*Q&ri 6 xvgwa xal myth] Hipum. 35 xal avtoi ilpjyovrro 
ra iv tij 6dm xal ma iyvma{h\ avtola iv ty xkiaei tov OQtov. 

36 Mo - 9 Tama ti ahmv Xalovvtmv avtba Saty iv fuamav- &Vi3 
raw. 37 mmfivrtoa de xal epcpofkH yeropevoi idoxow nvevpa 
fcoopety. 38 xcu ibisv avtola' %i ret agayftevoi date, xal dtati 
duxloytapol dvapatvovaiv iv tij xagdict vpmv ; 39 iter* too gaJDOtf 

rj xao$. rj/iwv xatofttv-rf ijv. ... d 17 xag$. ijw ijfiw* xtxaXvftfttvtj (d co- 
opertwn), c cor nostrum fiat cxcaecatvm, e cor nostr. fuit exterminatum, 
1 cor nostr. erat optutum J *v ijpig cum HALPxraAii unc 8 a I omn^d itP ler 
vg cop syr atr et hr etc . . . bd c e tol vgcod (*p Qb) syr« u om | wo 6**17- 
vo»y. (d ijvvyiv) cum mbdl 33. syr^r (item ft b c e 1 Amb Aug syr cu 
Or*** 74 et 4 * "• 178 Or ta * omisso wo tkal. *]/mv) item sah cop . . . <; xat w<7 
(f vg syr 8 * et 8Cl » aeth om) foijvoty. c. APxrtAn unc 8 al pier syrP etc 

S3, ij&ootofifrovo cum kbd 33. Eus ro * r »uppl . . . g ovrrjO-ooio/t. cum al 
PxrAAH unc 8 al pier Cyr 1 * 

34. orrw<r ijy*o*. o xvq. cum hbdlp 1. 25. 131. it 4 cop syr cu et 8ch et^r 
arm aetb Eus m * r8U PP ,t87 Chr 8 * 946 . . . g Ti TjrtoS: xvy. ovxwa cum 
axtaaxe unc 8 al pier Tg syrP 

36. avxoa absq is (et. Gb) cum hbdl 61. 255. al s a b e 130'** sab 
tyr ea cat°* m Amb ... g add o Is cum AKGKMSUVrAAn (x omisso o, 
p post *<jTff pon; h 157. c o xuptocr) al pier f cop syrP arm Eusm 81, 
•uppl J aitiov sine additam cum d a b e ff 2 ' \ . .. g (sed 6b°) Ln 
add xat Xtyty avrouj' (iQtjvrj vftn cum MABLPxrAAn unc 8 al omn Tid 
c f sah cop syrca e t^r e thr re ll Eus™" «nppl Chr •» n » Cyr 4 »"« 8ed 
op al 8 it 4 vg cop^ etP etr *' gyr* ch etP et*» r arm aeth arr perss Amb 
Aug insuper add tyo> *»/o ? puj vofino&t, bine Ln [tyta et/i. fttj 90- 
ptujO-.} :: at ut ilia ex Io 20, 19 fluxisse videntar, ita baec ex Io 6, 
20 petita sunt. 

38. x4» titan c. HAxrAA*n unc 8 al pier Cyr 4 » 1108 Thdret 4 * ,w , item a b c 
e f ff 1 ' i gat mm Amb, item syr«» et«K Similiter dl 382. Dial w xat 
wax* . . . BA* xcu t», item TertfnarcMs . . , V g Aagcon ,8 » 74 et | *v rrj 
uao3*a cum bd (item A*?) a b c e ff*' 1 gat mm sah aetb, item Dial 887 
*wr ttfif xaodtar ... ? tv rata xaydtcuG cam ha (ex correctione primae 
ut vdtr manus) LxraAn unc 8 al omn vW f vg cop syrcu e t«»tr e thr Cyr 4 » 
»« etc 


850 24, 41. RATA AOVKAN 

[io so, so] pay xa \ tow nodaa fwv 1 on iyd et)u avroa' xpyXaytjaare fie xcu 
idetEy on np8Vfia aaqxaa xcu ootid ovx £g*i xa&wo ifii ftsooQeire 

* At /84I.9\ * ** > f > . - t \ ~ - \ 

s^ovta. 41 ( ) «« os amarowxtav cnnmv ano %i\a % a Q aff XCCf 
davfittCovtcov, elnav ainola' ijeti n $qmgi{jlov iv&dde; 42 oi di 
inedmxav avrco iyfiioa onrov fuiooa' 43 xcu fotfiw evcomov 
arrow eyayev. 

