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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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*I know it I'm all for you. But I can't do it*
'Why not?'
'I make my living with the boat. If I lose her I
lose my living.5
'With the money you buy another boat/
'Not in jail.'
They must have thought I just needed to be
argued into it because the one kept on.
'You would have three thousand dollars and it
could mean a great deal to you later. All this will
not last, you know.'
'Listen/ I said. CI don't care who is President here.
But I don't carry anything to the States that can
talk.' .
Tou mean we would talk?* one of them who
hadn't spoke said. He was angry.
'I said anything that can talk,'
'Do you think we are lenguas largas?'
'Do you know what a lengua larga is?'
'Yes. One with a long tongue.'
'Do you know what we do with them?'
'Don't be tough with me/ I said, Tou
propositioned me, I didn't offer you any-
'Shut up, Pancho,' the one who had done the
talking before said to the angry one.
'He said we would talk/ Pancho said.
'Listen,' I said. *I told you I didn't cany any-
thing that can talk. Sacked liquor can't talk.