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If there was anyone here but a rummy they'd tell
you how square Fm being with you. I know it
seems like a lot of money but it was a lot of money
when I bought the tackle, too. You can't fish like
that without the best tackle you can buy/
'* 'Mr. Johnson, he says I'm a rummy. Maybe I am.
But I tell you he's right. He's right and he's
reasonable,5 Eddy told him.
'I don't want to make any difficulties,' Johnson
said finally. Til pay for it, even though I don't see
it. That's eighteen days at thirty-five dollars and
two ninety-five extra.'
'You gave me a hundred,' I told him* Til give
you a list of what I spent and I'll deduct what grub
there is left. What you bought for provisions going
over and back.'
That's reasonable,' Johnson said.
'Listen, Mr* Johnson,' Eddy said. 'If you knew
the way they usually charge a stranger you'd know
it was more than reasonable. Do you know what
it is? It's exceptional The Cap is treating you like
you were his own mother.'
Til go to the bank to-morrow and come down in
the afternoon. Then I'll get the boat day after to*
'You can go back with us and save the boat fare/
'No,' he said. Til save time with the boat/
•Well,' I said. 'What about a drink?'
Tine,' said Johnson. 'No hard feelings now, are