22, 89 44 842. 10 Jg^rgj, fo ^^y rafcouff' OVZOl 01 X6)'Ol fUOV f OV<7 «!«* 

hfoa noba vpac hi oS* avv v/m> 9 oti del nbjQto&fjvcu navta ice 
yeyQapiABva iv rdp vo/jup Mfavotcoa xcu Ttowpqicua xai \paXfWt& 
neo) ifiov. 45 rott diyvoi&v avrmv xbv vovv tov avmvai reus 

39. 0T*«yw thfi. atToa cum hbl 33. (a) b f 1 Dial 857 Ath 7 * 4 Cyr 4 » 1108 
Amb io8l8 > M j Dceff 4, vg (non am etc) arm Tertmarc 4 ! 48 ot* *y. ai/r. 
et/t* ... $ oil, aire o a tyw «*/** cum axxaaii unc 8 al pier am fu ing tol 
syrP EusPs Thdret 4 » w et 118 Hil | Aoxa* cum h*d It 1 ** 894 Dial 857 : : 
aaoxctff ut maxime insolitum a plerisq testibus abiectum ... <; Ln Ti 
oayxa cum s c ABLXTAAn unc 8 al omn^d it vg rell Cyr hr,8 ° Cyr 4 » 1108 
Ath 724 et Ps-Ath*» 471 Mcion ap Epiph 817 et 849 

40. Versum non dedimus cum d a b e ff 8 ' 1 syr cu (:: fluxisse omnino 
vdtr ex Ioh 20, 20, etsi interpolator, ut fere fit, Iohannea loco Lucae 
accommodavit) . . . g Ln sic: not* rouro unwv fnidft^tv (Ln €&t£cv) 
avroKf tout /*ȣgmt xa* roixr ttooW cum HABLNxrAAn unc 8 al omn^d 
c f q vg sah cop syr«^ e tl»r re u Ens™" "uppiaw Ath 744 Chr a » 110 Cyr 4 » 
1108 Dam fid orthsos p ro frtf foi£ lv q C um AEKMSUvrAAn al pi Ln «d>«.- 
Itv cum kbghlnx al 36 

41. ano ttjtr xaqaa hoc loco cum wBDLNxrAAn unc 8 al pier f gat sah 
cop syr omn rell Eu3 mar *uppl Cyr nr Chr . . . Ln post O-avpat. pon cum 
a 1308? etlat 382. a b c e 1 q vg Cyr 4 » no«et no9 

42. i>x&-voa onxov fAtqoa sine additam cum haudlh e cop ,Jz (syrP c* 
add mm ano etc) Clem m Or '» ** (cf et M 77 ,) Eus"" suppl29i et 2»s 

Athfragmmai582 Epiph 148 Cyrl«c442 g (Q b o) Ti add xcw ano ^ t . 

kuraiov xijqtov cum EHKMNSUvxrAA al omn vid a b f ff 2 ' 1 q vg (item 
c) cop^* et [ ] schw exP e 'r syr^ etsch e tP c* et^r arm aeth Iustresurr 8 
Ath 611 Cyr hr310 et 841 Prods* 11 * 0119 ' 633 Augc° n » 8 » 74 

44. ngoff avrova cum hblx 33. al pauc b c f ff 8, 1 q vg . . . f Ln amota 
cum ADNrAAn unc 7 al pier a e | pov cum abdklnxh 33. 157. al pauc. 
cop wi etP etr aeth Hil 504 . . . Ln [pov], s om cum nrAA unc 6 al pier 
it vg syr utr ethr C op 8 ^hw ^dz arm i r int208 Cyp 877 Aug cons8 ' 74 | fttav- 
OHtHT cum BDKLNSVxn al mu it vg (sed non am fu) etc . . . ? ftwotwa 
cum MAEFHMUrAA al plu etc 


KATA AOrKAN 24, 50. 851 

jQcupac, 46 xal ehrev avtola oti ovrcoa yeygamat na&m thv 
Xqujtov xcu araGTTpcu ex vexgcw jy tQiry ijuega, 47 xcu xijqv- 
l&rjvcu £m rep orouati avtov psrdvoutv eia aqjeatv afuzQTicw eia 
larra za eihrt], oQ^aueroi anb * [eQOvaalrju. 48 vueia uoQtvQea 
tovtcqv. 49 xdym i^cazoarsXXco tip inayyekiav rov natQoa uov 
ty vuda' basic 8s xa&iaate ev rjj nokst ecoa ov ivdvarja&e «£ 
i\toavG dvvauiv. 

