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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'Did you see it?' Johnson asked him.
'Don't talk about it, Mr. Johnson/ Eddy said to
him. 'It makes me sick to even think about it.'
'You better have a drink,' Johnson told him.
Then he said to me, 'Well, are we going out?'
That's up to you.'
'What sort of a day will it be?'
'Just about like yesterday. Maybe better.'
'Let's get out, then.5
CA11 right, as soon as the bait comes.'
We'd had this bird out three weeks fishing the
stream and I hadn't seen any of his money yet except
one hundred dollars he gave me to pay the consul,
and clear, and get some grub, and put gas in her be-
fore we came across. I was furnishing all the tackle
and he had her chartered at thirty-five dollars a day.
He slept at an hotel and came aboard every morning.
Eddy got me the charter so I had to carry him. I
was giving him four dollars a day.
'I've got to put gas in her,' I told Johnson.
'All right.'
Til need some money for that.'
'How much?'
'It's twenty-eight cents a gallon. I ought to put
in forty gallons anyway. That's eleven-twenty.'
He got out fifteen dollars.
'Do you want to put the rest on the beer and the
ice?' I asked him*
'That's fine,' he said. 'Just put it down against
what I owe you*'