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plane go out, and about five-thirty I was all over
feeling good and was getting plenty worried.
At six o'clock I sent Frankie up to the hotel to see
if Johnson was there. I still thought he might be out
on a time or he might be there at the hotel feeling
too bad to get up. I kept waiting and waiting until
it was late. But I was getting plenty worried because
he owed me eight hundred and twenty-five dollars.
Frankie was gone about a little over half an hour.
When I saw him coming he was walking fast and
shaking his head.
Tie went on the plane/ he said.
All right. There it was. The consulate was
closed. I had forty cents, and, anyhow, the plane
was in Miami by now. I couldn't even send a wire.
Some Mr* Johnson, all right. It was my fault.
I should have known better.
'Well,' I said to Frankie, cwe might as well have
a cold one, Mr. Johnson bought them.9 There were
three bottles of Tropical left.
Frankie felt as bad as I did. I don't know how he
could but he seemed to. He just kept slapping me
on the, back and shaking his head.
So there it was. I was broke, Pd lost five hundred
and thirty dollars of the charter, and tackle I
couldn't replace for three hundred and fifty more.
How some of that gang that hangs around the dock
would be pleased at that, I thought. It certainly
would make some Conchs happy. And the day
before I turned down three thousand dollars to