50 'E&iyayw tie avrovo low ngba Brftavlav, xal endgaa Act ** ,2 

• *• »-»»*/ >/ r»« \ i ? ,-»- Act 1. 9 an 

las XeiQcur avtov evloyyaev avrova. Ol xcu eyeveto ev top evAo- [Mc w, i»] 

46. ytyQa.nxa.b (Ob') cum mbc*dl a b c e ff 8, 1 gat mm cop aeth syr*** 
IfiDtaoa Hil 407 ... g add xat ovrtua *£«*, Ln [xcu our. iStt] cum ac 8 hx 
rAAn unc 8 al pier f q vg syr* tr Cyp 877 Aug«on* s,m 

47. fttrav. tur cuptan> cum hb cop «yi* ch ... c Ln Ti ptrav. xa» cuptaw 
eum ACDWir-iAn unc rell al omn^W it vg ByrP et h * rell Eustbeophaio 
(ex catena Nicetae) Cyp 277 :: utmmque ex usu Lucae est, cf Act 5, 
31 Lc 3, 3 | aqtantvot cum kbc*lnx 33. cop aeth syrP mgcod. Simi- 
liter da 8 ag£afitva>v et ineipientibus b f ff 8 ' q vg .. . g Ln Ti aQtaptvov 
cum AC*FHKMDVrA*An al pier, item •thcijnent a c e I, item syr ulr et hr 

48. vftn,G cum hbc*l mt cop syr br ... g Ln vptta St cum AC 8 xrAAH 
udc 7 al omnrtd a b f ff 8 ' 1 q vg syrP; item c e etc et vos, D xat v/itta 
it | fictQTvQta sine tart cum bd aetb Aug an(t eccl 10 . . . $ Ln tart 
fia^r. cum HAc 8 LNxr^An unc 7 al omn^d itpl« r am fu for ing mt tol 
cop arm syr utr ; item c* ff 8, vg«d uaqr, tart 

49. xayw (d xat *ya>) sine idow c. hdl 33. a b c e ff 8 ' g 8 ' 1 vg cop syr* cb 
Aagunlt ecclio ... 5- Ln Ti xa* mJoi» ty<a c. ABCNxrAAll unc rell al pier 
f q syrP et hr rell | tlanoan klfo (l-cjUj) cum h c blxa 33. 157 ... $ Ln 
anoartXkv) (al 10 -tk<a) cum k*acdni An unc 7 al pier | Tioltt sine ad- 
ditam c. hbc*dl abceflP'g'l q vg (et. 130 lftt ) cop pers w ... s (= Gb) 
sdd ^{jovcakrjfi cum AC 8 xrAAn unc 7 al omn v,d f q syr* 1 ** et hr arm 
aeth | *£ vy. Swap, cum kbc*l 33. Eus 88 * 1 * 88 Cyr^ 848 ...pLn^u- 
raft. t£ vy. cum AC^xrAAn unc 7 al pier it vg cop syr utr et hr rell Cyr 
arsm a i 

50. am ova sine *fw c. hbc*l 1. 33. 167. a e cop Byr 8 c h et hr arm Cosm 
454 (Gall 11 ) Augn^ 1 ' ««cl 10 . . . ? Ti add t£a>, Ln [#£w] cum AC 8 DXrAAn 
unc 7 al pier b c f ff 8, 1 q vg syrP aeth Aug 00088 * 88 | twa (d om) nyoo 
cum *bc*(d)l 1. 33- a {usque ad) Cosm ***, item e quasi Bethaniam . . . 
; Ti «DO tia cum AC 8 xrAAJZ unc 7 al pier ; itPl vg in Bethaniam Aug 
unit eccl usque Beth. 


852 24, 52. KATA A01TKAN 

ysiv avtbv avtovv dieorrj an avrcov. 52 xou avto) vnsarQSxpav 
eh 'ieQovaaXrjfj, per a xagaa fA8yahj6, 53 xcu rjoav dianavrbty iv 
nip cBQcp alvovvrto rbv &eov. 

51. dtfariy (d anttrtti) an avtwv sine additam cum h*d a b e ff 8 I Aug 
unitecclio >#t g ( ge d q d o probante omissionem Schulzio) add xat 
artqxQtro no xov ovqavor cum K c ABCLxr aaii uac 7 al omn vid c f q vg 
8yr utr et *r rell Cyrluc*** Cosm 45 * (Gall") Aug«on 8 s,88 

52. xat auro» sine additam cum d a b e ff 2 * I Aug unit eoclw ( :: dubiam 
non est quin additamentum arctiesime cohaereat cum verbis xou otre- 
(ptq. **o~ t. ot;(».) ... f Ln add 7tqoaxwr\aayxto avrov cum ha.bc unc 13 
al omn vid c f q vg rell 

