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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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I took a quick one out of the first bottle I saw open
and I couldn't tell you yet what it was. The whole
thing made me feel pretty bad. I slipped along be-
hind the bar and out through the back kitchen
and all the way out. I went clean around the out-
side of the square and never even looked over to-
ward the crowd there was coining fast in front of the
cafe and went in through the gate and out on to the
dock and got on board.
The fellow who had her chartered was on board
waiting. I told him what had happened.
'Where's Eddy?' this fellow Johnson that had us
chartered asked me.
'I never saw him after the shooting started.5
'Do you suppose he was hit?'
'Hell, no. I tell you the only shots that came in
the cafe were into the show-case. That was when the
car was coming behind them. That was when they
shot the first fellow right in front of the window.
They came at an angle like this...'
'You seem awfully sure about it,' he said.
'I was watching,' I told him.
Then, as I looked up, I saw Eddy coming along
the dock looking taller and sloppier than ever, He
walked with his joints all slung wrong.
'There he is.'
Eddy looked pretty bad. He never looked too good
early in the morning; but he looked pretty bad now.
'Where were you?51 asked him.
*On the floor.5