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out and hand it to you if one strikes so you can hook
'No/ he said. 'I prefer to have only one rod out.'
'All right/
The nigger was still taking her out and I looked
and saw he had seen a patch of flying fish burst out
ahead and up the stream a little. Looking back, I
could see Havana looking fine in the sun and a ship
just coming out of the harbour past the Morro.
'I think you're going to have a chance to fight one
to-day, Mr* Johnson/ I told him.
'It's about time,' he said. 'How long have we
been out?'
'Three weeks to-day.'
That's a long time to fish.'
'They're a funny fish,' I told him. They aren't
here until they come. But when they come there's
plenty of them. And they've always come. If they
don't come now they're never coining. The moon
is right. There's a good stream and we're going to
have a good breeze.'
There were some small ones when we first came.'
'Yes/ I said. 'Like I told you. The small ones
thin out and stop before the big ones come.'
'You party-boat captains always have the same
line. Either it's too early or too late or the wind isn't
right or the moon is wrong. But you take the money
just the same/
'Well/ I told him, 'the hell of it is that it usually is
too early or too late and plenty of time the wind is