63. cuvoxtvxia cum d a b e ff 8 * 1 gat bodl cop Aug anitecoll ° (atrovvTio 
ut recipiatar, non «i»>lo;/o?/if *<r, huius versus cum vv. 51 — 52 necessi- 
tudo suadet: quippe ubique iidem fere testes consentiunt.) ... mbc*l 
B y r hr tvXoyovvrta ... q Ln awoivx to xou tvloyovrtta cum AC^xriAn 
unc 7 al omn vid -o f q vg syr ulr arm (aeth fvXoy, xa* cuwovvz.) | %or 
&tov absq auipr cum kC*dlh al 6 a b e ff 8, 1 fu bodl em for gat barl 
iac mm trevir cop syr hr arm .. . g (= Gb Sz) add a t urjv t Ln [apyv] cum 
ABC 8 xrAAn 8 unc 7 al pier c f q vg syr utr aeth 

Subscriptions : A*FMxr 1. al nil subscriptum habent (eg hi ant, item e) 
* . . . B xarot Xovxav . . . ha 8 cklsuaAII 33. al tvayytkiov xaro Xovxccv 
. . . d (item LattP ler ) tvayytfoov xat Xovxav enkrjQio&fi aqytxai xax 
fjiaqxov. Praeterea hksa al pi versuum (artxow) numerum notatum 
habent: hkb al pi fita , a al mu ,0/oC et aliter; item alii pm xtq>a- 
Xai>a (r/*/?', ut A al pi); item al t*tJIoi. (tt/), aliquot et. qij/iaia (,y 
vel ,yoy etc. Aeth voces evangelii Lcae 2800.). Praeterea multi (ut 
iam ks) subscriptiones auctas habent hunc in modum: evayy. xa. 
^.oux. (s etc) vel quod frequentius ro # xa. Xovx. tv. (et. x etc) ittdo&tj 
fitta xQorova u %r\a rnv y\> araXrjfptoxJ. 

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xal &eba r\v 6 Xoyoa. 2 ovtoa qv ev aQXV n Q^ a * ov &eov. 3 ndvra 
dt aviov iyzvero, xal xwQio avtdv iyiv&zo ovde tp S ytyovev. 4 iv 

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incipit secundum iohannem. Nee aliter quam secundum iohannem a b e g, 
for 8yr« n item d in summa pagina singulorum foliorum inscriptum 
habent. ... Ob Sz Ln Ti tvayyiXtor xora vwayvrjv at ACEFGHKLMSU 
Xaa al pi . . . g e T0 xata two^. evayyiXiov cum minasc permu, 5 to- 
xara nwaw. aytoy « vayytXiov cam minasc perma 

1. xa* #eo<r: cf Or*. 50 et Eusmcell i« . . . L Nyss 2 » 698 (at non item a » 50 et 
J07 «) xa* o *«o<r 

3. oi'J* «r cum x c ABCLOxrAAn unc 1 "© 11 al pier Valentt ap Ir 41 NaassbiPP 
107 Perat^pp 184 ig n intpoisoa Xat 19 Thphil 2 * 22 Clem" 4 * l56 * 76 * 7OT * ** 
et»Ub Or 4 »« 4 ' •* «• «■ Hipp™** 12 Dial 880 Eiis*® 1 * 229 etc ... h* d 1. 
209. 47ev a l« aid PtolemepipM" Thdot ap Clem 980 et Clem 838 Or 4 * 187 
et 299 EusPraoP 7 ' 12 etc ovStv \ ovSi lv et yiyovtv coniunximus cum 
c 8 BG 2 HKMO corr *TJXTAil al ut vdtr longe plu c (ut apud Sab vdtr) vged 
8yr hr9 CO pwi et»cbw etP« tr2 IgniatP 01 * 08 Dial 850 Did** 101 * 15 Ephr 282 
Chr 8 » 40 Epiph a 79 ' #»' ™ Thdret **** Thdor™op 20 etc. Quibus acce- 
dit Ambrosii de Alexandrinis et Aegyptiis testimonium, videP 886 * 
85 : „Alexandrini quidem et Aegyptii legunt: Omnia per ipsum fact* 
sunt et sine ipso factum est nihil quod factum est, et interpoaita distin- 
ctione subiiciunt: In ipso vita est. Salva sit fidelibus ilia distinotio; 
ego non vereor legere: Quod factum est in ipso, vita est, et nihil habet 
quod teneat Arianus, quia non illius venena considero, sed lectionis 
sacrae consuetudinem recognosco" etc . . . contra scribitur (ita etiam 
Ln) ov& %v. o yiyovtv cum A^dc*DO*^d L0 *vid a i pauc a b e f ff 2 ' q vid 
fu for sah syr«« aeth^d Naass^PP 107 PeratMPP « 4 Valentt ap Ir 41 et 
TisCHENDO&r, N. T. Edit. 8. crltica minor. 23 


