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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'Two hundred when you agree and a thousanc
when you load.'
'Suppose I went off with the two hundred?*
'I could do nothing, of course/ he smiled. fiBui
I know you wouldn't do such a thing, Captain.'
'Have you got the two hundred with you?'
'Of course.5
'Put it under the plate/ He did.
'All right/ I said. Til clear in the morning and
pull out at dark. Now, where do we load?'
'How would Bacuranao be?'
'All right. Have you got it fixed?'
'Of course.'
'Now, about the loading,' I said. 'You show two
lights, one above the other, at the point. I'll come
in when I see them. You come out in a boat and
load from the boat. You come yourself and you bring
the money. I won't take one on board until I have it.'
'No,' he said; 'one-half when you start to load
and the other when you are finished*'
'All right,' I said. 'That's reasonable.5
'So everything is understood?'
CI guess so,' I said. There's no baggage and no
arms. No guns, knives, or razors; nothing. I have
to know about that.'
'Captain,' said Mr. Sing, 'have you no trust in
me? Don't you see our interests are identical?'
'You'll make sure?'
'Please do not embarrass me/ he said. 'Do you
not see how our interests coincide?'