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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'No, sir/ I told him. So the three of us sat there
in the stern and drank a highball together.
The next day I worked around her all morning,
changing the oil in her base and one thing and
another. At noon I went uptown and ate at a
Chink place where you get a good meal for forty
cents, and then I bought some things to take home
to my wife and our three girls. You know, perfume,
a couple of fans and three of those high combs*
When I finished I stopped in at Donovan's and
had a beer and talked with the old man and then
walked back to the San Francisco docks, stopping
in at three or four places for a beer on the way.
I bought Frankie a couple at the Cunard bar and I
came on board feeling pretty good. When I came
on board I had just forty cents left. Frankie came
on board with me, and while we sat and waited for
Johnson I drank a couple of cold ones out of the
ice box with Frankie.
Eddy hadn't shown up all night or all day but I
knew he would be around sooner or later, as soon as
his credit ran out. Donovan told me he'd been in
there the night before a little while with Johnson,
and Eddy had been setting them up on credit. We
waited and I began to wonder about Johnson not
showing up. Fd left word at the dock for them to
tell him to go on board and wait for me but they
said he hadn't come. Still, I figured he had been out
late and probably didn't get up till around noon*
The banks were open until three-thirty. We saw the