854 1, 5. KATA IQANNHN 

avTQ) £tot] iaziv, xal rj £cot] l\v zb qxZo zav av&Qttmcov. 5 xa) zb 
qpcao" iv tjj cxozia gpcuVa, xai jJ axotta avzb ov xaztkafier. 
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zov qmzoo, iva ndvzea mazevooooiv di avzov. 8 owe rp ixmoa 
zb woUa, dlX iva fiaozvotjaq 7Teqi zov qicotoo. 9 *' 8 *Hv zb qpcocj 
zb ahj&ivov, o ycoziCu ndvza uv&q<oxov, ioxopevov etc zov xoapor. 
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aizbv ovx eyvm. 11 41 ° etc zd idia nk&ev, xcu ol idiot avzov ov 
naqikafiov. 12 oaoi o* sXafiov avzov, idcoxev avzola i^ovaiuv 
zixva &sov yevsG&ai, tola mozevovmv eic zd ovofia avzov, 13 o* 
ovx e£ aifjuizmv ovde ix &eXf;fiazoG goqxog ovdl ix freXfipatoa av- 
dooG d)X ix 6-bov iyevvtj&qGav. 14 ** 3 xal 6 Xoyoa ooq£ iyt- 
vezo xal iaxyvooGev iv tjfiiv, xal e&eaadps&a zqv So^av avzov 
db£av aw povoyevovG naqa nazooa, ntfotjG x&qizog xal dhfteiaa. 
15 6 ' 1 'IoodvvqG (laqzvQEi neqi avzov xai xixoayev kyuv' ovzoa 
iiW yv ov slnov' o dniaco pov ioyotmoG IfmooG&iv pov yiyovev, ozi 

tain* Heracl M» et 4 . 88 Thdot ap Clem 988 et 988 Clem"* et" 8 Or 4 .*> 
efaepe Or 11 ** s,6M Euflmo6lli24 e tdem too e tp8i*« e t »Ubi Cyr loh49 al mn 
Hil 771 et 797 Aug l °b 9 » 18 etc ... neutram distiDctionem h&bent aut con- 
firmant nba etc 

4. «<rr*» cum kd codd ap Or 4 ' 78 a b c e f ff 9 * q gat mm sah syr Ctt Valentt 
aplr 41 NaaasMpP 107 et Perat^PP 184 Thdot ap Clem 863 Clem 11 * Cyp 
we codd Hil 771 et 797 Aug ioh V« etc ... * Ti ip cum ABCLOxrAAH unc 
roll al omnv*d g vg cop gyr*tr e tkr Thdot ap Clem 989 Clem 918 Or *» 
888 et *» 90 et »*«P Eusmoell ia * et P* 148 et «Ub Chr 8 » 41 ct'diW Cyrlob* 9 
et*libl Nonn Thdret*» 75 etc Irintiw Cyp»*ed ^ :: fjacile pro pter con- 
textual pro fori* substituebatur ijv. 

9. tQxoptvov: cum av&Qamov coniung (venientem) it vg syr omn cop 
aeth; item Eufldem 264 etc. Alitor Thdor««>p8i ( cat ox 184^ 

12. tkapov c kab 8 CDL unc r ellomn etc . . . Ti eXafiav cum b* 

13. o» ov* i$ - tyivvTj&rjoa* et. Valentt ap Tert c » ro19 Or l »t*,*oo et 4,w 
Euso" 887 Ath" 7 Cyr hrl6s Chr 8 * 89 Cyr n «»t 70 etl°h 9l sq Thdrt ** ,74 
Hil 771 etc ... b Irlntaos et ai2 Tert«»™i» et 84 off (^ lw ) e t tyiwij&ti 
(natus eat). 

14. 7tXrjQti<r cum kabcl unc rell al pier Valentt ap Ir 49 Or 1 * 884 et 9 » 495 
etc ... d 5. schol 949 Chr 8 * 80 (aed variant edd) et 81 zrA^i; 

15. X*ywv cum «»ABCLxrAAn unc rell al omnvid a c e f ff** q vg Byr oma 
cop rell Or 4 * 89 et ,19 Eusmcell«5 Epiph 486 etc ... «*D b om 


KATA IQANNHN 1, 21. 355 

TtQokQG uov %*. 16 7,1 ° ou ix tov nXqQtofjutzoo avtov tjfui<T 
ncivtea &a/?op£y, xcu x^ L Q iv <*vti %ctQvtoa' 17 oti 6 vo/mhj dia 
McwGeoxj ida&q , i\ %a£W *«* 7 al^^cta dia 'Iqaov Xoiatov iyi- 
icro. 18 8 ' 8 &ebv ovdeia itboaxev namots' 6 (Wvoy&tjG vioa 6 8 » * 
<ar eh tbv xohtov tov natooo, ix&voa s^rjyijcato. 

