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Then I saw him coming from behind under water.
You could see his fins out wide like purple wings and
the purple stripes across the brown. He came on like
a submarine and his top fin came out and you could
see it slice the water. Then he came right behind the
bait and his spear came out too, sort of wagging,
clean out of water.
'Let it go into his mouth/ I said. Johnson took
his hand off the reel spool and it started to whiz and
the old marlin turned and went down and I could.
see the whole length of him shine bright silver asr'
turned broadside and headed off fast toward shore.
Tut on a little drag,' I said. 'Not much.5
He screwed down on the drag.
'Not too much/ I said. I could see the line slant
up. 'Shut her down hard and sock him/ I said.
4 You've got to sock him. He's going to jump any way.'
Johnson screwed the drag down and came back
on the rod,
'Sock him!' I told him. 'Stick it into him. Hit
him half a dozen times/
He hit him pretty hard a couple of times more,
and then the rod bent double and the reel com-
menced to screech and out he came, boom, in a long
straight jump, shining silver in the sun and making
a splash like throwing a horse off a cliff. ,
'Ease up on the drag/ I told him.
'He's gone/ said Johnson.
The hell he is/ I told him. 'Ease up on the drag