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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'Yes, sir.5
'Why do you carry a nigger to do it?5
'When the big fish run you'll see/ I told him.
'What's the idea?5
The nigger can do it faster than I can.3
'Can't Eddy do it?5
'No, sir.5
'It seems an unnecessary expense to me.' He5d
been giving the nigger a dollar a day and the nigger
had been on a rumba every night. I could see him
getting sleepy already*
'He's necessary/ I said.
By then we had passed the smacks with their fish
cars anchored in front of Cabafias and the skiffs
anchored fishing for mutton fish on the rock bottom
by the Morro, and I headed her out where the gulf
made a dark line. Eddy put the two big teasers out
and the nigger had baits on three rods.
The stream was in almost to soundings and as we
came toward the edge you could see her running
nearly purple with regular whirlpools. There was a
light east breeze coming up and we put up plenty of
flying fish, those big ones with the black wings that
look like the picture of Lindbergh crossing the
Atlantic when they sail off.
Those big flying fish are the best sign there is. As
far as you could see, there was that faded yellow gulf-
weed in small patches that means the main stream is
well in and there were birds ahead working over a
school of little tuna. You could see them jumping;
B                                17