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(STBikav oi 'Iovdcuoi e j 'leooaolvpow legeta xcu Aevuxao iva ifxo- 
jjjaaxnv avtov' av tix el; 20 xcu copoXoyrjaev xa\ ovx qQvtjaato, 
xcu (oiiokoyrjcev on syw obx ei)u 6 Xqujtog. 21 xcu yocnrjouv 

16. or* cum kbc*dlx 33. a b e ff 2 ' q cop arm aeth Or 4 » 89 * 10fl * 107 etint 
*>** Hipp 189 * 8 Eusmceliss Epiph 485 Cjr^oh w efc alio Hil 495 ... ? (= Gb) 
xat, cum AC 8 EPQHKM8UvrAAn al pier c f vg syr c * etutr Or 8 ' 581 et 717 
Chr 8 . 89 

17. ftwvotaa cum hbcklsxah . . . s fioHTtwa cum aefghmttvta al plu 

18. ««©«*«* cum MAB 8 cLM8ur*Aix al 'pi ... b*efghkx al mu toqax. \ 
o povoyerrja cum H c AC 8 xrAAn unc 9 al omn^d cop Thdot ap Clem 968 
Clem 896 et 948 Or** 89 ' loa ' 4M Eu8mcell86 et iss. i« DidtriMe et 2,5 A. t h 
178 etc ... «*bc*l Or 1 * 440 8 ^d ( an te Delar.) Hipp*oet* (ed. Lag^Eus 
p«**o om o (ita Ti «ynops) | vt0 <r cum a^xtaaii unc 9 al fere oran a b 
c e f ff*- 1 q (JUius dei) vg syr™ et P *xt syrhr a rm aethPP Irintaw 
Or a » 440 (ita certe Delarue) Hipp™* 5 Eugm cell88. w- ias. ni Ath na- 
m. 4i9 e t505 Baa 1 * 859 et ****' 8M Chr 8 * 98, " et 1 » 881 ' "• et *f**> et 6 ' 74 " 

807 ct alib Naz 1 .* 85 Hil 880 - *»• a* 8 et»Jib MBC * L 33. C op syr»ch e tP 

»g aeth™ I r int866 Thdot ap Clem 958 Clem 695 Or 4 > 89< 488 etint 4 ' 99 Did*«n 

1,1s et^et 9 * 8 al mu &koo (ita Ti«y n °P«) nee i'»o<r nee &to<r babent 

(ita Gb') gat Ign*utpl«64 OrM<»e I ac nMb« ((j all 8er mM) Epiphanc 1 
Qy r hrii7 Victorin 8 » 167 :: dubitari nequit quin nQvoytvT\G &to<r scri- 
ptura testimoniorum pondere valeat ; at nee o fiovoy. vio<r ipsius se- 
cundi saeculi testimoniis (itpl« r syr cn ) destitutum est. Oscitanter 
yC et ec permutata esse non credo, sed consul to, quod etiam ar- 
ticuli ratione comprobatur. Ut autem certum est, in sum ma antiqui- 
tate appellatlonis &iov in Christum conferendae studium invaluisae, 
cf 1 Tim 3, 16, ita fidei absonum eaudem appellationem offendisse. 

19. antarttkav sine additam cum «c 8 LrAAn unc 9 al pier Or 4 » 110 Cyr io h 
107 .. . Ln add ttqog avrov cum bc* 33. 249. al pauc a b c syr cu et 
sch C op arm aetb Chr 8 > 108 ; eadem post Xamrwr add ax etc | Xtv- 
tvraa cum hb (d, qui h. 1. hiat accedit Lc 10, 32 Act 4, 36) . . . g 
Xtvvtcur cum aclx unc rell al omn^d 

20. «yw oix «*/<* (Ob") cum kabc*lxa 33. a b e q foss syrc^ethr arm 
Or 4 ' 109 et bis no Chr 8 > m Cyr ioh108 eombia ., . g ovx f ^ fyw CU m' 



856 1, 22. RATA IQANNHN 

Ei 40, 8 

avrov' «'ow; 'HXetao el; Xe'yet' ovx etfu. 6 7iQoq>jji?j(T el ov; xou 

anexQi&i]' ov. 22 elnav ovv avrqj* tits el; tva ouioxqusiv 8<a/Aev 

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raw (baQicaiow, 25 xai fjooytr^oav avxbv xou eh ay av«p° ti ovv 

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uoi,i» 26 l *" 1 dfiexQi&t] avTola 6 'IaHXvvtjo JJycov' e%a> flaml&n iv 

Act is, 25 vdari* fieooG vfuxw ortjxei, ov vpeiG ovx oitiare, 27 o bnvaw pov 
e\>x6[x£vo<y, civ ovx etfu iya> a£uxj tva Xvcco avtov tbv ifiavta toi 

