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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'I knew you'd carry me, Harry,3 he said.
*Carry you to hell,' I said. 'You aren't even on
the crew list. I've got a good mind to make you
jump overboard now/
Tou're an old joker, Harry,' he said. 'Us
Conchs ought to stick together when we're in
'You/ I said, 'with your mouth, Who's going to
trust your mouth when you'r.e hot?'
Tin a good man, Harry, You put me to the test
and see what a good man I am.'
'Get me the two quarts,' I told him. I was
thinking of something else.
He brought them out and I took a drink from the
open one and put them forward by the wheel
He stood there and I looked at him. I was sorry
for him and for what I knew I'd have to do. Hell,
I knew him when he was a good man.
'What's the matter with her, Harry?'
'She's all right.'
'What's the matter, then? What are you looking
at me like that for?'
'Brother/ I told him, and I was sorry for him,
'you're in plenty of trouble/
'What do you mean, Harry?'
*I don't know yet/ I said, *I haven't got it all
figured out yet.'
We sat there awhile and I didn't feel like talking
to him any more. Once I knew it, it was hard to
talk to him. Then I went below and got out the