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land three aliens on the Keys. Anywhere, just to
get them out of the country.
All right, what was I going to do now? I couldn't
bring in a load because you have to have money to
buy the booze and besides there's no money in it
any more. The town is flooded with it and there's
nobody to buy it. But I was damned if I was going
home broke and starve a summer in that town.
Besides I've got a family. The clearance was paid
when we came in. You usually pay the broker in
advance and he enters you and clears you. Hell,
I didn't even have enough money to put in gas.
It was a hell of a note, all right. Some Mr. Johnson.
'I've got to carry something, Frankie,' I said.
Tve got to make some money,'
Til see,' said Frankie. He hangs around the
waterfront and does odd jobs and is pretty deaf
and drinks too much every night. But you never
saw a fellow more loyal nor with a better heart.
I've known him since I first started to run over
there. He used to help me load plenty of times.
Then when I quit handling stuff and went party-
boating and broke out this sword-fishing in Cuba
I used to see him a lot around the dock and around
the cafe. He seems dumb and he usually smiles
instead of talking, but that's because he's deaf
'You carry anything?' Frankie asked.
'Sure,* I said. CI can't choose now.'
c                                    33