5 "keym* evm BouwI&q 
ix ottiaze, 27 o bniato f 

c s rA (n 245. om tym) unc 9 al pier c f ff* 1 vg syr»ch e tP Hipp 
theophs etc 

21. rt ow ?jX. 6* (quid ergot Htliat est a) cum »L a syr«cb Cyr Iob !08 ... 
g Ln Ti add 01; post i/A. ct cum ac 8 xtaaii unc 9 al pier c f q vg syrP 
Chr 8 » 106 , item av ante tjX. h, addunt c* 33. e ff*" 1 for foes Or 4 » ,09 et 
bis in. Similiter syr br arm . . . |b av ovv t* ; tjX. «* | 7jl(«x<T cum b 
(aocedunt alibi plerumque d et «, passim etiam ala, item i* v. 25) 
... g Ln Ti TjXiacr cum hacl rell omn vId | Xtya, (ait) cum nab cop 
... g Ln Ti xai Xtyet cum abclx uno rell al pier e al Chr 8 » 108 Cyr 

22. nnav cum bc*a . .-. g Mtov cum kac 8 lx unc rell al omn^id | w: 
Ln om (ex errore de b) cum c syr cu 

24. a7Tfaralfi(yoi> cum h*a*bc*l cop (et 'miserant) Or *> 1M (accedit 4 » 
10 °; ... g Ln Ti o* antaxaXfA. cum 8 cb A 2 c 8 xrAAn unc 9 al omnyid it et 
vg syratr et 1 " arm aetb Or 4 * 128 Chr V 08 Cyr*** 109 

25. tt/rar cum bc*li 33. Or 4 * 188 ... g unov cum mac 8 taad unc 9 al pier 
Chr 8 » 108 Cyriohiw | ov fa bis cum KABCLT b x al 7 Or 4 . 110 * ** 185 * U9 " 
18T * ... g ovxt c. taah unc 9 al pier Chr Cyr | t\Xi«uj cum BLT b (vide 
ad v. 21) ... g Ln Ti ijXtaa cum kacx etc 

26. /4C(ro(F sine & cum KBc*LT b ff a * bl »n arm Heracl ap Or 4 » 188 et Or'» 

894. 666 efc 4,89. ML 187- 168. 463 . . . ? ( Gb 0) Ln & ^ 0( CUm AC*XrAAH 

unc 9 al omn^id it (exc ff a ) vg cop syrcu e t«tr e t b r aeth Or *> 109 et 180 
Eustbeophi4och r 8,io7c yr iohio8 | <FT*/xn cum BLT b 1. Or , i 894 M», item 
tcrrjxei, kg Or 4 «' 58 bi « . . . f Ln Ti laT^xi* cum ACxrAAn unc 8 al pier 
O r i,586 et 4,«9. io». iso 8 q 187 9Q Heracl ap Or Chr Cyr 

27. o (et. h c Or 1 * 894 ' "« et 4 » 109 ' 181 ; h*b Or 2 * 89 ' 188 om) ottmtw absque 
*vx. «or. cum «BC*LT b 1. 22. 33. a syr cu cop arm aeth ar e arP Or J » 

894 e t4,89. 109- 181. 188 et int 1,191 et 4, 688 Q yr ador 486 . . . j- (= Gb) 

praem avtoa tarw t Ln [our. fcrJ] cum AC 8 xrAAn unc 7 al pier b c f 
* q vg By rut*etbr Or 1 * 688 et^^etint 8 . 888 | iQzopivoa sine additam 


KATA IQANNHN 1, 32. 857 

vnodmiaioG. 28 *** 10 ravra iv Brfi-avia iyivero neQav tov 
'TogSavov, onov tjv 6 'IcocivvqG $anri£ojv. 

29 Tijf inavgtov (IXtnei tov 'Irjoovv igxopevov agoa avtov, xal h w 
ley ei' ide 6 dfivba tov &eov 6 aigow t\v apagtiav tov xoafi&v. 
30 14,1 ovtoc ianv vneg ov iyoo shiov' bniaco (aqv igxetcu avijQ i,i».s7 
off IfiTtQoa&iv [tov yeyovev, oti ngmjoa fjtov Ip. 31 xaym ovx jjdeiv 
avtov, d)X iva qxtvsQW&jj *<P 'iir^ai/i, diet tovto l\k&ov iya> iv 
vdati BantiCmv. 32 15ml xal iuaprvpTjaer 'Icoawm liyaw oti Mei',io 
ved-sapou to nvevpa xatapaipov ova nsgiategav e£ ovgavov, xai 

