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with the Tommy gun got his face almost into the
street and gave the back of the wagon a burst from
underneath and sure enough one came down, falling
toward the sidewalk with his head above the kerb.
He flopped there, putting his hands over his head,
and the chauffeur shot at him with the shotgun while
the nigger put in a fresh pan; but it was a long shot.
You could see the buckshot marks all over the side-
walk like silver splatters.
The other fellow pulled the one who was hit back
by the legs to behind the wagon, and I saw the
nigger getting his face down on the paving to give
them another burst. Then I saw old Pancho come
around the corner of the wagon and step into the lee
of the horse that was still up. He stepped clear of the
horse, his face white as a dirty sheet, and got the
chauffeur with the big Luger he had; holding it in
both hands to keep it steady. He shot twice over the
nigger's head, coming on, and once low.
He hit a tyre on the car because I saw dust blow-
ing in a spurt on the street as the air came out, and
at ten feet the nigger shot him in the belly with the
Tommy gun, with what must have been the last
shot in it because I saw him throw it down, and old
Pancho sat down hard and went over forwards. He
was trying to come up, still holding on to the Luger,
only he couldn't get his head up, when the nigger
took the shotgun that was lying against the wheel of
the car by the chauffeur and blew the side of his
head off- Some nigger*