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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'All right/ I told him, 'What time will you be
'Before midnight.5
'All right/ I said. 'I guess that's all.'
'How do you w^nt the money?'
'In hundreds is all right.'
He stood up and I watched him go out. Frankie
smiled at him as he went. Mr. Sing didn't look at
him. He was a smooth-looking Chink all right.
Some Chink.
Frankie came over to the table.  'Well?' he said,
'Where did you know Mr. Sing?5
'He ships Chinamen,' Frankie said. 'Big business.5
'How long you know him?'
'He's here about two years/ Frankie said.
'Another one ship them before him. Somebody kill
'Somebody will kill Mr. Sing* too.'
'Sure/ said Frankie. 'Why not? Plenty big
'Some business/ I said.
'Big business/ said Frankie. 'Ship Chinamen
never come back. Other Chinamen write letters
say everything fine.5
Wonderful/ I said.
This kind of Chinamen no understand write.
Chinamen can write all rich. Eat nothing. Live on
rice. Hundred thousand Chinamen here. Only
three Chinese women.'