earn hbc*lt d 1. al 5 b 1 syr cu cop arm*ol» aeth rom Or *» w - 109 * 18 °* 181 
et !nti«i Cyr»dor«e Nonn 1 ' 9 * ... q (=Gb) add ov efingoa&tv fitw y«- 
yov*v cum AC 8 xrAAn unc 9 al pier ace f ff 2 * q 1 vg syr utr et& r arm 
use aethPP etc | tym post ovx h/m cum bt*>x 13. 69. 118. Or*» 109 ' 
wo. isi* 188 Aug lohl » 18 ... g et Ln ante ovx Hft* cum ArAAn unc 9 al 
pier itP Ier vg aethPP ... ncl al 20 f ere q cop arm aethrom Clem 9 * 9 
Heracl ap Or*- 199 et Or 8 - 818 Chr 8 > 107 et 198 Cyp 998 om: hinc Gb 90 et 
Ln [*yw] 

28. 0r}&av«* (et. Gb Sz) cum h*abc*efghlmsvxtaii* al plus 18 ° aldin 
it vg cop syr 8Ch et P txt e thr ftrm Heracl et edd pier ap Or*» 140 edd 
ap Eplpli* 88 Chr 8 » "° et »« Cyr*oh m Nonn h wo. Cf Or 4 » 14 ° or» ^ 
GXtSov iv naai> tokt amyocupota xetrot' ravxa *v ftt]&avt,a lyivito, 
ovx ayvoovptv, - tntta&niihv o*e ^ oW flfi&aw* avaywwffxiw, allcc 
fii}&-apct()a - prftoma yaq - axtxt* twv UQoaokvfuav atafoovo dexa 
Tttvrt, t[G 7toQQ(t> eartv o ioQ$avt\(j TtotafioG - aXX ovdt ofiwvfioa 
rtj (3rj&avKt tonoa eorw nigi tov tOQdarrjy. Soxvva&cti St Xiyova* 
Ttaqa %t[ ox&q tov togSavov ra pij&aQa, (sic) tv9>* tutoQovGi tov »«. 
fitpanruttva* . . . g (= Gb Sz, sed rursus Gb f ) pij&afiaoa cum c s kt d 
UAn corr * 1. 22. 33. 69. al plus 80 (sed multi tantum in margine) syr c o r\ ' 
sirecenetod c dd „accuratior/' ap Chr Or*» 140 (vide ante) Epiph* 85 L 
schol cdd mu . Confirm ant Eus - Hier de situ et nom. locc. hebr. p. 

- 182 ... « CD syrP m ? Or*» 140e Pij&aQafla \ o iwaw. cum kbc 44«v ... g 
Tl om 6 cum ALxraAn unc 9 al pier 6r*>"° Chr 8 » 110 Cyriohm 

29. pXsmi sine additam (et. Gb Sz) cum »ABC*KLiisuvXAn al plus *° 
aldin a q mt cop syr cn etP arm aeth arr 0r 4 » ltt al ... c (= Gb Sz) 
add o uaawTja cum c^FQHrA al pi (item m 110 ^ 900198 ) b c e f ff* g 1 
vg syr 8Ch et hr 

30. vjzto cum H*BC*Or 4 »** et 90 ... g iz*q* cum HCAC^PTbxrAAn unc 9 al 
omnvid Or 2 '* 98 Eusdem«8 Chr 8 * 112 Cyr*» 115 etneat^e 

31. tv vdaxi, (Gb') cum hbcglpt1>a al 20 Or^^et 4 ' 90 Chr Cyr*» 115 ... g 
Ti tv tu v$. cum AxrAn unc 8 al pier 

32. o>0 c HABCEFGHLSTWr etc . . . g (=Gb Sz) qhju c kiipuxaah al pin 


858 1, 33. KATA IQANNHN 

BfiBtvBV in avrov, 33 xdyoo ovx %dew avrov, alX 6 m'pxpacF fie 
fianr&iv iv vtian, ixtivoa fioi elnev' i<p ov dv idya to nvev/m 
xaraftatvov xal fiivov in avrov, ovroa ianv 6 f$anri£cov iv nvev- 
[Ian dyicp. 34 xdym ioSoaxa, xal [AefiaorvQijxa on ovroa ionv 6 
vibe tov &80v. 

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i, » fiaOr^m ctvtov dvo, 36 xal ifipXtxpao ftp ^aov neQinarovvn 
Xt'yei' ide 6 dpvba tov &eov. 37 fjxovoav oi dvo pathpal avrov 
Xalovvroo, xal rjXoXov&tjaav ro) 'Itjgov. 38 GTQayeiG 6 'Irfiova 
xal {teaadpevoo avrova dxoXov&ovvraa Uysi axnolc ' 39 ri £^- 
rehe; oi de elnav ainq*' ga^ei, o Xiyetai sgnqvevofievov