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'He's gone/ I told him. The fish was still jumping
and he went on jumping until he was out of sight.
He was a fine fish all right.
'I can still feel him pull,' Johnson said.
That's the weight of the line/
'I can hardly reel it. Maybe he's dead.5
'Look at him,' I said. 'He's still jumping.' You
could see him out half a mile, still throwing spouts
of water.
I felt his drag. He had it screwed down tight.
You couldn't pull out any line. It had to break.
'Didn't I tell you to keep your drag light?'
'But he kept taking out line.'
cSo what?'
fcSo 1 tightened it.'
'Listen,' I told him. 'If you don't give them line
when they hook up like that they break it. There
isn't any line will hold them. When they want it
you've got to give it to them. You have to keep a
light drag. The market fishermen can't hold them
tight when they do that even with a harpoon line.
What we have to do is to use the boat to chase them
so they don't take it all when they make their run*
After they make their run they'll sound and you
can tighten up the drag and get it back.'
'Then if it hadn't broken I would have caught him?''
'You'd have had a chance.'
'He couldn't have kept that up, could he?'
'He can do plenty of other things. It isn't until
after he's made his run that the fight starts,'