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I figured the way the current looked she would
drift the twelve miles up to Bacuranao by dark and
I'd see the lights of Baracoa.
Well, I killed the engine and climbed up forward
to have a look around. All there was to see was the
two smacks off to the westward headed in, and way
back the dome ofthe Capitol standing up white out
of the edge of the sea. There was some gulfweed on
the stream and a few birds working, but not many.
I sat up there awhile on top of the house and
watched, but the only fish I saw were those little
brown ones that use around the gulfweed. Brother,
don't let anybody tell you there isn't plenty of
water between Havana and Key West. I was
just on the edge of it
After a while I went down into the cockpit
again, and there was Eddy.
'What's the matter? What's the matter with the
'She broke down.'
'Why haven't you got the hatch up?'
'Oh, hell!' I said.
Do you know what he'd done? He'd come back
again and slipped the forward hatch and gone down
into the cabin and gone to sleep. He had two quarts
with him. He'd gone into the first bodega he'd seen
and bought it and come aboard. When I started out
he woke up and went back to sleep again. When I
stopped her out in the gulf and she began to roll
a little with the swell it woke him up.