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'Fifty dollars/ said Mr. Sing.
'How would seventy-five do?5
'What do you get a head?5
'Oh, that's quite beside the point. You see, there
are a great many facets, or you would say angles, to
my issuing tickets. It doesn't stop there.'
'Yes,5 I said. 'And what I'm supposed to do
doesn't have to be paid for, either, Eh?'
'I see your point absolutely,' said Mr, Sing,
'Should we say a hundred dollars apiece?'
'Listen/ I said. 'Do you know how long I would
go to jail if they pick me up on this?'
'Ten years/ said Mr. Sing. Ten years at least.
But there is no reason to go to jail, my dear Captain.
You run only one risk —when you load your
passengers. Everything else is left to your dis-
'And if they come back on your hands?*
'That's quite simple. I would accuse you to them
of having betrayed me. I will make a partial refund
and ship them out again. They realize, of course-,
that it is a difficult voyage/
'What about me?'
'I suppose I should send some word to the
'Twelve hundred dollars, Captain, is not to be
despised at present/
'When would I get the money?'