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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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wrong. Then when you get a day that's perfect
you're ashore without a party.'
'But you think to-day's a good day?'
'Well/ I told him, I've had action enough for
me already to-day. But I'd like to bet you're going
to have plenty.'
'I hope so,'he said.
We settled down to troll. Eddy went forward and
laid down, I was standing up watching for a tail to
show. Every once in a while the nigger would doze
off and I was watching him, too. I bet he had some
'Would you mind getting me a bottle of beer,
captain?'Johnson asked me*
'No, sir,' I said, and I dug down in the ice to get
him a cold one.
'Won't you have one?' he asked.
'No, sir,' I said. Til wait till to-night.'
I opened the bottle and was reaching it toward
him when I saw this big brown buggar with a spear
on him longer than your arm burst head and
shoulders out of the water and smash at that
mackerel He looked as big around as a saw log.
'Slack it to him!'I yelled.
'He hasn't got it,'Johnson said.
'Hold jit, then.'
He'd come up from deep down and missed it. I
knew he'd turn and come for it again.
'Get ready to turn it loose to him the minute he
grabs it.*