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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'Government no let.5
'Hell of a situation/ I said.
'You do business him?'
'Good business/ said Frankie. 'Better than
politics. Much money. Plenty big business.5
'Have a bottle of beer/ I told him.
'You not worry any more?5
'Hell, no/ I said. 'Plenty big business. Much
'Good/ said Frankie, and patted me on the back*
'Make me happier than nothing. All I want is you
happy. Chinamen good business, eh?5
'Make me happy/ said Frankie. I saw he was
about ready to cry because he was so pleased every-
thing was all right, so I patted him on the back.
Some Frankie.
First thing in the morning I got hold of the
broker and told him to clear us. He wanted the
crew list and I told him nobody*
'You're going to cross alone, Captain?5
That's right,5
'What's become of your mate?5
'He's on a drunk/ I told him.
'It's very dangerous to go alone.5
'It's only ninety miles/ I said. 'Do you think
having a rummy on board makes any difference?'
I ran her over to the Standard Oil dock across the
harbour and filled up both the tanks. She held