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'Quite so/ Mr. Sing said. 'How many of my
unfortunate compatriots could your boat accom-
'You mean carry?'
'That's it.5
'How far?5
'A day's voyage.5
'I don't know,' I said. 'She can take a dozen if
they didn't have any baggage.'
They would not have baggage.'
'Where do you want to carry them?5
Td leave that to you/ Mr. Sing said.
'You mean where to land them?5
'You would embark them for the Tortugas where
a schooner would pick them up.5
'Listen,' I said. 'There's a lighthouse at the
Tortugas on Loggerhead Key with .a radio that
works both ways.5
'Quite/ said Mr. Sing. 'It would certainly be
very silly to land them there.'
'Then what?5,
**I said you would embark them for there. That is
what their passage calls for.'
'Yes/ I said.
'You would land them wherever your best judg-
ment dictated.5
'Will the schooner come to Tortugas to get them?'
'Of course not/ said Mr. Sing. cHow silly/
'How much are they worth a head?'