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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'What would I do if I was hooked to a fish like
that?5 Johnson said.
That's what you wanted to fight all by yourself,'
I told him. I was plenty sore.
They're too big,' Johnson said. 'Why, it would
just be punishment.'
'Listen,' I said. CA fish like that would kill you.'
They catch them.'
'People who know how to fish catch them. But
don't think they don't take punishment."
'I saw a picture of a girl who caught one/
'Sure/ I said. 'Still fishing. He swallowed the
bait and they pulled his stomach out and he came
to the top and died. I'm talking about trolling for
them when they're hooked in the mouth.'
'Well/ said Johnson, 'they're too big. If it isn't
enjoyable, why do it?'
That's right, Mr. Johnson,' Eddy said. If it
isn't enjoyable, why do it? Listen, Mr. Johnson.
You hit the nail on the head there. If it isn't enjoy-
able  why do it?'
I was still shaky from seeing that fish and feeling
plenty sick about the tackle and I couldn't listen to
them. I told the nigger to head her for the Morro.
I didn't say anything to them and there they sat,
Eddy in one of the chairs with a bottle of beer and
Johnson with another*
'Captain/ he said to me after a while, 'could you
make me a highball?'
I made him one without saying anything! and