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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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and they looked like they had plenty of money. They
talked plenty of money, anyway, and they spoke the
kind of English Cubans with money speak.
Two of them looked like brothers and the othei;
one, Pancho, was a little taller but the same sort of
looking kid. You know, slim, good clothes, and
shiny hair. I didn't figure he was as mean as he
talked. I figured he was plenty nervous.
As they turned out of the door to the right, I saw
a closed car come across the square toward them.
The first thing a pane of glass went and the bullet
smashed into the row of bottles on the show-case
wall to the right. I heard the gun going and, bop, bop,
bop, there were bottles smashing all along the wall
I jumped behind the bar on the left side and could
see looking over the edge. The car was stopped and
there were two fellows crouched down by it. One
had a Thompson gun and the other had a sawed-off
automatic shotgun. The one with the Thompson
gun was a nigger. The other had a chauffeur's
white overall on.
One of the boys was spread out on the sidewalk,
face down, just outside the big window that was
smashed. The other two were behind one of the
Tropical beer ice wagons that was stopped in front
of the Cunard bar next door. One of the ice-wagon
horses was down in the harness, kicking, and the
other was plunging his head off
One of the boys shot from the rear corner of the
wagon and it ricocheted off the sidewalk. The nigger