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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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nearly two hundred gallons when I had her full.
I hated to buy it at twenty-eight cents a gallon but I
didn't know where we might go.
Ever since I'd seen the Chink and taken the
money I'd been worrying about the business,
I don't think I slept all night. I brought her back
to the San Francisco dock, and there was Eddy
waiting on the dock for me.
'Hello, Harry/ he said to me and waved. I threw
him the stern line and he made her fast, and then
came aboard; longer, blearier, drunker than ever.
I didn't say anything to him.
'What do you think about that fellow Johnson
going off like that, Harry?' he asked me. 'What do
you know about that?'
'Get out of here,' I told him. 'You're poison to me/
'Brother, don't I feel as bad about it as you do?'
'Get off of her,'I told him.
He just settled back in the chair and stretched his
legs out, 'I hear we're going across to-day,' he said.
'Well, I guess there isn't any use to stay around.'
'You're not going.'
'What's the matter, Harry? There's no sense to
get plugged with me.'
'No? Get off her.'
'Oh, take it easy/
I hit him in the face and he stood up and then
climbed up on to the dock*
'I wouldn't do a thing like that to you, Harry,'
he said*