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then I made myself a real one. I was thinking to
myself that this Johnson had fished fifteen days,
finally he hooks into a fish a fisherman would give
a year to tie into, he loses him, he loses my heavy
tackle, he makes a fool of himself and he sits there
perfectly content, drinking with a rummy.
When we got into the dock and the nigger was
standing there waiting, I said, 'What about to-
*I don't think so,' Johnson said. Tm about fed
up with this kind of fishing/
cYou want to pay off the nigger?"
'How much do I owe him?'
CA dollar. You can give him a tip if you want/
So Johnson gave the nigger a dollar and two
Cuban twenty-cent pieces.
'What's this for?' the nigger asks me, showing the
'A tip,' I told him in Spanish. 'You're through.
He gives you that.'
'Don't come to-morrow?'
The nigger gets his ball of twine he used for tying
baits and his dark glasses, puts on his straw hat and
goes without saying good-bye. He was a nigger
that never thought much of any of us.
'When do you want to settle up, Mr. Johnson?'
I asked him.
Til go to the bank in the morning/Johnson said.
'We can settle up in the afternoon/